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Free Verse Father Poems | Free Verse Poems About Father

These Free Verse Father poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Father. These are the best examples of Free Verse Father poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Passing through framed windows like ours, I recall your tales of reckless war and lost friends that burned your innocence at 21... and though you claimed flashes of courage, moist eyes poured vulnerability looking calm, undaunted. We both searched deeply into our souls as a father is to his young daughter, that I wanted to let you know, it was alright; but that mound of shoulders turned away. Down the years as officer and gentleman, Time stole long weeks, absent from your dining chair, leaving me resentful and bitter on hardened sills until you arrive under crawling dock of stars. But in free moments, how you cherished me so; waking my cheeks at 3 am to race the winds, to fly with a shooting neon, laughing with a blue moon. You spoke of faith and honor if life dared a shame, oh mild scent of your arms cuddling my girlish dreams... until off you rode suddenly on heaven’s wheel. I see you through all framed windows like ours, that even if my iced breaths needed you more as small flowers thirsted for rain, my anger was a cry for love’s company... “ I have adored you in moments of distance and nearness, if not always, then for all eternity.” Have I forgotten to open this, my soft, broken sigh? Dad, everything is all right. The Confessional Contest

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There was change, a new pulse, in the life I had known, where mother had been, in the house, we called home Where two maples stretched out, to cradle my dreams, and to shelter my life On a make-shift bed, I was lying awake, with windows cracked open, a wind coming in, .... an intangible night, in the familiar old room, alone with my thoughts, while sorting out things... There was a strange, jaundice glow, from the porch light, left on, and my pillow felt cold, where the moon used to go The sound of a moth, batting wings against glass, was begging for warmth, while seeking to ask, for a place to fit in My father was sleeping, with his newlywed bride in the same sacred bed, where my mother had died And a new child was dreaming in the soft yellow room where I spent all those nights, ... just me and the moon I was happy for him, and for the child that he gained. I was there at his side, when the changes became.. a part of his life, ...... a part of mine too But, I was lost in the amber, like a moth batting wings Somehow, it's alright, now, the shadows are new. The sepia light, changes the view I am older, much older than then,... yet, I'm the moth seeking flame... batting my wings, resisting the change, ....again, and again
__________________________________ For Craig Cornish's Contest: "Chopped II" 11/3//14

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Hi grandpa it's me again!
Your dentures sit in an open glass
Do you remember the tears grandma sang before she passed?
The way she looked into your eyes, 
Moments before she said her goodbyes
Grandpa, I found a note from grandma, she doesn't want you to cry.

Hi grandpa, it’s me again!
The rocking chair is old and dusty
Do you remember the way grandma sat me on her lap?
Read many stories before I took a nap
How she enjoyed brushing my hair with her hands
Love the way she rocked me to sleep every night until I grew. 

Hello grandpa!
I stored your hearing aid away
Do you remember that special musical box in grandma's drawer? 
I opened it last night, to watch the ballerina dance
I wish you could hear the tiny chimes grandma lived in
I hope you don’t mind, I’m keeping grandmothers favorite scarf.

Hello Grandpa!
I'm caressing grandma’s picture frame
Do you like the way she looked in that pretty sundress?
Grandpa, I miss the things grandmother did for you
I like the walking stick she handcrafted, the day your needed support
It kept you in balance every time we took long hikes in the woods.

Hello grandpa, it's me again! 
Here I sit holding your hand
I have no more tears
Soon you will see grandma
Please tell her hi, and I know you will be there the day I die
Bye, grandpa
Give grandma a kiss, and tell her I miss her

By; PD

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The Ripping

You ripped me 
One word at a time
Shredded my smile
Pulled at my sensitivity
I was never strong enough 
To pull back my paper heart

You took the pieces of me
Arranged them in your perfect order
I prayed for the wind to come
Hoping I would be carried away
Flutter to a new more loving home
Instead, I endured your paper cuts 

I became your paper mâché 
Shaped into the image of you
Glued with your inconsistancies
Coated in your endless smoke
Sarcasm and beer
I marinated in your endless tears

You painted me with a retarded label
Your stupid failure of a son
Forced to endure that brush
It was with your eyes I learned to see
Everyone else was better than me
I was a failure times three

My inside empty
I became light as air
As time went on I ceased to care
It happend slowly you weren't aware
Until one day I floated past your stare
No longer raw and bare

I clawed and ripped
Rewrote my page
My renaissance 
coming of age
Not your puppet on a stage
Contorted by your rage

I have lost you to your death
The air much clearer, still I feel your breath
Within my doubts your lies still hide
Yet within me a new strength resides
Your image of me no longer applies
Doubt and fear reduced in size
No longer your "DUMMY" 
On faith I rise

For Charlotte's contest, heart and soul confessional.
Written, September 1st 2014.

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Things That Seemed Poetic

Things that seemed poetic were always sad,
though I yearned for sparkle
and my dad's guffaw, which never came.
Familiar things were always drear --
repeated motions in the same old game.
There were only distant glimpses
of budding spring, fleeting views
of daffodils. The strongest
poems dealt me death and dying.
Yet I always hoped, never went under
to gray despair, always dreaming
of a garden of love that we could share.
But those forbidden delights faded
quickly away; the only reality
I understand is the ever-looming
and final one. Nothing's changed.
The strongest poems deal death and dying.

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A Sepia Recollection

Sitting here, on these old porch steps, that I have always known
A weathered stoop, with gray-painted floorboards
The creaks and groans, the flaws and chips, so familiar to my hand 

I've come to some conclusion,
and I'm surprised to understand, 
how well I know each board, each slat,
the shape, the size, the warps, the cracks 

each rusty nail, ....
but not the facts of you.  

Oh yes, ........I've seen a glimpse or two, 
in photographs, I have a few...

I see a robust man, in yellowed hues,  of vintage stock...
There's a house, a barn, where land is strewn with stones to move. 
You stand behind a horse and plow, in coveralls,... a mustache too . 

I do recall, so vaguely gray,  as gray as slats beneath my hand...
a jolly man, your wrinkled face, 
with a smile, a laugh, a loving way
A dream I have, or is it real?  
Is that me when I was two?  Sitting here, beside you then?
Or is it just my wish to know... more than just a trace of you?

I never knew the man you were, your hopes your dreams...  
the thousand schemes that brought you to these rocky slopes 
so far from where your hopes began
Where those steep cliffs rose and the seas were blue.  

Here, I look beyond these furrowed rows,...
where grasses grow in amber waves
and I ponder how it came to be....
that I am me,.... 
   who came from you;        

                a man I never knew. 


(To watch the youtube video recitation:)

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The Circles

Looked at the outside of steel window
Around in the dark, awesome feelings into the mid-night air
What the news was brought in the feelings!

Eyes of the orphan cat was flaming on the corridor.

Waiting for the light in the window 
Dark vision comes down into my eyes by cycle-weariness
Down from one circle to another circle in time-blindness

Who stands here, the Islamic old man!
Frustrated vision!
History of terrorism was carved on his burnt body
He wants to say something!

A white-complexioned Christian young man stands into the neighbor circle,
Surprised eyes! 
White-skinned history was printed on his blood-stained body 
He wants to know something!

A dark-colored Hindu boy stands into the third circle, 
Illusive vision!
History of third world is awakened on his envenomed body
He wants a little smile!

The old man, young man and boy are coming forward from the circles
Great distance... Near front the room... 
Who are you? No reply
They disappear into the tuberose equipped black and white photo of my father
Dad is smiling, I am senseless! 

Tears are dropping from the eyes of our cat on the corridor.


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Does the past really matter?
 Does it set you free? 
I’m absorbed in the sin,
That is surrounding him and me. 

Lost in the curiosity,
Cold to the touch. 
Drenched in the poison,
With my dignity in his clutch.

Feeling like I was cheated;
I chose the evil instead of light.
I traded in the sunshine,
For what lurks in the night. 

I disobeyed his orders,
I gave up security to be unsure.
I went against the warnings,
Gave into darkness instead of remaining pure.

Once my bed was made of soft grass,
But now it is made of stone.
Was plump from all of the luscious fruit,
Now I’m starving to the bone. 

My curse is one of circumstance.
The punishment a crime,
I’m stuck inside this dampened cave,
For the rest of time. 
My world came crashing down,
The grief has not subsided.
My heart broke completely,
When my sons collided. 

My misery a token,
From the abandonment I earned.
Upon the time spent in sorrow,
There was a lesson to be learned.

Have I found the moral?
Only in time we shall see,
For all I did was eat an apple-
From the Knowledge tree. 

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Speaking with a loud quiet voice

You speak into your child's life in whispers
With the strength of the four winds
No need for yelling
For your child has expectant ears

A fathered gift
Born out of pained understanding
Mistakes not needed to be repeated
Your love an inoculation to failure
Resilience will permeate a new generation

You smile with furrowed brow
For time passes much to quickly 
There is fear there is some lesson you have forgotten
Not what you want for your begotten 
Still you see this precious ones progression
He possess strength laughter and compassion
Humored moments and strong funny bones 
Will insure this child will never be alone
A tender heart and a will like a stone

One day 
You will have to let go
Time progresses it never slows
Deep inside your heart grows because you know
You have given your all
This child will rise up tall
Won't be afraid to fall
He heeds your Father's call
For he has learned at your loving feet
Wisdom has been his bountiful feast
Some day he'll be a father too
He'll bring blessings back to you
For you have been faithful 
and a father true

Inspired by Funom's poem, "Words of Wisdom to My Child".

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The Father I Never Had

When I'm alone I wonder why you didn't fight for me
You get more credit for being a dad that you deserve to be
All the times you gave your word and left me standing in the rain
All the promises you broke and left my heart with pain
Even as a little child I never could understand
How you could ignore me all the time and still call yourself a man
All the times you said I love you and never backed it up
All the love you never showed and all your lack there of
I only wanted you to care, I longed for your attention
All the mistakes and problems you caused, I won't waste time to mention
I wanted you to be there for me, though you never were
So how can you still say you miss me, you've really got some nerve
Others made of for the loss of you, but it's never been the same
I now have the only man I need, I hate to even speak your name
I have someone else who makes me feel good, it will never be my dad
I just wish you would have been the father I never had

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No Greater Hero

Struggling through the Great Depression
Growing up fatherless in the care of a loving aunt
Losing her husband, his weary mother could not cope

Working for the Civilian Conservation Corps
Trying to support his family
Attending school at night to provide a better life

Playing his sax and clarinet
Resounding notes of joy cast blessings
Filling our home with happiness many children never know

Loving eyes and deep, gentle voice
Drawing admiration from all who came to know him
Speaking softly, never in harsh tones

Accepting life’s challenges
Forgiving when his children seemed ungrateful
Nurturing, caring, standing by our sides

Picking us up when we fell
Offering support in every endeavor
Being the kind of father he never had

Teaching us to work hard and achieve
Reminding us that life offers no guarantees
Encouraging us to rebound from challenges as “come-back kids”

Gathering at his hospital bedside New Year’s Day 2009
Astonishing nurses with the depth of our love 
Never leaving his side, three grown children rested hands upon his

Lingering six days in a coma, perhaps his soul already in heaven
Speaking to him, hoping he could hear
Wanting him to feel our love one last time

Siblings who rarely agreed
Concurring just this once
Feeling blessed by our father, the brightest star we see in heaven

* Dedicated to my father, Arthur Schwarz, who died January 6, 2009

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Home Run

It wasn't because he brought her flowers....
 It wasn't because he wined and dined her....
   She loved him because he spent hours on the computer
       trying to track down the 1970 Brooks Robinson baseball card
                                                                   for their oldest son's birthday
She loved him because he played with their kids, even after a hard day at work...
     baseball games in the big front yard...
            cheering them on...
                not getting angry when the youngest son 
                           knocked a homer 
                               straight through the living room window

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Pressed Leaves

By chance, I found them, there...
Three pressed leaves, with brittle veins of delicacy
Tucked between the pages 
Of a tattered book of poems
Overlooked and gathering dust, 
A cover worn, with broken spine
It had your names, an autumn date, 
With script inside, a faded time...

Caressed in yellowed tissue, these three from ancient trees
Discarded long ago from russet crowns 
A memory, kept, of time, so keen, 
Of a long ago, brisk autumn day?

Where leaves had fallen so bold and gay, then twirled on down
From breezes that gently made the Sycamores sway
A place you walked and held his hand, and knew forever your love would be
Perhaps beneath those trees you made a plan for me
When winter's chill and stolen years had not yet come 
Where fragrance of fall and new young love was found
From soft carpets of scarlet, red and brown

You chose these three from all the rustling hordes that grew
A tree had finished using them, in remembrance of you 
They were yours for awhile...for your love, perhaps a lover's bed in my hands they lay....
             They are mine to to keep,  pressed leaves, 
                 To keep for now, close to my heart instead...

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Brother Of The Quill

Brother of the Quill
Join me in a dance
For mother sings nightly
And father sleeps within a trance
Deerskin feet 
they'll never hear our steps
Through hemlock and the fields of wheat
All night long we will dance
Moon Mother lights our way
And our ancestors shine as bright stars
We will run as the wolves
And sing from our hearts
Brother of the Quill
Join me in a prance
We will shoot stars with our arrows
And wish for another dance
Deerskin tents
They'll never hear the swish
Of when we sneak back in
And fall asleep before Father wakes again

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A little girl full of life
With so much love for her papa
It was love at first sight when papa laid eyes on her at her birth
Being her nanny papa never laid her down but cradled her in his arms until it was time to leave
He was mama until she was two
When he would say “No, “Papa”
She would say, “No,” Mama”
He taught her to ride her first tricycle
He taught her to throw her first ball
He helped her with her homework when she started school
Once in a while she calls and asks “Papa would you come to school today and have lunch with me.”
And of course Papa cannot say no to his little girl
Her first baseball game was a t-ball team of all boys and one girl of course she out shined them all and took home the winning game ball 
The next few years she’s made the all –star softball team
At eight years old now coaches are watching her to get her on their team
By Eve Roper

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Home Of The Hang Man

Home Of The Hang Man

The children are so full of doubt
No one is allowed to speak
No one is allowed to shout
Opinions are driven underground
Seems that every time they do it wrong
Always been the same old song
Never get it right
Never allowed to speak
Never allowed to fight

It’s a strange house
The children are so full of doubt
A strange house

The kids just don’t understand
They don’t see that this is the way it’s all been planned
Keep them frightened is the game
Then all those “other” things won’t need to be explained
Why is big brother always mad
Why is younger brother always sad
Why does he sit in his bedroom all alone
Because it’s a strange house
And not a home

It’s a strange house
The children are so full of doubt
A strange house

Everything they do or say
Is turned into to a weapon to build upon the barricade
And Dad pretends he’s not afraid
Of the sudden discovery of suffocated memories
The dark deeds linger in a cage
Of ridicule and violence that makes the babies cry
So Mum has buried her suspicions worryings away
In Sunday lunches usual farce
A make believe gathering of corrupted loving and pretended merry making

It’s a strange house
The kids are so full of doubt
A strange house

Big brother hit the self destruct
With pills and needles long before he decided he was gay
No one ever asked him why he was so mad
And  no one ever asked why younger brother was so sad
He sits up stairs in his room 
Surviving in a sea of doubt
The suffocated memories have all come out
He’s always sad and he’s always alone
The babies to they both have grown
But he doesn’t know them anymore
It’s been so long since he left that so called home

It’s a strange home
The children are so full of doubt
A strange house

Their children are so full of doubt
Brought up and made this way
All their futures turn to grey
As all the buried memories fight their own way out
Remember why they always felt so wrong
Remember what happened when we were young
And mother just closed her eyes she did not help
All the future turns to grey
Brought up and made to be this way

Father was the hang man who took their lives away

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'Love me with your Time'

I might make a noise right now There will be a time when I go silent Will you miss my racket? In those days of silence? I will no longer yearn for your presence Like I do at this very moment Will you wonder? Will you wish? For that good morning? I might be a nuisance right now I might ask you the same thing over and over One day Some day My voice will go silent All I ask today is be patient with me Please love me; with your ears Please love me; with your time Before all you will have Is my grave and the memories…
"Thoughts of the aged - loneliness don't discriminate " ©134517022015

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Noah counting love

I woke this morning
yes, this morning
and felt the warmth of love
‘pon mine forehead
and my face
and my ears 
and my nose

I woke this morning
yes, this morning
and heard the warmth of love
close to mine forehead
and my face
and my ears
and my nose

I woke this morning
yes, this morning
and heard his words of love;
“Don’t worry Pops,
I washed my fingers before
I counted the wrinkles on your,
your face 
your ears
and your nose

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Do You Hear Me?

do you hear me
when I cry out
in the middle of the night?
do you hear me
when I grieve for
a brilliant light gone out?
do you feel me
when I long for your love
though your heart has gone still?
do you see me
kneeling by your grave
unable to pray?
do you still believe in me
where ever you've gone
and I'm here alone?
do you see me
gasping for breathe
since the moment you left?

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

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He was always so happy
strong and bold.
He'd give you the shirt off of his back.
He had a rough life
growing up through the depression,
but like he always does,
he got through it.
He has two boys, of whom he is so proud.
Moved from Regina, to Victoria.
He had the best life anyone his age could have wanted.
But ever since his wife died, 
he has not been the same.
But like he has always done,
he got through it.
Mind slipping, 
just a little forgetful.
That's how it always starts out...
But like always, he powered through it, 
until now...
He is not the same person that I used to know.
He been sentenced to the prison in his own mind.
Possessed by the thoughts of his dogs ashes.
He likes to play the blame game,
but we know he doesn't remember that it was him.
He wakes up in the night
shaking with pain, 
tears streaming down his face.
There is nothing we can do,
Oh well...
Two more tylenol.
Hold on to hope
for as long as you can,
It's only a matter of time now.
He gets vocal, a very loud tone.
He'll block you in your room
and make false accusations
But we know that it's the pain induced monster in him.
Tick tock, tick tock...
You can't handle the stress anymore
you have to leave.
Just hope for the best, 
maybe it will get better.
Surprise, it doesn't.
Your denial is foolish, everyone knows 
what happens next.
All results of

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Soul of a Daughter, Life of a Stranger

Yesterday when I stood before him, he spoke my name
Today, I still stand, but the floorboards are cold
and he no longer knows the color of my eyes. 

With each spoonful of the steaming grey I lift my arms,
Up, then down, again and again, a repeated motion – weeping,
My arms are trembling with the weight of the spoon
that holds in its cupped womb my raw, injured soul.

Father, I say, in a voice cold from straining not to break 
I prod away the soup dribbling down his chin, gently.
The wrinkled hands are limp at his sides, lost.

What should be mad and free is caged within me; fluttering
feebly, thumping about in a circle of broken pieces
The look in his blank eyes has labeled me a stranger
But when they are closed my name is written on his face.

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The Pilgrimage

They fought the tide to own this land
A fight I did not understand
They fought the plow, they fought the drought, they fought the debt
But yet,…by God,……they owned the pride

In retrospect, I'm still ashamed
It was, my flippant pilgrimage
I had come a stranger to this place
About to step upon the moon,
A cratered space of rocks and sage
Of rolling hills, with no escape

She saw it differently, of course 
Although her body weary, worn
Her eyes were strong, ...she saw a home

Her age was then, what mine is now
It had been her home, and it had been her vow
To come again, just one more time.  

I was thirteen, and dragged along
I overlooked the great attraction
I could not see the satisfaction
I missed the light upon her face

She saw the youth she left behind
Her gray eyes drinking up the sun, 
I saw the dust, I saw the bones, 
Where she saw beauty,  I saw none .....
Nothing more than a sea of weeds, the crumbling brick, 
A place to shuffle my restless feet

But stories came, and they sunk in….
And now I view with wiser eyes…
She told me all these things back then…but now, I smile,… remembering.

     They had to fight to own this piece of land
     They fought the plow, they fought the drought, they fought the debt
     And yet,…oh yes,…….they owned the pride


Recited on youtube

For Deb's Contest:....2nd Option..(With age comes wisdom, understanding and
                                                  appreciation. I am never too old to keep learning
                                                  and value those who came before and made me
                                                  who I am.)


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Since First I Saw You

Since first I saw you, it was your eyes,
mesmerizing, your gaze transporting
me to a realm, not of fantasy, real,
where young men go when cupid’s
arrow takes root.

Since first I saw you, it was your lips,
captivating, holding me frozen 
in anticipation of our lips brushing
for the first time.

Since first I saw you, it was your voice,
a crescendo, light, invigorating, 
each word you speak intensifies 
my hearing, enveloping each
note, time ceases as I hang motionless
savoring, memorizing.

Since first I saw you, it was your hair,
long, flowing, gently rising above
your shoulders as a slight breeze
passes through sending waves
of your essence my way. 
The sun magnifying each strand, 
highlighting the minute
variances of invigorating color, 
creating a halo effect, a portrait of
your beauty forever imprinted.

Since first I saw you, It was you,
my love forever more for you,
only you.

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A Word

My son,
This journey begins with a step.
always remember these words I told you
they will be your guiding light in darkness

My son,
Do not slumber with your two eyes closed,
When you own a pot of gold
The eyes of traitors are watching.
The storm might be uncontrollable
But always listen to the desire of your heart,
Its sighs are the ultimatum of success.

My son,
Do not yield according to the desire of the body
It will take you to the highest mountain
And thereafter, a big fall.
Do not call your friends traitors
You never know if they are truly for you.
If the World turned against you
Don't be dismayed
hold on to steadfast love

My son,
Do not spit on those guiding hands that ratify you
they are those sent from above to lead you
Do not engage in a battle,
You never know what will become of you.

My son,
Do not listen to the words of fools,
They will sting you like scorpions.
Do not yield to their advice,
You will get drowned in their foolishness,
And stabbed by their expectations.
Do not accept their gift,
You will get entangled in their deceit.
Do not listen to rumors
They are created by your enemies.
If they ask for forgiveness,
Always look at your back.

My son,
I have seen things,
I have heard words,
They were mine, but now your possession.
Listen to these words 
They will make you grow in wisdom.
Listen to the stars,
The sky is more than your limit.
Abide by these words,
They will make you a leading light.

My son,
Cherish these words of wisdom,
And you shall be the canopy of the cloud.
Meditate on these word,
And the moon shall be your stepping stone.

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I'm Your King

A burst of white light gamma rays, overbearing a flash of brilliance burns through to my soul everything is like hell the world starts to melt in the blink of an eye just the cold blackness of night I don't care if I am not again what I once was, for at this moment I am greater now than ever before I took the path between teetering, tight roping walking right up to my right divined in my unholy state I thought I told you I am your king still you sit there, hesitating I know you hate me what does that mean? I hate just about everything still I'm chosen I did not wish before now bow down to me refuse me no more for I shall always be your demon until you accept me as your King. I don't even know you though you say we used to be best of friends, you and me the day you ditched me I remember now exactly how it played out back when we were just tiny things even back then I still was King you thought me stupid just a ruse I would laugh inside, you see? not one of you single, mean people ever even knew me in a world, mostly seen to me that is why only I can be your true King and bring forth a new source of light everlasting. As two worlds collide slowly aligned one wrapped in shadows one bathed in white evils swirling in the clouds above I'll always be the king you love to hate or despise as in your blood I thought I told you, I am the one I am the way, the way out shall be shown breathe in my spirit as it carries you away breathe in my faith it shall carry your empty space and deposit you gently on a cloud just enough higher than you've ever dreamed of for I am king now, and your in my hell your in my imagination, I'll just never tell you'll feel as though dreaming, you'll feel now if you try and see you were always found the most shared in the light cast upon me the last bright star in heaven. Denounce my name, if you may One year later, still not afraid A black sheep, a darkened spade That's just life, I'm not right I'm in the wrong, follow along Like a piper, I'll pitch a song Mesmerized, the weak wills sing I thought he told you, he's still our king.

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Winter Memory

Snowflakes fell, large and wet, 
On that early morning in December
Our country home was soon enfolded
In winter's cold, white mantle

The noonday sun parted the somber clouds
With rays smiling and bright
It seemed to be saying...
"That's enough snow...for now"

Mother walked along the silent path
To where the mail was waiting
She paused for a moment and smiled
The untouched landscape, glittering white before her
Awoke the child within her heart

She began to play
Soon the beginnings of a snowman
Rested at her feet

My father watched the scene unfold
Through the bedroom window
His eyes glittered as brightly as the snow
A smile creased his face
And a chuckle escaped his lips

This picture is etched forever
In the corners of my heart
Forever I will see her there playing in the snow
Forever I will see him broadly smiling at her delight 
Forever I will see them both so completely full of joy
So full of life
So full of love.

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Surprising Kindness

I came upon an old man,
A homeless, wretched soul.
He looked so sad and helpless,
In his hands, he held a bowl.
He was propped against the building,
So, his weakness would not show.
He saw the world through glasses,
With hair as white as snow.

I heard my father whisper,
As my eyes filled with tears,
“One need much more than money,
One needs his loved ones near.”
My father loved his family,
Does this old one feel the same?
With my father’s soul beside me
I asked the old one’s name.

His name, he said with feeling,
Was lost with all he owned.
A thief assumed his identity,
Then, all he had was blown.
His wife died in December,
The vulture, then closed in,
Pounced while he was grieving,
Then, his life changed again.

I gathered the frail body to me,
Spoke kindly, acknowledged his need,
A home and a heart full of loving,
My family would plant the seeds.
Love is the first to be planted,
Followed by trust in their care.
My father’s spirit surrounds us,
His example taught us to share.

The old one lost all his pallor,
With love and trust he gained
More than he ever hoped for,
Another family, who gave him a name.
Grandpa, we decided to dub him
As we fought for all he had lost.
As he won the last legal battle,
His life was the price that it cost.

The old one wanted cremation.
My mother did not and she prayed.
Next thing we knew came a lawyer,
And the Last Will and Testament played.
My mother, for once, became speechless,
And I drew in no better air.
Grandpa was there in the picture,
Leaving us undisputed heirs.

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After Dad

joyful song filled my heart courtesy of our family’s music man even after mother passed Dad was still strong and healthy lived to a ripe old age giving consent to unplug the respirator three siblings cried together that joyful song Dad’s clarinet and sax now heard only by the angels silence dwells within me now time passes, but the musical void hits hard life has never been the same after Dad after death AD joined the cherub band twinkling with rhythms of Big Band era songs heaven’s stars mark the path to his glory
AD stands for "After Dad"

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UNGRATEFUL CHILDREN   A parent's lament

   	with Wings
    	and Talons
Pounce on the fleetest of hearts

                 over the
                 Blood Transfusions
    		Hospital frights of prematurity
             			 of EMS sirens
                              HIV trembling tests 
   		 Asthma Tents
                Breathless Worry atop cloud kissed Trees
                Sleepless Nights of bully battles
                Struggles with Education’s foes
                 Mad Escapes from Fathers of Violence
                 The teary wave good bye for fledgling endeavors
			Day night day night day night…unending

Land  on

      Slight Imperfections and Imagined Slights
            or the

Shortage of Cash
                    New Shoes 
                    New Cars
	or other

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Grandpa's Wink

One night I was trying to put a wide-awake and unruly child to bed.
She slipped, and slid, and giggled as she ran everywhere else instead.
But then I finally caught her as she climbed upon her Daddy’s lap.
He ask her why she wouldn’t go to sleep and monsters is what he got.
So Daddy told her a bedtime story that calmed her down at last.
His chair sat by the windows, where he could see the sky.
She’d noticed that he sat there nightly starring at those stars.
He told her to look for one that winked for it was Grandma saying good night.
Another one would be Grandpa who would take her cares to heart.
And one would be her Guardian Angel to keep her safe at night.
But the best of all would be God who would be there to plot her daily course.
Then look at all the twinkling ones…. They are the Angels as they rejoice.
And the Aurora Borealis is the music to those stars.
Now listen very carefully, and watch with all your heart…
And you will see you’re not alone in your bedroom late at night.
For how can you be alone with so much going on just for you?
Then Daddy gently picked her up and took her off to bed.
Now she wouldn’t go to sleep unless the curtains were open this night instead.

Then years later I was listening as she put her own precious wee one to bed…
And you will never guess… She said exactly what her father had said…
I went back to that old chair and thanked her Daddy for his wisdom thru the years…
And as I looked upon the stars… he winked good night to me, I’m sure…

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Patradoot or The Messenger 29 /Many

Patradoot or The Messenger29 /Many 
English version by  Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

These young boys and girls,  were brought up,  
By their parents, with great love and affection, 
Now they are mad, in love for their motherland,
To show the splendors of their youthful energy.

They are ready even to sacrifice their heads,
What to say of body pains and tortures inflicted on them, 
By seeing such fearlessness and energy of their youth,
Even the enemy gets ashamed of, dear letter.

Triloki was one of these young boys, 
Who happily took bullets on his chest, dear letter,
And kept on moving ahead without withdrawing,
Keeping the dignity of our nation and Satyagraha.


You will find my beautiful city Allahabad,* 
In an ecstasy and full of rapture, flowing in it’s air,
When you will move on its roads and streets,
Along with the Postman, dear letter.


Kanpur India 12th August 2010                        to continue in 30


* Allahabad		Also know as Prayag or Triveni is the most ancient city
                                    of India, where river Ganga and Yamuna now meets at
                                    the holy place called Sangam.

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around  1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 


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White Roses

White Roses unparalleled splendor and a glow of peace white roses were my choice a funeral with festive, colorful displays how out of place they seemed color blind, Dad couldn’t appreciate such arrangements though he was surrounded by heaven’s radiant hues white seemed more fitting as we said farewell gentle beauties, white roses, were my last gift to him
Dedicated to my father who died January 6, 2009. Written January 5, 2014

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Pure Of Heart

Wise Grandfather Shaman, 
I am pure of Heart,
I bathe beneath the Moon, 
and dry beneath the Sun,
I listen to the Wind,
I run with the Deer,
I hunt with the Wolves,
I fish with the Eagles and Hawks,
I ride with the Wild Paints,
And roam with the Buffalo,
I grow with Grandmother Tree,
Ever learning from her Wisdom, 
I am skilled in Warrior Ways,
A strong Hunter, 
A compassionate Listener,
A patient Tracker,
I have gathered with the other women,
Contributing to our tribes growth and strength,
I leave no tracks of moccasins in the soft clay,
My heart is pure,
And I wish to continue my journy,
Wise Grandfather Shaman,
Allow me to enter your lodge,
I will smoke from the sacred pipe,
My heart is pure.

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The Spilling Over of Me

Written by the one
You thought had an empty head
You convinced me with words you said
My voice was silent
For so many years
Not even allowed to express my tears

You let me know what I should think
Consumed me 
Attempted to mold me
Kept me in that pocket
Like your personal pet
I never knew what to expect
Restrained by the fabric of you
You told me what I could do

Silently I waited
Filling my brain
Trying to escape my pain
Getting to know who was me
Knowing one day I would be free

Now I have a voice
What I say is my own choice
My words overflow
They don't seem to slow

My empty head your illusion
I drew a different conclusion
We all have something to say
No more silent voice I pray
I was never meant to do things your way

So on my page I spill
The words from my mind
I am no longer blind
My existance defined
Words pour out before me
There for others to see
My liquidity

As my days run down
I am more than okay
For this voice
For my world
All I have dreamed
Thankful for a mind 
That's not as empty as it seemed

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Sunlit Ambrosia

People watching, on a park bench under a ripe sun, I sat, seemingly wasting time. My heart smiled the second hour when I saw John, my father, in the clouds. He smiled back with arms that reached from the past to pick the sun from the sky like a peach. Golden light splattered, as he bit into the fruit at high noon; with my head back and tongue out, I tasted drops of sunlit ambrosia. My father winked from the clouds. His eyes searched to teach a lesson of love from father to daughter, spanning a gap in time. "God is love", I heard on whispering wind. "Scotland". Again, he said, "Scotland". I didn't understand. "My mom wanted to go but never did. Live, give and forgive, outlive the bad, relive the good", like thunder from his mouth I heard the words echo. "Time is on My Side" played in the background on an old transistor radio as ancient as the silent man, still like a statue, next to me. A hush fell on the park and a peace swept over me. Men, women, spirits kept moving by for hours, yet none were noticed as my wide eyes stared at the passing sky. I was happy. In fact, I had never felt happier, but I knew I was running on empty, exhaustion washed over me from the power of emotions while the sky moved north to south. Clouds faded with daylight. Sadly, I blew a kiss goodbye "knowing the sky was feeling the same". By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, May 31, 2012 for Mish-Mash contest (Tracie)

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In Her Fathers Arms

The evening star glowing in a dust choked sky. A girl stands by a window, with a tear in her eye. She stares at the scene, hardly visible through the grime. She whispers in the wind, “Bring my Dad home this time” She opens the window, and climbs outside, Having a flashlight, in her hand, as her guide. Its glow shows the sides of the street. She’s afraid for what the light will meet Bodies piled everywhere she turns, She wants to go home, and never return. What brought this fate upon her town? All her emotions are stripped and torn down. A frightening sound explodes in her ear. Shadows in the road now appear. She run and hides behind a broken wall Praying to god the rest doesn’t fall. Footsteps coming closer to her She can’t tell who because it’s all a blur She backs away further so not to be seen in light, Quieting her heart pounding from fright. Gun shots and screams fill the air, All these sounds, her ears couldn’t bear. A slight whimper slips from her lips, And over the broken stone she trips. The shadows run closer, showering her heart with fear, She wishes they would just disappear. They pass by her; she fills with delight, She just wants to see her dad tonight. She shines the light, to show her place, And to the shine comes a familiar face. She doesn’t understand who’s to blame Because on the tag shows her father’s name. She holds in her tears and refrains from crying. She falls to the ground where her dad was lying. She lifts his arm and buries her face in his chest. She closes her eyes wanting to forget the rest. The shadows emerge yet she doesn’t see, How close the end for her would be. They look down at her, aim, shoot, and fire. Being with her dad is her only desire. The night had ended causing a little girl harm But she took her last breath, in her father’s arms.

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Daddies little girl

Belove,  my dear friend
Stand by my side
For I shall not cry
My sins, will go over the earth
Mountains shall depart
Father, I'm talking to you

I remember, dreams and memories
Times my soul was lost in the valley
And in your arms
In moments I open my eyes
I see your shadow on my curtain
Feel your spirit above my head
Feel the wind and sense it's you
Daddy, listen
I'm speaking to you

I never had a chance, to tell you
Give me your pain
Let me carry your weight
Drown your medication in my blood
Papa , listen to my thunder

I was only fourteen
In another state
Hearing, cancer was your case
Yet, it was a little to late
The day my ears heard
Your soul went to rest
Dad, come in this soul
Listen to my thoughts

I will never forget your face
My dear friend
I will keep you in my dreams
I will treasure our memories
I will always remember my soul in the valley
I will know, you are my father
By blood
Dear friend
By communication
By protection
Belove, shall always stand by my side
For, I shall no longer cry
Only stand by your side
In a beautiful lifetime
Daddies little girl

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Darkness Eternaly Forced Away By Love
By:Jessica Trotte AKA RECK

He slips away silently, to escape mothers screams
and crawls so softly, into bed, into dreams
his thoughts became so dark, full of misery and dread
and dreams repeated over and over, where he became dead
left to one escape, escape to the dark
open eyes, nightmares of screams scarring the heart 
across the shadows, his eyes opened wide
he saw vanishing, the last glimpse of light
tears welled up, but never did spill
he swore he was stronger than those
his father would hit him, make him need to take pills
if he ever saw on his face, a tiny tear
He would never show him, not while he was here

Silent and steady, blades ran across skin
crimson rivers leaving bloody trails on her then
tears poured freely, in the privacy of her bed,
she called out silently for help from God
mother was screaming, father didn't care
she was ready, to pitifully pull the trigger
she crawled into shadows, her eyes squeezing tight
prayers sent to God, that she would be alright
across the shadows, her eyes opened wide
as she saw appearing the growing white light
her tears dried up, in the glowing warmth, ready for a fight
though she felt loved, not the hurt from before

She called out quietly, "hElLo, iS SoMeoNE TheRe?"
Her voice like satin ribbons in her hair

His eyes opened again, whispers in his ear, 
and called out so quietly, "HeLlO, iS sOmEOnE thErE?"

Through the light, a vision of he
She would find him, through her dreams
Through the dark, he saw a rose
arms curled around herself, cold

her hand pressed quietly against the glass
in her heart she felt a warm blast
through his ribs he felt a new beat
warmth creeping in like sugar water ready to seep

Closing her eyes, she let out a sigh
and whispered "DeAr lOrD, iM AfRAiD iM rEaDY tO DiE"
Hearing her words, though he didnt know how
he left his bed, and to her reached out

Closing around her, a warm pair of arms
Starteled, she thought he was God
Then opened her eyes, and saw it was he
A boy needing comfort, sent to she

He looked at her softly, a rose in her hair
"BaBY, iLL lOvE yOu, DoNt bE ScArEd"
She looked at him lovingly, unable to not stare
"bAbY, GoD SeNt YoU hErE"

through the dark, they held on tight
praying to God, they swore they'd survive
He had her, his little rose
She had him, warm arms to hold
God looked down, and smiled with no sin
and promised, theyd still love each other in heaven

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The woods stole me today and I was grateful that molting maples hummed their familiar hymns, brilliant notes of crimson and lingering gold. Dad, you walked beside me, chatting, invisible, so I became five, fed nuts to nattering squirrels as your big hand tugged at a cherished season. Once, I’d thought you mapped the flights of geese, scattered turbulent clouds in some grand scheme. Again, your voice traveled as we walked the path, windblown, while my footsteps crushed old dreams.
By Cyndi MacMillan for the Autumn Splendor Contest Written Sept 9, 2012

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My Venerable Dad - memory snippet on Fathers Day

Lucky day!   Father McShane was on the altar.
I knelt in gratitude, in silent applause.

He said mass faster than the lead car in a drag race.  
Hosts flew and before we knew it: “Ite, missa est.” *

The nine a.m. ritual was well worth it on Sundays with daddy.
Out of the mist of sneezy incense, enclosed in glass tabernacles

food for the soul of another kind awaited us at the Brewster bakery.
Father and daughter a spiritual team of confectionary communicants, 

were in search of the one true doughnut, the absolute muffin.
My father kept us ever faithful. 

*Go, the Mass is ended 

©Kathryn McLoughlin Collins
June 14, 2012

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I climbed over trepidation
poverty's barbed wire night
torn by your prosperity
my one change of clothes
thirsting for a drop of civility
on a deserted desert road
Scorched by hell’s kitchen
fed to death’s desiccate dawn
I swallowed shards of sunshine
pride's perilous knives
for one chance to be an American
to provide for my family’s illegal lives
My eyes staggered with exhaustion
my ruptured lips too foreign to cry
I kissed a picture of my children
the withering smile of my loving wife
wondering if anyone would tell them
I died drinking liberty's light

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What makes me human is You
You who broke me and push me through
Yes,though You know I was not strong
You caused me to cry or so long
So many times I ask if You really exist
Though many times also You heard my pleas
I was so wrong to blame You for all my sadness
For truly it is You who brings gladness

So many times You tried to break me before
But I was so hard and rebelled more
Yet You never stopped breaking me
Coz You were concerned of what my future could be
You never wanted me to go the wrong way
That's why You wanted me to pray
So You could guide me everyday
Until into my bed i lay

From a frozen heart You broke me to become human
For my heart never melts though put under the sun
You changed my whole being
I was changed by the grace of Your loving
Because You care so much about me
You wanted me to live with you in heaven for eternity,
For the chance to be with You forever
YOU BROKE ME to become a person much better

Thank You Father or breaking me to a new person
I didn't understand at first for I didn't know the 
Thank You for the tears that have poured out from
my eyes
Thank You for the sorrows that have made me cry
For now I know I'm a new being
Changed by the trials You have given.

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14 years ago

thou boisterous ancient foe,
you crept in surreptitiously,
and bore a hole in our hearts.
It's 14 years now,
14 years of longing.
For seven years, the torrential rain battered us,
and we almost succumbed to the intensity of the rain.
a Moses arose,
lion-hearted damsel
and the lineage was rescued.
Father, I ache and bleed daily,
as I remember your tilling and planting seasons.
You planted many seeds in us.
Father, a little seed has sprouted,
and has borne many fruits,
succulent fruits indeed.
I wished I could give you a bite,
the curtain was drawn 14 years ago,
and now you are a complete dust.
Adieu, my father!
Adieu, the muse that brought out the poet in me.

The pain, grief and sorrow that I felt after my father's death forced me to look for a way of expressing the pent up emotion of anger and sadness; poetry gave me the answer. Over the years, I have fallen in love with poetry and no one can break the union

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Prince Charming *YEAH RIGHT*

When I was a just little girl
Daddy told me a tale
About how I’d find my Prince
Then I’d wear a wedding veil

He said...

Your Prince will be brave and strong
He will keep safe you from harm
He’ll always stand right by your side
Proud to have you on his arm

He will share with you his riches
He’ll Comfort you at night
He’ll wipe away your falling tears
And when it’s dark, he’ll be your light

He will be honest and faithful
On him I could depend
For he would be the man
With whom my life I’d spend

I finally thought I met my Prince
Our wedding bells did chime
It didn’t take very long
To realize I married slime

Strong and Brave?

Late one night while sleeping
I heard a crash, “what was that?”
He quickly shoved me out of bed
“Don’t forget the baseball bat”

Stand beside me?

Nightly we would take a walk
But in his steps I would tread
For this loving Prince of mine
Was always many blocks ahead

Share his riches?

This always makes me laugh
He promised a new car I would get
But when we left the dealership
He drove off in his new Corvette

Honest and faithful?

How do I love thee?
Let me count the lies
Since when does faithful mean
Playing between another’s thighs

Daddy you said he’d wipe my tears
But that was just a lie
You see it was this loving Prince
That always made me cry

I don’t believe in fairy tales
Or that dreams will come true
I’ve only ever met one Prince
Daddy, that Prince was you!

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Home of the Three R's

We've brought him back again, where in the corners lie the shadows of his youth, a world that passed on by I watch him walk the floors, that he had walked before Old planks that creaked, with hurried, carefree steps once sang with youth, whine with sad regret Again, the out-of-doors has let itself be clipped to window images, of which he had recalled where fond thoughts of youth returned, each spring, and every fall Framed pictures of windy branches in the sun We could hardly tell, at first, if the mountains slumbered by The same old way, as days when he was young for branches, grown, had crowded open skies And yet, he smiles, recalling all too soon how the dust motes, fill the afternoon with chalkboard clouds, and ink well stains with musty thoughts, and childhood's sweet perfume Again, the out-of-doors has let itself be clipped To window images, of which he can't forget
_______________________________________ Carrie Richards 1/30/14 "Historical"

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knew a young man when i was a 
young man whose life had been 
screwed from the get-go/HEWA
his father was a test pilot for the
us of a & a company who spends
money to buy congressmen &
presidents in order to get more
wars started in order to make 
more bombs in order to sell them
so that taxpayers can buy them
so people they never meet in
person can be obliterated in 
THEMINTOASH/what happened
next anyone could see coming a
mile away for the plane stayed
in the air for less than a few min.
& down it came killing the dad
of the guy i knew & leaving a
mother & son now without the
man they loved so much/AND
BLOODSHOTEYES/”i would give 
every penny of it back, just to have
my father still alive.”

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Mind wandering through misty woods.
You don't understand your purpose.
I knew you too little,
Please do not shed your salty emotions,
Not out of anger, not out of sadness.
You now lose your way so easily,
You sink, you burst, you burn inwardly.
You weep from frustrations, 
From the guilt of an honest smile,
From pains, that you forget for a moment,
That come swiftly back to haunt you of your loss.
I understand, dear friend.
You once had a light and the woods seek to snuff it out.
Do not fear, dear friend,
Friend follow me, as I once did you.
Friend, now you see?
Yes, you see,
The little wisps in the fog that guide us home."

~In memory of Bill Hamman, and all else who have suffered the pains of Alzheimer's

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An Unfair Ending (Edited for space limits)

His face, withered, gaunt
His eyes cloudy, filled with a haunting vacancy
His voice weak , shallow
Seldom spoken these last difficult days

His hair is white and thin
His skin, so delicate and discolored
The strength has left his fragile body
And he lies, waiting

Yet I remember the man who was my Father
In my youth, so tall and strong
His eyes a deep blue with a depth of the seas
Thick, wavy, black hair tousled about his head

He walked with an unaware arrogance
Never knowing that all eyes were upon him
This handsomest of men, beautiful, confident
No one could match his brilliance, his seductive air

Unconscious, innocent of the power he possessed
The command he held with peers, a leader of men
A bright star in the universe, a life spent searching for answers
Politics, Economics, Religion…his battlegrounds

Yet, with all his perfection
He remained kind and true to all
Generous, loving; never an unkind word
A light for all who knew him

But the cruelty of life is worse for some
His body wracked with an unforgiving disease
Seizing him, slowly at first…a tremor
Then completely, leaving him helpless

Dependent upon those who had worshipped his strength
Lying in his bed, languished, weak
Nearly impossible to eat, difficult to drink
Each day descending further into darkness

Life’s cruelest blow to one so special 
Chosen by angels as their brightest star
So blessed to have loved such a man
Still loved, but pitied for the terrible loss

For such men were never meant to suffer this fate
To fade each day, closer to oblivion
He would never have chosen this
Broken, suffering silently in stoic resignation

Pride now replaced with painful gratefulness
He tries to manage a smile
His rigid muscles fighting the instinct
For he spent his life smiling

But old age has given him no peace
No time to reflect on the legacy he leaves
He waits as life deals its unjust ending
For one who was so great, so good

I hold his cold, thin hand in mine
Holding back the tears that burn
I will remember him, the Father whom I have loved
I see him walk away, wavy black hair, a cute little wink

As he leaves this tired shell, worn, used up
Once again becoming the unbroken man
I see him strut again, his quick, bouncy steps
As he climbs the ladder to the heaven he has earned

I hear the trumpets of the angels
Welcoming their special creation
A man of compassion and ideals
My Father, My Daddy…How I will miss him

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My daughter, my Queen

My daughter, my Queen
as Solomon said, you are above
the crown on my head
from rubble and stone
gates for a throne
Queen, daughter, Queen
mysterious home 
of pride and lust
forgive me intrust
not what man will give
but take what you must
Power you wield
no doubt in my vein
the blood that is cold 
in warmth you will claim
what is your position
with faith as a seed
man whose fruition
is boasting to bleed
my Queen my throne
thorn in my head
blessed of water
ancient we shed
blackened cough
scares in the skin
Queen have you paid 
too much for a sin
remember the garden
fruit of the sun
you offered me there
a kingdom undone
naked your breast
no temple of shame
I took of your fruit
gave you my name
Queen prophetic
knowing us so
Why you embrace
our invisible soul
sure, God willed
or something the same
man of the dust
woman the rain
Queen of a temple
so Godless, until 
Queen, oh my daughter
your blossom would heal

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The Dead Vintner's Diary

I wake-up to a sudden wail
probably, someone passed away
the whistles of the melancholic tune 
of the passing winds made
a woman weep, as the angels trumpet 
in no tune now chanting in unison 

without reason in the midst of 
forgotten tombstones, of marble 

rubble, where in silence lies 
the diary, in which the secret of growing 

vines could be found, the gardening 
ways of the ancient gods, yet 

in flick of time the vineyard will not
be the same, as the rake stand 

rusting as days go by, and his 
epitaph, engraved from own sweat 

and blood has revealed that the sweet 
wine, the true essence of his spirit

the glory that he had kept 
for years, is nothing, but me…

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The Hours of Alzheimer

The Hours of Alzheimer 

It starts ticking away slowly
Longer needed to search what’s  known.
Watching the hand jerk 
Minutes passing
“Twelve is for noon, then?”
“Yes.  Yes, Daddy!  Just like that. 
  Twelve noon is lunch.” 

Very gently, oh so sweetly,
Out of love and kindest thought
Offering words and filling fissures
Keeping pace and instant beating
“The,     oh, you know, the       oh how silly, the     the box thing”
“Yes, the box thing, the clock,  Daddy.  Says it’s 3 and time for tea.”  

Now impatience starts its tapping
Chasms stretching longer still
Wanting this moment
 to stop its running
“I       I       please      fork       I     I   food”
“Oh, of course, dear Daddy.  Dinner time.  
  Here, your fork. ”          

Interval waxing
Memory waning
Lingering in the distance
This cavity expanding 
“ I                   I       I            I”
“Oh it’s last course time Daddy.  Some dessert, then time for bed.”

Midnight falling
Thoughts abandoned
Cadence silent
Dead of night

First published: Poetry Quarterly

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The Small,Tall,Rich,Poor Boy

There was a small boy
Whose heart was filled with joy
But was noisy and people he annoyed.
He was unemployed this comes to no surprise
For he was a child but was six feet high
Only at the age of five he towered over other guys
He worked at the mill for his parents were ill 
And he awaited the day he could get their will
For his father was rich like Moebey Dick
And spent all of his days catching big fish
It was the boys wish to be like his dad
But, now that he was rich, fish was as costly as sand
Then later he took the hand of the girl he was to marry 
But he being poor so the ring was made out of candy
The girl's name was Sandy
She was pretty, shy and dandy.
The boy now being 19 became the father of 4 sons
They were all fine except for the last one
This one being ugly just like his mom
Time went by quickly
Soon the boys all got married except for the one whose nick name was Bones 
For he was ugly like his dad and wasn't very strong
Now someone told me this story that you have just now read
Don't know if it's true but they say the boy is now dead
Said he told so many lies that he ups and gets killed
Now I'm waiting among others to get part of his will.

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We Made Ice cream

  I remember! 
  Cranking that old wore-out handle on that ice cream maker, until I thought my 
arms were going to fall off.  Having a big smile on my face, as I turned and 
turned, pushed and pulled on that old crank begging my big brother, the whole 
time to “Spell me!” so I could set on an old rag on top of the ice, using my weight 
(as it was) to hold that ice cream maker in place. 
   I remember my grandfather coming out of the house, out on the back porch. To 
make sure my big brother and I was “Doing it right.” as if, there was a wrong way! 
He made sure that we
had plenty of ice, plenty of rock salt. I can still see him sticking his little finger in 
the weep-hole to make sure it didn’t get stopped-up. That was most important to 
him, as he
always got the first bowl. I don’t know why? He clamed, he would get the first 
bowl, to make sure that salt didn’t get into the mix. Funny to me, he never made a 
salty face as he was eating that first bowl.  
   I remember, watching my grandmother making that “mix” she picked the 
freshest eggs, measured just the right amount of vanillin extract, I loved the way 
her kitchen smelled. I watched her chop the bananas peal the peanuts, stir it up 
with the cream and sugar. She hummed “Old Rugged Cross” as she made that 
sweet ice cream mix, it was as if she was having fun; like the turning of the crank 
for us boys, work for sure but still fun!
  I would eat light, as that banana-peanut ice cream cured while we had supper, 
waiting for grandfather to finish his third helping, we had to wait, he always got 
the first bowl, I don’t know why? 

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Yeah Right

I loved you 
I hate you
The picture and Sees candy I gave you for Christmas
Me there you smiled and accepted with gratitude
Me not around, she put her two cents in, 
You got on stage and dissed it

It had been a wonderful night
I pick up the phone
We intended to meet for dinner
Quickly found out you did a shitty job of picking a winner
You tell me your girl doesn't want me in your home
I'm your daughter, your princess, not a bar fly
Jealousy is such a wicked and ugly color
The darkest sound and tone 
Finding out your father has a wobbly backbone

Your girl yelled at me on the phone, 
Accused me of names,
Cast me from her Casa of Eden
You see two cats fighting
For you it's a stroke to the ego, makes you more vein.

Asked you to therapy,
Man...that was deep
Yeah right!  Got no where with you
Felt like one person trying to know down the Berlin wall
What are you a deer in the headlights?
If I can admit wrong so should you
It's not all on me as you would want me to believe is true

Thought this is a challenge in life you gotta play out
One day I opened my eye, 
Staring at the ceiling I realized
I'd gone to buy a card for you, 
All the loving writes
Nothing related to you baby
Something was wrong

You were wrong for treating me bad
I was wrong for accepting
No more
Hit the road dad..and dont you come back no more


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Wedding Day or If Someone Had Only Told Me

He stopped his father in the drive
put his hand on his fathers arm
"I'm not sure" he started to say
"this marriage is for me"
His father looked him over  - this son
this youngest of all his children
the sweetest brightest one of all
about to ruin his life
"Dont then" he said "stop it now, or you'll
bring children you can't abide. 
Resentment will ruin everything
that you are inside.
She'll deny you love
she'll poision your soul
She's a blood sucking bitch from hell
no one's going to tell you
no one's going to say
that not one of us can stand her
she's really in the way."

Then the light snapped on.

Wedding day.

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Inseparable Love (Sedoka)

The father and son
Inseparable relations
Guiding the path of true faith
Love of a mother
Glorious pillar of strength
Wept at the foot of the cross

The Sedoka is an unrhymed poem made up of two three-line poems called a 
katauta with the following syllable counts: 5/7/7, 5/7/7.  A Sedoka, pair of katauta 
as a single poem, may address the same subject from differing perspectives.  
The katauta is an unrhymed three-line poem with the following syllable counts: 

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O, I love my dear boy
So dearly and so blindly
I will give him my blood
And life if God permits so

He's so weak and sick
So pallid and so tender
But I know he's an umbrella of snow
In the wide-brimmed form

A rhyme, a loft 
Almost in the spelling of my own world.

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The Children's Bread

Freshly baked every morning,
Even at noon and in the evening,
In different shapes and colors-
Some dense, some light
Some like desert manna
Some flat, some leavened
Some long and whole
Or sliced in small pieces
Some cooled, some hot
So soft and then some hard
With such Heavenly aromas
Served at the Master's Table
Of chairs, booths, benches
And cushions for tired knees,
Healing is the children's bread.
They hunger no more for worldy feasts.
Even their dogs eat the fallen crumbs,
Sometimes portions from their hands;
As the children drink Living Water,
They thirst no more for bitter fountains
And sources of a soul's diseases.
On earth the Master tabernacles
With us for many days of Heaven.
Within without we are healed
And given our daily bread.

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Things Don't Last

No write
No call
No talk at all
Push me aside
Like I was a lie
Cant change the way
I'm here today
You can close your eyes
But I'm here to stay
You just don't care
That just isn't fair
I was your first
They came last
But for some reason
Main priorities just don't last!

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Seeing Red

the deadly poison
is coursing
through these veins
the mark
you hand
 A          C           R         O           S            S
my cheek
the tracks
of tears
down my
the primitive beat
sending my heart
into my
the sound of the
the body
the eyes

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Why i wake up

there's many days i wake up with no right answer to question that are shot my way
that includes the way i live and my life is going every which way
i decide to take a chance and this is what it left me an ex wife , two kids, and a 
father that loves to hate me
i made it a goal to live up to standard and to live my goal
to make my kids happy some people just don't know
i maybe down right now but ill never be out because as long as my two gifts
walk into a room that's a sign of greatness i help create
so with my neck out on the line day in and day out
my only goal is to be a great dad to my sons
so just you remember the bills are always paid, the boys well fed, no holes 
in their clothes or animals living in their hair
and when its time for you to come pick them up
they always remind me that they love their father and that why i always wake up

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Give Him Your Heart

Someday, I believe
And only me, that truly knows
There in the New Jerusalem, I’ll live
Happily, with my Lord
I will not feel 
The sorrow and pain
That I’ve in this world
For my Father promised me
The true life
The happiness
The right 
To sing him praises 
Among the blest, in his throne 
Would you like to live in my Father’s house?
If you do, then, come and follow me
I will show you his love
And the Father will open the gate
If, you’ll give him your heart


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A Letter to My Son

On this day I write to you my dear child
In hoping that this letter finds you well
After many years of hardship I gave you
I’ve begun to wonder how you are
And how you have grown up to be

In these final years of mine,
 I now truly see the mistake I made
The mistake that cost me so much
My mistake that cost me those I love
My Mistake that cost me my son and family

I know I hurt you and caused you so much pain
I hurt you physically, emotionally, and mentally
I brought to you a pain a father should never bring upon a child

I was blinded by the ignorance and hatred taught to me
I let it cloud my mind and I embraced it.

I don’t seek forgiveness from you
All I wanted to say is that I still love you

I am truly sorry I was not the father you expected me to be
I wish I could have been a better father to you
And not the cold hearted bastard you came to know
All I hope is that your dreams come true

May you have a sweet nights and happy days
With all my love I send you this letter,
May those that love you keep loving you,

With all my love,
From an old man that wishes he can change the past.

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As I sit and look at my old pictures and photographs,
My mind begins to wonder of the old good times and pasts...
Not a care in the world,
Not a responsibility at all. 
I was just a kid living a dream,
Sitting at home watching T.V. and eating ice cream.
My parents were still together, 
I never realized the pain I would eventually suffer.
I was able to go out and play anytime I wanted,
I just wish now that I wouldn't have taken the time for granted.
I could ask my dad to do anything with me at that time,
Play basketball, catch, or just spend some time...
As I take a break from recalling my old days,
I realize that there was a price to pay.
Those days were good and I miss them dearly,
But I never knew that they would be so costly.
I didn't know it would take the relationship with my dad,
To live a good childhood with nothing ever going bad.
I never knew that it would take years of moving around, 
To find a good neighborhood to settle down.
Eventually though, we found our own space,
And our lives started falling back into place...
I remember being so careless and free,
How my life was full of laughter and glee.
I had fun going to school,
I used to think that it was so cool.
Me and my friends got along all the time,
I even got along with my brother just fine...
Now I sit and realize,
That was then and this is now.
Times have changed.
Things are different and I will have to get used to them,
But occasionally I can get out a picture and remember all the good times back 
Because that's what things like that are used for,
To bring back the good memories of what it was like before.


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a young soul cries

why did you leave me when i was so young?
was i not the song you wanted tyo be sung?
where you hurt and started to cry,
cause i called "Daddy" some other guy?
i didnt know it was you who was really my dad,
but when i found out it made me really sad.
everythime i thought of you 
i thought of the pain i put you through.
but then i realized it wasnt my fault,
and it sent my life to a complete jolt.
my feeling turned to angher that controlled my life,
like how could you leave me for some chick you call a wife?
when you showed up in court you raised all hopes,
thinking you were done with all the gangs and dope.
when you didnt show up to see me threw.
i realized the relationship between me and you would never be true.
now im healing, filliong that hole.
that hole you created deep in my soul.

Tiffany Williams
class of '07
Lemoore High School

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I wish - poem for my granddaughter

I wish I could look at a flower through your eyes
and discover why you are so fascinated by it.

I wonder why your eyes glisten
when you look at the stars,
and why you smile at the moon.

I wish I could find out what triggers you
to jump and skip, or giggle with glee
and I strain my ears to hear the silent melody
which causes you to break out in song.

I wish I could embrace someone so firmly
as you do when you jump up to greet me.

I wish I were like you when I was a child.

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Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

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I just found out - poem for my granddaughter

I just found out that you visited here 
while I was away at work - 
and that you left a few minutes before my arrival!
Ah! Your sweet presence 
would have been such a balm
for my tired and aching body - 
having traveled by bus, and train, another bus, 
and then dragged for a thousand metres
through blustering winds.

And now I must find consolation
in the traces of your absent presence - 
the imprints of your feet on the bathroom tiles, 
and the faint lingering echoes of your laughter,
and the fading silhouette where you sat watching cartoons. 
Although you live in my heart, I still miss you, sweet child!

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Ordinary Chair

He sits down in an ordinary chair
Painted a powder blue
The rounded back feels familiar
Much like his grandpa
Grandpa had sat on this same chair
Bounced him on his knee
Read him stories
It does not seem so very long ago
Time has a way of sneaking up on you
Now he's grandpa
Sitting in his favorite chair
This is really quite extrordinary

The Ordinary Contest
Sponsored by: Black Eyed Susan

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First smile - poem for my granddaughter

Your first smile wiped away the dust and mold from the canvas of my soul and your first laughter splashed its bright colours over dark and somber tones and then you framed it with a rainbow created by the refracted light of your transparent being.

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Rebuilding the Shed in the Backyard - Again

My son is out fixing up the shed.
Winter is coming on. Needed doing he said.
He had the time and the bound-to’s.
I’m not used to this thought process, I’m not. Not from a child.

I watch him for a while.
Opening and closing gates as needed.
The dust, sifted into powder from summer’s heat, poof’s with his steps.
The heels of his jeans dragging strings on the ground, erase the tread of his 

The shed is old. There is algae or lichen on the north side boards,
where the wood is splintery gray.
Some of the lichen florets are the color of sage, some the color of a bright orange 
Circled with gray ones and black, their life cycle played out.

He hammers nails and screws in screws while holding boards in place.
Sweat glistening where skin is exposed, making long dark stains in his black 
Veins standing out against the strain, and
Muscles laboring to prove he can do the job well, without a mother’s help.

While he works I think about his father and how differently they work.
His father preferring team work and orchestrated smooth motion
working side by side, no extra movements – and he whistled.
My son needs to prove his skills first – alone.

The shed is done and it will brave another winter, keeping the horses sheltered 
from the elements.
The wind, snow and horses milling about, will obliterate the trail of pant cuffs, 
Along with the memory of one cool day at the end of summer, 
When a man worked hard to rebuild their shelter.

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Family Legacy

I met Uncle August on my honeymoon.
I was prepared.
“He won’t talk to you," my new husband told me. 
"He’s a cantankerous old man,
so don’t be hurt, he doesn’t talk to anyone.”

He was in his 70's.
I was 20.
He was ill.

He was right where I was told he would be,
sitting at a long wooden table in a large kitchen.
One that had fed large families
and farm workers
for decades.

His arms were spread out to his sides
enlarging his lung cavity
so he could breathe easier.

His head was hung between his shoulders;
a long crooked ash hung
at the end of his lit cigarette
between gnarled and stained fingers.

He looked up to me when I was introduced and he talked.
We talked and laughed,
for two hours.

Thirty-seven years later his nephew,
at his long wooden kitchen table,
elbows extended so he could breathe,
Oxygen snaking its way into ruined lungs,
head hung low,
trying to nap.

Was he remembering Uncle August?

Unable to breathe
paramedics took him away.
He never came home.

His children said their tearful goodbyes — 
and now they wait 
to take their place 
at the long wooden kitchen table.

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You are the newest thread in the tapestry of my life - once neatly-patterned, but now criss-crossed and sig-zagged with the vibrant strands of your sister. You, too, will be interwoven into the fabric of my life and be interlaced through its brightness and hues and be intricately entwined and securely knotted with one golden thread - Love.

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Every Child Has a Dream... Every Child Wants to Be Loved...

Every Child Has a Dream…

They want to be a “grown up”…
They want to get married like mommy and daddy did…
Become a “mommy” or “daddy” as a young child would say…
Become a doctor, firefighter, or ballerina…
They want to be like mommy and daddy…
They want to marry their mommies or daddies…
Become the president…
Become older, (like their big sister or brother)…
They want to live and see the world!

Every Child Wants to Be Loved…

Not every child does…
Not every child has a mommy and daddy…
Every child wants love…
Every child deserves love…
Not every child gets love…
Not every child gets a chance to live the life they want…
Every child knows what love is….
Every child has someone out there that would love them…
Not every child knows there is someone that would give them the love they deserve…

Every child has dream… 
Every child wants to be loved… 

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You are here -

You are here! And my heart rejoices - For when you're near Sweeter are all nature's voices. Morning's glow seems brighter While evening's shade has a softer hue. Even life's burdens appear to be lighter All because, sweet child, of you...

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Grandpa's Collage

Grandpa’s collage holds beloved memories.
Black-and-white photographs of long ago
strewn with tape and paste amid the glossy 
snapshots, shaping a man's love of family.
At first glance, one would think he created 
his patchwork of pictures in haste. But come, 
look closer; no image is placed by chance. 
Each scene shares a story his hands retraced - 
a joke, a kiss, a tear. See the toothless grins
of growing grandchildren with playful eyes, 
the knowing looks of elders and the effortless
laughter of generations, dear faces missed.
All familiar faces except for only one - 
the intruder with graceful features. Head held high, 
she wears her smile unfazed. I search her dark eyes 
for words unsaid, dazed. She is the grandmother
I never knew. Her portraits are puzzle pieces
that will never fit, but ones I cannot unglue 
or ignore; my grandpa’s attempt of tying us 
to a stranger. I love him more for trying…

For Craig Cornish's A Collage Held Dear Contest,


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Love, Death, and Rebirth

The signs started in December
When she started waking up in tears each night
She was a normal girl with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes
She had plenty of friends and a loving family with just one thing missing
Her father. 

Days passed by and turned into weeks but only felt like a few seconds
Her life just whizzed by faster and faster until it was just a whirr in front of her eyes
Darkness filtered into her heart and mind until she didn't know if she could go on
But she had to. She couldn't let her mother and her sister drown in this same pain
She wouldn't let them.

She pushed all the darkness into the depths of her own heart
In hopes to save the hearts of the two people she had left
Because what else was there to live for now?
The rest of her world had crashed and her mother and sister was all that was left 
She wouldn't let them drown in pain too. 

She watched as they started to heal in her loving arms
Their hearts started to lighten up once more
But hers was just as dark as it was before 
And growing darker day by day 
But she wouldn't let that stop her. 

Suddenly a year had passed... and then two 
It only seemed like seconds to her but everyone else started moving on
Her mother and sister no longer needed her nurturing care
But she needed someone to hold on to

With nothing left for her to take control of, the dark pushed past her boundries 
It found a way into her soul
Until all she could see was dark and no light 
But her mother and sister were healed now
They didn't understand

The tears came back and engulfed her soul
Bit by bit until she wasn't sure why she was still alive
The grief took over like knives 
Piercing her skin over and over and over
It hurt so much.

She started to wonder what it'd look like to be dead
She could see him again if she was
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to endure this pain?
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to live knowing she'd never see him again?
It would.

So she started to hate herself
All that negative energy was starting to take toll
Everyone around her was breathing while she suffocated more and more by the second
She wished she'd just choke already instead of living in constant pain
If no one would put her out of her misery, she'd have to do it herself

She couldn't see any light anymore
So she grabbed the pill bottle off the shelf and just hoped it wouldn't take long to die
Deep down she still had a spark of light, but she just couldn't find it 
And now it was too late in her mind to change, to turn back and try to look deeper
She was done living.

That's when people started to notice that everything wasn't as peaceful as it seemed
They started to see how deeply depressed she had become
They wanted to help her see the light again before it was too late 
So they sent her away to see doctors and to take pills to make everything better
It was a start.

She didn't see a change at first but suddenly she could think clearly
Maybe what they were doing was actually going to help her see the light again
Yes, she still wanted to die, but maybe that wasn't the only option anymore
They cared,  and behind all their own problems they were trying to understand
They really were trying

Six months longer she would be treated and cared for
Until suddenly she was sent home from her treatment and care with a smile on her face
She had a new perspective
Someone had helped her ignite that spark in her heart until it was a glowing ember
She had been reborn

Sometimes you have to be able to experience the worst of it
To come back shining brighter than before
And if she had died that cold day in October, she wouldn't of ever seen the best of it
Or known that it would get better
and it did!

And she now sits at her laptop, with a smile on her face and warmth in her heart
It's never been an easy road and it won't ever be
But at least she knows she's lived through the worst
And it can only get better from here

So whenever she feels lonely or gets back into that dark spot again
She can look back on what she's learned and can read this poem
And remember that she survived the darkest depths of depression
And she will continue to survive it as long as she lives
Because she is stronger now than she ever was before ?

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My name is Catastrophe

Hell hath no replete replica like an Ohiohell
memom memoboys dispelled with lovelessloss lorn laments
measured in misgiven gravid neutral grautities of cool compromised cruel
capsid cascades of dreary demented drowsy dump deep demented deny desires
with wilfull wallowing in unsupposed not to be here
herein two boys born to a numbnuts army husbodad and a 
WTF what is happening in/outside this family 50's acircle
what comes next in the uneducated female nonintuition of a
deaddad accidential with a pity piss payoff and a whatdoIdo anal attitude
totally in reverse of an arkansas hope of upheaveal. GDMFSOB, who could I/we haVE
BeeN in the assinine scheme of things with someone in an intersomewhateducated semistate of minimal MFconsciousness. We play the hand we are dealt in the vast unscheme of unness. 
WTF, and where/why does God take part and lessen a small boy's dream of donated dadhood by taking it away and leave him left to faulterflounder in a boyhood abyss. Dead, devoid, denied to the manmale circumstance of what the future folds to be delivered to doting descendents, like my three sons. with whom I struggled to 
shower, impart, enable, enbibe, instill, foster, enliven, and all that I did not experience yet faux provide with an inner soulsense to a measured milestone of mannered man manufactured love and tendered texture of all mine to give with that that is mustered macro from a micro counteanace of humocapped coperal deliverance. All's fair they say unless u have been there and then it's every man for himself---and then, I dare u to get in my way---------no holds barred, look out for I am a survivor, all the way.   
Hi, my name is Dave, and according to my grandparents, I wasn't supposed to live to be raised. Go figure.

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Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
St. Stephen’s college

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The Old Salt

The Old Salt was a special man who came along in a time
when he was needed most.

A time that is now gone forever.
When men believed and sacrificed, when hero’s walked the earth in mass.

When patriotism was not just a word
by what men lived and judged the worth of each, 
a man who lived a life most of us cannot comprehend. 

An era now gone as this warriors tour of duty ends at this station, 
and begins anew in the heavenly fleet. 

Sail on Sailor into your unaccompanied tour,
we salute you.

What greater honor, that when a man moves forward, 
he leaves behind in each of us the best of what he was. 

A defender, protector, supporter, victor, a warrior, 
the last of the breed from an era when ships were made of wood
and men were made of steel.

The Old Salt has reported for duty that takes him away from us for now. 

Those of us who remain behind,
remember, and will continue to remember, 
because he now resides forever in our hearts.

As I look up at night, I envision The Old Salt,
a beret draped just above the eye, 
as he draws upon his pipe, 
quietly he waits.
The guardian of heaven’s gate.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 41 / 50

Patradoot or The Messenger 41 / 50

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

You will be welcomed by my beloved,  
Amid the cool warmth of her tender breasts,
She would make you her precious garland,
To remove the agonies of her anxious heart.

She would feel shy to read my letter, 
Before the elders of my family, dear letter,
Close to her heart, she would hide you in her blouse, 
While hiding even the pleasures, from her over splashing heart.

Feeling shy before others, she would not hear my messages there
While holding you close to her heart, like a priceless gem,
She would take you to her room to hear you at ease, dear letter and
To love and adore you, since you are from the place of her love. 

Remembering her love, she would take you to the room
Which she used to decorate with the delicacies of her hands
The alluring simple beauty of her charms and of the room 
Used to fascinate me to, get lost in the sweetness of her arms. 

You would see the soft and milky white sheet,
Which she herself spreads on the bed every day,
Here you would also feel, a dim intoxicating fragrance,
Which my beloved used to spray, before we go to bed every day.


Kanpur India      30th Sept 2010                     conti.   in 42

Based on the true freedom struggle story of Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around 1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994.

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For An Abused Child

If I Could Have Gotten Your Embryo
Before You Were Born
I Would Have Sheltered You Safely
and Protected Your Form ...

I'd Have Put You In My Womb
& Flowed You Knowledge Like In A Tubric
& Patted My Expanding Belly
As I Played You Music

And As You Got Ready
To Arrive From The Birth Canal
You Would've Known My Breasts
Would Be Ringing Like Welcome Bells! ...

Eager To Suckle You
Breast Feed My Own Flesh & Nourish
So You Could Grow Strong
... In Love's Encourage

I Would've Held You In Wonder
& So Close Tenderly
Amazed At This Little Bundle,
Breathing, Piece of Me ...

And When You Turned One
Or As You Sucked Your Thumb
Or Eating Baby Food Jars of Plums
... I'd Have Given You Trumpets & Drums

... And Building Alphabet Blocks
& Superman Capes
& Stuffed Teddy Bears
& Oatmeal Cookies & Grapes

I'd Have Read You Stories
From Capt. Adventure Books
You'd Have Known You Were Loved
By My Proud Mama Looks

I'd Have Spent Time With You
Showing You How To Tie Your Shoe
Rocked You If You Caught The Flu
or Any Sniffles You Went Through ...

I Would Have Played With You
& Prayed With You
From Crawling To Walking
Paved The Way For You

Yeah, I Would Have Fussed At You
& When Needed Even Spanked You Too
& I'd Meant: This Hurts Me More Than You
'Cause You're The Little Symbiot, Mama Grew

So, You Would Have Known
You Were Loved & Treasured
You Would Have Known
Your Worth Couldn't Be Measured

Nor Compared To Anyone Else
At Any Point In Time
'Cause You Are The Best
Because You Were "Mine"

* * * * * * *

But I Never Knew You
But Believe Me If I Had ...
I'd A Made Sure You Had 
A Loving Mom & Dad

And You Would've Never Been Abused
Or Treated Bad ...
But From Now On Find Your Joy
To Replace What's Sad

            Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/12/2013 
             by:  MoonBee Canady

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Patradoot or The Messenger 40 / 50

Patradoot or The Messenger 40 /50

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

After seeing your face, dear letter,
Decorated with beautiful words,
The sadness and gloom of her face,
Would change into a blooming Rose, dear letter.

With great anxiety she would ask,
From where you have come, O dear letter,
Have you brought a message for me from my love?
From the place, where he dwells now a days.

The feeling of love and affection would flash,
On the face of my beloved wife, dear,
And the shine of her beauty would expand,
Seeing the beauty of words addressed to her.

Her lotus like hands will softly open,
Your covered face to bring you in light,
And she would hold to you close to her heart,
To extinguish the heat of her longings, dear letter.

Her arms that uses to garland me dear, Removing 
All my worries and tiredness in her soft enfolds,
You would taste the embrace of those lovely arms,
When she would hold you, close to her heart, dear.

The lovely tenderness of her soothing touch, 
Refreshed and charmed my heart always,
While she was embracing me in her arms,
Tired and exhausted from days labor long,

It appears then, that her two lovely arms,
Like the cool Lotus stems were engulfing  
My body burning from the tortures of summer,
To take away the heat in their cool enfolds.


Kanpur India      16th Sept 2010                     continues in 41

Based on the true freedom struggle story of Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
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Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around 1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994.

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On a hill at the beach

Spread your wings, dear child, and fly
to where the green sea meets blue sky;
run on the crests of gentle waves
and grab the sunlight as it raves
about the brightness of the day;
float with the sea gulls as they sway
upon the friendly winds, and dive
with playful dolphins as they jive
in the cool waters of the bay.

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Daddy Had Girls

August sun,
Leaves smell of heat,
You can hear the holly hocks turn to seed.
The pile of trimmed twigs snap as they dry.

Sister paints the cross pieces
The top of the board
The flat
And the underside

I come behind and paint the broad, flat boards
With long strokes up and down,
Back and forth.
Paint drips on my hand.

Hair tied back in kerchiefs,
The paint smells hot as the sun dries it.

Huckleberry Finn’s fence,
But Daddy had girls.

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Patradoot The Messenger 44 of 54

Patradoot The Messenger 44/

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

How he sleeps, O dear letter without even a cot and bed
Resting on a rough blanket, lying on the floor, and 
Who pats him, when he faces such tortures of the Jail life?
When sleeps also does not come.

He must be eating there, the tasteless dry foods of Jail,
That too, without ever getting a chance to hear,
The affectionate words, which makes a food,
 More delicious or tasty, when it comes from your love ones.

O, please tell this also to me, dear letter,
Does my husband ever remember his life companion and
Does his eye ever get wet, while remembering,
His dear wife, who is so much away from him.

What message my dear husband has sent?
Through you, O’ sweetest of all dear letter,
What teachings, he has sent through you?
To tell his loving wife, please tell me, O dear letter.

Do not think an Indian woman,
To be a weaker sex only, dear letter,
She may sacrifices her life, for the one,
Whom she makes her life partner, dear letter.

Ravindra			to continue  in 45..
Kanpur India 06th January 2011

Based on the true freedom struggle story of Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around 1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994.

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The Farmer's Accord

The farmers sleep with
Third eyes open.
Ever watchful over their teenage daughters.
How the boys must beseech them desperately.
Uncomfortable, muggy fondlings
In the bed of a red rusted pickup
Parked by the creek dubbed Lovers Point.
At the breakfast table in the morning,
They glow with proximity
And their tired eyes hover dreamily
From the orange cranberry muffins
To the freshly squeezed orange juice
Filled at the half way mark of a mason jar.
When you ask why they don't eat
They simply smile
And say nothing.
Your curiosity will linger on your teeth
But still you will say nothing.
Bitter memories of your past regrets
To teach lessons of discretion
Are better left unsaid.
You will not douse them in the overwhelming
Blanket of your security
And the palms of your hands that
Once smiled in the womb like presence
Of handling your new born daughter
And naming her Jane or Virginia
Is suddenly missing the hold of her hand.
But you share a few natural harmonies
Like the silent agreement of pecking his cheek
Twice before bedtime
Or the precarious way you both sit at
The wobbling three legged milking stool
When your pulling on Betsy on Thursday
And she's tugging at Betty on Wednesday
As you shave the gray stubble of your throat.
But for now in the strangely comfortable
Peace of staring at the spots of jam
On the white and yellow checkered table cloth
You'll abruptly slide your chair back
And lean closely to her ear as you slightly whisper
Slightly inaudible notations.

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Ice Rains

Why I am thinking of my father
on the topic of white snows
perhaps because he seemed almost Hispanic
in his youth, tanned, dark hair and eyes
but whiteness shone the day
he came home early
worry caught my breath in chest
and only in the morning
did the firemen come, taking him away.

Such heart spasms, clench us all,
yet snow falls so softly, unexpected
and ice rains even less noticed
they drip, drip, coating the roads
and only when we step too fast
skews our vehicle, ends us in ditch
new babies without parents,
stitches in our heads. 
The drips spire down the icicles,

coat the roses as buds, never to open,
and yet, sometimes, I wish to be inside
tasting the ice cold water like fire
turning blue to the ends of my limbs
in sleepiness, and setting ablaze 
my very soul, like a light, shine out as call
here, with me, all the memories
a blanket of witness to eternity
dripping into us experience’s minerals.

Who could do magic with a wand
headed with all of life’s power to hold?
Who could accept magic in waves
like the falling of snow, or wonder
that we escaped from death,
that we saw roses, saw the spirals
climb down from the sky as raindrops
and drip, drip, into our thoughts
all that began as white and ended.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 39 /50

Patradoot or The Messenger 39 /50

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

When in the nectar pond of her mouth,
My kiss use to take breathe, dear,
Even the pride of the beauties of heaven,
Seems faded before her charms, dear letter 

When during her extreme laughs and passions,
The rows of her pearl like teeth appeared, 
They use to wave like necklace of pearl, 
In the red shines of her lovely lips, dear letter.

The round mark of her forehead used to disappear,  
Whenever her face shined with luster dear, 
Also during our love making, 
When pride ever came in her mind, dear letter.

Such lovely face, of the moonfaced my beloved,
You would find without a smile dear letter,
The face that never bent in self respect,
You will find  plight full, dear letter.

Her limbs which she used to keep covered,
With the softness and colors of beautiful silk sarees,
You would find them covered now with,
Coarse cotton Khadi colorless sarees, dear letter.

Seeing her motherland in miseries, 
And her people unfed and uncovered,
She must be wearing that coarse clothes,
On her tender body in sympathy of her people,


Kanpur India      013th Sept 2010                     continues in 40

Based on the true freedom struggle story of Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
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Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around 1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994.

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Cuddle Babies Replay Memory

I remember the day Trixie died,
Sinbad staring out upon her grave.
No crying, just day after day, homage.

I couldn’t stand seeing the pain,
Nothing I did, petting, holding,
Could bring him away from the grave.

So down to the pet store I drove
Hoping for a partner to please
And found a pair of cuddles, babies

Arms wrapped together in play
One black one orange which should it be?
Orange like Sinbad or black?

But how could I take one from another
Leave another hole, so black and orange
Babies two, drew Sinbad back over

To sleep the peaceful sleep of cuddles
Warmth from another, held like a mother
Or held like a father, Sinbad was mine

Once more we could live in happy cheer
Death deserted from our midst
When the wonder of youth appeared.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 42of 50

Patradoot or The Messenger        42/50

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

You will find everything here,  disarranged and disturbed,
Like the shining less face of my sad beloved,    dear letter,
When you would reach along with her,             on her bed,
To take a rest,           in the sweet company of my beloved.

That tender girl with a loving heart,     looks after my  parents,
As if, they are her own real father and mother,    O dear letter,
Because of this great affection and  love in her heart for them,
They love my beloved, more than even their precious life, dear.

Suppressing her strong desires, to know more about me dear,
She would leave,        without enjoying your sweet company, 
As she would be serving my patents and her dear sweet child,
With same devotion, as she gives  to me,      when I am there,

Dear Letter, you will get rest and peace,  during the entire day,
While waiting for my beloved to get free from the day’s works,
You would recollect then,    the entire message I gave to  your,
For conveying it,       to my beloved wife,                  dear letter,

When she would retire from day’s long works and duties,       dear,
She would run hurriedly towards you,                         O dear letter, 
With tears of happiness in her eyes,   she would appear before you,
Adoring you  in her mind, since you have messages from her  love,

Kanpur India  31st Oct. 2010 				to continue in 43

Based on the true freedom struggle story of Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around 1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 

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Tears of my mother

When my mother moaned
As she witnessed her daughter depart this life
I was touched by the glitter in her tears
        Tears of emancipated love,
         The sort ordinary in a woman
         That is not faked or imperfect;
But my father admonished me
That her tears were psychologically adulterated,
That her tears were meant to delude me-
After all fatality of a son is more devastating.
         I did not accept as true what father told me
         For I knew the lie in male psychology
         So I ran from him without looking back
And followed mother to her bedroom
And I wiped away the tears from her face:
         She was my mother
         And I was her son
I could not let her cry alone.

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When I was called little brother, 
I smiled.
It meant I have an elder sibling.
One from whom I could learn,
To discern,
Between Light and Dark.

What about the Grey?

Only a few would about the grey; 
Even fewer, 
Perhaps none
Would even begin to aspire,

Is grey the divider?

What is a divider?
A partition,
A separation, 
A barrier.

In essence a carrier,
Of both dark and Light;
Having both thane sight!

The grey is never contrite,
It does and will do on sight!!!

Come with your purported might!
Unseen seen chaos,
These are my instruments,
Your might;;; 
Will be eaten as sacrements.

For continual human growth within, 
Mistakes rectified by the elder or role model;
Taught the current crop must be,
Lessons are as seeds;;; 
Planted into our mother, 
Blending with Earth, Water and Sun,
The seed transmutes and soon the seed has had its fun,
A plant is now the end product.

We humans are also ever transforming,
Perhaps not as apparent as natural beauty forming,

But what is natural beauty?

What is beauty?

Random randominity is beauty natural,
Random beauty is natural randominity,
Natural randominity is random beauty,
Beautiful randominity randoms naturally,

In essence;
Culturally cultural.

Not an over-spill,
Providence shines.
Understanding and comprehension,
In succession,
For thee. 

The trick however is to pass on that understanding and comprehension.
But how do you do that?
When most of the generation is tuned to the Playstation!
Violent games evocating the continuation
Of our disgusting violent nation.

Perhaps attempt to not scold or tell;
Allow thane actions to speak wonders,
As an undiscovered well.

Keep the resonance of thane bell,
Perhaps another revolutionary,
Your prodige has to be selectant,
Of his student, his confectionary.

Without this passing down of knowledge,
We all might as well eat the most poisonous berry.

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Song of a Teenage Girl 2/2

Concluding Part 

The song expresses the feelings of an Indian village girl. Her parents have fixed her
marriage (It generally happens in the rural areas of India, even to-day). She is about to
leave for the first time for her in-law’s place. She do not want to go to her  father in
law’s place leaving her parents, her soul mates friends the animals and birds.  The song
sketches the tender feelings of her heart for her Mother, Father and Brother & for the
animals and birds, whom she used to look after until now as her most precious friends and
who taught her how to sing a sweet song.  

The Song of a Teenage Girl                2/2

Still if you have decided to send me to my in laws, place, O dear,

This year, O My Dear Father and Mother please, 

Do not forget to send my brother on Rakhi* 

So that I can tie up the Rakhi String* on the wrist of my sweet brother.

You know O Mother, being a newly wedded bride, I won’t speak much in my in laws place.

If I speak, who would bother to understand the feelings of my heart.

Still if you have decided to send me to my in laws, place, 

O Mother, Please don’t forget, what I have told you today,

Only then, your daughter would be happy in her new alien place. 

Kanpur India 17th October 2010  
* Sasural. A Hindi word. Meaning father-in-laws place
*alien place.  The place of in-laws generally remains alien for  rural girls,  as their
marriages are fixed by the parents & in some cases, even the husband remains totally
unknown to the bride. 
* Koyal. The melody singing bird of India. 
* Rakhi.   Rakhi is a festival of siblings of opposite sex, 
which symbolizes the love &  the emotional bond between them. 

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A Bullet and Justice

Scattered blood drops have scrawled
A modern picture on the toilet walls.
Her virginity and life bird have been
Smothered in the beastly clutches.

''Charm of that dimple smile,
O daughter, no drug can tranquilize me.’’
As the pyre burns on,
A gloomy father leans on the broken dreams.

Innocent justice gets
Brutally raped in court.
A lawyer’s tongue wrenches the head
Of justice to acquit that human shape.

The father in dismay fires at that cruel chest,
And evil blood flows into death.
Shackles lock his wrists, but
Justice sits on the bullet as on a throne.


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Portrait of My Grandfather

Written by Gail DeBole on January 26, 2013

Whiskers and wisdom all in one. 
Generously and gently protecting us.
Every grandchild thought they were your favorite.
You in your long johns at night.
Joking during the day like Groucho Marx.
Sleeping in your favorite chair.
Smoking smelly cigars that callously killed you.
And yet I treasure one of the boxes left from those smelly cigars.

The farm was not the same without you.
We were not the same without you.
I was too young to know.

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the story of my life

When i was about 5 i was put in to a SRS. I was there tell i was 7 and when i got out i move to my grandma and grandpa. When i was 9 my older brother started to beet me up every day and all day long and then when the beating he was giving me stop working he started doing other thing to me. When i was 12 i losted my grandma and then my grandpa didn't want nothing to do with use and still don't. i took my brother *****tell i was 15 then started to beat on him. My brother put me in jail for a few year because if the *****he made me do now i am 21 and have losted and got back the girl that i love and care about her name is Holli Sczenski. Her family don't want use together so they are making her choose between them or me she dues not want to have to choose between use she loves use both and i know it and her family know it but there still doing it. On top of all that my own family is going throw somethings as while my mom is not doing vary good and we may or may not lost her in the next few years.

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A Special Place

*** I would like to give a shout out to the lovely Scarlett Williams who inspired this
thought... These feelings have been bottled deep inside me for many years and needed to be
released.... Thank you my dear...***

 She is devout catholic with a strict religious family...
 VERY strict...
 I met her in college..
 Her father was the dean of students....
 Could not stand me... 
She was pure when we met, it took three months... 
I fell deep in love well before sex.... 
Her mother loved me, her sister loved me even her Chihuahua loved me.. 
Her father thought I was a dog, which I was.. I am not going to lie....
She changed that about me, caged that animal... 
I fell deep in love.... 
after two years together her father one weekend decided on a motorcycle trip... 
His front tire exploded at 70 MPH and he was thrown 150 yards down the freeway... 
Nearly died and he lost 45% of his memory... 
She was devastated, 
I became a stranger..... 
I have been through many since and have not found a woman who can
 capture my intrigue.... 
Make me fall once again... 
I yearn for that!!!
 I meet girls
 I NEED a woman

 I hold no hatred for her... 
She will always hold a special place in my heart... 
She changed my life, 
brought me into a new world.. 
I have many fond memories.. 
Like a picnic in the Oquirhh mountains in S.L.C. next to a spring... 
We ate, talked and made love... 
It was beautiful... 
We had something special... 
That was the past and will forever be... 
A memory..... 
 She WAS the love of my life... 

I look forward to creating new memories with.............

Jared Pickett

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A Father In Love

The Joy of a birth, his own shine penetrating his eyes,
The new out born fruit of a long spend love,
Her hands rubbing against her red shiny chin,
Her legs crossed, the beauty that sings till the last breath.
Her thumb in her mouth, blowing, saliva flowing all over,
Her tiny grassy hairs and a sensational smile!
His mind throbbing with a pleasant paternal pain,
Oh, the enduring love! 

He curls her onto his lips, the roses of affection,
Fell on her bright cheeks and a spurt of emotions,
Through his blood, that glowed the heavens between
And his two round globes filled by a sea of passion.

“Come to me, my baby, my love, my little daughter….   
  My sweet little doll, 
  I will love you till my death…
  And I will carve a heavenly doll,
  For you to sleep with….My angel…”

The man thus became a father and a true paternal love
Flew through his heart, into the unknown worlds.
                              PART II
The enthusiasm of the youth, and desire for the taste of love,
Her tiny grassy hairs grown long,
The soft fabulous filaments of keratin hanging by her curves,
The dream of a girl, for a handsome prince haunting her nights,
And eventually flourishing into a full blossom shiny daffodil,
Her lips wet, her legs crossed, her red cheeks burning
And the sweats flowing through the blankets.
 Oh, the youthful pleasure! 

The ghostly love takes her into the world of souls
From there the memories of her father,
Pulling her back, into the past world.
The affection fought heavily with the gods, but, only in vain.
And the gods decided to keep in their beds, the beauty of hers.

Unknown of these realities, he opens the door
And finds his love fallen prey to the love of an unknown.
All his dreams to carve her a heavenly doll to sleep,
Perished only in the mightiest darks of the underworlds.
The life in his soul had gone and the bird shall sing no more…

  “Not yet, my love, not yet ….
    I haven’t died …my love ….I haven’t”
He fells on his knees and takes her into his arms,
Her head hanging down by his flexed elbow,
Her breast pressing hardly into his heart,
His face bends, lips on her forehead,
And his teethes hurting her pale feathery skin,
Tears of unfinished love dribbling from his spheres, her face wet,
He cries loud with no breath in-between.
                                THE END©Anees Rahman

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My Beloved

 I was before the creation of the earth,

even through the terrible curse.

 The words of my father created you all,

for fellowship and love, and for his call.

 I became one of you, to see your pain,

to change the world, to glorify him.

 Gather unto me, you that are broken and weary,

i can heal your spirit, so you can choose clearly.

 The things i offer, are not man made,

but made of my father, and never fade.

 Not of works, not of this place,

free for you, from his beloved grace.

 My father sent me, to come to you,

to save your life, and get you through.

 I am where you dwell, so ask me in,

i will abide, forever your friend.

by johnaarongreen

copyright 2008

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The dumbest, smart man
Has bent his last bow
Common sense he was lackin’
But, intelligent, no doubt

His I.Q. was genius
Human nature was low
So much still to learn
But, for him, time to go

He tought me mechanics,
Math, history, and how to fight
Now his fighting days are over
He went on wading to the light

So, I have a prayer
Dear God, it is for you
Please look after my Daddy
As I wish I could do

And thank you for the time
Well spent by his side
I will never forget
The way he lived with pride

-Miranda Lambert-

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The Whittler

Upon his grandfather's rocking chair 
on the porch in the cool crisp air
sits a man with a special gift.
For he can see the soul of a tree
within a piece of wood upon his knee.

His pile of cedar gives off a sweet smell.
He picks through the pieces, eyes closed,
his touch feels what is enclosed.
As if he were to reach within the wood 
by pulling  it apart  from its protective bark 
and removing what’s inside from the dark.
The Whittler will release this soul from its cage!

Each meticulous movement of the knife in hand
is meant to bring out something so grand.
After hours of work, fingers cramping into knots
the soul held within in this piece arose
to be a magnificent fully blossomed rose.

Beautiful just like the ones his gram 
planted beneath her father's old cedar tree, by hand.

Adam Hapworth, With These Hands, 12/13/2013, Image #3

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Memories Made to Ponder

It was a tin-roof wooden house standing 
Across the red brick cobblestone street 
Adjacent to a wide open field full
Of shady live oak and sweet smelling tangerine trees where 
My father’s boyhood home was nestled  
Quietly in his home town. 

Often times we’d travel to visit 
The grandparents still living there 
In that Americana corner of our lives.
We didn’t know much of anything at all except 
The sky was blue, love was true and we 
Youngsters were the apples of the old folk’s eyes.

We’d sit for hours in white wicker rocking chairs
I helped paint one time with newspaper on the floor 
And a horsehair brush grandma gave me 
To teach me that painting needn’t be a lesson 
In staying between the lines.  “Sometimes,” she’d say,
“It’s better to let the paint flow 
And speak for itself in time.” 

And granddad liked to watch the sky – especially at night 
When stars were burning bright and would point towards Polaris and say:
“Heaven’s over that a-way.”  And during daylight hours 
When storm clouds appeared and we could hear 
Thunder and lightning all around, he’d laugh and dance 
As if the circus were coming to town.  

We watched mocking birds and blue jays flying in and out 
Of all the tree top branches and leaves singing 
Their love making lullabies to us and one another and then
As quickly as they arrived, 
Disappeared into the wind.  
It seems we’re not much different 
Rather family, foe or friend.  
Accordingly, the old house still stands today 
But the dear old folks have slipped away.  
Perhaps to the place once pointed to
High above that night sky view 
Where comets roam and grandpa liked to call “Up yonder,”  
Leaving me with thoughts of gold 
And memories made to ponder.         

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Patradoot or The Messenger 36 /Many

Patradoot or The Messenger 36 /Many

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

She must have left the door, dear letter,
After my detention in the police custody,
Keeping in mind to serve my old parents* and,
To continue her support for the freedom struggle.

She has been brought up under the teachings, 
Of cultural education and musical cult, dear letter,
And with affection and love, I have imparted in her,
Rare qualities and craze for the freedom of our motherland.

Great love and affection  and selfless service of others,
Are only some of the qualities, she has defused in her,
Dipped with the qualities of modesty and kindness,
Are the favorite ornaments of my beloved wife, dear letter.

She would run to receive and welcome you, dear,
After receiving the news of your arrival from her child,
Her graceful appearance and her simple beauty,
Would charm your heart beyond words, dear letter.

Decorated with super most elegance, dear,
You will find in her a slumber of love,
Her waist bent with shyness and grace,
Would increase the weight of her elegance.

Beauty and luster of her face, dear letter,
Always increased its shine and loveliness,
And the sweet smile of ever refreshing face,
Used to charm her husband’s heart, dear letter.


Kanpur India      6th  Sept 2010                     continues in 37.

Based on the true freedom struggle story of Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

*Here my father Dr Amar Nath Kapoor is mentioning about his parents i.e
   My grand father.

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around 1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994.

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Light Energy Parise Pariku

"Parise Pariku"

a halo of existence
loving energy received 
quiet, I dwell, holy light

and so this simple love is found complete.... 


I promised to write a Pariku once my Contest was full, I COULDN'T WAIT!!!!!

If you haven't entered please give it a try / a few spots left / see contest details

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My Father's Boat

A seagull’s cry
Twilight fog deepening
A distant bell gong
The quiet rattle of chord against mast

A partial conversation soon lost
The skiff fading into shadow
A hot mug of chocolate
My fishing line over the side to pass the time

With comfy sweatshirt and watch cap
I remember
My Father’s boat

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A Conversation With GOD

One day I wondered, why am I here?
What is my purpose?
What is my plan?

I got down on my knees, and asked GOD the same,
First going to him in Jesus Name,
I said “Father GOD, I just don’t know, I just don’t understand
Why in this life, I was dealt this hand.

Why is my life such a struggle,
Why so much pain,
Oh Father GOD,
I just don’t understand.”

As I begin to rise from my knees,
I heard a whisper, I felt a light breeze,
A voice begin to speak, such a commanding tone,
I fell back down, with a shiver to my bones.

The voice proceeded to speak and this is what it said,
“Hello my child, your prayer I heard,
So I thought I would tell you in my own words,
I have a plan for your life, that you just can’t see,
But continue to do what you do, continue to have faith in me.

I will not steer you wrong, for your path is so bright,
You seem happy during the day, but weary at night,
Fret not my child, for I am your Father above,
I will only show you, Unconditional Love.

You will go through some struggles, you will have some pains
But the rewards you will reap, will be well worth the gain
You have no idea of my plan for you
But you have a purpose in everything you do.

I will not reveal, my plan for your life
But you will see, when the time is right
So don’t give up and don’t despair
For I am GOD, and are with you everywhere.

I thank you for your prayer,
I enjoyed this conversation and I hope you did too,
Hold tight my child,
Your blessing is about to come through.”

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My Future Generation

I can act insane
Make me feel worthless

I belong in God’s family
He will bless my future generation

Don’t punish me for
Being myself –
Don’t envy my glee 

I can act like an
Adult, but I’d 
Prefer to have joy…

Not stress…
That piles upon us in our 
Everyday lives

Being childlike is

A rare beauty – 

No one prizes it…

No one came across it…

In this lifetime…

I can laugh all day
I can make you smile
If you’d accept my 
Childlike dreams of mine
Don’t treat me like a sick swine

Renew my young heart
Give me the ability 
To kill the old man…

I have my place in God’s family
He’ll be adored and glorified 
We’ll exchange prayers and hugs  
By my future generation

I beg of you – 
Don’t kill my childlike mentality
I’ll behave myself…
I’m positively sure that I’ll make you happy

I’ll still have pieces of a child in me

And pass it on to my future generation…

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Patradoot or The Messenger 35 /Many

Patradoot or the Messenger     35/Many……….

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

The moment she would notice during her plays,
She would shout   ‘ltter’  ‘ltter’* in her broken voice,
Showing the expressions of amazing happiness, dear letter,
Because you would be arriving, from her father’s place, dear.

Her innocence would come out from her expressions,
And from the melody of her broken words, dear,
When, she in her lisping sweet and broken voice,
Would express her affection for her father, dear letter.

While adoring and loving you in her sweet little mind,
She would take you towards east, dear letter,
To tell her mother that you have come, she would,
Convey that in her broken sweet words to her mother.

Filled with the happiness given by the girl child, 
In the garden, you keep moving towards the door, 
Till you reach and see my beloved sitting there,
Singing a lullaby for her darling child, dear letter.

Keeping her eyes on the front door with hopes,
She was praying for me from police atrocities,
With wishes and hopes in her mind, dear letter,
She would be waiting with love in her eyes for me.


Kanpur India      Sept 2010                     continues in 35.

*Ltter.     Letter.

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around  1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 

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My Mothers Cry

My mother's cry is a 
long hated diary. 
Loneliness is the 
cause of her nightmares. 

My father was selfish 
with his needs 
but gracious with his wants, 
my mother's anger 
is deflated by her mistakes.

She smiles at the 
soiled sweetness of her 
story, her carelessness is 
distracted from her truth, 
her punishment is her steps 
drifting toward the same door. 

My father's care is
by his lack of loving.
My mother needing his love, 
and my father never willing 
to let it go from his side.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 37 /Many

Patradoot or The Messenger 37 /Many

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

You will find my beloved, dear letter,
Faded like the clouds full of water,
Like after the night enjoyment dear,
The woman appears in the morning.

You will find her face pale, dear letter, 
And her steps would be heavy and slow,
When you will notice these signs in her,
She is in pregnancy, you will come to know.

The gloom and paleness, on her face would have come, 
Because of her separation from me, in her pregnancy,
Leaving her ornaments aside, dear letter,
You would find only love and modesty in her. 

While beholding her beautiful lotus stem like hands,
They would look without the glow of shine, due to gloom,
When that lovely woman would appear before you,
To greet and welcome you, dear letter.

My beloved has not received any news about me,
Since a long time, dear letter,
While looking at her face  You would watch, This  
Has weathered the natural glow of her beauty.


Kanpur India      7th Sept 2010                     continues in 38.

Based on the true freedom struggle story of Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around 1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994.

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In his footsteps

On his shoulders 
he carried 
when I tarried 
when young.
He’d huddle me close,
and tell me the stories
Of how he grew up.
The things that he loved to do most.

Correct me when wrong.
And punish when bad he’d
Protect me from harm,
And when ill -
He’d wrap me in blankets,
And nurse by my side,
Till one day I grew up
And rebelled.

In your footsteps 
You wanted
Me to have followed,
And done everything by your will.
But I’m my own person,
So listen to my side,
Are you in with me this time
Or still…?

Do you not answer?
Hear my pain call?
As I struggle to find my own way.
Is it time I departed?
Is it time that I learnt?
To have my own will
What d’you say?

Well I’m sorry 
You’re silent.
You’re so disappointed.
But I know that you feel
I am wrong.
I can’t take this no longer
I’m so full of anger.
To my misery
Is there no end?

Well I’m out!...
Do you hear me?...
Dont misunderstand me.
I’m grateful for what you have done.
But for now
I don’t know me.
I don’t know the answers.
I’ll pack up my things and be gone!

But then
you say to me
Just listen – child listen,
One day 
you will settle
You’ll see.
You’ll be married. 
With children.
Putting food on the table -
Working hard to bring in the dough
Then you’ll think of these words
Just follow my footsteps
That way you will
Come to no harm.

And the voice in your head
Will silently say -
I told you,
Was right all along.
I’m your father
I taught you to follow 
my footsteps;
To know what is right and
Whats wrong!

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You say,


and in the magic window the time is an eternity present
and there is the girl&daughter&woman
as we always must remember her

                young not old

and i a fool ferocious father beat at my heart
as she dances into yesterday
all smiles and joy

                translucent angel that she is

i miss the delicious child of Then
but wake to a caramel breath of change
almost as good as deep perfume
and celebrate a sacred brilliant life
lingering with me awhile yet, at home.

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Oh Grandfather

I cry, I hold it in, I cry. 
I hate the way I saw you tonight,
Wrapped up in wires,
Sleeping beneath the shut off lights,
But this is no sleep your in,
Its just a moment before your passing. 
Oh Grandfather,
I will forever hold the memory,
Of slick juice upon my face,
Sweet clementines dripping down my cheeks,
And long stripped socks at Christmas. 
I will look back and dream,
Of slim jims and chocolate milk,
Sitting at the bar,
The lights dimmed,
And Barbie stamps covering my pale skin.
When I was less than five years old. 
Oh Grandfather,
I will never forget, 
Sitting on your black leather couch,
And watching Mulan for the first time,
Or the love and surprise I felt,
When you bought it for me,
Because I loved it so much. 
Oh Grandfather, 
I will always remember, 
Walking the small trail down from your house,
To go look at your Harleys,
And feed the little ducks,
Crumbs of bread,
Or a whole damn loaf if I really begged.
Oh Grandfather,
I will never forget the time,
When you handed me one hundred bucks,
Just for Graduating, not even at the top of my class. 
When I tried to return it,
You insisted that you wanted me to keep it,
And I cried, I hugged you hard and felt your love,
Deep in the nether regions of my heart.
Oh Grandfather,
I will strive to remember, 
The smell of beer and whiskey and cigars on your breath,
What a sweet smell that now seems,
And oh how I wish, you would have stayed for that bottle of wine,
Just stayed a little longer for all of your visits. 
Oh Grandfather, 
I will never forget how I felt when Grandma told me,
You served in the marines,
And I could not believe,
That those Santa Clause eyes,
Could be that strong and brutal,
When you were always so nice,
And I found for you a new respect. 
Oh Grandfather,
I miss you so much,
As you lay in your bed,
Strung up with wires, and tubes and struggling,
To find your last breath. 
Oh Grandfather, 
I am crying, I cant hold it in.

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Meri Bitiya ki Cycle

???? ?????? ?? ??????

???? ?????? ?? ?????,
?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?????? ???,
???? ?? ?? ???, ??????? ?? ????? ??
?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ???-??? ??,
???? ?????? ?? ??? ????,
?? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ????? ??,
?????? ?? ???? ????? ???-???
????? ????? ?????, ?? ?? ????? ?? ????? ????,
???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ????... ???? ???
???? ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ? ?? ????
??, ?? ??? ??????? ?? ??? ???? ???????????,
?? ???? ???? ????? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?????,
????? ???? ??? ???? ???? ??, ???? ?? ????,
???? ?????? ????? ???? ?? ???? ???,
?? ???, ?????... ?????... ????? ?? ???? ??? ???? ??????

???? ??????, ?? ??? ???? ?????? ????? ????? ??,
?? ?? ??? ????? ??, ?? ?? ?????,
???? ????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???,
?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ???,
??????, ????????? ?? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???...

?? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ??????,
?? ???? ????? ?? ????, ????? ???...
??? ?? ??????, ?? ???-????? ?? ???? ???, 
????? ?? ???????? ?? ?? ????? ??????? ???,
?? ???? ?? '???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ?? ??????...'
????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? '????, ?? ??? ????'
'????... ??, ??? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ??????!'
??, ????? ????? ???????? ???? ????? ???,
?? ??, ???? ???????? ??, ???? ?? ???? ???
- ???? ????? ?????? (10 ?????, 2013)

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Just Down The Road

Just down the road there is a cemetery
for World War One vets and for them only.
It is not quite full and it never will be.
They are all dead now, everyone who served;
those who died young and those who survived.
My gramps is buried there; he survived the war
and lived to the ripe old age of ninety-five.
Gramps was wounded twice while he was there
by those he called “them damn stinking krauts”.
I still miss my gramps to this very day
and every now and then I will visit his grave
at the cemetery just down the road;
but not very often because each time I do
I break down and cry for he was not only gramps,
he was also my very very bestest friend.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 25/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger25 /Many 
English version by  Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

You would find, her shining and graceful face, 
Sad and gloomy, due to long separation from me,
My beloved loves wearing modesty,
More than any other gem and jewellery, dear letter. 

The creator has not made any mistake,
In making her a matchless personality,
By seeing her only, you can easily decide,
She is the one who dwells in my heart, dear letter.

When the groups of Indian women, singing war songs,
Will show their presence before you, dear letter,
Showing the splendors of awakened women,
Their courage would fetch away your heart, dear letter.


Kanpur India 2nd August 2010                                 to continue in 26

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 

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Music Lesson


I want to break you out of here—
commandeer the ludicrous 
toddler-pink wheelchair 

and roll you over the salt-sprayed hills
where Camas choirs sing out indigo

hues, beneath your opus scribed
upon the dawning crimson blaze 
you crave . . . like air

each laboured breath  
a decrescendo 
from this eighth-floor window

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To 3/256 Cherokee Girl

Cute like the fly sun and with paddy curl hairs similar
From those summertime fields blow over her in full swim
And it fits in her small understanding
In front of this Adoptive Indian law
She grows like a lovely calf wondering it should not be.

Upon uplifted petals of her big eyes of half-brown
Indian bloom India Baby Girl a battle of love
And parents’ nightmare is breaking out for months
And the entire globe’s eye could see the idea
Of making a direct pain within her tender heart
And it does not matter you and I shall become
A parent and parching stirs and twist about father’s rights
He does not have it any more.

Flying among twinkly stars in faith
For the 3-year-baby girl the notion but a father’s lack
of Autumn and over the whole prairie shimmering
A compelled of him an Indian loves or ground
To the child he never felt before.

I think of those parental days of affection and love
When the Baby Girl was small and wanted it most;
Standing now in the sea of gestures, you great chief have missed
A cut generation goes by, and your conscience from what that weary buffalo
Love cries it certainly does not exist in your heart anymore.

Baby Girl!
Let us pray because I am going to take you home
Where you will be safe.
Baby Girl!
Let goes and come at last to understand
You and I and the prairie Mother
Always we are going to love you.

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My Angel

I kiss her goodnight, two months to the day, and prepare the van, for an overnight stay.
The plan is, a family trip to the shore No thought of regret, can't open that door
Hours had passed, when I heard my wife's cry, I rushed to that cry, so to nullify
The fear in her eye's, I saw from the door, directing me toward, the horror she saw
Then I'm inside, on my baby's right side, I see she's blue, and I know what to do
The soldier inside, is trained to save lives I pumped her chest, and gave her my breath
I got on the line, all while keeping time, rescue arrives and, I hear SHE'S ALIVE!
We fly outside, to follow her ride, lights flash emergency, on the outside
There is no time to spare, when we arrived, we rush through the door, to be by her side
I Pray that my daughter, fought and survived, no words spoken, I can see from Doc's eye's
My heart hits the floor, and breaks deep inside, facing my wife, I can tell her no lies
We dropped at the door, our daughters no more, for she didn't survive, this ambulance ride
Now she's our Angel, we know this inside My family now four, will have to abide For picture frame contest

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Jesus, Please Take Over Me

You've fallen down again;
How can you let darkness win?
You just scraped your knee,
You didn't break your leg.
It will all be okay;
I will give you strength.
Brush it off, my child;
Come and take my hand.
Let me help you up again;
You will be okay.
I have always been with you,
And I always will be.
I am by your side,
But this time,
Will you allow me to take the lead?

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Patradoot or The Messenger 38 /Many

Patradoot or The Messenger 38 /Many

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

The charm and beauty of her lovely eyes, dear,
I could not find even in the loveliness of a deer,
Such are the fascinating charms of her eyes, 
Even the Sun would not come out feeling shy. 

If any tears would appear in her eyes by mistake,
It would get burnt by the shine of her eyelids, dear letter,
Even the bunch of deer moving here and there
Would feel shy to behold the beauty of such eyes.

Such lovely pairs of my beloved’s eyes would be luster less
Because of her long waiting for me and her silent sobbing,
The moment she would see and hear you, dear letter,
Tears would start coming out from her eyes like rivers.

Her face use to shine like the full Moon, dear letter,
After the tender touch of my love rains,
In compassion of seeing such beauty of her, dear,
The Moon too would feel shy to appear before her.

During the chewing of beetle leafs dear letter, 
Her lips used to get red,  darker than the lotus petals,
Seeing even Sun with its alluring redness would feel,
Shy to come out before my beloved,  dear letter. 


Kanpur India      09th Sept 2010                     continues in 39

Based on the true freedom struggle story of Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around 1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994.

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Song of a Teenage Girl 1/2


The song expresses the feelings of an Indian village girl. Her parents have fixed her
marriage (It generally happens in the rural areas of India, even to-day). She is about to
leave for the first time for her in-law’s place. She do not want to go to her  father in
law’s place leaving her parents, her soul mates friends the animals and birds.  The song
sketches the tender feelings of her heart for her Mother, Father and Brother & for the
animals and birds, whom she used to look after until now as her most precious friends and
who taught her how to sing a sweet song.  

Song of a Teenage Girl      1/2

Why you are sending me to an alien place, the place of my in laws, O Mother dear and Father,

I played and enjoyed my child hood and youth, in your courtyard O dear Mother & Father,

You always kept me on your eyelids like a pearl of tears,

O Mother, you always kept me close to your bosom, like the beatings of heart, where I laughed and bloomed. 

O Father, after quarrelling with my brother, I used to weep for hours, 

Whenever you call my name, I used to be so proud of you, O my dear Father.

O Father, by seeing a smile on your face, we used to bloom like a flower.

Then,  why you are sending me to an alien place*   O My Mother and Father *,

Please listen to me, O dear Father & Mother, if you have already decided to send me to my in-laws,

-Now you have to give food and water to the Parrots on the Tree.

-O, Mother you have to give now fodder and water to our Cow in our courtyard.

-And do not forget to give grains to our oxen Chun Mun, whom I look after in our fields.

-My melody singing Koyal* would be sitting and waiting for me on the Mango tree.

O Mother, it is Koyal,   who taught me how to sing a sweet song,

Please do not forget to look after that lovely singing bird.

Listen to me, O My dear Father & Mother, if you have already decided to send me to my in laws,

All my birds, animals and my childhood friends would be waiting for me with tearful eyes, O Mother,

Please tell them your daughter has left this place forever and has gone,

To her in laws, a place so alien to her.   ....  concluded in part 2             


Kanpur  India. 17th October 2010    			

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What Easter Means To Me


As spring joyfully arrives
brilliant blue skies and vast green fields come to life

peering from the rich soil 
an Easter Lily opens with beauty

with large white trumpet shaped flowers
and gracious green stems climbing high

the music of the lords returned began to blow
streaming far and wide

a celebration had begun 
a celebration of eternal life
I gaze at the cross in deep loving thought 
as each miraculous miracle came to light

O' Lord God Almighty
this day brings gratitude and thanksgiving
for you..... staying faithful to the point of death
and giving your life, so that each may dwell divine

I thank you Lord
I thank you

peering from the rich soil
an Easter Lily sings praise



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The Name of Jesus

Whisper me the sweet sound of freedom,
The sweet sound found in Your Name,
Holy and Heavenly freedom,
All in the Name of Jesus!

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April rain fell like whispers on grass,
Soft and light like a half felt apology.
Dark clouds wafted overhead in shamed silence.
Distressed by a cold winter’s return. 
Daffodils wept and bowed in fading despair,
My Father’s favourite plant was slipping away. 
As my Father had done and now my Mother too
Lost to a world of cold whispers and sorrow. 

Dead flowers I had placed on their grave so light
Were fading like a memory, a star un-bright.

Still the rain whispered but failed to cleanse,
The grit of sorrow that inhabits my heart.

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Meeting Expectations

From a tender age I felt a strain with my mother
She labelled me “highly strung” I irritated her!
I struggled through life, desperate for her affection
The harder I tried to please, the greater the divide.
She loved my brothers, I could never understand
Saddened, I turned to my father, he was my rock.
I chalked it down to not meeting her expectations.

Years passed, I ended the struggle with mother
I married and was blessed with children of my own.
Realising that each child is unique, so different
I wondered for years how this could be so......
They were both born from us, the same parents
We raised them with the equal values and norms
The opposites they are, never ceases to amaze me.

I love my children, embrace their individuality.
Encourage them to be free, to be just as they are.
My children will always be treated as equals
Loved unconditionally, I have no expectations
Forever proud of these two powers in my world
I remain in awe at the achievement of them!

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Our breath

Snap !
Crackle !
Pop !

Like the Fourth of July
in this crisp cold…the
lil’ boy !

Least we forget;
that jump for joy

Our breath
still meets

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Memories and Past Lives

Last night my sister died
One week before the Winter Solstice.
My father was worried about her jewelry.
He, one of my other sisters and me,
went to the hospital because he wanted
the three rings frozen on her fingers.

The rings like the circle of life
may have powers to bring her back.

They were taken from another dead women
her mother who died more than one year.

My father would  not leave the emergency
room until he got those rings.

The woman helping him
was too nervous to enter the morgue.
But like Nephthys she went in the underworld
Cold dark place where my sister's body
lay in state.

My father blamed himself
for not taking the rings off
when she died.

But when he like Osiris
was given two rings by a women.
He was the ringmaster of a three ring circus.
He came to life, he was clowning, telling jokes.
Maybe the rings have the power to bring back life.

At her funeral there she lay in state,
no rings,
no life,
cold and still dead.

My father was wearing ten rings,
crying maybe cause he lost his powers.
Like Cronus his eldest son was a no show.
One drunkard said my father's daughter died in his arms,

Or  maybe the rings have lost their power to
bring back the beloved dead.

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When the music stopped for Dad
And Shorty McCormick’s Jazz Band
Played their last gig, his drum set
Was retired to our dank basement

His traps resided in an extra large
Black cardboard suitcase and soon
My brothers and I commenced 
Drumming the life out of its quiet remains

Before long the solid beat of the remaining
Percussion instruments were rendered silent
And were finally sent out with the trash

I hung on to the last reminder of my father’s
Well warn drum set that helped him keep time
During his many solo jazz improvisations 

Now with love I hold on to his tattered slapstick
The only rhythmic survivor, still ready to keep the beat

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We Are All In This Together

We all have a story to tell.
Ups and downs,
Together, we've been through it all;
God has led us through it all.
Trust Him;
It's all for a reason.
All your pains,
All your struggles,
All your hurts-
They're all for a reason.
God has a bigger plan,
One we cannot see.
Trust Him and pray.
We are all in this together.
Together, we have been through it all.
Ups and downs,
We are family-
Brothers and sisters in Christ.
We are friends.
Most importantly,
We are family.
Let's love one another like God loves us.
Let's help each other out
And help each other up with loving hands.
We are His children.
We are His servants
Together on His mission
To love, save, and change the world
For the better.
We are all in this together.
Listen to His praises ring;
Let's praise Him together.
Listen to sister Fantasia sing,
"Sometimes you gotta lose to win again."
Thank You Father!

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Hands, aged with sun
Rings grown too tight
Feet, wrinkled by walk
Eyes drooped with tire
Hair stringed with dye
Teeth yellowed with coffee

Each wrinkle
Each taint
Each sun-spot
Each grey hair
Filled with experience
And meaning

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If I were a boy, even just in a dream. 
I'll give my girl flowers everyday. 
I'd let her know how much she's loved 
and assure no tears fall from her eyes. 

If I were a boy one day I wake up, 
I'll kiss her eyes 'til she drops. 
I'll lay her down in a bed of roses. 
I'll carry her 'til we reach the heaven's door. 

If I were a boy even for an hour. 
I'll tell her exactly who I am. 
I will not cave in the shadow of my past. 
I'll give her the happiness that lasts. 

If I were a boy, 
I'd keep the love on fire. 
I'll respect my mom, sisters, and wife. 
I'll be my kid's greatest model dad. 

If I were a boy, 
I would be a real man. 
Who knows exactly what makes a man, 
who can't be moved by other woman.  

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Dont spite the child to hurt his dad

~Don’t spite the child to hurt his dad
This practice is both harmful and sad
~And you wonder why he’s always mad

~He loves him as much as you 
Was by your side while in your womb he grew
~Raising a child takes more than one – it takes two

~You left them alone when you were in school
You trusted he knew what to do
~Now you’re not with him you change all the rules

~Why rip out his heart to soothe your pain
Why play these childish games
~In him rage and fury is what remains

~Take note; this battle you may have won
If the tables turn you better run
~This damage just can't be undone

~Please think about the long run
Put your anger aside and think of your son
~His father loves him more than anyone…


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Damn you dementia

I stand and wonder as I gaze upon the prone shell of my father’s former self.
The shadowy remnants of a bull of a man slowly wasting away 
A man with a brilliant mind, a mind now faded, all but gone.
He lays there with the needs of a small child needing constant care.
Another victim of an insidious disease that robs you of your mind and dignity.
Call it what you will, be it dementia, senility or Alzheimer’s. 
It is the thief that strips you of your freedom, your fortune and finally, your life.
What God would cast that upon a righteous man?

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The Never Ending Battle

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

JS Lambert

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Thank You For Blessings Me

Lord I thank You for seeing me thru
The heartache and pain,
healing my soul and making me whole
All the while  continually
Filling me with so much joy 
It is hard to contain
All I can do is smile 
As I lift Your name on high
I just want to say Thank You Lord 
For blessing me.

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This Is The Love

Stand up and shake;
Feel the rhythm in your heart.
Ignite those pants;
We get up and dance.
God on our mind,
Eternity in our souls;
Feel the chills of those bones.
It's the hope.
Open those closed doors:
Into Heaven we go,
Welcomed and forgiven.
Here is the love;
Let's dance!

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Among us.
Not alien
But more
Like us than
You will ever know.
They are
They live
Next door
Behind walls
Not of stone
But of fear.
They are
Ad dictions
Flesh from
They are
They are
But not

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Wisdom of Heights---Climb with Me

This morning
bells toll
a trumpet sounds
but refuses to blare
it just doesn't know 
how to harm
what it takes
to infect the living 

and sound
survive sadness
out last the past
bond brothers and sisters
of sky
and water
as it loses 
to a force

some days...

this morning
it wins
because the vibration knows god
and is ONE

and though human imperfections
sit in the shadows of it's path
perfections will
and forever will

so arrogant 
we choose to destroy 
but how can we concentrate 
on methods of malcontent
when god sits at our breakfast table?
as father urges child
"get up!"
"move on!"
"stand on two feet!"
"breath child!"

he tolls the bell
as we lay on deaf ears
he loosens ties with anger 
as the path warns and wears
driving this cosmic ship 
of no loses
only tiny
arrogant setbacks

and he smiles
for he knows
what we yet
have to find...
and all is well.

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Howl at the Moon

When she was 8,
You howled at the moon,
and caught the attention of the men in blue.
You steered across the line,
You argued, You spat
until the night sky faded into dawn,
and they deemed you worthy
of wandering home. 
But in those hours of darkness,
she sat with an empty space on the blanket
looking up at the stars as fireworks
burst around her and 
asked why you weren't there.

When she was 17,
You howled at the moon. 
It was late and you had learned,
So you hung your head out the window
while the rain stung against your skin.
You taunted a cop,
You laughed, you puked,
As she fearfully drove you home.
In tears, she declared that she 
could not leave you there alone.
You were her dad. 
She stayed. She watched.
She wanted to be there...for you.

When she was 19,
You bought her some beer.
It was late. There were friends. 
You felt like a kid again, partying with the crowd,
And you were a hit, the provider, the crazy one.
They rallied around as you slurred your words.
You laughed. They laughed. She laughed.
This was the way to have fun.
You explained that this was not 
her first rodeo.
She was going to do what she was going to do
and you were going to be along at her side
As she howled at the moon.

When she was 23,
she howled at the moon.
Her skirt was short. Her top was low.
She danced. She drank.
And so did you. 
You were guiding her, you said.
It was just good ol' fun.
Except it wasn't fun
when they pulled her out 
of the mangled steel
and covered her face and shook their heads,
And now you howl at the moon,
deeply, sorrowfully, howl at the moon.


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A Cloud Within a Cloud

A family sitting in a living room; the living room made of sofas and chairs
The sofas told a tale of antiques; never a complexion, even to the brain’s follicles of hair
Her grandfather, and other members of the family sat there; 
laughing; nourishing the air
There she sat, opposite to her grandfather’s left side
She looked at him, at his laugh, and smiled
Everyone around them seemed to be damped with fog;
nothing was seen except; herself, her grandfather, and a picture that seemed unprepared to 
Her grandfather held that picture and saw his grandson
Immédiatement*, he smiled and admired the photo’s photon
She then spoke and told her grandfather that his grandson has now grown;
thus calling his grandson to come; to be shown
There, his grandson arrived, and his grandfather held him in his hands and placed him on his 
It was a beautiful scene without any empty gaps
But then, she noticed her grandfather didn’t look at her;
it was as if she was out of the picture…
It was then she realized like she was talking to him, but he didn't hear her...

It was then she noticed that it was a dream within a dream...

She had seen her grandfather when she was three
But now, she misses him a great deal…

‘May you rest in peace’ 

*Immédiatement: Immediately

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When I See You

When I see you
I’m calm
I’m breathless 
I’m tranquil

When I see you
I’m crazed
I’m wanton
I’m impassioned

When I see you
I want to touch
I want to taste
I want to love

~Rick Berry

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A Jading

the smell wafted like a dream.
charred wood and red smoke. 
“benjie!” she yelled
as i ran away down the hall 
raising my arm against the flickering heat.
“benjie, come back!” she pleaded. “leave him alone!”
i stopped 
and coughed.
hot air rushed across my face.
hearing nothing but the roaring smoke 
i froze-up --
torn for the first time
between Comfort and Knowledge.

then slowly 
out of the choking haze
came a whimper 
and a scrape.
and a punch shook the wall.
i peeked inside the sizzling arch.
hot pitch oozed 
from an overhead beam
caught fire 
and dripped tiny flamelets 
onto the hardwood floor.
he was there alright. 
and sitting on the floor in the corner.
i whispered:
“what’s the matter daddy?”
he looked up 
through crazed eyes of fire and hate.
“go away boy”.
then he cried
and hugged his knees.

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Father's Day Tribute to My Grandfather

Father’s Day Tribute to My Grandfather
Written on June 2, 2012
Updated on June 11, 2014

Resembling Groucho Marx as you aged,
I often found you dozing in 
your favorite chair.

Perhaps, dreaming of your parents,
or when you arrived in America on Ellis Island 
with your Mother and brothers?

Your tired skin was
a result of a working man’s life.

Your green tattoo on your arm
was a souvenir of your veteran status.

Always caring, you were the leader
of the team I was born into.

You protected the family psyche and integrity,
and wisely guided us with your voice of reason.

Even though you are no longer here in the physical world,
You are forever in my heart and soul.

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The old man

just as everything is in its place 
the cracked pitcher in the cellar’s window 
the maize porridge pot amid the verandah flowers 
the knife sharpener in the kitchen table’s drawer 
the squared clock hung slanting on the wall 

day after day the old man 
takes off the straw hat from its hook even if it’s cloudy 
pulls it down on his head with both hands 
opens the street gate till it hits the wall 
upright like a thistle he looks down the road 

under the hat colored like an autumn sun 
it gets warmer 
his face furrows overturn a smile 
as if the moist earth sliced by the old times plough 
under the steps of sons grandsons and great-grandsons

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A Spindle, an Hour-glass, and a Doll

This story is about a young girl named Sapphie Smith.
Her parents were poor, so they lived in a small house,
And Sapphie had only three toys,
An hour-glass, a spindle, and a doll.
The hour-glass had been her father's,
The spindle her mother's,
And when she was younger, Mother had made her the doll.
Sapphie had known no other life,
Therefore she was content with her toys and her small little bedroom.
She slept with the little rag doll every night,
Playing with it so much that it was frayed.
When she was about six years old,
An epidemic swept through the land.
Her parents wished they did not have to go to the village and work,
But they were so poor, they had no other choice.
Then, one day, Sapphie's parents did not come back;
Her father found good pay as a shepherd in the distant hills,
Where he would not see his family for a long time,
And her mother knew one day in the village 
That she had the dreadful sickness.
She did not go home because she loved her little daughter so much
That she did not wish to risk her getting sick.
But it tore her heart to pieces, 
knowing that she would never again see her beautiful daughter.
Sapphie wondered why her parents did not come home
As they did every evening.
It did not bother her much as she played with her toys;
The hour-glass, the doll, and the spindle,
Crawling into her little bed when she grew sleepy.
The next day, Sapphie was getting lonely without her mother,
So she went to look for her in the wooded hills around her house.
She soon grew weary, not having thought to eat breakfast,
And laid down to rest by a stream where she drank.
A kind woodsman found her and raised her like his own daughter,
But as the months passed, 
Her father came home, and found it empty,
Save the doll, the hour-glass, and the spindle.
He set them on the little table with three chairs,
Crying when he woke up and saw them every morning.
Sapphie found her father years later,
Which was the happiest day of her life.
Whenever she was sad, she looked on the mantle where the toys were
And remembered how wonderful it was to have her father again.

 # See About Poem #

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I was in a big world
wherein there's a crowd in every place
I can go on my own
yet, I go to the repeated phase

There are two most important face
that might makes my life's craze
I might see them as a King and a Queen
in a home where they conquer

It's hard to set aside their commands and demands
even if it is too much, their authority is a must
whether I cooperate or disobey their remarks
they're still around, somewhere, to still keep in touch

so even if those Christian people
keep on telling humanities
about how God created everything
I will always owe my life to my King and Queen,
to my dearest parents.

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The Scent

My thoughts turned to the scent, the aroma 
                                                         alluring aroma that drew me

Then, oh! the shape which made me want to touch, hold, caress
                            taste..Oh how sweet upon my lips, tongue

coating my teeth and mouth with pleasure.
Just a little warmth from the mint infused into your sweet sticky stick
                                              Old Fashioned Soft Peppermint 

Lickerty split in a few seconds gone, left__ only a vague memory...  

I found some soft peppermint during Christmas which brought back memories of my dad who enjoyed that kind of Peppermint Candy...

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My Childhood Dream

When I was a child, I had a wonderful dream, In my dream, I saw Jesus Christ, By the road He passed by, And He was riding on His bike; Then, when He saw me, In front of me, He stopped And He invited me to ride. His hands were so soft, He extended and I hold; With a smile, he said, "Come to me my child, Come with me, I am Jesus Christ. Like your father, I drive you safely to school, Don't be afraid, I am not a ghost. My clothes show That I am Holy and Pure, Come with me, Because I love you forever more.
--FEATURED POEM FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF OCT,. 2012-- Thank you so much PS for featuring my poem!

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                                  Fathers have to learn, so they practice
                                                on their first child.
                                From the first bottle to the first diaper change
                                              to all the sleepless nights.

                                The first 'daddy' said by their precious child will
                                     be forever etched in their mind and heart.

                                  All the big events in the child's life is like a story
                                                   that is stored in your soul.

                                  Down the road of life there will be many days of 
                                      pleasure given to child and Father to share,
                                     so keep the book open in your mind to write
                                                           it all down.

                                  As one day the child turns into a friend and a
                                       person , grown with a life all their own.

                                                  Anne Rutherford
                                                   Copyright 2008
                                               Treasured Baby Series


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Men and the moonlight

The moon shines so beautifully in her misery
Grace the world with thousand ribbons of silver rays.

There was a young man,
A pleasure slumber seeker
Eyes bares love and faith
The hands grip the dreams and expectations
Steppin definitely in spirit
To the unknown life ahead

Forty years have passed
Two young men sit together
One with gray hair and wrinkled face
Other, a fresh and naive young soul
A bond of flesh and blood
Talking about life and living

And the moon..? A loyal companion in solitude
For the happiness of every soul, she craves.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 34 /Many

Patradoot or the Messenger     34/Many……….

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Like a naughty girl, she acts in many ways, dear letter,
To attract our attention by laughing or even weeping,
And often she gets angry on us still she wins our hearts,
When she sings her broken melodies, while sweetly mumbling.

As a lovely doll, she attracts and wins,
Everyone’s attention and heart, dear,
Remembrance of her sweet face,
Has made my heart so heavy, 

As a newly come-up charming bud, 
She is dearer to us than our life, dear letter.
She is even a darling of all the plants, 
Trees, creepers and flowers of our garden, dear.

When the memories of her dear father, 
Would be splashing in her tender heart, dear letter,
She would be going amid the plants and trees,
To distract the memory of her father, dear.

She is the hope and strength of her mother,
When I am away for freedom struggle or in jail,
In the lovely face of my daughter, you would find,
An image of her father, dear letter.

By the time you will get acquainted,
With this lovely child of us and of nature,
You would recollect immediately, dear letter,
My message you have to convey to my beloved.


Kanpur India  3rd Sept 2010                     continue in 35..

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around  1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 

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A Toy Brings the Ugly Me Out

He sits on top a dusty shelf;
his care when he showed none.
I think you gave me your
unwanted gifts.
And yet this
the only thing
you gave my family,
better than a beating.
I forgive you because
you are a fellow human,
but I hate you.
I hate how you remind me
that my family is jealous.
I hate how I have to hold
onto you; I don't want you.
You old, dusty,
boxed race truck;
I don't want you.

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When I Lost You

I fell, I fell hard...when i lost you..I cant catch my breath like i used too. Lost and confused, angry that you left.  It wasn't your choice, I understand that.  I didn't only lose you that dreadful day i also lost myself, my mind and my entire life cause it hasn't been the same.  you loved me unconditionally how do i function without that now.  My body still here but I'm dead inside from all the pain and sorrow i feel cause i will never see you or talk to you again. My mind likes to wonder now all on its on it's scary sometimes..I'm worried everyone will leave me all alone.  I think of you alot, and smile cause you always made me laugh..I cant stand it..its not right...i feel like where in a dream all the time. You were the best grandfather, wasn't fair how you suffered up to your very last held on so long day after day cause u couldn't stand how you had to leave us that day. I remember talking to you and you would try to tell me something back..don't worry i know what is was I love you but i have to leave you i need u to know i will be watching you don't let yourself go....I know i told you its okay for you to go,,,but I'm sorry grandpa i lied,,,, I didn't want you to leave me i still needed you around,  call me selfish I don't care, you belong here with me not away so far.  I cant accept it or handle it the way I should cause my mind and my heart stopped doing thier work. everyone tells me snap out of it, act right, but i cant I don't know how i lost the one who guided me through life...I feel like a burden, all needy, like I'm in the why do i stay? I need you to tell me that your okay...cause i cant move on like this i just cant, there is no way.

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Dear Daddy God

Dear Daddy God, thank you for bringing my husband to me
Thank you for the love that you have placed in our hearts

But God, how long will we wait for the blessings that our love brings
How long must we be waiting at the portals of fulfilled and quenched love’s door

Far be it for us to complain, Daddy, but can’t you see the strings of our aching heart
Care Thou not that they are stretched taunt, to their limit and we hurt so much inside

But what are we talking about. You Father God, are the all knowing, all seeing God
There is nothing that misses your caring eyes.  Nothing that hurts, that you have not felt

Teach us then the wisdom of waiting on you.  Teach us to wait on your understanding
Teach us that what we see, how we see, is not your way.  Not your purpose

So Daddy God, bless us we pray.  Let us keep the faith, through the Holy Spirit
Let us not be weary, let us not falter where we should be strong.  We need your help.  Amen 

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Patradoot or The Messenger 33 /Many

Patradoot or The Messenger33 /Many 
English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

A little garden you will find, in front of my house,
Full of beautiful plants and fragrance spreading creepers,
Its enchanting smell would force you to stop for a while,
And its loveliness would keep fascinating you, dear letter.

This lovely garden is the creation of my father*, dear,
Who has put his labor and efforts to make it, so beautiful,
That it’s a joy to be among the green plants and creepers,
His garden speaks and enchants every one, dear letter. 

The sad green plants of the garden without flowers,
Would narrate the state of sadness of the dwellers,  
And it’s bending branches and tree twigs would convey, 
The agonies and worries of my beloved’s heart, dear letter.

Here you would also meet, my lovely little daughter, dear letter,
When you see her playing among the plants and trees,
And you will get a chance to listen her broken melodies,
She would be mumbling, while playing with her friend trees.

My sweet little daughter Krishna, is a lovely delicate child,
She is the beloved of our hearts, hardly twenty four months old,
Krishna is charming, beautiful and alert like lightening,
To catch your attention, immediately, dear letter.

Ravindra                                                       to continue in 34…

Kanpur India      ….. August  2010 
*father.              Father of Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor or my grand father.

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

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Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around  1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 

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Patradoot or The Messenger 31 /Many

Patradoot or The Messenger31 /Many 
English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

You would find, the inhabitants of this lovely place,
Lives a happy cultured life here,
While singing the joyous songs, every day,
In praise of our motherland, dear letter.

All my friends would gather, the moment they would know,
You are enquiring my address, some where very near to my place,  
Here you would witness the sign of pain and the feelings of separation,
And watching their face, you would find their eyes full of tears, Dear letter.

With cheerful anxiety they would ask, 
From where you have come, O dear letter,
And why you are enquiring, please tell us?
The name of our friend’s beloved, O dear. 

What letter you have brought, 
From our friend’s place,
And what message our friend has sent?
For his dear friends, from the jail, dear letter.

Tell my friends, O dear letter,
That your companion is happy in jail,
And has given the message for you,
That victory will soon be with us.

Tears of happiness would come out from their eyes,
And they would embrace you in love, dear letter,
Without wasting even a moment, they would bring you,
To the house, where lives my beloved wife, O dear. 


Kanpur India   24th  August 2010                           to continue in 32


Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around  1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 

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They are maidens of the wolf people
They are loved with no end
With a smile
They take away the pain of the day
My heart is glad
Watching them play and hear their laughter
Music to my ears
The sound as they call to me
Their hugs are medicine to an aching body
I will never leave them
For I live in their hearts
Their magic keeps me alive to watch over them
Thank you Lord for these gifts

My Wild hair and Skinny girl

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I miss my Dad

I miss my dad
At the days like these,
When nights and mornings are worse,
I real miss my dad!

He taught me to love,
Care and listen to others,
He gave me courage, of schooling, singing and drawing.
When nights and mornings are worse
I still miss my dad!

If only I could backhander God,
For whatever he could in debt me,
I would solicit him to leave my dad,
That I could have his insight now,
But he won him,
For he loved him more!

When I last nursed him,
He had a promising health,
Of seeing his smile tomorrow,
To the amazing veracity,
It was only four hours later,
When I received the call of his left,
When the nights and days are gone!
I still miss my dad!

Today I see him on my narcolepsy,
When I get quick to REM,
I also see him to night,
When I come to serious dream,
But, these add me pains,
For I miss him more when awake!
When the nights and days are gone!
I still miss my dad!

It was Feb, 17,
The year twenty 06,
Noted time 11.AM,
When he breathed last,
After three days wounds,
From a car crash on 14th Feb.
 "the day called Valentine!"
A car registered 304 AAF,
Crushed him badly,
At Magomeni traffic lights,
On his way church with Mama!

RIP our dad,
The 10 you left behind,
Became 11 after a week,
A boy born on 23rd Feb,
Reminds us about you,
Gideon the great! We also named him Alex,
On honor of your gone!

© Lucas Mkude 10/02/2013

A true story of my father's daeth on Feb. 17.2006.

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The Wine version of my drunken enemy

 I was falling, falling---- falling asleep I fell deep, so deep a deep mirage of sleep I gazed deep into the mirage into a tiny crystal ball where circling there were the remnants of a dream I saw my friend my best friend, I remember - - He said, I’ll be with you until the end of times. And there were times and there were times. When he lured me to the lion’s den And there were times and more times when he saved me from the lion’s den. I guess he is my friend and my enemy. He forgets me, besets me, upsets me. He sets me in perplexing places. He lets me make mistakes that father time never erases. I clean up his many messes. HE places blame when he points a finger at others for the scars in his life and on his face for the taste of blood in his mouth. He obfuscates and negates his mistakes. He inflates others with blame. For shame!!!! he is my friend, so why must I hide that he shames me again and again. He forgets me, besets me, upsets me. He sets me in perplexing places. He lets me make mistakes that father time never erases. I clean up his many messes. He chased me with a sword He tried to choke me with a cord. In my dream I cried I scream --- I scream Lord kill my enemy From heaven God began to shoot. Boom he shot him in the leg Boom	 he shot him in the arm Boom he shot him in the gut Boom he shot him in the head My enemy is dead and I appear at Heaven’s gate. I think as I wait – what is wrong? uh oh - - I was my enemy all along.

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I stare at your face as I remember it so vividly. 

I remember every piece of hair 
You crafted to lay so perfectly in place

The tip of your nose that became slightly rosier with each year
 The way your eyes wrinkled when you smiled
Your hard belly against mine as you gave me a hug 

When you said "I love you kid" 
And the pricelessness of those words 
Spoken more frequently towards the end.    

I wish we had more time 
So I could show you who I have become
 You may be gone but your love lingers on 

In the hearts of not only your family 
But every person you touched
And welcomed as part of that family 

You showed me that love is deeper than the surface 
It is rooted over time
Solidified in the thick and maintained through the thin.

I close my eyes 
Trying to picture the beautiful place 
You have chosen you reside 

Sometimes I whisper to you,
Hoping you can hear me
Just to say I love you

I know I will have to wait patiently 
For the next chapter 
When we all will reside together

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Hunting Deer with Dad

One morning, sometime in the Fall,
we went up to our cottage on the lake,
and I put on my camoflauge,
and sharpened my broadheads for the hunt.
My dad and I walked silently through the gray woods,
noting every little barkscrape on the thick trees,
carefully picking our way around brush and ferns.
We found the blind,
a simple affair of branches and logs.
Sitting down, I stretched my bow taut in anticipation,
feeling the plastic fletch on the cold carbon shaft.
A grouse stomped through, a noisy bird,
and my heart started to beat;
I thought it was a deer,
but relaxed infinitely when I daw the fat bird.
Not ten minutes later,
the call of a whooping crane shook me from my thoughts,
and I saw a little figure creeping towards us.
A bobcat, small and lithe,
crept past us,
slinking low to the ground,
the little stump-for-a-tail- held low,
and I smiled at the little feline,
though it didn't smile back.
My feet were cold,
we went back to the truck without a sound.
I love hunting with Daddy.

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Father that is what my dad was
Father that is what you are not
Your sons had no one as a role-model
What kind of father you claim to be
What kind of example have you set
Your daughters stay far away from you
Even for them you were not there
Wife after wife had no help from you
So the children suffer for want of a dad
You have no shame no conscience
Your ability to care to feel empathy
Is gone down the sewer drain
You are a poor excuse of a father
Hence a poor excuse of a MAN

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A horse in my reading room

A horse in my reading room at my study table from my very childhood days, galloping as if never to stop, perhaps the fastest and oldest horse of the world. Its shiny black skin reflects the sky. Its beauty is like that of a sleek poem rhyming down the page dancing merrily, or an arrow zooming past everything leaving a trail of invisible impression in the air to reach its target. The horse definitely has a target. My father knew it, as he sketched it for me. He used to say frequently, "Life is motion with a target". To him the horse was the symbol of life. Twelve years have passed since my father's death, the horse is still galloping.... perhaps it knows its target.... but I am still looking for mine.... **My late father had the God gifted ability to sketch and paint like an artist.A true story. © kashinath karmakar (15th June 2011) ============================== Placement : 6th (June 2011) Contest:A Horse Story Sponsor:Carol Brown

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Beneath the Furrows Beneath the Lines

Beneath the deep furrows
and the facial lines
clear sparkling
cheeky little girls
playful eyes
still smile
and shine.

''Many a time when I have talked to old people who I love, about their childhood, suddenly
something magical happens. Their eyes sparkle, and they become children again.''

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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Poem Within a Poem

To a father there may 
Not be a greater joy than 
A child who emulates
Maybe even idolizes his dad.

With a heart pouring over
With love my youngest boy 
Proudly states, “I have written a poem.”
My heart soars and love overflows …

His next words reconfirm what 
I suspected; he wants to be like dad
He asked me to post it on Poetry Soup.
The next lines are his as I beam …

Kind, nice, Outgoing, and Funny this is
How I live in this strange World. I live
With a funny family always cheering 
me on I go to a big school always
being great I have many friends
Always being Awesome intelligent 
People, I go to a nice church
always being kind I really
like my life in this very strange 

I couldn’t have said it better
Little man.

A collaboration of Dad (60) and 
David (10) Eklund

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My Favorite Artist

Who is my favorite artist?...
A question not often approached.
My favorite artist captures the whole picture.
He creates a picture with an image according to plans.

From a blank page, He begins...
He starts from scratch with an imagination.
In his thinking, it needs to be planned.
Getting the essential supplies at hand.

First the canvas...
Then the basic outline or drawing.
Colors that escalate off the canvas.
The plan is in motion for all to see.

Created with this in consideration...
He moves his hands over the canvas with ease.
With soft hues of color in the sky.
Divided between the sun by day and moon by night.

Everything begins to turn green with the grass...
Flowers take shape with a multitude of colors.
The waters are created, separated from the land.
He makes gentle strokes with his brush in his painting.

Small little animals of different kinds...
With fish of every kind in the sea.
Seasons are created by God's plan.
Giving us spring, summer, fall and winter.

His best creation of all in this picture is man...
The picture is missing something though,
What could it possibly be?
A mate for the man in her beauty, called woman.

The master artist stands back and gazes at His painting...
I believe it is made complete,
Just one last thing for it to be finished,
The signature on the canvas of, “My Favorite Artist.”

Can you guess who he might be?
No one other, than our Lord and Savior.
All things created in His image.
He is the God of all creation.

Signed, sealed and delivered...
For all mankind to see.
The artwork of the master painter finished on canvas,
By the unseen hand of our loving, Heavenly Father.

Written on March 31, 2014

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Dead On My Own, Alive In Him

Faith is not failing me,
I am failing Him.
Why do I refuse to accept His grace?
Why would I rather live my life on my own
When He is extending a helping a hand?
I am depressed,
Dead on my own,
But I am alive in Him!
I give my life to Him for real;
I give Him my all,
And now I'm alive
Because He gives me life!

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The Day my Daughters Grow Up

I could see their births as if it was just
A time when all I knew was love 
I’d no thought for tomorrow, just the day
How they changed the world in every way

Little smiles
How they melted this man, their father’s heart
Little girls
How they instantly became a needed part
Little hands
That held tightly to the palm of mine
Little babies
How they’ll always be this man’s sunshine
Little girls

But when they grow up
 I’ll be so sad…
My world will then lose 
the babies I had…
I’ll have just the memories 
of their touch…
The day my daughters… 
grow up…

They’ll never fall in love with any boy
But, then they’ll never learn of all that joy
They’ll wait until they reach old forty two
But, that’s a dream that won’t come true

But when they grow up
 I’ll be so sad…
My world will then lose 
the babies we had…
I’ll have just the memories 
of their touch…
The day my daughters… 
grow up…

One day I will walk them down the aisle
They’ll look at me with that little girl smile
I’ll do everything to hold back the tears
Forced by the memories of all their years

The day my daughters… 
grow up…

One day
When I am old and they come to visit me
One day
I’ll still see them as kids, though with families
One day
Despite age, they’ll always be my little girls
One day
Is every day that I’m alive in this world
One day

The day my daughters… 
grow up…
Is the day, 
I’ll grow up…too

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Drawing From The Deep Well

Drawing water from deep well
Clear _cool refreshing water
Drop bucket _watch fall
That windless works
That is if you do
Turn _turn the rope
Each turn gets much harder
A lot like life, friend

1.  Drawing (1)     10.  Watch(1)     19.  Turn(3)      27.Like(1)
2.  Water(2)         11.  Fall(1)         20.   The(1)      28.Life(1)
3.  From(1)          12.  That(2)        21.   Rope(1)    29.Friend(1)
4.  Deep(1)          13.  Windless(1) 22.    Each(1)
5.  Well(1)           14.  Works(1)     23.    Gets(1
6.  Clear(1)         15.   Is(1)          24.    Harder(1)  
7.  Cool(1)          16.   If(1)           25.   A(1)
8.  Refreshing(1)  17.  You(1)        26.    Lot(1)
9.  Drop(1)          18.  Do(1)

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Bright light

Bright light. Warm light. Though I know my sins can scorch and burn.
Please dear Son… Keep me in your light during my darkest turns.
Help me have the courage, to leave my hiding place behind.
Take my hand and lead me out, again into the sunshine.

Warm my soul and warm my face… and give me the courage to hang on.
Bequeath to me a portion… of your light… enough to lead me on.
Do not let me fall and falter further into the darkening night.
For I have seen the sadness there… as it wraps around my heart.

The Dark behind awaits me… The Son can lead me forth.
All around are currents that batter me, and send me back and forth.
Relentless is this life and all the pain it gives… Don’t forget to find me…
Please save me once again...

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My Heritage

My heritage is a mixture
Of backgrounds.  Let's start on 
My Dad's side of the family.

My Dad's mom is Irish and English.

My Dad's dad is Irish and German.

My Mom's mom is Scottish and Irish.

My Mom's dad is blood Hungarian.

So in other words,
I'm a mutt!  or as others say,
"Heinz 57!"

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What Burden

I sing because I'm happy, I sing because I'm free
 Because the burden of slavery is no longer on me
 I've seen the thunder and the rain
 But like a plant outside, only growth I've gained

Stopped by the police, he just wanted to see
 What a black man was doing in a Grand Marquis
 Was reaching for my insurance, he said it was a gun
 Just a book about black man's struggle he had overcome

But see, he thought I was scared and wanted to hide
 But I sat in my driver's seat with all of my pride
 He couldn't get me mentally, so he drove away
 Yeah I' black, and my car came from a mom who would pray

See these statistics say black males just fight, kill and fail
 Do a poll on me, guarantee you'll change ideals of a black male
 See you think my emotions are bursting at the seams
 But I'm not an idealist, I'm a realist with dreams

My intelligence is leaving you scared, putting you in fear
 Yeah I said it, didn't Tyson your ear so I know you could hear
 The past is the past, back then they'd have to fight
 But I don't have to cause I was born with rights

America loves to call black dads deadbeats
 But can't acknowledge the ones finding their kids food to eat
 My black mama did it on her own and never had to steal
 And made sure me and my sister always had a meal

The first male in my family to go to college for a degree
 Yeah look passed the nappy hair and beard before analyzing me
 Been passing racial slurs generation to generation, it's time for an interference
 Cause I'm not a colored man, I'm a man with a different appearance

Yeah Dr. King fought for me and other blacks
 But he's gone now, so I don't need his actions on my back
 Don't read me wrong, I'm thankful for what he did
 But integration is wide open and segregation has a closed lid

These old racists need to go and plead the fifth
 So that future kids can see racism as just a myth
 Let this grudge end and just live your life
 Cause you're only stabbing the Constitution with a knife

Thank you for the slurs, lynchings and KKK
 Cause now you're all too tired to block the future so get out of our way
 My father in heaven made me, so I was meant to black
 He instilled wisdom in me, while you're intelligence slacks

So please tell me what burden do I have to bear
 Success is my future and now you're in a scare
 My light beams bright as the sun, you're unlit
 Struggles are done, I'm hear to stay so deal with it

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I Forgive You Father

To you I was probably a mistake !!
mom's pregnancy was no piece of cake,
but God did what it takes -
for me to be born.

I didn’t come in form of a rose,
but instead I was a pinching thorn,
without any value nor purpose -
just like a piece of corn.
But Christ’s grace was sufficient for me to be born

I was named after you...
I have your eyes, your hair, your lips.
I am the reflection of your youth.

I hated it  when people compared me to you.
I hated your habits;
all your addictions. 
I hated  you..

Mom left me before turning six,
and you left me when i was twelve -
even when mom left I felt all by my self.

In my teen years I was desperate -
looking for love.
So I became an outlaw thug,
but in the heart...
I was in need of a fatherly hug.

I needed  discipline, instruction, and advise -
instead you gave me a cold shoulder,
and a heart made out of ice.

I felt more comfort from the roaches and mice,
than turning into a man whose life was full of vice.
Nothing was hidden from me!!
I was looking right through your eyes.

But now you have Christ..
So we share something in common -
that love is not a feeling,
but a choice we both made -
when praying and kneeling.
Forgive me Lord...prayer surpassing the ceiling.

I forgive you,
just like Joshua forgave me.
and I love you,
just like God loved me.
and I will die for you!!
just like the Messiah  die for me.

I love you Dad, and I forgive you.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 32/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger32 /Many 
English version by Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor


You will find a small simple temple,
In front of my house, dear letter,
And you would be fascinated to look,
At the beautiful statue of Lord Shiva*.

The simplicity of this small temple,
Would resemble like a simple hut,
Free from rich man’s pomp and show,
Its beauty would fascinate you, dear letter.

All the devotees of this temple, decorate it with care, 
And with great devotion, they worship Shiva everyday,
And happily they accept, what ever Prasad* they get,
As a token of blessings of Lord Shiva, dear letter.

On the left of that temple, you would find, dear,
My simple dwelling house, decorated with love,
While entering in the compound, you will find,
All around there, green plants and lovely creepers.

Ravindra                                                       to continue in 33…

Kanpur India  30th  August  2010 


• *Lord Shiva.  Shiva means Perfection of Truth, Beauty and completeness. He is blessed   
with the powers of creation and destruction of the entire universe as per Hindu mythology.
• *Prasad.  Hindi word means what ever is offered by devotees to their favorite 
Gods and Goddesses in the form of fruits and sweets etc a part of it is distributed 
among the devotees as blessings of God is called Prasad.

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around 1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 

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My Grandfathers Dying Wish

See problems they no worry Timothy
He was raised by his Great Grandmother
One day she taught him
Miho you can make life beautiful or ugly
Work hard, find a woman who has a strong back
Beauty fades it doesn’t last long
Now let me tell you 
A woman with a strong back may not be your perfect companion
Times are changing, I think Faith is more important these days
I say okay Grandma, can I have the horachata now that you made me
No hush up! You can have it when I’m finished talking
Timothy come your poor Grandfather wanted you to have this
It is his Journal and I have never read out of it
She hands it to me
I am struck by it’s cover, it is brown and plain
Yet it spoke to me by it’s elegant style
These words were printed on the cover “Blanco Vendetta”
I was drawn and pulled in untill I was covered by the spell
The first page I open too it says “My first Mil Besos”
The Temptess that blew my heart away
I turn to page 33
It says “The story of an Apache Warrior”
There are no rules to an Apache Warrior when it comes to fighting
He says if you are my enemy I don’t care how but I’m gonna kill you
Page 41 is like a fist full of words thrown across the page
Barrio boxing, The protection of the Shield of Faith
Brokenhearted for my careless speech has left her heartbroken
Strengthened by Love “Amor”
Nourished by the sunshine in her hand
There is healing in its beams
Blessed by her presence Del Dios I am Greatful
I’m like Grandpa what did you say wrong
Then these words come to me
Give her your full attention when she speaks to you
Because the Heart of the Wise studies how to answer
So I close it and my finger brushes a bookmark
It’s the Last page
It says To: “Timothy my son who is as mighty as an army”
I Thank you for the Greatest Gift
For the Greatest Gifts are as small as your small hand that touched me
I plant these seeds and they will take root and grow because you are good ground
Timothy let me say That without you I would of never found my Faith in GOD
Listen for it is your Grandfather who is dead and speechless
Timothy you see the good in everything
And I know you will understand my words clearly
If a man gives you his word
Promise me not to plan your future on it
And if you give your word my son
Do everything in your Power to fulfill it
AND NEVER Promise more than you can deliver 
For it is better to put out more than you promised
Everyman is considered unwise when he appears foolish
I wish I could give you some insight about women
But your Great Grandmother may help you better than I can
But never timothy, Never be quick to fall in Love 
Or give your heart to a woman
Listen carefully to her words when she speaks to you
Cherish Her give her your full undue attention 
Because the Heart of the Wise studies how to answer
Love your neighbors as yourself
And do not strive against another man
If he has done nothing wrong to offend you
AS much as it is possible live peacefully with all men
And it is okay for you to speak these things with your Great Grandmother
She is a very wise and God-fearing woman
Amor take the greatest care of her, I Love you Son
Timothy when the time comes to avenge my death
Hit harder then you ever have before
But not in a Duel son, not like an open Vendetta
Marry his daughter Maria
The one who is pretty and Two years younger than you
Oh! He will suffer greatly!
And it will kill him to know that I chose this way to repay him
And remember son to be ready to fight any man at the drop of a hat

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See the Light

I just heard the other day
I could have been anything I wanted
Imagine, your own choices unencumbered
By all that tortuous guff, childhood stuff                                                                     Where did it come from, how did it start
Why doesn’t everyone have it, or none?
Do you suppose it has anything to do 
With the way you think, or talk, or act
I stop and watch all the sweet scenes
A father holding hands with his little boy
His trusting walk, his smile, a precious moment
To build on others until a man is made
Mom rocks her three year old to sleep
Warm and cozy in her loving arms
Who wouldn’t want those memories, to share
Care for those who can relate, reciprocate
Could that simple song guide our lives along
Becoming something to someone, somewhere, 
When weary bones a place to rest,                                                                           To carry the image, father and mother forever                                                            When does that change take place
Hold within the secret , their secret
The secret sanctity, accepting who
And what we are, to radiate life’s joy
A purpose for all, quiet and strong                                                                               Sharing with those who see the light.

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My geat adventure

My great adventure

At the ripe old age of six, I went
With my two young brothers
Aboard the mighty ship, Mooltan
We went on a big adventure
To a land called West Australia
My parents bought the tickets
How excited we all were
To be going across the ocean.
We boarded ship in London town
Oh, what a great adventure.

The docks were called the Tilbury docks
Oh, what a sight we saw
We were so awed by this mighty ship
The excitement filled our souls
We went aboard all filled with joy
And our adventure had begun
We left old Blighty far behind
Went on our merry way
Life was great aboard this ship
We played to our hearts content.

Oh lord we sailed through so many countries
Our little hearts aglow
Shopping from the old bum boats
Oh boy it was such fun
Oh how I loved this ocean air
It made me feel alive
Eventually after five long weeks
Ahead we spied the coastline
‘So this was it’ my young mind said
West Australia was in sight.

Oh, what a lovely sight it was
My heart it really danced
To see those vast, white sandy beaches
It gave me such delight
We were so excited, us three
Our knew life was beginning
And oh it had been quite a trip
I always will recall
These days until the day I die
It was so beautiful.

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Those who live the simple life
Are those who enjoy simple things

Like    driving a car becomes EXHILERATING!

Smelling a flower dizzies with JOY!

Oh that day I started to live the simple life –
Getting the soul    the spirit    isolated
Getting to know myself COMPLETELY!

When the very dust on the floor had life    had extra meaning

Just the touch of my own skin had fascination

Both enhanced

I felt myself alone in the UNIVERSE!

Oh that day I started to live the simple life
Just looking out the peephole nearly set my feet in motion

THEN   when someone lifted the lid
When I popped my head into that cool    fresh air
Ahhhhh     heaven!

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I Messed Up

Lord, please forgive me.
I need You.
I messed up.
Please, save me.
Thank You.
I trust You.
I love You.
I am a hypocrite.
Please, change me.
Thank You.

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In My Grandmother's Day

Nana told me once
how she and Pop-pop
went courting in a

How quaint I
thought, and was a
amazed how far we
humans have gone--
from a smelly
plodding horse to
an ocean in an
afternoon six miles

Then Grandma told me
something shocking:
she said they went
out in that carriage
to make love! Nana!
I gasped silently,
until I saw she
meant the words
my grandparents went
courting to make
the love that would
hold them together
for sixty-three
years...and I am
because two young
people took long
buggy rides behind a
tired, smelly horse.

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To live, flightless birds

A single branch, clawed and pecked, fickle and straining,
Lonely Nestling and father, paw and peck at their home
Lonely branch, spasms in the wind
Nestling and father paw and peck, yearn and whimper
These Flightless Birds, on a fickle branch

Young nestling skitters to the branch’s edge
Peers over on to sightless depths
Shivers, ruffles withered feathers
Spreads tousled wings
And loosens fast aging down
Stretches till overgrown talons graze the edge
Like endless days before, Craning aching neck 
Eyes devouring the scene with a famished hunger-
And whimpers
Turns to father and warbles in longing,
A sight that speaks of flight
Dreams of swimming amidst the clouds
To leave
-slightest breeze carries words...   
to live

The father, neck cramped, tilted, eyes swivelling to and fro
Cooing and cawing, talons pawing
A slight breeze, decrepit feathers hauled away in swarms
A forlorn sight that reeks of abandoned dreams 

Warbling, cooing and cawing, pleading and pawing
Pecking in apprehension, neck swivelling to and fro in exasperation
“To leave father! To stretch my wings
Lift from them the smell of rot and loss
To fly father”

“To fall! To fall, and to die!”

-Wind whispers,
To fall, to soar, and to live
Nestling shuffles to the edge, 
Settles down amidst aching joints and a teetering ledge
Peers down onto sightless depths
-they bellow to him
To fall, to fly, to Die!
Fall and flutter amidst a shower of feathers
Cramping wings crooked and futile
To swirl into freedom carried by the stench of inevitability
To fall, to fly, to die
Little Nestling whimpers, nothing so glorious about death
nothing so glorious without flight...

Whimpers, shuffles forward, talons pricking oblivion
Ruffles feathers, settles down
Nestling wavers, branch bending
Rotting down tickles his beak, claws dig deeper into branch
Eyes feasting on sightless depths
Endless fears...
They scream to him
To sit, to dream to fly...
To sit, to dream of revitalized wings
Stretching across the sky, an unveiling of freedom
The shattering of chains every morning, with a stretch of wings
The exercise of freedom
to sit and dream
to live

to sit at the edge of that tottering branch
creaking and bending under a restless and aging body
peering over into the sky, where fickle wings will not go
and with dreams, with dreams lift off this branch
and fly, where body cannot
and live

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Here's to the deadbeat dads

All these years at home, me and my momma alone
Daddy on the run, headed for the sun, he must of been..
Because I obviously wasn't his sunshine

Growing up wishing you were there when I had something to say
But now it's on pause, just like I am to write this
There's no more fightin' it, I hate you daddy
And I love writing it

All the love and hate will come out, I'll be spittin' **** you
And failure out of my mouth. And when I stop talkin'
I'll be in a craze, glaring at him
With my hate my hate and rage gaze

I'll kick up my feet, scuff dirt in his face
Tell him I put weed and lines of cocaine in his place
And enjoy the disgrace upon his face
And tell him that it's his fault for tappin' out in the first place

Left alone in this world of demons
Trying to find my halo in this crazy maze
Raising myself, daddy left
And mommas worrying about her ownself

Life ain't always a perfect song, it skips and studders
Fear, something nothing can cover
My will is what I discovered, feelings uncovered
She starts thinking and wonders

Here dad, I'm gonna use brain
Yeah, I'm a smart ass
Seventeen years later 
And I'm pouring my heart out, at last

Making it my point, I'm taking off my mask
Getting it off my chest, and laying these demons to rest

But **** me and the way I lived
Playing dirty and not letting my emotions show
Couldn't find mine
So I stole someone else's halo

But used it as a frisbee and chased it to hell
Spittin' cards now with cruela di'ville
And I know you're here too, in this fiery hell
I'll find you
And the corner in which you dwell
And when I find you asshole
You won't be slithering no more
I'll take off you're scales one by one
Make you the one who's coming undone

Scatter your ashes on hells front door
Bye daddy, now I'm the one who's leaving
I'll shut it, make sure I slam it
Throw in a **** you and god damn it

God sure damned us alright
But don't worry, I'll be sleeping tight
Nightmares at night, no more
I found my heart at my core

Survivin', tryin'
Leaving this life behind 
And one last thing to the guy
Calling himself my ****ing dad
I'm better than you
And bull*****if I'm gonna let you haunt my mind

End of rhyme, I'm the one
Peacin' out this time.

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Beautiful Children

Singing around in love;
Smiles built from the ground.
Holding hands in the dance;
Laughing with brothers and sisters,
All in His Glorious Name.
Throughout His perfectly sculpted land:
Look around because this is it;
Look around because this is love;
Look around and know, understand, comprehend,
Rejoice because you are perfect;
You are God's beautiful children!

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Just Down the Road

Just down the road, before that first hill
is where I learned to ride my bike
and took my first spill

Just down the road the old dusty school bus 
picked me up, where Billy pulled my pig-tails
and made me blush

Just down the road in that field of clover,
under that big old oak
is where we buried my dog, that got ran over,
just down the road

Just down the road on that old wooden bridge,
Is the place my grandpa took me to fish
It wriggled it's way off my hook - I told Grandpa,
"I didn't want to look," as it swam away

Just down the road, late at night, is the place
my friends and I caught  fire flies,
as they lit our walk back to our house,
where we opened our jars and let them out

Just down the road past old man Squire's
Is where my car broke down with a flat tire
Old Man Squire helped me jack it up, 
loaned me a spare - filled with air 

Just down the road near that clear water creek
is the quiet spot where I would sit and think -
think about times like today - things, I wish
I could say, wish I could be... that lay hidden
just down the road

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Father's Day Wish

Dad missing you so much

on this father's day.

So many years ago you

left this old world without me

getting to know you better, am

wishing you a most happy

father's day.

My father's day wish is

that I could go back in time

and tell you how  I really loved you,

but knowing I can't.

So my wish is that all sons and daughters

would tell their dads how

they loved them on this father's day

to spend more time and get to know

them better, before it's too late.

Written 6-17-11

For all fathers's, sons, and daughters out there.

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Ashes to Ashes

From ashes
she rises, 
face, hands, feet.
Four months, 
Ten days, 
She mourns.
She weeps.

She clothes herself now
in an adornment of white
bowing privately, 
praying fervently, 
as bitter fumes
of acetone
seep beneath the door.

Her source is god.
Her destination is god.
She pleads with god now
for peace
As men mix and pour
A holocaust
Just outside her door.

Her sisters wail.
They bathe her lifeless arms
And shroud her
as Iris Albicans- 

The imam, he stands, 
Praying silently
As men convey her
towards Mecca.
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.

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Deep enough to bruise the soul

He didnt know the wounds would go
Deep enough to bruise her soul
She lay there froze when he arose
She replaced her battered clothes
Rather the blows from clydesdales toes
Or the fate of conquered foes
This painful load forever to hold
A friend not stranger from her stole
He didnt think her dad would drink
Then find his gun beneath the sink
He hasnt blinked he's at the brink
Wants to feed animal instincts
Moms half insane feels daughters pain
Her tears form puddles like the rain
Her child explains how she's ashamed
Now mommy wants to share the blame
He didnt weep in courtroom seat
Jury discussion deliberately brief
Not very steep the sentence was weak
They only handed him three hundred weeks
He never did speak almost like asleep
He'll spend many cold nights wrapped in a thin sheet
Tried to be discreet almost lost heartbeat
When those bars of steel slid right past his feet.

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Friends in High places

To really know who you are
To know who it is- 
That formed you in the womb
To be truly acquainted with Him
Is to truly know-
Friends in High places

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Gender Discrimination

Who are you
Your father's son or daughter
Or your mothers?
If you are your father's
You gotta have his surname
But if you are your mother's
Her name you don't take
But once you get married
Oh, boy! Your surname won't change
Hey girls, What makes you change your surname?
This is anomalous
Seemingly unfair
An assault on women rights
A blow to the fair sex
Whoever hath made this rule
He must be a damn big fool!!

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Patradoot or The Messenger24 /Many

Patradoot or The Messenger24 /Many 
English version by 
Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Here only have born great freedom fighters, 
Like Malviya*  and Tandon*,
Who have raised the honor of our country,
By their extra ordinary deeds and sacrifices.

The splendors of India’s freedom revolution,
Will fascinate you every where, dear letter,
Batches of citizens, mad with patriotism,
You will find here and there and everywhere.

You will find my beloved in the front row,
Of the woman groups agitating for India’s freedom,
Keeping your attention on these women,
When you will move ahead, my dear letter.

You will see my beloved wife, 
Being mad for India’s freedom with others,
By seeing her only, you too would be charmed,
In the color of patriotism for the nation, dear letter.


Kanpur India 30h July 2010                                 to continue in 25

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

•	Malviya  Madan Mohan Malviya was a great scholar & the founder of
Banaras Hindu University known as BHU. He was a great freedom fighter also
•	Tandon   Purshotamdas Tandon was another great scholar & a freedom fighter who
contributed his entire life for Hindi language and for the nation.  

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 

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To Where it All Began

Mother Nature has all but consumed 
Their little graveyard by the sea, where
Sands bleached white, spread upon the cemetery
Drifting like pale capsized hulls
Floating between tablets marking
The long forgotten dead

It was here, fifty two years ago that
I held my Grandfathers weathered hand, 
More so for the want of a brace
Than the sympathetic touch of a Grandchild

I watched him kneeling by their angled stones
Tracing their names; first his father’s father, then
The mothers, with a finger crooked by age 
The sandstone letters crumbling in the wake of his tender touch
Grit sifting through his heavy fingers; history, being erased
Returning it back – to where it all began

I followed behind his shuffling shoes
Kicking up dust that settles
Within the hollows of history
My Grandfather’s words lost to an ocean breeze 
As shadows lengthen, then fade to dusk

I imagined, back then as I do now
Of a graveyard full of pirates and thieves 
With their ship resting - just out there
~	At sea
But for the stout chimney and hearth, beyond the grounds
Baring testimony to the pioneers that
Once toiled this barren coast and now
Standing defiant, resolute against the 
Advancing flotilla of sand

He is buried just beyond the little graveyard
My Grandfather, next to my Grandmother
On his farm; or
His father’s farm, before that
My farm…
On a hill
Overlooking the sea, where it all began

8 Dec. 2014

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Sweet Children, Sleep

To the Newtown Children

A poet cries with broken heart

Look thine hearts be washen clean with death,
God knows how hastily can be
By an unfitting goodly young man
Become just another evil’s killer.
Take thou no mean of life
That so tenderly and small
Arranged now along that cold room
Where a hundred of parents
Like you and I look on poor children that thou think:
One day they shall be a doctor or a thinker like us.
To understand really why the hungry death
Has to do for their final journey in front of this sickness?

O, children! American children! My children!
I warn thee in all my heart and soul
That could not happen so earlier on life
And where thou cast the peace and saint in the kindness of grace
Take care of them from danger, thou take for a leaf
And makes my heart bleeding every one like us become angry
How in this heavenly nation this massive fate could occur?

Hold me fast in thine embrace God,
Where my despair cannot be silenced,
Let you and me and everyone else to knee and cross
Our fingers against our chest and pray for them,
Give them, Lord, thy blessing give,
Pray for them and mother as well,
And I shall finish this poem with trembled
Fingers and tears cascading over this bloody
Sheet as an awaken wind has just blown it from me.

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To My Father

As we bought the three-storied house With our dreams and desires To provide him a serene life. But it broke our hearts to lose him. But Dad, did not go alone A part of us went with him The day God called him home. To feel his presence all the time We hang his picture in the formal room To keep him with us. For four decades, we thought of him In silence repeated his name All that was left for an answer Was his picture in the frame. As once upon a time His picture was in the frame But now picture is decayed Due to the sands of time. But the memories still remain. There is a vacancy in the frame Not sure, my picture will fit in As my time comes.
+++++++ June 5, 2014 Form Free Verse Dr. Ram Mehta First Place win Contest:Father's Day by Carol Eastman

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A True Credo Of Love

(To All Who Believe It Can Be Achieved)

Caucasoid, Mongoloid,and Negroid
Colour the conscience progression 
of Man's ethical Truths...
The cultural aggressions of violence
and ignorance must end!
Extend your heart, hand and life
Towards the Precious Don of Honour...
Freely, keeping the sincere
Brotherly Creed


Comments:  Brothers and Sisters it is time that we stand up and let the Love of God in, after 
all we are all one in the same under the skin, so why not give it a grand try... One Love and 
Many Blessings in Him Always, Adell

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A Phone Call

Phone rings
I will miss you, will you miss me?
No? But I may never see you again
(Feelings too young to understand
My ears grew hot
My face grew hot
My stomach twists
Frustration? Guilt? Probably guilt
I think it was guilt
No. Fear. Most likely fear)
I will miss you
You are a liar.
You are a liar, Father
You are a liar.
And now I am a liar too.
¿Por qué mis sueños se rompen?
Is it your fault
I think it was your fault
Maybe mine
Or was it hers
His, hers, mine, yours, its
What possession is to blame?
I blame, I blame, I blame
Where are you?
What are you doing?
I will stalk no more
I will stalk no more
I will stalk no more
But I want to know if you are alive
Are you alive?
No hay nada más difícil que vivir sin ti
Pero no puedo recordarte y soy muerto
I am not bilingual
I am not
Did I grow?
Was I supposed to grow?
I sometimes dream that I can fly
The winds carry me through
But sometimes, I forget how to land
With the ground far below my feet
Everyone left behind
I fear that I will drift
Too high
Where it’s cold
And I can no longer breath
And then I awake
I am one
I am one
I am two
Sometimes with a smile
But mostly with fear
Anxiety and one
Is it my fault?
Is it my fault?
Is it my fault?
Do I let you do what you do
Did and will do
Me gustaría conocerte
Mi corazón, mi corazón daña
Follow me
Follow me
But keep a foot away
I do not trust you
I trust too much
I never trusted
They will find out
All of them
They will know
Will they love you still?
Will they love me?
Stop stop stop
stop stop
Why did you stop?
What did I do?
¿Hacer a quién?
Put down the phone
Read me as you will
Read me
Read me
You are done
As are these lines.

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I'm like a lion
Tryin to be  trained
to behave in a cage, but
I wasnt born to be tame
Full of stress and rage
 Im compressed and chained
Infected with depression
beCause I cant catch a break
Lifes taste is so tart
In pain from my scars
Stained by lame luck
Stuck behind apace car
I strive to write
But all I can type is the space bar
I'm Pervaded with doubt
About to freakout
Quick Someone bail me out
I would sniff my way out
but I got this cyst on my snout
From 6 years of this drought
Im sittin with this could of pout
Stickin to me like jam from a can
like melted candy in your hand
I'M a pantree full of Spam
 A Letter without the stamp
A debtor without a plan
Like chicken on a pan without any Pam,
Damn I'm starting to get pissed
 I got to devise a plan, before I break my fist,
Punching this brick wall, I got the spit but no ball
got the wits with no squall, like a toliet with no stall
 Slippin in a pit fall, Shiz just snow balls
I want to brawl, missed last call
My Stick shift just stalled,
This lawl has no intention at stopin at all
And I'm kicking myself in the balls
like old men walking up and down the halls
so i flop, just like a dust mop
Now i got knots in my food box
The size of king kongs rocks and
Every door has been locked
I try to soar but its all for not

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Futyre child syndrome exposed

In a moment there was time a child could grasp corporeal and gracious
It stopped and I carefully gave non notice to educasees
that paused me to bleed blend assinine inaccurate aforementioneds
to preprocure a mule measured primrose pathos of interposes to analyze the ex ever jutaposes of irrevelant psuedo spawn spellings intrinsic of piss patterns nego 
nero nitro nuego of lunar literant intent grating gravity gunite givings presupposing cannon quantites quotient of add, substract, multiply, divide, die in my seat work consistent of soulservitude a prisoner of seatzenda, a great book read poised to a 
selling of elementary sealed solvent sedintary solices sleeveless saints of sanitary sectors sanctioning soulful sensibilities senitent of sailable sanities. Boys will be boys, ADD,ADHD a cool cover up for 80 % legis lay teachers to drugafy, deamplify, villify, castrate, humilitate, propogate the post predisposition of that which is normalcy to a degree of zombie cumulo butt compliance for the powers at be be-gone, biploar bulimec, blandering, blistering, bloging, bifurcating blog bog billows, stress all that is pharmacorelative with respect to the adultoparentive coaxial moneyisms that speaks to a bygone exoera of residio responsibile valiumviscous banailty. Cool calm creepy excel expenditures procede pre positive parental protocals procreating patterened presentials to predictive humo end hiatial hemorroids. In the end we prosperspire in pain pile potentials. Predictable predicates promise postmortem primal preordinates. Enjoy eating educational entrails!

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The Piano Stand

I was sitting at the piano stand,
cracking my hands, getting ready to play,
when a man walked in, no one knew who,
he was, because no one had seen him in a while.

He sat in a chair, his hair so blonde and long as could be,
my hand touched the piano key,
I realized it was my dad not that it was bad,
just why was he here, i can't bare to see his face.

I stopped playing,
I started saying,
How mad i am for his fame,
He walked out of the school in shame.

I wondered why he was famous and what for,
He left me and my brothers to be poor,
For some other.

I can never forgive him,
but i'll let him live on in his fame,
for i have nothing to shame.
For i knew he would not claim,
me as a daughter or friend.

I moved my hands from the keys on the piano,
for i have moved on to another Piano Stand.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 30 /Many

Patradoot or The Messenger30 /Many 
English version by  Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

How beautiful is my city Prayag*, dear letter,
Which enchants the visitors and enthralls,
By the lovely simplicity of its houses,
And the warmth of the hearts of its dwellers.

Amid the doors and windows of its houses,
You would find sweet and cool breeze blowing,
And a serene happiness you would find,
On the faces of its lovely citizens. dear. 

You would find the people of this city,
Full of patience and quite energetic,
By the time you would reach,
The place near my door, dear letter.


To get released from the custody of the Postman,
You will go in his hand, dear letter,
Thus you will get the chance to get free,
To convey my message to my beloved.

Among the beautiful loving inhabitants,
Of my place, known as Bharti Bhavan, 
You would see they love their friend’s life even,
More preciously then their own, dear letter.


Kanpur 21st August 2010.                          to continue in 31

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 


* Prayag 		Allahabad is also know as Prayag or Triveni. And Allahabad  is the 
                                    most ancient city  of India, 
If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor around  1932, who was a freedom fighter.

He wrote Patradoot in Hindi, when he was kept in Faizabad Jail for quite
a long time. The Epic was written as a gift for my mother and it was
sent to her secretly from Faizabad Jail. He was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 

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The Birth of a Thought

I gave birth to a thought today
A shiny little supposition
It wept about all the possibilities
Endless creativity 
Directionless refractivity
Like protons racing around an atom blaster
My thoughts began to multiply
It was the Big Bang of my Universe
Then I heard the voice of an angel
Say, “Daddy, this is my science project.”
And now the birth of a thought
Gave birth to a Black Hole

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Through His Eyes

As I stroked his brow and held his hand He blinked his eyes one last time A final touch, a final glimpse One last breath and his soul slipped away He was finally free Of the body that could no longer live His arms that couldn’t hold The legs that wouldn’t dance His voice that couldn’t say What his heart was barely beating for Through his eyes I saw revealed Months of suffering, yet years of contentment Days of disappointment, among a lifetime of joy A light that would not go out … just moving on My lips kissed his quietly cooling cheek As a tear made its journey to my heart Our earthly connection coming to a close While the new life inside me gently stirs As the weeks go on, I feel this strength With each subtle kick and stretch As my body nourishes, my healing heart feels This glorious intimate bond Is a higher power bringing forth Into my arms this miraculous creation With one loss, I gained an inner peace With the promise of his everlasting love, I found hope The vitality of his spirit I was able to recognize In the light of my newborn’s eyes
Written on: August 25, 2011 By: "Secret Sister Searching Soulfully"

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You Are Alive

You're alive even in the darkest place;
Even when we can't hear Your Name,
Even when we can't see Your grace,
You're alive!
Even when we can't feel Your grace,
You are alive!

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Dear Lord Almighty

Dear Lord Almighty,                

                This may or may not be a strange request
	Father, who aren't in,( Heaven )
	Master of the universe
	God of all, Gods
	My question to you, is
	May I die in my sleep
	For, in peace
	Is the way, I want to go
	Because, Dear Lord
	My only , Father
	I have suffer so much in life
	I've cried many raindrops
	I've went threw many hot and cold flashes
	I've seen my life, before my own hands
	I've seen so much blood
	Fill the sky
	So, as I lay my head down
	Can you, think of my request
	May, I die in my sleep
	For, in peace	

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When I Was Young

       When I Was Young

When I was young
I walked 30 miles in the snow to school
With no feet or hands
I was nobody’s fool
We crawled about and lived on dirt and faith
Our only friend was Jesus
He gave us everything we needed
Work, turkey on Thanksgiving 
More work, death and taxes
What else could a person want?
You youngins don’t know how good you got it
When I was young 
And walked 50 miles in the snow
Or was it 30?....I don’t know….

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Absent Father

Who is my father?
That's one question I will never have the answer to.
My father abandoned me before I was even born.
Thankfully, my mother kept me,
when she easily could have given me up for abortion or adoption.
My mother is one half of me, but I was always curious 
about the man who made up my other half.

I don't know where he lives, I don't know if he is alive or dead.
I don't have a picture of him, I don't even know his name.
I know nothing about my father.

Is he a doctor, is he a teacher, is he the mailman, is he my neighbor?
I often wondered, if I could have walked passed him on the street one day,
and never even known it.
We could have been standing next to each other, in line at the grocery store.
And, he wouldn't even know that I was his daughter.

I could have brothers and sisters out there somewhere.
Maybe I am not an only child.
I would like to see this man's face just once.

But, if he didn't love me enough, to abandon me,
maybe I should do the same thing to him.

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passion and persuation

The Illuminating path's Serenade my Vision, The Blindening Rays of faithful horizon leap into me, Our Memories of togetherness clasp me to the loop of life, still I am lusting to cross-over and meet the Chaismatic-End!! After which,our souls will intertwine and remain in enlightened glory forever! Life had been an autumn full of blossoms, My love lay in my arms in unrequited glory, life was a maze of puzzled quotes, the dooming evil recruited you into its gloomy shadows, and i learn't my first chapter about death. DEATH is a slow poison gushing through time and seeping through seconds, Blistering a thousand souls, abandoning a many infants, sucking away the more needed ones, Thwarting pain and inflicting illicit wounds. BUT losing hope means losing "US" At a jerk,our infancy angel crosses over with warmth, And the hallucinating illuminating paths fade away!! And i realize my quest in this unfarthomable journey, TO LIVE,LOVE AND SUCCEED DEATH!!

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It's my choice

So small, so infinitismally small
Compared to the vastness of it all.
Yet Father made and loves me.

He put power in my untrained hands,
Thoughts in my untrained brain,
Yet Father made and loves me.

He gave me a tongue to use,
He gave it without a rein.
Yet Father made and loves me.

My brain can create bombs and germs,
I can kill millions by pressing a button,
Yet Father made and loves me.

My tongue can cause wars and destruction,
Set brother against brother, father against son,
Yet Father made and loves me.

Because He made and loves me,
I choose to plant a seed,
I choose to give a hug,
I choose to save a life,
I choose to do these things,

Because Father made and loves me.

© Dave Timperley 2012

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A Glance in the Past

My father recalls to me stories of his past,
gripping his fists tightly
as his faces turns gray
telling me, 
“Son it was a dark time for Lebanon”

Anxiously I continue listening 
spilling his inner suppressed memories 
“15 years… 15 years of blood and hate”

Buildings that once stood graciously in the sky
punctured by the bullets that continuously danced in midair 
Streets that were once filled with jubilant people 
now only hosted lifeless cold corpses

Men grew absent from their families
forcing women to carry lethal arms to shield their broods 
with their fingers embedded on the trigger
Lurking from street to street
in a scavenger’s hunt for vital necessities    

The excruciating smell of rot at sunrise
a mixture of decomposing human flesh and garbage 
Flooded the streets 
an endless totality of discarded wastes

After the sun departs 
the stagnant stars appear 
not a clatter can be heard on the tranquil streets

Sympathetically reaching out to my father,
removing him from the ominous nightmare he re-erected,
holding his trembling hands firmly
as I bring him to the reality of the passive present 

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A providential miracle,
she captivated me
from birth.
She embodied
an innocence and
wholesome purity
of such sublime quality
that I instantly knew
only God could create
such an extraordinary wonder.

I felt like a child
with his first pet 
when I saw her
and I was drawn to her 
like a magnet of love
that bonded and sealed
human life.

I was compelled to 
cuddle this creative
miracle and marvel at 
God’s handicraft.
From that moment on
she would forever be
the special entity
I called “precious pet.”

When her sister arrived
I was beside myself
with pride.
Immersed in gratitude 
and drenched in joy
I could hardly fathom 
my good fortune..
Sweet as sugar
and cuddly like a bear,
she possessed a sparkle and 
spirit that defined fun
and spelled felicity.
From that very instant
she would forever be 
my precious –
little “Sugar-bear.”

Like a trophy case
with twin Oscars
these sibling darlings
would grow in to my 
proudest accomplishment.
They were and remain
inestimable female prizes 
that would make any dad 
beam with pride 
and proudly proclaim -
“that’s my daughter!” 

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I am not God

I am not god.
So I cannot see everything you claim to do,
all that ails you, all the work you do.
I can only hope you do it.

I am not god.
I cannot read your mind, if you wish for something
sometimes you’ll just have to ask,
I can only hope you will.

I am not god.
So I ask you please stop expecting perfection of me.
I can’t always change the world, but I see the beauty in the filth.
I can only hope you try to.

I am not god.
I am not you either father. I cannot and do not see,
think, or act like you, or how you wish. I am me.
I can only hope you get that. 

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Utilitarianism A Man

A man has ego,
A man has pride,
A man has lied,
A man has tied,
A man has daunt,
A man has courage,
A man has conscience,
A man has hearted,
But honestly does a man believe he has no flaws,
How can a Son forgive a Father,
I say my young brothers just tried,
A man is the better man.

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why daddy

dad you were my hero!
the one i wanted to be just like.
everything i did was to make you proud...
you walked out on us...
i know i wasnt a perfect child...
i just wanted to feel love from you

mom always told me that you would be there for me
you were until i disappointed you...
i thought parents were supposed love their children no matter what...
you didnt do that
 you always put me down 
told me i was such a shame to the family

now that i have grown up
i relieze life is better with out you in it...
and i no longer wanna be just like you
i could never walk out on my kid
you sicken me...
how could you give up the child that you gave your name to...
i understand you have other kids
but to just give up and not have anything to do with one of them
and to not let that kid know his siblings....
i could never do that 
no matter how much my kid disappointed me...

i found my hero...
he stepped up even tho he didnt have to...
he treated me like his own...
he was there when i needed a daddy and you werent there...
he was there at my worst....
and he is there at my best...
he will be my best man when i get married...
my kids will know him as grandpa...
they will never know you 
cause i cant risk you hurting my kids
the way you hurt me...

the thing that gets me the most is....
how you made it look so easy
did you even think about the lil boy
who carries your name and...
has your blood running in his veins

i dont think you did...
and if you did you are
a heartless piece of crap

even after all you have done to me...
physical, emotional, and mental abuse...
i forgive you...
not for you but for me so i can move on with me life

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                                         Cordelia is dead
                                     King,this blood is hers
                                   like red wine soothes your
                                          deadly nerves
                                     dad. love is unspoken
                                          the wise king
                                    the wandering madness
                                      in storm, trees crash
                                         hailstorm blasts
                                            your crown
                                          Curse the wind
                                          Curse the wind
                                              mad king
                                    who loves you the best?
                           the fool? the clown? the filial death?
                                 do you want so say anything
                                     Cordelia, in your favor?
                                       I curse you Cordelia
                                        I curse you winds 
                                       I curse you Goneril
                                        I curse you Regan
                                         I curse the world
                                        "Nothing, my Lord"

East Jesus - Poetry Contest
Sponsor	Roy Jerden
Poet: Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty
Composed on 4th December,2014

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Writing Gut Deep

What are pencils, could they write my heart; 
the classified model I’ve worn for ages?
Is there lead enough to compose my legacy, this testament
painted on the fast coming tombstone;
what pencil could write God’s memory of me?

Who cradle your spawn, and rock him when you can’t find yourself; 
who remember his parched lips and talking stomach? 
Be like Moses, they said, lead my greedy Israelites, be a father to them, 
help me to create tomorrow’s no goods by nurturing 
their pining for unreality, forsake your post

Could pencils write my merits going back into their pockets, 
or the little minds focused on the flickering and changing shapes, 
and fingers dutifully pushing buttons?
Could pencils capture me in my mental cotton fields 
while my seed is up, way past his bedtime, could they?
See, I heard his stomach talking like mine did in ‘88
When the hurricane visited and departed with things we did not give him

What are pencils, could they write this heart?
Could they draw pieces of this broken vessel, could they? 
Come, they said, come and be a father to the fortunate
Forsake thy flesh and fuel the appetite of the glutton, continue the legend
Craft paucity by writing their intentions, let them be reliant
Forsake yours and shape these slaves 
help us to erect pyramids through them 

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A Day with My Daughter

A Day with My Daughter

That day dawns as her smiling face
With her, I am going to spend a day 
She asked me to come and meet her
Yes she will be with me for hours  together
With an evergreen smile ,She came as an angel  
In her childish face I lost my self 
She called me with love “Ppaa”
Though my qualifications are more to write
Before her sweet voice I am an innocent kid
She talked a lot all over the way
I received nothing except a lot of gay
I learned a lot from her ,……………………..
I may be her father and  my age may be in fifty
I want to be her friend  in this world

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By HIs Good Grace

You  bore the stripes of a sinner. 
Though the scares were not yours to wear.

With your blood you paid the debt
You knew we could not pay.

Thank You Heavenly Father
For I would not be here today.

By your Grace we have been saved
Rather lost or indenial.

You suffered the pain and torture.
When it should have been us on trial.

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Sincerity - A Gift Of Healing Through Gods Loving Light

...of sunbeams that shine endless light
the heart gift show loving patter 
O' the glorious grace that fills my heart
for each soul sincerity shower

How fortunate am I
for the beauty of love I see in others
A gift so priceless my soul elate                       
reining down from God our Father

with summer lighting in sky of fear 
and winters cold unknowing 
by your side I stand in armor
as life storm leave shrouds of pain

in confusion I shield a weakened heart
with words that simply encourage
for each I cuddle with warm compassion
with song of love and grace                                          
...of sunbeams that shine endless light
the heart gift show loving patter 
O' the glorious grace that fills my heart
for each soul sincerity shower

Contest ~ "Love Me Why"
Poet ~ Rick Parise

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EVERYTHING in its rightful PLACE. Everyone knew he REIGNED SUPREME.


Those SKILLS, not even til present DAY.  Once THERE THEN GONE.   THE BADDEST

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the Father visits his son in the dark of day
The son is abed, pale in the light of night
For the sun and moon are witness in this hour of twilight
But the sun is not heat and does not shine as bright
And the moon is not rigid rock
The sun is a warm hope, fading ever so slightly
The moon is softness, the dark is soothing

The son is abed, covers sprawled over his listless form
The son is restless, he doth not sleep
The son is ebbing, his heart does weep
and his Father lifts the covers up tight around his chest
and kisses his brow;
The son blinks wearily, smiles wanly, whimpers meekly

Sleep my son, the Father whispers

But I cannot sleep - Sleep eludes him
I want to play - Rest prances about him
close enough to want, just out of reach
And how can I sleep father? - How can he rest atop this fated bed?
When I wish to wake? - When his heart doth weep restlessly?

the Father wavers, he caresses the son's brow, but not his heart
For the heart is within, the caress without,
Rest my son, he says, rest and forget
The Father, gently, lovingly, pulls the covers up, tight around the son's neck

But father, father why
My heart will not sleep
Five more minutes? Just five.

Sleep son, the hour is late, the time is neigh

And the Father, always lovingly, he pulls the covers tight over the son, and lowers him into 
the ground.

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a moment in time


it’s a cold dark
perhaps rainy night
in detroit, michigan
in the early 1930’s
a young man
hails a taxi 
to get to his job on the docks

he looks at the driver
and says
you know,
after we are both married
and have kids
and after the war

thirty years from now
your youngest daughter
will marry my oldest son

and we two will become
fast friends
not likely,
since one was black and
one was white
and they probably
wouldn’t be able to
ride in the same car
in the  ‘30’s
in detroit

but eighty years later
I still like to picture it

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Pleading with a Whisper

Pleading with a Whisper
(About the Holocaust)
By:  Emily Kroeger

He begs of me to leave him.
Barley a whisper.

What can I do?

He lies here, begging me to let him die.
Barley a whisper.

What can I do?

Leave him to die?
Barley a whisper.

Leave him to be sent to a grave not worthy of him?
Barley a whisper.

No!  Never!
He’s my father!
Barley a whisper.

Oh my dear father, 
Barley a whisper.

I say through blurred eyes and unsteady voice,
Come, father, come,
Do not give into death.

Those lying around you have already seen heavens depths.
Barley a whisper.

Come father,
I will not let you fade away like a whisper in the wind.

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For Nate 'The Great'

With tears 
In your eyes
As you stared at me
With the most caring gaze.

Your childhood
Sung in sweet lyrics,
They lingered in my ears
As my throat began to tighten
With sadness.

What's that, dear?
Your parents beat you?
Never a word spoken 
To anyone?

It made you a better man?
No dear,
It caused horrid memories.

Your father 
Brought you to a bar
And let his friends beat you 
With bottles?

My dear
Sweet Nate,
Keep singing.

Your mother 
Was addicted to drugs
And violence?

What ever happened
To her?
She's buried six feet under?

What about your father?
With the other abusive men?

Dug deep 
In your skin
Jump to my sight
As I quietly whimper
With your soft voice.

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My Family Tree

My family tree grew Mount Calvary

As my heavenly Father looked on, they crucified his only son

They pierced his side and his precious blood began to flow

In the shadow of the cross my family tree began to grow

He adopted me as one of his own and made me heir to a kingdom

that someday I will call home

Even now I am beginning to see the Father in me

His royal blood now flows through my veins,

For I’m a blood bought child of the king

Now each time I trace my family tree it always leads me

 back to Mount Calvary.

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You Take From Me

You Take From Me was written for a therapist friend whose father went through the Holocaust.   She is Jewish.  Her parents and siblings were eventually  reunited praise God, but everything beyond family, faith and love was gone.  They felt fortunate. Both her parents  died many years ago.  She recently received a notice for her Dad that the German government was demanding reimbursement funds as they claimed they had given him too much.  She was outraged and reached out.  This was my gift to her: 

You take from me
my home
my job
my wife
my kids
This is war you say
But you do not ask of me
You take from me my
This is war you say
And never ask of me
You take	
my land
my safety	
It's just the way it is in war you know
Yet never ask of me
And when Your war is finally through
and now my internal war has start...
This was only war you say
And never ask of me
Out I'm tossed
No need to hold
No need to keep
There's nothing left
no home
no place
no one
not one
a few dollars you toss
Really only war you know
And still... you never ask of me
So many years have come and gone
My second life as well
And yet you say
of what we took
your home
your job
your life
your wife
your kids
all these things
all this all
we gave too much
so much
so much
those dollars tossed
so many
too many for your loss
You take from me
once more
Seventy years later more
Although I'm not here for you to take
you take once more
and never ask of

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Strong At Will

A beautiful man,
Strong at will,
Comforting those,
With more to spare,
A growth small,
Time will tell,
Walls of each cell,
Holding pain to fall,
History has lead,
The fact of death,
Given dates,
Marking with an X,
The heart keeps moving,
Promising a thin line,
Forming an answer,
Living or dying,
As he looks over,
The colors fade,
Moving slowly,
Squinting to see the shade,
His child kneels,
To pray for Dad,
The agony kills,
Expecting the bad,
Cold room,
Cold memories,
Many people in mind,
Pages listing,
Of information read,
Knowing what they could find,
Finding hope,
On each date to see,
The circle to know,
What’s in store to dream?
We’re not promised today,
But live like we are,
Know that some,
Just want to get far,
Cancer is sick,
The card not to pick,
Accepting new discoveries,
Remaining real is wealth,
Only promised this moment,
The rest is our health.

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Daddy's A Workaholic

Daddy’s a workaholic...
But what about the hospital stay... the loss of blood,
his ashen dignity
Slight prate about moving into a veteran’s home

Only in his young eighty’s
Workaholics don’t quit
Laboring healthward

So the tiller cranks for cultivating
and the garden is sown, 
yet during it's interval of growth
he’s... vigorously active 
delivering the ‘elderly’ to appointments

While taking pride in saplings
he's gathering and transporting the yield

And I, plop down on my patio swing 
imbibing a cappuccino
Thinking “What a ‘workaholic’ my daddy is”!

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I Was Born A Fairy Child

I was born a fairy child
I remember being born
from a dark  warm place
I was told to leave
and even though I said no
some other one said yes
Forces beyond my control 
made it so.

I sat on a beach I remember that
and my mother sat behind
and we waited for .....  I know not what.
but he came and my heart it leapt
as he sat down on the sand.
and made me feel full of him.

I remember pictures in the sand 
that he drew for me with a stick,
some things I didn't know,
but that was no matter, 
He was there  and he talked to me.
and I know that he mattered.
I'm told now he wrote my name
And I saw the sea rub  it out.

Then he wasn't round us anymore,
and my memories just not there. 
my mother says he once came back
before he went to war,
and I remember a train station
trains puffing steam and dirt
and being told goodbye,
mother says I said goodbye 
"goodbye uncle" I'm told I said.

I was a fairy child,
and these are fairy memories 
that I'm told I couldn't have. 
but they are there, 
and more besides
as I grew to fairy size.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 27 /Many

Patradoot or The Messenger27 /Many 
English version by  Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

The cruel soldiers surrounded her from all sides,
And torn her sarees and even made scratches,
On her body here and there, dear letter,
Still they could not snatch the national flag from her.

Bearing the cruelties, on her tender body non violently,
Indira* saved the honor of the Nation, dear letter,
This brave daughter of  Kamla Nehru and Prayag,*
Has shown the strength of Gandhi’s   Satyagraha.*

That young girl Indira is so dear, O dear letter,
To her guardians and her mother and father,
As she has been brought up among the delicacies of life,
Still she has adopted the path, full of thorns for freedom.

Moving ahead, you will find these moonfaced girls,
With the energy like that of electricity, 
Their determination for Satyagraha,*  would further increase,
The glow of their spotless face, dear letter.  


Kanpur India 8th August 2010                                 to continue in 28


* Indira. …….         For Indira Gandhi, who later on became the Prime Minister of India. 

* Prayag. …            The holy city of Allahabad is also known as Prayag.
* Satyagraha. …      The method of nonviolent resistance developed by Mahatma Gandhi as a
means of pressing for political reform in South Africa and India. Gandhi called his
overall method of nonviolent action Satyagraha. This translates roughly as "Truth-force."
A fuller rendering, though, would be "the force that is generated through adherence to Truth."
Satya is a Hindi word means Truth and Agraha means forcing with non violence. Satyagraha
means Forcing for Truth. 
Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
By the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 


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Words In A Jukebox

I speak words, rawly, but 
productively, Poetry Is the 
Passion, I compose, with A 
gleaming heart, that spins the 
souls of others, vibrantly 
shinning, among the rainbows,
Colorfully booming, Tenderly In 
A jukebox, as my ego, grows 
up the beanstalk, like sun-use, 
Wisely owl, among expression to,
its knowledgeable ponder, for those 
who listen, Do you hear, what I hear? 
Do you see, what I see? Do you know, 
what I know? Please take A step-
back, and listen chary to it 
again, As I compose my lyrics, 
down on A sheet of white 
paper, for all the world to, 
see, Hear, and know, because 
We are worthy, in the eyes of

Dedication to all SP "FAM"

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I love you more

What can I render to the Lord for all His gifts to me
His love
His Grace 
His forgiveness
His sacrifice
His faithfulness
His Joy
He who took MY SINS
His abounding Mercy
His fathomless love
His total commitment to my salvation
To my wholeness
To my welfare
To my emotional stability
To giving me eternal life
He gave a pure white robe to cover me with HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS

Because of Jesus-I now know Him as an adoring Father. 
A Brother who will always walk so close I feel His presence and who always watches over me.
A mother whose words and affections surround me daily with care like a Mother hen

What can I render to the Lord who took my pain
Who in His own body was wounded and bore the sorrows and my grief I was to going through and the mistakes and the sin ready at every moment to try and trick me out through my life-time- 
He sent His WORD- His LIGHT to enlighten my darkness and show me clearly the road I should take-(Proverbs: chapters 1to 9)

Yes YOU were always ready to defend me, a helpless orphan- for without YOU as my Dad and as my mother- I was abandoned to this world-
But Now I can cry with all my heart- ABBA FATHER I love you - But YOU say
     LOVE  Y  MORE 

What can I render to the LORD- MY God- whose precious pure blood was spilt to bear the sins of all our humanity- I will take ‘the cup’ of Your salvation and honor your name with my life- For only your pure blood is worthy to pay for all sin-I will confess your name before the world for which you died to save -and I will call upon your HOLY name - for your name alone is WORTHY- JESUS.

© Brenda V Northeast 28th  January 2012 

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To Err Is Human To Forgive Divine

"To err is human to forgive divine"

This lesson is priceless
for that, I thee love
a gift forgiveness 
from our Father above
without a trial or without bail
this small piece of salvation
he waits patently for us to reveal
a simple few words that set us free from heavy chains
"forgive me 'o father" seems to be trapped and ingrained 
but once the words flow in a glorious flood
the knowledge and wisdom spring forth in a budding new love 
no longer will the guilt seep in and invade
the torment will be lifted
and we shall live once again
It is then your gift of forgiveness shall truly reign 
even when others have caused excruciating pain
you will truly  grow to encourage others and forgive
a true gift from our creator
your heart shall be softened 
and a life of love will begin..........

"To err is human to forgive divine"



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what i miss about you

I miss the sound of dice on the table

When you could stand when you were able

When you used to make me smile

It was nice to show my teeth every one in a while

I miss when you used to nap at the table

When the TV guy would turn off the cable

I miss your stories about the your ships

Michelle and I would imagine going on a trip

I miss how you used to make me cry

Because of the fact That i was shy

Im telling you these words are true

But words could never tell how much


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Raven Flies Free


Long-lived and rusted 
the flint lock pistol clutched in suspense......        
death had come to call......              
with a longing in her heart.......
she stood guard fighting her transformation,  
silent fog rolled beneath a picturesque cliff......
waiting in silence her spirit cried for confirmation,
a longing for a peaceful flight enthralled her desperate heart........
in the distance swirling clouds parted
at once, a voice in harmonic rhythm sang out
"freedom to fly free my dear raven"
"freedom to fly free my dear raven"............
and in that instant her spirit rose in a peaceful calm......
destiny had been received, 
a glorious revelation revealed
engulfed in love her spirit rejoice......

Her spirit soar......

Hebrew translation for "Palet" is "Deliverer"

A Rambling Poet Contest~Among The Dead
Poet~Rick Parise

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The Evil Elixir

He's up in the morning at 7 a.m.
Black coffee and paper. Toast and jam
His hair is perfection. His tie is secure
He's ready to take on the day

From home to the office, a 90 minute trip
Dumbass drivers and cell phone quips
Thoughts for the job that race through his head
To help earn himself better pay

A tiger by nine, he's doing just fine
Then noon brings a lunch that's followed by wine
From one until five he then starts to morph
When it's off to the bar for some more

A couple of shots with a beer back to boot
Three hours later he's got a full snoot
An illegal drive from the bar to his home
Now he can really tie one on

The morning sun shines on the man he should be
The evening brings a change by degree
The evil elixir turns man to a monster
With all sense of sanity gone


For the "Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde" contest by Yasmin Khan

7th place winner.

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Searing pain rips through my chest,
As I slip on the painted green stairs, 
Running from something I’m not sure
Too afraid to stop, to turn my head.

My heart races, my head throbbing,
If I could just take a deep breath,
To cleanse my soul and refresh,
Where is this dark building I’m in.

Lying in warmth I move my hand,
Red covers me, flowing down the steps,
A peaceful calm envelopes as I view
My Dad with open arms waiting for me.

He is standing now, out of his wheelchair,
Smiling with his crooked grin so sweet,
The pain ebbs and happiness grows
Then I wake again to the dark emptiness.

Written September 23, 2012
For Francine Robert’s contest
“In Dreams”

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Father/Dad/Mother/Mom (Birthday/Father's Day/Mother's Day/Thankyou/Thinking of you/Across the miles

I may not be at home with you
'though it does not mean that you're not near
I recollect those things you've done
For me throughout the years

You've picked me up when I've fell down
and soothed my broken spirit;
played games and taught me how to grow
Worked hard to feed us with it

So my heartfelt thanks are in these words
as I think of you this way;
and all my love is sent to you
All year, not just today.

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My Father

He's dying now
Cancer eating away his stomach
Kidneys failing and the Chemo
taking it's time with everything
else    taking it's sweet time
My five year old daughter asks me:
"Daddy! Where's grandpa?"
and i feel the tears pushing
into my face before i answer:
"He's working, Baby. 
He'll be home later." Then i go 
to the bathroom
lock the door
sit on the floor and push my face
into my palms... My father is dying
and i can't do a damned thing
i can't take his place
i can't sleep
enjoy my wife
I can't find peace in poetry
He looks at me he can't talk because
there's a hose in his mouth
trying to help him breath
and through his eyes
i can see he loves me
i can touch his hand
hug him    kiss his forehead
but the one thing i wish   what i pray
for     i have no power over
i can't save his life
i don't have enough hope

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Patradoot or The Messenger 28 /Many

Patradoot or The Messenger28 /Many 
English version by  Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

These men and women have incarnated in them 
Peace with determination, for the well being of others, 
They have increased the honor and dignity, dear letter,
Of our motherland, we adore and worship as Bharat.*  

Moving ahead, you will see dear letter, how the rulers,
Beat them with sticks so mercilessly,
And how these tender bodies,
Fearlessly bear the lathi’s* on them, so bravely.

You will see how  with great determination and firmness, these women,
Are marching ahead,  while facing the pains of bamboo sticks,
Even when they become wounded or being crushed,
They are not fearful, nor do they think to withdraw, dear letter.
Some where you will be charmed to see,
Groups of young boys singing and marching,
Like a brigade of active monkey’s, dear letter,
They show their latent and sleeping energies.


Kanpur India 10th August 2010                                 to continue in 29


* Bharat.     The ancient name of India is Bharat.
Lathi.           A lathi is the sturdy bamboo stick carried by many Indians.

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
Has any question or queries, they can 
Send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my late father 
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, who was a freedom fighter.
This manuscript was written when he was imprisoned
By the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He was imprisoned 
many times during 1920 to 1947. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 

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December came

I'm in need for some repairs
Daddy , please
Listen to me
Hear my cries
Catch my screams
I'm suffering inside
And cannot see

But feel my plea
I was only fourteen
Sleeping in the streets
Finding something to eat
Drinking from waterfalls
Feeling so alone

Listening to the wind
Daddy sick , so far away
I'm stuck on this Island
Daddy swallowed cancer

Give him my Island
Give me his cancer
As my heart disappears
I cry in silent tears

Taste the poison in my blood
The day , December came
The day , you went away
The day , I realize 
I was spending Christmas 
Alone on this Island
So far away.....
With nothing else to say......

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Because I Love Only You

Put your arms around me 
I want you to control me 
Comfort me with your words 
Please, protect me from the worst. 

I want to show you my love is true 
From this day till we reach one that's new 
I hate how my heart constantly beats for you 
But I'm happy because I love only you.

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God Saw My Distress and Healed Me part 4

This question drives me up and down the walls
I know for certain that God has answered my calls
I can’t hang up on Him…He’s so brilliant
And I’m so little compared to Him…
Maybe I’m little in size and very insignificant compared to the most High
He gives me quite a natural high
He brings me back home and kisses me good night
Without His love, I’d be lost like a sheep losing his shepherd
I feel like I’m separated to God
As if God and I are on both sides of the coin…
Our oceans don’t collide with each other,
But He does make huge tidal waves…
And I make baby waves that swerve up and down
Like a wave’s movement, my life seems to have its low points and high points
But, when I build enough energy, I glide higher than the clouds
Though, unfortunately, I’ve only been dreaming this
Then, I collapse into the face rubs against it and I have scrapes all over
Sand and water do mix well, but afterwards, the sea shore’s weight will pile up on the bottom of the ocean floor
I can’t imagine how many grains of sand there are on Earth
There are countless amounts of ants on Earth as well
Trillions and trillions of them are in existence
It’s amazing how plants take in Carbon Dioxide
And we breathe in oxygen…
God is a fantastic creator and He did carve His creations pretty well
God saw my distress and He healed me
When I think about Him, I’m speechless and can’t say much
He’s made out of love and He bubbles me up with excitement
I haven’t given Him the credit of working miracles in my life…
But, I don’t want to divorce God…I must propose to Him like a wife
Does to her husband…I want to submit to Him
He made the sunset, the moon and stars
Look! He even made the planets and He healed our scars
He made the flowers, the roses and the creeping bugs
Look! He even made leaves for our eyes to see…
He made the change of seasons
God saw my distress and healed me
God made the wild cats, bears, reptiles
He made us have a brain that is as neat as black and white tiles
God healed me…and I’m simply glad He did so
God wiped out my distress…and He simply dressed me with happiness and He’s in high spirits to see me grow

 ~ Inspired by the band of Evanescence’s song: Never Go Back 
~ God inspired me to write this poem…

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The Girl

She looked at him with unsullied wide eyes blue 
She’d never loved or would a man so much, so long.

She trusted him. He loved her and he was her world. And she his.
She knew no other man nor men knew her and all was pure, as she was too.

She just knew him, his healing word his gentle kiss his soft  brief touch and all he had
he gave, and all she took and wanted more, for all was safe in those, his guarding arms.

She loved to laugh and he did too in those the days when she felt small 
She thought he was a force at times not man, but just for her and to her all his love he gave.

She shone to him, the life he’d made. Now she gave him love for life, her gift to him
She was his life and would give his for her, should shadow cross their path.

She never thought that he’d do bad or break her trust or worse her heart
She could not know that life is hard or that man is flawed for all his will.

She would know but not today, today or now, tomorrow holds its secret sorrows still for her.
She holds his hand as on they go, the sunshine's bright on wide eyes blue, the girl, her
dad, as one. For now.

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The Simple Truth

All Mighty One
The Beginning and the End
Alfa and Omega

Thy living water spills free in a fountain of forgiveness 
love and light so pure and free
my cornerstone of strength and hope
for you, I fall to my knees

The darling of heaven once crucified 
you have risen in all glory and now you rest within my desperate soul
a predestined beauty of the eternal promise of everlasting life
I call to you in good times of prosperity 
and I ask that you might sustain this life
I cry out to you in times of trial
knowing you will guide and strengthen this weary soul

My precious Jesus, son of God almighty 
I surrender to thee
I praise only you
forge and mold me oh' sweet Father
for I believe
I believe

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Here In The Silence

My soul thirsts, O Lord Where are you hiding? Why can’t I find you? I call your name And silence reverberates My tears flow like lava Where are you? Lord? Strength seems to fail Even the wind is still While the deep silence lingers Yet, my hope lies in your promise… Never to abandon me So, I will wait in this silence ‘Til your voice I hear once more Within this fragrant garden of solitude At last, it is you! Only you will Call to me, ‘Peace, be still; ‘For in the silence I’m with you, always…’ Now my soul rejoices in your presence Overcome by unparallel beauty and peace I recline at your feet, my Father… I rest. ~*~
11/02/12 7th Place in "Song inspired Poems, Old or New" Note: Inspired by “Adagio in G Minor” By The London Promenade Orchestra. Listen to it And you’ll find it’s one of the most beautiful pieces Of music, ever…if you’re like me.. you’ll cry. I couldn’t find Their rendition on YouTube but this is almost as good Maybe better in some ways…it’s lengthier. Enjoy : )

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The Old Farm House

Sunday dinners at the
old farm house.

Tender beef melting
in ones mouth.

A walk in the woods
with dad on

this fine fall day
talking about his,

younger times
he had, that he shared

with me, so heart warming
were these Sundays of

long ago, getting to
know my dear dad,

as I never had before,
learning so much about

this strange man I
didn't know before,

he was my dad
no matter what had

happened in the past
those good old Sunday

dinners at the
old farm house,

will never forget those
days dear dad,

miss you so much
wished we had met

sooner at the old
farm house.

wrote 9-23-08

In memory of my dad
Elmer W. Foulk  9-13-1904 to October 1970


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My friend’s father died today
No idea, what to say
I imagine what she feels
Through her words, this man is real

‘My Da passed away this morning……………….’
My thoughts are sitting with her, mourning………………: (

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A Real Father

Any guy can have a child
But it takes a real man to be a father
Any guy can get annoyed
But a real man don't get bothered
Any guy can give money for his kids
But a real man is there for them
Any guy can work all the time
But a real man is takes care of her or him
Any guy can justify his position
But a real man proves his spot
Any guy can get upset with kids
But a real man never gets hot
Any guy can talk whatever
But a real man goes with the transaction
Any guy can buy stuff for their kids
But a real man's love is out of action
So many guys nowadays fall
But real men step up to the call

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Random Thoughts

Thinking about tomorrow
You wont be there
Thinking about you
I miss your voice
Thinking about my birthday
The one I don’t want to have without you
Thinking about my friend 
And how we are drifting apart 
Thinking about a bond and how could be broken over a night 
Thinking about how people could simple walk away
Thinking about life
I wish it would end
Thinking about me
I hate so much
Nothing makes sense 
A lesson I learnt in life 
Everyone walks away
Everyone leaves
There’s no such thing 
As I will be their forever
Or true friendship
No such thing as love 
Being close to anyone 
Only brings pain 
Pain to heart
Pain to soul
They either leave
OR god simple choose
To take them away
Thinking about the things I’ve done
And you are not here to see
Thinking about all the days I tried to make you proud
But never really did
Tired of life
Tired of everything
I think it’s time to say my goodbyes
And put my thinking aside

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This is the second Father's Day 
Without my rock, my superman
The one man in this world who was 
Supposed to be
Guaranteed not to hurt me
Guess what:
That's a lie
It hurt like hell when my parents fought
It hurt like hell when he got sick
It hurt like hell when he died 
Now, it doesn't hurt
But that doesn't mean I'm OK
Just that, that part of me has gone numb
They say time heals all wounds
But I think they're wrong
Because, losing someone you thought
Was immortal 
Hurts almost more than I can bear
But, I have to bear it
My mom is too caught up 
With her new boyfriend
My boyfriend is too caught up
With his family
My best friend is out of town
And she wouldn't understand anyway
So, here I am, alone,
Trying to bear
The feeling of 
Pain, hot, fiery, numbing pain
Seeping in through the giant
In my armor
And filling 
The gigantic hole in my heart
Where my dad used to be

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''Afraid To Love''

Reach for my hand.
Distance between I can't understand?
Whisper words of wisdom.
Thus not to shove away.
Still waiting on your reason,you would never say....
''I am what is left''...Love only what I am.
Father for his daughter.
Can you do this please?
No need to run,no need to freeze.
Love me as I deserve.
Daddys' little girl.
Make me your world.
Eyes of my own.
You are all I have ever known.

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Scars of an Inner Child

You are not the man, you want to be
You said you were my Father, till, I discovered different
Enduring, daily beatings
Bashing the living day lights, out of a woman and a child
Repetitive, bad ass attitude, nasty streak
Mean and aggressive!
Fists, knives and guns, your weapons of chose
Out of control, abusive, devious
Relentless, over – bearing!
Breaking me, piece by piece
Confusing a child, with unhealthy love
Hand fed your bullshit, brain washed
Using me as your human, punching bag
This innocent child’s blood, staining your callas hands
My child’s curiosity, asking you one day
“Why do you hurt me and Mum?”
Your retort: “I am not your blood!”
I didn't understand, back then
Now, as an adult, I clearly understand!
Believe me, when I say
There was never a day that went past
That you didn't remind me of that!
My freedom, restrained
My sanity, tested
Caged, like a wild bird in captivity
Behind bars, looking out
 Here, I am today, free from your grip
Nursing, this inner child’s, bleeding love

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Heartbreaking Decisions

Walking a tight rope without an umbrella
feet unsure of the next steps to take
heart heavy, mind uneasy, can't look down
equilibrium off kilter, yet still watching ahead
focusing on you alone, selfishness set aside
as days with you dwindle before our eyes

Tears must flow in our private darkness
anxiety we set aside in your presence
smiles in place, presenting a happy face
wanting always, no more or no less than
what we believe is best for you, our father
as days with you dwindle before our eyes

Grieving for you while in your presence
a luxury we dare not bring to the foreground
decisions on what is right and wrong
overloading our senses with the magnitude
of what lies ahead, daily now.. saying our goodbyes
as days with you dwindle before our eyes

Second guessing decisions causing pain
struggling with what we perceive is best
trying to place ourselves in your shoes
knowing you can no longer reason choice
we place your life before the Great Physician
as days with you dwindle before our eyes

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Serpent of Corruption

Worthy of love, unbreakable togetherness, and lasting compassion would have been instilled
strongly in the vessel of thirsting heart and unstable mind of a child.

But, why soup of hatred, a platter of pale love and a bowl of spoiled unloving thoughts
are laid in the niche of the child’s sprouting character?

Family ties were untied by a father who neglected his pure actions and encouraging words
and translated into unspoken greediness and unnoticed carelessness of expressed thoughts
that form the growing character of his son.

The family bonding is disbanded by a mother who works in the scope of her comfort where
eyes and mouth are only the weapons of her love and care for her curious daughter and for
her wandering son.

A father who offers a well of gold and silver, a mother who clothes sparkling dress of
worldly wealth to her offspring!

Their children have worn ever the brightest smile but not for a while,
The pleasures of their tongue were satisfied but not their hearts.

Corruption begins at home.
It creeps to the nerves of the heart of your son.
It envelops the innocent soul of your daughter.

For every dishonest  word that is pronounced by the indifferent father,
For every unchecked actions that mother has imposed,
Are a sure lifetime shaper to the values and character of the children.

Family brings serpents of corruption in every corner of the home.
It blows very hard like a destructive wind of the storm.
It is like a starving lion that preys on the flesh of good virtues and leaves nothing but
dead soul!

Father, Mother, May I appeal to your deepest conscience and understanding!
May you be vigilant and be watchful of your actions and your ways of life!
Your most beloved children are at stake in the breaking and making of their character!

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''Broken Light''

~Why will your love never be true?
Such an absent silence.
Wearing a heart I can see right through.
An emotionless ploy.
Faint face,as eyes that were always dim.
I remember now,the smile that was forever saved for you.
But, no return, left lonely.
I turned away from our broken light.~

This is for children who has felt abandoned by parents~

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War Crimes

"Leave no man behind"
That was my first blood
I deserted him and left him on that island
Seventeen years later we found each other 
He held no grudge, one he had rights to
But he can't make me loathe myself any less

I left her with a Commander who was insane and cunning
No one knew the true scope until it was too late
Cast aside by the system and my inability... My instability
I may never recover that connection
Not sure I'm of worth

Finally, I found my comrade with one in tow
Even being there every day
I was unavailable, insufficient
And it hurt her in so many ways
Ways that will show in the battles and victories to come

A trial, no need.... Prison, my own warden
I can only hope to witness the coming events passively
I can hope to be invited to join their ranks once again
To be there, even if too late

The world forgets much
I cannot.... Will not.... Must not

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Sleeping child

When she is sleeping in my arms, all disappears, nothing else matters. In heartbeats and breaths measured is time, so brittle, defenceless I am lost without her.

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On Dad

As the sawdust rises
The morning mist embraces
A  lonesome cruiser in his white car
Which resembles a dove...
Cruising the seas!

He drives on with his beautiful  children
Whom he loves with all his heart..
With a loving smile and a handshake,
He greets everyone he meets on the way
...And so he cruises on all his life!

Sadly and silently now, he has travelled
Into the heaven above.
Where he lives on in all the heavenly glory!

And do you know...?
Even GOD knows that-This was a Man-so true to his words!

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The Son of Love's Union

The Son of Love’s Union Two hearts swelled to twice their size the day that you were born As we counted, very gently, ten fingers and ten toes then your daddy sweetly touched your little turned up nose Two hearts fell in love with our new squirming bundle of joy Wrinkled pink skin did not deter our feelings within As tiny hands grasping our fingers gave our world a spin Two hearts, joined in love, now have two children between As father, mother, sister and brother round out the score Only death could break the bond with these children we adore
By: Debra Squyres for the “Gerber Baby” members contest. Note: This poem was written from a photo of my husband and I after our son was born. I’m in the hospital bed holding him; his blanket is unwrapped so we can see all of him. I remember us counting his tiny fingers and toes and my husband being so choked up with love and pride, he reached down and simply touched his little nose. This was our first son, second child. Sadly, death did break the physical bond, but not the bond of love of Son for father. Deeply cherished photo.

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My God

Father I fall to my knees, I weep in agony and strife
I feel the hands of death gripping me tight holding me still
I dream of hope and hope to be, yet in my own memory hope is lost
Lost past beyond my own reality, the angels of Heaven see my winding ways
I have lost it all, my job, my car and not to mention my home
I weep, I seek for aid with in my family and they know not of me
Will I fall to break my spirit on the bottom where forgotten rocks lay
It hurts deep down in my soul to be all alone
To have no one to turn to for aid when times are trouble
The pain of having your closest ones turn the knife on you when you only seek comfort
My mother and father can't even see eachother yet help me?
When I was but a young boy my father denied me to the world I was just some bum he helped
All I wanted was a loving family, a group of love to cherish my ideas
To give me warmth when I was cold blue
A pair to see my dreams as gold, and help me plant the root of my future
I am now 21 years old, and I go back to the streets where death lives
I won't fear for my God will too be there
And I will pray to my Lords will, as I shall serve to His glory
Father I come upon You, as You are everywhere
I confess that I am a sinner, I open my heart to you Jesus
I believe that you died on the cross and made me anew
I pray the Holy Spirit live inside me
For always and forever in the name of my savior Lord Jesus amen

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I'm still wearing the
red lusted lipstick he hates
as I try to explain that
it's impossible to
wash this disease away.
My father says I'm
a picture of teenage cliches,
mourning puppy love
as if it is something tangible, 
him, always one to rip
the band aid from the wound, 
quick and with only the 
slightest sting of nostalgia.
He wonders why he was cursed
with the mass of emotions
bleeding before him.
"It's later than midnight..." he says,
but they are everywhere,
dampening my hair,
flailing into my mouth
already creasing into 
the laugh lines and 
fleeting moments of yesterday.
My father wanted the boy,
five years younger and 
dead before born
but all he got
was this:
frayed heart and torn jeans,
sheet stains from two kinds of
melted foundations,
the moist aftermath that I will
swallow in sleep, as the
constant question marks
adorn his face.

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You will always be with me.
Death will not take you away.
In my heart you will always be.
Till we meet again some day.

God has you in his arms now.
And heavens angles do sing.
I will go on some how.
Till for me they ring.

Your loving heart and caring hands.
Raised us girls to be strong.
You always seemed to understand.
When things went wrong.

Daddy don't worry to you I will still turn.
Even if it is at your stone.
I still have alot to learn.
But I know you will never be gone.

For even in Death your love goes on.
With ever memory we share.

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A Mistake That Killed

In a race
There I ride 
I took a turn 
And cost a life
With a gash in my head
I ran to the other car
Inside were two men
One I recognized
I pressed my face on the shattered glass
And found my father, whose life just passed
A rush of guilt
Killed my mind
But not as much
As I ended my father's life.

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I hear the flash
A blur of brilliance
Of stinging sunshine
Melted memories
Which I can still taste
Beneath Sunday brunch
I hear his eyes
Cocked chambers of silence
Echoes of forgotten laughter
Fractured in gelid resolve
Crystal conscience
Blinded somewhere
Between fire and faith
I hear the earth
Blaring blades of emerald
Swirling hues of hegemony 
Tickling nature’s palette 
My blushing pale feet
As silhouettes of summer
Push bare backyard swings 
I hear my heartbeat 
The crimson crush of sulfur
The stoic shadow of my father
Who forgot to tell his daughter
He took her life
I see…nothing

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Patradoot or The Messenger 26/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger26 /Many 
English version by  Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

These Indian women, who were called salves of man,
And even showed as degraded by the writer publisher Ms. Mayo,
You would see, what courage and bravery they have shown,
You can witness and see from your eyes, dear letter.

You will see them fighting fearlessly, dear letter,
While wearing beautiful saffron color sarees,
As if,  the goddess of courage is giving them strength,
To peacefully face lathe's and beatings on them,

Some where you will witness on your way, dear letter,
How bravely these women are struggling, while bearing,
Tortures and lathe’s in love of their motherland,
They go even to jails without fearing cruealities.

Such was the courage faced by brave and bold Indira,*
The only daughter of Kamla* on Zero Road, dear letter,
When she saved the honor of national flag,
While fearlessly struggling to carry on the procession.


Kanpur India 6th August 2010                                 to continue in 27

*Kamala …Full name Mrs. Kamla Nehru. The reference is for the mother of Mrs. Indira Gandhi or the late 1st woman Prime Minister of India.. Kamla Nehru wife of Jawaharlal Lal Nehru. She was a great social worker and Freedom fighter. My mother or the writer's ( Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor ) wife to whom the entire Patradoot is dedicated used to go with Late Kamla Nehru,  as her regular companion to awaken the women and men living even in poverty and slums areas of Allahabad

* Indira   or Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The reference is of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, who later on became the Prime Minister of India. She was taking part in the non-violent movement of Mahatma Gandhi, even while she was quite young. Indira Gandhi was also from Allahabad.

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 


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Baby please don't cry

The sun retreats, rain falls from the sky when I see you cry my baby. Baby please don’t cry! Guardian angel bites his lips, standing silent nearby when I see you cry my baby. Baby please don’t cry! I will take your pain away, want to make it my if you do not cry my baby. Baby please don’t cry!

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As a father...

As a father you hope for the best,
you've done all that you could 
the talks the examples
the little test.

As a father you want them to succeed
you showed them how
taught them to get up
and above all to believe.

As a father you always want to be there
when they fall when they crash
cry and fill any kind of pain
and we hope we made that clear

As a father the love is like no other
in a proud smirk or a shake of a head
a look in the eye or up to the ski
it's a different love then a mothers

As a father of nineteen years and of two
I couldn't of asked for more out of them
as a proud father I'm blessed and gifted
even if nineteen years ago this was all new

As a father I say this to any one
hold them always scold them when they need it
show them when they need to see
and most of all be there and be there #1

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Why I Write Poetries Part 1

She was an Indian Barbie, long curly lash 
And brown complexion. The hair was 
Perfect, shiny black and she had on a small 
Pink gown to cover her 36-24-36 body. 
Last seen, she still had on her high heeled shoes.

Oh how my daughter cried, “Dolly, Dolly, 
Where are you?” when she found out she left, 
It on the basketball court’s grounds. She took
It along, against her mom’s frequent reminders,
When grandpa brought her with him for a walk. 

She cried horribly, my wife mailed me. Tears 
Rolling down her cheeks even as her mother 
Scolds, tears not for the accusatory words 
But for her Dolly who is gone. Gone away,
Lost and probably in another child’s hands. 

My wife, with a guilt ridden grandpa’s idea,
Told her Dolly wasn’t lost after all. In fact 
She was on her dolly way to dad now who
Works onboard a ship, sailing far, far away 
So he can buy milk and nappies for small kids.

“Punta sya dun kasi lungkot si Daddy di ba?” 
(She went there because Dad is lonely right?)
She asks in between sobs of her mom, who 
Can only nod and kiss her on the forehead
And whisper a “Yes,” the whitest of white 
Lies meant to comfort a grieving, sad child. 

Fast forward to the time I talked to my child
On a long distance call, from a very public booth.
She asked me if Dolly was with me, forewarned, 
I can only sigh a cheerful aye. “Talaga? tignan ko nga!”
(Oh yeah? Let me see her then!) 
Of course she must have meant to talk to her.

I didn’t hesitate, all so suddenly I knew what to do,
Then and there I belted a falsetto, uncaring 
Of the Island people around me, for in that one
Sparkling moment, I was talking to my child not as 
A father but as a long lost friend who misses her.

“HAH! Helloooo Dolly, andyan ka sa barko ni Daddy?”
(Hello Dolly, are you there on Daddy’s ship?)
She asks me after my high pitched hello, asking 
with such gasped longing, with such breathless relief, 
with such childlike delight and innocence. Even as  
Eavesdroppers wonder what harm befell my balls!

The rest of that dreamy conversation is lost to me now.
The wonder of her tone, her concern, her yearning for 
Her doll is all that remains, of the father and daughter
Transcending bounds of love, blasting colors and
Rainbows to a gray span of reality, even for a while.
---Part 2 on my poem list please read too long to post

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I wanted you to leave now your never coming back

        Before I was born you said I wasnt yours and burned down our house
                     and when I was born one glance changed your mind
                             cause I looked so much like you
When I was a baby you wrote me letters from a strange place  with the name I 
wasnt named  even though you wanted me to
I remember waiting at the window for you never to come
and when ide call you'd say you were sick again
I remember when you were sick I visited you in a new place
and you made me a bracelet out of some sort of craft material
it fell apart shortly after I left even though you fixed it 3 times already
when I was there you told me you were sick but slowly getting better and that 
you loved me
I remember when your cat attacked me 
and you didnt believe me 
I remember thinking  mom knows im not a lair why dont you
when I use to visit you you never knew what to cook me or buy me to wear
so I lived off of cheddar cheese and cereal and candy and ide wear this hidious 
purple outfit with snowflakes that I hated
I couldnt wait till I grew outa it which took awhile cause you bought it to big
When I was 13 I was hospitalized and you would visit me 
and you and mom got back together and you moved back in
you moved from a weird house with other men 
who were all twitchy and some of them were dying
you started drinking more and more
and began to be more and more physically abusive 
I hated you I wanted you gone
and when I called the cops on you they looked at me like I was crazy
and in turn I was placed on pins and labeled a problom child
and when we went to meet with my po you cried big crocidile tears when the 
scary man said things you didnt want to hear
so while we were gone you packed up and left
and I was happy
but I hated you for years after
when I was 17 we were shortly back in touch
But I still wasnt ready to stop hating you yet
when I was 18 I found out you were in the hospital dying of cancer
so I went to see you hooked up to every machine and more
I told you I forgive you that its ok 
they told me you couldnt hear me that you were in a coma
I went to visit you when you were outa the hospital
I reminded you that I forgive that  its ok and you said no its not
on october 13th 09 you died
an I never stopped crying
so much was unsaid
I couldnt handle it
so I tryed to kill my self cause  I needed to talk to you again evn if it meant 
leaving everything behind
I wanted you to leave now your never coming back

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Gotta Play the Game

Gotta Play the Game
            by Odin Roark

There's this big choice
Pack it in
Or play the game

So it goes with
That societal barometer
Called Retirement

Some of us
Know nothing of such nonsense
Their club dues
And tee time fees
Speak another language

Now the game
Has many rules
Make up your own
If you wish
It's all about beating
That dumb death trap
Called Retirement


For those of age-be-damned mindset
Put it out there
Youth is more than a state of mind
It's craziness never subdued

Give the creaky joints
Some Glucosamine and Chonodroitin
Slap on the skin goo for liver spots
****'m if they don't like suspenders
Or mumus
Eat your veggies though
Fox News even supports that
Avoid sobriety
And trip into wherever you need to be


No one knows
Where you need to be
Better than your stubborn self
Which is an earned right of passage
The other way

With a shot of Jack in your paw
You're that person that's always wanted
Your own experience
And just a little bit of
Wisdom for a chaser

C'mon kids of "Age Be Damned"
Time to parrrrrtttteeeee!

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My Worst

Hey dad,
please talk to me.
There's something I need to say.
I've realized something.
Just hear me out and you'll know I'm right.
I'll never be good enough for you.
I'll never meet your expectations.
And we're growing apart so fast
that I can barely tell what you want anymore.
All the things that you've said
hurt worse than you'll ever know.
And now we can't go back.
I'm sorry I can't be perfect.
But I'm always at my worst when I'm with you.
My mood so dark that I can't see.
You'll never understand how hard it is
and how bad it hurts to be me near you.

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The Lord's Peace

The chaos is shedding
Of happiness is floating
The madness..chaos is concealing
Comes from the Lord - 
To Him who mends us all...
To Him who forgives all of our sins
And downfalls
And answers everyone's calls

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If I could give you diamonds,

For each time you cried for me.

If I could give you Sapphires‘,

For each truth you helped me see.

If I could give you rubies,

For all the heartache you’ve known.

If I could give you pearl’s,

For all the wisdom you show.

Then you would have a treasure

That would mount up to the skies.

That would almost match,

The sparkle in your kind and loving eyes.

But I have no pearls, no rubies,

No sapphires’ or diamonds.

As I’m sure you’re well aware.

So I’ll give you gifts more precious,’

My devotion, my love and care.

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                                               He engraved her silhouette
                                                        Into his memory
                                                             Baby Girl
                                                     Grasped her tightly
                                        Hands on her shoulder blades
                                                      To feel her wings

                                                         And he let go.

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White Helium Balloon

white helium balloon
not quite taut
from summer heat and long ride
in the rental car

let fly
by a son
to picture a father
going to a better place

crowd of friends, family
circle round
watch the orb
rise ? just slightly

then hover
just overhead
string dangling forlornly
barely out of towhead's grasp

sad eyes turn to adults
unspoken comes the question, "Why?"
"Never one to leave a party early"
nods a bearded desert-rat

slowly the drooping symbol
wafts past onlookers
barely skimming yard, garden
comes to stop over newly-mown alfalfa field

Gravity persists
drops it slowly
string entwines 
among the green stubble

a calloused hand finds 
young boy's shoulder,
shaking, as tears fill 
saddened brown eyes

"Heaven's whereever he most loved to be, son.
That'd be right here. His flight was short."

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Spirit Flight (LOVE)

A simple peace of this fragmented reality of the spirit flight 
now, I lay me down to sleep
a spiritual realm of possibilities inches forward
my third eye of perception wide and receiving 
an unconscious consciousness of God's realm peering inward 
a small piece of life's mystery reveals a brilliant flight    
purple and light green float in a vision beyond comprehension 
I dive in and receive this unimaginable gift
a garden of light and energy suspended free
my spirit heeds the call as I drift 
submersed in a love words cannot express
I drown in light...............

The Spiritual Dream 
A Rambling Poet Contest "A Fragmented Dream"  
By Rick Parise

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The soldier, the war, and I

The soldier, the war, and I

Today I am home and thinking to my self..
What would I be doing if I had a soldier coming home to me and my family?
What would I be doing if I was the soldier looking to going home to my family?
And then, I look back at all the years passed since this last war..

Many children have grown to become men, Others have grown to become soldiers
Where would I be if I had gone to the war and fought for my country?
Where would I be if I had gone and came back safely?
Where would I be if I had not gone at all because I was not qualified to go?
Would I be with my family or in a hospital injured?
Would I be standing proud, and laughing with my friends and family?
Or would I be dead, as I never got to come back?

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
Thinking of all of those brave soldiers, children still
Who are out there, suffering.. And some ill

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
How many woman are crying because of their gone loved ones
How many men are crying for their loved and missed ones
How many children are fatherless or motherless, or both!

And at the end I stop. I think no more..
I am grateful for the things I have, 
I am grateful for the people who surround me...
And I am sure grateful to never have gone to a war; yet, 
I sure appreciate the thoughts, courage, life, and suffering
Of all of those who have been touched by it.

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I know that I’ve never said it before
I know that you’ve not heard me say it before
But we both knows
That I truly and sincere loves you

Eve time you tell me you love me
I just smile
I really want to say that I love you too
But the words just won’t come out

You always know when something is wrong
And you won’t feel at rest
Until you know what’s wrong

Eve time I asked 
“Why put my needs before yours?”
And you will reply
“Your needs are important to me”

Your love I have never missed
Love that you have invest in me
No one can ever pay for it

Your undying love
Costs more than anything
That this world possesses

You know me better than anyone
Better than even myself
Your words are so touching and thoughtful

You always say your happiness
Comes before all for me
You are the first man
That has ever told me “I love you”
Even if I was headstrong, still you do

I think it’s about time that I told you
What you want to hear
So with all my sincerity
And I am not ashamed to say 
That you are the first and only man
That I’m ever going to love forever and always

The bonds we share are so strong and special
No one can ever define 
Or even destroy the love we share
I am so proud and so happy
To be love by you 

Like you always told me
How proud you are of me... am I

So there you go
Because I am going to say it loud
You mean so much for me
I care and love you so much

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“It’s not so simple to love someone,
Who just doesn’t love you back,
But it’s said,
 That in order to love;
You have to love, a love
 That’ll just tear you apart,
 Along with
 Breaking your heart.”
“And, I truly don’t understand
 Why that is--
But, I guess that’s just the way
 Humans are…”

I can hear the angel’s crying,
Cause’ every time you speak
They fear the fear of you lying.
See, you scared away my angel--
Oh, how empty life is now without
My umber--
The shadows you left me in
They’re breaking down my wonders.
Now I can’t stop, but wonder,
What made you,
So utterly cold hearted?
I feel like my chest will explode,
But my heart will still pump.
Dismantled it’ll stay with a, “thump, 
“Stop and listen,
Carefully you’ll hear the rhythm,
Those echoes that skip then repeat”.
In silence, just a heartbeat,
I’ll wait for them to come, in the light
There they’ll be to wake me
From this horrible dream,
This dream, which breaks me.
“No, this nightmare that rapes me”.
Those clefts that have injured my 
Have never even scraped me.
If you can’t take me,
At least say you’d forgave me,
Pray with me.
He’ll open the doors, he’ll save me--
These lies you’ve laid upon me--
Quit faking, It’s driving me crazy.
“Oh hey look,
Its daddy’s little baby,
Go ahead Otto, say “hello”,
He’ll accept you, 

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Vasava An untold story 1/Many

An untold story 

The story as Vasavadutta originally conceived and written by my late father Dr.Amar Nath 
Kapoor*  in Hindi many many years back, but Accidentally the major portion of his hand 
written manuscript got lost with many of his other hand written manuscripts during his 
lifetime itself. He had a deep attachment for this unique story belonging to the period of 
Guam Buddha 559 BC. 
Since I had heard him reciting this story when the manuscript was present I am trying to 
rewrite this unique story, as was wished by my late father. Hope my poetry soup friends 
would find it a unique story portraying a beautiful character of a dancer Vasavadutta or 
Vasava, who was an embodiment of beauty. Her life changed completely when she came to 
see Gautama Buddha.

I am rewriting his idea and story in English and hope to have your both types of comments 
as you find and feel, as it is always precious for me.

An untold story 						Part 01/Many

She was a woman of splendid and unparallel beauty
Lavishly bestowed and blessed on her by Nature
Her intoxicating and lovely youth,  had sparked  
Her beauty and enchanting ness far and wide on Earth

On the beauty of her face and hanging hair locks
Many and mighty had sacrificed and burnt like moths
To see only a glimpse of her dance and to hear her voice
Many lost their entire wealth, only to enjoy her dance

Brahma* had labored hard, while shaping her beauty
Her enchanting eyes use to glitter, like beautiful sapphires
Which were studded in the golden cups of her lovely eyes
Attracting everyone, who came in the closeness of her eyes

During her dance performances, her eyes use to sprinkle 
A passionate intoxicating wine, to charm the audience
Her spectators never appears to stop drinking that wine
To get completely lost themselves in the charms of her dance


Kanpur India 01st March    2010	                  Part 01/Many

References and Hindi word used.

* Brahma   The Creator of the entire Universe as per Hindu  

* Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor  My late father who was also a freedom      
   fighter who joined national freedom movements of Mahatma  
   Gandhi in 1920 but left active politics after India’s 
   independence in 1947 and devoted rest of his life till 1994 in 
   writing mass literature on Indian mythology, dramas , Poetry 
   and etc and wrote more than hundred manuscripts

*Kama  means wish, desire or longing, especially as in sensual 
    love or sexuality  ( Deo)  Hindu god inducing lusty 

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The Ordination a Tribute to My Father

My father was ordained of God to preach his word in
this troubled land, for Jesus he made his stand.
Many times I have heard him tell of a God that could not fail.
He taught each of us children to trust and obey for in this 
world it was easy to go astray.
When my Father preached about the Savior’s love you
 could feel  the Holy Spirit descend from Heaven above.
Each night he would carry us all before the throne of grace
in his quiet secret place.
With tear filled eyes he seemed to make all Heaven
aware, and sometimes till dawn he would tarry there.
Humbly he walked before God and man to fulfill 
God’s great command. 

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Growing UP

abominate, abhor, abuse, admonish, adumbrate, afflict, advance,
agitate, agonize, alcohol, announce, approach, awaken, bait, bark,
bawl, bedamn, bedevil, berate, betoken, bluster, bode, bother, break,
brew, browbeat, bully, caution, censure, chide, clutter, comminate,
complain, complicate, confuse, cow, crucify, DAD, damage, daughter,
deplore, detest, devil, disarray, disorder, disparage, distress, divine,
embroil, enforce, enmesh, ensnarl, entangle, entwine, exacerbate,
excruciate, execrate, expiate, family, feel, fist, flex, forebode,
forecast, forerun, foresee, foreshadow, foreshow, foretell, foretoken,
forewarn, frighten, fulminate, gnarl, gnash, grieve, growl, hammer,
hang, harass, harbinger, harmonize, harrow, heckle, herald, hound,
injure, intimidate, impend, imperil, imprecate, inflict, intuit, involve,
irk, jam, jeopardize, joy, knot, laughter, loom, love, maze, menace,
mistreat, molest, Mom, muck, muddle, mumble, murmur, mutter,
nag, normalize, omen, overhang, overshadow, perplex, persecute,
pester, plague, portend, preindicate, provoke, punish, push, presage,
pressurize, prognosticate, promise, prophesy, provoke, punish,
quarrel, quiz, rack, ravel, rebuke, reprimand, risk, scare, scold,
scourge, scowl, sense, shake, shame, signify, smite, snap, snarl, son,
soothsay, spook, strike, tangle, tease, terrorize, threaten, thunder,
torment, torture, trouble, upset, usurp, vaticinate, vex, vilify,
vociferate, walk, warn, worry, wound, wring, yell, yelp, zero, zip, zone.

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My Special Day

I wish you could be there,
On my special day,
To be there when I wake up,
To hold me in your arms,
To whisper words of advice.

I wish you could be there,
On my special day,
To kiss my cheek,
To straighten my veil,
To tell me I’m beautiful.

I wish you could be there,
On my special day,
To help me out of the car,
To walk with me down the aisle,
To give me away.

But I know you’ll be there,
In the most important place,
Kept safely in my heart,
And in the hearts of our family,
And I know you’d be so proud,
On my special day.

7 November 2012

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I just don't understand why

I don't understand why we live a life were the ones we love die young or the wise ones we love die too soon for us to have learned enough from them we walk on the path we choose but it seems there’s always a road block or tough times we have to learn from with the loss of a loved one that’s a family member or a child we have bared along the way to whatever destiny has planned for us at the end of our road I guess it’s god way of telling us he needed them to be our guardian angels instead of them walking with us on our path we have so many unanswered questions an things we don't yet understand I guess when the time comes we will understand the why's we don't yet have answers to an the path we walk will be the rite path in the end I just hope when time comes we will all see the ones we lose on our path an get the why's an questions answered

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You have given me
The most beautiful gift
That I have never expected...
You've offered me love, tender and affection
You've given me all that you posses
You are my two best friend
On this earth
You have direct me through my way
You have brighten up my path
You have rise and fall to raise me up
Despite I was headstrong
But I was polite
When my friend disobediant
Decided to pay me a visit
A little correction was enough
To make it fly away
You've tought me right and wrong
You've help me understand life
You've educate me good value
Send me to school 
To gain a good education
For me to be what I want to be
You've always help me
To reach my target
When I wass weak...
...when I lose hope
You were always there 
To lift me up were always strong and confident
When I wassn't sure
And always a message of hope
When my tears flow down 
On my innocent face
With atender hand
You wipe it off
Your comfort I have never miss
You made me so proud
And I want to return the favour
Tell me is because I've grown up
I have to reject you
Instead I will hold you tight
Because without you
I wouldn't be here
You always there
When I needed you
You are really important to me
A precious treasure in the middle
Of my heart
That neither you, him or nobody
Will ever destroy
Without you there is no love
Without you life has no value
I need you everyday
You are the two shoulder I cry on
It's you that understand all my suffering
Joy and sorrow
Despite I was stubborn
But when consequences arrive
I realise... 
...that you were not manipulate me...
...but it wass for my own good
But you that have rejected them
But you that have neglected them
It's not too late to return back towards them
And appologize
A child needs his parents love
And parents should never abondon
Their child 
Thank you for the brillant gift
I owe you my life
That cost more than value of a diamond
Mother...'ve been through pain
To give me life
Father... were always the responsible man
And you've never leave mum side
During her pain you were by her side
And you've support her
You've cuddle me
Despite I was a pain in the neck
You've never toture me
I am really proud that you are my
Loving parents
I love you so much
I will never be able to finish repay you
For everything you've done and still doing for me
But as long as I'm alive
I will never reject you
Because you are my dynamic parents

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dirty laundry.

you think you understand.
but youre wrong.
its not just that the laundrys dirty.
its my dirt.
i dont want foreign fingers touching these things,
looking at my pale skin and dirty hair.
you say that this is my home now.
you say this is my family.
but youre wrong.
this is no home. just a house.
this is no family of mine.
you were my family.
but everything changes.
you don't care to listen.
you only think that you do.
you prefer the sound of your voice, of your moans.
no time for me to adapt.
you want everything your way.
you think that it's best for me.
keep reassuring yourself.
it doesnt make it right, just, true.

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i am lost

like a shadow 
on a moonless night
you are gone

my mind
stirs like a summer breeze
twirling thoughts of you
as i long for relief

if only you could come back

my heart
beats fast
like quickened steps
on paved walks at night
in search of you

my soul
reaches like a flower
ready to drink the rain
it thirsts for you

the child in me
the adult i have become
each miss you the same

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Patradoot or The Messenger 8/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger 8/Many

English version by
Ravindra K Kapoor

Enchanting beauty of nature, 

Would unfold its charms, on your way,

When you would take my hearts message,

For the most lovely child of the creator, my beloved.


Kanpur  India. 15th May 2010                           to continue in 9

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

Background of this Epic 

The Patradoot was written originally by my later father
Dr.Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932. He had joined India’s
Freedom struggle in 1920 on the call of Mahatma Gandhi.
From 1920 till 1947 (India got freedom in 15th Aug. 1947)
my father was in active movement as Congressman and 
Gandhi’s non violent soldier. For many a time he was 
imprisoned for many months to more than a years sometimes.

During one such imprisonment he wrote this epic and sent
it to my mother secretly as a gift for her and to get it printed 
and circulated among the masses to create awareness for 
India’s freedom. The book was printed by my mother in 
Hindi and some of this epic was circulated also, but the 
British confiscated the book and press of my father around
1933. I was born in 1950 in a free India. I am trying to bring
this great writing of my father in English which portrays more
than the translation of the epic, so the world may
come to know about this otherwise lost and forgotten great 
great epic and the sacrifices of my patents towards India’s
freedom struggle.

Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor left active politics after 1947 
and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. Unfortunately many of his
World class work could not be published so far and Patradoot
is one of them.


Transliteration of Hindi poem in English- Patradoot or the Messenger.

Prakriti   Mugdha   Sunderta   ke, 

Mug   Mai   Nav   Drashaya   Suhayenge,

Le   Kur   Priya   Dhing   Hirdraya  Sandesha,   

Jub   Tu    Mera    Gayega. 

Patradoot in Hindi written by
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

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Rise My Dear Fathers

I am a Father
I am a father of a Daughter
Who is in the age of teen
You will say my worries are very correct
She may be my daughter 
When she walks in roads 
 her mind has been polluted by posters
When she reads a journels
she may be disturbed by the photos
When she watch a channel 
her thoughts may be diverted by the plays
As a father ,my worries are correct
Her school and environment may be good
But her way to school and scenes in roads?
Sex and lust is everywhere
None is having common sense and road sense
Kissing and embarrassing  love is found  common
There is an attacks 
on our girl’s morality and conduct
Rise my dear Fathers against this evil
To protect our daughters from these evils

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As Blind the Moon

Dad sharpened a blade of word
So that it was as sharp as a knife
Mother then open the chest
Until naked like the moon
"Stab the knife!" dad said

I dare not imagine
Blind both eyes of the moon
While night said
Journey still more circular
Even including the dream
Which for me in the form of the blades of walls 
Form a box traps me, huddled
In it, whole time towards morning without
Managed to find a gap like the door was
Since childhood

"Stab the knife!" dad said
When I began to laugh with a mischievous
Imagining the moon began to blind
One of its eye

Mother's chest perfectly naked
And dad stay only one side of the walls
That continues melted


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Patradoot or The Messenger 22/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger22 /Many 
English version by 
Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor


The city of Allahabad is called a Holy shrine since ages, 

Because of the mingling of three holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati,

Although Saraswati has vanished, it still remains a supreme shrine, 

From time immemorial, which can not be determined in words, dear letter,.

The tradition of this prideful possession, dear letter,

Has been maintained by our ancestors since ages,

And many a great men have borne here, dear,

On the sacred land of Prayag or Allahabad, dear letter.


Kanpur India 18h June 2006                                 to continue in 23

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
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Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 


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God's Creation

innocently pure in life
the starting of creation
ties that bind forevermore

children from beginning to end; costly….

Copyright © 2011  By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Countless paths I have wandered, seeking for myself the things 
I once honored, Wealth, glory and fame.

But the paths you choose are fickle things, they twist and turn till you walk into the 
flame; Now the falme it is a paradox, it scorches your flesh, but it chills your bones.

I turned to flee, to seek my home, but twisted paths have no sympathy. I was lost 
and all alone. Then I glimpsed a distant glimmer, a tiny light shining through my 
window; I fixed my eyes on that tiny light and followed it through the dark, and 
stormy night.

Finally when I drew nigh the door, my Father stepped out and caressed me tight; I 
pleaded with my Father to take me back and he said. Hush my wandering child, for it 
was I who sent you the light.

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Greatness is Quietly Loud

Greatness is quietly loud His voice causes the earth to tremble Calling new life from her birthing loins Gentle hands can hold a fragile flower His kiss nourishes a bud in the misty dawn Great is He who labors over the sparrow Warms our earthly hearts with his whisper Guards our slumbering souls as we sleep Colors this earthly canvas with a royal majesty Listen… shhhhh Music is in every sound the ears can hear Melodic rustling of trees waltzing in the breeze Everyday life erupts with notes born to partake in song Laughter causes feet to shuffle like a raspy voice Hands clap to a beat, fingers snap to a tune Lovers sway as leafy branches waving to the moon Connected by the harp strings of the heart’s desire Whistling winds carry the infinite sounds of joy A newborns smell invokes a love one cannot define As they grow, parents taste of His nurturing flow Our divine destiny of creation to produce a living being Magnificent is the trust placed within the human spirit We are so rich in what money can never buy God is so exquisite it brings me to my knees Every creation works together balancing the earth These things reveal the sanctity of our worth Father How Great Thou Art! Carole Cookie Arnold

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Sweet Dreams

Chestnut hair
Hues of gold

Transforms to dust
Settles there in

Eyes umber

Index finger
Traces ear

Guides titian tresses
In channel there

Eyes slumber

She goes to a place
Where little girls dream

She goes to a place
Where little boys dare

Ne’er enter

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Suicide Note

This is the reason....
 Dear mom,
We never got along..
And you know that...
We constantly argue and disagree..
You make me feel like im a disappointment..
You made me feel as if i was never good enough.. 
You never made it seemed it like you actually cared..
 Dear Dad,
I know who you wanted me to be..
we used to not get along..
But now we do..
most of the time..
I know this is not who you want me to be..
I know this is not what you wanted me to do..
But i got no where to go..
You never seem to help..
 Dear the rest of the family
I know you are there for me..
But your reactions to what i do...
I just dont think i could deal..
I dont think you could help...
And i know you wouldnt understand..
 Dear Friends,
If i even dare call you that..
If you will care or not...
Even if you will notice...
I know some of you say your here for me..
But you dont understand..
I tried to tell one of you..
You just starred and wanted to tell everyone..
I am a human..
Im no different..
Im not some monster..
So i may be an outcast..
But does that really matter...
If only you could of helped me..
If only you didnt call me the names...
 Dear everyone,
Im sorry..
Im sorry for being a disappointment..
Im sorry for letting you down..
So that is why i have decided to leave..
So everyone will be happy..
Have a great life everyone..

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A Tribute to The King

The King of the jungle the lion loudly roars
And the Lioness immediately pays attention
The cubs step back but still look up in sheer awe
Because this majestic King of the jungle is their Dad
At the feeding bowl even the birds step aside for Dad
He generally eats first and they pay him his due respect
In our world he is Dad, Daddy, Fathers Pops and old man
He is there and his seed has provided us all with life
In our early years he works for our survival every day
And when grown he is always still there providing love
He teaches us how to survive and how to love and live
Offers us throughout a lifetime knowledge and wisdom
Teaches us how to survive after a fall and continue on
His loving hugs comfort when all suddenly seems lost
He always fights for our survival, our dreams and our failures
He is a man also has his own frailties and his own fears 
But he is our light out of the darkness throughout life
He chides us, corrects us, teases and loves us unconditionally
Thank you, Dad, Daddy, Father, Pops and the old man
Thank you for always being there and for being our hero!

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                     If you touch me I will dissipate to nothing.

                      If you scream at me I will become dung heap

                       If you imprison me I will become what I was

                        fashion, shape, and molded from, the dust of

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In Search of A Father's Love

In Search of a Father’s Love

Searching for a father’s love and a hand to hold.
Don’t know which way to go in a world so cold.
Searching for a father’s love in this world below.
Questions coming from all around are drowning within their soul.

Depression is sinking in  and telling them that you don’t have the time.
They only want to hear you speak -
to their troubled minds.
Please take the time to listen to your sons reaching out to you.
You just might have the solution to help them make it
during these perilous times.

A mother can only tell them how to be a man.
You are the main example to model out this plan.
They are growing up quickly and don’t know which direction to take.
They are seeking for your attention so they won’t make so many mistakes.

Please listen to them closely and read between the lines.
Take just one moment and give them a little bit  of your time.
Wrap your arms around them and show them that you care.
They are searching for your love.
So please don’t leave them in despair.

  *This one was written 6-2-2007 and seeing how Father's Day is Coming up..I would like to post it again...On behalf of father's everywhere...

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A Daughters Love

It's been a year since we said goodbye.It is still just as hard as it was then.
I don't see it even starting to get any better any time soon.I have been off
my meds. for a week and I am falling apart fast.I don't know what to do.
People want me to do everything for them and get nothing in return.I am
struggling to stay safe.I am so overwhelmed with every emotion possible.
No one will ever know just what I go through inside.I hate living this way.
Why should I have to keep living this way.Why should I have to keep living
like this.Because I worry to much about everyone else's feelings and not my
own.It should be my right to decide when enough is enough.It is everyone's
right to decide how to live their life,it should be the same if you decide to end
it.I am really missing you Uncle Don.You almost made it to 75.The fight you
gave was an accomplishment by itself.I learned alot about you and dad this
past week.Like fishing.I didn't know you loved to fish.How is the fishing up
there?You know that anytime you want to stop by and say hello you can.If
things keep going the way they have been,I will be stopping by to tell you,
mom's,dad,grandpa,grandma,and all my other loved one's I have lost.I have
been going through pro's and con's of living and dying.There are only a 
couple pro's and to many con's to list.I am seriously considering ending the
pain once and for all.

                                                                          COLLEEN MARIE BONO
                                                                             July 30,2012

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Remembering Father

Ask who has no father 
its no less than bird without feather

Father are wings of all weather
help you reach sky, be with star

His stick may rap knuckles harder
but his stick alone cares for your future

He may not express, emote or share
but then, his heart beats for you ever 


Hitendra Mehta

June 2012

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Daddy Daddy Daddy


"Daddy's girl"

sewn on my pink and lace nightgown

Mom popped it over my head

as she cooed,  "Daddy will be home soon."

She told me that story and many others

from time I can't remember.


Daddy, God, Santa Claus

in order of importance- 

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.


He smiled and laughed,

always had something new. 

Hoola Hoops, once --

my brother couldn't even walk.


Daddy and Mommy 

before they were twenty eight:

dressed - really dressed - no one wore t-shirts

ladies' shorts zipped on the side;

Dad wore white converse basketball shoes.

We played.

Daddy smiled and put his feet on our chest

and we flew, my brother and I.


We went to the zoo,

with dry bread crumbs

we saved in the garage, in an onion bag

We could feed the animals then.


Swimming in a lake, camping,

in the driveway, fixing the car:

my mind keeps snap shots.


Dad told us we were the best

at whatever we did

so of course, we did more.


Praise, encouragement, love

a few practical skills.


That's how I remember my father

those years of bliss, when he had all the answers.

I watched him cast his spell over my sons

for over twenty five years.


He was the best advice I could share.

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I, Judas

Sometimes, I don't want to think about it,
how he never believed in true love,
how he never waited for love,
but begged for love –
and god, he loved them all!

He wasn't a man I could respect.
Cruel and cold,
a simpleton at best.

I read his poetry this morning
the poems he wrote for all his kids
and noticed one was missing
his first born daughter,
the one who loved him the best.
I know I've heard it before,
but it's not even listed in the index,
as if she never existed.
How her heart must ache.

Unconditional love
was never unconditional
at our house.

I knew, early on,
that I did not belong.

I forgave him for the abuse
and abandonment,
but what he did to my mother,
I could not forgive and forget.
I made excuses for his behavior,
because I wanted to love
and respect him,
but he never did gain my respect.

He's gone now,
an empty shell of whom he used to be,
cold and alone in death.

I bowed to kiss his forehead.

I, Judas, bowed to the kiss of death.

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A Turtle to Remember

A Turtle to Remember

I caught a very beautiful turtle on my fishing line
took it off quickly to release before it was hurt but.....
it's shell and mystery took a magical hold of me
I carried that very sweet beauty home you see
Showed my father what a great prize I had caught
soon showed that beauty to everyone I knew
My pet needed a new name, one with great fame
A Hannibal, Napoleon, Alexander or Cyrus the Great
three days it took to find a name for my fine pet
It was settled,  his name would be Jessie James
Dad merely smiled but six brothers laughed loudly
I did not care for they knew so very little
After all Jessie James knew me so very well
On day number nine little Jessie no longer looked fine
color was off and he hardly dared to move in his box
Dad took charge and ordered me to hurry and release Jessie
release him in the river before he took his last breath
A sad day when I had to let my beautiful friend go away!
Nothing to do or say, life demands such sacrifice
Fishing same spot nine years later saw a huge turtle
watching me for about three hours before swimming close by
I swore it was Jessie James visiting me for old times sake
Six brothers laughed so heartily but they know so very little!

Based on my times with my pet turtle, Jessie James .
I was six years old when I caught him and about 15 when he 
visited me again. The years only made him more beautiful!!!
As it always does that which we truly love!
Turtles are meant to be free....

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Two Paths

It had been my parents' greatest wish,
That I would slay and tame a dragon of immeasurable power,
Not to say that I am selfish,
But that is hardly possible for me to climb that tower.
Mother hopes for me to become an actor,
Considering the catches, I guess I'd be better off fighting an ACTUAL dragon of lore!
Father hopes for me to be a doctor,
Realistically speaking, it sounds perfect... Except for the part about gore.
As a child growing up, my mother would watch horror movies that I saw with enmity,
Being a little girl, I'd hide and peek through my fingers, only to see blood gushing out.
Curse my imense curiosity...
Trembling under my haven that consists of pillows and layers of blankets, I sob, I shudder and I shout!
I have always been squemish watching hospital shows,
In fact, as a kid, I didn't know seeing blood was a part of the job!
But as the years flew by, I still grow,
So in my childhood, I had been scarred and my sleep it robbed.
The scary movies had prepped me to be a doctor, ironically,
If I had not gone through with it, I would be a doctor afraid of blood and injuries,
I know it was not my mother's fault, for she is not the type to act cynically,
But I guess it's because of her that I'm used to it and now I like horror movies!
As I said before, my mother wanted me to be an actor, my father desired for me to be a doctor, both have its risks, I didn't mind what I became,
My heart is a candle, but my mentality is steel, my fears are gone,
My parents chose difficult paths for me that will lead to mud-slides, land-slides and avalanches, of course I will run wildly like those people in the movies, but honoring my family is better than blindless shame,
Buuuut... Is it too late to take on that dragon?

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Love Untold

In my father's eyes
 I see hope rise. 
Steps towards heaven
 taken on cloudy days
 Remembering  God
 still paves the way 
His hand brushing dirt
from my knees during 
tricycle accidents 
How did I not see 
all the love he's had for me? 
Now I understand
witnessing my own 
become men. 
In my father's eyes
 I see what I should've known 
all   along 
A father's love goes beyond 
what eyes can behold
and even the sentiments
 that he leaves unsaid. 
In my father's eyes, 
I see love untold...

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I Just Found Out

I Just Found Out how precious life can be
Can a father be any prouder then the day of his first son
All the hopes for the best to be given
All the dreams for what he might grow to become
A father’s wishes for his son – what a grand vision
The son is five – the first day of school
Father consoles mother who is in tears
The son is thirteen – no longer the boy
Father plays catch and cheers when his son plays
The son now eighteen- graduation has come
Father had given him the keys for the senior prom 
The son is out late for the night- as expected he would be
The father answers the doorbell – it is three
Mr. Father- a voice questions me
I am sorry to inform you- the state trooper tells me.
Oh- the terror – dear Lord you should have taken me

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Father dear father
Copartner in my life
flesh of my flesh
bone of my bones 
alpha adam ancestor 
Daddy growing up 
you’re my hero
my idol my mentor
i look to you for strength 

Papa why do you drink
why are you so angry 
why do you hate
why the shame

Pop following in your footsteps
i am a drunk too
why do i do what I hate 
so much like you

Papa we are getting older
you are close to death
too late too soon 
to know what i know

Dad many years gone
i still miss you
I know now You 
Loved Me

Love, your son …

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What is death

What is death?
A mystery I can never solve
Or even understand I don’t think any human can
What is death?
A question no one ever gave me an answer for
Well not the one I need
I’ve been living in confusion since the day I lost you
They told me: tomorrow you will forget
They told me: Tomorrow everything will be better
How can I forget?
When everything reminds me of you
What is death?
I can never find an answer or even understand
You were here and now you are gone
You were there and now you are not
I hold the phone to call you 
Cause I can never believe that you won’t answer
I see your grave I read your name a thousand times
In order to believe and yet
It might be someone else the same name as you
Am I losing my mind? 
For nothing makes sense to me
Will it ever do? 
Will I ever understand? 
How you were just right there
And now simply now you are not
They tell me you are in heaven 
You are gone 
But yet they say he will never leave he is always in our heart
You are either there or not
You can’t be not here and yet in my heart
I don’t want you to be in my heart
I want to call you
And I want you to answer
I don’t want to hear tomorrow will be better
I think I’m faking it
Why do I even care?
Questions in my mind 
Maybe a way to make my self-feel better
Why do I even care?
But I do 
I need you here
I need you now
I need to call you
And I need you to answer
I don’t want to understand death
I don’t want death 
I don’t believe in death
It’s a lie they created to take you way from me

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The Love of the Father

“Daddy, will you pray with me?”
I asked him tonight
He sat on my bed
And took hold of my hand
And prayed for me
My pastor father
His words rising like incense 
Up to the throne of grace
And I heard him plead for healing
On my behalf
And for help to carry
All of the burdens that he had
In the sacred moments
I could hardly breathe
As I squeezed his work worn hands…

When he whispered, “Amen”
He brought my hand to his lips
And kissed it
I almost cried
Because I realize
That Daddy is getting old
And I cannot bear the thought 
Oh how it tugs at my heart
The thought of losing him

“I worry about you,” he said
“You’re my only daughter!”
And after goodnights
I’m here pouring my heart out tonight
Trying to get past the lump in my throat
Cause I know these times are precious

God chose to be known as Father
I never had a problem 
Understanding the love of God 
Because of that term…FATHER

My earthly father
Is everything a daughter could want and more
The first man I ever loved
Caring for my sick mother….
Serving the church…..
Giving all he has…..
An academician...
Who sometimes would pay from his pocket
When a student had no money for books
A man who would stop
To give a ride to anyone on the street
A man whose office
And home
Were always open for the weary
A man who stood for truth....
“though the heavens fall”

My father…..
My hero….
The representative
Of my heavenly FATHER!
“How deep the Father’s love for us
How vast beyond all measure.”

Father God!
My Daddy!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Matthew 7: 9 – 11 9 “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

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Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

"You must understand, your behavior is hurting your children."
I sat confused, expecting the psychiatrist to blame me
the trouble making teenager, the problem in the family
but he was directing his comments at my mother

Back at home in my room
I could feel my father as he walked in
and threw a piece of paper next to me on the bed
"Maybe it would be better for all of you if I were gone…"
written in my mother's hand
panic overwhelmed me
I turned to my father in horror
he was leaning against my doorway
with an accusing, but sarcastic look on his face
I flew upstairs from my bedroom to theirs
to find her lying very still in her bed

"Mom, Mom!"
I shook her shoulders insistently
groggily she awoke for a moment
"What is it?"
as my terror cleared
I noticed the mostly empty bottle of wine on the bedside table

She hadn't killed herself
she'd passed out
and there was Dad
again leaning against a bedroom doorway
a nasty smile on his face
and I realized
my father wanted me to believe she'd committed suicide

and that it was all my fault

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Patradoot or The Messenger 19/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger19 /Many 
English version by 
Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Their wet clothes sticking to their youthful body,

Would be adding intoxicating wine to their ravishing youth,

Such a beauty would destroy even the pride of those,

Whom we adore, as heavenly body,  dear letter..

The showers thrown on each other during the water play,

Would allure you like pearls unknowingly, dear letter,

When it would fall and stay on their breasts,

And making their youth more beautiful with their weight.


Kanpur India            11th June 2010                                 to continue in 20

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 


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The Crib

My friend said her little darling pulled himself up in his crib.
I told her she's lucky for mine’s older and can crawl back in.
But mine doesn’t like being lonely and brings another friend.
Not in my house I say… as he tries to sneak her up the stairs.
Friends with benefits he called it… as I sent him away to school.
Perhaps there at College they’ll teach that missing golden rule.

My hubby’s favorite crib is in the living room, at night, you see…
He relaxes with a blanket while watching late nighttime TV.
He says you can’t go to bed too early, for that is only for the old.
So I wake him up at midnight and that seems just right, I’m told.
But don’t think I’m complaining… For I’m surely not…
I fall asleep on the couch next to him before my show is out.
And when I usher him up to bed… I usher me up, too.
After all we’re not old folks… We can stay up late like you…

My father came to visit and met me nap per nap…
Now that really began to worry me… For I’m not that old yet!
When he heard me say it… He told me, “He’s not old at all”…
So I got him a lazy boy recliner, and he watches TV late, so bold.
Now I usher my hubby, me, and my father up to bed, late every night.
We all seem perfectly content to ignore all the years that we’ve got.
Why at midnight you may ask? …My excuse is the nighttime shows.
For you see... we seem to wake up as off the air they go.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 3/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger 3/Many
Originally written in Hindi by my late 
father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor

The moment you will hear,  the voice of my heart,

You will become pious, like the showering raindrops,

Taking shapes from my expressions, 

To shower the rains of Love,  on my beloved’s heated heart.


Kanpur India. 11th May 2010                           to continue in 4

Transliteration of Hindi poem in English- Patradoot or the Messenger.

Sunte Hi Sangeet Hradaya Ka,

Tu Pavitra Ho Jayega,

Udgaron Ka Rup Dharega,

Prem Virsti Burseyega.

By Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
Freedom Fighter and writer, Poet & Dramatist

Background of this Epic 

The Patradoot was written originally by my later father
Dr.Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932. He had joined India’s
Freedom struggle in 1920 on the call of Mahatma Gandhi.
From 1920 till 1947 (India got freedom in 15th Aug. 1947)
my father was in active movement as Congressman and 
Gandhi’s non violent soldier. For many a time he was 
imprisoned for many months to more than a years sometimes.

During one such imprisonment he wrote this epic and sent
it to my mother secretly as a gift for her and to get it printed 
and circulated among the masses to create awareness for 
India’s freedom. The book was printed by my mother in 
Hindi and some of this epic was circulated also, but the 
British confiscated the book and press of my father around
1933. I was born in 1950 in a free India. I am trying to bring
this great writing of my father in English which portrays more
than the translation of the epic, so the world may
come to know about this otherwise lost and forgotten great 
great epic and the sacrifices of my patents towards India’s
freedom struggle.

Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor left active politics after 1947 
and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. Unfortunately many of his
World class work could not be published so far and Patradoot
is one of them.



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The Lonely Road to Adoption

 IRREFUTABLY, this 2001 wrongful adoption odyssey should rate as America’s “one to show for the ages;” or at least until the next millennium! 

“This placing happened in that year’s autumn of season - yet, it actually had begun 
around the century’s turn without rhyme or reason. It had cut a swath across 
America by way of telephone poles, lonely back roads and flew higher than from 
where a raven crows! It weathered Colorado’s January bitter cold, right on through 
the state of Michigan’s lake effect windblown snow, with no return address - and all 
before life’s given first breath!”
                                                                   An Unknown Father

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A Winter Scene

Down in the white-black of the cemetery,

   deep little shadowed stones

   peep from the frozen white-winter


Old souls who once laughed, cried 

   and lived as much as the living world

   now ---- for something

Peering down where my grandpa lay,

    buried neath one of those shadowed stones;

I have his war medals on the wall,

   and father's too,

For their blood they ask me 

   to try a little harder ----

   I shall try,

   as I peer down upon the cemetery

   where grandpa lay,

   buried in a winter memory

   (God rest his soul)

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a spec on a screen

i attempt to take a breath as structure slips away,
two lips and a whisper changed a universe today,

patterns contort and minds tilt ajar,
my soul is dumbfounded in sight of this art,

head in the clouds, where home isn't far,
seems ages away, knee deep in the stars,

i know not, the language,
i can not define,
but i know that its coming,
it's growing, it's mine.

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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Lost Day

I am coming home
late once again.
It's freezing outside,
and I want to see my dad
whome I love.
I'm happy with my friends
until I walk through the door with them,
the worst mistake I could ever make.
Dad was okay
but then his treacherous girlfriend
who calls herself a "woman of God"
says "You're just going to let
her get away with coming home late
with her friends?!"
Dad shrugs his shoulders.
"You're not raising her right.
I'm leaving."
Then Dad gets furious,
but only with me.
He storms through the kitchen at me,
angry, arms flailing.
I didn't know that his next words
would change my life forever. 
"You made me lose
my house and my girlfriend.
I want nothing to do with you,
you're not my daughter anymore.
I don't love you.
I want you out tonight."
I lose all control-
bursting into tears, running to the bathroom.
As I collapse on my knees I cannot control the tears,
I cannot breathe. 
My breath comes in between long sobs.
My chest hurts. 
It hurts so badly,
the love I've lost.
My aunt's arms are wrapped
around me, but it doesn't help.

-Caroline Youngless

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I'd like to take a trip to the airport with you and fly one more time. 
Eat fish tacos with you. 
Talk about real estate with you. 
Ask you about that time you "wrote a blank check" and believed God for a miracle. 
Tell you how much you impacted my life in so many ways. 
Tell you how I miss our early morning phone conversations. 
Borrow your truck for the weekend, because yours were always cooler than mine . 
Cook you breakfast and a make you a big ole chocolate pie. 
You always got me, you always knew when I needed to hear from you and when I needed a smile and encouragement. 
I hope I showed you enough how much I loved you. 
I hope you know, even though you're gone. 
I love you. 
Happy Father's Day.

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my inner monster

You are my inner monster,
always there 
you are a part of me 
I cannot change that.
You re the voice inside my head
that only I can hear,
and spend countless hours 
trying to keep quiet.
I can hear your words
they echo in my mind 
taking me back to earlier times 
I try to forget 
move past 
but you are always there 
taunting me
belittling me 
cursing me 
The years have gone by 
the distance grows wider
and even now I can hear you .
to deny you is to,
is to deny me 
Why some ask …
 because you are my father 
my inner monster.

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Happy Father's Day God

Father, you want the world to know 
What kind of father You are
You are kind, gentle, willing to listen
You are there to help us when we need you 
You are willing to come to our aid should we be wronged
You always lend a hand in whatever things we are doing
Sometimes we know and sometimes we do not know
You hear us when we talk to you
You talk to us if we are willing to listen
And really hear
You minister, comfort, give us peace
You sooth, lift our spirit when we are feeling down
God, how many things do you do for us?
We can’t count Lord
You bless, give, provide
You make sure that we never go without
You see what is coming and prevent it
You take care of our business, affairs
You know our goals and what our potentials are
You see to it that they are brought to perfection
You create a new person for each of us
Changed, modified, renewed
You protect us like no one can
A great Father that You are
You love us and want us succeed
You make sure that we will be on top of our game
God, so many things that You do
How can we ever thank you?
You are so generous, free with your love
How can we ever match what you are doing?
You are awesome God
So exceptional and incredibly amazing
You call and it will come to pass
You say and it will move
You deed and it will become part of us
God, how glorious You are
You stand majestic, exalted
God You are one of a kind Father
And We love You 
Just wish there are some words to magnify You
God, there is no words that can do you superb
Thank you Father
For loving us, for everything that You do
Marvelous You Father
Here is our heart
Happy Father’s Day God

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This is know departure
But a posture
Distance journeys on without me
Aloof I stand to watch
The railing speed of time
My Heart, tells it all
All grown now
Though gone for just a while
Here, just a departing distance apart
'Move on!' 'Move on!'
For me to cross
Cross to my heart
My daughter
She stands in waiting
Yes, those are Her feet
I just got off the pacing train
Annabell I see, to dearly hug

©Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

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I bet you that you didnt care
about how i was doing over here
all alone on the floor drowning in life that's poor.
Confused and all by myself,
feeling that i lost all self-control.

I bet that you dont care
how my mom helped you with welfare, 
trying to do whats right you burn a house
in all your shame you go to jail and
 fail to show up for my birth.

I bet you don't know how it was,
to be without a dad who lost his self,
in the dark all alone he sits in a phsyco home.

Where his mom feeds him and,
tells him how she tried to see me,
after fifteen years i fell apart, trying to pick up my broken heart,
but still i bet you didn't know how it felt to be alone.

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I was brought up in 

parents vacant

a ghostly father
mostly heard

Mom said: “later”

pain & confusion was my legacy
Living broken was my creed

spending life times in counseling 
just longing to find Jephetto

the one that fixes broken toys…

miraculously found in Christ

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An Auntie's Duties

Moms and Dads are important in a child’s life.
I love kids but they are not what I see for me at the moment.
I have the love of many children 
Who all receive the love that my own would.
Hugs, Kisses, Care and Treats.
Their smiles keep me on my feet.
An auntie’s duties are never done.
From the headaches to the fun.
I wasn’t only blessed with the life of one.
More like the mighty group of five in my life.
From when they were born they are all I could see.
The love that they give is enough for me.
One girl and four boys is quite a challenge
But not for an auntie like me 
Because I got the power.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 2nd of Many

Patradoot or The Messenger  2/Many
Originally written in Hindi by my late 
father Dr. Amar Nath Kaporr around 1932

English version 

Being a prisoner I can bring my beloved,
In my mind through meditation only,
Due to separation from my beloved,  I can sing 
My expressions coming out from my heart,
Before you only, my dear letter.


Kanpur India  10th May 2010		to continue in 03/Many
Patradoot or The Messenger 5/Many

English version by
Ravindra K Kapoor

Background of this Epic 

The Patradoot was written originally by my late father
Dr.Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932. He had joined India’s
Freedom struggle in 1920 on the call of Mahatma Gandhi.
From 1920 till 1947 (India became free in 1947)
my father was in active movement as Congressman & 
Gandhi’s non-violent soldier. For many times he was 
imprisoned for many months and sometime, even for more 
than a year. He dedicated the entire writing work to his 
dear wife, my late mother, who was also a co-partner with 
him in the freedom struggle in creating mass awareness. 

During one such imprisonment at Faizabad jail, he wrote 
this epic and sent it to my mother secretly as a gift for her 
and to get it printed & circulated among the masses to 
create awareness for India’s freedom. The book was 
printed by my mother in Hindi and some of this epic were 
circulated also, but the British confiscated the book and the
press of my father around 1933. I was born in 1950 in a free 
India. I am trying to bring this great writing of my father in 
English which portrays more than the translation of the epic, 
so the world may come to know about this otherwise lost 
and forgotten great great writing and the sacrifices of my 
parents towards India’s freedom struggle.

Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor left active politics after 1947 
and devoted rest of his life in writing easy mass literature 
and wrote many Dramas, Poetry books, epics etc. All his 
other literary works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. Unfortunately many of his
World class works could not be published so far and Patradoot
is one of them.


Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

Transliteration of Hindi poem in English- Patradoot or the Messenger.

Bundi Buna Huaa Mai Kewal,

Dhayan Magna Ho Ja Ta Hun,

Priya Viyog Ke Madhur Gan Ko,

Tere Sunmukh Gata Hun.

By Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
Freedom Fighter and writer, Poet & Dramatist
He mainly wrote all his other works between 1950 -1990

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A Hushed Prayer

I beg for your forbearance
For I have disregarded my faith towards You
I beg for your healing in advance
For I have disclaimed Your protection and now I’m blue

Do you notice that I’m blanketed in deep distress?
My pillow is soaked externally with unsettling tears
My good memories that bestowed hopefulness
Has been meddled with for years
Has been mistreated and replaced by insecure dreadfulness
I need shelter from the tide of despairs and fears

I’m shattered and I’m seeking Your helping hand
Receive my hushed prayer…from your throne in heaven
I’m begging for Your contentment that’s beyond grand
Receive my muffled prayer… or I’ll be stuck in this tarnished den

Do you notice that I’m spinning mad in the rivers of mystifying visions?
My unwavering boat sinks drastically with damaged gears
My bad memories that departed from my missions
Has been discarding the carefree years
Has been neglected and torn apart by dishonorable decisions
I need Your love to embrace me with jubilation and cheers
I beseech for Your mercy
For I have abused my steadfast hope towards You
I look forward to Your infinite Kingdom favorably
For I have admired Your blessings and now my dreams come true!
In Jesus’s name,


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That's Where The Lord Lives

I walk outside to see all that I can see.
Over there is our house, our home,
In the distance, you can see.
And that place of hallowed happiness
Forever has been our home
And forever will be so evermore.
That house is small but raised us tall,
From the perfect parents who loved us so
To the perfect sister for which every man would want.
The house built us all up strong.
More than a mere building,
It is a place to love and be loved,
A place that hands you hope that you give right back, 
And a place of everlasting faith.
This home is where my parents taught me about God
And opened me up to Jesus.
They opened the eyes of the blind for all to see,
And the blind included me.
They taught me to be the best I can be;
The best things in life are free.
They have taught us so well,
And they all have saved my soul.
Even if I am not there now,
I carry Him with me.
I carry them with me.
I carry Their values and Their teachings with me.
In this house, this home,
We reside.
We cannot forget this.
This is where my Mother lives.
This is where my Father lives.
This is where my Sister lives.
This is where We live,
In this loving, caring, beautiful home
They made just for us.
We cannot forget this either.
This is where it all began. 
This is where the hunger and thirst was created;
This is where we are fulfilled.
We cannot, we must not forget this:
This is where God lives.
This is where Jesus lives.
This is where The Lord lives;
The Father and The Almighty.
This is where We live;
This is where We reside.
We must not forget this.
We must not forget this:
What a beautiful and perfect life this is.

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=============================== the edge of neverland
where spring butterflies dance in dream
a loving salutation rang through the valley 
as softy I sang..

a great gift
had arrived
with a breath
of loving promise  

a tendril of life
twirling and touching
in search of loves nurture   

outstretched and reaching 
my girl of cherry blossom beauty         
opened her eyes of felicity
with blue ocean innocence
and topaz starlight 

in that precious moment of silence
cathedral bells rang
for a beautiful gift of gods grace was born
an angel named "Brittany"


Contest ~ "My Children"
My Sweet Girl ~ Brittany

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My Friend...
		I felt protected by your side,
			I knew comfort in your presence,
				I found pride in your praise,
					I understood wisdom in your ways.

		You held me in your arms,
			You wiped away my tears,
				You taught me determination,
					You rejoiced in my success.

		I fell...
				You did not pick me up.

		I hurt...
				You did not ease the pain.

		I cried...

				You did not dry my eyes.

		You told me it was for my own good.
			You said you were protecting me.
				You claimed to set up guiderails.
					You panicked.

Time relinquished its hold...

				I tried to understand...

							You said you were sorry...




			Where did you go?
					I miss you...

							...My Father.

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Raven's Task pg2

a heavy smog circles around the dead hiding the ground below the demons become 
louder and I can hear the ground start to quake then thousands of ugly vile things 
climb to the surface and all thousand of their little ugly eyes are on me I suddenly 
feel completely overwhelmed a thousand against one how can this be why would 
our Father do this to me I begin to shoot and a single bullet fly’s not hitting even 
one of those nasty creatures I can now feel the fear and am at my wits end then 
the great spirit speaks once more you have forgotten your Father you have lost 
your faith how can you rid these evil creatures alone I drop to my knees and weep 
oh Father forgive me I have sinned I let the demons take control letting me forget 
the most important thing of all prayer please help me I can’t do this without you I 
trust that you will see me through amen then as I arose the figures I had foolishly 
mistaken for bats had actually been the lords angels waiting for me to pray all at 
once they swooped down beside me their beauty glorifying the entire land I began 
to shoot and not just one bullet flew but twenty everyone of them hit their target as 
the angels and I worked together the battle was won before it could even begin 
when the land again was at peace the angels took my hand the black of my dress 
became white and wings slowly started to sprout upon my shoulders I then knew it 
was time for me to go home

Contest: Living Among the Dead pg 2of 2
By: Virginia Frayer

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I desire the truth
I wonder about you 
when I'm broke down
in the the corner of
a black room fear to 
shed my tears hope to
bring my desires to life 
it's just a faint fantasy 
in the back of my mind
now your only a dream 
I desire to search for
you when your with me 
only in my heart which
stops to the thought of
how your gone and this 
desire of mine won't 
let you rest

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The Eyes of a Father

So we look back
We count the days, the nights, the weeks and months
Just one blur of emotion

Count the raindrops
And you count the memories
All raining from the same cloud

The eyes of Time himself

We build our homes
Then tear them down with the lives of our children
And put our tears away
In jars that we carry on our backs
Along with the stones in our hearts

And the only gateway to ourselves
Is through the eyes of Time himself
In the sigh of a father
In the smile of a lover
In a tear of the soul

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How I Long For--

My dreams are falling apart
In Your hands, I pray (for joy), "Take heart!"
You are the stars - searing my 
Soul is kneeling to the ground
Trace my future and take wing
Towards the pathway...You find peace
You are an angel in my--

Heart is bleeding soundlessly
Above land...I mourn so sweet
I am the clouds - carrying a 
Gallon of grief...release me!
Place me in fields of love and
Forgive me and lift me up
You are the heavens to my--

Heart is beating profoundly
Without Your heart's joyous song
You are the sun - nourishing 
My lambs are grazing around,
Roving in fields of splendor,
Enlightening the darkness
You are an apple to my--

Eye is grieving...losing sight
Of Your glory...I feel lost
You are the lake - sparkling with
Delight and Luck! Bring us home!
Grow like a morning glory
In the autumn time, You thrive
You are valuable to my--

Eye is twinkling...praying for 
Insight...yearning for Your sight
You are the hills - guiding my
Mind is longing for your mirth--
Restoring peace to my verse,
Sprouting forth grace and freedom
You are the train tracks, bearing--

My train of thought...making my
Steel spirit connect with Yours
You are the valley - between
The mountains guarding us all,
Building strength to fragile bones,
Welcoming a stream of hope
You are my map - lending me

YOUR helping hand I would take
Now, I could take Your challenge
You are like a maze filled with
Mysteries conceal the truth;
I fight with all of my might
And I BEG for Your mercy
To mend my once blissful dreams!

How I long for Your mercy...

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Muscles pumping
Gears turning 
Lungs gasping
Mind racing
Petal round the park

Father knows
Trials faced
Choices good and bad

Show you 
How to
Live here
Live now
Move beyond the pain
Got to go
Got to move 
Got to push
Got to focus
Focus past the pain
14 yards 
14 miles
Leg cramps 
Don’t care 
Only that it ends
Off path 
Kneel down
Look close
Tiny little plants
They Have
Pushed through
Never giving up.

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he felt the bile rising in his throat
but he was strong, he was ready
wiping his sweaty palms on his jeans,
he stood up and took one last look in the mirror before he presented himself to his parents
as he uttered the words with only a slight stammer
the shock only passed over their faces for just a moment
and then they told him exactly how they felt
There apparant love for him made him dizzy with relief
they approached him, arms open wide
and he shed the last of his fears onto their shoulders
and with one last shudder, he released all anxiety
they understood
and he is finally happy again

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Patradoot or The Messenger 5/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger 5/Many

English version by
Ravindra K Kapoor

If there wicked hands will ever catch you,

Your body will be mutilated in pieces,

And then, you would never be able to see,

My beloved to convey my message, dear letter.


Kanpur India. 13th May 2010                           to continue in 6

Background of this Epic 

The Patradoot was written originally by my late father
Dr.Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932. He had joined India’s
Freedom struggle in 1920 on the call of Mahatma Gandhi.
From 1920 till 1947 (India became free in 1947)
my father was in active movement as Congressman & 
Gandhi’s non-violent soldier. For many times he was 
imprisoned for many months and sometime, even for more 
than a year. He dedicated the entire writing work to his 
dear wife, my late mother, who was also a co-partner with 
him in the freedom struggle in creating mass awareness. 

During one such imprisonment at Faizabad jail, he wrote 
this epic and sent it to my mother secretly as a gift for her 
and to get it printed & circulated among the masses to 
create awareness for India’s freedom. The book was 
printed by my mother in Hindi and some of this epic were 
circulated also, but the British confiscated the book and the
press of my father around 1933. I was born in 1950 in a free 
India. I am trying to bring this great writing of my father in 
English which portrays more than the translation of the epic, 
so the world may come to know about this otherwise lost 
and forgotten great great writing and the sacrifices of my 
patents towards India’s freedom struggle.

Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor left active politics after 1947 
and devoted rest of his life in writing easy mass literature 
and wrote many Dramas, Poetry books, epics etc. All his 
other literary works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. Unfortunately many of his
World class works could not be published so far and Patradoot
is one of them.


Transliteration of Hindi poem in English- Patradoot or the Messenger.

Kutil   Kuron   Me  Pur   Kur   Unke,

Aunga  Bhunga  Ho  Jayega,

Purna Roop  Se Priya   Darshan  Ko,

Phir  Tu   Kabhi  Na  Payega.

Patradoot in Hindi written by
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

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When Enough is NOT Enough

woeful dreams of shattered hearts
bode cries of weary souls adrift 
in sorrow’s  impossible embrace

its deathless spirit forever longing 
unknown questions  overwrought
in darken corners without sound

till quiet whisper’s passing hope 
their bosom bursting with secrets
in vain consciously disappeared

a shadowy mystery’s forgotten
nightmare knowingly awakened
in blindness’ forbidden retreat

a senseless loss yet unexplained
engulfed by continuous despair
in a maelstrom’s hidden depths 

its tipping point deeply mired 
by nonstop waves of lost tears 
in a tempest of howling winds

of returned dust e’er scattered
from east to west and beyond
in the cycle of life now undone

when enough is NOT enough
and Hade’s thirst is quenched  
in limbo men’s souls remain

© Eugene Harvey

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Daddy, set me free

Help me break bread at this table
Songs of my captivity
And in those four lines you’re learning to set me free
Where did you put the rope and muzzle
Where is it now?
Should I count it all with you?
Should I give up the stamp I’ve left on your memory?

But you know me
And that’s the impact
A rare understanding
that I couldn’t find the words to give them
But you knew, my captor read me
And I find these things in old words 
Written in digital poetry
The void is no longer a mystery
I’m missing the essence of you
The understanding of our knowing laughter
Our observations that gave us air
To puff up our own thrones

And I, the spitting image of my disappointment
am left here empty
Bewildered, because it’s been made so that I need you
How would I love after you?
It was with you that I felt the ricochets of my affection
The heaviness of wanted blessings on your behalf
And I saw your faith waiver
And now they see me crack 
Because from where I’m running
is where I need to go back

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Being Free

I Wasn’t enough to just be myself I had to be what you wanted of me Plastic—Mainstream—Liar Without any creativity And a façade for a personality So I Guess I Just Live a Lie Just to Satisfy And surely survive Your torment spitting opinion but then, A Semblance of the independence I held inside No matter how small it let out a cry I will redeem my pride And be perfect, free, me

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Patradoot or The Messenger 7/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger 7/Many

English version by
Ravindra K Kapoor

On your way,  you would witness and see,

Alluring scenes and sceneries all around the way,

Spreading their charms  to allure your mind,

They would keep fascinating your heart, on your way.


Kanpur India. 14th May 2010                           to continue in 7

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

Background of this Epic 

The Patradoot was written originally by my late father
Dr.Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932. He had joined India’s
Freedom struggle in 1920 on the call of Mahatma Gandhi.
From 1920 till 1947 (India got freedom on 15th Aug. 1947)
my father was in active movement as Congressman and 
Gandhi’s non violent soldier. For many a time he was 
imprisoned for many months to more than a years sometimes.

During one such imprisonment he wrote this epic and sent
it to my mother secretly as a gift for her and to get it printed 
and circulated among the masses to create awareness for 
India’s freedom. The book was printed by my mother in 
Hindi and some of this epic was circulated also, but the 
British confiscated the book and press of my father around
1933. I was born in 1950 in a free India. I am trying to bring
this great writing of my father in English which portrays more
than the translation of the epic, so the world may
come to know about this otherwise lost and forgotten great 
great epic and the sacrifices of my patents towards India’s
freedom struggle.

Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor left active politics after 1947 
and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. Unfortunately many of his
World class work could not be published so far and Patradoot
is one of them.



Transliteration of Hindi poem in English- Patradoot or the Messenger.

Bhati  Bhati  Ke Drishya  Marg  Mai, 

Audbhut  Chata  Dhikhayege,

Nig  Anupam   Sobha   Se  Tera,   

Hardaya   Lubhate  Gayenge. 

Patradoot in Hindi written by
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

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Just Men

Yes I bow my head low sometimes I even cry. 
I shake my head and wonder how much more can I bear. 
If I really express myself who would care? I’ve heard statements,” You’re a man.” True
enough, I’m also human. Yes we do at times take things for granted. Perfection isn’t a part of my DNA.
My thoughts are mixed up; I know that I am a man. 
A man with struggles.
I once thought I was loved but was betrayed. 
I gave and gave and yet parts of my life was stolen. 
I listened and embraced sweet kisses and was shrugged off like I was a no body; to others that I thought actually loved me.
I’ve been beaten. 
Look at my scars. Not only physically also mentally. It hurts to walk with my chest out sometimes. Its called pride, having this self image of a man. 
Generally speaking, we feel the pain too. 
We are fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands. We sometimes lack the compassion and we are men with mistakes and a past that no one can judge us. 
Still in need of love and understanding. 
So women don’t look down on all of us, we do try. We love, hurt, cry, and die trying because we are just men.

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I am Cordelia

I am Cordelia in King Lear
My love to you cannot be expressed
With meaningless words the man created.
I know you will never ask me
Or ever wanted to know
Because my deeds surely tells you
All the words you want to hear

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I Wish

I wish I could take back the words that sliced through you like a dagger's blade. I wish I could 
take back the mean slashes of verbal whips that have cut across you heart. I wish I could take 
back the bruises of the negative punches that have made you fall. I wish I was able to pick you 
up, dusk you off and forget it all ever happened. But I can't and I hope you forgive me for not 
being perfect

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I am a kite,
My yellow heart trapped in the confines of
Two short poles.

My white ribbons spread around me like
Harsh streetlight rays
(In the mornings I conveniently dim to nothing)

I sway tamely to the rhythm of the breeze
I am at the wrong party.

I am stretched
My string spread out straight
A roman
Dead end road.

And I am wrapped around my father’s fingers
Which are whitening at the tips
He is scared.

Will I plummet
Or will I fly?

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Your daughter, the empty shore...

I’m just an empty shore
Forgotten and left to bake
In the sun
By your passing.

I’m just another land
In this bleak world you left behind,
A land words cannot speak of,
A place you cannot see.

My waves roar and howl 
For time has delayed
You from kissing 
My blossomed palms.

I’m just an empty shore
Waiting for you to 
Harvest the sand
That creases my brow.

I’m just a naked coast,
Remote, in the deepest sea,
For the skies forbid you
From reaching my salty rocks.

I’m just a lonely beach
Dressed in briny tears
From the clouds 
You hung above.  

I’m just an empty shore
On which my footprints
Will always cry
Your leave.

© 2009 Stefania Carmen Misaila

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The End

One dark night, my nineteenth year,
Uniformed men knocked at my door.
They refused to say what I had to see,
"The End" at twenty-three. (brother)
I was twenty-three that April
That the phone call came.
It was dawn. She was gone.
"The End" at fifty-four. (mother)
It was April again, my thirty-eighth year.
Half a world away, middle of my day,
Came the phone call again.
"The End" at sixty-seven. (father)
I was forty-five and still alive,
Then torrentail tears wouldn't stop.
When they did, the pain left me.

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How gorgeous she looked
White wings dipping into flames
The swan met the devil in a passion-fueled ballet
She left that place forever changed
And never saw again the world in quite
The same way
Instead she walked about, crimson blush
Clutching her breast
And you, the souvenir of Hell
Clinging to her chest

You grew up gorgeous, too
It's a wonder that this could be
How could anything so tragically beautiful
Come from anyone like me?
Now it's down to spilling beans
Naming names, taking claims
Claiming you, my princess
No matter what the fire brings
You are a daughter of the air
An heiress to the flames

What an ember; I watch you glow
Watch you beckon like a
Candle calls the shadows with its glare
I become entranced inside your dance
As you follow the brook to find the path 
To who you are
But honey, you're looking in all the wrong places
I broke a mirror once, and what emerged 
Was you
Look out below; the evening sky is falling
I can't hide in night for long
The day will break and you will know me
You will know me
You will know

The trees have shrouded you from me
As they parade me on their backs
Your hue bright enough from here to sing
This sailor out to sea, against the rocks
And shadows that will no doubt
Have my flesh
But this heart beats for you, your mother
Too, and will beat till it reaches light
Yet not until this leech rips his disease
Out from my skin
Will strength find me to strengthen 
And give my passion song again

I dive into the ocean
Extinguished with my final breath
In water I'm not meant to tread
And am baptized instead
Graced by you, there is nearly nothing I could dread
You bathe me in your light
Goodbye, my dear, goodbye

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Patradoot or The Messenger 20/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger20 /Many 
English version by 
Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

It would look as if, all the Swans have left their 

Heavenly dwelling of Mansarover*, dear letter,

And they have come here to pick the pearls,

Falling from the water game of these beautiful girls.

Some where you would see and witness, dear letter,

Boats packed with young girls and women,

In most colorful dresses coming towards you,

You would be charmed to see their love for their motherland.


Kanpur India            12th June 2010                                 to continue in 21

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

•	Mansarover.  A serene heavenly place in high Himalayan hills having a lake 
Known as Mansarover Lake. The entire place is also known for its beautiful Swans.

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 



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How can I not always sleep
In comfort
Until the crow of the cock?

How can I always sleep
And be half-awake, yet
Not caressed by the cane's crack?

How can I always jump up
From sleep so sweet
Not reaching in pain for my bare back?

But wait...!
How can I not?
Isn't she my father's fault?

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family feud over inheritances im missing from my own life

my grandfather was in a coma
my grandmother was a cripple
my family was excluded from my grandfathers estate

my father was hit by a drunk driver
my father left my brother and i an inheritance
my uncle was the executor of the estate

i havent recieved a phone call from him ever
he wanted me to have a tv, a computer and a vehicle.

my step mom has done this before

a group of people that had a problem with my father even buying me a birthday present
a group of people my father bought all the christmas presents for
that never had anything nice to say to my father about me

i could change the world,
sve the emperor of china from a hostage situation
i could be a torture victom of a drug ring scrambling away in homelessness
and get the big "so what" as they sit in my dads three houses

im not sure why the only thing they wanted me to participate in was cruelty

and shotgunning beer at a funeral party is really not classy

just for future reference when these people make the news

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A Father's Love

The love a father shares for his child,
unlike no other bond on this planet,
The day his pride came into his life,
Not even all of King Midas's gold could 
have measured that moments worth,

A bond that transcends time,
Shielding his child with a love that 
never falters,
He will protect from all hate and 
No matter how wounded, he will lead his 
child to many great victories,

Greatness he hands to his child so bright 
and pure,
A father's love is an embrace that purges 
The lengths he will travel for his family, 
nothing else can compare.

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Inherent Abilities

He awakened each morning-
  To the winnowing train whistle,
    And the glowing appearance of a day-
     Undeniably fitting of summer;
       The heavens yet lingered pink,
         Unlocked screen doors ~ sturdy in nature,
           The aroma of freshly baked bread pervading-
             Throughout the old coal-mining town,
               Carefully prepared peanut butter 
                 Sandwiches by the dozen;
                   Eighteen clumsy, bright-eyed boys-
                     Huddled at the dusty patch field ~ Isabella ~
                       Undoubted innocence ~ children of joy ~ 
                          Without decoration ~
                            Only freckled faces, Wrangler blue jeans-
                              And sneakers, crew cuts and striped t-shirts ~
                                Without numbers;
                                  Blasphemous parents were obscure,
                                     No policemen to summon ~
                                       Playing ball until the soft fingertips-
                                         Of the radiant sun caressed the blue moon,
                                           Dashing home before the curfew puffed,
                                             Only to begin...again,
                                                Four home runs today,
                                                  The Natural ~
                                                     No fortune ~ no fame,
                                                       Simply perfect passion for the game.

                                                          Written for my dad, Paul Redzanic, Jr.

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the mall cop

a man comfortably stretched out on the bench
watches his little daughter run around,
looking out for sketchy folks,
while at the same time talking to her---
she giggles, continuing to want him to see
what she’s doing---
“look at me, daddy---look!” she cries out happily &
the whole while, a mall cop
(dressed to the hilt of irrelevant authority
complete with his black stetson,
a walkie-talkie &
a pad of paper to write down his little nothings on)
watches the father,
as he watches out for his daughter.  

approaching the father with his back straight,
trying to stand as tall as possible,
adjusting his belt so that his gut doesn’t pop out,
he stops a few feet from him,
asking him directly just what he thinks he is doing,
letting his daughter run around in such a manner---
the father looks up, not believing what he is hearing---
“just go away…seriously, just go away,” the father told him.

the mall cop pulls out his little pad in one hand, holding the
walkie-talkie in the other---
“sir, if you do not take control of your daughter, there may be
consequences,” the mall cop foolishly continues.

the father gets up & approaches the cop,
in reality, much taller & larger than he had seemed stretched out on the bench---
while looking down at the mall cop, he doesn’t miss where his daughter is for a
“tell me how to take care of my child again---go ahead, i dare you,”
demands the father to the mall cop.

clearing his throat while simultaneously moving a few steps backwards,
the cop folds his little pad back up & hooks his walkie-talkie back to his belt---
“very good sir,” he mutters, does an about-face in the other direction &
meanders off.

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Do My Children Know?

Do my children know how much I love them?
No, of course they don't.
They weren't allowed to know.

Do they know how intense the pain is,
to go forward,
while not being allowed
to be their mom, or their dad?

No, but they know the intensity of heartbrokeness,
while going forward,
without their parents,
whom they should have never been taken away from.

They know the depths of lack,
that they were never meant to know...
They know the fears and the terror
that a "supposedly good place"
will unmercifully and maliciously inflict.

They knew the courage, as babes,
that grown-ass folk
won't walk in.

They know that you can't trust
the government,
or the agencies,
or the people in those agencies,
that are suppose to protect them
and their family units.

How could they possibly know
the depths of my love for them?
When they are still
stuck there
surrounded by people
who destroyed
their family
and screwed with their beginnings?

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Big Mike

Big mike got away again                                                                                                      all the pictures of the catfish                                                                                               fins hanging off the tailgate                                                                                                  It was this big no joke                                                                                                             Big mike got away again                                                                                                      Maybe you’re not holding                                                                                                        your mouth right                                                                                                                 Breaking limbs and                                                                                                             hundred pound throws                                                                                                           It was this big no joke                                                                                                        We would have to hook it with tow truck                                                                           drive home and turn it around to get it in                                                                         that was the joke but Big mike got away again          *                                                          - In memory of my grandpa  David Kappel

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A Prayer For Healing

Do not let me be the demon I have created me to be.
I am the product of myself and my negativity.
I trust You.
I love You.
I thank You.
In Your name,
We pray,

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some ****ed in the mouth, put blades
He was not absurd
to give us words.
we have given ourselves
to appear more beautiful
to love otherwise
to be perfect
we do not feel alone
+ need to explain
why and how, etc.. 
all are funny
and finally I do not understand 
Where is He in all of this!?

Can it and shout:
Oh, my God!
but I must take care
to pray
not be afraid
to forget all the words
me to stay away
because some of they make a love of this things
just for them.

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 3

Jalil's house was not kind
His wives hostile
They did not want me there
I knew I was not welcome
But I didn't want to be there either
They were not family.
Soon they sat me down
The three wives and a cowering Jalil.
I was to be married to a man
Thirty years my senior.
As we left on the bus Jalil tried to say goodbye
I didn't listen, he had given me away
Far far away.

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The strangers came today
they said you were gone.
They're wrong.
It's a mistake,
a sick joke,
a horrible dream.
You can't be gone.
It's too soon.
There's so much left unsaid,
so much left to do,
so much life left to live.
We need more time,
we need you.
So they're wrong…
completely, totally, 
and irrevocably, wrong.
It's a mistake,
a sick joke,
a horrible dream.
It has to be...
Yeah, of course it is.
Cuz I'm not ready.
Nowhere near ready
to let you go,
to say goodbye,
to accept the truth,
to face reality,
to admit you're gone.
So for now,
I choose to believe that
they're liars,
and lunatics,
and bastards.
For now, they're wrong.
And everything's as it should be.
You are you.
We are as we've always been…
a team,
a family.
Quite simply,

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One Night

How did one night change your
whole life? Starts out like this
I took a drive down route 130 
to a city where whiskey and 
beer flowed until 2 in the morning 
it was what the doctor ordered they
demanded we pay and be on our 
way stumbling to a truck that
wasnt mine climbed in fogged
the windows and mirrors pleased
I found my way home never talking
to my partner in crime that night 
until 8 weeks past by she tells
me the baby is mine not the idea 
I had on how i was suppose to
be a father but now I have to
step up and be a man this is 
how a one night stand changed 
my whole life

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In My Father's Steps

In My Father's Steps

In your steps I wander through this earth below
Many times I just don’t know where this path will go

Often I am haunted by choices that you made
I now find myself making those same mistakes

I’m walking in your footsteps from day to day
Please help me break this cycle Oh Lord I pray

Help me to forgive all wrong that has been done
Keep me on the path you know where I belong

Daddy you are special in my life you see
There is a bond that you hold inside of me

So on this day I certainly hope and pray
That you will have a very 
“Happy Father’s Day”

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When I look into your eyes

When I look into your eyes 
I see my precious child 
When I look into your heart 
I see the love you have for me 

When I watch your hands move 
I see my grace and mercy flow out 
When I watch your feet move 
I see an army of angels walking this land 

When I work through your eyes 
I show you a need 
When I work through your heart 
I see your heart filled with compassion 
When I work through your hands 
I see the faith you have in Me 
When I work through your feet 
I see a companion walking beside a lonely friend 

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Warmth Of The Open Fire

In front of  newly glowing fire__the warmth
Fills the area in very front
Family draws close_warm against cold

Time today flew as trees were cut (down)
Cut just to the perfect length to burn
On the open fire  of night's desire

These hours of story telling__laughter
Make up for labor of timber felling
Time spent at the well drawing water

Here now time for discussions
Story-telling, laughter, memories
The fire softly lighting Mother's eyes

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Homeward Bound

I can’t wait for the day I’m home,
But where is home?

Is it a past memory of childhood of the family sitting around the living room watching the TV with a takeaway on a Saturday night?

Or is it the future that’s yet to be created, a family of your own and a new place to call home?

Maybe it’s a feeling one of love and joy the kind you first created playing as a young boy?

But I believe it is not just one of the above, but them all in twined into a magical feeling, one of wonder and belief.

It is to complex for us to understand now but trust me my friends, when your home . . . you’ll know.  

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my heart for you, is ripped in two
after all the troubles, i am through
time after time you made me  suffer
but its all done, my soul is ruptured
i used to wonder why, but now its clear
that pointless, was each and every tear
no more crying over you, im done
now do like before and just run
you wont be an adult, so someone has to step up
too bad that it was me, because i only give up
i hope these words burn into your mind
but too bad for us, there is no rewind
i want these lyrics to scar you forever
like you did to me, but i was clever
unlike you, these words will never leave
love from me, you will never receive

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The Road

The old man sits on the edge of his seat
quiet in manner with words you can't beat
dust swirls, his inspiration in the clouds
at the stroke of his pen, he can silence the crowds.
the young man stands in the nook of the room
anxious to be seen but always swept by the broom,
he blows away with a shutter and is lost in the sky
right then, the old man leaks tears as he begins to cry.
as dusk turns to night and the stars show their eyes
the young man floats down and passes on by.
at the front of the porch the old man now resides
he watches the young man take leaps in his strides.
astonished by this amazing feat
the young man has got him up out of his seat
thinking of things that could and will now be
he follows the young man on an un-found course he'll soon see.
the young man trembles undoubtedly into the unknown
briskly walking on thorns and reaping what he has sown.
going further and further down the barren road
baring the burdened weight of an undeserving load.
calling to attention the sunrise
as the morning has now arrived,
the young man turns bewildered by the silence
to see the old man quiet in manner, but revealing his guidance
before them is the course that's much less trodden
but as they walk, it slowly begins to broaden.
their days journey turns again to night,
two paths now lie, one with no light.
the young man whimsically follows the path lit by torch
to find at the end, the old man sitting on his porch.
the old man sits on the edge of his seat
quiet in manner with words you can't beat,
the young man stands at the top of the porch stairs
"father you've guided me home"
he proudly declares.

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The poem to the ending

Father with the gun in your hand
you should have heard my cry
in a distant wind planned killing 
in the summer fever a blood filled
room a slain corpse harvest the
angel of death around your head
in an underground grave falling to
the pigs bombing atomic gases 
burning the eyes of my soul destroying
my life with two metallic shells 
this is my poem to the ending

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To the Apple Thought Rotten

Of the things I’ve had in life, I never thought I’d miss you, The one I never had to hold, But always wished to know. The resent I gathered, Towards the one that left, Is sometimes turned to sadness, I wish I didn’t regret. I went through my years, Knowing stories of your past, Never knowing of your present, Or the future you might have had, My apple thought rotten, Though I never wanted a bite, Now could be thought of as sweet, Always now begging for a taste. I will always wish, There was a could have been, But now I sit here writing this, Knowing that I missed my chance. Now gone from this world, All my fault I didn’t know, All this time did you, Want to know me too? I’m trying to keep it together , I’m trying to come back to reality, But knowing that I will never know you, Troubles me to no end. You did what you thought was best, I understand you had your reasons, I just wish I had gotten the chance, To know my father at his best. But I will keep on living, And I won’t shed a tear, God had bigger plans for you, Than I had ever dared. Apple thought rotten, I know you cared, I just wish you didn’t care as much, Or maybe you’d still be here.

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The Saltmarsh

Dark Clouds are gathering over the sea,
and shadows now race across the mudflats.
What use to me now is fitful moonlight
I pray to the gods, for I am in fear
What the sand seizes, it never lets go
Oh Matrones I need to see my way

Sea birds call,
Calling from the marshes.
But are they birds or maybe sprites?
I am the father of the chosen child

This is our holy place.
As it was for those who came before.
A threshold betwixt both Sky and Land
A threshold between the land and sea.
And between life and death.
This is our sacred place

I am the father of the chosen child
She has eaten the mistletoe

Here we built our Henge
To worship those we must.
Who knows what they who came before did worship.
And from the Henge we built our crossing place,
A causeway along the lines of power.

Dark Clouds have gathered o’er the sea,
and  shadows race across the mud.
What the sand seizes, it never lets go
I pray to the gods, I am in fear
I can hear their priestly chanting
‘Oh great God Taranis,
We offer this life to you’
With one sharp cry
She gives her life
So that the world will carry on

This does not help my pain
I have lost my first borne
Oh Great earth mother, wife to Taranis
Take my child and bless her and save her soul

Something in us fears what’s buried,
What we cannot see.
But we honour this the winter solstice,
With sacrifice.
To Taranis sky king
To Esus earth king
To Matrones wife to both
In the centre of the Henge,
The holy of holies,
The chosen Child.
This blessed child
The saviour of our world
Through her the cycle will renew
Dance round her grave
Lift our voices
In joyful song

Great Gods the clouds have lifted
The new day has dawned
Her sacrifice was not in vain

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For Linda-Our father's dying

Our father’s dying...............
The sky is crying plays the background to my tears.
Our father’s dying................
The sky is crying plays the background to my fears.

Our father’s dying...................
That most precious, wonderful, decent man is dying.
The sky is crying plays the background to my tears.

Please do not take him before the summer sun
has once more on his roses shone
and another winter been and gone

but when you must
‘ashes to ashes
dust to dust’

Let the dark river Styx softly bear him
upwards to the river Nile. May he lie	
afloat on dreams to where cicadas sing,
rocked tenderly beneath African sky.
May he drift on towards his younger days
Striding once more across Africa’s plains,
where eagles fly and Masai cattle graze.
Then home to hear our mother call his name.
Let her greet him in floral fitted dress
and walk with him where Jacaranda grow.
By sweet jasmine may they warmly embrace
and his failing heart with new strength over flow.
May they dance forever when the day is done
Young lovers entwined at the setting sun.

Our father’s dying...............
The sky is crying
plays the background to my tears.

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Tears of a Jem

Alone in the world
he makes his way
no one to show him
right from wrong.

Beaten and abused
he rises above
the ashes of the past
covered in bruises and blood.

Sobbing and heartbroke
he screams his pain
out to a god
his baby in hold

Wishing to change the past
praying for a new life
his little girl there remains
dead and cold

He vented his anger
and killed his little jewel
the gem of his eye

his pain 
now forever immortalized
in those diamond tears.

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What I like is

What I like is 
 what you wana know, 
Let me tell you, and 
 for coffee we go
The breeze of the seas,
  symphony of waves
The laughter of child,
  smile on the buds
The warmth of momy, 
 shelter of dad
The support of a friend, 
 confidence of my boss
The firmness of faith, 
 sustenance of God.


part of my  Echo series...



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Legal Tender of Getting Old

Legal Tender of Getting Old 

If tears were coins I'd be a rich man… 
If sadness was time I'd live forever… 
If I only knew what to do to make it better… 
I would do it in a heartbeat. 

But, no answers are easy when feelings crash around you… 
And the Sun does not shine in the heavens above… 
if only I could see…if only I could find a way…if only I knew… 
How do you say goodbye when there is no love? 

To only be me myself alone … again… 
decisions are frightening and shaky to behold… 
But change is needed for me to stay sane… 
all the while we continue to grow old. 


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The Miracle

The baby lay on her bed,
A satin soft pillow under her head,
Pretty, pretty little brown eyes,
Rose bud mouth to say, "bye, bye".

There was no doubt that she was ill,
Skin so pale as she took her pill,
Soft brown eyes no longer happy,
Rose bud  mouth to weak to cry.

Sweet little fingers quiet and still,
Golden curls wafting 'round her face,
Tears rolling down her parents' cheeks
For they had been praying for two, whole weeks.

Then the miracle happened, late at night,
God spared her the Dark Angel's might,
Sweet little lips, now laced in smiles
As once again, she shows her wiles.

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It's been ten years or more since,
We last shared a spoken word or, 
Broken bread at the same table.

You left so suddenly with no goodbyes,
No exchange of long goodbyes that,
Would normally precede departing.

The ponderosa pines you planted have,
Long since grown so high that they,
Almost touch the passing clouds.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 18/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger18 /Many 
English version by 
Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Some where you would find Moonfaced beautiful women,

Playing the water game in the holy river Ganges, 

You would be swept away be seeing,

The beauty of their half exposed breasts,

And the continuous attempts of the Ganges waves, dear letter,

Who would be splashing them to make them ever fresh.

You would be fascinated to look at the groups of these young girls,

Splashing river water on each other, while playing,

Their disturbed image on the river water would be glittering,

To attract you,  to keep on looking at them, dear letter.


Kanpur  India     10th June 2010                          to continue in 19

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 


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The Suspect

The three of them are sitting there, 
Faces pale in the sterile light;
The father's face is livid and red,
The mother's pale with certain dread
While their eight-year-old son stares at his shoes.
Who was the one who started the fire last night?

Perhaps the father--his foul breath tells
That he was drinking cans of beer
But then again, the mother is pale
Did she kindle the fire with love grown stale?
Behind our one-way shield, they cannot hear
As we the officers debate the case.

Who will be the one to take the fall?
Both mother and father both seem quite upset;
Either one could have struck the spark
That tore their homes and lives apart
But which one had done the crime? 
Neither one of them would dare admit.

"The child did it," I said with a frown.
"Can't you see he wants to die?
An ordinary child would fear
If he or his parents were brought in here
But this one doesn't even stop to cry."

My fellow officers shot me glares
But my intuition was proven right
A psychologist verified my hunch
The little kid had seen too much
And tried to end it all with fire that night.

What a terrible world this is
When we must suspect the kids.

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It's Time

Theres a momment when you  realize your not a little girl anymore.

Mommy and daddy arn't there to run too.

You have to make your own choices.

Your finely free.

You get to do what you want.

No one setting rules for you...

Your life is perfect...


This momment is the one you've been waiting for...

But now that its here...

Your eyes are getting teary...

Already longing for the "good old days"

The good old days where...

Mommy would sing you to sleep...

Daddy would rock you in his lap when you where scared...

You knew you where safe...

You didn't have to worrie about being judge...

You knew when you got home there was someone to love you...

That was the good old days...

Now its time...

Time to go...

Go out on your own...


Its time...

To go out and start a life of your own...

All grown up...

You're not a little girl anymore...

It's time...

You're ready...

To start a life of your own...

Little girl...


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In her safe womb
she carries me
from place to place; 
I hear her love-filled words 
I hear her fast heartbeat and feel
her caring hands warmer
than the spring's breeze...
sheltering me from the cold!

Anytime someone punches 
her belly, I turn aside to avoid injury...
whose hands are doing much harm?
I cry for conception, 
yearning to be born into the bright world;
mom, protect me from all danger,
from those violent hands that try to kill me
without regard for this unborn life! 

Before you go to sleep,
sing me a short lullaby as if praying,
" Sleep well, sweet loves you as angels do! "
When I'm big enough,
I would love to hear a fairy tale,
but 'till then imagine me falling asleep, dreaming of the day
when you'll hear my first scream...I'll finally break free
from this dark and confined realm! "

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Father Gone Farther

Life is a lonely forest where you live,
With your soul and sole tattered,
Life and love denied,
All for my sake,
And father, farther you go.

Like pressed above, you never grow taller,
This way, in you go,
Door gets too high and the way too wide,
All for my sake,
Yet the more you love me.

To them your hair is foreign and rags so common,
Though without salt and food, you always gave me full,
I'm words without, withal to witness,
The gentleness of your wonder without which I wither,
You taught me all things, to write and erase.

You're the shadow I shadow,
The heart I material,
I love because you love,
You oriented me to life and gave me the first torch,
Withal to grop in the darkness of life.

Of pretentious popes you warned, 
Who would tell me tings obscene in coners sacred,
To take your mantle I do,
Your name to new seas, to focus and fight farther,
Fight an equal fair, with each ear to the event,

All will hear your shadow shaking sheaths,
And feel the texture of the future in my hands,
For your heart and mine is one,
The love for you as you go farther,
But you I take none, none at all.

Please pick me for cushion,
Plant your heart in mine,
I know it was for my sake
All the pain,
I love you.

Poem by Muthoka Jacob, June 2012.

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I watched the Debate
between Obama and Romney;
I am kind of liberal and fair:
and I listened to both sides.

The Republicans favor broad tax cuts,
the Democrats are opposed. 
As far as prayer in school is concerned,
I favor the Republican Party...
giving some regard to the existence of God....
we can't become a nation of Atheists!

The Democrat Party demands
a specific deadline for the withdrawing of troops from Iraq
and Afghanistan...and isn't that great news for every soldier 
to be coming back home soon?

One last comment on abortion:
Republicans are pro-life,
but Democrats are pro-choice...
and for this reason I should vote Republican!

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I Began
Upon The Breast
Of A Broken Doll
Kept Safely Then
In The Embrace
Of The Only Man
I Would Forever
His Presence
A Birthday Gift
I Would Never
Receive Again
Long Before
My Tiny Legs
Could Carry Me
After Him
Or My Voice Could
Call Him Back

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As I See You

As I See You

Loneliness engulfed my being
Every time I remember the days
I was holding you in my arms
Caressing your fragile body.

Making you feel that I'm there
Never to leave you, all alone
We're inseparable during those moments
I made it a point that I'm there every time you needed me.

But there are times we have separated
We have to give spaces for us to think
Not because I'm up with you
It's for us to think of other tricks for us to savor.

Dull moments we never had
For you made me see the real you and
Experienced what it takes to be with you
Especially during those times I only had but you.

Now you maybe gone for sure
I may never see you...your smile
I may not hear...your laughter
I may not feel your warmth.

Nevertheless, you're here with me
Your words of wisdom that I have now
Your acts of generosity that I am practicing now
Your kind words that I'm using now.

Every time I wanted to talk to someone
I talked to my thoughts
I asked for your guidance
I didn't know why.

Why I have to utter your name
 When I'm in deep despair
Why I have to call you desperately
When I can no longer turn to somebody.

You make me stronger
You make me move on
You make me leap a hundredfold
Then you make my day.

Someday, I know I'll see you
No longer in my thoughts
No longer in my reverie
No longer in my dreams.

We'll meet again and I'm waiting for that day
You'll know how much I treasured your memories
I'll tell you how much you nurtured me 
How much I become so real because of you.

As I see you then
And how I'll see you soon
That will be grandest day I'm preparing
For I'll be with you.

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In The Valley Of The Mountains

I step into the new day.

in the valley of the mountains,
The red dawn predicts change.

Inside, a cloak of darkness hangs.

Daniel sits,
in his brown reclining chair.

Birds cut low through the morning sky.

Earth follows the Laws of Nature,
rain will soon fall.

he grapples with mortality,
as death's cloak falls over him.

The storm breaks hard.

I cry,
in the valley of the mountains,
where the dawn predicts change. 

Re-post from 1/2010

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Patradoot or The Messenger 17/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger17 /Many 
English version by 
Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Description of TRIVENI or ALLAHABAD  known as  SANGAM CITY.

All around on the Ganges bed, you would find the plantations,

Of  water melon, cucumber and sweet melon, being grown by farmers, 

And village girls would be singing amid them, dear letter,

While watering these plants by taking water from river Ganges.

Some where, you would see the devotees taking bath,

In the holy river Ganges in groups,  like musical notes,

At some place you too may get lost for a while,

To see them lost in meditation of their Gods, dear letter.


Kanpur India   10th June 2010                              to continue in 18

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 


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Parents Are Hipacrites

These parent try to tell their kids that they are imuture, but parents dont look at it this way, When a 17(Girl) and a 19(Boy) year old couple take their love to the next level by having a baby and getting married, the parnet thinks they can still control the 17 year old girl, But she doesnt understand how they can tell her what is right and what is wrong, When they make gambleing their top pioratiy. At Least the 17 year old girl and the 19 year old boy doesnt put gambling as their top prioratiy or even think about it. They try to tell her and him what to do with their money and then they have enough balls to ask if they can have money from them and they always say NO because they no where it will go and the parents get mad.... So who is the muture one here in this sitution??? Comment with any advise

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Patradoot or The Messenger 21/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger21 /Many 
English version by 
Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Some where you would see, Arti* being performed, dear letter,

At some place you would witness, milk being offered on Shivlinga,*

And some where you would hear, the melodies of a Chorus song,

Sung by girls having sweetness in voice, like that of a Koyal*.


My lovely city of Allahabad is situated, dear letter,

On the bank of holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna,

Where sacrifices and ascetic practices is a way of life,

For which we all Indian feel proud of it since ages.


Kanpur India 12th June 2006                                 to continue in 21

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
send me an email on

Background of this Epic 

The Patradoot was written originally by my later father
Dr.Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932. He had joined India’s
Freedom struggle in 1920 on the call of Mahatma Gandhi.
From 1920 till 1947 (India got freedom in 15th Aug. 1947)
my father was in active movement as Congressman and 
Gandhi’s non violent soldier. For many a time he was 
imprisoned for many months to more than a years sometimes.

During one such imprisonment he wrote this epic and sent
it to my mother secretly as a gift for her and to get it printed 
and circulated among the masses to create awareness for 
India’s freedom. The book was printed by my mother in 
Hindi and some of this epic was circulated also, but the 
British confiscated the book and press of my father around
1933. I was born in 1950 in a free India. I am trying to bring
this great writing of my father in English which portrays more
than the translation of the epic, so the world may
come to know about this otherwise lost and forgotten great 
great epic and the sacrifices of my parents towards India’s
freedom struggle.

Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor left active politics after 1947 
and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. Unfortunately many of his
World class work could not be published so far and Patradoot
is one of them.



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Why Do You Weep

Why do you weep oh gentle One?
Why do you cry out when alone?
Even more, why are you silent when you go out?
Do your troubles embarrass you and run others away?

Would it make others uncomfortable to hear what you say?
Would your plight run those away who do not seem to care?
Do you truly feel alone this and every day?
Do you fear what more, next will come your way?

Know I am here… Though we will never meet.
Know my troubles are also great.
Know I too, cry only when alone.
Know I am just like you, my friend.

I know that others soothing words do not take away the pain.
I know that talk of God does not make the problems go away.
I know this dreadful journey never seems to stop.
But I know you are not alone and can still talk to God.

Hope does not pay the bills or bring back those we lost.
Hope does not cure all ills or bring the dawn.
But sometimes Hope and God, is all we have when others fail…
And me of course, for you were never alone.

After you have sat there and silently wept…
Go forth into this day, knowing that in this world….
There are always others like you and me.  
Hope and God are there somewhere, too. No one is truly alone…

Take heart when you are done weeping and know: 
You are not alone: for I am also here with you.
We all have afflictions and problems, usually several at a time.
My greatest affliction is epilepsy among others that abound.
Remember life is an epic to be over come and  still:
I am here for you.

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A Private Battle

The war The war is long past… But the scars remain Itching and hurting Every day. The war is long past… But the nightmares haunt Tormenting and terrifying Every night. The war is long past… But the shrapnel tears Burning and fragmenting Every movement I make. The war is long past… But the gunfire resounds Exploding and shelling Every thought I take The war is long gone… But the wounds are fresh Bursting and bleeding Every day. The war is long gone… But the darkness is dank Stifling and suffocating Every night. The war is long gone… But the muscles are tired Cramping and shackling Every movement I make. The war is long gone… But the smoke is dense Clouding and darkening Every thought I take. The war is long gone, for ages past But its dark memories will always last For however much I try to take pride My tears of hurt and anguish I cannot hide For which parent cannot, for a son he proudly sent Pay for that piece of hatred with which a young life was spent? Yes, the war is long past, into oblivion it has since gone But, for me - a parent - a private battle begins each morn.

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Thoughts of Holidays

Why does my soul ache this time of year
hoarfrost on brown grass/icy chill in the air
feeling all should be calm yet filled with tumult. 

Why are ghosts of Christmas’ past
still haunting when joy was always shattered
by demon rum/angry words  
ripped a child’s flesh/soul
unaware it would haunt for decades.

Is it wrong to love And hate
Great pains and sorrow masked in 
childhood joy/laughter.
Leave me please leave the child who is within me …

Let him grow to be a man 
without guilt and sorrow 
over nothing he could control nor want to. 
I cry out to my maker 
how good he is yet … 

how i still am pained by anger within; 
is it the demon or the man, 
is it self-pity or imagination … 
Fantasy or reality 
children play in the distance on loan 

just a while/no pain should touch them 
or entice them the world should
be alive for them 
to explore with no bandits
awaiting them as prey. 

Why is it so 
what is my role in this

In what sense do I … 
change them/ 
to what extent will i 
become a part of them 
do they want to caress or shun 

Emulate or emaciate 
oh hear my cry great father 
what is my place and where does it fit? 

Thy will be done …

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The Great I Am

I Am the Great I Am
Father of Abraham, Ephram and Joram
But I Am also your humble father son
Though my majesty extends from 
times past and times still to come
Come stay near me to see
How I part your red seas
Tear down your walls of Jericho
Wherever the adversary strikes there I go
Though I rebuke you, I still love you
Just as your earthly father gives you gifts
I shower with blessings sent down in heaps
Let no man keep you from me
Come to me, pray, then watch and see
How I heal, reveal, and unravel 
your new state of glory
Forever and evermore all of eternity
My son accept me, take me
As your "Great I Am" 
A majestic father like no one's ever seen

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Recovery takes Time

The recovery from life at seven is so trying. Having witnessed
your brother being taken to heaven. What future can a child see
through cascades of tears, what future does a parent explain to 
allay his fears. 

Their day to day life has been forever changed, as their different 
tomorrow brought loss and sever. Where do I start to tell you if I coped.
What words for the loss as my fathers health sloped.

Decisions were made from the pain we must move, to be on the peripheral, to 
rejoin life, to gain. Absorbing our loss, brought us closer than
before, but it has taken a life to go through their last door.

My father and I, responded by living. We walked in beautiful glens 
surrounded by heathers, as we as a family grew from our weathers. The walks 
on Ben Nevis in nature surround, as he taught me plenty about animals and 
plants. We would drink the clear waters as he told me it brought life. Being 
so educated at seven, filled the void. Every so often we would say " Boom 
Boom " would love being here, as we thought for a moment and then the 
eventual tears.
But the toll of our loss, for my father was heartbroken. His health declined 
with the loss of my brother. Six more years of sporadic times, as hospital 
became his home and child support became mine.

My recovery from life continues to this day. As I think and look back at 
all the times we spent surrounded by life, my father and I from the loss of 
a life, but I still wonder why.


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Daddy, when I First saw YOU; I was looking into Mommy’s Green Jade Eyes
She was speaking of YOU, as she would quite often do, Reminiscing with YOU
The Tears in Her Eyes, are those of Surprise Her FOREVER and ALWAYS Begins 

Dear Joanne Naomi, when I First saw YOU, the clock read 3:22, a sunny day
As I read the Words; “Dear Son I know I should have told YOU Long ago -
LENORE was 3 Months Pregnant on Your “Everlasting Day” JOANNE NAOMI

You Look like Your  Mother, and I can see the Green in YOUR Hazel Eyes
I wish I could watch YOU grow-up. Daddy wait until we get to the Pond of Time
Pond of Time?? You can travel through Time? No, We can Watch Times’ Past

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'Man' - Part I

See, I try to make sure my facial hair is
symmetrical on both sides of my face.
It’s not. I know it’s not. You may not be able to tell, but it’s not.

I don’t get much chest hair on the right
side, but there quite a bit on the left, so I just end up shaving it all off
because, well, who wants one hairy peck?

I switched to boxers in the 7th grade
because my high school actually had changing rooms, and I figured briefs were

I’ve never hit anybody outside of a martial
arts class, and even then it was mostly me getting hit. Well, that’s a lie. I
punched my friend when I was three because he pulled my sister’s hair. I still
feel bad about that. Also I don’t know martial arts.

I don’t like to hurt people or kill things;
I’ll follow a spider around forever with a napkin or a box just so I can carry
it outside. This one time I accidentally drowned a daddy-long-legs and it
ruined my whole damn day.

I like to feel things. I like that I’m so
easily moved by other people’s suffering; that I have to bite the inside of my
cheek in the movie theater just to keep it together sometimes, but I don’t like
that I feel the need to keep it together.

I am... a man. Am I?

Who sets the beat to which I must
Align my gait, my stance, my stride?

Who draws the lines of should and shouldn’t?
These lines embedded in my grandfather’s
As he furrows his brow to scold my
shoulder-length hair

See, I come from a land of chivalry
Where all men are (men men men men manly men
men men)
Where gender roles are rooted in fear and
And every man is a threat because I am not a
man without a leash on my woman

How low must this bladed pendulum swing?
How long my beard? How trimmed my hair?
How unchecked must my rage go?
How low must this pendulum swing?
No, how low must my scrotum hang?

See, I come from a line of angry men
Old and hard, with saddened eyes
Men of principle and veracity
Traders, merchants and builders.

But see, I come from a line of free-spirited
Socialites, teachers and artists
Who look their best and speak their minds
And hardly age at all

I am not a creature of honor
Shame brings with it the comfort of my own
I am not a creature of honor
I am not a creature of lineage or conquest

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Letters written in fetters - 2

So dear son,
                  A man on crutches is a broken man
                  A hip hop existence
                  Is not accidental, for the composition
                  Is a race broken by levels of conditions
                  We are a bunch of Icarus
                  Celebrating on wax feathers in the sun.
                  My father, and his father
                  And all the fathers of our fathers
                  Including your father
                  Is Daedelus.
                  It is cunning how every father is also a son.
                  Son, if you remember nothing,
                  Remember this,
                  For the minotaur that ate the children
                  Ate the parents of tomorrow, 
                  And children are sacrificed today
                  By the children of yesterday
                  Blame then is not in us but in our history
                  Of reading books
                  And believing lies
                  As if they could be validated as myth.
                  But what was our need to believe in the first place
                  Who invented our need
                  What necessity mothered so many broken sons?   
                   They say there are so many things I am supposed to teach you
                   Things none of our fathers taught their sons
                   Then I wondered why should they insist on a delightsome impracticality
                   It was in the book, I saw words glinted from the pen
                   A stroke flashing from a sword invisible
                   There it was, condition enough for all response
                   Fathers separated into anxieties and vulnerabilities
                   Love reduced to bonds broken, and we the sum of division
                   Ruled, ridiculed, needing cohesion, attention, affirmation, validation
                   Pining after beanstalks
                   Calling the father in heaven strange name
                   And we no longer Oedipus
                   Leaving neither beanstalk nor ladder
                   For we with wax have substituted angels
                   Persecuted fathers who believed they were hunters
                   And that minotaurs are common food not eucharist.
                   Sorry, son. I was throwing out the things in book
                   To make room for our conversation
                   We almost vanished too if it was perfect sterilization.

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Loon Song

Motor is nudged to life in an arcing motion, arm pulling 
cord. Vein-furrowed hands grasp the fishing pole, 
slinging bait and tackle beneath one arm. Another 
arcing motion, arm casting pole. Bobber spins 
a helicopter course through sun-nipped air.
Loons call a soulful greeting, the moans of centuries'
separated lovers in mourning. Time trickles through
the notes of their songs. Meanwhile, bass glide
with their loud-mouthed sass,
perch and blue gills play tag. A lone 

blue heron bills the murky depths for lunch.
Man baits his hook, readjusts his hat. Eyes squint 
into the dark undertones of the pond. He casts 
his pole, a fermata in the song of the loons. When this man 
was a boy, he drove the spires of the Rocky Mountains, 
frequented the five-and-dime, nuzzled 
a nightly routine next to his wife, who mothered six children, raised 
in a house far away from any pond. They bustled themselves 
along through school as well as any fish pouncing on 
supper-flies, dabbing napkins to the corners 
of their mouths. This fisherman sliced their steak, knotted their ties,
held their hands crossing the street 
until they were old enough to 
mail college resumes,
pay for first dates.

Five years, 
fifteen years, 
thirty-two years and here is Granddad,
with his child's toddler learning to walk in the bowed
belly of his fishing boat. They stumble, 
clanging clumsy feet on the metal, frightening 
the fish away. The old man bends low, 
a note in the song of the loons.
He places the toddler on two feet, guides her hesitant steps,
each pendulum swing carrying them a moment
further toward separation. In twelve years, the grown child
bends low, a note in the song of the loons, to kiss her
grandfather's forehead, as he casts off on his helicopter
course of afterlife.

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lighted fingers

our father, who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come
a muttering chorus amidst the silence
as a firefly lands on my fingers

sending tribute to either god
or the soul that the unbelieving congregation mourns for
a constant mummer of your name in untouched hearts
a procession of empty prayers for the ashes

scattered in an urn of porcelain encased in
a shroud of guilt and confusion and shock
on this 3rd day of the 4th month
may the world weep for the
man they never knew.

the fireflies are burning in the air (are you there?)
breathing graves three feet under where my feet stand
where his no longer are
and no longer will
but oh— will you please come back?

come, may the light of these fireflies linger upon the
tears that fall from the empty. may
thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
may hopeless hope lift the ungrounded spirits of this
congregation of faithful cynics with steeled hearts and bolted minds.
and in this time and space of desperation—

give us this day our daily bread
it is only in these moments
that the entire world believes just for a moment that maybe
just maybe god will be there

and in that moment— that god must be there

the last slivers of thread as the fingers let go
forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us
but in our hearts a symphony of loathe and
hatred for everyone and everything
where blame is a burning firefly that refuses rest.

the light on my fingers is a faint flicker

lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
that reigns in our blood but flows into grief
a multitude of concentrated desolation where
the firefly graves are in the hands of our people

for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory
and the stills moving in an endless wave as we walk away
an overwhelming voice of many voices
whispering the lords prayer

as we all did,
as we all one day do

now and forever—

– – –

i watch you fade away into the darkness
shining eyes; lighted fingers
waving goodbye, ill be okay
retreating into the mist of the morning,

leaving me as wordless
as the god i once believed in

– – –

since youve gone away
ive started loving the world so much
all i ever want is to leave it

– – –

and so i whisper my final prayer, oh god–
if youre up there,
take me?

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You might not have been
  the best father 
    in the world
      and even though 
    we had our 
 you loved me 

I might have not been 
  the best daughter 
    in the world 
       and even though
    we had our 
  I loved you 

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I Hoped

I hoped
I really really hoped
By now that you'd pick up the phone
Or show up at my door
But there's someone you want a little bit more

Days and nights go by
Staying strong is hard but I try
Reminders pop up in every day life
But still I keep busy and strong, I try

So many moments I've never had
I'll never get to experience with dad
Basic anatomy connected us at first
You ignored all that and rolled me in the dirt

Downhill I fell and fell and fell
You made me cry many times and I yelled
Your heads made of brick
My hearts made of sticks
Your abuse burned my love down
You hallowed the insides of this chick

Been ten years now, I've rolled back up the hill
Been a struggle, but life now is pretty chill
I wont pretend that I don't think of you
Miss having someone there because I do
Honestly I never did feel that you cared
That bottle always came first and it was more than I could bare

Being me is something I learned to do
Something that wouldn't have happened if I stuck with you. 

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Do you care

On the high way
My side mirror recalls
The object that appear
Are closer then 
They seem to be…
Yet so close we are
Taking destiny for ride
Many are a head and 
Many behind, on road
Wondering in this city.
Tales of 1000 souls
I am one of them with little
Blessing to share. 
My believe, My Prayers 
To Lord, is driven by Job
My Visa, my rent, my bills
Run in the veins of my day.
Morning, I do open my eyes 
Only to report to job, 
My wife, my children and my God
Await my return by night.
I recall not, what I did last night
When I slept, what my wife said,
Not even my child’s smile
Yet my 9 to 5 schedule is perfect
Morning open with coffee on gas stations
Traffic on highways, on city road
Fines and radars, mobiles and overspend
Frustrated yet have to drive a head
Slow in fast lane with mobile on ear
Or lady, prejudice it may seem
But I recall it in my car, another
Guy flying in his accord, reads a sign
“just cruising”, damn with smile.
Switching between channels, 
Some jams, some songs to hear
Discussion VoiceBoards, interviews
Money minutes, gold rates
Some blast, some peace deals
What a way, to say Good morning.
Yet hope I am not fired today, 
As the morning news did say recession 
Job cuts and job losses, long leave
Companies disappearing, stocks diving
Face book blocked in offices
Looks a gloomy day.
Yet hope drives my day, a head
Beyond my reach some time
I finish my job, drive home,
Just a pleasant look on my child
A warm welcome from my wife
Makes me human from machine.
Taking deep breath of relieve 
I thank God, for all His mercy
And pray for Goodness tomorrow
And wish for all those left jobless
Lay in the arms of  beloved
I dream, with hope for better

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An old house

An old house
By Thomas Martin Durham III
My family is an old house:
Dad is the fireplace, which keeps us all warm.
Mom is the food, which keeps us all fed.
Paco, the Chihuahua is the television set, which provides us all with entertainment.
Kiki, the cat is the radio in the house, which makes a lot of noise.
My grandfather is the refrigerator, which stores all of our essential needs in life.
My uncle Larry is the propane tank of the house, which stores all the gas needed for the stove.
My Aunt Shana is the door of the house, which lets viewers in.
My uncle Joe is the propane tank filler which feeds the tank the gas needed for the stove.
Lulu, the pug is the carpet of the house, which keeps all of our feet warm
Sweetheart, the pug is the tile floor, which provides us something hard to walk on.
My cousin, Johnathan is the main bedroom, which people look at with awe.
My cousin Eric, is the insulation, which keeps any sound from escaping, 
My grandma Eastridge is the walls of the house that keeps it warm.
My Grandpa Eastridge is the shape of the house, which people see first.
I am the foundation and the framework which keeps the house from crumbling 

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Letters written in fetters - 4

Dearest son,
                      This was the time I held your hand
                       And then let you go again and again from a standing position
                       Hoping you would understand and trust me still
                       Because sometimes I did not catch you fast enough
                       But helped you, so you knew to get up whenever you fell
                       Yeah, fathers miss things you will not remember
                       When you climb the beanstalk to steal the golden goose.
                       I apologise because I miss the unannounced end.

                       Truth is son,
                        Until plantation owners reinvented fatherhood again
                        And made us believe we were surrogates
                        Of countries we call mother England
                        And after my ancestors melted until they were black
                        Making money for a leisure class of maniacs
                        Fishing was something a boy discovered by himself
                        Like dolls house, and that sudden look in a girl's eyes
                        And you would have been greater than Columbus to yourself
                        Discovering how to make a top or shoot a marble
                        So that you only needed when the thunder rolled
                        A giant was close to climbing down that beanstalk in your dreams
                        It was then I had to leave
                        For golden goose don't drop from giant skies
                        And the source of true economy
                        Is not the competence at strategy
                        But the dwindling reservoir of environment
                        After we were fenced out of the common property.

                        Our hearts were shackled together
                        We wore fetters, chains and prisons like skin
                        And I was not permitted to be sold
                        Transported, deported, excommunicated without you
                        For you are not supposed to see the father until you see the sun
                        Father and son are one only for the sinister of the conspiracy
                        But they feared you more than they feared me
                        If the minotaur did not kill you, then you were to hate me

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Lost Where They do not Belong <> End Line Poem

Parents and spouses to their photo's they look,  Another
           hero was killed fighting for our freedom.   Lost  
                       so far from his home and family,   Today
       we continue to send our sons and daughters,   But
                                there will come a day when,   They
                                      will live as free as we do.   Will
                         we ever learn from these theatres,    Never
                       again should we out live our children.    Be
  cause' another was lost today, but they will never be,    Forgotten

" I hope i have done this form devised by Dane Ann and HG proud "

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A Living Legacy

A Father and his Son
No relationship like this one
An uncommon bond between two
In each others hearts through and through

Love like no other
Masculinity now uncovered
Shielded hearts by manly domain
When together they feel no pain

A son’s second shadow
Rest assured he’s always there
When times are at there worst
He assures there’s nothing to fear

Advice and good wisdom
A Father gives these each day
A son takes these words to heart
And uses them another day

Teaching skills of his past time
A son watches from behind
Playing catch in the backyard
And Fishing for the first time

A father and sons relationship
It is something truly divine
Heart warming emotions flowing
 Something every father and son finds

A Fathers living legacy
The Holy Grail in a son’s hand
Through his son without knowing
A Father lives again

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More Advice for my Son

A taste of living turns a boy into a man;
the taste of triumph and disaster.
For you must climb and fall down
and then you can say, you are.
You must strive for all of your dreams.
You must not give up 
even when you have doubts.
So, when you try and fall down,
you must stand and try again.
My son, you will then be a man.

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the strong get by

My mind is fried My soul is weak. The passion in my heart wants to break. The courage I lack I make up with faith. Love is a stepping stone we all must take. Open your heart clear your mind. Believe in your father in the darkest times. Cherish friendships as they arise. The flames of friendships may go out at night. But you're never alone with your father in the sky. His love is pureness in every tear drop cried. His arms hold you tight when the sun shines bright. His words free your mind when you don’t know who to trust. His spirit lives inside every one of us. His love is a pureness you’ll never find. He is our father in the afterlife. I am blessed to know of this man. And can’t wait to take his hand..

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I sleep so can I dream

to find me in a world I can be

to play with my dad while

My mom waits for me

with several cups of tea

Distant relations I not even know

Childhood friends forgotten long ago

tug along and raise a lot of cheer

I find myself cocooned

in the midst of near and dear

God wakes me to the reality of hell

O’ No! I want to sleep for ever

and stay in my happy dreams

As I stand near the grave

I shoo away the birds around

My dad is dreaming deep inside

Leave me at peace, let me sleep

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y r u soo ugly

y bother y bother y bother y bother y bother y bother y bother

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Through Plath's Eyes

Death has gotten the best of me
Mother said it too
It’s true

The Nazis and Jews
are marching outside to celebrate.
The hate
The date you died on that Northen shore.

And of all the songs I’ve written,
This one I could never finish.

These fingers,
Slimmer than cigarettes,
Burn at the punch of every letter.

My teeth- ah my teeth
Crushed by metal and steel
I could never speak

I could never speak to you
And this tongue 
Turned oh so blue-

From the times I held it back
Because of you.

I don’t believe in Santa anymore, daddy
He never took me back to you

And by your deathbed where 
One shoe lies instead of two

One kick less in my broken hip
One kick less from the Panzerman- you

And on this Masachusettes shore
Where I cried myself 

Till the sea-shells went shut
In the mire and the muck

I see nothing but your face, featureless
Shining through

It’s time for the dark dawn to come again. 

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over coming

born to go
raised to stay
now my plan for you
is to beat you in every way

what you held me from,
what i never could do,
i now enjoy,
but no thanks to you.

your absence,
(though it hurt,)
for me has been,
the best thing on earth.

what i needed was oh-so-simple,
yet you thought if i did it,
it would leave you a cripple.

one thing to say,
and one thing is all,
i was your biggest trip,
now i can laugh at your fall.

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When my father died
I was not there,
I thought it was a dream,
And one day soon
I would awake,
And I would see my father
Eating breakfast before work.

When my father died
I made my own excuse.
I thought he worked for MI5
And he'd had to go and hide,
He'd had to leave us all,
But one day would return
When it was safe again.

When my father died
My soul felt numb.
Would he be ashamed to know
I never cried?
I guess I never faced the fact
That when my father died,
My father died.

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A Slave to Family

A slave to family, giving all that one can give.
 Family is a pack,
 a union,
 a strong-hold;
 and one must provide for their family.
 Sacrifices made for happiness
 of others.
 Family can be all fun and joy or
 can be all sadness and grief, depending on a person's shoes.
 A Sturdy oak can not bend
 nor can a mountain whither.
 But times has taken both and shown that 
trees can bend and mountains can whither.
 You are not alone
 Chained to another
 and if one fails all fail.
 Even though all may help it is the duty
 of one to save them all.
 When will time play fair?
 When will lady luck's favor change?
 Struggling through-
 through knee-deep mud
 fighting through the quicksand...
 Why must one suffer and whither 
away for a family.

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Rock Knuckle

What a man you were
Your knuckle, hard as rock
Knocking on my seven year old skull
Flash anger that came from nowhere
Did I remind you of someone you hated?
I remember, buckets of years ago
Now you, with “old timer’s”
Those days forgotten
Now, my time to disappear
By tomorrow, you would have disremembered me 
But I remember, I still carry the lump

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'Man' - Part II

I had a cat that marked his territory right
into our TV – fried the whole thing
But I will not graffiti my alleyways with
crude phalli,
Spewing armchair warrior slogans across the concrete

My best friend growing up was a real whore,
in the kiss-and-tell sort of way
A real ladies’ man... He was a real bastard,
I’ll tell you that
But I will not line the walls of my den with
taxidermied lovers
Nor will I cage my dove for fear of a hawk.

Does the absence of glimmering swords
Take away from the radiance of her smile?
And what good are these powerful minarets,
Without the sweet, sweet song that echoes across them?

I have not fallen in love with a fish in a
I have not fallen in love with a fish in a
bucket that will dart away
Never to be seen, if she ever touches the
sea again...
Which raises the question: why the bucket?

I have no interest in the bucket.
I have no interest in being the fisherman.
I bait no hooks and reel no lines.

I would much rather be a sea horse.
We can all learn a thing or two from the sea

So enough with this nonsense of honor and
Enough of this predefined manliness and
rhetorical dick-waving
Enough of cages and lures and foxes in the
chicken coop

I see a lioness and her fawn under acacia
While my thirty-something year-old
compatriot playboys
Are on the prowl for pretty young things in
search of a fantasy
Wearing cravates of woven chest hair resting
over shirts not quite buttoned,
With Ralph the Polo Player getting bigger
and bigger

I have no fur coats, and I won’t sport any swag
I have no car horn to honk at your skirts,
No sly comments to mutter as you pass
No scarves to force around your heads
No honor to vest in your purity

I have only my faith in love
And whatever flaws that may bring
So what is it then,
to be a man?

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"if you prick us,
Do we not bleed?
If you tickle us,
Do we not laugh?"

Your crime filled eyes
Stare upon me
As if..
As if I were the devil.

Your hateful smiles,
Evolve into meere sneers.
Your fingers point,
Your smiles spit,
Your mind mocks,
But you choose no different.

"I am a Jew"
I suffer,
I'm called 'dog'
An yet...
You run to me
For money.

"I am a Jew"
Your society 
Is my jail.
I'm imprisoned 
By your rules,
Your religion.

"I am a Jew"
You hate me
Not for my looks,
For my house,
Nor my words...
And most certainly
Not for my money.

"I am a Jew"
Alone, deserted
Even by my own daughter,
With no where to go
No one to love...
And only Christians to turn to.

"I am a Jew"

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A Remembrance of My Father

Broken tears and shattered lives
How it feels deep inside
The day I lost my father
Gone is a piece of my soul

Always thinking and dreaming of you
Continuous love through and through
What am I to do when you are not here
Showing me what to do

On that day I was not there 
The way you were for me those years
Untold suffering and woe
Shame and regret restrain me now

Putting on a façade
Abandonment from the reality
Remembering the blessed times
Deep inside my mind

Admirable man that you were
Generous, loyal, sentimental
Could never ask for any more
Always with me everywhere
Always hold you dear

Gratitude for what you did
The way you taught and raised me here
Makes me strong to hold through this
To keep you close
To Remember

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In The Valley Of The Mountains

I step into the new day.

in the valley of the mountains,
The red dawn predicts change.

Inside, a cloak of darkness hangs.

Daniel sits,
in his brown reclining chair.

Birds cut low through the morning sky.

Earth follows the Laws of Nature,
rain will soon fall.

he grapples with mortality,
as death's cloak falls over him.

The storm breaks hard.

I cry,
in the valley of the mountains,
where the dawn predicts change.

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Deadbeat Dad

today I didnt expect this but hey what can i say im the bad one now so woot woot hooray im the one who had a child and turned my back on it im the one who got its hopes up and stepped on it im the one who never calls on its birthdays until three weeks later coming up with excuses so it can feel better but when it tried to leave me i just couldnt let it go so i did what i know best and grabbed on its hopes and i stepped on it yet again, im the bad one now so lets not forget and wow it got crabby but i didnt care, why should i when i was never there but hey it was a mistake, the only reason why i talk to it so i can continue this game why should i take blame, it should blame itself, if it never exist i wouldnt be living in hell it left me finally woot woot hooray now i can live my own life without it in my way so in the future if i ever see it, i will just continue to walk on by as if it didnt exist.............................

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No Tears

She called late at night
to tell me of his passing.
I listened for tears yet
I heard very few.
My decision was made
in the silhouette stillness.
I'd not be attending though
my thoughts were consumed.

Ravished by the past
I'm a dark-hearted daughter.
There's no guilt anymore
but the feeling's hard-spent.
Though the years have rolled on
and my soul is well traveled
forgiveness is freedom
I am not ripe for yet.

A child's trust was broken,
the pieces well scattered.
Long time to glue them 
together again.
So I won't be there mourning
the loss of tormenter.
Someday I'll be able 
to forgive them both.

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Why did you go? 
Where did you Go? 
Did you forget your son?
Your own flesh and blood?
How? How could you? 
You were my father! 
The man I looked up to,
hoped to be like and wanted to 
learn so much from! 

Years, years have passed! 
The boy you once knew is now 
the man you don't! 

So much you have missed in my life. 
School activities, choir concerts, 
prom, teaching me how to drive and shave! 

Why did you go? Where did you go? 
Was it worth missing so much? 
The years have passed and one thought 
crosses my mind...Why?

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Not Just another Love Poem

Love is discovered in so many ways
Different kinds we share today
For love is near, not far away
Have you discovered your love today?

Every time a mother gazes at her new born baby
Love is discovered in another way
A mother’s love does not change
It only grows as her child changes

A Father’s pride is how he shows his love
Love is discovered in another way
A father’s love is always shone through pride
In the works his children have done

When a child gets a pet
Love is discovered in another way
A child’s love is unchanged
Tears fall when the pet finally goes away

As we grow and as we change
Love is discovered in new ways
Be you a husband, father, mother, or wife
Love is sure to follow you all of you life

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The art Of Spring

Bright blue skies on a spring day
Fulfills my horizon
Blue birds and robins pass me by

Mountain, trees, and animals
Priase God Abroad
The frsh air bring forth calmness
A quiet serene a waits my soul

Red orange and violets
Represents God's glory
Flowers slowly rise with the sun
And water crickets sings songs of glory

Fresh water arises with the scent 
Of of sweet savory of God's spices
Beach rolls in the lazy tide
I sit back and enjoy it all

The art of spring is glorification
Of all tings God created
He's the world famous artist


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Breaking The Silence

This house
once filled by
a family of seven
has become a tomb
for one.

If they return
things will be different.
If he finds them
he will be the husband
and father
they need.

Taking another chug
from the bottle of whiskey
his world becomes
a little darker, 
a little warmer.
He knows 
what he needs to do...
but how to do it? 

He takes another bulb
from it's snowman covered box
and gives it a good toss
straight up
suspending it in mid-air
for as long as possible
before it hits 
the cold cement floor
with a hypnotizing ''POP''.

Watching the tiny fragments
scatter across the floor
he sees himself
alone again
and thanks God
that they left the Christmas decorations...
his only way to 
break the silence.

Dedicated to my dad

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White flakes float from 
the white sky

and dogs are rough
housing with the kids.

I remember when Dad
confronted the neighbors

after their son had
bloodied my iced nose.

He was white with anger
and I was cold.

As I walk down the 
street to the store

the neighborhood kids 
are at it again,

living in the snow, 
building snow houses.

I remember how the cold
didn't affect my young bones,

but now I'm old, and I
am making dinner tonight.

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I no longer go out a lot because of you
I'm happy for it I would rather save 
for your future or for the toys you 
would want to buy and show to your friends
I have had many friends We had carried each other
Even now I see that you will grow up
to be a leader, a hero, a voice
It is easy for you to stand out or blend in
It is easy for you to beam 
But shadows fall
There is a wound in the dark
So I keep my distance
I return to my cave
In time I will explain
Even now you ask
I see it in your eyes
Sometimes you even avoid me
But we will be together again
You and your sister
We will go to the park
We will look at the birds
You will wonder about many things
You will be thrilled
just as I was thrilled when you were born
like a sun burning inside your mom's womb
In a room filled with dread 
the light of your eyes drove it away
We would break the bread the next day
but you were too young to receive it
A baby in the woods indeed
A flower that springs from my seed
in order to be his own language
his own edifice 
Such solemn songs would you compose
from solitude or solid ground
as I set at the end of the day

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Like Father, Like Daughter

Your hair. Your eyes. Your last name.
What else did I get of yours father?
Your temper?
No that's mothers, it's obvious.
Your love of music?
We'll never know.
Your love of motorcycles?
Well I'm not quite there yet.
Your hate of caring for small children?
Yes, yes I got that father.
Did it hurt you to say “give it up”?
Because it hurt me to know
I would do exactly the same.

Am I like you father?
Why yes, yes I am.

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I Dreamed of Jesus (Part 2)

My pupils met his, and immediately my eyes opened.
He saw my past, my present and the future to come.
Simultaneously, my body fell to its knees in submission
As I began to wail and confess, "Jesus-!  Jesus-!
I am sorry!  I am sorry!  I love You!  I love You!"
I knew He knew who I was and all I had been doing.
My heart begged for His forgiveness, longing for his love.
With his eyes still fixed on me, I trembled in anguish.
He overshadowed me, and the fear of torment
Particulated off of me.  Then, I saw my mother's face.
(I knew she had been praying for me with great concern.)
Then, without a word, I saw Jesus reach out to me.
He touched my back as if to lift me up with great force,
But with one last cry of His name, "JESUS-!"  I woke myself up.

I was kicking and moving my arms when I came to.
I was still on earth, but it was real.  I confessed my sins again and again.
I went to the bathroom to rouse myself, then to the opened window.
I was hot and sweaty and too afraid to sleep.  I sat up in bed, 
Turned on my bedside lamp, and began to write this dream.
Mirjana, turned toward me and asked me why I could not sleep.
I simply told her that I had to write, and she turned over.
I finally finished, turned out the light, wrapped her arms around me,
And closed my eyes.  I could still see His light brown eyes and outline of His face,
As if I had gazed at the sun too long and its image was x-rayed in my mind.
What was He going to do?  Would He have taken me somewhere?
Was he going to show me something?  Would he come again?
I do not know, but this was the second time I saw Him like this.
All I know is that He is perfect, and there is no darkness in Him at all.

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Vicious cycle

Vicious cycle
Of father who raises his son
To be the father who will raise
The grandson

It's a paradox, it's paradoxical:
My empty kingdom
Your dead smile
The murderous and suicidal terrorist
The shattered glass
That tomorrow will be replaced

My dreams… they are quite simple
Yet my path is complex still
To reach them with the arms
That I will lose along the way;
Now - they will be wings!
Wings that will take me to the sky’s infinity
To my tired body’s liberty,
To a selfishness that I don't really understand

You see
I’m only an atom in a monstrous universe
Where nothing ever stops
And nothing ever changes
As for here we are reptiles -
Afflicted with time
Time, inexistent
Time, created
Time, brief yet daring
Time to which we swear without realizing
That the hours that here go by unnoticed
Out there, somewhere
Aren’t even measured

In this vicious cycle
Of rational-primitive men
Of water on earth but soon a cloud in the air
Of waves that hit the shore and recoil 
All that begins will end and begin again
Because breaks in cycles cannot be

Perhaps nothing in fact ends
Or nothing in fact begins 
Only pounds.
Yes, the Earth only pounds,

(…) Until everything turns into dust
And we aren’t here to witness
The civilizations that once more
From scratch
To result 
In nothing

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Anemones and shells my childhood

As I recall my past, it was a sea kissed life
summers spent roaming the Rabbit Burrows
cradled by dunes, beyond Tramore strand
towels stretched out on Woodstown beach
soft powdered sand, surrounded by forest
adventures in the Saleens, daring quicksand
of swimming with dad, high jumping waves
falling, laughing in great gulps of salt water
free and fearless, in our bare bronzed years

It was a sea salted life of wave-washed castles
of tide pools, alive with translucent shrimps
carmine anemones sucked tight to the rocks
periwinkles, hermit crabs, a world of shells
baby pink crabs moving sideways over stone
textured algae, salted, crisping in the heat
our faces stinging with sand and hot sunshine
we spent hours with nets, exploring the pools

After months and years of living near the sea
the landscape became an essential part of me.
I saw fuchsia ballerinas pirouette the breeze
sea pinks, grassy rosettes swaying on cliff tops
rocket, tiny lilac petals with succulent leaves
valerian, a candy floss pink, sweetly scented
We picked them and pressed them into books

I recall my child’s life with a skipping heart
when summers seemed to shine eternal
The rock pools taught us to treasure nature
togetherness bred a strong sense of self
a respect for the sea, the taste of freedom
when I open a book, I often find a flower
and shells -  this child is forever combing

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Dad's Pine Trees


You carried the young pine trees from our old cottage by the lake
To our new cottage on the hill, planting them carefully, lovingly
When young and bent crooked; you guided them with a little stake
Over the years, with the sun and the rain, they grew 
Into mature, sturdy pines, so strong and so beautiful
They were each free to branch out in any direction
For you planted them wisely, far apart to have room to grow
They shed their needles, sometimes overwhelmingly sad
Their unmistaken fragrance carried on the wings
Of the slightest breeze that wafts gently through the air
How it reminds me of you, and I feel like you are here
Whispering that you love us and have never left us
Then, I shall whisper softly that I will never forget you, Dad

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It's Not A Cult

It's not a cult:
It's a Savior saving my life.
It's a Savior saving your life.
It's our Savior saving our lives.
It's not too late.
It's never too late!

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You are the best Father of all

God there are so many things you have taught me
Sometimes you let me know right away
Other times I just have to find out later
But time after time you always have a lesson plan
Like the time when you asked me to give the money I had 
To that poor person who was digging the trash can for things
You were teaching me obedience to see whether I obeyed you
That was all the money I had at that time –but I obeyed
Like the time when I had to buy something for someone
And you taught me that if I want the best I also need to give the best
What about the time when I was turning up my nose at the thought of wearing somebody’s clothes?
You had me wearing only clothes from Goodwill after that 
For years 
Until I finally no longer have the disgust
You taught me through little things
Through the big things
Of how I can rely on you
God you walked me through those life’s challenges
With my house and with things in general
Looking back I don’t know how I did it 
But I did
Because of you
So now Father I give you a head down
To give you obeisance
To thank you for carrying me
For being there when I needed you
For taking the time to listen to my ranting
To my being angry at you 
And see beyond the outbursts
To the person I am supposed to be
Oh Cherished One
You are indeed a great Father
That no one can equal
Your love envelopes us all
Consuming us
Until we become like you
Oh Magnificent One
Have your way
Teach us
Carry out your lesson plans
For we need to learn from You
You are the best Lord
Oh Incredible One
Only You can do 
What You set out to do
Accomplish things in us
Help us to be the best person we can be
In you
Happy Father’s Day Lord
Love you

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The path of life

Sometimes life seems like its all a downhill road,
like nothing you do makes a difference in the outcome of your life.
At times I have felt like a ship lost in the sea needing a lighthouse to shine a light and
rescue me.
One night I felt like I couldn't go on for another second,
it was then that I decided to ask God for help.
I said "God, if you are really real and really out there please help me!"
Crying as if it were my last moment alive I felt a sudden warmth surround me,
I felt assurance like what we seek from our parents when we are young and need to be
I knew it was God, he made it real to me.
I know now that life can seem unfair at times and the road isn't always covered with
roses, there is not always an obvious sign of which direction you should go.
When it feels like you want to give up, don't.
Cry out to God like you would your mommy or daddy when your a kid and scared, even if you
don't really know for sure if he exists, once you do that you will know for sure.
Jesus healed my heart, my life is nowhere near perfect but at least I know I don't have to
walk this path of life alone, God carries me through the rough patches and walks besides
me when I am on more stable ground.
If you want a change in your life and never want to feel alone again ask Jesus Christ to
come into your heart and live in you and show you his love.
The thing about Jesus is that unlike any other person in this world, he will never leave
you or back stab you or hate you for what you have done or said.
He just forgives you and fills you with his love.
The path of life can be uncertain but the road you choose to walk can be made easier with
Jesus Christ walking beside you along the way.

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Middle of the night
All that is heard
Is yelling & screaming
A voice says,
...Don't do that!..."
Then nothing
Walk into the room
Nothing to see
Pitch black
One click of the light switch
All is revealed
Empty liquor bottles
Broken glass
Knife on the floor
Blood splattered all over the walls
With writing on it that reads,
"See what you made me do?"
Look on the floor
A dead body holding a gun
Look on the ceiling
A dead body hanging
What a nightmare
But a wish come true
Both parents

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Letter written in fetters - 7

Dear son,
              I have no prologue, nor epilogue, only dialogue
              That began when God's mirror was only man
              God's ultimate mind, his dream, his purpose
              The lump of clay in his hand, he hears his heart
              Pouring over structure after structure of his great design
              And we became as he intended, his cherished sons.
              I did not make you this way, and should doubt
              My efficacy to have ever made you at all. I can't resist
              Memories of my own heart beating over you
              When I held you cuddled to my love, new born
              Is growing up, growing away too? Then the empty nest
              Was the twin of your birth, my tragedy deferred
              For the now when the phone never rings, and we smile
              And say hello, for it is all a heart can hold now
              Grooming you, feeding you, buying your joy
              In boxes clustered like a room with toys ... these things
              Are so superficial to the estrangement we have with God.

             From that place of pain I would see, know, touch my life
             Like I have meant to touch yours over the walls
             Of many interventions and internecine strife, meet me
             Like a man and think, how could I take you on Moriah
             Unless in another way I had also died? Before we heard
             The bleating lamb that would bleat no more on the cross
             I had faith that you and I are more eternal than a knife
             Raised like a fiend against the ethics of civilization
             As if our best gift to God are dead children. You cannot
             Come down from that mount without understanding
             The way I understand how Oedipus blinded was the same
             But unlike Abram, no deity supervened in his pain.
            Every separation is another kind of death. Every love 
            A tragedy struggling to give birth to life again.
            I love you son, and always will remain, your father
            Longing for the same cross that always is redemption.

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A house across that lane

Walking through the boulevard

like a burdened beetle

I move through the bylanes

of hopes and dreams

I see a house across the lane, 

the lane that bypasses the memory

Walking through the doors,

I feel my existence

The existence of a world that was, 

and of people who were a part of me

I stood there looking at the window,

A ray peeping through the crack,

The dust settling its remorse

Where a cup of tea

Used to accompany rain

The rickety stairs

make way for the childhood plays,

I see myself juggling the toys

I find my mirror,

A half-battered commando

A dungeon gate flayed by time,

seems a swag of webbed spiders

Where grandpa used to wait,

with open yearning arms

The arms, a haven of love and

the solicitor of my mischief…

A vacuum has replaced this love

I am yet to find any intruders

In this home, at this place

I find myself,

and question my identity

the world seems to shudder

and the mind revolves

I see the stairs, the door,

the lane and the window

I see the toys, my grandpa

the commando and the rain

A thud wakes me up,

A photo frame falls down

I see grandpa amidst the shattered pieces

I see a house across that lane…

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Father's Leave Us

Why do fathers leave us?
Is it the same reason that lovers hurt us?
Lead us to believe that none are different.
No pain deeper than the thought of rejection, 
He turns his back with no goodbye to an expecting mother, 
No comfort like the promises he gave her to pull up her skirt only to let down her expectations.
Joy fulfilled, yet the heart of that beautiful woman, 
Lying vulnerable with promises from a man about to turn his back and place her in his past.

When fathers leave us is the pain equal to when lovers hurt us. 
Hurt us like we were never born of women and our hearts do not bleed blood red like they're own.  
Do they not see the desperation on our face when they walk out? 
Can they not feel our souls distancing with our bodies trying to hold on to what the naked eye fails to see, a future. 
If they didn't leave us would we know what pain is? 
Our self-thought superheroes built in our minds to protect and shield us Love and hold us 
Disappearing into the distant history leaving no story, but broken hearts, 
Flooding tears, 
Repeated questions. No answers.

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A Birthday Wish

I miss you more than words can say. I wish you were here today. The laughter and fun that 
we shared. It can never compare. You were my rock, my dad, my friend and this is one of 
the hardest times… knowing you’re so near and yet so far. I want you around to wish you 
happy birthday and sing in off key tones. I think about you every day and hold you closely 
otherwise I couldn’t make it through today.

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-Resurrecting Resurrection-




























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God Is In Me

I come to the realization that I am merely man everything I have fought for was conquered by my own hand Each one of my poems were a time he wasn't there I keep looking to the heavens but all I see is air For now I see that God is in me existing vicariously through my mind sometimes it seems I lose him for it's me he's trying to find I once strived to be just like him there is no wrong in that I believed in myself enough to surpass him and put the whole world on my back Embedded in my memory the fact only I can hold me down for I have crawled into the darkness where my inner-self was found There I could see my failure it left a bitter sting I could see no evil for the Devil is not in me Now that I have achieved my Godhead there is no more setting sun only an army of watching angels weeping for lost souls by the thousand Every time I have been tested my fear is seldom seen if you are seeking God he is on the path far behind me.

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Letters written in fetters - 3

My dear son,
                    It is morning, this is our new beginning of conversation
                    So we conditioned to dream
                    Need no more soothsayers or magicians
                    We like our own Daniel Must bow and beg in bleached out petitions.
                    Every condition generates a response
                    Dreams are the hopes of a wingless generation.
                    We gave been conditioned to fail
                    That a social contract may be viable to make you hero
Let me begin this day with an apology
                    That shall erase all phony humility
                    Bred out of sickness inculcated in our process
                    An age with so many doctors
                    And a doctor for everthing
                    Says the world is sick
                    And shall not die until all are dead;
                     (I once met a man pursuing a doctorate in spit
                     And cannot tell if his pursuit was swift enough
                     To catch his lightning in the snail years of academia)
                     Enough of morbidity
                     I am apologising for my mortality
                     Than you and will not have time enough
                     To right the wrongs of history
                      But we may begin with a new honesty.
 For the times we were apart
                      After your birth was a sun opening the calyx of my heart
                      That I could flower into more than manhood
                      When you cried upon my chest, then laughed to sleep
                      Because my lullaby was off-key
                      And your squirming made me feel fragile
                      And we were both vulnerable of ignorance
                      Because tradition says it was not in our place
                      To recover the warm sentimentality of the race
                      That gave me pride each moment you rubbed your eyes awake
                      This was time after time when I crawled on the rug
                       Beside you, discovering what I did know about myself
                       Recovering lost memories suppressed of our ancestors past
                       How they had no independence in cane nor cotton
                       And were not permitted to be interdependent and find
                       In childhood space to bloom their humanity.

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Moonshine Runner

Moonshine Runner
Old grandpa is at it again. The is still up and cooking once more.
He fills the bottles so carefully. Not to spill a drop 
Loads the old pickup truck with boxes of shine Ready to make a run to the bars.
He goes so fast the Fed boys can't catch him in that old truck of his.
Running down the road to the bars not missing one with a jar.
The hills knows the old moonshine runner as he runs the shine tonight.
So get your order in now for tomorrow will be too late for the moonshine runner.
Will be right at his still.

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Cataclysim Revisited

If you only knew what it was to live off
life 75% feeling and 25% so called
canned reality you may realize an eventual
moment stance the chained bewildered comeby
circumstance--it takes to eek through a 
given gross day of thought square wheeled peril of 
"going fo it" watching everything in emo colors through tear
rhetoric eyes--sub glands working overtime
without pay for the moments
neverendings--unrelenting to the bread crumb
trails forgotten for the wayward bird to the dead
far reathered animal on the roadside--was the first
not the goodyear tread which kissed its life oblivion.
So much the batter better. Clean living does us all in
eventually. look at me, an example of feeling
idealology times 2in reverse Pi graced but yet
ghosted in punnett square annodicotomy in 
unequivicol blatant ignorance, by and by like the dust
layered on an empty shelf, entombed yet consistent
 deep and still--blank, devoid, and offbeatt---out of kilter.
So be it it. The ferver the merrier. I can give till the gives gone and not recollect in tune. Give green carpet grasp with the drawer open and a 
few strewn yellow pages with hopeful intent minus
a few zeros for glad integrity. Someday, 3/4 time,
Pass/Fail or just audit it. Poor icome tax fool.
Substantial penality for Early withdrawal---sexual
tax evasion. Try to fix-get the kix in the social facehole.
We've reached a blank toe verdict and you're it!
Try and recompass if you dare mediazed--branded
intermittent idiocracy implosion. Get a flute. Ohhhh do you work at the 
lab-as a  labite? CSo much for appearance sake. Entrail
rehab should be an art form--in renal time
Bury me please in some stupid clean earth
to initiate my bare broken flesh--carry me back
to old Ahia whenced I was loined. Thanks
Dad--I know I am a lot like you---How?
I just feel it-------------------or was I adopted?? Really??? 

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Child Unleashed

          Child Unleashed

I know for a fact when I was a kid
If I was tethered or leashed, I’d be dead
That rope would have been a real temptation
I would have slung it up on a tree
Apple, pear, orange, depending on the shape
It would not have mattered to me
Swinging there for hours
By the neck of course
If that didn't work because the branch was so high
I would have tied lots of rocks to it and waved bye bye
While tossing them in the lake
Since something involving line, heavy objects tied to me
Were only fun and games
It may or may not have dawned on me
After the rocks went in
Logically it would follow
I would have been pulled in as well
Normally I can’t breathe beneath the lake
And eat my cake too
On future birthdays it might be nice to be around
To have a bite or two
My parents loved me far too much
To leave me with a leash tied up
I would have chewed right through it
And ate it for lunch
They knew from the start what an idiot I was
With a little rope I could have caught a cow
Or found a way to hang the cat or myself by now
Mom and dad knew not to tie me down
Knew I would fail that test
If someone was going to kill me
They were the best

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our king

i can have all the money in the world,
have countless houses,riches and much
but there's much more in life than riches
and money.he is our lord and savior jesus christ
he is the king of kings,he's the air that i breathe
he is my heart and soul,
he loved me when i was in trouble.
he took my sins away,so i can live a happy life.
he created the sky the moon.the creatures 
the valleys the earth,
he a king a father and a son of god.
he sacrificed his life,
crucified laid be on a stone,he was crucified
on a storm.
he was lived to die,so we can live to become
he gave us a reason to live,
he took our sins and gave us wisdom and love.
he want's us to be free,we are his precious children,
when I look up and wondered about you.
I pondered about you.I think you took my sins and
you gave me wisdom to become a good poet.
you sacrificed your life,but you didn't have to.
but you did anyways,
thank you for your love,
my dreams and hopes and blessings come from you

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Trails So Short

Who would have thought that life would lead 
Onto trails that would lead to home  in minutes
Except that home is no longer there anymore
The house is gone burned years ago and never rebuilt

The land is still there for one can't get rid of land
Except to haul it off inch by inch to another place
Then the open gapping hole would still be there
When going by, I still feel the spirit of the home

The life and energy of the place__the laughter
Now that I am domesticated as a plate
I desire to depend on someone who loves me
Like the family loved me then and held me close

Someone who is stronger who will lead me to feel
Feel secure and cared for making each day to be
Warm with understanding and all the love I can receive
One like the mother and father that occupied that home

A strong earthly person who could offer that love
Understanding, caring, commitment that of love
As the heavely Father offers to me each day
Only a dream for this is an impossibility...

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Mom and Dad

I remember the days,
When my mom and dad were superheroes
Everyday, they’d save my world
But now I hear things about them
Things I don’t want to accept as true
But the words won’t leave my system
I remember I asked someone one day
“If I find out about everything, will I end up hating them?”
I looked into their eyes as they said,
“Yes, you will.”
Ever since, I ignore all talk about mom and dad
And I don’t want the day of hating them to come any time soon.

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Patriarch --Revised--

“Deus Pascit Corvis” adorns the crest of the House of Raven. 
A literal translation: “God feeds even the ravens”; 
The living Word might translate: God provides for all, both good and bad.  
The House of Raven chose this creed, chose this yoke.
The thought of this stirs in my soul, that my Father’s people would invite,
Both his neighbor and his enemy alike to dine at his own table, in the service of our Lord.

The crest itself depicts a Corvis, or Raven,
Surrounded by a shield of gold.
A simple standard, though symbolic of so much:
Leadership and ingenuity, prudent and persevering, tough but sufficing.	
To carry this name, to have the honor of birth to this lineage,
I hold only the deepest of gratitude.

The Lord gave my Father the strength,
To be a model for God in my young life.  
He based his paternal guidance on the Word of the Son,
And planted the seed of love in my heart that it may one day grow to bloom,
With faith.  That I might be the oak for my family that my Father was for me.
Blessed is the Lord, for my Father and for his Father who provided the grit and the resource, 
And carved out the pedestal on which our family stands.

I now believe, in my heart of hearts, that all of this was given, the Corvis Patriarch, 
Modest but persistent, for the service of our Lord,
That we should strive to do all things for the Glory of God through the Word of the 

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Letters written in fetters - 1

Dear son,
              I am told I should tell you things not in books
              It is hard for me to begin
              Your mother said only what is in the book I know
              I think my dilemma is neither you nor I
              But the whole purpose of the book
              This letter may turn into if I try to understand me.
              And if I am not in the picture
              Then your existence becomes questionable. We must
              Establish our need for more than mere presence
              And this makes us listening to each other significant,
              Make this letter existentially important
              And you significantly more important than either of us think

              I do not read books because I believe all books
              Books took a wrong turn just by their necessity to speak
              And to make speech more permanent than memory
              They disrupted a whole tradition of history to write
              What we were, and are becoming
              By making picture out of words for reflection
              As they tell us who we are
              Without beat of tongue, and rhythm of gesticulation
              That surrounded the melody of oral communication.
              The literary man made an ulterior civilization
              Telling us with barbed cynicism: the pen is mightier than the sword
              I handled all books carefully like a weapon
              For in them are seeds of destruction
              Not intended alone for our history
              But for the civilization of our identity.
 My dear son
              Every structure and fiber of our imagination
              Is no longer about us
              For we have been reduced to incongruous metaphors
              Supplanting faith in history
              Supplanting us with toxic ideas of utopia
              Knowing full well for this dream
              There is no remembrance after sleep
              For waking is an hypnosis for those in too deep.
              Even as I proclaim this preamble on clutches.

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I have never felt so much love burn in my heart
because nobody has ever lived up to your love for me
and nothing in this God-forsaken world could falter how I feel for you

I let you in on my darkest of secrets
yet instead of peering at me with disappointment
you look into my tear-filled eyes with everything I don't deserve

At my worst moments in life
you not only stood behind me, but held me up with your reassurance

your courage never fails to astound me
all the while, it never falters

you are my crutch when I'm broken
and my sunshine when life dims to darkness

what in my life have I ever done to deserve one such as you?

as I lay contently in your arms, as I did when only a fragile infant
I feel your unconditional love for me

you are my star, my shoulder, my idol, and the best friend I could have ever hoped for

though I love you with all of my being
you always seem to trump it with your own voluptuous heart

never leave me, Father
and I'll do all I can to make you proud...for eternity

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not so long ago 
i raced the sun home 
to sleep half this day away 
now, with children of my own 
i beg this day to stay

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Father, although you are not here
I still shed many tears
Wishing you were here
To hold me tight when I am in fear
To hold my hand when I walk down the aisle
To be there to hold my first born child 
On this Fathers Day I can't seem to smile  
I'm missing you all the while  
I know it won't be long until we meet again  
Isn't that Gods plan to hold your hand again 
As time goes by I wonder what went wrong  
Why did God take my daddy and my best friend  
He must have needed you more  
He must have had a plan  
I will see you again because it's never the end

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The Greatest One

God I want to write a Father’s Day poem for you
You are the most loving God ever
Even though You are the only God in my book
You do things no one will ever know
Just when we think we know you 
You do something different
Just when we think we are at the end of our rope
We realize that you are the One who is doing it all along
You cause it and have it serve to your purpose
God when we think we are having the wrong end of the stick
You prove us wrong and the result is more than we expected
Why do You do things like that?
Why can’t it straight be straight
So we can clearly see?
Instead you put us through loops
Windy roads and turns
Only to lead us to where we want the most and more
God - oh you are so amazing
That only after you prove it to us
Can we actually smile and sing praises
Lord will we ever learn?
You said time after time to trust you
But Lord it is so hard to trust you
When we don’t see the results at that minute
We huff and puff
All the while you are so patient with us
Just one word from you - change everything
And you proved that – over and over
Lord you always do things for the better
And do we remember that?
No – definitely no
You always take us
Glory to glory
And not going backward
Hallelujah God
When you are about to do something
You always let us have a glimpse of it
To see what it is that it is heading our way
You are amazing God
You give gifts at your own time
And whatever you want to give
You hand out lesson plans
So sweetly end with needed accomplishments
That is you Lord
Never rest – always carry us through
But do we appreciate you?
We kick and scream
Not knowing when the end of the tunnel is
We are blinded by the rugged terrains
Can’t even see where they are leading us
But always to the end you show us
What we do get for the unwanted trouble
Are you always up to something God?
Aha, yes, You are
You are going to the next lesson plan already 
But always to the great fruit
Sowing to us
If only we can hold on to our eagerness
To have it right now
Ahh you are not going to do that, are you?
Always a surprise
Yes that’s You
Unknowing, blinded, uncertain
That is what You want for us
You want us to trust in you
That You are the only One in the name of the game
Guide us Lord
Never let us falter and lose faith
Carry us through if need be
But always to the next level
You never leave us behind
Hooray to You Lord
The Absolute Being
The Universal Life Force
To Whom draws all of us
Yes God
Take us there
Beyond our limited vision
To the higher places
To the grandest scenery
Love you Lord
Happy Father’s Day
Yours and yours always
Your undeserving, ungrateful, unlovable
All counting on You
Yes Papa

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The gentleman

The world turns 
under the kick-me-off shoes 
of a man in summer-rolled, khaki pants 
and turned up sleeves 
that allow gentle 
hands to settle 
in pockets with no money 
Hands that pass through disheveled hair 
to rest below a well worn smile 
on the only shadow of his day. . . 

. . .his chin

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Too late for amends

              For T. Ganesan (1931-1985)

It is as though an unjust hand punished you
As if the Adlerian guiltless position in the constellation wasn't enough
    toppling you from a pedestal
You were groomed for position
  for heading a family
 vacated by the head himself
out of time
 So they protected you pampered you
    the custom required it
 there were sisters whose dowries you were supposed to earn
   there were grounds whose circumferences you were designated to crush
there were centuries and goals you were bound to knock with stick and bat
   there were exams you were deemed to sail through
          there were jobs you were merely to inherit on merit
 The second son was sacrificed
      He was too close a second
They turned a deaf eye to your sacrificial deeds
                                   the suffocating cries   
"Work on what has been spoiled by the father and the mother."
Other hands worked on the second son
Other sacrifices nearly came to pass                       
Fierce jungles swirling muddy rivers
  stalking cobras poisonous thorns
aboriginal hunters
   even your suffocating arms to lock the broken neck
 fresh from a hanging
These worked
  where the mother and father failed
 and instilled a wish for survival in your Abel
 How could you be blamed for being the first born boy
 if the second took longer to arrive
or instead came as a baby girl
Neither parent may be faulted
How could either have known or foreseen
Your traversing of the desert alone
  often in shame
 in fear of being found out
You kept your back straight
You honoured your position
You wore that air of masterfulness
 in your stride
in your respect for the meek
    in your willingness to come to the aid of the needy
in your alas mind's reach
    bereft of the means to give it authority
In your own mind
  you had wandered far
    as far and beyond the distances of your strides
 within three walls   four posts  open ground and air
     you never bothered with approving thumps on the back
  nor the little-watched heroic actions on some turf
     nor did you recount these match-winning feats
    in a thirst for applause
You were the quintessential sportsman
You played your last game alone
                                               far away from your folk
      You had no wish for a farewell
Yet you are mourned in pain by all
© T.Wignesan - April 14, 1993
[from the collection : back to background material, 1993]

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Oh beautiful One

Love you Lord
You are so awesome
You are so gorgeous
Long live your reign God
You are a help to the helpless
Strength to the weak
Food to the hungry
In You we are full and fulfilled
God only with You
We live
Live in us God
Help us with the strength we need
With the directions we are to go
With the nourishment we crave
Treasure you God
Oh lovely One
Mighty One

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Consistently Inconsistent

Consistency was never a word for dad.
He was like a painter’s wheel with squares whited out
so nothing ever flowed quite the way it should.

In fact, there was something foreboding
about the concept of color coordination 
and alphabetical order
that he always seemed to avoid.

Things have never been in constant pattern
nor have we ever viewed a schedule in our house.
I can’t even list how many times
we’ve been just barely late.

Someone once said my dad wasn’t a good one
because he doesn’t always lay down rules
or make us stay in on school nights.
“There’s no sense of order! Children need a sense of order.”

But there is something no one understands
and that’s that even though it isn’t perfect
and there are things that could improve,
There’s consistency in where it lacks.
And we wouldn’t change him for the world.

by Sarah Rosendahl

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Lost One

I'm so sorry we never met
Hi my name's Kelvin I'm in your debt
Hey you remind me of my dad
Quick question whats your favorite band?
I feel so distant yet so close
We walk but I feel like a load
Now we go our seperate ways
I don't see you for more than days
I grow up & start to change
Yet I'm stuck in the same old place
I start to hate the place I'm stuck
I feel like I'm out of luck
We see each other once again
Good to see you my old friend
You look so pale what is wrong?
I can tell the story is long
It's been a long time I see you
I can hardly believe its true
Even tho your pale your eyes still glow
I envy how easy your life goes
I can see your in alot of pain
Yet theres a smile across your face
Once again we have to leave
Seeing you makes me feel peace
We've seen each other in few occations
You've shown me diffirent places
You know ma compared me to you
Everyone says were the same me & you
Today grandma hugged me so tight
I think she might have started to cry
Its hard sometimes
To look pass all the lies
But I envy your smile so carefree 
That still say you can lean on me
I get up on July the fourth
And ma opens wide the door
They told me you passed away
When I saw you, you didn't seem the same
Your eyes were closed but looked at peace
I cry cause its so hard to believe
All I ask is that I may inherent your smile & glow
So I may live, laugh,and grow

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Child paths to Man
Our infant steps mirrors the manly strolls
Toddling memories brought to bear
Some smooth, others tumbling
Cry but get back to act
To be a Man
Kids smile to see you walk and run
To be a Dad

©Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

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The saga of the dusty road

The Saga of dusty roads of Utah 
(To the memory of Don W. Esplin, father of Kathryn Esplin-Oleski)
= =
There he was playing with some mild explosives, 
in his own backyard, a resolute boy he is; 
the June month had swelled like the taut belly of 
a neighborhood lady; the boy wanted to be 
a scientist which he became. He, of course could not 
envision that all these sepia dust of Utah, 
the noon backyard and a young scientist’s narrative 
would be remembered by his explosive daughter 
and a strange Indian was going to pen a saga. 

Alfred Nobel was smiling from a page of a book 

The boy rolled a cigarette, the smoke’s curlicues 
swirl up to grain the picture. A blast almost choked
the bright blue jays and robins. Defused sun slanted.
The end of the road was just an end of the road 
where sun could meet earth, warm grass shook off the heat 
and the covert window of the farm house would yield 
a father and son talk. Strong argument on
future, on an university, on money 
on a world that could differ in generations;
of course the boy, as a father, understood 
his girl, then living apart. But distance is in heart.
He would grow up midst dreams. A quirky wind would blow him 
here and there; navy, marriage and science, 
pharmacology and marriage again; a gust
of wind would take him on a ride that, if he could 
read this he would have said, resembled his truck rides 
down the roads of Utah. But at that point of time
he was wide awake inside his misty night’s sleep 
and an American novel is shooting up 
its multiple heads in search of fresh oxygen. 
The waves of moon were enjoying a full tide.

=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

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Family Portrait

On a hill sits a mansion.
Resting on the wall within this mansion
is a family portrait of a 
wealthy family of four.
Two parents, two children.

A mother with hair raven black
in a wonderful expensive
blue dress, a father in an
expensive classy black suit
with hair sunny blonde.
One son of year twelve
With hair like mother, 
blue eyes of the father and
wearing a costly navy blue suit.
The last and youngest son with
hair like his father and
almond brown eyes like the mother.
He’s wearing a costly black suit
and like everyone else smiles with
perfect bright white teeth.

A perfect portrait for a seemingly
perfect rich family.

But a family portrait is
just a family portrait.

Only showing what the camera takes
Not what really goes on within this place.

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Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey Rainbows
                                by Odin Roark

How colorfully the reflective smears ignited the senses.

How sinuous the undulating slick remained forever permanent,
its unintentional abstracts made prescient.

Dank syrup of engines idle,
spilled upon aged concrete
where the mechanic beneath rusted warriors
drained yesterday's tensile stress,
fresh loading tomorrow's fluid to live.

How focused his oily footprints remain,
now aloft riding the escort of Valhalla,
gliding upon colors of other-world palettes,
yet remaining forever heroic,
forever indelible,
in a little boy’s perpetual memory.

Yesteryear’s ever present ether continues embracing,
bestowing a blinding courage for the senses to endure,
even as the buried vestige remains dark.

The smell revered.
The smooth touch esteemed.
The unbridled colors forever a reminder of love.

Diesel rainbows,
still rippling in this man-child’s quiet ebb.


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Trailblazing Then and Now

Trailblazing Then and Now

Astride his father’s shoulders
Like a double decker bus
There was always what his father saw
And the child’s gaze beyond
They learned together
What their senses taught them of reality

There were so many hills his father climbed
The boy seeing what was ahead on horizons
The father focused on firm footholds
Following trusted forest imprints
Relying on tradition’s habitude

This father is long gone now
This boy of shoulder wonderment
Has grown wise of rugged tracks
Leading to this day

A stormy December afternoon
Staring through a digital lens
Atop a mid-town observation deck
The boy now a man
Stares outs across a skyscraper landscape
A winterous tundra his father never had to pioneer

Realizing the Now of navigating
Relies little on the primitive tracks
When plant
Parts of the undeniable whole
Determined shelter and food
Life and death

The oft missing essence of success
Impacts little of today’s aspiration
Whose awareness respects not learned footprints
Nor hardened determination
To stay true to a right direction

All too often
Success honors but bushwhacked obstacles
The opportunity to conquer any and all
The razed aside
Inert and live
Banished and dead
Leaving many to query
What lens can sharpen that which isn’t there?

Today exists but yesterday’s ethereal presence
Once preceded by integritous footholds/handholds
The resplendent oneness of nature’s vast inner-connection
Now all but buried beneath
A stumbling culture’s duplicitous stepping stones

Tracks lead precariously to penthouse suites
Where an eagles nest is but a Britannica reference
A redolent library book of often ignored history
Reminding a father’s boy
Staring through glass-layered revelation
That decisions need pondering past momentary reward
That Nature’s swirling white layering the once wilderness of discovery
May be foreshadowing avalanche forces
Unrestrained in their ability to bury man

Pulling his eye away from the telescope
He considers a wind gust
Lifting snow daring not to confront the ground
Choosing instead to swirl
To levitate with perhaps man’s exhausted currents from below
Struggling to rise through waning memory
Trajectories of so many devoted fathers
Trusting honest trailblazing would never disappear


Like the cyclic snows from on high
Rising temperatures initiate their own revolution
Endings return to beginnings
Nullifying load and weight

Time’s undaunted sagacity knows
Once civilization’s latest aspiration expends
Creation knows no better
Than to invent new trails
New boys on father’s shoulders
Tomorrow’s then and now

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Thank you Letters to Daddy

A bruise upon the silent moon
A bruise upon the stars
A bruise upon my open wounds
A bruise upon my scars

A heart so cold it cannot die
A child so weak it cannot cry
locked behind these eyes

My fears retreat for ever
Behind this glazed up face
You cannot see the fire
burning up my soul
Only darkness everlasting
A tiny black pearl

Your touch have scarred me 
Bruised my delicate soul
Cracked this young body
Turned this heart to stone

A bruise upon the silent moon
A bruise upon the stars
A bruise upon my open wounds
A bruise upon my scars.

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Greed for more Michael Douglass in tow

Pilgrims on the highway out of control

Societal influx
Caged fury in delusion

An adaptation toward self alone
Loose Cannons

Minds controlled by destruction marked on its blotted page intact
Evil empire
Dwarfed in decision making
Out of control

Savage beasts brute in desire for more?
No soul,

Welcome to America!

Reckless warriors in soldiers fragmentation
Shaded Soprano

Branded eyes with skulls fractured among us
The garden of Eden in exchange for death
Loose cannons approaching the river Nile

Smokescreen for the captitalists agenda!

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Pai I Miss You

Today I came across your picture, I almost shed a tear.
I faced the mirror, dug for resemblances of your features in my mixture.
There is no doubt you are my father
and I don't want to alter the design of our feather.
I am your son, from your loins I was made in your way.
Many clashes under the sun, but we never joined the fray. 
As I slept, we laid adjoined, you held your baby every day.
But Time held the other side of the coin; from your hugs, I drifted away.
I know we not as close, and we barely express our love when we feel the urge to convey.
But you are my father, you are my mentor, every night, for me, you pray.
I imagine the good times life stole from us when I look into your tired eyes.
You still hold that beautiful smile, when you lift your head to the skies.
Age has caught up with you and you always  repeat your life stories to me.
I show little interest because I am a slave to this pernicious phone and PC.
But I want to hear more, and you ask for me to visit often.
I feel bitter I barely show up. But your stories will not be forgotten.
I miss seeing you tear with joy when I come visit. 
We shake hands because we forgot a hug and a kiss is our limit.
I pray to hug you longer before the breath of life leaves one of us.
With your presence, affection and wisdom my soul needs to be encompassed. 
I do not hate you, I am not vexed with you, that is a plan I never wrought.
I feel that is what I manifest and that guilt left in me a vacant slot.
I just want to take this moment to reveal my inner thought.
I love you, I need you, and Father, I miss you A LOT.

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There is a daddy in me.

I know it will be an adventure itself,
I'll need patience, time and maybe your help,
but i think I'm ready, look closely, you'll see,
that there is a daddy in me.

I'm aware that there isn't a book that exists,
there isn't a manual, no map, and no list,
but I'll take this voyage, through uncharted seas,
for there is daddy in me.

My father taught me to tie my shoelace,
he was there when I cried, when I had my first date,
now it's time to give back all the love I've received,
from my daddy, now daddy is me!

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On my father's life

Woke up and read 
“On My Father’s Life”
by Raymond Carver.
Thought about Kentucky
and Dad with his shirt off,
sweating in a chilly morning
of March, digging
for a fence post.
The poor bastard,
to share a name
and lose a photograph.

It's seems like I've
lost something too.
My father isn’t dead 
to space, but it’s been years.
And to share a name,
after all this time.
It's all he has share.

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Being in a relationship is sometimes hard because you have to make changes that benefit you both. Your friends want you to go out every day and night but your partner wants to be wrapped in your arms tight. Before you commit to a relationship you have to be ready to give up somethings you love; whether its clubbing, drinking or smoking. You will realize that once you stick to your commitment the things you gave up no longer matter because the love you have for one another gets stronger and stronger.

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Seeing others doing harmful things,
excessively drinking and using hard drugs,
I say this road is the wisest one
a very prudent individual could ever take, 
hoping that nobody will lay flowers 
on that spot, where a horrible crash may occur.
Perhaps I've been too cautious...
when it comes to save what I hold most precious,
not afflicting useless pain on my body;
only praying to God to safeguard me. 

This afternoon, I visited my niece Crystal in Elmurst Hospital,
as she and her four friends were involved in a bad accident;
the driver, who had a legal alchool level in her blood, crashed 
into a light pole last Sunday morning; were they all drinking?
That's a mere speculation, but this kind of behavior is common
among teenagers; Asia, the driver of the car, is into a coma slowing improving. 
Crystal has a broken leg and fractured pelvis, begging nurses for help; 
and she is in acute pain and can hardly breath. Elisabeth is on a respirator...
due to a blood clot traveling to her lungs; the other two girls have minor injuries.

What does it take for irresponsible drivers not to be under the influence....
avoiding the mourning of a dear one, or even losing their own life?
Not many folks will heed this message...until they face death,
and nothing can be done to prevent them from diying.
Trongs of visitors crowd the hall, to inquire about their condition;
they hear their agony and are unable to help...ah, if they ever could!
So will you take that path which is the wisest one to avoid a possible tragedy,
or continue defying fate until its awfully late to enjoy a full life?
Their parents are as helpeless as I, but our faith makes hope grow...
that these kids will finally understand that a second chance is not given to all.

This horrible accident happened in Woodhaven, Queens, NY on August 15, 2010.

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Letter written in fetters - 6

Dear son,
              Thanks for being patient with me
              Though I feel that I am ignored
              As being too antiquated and irrelevant to your life
              Why would I interrogate Pinocchio?
              It is hopeless to find anything in me to salvage
              My last stroke of genius
              Was getting my bid to father you accepted.
              I am just so frustrated
              How could everything I said or did just went over your head
              If you look like me and walk and talk like me
              Why can't you understand like me?
              O forgive me, I have been too silent these years
              To adopt the discourse of noise effectively now
              Would it matter if I say I ws protecting you from bias and from tears
              When a father has nothing left, he still feels he must protect his love ones
              He still worry that the minotaur may harm one more child.
              I know the pain of that lost
              It haunts me deeply since your brother died; it changed me
              I use to be just vulnerable and afraid of risk, now I am impotent.
              My only weapon left is prayer, but it makes me uncomfortable
              To think of an argument with God as a weapon.
              This letter you ask, what is its purpose
              Why can't two grown men meet and talk?
              Meet? You have no time for me, I do not wear mascara
              I cannot provoke your hormones to rebel against your judgment
              I suddenly realize every conversation needs a drop of love to begin it.
              I am neither judging your feelings nor confessing mine
              You see, dear son, feelings for you is discontent of emotion
              Love for me is a self so given it is nothing but sacrifice
              This time the son has carved the father
              Out of his image
              And whittled him until the wood cries for joy.
              Any which way I look at it
              A knife in the hand is indicative of sacrifice
              And redemption is a long way to the death of God.

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Your Only Gift

I hate you dad.
I lied when I said I didn't. 
I lied when I said I was ok.
I thought that I could keep it together,
But my strength wavers.
I tried to be the bigger person,
But I am just a child.
All the scars,
I have to bear,
Weigh heavy.
I watch other little girls with their fathers,
And I envy them. 
They don't know how lucky they are.
All I wanted was your love.
But you gave me nothing but pain.

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The Shadow Cast

The shadow cast was  so gigantic
My shadow small could not measure up
The feeble efforts__ my meager life
To gigantic shadow that was cast

Hard workin', energetic, gifts held
So that I could grow be giant oak
Strong sturdy solid gave your all__ life
Limbs were used to heat center of home

The leaves to mulch the flowers, roses
Acorns to the feed the squirrels, deer, wild life
But what a shadow across the yard
A shady place for one to sit and grow

Or sit close to your trunk to weather
The storms that come from time to time
How I miss that Oak that is now gone
Cut down removed used for heat

Hearth and home for several winters
So long ago but the __memories
Of the beauty as you lifted
You limbs in prayer and praise

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God IS a Mighty One

Dad blurts out in fright:
"I don't know what to DO!?"

Dad's abandoning God...and I'm striving, 
With all of my effort, but with little doubt, 
I assure dad that he's strong and he could always rely on us
With all of this dread, without a doubt,
Dad's hating the traffic...while he's driving

God knows I'm very uncertain...
And my garbage-like depression (misery)
Outruns my cheerfulness again
And our dejected repression (cruelty)
God knows for certain we are uncertain...  

Our uncertainty zooms on and on...
As our garbage-like obstacles  
Ship us away from happiness time and time again
But, throughout the troublesome obstacles,
God works with us dawn to dawn…

And God knows what he’s doing, father!
God knows we’ll win this fight with His might!

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what you will never be

what am i 
what have i become
a product of your vision
the wrong side of your decisions
i was young
!!you were wrong!!!
confused in my head 
from the last words you said
laying on the floor
crawling on glass hot flesh
like your brain in your head
blood pouring
like the tears you never shed
wishing i was dead 
from the words you never said
cast me aside
leave me on the roadside
lock me up
it wasn't enough
**** you 
**** your words
i'm no soldier 
i'm way more bolder 
the thing i could never be
i'm alive and i'm free
i am me
something you will never be.

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A baby's smile

Can you describe a baby’s smile? Let me try:
 A breath of fresh air while the sewage tanks are drained;
 That momentary silence when gunshots fill the air;
 Cool palm oil on your tongue after your first crab curry;
 when you shut your eyes to stop incoming traffic glare;
 when a persistent cramp finally disappears;
 Taking off your blistering work shoes when the day is done.
The pureness of the lines, and the innocence written in an infant’s smile cast all my stress away.
 Unrestrained, untainted. The pure expression of appreciation that says: “Yes, you count”, “Thank you!”, “I love you” without uttering a word.
 Those 5 seconds where everything means so much more, where nothing else matters than how happy this human being is of the mutual expression of love, as you smile back.
In the comments, tell us what your baby’s smile is like to you….

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He is not like the other boys
The kind, gentle son, unique
Athlete so gifted since an infant
Older brother’s envy laments if only
I had half his talent …

A child so rare so timid loves to snuggle
Swears he will never move away from mom and dad
So special so soft so rugged
Gentle to babies and yet an inner strength
Loves pets, shoes, his siblings …

Is he the one after God’s own heart? 
Who is vulnerable yet so strong? 
Loved by all yet so deep in his thoughts
Where do you get lost my boy, where?
An inner strength yet inner secret grows …

Alas, I pray my son stay special 
In this world of slings and arrows
To know who he is, what he wants
Why he wants, where he is going
How he will get there …

My David

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Like Father Like Son { Essay }

I know now I'm no longer who comes first
When I stare into my newborn baby's eyes
Dear God show him your love through me
this little bit of heaven I hold in my arms tonight
it all became so clear we're an ultimate team
that cannot be broken for this I vow 
giving you my  love for all eternity 
as I stare and rock you gently off to sleep

tiny fingers curled up to make a fist
 lips curled looking like your mad at the world
cowboys and Indians blanket wrapped around you tight 
thumb sucking and singing sweet lullaby's
I watch you gently close those brightful eyes
wondering was it  me but only in a smaller size
have no worries my newborn son 
your new daddy will keep you safeguarded from any storm

How will I explain the birds and bees
or monsters hiding under your bed that you see
will you take my hand when your afraid of the dark
or be a brave little soldier who's marched off to war
never fear for your daddy will always be here
will ask God to watch over you each passing day
for there's alot of things I still must teach to you
like your abc's and your 123's 

taking you to your first ball game
eating  your first footlong hot dog
cheering for the hometown team
and just recanting the past  when
you were tightly wrapped in your daddy's arms
looking at the world like  you were so darn mad
but fell fast asleep to a lulabys sway
of daddy  rocking his newborn son on that first father's day

Though I  Only Have My Jenny
Would Not Trade Her For The World
But Would Of Loved To Had A Son Also 

Tribute To All The
Wonderful Father's 

Happy Father's Day
RIP Daddy  {1925-1981}



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To My Younger Brother

This is to my younger brother-
I know we don’t share the same mother,
But this heart inside me I own,
And I know you hone,
The very same one as me,
I know this complexity,
And you must understand,
Try however hard you can,
I hold deep love for you,
And never want you to go through,
The struggles I did,
You’re still a kid,
But I know you’ve got a good mind,
It’s something often hard to find,
See we share more than DNA,
Realize we share the way,
To live in a head of creativity,
Words are our way to be;
You see my brother,
We may not share,
The very same hair,
But our eyes,
Hold surprise,
In the very same style,
We should spend awhile,
It’s so rough for me to face,
That this is now my place,
And I’m such a distance from you,
Was never around as you grew,
And you may think I’m nuts,
But this is what’s what,
My explanation means nothing,
But I can tell you one thing,
We’ll be eye to eye,
For the very first time,
I’ll lean close and whisper,
It’s nice to meet you I’m your sister.

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They Fight,,, 10-13-08

they fight all the time.
they fight and it never stops.
they fight and it never gets better.
they fight and it always gets worse.
they fight til they're blue in the face.
they fight til i can't stand it anymore.
they fight and i cry cuz there's nothing i can do.
the fighting and the crying never stop.
there's nothing i can do but pray.
they're always fighting.
it won't stop.
they hide it so well...
the pain they're in...
it's like they've never fought before...

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Lucky Me

They always used to say “You’re so lucky”
If only they knew the truth
What happens behind closed doors
The kids who think I’m weird
I shouldn’t be so upset
My life is perfect
One sibling, two dogs, parents who are still together
Lucky me
Walking on eggshells
Trying not to give him a reason to notice me
Lucky me
Hiding the bruises
Always so hard to sit down
Lucky me
Trying to live up to impossible standards
Trying not to let him see me cry,
To see me weaken
Feeling his hand across my face
The sting of the slap lingering for hours it seems
Lucky me
Having to claim this man as my father
The one who should love me the most
All I want is for him to say he’s proud
Well I can’t try any harder
Why doesn’t he love me?
Why am I his personal punching bag?
I just can’t take it any longer
The thoughts of suicide pulling me in
More inviting every day
Like a warm blanket engulfing me
They always say “lucky you”
Yeah. Lucky me.

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Hey there small fry,
how do you do?
Today you are small,
but tomorrow belongs to you.

You take such short steps,
but you can rest assured,
though today relies on mom and dad,
tomorrow will be yours.

I know this world is very big,
but do not be afraid.
I promise you will have it all,
tomorrow is your day.

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The day is quiet.
The birds aren’t singing. The wind ceases to hum, the clouds seem stagnant.
Its funny when someone is taken from you, the entire world seems to slow, in turn making everything seem so eerily silent. The world outside my window shines a dull gray. Everything stands still.
I can hear the angels sing a triumphant song, for their fathers son has returned home. I see you walking into our fathers throne room head held high and smile blinding.
However, the world below weeps, we continue to ask why, we continue to miss the obvious out of our hearts own grief. 
A father wanted his son. A father is now holding him against the pain, the pain no longer exists.
There’ll be a service for you. The thick tangible gray will still hang in the air. And although we can’t understand the reason for the recent events, although we’ll be shedding tear after tear for the one we lost, you’ll be smiling, dancing, singing with the father each of us are destined to be with.
-Micaiah Price

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Life cut short

Self inflicted sin

Price for drugs and money

Came to a painful end

The pain of course

Not felt by you

Felt by those left behind

Still today 

We wonder why

No chance to say goodbye

Left behind 

Besides your kids

A grieving mom and dad

Questioning why

You had to go

So early in your life

Many things not understood

We will never figure out

But if today

You are still around

God bless and keep you

Safe and sound

(In memory of my Dad)

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Orphan's Gift

That’s me there, the orphan,
the incomplete son of a dead man,
mother’s blue veins 
now solid as porcelain. 

When I was a young man of purpose
I went to my father’s grave
to take a photo of his aura. 
I expected an emanance, something
I hadn’t known of his life, 
but I was alone, 

just me and three graves:
his (I barely knew him),
my grandfather (a difficult man),
my stepfather (who never mattered).

There is a stone for my father,
none for the other two 
in that mass grave,
as if they never existed.

My mother designed
her death in advance,
“pre-planning” it’s called,
but she left the details 
to me, so

on the stone beside my father 
I gave back my father’s name,
my name,
her name before and now again
for as long as the dirt stays 
and isn’t tossed over the edge. 

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Hard Green Tomatoes

Two boys gathered hard green tomatoes
from their neighbors garden
This would be ammunition against 
unsuspecting cars 
We hid behind a stone wall
A brand new 1973 MG and Bam! 
The passenger door had a Giant dent

We ran up a steep hill
changed our clothes
and walked calmly to the action 
with a football as a prop
My father knew…
He was looking out the bathroom window
When everyone left
he whacked me hard
I hit the deck 
I was 9

Mindless of Authority 
Programming essential at birth

Many years have passed and the boy
now a man is still learning
That was the only time my father showed
me attention

I was just  broken … that’s all
Still am

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Save the Children

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
Oh Lord, who shall save the children who are lost
Many are living their lives on the edge
In this violent world, for which we live
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
Oh Lord, who shall save the children who are lost
Their caught in a crossfire of a burning blaze
Where bullets fly and where guns won't have names
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
Oh Lord, who shall save these children who are lost
Mother's, Father's, do not despair!
For there is a Lord up there who hears your prayer
So have faith, trust, and just believe
for it is only He who can set them free
For it is only thy Lord who can 
save our children who are lost

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24 now


“Close your eyes now,” I said
to a daughter who was already asleep
and woke from my words.

The thunder crashed. Perhaps
I wanted her scared, so I could be dad.

But there’s nothing I could do except
do nothing, together with her.

It’s like words. Things happen.
Without words they would still happen.
But then without words.

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Eyes Sparkling wide
Mom throws glitter in the air
Floating in elation

You're home
I love you
The world is shinning
You've been gone so long

I'm home now
Back from the war
The sparks there
were of death 

Here there is no death
I love you 
Your return makes our smiles shine

Jacqueline Graham
Glow of Glitter

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Letters written in fetters - 5

Dear son                        
                       (We get interrupted but love continues,
                        For we are not defined in dictionaries
                        Love is God and we are his image;
                        You and I are only great reflections
                        Depending on light and surface,
                        Love comes out as the substance of truth's shadow)
                        And using my wings
                        The sun would have made it killed you
                        Or washed me out of your memory salt as sea
                        Or could the beanstalk down
                        For such a tree is prime for tragedy
                        Watch it metamorphosize into a cross
                        Where the father was in the son
                        Redeeming us from history's fragment
                        Reconciling creation and creator
                        For what are ideals but the unattainable
                        The plant of figment
                        And we licking our lips are destroyed
                        Father and son, I am about to open my heart.

                        I speak to the enemy if I have to
                        But I would rather be silent before him
                        For there is a time when the pen is still
                        And wrath consumes the will (action is unequivocal)
                        You and I are silent like stars and eternity
                        As if your judgment are precise
                        Why do you think mothers keep bean seeds in desolate draws?
                        You neither know the purpose nor what it is
                        Fathers are not accidents
                        Before the world was created, and in a thousand father's loins
                        Like stars we were deccided
                        Mothers are born loaded with eggs and chance
                        Fathers toil to make what they have
                        And it is no easy grind of day or tide
                        But you will read this prefering to emasculate our oral traditions
                        I am calling for you to meet me face to face
                        And let the laws of kinship suffice for argument.

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A Broken Family with a Broken Heart

I'm here... 
wishing I had you in my life...

You were my father...
my daddy....
the one I looked up to.

But you lost my respect...
that day....
the day you left....
to never return.

I never knew the term
when I was a littl'un,
but it had become my life.
I was living it... and didn't know it.

My parents... divorced.
When you left, 
my family was torn apart.
Anger filled all our hearts...
and you caused it.

You broke my heart.
I loved you.
I trusted you.
I was the only one of your four children
that respected you...
even after you left...

But after six years
with no father-figure, 
I've grown into a bitter-hearted man.

Living life with a broken heart.

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Smoke burns IN,
By asteroids,
 of dispute, and
While the skies,
Fill, A comet, as
Everything disappears,
And, disaster strikes,
Where the world, turns IN,
For what we know, Is 
Just yet to, Be shown, IN,
Life, I can not see, beyond
IN, climate....

Though I will, Seek it to,
It's highest formate,
Because our LORD, almighty,
Lives IN, you, me, and for
always, at earth, forever, in
His heart, where we will, have
Given to find a house of heaven,
By a prayer In Hand....

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Here I go the same road I've been traveling on for years. 

My life is so-so how I live it is up to me.

 But I keep on thinking and I keep trying to 
break out but I know that these shadows follow me where ever I go.

 I turn the corner, I look behind myself again. Something is following me and some how I 
can't pretend.

 What do you want from me? Is it what I have to scream to get you to go 

 I'm running fast now my feet are barely touching the ground, and I don't know 
where I am anymore... i'm lost in my shadows.

 No one can hear my voice i'm screaming so loud my throat is cracking. I'm surrounded by 
darkness wondering when this will end? I hear footsteps walking behind, I turn but I 
don't see.

 I still hear the footsteps they are so close now I can't breath. 

When will this go away, Why can't this thing just run away? I turn around, and to my 
surprise I see a shadow the same image I've been trying to run away from. 

One thing I've learned is that it will return no matter how far you run and the sky gets 
dark and it will chase you until fyou confront your shadow.

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Here No More

Here No More 

Peering from 
my bedroom window
I see the last bit of life-

The last bit of life
my father left. 

He left not by choice,
not by brute force,
but because he was left. 

What does an eight-
an eight year old 
know about divorce?

“Daddy did something bad.” 
“We’re going to Aunt Stacey’s house.”

But mommy

“Don’t go upstairs! If you go upstairs you’re punished.”
“Come on, we’re leaving!” 

An eight-
an eight year old knows:

But most of all, an eight-
an eight year old knows 
when their life, their world

And the only thing 
concrete in their life 
is what they can see 
whenever they want 

And for me- 
for me
when I looked
outside my window
EVERYDAY I saw the tree-

the tree 
my father and I 
planted TOGETHER 

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Destiny                     or? 
A genetic trap. 
Brought up to be 
Reflections of 
Absent fathers 
Insane mothers 
Raised into addictions 
That feed off each other 
Family contracted infliction 
Damned                    sick 
          Healing never 



Does it need an explanation?

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she received no love-

she was a beautiful baby girl,
born in love but grew with none
that would teach her it’s meaning,
her mother, an alcoholic/bi-polar

her father never around to guide her,
starving and love neglected, this child
soon became a big sister to a baby girl
created out of deceit 

at five years old, she watched over
her sister, when mom was passed out
or with someone other than dad,
yet she received no love…

she sometimes went for days without
food for herself or the baby
mom spent the money on cigarettes
and beer, mom couldn’t understand

at ten, mom and dad divorced, she and 
her sister were now in her mom’s care
she was all alone and frightened
and she received no love…

neglected, abused,  she struggled for
acceptance from someone, somewhere,
her mother was good at hiding their
situation from family members

soon, mom got so bad she gave the
girls to their father and step mother
who abused them, locked them away,
still she received no love..

at fifteen, she begged to live with
her loving grandparents,
they loved her and guided her to 
jesus, where she got nurtured in love

she graduated high school
and married a young man who
her aunt arranged for her to meet,
she loved where she received no love…

she bore two lovely girls 
whom she raised with love,
endeared by the family that raised her,
saved from a home, where she received no love…

Copyright © 2010 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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To have and have lost

To have and to have lost is the ultimate pain, 
Knowing that your life will never be the same again. 
That one little missing piece of your jigsaw called life, 
Questions as to what you did to deserve this strife.
Another angel for heaven above 
Empty arms but still the love. 
Never far from your mind 
If only life wasn’t so unkind. 
Little angel I love you so 
Fresh in my thoughts wherever I go. 

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Fathered by Infection

You say I'm a whore, father
But who created me?
You say I'm a prostitute to society
But who prostituted me?
You say I'm a perversion of beauty, father
But who perverted me?
You say I aborted your love, father
But who aborted me?
you say there's a darkness behind my eyes
But who placed the darkness there?
You say my heart is rotten, father
But who placed the worm in it's core?
You say you fear me, this demon in my soul
But who instilled this hate, who set the demon free?
You turned your back on me, father
for fear of catching this infection
But father, oh daddy dearest, who infected me?
Can you undo what you have done, daddy
Or must I do it for you?

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God's Kind of Poetry

God's kind of poetry, wow where can I begin.
God's kind of poetry, I only know it stays honest till the end.
I can't envision or even fathom explaining perfection through God's eyes but describing his brilliance brings me much pleasure and glory and for that I'll gladly compete for this prize.
If exposed to his complete creation, I imagine atheist would spend their entire lives looking for a single hint of a flaw.
I said their entire lives, cause it would pass them by in amazement of what they just saw.
God's meaningful messages can flow through you gracefully and with timely understanding.
God's important lessons can even bump into you if you was busy and not closely listening.
I imagine God's art is so complicated yet premeditated, it can't be traced or ever forged.
If with hate or even simple disbelief in your soul, reach out to Lucifer and become forever heavenly purged. 
God's kind of poetry, I'm so glad I began.
God's Kind of poetry, I pray through life's obstacles, it remains instilled in me till the end.

Contest Poem
Tony Dean Driskell   9/27/2014

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Matter of Fact Disciples.

Jesus Christ was here ,
in another womb, holy and viable,
He trusted His mother without fear
Unlike his unloved, unborn disciples.

Oh you, little ones, who are one of these,
The essence of innocence,
Tetrarchs of the womb, teachers of trust, 
Not by mere syllables do you teach the Word,
You who came forth as a gift from the loving Triune;
But by your very example you are heard.

Those who have hearts let them hear!
Let them see your little way.
Parents betray you because of fear,
Because of what the heartless may say.
You and I, dear child, are the children that God promised.

Betrothed of lady Poverty,
Train us all to be poor in spirit. 
Obedient one, who by your very presence,
Honor thy father and thy mother;
Our conscience,...we cannot hear it.

Keeper of the commandments,
Pure, sinless, save the original one,
The vestige, due to Adam's lack,
Forgiven in baptism, for Christ has won.

God's own prophet of Hope, my friend,
Whose blood will be shed,
Speak to the Light you will see at the end,
Father forgive them ,
For they know not what they do.

This will I pray to our Loving Father today,
That in His Mercy, in your last hour,
The peaceful chamber from which you teach
May become your baptismal font.

And that Elizabeth's son, John, who in her womb
Leaped for joy at the presence of Jesus in Mary's own,
May by God's pure Grace, use these holy amnion waters,
To baptize you the name of the Father,
The Son and the Holy Spirit.

And when the amniotic veil of His temple is torn in two,
Into our Father's loving hands,
May the Baby Jesus, .. commend your spirits.

I love you my friends . 

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One Simple Job

You had one job
A simple task
I ask you nicely
To do for me.

Yet your such a klutz
You just screwed it up
It was so simple
You find it complicated.

Distracted or forgot
Your so simple minded
To lose track of time
Forgot what was important.

Can't you do right
Why go off track
You let me down
When I need you most.

When I'm feeling not my best
Ill-stricken to my bed
Aches and pains all over
I count on you to help.

Can't you listen
Don't you see
Do I matter
To you at all?

Off on your own
Doing your things
Makes me feel neglected
When your not listening.

Don't you care how I feel
Can't comfort me for an hour
When I'm feeling down
You just brush it aside.

All I ask of you
One simple ting
Do me one favor
To help me out.

Yet you can't do right
Are you not bright
Can't seem to see
Just one thing
One simple job.

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no news

the post man said "no mail today"
my heart broke it two...
again today
I thought I was going to die right there
another day,
with no news of survival
how do i manage to let my life go on
when his has  gone and passed away
my mind tells me he's out there some where
but no news from him
no letters
no card
not even two men dressed in suits
My mind wonders
as I try and distract myself
the news comes on
and I watch ever second
hopeing to see your face
just walk by
but as soon as I heard your voice
I knew
I didn't need news
I didn't need a letter or card
because there is no you
well at least not anymore

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I-10 sings its lone soliloquy
Along the desert stream
That flows on 18 wheelers
Flying to another world
Beyond this intersected boundary

I-10 sings its lone soliloquy
On wings that croon and woo
Each lonesome passerby
Heading for another world
Beyond this intersected boundary

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Strange Dogs

One day I asked  my Dad that "How dogs understand there Master's language??"

Dad said me "Its not like that, they understand there master's voice and they respond to that''.

I said to Dad  "Just think why dogs don't wear clothes like us ,they too would want to wear nice clothes like us??"

Dad said to me "Dear Son, they are animals and animals are not like us that's why they don't wear clothes''.

I then couldn't resist my Eagerness and told to Dad" But Why Not??"'Can't We Buy Clothes For Them'??

Dad giggled with my question and said me "My Boy, They Don't Wear Clothes and they are not like us''.

My heart wasn't getting convincing answers from   Dad,I couldn't resist my curiosity,

I again asked Dad, 'If we teach dogs how to study, then think how good it will be??''

Then they can help me to complete my homework .

Dad scratched his head and then his chin .

Dad said me 'son, they are animals and we are humans, thats why they can’t study like us".

I said "ohh, it’s such a shame for them".

Dad giggled and said me "Son you will understand when you will grow up".

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To My Weeping Angel

Sorry my dear not  to weep
Forgive my anger and console yourself
I was worst and cruel at that second
Forgive my anger and accept my plea
Oh my sweet heart not to cry
I ‘ve astonished how I changed as a devil
And questioning me on my love affection
I am searching the reason in the sky
Though we are living in desert
Your presence makes as lovely bower
Though we are struggling in poverty
I have you as my precious treasure and valuable asset
I want to present only pleasures and smiles 
Forget this second and live for the next
Light this hut by your dazzling smiles  and talks

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father to be

he never wanted to be a father
he told himself that he would do everything in his power
to fend off all possibilities of
spawning &
he lived fast, wanting to die young---
burning bridges &
rolling to gather no moss,
but inevitably,
as the cliché opens itself up for the stage,
a knock came at the door &
after he remembered who it was,
she told him that she was keeping it---
he had his tantrum,
he threw the door closed,
he sat in the chair alone in his abode &
wishing & wanting 
to do things over again,
but there was nothing he could do.

he told her he didn’t believe it was hers &
he told her he wanted a paternity test &
when she had one, 
it was certain.

this father to be was disappointed
this father to be was angry that she was having it
this father to be wanted nothing to do with the kid
this father to be decided to leave &
as the story goes,
he never came back.

the young boy grows up without a father
the young boy grows up knowing he wasn’t wanted
the young boy grows up wondering why his mother
decided to have him in the first place &
when he begins to have sex
he swears it will never happen to him,
that he will take precautions,
because he never wants to be a 

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Pressure to Succeed

Do the deed,
Just succeed,
Do it yourself,
In your own wealth,
I want to be better,
In lighter weather,
Airy was the day,
You took my pride away,
None left to find,
Just tapes to rewind,
Cultivate the mind,
Achieve, Succeed,
Please just breathe,
Life is easy,
When you’re breezy,
Feel the pain I’ve felt,
Through the years,
With lack of wealth,
Busted baby,
Well maybe,
Never top notch,
On your watch,
I’m always amazed,
By how you’re crazed,
I’m on the ground,
Never to be found,
Push harder,
Nearly murder,
I feel drained,
Deathly pained,
Improve my mood,
You’re just plain rude,
Wait for the day,
When I go away,
I’m sure you’ll smile,
At least for a while,
Putting up,
I’ll put you down,
Hear the sound?
Come around?
I’ll teach you truth,
I’ll show you youth,
Civilly, Liberally,
You see I’ll be,
What you never were.

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My narrow spine draws up
like a creaking cold floor
cornering confines, facing vacancy
While my father is as a sharp rain that
pounds down on my skin, grey tin
a shed to my life and its
sticky alcoholic stew
like a Jew, cemented sorrow 
and in my shoe, a dead furnace
It's better to be alive
but this reality's hard to wake up to
If my mouth was blue
and wore blood's debut
could be 
at least this day
before I cut my father's heart
in two.
But his tears reach me
even near my torrential eyes
and they burn clean like
acidic water's guise, my lies
fall away like flies
I have nowhere to hide
and I've certainly tried
I can only blink back
without excuse and cry
My father loves me fiercely, dearly
and clearly, my disease holds no hostage
he washes my toxic heart with cool hands
not an eye for the grime, but for me,
a child, marred by fire,
his very object of caution
but he makes me a wound
set to heal, so I kneel
awake in a wake
my father's grace.

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My Father

I hear his voice

Grown old with my absence;

His powerful presence pale

And querulous no more.

Sad and searching words

Now come from his throat

Where the crescent scar, once madly red,

Lies faded like a wan, winter moon.

His frailty frightens me;

His rage more easily defended

Than this unfamiliar exigency.

My armor has no resistance

Against warm, melted anger

Colored with guilt.

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My father

We walk this land in hopes of a bigger plan. Listening to stories of the promise land. Learning about our father and all he has to offer. Slowing down to notice the little things that surround us. Teaching those who seek out the truth of our father Showing them it is ok to be imperfect. Humans are merely flesh living out their stay. Preparing themselves and making choices, that will decide where they go after they die. Talk to your father like he is there, because he hears all your prayers. Never alone do you walk, As a believer he is your rock. He will comfort you when times are tough, Hold your hand when you want to give up. Give you strength when you don’t have enough. But most of all give you unconditional love.

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Lost Photograph- 1

This is my goofy dad.
We're best friends now.
My smoothie cup in his pocket
gives it all away 
in this photograph.

My dad was always fun,
always encouraging me to do good,
listening to music with me,
even taking me on late night trips
to Wal*Mart.
But that was then.
For sixteen years he was always there,
even when it was just to
stick his tongue out 
for a picture in my collage.

I remember feeling insanely happy
that night because 
I was with my dad at the festival.
What I didn't know was that 
in a couple of years
everything would change.

I'm lucky to even be able 
to contact my dad now.
He chose to leave me
so he could make a new best friend.
I wasn't good enough anymore.

-Caroline Youngless

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I Dreamed of Jesus

His eyes, they do pierce...
Sharper than the points of the nails
That punctured his hands and feet,
More accurate than the blade of the spear
That drove blood and water from his side.

Last night, I was sitting at a drawing table
(Whether I was writing or drawing,
Or preparing to do so, I do not know.)
In a room without walls with the table lamp on.
Both my arms were on the table top
As light from the west stretched shadows
To the east until they were no more.
His figure drew near, but He was not alone.
Mirjana held his left hand like a royal.  
Her hair was up, and she was in a long gown.
She was enveloped with light like one of his angels.
Her facial expression was that of Eve in the arms of God
Being carried to Adam, who was about to be touched.
When I looked at Him, it seemed my eyes closed;
But His face still came to me.  Through my eye lids,
I surveyed His image.  It was the whitest white
Mingled with the gold of sunrise, translucent 
From head to toe; He was floating toward me
With a smile on His face.  His hair was long and brown;
But the light made it look white;  His teeth were straight.
His full beard appeared like his hair, and then...

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If I can well remember, It was not long ago, You were the man I called my father, The same man I shared a roof with, The same man I shared a meal with, When with problems the man I turned to, And what did you do? You took away my innocence, As if you lack common sense, You never cared how little I was, I cant believe you are the same man I knew, Why did you have to do this to me? In the whole world why did you chose me? Your daughter!!!! I need an answer father, What did I ever do to you? I don’t remember wronging you, The good friendship we shared is ruined now, And how am I supposed to react now? Am I supposed to say you are a monster? For Christ sake you are supposed to be my protector, But you turned to a molester, The love I had for you have turned to hatred, Inside my heart is a big wound, A wound created by my own father, I and I don’t think I will ever recover, As the images of that day are fixed on my mind, Sometimes they drive me mad, And the pain I can’t hold it, I cry aloud to let it out, Filled with so much questions, Am yet to find the answers, Hoping one day I will heal inside, And I will get to understand, Why these actions had to come from my father, What he really wanted to gain, For him to put me through all that pain, As I still wait, Am wondering what next.

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Daddy's Baby Girl

*In 2008 my dad died of cancer. My mother and I was working a quilt for him while he 
was going through his treatments so he would have something to remind him of us. I 
was writing a poem for him that I was going to emborider on the quilt the night I got 
the phone call he'd died. Here it is, the poem I've been most afraid of ever since 
because as soon as I finished writing this the phone rang and I just knew.*

Through the years you've missed alot

But you've always ran through my prayers and thoughts

I just wanted to let you know

I love you and I will always be

My daddy's baby girl.

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Black Day Report

We were there before pacing history placed in memory 
Black Tuesday 1929 my grand father committed suicide 
Black Monday 1987 my father diagnosed Alzheimer’s 
Black day in 2008 in October every day is a hope to survive

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My God is The Tower

O Lord My God
Creator of the universe
Master of all things seen and unseen
Who was is and is to come
The great I Am who became a man
Who chose out of love to come dwell with men
To teach the path that leads to life
To show us how to win this fight
My God is the tower my shield and strength

Lily of the valley
Jesus the Christ whose name we carry
Redeemer to sinners
Our hope for the gleaning
Deliverer to the tempted deceived and lost
Call on his name trust in his power
Father to his children all who believe
The Word made man who laid down his life
My God is the tower my shield and strength

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Their Anniversary

Looking about 
on a starry night 
An old man turned to his wife. . . 

"I see all the love we've shared 
somewhere -- 
beyond the moon in your eyes." 

She beamed.

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A Kiss- part 1 due to length

All of our lives changed for good.
We’d all change it if we could.
We’d all bring back Clay,
For just another day.
Oh, all the things we would say.
If we knew,
He’d never see the next morning dew.
The hardest thing to say, Goodbye.
Although if we said this, it’d be a lie.
Because we’ll all see him some other day.
Because of the price, the good lord paid.
And in the Lord we will find our strength.
To deal with this time of struggle and length.
Without a person who was so near
So dear
To our hearts
And will be to the end and has been from the start.
Many of us just lost :
A friend.
A Brother.
An Uncle.
A Papaw,
A Son.
But for me and my sisters,
We lost the one who used to cover our blisters.
The one who changed our dirty dippers.
And when we would cry, he’d act as windshield wipers
The one who tries to help us cope.
The one that for us has high hopes, 
The one when we’d mess up, he’d get mad.
The one we got to call dad.
I’m sorry for being mean, rude, obnoxious, loud.
But ill do my best to make you proud
It’s hard not knowing.
The pain I believe is showing.
We don’t ever know,
When it’s someone’s time to go.
We leave them with anger and rage,
Without a thought that soon
All too too Soon
Have to start a new chapter. Turn the page.
With the lights turned down dim.
Without him.
Looking into the future may seam a little grim
Not knowing what to do without him.
The way he’d rub my feet, 
After I came home tired and with defeat.
The way he would just talk and talk.
And back on the trail, we’d walk and walk.
Or maybe even ride our bikes.
Either way its all alike.
Picking a few of the prettiest flowers
And at home in a vase they’d tower.
Wishing he was still here.
Because his time just didn’t seam near.
It isn’t what any of us would of thought.
Its what any of us would of fought.
Many of us fighting it now.
Sitting with silence and tears wondering how?
Haven’t eaten. Haven’t slept.
But the Lords plans we’ll soon have to accept.....

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Russet Skin

Russet Skin 
Figure clad in white 
Soul clothed in white 
Body soaked in wine 
Youth entrenched in mind 

Foreign name on paper 
A specimen of mystery 
Unseen splendor 
Timeless experience 
A living dictionary of life 

Your body, scarred by time 
Face disfigured by “love” 
Hands scarred by money 
Hair, grey from thoughts 

U have lived a millennia or two 
But your origins, 
Not a soul knows 
Some say, “Descendents of David” 
Others, “Remnants of Solomon” 

They have dug out graves 
Gone through caves 
Climbed up Kilimanjaro 
Even looked into the Nile 

Some look up to the stars 
& talk about, 
But No! 
You are son of the soil, 
Daughter of the sand 

Mother earth breast fed you 
Father sun baked your identity 
Ostriches are raised for you 
Cattle Slaughtered 
For your honor. 

You are a black man 
Born of AFRIKA 
Blessed by the stars 
Cloned by the night 
Rise above your feet 
Be proud 

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The Meeting

how your downy eyes seek me,
new eyes, wrapped up in 
foreign security and the surreal.
I am doubtful of my ability
but blessed as I confirm your release
eager and thankful,  
kissing tufts of soft hair.

Mother and son,
created in the same moment
waiting to begin.

And now you will know
all I rue of myself,
within the marrow space of selfish years
I I I I I I I I 
Me Me Me Me Me Me,
within a yen sprouting 
ever forward to finally
share,to share with you.

As I wake I remember a cherub's face
and wonder if we can find you
within these barren fields, 
if we can summon 
or Aphrodite,
so I may hold you in my waking dreams.

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