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Free Verse Brother Poems | Free Verse Poems About Brother

These Free Verse Brother poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Brother. These are the best examples of Free Verse Brother poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Forty Today

Visited you today
as the sun set in the horizon…

the orange tinged carnations 
were a perfect complement 
for the skies
and for you… 
orange and blue
always remind me of you

the winds softly blew
and I just sat there
staring at the grass,
well more at your name really…

hardly believing
what I am looking at, 
that it’s been seven years

of missing you,
of just putting that reality
at the back of my mind…

But there are days,
such as today
which make me 
confront that reality—

I see your smile,
remember your laughter
celebrate your spirit
and your love

Tears, I tell you I have
the most stubborn tears
maybe because they 
make it so real for me?

I look around me
and look for that sign

Nope, not there…

I say a prayer
and speak to you
thankful for the life shared

I kiss the date that you were born

and walk away

my reflection on the car window

One last look around,

and then I see it…

a cat, as we drive away…

Skies now streaked purple and pink

**My brother would have been 40 today, May 6…

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Brother Of The Quill

Brother of the Quill
Join me in a dance
For mother sings nightly
And father sleeps within a trance
Deerskin feet 
they'll never hear our steps
Through hemlock and the fields of wheat
All night long we will dance
Moon Mother lights our way
And our ancestors shine as bright stars
We will run as the wolves
And sing from our hearts
Brother of the Quill
Join me in a prance
We will shoot stars with our arrows
And wish for another dance
Deerskin tents
They'll never hear the swish
Of when we sneak back in
And fall asleep before Father wakes again

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Home Of The Hang Man

Home Of The Hang Man

The children are so full of doubt
No one is allowed to speak
No one is allowed to shout
Opinions are driven underground
Seems that every time they do it wrong
Always been the same old song
Never get it right
Never allowed to speak
Never allowed to fight

It’s a strange house
The children are so full of doubt
A strange house

The kids just don’t understand
They don’t see that this is the way it’s all been planned
Keep them frightened is the game
Then all those “other” things won’t need to be explained
Why is big brother always mad
Why is younger brother always sad
Why does he sit in his bedroom all alone
Because it’s a strange house
And not a home

It’s a strange house
The children are so full of doubt
A strange house

Everything they do or say
Is turned into to a weapon to build upon the barricade
And Dad pretends he’s not afraid
Of the sudden discovery of suffocated memories
The dark deeds linger in a cage
Of ridicule and violence that makes the babies cry
So Mum has buried her suspicions worryings away
In Sunday lunches usual farce
A make believe gathering of corrupted loving and pretended merry making

It’s a strange house
The kids are so full of doubt
A strange house

Big brother hit the self destruct
With pills and needles long before he decided he was gay
No one ever asked him why he was so mad
And  no one ever asked why younger brother was so sad
He sits up stairs in his room 
Surviving in a sea of doubt
The suffocated memories have all come out
He’s always sad and he’s always alone
The babies to they both have grown
But he doesn’t know them anymore
It’s been so long since he left that so called home

It’s a strange home
The children are so full of doubt
A strange house

Their children are so full of doubt
Brought up and made this way
All their futures turn to grey
As all the buried memories fight their own way out
Remember why they always felt so wrong
Remember what happened when we were young
And mother just closed her eyes she did not help
All the future turns to grey
Brought up and made to be this way

Father was the hang man who took their lives away

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

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Since First I Saw You

Since first I saw you, it was your eyes,
mesmerizing, your gaze transporting
me to a realm, not of fantasy, real,
where young men go when cupid’s
arrow takes root.

Since first I saw you, it was your lips,
captivating, holding me frozen 
in anticipation of our lips brushing
for the first time.

Since first I saw you, it was your voice,
a crescendo, light, invigorating, 
each word you speak intensifies 
my hearing, enveloping each
note, time ceases as I hang motionless
savoring, memorizing.

Since first I saw you, it was your hair,
long, flowing, gently rising above
your shoulders as a slight breeze
passes through sending waves
of your essence my way. 
The sun magnifying each strand, 
highlighting the minute
variances of invigorating color, 
creating a halo effect, a portrait of
your beauty forever imprinted.

Since first I saw you, It was you,
my love forever more for you,
only you.

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I'm Your King

A burst of white light gamma rays, overbearing a flash of brilliance burns through to my soul everything is like hell the world starts to melt in the blink of an eye just the cold blackness of night I don't care if I am not again what I once was, for at this moment I am greater now than ever before I took the path between teetering, tight roping walking right up to my right divined in my unholy state I thought I told you I am your king still you sit there, hesitating I know you hate me what does that mean? I hate just about everything still I'm chosen I did not wish before now bow down to me refuse me no more for I shall always be your demon until you accept me as your King. I don't even know you though you say we used to be best of friends, you and me the day you ditched me I remember now exactly how it played out back when we were just tiny things even back then I still was King you thought me stupid just a ruse I would laugh inside, you see? not one of you single, mean people ever even knew me in a world, mostly seen to me that is why only I can be your true King and bring forth a new source of light everlasting. As two worlds collide slowly aligned one wrapped in shadows one bathed in white evils swirling in the clouds above I'll always be the king you love to hate or despise as in your blood I thought I told you, I am the one I am the way, the way out shall be shown breathe in my spirit as it carries you away breathe in my faith it shall carry your empty space and deposit you gently on a cloud just enough higher than you've ever dreamed of for I am king now, and your in my hell your in my imagination, I'll just never tell you'll feel as though dreaming, you'll feel now if you try and see you were always found the most shared in the light cast upon me the last bright star in heaven. Denounce my name, if you may One year later, still not afraid A black sheep, a darkened spade That's just life, I'm not right I'm in the wrong, follow along Like a piper, I'll pitch a song Mesmerized, the weak wills sing I thought he told you, he's still our king.

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I found you crying in the closet when you were only five
A walk-through closet that opened onto both our bedrooms
You had a bad dream    didn’t know where to turn
Mom and Dad weren’t home    left us with Uncle Joe
but he always went to bed right after supper
And he wasn’t our uncle    just a lonely old man
who stayed on when we rented his house

You were my little brother    so I took you to my bed
Later you told me I petted you like a little lost puppy
The next morning I helped you make your bed
Our first chore of the day    making beds    
smoothing and tucking covers 
erasing signs of disturbed nights
Making neat what was chaos
We didn’t realize we were making beds in a burning house

Inside our home reality was knocked askew
to match our town    struck by the tornado a week ago
I held tightly to your hand as we boarded the bus
Mom was running away from Dad    taking us with her
No great adventure awaited us    only fear of an unknown future
At ten all I knew to do was bury my face in your cowlick and cry

You ran away from home     I found you sitting at the corner
with tears rolling down dirty    freckled cheeks
stumped because you were not allowed to cross the street
Your pillowcase full of clothes    a sad lump on the pavement
I took your hand and led you home
I taught you to make your own bed
with perfectly tucked corners and fresh clean sheets
But our house was still burning

Soon only the two of us would be left
Our sister headed to Heaven wrapped in her chenille bedspread
Mom trailed behind hanging onto a loose tail of the sheet
flapping forlornly in a cool autumn breeze
I took your hand    sat with you on the window seat
We watched parades of people passing through our house
who never noticed us     And we waited
We waited years for Mom to return    although she slept in her bed
each night and made it first thing in the morning
Our house was still burning

You grew up to set your own houses on fire     
It was what you knew    making beds in burning houses
Each time I found you    took you by the hand
led you to a peaceful place where we could sit quietly
and watch the world go by for a time    
Words    unnecessary between us     
They had been since before you could talk
when Mom placed your chubby newborn self 
in my four-year-old arms    and said    Here’s your baby brother    
You watch out for him    He needs you

Your fires have all gone out now    
No burning embers left to catch on the bed covers
You make your bed with ease    precision    
and a renewed sense of purpose
I watch happily from a distance of only miles
And know you can feel me    still holding your hand

For Kevin, the most exasperating, loyal, and lovable little brother anyone could have.

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Notice of Love and War

He woke and saw his beloved asleep with one breast partially exposed

And with his fantastic limp he works his way to the kitchen

He made coffee for her with croissant lathered with jam

Gently he pulled at the exposed women and gestures with the tray

Happily she wakes and with great affection reaches for him

Coffee is second and pastries  with jam come close to him

But he is first and the love hits him like the wind

Gently it began and gale force now

He had to lash himself so he wouldn't be swept away

And it grew

She always lay in their position and there was no other

He would mold himself to her and tease her nipple

He came home weathered from the battle and with grief

Friends had been shot by snipers and the heat

He had seen a woman with a basket approach his friend

And she dropped the basket and pulled the belt

The explosion deafened him and his comrade's face is gone

Fragments hit him but he is running to his friend

But the friend lays silent

Gazing to the wetness on his leg he falls

He is deafened and wakes in terror and looks upon the leg

And finding himself in bed she tries to talk with him

But he claim's it's a bad dream and the basket falling

And later...............

The limp was his reminder of that day and he eats the croissant for his friend

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A Collage For Dale

Here you are, only twelve, at our kitchen table.
Such a carrot top you were! Strangers used to think
you were our red-head mother’s natural son.

And here’s that photo you took of me at college.
Though you’re not in it, how could I ever forget
it was you in front of me that snapped that shot?
For I’m laughing and so glad you came to see me!

In this one, all ten of us are in the back yard
dressed in our Sunday best - our first big reunion!
I’m nearly 30;  just look at my silly perm!
Folks still mistake me for Dori in this picture!
Look how Mom and Thea - for once - are smiling!
You’re standing behind me, in a lovely grey suit,
only 32 and almost out of law school!

Here from more recent pictures, this shows a rare time 
we  were joined, but sadly,  for Dad‘s funeral.
You‘re not in this one, Dale . . . nor in any others.
That picture in our back yard was to be the last.
My dear stepbrother, the best man I ever knew -
Taken from us so young. . .  you remain beloved.

Written 10/9/13

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August 23rd

" I remember that day
As clear as the crystal springs in June"
only it wasn't June, It was August
the morning air was thick like smoke
it choked me awake

the first blush of day
flushed across the sky
blood red clouds 
colored her path

I lay still
like the air
without a hint
of summer's wind

the clock on the wall
tormented me 
with the tick, tock,
tick, tock,
its bony hands
seemed to skip along
until I arose from bed

I sipped on coffee
as I took in the news
unsure what my day would bring

...and then I could hear a buzz
as if a fly was making circles
beside the bed, then a ring, ring, 
ring echoed within my purse

I stared at the clock
my heart began to beat
faster then time

was it my father
did something happen
I worried as I listened

the voice
was indistinct
as if being choked

I struggled
with my ears
to make sense
of the words
that fell

...and then silence
fell all around
as if deaf
and mute
unable to process
and conceive
the message

my brother,
who turned 49
just the day before
was breathless
like the august wind

no more jokes
or laughter
or candles atop cake

his wick had burned out
within that last breath of air
and it burns, slow
as the years pass
still to this day
yet I'll remember that day
forever more....

pick a line contest
Mustapha Mohammed
"Reflections when the summer breathes"

Sandy Adams  8-22-2013

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He is the silly brother of death
is never seen around the cradle
and has never turned up for the
first smoke
first beer
first love

He is waiting for you with jester cap and painted grin
Roaring with laughter he pushes aside

Together on the seesaw
he pushes you higher
and higher until you
dangle over boundless
gorges until you
scream you have to go because you
so many things to do
so little time to spend

With both feet back
on solid ground you buy him a
for his big brother to arrive

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Stems - A Greater Harvest

The tags are labels placed on a table.
Beginning with A and ending with Z, the labels placed on the table enables me to readings.
I defeated being judgmental and did not become analytic.
My mind is a schema.

The stems are roots ending.
Argumentative are the colors exploding.
White becomes mixed and black is a misted.
Meaning is that both are within an element.

The bags that I carry appear to be heavy but they are not.
They are held many ways so that my arms will not tire.
I walk with a slight lean to my shoulder because my purse must strap.
I arch upright like a cat.

The stems rooted and garlic is scape.
The railroad track is the shortcut we take.
The blood is enriched and the heart strengthens.
Once grown, he knows life ascertains.

Pulling back the curtains, he views the beautiful garden planted by his beloved mother.
The clothes in this bag I will wash completing my chores for today.
Once done, I will leave to find something to enhance my life.
I feel agitated and I must relax.

Tomorrow will be one of the best days in time.
The stem is a broken root.
It uses or loses its route to new growth.
The knowledge it provides is wisdom to the planter.

                                   The stem asks the question of why did this happen.

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In My Dreams

In my dreams we sing and play, Chase each other like we once did. lying on the hill at night we would dream about another life. A place beyond the stars, a place that only we knew of. We grew up and our priorities changed I never expected our paths would not cross again nor did I picture bars separating us. In my dreams is where we meet It's the only way to touch your face, see your smile and hold your hand for we are living in different lands. You are my brother and brother you'll be and I will see you again in my dreams...

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Saving my Brother -- Trevor Depugh

Dear God, He's done it once again,
He had to go back, and take care of them,
His real momma and his sister, and his step Daddy too,
They needed things, that only he could do. 
It's a bad part of town, he's told me so,
I asked him not to leave, but he said he had to go.
Bring him back, I want him in one piece,
You brought him once before, 
Now Please God, return him to me.
My brother is my savior, I worship at his feet,
I need him in my life, his presence is so sweet.
Whats that!? 
I heard a slamming door, that must be him now,
I'll pray again later, that's a promise, my vow.
Thank you God, for bringing him home to me,
If he was awake I'm sure he'd agree.
He came home last night, with a black and blue eye,
His lip was swollen, and he had hidden tears in his eyes.
He ribs were bruised, in fact I think one was broke,
His head was throbbing, when he came in he barely spoke. 
I helped him down the hall, though he's much bigger than I,
And when his knees gave out, you must have been nearby. 
I somehow found a strength I never had before,
And with my arms around him, I got him through the door,
I laid him on my bed, and told him not to sleep,
I stayed up all night, and tended to his needs.
Dear God, thank you, for keeping him alive,
I don't know what happened, but I didn't let myself cry.
He's my brother God, and my love for him will thrive,
We watch each others backs, you don't have to ask why. 
You answered my prayers, you brought my brother to me,
You gave him a home, God I hope you can see,
We don't need an answer, though our question is as simple as can be,
We sometimes wonder, did you give me to him, or him to me. 

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The Black River Mills

The black river mills are seen in the distance
The red skies show spiraling, gray clouds
The earth is man’s canvas
And the mills slowly mix the paint
We have seen the devastation
We have felt the desperation
Some of us wallow in our watercolor
And leave the canvas blank

The mills crush their bones to the bottom
Mixing them nicely into the paint
People are pushed in without thought
Others go in willingly

The river mills are closer to my view
And my brush is stiff and unused
Women and children walk alongside the rivers
The elderly follow and sometimes shake their heads
On a cliff, I watch them all
My brushstroke stiff and worthless

Shakily I climb down the precarious cliff
Brush in hand
Canvas in view 
Watching people suffer in the paint of their mistakes
People wanting to be part of the picture

I never desired this. . .
I wanted to create a masterpiece 

The women and children are gone
—except one
I see a little black boy standing alone
He is watching me curiously
Tears in his eyes

He is a watcher
He was born to suffer
He never desired this either

“I’m sorry.”

The boy smiles sadly and takes my hand
“It’s okay. I understand.”
I shed digital tears
And program some control

It is quiet, save for the sound of the river mills
It has mixed well
The colors are astounding

“Are you sure you want to stay?”

The boy nods.
“No one wants me mixed with them.”

He is a creator
He is a watcher

I dip my brush into the churning waters
I then hand it to the little black boy

“The world is your canvas now. . .” I whisper.

It was NEVER mine to meddle with. . .
And we are set apart for a reason

But together we are incomparable

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Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

Ever since the flames licked 

my fair pink burning flesh,

nothing in my life has remained the same.

I had to go back in to 

save my little brother Chris. 

 Life without him would kill me, 

besides myself I would forever blame.


Even though it’s been ten years, 

my face still feels the pain.

Having to go through high school 

with a scarred face is just lame.

I’ve got the body of a goddess; 

I must admit I’m beautiful from the neck down, 

but the hideous burn scars 

on my face have remained.


Months after the accident 

weeks before school started,

a knock at my door came.

An anonymous donor sent a box

 full of beautifully hand decorated

Mardi Gras masks made for only the fairest lady, 

that’s the day I got my new name.


Each month a new box of masks 

would arrive and I would wear everyone.

I became known as the royal shapely, disfigured lady. 

Mardi Gras was my fame.


One night a mysterious white box appeared, 

inside rested the most unique and intricately 

adorned mask of all.  It was a pure white mask adorned 

with a delicate French ivory lace, fluffy pure white 

dove feathers and shiny white pearls outlined the mask.  

White is normally considered lame 

but this was breathtaking, nothing plain.  

Inside the box was also an

 invitation, asking me to attend 

the prom with "Masked Bandit" Lane.

 I couldn’t believe it! All along it was 

my handsome next door neighbor and

 Chris' best friend, who had been sending 

the ornate masks to me.  He was my hero now, 

my enthusiasm could hardly be tamed..  

Lane had always adored my brother Chris and seemed 

to like me too. I always knew he had 

a crush on me, but I never knew to what extent. 

I rushed over to his house where he was playing 

with my brother Chris a heated basketball game.

I hugged him and told him that 

I would love to go with him to the prom.

Just between you and me, 

Lane and I will always be the 

masked King and Queen of Mardi Gras 

and forever in love we will reign.



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Devils Blood

A tale of one mans rage:

I listen to shattered voices
and trembling fearful screams
rattling my inner conscious
corrupting once vibrant dreams

A stream of words trapped inside
left hidden for so long
escape with a sudden fury
in that moment I was wrong

The alcohol in my system
enhanced this primal rage
smacking her down emotionally
my actions very strange

Its like I stepped outside myself
watching this violence transpire
I only wanted to talk
but my actions did not inspire 

Physically I may have struck her
but I honestly don't remember
with the devils blood surging my veins
intensifying my temper

Now i'm filled with agony
and torment for what i'd done
now I must rise above it 
for my daughter and my son

For TA:
Dedicated to a wonder father who had finally reached his limit.  
After so long, and so much abuse, he SNAPPED...


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Matthew, Beautiful with his hazle, brown, green, eyes.

He has been a favorite of the ladies since my mom brought him home.

The darkness of the brown in his skin, but the light in to, is so raidient.

He can make one laugh, like no one else. 

He's ten, but man he can act like a little old man that has gone through life.

He try's to boss me, ha! that little reble.

Somtimes I feel like I'm a bad example For him.

I wonder if he loves me, I know he does, but I just wonder sometimes.

My baby brother  he will always be, and I will love, even when he hates me.

He will suceed, for sure.

Baby brother I love you.

Please love me.

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Not a day goes by

Not a day goes by 
that I don't remember you.

A castle in my heart was made for you,
from the nightmares, to guard you. 

As the cold breeze passing through sings,
wrapped you, shielding with my wings,

when he came sneaky in the night,
the grim reaper, he dares might. 

with a slash from his scythe,
he took my wings too.

Flightless, wandering lost,
tired, fell kissing the dirt. 

Woke up one morning,
in the middle of the woods.

Down on my knees, pleading you,
"Dear brother! one word from you will do."

For now I know what love is?
but none I have to share it with.

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Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
St. Stephen’s college

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GROUND ZERO Today as I stand here, With your name engraved not just on stone But in the hearts of millions who thank you For not letting them cry, I feel proud that it was you… We wish you were here, There’s not a day we don’t think of you. There’s not a minute we don’t miss you. But we’re glad you ran into death So that a thousand others could walk into life. It was not your duty, You weren’t meant to be there, But you took it up, Did what you had to do As a citizen of the global world. The little ones will never know What a wonderful person you were. But they’ll always know that You were a hero… How you died for the greater good… Tears, grief, pride, longing - a blend of everything. Its been ten years, ten long years But the memory’s still fresh and cutting. It still hurts to know That you could be here had you stayed back. But you didn’t and that’s made you a hero. You ran straight into it While a thousand others were running away. Your death is history…. Millions died with you But you stand out ‘coz you made your choice. As I stand here, I know that a decade ago, today You were here somewhere, Running into a cloud of dust and ashes Searching for the smallest sign of movement To bring them back to life. Somewhere between the despair and hope You forgot to breathe… I pray every day that History would rewind itself Back to that fateful September morning, Not because I want to hold you back… But because I want to come with you… It would have made a difference. I know it would have… I know you’re with me In my dreams, in my daily life Laughing at my blunders, Guiding me through hardships. My guardian angel… On this September morning, Not exactly the same as before, Here I am telling the world That my twin brother died Saving the victims of 9/11.

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Return Of Your King

Reflections of imperfections have shown me a way that I can move mountains through my power of faith even though I can't see him I know he is real through the power of prayer and a Love that I feel It's growing inside me like a flower in bloom shall I reveal my powers or is it too soon I am reading the signs through my darkness I find a reason for belief in the light of mankind that I know shall overcome the greatest of odds the Love I seek amazes me especially through the flaws because now I am inspired through the hero's that bring my throne through the darkness on which I return on as your King.

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Happy Valentines Day

My Dearest Little Sister, Hope this finds YOU and YOURS Healthy and High in
the Spirit. Happy Valentines             Day            Flowers, Candlelight Dinner
would have said chocolate                 !                 but I think YOU said to me
YOU don't eat chocolate                                         maybe a Family portrait
Kisses from big brother                                         Hugs from a big brother
You will ALWAYS be my                                          Sweet Little Valentine
MAY GOD'S LOVE BLESS                                        YOU this Valentines Day
Blessings all that You LO                                    VE, hold dear and Cherish
As Sun Rose this Morning                                 I felt the warmth of your hand
Look past the rising Sun I                              see a Sister's Loving Smile
I feel  little sister's embrace                         as I also embrace Mandy
Tear of Love fall from my eyes                   A desire to cross the big Pond
A VALENTINES DAY Handshake               To my Brother in Law
The man that lavishes Love upon        My Sister, Mandy Tams
May LOVE surround each and Every ONE. HAPPY VALENTINES DAy     

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Murderapolis Streets, Claim Two More Young Heartbeats

Native, Liteskin, sun kissed
sit, talk, get to know me 
a while
for I am not my skin and 
even though the tan pigment
runs deep
I am my heart, thoughts
and actions,reflection of
I keep
A car accident took
my Homies brother this morning
and as we sit and talk to him
now, through faded room mourning
Young man, stole pop’s keys
from sleeping pockets
joy riding with friends
headlights beaming, MN
summer star sky gleaming
Dad's unaware, boy & friends left
 till woke, by early morn’ meeting
God opened the skies and took
two good ones away
I felt it rained, clouds crying briefly
for them today
70 miles an hour, Murderapolis streets
took two good homies heartbeats
jus’ a mile away, a close
friend heard the tires screech
Driver yells to him, “get a knife & cut me out!”
Neighbor, like doe eyes in headlights
filled with doubt
ends up dying after all
at the hospital
down 29th Ave and McKinley St.
Two of the Five Souls involved
God, now, does keep
I recall seeing the drivers smile
less than one week ago
why Mista Watkins & White Jr.
was it yo’ time to go
your loved ones may never know
We don’t always understand
the Lords plan
but He surely knows
heartache and sorrow
is how July fourteenth does go
two significant young Southside sons 
at 3:30 am, drove into a utility pole
crushed glass ridden streets
two homies, with us no mo’
I pray Jesus be with them
and theirs
as they grieve, and friends
surround them with the love
they need
car accidents & tragedies
like these
close to home to you
tend to place things in perspective
defrost a persons mind
set it into view
cuz’ its not about the color, of
your skin, or where you came from
it’s the way you impact the world
in the end, who you’ve grown to
the lives lost, were good peoples
Stood for good values like Church steeples
vibrant athletic youths of the future
barely 14 & 17, gone too soon
I hear the sad, cry, lonely night of our
Murderapolis streets, claim
two more young heartbeats
you will forever be remembered
and loved, keep an eye on us
from above, we know you’re
in a better place, were all running
an impossible to win race
for we all have a time card to punch
under the Lords undying grace
your Influence and charm, young men
is locked within us
and we shall all party again
in the Kingdom of Heaven
our final resting Place

7/15/2010: R.I.P.- Patrick Watkins (17) & Duane White Jr. (14)- South Side, Minneapolis, MN
you are forever loved and missed, but not forgotten, watch us from Heaven, Amen

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The Best Little Sister -- Trevor Depugh

"Dear God, give me a big brother. I'll be the best little sister ever. I know its not possible for my parents to go back in time. But I'd love for a big brother that is all mine. Make him kind, and make him sweet, He doesn't have to be perfect, as long as he loves me. Dear God, can he be taller, with big soulful eyes, And when he smiles, can it rival the sun's shine? Give him strength, as fierce as a lion's roar, He'll swear to protect me forever more. He would wipe my tears from my cheeks, And with a laugh easily calm me. He would understand my heart and head, In a way that no one would ever fully understand. Dear God, can he teach me, All the things I would never know. He doesn't have to come from where I come from, But can he takes me to the places that he goes. Dear God, I am begging, Please grant this one plea, I realize that it may be a hard request, I know you are not a Genie. But here I am alone and cold, With no true love from my family, I'm lonely and I'm longing, For someone who will care for me. Dear God, please give me a big brother, I promise I'll be the best little sister ever"

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Song of a Teenage Girl 2/2

Concluding Part 

The song expresses the feelings of an Indian village girl. Her parents have fixed her
marriage (It generally happens in the rural areas of India, even to-day). She is about to
leave for the first time for her in-law’s place. She do not want to go to her  father in
law’s place leaving her parents, her soul mates friends the animals and birds.  The song
sketches the tender feelings of her heart for her Mother, Father and Brother & for the
animals and birds, whom she used to look after until now as her most precious friends and
who taught her how to sing a sweet song.  

The Song of a Teenage Girl                2/2

Still if you have decided to send me to my in laws, place, O dear,

This year, O My Dear Father and Mother please, 

Do not forget to send my brother on Rakhi* 

So that I can tie up the Rakhi String* on the wrist of my sweet brother.

You know O Mother, being a newly wedded bride, I won’t speak much in my in laws place.

If I speak, who would bother to understand the feelings of my heart.

Still if you have decided to send me to my in laws, place, 

O Mother, Please don’t forget, what I have told you today,

Only then, your daughter would be happy in her new alien place. 

Kanpur India 17th October 2010  
* Sasural. A Hindi word. Meaning father-in-laws place
*alien place.  The place of in-laws generally remains alien for  rural girls,  as their
marriages are fixed by the parents & in some cases, even the husband remains totally
unknown to the bride. 
* Koyal. The melody singing bird of India. 
* Rakhi.   Rakhi is a festival of siblings of opposite sex, 
which symbolizes the love &  the emotional bond between them. 

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My playground.

The yard  my world
Or so I’m told
Was where I spent my time
 Where this little lass
A tomboy too
Loved rolling in the grass.

Trees ladened with  mangoes
 yellowed with ripe
 A great temptation to this little child
 Who with a stone and David’s aim
 Brought mangoes  down Goliath

Playmates I had and many too
From chickens, birds and ducks
To puppies, pigeons, turkeys and cats 
Not to mention the upside down bats.

A sister and brother my siblings two
My sister’s a lady no sport for fun
My brother my follower was my ally won
He did what I told Him no questions asked
 But got many a spanking when we crossed the line.

The old hammock swung from a branch
That bellied and hung  
Quite low to the ground
For many a day both brother and I 
 swinging to and fro
did topple to the ground.

But best were the  moments
I  spent with God when we talked of many things 
while I blamed Him for  everything
that went wrong in my life
Oh those precious memories are the fabric of my life.

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The Interpretation of a dream Last

Shadows proned in pierced dark desolation
She waited for me on that day
A given chance at which to bow the knee to pray
There was a rich love I used to know

At bitter silence by which to go...
The interpretation of a dream,
No need for silence no mere solace scene
Never leaving your poor heart alone

As with a rod that Moses felt,
From a distance the sound of wild feathers
A whole host of words that were whispered;
As if you haven't already heard

In bitter silence we become unshackled
From the bitter place with cold egos glaze
The she suddenly spread her wingas on windows peak;
The cold chill sends a rage down spine.

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Mythical animal
A single horn
From the center of its forehead
Beauty in its essence

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Love like winter

It’s cold
And I long,
Really not feeling well.
It’s winter while I
Touch you within the snow.
My thoughts race me
Horrifyingly toward you,
The pain, 
I can barely overcome.

It’s the bluest winter,
Like your eyes, my dearest.
And it feels so warm,
Just as the shadow’s
Riots never reach your side.
When your body’s
Not twisted
By butchers that don’t
Know the meaning
Of love, of weep.

It’s winter in our souls,
None the less,
May it be summer in
Your cheeks as
I bare you in my mind
Like this prayer.
In my dream we usually
Hide like my
Personal orison.

It’s winter and 
My soul’s so hollow,
I cannot even dare
To speak.
I’m still longing you, my brother.

© 2010 Stefania Carmen Misaila

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Though the winds of hardships blow,
And the storms of life, have rocked
Our worlds surroundings.
You've always been there for me,
As I've been so for you.
Turned upside down, and inside out,
Crushed beneath emotions tidal waves.
We've waited out together, the currants
 Shifting tides of life.
Symbiont siblings, cast outwardly, into
The vast expanse of humanity,
Struggling to survive, against the harsh
Reality’s of life beyond, our safety net,
That once we called home, is now gone.
Only in memories photo albums,
Can one recapture it's warmth, and 
Embrace the inner innocence, of
Childhood again.
Orphan’s of ages regrets, lingering
In tear stained silhouettes, I'm
Still here for thee, my sister,
A brothers love remains, to comfort,
And console, such a kindred spirit
As yours.
I'll try to brush away pains sorrow,
Easing a trouble  brow, leave your 
Wows aside.
Until the healing day of tomorrow,
Does shine upon us, not to worry,
Dearest heart for it will dawn.
So while yee rest, in your quiet
Slumber, remember I'll be
Watching over you,
My dearest sister.
Hopes faith lives within me,
I'll shoulder it's responsibility,
For the both of us.
Until you awake, and are
Restored once more, 
To be cherished by those,
Whom love thee the most.


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All Out of Heat

Brother, you been stacking it on
stick by stick, building me a fire.
Child by child, taught to build a pyre--
keep us warm, hide from the cold.
Stares of hell that face your soul
huff by huff, puff by puff
shutting down the wants for food,
shutting down the wants for love.

Here I am, clicking my fingers, 
where you used to click your lighter--
"Ha, ha", fireworks to the sky!
Burns me inside to see you clicked off.

No one home, no one feeding the babes
no one working, no one piling on the fire.
I don’t know if it makes me sick hot and cold.
Sick, is the truth, you’ve made me feel


--after Just that Archaic Poet’s Playing with Fire

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Make him a soldier

Make him A Soldier

Make him a soldier 
so I won't cry anymore

Transform a boy to a man
 so he will stand...alone

 In the dark forest
as natural combustion of dusk in the sky 

Red blood running through our veins is the same
identical as if we share the same DNA 

And even as a child I couldn't deny how our hearts beat the same 

Rate pulse pace...boom 
it startled me
 but as I gaze in his eyes 
I felt a deep connection 
as if he knew me better than I knew myself
Our love is so pure and shall never be tampered 
and even if life tries to poison us 
we will always have each other 
pure love
Blue water
 a million miles away from me 
and as he travels from sea to sea 
I think of him daily 

I try to remember where we came from
 blue water 
shared space 
different times

 Blossomed from a tulip where our petals do not vary 
and the sepals seem to follow a course set to sail 

So I beg you 
Make him A soldier 
so I won't cry an ocean of tears 
Transform a boy to a man
so he will stand beside me in my darkest hour.
 Help me to raise my head 
when he is long gone from here 

When my fears are red 
 my soul turns blue 
let me remember the purity of us 
how I loved a my brother a man of red, white and blue!

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Words That Fit the Inexplicable

My brother is an osprey
with an eagle arrogance
And - although he adores a forest
I have the ‘sauce’ on him - he
abhors pine bathroom spray

His eyes are fire opals of mirth
His laughter - the dusk of an 
endless Summer heat
His legs - straddle the valley of death

I picture him in a strong canoe paddling through
a river of garden flowers 
 his spirit rising with swift wings-
 and the will to fall 

 Suzanne Delaney

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Wisdom of Heights---Climb with Me

This morning
bells toll
a trumpet sounds
but refuses to blare
it just doesn't know 
how to harm
what it takes
to infect the living 

and sound
survive sadness
out last the past
bond brothers and sisters
of sky
and water
as it loses 
to a force

some days...

this morning
it wins
because the vibration knows god
and is ONE

and though human imperfections
sit in the shadows of it's path
perfections will
and forever will

so arrogant 
we choose to destroy 
but how can we concentrate 
on methods of malcontent
when god sits at our breakfast table?
as father urges child
"get up!"
"move on!"
"stand on two feet!"
"breath child!"

he tolls the bell
as we lay on deaf ears
he loosens ties with anger 
as the path warns and wears
driving this cosmic ship 
of no loses
only tiny
arrogant setbacks

and he smiles
for he knows
what we yet
have to find...
and all is well.

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The Magik Of Love

Reflections in the mirror were getting scary I could not carry the weight of my pain it almost took my life to learn to love again for I have made a friend somewhere along my long lost way I hope that I helped him just a fraction of how he helped me maybe that single thought is what finally gave me my peace enough to release so much stolen energy Now I am not afraid to walk where the streets are hot for I thrive in Hell's kitchen where the devil stirs my pot for I now have him quiet tame I sacrificed my dragons at the alter of my name and now you are my slaves any time I need I'll call upon my superhero's to come and rescue me like my Saint Toni who swept me off that bridge and showed my how a death can be the greatest reason to live for she was the seed to grow my Eden then a man from a foreign land gave me something in myself to believe in the magik of Love.

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What is a family

It’s not the location of the family, it’s the location of your heart.

It’s a smile that fits like a glove made especially for you.

It’s a tear that erases the years of your absence.

It’s the love that binds your heart, yet never confines your spirit.

It’s an unspoken acceptance and forgiveness before you require it.

It’s the gratitude of birth and the grace of life. 

It’s born of blood, or an alliance of kindred spirits that cannot be broken.

It’s not always who you have chosen, but who has chosen you.

It’s the people around you that encase you from the world.

It’s the people around you that rejoice in your courage to face the world.

It's the people that you have the honor to cherish, encourage and inspire.

It’s where your spirit feels at peace and at home, 

It’s where your being belongs.

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my young brothers

young brother young brother i see we are close to cross that mountain, no matter your age orgin or color, or creed. i consider you my young brothers, giving, the time...
young brother young brother as generation evaluation, we all need a helping hand, can we see to have peace, i know im just of coming, but seeing this horror made me write for kin, 
dear brother my brother words are all we can share, by that can we nurture to make peace, 
i am not that of, of  a man lacking wood, but would you like to hear my full story? 
my brother oh brother! ! !

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Examples-I call you

The World can be Bruising, to the flesh, Battering, to the soul, Beating, upon the mind , trying the whole body, to control. Brainwashing, a dowsing of it's trials, negative, as I live, invoking grief, purposely, by design, trying, at times, to replace what's rightfully mine. My thoughts, my beliefs, my smile, my dreams. But it's time, that me and the world, get a whole new, understanding. YOU SEE. When the world tries to sow it's seeds of: Fear,Worry, Doubt, Hate, Shame, All of those terrible things. Followed by: Humiliation, Degradation, chased with Devastation, and such. I hear you, my brothers, my sisters, say to the world: "ENOUGH!!!!" Then the world can't SHOW or TELL me NOTHING about Striving, about struggling, being pushed backwards, falling down, but not staying down. Getting Up!!!! Rising Up!!!! Standing Up!!!! FEARLESS, WORRYFREE, DOUBTLESS, CONFIDENT, I'm restored, PROUD, & PROFOUND. My brothers, My sisters, My examples. I CALL YOU, &....... NO matter the subject, the matter, the topic at hand, Me and the rest of the world are about to get a better understanding . Then the world can't SHOW or TELL me NOTHING about PRIDE, DIGNITY, OR LOVE. I CALL YOU, & I GOT THIS, No matter what the world's throwin' or showin' but that's another matter, stay tuned, a different Poem .

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Only Brother

He was the eldest,
tall, handsome, all knowing 
(by his own assessment).

He could roll a ‘guide and wheel’
all the way to school
without a stop. That wheel
kept rolling as if by magic.

He could shimmy up a tree
in search of wild grapes.

He could swim in deep water,
catch snakes for pets.

He could hunt squirrels with Dad,
shoot a 22 rifle.

He could milk a cow,
hitch a horse to the wagon.

He could zing you, square on,
with a dry corn cob.

He could run barefoot 
through woods, creeks, fields,
and over dirt roads.

But he missed the rafter,
fell through to the floor below,
knocked himself out cold,
chasing his cat through the attic.

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Ons almal sterf alleen

'n Oomblik waardig van afsondering
'n Vreemdeling nie deur ander gesien
Is ons die verlate?
Is ons die verlater?
Lewe in die nag om sy wreedheid te skuil
Hul gesigte belig die skerms
Die rykes maak geld uit dié oorlog
Die sterftesyfer styg
Nog 'n verraaier
Die leuenaar, die patriot
Hoeveel leuens, hoeveel sterftes
Afgemaai soos 'n lam wat geslag word
Nog 'n spook vir jou verlede
Nog 'n gelowige, nog 'n slagoffer
Ken nie die pad van die tou na die vloer
Kyk in die gesig van die wat jou verraai
Jy is die gejagte, die slagoffer, die prooi en die vervalle
Ons sterf almal alleen.

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In Memory of Jim Cooney

You waited to die
Until my brothers and I could stand
Beside your bed, the killer within silently,
slowly devouring all that had been you.

Michael, the youngest, so like you--
His face a mirror of your own,
The gruff farmer, fisherman, hunter, father
Who took you for one last spin in your Lonestar boat--
Took your hand in his, 
reaching between bottles and IV tubes
And told stories.

Michael kept the laughter
In his voice, refusing the tears
That lapped in waves against the room.
His stories echoed the memories in your eyes.
He told hunting stories--
Remember the turkeys--two with one barrel of shot.
Another year--two deer--one behind the other
For the price of one bullet. 
He told fishing stories--
Catching fish that couldn't be caught, 
A thousand things thought impossible. 
I guess you didn't know
Since you did them anyway. 

You did everything in duplicate
Dual systems in your boat,
Two of each nut tree in the yard,
Backup switches here and there,
Double outlets and backup lights.
You were good at getting two
For the price of one.

I wonder if you knew 
How much Mike resembled you.
He could not wear the suit you left behind,
A perfect fit though made for you. 
Michael looked in the mirror,
Wearing your suit. The image in the mirror was you
A double so perfect that Mike didn't know himself.
But we don't need the suit to look at him and see you.
We're glad you did everything 
In duplicate.

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I knew it was you approaching -for mcf

it comes again
to where I always am...
waiting, watching, so hungry my eye.

I was alone
waiting in the wind of a different city
wearing the absurd clothes of my youth
I opened all the windows and doors
because I knew it was you approaching

again you stir the air around me
feathered in like a sweet hot wind
singing, dancing
tumbling along

and yet
I am still
and you are always arriving
some how I always knew you were close

But you never
slow down to let me smell you,
hold you for a moment

like I remember

on the hill, in the sun
the circle of trees happening
something I can only glimpse
and some how I think you know

that the sun warmed our bodies
the trees circled around
and your eyes reflected the sky
on the hill
in the now and always
blazing summer day

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To My Brother

Living within the confines of hate
Must be a lonely life
There's a fine line,
Cross over.
Love will open up a whole new world.
A world filled with diversity
A world of good feelings.
Opportunities to do things
You've never done before:
Like being free
Of prejudices and being out of control
Free to love and be loved.
For how can you love
Or be loved
When hate is the thing
Controlling you, eating you alive?
Keeping you from being the person
You can be, holding you down.
There's a fine line, 
Cross over...

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O Big Brother Where Art Thou

Osiris watching from the sky

Satellite recon harvesting personal

data on you and I

Sending chills down the spine

In the name of national security

Big brother is listening on the line

Privacy eroded freedoms rights scorned

Electronic surveillance now the norm	

Everywhere you go Big brother knows

Everything you do Big Brother is watching you

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My geat adventure

My great adventure

At the ripe old age of six, I went
With my two young brothers
Aboard the mighty ship, Mooltan
We went on a big adventure
To a land called West Australia
My parents bought the tickets
How excited we all were
To be going across the ocean.
We boarded ship in London town
Oh, what a great adventure.

The docks were called the Tilbury docks
Oh, what a sight we saw
We were so awed by this mighty ship
The excitement filled our souls
We went aboard all filled with joy
And our adventure had begun
We left old Blighty far behind
Went on our merry way
Life was great aboard this ship
We played to our hearts content.

Oh lord we sailed through so many countries
Our little hearts aglow
Shopping from the old bum boats
Oh boy it was such fun
Oh how I loved this ocean air
It made me feel alive
Eventually after five long weeks
Ahead we spied the coastline
‘So this was it’ my young mind said
West Australia was in sight.

Oh, what a lovely sight it was
My heart it really danced
To see those vast, white sandy beaches
It gave me such delight
We were so excited, us three
Our knew life was beginning
And oh it had been quite a trip
I always will recall
These days until the day I die
It was so beautiful.

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Halloween night

Dearest brother in Heaven
I pray for you always
especially this time of year
as you are so very sadly missed
In everything we say and do
you live forever
inside peal drops
In a part of our heart's
held very precious dear bro
Every prayer 
wishing you happiness 
filled with joy dancing 
with the angels  

My brother drowned this night pulls  heavy in sadness Halloween night whilst on holidays with his children in Majorca a sad family time of year

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Shattered Reflection -- Trevor Depugh

the pain in his brain burned the clarity into my eyes
fuzzy from tears, 
misunderstanding these fears as i felt he would die 
the sting that once was in my throat from screaming through the smoke
high, flying high 
where harm couldn't reach on wings of those who would destroy us, 
bleeding with rings red from another face, 
his own reflection shattered at his baby sisters embrace

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A Stone

Loss (2/11/2014)

It is a stone that cannot be lifted
Planted into the earth of the soul.

Buried under the cat that he drove over 
Pressing it into the ground in the ridges of the tractor tire.
And the jungle gym of his arm that I swung under
Long hair, laughing.
And tongue sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, an old apple
Brought in a brown bag to the field at noon.
Shouts and a broken plate, his fist to my face.
And his hands under his head folded in worry.  
The girl he loved was getting away.
A single red rose in a small crystal vase 
on her concrete steps.
Talking on the green couch downstairs of the past
Of the future.
And the letters from San Francisco, 
The letters from Carolina, 
The letters from Japan,
Begging for baked goods and promises not to enlist. 
The launch off the rope swing into the Missouri,
Profanities screamed over the current into the bright sky.
The stick to Harley’s leg for one more day.
Sneaking out my bedroom window
Drinking a bottle of rum in the tent in the front yard
In a marijuana haze.
My white dress, dancing, his blue and gold uniform,
My manicured nails in his hands and his head over my shoulder
Tears on my back.
And the new girl who wore her own white dress.
And his eyes reflected in his sons
Tiny pieces of him in his arms.
His voice so gentle, so close to them.
Jumping and screaming, laughing bedtimes, 
Children being thrown upside down 
Tickles and goodnights in the nightlight
The darkness in the windows waiting.
Cold beers on the front porch, 
The hum of the crickets call 
To the moon.

Dirt on a stone, 
Dirt on a stone.

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Ashes to Ashes

From ashes
she rises, 
face, hands, feet.
Four months, 
Ten days, 
She mourns.
She weeps.

She clothes herself now
in an adornment of white
bowing privately, 
praying fervently, 
as bitter fumes
of acetone
seep beneath the door.

Her source is god.
Her destination is god.
She pleads with god now
for peace
As men mix and pour
A holocaust
Just outside her door.

Her sisters wail.
They bathe her lifeless arms
And shroud her
as Iris Albicans- 

The imam, he stands, 
Praying silently
As men convey her
towards Mecca.
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.

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Sabbath Morning Rap sequence 1

Learn not too late to halt the hate,
Bound to be ground in the dust of disgust
We're pierced and fierce, fulla rings and things
We're blued and tatooed and God is booed.

Crude dudes are misconstrued
with actions vulgar,vile and lewd.
We're found down ground in sound,
totally tatooed in terrible taste,
in a mindless race for the loudest base.

Hate to dis your myth but God exists,
'Tis a truth deduced by the less obtuse,
You understand He did become man
For His love of us all because of the fall.

He suffered and died being crucified,
He pulled His people from the pains of hell
and rose from the dead He's alive and well,
I tell you no lie He's got no rival,
It's right there written in the holy Bible.

He arose to heaven so to send the Spirit
to His brothers and sisters who wished to hear it,
He said I leave you my Love I leave you my all
but you gotta say yes to heed my call.

Don't follow the world that ain't the place,
You want to be with Me when you finish this race,
Orphans you're not  you have been taught,
I will help you find Me if I'm sought.

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A True Credo Of Love

(To All Who Believe It Can Be Achieved)

Caucasoid, Mongoloid,and Negroid
Colour the conscience progression 
of Man's ethical Truths...
The cultural aggressions of violence
and ignorance must end!
Extend your heart, hand and life
Towards the Precious Don of Honour...
Freely, keeping the sincere
Brotherly Creed


Comments:  Brothers and Sisters it is time that we stand up and let the Love of God in, after 
all we are all one in the same under the skin, so why not give it a grand try... One Love and 
Many Blessings in Him Always, Adell

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'Letters from Heaven'

It started with a letter,
One turned into two
Two into many more…

Pen pals we became and
That’s how our friendship 
Started, at the age of fourteen
Until we decided to 
Finally meet, when we turned seventeen….

A few days before your birthday 
The date was set,
but that meeting never happened,
The letters also dried up
No words just silence…

Until I send you a Christmas card
And your brother decided to search for me,
I’ll never forget that Sunday, 16 January 1994…

He looked just like you did,
In the photo you send me…

I really wasn’t prepared for 
What he had to say, 
You died on your way home from school
Back in October already… 

Brain hemorrhage is what he said… 

Before he uttered those 
Words the tears were 
Already streaming down my face,

I knew something must have
Happened to you, because you would
Never just go silent and not make contact…

I use to read your letters over and over,
For months after your brother told me,
Until I made peace with the fact 
that we would never meet, 
least not in the way we have planned…

*In loving memory of, Reginald Waldeck*

© All Rights Reserved

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Little Brother

Little brother, do stand up high
And reach for my hand
Whilst I wipe your tears

And guide you past my stumbling toys
Like a drunken sailor with a blubbering cold
You latch on tight, like an Octopus bite

And catch my eye with that naive smile
To push-on by and walk with pride

No need for hands
Just a mischievous smirk
As you wave bye-bye

With my favourite toy!

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Throwing Sand

Ludicrous childhood - 
It's a sweet, sun-drenched day at 
The beach with family!
Spunky and childish - 
Throwing sand!
I aim at strangers ~x~
Craaaazy memories
I still remember Summer
And its beach wonders! 
Obnoxious laughter
Is heard as we step foot in 
Freezing, salt water...x.x
The beach is God's pool
It's like a playground - tides come
ROLLIN' IN...splashing!
We can't stay in one place
We're drifting away 
Into a phase of youth's bliss...
We can't keep a steady pace 
We're slippin' and fallin' and slidin'
But we wrap around our merriness 
We're swimmin' and playin' around
Without a single care 
We're playing
A game of 

/Truth/      /OR/      /Dare/

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On Eagles Wings

With choice will grasp its fundamental pull

In time we can replace its timely spin of the wheel
In comfort its cup will long to protect the innocents blade
With love comes a pulse with gravitational pull
On Eagles Wings comes a flood of dispensational thought

One hand to hold a heart will mend
No silver spoon nor heart by which to mend
From the cradle to the grave its communicative salve
Through its hungry thought provoking apathy

In chambers of ghosts in sullen degree
A simple grasp at the evenings homily
In caged bars grasped its silver spoon
Shallow promises we used to thrill

On eagles wings the sea does thrill
Out on its fresh scenic brigade a steam train will
In haunting neglect reflect then stay near shore

Frightened by the ambiance drifting a shore

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being abnormal

people grow up and live their life
feed their child and the wife
earn the money and enjoy lot
then what happens is they finally die

will you be the same 
to earn name and fame
Or have thought of the other game
to give your life for others who are in pain

do whatever you can and never miss
to gain that happiness and ultimate peace
to help poor and needy  think from heart
so that others happiness will be your lifes part

we are healthy and we are normal 
but should live our life being abnormal
In a sense that u will not  live like others 
but to hold hands of all and make  them brothers. 

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Her Beating Heart

A heart so big
She couldn’t help herself
She’d give and she’d give
Just couldn’t help herself
Just couldn’t say no
Never seen the reason why
It never hurt to give
It only hurt to be stolen from
Toys that were given to her where stolen
Clothes that were bought for her were stolen
Relationships given to her were stolen
Privacy given to her were stolen
But when these people asked for something she had
She’d never say no
“I need you to give them your signature so we can withdraw all of the money from your bank”
Sure she’d ask why but she never said no
“I’m your mother; I’ll pay you back!”
Because that was her mother she couldn’t say no
A brother she’s lived with until he was kicked out for the final time 
His loving kinship reminisced by her in pictures of her as baby
Her first dog given away in a bout of her mother’s selfish anger
With a heart so big deceit was consistently persistent
Her first boyfriend would ask and ask and she’d finally give in
Because he said he loved her  
“Even after I graduate high school, we will still be together”
He graduated high school and they are no longer together
Her first diary once used as a method of venting had to be hidden from this place to that place
In an attempt for freedom of thought after she found an ill willed message from a subscriber unbeknownst to her named, Mom
Money would go missing so she hid that from place to place and then one day it was burning in a lamp
Once she seen her brother putting his belongings in a garbage bag
She cried, went for her stash and gave him her last – it was a little over sixty dollars
This girl knows no karma but her heart continues to beat
She gave most of her heart to the people of the planet
Now she dreams to be one with the planet where she will give the last of her beating heart

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Slinking, quiet, bodies
So much power in those muscles
Don’t get caught in the dark with one

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Betwixt Bars

Can you feel?

Can you feel the tremor?
That rocks your world
That shakes the cage
Like a beast trapped outside
A beast raging against the bars
It lifts, it throws, it rages
Can you feel it?

And in the aftermath,
You can hear the cooing, cajoling
Of puppeteers laying strings before your bars
And they croon and cluck like fretting hens
Petting your bars and calling for you
to reach out and take these strings
Tie them where they cannot reach
Deep within, where no one else goes
And let these good people in,
They preen and you shake your head
Seeing the gleam in their eyes
Oh so like the ape’s
Cooing, cajoling... cawing
And oh, how you can feel it...

But I’m here so hold on
I’ll sit by your bars,
I’ll sit by the door
right beneath that lock that turns from within
And I won’t rage, or set the siren’s call upon you
I’ll sit by your bars, and keep you company
My friend;

But Cold bars let through a breeze friend...
Your sharp breath is not secreted away
And with every breath you take
Your lungs are profaned
And you cannot hide
Behind bars

You cannot hide

From My voice, or my presence, or my eyes
My eyes that see too clear
And you cannot hide from what I see
What you can feel
Pressing in, from us all
So just let us in
My friend,
Let us in, for we will not be kept out
Life does not surrender, life does not hold back
Life seeps through
Every crack,
And be sure, there are cracks everywhere
Where there are breaths to be shared, there are bars to let them through,
And you feel it don’t you?
That which you see deep in my eyes
You feel it
That feeling so clearly reflected
When I look into your soul
That fear alive in my eyes
That rages within you,

But don’t fear a battle you have lost
Do not fear the day you must face the world
The world, friend, has never
Turned its face from you
And the rest of us:
Well we are not so brave
We are not iron bars moulded to flesh
That fear you see is real
And it is ours all
But we cannot hide
From what burns within
And I will not die
Hiding from life
And I will not cower when I tremble inside
I will not rest in a cage when I am tired
And I, friend, I am so tired
Of living between bars.

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One for each needle stuck into a loved ones arms 
One for each lie they told straight to my face
One for each step they took to walk away 
One for each day they stayed away
One for each trip took to pick them up off the side of the road
One for the day I thought they were gone for good

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Loss of a Brother

I am eighteen months,
to the day,
younger than he.

We have two sisters,
both younger than we.

To lose our only brother
leaves three sisters
cast adrift in a head sea,
swamped in waves 
breaking tight
against the course
of our ship, poised - 

to grow old together,
laughing about the past.

But he longs to be free.
We are left with no choice,
but to step aside,
and allow him leave.

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I love you more

What can I render to the Lord for all His gifts to me
His love
His Grace 
His forgiveness
His sacrifice
His faithfulness
His Joy
He who took MY SINS
His abounding Mercy
His fathomless love
His total commitment to my salvation
To my wholeness
To my welfare
To my emotional stability
To giving me eternal life
He gave a pure white robe to cover me with HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS

Because of Jesus-I now know Him as an adoring Father. 
A Brother who will always walk so close I feel His presence and who always watches over me.
A mother whose words and affections surround me daily with care like a Mother hen

What can I render to the Lord who took my pain
Who in His own body was wounded and bore the sorrows and my grief I was to going through and the mistakes and the sin ready at every moment to try and trick me out through my life-time- 
He sent His WORD- His LIGHT to enlighten my darkness and show me clearly the road I should take-(Proverbs: chapters 1to 9)

Yes YOU were always ready to defend me, a helpless orphan- for without YOU as my Dad and as my mother- I was abandoned to this world-
But Now I can cry with all my heart- ABBA FATHER I love you - But YOU say
     LOVE  Y  MORE 

What can I render to the LORD- MY God- whose precious pure blood was spilt to bear the sins of all our humanity- I will take ‘the cup’ of Your salvation and honor your name with my life- For only your pure blood is worthy to pay for all sin-I will confess your name before the world for which you died to save -and I will call upon your HOLY name - for your name alone is WORTHY- JESUS.

© Brenda V Northeast 28th  January 2012 

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Real Work (The Brilliant Fool)

    was a piece
of  work,

His life a
    work of art

He was 
   a brilliant fool
        masquerading as genius

Or, perhaps,
   a stellar genius
just  acting 
     the fool

He wore his success
  like a stagnant, rotting albatross
          around his neck,

its stench his constant
   companion and 
splendid cologne

His Life Portrait was
            abstract, askew

Each and every
moment of his moments

    engorged with
             gleeful rage and
upcoming root-canal apprehension

   was a proverbial

Who constantly,

sought the problem,
the flaw,
the not-quite-right –

even in Summer’s pale roses

He just
took for granted

even in Heaven

there’s something
                                 terribly off,

The angels’ harps just
  a wee bit out of tune

Like I said,
this man
was a colossal mess –

                Picasso gone wrong

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my soul maTe

welCome broTher welCome deaR 
I'm so glad to see u , u're finally heRe 
it's been a lonG time sinCe we were neaR 
but ur pictuRe in my heaD sTills bright anD cleaR 
people sày aloT of things wheN it come to loVe 
buT if they had u , the problem is solVe 
because u tought me how to groW u toughT me how to glow
u filleD me wiTh liFe when all i had was feaR 
i was young naive and stupiD 
but somehow when i looked at u , i saw the coolest
you're clever u're charming anD u're sweet
when i felT down and got siCk of lies u were my treaT 
homie u r my heRo my frienD anD all i truely haVe 
everyTime when i'm abouT to crY , u alwayS maKe me lauGh 
remember ouR fighTs ? when we swoRe we won'T talK 
buT we broKe thaT , iT couLdn't lasT for a day 
bùT this liFe maDe us leaVe maDe us go 
never felT moRe hallow , never felt this low
i was liKe an empTy deserT , brother u r the snow 
everything looKs greeN agaiN , this feelS liKe home
gosh i'm soRRy for my bad behavior , come on in 
come on the walls misses u , the ceiling too
we havE the whoLe dày to spenD , whaT u wanna do ? 
plày the guiTar , or watch the mentalisT ? 
jusT liKe olD times , they were the bestest 
guys thaTs another kinD of loVe , 
the one u won't loose anD it'll always grow 
remember thaT famiLy comes firsT 
no one can breaK thaT not even a curse 
goD bleSs u all , god pretecT all ur loverS 
i hope one day we'll all meeT in heaven full wiTh happy colors

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The Road

Suspended in perpetual animation
There is a light at the end of the tunnel
From hours of travel though inches gained
Spewed forth from the bowels of existence I stand
Before me lies the road

Like a pond turned solid by Winters touch
The road is wide, flat, smooth
No encumbrances to impede the journey
Cautious at first, testing the consistency of life
The trek of life begins on the road

It is not so bright anymore
Feet shuffle along in a redundant pattern
Knees skinned and bruised
Rocks, underbrush, thorns and ruts
These are the things that now fill the road

Alas, a fork and a place to rest
Up to now the choices where clear
Through mired with pitfalls the ground was flat
No twists, no turns no looking back
Things are to change depending on the road

Left or right, the choice seems easy
The right is blessed by being clear
The left appears to be less traveled
Skulls, cross bones and signs beware
Love and pain are to gain on the road

I have been meant to suffer
Life and family has taught me that
The left road I must take
The pain of absence of love already aches
Perhaps life shall end on this fragment of the road

The hand of God has made passage impossible
Wind, rain, sleet and hail
Tear are my flesh and blur my eyes
Bloodied and raw fingers grasp into the unforgiving Earth
Clawing my way up the grade that is now the road

Shrouded in disappointment and failure
I succumb to life’s journey
It is simply too hard without family and love
Face down the struggle ends
I release my grasp and begin the last leg of the road

Where is the bottom? Why have I not hit?
I quit, I have no more to give
Yet suspended like where it all began
What forces dare to interfere with the plan
For what reason to I remain on the road

It is not I that continues the struggle
Through slits of clarity wiped clear from tears
The vision comes into focus
There is one who feels I am worth the effort
It is my brother who holds me on the road

You are not a brother, blood of blood
Nay, you are a brother by choice
A man through unconditional love and conviction
Has purged the darkness, sorrow and despair
Saving my life and my soul, I am still here on the road

I have no tangible means of payment
Gifts and idle trinkets could never tender the amount I owe
The love I have and the embraces of family
It is what was given to me because I went left
The wounds healed and voids filled because of the road

Today the day is bright
Warmth surpassed only by the glow of love
Shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart
Life is worth living and good again
Because of our travels down the roa

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There is no other choice

we are all
our brothers 

there is no other choice 
for one
to keep 
oneself one

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What can I say about my brother Sweety?
He's sweet
He's kind
He's loving
He's funny
But most of all 
He's wise
So thank you Sweety for teaching me
How to live life fully
So I wouldn't grow up to be a bully. ;) 

NOTE: This is about my stepbrother, who has been there for me since I was born. I wrote this when I was about 12, acknowledging how sweet he is how much I adored him from since little. We actually NEVER call each other by our real names. Just Sweety. Lol!

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Little Brother

From the moment that I held you in my arms,

I knew this to be true;

I was put here on this Earth-

So I could protect and watch over you.


Who would shield you from monsters?

Who would hold you tight?

Who would wipe away your tears?-

And remember to leave on the hallway light?


I wonder who would sing to you;

As you fell asleep?

Who would honor all of the-

 Promises that I vowed to keep?


Would you feel lonely?

Would I be missed?

Would you beg for another sibling?

What if I didn’t exist?


Sometimes when I ‘push’ you-

It’s so I know that you’ll be okay.

I worry about you every moment;

I think of you every day.


I know that we fight often;

We don’t always see things through.

I know sometimes I blame you,

For things you didn't do.


I yell at you out of annoyance;

And sometimes out of fear.

You know that if you need me-

I will always be right here.


You are my brother,

I sometimes tend to boast.

You’re the person in my family;

I always love the most.


I would do anything to make you smile,

To take away the pain-

Even though you break my stuff,

And make me go insane.


I sometimes lose my patience,

And other times my drive.

I’m glad that you are here to hug me,

And make me feel alive.


 I don’t often tell you-

But I’m really proud.

Even though you make obnoxious sounds-

And you can be VERY loud!


Your youth is a gift,

Your innocence is a joy,

I’m so glad that you are my baby brother;

You’re an amazing little boy.

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to one who was never born

to one who was never born 

I cannot fit you amongst dead sisters; 
put you to sleep with humming lullaby.

I cannot, for you 
have never been born.

Mapping a womb sometimes reveals you, 
coiling, illusory and innocent.

Just any womb 
carrying a girl.

You seem iridescent midst mother’s warmth; 
it means nothing to you, if you may

never be born as
my little sister

whom I have not put to sleep with a song.

© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

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Das Ein Mannlein

Das Ein Männlein

The silent echo reflects through the lodge,
Ein Männlein Steht im Wlade ganz Still und Stum…
Repeating itself in the young boys head.
He is not yet a man, but stands proud enough to be,
Coming back here to relieve himself of his past.
Crying out as he reaches the splintering and tilted door.
The memories of the cold, the blistering cold overpower him.
He spends time collecting himself as the moon moves across the sky.

He had been here with his family-
Says the toppled dining room table.
He also wasn’t the only child in the lodge-
Says the curled up paper dolls in the fireplace.
There was music- Ein Männlein Steht im Wlade ganz Still und Stumm…
Echoes the toppled ivory-keyed piano in the corner.
There was a war, as the Russian Graffiti on the wall complains.
The crashed bomber-plane with the seat full of bones assures that fact.

He came back to the rotting lodge in the forest
Back to the overgrown pile of shambles to find something
As he digs he picks objects out of the rubble, a boar’s head, jewelry, dog-tags,
And finally the thing he seemed to have been searching for.
A baby’s bathtub, with a scrolled handle, stares at him through the dust.
What happened to the other child?
She still has all of her baby teeth in her sweet little baby head.
She’s been sitting in that bathtub ever since that horrible night.
When she was boiled to death by hungry war criminals. 

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How many years I’ve shook-off,
Grabbed from that deceiving time.
To gave birth while walking to the scaffold,
Something I’ve ever dreamed to be mine.

Carry it under my clothes,
To give no space to that ruinous ruse.
Embrace it by my hands, hiding it beneath that glassy froth,
Caring not to taint an impending breakage, I can’t live from that loss

I have gone through many executions,
Yet I am still standing here.
Always weary in death but never in resurrection,
Living, for my grasp on it is sharper than any spear.

Yet an eclipse can’t be evaded by any moon,
Although light still prevails.
Darkness out grown its twin in doom,
And even the gleam inside to float had failed.

Endeavors of mine are no worth at all.
To that thing I have cared for.
It’s just when I dropped it and free its soul.
Brought by this ruling gloom and shattered light scattered on the floor.

Could anyone rebuild the breakage?
Connect those tattered parts?
Who could replenish the crater on the pledge?
Who would first lay down his cards?

Though it’s too hard,
Though it’s too tough.
Though I was hurt,
Still I need to need to laugh.

A laugh that hides my grief.
A smile that hides my pains.
A scar that was painted to a leaf,
A tear that bore through that flame.

Flame in the heart of that glass,
For centuries I’ve kept it untouched.
Still its breakage had struck it in a rush,
And turned that brilliant thing to pieces of worthless dust.

Who knows after a blanket of days,
Shattered glass would do it itself?
With no one’s grace,
Taken neither from a god nor from an elf.

by: ELC

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Hey, you! Come here!
Where are you going?
I am going home, sir.
Where do you live?
I live with my brother.

Where does your brother live?
He lives with me.
And where do you both live?
We live together.
Okay, you may go.

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A wrongfully incarcerated brother

I grew up with my little sister, Betty Anne Waters
Until conviction took me away in 1980, for a murder in our town.
Which, I would never do! Betty wouldn't let  me stay, and wouldn't believe. 
She got her ged and many years of college. Passing the bar! 
Bringing out evidence from 16 years. Losing her husband and children. Losing everything for, Kenny. Her only brother, my only sister. She won to set me free in 2001.
Betty showed the world, I was a wrongfully incarcerated brother.
The sad part is I died, six months later, enjoying whatever little life I had left. 
So I leave this poem to show, my Betty, I appreciate everything, and
give you my last thoughts. With a kiss. Love Kenny! 
A wrongfully incarcerated brother.

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Counter Balance

Thelma to my Louise
Partner in crime;
Your smile...
Drags me from darkness to light.

Muse to my demons,
Always playing a perfect tune;
Laugh upon the wind, 
Inspiring me to new heights.

 Mechanic to my soul,
Break by break; beer by beer,
We patch, paint, and buff
The scars from our hearts.

Playing Jimminy Cricket
Angel and demon upon decisions;
 Anchor upon rough seas...
molding and supporting one another.

Transcending friend to family;
 Built in body guard, 
Protecting my virtue...
A sister you never knew you wanted.

Shelter from rain;
Shoulder to cry upon,
Best friend unto brother...
 I'd be lost without your beacon.

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Serpent of Corruption

Worthy of love, unbreakable togetherness, and lasting compassion would have been instilled
strongly in the vessel of thirsting heart and unstable mind of a child.

But, why soup of hatred, a platter of pale love and a bowl of spoiled unloving thoughts
are laid in the niche of the child’s sprouting character?

Family ties were untied by a father who neglected his pure actions and encouraging words
and translated into unspoken greediness and unnoticed carelessness of expressed thoughts
that form the growing character of his son.

The family bonding is disbanded by a mother who works in the scope of her comfort where
eyes and mouth are only the weapons of her love and care for her curious daughter and for
her wandering son.

A father who offers a well of gold and silver, a mother who clothes sparkling dress of
worldly wealth to her offspring!

Their children have worn ever the brightest smile but not for a while,
The pleasures of their tongue were satisfied but not their hearts.

Corruption begins at home.
It creeps to the nerves of the heart of your son.
It envelops the innocent soul of your daughter.

For every dishonest  word that is pronounced by the indifferent father,
For every unchecked actions that mother has imposed,
Are a sure lifetime shaper to the values and character of the children.

Family brings serpents of corruption in every corner of the home.
It blows very hard like a destructive wind of the storm.
It is like a starving lion that preys on the flesh of good virtues and leaves nothing but
dead soul!

Father, Mother, May I appeal to your deepest conscience and understanding!
May you be vigilant and be watchful of your actions and your ways of life!
Your most beloved children are at stake in the breaking and making of their character!

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Forgotten Brother -- Trevor Depugh

        Day by day cant get you off my mind,
        once screamed for you now left behind,
        eyes sodden stolen joy from youth,
        swore you would never leave me behind,
        your absence is proof,
        stars burst into brilliant flame,
        I looked up and worshiped you without shame,
        You were the sun, the moon the world,
        I was your sister, a forgotten girl,
        tears frozen on the asphyxiated plane,
        a black abyss, cosmic space,
        broken knuckles, battered head,
        in my arms your body bled,
        a shallow breath, a gentle brush,
        your whimpered pains at night I shushed,
        cant forget the love that grew,
        did God give you to me or me to you,
        Your gone now, left me behind,
        without a care without a cry,
        rings bloodied on another face,
        your own reflection shattered by your little sisters embrace,
        is everything you say a lie,
        if you told the truth would you die,
        i try to hate you, i try to forget,
        but it never works, your memory is stuck inside my head,
        you made a million promises to me,
        I don't even know if you continue to breathe,
        you could be six feet under the floor,
        but still I pray one day you'll knock on my door,
        day by day, cant get you off my mind,
        once swore to me you would never leave me behind,
        screaming for you, your absence is proof,
        you never cared, and that's the truth...

~For Trevor Depugh

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Big Brother

As a big brother
Your expected to be a bother.
But your one of a kind,
No one else could find.
When I'm having a bad time,
You'll be there
to hear,
Wishing me the best of luck,
And promising you'll be there for me,
no matter what.

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Dont ask me to change my poetry again

I got a bad review,a terrible review 
"Give it up" it said
Please stop writting, you stupid fool
We don't want to read anymore of your shit
Your wasting your time
Your poetry's crap
Can't even spell, punctuations non existent
So I'll write for my fans I've only got two
But they like my work so f..k you

I'll put pen to paper 
Join beautiful words
Write a poem for the masses
I could use big words
I don't understand, look to the dictionary for every line
Leave a blankness in your head 
Wondering what the hell it said

From this poem your feel astounded
Magnificent,marvellous, absolutly gorgeous
All the beautiful words I've put down
Look lovely, sound wonderful 
But don't mean a thing

I'll tell you what is little-known
What school is like if you actually go
I never went to college you see
No chance of a university degree
Pretty much what you see
Is what you tend to get with me

I don't know how to write poetry 
All I know is what's inside of me
The rawness, blatant truth
Sometimes happy, mostly not
My writing will shock
Make you see some truth
As raw as possible, this is what I do
I'll never sugar coat things
Make them easier to swallow
The big wide worlds out there and its ****ING horrible
African children dying in pain
Their mother's tits sliced off,raped and maimed
Our boys fighting an endless war
So those countries can have much more
Children blowing themselves up
As their told its the way to God
This governments *****people are freezing 
As our war veterans can't afford the heating
What kind of world is this that we live
When people are starving,dying and sick

Don't ask me to change my poetry again
Or I'll shout it from the roof of your office building

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Street Rat Confessions

A.T. Throw down quick a beat
so hot it melts ya lips so ya can't speak
teach em to pray 
Make em hope it'll rain
cool off the flames burstin' from my name
Every day they're talking shit
Swearin they know how to spit
Pop pop bang bang
Glocks checking off another name
Tick tock run run from the cops
Killing brothers in the heat
close their eyes they'll never speak
Heavenly message must I repeat
Close your ears pretend you don't hear
The phone ringing off the hook
While you're thinking of another brother 
layin' dead in the street
Leave a message at the beep

--------- Hello, this is God
You'll now suffer suffer suffer
For etern-ity-tee-tee

Hold the Ace press the gun to your face
Wake up --- scream 
Just a nightmare just a dream
His empty eyes whisper your name 
You wonder why you cant escape the shame
Wish you would take his place
Drink another beer -- now forget to steer 
Its time for confession 
No more repression 
Or must we take you to your childhood
A classic case of regression 
Loveless pressing the question

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Being techonally minded throughout school through the creativity running parallel, your proffession entails. I find it genious- like,the thought prossess,towards your product. Of which was taken by the Arabs for coarse of test. A remote control eye,able for deep waters oil rig structure legs,searching corrosion. Saving the perels,and less cost effective, deepsea diver. To my brother,who labelled this " HIS LITTLE BABY" In honour of my brother Billy Beadnall. P.Beadnall for Sponsor Destroyer ~ Poet Contest Name THIS CONTEST ~~~ IT'S UP TO YOU~~~ My reason for entering this poem into your contest is that i don`t think was looked upon for the achievement that it recieved.Maybe just me, a proud brother expecting too much.

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A Brothers Word

To walk on this earth
Without you to hold my hand 
It's something I question often
It's something I don't understand

To be without your laugh
That cheered me up when mad
It's something I can't get back
The reality of it makes me sad

The Bickers you and I shared
Older people would laugh and stare
At two men fighting and arguing
They'd say "That's two brothers right there"

Having each others backs 
On nights we turned to the drink
If someone ever wanted to fight us
Their friends would tell them THINK!!!

Protecting and watching each other
These things come along with brothers
Standing your ground at all cost
It makes me realize what I really lost

Walking alone in the dark 
Without a hand to guide you way
Being lost without your brother
A best friend taken away .

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To be at odds with your maker when its flame has a disgusted wick
To lust then have not cause you give into your lusts
In broadened arrows were idiots fly away from the one we have to do
Where as others outside really haven't a clue

We each must choose our master before that certain factual date with fate
The haunt in full view meditates on new wine yet
Would never help to defend their brother
Men of corrupt minds that plug with destruction

Those strange voices in my head filled with dread locked away almost dead
Fallen lines drawn in the sand when to understand
That late far away plan filled with lust expensive perfume on the wall
Four walls in their thick shawls the no it alls

Gone are the days I used to frolic in a haze today I'm just stuck inside this maze!

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I Wish


That i did not have to see people on the streets
with no home, food
or even water or money to live on.


I could be in a band and be all i can be
like the birds and the bees
and how they fly so freely


That her heart wouldnt be broken and maybe if he loved her
she wouldnt have died she would have lived forever in his arms


That everyone could get along and that we all could be at peace, maybe the war would end 
and the sound of music can play again


that her or his bully would see if they keep up all this hurt and fear that they put on someone 
else by huritng them will soon end the world in sadness


My art could sing like the lyrics of a song
and that everyone could see the art teens draw from there own hearts
and there bleeding minds of there souls.

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Not Brothers

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

JS Lambert

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The sun was up and the moon sank To great my brother a happy birthday We smiled and rocked, we ate, we drank To convince my brother of a lovely day Until five clocked when we heard a sound Which made us stop our delightful play The police knocked, arrested for disturbance. This suddenly turned out a bad day

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“It’s not so simple to love someone,
Who just doesn’t love you back,
But it’s said,
 That in order to love;
You have to love, a love
 That’ll just tear you apart,
 Along with
 Breaking your heart.”
“And, I truly don’t understand
 Why that is--
But, I guess that’s just the way
 Humans are…”

I can hear the angel’s crying,
Cause’ every time you speak
They fear the fear of you lying.
See, you scared away my angel--
Oh, how empty life is now without
My umber--
The shadows you left me in
They’re breaking down my wonders.
Now I can’t stop, but wonder,
What made you,
So utterly cold hearted?
I feel like my chest will explode,
But my heart will still pump.
Dismantled it’ll stay with a, “thump, 
“Stop and listen,
Carefully you’ll hear the rhythm,
Those echoes that skip then repeat”.
In silence, just a heartbeat,
I’ll wait for them to come, in the light
There they’ll be to wake me
From this horrible dream,
This dream, which breaks me.
“No, this nightmare that rapes me”.
Those clefts that have injured my 
Have never even scraped me.
If you can’t take me,
At least say you’d forgave me,
Pray with me.
He’ll open the doors, he’ll save me--
These lies you’ve laid upon me--
Quit faking, It’s driving me crazy.
“Oh hey look,
Its daddy’s little baby,
Go ahead Otto, say “hello”,
He’ll accept you, 

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Battlefield Cross

Boots with an automatic weapon standing up, and a helmet on top…
Yes, this bronze statue begs your attention.
This was once a young boys dream few thought would come to fruition.
Now a Bronzed Battlefield Cross standing on exposition.
It represents 2 years work from Raymond Wilson to seek local donations.
A young Boy Scout from Pack 121 put it there with feelings and devotion.
He fought for the right to honor life’s fallen soldiers with recognition.
And he chose Fenton City Park, Missouri to get what was commissioned.
It’s Five feet tall and will be seen as a fallen warrior’s commendation.
Fallen soldiers everywhere will be remembered because of his mission.

Not just anyone, would have been so kind in these days to the fallen.
They are still fighting all over the globe, to their cries we must hearken.
To a young boy who thought of them… thanks for being the guardsman.
You have sung the praise, to where so many soldiers have trodden.

Memorial Day Dedication

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My Pinky Toe is Broken

Little brother,
you jerk:
remember when
you pushed me
to the side,
racing to your car?
And I fell
to the street,
cracking my right
foot on the
Snap – broken.
You pushed me
and didn’t
look back.
Who does that?

I’m not angry.
Never was.
little brother,
the sweet
soreness of
my broken,
pinky toe
will always
make me think
of you. 

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You’re the shining sun and silver moon, Glowing brightly in my heart, Your words soothe my thoughts, And for once, I don’t worry. Though we couldn’t talk much, It’s like I’ve known you all my life. But I don’t. I want to know more about you, Who you really are, what you look like, I want to know more about you. Unlike others, I’ve been given a messiah, One I could talk to about anything, Guardian angel, are you worried about me? I know I get hurt a lot and I hurt others. I know I’m tainted and cruel, I’m sorry. Can you forgive me? I don’t know what I was thinking. I regret it and I want to take it back. But I can’t… So, as I repent under a perpetual, gray light, Let us enjoy each other’s company, For I know all too well, Good things come to an end. Family, Friendships, Life, Love… So, may we hold hands and share an embrace? Just for a moment, please, Let us share a moment of eternal bliss. May 17,2013

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Depressed, With Halo

He wears his depression
like a tarnished, tattered,
scratched and dented halo,

scavenged at some demented
yard sale,
bought and sold on the cheap

(But, oh! The price he pays -

His pants hang
dejectedly, sadly,
drooping and dragging,
two sizes too large

His shoulders, dripping
with no self-confidence at all,
have given up
even trying to unbend, unstoop,

down-trodden, hopeless,
no energy,
no spirit,
no charge

His head hangs forward
on a neck with no spine,
cocked slightly sideways,
avoiding a long-ago


a resounding shadow
of ancient, horrid history
still ever-present,
still looming large and very, very


Given the gravity
of the situation, 
I can no longer push
the elephant
up his steep and treacherous 


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Old Man

An unsociable, ill bred, unrefined man.
And his captious, callous, long-suffering, old spirit.
Cadaverous and frail amidst the morning walk of thier land.
Wheezing from the years of cylinder embers burnt in hand.

His quivering digits, gesturing openly to his coat pocket.
As he stops to gaze and take in, the wide open grand.
He pulls out a letter, kept in form by a dark green signet.
And now slowly he begins to unroll the leaflet.

Replaced by the paper now, are the open fields. 
His hazel brown eyes, entranced by the letter held so dear.
Its now captured him, as a poem hes revealed,
and his face remarks a wound unhealed.

Brother, have i done wrong?
Am i supposed to feel strong?
Your pendulum stopped by my own hands.
Brother have i done wrong?
Am i supposed to feel strong?
For now im alone, to wonder these lands.
Brother, have i done wrong?

The brightness of the grand now lyes on the mans eyes.
Clouded, blurry, teard up sky, a floating feeling of lost goodbyes.
Now tendered from emotion, there he stood.
To live in the day his brother died.

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I saw my wife tonight
She was on my brother
with the letters...
abbreviation of some college
plastered on him
she kept him warm
like she did with me
hugging the curves of his
he held her closely
her softness unspeakable
caressing him
He smiles 
looking at me 
breathing her into him
as I did her
"Thanks bro..."
I smiled back
Admiring her on him
"No's cold out"

Author's Note...inspired by a scene in a movie

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I wonder if you think
Do you ponder
Question why we feel so drained?
Do you place yourself
are you even aware
do you plead with your conscience to be silent?

Do my eyes jolt you?
am i a moral prick in your side...
a reminder of who you were?
Do you miss me?
Simple words with no answer....

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Moulting - for you

the next is like the first
equally shedding more skin
you do that again and again 
and I known each time 
you look at me 
we are transformed

and so we take each step
each page is torn away
a day, a week, a month
eternity in our eyes

this time with you 
like a wave that never breaks
a swell in the heart of the ocean

where the two race, play, swim

we are
the ones we see

in the next moment the sun rolls by
you lighten up the room
again a mirror 

to the little pools of mystery 
spilling out around you
giving up the secret

moulting in the broad day light

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Call of the wild

Call of the wild

We talkspeak and nothing much is 
said until a bright spore spot spawns
and gets a seed for sale—compliant
of brotherly love passions filler like dirty
socks in a hamper  forgotten   we keep in tepid touch
but do the “tweens” ever meet to
justify the ends – need the knot
best tied. Sometimes the curtains
are pulled and drawn--do you know
who what when where we aren’t—and the
right manhole cover that will fit, you 
know when the carpet fibers are all 
going in the same direction?  I keep the faith
in plentitudes for lasting hope of a brothermode
lust karma where the void is moleculed  in
semiosis---so words that fret deep are cured
in a mindful vocabulary of card-bored achieve-
ment. Leave the baggage or at least check it
in so the load is light and the trip tarries
long   but easy. Mute the long differences in and
cast the polyester aside--give garbage credit
were it’s due and leave the spider nest so
well webbed-you owe yourself the un-union dues
you’ve paid—garner some objective free fromdom
and put yourself in a life so 
short  only true abandon will fit, once
it’s gone no matter of factness trying will recov-
compensate over empty-end of sentence flounder. When
each cheek is continually slapped with lazy
dupedity the fuse is up from head
battering bleed ins, soulful suicide sacrifices
rot the root and close the bloom of the
extension umbilical cord—sewer injustice due to
lack of love funds account closed—let us break the
cyclopattern and re route the threadbare infr-
struck sure so reminiscent that we open a new 
chapter in ripe blood resolutions that shake down
the predicted familial foundations and
project the unspoken long left unsaids-give us a
face slap so the eyes stay clear and the heart 
sounds pure, simple over the voice wire. Take some 
needed refuge in my critical solice and rest you
fragile frame for a sublime stopover  and only
keep time with your peace pace, head on straight
and no peeking from a shoulder stance
of accustomed living   burdened.  Together we
can make a full couple glass, as only the years can
evaporate our standard---should the glass
become half emptyfull when the 
poignant pitcher with no handle no 
bottom  lifes  pour-less to infect and
presuppose a new conjecture on a 
benign  brother whose lost in the shuffle
with a badly drawn  inverbatim scrabble 
shelfhand of catlitter consonants-----------------------------------Pass?

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An Auntie's Duties

Moms and Dads are important in a child’s life.
I love kids but they are not what I see for me at the moment.
I have the love of many children 
Who all receive the love that my own would.
Hugs, Kisses, Care and Treats.
Their smiles keep me on my feet.
An auntie’s duties are never done.
From the headaches to the fun.
I wasn’t only blessed with the life of one.
More like the mighty group of five in my life.
From when they were born they are all I could see.
The love that they give is enough for me.
One girl and four boys is quite a challenge
But not for an auntie like me 
Because I got the power.

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Birthday Wish - A

There lie cake and candles
And I'm not knowing what to do
I clap along to their singing
Hoping they finish their quadrilingual song
And we get through
I lean over the cake pulling my hair away
Reminiscing quickly over the past year, past day
I hear someone tell me to make a wish, asking me if I will
So I think of everything I wanted, things I claimed that to have them I would even kill
But it all seemed so petty for a birthday wish, too superficial
I wanted this wish to mean something, something crucial
I glance up quickly and scan the crowd
Listening to their tone deaf singing, so proud
Think of what helped me survive, made everything okay
And I know what to wish for
But I steal a glance at the door
She isn’t there, though I hoped she was
Guiding, watching me grow, like she always does
I know what to wish for, and lean forward at last
Structuring my wish fast
I wished for them
I wished for her who was there for me day or night
To talk to, play with, even fight
I wished for him who spoke his heart so true
But hid it so well I never had a clue
I wished for him who was too small
But his personality built him up so tall
I wished for her who never did overreact
She's crazy and placid, that’s a contradicting fact
I wished for him who's bribed to walk
And makes me laugh with our random talk
I wished for him, his smile so wide
Remembering that when he left, I cried
Wished for her who always nags
Always there for a vent, a gush, and loving me always, in riches or rags
I wished for him, the one I held a hidden love for
The one that always gave then gave some more
I wished for her, the total crazy
The one so different, yet the same as me
I wished for the two to trust
The true male version of us
I wished for the one I feel the need to shelter
The one that has helped me just as I've helped her
I wished for the perfect couple standing by
Who will probably be in love till they die
I wished for the guy who shares my dad's name
For his smile, conversation, and jokes that are just plain lame
I wished for the brother missing
Despite all the years of fighting, hitting, and dissing
I wished for each and every one of them, for them all
The kids crowding around me, filling the room wall to wall
I wished to have them by my side till the end of time
There to catch me at every fall and help me with every climb
The ones there with me through this journey
The ones I love, and who love me
I want them there with me through every endeavor
So I wished to have them forever and ever

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    love stays away for some even if you are born on feb 14th
    It eludes you even in childhood if your mother loves your brother more,
    It eludes you even among siblings if your brother loves your sister more,
    It eludes you even in schools if your teacher loves your other friend more,
    It eludes you even in college if your boyfriend loves your friend more,
    It eludes you even in work place when your boss loves your colleague more,
    It eludes you even in life when your husband loves another woman more,
    It eludes you even if your children love your husband more,
    It eludes you even if your extended family loves your children more,
    It eludes you when it loves your aged self than your youth more..
    May be god loved me so wanted all my attention to him more…sunkan 

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That's Where The Lord Lives

I walk outside to see all that I can see.
Over there is our house, our home,
In the distance, you can see.
And that place of hallowed happiness
Forever has been our home
And forever will be so evermore.
That house is small but raised us tall,
From the perfect parents who loved us so
To the perfect sister for which every man would want.
The house built us all up strong.
More than a mere building,
It is a place to love and be loved,
A place that hands you hope that you give right back, 
And a place of everlasting faith.
This home is where my parents taught me about God
And opened me up to Jesus.
They opened the eyes of the blind for all to see,
And the blind included me.
They taught me to be the best I can be;
The best things in life are free.
They have taught us so well,
And they all have saved my soul.
Even if I am not there now,
I carry Him with me.
I carry them with me.
I carry Their values and Their teachings with me.
In this house, this home,
We reside.
We cannot forget this.
This is where my Mother lives.
This is where my Father lives.
This is where my Sister lives.
This is where We live,
In this loving, caring, beautiful home
They made just for us.
We cannot forget this either.
This is where it all began. 
This is where the hunger and thirst was created;
This is where we are fulfilled.
We cannot, we must not forget this:
This is where God lives.
This is where Jesus lives.
This is where The Lord lives;
The Father and The Almighty.
This is where We live;
This is where We reside.
We must not forget this.
We must not forget this:
What a beautiful and perfect life this is.

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The Demise of Pangaea -part 1-

I’m dying…I really am
And those around me see the forces pushing me out
Sticky black outlines me, scratching its way inside
I feel like the divided creatures are availing…
My heart is failing
Is there a worse feeling?
I want to find a healing…but the eyes keep closing
FACEBOOK masks and seething lies bleeding outwards
Murdering personality, some say
Words of poetry undeserving recognition
Minds are crawling away from me as I reach for warmth
Grabbing onto a glob of black
I can’t see their real intentions…he needs an intervention
The priests won’t stop dunking her in the waters of perversion
Spitting open Pangaea, letting them flood its base
Things are going so fast…time is ticking disasters
A quiet sadness in souls I’ll never know
I’ll never come to understand you—I can't look them in the eyes
The tumultuous pupils overflow with the blackness…sticking the eyelids together
And drying…coagulating…
Only burning flames can lick it away
But my fingers are smoldering from the metallic roll of the lighter’s starter
The fuel is running too rapidly through my veins
Smoky ambience is weathering the skies
While Pangaea is depleted…broken
The creatures are separated—WE ARE SO MAD AT EACHOTHER
Racial content bleeding from the melting wax of our exteriors
Brotherhood—merely incestuous wasteland of hornless hornets
Empty stomachs moving special organs
Singling the heart out…
Shifting the lungs that give them airways of achievement 
My teeth sinking into my cheek
I can’t move them…I can’t even speak

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A scrape then what will appear through its gate?

An impulse through the primal fabrication enough of fate,
In temporal dwellings a pull away from what is ordinary
Then vanquished amidst the pride on its temptress
A tug at the heart will light an inner spark to what it was

Shelter lies dormant amidst its beckoning call asunder


To allude its prefix amidst the target
You have all turned your backs on truth
Instead in its place you have fully erected idols to honor your dead

In days of lament an impulse caressed its timeless vent

You are a carrier of heartache amidst its spoil
In carnal days of false promises


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Shallow pools cloven tide within heightened scale to oblige

Some may choose to run away & hide?
Within its sought manifestation a lethal side will play
Although amidst its horrific grasp in time

Nearer toward the notion of extravagance,
Through tests with divers thoughts in escalating
In deeper shallow pools the timeless conquest of rest

As if a caged rat that was hidden in a tiny hole would vent

The inner change from haste we will wait to end its test

To become transparent amidst ivy briars would grasp;

With thorns pierced to skull to dull its inflated rhyme...

See, I think different then most
A sorted lost seagull flying outside on the coast

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Kings Queens

Those who claim to be in the know?

These are the one's on sifted sand,
Through days filled with both anger & pain
When will we understand?
When quaint desolation sets in;

Kings & Queens of the Earth...

On a vast pilgrimage in truth;
We then make plans for tomorrow amidst the given sorrow
Yet one can so easily see...
Through a lone blade of grass to flee

To then react in bitter torn silence

In solemn vows yet taken amidst
Shades of grass yet torn asunder
Some even bother to kiss?
That very day they were actually born

Let us continue to be kind today

Amidst a broadened populace that has simply gone astray
To stay attached as fruit is on the vine
A mighty path created by a great design
Through inner pain & misery;

Although amidst divers path drifting as in mockery

Kings & queens of the Earth,
Now is the time to stop lifting up your skirt!

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She said, ‘let me be your epiphyte’
closer than, more twisted than
their circuitous umbilical cord under-
crying grey ceiling, bird freckled
incessant cawing devouring muteness
she climbed over him, entwined
feelers, claws and antenna. 
another Van, another Ada, in another attic
he guardedly touched her face, 
she dreams of their fur growing in frescos
blending of black and blacker black
skeletons turning one dimensional
she whispered into his scars, 
their sweet replies misting windows
its tiresome how they had to keep checking
crumpling his medical report, he-
cast aside uncountable, for both-
same inky squiggles on white notepad
under his skin lived a restless liquescent serpent 
out it rushed in torrent, one tear, tiniest prick,
life fleeing in polite haste
only on her, he became fragrant oil
his flimsy, rice-paper skin turns gold
he sufferer; the carrier, she.
Fear tick-toking in their ears
she is always looking over her shoulder
“Wish we were trees”, or alliterations 
something more than deformed seeds in a pod-
rose and thorn, she the rocky bed, 
he a river of searing lacerations
their somnolent complains coursing through her. 

Kisses turning to daylight,
two halves of the forbidden fruit
that day they lay closer, lash to lash, trembling
nearer than in that ignorant womb
grooves fitting ridges, a filament of old outlines
a finished tangram, an ode to symmetry
voice making love to its echo, 
pebbly ground savouring their protuberant spines
She forgot how similar their chins and fingers were
If plasma could be replaced by tree sap
for another moment of limitlessness
If arms by a million leaves, 
for another million embraces. 

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What’s nearest and dearest to my heart
Yet is the farthest and the hardest 
To realize that we’re apart
Watch you grow from a boy to a man
She’s gone now
And yet you claim
Someone else to be
The one who gave birth
She didn’t leave
She’s still in spirit
And he has you calling
Another women this name (mom)
Only one deserves that place
And she’s not here
All because she wanted the best
For her only baby
But all she can do now is 
Watch you as she rests
You may claim her 
But I know in your heart
That mommy will be mommy 
From the start
I know you miss her 
And I miss you too
Just remember she’s watching down on you
Remember all you been through
Me, you, him and her
We were inseparable
Now that she’s gone
The chain has broke
Tried to link it back with a different shape
Nope, no one can take that place
I’ll always love her as if she was my own
Even though she’s gone 
You’ll never be alone

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Hot Oil In China

We have hot oil in China,
  Rising slowly from the ground
  There is a deep dense fog hovering round

The air is smokey, so dense it seems green
  The sun so hot it's making everyone lean
  Curfews so early all think it's obscene

And the hot oil keeps rising, if you know what I mean
  Hot oil keeps rising, it doesn't go down
  It's been well over a month since it covered the ground

Machinery moves carelessly all through the night
  I bothers us so much we boarded up the windows tight
  I bought ear plugs but I gave them to my brother Mike

Bells keep bleeping on and off go the lights
  So another pair of ear plugs I bought
  School won't let me wear them, saying I'll rot

So I decided to grow my hair long 
  Hide my ear plugs under it all day long

But when I go home at night 
  And I cover up really tight
  And I pray because theres nothing else we can do
  Oh hear me Lord, don't let my mother find the ear plugs in my shoe

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Inter States of Being

"What are these people

doing in my living



A querulous, trembling,

serious query


furrowed anxious brows


fear floods

        his toes –


"What are they doing



The people who weren’t there just

watched him,

arms crossed




They just stood there


        and watched him


Across the room,

across wide, saddened, tear-drenched miles,


A sister

   calls 911


from another state

of mind than his


He’s afraid of them –


She’s afraid for him –



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light decantible blue

clear your throat
cause heres the pause in the canyon
with all the trees
spring year

they make
golden dreams
seductions seed

dim on mornings
she said
light decantible blue

was an
as drowning

only sailors did that
and only then
by fog rolls
in prelude

on verso
of card sent
so soon

the positive rue
we begin

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The End

One dark night, my nineteenth year,
Uniformed men knocked at my door.
They refused to say what I had to see,
"The End" at twenty-three. (brother)
I was twenty-three that April
That the phone call came.
It was dawn. She was gone.
"The End" at fifty-four. (mother)
It was April again, my thirty-eighth year.
Half a world away, middle of my day,
Came the phone call again.
"The End" at sixty-seven. (father)
I was forty-five and still alive,
Then torrentail tears wouldn't stop.
When they did, the pain left me.

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Spring showers have washed away the winter sorrow..
They keep telling it will always get better tomorrow.

But tomorrow never comes..
And without you I am no longer one..
No more fun....
no more.....

Goodbye is what they want me to say..
But baby brother I can't fix my mouth to say...
Those final words..
They where never what I thought I'd heard..

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Late night

Late night....freyed and dozing
unable to pass the alert stage
tender eyes water and tear
Thoughts random mixed emotions
rage and forgiveness
Love and Hate
caring or neglect
tender or no mercy

tomorrow has silently begun
In the still dark home

Emotions won't let alone....

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I Call You Brother

I hope you can hear me well brother, 
This jungle is not enough to hide you brother.
Oooh! Brother.

My brother, 
Try to repent before one day.
When there will be no excuse, 
When everyone wants to save himself.
When nobody cares for anyone, 
Oooh! Brother wake up.

Try your best brother, 
Dont be among the victims of tomorrow, 
Dont be among those who will regret, 
Dont be among those who will cry for their deeds.
Oooh! Brother, think well.

Oh! Brother, 
Try to look at yourself, 
Trust yourself brother.
Have confidence on your deeds, 
And look down brother.

Oh! Brother, 
I call you brother not because to the same family, nation we belong.
Nor race as well as the same continent.
But i refer to the all people who are living this sphere.
Well bro us live togather.

Yes! Brother…
I hope you understand me well, 
And i hope you will repent before the sunset...

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With Eyes That Saw Your Shadows

The old men defile the little girls
their lurid charm stabs the fragile screen of innocence and ignorance

The fathers are traveled or dead or down, or never known
The mothers weep, hands in air hoping to grab something helpful

The young girls, like rat to hawk become clutched by predatory hands
The old men squeal, cackle, and trumpet their victories
vile names for the captured,the newly shamed are shouted in complete revelry
The tricked lost their chance at being children

This calls for a smile from the most sinister observer

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My Memories Of You

It was 1999 when I heard the news
I receive a phone call, that you were sick with Blues
Now, I’m wondering what I shall do
Living so far away I decided to kneel down and pray
Lord please gives him the strength to battle this disease everyday

You tried to stay on the right path though out your life
Making many decisions that wasn’t very wise 
No one is perfect only the heavenly father
What’s done is over and he will always forgive those ungodly desires

My memories of you are always on my mind
My memories of you make me smile
My memories of you get me through the tough times 

All the time you were here living on the earth 
There is family and friends who you made laugh a lot
They will miss you so much, even the kids around the block
Lord please give him the time to prepare for those final days

My memories of you are always on my mind
My memories of you make me smile
My memories of you get me through the tough times 

Lord thank you for given me the time to have known him
I am sorry you have to go, we all will one day 
But I’m glad you made your peace with the GOD almighty
Now you’re climbing the stair way to heaven, going North Bound

My memories of you are always on my mind
My memories of you make me smile
My memories of you get me through the tough times    

(RIP) My Brother Allan, 12/11/02.

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A prayer for my brothers and sisters

A prayer for my brothers and sisters

Dear Lord I come as humbly as I am,
Asking you to give my brothers and sisters strength,
So that they will make it through their life.
I know the road ahead of them is going to be ruff ,
give them faith in knowing that in you Lord they can trust,
in you Lord.

I know it’s not easy for them and their going through so much,
I ask that you give them guidance Lord and let them feel your 
Loving touch.

I can begin to see the pain they must feel about life, 
But when I look into my brothers and sisters eyes the hurt 
Is all to real.

So Lord I come to you as humbly as I am,
Asking you to give my brothers and sisters strength to make 
it through the their life.

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Copyright 2014

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Anguish taunts through a barbed wire fence with edged grasp

Actions in which human beings rebel against a holy God
Miss their purpose for their lives
Surrender to the prince of the power of the air more then God
Cause  all of their deeds were evil!

An eclipse of the sun had tainted my inner vision
Push back the pain with radiant guide
Does this notion in thought come at any big surprise?

Weak willed tyrants from the flood of dispinsation
Shattered fragments loosed in gloom climatic abrasion
Parts unknown from the setting of the sun

Leading gullible women captive under the false cloak of compromise
Abortion on demand
When will they ever understand?

Blood shed in our streets
Evil tyrants from elected officials overly prideful taunt & pull!
We each our responsible for our actions before a holy God

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please brother

i want to ask for a wish
if you really do exist
give me one more chance
to say goodbye
i don't want it to end this way
all i want to say is sorry
that i could not play my part
as a true brother
if i get it to try again
may be in my next life term
will you be with me as my brother
i will carry your bag
take your hand into mine
and walk you to the school everyday
share your fears every night
i am so angry that
all i do is blame myself
you left me out in the blue
i do not have a single clue
about what to do
i go to sleep just to see you in my dreams
to remember how you used to hug
and how we used to fight
how i punched a guy
when he made you cry
i want to ask you why
you left me all alone
when we had so much fun
we made our own board games
we played them all day long
what does it mean
to leave me all this way
you don't know how i feel
i cried with so much pain
when they said you are no more
you left this world so young
what did i do to offend you
this is not at all fair
i want to do it all again
i want to end it well
brother please come back to me
i want to trade my life for yours

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Since time built fashion a reason to discover whether

Shelter lies dormant amidst a backoning call asunder

Sweet dreams fallen Elms in Summer sweat appease

A noble laugh then a fuze through its carnal means

In time,

A duration of timely gestures;
Such as the weather changes in laughter
In havoc we provoke fallen tears drenched through tears


A challenge to be free is a question in time


We tend to make a mountain out of a mole hill

In soft Ivory towers overlook disaster proned to logical persuasion

Perhaps in need of a break on a long vacation;
Gone our the days we drift to frolic in a haze
Today were left as egg shells getting stuck in a maze
To dream in light of an imperative call

In laughter we frolic through the temporal call
In reason we quest an exchange of love
In hatred we get destroyed as a pig in mud
In peace their lies a filter destroyed the evil means


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We sleep deep with eyes reflecting sudden drag in turmoil

We lament then run full circles in distant fantasy parked by its brevity
In sleepless nights frozen conclave we insist that we get our way;
Shapes of frightened cold unleashed sway;
Colors flourishing in ambiance tempered in modest excursion

A sworn agreeable text to lament in hot regard to its pierced claim


Shattered glass on its myraid surface with plot;
Sadness in hearts that swell in its loosened conclave of ivy dew
Drops of loom loose filled the room faltered glow

For the kingdom of God is at hand!

Through a choiced drama

Through a blaze of glory an almost different story!

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The Sacrifice

(a place no one has ever been)

We live out in da country
Miles away from anyone else
Papa and six boys, well, we're young men now....just sayin
Momma died at childbirth when baby brother was born
Love it here, cept at night, sleepin through “the howlin”

Big old wood frame house, island by grassland; den da forest
We keep a farm of pigs, goats, even cows; what da heck for ?
Every night Papa slayed an animal; laid it at da edge of da woods
Never new why until he called us six boys together one creepy night:

“Boy’s, listen to me, listen good….your Papa’s dying, 
It won’t be long
The last 20 years, your Momma and I set out here a sacrifice
I don’t know what in God’s name is out there
This thing ain't human
Notice how it’s quiet for a while so you can get to sleep
It’s feeding time
Damn right, it’s eating the sacrifice
Long as we put them dead animals out
We live
When I’m gone, it’s up to you six 
Be my Nightwatch, ya hear me boys !
You all are men now
I love each one of you very much”

Father finished da story, den...
Said no one ever been in dem neck of doze woods
He bought property twenty (20) some years ago;
Prior owner told him da whole story

In a  way I look at dis big monster as our protector
I've heard screamin at night, den da 'howlin'
O man, den dis loud munchin, chompin, chewin masdacated cry
Den more 'howlin'
Call da police ya say?  No way.  We safe...
So long we feed him, or it
At night: WHOAAA am scared to death

Papa's been gone a few years now
It’s up to us six to offer up da sacrifice
Every night

We older now and don’t all nestle up in one bed
Howlins still be, but we sleep at night best we can
Hated killin doze animals, deys didn’t do nuttin wrong
Dares no other way; we twied once and almost got ourselves scavaged alive

Am not goin out dare, never, not to
A place where no one has ever been

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Touching the Pain

Feeling Nothing

I am the girl whose brother died.
It is how they introduce me now.
It is the conversation they have in the next room…
a tragedy, so awful, how horrible.
The poor children, how are they?
Oh, too terrible, so awful.

And then me, an unexpected encounter,
Apologies pour from them and I have no umbrella, 
Forgot my plastic boots, there was no time to shop. 

But I have been manufactured, used, discarded.
I am in the landfill of loss.
My whiteness corroded by the filth which surrounds me,
Broken into pieces that can be shifted by the earth,
Pushed away and pulled by birds until there is simply, nothing.

So sorry, so sorry, and a nod.
Some reach out to touch me,
wonder if they can feel the nothing. 

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Spiritual Freedom

One in hand yet marked on its blotted page intact

Working too hard can give anyone a heart attack
Through most promises in the dark come to its fullest of light

In spiritual freedom amidst conflict out in flight

We can't remain nuetral while
Outside spirit world a soul is attacked

Peace can only be found in the prince of peace at last

Don't be carried away by the prospect of fast money & power

This is in effect leading people away from God
Being treated like trash in rudimentary fragmented cause
To suffer in silence amidst its  inner pain 
Spiritual freedom comes at a high cost
Through our lifetime amidst stress & strife

One soul united while another devides!

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Dear God - I am going insane

Dear God, I'm alone, With two children, And a man, Who has lost his mind. They rely on me, To feed them, To clean for them, To clothe them, To put them to bed. Dear God, I work hard, I listen, I discipline, Even the man; Who is the ruins of my father. He talks constantly, He sees things, He weeps, He is a tortured soul. Dear God, He is sick, I force him to eat, He shakes, I hold his hands still, He thinks he is dead, I convince him he is corporeal. He goes for long walks, In the middle of the night, With my walking stick, I lead him home, Like a Shepherdess, Leading her scared sheep home. Dear God, He looks for a way out, Death, Vengeance, Things that will corrupt his soul, I try to still him. Once He growled at me, Like an animal, Grabbing my shoulders, Demanding I listen as he says. I barked back, And he let go, Whimpering, Back to his place. When did I become the parent, And he the child, When did I become the Alpha, And he the Beta. Dear God, I am going slowly insane.

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Our song.

My song is the joy of life
It’s knocks and blows its
Hopes of joy its endless love,
its constant strife.

His song is the cause of woe
The meanest word, the theft of choice.
The downward fall, a silent scream
A harsh cold voice. No quid pro quo.	

My song is the hope of more
The bright idea. The sunshine dawn
A joyful dance a marching on,
A skipping child. A though so pure

Our song could be a joining mind
A chance off hope a link of thought
No more opposed, a shared desire
A ray of hope a new mankind

Charlie Milne 2010

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A twist of smoke 
The wisp of a whisper in a widow’s breath
Chest rising, falling and once gain rising
But none of this is a surprise come to rise
She was Phoenix risen from cigarette, cigar and weed ashes…….. 
You pondered, 
I wondered if, 
at the end the end was always the answer to how we should end
A woman who wove wonder with her will
And the sight of her flaxen and silken flesh
The wisp of a whisper in her sigh of neon flashes
And I ain’t got no defense when she flickers her eye-lashes
Or dashes to my side to say 
“Hi honey, how was your day?
But she was a fraud
And a liar who could not be ignored
While both grew ever bored
How was my god-damned day you ask?
He responds loudly and curtly that his day was akin to decalcifying human waste
His yesterday brought nothing new
Tomorrow too
Except that his brother Billy became a radical for the Jihad 

He left for Iraq because he wove his ragged flag heaven high
As brother fought brother in the name  of two Gods
Actually he calculated the odds, 
Did a little adding and subtracting for to arise at the sum of phi
So why he secreted himself  into the smoke 
and the whispered wisp of her sigh is no longer his
Not his and that’s why he chose to die
And there are tens of thousand soldiers willing to die because they don’t know why, 
but Hitler ordered them to do it
And what are we going to do with that new gay lieutenant?
Don’t ask, don’t tell
And even the Chief Of Command must confess
We’re leaving behind one un-earthly mess
 © 2011.….free cee!

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Many Different Colored Hats

Many different colored Hats
Hat’s I’ve never worn before
When asked why I now wear these hats
I begin to stare onto the floor

Many different colored hats
Red, Blue, or even Green
Hat’s on my head even in public
Hat’s that no one has ever seen

Hat’s many shapes and sizes
Hat’s not fit for my own head
With these Hats I look in the mirror
My brother’s face is there instead

With these many different colored hats
I see my brothers face within me
I stare at the mirror and continuously ask
Am I the man you wanted me to be?

But there is never an answer
Only a silence that I cannot describe
Its seems as if we are playing hide and seek
And my brother has gone out to hide

Many different colored hats
These hats I will continue to wear
Until I finally get my answer
At the Mirror I will continue to stare

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There is a dragon named Darren His scales gleaming gold and obsidian Lore, emotions, magic, protection These are his specialties He is guide, friend, and mentor Without him I would be One of the soulless dead Consuming all who draw near

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Come on, man, stop looking at the clouds!
Don’t you know that the grey skies almost never scream and shout?
Avoid listen to your heart that only wants trouble and pain
And once again, don’t underestimate the ones that try to clean up after your stains
If the rhyme collects my emotions, simplicity and sense
I’ll tell her that I carry a bag of spoken words transformed into sorrows for my defense
I would rather stop thinking at all instead of stopping my feelings for being afraid to fall
So dont worry, Danny Boy, the death rows, drinks and women are still there
But at this point
Do you think you still care?

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I asked for 40 winks more, but she 
had her way with me, as she always does.
Don't argue with the muse: "The ***** is always right,"
my brother would say in disgust about his third,
and final wife.  He's the guy who walked me 
down the aisle in a crowded church,
and gave me as wife to his best friend, in lieu 
of a father, gone too soon. "I wish Daddy 
didn't die," he said, a grown man on the telephone 
in one of his late night phone calls, where I 
sat huddled in a blanket on the floor, listening 
to the lost child he would always be.

He wore pinstripe gray on my wedding day,  
preempting the famous "Hucklebuck" as we 
christened the funky turquoise suit 
that lit up his blue eyes and golden Greek-
god hair. He was the baby brother I raised 
after our mother left, leaving him back-
stroking, forever seeking Jesus love 
in a sea of imperfect women.  

Ever the renegade, he took his married sister
to his Senior Prom to whispers 
of impropriety, and glares from pretty girls 
who might have been his date.  I was 
the big sister, glamourous in the simple, 
black moire' gown our aunt had made to take 
my freshman year at college by storm. 

Oh Yes! Brother above reproaches, 
gone ten years as your birthday approaches, 
I call (no area code needed) to say,
in the 28 minutes it took to write this poem, 
maybe less than the time it takes to birth 
a baby, 'dare a la luz', red and screaming 
in his brand-new birthday suit,  Poetry 
and you, brother, were labors of love.  You: 
the most beautiful boy in the world.

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Recovery takes Time

The recovery from life at seven is so trying. Having witnessed
your brother being taken to heaven. What future can a child see
through cascades of tears, what future does a parent explain to 
allay his fears. 

Their day to day life has been forever changed, as their different 
tomorrow brought loss and sever. Where do I start to tell you if I coped.
What words for the loss as my fathers health sloped.

Decisions were made from the pain we must move, to be on the peripheral, to 
rejoin life, to gain. Absorbing our loss, brought us closer than
before, but it has taken a life to go through their last door.

My father and I, responded by living. We walked in beautiful glens 
surrounded by heathers, as we as a family grew from our weathers. The walks 
on Ben Nevis in nature surround, as he taught me plenty about animals and 
plants. We would drink the clear waters as he told me it brought life. Being 
so educated at seven, filled the void. Every so often we would say " Boom 
Boom " would love being here, as we thought for a moment and then the 
eventual tears.
But the toll of our loss, for my father was heartbroken. His health declined 
with the loss of my brother. Six more years of sporadic times, as hospital 
became his home and child support became mine.

My recovery from life continues to this day. As I think and look back at 
all the times we spent surrounded by life, my father and I from the loss of 
a life, but I still wonder why.


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sing me a lullaby

Sing me a soft lullaby
to hush away my fears
Pull your arms around me
Wipe away my salty tears
Sing to me of muddy shoes
And someone asking for a dime
Tell me who rips your heart out
And handles it with care
Sing to me of angels and a whisper of a prayer
sing to me a lullaby
That ill sing my unborn child
Hold me tight and brush my hair
Away to see my smile
Sing me into slumber
Where happiness exists 
Sing me a soft lullaby
And ill finally get some rest 

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The silver jellybeans I wore were the toy.
      These shoes caused jealousy from my brother.
Just as the lemon twist did from the other.

      Beside the house, he walked in my jellybeans.
My mother watched not saying anything.
      The other brother took my lemon twist.
Penned on May 06, 2014!

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All Because I Am Jewish

I saw you brother with your eyes deadened to life 
As the bullet passed through your chest 
I shall never forget that piece of lead that laid your soul to rest 
Lodged into the door beside me 
Our plan had failed 
Every detail played to perfection 
Your hand was on the rail of the train when the shouts came 
Stop! Stop! 
To stop meant death anyway, so why would we 
Yet their bullet pierced you 
And I stood there, frozen in a world that hated us 
If things were reversed I wonder, would I have pulled that trigger? 
I think back when they sent momma and poppa to that gas tank 
The cloths had hidden the fear in their eyes 
As they walked silently to death 
I know this, I could never have been that cruel 
How could they follow this leader of deranged thought 
But now I am alone in this freedom land called America 
I shall never forget what those Nazi's did to my family 
The tortures unbearable for thought 
All the friends I have known have perished by gas 
Some shot for refusing to die 
All because I am Jewish 
Nothing could be so atrocious as to kill a man for being himself. 

June 14, 2008 

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The real truth is nobody can handle anything
We are all minature soldiers in a routine of stregnth
Some may be used to a faded regime in ardent extremities
Others ponder the ellaborate scheme amidst 
Shadows torn in darkened pavement sought regime
We often will hide behind the false hidden garb of compromise
Twisted logical persuasion bursts through the sky
In our pride we tend to hide behind its mask a handicap
In pursuit of change we vaguely rearrange its ardent mast
Coupled by a porposal amidst tragic events in decay
We then surface amidst the variation of its pitch face down in some ditch
No one ever thinks rationally anymore too stuck up for their own good
In silence one can equate twisted brains in disguise of shallow pools
In retrospect to want we ignore its regard to help
Shades of green grass in illumination breath in oceanic conquest
An eager delight to shout full force inside the equated shape
We then will hide behind a loose decision made in the darkness
Through the flood of innocence we negate to tolerate its light
Instead we compromise by living by sight

Shaped our illusional grade of hope!

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A dusty old town-so quiet
a man, a traveler
takes off his pack-so heavy
and reclines for a rest.

they dont know his name, they never do
they wont even bother to ask
he troubles them-his mysterious past
leads them to prejudiced views

but were one to ask, for if naught but a name
what would this traveler say- would he speak?
a word, no. a name, he would give them and pass
"Im Wanderer, the world is my street."

Wanderer-what a name
does it signify much of his life
or is it a code- a cypher?
an enigma to his past.

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Even the Wise and Peaceable are Fools

My brother is young and says, 
“I’m wise for my years…”

My sister is younger and says, 
“I’m peaceful for my age…”

I am the eldest and say nothing…

They quarrel…
And quarrel…
And quarrel…

Then I said
	“Peace never lasts
		And the wise can be fools
You both made each other
	A tool to each other’s fool…”

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Those who would assume -- Trevor Depugh

Dear God, life is sweet and kind, Older Brother makes me smile all the time, He speaks of days yet to come, His dreams make me feel less numb, I love him, like I've never loved another, And they are fools, those that think he is more than just my brother, It is nothing more than our bond, Our friendship others will not smother, One day we may abscond, Run away from our families, I know what it sounds like, but God, you must believe. He is not my lover, nor would he be ever, He is just my brother, this is no romantic endeavor. He just makes me feel special, He doesn't ever judge, This is something to revel, Not something to begrudge

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Brother To Brother -Prayer

The sun has set, the day laid to rest. As I pray before I lay, I pray of more days. I pray God protect you from your enemies. Shall the day come we must ride on them, I pray for protection. For victory may rise above all. Never fall short of the commitment. Never separate over women, they come and they go. We're forever. My brother let's pray repeat after me. I am your brother I who share the same blood. I'm the one to count on when others are uncounted for. To be there from the highs to the lows. Love till death calls upon us. Show each other right from wrong. Stand side by side, when wrong is in play. I'll hold you down when nobody else will hold you up, i ask the same. I pray we've the courage to be strong when weak is calling, the courage to be smart when stupidity is following. I pray through wealth and health our bond remains unbreakable. Brother to brother, i pray amen.

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It is not because of anything in them
But because of boundless grace
You have to fix your hope up above;
Faith occupies the position of a challenge
Grace is the fountain & the stream
Faith is the aqueduct along the flood
Mercy then flows down to refresh the common souls of men
Hoping someday soon all would understand
Those who hope to be saved by trying their best will confess its mess
They know nothing of the growing process
That hallowed warmth
To face the sun left behind in truth many blind
No silver spoon nor mere fancy wit too soon its blade
Such as a potter's vessel when it is broken inside its wheel

No sense of magic wand nor chosen vice
Some may equate reason for mere solitude
Others having rejected the full extent in homily to let it be
Yet grace is the first & lasting faith
Moving cause of salvation

Never make a Christ out of your faith
In times or moments of pierced skulls abroad

Grace in moments of dire sadness
Grace in pious holding together its madness

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Honest to God Free Verse grammer not fixed

why cant the pain
burst in the release of anguish 
threw my ears
threw the eyes
down the road 
of so many lies
so many tears
wasted time
hours in the dark looking to see
crying to feel something that isnt there
to feel alive
cold tears down my neck
warm blood down my wrist
dead inside
nothing's okay 
its not alright
this addiction called suffering
the agony the smile behind this pain
agony and suffering
a twisted grin as you scream my name
down the dark abise threw the gates of my judgement
your dead to me
it dosent matter your here alone
down on your knees
something gone
it was never missing
because it was never there
my words 
the truth
a care in the world
and my sanity

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Lost Where They do not Belong <> End Line Poem

Parents and spouses to their photo's they look,  Another
           hero was killed fighting for our freedom.   Lost  
                       so far from his home and family,   Today
       we continue to send our sons and daughters,   But
                                there will come a day when,   They
                                      will live as free as we do.   Will
                         we ever learn from these theatres,    Never
                       again should we out live our children.    Be
  cause' another was lost today, but they will never be,    Forgotten

" I hope i have done this form devised by Dane Ann and HG proud "

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Through deep silence one can learn the proverbial charm
Let us sound the alarm through words in time

To wake in sullen yet sudden ashes break in daylight tar
The sorrowful we are;
A promise that was made in the dark has come into its fullest of light
Shadows proned in twilight caged fury


Shaded Pine in decorated adornment solution
Viable degrade of cloven asps in want
Shadows proned once again in desolation
A break an a long awaited vacation,

Through the days of the dull in silence we wait
In vocational we deal we clever shades of grey
Falling apart at the seams
We wait in viable means

Not many have it yet so many need to grasp it's concept
A challenge to be set free is a question in time?

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My need for creative expression.
 Putting up with other people's logic.
 Complex, irrational, high-frequency.
 I'd die for you, cologne.
 Based on a logical fantasy.

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for Bob (1958-2001)

life becomes
one long
prison sentence
all meaning

so Bob
his memories
a good strong
length of rope
the bars

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Many are them in the diaspora
Wandering in other's wilderness
Laundering their battered image 
Conquering the world like a mirage

Mustering last energy for a return home
Pondering over the puzzle of un-uttered racism
Yet, dark in our black
Of the black origin
But not of the black brain.

Alayande Stephen T.
13th October, 2007

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The art Of Spring

Bright blue skies on a spring day
Fulfills my horizon
Blue birds and robins pass me by

Mountain, trees, and animals
Priase God Abroad
The frsh air bring forth calmness
A quiet serene a waits my soul

Red orange and violets
Represents God's glory
Flowers slowly rise with the sun
And water crickets sings songs of glory

Fresh water arises with the scent 
Of of sweet savory of God's spices
Beach rolls in the lazy tide
I sit back and enjoy it all

The art of spring is glorification
Of all tings God created
He's the world famous artist


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My Brother the Soilder

crimson soilder-
such a beautiful life on the line.
how far does obligation go
over and over?
You step up,
my brave fire bird.
If you left me here today
I would always remember you...
the strong one.
Reality i can not change-
the world is falling apart,
I try and not take it so badly
for i know that you;
and many others like you
fight for my freedom.
(such a selfless, nobel act)
for a country that does not care.
I wish I had half your strength-
thus, through your spirit I am free.
May you always fly
at Gods' speed
to get you back home to us all.
until than
we will await your arrival
forever and ever.

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The words he whispered -- Trevor Depugh

Dear God, Thank you, For sending him. He arrived safely, His bags over his shoulders, A grim smile on his face. He slung his bags in the corner, Laid a pillow on the couch, And pulled me in for a hug. "I'm here little sis, It's okay now," He whispered to me. Dear God, Thank you for sending him. He promised to help me, Told me he'd take care of Daddy, We'd take turns cooking and cleaning, I could relax, and concentrate on school. Dear God, Thank you, For sending help, Thank you for sending my brother, He's the only one who could have understood.

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The Idiot

Shades of pine in derision on the loom/

Generous sway through timeless appease the trees,
Brandished by timely groves chased after wind breeze,
I hit my head on a passing potatoe through the leaves;

The Idiot

Charmed in an almost decadence shattered fragments 
They say that we are young only once on point
Shattered glass amidst the decorum shredded braid,

Tempted again through the wind/


My head swell as if an almost glow;
Black ash through peach cornerstones
Farmers in delusion there frequent solution
Viable breach of peace 

Sullen fragments out on the pavement floor lest I implore,
Control freeks in sullen apartment dealings fly's on wall
The ocean with sun no fun we run in timeless fight
Shallow scheme amidst the chore a quaint bore of illusion

Fought back the tears with a smile etched in the decorum once more
A tree to loom in timeless bleed
Certain factual death?

The idiot would squirm ego burn another page is now turned;

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Watching and Waiting for Brothers

Watching and Waiting for Brothers

Watching from above
He watches my life unfold
Resting atop of clouds
Robes white with trims of gold
Watching from above
He smiles with true joy
Remembering his life on earth
Remembering when we were little boys
Watching from above
A tear runs down his cheek
Watching me sit in a chair
Right beside me an empty seat
Watching from above
Presence wished to be known
Seeing his brother sitting
Crying and sitting alone
Watching from above
My tears he tries to wipe away
Trying to give me strength
Strength for another lonely day
Watching from above 
He sits waiting for me
Waiting to hold my hand
Being what a brother should be

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psychiatric war pigs

my meds aren't working
depression, boredome, ornery
yet again from your professional viewpoint
i am doing better
now that i'm suicidal and not locked in a cell
for almost being murdered

dial 1 for ddd
i got the achies(8Keys)

might need a higher dose
to fix something that isn't even broken
does anyone leave here sane
as upset as the staff get that their miracle cure is a genocide

what's the problem 
why won't you allow me to tell my story
read any good books lately

I dr, u key
Dial m for murder
whose story is it, mine apparently

about to resort to violence
fight or fleight of your lies
life is too short for this stupidity

walking into the waves
a suicidal honour
the new meaning of life

read any good books lately
copy cat
dead wrong

psychiatric war pigs
are you out for your medal of terrorism
i won't be staying here
i dislike this russian roullette with my doctor
and by the way, you have no balls

won't report a war crime
just a crime spree on the internet
stolen dreams and terrorism
lies of liars lieing about somebody elses lies

no control of my own life
you don't know me at all
bending over backwards to suit you needs
won't be taking place

global amnesty what a joke
the billions raised to end global suffering just so you can buy more bombs

go die
psychiatric war pigs
i won't be here long,
my brother a complete idiot who doesn't listen
the embodiment of love for murder
and i hate you enough to let you know this love i have for you

someone you need to call?
did i just prove to you there is an unholy mastermine
with a good disguise for the gutterball he is?
something you need to say?
something you need to realise
i won't be back. i promise
one foot out the door

between the times
no lieing down during the knight of your life
the fight for your life
dial 1 for ddd
don't care anymore
go die
you disgust me

Why is my freedom revoked because my brother signed me into a hospital
liar covering his own tracks, from a chop shop, involved with bad cops
the black market of knowing too much
euthenised by love
what a whore
i don't love you anymore
something you will never again achieve from me
insulted forever
i quiver at your feast
you lust after greed
as if this isn't hell

read any good books lately?
someone you need to call?
isn't there a war crime you need to report
backwards logic of can't run from your problems

go die

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The marketplace of love

We can set the game
with new wagers
Economy is but a ribbon of fear
The time is near
To dismantle capital banter and borders
And bring in the new prodigy 

Love is tribal wealth
No one hoards
And everyone saves
Because there's nothing to save
Ownership is a flaw

I've seen throughout life
The pompous pilgrimage
That is really a sacrilege 

Dismantle all power
That does not serve
A democracy of love
That we can truly earn

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i am the wolf
in the middle of three
a gemini by nature
between the young and old
the middle of the road
i walk
but always connected
to the pack
of three
minus me
a distant howl
brings me 

*for marvin and aaron. i love you guys

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Silently I sit alone in my room 
tears roll down my face
“I told you to stay home, but no you go out with your friends then you come home drunk!”
mom yelling at my older brother again 
“I just wanted to go out and have a good time why don't you lighten up?”
My brother screams back at her
Tired of hearing the same argument every week along with fifteen others 
Why can’t we ever be happy?
I say to myself drying up my tears 
Nothing ever changes 
and no one ever listens 
I just want to have a moment of peace is that too much to ask for?
I guess so …
things are going to change around here, and I’m going to make sure that happens
Standing up and walking to the door I pause 
“You know what fine, be that way, I’m leaving” 
the front door opens and I hear it slam shut 
I walk into the room and I see mom who has that
look which gives me the feeling I shouldn't say anything, but I choose to anyway,
after I speak my mind she looks shocked with what I said, instead of waiting for her to reply I just simply walk away feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders

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For some its a quaint evening with a date
Well, some are ever looking for spirituallity
Others simply disagree,
Fighting back the silence amidst the tender blindness
We evoke togetherness out of silence
No one ponders the future always in the past
A glance at a nail with holding the pants
In reason we fought back the inner reasoning

                                                          Perhaps this was the path where Nero tred?
                                                          In lazy diamonds searching frantic inside the head.
                                                          We ponder a lake yet it devides its inner fate
                                                          In tempers we knew exposed to its vested tool,
                                                          Many today are filled up with hate!
                                                          Looking still deeper then ever before,
                                                          On its Pilgrims Progress hence the open door;

                                                         We live lonely lives yet not the preacher!

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Last Hour

The last hour
You took your last breath.
The last hour
You spoke to mom and dad

That last hour
Never got to hear your voice
That last hour
I never got to say goodbye
That last hour
I never got to say, "I love you, bro!"

That last hour
I didn't see you go in your corvette
That last hour
I didn't know you had a gun

That last hour
I was sleeping
Thinking everything's ok
Til I woke up, found out,

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Dream Dust

Brown, soft, earth giving birth 
to the early morning green scrubs. 
She is kneeling, swept away by the 
sunlight. She breathes in the smell of soil 
near the soft pink lotus flowers and cherry
root. Gazing at the earth, her own shadow 
startles her, while her dreams, like dust, 
begin to chart their own mysteries alone 
and unspoken.

© Julia Heckman 2011

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~ a muse of golden brown a beautiful dark etched love my sisters, my brothers fly free in this day so vivid a clear path pushing toward completion a unity.... solidarity.... shall we dance a sub-Saharan prance collective rhythms, a shuffle step a long time coming this freedom bright colors adorn overflowing spirit of love....... so grand , so free grab hold of my hand together we shall prove common! ~

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Wishes on Stars

The sounds are the birds and the crickets 
Calling carefully in the blackness of night
Singing of their love, of their hunger
Growing from harsh cold concrete
Wonderment of a five year blonde in my lap
Whose eyes are set upon the stars
Wishes of monster trucks and new hot wheels
And bringing the dead back to life

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What I am looking for

Dear God, What am I looking for? 
I speak to you each day,
I talk about my brother,
And the things that I would say.
But did I mention God,
That I'm doing really good?
I live with my boyfriend,
I moved out of my neighborhood.
Dear God, I am happy,
As happy as I can be,
There are still some hurtful moments,
But I don't cry enough to fill the sea.
So what am I looking for,
Do you have the wisdom to know?
Do I want him to come find me,
Or do I just want the peace you could bestow. 
Sometimes I feel like I can't forgive him,
For leaving me without the last bits of my family,
When I think about my anger it's grim. 
I need to remind myself that he was sinking when he'd try to swim.
Dear God, What do I want? 
I just want him to walk back into my life.

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Oh... how heartless I was to think.
Set up a fine dinner for a feast on that eve.
Foods and drinks were flooded everywhere.
Feels like bounties have no ending.

Can someone even think of people who's starving that night?
Sleeping in a sidewalks with a plastic on their hands.
Asking for a piece of grace that we can't even share.
Looking into our eyes,kept blinded of selfish thing.

Then morning comes and see what's left.
A ton of leftovers chilled on a shelf.
Inside is waiting a group of eukaryotic organisms.
Deadly hunger for a feast to be rotten.

Is it quite dumb to imagine?
Wasting a spoon of blessings each day..
I hope everyone has a wonderful year,
May each plates in banquette be filled of wasted grace.

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A different kind of man

Dear God, I've perhaps calmed down - just a bit. 
I understand it's not all according to your plan.
I messed up enough myself, to have lost him, without your hand.
How could I let him continue though, doing as he was?
I broke our fragile trust, and now he discarded our blood.
Dear God, she was my best friend, other than him of course.
He was dating her, with my blessing, that he didn't leave her hurt.
But he was cheating on her, lying to her, maybe just trying to figure things out.
He told her he loved her, she was his only one,
While trying to bang my other friend. 
Not two girls, no, three - and that made him a prick.
He was hurting more than me, because he couldn't control his d*ck.
And yeah God, I'm still mad, in fact I'm pretty pissed.
That my brother, would turn out to be such a selfish hick. 
But I messed up, I told the truth,
After months of hiding his lies,
I couldn't, I wouldn't look away and close my eyes.
I want to blame you - I want to blame Scott - I want to blame the whole damn world.
But really God, who do I have to blame, except myself (I was a clueless little girl).
I thought maybe he could forgive me, maybe he could understand. 
But I guess not, I guess he's become a different kind of man.

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The Ties That Bind

I burned a bridge yesterday,
the tie that bound was cut.
You once were my brother 
but never my friend; 
too much space between us, 
I guess. 
Through the years 
the exchanges were modest 
at best; two siblings in  
separate worlds. 
Too many words 
left unspoken, 
too many chances 
were lost.
You drove a wedge and 
created the rift 
that grew deeper 
with each passing year. 
No longer a way to 
mend or repair so 
I cut the last tie. Tell me 
how did it feel? Unexpected, 
or did you care?
You once were my brother 
but never my friend; 
nothing left between us now, 
just space….

Copyright by Anita Lewis Longino
September 2, 2010

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A thought in my mind

God, It's been months now, 
Wth no word and no sign,
I had once made you a vow,
But now It's lost in my wine.
When I was a child, 
You led him to me,
He taught me to be wild,
You answered my plea.
God I was alone, 
And so very scared,
I prayed with every bone,
That you would hear my prayer.
I'm eighteen years old, 
I've been for half a year
He didn't show for my birthday,
I struggled but I didn't shed a tear.
I try and I try to hate him,
He left me by myself,
I try to dictate him,
As someone who only cares for hisself.
I try to be angry,
But I can't manage it for long,
I only end up missing him, 
And listening to his song. 
God, you let me lose my brother,
Now I only want him back,
He's too important for me to lose,
Without him my strength will crack. 
I'm graduating soon,
I've got an extra ticket with his name,
It'll happen in June,
If he isn't there it'll be a shame. 
I miss him God,
I miss him so much,
I try not to think about him,
But he's a thought my mind will always touch.

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Biker Brother

Occasionally I visit my brother and we talk upon his porch.
We were always so very different, of that you can be sure.
He was always the smartest of us and we choose two different lives.
I became a chemist while he worked on Chryslers Assembly line.

After 35 years of working he retired with full glorious benefits…
After 30 years in a corporation I lost my job and the retirement went with it.
He bought a Harley while I looked for a job at the computer where I sit.
See… I told you he was smarter… but we were different, just a bit…

I was always very conservative, but actually he was in many ways, too.
But his life was different… as I stayed at home… he went to biker bars.
He listened to their bands and music while sipping on a beer…
While I watched movies at home while I sipped a soda I held dear.

I looked him up on facebook just the other day…
And I found a biker babe nestled there… on his lap to stay.
At first I almost choked on my soda as I set it on it’s coaster stand…
But he looked very happy with absolutely every thing in hand…

Both of us raised good kids… we’re just a little different, you can see…
He ties his long gray hair back… mine I cut and dye with glee.
But while we sit upon his porch swing we never fail to happily talk…
Perhaps we have something in common… amazingly, after all.

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SOUP (*FAM..*)

CARMA 06-19-12


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Spinning super ninjas
Beat all those bad guys
Go true potential

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My Startling Moments X-D

It’s rather odd
That I woke up pretty early this Saturday morning
It’s rather odd
That I awoke from my indescribable dream, filled with mysteries  

It’s somewhat peculiar
That I enjoy being a teenager—now I could do whatever I want and when I want!
But that’s selfish of me, huh? Ha-ha like I care…psh!
It’s rather alarming
That I awoke from a motivating dream without the alarm going off
But that was only a coincidence…I think!

It’s rather startling
That I aced a test in my Algebra 1 class and…
 Yet I failed the class miserably…so I have to take Algebra over again! GREEAT!
It’s rather startling
That I faced my past fears and… 
Now I don’t appear to look like a fool anymore…or do I?

My startling moment was
When I noticed that I had an acting talent!
My startling moment was
When I noticed I had a writing ability too…
My startling moment was
When I composed my own song—now that’s awesome!
My startling moment was
When I heard that my brother was going to be kicked out of the house! 
My startling moment was
When I did my piano practice on my own—now that’s tricky!
My startling moment was 
When I noticed that I had suicidal thoughts…
I had horrible experiences while facing this problem…DX 
My last startling moment was…
Uhh, I totally forgot…
What was my last startling moment if you know?
Oh!! I know! I know!
When I first created my main characters in my future trilogy! ? 

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Falling Apart -- Trevor Depugh

"Dear God, Mom's left, I don't even care anymore. She punched me in the face and then, Said she hoped I'd burn in hell. Dear God, Dad's lost his mind, The succubus is no more, Now he only wants mom, But she'd rather be a whore. Dear God, something's going on with Trevor, My brother is fading in and out, He thought our family would be his savior, But now I guess the cat is out. Dear God, why do these things happen? Are you listening anymore? Day is dark, and night is black, My faith is in a war. Dear God, the little ones cry, They don't know how to be strong, My older sisters moved out, Why does everything feel so wrong... The youngest is crying, I'll have to go see what is wrong."

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Rough Times

My husband left this life last year
Just two and a half months later
My sweet brother passed away
My best friend's husband also died

My son-in-law left my daughter
I lost my job without just cause
Two disks in my back folded
Two contractors ripped me off

My oldest brother went to jail
My sister was arrested, as well
My favorite brother was fired
From his job for working too much

I found a guy who told me lies
So I left him for another
Now, he's unable to say those things 
That I am really needing to hear

My step-grandaughter had to go
Home to live with her mother
My daughter has taken a driving job 
I will be alone for the first time ever

Now as this year winds to a close
These eighteen months that I've survived
Were harder than any other
That I have ever had to endure

Thought I couldn't make it
Thought I just might die
Felt so heartbroken 
I cried and cried

Looking back, I now can see
The strength it took to make it
Thank you Lord for being there
And for helping me to take it 

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An uncommon alpha b poetic thread we weave

When writing righting poetry proceed with the following corporeal caution:

assimilate before u ass assume
build before u buldge
concentrate before u copulate
deride before u dicktate
engulf before u envelop
fantasize before u fragment
grasp before u germinate
hallicunate before u hypocrate
imagine before u initiate
juxtapose before u jauntilate
literate before u luminate
memorate before u mentorate
nuture before u negate
obligate before u obliviate
postulate before u prostitiute
question before u query
resonnate before u recreate
sonitate before u saturate
tintilate before u translate
utililize before
Xpectorate before u Xstinguish
yuletides before u yelltides
zoneify before u zilchify
it's all in the mission of word wise portrayl
of a mindful sour sequence of alphabet 
anomalies grammar given and humoheld in
a grand garnered elementary entrailed
existance teacher tilt trended to a 
mellow mystic grandeur of let me be me in a time 
when I/me was a boring blend of boyish bother
to all around me and time spent was to inculcate
myself into an artsyfartsy minimammal of intertwined
mealymouthed measure of pre white trash tinsure
trying to find the holy grail of boyhood benign banality trying
not to succomb to impregnating my 8th grade girlfriend
with streetsmart gonadial groovy greatness guided by degraded
inacquaricies from a teen trotting hormonal hack brother
who lived his life between the legs of others. (No father included) 
I savored the insanctity of him and kept it in my pants until further notice
and then had to be coaxed agressively upon annointment after marriages
annoyed. I then procreated to a purposepoint proper designated to
choicechosing the astrosign compaticosimco with the signs at mind, and 
holy fecal matter, it worked wised with wanton willfuness,  
thank God for 911 and. Save me Jesus.  

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Quietly the disease crept into the family. Away from home for the first time and far from her mother’s cautioning words, she fell in love with and married her college sweetheart. He had told her of the mysterious disease from which his mother had died when he and his twin brother were very young. Alarmed, the bride’s mother researched the disease once know as Huntington’s Chorea, now simply as Huntington’s. What she read terrified her. Their little girl weighed a mere three pounds at birth and after reaching five pounds went home to their loving and tender care. She was a beautiful and strong child until after her sixth birthday when she started exhibiting disturbing symptoms. The doctors denied their fears. This inherited disease does not show its dreaded presence until adulthood. She was an exception. By this time, her father’s sister had been diagnosed with the disease. He also had a twin brother and along with a sister who died at birth, that made four children born to this unlucky carrier. The chances are fifty/fifty that a child of a parent with the disease will inherit it. In this case eventually, every sibling succumbed to the horror. The only good thing about this terrible affliction is that if a child of a Huntington patient escapes, all of his descendants are safe. It does not skip generations and it cannot be passed on by anyone but a parent. This child’s disease progressed rapidly. She went from a bright, articulate, happy youngster to a voiceless, chair-bound invalid in a few short years. At eleven and some months she died in her sleep. Her lungs had simply forgotten to function and she stopped breathing. ------December 10, 2011 Won No. 4 Huntington's is one of those fairly rare genetic diseases that is not well funded and researched as are the the more prevalent diseases. It should be. This is one of the most terrible afflictions known to man and its victims are helpless. There was one other granchild in the family. He too died of Huntington's in early adulthood. It had rampaged through the family and had now destroyed itself. Both the family and the disease had come to an end.

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Eternal Vigilance

He had to be on his guard at all times

The swift forces of evil sifted through to receive his gait
Still in awe combersome state of resistance
What everyone simply needs in life is a chance
Eternal vigilance,

Then soon vanquished to its cryptic elemental heights

Some having even fought back the intense pain lest I refrain;
Another twist in prominant vice to promote its blow
Some our quite eager & content 
In getting the best out of me...

Some having sifted through its canvas setting abode

Others ponder relics in an excursion filled up in cold & distant stream
By a clever heart of careless scheme
Eternal vigilance
As fragmented cold yet distant hearts asunder

In stoic yet stark quiver in its plumetted excursion

Shelter lies dormant exposed to its inner beckoning call
Eternal vigilance
Within a certain thrust to expose eternal vigilance
Today are society lies dormant;

Exposed to its desperate rudimentary elements!

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Pure Powder LIES

Those sunken
    dead stained eyes.....
Lifeless, pale, 
         his once lovely face
Flying on wings 
      of white powder....

Pure powder lies.....

 Claiming it made him laugh
      Hiding from the agony
of painfilled memories
    that crushed..
He said it erased them.....

Pure powder lies....

Forsook his family
   Abandoned love
These avenues of escape.......
    Pursuing lines.....
Snow colored lines....
    Great white powder
That made him hide

A false reflection
    A mirrored haze....
A distant lonely
      upon his high
 always tomorrow....

Pure powder lies....

He lived his lies
Denying his only child
        A precious little girl
His mother,
        his sisters
                his friends........

Decaying his heart with
         the purchase of 
         false rot ridden
laying on his empty shelves
Away on snowflake wind
    carried and buried
upon our tearstained sand

Pure powder lies

Ecstasy? Feeling?
Haunted high....
     Cold and alone
his disease riddled mind
       plays tricks....
He shivers
       desire gone
the only word left is TAKE.......

He steals to feed it...
  He lies to hide it.....
       He takes...
              It takes....

Drifting away on powdered seas
fly upon a white washed sky
sorrow lies inside this cloud
awake, he slumbers on and on and on.....

endless, white, white lines...

Pure powder LIES.....

(Inspired by Micheals contest)
Thank you for the opportunity to get this off my chest.
My brother has been in recovery for two years now
I hope it lasts forever....

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Why i fight for this country

It’s foggy
I see people in the background
Running back and forth
But I can't make out who they are
I walk closer to see who they are
It looks like a girl
I get closer, she starts to run
Time for the chase, a chase to see who it is
I see a house, she runs inside
It’s a big blue house with a large front yard and a white picket fence
I knock on the door to see if anyone’s home
I walk in and in the house the fog has followed me in
I hear creaking foot steps coming from upstairs
I slowly walk up and stare at the wall
Its picture of me with an unknown family
A son, 2 daughters and a beautiful wife
I’m standing in the background in my navy whites
Where is this place, who are those persons?
Whose house is this?
Where are all the people?
I make it up stairs and see the children’s room. 
Daughters. It looks like twins, twins sleeping in the room all tucked in
The fog is slowly clearing, I’m getting confused
What life if this, whose shoes are these?
I walk further down the hall,
The next room is his.
The son in the picture,
Full of trophies and figs.
He looks like a sports jock
How many trophies he has
He’s sleeping with his shirt off
But still tucked in like a kid
I say good night
And slowly close the door
I feel this is natural
As I see his night light turn on.
I continue with my journey
With every step the fog clears
I see the master bedroom
And take a peek whose inside
I see a women, her back is turned
The women in the photo but can make out her face.
I can hear her laugh
My heart it pumping
She says to me "you’re finally home!"
Sounds like an angel sing
Who is this woman, what is this feeling?
She has her faced turned to her shoulder, like she wants to speak
Still can’t make out her face, its very mystique.  
I walk closer, I see her ring
Could this be the love of my life?
I get a little closer to see who she is
I trip and fall down 8 feet into the rhib
I’m on a small boat in the water splashing. 
Was I dreaming, or did that happen?
It’s the life I dreamed,
What I wish I had.
I fight for this country 
So everyone else can have
The dream that I wished for
Everyday I wake
I gave up my dream
So the whole world can take it.

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In the shadows of my mind, appear images of children playing, building stilts, climbing trees, melting crayons in pop-cans, designing houses out of cardboard boxes. A creative bunch they were.

 In the shadows of my mind, I hear laughter, lessons in life, and dreams of the future, positive attitudes towards family, self-worth and confidence in who we were and what we could achieve.

 In the shadows of my mind, I feel mischievous, playful, comfort, security, a sense of acceptance and belonging.

 In the shadows of my mind, I see a mountain of strength with a soft heart of gold which casts for me footprints, I cannot fill, and a peak I cannot grasp.
 So I live in the shadows, created by you, my dear brother, a chance to experience through and with you these things which will forever stay in the shadows of my mind.

 You and your beautiful spirit created this place, "The Shadows in My Mind", through your love, your creativeness, your protectiveness, your sense of family, loyalty, and courage.
 But most of all, you have shown me, through your actions, the ability to experience, "True Love", which few are blessed to experience in this Life's journey.

 Upon your start, of this new spiritual life, I am left with only, "The Shadows of My Mind," till we reunite in the spiritual world once again.
 Thank you, for being my brother and touching my spirit. You made my life experience a better one.
 As I will always remain,
 Your Shadow

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What I Hope For You

I hope you face never loses its openness
I hope your heart never leaves your sleeve
I hope your eyes never lose their wonder
I hope your fingers never cease to weave

The strings that hold us all together
The strangers, the family, the friends
I hope you’ll know which bonds to cut and which to make stronger
So you won’t be alone against the blows Life sends

I hope you continue to greet everyone with a smile
Even when all they’ll offer back is a frown
And on the day you find you have risen to the top
I hope you’ll be kind to the jerks that put you down

I hope everything you want, you must work for
And I hope you appreciate what you have, too
I hope you never lose sight of what is important
And always come back to the ones that love you

And I hope you will walk beside Our Lord
And listen to what He has to say
I hope you understand He has a plan for you
Lesson and mission for you, each day

Most of all, I hope you realize that:
You are all you need to become all you want to be
And finally, as both a sister and a friend
I will always be there when you need me to be

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I WAS MADE TO LOVE YOU...........  

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Brothers Farewell

He stands tall
Against the wall
He's always been there
In some way or the other
He's my best friend
The time we spend
Will never be enough
Even when we play rough
He's leaving soon 
Im ever in such a maroon
I don't want to say good-bye
It makes me want to cry
He taught me to fish
I have but one wish
For him to be happy
Never for him to be unhappy
He taught me to fight
For every right
And never take anything for granted
He was amazing
Encluding when we were hell raising
He taught me everything I needed to know
He watched me grow
I sometimes took care of him
I went to his every whim
I would even answer to a bell
For this is my brothers farewell
Being with my brother kept me sane
With him leaving it feels somewhat wrong
It wont be for long
I will see him some 
He would drink his rum
As we sat on the beach
The sun just out of reach
Fishing away in Key West
This is the best
I feel truly blessed
To have such a brother 
Who sometimes hovers 
In my soul he will always dwell 
This is for you, My brother farewell

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Love Restores Peace

At 8:30 AM,
"Get up, LAURA! Charlie! Wake up...Robert...Wake up."
No reply...just ignore my wake up calls...yell at me all you want
You make me cry...cry...just shatter me like place me in the trash, but I still feel this discontent
Deep inside of me...
There's a sea of remorse swirling around me...
At 12:15 AM,
"Hey Laura!"
No reply...
"What are you doing?"
I just want to cry...a river...why?
She still ignores I'm feeling the anxiety...
She still jokes around with me, but I feel so angry...and so empty...
She's texting her friends again...I must talk to her sometime
She still doesn't answer my calls...she doesn't care to wipe off my grime
Sponging inside of me...
I guess I'm left with my chores for today
My heart is swelling up in dismay...and my sky turns to gray
And I pray...for relief and I just want to say...
I love my sisters and brothers, but they truly don't care for me...or at least that's what I think till this very day
This lonesome feeling sufficates me...
Go ahead and ignore me, sister
You just added another blister
In my mouth, my hopelessness avalanches all over the ground
You make me frustrated...and now my head spins round and round
And I feel bound...
By stress and torment! 
Go ahead and neglect my voice
My heart is seeping out misery...pumping with fret...
while you text your friends and rejoice
In my head, my painstaking regrets torture me profoundly
You don't care to listen - live your life without me
My soul is left in the cold...
Oh! Go ahead! Let me mold...mold...
I worry about you, sister...
But you left me to dry like made me suffer
don't beg to differ...
Go ahead! Blow fire in my direction...
I warn don't want to see an eruption
I don't want to be ensnared by my corruption... 
Please God...pick me off from the ground...
and show me some direction
Or I'll be broken down like the titanic...
And You don't wanna see me panic...
At 1:00 AM,
I decide to pray to God for protection...
I pray...I pray...
I wait for His reply..........................
He helped me fight 
my depression wars
He unchained me from the cage...
and taught me how to fly
He cherished me...
He understood me 
and He still does till this day...
He healed my sores...
And He doesn't ignore my calls! 
He makes me feel content 
even in the midst of hardships - 
I pray...I wait...I cry...
For His comfort daily...
to nourish me 
when I feel ignored
Or when I'm stabbed in loathe...
I pray that Your peace be restored
In our family once more.
I wait
For peace
To fix the broken fix the emotions breaking us all
I pray
For the chaos to cease
To make the whole world encourage us to stand tall
Will love make us whole again?

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Random Rap

Hacked ~ 
Crazy B*/ch lookin like a clown 
color melt down her face like an acid trip mistake 
makeup running like a faucet 
I break her heart and toss it 
not a care frigid heart ice cold B*/ch 
runnin high 6 foot down push her on the ground 
always get back up try to knock me around 
but Im Burlins wall wont crack wont break better than titanic 
i wont F***in sink 
you hit like a P***y but your no man Got 
your dick between your legs runnin from no mans land 
Im a boss and you know it 
crave it but your never gonna own it 
stop thinking crazy Im my own freedom 
and you whine just like a F***in baby 
~ Baby Queen in the house F***in love it like she crazy

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If you're in exile then why do feel
so close giving advice across the cold
of cyberspace Through it I tell you
what is going on but I don't have 
to explain everything You infer the rest
on your own We share a common history
but maybe not a common fate You who shared
mom's womb with me for nine months
What were your dreams then and what if any
are your dreams now? Do you still hear
the voices of the place we used to call
our home? Do you still see our faces
when you close your eyes in your part
of the world? People ask if I know
what you're thinking right now
With words I fill the gap you fill
with your vast silence like yin & yang
or two sides of the same coin we toss
in a well From the same well we draw
the water our father would use 
for a hot cup of coffee at dawn

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Street Justice Pain

Guess you haven't heard
you're yesterday's news...all bets are off
and it's not even yesterday yet.....

Thought you had it all figured out
had your finger on the trigger to shoot it out
runnin' your mouth like you got game
paradin' the same block...glockin your name
what a shame...what a lame excuse
your abuse of the life you choose
slingin' bling blingin'
in the big house they're singin',your song
which belongs to your active death dealin'
a sad escape from scrapes of a past
you had to know,this show would'nt last
last stand it was CUZ
memory of what was
heat on mean street...your fame still a buzz
as FAM call your name
your enemies still acclaim
fitting response to a game being played
players in concept of traction
flow to the gold,their mark and caption...

Now just a photograph...a telling story
street version memory,a different folk loring....

(we're losing way too many young people
 in the war on our streets at home....)

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To be a hero
To save a life
is this how one gets the title?

rush a burning building
or take a bullet
conquer the fight or flight

but the real hero,
is called a true friend
in the spirit of service

to help the hopeless 
find purpose and joy
to be a hero

to save a life.

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Matter of Fact Disciples.

Jesus Christ was here ,
in another womb, holy and viable,
He trusted His mother without fear
Unlike his unloved, unborn disciples.

Oh you, little ones, who are one of these,
The essence of innocence,
Tetrarchs of the womb, teachers of trust, 
Not by mere syllables do you teach the Word,
You who came forth as a gift from the loving Triune;
But by your very example you are heard.

Those who have hearts let them hear!
Let them see your little way.
Parents betray you because of fear,
Because of what the heartless may say.
You and I, dear child, are the children that God promised.

Betrothed of lady Poverty,
Train us all to be poor in spirit. 
Obedient one, who by your very presence,
Honor thy father and thy mother;
Our conscience,...we cannot hear it.

Keeper of the commandments,
Pure, sinless, save the original one,
The vestige, due to Adam's lack,
Forgiven in baptism, for Christ has won.

God's own prophet of Hope, my friend,
Whose blood will be shed,
Speak to the Light you will see at the end,
Father forgive them ,
For they know not what they do.

This will I pray to our Loving Father today,
That in His Mercy, in your last hour,
The peaceful chamber from which you teach
May become your baptismal font.

And that Elizabeth's son, John, who in her womb
Leaped for joy at the presence of Jesus in Mary's own,
May by God's pure Grace, use these holy amnion waters,
To baptize you the name of the Father,
The Son and the Holy Spirit.

And when the amniotic veil of His temple is torn in two,
Into our Father's loving hands,
May the Baby Jesus, .. commend your spirits.

I love you my friends . 

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Nutshell No More

Nutshell we would play
A song that’s hard to hear today
So many memories
So many thoughts
It’s a song I haven’t quite forgot

Together we would play
Strumming our instruments everyday
Singing with our hearts out aloud
Even though there was never a crowd

But together we would play
Stuck in nutshells we would stay
My strings are now out of tune and rusty
His guitar will never again be played

Our song has died with him
Nutshells all seem to fade
This song that we played
Has reached the end of its day

Like Nutshells in the song
I know you’re never gone
So let the sand cover your face
Leave at peace from this place

But always remember our song
Wherever in heaven you may roam
Sing it to yourself when alone
We will one day sing together
When God calls me home

So now your gone
My tears will continue to pour
I will always remember our song
But to me Nutshell is no more

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A Girl With Tears In Her Eyes

Dear God,
He came back,
He hugged me tight,
He...he...why is he saying goodbye.
He says "You and me are tight,
tighter than the others,
I love you baby sis,
You know, no matter what,
I'll always be your big brother."
Dear God,
Why's he going,
He's climbing back into his truck,
His hat pulled backwards on his head,
I still feel the warmth of his cheek, 
From the kiss that I left.
Dear God, 
I'm feeling weaker,
How could you do this to me?
Is this some cruel game,
Is it funny to see?
You gave me a brother,
You answered my prayer,
but now your taking him away,
leading him who knows where.
Dear God, 
What did I do wrong?
Bring my brother back to me,
Please God,
Bring him home.

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Through the heavy hand of solemn quest

Chosen vestibules in relentless jest
Onto the corporate head through exploits support
Just a question of fools spoiling all the rules
Phat cats with blue hats in silver snaps


Power of manipulation trying to reach the top
Power of tolerance equated through a clogged filter
Power in the people chords are broken by its timeless shelter
All is a will for power even now before the throne


Power to direct others yet can't themselves
Perhaps its best if I put that book right back on its shelf
Power of negotiations borrowed papal pew in sullen masturbation
Power if discourse measured through elapsed fervor in disguise

Power in coompromise to see through all lies
Power to be heard in silence not ever saying a single word
Power to control others & torn,
Whimsical power built on its fabricated quest
Power of persuasion when one is being put through a fiery test
Power is the lie that we all seek
Sin is a leech as in its midnight creep

We are each given free will yet power is never free/

Sullen fabrication to its frame,
Let me be the first to explain,
A slave is set free in time based in history/
Skull bones in fragments puzzle chart incomplete
Power is not for the weak,
Tempted further in fallen honesty
Provoked with tears after so many years
A poet scorned for further curse the actual day they were born
In a heart filled with pride the Apollos died
Shake the leaves from her hair my pretty child choose the day/
The night is far spent in casual waste
Vanity is then mixed with the make believe;
In fallen exploits amidst the dream,
Scattered garland in planted bulb
Sullen pride amidst the shrub
We rob the one who will forever take....

Maybe, it's just best to settle for a cold shower ?

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One set of footprints in the sand

Perhaps someday we all will understand
With both surf & overhead sun
A hand to hold having shelter to protect from all harm
The shelter amidst a storm we run

Having one set of footprints in the sand
Each of us will choose our own destiny understand
With hand to hold its vested energy exposed
One set of footprints in the sand

Shattered glass extending into solemn pier

While then overhead seagulls flying throughout the air then disappear
I had shed a single tear to numb its inner pain
With moments like these filled up in solace then to refrain
Ever present laughter amidst the inner turmoil & pain

One set of footprints in the sand

Child of nature the son of man

One set of footprints in the sand
Hoping someday all will understand
In dire search for want beneathe the tide in discontent
Many as of late our already late on their rent

The economy in trouble & Obama not even making a dent?
In cloven asps filled with tears
In life it often pays to switch gears
To suck it up & swallow your inner fears

We all long for something yet what?

Through the years amidst all pain & tears
One makes you want to even throw up,
In sadness fought against the window pane
As shallow tempers having elapsed with fear insane!

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My Power Story

My Power Story

As a child, I only saw 
the power of three,
my Mom, 
             my Dad 
                      and me.
                             We were a solid three.

When my brother Jon was born
I adopted the power of four.
Because he I adored,
I learned to make room for four.

When I was eight,
I learned to value
the power of two,
me and my best friend Sue.
Without her by my side, there was
nothing I could do!

Then my horizons began
to broaden and I learned
the power of five, six, seven
Eight and ten…
My numbers of friends
kept increasing.
My world was 
constantly multiplying
and dividing, as soon as 
puberty bloomed in me.

But when chirping blue birds
and naked cherubs started  
spinning around my head,
when the love struck and
set in at age nineteen,
I seemed to go backwards,
back to the power of two.

Those were the glory days
when we could sit and
gaze into each other’s eyes
for days.  We’d walk through
the park and the zoo
holding hands and saying
I love you.

Clueless was I, that the
misuse of this mystical power 
of two, could leave
me battered and bruised,
and emotionally
used and abused.

Once my stone tower of two
came tumbling down,
the power of two didn’t seem as
fresh as spring dew anymore,
as before when I thought our love
was strong enough to last forever!

For years the soured 
power of two made me
want to run endlessly,
to distant corners
of the earth just to escape
the painful memories
of ever being a part of this
dreadful duo.

Now I am starting
to enjoy the warm rays of sun
and the dynamic fun
that I’ve found in
the best power
of them all,
the power of one!

Just me,
by myself in the
day to day grind,
learning to stand strong as one,
to love and to nurture myself,
enjoying my life
without any strife.

There’s a lot to be said
about the power of one.
Learning to find joy and peace,
just being me for a while.

One day I’ll probably
be ready to move on to
whatever power is next for me,
when loneliness
starts to sour this 
single power.

But for now,
I’ll enjoy the
power of one,
to the tenth
just being me!

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How Long Before You Leave Me

I am back
But I’m not sure how long
You’ve hurt me so bad
Don’t know if I’ll ever 
Not fully.
I am always on the edge of my seat
Like a bad
Horror movie.
Will he, won’t he
Am I gone, or am I good
Hate me, love me
Or is it simply indifference?
I am always waiting
Always wondering
Always frightened
That you will leave me forever.
Family, family, family
Means nothing to you, does it?
Every time you say good night,
I wonder if it means goodbye,
It’s never been a question
Of if,
But rather when.
It’s been 
So long
Since you have said
I love you.
Should I just cut my losses
Save myself the trouble
And leave
Before you leave me.
I know I won’t.
You know I won’t.
Guess I will just let you kill me slowly.
I love you?

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To a Fellow Sailor

Docked on an opposite shore,
peering through round portholes
as the river who flowed me to different landscapes
slips past, current furious:
not quite a pleasure cruise.
No swimming pools splashing over onto the smooth wood
of a polished deck furnished with plastic, 
but stormy excursions into the foamy sea,
threats of sinking, of capsizing, of mutiny. 

I miss that ocean; I didn’t think 
I would love him so much,
but, after my boat wobbled in the foam
and I slipped into the sea without a life-vest,
after I submerged my head with the dolphins and squids
and waited for the water to transform me
into a finned mermaid with oysters in my hair,
I felt at home in its salty swiftness,
safe in its kelpy arms, hidden in its coral fortresses.

And when my tongue, dried from salt and solitude,
began to salivate for the buttery sunshine,
something issued an anchor
into the sockets where my wisdom teeth once grew,
and I surfaced, dripping salt water, breathing. 

And although the chain between us
has since grown rusty with tugging and pulling,
new docks, different boats and captains,
the sea is still easily crossed,
as easily as music attaches itself 
to cold moonlight.

So, maybe our boat has hit a few icebergs – 
but the Eskimos have patched the holes 
with pine needles and chocolate syrup;
and the boiler room doesn’t make me sweat and sigh– 
but it leaves me with a tight chest and 	
the warmth felt when, 
returning after a long voyage, you finally see 
the shores of home . 

I love you still, brother:
and the sails are full of wind.

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I see your struggles
I hear the mumble
Of your heart,
In search for light. 

Life has been so harsh
Even though its pain.
Hope flies about,
Your heart's;
Window pane.

 Even though;
Life showed you nothing,
But shame.
You stay up tho!
Like a tiger;
That can't be tamed 

Even though
Your future
Seems dim
You shower
Under the rain
Of dreams 

What a hero?
You are!
Heavens salute;
O-er! O-er!

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Welcome To The Jungle

Many briars said the Dutch man on his pathway
Through the lines drawn in the sand when to understand
In moments under the sun we shall run;
The race ahead get shot your dead

Many lines drawn in the sand when to understand
Shades in desperate habitation hence the fall?

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Home to the countryside -- Trevor Depugh

Dear God, I've seen him, You listened and heard my request, He's perfect God, perfect, just like I asked. He's tall, with big golden brown eyes, He's got a smile, so warm it brings tears to my eyes. Dear God, he's got a sense of humor, But this business he's in will kill him like a tumor. You gave me a brother, and he talks to me, Lend me the words, to get him off the street. Will he listen? I hope, cause I've got to save his life, Dear God, don't make this mission one that I attempt in strife. He picks me up, like I'm a little doll, He holds me tight like he's squeezing a stress ball. He teases me, and taught me how to roll a blunt, He lets me call him Princess, which I do just for fun. Dear God he's left them, left that red color behind, Hidden in the grasses, of my home, the countryside.

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The Peak

Dad said keep rolling you pick up no dust

Mum said you can my son, here are means

Big bro said chase the stars, failure will give you the moon

Big bro said stop lazing and wasting, get strapped for the future

Lil sis said I believe in you  keep pushing

And to God I said thanks for Your grace, I won't fail you none.

(c) Nyonglema

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Jesus Knew About The Haters

The bible told me that Judas went
to the Chief Priest. To find out
what they would give him if he 
brought Jesus to them. And they
gave him 30 silver coins. From
there on out Judas watched for a
chance to bring him down... I thought to myself... 

For The Love Of Money
In Those Who Hate To Be Broke
Your Life Has A Price
IN The Hands Of Those Provoked 
Things Have Not Changed 
Between Now And Then
A Backstabber Could Be 
A Family Member Or Friend 
It's Very Sad To Say
Be Careful Because It's True
If Somebody Would Do It To Jesus 
Somebody Would Do It To You!

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Death's Gentle Sigh

His body still warm,
our brother lay still,
his face set in perfect repose,
the echo of our voices
lifted in hymn, fading
like the rattle of death
in those closing days
before the last soft breath.

I wanted to watch his spirit rise,
reaching upward toward
the prize his faith had earned.
I had to be content
with a tender touch
and unspoken words of farewell,
bathed in tears of longing
to share his final journey.

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Smiles hide a sadness,
a haunting madness that
runs in circles.

Things accumulate,
rise up around him
until he is safe, 
and obscured.

Unseen, unharmed,
unheard of.  

Silent cries silenced, still. 

He aches for you to hear him,
reach in and pull him
from the pit.

Take his hand, 

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A Brother Is For Life

Has time diminished the pain?
it seems only yesterday
you suddenly
ripped our hearts out
and took a piece with you
to another place another time

My heart still bleeds
the wound is deep
I see you
only in my sleep

I lost your love when I lost you
a brother is for life
yours was short
how did you feel about that?
being ripped away
from less than half a life
a wife, two children less than five
and you, no longer alive

My heart still bleeds
the wound is deep
I hope tonight to see you
in my sleep

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                   YOU, ME, THE SUN AND THE SEA

I can envision your smile when mine wasn’t evident
I can hear your laughter when mine isn’t prevalent
I can imagine your glowing eyes beam while mine were dim
And I hear your voice of encouragement when my life grew dim

I can be all alone in a forest of Pontiac Pine and Oakland Oak
Surrounded by mementos of momentous monuments sculpted by  the moments we spent together
For instance the day we spent at the arcade on the boardwalk by the sea
                 You and me
By the sea
The ocean where I walked in the footsteps your petite feet left behind
Tiny traces of lightness dwarfed by mine
And you giggled when I picked you up so there would only be two footprints in the sand
Then I recall you lilted lightly through the tiny waves that lapped onto the shore while you wore blue jeans and a checkered shirt
The hems of denim became wet so you rolled them up to your knees
As you whispered that I was as delightful as that late summer breeze
I remember that day
Your smile
Your laughter
Your entrancing golden and green eyes
While we watched the sea ebb and rise

We were together on days now long past
We shared summer eves and winter days overcast
Warm misty nights and days when the sun refused to shine
Silvery and sparkling days when you were still mine
   © 2011.…..~free cee!~ Phreepoetree


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Lost in a feeling

Lost in a feeling,
Thinking of my friends.
Thoughts reeling,
When will this end?

Friends in war,
Endless conflict.
What is it for?
It just kills and raises debt.

For control of oil,
To stop mad men.
So much turmoil,
Why did this begin?

I wish they could come home,
My brothers and sisters in arms.
I know they feel alone,
I wish them well and free of harm.

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No Girls Allowed

Left behind, lost to the burning shriek of rubber
Stupid boys on bikes!
Her big brother, and his friends speed by, across the hours of cold air
She would like to join them
That pubuscent male migration
Arcing over the sunless streets
Her longing to join the pack, to ride
To run against the wind, the darkening of the sun
To run the relay with no message, no baton
Only to know that such a door is closed
Shut! ....Do Not Enter!
Like the fortress in the tree, 
Mid center of the vacant lot 
On the corner of 5th and Elm 
Where a big wooden X is nailed across the front
Now her stick, clattering away against the pickets
Her skates on, she inherits the cold wild pavement
On her own, head down, lips pursed, 
While her metal wheels 
Whiten the paving stones
But the skid marks show only behind her eyes

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Bondage Breaker

You fought back the feelings to resist the inner pain

In anguish your head spins as pea soup,
In madness the silence etched in the fragmentation of the lower portion of skull
A baracade is opened doors in swift desolation
Doors of perception in viable twig feature

Bondage Breaker

God loves you the way that you are yet
Refuses to leave you as such
In a crazy world filled with devils in a rush
You push the envelope & then,

Sorrow provides an opened door for the inner healing to begin;
Sadness is shocked as a filter in the brain
We fall prey to the devil's scheme & then
Inner pain twisted as a fever inside,

The walls of perception make us all want to run away & hide

To hide behind the false hidden garb of compromise
Can't we all see through Satan's stupid idiotic lies
Or does this notion in thought come at a big enough surprise?
In boiled hot water as the temptess flame

Not having her in my arms is driving me insane
In love we hide through closed doors & chill
The thrill to soar & anguish still
I guess their is no such thing at any happy medium?

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Curse these memories
Making tears leak from a hidden spring
Remembering my brother with four legs
Murdered while i was away
By the opposing male

Rocks, my dear brother
Damn the dog to hell that put you to death

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In ardent meadows of fields of lavender plain

An escape to a brand new day,
Gone is the innocence from what society once had?
We have erected stone pillars as idols in place of Jehovah,
Through its inner torn silence we then escape its pain.

My heart is an opened door willing to explore;

In delicate hue torn in brandished thorns
Perhaps this was the path where Nero tred?
Wake up the lions to alert its dead,
With cobble stone ivy in the filter of head

We have engrafted an innate silence toward its beckoning call


Paradise is only a heart beat away,
I close my eyes & maybe I'm already their?

Although the twilight sun had tainted my inner vision,
Through violent paved innocence welcomed.
Perhaps this is the in tuned harmony to its hidden beasts menagerie?

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Broken Solider

The broken solider coming home 
From the war 
With a parade just for him 
You see him shed a tear 
Thinking they tears of joy 
But his 
Crying for those unsung heroes who fought 
And lost they lives 
To save there country’s 
They where his friends 
They where his brothers
 but know there gone 
taken away from him
From hot lead shot by his enemy
But all he can do is just shed a tear and march on .

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Love's Easy

Were all victims
(and mutual in that way.)
You have to feel for everyone.
We're all hiding something.
A secret
-That no one else has to know-
So don't ask.
Wonder, Don't ponder
Feel my eyes on your soul
And I'll fell yours.
That's really all it takes.
What am I but a niche in your life?
And you in mine?

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I can’t believe you would stand and watch me bleed,
We are supposed to be brothers remember?
Did I have this coming, what’s the change?

I remember the days we used to play on the swings,
Yelling out with delight as kids would.
The memories of us and the other guys sitting on the roof,
Listening to our favorite songs and just joking around.

I can’t believe you would stab me in the back,
The one I thought I could count on forever,
Ended up stabbing me in the back,
Who would have thought it?
What ever happened to us man?

Who you seem now,
Is never who you used to be.
I used to be able to see the beauty in you,
Where did that ever go?

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I’ve been thinking about you
I wish I could see
Your smile
Or even hear your laughter
Just a glimpse
Of your
You light up my life
Even when
You feel dull
Ocean eyes
Pixie nose
Cinnamon freckles
Giraffe neck
Delicate and sweet
Yet you are a strong, young man
You are destined
For great things
I had a vision of your
You’ll be alright
I promise.

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Baby's Birthday

Today was my youngest's birthday
I was hoping he'd sleep in
Since his birthday's in the spring 
He's up before the sun
Our days are organized chaos
No matter the day of the week
Today is special though
It's my baby's birthday you see
No big party or big gifts
Just him and his brothers
Climbing, jumping, swinging, sliding
There is nothing more fun
When you're only two years of age
And so the day goes on 
Ice Cream cake the topper 
To a perfect day 
My youngest son's birthday

Originally written April 30th, 2011

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A Kiss Of Death

Through various trials in life many tend to give up on the fight

Other have frolic in the ambiance of spite
Still some resist this form of logic & truly live
A vested tendency & need to forgive
We spill our hearts out on the burgeous sea

A kiss of death with noted Judas with Jesus

A sin so costly it ended his fate
With promise of a ressurection far too late
A kiss of death fresh out on the painted canvas
With sweat of brush stroke to quench the desire

A kiss of death in modest apparel
In want of appease through dense torn leaves
In wallow of a forest in a grand chasm
In moments were one can't even fathom
Through lips tied among the chartered course to pull
A regime of strife & reluctant pull

In regards to a promise that was once made in the dark'
It had lit the fullest spark to what it was I have been waiting for
A great gulf fix hence the vast opened door
A given chance to finally explore
The notion in logical persuasion & more!

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Living Out of a Box

Living out of a box
Everything I ever knew from my existence has been challenged
Will I make the cut?
What about all the supplies I have saved?
Was it all in vain?
Will tomorrow be as He said it would be?
I must stretch out my hand of faith and hold fast to my anchor in Him
I am the only true Soldier in my household
I know what is around the bend
The rest think I am a bit over the top
With hurricanes and earthquakes along the way
Will they at least believe me when they see it for themselves?
I have been a good son 
I have been a dedicated worker
But when it comes to my faith it is “extreme” they say
One day in the not-so-distant future they will see that I was right all along
I am a loyal son to my parents 
And I am a loyal son to my Savior
I am still waiting on you Lord Jesus
I sit here all alone waiting for the desires of my heart to be fulfilled
Don’t leave me disappointed
I will be so completely devastated
Please tell me that all of these images and dreams are real
I have been waiting for 30 plus years on something new
I will continue to pray and lean on you
You are my Savior
You are my best friend too!

Written by Gwendolen Rix 

Dedicated to a brother in Christ...

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My memories of you have been
reduced to photographs
scattered across the 
beige carpet of my room

The corners are bent and
ink is chipped off or
scratched off.
Does it matter?

Your spirited nature is
still captured by these quick
moments; flashes
lighting up your face

A brother, you were, but
I will never know, cuz
you weren’t around and
I wasn’t around you

One memory still remains.
A photograph in my mind
of myself. I’m flying into the
air and falling into your arms

You left this world before
I was able to know you 
fully. But would I 
want to know you now?

There are most likely secrets
that I’ve never known about
you. Secrets that can’t be
told by a single photograph.

Mom will never tell, cuz
it’s too painful to think of.
It’s too painful to think of
you, big brother.

So I’m left with photographs
that let me remember you
the way I want to remember
you; still and happy.

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Fully Equipped

I’ve already packed
Everything you need
For your trip, Little One.
“Yes,” she said,
“But I’ve never been 
To Chicago before,
And I just might need
My old hairbrush
And this book I used to like,
And…” it all went
Into her backpack

I smiled then
And again later
As we walked the long concourse.
Steps faltered
And tears of fatigue flowed
Down my daughter’s face
Until a loving elder brother
Took the unnecessary burden
So we all 
Could make our plane.

I shoulder my own
Unwieldy baggage,
And trudge with faltering step,
Tears of frustration 
And fatigue 
Rolling down my face.

I fail to acknowledge
That Father has sent me
Already fully equipped,
And I’m reluctant to release
My unnecessary burden
To the Brother who
Would carry it for me.
And in my obstinance
I just might miss 
My flight!

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we were men of shadows

we skipped stones into steel boxes
we sheltered pretty songs from dark nights
we were strong as the sun
we were men of the concrete woods
hammer in hand we smashed stone
hearts in mystery we broke natural laws
gave voice to the unspeakable
made us stronger men
stood on the boulevard and saw the world fall
we brushed back the lace curtain
stood in the pitch black and watched moonrise
with younger eyes and it made us men
wills entwined striving to conquer
striving to find
we were men of shadows
we were men of light
as we skipped stones into steel boxes
and struggled with our demons
we were men of shadows
stronger than the sun
(for stuttering phil and all my other old friends)

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Itachi's immortal

Itachi’s immortal 
He turned his life into a burning hell
For him…
He made his little brother hate him 
To become strong
Although he did not do something wrong 

I can’t explain his love
I can’t imagine the pain he has to go through
He made contracts, he killed people, He took lives
For him, just for him…his little brother

Itachi planned it from all along
Sasuke thought he was trying to kill him 
Sasuke lived three years with hatred being his guide
Grew strong, but not strong enough to kill him 
Itachi loved his brother so much, made him hate him
For the love that was impossible to last
Itachi allowed him to take his life;
Not explaining his actions, but following his heart
Itachi was a good man, after all I thought he was bad
Gave his little brother the powerful Amaterasu
To protect him, just for that 
Sasuke heard the story, knew Itachi’s hell
Tears falling from his eyes asking…..Why!!!


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I Didnt I Didnt--Trevor Depugh

Dear God,
I didn't cast you out,
I didn't. 
I didn't.
Are you listening God?
Do you hear me.
I'm echoing. 

Dear God,
I didn't cast you out,
I didn't.
I didn't.
Gain control of your thoughts.
Say what you've called to say...
Dear God...
Dear God...
Dear God, 
I'm struggling to find the right words.
Stuck between my anger and my fear.
My mind is collapsing,
Nothing is ever crystal clear.
I watched him walk away.
He didn't even say goodbye.
Dear God,
I'm sitting here, with his wood shop project in my hands,
The last thing he made before he had to drop out.
His favorite band.
On the back he wrote a note.

I'll always love you little sis,
Love big bro.

Dear God, 
I didn't know he was going to leave,
I could have stopped him,
Why did you let him leave me?
I could have blocked him.
Why did he choose not to speak.

Dear God, don't let my brother go away.
He's the only one I really have left.
For him, I would give up the rest.
For him I would use my last breath.
For him, I'd take a bullet in the head.
For him I'd take a knife lodged in my chest. 
For him, I would change the world.
The petals of my hope wilt and curl. 

Dear God, 
I didn't.
I didn't.
I didn't cast you out.
Why God, 
Did you turn your back and fill me with doubt.

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Just You

Why are you doing this to me?
Over and over
It’s the same old story.
You can’t handle your own life
So you blame me
It’s all my fault
No one else’s
Just me.
You can’t deal with your problems
So you never want to talk
You are cold
You say you’re fearless
But you’re not
You may be aggressive
But you avoid everything and everyone
You scared little boy.
Well, one day nobody is going to be around to avoid
And you’ll be all alone
By yourself
No one else
Just you.
I challenge you to look at yourself
Really look at yourself
In the mirror and count to ten.
Can you stand being there with just you and yourself
Locked in a room 
No escape
That’s what I thought.

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Our cross may seem out of place here
Our cross my be unreasonable to bear.
Yet our cross is something we must carry
We must embrace our cross today 
Yes it will cause you to neal in prayer
embracing our purpose to be fulfilled.
Our Saviour Jesus Christ went ahead
Of us to embraced His cross
carrying all of our sins shame
With His humiliation and pain.
Yes Jesus suffered on His cross
Yes He shed His blood for us
So that we can be saved form sin
Our cross comes with a LIFE that's free
Assurances that will embrace our souls
Jesus is the very strength that will keep us humble
When we go to the throne room of God.
Embrace your cross today Children of God
Yes you can embark upon a life of good
With Jesus come the transforming encounter
With the enter secting of our Father God
Bringing us into the one true light of Faith
Which is the light of our destiny,.and LIFE

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Copyright 20014

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We only get one life that soon will pass

Through business what's done is done
The completeness is secured
Through a slight of hand and cunning compromise plan
When will we understand?

Business was never intended for the lazy nothing ever crazy

Days in violent craze slight haze living in a maze
One in twain marked out on its viable page intact
Some even have a heightened tendency to over react;
It's a dog eat dog cut throat of an existence

Must lead by example & that takes persistance
Marked on its blotted page yet clearly intact
Working too hard can give anyone an instant heart attack

Keep your friends close & enemies that much closer;

Through time well spent in thought by which to ponder
Perhaps even a distant call up a yonder?
Gone our the days as in the 80's in restless ways
Today we live in fear as if it's the most vibrant choice?

The distance to help squander its exploits up a yonder;
A heart through which to cover the torment laced in terror
With what time one accomplishes today
Will someday become evident then echoed throughout all of eternity's sway

Live each day in such a personal way
lazy diamonds studded dismay
Peace to all who will safely oblige
Through the vast noise of the stereo safely oblige

Thank God I'm still alive !

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In Battles Of Our Own

In battles of our own

A man will live to advance home
Through a variation in a dream
In faulty idol flowing stream
An ellapsed tongue had tainted my inner vision

In battles of our own,

Shattered silence through scattered temperaments choose
Within it's vested silence in scourge of desire
It comes down to the pivotal wire
We then choose to socially internalize

Yet when will we ever live to realize

In battles of our own when we are a long way off from home
In dreams filled with violence ever needing
In sorrowful intention remorse without having any meaning
Through an opened window of hope we vaguely see a reason to believe

A given chance at victory for one to safely stay

Through inner torn pain in shattered misery
In battles of our own
A house without an actual home
A pulse by which to skip a single beat

A couple in which to meet & greet

Shattered dreams in vested plans
Hoping someday we will all live to understand

Depart from me!

In much pain one's inner character can ensue
Through heart ache and inner turmoil
Some have waited too long for making water to boil
They take the baked potatoe out yet without first checking the aluminum foil

Depart from me you workers of iniquity

You often will lie in wait in order to deceive

Within violent vanquished thorns proned to demonic destruction!
We often will walk through long lines leading to eternal misery
Depart from me in cloven turned ivy briars that are stained green
We then launch out with self attached to a rocky foundation

Those who are self seekers will soon come to nothing yet vanished

The anguish in your inner soul will fold amidst its rubble
In place of calmness their will be that of double trouble
A wretched scream of swollen discord for now silently filtered
Your heart is a door mat bent toward Hell's destruction!

The weary traveler will depend upon
We spend our days in idol proned temperament all alone
Shadows from a battered soul in complete darkness then comes the fullest light
No oe ever said the heavenly way would be easy

Many simply base their whole existence on faulty extremeties!

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Steps to get Over My Brother

Sometimes I catch myself defending you in my head, thinking “We were only kids…”

And then I sobered up and kick started myself into a foreseen realization.

You were 12.

I was 6.

You had no right.


I wasn’t sure exactly what it was.

And although I may be a virgin I know damn well that THAT was not what was supposed to happen.

No, not when your six years old.

No, not when we’re alone in a tent together.

It’s cold, and nobody is home, and your hands only move one direction-


Please. Stop. I don’t like this game.

The words blend together like a new definition of pain.

Eyes welling.

I may not know what’s right but I know what’s wrong.


To this day I second guess myself, and justify what you did to me and more importantly what you forced me to do. It churns my stomach to know that your going to be a father. We used to be so close, and I cherished that. But now I know it was just a lie. A lie that you forced me to keep. Concealed behind virgin lips, knowing that you were someone I had no choice but to please. You are my stepbrother.

I understand the term now.

Because it’s going to take multiple steps to get over the abuse, manipulation, and pain that you put me through.

On the outside the scars may have healed and faded but on the inside I have your song on replay.

Every jab. Every motion. Every secret. Every whisper.

It saddens me to think that our little “situation,” was the only thing I had to compare to a “real,” relationship.

Take a breath.

Numb the pain.

Ease your mind.

Start again.

Steps to get over my “brother.”

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Father time's bleeding Seal of fate called immortality

Born with a curse to do the wrong thing
angelic brother she the moth to the flame
but loooks like no demon
the hands of time say one thing of this illusion
children of god
a lesson to be taught

predestined to be drawn to absent mindedly do the wrong thing
not her fault just the way the way of lady luck

Who am I asks her brother disguised as her lover
god's curse to buy more time
to wait around to be doomed to die by her daughter's hand
but alas no fool is he
outsmarting the princess
with an april fool
the plan was perfect
a poison to kill a king
and the truth to unravel
for the curse to break

who am I
the revolution of time
the drug
bleeding through time
time to do it again and again until it is perfect
rocks thrown into the future soo easy
a seal of fate
a place in history where they meet
and the story takes place

say hello to father time
the plan had a window of opportunity
the king to die by his daughter's poison
her curse to do the wrong thing
again and again
king to fake his own death
but alas the window was seen
immortal to mortality
say hello to father time

time bleeds on
message from the future to the past
warning the king of his seal of fate
the devil on the shoulder
the princess and his fate
outsmarted once again
by the lover and her brother
there was no other way

the story ends with a pipe to smoke
and heads spinning
a poison to seal the deal
a child of god of a royal curse
sitting around to wait for the last tick to tock
for the dead word to fall and slip away from them
the princess the april fool demon
the lover angel brother
tricked her again
was her fate
saved father time hiding in the center of the seal of fate with high stakes
slowly the curse was broken

soo unlucky was lady luck
together they break the royal curse
doomed to destroy her own family
the prophecy of their curse
they outsmarted it after all

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Finding Baby Brother

The reality of someone in my shoes is
Sometimes harsh and undeniably painful
However my heart sings a new song now
There is a resounding uplift of my spirits
After all the years of searching and wishing
Fervently for my hearts desire,I have at last
Found my beloved brother that I lost in such
An unpredictable and senseless manner so
Many moons ago and throughout this dark
Chapter of my life I have sorely missed him
Now we lift the veil and talk of what was once
Unspeakable crimes against our young humanity
He is weeping over the phone and I am too
But in a certain sense we both feel purged
Plunged into a deep feeling of relief and closure
Vowing to never lose touch again we finally
Hours later end our first real conversation
As grown-ups and truly family ties will bind
We will never be parted again,this I swear

**note:this actually just happened to me and I'm still on cloud 9 !!

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The Prophet

Darkness proned to inhilliation vanquished in the peril degrade
Silenced from the rescue that comes out of strict obedience to the law
The Prophet
Shadows proned in colors of temptess silence
Sorcerer's in exposed delusion in thwart its interlude
Gone are the days in blackened haze when evil men in dark illusion
Silence as in an excerpt after the fall to pick up the pieces
The creative paralysis has extended her fist
This must mean some substantial new twist
In the rescue through the pivotal trial to unlock the door
The Prophet
In total darkness till he continues no more
To help fight back fear in torn desolation from its radicals oblivion
The Prophet continues to speak
In common apartheld look dull from its excursion
In commonly attributes & dull relapse
The Prophet
A rise in the common man to withstand justification

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In my fathers chair

I close my eyes And I'm pulled into a familiar dream. My father sits confused; unknowing his mind ravaged. As I watch, I see my brother moving toward him. Suddenly my eyes burst open shattering the dreamlike images. And the reality breaks me. For there in my fathers chair confused, unknowing ravaged sits my brother.

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My God,
My Lord,
My King,
My Father,
My Savior,
My Brother,
My Path,
My Protector,
My Listener,
My Creator,
My Lover,
My Attendant,
My Friend,
My Angel,
My Inspiration,
My Everything,
My Life,

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Voices Reign, 
She stands alone. 
In a mirror, 
She sees beauty. 
Here and now, 
She doesn't imagine the coke-bottle waist only attainable by purchase of the latest Barbie.
She sees beauty. 
Colors like the sun and the moon, 
The vast oceans to the unfathomable skies. 
Here in the mirror, she sees beauty. 
Until she opens her eyes, 
And voices reign.

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Darkness Waits at the Edge of Death

(Loss of a brother, B Nov. 1933  -  D Nov. 2012)

Dawn comes with a jolt,
the sun prancing above 
forest’s bitten edge.
Yesterday’s shadows linger.

As in nature, so in life, 
darkness waits. 
Winter hesitates, 
yet its sorrow is felt
in bone marrow’s thread.

November birth becomes
November death. 
The ebb of life stoops, 
irrespective of want, 
and darkness comes.

Yet November spawns hope
as she turns the corner
toward the Nativity
and life without end.

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sliding down that slippery slope

i truly love all these grandiose
simpering individuals
who make up the media
i truly feel like they understand
the needs of the people
whilst running their mouths for an 
too much money moving about
the dead have become awakend
through the times of limp
soggy sheet bag individuals
who do not deserve the title
because of t.v., media 
too much time
i see life on the new plane
i see me 
as i witness
the carwreck of you

are you ready for me?
i've taken a few 
for the team called
i still remain

can you handle the truth?

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You lead us in life

Dear God, 
Tell my brother I say hello,
That I've been searching for him,
Waiting for him to come home.
I know you can send messages,
That's how you lead us all in life,
So please God, from my heart, remove this knife.
Dear God,
I've made horrible mistakes,
I broke my brother's heart,
My actions were like spitting in his face.
I know he must hate me,
And want me to go away,
But please God, this is one message I wish you would convey.

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What would I do if I didn't know love?

What would I do if I didn't know love? What would I do? 
What would I do if I didn't know love,
talking about that sister to brother love,
brother to brother love,
dad to children love
but more over mother to children love.
Talking about that real love that Mary J. Soul love. Loving someone that don't love you back 
110% or don't show it, Loves a funny thing coz sometimes all you need to do is show it
But more time still you have to work at it,
step back and get a better understanding of it,
treat it like a child and nurture it.
Give it time and grow with it,
What would I do if I didn't know love?

Talking that homie love, ride out with you, Like On This Ting! Get out my bed at like 3am to 
move this ting, talking about that,

if you need a shoulder to cry on love,
I'm here when your ready to talk about it love,
we can just go out to take your mine of it love.
What would I do if I didn't know love?
I guess it would be all about myself living with no heart, if you can call that truly living and 
my time would be all about making the Queens Head plus the US and Jamaican dollars also 
Nuff euros and a little bit of yen.

So you can say I still know love but I only loved a few things myself and Money. They are 
two very important things to love but you should love life also and with the 3 main loves 
loved truly living on earth would be the blessing which as a human we are blessed with.
The blessing of Love feelings, emotions, passion down to fear which are not Separated by 
Sex Males And Females.
Love is Love.
Feelings are Feelings,
Emotions are Emotions
Passion is Passion and Fear will be Fear so we all know how to love something,
so don't be afraid to show love or to show your passion for something or someone.
So what I should of said when you first started to read this is. What would I do if I didn't 
know about true love and how it walks with us as like it was are shadow. 

“I just would not be Me because Love makes Me. Me".
Would You be You?.

Tallan J Bent 08/09/08 16:40Hrs

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I'd save that Dear brother of mine

Dear God, he doesn't trust me, And that's where our relationship fell apart, My brother moved to drugs, And I followed my heart. I betrayed him, and I was the last That he ever thought would. Dear God, he won't forgive me, I've destroyed us for good. If I could, I'd go back in time, And remove this fairytale, I'd save that /dead/ brother of mine, I'd save him from his hell.

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He took his time and made his mind,
now he talks in front with spectacles on -

“This is not a way of life - it’s the way I am.”
So the line goes; and being sarcastic
makes him feel good, like a pat on his
square-model shoulders.

He glanced at the sun, noticed it’s early
so he lingers and walks like forever -

“It is not fashion babe, it’s passion!”
So he proclaims! And comments, rants,
insults with pure joy and pride - like
a panelist in one of those ramp realities.

He decided to go. Erased the colors off,
brought the curl down and took it all off.

“This is life - we have to live it garl!”
There he winks and checks for extra
make-up on his face. Then walks out,
away to the center of the city; he walks.

He’s here at last. Two hours late or something…
I can’t take that against him, no - ‘coz it’s him
who taught me how to skinny dip under the stars
and it’s him who taught me how to eat sarcasm.

(…and I’ll gently take the tiara off of him.)

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My Roots

I hail from a bombed out sanctuary,
And  from the survivors of genocide
Who had the courage to run
Where none of my people had run before.
I hail from the underground safe haven,
Built by a laborer dubbed “unskilled” by the public.
From the haven that aided so many, then fell,
But with it’s chin held high
And it’s seeds planted deep in the earth.
So deep in fact,
That one day,
A solitary soul might look upon said haven and think
If only…

I hail from babies that cry in the night,
And from mothers,
Praying that the cries will not stop,
Not tonight…
I hail from the sweat on the brow,
Of a teenage farmer
As he grips his trusted shovel,
stares into the sun,
And tells himself
Just one more hour...

I hail from musicians in the dark,
And from the ebonies and ivories into which they poured their souls,
Filling a mold
That all descendants now fill as well.
I hail from the sweat of my people,
Gathering in puddles on the floor as they work to feed their families,
The air choked with the smell of Italian leather
Greased to perfection with the perspiration of the hardest workers
This world has ever seen.

I hail from the marriage of the secret gardener and the keeper of calendars,
From the brotherhood of the brain and the brawn.
But more than that,
I hail from efforts to make the world a better place,
One $3.50 cut at a time…

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Past the Age of Romanticism

It’s unfortunate that we are living past the age of romanticism. It’s as if in our busy lives we don’t have time to make time to let moments intertwine. We are workaholics and hedonist who forgot to appreciate that love exists.

We are a couple decades over the time where the hearts use to frequently blossom and more than passion was the outcome. Instead we pay more attention to Hollywood heartbreaks and gossip. Stories of lust and mistrust that give love a bad name. Soap-opera clichés where to apply the word 'cliché' would be cliché. 

When it comes to affection our conscience are unconscious. The mind's treachery leading to  heart's lechery are the components of nonsense that leave the soul no longer autonomous .

Then there’s the other side of the story of those who look for glory, trying to find congruent atriums and ventricles.
 Those lonely individuals whose only finds happen to be asymmetrical.
Those that live for love, those that lust love and can’t ignore it, also those who die for it.
It’s that common misconception that their next lover will be their last.  
It’s the repetitive mistakes that made their next lover the same as their last.

It’s the entangled bonds between two roses that are divine. We comprehend not that we are diatoms in Diotima’s explanation of a love story. 

There’s no acknowledgement of platonic love.
No demonstration of admiration for the family unit, friends and all the experiences we undergo. 

It’s out of resource and need that Eros grows. 
A gardener should be there to watch their seed grow.
It’s out of love that we should plant our rose.

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A Brothers Forgiveness

On a journey down the mile
A priest knelt down in prayer
“Our father help me guide this lost soul
To your loving embrace 
That you may be his last judge 
His stain of death will mark him
So that you might welcome him
his return home imminent …….Amen”
The priest continued on his way
Heavy of heart .. 
his horror of what lay ahead marking his face
nearing the cell He pauses 
The hardest part lay before him
The warden appearing pulls him aside …
” Keep him calm with your gibberish father
We’ll do the rest “
Cold Grey walls surround him 
silver bars
The only splash of light or shine 
Prison a hellish place to live 
Let alone die
Blah blah blah the warden
rambling on his voice fading 
Nothing of the tragedy 
The Killing time to come
Oh the horror in the knowing
The hour of our death
Arriving at their destination
The warden steps back 
wanting no part of what was next
Metal bars swing back 
revealing a man of mammoth proportions
needle worn skin a moving picture of colour 
“Hello Brother “
The priest freezes in time
before him a brother lost
found Oh Lord only to loose him again
Desperation horror madness
All cross the priest’s face
“Why ?” says the priest
“Though we don’t share belief or lifestyle
I love you brother .. 
I ask your forgiveness for your compassion
My blood flows through your veins
Much as they say god flows through yours
I only ask for a brothers forgiveness
That i may meet my death
Having made my peace with my blood”
For a time silence 
Bile rising in the back of his throat
The priest fighting for composure
Steels himself .. 
“As a priest I forgive you 
As your brother I grieve for you”
Reaching for his brother 
Arms like logs wrap round the priest
Sobbing for what could have beens
The brothers sat like this till … 
Time was called

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Release Him, memory of Uchy

Release Him (memory of Uchy)

BORO's 6 foot angel  son  father  brother  friend  cuzzzz
sweet devil
lay to rest  
red white blue 
you know  boricua style
at it's best
corners  blocks  towns  cities 
OUR WORLD  won't be the same
whispers  pounding echoes of  your name
of the blazin   rough ridin   drinkin game
call the mayor or even the prezzz
Uchi Way    Uchi Ave    Uchi Court    Uchi Road    Uchi Boulevard    Uchi Street
drive by  
blastin  fist pumpin  head bobbin
not skippin a beat
BORO'S 6 foot angel  son   father  brother  friend  cuzzz 
sweet devil
lay to rest  
red white blue  
you know  boricua style
at it's  best

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Picked Up Towels

(The poetry form is a toss-up, between Narrative and Free Verse)

Picked-up Towels

He had left his wife
filed for divorce
starting over 
with nothing

We gave him
a pan here
a blanket there

He did his part
by picking up towels
left lying beside the road

One time too many
he stopped

It wasn't a towel
only a used Pamper 

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What they don't tell you

In life, we tend to hide behind a false garb of compromise

Then twisted in disguise with falsehood in lies
Vanquished yet torn at its seams dealing with mean,

Thorned twisted yet miserable in dire blackened flasks of hate;
No shoulder to cry just commonplace stone face!
Our society has been greatly deceived in false promise latched in fake,
Tormented beings capable of disaster & consequences

Shadows proned in desolation vile hatred dripping blood off side
What they don't tell you is the real truth?
Instead they falsely buy into a lie & lost
Soldiers in their minature wars with fangs;

Smoke screen filled up with vanity.
Shattered dreams in twilight fantasy;
City lights built up with vibrant colors in decorated mesh appease.
Trampled down by smoke filled violation with a source of moderation

Inside the anxiety sets in while you live in the moment
A caged rat that was hidden in a hole such a violent toll
Replaced by briars with thorn filled asps in slight abrasion;
Society, torn in its mixed up lies filled with hate & gloom

The vomit of hunted yet sullen asps in moderate form,
Inside they die a death of 1,000 demons equated to laughter in the shower,
Outside, lies torn again with anguished skulls pushed to the side
Their fakes yet freeks & idiots with sullen teeth & tombstones for eyes,

Yet does it come at any surprise?
A flood of anti- establishment liberal agenda filled with hate,
We spend & spend then never depend
Upon the one from whom we have to do?

Still who knew?

The ocean scene with barbaric fangs along its birth pangs
The channel of anguished dull aborted fetus for supper;
Then for lunch you enjoy a flavored sauce of lies,
The girls are fake & always late

The world is ending soon its what they don't tell you?

We send are children off to war zones called schools!
We salute the unlawful, unholy & inhumane
Our society as of late is totally insane!

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Jujitsu Tournament

Tigers of babylon draw tight
Power atlas at its brazen right
Strings and limbs, we can use these things

Explosive hips happen in flight
But all that grasps stays in sight
From shoulder to core declaration 
On this mat we make a firm statement

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The jazz men of Grand Central Terminal
Gathered on the dirty edge of Park Avenue
Wearing the green-white guayaberas and some honeymoon sombreros. 
Suddenly we have been interrupted at the last minutes our jokes
Because an old scholar of ours has asked to do so; 
He wishes to sing a song he has written 90 years ago!

For a while we stood there watching his face.
The small eyes not even the shadow of a failure.
As far as I could see it he was right. 
We're no longer young anymore!

But they shake their heads. "This our last chance
And you aren't sure what it was. The line of Living
And the line of being dead." As they're gazing over the bush land
With my old blue guitar who's gazing the Speaker
With whom they came to raise a question from a past with the tune
Of "Green Bridge where I go to die
Either I'll cry or flame myself by rage!"

Even as now I talk, in shake hands too, they do not listen.
And now and then, I see the reason, the handsome gull is growing
Old too but not the fight their own
And his voice was still sharp. Oh what a song! 

Moment by moment, I look at him. Look strong, 
Following each word well under the cloudless heart of ours.
"Who is singing the Guantanamera's song in English?"
Rise, manhood, for full grace, with fire in his eyes
Once were waved with age-tears. "I am, with the birds!"

He gazes at us, fascinated. Making a sound, when, 
just as we are ready to explain this is not for him, 
he turns back. Since we try to understand what happen,
I can see him walking away to 42nd Street, untouchable 
by the wind. While us, like a group of kids
We are still playing on the mug.

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Here in my driest days
I can’t complain
Holding on 
To a piece of home 

How late my brother sings

As I wash my face
I put my hands in place
Inside my window pane
A perfect picture plain

How late my mother sings

How I wonder when
If when, this season ends
As I sip from my coffee cup
This fragrance loses touch

How late my brother sings

Up and down 
These county roads
Snowflakes tease
My driest palms
Within your hands I place 
My purity as a man and race

how late my mother sings

"songs from insomnia"

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i try to find my own identity.
you try to find your own way
to happiness
we both have hate bottled up 
within our self,but we are both
alot a like
we can't change the fact on who
we are or what we are.
no matter what people say,what we
were the same,even though we  tried
to make our own identity,make a name
for our own self,we learn new things about
our self my twin.
remember our paths are way different,but
but remember i'm always there.even if i'm
not there.........................  

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In line formation with a quaint response formidable

Chase the wind in cinder appeal apposed to action
The make believe pen on a blade of steel
Choices being made having great response played

Marked on its torn blotted page,

The call of the wild a little child
Looking after storm clouds bow
With a pillage to the plow in heightened drama
The band played on for your honor,

The scene again filled with bright colors in fashion.
The notion of them grasping & sharing,
What on Earth was she wearing?

As a Warhol scene within its designer mean influx 

The thought of stone pillars erected in soaring heights with plight
A song bird soars in the night & then
A whisper of the loom in want or that of heat?

A societal attribute in longing to appease
The rational lingering to please
One day soon all will have to bow the knee
In dire worthy honor to our maker

The thought of a caped crusader,
In champion we learn to reflect.
A notion of a song in sorted reflect
Upon silence toward a want to fulfill a given need

While the world outside longs to see you bleed
Yet by faith we are captivated by the smile
The hung feature of a lonesome child
Nestled in a cradle apart from the wild.

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A Note To Alan Trotiner

I understand, if not for you, I would not know the sad news,
I know you are a brilliant person, working at a young age,
In sales in Flea Markets, and such,
I just want to let you know,
Your brother was proud of you,
And of that you should never doubt...
Please keep in touch with me,
You now carry the Trotiner mantel,
A legacy I know you are worthy of...

and Thank You, Tom Bell

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Many Paid The Price

Look to your left - Look to your right
Someone you’re looking at - Has paid the price
Either personally - Or through past generations
Yet still today, we have - Hurts and frustrations

Pioneers of the land - The Marches that went forth
For so many people - To be able to freely walk the earth
Young people pick up a book - Earn some knowledge
Get off the street corners - And into classrooms of a University or College

Pay it forward - Give it back
Education is key - Its not whack
Learn your heritage - From where you come
Know that this is - God’s home

Past struggles - Present issues
Hold your head high - Keep working toward your vision
There is something I don’t understand - Through every thing in the past
Why do our young brother’s - Kill one another

How can you look into the eyes - Of another human being
Pull the trigger - How can you be so mean?
Our people along with other races - Fought for our rights
To be able to live a fair life - I can’t fathom the reasoning of this strife

So many killings - Day after day
Brother killing brother - This just isn’t the way
Too many people have died - And sometimes it seems in vain
Because what we see on the news everyday or experience in life
Is completely insane!

Can someone explain to me - The mindset of our youth
I’m perplexed - So I’m looking for the truth
Why is there genocide? - So many homicides
And there is no hesitation - About the lives being taken

It angers my heart - It angers my soul
That people can so easily kill - That people are so bold
People listen to me - When I tell you
The Civil Rights Movement - Was to see us through

To get us to a better place - Although discrimination and racism still exists
It is very prevalent - With the Jena 6
Gang violence has taken the life - Of an innocent 10-year old boy
My prayers go out to the family - Of little Arthur Jones

Gun shots ring out - Now 14-year old Samuel is dead
Gun man came back in anger over a bike - And shot this young man in the head!
I lost my own brother this year (2007) - Because of senseless gun violence
And it’s getting worse too - R.I.P. little bro, we love you Cinque

U.S. Troops fighting a War - Overseas in Iraq
Make no mistake about it - Many have paid the price
IT IS TIME to walk through the door - Of a brand new light
We are a powerful people - When we stand together and fight

Not fight as in violence - But to have regard for human life
Never forgetting - Many paid the price

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She is looking at mi with love.
in her eyes and a look..
concerned about her bro...
i try to second guess her
today she inst playing ball
she stares back determined..
hedging me between a rock
and a hard place.. i know
she knows my secret and 
she knows.....i know
i do know she wants me to 
confess... am tongue tied

she implores for the last time
its like my tongue is immobilized..
i mumble an incoherent sorry..
what did you say..she asks
i try to talk ...end up choking
how can i tell her what am
sworn never to reveal..
my word is my honor..
but the secret is killing me...
and i cant share with her thou..

I love her so much.. thou i know
she already knows.. for we are like twins
second guessing each others thots... twins

where is the family honor..
she walks out on me..
leaving my cheap lunch untouched..
i wander ....if it was in a five star hotel
by the beach would she av done the
same.. plus she kept looking at her phone
and i realized there was no winning her...

she had sold her heart to another
whose tongue was very fluent.
using french with words like.. amour
amour tata tinauma..amour..
word i dont know how they mean
tata tinauma.. could be the name of a god..
for all i care...

amour tata tinauma.. my stomach pains
and she was off.. nearly being hit by the bus
she didn't see me looking out of the
balcony as she fell into the hands of her
beloved... amour tata tinauma
and cece my sista ran into the hands of
her lover..  am yet to give him
a piece of my mind for he broke her heart

amour tata tinauma ...cece left her food
and rushed in the hands of her beloved...
who ended insulting our beloved mama..
she left my cheap lunch uneaten,
amour tata tinauma..and cece forgot..
like twins we are- where is the family honor
....ya familiaa honour eku sista..

am practising the lingo
for i know, sisy like twins
where is the family honour,
ya familia cece.. you will be back
like twins..ya familia honor
cece the one true love..familia..
for my sista love will always be there..
And honor for am full of it..cece 

lewis nyaga

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Sibling Love ~ (A Tritina)

I have four brothers.
I have three sisters.
I share with them love.

It's not always easy to love.
Especially those "mean" brothers.
or those "Hootie~snooty" sisters

Those beautiful, caring sisters.
Those wonderfully funny brothers.
Each one easy to love.

Brothers, sisters, a family, filled with love.

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Today I Cried

The words were like a thousand needles to my heart
My soul crumbled and bled as my composure fell apart
I tried to hold my head high and choke back all the pain
But my pride became a memory drowned out by the rain
My will so stubborn and strong
became weak and tierd at the thought of you gone
I had no words to say as the tears fell down my face
I sat only in silence as the judge closed the case
The look in your eye 
Will haunt me until I die
twenty five years and you shed not a tear
you smiled at the judge and showed no fear
Your empire was gone
they took everything you owned
but you were loyal to the end to every single friend 
your silence was like the steel that they would never bend
even when we were kids and the beatings would set in 
You never left my side brother you were loyal to the end
The world so cruel forced your hardended soul
Then they condemned you for learning to be cold
I wish that life had given us the chance to rise above
But how can you kill the hate when you were never shown to love
Prison will never break the bond that family holds so dear
I will stand beside you brother i will always be here
I will accomplish all I've dreamded of 
And i will make you proud 
You are the only family that I have to love 
And I will not be a victim of the crowd

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Struggles come amidst a sea of vibrant brutality

Amidst a flame lest I refrain a simple pedigree
The struggle within brings apart desertion
In quaint appease brought social proclamation
A true heart that's rich in the soul filled up with love

The sounds of heaven shortened fragmentation from above

In taunt to fear lining close through a variation in a dream
A pulled back swing through a love once enjoyed
How we passed the time in bridal tyes
Those weary eyes in fragrant appease

Heart controlled by emotional fervor
Heart combated by a deliberate answer
Heart amancipated with a delicate smile
Heart as a treasure that's nursed all the great while
Heart full asunder in delicate abode
Heart all adoring in its incredible load

One can negate the possibility of a life built on nothing less
The key to life is a heart saturated with truth thus in order to withstand the truest test
The less that you give your a taker;
Through life's tests in loom we will forever seal our vested tomb
In fragrant scent of appeal
The one to steal your joy & succeed
In mutual compromise throughout it's sore vex array of fragmentation
In delicate atmosphere through silence & warm pleasure
Heart to relinquish all the fiery darts of the wicked one

Heart soaring ever further into the sunset of my love
Heart in loose caged fervor yet tempered to its abode
Heart in saturated moments of timeless cue
Heart in anticipation cause it really doesn't know what to do ?

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I let the pussy go today; he scratched me to get away
I told him to take the tool with him
Because it would prick me instead of helping me
I took the arrows out of my back
There are bits of stone left behind from the arrowheads
But I don’t feel them anymore
I took my four small bottles of Holy Water
And gave them to people who respect me
Then I went to the ocean
I took my heart shaped shell
It was broken in two
I stepped into the waves and let the waters cover my feet
Slowly I opened my hand
And let the pieces fall into the water
I watched them for a long time as they tumbled to and fro in the waves
This was the hardest to let go of
I knelt in the water and pondered how the shell moved toward me
And then away from me with the tide
Some people believe all life came from the sea
But I know this letting go is best for me
And as I get up and turn my back on the ocean
I walk slowly but with a confident stride
Not looking back
Not ever looking back 
Forgiveness has been given
My footsteps in the sand will disappear over time
Like I already have
And that’s alright
The boulder has been lifted off my chest
And I look straight ahead, walk through the sand
Up the steps, along the fence
And into my future

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To Chuck Dad Mom Larry


Dear Chuck, Dad, Mom, & Larry

I thought of you all again today 
As I always think of you all
As each day goes by 
I miss the togetherness
I miss the visiting 
I miss the calling
I miss the talking 
 I find things have changed 
In ways I sometimes don't understand
As I get up each day I expected to see you
I know your not missing nor are you dead
I know your still alive as I am always thinking of you
as I know I will be with you all when my time comes
 yes I know your in a better place waiting for me
Yes God has you all now 
Yes all I can do is wait till we meat together again 
As I do God's work
I find that some how your words still reach me
Yes I am filled with your presents once again
I do love and miss you all very much
As some day we will be together again
So till then I will be solace 
And to remember you and think about you daily 
will have to do till we meat in Heaven once again

In memory of Chuck 1999, Dad 2000, Mom 2007, Larry 2011

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Copyright 20011

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stars crinkle under our feet
bouncing off the blades of moonlit grass
carried downstream in the canal behind
my house
I walk down memory lane with my brother Lou
Lou lost it in his teens diagnosed schizoid
but able to function under guidance and meds
together we lug a cumbersome old wooden box
to the trash
gently I quizzed him
“do you remember us when we were little
on our sled all the snow and fun we had?”
Lou stares blankly into the night,
“I was never small, I was made 6 ft. 3 in.”
“but I have a photo of us”
again Lou denies that such a time ever existed,
insisting that he sprang full-grown
from the mind of some unknown madness
Christmas lights blink coloring his face
red then green
“That's alright Lou, I remember....”
whispering goodnight
I tuck Lou under the blankets
of my heart
and watch him trudge away
a small boy in a gray snowsuit

“Time it was, and what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence, a time of confidences
Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph
Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you”

(Simon & Garfunkle, 1968)

Lou a tribute to my brother Lou who is schizophrenic. Recalling childhood memories.

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             GUM AND GUNFIRE
while a father fights off fearfulness fervently in a far off forest deep in Da Nang
Where even the trees have fangs
And hang high to hide hideous and headstrong soldiers
Mid maddened vipers, 
with archenemies, arch-rivals, and arduous anarchists
Foes frightening with lightning at their ready
Amidst a mist of misery
Coated and covered in covert cruelty
With the blood of their foe as fire…….
As their desire
Mired in a dire and maniacal moment
As fear ferments
And dents the steel that protects  peacefulness from its protagonists
Fear, fists, fights, fire, 
moonlit nights with mortars making madness
And swords sworn upon unto sadness
Yet and still it goes on and on
No president to set a precedent
No leader to lead us unto peace
No Major who majored in how to end a seemingly endless conflict that conflicts with one’s conscience
No general who could use the words truce, accord, ceasefire and armistice as more than just that General’s generalities
Which aid in the furtherance of an inferno
Where mother’s and father’s bodies are fed as fuel for fire
And the flames are fanned by the hand of a demon cruel
As flesh fries
And a child dies
While a deafening death knell rang
Deep in Da Nang……………….
My brother and I
I didn’t
My brother, 
he did………..
He died
I know
I hovered my hand above his mouth so as to scoop up his very last breath
That but a molecule of his essence might seep deeply into my soul and palm well clenched
To reside within until I do similarly as he did
Yet surely not as valiantly
Nor serving, once again,
a country,  
that I, today do so revile……………
My brother will be with me for as long as my forever is forbidden to fade away
To be with him for forever 
or as close to forever as one can really ever come 
t’would cause complete chaos thus to calm
As I see his silhouette and soul sink into serenity
And secret themselves somewhere between the jungle that called him to duty
And the sense of duty that urged him unto that jungle,
For him to die
Because he didn’t……………
First Sergeant Steven Crow didn’t say no……………..
When asked to go
       1990…..Jackie Christopher (jackie christopher wrote this for me, he is the main character in a novel i wrote entitled "confessions of a latter day sheep thief)
  (c) copy write............2012....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Intro to "Advice for Jentry"

At seven my little brother arrived. I wanted him
to be a girl because I loved my mom this much
(I spread my arms wide as the sea)

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I used to vote Republican
little that I knew;
colors blend together,red white and blue;
Big Brother watches from far and near
it matters not what cloth we wear;
his eyes roam this once free Land,
devouring him who takes a stand.
Big Brother ours has grown quite gross,
he watches us like Eagle doth.
So if you believe that your vote counts,
think again,
Big Brother knows it wont.

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let's speak of the unspeakable
the horrid, heartless, maybe headless tale

let's speak of small children, 
gaunt with indifference, both of and for
the sunken eyes, the distended belly
the insects hovering about...waiting

let's speak of hospital corridors
hushed conversations with green-scrubbed
doctors and nurses, the welling of tears
unready to find peace in the parting

let's speak of nighttime raids under 
star-filled skies, the flash of tracers
and night goggles with green eyes
and anguished old mothers seeing
young men with sandals and Kalashnikovs

let us speak of morning mothers
calling children to breakfast
seen hanging around closet hooks from 
taunting things they could not stand
and family forced questions of why

let's speak of dear souls we
would do anything for but are unable
as they refuse their meds and
talk to the un-seeable and listen
to what the voices tell them to do

let us speak of shiny nights on
florescent streets with young women
the richly dark men, lady killers, driven
telling them to climb on in
she's a lot like the daughter

let's speak of visits from
the local police or sheriff,
equally bereft, the color-guard
to softly express their deep regret
as we crumple on the porch step

let us speak of paneled rooms with
mahogany meeting tables and white-papers
recommending divestiture of expendables
who are actually people, with lives

let's speak of our own fears
that we hold each to heart
well closeted and cloistered
maybe even from ourselves
let's shine some light to banish shadow

let us speak of the unspeakable and
thereby remove its interdiction
take its power, and throw it in the air
to the wind, to be blown free,
free of fear, the anguish of unsaid...said.

© Goode Guy 2011-08-18

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After the Storm, Columbus Day, 1962

After the storm, my brother
(all gangly knees and elbows)
bore the brunt of its ferocious aftermath.

Every day after school
I watched his wiry biceps bulge a little
as his handsaw scritched against the tree
which had fallen diagonally across our front yard.

I witnessed the violence of metal on wood,
the violence of The King of the Mountain’s smirk
as he too watched, his greedy eyes
taking in my brother’s razor sharp collar bone,
with jaw set in furious concentration.

This imposed punishment was meant to goad my brother,
meant to tempt him to rage
so that the next time the stepdad slugged him
he would feel justified, holy even.

Kneeling on scratchy couch to watch
I scrunched my shoulders,
Folding into myself like an accordion,
gathering myself up to make of me something smaller;

I pressed my knees together
wrapping my arms around them
and lowered my head,
waiting for the sky to rain trees
with swollen trunks, and branches thrust downward
as if warding off a sickening impact with earth.

My brother, it seems,
must be punished for the crime of
his existence;

for this the stepdad’s eyes shone bright,
bright as the heavy duty flashlights
he begrudgingly loaned my brother
so he could work far into the night.

His eyes fairly burned with lust—
The lust of sadism’s glee.
I saw him lick his lips;
You’d have thought he’d conjured up this
Columbus Day Storm all by himself
for the sole purpose
of proving to my brother
that he had no right
to co-exist with him in the same universe.

I watched until my eyes burned
and my head ached dully
and my brother, sweating and chilled,
laid down his saw
swiped his arm across his forehead,
and straightening up, met my wary gaze
with the scoured look
of shame whittled down into hatred,
sawn away into stumpy pieces like an old tree trunk.

After the storm my brother cleaned up nature’s wrath.
He stood a little taller and his eyes, when they met his abuser’s,
burned unflinching.

After the storm we feigned memory loss
Pretended that nothing had shifted in our family dynamic.
We sat down to meals silent and repressed and picked up our forks
as if the stepdad hadn’t just won a major battle,
as if my brother’s days in that household were not numbered.

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I guess I always knew that someday
We would all grow older
And mom and dad would pass away.
I couldn't imagine how that could be-
how I could still be her
without them. 
 But someday came.
I guess I always knew that someday
when we were very old
and misfortune would come knocking
you or I would fall victim
like those who had gone before us.
I guess I always knew that someday...
But I never knew
that you'd slip away
bit by bit
leaving me here
alone, alone, alone.
I didn't know that someday
was already here.

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The Individual

The Individual

One must never harden themselves by its rudimentary purpose

Goals in accomplishing trust & cooperation
Since the old days had Cain;
Let me be the first to explain,
All is shifting sand to equate its timely devisive plan

How does one equate both logic with fear

A deepened sense of inferiority & inadequacy
Interferes with the attainment of your hopes;
But self confidence leads to self realization & successful achievement
The Individual

Through an opened window lies a heavy curtain
Yet not for certain,
A true source of communication;
To look within leaves a reproach without...

The common man so often will bitch & pout

Yet for the individual,
As a high soaring eagle flys overhead through the sky;
Split please to appease in rudimentary disease...
A passing delicate stride to recapture our youth in viable regret

Yet the individual still stands proud;
The individual...
Through variation & solace;
A timely sorted bargain basement deal...

A look back at the sky toward the grand spinning wheel,

The individual,

Standing tall amidst the agony & pain lest I shall refrain a distant scorn to shame!

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I miss you momma
Hi, momma
I'm your little baby girl

I’m here keeping a loving watchful
Eye on you momma

We don't want you to worry
Wish I could have been there

But now since I’m a full pledge
My duties are to love the mortal
Baby Angels

Momma I have my wings I want
You to know

Do you miss me momma?

Momma I kiss you last night while
You slept
You were crying in your sleep
Don’t worry momma

Please don't worry 
Your babies are ok

I’m doing fine
I get to play with other angels like
Just babies you see
We fly
We laugh
We go to one field of happiness
To another
Just been happy children momma
So don’t cry momma

Oh yes there is a lot of us here

I have many many friends

I have my wings momma
Did I tell you that?
Momma I seen my brother yesterday
He said he love and miss you too

But no need to be so sad momma
He’s ok
He worries for you a lot

He hate to see you cry

You know momma he visit you a
He sprinkles little roses fragrances
Around your room while you sleep
He said it makes you rest better and
I think it do

My brother and I was bouncing on a
Cloud momma

We look down and we seen you kneeling
Down by the brook
He cried because you were
Crying and he talked with God about you
So he knows you are ok
He said he don’t want you to worry
Momma you will be ok

Momma I love you momma me and my
Brother we do

So momma don’t cry 
We picked you the pretties rose in heaven
We laid it on your pillow
So don’t cry momma
Mother’s day will be happy for you
We planned it out momma
We want you to have a happy mother

We'll be there by your side momma
We are never to far from you momma 

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my uncle was married
before he met her
sure it was to his first cousin

My brother was trying to help her
she cried for days about being raped

My grandmother gave her a job
and a place to stay

Friends with benefits
to my uncle and brother
family upset
not realising she is a con artist

My brother and Uncle
kindling a family feud
over a woman who conned my grandma
my brother and then my uncle

I live in the same building as her
after my brother lost his head
and i don't blame him
evicted from a whole village
leaving me stuck here, trapped

she walks into a room
the men bend over backwards
I try to tell her to stop wasting men's time
for their money
lieing about love is a dangerous game
men get upset when they have been conned through sex
when they could have spent that time
with someone genuine

The village in unrest
busy trying to justify her for being the victom she claims to be
In this situation at no fault of my own
I just sit here and wait for her to make the same mistakes
so it will be clear to them what the truth is when i tell them all

she conned my grandma
lied about love to my brother
split up my aunt and uncle
and now shes in a position of power over what people here think of me

Not for long though
the truth will rise
They will all know soon
the black and white of her inbetween the lines
She is babylon to me
a headless beast with breasts

apparently no oone thinks of the situation through my eyes
just easier to use babylon for sex

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For My "Little Brother"

You're a huge part of my life
And you mean so much to me
The friendship that we share
Will last an eternity
You've been there for me
For all that I've been through
So many time's I'd have lost my mind
If it wasn't for you
And now I'm leaving you
Though it's only for four years
But whenever I think of you
I know I'll shed a tear
We've spent so much time together
And now we must be apart
Just know this, little brother,
You are ALWAYS in my heart

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Vanishing Brother

Dear friend of mine,
You were divine,
And yet I never knew.
A view of you,
So true- it grew,
Did not quite pass my mind.

If I could but,
Just tell you what,
Your words have meant to me,
I would take these lines of gold in worth,
And place them round your neck.

I was fond of you-
Oh brother of mine-
As only time could tell.
If clocks rewound,
I would paint a tale,
Where friends did never bail.

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Do not slink in shame
But rejoice in unspoken secrecy

For the night
Belongs to you

Where you commune with
Spirits of your brethren

Who like you
May traverse the boundary

In life
As well as death

Your sad brothers
Tell forlorn tales

Of loss and pain
Brought on

By deathwagons
Of indifference

The crack-puncture
Of rival combat

And the searing needle
Of public policy

Paying homage
To none

Beloved Catbrother

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Only The Brave

Love, they say, is blind
In loving, it seems, only the heart can see
And does its own choosing
Do we dare to love? 
Not lust, but love?
Can we truly love?
Love, with all its complications?
Love without out any expectations?
With all the pain that love sometimes bring?
There should be no strategies in love
No sizing up for self-satisfaction
You either love or you don't
No pressure or doubt
You do not choose whom to love 
There's no bartering or comparing
Accept the good and the bad, the highs and the lows
Love is giving all and receiving all
All pride is tossed aside
When we love for ourselves we always fall short
Someone always gets hurt
When we love for love sake and lose
Throughout the pain peace remains
Only the brave can love

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What Tha

Dear God,
Do you care to give me two seconds of your time!?
Why would you let him,
Be introduced to THAT friend!?
That scumbag will be the death of him!
Dear God,
I'm sorry, maybe I'm over reacting,
But you know how much he means to me.
He's my brother, The only one who really gets me.
That bastard brings him drugs,
Trevor thinks he's like a brother,
But brothers don't introduce you to opium. 
Dear God,
He's fading away,
He's so scared, being consumed by the dark.
Let me help him, show me the way?
I'm begging you God,
He's getting strained in his faith.
Dear God,
He doesn't know his own strength. 
He's hurting me now,
With every playful punch and wrestling game.
He put me in a headlock,
And I dropped...
And he doesn't remember it,
Dear God,
What the F*CK.

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Even the smallest ants cast long shadows

Days get cold and Nights get long,
the sun was shining but now is gone.
kids use to play all day long,
but without the sun,
the shadows are gone.
Big kids cast big shadows,
little kids cast none,
for the shadow of the others,
are greater then his one.
Greatly soon with the lack of the sun,
no shadows are showing,
no freedom is fun.
little kids and big kids,
Now all the same.
Who feels different,
Who feels ashamed.
Morning comes,
With the arrival of the sun.
Everyone departs,
Except for that one,
the one who stands,
short but strong.
Now the only shadow around.
All kids are the same,
Big or small,
Even the smallest ant,
Casts a long shadow after all.

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Always For Peace

remember with me
the day that brother fought brother,
the bodies piled high
behind the false security of the stone divisions
drawn through the heartland.
But when the fighting ceased,
all that remained
was a flag on the grave
of  every brother slaughtered in the name of unity.

recall with me
the day that we united
in hopes of saving our friends from certain doom.
And though the world was at their aid
70,000,000 fell
to the greatest evil the world has known.
But the tides turned
and the end was reached.
Now all that remains
is a flag on the grave of every friend
slain in the name of world peace.

recapture with me
the day that we fought for our country
but fought in vain.
Time and time again we tried,
be it foul or fair,
but to no avail.
We prayed for our children
“please come home alive”,
and now
all that remains
is a flag on the grave of every son
and why?

turn your eyes from the horrors of the past,
and rather,
look upon the sweet memories of our brothers,
and sons.
Memories of the days
long before the magnetic appeal of falsely promised heroism
that tore us apart.
The days in which we knew,
despite whatever hardship that might rear it’s ugly head and stumble upon us
from the farthest reaches of the unknown,
these men died for the betterment of the world,
and now,
let not the flags on the graves remind you of your lost loved ones,
but rather the sacrifices they made
for peace,
always for peace.

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Little boy caught between blocks of past and present before

Little boy caught between blocks of past and present before freedom
Mommies not here anymore she ran for her first love
Daddies don’t care anymore he is behind that war line
And I am a warrior now with these bullets at six
Parents sold me to the slave master on the block
I must work to survive
Ancestor plowed the field I plow their minds
At six before you a new hustle
Rappers try to capture my soul in words
Words don’t mean nothing here
Because parent don’t mean anything here
Before this hell I am free in my mind
Spelling and math don’t mean  nothing here
Slave on the block
Once I make something out of nothing daddy will return
Mommies still is with her first love, first love
And I am one of a million right under the flag
Under the ground, slave on the block
Nothing is the only word I learned from master here on the block 
Sold by my mother to this life, this life is all I got
Sunlight creeps in above 4:00 cause that’s what my brother says
I claim him cause he three and sick with AIDS they tell me he will die
His parents left him for their first love
Master says we are safe from the man next door who loves children to death
I work the block my brother works in the store
I make more but he is related to master
Brother can read at three, I think he is three he is smaller I am bigger
I work hard on the block, real hard beyond my age
I hustle, what ever that means, I hustle and you think I am a juvenile 
I am a man at six with the world before me 
Shhhh!! Quiet don’t talk master is coming I must go to bed.

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Dear Brotha

Dear Brotha,
Ur gone now
And I neva thought of life without you
Ur gone now
So tell me what the hell am I supposed to do
The tears I cry are mostly from confusion
Trying to figure out if this is real
Or simply an illusion
Ur gone...the conclusion
Missing you so
Dont know why it was you that had to go
Me and you were so much alike
Maybe that's why he had so many fights
I told you I neva really liked you
Maybe that's because you weren't letting me do what I wanted to do
You so right threw me
You saw things others wouldn't dare to see
Nor look for
Maybe that's why I hated you more
But as crazy as this sounds
That hate was nothing but love
Because you showed me that with every push comes a shove
You taught me tough love
And now you rest up above
And I cry
Not wanting to say goodbye
I wonder if this life is worth living
I wonder should I keep giving
When in all reality
I have nothing left
Life is a complete mess
But brother
I'll keep liven
And I promise to keep giving
Even if it takes all my strength
The strength you helped me grow
I love you brother
So goodbye until tomorrow
                                                Love always,

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Unwritten letters

Dear self,

   The words that I have to say are not the nicest ones. I fear what my uncapped talent
might pour out. I only write truth and nothing else. So when my brother asks me to write
to my older brother in prison I resist. It's not that I don't love him I just can't
pretend that I have forgiven him. 

I cannot mask the hurt that I feel like he is some pen pal that I've just been introduced
to. When the events were all too real how do you pretend they didn't singe through you?
How do they expect me to become a pathological liar over night? If I were to sit down and
write a pretend letter I wouldn't get a complete though out or anything right. 

In a real letter I would yell and release and maybe write him off forever. If I really did
write to him It might reopen some wounds that are still fresh like just made french
vanilla ice cream. If I really did write I wouldn't be awaiting a reply. Some things I may
say would hurt like a dagger slowly slicing you to death. 

I won't be writing to exchange pleasantries because being real is all I've ever know how
to be. My brother doesn't understand how such a lover of writing can have not a thing to
say. It's not that I have writer's block it's just that I refuse to pretend everything is
okay. I also refuse to inflict that kind of pain even though he deserves it I'd rather
just leave these thoughts unsaid. I'll live with the heavy shoulders and the extra heavy
burden because I really do love him. 
                                        Love Shahana Jackson

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Disasterous -- Trevor Depugh

Dear God, what is going on? Is this your work? Is this what you do? Just when life is getting good, You turn it all to hell... Dear God, I trusted you, How could you let us all be hurt again and again, Mommy and Daddy are fighting, Worse and worse than ever before. I cry every night, but no one knows. Mommy's lost in the computer, Lost in her own world. I tried to talk to her last night, But she didn't hear me... Finally I just walked away. Dear God, Daddy's missing, He disappears for days on end, When he comes back, it's like he's somewhere else, He talks about this girl, This girl who use to be my friend. She's older than me, but I never thought she was like that. Dear God, they all make my head confused, they have got my emotions all screwed, Brother says it'll be okay, I'm scared, I throw up every day. I keep getting sick, and I bleed all the time, My tummy hurts and I feel like I'm gonna die. Dear God, what is going on? Brother hushes me to sleep each night, He wipes my stray tears away, He tells me to be strong, And promises that soon we'll be gone. Dear God, can we please be gone? Let Brother take me away. He talks about our future, A future that gives me hope...

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Love Sucks

You may think you're in love,
And it will last,
You don't know what you would do without her,
You love her with all your heart and soul,
In hopes to be with her forever and always

News flash,

She's gone,
She ran home,
She left your hanging and put out in the cold,
You never seen this coming,
You're dumbfounded,

So let me tell you what to do

Move on,
She wasn't right for you,
You let her eat away at you,
Like maggots on dead meat,
Grow up and grow strong,
Show her your strong move on,
There are more fish in the sea,
Waiting for a person like you to notice them,
And make them yours,
go shopping and see what is waiting for you

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Politically Incorrect

Once transformed into an angel of light

Bite into,
Having long viscous fangs that bite
Gone our the lost days of getting respect now in a daze
Perhaps this is the politically incorrect faze?

Politically Incorrect,
Zero tollerance for misinterpretation of the text,
Others create a barrage of jokes & get respect
Having abortion on demand means nothing to these big City Thugs!

Or is it just best as I plainly reflect & sweep that notion in thought under the rug?

It used to mean something to have integrity, respect & authenticity?
Still clearer heads have prevailed while some have found there's lying in a sewer...
A transformed angel that appears light yet is the one of death
I must strictly confess,

A tulip dies beneath the sod in time

Do you all remember when you were broke down to your last thin dime?
We plant seeds of regret & then call this charm!
Sound the alarm!
Gone our the days since 1988,

A cheap date a long from that of Watergate.
What a flake I mean Nixon & his lies!
Does this notion in thought come at any big enough surprise?
We have adopted the fake mentality

A notion of disrespect in brutal reality
The onslaught of death & shut gun blasts in the streets!
You want to say something yet you can't
We have cowards for politicians & innocent regret

We erect billboards with false hidden ads
We attend war zones the most children call schools,
Still this is your society & you get to do what you want
A fight to even cope

When you have that fight with the battled old spiced soap on the rope!

Gone our the days today we just froloc in a haze
Our celebrities our fake & so is our dates
Amazonian, fake women that look like men

It's best to go down to Florida & their work on your tans!
Yet we all planted our seeds in this sod of death
A hero's text reads sorry that we met
Gone our the idols we used to hold dear

Today I sheltered a tear like the indian crying in the rain
In deep pain not shelter lies dormant in anguish against
It's deepest hardened sinners quest
Perhaps were just in some violation being put through an ultimate test?

Now I'm better your so very sorry that we ever met ?
Politically Incorrect
Where as others can say whatever they feel
Perhaps I'll just have to play my one last game of Let's Make A Deal ?

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Her Soldier

A soldier,
strong and brave.
Hope but not to see his grave.
A man of wonder and despair.
He fights for his country,
for pride,
for his love.

Made of pure strength and blood,
his sword swings in the air
ready for battle.

He knows he may not live,
but he arrows his sword at them.
Them who are enemy.
Enemy who want to take lives.
They wait 'till he can see,
see his life the way before.
With her in his arms,
safe in his arms.

And so he fights until the end.
The end of forever.
Strong and brave,
her soldier.

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The Old Feed Mill

In a time when
things were so
simple, we use
to walk by
the old feed mill.

Sister and brother who
I really adored took
me to get a soda pop,
my what a time
that day was.

Never had tasted
any soda pop,
until this grand day,
Strawberry was the
flavor I picked,

standing there drinking
such a taste it had,
as I looked over at
the old feed mill,

feeling so good
about this special
day in my life
must have been
around 1948,

but the precious
memory of those
two being there
with me, it
was such a warm
and tender moment.

As we walked back
home, could smell
the odors coming
from the old feed mill
such a smell it produced.

The old feed mill is
gone now, as is the
gas station where
we went that special day
so many years ago,

but will carry those
memories for all time of
when we walked by
the old feed mill to get
my first soda pop.

wrote 9-24-08

My sister Darlene and brother Darrell who were six years older than me.

My Brother Darrell died on June 25, 2008 will miss him so much.

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Painful Non-Goodbye

Tearing up,
This tiny, little heart.
It was already small to begin with.
All you needed to say was one word.
That's all I wished to hear.
But you couldn't even manage that.
I said sorry.
Why couldn't you just say goodbye?

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   (Apropos John Coltrane)

in a blue note mood
i take the A-Trane
into a soprano night

And listen 
to moonlight thrills
of beautiful sable birds

Monking around
with satin dolls
in search
of a love supreme:

Spiritual cruising with Trane
is still one of my favorite things.

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The Favorite Twin

You laugh at me when you spot me
sitting in the kitchen, alone, trying to balance
a Styrofoam plate on my lap
And cursing that I’ve spilled
some gravy on my new pants.
You jokingly state that no one must like me (smile),
And then turn away to go in the living room,

Where everyone else is sitting.

I’m weary from the invented new person
I try to become just for the evening
to make myself more appealing.
It doesn’t work.
Family gatherings make my head hurt.
I pretend it doesn’t bother me, as we all watch
You unwrap a cheap, funny gift they bought you –
Wrapped in blue birthday paper that’s surprisingly loud,
and everyone but me giggles.

It wasn’t supposed to be a birthday party,
But, since you were here, they brought your gift.
It’s been like this forever.
Rudely, they have always seemed to 
conveniently forget that your twin is watching,
alone in the kitchen,
that I’ve spilled a tear on my new pants.

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The picture

She drew a picture of a zipper going down

my mom and I stared at the picture on the refrigerator 
with a frown. 

We analyzed the picture as if we were psychologists 
and tried to unearth the real meaning 

What could a zipper going down symbolize
I glanced back and forward at her and it

A dark thought crept into our heads
What if she was being touched
and this was her way of crying out for help 

I stared into her eyes with new found fear
could my brother be touching this child?
Every since I could remember I had been 
calling her my niece but in reality
we weren't connected by blood

My brother had taken her dead beat dads place
and entered himself as her daddy in this race 
it was the honorable thing to do 
and because he was being so damn charitable 
we never let that dark thought come 
about again. 

It was a couple of years later when 
the picture finally came to life
and the girl finally ended her silence
I've never been so embarrassed 
our first inclination was right
and now she is forever ruined 
by a supposed father figure and 
my older brother. 

Now he is locked away.
Him and his sins behind bars.
I will never forgive what he has done.
My only regret is that I didn't realize 
this sooner. That day. That fear I felt.
The picture. 


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At the edge of my seat through a negate in deceit

Wasteful moments wandering in pierced quiet desperation

Without a shoulder to cry

To quiver amidst an evil empire seperated within

We are so much more then premortal slime

We all must face the dark side in life

To equate logic in place of fear

Through a baracade,

A premise extends forward

Amidst false presumption

Within a timeless cavity that will soon erupt


Through loose loop holes we get exposed

The hour of decision has now come upon us all

In vast domains there lies a prism glow

As in a slight variation in a dream


The opened door by which to explore

An episode exposed to the elements in demonstration

To awake the domain of its evident abstract portal 

Gone are the days in logical frenzy & admonition

Welcome to the jungle were all going to die!

Such as a fish to fry
The lines have been drawn in the sand
It is my hope that someday all will understand ?

We will venture into the vast domain
In darkness their will be periods of sadness
Yet in light the full blaze of glory exposed to its elements
In laughter let there suffice from all fear
Yet I shed a single tear to numb it's inner pain
Give me a chance to explain:
With words there is not enough time to express the chasm
That gulf fix that derives meaning;
We wander as in some nomadic tribesmen
Off in the variation in a dream 
Willing to forfeit from the masses & scream
The crazed lunatic looks back at his watch
As in a closed knit variation in a dream,
The societal rampage regarding abortion has really bothered the heart of God
We work the soil to till the land as if in some crazed vile evil dwelling
Exposed to its elements once more
Lest I simply implore the soaring eagle to far off places which together will store,
Justification for being lazy?
Portals will scream in divination loose strings falling into final tribulation !

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Dark fixed at night to fright in deep consciousness flight

Gone in desperation quick fix to hide inside pain
In heated pleasure silenced to a slow pitch
In fetters sought with creatures among lines drawn in features


Dark in dusk who do we trust
Blackened stench in negate trench
A trance sold out advance per chance
In limestone some engrafted in time

A warm encounter with ghost sublime

Fought back the tears to hide the pain
Along lines asunder totally insane filled in dreams slight scream with Summer's rain
Eyes filled up with coffins chill in brain
Suffering chill down spine through a collapsed dispare

An eagle fly's above shelter lies dormant amidst the pain
Not some door mat bent on any high healed excursion
In the pit of silence nursed back the tear of ellusive hate

We carry dreams filled with timeless fragmentation in ellusive lines filled in imagination
Carry me further down by the river pilgrims process shelter lieth dormant
Amidst modest apparell to appease the night in sullen asps in seperation into a vile 

Chaste impulse that derives an analogy sullen fragments
Cemetary very scarey even if your in the weary
Trampled back its timeless clause by impulse an explosion of applause

Having long hanging viscious fangs that bite in the night to fright
A shout of intense madness filled with sadness
Shadows fixed within timeless clause
A plausible cue toward a viable loss...

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Game of Life, Psychological attack of the midlife

blind leading the blind of psychological holes in the plot
which tag to follow
can't tag the butcher
ignorance is bliss
as the game of life gets more complex the more we go
forgetting to keep it simple

A useful idiot
made out of my mistakes
ahead of myself
got sick trying to care
the target audience, we dont tend to
to make ourselves feel better
cares for themselves by tending to the story
i came to be
nurturing and mothering until we are unable to give
slaves of salve
and the laughter of bliss
what am i forgetting
the have no problem from their distances helping me out

tables of perception
everyone who cares is going to get sick
love is a battlefield
and caring now a days subconciously we know to be dangerous

a soul train
of poisoned prayers to be answered
and look in hindsight of what you accomplished 
without any help
you did it for you
enabled them
so they could start on the first level of how we all belong
and do it for themselves

Away in this manger
the trespasses
and how and why they will be forgiven
what we learn through our mistakes
the art of balancing body mind and soul
to make ourselves a miracle out of the walking contradiction
the spiritual sacrifice
a story of a king
condemning innocence
man's plan to take their power back
we don't see the train coming,
for the reason even the trees cant help but laugh
the game of life
from the confusion of sex and diamonds
woken up to their treasures to find
the soul train about to go off its tracks

there we stood drawing lines in the sands
searching for a needle in a hay stack of the delivery of this message
instead of a line its a bridge serperating sands
the messenger a vehicle of thousands of controversial mediums
geared for this one purpose
no one will be forgotten
my turn is over
one foot forward, backwards to the last person who never made it over
the bridge behind me burning

thousands on the other side

there is another way
all of you shouting in unison to save the day
what we would have never seen
if i would never have gone back to lend a hand
take the long way home
and by then the message and messenger will understand

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Wounded Soul

A wounded soul was seeking help. 
Who was there to aid him? 

You were set before me with a need.  
I had the means to help and gave you nothing. 

Wounded and bleeding 
in the mist of a pack of wolves I left you.  

I saw the hurt in your eyes and in your heart, 
from the attacks they had done to you, and still I did nothing.  

Knowing that they would sniff out the wounds, 
I left you unarmed and unprotected. 

Surrounded by merciless wolves 
seeking those they may devour, 

because of my own fears and weaknesses, 
to them, is where I left you.

I did not attempt to lift you up out of the blood-drenched dirt 
To clean your wounds, I offered only a bandage 

A bandage to cover what I did not want to see.  
I am ashamed that I have left behind a bleeding brother in Christ.

Please forgive me!  
I failed you, .... I failed my Lord.

If you allow me, 
I will do what I can to help you 

Clean your wounds so the Lord may heal them.  
I will lift you up to the Lord in prayer 

Asking the Lord, that He may pour 
His healing balm over you.  

By God’s leading, you will walk past the snarling fangs 
and no longer be harmed. 

For you are a child of God, and 
He watches over all that He loves.      

Even those of us when we fall short, 
and when  we fail each other, He ALWAYS is there.  

He sees the godly man, the righteous man, 
the gentle and loving man that lives within the spirit.  

His sight goes deeper than what man can see.  
I pray someday ours also will see that deep.

I thank God, that He waits for us to see our mistakes, 
and gives us the chance to do right by our brother or sister in Christ.  

He gently pricks our heart until we submit and ask,  
‘what is it You would have me do, Lord?’

I ask you, dear brother, for your forgiveness.  
Please give me the chance to be of help.  

Prayers for you are sent heaven bound.  
Know that you are loved by God.

You are prayed for by one whose heart is broken 
by the conviction of my failures. 

Be not ashamed of where you were brought back to life from, 
instead rejoice loudly, dance for the Glory of God 

For He has come upon you and saved you!  
Give God the glory that is rightfully His!

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When we first met,
We became the best of friends.
And it seemed like nothing could stand in our way.
But now all of a sudden
It's as if you hate me.
It's as if we should have never been friends.
You don't speak to me as often
Even though you know
That i love you and
That you're like a brother to me.
You know that no matter what was to happen,
I would stand up for you in an instant.
We've known each other for many years
And I don't want to loose ore friendship.
I don't want to loose our bond.
I'll love you like a brother always.

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The Stain of Pain

To My Brother (Cinque E. Mingo) - You are truly missed (9/7/84 to 5/8/07)

Life is too short
This we know
Never knowing
When it’s our time to go

I woke up one morning (5/8/07)
Went on to work
Got a phone call
That could have given someone a stroke

My mother on the other line
Telling me my 22 year old brother was shot
This is just something
I would have never thought about

I left work
Got on the bus
Prayed to God
Didn’t make a fuss

Two stops before I got to my car
A few short blocks until I got in my ride
Another phone call from mom
“Cinque has died”

My face is stunned
My heart confused
Not understanding
Why this happened to you

I called the family
Called some friends
Informing them
My brother’s life had come to an end

Still frozen in time
My mind working overload
Just saw my brother
A few days ago

We were talking about GOD
Talking about Life
Talking about the future
Man, this can’t be right

Someone took his life
They had no regard
Could care less
About our stress

As he stood and talked with friends
Laughing and talking smack
The gunman
Shot my brother in the back

He fled the scene
Still at large
I pray everyday
Knowing he has to answer to GOD

Now we’ve lost our brother
Mom and Dad, their son
His five children, their father
His life gone at the hand of a gun

Someone pulled the trigger
Never did they figure
The ripple effect it would have
Senseless Crime, its so sad

I thank God
For the 22 years
He gave me with my brother
Although I still shed tears

We conversated a lot
We had a real connection
I now think of Q as my guardian angel
My protection

I love you Q
Just the same
We’ll see you again, but until then
We live with the stain of pain

Written By: Yolanda Jackson

My brother lived his life knowing Christ died for our sins and he lived his life by 
giving love, which is why I know, he’s with the Father Above.  

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Death of an Answer

Death of an Answer Written: by Tom Wright February 2015 Abandoned, by time, In pre-dawn hours, I sit meditating, My mind being brushed, by recurring thoughts, Of things hidden from sight, Which come un-summoned. I lapse into the profundity of silence Thinking, perchance, This time might see variety, But distressing thoughts and my unknowns, Forever appear to tote with them, No answers with irrefutable resolution; So, I remain engulfed in this sea of thought Without mental ability to alter;

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Faltered Words

His words falter and flail 
They shatter across the pavement
Fear raises itself and resolves itself
To see itself as only foolish hope
Confusion’s fetters clamp on to him
And pride impales itself to quickly march
With his complex morality into battle
The mind follows the crippling chaos
And reaches for falling shelves of memory
And each loses itself in the spiralling floods of life
While soldiering on into the night

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the question is not
“if,” but when the Israeli government decides to
attack Iran,
just what do you think you’ll be doing?

will you be home watching afternoon television,
maybe “The Talk,” or “Anderson Cooper,”
guzzling down Coca-Cola & stuffing yourself full of
garlic knots or 
cheese balls?

will you be picking your kids up from school?
slaving away overtime at work?
making sweet love to your lovebuddy in a jacuzzi?
munching a handful of shrooms alone in your room?

like a chicken with its head cut off,
the Israeli government preemptively attacks, invades &
obliterates Iran,
using their nuclear energy program as the 

will we americans wonder why the empire didn’t step in front of
our crazy little brother &
tell him to chill out?
or will we sit back & let him charge in as he did in 1982
when he invaded Lebanon, killing nearly 28,000 Lebanese, Syrians &
Palestinians (not counting those wounded)?
will we just give him a little slap on the wrist,
“now, now, little brother, you know you can’t go and do that without our permission.”

will we think about the domino effect that will occur
directly thereafter?
will we cry “why do they hate us?” like we did when 
9/11 occurred?
will we pretend we knew nothing of this psychotic venture,
or will we just hope that nothing comes to the shores of the

it’s just one more country whose oil we need to rape & drain,

it’s just another people that weren’t doing what they were told,
since they kicked out the Shah in 1979,

the fact that the empire’s crazy little brother struck first will
be seen as a good thing, 
and it will be paraded all over the american media as 
“something that needed to happen---
something that was inevitable.”

will we be able to 
remember where we were 
when those first stealths fly in,
and in the same breath, 
ignore all the tenets of 
UN Security Council Resolution 1887
which calls for peacefully resolved nuclear weapon
disputes, in opposition to 
unopposed attack?

if on that day,
when all caution is thrown to the wind &
the perpetrators within the little brother of the empire 
close their eyes & flick the switches,
we americans,
we current residents of the empire,
have the audacity to ask what exactly is happening
when the world starts to spin upside down,
we should be so lucky that someone will be left alive to
slap us hard in the face.

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A Loving Brother may be like this

A brother who doesn’t mind even if I shout 
A brother who doesn’t mind, if from a game I pull out 
A brother who doesn’t mind even if I hear loud music 
A brother who doesn’t mind for my fuzzy logic

A loving brother may be like this   

A brother who doesn’t mind for my odd behavior 
A brother who doesn’t mind for my failure 
A brother who doesn’t mind to take me to an eatery  
A brother who doesn’t mind to spend time to read my poetry 

A loving brother may be like this  

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Loving You Lord

Loving You Lord

You can see the pain through my eyes from the hurt thats in your heart,
As You would really love to fix it, as You don't know where to start.
Every time I let You in a little, I shut You right back out,
As it makes me wonder why I am so scared to keep You in,
"I am a believer in you Lord, that is what I'm about!!!"
I'll say I love you Lord, as I will shout it from the mountian tops,
If that's what it takes for me to know, for me to acknowledge it in my heart.
I will never hurt again for it is here on paper with pen,
Yes if I look at the bottom of these feelings hitting paper
I will find my signature at the end.
You know I love you Lord, even after all this time.
I'm afraid cause when I'm always with You my heart is no longer mine.
So here it is Lord I'm giving my heart and LIFE to You.
I am waving my white flag in the sky.
I'm giving you my everything I will no longer wonder why.
I loved you then, I love you now, and somehow I know I always will.
So for me please take your time, and mold me in Your ways Lord.

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Copyright  2015

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Twins from different mothers,
we both think that we breathe too much
and no one loves rust
better than us.
Trying hard to find
whatever we have lost,
souvenirs of innocence,
pastel dustrags.
Holes in our pockets,
holes in our hearts,
leaking at the seams
with patchwork pride.
Pink and blue memories
of wet cement curbs,
silver spokes
and mud puddle smiles.
Our pain is just a souvenir,
still I wish the ghosts were gone.
We could chase them with a broom
and sweep the roosters from the room
Leave his picture in the rhinestone frame,
wear your heartache like a crown,
add another cloud to your collection.
Then I'll meet you halfway
and we'll dance in the rain
so we won't see each other's tears...
tomorrow's souvenirs.

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Of the Same Soul

Flushed and frothing in the late July heat
of a slow motion Texas afternoon,
I ventured a call home
and found you

Still of the same soul
and still the same
half of my whole.

It took almost an hour
to remind you how much we breathed
when rust was new on the dog
and kisses hung from trees
like diamond tears.

Remembering December in July,
a pleasant diversion from this blistering heat.
3am Delaney Street
and you
with those matchbook blues.
Every box you opened up
was like a gift,
and suddenly it was Christmas.

I drank a toast to you and me
and me and you
and thought of Dutch and Parson Brown,
dancing in our socks,
a lamp shade and a windowpane,
yet nothing left for posterity
but this memory in July.

And me
wishing skies were not so high
and cement didn't dry
and that we could carve our initials
in an evergreen Christmas tree.

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Start at the base of societal turn,

Perhaps someday soon we will learn?
To trust in riches you would be a fool;
Thick briars lined with scars through its papal cause
In chosen vessels torn to rubbish;

A slight sequence of events to report more trouble;
Sifting through the melodic rubble
Vanquished in the modest abode
Sifted as wheat for you have been told

Just suppose we made another abode?

In reason of quaint filled deliverance;

Nature lies dormant from its beckoning call
In emmense pain comes our freedom
One will fall back in common place
Laced in some moderate sense to late

With parts unknown we stroll along

In want or need to see you bleed
With chosen rations from parts unknown;
With decisions made through a papal throne
What efforts were made on a cereal bowl display

In a variation of a dream we will pay
To ever humbly bow the knee by which to pray.

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curls of twisted smoke 
The wisp of a whisper in a woman’s breath
Chest rising, falling and once gain rising
But none of this is a surprise come to rise
She was Phoenix risen from cigarette, cigar and weed ashes…….. 
You pondered, 
I wondered if, 
at the end the end was always the answer to how we should end
A woman who wove wonder with her will
And the sight of her flaxen and silken flesh
The wisp of a whisper in her sigh of neon flashes
And I ain’t got no defense when she flickers her eye-lashes
Or dashes to my side to say 
“Hi honey, how was your day?
But she was a fraud
And a liar who could not be ignored
While both grew ever bored
How was my god-damned day you ask?
He responds loudly and curtly that his day was akin to decalcifying human waste
His yesterday brought nothing new
Tomorrow too
Except that his brother Billy became a radical for the Jihad 

He left for Iraq because he wove his ragged flag heaven high
As brother fought brother in the name  of two Gods
Actually he calculated the odds, 
Did a little adding and subtracting for to arise at the sum of phi
So why he secreted himself  into the smoke 
and the whispered wisp of her sigh which is no longer his
Not his and that’s why he chose to die
And there are tens of thousand soldiers willing to die because they don’t know why, 
but Hitler ordered them to do it
And what are we going to do with that new gay lieutenant?
Don’t ask, don’t tell
And even the Chief Of Command must confess
We’re leaving behind one un-earthly mess
 © 2011.….phreepoetree

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In awe of silence filtered through a variation in a dream

The mindset plummets in cordially bliss away
Time in essence to frolic in the lying ambiance of it's hidden garb
In silence, a warm shattered inner conflict abode
Of sprinkling whispers in candid flood of noise


An exchange of time cards to punch in at last,
In social discretion & cast
Welcome to a grand illusion as a wanted man
Welcome to abortions on demand hopefully you will someday understand
Welcome to a barrage of harsh critical presence
Welcome to the silence once again

Filtered through a timeless cavity toward the influx of gravity
In desolation fine tuned decision
In careless patrons of casualty 
In want then need to watch as we bleed

No shoulder to cry just the enivitable lie
The lie that says I am what I do?
Yet who knew this plausible quest would soon come true?
Welcome to the jungle cause your all going to die
Welcome to the helpless for one day soon will fry
Welcome to the neighbor that stands in disgust
Welcome to the priest whom we can't even trust?

In want we sometimes turn inward shaped by silent burning timber,
Welcome to the crazy days of idol
Welcome to a nomadic venture to wander
Welcome to a downward trend of depression
Welcome to the all inclusive opinion
Welcome to a pain in my ass
Welcome to the guy who gets off on a free pass
Welcome to the football guy that gets more in one year then I earn in a lifetime
Welcome to the shade by which to hide from
Welcome to the storms that invade in demonic fright

Perhaps my dreams will come true or will have to wait until tonight ?

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Loss Of a Life Time

You walked me through my life from each step that I took from each fall that I 
didnt land and each word that i spoke. 
We were closer than ever and went out for some clean fun but little did we know 
tradegy had just begun. 
A driver as drunk as heaven forbidd slammed into our car and we started to spin. 
We landed in an intersession and i started to pray the car wouldnt budge and my 
spirt gentally started drifting away. 
My brother was uncouncious and the cars were coming fast 
and i was scared to we would not last. 
But sadly now in the hospital wing my brothers nearly dead, 
I am fine but I cant let him go so i went to let him know.
I nelt beside him and stared to cry, pleaing to him you cannot die, 
kissing his hand witch was now drentched in my tears, 
I quickly got because there was a tradgic sound going into my ears. 
I stared to scream, yell, and shout 
til the doctors excorted me out. 
I dont how i can go on in life without him right by my side. 
You see its the stupid people in life that cause so much pain for everyone else, 
so please for me and this inecent poeple world be a smart person and 
dont drink and drive because you could save a life. 
Hundreds of people die each day from drunk driving and dont have a say so just 
remember what i said, 
because you wouldnt want to be the one dead. I love my brother so much but i 
honestally believe that he is in heaven watching over me.

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Pilgrim Souls

Diamond tears are falling,
crystal streams of broken dreams,
lost on the horizon,
children in a driftwood jungle.
Pilgrim souls of brown and gold
shining in the autumn moonlight,
secret homecoming.

A shooting star scattered sparks all around us
as you buried me in the sand.
Magic dust for infant eyes,
the treasures we unearthed
laughing at the blues,
cheating time
and whistling in the wind.

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Cain & Able

Oh my brother what have I done?
The time is near and I know He will come.
Not a steer, goat or lamb have I slain
Now how great is my shame!
What can I say what will He do
When He finds out my sacrifice was you?
My offering was good but yours better
He accepted from one but not the later.
Was fault in the given or the giver
Much toil and pain did I deliver
While yours was only herding the stock
Should I have stolen from your flock?

Here He comes I know He’s on the wind.
Should I hide, like my father, to cover my sin?
For eating the fruit great did he pay
Do you think in the garden I will lay?
I hide my face not bearing to look
Because my brother’s life I took.
Forgive me my Lord I know not what to do
Great was my sorrow when not received by You.
For an offering by You was asked
Not a sacrifice as Able is now given
From hate and envy the cups I drank
Falling forever so deeply I sank!

My life is spared though why I know not
Placing a mark on my head for all to spot
For my protection and all to see
Cain is a killer cast out must he be.
East of Eden is where I now go
With only my sin and a sign to show.
That Able is in heaven accepted again!
Two sacrifices made I of blood and grain.
The serpent is with me a treacherous snake
Faulting both the given and giver whose life ready to take.
Judas is the only one else to know
In killing a brother there’s nowhere to go.

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Bob Dylan Awarded Medal of Freedom

I see you on stage, accepting your badge
Looking like time erased all definition
From your stodgy face
Sometimes I wonder if you realize
what you've done-
In interviews, always cagey
Mercurial like the days of England
prancing on half-beaten guitars
With a litany of melted stories

We salute you from coast to coast:
A sultan of piercing lyricism
Making time stand still with song.

When nuclear war towered,
Belting out when I die in my footsteps
You are a rare animal trekking
Through a wasteland of fear

When I was a teenager
Crawling through mirrors,
Visions of Johanna blasted my skull
Making a temple for me to grow
Though Mona lisa had the highway blues

I can feel the spine of your voice
As I round early adulthood
Learning the deepest reaches of love,
Speaking like silence

There's no way to catalogue
the impression you've had
So as you stand there on stage
Being hung with the President's medal
Know that you've made an impact
Your life will inspire
Humanity for generations to come

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Freedom comes to those with goals in its triumphant episode,

Through quaint loop holes well learn to sift through its variation & swing

Gone are the relics from past episodes sway

In modest decorum we make our abode clear,
With cherished memory's in choices so very dear;
Yet in decisions made from its timely imagination thwart in pain
In ellusive tears torn in rage.

With modest manners in a rush;

We felt the inner tear silences in a simple hush.
Among self dellusion proned toward inner demise then illusion,
The hour of decision fixed on its mission.
A lone blade of grass that was twisted in the wind;

A papal vow to help summon a passing few

Some having bit off far more then they can chew?
In shaded pine we relax in time;
A lone blade of grass attached to its vine,
Sullen briars proned in idol misery equated with logical fear.

Sore vex array to its beautiful flower display.

We will humbly bow are head to pray,

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Severed Family Ties

In this game of who gets who worst. 
Its about getting even , regardless of if feelings get hurt.
So what if this has escalated , you've wronged me, 
since that moment I had placed you in a hurst. 

Ironic is that you were the brother who taught me the meaning of family.
Now you are the one whose existence is a bother.

More push than shoves , more disdain than love. 
My personality determed by " I " but the attitude by all of the above. 

Those qualities of yours that ensure that we will quarell. 
Those lies that enticed my pride to be swallowed. 
No longer will I take the blame for you. 

My older brother. My older brother , both father and brother.

What a short distance you've fallen from the tree , hurting all those around you , your siblings and even our dear mother, just like the one who betrayed you , our dear father.

For the lust of materialistic dreams that you seeked youve trampled upon the ones who didnt even understand the concept of envy.

First you lie about your family name.
Then you gamble with our savings. 
Then steal from me , was I not part of your family?

Humiliate your siblings infront of your friends for laughs. 
Calling us the bastards that God should've never had.
Thank God our mother can't see what has become of you and I. 
You almost murdered me because I wouldn't lend you anymore money.

Thank God our mother can't see what has become of you and I.
For you succesfully murdered her spirits too.

You only came to the funeral to lay claim to your part of the money.

Tomorrow our family ties will be physically severed. 
But mother taught us all shall pass.

When tomorrow comes I hope this is true. 
So in high spirits I know this is something else that shall pass,
 something I must go through.

For with the last heirloom you did not take.... ,
our grandfather’s knife... 

Your life I shall take from you.

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Power of praise

Without him we are lost in sin forever

Without him we are sifted as wheat in its chaffe
With him we can now rejoice 
The power of praise can once again unite our hearts as one
The laborer's our few yet still he is the only one

With whom we have to do amidst the onslaught with caged fury

A court room is out of session so is the jury
Many today our living on real borrowed time can't we read between the lines
Please by all means send the troops home
There is no good reason for them to roam

With casualties that are enormous

For a stated cause that's atrocious
Merciful one, come take this chip off my shoulder
Stop the senseless fighting before our nation grows colder!
Let us all look above to the heavenly love

As the sun heats up only time will tell when the soon harvest will boil
With the power of praise engulfed in our soul!

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The Old Man On The Mountain

An old man on a mountain

In parched soil on a blotted page intact
Through a store window we see a painting
Within timeless quiver of chatter of days gone by
Mark the one who is willing to explore,

From its setting sun enhanced within its vanquished plot

Within climatic pitched fervent reaction
A soul in latent derision even pressed for action

Gone are the days in swift desolation;

Betrayal in the innocence of man

An old man on the mountain once again looking down,

Overhead as an eagle soars to parts unknown;

Looking for gold with a heart asunder,
Is it any wonder the fields were green to provide sustenance
People need help not hurt
Use your inner wit to amuse never to abuse

Through its timely excerpts we can choose;

Yet an old man on a mountain looks down
Very often hanging his fragile head to the ground
Such as in a bird of prey flying in a humble display;
Although for the moment we learn to reflect & pray

Many as of late choose for it to not be that way

As columns filled with myraid branches tend to wither in desolation
There still sits an old man a top the mountain
Within colors filled with sore vex display
Leaving the old man breathless without one single word to say.

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Two brothers agreed to meet
At a designated spot
In the forest

One brother was very fair
With hair the color of straw
The other dark

On the way through the forest
The dark one met a princess
So very fair

He begged her for just one kiss
She said “No    you ugly toad!”
So he killed her

What he didn’t know was that
She wasn’t a fair princess
She was a witch

She made the dark one a toad
And herself a white toadstool
So poisonous

When the fair brother arrived
At the designated spot
He stomped the toad

Then    being very hungry
After his woodland journey
Ate the toadstool

He died immediately
And the witch was transformed
Where she now awaits
Another victim

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End Times

To deceive is to believe the lie

The lie that actually claims I am what I do?
To believe is to have faith yet
Faith isn't intellectualized it just is,
In the storms of life amidst the strife we stake our claim
Not to ever play the blame game
Although we must confess,
The angels almost blushed while in a rush
Just suppose?

Painted pony's with strange eskimo's'
Delightful days of getting lost in some purple haze;
The trip is on as we sing our final song
Filtered through its ellusive embrace;
In special reasons while lost in space
End times we claim the mark
The mark of the beast in sullen asps which fright in the night
Having long hanging viscous fangs that bite
We maybe living in the final days of evil

Shades of pine fallen asunder warm to lightning or was it thunder?

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Dad and Scott carry the refrigerator into his dorm room
where mom makes the bed, smoothing the sheets 
and folding hospital corners with motherly precision.
Corey and I sit on the bean bag chair contemplating 
potential line width and dimensions 
of releasing boredom and staying out of the way. 

Dad has tears in his eyes and Corey whispers-
"that refrigerator must be heavy." 

I watch as Scott hugs mom, then dad;
I listen as he tells Corey to practice his soccer skills,
"maybe then you'll beat me next time we play."
Corey heard "maybe then you'll beat me"
while the words that stick with me are 
"next time we play." 

Scott held me long and tight 
like he wanted to tuck this moment away,
or maybe he wanted me to tuck it away.
To a fourteen year old with a high school career 
of invincibility to be felt, four years is infinity.

A boy whoops and pumps his fist from down the hall
as we look and see him waving out a window 
to his parents driving away.
Scott lets me go and gives a sheepish shrug of apology
for his hall mate because we both know,
he feels the same way.

I hold Corey's hand as we walk to the car
because that is what I need to be these next four years.
In the passenger seat my mom holds a box of tissues,
and in the rear-view mirror I can see dad's red eyes.
I put my arm around the back of Corey's seat
and whisper in his ear. 

And now it's me.
I'm gone but I'm not whooping
like the boy on Scott's hall when his parents rolled out,
what noise did he make after a day on his own,
after a week, a month, a year?
I'm on my third year and I'd still take a ride
in my parent's Volkswagon anytime I could,
just to walk through my house barefoot

When Corey looks at me I hope he knows I still think
about that day we became Scott's pen pal
and each others siblings. 
It wasn't about Scott leaving home,
but holding onto the four years that me and Corey 
still had...
so what is it now?

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What do you see?

I look at my brother and what do I see?
I see big cheeks and a jolly smile
Innocence and curiosity tammed and wild
I see a strong man to be
one that could rewrite all the books of history
I see a stature so grand in scale
that he could build a empire as large as the grandest tale
I see strength, convicition along with unmeasurable compassion
but if crossed a fury that resides that would make mighy men come down 
I see a man that will love his kids and wife
he will rule with a pen, and a double edged knife
When I look at my Brother I see a king
One who I would be glad to kneel before My brother's keeper I sing
I love him because I know he loves me
but more importantly he loves the world you see

My job is too never let that go away,
my job is too make him remember who and what we are every day
We are kings and queens, but sometimes we forget we have that trait
Cleopatra, nefertiti, Hannibal, Tutankamun, and Ramses (the Great)
It is time to remember that before it is too late

When you look at your Brother what do you see?
Hopefully you see what I see, A king to be.

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A lone blade of grass

The sense of nature sweet with fragrance flourishing

In times of uncertainty marked on a blotted page
Within solace we release its pain,
Shouts of madness torn asunder.
Pilgrims progress sharpened its pencil


Marked on a blotted page yet fully intact
When will we act our age,
In demonic torn relics of suede in billows creation
To frolic in the inner ambiance of the day

A humble way by which to bow the knee to pray

Although its shivers down my spine in frolic
In chosen ambiance onto its beckoning call,
The way of a poor child after the fall

Then marked on a blotted page all alone

With emmense inner conflict & pain
Shoulder to cry after the rain
A quiver of the nerve pressed on a heal in sore vex plight

Innocent killings of the unborn in their mothers womb
To ceil their tomb from harming fumes
Bras being burned in our streets

Children returning to war zones we call schools

The march of the soldiers & fools
The eclipse of the sun had tainted my inner vision
A quest for power in sore derision
A decision of laughter in the height of the wind

A feeling of neglect by which one faintly can depend
Shouts of praise filled with sounds of laughter
The preparation of a guest to await the great here after

Children having baby's & crazy
Crimes of the innocent in the blood on our streets
Getting crazy in the linens on the sheets
Crazy music as we learn another timely beat

A heart pulse torn in a crazy way,
A different dance display
A laughter in the rain
A page of intellect in my brain
A bridge in circumstance amidst the pain

Sadness in the heart again
Perhaps its best to hold my breath
Then count to the number ten
In shadows the darkness creeps in

Society is going straight to Hell!

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The Cultivated Mind (Home Grown)

Father and Mother 
With golden determination 
Focused to open my thoughts 
in several ways of revelation -- 
My manner is... Homegrown 
The once green mind still looks back; 
at all that has been revealed to its now browned shell… 
and with that same determination of gold 
I pass down the revelations of old 
to my children, as I have been told 
The mind should always be 
Cultivated to the best of ones abilities.... 
Its focus should start within the home 
That is why I feel blessed 
When I tell you my children 
Most assuredly -- I am Home Grown.

Author’s Comments: 
As a farmer tills the earth and toils to harvest that which he has sown and the wife 
prepares the table before him, produced from within the bounty reaped thereof... 
 Thus, we should take the time to cultivate the minds of our children, to also 
acknowledge their surroundings and the people there in. 
To stay focused on the blessings at hand, that they not live stagnant lives but to be 
productively responsible for the gifts which they each so uniquely possess. 
 The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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I love to read Charles Bukowski
My Brother, Bill could have written like him
Sitting at a rust-leg old table in that fractured rectangle
     above a liquor store
                                in downtown Littleton, Colorado
This Littleton (I don't know how it is now) was one of those towns where
    every other store downtown was a liquor store
         where buildings were so 1880s you damn well better have a rope ladder
                                                                                         out your window
So    this poem really isn't about C.B.
It is about my strange Brother, Bill

I wrote another poem about him once when he was a child
I say he was strange    but
    only in retrospect    I suspect

Before Martin Luther King
Before bussing
Before NAACP
Before gay lib
         was Bill
                   self-proclaimed champion of the underdog
         and    as a product of the depression
                                              champion of the down-and-out
He tried to act tough - actually he WAS tough -
                                                        talk hard as a diamond in the rough
But    way down deep - no one ever plumbed the depth -
      was a sensitive artist    lover of fine music    portrait photographer
           quietly alive to all the world's beauty as well as ills
If you happened to hit that unplumbed depth of vein    depth of energy
    with a subject dear or    by depression day standards    controversial
Bill's eyes would lose focus
    like turned around searching his brain
         his whole red meat being welling up to the tip of his tongue
And    any moment    you expected some outburst
    his body fairly shaking.....
But all you got    generally    was a click of the tongue
    a well thought out grunt.....
"Awww    HELL    Dave!"

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Shattered Love

When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you want to share it with the world.
You want to shout it from the rooftops, sing it at the top of your lungs.
You get the floating on cloud nine feeling, that all is right in the universe. That love is everything.
As long as you have him and he has you, you have the world in each other.
It’s a happiness and a joy that hard to extinguish and impossible to hide. 
You want to share what makes you smile and got you flying high in the sky. 
 But what happens when your love is the pain felt by another? 
To now have the knowledge that your display of things so beautiful cause nothing but darkness for them.
It puts a dark and dreary showdown and a beautiful, cheerful, and lovely thing. 
How do two that love each other so, but love the one in pain, carry on with one another?
The thought of life not built together is devastating to the core;
But the continued hurt the other feels matters even more. 
Where a happy ending, can one be found at all? 
For how to choses between life love and family ties? 
Time can be a healer, he might move on from the pain.
But knowing what they know will it ever be the same?

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Into The Bliss Of Time

Into the bliss of time
Is this where you stand, watching?
I hear the whisper of your soul 
Calling out.

I see you there, standing,
Watching me
A smile so large to comfort worlds
Dancing in the rainbows of lilac.

The world is ours in thought
On clouds and floating high
These beautiful dreams are ours
Of lilac and rainbow
Incessant in the sky.
We chase the stars together
Holding hands as we are
I have three and you have four 
Firestars in a jar.

Back into the bliss you go
Dancing angle
Swirling in the rainbows of lilac
Into the dreams of reoccurrence
Standing, watching.

I will feel your love within
Riding the wings of the zephyr
The beauty of a sister
Holding the heart of her brother.

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do you know how many times you & i've died?

do you know how many times 
you & i’ve died? 
i don’t think you do 
let’s start with . . . 
i fell out, fell far, fell hard 
from a tree 
you dropped off 
the monkey-bars 
i stepped into the invitation 
of a stranger’s car 
you grabbed a wire. . . bare 
i dove, with confidence, in shallow water 
you took a dare 
i stayed too long on a railway track 
you found a hill and ‘jack & jill’ed’ your back 
in fact 
both you & i. . . at the same time 
tried something new 
i went green, you turned out blue 
i remember too 
crossing against the light 
looked left, should’ve looked right

it’s amazing to me, that we’re able to say 
no matter how many times you & i’ve died 
‘we live another day’

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He will miss it all

My big brother is locked away
for taking away a child's innocence
even in prison he can't hide from the shame
it will be something he will always have to live with 
I hope he knows that I feel no remorse 
and that this poem is just a reminder to myself
of what he would have been able to see 
if he hadn't done that deed

He will miss his daughters smiles
and even though he did the damage
he will definitely miss their frowns
I however will always manage 
I did without him for years
and incarceration doesn't mean 
that I am going to shed any tears
because truthfully he deserves the years

He will miss the liquor bottle 
and I know that's not a positive thing
I'm hoping that locking him away will 
some how make him clean 
He will miss his son 
who hasn't yet even turn one
I will miss my nephew because
without my brother the mother won't come

I know he surely missed the altercation
and the way that my family hurt 
he missed the disgust on my mother's face
when she found out what her son 
was really worth

I know he will miss me
his self proclaimed favorite sister 
but I just want to banish him from
my mind, I'd take a pistol to the head
just to delete his memories 
If only it didn't end in death 
I would contemplate anything to forget

To forget that I care 
because even if I bottle it up 
these feelings are still there 
I can't deny that I love him 
or that I worry about his well being 
I was the one to always give him 
the benefit of the doubt when 
no one would hear him
but now I shout 
" why did you have to do this"?
you always were a screw up 
but this time the metal bars 
have clanked down for a while
and you will miss it all 
I hope you know this

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War Wounds

If you'd seen this metamorphosis
Wide-eyed boy-
                      proud soldier-
                                         anguished vet
If you watched the light in his eyes
  transform into night-terror cries
no more sleep at night--no more love for wife
........this war would wound you too

Direction needing, structure seeking
signed on dotted line

You were shipped as fast as trained

2 week deep bootcamp grad
Midwest kid set out for foreign land
    We got matching tattoo's as a farewell F'You!
         My brother's now G.I. Joe

Seeing morning news reporters
  skillful truth distorters
 Plasticine smiling..... human caricatures
Update deathtolls daily-I cringed each time, each day
 Rattled off like a lotto number-I clenched my teeth

 After a year and a made it back.  Thank God for that day

When you've see this Metamorphosis
shocking at first, then grows steadily worse
To see friends welcome him...high fives, hugs, and hand shakes
   hear them asking him to paint a scene
     to relive this nightmare-laden dream
His eyes shutter-bug flicked...unfocused, then recalibrated
  trying to convey hell to those lacking perspective
They went on to catch him up on "current events" in town
    distantly, looking down....recalling explosion sounds
Hearing them but no longer all seems so small

If you've seen this Metamorphosis
My heart goes out to you
To hear those voices we've known 
carry somber tones...present, but not feeling at home

.....this war's wounds I feel with you.


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Too Late

Too Late Written: by Tom Wright February 2015 He started several years ago, slipping away, He drank too much, And wasn’t entirely engaged in family life, For being a career soldier he had little time; He was mostly gone. Each of us has one chance to get it right; Many will inspect his fruit and say, he failed. His absentee years were barren times Occupied by neglect; Now, he can’t discern those echoes of the past Which speak of hurting times? Or make amends. He lived life his way, which was his choice And toward the end, with heart pumping less strong, Perhaps he sought forgiveness From the only one who truly mattered.

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Trying Of Your Faith

Many people today walk all over each other

Just to get to the top
Yet when they get their it's the top of what

Others take in pleasure from a certain existent vice

As if some creed that's caged animal that is in a tiny hole

While we wait in eager anticipation to reach our destination
The trying of our faith

Embraced in sullen laughter fixed in casual fear
For I had shed a single tear to numb its pain

With spoken words in sadness

Then faltering sadness gives way to ample gladness
The trying of your faith with certain grace

Through its quaint vibrant breeze that's sifted through the trees

In vibrant shallow expense
Filled in breeze in quaint isolation

A shadow lurks in its etched beckoning call
With hooks & loops supported after it all

A cause to reflect on faint hearted restitution 

The trying of your faith marked on its blotted page
Longing to recapture a torrent stream

With a flash on the screen of your life amidst
Painted faces abolished in its nearby stream 

Enchanted spaces filled up with myraid faces leaving traces

In the dire silence of its beckoning call
An impulse to touch the solemn exterior

The madness in caged fury resistance

To need a shoulder in which to cry on to lie against the fall
Stand tall from a papal vow to a torn rhetoric decorum intact

The trying of your faith works patience yet for some it can give them a heart attack?

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Little Brother

Let me whisper in your ear

Help you to understand

The reason we need you

To grow up to be a good man

The world has already tainted you

Tries to make people believe you have no worth

But you were crowned a King

At the beginning of your birth

Don’t let the hypocrites

The society as a whole

Tear you down

And break your soul

You are a powerhouse

A force to be reckoned with

You have the ability

To create your own niche

Make sure you raise your children

Be an excellent role model

Don’t let the world believe

You are dead-beat fathers

You don’t have to be 

A product of your environment

Make a real life for your family

So you all can enjoy your retirement

Invest your money

Build a future

Learn about stocks

Don’t be afraid, let it allure you

Get that education

Don’t hang out on the block

Transform your knowledge

Into a solid building rock

Don’t be abusive

Don’t degrade your women

God made you in his image

In the very beginning

Little brother, you are bad

A magnificent piece of art

Stop living by your head

And start living by your heart

I love ya!

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They slam my fingers in their car doors they hit me everyplace that hurts when 
eye have a sunburn and when eye have a sore a scab is soon long gone from 
punches from my friends they love to hit the face and other places hurt when my 
friends get mad at me or when they simply want to act so tough and have some 
fun what good is enemy to me when friends are one. 

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Bobby's Last Dance

Looking at his hands
praying no one noticed
how they trembled.
He was feeling his age.
Life catching up with him.
Needing a left handed smoke.
He had peeked out back
Every one was in attendance.
Nosy bunch. His sisters kids.
Bull dogs he had called them.
The Girls weren't too bad,
he almost liked one of them.
But those four boys. Bull dogs.
Even he had been bitten.
Fighters every single one.
Better left alone.
Made him proud to be kin.
They would argue over his gift.
Him making monkey faces
as they fought to get his dishrags
with his hard earned money
hidden away on the inside.
She always wrapped them for him
laughing together like old times
as they chose her prettiest paper.
He loved her like no one else.
"Oh my sweet sister!" he smiled
thinking about their life. Twins.
Her husband was a wonderful man.
Their love for each other pure.
He had never found the dream
love they shared. He had tried.
God knows he had tried.
"Hurry up!" his Partner called.
"We need you to Dance."
Strut Miss Lucy. A children's game.
Every year they played silly games
But he liked getting the prizes.
With a wink and a nod at himself
He slipped his silly putty
back inside his front pocket.
"I can't wait" He yelled.
He knew he owned that game.
He danced through the house 
down the walkway and across the yard.
Then Bowing to his partner
he stepped out into the joy
of  Bobby's Last dance.

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Accepting our loss

Such pleasure you gave 
in the short time we had,
but you were chosen
and though we are sad;
you're away from the dangers
your earthly life had,
away from things ugly
those awful things, bad... .
You brought us peace,
we can't be mad;
for your crossing over -
means an angel they add.
So proud of you,
so very glad;
from loving friends, family;
Mum and Dad 

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Not What I had Imagined!

Delightful Meaty, spicy
aroma's spilled into the air
from the red brick Building
and I felt sure that the People
boating, on the two blocks away,
Lake were sniffing the air.
Head tossed back In awe
of the wonderful smells.

"Jack's in the kitchen"
I heard him say as they pulled
into the empty parking space
next to mine. Smiling!
Glad to see us there.
Frank was in Love.

Coming around the red mustang,
grinning, in his new blue jeans.
Helping His new love from the front seat.
Settling the Child upon his hip.
Natural, the way the three of them
seemed to fit. A budding family.
Camella smiled eyes filled with hope,
reaching out for Anthony. Laughing
as he threw his year old self into
her welcoming arms.

Laughing her way up the sidewalk.
Passed the pots of vibrant blooms
resting there on the narrow steps.
" Welcome Home" they seemed to say
in the bland neighborhood. Yellows and bright
reds tumbling from their clay pots.

I was a little bit afraid. About to meet
My brothers, new Love's family.
What if they don't like me I wondered,
will it make them not like him? 
I'll be on my very best behavior!
I promised myself silently.
Just before Granny Jean threw
open the front door. Standing there
with pocket novel in her hand
and a welcoming smile in her eyes.

I was about to be introduced
to my new Lifelong friends.
Not at all what I had imagined.
But oh so much more than I had hoped.
I was their new son's little sister.
That made me family in the Brown House!

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the inevitable

the “inevitable”

watching mr. hope & change’s puppet,
mr. jay carney, 
quiver with near climactic anticipation 
as he mutters to a room full of reporters
that “assad’s fall is inevitable,”
reminds one of libya’s fall that was
also “inevitable,”
and how easy it is for any country that 
has oil,
to have an inevitable fall
(as long as the empire wants it to).

and though the empire is broke as a spoke on a rope
(already having itself scattered all over the region like 
ants chaotically rampaging a pile of sugar),
and though russia & china do not want what happened in 
libya to happen again,
the question is not “if” it will,
but “when.”

this horse is so dead &
its ribcage so kicked in,
that mentioning that every possible land mass surrounding iran
will have the empire’s fingers in it
prior to the attacks on the last surviving stronghold
by little brother israel,
certainly to be followed by big brother US invading in an 
all out travesty…
well, it seems to be without saying---
but there are still people out there
believing that the big bad nukes 
are gonna be on our doorstep tomorrow,
sent overnight via iran’s amazing capability to do so &
as every single day,
the US media continues to bang the war drum
feeding the machine & stirring the pot of the american people
into a frenzy,
the best you can do is go behind the navy blue curtain &
get in line to jerk mr. carney off 
for giving such a spirited speech &
pushing us one more step towards destruction
with such pizazz. 

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The Jellybean War

She would never give up her battle as it would be too much a sacrifice
While he stood his ground and faced her, unwavering, head on
This battle was one of importance, power and most of all, right
While his inclination was to fight her for the very same issues
She presented her arguments, facts, demands and expected compliance
He defended himself from this verbal onslaught with a verbal counterattack
“To arms! To arms!”, she shouted as she ran to one side of the table
As he, too, ran but to the other side, ready to take aim and fire

At that moment, two sides catapulted their very first black stones
Each received the warning shots but, discouraged not by the closeness
As the battle of black jelly beans went on and on until one victor stood
Standing then to take possession of the red jellybeans of which this war was waged

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 Subject: DISS   Today at 15:16      



He was ganger it was written on his forehead thick not in numbers or in letters 
but in concentration sick he held some pennies in his hand and eye was hopeful 
he was laying change on this old man but they seemed super glued to his right 
hand he startled holiday surmise in me and started then to beg from me he said 
eye need some beer and my friend over there he needs some gas it was not a 
thing for this sober one to hear and then he compounded my surprise was 
evidence supplied as eye surmised he was all alone you see his car had a driver 
it was he just hisself he walked away only in charge now of his own personal 
wealth and not of eye he was never ruling me Hey YOU Hay GANGER to my 
surprise this time the spoken words was me YOU DISSED me was my answer 
YOU disrespected me eye am a MAN almost shouting in my glee to finally stick it 
to a thief he got some gas and drove away he needed nothing but just some 
other sucker somewhere else upon the way less watchful of his pocket less 
thankful for his wealth. 

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J is for JESUS

J is for JESUS
J e s u s is for JESUS 
J is for jerked around by the ROMANS

E is for everone can go to Heaven now

S is for Someone there will love us.

U is for ewe for ewe are my adorement.

S is now for sustenance for HE is the broken bread that feeds the all of us.

The altered altar made to finish works and bless us with his countenance.

Yes ewe Eye want to see my JESUS yes.

The J stands for Jesus yes.

J is for Jesus.

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the search goes on

this is about not a girl
but a woman
a mother
a mother with an addiction
an addiction that took her away
with her gone the system came in and left 
but left with my siblings
who's to blame
is it!
a negligent brother with harbored feelings toward his mother for abandonment
for loving a drug more than her child
is it!
an addicted mother with only the pursuit to get that next fix
i feel that both had apart
the brother for not trying harder to conclude& resolve the situation
the mother for making the situation
and the consequence
is today
3 years 9 months 18 days
since i last seen Tamara who was growing & learning so fast
she was 3 last i saw
Tyron so small so innocent it was if i looked at my baby picture when i looked at 
when i saw him he was 3 months last i saw him
yet the search goes on
for the reuniting of my family
for the restoration of the relationship between a brother and his younger siblings
between a mother and the rehabilitation of her purity, sanity, and salvation
the this search ends is the day of my great throne judgment 
until then 


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My Friends Brother/I guess it was his time

My friends brother,
Died Sunday, July 8, 2007
Born September 19, 1989
But I guess it was his time,

My friends brother,
He was 17 years old
A senior in highschool
He almost made it
But I guess it was his time,

My friends brother,
In about ten years nobody will remember
That faitful day at Franklin Creek
Except for his grieving family
I guess it was his time,

My friends brother,
Brandon Earl Peterson
York Highschool
Son of  Janet and Earl Peterson
Brother of Courtney Nicole and Amber Brooke Peterson
I guess it was his time,

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Milt This One Is For You

I promised Milt I'd tell him a tale
Turn on a little Hillbilly music OK
I was about  the age of six or seven and bootleggin was a real bad habit.
Or so I heard

We had one road called the Cannon Ball Road
Where the law'd hide in the trees and wait for the brew
Trying to stop all of these illegal crews
Or so I heard

Now where we lived there weren't many homes
And most of the owners worked their homes were so new
You see all this took place back in WWII
Or so I heard

One afternoon mom, my little brother, a cousin and me
Were in the house it was pre TV
The door burst open and a man ran in, "I gotta use you phone right away," said he
Or so I remember

Scared to death mom showed him the phone
We all just stared as he made his call
And Zeke my  little brother started to bawl.
Or so I remember

He hung up the phone thanked mom and explained
He had to get hold of his brother, he said
It seems he'd heard the cops were planning a raid.
Or so I remember

He left and mom rushed to the door
There was no way to lock it to stop another scare
So she and my cousin pushed up a big chair.
Or so I remember

The next thing she did was then call my dad
"Call next door to his brother " is what he said
Zeke and I climbed upon the back of the chair 
And looked out the window until he was there
Or so I remember

The cops did raid Bushers Grape Vine after work
And as it turns out they went to our church
We found out  he had ran nearly three miles to ask for mom's help
Or so I remember
Zeke and I had so much fun on the back of the chair
Whenever dad would have to work late at night
We'd beg mom to lock the door to avoid another such scare
Or so I remember

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Today we fought and spat to see
who would be King of the Hill.

Now as our prayers are heard
we must declare a truce.

For even the bravest Knight can't climb
the hill of terror in the nights darkness.

But with the morning sun
the white flag will be tossed aside.

I will race you to see who can eat grits and eggs
faster and pull on clothes quicker.

We will run in the sunshine, racing to the
bent over tree and on to the tracks.

There will be no "baby, baby" truce!
I will be Queen of the hill!

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Bedside Manners

There was a brother
Who, went in guise of visiting his ailing sister
At bedside, he started a fight
He turned her only link to the world to
A wrestling match, which made her head whirl
When she did protest, he made the mistake of stating 
That he would kick her behind, the fire returned too the weakened one
As with words she did spurn, “Come on big man give it a try”
He then stated that he should have let her die
She then stated that “maybe you would have let me die”
"But then again, you are not the brother that controls my time
No matter what you do, it is not up to you as to when I shall die"
The brother was force to leave in a huff
She said a prayer and lay her weary head 
Having put the matter in the hands of the truer Brother~ 
Of Him, she knew she could always trust and depend…

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Manipulator of the corn and sun making waves of amber grains learning to be 
future time traveling now just marking time taking up spaces meant to be used 
by people just like the eye peggy sue and bobby billy ginger lee using all the 
markers calling all the shots calling all the markers in to guarantee a slot 
manipulating everyone around them with the worthless they become promises of 
sex to pay for some every other word coming from a worthless space saying 
things to others a disgrace saying things like oh that well that it does not really 
matter why do you keep on bringing that item up to me it does not really matter 
much to me a parting shot a drifting howl goodbye a cipher in my eye tomorrow 
will be better for that is when we triumph that is when we win tomorrow we will 
rise up stronger from the din of all the worthless noises tearing all the ears away 
tomorrow when the band begins again to play what happened to today 

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Saying Goodbye For Now

A visit to the graveyard will bring
you sadness of,
saying goodbye to a love one or friend,

Today I went to say goodbye to my
dear brother who I
truly loved so.

He was a friend I could always count on,
for so many years, he had such warmth
around him and through his heart.

He was my hero and idol, who I really
looked up to, many times growing up,
he gave me his last dime.

So many times he brought me smiles
with his humor, that he carried
to my soul.

Darrell I want you to know how much
I truly love you and will miss
you so much.

Saying goodbye for now my friend and
dear brother, just wait a little longer
I will be up there to see you and mom once again.

wrote 7-26-08   In Memory of my brother Darrel Leaming Born 9-14-37  Died 6-25-08

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Important to me

I'd give anything to be 
somebody else for
a few days out the week. 
Sometimes I need to rewind 
and revive my sanity. There's
too much truth in this world 
but not enough chances to
be seen. 

I spend way to much energy
trying to fit the standards 
that I grew up seeing. They
say college is where you belong
but they don't make getting 
in any easier. Far to much 
pressure in this society. 
I can barely breath
with all this anxiety. 

But in a world like this 
you have to keep moving or
you cease to exist. When 
your stuck standing still
it's as if your frozen.
I watch as everyone
around me pretends to be real 
and all I want to do S.C.R.E.A.M 

I suddenly feel a strong need to
transfer out of my body. 
Just for one second so I can
see if I'm still me. Can I really
defeat these demons in front of
me? Does this girl still remember 
who she's longing to be? 

She remembers. She'll never forget.
But the stress of this world 
can have her kneeling and ready
to lose it.

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He changed his shirt twice he wore a different hat then the fourth time he turned 
his jacket inside out when the policemen stopped him just outside the door he 
tossed his wallet to the ground with five different library cards and five hundred 
clams he muttered and he cursed he should have worn a hooded wighat and 
carried him a purse when they asked him why did he do the evil thing he smiled 
a goombah grin two hours a day you gave me free but criminals' need lots more 
so I got all these cards and killed no one I just wrestled them old women to the 
ground and kissed them than I took the money from there purse and the library 
card for fun and lots of pleasant play please take that into account when you 
sentence me away the courtroom was so quiet a pin was heard to drop five years 
in goombah prison one for every card stolen one for every wanton old woman a 
lying in your yard for every stolen hour upon the clock no more time is needed no 
more time is needed to be added to your sentence sentenced goombah man a 
year for every stolen thing all five of them. 

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Sunday Morning Tips

Sunrise found me at the chicken pen
stealing fresh eggs from the hens
Scratching in the early morning
sunshine for their own breakfast
of fresh earth worms.
Slipping quietly back into the kitchen.
I could still smell the Garlic bread
from last nights spaghetti supper.
Stumbling over his left out toy truck,
I leaned close to his blond head
resting on his pillow and whispered
to my brother that we should surprise
our parents.
With a soft chuckle and a smile
he hopped from his bed.
"You wake up curly," I said
nodding towards the baby girl
And I'll start the coffee.
I had everything ready by the time
they appeared, their blue eyes shining.
Happy that I asked them for their help.
"Walk slow now", I warned
as they carried the trays.
He hurried to knock
upon the closed bedroom door.
Tiny fist barely making any noise.
His plate of toast held above his head.
She right behind him, grinning
with a tray of butter and jelly.
I always came last
with plates of grits and eggs,
And bacon or sausage if we had any.
"OH my goodness!" Daddy said.
Opening the door in his robe.
"Look Mama!" he said
as if truly surprised.
"Good Job" I told my helpers
as they ate in the kitchen.
"Good job" I told them again
as they carried emptied dishes.
"Excellent Job" I told myself
smiling a sneaky smile
on those Sunday mornings that
I slipped all three of the dollar tips
into my front pocket!

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My Brother 
as you are 
I am half-dead 
Blind in one eye I can`t see out of the other 
I must not hate my brother 
but how can i love you 
as you are 
beating me on my face 
leaving no trace of love 
as you erase me 
as you are 
smiling death heads grin 
enjoying your power 
life over life 
life over death 
leather gloves tatooeing 
enjoying.......these words 
should never be linked to fighting 
what a monster 

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I used to vote Republican - little that I knew 
Colors blend together - red white and blue
Big Brother watches from far and near 
it matters not what Cloth we wear 
His eyes roam this once free Land 
devours him who takes a stand 
Big Brother ours is growing gross
He watches us like Eagle does 
So if you think that your Vote counts 
think again - Big Brother knows it wont.

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Frogs are jumping
On my arms and legs
From a fast fist
Of knuckles!

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The Brothers Shirt

 The Brothers Shirt     
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The Brothers Shirt 
The Brothers Shirt 

Long sleeve wool with working buttons clean not a mustard stain on it multi-
colored autumn hue lines not squares working buttons everywhere He said 
[without looking directly at it] “what what is it?” 
Just like a brother would no want is needed. Eye reported “is this yours?” Yes he 
said “what is it?” Eye did not wait for more certain that he was a lie become. He 
finally said “OH that is a jacket but eye already had it in my hand, convinced now 
the thing was not his at all. 
He said it does not fit me well it is too small for me you may have it my little man. 
And eye recall his every word and gesture sure now deep inside of me he never 
had the shirt at all. Now eye am not a thief the shirt is on my back and justice has 
prevailed the rain will make it smell. We both were incorrected. But eye at least 
am not in need of jails correctness. The shirt will look so fine in places that eye 
visit in my mind. The Brother eye am sure he smells in his tee shirt divine. 
 The Brothers Shirt 

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I've never heard

He compares my eyes to sapphires and rubies. 
and touches me like he never wants to let go.
When I'm with him I feel like the most special 
woman in the world.

It just irks me profusely and utterly confuses 
me that even though all signs point to love
I've never heard those words.

Not from him, not from any man. The thought 
that It may never be voiced in my presence 
makes my heart want to burst out of my chest
and sink like quick sand. 

Doesn't anyone want to love me?
I become an old bitter women in
a matter of seconds by just  
looking into his eyes and seeing 
that he won't be the one to say it to me either.

Silly me. The girl who always gives but 
never ends up the receiver. I went home
that night and got drunk off tequila 
and tried to pretend that this time 
didn't hurt either.

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Primer (cont.)

...Tinsel shadows climb our hoping walls
Like the fat gray juices of angry guilt
Like the time my brother stole my joy
So that he could gloat in the reckoning
Of life like the Old Gambler on the hill
Wishing his horse would just die
Though I love him still, and his horse
And all thoughtless creatures
Received by us and given to us
For whatever purpose tended like a garden
In our minds and
I am my brothers keeper
As he keeps me around him like the wrapping of pages
From photo albums never made, blanketing him
Smothering him with wisdom and purpose and so
Every man is my brother and every photo of every man 
Is the cherished relic of my church.

The dead forever whisper
Chanting our names so the ink and
Honey and lungs may re-speak truth
So our passage to the Core
Remains new and inventive.
Our hands through blue hair
Like wings of light
Through the rotting sewage of  human time.

Speak now through color and life!
Or later, in death, from shadows.

Oh joy, oh joy, oh unimpeded joy!
Follow me like the sun follows the crow
Like the moon’s earthen glow.

And dance, dance, dance.

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Open Your Eyes

I saw my brother yesterday on his knees, but not praying to thee.
I saw my brother yesterday smoking a little pipe, thinking that will make it al right. 
I saw my sister last night walking the street with her head held high, but God is 
no where in sight.
I saw a father cheat on his wife, his only explanation was she is not treating me 
I have seen nations start war, without knowing what the war was for.
I have seen a man take his bare hands and robe another man of his life.
I have seen children raped and starving with no peace in sight. Never being able 
to taste and know the true meaning of life.
I have watched water's rise and reclaim it's land, because it is more of it than 
their is man.
I have seen races of people in slaved and murdered because of their skin color 
or religion.
I have seen the Earth being turned inside out, being robed of all that is pure in it's 
I saw a baby born yesterday, with heart and soul pure as heaven overflowing. 
Was that  your new beginning yesterday or could this be your end tomorrow?

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Eye Have Five

Eye Have Five
Eye was looking for three days looking everywhere no snail mail is coming no 
money could eye find upon the ground eye was getting frowned upon in thinking 
wrong and finally let it go and eye stopped mye looking for mye five a bad time at 
the store no one gave a second look at this old bum and so eye walked and 
looked no more upon the ground and then a passing stranger in his haste to 
conceal his giving grace handed me a crumpled bill it was mye five as he left eye 
tried to thank him he quickly turned away and tried to hush me up reinforced my 
faith in people if they believe in GOD above eye quickly thanked my Jesus and 
then gave the thing away again to someone else to pass the gift along smiling off 
to the side that the stranger believes in JESUS at least enough to let a five dollar 
bill go bye eye passed it on in letting go eye have it now in GOD above that man 
gave me hope and eye passed it on to give some hope to another someone he 
gave to me he gave to ewe he helped someone a stranger too.

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Love Triangle

My heart is broken, shattered torn.
I long for a love that tears another down.
Life’s funny. You never know where you’ll find love.
The absolute most perfect beautiful thing the world.
Shattered by the love another felt

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OUR Father

 OUR Father 
OUR Father 
Who are we really are you part of the OUR in OUR Father. Eye have not seen 
much of the brother in you lately you must remember eye am your poorer brother 
still part of the OUR Father.  Needing food and drink and clothes just to survive 
the hour of the beast come so soon upon us all. You pay your rent and steal 
some gas and breeze write bye me without stopping to give me cash your 
survival on the asphalt jungle is not helping me at all the partee will soon be over 
drinks run dry even in the desert drinks fall short of friendship lacking your full 
cooler full of beer will not allow us to be friends eye tried it all while still at home 
eye carried wealth upon the asphalt floor to no avail the whiskey shattered bottle 
lay unopened on the desert floor. NO half gallon can reach the palaces eye enter 
evermore. If you are my rich brother with a drinking problem stop all that denial let 
loose the whiskey bottle let it go. Eye have pulled the beam out of the eye can 
see the problem now of thee stop worshipping the beast and come to me and 
OUR Father. 

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One thing I truely miss is you,
And all I have been since you left is blue,
I know we never really got along,
But in my life is where you belong,
You are supposed to be here for me,
To guide and protect me,
Brothers are supposed to be there,
Getting what they want and making things so unfair,
Now I look at all my friends and can only wish i had what they had,
And it hurts me and makes me sad,
Me & Britt need you here,
To let us know its ok and we dont need to shed another tear,
I remember all the good times and the bad,
The good over take the bad,
Its not fair that you were taken from me,
Cuz here on earth with me is where your supposed to be,
I miss you so much brother,
And I cant wait until that day that we are back together!

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Brother's Blood


a blazing blast 
of sharp, eerie silence            
shatters, scatters away 
all memory of ever having  
a sense of hearing;
blinding lightning, 
dazzling flame, deathly white 

     far darker 
     than the darkest stormy night
     that wipes away 
     what's left of faintest sight;

crouching low, 
crawling slow through bloody mud,
wounded warriors, 
with their dying, with their dead,
themselves barely alive, 
through suffering they survive,
never pushed down, 

     never trampled upon 
     in ignominy,
     the blood bond 
     forged strongest by shared agony!

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Dear Will

Why did you do it? 
You were my big Brother
You were supposed to protect me
It is unimaginable that you dealt me such a wicked blow
How could anyone else ever surpass your cruelty and perversion?
I feel envious of the girls who have brothers
Who run after their boyfriends when they have done them wrong
Look out for them
Keep them safe
I am safe now
But not by your hand
You damaged me
The scars you left have yet to heal
A fortress surrounds me now
Guarded at all times
Ready for my Hell
Waiting for more pain