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Free Verse Birthday Poems | Free Verse Poems About Birthday

These Free Verse Birthday poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Birthday. These are the best examples of Free Verse Birthday poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Featuring: Leonora Galinta
Take My Hands
I Offer Them To You
Hold Them Tight
Never Let Go Of Them!


With all the time on my hands
I gave my hands one job.
  My Hands 
-The Artist-

My hands paint everything in my life
they paint my weakness, my strength 
they paint the fire in my eyes
they hold me when I'm cold
my hands colored my childhood!

Like an architect, 
my hands drew the plans and layouts of my life.
My hands *very articulate, are they? 
They continue to sew and show the way  
Sometimes, my hands paint the truth
Sometimes, my hands paint lies
Painting hurtful images on dry wall
My palms, my fingers embedded calluses from every fall
Creating images, healing my heart
Sometimes my hands are the only friend I see. 

With no words to say
I caress the sky line like a mime
My hands ride the wind, 
My hands paint a world, 
each of their own. 

Young and pretty finger prints 
They feel, they hold, they grip
Don't let go!

Clever and cute
It's time for motherhood
My hands painted your first hold
Traced your first smile
A painting  I treasure forever in my heart
Yes! A Rembrandt they became during birth 
Now your all grown up...  :-(  
Embarrassed to embrace the hold
One day when I'm old you will hold my hands and remember the gold.

My hands paint many designs when it comes to love
sometimes a masterpiece 
sometimes a mistake
sometimes my hands felt images I can't describe
Made up moments of handicap when lost
My hands perfect when in love
They write songs when complete
So many interlock moment with you
Firm, the perfect match, my fingers spoke.

My hands 
-The Artist-
they've been told
held so many times
always meeting, greeting,  
waving hello's and goodbyes... ((you see my hands, they smile too))

Painful, arthritis 
cuts, bruises
Pinching my way through reality. 
Reaching holding on to dreams.
Snapping fingers, we are a team.

My hands age in every turning page
Shriveled and old
Still you embrace and love the hold
my hands touch and make a difference
my hands learned a lot
my hands prayed 
and knew their duty.
My hands employed by me.
When they are bored,
they tap and tap and draw THAT' annoying noise.

My hands know secrets, a fortune teller can never reveal
they hold the past, present, and  future in every line.
I extend my hands,
without flipping the bird
Thank you Hands!
I am enjoying the sign language show.

In my next life, or so
I will praise my hands
Yes so beautiful, tender, they love to feel...................

My Hands
-The Artist-
I can't believe with all the time I have on my hands.
I forgot to mention I'm left-handed.


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Time Travel

-In-between Worlds-

Letting go of all the space in between
the reality
the cloud
A theme, that use to be 
---Now dead
Long gone before I woke

Sadly Today's my birthday 
So here I am singing a song
All ALone
Happy Birthday to myself

Love PD

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A shades poet, writing in blacks quailed ink,
Expressing emotions by a poetic pallet of diversity,
On a canvas rainbow bursting forth across the
Horizon at dawns first light.
Imaginations dream seeker, walking amongst 
The clouds, in heaven's meadows above.
Inspiration's muse, she'll never realize what
A simple comments pleasure, can give to
Lighten up someones day.
I've read eloquence's words placed upon the
Lab top screen before me, and felt tears sorrow,
Exhilaration’s heights of elevation.
Through her words of poetic thoughts placed 
Within lines.
Getting to know another person, and so now
Calling her a friend.
We the bards are becoming a rare breed, 
Unique each one of us, in our own ways,
But in retrospective similarities sharing the 
Same traits and needs.
To write, to express, and use our intense
Imaginations, to take others along with us,
In a journey beyond physical limitations,
Beyond body and mind.
She calls herself Poet Destroyer, but in 
Reality's truth, she is not destruction’s poetic
Slayer, but instead an angel of 
Compassion helping those whom need guidance.
What is the meaning of life, I've heard this
Asked many times before?
My personal opinion to this question is
To make some kind of difference in this 
To touch another's persons life in some way,
Poet Destroyer you've touched mine,
And this is my way of saying thank you.
Happy Birthday to come my friend.
Always Cheri.


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The fire brigade are on standby With their hoses in their hand For today it is my birthday My birthday cake is on a stand There are so many candles It is a health and safety risk So be ready with the hoses guys And make sure you get here quick! 25th January 2015

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Happy Birthday II

For today,
The air breeze,
The sun rise,
The birds chirping,
and reminds me your birthday.

For today,
I am alone,
without you who born today,
for I know I do not have anything to offer.

For today,
this is a poor me,
that wishing you far away from home,
that I only have my prayers for a gift,
that if I could exchanged my prayers for you,
I am willing to do it all.

For today,
I am sorry,
Sorry for not being to pretty,
Sorry for not being rich,
Sorry for not being famous,
Sorry for not giving you a branded gift,
Sorry for ashamed you,
that this is your birthday,
I am glad for your born.

For now,
Happy Birthday.
From apologetic me,
that by remembered your born day,
is the best way for your gift.

For now,
hey loved,
happy birthday from me,
from the bottom of my heart.

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Maybe you raised those glasses
and thought about me for a minute,
smiled and wished my dreams came true.

Maybe there were times when you believed,
like I do now,
that stars hear our broken whispers.

Maybe our souls are not that much different
and once we all shared the same dream,
that somewhere over the glass,
over the curtain is the world where we belong.

Maybe our hearts beat in the same rhythm
and one day we will raise those glasses together,
talk the whole night through and I will fear no more.

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The Deamon Faire

The Deamon Faire
The Deamon Faire
a paroday of a novel
the awful ugly was moving slightly impaired in the fire was slowing it down
it was the deamon faire come to the home
the little child asleep in the hay
the pussy willow cat came to catch the deamon faire
she crept near the crypt
the deamon faire lumbered near the mill
the mill was turning wheel almost captured pussy willows tale
she sounded like a deamon cat all wound upp and upp too bat
indeed the deamon faire looked like a hairy bat in a suit with the tie
the cat pounced at the deamon faire and missed the splash was a wet pussy 
willow cat
she hissed the deamon faire sounded just like this
a long burning howl pulled over a wool scarf then turned into a screech
the outreach tried to reach the scene of the crime was an old pond milling and 
lumbering and long
overgrown ivy trailing
meandering overblown moss
the author was right up to this point and then she lost her train of thought the 
end of the book never tells us exactly what happened to the
The Deamon Faire
did you read Faire as FAIR  or FAIRY oh what a Happy Birthday Paroday
a real live dead poet charlax poetry poem

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.                 *ANDREA  D.*
.                 Happy Birthday 
.                      9/5/??

Wonderful lady here at the soup.
Life is still a big dream no matter her age group.
I bring to you September 5th Birthday scoop.
Andrea D, your a classic like Miss Betty Boop.
You target another year with a slam dunk hoop.
I want to take this time to dish out a cute birth day rhyme.
Relax enjoy the glitter & streamers anyway you can-Madame.
The candles points to you, like Uncle Sam.
Expressing my self like Sam I am!
Would you!" Could you!" Have yourself a Happy Birth Day Jam!

This is the part where my mini slam gets cute!
I wish you the best birth day sending you my salute.
Birthday cake made out of real forbidden fruit.
Straw-burst candy, smiles that flow in the air like pollute.
Celebrate the day you where brought into this world wearing your birthday suit.

Enjoy your day, as if you won a super shopping spree.
Enjoy your day, as if your day was full of potpourri.
Enjoy your day, with all the smiles everyone can see.
Enjoy your day, with all your friends and family.
Enjoy your day, with all the sweetness like honey from a bee.
Better yet Andrea D.
HAPPY! Happy Birth Day To You, ANDREA D!

Wishing you the best thing a birthday can bring.
Rising to the birthday song, Joe your king will sing.

by; P.D.

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Being there

Diamonds are a dangerous commodity.
Topaz brickettes pave lost roads 
for the unfortunate paths 
of bewildered Dorothy's
(and misguided second-removed cousins).
The birthday cards
I send myself,
are never returned to sender;
they're forwarded to you.

Rubies are ominous and a crucial burden.
Red. A vibrant statement.
Look at me! I'm red! 
Quite a pathetic gemstone.
(Dorothy - you need to re-dye your slippers).
The birthday cards you've sent me
are now forwarded back to you.
Diamonds and rubies 
are dangerous commodities.

Quartz tickles my fancy.
Limestone abandons my will.
Emeralds? I visted that city; once.
The PO Box for my re-routed
birthday cards are registered there.
My second-removed cousin
tiles his palacial floors with them.
Diamonds, rubies and emeralds are
dangerous commodities.

Sapphires are worthless crackerjacks.
Amethyst is a word that
(half the population of Idaho can't spell).
A Rock of Gibraltar. The man you needed.
The dupe you wanted.
The patsy who refrains from  
visiting your morosed petting zoos.
The gemstone you suckle?
Who is it?


I'm not your diamond;
Hardly, am I your ruby;
Perchance, an emerald? 
Quartz, limestone...a sapphire?
You orchestrate personal deaths 
upon the metallic
bands around your rhenoid fingers.
A gemstone I'm not a part of.

Being there - 
I was the part of your life
that was accidentally flung over 
rusty-coat hangers
stuffed in moth-ridden closets.
I was the gemstone 
that never glossed
your fancy fingers.


my love.
Understand, pumice doesn't sink!
I'll pop back into mischievious
blackened-hearts anytime I please -
and you will welcome me for
a sincerity that warrrants no appraisals.

my utmost truisms sparkle 
decadent- bright
like diamonds -

a dangerous and rare


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My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight.  

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years .

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

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The Voice of Her Mother- My Daughter's Gift

I've written the lyrics to two lullabies for my daughter, Shereen. I even made 
up the tunes, and I'd sing to her when she was a baby to put her to sleep. She 
still remembers those songs at 19 years of age. For my birthday last May, she 
wrote this poem as a gift....just like last year. The quoted parts are words taken from the lullabies. I adore my daughter, my greatest and most precious gift.

“When she smiles, I feel like a bird in the sky.”
The words softly sung to the weary child-
This bundle of whimpers
This armful of distress-
Hoping they’d ease her restlessness
Hoping they’d calm her disquieted heart…
And they did. 
Like nothing else ever could.
Nothing could comfort her
Like the voice of her mother.

“She is the apple of my eye.”
Rocking gently in time with the tune, she swiftly fell 
Fell into a peaceful slumber 
Nuzzled in the warmth of her consoler 
Whimpers softened, distress vanished 
Quiet. Serene.
Floating in the promise 
That those words would be there
To welcome her in the morning. 
Nothing could comfort her
Like the voice of her mother. 

“With laughter and joy she fills my heart”
Nestled in that kind embrace
The child, now almost grown
With tear-stained face and heavy heart
Couldn't fight the world alone
But whenever she was breaking, too tired to go on
She’d search for those same words-
To ease her restlessness
To calm her disquieted heart…
She’d search for those same words
To find them in those same arms.
And she’d fall. Like she always did.
Fall into that peaceful slumber
Quiet. Serene.
Floating in the promise 
That those words would be there
To welcome her in the morning. 
Nothing could comfort her
Like the voice of her mother.

Written by Shereen Nathalie Ghali (May 18, 2014)

Please read The Month of May...which is Shereen's first birthday poem written for me and posted here. You will find it if you type the title in PS's search engine. It is a beauty and is in rhyme. 

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Dance For Me Johnny, Dance

Finding this roll of yellow paper
Twas just a tiny child seven years old
Gathering all his colour crayons bits as whole
Setting aside the somber tides in silence an attempt
To rise above these swirling waves a distant world but where...
Surreal it seemed less than dreams and all the tear stained, shores.

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Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy birthday, Mom
I wonder how many years have passed by
Since I gave you my first tenuous smile 
Since you steadied my first faltering step
Since the first time I called you "Mommy"
You are the place I came from
You are my first home
You are an angel in human form
Who lives inside my laughter
And crystallized in my every tear drop

I want to thank you 
For your heart, faith and hope
For teaching me right from wrong
For your tender care and warm hugs
For all your steadfast love
For filling my days with rainbow lights
For all the times we have shared
For always being there in my time of need
For helping me deal with life's stresses
For helping me accept my defeats
For everything you have done
For you made me a woman I am

One birthday after another
They seem faster each year
I just want you to know that
The years you devoted to me, 
You can trust, were worthwhile.

Happy Birthday, Mom.
You are the best Mom a daughter could have.

~For my Mom's B'day @July 12

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Three Way Collaboration

"Thoughts of a Sexual Nature"

Vivid thoughts of you,
in your birthday suit.
Sprawled on my living room floor,
anxiously you wait
for what you came here for.
Long toned legs,
a rippled mid-section.
I want to hear you beg,
you caused this erection.

Incense burn!!

Sex on the Beach 
heightens the mood.

I allude,
to a massage.
                             A mental mirage,
                                   a dream.

Vivid thoughts accrue,
as I knead your birthday suit.
skin like a rare passion fruit,
and I'm working for your nectar.
You're my aperitif,
and I have a sweet tooth
for your vermouth.

Strumming your neck,
         my tongue is the pick.
Hearing you moan lightly, "Oh your so thick."

         So eager was the lass,
for me to.... hose down her fire.
         You see, the blaze I intensified.
I knew her desires.

         Slow down I pleaded,
              hasten your pace!
         We have all night baby,
              and first base is my face.

I had overdosed on her Vermouth.
         She poured without a care!

Enveloped in lusts rapture,
         it was, to soon to conclude.

Ambiance is important, so I'll set the mood.
        Red lights, mirrored headboard
             & playing softly in the background,
a love songs 

Soft moist lips lick you're ear
whispering words of delight
pursuing my plight for your might, 
my tongue rolls down your neck 
peck on peck, 
as my goal unfolds 
kissing chest nipples 
your dimples of gold 
tanned bronze like a god, 
extension to explode, 
the ride enhances as liftoff begins 
tastier than sins, 
searing flesh on flesh emotions 
enmesh juices of love in thrombosis, 
in oceanic osmosis, 
as we fall... 
spent ... 
content ... 
in orgasmic opulence.....

"This is a collaboration written by three different poets... Starting with Me...
Samuel Brooks has the middle section, and Linda Marie Bariana concludes...
This turned out well and I am sure all of you will agree.. 
Jared Pickett---Asavvy1
Samuel Brooks----ChocolateWoW-------------------------1/27/2010
Linda Marie Bariana------Sweetheart

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She didn't remember who I was
But it didn't really matter
Her eyes would light up like sunshine
Each time I entered the room.

She'd say, "Oh! Please, sit a spell",... and I would pull up a chair...
I handed her the bag.  She peeked inside.
Her smile was like a happy child.
A cookie....she could always find delight in a cookie.
You would have thought it was a pot of gold.

As we chatted, she told me her birthday was coming.
"December 19th!", she would remind me..
Forgetting that she'd told me many times before.
Although it was only summer...I said "We'll have to celebrate!"
And she said...."Oh yes..let's have a party!"
Everyone knew that this lady loved a party.

"I must be going!", she suddenly said 
Said again, with a worried brow...just as she fretted the day before..  
"The girls will be home from school!"
She looked around for her purse.
"I have three girls, you know,.....they will be coming home from school."
She repeated once more...."I have three daughters, you know."

I told her the girls will be fine...and that I'd like to visit a little longer.
That seemed to calm her.  "Have you seen my ring?"..
She held her gnarled and withered hand high for me to see.
A flash of glitter graced her finger, sparkling just like the stars in the sky.
"My husband gave it to me, ...a Valentine surprise!" she said.  "He was a rascal, you know!"
"Oh,'s beautiful, Irene"...I responded. 
"Did you know", she smiled again...."My husband gave this to me as a Valentine surprise!"...

Finally,  it was time for me to leave, and I started to say goodbye.
"Oh...would you mind taking me with you?"...."The girls will be coming home from school!"
I told her I would check on her girls...not to worry.
And then I told her I would be back again tomorrow..

"I have a birthday coming", she said....December l9th!!"
Once more...I said..."Yes...we will have a party"....
"Did you see my ring?"..."My husband gave it to me on Valentines, it was a surprise!"

And I said..."It's lovely lovely as the stars in the sky"
As lovely as Irene....
Goodnight Irene goodnight....the stars will shine brighter tonight,...
Goodnight Irene, goodnight....

Submitted for Dane Ann's contest "What Kindness Means to You"

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Thank You for my Birthday Wishes

Few words with large meanings that meant so much
Birthday blessings from above quoted by all I love
Friends and families far away
Gathered on this very day to wish me all the best on my birthday
Words cannot repay these kind gestures and warm thoughts 
Each birthday verse filled with love and sealed with a kiss
Contained in a package tied with a string 
Forty three birthday wishes
Forty three birthday blessings
Forty three treasures wrapped with a smile, covered with joy sent with peace
To all I love, thank you for the cards
Thank you for the thought
But most of all thank you for just being you.

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Priceless pearl
my hidden diamond
love's sweet jewel

Heaven sent
Angelic countenance
Beauty so pure

Lovely daughter
your character delights
my devotion forever

Heartbeat on screen
My unbelief ceased
the moment
first squeezed my finger

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Poetry police

by: Poet destroyer 

I investigated many poems today
Friendly people on this (Love Boat)
Everybody different in their own way
The evidence I found are hidden in every poetry line
Mysteriously, one poet comes from (Fantasy Island)

I am filing charges on the lady
Who welcomes you to the soup
Leaves you a comment, without reading your identity

Today I read a report on the supernatural.
Billies demons  vs' (Charlies Angels.)

Investigating a woman who poets you advice, gee's how nice
I will give her a ticket, for making me feel guilty as can be

How about the clown who does not wear a rubber nose.
He puts on a show with his pen and paper (THAT IS TALENT)
He is using his ego another way
He makes us laugh, with one whip of his Belt

I will not release the name on the depressing poem I read
For her I will stop traffic, and move everyone out of her rain
Her words made my heart bleed

A warrant goes out to the girl who used to much imagination.
I actually got to see tongues to tongue vividly.

I will never ticket the poet queen
Murder she wrote and got away,

I do not know who is the John Doe I found today.
I will be reading his poetry file.
To make sure he is not misleading this investigation.

I also confiscated an old antique or two
Unique skills found in thier retired war shoes

I did my undercover work on a serial killer case on the soup.
That is one report I did not want to picture
I hope the writer will bargain for a life sentence 
In a paradise so Green.

I will soon end my file, and turn in my report about Big Foot
After I arrest them ladies who write about butterflies
It is against the law to lead us on a goose chase
We are nowhere near (A highway to heaven)

I have to go join a (S.W.A.T.) team.
To raid the aliens who invade (The little house on the prairie)
I call this group the (A team)
 You know A-liens team who you are.
Someone just posted bail
For the girl who blinded us all
She wore her neon converse a straight ticket to jail

I am on a man hunt locating a molester
Every time she is spotted in a pick out line
She comes back and deletes her trade
Erasing her only profile, just to edit all over again

This coming from a crooked cop, (Magnum)P D
Reporting live on the poetry soup

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leaving August

        Leaving the last days of August
          memories of the sea waves crashing 
        Tides that leave shells broken to find ~
        picnic memories ~
                      fireworks night 
                             Birthday cakes sparkle ~

    sunburns under a sage kissed dessert Moonlight 
         The Summer reminds us of happier days
             scents of coconut oil and lime 
            reminds us all of what is yet to come ~
              The rain comes down hard
          crying for all souls lost and left behind

             The birds fly in perfect form 
           reminding all of the September storm 
           begging for history not to repeat ~
                 ~   In war 
                        no wins 
                            only defeat ~
            two beams of light straight to the Heavens   
                stay through the whole month of September
                   they remind us to listen silently we stand still 
          For the city lives and breaths left with loss 
                    many questions unanswered remain ~
               Leaving behind August
                    entering Septembers fears ~

 I love this poem because it reflects on the past and the coming month in remembrance of history that took place September 11th 2001. In a way it is a oxymoron . from passionate summer nights to the fear embraced in the month coming :)


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- Birthday Girl -

                    I know your face
                    but not your soul
                   "Drama and Love"
                    Yes, I know
                    Today you will be
                   "drama queen"
                    with style
                    Riding into
                    a fairy garden
                    Not on a horse
                    Neither a dragon
                    No, on a beautiful
                    unicorn as white as snow
                    You sit there so beautiful
                    with a lovely dress so fine
                    On the tables in the garden
                    lots of tasty cakes
                    with pink icing and hearts
                    In the large trees hanging
                    gifts in nice shiny paper
                    they sparkle in the sunshine
                    I know your smile
                    and your laughter
                    Hooray for joy, happiness and "the queen"

                                 *** *** ***

Note: You asked for a poem .... and here it comes .... :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!! <3 (07.10.2013)
Have a nice and happy day, Linda!

Contest Sponsor A Poet Destroyer
Contest Name Birthday Girl
Deadline 10/28/2013 12:00:00 AM

A-L  Andresen :)

(1st place in the contest)

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Life begets life.
A Miracle takes shape 
beyond thinking, 
creating blessings. 
Bathe in its aura and
let the joy wash over you.
You are the recipient
Of the Creator's great glory.
flavored with amazing grace.

CAK 2-10-2013

A poem written to my niece
of the birth of her son.


I'm thankful not to be in Canada
Where sad memories live
it asked me for and demanded more
of what I could not give
if you ask what was it worth
for me to have taken the lower berth
I will not hesitate nor eplicate
the answer would be yes.

The lower berth is America.
I love this country and it gave
me the opportunities I needed.

CAK 11-16-2012


Wrong-right, being equal sides of the same coin
when tossed ends up blown by a blast of wind
and falls out of sight.

So who won the toss? Did it matter?
Knowing and not knowing, 
questions and non questions, 
to the flipped coin each has a truth all its own.

C.A.K. 1-10-2012


Could it be that the many sides of destiny are
found in other dimensions?  

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'I Stand Amazed'

As the dust settles On another year added to my life I stand amazed God, Once again you have proven Your wisdom and perfect timing There were trials, pain and victories Moments that required 'a try again' You have been there Every step of the way Sometimes I wanted to question - Then calmness settle Cause a lesson needed to be learned Today I just want to say "Thank you Lord" 'Cause without you, I would not have made it… You knew my worth You knew my ability You saw the best in me When I sometimes questioned it *Written 25 December 2013* ©171029122013

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You Are Everything

O friend, I'm all yours, teach me to love,
I've left the world and come, teach me love,
When my companion cares for me,
Why should I care for the world?
The world puts bans on me,
I don't belong to this world,
You in the morning, you in the evening,
You’re the kin; you only are the friend,
Every time every minute of the day,
You’re the kin; you only are the friend,
On the heart's slate I write,
Love, Love…
What does the world know my heart feels?
Love for whom,
Beloved, hug me and ask my well being,
What do I care about the world?
You're my victory; the world is my loss,
I don't belong to this world,
I have to become love and write letters
With eyes, have to write,
The way you look, I have to look like that,
Have to look like that,
The cupbearer of passions gives me lesson,
What do I care about the world?
You're with me, (my) world is with me,
I don't belong to this world…

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Romantic, close
A subject of sweetest softness
Cats can be loved too

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Return Of Your King

Reflections of imperfections have shown me a way that I can move mountains through my power of faith even though I can't see him I know he is real through the power of prayer and a Love that I feel It's growing inside me like a flower in bloom shall I reveal my powers or is it too soon I am reading the signs through my darkness I find a reason for belief in the light of mankind that I know shall overcome the greatest of odds the Love I seek amazes me especially through the flaws because now I am inspired through the hero's that bring my throne through the darkness on which I return on as your King.

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By Fatmir Terziu

A tear



A Globe


                   It upturned

Under the ray of light, a precious crystal

Came out of mother’s heart that night.


It rolled out of fear,

It appeared out of joy.

My mother’s tear!


Still as if shocked

It rolls for unknown motives,

My mother’s tear,

                              …that diluted tear!


I saw my mother when she stilled a tear,

It dripped in that dark year…

A tear,

A globe

My mother’s tear!


A tear still glassy in my heart…

A tear with the weight of the world

A tear which calms the others

A tear which holds the rays of the light.

A mother’s tear!


A tear that washed the office suits

A tear that wetted the rags of time

A tear that spilled to wash the unwashed

A tear which stood up to the enemies

The tear of the mothers!


A drip of a mother’s tear

Brought by God to be spilled over



                             Window embrasures

As many times as it is necessary.


The tear of mothers!

Their only weakness

A tear for humankind.

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Happy Birthday Jesus

Oh Lord and mighty Savior 
I sing in your name praise be
In honor to you King of Israel
who takes away the sins of this world

Star of all stars Bethlehem 
shining salvation loves light
purity in the scriptures fulfilled
proclaiming him blessed Holy One

A messenger singing Heavenly
an angel in praise to king of kings
In peace and good deeds God's only son
Blessed born his Immaculate heart

Conceived of the Holy Spirit Lord
Almighty Holiness in your council 
one of understanding happy birthday
Our shepherd born salvation leads his flock

Faraway in the distance
three wise kings following sign
A diamond star they followed
light of truth born shone in a manger

As they entered bowing bearing gifts
Gold worshiping the Almighty king
Myrrh most precious bitter herb of the east
Frankincense to perfume our Holy One

The shepherds came as an angel sang out
Heavenly song in gentle melody
singing born today is our savior child
praise eternities revelations tune

O  most Gracious Lord Jesus 
I bow humble inside meek 
happy birthday oh master 
our savior Almighty King

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Diamond Birthed Day

Diamond dawn softened cold clinical walls, smoothing harsh lines, soothing the sleepless with the lullaby of love. Blossom-pastel hues sparkled with crystals of dew; glimmering prisms of diamond-cut light, in the month of showers and flowering bowers. Red and yellow daisies studded dark soil like gemstones tumbled beneath the flower of the sun. Sweet peas twined a bright trellis of light; clinging like a baby's fist, curling around sunbeams, climbing a golden ladder of sunlight. Crystalline morning softly stroked your face: a sleeping jewel, gently polished by the early light of a late April sunrise.
dedicated to my little 'sweet pea' Jake, born 28th April 2009 Charlotte Puddifoot Motif: Nature

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Sly quiet slim fur
Sneaking through the trees
The only one that likes water

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Art Of a Tree

The roots on my legs grow branches of a legend
A tree of hope like the dope Alexandra Pope
In forests men are hanged on a washing line between trees to dry their tears
Me followed a choir that struggled singing Gospel hyms sober
I am looking for Me
The son of My Body in your fertile ground
He gost lost in the middle of loud friendly zones and their grounds
Centre of imaginations was a tea bag on his homeless ground
He's never been grounded


I have no clue where Me has been but he donated words, ears and planted views
I have clues and a cue for his wounded wounds
He's been in hustle with smart fools
Me is sick but has never bothered to bother doctors who less studied him and his clues 
He is not an ash tray but remains the biggest fire in his own tree
The skin of Africa
Shut up and listen kinda like missions
Breaking visions of blind folded snakes as he wins all price tagged storms
Its a norm to bond and live in this morden traffic before roll down red carpets
Its a form filled in pencils for the world prefares editing your poems

Mischivous but real
Truth is, poetry stays real 
In different genarations poetry spreads in the name of love slamming doors
The warehouse of corrections in poetry slamming doors
Heart beats beat the need to grow perfection by force while painting love in triggers of speech

Using the same language to bridge brain triggers
Poetry must find Me 
Poetry questioned his dreams
He protected fantasies amplified by baby urines covored in beer bottles
Detox on cornflakes and milk with no honey repairing the night before disco lights chasing hunnies
Me flooded in different nations like a little bunny
Me must be somewhere in between real issues and being funny
The mistaken kitchen designer facing truth in the back of its head
In two faces facing facts in the back of its head 

Me was once located naked in the midist of lame headaches
Chasing perfect levels better than Rambo's muscles
Me must have been the perfect speaker speaking things on other levels
A rebel with no tattoo drawing hearts in fine art images exposing racoons in artistic headaches
Too lazy to kill a fly type rebel but quiker than the speed of life's comments
He planted smiles in suprise moments more like a depressed comedian
Anacondas hide their heads in Me's body languge Language is a body that plants bushes to hide anacondas in Me's headaches

Mischivous but real 
Truth is poetry stays real
In different genarations, poetry ran marathons in different names painting seeds of headaches
In different brains these words swam and died out from brain to brains
Producing light hearted legends in darkness love making moments
The karate kid who never whorship kiddings

Superman did fly for real
Me was told its not real so he can be real
Me might be hidding behind roots of rainy days
Days when Me opened his mouth to sip pure water from rain drops
Days when beef turned hip hop into chewable vegitables

What is plural if you cant malti task rural cool sounds in the eyes of strangers, 
Rain makes more skills grow faster in trees, 
With no intentions to preach 
Me must have lost track and tracked wrong tracks in the map of artistic muscles 
Chasing musculine profiles 
He was told chase your dream even when your legs are broken
He was told smell your smiles even when your dream nose is blocked
He was cold and turned warm in his born day with no expected understandings
He's the art of a tree

(c) Raymond Ngomane

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When a Dream Ends and the Nightmare Begins

Walking upon shards of broken glass
with every faltering step I take
Travelling through life at haste
with no compass
steering  wheel or brake.

Trying to unravel a mass of tangled knots
Laying in life's gutter wounded
trying to liberate myself
from the putrid stench of obscurity
and not be forgot.

Mind full of unwanted clutter
swirling like a tempest
around and around
Life's din perpetrating the ear drums
with excruciating loud perpetual
grinding sound.

Lost in the harsh wilderness
battered by the wind
No one knows the things I've seen
or the places I have been.

Tied to the rocks
lashed and broken by the waves
cursed at birth
wake up from a dream 
and another nightmare
another battle to face today.

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A Portrait Of Friendship

I gazed across the room,
A portrait of friendship,
Parents of generations,
Young and old blessed with friends,
Gathered to dine and enjoy another's company,
The sounds of music in the air,
The pianist caressed the keys,
With an old familiarity,
Songs of generations,
Lively and enjoyable,
A cup of tea, complimented,
With delicious foods,
A goodtime had by all,
A portrait of friendship.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Happy Birthday

We were on the road
the road that ended somewhere
something flew right into my eyes
I closed my eyes for a while
but then you were gone
we could have made it
to the end where our dreams
were waiting for us,
but then they were shattered into pieces
somehow you changed,
those pieces were not small enough for you
then you broke them into even smaller pieces
and still all those broken pieces
if it were to be re arranged would
have your name on it
we had our share of fun, laughter
and great memories, that will
walk with me to my deathbed
but now its too late to be reminded it
your face with a stranger
everyday on the electronic screen
I'm still the same way you left me some
four years ago,
and you're not the same person that you were
things have changed,
they've been rearranged
nothing looks familiar anymore
specially you
but I still cannot forget those times
and even though I hate you for what you did
how could I forget this day
even if those memories in your head
lay there alone to rust
Happy Birthday to you, old friend
and Happy birthday to us!

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Sixty Six And Counting

I am sixty six and counting,
or is it sixty seven?
No, it is definitely sixty six.
There are no more cakes or cookies,
and definitely no red wine.
Now it is a honey bun and sweet tea,
along with some handshakes
and maybe a few backslaps
from other old codgers just like me.
I don’t really miss the excitement
of the birthdays of my youth,
but I do miss the lovely young women
without wheelchairs or walking canes.

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A Little Helper Clown

A Little Helper Clown I have a little helper that came to visit me one day. Soon after he got here, we became very attached. He follows me everywhere and always checks on me. I call him, my little waiter, for he always brings me food, water, or a snack. He comes and asks if I'm alright, or if I want anything. Who is not going to love someone like him? When I go to bed at night - he gives me a good night kiss. In the morning when he gets up - he comes and tells me good morning with a kiss. He is very loveable and checks on me through out the day. I never had so much love, kisses and hugs as I am having today. I guess God sent him to me, so he could brighten up my days. We call him ( Little Javi ), but Javier is his name. If you would ask him - what his name was, he would tell you, that he is ( Bobo The Clown ). We plan on getting him a little clown suit and dress him up as so. He is only four years old today and he is also my great grandson... 07/13/2014 By Lucilla M. Carrillo

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Wings on my feet
Bounce on my steps
Breakfast even tastes divine.

Husky greeting
Beautiful morning
You bring today's sunshine!

Kim Patrice Nunez
November 28, 2014

Note:  This was initially posted here on my birthday, that same day.  For some     reason, it got deleted.  Posting it again today to recall the brightness of that day.

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My Birthday Suit

Birthday comes once in a year 
It comes every year of your life 
A reminder of the day you came to be 
A day you truly know nothing about 
But a day you are truly celebrated. 

My birthday comes on the seventeenth 
I was seventeen on the seventeenth 
The day was unique because of the numbers 
Got a unique birthday gift from my Dad 
My birthday gift a special birthday suit. 

On my special suit on my special day 
I looked pleasant and radiant 
My friends all complimenting my suit 
As the birthday boy I reveled in encomiums 
I exude the aura of a royal prince. 

My friends in their exuberance popped drinks 
I was bathed in drinks of different tastes 
My birthday suit did come to ruins 
My birthday suit just for my birthday 
Truly a special gift for a special birthday.

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Happy Birthday

On your birthday, I celebrate you!
On your special day,
I’m thinking of all the wonderful things you are
that bring so much joy to others, including me!
I celebrate your unconquerable spirit,
that lets you meet every challenge
with confidence, enthusiasm and persistence.
I admire your sensitivity.
You see needs that cry out to be met
that no one else sees,
and you meet them,
out of your deep and caring heart,
out of your wisdom,
out of your strength.
I treasure your uniqueness;
There is no one else like you,
and I feel blessed to know
such an extraordinary person.
I appreciate you, respect you,
cherish you, look up to you.
Happy, happy birthday!
May each new birthday
be the best one ever for you;
You deserve it!

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How Old I Am

My oldest son's birthday was yesterday he turned 45; 
it sure lets you know how old I am
I’m tired of getting old and tired of being tired, 
but I would do it all over again

Eve Roper

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It's My Birthday For Debbie Guzzi

Early this Morning, I was sleeping in my bed. I heard a noise outside my window. I got out of bed half asleep, I walked to the window and looked outside. I saw a lot of little birds flying and carrying on. They soon seperated in bunches - as if they were having a meeting. Then they grouped all together. They were making a lot of noise. One of them came to the window. I asked him - what was going on. He answered - don't you know? Today is Debbie's Birthday and we have to celebrate. I won't tell you how old she is, but today, she becomes wiser. The Angels in heaven are very happy and her family is too- that she made it to this day. We all hope and pray that she will always be as sweet and beautiful as she is today. The little birds left flying and they went to spread the news - that today is your Birthday and we have to celebrate. Happy Birthday Debbie...
09/21/ 2012 writtin by Lucilla M. Carrillo For contest

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To the Lifegiver

You’ve given me another year
365 blank pages
To fill up
I know that your ultimate desire
Is for me to fill them in ways
That are according to your will
And that bring you joy
And that make your divine face
Break out into a smile
Of approval and love
That lights up the universe!

I know that I’ve lost the plot
This last year
I haven’t followed the plan
And I’ve wounded you
With things I’ve said
Things I’ve done
Things you wanted me to do
That I’ve left undone
The things I’ve thought
And yes, Lord
The things I’ve written
My unruly and rebellious heart
Grieving your heart of infinite love

You’ve given me life
All the days I live
Are written in your book
Before one of them came to be
You also know
When I will breathe my last
And rest in your arms

And yet….you grant me life
And you keep this heart beating
And this soul breathing
Giving me chances to get it right
Not the call to obedience
Though that is important
But the giving of my heart
And all that I am
Without reservations
That’s what you want
For me to get right because….
Once that is in place
All the rest follows

I know, Lord
I know…
I am grateful
For this gift you’ve granted me
This birthday I’ve celebrated
I’m grateful that you wink
And turn a blind eye
To many of the things I do
For you remember my frame
And know that I am dust
You know…as high as the heavens are above the earth
Your thoughts are than mine
And so…you are patient
And loving
And devoted to me

You wait
And you long
And you reach out to me
Granting me more days
So that you can recreate me
The way I’m meant to be
More years
To get it right
Because in the end
This life that I live
Is just a breath
I’m a flower
Blooming today
Withering tomorrow
But you want me to be
A forever flower
Resplendid in glory
Blooming for eternity
And that’s why
That’s why
You’ve granted me 
Another year
Another chance
To love you!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

*I've used several Bible texts in this poem. I haven't given references, nor have I used quotation marks because I've paraphrased, but I do want to give due credit to His Word...which is a revelation of who He is! :)

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Bon Anniversaire

As I walk out into the street on 
a bright night in my dark brown suit,
blinking neon lights,whistling breeze
with horns of cars buzzing through the night,
I walk into the hotel lounge expecting
to see the creme-de la-creme
in the business world there,
The waiter greets*"Bon jour monsieur" and
directs me into the hall,
The hall is full of people I could barely see
due to the dim blue sparkling light,
Then,*Voila-a bright light surfaced suddenly,
As Vikky walks into the hall,
Shouts of *'Bon anniversaire' echoe through the air,
Today is Vikky`s twenty-fifth birth day;
*"Joyeux anniversaire a' vous,Joyeux anniversaire a' vous,
Joyeux anniversaire,Joyeux anniversaire,Joyeux anniversaire a' vous"
Hip!hip!hip! hurray! with a rapturous applause....
My heart keeps racing,for
I don`t know how to present
my gift to her;
She is my love;my jewel!
but I`m afraid of her *laissez-faire attitude from parents,
She is a french-african,and all her family
members are present here;
I was lost in thought,when 
the waiter tapped me,
*'Monsieur 'and present me with a glass
of creme de menthe ;I hurriedly gulp it down,
and summon up courage,
as I feel strong sensation vibrating
through my entire body;my body is on fire!
I approach her slowly...
with my gift pack inside my suit pocket...
Trembling and sweating...
I hope,she says 'Yes!'.

*Bon jour--Good day(morning or afternoon) 
*Bon anniversaire--Good/Nice celebration
*creme-de la-creme--the best people or things of their kind
*creme de menthe--a strong sweet alcohol made from MINT
*laissez-faire--policy of allowing private businesses to develop without government control
OR parents giving their children to much  freedom.
*"Joyeux anniversaire a' vous,Joyeux anniversaire a 'vous,Joyeux anniversaire,
Joyeux anniversaire,Joyeux anniversaire a 'vous"--Happy birthday to you,happy birthday
to you,happy birthday,happy birthday,happy birthday to you....

CONTEST:"Bi-lingual poetry" sponsored by Debbie Guzzi

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Birthday Wish

Spring comes,
Bringing novel flowers
To this multicolored Earth, 
A really wretched place actually,
If you know the awful truth about it

Spring leaves, 
Taking some flowers with it, 
Bestowing freedom 
Upon these fortunate plants

Seventeen springs ago,
An ordinary flower blossomed 
On this cursed land.
The worst of all curses,
Placed on this pitiful plant 
And a fate worse than death

Seasons flew by
And the flower withstood 
The immense force of the elements,
Debilitated by great adversity
Brought by the years 

Now with spring close by, 
If fate shall allow,
Hopefully this spring, 
This dying flower will perish. 
Its roots turned to ashes
And carried by the winds of freedom
To the promised eternal paradise

A garden greets my eyes
With its breath-taking beauty
And my suffering dies

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Dear GOD

Dear GOD,

Thank You..
For all the laughter
and also the tears
lessons that make me grew.

Thank You..
For my loving family
and precious friends
that fills my days.

Thank You..
For the years you gave
and for the chance
to write more stories in my life.

Thank You..
For always stay on my side
as a Father, and a very best Friend of mine.

~ a thank you note for GOD..on my day Oct 28th 2013 00.39 AM

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On Your Birthday

It's a beautiful day today Sun rose up early for your birthday And so you should, dear birthday boy The best of today, you should enjoy. I wish you the best in everything The most you can get that life will bring Someone so fine, a love so true A happy life, a healthy you.
Kim Patrice Nunez 21 December, 2014

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Happy Birthday My Love

My Love, Today you are a year older
Our love has grown stronger and bolder
Today is a special day for you, I must express
It’s the day you were born into this world of mess

We met only a short time ago considering the years
We have already had our share of laugh and tears
I really start to think how it would have been
If you weren’t born way back then
The twinkle in your eye when you look at me
Provides me with a blanket of security
Your smile and laugh fill my heart
And I know we will never part

You were born Blankty one year’s ago
I suspect it was probably in a blazing snow
Cause only you would come out so bright
As bright as a winter storms finishing plight

My Love, Today is your special date
I am happily married to you although late
We will enjoy your special day today
We will enjoy our lives every day!

Duane LaChance 2013

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Fluffy floppy furball
Chewie chompie carnivorous
Nom nom nom

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The Danger of Ill-considered Birthday Presents

For his fifth birthday, Heathcliff 
Received a toy sword and sheath 
With bubble mixture inside from 
His absent-minded Uncle Keith. 

It seemed an ideal gift. 

Heathcliff tingled with pride, 
Blowing heavenly bubbles 
In the lugholes of his relations, 
As they beamed with adult adoration 
For a child achieving the easily achievable. 

But twenty six years on, at sea, 
Heathcliff was besieged by pirates 
With six foot sabres gleaming 
Like stainless steel cutlery. 

Alas, our hero's bubble sword 
Offered poor protection. 
An Uncle's birthday bungling 
Had doomed the lad to bloody vivisection.

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On this wonderful day,
let me wish you a very happy birthday,
May the passing seconds grace you with golden memories,
Let this birthday be wonderful with a touch of mystery,
One to be remembered in your history,
A humble wish that your life will be filled with abundant happiness,
And let your achievements this year reach the peak of magnificence

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My Precious' Day

Wake up little angel,
the hour has came.
Let's celebrate the moment,
when I delivered you here.

I can't help the emotion,
a never ending cheers.
you made me stronger,
with your laugh, my dear.

Nine long months,
we're together indeed.
sharing each other warmth,
Happiness never ends.

And now my butterfly,
fly high and soar the sky,
lift up wide your wings,
show them the beauty of within.

With you, I do promise
that forever I'll be,
your one loving mommy,
for my precious baby.

#in celebration of Chacha"s 5th bday ;)

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November 9th

A bittersweet day for me 
it's a day of celebration but
lacks one thing ever since my
15th birthday their was only 
one voice I wanted to hear 
giving me wishes I hoped
maybe in a dream you would speak
to me,but you weren't there 
my birthday has never been 
the same since you died dad
I'm 24 today i hope you would 
be proud of your son

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Happy birthday to me

I want to write a poem about birthday
Because today is my birthday - yeyy yeyy
Do you know why you were born?
You were born for a purpose
Do you know your purpose yet?
God will show you
Do you know what happened on your birthday?
You - the star was born hehe
Heaven was rejoycing
And still is today
Does God know what He is doing?
Sure does 
Just look at you today 
Why does God insist on doing what He is doing?
He created you, didn't He? haha
Can't be wrong
Now the question: do you know how you were created?
Ahh that - I will leave it to the expert
You are no expert either 
Don't fool yourself lol
What should you do on your birthday?
Whatever the h I want to do, right?
Born, buddy
You got to get in there
Through the canal...
And jump 
Bingo haha
You made it
You were born
The star is created
Now how many birthday I am going to get?
One - my friend
Unless you want to be born again?
Ahh I can arrange that
No problemo
Are you sure you want to be born again?
Yeah yeah
Now get back in there 
Go through the canal
Not that canal
What do you think I'm saying?
Canal of water my friend
Of accepting Jesus as your Savior
Because if you don't
You might as well not to be born again
And how can you live
if you are not born again?
Anyway, how did I get here?
Lol - Happy birthday to me
And you too - some day
Wait your turn, will ya?

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I am 82
And feel it through and through
One more birthday here
With many years gone somewhere
I suspect I’ll get a cake

Get birthday greetings
I’m so leery of sweet things
Cards would be enough
Gut won’t stand the sugar stuff
Keep the tums handy old man

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Celebration comes when we see fit But we can only celebrate just a little bit 'Cause with all the travesty that surrounds us We look for a good escape, And it does not matter Neither the time nor the place. One man's trash, Is another man's treasure. So is one man's victory Another man's defeat. Never do both the men Run at a parallel. Thus, who deserves happiness When they both meet. This must be a familiar trait All humans tend to have in common; Plus fighting for our wants, And the things we don't see coming. We must find some form of joy, The smallest spec of it in our lives. Even if some of the joy Will bring trouble sometimes. So, we simply set our minds As long as the moment feels really right We will let tomorrow happen If we make through the night

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I am alive 
and ready to take on the day
and whatever 
may come my way

the time between the beats
with my pace
and the expression on my face

the time of day
is divided  
into twenty four hours
with many beats

how many beats 
does it take to make the bed
or take a train to work 
how many beats 
does it take to count the beats
I must count the beats some time
before it's too late

lub-dub lub-dub
lub-dub lub-dub
the heart is a variable metronome 
that does not measure time or keep time
it can only keep the beat going
and measure love

lub-dub lub-dub
lub-dub lub-dub
does nothing
does it all

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Birthday Girl

I have nothing to give you
Except my vacant hands
Put your hope
I will fling about air.
No sweet words to wish you
except the poor date
You will be there...days left.
I can't find any gift for you
without clay pot.
Many drops i waste
I know your eyes also make maps
          keep your drop in the pot.
You can see me within it,
Dry water of your feelings.
I have lost the magic
-to make you happy
            Here's my broken love
Touch it
You can see your smile
-On the sharp knife
And my faded sounds..."HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU"

Note:Here i tried to write this piece as your beloved "MOM" far from your imagination who can see you and still love you.This may not be correct as your mom....yet i tried.Keep smiling B'Day Girl....

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A Blessed Summer

Summer is the season my Birthday comes around,
A special month, in my life, is August.

On this day, all of nature is happy and celebrating with me;
like my Mother that Special Day when she gave me Life.

Different birds sing their songs in the early morning.
The brilliant colored sun sets in the beautiful evening.

The warm wind quietly whispers to me through the leaves of the trees,
The smell of flowers congratulates me together with the breeze.

I never forget my birthdays in Russia; children around the tables,
My caring Mother filled with food, fruits, vegetables and sweets.

That summer my Mother and I were blessed by God together.
I received the Biblical name Lydia from my loving Mother.

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The World Is Ending On Your Birthday

It's your birthday, December twenty first
make a wish
let the candelabras burn an inch
something precious
in the morning, evening kiss
you've always longed for.

Pray beneath the mistletoe, adorned
grab your popcorn
the couch besides the window looks so grand
take a peek
with a smack of lips on buttery fingers, *prang!*
there goes the earthly orb.

Park your derriere mid-chew
the riots, panicked, raving loons
peering out
with that last piece of popcorn in your mouth
hear those shouts

that the world is ending
breathe the fumes
the flames are sending
see the crowds of mental patients cry

the morning after
disaster sends the paranoia hangover *High!*
of a cityscape in shreds

sirens resonating with your bed
a good book to send yourself to dream,
it was your birthday today
and you got to listen to the lunatics scream.

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One Last Breath

When you truly know that life is worth living
When you truly feel that love is for giving
To die is a beautiful thing.

When you truly feel that hate is forbidden
When you truly know that death is worth heeding
To try is a beautiful thing.

Fate then becomes no more than a brief sweet moment,
Hanging upon anyone’s stiffened husky throat,
Waiting for our merciful God’s healing,
To release it in: 

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New Nine Month Rule

This bears repeating, every December (and February, and March):

We have five December birthdays
in our immediate family.

February is the love month,
not March, never March, okay?
Some are confused about St. Valentine
who, though he championed love,
would have scoffed at our customs.

Claudius the Cruel*, Queen Juno**,
birds mating, and fertility rites
have no bearing on March.
Please pass the word.

December birthdays
thin budgets, time, and tempers.
The month of December 
is for Christmas, don'tcha know?

March should be off limits
in the bedroom. 
Every woman should hang a sign 
on her bed on March first: 
On Vacation for one month!

What, no one told your mother
about the nine month rule?

*Ordered St. Valentine beheaded in 278 AD
**Roman Goddess of marriage & childbirth.

cfa © 12/13/2010 

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Angel in Disguise

Today we honor a special woman who means so much to us all, a honorable sincere god fearing woman someone if in trouble the first to call a woman who u can trust and wouldn't look at u with eyes that judge just quick to pick up if your down on your luck an angel in disguise to us all a god given prize showering everyone u encounter with unconditional love a true testimony to what real love is made of a strong willed woman with pure words of positivity today we are all grateful to see and celebrate your longevity blessed to be in your presence a true blessings you are indeed words you speak are kind and wise and the weak and lost u hear their cries take in a stranger as your own with one saying in my home me and mine will serve the lord you brought love and god into everyone's heart that came into yours and with no doubt you open your home given out much love joy wisdom and most of all a place one can call family a given women in all aspects of the word so glad to be here on this day celebrating your birth!

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Linda Marie The Sweetheart Of Poetry Soup

Happy birthday to a very special person Happy birthday to you, Just because you are Twenty/thirty/forty or sixty, Don't despair my dear Linda-Marie The Sweetheart Of Poetry Soup. So on this very special day I would like to request Administration, Poetry Soup To re-consider your appeal. Because you are a special treasure For all that you have done, May the love you have shown to others, This is the time to return to you multiplied. May this birthday be your best birthday. One after another candle on your cake, Be glad that, you have strength Enough to blow them all out. Write on please, sweet heart of P.S, Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday ____________________ Chitta

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I invited some special friends
to my tea party,
I made cheese, cress and tomato sandwiches,
blueberry yogurt and a pot of jasmine tea.
I spread a white linen table cloth I’d embroidered with flowers one evening when 
I was alone,
I placed a blue vase covered with purple flowers and bluebirds
on the table,
.   .   .   prepared some words for a poem to read to my friends,
I waited by my window all evening, then waited some more,    
.   .   .     but nobody came,
I died a little more that night.

Tom McFerran.

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It's a new Birthday

Another day calls for happy presence 
Of all hearts on earth united by birth
Ticking off the alarm clock notice the card
It reads Joyous wishes…Happy Birthday
Smiles my eyes and read my lips
Taking a plunge into reminiscences
Of the birthdays when I was small
Added on the years and landed college
Friends and gatherings …pomp and show
Treat, treat noises all over the corridor
Nice feeler even when growing old
And now this phase of being “Big Girl”
Responsibilities along with some fun
Happy Birthday dear calls up my Mother
Being grown up takes far from parents
Move all on your own…go on, go on…
Birthday showers afresh blessing again
From the home side and friends far gone.
Better half walks in with a flower
Rejoicing with the birthday song
Every birthday has its own charm
Even when growing old feeler calls
Still the pleasure blooming in heart
Phone rings cheering Happy Birthday
Journey of life reflects back in one take
Old memories do hit the road 
Cakes, balloons and birthday cap
A day out with loved ones
Makes birthday…a happy one
This Birthday a more special indeed
Its first time with the partner for life
Feels like living not just survive
Birth-day gaining a new meaning 
A surprise party and blissful time
Happy birthday…handed the gift …
of pure Love and more Life

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Birthday Things

                   Birthday Things

If you are having a Birthday - make sure
that you have four Things. They should be 
Flowers, Cake, Wine and of course - friends.

Flowers... for your health and image to always
be radiant.

Cake... for your life to always have a special

Wine... To invade your mind with beautiful
thoughts and inspirations.

Friends... To help you celebrate and bring
you laughter.

I didn't mention money, that is something
that comes and goes. Sometimes we have
it and sometimes we don't...

These are just some Birthday Thoughts.
Which I hope you like

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Birthday wishes to a beloved abroad

May your day be clad in bright chitenge          (colorful flowing garments)
and your ears filled with the music of falling waters! 

Lwa mitonda , kaizeli!                                           (We miss you, sister!)                
See us run with arms outstretched 
like the wings of an airplane 
because, if we could, we would fly to you; 
see our encircling, turning legs 
like those of sprinting cyclists 
because, if we could, we would pedal to you; 
see us hop, in a sitting posture 
like that of a crazy taxi driver 
because, if we could, we would race to you. 
But we would rather have you here with us 

Africa ya kutonda, kaizeli!                                    ( Africa misses you, sister!)
Ku tezi batu - we are waiting for you                 ( We watch the horizon)
Utwa, ba andamisa - come dance with us.      (And the drums are beating)
While distance separates you from us  
we talk about you, smile, and say: 
Mutu yo munde ki ya na ni sikoka kwa batu;      (she will make many friends)
and we want you to remember always: 
Ku sebeleza Mulimu, ki makalelo a butali.      (it is more blessed to give than to receive)

Be blessed, dear sister! 
We wish you peace, we wish you joy 
and above all, we wish you love.

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Happy Birthday Mate

Another year added to blown eyes
For me to look at and smile

Another chance given to a fragile heart
For me to feel and care for

More days given to you
For me to prove my love to you

As you blow the candles 
May more years together we share

Walking together 
Till age takes all teeth out

As we smile and die together
To start our love forever

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My Hapiness

Last Friday I was told it was your birthday 
I wonder if I can have the chance to say 
My heart is ever throbbing when I first saw you 
But I knew inside I was not meant for a girl so true 
I kept it a secret that I felt something like this 
I thought that it will fade in a bliss 
Day and night I think of it as a wonder 
That you are in my mind to ponder 
Just as the waves are tossed to the shore 
Deep inside me it is you that I adore 
My heart clings to you my dear  
Because of you I conquered all my fear 
It is my only happiness that you smile 
Be there always and stay for a while 
To your most special day I send this simple gift 
I hope that this will remove your grief

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I asked for 40 winks more, but she 
had her way with me, as she always does.
Don't argue with the muse: "The ***** is always right,"
my brother would say in disgust about his third,
and final wife.  He's the guy who walked me 
down the aisle in a crowded church,
and gave me as wife to his best friend, in lieu 
of a father, gone too soon. "I wish Daddy 
didn't die," he said, a grown man on the telephone 
in one of his late night phone calls, where I 
sat huddled in a blanket on the floor, listening 
to the lost child he would always be.

He wore pinstripe gray on my wedding day,  
preempting the famous "Hucklebuck" as we 
christened the funky turquoise suit 
that lit up his blue eyes and golden Greek-
god hair. He was the baby brother I raised 
after our mother left, leaving him back-
stroking, forever seeking Jesus love 
in a sea of imperfect women.  

Ever the renegade, he took his married sister
to his Senior Prom to whispers 
of impropriety, and glares from pretty girls 
who might have been his date.  I was 
the big sister, glamourous in the simple, 
black moire' gown our aunt had made to take 
my freshman year at college by storm. 

Oh Yes! Brother above reproaches, 
gone ten years as your birthday approaches, 
I call (no area code needed) to say,
in the 28 minutes it took to write this poem, 
maybe less than the time it takes to birth 
a baby, 'dare a la luz', red and screaming 
in his brand-new birthday suit,  Poetry 
and you, brother, were labors of love.  You: 
the most beautiful boy in the world.

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Sad birthday

White celebration again,
With mothers and children
Juicing, fruiting campaign,
Tossing drinking Champaign,
Standing and sitting again
With singing and dancing domain
A thirtieth birthday bro!
No pain no gain again.

Lightening x-massing you see,
Prepared for months to be,
With touring and camping on sea,
Treeing disco lighting may be,
A thirtieth birthday bro!
No pain no gain again.

Facebooking, snapping no less,
Flashing shamming they do,
Drinking, eating careless,
Calamity obituary on due,
A thirtieth birth day bro
No pain no gain again. 

© Lucas Mkude, 07-01-2012 

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my love;
last night
while you drifted
curled within my arms
my thoughts grew
full-bloom, beneath the moon.

on white sand
we melted together
into passion's splash
like dripping candles
atop birthday cake

and i wished
you awake!

10/21/ birthday :)

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Crush On An Older Man

I have dreams about you
You keep me up all night long
Last night I thought about how we could never be together
And today it made me seriously depressed
I’ve been feeling sick lately
Is it the flu?
Or is it my thoughts about you?
Why couldn’t I be older?
So you could wrap me in your arms (your strong, muscular arms)
And your handsome, adorable face
Looking down at me
Telling me it’ll all be okay
As long as we are together
Damn that stupid dream
My seventeenth birthday is coming up quick
But it is just not enough
And the next day I’m leaving on a plane
Never to see you again
The best birthday present I could ever get
Is just one, undeniably sweet, 100% satisfactory, firework-worthy
Kiss from you.
Is that too much to ask?

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Today Is my birthday I am 28 years old too
I’ve thought long and hard of what birthday wishes I want to come true
I thought I might want something shiney
And brand new.
But I changed my mind wondering
If going for a walk will do.
We can hike on trails and run a mile or two.
But I do not belive that is what I want for this birthday.
As I think of all the things I think I want I see that
My wishes have already come true.
This I know is the happiest birthday I have had 
Just waking up next to you,
No today this birthday should not be about me 
It should be about you.

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My birthday song

The waters broke forth
Blood followed after
The head sooner appeared
A push truly was needed
A nurse did a little pulling
Legs now were out
The chord had to be cut
A slap on the butt was good

A cry sweet to hear
A new soul was born
Healthy,handsome and breathing
Held dearly in the bossom
Songs were sung,praising
God's works,amazing
The child is still surviving
Mom did works so great

Now she is long gone
More good had she taught him
His soul now in God anchored
One score and a year now he is
Saved by God's grace amazing
Prayers and praises is he offering

He prays for mercy and lifet
Forgiveness of sins
Desiring a soul so clean
Escape from spiritual bongage
Free from filth and sin
Praying for love and freedom
He hates a life unclean

Pain and sorrow he knows all
In life he wishes to see more
Grow old,grey haired and wax wise
Give love,save lives and live a legacy
Live long,live good and be raptured

Glory to God im 21

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A celebration of life

Life is meant to be lived and celebrated
Celebrated for those who make living purposeful
Purposeful to them, and to others meaningful
Meaningful enough to be celebrated

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Season Of Shorts

The day is brrrry.
I stay inside, drive everywhere I go.
Longing for my birthday,
Groundhog's Day,
and all that comes after.
The melting, the warmer winds,
the lengthening days, 
the things that bring
the depressed spirit back to life.
watching the layered, coated people
walk shivering on the sidewalk.
It's almost time.
The season of shorts will soon arrive.


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happy birthday to my wife

 Happy birthday to my wife
A ray of sunshine in my life
Another year older, that is alright 
Beacon Hill seems like last night 
It seems our love even grows stronger 
I hope we enjoy it much longer 
So,what is another year
Let's jump and cheer
May your birthday be spent along side me
Maybe go to the mountain and just roam free
I'll be here as long as I can 
It may be a long life span 
Happy birthday have no fear
Look around, I’ll be here
May your day be merry and bright?
Hay; how about we get together tonight
             Happy Birthday 
             With Love Buzzie
             Jan 2002

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A Birthday

Birthdays come and go
Some are looked forward to with great anticipation
And some anticipated with gloomy thoughts of time passing
But each one must be acknowledged in customary form
If nothing else, but to please those who try so hard

A dinner, gifts, and singing the song
Quite often the same ritual year after year
In one manner or another
Whether be it a big pizza party for a six year old
Or something to honor a great grandfather turning ninety nine

A celebration of some form,
Sometimes with streamers, pinatas, and games
Or a quiet gathering...a small number sitting around
A little table at The Olive Garden for an hour
No balloons, no cake, no candle, but acknowledgement, just the same

Looking back on the latter, this simple family gathering
An evening dinner hour at The Olive Garden
The honoree, a woman, whose years seem to pass by so quickly
Over plates of ravioli, and eggplant parmasean, one special moment
A memory of a birthday that won't be forgotten 

When a blonde little boy, .......her grandson
With his head held low, his 6 year old manner
Quiet, with shy repose, reaching into his pocket,
Holding out his one and only..
Most precious minature figure of Darth Vader
Saying, ..."I brought this for you, Grandma.  It's your present."
What better birthday could a Grandma have?

Happy Birthday To Me!!

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Today, I Live

    I have my first breathe.
    I have my first touch
             of the warm embrace.
    I have my first taste
             of my mother's milk.
    I have my first tears
             the cry of innocence.
    I have my first dance
             in my father's arms.

     sweet kisses greeted me.
     gentle hands touches me.

~cve~ 01-22-15

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45 What is a Birthday

What is a birthday?
More importantly,
What is a birthday for?

Mark another year of life
From day of birth
I think not

To me
A birthday is embarresment
A black spot on the dreaded ides

I'm 15 on the 15th
I hate the attention
It's hell on earth

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Happy birthday.

  Happy birthday I want to say,
  to you my dear,
  on sunday your special day.
 I would love to send you a card,
  yellow roses too.
 Though that is not possible,
  we both know.
  I can not ring you,
  say what I want to say,
  so I am saying it this way.
  I hope you have a wonderful day,
   you deserve it in every way.
  I hope your wishes come true.
   There is some thing else I want,
  to say to you.
  Good luck God bless in all you do.
  Always thinking of you.
  Happy birthday to you .xxxxx

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July 6th

   Today is my Birthday, and you are here with me
   I do believe you were there the year and day i was born

   for my breath and heart is beating for you are with me

   Today is my Birthday and yes you are.. inside of me

   I would like us to dance taka chance chance chance chance

   Today and everyday is my Birthday everyday you have been in my life

   I believe it was this day in Peoria, Illinois at Methodist Hospital at 11;04 am

   The day I was born, the day I fell in love, the day I took my 1st breath

    the day i cried a tear the day I've always been in love

    Today is my Birthday and you have been here my whole life

    you are here now , i feel complete , I've loved you all my life , I loved

    you since this day....
                             ~ Today is Our Birthday ~


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If You Only Knew

My best friend, My x boyfriend, and the one I’m still in love with.
I know I have a boyfriend and he just happens to be your best friend too, but if I had the chance to tell you everything I would.
You and I still love each other like we did 3 years ago, but there’s nothing we can do about it.
I cant leave my boyfriend because I to scared of everything that will happen. 
I do love him and I do love you, but Who do I love more?
The one weekend I Saw you this year was the best weekend I've ever had.
We walked around like there was nothing else going on in the world.
The biggest smiles on our face, My lipstick on your lips, and the love in our eyes.
You and I even sang together on the park bench for the world to hear.
Shinedown is our favorite band because we both fit like perfect puzzle pieces in all their songs. 
I can't describe the way you made me feel with your big blue eyes, and the way you lifted me up like I was as light as a feather.
I know people might say if I love you so much then why don't I leave him. 
My answer is simple: I'm scared of being hurt… again.
Sure, every girl is sacred of a heart break but this girl? 
The bipolar , depressed, starving, love hungry, emotional, girl isn’t just scared she's terrified.
I do I love my boyfriend, but I don’t know who I love more.
Sure Dustin you broke up with me on my birthday 3 years ago, but we all make mistakes.
So for this years birthday you got me a beautiful “J” necklace, the color of my birthstone.
I know it might not sound like that makes up for it but the way I feel with you makes me feel invincible.
Every night we would go up to the hill, smoke a cigarette, and just hold each other. 
So if I had the opportunity to tell you  one thing that I regret not telling you.
It's that I love you and the way you make me feel more then everything in the whole world... except for Tyler, my boyfriend.
I'm sorry Dustin.

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happy birthday poem

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you.
you will always look lovely
smile and smile forever more
happy birthday to you and always
smile for me and forever more

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every month of May
comes an additional count on my age
there comes a drizzle of the rain
greetings is what they'll always say

now, I've just turned twenty-six
those past years is like watching a long flicks
been faced different conflicts
and the future is hard to predict

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Christ mas Wish

Christ’s mas Day
Of wonder
A day of Light

Christ’s mas Day
Of ubiquitous joy
A day so very Bright

What is my
Wish for Christ’s mas

Good will
All men
Women and children

What is my
Second wish for Christ’s mas

Peace on
All nations

Christ’s mas Day
A day in honor of the
Birth of the baby Jesus
A day of celebration

Christ’s mas Eve
A day before giving birth
The Blessed Mother
A day of The Father’s
Atonement and Revelation

What is my
Third wish for Christ’s mas Day

God bless us all

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Joys from Heavens

The time of year when the joys 
Rain down form Heavens
When the families get together, 
When the children look up in  hope
Santa’s fill surprise in the socks at night
When the snowman appears in gardens
There comes a the giggles and chants
Colored balls in trees and stars shining
Exchanges of greetings nights of prayers
We gather to celebrate the coming of Joy
Night to celebrate the Holy Jesus
Night to celebrate new Life, for its
The time of year when joys 
Rain down from Heaven…

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Those Birthday Blues

Listen here Queen & King those birthday blues are nothing but a trick from the enemy to confuse you.
You see; he wants nothing more but for you to throw a pitty party, filled with feelings of disappointments and regrets.
Leading you down a path of depression; where all you can see are the past bondages that were met to prevent you from seeing.
The brand new beginning, that a birthday gives you in life birthing a focus and thirst for what is next.
Recognize you’re blessed to be in the present.
You still have the ability to dream, to watch the sun set and rise and having the joy of hearing the birds sing.
There are those who are not so privileged  and have gone on;  never realizing who they are.
They unlike you will never have new hopes, fond dreams or be able to catch a glance at a shooting star.
Bow down on your knee's and thank and praise God; thank him for his compassion, love, mercy and grace for bringing you this far.
Be grateful you still have the victory of life.
Of course, no one is exempt from opposition or strife.
You’re blessed enough to stand six feet above still experiencing God's love.
There is no room in your life for the enemy's birthday blues.
You serve an awesome God whose gift to you everyday is the gift of life and the ability to choose.

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Ten minutes and still it won’t change
Late for her birthday party again,
Just like last year
She celebrates forty two years young tomorrow 
The 24th of December 
Here I have driven halfway across the state 
And am again stopped by the same red light in town
Made good time between Albany and Erie
Then down to a crawl at the tracks
And dead stop at this light
My God, the sun’ll be up soon if we don’t get moving
Grey dawn sky parts to reveal even more clouds higher up in the sky
She’ll think I’ve forgotten
Ok  -  at last the red flashes to green and hey, up comes the sun too!
I remember she’d always say her birthday marked the end of the darkest day
She always joked she was born with  the  return of the light
Now slip into cruise control and we’ll be there in fifteen  minutes
She’ll think her old man’s losing it for sure
But still . . . . .  I can’t wait to see my youngest daughter again
She was always the light of my life
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Entered in Debbie Guzzi's Contest 	Celebrate the Light

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Virgoan, You


Yes, you are a Virgo-an Sweetheart, you are born Sixth in the Zodiac Sign Destined to be kind and loving Caressed by the stings of Scorpions. Your early constellation Journeyed you and brightens Far from the Far East regions To your playing field in the Western nation More than ever shining and strong. You are blessed with beautiful children Who definitely enjoyed and liven Your life in full swinging kinetic-ism Thou retired early from your profession Yet guided them to be successfully fine. Lucky was once upon a time your man When you served and loved him But such fate so amusingly scheming And bad timing in many times But God finally sent you a bosom-friend. Your chosen mate and love ones All greeting and wishing You a Birthday conceived in heaven You deserve such a Special occasion Happy, happy birthday again! Virtually looking at you always a maiden And in you his eyes never loosen sights on Puts you in a pedestal never could anyone threaten And forever the wind be singing and tendering You, with the liken of a Swan Song.
9/2/13 Composed by GWSL Dedicated to DGA

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Birthday girl

Merry,merry, may the day 
come,   a regular poem is 
not for you,  but an 
ecstatic beautiful one is 
always for you,    October  
the stars shine only for 
you,         birthday 
girl,birthday girl this one 
is for you,   may love 
bring happiness unto 
you,     a magnificent 
poem this one is for you, 
birthday girl,birthday girl 
may you live forever 

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Twenty-two is a shitty Thing. No age left to look forward To, the slow decline steepens As your brakes quickly go out. Oh. How could I Forget? My Insurance Goes up at Twenty-five. I Cannot Wait.

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Sing Angel Girl On Her Day

            Sing Angel Girl On Her Day
Angels came to play and lay a cloud of snowy white beneath her feet
As they treat her to a Happy Birthday party
And sing her name in praise and peace

Hi Girl, they would whisper to her soft and low
How lovely you look today

And she would whisper back hello 
Thank them for the fluffy snow 
For melting it away
So she can enjoy her special day.
Thank you for the flowers glowing blue and red

Angels smiled at her kindly and kissed her head
And blessed her hardships that make her strong

They danced in flowing summer fields so soft and long
They danced around her with a Happy Birthday wish   
To have her join them in joy and happiness 
To join them in a song and endless bliss

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Today is my birthday; sixty-eight in words. 
They mean less now 
than when numbers were the cold, hard play of my youth; 
I could make them dance in my head. 

No rule says I can't still dance, 
feel the power of the machine in my skull,
though it runs differently now, 
balancing carefully, 
not falling left or right,
keeping heel to toe.

I'll fall when I'm ready: 
forward, face-down 
on the razor's edge. 

But it's my birthday and I'm on the new side of midnight.
I'm tired, ready to find an edge to sleep on. 
I do talk of edges.

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Childhood Memories

I vividly recall those days
When childhood ruled my world
Going over to friend’s houses
Climbing on trees; hidden in leaves
Sneaking ripe guavas in our pockets
And then running away; laughing
As the old man comes with a stick
I still smile at sweet remembrance
Of birthday parties and games
Throwing pieces of cakes at birthday child
Before being turned out by the angry mother
I remember the sleep-over nights
Bringing in teddies stealthily
And then calling home late at night
Asking for a forgotten toothbrush
When it was time for bed; and lights off
Each child quivered with fear
Feeling for each other hands
I love to sit back and remember the days
When running after mischievous doings
We used to wonder why grown-ups
Still think we are innocent

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It's My Birthday

For your birthday I pondered what to do,
What sort of gift would be perfect for you?

Should I send you a clown to make you smile,
Doing silly tricks and cart wheels of every style?

Should I spend hours baking you a birthday cake?
Oh No!  That might just give you a tummy ache.

I thought about dance lessons for the rumba, cha cha,
Slow drag and such...

Would the next gift on my list cost too much?
Perhaps take you on a trip around the world
With all expenses paid...

But they probably wouldn't accept monopoly money
And I put that thought right out of my head.

So dear, forget all those things listed above, 
I send instead invisible roses and oceans of love.

for Debbie Guzzi's contest It's My Birthday

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My Lovely Gal

Hello Chloe

You are now 4 years of age here on this planet earth
I cannot quite remember that particular age actually
I think you are truly amazing
I have seen a lot of incredible people in my short time
You always make me smile, laugh and think
I love evolution when I see your eyes
Somehow I may have evolved too
Just because of you
You give me the energy every day to push the idiots aside
And just watch you become the person I see so obviously
Beautiful and powerful
Sometimes I sit in awe
What else can a dad do

Happiest day my love!

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I sit in front
hourly of all the
blank and empty 
power while the
steamy streets
drip ice.
I have to look
for things to do
with optics, audio,
word, and eyes 
past the white curtain.
Aging way beyond
uselfulness, the jokes
I play on myself
keep me alive
instead of money.

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more than a mother

who is a mother?

a million dollar question 

that flows through ones heart

and asks questions

not every one who gives birth

qualifies to be a mother

some are not motherly enough

to even rear their kids

some sell their kids

some abandon them...

is that a mothers role?

a rhetorical question

the mother i have

has a role far greater than her title

the privilege i have to share her life

is beyond my comprehension

she is more than a mother

not because she birthed me

because she knows her role

superbly than a cookie recipe

those poor old days

when we manage to even eat rice

and life was difficult

when we needed chicken...

for christmas and new year

and a whole chicken will be cut into half

so we will have a sense of livelihood

i have more than a mother

a mother who groomed us

all in the way of christ

thank God for the bible club of those days

and how she often tells us...

"say the truth and let the devil be ashamed"

when you lie, there are two ballots boxes

lieing makes you vote for the devil

i have more than a mother

a mother who elevates my self esteem

when people step on me

she makes me realize my worth

"i am fearfully and wonderfully made" she says

day by day, she pours into my ear

to keep myself pure

i have more than a mother

thank God for you

being a guardian,mentor and role model

over my existence...

even when we want to derail

she sets us on the right path

reminding us of the gravity of laziness

and how it doesnt pay

i have more than a mother

and i thank God for giving us you

to procreate us...

over five decades ago you were born

and today we celebrate not just your birthday

but the opportunity it has afforded me

to have more than a mother

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In 50 Years

In 50 years

I have jumped rope, rode bikes, made mud pies, and climbed tress.
Went trick or treating. Sat on Santa’s lap.
Couldn't wait for a new dress and matching shoes for church on Easter.
Became a teenager, had my first crush, learned to drive, had my first job.
Graduated from High School, went to college.
Fall in love for the first time went through break ups and back together.
Got married and divorced.
Meet a man that would be the father of my son.
We would marry but after a short time we to would divorce.
Watch my son grow up, and watched him fall in love.
Went through the deaths of both parents, and close family and friends.
Became distanced from family.
Meet a man with a kind heart and a son that was disable, that in my heart he is mind.
Became an author.
There will be no more marriages, or climbing trees, or making mud pies.
There still will be laughing and crying
Happiness and sadness
Friends and family.

Most of all God has been with me through these 50 years,
And he will be there through the rest and forever.

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For Our Heavenly Angel On His Birthday

 Happy birthday to our young man
what we wouldn't give to hold your hand
 Instead of seventeen candles on this day
we'll put seventeen roses where you lay
 Five months now since you've been gone
dear God, it is so hard to stay strong
 We remember you daily
and great things have been done in your honor
 We'll make you proud
because our love is so loud
 Dear God, we ask one favor
let the birthday boy make a rainbow
to shine on us down below
 Happy birthday Camron
the truest man we've ever known
 Rest peacefully now in Heavens home

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The Birthday Boy

Hey guys today is my
17th birthday so I
wrote this poem I
hope you like it

I, Da'Quan Bowrin,
Born on July
Soon to be seventeen
yrs old,
I am the birthday
If it wasn't for my
I wouldn't be here,
So thanks mom ,
Thanks for giving
birth to me,
I don't always tell
But I appreciate
everything that you
do for me,
Thanks for

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Clap,clap...clap all clap,

Clap to help,self,clap, 

Clapping found a therapy,

Span life,increasing to be happy,

Clapping just,improving BP,

Adjusting fine the FBC,

A contest in France,clapping-

Five hours to clap non stopping,

The contest itself a different,

The two winners also a different,

Right hand left clapped,

Left hand right clapped,

All winners,we call able,

This contest winners,two differently able,

Single hand,how to clap?

Other than the lap of that and this chaps,

In all angles self confidence,

Bringing mind oneness,

All want to live long,clap,

All say no,nothing to help,


Clap long to live long clap!!

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Spry Bri

There once lived a girl named Bri and it was her birthday She came up with a rhyme and it was, it is your birthday so please do not freeze the cheese. It is your birthday, so do not cry and instead be spry. Aunika Alch Age 12

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The High-Tech Birthday of my niece-thru video conference

A really a lovely way to celebrate, the Most
Dear one’s birthday, in a high-tech mode, sure
Thanks to the modern technology in IT field
That enabled all of us to participate, joyously.

It is no ordinary persons’ birthday indeed!
But of a very unassuming and a gentle soul
Which, is the very embodiment of sincerity
And whose only concern is welfare of all.

She is very tough but I wrongly describe her
For we are yet to see a more kinder spirit
In human shape except for saintly people
She is the crest-jewel of our family legacy.

Simple to the core with absolutely no airs 
Always concerned with the plight of poor
A hand that is generous to the fault, with 
A heart, that abounds in care and virtue.

Such is the persona of our niece, dear to us
Not a word I write here is an overstatement
But an unpretentious outpouring of our heart
That ever beats for our niece; Aruna the dear.

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Limbo Cake

            Limbo Cake

When you die before your time you go to Limbo
A place for unborn and innocent souls
A happy zone where the unknown play and wait
Unfinished business and Birth Days are postponed
There is no paper
Golden pens are in supply
To write messages on your heart
Of a life not lived and stories of what could have been
One day God will come again and take you
Until that time
You continue waiting
For your Birth Day cake 

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Lone Birthday Boy Dancing

Yesterday for my birthday,
I started off
with a bottle of wine...
I took the train
into town...
I had half a bitter
at the Cafe de Piaf
in Waterloo...
I went to work
for a couple of hours or so;
I had a pint after work;
I went for an audition;
after the audition,
I had another pint
and a half;
I had another half,
before meeting my mates,
for my b'day celebrations;
we had a pint together;
we went into
the night club,
where we had champagne
(I had three glasses);
I had a further
glass of vino,
by which time,
I was so gone
that I drew an audience
of about thirty
by performing a solo
dancing spot
in the middle
of the disco floor...
We all piled off to the pub
after that,
where I had another drink
(I can't remember
what it was)...
I then made my way home,
took the bus from Surbiton,
but ended up
in the wilds of Surrey;
I took another bus home,
and watched some telly, 
and had something to eat
before crashing out...
I really, really enjoyed
the eve, but today,
I've been walking around
like a zomb;
I've had only one drink today,
an early morning
restorative effort;
I spent the day working,
then I went to a bookshop,
where, like a monk,
I go for a day's
drying out session...
Drying out is really awful;
you jump at every shadow;
you feel dizzy,
you notice everything;
very often,
I don't follow through.

(There's a twilight mood to "Lone Birthday Boy Dancing" - almost certainly drafted in diary form on 8 October 1992, or perhaps a year earlier - with the birthday boy performing his Dionysian solo dance in defiance of the wholesale ruin of mind, body and soul he's so obviously invoking.)

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Thats what i want

A birthday isn’t just a day I was born in
It is the celebration and ecstasy for staying alive another year
Of all the birthdays 
I came to look at today as a forgotten recall
Of all the birthdays 
I disliked this one
And reviewed my life
Since the start
And regretted the things I wanted to do 
And delayed them 
But I was willing to do them 
With compassion and enthusiasm as ever
But, my parents and specially my dad
Never keeps his word
And that with an disregardful trait
Maybe he has gotten old
Maybe he is starting to pay less attention 
And care less to examine thoughts
Maybe, but I wished and wanted and desired
He was younger, so that he could live longer
Because we came afterwards
He has already given all the care and love to the previous kids
Who are now adults and can depend on themselves
How it pleases and sets me happy
When he at least plays with us
That’s what I want
A real dad
Who smiles and speaks appropriate jokes 
Who encourages me to follow my dreams
And not let them sink with the days
Who helps me develop my talents
Who really and really understand me
And my feelings
Who can love me and show it
Who can promise me and stick to his promise 
No matter what 
That’s what I want
Is that too much to ask?
I want dad and mom 
To play with me football 
And basketball 
And many other games
I want to share qualities and moments
With them
But can they at least speak to me 
Without making a joke out of my words?
That’s what I want
And I don’t want to blow the 100 lit candles on my birthday 
I want to live and experience things I never saw
I want to do stuff I never thought of doing
Play instruments and strengthen talents
Achieve things I never dreamt of achieving
Scoring goals, walking extended paths
So that when I’m about to die
I die with satisfaction to say
I lived a life

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My birthday is coming,
so should i say when?
should i be happy or sad
or be as chipper as ever?
Does birthdays matter,
when you are turning old?
I am sure my birthday is coming...
so is it when, again?

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retrospective rendezvous 39

cover me as i go downtown
where we used to go and 
play pinball

so many lifetimes have past 
since those magical moments
of feeling older in my era of 
childhood youth

if i was a painter with a rare 
gift of magic, i would paint the
reason back into life and order 
a sprite with a cherry in the 

as i think about all the heatwaves, 
deluges, and snowstorms that have 
come and gone, i think about a time
when 6am to 2pm on saturdays were
the golden time of day

as i close my eyes and get lost in the taste 
of this push-up, i think back to a time when
certain cities were safe havens of serene 

i guess every birthday that passes makes me 
miss it all even more....then again, as time makes 
time forget time, it seems even more like that 
particular time did not even exist....until those
retrospectives creep into my mind and bring back
time machine memories of benevolent bliss

i have prolonged making my wish enough
i guess i will go on and blow out the candles now
praise the Lord for the Gift of another year....

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Jhaine in a favela, I think

Jhaine in Brazil, I think
closest I can figger
'cause, we don't share some language
probably a generational thing
I suppose

many words I don't understand
many of the words
she writes
like music

but, the ideas, I think
I could help to explain

Jhaine, she comes across strong
seems to carry herself 

loves her baby

beautiful and strong

rise up, little sister, rise on up
above it all

and bring the ones you love
for you are beautiful

you are strong

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Jasmine Wedge

Your sweet and kind,
You forgive and turn a blind eye,
Your confidence,
Your assurance,
Your company I am glad to keep,
Your sine is my sine,
I have noticed,
The similarities,
Between us,
We seem the same,
Down to the movement of our fingers,
To our likes and dislikes,
Our inability to stand down,
To be so bold,
As to have no fear,
To speak personally,
To be the same insecurity,
As to know your needs,
And you to know mine,
From the dawn of our friendship,
To your 16th birthday,
We have struggled but endured,
We know how to talk to one another,
I feel we know each other,
You are beautiful,
But I feel you are hurt inside,
Your humbleness,
Is a trait I would love to possess,
I love you,
You are my best friend,
I will be with you to the end,
Your beautiful on the outside,
As you are on the inside,
Happy Birthday,
I hope you love this present,
I would wait for you to the end.


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what a birthday is

You speak yelling
What’s a birthday?
But a cake and candles
You ridicule it heartlessly
You don’t understand
You never did truly appreciate 
What we did
You hurt us 
You did hurt us
With your thrashing words
With your careless thoughts
I thought a birthday 
Is not that at all 
It is the moment shared by many 
For that person 
It is the pleasure tasted by family 
For that person 
For only that person 
I thought again 
I await that moment each year
Knowing there is my family 
Celebrating that moment for me 
Blowing the candles 
Making a wish 
Closing my eyes with admire
It was all created joy 
It was all a living episode of life
It connected laughs 
Pictured smiles
Made a difference 
But now 
That I know there’s no one
There’s no reunion 
No joined hearts and blissful souls
No treasured times
Or valued hours
So that it leaves me 
To forget
What a birthday is…

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14 Candles

Remebered with countless tears
that soaked thin sheets
on cold floors
in bland motel rooms.
Associated with stinging legs
and a back that carried welts from leather belts.
That was fear.
Remembered with words of wisdom from a lost mother
of "just go to bed" and "let it go" 
and "do as he say and he'll stop."
Remembered with shouts of NO
so loud and hard, my voice rasped.
Remembered with forced smiles, loud silences
so loud I went deaf.
Only hearing malicious whispers of

                        happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy birthday Jesus
Love you so much
Love you more than I can say
Love you with my life
Love you with my worship
Love you with my being and spirit
Love you Father
You are so good to us
So good 
So very good
There is nothing we do that would bring you glory
Exalt your name 
Bless you Lord
May you always reign in us
And accomplish things in us
May Your name be lifted up
Now and through eternity

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I am the Antichrist superstar

With my names as genocide
and birthday a loveless weapon
who do you think i am?

never in world history 
has half the planet looked upon one person
and asked
is that the antichrist?

seems obvious to me

at war with the devil
afraid of rabbits
a wrinkle in time
someone else scared to death of santaclause
and you will eventually know why

Porn for the pope
is there any love out there at all?
a new gift to hell
passing out turns
skipping the nonsense
to miss my mine
as i pass in my mind

I went first in something we can't screw up
I am the antichrists superstar
how could half the world be wrong?
half that many were right about rice

never in world history has the world looked upon a world leader
and half the planet ask
is that the antichrist
or is jesus the devil
speaches you wouldn't comprehend in that forbidden knowledge
political sermons that still chill me to the bone

recall your rap music
the slaves in the front lines of this emotional blackmail
at the war against drugs probably dont want to sing
themselves to death
your malpractice you've been making money off
leaves hundreds and thousands of us upset

and you can't tell me 400 people on one plane
wouldn't or couldn't kill one person
so they could see their families again
and at your war against one group of terrorists
why have soo many joined in to massacre innocent women and children?
was never your war against holy people
who just need social sciences

bargain i have made with the devil
a birthday gift we all had a turn at when he ran out of hell
i have to make it up to him somehow
now that i revealed the front man he hinds behind

working on turning the tables to create two heavens
victoms of god stunned by the first time he's ever been surprised
never in world history has the world looked upon one person
a world leader and asked eachother
is that the antichrist?

I'm not sure why the other half can't see eye to eye

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My blue-eyed son

Dedicated to my son Dustin

It’s been since Christmas of 2013
Since I’ve seen his goofy smile
Every day I drag on farther
Trying to stay strong so that maybe
Just maybe
I might get to see him again
I’m hoping
And I’m dreaming
But every time I see his face
Whether a picture or a dream
I breakdown
Losing him is one of the worst things
That has ever happened to me
It breaks my heart knowing
That it is my fault.
It’s my fault Why I can’t see him
And this very month
The month of September 
The 21st
The day of his birth
His first birthday
And I’m going to miss it
It IS one of the worst feelings in the world
And just knowing
Just knowing that it’s my fault
Makes that feeling even worse
And my smile fades faster with each passing second
And I fall deeper into the darkness
Of the farthest bit of space
Away from the light and from happiness 
From all the pain I have caused myself
How am I supposed to forgive myself?
When I miss his very first birthday
And there is no way I can change it
And it’s all because of the mistakes I’ve made
It’s just too late
And I can’t turn back
And it is just getting worse
Am I only meant to suffer?
Am I meant to lose everything?
And everyone
I care about
Am I not a loud to move on?
Am I supposed to forget about him?
And be that horrible father I am bound to be
Why should I care?
Why should I have my heart ripped out
By a little boy
Why can’t I move on?
My dreams won’t move on
And they haunt me of all my mistakes
They haunt me of my blue-eyed son 
and how I lost him

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His birthday

Today is his birthday
His birthday is special to me

He might be getting older
But he's still handesom and young to me

I love him even he's getting older
I wish him to have a wonderful birthday

It's his birthday today 
His special birthday 

Happy birthday my handesome baby!

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In a pool of thoughts,

A lot of memories like a beehive,

Surfing one like a crocodile-

A birth day wish,

I failed to mind,

In anger you did remind!

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The Favorite Twin

You laugh at me when you spot me
sitting in the kitchen, alone, trying to balance
a Styrofoam plate on my lap
And cursing that I’ve spilled
some gravy on my new pants.
You jokingly state that no one must like me (smile),
And then turn away to go in the living room,

Where everyone else is sitting.

I’m weary from the invented new person
I try to become just for the evening
to make myself more appealing.
It doesn’t work.
Family gatherings make my head hurt.
I pretend it doesn’t bother me, as we all watch
You unwrap a cheap, funny gift they bought you –
Wrapped in blue birthday paper that’s surprisingly loud,
and everyone but me giggles.

It wasn’t supposed to be a birthday party,
But, since you were here, they brought your gift.
It’s been like this forever.
Rudely, they have always seemed to 
conveniently forget that your twin is watching,
alone in the kitchen,
that I’ve spilled a tear on my new pants.

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Intense and brooding
watching and waiting
investigating and searching
toying and playing
with your affections
manipulation and copulation
baying at the moon.

Stinger ready
passion plenty
spinning its web
of lies and deception
a form of manipulation
just to get her way.

The huntress
seeing her prey
taking her time
of its final display
its unexpected attack
devouring the flesh
without remorse
the passionate killer
a Scorpion of course!

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don't know why.

Calm as the ski's on this morning and as lonely as the song the birds sang,
 this was my birthday morning and what a morning to have the blues,
the 37 before never had me filling like I'm the first one in a chain gang,
I know,I know it's my party and I'll mope if I want to I just can't help to fill as I do,

As I close my eyes I know at this moment I should be back home,
Then there's no more sorrow or emptiness and I'll be happy on this day,
as I pour the coffee in silence wishing I could call you on the phone,
towards a cup and lip I wish you were here... yet in silence I stay,

So this is my birthday and this is how I fill,
wanting what I can't have...a talk with my mom and sharing a laugh, 
don't want to smile no need to celebrate I just want to take time to chill,
time to heal and time to recharge I'll do it on her behalf,
She never liked to see me down to her I was at my best when I smiled, 
she use to say your only as old as you fill so keep on being you my son,
it's hard to be happy when your moms not around to call you her child,
happy birthday  it just doesn't sound right today maybe tomorrow I'll have fun.

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14 candels

When I was 14 my daddy was dying
from a bad type of cancer that came uninvited
but this day was special
on this day we put all the issues aside
for it was my birthday and I was his little girl 
he taught me so much that day that I will always remember
he loved me enough to get out of bed
and take me down to the famous bakery
where he always got our cakes

This meant the world to me 
because even though he was in so much pain
he rode the train with me that day and hid it away
I remember girls watching me enviously that day
I never understood why girls treated me this way
what he told me that day I never forgot

He said girls will always be jealous 
because your very beautiful but don't be afraid
hold your head up high even when they look away
I wore a smile on my face all the way home

As my family gathered around to 
sing me a birthday song
I was so happy and filled with glee
cause my daddy was able to celebrate with me
it made our situation seem less gray to me

on my 15 birthday he was to sick to see me
and before my 16 he passed away 
so this day, my 14 birthday was always special to me