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Beach Free Verse Poems | Free Verse Poems About Beach

These Beach Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Beach. These are the best examples of Beach Free Verse poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Waves on the Beach of Life


      soft waves ripple the water,
               they come and they go,
           sprinkling seeds of fervent hope

   gentle waves tickle the sand,
            they come and they go,
       leaving dreams 
                   of rapture 

             Boastful waves CRASH into rocks,
    they come and they go,
           shattering dreams 
                           to  s m i t h e r e e n s

frantic waves expunge the sea foam,
         they come and they go,
                it does

    silent waves creep back to the sea,
they come and they go,
        a cupful of  
              tears in tow

--- I used alliteration & personification here :)

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The Beach

                                  The sun is hot, the water cool.                                               <                                The beach is the spot away from the pool.                                   <                                The smell of saltwater, the soft ocean breeze. >                                 Let's you forget all your worries and do as you please.

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They’re all ignored by us, but they have feelings too :
A black  gravestone  in  New York, down in the world, 
Recalling its halcyon days as a part of 
The impressive strata  at Palisades Park.
The statue in the museum of  Androcles and the Lion
Daydreaming   -  oh,  for the good old days just lying sunbaked 
On the beach surrounded by 
Fossil shells and shrimp at  Sables  d’ Olonne,
With the feet of the famous resting gently on you.
And the marble fireplace  in our  living room - 
He can still  see in his  mind’s eye 
The Carrara  quarries in  bygone days…..
Why,  some of his great-grand-daddies  were 
Hacked out of there  and taken to Rome for the Via Appia.
Oh yes,  stones have feelings too.

My carved ship-of-the-line from Nelson’s navy 
With  her masts and spars and decks and cabins 
Lies awake at night thinking of her days 
In the pine forests of Norway;  and next to her 
This old  cedar jewellery  box, with intoxicating  
Smells of the coast at Prince Rupert  
Where she  lay on the beach for weeks 
Before the saw mill changed her shape and sent her  to me.
The new  sapele door in our hall  spends hours 
Wishing for his buddies  in the jungles of Uganda 
Where the ants would tickle you 
Half  to death with their constant scurrying
Up and down your branches,  building this or that.
Listen closely and he’ll boast that some 
of his relatives ended their days as propellers 
on German zeppelins, I kid you not. 
Everyone has to feel special.

And what about those unassuming steel forks in my drawer   
who can still tell stories 
Of their days as iron ore in Finland, 
And how their brother Ernie became 
A bumper on the President’s limo (supposedly).
Or my wife’s copper bracelets  with their pathetic tales 
Of being shipped from Cyprus 
and remelted into ingots in Bimingham.
I have overheard the wings of a  747
Recollecting  in the hangars at night  
How their existence as bauxite in Jamaica was so idyllic, 
“Wit  all  dat  reggae and  smokin’  and god knows what, man.”
They too have their memories.  
And, man, de smell in dat hangar!

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the ocean
sun sinks
sky orange-red
with distance
comes moon
each wave
mutes night
circling gulls
waves and air
water and evening
infinite horizon...

utters night
losing shape
eyes closing
darkness in wind
each wave
the water
sky and moon
go together
with these words
I paint the sky dark...

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Can you get my point and drift?
It’s in my free verse and also rhyme.
They say ‘Life’s a beach’
I say, “All the time” 
and there’s a beach for everyone, and all!
It accepts incoming the tidal withal.
From flotsam floating of every noxious kind,
Where you will beside the innocent the toxic find,
From grass,to plastic, garbage bags and all,
also the rancid sewers dark outfall,
And  I see the littered beach 
All covered & disfigured, spit headland and shoaly reach,
Then raised up with rampart fey
 the most humongous tidal wave
And it is definitely and gravely shoreward bound,
Oh dear Lord, have mercy, I say,
For all of those who live nearby, and in the way
in Their lowly shed or fancy high-rise buys,
Already they suffer to live near this
Please avert your catalyst
 oh!‘No’ says God, its course will run
 its bounds and goals are set
As I set everyone,
Too much for me! my eyes I close
i just won’t look at scenes (that I suppose)
i await the crash! its deafening loud, 
and I imagine the chaotic screaming crowd,
I wait ….. I wait….now look I must!
Before cold melts ice and rust becomes dust.
And What! before mine eyes a sight,  the beach,
All pure grains of white, (are seen) 
against verdant mounds of beryl green 
The background sheds and townscape now stand serene;
The wave was a vision of God’s cleansing hour
Wrapt in an instant of unbridled power.
For the antiprigoligarchist was sent, 
And the veil of worldly waste was rent.
There also is a literate beach
Where the antiprigoligarchist will also reach. 
As antidote for pedantic bias, attention & thought
And scalar vision with true value nought 
so with devoid headway misused opportunity
and selfish sway away! and 
before the drift becomes a roar, better to 
Clear such wasted ways from the literary shore.

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Sandcastles on beach of love

Castles of sand 
on the beach of love
never crumble.

Love thy name is 


By:kash poet

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in the sand

between the grains of sand
all my dreams shattered apart
a cup of my coffee spilled in between
 dissolved between the salty waves
just like a lost dream
between the grains of sand a lost life 
so things seem
no matter how hard I hold on
everything  from between my fingers slip
just like sand   grains
lost between life's sea waves in endless vain
one thing that would remain
that would be pain

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The Righteousness Of Love

Love comes from a mother passed to one another she is the reason I'm not six feet under she gave me belief in my will to sustain I am on that life now won't need drugs again The power of Love saved me from being darker locked inside my dreams until they carry me farther than any human being has ever gone before I must have evolved for the hate is no more My Father taught me wisdom that is imprisoned, no longer now larger than life I am no lion, I am stronger my dungeon holds twin dragons awaiting the day evil forces come forth to steal my love away Hero's, not zeros are what the world needs angels, not demons exist if you believe follow all hearts desires and you shall achieve My bright energy has awaken, by a fire that is never consuming proving me no liar if I suddenly die it is far too soon this is a new beginning like after a full moon I am slowly learning how to win by peace now that my great mind is rid of its disease when I take up my pen even I am amazed by its power to heal those who are wanting to be saved I owe it all to the wisdom that gave me clarity, because I learned to let hate die by the righteousness of Love.

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A Day At The Beach

Above me seagulls soar
As I sit upon the sandy shore-
The sound of the ocean's waves calm me
Almost hypnotizing me in its endless body of motion
Children are busy laughing and playing
While making castles in the sand
A gentle breeze blows past
Softly caressing my skin
Stirring emotions deep within
How I wish this day would never end

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Romantic, close
A subject of sweetest softness
Cats can be loved too