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Free Verse Baby Poems | Free Verse Poems About Baby

These Free Verse Baby poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Baby. These are the best examples of Free Verse Baby poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Wish -re-post-

A WISH -- In Memory Of 

"I Wish"

I wish I could blow air into your little lungs, 
The day my daughter brought your stillborn body into this world. 
Hold your little body warm, 
And tell my little girl you have her cute little nose....
Count your little fingers, and kiss your little toes....

I wish, 
I could look into your daring eyes, 
Facing a little boy, who's ready for this world
I wish,
I could tell my daughter you have her beautiful brown eyes...
Sadly, it’s not like that.
How can I tell my daughter everything will be all right?
When a piece of my heart was stolen with her's,
When giving birth to her son, my grandson 
March 25, 2013---- How it Hurts! 
O’ how I wish, you entered this world crying
Instead, we're the ones left in tears of sorrow
How I wish you could be, 
And not this feeling you left inside
How I wish, God could explain why o' why o' why?

Mostly, I WISH grandma could fix this, and make 
your mommy feel, the joy she was robbed of.

In memory of my grandson: ---Bael Lesley G.
Born March 25, 2013  ---   RIP March 25, 2013

by;PD  :-(

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That December
I stumbled through twisted tinsel streets,
oblivious to ice and seasonal shouts,
muffled by snow-silence; a mannequin moving through mists,
quietly fragmenting behind frost-fragile walls of frailty.

Bleak winds blew open the hinges of my hypothermic heart,
wailed a wintry lament only I could hear -
ice-shrapnel words blown to lodge in my ear: you've lost the baby.
Those four words were spiked icicles, glacier-cold;
hope disintegrated like snow powder as they pierced me.

Streets seemed pregnant with the plumpness of babies,
their waxen doll faces bluish and cold,
their pink gummy mouths demanding, demanding.
And my breasts were frozen roses,
too iced to feed their tiny need.

Snowflakes trembled like butterflies blown from the Arctic,
or the feeble flutter of a failing foetal heartbeat.
The town became a barren expanse of white:
cold crystals drifting, acres of snow-diamond light.
But shops shimmered with heat, bulged bauble-gaudy

with the fatness of consumerism.
And I was reed-slender, my womb a hollowed-out tomb.
Everywhere, babies bloomed, precious as poinsettias,
mouths like petals, squirmy with hungry red cries and squalls,
echoing, echoing, as I squinted into the white squall.

And a ribbon of milk unloosed itself silently,
sudden and scalding, like a fountaining of tears;
a lacework trace soaking my shimmer thread sweater dress;
a single, small, white thaw as I silently unravelled,
stumbling through streets that spooled like silver yarn -

that December.

for 'Fragment' contest

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Through the Door

Can you see them run to me – arms wide and laughing,
calling me, Mama: keeper of the stars, moon and hearts?
Can you see them kiss away my pain, healing every hurt
that’s ever marked me broken, dead or dying?

Can you see them hurt me? When they curse me, flay me; 
ground me with their unformed anger and bravado-uncertainty
until they fly behind doors, crying over what they’ve said – 
wishing they could take it back? 

O’, does that pride HURT! 
It stabs the chest and holds…holds…holds.
Can you see them behind doors and feel their wishful hearts burn? 
Can you feel them loving me through it all?
Love is not something easily hidden. Love like that breaks down doors – 
                                    sees through them. 
Can you see my tears; feel the weight of them on your cheeks? 
They are yours. 
Where you are (past the furthest/closest door) can you see me in them? 
Can you see the love I kept hidden in my dark and painful dungeon? 
You never knew what he did to me – but deep down, I blamed you anyway. 
There was only you left, you see; always you.
Can you see, I'm just like you?

If you can see me, you know. 
And if you can hear me crying through this God Damned pen (all those notes – 
all those written sorry’s slipped beneath doors - you must have known that
even at 37, I’d write you my heart in a note!)

You, Gran/Mother, are my one and only regret. 
That for 7 years, I treated you like a burden, a bother, and a barrier. 
I treated you like you should have treated me – an unintentional intruder;
like something taken, not given. 
But worse than that, I treated you like an acquaintance. 
Knowing how badly that must have hurt you, makes me want to be kicked in the face 
until I am unrecognizable; to the rest of the world, and myself. 

But life’s not like that, is it? No. You knew that, too. 

My baby boy has your nose, ears, and eyes. 
Do you think that if I whisper in his ear tonight while he sleeps (between you and me – 
at the doorway), you could hear me?
Tonight, I will whisper love in his perfect ear (pressed up against heaven’s door) -
maybe you will hear me say,

“Indy…Gran, I’m so sorry. If you can hear me, please give me a sign so I will know 
you’ve heard me. I want to see you smile again – just one more time…please…
let me know that somewhere, behind the door, you forgive me…”

And in the darkness of his bedroom; the moonlight covering his small face
like an angel’s kiss, the baby boy in her likeness, smiled.

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Precious Shell

Rose-veined, you opened the heart vein in me
as I crested each white wave of grief.
Nipple-rosy, you suckled sadness like mother milk;

miraculous, whorled in warm salt waters -
small sea-curled shell, rocked by my body's waves.
When sea-voiced songs swirled into the pearled

shell of your ear did you hear
my breeze blown words, wave-whispered?
Small, balled conch of cute, ocean floating

but clam-clamped to the placental shore,
tethered by a soft seaweed sway.
Little love limpet, lodged forever

beneath my heart's carapace -
a memory mollusc
clinging to my dry driftwood days.

for 'Leaf, Feather, Shell or Flake' contest

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Toothless Fairy

Infectious grinner 
Found a ten dollar
Lost tooth to an

Inspiration € Ode
My late cousin who
had a contagious
We lost the 18year old to an
Contest name:- Any poem under five lines#2
Sponsored by:- A Poet Destroyer
Win:- 8th Place

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Elephant Leg

There’s a part of you 
I cannot see or touch.  

In the dark, alone, I know 
every curve of your body.  
I could sculpt you from memory.  
Each detail vivid in 
my mind’s eye.  

The baby nail on your baby toe.  
This neck that takes to kissing.  
I know the moment when your 
hip becomes belly.  
Just there.  

But there’s a part of you I 
cannot see or touch.  Hidden, I want to 
know it all the more.  
Behind your eyes, inside 
your heart, that essential 
you, separate from this 
fragile tissue hanging, draped, over bone.  

I watch you move when 
you’re not looking.  
Standing, your toes curling.  
Twisting the end of your hair while thinking.  
Asleep, I know your breathing.  
You hold the morning cup like a chalice.  
Little lines around your eyes deepen sometimes.  

These things are pieces of a whole I ache to know.
This elephant leg obscured by sightless eyes can 
be anything.  Groping blindly toward
the totality of you, revealed in fits and starts.

This life of mine no longer turned inward.
Every day I have new discoveries to make.

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Twirling Revelations

Warmth, surrounded me…always
My lips, my eyes, closed… 
Mesmerized by the darkness that brought me consolation
I remember there were colors under those lids,
Green, spurts of purple…and sporadic yellows and reds
They danced and flashed
Whenever your voice rumbled and vibrated my abode
I remember the earthquakes of laughter 
That pushed me against the soft, supported side…
I merely bounced back to the middle again
My legs, bending, and then kicking off against it
My body twirling in the lavish liquid
Natural twists and turns that were later underappreciated
Twists and turns that were who I was
I didn’t realize they would always shape who I am

Deep voice—music—surrounded me always
My ears opened to the muffled marvel
Curious of the outside world that birthed the mysteries of who I am
I recall frustration, kicking against your soft insides….
Colors of black, gray tints, and calming browns…
That left me gurgling for more of those outside sounds
Because that first day I heard the lightning yells
The hot swells of your insides boiled
My body twirled and twirled as I heard you wail
My heart beat faster—wanting more to leave this vessel
Wanting to be a separate thing
Wanting all to hear me scream
To feel the cold, rubbery hands of a stranger
Lift me—and to your breast—gift me

It was always the warmth of the liquid
And the comfort of our bond
That always remained 

Bonds and beliefs never dry 
Blood is blood
Color is color
It is living to be separate that makes us gods

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A Lamenting Mother:

 War has stolen my children,
War snatched my sweetest things, god’s given;
War robbed my children from being ‘hidden’
War demolished my tiniest hope,
War has made me a body without soul.
I’ve seen bullets killing my children,
I’ve heard babies cry,
It maims my soul the way babies die;
I have nowhere to fly.
War didn’t spare a single child,
Bombs fell on smiling babies,
Weapons snatched our babies from cradle,
Ignominious war sent them to grave.
I’ve seen atrocious appearance of war,
To raise my voice I dare,
I am solo face on crowd
You can’t kill us blasting bombs loud,
I will finally hold revenge’s sword,
I want to listen my baby’s shout.
Where are my bubbly chirpy children?
When shall this war end?
When will the toys get back their owner?
When shall they again play with dolls?
War has taken over one million children,
War has made moms bed-ridden,
War has turned off the way of life,
War owed everything to malice.
Why did war kill Zelena’s new born?
Why did it take away 5 yrs old Adnaan?
Regina’s little head struck by splinter
My heart is dead like cold winter.
I play with soft toys of my children,
I weep over their lost childhood
I kiss their tiny fur shoes,
I wash their colorful clothes 
To lessen my woes!!
I shake Sana’s round rattle,
I count days of battle
My lips get chapped,
My tears get dried,
But I never stop waiting,
For my little children to return,
War can’t rob our children,
It just robs the future citizens!! 

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"I Wish"

I wish I could blow air into your little lungs, 
The day my daughter brought your stillborn body into this world. 
Hold your little body warm, 
And tell my little girl you have her cute little nose....
Count your little fingers, and kiss your little toes....

I wish, 
I could look into your daring eyes, 
Facing a little boy, who's ready for this world
I wish,
I could tell my daughter you have her beautiful brown eyes...
Sadly, it’s not like that.
How can I tell my daughter everything will be all right?
When a piece of my heart was stolen with her's,
When giving birth to her son, my grandson 
March 25, 2013---- How it Hurts! 
O’ how I wish, you entered this world crying
Instead, we're the ones left in tears of sorrow
How I wish you could be, 
And not this feeling you left inside
How I wish, God could explain why o' why o' why?
I wish I could find the reasons now, and not wait until I die.

Mostly, I WISH Mommy could fix this.

Bael Lesley G.
Born March 25, 2013 
RIP March 25, 2013

by;PD  :-(

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

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My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight.  

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years .

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

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Once Upon A Time

This is a poem about the future I'd love to have with the boy of my dreams.
None of this has actually happened yet (besides us falling in love with eachother) but it's how I would like it to happen.

Once upon a time, I became the luckiest girl in the world. I fell in love with a gorgeous boy with blue eyes, and he actually loved me back. He was like my prince, he treated me like his princess and would do anything for me. Today, we're united as King and Queen. It's been years, but walking down the aisle I'm still staring at the cutest, most perfect guy I've ever seen. When our lips finally meet after parting to say "I do", it tastes like Heaven.

Once upon a time, I married a gorgeous boy with blue eyes. And today, I saw those perfect blue eyes light up when he first held our little girl in his arms. She's got her Daddy's blue eyes and just a little bit of her Momma's brown hair. She's going to be spoiled and loved more than possible. She'll know we support her no matter what, and she can tell us everything. It will be perfect.

Once upon a time, one set of blue eyes became two, and we were made into a family. Now, that second pair of blue eyes is walking out the door to college, with a suitcase in one hand and a boy's hand in the other. He better love her and treat her just as well as her Daddy does.

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a gorgeous boy with blue eyes. His hair has dulled and grayed but his eyes are the same, and they've seen a lifetime's worth of happiness and love. My baby had babies with the boy she walked out the door with, and I can tell she loves them as much as we loved her. Now it's her time to live.

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It's a slow soft introduction,
To intense sultry seduction,
Entering worlds
Of heart pumping productions.
That have on more then one occasion,
Lead to total physical destruction.

And still we go there,
Cause we've moved beyond the point,
Where either of us care.

It's all about taking our time,
And getting things just right.
So we can enjoy the rapturous flavors,
Of reaching our climactic heights.

Mmmm baby kiss me one more time,
Mmmmm baby kiss me three more times,
Just one more time!
Baby kiss me again.
Let's see how many laws of gravity,
Our love making can bend.

Cause I swear!,
We are flying.
Flying to places,
Not even the sun and moon could go.
Transcending the heavens,
To only a place,
You and I could know.

Some would call it a miracle,
I just call it us,
Doing what comes naturally,
Enjoying moments of passion,
Till we both combust.

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A Lollipop in Page

The chirp of cloudy morning peal its wondrous beauty 
As it was a perfect moment to sip the taste of an old times
Pampered and drawn by those vintage voices
Shrunk in this sweet anomaly,  the frames of a time roamer

Word by word, time after time
An anecdote is herding, I'm dancing in a rime
Reread all my writes, feel the flakes of each verses
My masterpieces in time, the journal of life's flavours

Now I'm landing on a sketch of laughters
Where I feel the rainbow of bliss
A small creature is trying to stay
In a warm belly it grows in its way

Waiting is the first list to do
Hoping for the best is the lovely second line
I have another story to make
And this time I offer you the lollipop in page

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Confessions Of A Baby Snatcher - uncut

This is my last confession; there will be no more.

I am impercipient and slow from last night's sleeping pill,
wincing away from the harshness of day.
Kitchen cold, the room tear-splintered,
sunlight striking a watery rainbow in my eyes,
the air smothering-stale from my hopeless coffee cup crying,
while life outside the window ticks on relentlessly.
Seconds turn into minutes turn into hours...

When you plashed your pearlescence over my pale skin
I never guessed the inner ugliness of those seascape pearls
encircling each ovary, stubbornly adhesive, leaching new life.
The scanner's screen sizzling static, darkening to nightshade depth,
its impersonal probe trailing damp viscosity over my belly;
shockingly sticky as the first time you came over me
but lacking the warmth.
Puppetted by pity you brought me pink carnations,
crushed their bright baby-frail faces into a tacky hospital vase.

I am weighted with a multitude of baby-frail faces.

Indifference cold-eyed me at the hospital: histrionic, hysterical,
a blubbing huddle of neuroses - "Doctor will I conceive again?" -
a collocation of surgical steel and wonder drugs.
Drugs to inflate the ovaries with a Botox bloat.
Drugs to wipe clean the scribbled slate of the mind.
You left me to weep amongst white hospital sheets,
coffin-cold, my hands folded on emptiness,
a paint palette of blood inks seeping from me.

Brushed by the soft wing of silence, what was being concealed?
The products of conception, screened from view?
The unseen dead, faceless and nameless,
trundling on trolleys through sterile corridors
to the eager heat blast of the incinerator - their crematorium.

They said I could try again
but barrenness occupies my bed;
it is a womb-burrower, fattening stealthily on menstrual blood.
The claw of infertility is clamped on my shoulder:
torturous flesh-hooks digging at my skin.
I ache all day from blanched almond ovaries;
fragile finger-fronds stilled to nothingness...

I find myself miraculously in the shopping mall;
my feet have no memory of the pavement that brought me here.
Fruit machines flicker and wince like migraine.
I circle the shop floor, keeping a safe distance.
I am not dangerous. I am not predatory.
I only seek to protect the meek;
to shield them from the vodka bottle,
the beatings, the needle in the arm.
Beneath the strip light's dizzying glare,
tenderly fingering bootees soft as puppies, mittens like kittens,
the meek sweet sleep smell pulling me in.
My purchases earn me a benevolent smile
from pretty Pollyanna at the cash till.

The tapestries of faces at school gate gatherings -
faces daffodil-bright, sunstruck and open with joy;
the happy heaving hordes.
I am not dangerous. I am not predatory.
I only yearn to merge with the scenery of domesticity,
immersing myself in routine and normality.

Noticing individuality,
the way it blossoms in every pram,
hazed by the human differences.
Vertiginous spinning of kaleidoscope and rainbow;
the park a synaesthetic playground:
blood bursts of poppy, fire flames of freesia.
My audible emptiness clattering; a hollow pod rattling
amongst bud bursts of green, fruiting trees, flowers heavy with pollen.
A sickly size eight drifting diaphanously,
the scenery of pregnancy swelling around me.
Encircled by circularity: round bellies, round faces,
roundabouts spinning, globular beach balls and balloons,
blossom spheres shaken from trees shivering to the ground.

Awake again last night in smothering, starless dark,
that tiny bloodied form beating like a trapped butterfly inside my head;
face pressed into a tear-damp pillow,
recalling the bathroom's midnight chill
as I knelt in raw ruby carnage on the floor.

This is my last confession; there will be no more.

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A stifled cry

"It was a mistake", she said. 
A tiny life swiped in seconds as 
gods creation is rendered a 
mere cluster of cells. 
Returned back to heaven 
hoping the return policy 
wouldn't deny. 
It was a mistake; a stifled cry

A lifetime of progress, 
innovation, and memories down 
the drain.
The notorious "what if" 
squashed with plan b; no hopes 
of a future. 
A stifled cry 

She could have cured cancer or 
delivered world peace. 
She could've fed the hungry 
and housed the poor. 
She could've been a Honors 
Harvard medical school 
graduate and your pride and 
None are the magical christmas 
mornings, first days of school, 
or birthdays. 
Terminated are the memorable 
first steps and momentous  
coos calling for "mamma". 
No more possibilities. Now a 
stifled cry. 

"It was a mistake", she said. 
A moment of carelessness and 
selfishness translates into a life 
Sent back into the arms of god. 
An easy way out. A stifled cry.

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On motherhood

I built a house seldom heard and seldom seen
Out of branches of wicker, long and tough.
Flexible and strong, my back bends forward towards the future
Tying knots, holding fast together the seams.

Sometimes after a rainstorm, my windows are too dirty 
to see the bowed peach tree laden and full, touching the ground.
I see the garish new gate, water reflecting off the new paint
and open my lips in an O to question without sound.

Who stands in the space between the two doors?
The garden between the house and the gate is in bloom, full and lush
I give birth to my two girls, in the toil of the soil and sun.
Closing in on thirty, fast approaching aged youthful blush.

I stood outside the window looking in, my reflection 
apparent and transparent: a multiplicity of three.
In sacred space, they grow and thrive, aside the outside.
Their curls golden and bright, reflecting off the door at night.

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Baby Pink

So pretty - softly pink
To touch would be wrong
And stir the sleeping portrait
Teared my eyes close
To wish every moment so innocent

Written 1964

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The Baby Blue Bonnet

The smile on one's face makes them feel glad again
My sister always had a smile to share
Once came time for her birthday,
A handsome boy came to call
And along with him,
A baby blue bonnet that pleased us all.

The smile on her face showed us she was glad
She leaned in a gave a sweet little kiss
Then the Civil War started and he had to go
She would be crying for him.

The bleak war raged on
Many were dead
She was pining for him.

The sheets of casualties came and they left
Many were torn to pieces
My sister dear cried,
"He has died and left me!"
She hugged the dear baby blue bonnet.

The time was bleak when she claimed the body
Sister dear had to wear black
When came the funeral,
She brought with her
The beloved baby blue bonnet

She refused to wear the hideous black hat
"Instead the bonnet!" she cried
For she would remember
The sunny day when,
He gave her the baby blue bonnet.

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A Life :He Wept

He held the child for the first time
Such a fragile gift , he felt unworthy
As he watched her drift off to dream her first dream, 
he wondered  about the life awaiting her.
And he wept

She ran into his arms , tears flowed like rain
He could feel the pain she bore
He bandaged her knee and brushed her tears.
and held her until she felt safe again.
And he wept

Her first broken heart tore her in two
She cried for days on end. 
He wanted to hurt the unworthy man who did this
 to his baby girl, but he just held her close and caught her tears, 
And he wept.

The policeman at the door said nothing could be done, 
could he come identify the remains
His heart fell out that this his darkest day
too see his baby girl this way
And he wept

The crowd of friends and family all came to say farewell
, memories were shared of lives she touched 
and how she left so young. 
He stayed behind at the gravesite 
and said " I love you," one last time.
And he wept.

He sat alone and pulled out the videos
Her first steps, her first bike ride, first swim lesson
Her first corsage, Her prom dress
And the last gift she gave him
The wrinkled old sweater he will never throw away
And he wept

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30 minutes that’s all you got Just 30 minute to live and to die You have no experience with anything Except breathing and seeing What would you save? What could you save? Your mind is undeveloped Your senses just begin to tingle You can’t communicate except to cry You have seen maybe 10 faces Were do you take these when you die Did Jesus stop by or did he miss you I certainly hope not Because then you become inanimate Did you really live at all. How do we measure time when it comes to a life? When did it start and how did it end. Somehow abort sounds harsh and life seems cruel. But we the living are prejudice because we did not have to make that choice Little children in heaven are the same ones you’ll find in hell.

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You Missed Me

At the glassy gate, I wait for you
adding cherry between breaths
adding robes to your soft name
ushering the syllables through my warm mouth
echoing like the sight of a star
on my heart, your name is woven and sewn
like the stitching in my baby blanket
and the baby hands that find your beating chest
I am bound to you
and you, to my gates
But then,
you see the blood on my posts
and then,
my eyes stern and welled,
fixed like the sun, you spin
as night hunkers over you
like a broad toothy uncle
pulling you aside, arms slung like sandbags
impressing you with fools gold
teaching you to gawk, painting me a circus
causing you not to see me,
hiding my heart beneath my chest
and this smooth skin, my red wine gates…
 And no matter how I call, the tracks will lay, the wheels will fall
I would cry but it’s too late… the station’s gone…
You missed me love,
you missed me…

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Oh, Baby

You haunt me, constantly
twisting my dreams into nightmares, and
nerve-racking my mind at the sight of pampers.
Approaching forty, mother of none:
why couldn’t I give birth to more than a hope?
Happily single, despite what you say, without
dealing with a kid who’ll only grow to hate me,
the crumb-snatcher taking from my plans and pay,
I’m so damn lonely and you know it.
you with your what-ifs and would’ve-could’ve-should’ves,
not allowing me to soundly sleep,
making me carry that weight,
with a life as empty as my womb,
by immoral choices that
stopped your possibilities.
I can only
now say:
“Mommy’s sorry.”

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A Childs Prayer - God We Need To Talk

Tonight as my baby girl started to pray
She said God it's 8 O'Clock, 
And God We need to talk.
She said daddy help me pray, 
And daddy bow your head,
As we knelt beside her bed. 
she said God can you hear me?
Mommy always said you'd hear me,
If I would learn to pray, 
And that you would show me the way.

Well God I don't understand. 
Why you took my mommy away.
Daddy always says i'll understand, 
When I grow up some day.
She said God, you need your son. 
Well I need my mommy to,
And I know that my daddy, 
Would be happier with mommy. 
Cause daddy talks to her, 
And mommy's not even there.

God can you please,
Give my mommy wings, 
So she can come to see us.
She always kept our house clean, 
And God I know, 
She keeps your house clean to.
And God I miss mommy's big hugs, 
Daddy says your son gives hugs to.
So I know if my mommy had wings, 
She could hug me and daddy.

Well God I want to thank you,
For being there to listen, 
And God think about what I said.
And tell mommy that I love her, 
And God I love you to.
Oh just one more thing God, 
Help my daddy stop crying.
Thank you God, Amen, 
Then she turned to me and said,
Goodnight daddy, I love you.

I was still on my knees, 
Beside my little girls bed, 
With tears running from my eyes.
I gave my baby a goodnight kiss, 
And said sweet dreams baby girl.
Then I went to my room, 
And kissed my wife's picture, 
And with tears in my eyes,
I knelt down to pray, 
I said God, We need to talk.

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This is How I have Come to Fade!

This is how I come to fade!
oh baby I once loved you.
oh I once loved you!!

My heart is aching for you, now.

My love for you cries out!
it cries out!

oh oh this is the way you have made me.
This is the way I have come to fade.

Oh baby I once loved you.

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My Baby

A gift like no other gift, 
one that can't be bought
a precious human being, 
deserving the right to live
to exist as we all do, 
but sometimes it just doesn't
happen that way,

A baby of no harm, 
a baby of no sins
a baby of pure love, 
and only innocence

Tender moments, 
carrying wishes
everyday misses

Sitting there all alone, 
even though 
I was surrounded,
by others

While wondering, 
why it may be
that I am made to suffer,

Wanting nothing more,
but to die
inside and out,

Things happen for a reason,
so I was taught
I'll never know the reason,
but I'll always feel the loss

The loss of my child,
my baby was taken
away from me,
and there is no reason

I constantly ask myself,
why did this happen?
what did I do wrong?

I asked God to save my baby,
to protect us both
I remain here,
but my baby is gone

It seems as if, my whole world,
just fell apart
and all I could do,
was sit back and watch it happen

I found myself, 
feeling lonely
needing someone, 
anyone to hold me

All I could do was cry,
I had to cry, for the sake of myself
for the sake of my baby,
for the sake of my heart
I had to weep

I cried and cried aloud,
hoping to be heard
please father, 
I'll do whatever you want
you have my word,
just please save my baby

I bled so much, 
had so much pain
denied to myself, 
everything would be okay

Crying and pleading,
praying and weeping
became an everyday routine,
it was so hard to believe
this was happening to me,

It's not over yet,
it never will be
everyday and every night,
it's in my memory...

(March 1998)
My sweet baby
you will always be with me...

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Priceless pearl
my hidden diamond
love's sweet jewel

Heaven sent
Angelic countenance
Beauty so pure

Lovely daughter
your character delights
my devotion forever

Heartbeat on screen
My unbelief ceased
the moment
first squeezed my finger

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These Little Eyes

I watched her
dropping the phone,
in nano movements

My heart stomped
out, the harshness
of a dial tone

And from endless 
holes, these little eyes
scrunched with sadness

I suppose, I didn't know
what it meant to die
or why the tears
stuck to me

Sickle celled with
every memory,
around the lobes
of my being

Where I could
still hear you laugh,
the breaths of air

Grew arms 

-- and comforted me.

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Behold The Moment

                                   Behold The Moment

                         Behold the moment,the future is here.
                         Our family is getting bigger every year.

                               The new child has arrived ,
                                    already loved by all.
                          Hold this special baby close to you,to
                              rock away the fears and kiss away
                                               the tears.

                        Take in every moment ,to share in the joy.
                               Let me shout from the hill tops so 
                      everyone knows, our new child has all ten toes.

                         As the years go by and each one grows,
                        There is a new experince to be had by all.
                      A play ,a big game or off to college they'll go.

                          As we let go and they are on their own.   
                              Never fret they'll soon be home.

                         Down the road ,each child will enlarge  the 
                               family with families of their own.

                                 Anne Rutherford
                                  Copyright 2008 
                             Treasured Baby Series.

                       For Great Granddaughter Tesla.

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Midnight Lullaby

I wrapped all my tears, to see you smile.
you are the best, always by my side.
I tell you my feelings will get you crying,
you must think I’m out of my mind.

You don’t know, what I know,
all the angels let me go.

We were born to teethe and die,
you will grow to be so fine.
Fall in love, feel your softer side,
Remember me when life is kind.

When you go, let me know,
don’t walk away like the world and go.

Life is rough and the world unkind,
fight them down and you will be fine.
The truth of live is a brutal sight,
make no mistakes, you can learn from mine.

You have a strong heart, you are unique
I treasure times when you smile at me.

Live the life, I could not find,
be there for me, when I say goodbye.

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For An Abused Child

If I Could Have Gotten Your Embryo
Before You Were Born
I Would Have Sheltered You Safely
and Protected Your Form ...

I'd Have Put You In My Womb
& Flowed You Knowledge Like In A Tubric
& Patted My Expanding Belly
As I Played You Music

And As You Got Ready
To Arrive From The Birth Canal
You Would've Known My Breasts
Would Be Ringing Like Welcome Bells! ...

Eager To Suckle You
Breast Feed My Own Flesh & Nourish
So You Could Grow Strong
... In Love's Encourage

I Would've Held You In Wonder
& So Close Tenderly
Amazed At This Little Bundle,
Breathing, Piece of Me ...

And When You Turned One
Or As You Sucked Your Thumb
Or Eating Baby Food Jars of Plums
... I'd Have Given You Trumpets & Drums

... And Building Alphabet Blocks
& Superman Capes
& Stuffed Teddy Bears
& Oatmeal Cookies & Grapes

I'd Have Read You Stories
From Capt. Adventure Books
You'd Have Known You Were Loved
By My Proud Mama Looks

I'd Have Spent Time With You
Showing You How To Tie Your Shoe
Rocked You If You Caught The Flu
or Any Sniffles You Went Through ...

I Would Have Played With You
& Prayed With You
From Crawling To Walking
Paved The Way For You

Yeah, I Would Have Fussed At You
& When Needed Even Spanked You Too
& I'd Meant: This Hurts Me More Than You
'Cause You're The Little Symbiot, Mama Grew

So, You Would Have Known
You Were Loved & Treasured
You Would Have Known
Your Worth Couldn't Be Measured

Nor Compared To Anyone Else
At Any Point In Time
'Cause You Are The Best
Because You Were "Mine"

* * * * * * *

But I Never Knew You
But Believe Me If I Had ...
I'd A Made Sure You Had 
A Loving Mom & Dad

And You Would've Never Been Abused
Or Treated Bad ...
But From Now On Find Your Joy
To Replace What's Sad

            Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/12/2013 
             by:  MoonBee Canady

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Happy Birthday Jesus

Oh Lord and mighty Savior 
I sing in your name praise be
In honor to you King of Israel
who takes away the sins of this world

Star of all stars Bethlehem 
shining salvation loves light
purity in the scriptures fulfilled
proclaiming him blessed Holy One

A messenger singing Heavenly
an angel in praise to king of kings
In peace and good deeds God's only son
Blessed born his Immaculate heart

Conceived of the Holy Spirit Lord
Almighty Holiness in your council 
one of understanding happy birthday
Our shepherd born salvation leads his flock

Faraway in the distance
three wise kings following sign
A diamond star they followed
light of truth born shone in a manger

As they entered bowing bearing gifts
Gold worshiping the Almighty king
Myrrh most precious bitter herb of the east
Frankincense to perfume our Holy One

The shepherds came as an angel sang out
Heavenly song in gentle melody
singing born today is our savior child
praise eternities revelations tune

O  most Gracious Lord Jesus 
I bow humble inside meek 
happy birthday oh master 
our savior Almighty King

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Diamond Birthed Day

Diamond dawn softened cold clinical walls, smoothing harsh lines, soothing the sleepless with the lullaby of love. Blossom-pastel hues sparkled with crystals of dew; glimmering prisms of diamond-cut light, in the month of showers and flowering bowers. Red and yellow daisies studded dark soil like gemstones tumbled beneath the flower of the sun. Sweet peas twined a bright trellis of light; clinging like a baby's fist, curling around sunbeams, climbing a golden ladder of sunlight. Crystalline morning softly stroked your face: a sleeping jewel, gently polished by the early light of a late April sunrise.
dedicated to my little 'sweet pea' Jake, born 28th April 2009 Charlotte Puddifoot Motif: Nature

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I watched the sun topple from the sky
like a child’s red rubber ball
bouncing out of control

I almost caught it
but I couldn’t lunge fast enough
reach far enough to grasp it
and it ricocheted out of sight

I watched the dawning
of a new virgin spring
fade away into nothingness
before it had even begun

I almost stopped it
Almost pulled it back into its position
in my immediate future
But there is nothing substantial to cling to 
in what could be    or should be

I watched a blue-blanket wrapped baby
being carried away from me
through the sterile silent corridor

I almost kept them from taking you away
Almost kept you with me    safe inside me
But God’s will was stronger than my will
I almost hated God for teasing me
with visions of what could never    would never be

I watched life walking away on rubber non-skid soles
that never seemed to touch the porcelain tiles
The ephemeral illusion of life in its purest form
A mother with a baby at her breast

I almost rose up to chase it
but my zest for life vanished
with the fleeing vision

I almost was able
to nourish you    watch you grow
Now I’m left with memories of what 
will never be    but will forever be
unrealized dreams

I was almost a mother
Almost had my baby to hold
Almost felt your baby kisses
touching my soul

But almost doesn’t count

You were only ever
almost my little boy
but forever my littlest angel

The fluttering of your baby wings
beating the rhythm of my heart
Carried safe in my soul
where you will never know sorrow
never suffer the cruelties of this world

You took the spring
and wrapped yourself in the warmth
of the season    as you entered eternity 
without your mother’s arms to cradle you

You took the sun from the sky
because it was your red rubber ball
and you didn’t know
if there would be toys in Heaven

Almost doesn’t count
But forever does

Happy Birthday Randy (my littlest angel) March 18. I love you forever.

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Sly quiet slim fur
Sneaking through the trees
The only one that likes water

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My Darling Girl, My Black-Eyed Susan

My Darling Girl, 

your big dark eyes  met mine

against your pale skin and yellow hair

this name sang in my heart, Susan,

my Black-Eyed Susan.

A wild flower you’ll be, you’ll be a

kind friend,

loving wife,

strong mother,

sweet grandmother

and always you’ll be

my darling girl, my Black-Eyed Susan

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Why do We do What we do do do

Where, oh where, is God? 
When will the man child stop …asking why
stop searching [endlessly] for the other, the greater, the bigger
the more glorious presence.

This constant need to see other than oneself as the source.
Even with a brain [and we know Frank Baum has told us 
only STRAW men don’t have brains] we refuse to SEE, 
refuse like a baby forced to eat mashed peas.
We make our children…are we their God’s? Hell no!

We name this Creator… for man is nothing if not a naming being…
[The father says DA..the baby says DA! Daddy says cat, baby says CAT!]
It cannot exist for us without a naming, a judgment, a categorizing..
We cannot GROK it [as Heinlein Christ character, Valentine Michael Smith 
illustrates for us in Stranger in a Strange Land].
For something, someone, has to have made us, yes? no?
Oh yes, and they had to consciously decide to make 
something as marvelously special as us, didn’t they? it?
* Please referr back to verse 2 line 5.

Where oh where is God? When will the man child stop,
stop searching for the teat, stop the blame game,
accept the responsibility for fouling His own nest.

Why does God have to look like us? 
Does everything we create look like us? [The light bulb, the car? poo?]
Does that mean there is NO prime genitor if He/she/it doesn’t look like us?
Wait..wait..all of Creation manifests differently, eco systems need diversity to
maintain homeostasis! 
Yet we bawl…like babies..WHY are You killing me!
Why must I die? What mutant child have you given me 
this spawn of Satan! 

This prime genitor, this God, this be all, end all, know all, BEING,
this omnipotent source either is outside or us? or inside of us?
or we are inside of it? And if it knows us not …
If like the amoeba, it simply divides to exist, absorbs to exist, excretes to exist.
Why do we insist on worshiping it? Does it Know us?
Does it know all of its creations including man?
Is it an active participant in its own creations?
Refer to the book of life, the planet earth, the solar system,
the structure of an atom …
Use the brain you were given 
for YOU are not a Straw Man.

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Sweet Smile of Innocents


                                      Sweet smile of innocents
                         Skin so soft, sweet smells of powder scents,
                                        Nothing can compare
                                        A little innocent babe 
                                           Root of ourselves
                                      A gift to us to be valued  

                                     Sweet smile of innocents
                                  Looks upon its loving parent
                                    To warm our gentle heart 
                                           In Its safe haven
                                          Of our loving arms
                               Life special moments to remember
                     Our heritage to be carried on in this innocent soul
                 So important to model our lives with love and not hate
Children learn the ethical values by watching the actions of adults they respect

By Eve Roper 11/9/2014

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My sweet cherry blossom

                                 When I first saw you
                                  In your moms arms
                              How fascinating you are!
                             My sweet cherry blossom
                          My God sent Gift from above.
                        Joy poured from my eyes when
                      I heard through the small key hole
                  Your  first awakening call, music I adore
                My little lamb, step by step you will crawl to
         This vast mysterious place known as “Our Human World”

                              I cannot wait to glide you,
                           On the rainbow up in the spring sky
                          And bathe you with diamond dew drops
                                 In the rising golden Sun
                       I want to carry you to see how the clouds float
                      Like a fleet of sheep below the highest mountain
            Beneath the golden sun beams glitter the ripples of the ocean
                         To make your cradle soft and perfumed           
                I will collect all the flowers bloom  In this entire world                                                 
               My pink Rose will be the queen of whole floral kingdom     
                            I cannot wait until you grow up
                     And race with the wind on a mighty stallion 
                        To witness the prince charm carries you
                            To your throne in his golden chariot
                                    Oh! My sweet angel!
                                  I’ll be the luckiest Gran
                                  If only God permits me!

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Mythical animal
A single horn
From the center of its forehead
Beauty in its essence

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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Only because of you

Only because of you...

Hopes closed in,apocalypse seemed better
waves of remorse swept me to the depths,
darkness as pitch black night  ossified me.
My sorrows ,my blues and me .I..

Lost,a loser.. I was tagged ceremoniously
dumped  upon mind's  dusty attic...Then,
a slight wiggle you did, a soft kick 
within my womb my being read .

My seed within me feeding on my loser life's sap
from vessels that I once longed to slit,
roused my head away from the vices of the world
urged my lung to breathe and  brace, a new beginning.

You burgeoned me ,filled me up,my baby 
drained my blues off, drop by drop,my baby grew
took my hand and led me on to meadows green
You and I , our chord of love unsevered.

blurred visions .frumpy fears, weary thoughts
all chased  away by years of  magical love
A shining gem ,my darling daughter, says to me
'Take care,I need you more than you need yourself!'

for the contest,Chasing the blues away.

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With Dignity and Respect

Anton walked past the schoolyard
Where basketball, years ago, was the everyday norm.
But, all had changed in this poor boy’s life
To the point that things won’t be the same.
He, now, maintains this school
And accepts the insolence of the 
Students as they sneer at him
Because once, he had a shot. 

He was a good student and athlete,
The road looked like it was paved in gold.
He met this girl that would change his life.
They dated 3 months when she said
That she was pregnant and he,
Yes he, was the only one.
Anton was raised with dignity and respect
And knew no other road to take
Except the road of responsibility.

Now, at 19, this baby in the world
Has a baby to take care of, to raise.
Anton, has proven himself to be a man,
a man willing to accept and endure.
No greater man ever existed.
He’s raising his child with dignity and respect
With his dreams being
That one day his son doesn’t
Make the same mistakes he’s made.

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Unborn baby, is dreaming

My unborn baby is dreaming, I feel the kicks
I can see the hand print, my stomach is moving
I wanna see your dreams, feel if your happy inside
Satisfy with all I do, on the outside, baby don't cry
My innocent, tiny beautiful soul, I holding your heart
Mommy feels you, while I sleep, and dream of you
Dreaming flowers and birds, so you may sleep at peace
I read you a book or sing you a song, so you may be at ease
Relax in your cascade, so I may hold you in my arms
Making your dreams, my dreams, our dreams
Unborn baby, is dreaming, I feel the kicks

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My Baby

My baby and me,
we keep each other company.
She tells me what I need.
Her purrs push me to let it all go,
faster with every shift.

We are two in one,
no one knows me like her,
she hears my word when I'm alone,
the things I'd never say to another soul,
but she could never judge.

I push her to do more,
she doesn't stop,
so we keep going,
breaking the law beat by beat,
but she won't care.

It's my baby and me,
the steel cage that helps me breathe.
As I slide into her bucket seat,
she reminds me at that moment,
I am free.

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In Utero

                                                          Baby girl
                                              Fashioned by God's hand
                                                          You are a
                                                 Miracle in the making
                                                     A priceless jewel

                                                        Precious life
                                                 Cradled in the womb
                                                         So fragile
                                                        So amazing
                                               So perfect in every way
                                                      You are loved  

Inspired by observing the ultrasound of my granddaughter.
Entered in Rick Parise's "A Poem (old) that you love that placed
10th in another contest."

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The Magik Of Love

Reflections in the mirror were getting scary I could not carry the weight of my pain it almost took my life to learn to love again for I have made a friend somewhere along my long lost way I hope that I helped him just a fraction of how he helped me maybe that single thought is what finally gave me my peace enough to release so much stolen energy Now I am not afraid to walk where the streets are hot for I thrive in Hell's kitchen where the devil stirs my pot for I now have him quiet tame I sacrificed my dragons at the alter of my name and now you are my slaves any time I need I'll call upon my superhero's to come and rescue me like my Saint Toni who swept me off that bridge and showed my how a death can be the greatest reason to live for she was the seed to grow my Eden then a man from a foreign land gave me something in myself to believe in the magik of Love.

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her face hangs on two hallways of her mind one overlooking the essentials and joy of life and those half-blind fingers ask her what she sees is it that ghost of past hurts or the disgusting future? with burnt skin and bone peaking out to stew the world catching the crimson slipping through sagging arms and onward through the never of her mind. the other face ‘s corners bestow butterfly kisses so semi -sweet in flowering seeds among baby roses but, why do tears pour when she finds lightness in giving? is there meaning in the tangy taste on her sunlit showers ? and onward through the never of her mind. in the agonizing sightlessness of the dark she crawls regaining consciousness to balance the scales of two faces, at fault is the one charged of guilt and a million fears… but, that makes two of them until one face tramples the other. plucking her four eyes and grasping them firmly on one palm she stitches the exfoliated skin and dumps the aged bones … kissing life more clearly with new irises in the whitening hole and onward through the always of her mind, not knowing if she is thrusting forth, as baby roses lead the way.
©copyright ……………………………….. Contest : DOPPLEGANGERS of Matt Calliri By: nette onclaud

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Love me tonight girl we won't meet again ,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby, ha ha ha ha,
Let your body decide what it does ,
It's okay baby cause everybody ****s,
I know it's straight to the point,
But I'd rather be straight up and straight forward,
Instead of playing with your heart and your mind,
Games are waste of time, now we can do the nasty,
And do what the do and see what the does,
Either we gonna love what we do to each other,
Or just let it be what it was,
No harm, no foul, no commitment, no vows,
Maybe a contract or two,
But by that time I'm already tired of the way you like it, oh,
And let your body decide, exactly what it does,
But it's no secret baby, everybody fücks,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
Love me tonight girl we won't meet again,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does, it's okay baby,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby cause everybody fücks,
Now I can hear your body calling me,
Tell me what it is, what's gon be,
Only got one night cause I'm...,
Lil mama is a bad one, ain't she? 
Maybe she might be a little timid,
Love when I get it,
Or I might even give a text when I'm finish,
Been doing all this talking, let's get it,
And you can tell me what you wanna do,
I guarantee you can do that,
Or you can teach me like a thing or two,
But I bet you I already knew that,
So one night one time baby girl,
Let's take this chance,
We ain't trying to be love strung,
But I know that Everybody ****s,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
I know you don't do these type of things on the first night,
We both know it's wrong but fück it cause it feels right,
Love me tonight girl we won't meet again,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does, it's okay baby,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby cause everybody ****s,
Let your body go, let your feeling show,
Say what's on your mind, I already know,
I can read your eyes, see your body sign,
(Every sign you give baby) with a little bump and grind,
Nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
Baby there ain't nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
There ain't nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
Baby there ain't nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind,
Love me tonight girl we won't meet again,
Don't fight the feeling cause love ain't a sin,
Let your body decide what it does, it's okay baby,
Let your body decide what it does,
It's okay baby cause everybody ****s,
Believe that believe that baby,
Everybody ****s…

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The Perfect Painting

The perfect painting would be of
an extremely happy laughing child.
The child could be a girl or a boy
of any color, race or nationality.
Anything else would be superfluous.

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Cheers Love

cheers to us and the many places we have been
here is to us the lions relaxing in their dens
three cheers for the memories our lives will never be the same
one thing to remember we have only ourselves to blame
as we toasted a small want filtered out through my face
I again didn't surface untill that want became fate
possabilities begain to surface as my concious ran vain
I once again wanted to reclaim you for my mate
my emotions hurtfully started a small pain in my side
I felt my thoughts were thrashed about openly 
caught outside of my mind, played upon surgicaly
so they matched the pain in my side, the ones I was trying to hide
so heres a toast to approaching this openly getting caught in the tide
I feel so mischievious again wanting to be your bride

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In A Hotel Room

For a long time there I stood;
Yet another entrance to hell.
Though I already understood,
There's this feeling I can't tell.

Scent of sin present in the air
Reminder of what I must do.
Life has not been all that fair,
Still, I wish today is untrue.

The door to hell is inviting;
Smiling, out the devil came.
His touch had been inciting
But I felt nothing but shame.

There I was, in a hotel room;
Sold both my body and soul.
Flower that will never bloom;
Never again to be put whole.

By him I let myself get tainted;
And I will go to hell and back,
To keep my beloved child sated.
There will be no turning back.

*For the "In A Hotel Room" contest
*Written: February 12, 2013

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Maybe the Guff was empty, cancer full moon eclipse

Maybe the guff was empty—Cancer full moon eclipse

Left field call on the black wall phone
faint cry from the distant end
spoke with throat lump of capital
disaster and a troddened womans most
everydom—lost before found—somehow Jan
knew and put forth a celestial no comment with 
I-hope-I-am-wrong-love gesture for the
love torn bull awaiting a cancerfold friend
offspring no spring-perhaps next spring. Anna
soild Anna so poised of classic stock sometimes
never bending to an antiflexible Taurus mood
was caught in a never place,  why of questions-
depleted character strikes. Will the blood
hordes rally for the fallen “fetalrade” and
heal the internal emohurt temperature 
inferno of unknown bliss. Does it ever come
at the right instant? Like where’s a cop when
you really need one—maybe 7-11 therapy would 
bring solice and peace. Forgive the forgiver
and pass your sense into another ability
Keep your mind and your soul for the little 
lost egg. I don’t know know or could never compromise 
no more of a complex juxtaposition of life
and death than that of biobeings so
closely connected that share the same
existance, one within-one yet
percent infinity bonded in a tidewater
liquid symbiosis that no manbeing in time
past or future will hope to match let alone
entertain. Be that as it may, you’ve felt the
sting of life and the creation of flesh for a brief
moment of time in time   and time is that holder of all
events we hope to achieve—your time in both
will come to be—you will share
and create from within, and not waiver
about the fallbacks we run down for
no explanations from anyone will suffice
or reason to make a whole sense of such
a fathomless inconsistency. I felt your
loss deep in my knees and thoughts flew
to your little soul upstairs. There are words
and there are no words—my deepest senses
to you and Dana—I know it will happen for you
as all things come to pass for those deserving                          dave collins

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The Bitter Truth

~Heart opens, Legs close~

If only 'lover' of nowadays could actualize 
What real love is and not that type they play second fiddle to.
If they could stand on their toes to solve relationship puzzles
By being rational in their approach (to it).
Then they would have found out
The true meaning of love
And would as well be able to 
Distinguish it between its counterfeit.

Real love is true love.

With love at first sight 
You can love more than once
And be heartbroken on several occasions.

Love is not sex and Sex is not love.
You can have sex and not necessarily be in love.
You can be in love and not necessarily engage in sex.

Using sex to manipulate a man will eventually fail,
Cos a man may hate you and still have sex with you.
It is self deception to think that 
Giving man sex will make him love you.

True love will never force you to engage in sex.
A man who doesn't love you,
Will not change his mind because of sex.

True love comes from the heart and is often unimaginable and unexplained.

If man tells you to prove your love by having sex with him,
You should know he is only using you as (may be one of) his toy.
And if he is attracted to you because of his titillating figure,
Sooner or later, 'better sex' will take him away from you.
Submitting yourself to him as his sex slave is a great mistake and an act of foolishness.

True love will never shame or degrade you.

If a man truly loves you, he will understand your feelings and will listen to you. 
He will respect and stand by you. 
He won't want you to get hurt
 And he will be ready to hold back his sexual desire
Until that holy night.

Be wise!

 For: Russell Sivey's "Enlightenment, hope and harmony" Contest.
23rd March, 2013

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Silent Cry

The Silent Cry The silent cry - you might wonder - what is the silent cry? I tell you - It is the cry that no one can hear, but someone knows about it. A young girl got pregnant and didn't want the baby. She decided to have an abortion. As she went to the clinic, she was thinking, how that baby would just be in the way. The boyfriend didn't want nothing to do with her, or the baby. She thought it was the best thing to do. As she was being prepared for the abortion, the baby inside wondered - what was going on? He didn't feel love or warmth anymore. As they put the instruments inside the young mother, the baby felt a cold sharp pain. He gave one last cry as they tore him apart from his mother. It was the last silent cry that no one heard, but one person knew about it. That little baby was already forming and no one gave him a chance to live...
09/08/2014 By Lucilla M. Carrillo Note: This is not to offend anyone, but babies have a right to live. I don't like it that it's always the girl, or the woman that gets blamed for these things. This is not right. It takes two to make a baby. To me they are both equally responsible. Pray for the little ones that never had a chance to live...

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How can passion nab a prudent mind
Heartless and unrelenting sorrow
Passion which
Haunts across seas 
Crazes uncharted through widow making mountains

Shadows its prey
day by day from scent of soap to toothpaste caps
Sleepless nights in strangers beds—The vows once took cannot be shed

How can love annex a prudent mind
     Diligently plodding through piles of work 
Jump between the lines and ink
like a rapist scare
to catch the victim unaware

Heartless and relentless sorrow
Years refine the passion fire
      Body aches for vanished scorching touches
Heartless and relentless sorrow
Like a bird she fled the skies
But longs in secret for the midnight flight return

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Children, I Miss You Both...

I miss...

taking care of you.
making your meals and snacks for you.
telling you " Good morning ", each and every day.
taking you to school and wishing you both a blessed day.
picking you up from school, 
asking how your day went, and what interesting things did you learn.
making your nutritional assessments, and trying to introduce good foods to you.
     hugging you both, and both of you hugging me.
     taking care of you when you are sick,
     comforting you when you don't feel good.
     trying to make your ouwwies not hurt.
     the time that we should get to, and should have gotten to, spend together.
     the quality in living, that we are suppose to have together.
     just holding you.
the tickle fights when you would both tickle me at the same time.
watching and helping you both make awesome artwork.
you both singing, with your beautifully flowing and innocent voices.
tossing you both in the air, only to catch you, while singing,
" I got Aubrey, I got Aubrey, my baby girl "
and " I got Micah, I got Micah, my baby boy "
seeing you both play and invent and build.
watching you ride your bikes.
helping and watching you skateboard.
playing catch with the football or soccer ball.
watching you fill your buckets up with innumerable worms.
just watching you try to catch those slimmy worms.
listening you you both have a belching contest.
listening to you belching the alphabet.
watching you make the armpit farts, and laughing, just like your Uncle Eddie used to do.
     taking you both to various places, and to see the natural beauty.
     taking you to the Ouachita river to throw rocks.  
     taking you fishing, and putting the worms on your hooks for you.
     watching you hold on to the bobber while you throw the stick fishing pole into the river.
     getting you both chocolate covered donuts at Jimmy's Donut Hole.
getting to teach you both good things.
mowing the grass for you to be able to play safely outside.
telling you to pick up your rooms, and to put your clothes in the hamper.
cleaning your rooms for and with you.
organizing your good toys, and throwing out the broken ones.
buying you new clothes, and giving away the ones you'd outgrown.
     telling you that I love you, before you go to sleep.
     wishing you blessed and peaceful sleep, every night.
But most of all, I miss you.
Each and every day, I miss you.
     May you both be blessed, 
     by The Holiest of Holies Himself, 
     in every area of your lives.
Love Mom

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Diamonds that loose their lusture

We are all born imperfect
But yet 
pure in heart and mind
Diamonds that shine and sparkle
That lose their lustre with the ravages of time
Life can be cruel and we soon get covered in layers of mud
We wear a mask to the world
That says I'm ok
But hides the real person 
Both the bad and the good.

Sometimes we have to excavate the layers
That made us who we are
To find ourselves
And once again
Sparkle like a  diamond 
And twinkle like a star..

Peter Dome.copyright 2014. July.

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Beyond Beautful

The most beautiful thing on Earth to me,

is the human baby just new born.

So helpless and so innocent,

I want to protect it from the world.

It has been many years since I

have claimed one as my very own,

but I still hold the poignant memory

of falling love with a perfect being.

It looks at one with wide, wise eyes

As though it could see to the depths of the soul

and nestles into loving arms

seemingly aware it has come home.

Perfect features in miniature,

stamped by ancestors it cannot know.

Nothing is so lovely as he or she,

the human infant just new born.

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In My Community

Our Ancestors fought to the death,
Just so we can live a brighter day,
So before you light up that blunt of meth,
Think about what you’re giving away,
It was a glad day in history when Obama rose to victory,
The first black president was all we knew,
Dark skin is in!
Haven’t you heard?
That even in our community, 
You can get burned,
It’s a sad day when people would rather stay home and “Crank That Amber Cole”,
Than get up and run to a poll,
In our community,
Rockin’ Luis V is better than having a college degree,
And teen pregnancy is not only a trend,
But the single motherhood that follows should end,
Young girls learn of a wonderful prince to take them away,
Nothing should change thought their mothers prince didn’t stay,
And as the tears fade away,
She grows stronger every day,
In our community,
Fighting is no longer a word,
You argue with someone and shots are heard,
Girls showing places the sun don’t show,
So how do they expect the community to grow?
Where love is a figment of imagination,
Making a young child question her creation,
Young mothers would rather buy the iPhone 5,
Then satisfy her baby’s cries,
While her new man’s eye,
Wander up another girl’s thighs,
In our community,
Where #team dark skin vs #team light skin,
Makes others not love the skin they’re in,
Love, lust, hate, and trust,
Giving a rose on Valentine’s Day is no longer a must, 
Where bad is good and good is bad,
Who would think to see their grandmother sad?
Her hurt and pain,
Shows how our community has lost everything her parents fought to gain.

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Seeking a better life and with chance at hand, our new life awaits
Wife hires on as servant, daughter and I stowaway as it departs
Our life's dreams sail on the USS Titanic, a new future to create 
daughter and I conceal ourselves while wife toils with bunk-mates

We would change places to stay warm from bitter cold and storm
my young baby I wrapped up tight, this kept her warm to my delight
We count days till our new home, I worry and pray my wife is warm
A few days passed till that night I awoke in sheer terror and fright

Hearing metal tear, as cries and screams begin a siren sounds above
We're in warmth deep beneath the decks I grab my joy to face regret
We're not far from mom, I push and shove to get her one deck above
The time is short as I open door, to reveal wife's tears, glad to see, yet

to escape I tie a rope about our waists for in this flight can't separate
Then we begin our quest to the night air knowing we're 5 decks below
scaling 2 decks with speed, all converge but keep moving can't hesitate
Baby in hand we drag and claw moving to air, all moving with the flow

One more flight of stairs to fresh air, I take wife's hand to lead her their
Ship tilts as we get through door to sky then falling down into the night
A sudden jerk as rope catches pipe saving us as others fall in pairs
with bitter cold and death insight, I plan again how to win this fight

A mans wool coat 4 feet above I grab his coat as life slips from hope
Wrapping about my baby and wife, for warmth, in this my last night
Water rising swiftly only a few feet below, I swing wife and cut rope
Their flight to the ocean, as I follow them into the icy cold midnight

We find each other in this dark abyss, then fight to swim to life
We reach trash still afloat raising wife and babe to safety I cover tight
death assured in my last fight I tie raft to boat and tell my loving wife
I love you both fight to save your lives, as I sink from view in the night

Hours passed her body heat spent, pulls to boat in her last attempt
She wraps baby in all the clothes and begs they save her from my fame
Her baby safe as she can plan she cuts the rope with this last lament
When you all survive, let all who ask know my sweet daughter's name

This is a fictional account of the youngest survivors journey to safety, Elizabeth Gladys Dean

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The Volunteer, A Poem Inspired by HRH Prince George of Cambridge

'We have a future king to make,'
Said the deep, resounding voice.
'But it is not a proper fit for everyone.
For a king must know first how to obey than to command,
And to abide rather than reign.'

'And thus, I need a volunteer.'

The eager little voices swiftly gathered ‘round.
'To have a throne and my own crown,' said a little voice with delight. 
'A great palace for my home,' cried another, 'or a castle with tall ramparts.'
'I’d be above all others,' said yet another, 'that would surely ease one’s comparing mind;'
'And best of all, to be revered by everyone and through all time!'   

'Don’t fool yourselves with thrones and crowns,' said a little voice from the side,
'Do not haste into a choice you may regret for all your life!
I’d rather risk oblivion and even want, but be free to choose my fate,
What is precious life for but to discover one’s gift and thirst?
You take that crown and throne, and you forever renounce the greatest prize you own!'

There were no volunteers at hand for that grand, distinguished life.
The once lively little voices now stood silent, with cautious glances in their eyes.
Yet they began to move a little, but not to volunteer their fates; 
Someone was slowly coming forward all the way from far behind. 
Soon, one single little voice stood ahead of all the others, and with a thoughtful stare, it spoke:

'I overheard a story once
Of a vast and balmy river 
That braves across cold, stormy seas
So it can meet a fabled shore
And become one with it.

'Wearied from its long voyage, 
It crashes beneath the sheer cliffs.
And as its froth caresses the jagged rocks,
It echoes the green, velvety meadows above
Which gently cuddle the harsh precipice. 

'The wee, babe-in-arms coming king 
Will hold that fabled shore in him.
For he, though one sole man
Will stand for an entire land.
And in choosing this destiny
Of that fabled shore I also shall be,
For it will be a part of me, 
And I, humbly, of it.

'And then, there is the brave lad who in sheer fright,
Gathered all his nerve and leaped into the dark night
Over the unknown enemy’s laird.
Oh, how I would leap into the dark along with thee!
Though he is now long gone, he will live in me,
And I, humbly, in him.

'And the family who huddled deep beneath the ground
Through the terrifying shudder of the enemy’s raging rounds. 
Then, to rise again, and not concede.
I was in that shelter along with them,
And so were a million others who were yet to be!

'Such as the young boy now walking to school on a quiet country lane,
To learn his Scott, his Shakespeare, his Milton, and his Keats.
I will follow him close behind, and my own feet shall grow within his footprints.
It takes no less than each of them to make a king, 
And not more than lacking one to lessen him.
For a king, though one sole self, stands for all, 
And all do stand for him.

'I know that in choosing this path, 
I’ll forever relinquish command of my compass, 
And may never find out what I could’ve become on my own, 
Or what my true talent may be.
I will follow, instead, a course that has long been set,
By others, and not by me.

'But I have a strong hunch 
That if I don’t put myself first,
Or what I feel I’m entitled to do and to have,
And choose, instead, to be fair, as best as I possibly can, 
To those for whom I’ll be honored to stand,
I’ll eventually know who I really am; 
And will meet, one day, the man I am meant to become.'

'Thus, I volunteer 
To be the child who’s one day to be king.'

A newborn day blazed in the distance,
And a transformation was about to take place, 
As momentous as the invasion of spring,
The rising of the harvest, or a mighty winter gale.
Nearly two thousand babies were coming to life on that land, 
From that land, to that land, for that land, 
And a single one amongst them exalted all. 

Half a world away, a vast and balmy river 
Was setting out on its long voyage to a fabled shore,
And nearby, radiant sunlight battled gray, stormy clouds,
So as to break through and paint in brilliant and broad brushstrokes
The lofty Highlands below,
And thus, be reborn as shimmering glens and moors.

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Abundance of life
Home to extinction

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Miss Ladybug

Wearing your red pock-a-dot dress
Miss Ladybug, you look divine,
it is beautiful today, the sun is out.

Go now, Miss Ladybug,
flutter your wings,
buzz away from me.

Go now, fly Miss Ladybug.
Point me in the direction of love,
see you flying North.

May I say, Miss Ladybug,
that you look divine,
and beautiful as ever.

I walk North,
I follow you Miss Ladybug,
point me to her.

You flutter over to a beautiul girl,
five foot, seven.
Nice pick Miss Ladybug.

I walk over to the girl,
She is beautiful,
long hair, jet black, flowing.

Miss Ladybug thank you,
now fly away,
I shall need you for another day.

Take me away now, baby
show me something new,
take me away from the few.

And Miss Ladybug,
there she went off into the sunset,
with her red pock-a-dot dress
flowing in the breeze, alone.

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Set Me Free

There was a baby happy and free
The apple of the eye of his family
Playing around and hiding in the trees
Whoever thought it’s his last smile they see

Through the darkness of the jungle came
Man-devils whose creation God is to blame
Cut the kid down with lethal shots
His body ripped like a shattered earthen pot

I was the one who led those men
Swooping down from our mountain den
Snuffing out the little flame of his life
My mind, since then, is full of strife

The mother came with her eyes in tears
The sight sent my body into shivers
The boy in her arms looked full of life
The hole in his heart told me it was a lie

The mother laid the baby on my lap and cried
Is this my baby, the one who died?
You’re the one who killed him, you devil in disguise
May Gods curse you, may heavens you despise

Lord! Why did I make this grave mistake?
Why was it this kid whose life I had to take?
Why did I take a life when I cannot give?
Do I have anymore right to live?

I cried tears of guilt and pain
And gave the grieving mother my gun
I told her relieve me of my misery
Kill me before I kill again

The mother said with a sad smile on her face
You have sinned and punishment you must face
But killing you would only set you free
And I will be the culprit to your family

You will suffer everyday of your life
You will bleed lots more than my little child
You will burn in the self hating fire of hell
You will die everyday and live to tell

That day on I’ve cried a million tears
Hating myself for all these years
There’s nothing I can do to escape this hell
I feel I am falling into an endless well

God! I cannot ask for forgiveness please
I cannot ask for salvation
All I ask for is to set me free
From this dreary life full of misery

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I want to be free to be me

I want to be free to be me

I do not want to be anyone else.

I like me.

I love who I am.

I just want to be at peace with God and put my past behind me.

I want to live in the Present and enjoy my life.

I want to meet some handsome guy yes one special handsome guy and go on dates and be able to have some fun and enjoy my free time.

I want to take nice long walks outside to be one with Nature and get my exercise at the same time.

I’d love to maybe go walking around at the mall sometimes too!

I want to get married one day and I want a beach wedding in the Caribbean.

I’ll be 32 soon and my biological clock is ticking I want a baby girl or baby boy.

Maybe twins?

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The Littlest Angel

Taking my gold black tipped pen
Words flow on white parchment
Like tears intermittent streams.
My baby you are in heaven now.
Son you're in God's arms, not mine.

Looking down at my verse,
Before I could comprehend,
As if influenced by a spell
My paper like wings on wind
Gently lifted, flickering in air.

I shield my eyes from the sun.
A hum heard, as I turned to see
My penned words on parchment
Laying back on my writing table.
Golden flecks dusted my verse.

Psst, can you hear me?
A tiny angel whispered.

For Skat Aces's contest, 'Angels'

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heart beat of life

My heart beats beat by beat 
while my life changes slowly
good things happen 
while the bad goes out the window to be forgotten

Love comes an you hope its forever
and will never fade slowly 
but will stay in your life until you die

one will come sooner then soon 
as she feels your life with happiness 
a baby you will love forever and never let go

the beat of your heart beats for the love
that you have always loved since high school
and then he comes and sprang you
 as he wants to be a part of your life
to he brings happiness and joy 

your heart beats beat by beat as life changes slowly 
enkoy life as you live until your heart says nomore

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Lady Lucifina

Elegance adorned in black; with red stilettos...
Standing amid diversions cobblestone square
She, aside gargoylias ancient flowing fountain.

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                                                  I mesmerize 
                                                  You tantalize                                                      
                                              Baby your fun size
                                        So let me bask in you sun rise
                           slowly but yet roughly surf your smooth thighs, 
                          as we greet each others soul dancing in the flame
                                       of our eyes as we mesmerize 
                                                      in the play
                                                       in the lay
                                   that our tenders stimulate and amplify 
                                                     the moment 
                                     I gaze in to your appalling sunrise, 
                                                just you and me free,
                                                      he and she
                                             no shades on my eyes, 
                                                  bravely staring in
                                                    your sunrise 
                                                  hitting the bank, 
                                                     the shore of 
                                                  your fluffy inside, 
                       like pillow fights at night, guiding my long black stripe,
                       into you wet dark night, we take flight as ecstasy ignites
                      in between your slim tender tight, I am the man tonight she
                   said baby you can sleep over tonight, I say yes baby ok then we
                        can lay back on fluffy pillows and watch a boxing fight,
                 She asks whats the cab number again. LOL why is every thing alright?
                                          What its just a boxing fight!!!

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 What a blessing a new baby boy
 May he bring you lots of love and joy
 May he be blessed by the Father above
 A small bundle of pure heavenly love
 A grandparents smile of delight
 As your eyes focus on this sight
 We wish you  both a lifetime of joy
 On this your first new grandson--a boy.

Congratulations to Peter and Sharon on their first grandchild.

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Sitting alone in the sand, witness the sun kissing the horizon. 
I hear the sound of angels, whispering love from above. 
I thought of the first time I held your hands in my palms 
And heard you cry, the sweetest whisper of joy in my heart. 

But this eternal distance seems so hard to reach, 
You have left me hanging in a bliss. 
Feeling the soft touch of the breeze. 
As it whispers goodbye, the last word you'd said. 

Tears are gently falling on my cheeks. 
As wind blew, I heard the lullaby I sang for you. 
Haunt me with memories that won't fade away. 
Wishing you're here beside me to fill this empty soul. 

But you're gone, no matter how hard I try. 
I couldn't recall the image of your smile. 
The echo of your laugh, twinkle of your eyes. 
'twas left inside the room that you left behind. 

I send a prayer, a whisper of hope in the wind. 
Wishing that you hear it in a place where you are. 
Please open the gate of sky, and hear me saying, 
Whispering the love from my heart, my little angel.  

* RANK 1 in Gail's Contest WHISPERS OF LOVE*

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Naughty Girls

Chaste became but waste, unto her heart
While she ran away ? Parterres pleasures..
Her theatre in both lust as love; a passion
Spellbound beauty; their veil's her desires.

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Toy Soldiers

Send em to war
Send they love
Send they worries
Send they hearts
Send them away to never come back

Families left behind
Little lilly misses her father
She has a dream
Daddy's pushin a swing

Ma? When does daddy come home?
The curtain closes
Daddys gone baby girl
How could this be?

Ma stop crying
Daddys gone
Daddys gone

Ma, who is going to teach me....
Come on lilly, the birds are singin
Daddy was a toy soldier
Whats a toy soldier ma?

In time baby girl, in time 

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This Is The Day The Lord Gave

Legs held up in stir ups, and a sun that refuses to subdue  
The windows have no other purpose but to watch the birthing view 
Panting heaving sweating and cleaving, she pushes out a little MEW

Bathed and cleansed she is returned to the womb of her mother 
A blistering sun hits the room and rends heat to ten little fingers 
Clutching at a milky breast, she suckles with delight and affirmation 

Loosened limbs relax and cryptic eyes show love as emotion covets 
Her beauty is like a spliced ray of sunlight, she knows no other now 
A faint thought escapes her, “This is the day the Lord, gave!”


January 19, 2015

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I sat on the pavement of memories and dreams hoped to retrieve 
In my imagination for weddings looked and I saw the pain on the surface floated 
Found scattered grief and plentiful among them mixed with 
I benefited from my pain and my experience in life has matured 
Whatever described my life Words and phrases failed to have disappeared from the lexical 
My creations colorful and my hopes for the illiterate and spoke

Author : Omar Hachmi

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When I think of Linda broken down car

I think of my nephew

From the look of things

Her blue 2001 Honda Civic

Is in mint condition

New tires

Battery operated

Nice body

Always shiny clean

But like my nephew

Her car has a head problem


She is frustrated with her car

Because its not reliable

Gone are the days when the car

Was brand new like a baby

And would response to her every needs


She is afraid that when the red light comes on

That she will be abandoned

She has consulted with car doctors who told

Her that its repairs will break the bank

But she has max out her credit cars


She will not say that she is emotionally attached

But she is trying to save the car

I told her that her car is like a child

Like my nephew who needs saving

But with human life he cannot be replaced

Like a car

But she said that a cat is cheaper

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Me And You

From the moment I was born,
You never let me go.
As I grew older,
You always held my hand.
The moments flow by us.
Like fish in a river.
Every second that passes by.
We grow closer.
I know there were times of giving up,
That you almost had.
But you kept trudging through.
Through the sun and the rain,
The snow and the sleet.
My hand was always held.
You never let me go. 

May 21st, 2013

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Second Hand Smoke

Since this is to complain about second hand smoke,
you're welcome to sing along....
though if you're a sucker, don't ya choke...
trying to puff and sing this song,

Smoking is a harmful part of air pollution..
not only for the sucker on the other end,
and if they re-tax each pack it won't bring a real solution..
just another hack!...cough!...and grin,

And hey sucker....there's baby sister....
coughing as she awoke....
yea sucker there's baby brother..
breathing your second hand smoke,

And for each puff of pollution you send,
may you cough and hack over and agin,
'til your bad habit ever ends.....
you're the sucker on the other end!

Yea sucker there's little sister...
breathin' your second hand smoke!
hey sucker there's little brother...
chokin' as he awoke...from your second hand smoke.

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A Fallen Baby Skunk

On our walk this morning

Brandy my dog and I saw

such a sad thing, lying on

the sidewalk was a baby skunk

dead as ever.  Brandy wanted to

go smell it, but wasn't sure if i should,

so held her back.  I had never seen a dead

baby skunk before, i had seen many adult

dead skunks.  There was no blood any where

to be found or any other reason for this

poor thing to die or why it was on

the sidewalk.  I hate to see any creature die,

even this poor little baby skunk, who never

got a chance in life.

Written 7-27-11

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The Journey

Nineteen eighty six, seventeen years of age this lost young child ?
Standing amid the shadows afore an empty looking glass; in silhouettes
Dawn these streams and light through a lonely window; silence, silver blade
Razors edge piercing their flesh tears; blood trickling then pouring from the corners..
Hopeless wishing begging tortured eyes; a season in somber this beginning as, reasons.

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The Color Green

Grass, trees, cool cars
My favorite color too
The color of life

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The Love Child

Gently laid in pungent hay
The small infant greets the eve
While all those present wonder
At the glory they've received

Neither before nor after
Will man witness such a birth
That brings more joy and hope to
Ev'ry creature on the earth

Brilliant star pierces the dark
As heavenly beings sing
Of earthly peace now dawning
Over plains the chorus rings

The wise and faithful bearers
Of the gifts know all along
This baby is the Savior
Whom inspires the angels' song

They bow to God incarnate
And place before Him treasure
Shepherds praise the Holy child
Whose pow'r is without measure

For though a humble baby now
A King lies in the manger
Who came to heal wounded hearts
And save our souls from danger

Question you how it can be
This mystery of ages?
Find the answer given us
Within the ancient pages

Read how it has comes to pass
Payment for our sin is done
Through ultimate sacrifice
God has sent His only Son

So see Him sweetly sleeping
Tiny boy so meek and mild
And know the baby Jesus
Is our Father's great Love Child


* Placed 3rd in John Heck's contest, "Christmas Time is Here!"* December 8, 2007

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Righteous Indignation

(aka Reasons for Resentment)

You asked me to do something.
I did it and you didn't 
thank me.

You told me the meeting would be
at this time at this place.
It wasn't.

You said you'd call back
but the phone never rang.

You forgot to pick up
toilet paper and baby food.

You asked me to do something.
I forgot and you
resented but said nothing.

You told me the meeting would be
at this time at this place.
I forgot.

You said you'd call back
but the (uncharged) phone never rang.

You forgot to pick up
toilet paper and baby food.

am runnin' outa reasons.....

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                                                   In the silence of the night,
                                                 A baby is born to be the king,
                                              Angels from heaven are rejoicing,
                                            Stars from the black sky are shining.

                                             On the manger lies a baby smiling,
                                              That day, a miracle is happening,
                                              All over the world are celebrating,
                                             On the place we called Bethlehem.

                                                O holy night, our savior’s birth,
                                           Let us kneel, pray, and praise Jesus,
                                           Peace on earth for this glorious day,
                             May our hearts filled with happiness this Christmas!!

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An angelic face,
Bright eyed with the sweetest smile..

Sleep baby sleep,
While warmth touch of loving hands cradle you,
Sleep baby sleep,
Even the morning dew rise its smells and shine upon you.

Sleep baby sleep,
Feel the rhythm voices of those angelic's sing,
Sleep baby sleep,
Feel the breeze that soothe your little body.

Sleep baby sleep,
Unlock your heart and welcome the serenity,
Sleep baby sleep,
The starlight will bring you faraway but peace.

Sleep baby sleep,
Mama will always be here for you,
Sleep baby sleep,
Papa will always stand for you.

Sleep baby sleep,
No more tears no more fears,
Sleep baby sleep,
We will reunite again in Heavenly peace.

Your embrace will always stay eternity,
Herein our heart,
May you rest in peace,darling Angel..

-Tribute to Baby Angel who passed away after heart complication-

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A warm little creature crawls upon my lap
Looking up through the sobs 
She does understand, this little creature
More than anyone possibly can

Finding comfort in the warmth of my distress,
She curls up, her ears perked, her face slightly buried
A fast beating heart…pumping the blood I no longer wish for
Her comfort offers infinite suns of solace
Her eyes define empathy, peace and goodness

She is a cat
A small baby, seeking warmth
Who gives all of herself to be close to me
To be near…no matter how far the shackles of despair repel me

She is a cat
So simple, and yet everything in this moment
The aggressive cuteness, the brutal comfort
The claw that tears the very grime
And the curiosity that simply erases time

She is my cat
And all my own
When even time herself offers darkness

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2Pac was Here

Play da camera man…for ya can
grab the photo clip and flirt hip
sling that gangsta drivel..for sure
reeks of evil the worm in da core..
but dontya sing no fa me

Frame me, shame me, claim me 
you mother **** whores
wid yer minimum wage stores
holdin down the frame
messin wid my claim
but dontya sing no fa me

Free de people ..let me Moses be
cause Im gonna part de red sea
part dat sea for ya
da sea of yer dream..
the plan of yer scheme
but dontya sing no fa me.

Martyr me baby yer playin de plan
cause ya made my day..left me dancing
I’m no back up man…
an I done wrong but who hasn’t …sh**
but dontya sing no fa me

We all been bit*ches and well all get lit
So sing my jive songs baby 
flash my my pretty face
life aint black and white
least I left a trace.............

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Das Ein Mannlein

Das Ein Männlein

The silent echo reflects through the lodge,
Ein Männlein Steht im Wlade ganz Still und Stum…
Repeating itself in the young boys head.
He is not yet a man, but stands proud enough to be,
Coming back here to relieve himself of his past.
Crying out as he reaches the splintering and tilted door.
The memories of the cold, the blistering cold overpower him.
He spends time collecting himself as the moon moves across the sky.

He had been here with his family-
Says the toppled dining room table.
He also wasn’t the only child in the lodge-
Says the curled up paper dolls in the fireplace.
There was music- Ein Männlein Steht im Wlade ganz Still und Stumm…
Echoes the toppled ivory-keyed piano in the corner.
There was a war, as the Russian Graffiti on the wall complains.
The crashed bomber-plane with the seat full of bones assures that fact.

He came back to the rotting lodge in the forest
Back to the overgrown pile of shambles to find something
As he digs he picks objects out of the rubble, a boar’s head, jewelry, dog-tags,
And finally the thing he seemed to have been searching for.
A baby’s bathtub, with a scrolled handle, stares at him through the dust.
What happened to the other child?
She still has all of her baby teeth in her sweet little baby head.
She’s been sitting in that bathtub ever since that horrible night.
When she was boiled to death by hungry war criminals. 

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Behind The Red Door

She held a secret slight fetish and, she loved to be spanked..
It made her feel alive inside; she would cry as wet the sheets
Of silk whereupon her beauty did lay; fragrant, palms fulfilling
Gushing streams in swelling dreams a need she'd plead, please.

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I don't hand my heart out to strangers, 
but baby you we're an exception.
From the say I first met you, I knew we'd be more then just friends.
172 days since I first met you,
112 days since we became "us",
and 99 days since we first kissed.
& let me tell you,
You still put the light in my eyes,
the warmth in my heart,
a smile on my face,
but most importantly,
you're the one who picks me up when I'm down.
Yeah we fight, yeah we argue, but baby what doesn't kill us will only make us 
stronger. <3

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Breath On Thy Breast

She's a mom from a poor family.
Everyday striving in a sidewalks.
No shelter,no roof to shed.
Her life is devastated.
No food ,she scavenges day by day.
She got pregnant,a man didn't stay.
Until one morning has came.
She'd delivered her son in a banquette.
She feeds baby on her breast,
So poor, she can't afford an expensive milk.
To feed a baby she all adore.
She is frustrated to give him ,
A better life, the safest home.
Until one coldest night.
The wind blows so strong.
Her baby suffered for an extreme cold.
She was baffled and nowhere else to run.
Taking her baby,found a tree to hide.
And was amazed by what she found, 
the li'l life she fed on her breast, 
no longer breathed, a cold cadaver. 
The life she used to cradle, had left, 
and gone in the midst of the night. 
Tears fell down on her cheek, 
and she mourned for a baby ,
She had given love and breath.

Based on the painting :"Mother and Child" from Stephanie Deshpande
Contemporary Figurative Art for the Contemporary Free Rhyme Contest of
Cyndi MacMillan

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Little baby Jesus was born

Little baby Jesus was born

Written By Dean Masciarelli

December 20, 2009 (1:19am)

An angel  
named Gabriel

Appeared to
the virgin Mary 

To let her know

That she would 

And she would give 
birth to a son

Because she was the 
chosen one

And the day 
finally came around

When  little baby Jesus 
was born in a manger

On a silent holy night 

Underneath a 
bright shining star

In a town called 


And at that time

There were  three Shepard’s
that were 
watching over there flock of sheep

And the angels
appeared to them 

To give them 
the good news

That Joseph and Mary 

Were miraculously 

Blessed with a son

And that’s when 
all the angels in 
Heaven began to sing

Because little baby 
is Gods only son

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Three Carol Brown

Carol Brown
Today you are crown
Our Queen you are now a figure Renown
Don’t bother about their gossip just leave them alone
If the baby bird leaves his home and fly away because he feels it’s grown
Tell it to remember that; what goes around come aroun’
 And it remain people’s mockery, a clown
If your shoe color is brown
Don’t give a damn
Carol Brown
Don’t give a damn
If your shoe color is brown
And it remain people’s mockery, a clown
Tell it to remember that; what goes around come aroun’
If the baby bird leaves his home and fly away because he feels it’s grown
Don’t bother about their gossip just leave them alone
Our Queen you are now a figure Renown
Today you are crown
Carol Brown

N.B. Read this poem non-stop and enjoy it.  Dedicated to Carol Brown, I feel she is a rare gem Poetic and passionate. What shape is the poem?

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Almost, Christmastime

	Almost, Christmastime

I am unwrapping my gift.

Unwrapping [his love] he left in a Christmas stocking with

My name (Ayesha) on it.

Seeing my baby boy for the first time.

I love just hearing my newborn son cry, scream and I love his baby babble.

He is adorable.

As a new mom I get excited I finally have my 1st baby.

Believe me I have goosebumps as I write this poem.

Days after he is born I decide to get 20 Birth Announcements made and to
send them to family and to all my girlfriends.

I sit up in the bed in my private hospital room and I look into my baby boy’s eyes.

I adore his dark cocoa skin that resembles my own and his papa’s.

I vow I will teach him to love himself so he can love the way God made him.

As I look at my newborn son’s face I see a tiny miracle.

He is mine.

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Daemon Sitter

Sitter of the wee,
titan tamer of babies...
let them scream, cry, and drool
I cannot be uncool-ed.

Tick-tock the hours by and by,
as terror this child may try...
armed with diapers and wipes
we learn potty 101.

Pee in the tub,
poo he smears and rubs...
on the floor; in the trash,
count to 10 think of the cash.

Give me, I want, now, no,
how they demand so...
tantrum if I do not comply
deep breaths I shall not cry!

Flinging pea's, splashing potatoe's,
like a mashed tornado...
almost time to go to bed
at least that's what the mother said.

Sweet silent relief,
rest so very brief...
oh the daemon wails
away I go to re-sing him tales.

Jingle jangle of keys,
I jump and prance with glee...
parents return finally
away quickly I flee.

Never again shall I brag,
of taming the wee devil...
as I shrink back in vain
when I hear his wee baby name.


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ONLY Daughter

Trapped in side
my family's lies
why didn't they tell me about 
this disguise

I am not their kid
I never was 
they were my parents 
just because

they found me
on the street 
as a baby
with such little feet

my mother died 
giving birth
some say it was
like a curse

they are in touch
with my father
because I'm his
only daughter

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Angel's Touch

If I were an angel, I'd grant 
the Asian infant freedom 
and a halcyon wind,

infuse the Native American
papoose with ancestral pride,

give the African baby nuru,
the light of understanding,
a potent shield in a harsh world,

and bring the Hispanic infante 
respect and peace of heart.

If I were an angel, I'd kiss  
[with my eyes] the Jewish babe
whose soul from heaven knows
all things* and efface memory,

visit the Caucasian at birth
with the gift of grace 
and a sense of moral reason
which comes only from God,

and to all the rest—newly born—
the wisdom of Solomon 
and literary promise, 
that the brotherhood of man
might match 
the balance of nature.

*This belief requires the babe’s
memory be erased at birth. 

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I just don't understand why

I don't understand why we live a life were the ones we love die young or the wise ones we love die too soon for us to have learned enough from them we walk on the path we choose but it seems there’s always a road block or tough times we have to learn from with the loss of a loved one that’s a family member or a child we have bared along the way to whatever destiny has planned for us at the end of our road I guess it’s god way of telling us he needed them to be our guardian angels instead of them walking with us on our path we have so many unanswered questions an things we don't yet understand I guess when the time comes we will understand the why's we don't yet have answers to an the path we walk will be the rite path in the end I just hope when time comes we will all see the ones we lose on our path an get the why's an questions answered

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Big blundering beast
Poor fish have no chance whatsoever
Neither does the slowest runner in your group

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the egg conversation

one day a christian carnivore &
a vegetarian atheist had a conversation

the christian meat-eater asked the vegetarian
“if you don’t eat meat, do you eat eggs?”

the atheist responded,
“i’m not a vegan, i’m a vegetarian, so, yes, i eat eggs, i 
eat cheese---i need to get my protein somewhere”

“but eggs are meat...they are baby chickens,” said the 

“um, no, eggs are not baby chickens,” said the atheist

“yes they are.  eggs are unborn chickens, and if you eat them,
you are eating meat,” insisted the christian

“when i crack open an egg, i don’t see a baby chicken walking around,
and until that day, i plan on eating eggs---specifically, scrambled, with ketchup or
frank’s red hot sauce,” remarked the atheist

and the christian carnivore let out a sound of 
frustration & discontent 
as christians do when
they don’t get their way.

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The Irony of Democracy

She's sleeping now as I watch 
her; angelic, innocent—most 
How do I tell her? It's become a 
type of obsession.
How do I tell her? My nights are 
spent rearranging phrases; 
hoping for a turn of events.
How do I look her in the eyes 
and explain what freedom 
means in our country?
"I'm sorry love," I sing to her 
while she rests, “for bringing 
you into the world already at the 
And she will grow, stretch like 
the limbs of the great sequoias.
Her classes will be filled with 
dreams and motivations. Reach 
for the stars; you can achieve 
anything, just warped, candy-
coated reflections of the 
diminishing American Dream.
And when she grows she will 
detest me—if only momentarily
—for my lack of social standing.
"Why does life have to be so 
hard?" she will cry, her teenage 
feet will stomp with more force 
than they did as a child, and the 
cheap clothes dressing her 
ever-changing body will be 
nothing more than a reminder. 
They will be nothing more than 
a suffocating cage of fabric.
How do I tell her, I slaved to 
climb the executive ladder, and 
failed to get any higher?
"I'm so sorry; love, for not 
representing the nation's elites, 
but falling into the poverty of the 
masses." I will whisper in 
response to her distress.
I tried! I wanted to give you a 
decent life; I wanted to give you 
a head start for achievement!
The drive to succeed for her is 
almost unbearable.
She's sleeping now as I watch 
her; she only recently learned 
how to walk.
Still, my nights are spent 
stringing the thoughts and 
words together; wishing our 
lives were better; wishing that I 
could shield her.
Soon, she will learn how small 
her voice sounds in comparison 
with the screams of the nation.
How do I tell her?
I kiss her forehead, and tuck her 

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Wild Baby Rabbit

One time found me a wild baby rabbit,

so cute and fluffy was he.

Use to play with him by the

old weeping willow tree,

in the yard so big and care free.

Shep left this little creature alone,

he knew better after killing

my pet racoon I had.

I was still worred about this

little guy, but found out it was not

shep I had to worry about, but me.

One day I could not find the fluffy

little guy, while searching for him,

I stepped on him and that was the

end of my  pet baby rabbit.

written 8-8-11

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I Finally Understand Why

All those times that i got hurt
It seemed like i was destined to be alone...
It seemed like i would never be happy...
I would always get hurt...
I finally understand why...

All those times i cried myself to sleep...
It seemed like noone cared...
It felt like i would always be alone...
I never seen a future with anyone...
I always wanted one but didnt see it...

I couldnt see a light at the end of the tunnel...
I just seen more and more pain...
I seen more hurt...
I finally understand why...

I remember the first day i saw you...
I felt this feeling inside of me that i never felt before...
My life got a lil bit brighter and i didnt even know your name...
I finally understand why...

I finally understand why it never worked out with anyone else...
I finally understand why i never seen a future with them...
I finally understand why my world got brighter the day i first saw you...
I finally understand that feeling i felt inside...

It never worked cause i was meant for you not them...
I didnt see a future with them cause my future is with you...
My world got brighter cause i found my soul mate...
That feeling i felt inside was the feeling of true love...

You are my future 
My light at the end of the tunnel 
My soul mate
You are my princess

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Once Upon A Christmas

I stand at the window and watch the snow fall 
It's been two hours since Billy left 
The wind has built, a blizzard set in 
And I can't put my mind at rest. 

The snow has drifted blocking the road he took 
But he knows his job, the cattle must be watered and fed 
And hay for the baby calves to bed. 
"I'll be all right," he said. 

There is no school it is Christmas vacation 
The radio predicted conditions to worsen. 
With his family save and warm 
He then sets about caring for those out in the storm. 

TV and presents keep the children entertained 
While I my hair do pull. 
Dinner is ready and still Billys not home 
And with questions like "When's daddy coming home? 
And "Can I go out and play in the snow?" 

It is hard for them to understand 
It isn't just a snow fall, the danger is far to grave 
Wander to far and they could be lost 
And in turn perhaps lose their lives. 

Two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock came 
Finally Billy comes through the door 
Wet, exhausted and frozen to the bone 
He removed his outer garments and collapsed on the chair. 

As he ate the children came 
Excited to have daddy home 
Satisfied he was safe and sound 
They went back to their TV and games. 

Chore time came and the blizzard ruled 
I offered to do my share 
He smiled and said, "Everything's fine. 
Just the cow to milk and the pigs to feed 
And I'll be right back inside. " 

I put on my coat took shovel in hand 
And worked at clearing the path. 
In an hour it would be covered again 
But I needed to have some fresh air. 

All were in bed, the Christmas tree bright 
The Nativity set caught my eye 
Tenderly I picked up the manger, bow my head and say 
"Thank You Baby Jesus and Happy Birthday."

                                                                Cile Beer

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With angels' kisses
   dear little one hushed now to sleep.
With angels' breath 
    fanning your pearly cheeks.
Between unharmed breaths
    a trace of angels' smile on your cherry lips.

Tell the story, sweet one
    of the dream you're dreaming now.
Stories of angels that only you can tell.
    Angelic mystery foretell.

Little babe, tucked now to bed.
A blissful slumber
    with angels together
       the heavens smile they all remember.
I'm sure you're slipping into some place
    adorned by the heavens.
Songs of whispers and lullabies - 
    your quietude; the heaven's melody.
Fluffy pillows and soft blankets -
    encircling your softness;
        comforting your presence.

Little tucker, those tiny ticklish feet
Will they take me with your angels' fleet
To some place you keep?
As I too now fall asleep.

(A mother's special tribute for the Little Ones whom I had lovingly nestled in my 
bosom and nourished to sleep. And, in special memory of my son Bryce who 
should be turning two today. I wish you were blowing your candles and toying 
the colorful balloons. The baby giggles are surely missed at home. Our short-
lived memory of you is only a heartbeat away. Fateful day : close to midnight of 
Nov. 29, 2011)

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Starts as a child
Happy wit joy 
No care in the world
Was not asked to 
be born 
But he's here

Sorry baby your mother
was addicted your father 
was evicted, killed by
his closest friends
Never held you but
he wish he can
Listen Listen to sound
of this child's voice praying 
Darkest fears was losing 
Greatest hope was 
don't talk baby its not your fault

He won't be able to eat
He didn't know
Will never learn to read
He didn't know
Will never enjoy childhood
Will kill But WHY
Will cry He can't talk
Will Pray
GOD says to Poverty Don't GIVE UP 

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Starting to get hair on his chin
No I cant belive it is true
Now my baby is hitting puberty too

Dang if it ain't my luck
Just last night he was playing with trucks
Now it is girls and rock music blaring
Him asking is it time to start shaving

No it has to be a bad dream
MY baby can't be almost a teen
My other one is over half grown
This one has to stay at home

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Love's Blues

Why do I fight against myself?
When all I wanna do is love you.
Why should I feel ashamed?
When all I wanna do is hold you.
My mind keeps repeating no
And I’m afraid to just let go.
Why am I hurting?
Am I hurting you too?
So many things I wish I could tell you.
And oh so many times I would run to you.
My heart is breaking
When I am near you.
Wishing I can reach out to feel you
And whisper how much I adore you.
Things are happening so fast
Beyond my control
And I cannot fathom why I anticipate your
because when I am graced with your presence
I simply wish to be
away from you.
Why am I hurting you?
Why are you letting me hurt you?
Love makes my heart blue because I’m in love with you
Happiness does not equal joy
It’s a ploy to get my heart open for receiving you
And I am not ready for it
I am not ready for you
I am not ready for love just yet.

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Look of Faith

Baby grey eyes, full of strength.
Did not simmer the whole 40 but born with the strength as if they had.
No memories of loved ones’ to help with the fight.
No memories of frolicking with siblings’ to help ease the long hours.
Constant ding of bells, digital screens monitor all they can sense except what’s buried inside.
Hands assisting in every aspect of life as they know it.
Just the long days and countless hours of the love of strangers to help.
Parents aid with gentle touches and snuggles try to help their life’s love learn faster than any babe should.
The angel hands poke and fuss day and night trying to help the baby grey blossom into Blues’ or greens or browns and full of the fascination
The true image of faith is an N.I.C.U or P.I.C.U baby fighting everyday for a world they know nothing about.
They do not know of the Sun, not of the Moon or the Ocean or the Sky.
Inside these wonderful babes is a lesson the world has not spoiled yet.
Inside these Children is the purest most unspoiled example of faith, more than most of us will ever remember having.
They do not know why they struggle, but somehow I can’t help but think they know, they understand.
The fight comes from inside today, tomorrow and all days after. The fight driven by a word they do not yet know.
The word is not so important and almost meaningless when you see it before your eyes.
What is it you see when you look into the Baby grey eyes of these lil troopers and troopettes
One word faith.

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Keep your Head held High

I see you walking through the halls at school
You used to look so put together
but now, not so much
I've heard rumors
and nasty words,
but I don't really pay attention
I only know you now have a baby boy
and I know you're proud of him
You are not ashamed.
For a while you weren't around
You had to be at home taking care of Baby
Your boyfriend is still loyal
So many these days aren't.
You're one of the lucky ones
Your parents didn't disown you
they may be disappointed
but they still love you.
You must be tired, staying up all night,
taking care of Baby.
It must be hard
dealing with the stares from your peers
I know I couldn't do it.
I'm not that strong.
You have to keep holding on
and make a good home for Baby
Maybe Baby will make you proud
and you won't regret this one day.
You're not the only one
You're one of millions
Don't listen to the harsh words.
Stay strong gorgeous,
Because everyone's just waiting
to see you fall apart.

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                              The curtain is closing, the door shut.
                             Lights are on, bed is dressed in white. 
                                      Utensils keep on clanging. 
                              Sweat and blood are gently flowing. 
                            Tension, pain and countless breathing. 
                                There's no seconds to be wasted. 
                           The embers of time to save lives in hands. 
                           Life support generates to sustain their life. 
                             And the long hours of waiting are done. 
                       The door opens, people came out from the light. 
                                Successful momentum has arrived. 
                           Tears are softly coming out from the eyes. 
                                    An angel was sent from above, 
                              Is now cradling in the arms of his dad. 
                                 The embers of love from the heart. 
                        Is flaming like a hot lava rushing in the ground. 
                  The life from a newborn child, made two hearts ignite. 

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   for my mother

In a photo jaundiced with age, you kneel 
on a sidewalk somewhere in time and space, 
when I was in the time and space
in the place before we're born. Daddy's girl, 
doomed daughter, your distant look, 
chin in hand, a shawl around your shoulders 
against morning chill.  It's your girlfriend, not you, 
coaxing baby steps beside his child's chair 
from your small son, all eyes on him, 
and not on you, Beauty. Is this the happenstance 
you thought would follow heady romance 
with the dandy beside you--before me, before 
your first-born's unsteady steps? A younger you 
in summer dress, newly married, parasol high
against a Georgia sun, "pretty feet" primly placed 
the way it's taught at finishing school, 
your husband's eyes on you, and no one else 
in the whole world would do?
Top of the World, Girl! before the word bi-
polar could be spoken in broad daylight, 
and applied to you.  Your dapper father, tie-d
and suit-ed, as an all-important man should,
a gray fedora'd Little Caesar, Edward G, 
your triggerman who called all the shots.  
You steadied yourself on him, holding on, 
holding on. Was it cold that day on a Georgia side-
walk, four of you watching Baby walk? If 
you had only known so soon to step
out of history, all of you, leaving the tintype, 
the ghost who held the camera, 
all of you, Ghosts.

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Broken hearts

A few years back I thought I had the whole world figured out,
I was young when we met and You said you loved me,
 As you called me an Angel that fell In to your life from the sky
But it must of all been a lie,
Because now I have a broken heart for the rest of my life,
We had a baby girl,
She was ten pounds Born on october 6th
But once you decided you didn’t want me anymore,
You went and lied to Dss
as you told them so many lies,
making me cry when you said goodbye
You destoryed my whole world,
On june 19th 2006 you were finaly done with me ,
You were so happy that you had our baby girl,
With out me in her world,
I blame you for this broken heart,
But now that I have had a chance to restart 
I feel in love and got married again
And I know for sure he loves me,
And he has helped set me free,
From all your painful memories,
Sometimes I cant help but start wondering,
What if my broken heart was never healed,
What if I never had that baby girl,
What if I never met you,
Would I still have gone threw this broken heart

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Angel lullaby's

Dimonds are not beauty. Beauty is people and things unknown. Things unknown that swirl around in a young child's mind and happiness amounts to a flower crown made for a small girl with the soul of a faire. Happiness that comes from the pure joy of looking in your mothers deep brown eyes and getting warm fuzzies . Joy that spills out into a smile when a wise woman tells her that the little floating fuzzies in the air are baby angels and that when it thunders it's just there mom singing them an angel sized lullaby a lullaby that makes her big blue eyes sparkle....But the wind changes and the sparkling in her big blue eyes fade and the flower crown withers and dies and the baby angels turn into dust and unknown things still bring joy. But so do things that bring trouble and those big brown eyes sometimes betray her and the thunder is just thunder and baby Angels and days of simple joy vanish ...But if she waits just for the right moment the clowds will gather and the sparkle returns to her big blue eyes and the wounderful liquid leaks out of the sky! spinning and spinning her hair dripping. She squeezes the big blue eyes shut and suddenly the baby angels return To the sky and the Flower crown gets a long drink of water and blooms once again and and the angel lullaby returns to the air and rings in her ears and those deep brown eyes watch her spinning and remember why they fell in love with her and 
finally she is home !!

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So I have still yet to write a letter to my jailed older brother
The baby that I was worried about grew up and is extremely adorable
He is walking and talking and I believe Jesus touched him some how
I could have sworn he was a goner at the baby shower 
when his mama joined in on happy hour.

I guess maybe because I prayed for him to be alright. 
He turned out better than we all imagined, at one 
he can almost say and understand anything.   
Now that I've gotten to hold him I hate to watch him leave. 

His mom she'd rather party and we all doubt she really cares.
And Christmas morning I ignored a phone call from my brother.
He was calling for the cell. Does that make me terrible that I still 
have no words for him? For all you guys who are just tuning in 
refer to my previous poems to fully understand. 

I know life is about giving second chances 
but when I watch my nephew run into my arms 
I wonder what kind of chances he will have. 
He deserves the world, and a chance 
to grow up normal. These are my updates 
for today I'll see how I feel tomorrow. 

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Sage ( My Baby Bird )

My baby bird plaid and yellow
cherry pie and face aglow

magic pumpkin dreams of summer
chilly nights tucked warm for slumber

falling fast fast asleep
twenty-nine pure white sheep

twenty-nine pure white sheep
falling fast fast asleep

my baby bird plaid and yellow
cherry pie and face aglow



List Of 29

m y
b a b y
b i r d
p l a i d
a n d
y e l l o w
c h e r r y
p i e
f a c e 
a g l o w 
m a g i c
p u m p k i n
d r e a m s 
o f
s u m m e r 
c h i l l y
n i g h t s
t u c k e d
w a r m
f o r
s l u m b e r
f a l l i n g
f a s t
a s l e e p
t w e n t y
n i n e
p u r e
w h i t e
s h e e p
This is about my buddies two year old daughter "Sage"

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Nap Time For Kitty

As the kids sat around undecided and blaize…
A summer project was needed ever so badly today…
My crew wavered and together finally exclaimed…
They wanted a video and to make it spectacular this time…
Anything less than U Tube quality would be a crime…
So the kids ask for a poem about their favorite fare,
They wanted it full of a large quantity of action and flair.
And the topic they wanted, that warmed their hearts…
Were the antics of Dandylion the cat of our house.
So cat chasing and spying became a spectacular game…
As they watched the kitty pounce upon his little rag mouse.
Then he slid and he jumped as he ran through the house.
He attacked the dogs tails as he snuck up behind…
And he climbed to the window to count birds passing by…
Then he tried to jump on the counter as I made everyone’s lunch.
He had to eat first… there was no other way, than first…
Then later I put the baby down for a nap…
And surprise, surprise! 
I found the Kitty next to baby with 4 paws to the sky.

The video, music, and poetry would eventually come to be…
With the older kids stringing it together for me.
It was finally good for a lot of laughs…
As the kids all got copies for dear Mom and Dad…

But now let me instruct and suggest as all videos must:
Though many a one was happily surprised and beset…
No Animals were hurt in the making of “Nap Time for Kitty”...
Of that, you can bet...

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I was affected by your voice when we first met
  I was also affected by your looks.
We were affected by other people;
Both of our hearts were wounded and damaged.
I was affected the night we kissed and the nights we 
passionately got lost in each other between the sheets.
I was affected as we started to fall for each other.
my heart wouldn't stop skipping beats.
my mouth was always in a smile when we were happy
and my eyes were always wet when we were doing
My body was affected by your touch.
Now my heart is affected by your absence.
We don't talk, we don't touch, we don't 
do anything that used to be us.
I hold back tears during the day because I have to be strong.
but at night with only my pillow as a witness I let them
I was affected by you. I can admit that now.

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one night

love and passion has taken its action
one night of fun, now  look at what's begun
little baby growing slow
little baby held in below
my bundle of joy, my family's new toy
nine months of wait 
to get a new playmate
nine months of wait
a small taste of fate 
little baby, an uplift in my spirit
little baby, she has no limit
because of one night, a new life will ignite.

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Nine months

For nine months I wove  garments of soft wool
Each knot I wove ,is  wrapped in endless love 
Dreaming of holding you ,caressing you in  my lap
How  would It feel to touch your soft lips?
How would it feel to touch that baby skin?
What emotions would that first look, evoke in me?
Dreaming dreams of you, counting each day going by
Trying to figure what your each movement is conveying
Just be sure baby, that your mother is waiting

for the “9” writers contest.

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I had seen her go to school on her first day
running down the path to the bus stop
“Wait for me, I'm going to school. wait for me”.
School bag with some sandwiches
and a drink and some soft shoes
bumping on her back.
I have seen Anne and watched her with delight
and I watched her come home again.
So, so full of the day and of teacher said.
“And teacher said I do have a lot to say”

I have seen her in the snow,
laughing hard as she made a snow angel.
Then running on the beach at high summer.
And in autumn throwing up leaves and shrieking
at a slimy bug on one leaf.
I see my Anne in so many places.

And the one time I saw my Anne
lying on my lap
bundled in the pink blanket
they had bought from home,
Her tiny wee perfect hands
Her little face so still.
Oh my love, oh my darling
carried to term in me
Carried for two weeks so I could bear her.
Dead for two weeks, my precious Anne.

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The Smoking Room

Learning to open a door.
Resisting consecutive snores.
Ignorance of mirthful wars.
Decidedly dull lore.

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To My Newborn Daughter, Years From Now

Standing high upon the knot 
In my ladder years,
I claimed to be the king.
Now, the crown horrifies me.
Still some gentle cruise is within me.
Like Saturn turned upside-down.
Would we notice the madness in the crème?
If there’s anyone that’s going to point the way for you it’s me.
Not out of self-aggrandizement, out of pure love,
And full, final redemption for all my short-comings.
How do I stop the avalanche?
Why do I feel I need to stop the avalanche?
Is it really an avalanche?
Or do I like playing with visions,
Responding to my own antics with mock melodrama?
Let the bizarre stay bizarre. 
I’ll be in the corner selling coconuts.

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sing me a lullaby

Sing me a soft lullaby
to hush away my fears
Pull your arms around me
Wipe away my salty tears
Sing to me of muddy shoes
And someone asking for a dime
Tell me who rips your heart out
And handles it with care
Sing to me of angels and a whisper of a prayer
sing to me a lullaby
That ill sing my unborn child
Hold me tight and brush my hair
Away to see my smile
Sing me into slumber
Where happiness exists 
Sing me a soft lullaby
And ill finally get some rest 

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my heavenly angel

flashing inside
lights up green
golden shades 
of blossoms
flowering under
this one spell
enchanting words
sweet beautiful rose

petals touch
casting kisses 
magically dances
with the shadows 
of light kisses
silvery glitter
sparkles inside
exploding beautiful

blasting fountains 
pearl drops
of treasured joy
inside happiness
falling stars 
winking trail 
under a smiling moon
rocking side 
to side 
spellbound in
this universe 
inside the eyes

wishing golden honey
sweetheart of love 
beyond all kisses
dancing within 
silk ribbons
dripping blood
sweet rose
i desire

nibbling gently
softly feeling embrace 
tenderly come together 
warm emotions kiss
 the sweetest heart
of a dream
baby its you


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Ode To Baby Boy

Precious Little Baby,
Not Yet Born.
Passes Before He's
A Chance To See
The World.
Mother's Heart
Torn Open,
The Many Tears
She Cries.
Yet She Has
Come To Terms
With The Loss Of
Baby Boy.
I'm Sure That Our
Lord Jesus
Has Taken This
Baby Boy,
For He Has Got
Good Reason
For Him To Not Be
I Hope That Baby
Knows He Will Be
He'll Look Down From
And See The Tears
His Family's Shed.
This Baby Boy, You
See, Will Never Have
The "Firsts".
The Many Firsts That
With Each Year Of
His Life:
No First Baby Tears.
No First Baby Years.
No First Baby Steps.
No First Baby Words.
Goodbye My Precious
I Will Not Forget,
The Anticipation That
I Felt,
While Waiting For Your
You're In A Better Place
And You'll See What
Heaven's Worth.
The Beauty Which
Surrounds You.
And The Overwhelming
The Good Lord Who
Created You,
Will Hold You In His Arms.
He'll Embrace You And
Protect You.
And Make Sure You're
Not Forgotten.

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A Rich Tribute

Mother Teresa been a historical,
and an important,
and a humble figure,
as she had dedicated her life for the poor and the needy indeed, 
the best tribute one can give her is by quoting a single quote of her,
out of the many though, 
the one mentioned below seems to be more precise,
in today’s world,
“Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God-the rest will be given”
in the rush of acquiring money,
many have forgotten this lovely aspect,
the aspect of love,
which is much greater than money,
and had crossed a number of boundaries,
from times immemorial,
today jealousy, selfishness, greed have taken over love,
wherein money is not that great,
than love itself,
as love is like a ‘Can’,
which can be filled from the top to the bottom,
unlike money,
which needs to be filled from the bottom instead,
love is greater than money indeed,
as we do love our Gods,
our wives,
the children,
whether they be ours,
or of others,
without distinguishing between their caste, creed, colour,
Love is indeed greater,
as we love the newborns born into this world,
our friends ,
wherein love can also help us to defeat our enemies too,
without love,
no one can progress on,
and neither the countries too,
Therefore love is greater than money indeed!!

'Quote and Author':-
“Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God-the rest will be given”- Author: 'Mother Teresa'

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The child in the beggar's arms, A scrawny little one, muddy, half-naked Staring at me: large eyes in a small face, Starved and ill-treated, with an expression that is dazed. Camped outside an uptown temple Alms for hunger cries, she even gets pinched! Rented out for a paltry sum I wonder if her parents ever flinched. Just the idea of their child, out on the hot dusty streets Surely did not send shivers down their spine The baby with this merciless beggar woman, who even beats. She is an orphan with parents around, The God inside the temple forgot to bless her Poor thing, with misfortune her fate is bound. As she greedily sucks the banana I give It makes me think about the striking irony in life Two of God's own creations: one in comfort, the other in strife. My little baby born about the same time; Showered with love and affection, cared and cuddled In the cosy comfort of his home, plays with his musical chime. Gets fed before he gets hungry, Put to sleep on a schedule and entertained timely. Poor little one, it seems, with you the Gods are angry. Destined, though, is each being's suffering Dear Lord, please forgive her 'karmas', Please do accept the fervent prayer I am offering.

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I'm sure I saw a Pixie wave to me from a train

It was a warm summers day and I was walking down the lane
when suddenly
I'm sure I saw a pixie
waving to me from a train
And later I saw him again
A Pixie waving to me from a train.

''Yoo hoo''

Well! I was so surprised I scratched my head
and had to pinch myself
just in case I was dreaming in my bed.

So I carried on with my walk
down the lane
when suddenly
I heard someone laughing at me

''he he he''
I turned around to see a cheeky laughing Elf
sitting in a tree.

I tickled his Belly
and he chuckled with glee

''eee eee e''.

He was hungry
so we built a campfire
and toasted muffins for our tea.

The Elf was so thankful
he gave me three wishes
I gave them away
to the Pixie on the train I saw waving to me
from the train earlier that day.

You see sometimes
it gives you more pleasure to give than 
to those who need it
more than we.

So the next time
you see a train go by
you just might see
A Pixie on a 
wave at you
like he did to me.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. July.

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All Alone Now

Three baby squirrels in

the street, cleaving

to their dead mother,

so confused to why she

is not moving, as cars

slow down and go around

These presious little ones,

but no one stops to help

them, but keep going on,

running in circles around

dear mother, not knowing

they are all alone now.

Written 6-21-11

A friend of mine told me about thes baby squirrels he saw in the street, so thought I would

write a poem about it. I didn't see but it made me reall sad.

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My pen visioned spring

A vast ,babbling vast of green lush grass, 
 spread out on rocky mountains. 
Rays of sun light ,awaking slumbering buds, from a sleeping beauty.
Winds of tranquility shifting the images of the spring sky.
Ob-east Caterpillars crawl on the aged bark of trees, to hang.
To transform into a flying beauty. 
Flapping  its wings towards a flower to lay and rest. 
Both flower and butterfly complementing each others beauty,in a bonding image .Seen by the eyes .Standing, awestruck stillness . Dandelions picked from the earths ground to be blown,
for a desperate wish, to spring to reality. 
Birds cutting the infinite winds of the sky, 
baring worms in their beak. Bounty for an off spring. 
Children play, on the play grounds,releasing in to the air sounds of horse play.
 Mustangs of distant lands gallop free and wild.Yellow pollen filled antennas of  hibiscus pollinated by buzzing bumblebees.
A city filled with people complementing the weather,wearing sleeveless shirts. 
A unborn baby expected time of arival spring.From the moist soil of a mothers womb a baby springs.Many suffice in spring.From spring vibrant laughter springs.
Dead images of winter, spring forth and spring forth they shall.
Thanking words spring forth to the open spring weather, for favoring my land.
I hope not to ofend any other seasons, but for faviring the impecable spring I have my reasons.

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Healing words

His voice breaks, Of Course I'm hurting -
Our Baby died, and I have to sit by
Watching you curled over in pain
And there is nothing I can do
No matter how much you try to say your okay.
Of course I think about it -
What would he have looked like,
Would he have grown up to be athletic,
Would he have your heart and your eyes,
But when I think about it it kills me inside.
He pulls me close and holds me against his chest,
Do not blame yourself, no one could have helped it,
We'll try again someday, when we're more prepared,
I love you, I love you so damn much. 
And the pain eases, just a little, but it eases. 

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Happiness lies in the simple things -

hearing birdsong when one awakens 
in the early morning
observing the morning sun
creating diamonds from dewdrops
seeing a baby's smiling face
watching a spider spin its web
feeling the bark of an old faithful tree
watching baby animals at play
being dazzled by brilliant sunshine
streaming from a clear blue and white sky

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The Tender Years

From the moment you see the babies face the face you have waited 9months to see.
The immense love overwhelming you, the hopes and dreams to follow
These are the tender years.
The first smile even though it was probably wind,
The first tooth you forget the nights of non-sleep, when baby cries in pain
The first step, the re-organising of the room so no injury can be had
The first word you argue whether it’s dadadad or mamamam that is said
All add up to be the indispensable time
That is engraved on your mind , Indelible, always will be there
Surely these merit being called,
The tender years.

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A Letter to the President

Lyndon, you’ve sent me overseas 
To fight your bloody battle 
Although it hasn’t been that long 
That I threw down my baby rattle 
But bodies are what you needed 
And wars make you rich 
While Lady Bird beautifies America 
While I’m fighting from this ditch 
I heard you owned an arms factory 
That makes those M-16’s 
And soon they’ll be overseas 
For all us frightened fighting teens 
You house the poor except for youth 
They’re needed overseas 
It must be something in the water 
Or is it a democrat’s disease? 
The rich head off toward Canada 
There’s no getting them over here 
As body bags fly safely home 
And we drink good warm beer 
Those chemicals you spray around 
You say they’re as harmless as a pup  
But we have witnessed otherwise 
With folks throwing up their guts 
But Lyndon, you’re saving these people 
That want only to be left alone 
But I see you throwing those crumbs 
Like throwing the dog a bone
The money goes through the laundry 
By bigwigs over here 
It’s going to their bank accounts 
Of course you didn’t know that I’m sure 
It’s just a game you’re playing 
And we’re the pawns running wild 
Another hero bites the dust 
Another mother’s child 
I wonder if I’ll still be sane 
When my time over here is through? 
And what chance have I back home 
This is all I know how to do 
Just thought I’d write you a letter 
And explain some gripes we observe 
I know you’ll be reading this 
And won’t throw us a curve 

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Sunflower of life

Sands blow over
touching inside deep waves 
turning tides warmly glow,
softly fluttering winds touching gently
upon the shores.

An oasis of beauty
deeply dazzling
freely calling your name,
drifting a carpet mist
kissing the air sweetly
silver shadows 
hauntingly magic echoes,
carrying music upon
cotton clouds bouncing
in each and every single 
whispering silent breath gasping

Breathing upon 
one golden ritual 
forever shines always,
I believe in you love,
a sunflower
made beautifully,
brightening sunlight beams
in every which way,
adoring light
all i ever wanted
is you babe .

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Baby Thoughts

            Baby Thoughts

Hugs are babies’ first official language
Followed by triangles, circles, with assorted symbols
Infants pay special attention to white pillows and quilts
Sleep is always on their minds
Flowing over yellow ribbons of light and energy
Babies contemplate squares and rectangles lifted from the fog
They think about animals as fury toys and perceive them thusly 
Images come slowly and they focus on shiny things
They feel their tiny fingers and toes to stay in touch
Letters and numbers are foreign to them now
Yet they understand some things about them in their world
Pink and white dreams of billowy clouds bounce by
They think to take this ride a lot
Streams of life with limited visibility color in the blurs
Shapes of things to come take form in these meanderings 
They know two mountains warm with riches wait for them
Breasts filled with vitamins and milk
They cling to these mounds for nourishment
They rest their heads and think goo goo gaa gaa
It is the foundation of a doctoral dissertation later in life
While mothers voice flows over them like thick warm honey
Babies think of deeper sleep

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On The Leaving Train

When the mama doesn't cry
She smiles and kisses her child goodbye,
I see the tears behind her  eyes,
Sparkling like sunshine:
"Baby..come back soon"
She says,
But her baby was gone.

Baby Jane had left the world
Hung like the mobile above her cot,
As her mama stood beside
She soaked in the scent of freedom..
The bars of the window that separated them
Spilled assurance from the vacuum
That dwelt within her gullible mind:

Mama smiled again..
"Bye my Baby, Be good my child
Homely charms call me...
Back to my village I shall return,
Before the clouds go wild.."
She waved her hand by the  turn,
And Baby Jane was happy..

The eyes she had, had the curious gait
Wandered deep and innocence, bait
The dabblers that didn't notice
Had died her living death.

Rosy cheeks and sultry hair
Doe-eyed beauty, thorough fair..
The novelties of charm for her
Had been mere indulgence of ardor,
She saw the dads and the mums,
The beggars with their deceptions,
Families with happiness strewn
Like flowers on Heaven's doors..
Lone warriors with baggage demeaning
The pursuit of happiness,
She wondered if her quest for life
Had been an oblivion..
Nirvana had led her to..

Baby Jane looked by the turn,
Strangers fluttered like wild butterflies...
The waving hand was just a vision
She sat quietly by the window,
On the leaving train.

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A mothers gift

A mother’s gift that’s left
Upon her infants milky breath, laying
Cradled in rest upon her breast with

Besotted silence popping little hiccups til
Sitting up 
With puffy cheeks and silky lips 

Blowing oily bubbles whilst
Looking through eyelids a flutter with
Sleepy dust and whispering
Their love beyond quiet deprivation

As lazy sleep bloats about the room
To land on eyelids fat with dreams
Of snuffling snores

And suckled joy.

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Rest and sleep

Rest and sleep upon her breast 
And breathe those soft and murmuring sighs. 
Childhood days are ephemeral 
And time corrupts the innocent. 
But now just lay your head 
In arms that lullaby. 
Tonight we block those mortal thoughts 
To shield you from mortality. 

Long the watchman watches, 
The slow decline. 
Of lovers clinging to each other 
And hope is lost. 
The grave and sordid sorrows of goodbye 
The abstract thoughts that herald the dying light 
Which reaps the harvests of confusion, 
To lead us to finality. 

Sermons ringing like the dead mans knell, 
Of hopes betrayed and nothing gained, 
Foretelling miseries and, of hell, 
Where preachers tell of certainty 
And weigh the costs upon the scales. 
To lay the blame; but tonight 
No thought of blame but gentle words 
To sooth your cries. 

Ah my child, 
Let not the winds of life 
Blow round your dreams, 
But hold on fast ere all hopes die 
And at the dawning hour, the mortal cries of men 
That drag us down be cast aside 
And cradle gently in her arms 
To sleep, where love abides.

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My Little Boy Lost

My Little Boy Lost
by Katherine Huffman
Hello? My son, are you here?
I can't see you, I can't find you, why aren't you near?

As I walk the streets in search of you, 
I feel a pull, a tug, not sure what to do.
I passed the park as I looked for my boy, 
Even passed our play spot, but in my sight, not even a toy.
After everywhere I thought that I could go, 
There was one place, but it can't be right, this is all I know.

Hello? My son, are you here?
I can't see you, can't find you,
Why can't I feel you near?

This evening begins as I lay to rest my head, 
There are some things I'm unsure of, 
Like making your tiny bed.
Oh God, whats happening, haven't I counted your toes?
What about cradling your head or kissing your little nose?
What are these things I am unsure of, have I even done? 
Where are you, where are you my precious son?

Mommy lays here, in tears, her face on something cold.
Where are you my son, it's you I need to hold.
I've searched all day, it's turning into night,
I'm tired, I'm lost, but I still won't give up this fight.
My eyes start to close, slumber is far too near 
If I fall asleep, I may miss seeing you my dear.

Next thing I know, as I wake to the sun.
Wondering what it is, what has been done?
As I sit, my eyes focus, I start to look around.
Then, for some reason, they are drawn to the ground.
As I look, I see what has become,
This can't be, what's happening, where am I my son?

That cold my face last night laid upon, 
Was a marker, with your name, 
Of your body my little one.
Those things I wasn't sure if I'd ever done, 
Were but the memories, I'd hoped to make with you my son.

You were here, I know you were here 
My beautiful, precious son.
You were in mommies arms, such a little one.
As though it were as simple as reading a book,
I start to realize
These tangled webs have become unhooked.

That tug, that pull that led your mommy here, 
It was your spirit, it was your soul, 
It was your heart my little dear.

Here you were, here you were, 
Right with me, so very near.
My little boy, my son, 
Mommies little one was here.
You see? You led me where I needed to go.
For it was well past the time,
To accept this I know.

I feel a tug, I feel a pull.
I feel like I need to hurry, 
Like I have to go.
There is someone I remember,
I need to get to I know.
He's a small one, a little boy. 
He's your brother, my son, 
He's pulling, he's tugging, 
Needing mommy my little one.
I have to leave, I have to go, 
To find my baby, my son.

Oh Thank You my boy,
For bringing me here.
For letting my mind begin to see clear.
You showed me the way, 
I now see the light.
I am so close, so near in this dark night.

So here you are, here you are, 
With mommy, my baby is so very near.
You are in my heart, my mind, 
And this little brother of yours, my dear.

My little boy lost, my little boy lost, 
it's you I have found.
You were there with me,
as I slept on that ground.

Hello? My son, are you here?
I can see you, mommy found you, 
In my arms I hold you so near.
I've bathed you, I've clothed you, 
And cradled your head.
I counted your toes,
I bent in and kissed that little nose.
As you fell asleep in your bed.

Without him, 
Would these be memories
we are making my dear?
Without him would mommy, 
Be able to hold you so near?

We have a little angel to watch over us for all nights.
In spirit, with us, his soul,
Our endless guiding light.
He's your big brother, my son, my precious little one. 
He's right here, a part of you, 
Never again to be gone.

My little boy lost, my little boy lost,
It's you, I can see.
I have to Thank You 
For guiding me!

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john's slushy rant

new mothers

                          youngish women,
             under thirty years old 

okay,   walkin down the sidewalk 
                                           with a stroller and a baby –

                    and also wearing very hot clothing.
                                                                      like hot.

			like hey-I’m-looking-super-attractive hot.

why. 		why?

 	- huh

she already bagged a mate!

like unless she’s lookin
		      for -
	                      a new mate –

like if she’s a mom
	     with a stable husband
		                 on the sidewalk -

		        and a baby -

why you lookin all hot like that!

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Please don't think me selfish

I am a little restless with the sound of a child screaming
It's hard to keep breathing
I try to shut my ears to it
That tiny thing screaching
Walk away real fast
To stop the intensified feelings
Of that baby wailing

It's easier to stay away
All alone in my home
When it's her first birthday 
I'd rather stay at home

I could never hold your daughter
With those tiny little hands
Watch her pursed rose bud lips
These things I couldn't stand
The smell of warm milky breath
The suckling noise they make
This tiny person all brand new
These things I couldn't take
I could never change a nappy
Or pat her back to burp
With her little eyes all glazed
It just wouldn't work

Please don't think me selfish
As you can never see
Or feel the hurt of the childless 
Your never feel as me
My insides are empty 
From hope throughout the years
That never amounted to nothing
I spend some days in tears
That inside I'm broken
My heart it cracked in two
For the wanting of a baby maybe even two

When she grows up and gets married
Has a baby of her own
Then your be a granny
But I'll still be alone

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Death By Deceit: The Heart Of A Lied To Lover

Don't feed me with the bullshit.

I can't handle all the lies.

I just might overdose.

I just may up and die.

Although you lie so sweetly its wearing oh so thin.

You words flow just like velvet I can't help but let you in.

Just don't feed me with the bullshit.

It only makes me cry.

I just might overdose.

Why can't you try the truth, you just might be surprised.

You kill me oh so softly with each word that you speak.

I'm wearing down, oh baby I feel like I can't breathe.

You kept feeding me with the bullshit.

Now i"m laying six feet underground.

Where did I go wrong?

All I did was love you, gave you my affection.

Bu all you did oh baby was write me a death sentence.

I now bid you adue.

A sweet fair-well goodbye.

I can honestly say I loved you.

I just wish we could have survived.

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My Daughter Lives In The Sea

I see in the air a beauty.
I see a love swallowing another.
And now my daughter lives in the sea, and
There on the hill my wife mends gardens, while
I stand with a rake forty feet afar with
My eyes blurred from laughter,
And the salty sea breeze.
My daughter lives in the sea.
She will rise from the surface of our love,
Flower into the air, above the passion of our pastures,
And the florid grace of our existence.

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To My Guardian Angel

You traveled with me in a flash of thought.
Tanja called from Frankfurt on the Main.
She arrived in Germany; there was no one to meet her.
Let guide her together on her trip up the Rhine.

A friend is ill, please give him strength.
He is special, thoughtful and kind.
The twins-Stephan and Thomas skipped school.
Bless this day! Erase John Adams Junior High from my mind.

I should be in New York to take care of Martha.
Her first baby is due any time.
A home birth as such, I refuse to worry.

With you present, I know she is fine.

Herbert, for the firs time in love,
utters that his whole life is torn.
Putting the pieces together, he ties up the phone line
caring less, what time Martha's baby is born.

Edgar needs a ride home and I cannot drive.
I tell him to stay on the line until I let 
the dog out the door.
Nobody understands Edgar and no one cares.
“What do you think a mother is for?”

Where would I be without you beside me?
I could not have coped with today.
Just one more favor!
My back is killing me, please do not go away.
Forget it!
I settle for the heating pad.

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My baby Bella
Those big blue eyes
That gummy smile
She flashes me when
I make a face
Those reddish blonde curls
framing her chubby baby face
She's so adorable
The only thing that keeps me sane, 
that keeps me alive,
is her laughter
15 years my junior,
but she's my best friend
I love you Bella Bean <3

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Baby Girl

I write this  for my sweet Baby Girl,
    Who means more to me now then anything in this world .
How she can make me smile and laugh out loud,
    Never has a woman ever made me feel so prideful & proud.
These dreams I have of her each and all of my nights.
    Awakens me every single day feeling so good and right .
For so many years I have waited for this day ,
    Finally a woman that makes me feel this way.
So filled with so much joy as my heart constantly glows,
    And those who see me will never doubt this  I know.
This beautiful and most wonderful Sweet Baby Girl,
    Is all I will ever want or need in this whole world. 

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A new life
the offspring of the Rosonow's
a new form
a new shape
a new girl
a new world
the beauty of a new baby is embraced a new mother's arms
how beautiful she is like a green pasture
she is a pure soul and a clean heart
she is like a star that glistens brightly during the night hours
waiting in the sky to be look upon and loved
times together
all in the form of a precious little girl
a new life
a new form
a new shape
a new girl
a new world
open eyes and open hearts

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Mountain Dew

You do not want to hear me cry
I’m hungry
	Must I hide from YOU all that is painful
	In your palace?
Mother works a bit, weeding and at the market Sundays.
Daddy is here and 
	Not here
I’m hungry
	[ I chew my lip. 
My tongue makes a wet circle from chapped corner to chapped corner.]
Daddies home no one hired him today, no one hired him yesterday.
	Beer bottles stack up in his truck.
Sometimes he brings me and the baby Mountain Dew! 
It’s cheaper than milk Ma says!
	While Ma works in the neighbors garden weeding
I fill the babies bottle with orange soda, his tongue turns color
We laugh in the mirror.
I’m so hungry, but I know you don’t want to know that.
	I see her, look baby she has a brown bag!
Red tomatoes, green and yellow squash roll across the old kitchen table.
	Get the fry pan honey Ma smiles….
	The corn oil sizzles on the black caste iron, as she tosses in the sliced
	Veggies…I lick my lips
The door of Dad’s truck opens..and he stumbles head down toward the backdoor.
Daddy smiles. “What’s for dinner.” he says.
	He takes a raw squash and bites.
		“What NO meat?”
“God, I’m hungry”

*In America 1 out of seven families today are on food assistance.

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What it that I see

What is it that I see?
Out of the corner of my eye
A fleeting shadow
Is it real?
A glimpse into another universe?
I think I saw my cat
She died some years ago.
Can I reach across?
Could I, can I stay?
How wonderful if so
No need to grieve
Our lost ones are still there,
In the multiverse.
Some other parallel scheme.
Can I reach my long lost baby sister?
I never knew her
She died before her birth
So sad.
I didn’t even know that she was there
On my Mother’s death I found her
In her papers.
Her name was Lindy
And I’ve always wanted a sister
What is it that I see?
Out of the corner of my eye
A fleeting shadow
If only this was real
I could reach my long lost baby sister

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lost child

Shadows on the wall
Parents drunk screaming
Screaming baby, his tears fall
He should be asleep and dreaming

Why are his parents fighting?
Don’t they know he needs them?
Why aren’t they stopping him from crying?
Don’t they know he needs feeding?

He’s a little baby he needs his parents
Screaming and plates smashing
Is all that he’s hearing
The mum and dad blame him for their actions

The neighbours have called the police
They could hear the fighting and shouting
Parents carry on drinking and fighting
Saying the police won’t be allowed in

The police are forced to breakdown the door
All of a sudden I’m in the arms of a strange man
Taking me away from the parents I’ve been crying for
The officers say they have arranged plans

For me to go in to temporary foster care
I was only 3 I didn’t really know what this means
By the time I get there
I’m fast asleep in my dreams

Resting from a long stressful day 
Something I shouldn’t have had to witness
I should have been allowed to play
Why didn’t my parents give me hugs or kisses?

The next day I wake up in a strange house
So I guess last night wasn’t a nightmare?
I know there are a few people walking around
But my vision is unclear

I don’t know who they are
What are they to me?
I had so much pain in my heart
At this time I was only 3

Mum? Dad? Why aren’t you where you should be?
I’ve got open arms, why aren’t you there to hug me?
Why don’t you acre or love me?
I was scared don’t judge me

Got moved around so much 
27 foster families by age eleven
Parents drinking until they throw up
Where am I heading?

People pretending to be my mum and dad
Have to call these strange kids sister and brother
Always feeling angry and sad
Hating the world for all it’s made me suffer

I got to have contact with you
But it was only 6 times a year
I didn’t know how to act with you
Wanting to ask why you don’t care?

But I never did
I always blamed myself
Could I have been a better kid?
I even tried to Kurt Kobain myself

Dad then a year later you died
And I still hated you I know I was selfish
But I felt sad inside
I couldn’t help it

But why did I care about you dying?
You never cared about me living
Never stopped me from crying
Didn’t accept the love I was giving

But I had a gift for poetry
It’s always been close to me
I hope you both had  a great time with the drink and drugs
I made it without you I didn’t need your love 

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I Made It This Way

As time passes
So do all the new things you learn
	Unable to watch you grow
Hurts more than  I can handle
Pain so deep
Hidden within
	Fighting its way to the surface
Wanting to explode
My heart  never  as whole
	As it did the day I held you in my arms
Looking back at me
Your innocent eyes
So precious ~ So pure
	Perfect little baby
My perfect baby boy
How can you forgive me
Letting you go
	My son
Never know how much mommy loves you
	Replays in my mind over and over again
Why you’re gone
Reality of it all
Mommy let you go
  Gave up on what I was born to do…
Love and protect you 
All the wonderful things mommy was supposed to do
Kills me inside
	Leaves me numb
Realize ~ I didn’t choose you
When all you needed was me
I failed at what God blessed me with
  Baby boy
I miss you everyday
Want to lie down
	Just die
           Alone inside
I made it this way
My baby
	Not you….

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To My Baby In The Womb

Hear my baby!  I am your dad!
Kissing you here and kissing you there…
Your flowery face, your little chin,
Your eyes, eyebrows, fingers and feet.
Hugging you softly hard,
Rubbing tenderly your tiny head.
My eyes are filled...!
And I am feeling heavy at heart,
For I feel I cannot carry on any more
Like this!
I give in! Weary, with the faith, 
Now my sickened soul shall find its solace 
In the God’s garden-abode.

My dear babe! I’d wish I live long… 
At least as long, you grow into a tall man.
And you marry
An Arabian singer-dancer;
Or a European noble lady 
Professing Art.
You write what I couldn’t,
And you write in an unknown—
Harmonious meter and rhyme.
And I take my sweet grandchildren walk
In the dew-wet mornings 
To the forest-side meadows.

And you my baby doll!
You shall set up a farm in the country 
In the fir-forests’ lap.
And rear goats and sheep.
You work dreamy day-night
In the company of old saintly shepherds;
And you marry the one you clandestinely admire—
Who comes into your dream 
And plays with your tress.
The widower shepherd’s only son—
Long haired, honest and brave,
Has almond eyes and the aroma of roses. 

(under construction...)

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The Non-Miracle.... Love

So many volcanoes,
spawn of Kraken’s seed,
boiling, roiling, seething, bubbling
inside thin walls traveling 
on a neural microcosm
of flesh transcending nothingness.
Who made you what your are?
Did you not reach your goal?
Did you not become the “yourself” you like?
Do you only live a cyber life?   
Painting your life, your brain, your body, in pseudo humanism?
No wonder you frustrate easily.
No wonder you don’t know the real you.
No wonder the fishing for compliments on demand like a movie. 
You made you whom you are.
Only you can change whom you are.
Openly sly cutting sweetness in public eye
cutting, personal innuendo excavating thrill.
Laying your arrogance at the feet of the public’s scrutiny
while the real you in domineering reverie lays fire and brimstone
stinging the soul of trust behind the veil of friendship.  
No wonder, one is warped!
No wonder, one knows not how to feel!
No wonder, one does not feel love, 
but has mixed emotion!
Not recognizing lust from love.
Not knowing when hate invades happiness.
To be humane is to trust 
until you find reason not to.
To be humane is to have faith that
the trust will be returned in kind.
To be humane is to live face to face.
You learn to love face to face.
And when you are alone.... memories. 
No matter the “whatever” of the baby or the mother,
the baby comes into the world with no hate, no lust.
It comes into the world physically and emotionally attached,
but more strongly emotionally.
If it is loved and nourished in relationship, love will grow.
Love will never die even long after the mother is gone.  
Some parents treat their children as rental cars
and then wonder why they never come back home.
Some treat their spouse as nothing and cry when they part.
Yet some are too busy LOVING to hate.
Quarrel, yes!  Disagree, yes!, At times HATE, yes!  
Some times passion, some lust, but at ALL times LOVE!
True emotion never comes by correspondence course.
It comes face to face, sooner or later
weak or strong, but lasting even
when hidden away
in the pulsing
miracle we call
our heart.

© Aug 25 2010 For Farah's "Word Hurl" contest


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A baby's smile

Can you describe a baby’s smile? Let me try:
 A breath of fresh air while the sewage tanks are drained;
 That momentary silence when gunshots fill the air;
 Cool palm oil on your tongue after your first crab curry;
 when you shut your eyes to stop incoming traffic glare;
 when a persistent cramp finally disappears;
 Taking off your blistering work shoes when the day is done.
The pureness of the lines, and the innocence written in an infant’s smile cast all my stress away.
 Unrestrained, untainted. The pure expression of appreciation that says: “Yes, you count”, “Thank you!”, “I love you” without uttering a word.
 Those 5 seconds where everything means so much more, where nothing else matters than how happy this human being is of the mutual expression of love, as you smile back.
In the comments, tell us what your baby’s smile is like to you….

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burn baby burn

run baby run because your demons are coming for you, run baby run the time to pay your
sin`s have come, so be ready for what is coming because they going to make your life a
living hell, you choose to be a sinner so get ready because they wont forgive your crimes
be ready because they will take it all so you better start saying bye bye baby, oh i
almost forget hope you like hot weather because where your going you going to burn baby
burn and don't even think about praying because there's no one up there for you so make
your last sin baby because they are very close they will hunt you, cant hide, cant run so
be ready baby because your going to be part of this family ja ja ja ja ja !!!!!!!!

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The moon's light played over the ocean one night.  The cry of an albatross could be heard as he flew by.
Sweet blue eyes gazed up into a beautiful face, a warm smile to go with it.
Naked baby girl abandoned upon the sandy beach.
Tall nude Lady with long blonde hair picks up this little babe gently, quietly singing as she did so.
Smiling into this little girl's face she tells her, "Little girl whose soul is as bright as the sun, do not be afraid my little one.'
Making her way out into the ocean's surf while carrying this little babe, this lady's torso formed into an itself into a graceful iridescent fluke.
"Do not fear the ocean my sweet," said this Lady as she submerged  while gently covering her mouth and nose-breathing air into her little lungs. Then this little one was able to breath on her own accord.
While making their way into caverns, distant music was heard.  One of these Lady's sisters was playing the lute.
Making their way onto dry ground this beautiful Lady and newly acquired daughter's eyes beheld a great city.  The city shimmered like a gem. There was coral intertwined with beautifully carved slabs of stone. Strange structures completed wtih the decorative carvings of abalone.
Seated upon a throne that had been made of pirate's gold, the Lord and Lady along with her sisters accepted this little baby girl without question. They were horrified at the thought that this young life might not have been if she had not been found.
A mother seal let this little baby nurse along side her own pups.
Then this baby girl was placed in her bed, an old discarded tortoise shell, its insides covered with rich furs from seafarerss of long ago.  A gift made apparent for this little girl who was able to generate warmth likened to golden sunlight- sunlight which radiated from her tiny body.  All were pleased, this was to be this little girl's home now where no harm would come to her again... thanks to a divine lady whose love could not be denied.

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Seat number 22(more of a song but thats what i do baby)

Street lights light up the avenue. bight lights


always remind me of you . My dear I fell in


love the day I just met you. Had a feeling at


the top of my head. Had a thought you were


dead than alive. saw a surprise you Looked


in my eyes with that sparkling smile. You


made me go wow. baby dear I love you.


 and daring with that scarlet smile. you


made me go wild.

Sorry to say its over to day

Never more true I’ve missed you. Ive missed


you baby baby in seat number 22.


Street lights light up the avenue. bight lights


always remind me of you . My dear I fell in


love the day I just met you. Had a feeling at


the top of my head. Had a thought you were


dead than alive. saw a surprise you Looked


in my eyes with that sparkling smile. You


made me go wow. baby dear I love you.


and daring with that scarlet smile. you


made me go wild.

Maybe its time we said our good byes.

And sincerely from seat number 22, my dear


baby I love you.

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Tender Years

An infant,
Watches what his mother does for him day after day.
A toddler,
Follows in the steps of his guardian.
A child,
Discovers everything in a different way than anyone else.
A teen,
Does what they are not told.
An adult…
Remembers what was done when he was small…

How his mother would stay nights without sleep,
How he would always step in the foot prints of his father,
How he would stay still dark discovering the world,
How he would do the opposite of what he was told,
And now he wonders…

Without his mother during those scary nights,
Without the guidance of his fathers path,
Without something new to discover,
Without hearing what not to do,
What was he to do…?

As he remembers the foot prints he would follow behind,
He remembered when he would fall,
There was always someone there,
And now,
There’s only an empty street…

When he got home from school,
Always open arms to greet him,
Now there’s just an empty house,
Now that’s all just in the past…
But what now?

For all those days they were there,
For all those moments they held you so near,
For all those laughs and tears that were shared,
For all those foot prints I once followed,
I still remember…
But now…

My foot prints are being followed,
And with each step,
There will always be a part of…

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I cried when you passed away
I still cry today
Although I loved you dearly
I couldn't make you stay
God broke my heart
to prove that he only takes the best
So he put me to the test
In order for me to blessed
Forever missing you LeSchea
We will be together soon.
Mommy Loves you.

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Where is the one I once new
My little angel dressed in blue
Now you stand here a young man
No longer do you want to hold moms hand

Where did you come from so bold and  so brave
Fighting off spiders and flowers to a girl you gave
In four short years You will be gone
My baby so big so strong

How can it be that time has flown
I closed my eyes and you were grown
I know you will always be my baby in my heart
But seeing you now tears me apart

You so indepenant wanting to be free
 Were is the little boy who needed me
I know what I am doing you say
As you go off with your friends to play

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she received no love-

she was a beautiful baby girl,
born in love but grew with none
that would teach her it’s meaning,
her mother, an alcoholic/bi-polar

her father never around to guide her,
starving and love neglected, this child
soon became a big sister to a baby girl
created out of deceit 

at five years old, she watched over
her sister, when mom was passed out
or with someone other than dad,
yet she received no love…

she sometimes went for days without
food for herself or the baby
mom spent the money on cigarettes
and beer, mom couldn’t understand

at ten, mom and dad divorced, she and 
her sister were now in her mom’s care
she was all alone and frightened
and she received no love…

neglected, abused,  she struggled for
acceptance from someone, somewhere,
her mother was good at hiding their
situation from family members

soon, mom got so bad she gave the
girls to their father and step mother
who abused them, locked them away,
still she received no love..

at fifteen, she begged to live with
her loving grandparents,
they loved her and guided her to 
jesus, where she got nurtured in love

she graduated high school
and married a young man who
her aunt arranged for her to meet,
she loved where she received no love…

she bore two lovely girls 
whom she raised with love,
endeared by the family that raised her,
saved from a home, where she received no love…

Copyright © 2010 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Wind of Fate

There is a wind never heard of
A wind we've all soared
Every bit of humanity has once been a submissive wife
Or rather a humble slave to this wind
This wind is part of earths eternal mysteries
It has always been since the beginning of histories

do not think this wind is evil
but rather a analytical preview
of our powerlessness
in the genesis of our existence

this wind starts it all
it blows us to be us
it designs our call
it perfect our imbalance curse

it gives us no choice
it blows at partial course
but still, impartial
it blows some lightly
and some heavily
it blows some to terror
and blows some to valor

you still may not know this wind I'm talking about
but it has blown you and everyone around you
its the greatest thing that ever happened to you
its this same wind that blow that crippled child you once pitied
its the same wind that blow that poor beggar on wall street

This same wind blew Malia into the womb of Michelle Obama
This same wind blew me into one big family that could get me educated
This same wind blew you into that family where you have 3 square meal
This same wind blew one poor child somewhere into one miserably poor home
Where hunger has become a necessary deal

This wind I'm talking about makes us
Our gender, nationality, family, are all determined by this wind
Even sometimes we regret being who we are
Or where we are
We may want to blame this wind
But this mysterious wind can never be blamed
For the ones he blows into terror he fills with great valor
As his reward for such ugly turbulence

This wind; i call the wind of fate
Blows some into riches
And blows some into poverty
Blows some into health
Some into sickness

It is sad, we don't have control over this wind
But still, our control of this wind is what makes us
By becoming the wind, we can control the wind
By blowing once more on those harshly blown
By blowing softly upon them that were terribly blown

By showing love and concern for those that have been placed into discreet agony or suffering
Not as a matter of choice but by birth
Like the poor little girls in Niger born into the reign of child marriage
Or the Poor hungry children in Africa born into abject poverty
They have not chosen these for themselves.
They were only blown by the wind of fate that has also blown you and I to a more fortunate position.
The only way we can change things is to be the wind and blow on the hopeless once more..

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Random Rap

Hacked ~ 
Crazy B*/ch lookin like a clown 
color melt down her face like an acid trip mistake 
makeup running like a faucet 
I break her heart and toss it 
not a care frigid heart ice cold B*/ch 
runnin high 6 foot down push her on the ground 
always get back up try to knock me around 
but Im Burlins wall wont crack wont break better than titanic 
i wont F***in sink 
you hit like a P***y but your no man Got 
your dick between your legs runnin from no mans land 
Im a boss and you know it 
crave it but your never gonna own it 
stop thinking crazy Im my own freedom 
and you whine just like a F***in baby 
~ Baby Queen in the house F***in love it like she crazy

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The Life Inside Of Me: My Blessing

Never thought a life of another would be growing inside of me 
It came as a surprise to me but a baby is not what I need
Abortion is never an option I see, adoption is not where my baby will be.
For the next 9 months it’s going to be you and me.
Having you nurturing inside of me will give me the strength to be strong.
At times I will break down and cry 
Other times my smile will shine.
I can’t wait to see you grow.
To see pictures of your fingers and toes.
You tossing and turning inside of me inflicts pain but that fine with me
Because that lets me know Mommy’s baby is okay.
As your body constantly grow
My stomach will start to show.
Our bond will get stronger and stronger
Seeing the features of your face will excite me 
Makes me wonder if you will have big brown eyes 
Or those of your father
It really doesn’t matter because I will see.
I wonder if you are a girl or a boy.
Will I buy blankets with pink flowers or blue trucks.
With you growing inside of me, I began to think of my importance
How you will be a blessing to me and how blessed I will be.
Months have passed and I can no longer fit my pants 
Stomach sits out big and far
I can’t but think there you are.
Can’t wait for you to be in mommy’s arms.
From here on out you are all that matters to me.

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Joys from Heavens

The time of year when the joys 
Rain down form Heavens
When the families get together, 
When the children look up in  hope
Santa’s fill surprise in the socks at night
When the snowman appears in gardens
There comes a the giggles and chants
Colored balls in trees and stars shining
Exchanges of greetings nights of prayers
We gather to celebrate the coming of Joy
Night to celebrate the Holy Jesus
Night to celebrate new Life, for its
The time of year when joys 
Rain down from Heaven…

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A horrendous act
that could only be imagined
as Insidious and contemptuous
Many were massacred
Thousands displaced
The Hausa Militias took over
Zaria was in their palm
A horrendous act
That could only be imagined
As Insidious and contemptuous
Many were massacred
Thousands displaced
The Hausa Militias took over
Zaria was in their palm
The entire Kaduna was under their feet
The violent hollow-minded men
It was religious animosity
That under-bellies an ethnic hatred
These men are insane

Men were butchered 
Women were slaughtered 
Children matcheted at will
All in the Jihad against
Miss World Beauty Pageant
And blasphemy against the Prophet
They unleashed waves of brutal massacres

Houses were razed, churches burnt
Shops and offices turned into ashes
Yet "Allahu Akbar" is echoed
After every killing by the intemperate bullies

Inhabitants of NDA Streets were not spared
The men that carries religious insanity
Majored in Major Street
They became the killing Captain of Captain street
The men in uniform were hapless, yet helpless
These men are enmeshed and immersed in cultism
Of the atavistic and barbarous proportion called Jihad
Sweat of decades were turned to ashes within seconds
The cost of human lives were immeasurable

It was to be and it was
Months of fear
Weeks of tremor of terror
Days of bloodshed
Hours that carries sorrow
Minutes that lacks emotional indemnity
Seconds of bloody tears
Survivors became refugees at the NDA’s field
The only safe place in the land
No food, no water, no shelter
Indeed, no hunger
Except for hunger to be alive

Days where a father shuns family tie 
And strangulate his baby for survival 
Less, the warriors will unearth 
The rest of the family in the hide out
The baby’s cry was a taboo
Gush! The only option was for the
Father to throttle his own baby to death
To keep the other members of the family alive

Many flee without taking a pin
Thousands left behind houses . . . properties
A journey to start all over again
Separation set in 
Frustration envelopes many
For the inanity of men that 
Carries blood with religion.

Alayande Stephen T.
October 11, 2008

An account of brutal massacre occasioned 
By unbridled religion intolerance in 
Kaduna State, Nigeria in 2002 during the aborted 
Miss World Beauty Contest in Nigeria as 
Narrated by an eye witness Latifat of UNILORIN.

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BABY doll

Porcelain face
Fake smile
Dull laugh

Is she your perfect baby doll
Does she have perfection enough
For you to hold?
Is she the good girl
Not always as bold?

Does she care?
Does she listen to your every word spoken?
Does she feel when trouble stirs
Is she your perfect baby doll?

Is her face perfect enough for YOUR smile?
Are her eyes bright enough to light you up?

Is she powdered plastered pasted together enough to not let her cracks show?
Is she your perfect baby doll?

Is she proud enough to watch you grow

Is she strong enough to hold your once broken heart not to let it fall?
Is she your perfect baby doll?

I was am and never will be
What you seem to crave
A seemingly perfectly powdered plastered pasted
Baby doll

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Drawing one dream beauty

Water dripping mist
a shawl falling over embracing love 
you got me honey 
all tied up smiling
one gem treasured gift
together a great ocean wave
sugar tasting desires
moistly lips blushing
strawberry passion kiss.

Apple of the eye
burning a fire inside Heaven
a snowflake melting softly to you 
in the deepest softness of a heart 

Inside out of shadows
silver star dazzling deeply beautiful 
on all shining reflections
one dream stunning gold
blindly with love.

Opens up from a soul
petals gently whispering 
softly in warm winds
blowing gently in each rippling flutter
singing echoes kissing each wave
landing on skips of your heartbeat 
moist lips blushing
strawberry passion kiss.

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He came into the world when due;
a tiny human being.
No fuss, no bother, but
silently stealing the scene !

First time parents,
first born son...
Learning together,
their paths had just begun !

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A mothers goodnight

Every night,
She holds onto the picture of her baby girl.
Hugging it to her chest,
Remembering just how good it felt to hold her.
Those beautiful baby blues,
Looking up at her.
She kisses her smiling face,
"I love you baby",
She whispers.
As she rests the picture against the urn.

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Date With Destiny

3:00 A. M. December 24th,
Nineteen Sixty-three,
labor began, too early.
Hubby, three children 
sleeping, what to do?

Inspiration:  Celebrate now,
the kids won't know the difference
and you won't miss the excitement
on their faces, the shining eyes,
the laughter, the hugs.

Daddy arises on request, 
assembles toys and tricycles,
one day early.

Three hours later,
deposit kids with Grandma,
fast trip to the hospital.

Red roses from Papa
and healthy baby boy
bring tears of joy.

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Day One - Contest

Day one ..
I have just made a journey
Through dark tight tunnels
striving to reach the end
The end called LIFE

I enter the world crying
Was frightened along life’s way
Still attached to my living food bag
'Til click and cut I am free.

My mouth and nose are cleaned
of all the debris stored therein
Wrapped tightly in a white warm sheet
I meet this strange red faced woman
my Mam

She is crying also, tears of happiness, of joy
waited many long years, for me her son
Can feel the love, she has inside as she
holds me tightly to her breast and sighs

Tears subside, I am calm
Time to sleep away my cares
I am at peace now, from Day 1
this is home, Mam and Tad are here

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little angel

Blowing a kiss 
to Heaven
A missing piece 
of my heart 
In the ceremony 
of my life, 
my judgment impaired 
A chalice
of love and hurt 

Buried deep 
in my soul 
Heaven forgive me , 
my angel 
is there with you 
I pine my love 

Praying you keep safe 
My little treasure, 
oh merciful Father 
If only I could swap places 
I surely would 

A piece of my heart 
Forever will be yours, 
as I carry 
you with me 
In life 
my little baby 

The life to heaven 
you have the power 
of an angel 
Now my beautiful baby 
You live with me forever 
In my heart and mind 

Heaven's angel 
is with me 
Loan me your wings 
To fly to thee

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I love that moment before the storm.
The world goes silent
and dozes and snores.

A prayer summons this bliss to last;
for regular breath,
much unlike the past.

Peace that ends in a series of pours. 
Thunder snaps the core.

The world's awake and is frantic.
Breath turns to howls.
Rain. Tears. Panic.

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Tra la la la Tra

I have a love, I have a love, I have a love,
I have,
a dove

His eyes, his eyes, his eyes
His eyes,

Shine bright, shine bright,  shine bright
Shine bright,

I write, I write, I write,
I write,

A poem for you
My son, my son, my son
Sun shine

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That Special Guy

Ive only known you for some weeks
Your the sweetest guy ive ever known
There's guys ive told that to before but yours truely mean more
Ive never met a guy with so much maturity
Thats given and willing to show me love
I promise never to hurt your heart
I would want us to last and never break apart
You always keep a smile on my face
Just hearing your voice protects my space
Imma always be faithful no matter what
Im here for you baby no ifs or no buts
I wanna teach you all that i know
In so many ways how ever long it takes to show
That would be possible if you read between the lines
The statement for you baby only if you were mine!
It take stages to reach real love
We both want a relationship so im guessing we look above
The feelings i have for you is more than what i can express
Ive been looking for my prince and i think ive found you
So its time for me to confess and the person i want to be with
Is not only my friend but soon to be man!

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* Come see

Come see! Come see! shouts the children.
For this day there has been a baby born.
His parents traveled many days and nights,
all the towns, cities would not allow them rest.
They were so tired, exhausted, the woman was
expecting a baby like no other ever known.
She riding proudly upon the donkey and her husband,
at her side leading them slowly over rocky paths and
up many steep hills but they never thought of stopping.
Every door knocked on denied them entry, telling them
no room here you most move on for your kind is 
unwelcome here in this city, town, country. 
Never once did they complain all she knew was the
baby was coming soon so when all impossible that
there would be no place for rest they knocked one
more time on a small door in the far away city.
The keeper came and said Move on I have no room 
for the likes of you, but sir my wife is with child it
will be born this night then I have a empty stable you
may use good night sir now move on.
So they walked down the road a little further and there
it was this small stable with a horse, a cow, some sheep
and much straw and hay and there he helped her down.
With in hours the baby came it was a boy child and the
sky lite like diamonds and one star shinned brighter
then the others leading those in the desert to this child
who was born this day in Bethlehem His name was JESUS!

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Start My Heart

I’ve Been Here All Along, 
Yet Things Never Seem To Change, 
It's Like I'm All Alone, 
Just Walking Through The Rain...
Oh Darling It Is So Cold Outside,
And When The Snow Starts To Fall
It Is Your Name That I Seem To  Call,

I Need Your Warmth To Start My Heart,
Start My Heart,
Please Just Start My Heart

Think Back To December,
Do You Find It Hard To Remember,
The Snow Outside?
Do You Even Remember Me?

Well Don’t Try To Fix Me,
Cause I’m Not Broken,
And I Left My Heart On Ice,
I’m Changing Before Your Eyes,
And Let Us Face It, 
You Don’t Like It,

But Baby It’s So Cold Outside,
And I Need Your Warmth To Start My Heart,
So Start My Heart,
Please Just Start My Heart

Can You Really Live Without Me?
Can You Walk These Streets Alone,
When You Think Back To December
Will You Remember The Hands You’d Hold.

But Baby Its Not So Cold Outside,
And I know That You’re Okay,
So This Is My Last Offer,
Will you please let me know,
That you will be there 
When The winter stakes its claim again.

I need your warmth to start my heart,
So baby just be there,
Baby start my heart.
Just start My heart.

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A Cat's Midwife

Knuckles deep in a cat.
The spongy flesh pulses around my fingers
Each time I move inside.

Her stomach undulates
As if it was alive.
Wait-- it is.
I am trembling.

Her pained meows
Offset by the mewlings
Heard from within her.

The first head pokes out,
Slick and red
Staining the scratchy towel underneath.
Then more, four in all,
Pawing clueless about on the reddened fabric.
Their eyes still shut, yet they see the world.

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Hungry Thief

For the first time ever,
a Cardinal's nest lay cleverly hidden
in a juncture of two branches
of the red rose climber
on the south wall of our garage.

Over the years, we'd watched with pleasure
as House Finches, Eastern Phoebe,
Bluebirds, and Wrens nested in flowerpots,
birdhouses, spruce trees, and on porch walls.
Purple Martins snootily passed us by
in spite of elaborate housing provided.
Once, a Rufous-sided Towhee deposited
her eggs on the ground, underneath
a large cedar tree near the driveway.
We mowed around them, shooed turtles 
toward distant woods, and watched 
eggs hatch, babies fly into the future.

Cardinal babes were a new and welcome
experience. Almost daily, we peeked.
But grief came quickly with eagle eye, 
hooked talon, and razor-edged beak.
A Cooper's Hawk left a shattered nest, 
a mother's heart ripped apart, and us,
feeling her pain to the marrow of our bones.

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Half Birthed

This is the first time I ever opened my eyes
The floods flushed away all my cries.
Lying comfy in this warm bed chamber.
My life, so far, is tied to this loving member.
Sometimes I hear singing, other times laughing
When something pokes me, I come back kicking
Some may not like it, but I truly do
I feel secure and I get full attention too.
My belly stays full.  In my mind, not a care
Just snug up here, curled in this lair.
My arms are very weak, but getting stronger.
My legs are very short, but getting longer.
I am beginning to hear sounds, some I remember
One voice in particular I hear over and over.

 Dang... What is this?  I really can't decipher.
Something big is grabbing me, turned me in my chamber.
I'm too weak to fight and too weak to struggle
Point blank, I'm losing ground in this massive tussle.
I do not know what is really going on.
My feet is feeling cold and is straight gone
Out of my chamber.  Next was my body and arms
Leaving only my head.  Then it turned me around in harm
And without caution.  I'm in sheik and utter terror
As a humongous needle pierced the back of my member.
Hot pain hit me hard, Aah!  My neck!
My whole body shivered.  What the heck!
This needle jammed through my neck to my head.
Then the suction began.  I cried and bled.
Pain overwhelms me, making my gums rattle
Wanting to beg for life, all I could do was babble.
I'm shaking, this pain is unbearable
All I want to do is to just scream in terror
What did I do wrong?  Was I bad?  If so, I'm sorry.
After the quick procedure, I was dead.  End of story.
The doctor tossed my deceased body in a garbage can.
While my 17 year old mom was chewing gum and she laughed.
... I was her third

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Littlest angel ever so near,

my heart is weeping, can you hear.

I held you in my arms

and felt your breath upon my cheek,

I gently kissed your face you were just so weak.

Your little hand held mine,

your face was so divine,

I looked into your eyes,

you looked back into mine.

As your life ebbed away and the night

turned to day I held you close to me,

you reached your tiny hand up and

touched me with a sigh, you smiled

a little smile for me as if to say goodbye.

Littlest angel ever so near

my heart is weeping, can you hear

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The test

A pink stick
all it takes are a few drops
The line moves
One line
Wait 3 minutes
No second line
A breath of relief
slight disappointment
Have to wait a few weeks
Smoke a cigarette 
Appear as if theirs no idea 
Think about the trouble
dream about the joy 
I'd hope for a boy
Pat my belly and think 
is this a disappointment or relief
Stash the other stick
Have a beer and go to sleep
Even if it's true
Have to hide it from the other room
Can't tell until im on my own
Rent would be over blown
Go from 100 a month
To 300 a week
Scumbags stealing money
That they don't even need
Drift to dreams
emotions shifting as i sleep

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All the Babies are from Hell

All the babies are from hell. 
They're assholes who did 
their time and are getting 
another chance. 
Birth is parole.

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lottery tickets and scratch offs cause nothing but litter and
make the poor poorer and the rich state richer
prayer is not allowed in schools yet the money which
builds them says in God We Trust on it
the killing of babies is of free choice and is widespread
it is legal just as is the killing of criminals
epidemics of sexually transmitted disease and of drugs is rampant
and unnatural homosexuality is promoted as normal on prime time TV
and in many churches
hundreds of cults make millions of dollars as they brainwash
many and target the youth
sexual slave trafficking coexists along with them in every major city
in the country
thousands and thousands roam the streets homeless while
churches set on almost every corner locked and bared
pawnshops strip clubs and prostitutes abound
most young children are raised by daycare
to them and their parents it's not at all fair
there are few jobs and little healthcare anywhere
there are too many foodstamps and too much welfare
there like putting a bandade on a wound from a grenade
theres no more money for social security or medicade
the ten rules on which our country was founded
have been grounded
psalm 9 says
" The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations
that forget God "
statues are crying fetuses dieing
blood on the sand in the promised land
miss American pie
I Love You

graydye   3-3-2010

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Sundays with Eli

Every Sunday we set time aside to hang out together

Just him and I...

We are the best buds in the whole wide world 

And when my son drops him off at my front door I remember why

He thinks I am the greatest thing next to sliced warm apple pie

He thinks I am the greatest opera singer 

And I am the best dancer too

Today we hopped around to some crazy tunes

The Beach Boys and some other oldies but goodies

This afternoon I sang him Bible songs and taught him 

How to equally slobber on both shoulders

He is my golden ray of sunshine--My Elijah!

I think of him often

I rehearse what songs I will sing to him

I even write him into the story lines of my upcoming prose

Oh you should see his rounded pink nose!

He coos and he giggles

And when we lay down for a nap he wiggles and wiggles

Til he finds the perfect spot under my arm

I love being a grandma

And I love our Sundays together

Eli and lola--best friends forever!

Written by Gwendolen Rix

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Save me -Shattered dreams-

Will my eyes ever see
Will my ears ever hear
Answer me mom
Am i concidered precious
Or is my life mere

Am i not what you 
So why intimately knew 
that man?
Please my hear my small 
Reconsider your choice
When i'm gone will you 
Will my parents make a 
joyful noise

I deserve a life mom
I deserve a mother's love
I'm your unborn child
I promise to make you 
Please mom kill not my 
I want to be heard like 
any other child

Am i bad for business?
Why abort me?
Why treat me like a 
computer corupted 
I'm only your unborn child
I will not cause you any 
Please mom
Please mom

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I am happy
I love my better half and kids
The treasures of me they are.

I am happy
Days of mine are good and nights are silence
No worry in my life.

I am happy
No debts, all the having are my own
Simplicity the word I like.

I am happy
The In box of mine is full of friendly mails
Show the true friend ship.

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the west grew dark with stormy clouds,
stinging rain and chill august winds
the whole heaven were in bright glow,
and the little kid,burning with fever,
late night, no doctor at sight,
fever rises like the waves on the full moon night,
will not the sky come to a halt?

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Love Splash Baby

Love splash baby -
You bring me abundant joy.
Such beauty – such wisdom;
Do inhabit my dear Buttercup.

Love splash baby -
Oh don’t you be so coy.
Much respect – much knowledge;
You so instill in this grown-up.

Love splash baby -
Mommy loves her little Viceroy.
Such prosperity – such peace;
Abound within my little Julep.

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There's a spot in my life that's 
been void filled and I cry with
a morbid intensity when I think of
him as I do now. He's healed
something baggage born so I can
leave it in a waste basket. I can
stare at his innocence for hours and
plead for his happiness in all that I 
dosay--I double dare to be all he
sees and desires not to dread. Swim
pool water eyes glimpse his face, his
manner mighty in cause and jolly at
what his fantasies are. I've not missed
anything so like this moment that I
carry his picture, his soul, his incarnate
within me---at all times. Worthy worry
span my capabilities to challenge me for the
"mirror mirror" my reflection is his
reality; am I ready for/to be the casual
task bearer for him to model to be
himself and unlinked to the scattered
Sociopotpourri he's likely to ever encounter.
Not to shield or shell his karma
Not to woe in his wilfulness
Not to denegrate a copious freedom format
for fatherson ambigupatriarchophobia decline
but to hold him to my dear heart chest
to die for him in allways to make him
at no cost in allways a human being.
a Bull for all seasons. I love you Evan.

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Filled with my books and papers and secrets
I can't remember my combination
47 right 27 left and then what?
Am I locked out or are you locked in?

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Behind clossed doors

Can you see it,
the little girl in her room
sitting in her closet rocking,
rocking back and forth in a cocoon.

Can you see it, 
the baby doll in her arms
dressed in ripped rages
with its face smeared with dirt in alarm.

Can you hear,
the sweet words she sings
“hush little baby don’t you cry” as 
she continuously wipes the dolls eyes they sting.

Can you see her,
as she’s in the corner huddled to the side
too afraid of moving
as she hugs her doll with eyes wet and wide.

She can fill it,
the coldness of the doll
as she craves the warmth it wont give
as she continues to cling to the doll.

She can hear it,
the screaming of her parents 
as glass shatters and falls to the floor
her fear is paralyzing. 

She hears her name being called
she jumps from the shock 
but she refuses to move
its called again and then a knock.

Can you see,
the sun that shines through the shutters
of the closed closet door
a the light falls on her eyes they begin to flutter.

Can you see it,
a little girl, in her room, in the closet 
hugging her doll, hiding 
can you see it.

No one sees it, no one hears it,
but they gather, when the flashing 
lights speed down the street
they stand watching, staring. 

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My Baby's Nursery

       My Baby's Nursury

It's dark and Baby's fast asleep
until morning when he wakes
he will play with his toys
and animal friend
his little teddy bear
who's so soft and cuddly
to the touch
with a very loving smile
and pretty dark brown eyes
will keep Baby happy for a while.

Then Baby puts it down again
picking up his little rattle
when it shakes it makes loud noises
that makes him very happy
Baby then looks around his cot
he looks for something new
he sees a shiny spinning top
as he pushes the little handle
it plays a lovely tune.

The day goes by, he's getting tired
it's time to go to bed
he'll sleep and dream of cuddly toys
until morning comes again.

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Dakota's Poem

I am finally home with you...
To show you Mamas love is true...
I love you my baby boy...
You fill my life with motherly joy...
I am sorry I had to work so many years...
I wanted to take away your fears.

Now you are eleven years old...
Your eyes tell the stories told...
You had me believing that Benjamin Franklin 
got eating after he died...
I really didn't know you lied...
So I had to read your book...
As you and Daddy smiled with a look.

You bring such smiles to my face...
I love you my son with all your grace...
When you sing to me I love to hear your song...
None of the lyrics seem to long...
You are my precious baby boy...
Thank you for bringing my heart such joy.

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Can I Sing To You

Can i sing to you to lure you home
share with you something that's all my own
go beyond the limitations of our phase before
cementing this renewed relationship in a songster allure
Baby, can i sing to you to lure you home

I really thought i could just play this deck of mine
yes i know what i sang afortime
Singing baby i just wanna love
please baby don't fall in love with me
I'm just a man who's intentions are good
please lord don't make me misunderstood
While i sang to the others in the same voice
Its just the things we do between me and you
she don't have to, no she don't gots to know
But baby i can change, yes i can change
cause each day gets better i just cant let you go
and each kiss get sweeter i just cant leave you no
Oh baby when the sun comes up
save room for my love, save a little
Baby I'm coming home,
feel like I've been everywhere
But we just ordinary people,
maybe we should just take it slow
You got me so high, feels like I'm flying on cloud nine
and only heaven knows, baby please be mine
Cause i keep tossing and turning all night,
cant keep you outta my sight
Baby lets just go to the park,
i wanna kiss you underneath the stars
Here is where we'll have our start
swimming away from all these sharks

Can i sing to you to lure you home
share with you something that's all my own
go beyond the limitations of our phase before
cementing this renewed relationship in a songster allure
Baby, can i sing to you to lure you home

Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas

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Light of the World, 2

In a world of anger, muck,
gloom and grief
a light beams.
It follows the rainbow
of long ago
with promise, with hope.

It comes to us
as of old
not to illume the vile
but to introduce
the answer
to every question.

It comes to us
in naivete, in love
the ultimate sacrifice
calling us back
into the light.

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A child might lay in my womb
Oh my, oh my, what am i to do
So nervous, I swear im petrified,
still drinking beer late at night,
I'm not sure, there's only the suspicion of others, 
im not ready, im not sure how to be a mother,
still struggling with being an adult,
Without guidance my brain tells me to light another smoke,
Terrified, what if he doesn't want to let us in,
Mortified, what if I cant make full term with him,
Or her. A brilliant little girl. 
Or him, my child,
the excitement seems so mild.
There might lay a child in my womb,
Late at night I think what am I to do. 

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Keeping Them Safe

Mother rabbit builds
a cozy burrow
underneath the soil.
She brings her babies
and covers them
in her own fur.

She places them
in the flower bed
near the front door,
a spot well chosen
to give protection
from the wind.

Pansies and petunias
sit in their boxes
crying for the soil.
We give them water,
waiting patiently for
a later day to plant.

The cats perch
on the windowsill,
twin heads turned,
eyes glued to her den.
We keep them inside
for babies’ sake.


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Begin Again

A babys crawl picks up lint and grime
she sits and inspects her hands
picks away the mitten yarn and rubs
her hands on her legs

The wary cat just close behind
has toys to offer share
This cat is baby's mothers cat
and more than a little aware

that mother will give extra time and treats
to baby's cat
as log as wary cat remains
no cat in the hat

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I do not know what manipulation nor malice is at least
Not in regards unto myself; I just flow with the tow inside...
There is no hate nor judgment; no your side my side, this side
That side in a world a place drawing lines so eager to shed blood 
Divide as hate is their cure if only the masses could understand grasp
This vision our god ? Kiss, the swords edge and set it upon, delusions fire.

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New Years Resolution

That Life that i missed
Even when I feel the pain I always rejoice in the moment of my sorrowful blessed life thats when that time tick and ticked before i tick. 
When I am much more happier I cherish the moment till it melts into darkness
While my heart pain my eyes tearing, my body overloaded with a unrelieved
That’s when i felt my eyes being fill by tears  down my chicks  drying my  the face of my heart, as the sunset,that when i believed the time ticked before  i tick.

I started to miss my home,I missed home, I thought of the love and warmth I get when I am home 
surrounded by people who love me most. That’s when I miss my mom polishing my back, smearing my face with a lot of oil,holding me on her warm chest,that’s when I remember the days I use to run with my father down the bush,with him carrying me on his shoulders and sometimes I tried to challenge his athlete talent 
That’s when I remember the taste, oh the tastes that filled my mouth with juices 
Ke re ka gopola bonnyane bjaka sebakeng sa mahloko
ka gopola mothotho wa dipeu tsa nageng,ke ra bo mamupudu,matswaitswai,ditamatisinyana le mabilo. Those days when I was worry free. Ke sehlefala ke sa kgathalle whose watching
Mind you I miss those days.

I remembered the days when I use to refuse to sleep waiting for them to arrive 
That’s when I reminisced the memories of  my  innocent happily days of my life
Panic,Love,Laugh and live and grow and i feel the new beggining.
I felt change, i feel the new prosperity.
Then the darkness perished

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FREE CEE going ape over an apron

Cj-you asked for it and now you got it  
I was just sitting around scratching my head
Wondering why it was that you said goodbye
I was in the kitchen cooking with my apron on
With no other clothing for you to espy
I was serving up some pasta, and pouring some wine
Then when I looked up… baby you were gone
Like gone….
And categorized as goneeeeeeeee
Real gone

I was sipping on some tea sitting next to a tree
Thinking about why our romance ceased to be
I was swinging on a hammock humming a tune
you were wearing a bikini……… but only the bottom
And when I looked up you were history
like ancient history
As in Shakespeare’s rose
         Durante’s nose
         andMona Lisa’s pose
Baby to me
You were history

I was laying on my day bed with thoughts in my head
Contemplating the constant smiles both of us could share 
You were on the couch perusing the paper
While I was sprawled out with nothing on my derriere
And honey, I looked up to see you disappear
Like hitting the bricks
Taking to the sticks
While doing magic tricks
lady to me
You were history

I was just sitting around scratching my head
Wondering why it was that you said goodbye
I was in the kitchen cooking with my apron on
With no other clothing for you to espy 
I was serving up some pasta, and pouring some wine
And when I looked up… baby you were gone
Like gone….
And categorized as goneeeeeeeee
Real gone

you were putting on some makeup and it made me smile
Dreaming about the ever after we would surely see
You caught me in the bathroom with no clothing on
And I could discern my baby was still hot for me
But all of a sudden I became bereft
Because I looked up….. and my lover had left
With a puff of smoke
From a heartless bloke
And left a heart that’s broke
lover to me 
you were history

I was just sitting around scratching my head
Wondering why it was that you said goodbye
I was in the kitchen cooking with my apron on
With no other clothing for you to espy
I was serving up some pasta, and pouring some wine
Then when I looked up… baby you were gone
And me alone with only my apron on
You were gone
Like vaporized….
And categorized as goneeeeeeeee”
while all the time I believed you wanted my apron goneeeeeeeeee!”
     © 2012….PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~


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Funny side of love

Strange is the way
Of our love in behaving
With our most loved one
Yet we often practice
And love to express it
Upon making little noises
We passionately pat
The back of our babies
And enable them
To fall into fast asleep.

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Baby Shake Down

           Baby Shake Down

Baby goes to town with a purse all full of money
Hitchhiking is a lot of fun when you are young
Mommy and daddy are at work all day
Diverted and distracted
Since they’re adults it must be right
Leaving baby to her own devices
They don’t care where their baby goes
The proper way is all they know
According to some logic
The little child is left alone to learn 
Changing diapers, making change
While spending every penny at the stores
Baby is not bad
She simply likes to shop
Bandits see the child with the pretty pink laced purse
While stalking her inside the mall
Approach the little girl with candy 
They make the swap and make their get away
Baby enjoys the happy snack
The bad men open up the purse
While slipping out of sight
To find a soiled diaper
A prize left there by baby
In exchange for her sweet delight 

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The Abandonment of Writing

There is no money in it. I am told in the office of my advisor, 
In a small basement room hidden under books,
Smelling of hazelnut coffee, stale cigarettes. 
It has been weeks since I indulged in either
Sneaking a warm sip from my mother’s cup,
A wonderful drag from my sister’s Marlboro.
The growth in my abdomen has come with sacrifice
And now yet another.

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Love unrevealed
Even to the bug its warmth
And yet, with what grace gives,
It has I am still searching for it.

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Sand in My Shoes

We walk passed the
wetland wash
in the sanctuary of birds
onto the beach.
We see the osprey mother
in her nest of branches
on top of famous
Target Rock;
and out in the sound,
the head of a black monster 
flickers back and forth 
below the moving surface.

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Spring holiday fever

Daffodils bunch, spring has sprung,
Sun raises higher to waken sleepy heads;
No time for hibernation now as spring fever hits, - 
create time to get together; go fly a kite, 
or sit and chill, make daisy chains.

Let the sunshine bring warm sunny days.
In meadows baby lambs take their first steps;
whilst mad March hare hops and plays
with baby bunnies dotting the green fields 
of the countryside.

A season where everything wants to bloom,
time to trim those lawns and weed again;
and all just in time before spring rains
will once more aid those thirsty 
flowers and bulbs as they grow.

For it is now that gorgeous butterflies 
flutter gracefully by giving nature a helping hand;
pollinating the kingdom while watching little chicks -
crack open their Easter eggs, just in time
to join in the madness of this happy holiday season.

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Peek-A-Boo Sun

I saw the sun behind a cloud
its rays fanning out like a crown
making a simple rain cloud look majestic
I couldn't take my eyes off it.

Then the sun peeked out
as if to say, "Ready or not here I come!"
There was no place for me to hide
except under my trusty sun hat.

I saw a lady holding her baby
she'd wrapped him in a baby blanket
the sun sparkled on his cheeks
he must have been too warm.

The clouds raced across the sky
the sun jumping behind them
playing peek-a-boo
while the baby slept unawares.

The sunset was a beauty
golden pinks and sparkly blues
finally the baby yawned
it was time to go home.


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Woman's look

Saudi Arabia & Michelle’s Look

“No women are left behind with justice!”
-H. Smirch

Her scorching look,
A mouth-shut grin, with defensively flowery dress,
Michelle’s falsetto indignation
Makes all of us feeling so damned good;
There was no fume,
Not a growled kiss, just that road of a free WOMAN
Into this spitefully state where
Women, oh lovely ones! They are just a piece of death.

No murmured birds are allowed, she appears to grow, husky wind,
This beautiful First African Woman has challenged that entire dare 
To speak the true of being a free!

I loved her caustic face, full with grace, rising, beyond
The star, her confident posture next to the men;
Confident, contradictory, vociferous photos
To the entire world to see: This is a woman, black and free:
To look — in short, totally Michelle’s soul,
A message, and relevant to these pretty princesses
It is time to open doors and get down to the 20th century!

O, woman!
Appeal in heaven, Eve, God, they are no  a piece of meat
With luxury factory in frenzy; they are women in choices and desires;
O, woman!
Worldly woman, to the women, my women, rising
Throw up hands in disgusted resignation against
The Saudi’s mess! Your men should be together with you or otherwise,
Let us break chains and veils and let us rise! 

And why not, smile with Michelle’s look seriously
In camera, or rather in the middle of the desert,
With that love in contempt and ready to yell 
I cannot take it anymore!

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An old motto renewed

woke up this morning
to an epiphany
of how your world works
be the best you can be
the best human 3 coil double flusher you can be
at first i was upset
in denial
that i too could live up to such high standards
how could i ever compete with such human waste
when they practice being a walking talking waste of skin everyday
acting it out
singing it
and making more money just by practicing an old motto renewed

Thats the only power you have over me
to be or not to be
a huge clog in the toilet we know as life
and i could practice it
all day and all night
no point in dancing around it in denial
but that might make me worth something
if i could pull off the feat of unequal measure
and finding someone to label what they really are
and laugh at the fact that they are oblivious to how your world works

Practicing being a total waste of skin
and then blame it on someone else
and hang their dead baby off my neck
but nope i'm better than that
i can be the best 3 coiler double flusher i can be
without any practice
just human nature at this point

Act 1 scene 2
making one person living a lie
look like a good person
as the rest of the play is all about everybody competes for the reward of being a clog in the 
toilet we call life
Song and dance
still the same glory
and yet soo many of you basking in your power
of who is or isnt in denial of how your world works
practice makes perfect i guess
no point in trying to change anything
just go dangle someone elses dead baby off your neck

an old motto renewed
be the best double flusher i can be
live it, sing it, paractice it to one day show the world their brand new lie
and next lesson of how to be succesfull at something
that will only come naturaly
why not?

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The Heart of A Child

I think perhaps
The heart of a child really is
Heart shaped...

Like those on valentine cards,
Delicate and soft with seed pearls
dainty lace and fancy glittered
Ribbons, spilling over like happiness.

Yes, heart shaped,
You can tell by the sound of their
Laughter and of course by the was
They smile...

Babies coo the sweetest sounds and
We respond with silly conversations.
There is joy in the heart of a child when
They look at you...

Our voices comfort them as we lull them
To sleep, so lovingly we rock them to
Dream land, fast to sleep and ask the Lord
Their souls to keep...

Words from a song someone sang to us so 
Long ago...'Hush Little Baby Don't Say
A Word'...'Lullaby And Good Night' and
More often than not, a self styled lullaby.

Suddenly they discover they have toes and
We love the way these strong little fingers
Pull at our hair and glasses and grab and twist
Our lips and scratch our faces...Ah, but we don't care.

Soon they are crawling and scampering across
The floor on all fours, then struggling to sit up
With backs stronger than we remember baby's
Backs should be at seven months.

Oops! Down they tumble and fall and tumble
As they discover this something called standing.
We offer fingers and hands to steady them as
they wobble...

Then almost before we know it, they rush to us
With those little out stretched arms.
They stagger on tip toes and take those first steps
To independence.

They have a look of amazement that says, 'I did it!' and
We reward them with applauds and kisses.
We grin and make telephone calls in celebration!
Our wonderful, beautiful babies know without a doubt
They now rule in this palace, this place, this home.

As babies grow we rarely miss a chance to brag to
Family, friends and neighbors, and often strangers
About the wonder and special qualities of our precious child.

Yes, the heart of a child is heart shaped like those
They draw with pictures of us in the middle...
Heart shaped by an intergenerational connection of family,
neighbors, friends and even that stranger that says
'Your baby is soooo adorable...

Babies give to us the breath of happiness,
Filling our heart with untold joy...
Now and forever!

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Relying on my conscious

With the suggestion of the possibility that I might be with child,
I protect my stomach from all injury no matter how mild,
I think he suspects, of what I might be carrying inside,
Feeling unready he pokes and jabs with hidden smiles. 
Acting as if i don't know his intent.
My arms cover the 'playful' blows,
But if I am with child, neither of us knows.
Aunt Flo didn't miss her visit,
That comes with every moon,
we always use protection,
That's a life long rule, 
But somehow there always is a chance,
There is always a chance.
I'm cravings things sweet and sometimes salty,
my moods will swing, with barely any prompting,
Im getting naseus and the dizziness wont go,
The backaches are another thing that has to go,
Im losing all my appetite, and yet i can't wait to eat,
Im stressing and im wondering,
What it would be like to actually be a mommy. 
I've been Aunt Jay for two years this past fall,
And now my sisters working on her second babe,
I wonder if her steps I'll follow. 
I cradle my small tummy,
And wonder at the prospect,
Could i have a little angel,
That's relying on my conscious. 

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Baby Girl

I don't expect you to understand how I feel.
I'm your little girl,
How could I possibly comprehend what love really is?
Love is everything I feel about him 
and the fear and the safety I feel when I'm with him.
You say you'll never deny me my feelings,
So stop trying to deny me from being in love with him,
Because he'll never think of hurting me.
Why, you ask, do I say this?
Because he loves me, 
He really does love me.
I'm still your baby girl, I'm alwyas going to be 
Your baby girl.
I promise that will never change,
But Let us be young and in love.
He's got my heart and I'm his girl,
So just trust me.
Your baby girl knows what she's doing.

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January 8th 
Changed my life completely
You cried on this earth
For 2 seconds
And I felt whole
Everything else could've went wrong
But you were so right
You made things so bright
Erased all the negative
And made me think positive
It did not matter to me
Everything was just perfect
Freeze that moment
Embrace that feeling
Leave me there for life
She is my world
A new me,
A new beginning, 
I felt everything changed
It all was rearranged
Only because you were born
You became my favorite song
One that took me back in the past
And made sure I never made the same mistakes
You became my favorite cake
You were my favorite everything
I never wanted to leave your side
Because I knew you wouldn't
My baby, my world
My special girl
My second chance at life
To get it right
And this time it will be
Because for you
I will do anything

<3 Mommy

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True love

I guess I fell for you,
You feel for me,
but we are unsure,
On what to do.
I want you,
But I don't know,
If you want the same,
You have that dark side,
I like it.
I must have known, but I love you,
Like my little witch,
Beauty Which I love.
I feel like I knew you for years.
My baby doll,
I don't want to see you hurt,
My one and only,
I will care for you,
Till the day I die,
My baby girl,
My love For ever,
So take my hand,
And lets be together forever,
My love,
My love forever

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Dancing In Kitchens

This shuddering heart-throb.
This 11-pound earthworm.
Warm, with fat skin in tiny bundles.
Eyes swimming for clarification,
The gleam in them like lighthouses
In search of just you.
Her arms cling sloth-like around my neck.
Her legs pump and jostle for position.
(For what? A better view over the left shoulder?
I tried the right now and again.  She hated it. So left only now.)
Like this in low-lit kitchens, we dance.
I dip and slide with this big fleshy spider
While it emits piggish grunts.
She burrows endlessly into my collar bone,
Dying to dive back into daddy's DNA 
For something left behind.
The Infant Paleontologist,
Desperate for discovery.
But she won't find anything.  She never does. 
She always falls asleep too soon.
I'm too good of a dancer.
(For now, anyway.)

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thank you

i never saw change in the world 
created by positivity.

I have never felt change in myself
created by blessings.

until this moment. 

my wife with child 
twins safe and sound inside their mother.

three years in the making.

my heart floats.
my soul sings.

my life changing by blessings.

thank you Lord our God.

thank you for unanswered and unspoken prayers.

thank you Lord our God.

for moments of despair.
moments of fear.
for pain.

without these we would not know love, happiness, and joy.

without these we would not know Your blessings and Your love.

thank you Lord our God.

for my struggle. my pain. and my losses. 
they have all taught me how to love and live in joy.

thank you God.       

i found Your love not so long ago.

with life and heart i thank you God.  

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Driving at Dusk

How did I get here
why am I on this highway I don't remember why
why would I drive to Denver
what does the sign say up ahead Coeur D'Alene
that means I'm going north
that's good right, tell me north is good
when do I turn when do I go east when do I turn right?
this highway I know it been here before been here so many times
don't remember when don't remember why
when did they put in those switchbacks I wouldn't have come this way
if I'd known they were here would have taken a different route
drive rough dog in my lap he doesn't like switchbacks doesn't like drive
it's ok I say I pet his head soft as a puppy's
at the bottom it's gravel the road stops I have to get out nowhere to go
where do I go when the road runs out the dog pulls away I say stop don't pull
my stomach hurts getting worse why does it hurt so bad
and where are you going baby baby baby wake up
wake up he says it's all over it's over they got it all
he's leaning over me, they got it all it's benign you're good it's all good
my stomach hurts I said they give me morphine
I was dying I tell him I saw it I was driving there I remember I've seen it before
how could I see it before how could I know it so well because I don't know it at all
he looks away, dream about death all you want baby he says but you're going to live
good enough for me I said don't want to remember but where's the dog
I reach for him he's not there, been on the other side six years now
but not, I think, tonight

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I Am,,,

I Am...
Calvin L. Genereux

I am an infant...
The world around me is full of joys,
Bigger ones like me make funny sounds
And faces to amuse me.
Every moment is an adventure,
I learn colours an words but
Only one thing stands out.
Today she holds my hand as
I take step after step.
I stumble at first but she is there,
She supports me and coos encouragement
As I take baby steps into the world.

I am a child...
The world changes around me now,
I realize that I can't simply
Complain to get my way anymore.
People still make a fuss over me;
Over how handsome I look or
How much I have grown up.
And still once constant remains.
Today she holds my hands again as
I step into a new threshold; School.
I sob and plea but she assures me
That everything will be okay
As I take baby steps into the door.

I am a tween...
I hate the label the world gave us,
No longer a child I am often asked
To act my age by those older.
I have learned so much,
Always learning new things from
All of the people around me.
But now only one thing is certain;
My body changes and I feel new things,
To my friends I am much the same
But at the same time oh so different.
I put on a facade to please them
But never let my true feelings show,
As I step into a web of lies and deception.

I am a teen...
I have experienced many thing,
I've had people die and felt
The crushing pain of loss.
I've learned oh so much,
I have felt true love and
Worked at banishing my greatest enemy;
I will be going out on a date tonight,
I really love the person I am going out with
But am afraid to hold his hand in public.
When he kisses me it reassures me,
As I take my first steps out of the closet.

I am a man...
I no longer fear difference or change,
I no longer have to worry about
What other people will think of me.
I have become successful in life,
I am with my true love and have gained
The acceptance of the only person who mattered;
Today is my wedding day,
My mom walks me proudly with
Tears in her eyes to the man I love.
The world is not a forgiving place,
We have to learn to get over our fear and live our lives.
As I take a great leap forward with my love.

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Once I would like to be pregnant.
I would like to be a full flower
with ripening fruit,
a religious mound,
worthy of worship and godliness.
I would like to be the drink
that nourishes a seed
or nine syllables of the oldest language
telling the ultimate story.
I would like to witness the glint of envy,
flashing like flint on flint
in other women's eyes
as they bask in my glow.
What could be better 
than a queen responsible for her country
or the unblemished temple
housing the union of three bodies,
another version of the trinity:
mother, father and holy child?

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Walking In The Rain

I'm walking in the rain
Singing the blues
Head hung low

Cause my baby left me 
Alone and blue

Weary and tried

Walking in the rain
Singing the blues
Head hung low

Candle light burning
In my window

I hear peoples singing a
Happy tune

While am walking in the rain
Singing the blues

Ain't it funny how I think of
Johnnie Taylor

Singing I believe in you
Sounding so real

As I start to dance the blues
Just hangs in the balance

As a big smile covers my face

I feel so happy as I sing the blues

Walking in the rain with my head
Hung low

Listening to Johnnie Taylor singing
I believe In You

Cause my baby left me alone and

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collaberation vs compulation

ok, mom's right, it's "collaborate and copulate"
that's what I meant to say

i am the mom and when i say
it is right it is and
it is weird and i could
be wrong.

ok. we agreed, we only get 2 lines
and you have taken 4 lines
(and I can't even be poetic, cuz you done took my lines)

i was just trying to save paper
for green for the environment
i was helping you.

Helping me?
Helping me what?
ok, I'm usin more lines
You ain't green! You ain't even fair!!!!!!!

WELL, I AM A protester and i
has a been sitting in trees
a lot,  baby sister you better
be nice to your ole ma.

Ok, for 1, you ain't no damn protestor
And you ain't in no trees
and we is hooked on phonics
but we profound
for instance, I done found my lighter

see, i was honest for you and i hired
a surrogate tree hugger so i could
be with you baby sister. duh

Mother, when will you EVER learn to use CAPS?
I know you are honest, and silly, cute, lovable
and you smell good.
But you still broke the 2 line rule AND
if you break the rules, I break them better.... love kim

well,we won't worry about this anymore.
go take a mom.

P.S. Didn't even get to talk about the copulating and all.... Damn.......

Written by a Mom and Daughter just being foolish cuz we love each other

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Jhaine in a favela, I think

Jhaine in Brazil, I think
closest I can figger
'cause, we don't share some language
probably a generational thing
I suppose

many words I don't understand
many of the words
she writes
like music

but, the ideas, I think
I could help to explain

Jhaine, she comes across strong
seems to carry herself 

loves her baby

beautiful and strong

rise up, little sister, rise on up
above it all

and bring the ones you love
for you are beautiful

you are strong

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It Hurts

So many emotions 
Irritation,Sad, Annoyed, Hopeless
Trying to Stay Positive
You were stolen from me
So much pain to endure
I know its supposed to get easier
but it hurts just the same
I should see you in a beautiful dress, 
a bow in your hair, white patent leather shoes
Death all around me.  Where is the love?
God is Love.

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The Miscarriage

It would have been appropriate to tell
The good news to a peacock
But I told the turkey instead
"I am getting a little brother"
The turtle doves seemed glad for me
Cooing like turtles I thought at the time
The cat seemed disinterested
Purring solitary in the windowsill
The dog suddenly looked at me
Pushing the ball to my feet
“Jumping steroids,” I thought, looking at the Jack
My friend came over and I told him
"Mother is bringing home our baby”
Belinda now present seemed glad for me
She brought a blanket for him
"I needled it with my own hands," she bragged
Cooing like the doves I knew she was a sweet girl
Turtle face and wise my friend warned me
"She is out to get you, she only wants to get cute with you
Little babies you see?”
"Jealously makes you ugly," I screamed at him
And chased him out of the yard
That afternoon mother returned home without a baby
She cried like a peacock and I inquired back like a turkey
The doves got so distraught by the news
That they pushed their harvest of life out of the nest
The cat smiled and the dog fell asleep on the carpet
My friend wanted to collect me
Shooting birds but I said, "not now buddy"
Belinda looked at me and she was so cute with an idea I entertained
"Let us make a baby for Mother "

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My blue-eyed son

Dedicated to my son Dustin

It’s been since Christmas of 2013
Since I’ve seen his goofy smile
Every day I drag on farther
Trying to stay strong so that maybe
Just maybe
I might get to see him again
I’m hoping
And I’m dreaming
But every time I see his face
Whether a picture or a dream
I breakdown
Losing him is one of the worst things
That has ever happened to me
It breaks my heart knowing
That it is my fault.
It’s my fault Why I can’t see him
And this very month
The month of September 
The 21st
The day of his birth
His first birthday
And I’m going to miss it
It IS one of the worst feelings in the world
And just knowing
Just knowing that it’s my fault
Makes that feeling even worse
And my smile fades faster with each passing second
And I fall deeper into the darkness
Of the farthest bit of space
Away from the light and from happiness 
From all the pain I have caused myself
How am I supposed to forgive myself?
When I miss his very first birthday
And there is no way I can change it
And it’s all because of the mistakes I’ve made
It’s just too late
And I can’t turn back
And it is just getting worse
Am I only meant to suffer?
Am I meant to lose everything?
And everyone
I care about
Am I not a loud to move on?
Am I supposed to forget about him?
And be that horrible father I am bound to be
Why should I care?
Why should I have my heart ripped out
By a little boy
Why can’t I move on?
My dreams won’t move on
And they haunt me of all my mistakes
They haunt me of my blue-eyed son 
and how I lost him

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Natures Heart

I walk through the crowded wooded land, the leaves rustle beneath my feet,like my covers on my bed. I see the beautiful leaves fly like a feather in the wind. I come upon a mighty tree, limbs stacked beautifully like a christmas tree. I climb the tree as I am looking through the misty, cool fresh air, looking down and throughout the valley. The tree bark pops like popcorn as I climb, I sit and look at the most important thing.... Gods creation...!

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True love

I guess I fell for you,
You feel for me,
but we are unsure,
On what to do.
I want you,
But I don't know,
If you want the same,
You have that dark side,
I like it.
I must have known, but I love you,
Like my little witch,
Beauty Which I love.
I feel like I knew you for years.
My baby doll,
I don't want to see you hurt,
My one and only,
I will care for you,
Till the day I die,
My baby girl,
My love For ever,
So take my hand,
And lets be together forever,
My love,
My love forever

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Little One

You came
You saw
But you didn't conquer 
Taken away from this world
Just as soon as you started 
Those closed eyes finally opened
But soon closed again
Why you?!
(Tiny bundle of joy
Little bouncing baby boy)
(Brought into this world
Little precious baby girl)
Small and innocent
Only several weeks old
Felt your heartbeat
Feel my heartbreak
Rest in peace little one

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Far from Grace

Ancient Goddess
Ghetto voodoo mystic
Creole blood flows like Styx
Hair napped up and twisted
She’s different; so beautiful
But just another statistic
Once so smart and wild
now just another young mother to another doomed child
Just another baby momma now
Who hasn’t seen her baby daddy in a while
Once straight laced and on her way now deterred by faith
She’s 17 but looks twice her age
So young with worry lines on her face
Feels the world on her back
So heavy it weighs
Her spine…
It cracks
It breaks

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I know you heard me say this before
And it might not mean a thing to you
But you're the one I live my life for
I take each breath of everyday
Hoping you will see me in this way
I don't think you'll ever really know
How bad it hurt when you gave up
When you walked away, you just let me go
I never thought I would get your love back
But now I see you really are sorry
Somehow I always knew in my heart
That we would be together again
We wouldn’t stay apart
Our love was to strong
No one could ever break our bond
I love you
It’s like you got a hold on me
Just the way you look at me
You got me lovestoned
And you will never let me go for too long
All you have to do is look into your eyes
And baby you got me hypnotized
Hands on my hips
You make me feel so alive
Kiss me on the lips
And release me from the pain my heart felt
Put your arms around me and together we'll leave this place
Together the world we can face
Take it on and prove them wrong
They all say we won’t make it
But I know we will last forever
You and me baby together
If I give you my heart and trust again
Will you promise that we'll both win?
Baby is plain to see
You're the only one for me
You were the only one that ever really owned
The key to my heart
You got me lovestoned

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comfort all mourning part A

Not child A or baby P let us call him by name Peter Connelly                                              
you did'nt get to know very many here on earth                                                           
from circumstances starting at your birth                                                                         
the ungodly things done until you gave your farewell breath                                            
truly saddening to the heart I hope your story                                                                
will lead others to come Jesus and believe                                                                          
through the your monument called baby P                                                                        
a headstone of the way things should not be                                                                  
speaking boldly with others Peter Connelly                                                                     
we would have held you as one of our own                                                                   
singing Jesus  loves  you  sweet lullaby                                                                          
with a tuck hug and a kiss good nigh                                                                                
for had not been for his love I may have been even like they                                   
now it is about Jesus and Peter Connelly                                                                      
Jesus loves you Peter Connelly                                                                                    
one day there will be and end to Rachael’s weeping                                                         -

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baby blue

the courtesans on the corner called him baby blue, 
though he cavorted around with a candid ecstasy
seldom seen under the streetlights or above the sewers of  town
though he bought rounds for all the bastards at the bar at 2 a.m.
and bellowed drinking ballads to no one in particular
though he had a colossal crocodile smile
wider than the sea, the sky, or any of the tiny bits in between
the courtesans on the corner called him baby blue,
because on the navy nights when he would lay with them,
which was now and again, it was always with silent tears
and they flowed like the deepest sorrow untold.

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Happy Again

My heart is aching because it’s full of pain
Because I know what we had will never be the same

I prayed to the Lord and asked him if he would make things right for me
Then my baby came back in the still of the night to thee

He held me in his arms and kissed me on my forehead
Then he took his clothes off and laid next to me in my bed

I was happy again so I cried happy tears
Then my baby told me that he was there to take away my fears

He made me a promised that he would never leave me again
And then he gave me a ring and told me that he didn’t want us to live in sin

Then he said that he wanted me to have his name
Thank you Lord for everything, I will no longer live my life in vain

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If My Baby You'll Be

I'll give you my heart
I'll give you my soul
I'll give you all of me
If my baby you'll be

I'll be your shining star
I'll be your everything
I'll be your happiness
If my baby you'll be

I'll be your smile
When you're sad
I'll be your strength
When you're weak
I'll be your eyes
When you can't see
If my baby you'll be

I'll be there when you call
I'll be there when you fall
I'll be there when you cry
I'll be there when you try

I'll be your hope 
I'll be your faith
I'll be your life
I'll love you
If my baby you'll be

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Once,  you remained a dark and tortured soul;
A shell of loneliness and despair.
Now, a beam of hope shines from your dreamy eyes.

In a moments time, your worries slipped away.....
And, total bliss filled your being.

Alas...knowing life grows inside you..
You step from your chains.

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You Know That I Know

I've been holding back for way too long
Cause in my heart I have a song to sing
Oh I'm gonna sing
The worlds not falling, you're not getting trampled on
It's just my foot steps on your lawn
I've come to say
We're gonna be okay

Cause when the rain falls I'm gonna cover you
You'll never get anything less then the truth 
from me, from me

Would rather tough times together than better apart
We have what we need, what we need is
fine by me, fine by me

The best part is I love your name
As common as it is, it's not the same
Cause girl you're not like anyone I know
The best is when you say my name
No other girl has ever said it the same
And I know that you know from the look on my face
And you know that I know

It all comes down to what you think
And what you feel and if it's real
And if not, you gotta let it go

But baby I'm the one for you
The one that you come runnin to
The shoulder for your smiles and your tears

And baby I want all of you
The good, the bad, we'll see it through
And I can't wait to give you all of my years

The best part is I love your name
As common as it is, it's not the same
Cause girl you're not like anyone I know
The best is when you say my name
No other girl has ever said it the same
And I know that you know from the look on my face
And you know that I know

We've only just begun
The best is yet to come
Just know that I'm sincere when I say
"I'll always be right here"

The best part is I love your name
As common as it is, it's not the same
Cause girl you're not like anyone I know
The best is when you say my name
No other girl has ever said it the same
And I know that you know from the look on my face
And you know that I know

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A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love;

Like the Heavens above. 

She cradles you tight;

Throughout the night.  

She watches you grow;

Never wanting to let go.  

She holds your hand Tight, lovingly, grand;

She tells you things to help you learn;

To use in life later on.

She has hopes and dreams;

Of you achieving great things. 

She bore you 9 months with grace;

Making sure to never lose pace.

She agonized the pain;

She fed your brain.

She released you into this world;

Oh what a beautiful baby boy, baby girl.

She loved you inside and out;

You are her child, there is no doubt.

She believes in you before you are here;

She rejoices with happy tears. 

She disciplines you to make you strong;

She corrects you every time you are wrong.

She agrees with you when you are right;

She holds you when she hugs you with all her might. 

She assures you that it’ll all be okay;

She kisses you and awaits the next day.

She fusses at you when you've made her mad;

She smiles at you when you've made her glad.

A Mother's Love is an Eternal Inspiration;

She gives you your ultimate Motivation. 

A Mother's Love will always be true;

Your Mother's Love is forever instilled in YOU.  

Written By ~ Yolanda Jackson 

Copyright © 2007– Poems That Flow for Your Mind and Your Soul, All Rights 

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rain days figured in

the line straight, turning the globe
dark and then darker colors passing by
the vivid stream, covering the sun from her

the day a dank, gray stare
through the glass left over from the last

maybe I should go outside and
listen awhile

But, I am worried.  I'm goddamn sick
the rain is costing me 

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Will I Survive Roe v Wade

Eight weeks ago,
my daddy's sperm 
connected with Mommy's egg.

A miracle explosion of living energy; 
molecules merged, 
cells divided, multiplied, took form.

My heart beats,
my limbs move,
and although I cannot yet see,
my ears hear, and I feel pain.

Smaller than my daddy's 
thumbnail, is the size 
of my perfectly formed little feet. 

Someday, they will carry me
across green grass, through cool water
and over burning sand.

 But only if I live to term.

© Faye Adams  1/20/2009

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The day of the roaring days
	By the moon has arrived with a pregnant girl;
And the mother from the farming
	Wheat raced with rejoice
Along the road that almost finished
	With the closing eyes of the girl. 

The day of the roading days
	By the moon has a little girl,
Yet the weak moonlight as a raped friend
	Has taken over the moaning living
Of a deed and alone the racing, a runner
	Who was living below the bells.
They said it was God who was calling
	In the wilderness, almost lost.

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child mother

her empty eyes
stared at the full
ness of her womb

she the child
she the mother:

twelve is such
a gentle age

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Ladder Rung One

Ladder Rung One 
Ladder Rung One 
Tom Thumb and Thumbelina and baby thumbnail 
Tom is starting now to speak: 
   “listen to me Thumbelina baby {thumbnail} ewe listen tewe 
This old world has got me hypnotized and they stuck me on the bottom rung” 
Thumbelina answers him: 
   “Tom my husband please do not speak so rough in front of the thumbnail baby 
she does not need to knoe about the way of the world she is just a baby not yet in 
Baby thumbnail is speaking baby talk in gibberish: 
“The world is mye oyster and eye am gonna shuck it 
Gonna learn to drive and gonna learn to party. 
Narrator me: 
Listen to me baby the old man still loves ewe the father of the daughter and the 
mother she adores ewe and the author of the poem. The ladder it is steep and 
hard to climb them all  the steps are hard please stay upon the bottom rung. 

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May Flower of Dreams

Twilight sparkled defying its usual gravity,
Sun followed in full riot,
Blue yonder oozed ozone,
making for full soulful breaths,
The slumbering baby in cradle,
forgot about the feed,
as he enjoyed the cool breeze,
flowing everywhere and all along,
it was so good that he wanted to sleep on,
all those walking were on trot,
energy flowed and gushed,
spreading like an infectious dream,
the green and lush carpet,
and verdant forest  were turing greener,
with every passing moment,
the flowers were in more than bloom,
not just smiling but laughing all along,
a riot of colors specked the green,
it looked as if all was silk and stin,
starred like those that hung above far beyond,
the sleeping baby was in deep dreams,
incomprehensible and distorted dreams,
which had no meaning that could be understood at all,
somewhere some how a may flower branch,
swayed in spring ego and ,
casted an unwanted shadow on cradle,
branch was not meaning bad,
it had the baby in sight,
and to render its fragrance it was fighting bad,
it was doing its job quite allright,
suddenly a wind shower turned tight,
and shook may flower branch to bitter plight,
branch lost its flowering to ground,
baby was covered in a flower shower abound,
it was then it woke up and cried,
looked around and saw spring,
afterall mayflower had been baby's flower for may,
it had brought the baby the spring,
who enjoying it stopped crying,
and began to sing.

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The Life I Would Have Lived

The Life I Would Have Lived

Oh, mommy, mommy, God said on the day that I
was born, He had picked me out just for you,
and as I got a little bit older I was to help you with what
you were called in life to do.

Oh, yes, as just a baby I would have fussed and giggled
sometimes at feeding times on your lap,
and I might have chosen to play a while
when I was to sleep though you had laid me down for my nap.

My first birthday you would have been so happy
as you held me close up on your knees,
and the family to, would have laughed and laughed out loud
when they heard me ask you, “Mommy, more cake, mommy please”!

Then when it came to learn to ride my bike
why you’d be running right along at my side, 
making sure I wouldn’t get hurt or fall
all because of your love and motherly pride.

The day I was to start attending my little school
you would have just broken down and cried, 
because our home now would be so much more lonely
since I would not be so close to your side.

As I got into “Junior High and High School” my grades, 
why they would be at the top of my class, 
then I found out I was meant to have been a research Doctor
because the Lord told me when Him, I asked.

I would have married the man of my dreams 
and I was to have bore you three wonderful loving grandsons, 
who would have laughed and adored you with so much love
that if you weighed it, it would have been a ton.

All this mommy would have been my life
but you chose that I would never on this earth be, 
instead you let them take me from your womb
and I was stamped rejected so my God brought me back to Him for all eternity.

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings
May 29, 2014
Copyright:  TXu1-910-794

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Anytime we ponder over life 
to extract its meaning
from unexplanaible causes,
hopelessness smears our sad faces
with an implacable grief;
but suddenly an innocent baby appears...
born inside his mother's womb, 
changing our prospective
and supplement us with that 
new rejuvenated spirit
to shroud us in hope,
and reveal us secrets of obscurity!

An innocent baby can
make our miseries a bygone past...
thrilling, inspiring and motivating us
to give him or her our uttermost attention
and profound,human care;
our spirit may be still obligated to grieve,
but our heart can find that freedom
from the toll of worries and desperation!

A light shines when darkness is dispersed and null...
our thoughts are controlled by negatives forces,
if we let them grimly scurry inside 
and transform ourselves into sulky winers:
as sullen and inclement as weather itself...
as senescent as aged persons who grumble;
but out of nowhere we see
that  whirwind transformation,
making us better givers...
when an innocent baby appears
amidst  the stormy clouds
to summon up our courage!

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CHEPH 111 
The CREW Recruited 
MarYlin Mist walked with a saunter never a swagger she held her blaster butt in 
her LEFT hand and she sighed when she saw all the stragglers she went 
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  And eh see eh how can eye the ewe the baby ewe find 
anyone to drive my ship eye now need a new pilot? There is a man he is writing 
in a notebook he looks so handsome in his ballcap. He smiled and waved his 
purple flower at me eye think eye will hire him as my co pilot please wont it be fun 
to fly to another sun? My name is charlax one I'm an android eye give my life to 
ewe baby lamb yes eye will fly to the next galaxy with ewe it's what mamsie would 
want mee to dew. And that is how charlax android one became the copilot on 
the “Amaryliss Two” a white needle nose craft destined to save the remnant of 
humanity unless the JESUS comes back first. The charlax wants to help explore 
and a greater mind and minion does not exist but the MARYLIN MIST a woman 
set on finding WORLDS to help her people to exist upon the shores of yet 
uncharted wilderness. 

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Let me listen to my eyes
they been tellin me
you can't eat
everytime you do 
you gonna get sick 
your sides hurt and stomach grinds 
and your nervous needle bump
cuz your in love Can't see me doing nothin
but being around you 
So how am I going to go to work,
get dress , even sleep when my mind constantly,
thinking of you,
cuz baby your love,
My life center folding around you
when somone hurts me I run to you
if somone is after me I run to you
Lately my eyes havebeen telling me 
I can't eat without you, 
sleep or even get dress,
can't see myself doing nothin with out you
As you know I don't argue 
wanting to argue all day with that  one person 
even if it is fake
I don't like being around people
 but can be around you 24/7
I don't want noone touching my hair
all I do is want you to braid.
cuz your in love baby 
cuz baby you are in love
baby you are love

By Myia Sullivan

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I Blinked

Feeling a bit nostalgic lately, my daughter is only nine for now, but how quickly it has
gone by.

I Blinked
    by Amy Swanson

When I first brought you home
       so wondrous to behold
              little fingers, precious toes
                     tiny bundle of perfection

And then I blinked.

Nature through your eyes
       Each day is a surprise
              the time so quickly flies
                     you gaze at life with wonder

And then I blinked.

With baby steps you now explore
       we'll never go back to before
              you've opened up life's door
                     and stepped on through

And then I blinked.

 First day of school came much too fast
       Your toddler days I knew would pass
              I wonder if my heart is glass
                     I feel it start to break

And then I blinked.

Packed away your little toys
       you're now concerned with friends, and boys
              and walk with such a graceful poise -
                     baby steps no more, you run so quickly.

And then I blinked.

Getting ready, that first date
       can't we slow things down, please wait.
              I hear echoes of yesterday -
                    the years have gone by much too rapidly.

And then...

                 I blinked.

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Eiger counter

Eiger counter

"Don't throw the baby out with the bath water," please the water was clean after 
father and mother and the water was better than ever even after the brother but 
when eye took my bath the poor baby was lost they looked in the drain but poor 
baby was gone there forever. The moral is kept as a memorial there does not 
toss out the clean water.
A coward dies a thousand times but a hero dies but once and a man who lives 
much like a DOG is always spit upon but to be a dog still tied to the living is more 
to be desired than heroing  because the bible says a man who lives is better 
than the dead. 
We will get married in JUNE no we will marry in JULY or even MAY is better 
because the ewe is born the first time in the month of May showers and what’s in 
JULY well the CHARLAX was born and bred.
Bread was given out according to status. Workers were given the burnt bottom of 
the loaf, the family got the middle and guests got the top or the "upper crust."
The loaf of bread is still the status but now the homeless man gets his loaf 
without the burnt part on. Eye am now the uppermost crust.
Making the batter up planting the leaven worth leaving the center for mye family 
Pease and thankzx ewe one and all for peas given do not thaw until the fall from 
vine refine the peas and make a handful last for days.
This is why the nursery rhymers’ fortold:
Peas porridge hot, peas’ porridge cold, pea’s porridge in the pot nine days old." 
Enter laughing.
It was a sign of wealth that a man could "bring home the bacon." They would sit 
around with guests, cut off a bit of pork and "chew the fat."  Then they would toss 
the ole pigskin.
Play leap pig again. Slop the children. Smoke the hambone and root in the cellar.
What a feller this poet seems at work. He has a eiger counter at his home.

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Behold the Lamb of God

Behold The Lamb of God

Come and see the humble stable in Bethlehem 
where the Lamb of God was just born,
Shepherds were feeding their flocks and keeping watch over their sheep
else by wolves and other ravenous animals they might be torn.

And during this one particular night, this Lamb of God
made a quiet yet grand entrance,
in the most meager of setting known to man
it had been a God breathed interference.

Yet, I heard a preacher say,
“where else would a lamb presume to be born?”
surely not in a hospital filled with an educated staff
but where the shepherds would dare to find Him and to adore.

Then it wasn’t so unusual as I used to think
the King of Kings as a baby laying in a stable,
yet King is only one of this awesome God’s names
as in the Lamb of God being His label.

Yes, I am so glad this Lamb chose me to 
and to shed His blood for my sins,
for what had I done to deserve such a thing
as salvation bought by the blood of the King of Kings.

And, now, Behold the Lamb of God
who is still seated upon His throne,
and who is soon to come to earth again
and take His blood bought children back to His home.

Written by:  Marilyn Jennings

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The Lamb of God

Behold The Lamb of God

Come and see the humble stable in Bethlehem 
where the Lamb of God was just born,
Shepherds were feeding their flocks and keeping watch over their sheep
else by wolves and other ravenous animals they might be torn.

And during this one particular night, this Lamb of God
made a quiet yet grand entrance,
in the most meager of setting known to man
it had been a God breathed interference.

Yet, I heard a preacher say,
“Where else would a lamb presume to be born?”
surely not in a hospital filled with an educated staff
but where the shepherds would dare to find Him and to adore.

Then it wasn’t so unusual as I used to think
the King of Kings as a baby laying in a stable,
yet King is only one of this awesome God’s names
as in the Lamb of God being His label.

Yes, I am so glad this Lamb chose me to 
and to shed His blood for my sins,
for what had I done to deserve such a thing
as salvation bought by the blood of the King of Kings.

And, now, Behold the Lamb of God
who is still seated upon His throne,
and Who is soon to come to earth again
and take His blood bought children back to His home.

Written by:  Marilyn Jennings

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Honestly when I speak do I sound just like an air head? 

Honestly when you see me do you look at me and think about how strange I look? 

Honestly when i'm not around do you say mean things about how I am?
Honestly when I smile do you feel completely grossed out? 

Honestly when I read on the train do you think geek or some pretty cute smart girl? 

Honeslty when I get a little tantrum do you feel like calling it quits, do you tell your 
friends when i'm not around?

 Honestly how honest are you? 

I'm a big girl I can take the truth don't hide it from me. 

If it's bad then I will cry but baby know that I am not weak I will learn from this and I 
will get stronger with every hit so please don't spare my feelings be honest when I ask 

Honesty when I look like a fool don't tell me that I look pretty just because I might get 

Honestly if you think I look fat tell me right now but that you can't take back because I 
will take it to heart and work out everyday in the gym just to look hot for you because 
you told me.

 Honestly if I dye my hair and the color glares in the sun and makes me look like a clown 
tell me to my face that I look a mess and I promise I won't get mad I will get happy. 

Honestly baby be honest with me our love will grow each day if you do and I will be as 
perfect as I can be and you will be happy with me as a whole.

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Yulissa's Request

Yesterday my daughter was twenty nine
And I tried wrapping my mind around it
Tried to bring to comprehension
The swiftness of the passing years
The baby in my hands like melted snow
The petals fallen
The pollen seedling into tree
The blossoms of another's spring
While winter sets on me
So hard to comprehend in her growth
That I prayed for this
Long nights of lullabies made insomniac
By the cries of her appetite
For the bottle I must warm and feed
To the tongues first addiction to delight
And I nervous kept her dry
Enslaved and trapped within each cry
Each protest she proclaims
Until I sing. The lullaby became
An anthem for me, my composition
My liberty.
And yesterday the baby spoke again
"Daddy, post my anthem on my facebook domain." 
And the years just melted away.

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Nobody want to tell the truth, nobody's real
why try to cover up what to me God has already revealed 
It is what it is, go ahead blame me, God feels my pain, He see
Hopefully that make you feel better, 
cause you know deep inside the problem wasn't me it was you,
 and that make you fed up, with yourself you have the vendetta,
To you I never lied , 
I never played no games, I exposed my soul, I let you see me cry
let your memories rewind to our tape of the good times,
 I held you caressed your back and whispered in your ear as you sipped that good wine,
you made change my life, I was a street thug, 
but God promised me that you'll be my wife if I tossed the drugs,
 baby whats your grudge, 
how can you say you dont care, 
God let me see your heart, he let me see your tears,
 he let me see your confusion, he let me see your fears, 
you say your feelings are gone, God said your for me love is still there,
 so baby why do you fear me, 
the enemys words has caught your ear,
 you let him decieve you, 
play with your brain mislead you, 
inspite of all you done just call my name, and with open arms i'll receive you,
 for you i'll give the world,
 to me you're precious like pearls,
The Lord can see my pain, he can see my plight,
 I'll give away everything for you to be my girl, even if it's for only one night,
 we can sip champange, ill cook shrimp and linguine, 
cause without you, i'm depressed, lost and needy...........

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I'm missing my abay

I'm missing my baby see me and man not seen not one another for a long time and I'm missing. Him like crazy can't stop thinking about him or the late nights we spend on the phone talking. I'm missing my baby  he's always on mind  and always will be in my heart no matter what. I'm missing my baby just not being able to be held into his arms and as well as. Staring in his eyes man this feeling sucks I'm missing my baby  when will me and him be reunited. I'm missing my baby like no other can imagine its' like missing your love one. Who went off to Iraq and then comes home affter 6 months yeah I'm missing my baby.Wish he was here right my by side for I can hold him and tell him how much I love him. I'm missing my baby hey boo if you're out there and listing to this know that I mean. Everyhting that I'm saying in this poem to you because I'm missing my baby  I want him to come home. So bad to me  yeah I'm missing my baby  wont you pepole just let him come to me. I cry when I'm not around him nore when I can't see him or even can't breathe, around him. I'm missing my baby.

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The Gamin: From the Diary of Herald Hermit

I visited my sister-in-law at the hospital today
She had a beautiful baby boy of six pounds, seven ounces
His hair and eyes were painted brown and his brittle body had a big belly button 
with a bright bouffant tattoo on his bottom
He looked at me with eyes ironic of a curious cat; and quickly stared at his 
mother who was motionless asleep
With failed attempts to gather words to speak....
He cried, and cried, and cried...
Awakened by his tears she fed him

(An excruciating pain bites my body when the future breaks my present mirror)
And then the sky clouds filled my eyes
I watched as this baby boy inhaled seven years
Walking the streets as a gamin
No whereabouts, no nothing, my nephew...
His eyes were painted brown as was his hair
With eyes ironic of a curious cat
Upon the grave of his mother, motionless asleep
He cried, and cried, and cried

The pain had left my body
Six pounds, seven ounces
The mother awoke

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Oh, Why Didn't I Listen

Oh, Why Didn’t I Listen?

Oh, God, why didn’t I listen to my heart
and also all the warnings that were spoken to me, 
for there were many that had heard
that I was determined to abort you my little baby?

After all, the Dr. said that 
you were only a blob of unfeeling tissue and flesh, 
yet I knew in my heart that I had felt you move
within my womb where you were comfortably enmeshed.

Now, I wonder and wonder and am in torment
what kind of a baby boy you would have been like, 
would you have played as others do with cars and trucks
and outside would you have ridden your bike?

How I have missed knowing you and holding you 
and rocking you to sleep before I was to put you in your bed, 
then hearing at other times how you would stir and play
and kick and fuss or however you were led.

My baby, my heart still aches after these many years 
and I have cried myself to sleep because of wanting to see your face, 
though I know that I am forgiven by God 
because of His mercy yes, and His amazing grace.

One day soon we will meet in Heaven 
where I know you have lived in such a lovely place, 
we will finally see each other 
and then I can tell you I’m sorry as I see you face to face.

I want you to know, dear son
that I was never able to bear any other baby, 
so all throughout eternity
I will love and care for you if you will let me.

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings
January 18, 2015 – copyright pending

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The waves’ 
little licks,
muss piles of sand;
chalk blue horizons,
bathe crystal-glass land.

Wet basting breezes,
Salted pink baby knees,
oiled baby bottoms
cool in the seas.

Oceans reflect,
the blue of turquoise;
beneath candy striped umbrella’s
toddle tikes playing with toys.

I can tell you of the waves;
the push and pull,
the ceaseless tide,
the tiny tumbled treasures
of pebbles by my side.

I can tell you of the waves;
the sinking surface of sea and sand,
joining all the clay of man;
as he sinks into the Mother
and melts into land.

But the paper pages end 
and why should you sit here?
The waves are calling to you
with birds, boats and dreams.

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The Visit-for Lorenna

In the heat of the
sat at the
tent door
and 3 men
came to him

He gave them
and provision to
wash their
and a message
gave them
to he

from the womb of
Sarah who was once
from thy blessed seed
shall a son
be given
to thee

the 3 men
were the Lord
The Trinity

Genesis 18 vs.1-15   graydye

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Oh Momma

Oh momma ,why did you leave your baby
In a world all alone,

As you held your baby in your arms as
You closed your eyes to a world of 
Eternal sleep..

Crossing over into the paradise of heaven

Oh momma did hear your baby crying?

In the hour of the dawn,

Oh momma,
The sun polished stars with a light so

Surely a comfort, 

So humble you parted from this old

With a tear of sadness you left your
Baby alone,

Oh momma,

I think I felt you near..

While the shadows of the wind pass
Softly touching my cheek..

I thought of you today

In solace I now sustain..

As you sit upon your special star

Oh momma,

I look toward the distant deepest

Hoping you will rain your mother
Love down me..

Oh momma,
As I grasp out for you
I know you are an angel watching
Over me...

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K I S S I N G 

When I was a young boy oh so many years ago, 
the girls they really teased me so incessantly, 
Bing o  is the Name o was a better one to me. 
Then K I s s I n G. 
Kay eye ess ess eye inn gee. 
Charles and Parme~ sitting in the tree. 
First comes love; then comes marraige, 
then comes baby in a baby carraige. 
And then there was the one they sang, 
that really made my head ache ring. 
Red ROver Red ROver come on over, 
when i did they locked they little arms 
and tried to knock me to the ground 
my stomach still aches with all the little hate 
of the little women that hated  me and beat me down. 
DOwn to the ground i am made of. 
And now that ewe knoe all my past 
ICI this poem at last: 
Ewe are the woman, 
Eye am the mirror, 
My heart is the trigger, 
Eye am dead. 
Love is kind. 

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You Should Let Me Love You

Baby you should let me love you, I promise I’ll treat you right. I’m treat you so right 
that you wont believe in wrong. I want to take you away from your pain and bring 
you into my happiness. Forget about your past and let me secure our future. Feel 
free to bring your insecurities to me and I’ll get rid of them like yesterdays 
garbage. I promise I’ll give my all until you do, and when you do baby I’ll give 
more. Let me show you a new meaning of love. Come reach new heights with 
me, I’ll take you past cloud nine so that if we fall, we’re sky diving into heaven. Let 
me miss you when your with your family, so that when I see you again it feels like 
I being rescued from a lonely reality. Let me stress those who stress you. Let me 
make your reality everyone’s fantasy, and let me make your wildest fantasies 
REAL. Baby you should let me hold you until you never feel lonely again. I would 
hate to sleep with you because sleeping only takes my consciousness away 
from you. Give me a chance I promise I wont need a second one. Please baby 
give me your heart because mine wont work without yours. Give me your 
thoughts because I’ll I can think about is you. Put me in a daze when I look into 
your eyes, so that when you see me I make you laugh. Just imagine how it would 
feel to know that you don’t have to worry about life and just live. And for all this I’m 
only looking to take one thing from you, your LOVE. Baby you should let me love 

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MeloncollY BabY

Meloncolly Baby 
MeloncollY Baby 
Homesickness threatens me what with the World Wide Web at my fingertips 
Eye just smurfed a place that used to be my home before the SATAN came 
The place looks just the same as it ever was eye used to walk those streets 
Eye used to live those streets and almost eye was thrown away in that place. 
The bricks inside that building will all decay and fill a hole of great despair 
The entire city needs to burn to be destroyed to get the edges of the sword 
Eye cannot believe the sun is still ashining on the Stalingrad's hill. The place of 
vengeance of the scorpions the place of the passing of my shadow the sight of 
places eye remember has made me loose has made me useless. 
Eye remember far too much comeuppances hate has ruled their daytime lives. 
The city built of MAN will face the Judgment of its GOD and now the sins of this 
one man have been forgiven him. We only live until we die. 
No, eye am not proud to be American or proud to have no home eye am not 
proud of anything that eye have done just glad to be away from that Queer City of 
the sun. Homesick not. Homeless in America Homeless but eye won. 

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Here Too

three jars of baby food and an apple, green
that's what her money bought
she fumbled with two wrinkled dollar bills
and some change
but it came to a dollar ninety-three
a few cents for the cookie jar

she was 19, 20, perhaps 21
no ring on her finger
no car to take her home
the baby waited patiently
past the checkstand in the grocery cart
as mom gobbled the apple
and waited out the rain

now tonight
somewhere down the street
there's a baby crying in hunger or pain
and someone's roof won't stop the rain

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Innocence charts

    Through the years as a girl gets older her innocence chart fades and the numbers go down. 
You see when she's first born it's at 100. Than by 2 when she takes her first step it goes down 
about 5 points. When she's 5 and starts demanding cookies and lollipops her innocence chart 
goes down about 20 points . When she's 9 and you start buying her baby dolls that come with 
strollers and fake baby bottles. The kind the train the little girl to grow to be a mommy... her 
innocence chart takes a really deep plunge by almost 40. When the girl is 12 and finally 
experiencing womanhood and you have to tell her about the birds and the bees and even though 
she's young warn her about pregancy her innocence goes down 15. Now during her teenage 
years her score goes down with each passing day. With each boy friend and exploration of the 
body. WIth each kiss innocence is fading further. So I'd say between 13 and 14 it goes down an 
extra ten. Now all we have left is 10 points and the worst innocence destroyer is highschool. 
Statstics show that by 17 almost 70% percent of girls have had sex. So by 17 either your waiting 
and antiicipating or their's no points left to fade and we all know what that means.  Once 
innocence fades you began to develop adults problems... lets just hope the girls are ready for 
this next chart.

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                                    A Frozen Life Without A Chance

                               Make It Stop, Please Stop The Bleeding

                                Please Wake Up, Please Just Breath

                                A Frozen Heart Before It Could Beat

                                    A Frozen Life Before It Began

       ***To my good friends Tori and Ray. 
      You've become like sisters to me and I'm sorry for what you've lost.
                                 Love always.***

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Baby Spirits from God

Baby Spirits From God

Each of us began our journey from Heaven’s shores
to this earth of our below,
begging the Father God to let us to be born
until the day was at hand the, He said, yes it is time for you to go.

Just imagine those wee ones
dancing around our Father’s throne,
how He delights in everyone of them
because after all, they are His very own.

Remember then, the responsibility that
we earthly parents must face,
knowing these babies belonged to Father God
is a fact we cannot erase.

Oh yes, we have them to raise for a short while
but they never really did belong to us,
for they are not a possession like our furniture or car
but a human baby spirit over which we delight to fuss.

And now, we need to look at how we raise this child
who actually belongs to the Lord,
for raising them in the admonition of the Lord does not mean
we give them all that our earthly money affords.

We must teach them God’s ways and make sure
they have learned to fear our awesome God,
and then at the end of this baby spirit’s life on earth
they will again be able to dwell on Heaven’s sod.

Written by:  Marilyn Jennings


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No dipping

  U see me and my boo were ready to do the do
      We planned the day  
    Discussed it thoroughly
        I was convinced that home boy really loved me
            So it was all cool 
          I was about to lose it to a incredible dude 
             There was going to be no regrets
                I anticipated his hands all over me 
                    He was gonna make a new woman of me 
                        The day finally came 
                    I undressed him and he undressed me 
                        As the passions ensued 
                     I could take no more 
                        I told him to put it on  
                           He said girl I left them next door
                              He didn't stop 
                               Doing his do
                              But I felt completely turned off
                                  I said so go next door 
                                    It's just across the hall
                                      He was like nah baby it's cool 
                                    I sware I don't got nothing
                                        Let me just put it in 
                                      By now I was completely shocked 
                                           I shoved him off me 
                                               as he tried to get on top
                                              He said chill baby girl next time I promise
                                                            I get paid next week
                                                  In my head I'm thinking what is this some 
                                                     kind of weekly installment type of thing?
                                                               He got condoms on layaway
                                                               Or something 
                                                        There aint gonna be no next time
                                                           Matter fact there aint gonna be no today
                                                                 I got off the bed, put on my clothes
                                                                 There simply will be no dipping without a condom

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Silent No Longer

For a decade I was locked inside
The little world you placed me in
I knew no other way to exist
You ruled our home through intimidation
Dsyfunction was what our lives revolved around
You loved me and protected me
Then attacked and belittled me
Though most of the time no bruises 
Appeared on my weary body
My soul was bruised and scarred
Beyond repair
No one would listen
Because they did not see 
The outward signs of a woman
Tormented by a tyrannical ruler
Fate played a cruel trick on us
For our baby was ripped from our arms twice
Because your monster surfaced time after time
I plunged into a dark abyss
Without my little girl to hold every night
I felt so much pain 
I was in agony every moment I was awake
I wanted to throw myself into a ravine and die
But, the thought of having my baby back kept me alive
It made me want to fight for her
When she reunited with me for the second time
In my care she has stayed ever since
Because the house of horrors we used 
To dwell in is a little less scary
But, even now I sometimes catch a glimpse
Of the diabolical master that held us hostage
With his fits of terror and paranoid delusions
Though now much tamer
He still has it in him
So I always have to be on guard
But, now I have taken back control of my life
I have been empowered to break free from this prison
And have a voice of my own again
This time I am silent no longer
I am screaming for an end to this nightmare
Because I won't be your victim any longer

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My Baby Girl

Barrettes and ribbons
Baby dolls and lace.
Ah my baby girl
Such a sweet face.

Tea parties and Teddy bears
Tree climbing, Let's race.
She might be the smallest
But she demands her own space.

Schoolwork and Boyfriends
A Friday night date.
Hey mama don't worry
I just might be out late.

Ruffles on prom gowns
A mind of her own.
I'm not sure I like this
My baby girl is grown!

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I'm sorry that I lied

'The policy was quite precise, lie again and your out my life, it's contents non
negotiable although it said he first would fight, but how to fight for Julie was Dante's
tormented plight, how could he be certain, how could he be sure if he remained by Julie's
side that she would lie no more. she knew his position was painful, cause by now he should
of gone, she was dying slowly inside from the shame of what she'd done.
She looked straight into his eyes, those eyes that she had hurt, and begged that he would
stay with her and make this love still work, she showed him where her guilt had took her,
to the edge of torments reign, and with tears falling vowed to him she'd never lie again.

She waited while he contemplated if what she said was truth, and he went closer to those
tormented gates and took a closer look, he said Julie don't you realise while you were
standing here that I was right beside you cause my torment brought me near, I too stood at
this torments edge and looked upon it's reign while it's hands were clawing at my skin
disguised as lovers pain, if we do get past this torment, and start our life again, then
no traces of a lie upon your lips could still remain. she took his hand so tenderly
after such a long and lonely wait,and she said Dante I promise they are gone, please let's
leave from torments gate.
Did Dante forgive Julie, did he lead them to the light, did he keep his word just like he
said and raise his sword to fight?

Well if he did I'm as positive as any one girl can, that Julie learnt her lesson and is
rolling with her man!
I like to think them still together, still in love, and it's not real hard, to see Julie and
Dante as they cruise Christ Boulevard, his spirit right before hers and he is down on
bended knee, he says Julie I still love you, will you re-marry me? she says yes I'll
marry you, as I did upon the earth, and I am thankful that you gave me a chance to prove
to you my worth, he said baby it was simple if with me you wanted fly, just always come
to me with truth and never tell a lie! He raised his hand to wipe away a tear she had
cried, she said baby for the millionth time I'm sorry that I lied, he said  that was oh so
long ago and you never lied to me since, now  can we let this go, Damn girl I'm

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Baby, Baby I love you so...
Baby, Baby I have to let you go....
We can't be together anymore.Because
I don't know what's in store.
I'm sorry!
I love you don't forget.With what I do
I will regret.
I will hold you in my heart forever.
Never to forget you,never ever.
You may not know me like I know you.
But the time we shared is almost through.
My love grows for you each and every day.
To know you will be going away.
As I feel you flow through me as I do you.
We share everything together,just me & you.
My partner, my friend, my love, my life.
To know in an instant,without thinking
The bond is broken.
Friendship gone.
The door shut and it is said and done.
I am sorry sweetheart,
Please believe me as I say.
I will think of you each & everyday.

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Babies we rock

Little feet a button nose
Chunky thighs and piggy toes
Untainted by this day and age
Sadly, it's not a lengthy stage
Naive enough to remain serene
Honest, pure, a beautiful green
Why must the best things fade away
Children grow and too often they stray
Nothing we can do to stop the clock
Time is not wasted on babies we rock

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Good Morning, Sleepyface

Sound the trumpets
Whispers of lotus flowers
Hot anger trapped in pantries
Shows, shows, shows, and buttons
Making space for eyes
On the return, on the return,
I'll be grateful on the return.

Shot-to-hell oven lights
Borrowing from the borrowers
New linens from fresh tears
Good morning, Sleepyface
You turn gutters into cathedrals
On the return, on the return,
See I'm grateful on the return.

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Romance(did not die).

When life seems new
and all is just the baby grand;
the new wears off and romance fades.
The baby is no baby then,
she grows up with ideas and friends.
The mother ages years apart,
what will I do without my heart?
Then she finds that love has grown
in a strangers place inside a distant star.
Love can be a memory of the future balanced then.
Against the past the hard old task.
Of Motherhood again.
Love has come back to ewe my friend.
Romance did not die.
It only faded.
Love will blossom just let me inn.
Eye am golden-plated diamond-bladed.
Sharpened on a sand stone.
Love inclined.
Lost in Time and space it seems but wait,
Ewe are my fate
eye will embrace,
the places i have been with ewe again?
I cry.I sigh.I please and I thank ewe.
Again and again and again.
Romance did not die.

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Her energetically youthful joints bounce
To the beat
Her belly baby bump doesn't slow her down
She sings the lyrics of the Lord's love
Hiding her truth
To prevent his second murder
No blood on her hands
He'll spend time behind bars
And she'll build her life holding her daughter
Up to the sun
She'll marry
And live 
And her baby daughter, answered prayer,
Will share
Poetry with the world

But these women will still mourn
One in sorrow for her choice
And one in guilt for the life of a older sibling unled

And yet the baby girl loves God 
And freedom

How can she be pro choice?
She knows what it means to be

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When we got Mad

Since the first time we got mad at each other
Things were just not the same anymore
Everynight I think about all the times we spent together
All the kisses we gave one another
I just wanted to break down and cry 
Thinking about all the time we didn't speak
The times when we both sat asking why
All of the worries and troubles that make us so weak
Baby I don't want nothing to break us apart
You know I love you with all of my heart
I want us to spend our lives together
 Baby I don't want us to fight ever
I'm sorry for everything we been through
I know our love will always be true
And baby I'll always be here for you

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There Goes My Baby

There goes my baby
Holding hands with

Under silhouette of the

Holding her the way he
Once held me..

There goes my baby in
Wrapped tightly in another

I wonder if he know how
My heart is breaking..

For he once held me the
Way he’s holding her..

I wonder if he even care?

There goes my baby

While my heart is burden
So low..

Oh Lord how I wish he still
Loved me..

But now he in the arms of

Under the silhouette of the

Where our special place once

Ah, there goes my baby leaving
Me all alone..

Under the silhouette of the stars

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Tomorrow Will Be Better

She crouchs in the corner of her kitchen;her arms wrapped around her bruised 
She wants to yell out for help but the words are strangled in her throat by fear
She must pull herself together before he return;glass to be picked up broken 
dishs to be thrown out
She must brush her matted hair it is crusted with blood
Now the baby is crying she must tend to her;he hates to hear the baby crying
Hurrying she cleans up the kitchen and then to the bathroom to clean herself 
up;no lipstick her lips are swollen 
Now she needs to fix his supper he will return drunk and hungary
Tomorrow will be better; he will ask her forgivness, he will be sorry,he will bring 
her flowers and promises it will never happen again
Forcing a smile she goes about her work for tomorrow will be better