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Fish Love Poems | Fish Poems About Love

These Fish Love poems are examples of Fish poems about Love. These are the best examples of Fish Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | I do not know? | |

Lost Love

When I was young I lost my love ,
When I looked to the sky I saw a dove .

Waiting and watching to see what was next, 
I saw the fish and heart and thought i was blessed.

The love that was lost is trying to find, 
A place in my heart and in my mind.

The Fish stood for Life that I knew was gone,
The Heart stood for love that I had for so long.

The Dove stood for peace and I knew right away ,
That the love that I lost was the love that would stay.

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Happily ever after-w

Here is the love story of Zhi Nu and Niu Lang
A romantic ancient Chinese tale of very long 
Zhi was a nymph and Niu Lang was a cowherd
Cowherd-nymph love forbidden,secretly wedded.

Had two children, but their happy life ended.
As by the goddess Wang  they were detected.
The goddess took Zhi Nu back to the heaven 
Niu Lang chased them with his two children.

They were blocked by the milky way- sky river
And the children kept crying for their mother,
Shouting her name, Niu and children wandered
By their pain and grief, the goddess was moved.

She allowed them to meet one day in a year
Could be seen in the sky as Altair and Vega star
They meet and live happily ever after for a day.
Day celebrated as Qixi- Chinese valentine day.

Wish I had a beloved like the nymph Zhi Nu fair
So that I can live in the sky with immortal affair.
Like William Blake would say "Death be not proud"
I would have said unlike Blake "Life be proud". 

Yet another story of Yeh-Shen, the orphan girl
A Chinese Cinderella living with stepmother cruel
She had a friend, a fish living in a nearby river
Once the fish was killed by her cruel stepmother.

Yeh-Shen was very unhappy for of her friend dead.
An old man told her that bones of fish were powered
One day she talked to the bones of her fish friend
Then eventually Yeh-Shen in a beauty transformed.

Once she visited the king’s palace, the king saw her
They were married soon, lived happily ever after.

Wish I was tiger as friend with cruel stepmother
So I could enjoy good things at this age forever.
Wish I was a sculptor like Pygmalion, not a poet
Make alive ivory Galatea by grace of Aphrodite
Married her blessed with the happiness and love
And to have enjoyed long and blissful life to live

*Based on Greek and Chinese fairy tales of Pygmalion-Galatea, Zhi Nu and Niu Lang
and Yeh-Shen
Fifth place winner in:
Contest: Happily ever after sponsored by John heck

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If tame you want 
'Tis fools you’ll get
While fishing in Life's sea
But if you go a trolling
You may catch a fish like me
Cast out your line-- prepare for war--
There’s not a moment’s peace
And you'll forget your one nightstands
Heart grabs the tradewind breeze
Oh I had loved you mighty
Knocked the pluck right from your sails
Gave you babes and warmed your nights
And handled your details--
And fool you were to throw it back --
A love that topped them all
But one last chance awaits you here
To heed the siren's call
So swim upstream and fight the gales
That plague the stormy sea
Think of my love that grabs your guts---
There is no fish like me

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Nov 24, 2012

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A Mermaid's Tail --Tale--

Shards of gilded light, so iridescent,
cascading over your perfect shoulders.
Your sensuous form, curled 'to a crescent,
nestled amongst the rocks and the boulders.

You stretch languidly and seek to unfurl,
'fore slowly brushing your locks of pure gold.
Graceful strokes with a comb formed out of pearl,
'tis so entrancing: a sight to behold.

The euphonous lilt of your silvern voice,
carries 'cross the waves and reaches mine ear.
Upon hearing this, I have to rejoice,
a magnum opus, truly without peer.

These feelings of mine, no longer contained;
my passion rises and then carries forth.
"We must be together; it's preordained!
Forsake all others from this day henceforth!"

With a flick of your tail you disappear,
into those briny depths we cannot chart.
Vanished from all sight, I can't interfere;
left nary a trace, 'cept here in my heart.

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A Fishing

Oh, I Love to Go a Fishing.
I Go Most Every Day.
There Are Stories I Could Tell,
How the Big Ones Got Away.

But Only Another Fisherman,
Could Begin to Understand,
The Excitement That I Feel,
When the Big One Hits Dry Land.

Then of Course, There's the Cleaning
And the Fun of a Big Fish Fry,
Inviting All the Neighbors
And Your Fish Story Is No Lie.

Oh, I Love to Go a Fishing.
Would You like to Come Along?
It's Quiet by the Water
And Nothing Seems Too Wrong.

It's Peaceful and Relaxing,
Except When the Cork Goes Down.
Now That's When It's Lots of Fun
And it Keeps Away the Frown.

Connie Moore
6 3 93


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Love Unspoken


Love speaks softly; creeps slowly
Hearts willingly open themselves
To another’s hopes and dreams
Share heartaches and pain
Multiply happiness and gain
A smile, a touch, a warm embrace
Flowers, gratitude, tears
Love unspoken

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No One Else Like You

Time and time it’s what they said
There is more to life than my love for you
To move on would help me live again
And although it might be true
There are other fish in the sea
But none of them can swim like you do

Love can be a poison inside
Once you fall there is always a way out
The tunnel always bears a hopeful light
And although that might be true
There are other fish in the sea
But none of them are perfect like you

Is there something over your eyes?
You never bothered to care that I loved you
And I never bothered to share my lonely cries
And although there’s more to you
There are other fish in the sea
None of them can swim like you do

You learned a clever little trick
You found a way to captivate my heart
And keep it on a leash that made me sick
And although I’ll hang from you
There are other fish in the sea
But none of them are addicting like you

Seeing you brought passion on me
You were the only one to set me on fire
You burned a hole in my soul that never heals
And although it might be true
There are other fish in the sea
But none of them can swim like you do.

Details | Sonnet | |


(Kyrielle Sonnet)*

I coax him with my baby talk,
then he begins his fishy walk.

He wiggles and waggles his tail,
he flutters his fins without fail.

His coat of blue, purple and green
flashes and shimmers a vivid sheen.

You can tell he's a normal male,
he flutters his fins without fail.

He waits until I walk away
to forage for his food today.

While spewing bubbles in his trail,
he flutters his fins without fail.

I coax him with my baby talk,
he flutters his fins without fail.

*Samu, a pet Japanese Beta fish, lived three (3) years,
 which, according to the pet store owner, was a record.
My theory: With all living creatures, love works wonders.
And love, as always, is expressed in many ways. Unable 
to hold him, physically pet him, I communicated my love
to him in words, to which he responded physically.


Details | Dramatic Verse | |


De love inna mi heart, it a bubble. It a bubble (3*)
Mi say the love inna mi heart it a bubble. “  “  ”
Mi get beaten from parents
Mi get beaten from strangers
Mi get beaten from me teachers 
But mi never gets any beaten from my grandmothers

But mi love all them who ill-treat mi
Mi love all them who bad mind mi
Mi love all them who still a chat mi
That’s way

De love inna mi heart, it a bubble….. 
Like cornmeal dumpling, a so it a bubble
Like Mazola yam	       ““   ““    “
Like Cassava dumpling		“
Like Brown rice			“
Like Banana				“
Like Pumpkin				“
Like Potato pudding			“
Like Yellow yam			“
Like Steam fish and vegetables

De love inna mi heart, it a bubble…..
Love all of them who dad mind you. 
Love all of them who a try stop you.
Love all of them who Ill-treat you.
Love all of them who still a chat you.

Go to school is the right thing
Have manners is the right thing 
And give thanks and praise to the almighty king.
And make the 
Love inna your heart, make it bubble.
Make it bubble (3*) 

De love inna mi heart, it a bubble. It a bubble (3*)
Mi say the love inna mi heart it a bubble. “  “  ”
Mi get lick from parents
Mi get lick from strangers
Mi get lick from me teachers 
But mi never gets any lick from my grandmothers

But mi love all of them who ill-treat mi
Mi love all of them who bad mind mi
Mi love all of them who still a chat mi
That’s way

De love inna mi heart, it a bubble…  
Like natral roots, a so it a bubble
Like Cassava dumpling	“	“
Like all ground food		“	“ 
Like Steam fish and vegetables

De love inna your heart, it a bubble..
Educate yourself that is the right thing
Have manners that is the right thing 
And give thanks and praise to the almighty king.

And make the love in your heart, make it bubble.
Make it bubble, make it bubble, make it bubble (2*)

Flood the world with peace and love
Bubble the universe with lots and lots of love
Love your enemies and know your friends
Bubble the universe, bubble bubble

Details | Light Poetry | |

A Married Mans Neverland

Last night we were watching “Hook”
Neither of us has read the book.

We suddenly get to mermaid scene 
 Hubby sits up suddenly quite keen.

Gosh yes I fancy that, for me,
That’s a dish I would like to see.

What is it my dear? I ask so sweet
If its fish you want, I can’t compete.

He looked at me in some dismay
What do you mean my dear, I pray?

I thought it was fish you wanted my dear
But I have not any, I have something near.

Fish fingers we have in store a plenty
Would you like some , I do have twenty

What are you talking about love of my life?
I fancy that mermaid for my wife.

Well my love I cannot stop you
But I bet she doesn’t taste like you want her too

What do you mean?  He asks as he shakes his head
Have you been on the drink that is red?

My love I do not understand
This is a chardonnay in my hand

It is white, it is not red
Oh thanks be for that, let’s go to bed.

Details | Free verse | |

Where Is My Mind

My thumbs in my mouth as saliva drips out

taste like there's dirt in my finger nail

look at my hand, the others are clean

but one is painted by that Asian girl I met last night

...don't know what type of Asian she is...

Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Philippine are the other ones?

My heads on the ground and my hair is intermingling with the grass

I guess they're talking about the feeling of being chopped up

I feel pretty chopped up, in the inside I mean

If that was a visual, I'd be dead...right?

Like the fish I see in the sky

that can't be right, cause fish can't fly

they must be angel fish then...hahahaha

My thumbs in my mouth as saliva drips out

and the sun is out but the stars keep buzzing

they kinda fly towards and whiz pass me 

taunting little bastards, they know I'm trying to catch them

I think I tried to sell my soul to the devil as a kid so I could get all I want

Wrote him a note and everything and buried it underground

good thing I didn't dig too deep cause a second later

I got scared and ripped it apart...

My nail has that ying and yang thing painted on it

Good has some evil in it and Evil has some good

and that's the balance of the world right?

Like I think its evil that my dog died as a puppy

but the good in it is that he'll be part of the earth

And people that fall in love have something to live for

cause they have each other, but the evil of it is

they care mostly for themselves so its selfish

...hmm...I think I messed that theory up...

My thumbs in my mouth as saliva drips out

and I feel like I'm swimming; without the use of limbs

My heads on the ground and I'm pretty sure there's ants near by

But I don't want to move, cause if I move I'll have to get up

and when you usually get up, you have to do something

and I'm kinda just enjoying talking to the sky

even though she never answers back

but I always did like the quite ones

I put my hands in my pockets and I know there's nothing in it but myself

so I guess that's something right?

My thumbs in my mouth as saliva drips out

and I wonder what that Asian girl is like

Is she shy and smart like the stereo type

If we were to go on the date she could help me tip the waitress right


My thumbs in my mouth as saliva drips out

and I hate living, but I love being alive...

Details | Free verse | |

One Less Broken Heart

Every life tells a story.
An open book of love, joy and mourning,
wind, rain and storming.
Search for the truth,
sweeter than the passion fruit.
Some things are better left unsaid.
Silence instead.
One less broken heart for me my friend.
Gone, gone away from me,
like the autumn leaves that fall from the tree.
So free, so free.
Time will find a way to numb all pain.
Don't call my name.
The red rose you gave me wilted in the rain
What a fragile song of misery,
this life that told a story.
I am tired of the luminous glow that fades.
The brilliance in my life that you erased.
Run, run away.
Far away.
Like the eagles fly, one less lie, one less lie.
Yeah! Every life tells a story, 
like an open book of morning glory.
One less broken heart for me.
Gone, gone away from me.
So many fish in the sea.
Big fish in the sea.

Details | Free verse | |

For Carol

I stood there one day
With my feet in the sand
Water to my waist 
And hands spread around

The fish, all swam close
And swept against me
My fingers they nibbled
I felt so much glee

Nature’s beauty at best
When you feel all at one
When with wild you connect
It’s like touching the sun

Went there each day
To swim with the fish
Love that feeling I get
When my legs they do kiss

Then one day I met Carol,
She was feeding them all
Four years she said now
And took a roll call

She showed me the babies
And thousand there were
All growing and healthy
In this violent world

She shared with me bread
So I could feed them too
And I love her for that
I feel so in tune

She told me of trouble
With this one and that
Not wanting her feeding
Those fish where we’ve at

One friend he told me
A petition being signed
Opposing the feeding
Of our fish friends this time

I can not believe it
Can not understand
This world in such shortage
Few fish in our times

And here is someone
Heart big as can be
Doing something for this world
So good, as I see

One day she did ask me
If fish I could feed
Cause she could not make it
Was busy as a bee

Was happy to do that
Cause I love to feed them
And next morning was there
Bright, early and free

Those people I spoke about
Where so rude to me
They shouted, took photos,
Tried to intimidate me

I wonder at those people
In this world that were in
Where is their goodness
Hearts hard as can be

One day Carol, she told me
Abuse they did cause
They scattered her bread
All over the shore

What’s wrong with these people?
I can only ask
We are feeding some fish
There’s no harm in us

This world that we long for
Of peace and harmony
Of getting along
And having nature be free

How will we ever find it?
When as you can see
There are people out there
Who scream - commit perjury?

Shame on you people
We are doing no harm
Just feeding some fish
Just let us be calm

And we hope that you fishes
All grow up to fill
These oceans of ours
With food for our plead

I want for my children
And those next in line
To know what a fish is
In all ages of time

There is so many out there
Who kill and destroy
Who maim native animals
And shamelessly slaughter

So thank you dear Carol
For what you have done
For love you have given
To fishes all in one

Details | I do not know? | |

Gold Fish in a Bowl

" Hello there" 
I can see you
You think I have no privacy but neither do you
I have windows on all sides and I watch your every move
So don't feel sorry for me 
I enjoy your company too.

Details | Rhyme | |

My Heart is Yours

There's other fish in the sea
My momma once said
I think you're the fish for me
Out of all the stars in the sky
You're the one that shines the brightest
The only one to catch my eye
My heart you took
You read me carefully
Just like a romantic book
Never let my heart break
I give mine to you
Just keep it for my loves sake
Lend me your heart
Just until the end of time
I'll never break it apart
You're perfect for me
You don't realize
We were meant to be
If I lost you
Id be nothing 
But blue
Rain is falling on my dreams again
Wake me up
So my forever with you can begin
I wake up , and you're there
The rain has stopped
So my heart doesn't tear
A fairytale is seems
I know for a fact
These aren't just dreams
Before you came
I thought love was just
A silly game
Always played
The scar on my heart
Is what they made
You made me see
That love is real and that
This is was meant to be
A moment without a kiss
Feels like a million years
A feeling I'll never miss
You are my Nemo
I thought we were an impossible equation
Just like one divided by zero

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Pisces, The Fish, Living Waters

Pisces, The Fish, Living Waters

Swimming in cool blue waters so deep
rainbow fish , so pretty the stars weep
Oceans filled with great hope and pride
on celestial waves greatness takes a ride

Constellations shining brightly to see
lights glowing in the past and future be
A sign to speed life on it's merry way 
guiding our spirits into a future day

Neptune stands his mighty waters so well
holding back the monsters from deepest hell
Comets bring in the joy of desperate relief
washing away anguished pains of epic grief

In a bright galaxy so very far, far away
Seas of life exist, love and sweetly play

Robert J. Lindley, 07-12-2014

Sponsor Leonora Galinta 
Contest Name , Poem with a Theme: Zodiac Sign

Details | Light Poetry | |

Tale of the White Snow Turtles

In the deep of the snow, In the dead of winter,
Under the Aurora Borealis taking our breath away.
The snow turtles jostle, and skittle, and Skim the snow,
All in a beautifully quiet nights, bountiful, wonderful play.

Man has seldom seen this recluse, so gentle and so renowned. 
White as the snow packed earth itself, they simply can’t be found.
They sled and slide and scurry to hide before the break of day,
No one knows they’re even there, for they make not even a sound.

Animals respect them for they can’t make them into prey.
Even the polar bears leave them alone, except for to play.
And no matter how much the bears bat them about, I say!
They just close up and go wherever they are conveyed.

Magical, they can swim waters quite cold and really deep.
They eat the little fishes and enjoy whatever they can reap.
A man will never find their den as they dig into the frozen snow,
For like the tundra gophers, they live in the frozen ground below.

I swear they do exist, for a baby once came to me, admiring my fishing pole.
For I had lots of little tasty, yummy, fish that he wanted my son and I to throw.
We obliged him just that once, and then for more nights before we left his land.
But if you're going searching there’s something I should let you know, offhand.
They only show themselves to the pure of heart with a fish offering in your hand.

Details | Prose Poetry | |


 There is a personal testimony and everyone's focus is on the group and on the 
self and not on JESUS where it was supposed to be the reason eye won't go to 
fellowship with rich working Christians meeting at a SUNDAY SUPPER to drive to 
a pizza place where everyone pays something for the food even if they share it the 
cost is still beyond the pocketbook of yew. The added price of fellowship with 
world is loss of spirit functions eye am not suggesting we have meetings in the 
desert with the hedgehogs but there could be a meeting place for all the 
Christians like the fish doors of the early days of meetings they were in and out 
so furtive searching alleyways for soldiers avoiding arrests and fighting and 
bringing lots of food in the bags of fishes and the loaves of breads in pockets of 
the tunaes fishes smile eye could just not resist this in almost every Church 
there is a Kitchen and in some of them is love the people make the soup for the 
homeless and the court appointed prisoners and even important people come. 
Hang a fish upon the door of every kitchen in the nation make a place with tables 
where the poor can come in love do not forget the love the soup is  nice but even 
slabs of raw meat are not enough with hate. 
Eye could not write a word on yesterday the things that eye had wanted to write 
left on the flight of lost ideas and night came again without a thought and then the 
day came back this fable was born and eye decided to try religion again. The 
focus of a lot of people is the congregation the error being life is not a middle 
class house with people making money in a paper plate of life some people 
need a cup of soup just to survive please open up your love first open up your 
hearts then open all them kitchen cupboards up. There is another thing that eye 
must say to all the bible thumpers not yet in the grave what does it matter what 
the date and day of this my own salvation come the day of JESUS was 33 AD the 
date that GOD was saving me. 

Details | Prose Poetry | |



 I do love you Charlie Blue My brown eyed merman I kiss your hand Down by the 
sea Turn into me Eye love ewe fairest Ianthe just come there and drown me We 
live in caves Awash with waves Anemones our flowers We pass the hours 
Chasing turtle and fish Finding a lost kiss the hours at the sea make me weak in 
my human form my fins allow me to swim but only to your arms the legs eye use 
to walk allow me to be free but only fins can bring my back to ewe to kiss to 
drown the underwater lover there she is my mermaid playing me I do love you 
like the fish eye am used to better days sometimes sick and needing help yet I 
do love you the merman is so far away When eye drown in the desert cactus 
between the city and the mountain my mermaid kisses save me from the cretins 
she is fighting for my life eye can feel her call my namme Charlie Blue I do love 
you. Woman in the foamy waves 
swimming near to me, my love it comes. It is a heart, a mermaids heart. My 
brown eyed merman I do love you eye love to watch the shrim:Pe crawl across 
the ocean sea she feeds them to her strang pelican and water can be breathed 
by a Knight of drownded love. This was harder to do than it looks adding verses 
sent to me from she who loves the eye then reaching somewhere south to find 
the love to add the words to add our mixed and many feelings making this into 
this fabel. 

Details | Free verse | |

Missing Heartbeat

She is my heartbeat, and lately my hearts skipping beats. 
I missing beats like artist miss drop dates. 
Im missing her like she was gone to the pearly gates, 
But she just a phone call away, a phone call that's not answered on any day. 
I try to mask my emotions, but they refuse any longer to stay at bay, 
they've decided they rather set to sessions, cast away to find our heartbeat. 
And I myself have to decided to do what's necessary to have her back next to me and not an ex to me, 
cause forget the next one if its not her, no one shall stand next to me. 
I left her alone, but she left me torn down the middle like disgarded paper. 
My lines are messed up like a messed up taper. 
She is, was, and will forever be my heartbeat, 
and just hear it again Ill go through hell and back, 
pick and eat up scraps just for her love again to have back. 
And all the time people talk, 
people talk about all the fish in the sea but I ain't right for them fish and neither are they for me. 
My pain is masked like halloween. 
So no matter what I step out in you don't really know me. 
But she does, from the outline of my shadow to the inside of my heart she knows me from the start. 
I wish we would have never had to part, but I pray we get another start, Im dead right now you are the beat of my heart.

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'Man' - Part II

I had a cat that marked his territory right
into our TV – fried the whole thing
But I will not graffiti my alleyways with
crude phalli,
Spewing armchair warrior slogans across the concrete

My best friend growing up was a real whore,
in the kiss-and-tell sort of way
A real ladies’ man... He was a real bastard,
I’ll tell you that
But I will not line the walls of my den with
taxidermied lovers
Nor will I cage my dove for fear of a hawk.

Does the absence of glimmering swords
Take away from the radiance of her smile?
And what good are these powerful minarets,
Without the sweet, sweet song that echoes across them?

I have not fallen in love with a fish in a
I have not fallen in love with a fish in a
bucket that will dart away
Never to be seen, if she ever touches the
sea again...
Which raises the question: why the bucket?

I have no interest in the bucket.
I have no interest in being the fisherman.
I bait no hooks and reel no lines.

I would much rather be a sea horse.
We can all learn a thing or two from the sea

So enough with this nonsense of honor and
Enough of this predefined manliness and
rhetorical dick-waving
Enough of cages and lures and foxes in the
chicken coop

I see a lioness and her fawn under acacia
While my thirty-something year-old
compatriot playboys
Are on the prowl for pretty young things in
search of a fantasy
Wearing cravates of woven chest hair resting
over shirts not quite buttoned,
With Ralph the Polo Player getting bigger
and bigger

I have no fur coats, and I won’t sport any swag
I have no car horn to honk at your skirts,
No sly comments to mutter as you pass
No scarves to force around your heads
No honor to vest in your purity

I have only my faith in love
And whatever flaws that may bring
So what is it then,
to be a man?

Details | Rhyme | |

Coconuts and Fish and Birds

Coconuts and Fish and Birds

If coconuts could grow on trees
and birds could fly
and fish could swim.
What a wonderful world we’d all enjoy,
what a wonderful world we’d all live in.

If every line I wrote could rhyme
and poetry spilled from my pen,
I’d write about the things I find
and how,and why,
and where,and when.

If everything I wrote made sense
there’d be no interest in my words.
That’s why I write,and love the world,
and coconuts,
and fish,
and birds.

Ivor G Davies

Details | Rhyme | |

I can't compare your love

I can't compare your love to a sweet red rose,
For roses whither and they die.
I can't compare your love to the deep blue sea,
For it rises and falls with the tide.
I can't compare your love to a white fluffy cloud,
For clouds have a silver lining and then they turn black as night.
I can't compare your love to a high flying kite,
For in a tree can get caught that kite.
I can't compare your love to the brightly shining sun,
For the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
I can't compare your love to a knight in shining armor, 
For his life has no meaning once he’s finished his quest.
I can't compare your love to an angel,
For angels sometimes fall from heaven to hell.
I can't compare your love to the rain of life,
For there would be no life if the rain never fell.
I can't compare your love to the pure white snow,
For when the warm spring comes it all melts away.
I can't compare your love to a beautiful butterfly,
For the lifespan of a butterfly is only for a single day.
I can't compare your love to a beautiful butterfly to see through the dark,
For once the wax is melted the light goes out.
I can't compare your love to the innocence of a new born baby,
For if it doesn’t gets its way it tends to pout.
I can't compare your love to a fish swimming free in the sea,
For if the fish are not careful they can end up on a hook.
I can't compare your love to the greatest literary work,
For when you get to the last page that’s the end of the book.
I can't compare your love to a secret tightly locked behind a door.
For the secret can be found to one, if one only had a key.
I can't compare your love to anything of value on the earth,
For our love extends beyond the heavens for all eternity.

This is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. Reprints must be requested in writing to 
the original author. © Alisha Groves

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come to me i pray


Sitting in the darkest corner of the room
Hoping that this love would come real soon
So come to me I pray, and that with 
Me you will forever stay.

Love may only come once in a lifetime to some
And many loves to others
But to me you are my lifetime love
Sent to me from up above.

You fill the skies with your light
And turn my darkest night bright.
Your love like the ocean beating up
Against the shore, holding me forever more.
So I will tell you of my love the best I can
So that you will understand.
I am but a small little tree in a large forest
Looking for a ray of light, that will make me
Sing with delight.
A small fish in a pond-where all the other fish have gone.
A little sparrow in the sky- where hawks dare to fly.
The tip of a rainbow with all its colors
Which no one ever seems to find
 cause they’re Looking way too high.
I am all this rolled into one
And these things I have become.

I am the beautiful rainbow way up high
I am the sparrow - with eagles I fly
I am the fish who has become the whale
And for your love I will not fail.
I am the little tree with the largest roots below the ground
I have grown without a sound.
I am your love -can’t you see
A greater love there’ll never be.

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A Young's Love

A fish in his own pride 
And agony up and down 
He jumps.

With a draw of desperation
Cover him with blue water and sand
Share day after day a young’s dream.

In many ways he tries
The summer’s sun went through
Wandering on behind the trees speaking love where have you brought me
An unseen soul replies and the young fisherman 
Let the fish to swim through it!

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Igniter the Diver

Igniter the Diver

Once upon a time, in a time next to mine,
A writer named Igniter decided to become a diver.

All he knew was writing, but no one cared about that,
not even his admirers. For they didn't know how to read, you see,
so the light in his passion for writing subsided abundantly.

And it died as quiet as the flame of a small candles fire, sorrowfully.

But diving wasn't hard,
although the swordfish promised to be unarmed.
And the loud hiss of conversing dolphins could not be 
missed however hard one tried.

So soon he got the hang of it,
and soon he became of it,
The oceans King Poseidon.

And all the living, swimming, shimmering fish
that were inhabitants, gave Igniter the tang he lost 
when he was just a dumb writer on fire.

That old dream was shattered when he climbed the social ladder,
for a more valued title, in a tide more powerful.
And isn't that all that matters?

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            In the old woods did yang jump and laugh
For the weather was good for the fish he sought
In the ornate mansion did ying fret and cry
For wealth was the reason her parents fought

Deep within, she hoped she had a bit of yang’s peace 
The hook was bad and yang hoped for a bit of ying’s wealth
To mend the old hook the fish incessantly did tease
The best did ying have but still suffered a fragile health

In a corner somewhere, yang knew something was missing
But simply dismissed the piercing idea of the impossible
Somewhere far, ying had that special feeling again teasing
But simply dismissed the piercing idea of the impossible

A fortnight in that picturesque made a deep mark 
Which differences helplessly could not efface
The hybrid was strong and nothing did it lack
For it will take more than death for the mark to erase

The ying-yang was no respecter of time and place
It simply brought the dispersed pieces together
And carefully taught the proud to be mild and meek
In total obedience to the power of the love they seek

Like magic, it carried the two to the world they searched
For the odds of life and principles of man it defied
Creating a quintessential world where the duo perched
With only the strength and power of their love to be relied on

Like a lock and key, the pieces fitted exactly 
Incomprehensibly making the impossible possible like a dream
Like an enzyme and substrate, ying-yang together grew perfectly
With its infectious power flowing about like a stream

Silently granting anyone willing the complete healing
Ready to free anyone from the rancor celibacy could not mend
It shows itself blatantly to a duo with a common feeling
And rewards those who listen with a jewel they can’t lend

A jewel meant for and only worn by two destined to wear
A jewel that tells a sad and happy story of a once blind pair
Who were deaf to the cries and screams of some power within 
            Instructing them with a map, to find their destined true love

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 When judgement come what will you say can you tell the JESUS 
what you done in just one day eye left some fish upon the way then left my bed to 
gather more than eye can eat for eye am blessed my heart is full of love for 
people eye have never met and strangers yell at me from van and make me cuss 
and curse and hate yet the things eye found was blessed a cake a homemade 
cake remember LORD when we ate the cake eye found it in the city park on that 
SUNDAY when the man in the van rolled his window down he yelled screamed 
growled at me so cartoon of a character so rubber legged he would not stop near 
me for eye was mad at THEE for letting evil men get near me they rob me of my 
grace more needed now on SUNDAY as eye sit and feed my face eye will not go 
further with embellishments and lies intended just to sell a story to the men who 
drive the van and bother men with hate for eye found some extra clothing and 
added it to mind for there was no one there in the park today just laying on the 
ground eye passed the beggars sides with full larder laid as eye did not even lay 
it down eye hope they have an empty cup of alcoholic stop eye began this day 
without a fish but now my bags is hard to carry a brand new hooded shirt upon 
my belly my jacket getting heavy my cake and coffee is so nice please KISS mye 
lambea wherever she is at a smile upon her face for eye and love and grace on 
SUNDAY. This is CharlaXFabel number NINTEY. 

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African rape of democracy

African rape of democracy 
She is citadel of beauty,
Crown in all nature bulden 
Nature made her, her blessing of 
Atlantic, Equator, desert are beauty 

They came in Khaki and iron 
Rape her raining to harmattan 
Emptied, she is made in the sun
Her natural endowment with no 
Africans weep, weep Africans with 
folded arlms
The rape have her of a daughter in 

Democracy a daughter of rape
They took to alt democracy in scope
Behind the khaki and iron
They promise a fresh face, fine con
But in disguise and vacuity 
Democracy is rape by without in 
Their companions family autocracy 
Friends, relations said monocracy.

The rape anchor family, friends 
Democracy poor beauty she given to 
My heart weep, the horn of ship 
which gain
Of miscarriage that goes to ocean 
The iron fish not swallow OK, that 
Ocean iron fish and the rapist
Have a hand in this pist 
Who thought the rapist the way of 

Theme of the above poem
(1)	Natural blessing 
(2)	Rape:	 destroying what has been
(3)	Coup 
(4)	Exploitation 
(5)	Continuation of been in power in 
Note: This is a free verse poem of 
about 26 lines arrange in 4 stanzas, 
starting with stanza one that has 4 
lines the rest 6 and so on, stanzas 
arrange in climax order. The poem 
has a rhyming scheme of Ab Ab in 
stanzas 1 and stanza 2 with ccc ddd, 
Reason: This poem is written in the 
of African leader who are always 
coming into giver by coop (Stanza 2 
line 1) they came in khaki and iron 
and there sit tight attitudes and how 
they carry African resources to other 
countries not developing their own  
states and country stanza 4 line 6
Place of writing: Igoni goni 
(1)	African leaders should not be the 
sit tight leaders
(2)	That African leaders love taking 
African resource over sea for them 
to enjoy an Africa the people 
without love and causes scarcity of 

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hey there

hey there

have I ever hurt you
have I ever neglect you 
that's something i wouldn't do
would never do that to you

from the first day I saw you
 I know you were the one
and a new chapter  in life 
 had  just began

hey there ~ I love you
hey there ~ I need you
hey there ~ for you
there’s nothing I won't do

how can I ever thank you
try to show you everyday
it's so much more than words
than words can ever say

just want to sing  it simple
so plain to understand
to let you know the joy
you give ~ you give to this man

hey there ~ I love you
hey there ~ I need you
thank you for making 
my dreams come true
so don't you ever wonder
to far away from me 
need you like the fish needs the sea
like  the fish needs the sea

so always keep on shining
your guiding light on me
without it ~ I cannot see
you know ~ I cannot see

hey there ~ I love you
hey there ~ I need you
there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you
nothing I won't do for you

hey there ~ I love you
Hey there ~ I need you
Thank you for making 
My dreams come true

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A Massacre 
 Valentines Saint Massacre Day was in Chicago the man played them a tune on 
his fiddle. The Aftermath The newspapers instantly picked up on the crime, 
dubbing it the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre." The story appeared on front pages 
around the country, making Capone a nationwide celebrity. While Capone 
seemed to revel in his new fame, he also had to deal with the new level of 
attention from federal law enforcement officials. Capone is sitting by his 
swimming pool catching his non existent fish and he begins to reminisce this is 
Capone speaking now "The boys missed MORAN it was a terrible thing" The 
spaghetti was gotten cold and now the fish that eye find will have to do to feed the 
diseases in my mind eye the Capone knoe that now eye am just dying of all the 
real good times. Alphonse "Al" Capone was one of the most famous U.S. 
gangsters during the 1930s, a Chicago-based boss involved in illegal gambling, 
bootlegging (illegal alcohol) and prostitution. Capone got his start in New York, 
working as a thug and bouncer (where he got the three scars that spawned his 
nickname, "Scarface").Al Capone spent the last year of his Alcatraz sentence, 
which had been reduced to six years and five months for a combination of good 
behavior and work credits, in the hospital section being treated for syphilis. He 
was released in November of 1939 and taken to a hospital in Baltimore where 
he was treated until March of 1940. For his remaining years, Capone slowly 
deteriorated while staying at his Palm Island estate in Miami. On January 25, 
1947, he died of cardiac arrest. Eye saw a stranger carry love in his right hand 
today he carried his love in his hand a bunch of flowers in a wrapper for a vase 
and eye thought of Al Capone disgraced. Eye can still remember the movie how 
he bit the punk's ear in Jail to make him think that he got sick too. The only thing 
worse than that is to lay in a blanket that has been stolen many times. On 
another of his movies the floozie was in bed asking him if he liked it too of course 
they was talking about manicures. He made the Chicken if he made creation 
was it the full blown bird or just the egg it would make no difference to that 
Chicken only to the education evolution. A small reference to the Jesus how can 
anyone still please him. There is a marker on ALS grave My Jesus Mercy. 

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Without a Trace

Questioning myself whether to let go and move on;
Trying not to believe our love is gone.

Days and weeks go by without an incoming call;
Not even a letter. Nothing at all.

Wondering why my life has come to this state;
celebrating birthdays and holidays without a mate.

Surely there are other fish in the sea;
But the only fish I desire is a Pisce.

I love deeply and with every fiber of my being;
Through the lies, broken promises, and adultery.

Having the nerve to ask me "how do I know that you've changed";
Now that's derange.

I have my faults as well;
My jealousy and abuse also helped our marriage to fail.

The difference is that I continued to love, forgive, and stay true;
As he continues to neglect his step children, who all love him too.

He has left us hanging on for so long;
That by the time he realizes it, we'll be all long gone.

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Love, Sea, and You

Love, sea, and you

Rescue me Rescue me 
Don’t let me seat here in despair
A lost fish in search of a sea
This pond is keeping me a prisoner
Each drop is a reason to leave 
There is a talk of leaving in my veins
I can’t stay here 
I am in love, in love like a passenger getting to her destination
I am filled with temptations of leaving, arriving, and seeing you
Rescue me, Rescue me 
Don’t let me be the lost fish 
Rescue me, Rescue me 
You and I must see tomorrow
This pond is too small for us
Our story is lost in the far away sea
Don’t forget this lonely fish is waiting for you
What happened to our love cottage in the sea?
It’s their turn to live in our love cottage
Don’t forget me, a lonely fish waiting
A lost fish in the sea
I want to belong to your stories 

Written by Fedra Yazdi
Copyright 2009

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Sand Key Sentiments

Swam today indifferent
with my toes sunk in the sand
with the sun soak insufficient
as coquina's bit my hand

I'm a fish meant for the water
born a land locked sailor's daughter
In the sea is half my vision
split between my indecision

So I charge my soul-ar lighting
at the place I find inviting
where the fishermen are ancient
and the hiding fish are patient

Swim I will again indifferent
bend my head down through the sea
Pluck the shells I find endearing
Leave a photograph of me.

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The Case Against The Moon

She held the case against the moon
in bubbled glasses sea green hewn
and whispered nothings to the fish
her sea fins swishing at her wish
"The case against the moon", she said,
"began the day that I was wed
and on that day the tide pulled back
to swirling waves to ships attack
It 'twas this day my love embarked
a voyage to sustain my heart
while I a lowly mermaid be
he came to set my spirit free...
His ship was bitten by the wind
a low and moaning hull of tin
His eyes of coal to be immersed
while I searched for my wedding purse
Pearls from oysters for my crown
and seaweed stitched a wedding gown
His laugh and all his love did die
and, on my fins, I know not why
And so bold moon, I challenge you
to bring the worst that you can do
and I will fight with all my will
until the tides return to still."
The passive moon, it heaved a sigh
and tides began to do or die
while waves in turmoil turned to swell
the fish turned too, and wished her well.
She threw her glasses to the sea
and dove to indigo caves once free
to tether nets of liquid ore
to quell the moon forever more
On flying fish she pulled her nets
beyond the sun's impartial sets
to catch the moon and hurl her down
a luminous splash, and then no sound
The earth went dark, the sea went cold
all mermaids there went grey and old
The sea floor shook at the moon's embrace
in a glowing ripple of pure disgrace
Still in the sky in purple wind
the mermaid whispered: "I have sinned"
She shed a thousand briny tears
and flew the skies with grief and fears
'till deciding at last what she should do
She set a course to save the moon.
She dove to the bottom of a sea of light
and what she saw was quite a sight
The broken pieces in scattered glow
This wasn't the moon she used to know
So gently, with fins and liquid lips
she balanced a shard on her mermaid hips
and flew to the ink, to the sky of sorrow
with a sadness of what would be brought the morrow
The sliver she placed in the sky that night
became the "new moon" to dimly light
the ocean each month to gently grieve
it's ships and it's mermaids to long bereave.

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A golden fish in the 
Blui-sh ocean of love
A Flounder with no blunder
That makes me hover at yonder
Like a loose hook surfing for 
A Deltan fish with a Yoruba scale
Dupsy, the Dace
Vaunting several medals with curtsy
Dabbling like a Dab in a race
Against the Lampreys and Spermaceti

I salivate endlessly beholding 
Your rare but momentous beauty
Portable and wrap-able in 
“War able” situation
Remember your twirling thighs
Flaunting without blemish 
Your voluble hips like that 
Of no one but J - LOOO

Helpless I remain setting 
My eyes on your ever charming eyes 
Winking at me with a smile
That graciously get you noticed 
A voluptuous you remain.

Keeping our promise
Keeping my words
Keeping your covenant
To be with me all along
As a rodent in my Heart
As I re-echo to strive on 
Until I become the Knight
And the war Lord of the People’s Army
Advocating for the less privilege
Mobilising and Strategizing for
A revolution to come

Where we will have a land
Full of honey, milk and
Manner from Earth
For the consumption of all 
And sundry.

Then, I mean,
Then only
You shall proudly become
My Queen twisting your
Bakassi only in front
Of my Pennisular

Lest I forget
As you voyage along with me
In our historic sojourn
Am promising to continue
The witty-wagging moment 
With seasonal wanderlust.

Alayande Stephen T.
23rd September 2005

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I love to travel to foreign lands, 
where friendly elephants eat from my hand,
And the undersea monsters come up on the beach 
and stand by my blanket and deliver a speech
‘Bout their standard of living way down in the deep
Where the fish carry lanterns (it gives me the creeps). 
Then I visit the desert where there’s mummies galore;
That mirage in the distance…a candy store?
And now off to Saturn, where I’ll count all the rings,
And wait to be rescued, and think of the things
That happened all day, and ask myself why
My friend was so mean, or my fish had to die, 
Or my sister ignored me, or I missed that pop fly, 
Or lost my best pencil while I was at lunch,
Or never once felt like one of the bunch.
Oh I love to travel to foreign lands
where friendly elephants eat from my hand,
And the undersea monsters come up on the beach.
Yes, I love to travel to foreign lands
With my head tucked way under the covers.  

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Freddy the Fly At Frankie Fly's Friday Fish Fry

Freddy, now back from Mexico,
Loaded down with Mexican Fly,
And wearing his Mexican Fly Sombrero
And missing Nicole Fly so bad,
All he could do is Fly Cry,
Now Freddy's Fly friend,
Frankie the Fly his name
Invited Freddy Fly over
For His Fabulous Frankie Friday Friendship's
Fantastic, Flavoriful Friday Fish Fry
So Freddy pulled himself together,
As best as Freddy Fly could do,
Buzzed on down to Frankie's,
Intent on having fly-fun too...

To his great fly-surprise,
What did meet his 1000 part fly eyes
Was none other than Nicole Fly,
Once the apple of his fly-eye

Freddy bit down on his lip,
And almost did a weak knee fly-trip,
But Freddy sucked it in,
Actin' brave for his fly-kin

But Nicole Fly was so beautiful,
In her fancy fly-gown'
And 3 pairs of  fly shoes,
For walking on the ground...

Freddy played it cool,
Had a Hot-Fly dog and more,
A Fly-burger,
Topped with trash-can a' la mode

But Freddy Fly ingested, 
too many Russian Fly-Ties,
And in 1000 different directions,
Did he see with his fly-eyes
He was so two fly-sheeted to the wind,
He fell in the pool,
Filled with homemade fly-gin

From there the story gets away from us,
As did Freddy's Fly sheeted fly-mind
I suppose he hung out somewhat longer,
With his Fly-Friends to fish fry
All I know for fly-sure friends,
Is that he did not fear to fly-die.

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Fishing ~She said/ He said!

Fling it over that way baby!
I said that way.. over there!
Shoot! you didn't fling it where I said!
How do you know there aren't fish there..
I saw one jump just a minute ago!
Never listen to me.. I'm just a Woman!
Good thing I didn't want fish!

First and Last time I bring her with me!
I know how to fish!!!
She did NOT see A fish Jump!
How does she know where the fish are?
I always fish here..
Now I have an EXPERT along!
Good thing I didn't want to catch any fish!

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Rabbit was my turtle who never won a race
Red is my fish but he's blue in the face
And I love my pets but they do no tricks
So I play all day and sleep at night with my sidekicks

My sidekicks~ Wa! Cha!  My sidekicks~ Wa! Cha!
Sometimes we stand on bricks, play swords with sticks
Sometimes we have tools for fixin', lollipops for lickin'
But when it's time quit and switch, they're still my fav clique
My sidekicks~ Wa! Cha!  My sidekicks~ Wa! Cha!   (Chorus)

Smokey is my cat and I love him too
Got a little kitty, named her Crystal blue
And another fish in a bowl I call Fins
But they do no tricks, so I play with my sidekicks again

I got Teddy and Roy and my bulldog Bully
And at bath time I get to dunk my pal Sully
Then there's Croc but is he an alligator
And Fishy is orange, before I see you later
I gotta tell ya Mr. Duck is now Mr. Quacks
But my favs of all time is Tang Tang and Scratch

And though they're stuffed animals~ they do all the tricks
Like my play friend Jerry- they're my sidekicks


A Song for my son Caleb at age 4

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The Test Of Love

the twisting vulgarites of daily living 
roman holidays and greek living 
mostly bread and wine and dainty meat 
fish is allowed in egg form only 
the caviar is so expensive 
please dont eat the $100 dollar kind 
no man alive is worth that unto me they say 
they smile and walk away dont touch me 
they say dont touch me 
they are somewhere in the forgotton life 
the life eye left behind 
the sandwhiches of the dollar kind 
are not afforded to the men 
they eat no fish eggs but fish heads 
and drink no fancy wine 
smile and think of me dont cry 
life is trials and tests and errors 
no man has ever hated his own flesh 
be kind to me when eye am at rest 
and think that we would pass the test 
of love 

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Florida Longing

Pin fish silver lick the waves
rain drops crater the sand
Feeling foolish, longing strong
missing the sun in my hand
Caucus of colors sweep through my mind
calling my heart to it's beat
Feeling fed up with this New England gray
drizzle delirious bleak
Fly me to Florida
Strip off the coats
Break out the bathing suits
Blow up the floats
Sail me on waters
of mint green and sand
Humid deep breathing
The sun in my hand
where pin fish silver lick the waves
and rain drops cool off the sand
in a three minute storm which gets carried away
by the sun stretching out to my hand.