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Evil Wife Poems | Evil Poems About Wife

These Evil Wife poems are examples of Evil poems about Wife. These are the best examples of Evil Wife poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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There was a little boy so blue.
Amongst the pain of life he grew.

He wondered where he'd be one day,
so, Satan helped to lead the way.

He longed to walk home in the sun,
but evil forces made him run.

The Fallen Angel's sick revenge
was to use children to avenge.

He made them bullies; very cruel.
"Persecute this child to - and - from school!"

No one to trust to teach him well,
so evil led his pride to swell.

There was a little girl as well.
Who grew up in a different hell.

She was abandoned by her Mom.
Her life was anything but calm.

She was adopted by a frigid pair,
but she longed for love and truth to share.

Nobody seemed to fit the mold,
Consumed with lies that she was told.

Satan also grabbed this chance.
She ran through life without a glance.

A player; she could not commit.
Her soul-mate had to be legit.

Now, he's my husband; I am his wife.
I finally took that chance in life.

For I was ready to forgive,
But he had never learned to live.

How ironic, that these two should meet.
I'm ready to ground; he runs in defeat. .

Now here I sit back at the start,
While my  "soul-mate's" going to break my heart.

See, he's still a runner and I'm here to stay.
Two people can't grow if one is this way.

He promised to give his soul to me,
But I am still one in this unity. 

We have since decided to compromise and things are much better. 

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Regrets I have so many
But one that drags me down
Every time I think about it
My face takes on a frown.

It was the day I left my wife
Though why I do not know
All I know with certainty
Is that I hurt that lady so

I never will forgive myself
The remorse is hard to bear
And everywhere I try to go
The furies, they are there.

I know until my dying day
I never will forget
The day I left my wife behind
It fills me with regret.

8 August 2013 @ 1720hrs.

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A Very Inviting Temptation

A Very Inviting Temptation! I remember of a particular situation. I was offered a very "inviting" temptation. The situation I was in... I didn't belong! And lost any sense of "right and wrong." At first... I felt no guilt or shame. And brought embarrassment to my family's name. I tried to explain this to my wife and kids. I heard; "Dad... please... no more fibs!" The Godly principles were "tossed to the side," As the sin inside caused arrogance and pride. Soon, all in my life that truly mattered... Was gone! My life was empty and shattered! I was sorry for all of the problems I caused! This time... I took a moment to pause. I cried to God to rescue me from my sin. I confessed! Would God help me once again? I read in the Bible of Jesus’ grace and love! This time the help I needed had to come from above! I asked him for a fresh and brand new start. He removed the stain from a broken heart. He restored to me the joy I once had. I'm so blessed! Jesus has made me glad! Jesus is the reason I'm here today! I LOVE HIM more than words can say! By Jim Pemberton

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America Is Being DESTROYED From Within


As sin and perversion often become integrated… So many lives and families are being “disintegrated.” Many are being driven by sin’s temptation force… It’s no wonder much of this country is way “off course.” The morality and values that once made a great nation. Are evaporating…. Leading to a “spiritual separation.” Love, honor, and respect of God… Is often a “thing of the past.” Anything of God seems to be disappearing FAST! God is our only hope! And him alone! Only he can bring healing to our broken homes! He’s the answer to this wounded nation, that bleeds! It’s only God that can meet all of our needs! He’s our provider… The great: “I am!” Won’t you reach out to him? And give him your hand? Why not give him a chance? And allow him in? A brand new life for you… Is waiting to begin! May we allow God’s holiness and love to reach down into our hearts… Asking; “Lord please forgive our sins!” Is a good place to start! By Jim Pemberton

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The Soft Spot----in my wicked heart----

You are my princess, my fairy tail, your my future queen.
You are the only thing in my future from what I have seen.
You are royality to me, and I litterally have the blood of kings.
I would even set you up in a real castle if you wanted it to be your dwellings.

I love you/everything about you, the pleasure and peace you bring,
how my heart hurts when i know you must go, how it uplifts when my phone begins to ring.
You are my morning thought, and my fading dream.
For you I would commit an onslaught, without you I come apart at the seams.

You are a petal, from a rose, 
A sexy model, striking a pose.
My eyes for you never depart, my lust for you always grows.
I would never give you up. You are the one I love and chose.

You are so beautiful, in my eyes you are jewels, you are gold.
I need you, in my heart and in my arms, you I would forever hold.
I want to confess your love, shout it from roof tops, ever so bold.
You are the one I want, to grow deeper in love with, as we get old.

This is for you Dana~Lynn,
For you I would commit every sin.
I would do it with a smile, a smirk, or a evil grin.
Let me be your yang, and I want you to be my yin.
Our love is just at the start, and yet I feel it has always been.
I would cliff dive for you, even throw in a double backspin
You are my high, you are my drug, with you I feel like I drank a bottle of Gin.
It is the vodoo that you do so well that conjurred me to be your evil jinn.

I love you Dana-Lynn Smith. Forever yours, Jesse Devile.

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I Knew Someone Who Wanted to End It All

I Knew Someone Who Was Ready to “End It All!” I knew of someone who just wanted “to end it.” Giving up on life, and did not want to “defend it.” It was a heart wrenching and difficult situation. He said what he wanted to, with no explanation! I could see his face and the sad look in his eyes! What he was going to do next, was anyone’s surprise. He turned to drugs and encountered addictions. With this brought much disease and afflictions! He gave up on the wonderful family that was given. And turned to a pretty wild and crazy way of livin’! I told him about a God who loves him very deeply. As he listened, he began to grow restless and weary. I reached for his hand and began to pray for God’s power! It was a miracle! The blood of Jesus changed him that hour! The spirit of God brought healing and hope to his body! He was so excited! He rushed out to tell everybody! The “end” that he wanted, seemed to just fade away! For the son of the living God, changed him this day! The glory of God, and the power of Jesus’ resurrection… Changed him! And got him going in a NEW direction! He’s so thankful for the blood of Christ’ atonement! And is a different person now, because of that moment! This same Jesus loves and can do the same for YOU! Through the problems of life… He will see you through! By Jim Pemberton

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Why the change

Why the change 
Without an agreement 
To rearrange 
Our marrital bed, making it indecent? 

Nine years and before, 
Gentle and caring, 
Seems you want a rectal ride, queer? 
Is for flare? 

Later on down the road, 
Tied me up, 
You bestowed 
Bruises and bleding you snubbed but not with a club! 

Did you think me a hore? 
That needed a lesson? 
Punishment galore? 
And with every session? 

Please tell me how 
This all makes you feel. 
Do you feel I must allow it and bow? 
Does it take this to make it real? 

You didn't even do annal training. 
Which I recently learned is often intense. 
It was one complete ram and jam. 
It makes no sense and I need some defense. 

Hands behind my back 
Pillowcase over my head 
Bend to tend to your knack 
For making me dread 

This way and that 
What was impossible, 
I thought, came inside of me, you- up and down arrived. 
Hostile, audiable, seems you saw no obstacle. 

Where in the wind, 
Did you land 
These new positions that grind? 
For you now, nothing seemed banned. 

Over and over 
In and out 
You drove 
With much clout. 

Sometimes until I was raw, 
You enjoyed my body, 
Complimented and talked about all you saw 
Anything and everything, nothing was gaudy. 

Tied up and with the hood over head you left 
Me for a time 
Exhibiting yourself to be deft 
Told me to say, "Fuck me," like a chime. 

Almost breaks, 
Told me to think of what I might choose. 
Knowing what was at stake. 

You liked. 
Big things you were wishing, 
To vaginal in me hike. 

Made me bow 
Offering myself totally 
Next a job of blow 
Anecdotally, you said, "SWALLOW!" 

Help me understand 
What happened 
Why this new brand? 
And so many more new passions? 

Get on top, 
Face my head, 
Now my feet then stop. 
Next toys that shred. 

Pretend you are being raped 
Then try to escape 
Second drape 
Your body over my shape 

Stand on top, 
Come down on me 
Go around and around, 
Make me scream in glee. 

Later we will have more rectal 
Fun when I stun 
With a large projectile 
Until you are completely undone 

My honey, 
Pouring your cunt 
Be like my sunny Playgirl Bunny! 
From your front I grunt when I come down in a hard shunt 

Lick my stick 
Suck my cock 
Quickly flick my dick 
Hands frolick me until I am overcome by shock. 

I love you 
Your body 
Give me a 360 view 
Not too shoddy. 

More toys 
But becareful with the noisy 
You can't be heard like you are in Illinois 
Boys after all will be boys. 

My wife, 
You excite me 
with your strife 
You will have to let it all be. 

Fuck, Fuck Fuck, 
How do you feel? 
Stuck, with my cock, 
Your every crevice from head to heal! 

If I can think 
To do it to you 
I won't blink 
Before I execute. 

Fuck me, Fuck me, 
My dick deep in your hip. 
You love it, Forever bidding adieu. 
Rape is a stable, with every clip. 

What else to do? 
A swing, 
I blew. 
Orgasm after orgasm to you I bring. 

In a rocking chair, 
I go in and out until you are numb 
You must share all and bare. 

Doggie style, 
I ride, 
Beguile you for a while 
Guided deep deep to your vagina I go inside. 

More toys I select, 
How big can it get? 
Stretched this way and that with me playing with your clit. 
Juices you bestow flowing like a jet. 

Fuck me Fuck me 
This way and that. 
Help me find other ways for you to agree 
Exploration of your body where cunt is glowing and flowing til splat! 

My bride, 
My wife, 
Take it in stride 
Why this is the life! 

For you now nothing seemed banned

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Three Days of You

For some reason 
A marathon you sought. 
Called it treason 
Said I had been caught. 
“Come to me 
Now to the bed. 
Three days you will serve” 
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck you must chime 
While you climb 
First on top 
Stand up while I decide 
Come down 
He feels my clitoris 
Inserting the electrodes. 
Explores other orifices 
Licking my nipple 
Three Days of Triple X 
Remember not to flinch 
Playing with your pussy 
“My aren’t you bushy” 
Go shave 
He raves 
Never mind 
Out you come with the razor 
Closer he gets then binds 
My hands behind me with labor. 
New to you these toys 
First he turns my pussy on fire 
“My you are poised 
My desire to have your juices purr” 
My nipples 
He sucks, suck, suck. 
“Remember your chime!” His tongue to my middle. 
Harsh nipple clamps are stuck. 
Hitting my butt until it is red 
A metal wheel with spikes 
He takes the toy and treads 
Placing the anal plug, my leg he hikes. 
An exam table 
Some how he has obtained. 
“Step and lay down! Spread  as much as you are able.” 
Legs spread and chained 
“Coming, coming coming.” 
He starts to play. 
A somewhat sharp ribbed metal rod up the vaginal plumbing. 
In and out, up and down it goes, Around and around every which way. 
“Your lovely fluid circulates. 
Wet and moist!” 
Moving the table until I scream, he finds my pain circuit. 
“Just wait until I use the hoist.” 
Faster and faster he goes with the instrument. 
“I love this piece of hardware 
Best, because it spreads in increments” 
With this vaginal speculum I will disperse further from my armchair. 
Electrodes still in place 
How much more can I take. 
How many more states? 
“I have only opened this gate.” 
A blindfold. 
My breasts tied with rope until erect. 
Suction cups place on my nipples, I feel cold. 
My vagina under gone many expansions, he did it again and again. 
Anal butt plug next in size, 
Input vaginally ice ribbed glass. 
In and out, up and down, all around.  No surprise. 
“Pussy fuck is upper class.” 
Liquids pouring 
Out of me 
My partner roaring and soaring 
Control over me is key. 
Other things implanted vaginally 
Constant stimulation. 
Stepping it up, vibrator nipple clamps. “What magic.” 
He licks my orgasms as he remembers each station. 
A rubber hand 
Slow it goes up the full span. 
Extreme amounts of vaginal solutions. 
Apart my clit 
Many a pin 
Includes the labia 
His tongue licks and his finger glides. 
Removes the electrodes as he strides, 
Pulls me closer 
Kisses my nipples, Squeezing he confides, 
“You will always be mine.” Oh when will this be over? 
In and out, all around he goes. 
On and on for a long time. 
Pleasing himself he does. 
“Pussy slime.” 
Unchained he pulls me to stand. 
A gag in my mouth, he puts. 
Face down on the table, planned. 
Various rectal implants he routes. 
Tired he sleeps with us both in the bed. 
He awakes 
Plenty of ways he leads. 
Reminding me of the reference to the hoist, 
Gears me up and makes me shake. 
Amazingly my comfort he seems to care about. 
This mock up puts me on a weird contraption that bears my weight. 
Rolls in a fucking machine, all decked out. 
It plays with my vagina while he goes for the rectum instead. 
Picks a metal curved object. 
Moves it in gradual 
Everything is checked. 
Tells me to move like I am on a saddle. 
Back to my clit he pins it. 
Licks me over and over, pushing up and down. 
Pushes the thing up further in the anus while turning the thing. 
More devices he submits, as he goes to town. 
How long? 
What is the time? 
This is wrong. 
What a slime! 
Peacefully resting, 
But has gotten up. 
Anew and interested, 
He brings in another man to come. 
On the hoist I go. 
A spreader bar between me . 
One ties my hands above. 
Spread my clit and vagina with pins, nipples clipped. 
Step under feet. 
Each man selects his toys. 
Electrodes in pussy, oops I feel it in my booty. 
Licking, fingers, inserts from these boys. 
“Come, Come, Come , 
Bestow until you drip, drip drip!” They exclaim. 
They want me to purr and hum. 
This game has no name but is gaining with them fame. 
First front then back, 
In and out, suck and fuck. 
Both squeezing and grabbing my rack. 
Stuck here and there.  Of their good luck they cluck. 
Looking for something else 
Enters the fucking machine 
For my rear a dildo with a belt. 
Turned up high, I feel cleaned and gleaned. 
Pleasure they seek. 
While I am used. 
Feels quite bleak. 
Can we call a truce. 
Bye to the other guy. 
My man sleeps. 
“Today I will finish. 
Fucking you dry.” 
Repeats of the exercises. 
Vibrators, inserts, pins and more. 
More ways to slice 
He admires. 
He wants my juice to run 
He wants to cum 
All over my body. 
He calls me cocky. 
It is done. 
Plenty of fun, 
Until next weekend 
Here in this house you will stay!