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Evil School Poems | Evil Poems About School

These Evil School poems are examples of Evil poems about School. These are the best examples of Evil School poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Their Mothers Cry

Each day on the television news shows
I watch the mothers of the kidnapped
Nigerian school girls as they cry big tears
of sorrow for the loss of their daughters.
I sit there helpless, wanting to aid them
in their quest to locate their beloved girls
and return them safely to their families.
Hopelessness invades the core of my soul.
My God! This is the 21st damn century,
events such as this should not happen
in this modern world in which we live.
I guess the evolution of the human race
still travels at a slowly moving snail’s pace
and that realization hurts my heart and soul.
I say a sincere prayer for the missing girls
and their grieving mothers so far away.

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Let Me Go

Let Me Go!
I don't want this anymore!
I can't go to sleep at night,
all I seem to do is write.

Sometimes I read...
I read until I finish.
When I finally go to sleep,
I hear the sound of the alarm "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!"

Oh gosh,
I can't handle this anymore.
I am going crazy here
and no one seems to notice it, my dear.

I cry myself to sleep.
telling myself everything will get better.
And I know I mustn't

but I want that knife
just as much as I want that gun
I hate this world
and everything about this girl

She sings and tries to get attention
yet no one gives her the time of day.
She falls into the books she reads
no one knowing, it is escaping, she pleads.

This girl is me,
oh but you knew, right?
Since all I ever talk about is me!
Gosh, can't you see?

I'm my enemy!
I'm my own nightmare!
No one is hurting me!
It is me who shouldn't be let free!

Lock me up! 
Kill me!
That way I won't harm myself...
I'd like it if it was someone else

Please, do me the favor
and let me go
for no one can save this girl
from this cruel world.

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Of Pilgrims and Indians

Of Pilgrims and Indians

By Elton Camp

In school we are taught a history filled with lies
In order that American history be well sanitized
The Pilgrims were a stern but gracious bunch
Who invited the Indians in to share their lunch

The Pilgrims were grateful to God to still be alive
And that with the Indian’s help, winter did survive
In their joy that they were still among the living,
Fed the savage natives at the first Thanksgiving

They thought themselves to be God’s chosen group
That those evil heathen it was God’s will they dupe
They were the new Canaanites in the promised land
Who, unless they converted, suffered a stern hand

In the name of Christ, they had every right to slaughter
Any the rebellious Indians: man, wife, son or daughter
The massacres of the Pequots are a very good example
Of what the Indians could expect was only a sample

Defenders of Pilgrims say that they were a hostile tribe
Murderous and far more vicious than one could describe
But, the Pequots were quite tranquil and living in peace
When Pilgrims hunted them like animals did that cease

It was in 1637, to the evil Pilgrim’s everlasting shame
Set a village on fire & shot those who escaped the flame
Before they set out with the intention to destroy a village
They prayed to their Lord to direct them in their pillage

To Indian captives, Pilgrims showed the extent of hate
To murder wasn’t enough, so they enjoyed to mutilate
So one Pequot man they literally tore limb-from-limb
Until Captain Underhill showed mercy and shot him

And by candid records written at that time, we’re told
Captives they decided not to kill, into slavery they sold
Other Indian tribes, to help, the Pilgrims did compel
And demanded body part of victims as success to tell

Some may teach we cannot know what motives they had
But their conduct speaks for itself and is so terribly bad
To viciously kill other people seemed to give them a thrill
Then they made it worse by claiming that it was God’ will

(The version of the Pilgrims we are taught is school is nearly a complete falsehood.  
An example of spinning history.  Sorry to crush any childhood delusions.)

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Save our children from slavery

Save our children from slavery........ 

Our beautiful children are forced to hard 
labor by some of the evil people on earth
And they kill their soul.
Those little hands are holding hard tools
instead of holding school books
Those little hands are touching dirty sand
instead of their mother's hands
They listen to their evil men called masters
instead of their school teachers
Struggling for their bread at infant stage
instead for the struggling for their career 
Mothers are crying for their children
and want to save them from their darkness of future
Many years have been passed
but not single year has been cared for them
Because of our careless leadership
our children are still living in slavery 
Let us join together and save our
little children from the hell of slavery.

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka

Copyright @2004 Ravi Sathasivam 

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What is Envy

Envy is feeling sorrow at another’s good fortune and
Joy at the evil which befalls him/her as if
We ourselves were injured by the good and
Benefited by the evil that comes to him/her