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Evil Dance Poems | Evil Poems About Dance

These Evil Dance poems are examples of Evil poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Evil Dance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Monoku | |

The Playground

We are all in the devil's playground, 
now watch as I breach over and hold on to God's hand real tight. 

#1. The underground is never lonely, to many hot dates. 

#2. The host and the guest never seem to rest.

#3. The light will always shine upon my soul, no matter the shadow.


Details | Narrative | |

A Land Bearing Green White Green

Which way leads to the 
land of green white 
Which way are we 
   A country the wicked 
bears the rulership, and 
the people sighing 
   A terrible thing sprouts 
beneath the sun: a 
pregnant woman 
delivering not.
Imps come to lime-light 
by snuffing air from the 
goose that laid the 
golden eggs.
The blind guiding the un
The weak suppressing 
the strong-a terrible 
Like the overthrow of the 
gods at Mt. Olympus by 
the Titans.
A country where also 
thieves appear as men of 
Land of green white 
green,which way?
A land where the 
enlightened ones are 
overshadowed and 
peanuts given to them.
The masses are dogs that 
eat the crumbs.
 Which way to go you 
Iliterates stand on 
podium of power 
bellowing orders as milk 
of sorrow known as 
dividends of democracy 
is passed around.
The machine of progress 
manned by the 
"There is better 
tomorrow" we hear.
Land of green white 
green,my country 
where rule of law walk 
beside anarchy.
The proles are sentenced 
to adversity,and there 
endured death-like trials.
Chai! Aru! People 
dancing on thorns 
whimpering as they 
  I see a new sun rising 
from the horizon,hope is 
rekindled as its rays 
grace on hopeless bodies.
 Look!! there soon be 


Details | Epic | |

Betch Please, Really

I simply love being me for I am so good at everything step into my city and they will tell you who is King one day when I am hungry I will swallow everything then and only then shall I inherit the stuff I dream even then I promise not to settle for satisfaction at any instant half a second I could spring into full action so go against me? please, you do not even measure up to half of the goodness that I hold tight like my treasure still spreading rumors about me to try and destroy my life can't believe I let myself get beat by a stripper and my self-intended knife try and say I'm gay even though we both know that isn't the truth just ask any woman I been with if they ever needed proof they'll say I was the cream of the crop as they took it all night knowing I just may never stop I own the status of a legend now what you got left to say when I bring it twenty-four seven?

Details | Epic | |

Lost ones

All these people
so deeply lost in their minds
In the universe,
could you ever find
Something so destructive,
yet so deeply and truly divine

We are in this transcendental place outside
Its where we all hide
We are all trying to find a place where we will forever reside
We are just playing
No need to get a fright
We are all really, 
just very high...
Chasing the night
Flying through never ending time
Searching in the darkness,
for a trace of light
The heavenly skies...

No need to cry
They just want you to die
So that they can forever,
and never, say goodbye

Aim high
The heavens behold 
An unremarkable sight

There is a battle, a never ending fight
in our minds
Kiss the sky
Where the angel birds fly

Hermes takes over the night
To give our children a fright
He calls upon the darkness in our eyes
He sucks out our spirits love supply
Hermes, why?
Do we either love or hate inside?
Are we just tempting fate?
We don't know where to hide...

Bring back the light of day
While darkness slowly fades away
to the rhythm of love
we sway today.

Details | ABC | |

the beast and me

There's fire in my lungs.
smoke flows through my veins.
I feed the beast my soul
to gain euphoric pain.
I serve he who lives in me.
The monster in my mind.
The creature so abusive,
at times can be so kind.
In my mental hell,
I sit beside his throne.
I tend to his desire,
so I don't have to be alone.
Here He is my god.
And I, in turn, am his.
A symbiotic worship,
sealed within a kiss.
Sulfuric fumes consume us,
as we dance into the ether.
The hands of god are ours.
Hes made me a believer.
My halo, so very worn.
His horns, so alluring.
Hand in hand we walk,
love and hate enduring.
His guidance lifts me higher
than any drug could try.
His chains hold me down.
bound wings can not fly.
Walking straight and tall,
crawling on my floor.
I am his moonlit goddess.
And his filthy whore.
I wont break his binds.
I wish not, to be free.
I can never escape him,
for this beast is me.

Details | Lay | |

The Fate of Ancient Egypt

Warriors are no longer raging,
Women are no longer singing.
Firelight prances inside Seth's eyes,
dancing over Giza he cries:

"Fire! Fire! It will find you all
Even those who refuse to fall,
So even if you escape my deadly chant
Your ashes shall lie where living things aren't.

"If you would try to save the day,
It will be hell you'd have to pay.
I shall breathe my fatal breath
Upon those of you who run from death.

"Your pharaohs shall kneel before me crying
To be set free without you all dying,
But my deserts remain hot as ever
And none can escape - not even the clever.

"Only the faithful to me shall be spared,
So yes, the ones who have never cared.
They'll ball their fists and bare their teeth at Ra!"

"Forever obeying me."

By Leanne Walsh
04/20/2014 (MM/DD/YY)

Details | Rhyme | |


You patiently wait; knowing soon you will get your turn
There is something we all have for which you yearn
It happens and you finally get your chance
You "lead” me into believing I was “leading this dance”
The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions
This is how you got me; proclaimed in your honorable mentions
The dance floor’s spotlight was then shown on us
You warned me I had better not make a fuss
We then swirled to your wicked tunes
No where for me to run surrounded by your goons
Demons dance in your diabolical disco
The sign outside says “Dante’s Inferno”
If you are reading this then admission is always free
But your soul will never be
Different levels with a different sound
But it's not music in the deepest of your underground
It’s those lost souls cries of hurt and pain
One does so for not seeking help after opening up a vein
Another does because of how they sought extreme wealth
Rules must be followed when reaching for life’s top shelf
So many screams heard and so many tears
As we tango I see you relish in those fears
I feel your heat singe my soul
I desperately try to maintain control
I say I need some fresh air
With a sinister laugh you reply 
Do you really think I care
I have to break away from your evil touch
Other dancers have broken legs and not even a crutch
As we spin I feel sad as I gaze upon their faces
Again with a sinister laugh you say Don’t feel bad for them 
They should not have tried to escape my distorted graces
That was the final straw
And to pun on the word made me mad as hell
I screamed and screamed at him
I tried to find the right words for my soul saving yell
What could it be
I secretly searched for the answer
No more do I want to be your private dancer
I tried to remember The Bible’s words in Its Passages and Psalms
You sensed this and twirled me faster increasing my qualms
It’s my turn I now lure you in close with a seductive stare
You fall for it and I whisper in you ear
These words will open Heavens Door and close behind me hell's gate
It is what you dread being both your destiny and fate
It is said tell him to flee and he must turn and run
And what he did to you will surely be undone
In those final moments before I know what I must say
I catch a glimpse of us as we sway
Our reflections were not cast from a mirror
But on everyone else’s soul
That is what scared me most and really took its toll
As I escaped from each of hell's level
I swore never again.. would I willingly