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Evil Cat Poems | Evil Poems About Cat

These Evil Cat poems are examples of Evil poems about Cat. These are the best examples of Evil Cat poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I know you, you're godless like me, and to the natives We Are The Wandering dead. Headless in sunshine, blind in the wilderness. I know you, you're the sister of death that's true. Your red lips caress mine as I choke upon embers. I'm awaiting life to be stripped from these bones. I smoke the feathers from the angels round here, and laugh with the devil. She sleeps at my feet. I found a home down here. She's the one who'll burn down the temple. She's the one who shall coerce the swarms. I know she'll do anything and more.

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The Ballad of Cat Ballou - Part 2

The Ballad of Cat Ballou (Continued) 
With her outlaw gang they're now telling a story of how she rode the plains.
The wildest gal in the old west since Calamity Jane.
She killed a man in Wolf City, Wyoming. Killed a man it's true
and that is why they'll be hanging her highness Cat Ballou.
The day has finally come. She's being sent to her glory for the way she sinned.
They'll be sending her soul on a wayward wind.
She has the smile of an angel,
but fights like the devil.
The eyes of an angel,
but bites like the devil.
The face of an angel,
I say she's the devil.
She's mean and evil through and through. 
Cat Ballou,
what's come over you?
You're mean and evil through and through.
She escaped and rode away, 
on her hanging day.
Where is still a mystery, 
but Cat rode into history
and her legend grew.
She was the Queen of the Outlaws,
Her Highness Cat Ballou.

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The Cat

 He's a silent hunter,
with a murderous heart,
and he doesn't care,
what he tears apart,
he is very independant,
and cunning to,
and if your his prey,
then you are through,
he has a ravinish blood lust,
that he can't contain,
and if he don't kill,
he'll go insane,
he may seem like a sweet little kitty,
but trust me people,
he is witty,
don't let those purrs,
and cuddles fool,
he has many concealed weapons,
he'll use as a tool,
he has needle sharp teeth,
and 5 dagger claws,
on each and everyone,
of his cute little paws.

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In China in the increase of rats,
Not only Chinese,
Made in China,
Not only toys but rats,

Where are Chinese cats?
Chinese cats all belled!

Chinese cats all belled,
By clever Chinese rats!

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Standing round the ritual fire, white smoke then black entwinning higher, she takes the
book up from the floor, the spell to open heavens door,

This chant kept secret for so long, in her evil hands did not belong, her intentions were
to create despair, her words to be carried upwards on cold night air.

Without a hint of hesitation, she began the ancient incantation...

"I have bathed in water near, that crystal clear my words you'll hear, to the eyes of this
enchanted seer, heavens entrance now appear"

She waited as her words ascended, to fuflill the wrath that she intended, with
anticipation as she watched, the door appeared, but it was locked.

"This can not be right" the seer spat, her temper unleashed upon her cat, "I saw no
mention in the book, but wait I'll take another look"

She read again the spell she'd cast, 'To obtain the key you need a cat'

How could I of missed that line, she wondered as she sipped her wine, her cat already had
run away, maybe there was another way?

"To gain the key to heavens door I cast this spell just once more, with  the crucial part
evading me, instead of a cat I use this bee"

With eyes a glow she watched and waited, the key soon to appear she anticipated, in a puff
of smoke that cleared to see, her spell had summoned up an old oak tree.

It's branches thick, it's leaves so green, much taller than she'd ever seen, on the
highest branch could it be?  a golden glistening hanging key.

She knew now what must be done, began climbing branches, one by one, "this tree will not
get the best of me, I am going to have that key"

Closer and closer, going higher and higher, evil spurned her on with it's desire.

At last a branch away the key, she was mesmerised by what she see's, she reached out her
hand without a sound, as the key suddenly fell to the ground.

"Damn and blast, what game is this",  she cursed and ranted, spat and hissed, with angry
words, her face a frown, she began her long descent down.

Finally she reached the base, out of breath and flushed of face, she looked around but
could not see, where was that damned elusive key.

For years that followed she looked and searched, from north to east upon the earth, from
south to west and back again, she never saw that key again.

What happened to the key you ask?I thought you may of wondered that, the answer is within
the spell, you must of worked it out by now,

'To obtain the key you need a cat' surely you remember that, he caught the key as it fell,
and  where is pussy? he's down the well!