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Evil Business Poems | Evil Poems About Business

These Evil Business poems are examples of Evil poems about Business. These are the best examples of Evil Business poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A long Night

Barking dogs echo beyond the doors of the pitch black night.Mysteries of the anxious dark buried deep in the heart of villains playing rock and roll at the poker table, coughing and spitting, feasting and dining while maliciously mocking John the Baptist severed head. A fleet of fancy boats whose interiors were fashioned with gold crept upon the surface of the shores with glamorous lights all around them. Business men dressed in fine tailor made suits with ruffian body guard at their sides,delight themselves with fine whisky, puffing gigantic Cuban cigar while being entertained by pricy and sophisticated women whose ornament worth a million.I saw the entire night unfold in front of my eyes, the night whose blatant sins speaks to the heart and soul of the heartless and formidable town. A town whose lawlessness expands beyond the pyramid of time mesmerizing the weak, crusading in the streets, milking the hands of strangers and making bawdy deal with friends and partners. I sat up in my car seat and witnessed the mysteries of the privilege night searching the hearts of evil men trampling upon their own misery and laughing at their own fantasy. The night wrapped up with innocence made ugly by villains cruising beneath the ship’s hold swearing and cussing, forcing the weak to carryout merciless act of madness. The crescent shaped moon positioned over my head prayed with me quietly and the smiling stars uttered songs of praise reminded me that God is around and he is in control. This was perhaps one of the longest nights; a night dominated by many unexplainable circumstances. I followed the puzzle all the way through in search of the ultimate truth.The naked trees caught up in the melodrama, stripped of all their summer pleasure stood tall while trying to hold their composure. I heard them moaning in despair at the sudden arrival of winter flair.I sat up the entire night looking at the naked trees in the dark, leaves peeling away from giant trees, bushes drying up in dismay,exposing everything that was hidden in the valley of the great deep. Aged old trees languishing their age looked at the universe lamenting their daunting years. I watched the sun immerges from behind them,its view overshadowed by dried up bushes but it forcefully made its way from behind the shrub sending warm rays of light 
dancing around me.

                                                                            ©2014 Christine Phillips

Copyright © Christine Phillips | Year Posted 2014

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The Land of the Corrupt

Safe, protected, free, just, wealthy.
"You're safe in America."
"Our government will protect you."
"We have the most just system in the world."
"America is the wealthiest nation." 

Welcome to the United States, 
where safety is police brutality against 
our own citizens; where the food we 
eat is pumped full of poison; where 
our guns are taken from us to keep us 
"safe", when the enemy is on the home front. 

Welcome to the Land of the Brave, 
where men and women lose their lives 
over another nation's resource, even though we've 
got the technology to keep them home; where 
a man turning into a woman is more 
important than hundreds dying in an earthquake.

Welcome to the Land of the Free,
where free will and creativity is 
frowned upon and conformity is the 
latest trend; where its citizen's opinions 
go straight to the garbage while those 
already in power continue making decisions.

Come on over to the USA,
where child molesters serve less time 
in prison than those caught with a plant;
where you can be arrested simply because 
your skin is a different tone; where a mother that 
killed her child got away with a slap on the wrist. 

Make a trip to the wealthiest nation,
where one percent of the population holds 
every cent, while homelessness is at an 
all time high; where religion means no 
taxes, and it costs an entire years pay 
just to afford a higher education.

Make your way to the Land of the Corrupt,
where the War on Terror is a scam,
and our nation's biggest tragedy was a planned attack;
where the poor are forced to pay taxes with 
money they don't have, while the wealthy 
gloat in flashy suits and Mercedes Benz.

Don't eat anymore out of their greedy hands.
Take your freedom back.
House our homeless.
Block out the media, it's an illusion.
Stop fighting for a country that wants you to die.
It's time to make a change.

Copyright © Morgan Richards | Year Posted 2015

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Give or Take?

Love should have no opposites but it does
Love should be the opposite of love but it is not

Hate is not the opposite either
Most people think it is
It seems to make sense since hate is evil

Selfishness is the one true opposite of love
Since selfishness is only taking for one’s self
Causing pain, loneliness, leaving suffering behind
Selfishness is a lonely business, paid for with your soul

Love is simply giving
Giving all the time, no cause, effect or strings attached
When you have love there are no mistakes

Love cost nothing
It is free and last forever through eternity

GIVE or TAKE is your decision 

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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Pledge Not The Allegiance

It's the third verse,
I got the urge to purge
All the curt words I've splurged,
I've submerged in sin,
I'll go to church repent,
Then go curse again,
Lets reverse this trend
We nurse tolerance,
When it might offend,
If I white wash my fence,
So try to not get tense,
When I do not defend, 
Those who chose to be dense
And not use their two cents,
To show kids the reverence,
For the pledge of allegiance.

Copyright © Mike Conway | Year Posted 2013

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Storing all a"s,the bazaar,
Of the three one is profit,
Bazaar like the heart of the township,
Supplying noise commodities to the ear consumers free,
A place buying richness and selling poorness,
Most of the sellers only with minds but hearts,
Money is like blood running all over the Shop nerves,
Some buys,some sells,some bags and some begs,
Also some bugs drawing blood in the down town,
The debt rolling like wheels,
Very busy like only today no tomorrow's,
The merchants of Venice sits,
Shylocks carrying fault scales to weigh flesh,
Bazaar,the chased satan's official bungalows!

Copyright © Muhammad Safa Thajudeen | Year Posted 2015

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Always a hustler

Every hustler has fallen.
Cracks in the concrete is how the streets are watching.
Calling me back, i thought i closed that door?
Slipping into darkness heating up my toes.
Rock bottom balling is a choice. 
Do or die. Be heard or make noise?
Bodies traced in chalk then go void.
Last time i checked I'm dealing with faith.
like a rose that grew from under the pavement. 
A hustler dies a hustler is made.

Copyright © fernando vergara | Year Posted 2014

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(Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) 
(Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition)

A fucked up world it’s a fucked up place,

Everybody judged by their fucked up face,

Fucked up dreams, of a fucked up life,

Sleep with a whore, leave a fucked up wife,

Fucked up moms with them fucked up dads,

And a pot belly cop with a fucked up badge,

Fucked up thoughts of a fucked up mind,

Kid got fucked, but the candy was kind,

Fucked up eyes, wishing fucked up things,

Aim high and they cut your fucked up wings,

Fucked up words of a fucked up tongue,

Speak against the fucks, feel a knife kiss your lung,

Fucked up city, acts fickle as fuck,

More bullets than breeze in the air, gotta duck,

Rich survives, but the poor got no luck,

What's the big deal when nobody gives a flying fuck.

Fucked up homes, families gone sick,

Pre-teen hymens getting pierced by pricks,

Fucked up girl, twelve, wishing for a son,

Lord save the world, fuck this shit, I’m done,

Fucked up boy, snorts coke for fun,

Can’t spell ‘caine? My business, that’s none,

Fucked up youth, more booze in their veins,

Than blood, then they question – is the world insane?

Fucked up killer with his fucked up lust,

Raping before peeling off her skin is a must,

Fucked up teachers of a fucked up school,

Molest a student, give him grace marks, all cool,

So many fuckwards enter schools with a glock,

And then shoot kids and all other fucks on the block.

Fucked up man and his fucked up job,

Sit on a protest, vandalize with the mob,

Fucked up the streets set fire to the cars,

For the sake of a drunk celebration at the bar,

Fucked up preacher, tight jeans he’ll scoff,

Bet it’s not gay porn to which he’s jacking off,

Back home, his wife does her fucked up prayers,

Proceed to cover herself in a dozen black layers,

Black conscience, fucked up our thoughts,

Sit back, inhale, as our culture rots,

Won’t cut hair, yet shave their pubes,

Wombs neutered, kids bought in test tubes,

Cube of a mind, fucked up our views,

We prisoners to our habits, habits fucked up too,

Fucked up our votes, politics is a hoax,

Parliament is a picnic for filthy rich blokes,

Fucked up court is a brothel, no joke,

Cover hands in green, judge comes in two strokes.

Fucked up water and our fucked up food,

Has more chlorine fluroride dynamite than it should,

Fucked up history books about wise men,

Teaching kids that we been fucked up since then,

I myself am flawed, I repeat it again,

But the blood doesn’t lie, it’s the ink to my pen,

Think why we fucked up, ‘fore our morals fade away,

Why did real art give in to 50 Shades of Grey?

A sinister buffet, serving corrupted fillets,

Fucked up diet, still, “Too much do I weigh?”

Rolled up in a joint, our tradition’s a dismay,

Lit aflame, our heritage settled on the ashtray,

Fucked up game, dance to this ballet,

Makes you beg another day, pray you not be the prey.

Fucked up system, fuck that’s clichéd,

Like my fucked up poem, fuck, Lord, save the day...

Copyright © Adarsh Raj | Year Posted 2016

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Evil in Business(Poem#1-High School Years)

Screams, the pain begins 
Blood rushed, cleansing of sin
Darkness falls upon the land 
Houses burn so bright 
All the children run in fright 
Evil's here, it expands 

Meat, fresh, everywhere 
The smell so acrid, here 
All the workers to stay
Some work for family 
Even for Emily 
But one thing is sure they want their pay!

Revolution in the sky 
Someone must pay, someone must die 
Blood soaked cobblestone 
Families torn apart 
Even though Daddy works at Kmart 
As the workers pass with a groan

Copyright © Colin Amato | Year Posted 2009

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Thief's- What goes around comes around! (2005)

Always taking what isn’t yours
An evil life and an evil cause
So cheap, can’t buy your own
Pile up your materials, its you and them all alone
Problems can be a root to theft
If you don’t get help you’ll be the one left
There is no excuse to steal
When they stole from you how did you feel?
Whether you steal a penny or a pound
What goes around comes around

Copyright © R Kumari | Year Posted 2005