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Epic War Poems | Epic Poems About War

These Epic War poems are examples of Epic poems about War. These are the best examples of Epic War poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Texian Macabre Arena

The First Texian Macabre Arena Ballad (The extended free-fallen edition)
In another life, is where I first saw your face!
One summer afternoon, lying wounded next to the dead
Unopened gun powder, mass destruction, a land of disgrace
A blood thirst battlefield is where I first saw your face
The sound of war, hidden behind bleeding hands
Crawlers, render their lives giving grace
Jaws of steel, broken, embracing, warm feelings
Summer rain, lungs filled with blood, one last post
Glorious by numbers, screaming blades
Gemstone in touch with the Holy Ghost  
Soldiers come in a little close 
Crawling, missing limbs, 
Twisted nightmare with no ending

Macabre reminder, retracing the aroma of eternal life
Secrets buried like a treasure under walls of sudden death
Revolutionary tears found on a rusted Bowie knife
Lanterns, crackling against the dying wind
Dirt piles of crushed windpipes -- sudden death
Rummage like garbage, the dead Texian
A Falling Alamo Star, taking one last twinkle upon the sky

Forgotten Patriots, I can't remember the names
Written on walls, I can't remember the names
A folktale arena is where I first saw your face
Fairness of stuttered surrender slicing through iron brace
Crawling, with the hunger to live, a clean finish with grace
Exposing, scars needing mother's hands, mothers face

Across infested meadows, the aroma of burning skin
Distant, before Texas and her annexation, 
Gruesome, before I lived, Texas and her mortal sin
I pledge, my love, the honor, a legion, I'm a full blown Texian
To Every Forgotten Texian Patriot----- We Win!

By: PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2014

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Wall Street


Set upon the new world stage within the burning fires of hell. Silently posed factions of the elite, suppress the true inherit of Mother Earth. The meek children bending over for millennium, taken spankings of bare bottoms, pelted slavery. 

Upon entry to rule, the open stage of smoked mirrors began to reflect back upon the podium of lies. Taught by scholars from university books of political science. Fearful of leadership matching mirrored images, of false pretense, babbling rhetoric. The stirring masses of discontented, individualistic, thought of as dead - enders, trouble makers, and rebel rousers, rallied aimlessly.   

With super hero, Captain Do Gooder, bleeding helpless on the floor of Wall Street. Weary lost hope combatants mustered courage, and accepted destiny. To this point, someone shouted against the wind of change. Felt by all who sensed the importance. 
"To death do us part of the purpose to which we, the united, stand for justice". 
The chant began, as Captain Do Gooder was dragged away, and cuffed, once bleeding helpless on the floor of Wall Street. 
Damn the torpedoes. Damn the torpedoes. 
Captain Do Gooder, fallen, bruised ego matching skinned knees, lays helpless. Who will save them now.

Second glances from high rise penthouses. Serving champagne and caviar. Brought iron clenched hands once hidden, to draw the stage curtain down. 

With Captain Do Gooder nowhere to be found. The voice that came from pain of pupil. Born within broken dreams of promised lands. Realized nothing was coming cheap on this occupation. 

The dusty streets found Captain Do Gooder aimlessly stepping against the winds of change, down Wall Street. The well-intentioned, arrested and broken spirited, lost hope of recycling any salvage rights taken from them by Metro. 

Was this the end of the well thought out, pushed down occupation.  
Was this the beginning, of the underground faction. Where was senior generation X hiding. Only Captain Do Gooder and the well-intentioned, world stage occupiers, hold the key to that Pandora's box of hope. 

The peoples across the oceans were already springing far ahead in their own, more brutal campaign. For they had no cushion on which they were raised to kneel against. Tyranny ran over them.  A lesson yet not felt, or learnt, or taught, in the new world.  No chance of city mayors issuing eviction notices. Bullets, tanks and bombs were of the order. Brought down the line, traced back to the ones our United Nations to this day, refuse to acknowledge.
While leaders there home internet shop, and pump out the lies. Everyone dies. 

In the heart of the continent of center, where unto which as mankind sprang forth, for its first and ever conquest.  
The lights kept dim, to obscure the violent cleansing. A facade to disguise once moreover, the brutal tyranny for which the greed of the elite, control the dimmer switch. Diamonds and oil fuel the fire of war and oppression, on this stage of greed and guilt. Too far away, and too many distractions upon center stage for one to see or care. Thought and looked upon by most as racially motivated.  The origins of all mankind, to be left, far too far, behind. The true forsaken people. Why is man unkind.

So..........will Captain Do Gooder raise the bar to which drinks for the house, and all around, will quench the thirst felt by ninety nine percent of the people............mother knows best.   
Yet, still, self-inflicted roadblocks of appointed destiny, drop kicked long days past. Faint light shining far ahead, within the tunnel of hell, brought up to land. Firm above the depths to which it sprang. The truth of world order.  

Wait......what do we our closed eyes deceive our cries........................................

We see Captain Do Gooder catching second wind. 

She breathes deep now and all can hear her war cry, no longer whimpering softly. As in past tense situations, given way to dazed and confused wall street *****es.  
She builds momentum, as our brothers and sisters lay dying and bleeding. On the streets of some not so distant for telling, of what's to be, will never not be coming full steam ahead and plowing through the hidden agenda.  One step beyond the line drawn in the sand of time, we thought would never be crossed. Give way thoughtless future tellers, and takers. Still holding firm with paper cuts, deep into the hands who printed and prepared such slave papers, kept by the elite bankers. 

Captain Do Gooder returns renewed and refreshed. Our true Mother.  
Captain Do Gooder feels strong, as bruised knees and scraped hands heal. 

Brush of destiny sweepstakes,  allots winnings of earth shaking, volcano erupting, tsunami tidal waves, with bonus draws of worldwide chaos. Future draws are to be held with worldwide winners. Grand prize, dead oceans rising.  

The next generation have no fear digest writes the next chapter. 

Hold the press down firmly wall street backbiting backbenchers. Drawn into the crossfire, on her mark, place the x on the next general who dares not fall into civil disobedience.  
Captain Do Gooder has grown teeth, and she is biting down hard against the line to pipe riches, spoiled from her lands. Stolen from the first pilgrimage, fifteen thousand years old, lost empire. 

How dare you steal from, and pollute the minds of her children. Yet old enough to drink and drug and die in war.  How dare all of us. 

Meanwhile back at the ranch.  Captain Do Gooder hugs tight that tree of life, to which sprang all this elbow rubbing and diversion. Wall street huddles in her corner, painted red to match the lengths to which an end will surely bring to it. 
Painted red for all to see. 
The end to friendly letter writing, give peace a chance, make love not war, generation taking a bow, and snow birding it, to false sense of security land. Like the ostrich with its head in the sand. 

Copyright © Scott Howard Myers The Gypsy King | Year Posted 2013

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 1

"Before The Gates Of Alahsar." 
Vladislav Raven. 
Full Version. 
Bardic Style. 
The Time Before Time. 
Comest now mine Lords and Ladies, lifteth up thine ears and listen clear, 
The ancient tale of the dream land, Alahsar, layeth before thee. 
Looketh now in mind's eye, seeeth the golden gates to peaceful shrine, 
They standeth in wonder, a city of joy and peace, a most ancient  Jewel. 
I thy Bard, I standeth before thee, mine words are ready to sing, 
Mine beating heart of truth doth beat the cadence as mine heart doth speak. 
Oh Alahsar thy dream forever sung, I layeth it forth, ancient words, 
Comest now mine Lords and Ladies, Listen to the tale mine heart doth tellest. 
Never hadst there been dark in Alahsar's jeweled kingdom, 
The sky afire with a golden glow in a night of lightened twilight, 
All night this sun wouldst lieth low In the sky, a golden glory, 
This light of Love ever toucheth the beating heart of Alahsar. 
The sun doth sparkle off golden pinnacles and minarets bejeweled, 
The sun kisses gold so gently and golden light doth live, 
Mine Lords and Ladies, such a display of dazzling light effects, 
Forth did cometh the rainbows of dream's desire. 
Upward ran the virgin white stone dwellings of the city, 
They didst tower to such heights, reaching for the heart of Heaven. 
Open thy minds to the vision and seeeth, upward, upward, ever upward, 
Atop the great city a golden palace, how that glory did shineth. 
This was a golden beacon to all that Alahsar didst live, 
The city of dream in its golden coat arrayed didst sing dream's song. 
From the golden gates below to the golden palace atop, peace and joy did reign, 
I givest thee Alahsar, the city of dream constant, the dream sings. 
On the first level the dwellings of Alahsar's mighty armies, 
Of the most sumptuous furnishings they were arrayed. 
Seeeth within thy minds soldiers dressed in such regal splendour, 
Those on duty walketh proudly from dwellings to parapet wall. 
They all knoweth nights of passion in rooms of silken beauty, 
Primal passion emits its sighs and screams into the night. 
Communal wash areas were to the rear of these dwellings, 
They were behind high walls, built into the rock itself. 
To Be Continued.

January 2nd 2016.

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 9

Moveth along and reacheth the plain as lightning bolt striketh ground,
Joineth with he who cometh from the storm, enter the gates with a mighty one.
Still, ever they journey on, they turn left following the river bend,
Now the track through the trees must be taken,They couldst do this,
The quickest way to reacheth the bridge and therefore the plain of Badicha,
Onto the emerald green of the track the Captain did leadeth,
Now in the closest proximity all wouldst be, holdeth heads up high,
The test of the Knights and their steeds would now cometh.

Now they seemeth to quicken their pace a little, these brave knights, 
This is not the time for pomp, it is time for to meeteth he who comes.
Forth knights of Alahsar thy duty for to be fulfilled,
Ride ever onward ye brave knights for glory thou shalt meeteth,
Upon the plain of Badicha a Dark Man to joineth, up thy pace,
The son of the storm cometh forth for the revel..
The memories of wars long ago, victories fulfilled, honour taken,
Ride on brave knights, ride on, thou shalt meeteth him on Badicha.

Now, once more, the mists of time close over DreamScape,
The vision be now gone from our eyes my lords and ladies,
Yet soon the jewel shalt returneth for our eyes to see, 
We shalt seeeth once more the way to Dreamscape openeth.
Our tale from the time before time shalt begin to singeth again soon,
The son of the storm himself shalt soon be with us, the song lives,
Now the thoughts must focus before our tale progresseth,
The song of Alahsar is just touched, there is more to be told.

Chapter...1 Part...1...5.

We now returneth to Golden Alahsar my lords and ladies,
The mists of time dissipate and glory cometh to us.
Once again we soareth on high as the song of Alahsar cometh forth.
Charge the horns and let us returneth to the jewel named Alahsar.
Now, oh mighty ones, let us returneth to the glorious storm,
Mighty now is the storm played out in Alahsar’s skies.
There is no war, this is but a mother that leteth forth her son,
The son of the storm now ready to descend to the earth.

To Be Continued.......

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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The Internet: Rtrn

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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A Turning Point

The man stumbled on, wanting to get as far away as possible
the sights he had seen and lived through too terrible to contemplate.
How could another human deliberately inflict such awful things on another.
He could see a gentle stream of smoke arising from the distant chimney
and headed for the shelter it offered, staggering on until he reached it.

It was a pretty cottage nestled deep into the hillside and isolated.
He tumbled through the door and collapsed on the floor.
Mistily he drifted in then out of consciousness unable to focus
aware vaguely of a gentle touch that soothed and replenished.
He drank from the cup pressed to his lips and then let go.

The old lady shook her head at the follies of mankind,
and set to work bandaging his festering wounds.
She made a drawing potion to clean out the poison
that had taken a fierce hold racking him with fever.
Then  she covered him and stoked up the fire.

For three days he lay in a coma muttering about the war,
not an ordinary one, oh no, this war caused carnage.
Evil stalked the land every hand turned against the other.
Sons killing fathers and brothers and to what point?
A simple disagreement about Creed had started this.

Weakened by the ravages he was slow to fully heal
yet he learned much from the old lady causing him to rethink.
To look at things with eyes a-new seeing the other point of view.
These new values he took with him when he left thanking her gratefully.
He set out on a new route, his task now to heal and bring peace.

Standing a-midst the crowd on a small hillock he taught them new values
not by preaching as such but by parables that showed the way to peace.
After all he would say; Pause and Think, For What are We without hope?
Everything gone by can be changed, all we have to do is care and act.
So lit the small flicker in your heart and fan up a healing blazing flame.


Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

Copyright © John Paluszek | Year Posted 2013

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Notice of Love and War

He woke and saw his beloved asleep with one breast partially exposed

And with his fantastic limp he works his way to the kitchen

He made coffee for her with croissant lathered with jam

Gently he pulled at the exposed women and gestures with the tray

Happily she wakes and with great affection reaches for him

Coffee is second and pastries  with jam come close to him

But he is first and the love hits him like the wind

Gently it began and gale force now

He had to lash himself so he wouldn't be swept away

And it grew

She always lay in their position and there was no other

He would mold himself to her and tease her nipple

He came home weathered from the battle and with grief

Friends had been shot by snipers and the heat

He had seen a woman with a basket approach his friend

And she dropped the basket and pulled the belt

The explosion deafened him and his comrade's face is gone

Fragments hit him but he is running to his friend

But the friend lays silent

Gazing to the wetness on his leg he falls

He is deafened and wakes in terror and looks upon the leg

And finding himself in bed she tries to talk with him

But he claim's it's a bad dream and the basket falling

And later...............

The limp was his reminder of that day and he eats the croissant for his friend

Copyright © Patrick Cornwall | Year Posted 2012

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An Epic Battle With A Simple Question

A beautiful heart pines from afar. To parallel freedom, we choose our master. In Love, the Dragon and Unicorn are! Celestial winged heart beats faster, Over mountain and ocean meet polar eyes. To parallel freedom, we choose our master. Embarking from sun brewed and moonshine skies Two alien races, in war, collide. Over mountain and ocean meet polar eyes. All brothers' swords raise, marching with pride. Sisters of heaven let feathers fly. Two alien races, in war, collide. The angered clouds rain blood from the sky. A new path finally found. Sisters of heaven let feathers fly. Brothers' swords low now to the ground. A beautiful heart pines from afar. A new path finally found. In Love, the Dragon and Unicorn are! In universe Out bound energy Where are we when we die?

Copyright © Edward McCormick | Year Posted 2013

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Love story part two

Part two: Outbreak of civil war

Imaani’s world is falling apart around her.  Protests against a dictatorship government go out of control as activists are brutally killed.  Rebel groups are formed and a civil war breaks out between rebels and the government.  Imaani’s life is in danger as her father is a political activist.  Her father is arrested and her mother dies after a local shopping centre is bombed. 
Oh my beloved, I must leave you now.  War has broken and I must hide myself from the world.  Be patient my beloved, if our love is true we will be together soon.  
Mathias is heartbroken and alone once again,
“Don’t tell me love hurts,
It hurts just like death.
Everyone has a love story,
But my story I can never tell.
No one ever taught me how to love,
I only learned through experience.
Loss leads to pain, sorrow and no hope for tomorrow,
If pain is temporary, then why do i feel hollow?
No one ever told the truth to me,
About growing up, and the troubles I would face.
Everything I was taught,
had not prepared me for this.
Love is like the sun,
The closer you get, the quicker you burn.
Lies and betrayal will destroy your trust,
Your mind will be at war and there will be no peace.
Maybe it was never meant to be,
especially when you feel you never tried hard enough.
So, is it better to let dreams fade away?
To break two hearts, that are meant to be?
With so many doubts and so many questions,
I guess I will never know the true answers
In a society where love can be a taboo,
A beautiful love, sometimes cannot blossom
What kind of world do we live in?
When society cannot let you be you.
So don’t tell me love hurts,
It hurts more than anything.”
As the war becomes more brutal, a refugee crisis hits the country.  Imaani is forced to leave her home,
“Society has shunned me and I feel neglected,
I am like a foreigner, so it is time to say goodbye.
There is nobody here of mine, so I will be leaving,
colourful memories have faded away, all I see is gloom.
All those I loved have been stolen from me,
taken away by the evil brutality of man.
Their voices still echo around me,
their screams continue to traumatise me.
Derelict streets and buildings are all around me,
with haunting sounds of happiness and laughter.
All around me is pain and cries of injustice,
atrocities that the world turned a blind eye to.
All has been lost, so I guess I will be leaving,
disappearing behind a trail of sadness and sorrow.
I will soon be forgotten as will my childhood memories,
forced into an unknown fate as I become part of the Diaspora.”
Mathias’s world is falling apart.  He loses his job and falls into depression at the sudden loss of his soul mate,
“Life is a poisoned chalice, full of betrayal and hypocrisy,
an evil society which breaks your heart and then mocks you.
My destiny is a deceitful one, full of deception and regret,
there is no happy ending, this is no enchanting fairy tale.
I feel no love and have been left all alone,
nobody really understands, so I hide myself from them.
I have become indulged in a dimension of deepest despair,
within an abyss, where darkness is my only loyal friend.
so many tears have been shed, I have drowned myself in sorrow,
I am drowning in what feels like the deepest ocean and I cant swim.
I am falling, but no one is there to catch me,
my emotions are out of control, my mind is betraying me.
My heart is so fragile and sensitive, it is hurt by the smallest thing,
these voices in my head are driving me insane.
I am going crazy, when will it all end,
as no longer do I have the strength to carry on.
As every sigh becomes deeper, I contemplate my fate,
is life really worth living, what do I have to live for?
Help me please, no go away, leave me alone!
I await the final betrayal, so then I can say goodbye forever,
I will leave without a trace, without an explanation.
But, please forgive me, I never meant any harm,
I can't help it, I'm falling,
and no one can catch me now.”
Months go by and there does not seem to be any end to the war.  The powers of the world stand by and look on, not intervening as they have no political gain from the conflict.  The refugee crisis increases with overflowing refugee numbers in camps around neighbouring countries.  Imaani, has not eaten for days and is a shadow of the woman, she used to be,
“Do you hear my call?
Here, I stand,
battered and bruised.
Thirsty, hungry and confused,
do you hear my call?
Look into my eyes,
they have ran dry, no more tears.
The world has become blind,
they do not see my suffering.
The world has become deaf,
they do not hear my call.
So hungry, that I cannot sleep,
so tired, that I cannot sleep.
Life is a chance of luck,
a child born into luxury,
a child born into poverty,
sadly, a definition of what is to come.
soon, I will be gone,
but my plight, must never be forgotten.”
Part three: The union
Imaani has not forgotten the love of her beloved even with her life in extreme danger and close to death she calls out,
“I was never a poet, 
but your vision became my poetry,
I had heard about love,
but only your existence turned me into a lover.
I thought romance was dead,
but, your companionship, seduced me into a romantic.
I was never a musician,
but, now I compose melodies to describe what I feel for you.
I was never a believer,
but, your beauty made me believe, now I worship you.
I have never asked for anything from God,
I enjoin my hands and pray for your return.
I search for you with every sunset,
I search for you with every sunrise.
They mock me and say you will never return,
soon you will forget and love again.
Happiness or sadness, no matter where, my love will never change,
for those whose love is true, devotion always remains.”
A voice whispers into the ear of Mathias,
“Do you think you have time? Go to her, to your beloved.”
To be continued...

The Silent One. 20 August 2015.

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2015

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Plockton - Wester Ross

The greatest holiday gift I ever received  
Goes back so many, many years
Before my life became turmoiled
And before my tears for fears

I was a child like many out there
Torn, strewn and split of kin
Mother and father in differences
Confused at seven, wearing their same skin

For I was one of the lucky ones
To a Highland Estate I would go
It's on the west coast of Scotland
Where my holidays desired me so

Secretly I internally smiled
For a whisper of where I was heading
To live with a movie star hero
No longer my life was in dreading

We were picked up by a man so fine
His manners were an absolute joy
Regimental he was in his approach
To me, just a seven year old boy

We travelled through the village of Plockton
Crystal clear waters edged to it's shore
I knew from this very moment
Being here ebbed previous family sores

On entering his house I was in awe
Movie pictures came to my view
They were images of James Bond
At seven I was totally through

A voice called to me
Hey James! sit down and I'll tell you me
Still in circles in walking awe
This is what he told thee

My name is Patrick Dalzel Job
In the Second World War I served
But this recognition I bestow
Humbles me to it's deserve

This honour that's been given
Was blessed by a colleague in war
What desired Ian Fleming to be so striven
Possibly, what we were fighting for

We served on the same destroyer
Fighting to make the future free
His tribute, in his novels I became
James Bond, it's incredibly me

Not many seven year olds have stayed with James Bond.
This seven year old Scot's boy has, maybe I learnt?

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2012

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I'm very small
I am called Standing Tall
My story to be read as i live through it all.

Our Dakota lands are forest and vast
Where our ancestors have hunted
From long in the past.

Our tribes are, a confederation of seven
With our language of Lakota, Sioux heaven
We stand proud as we remember our past
And look to our gods, to make it all last.

A silhouette on the prairie hill i see
This shape in the distance is new to me
As we sleep in the night, we hear guns and blows
We arise from our camp, to look for the noise
We creep on the prairie to their surprise
Under the moon, where the land would flow
No longer the Buffalo.

We mount our ponies to challenge these men
What gives them this right to kill and maim
Bodies of beasts, furs cut away
Missing heads, a ghastly slay.

On reaching their camp our bows stretched
Arrows screech, hit the wretched
Watch them fall to the prarie floor
Just like the Buffalo did hours before.

Years have passed as we are moved from our lands
These poisonous men, and their poisonous glands
Bringing illness fever and strife
Ending many a Lakota life.

We reach a point in History
Which made the white man sit up and see
Their Golden Child General George Custer
And the Little Big Horn, my what a disaster.

Arapaho, Cheyenne and us Lakota too
Sliced the Blue Jackets, their Scouts too
The US Cavalry would have their glee
At the Battle Of Wounded Knee
Where Siiting Bull would finally rest
Standing Tall's story last's the test
If we Indians had the same resources
Like the silhouette on the hill
These praries we always had. would be ours still.

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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Wounded Warrior

For the torn,
for the meek.
Toward the storm,
toward the beast.

For the scorned,
for the weak.
Wounded warriors,
for the free.

In the dirt,
make my bed.

Live on hope,
consume hate.
Rusted spoon,
rusted plate.

On this stage,
in my role.
Home one day,
never whole.

For this goal,
in the name.
Different soul,
though the same.

Take my life,
use it well.
Build your heaven,
on my hell.

Don't you cry,
I'll always be.
Wounded warrior,
for the free.

Copyright © David Dowling | Year Posted 2010

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The Universal Man

I shall live and die By my own accord Only my God may judge me To him I've proved my worth I am still here fighting It matters not what for On my ship of righteousness Headed for waters unexplored The clear night sky will darken And the clouds seem ominous I take heed to the sure signs From them I won't digress They are in the way of my dreams And hopes that fill my sails Like the wind from my heaven Keeps my skin tough as nails Evil comes to tempt me I am not immune Sometimes I play the hero Other times I'm just a fool Either way the choice is mine I make it with my free will For that's the gift he gave me And for what I fight for still The government is coming To bring a chaos they call order The line has been drawn Between two sides there is a border I feel myself being torn To choose a fate in stone Let this be a lesson Why I wander on my own Minds can be controlled I see it every day The weak wills fall like dominos That lie littering my way An obstacle before me I iron will it to the end And when the devil comes to dance with me I have already started to transcend into everything around I am the universal man my true form I shall disguise I am hiding it from this great Satan they say will come for my demise I know he will find me maybe he already has in a long gone nightmare that my soul he stole at last if I remember correctly I can't say I recall ever escaping his grip or did it ever touch me at all?

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2012

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First World War

I envy the dust, the way it moves all free and careless,
released from it’s sleeping state the thunderous pounds 
of late shelling, again endless. 

Muffled shouting, through this trench confounding,

Mustard attack, gas mask aside, fingers in fumbling fight
bitter cold night in a field. 

No fireside, food to bite
cigarettes to smoke and mates to joke.

last one gone two days ago up one minute then vanished in a puff of smoke.

this place is beyond reality, it’s beyond insanity 
fighting for earth no mother walked nor father built.

If they want to fight then bring it to my hills, not this flat wasteland of mud, blood, bones and chills.

We were thrown into this bloody war,
and we wont have our say, like we've never had before.

Taken to the slaughter history will say, 
throwing ourselves forward like tidal-waves. 

Waves on waves of sacrificial lunacy again and again.

we've taken little ground and this other trench looks bad, worse than ours 
doesn't looked heavily manned looks like we lost more man.

What do we gain now? apart from more time in thought.

those withered layers of rotting feverish flesh, one part is fresh 
the other pure dread. 

captain is shouting, up on my legs 
what’s going on...conscious or dead?

Copyright © Paul K K | Year Posted 2016

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A walk with me

Waves crash the rocks in ecstasy
as I pass the archway 
to the sea.
Onwards to the village, 
busy cafes,
the aroma of coffee brewing,
as a power of teens gather, texting.
I venture down 
a chestnut lined road
under a canopy 
of Copper Beech
where bright shafts of sun
illuminate a lane of lavender 
a sea of perfume
wafts the air.
Climbing an incline, 
hills in view,
the distant sobbing
of water sounds
a trickling brook emerges
ambling through magenta heather
and thorny gorse.

I reach a stile, 
entrance to the woods
where a carpet 
of frosted red cyclamen 
bleeds down to a deep dark glen.
A chicory lake lies there, frozen
as a mist uncurls between reeds.
The granite hills,
 soft with snow,
luminous against a whale grey sky.
A copse of pine trees
surround a curving river
where trout pout, bubbling.
At the fold of day, 
returning hom
The pale sun sinks the horizon
as stars tremble
into a velvet night

Copyright © Eiken Laan | Year Posted 2010

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 2

On the second level, merchant's homes and shops were arrayed,
Here were homes of a richer bearing, of the more powerful.
Mini palaces with minarets adorning their heads, of purest gold,
The scents of the orient, here they did waft on the air, intoxicating.
Each scent mingled with the next, inducing peace, a gentle narcotic,
Listen oh thou mighty ones, the sounds of trade ever singing.
These mini palaces had indoor bathing facilities for the inhabitants,
Beautiful mini gardens were behind these dwellings, such beauty.

Seeeth in thy mind's eye Level three, the communal gardens,
They were lush, green areas, surrounded by Kaleidoscopic colour.
There were shapes and descriptions of all kinds of exotic plants,
They seemed painted onto this scene by a master's hands.
So skillfully crafted were these gardens of Love, peaceful to the mind,
There were trees of mighty girth, lifting there many arms in praise of the almighty ones.
There were secluded hidden areas, those areas for Lover's to be alone,
Indeed, I as thy bard tellest thee, all desires were catered for.

On the fourth level were homes for the palace staff, grandiose buildings,
These were virtual palaces, as close as could be to the merchant's homes in style.
From Golden window casings the Badicha plain could be viewed complete,
They were blessed, the splendour of Love's dreams theirs.
In dwellings fit for mighty kings they lived out their lives,
Within thy minds, knoweth that all knew Love and joy within Alahsar.
These homes also had their own small bathing areas within,
There were ever sounds of joy within each dwelling, happy were the people.

Mighty ones, lifteth up thy horns to the splendour that be Alahsar,
To that most beautiful jewel under a low midnight sun.
On level five the king's palace and its vast gardens standeth alone,
The great golden glory of he, known only as the golden king.
Lifteth up thy horns, all ye who hearken to mine words,
Drink thy blessed mead and in thy hearts e'er Alahsar remembereth.
In one mighty cry may our voices be heard,
"Glory and Honour."

To Be Continued.


Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 17

And as they reacheth the golden gates they turneth to face the foe,
The Arlagh’s they wouldst cometh with power and might to kill,
The ground wouldst shakeeth as they didst runneth towards their foe,
Always they doth runneth for their meal, always hungry the Arlagh.
Cometh then forth to meeteth thy fate ye hounds of Hell,
Hesitate not ye hounds of hell, the day of thy death cometh,
For Utamol, free of scabbard doth loudly call,
“The Sword Of Blood shalt Haveeth Ye All.

“Standeth alone and thou shalt die,”
The warrior Queen cryeth from parapet high aloft,
"We standeth here, let night’s hordes of abomination cometh,”
Dark Man doth sayeth as he fealeth the rage of Arlaghs across Badicha's plain.
No man cometh out the golden gates, they standeth alone Turvehr and Dark Man,
The enemy now formeth  into their ranks once more, kind with kind.
The charge wouldst cometh, the blood red moon, as night creatures call it,
A man of dark wouldst knoweth his end very soon, he wouldst fight, liveth or die.

With slavering and gnashing of teeth the Arlagh’s didst cometh,
The other creatures of night cameth more slowly, more cautious.
Both Turvehr and the Dark Man they are still as marble statues,
They moveth not at all from their place before the Golden Gates.
Silent as statues standeth both, they showeth no sign of fear,
Both ready now for the blood-letting that wouldst surely cometh.
Turvehr and Dark Man, single heart, single brain,
Now they standeth under a darkening sun, Shalt it become Blood Red Moon.

Chapter...1. Part...2...1c.

But closed Golden Gates are opened mine Lords and Ladies,
Forth doth cometh the Tigress and the red in all their strength.
The mounted red move onto the flanks everyone moving quickly,
The unmounted red standeth behind the mounted Dark Man.
Now dismounting, the Dark Man standeth next to his Love,
His eyes were seen to shineth brightly within his cowals dark.
Forward moveth the Dark Man and Tigress,
As more of the Red cometh out of the gates, the Arlaghs still charging.

Moving out wide on the flanks were the mounted archers,
Their white mounts prancing onto Badicha, they showeth  no fear.
The Red, so called because of what they did weareth in battle,
But the red breecs and the red shirt, their armour was their faith.
They were now outside the Gates and formed to charge,
Waiting not on any other soldiers who were to cometh out.
They did maketh their charge onto Badicha, 
Battle crash wouldst soon be heard.

To Be Continued..........

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The gates Of Alahsar - 14

Brave the knights that rideth away, regailed in Golden finery,
How they shineth with Golden light when kissed by the Golden sun.
They were followed by the infantry, marching out bold and strong,
Bedecked in summer’s brightest colours, a glorious sea to beholdeth.
Brave indeed were the soldiers who marcheth to battle,
With hearts of steel they marcheth away, glory for to win this day.
Upon the plain of Badicha, before the Golden Gates of the Golden City,
The battle for the survival of light wouldst be fought this day.

And womanhood didst watcheth this day, forbidden by the Golden King to fight,
As Father’s, Brother’s, Uncle’s and Lover’s didst marcheth away,
Into the light of glories dawn, the Golden Glory didst shineth bright,
A sun of glories Love for last time shineth on the glory that was Alahsar?
Our Warrior Queen standeth with the rest of the women, her warrior's heart on battle's field,
Behindeth bright battlements of silver she watcheth all marcheth away.
Tears fell from those brown eyes so young and bold,
As she stood on the smallest part of wall, above the Golden Gates.

Both sides now in great power faceth each other across the emerald sea of Badicha,
The Dark forces had their spiders and spider riders on the flanks.
The light force had there mounted knights on both flanks,
Arlaghs were in the front center lines, merciless, murderous beasts.
Behind them were the goblin wolf riders and their wolves of course,
The infantry of Alahsar standeth row on row in the center formation.
The archers didst standeth behind the infantry and also on the flanks,
Both these armies standeth in expectation, they waiteth for the attack command.

And upon Badicha, sweet dreams own plain, yelleth attack command,
Man and beast hath cometh, no quarter wouldst either giveth.
Weapons of destruction didst meeteth in a thunderous clash of steel,
Tortured hearts in anguish cryeth out as life so quickly lost.
Pain and Death, their victims they sought so easily on Badicha,
Hearts on now quickly darkening plain didst die before their bodies felleth dead.
This was a clashing of Faith against Faith, who wouldst win?
The Warrior Queen didst watcheth and she didst weepeth at the sight.

To Be Continued.....

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Defend as Men

With armor pierced, I’m battle scarred
For enemies swords had struck their mark
Though weary, I, I raised my sword
To continue fighting in the dark

The battle started hours before
Fighting strong, with me, heroic men
Yet, common men with noble hearts
For mother land, they now defend

No formal training, nor fighting skills
But, armed with will and make shift swords
These men of honor fought for right
For losing homes, they can’t afford

I, their leader, their chosen one
Selected for strength and outward pride
Am honored to fight aside these men
Else, not fighting at all, I shall have died

Our homes and family are what we are
The marks of us men are lineage and land
We go into battle, each as a boy
To come from the battle, each as a man

Copyright © Michael Degenhardt | Year Posted 2008

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From the beginning of this life,
Man somehow knows that he is at war.
From childhood games, to stories of the imagination.
We are aware of a conflict, a glorious conflict.
Long ago, a dragon was cast down from light.
And his fall upset the fabric of the universe.
What once lived eternal now stood imprisoned in cycles of death and decay and 
all of creation mourned.
But from the darkness, God’s champion.
The Holy One of light, Made man in his image.
Chosen from the beginning of time, to fight for our Creator and return peace to 
the cosmos.
We were grafted as warriors and it was our destiny to ride victorious.
In the bosom of God, we were created by the expert hands of the Maestro and 
were given all things.
But the snake deceived us, and we fell.
Yet the Snake himself was fooled, for in our weakness God would find strength.
In the fall of man, so too would he find his destiny.
To ride with God victorious and set creation back in light.
We God’s glorious symphony, Ordained in Eternity to reign with him forever.
For many years we wandered in darkness, longing to regain our birthright.
The snake had made us his slaves, and perverted our hearts to death.
We, God’s warriors of light, were turned to darkness.
And for millennia we warred against each other for scraps of pleasure,
Like dogs we served the Dragon, all the time blind to our Destiny.
But our Champion, the Lion of Judah, Saw us and had pity.
He came to suffer at his own hand, and take on his own wrath so that we once 
again might rise.
And now the truth is ours, for he has already claimed the victory.
We, God’s anointed, chosen in light yet deceived into warring against one 
The Lamb has saved us, and it is time for us to take our rightful place in 
Celebration of his crowning.
Jews, Muslims, Siks, Suphis, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, and 
Agnostics too.
It is our time for the Lamb prepared a place for us in his army of victory ever 
The time is now.
The time is ours.
So grab your sword and ride to victory!

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2007

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 16

And then the beasts do screameth with fear, they art not at ease.
The vengeance of the light hath cometh, the Dark Man,
Summoned by a Warrior Queen’s heart, her blessed tears.
Many of the night they knoweth they now faceth their own oblivion.
As the anger of the Gods doth striketh the earth a roar of thunder,
Upon a mighty lightning bolt the king of Unicorns doth cometh,
As black as night, with mightiest horn of ivory,
Upon his back a figure completely covered in black, the Dark Man.

The Arlagh’s, they were ones who never showed fear,
They were kin to the wolf, they didst never runneth from any foe.
Their heads were that of wolf, their bodies that of man,
They had the legs of wolves, to speed them on.
In battle they ever moveth on, never doth these monsters retreat,
They would killeth all in Alahsar, they wouldst eateth all meat.
Red had started this day when Arlaghs had struck,
They wouldst eateth their fill and drink of the nutriencial Blood.

And fear doth spreadeth from human heart to human heart, Wouldst Antiquities tales be lost?
Mortals doth seeeth the signs and they thinketh all is lost.
A master of the darkest night a friend to all, he wouldst surely cometh,
Cometh to earth to fight his fight but what wouldst be the cost.?
By the end of this bloody day wouldst womanhood just pineth away?
No! all shall die if battle lost, some wouldst awaiteth in chains each feast.
They wouldst be food for death feast, The only death for the lost,
Wouldst Alasahrs' Golden Love never return? wouldst all cometh to an end?

Now he doth cometh, riding forth across Badicha, tall and proud,
Both Unicorn and man of night, they flasheth across the emerald sea.
Straight as the errant flame toward the great jeweled city,
They rideth out of darkness into what is left of light.
His sword, Utamol, held tightly in his right black gloved hand,
Held high aloft now,to his Warrior Queen, standing now upon the parapet,
Utamol He didst hold aloft in salute to Beauty’s all, 
In salute to woman’s power and majesty, the glory of his Love.

To Be Continued..........

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 6

And now voices raiseth in songs of victory, how mighty be the sound,
Songs that wouldst filleth any Warrior’s Soul with greatest pride,
These were the songs of a far greater antiqyity, 
And also, of course, mighty songs of the Golden King’s exploits.
Songs of praise for the great jewel of DreamScape, Alahsar,
Songs heapeth golden praise upon the majesty of a golden king,
Loudly and proudly the voices singeth into the air, the king is pleased.
Alahsar, the golden jewel alive with such Golden Sound.

Now let us looketh to the events that shalt cometh forth in our tale,
Let us taketh one moment away from the merriment,
This was a troubled time for the great golden king,
Darkness now did threateneth the Golden Kingdom of DreamScape.
The Golden King who this early morn' wouldst drinketh the horn of celebration,
he 'morrow he may drinketh the dregs of sorrow,s horn before his end.
Didst thou really believe i wouldst divulge any specifcs of mine tale?
Let Alahsar praiseth the Dark man and those he didst lead  to victory.

On the third level there was no revelry, there was only peace,
Here in the communal gardens there was a calm joyousness,
A few people already resteth from the revelry, on the grass they layeth,
Our Warrior Queen was here to meeteth her Dark Man.
Such quiet solitude toucheth her, the gardens were good for the Soul.
All the songs being sung didst reacheth this place of respite,
Many started to leaveth the gardens and walketh down to level two,
Most of the singing didst cometh from that vicinity, joy went on.

On the fourth level it was almost silent,  very few voices heard now,
The dwellers here wouldst now be at their work in the Golden Palace.
A few children couldst be heard singing the old tales with gusto,
There high pitched voices, they were almost lost in the breeze that bleweth.
A few children on the street dancing to whatever song was being sung,
Their laughter was a balm in itself, it was so nice to the ear.
Alahsar was alive with gaiety, joy and Love, hearts didst singeth,
Wouldst that every heart wouldst always singeth.

To Be Continued..........

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 7

The Golden Palace atop the mountain was awash with light,
The softer songs of Alahsar cometh from deep within.
Within each room the sumptuous splendour of priceless jewels,
All are happy, within they awaiteth the guest of honour.
Outside the storm doth grow in magnitude, the mother of darkness,
Soon, from the heart of the storm, wouldst cometh the dark man.
Many watcheth the sky, the fastly darkening sky, soon he wouldst cometh,
The storm alive now, the thunder booms and lightning flasheth.

Now once more the mists of time falleth over Alahsar once again,
Once more thy bard must hath his horn charged, bringeth the mead lass,
The mead shalt help the voice so i may singeth the song more clear,
In bardic, melodic voice, the words shalt cometh forth strong.
Soon we shalt returneth to Golden Alahsar, in the Golden DreamScape,
The words of elder songs shalt singeth out their power and glory,
Like running waters, they shalt floweth forth and painteth their wonder,
The glory of Alahsar shalt cometh to thee through thy Bard's song.


Now mighty ones i returneth now to singeth the song of Alahsar,
Now cometh with thy bard once more to the priceless dream.
Like the eagles high aloft, let us flyeth now to DreamScape,
The great wall standeth ever impenetrable, The walls standeth firm. 
Within this great outer wall the largest silver gates to beholdeth,
This is where mine song doth take thee, we shalt seeeth what we seeeth.
Let us watcheth from on high as we soareth above our scene,
Many soldiers of the outer guard now in armour shining.

Now a great hammering from the other side of the great silver gates,
Something hard striketh, four mighty strokes then a break.
This repeats time after time, the signal of the enemy dignitaries,
Outwith these gates in eternal darkness dignitaries awaiteth entry.
The gates shalt now slowly openeth, soldiers standeth expectant,
Hands on sword hilts and spears at ready, shields also at ready.
The great silver gates still openeth slowly to the darkness,
Yes, the gates of DreamScape openeth to the darkness without.

To Be Continued

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 12

Utamol, the sword of power, it was pulled from black scabbard,
Turgon didst manouvre his steed between Turvehr and the bridge.
He shivereth as he think he seeeth two tiny flames of fire,
In anger, the Dark Man’s eyes were kindled, hate’s burning flame.
“Make way mine Friend,” The Dark Man commanded,
It was then the high pitched scream of a spider was heard,
“Put away the sword mine Friend, Please,” Turgon pleaded,
“These do not entereth the city,” the Dark Man commanded.

“They must mine Dark Man, they are envoys from the dark lords.”
“So be it, the envoys entereth on foot, the spiders stayeth out.”
Turgon didst nod to the Dark Man,
The Dark Man pointeth Utamol towards the bridge,
With such speed Utamol back in the scabbard out of sight.
“Let us rideth to Alahsar mine Friend and pass over these dogs,”
Turgon sayeth with disdain and the Dark Man didst nod, they turneth to Alahsar,
The jewel of the Gold land awaiteth, also the Dark Man’s lady.

Mine Lords and Ladies, Alahsar, the jeweled kingdom, lieth before us,
Charge thy horns and come joineth me in Antiquity once again.
The mighty plain before Alahsar, Badicha, the emerald green sea,
Upon this rich green carpet knights of Alahsar shalt cometh,
Their golden dragon banners raiseth high, they billoweth in the wind,
The shining stars of battle cometh home to Alahsar,
Their most frightening prize between them, now is the time,
The king’s guard now rideth in honour across the mighty plain of Badicha.

Slowly, in great pomp and honour the king’s guard doth cometh,
Now people atop wall watcheth, they hath cometh to see proceedings.
Rideth on ye men of honour into Antiquitie’s Golden pages,
The Dark Man rideth with Turgon  at the head of this train.
Distant dreams of long ago didst play in his mind,
He returneth to Alahsar with these brave knights of old, with the red,
Such scenes as this were embeded within his silver threads of memory,
Within the immortal mind, vision’s greatest home.

Now a mighty cheer doth go up as more horsemen leaveth Alahsar,
They were regailed in their finest armour, as knights of old e'er were.
Now they raceth across the plain, they becometh a golden light show,
Dragon shields on left arms and swords heldeth in right hands,
This was indeed the ceremonial guard of the golden king.
The Dark Man now was held in anger’s thrall,
A ceremonial guard for these abominations, his anger grew,
So much death and destruction caused by these monsters.

To be continued.....

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 5

Now our tale must hath a short break, a humble Bard must sup,  
Comest lass, bringeth me the meat board and mead for mine horn. 
Oh mighty ones, our story shalt go on, the song shalt be sung,
Yet for such a few moments i beg thy indulgence.
Let the mists falleth upon Alahsar and our scene be masked, 
The journey in itself is but only begun, the song hath long to go.
This be a mighty song of Alahsar that shalt be long in telling,
Soon the song shalt once more cometh to thine ears, the song of Alahsar.


Comest mine Lords and Ladies, watcheth as the sands of time dissipate, 
Let us once more returneth to that fabled, golden land of Alahsar. 
Comest now my Lords and Ladies, Comest on thy golden wings, 
Alahsar, the world of dreams, it awaiteth us within its wonder. 
The mists now gone, All be clear, we canst now seeeth all, 
In its golden slendour, there before us Alahsar doth stand. 
As thou shalt remembereth there was great revelry within Alahsar, 
They doth hath a night of celebration, it would be rivalled by none other. 

Hearken now  to mine words as the song it doth go on, 
The revelry had now progressed onto the streets, great was the joy 
Yes, there was joy and merriment to be had in abundance, 
Now some soldiers could be seen in the streets. 
They were not alone and they had consumed much mead, 
Their joy was abundantly clear as they now had their play. 
Sounds of Primal Passion, still the only sounds on the first level, 
Those warriors in Primal Passion now did put everything into the act. 

Upward, on the second level of Alahsar, the streets now completely filled,
Couples dancing, men trying to show off their prowess.
Such fun and frivolity hath all as a storm begineth to form,
A cheer goeth up, it is carried aloft, "The Dark Man comes."
There's much shaking of hands and hugs of friendship, 
Tonight all the citizens were one, all petty feuds were set aside. 
The Warrior Queen now arriveth on level three, she looketh upward, 
Once more, men, women, and children to their play.   

To Be Continued.....

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 10

The storm doth roareth again and again in its ultimate fury,
It doth only rock Alahsar’s skies in fury’s circle,
Even the lightning striking the ground shalt causeth no damage,
The Mother now calleth forth her son, the thunder is deafening.
Now all Alahsar doth watcheth the heart of the storm, the coming,
Expectant faces watcheth high the glory unfolding in storm laden sky.
Glory and honour shown the warrior of night when he cometh,
Cometh now from Valhallah Dark Man, Son of the Gods.

Mighty is the cheer that ringeth up to the sky from golden Alahsar.
Down upon a lightning bolt a pure black unicorn doth run,
Turvehr, the king of his kind, the steed of the Dark man.
Giant Raven’s wings held in at his sides, a great power,
The horn of his mighty power, this was of purest ivory,
The most beautiful and deadly of mythological creatures.
Down the lightning bolt in glory and power running,
The Dark Man siteth proud upon his mighty back.

The Dark Man only ever seen by one mortal,
One pair of soft brown eyes to knoweth his majesty.
Dressed in black from head to foot completely covered,
A mighty cowal covers head no face ever seen.
No flesh at all shows itself to the human eyes except for one.
The Warrior Queen, the one, she never speaketh of what she knows.
The son of the Gods, the son of the storm,he is now cometh,
Alahsar’s greatest protector is now cometh on this night of nights.

All factors begin to cometh together in the song i singeth,
As the Dark man and Turvehr do comeeth to the earth.
The storm is already beginning to dissipate, the sky becometh light,
The mother calleth no more, the thunder ends the silence deafening.
Turvehr’s wings outstretch and he begineth to soar slowly downward,
Lightning bolt now gone, Turvehr does soareth on the breeze.
Cometh to the earth thou child of the storm in thy glory,
Cometh thou king of Unicorns from thy mighty past, the living song.

And when thy hoofs hiteth the ground oh mighty Turvehr.
The cheers of all Alahsar lifteth up to the Gods in thy honour.
Near the great woods in far distant sight thou doth cometh to ground.
Straight now across the Badicha plain thou shalt not goeth.
Forward now oh Dark Man to thy Love and thy destiny,
The fates hath thee here for a reason my Love. 
Is this the beginning of the end for our jewel named Alahsar?
Only the Immortals knoweth the answers to this question.

To Be Continued........

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 4

The Warrior Queen atop the wall, on parapet standeth, awaiteth her Love,
He known only as the Dark man, a Warrior from the kingdom of the Gods.
This Tigress doth stalketh the parapet, her thoughts within the Heavens,
She is indeed an ancient glory, a Tigress to striketh death.
So deadly is she in the art of war, so gentle in the art of Love,
Behold now my Lords and Ladies a smile now her face doth show.
Looketh to the east, those are storm clouds that now do gather,
He cometh as his promise did say, to his Tigress, to his Love.

Fleet of foot, in no time she is down the steps, the wind she is chasing,
Auburn locks now full of life do dance out behind her.
She doth danceth through the crowds on the silver walkways with such ease,
Upward, ever upward, her legs runneth strong, ever onward, upward.
Revelers watcheth enthralled as she danceth so easily through them,
She is but a beautiful shadow as she runneth along.
She hath to but reacheth a special place within the comminal gardens,
In this spot she always meeteth her Dark Man and Love doth flow.

Cheers now ringeth out as they see the Tigress passeth so quickly,
The Warrior Queen, one of the King guards, all know her name.
Her name sings into ancient tales in many songs,
As we already knoweth she is called the tigress, she was Loved by all.
Upward still she runneth, still this beautiful Warrior chaseth the wind,
The second level her feet now upon, there was no time to stop.
There were so many people barring her way as the storm clouds gathered,
Lightning striketh the ground, thunder crasheth, soon he cometh.

Now the cheers ariseth as the thunder roars, welcome to his brother,
Dark Man on the back of Turvehr now leaveth the heart of the storm.
Humanities sea as one parteth before the Warrior Queen,
As a sea wouldst one day openeth for Moses, they knew who came and why.
Once more the tigress runneth, she runneth to the stars,
And nothing, but nothing, wouldst bar her way to those stars.
Her mind now in its cocoon of love was so softly singing,
A Love song resplendant, her heart's Love singing a Love refrain.

To Be Continued........

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 13

Soon both groups shalt  meeteth on the emerald green sea,
The ceremonial Guard were to taketh the spiders inside,
This is the way it had always been meant to be,
The Dark Man heldeth no hate for his Friend Turgon.
A night of Revel in the Golden City and Dark envoys cometh,
Giant spiders and spider riders from Akrah, hated creatures both.
Turgon and his Guard peeled off to the left,
The Ceremonial Guard wouldst now taketh their places.

Let us leaveth Alahsar for a moment so i may hath some mead,
At the board i may sustaineth myself with some bread and meat,
Then mine Lords and Ladies i shalt returneth to thy song,
A bard is but human, he must eateth, he must drinketh. 
The night is but young and our tale doth go on, the journey but still begun,
Soon we shalt returneth to the emerald green sea, Badicha,
When we returneth the song shalt once more entereth thy minds,
In some of us antiquity shalt always live on.

Chapter...1. Part...2...1a..

Now let us returneth to blessed Alahsar but 209 years earlier,
It was the time of the battle on Badicha’s plain.
Let us now seeeth the grandeur of men at war, Ancient pride,
When people did speaketh, Death holdeth great glory, we shalt seeeth.
The dark ones hath stirred and aye they cometh for blood.
They cometh to destroy all light and all dreams, they wisheth oblivion.
So few of those alive then were alive now, 
DreamScape, the world of dream, one only dies if the dream dies.
This is what they always didst say, how wrong could they be. 

Before the great Golden Gates in the long ago battle on Badicha,
The Dark ones had cometh, once more to conquer lands of light.
Behind the mighty silver parapet didst standeth those who watcheth.
An Angel stsndeth, sweet womanhood, in the prime of her glory,
Her soft brown eyes beholding a dark sea, was this the end?
Wouldst darkness cometh upon this scene that hath known only gold.
She did watcheth as men did marcheth in splendour from mighty Alahsar,
Through golden gate, they did looketh as a dream, in their splendour.

To Be Continued....

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 11

Cometh children of the storm, in spleandour cometh to Alahsar’s gates,
Yes, Love's dark ones, in thy glory cometh to the golden gates of Alahsar.
The revelry from within is for thee oh mighty one, Dark Man.
Cometh now as one mighty shadow across the plain,
Cometh forth in thy mighty glory and regal splendour, liketh an Ancient King,
Befitting thy place as the son of the storm.
Now give Turvehr his head mighty one, the city awaiteth thy coming,
The blessings of a Golden King shalt be upon thy head.

Swiftly riding across the plain, to the right of vision a glistening,
Turvehr did pulleth up quickly, Dark Man watcheth to the right,
Across the Raven bridge Knights and spider riders in column.
The captain of the knights doth advance alone to meeteth his friend.
On the plain, before Alahsar, they both do meeteth,
Conversation doth begineth between these two friends on the plain.
Turvehr in anger stamping watcheth the giant spiders on the bridge,
The giant spiders wouldst always be his mortal enemy.

Now mine lords and ladies, cometh as one to the city that awaiteth thee,
Let us awaiteth our Dark friends with the cities inhabitants.
The mists once more start to close over our magnificent scene,
The first part in our first chapter of the song doth reacheth its end.
The song hath long to go mine Lords and ladies, i shatl returneth,
It is time enough that we begineth again on the 'morrow
Now mine lords and ladies, lift thy horns to Alahsar,
A toast, “The city Of Gold, may it standeth forever.” 


The Dark Man and the Captain standeth apart from all,
Both the Captain's steed and Turvehr were uneasy as they pranced,
The Captain didst rein in his charger, Turvehr was given his head,
Both these mighty Warriors faceth each other, the Captain bowed.
The Captain finally smiled at the Dark Man, they were friends,
He took the Dark Man by the arms, a Warriors salute.
“My dark friend, i hoped to meet thee on this way,”
The Captain said quietly as he controlled his mount.

Well met Turgon, i see thou havest prisoners,”
The Dark Man said quietly as his eyes scanned the bridge.
Turgon didst shaketh his head as he looketh over to the bridge,
“No mine Dark Man, these be envoys of darkness.
“They are free in the golden land. By whose word this foolishness?”
The Dark Man now didst cryeth out in his anger.
It is doneth by order of the mighty Golden King mine Dark Man,”
Turgon said almost apologetically.

To Be Continued.....

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016