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Epic God Poems | Epic Poems About God

These Epic God poems are examples of Epic poems about God. These are the best examples of Epic God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

God's Kind of Poetry

I formed the poet to be my clay pen
To dance on the pin tip of my understanding
I delight in words
All things came into existance through my words
The planets
The stars
The moon
The sun
The universes beyond what you can see
They are tethered by my imagination
I am a God of order
I delight in repetition
My ways are perfect
What you see a chaos, fits perfectly into my plans
I occupy all the spaces
I exist within each breath
My energy flows from beginning to end and back again
I allow you to glimpse my shadow 
For my full Glory would consume your human form
I am beyond your comprehension
Yet I wish you to know me
Ponder me
Come into my loving arms
My words are written on ancient scrolls
Each verse contains my essence
My invitation to a wondorous feast
Taste the succulence of my bounty
The flavours my affection
My consummate Love
Do not be concerned with the temporary
Trust in my grace
For I know all your needs
This world will one day disappear 
Paradise will reside under your feet
I will be your completion 
Dancing will have new meaning
Rivers will sparkle like diamonds
The skies will no longer need the sun
For I will be your light
We will walk through a new Jerusalem
Streets of gold
Buildings encrusted in precious gems
Trees will be laden with fruit
No hunger
No tears
My children will know freedom
Strength will course through veins
Angels will walk in their midsts
Age will no longer be their enemy
Death will be a forgotten memory
For I am God
My words
My poetry
They can be your reality
Make use of your free will
I am bound by my own promises
You must choose my path
Be a vessel of my Love
You my clay pen
Can flow
With golden ink

For this contest I am asked to write from the perspective of God.
It is an insurmountable task for one as limited as myself. I humbly
submit this attempt and pray that it honors my heavenly Father.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

War Against The Flesh - Part 3

Roaming the Streets Like a Wildcard With a vendetta,
I Ignored the Ache that was Thumping Against My Brain.

                              - Like Some Sort of Haunting Medicine -

It'd been Months Since Daylight. It All Started with  
The Darkening of the Sky. Then After, Came The Visions.

                              - Street Preachers with a Cause -

Those Religious People I Befriended But Never Took
The Time To Listen to, Vanished by The Church Load.

                              - Then Came The Slaughtering -

Those With Souls as Black as The Richest Tar. Found
In Disturbing Circumstances, Nailed to Wood.

                              - All The Blood Rushing to Their Heads. -

Now All That's Left on This Limbo of a World is us.
The People Who Never Embraced nor Rejected Him.

                              - Ragdolls For The Devil -

Following The Light Brought Me To a Small Camp, A Fire 
Blazed in the Middle, and my Arrival Attracted No Attention.

                              - I'll Hide From The Fire -
                                  They Burn out Fast

If The Smoke Attracted my Attention, Then
They'll Receive More Uninvited Visitors.

                             - For Now I'll Sleep Near The Camp Not in It -
                               - Sleeping Near Company Eased The Mind -
                                               - Made it Possible - 

Random Scuffling and Gasps Followed By The Screeches
and Noises Caused by Tearing Flesh. It Woke Me From Security.

                             - Raping Murdering Creatures -
                                   Upholding Their Design 

The Noise Died Down and Uneven Footsteps Trailed into
The Distance Behind a Deranged Doppler Effect. 

                             - ....Tend to The Wounded -

You Can Talk to Them Minutes Before Their Bulb Blows,
But How Do You Console The Damned? 

                            - Life is Terminal -

A Cancer Created to Spread, and Spread We Did. 

                           - God Added Restrictions -

Every Pregnancy Miscarried by Involuntary Abortion.

                           - Humans, Following In League With Dinosaurs. -

...  If God Wants You Dead,
                                          Where Can You Hide ? ....

Details | Free verse | |

Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

Details | Romanticism | |

Pursue Love

Pursue love,
the love that has no meaning,
the silver ports of the moon,
shine so bright,
that it blinds you in the twilight
she is beautiful and she is divine
she is the song sang by the sweet nightingales
in the gardens of worthy, overgrowning and blooming roses,
like wildfire grow tall and the thornes of the vines
tangle around her feet and drag her ever so slightly
throughout the garden of beauty.
As the roses lay along a table,
as she sits at the table
and she waits for me, the wordman
to come to the dinner table at the stroke of nine
and sit with her,
start a scene or two of romantic setting,
to pursue love in her name.
Love is around us,
the candlelight shines and reflects in her silk hair,
as her evening dress glitters and shines
and her bossom shows itself in the nightsky
as we lay together,
we pursue a dream together,
forever we live together forever,
as we stand upon the belcony of Romeo and Juliet's love scene
we swim in a pool of sweet divine care and love,
we swallow grapes and drink wine
hand and hand on Persian rugs and virgin white cloth sheets,
we dance to a simple, yet sweet Chopin's masterpiece
of his beautiful nocturnes,
which make such a sweet and romantic song in our heads.

We stomp out the flames
as we dance the night away,
and you lay in my arms,
and I kiss you upon your lovely head,
and you hold my hand,
and I hold you tight
never thinking of letting your love go away from me,
I would take my own life,
before I lose your love.
See us together,
it is a painting that lasts lifetimes,
that needs no touch-ups.
I care for you and love you!
Love me, I know you will.

My sweet and loving portrait lady,
who in reality is more beautiful than a fully bloomed rose
that sits on its green stem,
in the garden of beauty that sits outside my window.
Come up to my chambers
as I picked roses for you and pettles litter the atmosphere
as love's tension grows
and suspence brings us together,
let us make love tonight
seal the passion
and pursue love once and for all.

Then shall we wake with the first rays of the blazing of the morning sun,
I shall wake next to your beauty and glory,
and I shall point my attention to the heavens
and thank the Gods for sending you on the open road,
toward my chamber door, I call my heart.
Then we shall dress, and walk the pathways
in the garden of beauty
and I shall pick a bauquet of roses
and we shall sit by the lake and pursue our love
for one another
and nothing, not one earthquake shall shake us apart.


Details | Rhyme | |

The True Love of a Man

When I was just a little girl, I dreamed I’d meet a knight. He’d proudly wear his shining armor, and guard me day and night. I kept on dreaming half my life and searched as I grew. Until I found my knight one day, I found my knight in you! Before our paths crossed that day, my struggles had been great. But when I laid my eyes upon you, I thought it must be fate. You gently got to know me and embraced me as a friend. And as our friendship grew in time, we knew it wouldn’t end. As our lives were set in motion, we climbed mountains and sailed seas. And as we’ve shared our lives together, we’ve blended with such ease. Our friendship grew as years passed by into such an enduring love. This thing we have together now was blessed from God above! I know we both have said it. We feel it in our souls. We’ve devoted our lives to each other, and together we’ll grow old. The love we share is very rare, and should be held with high esteem. For some may only find this kind, only in their dreams. This is what God planned for us, to live here on this land. To be the best we both can be, walking through it hand in hand. Even when our roads seem rough, we must have a faith that lasts. We’ll smile as we share many today’s, and reflect gladly on our past. I hope I’ve touched your life my love, as much as you’ve touched mine. For this is the love I’ve always dreamed of, a love both gentle and kind. I believe we meet our “soul mate” only once in our lives. This blessing from God has come to us, I’m proud to be your wife. With all this said my poem will end. A poem for my love, who is also my friend! I want to thank you with all that I am, For showing me Darling, the true love of a man!
With all my love, Michelle Merry Christmas – December 2006©

Details | Epic | |

Unseen Faith

    For every house is built by some men.
    But he that builded all things is God.
    He that builded all things created everything, and without him
    was was not anything made for All whom have faith, shall bear witness
    for a change. Many one's wonder, whom distinguish unseen faith? and
    what is his name, "the Lord replied, I am the true light of the world, have
    Faith in Me, and I would set you free".
    Beckon all to know that faith  is the substance of things hope for, both spiritually
    and faithfully. The evidence, proven in rellevence as God blesses Everyone who
    trust him whole heartedly, flesh and material things you can touch, but the "Un-
    seen Faith", of love of God enhances us forever So Much!!..
    By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen, prepared an ark to the
    saving of his people, because the Lord set forth a new generation, mankind's
    life must be redeem.

Details | Epic | |

The Fallen Prince - part 2

Part 2.....

He cried and cried, into the night, regrets were his companions,
Until he heard the sound of hooves ,rumbling through the canyon.

Through tear-filled eyes, he saw a herd, of royal beauty stallions,
And perched upon ,their royal backs ,were knights in white so gallant.

Carefully ,they scooped him up ,and carried him away,
Into the East ,they rode from hell, for three long nights and days.

When long at last, with horses spent ,they reached their destination,
They placed him in the hands of God ,for this was His creation.

Great warmth began to fill his heart ,and light shone from his eyes,
He felt the gentle hand of God, and he began to cry.

Such happiness. he had never known. it lifted him so high,
He spread his wings, up to the sky ,and he began to fly.

Up to the sky, on mended wings, with angels all around him,
He heard the voice of God ring out, and totally surround him.

"I've done my part ,my fallen prince ,but the rest is up to you,
Fly straight and true, and don't look back ,no matter what you do.

Lead not thee to temptation son .for if you do, you'll die,
Fly straight and true, my fallen prince, or forever, cease to fly".

Will the prince ,journey home again ,to his fair and lovely maiden?
Or, will temptation ,lead him back, to the evil Black Knight Satan?

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Freedom within Me

I know some brothers who would never see the streets again.  But then
again......"they are still free.."  I seen a lion in a cage at the Zoo, and he
had a sad look upon his face.  Capture from his environment and then
his anger is much to the roar of his raged.  But if one is not careful, the enemy will
steal your joy and lock your mind as well as your Spirit into such a rage of
indignation that it will make you feel consume to a cage.  "They are still free.."
Animals unlike humans have an objective desire to feel free, so they can roam
and expose themselves in their habitant and be free, and survive off the land,
the land where God privileged is purity and where civilization is his creative app-
roached of Vanity.  
"Let Freedom Ring," and if one take within the fallable cauces of the value of love
and survived the punishment of time.  "Then only for a little while one will domin-
ance over the viles of their crimes and still be______Free.."  {for} GOD knows the
inside of your souls, He knows why the birds flies south to escape the frozen tun-
tra of the nothern shores.  "They have ascertain a course of nature and rest on a
branch of the tree..{!!}.."  "They are still free."
But do you or I...inmates as they call-out and shout your name in an attempt to
make you feel like you're never to return.  Some are litino's, some are mexicans,
Indians and blacks or whites, doing a mandatory ten, but still lockup, for life is
hard in the pen and if it excells you to self-esteem yourself, "count it to the good
as a lesson learned..(??).."  Because deep in the very pit of me, beats the inner
roar   "Freedom Within Me'like the cageup lion and I could never be free if i make my home and ly alone
with that which now controls thee.  Stand to your feets, and show that you are strong
and have Hope.

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She prays; gods halo again brightly creeping from underneath the shadowed covers of comfort. Slowly awakening her blissful HEArT re*collabrated and re*juvinated to start the day quietly tip-toed inside  her peaceful home. A plantation thats shown to be told,firmly planted is all she'll ever know, thank you god my almighty straight to the LION'S den's mouth, as her heart is poured out in extreme greatness. She announced her DOGS EYE is not in pain anymore. So Thank You god for you are my only GOD!!!! You've engaged this HEArT strongly SHAPPED, I do love me; and the WOMAN I have become. In these last few weeks she has learned GENUINE SOULS do care like you, as parents we will keep her fruitful n' clothed. She'll learn that LOVE IS: more powerful then anything imaginable as you have, you image this world through a precious eye;(my DOG) across the sky in colorful RAE'S of skittles I can taste the RAINBOW... COLLABRATING IN THE CLOUDS... Watching SUN~SET DAWN DOWN fast asleep holding on to those DREAMS along side my dog. Teaching everyone to LOVE with/out SELFishness, just against GRACE For her HEART Is BIGGER Than the UNIVERSE.... As she chooses FREE~WILL!!!!!!
WILLINGLY!!! I Know now her Entire FAMILY HouseHold is in good HEALTH, SAFEly hidden from DANGER N' HARM,and has had A Peacful nights rest beside the warm fire I will lay;as she closes her eyes during nights break.


Written by: Carma SWEETHEART; and

06-21-12.          Thank you BRITTANY for letting me do this I am truly honored*ENJOY!!! ;D

Details | I do not know? | |


My eyes can see
That the sand is like sea
And it stretches to the end of my mind
On a ship set to sail
with four legs and a tail
Tishmandu I set out to find
Now the wind is of sand
and can lend a hand
in tearing the flesh from your bone
So your head you keep wrapped
your snaps keep snapped
and you never travel alone
The heat at midday
is to kill and waylay
if the body and soul are not one
So you pray to the east
and prepare for slim feast
begging passage under full sun
Caravan of the seed
born on camels that breed
in an endless march between wells
Over lost count of dunes
under God and full moons
blessing passage with incense and bells
At the end of the day
when gold turns to grey
and the stars brighten the skies
A device is brought forth 
to determine true north
and the path where Tishmandu lies
On the fortieth morn
pressing lips to the horn
a signal beckons us wake
Leaving water behind
on a course now refined
the final leagues we must take
Tishmandu is a place
where a white mans face
has never been seen or allowed
But the people have need
and my service agreed
in a land under sky without cloud
Like feathers of blue
in the distance I view
the flags on top of the walls
Though my limbs are worn
my very fabric is torn
I move towards Tishmandu halls
At last in the shade
a walled shelter is bade
I meet with the maker of rules
A service I bring
but to rules I must cling
or a tortures price must be paid
Twenty days and seven
in the passes of heaven
I treated the sick and the lame
With rules on my mind
the medicines I grind
The devil of Tish for to tame

As I washed the sick
and avoided blunt stick
the God of the desert did smile
For the people made well
in this fortified hell
where spirit is subject to trial
In the end I am paid
for the journey I made
and the healing and medicine new
On my camel back
salted meats in my pack
I Bid farewell to Tishmandu

Details | Epic | |

raised from the dead

three women with points on their licenses to the tomb of Jesus they ventured
as they had a love for our Savior that was totally uncensored
they were told that the Roman soldiers over His tomb were standing guard
but they had a need to consecrate His body that compelled them to do their part
it was risky and unreasonable in the minds of most
but man's reasoning has no value when it comes to our Heavenly Host
to do the impossible that is what they desired
and with the power of the Holy Spirit they were then inspired
to walk by faith and not by sight guided by God's spiritual light

and when those women got to the tomb they then discovered 
that the sepulcher of Jesus was now uncovered
no Roman soldiers were in sight 
just an Angel of God wearing raiment snow white
"fear not" the Angel said, for the prophecy has been fulfilled
the Messiah  Jesus has risen from the dead for it is God's will
the mighty stone had been rolled away
it was a bold godly display

do you know that God will roll away any stone that impedes your life?
as He rolled away the stone at the tomb of His beloved Son Jesus the Christ
to be raised from the death of corruption and sin
restored, renewed, revived and born again
raised up from societal barriers of destruction
now a new creation in Christ's gospel production
the Lord desires that we live abundantly
and to walk with the power of His authority
so never forget the sacrifice and the blood that was shed
when Jesus the Christ by the hand of God was raised from the dead

Details | Free verse | |

To Eden Part I

What pushes my pen in this whimsical notch of the world?

   Something whispers to me like an elder dream....
   and the trees hang arbored 'oer a little stream of sea,

   the feathered folk flit and flute,

   and sip the may-season rill;

Where sun has finally come dipping like a diamond.....

   I am measured to this mighty moment found;

   and there is holly even in the most forgotten shade,

   though royal (even) ----- with garland diadems made 

It would seem the angels have foretold this:

   to not forget the most beauteous of days;

   with proud hours honeyed, 

   the long-loving minute endures in thy heart,

   and remembers the kiss of legends

   despite realms of sadness and dark,

   the withered wind which blows old upon the sad hills....

   too ancient for wise men; for in youth how pink the heart

   and varied, new struggles are many -----

   yet plain with simple solutions

Mercy hath not a mind for memory....

   swift its song, its house clean of enemies lurking,

   no bogey-man skulking the midnite hour,

   no roving-a-wraith scratching the old attic boards;

Forgiveness sleeps in the quiet wood, 

   and wakes with whispers of faith,

   with the ease of nestled lambs and recollected days;

What poor tragedy to fret with dark remembrance,

   to furl hades in the denizens of thy heart ----

   black-tongued as the devil in his den!

What fool would prefer a scowl to a smile?

   enemies come and go.....

   friends come and remain,

   when the house is quiet with memories....

   of youth and adventure in the old daydream glass;

   more precious the ancient hours 

   and parched the pages of first chapters,

   first beginnings, first faces in the ripples of time's pond;

Details | Epic | |


From the beginning of this life,
Man somehow knows that he is at war.
From childhood games, to stories of the imagination.
We are aware of a conflict, a glorious conflict.
Long ago, a dragon was cast down from light.
And his fall upset the fabric of the universe.
What once lived eternal now stood imprisoned in cycles of death and decay and 
all of creation mourned.
But from the darkness, God’s champion.
The Holy One of light, Made man in his image.
Chosen from the beginning of time, to fight for our Creator and return peace to 
the cosmos.
We were grafted as warriors and it was our destiny to ride victorious.
In the bosom of God, we were created by the expert hands of the Maestro and 
were given all things.
But the snake deceived us, and we fell.
Yet the Snake himself was fooled, for in our weakness God would find strength.
In the fall of man, so too would he find his destiny.
To ride with God victorious and set creation back in light.
We God’s glorious symphony, Ordained in Eternity to reign with him forever.
For many years we wandered in darkness, longing to regain our birthright.
The snake had made us his slaves, and perverted our hearts to death.
We, God’s warriors of light, were turned to darkness.
And for millennia we warred against each other for scraps of pleasure,
Like dogs we served the Dragon, all the time blind to our Destiny.
But our Champion, the Lion of Judah, Saw us and had pity.
He came to suffer at his own hand, and take on his own wrath so that we once 
again might rise.
And now the truth is ours, for he has already claimed the victory.
We, God’s anointed, chosen in light yet deceived into warring against one 
The Lamb has saved us, and it is time for us to take our rightful place in 
Celebration of his crowning.
Jews, Muslims, Siks, Suphis, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, and 
Agnostics too.
It is our time for the Lamb prepared a place for us in his army of victory ever 
The time is now.
The time is ours.
So grab your sword and ride to victory!

Details | Narrative | |


for such a time as this of political upheaval and economic uncertainty
how does anyone go about determining what is their God-given destiny?
what is our purpose in the grand scheme of God's desires?
what is it from us that the Lord Our God requires?

God gave each of us life for a reason
and will call upon each of us in due season
there will be some sacrificing and moving out of comfort zones
just remember that whatever God asks of you, you won't have to do it alone
for the battle is not just yours it also belongs to the Lord
and God won't let you write a check that you cannot afford

God will move you to a place and then give you an obstacle to overcome
but through Jesus you have the victory so consider the battle won
just trust in God to give you all that you will need
so that His set purpose for your life will come to seed

like Queen Esther, Harriet Tubman, Margaret Sanger and Rosa Parks
women destined for greatness who were beacons in society's dark
they did what was necessary for the greater good
to put the needs of others before their own as we all should
they stood up and confronted the so-called powers that be
in righteous indignation in order to save humanity

so let God position you where you'll prosper and be strong
and then use you as a vessel to make right a wrong
it might not make much sense to you and you might even disagree
but God knows what's best when it comes to determining your destiny

so just say yes to any and all that of you God does ask
and believe unconditionally that He'll equip you for the task
and as long as you remain resilient in your resolve
between you and God the situation will get solved

destined for greatness as mothers, mentors, lawyers or teachers
destined for greatness as activists, doctors, scientists or preachers
it matters not the capacity nor the career for you that God did choose
we're women destined for greatness and as children of God we cannot lose

Details | I do not know? | |

~ Genesis ~

"In the beginning was The Word, and The Word, became flesh...."

"This is the day that the Lord has made
And I shall be glad and rejoice in it...."
I have often wondered if people really know
What is being said within this verse from Psalm 118?
But it always leads me back, to the countless other verses
That I have been blessed to read, through the Holy Spirit of God
How the prisoners have been set free....
With Heavens Angels encompassing, those, who truly love "Him"
And though ten thousand, of the enemy surround us, we shall never fear!
For God is within us; indwelling us with hope and might....
These Temples built, by The One who created all, of "Light"
Life, and all that is good; from Genesis, to Psalm 104
Every word ever written, within This Treasure, called, "The Bible"
Our guide, our hope, our deliverence; the promise, of eternal paradise....
For as God has said, "Angels and Prophets, have longed to know
What wonders of love, that He Himself, has given us, 'Through Christ!'"
Freedom from the bondage of sin; and a bridge back home, unto "Heavens Throne"
All, if only they shall, return, unto His loving arms?
They, that have longed to hold us, since before, the foundations of time....
Oh praise God, all of you His children, praise, "His Holy Name"
For who is like unto Our Father; who can stand, before His mighty wrath?
Surely not the fallen angels, whom tremble, at His very sight!
And if He did not spare they; though they be mightier than us; or even, "His Only Son"
Then how can the godless ever believe, that He shall somehow, spare them?
No, for truly, wisdom begins in the house of the Lord....
In this the day that He has made, for all of those whom love Him!?
Whom turn from the darkness and the evil desires of this world
The wantons of pleasures, powers and lust; mere dust
Casting aside their pride and ignorance; naiveness; amid the idols of baal
These secular things....And turning again, with their heads bowed down, to
"The Father of Light!"....Accepting His Son's Sacrifice...."Through His Precious Blood"
..............................................."The Blood, of Life!"...............................................
                                  And I shall forever, rejoice, within "It!"
                                             ~ The Books of Peter ~

Details | I do not know? | |

Twirl The World

 Back in the mind of times
 See it for what I find
 Twirl the world 
 While it spins I can twirl the world
 I'm bringing back the old days
 Seeing these brutal type ways
 Twirl the world
 While it spins I can twirl the world

 I can see my future 
 Standing alive
 Walking amongst deadly ways
 And yet I still thrive
 My message is very clear
 From beginning to end
 Enemies and foes amongst me
 Yet who is my friend
 God told me not to worry
 In time I will tell
 All that you need to know
 To do things well
 The key is very simple
 Nothing in life comes for free
 Determination is what I find
 In this mystery
 I have got my head in the clouds
 So time will not pass me by
 Wondering what I need
 But if I would only try
 Where I am going from here
 Nobody really knows
 I guess I will try to keep it simple
 In my next tomorrow

  Back in the mind of times
 See it for what I find
 Twirl the world 
 While it spins I can twirl the world
 I am bringing back the old days
 Seeing these brutal type ways
 Twirl the world
 While it spins I can twirl the world
 I am standing in the midst of a sea clear, bright, and blue
 I am looking for somebody
 But I do not know who
 I need answers to solve daily problems
 So I go to the man
 Who keeps the world revolving
 If I am in Him
 And He is in me
 A crucial door just opened
 So now I can see
 I am on the outside and still looking in
 Praying for answers daily in this battle I win
 The war will be over soon
 But I will still enjoy time of peace
 Knowing it starts within me
 To keep my mind at ease
 So go on and put the globe down
 On my finger let it spin
 And that is the very message 
 That I have to send
 So that everyone will know
 Who is in control
 As the story unfolds
 In the hand God holds

  Back in the mind of times
 See it for what I find
 Twirl the world
 While it spins I can twirl the world
 I am bringing back the old days
 Seeing these brutal type ways
 Twirl the world 
 While it spins I can twirl the world
 I can twirl the world
 While it spins I can twirl the world

Details | Munaajaat | |

Tell Me

I'm lost hurt and angry
Why did you take his life
I want, No I need to know
Tell me, Tell me why
I deserve to know

Haven't you done enough to him
What'd he ever do to you
He suffered his whole life
Suffered more than anyone deserved
Tell me, Tell me why you did it
I have a right to know

Why'd you let him born to them
Born to worthless parents
Parents who didn't care
They threw him away like garbage
Pawned him off on someone else
Tell me, Tell me why
Explain how you could do that

You gave him Polio
You let others treat him like disease
You took away the full use of his legs
You warped his hand and foot
Tell me, Explain to me why
I deserve to know

You let others think he was crazy
You let it go on for over year
You didn't stop it, Why
Tell me, Give me your reason
Answer me, Help me to understand

You go and make matters worse
You gave him Cancer
You didn't give him a chance to fight back
You just jerked him away from us
Tell me, Tell me how
How you could be so cruel

How can others not question you
When others do it, It's murder
But when it's by your hand
It's your will, Their fate
Tell me, What makes you so different
Your no better than the demons knocking at the door

You heard me beg and plead
You know I'm not afraid to die
I was willing to carry it all for him
I was willing to take my Daddy's place
You didn't even let me say Goodbye
Tell me, Tell me why I couldn't take his place
Answer me, you owe me that much

Sabrina Niday Hansel

(motif) Spiritual

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The Rising Red sun

                       Inspirational poem.. Rising Golden red sun all its way..dedicated to all 
                               of you  guys..wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

                                          The Rising Red sun

As like the charming moon and  luminous star fades away.
It promises to send the dynamite sun shining in the sky.
Due to which oceano pearl glitters all the day.
Praying god for the happiness in all our way.

The morning sagas made me understand, Me and my vivacious life.
But When I look back and pick up the souvenir of my childhood. Its just nostalgic. Feel like to go back to the teenage. The sustained pain is the only option left that I can’t get those days of my innocence back.
All I could make up my mind and just say, move on. Just move on.

Ray of hope chimed my heart.
Because god gifted me Something and added in my cart.
Provided me and my sincerity towards work can’t depart.
From the very day uplifted to give a quick start.

The moment I realized the magnetising power of the sun.
Felt trust on it and renovated my life again by attenuating my pains.
Rest all I expect peace my thee.
Left with the ray of hope. Bless us  MY god, My lord !!!!!

Wrote by:

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The Day My Uncle Died

The Day My Uncle Died...

I was thinking about the smile on my uncle’s face….
This was a before he would “leave this place."

I'll never forget the words shortly before he died.
The more I thought about it, the more I cried.

He said, "you know Jimmy I wish I got to know you better."
I never received another phone
 call or even a letter.

A few days later he was ready to go to a funeral.
But it was also him who received a burial.

I was shocked and amazed as to what happened.
The events took place. There was no way
 I could "stop them."

Memories I had were from many years ago.
I often think about him.    And I do miss him so!

I suppose many don't take the time to realize...
How quickly life passes... 
Then someone dies.

Perhaps there's someone in your
 life you can think of…
There's been a situation that you're
embarrassed to "speak of/"

A harsh word said, and angry thought was spoken.
And soon your relationship has been "broken."

This may be a good time with this person to spend.
Irregardless if they're what you'd call a "friend."

Everyone is important to God who reigns above.
We need to be filled with his mercy and love.

The person you haven't seen shall one day disappear...
The days are short...  Our journey's end is so near!

May God speak to our heart and help us to see...
Where will you and I be spending our eternity???

By Jim Pemberton

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Once upon a time, the Lord of spiritual consciousness
Was sitting peacefully on His blissful throne 
Ceaselessly contemplating upon His equilibrium
T’ was the era of no moon, no sun, no stars, no earth, 
No oceans, no rivers
Just a motionless, timeless and deathless entity it was
Happy with His existence  

Suddenly the thought of sacred motion was felt
Deep down in his essence
Seeking the chaos to be stirred 
From its core outwardly
Consequently separating the light from the darkness and
All the other elements that constitute the Cosmos
Thus giving birth immediately to old mighty time

When Time: This wizard of celestial art found himself alive
His expert hands stretched in advance, wanting to create
For that the plastic energy he took, that was everywhere around
And skillfully and patiently the Cosmos carved according to the Logos
Creating thus, the nebulae, the galaxies, the stars and all the other planets.

Then God looked at times creation and marveled with its beauty
But as there was no life to be seen in all of this creation
The thought of desire was born in God to inhabit every place
For that out of himself he cut myriads of blazing souls
Which like shooting stars he sent downwards to animate nature,

That was the way the souls beamed to manifestation’s cosmic sphere
Radiating their luminosity to reality’s lower planes  
Bringing with them the sacred principles to denser forms of life
As they were passing from the spiritual, the mental and the astral
And finally materializing, themselves on the physical solid plane
Where life began on earth, with God’s will and grace!

©Demetrios Trifiatis
    14 January 2013

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The Destruction of Mankind

The Destruction of Mankind!

Throughout the Bible’s history, you’ll find…
The wickedness and destruction
 of mankind!

There were kingdoms that have come and gone!
They took pride, and thought
 they were strong!

No matter how strong men make think they may be…
Everyone needs to make plans for their eternity!

There’s many things that people have enjoyed…
But. there’s coming a day when it’ll all be destroyed!

The Bible says that we all have failed and sinned!
What a terrible mess that we find ourselves in!

Our answer and only hope is with Jesus today!
Only he can wash the darkness and sin away!

Only he can bring a completeness to our soul!
And can bring all we need to make us whole!

May God’s Holy Spirit reach out and convict us!
That we all may know,
 only God can help us!

By Jim Pemberton

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Our Invincible Defeat

The inner and the outer,
Are dissolving fast in space.
The ominous clouds of thunder,
Are covering your face.

The meek the mild and innocent,
Are trampled under feet,
As we go one marching blindly,
To our invincible defeat.

No more calling softly,
No more calling you,
We've lost our hope and loving,
What once we thought was true.

And now the choice is coming,
Riding on a wave,
To be a free man dying,
Or be a mad man's slave.

And now the drums are drumming,
Drumming down the line,
Will you be marching forwards?
Will you be deaf and blind?

Will the light of sacred meaning?
Shine from bottom of your heart?
As the soldiers go on marching,
Tearing our humanity apart.

more at

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Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 23

Incineration of Love God Madan (Cupid) 23
Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994. The work was written in Hindi somewhere around 1965-70.

Editing and English version by Ravindra K Kapoor.
Hindi Title  ‘Madan Dahan’ 23

Rati* saw her husband burning,
In the fire of God,
In great panic, she ran to Him,
Terrified and trembling.   

She prayed the three eyed,
She is becoming orphan,
The expanding fire would destroy all,
Including her beloved husband.

Prostrate at Shankar’s* feet’s,
With deflated pride and ego,
She murmured in weak voice,
To arouse His kindness.

Kanpur India 14th May 2012
To continue…
Shankar*- The other name of Lord Shiva the 
supreme God of Hindus.
Rati*- Wife of Madan (Cupid) for more details
Of Rati please see Episode 10

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Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 7

Incineration of Indian Love God Madan (Cupid) 7 
Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994
English version by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Prelude to this epic.
According to Indian mythology Madan the Love God or Cupid was asked to divert the attention of Lord Shiva*, the supreme God of Hindus, who was lost in deep meditation,  so that Lord Shiva may be requested to help the Gods from the attacks of the demon supreme immortal Tarakasur. However, when Madan disturbed Him in meditation Shiva became too furious and opened His third eye. Madan the Cupid God got burnt by the fire of the anger of his third eye. This epic reveals many interesting incidents about this story later in this series…..

Hindi name ‘Madan Dahan’  07

Buds were all smiling to bloom and
To welcome the Lord of the day,
By opening their pretty mouths 
To absorb the dew bubbles kissing their faces.

The living and even the lifeless too,
Were all fascinated by the charms of Nature,
Madan* entered in such an intoxicating arena,
And became mad with the flowing passion.

But finding Shiva* in deep meditation,
He thought about his domination,
And its influence on the entire living being,
Which exists on this pretty Earth.

Kanpur India 27th April 2012
To continue……….
Protected under the copy write provisions of Poetry Soup as per US laws.

Madan*- Hindi name of the Love God Cupid
Shiva*- The Lord of destruction and creation as per Indian mythology.

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Sea And Space

I see outer space
As the place
To retrace the roots
Of the human race.

I see under the sea
Is where our bodily
Cells first came to be.

Man's heart is in the stars,
Holding onto the dream to reach Mars.
Man's history,
Written in the stars as destiny.

I am but a child,
Born onto this planet turned wild.
I am but a soul
Sent here to alleviate the toll.

I see a sea of stars,
A healing ocean for our scars.
I see an empty crater
As void as our love for our Creator.

Man's fate has
Always been to create.
Man's destiny is to face
The sailing of the vastness of sea and space.

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NO MAN STANDS ALONE - The Ballad of Barney Ross

No man stands alone
in the street, the ring or the combat zone
some lay in the gutter
some sit on a throne
but no man stands alone

At the age of fourteen 
he had a dream
to become a rabbi 
Chicago 1924
then his dad was killed by men
who tried to rob the family store
his brothers and sisters were sent away
to an orphanage where they would stay
and though his faith was blown away
he vowed to bring them home someday

To God and man revenge he swore
he walked with gamblers, 
hoods and whores
he fit right in 
then on a whim
he walked into a boxing gym
he fought Canzoneri in ‘33
for the lightweight title victory
he made up with God 
and finally
he could reclaim his family

Those McLarnon fights 
were the stuff of lore
the only man 
to ever put him on the floor
he won two out of three, 
then in the Armstrong bout
he nearly died 
but was never knocked out
then in 1941
the Japanese pulled a sneaky one
so he joined the marines 
and he got a gun
and he sailed into the rising sun

On Guadalcanal, 
he fought so brave
overmatched like old King Dave
he put twenty attackers 
in an early grave
for the one marine 
whose life he saved
in a hospital bed 
for months and days
they kept him in a morphine haze
then sent him home 
strung out and beat
to the pushers on the mean, mean street

Hollywood was very keen
to put his story on the silver screen
but they focused on the drug abuse
he tried to sue 
but what’s the use?
Barney Ross was brave and strong
they couldn’t keep him down for long
his rabbi said that he must try
to be a model Jew in the public eye

but from the public eye he slipped
like a phantom radar blip
they say he hunted Nazi criminals
and he ran some guns to Israel

Barney Ross was brave and strong
I thought that he deserved a song
he did some bad
he did some good
and he saved the world
the best he could

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Diomedes attacks

Diomedes attacks

Diomedes attacks and the Trojans recurve
black his panoply's crest, undulates on his gear
where the less brave of foes will disorderly swerve
by Athena he's blessed and she ushers his spear.

Does his bravery dare to confront mighty Gods
and acclaim his immortal Olympian soul?
through victorious fights, he received accolades,
'tis the ultimate scope and the hero's first goal.

Aphrodite and Ares, he injured in vain
thus was driven away from his Dorian realm
on Apoulian ground, and established new reign
the Argive, more sagacious restrengthens his helm.

© 09-25-2013, G.V., All rights reserved
(Anapestic Tetrameter)

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Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 10

Incineration of Love God Madan (Cupid) 10
Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994. The work was written in Hindi somewhere around 1965-70.

Editing and English version by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Hindi name ‘Madan Dahan’

Why not I should destroy his meditation,
Brute and cruel as it is,
Why not affection of delusion,
Make him demoralized by its charms.

Why not my wife Rati* help,
Creating desire for enjoyment,
Making Shiva* mad with passion,
And defeated for ever.

Then the rudeness of meditation,
Would not be able to destroy,
The beauty of Earth and living,
Nourished by the nectar of love.

Kanpur India 1st May 2012.

To continue…….
Protected under the copy write provisions of Poetry Soup as per US laws.

*Rati- Rati is the Hindu goddess of love, carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual pleasure. Rati is the female counterpart, the chief consort and the assistant of Kama (Kamadeva), the god of love. A constant companion of Kama, she is often depicted with him in legend and temple sculpture. She also enjoys worship along with Kama. Rati is often associated with the arousal and delight of sexual activity, and many sex techniques and positions derive their Sanskrit names from hers.Courtesy Courtesy -

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Mommy Why

 Molested the first fifteen years of my life. My mother remained silent the whole time. As the molesting continued all those years. Forced to live a pretend life all my childhood. Beaten and punished every other day. For no reason other than being a child. After all this I figured I was a unwanted child. My mother couldn't love me abusing me. She brought me fancy expensive clothes every year. To cover up all her verbal, mental, and physical abuse. She tried to hide me from people, family and friends. So that they wouldn't see the embarrassing scars and bruises. Sometimes so bad I couldn't even go to school the next day. Or I would get into fights or act rude to get a suspension notice. That would have allowed my body to heal. One time I even tried to get ex-spelled. However, it didn't work. I only came home to more beatings. Her boyfriend watched and help hold me down on the floor as she would beat, and beat, and beat. Maybe this gave him a idea that it was ok to abuse me. Being that my mother was already doing it. Yeah! From the outside looking in my childhood was perfect. Every child wanted my seat. Name-brand clothes, shoes, computers, and almost every toy in the Jc Penny catalog. From the inside looking out I was screaming to get out. Scared, alone, abused, and still a child. So there was nothing I could do. I had no brothers or sisters at the time. All my family wouldn't believe me.No! Not him they would say, and did say at age fifteen I started getting older, and more developed. I had to put a stop to this. So after talking to some school friends. I decided to talk to my mother about what was going on.  So later on that night I called my mother in to talk to her. I had told her what had been going on. while she was a work, and out late shopping. She in return asked me  to draw a picture of his *****. As if she didn't believe me on the spot. What! I thought to myself. How could she ask me a thing like that? After one hour she finally called the police. I was brung in also for video questioning. I told them what had been going on  in the house while my mother was away. The police in return asked me "what took so long for me to tell" I replied" I was scared, alone, and threatened. I had no one in the house to protect me. From my mothers abusive ways. I thought people would tease me." The next question was to my mother.  The police asked "How could you live in the same house, and not know that your child was being raped?" My mother sat quietly and had no answer. So she got charged with neglect. My mother's boyfriend got charged with child molestation, and a few other things. I can't remember them all. After all that I was still scared, but finally free. Free to be a kid again.
    Awh, hell the relationship between my mother and I went down the drain. After trial  she hated me even more. Every day she was threatening to kick me out of the house. I was only sixteen so she couldn't just kick me out. Yet! She even got so angry at times. She went as far as not letting me communicate with my newborn brother.  She even told people to keep him away from me. That hurt me so bad everyday. I prayed to God everyday to soften my mother's heart, but it never happened. When I turned eighteen she finally kicked me out the house for real. With no place to go, no money , and no food to eat.  I ended up living with family and friends until she let me back in. I don't know why, but I thought things had changed. About a week after moving she called the police and told them that I was prostituting. Which was a lie. Thank God I didn't spend time in jail. Due to her lies and deceit. I never thought I would have to leave my own mother alone. However, after that incident that was my final decision. Sporadically I call her to hear her voice, and check on my brother. Unfortunately she never answers the phone. Her guilt for abusing me won't let her answer the phone.
    I moved to Albany, NY for a fresh start. A new beginning! There I met  more friends, moved into a brand new apartment, and fell in love. I wasn't expecting to fall in love, but I did. With a adorable, hot, and sexy Italian guy. For the first time my life was great, and I was happy. I even tried some plus size modeling, nursing, and I started self-publishing my writings. I was accomplishing things that my mother never encouraged me to do.
 After about four years I started feeling homesick . So I came back to Virginia. Wow! What destruction was happening. My whole  family fell apart. Nothing or nobody were the same. They all became police property. That was a sign to continue to stay away from them. Continue my happy life. Continue self-publishing my stories. Praying to God everyday. that I remain successful. This is a true story. Unfortunately it happened to me. From a mother who brung me in this world. Only to use and abuse me my whole entire childhood. Then pretend that nothings even going on.

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Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 8

Incineration of Love God Madan (Cupid) 8
Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994. The work was written in Hindi somewhere around 1965-70.

Editing and English version by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Hindi name ‘Madan Dahan’

Being unable to put influence,
On the stupid dry meditation of Shiva*,
Cupid thought that even the goddess of delusion, 
Too would be defeated without any influence.

I shall be called the destroyer,
Of my mother’s honor and power,
And shall always remain defeated,
By this inhuman meditation. 

Power would leave me alone then,
Destroying my domination over all,
My existence would disappear forever,
From my own dominated Earth.

Kanpur India 28th April 2012
To continue…..

Protected under the copy write provisions of Poetry Soup as per US laws.

Shiva*-  The supreme god of destruction and creation as per Indian mythology.
Madan*- Cupid Love God of Hindus as per Indian mythology.

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Thirsty Feeling about Nature and love

A small poem “Thirsty Feeling about Nature and love” wrote by Mrs. Madhavi. Suyog. Pagare

 “Thirsty Feeling about Nature and love” 

Seating nearby valley side,
Astonished by seeing a nature's serene beauty. 
Amidst Grassy hills,
zigzagically mounted on the stupefying homeland.
Pristine Water, Sliding from the highest peak,
Flowing in its own way,
Wondering about its challenging destiny.
Love the way you are.
I owe you for myself!!

Wind's whispered, Cheering in its ain way.
Chanting of music beats,
Recited with a soothing intonation.
Birds speaking eloquently..
Dazzling due to marvellous rainbow..
Love the way you are,
I owe you for myself!!

Amazing and enamoured environment aroused my emotions,
Feeling Shy to express.
Missing my dream person,my Mr.Adam.
Versatile persona where are you?
Come here and hug me.
Fuel me up with spirit.
Gift me a smile.
Until forever fades away, Endure me.
Love the way you are..
I owe you for myself!!

Finished dropping stones in water.
Gladly waiting for your arrival.
Testing patience is all enough now.
Wanted to feel the gist of love.
Desire to fulfil wish with pure heart and soul.
Auspicious moments provoking to capture 
Love the way you are, 
I owe you for myself

by Madhavi. Suyog. Pagare.

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Last Kiss

Open your eyes to the ever turning skies 
I want to here with me through the night 
My heart yearns into your soul 
Burning as if newly lit coal 
I bravely submerg the embers 
That the time I have can be spent with you 
And I remember each kiss every moment 
I was caught in your love that for just this day I remember 
So what happened was a chance for your love 
A time that I kept in a locket tied with a kiss 
 I wanted you to feel, to love, to slumber 
And to awake in my arms with that times kept bliss 
I lay silient in an umber

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Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 4

Incineration of  Love God Madan Cupid
4  of Many
Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994. The work was written in Hindi somewhere around 1965-70.
English version by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Madan Dahan- Hindi name

Part 04

The Glory of 2nd Age (Treta Yug)

The youthful prime period of Satyug,
Was at the verge of fading by now,
And the force of delusion had entered,
On the lovely Earth of Gods.

In such golden age of Gods,
Only Shiv* the God of destruction,
Was lost in deep contemplation,
To acquire the power of destruction.

To destroy delusion's opulence,
By the power of soul's force,
Created by the sacrifice of self,
And sufferings of the senses.

Kanpur India 24th April 2012

To continue….
Protected under the copy write provisions of Poetry Soup.

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Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 2

Incineration of Indian Love God Madan ( Cupid )2 of Many
or Madan Dahan in Hindi

Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994. Partly edited in Hindi also by Ravindra K Kapoor

English translation and version by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Prelude to this epic.
According to Indian mythology Madan the Love God or Cupid was asked to divert the attention of Lord Shiva*, the supreme God of Hindus, who was lost in deep meditation,  so that Lord Shiva may be requested to help the Gods from the attacks of the demon supreme immortal Tarakasur. However, when Madan disturbed Him in meditation Shiva became too furious and opened His third eye. Madan the Cupid God got burnt by the fire of the anger of his third eye. This epic reveals many interesting incidents about this story later in this series…..

Incineration of Indian Love God Madan ( Cupid )2 of Many

Uncontaminated Love prevailed,
In men and women alike,
Moving without bondages,
Like the birds fly in the sky.

While living on the beautiful Earth,
All were enjoying it's glory,
And keeping faith in truth,
A love empire was created on Earth.

Violence  was there, but  was 
Hated and dishonoured by all,
Only the selfless and pure love,
Was the ideal of everyone's life.

Kanpur India 22nd April 2012
to continue  in 3....

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When the Earth was in danger 1of 8


This story is based partly on the Indian mythology and partly on my imagination.
The theme is anger, how it can destroy even the entire Earth and if controlled,
how it converts into a creative energy. The incident is from the mythology of 
Hindus, which speaks, how Shiva the supreme God of Hindus started 
one day his Tandava Nritya * or the Dance of Destruction……………..What was 
the cause of this anger would be explained in the concluding part of this story. 

When the Universe was in danger   1 of 4 

The cascading spring of poetry or anger, start flowing,
When pain got absorbed, in one’s mind and heart,
And the agonies of   heart, show their somber face,
When they dance on the lips, while words take shapes.01

The utterance becomes a melody or a loud voice of thunder,
Depending upon the depths, of pain and piercing thorns,
When tears start rolling from eyes, without stopping for a while,
Like the streams which keep flowing,   without ever stopping.  

When the waves of pains, strike high touching the air and,
The separation from love splashes against the sky,
It takes shape as a pain of heart, and goes-up like high waves or, 
It burst like heated lava, coming from a Volcano’s chest.    03

Suppressed pain strikes the rocks, when they comes on its way,
The sea of turmoil creates a fearful noise,   while hitting the rocks,
The anger then burst, like the sea surf covering the mighty rocks,
To engulf everything coming, before the raging mind and heart. 04

Considering the end to save the lives, the earth started shouting loudly,
As if the Tandava Nritya*, had started to engulf the earth,
O Please Stop, You are the God of creation & destruction too,
Have mercy, O Shiva*, O Please stop, your Tandava Nitrya,*
Or else the whole earth would forever come to a halt.   05


Kanpur India 14h Feb 2011                                      to continue in 2/8


Shiva* is the supreme God of Hindus, who is also the source of all creations and
distractions. Shiva’s Tandava is a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of
creation, preservation and dissolution. Tandava depicts his violent nature as the
destroyer of the universe.

*Tandava Nritya* means Dance of destruction

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Haikus About God: II

Invisible chap
Bearded egomaniac
Probably not real

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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When the Earth was in danger 6

When the Earth was in danger     6 

This story is based partly on the Indian mythology and partly 
on my imagination. The story theme is anger,  which can destroy 
even the entire Earth, but if controlled  it  can also
be converted into  creative energy. The incident is from the 
mythology of Hindus, which speaks, how Shiva the 
supreme God of Hindus started one day his Tandava Nritya * or the
Dance of destruction and how it was controlled …  ..
What was the cause of this anger would
be explained in the concluding part of this epic.  

Part 6 
Spring Goddess was stunned and speechless for a while, 
When the Earth noticed something new in Urvashi* 
Even the enchanting magic of spring too, 
was wondering with eyes wide open,

The fall of Urvashi* may lead to an end,
of everyone’s hopes and dreams,
The only thought hovering on their mind was that 
the end of Earth was inevitable.

Because the last of their hopes to save the Earth 
had fainted with the fall of Urvashi,*

Everyone had started in their mind, 
the beginning of the reverse counting.

They feared because of the fall of Urvashi,* 
which had stopped the Tandava* dance of Lord Shiva,

The cosmic destruction of the Earth and the Universe would start,
Any moment from the third* eye of Lord Shiva.   23

By then, Urvashi* and the goddess of spring 
had created an unprecedented intoxication in the air,

The entire earth was under the effect of that wonderful wine of Nature,

The enchantment had started mildly effecting Shiva,* and 
it had even started cooling down,
the fire of anger burning with in Lord Shiva.

The dance effects created by the magically dancing Urvashi * and
the season of spring were in their full bloom, 
while unknowingly touching the mind and steps of  Lord Shiva, 

The dancing steps of Urvashi* and the floating aroma of the 
Goddess of spring had started creating by then, 
a chain on the steps of Lord Shiva.

The lava of anger in Shiva’s third eye Trinetra,* 
had started cooling down by then slowly. 24

Kanpur India 09th March 2011					to continue in 7

Urvashi* was one of the most beautiful Apsara of the court of Lord Indira of heaven, as
per Hindu mythology. She was a perfect dancer & singer.  
Lord Shiva* is the supreme God of Hindus.
Tandava Nritya* means Dance of destruction

Third eye or Trinetra*  means- The Third Eye of Lord Shiva or which exists in the center
of our forehead.
Lord Indira* - is the gods & Lord of Heaven in Hindu mythology. He is also the God of

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Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 5

Incineration of  Love God Madan Cupid
5  of Many

Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994. The work was written in Hindi somewhere around 1965-70.
English version with some editing by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Hindi name ‘Madan Dahan’

Through wisdom by concentration,
And strength of will power,
Through knowledge of self,
By the practice of Yoga*.

One fine spring morning,
When the dawn was spreading, 
Light, to welcome the Sun,
Her supposed father in law.

And was singing the Spring melody,
In tune with the chirping of birds,
The Cuckoo began her evergreen song,
To worship the love God Cupid.

Kanpur 25th April 2012
To continue........

Protected under the copy write provisions of Poetry Soup as per US laws.

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God Received An Angel

In the summer of 2007, God received an angel.
The Angels name was Katie. 
Katie was sweet & Katie was good
But I guess God wanted sweet old Katie
Out of the hood.
She did all she could, she gave all she had
But never in her life treated anyone bad.
Jesus, I know that she’s good
I know that she is great
But sometimes I just hate, 
Hate that she is gone
Hate that she is away
I think about her everyday.
Everyone & Everything is changing
Family is falling apart, 
Oh why it’s breaking my heart.
Tearing the house down acting like pure clowns
God you got a gift 
But sometimes I wish,
Wish you hadn’t took my Angel
Wish you would have let her stay a little longer.
God received an Angel.
The Angels name was Katie
 I hope Katie is with me daily
Until I die & visit her in the sky
House is up wholesale, everyone thinking
Angels, Angels, Angels
Angels flying here, Angels flying there
Angels are flying around just about any & everywhere
You took a couple of my families angels in strange ways 
I get up in the morning wondering when is my day
& who will be next to depart us.
My heart was broken when you took my Angel
Oh, why did you have to take her,
Her out of all people
She followed the rules and the laws 
But I am wondering is that all.

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our God is able to provide all of our needs
for it was in us that He planted His very seed
no matter what's happening in life no matter how hard are the days
God is able to keep us uplifted as we journey on our way
in the midst of the storms in the midst of moments of despair
give God all the glory that you are even still here

during August 2011 we went through a lot of stuff
an earthquake, a hurricane and then flooding water enough is enough!
many called on the name of God and many cried out for Christ
but why when everything is going good God's not a part of their lives?
what many fail to grasp is that God is always here
and we need to talk to Him daily not only in times of despair

for our God is able to keep food on our tables
our God is able to keep us upright 
to maintain and sustain us through each day and night
and if you woke up this morning give God all the praise
and if you have a job in this recession let your hands to Him be raised
and if your children are doing just great 
go and worship Him in any house of faith
God is able to maintain all that you've acquired
and give Him the thanks for fulfilling your desires
just don't think that this world is all about you
for it was by the grace of God that you pulled through
and if you're blessed with a pension of a 401K
give God the thanks that it came your way

our God is able to keep us from falling down
as our faith in Him keeps us on higher ground
so grab on to the hand of God let His glory manifest in you
stay in the presence of God and follow the path designed for you
and when your money gets funny and your change becomes strange
let the blessings of the Lord get your finances rearranged
and when it comes to finding that soul mate in life
let the God who is able send you a child of Christ
bow down to His wisdom, bow down to His authority
as you allow His glory and majesty to come unto thee

our God is able to keep us from going astray
so in life it is unto Him that we should pray

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Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 01 of many

Incineration of Love God Madan ( Cupid )
One of Many
Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994

English version by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Prelude to this epic.
According to Indian mythology Madan the Love God or Cupid was asked to divert the attention of Lord Shiva*, the supreme God of Hindus, who was lost in deep meditation,  so that Lord Shiva may be requested to help the Gods from the attacks of the demon supreme immortal Tarakasur. However, when Madan disturbed Him in meditation Shiva became too furious and opened His third eye. Madan the Cupid God got burnt by the fire of the anger of his third eye. This epic reveals many interesting incidents about this story later in this series…..

Hindi Name: Madan Dahan

Ages before in Satyug* or the Golden Age,
When Cupid was wandering in human form,
And humans were living on Earth,
Without passion and were even free from lust.

He kept man and woman all,
Intoxicated with the wine of love, and
Blended with the beauty and loveliness,
He was prevailing in every innocent heart.

He was dwelling as the charm of everyone,
In the tender heart of a woman,
And in the attractions of a youthful body,
Was wandering even,  in the courtyards of Gods.
Kanpur India 20th April 2012
To continue…..

*Yug or Yuga 
Yuga in Hinduism, is the "Yuga (Age or Era) of Truth", when mankind is governed by gods, and every manifestation or work is close to the purest ideal.
* The cycle Yugas (Ages) in Indian mythology
The yugas are said to succeed each other almost endlessly. After the perfect Satya Yuga, a decline marks the Treta Yuga. Further decline brings about the Dwapara Yuga, and after it comes the final and dark Kali Yuga, a time of wickedness, when man kills another man. At the end of the cycle a Divine Being is said to take birth and reestablish righteousness, thus beginning a new Satya Yuga.
Protected under the Copy writes provisions of Poetry Soup under US laws.

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My Future Generation

I can act insane
Make me feel worthless

I belong in God’s family
He will bless my future generation

Don’t punish me for
Being myself –
Don’t envy my glee 

I can act like an
Adult, but I’d 
Prefer to have joy…

Not stress…
That piles upon us in our 
Everyday lives

Being childlike is

A rare beauty – 

No one prizes it…

No one came across it…

In this lifetime…

I can laugh all day
I can make you smile
If you’d accept my 
Childlike dreams of mine
Don’t treat me like a sick swine

Renew my young heart
Give me the ability 
To kill the old man…

I have my place in God’s family
He’ll be adored and glorified 
We’ll exchange prayers and hugs  
By my future generation

I beg of you – 
Don’t kill my childlike mentality
I’ll behave myself…
I’m positively sure that I’ll make you happy

I’ll still have pieces of a child in me

And pass it on to my future generation…

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We are Tausug Nation
Defending independence
Free from the enemies
Stood not to get oppressed

Our Nation ruled
Of the country’s independence
Never conquered from then
We shall develop our land

Our country, nation is known
Home of courageous person
Bound only in one faith
Never care of the death

Tumantangis, Dahu peaks of our land
To Bagsak, Sinumaan
And to all the mountains here
Only one God is aimed

Zamboanga, Basilan, North Borneo, Palawan
Centre is in Sulu land
Ruled by the Sultan
From the early point of time

Our nation is united
In the name of faith is complete
Only God is firm
Determined not to get conquered

Land of the pearl garden
Sulu Sea in the world is famous
From the South and North
And East and West

Blood of Martyrs flowed in the vein of the Sug Nation
Fought to defend
Flag rose like Vinta strip
Eternal pledge appeared

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Strenght for the Journey

I asked for strength for the journey
But its in the journey I find the strength
I hear lost souls cry out
These are more than just words that I think
Yeah I'm on the brink of disaster
Lady Luck I'll come by and see you later
But at this time I'm ending the game I only got like ten minutes
But actually I'm running five minutes late
Yeah! its kinda like my life story
Yep, the red foe is crushed now
Sure, I'm just like lightning that is struck down
Like the beginning of wisdom, is to distinguish the differences
I face my fears, I continue in the face of resistance
Because the path of least resistance is what makes both men and rivers crooked
If I have another hearing the judge will throw the book at me
And last night, Oh my GOD why did you forsake me
I got on my knees and prayed for guidance through this darkness
I went back to where it started: and I walked away, took away the threat and became the target
Of course I'm more than just a product of my environment
I'm entirely> Aware that there are 2 kinds of conspiracy
The conspiracy of the government and the conspiracy of the devil
My soul is here just to show you, you must dig deeper inside yourself
I've reached way past the point where it seems hopeless
Every door in Sweetwater is closed to me 
So I close the door to hell and open the door to heaven
It was God who said everything my hand touched would prosper
And my hand has touched this keyboard
And my voice is just screaming out to touch that microphone

    "Get your microphone and make it pretty; Put a skull around it for this city"

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When the Earth was in danger 2 of 8

Pl. See also Related BLOG of 17TH Feb


This story is based partly on the Indian mythology and partly on my imagination.
The theme is anger, how it can destroy even the entire Earth and if controlled,
how it converts into a creative energy. The incident is from the mythology of 
Hindus, which speaks, how Shiva the supreme God of Hindus started 
one day his Tandava Nritya * or the Dance of Destruction…..What was 
the cause of this anger would be explained in the concluding part of this story. 

When the Earth was in danger

Anger then always come-up in the form of Tandava Nritya*
Sometimes by hearing, the cries, that often suffocates the mind,
Shiva’s heart melted like lava,   and came up in the form of anger,
To destroy everything, so that a new world can be formed and created. 06

This cycle of creation and destruction of the Universe,
Keep rolling and running like this, forever, we know it or not,
The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and ours the most beloved Earth,
They all are borne to play, sing and dance and to amuse each other and
Then to gradually depart or disappear,  with a silent smile one day, 
Without ever any regret before the God, for their gains or losses. 07

Even Lord Shiva* also keep the imperishable fire of time,
In the cosmic depths of his third eye, we call Trinetra,*  which reduces,
Everything to ashes, so that the cycle of creation may continue  for ever, 
On our Earth and everywhere in the  limitless space, we call Brahmanda* and 
The Universe may continue to work, as a shadow of Brahma*  or God . 08

But then, it was the question of the existence of all living beings,
There was only one hope, which could have saved the Earth,
From the cosmic fire of Shiva’s Trinetra* or the third eye,
The remedy was that someone extraordinary in beauty, dance and grace,
Should perform a flawless dance, to divert Shiva’s attention so that,
He may not generate the heat in his third eye, to destroy the Earth,
Only the removal of his grief from mind and heart,  resulted in his Tandava Nritya*
Could save the Earth and its inhabitants, from the fire of such anger blast. 09

Kanpur India 17th Feb. 2011			to continue in 3/5

*Brahmanda = Brahmanda (Sanskrit) (from Brahma cosmic spirit + anda egg)
Egg of Brahma; the imbodiment of Brahma, particularly the solar system, physical,
psychological, and spiritual. Hindus "called Brahma . the kosmic atom. 

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eternal love

well some of the dreams

and the melancholy of sweet sound of love

all maybe lost or washed away

but those that remains, are the graces of the Lord.


there may not be such a thing called eternal love

and there may be such issues called eternal hope

the ambiguity of this ambiance

makes the world go round and round.


the moments pass on

the testings of times as well

we wait for the unseen force to release the grace

and hope that the eternal hope lives forever in our heart.

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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“I am certain that I have been here as I am now a thousand times before and
 I hope to return a thousand times after.” GOETHE 

Each soul an ambassador was and is of God’s will and grace
A ray of divinity, a guardian of the Holy Law 
Each with a specific mission: to learn or rather to remember
How to find the way of return throughout space and time
And with the divine, again, to be seen in perfect equilibrium


The day I was born, as every man alive,
I found my immortal self bound to the wheel of time 
That around eternity’s circumference took me, in very heavy chains
Asking to follow obediently the unswerving path of fate;
This endless trip of return where the only constant thing is change


Since then I have died once and many times after
But death's dark palaces to hold me were unable
As my soul’s perpetual desire to follow my way
Brought me back to this ephemeral world of fleeting dreams
With a new body, new hopes, new goals but always with the same desire


Thus I journeyed back and forth the plains of oblivion
Choosing the best conditions I could, according to my karma
Trying to find endlessly the golden middle way 
That unmistakably between the extremes is only to be found
But since from the river of forgetfulness each time I was drinking 
I was obliged, unfortunately, to start over again


So, I was born once a king and another was born a beggar
And in turns I was born a coward, a hero, a holy man, a vicious man,
A  Christian, a Muslim, an atheist, an idolater a black man and a woman
And healthy and sick I was born and intelligent and witless


And was born to love so much the things I once detested
And to hate passionately the things I once held dear
And was born only to laugh and another just to cry
So, I drunk successively from the cups of joy and of sorrow
And was born to make friends out of my enemies 
And enemies out of my brothers
And was born to realize the impossible dreams and fail the very easy  
And I was born to slay and to be slain alternatively for thousands of years


Thus I lived continuously the extremes of both good and evil
Striving to find endlessly the balance in my soul
Through the wisdom that was endowed upon me by the Great Spirit
Who like a beacon, luminous, to guide me waits
To my supreme destiny that GOD for me has traced


So, as was passing from life unto death, from darkness unto light
With a speed determined by me, I don’t put on GOD the blame,
All my lessons have I learned through trial and error
Up to the very last reincarnation, in body’s mortal temple


Now free, AT LAST, from all earthly desires and every karmic blame
Radiating with holiness and glowing with grace 
My immortal soul, HER divine wings unfolds and soars upwards the heavens
White light blazing in perfect equilibrium 
And pure now to her glorious creator returns and with HIM UNITES! 

©Demetrios Trifiatis
   5 January 2013

“A little while and my longing shall gather dust and foam for another body.
A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind and another woman shall bear me”

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

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' More Than Any Of Us ... '

Braver … Than All The Mighty Lions Can Roar
Braver … Than All The Spirited-Wings, That Soar
Braver … Than All The Explorers, Who Explored     ( Philippians 2: 7, 8 )
Braver … Than All Or Any Of Us … Is The Lord

Truer … Than Those Who Faced Beasts, Who Devoured
Truer … Than Any Martyr, Who Has Been Whipped & Scoured
Truer … Than Any, Who Have Faced Hate & Been Scarred
Truer … Than Any Creature Ever, Is The Lord

The Freedom Fighter … More Than Any Mortal-Soldier
The Freedom Fighter … More Than Any Mortal-Warrior
The Freedom Fighter … More Than Any Army Corp
The Freedom Fighter … Problem-Solver & So Much More

The Leader … More Than Julius Caesar
The Leader … More Than The Great Alexander
The Leader … More Than Queen Elizabeth-Tudor
The Leader … More Than Eisenhower Or Any Super-Power

The Conqueror … He Is Unbeatable, Undefeatable
The Conqueror … He Is Undeniable, Undefiable
The Conqueror … He Is Invincible, Indefensible
The Conqueror … He Is Unstoppable, Unswervable

Stronger … Than Any Petrified, Nailed Board !
Stronger … Than Any Bound & Thorn Whip-Cord !
Stronger … Than Any Guard, Or Tombstone Hard !
Stronger … Than Any Bloodied, Spear Or Drawn Sword !

(He’s Stronger Than Any Bullet Or Bomb Can Explode!)

So, Look Higher … Than Any Arch Cathedral
Look Higher … Than Any Gold-Domed Temple
Look Higher … Than Any Religious Symbol
Look Higher … Than Any Cosmic Or Man-Made Idol

The One Messiah, The Worthy One, Paid What We Can’t Afford
The One Messiah, The Worthy One, His Blood & Soul Outpoured
The One Messiah, The Worthy One, The Christ, Who Restored
It’s All On Record, GOD Gave His Word, GOD Gave, The Lord

Braver … Than All The Lions & Beasts, That May Roar                             ( Rev. 13: 11-15 )
Truer … Than All The Saints & Self-Made Saviors Or Survivors
Stronger … Than Any Enemy, Higher Than Our Hearts, For Love Is His Core
The Freedom-Fighter, Leader-Conqueror, Who Will Win The Final-War       ( Rev. 16: 14-16 ) 

(Braver … Than Any Human Being, Ever Born)

    GOD … Please Grant Us:
     The Courage Of Jesus
     The Strength Of Jesus
       The Loyalty Of Jesus
        The Love Of Jesus

          The King Of Kings               ( Rev. 19: 16 )
         The Prince Of Peace             ( Isa. 9: 6, 7 )
             & The Amen …                 ( 1 Cor. 1: 20  &  Rev. 3: 14 )
That’s Why … In The Name Of Jesus  ( Philippians 2: 9-11 )


            His  MoonBee

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Christ Upon A Blessing


A God for all season's
Encompass for only one reason
And that is to re-coup
For the blessings'
That some-how was lost
Fore on that very day
Christ ascended the Cross
Oh', yes
Their was a price to pay
And of that portion
It was paid that very day
When the face of baby
Christ Jesus,
Was set on display
As He laid stillness lay
Upon His tomb
Where non-believers 
Has since not seen Him
To this very day
While the common people
Simply stood by
Silently as they prayed
     He had gone
Much, much too soon
           - And -
Yet, their was no one there
To witness the affair
When He suddenly
Leaf the room
For the survival of man-kind
In order that not a single Soul
Be left behind....
He ascended the Heavens'
Where their was no love
Lost to be found
To be with His Father
Your father and mind
Fore it was His destiny
One of the requirements'
Of the Father of time...      
And a funny thing happen
It was needless to say
Thank God for eternal life's delay
Fore Christ of Jesus
A descendent from the Cross
Had paid for our sin
He accepted the cost

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My armor 
I wore from head to
My impenetrable armor 
No double-edged sword 
The sharpest of arrows could ever
So powerful my armor is,
Unrivaled in its 

It is as strong and 
As stainless steel is,
Stronger and harder than
With that on to all battles willingly
I march
For fear in me is absent
That’s how tough my 
Armor is,
This armor that is

Double armed I feel 
When faith, in my heart resides,
Faith in God and into HIS Holiness,  
In HIS love for us which is
No matter the color of our skin, 
Our sex or our religion,
He, unconditionally, loves all of us 
We are HIS children 

Faith renders us
No matter what enemy have we
To face
If ever doubt enters in our hearts 
The armor will be eroded, 
Exposing thus our faithful
To myriad of dangers, 
That our faith for ever we must keep 
And live in God’s

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    25 February 2013  

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Understand yourself to understand me

I know who I am and love me even more… ripened like the finest wine never pop my cork.
I love harmony and don’t mean a tune, but a life from harmonious view.
I don’t tolerate the devils dirty work disguised to hide the shallow blue….
Looking like the sandy blue seas once hitting the coast with such beauty, but once unhidden is 
truly a Tsunami.  God utilizes my time more wisely.
 I am God’s special gift, so I feel sorry for you if you choose me to mess with.
To mess with me is to harm yourself stop trying to understand and understand yourself. 
Understand God lives and shines through me... do you now understand me, now try to 
understand yourself.

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Joseph the son of Jacob and Rachel by his own brothers he was betrayed
a young man with a gift of dreams whom they threw in a pit and wanted to slay
they were jealous of their father's affection for him and his gift from God
they couldn't understand the nature of his calling nor the compassion he had in his heart

not many people get it when they meet a person who possesses a godly perception
many are somewhat envious while other tend to take an exception
but to be a dreamer to be anointed with that special gift 
with the ability to help others spirits to be lift
to dream during the good times as well as the bad
to dream no matter the situation be you happy or sad
to dream as an encouragement to others even when you're down and low
to dream to let that gift from God in you continue to flow

most dreamers are visionaries who have experienced some sadness in life
most dreamers are able to see beyond humanity and into the heart of Christ
and even when they've been cast down they will lift their eyes to the hills
and no matter the circumstances they know to trust in the Lord God's will

a victory for a visionary, a victory from God's righteous plans
the providential mercy and grace which come from His omnipotent hands
from the pit to the palace, from the ravine to righteousness
Joseph sought no revenge nor displayed any bitterness
Joseph had an opportunity to ruin his brothers but he understood his role
he was a gifted dreamer entrusted with a godly perception entrenched in his soul

so no matter what folks put you through God can turn the tide
for vengeance is the Lord's so put your grievances to the side
Joseph forgave his brothers' betrayal and he lived to tell the tale
and despite all the hardships he suffered his life turned out quite well

so if you find yourself in a pit situation or you're feeling pitiful about your life
know there's a victory for a visionary if you follow the teachings of Christ

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three times our Lord Jesus to Simon Peter He did plea
do you love me ? do you love me? do you love me? feed my sheep
today the quality of those in leadership roles
has gotten lax and somewhat out of control
when I look at some of the black churches I am appalled
that they're not truly houses of worship they've become mating halls
dressing to impress, being seen and handing out business cards
all kinds of activities that don't line up with the word of God
leadership without love, leadership without godly respect 
it's no wonder that true worshipers of these places they do reject

to be in a role of leadership in the house of God
is to have a love for Him entrenched in your heart
but first you need to know how to Him communicate
to openly pray and speak to Him on a level that's intimate
for if you can't talk to God how will He know what's in your heart?
second a position of leadership should not be for sale
if you let someone buy in you'll have compromised and then 
you all might wind up in hell

it's not easy to be a leader in the church if you don't have true love for Christ
as much will be required of you as you're now a servant for life
feed my flock, tend my sheep, give my people the daily bread
Jesus said to Simon Peter for by the Holy Spirit they will be fed
do you love me? do you love me? do you love me? three times our Savior asked
for leadership without love will be a daunting and unfulfilled task
some in leadership roles  have forgotten why they were called
they've allowed worldly influences to come in which caused them to stumble and fall
they think that titles, positions and status in the church means
that they're above the Pastor and the members and can say and do anything
compassion and understanding with a godly intent
is not what they portray in how they respond and comment
they display no love for their fellow servants  they treat them with disdain
and you wonder why many leave the church for a true worshiper can not remain

to be a leader in the church is to be a loving servant of Christ
for leadership without love is not what Jesus sacrificed
Jesus loved us so much He was willing to wash our feet
Jesus loved us so much there was no sinner He wouldn't meet
with humility, compassion and all that God to Him did give
He gave His life as a sacrifice so that holy we now may live
leadership without love is a slap in the face to Jesus the Christ
for leadership without love wherein is the sacrifice?

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life is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved
for life as we experience it moves from easy to hard
if you look back to your younger days you will discover
that as you've matured some of the mystery of life has been uncovered
you have come to understand why your parents had all those rules and stipulations
now as an adult dealing with the bills and the kids you understand the complications

If you look at the terrible circumstances happening in the Gulf of Mexico
where the Oil Industry worked without less governmental control
"drill baby drill" is what the Tea party and Republicans ranted about
now facing one of the biggest disasters its at the President whom they now shout
those individuals who wanted less Big Government rules and regulations
are now demanding that Big Government fix this horrible situation

The Bible tells us that we should in God place all of our trust
for He is the omnipotent source that created us
for us not to lean towards our own understanding
but to follow the formula for life that God is commanding

God made a perfect world that humans keeps trying to remake
we've let the sin of greed take us over which results in big mistakes
we need to understand that there is no other force nor any other foundation
that has the power or the fortitude to deal with all of life's situations

The formula for living is to let go and let God
trust in him and allow Him to take control of our minds and hearts
the formula for living is to take to God in prayer
and then let the will of God direct our behavior
we need to profess it and confess it
we need to address it and then let God bless it

So develop a relationship with God and always included Him in the mix
seek His wisdom and wise counsel for there is nothing He can't fix
the formula for living, the formula for life
is before you do anything make sure it's been blessed by the Lord Christ

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Beyond the Frontier

Where am I? Why is it dark?
This isn’t what I had in mind when I left the park…
Why isn’t the wind whispering…the songbirds singing?
All I remember is a telephone ringing…
A scream and a crash and a pain in my side…
Is this what happens after one’s died?
I don’t feel like myself, I feel wild and free,
Yet I’m cold and alone, 'stead of filled with glee.

My whole life I’ve studied, and pondered, and prayed,
Trying to fathom what would happen this day
But now that it’s here, I’m beginning to fear
Maybe the afterlife’s not what it appears…
It’s certainly not what I’ve been told by my preacher
Or my parents or brother or best friend or teacher…
Is it a bad thing, or is it good?
Maybe it’s just not quite understood...

While I was on Earth, I just couldn’t wait
To meet good St. Peter at the heavenly gate
And ask him a question or query or two
“What was my purpose?” “What good did I do?”
“What’s it all for?” “How does it all flow?”
“Can I have one more body, one more try, one more go?”
But where is the angel? Where is the gate? And
If this is Hell, then where is Ol’ Satan?
Am I a lost soul? Am I forgotten?
Am I to be left here until I am rotten?

Lo and behold! what, now, can this be?
Is this a wonderful spiritual epiphany?
Is this the magical feeling all souls receive
When they leave Earth? Oh! was I that naïve?
How could I have not seen the realism?
Why was I consumed in man-made idealism?
This is more wondrous than all I was taught
Oh, all the times I argued and fought
With others, ‘bout how their views were asinine
Now I see, theirs were just as wrong as mine!
Little I thought was actually correct!
How, why, did I let others petty beliefs infect
My untouched, my pure, my virgin mind?
I regret all the hours I self-tortured to find
That compared to what I see now, I was empty and blind…

Wait - - What is this that I see?
What is this gateway that is revealed unto me?

Now a door is opened to my immortal soul
I am expected now to enter my life’s final goal…
I am scared, intimidated, but still I am glad…
For the truth I have just seen is anything but bad.
This is the end of my journey, I’ve nothing to fear,
For now I am going Beyond the Frontier.

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Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 3

Incineration of  Love God Madan ( Cupid )
Three of Many
Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994
English version by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Prelude to this epic.
According to Indian mythology Madan the Love God or Cupid was asked to divert the attention of Lord Shiva*, the supreme God of Hindus, who was lost in deep meditation,  so that Lord Shiva may be requested to help the Gods from the attacks of the demon supreme immortal Tarakasur. However, when Madan disturbed Him in meditation Shiva became too furious and opened His third eye. Madan the Cupid God got burnt by the fire of the anger of his third eye. This epic reveals many interesting incidents about this story later in this series…..

(Hindi Name)  Madan Dahan

Passion had not attained,
Control over human life,
Serene Love then prevailing,
Was the ideal  worship.

Gold had not blackened,
Mind and heart of humans,
Service of all was then,
Lives most glorious action.

Work of Brahma* the creator,
Was at the verge of completion,
Vishnu* the preserver of Universe,
Had created livelihoods for all.

Kanpur India 23rd April 2012 

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*Brahma-	According to the Puranas, Brahma is self-born in the lotus flower. Another legend says that Brahma was born in water. A seed that later became the golden egg. From this golden egg.. The remaining materials of this golden egg expanded into the Brahman?a or Universe.

* Vishnu -Vishnu is the supreme God  of Hinduism. It describes Vishnu as the All-Pervading essence of all beings, the master of—and beyond—the past, present and future, one who supports, sustains and governs the Universe and originates and develops all elements within. Vishnu governs the aspect of preservation and sustenance of the universe, so he is called "Preserver of the universe".

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Never So Gracious

A full moon night to my delight what is so wrong with doing what's right nothing is right after so long no use in complaining time to move on The Dream Water one day might take me away farther from the comfort of familiarity I float on my back then shut my eyes my body now sinking into ocean arms open wide Now swallow your son back to his nature when he is no longer needed to stay here the next generation are dooming themselves they need my experience to guide them through hell Why should I bother on my own, I strive through I turn my back on the thought of bothering to save you alone in this world my, is it spacious I'm finally smiling, never so gracious.

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America Is Being DESTROYED From Within


As sin and perversion often become integrated… So many lives and families are being “disintegrated.” Many are being driven by sin’s temptation force… It’s no wonder much of this country is way “off course.” The morality and values that once made a great nation. Are evaporating…. Leading to a “spiritual separation.” Love, honor, and respect of God… Is often a “thing of the past.” Anything of God seems to be disappearing FAST! God is our only hope! And him alone! Only he can bring healing to our broken homes! He’s the answer to this wounded nation, that bleeds! It’s only God that can meet all of our needs! He’s our provider… The great: “I am!” Won’t you reach out to him? And give him your hand? Why not give him a chance? And allow him in? A brand new life for you… Is waiting to begin! May we allow God’s holiness and love to reach down into our hearts… Asking; “Lord please forgive our sins!” Is a good place to start! By Jim Pemberton

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Declan Edited

oh gosh
here we are comming up on St. Patricks Day
and by some miracle of God
i am forced to write about
some saint named Declan
no, you don't know his name 
i did'nt either
but God has a way
of making the unknown known
they say He does'nt share His glory
but that's a lie. God does give glory
or i would'nt be writing about 
this fellow Declan
people talk about St.Patrick
but he was'nt the first
to bring christianity to Ireland
15 years before St. Patrick arrived
Declan brought Irelands first christian 
settlement in Ardmore
with a monastary that spread 
christianity through Ireland.
but the one thing that impressed me 
about St. Declan the most was
that he has a stone named after him
a stone that after a prayer
crossed an ocean to retrieve a bell
and on another occassion 
guided a boat to safty 
they say that the stone still sits 
on a somewhat less impressive beach
in Ardmore
i'm writing this because 
by mistake i thought Declan
was code for "the klan"
which we all know is not so impresive
in the united states
and as an apology 
i was wrong
but a little light from God
replaced a bulb that had went out
and the name Declan has a shiny new coat
to wear this St.Patricks Day

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Pure African Soil

He walked the streets of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and  Nazareth

one hundred percent pure African soil

he was borne and raised on pure African soil

both parents given to raise him here on earth

walked and traveled on pure African soil 

he  journeyed acrossed the Nile river, Rea sea, and the Jordan river

all rivers of Africa the texture of his hair was as course as wool 

his eyes  red like fire his skin was bronze brown representing the many 

African tribes his feet  the same feet that walked across African soil

his story has been myth however, the bible reveals Jesus Christ yes Jesus Christ

is African  No one really understands  his life's story

so society changed his skin color and hair texture so people would 

feel comfortable praising him in our new generation a "white world" 

they will not praise a black Jesus having a  black president proves that the white world

is in outrage and doesn't want to acknowledge black leaders or prophets

they either want them dead or in jail so no one 

can hear the truth about Jesus race and background

alot of black men help found this country from pure African soil

even my lord and savior Jesus Christ

Its very sad but very true today's society would rather praise a statue, plant, or figurine than

to praise Jesus name that's why we have so many religions 
I guess God understands that's why he said"you can blaspheme against Jesus name, but if you blaspheme

against God or the holy ghost you will never be

forgiven". Even though he said that, that doesn't mean its ok to blaspheme against Jesus

Always be mindful of what you say because it could be your own destruction 

everybody  will see Jesus before they all die out

then the mystery will be revealed

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The ice god commeth

The ice goddess Shiva 
Creeps slowly across the town
Stalks  through the semi-sphere
in her moon grit-gown

She spreads a thin duvet of frost
On a surface now lost 
She makes not a sound 
Stealth’s silently across the half lit ground

Evolving and creeping 
like thick blood weeping
looking to the left 
looking to the right 
Weaving back and forth
Jerking slow in thick lotion
like a  tidal surge in
slow motion 
As if the land was covered
in a wizard’s potion

Waving her hands
Across the lands
Scattering cold glass mixed with 
florescent white sands

Trees heavy with frozen dew
Bend forward like parishioners 
on old church pews

Telegraph poles like staligmites
Stand fast like rods of molten ice
Pylons crackle yellow and blue
Spitting their discharges at me and you

The moon’s aurora 
Beckons to Shiva
To help light up this icy fever

The night  light reflects
the ice laden maiden
As she weaves forth
her vast intoxication

Drunk with madness
The rivers ices over
Stars in the sky seem to shine 
super nova

Later Helios rises
Moves gently over the curve
His beams start to break 
The cold-war starts to turn

Shiva is sucked back
Into the atmospheric plume
Rising slowly upwards  
Like a helium filled balloon

The day is restored 
But for this non-accord
The gods Shiva and Helios 
Always create this discord

This constant battle
Between ice and sun
Means that there will always be
This oxymoron

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Times of Trouble Are Ahead

Read the Bible and the words that are said. Times of trouble and tribulation are ahead! All one has to do is read the book of revelation. To read about this world and this nation! Days of wickedness and evil that abounds.. Shall very soon. Come “crashing to the ground!” For our sin, there’s a price that has been paid! Many have become sin’s servant and slave! Many will not escape God’s judgment and wrath! They’ve chosen the wrong direction and path! Right now... There’s a path and a way to “escape!” Please do it right now! Before it’s too late! The right path to take, is through Christ alone! He must be the lord of your heart and home! Jesus alone, can bring hope to your soul! He’ll never leave you! Is what he wants you to know! Times of trouble and uncertainty are well on their way! Christ can help you to overcome! He can do it TODAY! By Jim Pemberton

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There was 
a time when war 
became no more and time
stopped.  Why reason?

There is
a time when feuds
become Armageddon.
Life stops dead still...
Verlena S. Walker
Date: April 13, 2014
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud
4th Place

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All men are Broken

I am not like your earthly father, why do you treat Me like him?
I am an all consuming love 
I am not double-minded; I can’t lie or hurt you with sin,
I created you to be more than what you currently are,
For the father fracture has caused so many of My children to be scared,

All men are broken,
All men were broken,
By their fathers who passed it down to you,
My sons and daughters there is nothing to impossible for me too do,

I am much bigger than anything you face and fear,
I am the Father who has seen every tear,
I am the Father who knows your deepest pain,
I am the Father who will always remain,

Though many fathers meant well they still could never be,
All that I am able to be unto thee,
You’re not your father, you’re not going to be the same,
You were never meant to live with the anxieties of a childhood filled with pain,
So let Me love you, let me in, I am not counting all your sins,
Let Me show you what you have never seen,
For perfect love heals and restores all lost dreams,

I am not your father, please blame me no more,
If you could only see what I have planned for your future; the greatness I have in store,
You would understand, you would forget the past, 
You would forgive your fathers, who didn’t know better and couldn’t fulfill their tasks,

A generation has been created,
That has been jaded and recklessly complicated,
I understand, but take my hand; I am not like a carnal man,
I will show you unconditional love that will never fail,
When things get tough I am the Father who will never bail,

I am not like your father, I have been falsely accused,
I am the father who will never leave your side, disappoint you, or abuse
I have watched you all your life suffer in silence, while hiding behind everything and anything to numb yourself well,
I was there every time you slipped up and every time you fell,

But listen my beloved, I call out to you each day,
Just stay quiet for a moment and you will hear what I want to say…

I am here; you are ever before me, for I carved your name in my hand,
I know how to reach you, for I loved you before you ever reached this land,

A broken child becomes a broken man,
Until he knows his heavenly Father is his biggest fan.
Give Me a chance to show you and you will finally understand
That it is My love that will guide you, just take hold of my hand.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Babushka The whole village busy looking at the new star *Babushka busy cleaning her house entire So busy to tidy her house failed to hear The sounds of the drums and pipes She missed even the star to see. Suddenly heard loud knocking on her door Three kings and a servant at her door Needed a place to rest until the night falls As her house was the tidiest. Serving baked bread, pies and cakes She asked very many questions to the kings King Caspar said they have come a long way King Balthazar said they follow the new star That would lead them to a new born King, The king of kings, The King of Earth and Heaven And asked to accompany them to see the star. Babushka asked so many questions to herself “How about the dress? What a work pending? No, excuse me, I have no time.” Again the star appeared in the sky The kings departed sadly. Working the whole night she got tired And slept for the whole day. Finally, she took all the toys She washed for the New Baby Ran down to the path the kings had taken Asking about from village to village, town to town Finally knew the kings had gone to Bethlehem Where she was informed by the landlord of an inn The kings were there for two days But he couldn’t provide them the room, stayed in stable She visited the stable but of no avail, There, a man informed her that kings went their places After finding the world’s Savior who she missed. Babushka is still looking for Him.
• Based on the legend of a Russian woman living in a small village* Second place win in Contest: Christmas Epic Poem by Leonara

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If there is a God in heaven

          If there is a god in heaven
What is worth to achieve
With out a truth
For is it more profitable
If achievement is earn 
With a lie 
East, North 
All over is like 
Same thing
As the human 
shadows seen
Today are more
Like dat of a slave

Oh I wish
If there is a god
In heaven
Oh god I pray 
You come now

If there is a god in heaven
Too many temples
Of worship 
All over places
Too many prayer said 
Before and still now 
Too many lament to god
Too many Cry's for help
Too many wars and atrocities
Never seize to stop 
I wonder when will the god 
For if there is a god in
Then how long more 
We need to see his 
Power over this brutality
For this men on the hills 
Can't stop their atrocities

Oh I wish
If there is a god
In heaven
Oh god I pray
You come now 

If there is a god in heaven  
I thought we are all human
With a mind
Right there in the heart
Lies the soul to guide
As we live 
Yet our choice of life
Oh is like a doom
For sodom is in trend
Such as Gomorrah is
Like the style of our life
For our reality today
keep saying so
Oh if there is a god
In heaven I guess
Now he bleed
For this atrocities
In the globe will des please 
His will

Oh I wish
If there is a god
In heaven
Oh god I pray 
You come now

If there is a good in heaven
Am sure he is worried now
Am sure he can feel 
The cry of the innocent
Am sure he can touch the
Blood of the innocent died
Babies dead cos of war
I know he can touch the tears
Of our suffering mothers
For if there is a good in
all this atrocities
Of men can't please him

Oh I wish
If there is a god
In heaven
Oh god I pray
You come now

If there is a god in heaven
Shadow don't speak
The dead can't talk
Ashes can't war
But produce from war
As finally all goes to ashes
For if there is a god in
Heaven I know he 
Know better than I write
And he can feel better than 
I do 
For am just a human
With a soul as you
Like I wonder what it be
Now and after truly
If There is a god in heaven

Oh I wish
If there is a god
In heaven 
Oh god I pray
You come now

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love or insanity

i know im in love, and i know who with, 
but he'll never love me back itd be too quick,
he's tall, funny, handsom and just great,
 and i know if i fell for him, id look like fish bait,
he sits next to me and makes me laugh,
i'm sure im headed on the right path, 
i'll smile and giggle at his cute jokes, 
and hope to god he knows im stoked,
im crazy to see him every day,
i want him to hold me in every wich way,
and ill sit at this table in this chair
and when he's talking ill politley stare,
 ill smile so wide so he knows im happy,
and ill pray to god people dont day "make this snappy"
and all i could live is knowing he's ok,
and he doesnt have to talk to me but he does anyways,
im one of his friends and a good one in fact,
 and i know he likes girl. just not me and that's that,
 but im glad i have him and his voice to listen to,
and im glad i have his jokes that are never just a few,
i've seen the way hes looks at me, i know ive felt his touch,
 but just dreaming of kissing him will never be enough,
so ill slit my wrist crying over him,
 and the girl he truly loves she makes my day dim,
people dont know what goes on in his head,
 but i for sure do and its something i dread,
he thinks about sports and girls unnlike me. 
and just thinking of him hurts like being stung by a bee,
so tonight ill think of him and be stung all over, 
and as long as im in love ill never feel sober, 
getting drunk of the touch when you nudge my shoulder,
and dreaming we'll be together when we grow older.

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we cannot pinpoint the day nor time when God created all that we see
but we know when fire was introduced as a part of mankind's destiny
fire gave birth to many things it's a blessing and a burden as well
it has many good properties but it also burns in hell
that which has the most potential for good has the most potential for evil too
but as long as we don't abuse fire it's Godly purpose will stay true

now Pentacost was the day when all men were on one accord
a Feast of the Harvest to celebrate the goodness of the Lord
on that day a mighty wind rushed over everyone
and all were set on fire by the Holy Spirit of the Heavenly Son
the Holy Spirit is the comforter and the essence of God's kind
the Holy Spirit is the presence of God that soothes our troubled minds

set on fire a burning bush was what Moses did see
in the presence of God awaiting direction for Israels' destiny
set on fire those three young Jewish men when into an inferno they were thrown
for refusing to bow down to any other only to the God that they had known
set on fire to remove the dross and impurities in life
set on fire by the Holy Spirit of Our Lord Jesus the Christ

baptism by fire to be purified by the spirit of the  Lord
like on the day of Pentacost when all were on one accord
to be cleansed of all anger, all hurt, all bitterness and all of the pain
now filled with the Holy Spirit energized and enlightened in Jesus' name
an internal combustion has occured for from within you've been set on fire
a new passion has erupted for by the Spirit you've been inspired

now powered by the Holy Spirit infused with the octane that is Jesus Christ
set on fire with the need to live a more Godly life
Pentacost the day when all felt the presence of the Holy Lord
set on fire speaking in tongue yet all were on one accord

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The Centurion

He hated his posting here;
Rome had sent him here as punishment;
He was sure of that;
These people were a stubborn lot; 
He hated them most of all;
Then he met the prisoner.
He was supposed to be some kind of king.

Pilate had interviewed this man;
Now the other guards were mocking him;
They fashioned a crown of thorns for His head;
They forced it upon him;
Blood came pouring down;
Yet the king didn't utter a sound.

The guards stripped the king;
They placed on him a purple robe;
The mockery was intense;
Yet this king was different in some way;
He didn't utter a sound.

Then they began to beat the king;
The centurion simply watched;
This was no ordinary man;
The man simply offered them his back;
Then the centurion heard the man pray;
The man was forgiving his captors!

Pilate had ordered the man to be crucified;
So they led the figure out;
He was now beaten and battered;
Could He even carry the cross;
The centurion wished it was all over;
This prisoner didn't deserve any of this.

The centurion made another man carry the cross;
Soon they topped the hill;
Here they stripped the prisoner;
They laid Him on the cross;
As they drove the nails;
The centurion heard Him pray;
He was forgiving them for killing Him!

The centurion had heard of this prisoner;
He now remembered Him well;
The prisoner claimed to be the Son of God;
He had performed many miracles;
The centurion wished to see one now;
He wished the man would come down from the cross!

The sky around them began to darken;
The centurion watched the man on the cross;
The man looked at the centurion;
"I love you and forgive you",  written in His eyes;
The centurion's heart was breaking inside;
The man on the cross breathed His last.

The earth rattled as an earthquake struck;
Tombs opened and dead men walked;
The centurion was oblivious to it all;
He seen only the dead man on the cross;
His knew now within his heart;
He had crucified the Son of God.

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Do You Feel Like Ending Everything

Perhaps you feel like your life is “spiraling down” It’s as if everything’s come “crashing to the ground” Is your lie filled with A lot of apprehension? Just living day by bay with a lot of tension? Maybe you’re at a “low point” and very “distraught.” In life’s circumstances… you feel trapped and caught. If you feel confused… Like you’re in a “trance…” God’s word says to TRUST HIM, in every circumstance! God’s here to pick you up,\ when you stumble! He’s always do it, And never grumble! If life’s dealt you a bad hand, don’t try name it! Jesus loves you so much! It’s hard to explain it! All of heaven invites you to Invite Jesus as your lord! An eternal life with him, can be your great reward! By Jim Pemberton

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What Beauty Is

Beauty Is…

The sharp crunch of a leaf,

red-yellow under your feet

the crisp air of morning hours

the endless colors of all flowers

the exciting sensation of deja-vu

quand tu marches dans une nouvelle rue

it’s the gentle pounding that you get

when your hand touches your chest

the constant beating of your heart,

with no effort on your part–

Beauty is…

The steady patter of the rain

as it goes down the sewer drain

reminding you that with love

come the blessings from above

it’s the sound of a laugh

finding your other better half

it’s the song of a bird

those touching words that you heard

it’s the curve of a smile

that you’ve craved for a while–

Beauty is…

The confidence of an animal in the wild

the innocent sincerity of a child

the softest touch of a mother

a surprise hug from a brother

it’s a father’s warm, gentle gaze

helping someone through a maze

it’s the bond between sisters

of the likes I’ve never known

it’s in friendships so strong

you can’t ever feel alone–

Beauty is…

The balance human beings have

to stand straight on two feet

it’s the magic of the pen

to realize ideas on a sheet

it’s how humans from different

worlds can relate,

it’s your kind neighbour

and supportive classmate

it’s the patience

remarkable people go through

in situations so mind-boggling

you only wonder what you’d do–

Beauty is…

Found in visiting someplace you’ve missed

undeniable in that priceless moment of bliss

in the silent loudness of a sound

as you prostrate with your head on the ground

the sparkling tears of joy from one’s eyes

the discovery of deep truth among the lies

it’s in the unique snowflakes

with their meticulous design

it’s in looking through a microscope

at nature’s details so fine–

Beauty is…

Praying in the woods

among fall leaves and the trees

It’s that sweet smooth loving caress

on your cheeks from the breeze

Beauty is not found in make-up,

nor found through luxurious gates

it’s a universal blessing that many

forget to contemplate–

Now I’m not sure how to end this,

Cuz this topic is quite endless…

Simply put– Beauty is serenity

It’s the peace found within you

it’s no wonder now that we say

Salamu alaikum, Peace be upon you…

So may you find on this day

Colorful wonders out of the gray

You have all the beauty that you need

To satisfy your soul’s spiritual need,

After all, God is sprinkling on us some of His Beauty

And to appreciate it is the least of our duty…. ~

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An angel came

An angel came!

Nights in black and white,
My mind keeps drifting from side to side.

Wondering in my mind about the voice I heard,
At my bedside an angel came.

"Be patient," The voice said;
I heard it so clear, yet so discreet.

To hear a strange voice whisper into my ear,
It made me scared, and it made me fear.

Fear from God who heard my cry,
Begging for mercy, to save a child.

Praying to all angels to keep her safe
The mother of my children, my soul mate.

This is a sign for me to know,
That God is with me, and I am not alone.

Thank you God for this sign you gave me,
To remind me that there is a God up there
and to be patient.
I’ll keep my faith every time I'm down,
With my forehead touching the ground.

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He had the heart of a lion
And the strength of a bear
Ripping his enemies apart
He would crush and tear
Man of steel
With charm and grace
No one can dare confront him
Or look at his face
He is all over the world
And all over the place
He stands on the silver clouds
And drift through the winds
The colour of his skin matters less
As long as he is bless
By God
Samson! David or my Mohammed Ali
Roosevelt or Lincoln
Whatever name you may be
Oh! Superman
He has come to rescue us from harm
I love the way he looks
His carriage and charm
You remind of Horatio Nelson
The way you fight with one arm
And he looks above the horizon like a demigod
His composure was calm and undisturbed
Oh! Superman
Messenger of God
He prays hard to the Almighty and serves the Lord
Oh Superman!
The strongest man I have ever seen
A man  a thousand men can not win
He had the strength of Samson 
And the wisdom of Solomon
He is the king of us all
But he will not acknowledge
that title
Firm like Stalin
When it is time to take a decision
Never look back
Takes no permission
The true hero of the revolution
Was Leon Trosky
Washington of our time
Deliver us from the Great Evil
No matter where it may be
Oh Superman! Oh Superman! Oh Superman!
He lives in me
I am determine to sacrifice my life 
For the sake others
So that all men will be free
And stand for the rights of men
Where ever they may be
I will seek them in the lions den
And send evil doers to the past
With one blast
And that will be their last

He had the heart of a lion
And the strength of a bear
Ripping his enemies apart
He would crush and tear
Man of steel
With charm and grace
No one can dare confront him
Or look into at his face
Samson! David or my Mohammed Ali
Roosevelt or Lincoln
Whatever name you may be
Oh! Superman
When he was born an old witch 
Saw a prophecy
That a king is coming soon
Because the Moon was still shining even at afternoon
And the sun was still sleeping in his lazy crib
To live a promising life of adventure
Little did his parents know 
That he was a man as a child 
Before he would grow
And his glory would glow
Like the Alpha Centauri
Oh Superman!
From dusk to dawn
He lays awake
And would take 
Any challenge that comes his way
And would live his life like every other day
And he would live his life for the sake of others
Defender of justice and freedom
Thinks like an old sage
Because he has wisdom

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Valhalla - Vikings' Paradise

In Asgard, kingdom of the mighty God Odin
a place awaits all battle fallen warrior heroes
It's in Valhalla where there is endless feasting
and an ending of all griefs and sorrows

The Valkyries, Odin's warrior daughters
carry the fallen heroes from the battlefield 
to Valhalla to join other fallen warriors
where they are restored to life fully healed

Each day the warriors fight on Asgard's plain
Their battle skills to sharpen and maintain 
Every evening wounds and injuries they sustain
are healed and each warrior made whole again

They dine on liquor and fresh cooked meat
that is always in great abundance for all
providing a delicious gourmet treat
at Odin's banquet in Valhalla's dining hall

July 18, 2014
Here is the poem which aroused my childhood interest in the Vikings, and to 
which I referred in my reply to Shadow. I would like to share it with others.
It is "The Sea King's Burial" by Charles Mackay. It recalls the days when a 
Viking chief died and his body was placed in a boat. The vessel with full sail 
set and a fire lighted, was then sent drifting out to sea. It is a long poem so I 
am only quoting the first and last verses:

My strength is failing fast 
   (Said the sea-king to his men). 
I shall never sail the seas 
   Like a conqueror again, 
But while yet a drop remains 
Of the life-blood in my veins 
Raise, oh, raise me from my bed, 
Put the crown upon my head, 
Put my good sword in my hand, 
And so lead me to the strand, 
   Where my ship at anchor rides 
If I cannot end my life 
In the crimsoned battle-strife 
   Let me die as I have lived, 
      On the sea.

Once alone a cry arose, 
   Half of anguish, half of pride, 
As he sprang upon his feet, 
   With the flames on every side. 
"I am coming! " said the king, 
Where the swords and bucklers ring, 
Where the warrior lives again, 
Where the souls of mighty men 
And the weary find repose, 
And the red wine ever flows, 
   I am coming, great -All-Father, 
      Unto thee! 
Unto Odin, unto Thor, 
And the strong, true hearts of yore: 
   I am coming to Valhalla 
      O'er the sea."  

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A star is born

A star is born
a new era dawns,
down on earth the
King of Kings is born

Give praise to the Lord God
our Saviour Jesus is born.
The Christmas message is
truly heart warming

So during this season of
the year, stay joyful,
triumphant and full of cheer.
Give praise to our Lord Jesus.

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The Settlement of the Four Ligures

The stones slipped through the great fingertips of God
Each ligure staked its existence on the four corners of the universe
The quadrivial region began to spin and pull into a sphere
And pathways revealed their footholds 

The fourth ligure bravely landed in the midst of history
So that one day the future settlement of the second 
Would be moved by the last—by the past
Suffering much it stayed
Manifesting in incandescent words
Thrusting evanescence upon the weak
Selfless, it's sorrow would move the merriest
Would move the unmovable

The third lies in the profound valley of mystical guardians
Star-recruited, they are the very light above the canvas of gray
They embrace the stone—are inspired by the stone  
The very reflection of their creator was evident
Upon their unremitting glimmers
Unafraid to stare the others down
Motivated and construed by the glower of death
Eyes move fixedly beyond the simple vast

The second ligure rested upon the shoulders of invisible martyrs 
The hopeful power it planted on the sufferers was unbelievable
For spectators used their disbelief to cover their ever-placed envy
They never were part of the battle—they merely watched
Always seeing truth
But they never quite absorbed
Like a rock hitting the water
The inevitable fate was to fly and sink

The first of the ligures settled in the very reservoir of Satan himself
Even the very heart of the devil is marked
Though rebellion embarked  
The cold stone landed upon his naked bosom
He despaired not to the pericopal truth the gods had bestowed upon him
He merely despised it
But wished not to lose it
For such a stone to fall upon that dark corner—he felt pride for the gracious wound

In truth, there are twelve ligures of stone 
And four were dispersed, dropped into the universe
The last eight the great Eternal wears upon his breastplate 
And only He can re-move these ligures

-July 20, 2013-
-For Shadow Himilton's Any Subject Contest-
-Thanks for the inspiration-

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A New Kingdom


Doe's things' seem strange
Not what they used to be
This is for the first time
The first time in History
Doe's things' seem slow
While a bestselling economy
   Just doe's not grow'
Everything is a shroud
         In mystery...
And everyone must know...
         It is time
  It is time one may say
For a One World Government
        To save the day'
But, their is one thing
That I would like to say
      And that is that
By the Blood of Jesus
Things' wouldn't be this way
What We really don't need
    Is a new government
        What we do need
Is a New Covenant'
     A Covenant'
         With ' GOD '
      Did anyone think
            Of the way
       That it should be
To dwell in the House of the Lord
            For all Eternity...
To be with the Prince of King'
    To be with the Almighty
With-in the Kingdom of ' GOD '
Where He has already prepared
      A place for you and me...

Details | Bio | |

To Death And Back Not An Act

      ****This a true admission...It happen to me...God left me a    

        Message..*******In........ Spite..of the whole

They say that it 
Is some-thing spiritual 
         Ah! yes,
Their is such a thing
       As a Miracle
For their is nothing
More Spiritual.....
For I can confess
Let God figure out the rest
But, their are reason's
So many thing's to say
Like, how can a man die
Three times' in just one day
       At the same time
       So, their was a time
And this time was mind
Fore I did have Addison Disease
My health was on the decline
Would their be time for eternity
       Or are We running....
Seems though I was running
       Out of time
I was running out of me
Renal failure
Kidney failure 
Respiratory Arrest
Seems that this-time
The Lord Jesus
Has put me to the test
Yes, their were complications'
Little parasites' in my blood
I need a blood transfusion
The doctor's were in such confusion
This conclusion to them
Was just an illusion...
They said that I had 
An Addison Attack
I also had Anemia
My affect was black
They were all worried
They didn't know what to do
For I had complications'
And now and behold
I just had a CODE BLUE
They talked to my folks 
And family relation's
They said they just didn't
Know, fore He had complications
The complication was already made
If it weren't for the Addison Disease
He would sure die from the complications   
OF " AID's"
       So, then they gave me
 A blood transfusion
And to the room they took me back
Fore their was no reason
         Lest God Should react
That this was one day
That I needed not pray
It was now time to be ready
To breech judgement
Now that I must say'
And surely this was the way
Fore I have seen the Light
Of a better day...
So, now it was morning
I was laying in the bed
I was so hungry
I got Pancakes' with my meds..
Threw all of this
I wasn't really scared
For JESUS was with me
He just sat on the side
          Of my Head
Resting on my bed
Blessing me and to return
          Thy Soul
For it really belonged to Me....
This miracle was full....
Lack of death from the
Of Full Blown AID'
Was over blown....
But, you are not threw
        On the Earth
Fore I have a message for you
To deliver this day!
To deliver, to rebuke this
         Un Holey Curse....
Fore this is the Light
        And the way...


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Perfectly you

You say you aren't perfect,
but look again and behold yourself; perfectly you.
Your tears be heavy-laden with guilt;
also remember, they glisten with remorse.
The sea water of the eye cleanses wounds old
and leads life to the good vulnerability
that teaches humility and belief.

Singing; your voice awakens the dawn
and dancing you set the moon.
Entrancing, you smile
and for a moment I glimpse forever.
Joy's child is your way
and grace is in your name.

Awake in the watches of the night
He watches your panic weeping;
wanting your day to soar 
and set twilight leaping.
Stars twinkle in sympathy,
and meteors lead sight to the other.
Come away with me my love and wink at suns.

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The Last Great Day


The words of God are a great comfort The day—the Last Great Day—depicts judgement That will come upon everyone equally God hasn’t even begun to work With the mass majority of the world But His glorious salvation is revealed to all But for all to hear, The spiritual component of God Will be added to their thoughts —their ears will open They will have the opportunity to repent There will be judgment For those who really long to change, Doors will be open For those who choose their own way, He will throw into the Lake of Fire with Satan —a most merciful action For any way except God’s is the path leading to evil And in due course to anger, Sadness and death Those who choose to be gone Will be gone Many will weep and mourn… Until the day of Judgment, Prepare Once you receive the knowledge of the truth Practice it For you will be held accountable For your sins God will not overrule our human will He wants us to choose And continue to choose Not all names will be seen in the Book of Life I will be among the weeping
*inspired by John Anderson* -a special thanks to Charles Henderson for helping me edit this piece. It looks so much better now! Thank you!-

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The Coming of God

We watched as the skies fell.
The masses of black swarms cascading as ashes rained down upon the Earth.
The crow from afar, it cried in fear of its maker as it felt the impending entity.
A light divinity, a blinding billowness of immortality shook the fabrication of darkness.
It was then that I saw the face of God.
His face as he swallowed our world.

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Pure Energy

You are the most powerful person I know.
However, because you do not recognize this power, I can only see a clouded version of you.

You are the most powerful person I know.
However, due to the lack of understanding, you project to me energy less than what is real.

You are the most powerful person I know.
However, the vitality residing in you is diffused, and flicker in randomness.

You are the most powerful person I know.
However, your beliefs dictate you close your eyes to the power that is truly you.

You are the most powerful person I know.
However, your yesterday confirms to me through reflection, you do not trust in today.

You are the most powerful person I know.
Now that you recognize who you are, I can distinguish you near or far.

You are the most powerful person I know.
You are, you are, you are, Pure Energy.

Michaelson Williams

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I Knew Someone Who Wanted to End It All

I Knew Someone Who Was Ready to “End It All!” I knew of someone who just wanted “to end it.” Giving up on life, and did not want to “defend it.” It was a heart wrenching and difficult situation. He said what he wanted to, with no explanation! I could see his face and the sad look in his eyes! What he was going to do next, was anyone’s surprise. He turned to drugs and encountered addictions. With this brought much disease and afflictions! He gave up on the wonderful family that was given. And turned to a pretty wild and crazy way of livin’! I told him about a God who loves him very deeply. As he listened, he began to grow restless and weary. I reached for his hand and began to pray for God’s power! It was a miracle! The blood of Jesus changed him that hour! The spirit of God brought healing and hope to his body! He was so excited! He rushed out to tell everybody! The “end” that he wanted, seemed to just fade away! For the son of the living God, changed him this day! The glory of God, and the power of Jesus’ resurrection… Changed him! And got him going in a NEW direction! He’s so thankful for the blood of Christ’ atonement! And is a different person now, because of that moment! This same Jesus loves and can do the same for YOU! Through the problems of life… He will see you through! By Jim Pemberton

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                                                                   Water In My Eyes

It’s hard to take off, when you’re left grounded.  Something lost I can’t find it.
 I can’t see my way anymore, I need a guide

                                               “Hard to see with water in your eyes”

A feeling that comes over you, it comes and goes 
Often now putting me to my knees, a thirst for knowledge has grown.
Interpretations given to me, I want to fly but I’m stuck on the ground is what I realized.
I can’t see my way anymore, I need a guide

                                                “Hard to see with water in your eyes”

You carry those you lost and offer you in their place, all you have are the memories a heart ache, a still picture of their face. Quest for knowledge you have shown, you can only save yourself when it’s time to kneel at the thrown. Interpretations given to me, still unable to fly I can’t see my way anymore, I need a guide

                                                      “Hard to see with water in your eyes”

Arms out reached in front of me, waiting for a touch back to assist and help guide me, I know your there even in the open air, as the breeze passes by pushing out the water in my eye.
 Looking to the sky before it drips drops and it freezes. As u notice only your sign the one only you can see. If you found it it’s meant for you to continue to believe. Before you know it you’re looking up into the sky. You see clearly through a dry eye. No more needs God has heard you and now he will guide you.

Walking a set path try to live a life right. God will always give you your way of sight.
Keeping faith is all for just such a reason. It’s nice to see through all life’s seasons. But almost daily it gets blurry and things change size.

                                                      “Hard to see with water in your eyes”
                                                                                 By Paul J Williams Sr

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Upper Hand

Free will and choice, we think we know,
the high road calls our name.
But man's destruction arises low
in a part we just can't tame.

And evil's there, in quiet repose,
we rap it's hollow door.
And here we sit for what we chose
as they tally the final score.

Of all the battles we fought within,
none matter but the last.
An epic struggle set to begin
from which our destiny is cast.

In the afterlife of death's staid pale,
too late to take a stand,
will eternity be in heaven or hell?
We must await the upper hand.

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The Secret

I have a strange tale to tell
Two mighty gods and a king.
Pan the god of woodland and dell,
Apollo of whom the sun did sing.

Challenged by Pan to a test of skill
Apollo the god of music did agree.
They played and played until
Apollo was granted the victory.

Now Midas loved the god Pan dearly
So with the decision he did not agree.
He questioned the ruling quite clearly
Irritating Apollo to a great degree.

A terrible curse on Midas he did lay
Not giving it a second thought.
Ah Midas, with gods you do not play
Mortals with gods should not consort.

No one knew of the king's terrible plight
Except for one to secrecy sworn.
The barber knew of this horrible blight
Never tell of what the royal head adorn.

Secrets are a heavy load to bear
So the barber dug a hole so deep,
Whispered the secret way down there
Finding relief so he could sleep.

But the earth just could not keep
The secret of shame and bitter woe,
So where he dug that hole so deep
Richly the reeds began to grow.

Now if you walk where reeds grow wild
The wind blowing through the spears,
Pause awhile and listen carefully child
Softly they whisper:"The king has donkey ears."

Details | Romanticism | |

Hearts burnt out

The Hearts burnt out
with dying falls and cold, bone chilling winters.
(Love is gone for the fall and winter)
Just me, I stay alone
who walks the slushed streets and I sleep in the dirt grimmed gutters.
The hearts burnt out, but still a hint of love lingers
in the cold evenings of the winter falls.

The cold December nights are always the loneliest time
for a man to live alone in the dirty gutters of the ghettos.
And as the loyalists come marching down the cobblestone streets,
every heart with turn and fear.
The ones that do not go far, shall parish in eternal hell.
For the hearts are burnt out,
like the lamplights on the night of Kristallnacht.
The Jews of Malta, create fornication
and the hearts of the prostitutes hide with bruses and broken blood vessels,
on their faces and hands,
and they will hurry away to the dark shadows of lone alleyways
with hearts skipping beats, and hearts slowly burning out.

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The Conversation Between God and the Devil: chapter one

Into a Mirror Darkly
stared He upon his throne
intense He studied starkly
gazing as He sat prone

Into the Nothingness
His eternal eyes pried
in doing so creating Darkness
and His undoing there He spied

"You giveth me inward sight"
Said He, staring into the Void
"And I your shadow to every Light."
Said It, stepping from the Void

From the One there were Two
"From the Me there came the You"
Said God to the shade
"From my light your shadow is now made"

"Why do I exist?"
Said It to his God
Its questions continued to persist
Yet He only sighed with a nod

"I maketh you in reason
as well as in rhyme.
A purpose for your treason
you will learn in due time."

The Dark Shade did then ponder
as God sat idly with a smile
"And then what shall I do, I wonder."
Thought the Shade, grinning all the while

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Christ Killed Religion

Some call me the Anit-Christ

But I got more sides 

Than number seven on the dice

The careless lord and savior

Created idiot man

With a complex behavior

Started making, all these rules

In Gods name we pray 

If you dont your the fool

You cant be gay 

Only white males in my church 

If your not we will slay

For God our father

Will strike you down 

For thinking this wine couldn't have been water

We take this good book from him

Lay down "our" laws

And repute away your sin

For being colored

Is wrong

Cant you tell the man on the cross has pale skin

Again you sin, Again you sin,

Again you sin now kneel and pray to "him"

So I started thinking

If the fairy tale man God gave me brain

And if I use it

And I abuse it

Why the fcuk cant I say what I want since I am his kid

Stupid cowards cant you see

That God has a good mind 

And you raped his philosophy

Stupid mankind took the words of our Lord

And turned it into your chi

You backstabber

Took his religion and made it your own

To mold your kind to flea

From the illusion 

That free will is a one way ticket to hell

So take your man made book of stupid spells

And conjur up an elixir for the death of religion

And YOU killed it, you stupid cowards


Man - Kind?

You lost God's words in translation

I guess you cant speak his lingo of frustration

Stop burning crosses of "your"religion doomed

Wake up and prepare the tomb

For religion is dead.....thanks to you

Stupid cowards......

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He Had To Come

He looked upon the ones He loved;
So innocent and so free;
Their beauty was beyond compare;
Of all His creation they were the best;
Instilled in them was freewill;
Could they survive the test?

He had to come.

The serpent was so crafty;
The serpent was the enemy; 
It set out to deceive His love;
Things would never be the same;
The serpent would cause Him so much pain.

He had to come.

The fruit appeared so tempting;
The serpent's words rang true;
Was the man to trust in God;
Surely he would not die;
Yet die he did for a single bite.

He had to come.

There was now a new man;
This man was Abraham;
He set out for a new country;
It was a country yet to be;
The promise was to be fulfilled.

He had to come.

Abraham had no children;
Yet God's promise was to be fulfilled in him;
How could this come to be;
When he had no offspring;
Yet Abraham never doubted God.

He had to come.

Some generations later;
The characters have now changed;
The children of Abraham are slaves;
Their groaning reaches God's ear;
He will not leave them alone.

He had to come.

God plagued the nation of Egypt;
The Passover was put in place;
The children of Abraham escaped by His might;
A new nation was now born;
Moses was their leader.

He had to come.

At a place called Sinai;
The covenant was given;
It pointed out to man what sin was;
It could not redeem them to Heaven;
It was sealed in blood.

He had to come.

The covenant required obedience;
It required the sacrifice of a lamb;
Sin was atoned for by the sacrifice;
Yet no lamb could be found to fit the bill;
It had to be the perfect Lamb.

He had to come.

He was born in Bethlehem;
The gift of God to man;
He would preach for a mere three years;
During that time He would change the world;
He would be murdered for His effort.

He had to come.

The cross was cruel and agonizing;
He could have came down and walked away;
This was why He had come;
It would set things right;
It was His Father's will.

He had to come.

When He died the curtain was torn in two;
The dead came from their tombs;
The soldiers themselves knew then who He was;
He was the perfect Lamb;
He was the end of sacrifice.

He had to come.

Death could not hold Him;
He rose to walk again;
He finished what was started;
Now he was seen by many witnesses;
He ascended back to His throne.

He had to come.

He looked upon the one He loved;
Restored back to her first state;
It had been worth the price he paid;
His glory was now supreme;
She was His bride forevermore.

He had to come

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EYE Don't See -Part 3-

My eyes
Witness your departure
My eyes
Are dripping with hopelessness…
My eyes start to blur…
Melancholy put me under pressure…
Is there a cure to my disease? 

You don’t see
The shards of hope that once brought us back together
Just let me search for safety
I’m strong enough to realize that I’m no longer
The weakest prey out there…

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me whimpering like a distraught puppy left on the train tracks?

I’m close to my demise…save me and take me home

Nourish me…and be my beloved friend

Will this friendship last forever?

Hopefully it has no end

Will this cheerful moment help us get along with each other?

Because of you…I feel the need to run 
I keep an eye on you – I worry that you’ll hurt yourself again
Because of you…My freedom is nearly gone
I don’t wanna be caught off guard again
Because of you…EYE can’t picture a solution for our vexing dilemma 
Because of you…eye can’t focus on my long-term goal 

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you sense that I’m giving in to failure? 
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…I can’t endure 
The hardships that you place upon me…
Could you boost up my confidence to overcome 
My atrocious anxiety? 

I’m just waiting for some sun
To keep me in good hands…
To strengthen me with perseverance …
I’m just waiting until His son
Leads the world outtah Egypt and reveals to us…
His radiance…His dazzling Kingdom – 
Vibrant with glee

Your undying sympathy dawns upon us
I’m overflowing with indescribable joy  
You’re a candle in the night…
We meet eye to eye…
What a sight…what a precious sight

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Four walls forming a world
Keeping the silence there is no spoken word
Liberated from the body,
I feel no burden anymore
I Must be lived therefore
Living the eternity, fooled by the myth of life 
Now it's the ultimate time to define the wrong from the right
All will get the wage of what they did
The virtuous, the wicked, eventually apart
lets get back to where it starts..

Imitating the roles in a so called play
To participate, being cheap is the way to stay
A few say no, the rest obey
Puppets, animals, evils.. all set ready to play
Opening scene is predicting the finale
The plot is not impaired, it's just an alley
Lust, greed, envy..that's behind the curtain
All racing toward the uncertain
Affected by the misfortune and absence of the righteous
Selling became the profession, with this kind of ware there's no recession
Choosing lies instead of truth, masked faces over truly who they are
And drifting away too far
Drowning in seas of oblivion
awakening seems to be right at the shore, for whom got the sail
And persist on passing the trail.

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Songs of Sorrowed Hearts

What makes this world go around?
What makes Death walk the Earth
and God sit on his throne and watch over us?
What makes love go around with such favour
and strut along side lonesome avenues?
What does a widow, a motherless child, a Vietnam veteran
and a boy who has had his fare share of heartbreaks,
all have in common with each other?

They were all promised a beautiful life,
free for all to love, free from the pain of betrayal
and anger.
We are what make the world go around,
I am the poet who sits and looks at love walk down the street,
and watch the blind eyes stare deep in my soul.
I am the poet, that feels the pain of a heart torn in two.
He his the poet who writes of smiles, to forget the frowns
and tears.
She is the poetress that writes of her success,
in order to forget her past that tortured her soul,
now he and she walk together writing poetry
sharing their love and smiles with the world.
But with smiles, also comes frowns,
with hearts full of love, comes hearts full of sorrow,
and someone has to stay behind and write of the bad
has to write and compose the songs of the sorrowed hearts.

We are all given love,
but it takes some whole lives to understand
the dark mystery that tags along with beautiful love.
Someone has to suffer the pain,
someone has to sacrifice his or her happiness,
so another poet can feel the beauty in happiness and pain.
I am willing to sacrifice my time and heart,
for my fellow poet to feel the smiles grow on their faces
and feel love uplift their heart,
while the black cancer tears apart mine.
I will go on, with what is left of my heart and smile,
and go into my room of creativity
and compose the songs of sorrowed hearts
for future poets, like that came before me.

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The fox gnaws flaking muscle
From speechless rabbit, cold
In mind and body. Men shiver
As bodies dry, spat from river.

Rings of globes circle hands
Of the thoughtless, so beaten
From paths to be told of Him, 
Waiting until eyes grow dim.

Walking among us is plague,
Standing above us is but love,
These winds will claw our youth
While faith entraps this truth.

Winter comes but we survive,
Breath and bones, colonies thrive.

Details | Didactic | |


before many of us chose to walk on a sanctified journey in life
we were always frustrated, discombobulated and looking for a fight
the kind of fight that was fueled by jealousy, pettiness, anger and/or greed
but now as disciples of Christ we fight for honor, a cause or a need
no longer do we fight using profanity, knives, fists or guns
we now fight with weapons that are spiritual ones
we no longer look for excuses not to get involved with a cause
we no longer allow the hopeless opinions of others to make us stop and pause
if you can't help just don't hinder and don't hurt those who are ready to fight
get out of the way and allow God's people to do what is good and right

when those of us who share a common pain are more than willing to lend a hand
that's when you encounter the haters who will try to impede your plans
hate is that emotion that everyone has experienced at least once in life
hate is a demonic spirit that does nothing but cause havoc and strife
hate is within each of us but we all don't let it manifest
for as true children of the most high God we know that we are blessed
hate comes from that inner fear caused by not being in the know
but you can't allow fear to turn into hate just let the God in you now show
for fear can paralyze, it can traumatize, fear can make you become paranoid
fear can make you ill, it can take away your will and make you null and void

we know that as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ
everyday we are in the fight of our lives
as the devil will try to intercede and give you a short term loss of memory
so make sure you pray everyday to be reminded of the God who gave life to thee
for God can take that hate and turn it into kindness
God can take that fear and render it spineless
God gave you the power to fight for what you believe
God gave you the ability to fight for what you can achieve
so are you ready to fight in order to be set free?
are you ready to fight for a cause and your family?

Nehemiah and his men attempted to rebuild those torn down walls
when the haters came around hoping they would stumble and fall
but the Spirit revealed to them what the haters had planned
so Nehemiah and his men were ready and prepared to take their stand
they were ready to fight to protect and defend those walls
they were ready to fight so that their work would not be stalled
ready to fight, ready to fight for righteous cause
no time to ponder, nor procrastinate and no time to stop and pause 

Details | Dramatic monologue | |


to grow a spiritual garden is to implement God's saving grace
according to the soil that is in you where the word of God is placed
an earthly garden is the physical and actual manifestation
of the symbolic sowing of God's word and its germination
one only needs to pray, to prepare, to plow and then plant a seed
in order to grow a garden that will fulfill one's spiritual needs

in the parable of the soil many think that Jesus speaks autobiographically
when He preaches and teaches the gospel on a level so personally
He talks about the various types of soil and their effect
when a seed lands upon them and from them what one can expect
He's referring to the soil that is the hearts and minds of men
and what type of righteousness that dwells within them

impenetrable and unyielding is the soil of the man on the rocky wayside
the word of God in him will never dwell nor ever reside
inadequate and insufficient is the soil of the man who is shallow and not deep
the word of God in him takes root for a moment but is deficient and won't keep
insufferable and unsustainable is the soil of the man full of thorns and weeds
the word of God in him will be choked away to never bear any fruit nor seed
enriched and substantial is the soil of the man who is right and sure
the word of God in him will take root, sustain, ripen and mature

so what type of soil are you? what type of garden do you hope to grow?
when receiving the seeds of God's wisdom what type of spirituality will you sow?
will it be scattered? will it be scorched and then wither away?
will it get choked by the world's weeds or will it grow a good fruit one day?
the parable of the soil is about what type of soil are you
but if one has ears to hear the seeds of God's word will come shining through

Details | Epic | |


In the process of healing a man in Bethsaida who was blind
Jesus had to touch him for a second time
most healings that Jesus performed didn't require all that much
no more than a prayer, a word or the power in His garments when touched
omnipotent is our Savior whose mercy is so great
sometimes a healing would occur just by someone having faith
no great effort did He exert when healing time after the time
but on this occasion a second touch was needed to heal the blind

Bethsaida was a town that was cold to the Gospel
where the atmosphere for spirituality was virtually impossible
yet we seem to have a Bethsaida mentality in today's society
where hope and faith are not prevalent in the hearts of humanity
but God has the power to turn the situation around
He can take a Bethsaida mind set and put it on sacred ground
from horror to holy from darkness to light
from faithless to faithful from wrong to right
from stubborn to obedient from meek to bold
God can give a second touch and His power will manifold

now Jesus was one who always pushed the boundaries
and there's nothing that He wouldn't do to save humanity
yet people will stay blind if they're unwilling to trust in Him totally
and if He has to put spit on your eyes so what now you can see
we need to get off our high horses and stop acting like snobs
as trying to keep up with the Jones will result in God being robbed
we need to stop treating each others as objects or things
where if you're not wealthy of famous by the world you're not even seen

sometimes a second touch is what is required 
for the holy power of God to get the results it desires
sometimes a second touch is needed to jump start one's heart
to keep one from becoming a member of the dearly depart
and after that second touch the blind man could now see
as many things in life a second touch is what needs to be

the first touch from God may open your eyes
but the second touch will awaken you to realize
what is your purpose your reason for being
on the right road of life now clearly seeing
a second touch from God might be just what you are needing
to get you motivated towards the life you should be leading
a second touch from God might be just what is required
for you to become that disciple compelled by spiritual desire
a second touch from God might be what you need to begin
on the road of life that is one free from sin

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MAKING IT HAPPEN part 4: Take It to God in Prayer

some wish it would happen, some want it to happen, 
some don't know what happened and some don't even care
but if you're inspired you can make it happen 
inspite of your limitations and fears

Nehemiah was compelled by the Holy Spirit he was determined in his mission
even though the temple had been rebuilt he knew the walls were in bad condition
he knew in order to make it happen you must first take it to God and pray
to allow the presence of the Holy Spirit to come in and have Its way

in order to make it happen take it to God and let Him make it His project
allow Him to process if for you so you'll get the result that you expect
in order to make it happen you need to be patient and plan carefully
and to have the spirit of preparation and a mindset of persistancy

we live in a remote control society where at the push of a button 
we get an instant reaction
but the reality of life is that you don't always get instant satisfaction
timing is that all important factor when it comes to what one aspires to do
for it's not about us but the timing of God that we are all subject to
the kyros time of God will prevail no what what we desire or expect
and I don't need to remind you that God doesn't own a Rolex

as it's not about fast it's about experience when walking in spirituality
where everyone involved in making it happen possesses a spirit of godly unity
in order to make it happen you need to contribute by doing your part 
with a spirit of perseverance fully in your heart
in order to make it happen adjust your priorities 
with a proper perspective for your cause
and don't allow the haters to intervene nor make you stop nor pause
and be watchfull towards those who are trying to profit from the plight of the poor
speak truth to those in positions of power and let them know what you stand for
with the proper perspective patient planning, preparation and prayer from the start
God will help you make it happen as long as you do it with a righteousness of heart

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are you at your wits end

they've been moments in life when you've felt that you were at your wits end
be it spiritually, financially or physically be it in a relationship with family or friends
tired of whenever you've been blessed the enemy attempts to knock you down
ready to throw in the towel and just fall to the ground
but if you're a disciple of Christ you will come to comprehend
that God will get you through anything from beginning to end
so before you turn to Oprah, Dr. Oz or even Dr. Phil
have a little talk with the Lord God and then just sit still
He might not get there when you want Him but God is always right on time
and He's aware of everything you're going through that's why He's called divine
omnipotent, omnipresent and all knowing with His infinite power
God knows what's happening at any given hour

so are you at your wits end? can you see no way out?
it's time to put your trust in God for in Him there's never any doubt
God knows more about us than we will ever know about ourselves
His knowledge is so infinite and full spiritual wealth
for it was He who created us and it was He who gave us the breath of life
He also gave us the gift that lifted us and freed us from sin with the blood sacrifice

so are you at your wits end? what thoughts are running through your mind?
do you realize that God knows what you're thinking at any given time?
He knows what you will say before the words fall from your lips
He knows what you will do before you do it as it was He who wrote the script
so there's no need to be at your wits end if you're a child of Christ
remember God is watching over you every minute of your life

I once had a plane reservation for 8 o'clock at night
but the lady behind the ticket counter decided to change my flight
I asked her why did she do this? and she said "Reverend you need to comprehend"
that 8pm flight had a 2 hour layover 
and the 9pm flight will serve you better in the end
not only did I arrive earlier but she had upgraded me to first class too
I have come to realize that God has a master plan that might better suit you
so no longer am I at my wits end as I've  place myself in God's hands
living to praise, living to rejoice by waiting and abiding by His plans

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Jar of Love and such

She walked around this earth with a jar filled with love
Dipping into its commodities when she saw someone in need of

a smile, encouragement, understanding and compassion
Her jar was always running over bringing others satisfaction

Oneday while on a daily routine she saw a tattered old man
Sleeping on a bench, in his right hand he had an aluminum can

She dipped into her jar and pulled out a mysterious note
She had held it for quit sometime a poem she had long ago wrote

She parked her car around the way
It was a cold and rainy November day

Then walked up quietly to this sleeping guy
and suddenly formed tears in her sensitive eyes

She took the poem from out of her jar
Put it inside his portable bar

Then quickly tip towed away
Hoping to God he would read what it had to say

The poem was a love letter to anyone
That had given up on life and had completely shunned

the world out because of many horrible trails
The poem was written to encourage someone and inspire

It was signed with just a smile and a phone number too
A nearby church and rehab center who

Took men in for absolutly free 
helped them to discover who they were really meant to be,

A week later this girl drove that same way
There was no sign of this man she so often saw on that bench during the day

A month later, on a Sunday morning she could not believe her eyes
She was in church and to her surprise

The same old man that had been dirty, drunk and out of social reach
Stood in front of this giant congregation and made a beautiful speech

All bright, clean and with tears in his eyes
He told a story about an angel who stopped him from suicide 

He said there had to be a God for he woke to take his last sip
And in his “jar” of beer he found a poem and decided to read it

And now he had been sober for thirty days
He found his two lost sons and he just wanted to give God praise

This girl and her "jar" never said a word
She just sat in her chair as her soul sang like a bird

So never be afraid to carry goodness in your life jars
For you never know when you may be a persons saving star!!!

Sabina Nicole
Based on The contest :JARS

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All things Norse

Norse things of Scandinavia 
offer a perspective, not trivia
of things visible and invisible 
which complement each other.

intuition and imagination of things norse
are values of consequence, all endorse
not subjective, are open to interpretation real
visible and invisible seen as a whole, it’s clear.

the invisible sustains the visible of the world 
whether good or bad of the senses it twirled
in flesh world the elements merge with divinity 
seen with “eye of reverence” sacred is profanity.

prior to today’s world a “Great Abyss” existed
an animating spirit of silence and dark twisted
It was slain by the god brothers Vé, Vili and Odin 
who built the visible world from its flesh akin. 

“See a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.” By Blake’s hand.

Form: Rhyme
Date: 10.7.2014

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Will our world ever change

all man are born equal 
Its how god wants us to be 
and live in peace and harmony
for the goodness of  humanity
Adam and eve are our parents
And we are their children
So why are their so many wars
That seem to have no end

 We know there’re only one god
And he loves all of us
and yes  we see  people suffering 
but in god works we have to trust

we see  the holocaust in Europe 
the genocides in Africa
the inhumane captivity of Palestine
and mass murders in south America

and although our tears falls
like the rain from the skies
every time we see bombs falls
and parents holds their dead and cries

how did this world become so
why do people hate each other
if Adam and eve is our parents
are you  not sister and I’m your brother

today I’m preparing for thanks giving
last week I celebrated dewali
then will come seven nights of Hanukkah 
the same time I light my Christmas tree

then for holy month Ramadan
I keep fast for all most everyday
And give donations to the mosque
For the poor who comes to pray

Will our world ever change
Its what we hear all the time
When its full of hypocrites governments
Committing Genocides and hate crimes

But we all are so helpless
While we stands aside and look
But it’s the prophesies being fulfill
That is written in the holy book

But these things will come to past
Children having children
False prophets using Jesus name
Men marrying men

people flying like birds in the sky
 weapons of mass destructions
man bringing this world
on the brink of annihilations

some times I feel to stop writing
and close my eyes to what’s around me
but then I think of those without voice
that world forgets so easily

so if I throw away my pens
Comes like I turn my back their problems
Although I cant lead them out the dark
 I can shed some light on them

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Back In Denial

Yeah Im feeling a lil too native tonight like Im on da rez like a youngster drunk and suicidal
 Poppin pills like Im poppin at my own people like they my culturalistic rivals 
I'm dying slowly like my culture yet Im still reading the about God and the Holy Bible
 I almost died not once but twice thats why I strive for survival 
Im a lil mad at God ever since he took my lil brother but I shall get over it in a lil while
 Im more greatful ever since he gave back life with my first child 
Living life up to this point in my life has now been worth the while 
time ticking away everyday on da rez like the sun dial 
so no time to waste any longer in this tribulation of another life to death trial
 I shall bring back all my lost long life culture files 
I am like a new trend people Im litterally making my own clothes with the Rez Life 7 style
 I shall overcome bull*****even if at times it gets me a lil riled 
Breaking through hangovers like out the stomach comes last nights bile 
Im litterally building onto whats left in my trash pile 
I aint going to stop until I have my legs crushed during the last mile 
I hit jumps in my car through life as it idles 
This is just but another life lived in gratitude I cant lie though 
It shouldnt matter too much in the end because I will be high Bro 
Insanely flying in the sky like an acrobatic physco 
Shooting through leather problems like a twelve gauge rifle 
so much it makes my own heart with a quick fix stifle 
Im gonna make it through my haters doubts with a quick glance as I smile 
I will bring back hope not to theirs or yours but my own before I end up back in denial

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when our children ask why?

the stones will tell the story of their journey into the Promised Land
the children of Israel with the Ark of the Covenant at Gigal they came to stand
they had crossed over the Jordan River when the river bed by God was made dry
and the Lord told them to tell all the children if they should ever ask why?

God is at work in our lives, He has a master plan
He's prepared us for that which for us He has in His hands
our lives have been redeemed by His unlimited mercy and grace
as He's the God of the whole universe of all air, land, sea and space
we've been fashioned in His image and the likeness of His Son Our Holy Lord
and when we accept and acknowledge Him our lives become more in accord
as all things work together for the good of those who love Christ
no matter the trials nor the tribulations that you experience in this life

when our children ask why we worship and honor the Lord God
the words out of our mouths should be from the depths of our hearts
tell them that once they understand the purpose that for them God has ordained
they'll be more equipped to handle life's frustrations, upsets and pain
let them know no matter what in life they are going through
the joy of the Lord comes each morning and He will always be with you

trust in God to open doors and let His Holy Spirit guide you along
believe in His word, follow His commands and you will never go wrong
by exposing the core of your being, your soul and becoming a vessel that God can use
now as a true disciple and servant of Christ you can never lose

so reverence God, respect God and hold Him in the highest regards
and when our children ask why tell your testimony from the heart
that God is omnipotent, there is nothing He cannot do
He parted the Red Sea and the Jordan River so His people could pass through
so when our children ask why, why we glorify the Lord God?
we can tell them about all the wonderful things and the miracles He imparts

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when the Israelites had fled from Egypt after more  than 400 years
for God sent them to a place of freedom and lives with no more fears
but the Pharoah had been most reluctant to let the Israelites go
and he could not comprehend the power of God when He puts on a show
God had hardened Pharoah's heart and sent the Israelites to the banks of the Red Sea
but neither party understood the positioning God takes when He desires victory
Shut Up and March the Exodus was not the main plan
Shut Up and March it's time to do as God commands

now the Pharoah was too arrogant and could not even see
that it was not about him but about God having victory
God does miracles in order to change man's thinking process
God moves mountains and rivers so that it's by Him we are impresssed
Shut Up and March you just need to know your role
Shut Up and March as it's God who's in control

now a miracle is the easy part as it's harder to change men's minds
so that they know to trust in God and eventually come to find
that God is omnipotent, God is unchanging and God is always true
and no matter what's happening in your life with faith in Him you will get through
so Shut Up and March the Red Sea for His people He did part
Shut Up and March and don't dare question the actions of God

trust in Him, believe in Him shut up and just stand still
allow the hand of God to move you so that all truths will be revealed
Shut Up and March God said to Israel it's time to move along
Shut Up and March and I will get you where I know you belong
so stop whining to God as He will always deliver you onto dry land
so just Shut Up and March by doing exactly as God commands

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Tears Running Down Your Face

I saw you cry today,
I can't tell you that I feel your pain,
You're his daughter,
this time God couldn't get any wronger,
he shouldn't ever taken your father,
I swear that in my head my screams couldn't get any louder,
I screamed to God and reminded him of his daughters,
but mostly of you, because i knew you would take the news harder.

I couldn't even give you a hug and tell you that everything's going to be okay,
I don't know what happened I just froze when I saw tears running down your face,
I know you're going to miss him every single day,
I just want you to know that I love you and that I'm always here for when ever you need a 
I've been trying to make you laugh today,
I've done it a couple of times and that makes me feel great,
because for two seconds I took the pain away,
but I know that your pain will always stay,
I'm sorry I know nothing will ever take away that pain,
but you got friends and family that will help you along the way.

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rebuilding your torn down walls

rebuilding is a part of life, it's about the ups and the downs
the good, the bad, the happy, the sad all that goes around
as life is about our experiences all that we've gone through
it's about picking up the pieces and somehow make them anew

rebuilding is sometimes costly it will always have a price
to rebuild those torn down walls that make up your life
so what has deteriorated? what do you need to re-erect?
what are those issues in your life that have had the most devastating affect?

to rebuild those torn down walls that you thought would have kept you whole
to rebuild those torn down walls that have caused you to lose control
in order to make it happen you need to re-position yourself in life
in order to make it happen you need to stand before the Lord Christ
now in the presence of the Holy Lord Our God the King of Kings
now in the presence of Our Creator who controls everything

now is the time to make it happen by overcoming opposition
now is the time to make it happen by taking up a godly position
in order to make it happen you need to possess a true faith
and no matter what the enemy attempts to do you need to concentrate
now focused on your mission with a purpose steadfast and sure
trusting that with God by your side there's nothing you can't endure

in order to rebuild those walls in your life that have been torn down
you need to stand on the word of God which is your solid ground
now is the time to overcome your fears and those things that the devil will use
to make you doubt, cause you to bow out one of his greatest tools
for the devil will huff and he will puff but he doesn't have a clue
that as a disciple of Christ he has no power over you

now is the time to wield your weapon "The Sword of the Spirit"
the most powerful ammunition with the words of God in it
rebuilding your torn down walls on the foundation that is Jesus Christ
rebuilding your torn down walls by overcoming the distractions in life
not looking left, not looking right but looking directly to the Lord
and no matter the price nor the sacrifice with Christ rebuild those walls

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EYE Don't See -Part 2-

My eyes
Refuse to see tragedy
My eyes
Marinate in dread…unable to embrace ecstasy 

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s sagging…from endless mourning  
And I’m close to my demise… 
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just let me be
Leave me alone…hand me a gun

I yearn for unspoiled glory
To make me feel perfect once more
I yearn for flawless serenity
To make me feel no regret…don’t ignore
My calls…don’t hang up on me

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just hear my plea
Listen to my excruciating cries…
Listen to the truth, not the malicious lies  
Our journey has just begun   

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me weeping?
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Eye can’t handle the stress
Let me release my horrendous distress
Eye can see you making that same mistake
At least MY life isn’t at stake

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…do You feel my lament
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…Stepped on like cement
I’m aching with discontent… I abhor this torment    
When will peace scrub off my fear?

I can’t believe my eyes
Your guiltiness flows into me…
I can’t believe I fell for your lies
Your heartless action rape my mind…you don’t see
What my EYES see…

You’ll never see 
How much pressure you put me under
Unchain me from this chamber
And watch me flee…

When will you be set free?

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there's a whole lot of shaking going on

there's a whole lot of shaking going on and you're all shook up
but that is how life is when you drink from God's cup
life can take unexpected turns and have you all spun around
just remember who's in control and has the power to settle life down
now Paul and Silas were in prison for simply preaching the gospel
but after praying to God He then did the impossible
when life has you all shook up you need to stand back and sit still
don't be negative, have a little talk with God and then wait on His will
continue to do what is required of you and trust in God to show you a plan
for God can open new doors in a way you might not even understand
but that's okay as the word of God says to lean not towards your own understanding
but to wait for the will of God to intercede and to do what the Spirit is demanding

if you have a relationship with God He might shake up your normal routine
to take you out of your comfort zone and into a place you've never seen
it might not make much sense to you and you might even disagree
but God knows what is best when it comes to your destiny

accepted beliefs, traditional concepts and that's how it's always been done
but a whole lot of shaking will be going on and your faith may be under the gun
sop forget those accepted beliefs and let God guide you along
allow Him to shake things up and put you where He knows you belong 
as no weapon formed against you will prosper nor come to fruition
allow the will of God to shake things up and put you in a better position

now the adversary also has the power to shake things up in your life
just recognize the enemy for what he is and then call on the power of Christ
a young girl who was demon possessed had caused a riot to manifest
with lies told against Paul and Silas they found themselves under arrest
but Paul and Silas did not possess the spirit of fear
for they knew that the Lord God would always be there

so at the midnight hour when all hell tends to break out
that's when to the Lord our God Paul and Silas did pray and shout
and lo and behold God answered their call
an earthquake occured and shook the prison walls
then all the cell doors flew open 
and all the shackles were then broken

for when the praises to God go up the blessings of the Lord come down
and there will be a whole lot of shaking going on 
but that's okay you're on sacred ground

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God in nature

God in nature 
The day never fail 
It time
Neither does the plants
Fail to grow

God in nature
The night never fails
To fall 
Neither does the morning
Day break fail to strengthen
Us awake

God in nature
The sea never dries
Neither does the fish 
Go empty

God in nature 
Water a natural 
it never fail to quench
The dry throat 
Neither does the fruits
With it abundant colours 
Fail to keep the body fit

God in nature 
Precious stone like is 
Under the ground
Never fail to be there
Neither do the animals
Fail to reproduce another 

God in nature
The rain never seize 
In it season
Either do the snow
Fails to fall so

God in nature 
The birds got no food
Or does it has a shelter plan
Yet both it never lack
As it fail never to fly

God in nature 
On and on
How does all this be
Here God prove she
Is well here on earth
By nature

God in nature
For if you can't feel god
In nature 
Feel the air 
tell me what is more
Powerful than the air
Like it makes all equal
As it so proves
God in nature

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The Execution Of The Valiant Man

Calm sits a valiant man inside of a dungeon
In Darkness sits a monk inside of a Monastery
And On this night they both share the same thoughts
how long God untill I am free from here
Footsteps resound down through the hall
 They Listen  as the sound goes back and forth
The Valiant man awaits his execution
The monk has been put in charge of reading his last rights
Now we hear the murmur as the crowd gathers
They are laughing and joking with one another
The Valiant man smiles because he too finds his death enjoyable
It's relaxing I must agree with him
And why is the monk so scared of death
The Final bell is rung
And There dressed in black 
under the black hood is the executioner
He runs his finger down the blade of his ax
He looks up here comes the Valiant man
And for the first time on the job
He is faced with fear
His composure faulters 
His finger slips and droplets of blood 
Fall from the fresh cut
Now there's a battle fuaght inside his mind
Because he knows 
that this execution will torture him forever
Silence falls over the crowd
This proud look of this mighty warrior
Commands respect and they observe it
The Monk stumbles but he does not trip up when he speaks
My Son are you ready to make peace with your Maker
Thank you Father, but me and God have never been in opposition
The Monks says You"re what the prophets wrote about
When they wrote about Valiant men
Son forgive me I am curious 
How many men did it take to capture you
He say's I don't know i killed them all
Father look around, I killed every man in the King's army
And I would of did it a long time ago
If i knew that they was going to reward me by sending me back to my Father
Let the peace of God be with you Monk
And with those words This worthy man falls to the ground
The Executioner can't bring himself to raise the ax
And this Valiant man taunts him in the face of death
Please do it! I never ask a coward for a favor

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to be or not to be are you up to the task?
to do whatever it is that of you God does ask?

Esther was chosen to be an instrument for the Lord
she was highly favored and in a place to put all in accord
Esther was prepared by her Uncle to live a life of humility
and despite being a Persian queen only he knew of her Jewish heredity
until a situation arose that put her people in jeopardy
her Uncle Mordecai then told her of her God-given destiny

to be or not to be to, to go out and take a stand?
to be obedient to the spirit and do what the Lord God commands
things occur in our lives over which we have have no control
but if you're obedient to the Lord God, He wil define for you your role
just trust in the Lord God to know for you what is best
and believe by Him you've been positoned and equipped to pass the test
we're children of the Most High God who is the King of Kings
so act like you're royalty and carry yourself like a queen

to be or not to be for such a time as this?
destined for greatness an opportunity not to be missed

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God Is Sovereign

God in his sovereignty

The armor of God is left to avenge
My helmet gets clogged in such a venge;
We till the soil yet wait for the water to boil
God in his sovereignty & joy
We draw lines in the sand to understand
Yet for the sake of God we will stand
Inside we fall short of all known reasoning
Many don't know or care where they are headed
Some are embarassed in part

Gone are the days we used to frolic in our haze;

Today we are being stuck in a maze,

God in his sovereignty others are amazed,
With each new step they take a number will fade....

A choice by which to bare its frame,

While the intire world today is totally insane !

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33 Prayers

There's a time for loves to be won and lost… At least there was for us.
For 33 Chilean miners, lost below… life was simply stopped.
Alive and well, but buried deep…  2,200 feet below.
They had such a daunting, beautiful dream… to see the sky once more.
Being hot, little water, dark, only bites of food…17 days was asking a lot.
But life was true and held on strong, even when in the bowels of the earth you’re lost.
With each day the hopes began to fade, always bolstered by others to be strong.
Little did they know their prayers were there, were being answered in spades above.
Time went on as governments stopped, to send whomever they could to help.
The world looked on, every eye glued, as prayers they also imbued.
For once in their lives everyone together worked, for a common cause that’s true.
Building, digging, drilling, and planning… together as life below held on. 
No one knew the miners were truly alive, as the earth held them in a deathly grip.
But faith held everyone together, for 17 days, on this fateful trip.
Breaking thru a small hole to them in time was a monumental task indeed.
To do it bigger again, was asking God to plow the way and give them back again.
Drill bits broke, and no one slept, as dreams of home, the miners spun.
Several drillings were stopped by fate, as a single one held on.
Many things could have stopped those lives such as slides and after shocks.
Remember the mine was unstable, or it wouldn’t have fallen at all.
Everyone below was tired, hot, worn out, and sick by the time they reached their goal.
One small, flimsy, missile tied from above would have to drag them to the top.
Would it snag? Would the earth crumble? Could it take the buffeting there and back?
The tunnel was finally reinforced. The first people went below, as we held our breath.
One by one, for 24 hours they were brought up from beneath the earth.
Never in the time of man, has a feat been held to so tightly for 69 days and finally won.
Thank the Chilean government, it’s people, the world's and American help, for bringing them back.
Then like the miners did… get on your knees and thank the God above.
Yes… it was one unified, miraculous leap of faith, with God holding every ones hand.
It brought back faith in many things including God and yes, even your fellow man.

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My life is a play

The curtain falls and one by one the characters fall into place.
I feel Im watching my own life, ill explain

The whole world seems to be against me, but I refuse to give in. I feel no one cares. I try to show the world what ive got, but it gets so hard. Its all so confusing. Who can I trust? you? her?him? them? Confusion my best friend.

This one character fits me perfectly. I feel I can get up on that stage and read her lines to the tee!
As I continue watching the play and try to figure out the finale.
My problems are right here. Right in front of me. I watch intensely.

                THE CURTAIN FALLS

Red lights are flashing. It wasnt the right answer. I dont want to die. God please save me. I'll be stronger, and I'll try harder. God help me.

Looking UP, i can see my family and friends and you. God help me.I let them all down. Im so sorry! I guess i deserve to be where I am...but..I..Did love you all!


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there is this Rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who calls himself T.I.
who constantly got into trouble and in jail he did some time
he was once a true disciple of Christ in his younger days
a gifted and honor student until his life went astray
he found himself in all the wrong places
hanging around with all the wrong faces
but the Lord God did bless him with a special talent and gift
he had a way with the spoken word that would make a spirit lift
then one day he saw the Light and came to truly understand
that there's nothing good in this world if it doesn't come from God's hands
now he is one who advocates and tries to tell the teens
that fast money and cars, guns and drugs are not godly things
he managed to survive his misspent youth and lived to tell the tale
and like Paul and Silas God broke him out of physical and spiritual jails

we all have some type of prisons from which we need to escape
we all have some stuff binding us up and we need a jail break
in the ways of Jesus is how we should live our lives
in the ways of Jesus who for us made the sacrifice
we need to fulfill the will of God and not be a distraction
we need to be of truth and in Christ find satisfaction
to not stand in the way of that which God has designed as our destinies
to not be in anyone's business and thus hindering any testimonies

a slave girl with a spirit of premonition at Paul and Silas she would shout
until Paul saw her as a distraction and he then ordered that spirit out
the owners of that slave girl were upset and dismayed
that they could no longer use her to have riches flow their way
so to the authorities they went and reported a big fat lie
that Paul and Silas were causing the people to riot and go awry
stripped, beaten and then thrown into prison with shackles upon their feet
but at the midnight hour into prayer Paul and Silas did retreat
not to be frustrated nor to be wondering why God allowed this mess to take place
they understood that God controls everything so they waited on His mercy and grace
and at the midnight hour that prison started to quake
cell doors flew open, shackles were broken it was a jail break
a new day was dawning and a godly victory was now at hand
a jail break rendered by the power of God's omnipotent plans

no longer to be in spiritual bondage nor locked up in mental and physical cells
praying to God to change our circumstances and break us out of those jails

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then came the!

they drag there feet through the dust of charred land.
observing and writing all's that they found.
smoke bellowed high in an eruption of cloud.
all in it's way was incinerated down.
then came the calm compared to the storm.
the local's forgot and returned to the norm.
cutting off fruit from the tree's by the lawn.
almost forgetting what they saw in the storm.
then came the day that the world was shook still.
three crater's erupted and raced down the hill.
leaving the sea as nothing more than a stream.
krakatoa had spoken and was now to be seen.
the local's prayed to the god of the fire.
struck dumb in a trance they raced to ground higher.
ship's in the sea were smothered in ash.
the breath's of the crew choked as they gasped.
86 mile's away eruption's were heard.
survival was second,panic was first.
tropical city's were drowned in grey ash.
then in the morning cataclysmic sound's passed.
then came the water intruding the sea.
all in it's path became the deceased.
first came the heat now come's the wet.
dozen's of feet high with the force of all death's.
black and white photo's show familiar sight's.
once stood tall buildings gone over night.
then came the fiercest measure of all.
krakatoa had bounced from the earth like a ball.
light colored magma mixed with the dark.
causing directly the sea to embark.
off on it's journey to show all's who see.
that mother nature is here and al way's shall be.
then came the final eruption of all.
heard round the world like a universal call.
pushing on further the sea to the sky.
the tsunami came quicker as the tidal wave's climbed.
panic had gone as the world was to end.
no longer have family,no longer have friend.
do you think that the sea care's who's holier than thou.
no god shall ever hear the prayer's of the drowned.
only the calm of the few did survive.
the world now stood still,shocked and surprised.
who's god was it that sent down this plague.
pushing the night into all of our day's.
mother nature creates us and can take us at will.
so be kind to the lady and hope she is still.
respect her and understand she rule's us all.
don't be surprised by her power,when she stand's tall.

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a kiss that showed no love

Judas was a disciple and a kiss he did convey
to let the soldiers know whom to arrest that day
Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss that showed no love
as a kiss is an expression of love that mankind thought of
but why did Judas pick a kiss as the symbol for his bad act?
why did he choose this gesture of love as a part of his attack?

Judus was a Zealot and patience is not their forte
they wanted Jesus the Messiah to make His move right away
with an ulterior motive in mind Judus tried to force Jesus' mission
unable to see that it's about God's timing and it's always God's decision
yet some think that Judas was weak in his discipleship
as he was not one whom with Jesus had the closest relationship

as humans we are creatures of ambiguity we all have some bad and good
we all have the propensity to misbehave and act as Satan would
we all have a bad seed in us that if the Lord God does not pull out
will flourish over time and have us acting out

now when Judas kissed Jesus, Jesus acknowledged him as friend
but for thirty pieces of silver Judas sold Him out in the end
from weakness to wickedness but for God's saving grave
the Human race would not even exist in this place
Like David a man who the Lord God took to heart
for David never tried to justify the bad acts he did impart

now Jesus the Christ came to us as a living sacrifice
He was God's greatest symbol of the love that He had for human life
for God loved us so much that He sent His only begotten Son
who only had a love for us even after His dying was done
high on a cross at Calvary with His last breath
He asked Father God to forgive us for bringing about His death

we do bad things, we carry out acts of betrayal, evil and killing
the things that man has done to man be it accidental or willing
a kiss that showed no love was the gesture that Judas gave 
but Jesus still had a love for him even after He arose from the grave

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Why Do You Weep

Why do you weep oh gentle One?
Why do you cry out when alone?
Even more, why are you silent when you go out?
Do your troubles embarrass you and run others away?

Would it make others uncomfortable to hear what you say?
Would your plight run those away who do not seem to care?
Do you truly feel alone this and every day?
Do you fear what more, next will come your way?

Know I am here… Though we will never meet.
Know my troubles are also great.
Know I too, cry only when alone.
Know I am just like you, my friend.

I know that others soothing words do not take away the pain.
I know that talk of God does not make the problems go away.
I know this dreadful journey never seems to stop.
But I know you are not alone and can still talk to God.

Hope does not pay the bills or bring back those we lost.
Hope does not cure all ills or bring the dawn.
But sometimes Hope and God, is all we have when others fail…
And me of course, for you were never alone.

After you have sat there and silently wept…
Go forth into this day, knowing that in this world….
There are always others like you and me.  
Hope and God are there somewhere, too. No one is truly alone…

Take heart when you are done weeping and know: 
You are not alone: for I am also here with you.
We all have afflictions and problems, usually several at a time.
My greatest affliction is epilepsy among others that abound.
Remember life is an epic to be over come and  still:
I am here for you.

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In this world of live do God give or do God spend.
In god we trust your money make your life bless for best. Pay why when die heaven give no money life. Said of game now dont take da words an miss name da fame. smh. Cause this world is vein, so i bleed outside to water my mainstream of heart filled out the box of art. A gift is but live so a gift is what give. Present I wake no mistake to my take of day, now I play a one way ticket of gold with sweet palace like chocolate for da kids an family. Can't stand it, well dat make manish no planish; know how to stand it. Nerves get on some badish. Then handle all debts publick an private no childish just so wildish. Judge me not 4 i break only da law of da land with out a sight of the man. Then I walk out this cell knowing every step I take is hell to heaven.

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THE UNIONS : one for all and all for one

before labor unions came into existence businesses were run like monarchies
where those in positions of power treated the workers atrociously
no sick days, no overtime, no vactions and no minimum wage
and some work place conditions were worse than an animal's cage

but throught the grace of God and American ingenuity
the laborers joined together and the unions came to be
organized for the advancement of the shared interest of the work force
a confederation of laborers who at one time had no recourse
fired without cause, no work injury compensation and hardly a lunch hour
but with the labor unions now in place the workers have a measure of power
bargaining for health insurance and decent salaries
negotiating for better conditions and job security

thank God for the unions as collectively we band
one for all and all for one, united we now stand

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from antiquity of the Peruvian Inca mountains
'til today's unsheathed bladed Java buttons clicking
the numbers add up to incessant discounting counting
to sacrifice our own graven image sown sickening

if she floats - she's a witch and frankly must die
if she sinks, well, obviously she's sufficiently pious
when down on the bottom, we can't hear her cries
of sacrifice, still, very little can get by us

filed and defiled is all the better all the while
as the former digits click off of our palms
fingers and toes, complete legs fall away, as do 
whole heads mounting kill count without qualms

virgin girls, citizen children, soldiers of play
their sacrifice is for civilization after all
us, uh, i mean the gods, won't have it any other way
they must have their place on our wailing wall

the altar so sacred, so blood red royal
C-4 strapped around plain white-robed torso
from handlers who assure they have the will of God
sending heavenward, pink clouded supplication - more so

for the sacrifice of the body than of the soul
robed theocratic surgeons who cut off our noses
in a perceived attempt to maintain their control
of those around them that might be opposed to

notions that they need not explain themselves,
or that God demands carnage for reasons unknown,
that their actions should beget peace in our time
that they shan't pick up, to cast, the first stone

that we all could be better humans I suppose
if we sacrificed our pride, instead of our fear
if we worked hard not to be taken for a ride by
admitting things aren't what they might first appear

dunno, but if there is a god for us to pray to
then maybe we could pray to not be preyed upon
and sacrificed for that bloody old world view
time to cook up some whorled peas - and move on

© Goode Guy 2012-08-02

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Christ's laws

we can have all the money in the world,
all the power in the world.and make the
world as our empire..
but there's one thing we don't own,gods love
we gain it,and live and obey Christ laws,

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donjourn world

Help me for i want to know
Although to know for me is to be free
But not by all men, but by my freedom
I have been lying in this gutter world
Wondering why i cannot get up
Perhaps fight my way to the freedom land
Where i see all men work and walk in pleasure
Yet the more i see all men walk pleasurably on the land
I hate the morning that raise me down through the donjourn land
Early that morning i found out 
That inside this donjourn is where most people in our world belongs
Funny enough is it in cry
As i found out that we have the same believe, share faith, one same blame
It is their fault; they are responsible for the big world in the gutter
I know that during the beginning there was no gutter
Infact, the world indeed was built without shallow pit
And ground of merciless abode as ours
Yet for men to be happy and share wickedness
They built this absurd kingdom
Every time i see one in the land kingdom and beg for their help
They have a recitation that made me believe 
That their world is a world of same slogan, one belief
How did you manage to end up here
Find your way up, i have a lot on my hand
Yet the hand seems free, less occupy i swear
Although, it is a question and a little confusing answer
But sure painful, also a heart sincere message
A rather two edge sword 
Our kingdom always dash the pains away
With the normal consolation word
I know they will all deny the charge
That we happen to exist here does not mean that we will end up here
One day i know by our complain and the God that put us here
By our side, we will at the end of the day join the land mob
But the space of time and what they are doing
And the endurance of the complain in them
Made me hate them by their will
In them i see much difference from me
Their will and my will, their see and my see
Have a lot of gap than our appearance
In theirs’, there is no way
In mine, there are ways
But i only want to find out the time
And if possible know how to break quick
To become the lord and king in the land kingdom
Early word by the land kingdom friend
Made me know that i hold my freedom
 I was once like you but i never believe what you people says
And that is what led me to the land kingdom
I always think more than the land kingdom 
One more mystery that no one knows
I think like the God that created all kingdom

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Tried, Tested and Godly Approved

We are always being tested in today's society
all through out our life from kindergarten to university

At one time there were certain individuals in positions of authority
who were envious of a man named Daniel, one of God's prodigies
they went to King Darius one day with plans of their undercover grudge
unaware that the name Daniel means "God is my judge"
they wanted the king to enact a law and sign some kind of decree
where no one could give homage to anyone but the king's sovereignty
they knew that Daniel was an obedient, a righteous and Christian man
who daily worshipped and glorified God, a true believer of the master's plan
unaware of the new law, Daniel continued to pray and honor  The Lord Christ
and as a result he was arrested and tested and the test was his very life

Daniel who always stood alone, he passed the test and by God was approved
he survived an evening in the lion's den, all night untouched and unmoved
he was shown approved because of his unwavering faith in The Lord God
a favorite son with a righteous hope contained within his heart

It matters not the types of situations in life that you are currently going through
trust in God, have no fear and let the blood of Jesus cover you
for God is the one true Judge, make His approval your daily quest
so study His word, do your homework and pray you will pass the test

Be aware of your weaknesses, be aware of your strengths
and be aware of the Living Gospel
be a true believer, possess great faith 
and trust in God to do the impossible
for the adversary is always working, 
attempting to pull you down
don't allow it to interfere
just remember you're standing on God's solid ground

In the lion's den surrounded by flesh eating carnivores in plain sight
God sent His guardian angels to watch over Daniel all through the night
In the face of evil Daniel remained untouched and unmoved
tried and tested by mere men, but by God was shown approved

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God in you

God in you 
Is true yes
That we humans are God

Some yet misunderstand
For if god is all about
The one above the sky
Rather the one below the 
What be this God look like
What be this God do 

For if the heart is
So the mind as well
The soul so strong 
As our image is seen
What other description
Of god do we need

Like I see god in everything 
Much as I see the 
God in you

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How someone like you 
and me
could ever be
this forever free

Never say never

Oh say, can you see
this valiant righteous fight
of the tiny 13
against the giant gorgeous gallant might
of the Royal Crown

into that last gleaming
effortlessly seeming
as American soldiers fell
and died
and their women 

and Lady Liberty

rang the bell
and cried
and the little ones 
so sound asleep
nestled in their bed
so peacefully dreaming
whilst their King 

while their King lay dead

Hear his deep voice echo over and over in your head
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said

You remember what he said

You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said
You remember what he said

You remember what he said

You remember what he said

You remember what he said
as you lay there
missing and yearning
teaching and learning
freezing and burning
and tossing and turning
battledrums slow and become tribal
Yes, you too, remembers what he said:
"It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible"

So trumpeters blew and told 

their story
the drumboys rolled
out Old Glory
My God behold
Watch Old Glory
so dignified
Stars and Stripes 
thus signified

an Independence newfound

on Sacred, Sacred, Splendid, Sacred, Holy ground
Kneeling at ground Zero
Never forget
My, your, Our forgotten Hero

Ole' Father George pause and take a good look around
Ole' Father George steal the stars 
just this once

just in between
the glare of royal red rockets
and hand them to
the mighty 13
and the red stripes so soaked with blood
from our beloved Mother
across the pond

Sons no more, oh no, Mother 
There isn't any other

It’s me now - your new younger brother

Just passing through

the bright white rays of sunlight
into the big bold box of navy blue
into starry starry nights
Ole' Father George, our hopes ignited
Your legs so weary
Our dreams excited
Thank you, Ole' Father George
Thank you, God
God Bless These States United

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America after 1962

On June 25, 1962 prayer was taken out of school
It was like losing a ring's precious jewel 
If you look into America's history 
You will find that it is no mystery
From that date on we haven’t been as strong
I believe we have done something terribly wrong
What they teach in history books simply overlooks
Important information that has raised up a blind generation
Youth, family, education, and national life is far from the same
We have lost morals and values that our forefathers firmly proclaimed
A Blessed Nation under God we have always been
But in the last 50 years it has become destroyed by an abundance of sin
Divorce rate is at an all-time high
While so many children grow up fatherless and wonder why
Gang violence increases each day
Teenage pregnancy has become a common way
Young people search for love in all the wrong places
Leaders in government wear faulty faces
Role models have become extinct
Technology while good has caused many jobs to sink
A nation rife with perjury
Broken marriage covenants In need of surgery
Unforgiveness extortion bribery slander and profanity
We need God to restore us too sanity
Hypocrisy, and lawsuits initiated solely for revenge and personal gain 
Doing things are own way has caused us much pain
The rich are getting richer and the poor sit back and cry
People have lost their integrity yet shake their fists at the sky
If you want to learn open a bible and begin to read
If we listened to its wisdom we wouldn’t have so much need
We have become too liberal as a whole
Besides having so much debt, we are all losing our souls
If anyone talks about God in school they risk losing their profession
Yet more and more young people suffer from anxiety and depression
Many are on medication making doctors filthy rich
So many people are dying in their own emotional ditch
Statistically we are on a downward spiral
Many people turn their heads or just live in denial
History is important to learn
For it shows us how quickly society can turn 
We all have to answer to God someday
And if I were you I would start to learn his way
For if we are going to continue to be America the best
We have to take a moment to address
All the ways we have allowed this country to slip
Take personal responsibility and restore our spiritual grips
Weneed to take back the people's power
We are living in a crucial hour
If we don’t open our eyes ears and mouths we will fall instead of just bend
who knows this time if this damage we can mend.

 by: Sabina nicole

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Towards Maturity

Within my life much,
if not most of my time been spent
and as time makes no delay
I make haste for where my joy went.
I look back, so not forgotten
all the things that shaped me so,
try to make most of the present
but the future its fruits to show.

I guess I could complain
but then who's ascribed the blame?
surely I had to decide
where to go from where I came.
I've not always done whats best
but refute any regret,
looking forward to what may
cross my path and still be met.

Many questions still to be,
many answer's still unsought
but in all uncertainty,
only hope my eye has caught.
Since I am not the worst off
nor even close to best,
I am not closest to failing
and much further can I press.
seeking way to better me
and to live my life in truth
I now put my trust in God
who has known me b'fore youth.

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That's What I'm Talking About

If God was in me would you defend me? or would you come to kill me like all these new cats would do And if God were in me would it offend you? if I were not the image you created for your own benefit destroy it break it down it tells me God is nowhere to be found it tells me I am in control of my own destiny it tells me it showed me Where are you? why am I here show yourself now or forever disappear Ill banish you like you punished me once I consumed it now God is in me The light is me I keep it behind don't need to look into the darkness to find it destroying all in front of me I reach out but let it be consuming all for all eternity I'll tell you once more God is in me its been said.

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God's Kind Of Poetry Over Lunch

            God’s Kind Of Poetry Over Lunch

It starts off like a molecule but much smaller
God goes on vacation in that deep ocean there within
It takes centuries at great speeds to find the place
To locate the center of supernatural nutrition
When He arrives, lunch is prepared and waiting 
He leaves scientists and artists up above with love
On Earth as His replacements
While He takes some time
Dines in high majestic fashion
Trusts us to carry on with His creation
And poets are left behind to find their lines and inspiration
Without a care in His Divine, creative intervention
Atoms are His favorite things to eat
The ones with charm and magnetic delicious emissions
He saves diamond elements for later
The small shiny ones, for forever afternoons to savor
And never needs a spoon to find positions of His food
Circling in orbit in their own electron or electric heavens
He snacks on them in a dawn song of soup and coffee
With angels in the molecules
The minuscule zone is full of holes.  (Some are holy) 
Moving through old, new, original particles much smaller
Where creation begins along with salted matter
When He returns, He offers poets some special crackers
And some lines, preserved over time, that they forgot

                    Created on 9/20/14 for God’s Kind Of Poetry Contest

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that was then and this is 2010: (part 2) Soul Food

we're now in the midst of the Holy season known as Lent
forty days and nights of sacrifice as a way to repent
a time for us to try and get a little closer to God
a time to fast, to give up something we hold dear to our hearts

we're in the age of technology with Facebook, Twitter and texting
the way people now communicate has become somewhat vexing
always with the I-Pods, I-Pads, cel phones and e-mail
time to talk to eveyone but God who only requires knee-mail

when Jesus encountered the Tempter after His time of fasting
He had a wilderness experience that would be forever lasting
hungry and tired from all those challenges He had to face
now waiting on the word of God to fall perfectly in place
the Tempter said "if You're the Son of Man make bread out of these stones"
Jesus replied " that man does live by bread alone
but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God"
the spiritual Soul Food that will forever nourish our hearts
the Daily Bread that overflows into our spiritual cups
the Word of God, the Soul Food that will forever lift us up
as that was then and this is 2010
it's time to come out of the wilderness my friend

we all have moments of frustration, heartache and pain
we need to come out of the wilderness and by God be made whole again
to face down the devil and the temptation He'll put in your way
now resistant to sin and no longer by the Enemy to be swayed
to partake of God's Soul Food which will guide us to all truths
to trust in God and do whatever His word asks of you
to call on God and know that He will always have your back
now full of His Soul Food and on the right spiritual track
knowing that it's now all under God's control
now fed and nourished by His Spiritual Food for your soul

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This Dream To You! MLK Honored

I could have run, And tried to hide.
When God said, "Go against the tide."
Preach Unity, And never fight.
All races on earth, Have equal rights.
In Peace and Love, "I Have A Dream."
No prejudice, or hatred, Life Serene!
I could have tried, To run and hide.
But either way, I would have died.
So I chose, To carry on.
To show in peace, We can be strong.
"I Have A Dream." It must come true!
And now God gives, This Dream To You..

------- Author's Notes -------

In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr . On his birthday January 21st

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The Man In The Mirror..A Tribute To M.J

The day the Sun stopped
the Moonwalker came along.
When he was jus' six he had worked
and was called ugly after his birth.

Then came his passion of singing,
he felt sad 'bout his upbringing.
The first black star to be starred on T.V.
On a channel called M.T.V.

He was swimming in cash.
All his albums were always a Bash.
Dangerous, HIStory then came Thriller
can you believe it he was just a miller?

As a 'Pop Star Legend' He was known.
a God to kids,teens and the growns.
Many surgeries did he go through,
Black to White,Plastics then came the flu.

Then came a tragic day,
The day twenty-five,six O' nine.
Death came on his sway,
there was mourning and grief
on his fans so divine.

We love You Michael
you will always be in our hearts.
You were, are and will be the best.
May God bless your soul
and give you rest..

                                       R.I.P  MICHAEL JACKSON.

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God in life

God in life
On and on 
Are from God(love)
For life have no use
with out 
In life

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thanks be to God that we have reached the year 2010
for many thought that mankind would not make it to this end
we now have cell phones, I-Pads and 24 hour TV
Hi-definition, internet access and a host of technology
but there's something to be said about the good old days
where people took the time to be together in a family way
to play, to talk and to dine together as often as they were able
on Sundays after church was there was always room at the table

when I think about that evening in the presence of Jesus the Christ
the Twelve Disciples at the Last Supper in celebrate of His life
Jesus was trying to prepare them for the coming trials and tribulations
the bread and wine to remind them that He would always be their salvation
but the Disciples seemed to be more concerned about who had the most clout
disputing about their positions and forgetting what Jesus was all about

we get so caught up in living that sometimes we're unable
to remember that with Jesus there's always room at the table
we all have issues, problems and personal situations
but we need to be constantly reminded who died for our salvation
to always remember that Jesus is our Holy Lord
and understand that we're solely here by His accord

as servants and disciples we need to comprehend
that it's not about our petty issues it's all about Him
we should never lose track of our purpose for being
that it's God ways that we should all be seeing
to always remember our Lord Jesus the Christ
to constantly be reminded of the lessons He gave on life
to keep Him on our minds during our times of trouble
to pray that His merciful hands be in the midst of our struggle

His love is not dependent on your position, status nor place
His mercy is given freely and so is His grace
so remember Him, stay committed to Him, give Him thanks and gratitude
for everything He's done and all that He's given to you 
just stay true to Jesus as often as you're able
for with Him there will always be room at the table

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God in me

God in me

As I live 
I live with love

As I see 
I see beyond 
My eyes 

For the God in
Guides my being
As my soul 
Is at peace with 

What joy it is
I feel 
as I adore the 
God in me

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God's Life lesson (Holy War)

God's life lesson
found in his reflection
that he created in his image
was to learn never to discard or disregard the importance
or love he had for any of his creation
but to improve on them in every way
the meaning of life
and life itself

He did this to surprise himself
and enjoy humbling himself for his creations
a planet and a heaven that does so for him

Living an everlasting life
where that he was the first to live
and the last to die
This lesson had to be learned prior to allowing his creations
to be by his side in eternal life

The meaning of life
and the angel of death
helped him learn what he needed to discover
to become flawless at this

The meaning of life
surrendered to a task of living a lie
becoming a false prophet whom would eventually sort this out
ask god for forgiveness
for being carried away in his selfrighteous lies and denial
of being loved by his creator
being a non believer of his maker
who had created something god placed above himself
god chose to forget himself
so this life lesson would be easier for him to realise

Thus god was inevitably going to be succesful
in this demonstation of forgiveness upon his creations and himself
to understand his new awareness
of a plan that he had for himself
to achieve a higher experience of eternal love

The meaning of life living a lie
to keep the everyone in blissful ignorance
of god's temporary weakness
and that was when the angel of death took part in helping god learn
by making the meaning of life's lie an unpleasant experience for everyone

The meaning of life then humbled himself
to the realisation
by being recognised as a team player a part of god's divine plan
by this truth recognised he would be healed
and the fact of who he did it for
god would know it was his brother's turn
to be released from the chains
of taking upon the metaphor or personification of murder
whom life itself was metaphorically married to

god's life lesson to learn from himself
his love and his creations to achieve the biggest miracle of love
one that would be never ending just continually improved on
as suggested by father time

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deer and tiger

oh god help me please 
a four footed beast 
is chasing me 
it has killing paws and eyes 
i am running,my legs are becoming weak 
my eyes are full of tears,my mind is ful of fears 
what r my sins,my sins 
oh god please help 
i have to hunt,i am in 
hunger for days 
dont know fault of the angel 
running infront of my eyes with emotion 
but,i have to hunt u told before my creation 
the angels throat in the beasts mouth,she has no clue 
oh god,oh god u r brutal too 

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so who do you think needs the Lord God?
is it only those who possess a righteousness of heart?

we live in a cultural society of spiritual disillusion
where some feel if there was no God there would be less chaos and confusion
but chaos and confusion are in the hearts and minds of men
as God is only about order and the Spirit which dwells within
it's not God who's responsible for all this man-made mess
it's caused by the sin of greed that mankind strives to possess

we've stopped going to church to worship God and started putting our desires first
we've taken God out of everything and society has gotten worse
video games, books and movies about ungodly things
we're making it easier for the devil to have free reign
people think their in control and that it's all about them
but let me tell you we all need God He's our everlasting friend
He gives unconditional love, mercy and grace and forgives again and again
He understands all of our situations and looks beyond our sins

King David did some awful things but to God he did repent
forgiven by God but he stilled suffered some consequence
one son was killed and another son tried to overtake his place on the throne
he found himself in a wilderness experience and realized he couldn't do it alone
so down on his knees he fell and cried out to the Holy Lord
understanding that without God in his life he might as well fall on his sword

only He can fill that God shaped hole which in our hearts 
no man nor woman, no material thing nor any substance can do the part
be wary of who and what you worship and what you create with your own hands
for if it's not God made all I can say is that it might not be what you've planned
if you lean not towards your own understanding you may come to comprehend 
that everything in this perfect universe was not made by mere men

so who do you think needs God? do you think its thee?
the God of love, kindness and mercy, the God who created you and me
never changing, never re-arranging, dependable, steadfast and sure
forever lasting, eternally fashioned, His Word which will always endure
the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End
the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, our Friend
the Salt of the Earth, the Prince of Peace, He is the King Of Kings
the Universal Designer who created everything

so who needs God? who do you think needs the Lord Christ?
as far as I'm concerned it's everything that has the ability to breathe life

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Right into Beehives

I have tasted forbidden fruit 
and died a thousand times
Smiles in the wind, and
Words that kept me blind
Shadows speak in tongues of doubt
But loyal love is what broke me out
Jesters simply cannot do
Onward I march into something new.

I have loved many in the purest form
Now they're paw prints on my soul
Sweetest memories of broken lives
Spun me right into beehives
Spun me right into beehives

I have danced in darkness only to find
That I was not meant to be their kind
Threads were woven through hollow trees
Voices echoed with each new breeze
And only one has walked with me
Has really seen what I did see
We went straight through only to learn
That those in pain still burn, 
unless while alive they turn.

I have loved many in the purest form
Now they're paw prints on my soul
Sweetest memories of broken lives
Spun me right into beehives
Spun me right into beehives!

By: Sabina Nicole

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Are You God ophobic

Are You God-ophobic? I’ve heard of phobias of different kinds. I’m sure there’s many people with “confused” minds. But there’s one “phobia” that concerns me the most. It’s a “God phobia” that’s drawing so close. It’s like people have a phobia of “In God we trust.” While so many of their lives are burdened with lust. A lust for pleasure and whatever “pleases for the moment.” Many are looking for various kinds of “fulfillment.” But fearing and obeying God? This sounds absurd! Why should anyone care? Much less… Read his word? Even prayer seems to be “a thing of the past.” How much longer will this country last? What we should fear… Is the wrath of God that will come… For not believing and accepting Jesus… His son! Everything we’ll ever need. Has already been provided! An abundant life with Christ can now be decided! Won’t you accept his gift of life everlasting? And look beyond human reasoning and understanding? Put your faith in God. And HIM alone! So you too, can have a place in his eternal home! By Jim Pemberton

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It was Pentacost Sunday when the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus' men
all gathered together in one place cloven tongues bestowed to them
it was a glorious sight to see everyone on one accord
now under the influence of the Holy Spirit sent by the Lord of Lords

The gift of the Holy Spirit will make a difference in your life
to be under the influence now as a true disciple of Jesus the Christ
redeeming the time that you have now full of the things God desires
to be not drunk with wine but under the influence of all He inspires

Don't get it twisted God wants us to be happy, live fully and have fun
He doesn't want us to be miserable as Christians but to live life like His Son
to always be praying, never straying from the Holy Spirit which dwells within
for as Humans we are those leaky vessels that need replenishment again and again

The gift of the Holy Spirit is that indispensable possession we need to hold in
for its under the influence of the Holy Spirit that halts from falling into sin
the Holy Spirit will convict you and let you know that if your behavior
is not of a godly nature and doesn't line up with our Savior
the Holy Spirit will convert you and change your perspective and outlook on life
the Holy Spirit will counsel you and show you how to live godly in Christ
for you to be the best witness of the Living Gospel
now under the influence knowing that nothing with God is impossible

As the world has nothing to offer you that is good, godly or right
and eventually may lead one to steal, to kill and destroy everything in sight
let the Holy Spirit correct you and guide you under its spell
let the influence of the Holy Spirit come in and kick out all the hell

To be convicted, converted, counseled, corrected 
and now comforted by the power of the Holy Ghost
now a disciple, a witness, a child in Christ 
living under the influence of the Lord of Hosts
living under the influence, under the influence of the Lord my God
living my life as He requires with the Holy Spirit entrenched in my heart

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Light spoke nothing so tenderly true
For many paths I depart to go
If, by moon’s delight, the one beyond our eyes,
Can be a miracle for a pleasant peace,
Which in despairs I dream nothing more
Even from the previous world where I grow alive.

If I compare again what it should
A piece of art, a prose soaring bound
As the first step I should take like scampering universal to fall;
From it unless a chapter I would be able to see 
The sublime solitude from broken dreams
Or over the spectra paths I drive myself within? 

Since I have known you, Siren, my lovely sea of fire,
And before God was a man, those pleasant sparkles,
And again I would be able to see myself walking over again
Throughout the blushing valley of life a new player from you as a giver?

Alas! What should it behold so luxury and beats my heart
In front of this summertime thought
As the most awkward moment quickly fall where
Heaven and God and you, lovely Siren left me to go
As if I were just a reflection of an annihilated being.

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making It great In 2008 (part 17) the legacy lives on: living on the next level

as the legacy lives on what does it mean to you and me?
as the legacy lives on what in our future will it be?
going to the next level is the divine elevation
that always promotes demonic agitation
living on the next level beyond one's comfort zone
compelled by God to change as you move closer to heaven's throne
living on the next level in the presence of the Holy Ghost
the legacy of change that we need to establish growth
change makes people uncomfortable as most are emotionally weak
but change is what God requires when it's His blessings that we seek

God has an anointing for each and everyone
and your blessing is coming before the day is done
but to move to the next level you need to break free
so that which is destined for you may come to be

in the beginning it was all God's creation
as everything in this universe is His manifestation
when David was in a dilemma he knew enough
to move to the next level you need to tell God of all your stuff
let God guide you and show you the way
let God guide you and you'll never go astray
God's legacy of change to move to the next stage
to break out of the status quo and from your emotional cage
to look inside yourself and come to understand
that whatever God has for you can't prosper in someone else's hands
as God knows you better than you know yourself
for He's in charge of your emotional and spiritual health
so walk in your season with His authority
going to the next level towards your destiny
making It great in 2008 as the legacy lives on

elevated by the Lord and the enemy is upset
living on the next level in step with the Holy Spirit
as everything that is visible and physical
gets its origin from the invisible and spiritual
so let God speak It, let Him have His say
let God speak life, let Him have His way
the legacy lives on but it's not the same
the legacy lives on the legacy of change
stepping out on faith by getting out of the boat
trusting in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost 

David had been named the new king of the nation
so the Phillistines decided to confront him in his new station
but they were unaware that God was on the case
so unaware of what they were about to face
living on the next level David had divine elevation
living on the next level above demonic agitation
the victory was now in King David's hands
for he followed God's master plans 
making It great in 2008 as the legacy lives on
living on the next level and moving towards new horizons

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My Pa

Had a dream about my Pa tonight, We all went out with them to Lake Loral Nancy His wife cooking up a good ol' Chicken Pot Stew slow-cooked set way up high atop the hickory us loading up the Bayliner for our afternoon fishing trip. We reminisced, Canoe in toe as we used to do just in case, yes just as we did back then; you-know if either would wished to float to one or more sides with the Canoe tied to the railings of the boat, or more or less to widen the chance at a greater spot to cast a gander upon our luck... . My Father by adoption; having-stated many times early on in-all of our teenier all together, God being-in-charge of all good-Blessings and if-you will--luck... we'll always catch some albeit one Yes I began to see through this statement he mentioned often God is always presenting always providing this-His Honest Hope, for us both--as I believe like my Pa, for any one yes everyone who is patient remains-open... ! Our woes, and Peace abiding... uncertainty grievances questions yes laughter were our main recollections as we dropped our first lines as we cast them... . I tell you I truly did love Him, still love Him, will always I figure... yes I know Some folk are so defined never wish to grow any further their Character divorced by Cancer, Nary did my Father allow it. On the day he passed He told Nancy, "I love my life. My Family Children. Love all those close to me.... but I'm tiered just plain wore out." the Lord took Him that night, the next day forthcoming I was told and O how I cried — But then realized as I saw he lived the greater life - He worked on this purpose until the day he died, and so for all he work for this final reprieve — it was for all of the ones he loved, because I feel for all whom he loved, he'd prayed for all to do the same... Yes a suffering in kind the same I'm seeing now - All-of-it I'm-finding; because he taught me the greater of his Faith nary a day apart from Him, and me... his youngest Son two Others older Sons if you will, yes I feel his family and friends still have this eminent belief to boast; Yes, in-the Company--Comfort... of Jesus' Peace... !

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the question is

we ask oh conscience!
  most faithful friend.
you give comfort,ease,relieve, defend:
 but if for some reason my dear friend would go ;
i;ll be left with my deadiest foe.

[for our conscience tells us that
 we were not put here to play to dream  or to drift,
we have hard work to do and heavy loads to lift.
blame not the struggle face it tis god gift.
 are not these days evil but whose to blame
we just fold our hands in shame,
its time to stand up speak out in gods name.
be strong- doesnt matter what goes wrong ,
how hard the battle or how the day is long
 fiant not     fight on 
for tomorrow comes a brand new song..
hope springs eternal in the human breast
,man never is   ,but always to be blessed. 
know the youself ;persume not God to scam.
for the proper study of mankind is man.
 the same ambition can destroy or save.
to determine weather you 're weak or brave. 
honor and shame from no condition rise,
do well your part for thats where your honor lies.....

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The Mayan and Sumerians predict you will collide with Earth on December 21, 2012.
Known-- by some-other classified names within OUR own supremacy.
NASA refers to you as Planet X and Nibiru--- They even put a top secret telescope--- at the 
South Pole, Antarctica--- just for your arrival.
Many say---- they ALL knew---- you were coming back in 1983. 

The buzz on the “net” -----even tells of your GREAT day of annihilation
But, But, ----- NO one told Planet Earth or Her PEOPLE—until recently.
The question of all question--- would be WHY----- But--- NO one is asking---- just preparing 
for your arrival!!
Most say------ you came to Earth-----some 3000 years ago--- which know-one can provide 
any proof

The question I will leave you ALL-- is---- WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MARDUK ?
Maybe your arrival is just another HOKES ---- to scare the WHOLE World into submission—
submission----- of a more well-known SOURCE!!
HAY!! ------“Maybe the sky is falling too” (JLM) ------ in some distant far away universe!!
Hay------maybe they ALL can tell us--- WHERE IN THE WORLD IS Waldo?

The last time I saw HIM ----he was near the South-Pole------ on the left of the SUN!
Yes, yes --- the SUN that burns so bright------ in the daytime sky.
Give us heat on--- the cold dark days of winter.
That where you will find---- the GREATEST deterrent of all---- the man everyone calls Waldo. 

Once you have found him----- look no further----Marduk may be there?
Hay----WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MARDUK? ---- Just another HOKES-- like the Y2K Computer 
calamity---- that never ---till today happened.
Maybe, maybe---- Marduk can’t be found----much like its predecessor Waldo.
Always where-- you are NOT----- and never simple to find---But, right before your eyes---
in some distant far away universe!!

For me--- I will trust in my Creator----- the Godhead of the whole universe.
Known too many as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
THEY have never led me wrong----But—the knowledge of man—has brought us ALL to ARE 
You see Marduk—if you are on your way---OUR Creator already knew--- and HE and only HE 
will take US HOME!!!

By:  Rev, Dr. WEM, Pastor



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How I Found It

How I found it!!

I wasn't the brightest growing up,
But I was smart,
To you the aforementioned statement might sound like fart,
But what I'm trying to say is,
I never knew I had it in my to create such EPIC art,
Not until I got my heart broken,
By the thing we call LOVE or for me was it infatuation?
Well yeah, I thought we had something, because I felt something inside,
But apparently it wasn’t so,
So now I gather all my thoughts and put it on paper,
Cause I once heard a saying, "once you write it tends to ease the pain",
Oh I know, the hurt won’t go away right away,
But thank God for his great creation of paper and pen,
And of course Krystal George,
So now I can express how I feel from,
heart broken situation with himssssss,
To my friends, my life at school, my country,
Not forgetting how I feel towards my family,
So when you guys assemble,
To read my pieces and comment,
It shred me in pieces to actually think you guys take the time to read them,
Whether you'll can relate to them or not,
But for poetry I have found a passion,
So with God on my side and his strength I will keep it coming,

(C) Dionne George

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Collaborating in the clouds- Gods Hold

If Gods favorite hero suddenly became cold,
   Lonely, disoriented, unhappy with sorrows untold,
   Would it be of interest in Heaven? Concerns of man,
   Would our saviors come to Earth to be born again?

God would send out his best hands to hold,
   Would he set backwards time to where all heroes spirits were sold.

If only our love could behold
   Lined with twine of silver wrapped in gold
   Gifts to to God to wash our sin
   Equipped pillars stories told

Thoughts about God mirrors my pen

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Jesus Could Have Called 10,000 Angels

Jesus Could Have Called 10,000 Angels…

On a cross… Jesus suffered for you and me.
He could have called 10,000 
angels to set him free.

Nailed to this cross, he went
 through so much pain.
He knew his purpose and the 
reason why he came.

Being there for all of mankind 
was his choice.
Weakened and alone… 
 One could hear his voice;

“Father forgive them.” 
 “They don’t know what they’re doing!”
As the crowd listened… 
 Many began believing.

“My God why have you forsaken me?” 
 With one last breath…
And then...  And very quickly… 
 There was death!

For all of the pain and suffering
 he was to endure
Was so that a plan of salvation
 is now secure.

This same Jesus, who was to rise again.
Is forever to be our atonement for sin!

Seated at the right hand
 of God the father... In heaven above..
He awaits there for us all with
 an abundance of  love!

Won’t you accept his gift 
of life that he’s giving?
And allow him to forever change
 the way you’re living!

By Jim Pemberton

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Accept the truth heal your self

    accept the truth heal yourself
Live with love 
Heal your soul

Adore nature 
Heal your land

Love life 
Heal your heart

Respect humanity
Heal your  war 

Love others
Heal isolation

Kill not 
Heal death 

Be kind to strangers
Heal the burden unseen

Heal negative feeling

Above all 
Accept the truth 
heal yourself

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we all like to do things that make us feel good
we all like to do things that we feel we should
we don't want that feel good sensation to come to an end
even if it winds up costing us the loss of family, jobs or friends

but everything that feels good is not acceptable to Christ
as somethings that make you feel good may cause some struggle or strife
but feeling good is not the only reason that God gave us life
He wants us to feel good but not at a sacrifice
for the sacrifice was already given at Calvary on the cross
when Jesus gave His life so that ours would not be lost

for there is no pain without some praise
no glory without some gloom
no Easter without Good Friday
and no resurrection without the Tomb

in life there will be some rain, there will be some dark days
remember while on the cross Jesus to His Father He did say
My God, My God why hath thou forsaken Me?
what have I ever done to merit this misery?

when we find ourselves in situations and feel that from us God has strayed
we get angry, frustrated and discouraged and don't even bother to pray
we then call on Father God and have the nerve to ask him why
has He allowed us to go through stuff that makes us break down and cry

yes, there will be some pain that comes before praise
for after the hurt comes the healing when the hands of God are raised
God said His grace is sufficient for when we're weak He'll be strong
God said that when we trust in Him we will never go wrong

so journey down that dark highway of life towards your salvatiion
God said He'll be the light at the end of your final destination
so only do things that feel good but are also pleasing to God
and no matter what you go through keep Him always in your heart

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Contributing toThe Story

when I was a child I played on a baseball  team
and my name on my jersey to me was my greatest dream
but as an adult I have now come to realize
that my name on anything is to God not a prize
your name is not that important when it comes to true glory
what is important is have you contributed to God's story?

at the house of Simon the Leaper a woman of little means
made a contribution to Jesus for Him she did a good thing
however in the story it never mentions her name
but her act of kindness in the Bible will forever remain

so what have you done to in your life to be remembered ?
what have you contributed as a card carrying Christian member ?
don't be like Michael Vick who won't be remembered for his football fame
nor Eliot Spitzer a former governor where scandal is now attached to their names
what have you done to edify our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ ?
what to His Story have you contributed in your life ?

she anointed Jesus with an expensive flask of fragrant nard
an unselfish gesture towards the One she held in highest regards
the crowd became indignant with her expressive display
until Jesus instructed them to let her alone that day
a contribution to The Story she had done
a noble act towards God's only begotten Son

what have you done to contribute to Jesus' story ?
what have you done to give Him honor and glory ?
to go beyond yourself and to give back to Christ
to make a significant and important sacrifice
she anointed Him with oil in preparation for the time
when we would no longer have Jesus, the root of life's vine
she gave all she had she blessed Him with that costly nard
she gave all she had and she gave it from the heart
she contributed to The Story for in Him she truly believed
and her act of kindness will forever be received

so what have you done to give God glory ?
what have you done to add to The Story ?
have you made any gestures to help your fellow man ?
a random act of kindness or lent a helping hand
have you gone out of your way to lift up anyone ?
what  for the greater good of mankind have you done ?
have you ever reach out and pulled someone along ?
have you ever tried to make right a wrong ?
have you ever made an unselfish gesture, deed or act ?
have you ever prayed for those under spiritual attack ?
what have you contributed to God's continuous story ?
what have you done to give Him honor and glory ?
as only what you do for Christ will last and endure
what have you done to be remembered forevermore ?

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War and Peace

He comes to shake         the foundations of the earth
the work of every hand                   of man to prove
to punish the unjust            and expose sin
and those who hate righteousness           he will remove
He has sent the call           into all existing lands
that men should seek peace            and it pursue
to separate            the wheat and tare
and expose the hidden things         men do
To close every mouth          that speaks a lie
uncover every            thought of hatred done
he has freely offered           you a life of truth
but will not spare            to scourge when they come
For the stories told in time      are now fixed
and what is written in its scroll          now firmly set
he will open them       for his kings to judge
and those who have found mercy              their sins forget
Those appointed to be Kings         will take their station
they will rule with Christ                     for a thousand years
subject to the rule of God         is every nation
no war will there exist           or the inclement of fears
For though the promise           seems long in coming
all the signs are             made visable by light
raise your eyes oh Israel                   your God comes judging
and will reward those                who have walked in right
Be reconciled in heart           to seek the truth
that who you are              you come to understand
You are called to love truth             and your brother
until the peace of God           lives in the land
The trumpets blast            call the armies to their war
the winged ones ride               the winds of wrath to charge
and poured out is the fury              of his chalice
the cup of violence        is deep and large
For all governments of man     are chains to slavery
their aim to lift themselves            and you to rule
but Christ's intent           is to lift you from this knavery
that you might not          become the fires fuel    
So make your peace         and seek his mercy now
for when this time arrives         will be too late
though undeserved the offer         of forgiveness
the price will be too high             if delay you wait
sources: all the prophets of Israel great and small

COPYRIGHT © 2012 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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a lot of intrigue, plenty of danger and a little bit of romance
a fatal conspiracy, God's destiny with a touch of bribery and finance
the Bible's book of Esther reads like a modern novel that contains all these things
but the book of Esther never mentions the Lord God by His name
even thougth the Lord God's name is not written
the presence of the Lord is certainly not hidden

King Xerxes of Persia had a feast and was in a drunken stance
when he ordered Queen Vashti to come forth and perform a risque dance
Queen Vashti refused to abide by the King's drunken request
the King was so affronted that he kicked out of the royal nest
King Xerxes was a ruler with a weak constitution
easily swayed by others in his royal conclusions
influenced by his cronies he signed many decrees and unfair laws
to inebriated and unable to see that they were flawed

with Queen Vashti now exiled the King desired to attain a new queen
and that was when a comely Jewish maiden arrived on the scene
her heritage and nationality remained unknown to the monarchy
until the day King Xerxes signed a most horrendous decree
a plot was put into place, its purpose to destroy the Jews
so Queen Esther urged by her Uncle Mordecai knew what she had to do
and despite the fact that her actions would put her life on the line
she saw the hand of God at work and knew that this was now her time

for such a time as this her mission was to be an agent for the Lord
her destiny was to make right a wrong and put all in accord
destined for greatness by following God's holy instructions
destined for greatness to save a nation from total destruction
God is in charge and will use any woman or man
to fulfill His promises according to His master plan
God is sovereign and He's in total control
so give Him all the glory when He defines for you your role

Queen Vashti's removal allowed Queen Esther to be in a place
positioned by the hand of God to provide her people His saving grace
for nothing in life in coincidence, it's all God's destiny
according to His Holy Word that is the prophecy
destined for greatness for such a time as this
the Bible's book of Esther a story that should not be missed

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~ Cry of the Muse ~

Of-gentle beginning-and tender song ... ! That we would gratify love in its truest affection. Stand stead fast- uphold it yield to no other-duty ... ! To-have our-souls' so-identified-unified coexisting- exclusively-mid-this ... . To-live, would I die to give the measure of my-soul- just-to-have this ... once ... ! So place me within, make me the-essence of-the-art- lay me down carry me off- as I would be a child lost amid the grandeur- of its promise ... ! Allow this ink to consume us be the genuine eminence, what we reach-for through the humble virtue, heart-of this quill ... ! So all may view soar higher, and even higher still. Be captured, taken within deep- far and away beyond- the bitter part of this world, into the true benignity, flourishing and forever evolving, amid themselves ... ! Yes help me build me up, mold me-yes- come find me ... ! Trick me friend by slight of hand bend me- yes break me down shatter me again, and again truly I care-not ... ! Fill this paper in-its preparedness ... innocence ... verity, hope ... with the sweet passion elation of our souls ... ! Yes carry me before this-vision ... ! Restrain me-not ... . Set our-soul-free ... ! Please ... ? That we may gratify love-uphold it. Yes yield-then ... only-beauty ... ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author notes Written to the (Braveheart) theme By: Enya The expression of this poem was written from within the greater depths, of my soul. It was a cry of my muse. The passion beside which I stand and the hope through which I write. The joy we both carry for the other, and peace and faith in each other, in which we abide. Before this writing my muse had taken a vacation. So willing, I am open to suggestion. ~ Thank you for reading this piece of my work ... God bless you ... (The reason that there are Hyphens "so many of them") is because I have a computer that speaks them with a faster and slower and higher and lower pitch of voice, giving a certain kind of ebb-and-flow to the work with a softer more fervent and realistic and consistent tone, when I use the hyphens and other punctuation in the certain places that I do, when in telling it what to do. Allowing it to speak in even a moderate voice if I choose. It sounds very free flowing when I hear it, and I can only hope that you will be able to here it in the same way. Thank you for reading and God bless you ... ~

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My summer vacation

I made something beautiful
come out of the ground
painted vibrations and made
beautiful sounds
imagined shapes and colors
that delight the eyes
and planted them in a garden
and surrounded them with various skies
Spoke as God painted 
creation on the scroll
words that were silent
and beautiful to behold
words not said but sung
describing to the unseeing 
what God has done
Glorifying is the meaning
of plants posing and voices singing
of forces molding and chemicals
bringing into being 
other things with feelings

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Rainbow Son the promise keeper

A promised son to Eve to crush the enemy it was not Cain, Abel nor Seth another seed given 
in the image likeness of Adam the Last though it was not Noah's his name means rest nor his 
son's shem Ham or Jepeth A promised Son is given beyond the flood he will not destroy the 
earth the same Abram also called out his name abraham even though a promise and a son 
all nations blessed Isaac laid for sacrifice God provided an another Lamb it was not Isaac's 
Israel nor his first born while in Egypt all sons bow to Joseph it looked as if he died and was 
torn away but it was to be for another Son born in his day through Jesse root came seven 
and David reigned over promised land it was not he the Son to come was from heaven a 
Son given his name wonderful counselor mighty God the Everlasting Father prince of peace 
surely you know his name though Solomon built wisest of men in the Kingdom like a child 
there is one wiser in Israel Remember your King the Faithful God born among us the 
suffering servant born to save his people from their sins the Lamb of God first and last your 
Son first begotten of many brethren blessed be He that cometh in the name of the Lord Our 
King Jesus is one Lord are God he is King Lord of lords and King of kings Our All in all the 

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as we celebrate that glorious event known as Palm Sunday
what do you think that donkey Jesus rode would have to say?
to ride on a donkey was once regarded as a symbol of peace
a state that we in this modern era just can't seem to reach
but I'm so glad that I serve a God of peace and harmony
and I'm so glad that He sent His Son Jesus to save me

Jesus came into town riding on an untamed ass
the people were so joyful they threw palm leaves across His path
but He was not the type king that they expected
and before the week was out by them He was rejected
I often wondered what was on the mind of that untamed beast
on the day that Jesus rode him into the midst of that feast
never before to have been ridden by any type of being
so what do you think that donkey was spiritually receiving?
the Gospel according to an ass
to know that the Prince of Peace has come at last

God has a plan for each of us and it's full of His mercy and grace
but in order to receive it you need to be in the right place
positioned for your purpose you just need to be
in that place where of you the Lord our God can see
for when God is ready to move in your life you need to be found
in the right place at the right time standing on higher ground

Jesus needed that beast at that appointed hour
and it was positioned by Father God's almighty power
its destiny to be ridden by Jesus the Christ the Son
a triumphant symbol of peace because its time had come

a donkey is usually perceived as difficult, stubborn and headstrong
but is an intelligent beast just don't lead it in a way that is wrong
they have a sense of perception and self-preservation
are very easy to train just don't put it in a precarious situation
it was sure-footed and purposely positioned in the right place
the Gospel according to an ass to be ridden with God's saving grace

it was a kyros moment it was a sight to be seen
on the  back of an ass Jesus the Christ, the King of Kings
in the right place with the proper perspective positioned for its purpose at last
and that is the Gospel according to an ass

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Diagnosis Sorcerer phil-ofa-lies

Hearing God's voice doesn't make you crazy disobeying it does Lord they are throwing the 
baby out and drinking the bath water Commanded us to hearken to your voice it is written 
warning of false doctors or teachers thier doctrine sorceries that turn men from thee you 
said beware and now aware must warn others of false laree the diagnosis sorcery the cure in 
need of repentance God is not a schizophrenic nor does he forget who he is propaganda 
leads men's hearts astray like plop and fizz they made it an art taking something that works 
to decieve men again God's not schizophrenic but your doctors self diagnosis maybe 
Witchcraft has come along way from Egypt to jezebel spirits from sigmund freud's 
fraudulences Carl Jungs junk and Adler's idle tales unholy trinity No I will not sign my name 
fraud nor try to cause others pain applause sign applause To hearken unto God or men you 
decide for by their sorceries they lie they of the their father the Big lie and friends for drugs 
will only awaken a false god within for you see or if you yet will God is our creator not 
entheogen this is your brain on sorcery See Jesus the great Physician first about your 
doctors second opinion David L. Roshenhan's experiment proof something aloof recorded 
and admitted unless you admit your as crazy as they are you may stay committed taking 
their subcribes but before it was prescribed Get the hence in the name of Jesus Christ be ye 
healed in his name If not you my end up with what's up doc. Dr. LSD  turned off tuned out 
dropped somewhere Timothy Leary as you watch snake oil salesmen on TV the gaper 
dancer's with wafers tunes with Warning Labels side effects could kill you before you take a 
pill red or blue read the Good Book  Facts doctors kill more than guns and war check again 
or you may end up with one with out a degree like Aliester crowley for you see the right 
diagnosis from the Great Physician will save your life One wrong diagnosis from 100 doctors 
is still deadly or read On being sane in insane place please remember If you would only try 
to touch his hem So get a check-up from Jesus that will bind up the broken hearts and set 
you free

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Called to be a Vessel

the gospel of Luke is the most detailed accounting of Jesus Christ
It reveals His conception, His early childhood and His missionary life
In the gospel of Luke he tells about God's 2 part master plan
to deliver a Messiah into Israel's hands 

the first part of the plan was to send an anointed blessing
to Zachariah and Elizabeth for all their years of childless stressing
a son was finally born to them whose mission would be one of preparation
John the Baptist who would pave the way for the One coming to deliver salvation

the second part of the plan was the supernatural conception of God's chosen one
a virgin girl with a true faith to be the vessel for His earthly son
Mary was her name and in her the Lord God had found favor
the 2nd cousin to John the Baptist and now to become the mother of our Savior

Mary went to her cousin Elizabeth and told her of the Angel's words
at first she was anxious and troubled and then she thought it was absurd
then Elizabeth said, look at me, I carry a miracle in my aged womb
and if the Angel of God said that to you in your mind now make the room
we are connected by blood and it makes perfect sense and sound reasoning
that God would give us both a miracle 
in order to do what for Him is most pleasing
and at that meeting the child in Elizabeth's womb 
received the Holy Spirit and jumped for joy
the confirmation that Mary was the vessel chosen 
to bring forth God's little boy
called to be a vessel Mary was the chosen one
called to be a vessel to give life to God's only Son

as God has a purpose and a mission for each of us
and all He asks is that in His word we learn to trust
for when God gives you a word the situation is already in place
and when God gives you a word just accept His infinite wisdom and grace
it might not make much sense to you but that's all right
just do whatever God desires of you and be acceptable in His sight

called to a vessel for in you God has found favor
called to be a vessel because of your obedient behavior
called to be a vessel by accepting God's purposeful hands
when you're called to be a vessel to carry out the Lord's master plans

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In order for us to redeem the time we need to give God our best 
and be willing to do all He asks as proof of where our faith rests
as it's not about how much you've given but has your faith been consistent
in offering all you have to God with a loving persistence
to be thankful when receiving any and all blessings that come from God
and responsible when you get them and holding them in the highest regards
but to offer anything to God that costs you nothing at all
is the difference between true sacrifice and just giving a lip call
for it's not about just talking the talk, it's about being willing to walk the walk

what motivates us? and what is in our hearts?
are two of the things that most concern our Lord God
to be about giving God your best, as He's the only one whom you need to address
there will be times of difficult instructions when you choose to follow His commands
there will be some hard choices to make that you may never come to understand
yes God will test you to determine your faithful resolve
but if you place your trust in Him some mysteries in your life may be solved
and when making a burnt offering to God it needs to be free and whole
coming from one's heart with the surrendering of one's soul
so never offer God anything that costs you nothing to give
remember it's only by His grace and mercy that you even live

Abraham was so faithful to God he was willing to offer his only son
his hope for the future, his heritage, his legacy now under the gun
about to slay his only son until the Angel of God appeared
and told him, "don't touch that child", for we know of God you now fear
he was willing to make the sacrifice and give all that from him God desired
no matter how hard, no matter how difficult to follow the instructions God inspired
hand God your hands and let Him have control
adhere to God's plans and surrender to Him your soul
trusting in what He instructs you to do
believing His blessings will then rain down on you

God has much in store for us when we follow His instructions
and will supply all our needs with His providential productions
His word is the pathway to promise and the roadway to righteousness
His love is the gateway to glory and the highway to holiness
so don't offer God anything that costs you nothing in life
for He made the greatest offer to you with the crucifixion of His son Jesus Christ

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in order to get back to Eden to live on top of the world
there are a few things from God which need to be heard

here in America in the democratic land of milk and honey
African-Americans are disproportionate when it comes to power and money
our healthcare is poorer, our finances worse, few of us in seats of power
at the bottom of most demographic indicators and our circumstances diminish by the hour
the most unemployed, the most discriminated, the first to be laid-off or dismissed
more of us in jail, a lot of us illiterate, there are too many problems for me to list
fewer marketable skills, fewest high school diplomas and don't mention college degrees
African-American men in America need to take off their blinders and see
to those who stand behind stained-glass windows and look down on those who have less
you need to take your brothers back to Eden and put an end to all this mess
you might not comprehend their reality but you should attempt to understand
that as true servants of God you should help your fellow man

if you consider yourself to be a true disciple of Christ
what have you done to enrich someone else's life?
who did you clothe? who did you feed?
who did you minister to in their time of need?
who did you mentor to on how to be a man?
who did you talk to or stretch out your hand?
there's a lot of work that needs to be done to get our brothers inspired
we need to help them build a relationship with God and do as Jesus aspired

in order to get back to Eden we need to start at the very beginning
with the basic instructions that God is recommending
to fellowship with your fellow man
to develop a trust opposite to slavery's plan
to communicate with positivity
to no longer promote negativity
to pull up your pants and walk like a man
to be productive and not destructive
to be supportive and not abortive
to act like someone's father and not like you're being bothered
to teach our brothers to put down the guns and take up the cross
so they will no longer act like thugs but to think like a boss
no longer will we be divided with jealous envy 
now united as brothers under God's authority
getting back to Eden to be on top of the world
to living our lives according to God's Holy word
to get back to Eden and up from the basement of life
living on top of the world as brothers with our savior Jesus Christ

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What if-

What if…
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

In the Garden of Eden, Adam lived while life was wrought. 
He knew God's work was taking place beyond that garden wall.
Together, he and Jehovah walked; everything was taught.
God brought first creatures formed on earth and gave Adam a call.
“Please help me.  Name each one,” said God.  That was before man's fall.

Adam, in the garden's light said, “Sure, there's so much time.”
I'll help you, Lord; I'll name them all, from over sized to small.
With this new work, his thoughts were full; and naming things was fine.
The eons passed, new creatures formed, all before man's fall.
One by one, he named them all as his light shone straight and tall.

At last our Earth was interlinked, all creatures and the man.
As soon as all that work was done, there was some time for fun.
But idle Adam all alone forgot God's greatest plan.
Although, God came, Adam was sad, creation all but done.
Jehovah did not hesitate.  None found?  Should He clone one?

God and Adam, best of friends, had both worked tirelessly?
But time had come to be a man; so God made Eve, woman.
We cannot tell how long those two lived romping, happily.
Or when God gave that first command to test immortal man. 
But as we know, the story goes; they ate and then were banned.

There are some questions one must ask and answers to invite.
If, Eve perchance had skipped the fruit, then, where would we all be?
Would we be watching earnestly with hopes that Eve would bite?
We unborn spirits that God knew, all waiting patiently?
The winners of all heaven's war who won God's fight for right?

And why did Adam, knowing God, decide to join in sin?
Did he prefer a mortal life in place of lonely days?
And if he chose the other way, then, what would be our end?
Should he have spared another rib and sent Eve on her way?
Can we say, he loved her much.  So, he choose to join sin's fray?

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The Reign of Pain

We studied history and what we found
millennias in which war oppression tyranny abound
wars of religions politics and conquering men
violence destruction to Lord over their kin
Murder was rampant by all priests and kings
formidable weapons firearms tormenting things
those who designed torture for bodies called church
the lair of demons where the ravenous perch
Greed and abuse and fornication prevail
the assault on the senses this mindless assail
so few in the books found worthy of praise
even Socrates wisdom found shortened days
The depravity of Sodom again sees it's raise
for modern times man hasn't escaped these ways
you may not view a child in burnt offerings fire
but your neighbor will destroy just to reach higher
Technology and convenience can never change man
no law or potentate ever proved can
historians of the past were dictated by ruler
deleted the info that proved they were crueler
The distraction of materialism and it's convention
cannot change hearts or criminal prevention
men cloak their thoughts with lies and disguise
the women of today have become equally unwise
To the writing of books there is no end
that knowledge alone cannot hearts mend
to change our way God his Son did send
for Life in us seeks he to defend
Conspiracy theory cannot be denied
Lucifer to the first woman he lied
the mind needs food and absorbed that thought
and ever since then lies have been taught
God has set a theocracy for kingdom to rule
144,000 kings and priests will be his tool
to Serve mankind and those of resurrection
until they reach the state of original perfection
For God will gather all things in his Son
who died so that our freedom be won
Love by Way of Truth an Life prevail
and nothing will this kingdom assail
sources Matt 20_25-28 21:12-16
Matt chptr 23 Apocalypse 4:18-22
chptr 7 Ephesians 1:1-23
COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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God haunted house

Didn't know
how to be in this God haunted house,
I Mr imperfect:
short sighted and tone deaf
I saw things move as by a poltergeist,
heard thuds as though a carpenter lived between floors.
I could not ask and hear. 
I'm sure she spoke but I wouldn't listen.

I don't want to know about him;
I want him
I can't have placating words,
I need love I can feel
I know it in my bones
but my flesh is all serpent like;
in it's own oil spill
of fear and greed 
needing a saving, cleanup operation
I'm sure you want to;
but I do not dare.

I take a deep breath
and look out of the window
I see it's raining 
and almost trip as a I rush outside
I hope that the rain itself is the tears
of the one my heart seeks
I cry myself; knowing his grief
Freezing I know the loneliness of all of His
I'm made one of them.

I didn't know how to live
in this God haunted house,
I a son,
a lover, 
the adulterer, 
the unfinished.
I still wrestle with doubt in my darkness
I worship silently, unworthily,
I feel the cross of the world wearing me
I'm sure I can't live in this without the haunter...

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Oath Unbound: Psalm 2

I speak of a passion which only God can deny
for what other Force may decide when Heroes should die
Along rainswept passages and rut-strewn way
I see my brothers stoop'd down to pray

We each stumbled and groped down this unwalked path
unknown to eachother but sharing in wrath
but woe to those of us who would undo
the will of God, for his anger would ensue

Soldiers and Heroes, martyrs among us halved men
we bled and we died before the whips of angellic sin
our wings be clipped, our crowns lay shattered
but for all our strength we were able to do what mattered

Alas! In the End of Day and Night!
When Heaven shies behind the edges of mortal sight!
I still hear the choirs sing and chime
In their hymns there exists no Time

Only for a moment dare I shut my ear
even'ough the Dark Enemy draws ever near
I fear that the skies cannot hold still
Paradise shakes for the Devil's will

I only wish'd for a moment's reprieve
a moment away from my Master's sleave
But for a Man such as I, chained to oaths all worlds decry
I can never forever hope to know what it's like to be free

O' a moment passes all too soon
my ear opens up, my hands re-bound, my brief stillness ruin'd
the sword and the shield fastly to my hand
the war is not o'er and my blood still feeds the land

Retract! Retract!
Bitter dreams to waylay and distract
My focus returneth to the fight ahead
I return to toil, to labor, until the enemy falls dead

Drop to drop, my blood runneth down
Almighty God drives my blade, my Dark Enemy found
down He lays, emptied of life from every vein
And forever after I see my Dark Enemy, my brief freedom slain

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I'm lost in my own mind, my sanity is thrown out. Its time to be real, time to get this all off my chest. The world is only made of evil, does any good ever pay off. You can try as hard as you want, but if god was real and this isn't all for nothing than prove to me what it is. there's no way of knowing if god is real and that all the good will pay off, but the demons are needing my soul. I can feel them pulling me to them, they feed on murder and insanity. have you ever gave much thought into this, the thought that will make you see things the way you should. the world is made up of good and evil, there's just more evil than good.. you can see this by just looking at me.

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Who owns the universe

Who stood the trees? Who made the honey outta' bees? Better still, the flowing waters He is God and that's all that matters We're brilliant.he gave us brains The Umbrella, he sends the rains, Check out those guys,he made them handsome OMG! Isnt he awesome! Look around and see the science For the science he gave us finance See those girls, he made them beautiful And that's it, He is wonderful Can't you see, he's everything Out of nothing, he made something We're living, that's his breath This is all that matters, he owns the earth Wait a minute I'm not finished Look at his works No one could beat it He is God and that's final!

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a word from your sponsor (part 3)

stay tuned we'll be right back so don't touch that remote
a word from your sponsor is coming of which you should take note
God said to be of good courage and to have no fear
and that's a direct command that He wants us to adhere

everyone has a choir of critics, a bunch of nitpickers
never a word of encouragement, a bunch of bitter snickers
folks will always have their opinions be they bad or good
and if you're in a position of leadership to tell you they think they should
they're just like an old shoe's tongue always flapping when on the go
but a word from your sponsor is what you really need to know
your sponsor is your Savior, the Master Potter of Life
your sponsor is the Holy Lord, Jesus the Christ

three times Jehovah told Joshua to be courageous and to be strong
and don't worry about what the world has to say for I know where you belong
listen to My instructions for this is a direct command
just listen to your Sponsor and get with the program
it's not about your credentials, your experience nor your resume
it's not about any plaques or awards that you've received up to this day
a word from your Sponsor is all you ever need to hear
as what the world usually says is shrouded in discouragement and despair
when you think back over your life and all that you've survived 
you will see that it was the grace of God that kept you alive
strength is the inner connection to God that you've been given
and courage is the outward expression of how you should be living

courage is the thing that made a young David realize
that Golieth was just another target only bigger in size
courage is the thing that will stop fear in its tracks
and make you more focused when the enemy attacks
a word from your heavenly Sponsor goes beyond human understanding
so do whatever it is that the Lord God is commanding

a word from your Sonsor is playing on the spiritual channel
so don't touch that dial, the remote nor the cable TV panel
a word from your Spnsor will stand the test of time
the everlasting bread of life on which you should dine
to eat of the Daily Bread that God has in abundant supply
to meditate on the word of God on which you can rely
a word from your Sponsor is what you need to hear in life
the eternal word of God and the gospel of Jesus the Christ

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ON THIS DAY: 01.20.09

In 1963 Dr. King gave a speech in Washington D.C.
it was a most stirring address that became a prophecy
he made mention of a dream of an America he had invisioned
one with justice, equality for all and no more racial division

In 1964 the Civil Rights Bill was signed and enacted
that federal law designed to have racism in America impacted
yet the struggle continued and the battle raged on
but God had something coming up on the horizon

In 2004 a man of mixed race decided to take up the cause
a Columbia grad with a Harvard degree who did not stop to pause
based in Illinois he ran for the United States Senate seat
and despite the odds against him the opposition he did beat

In 2007 God move Senator Obama to the next phase
the Spirit compelled him to step up and enter the Presidential race
many thought he was an upstart and by many he was rejected
as he wasn't a part of the early movement and wasn't what they expected
But God will use any kind of man to accomplish His goals
all He requires is an obedient servant who allows Him to be in control

In 2008 the Democratic Primary was a most unpleasant fight
it was not only about gender it became about Black and White
but the youth of today stepped up, joined in and took a stance
and the young Senator from Illinois now had a fighting chance
and after the dust had settled it became a very clear choice
the American people voted and the world heard their voice

that young upstart Senator Barack Obama won the Presidential race
and now the most powerful job in this world belongs to a man with a Black face
but more importantly he's a man who doesn't distinquish himself by his color
he's the President of every American citizen Jews, Gentiles, Sisters and Brothers

It was not a coincidence that on the day he won his party's nomination
it was 45 years to the day that Dr. King addressed the entire nation
it was not a coincidence it was all God's design
that this young intelligent black man would have his season at this time

a people delivered from slavery into the ultimate seat of power
on this day in U.S. history African American's shining hour
to be vindicated and now elevated
to be validated and now celebrated

Oh yes we can for hope has been renewed and restored
Oh yes we can pray that peace will reign again once more
On This Day the Rev. Dr. King's dream become divine
On This Day January 20th in the year 2009

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i see a maddened master living for some vicious fun,
cutting out his dead-wood with a fire-storm he's begun -
to burn out fields and farmers and their daughters and their sons:
"who will tend our crops and cattle, once the reaper comes?"

most of what we live and dream is rent before our eyes
as the strings that bind and taunt us rip us up and down to size.
how can it be that puppet masters count us, every one?
by a number, mark or ID card - sold as "freedom just begun"...

answer! give me an answer! why this happened without a fight -
that we let these twisted people take our freedom, overnight!
why should we care, why should we know, it's all to save our lives:
so god gave us intelligence - and a will that never tries.
so the puppet masters whip us into thinking we're attacked
by this terror-frenzied feeding - without god to answer back.

the way we dance and prance they think we're thieves liars fools and whores
the laughing wheezing dancing and the twinkle in their eye
is because they love the pain they cause
in the name of you and i

but behind the pain harsh callous acts words here's the saddest thing -
the puppet-masters' laughter wears some evil puppet string...

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The Road of Lost Souls

In silence,  I have waited, been withdrawn, enclosed & hated,
What I see inside these walls,  means nothing much to me,
I have stared out in the cold, been ruthless,  I'm told, with no regards
Towards  friends or family.
The confinement I feel, is not all that real, I'm comfortable with
The solitude inside my head.
Alone in this hole,  that I call home,
made up of  concrete &  grey stone,
I hunger for the day when I'm released.
I have been lost for so long now, I couldn't tell you now,  just how,
Many years that I've been in.
I have lost my way home, left my soul shell shocked sold,
to the darkness which preys on those lost in sin.
I ask myself for forgiveness, convince myself,  that this is all there is,
 it boils my blood to think there's, some God out there who loves me.
If your God is listening,  to the word that come twisting from my mouth
And in to his ears.
Let him hear what I say, cause only today,
I'll,  ask for forgiveness and to guide me along my way.
Lord I have fallen, been near dead with out calling.
I show no weakness, nor fear for who I am.
I'm wondering alone,  on this road of lost souls
Searching for Heaven, trying to 
get In...

David J Caldera

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the Adolescent Christ

in the book of Luke there's a reference that's mentioned
a disclosure of the boy named Jesus and His future intentions
He had been chosen to wear the Jewish crown upon His head
and attend to  His Father business, a destiny spirit-led
the teenage boy Jesus, the Adolescent Christ
understood at an early age He had a true mission in life
born to the carpenter Joseph and the Virgin Mary
born in the city of Nazareth in abject poverty
an immaculate conception, born out of wed-lock
many could not perceive of the gift His parents had got

one day Jesus and His parents travelled out of town
but on the road back home, Jesus could not be found
His parents became frantic, they could not understand
that He would be in the temple fulfilling God's master plan
the Adolescent Christ was just trying to comprehend
His true purpose for being on earth among mere men
He was seeking the knowledge that which He needed to know
from whence He had came and where He was destined to go
He was appointed with a chosen destiny
and had a desire to know why He was given this activity

don't go about allowing society to put labels on you
don't allow anyone to tell you what you can not do
seek out your lineage and about your ancestors learn
then apply that knowledge to everything in life you need to discern
for you have been chosen just like the Adolescent Jesus Christ
remember God had a purpose for giving you life

as youths yourselves, you are in a precarious situation
not quite adults but needing your own sense of validation
walking a fine line between the young and the old
trying to be respectful with a desire to be bold
the Adolescent Christ, Jesus the boy king
determined to discover what His appointment did mean
and just like the teenagers of society today
searching, hoping and seeking to find their own way
with a craving to look beyond their own expectations
wanting to exceed their ancestors accumulations

just let the Lord God strengthen you and let Him be your guide
and like His son Jesus Christ, let the Holy Spirit in you reside
trust in Him, believe in Him and may your conduct be above board
discover your heritage and your destiny while doing the work of the  Lord

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Jesus Could Have Called 10,000 Angels


On a cross… Jesus suffered 
for you and me.
He could have called 10,000 
angels to set him free.

Nailed to this cross, he went
 through so much pain.
He knew his purpose and the 
reason why he came.

Being there for all of mankind 
was his choice.
Weakened and alone… 
 One could hear his voice;

“Father forgive them.”  
  “They don't  know what they’re doing!”
As the crowd listened… 
 Many began believing.

“My God why have you forsaken me?” 
 With one last breath…
And then...  And very quickly… 
 There was death!

For all of the pain and suffering
 he was to endure
Was so that a plan of salvation
 is now secure.

This same Jesus, who was to rise again.
Is forever to be our atonement for sin!

Seated at the right hand
 of God the father... In heaven above..
He awaits there for us all with
 an abundance of  love!

Won’t you accept his gift 
of life that he’s giving?
And allow him to forever change
 the way you’re living!


By Jim Pemberton  03/11/11

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Going for the Gold

A 60 year old woman entered a marathon, 
she wanted to set a personal goal
not to win it, but just to be in it
going for her own gold
but just after about 19 miles into the race
she tripped and fell down
she had broken her ankle bone 
and was laid out on the ground
the paramedics told her, her race was now over
but she would not hear of such
she instructed them to put away that stretcher
and give her a cane or give her a crutch
she said my race is not over,
if I can't run it,  then I will walk
her determination was her inspiration
and she was not about to balk
going for the gold was her only destination
her vision, her goal, her sole consideration

Our God is a God of faith and strength
a God of progression
not a God of failure or fear
nor a God of regression
for God will lift you up 
if you should ever fall or trip
just make sure that with Him
you have a personal relationship
for God wants to be in the picture
draw near to Him and He will reciprocate
He can strengthen and transform you
on a level that is intimate
treat Him as you would treat a lover
for He is more than just a friend
He will always be by your side
through thick and through thin
have Him in your heart too
for It's not only about intellectual perceptions
let the Holy Spirit increase your faith
be full of thanksgiving and open to God's receptions
get your mind on the right track and let God work in your life
use your past experiences to remind you of all that you have sacrificed
It's alright to look back just don't live in it and then get mad
utilize the power of memory and thank God for all that you have had

So keep on keeping on 
know that God will lighten your way
let nothing and no one paralyze nor limit you 
from obtaining your goals this day

Yet even in the midst of discouragement 
that woman proceeded to accomplish her goals
with faith in God and in herself
determined and destined to go for the gold

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Long before a sheath is woven, before the cocoon is made, 
Before a caterpillar seals it’s womb, before the eggs are laid,
Before air becomes the breath of life of everything that breathes,
Before a hawk takes to flight, before fish swim in the sea,

Before the cattle graze the range, and the beast roam through the fields,
And the creeping thing also crawls the earth, before the mountains and the hills,
Before the valley becomes a  dale, before a tree is grown,
Before a pod becomes a plant, before the garden is sown,  

Before the earth takes shape and form, before stars light up the sky,
Before the likeness of God was made, there was no you nor I,
Before the ashes and the dirt, and the mold of man was clay,
Before the dark and morning, there was no night or day,

Before the Heavens were set aside from Eden to the east,
Before God cursed his creation, into the belly of the beast,
Before the tree of knowledge was touched, before the tree of life,
Before Adam was tempted by his mate, before Eve was given to wife,

Before the earth was flooded, before Noah and his Ark,
Before Moses rose his staff on high and the Red Sea, God, did part,
Before the coat of colors was placed on Jacob’s son,
Before the king of Egypt, Joseph was the one,

Before the ten commandments were written in the stone,
Before the voice of God was heard, before Christ stood all alone,
Before the Son of God was born, before Mary became God’s wife,
On the cross, Christ surrendered to man, The Ultimate Sacrifice.

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Saving the Best for Last

Most hosts set out the good liquor until their guests starting getting drunk
and then they commence to serving the watered down and inferior junk
but when Jesus turned that sacred water into a fine wine
the guests remarked to the host, "you saved the best for last this time"

As a child I heard one of the last speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King
It went simply by the title of "I Have a Dream"
I was too young to comprehend that a historical moment had passed
but somehow I knew that Dr. King has saved the best for last

Over the course of time God sent many prophets, rulers and kings
to deliver His "Good News" and explain to the people what it means
from Abraham to Isaac, from Jeremiah to Malachi
all men sent to give us the Word from the Kingdom up on high
from Solomon to David to Daniel in the lion's den
God realized that He could not rely on the words coming from mere men
The Holy Spirit then descended on Mary and the die had been cast
when He finally sent His earthly son, Jesus of Christ at last

God needed a sinless soul to help mankind understand
that the Word of God is the ultimate life living plan
God needed an open mind to relate the parables and the stories
that in order to reach the Kingdom you must learn to give God all the glory  
God needed a pure heart to demonstrate true compassion and care
and communicate to mankind that loving each other will draw Him near
and after all was said and done when the Son of Man did pass
we have finally come to realize that God saved the best for last

for God will shake you up 
in order to wake you up
God will knock you down 
in order to turn you around
He will put you in a place 
where you will see the power of his grace

Jesus of Nazareth was God's only begotten son
His life and death was the sacrifice so that the victory could be won
He was the last messenger sent to give us God's gospel
He was that perfect being sent to do the impossible
He was a miracle maker and a spiritual awaker
His life and purpose for being was to offer mankind salvation
His mission was for God and mankind to have reconciliation
His death a crucifixion, an assassination, the ultimate and final task
and like Dr. King, the Lord God knew to save the best for last

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God be with me

If you take the time, to get on your hands and knees

You will embrace the vision that God had planned to see

Listen for His calling, to make a sacrifice

For He lay His spirit on the cross when he had to die


Everybody this is the season

To allow God’s grace be the reason

Shower over your head when you see Him

I will tell you who to believe in



I ask you to be with me

You are what I truly need

As soon as you seem to see

Me in need of your blessing


I live my days and nights, only to spread the word

Know that the Lord gives you no less that you deserve

To make a step closer, and trust your problems in His hands

Realize that God is awesome, and he solved them in advance

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Details | Dramatic monologue | |

know when to give the benediction

we think that we know what true worship is really all about
it's more than getting your praise on to jump up and shout
God gets excited about what is in our hearts
He's more concerned about the inner spirit that we impart
it's not just following the program and going through the motions
it's about letting the Holy Spirit take control of your emotions
it's more than the order of service and passing the plate
it's about being divinely inspired and possessing a true faith
so stop being fixated on execution and just making it through
for God desires that we have a spiritual break through

we have a control problem and think we can harness the Spirit
we fail to realize that we have no power to submit it
we get to the church late and still think the service is too long
more concerned about when we get out and can't see what we're doing wrong
we rush through the service and miss our Godly appointing
we might as well have stayed home for we missed our anointing
for true worship of God is a divine commission
so wait for the Spirit to tell you when to give the benediction

institutionalized religion is always in a hurry
to give the benediction and then the people run out in a flurry
Jesus told His disicples to feed the crowd of 5000 strong
but the disciples were more concerned with sending them along
so with 2 fish and 5 loaves Jesus commenced to breaking bread
and before the service and benediction all 5000 plus were fed
never give the benediction until the people's needs are met
never give the benediction until you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit

a friend one day asked me, "how long is the church service?"
I said it's over when the Spirit deems we've served His purpose
true worship is not a fast food service nor a track and field meet
and it can't be rushed until the Holy Spirit says it's complete
and when the pastor opens the doors of the church to any lost souls
that's the time in the service when the Spirit has total control
so don't be self-righteous for true worship is not an individual sport
feed the people's mind, bodies and spirits and don't sell the purpose of the service short

in that desert surroundings a miracle took place
in that desolate field the Spirit of the Lord was embraced
I'm so glad I serve a God who is present 24 hours
I'm so glad I serve a God with such omnipotent power
know when to give the benediction for true worship can't be rushed
just wait on a sign from the Lord God we all love and trust

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Living and Existing

At one point, there is such thing as living and existing. Everybody's doing the same
thing. When God created the Earth and the entire human race, He wanted all of us humans to
live and co-exist at the same time. He or she is wanting to ask each other one question:
Are you living, are you existing, or are you doing both at the same time? When it comes to
living and existing at the same time, there's no need to take a single breath the Lord has
given every human being for granted. People should be lucky that God will have given
everybody a second chance in life and He wants all of us human beings not to ever take
what the Lord has done for us for granted. We are lucky to have Him on our side because
without God, we wouldn't be here on Earth right now, and we, as human beings, never
would've been born. But even if we pass on, we will praise and the the Lord for letting us
live on planet Earth for as long as we can. Living and existing are, and will always be,
the greatest thing for the future of the human race, especially humans in Africa and the
United States of America. And for co-existing with each other and living our lives to the
fullest, we want to thank the Lord Almighty for letting all of us human beings see and
live for another day or two. In the words of Gladys Knight: "I hope you still feel small
when you stand beside the ocean. Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens. Promise
me that you'll give faith a fighting chance. And when you get the choice to sit it out or
dance. I hope you dance. I hope you dance."

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Brittle Love

So last night, I had the most epic sad love poem. Like, it make my heart ache. The thing was, the pen was over on the other side of the room, and I didnt want to lose the thought. Guess what, I lost the thought. And now I want it back. Now, I wanna recreate it. I need help with that. Here's what I have, I want ideas, comments, help, editing, everything.

I’m fragile and ill And you trace my scars Like the one the doctor gave me For asking if he could help my heart ache ‘Cause both of us know how close to death Love really brings you But you hold me together as we use Cupid’s arrow to slit our wrists And use the sheets that held us To cover us from the world we leave Praying together that our funeral will be pretty When we run away to paradise together We have sinned all we want, Whispered to God all the details But you know more about me then God ‘Cause God doesn’t know our names And we know sin lets us feel his ignorance ‘Cause I know you’re the one that created me And you’ll take me apart the same way And I’m fine with that.

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often in the grand scheme of God's desires
He will use mankind to do what He requires
His providential purposes God's master plans
will utilize any and all types of man

the Pharoah declared a most horrendous decree
of infanticide on Jewish male babies
to put them to death to keep their numbers down
fearful of having too many Jewish males around
but history has a way of repeating itself again and again
as the young Black male populations today hangs by a fringe
with incarcerations, police brutality and killing each other
we're on the verge of eradicating our young Black brothers
a supposed threat to society that same old racist mentality

yet all it takes is for God to send someone to be bold
one person unafraid to break away from the mold
over 400 years of praying and keeping hope alive
a people once in slavery but today they now thrive
from Moses to Jeremiah to the Rev. Dr. King
to President Barak Obama God can change anything
One Bold Black Soul to say what needs to be said
One Bold Black Soul whose life is spirit-led

don't let the world compromise your moral integrity
let prayer be the tool you use to claim the victory
you need some solitude to simply reflect
on that which God desires of you and what of you He expects
God will be what you want no matter what you need
and He will do whatever is needed to help you succeed
so walk in the spirit and just wait for your time
and be ready to act when God gives you a sign
to be called into place with God's saving grace

Jeremiah told the people of the prophecy
about their demise if they confront their enemy
he was then thrown into a pit full of mud and slime
his death to be a certainty in a very short time
but One Bold Black Soul stepped up to the plate
and told the King to save Jeremiah before it was too late
One Bold Black Soul an Ethiopian man
told of the soldiers diabolical plans

to be bold, to be risky, to be resilient in your resolve
to step out of your comfort zone until the problem is solved
from Rosa Parks to Medgar Evers to Malcolm X
to do what is prevalent and not what society expects
creative in courage, inspired with innovation
by any means necessary to change the situation
One Bold Black Soul willing to step out on a limb
to stop history from repeating itself once again

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

The Ultimate Makeover: To Be Born Again

the ultimate makeover is to have a Godly change
It's not about a new home or car 
nor your furniture being re-arranged
the ultimate makeover that God wants to see
a makeover that occurs inside of thee
a makeover that concerns 
your heart, your mind and your thoughts 
It's not about the carnal nature of man
nor the lessons in school you've been taught
It's about every experience and those times 
when you've encountered God
it's about being born again 
a makeover of your spiritual heart

think about all those times 
you got through situations unscathed
do you realize that It was the will of God
by which you were saved?
think about that little voice
that is sometimes in your head
that voice that guided you was not instinct, 
but the Holy Spirit instead
It's about all of life's situations, trials and tribulations
and whether or not you've grown from them
and got some life altering clarification

to be born again, It's not just a one time event
to be born in Christ where God's word is ever present
life is a continuous journey
and to live it you can't just stand still
It's a sacred path you must follow 
in order to abide by God's will
so have you been made over
or have you only been made up?
have you changed your inner person
with a renewed spiritual cup?

the challenge in life is not to be focused
only with the outer shell
It's to be concerned with the places
where your inner being dwells
to be all that God wants you to be
you need to get a Christian life insurance policy

for God is a constant
He will never change nor become passe
we need to more like Him
in everything we do and say

Jehovah Jyra, my provider
Jehovah Neshee, my battle fighter
Jehovah Sharma, the ever present one
Jehovah Tiscado, the Righteous Son
In the presence of The Holy Spirit that dwells within
the ultimate makeover is to be born again

Details | Narrative | |

On The Perimeter Of The Place Of Promise

to be in the right place at the right time
destined for greatness with God on your mind
when you're on the perimeter of the place of promise there's no time to hesitate
just trust that by the Lord God you've been set up for this date
at the appointed time there will be an obstacle to overcome
but through Jesus you have the victory so consider the challenge done
don't procrastinate, you need to keep pushing on
as your God-given destiny is just on the horizon
and if you perish, if you perish, if you should happen to die
remember nothing in life is worthwhile if you don't venture to try
destined for greatness with truth and righteousness in your heart
for nothing against you will prosper in the presence of the Lord God

Queen Esther was in the right place at the right time
positioned by the hand of God to for her people do something kind
uncertained and unsure at first she prayed and fasted with a heavy heart
urged by her beloved Uncle Mordecai to for her people do her part

sometimes we have to be pushed and prodded to do what is right
and then search inside ourselves to see the truth in God's light
and if a sacrifice is needed and a life must be given
it may be your destiny for by the Holy Spirit you've been driven
on the perimeter of the place of promise at your godly appointed date
and if you perish, you perish just be like Jesus and don't hesitate

Details | Carpe Diem | |

the streets are getting darker

shootings are on the up rise
and multiple killings are the latest fad
the streets are getting darker 
and the world has gone completely mad
total anarchy, assassinations, murder and mayhem
the streets are getting darker
but when will it all end?

pornography, immorality, pedophilia and illegal drugs
the streets are getting darker and creeping with rapists, gang bangers and thugs
homelessness, hunger, unemployment plus an incurable disease
diminishing natural resources, global warming 
while the political leaders do as they please
genocide, homicide, domestic abuse and sexual predators on the Internet
hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires yet mankind keeps hedging its bet
but there is still a glimmer of hope, a slice of salvation
for the light of the Lord continues to shine down upon the world's desolation
yet when people ask,"why does God allow bad things
to happen to those who are good?"
I can only reply, "that Godliness is not on the mind of the thugs and the hoods"
for God gave mankind free will and dominion over this earth
so if men want  to blame anyone they need to look at themselves first

Jesus Christ, The Son of Man is our Savior, our Truth and our Light
His coming was to give us reconciliation and instructions on how to live right
yet the streets are still getting darker and thus they will continue to remain
until everyone seeks the Good News and try to bring about some change
to love each other as God desires, to show compassion and care
to look up to our Creator and realize that He's always been there

the streets are getting darker with chaos and confusion
but the Light of the Lord God remains the only viable solution
so until mankind comes to some kind of moral and spiritual understanding
the streets will get darker until we abide by what the Lord God is commanding

Details | Prose Poetry | |


Several missing parts some scars beaten up and left for dead the mighty men 
have used the fists oh GOD when will eye get some rest walking walking looking 
looking searching for my hideaway my endless questing telling portenting 
changing my namme today.
Jesus tells me in the Bible he has a namme for me to find so whenever eye see 
a stone of white eye look asunderneathe the rock and ponder. Oh wow there was 
a small dark stone there so eye took my namme to mean DARK STONE in an 
Indian manner my new nicknamme was visible there and given mee today. 
Charlax Darkstone sounds like some lost Indian fighter with buckskin britches 
pooring out his heart to save the villagers. A Statistic very bad vibrations from the 
passing stranger’s men it seems have followed Satan they are walking after lust 
not contemplation Oh brief candle out out but wait for love and stay alive she 
loves me please just try to find me ewe knoe just who ewe aer.  
Leaning to the million dollar giveaway the DOUBLEDAY publishers called me 
today and begged me for another chance to publish my anthology a prance of 
under moonlighted night the moon is setting way too quickly falling light is dark 
so dark it fits my namme my new nicknamme the DarkStone man has come. 
She sits and drinks her coffee sipping past the lipps and seeing only love. 
DarkStone is that yew old bean and how eye manage to avoid the many 
StormTroopers in my area and the Gendarmes who come strolling jauntily 
aiming from the hippopotamus erectus at the eye. Overcome with honor that she 
loves me this one is at odds become extant with the extinction of us all the 
problems of a man even when he is forgiven are so many and still varied until 
they multitude them past the ending now. Eye have a problem with the Judging 
all the man who meet me seems so evil and eye still do want to curse them even 
though the GOD the JESUS does not like it the statistics missed me nah nah 
nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah. To the man in the truck the tires is only 
rubber and they bounce the road will not protect you but someday it will come 
and get you so look out. Make me shout make me holler make me doubt. Eye 
have beaten all the odds and lived in spite of odd man out. Revelation 2:17
He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who 
overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white 
stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.

Details | Rhyme | |

Blessed Be Earth

Faded in surreal dreams Winking through radiant beams Whispering through tall redwood trees To dancing gently among the seas Watch as Nature takes it's course Proceed with knowing gentle force Watch the wildlife play their games Watch arsens set our world to flames Watch it twist and watch it burn Analyze how people now learn What has our world come to? Who will listen? Very few. Why diseases and why the flu? Why isn't the ocean looking that blue? Our Earth used to be blessed and used to be beauty How come no one is doing their duty? God blessed our planet to make it the best That is why God made it so blessed Everyone takes but nobody gives Good takes over but bad still lives So much crime and so much dirt So less law to keep on alert People get murdered every day People get abused in every way People make their little crews People like that make the world so blue What if everyone was the same? What if nobody played any games? What could you say when you looked God in his face? He would open His arms in a loving embrace He would show you the Golden Gates up above And He would make sure He gave you eternal love

Details | Romanticism | |

In a good girls eyes

 In a good girls eyes lies darkness and mischief; Hidden in her disguise she's god but 
without it she's the devil. Caught up with her bible hugging in the morning and her panty 
throwing at night. Though she despises Alchohol it's really the fear that it comes down 
to. Worried that with one gulp she'll lose control and everyone will now she's not an 
angel. So twisted inside her lies to everyone, she desires to be touched forbiddenly  
though she stills a virgin. No one knows the secrets that lies behind the doors of a good 
girls eyes. She is slowly losing momentum seeing that bad girls always have more fun. So 
her legs started to inch apart, the one's she had promised to keep closed. No one knew 
that behind these eyes of a good girl lied a hoe just waiting to explore. Waiting to 
exhale, finally take a bite out of life for her damn self. She realized that good girls 
were too wholesome and she felt she needed to part some if you know what I mean. It 
wasn't until she got out there that she realized there was nothing good about being bad 
and maybe she was being naive but I think it was sad because she had so much to live for 
now she was trapped in a world in a world and she couldn't get back. Even though she 
prayed and prayed and said god please let me back in, he said i'm sorry but to me you 
have learn nothing didn't I always tell you to resist Temptation at all cost? She said 
yeah well what about forgiveness I though you taught that too. I did but your with the 
devil now your playing with different rules and in his world once your tarnished your 
forever his. Tears fell down her eyes as she listened to what he said. Another girl gone 
rotten, it's a shame because you could have been out queen. She said I still will be, and 
god watched as she kissed the devils lips. A tear dropped down his eyes as he reached but 
she was gone.

Details | Didactic | |

Don't Stop Praying

you've been praying to the Lord God you have an emergency
and you hope that He will respond to your prayers immediately
but hold on, you've got it twisted, you need to comprehend
that God answer prayers, BUT WHEN it's up to Him
so don't stop praying and don't hang up that spiritual telephone
don't stop praying even if you only get a dial tone

Cornelius was in his house praying for a blessing
down on his knees, his situation was most stressing
and on the fourth day at the ninth hour
he saw the manifestation of God's almighty power
an angel appeared before him at God's behest
an angel appeared before him to answer his prayer request

God answers prayers but many fail to understand 
that He answers prayers according to His master plan
it might be at the midnight hour, it might be at the ninth
just stay on the line praying even if it takes all day and all night
and be you a Jew or a Gentile, we're all children of the God the Lord Christ
the Soul Provider, the Saving Messiah whose death was the salvation of our lives

the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End
the Prince of Peace, the Living God, our Eternal Friend
He's the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, the Holy Trinity
the One who created the universe and all humanity
He's the One who breathe life back into those old dry bones
the One who occupies the seat of the highest throne
He's the One who protected Daniel in the lion's den
the One who sent angels to watch over him
He's the One who shielded Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
from the fiery fires burning in King Nebuchadnezzar's inferno
He fed five thousand with just two fish and five loaves
and compelled the people to come hear Him in droves
and when that woman with the bleeding sickness touched His garment hem
it was the power in Him to answer prayers that made the flow of blood stem
He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind and voice to the mute
He gave us the universal parables of wisdom that even the Pharisses could not refute
and on the way to Mount Calvary He bore the cross of the sins of mankind
and said to His Father with His last breath "forgive them" for they know not their own minds

so don't stop praying and give the Lord the chance
to come into your life and change your circumstance
don't stop praying just keep the lines of spiritual communication open and clear
don't stop praying to God the Lord Christ just wait for your miracle or an angel to appear

Details | Epic | |


it was the meeting of an epic bout in the Motherland
two heavyweights in the ring battling hand to hand
it was on, it was a rumble it was fight night in the African jungle
one fighter employed a new and unheard of strategy
to make the other wear himself out completely
it was the Rope-a-dope technique that he used to win
for boxing is not just physical, it's also what's in the minds of men

Jacob had an epic battle with the Lord our God
it was a confrontation long coming in regards to how his life did start
Jacob wanted to be in charge even though he wasn't the first-born son
but that is not the way that God wants things to be done
we all desire to be first to be the best of the best 
we all want what we want when we want and to be better than all the rest
but it's not okay to achieve your goals at the expense of someone else's pain
for what is it to have gained the whole world if your soul no longer remains?

someone will always be better than you no matter the vocation
but no one can be better at being you no matter the application
you won't be first in everything that you attempt to do
but no one can do you like you do you
we all can't be singers, dancers nor movie stars
but we all have a gift or talent given to us by the Lord God
it's not so much about being first it's about being good and right
and being honest in your approach and acceptable in God's sight

it's fight night the epic battle over your eternal soul
it's about your willingness to surrender and let God take control
to do what God has destined for you 
to trust in the plans that He has for you
after graduating I couldn't find a job in my chosen field
so I sacrificed to God's plan and to Him I did yield
I worked as an unpaid intern for an entire year
then one day my mentor told me of a job that he did hear
and only because of his recommendation, reputation and integrity
without even an interview the position was given to me
trust in God to meet you in the midst of your dark days
as He only desires that to Him you pray, yield and obey
a rumble in the jungle fight night with the Lord
a struggle with the Spirit until all is in accord
on the spiritual battlefield 
that's where you surrender and yield
don't think of it as a defeat 
but a leg in life's journey you need to complete
and don't regard it as taking a loss 
but a testament to the sacrificial blood on the cross
a time for you to get right with the Lord our God 
a spiritual fight night with a divine change of heart

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Does God Answer Prayers?

children are dying, mothers are crying, fathers are in despair
many are wondering does God answer prayers?
sexual immorality, global terrorism, cops too quick to kill
brothers on the down low, politicians on the make, C.E.O.s too eager to steal
if you go back to the very beginning
to Eden, the place of original sinning
where mankind then became fully aware
that a higher power has placed us here
when humankind came to finally comprehend
that God the Creator is our eternal friend
He gave us His love, freewill and sound minds
He told us to love one another and to each other be kind
He gave us instructions on how to live life right
the Bible, so full of wisdom, truth and light
yet when bad things happen or when people become ill
why does the world think that it was God's will?

we hurt each other, we hate each other 
and inflict upon ourselves great harm
we slander each other, we shoot at each other 
and put toxic drugs into our own arms
yet many people have the nerve 
to say this is not the life they deserve
He gave us life and sent His Son to offer us salvation
yet we keep getting ourselves into precarious situations
we need to open our minds and hearts to simply see
that this isn't what God had in mind when He determined our destinies

does God answer prayers? does He hear what we say?
does God answer prayers, or has He forgotten us today?
I can't answer that question nor can I even explain
but I have a question for you, does God even know your name?
God is not a convenient device like that tire you keep as a spare
so don't call on Him to service you like a stud or brood mare
if it's based on how you live your life and your behavior
why should God grant you a blessing, mercy or favor?
what have you done to honor Him or to help your fellow man?
what have you done to add to His story or follow His life living plan?
I can't speak for God but I feel deep in my heart
that God does answer prayers and He hears our words
God answers prayers and we each get what we deserve
it's not about what we want and desire
it's about God giving us what we need and require

so first seek the Kingdom that is Jesus Christ
then let God have complete control of your life
lean not towards your own understanding
abide by the things God is commanding
and the next time you call on God remember to give Him thanks
let your words be from the heart, just be honest and frank
acknowledge Him, praise Him and show Him that you care
for God is of forgiveness and He does answer prayers

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This I Know for Sure

many people read the Bible and doubt the very story
that a virgin girl gave birth to a child who became God's glory
why is it so very hard for people to just believe?
that God can do anything that we humans can perceive

it's not a question of man's logic nor a question of man's reason
to believe that God appeared in the flesh on earth for one brief season
the one thing that man must understand about the spiritual world
it's that it does not always conform to whatever man has seen or heard
the spiritual realm deals with matters on an unseen astral plane
it's not just black and white but shades of gray that can't always be explained

miracles themselves are acts and deeds of a Godly manifestations
improbable and extraordinary occurrences that defy mere explanation
it's unlikely that many non-believers will or even can comprehend
that a girl from that time could become pregnant without intercourse coming in
we're in the age of technology, logic, sound reason and thoughts
but the spiritual realm does not apply to the principles mankind has been taught

Mary was touched by the Hand of God and then she did conceive
it was the desire of our Lord God, HIs Holy seed she would receive
a virgin, a young teenage girl untouched by any man
specifically chosen to be an integral part of God's master plan

it's not so hard for anyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ
to know the He was God in the flesh, the Word and the light
He was a gift, a present Himself from Father God above
He came to show us mercy and grace and God's unconditional love
the Son of Man, the Prince of Peace, Emmanuel is His name
Our Deliverer, Our Salvation Who died for our sins and our shame
He came to show us how to live and love the right way
God's initial concept  from which mankind had strayed
born to Mary,a young virgin girl and her carpenter husband-to-be
Joseph, a descendant form the line of King David, thus fulfilling the prophecy

from Gensis to Revelations for over a thousand year time span
Prophets, Judges, Kings and disciples revealed parts of God life-living plans
how is it possible that so many different people from all walks of life
and for so many years
could tell a continuous and complete narrative, 
if the presence of God was not here?
it's not about logic nor sound reason it's about so much more
that Jesus Christ was God's begotten son and 
this I know for sure

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I Hold No Fear

Tomorrow comes and oh God how it goes!
Do I care, why should I lend all of my spares? 
I’ll never know what tomorrow holds!
“Oh my”, how could I, what is it that I need to do?
Blessed by God, sure he loves me but what about you?
Why today and why tonight I really don’t care! 
I know that I love me no matter what my eyes can see!
Take it all but hold the very last thought that we share! 
My God, My God how I hope you all know what it is that you truly believe!
“Oh my”, capture and redeem my mind!
Complete my being that lives alive inside of me!
God you love me, these eyes have no doubt with that which they can see!
“God”, you know you have done all of this to me! 
Oh how you have loved these things that I can see!
Sheltered, protected, yet, condemned by that which I know you believe!
If I could, I think that I would, but oh God how I do stand here!
Come and get me with all of that, which I know you believe! 
Please God, just come take my all of me! 
I am still here my Lord and I hold no fear!
Tomorrow, hmm just another day for me to believe!
Oh well! Guess I’ll just have to see it through!
Ask me anything and I will tell you! 
I think we all know what it is that we should do!
Escaping the reality of what really should be, 
Oh God, I am so very here do you know what tomorrow will be? 
I’m still here my Lord and I am holding absolutely no fear!
Each morning the Sun rises to approach a brand new day. 
No doubt that I do love me!
Embraced with the thought that you have come just for me, 
I’m engulfed with this moment that I have finally achieved.
Oh my, I know that I could because I am coming to you. 
Where are you my Lord I just need to be so very near!
God you do love me! Oh how I knew that you always would! 
I’ve walked so many miles with you each and every single day, 
And I am still right here my Lord and I hold no fear!


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dressed for the occasion

do people understand that the way to make a good presentation
one needs to be properly dressed for the occasion ?
be it a wedding, a battle of a school graduation
one needs to be suitably attired for the situation

as a believer of God, I'm a Christian soldier on the front line
a prayer driven warrior whom on God's word I stand behind
fighting against principalities seen and unseen
defending the word of God and all that it means
putting on the whole armor of God with a heart full of righteousness
ready to engage in battle and for the occasion properly dressed

strong in the Lord and trusting in His omnipotent powers
outfitted to take on the enemy at any given hour
standing bold with the Belt of Truth tightly around my waist
with the Breastplate of Righteousness rigged firmly in place
feet tricked out with the readiness of the Gospel of Peace
holding the Shield of Faith to stop the weapons of destruction when they're released
sporting the Helmet of Salvation upon my blessed head
wielding the Sword of the Spirit that is by God's word spiritual fed
dressed for the occasion wearing the whole armor of God
suitably attired for battle with a spiritual desire in my heart

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take your stand

society has fallen prey to the status quo
unwilling to stand up for the God we all love and know
more concerned with being acceptable in the eyes of man
afraid to step out, to blaze a trail or even to take a stand
looking for approval from any and everyone
searching for commendations until the day is done
but a true Christian, a child of God can always discern
to stand up for God no matter how hot the fires will burn
and hope that those who worship false idols will one day see
that to fall under the devil's influence will lead to purgatory

don't ever let go of what you truly believe in life
take your stand and hold firm to the principles of the Lord Christ
be willing to stand boldly and tell society to it's face
that you wholly trust in the one true God who is full of mercy and grace
for greater is the God that is in me
greater than anything that man could ever be

take your stand in life and be true to your beliefs
don't fall for society's ways of ease and relief
don't hang with crowds for they'll slow you up or hurry you along
stand alone in the righteousness of God knowing right from wrong
tell that group of so-called friends you don't have time for pettiness
as you're too busy listening to God and keeping His holiness

fear not said the Lord, it's time to stand and fight
don't worry about the enemy for his dark can't diminish God's light
the enemy may huff and he may puff but he can't blow your foundation down
for you are standing on the word of God and are now on higher ground
for the devil is a liar and like a hooker always on the stroll
so be anxious over nothing as Father God is in control

to be like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
to refuse to bow down to a graven image with a golden glow
take your stand, hold to God's hands and let the whole world see
that you won't accept any and all types of immorality
take your stand, stick up for Christ and tell the so-called powers that be
that you will only kneel down in the face of the Lord God's authority
take your stand, keep the faith, trust in God and have no fear
for He's in complete control and will always be there

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The Traveler

Two paths diverged,
Or so they say
In a land to the east,
Far, far, away. 

Where children they laugh,
They dance and they shout
To welcome the traveler,
That has been about.

His boots are worn,
And his clothes are done
And on his left hip,
He carries a gun.

But what of the man, 
What does he say?
Do we know his pretenses,
Know of any his ways?

But no!
We do not,
How should one ask?
A worrisome thing. 
Would now come to pass. 

He is dirty and cold, 
Broken alone
And the rain has chilled him,
Right to the bone. 

He is more than a man,
For a man has a home
And the burden of hate,
For sin he hath grown. 

Nay, his burden is simpler,
Perhaps with a voice,
For all he must do,
Is make a choice.

I spake at last ,
And asked his best,
To tell me perhaps,
How he came in this mess. 

He turned to me then,
With furrowing brows,
A dull in his eyes
And a cumbersome frown 

It was right then and there,
That I learned of his plans,
Of the choice in the roads 
At the cross of the land.

“Four roads twist before me,
He said, “four awry.
And all them I knew
They’d carry me by.

One broken, dishearted,
Which led to my love,
And another, in itself,
To the God that’s above.

The third was golden,
As some roads, they are
And led to a city
With riches afar.

And the last, well the last,
Well that one you know
That one led here
And it too I know.”

I looked at him then
At his soft weathered eyes
And wondered what evil
Had taken him by

No sin that I knew
Could make a man so
And I couldn’t help ask him
How he was so.

“What is it my friend?
Let of off your load.
Is it such a bad thing
That you chose’ the wrong road?

He sat himself down
And began with a frown
That to which 
Was followed by a sound.

A sound that would form,
Form into words,
Words of great meaning,
That could not be curved.

“I know now.” He said. 
“That which prize I have won.
I have to be going
Before it is done.”

“But what do you mean?
What do you say?
Are you leaving my friend?
Gone on your way?”

“What I have wrought,
I justly deserve.
My choices they make me.
And my sentence is served.”

“But which road will you choose?
Where will you go?
Is it God that you seek?
Or maybe rich gold.

Or better yet,
 Could it be your love.
Your hearts great desire,
Sent from above.”

He turned to me quickly,
As he walked out the door.
He whispered gravely.

“My friend,
Your choices are yours.”

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making it great in 2008 (part 9): roll away the stone

to make 2008 great you need to roll away that stone 
that rock that has closed you off and left you feeling all alone
Jesus had been crucified and then placed in a tomb
and on the third day His mother and some friends went to His interment room
upon their arrival they saw that the tomb was laid open and bare
an angel then informed them that the body was no longer there

Jesus stayed in trouble because of the way He lived His life
not concerned about political correctness only the oppressed struggle and strife
He was always in the company of your garden variety sinners
not so much about religion but making disciples and spiritual winners
He inspired many to embrace the Lord God's gospel
He performed many miracles and did the seemingly impossible
always willing to speak the truth and not fall into the "quiet conspiracy"
to buck the status quo, take the risk and claim the victory
and despite being betrayed by His own and then buried in a tomb
willing to turn the other cheek and in His heart for his enemies make room
and at His last supper to His disciples He intoned
upon My death the Holy Spirit will roll away all your stones

to make 2008 great you need to roll away the stones
to challenge life and come out of your comfort zone
many prophets of God came to show people the way
but were scorned, persecuted and then driven away
bold and passionate a mission they came to fulfill
to move us out of complacency and from waters that are still
to push up against the stones that are standing in our path
to roll away the stones of life to see the truth at last
stones of depression, drug abuse, disenfranchisement and despair
economic disadvantage, mental disabilities and stones of fear
despondency, destruction, disassociation, disillusion and dishonesty
the many stones hindering us from claiming the victory

to make 2008 great let God help you roll away the stones
that are standing between you and His righteous throne
and despite the opposition, the set backs, set ups and set downs 
let God help roll away the stones and place you on higher ground
be of good courage, take the chance and challenge the status quo
let the adversaries know that they no longer run this show
God moved that stone so that His Son Jesus could arise
and it was only by the grace of God that His Son could claim the prize
to make 2008 let God roll away the stones
for your destiny is in His hands and you're not in this alone

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When the Stars Fell Down--First Sacrament

heaven opened up once to the eyes of Man.  the reached up to the sky to be led by the hand.  but no one came.  no one came, no one came.  their eyes strained to see the twilight sun, the stars came down and stained their burned tears as the End begun.  no one came. no one came, no one came and the stars fell down and still no one came.  Man laid down on their tear-struck faces as the stars fell down and wiped out their holy places, all around the world and no one came.  no one came when the sun fell down, no one came when the sky made sound.  thunder rolled as the chimes tolled, heaven and hell were at war again, but no one came no one came.  the Devil was loose and no one came.  The Sephiroph tied the noose, but no one was sent to the burning earth.  no one was in the Garden to answer the call, no one was in Valhalla's hall.  so no one came.  god and his angels had already fought this war once upon a time ago, and no one wanted to revisit that cataclysmic sorrow.  the stars came down and neither angel nor god would dare spill immortal blood.  star fire and hailstorm came down from the mountains in torrential flood.  the chimes were ringing and star rain was stinging, would no one come?  neither angel nor grigori would stand and take Man by the hand.  the judges waited for salvation to come, but no wing or sword would ever come.  no prayer made a sound when the stars fell down.  No one came no one came.

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the profits in a prophet's prophecy

there are profits to be had if you listen to a prophet of the Lord
blessings of infinite proportions if you choose to get on board
the prophecy of a prophet, the words from a man of God
a man whom God will use, a man after His own heart
one who is willing to sacrifice and still do all that he can
to spread the gospel, intercede for others and follow God's master plan
but where are those kinds of prophets today?
true men of God whom we desire to obey
many of them have forsaken their ministries and compromised their callings
and can't seem to realize that spiritually they seem to be stalling
for it's quality and not quantity that the Lord God desires
it's not how many, but how devoted are those whom you inspire

Elijah was a prophet who had an intimate relationship with Christ
he lived during the times of Queen Jezebel's opulent life
but Elijah was a simple man of God who was most adamant
he stood on the word of God and was determined to follow the commandments
he declared one day that God said there would be a drought
and until the people changed their wicked ways, the rains would not pour out

one day on his earthly tour Elijah met a lost soul
a widowed woman of little means who had abandoned all of her goals
Elijah asked her for some water and then he asked her for some bread
she said I only have enough for one last meal and then I will be dead
she had given up, she was defeated, she had relinquished all hope
she had forsaken her belief system and no longer had a desire to cope
yet in the midst of all this virulence and all of this stress
Elijah said to trust in God's word so her testimony would progress
and after she committed to the word and took that leap of faith
she received a profit from the prophet's prophecy, she got a food rebate

when you trust in the Lord to provide all of your needs
He will overflow your storehouse with an abundance of seeds
if you believe in Him, you'll then receive from Him, come out of your comfort zone
trust in a prophet's prophecy it has the power of the heavenly throne
be obedient to God's commands, on His word you can depend
trust in God's promises, they will profit you in the end
the profits in a prophet's prophecy you will then receive
just say yes to all God asks of you and in His word truly believe

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I am Daniel

 I am Daniel 

The king named Darius was not happy but he listened to the astrologer just one 
too many times and finally agreed this Daniel is just not doing the kingdoms 
business. Take him and lower him away into the lion's den he gave much 
thought to this it seemed so wrong to him his conscience finally cried and the 
good KING Darius almost died oh what is wrong with me and then HE ventured 
near the cave and cried “Daniel has your GOD saved you from the lions.” 
I am Daniel
I sit in utter darkenness no food or rest no help it seems the lions do not utter a 
sound it's so quiet in this cave no sounds no roars no hate inside these beasts. 
My lord the GOD has made them shut up all their want. I sit upon this rock and 
kneel beside this rock I pray and wait upon my GOD to save. 
The silence is so strong the smell of cat is strong around me I felt them strain 
and halt in strang perplexity of need they seem so different now. 
Darius was at the entrance to the cave waiting just to hear a word from Daniel 
mouth. My heart so troubled earlier and earnestly seeking deliverance is now at 
rest and I can be blessed in every circumstance because I kept the faith of GOD 
a test but not from him to us this test is testing no one least of all this Daniel. The 
lions do not roar. Daniel Spoke. 
“Darius be of good cheer I am Daniel my GOD is a deliverer.” Darius Spoke. 
“Bring the astrologers here to this cave and get Daniel out of there.” This was the 
Kings decree he was quite gleeful and happy about it and then command was 
given in a hard hard voice he cried 
“Throw the worthless men in where Daniel lay.” This order carried out may seem 
so harsh but without Judgment come to them what would they learn. 
Now they are waiting somewhere else for GOD to come. 
And life for DANIEL still goes on. 

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In the advent season we celebrate the new born king
the Son who was sent as a gift, a promise everlasting
and in spite of the darkness, our misery, and of our strife
our disillusion, disassociation and disenfranchisement with life
God made us a promise and a child was sent to us
and we only need to say His name it's Christ Jesus

If you try the Spirit, then go by the Spirit you will always find
that the power of God is omnipotent and omnipresent for all time
and whenever God gives you a word consider the situation done
for His word will always determine the final and ultimate outcome
it's the reason for the season, the birth of Our Savior
the Prince of Peace who was sent to modify our sinful behavior
so full of righteousness, mercy, grace and trust
and all you need to do is say the name Christ Jesus

Yet the one thing that mankind can't seem to comprehend
is that God operates on kyros time and not the chronos time of men
He's aware of all the troubles that we are going through
He knows that the adversary is always trying to tempt you
He sees all the darts and arrows that life at us has thrown
He desires that we learn we cannot do it all alone
for to wait is the pace that leads to God's grace

Our God is not a god who reigns from afar
He came in the flesh and His sign was a star
He reduced Himself and came to earth as a lowly servant
Emanuel was His name and His manner was most observant
God is now here and He dwells among us
just say His name it's Christ Jesus

There's power in that name when you shout it out
and whenever you call on Him, He will remove all of your doubts
He will lift you up whenever you're feeling down
He will place you on sacred and higher ground
His name will give you the power to be blessed
just say the name whenever you're feeling stressed
just say the name the name Jesus Christ
and allow the Holy Spirit into your life

Jehovah Jireh my provider, Jehovah Nissi my battle fighter
Jehovah Shalom my giver of peace, Jehovah Rophe my everlasting relief

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Believe What You Will

 Witness this
 But don't miss my heart
 Living in love
 Until I make that spark
 In the blink of an eye
 Great is what you go for to feel
 I know what I believe
 But you can believe what you will
 Onward to the presence in the midst
 I'm looking for the Truth and I know that it exists
 God's throne room is the place he made
 To pray before the Lord for the debt that we made
 Now I can be cleansed from leprosy or disease
 And I know God is in control
 So my mind is at ease
 I could take the wrong road
 But then I'd have to start over
 Forget about the wrong road
 I don't want to start over
 But every beginning has a means to an end
 God does everything for a reason
 And that will never end
 So I know where I stand
 Let His words represent my life
 I've got to give my all
 And make sure I get it right
 Now, it is never difficult
 As I make it out to be
 God told me to praise, glorify,
 And honor Him within me.
 Witness this
 But don't miss my heart
 Living in love
 Until I make that spark
 In the blink of an eye
 Great is what you go for to feel
 I know what I believe
 But you can believe what you will
 Now this is what it's all about
 And I can tell you this without a doubt
 Like a blind man stumbling on a reward
 So I see what I see to lead me toward
 What I'm here for and exactly where I'm going
 Escaping the chaos of not knowing
 Common sense tells me that fire burns
 But God tells me that's no longer my concern
 Now, I've been many places
 And yet I've learned
 That I can walk on the sun
 And not get burned
 That's just faith
 From being humble
 To God, Who's in charge
 So my faith will not crumble
 You can do it too
 Follow what you believe
 At the worst of times
 God knows what you need
 Witness this
 But don't miss my heart
 Living in love
 Until I make that spark
 In the blink of an eye
 Great is what you go for to feel
 I know what I believe
 But you can believe what you will

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on September 11th of 2001 the Twin Towers did fall
do you think that It was God's wake up call?
In society today where the moral of men have gone completely slack
I pray to my God daily to have the good old days back
the youth of today are being raised with total disrespect
but you have children raising children, so what can you expect?

chaos and confusion, murder and mayhem
drug abuse and fatal diseases where will It all end?
the ozone layer, the rain forest diminishing plus urban sprawl
we are destroying our planet, we need to stop this all
natural disasters, man-made wars and national crime waves
I pray to Jesus, my savior that the soul of man may be saved

the blackout of 2003 they said was the results of a tree's fall
but what caused that to happen, do you think that It was God's wake up call?
now is the time for everyone to get right with God
start leading a Christian life and begin praying very hard
let go of the carnal nature and give to God your all
because when Judgement Day comes, there won't be time for wake up calls

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when much is required

we do a lot of things that we enjoy in our lives
yet much is required of those who want to abide by Jesus Christ
we've gotten so consumed with today's technological toys
and forgotten that Jesus died so we could have eternal joy
we're so caught up in society's ideology
to busy to reciprocate God's generosity
and until some great catastrophe occurs in life
we seldom take a moment to think about the Lord Jesus Christ
when much has been given to you then much will  be required
concessions and sacrifices are the things you should strive to aspire

mankind has developed a natural tendency to destroy
anything of nature and beauty that God has deployed
no regard for humanity nor the creatures on this earth
we're selfish in our desires, our wants and needs come first
and when we confront each other, we tend to tear each other down
with words to humiliate, debase and knock each other to the ground
we thrive on destructive rage, yet struggle with constructive praise
we easily succumb to violence, always fighting among ourselves
dismissing God's instruction about sustaining spiritual wealth
for whatever God has created He desires we not abuse
yet mankind is apt to be disobedient in the decisions that we choose
God gave us so many wonderful things to enhance our existence
gifts that He desires we use without the indifference
so don't misuse the gifts from God for that is not what He perceived
He wants us to maximize everything that from Him we have received

just don't measure yourself by the standards of today's society 
and don't get confused about what is God's generosity
It's not about the quantity of the stuff in life that you get
It's about the quality of your faith concerning your own spirit
and If you don't know what much is you need to know how much you've got
for you probably have more than you need and don't need to go out and shop
if we'd all stop abusing, stop misusing and no longer to be confused
just abide by God's commands and to live by the Good News
for when much has been given to you then much will be required
so conserve, preserve and respect all those things that God Himself inspired


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The under rug swept prophet part 3

But who knows whose the leader of which or what tangents of mans divine plan 
of twisting and changing words and accusation of lies and liars
To look for those who synchronicity and dangerously know the truth
who will be one day brave enough to discover how to baby-sit reality while he 
removes the veil and helps the god’s and his children come together and return 
to the garden before we obliviously celebrate the betrayal of ourselves our souls 
our gods
Forever and our thrown away
And this test no mere mortal man can properly comprehend
Many victims are claimed everyday and live their lives ignorant that they are 
returning to a place either up or down 

Where heaven is full of denial and hell was supposed to be a reward for passing 
a test of faith instead of betrayal

So there we stood with our hopes and crooked smiles
A favorite angel as the leader of the innocent blasphemy to the sucker of the 
sucker patrol
And the truth under rug swept and this part of the truth, which has nothing to do 
with the inner driving force turned our act inside out, and we were punished for 
the lie sevenfold and sevenfold and sevenfold
And saw a beautiful god turn summers cold
And man's plan with all of his questions are things that have no answers that 
causes the fact into gods heart and piece by piece his beauty that is left we 
would like to grow shatters

So come to heaven with me
Pass the test of standing strong within reason and sentiment
The understanding of what was never said and written between the lines of a 
prophet and a son who are not one and the same but closely connected
The truth of a god in the middle of a powerfull mystery that changed three worlds
And all he can do is forgive what he can pretend he needs no answers and 
condemn wickedly what even he no longer understands
and then man comes up with his plans and those who revolutionize often 
Circle around to fall for the worst grade of when what hits the fan?

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obstinence, disobedience 
and uncompromising minds
a few of the traits that the nation of Israel 
responded to God's Kind
they were very self-absorbed 
and completely unyielding
ungrateful for the blessings 
that God Himself was revealing
even after all that He had done 
to remove them from Egypt's slavery hold
they were too impatient to wait 
on the promises God had foretold

Our God is a God of second chances, 
of mercy and of grace
a God of forgivingness 
not concerned about culture or race
come to Him in humility 
with a heart contrite and true
come to Him in gratuity 
let thanksgiving be in you
It's not just about you
It's about yielding to God's master plan
you're not even in control
your fate is in the Lord God's hands

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I write these words to let you know of my thanks and gratitude
for this letter is only an expression of the love I have for you
you are in my heart, even though I'm locked up and bound in chains
you are on my mind, as our shared belief in God still remains

let my time being chained for Christ advance the Holy Gospel
let It not discourage you, know that with God all things are possible
and whatever happens continue to act in a manner worthy of Christ
be of tenderness and compassion with a humble heart in life

as Jesus Christ is our master, he is also our servant
let every knee bend and every tongue confess that He is most deserving
keep on working towards your salvation and in faith understand your role
obey and resign to the will of God, as He is the one who in control
and no matter what the Lord requires of you, just respond with a yes
live as blameless and pure children of God, let your testimony progress
watch out for the adversary and the evil that men sometimes do
worship and glorify the Living God, let the Holy Spirit dwell in you

just press on forward towards that eternal prize
and the Kingdom of God to you will be realized
rejoice in the Lord and relinquish all of your fears
give God all the thanks and gratitude for always being there

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God's Unlimited Mercy

God will place burdens upon our conscious minds
He will remind us of His mercy and love known as God's Kind
He will send a message to you to show you your purpose in life
He will allow circumstances to occur to show you the power that is Jesus Christ

When Isaiah had gone to the temple to pray and become clean
and despite being the King's advisor, he was driven by a force unseen
Isaiah was a righteous man, but he had an arrogant way
yet he became fearful when the King became sick one day
Isaiah was concerned only about losing his personal prosperity
uncertain of his position of power and his role of superiority

When moving towards God's destiny for you, 
don't rely on your money or who you think you know
It's not about kissing up or sucking up
nor a quick scheme on the down low
comprehend to that what you need is the merciful hand of God
to cleanse, purify and remove  the sin that dwells within your heart

Why do you think God grants mercy?
Why does He give this gift?
What have you done to deserve His mercy?
What in your nature has shifted?
God only requires that you come to Him with an open mind
and a willingness to become transformed and sinless for all time
His mercy is unlimited, It's not judgmental nor condemning
and as for the children of God,  to them He is most forgiving

When God cleaned Isaiah, He showed unlimited mercy and grace
When He purified Isiah's heart, His forgiving nature became perfect in place
Isiaih came see that his destiny was to be a prophet for Christ
He vowed to serve Him as such for the rest of his natural life
To no longer live in rebelliousness, freed from sinful traits
purified and cleansed of sin by God's unlimited mercy and grace

When you come to God repent and a new chapter will begin 
His unlimited grace and mercy will embrace you all over again
let God change your perspective on life and alter your reality
let God purify your heart and mind with a positive mentality

Isaiah saw the power of God that day with his own eyes
he felt the love and glory of God infold him and it was a surprise
it was a vision sent to him and the message to be believed
transformed by the Holy Spirit and unlimited mercy he received
in the presence of perfect purity that God wanted him to see
a master's makeover with God's unlimited mercy

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Where Is He?

In the book of Matthew for everyone to see
It asks a very clear question, Where Is He?
Who are they talking about? Who could they mean?
They're referring to Jesus Christ, the new born king

There were  three men from far away kingdoms 
known as The Magi
They had come to acknowledge The Son of Man
thus fulfilling the prophecy
Guided by a bright star
on the eastern horizon
They travelled far to see the One that God
said to keep their eyes on
Born in a manger to the carpenter Joseph and the Virgin Mary
The Holy Spirit in the flesh,God's prodigy 
Laying in a bed of hay
He was sent  to show us The Way

We've forgotten what the day Christmas truly represents
It's not about gadgets, new clothes nor expensive presents
It's not about I-pods, plasma TVs or the new X-box toy
It's the day to celebrate the birth of our Savior the Deliverer of our Joy
We can't seem to remember that Jesus was sent by God from above
To deliver us and redeem us with the sacrifice of His blood
That was on the crown and the cross for all the people to see
But the one unanswered question remains
Where Is He?

The Jews betrayed Him, the Romans flayed Him
they kicked Him to the curb
They could not discern that He was God in the flesh
and His flesh was the Word
They tried to corrupt Him, then interrupt Him 
when all He wanted was to show them God's Kind
But the passion in Him had subsided because of their closed minds

Where Is He, the one we now need the most?
Where Is He, that manifestation of the Holy Ghost?
He's not at Macy's, He's not at Target, 
you can't reach Him on a Chocolate cell phone
Would you greet Him or mistreat Him
the heir to the heavenly throne?
If you were to see Him, could you perceive Him
as being the most important gift
that God had sent to us,
so our hope and spirits would lift? 

Where Is He, God's only begotten Son,
the child in the manger, the new born king, the Anointed One?
Many now believe Him, many now receive Him
that miracle maker from long ago
Our Messiah, Our Salvation the One we all should know

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gazing up at the heavens

gazing up at  the heavens 
as I lie on the warm summer ground
wondering what Father God 
is doing right now

the sprinkling of the stars
shining so bright
showing the power and glory
that is God's eternal light
the constellation pictures
that the stars do make
are they just for God
or also for our sake?

and whenever I hear 
the thunder's roar
I  wonder if God is playing 
with a bowling ball
and whenever I see 
the lightening flash
I wonder if Jesus 
just ran a 100 yard dash

gazing up at the heavens
the Kingdom of the Lord
waiting for the day
when I'll get my room and board

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man's first mistake

in the garden of Eden's bliss
one day a snake to Eve did hiss
take the ripened fruit from the tree
share it with Adam then you will see
so from the tree the fruit Eve did take
bringing about man's first mistake

they did not attempt to make amends
allowing God to forgive their sins
unrepentant to God, they disobeyed
He bade them leave Eden right away
It was an error of the worst
from that day on man was cursed

as arrogance to God is a sin
man had to rebuild His trust in them
God gave us a way through Jesus Christ
so He could come back into our lives
for It's not enough to just talk the talk
you must commit to walk the walk
so worship God and rejoice in His wake
a way to atone for man's first mistake

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seek to always understand what you must be
and what you must do
let nothing stop you from attaining
what it is God requires of you
God has for you a purpose and a role to fulfill
come to Him with an open mind and a heart full of goodwill
He will bring value  and meaning into your life
He will make known the path you must follow to be in Christ
He will give you grace, He will provide inspiration
He will give you mercy and spiritual salvation
become a new creation, be  born anew
open up your heart and let the Holy Spirit be in you
and know that with God you will always find
a sense of rightness just keep an open mind

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Endure The Thorn: How to Get Over What You Can't Get Through

Paul had to defend his apostle position
and renounce all those false convictions
yes, he may have bragged a little about his own story
the day that he saw Jesus Christ in all His Glory
but Paul's head was not too big, he was aware of his place
he was not beside himself, he kept true to the faith

a thorn in his side, a most annoying appointing
but Paul endured It all for It was his anointing
once, twice, thrice Paul to God did comment
will you not remove this thorn and take away this torment
The Lord replied to Paul, "My power is perfect in your weakness,
My grace is sufficient, accept It In meekness"

there are many things you can't get over, but God will get you through
He has a lock on every situation, just allow Him to order you
God is in control, His hand is always in the mix
and no matter what's going down, only He can fix
for The Lord will give you what you need
have patience and wait on Him to do the deed
a thorn in his side, a painful contemplation
but Paul endured It all without any consideration
It takes a messenger of  Satan to come and buffer thee
but Satan is God's devil and God is the only authority
yes, God has a divine plane and He's in control of everything
yes, He has a need to know plan that only He will be revealing

just don't get caught up in yourself, for God will slap you around
The Holy Spirit will convict you and knock you to the ground
you will be kept in your place, you will suffer some persecution
allow God to gain His powers through your resolutions
for there is no testimony without a test
there is no glory without some gloom
no crown without the cross
no resurrection without the tomb
God's power is in your weakness
just endure as much as you can do
and If you can't get over It 
let God get you through

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Love Will Be Thy Sword

No steed for him, his feet just fine
as he stands with conviction and power.
For he knows his destiny, his job to do,
from evil, he would never cower.
He fights for the right! He fights for the Light,
The One true God, the Lord.
So, Michael approaches the devil himself
with his hand upon his sword.
It is for He and be it His will
that Michael uses his power.
The devil’s fate, his destiny,
is met this final hour.
An angel, himself, Satan he is,
but he just wanted it all
and God being the god He is
sent Michael to make him fall.
Be cast down from heaven oh, ungrateful one!
Be cast down to live out your days!
God has granted the power you sought,
but gave it in other ways.
Live out your life in darkness with fire.
Be cursed, to Hell below!
Seek out your victims, or subjects you say
from the seeds that you will sow.
Evil, now upon knowing defeat
was forced to leave the clouds.
Michael, left standing upon his feet
was tall and strong and proud.
He fought off the evil that came to fight.
He fought for the grace of his Lord.
He fought for the good and all that is right
with pride, honor and sword.

So, even today, as we go into battle
ready to fight for the Lord,
remember always, your heart is your shield
and love will be thy sword!

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Facing The Lord

to be or not to be? 
the supreme question in life
so what are you doing 
for the sake of Jesus Christ ?

we think that we are in control of every situation
but God is the true master of our manifestation
there is nothing that occurs in this world 
that God is not aware of
you can pretend if you must,
but you can't fool the one who dwells above

talk to Him, walk with Him
embrace His way
remember you will be facing Him
on Judgement Day

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She was His sister, She was His friend

one of my favorite scriptures by far
is the one about the woman with the alabaster jar
she took a box of expensive oils and poured it over Jesus' head
she anointed Him with this precious gift, yet the men rebuked her instead
they could not comprehend why she performed this deed
Jesus told them "leave her alone" for she understands My need
this perfume costs a good penny and could have been used for the poor
but she has prepared me for my death, as I won't be with you anymore
she possesses a spirit of discernment and spiritually understands
that I, Jesus of Nazareth am God in the flesh, The Son of Man
I Am The Messiah, I Am The Deliverer and I Am The Savior
My purpose to show mankind how to live with god-like behavior
she was His sister, she was His friend
she possessed a spirit of discernment

for one to hear the voice of God, you must learn to open your ears
don't allow the thoughts of man nor the devil to intercede nor interfere
for the devil is a liar, a rascal and a spiritual thief
he will wreck havoc in your life and won't give you any relief
he will bring down upon you demons of destruction
follow the Word of  Jesus Christ for He gives positive instruction
Jesus, a manifestation of God came to give us the breath of life
He came to show us The Way  and how to deal with struggle and strife
He came as our advocate and to help us fight the good fight
and defend ourselves from the adversary with a good right
in the house of Simon amidst a group of men
Mary, the woman with the alabaster box became to Jesus a friend

the spirit of discernment is not in the hearts of most
not everyone can detect nor sense the spirit of the Holy Ghost
we tend to be ruled by the desires of the flesh 
and can't seem to change our behavior
we have to let go of the thoughts of man 
and look to Jesus Christ the Savior
so be careful who you talk to 
and be careful of whom you ask for advice
be careful that who you listen to possesses
the spirituality of Jesus Christ
do you do deeds for earthly recognition
to receive applauds and gratitude?
or do you do deeds from the heart
just because the are the right thing to do?

Jesus found a true friend in that woman 
when she did him a good turn
and He declared as long as the Gospel is preached, 
her good deed will forever be learned
with her oils on His head, her tears on His feet
she used her hair to dry them
Mary, a woman of discernment 
she was His sister, she was His friend

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God's Panoramic View

Enemies are bound to return fire,

heading for the hills, higher and higher,

taking cover, while blood stains the grounds,

women and children always in considerate danger,

battles, blind them, rob them, and make them useless casualties,

they continue fighting into the night, and no one seems to tire,

as the sounds of gun-fire

fill the air, constantly, and without care.

The wounded looking up trying to find God’s stare,

begging for help, and carrying along so much fear,

as another wounded soldier chops off his shooting hand,

trying to tell his enemies that he wants no more fight,

he will no longer follow a command.

Tears poured, blood shot out,

but it was all for peace as he looked for God’s gaze,

through the smoke filled haze.

An old woman exploded as she was holding a sign of peace,

God shook his head, but he didn’t look away,

he was so caught up in the drama to say the least.

He offered the humans light,

they chose night,

he offered the humans peace, but they’d rather fight.

This was all part of God’s Panoramic view,

A bomb took a child into the dark,

ugliness and fear is even heard in a dog’s bark,

coming from a distance, but silenced immediately,

In truth, he didn’t know why humans killed one another,

shooting sisters, killing mothers,

and making destruction of his land a positive thing,

but through all this hate,

he sees a sign of hope and compassion.

 A young boy drags his wounded brother and hides him in a hole,

the enemies come,

and he wasn’t done,

he covers the hole with rags and weeds,

then he lifted his knees,

hugged them to his chest,

tells the enemies he’s alone,

so they shoot him and put him to rest,

all on God’s Canvas,

his panoramic view,

his earth being punished,

and he just didn’t know what to do.

So God Cries, and he cries,

tears becomes rain,

and rain becomes pain.

But what that young man did to save his brother,

was that little sign of hope,

Humans need it so they could cope,

and some day change and get what's due,

perhaps God could have a different panoramic view.

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Let's Go

there were two little words that my father used when I was too young to discern
two little simple words, let's go, that I have since come to learn
sometimes they meant let's go to the park where we would have some fun
sometimes they meant let's go to work and just get the job done
but when God says let's go, it's a direct command
for you to go out and spread the gospel to all the people in the land
He asked of you this one thing and gave you His express permission
to evangelize the "Good News" and take part in The Great Commission
so witness for the Lord and tell your testimony
let the whole world know about His generosity
so let's go and get on board
the Gospel train of the Most High Lord

and when The Lord Jesus Christ says let's go
there is one little thing that you need to know
you must possess and attitude of gratitude when you say His name
be appreciative and thankful as He died for your sin and shame
give Him all the all the praise, repent and atone
for He promised to never leave you all alone
He will always equip you and always have your back
He will be your power supply when the enemy tries to attack

and whenThe Holy Spirit says let's go, there's no time to stop and pause
you're in a spiritual battle and you're fighting for the cause
It won't be a pleasant job nor a mere walk in the park
It might be a difficult task that may leave you blind and in the dark
It might even place you in a most precarious situation
just have no fear, trust in The Spirit to give you the right preparation
so take the time, make the time, just get up and let's go
you're a soldier in God's army, so just tell the Devil  "Hell No"

listen to that little voice, It's the Spirit talking to you
telling you what God desires you to do
step out on faith, go out and evangelize
let everyone know about God's eternal prize
then baptize them in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost
let's go and spread the "Good News" all about Our Heavenly Host

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I know that My God 
is omnipotent
and what others have to say 
is insignificant

many think that the Bible
is a jumbled picture
but those who think that 
can't comprehend the Scriptures
some think of God 
as a figure of confusion
but I know My God
gives me spiritual infusion

so I study His Word skillfully
and always obey Him willfully
as I know My God
is the one true King
to Him the word impossible
doesn't mean a thing

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My One And Only

 I know my fate, Give it to My One And Only
 Reaching to the top to the bottom for My One And Only
 Who is My One And Only? 
 God, So everyday give it to My One And Only
 Now I know of many that are lacking and poor in heart
 But the words of Jesus are unending, Reaching to what's in the dark
 Now judge this and tell me what's better
 To know what's better, But settling for lesser
 Now I need help, So I call the Lord daily
 Like a blind man looking for riches, But I believe I'll find it daily
 Now that's my life, So you live yours
 And wonder how an eagle soars
 That's crazy isn't it, But I can tell you more
 Maximum use for sufficiency helps me to learn more
 About myself, Cause that's where it starts
 I'm in the big grocery store with a great many carts
 Let me lay it on the line, Stay away from false
 Cause no one that is false would ever want to pay the cost
 Since I have sinned, God I know I will die 
 But my hope is that the world will see heaven riding high
 I know my fate, Give it to My One And Only
 Reaching to the top to the bottom for My One And Only
 Who is My One And Only?
 God, So everyday I give it to My One And Only
 I have seen the light in a dark and cold world
 This is not dress rehearsal, So I can twirl the world
 My mind is not of what I should boast
 It's my spirit, Of which God mends the most
 So mold me to be the best I can
 Maybe even better than best to be the best man
 So am I in control or the one that sent me
 Only focus on positive for the message I'm sending
 Now if you can break chains Jesus will be your friend
 And you can aim for higher goals until this is the end
 Pour out love in its purest form
 It's the greatest thing I've seen aside from the norm 
 Now I must finish The "American Dream" worthwhile
 At the same time, Time stops for a while
 To see everything and why god made me
 To live the good life before the day I D.I.E.
 I know my fate, Give it to My One And Only
 Reaching to the top to the bottom for My One And Only
 Who is My One And Only?
 God, so everyday I give to My One And Only.

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all that really matters is that you have a true faith
there's no time to pause nor a reason to hesitate
Paul writes this epistle to the Galatians
about what it takes to be a faithful Christian
he tells them that circumcision is not always a must
for people need to be free to worship the God that they trust
for one to part of a liberated congregation
the church should have freedom in its preparation
remember God gave us the power of free-will
you can say no but it's better to say yes still
to come to God in faith with a conscious mind
to truly believe that He will guide you at all times

it's not under anyone else's authority about how you deal with God
it's an individual's right to worship Him from the heart 
remember that our forefathers came to America for one reason
to worship God and have religious liberty for all seasons
there's no political nor legal entity that has control over men's souls
it's up to each individual to achieve their own spiritual goals
it's about a greater calling, it's about God's commands
it's about how devoted and faithful you are to following His master plans
to love the Lord God with all that is in you 
to love your neighbor as you would love yourself too
for we are a people whom the Lord does love
His devoted servants who honor Him who dwells above

so read the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
study the new script that God wants you to know first
follow its directions in order to live life right
its the Playbill about the Kingdom of Light
the old script was all about the ways of the flesh
the old script full of violence, envy and death
throw out the old and embrace the new
be acceptable to the new script that Jesus has for you

Jesus was God in the flesh, He was The Word
He came to elucidate what is was that man had heard
His purpose for being here was not to change the law
but to show man that his interpretation of it was flawed
many thought He was crazy when He said He was The Son of Man
and despite all the miracles He worked they refused to understand
He hung around with prostitutes, liars and sinners
He sought out souls to whom the  ways of God were just beginners
He told parables that the unbelievers could not comprehend
to be crazy like Jesus a fisher of lost men
to be crazy like Jesus, to tell it like it is
full of God's wisdom, grace and His promises
I thank the Lord for Jesus who came to show us a new way
I hope to be crazy like Jesus for the rest of my days

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because God loves me

He's been the source of my relief
backbone of my spiritual belief
He gives me such a sense of peace
He's been my ladder when I couldn't reach
I'll use His guidance and I'll teach
 I'll kneel to Him and I'll beseech
I'm everything you see because God loves me
He's been my strength when I felt weak
I hear His voice It sounds so sweet
I lift my hands to give Him praise
for giving me another day
He comforts me no matter when
I thank Him time and time again
I'm everything you see because God loves me
God to You I give praise
love You in every way
need You all of my days
just You show me the way

whenever darkness manifests
I turn to Him for He is blessed
He's never ever let me down
lifted me up to higher ground
I come to Him in supplication
for spiritual rejuvenation
I'm everything I am
because I love Him
and when I read the Holy Scriptures
I finally get the full gospel picture
that on His word I do believe
there's nothing I cannot achieve
He is my one and only King
for Him I'll do most anything
I'm everything I am because I love Him
as I go higher and higher on
to reach the Kingdom of Zion
I know that He will meet me there
no need to have any fear
I will eternally reside
in Heaven by His graceful side
I'm all that I can be, because God loves me
my prayers have finally been rejoined
and up to Heaven I rise on
now I can truly see the Light
God's Kingdom is within my sight
with Him I will forever rest
sinless and now forever blessed
I'm all that I can be because God loves me
and now I look upon His face
I bow to Him in all His grace
there's no place I would rather be
right here with God beside of me
there's no more searching around
with Him I truly have been found
I'm where I want to be because God loves me
I'm where I want to be because God loves me
I'm where I need to be because God loves me

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Why Are You Here?

why are you here?
do you know the reason you appeared?
in the play of life, what is your part?
what's your purpose?
you should seek God

The Lord God has a most masterful plan
regarding the purpose of every child, woman and man
because with God you have a predestined creed
the very reason He created your seed
all you need to do is put God first
as He did for you on the day of your birth
and lend to Him a willing ear
and discover your reason for being here
but once you've discerned God's purpose for your life
the enemy will try to stop you with struggle and strife
just don't get distracted and remember this important fact
keep your eyes ahead on God and He will guard your back

why are you here?
to praise God and have no fear
just study and stay on God's spiritual course
and let Jehovah be your guiding force
lead a more Christian life
walk in the ways of Jesus Christ
turn your back on earthly lusts
seek the Kingdom and give God all your trust
as He created you with His staff and rod
concede your spiritual being over to The Lord God

why are you here?
there's only one volition
to come unto Christ and learn your spiritual mission
and be one who is justified
to praise Him who is glorified
and no matter the time or the season
God made you for a purpose and a reason
just let Him handle your eternal care
and you will come to understand why you are here.

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shout your walls down

God does not go about giving his people the spirit of fear
He gives them love, power and a sound mind with which to bear
and when God spoke to Joshua, He said,"fear not"
trust in Me to deliver you with all the power that I've got
I command you to go forth and to participate
not cower in a corner nor pause nor hesitate
come out of your comfort zone and worship from the heart
jump for joy, shout and stomp and give honor to God
for I don't know what you came to do, but I came to praise the Lord
to edify, glorify and exalt Him and I suggest you get on board
don't just sit in that pew looking like you just don't care
give God all the praise, remember He's the reason why you are here

Christianity is a lifestyle and it's based solely on who you know
get acquainted with the Living God and let the walls around you go
believe in Him, receive from Him and open up to Him your heart
gaze up to the eyes of the Creator who gave you your life's start
change your belief system and trust in God's Kingdom of Light
disregard what the world has to say, be acceptable in His sight
you're no longer lost but now to be found
with the power within to shout your walls down
understand that nothing is impossible 
if you believe in the Living Gospel 

the written word of God was sent to us with love
and when the Spirit speaks it's a direct command from above
the anointed word of God is a revelation that's  always true
so when the Spirit speaks you know what you must do
for every word that comes from God is a manifest
every promise will be fulfilled so your testimony will progress
and whenever God says "It's finished", consider it done
acquiesce to the authority of Christ, the Anointed One

we tend to put walls up in many aspects of society
to keep us in and others out, to cut off humanity
be they wood, concrete, cement or steel
physical barriers that are very real
we also put up invisible walls inside of our minds
psychological barriers that keep us in a mental bind
disappointments, failure, illness and pain
emotional barriers that cause us some strain
don't put your faith in the hands of mere men
for mankind will let you down again and again

and when God gave Joshua a most direct and specific command
how to shout down the walls around Jericho and on His word to stand
shout, shout shout, shout the Lord God did say
shout down the walls in your life and trust in God to lead the way

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God had a idea and set his plan in motion
the dust from the ground he looked upon was his notion

God needed someone to live on the earth which he created
he needed it governed and flourished and the plan inflated

God picked the dust from the earth and formed a human masterpiece
he looked upon of what he had done and knew it was of great genius

Man was the name God called him without any hesitations
strong with pure masculinity  for Man was all God's intentions

aromas of the dust from whence Man came while tilling and soiling the earth
Man made preparations for the life God gave him and with strong hands Man 
built his hearth

masterpiece of stature with inner and outer great strength
leadership Man  was given and s soul for recompense

heart and mind is Man's  forte
two weapons he'll use to advance and not disgrace

knowledge and wisdom is imbedded in so he can produce his own facility
Man will touch and the feeling will leave a sense of security

his eyes will pierce and embrace with all intensity
his voice roars of passion with words spoken of eloquence and force
Man will not deter from whom he is He'll let nature run it's course

his stroll is of such confidence and movements that deserves respect
relentless to what will weaken him mysteriously inside his secrets are kept

a masterpiece is presented of mystique and so refined
God made man in his image the brilliant masterpiece of his sublime

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Letter to the Exiles

This is what the God of Israel, the Lord Almgihty declares
Unto all of you who have been carried away in to exile...
In the land of your captivity until the day i reconcile
You to your Motherland and answer everyone of your prayers,
Build yourselves houses and dwell in them as you settle down;
Plant gardens and eat the fruit they produce in the country and town
Marry and may your wives be fruitful vines by the sides of your houses,
Bearing sons and daughters like olive branches around each table
That you may increase and not decrease and that they may be able
To have children..  Find sons wives- give daughters to husbands for spouses
Also, for the city where you are held captive and for the sake of your posterity
Pray to the Lord for it; seek and pursue its peace and prosperity
Because if it prospers so will you; in its peace thereof shall be yours the same.
However, do not let false prophets and diviners among you beguile you
Do not listen to the dreams you encourage them to have whereby they defile you
Yes, this is what the God of Israel, the Lord Almighty does proclaim,
They are prophesying lies to you in my Name but I have not sent them.
For I know the plans I have for you, thoughts toward you my royal diadem
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, thoughts to give you an expected end
A hope and future, you will call on me and come to me and pray
And I will listen to you; you will seek me and find me on the day
You seek me with all your heart; I will be found by you and extend
My hand to turn away your captivity. I will come and fulfill my promise of grace
And gather you from all the nations bringing you back to the place
After seventy years are accomplished in the land where you are banished;
I will break yokes and tear off bonds; I am with you and you will be saved.
You will have rest and security and no longer by foreigners will you be enslaved,
But I will restore you to health and your wounds will be vanished.
I will also restore your fortunes and your numbers I will multiply;
Your community will be established and your children will be as in the days of old.
I will punish your oppressors and discipline you with the justice foretold;
So you will be my people, I your God and you will understand it better by and by

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at the end of the Sabbath day on the first day in the passion week
both Marys went to the sepulcher for Jesus' body they did seek
but before them stood an angel wearing raiment white as snow
he told them "fear not" as the one they seeked had to go
Jesus has arisen as He said He would
go to the disciples and tell them that they should
go to Galilee and on Jesus they should wait
go to Galilee and start spreading the faith

the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus they did fear
thinking like politicians, they plotted to remove Him away from here
they did not like His attitude nor would accept His beliefs
they treated Him worse that a murderer, worse than a common thief
they had Him abused, tortured and then crucified
they knew not what they were doing, they thought God would be on their sides
they refused to believe that He was God's earthly Son
they could not perceive that He was the Anointed One
who was sent as our appointed Savior
to cleanse us of our sinful behavior
yet He expired upon that wooden cross
and we have all suffered from that great loss
but Father God is a god of mercy and forgivingness
despite man's treatment of His son, to us He still does bless
so be mindful of the things in this world that you may or may not perceive
just discern with The Holy Spirit and in God just believe

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take Jesus at His word

people will often say one thing and then do another
they will tell falsehoods and untruths to each other
but no matter what was said or what you might have heard
the Lord Jesus Christ always keeps His word

take Jesus at His word, for it's always true
He will never lie nor try to mislead you
call on Him at any time, any day or any hour
He will see to your needs with His omnipotent power
if you trust in Him, believe in Him you will then receive
an anointing or a blessing in your time of need

take Him at His word, on it you can rely
be like that official whose son was about to die
the official went before Jesus and asked Him for a favor
Jesus told him that his son shall live because of his behavior
because My purpose for being here you have perceived
the mercy and grace of My Father you will then receive

let the Lord Jesus Christ help you through your times of stress
and if you only posses a mustard seed of faith to you He will bless
don't look for anything spectacular when from God you seek a sign
it's not a Broadway production,so keep that thought in mind

take Jesus at His word, on it you can depend
the New Testament is a testament written all about Him
it's the instructions that we need in order to live life right
it's the anointed word of God from the Kingdom of Light
and when ever God speaks, consider it done
for only His word will determine the final outcome

take Jesus at His word, it has resurrection power
it took away the raging fever from that boy at the seventh hour
take Jesus at His word and let it be your guiding force
for the anointed word of God is the ultimate power source

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you've got it: the gift that keeps on giving

do you realize that God gave you a special and unique skill
a gift, a blessed anointing only because that was His will
too often in today's society it seems to be all about self
the American ideology on the subject of inherent wealth
that everything we have it's something that we alone earned
but that's just an illusion that many can't seem to discern
it's not possible for you to have accomplished everything
in your life and not know
that there were others who came before you 
to whom some of your success you owe
yet God gave you a blessing just because He could
a gift to be used for the greater good
it's not something that you can claim, it's not anything that you inspired
it was the grace that God granted you because that was His desire
He gave you this gift for a purpose and a reason
and for you to stir it up in your own season

so what is your gift? that special thing that God gave you
what is that unique endowment that makes you you?
you've got it, you've got it, but it's up to you to find
don't be afraid to uncover it, just keep an open mind
if you can't see yourself as being gifted and don't know what it is
remember you have God's authority and His promises
He gave you a gift to bring purpose and meaning to your life
He gave you an anointing like He did for his son Jesus Christ
so don't be scared to find it, come out of your comfort zone
seek that which was sent to you down from the heavenly throne
but don't be arrogant when you find what your special gift is about
don't get boastful and then act you have all the clout

you've got it, you've got it, the gift that God has confirmed
have an attitude of gratitude so that your gift can be affirmed
be appreciative, be thankful just don't be unmoved
you have the grace of God, in His eyes you are approved

you've got it, you've got it, the gift that will stir you up
the gift that keeps on giving and will forever refill your cup
no longer to seek the approval of man for Father God has your back
utilize your gift and for Christ start making some tracks
realize the gift, apply the gift and with it you will find
it's the reason that God gave His love, power and a sound mind
as only what you do for Christ will last and endure
so use the gift that He's given you and for others open new doors


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A Song of Ascents (Part I)

I am for peace and am a man of peace,
But when I speak the other men are
For violence and blood; they never cease.
They lay in wait with weapons of war
For the innocent souls of the kings.

So, I do not dance when the choir sings,
But I lift my eyes up to the hills;
As my tribe goes up on the eagles’ wings
Above storms to silence, my soul stills
With him who never sleeps nor slumbers,

Though like sand I see countless numbers
Of enemies on my left and right.
I am hunted, but the mountain climbers
The hands and feet that are set to fight;
Yet, they all thrive for the death of me.

These same wicked joined hands to agree,
Saying, “We plowmen shall plow up his back.”
They made their furrows long for all to see,
Then stole my brothers and all they did lack;
Thus, in anguish of soul I did weep

Sowing in tears, but in joy I’ll reap,
Doubtless to return bringing my sheaves
Grown from precious seed instead of sleep.
I’ll restore again what I took not as theives - 
With God is love and full redemption.

Yet, again lifting eyes with no exemption 
Of heart in hands, I cried til the morrow
That He, “for vengence of contempt, shun
Us not!”  I ate this vain bread of sorrow,
For he provides in sleep for his own.

Still, I rose early and went forth alone,
And again in straits, I sat up late
And poured out my heart; my soul did groan
Til I saw their eyes, now calmed I wait;
Like a weaned child with its mother,

So, I rest in God and not another
And am not concerned with former matters.
I considered my God unlike other
Alien gods that nature batters,
For idols are the workings of men.