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Epic Dream Poems | Epic Poems About Dream

These Epic Dream poems are examples of Epic poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Epic Dream poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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An Epic Love For Women

I know you're not here

but you are in my heart 


you are always with me

i'll just slip into you

with these words.
I know 
there are mountains
dwarf the cities below 
peaks that stride above the heavens
attempt to graze the planets if even so lightly.

there is a special star that rises daily
against shades of air lit.

They tell me
there is a wide deep void that is grand - a canyon
not too far for any adventurer who dares to look down its throat.

Our world is tightly splattered in miraculous views.

I remember diving through the horizon 
where on the other side
I found intricate scenes

I walked down a dock straight into an orange wine sunset
through to steps led to a bridge 
walked across to an enchanted glitter covered road
to a winding path with a floating pink shaded fog
until I wandered into an explosion of nature.

I witnessed a mud escarpment
with splashes of burgundy, shades of maroon,
tones in burnt copper and chestnut browns.
I found a rare waterfall 
rushing down into an inviting pool
a crystal clear deep blue lagoon unused
around it emerald spruces gathered in a cluster of trust.

All in all so alluring I willingly stripped bare and melted into
the refreshing fully chilled basin down to its coral bottom.
I was greeted by an array of tropical aquatic life.
Nude, free, happy
I swam in the simplicity of the moment.

Another time it was
a blinding white wavy desert floor 
totally stripped for miles,
then one 
just one live growing plant 
it looked like tall fanned out verdant fingers.
what a thin shadow it cast.

A bright blue scrim provided a contrast 
framed for a photographer to snap.
Floats in white, 
were frozen in place 
and not a wire was evident,
just motionless etchings.

I sat on the burning sand 
took a position and meditated.
My mantra, 
rebounded off the thickness of the sultry atmosphere 
I heard my own voice return to fill me.
I bathed in the simplicity of the moment.

I love this world
All its treasures
I swear  

But you,
ah you

Not all of nature 

Not the sun that lights the day
sprinkles the skin in its brilliant sheen
or the moon that with 
its romantic smile
its alluring suggestions 
seduces even the least romantic of us.

Not the miraculous 
vegetation of every kind 
or the moss laden beds where lovers have often laid as one
linked to one another - inspired by natures erotic whisper.

but you,

I would sacrifice all else,

just to breathe in your love 
just to bathe in you.

You my passionate want.

Our love is my Mecca.

When I hold you softly in the strength of my arms.
Touching your face sends shivers through my consciousness,
holding your hand is like plugging into bliss,
watching your mouth,
the dent above your lips,
you know I overdose ecstatic 
when mine touches yours.

I want to stay - mine on yours,
as we speak, as we dream.
How I love your smile your laugh.

I hold you in the enchantment of my mind.
I caress you in the secret chambers of my dreams.
I cherish your scent - infinite, singular, invigorating.
I roll with you in the autumn leaves of my imagination.

I wish you everything - for you are everything to me.

I would if I could
I would reach beyond my grasp to,

to pull Magic from my hat.
Squeeze a snowball into a skating rink
just to dance on water with you.

I will love you into our after life,
no man as fortunate as me. 

They say reach for the stars 
you may end up with the moon.
I reached.
I got you,
my universe.
No man as fortunate as me.

Let me make every step you take safe, secure, pillowy soft
try not to faint from the sheer fragrance of you.

               Together we are sunset shadows,
shadows that will never fade.
               Imprinted permanently on the iris 
of the early evening sky light.


do you remember back when we just met

do you remember when it started to sleet
when we used the bark from trees
to toboggan down the circled path of the mountain

we hit the brakes

brakes crafted
from the branches of a spruce 

but friction 
lit them like matches on kerosene 

and i really think the smoke filled
our lungs
travelled to our heads
even before the sleet turned to hail
we slipped under the lawn

spent hours and hours
covered in each other's silky embrace
and i confess i peered at every drop of you
treated my eyes to your 
nothing but you 
i held that moment 
fragile as it was
with the greatest of care
and hold it still with the same reverence

and i really think nothing should feel

that good 


it just led us to lock lips 
and you know i could of kissed you 
an eon 
passed through it
as if it were a fraction of a second

our hearts synced
and i really think that
our breathing
our voices 
melting into the air
playing like music 
is what drove us mad 

and i get very creative 
when i go mad 
the stuff "crazy good" is made of

it must of worked because
we finally reached the peak of our crescendo 
laid in the sublime of one another
i must of loss consciousness 


i still don't remember our rendezvous ending

but it must of

because i immediately 
felt your absence 

and i really think that's why 
i wrote you

why i wrote

wanna slip under the lawn


and i really think that's why
we've been 

why we've been 

     together forever

Dec 2015

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2015

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In Opulence You Lie and Dream

In opulence you lie and dream
Of nothing but your Harem Queen
Her honeyed eyes and silky thighs
Those sultry moans and sated sighs
You dream of touching rounded breast
Of dipping into lover’s nest
The scent of jasmine on her bed
You feel her kiss anoint your head
The giddy taste of flowered dew
And all the things she does to you

In opulence you lie and dream
And taste again the sweetened cream
You feel once more the curve of waist
The sultry dance of thoughts unchaste
The searing trail left by her kiss
And how her mouth led you to bliss
You hear her panting out your name
When torrid storm, you can not tame
In passion’s throes, she bites her lips
Your vice like grip is on her hips
The time has come for her to know
You are the master of her show
Her tent of love, goes up in flame
You've danced and won Desire's game
Sated senses seduced to sleep 
You know your peaceful thoughts she'll keep

In opulence you lie and dream
Of her who is your Harem Queen
When eyes awake to light of dawn
The curtained veil, away is drawn
What blessed sight your eyes will see
Your dreams were but reality…..

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2015

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~ Injustice Moon Among Us ~

deeper than twilight
the moon to moon afterglow
a wave crush the mood
Stereotype motion
Two face under water 
Human injury 

(Senryu of Being Misjudged)

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2015

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 9

Moveth along and reacheth the plain as lightning bolt striketh ground,
Joineth with he who cometh from the storm, enter the gates with a mighty one.
Still, ever they journey on, they turn left following the river bend,
Now the track through the trees must be taken,They couldst do this,
The quickest way to reacheth the bridge and therefore the plain of Badicha,
Onto the emerald green of the track the Captain did leadeth,
Now in the closest proximity all wouldst be, holdeth heads up high,
The test of the Knights and their steeds would now cometh.

Now they seemeth to quicken their pace a little, these brave knights, 
This is not the time for pomp, it is time for to meeteth he who comes.
Forth knights of Alahsar thy duty for to be fulfilled,
Ride ever onward ye brave knights for glory thou shalt meeteth,
Upon the plain of Badicha a Dark Man to joineth, up thy pace,
The son of the storm cometh forth for the revel..
The memories of wars long ago, victories fulfilled, honour taken,
Ride on brave knights, ride on, thou shalt meeteth him on Badicha.

Now, once more, the mists of time close over DreamScape,
The vision be now gone from our eyes my lords and ladies,
Yet soon the jewel shalt returneth for our eyes to see, 
We shalt seeeth once more the way to Dreamscape openeth.
Our tale from the time before time shalt begin to singeth again soon,
The son of the storm himself shalt soon be with us, the song lives,
Now the thoughts must focus before our tale progresseth,
The song of Alahsar is just touched, there is more to be told.

Chapter...1 Part...1...5.

We now returneth to Golden Alahsar my lords and ladies,
The mists of time dissipate and glory cometh to us.
Once again we soareth on high as the song of Alahsar cometh forth.
Charge the horns and let us returneth to the jewel named Alahsar.
Now, oh mighty ones, let us returneth to the glorious storm,
Mighty now is the storm played out in Alahsar’s skies.
There is no war, this is but a mother that leteth forth her son,
The son of the storm now ready to descend to the earth.

To Be Continued.......

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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The days seem to go by so fast. there is a void in the air, the birds have lost their vibrant beat, the ocean has lost its luster, the soil feels solid and dry.
My soul feels as if it has left my body before my death, my dreams haunt my day, the tears stain my steps, my doctor says that it is depression, I say that it is reality, I am intoxicated by society,I am numb by perscriptions.
Why do I feel so isolated within myself? is there no one in my painfully tight shoes? can anyone understand my pain? can anyone melt in my sorrows? why am I this way? why is the world so cruel? why can't I be normal?
Wait! I am normal, what am I saying, I know now, the veil has been lifted, humanity is my enemy, the sins that drip from their sweat, the dread that follows their shadows, their souls of black, their intentions of greed pull a shade across their eyes.
They are destined for doom, they will not be saved, they will not find salvation, they belittle me, they curse me, they shame me, but they are right about one thing, I am different, unlike them, I will be saved in the last days.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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I’m freedom’s beckoning call light as air, an elemental being
Set adrift beyond the universal light beam, a speeding
Bullet shifting, suspended by my own spiritual uplifts
Bending in the stratosphere by raw forces
Gravitational pull.
A streaming particle of matter flowing in the
Mystical elemental current of my own existence,
Untethered I’ve cut the silvery threads of the
Timeless, a creature of thoughts abandonment.
A unique butterfly of distinction, flying amongst 
The light waves of illusion spreading my wings
Of clarity, touching the stars in gentle graces
In flights liberation climbing levels of enchantment,
A swaying anomaly tossed, passed between earth
And sky, a castaways silhouette lingering afloat the
Breeze of sensuality, with the heightened senses
Of pleasure ultimate recklessness, I’m at liberties
Jurisdiction beyond the touch of man.
I’ve joined the flocks of the enlightened ones,
Moths drawn to the dreaming flame, that burns
With fuel of inspirational grace.
 Rippling wings transcending, behold the marvel
Of lunar beings, evolving, rising beyond the 
Embankment of physical resistance,
Translucent fluttering monarchs brushing
Against the gates of God’s kingdom on high.
Flying insects of humanity, buzzing in a whispering
Chorus ushering in lyrical verses praise,
Announcing the arrival of these ascended.
Reaching through the vaulted grates of heaven,
The lord’s angel reaches out to touch these mortal
Wings of inspiration, and harken to listen, as
The Soft music loaf’s upwards, flooding the floors
Of this golden divide.
At twilights intrinsic hour of contemplation these
Dreaming beings of enlightenment drift as floating
Confetti ever lightly descending, cascading into
Their mortal fleshes vessels beneath, leaving the
Realm behind, but oh what visions of inspiration
Have these butterflies of remembrance relate,
In poetic excellence, cannot be captured
Within the nets of mankind.
I’m freedom’s beckoning call light as air, an elemental being
Set adrift beyond the universal light beam, a speeding
Bullet shifting, suspended by my own spiritual uplifts
Bending in the stratosphere by raw forces
Gravitational pull.


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

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The girl of light and the fly people

a collaborative work with Alfred Vassalo

The Stars sparkled in her eyes
As light interlaced with her shadow
Causing her to question her senses
Even though she closed her eyes
light continued to seep out

Her brilliance, competed with the sun blazing in the sky
the evening was no longer sheltered by protective darkness
Everything turned backwards in a distortion of time
as she disembarked on yesterday's tomorrow

Dum di dum, dum di dum, dum di dum
The world traveled like an efficient train
From noon to morn, from night to noon
Slower and slower, emphasizing quickened pleasure!

Time was thought to be an unstoppable train 
With shrieking tracks disturbing the ears
there was no one able to disembark
Theirs was a one way ticket stamped with fear
as the conductor grinned with maniacal eyes and yellowed teeth

When one is lonely one must say so
Why did she run away in damned fright??
Is it because she can no longer find refuge in darkness?
She is the breaking of day,  the desolation night!

They close their eyes for a while
To shield extraordinary sights
everything is a toast to indulgence 
Even through closed eyes, she brings them a festival of lights.

They try blocking their ears for a while
To shield all the unbelievable sounds
Laughing, chanting and crys for help
All of the whispering that remains out of bounds.

They wait within their silence for a while
Anticipating that she may speak the lonely truth
Silence stabs with its golden blade
Her light bequesting a fountain of youth.

Voom, voom, Voom voom, Voom voom,
Her carriage moves backwards without stopping
Heart slowing to an imperceptible beat
Twisted limbs lay tired and flopping.

The moon is full,  they think, it is howling
She stands kneeling awaiting the earliness of peace
Hoping it’s not far, for her life is crumbling
They hear the tock ticking of the interfering timepiece.

She sleeps soundly and awakes to total love
Feeling the air entering deeply into her lungs
The time of doubt evaporates with her tears
For now she speaks in tongues.

"My freedom has been formed in a wreath of black roses"
The "fly people" gather around investigating the air
They are completely fulfilled with her great and reasonable care.

Blank eyes stare at pictures of a convulsing world
Seeing the mourning sun and the blood red moon
She feels the fire dripping from her eyes and hears their crying
All emotions so vivid come in a time most inopportune.

Published books tells of many stories and facts
Yet who can comprehend paragraphs that don't make sense
Words can't understand the monogamy of hopeful lovers they copulate on an ancient bed!

Heaven cannot be witnessed from the deepest pit of hell
An intrepid life as it is, seemed boring in captivity
Her long awaited heaven has gone moved to another place
While hell came rushing in, handing her a time of insensitivity.

They heard the beasts of burden, heavily loaded in their disgrace
The race horses whipped rapidly to win the race
She came last behind all those  who were forgotten without a trace......

Freddie's poem captured my imagination and with his permission,
I have interlaced his words and ideas with my own. Check out his original poem
it is titled "Out of Sight - Hard of Hearing" I'm sure he would appreciate your visit 
and comments.

I have listed the first five stanzas to whet your appetite.

Out of sight - Hard of Hearing

No star has sparkled, not in my eyes
It’s glittering with my heart interlace
Although I have never questioned my senses
I’m quite sure it shines brightly in space.

I know the sun blaze in the sky
With my soul also when it’s dark
Nonetheless all in good time
It will blaze my life disembark.

Dum di dum, dum di dum, dum di dum
The world travels as an efficient train
From morn to noon, from noon to night
Faster and faster muting my whispering pain.

I also know the train comes to a halt
With shrieking tracks disturbing the ears
No one is left on board we all must disembark
This is a one way ticket filled with fears.

When one is lonely one must say so
No need to run away in damned fright
A light bulb only shines in darkness
And daybreak proceeds after night.


Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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Through my window I watched it float gracefully by
An eloquent specimen, a rare butterfly
Wings painted black and the brightest of green
The most breathtaking creature I ever had seen

It flew to the forest in a zig-zagging line
And landed to rest on the bark of a pine
Flushed with the thrill of the game hunters play
I stalked up and captured my elusive prey

It struggled and fought with great strength for its size
Prying and pinching, I heard muffled cries
“Release me!” It squeaked “I will NOT be your prize”
I saw tiny legs and angry little eyes

‘My god it’s a Leprechaun!’  I shouted with glee
‘You must grant me one wish now’…”So be it” said he
He slashed through my palm and bored to my thumb
Til it bulged to the size of a cartoonish plumb...

My fingers exploded in bits all around
Flesh and bone spattered, blood gushed to the ground
I stared in stark terror and mad disbelief
My mangled hand swaying like a dangling dead leaf

‘I’m wounded, I’m dying!’ In panic cried
And fled to my house to the bathroom inside
‘It’s ruined!’ I screamed as I bled in the sink
‘Now they will notice, now what will they think?’

‘I know I can never remove all these stains
I know that my eyes cannot hide all this pain
The veil has been shredded, the wall broken through
(I saw something move at the edge of my view)

There in the corner the Leprechaun stood
Black eyes spinning secrets of evil and good
He spread out his wings like a butterfly should
Ready to fly back to his tree in the wood

He spoke without speaking, "So, what have you caught?"
(My mind was struck dumb, stripped clean of all thought)
“Now” he laughed softly, “I shall grant your demand”
I sank to my knees then and reached forth my hand…

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2013

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From Darkness To Stardom

Every child is born into this world crying,
Little did this poor child know, tears would fall for the rest of her life.
Born into a world of abuse, heartache and pain,
With a drug addict, alcoholic abusive father and a heartless mother.
Every day was the same, left alone with only silence and darkness,
Dirty clothes, little to eat with every cry for help resulting in violence.
How could her eyes see any happiness when they had run dry?
How could she smile with cut lips and a bruised body?
At 7, her mother died from a lethal overdose of alcohol and drugs,
However, the abuse got worse as she became her father’s new toy.
Poor little girl, an object of carnal gratification and her innocence stolen,
By a man who was responsible for her protection and well being.
The effects of a dark and destructive childhood destroyed her confidence,
With low self esteem and no social skills, they mocked her in school.
Little did they know about the struggles in her life and the pain she was going through,
Bruised and abused, having to make her own lunch with no help from a pathetic father,
This was her daily routine- even hell would have been a more peaceful place for her.
But, little did the world know the girl had a hidden talent,
The voice of an angel and the mind of a creative poet.
At night when she sang, the stars glowed to her beautiful lullaby,
The ink of her pen was like blood rushing from her veins to create magical lyrics.
Music and poetry was her escape from a life of cruelty and rejection,
Her talent was hidden, so no one could help her reach her potential.
As the girl grew, her abuse never stopped, there seemed no end,
With constant memories of painful yesterdays and a childhood lost.

She used her incessant pains and struggles to enhance her music,
Writing hours upon hours of poetry and songs, self-teaching brilliance…
Deep inside she yearned for someone to understand her, to see her…
If not, but one, she would she be wholly satisfied

Many nights she would find herself crying uncontrollably, 
The darkness of the room enveloping her every being
She could see the past in her mind’s eye and be reminded of the sick present
She began to hate her father, and every brat at her school
She cursed death and life alike, and envied her mother’s eternal sleep
Everyone who spit their insult, everyone who remained silent and apathetic,
She hated them with a passion so self-destructive, it burned her raw scars...
Teaching herself to hold it in, so that on paper she could create masterpieces
And prove all of the monsters around her wrong…
In silence, she recalled the worst memories to shame further her reality.
A part of her knew that she was incredibly talented,
Though the darkness often blinded her with guilt
She felt that she did not deserve even a voice,
Her writings were but a sick reminder of demons she could never conquer
Shivering in the cold, her skin dirty and dry,
Ugly…ugly…was the only word she could live by

One night, she contemplated taking her life…
She vowed all of her suffering would meet a greater purpose,
Beyond the grave…beyond fear of hell beneath
She was dirt after all, like the kids always told her
How much worse could it be, facing the flames she was born in?
She threw the kitchen knife down and looked up at the stars above
Even Death would reject her, she knew…
In acceptance, she acknowledged her ugliness and became a stunning underdog
Rebellion sifted through her veins and her strength brought fear to her father
Bullies looked at her as if she was the devil himself
No one could tell her what to do anymore,
And nobody would ever understand her
Though that was okay…
Because that is all she ever knew

Ten years later, the rotten roller coaster continued
Though a fateful night of circumstance had led her right on the stage
Men were mesmerized by her fierceness and apathy
Not being able to grasp each significant line layered in truth
She showed none mercy as she slayed ruthless chords of wonder
Her voice rang angelically, mixed with the fires and tears of her life
Echoing beyond the grave of cold Death… beyond what was wrong or right
It was her silence that stunned the audience the most
Those eyes, having seen so much…felt so much…hid so much…
That cut mouth, with the eternal dry trickle of a bitter tear
The world was not prepared for her intolerable genius,
Just as she was not prepared for their astonished applaud…

-A collaboration by The Silent One and I : )

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2015

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The Wasteland -Part 1-

How can one express the baffling depths of obscurity? How can one behold to open the shafts of the mind? I have never been able to solve the mystery— Of myself. . . I wish at times that my life was no more That I could live as another and finally see things right But I am always stuck in this darkness And I cannot see this mind in light There are beasts. . .demons prowling through the wasteland Searching for any remaining life And if they are ever found— They are doomed and consumed Fear is their downfall and they never fail to smell it Their ashes remain, dancing with the imaginary breeze It is silent here—there are no answers I wish there were answers. . . But maybe there was never a reason No answers. . . Talons extend and clench around my heart They will never seek me out—they left me here It is like they knew…I had no reason—that was the answer I feel the pulse of my dangling life Alone in the dark, whimpering like a child I have scared myself, becoming this dragon-daggered youth No balm in Gilead! No eyes to see All I know will never be free I don’t need anyone! You are a disgrace—scum of the waste! You have everything, you ungrateful little nothing You are a joke. . . So swallow it all up like the pushover you are Stand your lowest and trudge right through No questions. No answers. Just . You. Or just lie back down into the mush of disease It has already infected you to the core Accept who you are, you ugly pestilence! I hate you Who are you to be glorified? Dream snatcher. . .murderer of all things bright Saturated in what you call light I see right through—even as the reflections shatter All of the dead kept you alive—they all matter… But alive you are the worst there is False savior—edited attention whore I never want to see your face again See, that’s why I hide. . . Desperation. . .desperation. . . I sob and cry kneeling in defeat For once I am right. . .I am right

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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The Wolf Prince is Free

Silver blood flows freely in The Forest of Darkness. Time drifts endlessly by as The Wolf Prince howls for his freedom. Run through the wetlands and the prairie; step into the madness and set your soul free. Nightfall is coming and The Shadows shall embrace you, don’t be afraid of your agony. The Mountains are rising all around you, our dreams are reality. Don’t let the sun hurt your eyes, it’s no surprise love I am here to save your life. The Rain forest will keep us safe, have no fear I am one with the Wraith. As we all cross blades, the battle line fades and our dignity is lost. Such a horrid cost, in the defense of our belief’s we stopped believing. We are all just rotting corpses in the end; and we all must meet our maker when the tide descends. Peace is a choice not a belief, War is embraced to my disgrace. Have you all learned nothing from the master? Don’t be absurd and tell me more lies, take my word I’m not to be idolized. Fly on the waves of redemption, Run through the trees at your own discretion. Living in The Forest of Darkness ascending into The Clouds. Living in The Forest of Darkness transcending The Twisted Crowds. Silver Blood boils in my heart, music storms build down the boulevard. The Wolf Prince is Howling!!!

Copyright © Della Vossa | Year Posted 2014

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 2

On the second level, merchant's homes and shops were arrayed,
Here were homes of a richer bearing, of the more powerful.
Mini palaces with minarets adorning their heads, of purest gold,
The scents of the orient, here they did waft on the air, intoxicating.
Each scent mingled with the next, inducing peace, a gentle narcotic,
Listen oh thou mighty ones, the sounds of trade ever singing.
These mini palaces had indoor bathing facilities for the inhabitants,
Beautiful mini gardens were behind these dwellings, such beauty.

Seeeth in thy mind's eye Level three, the communal gardens,
They were lush, green areas, surrounded by Kaleidoscopic colour.
There were shapes and descriptions of all kinds of exotic plants,
They seemed painted onto this scene by a master's hands.
So skillfully crafted were these gardens of Love, peaceful to the mind,
There were trees of mighty girth, lifting there many arms in praise of the almighty ones.
There were secluded hidden areas, those areas for Lover's to be alone,
Indeed, I as thy bard tellest thee, all desires were catered for.

On the fourth level were homes for the palace staff, grandiose buildings,
These were virtual palaces, as close as could be to the merchant's homes in style.
From Golden window casings the Badicha plain could be viewed complete,
They were blessed, the splendour of Love's dreams theirs.
In dwellings fit for mighty kings they lived out their lives,
Within thy minds, knoweth that all knew Love and joy within Alahsar.
These homes also had their own small bathing areas within,
There were ever sounds of joy within each dwelling, happy were the people.

Mighty ones, lifteth up thy horns to the splendour that be Alahsar,
To that most beautiful jewel under a low midnight sun.
On level five the king's palace and its vast gardens standeth alone,
The great golden glory of he, known only as the golden king.
Lifteth up thy horns, all ye who hearken to mine words,
Drink thy blessed mead and in thy hearts e'er Alahsar remembereth.
In one mighty cry may our voices be heard,
"Glory and Honour."

To Be Continued.


Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The gates Of Alahsar - 14

Brave the knights that rideth away, regailed in Golden finery,
How they shineth with Golden light when kissed by the Golden sun.
They were followed by the infantry, marching out bold and strong,
Bedecked in summer’s brightest colours, a glorious sea to beholdeth.
Brave indeed were the soldiers who marcheth to battle,
With hearts of steel they marcheth away, glory for to win this day.
Upon the plain of Badicha, before the Golden Gates of the Golden City,
The battle for the survival of light wouldst be fought this day.

And womanhood didst watcheth this day, forbidden by the Golden King to fight,
As Father’s, Brother’s, Uncle’s and Lover’s didst marcheth away,
Into the light of glories dawn, the Golden Glory didst shineth bright,
A sun of glories Love for last time shineth on the glory that was Alahsar?
Our Warrior Queen standeth with the rest of the women, her warrior's heart on battle's field,
Behindeth bright battlements of silver she watcheth all marcheth away.
Tears fell from those brown eyes so young and bold,
As she stood on the smallest part of wall, above the Golden Gates.

Both sides now in great power faceth each other across the emerald sea of Badicha,
The Dark forces had their spiders and spider riders on the flanks.
The light force had there mounted knights on both flanks,
Arlaghs were in the front center lines, merciless, murderous beasts.
Behind them were the goblin wolf riders and their wolves of course,
The infantry of Alahsar standeth row on row in the center formation.
The archers didst standeth behind the infantry and also on the flanks,
Both these armies standeth in expectation, they waiteth for the attack command.

And upon Badicha, sweet dreams own plain, yelleth attack command,
Man and beast hath cometh, no quarter wouldst either giveth.
Weapons of destruction didst meeteth in a thunderous clash of steel,
Tortured hearts in anguish cryeth out as life so quickly lost.
Pain and Death, their victims they sought so easily on Badicha,
Hearts on now quickly darkening plain didst die before their bodies felleth dead.
This was a clashing of Faith against Faith, who wouldst win?
The Warrior Queen didst watcheth and she didst weepeth at the sight.

To Be Continued.....

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 17

And as they reacheth the golden gates they turneth to face the foe,
The Arlagh’s they wouldst cometh with power and might to kill,
The ground wouldst shakeeth as they didst runneth towards their foe,
Always they doth runneth for their meal, always hungry the Arlagh.
Cometh then forth to meeteth thy fate ye hounds of Hell,
Hesitate not ye hounds of hell, the day of thy death cometh,
For Utamol, free of scabbard doth loudly call,
“The Sword Of Blood shalt Haveeth Ye All.

“Standeth alone and thou shalt die,”
The warrior Queen cryeth from parapet high aloft,
"We standeth here, let night’s hordes of abomination cometh,”
Dark Man doth sayeth as he fealeth the rage of Arlaghs across Badicha's plain.
No man cometh out the golden gates, they standeth alone Turvehr and Dark Man,
The enemy now formeth  into their ranks once more, kind with kind.
The charge wouldst cometh, the blood red moon, as night creatures call it,
A man of dark wouldst knoweth his end very soon, he wouldst fight, liveth or die.

With slavering and gnashing of teeth the Arlagh’s didst cometh,
The other creatures of night cameth more slowly, more cautious.
Both Turvehr and the Dark Man they are still as marble statues,
They moveth not at all from their place before the Golden Gates.
Silent as statues standeth both, they showeth no sign of fear,
Both ready now for the blood-letting that wouldst surely cometh.
Turvehr and Dark Man, single heart, single brain,
Now they standeth under a darkening sun, Shalt it become Blood Red Moon.

Chapter...1. Part...2...1c.

But closed Golden Gates are opened mine Lords and Ladies,
Forth doth cometh the Tigress and the red in all their strength.
The mounted red move onto the flanks everyone moving quickly,
The unmounted red standeth behind the mounted Dark Man.
Now dismounting, the Dark Man standeth next to his Love,
His eyes were seen to shineth brightly within his cowals dark.
Forward moveth the Dark Man and Tigress,
As more of the Red cometh out of the gates, the Arlaghs still charging.

Moving out wide on the flanks were the mounted archers,
Their white mounts prancing onto Badicha, they showeth  no fear.
The Red, so called because of what they did weareth in battle,
But the red breecs and the red shirt, their armour was their faith.
They were now outside the Gates and formed to charge,
Waiting not on any other soldiers who were to cometh out.
They did maketh their charge onto Badicha, 
Battle crash wouldst soon be heard.

To Be Continued..........

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 16

And then the beasts do screameth with fear, they art not at ease.
The vengeance of the light hath cometh, the Dark Man,
Summoned by a Warrior Queen’s heart, her blessed tears.
Many of the night they knoweth they now faceth their own oblivion.
As the anger of the Gods doth striketh the earth a roar of thunder,
Upon a mighty lightning bolt the king of Unicorns doth cometh,
As black as night, with mightiest horn of ivory,
Upon his back a figure completely covered in black, the Dark Man.

The Arlagh’s, they were ones who never showed fear,
They were kin to the wolf, they didst never runneth from any foe.
Their heads were that of wolf, their bodies that of man,
They had the legs of wolves, to speed them on.
In battle they ever moveth on, never doth these monsters retreat,
They would killeth all in Alahsar, they wouldst eateth all meat.
Red had started this day when Arlaghs had struck,
They wouldst eateth their fill and drink of the nutriencial Blood.

And fear doth spreadeth from human heart to human heart, Wouldst Antiquities tales be lost?
Mortals doth seeeth the signs and they thinketh all is lost.
A master of the darkest night a friend to all, he wouldst surely cometh,
Cometh to earth to fight his fight but what wouldst be the cost.?
By the end of this bloody day wouldst womanhood just pineth away?
No! all shall die if battle lost, some wouldst awaiteth in chains each feast.
They wouldst be food for death feast, The only death for the lost,
Wouldst Alasahrs' Golden Love never return? wouldst all cometh to an end?

Now he doth cometh, riding forth across Badicha, tall and proud,
Both Unicorn and man of night, they flasheth across the emerald sea.
Straight as the errant flame toward the great jeweled city,
They rideth out of darkness into what is left of light.
His sword, Utamol, held tightly in his right black gloved hand,
Held high aloft now,to his Warrior Queen, standing now upon the parapet,
Utamol He didst hold aloft in salute to Beauty’s all, 
In salute to woman’s power and majesty, the glory of his Love.

To Be Continued..........

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 6

And now voices raiseth in songs of victory, how mighty be the sound,
Songs that wouldst filleth any Warrior’s Soul with greatest pride,
These were the songs of a far greater antiqyity, 
And also, of course, mighty songs of the Golden King’s exploits.
Songs of praise for the great jewel of DreamScape, Alahsar,
Songs heapeth golden praise upon the majesty of a golden king,
Loudly and proudly the voices singeth into the air, the king is pleased.
Alahsar, the golden jewel alive with such Golden Sound.

Now let us looketh to the events that shalt cometh forth in our tale,
Let us taketh one moment away from the merriment,
This was a troubled time for the great golden king,
Darkness now did threateneth the Golden Kingdom of DreamScape.
The Golden King who this early morn' wouldst drinketh the horn of celebration,
he 'morrow he may drinketh the dregs of sorrow,s horn before his end.
Didst thou really believe i wouldst divulge any specifcs of mine tale?
Let Alahsar praiseth the Dark man and those he didst lead  to victory.

On the third level there was no revelry, there was only peace,
Here in the communal gardens there was a calm joyousness,
A few people already resteth from the revelry, on the grass they layeth,
Our Warrior Queen was here to meeteth her Dark Man.
Such quiet solitude toucheth her, the gardens were good for the Soul.
All the songs being sung didst reacheth this place of respite,
Many started to leaveth the gardens and walketh down to level two,
Most of the singing didst cometh from that vicinity, joy went on.

On the fourth level it was almost silent,  very few voices heard now,
The dwellers here wouldst now be at their work in the Golden Palace.
A few children couldst be heard singing the old tales with gusto,
There high pitched voices, they were almost lost in the breeze that bleweth.
A few children on the street dancing to whatever song was being sung,
Their laughter was a balm in itself, it was so nice to the ear.
Alahsar was alive with gaiety, joy and Love, hearts didst singeth,
Wouldst that every heart wouldst always singeth.

To Be Continued..........

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 7

The Golden Palace atop the mountain was awash with light,
The softer songs of Alahsar cometh from deep within.
Within each room the sumptuous splendour of priceless jewels,
All are happy, within they awaiteth the guest of honour.
Outside the storm doth grow in magnitude, the mother of darkness,
Soon, from the heart of the storm, wouldst cometh the dark man.
Many watcheth the sky, the fastly darkening sky, soon he wouldst cometh,
The storm alive now, the thunder booms and lightning flasheth.

Now once more the mists of time falleth over Alahsar once again,
Once more thy bard must hath his horn charged, bringeth the mead lass,
The mead shalt help the voice so i may singeth the song more clear,
In bardic, melodic voice, the words shalt cometh forth strong.
Soon we shalt returneth to Golden Alahsar, in the Golden DreamScape,
The words of elder songs shalt singeth out their power and glory,
Like running waters, they shalt floweth forth and painteth their wonder,
The glory of Alahsar shalt cometh to thee through thy Bard's song.


Now mighty ones i returneth now to singeth the song of Alahsar,
Now cometh with thy bard once more to the priceless dream.
Like the eagles high aloft, let us flyeth now to DreamScape,
The great wall standeth ever impenetrable, The walls standeth firm. 
Within this great outer wall the largest silver gates to beholdeth,
This is where mine song doth take thee, we shalt seeeth what we seeeth.
Let us watcheth from on high as we soareth above our scene,
Many soldiers of the outer guard now in armour shining.

Now a great hammering from the other side of the great silver gates,
Something hard striketh, four mighty strokes then a break.
This repeats time after time, the signal of the enemy dignitaries,
Outwith these gates in eternal darkness dignitaries awaiteth entry.
The gates shalt now slowly openeth, soldiers standeth expectant,
Hands on sword hilts and spears at ready, shields also at ready.
The great silver gates still openeth slowly to the darkness,
Yes, the gates of DreamScape openeth to the darkness without.

To Be Continued

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 12

Utamol, the sword of power, it was pulled from black scabbard,
Turgon didst manouvre his steed between Turvehr and the bridge.
He shivereth as he think he seeeth two tiny flames of fire,
In anger, the Dark Man’s eyes were kindled, hate’s burning flame.
“Make way mine Friend,” The Dark Man commanded,
It was then the high pitched scream of a spider was heard,
“Put away the sword mine Friend, Please,” Turgon pleaded,
“These do not entereth the city,” the Dark Man commanded.

“They must mine Dark Man, they are envoys from the dark lords.”
“So be it, the envoys entereth on foot, the spiders stayeth out.”
Turgon didst nod to the Dark Man,
The Dark Man pointeth Utamol towards the bridge,
With such speed Utamol back in the scabbard out of sight.
“Let us rideth to Alahsar mine Friend and pass over these dogs,”
Turgon sayeth with disdain and the Dark Man didst nod, they turneth to Alahsar,
The jewel of the Gold land awaiteth, also the Dark Man’s lady.

Mine Lords and Ladies, Alahsar, the jeweled kingdom, lieth before us,
Charge thy horns and come joineth me in Antiquity once again.
The mighty plain before Alahsar, Badicha, the emerald green sea,
Upon this rich green carpet knights of Alahsar shalt cometh,
Their golden dragon banners raiseth high, they billoweth in the wind,
The shining stars of battle cometh home to Alahsar,
Their most frightening prize between them, now is the time,
The king’s guard now rideth in honour across the mighty plain of Badicha.

Slowly, in great pomp and honour the king’s guard doth cometh,
Now people atop wall watcheth, they hath cometh to see proceedings.
Rideth on ye men of honour into Antiquitie’s Golden pages,
The Dark Man rideth with Turgon  at the head of this train.
Distant dreams of long ago didst play in his mind,
He returneth to Alahsar with these brave knights of old, with the red,
Such scenes as this were embeded within his silver threads of memory,
Within the immortal mind, vision’s greatest home.

Now a mighty cheer doth go up as more horsemen leaveth Alahsar,
They were regailed in their finest armour, as knights of old e'er were.
Now they raceth across the plain, they becometh a golden light show,
Dragon shields on left arms and swords heldeth in right hands,
This was indeed the ceremonial guard of the golden king.
The Dark Man now was held in anger’s thrall,
A ceremonial guard for these abominations, his anger grew,
So much death and destruction caused by these monsters.

To be continued.....

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 10

The storm doth roareth again and again in its ultimate fury,
It doth only rock Alahsar’s skies in fury’s circle,
Even the lightning striking the ground shalt causeth no damage,
The Mother now calleth forth her son, the thunder is deafening.
Now all Alahsar doth watcheth the heart of the storm, the coming,
Expectant faces watcheth high the glory unfolding in storm laden sky.
Glory and honour shown the warrior of night when he cometh,
Cometh now from Valhallah Dark Man, Son of the Gods.

Mighty is the cheer that ringeth up to the sky from golden Alahsar.
Down upon a lightning bolt a pure black unicorn doth run,
Turvehr, the king of his kind, the steed of the Dark man.
Giant Raven’s wings held in at his sides, a great power,
The horn of his mighty power, this was of purest ivory,
The most beautiful and deadly of mythological creatures.
Down the lightning bolt in glory and power running,
The Dark Man siteth proud upon his mighty back.

The Dark Man only ever seen by one mortal,
One pair of soft brown eyes to knoweth his majesty.
Dressed in black from head to foot completely covered,
A mighty cowal covers head no face ever seen.
No flesh at all shows itself to the human eyes except for one.
The Warrior Queen, the one, she never speaketh of what she knows.
The son of the Gods, the son of the storm,he is now cometh,
Alahsar’s greatest protector is now cometh on this night of nights.

All factors begin to cometh together in the song i singeth,
As the Dark man and Turvehr do comeeth to the earth.
The storm is already beginning to dissipate, the sky becometh light,
The mother calleth no more, the thunder ends the silence deafening.
Turvehr’s wings outstretch and he begineth to soar slowly downward,
Lightning bolt now gone, Turvehr does soareth on the breeze.
Cometh to the earth thou child of the storm in thy glory,
Cometh thou king of Unicorns from thy mighty past, the living song.

And when thy hoofs hiteth the ground oh mighty Turvehr.
The cheers of all Alahsar lifteth up to the Gods in thy honour.
Near the great woods in far distant sight thou doth cometh to ground.
Straight now across the Badicha plain thou shalt not goeth.
Forward now oh Dark Man to thy Love and thy destiny,
The fates hath thee here for a reason my Love. 
Is this the beginning of the end for our jewel named Alahsar?
Only the Immortals knoweth the answers to this question.

To Be Continued........

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 5

Now our tale must hath a short break, a humble Bard must sup,  
Comest lass, bringeth me the meat board and mead for mine horn. 
Oh mighty ones, our story shalt go on, the song shalt be sung,
Yet for such a few moments i beg thy indulgence.
Let the mists falleth upon Alahsar and our scene be masked, 
The journey in itself is but only begun, the song hath long to go.
This be a mighty song of Alahsar that shalt be long in telling,
Soon the song shalt once more cometh to thine ears, the song of Alahsar.


Comest mine Lords and Ladies, watcheth as the sands of time dissipate, 
Let us once more returneth to that fabled, golden land of Alahsar. 
Comest now my Lords and Ladies, Comest on thy golden wings, 
Alahsar, the world of dreams, it awaiteth us within its wonder. 
The mists now gone, All be clear, we canst now seeeth all, 
In its golden slendour, there before us Alahsar doth stand. 
As thou shalt remembereth there was great revelry within Alahsar, 
They doth hath a night of celebration, it would be rivalled by none other. 

Hearken now  to mine words as the song it doth go on, 
The revelry had now progressed onto the streets, great was the joy 
Yes, there was joy and merriment to be had in abundance, 
Now some soldiers could be seen in the streets. 
They were not alone and they had consumed much mead, 
Their joy was abundantly clear as they now had their play. 
Sounds of Primal Passion, still the only sounds on the first level, 
Those warriors in Primal Passion now did put everything into the act. 

Upward, on the second level of Alahsar, the streets now completely filled,
Couples dancing, men trying to show off their prowess.
Such fun and frivolity hath all as a storm begineth to form,
A cheer goeth up, it is carried aloft, "The Dark Man comes."
There's much shaking of hands and hugs of friendship, 
Tonight all the citizens were one, all petty feuds were set aside. 
The Warrior Queen now arriveth on level three, she looketh upward, 
Once more, men, women, and children to their play.   

To Be Continued.....

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 4

The Warrior Queen atop the wall, on parapet standeth, awaiteth her Love,
He known only as the Dark man, a Warrior from the kingdom of the Gods.
This Tigress doth stalketh the parapet, her thoughts within the Heavens,
She is indeed an ancient glory, a Tigress to striketh death.
So deadly is she in the art of war, so gentle in the art of Love,
Behold now my Lords and Ladies a smile now her face doth show.
Looketh to the east, those are storm clouds that now do gather,
He cometh as his promise did say, to his Tigress, to his Love.

Fleet of foot, in no time she is down the steps, the wind she is chasing,
Auburn locks now full of life do dance out behind her.
She doth danceth through the crowds on the silver walkways with such ease,
Upward, ever upward, her legs runneth strong, ever onward, upward.
Revelers watcheth enthralled as she danceth so easily through them,
She is but a beautiful shadow as she runneth along.
She hath to but reacheth a special place within the comminal gardens,
In this spot she always meeteth her Dark Man and Love doth flow.

Cheers now ringeth out as they see the Tigress passeth so quickly,
The Warrior Queen, one of the King guards, all know her name.
Her name sings into ancient tales in many songs,
As we already knoweth she is called the tigress, she was Loved by all.
Upward still she runneth, still this beautiful Warrior chaseth the wind,
The second level her feet now upon, there was no time to stop.
There were so many people barring her way as the storm clouds gathered,
Lightning striketh the ground, thunder crasheth, soon he cometh.

Now the cheers ariseth as the thunder roars, welcome to his brother,
Dark Man on the back of Turvehr now leaveth the heart of the storm.
Humanities sea as one parteth before the Warrior Queen,
As a sea wouldst one day openeth for Moses, they knew who came and why.
Once more the tigress runneth, she runneth to the stars,
And nothing, but nothing, wouldst bar her way to those stars.
Her mind now in its cocoon of love was so softly singing,
A Love song resplendant, her heart's Love singing a Love refrain.

To Be Continued........

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 13

Soon both groups shalt  meeteth on the emerald green sea,
The ceremonial Guard were to taketh the spiders inside,
This is the way it had always been meant to be,
The Dark Man heldeth no hate for his Friend Turgon.
A night of Revel in the Golden City and Dark envoys cometh,
Giant spiders and spider riders from Akrah, hated creatures both.
Turgon and his Guard peeled off to the left,
The Ceremonial Guard wouldst now taketh their places.

Let us leaveth Alahsar for a moment so i may hath some mead,
At the board i may sustaineth myself with some bread and meat,
Then mine Lords and Ladies i shalt returneth to thy song,
A bard is but human, he must eateth, he must drinketh. 
The night is but young and our tale doth go on, the journey but still begun,
Soon we shalt returneth to the emerald green sea, Badicha,
When we returneth the song shalt once more entereth thy minds,
In some of us antiquity shalt always live on.

Chapter...1. Part...2...1a..

Now let us returneth to blessed Alahsar but 209 years earlier,
It was the time of the battle on Badicha’s plain.
Let us now seeeth the grandeur of men at war, Ancient pride,
When people did speaketh, Death holdeth great glory, we shalt seeeth.
The dark ones hath stirred and aye they cometh for blood.
They cometh to destroy all light and all dreams, they wisheth oblivion.
So few of those alive then were alive now, 
DreamScape, the world of dream, one only dies if the dream dies.
This is what they always didst say, how wrong could they be. 

Before the great Golden Gates in the long ago battle on Badicha,
The Dark ones had cometh, once more to conquer lands of light.
Behind the mighty silver parapet didst standeth those who watcheth.
An Angel stsndeth, sweet womanhood, in the prime of her glory,
Her soft brown eyes beholding a dark sea, was this the end?
Wouldst darkness cometh upon this scene that hath known only gold.
She did watcheth as men did marcheth in splendour from mighty Alahsar,
Through golden gate, they did looketh as a dream, in their splendour.

To Be Continued....

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 11

Cometh children of the storm, in spleandour cometh to Alahsar’s gates,
Yes, Love's dark ones, in thy glory cometh to the golden gates of Alahsar.
The revelry from within is for thee oh mighty one, Dark Man.
Cometh now as one mighty shadow across the plain,
Cometh forth in thy mighty glory and regal splendour, liketh an Ancient King,
Befitting thy place as the son of the storm.
Now give Turvehr his head mighty one, the city awaiteth thy coming,
The blessings of a Golden King shalt be upon thy head.

Swiftly riding across the plain, to the right of vision a glistening,
Turvehr did pulleth up quickly, Dark Man watcheth to the right,
Across the Raven bridge Knights and spider riders in column.
The captain of the knights doth advance alone to meeteth his friend.
On the plain, before Alahsar, they both do meeteth,
Conversation doth begineth between these two friends on the plain.
Turvehr in anger stamping watcheth the giant spiders on the bridge,
The giant spiders wouldst always be his mortal enemy.

Now mine lords and ladies, cometh as one to the city that awaiteth thee,
Let us awaiteth our Dark friends with the cities inhabitants.
The mists once more start to close over our magnificent scene,
The first part in our first chapter of the song doth reacheth its end.
The song hath long to go mine Lords and ladies, i shatl returneth,
It is time enough that we begineth again on the 'morrow
Now mine lords and ladies, lift thy horns to Alahsar,
A toast, “The city Of Gold, may it standeth forever.” 


The Dark Man and the Captain standeth apart from all,
Both the Captain's steed and Turvehr were uneasy as they pranced,
The Captain didst rein in his charger, Turvehr was given his head,
Both these mighty Warriors faceth each other, the Captain bowed.
The Captain finally smiled at the Dark Man, they were friends,
He took the Dark Man by the arms, a Warriors salute.
“My dark friend, i hoped to meet thee on this way,”
The Captain said quietly as he controlled his mount.

Well met Turgon, i see thou havest prisoners,”
The Dark Man said quietly as his eyes scanned the bridge.
Turgon didst shaketh his head as he looketh over to the bridge,
“No mine Dark Man, these be envoys of darkness.
“They are free in the golden land. By whose word this foolishness?”
The Dark Man now didst cryeth out in his anger.
It is doneth by order of the mighty Golden King mine Dark Man,”
Turgon said almost apologetically.

To Be Continued.....

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 15

And so many women’s eyes they didst watcheth this carnage before them,
Tears fell as the blood of kin and friend nourished the earth.
There hadst been no honour in this slaughter, not but fifteen minutes, 
So much of Alahsar's manhood gone, Lying dead on Badichas' plain, eyes now blank.  
The Warrior Queen, this pain her eyes didst watcheth unfold,
She now looketh up to God’s haunting blue and she prayeth.
She didst cryeth out in her pain, to her Love in the darkness of the storm,
He had to Cometh or all wouldst be at an end, her heart didst cryeth out.

Those who hath survived the massacre now runneth blindly,
To the Golden Gates where safety must lyeth, fear doth maketh them run.
The beasts of darkness doth not followeth, they knoweth the end is cometh,
They do stay beneath their ever darkening skies, laughter cometh forth.
To the left, darkness on Badicha is fallen, a sight never seen,
Will light ever shineth there ever again? Will the light dieth?
The darkness it doth ever deepen, something never seen before,
Hearts are dismal as heads do lower, all now is pain.

Soldiers now runneth, madly they rusheth on from terror’s death,
Only one thought within the mind, safety within the Golden Gates of Alahsar.
Wide eyed are the soldiers, fear explodeth within all,
Hearts all burning with fears' fire, thoughts but for self preservation.
Shalt all dreams now be filleth themselves with darkness?
Shalt there be no light to guide thy way?
Darkened dreams shalt filleth with great sadness,
Wilt the light cometh out of the day? where now the victory? only defeat.

Chapter...1. Part...2...1b.

Off into the distance there be now virtual darkness,
To the right, where the Gods' light had shone so bright.
Warrior Queen, now knoweth thy beast is cometh, all may not be lost,
He cometh from his land of endless night for he hath heard thee.
The thunder and lightning now doth playeth his symphony,
This is terror’s greatest symphony, the Dark Man doth cometh.
The darkness, it is indeed Soul destroying, it’s hands ever caressing cold,
Yet through this darkness the Dark Man doth cometh to thee. 

To Be Continued.....

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 8

The mighty soldiers of Alahsar didst taketh a few steps backwards,
Before them eight of the spider riders of Akrah, They were still.
Now they cometh forward on their gigantic spiders, shudder now,
Slowly those eight legged giants didst cometh into blessed light.
Soldiers unable to stem hatred begineth to retreat, stand tall men.
The order of the golden king, let them past, hateful beasts.
100 of the king’s own cavalry waiteth at the bottom of the hill,
The Captain and ten others splintered forward from the group.

Those mighty bastions of Hellish design moveth slowly forward,
Eyes of Amber putrescence aligned on head for perfect sight,
Poison fangs begineth dripping at the sight of food so close,
Mighty bulks of body carried with such ease on eight great legs,
True black haired demons of the darkness,always instilling fear, before the death.
Their leader, on the first spider didst pointeth at the Captain,
Slowly the spider riders maketh their way to the Captain,
When the head rider was up behind the Captain they didst moveth off.

Now we watcheth the procession starteth off following the river,
Cavalry now to the fore, rear, and both flanks of these Arachnids.
Slowly they moveth along between hillside and river, a sorry sight,
Our knights do shineth so bright as low lying sun doth striketh them.
While our strange caravan goeth on let us taketh a small respite,
Charge thy horns once more, we drink to blessed Alahsar,
Now my lords and ladies let us raiseth our horns on high,
Our toast, “For The Glory And Honour Of Alahsar.”

Now the storm is indeed reaching its height, the anger of Heaven,
The knights now seemeth to smile, they knoweth what this portends,
The spiders and riders they also knoweth now, showing signs of fear,
They knoweth who the storm brings, fear pricks at black hearts.
The horses of the knights also knoweth, they trot now in honour,
The roles now seemeth reversed, the caravan now progresseth with state,
Honour is now back with the knights of Alahsar, they looketh the part,
They now holdeth heads high these brave knights of the Golden King.

To Be Continued.......

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth .
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold. 

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here .

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here . No one Flower is better then another .
All Flowers are equal here .

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed .
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another .

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here .

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens .
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you . 
Hate will be shed at the door like an old jacket of no use. 

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth .
It is a place where no one person is better then another .

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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A poem for YOU

In this world of Uncertainties I’m the man that you can trust And in my words of sincerity That my love would never last. And if you could only feel, what i feel for you You can ask me “why?” so you can see the truth Like our love that tightens the rope, Like a light that would give us hope. As you watch the dark skies Let me grab the moon for you, And as I catch the bright stars That’s the way you can see me through As this planet turns as it always will And things go wrong and you don’t know what to feel Hold my hand for it will make us strong Like a wind, we will carry on The wind blow that sings a hymn for you For they know what does love means for the two Love is blind, and not deaf So how’s success if you’re not ready to bet? In this poem with full of rhymes, A full of love, Babe can you be mine? I don’t expect too much from you Why should I? If you complete my whole. “Till death do us part” that’s what they have said But why do struggles crash them ahead? Don’t ask me when my love will last, To count all of our quarrels, is that a must? Now and Forever is all that I promise No day dreaming and without reminiscence As the matter of time, as the time passes by Together we stand, together you and I
A poem for my Girlfriend for our anniversary :) pls comment and rate... you are free to judge and criticize my work :) God Bless

Copyright © Emmanuel Fajutagana | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to Mi Corazon

As I pull weeds from cracks in sidewalks
Yout sit on top of thrones made of solid gold
And I pay no mind to the women around me,
Only to your beauty do I hold an Ode.

I see my fair Spanish lady
my daring, sweet rose with thorns,
That run up and down her spine.
As she stops in the daily parade
Waving at the peasants,
She looks at me and summons her guards
Too take me away.

Her beauty is unbearable.
I cannot take not being with her
For a single moment in my life.
Her hair,
Black like coal,
Her smile is bright, as the first rays of the Red Sun
In the dawn.
Her lips painted with ruby lipstick,
her silk laced dress and shawl wrap around her,
Like a beautiful butterfly in her cocoon.
Her skin of olive, dark color and her green eyes.
My God, those sweet and piercing green eyes
Oh, how they hit my soul and make me shiver with excitment.
She is intoxicating and I am intoxicated in her beauty.

She is like an angel, a Latina beauty who walks the streets paved gold,
As I walk the cracked, cobblestone walkways.
She shines in the Spanish sun, like a dimoand in the ruff
As you blow the dust off her sweet brow,
she glows and sparkles with extordinary excellence.

She is beautiful and sweet and kind.
She loves me, but her father minds.
I am only a peasant, and she royalty.
Can our love ever be together in one holy matrimony?
I pray to the Lord, of all that is good,
Please give me a sign that she loves me.

Soon a storm came over,
blowing me down to the ground
And a cloud of dust swallowed me whole.
A great Conquistador on a great white stallion
pulled me up and told me that she wanted to see me.
I shacked with nervous of joy as I followed the warrior.

She was there, under a palm tree
Near a beautiful beach in Barcelona.
She smiled and a glow covered me with passion.
I hugged her and kissed her upon her sweet lips.
I tasted virginity and she tasted loyalty.
We both tasted beauty and harmony.
As the warrior left us,
We made love upon a vigin white sheet,
Soon covered with a flowing river of red.
She moaned with exticy and love was in the air.
The Ode to my sweet Spaniad, Mi Corazon!

We lay there in each others arms
Looking up at a clear night sky
The twilight glimmered ever so softly
And a shooting star blazed across the sky
I kissed her and she kissed me.
I whispered in her, "My love forever"
And she pushed me back upon the sheets
and we made sweet and ever lasting love again.
As we looked in each other's almond colored eyes.
I said to her, in a soft voice, Mi Corazon.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

Copyright © Green Trees | Year Posted 2012

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Haikus About God: II

Invisible chap
Bearded egomaniac
Probably not real

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013