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Suicide Elegy Poems | Elegy Poems About Suicide

These Suicide Elegy poems are examples of Elegy poems about Suicide. These are the best examples of Suicide Elegy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Lost Boy

There was a boy I used to know.
He never let his feelings show.
Turns out he wanted suicide.
When he died, I cried.
Why did he have to go?
Was that why he never let his feelings show?
He hung himself like a criminal.
That’s not what he was like at all.
He still had time to grow.
Maybe he should’ve let his feelings show.
There was a boy I used to know. 

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Rondelet: Yang be evil

Rondelet: Yang be evil

  for the continuously raped and hidden
     minors of India

Yang be evil
Yin acts with rash impunity 
Yang be evil
No power controls the Devil
Wombs despoiled in mad enmity
Innocence: raped humanity
Yang be evil

(c) T. Wignesan - Paris, 2012

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You told me you wouldn’t leave
You promised you would stay
But now because of her
You’re considerably far away 
You reassured me that you loved me 
That you’d always be by my side
But once she pledged her loyalty
You left and so I cried
Without you I felt lonely 
Unable to move on
I knew that life would get easier
‘Cause it’s darker before dawn
I tried so hard, I really did
To forget how you betrayed me
So many years of marriage
And to think how you repaid me
What does she have that I don’t?
Did I ever do something wrong?
It feels like it’s been forever 
Since the last time I felt strong
You left me in the dust
So cold and hard like stone
In all the years I spent with you
I never thought I'd be alone
I remember walking down the street
When our hands were intertwined 
I remember the time of innocence
When I was so sure that you were mine
Your fingers entangled in my hair
Your kisses upon my cheek
Your soft breath upon my freckled face
That made my knees feel weak
You said that I’d recover
I just can’t help but see
You caressing her tender face
While I’m wishing it were still me
I feel the life drain out of me
Just as when you did leave
But I smile to myself as I go
Because it’s you who’ll get to grieve
As much as I am filled with hate
It pains me to see you cry
I wish you’d realized you still loved me
Before you saw me die

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To a Better Place She Went

April, is there a place
where you are safe, have no cares?
Grab my hand
let me take you there

From the mountains
you will see the tide
go ahead jump
the air will take you for a ride

Over the hills, 
the valleys galore;
Skimming the treetops, 
the desert floor

Where are you now
in Heaven?
Your pain, your angst
now deadened

Peace you have found 
in another land
Aren't you glad 
you took my hand?

And though your
family misses you,
they know no other 
place will do

Do not cry
nor yearn for love
for all is here 
up above

so go now, soar
about your new home
To those left behind
you are never alone