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Elegy Mom Poems | Elegy Poems About Mom

These Elegy Mom poems are examples of Elegy poems about Mom. These are the best examples of Elegy Mom poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Many times, I saw my spirit.
Many times, I felt my soul.
In life, I lived courageous.
Now it is time for me to journey home.

If you cry, that is fine.
If you laugh, that is better than a cry.
Rejoice in my life and shout praise.

For I am 
Therefore, I shall be
In peace, I leave this world.
To my love ones, I am with the Lord.

Sure happy to have lived
Not sad that my time has come
The benevolence of the spiritual realm is a breeze from a waterfall.

The Lord is my keeper.
He called me home.
No more sadness let us all rejoice.

Ms. Carrie Mae Sexton is now reunited with Jehovah God Lord.  A woman of statue... 
A woman of worth... All that knew her will truly miss her.

Never a life lost but one done with the world and because she walked a virtuous path, her life is shown.  The Lord knows best and we must know the same.   Our mother sojourns and in peace, she lays.

[“Be assured that just as an hour is only part of a day so life on Earth is only part of eternity.” C.L. Allen]

User Name: Verlena
Psuedonym: Oblivion Dark Sunshine
Motif: Grief and Bereavement

-Contest Enter: Space & Time - Metaphorically written... Eternity is space and time...  February 2014

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My First Grief

In my cradle,
My tiny body was cradled
In my mothers arms.
My gem among gems,
I remember when I cried
You comforted me with 
your soothing words.
Your re-assuring hands
Secured me till Death's 
Cold hands snatched you 
From me,a sucker I was
That needed you most.
Adieu! Sweet mum till 
We cross paths again!

Written by:
Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu

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Peace In The Light

Peace In The Light

I live in a drywall box
Sitting alone staring at my clocks
With landscape art hanging all around me
Its no wonder inspiration has finally found me

One day my mind forced my hand to start writing
About my parents in Heaven still fighting
Knowing their bodies lie beneath the ground
But believing that is not where there to be found

One night I dreamt of a beautiful house
It was on a sunny hill where I saw cats playing cards with a mouse
There was a young woman sitting on a porch rail
She turned to me and asked why I looked so pale

She told me she did not die
She told me I no longer have to cry
Then all of a sudden I awoke
Asking myself... “Was Mom's death some kind of horrible joke”

The Wake…The Funeral…
The Burial Mass…The Grave
Mom's dream message proved to me 
She had risen from her Coffin in the Cave

Sometimes I wonder if Mom and Dad are really dead
Or are they living in my head
Can our parents be more alive than we think
Could they be some kind of Supernatural Link

Some say this life is a trial
With certain emotions recorded in our Spiritual File
We all experience wonder, joy, sorrow and pain
Some days… it’s a challenge just to stay sane

I pray our parents watch over us from afar
I swear sometimes… Their sitting in my car
Maybe when we experience life’s emotions
Our Parents are there recording the commotion

I bet Mom sews all day
She probably still has no time to play
I bet Dad writes all day
Will my sons ever find their way

Someday I will tell everyone
That Heaven maybe closer than the Sun
And even though our parents may not be here
When we take our last breath there is nothing to fear

Because what seems like a very dark day
Is really a small price to pay 
So the next time you hear a familiar voice in your head
It could be your parents telling you they are not really dead

And I thank… GOD… I no longer have to write
Because my parents have finally found Peace in the Light
And some day when it’s my turn to go home
I will show my parents this poem   

Joseph Adam Elward

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Milo and Me.. . Part 2

Milo and Me raised by Mom and Dad, in that small mountain town-
A little more than 66 miles from Albany.
Dad and Mom faithfully provided their best for Milo and Me.
Yes-it would have been better if we had been sustained-
by some rich family.

Most things that happened on that street have NEVER been spoken of-
by Milo and Me.  To painful, to dreadful and DARK, even for the Spirituous heart.
I guess we made an unspoken pact, between Milo and Me, to- 
Never, Reveal what took place on that mystifying,Non-illuminated, Murky Street. 

You see for Milo and Me--we always knew of HIS Devine Majesty.
Tales have been told and fabrication declared- to even the most paramount.
But--for Me and Milo- we always knew of GODS providence.
We knew- that someday, HE would overtake the misery-
that happened about 66 miles from Albany-on that Street.

For Milo, he went into some Rehab--you see?
Somewhere Near Albany. For Me, got married a second time to a wife-- and had a family.
I guess this is where Milo and Me, took different paths into life- or it seemed.

I definitely miss Milo and those GLORY days of our youth-
all the beer and reefer parties, can’t you see?
On an old abandon meadow and STREET called Solders Field-- is where we partied.
Only GOD and the few that were there in those days would know
what Milo and ME did on--THAT STREET!
Tales have been told and fabrication declared--But--I will leave it to that.

This re-memorable time I will never forget.
I lasted a short moment-- maybe a week at best.
Then it came to pass for Milo and Me, to part life’s path-
with seemed repeatedly. For Me and my family, we stayed and lived in
that Historic Town-just about 55 miles from Albany.

So-- once again- let Me take you to the end of this story.
We will travel by a make-believe time machine.
Close your eyes- Close your eyes- so you can’t see.
Fast forward we go to the year 2010- now you may see!

But-- for Me still there-just 55 miles from Albany.
I have most assuredly miss Milo, after all, it’s been ten years-
can’t you see? I miss him as one of our family, even though he marched so far away-
into some foreign state.  Milo, Milo--- wherever you are, I will always remember you-
-just as you were.


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Last Thought

The asphalt against my face
Sirens in the background
My fresh warm blood censuring my eyes
Over whelming feelings of regret and remorse rush through my mind
What am I to do in the last moments of my life?

To lay here and cry or to quietly die
Or to scream for help or to fade in the night
Wish for a new start or to pray for what I had.
What about my mom and my dad?

How are they going to take it without me by there side
I didn't get to say good bye or tell them how much I loved them both.
They should now that I will always be there with them.
I don’t want them to be sad, they should be mad, I made the selfish choice.

Having them by my side would make this better
To have my dad tell me “Its okay son we all make mistakes”
Or my mom to say “I can relate to how you are feeling, and that it will be okay”

But it won’t, because I’m feeling my hopes and my dreams all slipping away
Like a leaf falling off a tree on a windy autumn day.