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Elegy Goodbye Poems | Elegy Poems About Goodbye

These Elegy Goodbye poems are examples of Elegy poems about Goodbye. These are the best examples of Elegy Goodbye poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I Need Your Help Daddy

I’m tired
I’m Physically and Emotionally tired
I don’t want to be the strong one anymore
I can’t this time
I don’t know what to do Daddy
I need your help down here

I can’t get back in control of my emotions 
I’m having a hard time dealing with your absence
I’m having a hard time standing by myself
I need your help Daddy

I’m broken and lost without you Daddy
I need your will to want to carry on
I need your strength to over come this
I need your strength to stay standing
Your courage to fight back again
I need your help 

Please Daddy I’m at a loss
How am I suppose to do this
I need your guidance 
I need you to guide me back
To whom I was before
I need your help Daddy
I need your help

Copyright © Sabrina Niday Hansel | Year Posted 2013

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A Perfect-

A perfect crime.
The paper the victim,
the weapon a pen.

A perfect time.
The thoughts in my head,
a prayer, I say, amen.

A perfect day.
The mood is right,
it is time to begin.

A perfect way.
So I write, Father please,
forgive me for my sin.

A perfect start.
The liquid poison,
slowly kills the page.

A perfect heart.
Slowly breaking,
from all the rage.

A perfect death.
Please go in peace,
Your soul to keep.

A perfect breath.
For it's the last,
please don't weep.

Copyright © Sienna Ethylpen | Year Posted 2013

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Goodbye Little Rain

Goodbye little rain,rest your soul in peace.

Your memories will remain in our hearts,

Lay down little munchkin in cotton candies.

The echoes of your laugh left in the corner of our house.

You'll be our forever baby, our little brave warrior.

time has come for you to leave,

Take away all our pain and sorrows.

Bring with you our hugs and kisses,

A cuddle of love and kindness,

The spirit of unconditional love.

Goodbye, little Rain,I sing you a lullaby.

To keep you quietly sleeping until the morning comes.

Until we embrace tomorrow in a promised paradise,

Where no more tears, pain and sickness.

Only joyful hopes and happiness arise.

#In loving memory of my nephew, Mark Rainier De Torres :)

written: 11/26/2013

Copyright © Aiyah de Torres | Year Posted 2013

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"Daddy" the way I call my father
The man who loves my mother
The man who gave life to me
And the man who will risks his life to protect his family.

He's not showy about his feelings
But I know he loves us unconditionally
He gets angry when his siblings were hurt
And he makes us laugh the way he dances and tells us jokes

Now..he left us already
His silly jokes,crazy dance moves now were gone
Coz he went to a far away land
In a place where  hurt and sorrow has no place in man

I miss my daddy a lot
His voice,
His jokes,
His crazy dance moves
And his being father to us
I miss everything about him!

I know God has a plan
And I give everything into His merciful hand
Pls.take care ofmy daddy in heaven
Coz someday we'll see him again
And continue the sing and dance with him again...

Copyright © Jerica Sanchez | Year Posted 2013

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Who Knew

Who knew…..
Who knew life would take this turn
So early in time
I didn’t get a chance to take it all in
The time for me to spread my wings
Came to soon

Who knew….
My last day
Would be with the ones I love
To laugh with friends and yes, my love too

Who knew….
Life is love, when you are embraced by all
I wasn’t done loving you by far….
But God needed me so he called

Who knew…
Who knew life would take this turn
I love you all though time is short
Embrace each other and please don’t mourn
Instead, celebrate my life
I’m still dancing in heaven and I want you to dance too.

Who knew ?

Copyright © Geri Goodwin | Year Posted 2014

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It was like a whisper- 
My wife delivered the sad news- 
"Your grandfather was dead."- 
And so he was- 
Her eyes was awfully sad- 
Touched me gently on my back- 
He was old- 
The time I started to noticed him around- 
He was a relic- 
He talked about the war- 
The warring in the land- 
Dispute over religion- 
The greatness of the past Presidency- 
How Marcos summary killed young idealist- 
How my uncle survived the bullet- 
And wrote a letter to Imelda to help him- 
The hospital bill in exchange of his ideology-
How he comes on this land- 
Answered the migration call-
In the Southern Philippine-
He was young- 
He loves democracy-
He went to street and joined the protesters-
To end up injustices- 
He tilted the land- 
Grow coffee and Avocado- 
He sniffed the salty wind of the Celebes sea- 
As he stood at the cliff of Matutum- 
Sometimes they sale fruits in the public market- 
Those years of the early 60's- 
While my mother was just a kid- 
Then we came- 
My cousins and us- 
We sat at the table- 
Trembling in the dark of dawn- 
That was during our summer escapade-
While grandma prepared for us a hot milk- 
Then he walked near beside- 
Staring on us- 
Preached the narrative of his life- 
As I perceived- 
He was a learned man- 
Our pillar collapsed-
My knees gave up- 
I sat on a bench- 
My body drenched by my cold sweat-
My eyes drawn beyond the wall- 
Like I search things on the mirror-
Tears lined on my eye-
An innocent face- 
Stared back from the reflection of the clear pond- 
"Eat it..",my older cousin whimpered-
We wore straw hat- 
And a checkered polo-
And the place was cold- 
That morning, we went into a brook-
We forgot time went by-
It was already two in the afternoon-
"Let's go home!", I don't recall who said that-
We walked briskly- 
Hold a big salmon on our hand- 
We were afraid- 
The sky was slowly given up from the dark- 
The rain started to pour- 
Then we saw him-
He was there signaling us to halt- 
Tending his carabao- 
At six- 
We gathered on the sofa- 
Only the flickers of the light glows- 
He sat on the dark corner- 
Listened the radio transistor gibbers- 
The mountain loomed in silence- 
The radio announcer talked about the cold front- 
The wind outside whistled-
At school he asked on us sometimes- 
How things going on-
He bragged about it- 
To his neighbors-
On his house at Tieza- 
There was this book rack- 
I sat there often-
Read carefully-
Those stories about the Greeks- 
The Filipino contemporary authors- 
Because of that I love to stay in the library- 
Hand gripped the yellow mongol pencil- 
Scribbling some words on crumpled papers- 
And hid it somewhere-
At college he went to our house at Silway- 
He watched the television- 
I read silently the Doveglion- 
Near beside him- 
He was weak and knew his end was coming- 
I touched his head always- 
He breath weakly and coughed-
How I love my old man- 
My son likes to play beside him- 
He was on his death bed-
Then my wife- 
Was standing right in front on the workplace- 
She looked at me on the eye- 
And I knew the smile of there is something-
Isn't right-
I knew he was gone-

Copyright © Herbert Siao | Year Posted 2015

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Goodbye To You, Hello To Self

New sheets
Light a candle with that familiar smell
Who can tell?
I have come this far
Setting up barriers to box myself
To stop picking up the traces of when you left

Emptied your cabinet, filled your duffle bag
Pick it up when you’re ready
I’m moving on to something empty
Now I’m making new history.
Let this room be a start of my new memory

Pain is more when there is no more “if”
I’m glad you left me hanging on a cliff
No water to drown me
Only a kaleidoscope sky to pull me up.
Turn off the lights, let’s end this love

I’ll sleep alone or with a stranger
Even if that’s the way, still its better
You always give me pieces I can’t build
Now I’ll give you a space you can’t bridge
Coz when I fall I fly.
When you left, I didn’t die. 
I am a free soul you can’t defy.

Copyright © Yvette Dignos | Year Posted 2015

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Mother, are you coming when the sun stop crying? 
The moon beams in tears in the sky
Its tears are the clapping drums on us
Are you going to leave our back on the ground?
Papa had sold his soul in the bar
Where his father refused to accept defeat
when are you coming back to sing the lullaby?
Our aging mind await the new rain
Exclamation of our heart brings down the unholy elegy 
To unmasked feelings
Written to say goodbye not to smile
When are you coming home mother?
Goodbye flaps so high above my eyebrows
I can not denounce the watering diction of his eagerness
When shall we see again and embrace?
I stand alone at the door staring
Looking at the sound of dignity swinging at pace
Goodbye mother, goodbye Ugochimyerem
For the ageless sky shall be my shield.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2015

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Unspoken Goodbyes

The ones you love Can make you laugh The ones you love Can make you cry The ones you love Can steal away Ere you have the chance To say goodbye Rue not the missed chance To have bid them farewell To have given to them your love Will have served …Just as well…

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2013

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In memory of my father

written 23rd Oct 1997

So long I needed to visit
 but my heart didn't listen
Letting you know how much "I love you so"
 is now something, you will never ever know

Now that you are gone
 I know I waited to long
If I could just have that one more chance
 I would never treat it as just another glance

Now you have become my biggest memory
 for you have gone to a place I can not see
Knowing that we will never again touch
 makes me miss you, so very much

My children are still to young
 to wonder why pop hasn't rung
My heart is now empty
 for you, it always had plenty

I really do need to have you back
 you were the only one, who had my back
For I know deep down inside
 you love me more than words could describe

For it is only now that I realise why you didn't want me around
 you knew how painful it would have been to watch you drown
But as long as I am still alive
 you too will continue to survive

For I will always be your darling little Denise
 who hopes you will forever rest in peace

                    ALLAN THOMAS HOLMES
                1st June 1954- 22nd Oct 1997

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

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Mournful Goodbye

First intent of an Elegy poem

As a fine mist you disappeared a day
Returning to the world of the souls
Leaving a deep and heart felt pain
Only time would heals the great sorrow
Making your immense absence and loss most 

Nayda Ivette

Copyright © Nayda Ivette Negron | Year Posted 2015

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I was asleeped lying on the floor, 
And adorned with lovely flowers; 
Peculiar things were there, 
When with a core heart they bathed me in a blessing showers: 

I don't know what the strange things were going at my house; 
Like an infant, I was upraised on shoulders; 
Each and everyone was there, 
All those who loves me, were with lots of loving rose to bid me Goodbye, mere: 

Indeed each and everyone who loves me was there; .
Still, I was called by their mouth 
with shriek diluted with deep torment fear; 
All of them flowed tears, 
Causes profound calmness instead of fear.

Who never wants to pluck my face, on that day was there; 
With an embellished loving heart; 
How can I be loved and tributed by thy mouths and hearts? 
How can I? This induces in my eyes materialistic fear.

I don't know, why they had stunned by my calm face; 
Why they astonished by seeing me asleeped? ; 
Oh! With a groaning and deep torment, Why were they awaking me from my dreams of peep? : 

Each phase and soul, 
Starts wobbling there, by seeing me; 
Where I was made asleeped forever; 
Those who had a strong love for me, 
From those hands, I was made buried forever and ever!

Copyright © Azitej Anand | Year Posted 2015

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Adieu Michel, adieu the great gem

An icon bore when the wind stood still

As I waved this emotional hands in fear, 

My tears hung in the mid air

And the gravitation could not pull it down.


Say hello to Mbadiwe, the great hunter.

Say me well to the underworld.

I do not look with watery eyes

 But dwells among the black pots howling

Supplicating like a priest

As you walk down the lonely road, 

Remember those you left behind; 

In the world of sin

May your protective hands be upon us.


Remember the chick you left behind, 

It mourned for you with its sackcloth, darker than the coal.

How be it you left so soon in horror.

Your glories still weeping

Soon men would trampled upon it like the grasses

And the trophies you worked so hard for dies.


With yesterday’s eye, 

We lifted you up high cheering.

Up you raised your hands merrily.

The field respected you and honours your footsteps

Audience slept with your thought in their mind.

And the wind drums cheerfully in your ears as you ran.

Many gifts flew to your palms because you made us proud

In the world of your own you were and ruled passion.


But now, 

The worms had feasted on that pretty body.

Body which I adored thousand times

Well, the creator knows best.

Goodbye Michel

Wing the virgin face of our eager sky

Till we meet to part no more.


Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2014

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Still Flying

The day I chose you
Compared to all the others
I saw the uniqueness of your colors
Looking back when you flew away
Broke my heart in pieces and stole all peace in living
When you were found my heart raced fast
I was beyond grateful that you came back
We moved forward and life was good
Until one day when you seemed strange
I saw you bleeding out in pain
Then news struck that you were sick
and surgery would bring an unknown risk
The vet said there was a slim chance 
Like the usual medical script
Uncertain and scared I couldn't bare
To hear the panting from your chest
All from too big an egg 
You couldn’t lay in your nest
Your appetite was lost and I was at a loss
I cupped you in my hands
Warm and unharmed
You were like snow melting away
Drifting from my heart
A change of season
There was a reason
For this lesson to be learned
You held on for the holidays to make our last memories
When the day of your dying came
It sure left me crying
But I know that you are...still flying

Copyright © Mango Lux | Year Posted 2016

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I’ll sleep when I die
Sleep when I die
Go out like Dad
Couldn’t speak when he died
The look in his eyes
Like a newborn
Wishing for words
All the mistakes
Hindsight really is
So was the price
Of that glassine
Every ounce of hope
In a swift rush to the brain
Green light went flat
There was no more

Copyright © William Hernandez | Year Posted 2015

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I find it strange coming home 
and not seeing you this evening
I know I shall never see your eyes again
but I shall always feel their gaze
anytime thoughts of you come to my mind
I can still hear your pitiful moan
the first day I kept you in the kennel
Forgive me for not realizing 
that a spirit like yours
was not meant to be caged
After you were set free
how different and alive you looked
jumping around in the yard
with  those precise energetic leaps
So goodbye my little Gypsy
I shall never see you again
but you will always dwell
in that secret spot in my heart
Thank you for the beauty
you brought into my life

November 4, 2013

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2013

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Reversal of Fortune

Over and over again, I am losing track.
Opportunities wasted with tears, sweat and blood,
chances blown into smithereens, a breached contract
like explosives ready and done but all went dud

A table once bountiful, every dish and ware,
aroma of extravagance, hard to resist,
array of choices from platter after platter,
the sky’s the limit until it ceased to exist

Deafening silence vacated the entire hall.
Everything were been raided and swept out empty.
Surprising predicament,ricocheted dodge ball,
so fast to anticipate, such velocity.

Everything is accounted for a certain price,
nowhere else to take cover from fate’s divine reach,
like mortgage, all due with collateral excise,
sucking up to its last drop, a gluttony leech

Life goes insanely inside out and upside down,
risking all in, a gamble of uncertainty.
Time’s the enemy, it runs out as we’re all bound
To death, the end credits reeling with apathy

If I am given power to turn back clock’s hand,
undoing the past is my paramount mission,
apprehend mistakes for myself to reprimand,
the reversal of fortune based on a delusion.

Copyright © Jeffrey dela Cruz | Year Posted 2015

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Verses from the Arid Sunset

Tranquil 'pon a drizzling sunset
Alone with clouded sorrow
Partly anguish, vividly hollow
Armor piercing from hatred

Blurred mementos in the fast lane
a wildfire spreading fast with haste
Ashes all over, scattered like rain
A tragedy right at your face

My chest is starting to erupt
from all corners, losing focus
Everywhere are echoes, elsewhere's abrupt
Thirst to end this, nothing to lose

Interfering my train of thoughts
Your hair are all over the place
Oh how will I ever forget?
Oh how my ego float in daze?

Stressed out, so tired and broken
as I puffed my last piece of stick
Processing again and again
Running out of words 'til the nick

Copyright © Jeffrey dela Cruz | Year Posted 2015

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A goodbye caused by discrimination

Goodbye friend indeed
For I wish not to say this
Class has given the verdict
Coins have won the battle
Thus they say
Inferior is my clan
They say I am a gold digger
They called me a scavenger
They say rag is my skin
I tell you
I wish not to be an eminent of pauper
Fingers are not equal
All fruits don't ripen the same time
Oh fate!
Partiality is your name.

Copyright © Olukosi Ibitoye | Year Posted 2011

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For A Cynical, She's Dreamy

Vague and Pure
Pieces of Miseries
Sad but Obscure
Dream of the wrong person
Live trying to be in the right.

Close your eyes shut
Sequel of puzzled dreams
You owe them explanations.
They can’t pay with a rewind.

Love is endless
Could be a river of sins
Or a plateau of pretensions.
How could I spell it out?
When my heart’s dry.

I once dream
T’was once a fantasy
I made it reality.
Walk Past like a nightmare
Now I reminisce with a bottle of LIGHT

Here’s to a box of life
Only escaping in dreams
Fear tied the realist
Close thy eyes til’ the innocents awake.

Copyright © Yvette Dignos | Year Posted 2015

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A Cliche of the Ill-Fated

Six straight bottle of beers
Pick yourself up, walk in the clear
My last text was a revelation
Your response was a mere reaction
Of what comes for us tomorrow. 

You built a barrier of cashmeres
A deafening silence calling for tears
But a smirk is all I can give
I don’t breathe agony. It’s not how I live
Truth sets me free, the cliché disabled you from me

You are now blinded by my reality
It’s still me, the weird girl you once fancy
I can only plead in silence
My words to bend the stereotype of my decadence
But this won’t keep me still, I need to pay the bill.

Our short memories will be my reference
A proof of being felt above the city of iridescence
Thousand miles apart
All I have is a pen and paper to deliver my heart
To a definite, saddening, heartbreaking end
This expires the vague collage of our happy trend.

Copyright © Yvette Dignos | Year Posted 2015

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Hello.../...Goodbye to Us

So eloquent the beauty absorbed around you;

You uplifted me by your sweet aroma.

Oh, I'm very sorry to say,

That day in May caused a breath to pay.

You stole my heart away

And cured my parading heartache;

Only if I'd known what would have brought that day,

Then I'd have hidden and gone another time.

I felt plagued and wanted to die;

As a lover would take a shot for you, I'd dodge infinity for you.

Yet only a stranger we both were, 

I'm here writing this letter swollen with a million tears of heavy cries. 

Maybe it could have been fate that we unofficially met;

A destiny resulting in both loss and gain.

A second's glance is certain to be the catch,

Since here I stand alone in the rain.

A passive reflection of sorrow illuminates from the scar;

My heart begins to beat slowly in rhythm with my eyes. 

The ticking of the clock abruptly stops;

"I know you're up there," I finally whisper  


Copyright © phillip chong | Year Posted 2008

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Goodbye For Now-------

White veil, misty eyed
in eternity he lay....

standing silent at his side
head bowed 
pain inside
her mind shadows,
retraces each day....

moments, seasons.... reality sets in.... 
a longing breath for yesterday

goodbye she cries 
as she turns away

emotions lost
a new season dawns                       
a tear fall away....


A Brian Strand Contest
14 Line Max

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2011

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Goodbye Australian Cat

Look at yourself Mr Hunt!
   How can you be trusted.
Appalled by indoor comments of a prisonary view.

Native species fade through the mass destruction of our lands,
Yet you in the veil of science
Conserve a ruthless plan.

Poison takes on innocents
Have you not learned life's lesson
To see myxomatosis ravage, rage and burn in the devil's reflection.

Yet you. Oh no! Yes you
Believe that what you do is best
For future preservation, to ensure your culling's met

By eager fools in genocide
On the islands of your shore.
The year 2020 you will celebrate I'm sure.

But me and others like me
We grow older by the day
Bardot tried to implore you
In an intellectual way.

Blighted by your lack of vision
To impose a steady hand,
To inject mass steralisation
That would retain you as a man.

The slow death and the shooting,
Toxic meat wrapped up in plunder.
Roll up. Roll up conservation
In the land we call down under.

Copyright © Lily Radcliffe | Year Posted 2015

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Goodbye Mommy

Standing 'round the stone
waiting to say goodbye,
how do you say the words
when your heart is empty.
Nothing can prepare you
for the pain of loss
when you lose someone so
close to you.
Waiting for the words
to come forward from
your lips, yet nothing
emerges past the pain.
Then you hear a soft
voice nearby saying
that which you
Goodbye Mommy.

Copyright © Mickey Stroda | Year Posted 2007

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People are like ripples,
Running across the lake.
No matter how hard you try,
You can’t catch them,
And keep them in one place.

People are like ripples,
Drifting across the lake.
Despite all your efforts
You can’t hold them close
And keep them next you.

People are like ripples
Reaching across the lake,
They become distant memories
Echoing in my mind,
Creating a sweet, bitter taste.

Copyright © Kay Cary | Year Posted 2016

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I never got to say Good bye,
And wish you on your way;
But sitting here thinking of you,
I’m not sure what to say

I missed my chance to tell you,
That I loved you with all my heart;
And now your gone forever,
God called for you to depart.

I feel so alone knowing,
I’ll never see your shining face;
So full of laughter and light,
No one could ever take your place.

But I’m not sad for you,
Because I know where you will go;
I’ll just remember all the good times,
That your life has had to show.

I remember riding beside you,
While you tell a story to me;
You lived your life to the fullest,
Of that we can all agree.

It’s time for me to Say Goodbye,
Time to set you free;
And I hope that wherever you are,
You’ll smile when you look down on me.

~For My Grandfather~

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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Never Say Goodbye

I wish things never turned out this way between us, I gave it my all only too late, 
our lives in a ruckus.

It hurts so much to say goodbye,
especially to see our young one cry.

Please remember that I tried my best,
 what ever you do, don't put our marriage at rest.

I love you so much sometimes I can't explain, my heart aching to hold you close 

The mistakes I've made in the past please forgive me, don't let that brick wall you 
have up get lost at sea.

I've always wanted it to work just never knew how to do it, only knowing now my 
futile efforts would cause you to quit.

No grudges held against you is all that I know, not giving up hope is all I can 

You're tired I understand and say you've made up your mind, please don't go thru 
life as if you were blind.

I'm trying to become someone you knew before, never giving up when both our 
hearts are sore…….

Copyright © Jon B. Rangel | Year Posted 2006

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How do you say goodbye?

How do you say good-bye
to someone who is not yet gone?
How do you hide the tears and sadness
to help them stay strong?

I do not know, I could not say.
I never expected this situation,
for it to happen this way.
I am sad, I do cry, so tell me
how do I say good-bye?

My friend a new world awaits
no hard ships, no pain.
Where the sky's are always sunny
no more dark clouds or rain.

Smiles, and laughter, angel's will be everywhere.
Maybe a few you know
will be waiting to see you there.

Will you do me a favor
as you roam the golden streets?
Can you find my grandpa, 
and give him a hug for me?

I love you my friend truly
from my heart and soul.
I'll keep your memory with me
everywhere I go.

I'll drink a toast to you
everytime I fill my cup.
I'll wish on your star
I'm sure you will bring me good luck.

I will not tell you good-bye
just that I will see you soon.
Who knows I may be next,
so save this friend a litle room.

Copyright © genice morrison | Year Posted 2006

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Goodbye Daddy

The hours spent waiting
are over, the hardest
part still yet to come.
Calls are made,
tears flow freely as they
come to take him away.
Your knees go weak,
you feel arms catch you
as you hear your baby sister's
voice saying the words
you can't bring yourself
to say:
Goodbye Daddy.

Copyright © Mickey Stroda | Year Posted 2007