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Dark Elegy Poems | Elegy Poems About Dark

These Dark Elegy poems are examples of Elegy poems about Dark. These are the best examples of Dark Elegy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Perfect-

A perfect crime.
The paper the victim,
the weapon a pen.

A perfect time.
The thoughts in my head,
a prayer, I say, amen.

A perfect day.
The mood is right,
it is time to begin.

A perfect way.
So I write, Father please,
forgive me for my sin.

A perfect start.
The liquid poison,
slowly kills the page.

A perfect heart.
Slowly breaking,
from all the rage.

A perfect death.
Please go in peace,
Your soul to keep.

A perfect breath.
For it's the last,
please don't weep.

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Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry 
Some days I live, some days I die 
Sometimes I stand tall, sometimes I crawl 
Then I pace the floor, then I pound the wall. 
Give me relief from the towering grief 
The harrowing pain when we speak your name 
Oh how we miss you, how we miss you, how we miss you, 
Little One.  

Some days I'm weak, seldom am I strong 
Some days I wonder is it worth going on 
Some days it hits you and some days it's me 
Some days we're drowning in a merciless sea. 
Give me belief from the towering grief 
The harrowing pain when we speak your name 
Oh how we miss you, how we miss you, how we miss you, 
Little One.  

It would take a lifetime and then some, I know 
To talk of all the things we miss 
And you could have that lifetime and all I have to show 
For one more goodnight kiss. 
How could it come to this?

Where do we go, what do we do 
When all of our dreams were centered on you 
We're living out the heartache in dark misery 
The photographs of you the way you used to be
Give me relief from the towering grief 
The harrowing pain when we speak your name
Oh how we miss you, how we miss you, how we miss you, 
Little One. 




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The Darkest Day

Burning eyes, I cannot believe I'm alive
Smoke fills the air and it makes me so scared
My brain is cloudy and slow, and I see myself upside down on the ground
People are screaming, I hear loud crashing
Everything begins falling
I know I won't make it out alive.
The building is breaking the whole place is shaking
And I get up to run for my life
My hands scraped and bloodied, my skirt, torn. 
There's no time to mourn.
My hair is matted and wet, and I crash into a person I had just met
Making my way down the stairs, I think about how this is all unfair.
In that split second there's another BOOM 
And impact
Throws me down to my doom.
But a hand grabs me and pulls me up,
I would say something but I can hardly gulp.
I can't see and my savior leads me.
There's a ringing in one ear, but none in my other.
I scream in frustration, and my vision goes under.
Deep darkness overwhelms me.
There is pain in my arms and I just want to leave
Leave this chaos of a world, this place where the smoke curls and whirls.
My body shuts down as I slowly fall on the ground and my life flashes before my eyes.
But it is okay. This is all I can take
And then I hear sirens and people.
I smile at them because I know it is too late.
I close my eyes then. This was the end.
I see the light and I give up the fight.

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Oh Syria

Reality is lost and I fear…
That someday…somewhere so near…
I will fall amongst the people so dear…
I fear…that I’ll just be another one…
Another one lost…

I wonder what the cost of my life is
not to get too political…
But I want to know what the cost of my life is
Is it money…is it land
I do not own any of them…I’m just a simple man

I remember…When I ran across your land…
I remember when I kissed my grandmother’s hands…
But you ripped my away from her…From my home
you ripped my away from my heart…you ripped me away from my soul

I feel helpless…I feel low…
It’s hard to play along when I know…I have no role
I have become a slave.
After all the love I gave.

When I look at my country…people I want to save
When I look around me…people I need to change
It seems like a hard thing to do…
when the range of people is way bigger than you

Freedom…oh how much I’ve heard that word
Freedom…oh how this idea has become absurd
when God gave us life…
He warned us only he can take our lives…

Oh Syria…my home
Oh Syria…my all
Oh Syria…what did they hurt you for?
Oh Syria…I’m here…I won’t let them hurt you anymore…
I am Proud to be your son…

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Light at the End

When it hits my chest
It would not lay me to rest
It cannot bring about my end
So long I refuse to bend
Death on my chest
Is but a test
On my will to live up
To see if I would give up
The Giver would allow the pain
After seeing my faith on life
He would restore me again.
Death test is but in the while
Of a second
After which we can go on.

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Raindrops and Teardrops

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Kicking and Screaming

What one wants when one wants
They once had called them lazy
These are the memories that haunt
No they are just pushing up daisies

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Death my old friend, I welcome you like an old friend. 
Young at first now an old man, I open my home and heart and welcome you you in.
So you bony spirit with the hellfire eyes take my weary soul.

Guide my gently into good night, cross the dark water to the gate of Hade's home, as I take my place in the underworld and eternal rest.

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Vision of the Fall

Visions of Usher,
Seven rooms with which flesh dwells
As reddened as a

Retro rocket ship.
Party to end all parting,
Macabre essence 

Is all prevailing. 
The mayhem of ring-a-rose
Maddened stares. I sit
Alone in green sin 
When Death travels amongst us,
All that can be done

Is find the culprit
And grovel to the void face 
Of my own doing.

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In helter-skelter  
everyone scatter.
I joined the rest of  
legs to jump gutter.
Everyone is an 
Africa  jet.
Flying dug above 
the  moon.
permanently fell to  
the earth.
Now east is a hell
and north,an  
While west is a  
flooding ocean.
Forked lightening 
and thunder guard 
the south.
Yet the center is  
Death is calling  
Our Eden became 
Sodom and 
I ran to undestiny  
being pursue by 
guns and cutlasses.
Panting like hunting  
I stumbled and fell  
into a trance.
I saw an old blind  
too blind to behold  
Jubliating with hands 
placed on her head.
Mother can't  
recognize her child,
let alone an eye  
I am as helpless as  
helpless herself.
I was so paralysed 
to  stand up.
I gazed at her with  
eyes of mercy
but was posses with  
legs of paralysis.
Because life race is  
Continually falling 
and rising
in dying and living,
I ran to an edge
I lifted up my head 
and saw gun 
pointing  at my