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Elegy Birthday Poems | Elegy Poems About Birthday

These Elegy Birthday poems are examples of Elegy poems about Birthday. These are the best examples of Elegy Birthday poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Chucko is Dead

Chucko Is Dead

It was on Columbus Day, 1962
When Chucko the Birthday Clown
Sang in tones most glorious and free.
“I’m Chucko, I’m Chucko
I’m Chucko the Birthday Clown!”
I was  comfortably ensconced on the couch.
A feigning 10 year old with a pseudo fever,
Sister Mary Daniel was probably making the sign of the cross, 
Up the street at St. Mary’s,
When Chucko the Birthday Clown
Stared into the camera and saw me,
Insignificant me,
Just a freckled punk kid;
Hater of sadistic nuns and boring dry lessons
Of crowded sweaty stinky catholic classrooms
With crucifixes of a dead bloody Jesus.
And the sweet salvation of the universe was not yet apparent.
But Chucko knew all about that.	
He knew the future and the past.
He knew about Kennedy and Kent State
He knew what was coming so imminently,
He looked into that camera at Channel 7
And saw the children of the 50’s
Coming home in body bags from
The jungles of hell,
From the other side of the world,
From the bloody backside 
Where all things are vile and evil.
He saw fear, and an ocean of tears.
He saw ten thousand sunsets
And 50 thousand funerals of the crazy brave.
Even in 1962 
When the country was still a damn good country,
He rode the highways and byways with a pockmarked grin.
But he knew he could never tell of what was coming,
Of the madness and corruption and the greed,
“I’m Chucko, I’m Chucko,
I’m Chucko the birthday clown!”
Mother! Please! Take my hand.
I’m afraid!
Chucko the Birthday Clown is dead.

Copyright © stark hunter | Year Posted 2013

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On my Birthday

It was just a day, and 
I felt, I was snowing
In the great lagoon of fear and fantasy,
I publish my words...
Hoping that,
They would represent 
Me, beyond the measure of life;
And, into the cavity of truth --
Where my pulse ticks clocking.

Copyright © Sadat Khan | Year Posted 2013

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Single Purple Candle

   Within a flicker your life sailed away like the rushing tide upon a purple sea
   it carrying you along to be placed by God's side setting your soul free

   If only your eyes could tell me of the splendor you now see
   and emit your light of purple brilliance so as to ease my sad heart of agony

   In silence I lite a purple candle for you knowing forever you are near
   my arms reach out to hold your shadow while my eyes are covered and veiled

   Your candle starts to dim the melting wax dripping into the shapes of a thousand
   consuming my heart of the sadness and deprivation that you are not here

   In paradise you now belong as the Angels sing your warrior song
   today is your birthday and I know the greatest gift was God calling you home

   But as your Mother my heart continues to suffer with grief
   as I lay upon my bed with your blanket and savor your lasting scent

   Watching your purple candle flicker and glow as it vibrates my lost heart
   my love for you Son forever ablaze knowing for only a short while we are apart

   Speak softly to me in my dreams while giving me visions of a young child at play
   the purple candle continues to burn my sweet child, 'Happy Birthday'.

   We miss you Caleb. Happy Birthday  
   copyright   2016   From Aunt Tammy Reams- to my Sister 


Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2016

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wE ARE ALL    1
everything between
Heaven and earth
is entwined
   thru water
      by light

1. GOD
" I AM "

                the god poet
         for my dear friend
 June 17 2015

Copyright © gary dye | Year Posted 2015

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Good morning Steph, today's the twentieth. It's Syd's birthday and I've been thinking of you. I bought her a cake yesterday, chocolate and vanilla swirled. I thought of calling your mom, but she always disappears this time of year. She wants to be alone with you. Instead I bought another cake just for you, like I always do. A red velvet, I think you'd like it. I woke up this morning all alone and went to the frig, pulled out your cake and cut a slice. My eyes filled with tears but you know I don't cry so I closed my eyes and wished you a happy birthday and let just one slip by, just for you. It's been a while since we shared your last birthday together. Yours on the nineteenth and Sydney's on the twentieth, eighteen years apart. Sydney was just one. Just the family, the four of us and you and your mom. We joked and laughed. Who knew in a few months you'd be gone. We all felt so helpless after the accident, but there was nothing we could do, just be there for your mom. She stayed with us for days afterward. Then there was Granddaddy, you were like his own daughter. One of the last things he said to me before he passed away was, "I know my times over but I'll surely be happy to see Stephanie again." I hope your together. Sydney's fourteen now. Funny thing, when she was two, three times she was looking over her moms shoulder, entranced. Her mom asked, "What are you looking at?" Her response was, "Nina." Heather made up that name for you when she was only three. I remember, out of the blue, she looked at you and said "Nina." You looked at her quizzically and said, "My name's Stephanie." She said, "No, it's Nina." You said, "OK," and she called you that from then on. We found out years later that she blamed herself for your death, and she was the most hurt by it. She loved you so much. She didn't understand. She was only six. Stephanie, such a beautiful, gentle young woman You were the first to leave us and by far the hardest. I would have taken your place in a moment if only to keep the tears from you mom's eyes. Love you Nina, miss you.

Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2016

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Another year gone by,
time certainly does fly.

Hoping that it would be another year together,
instead dwelling on fears of loosing you forever.

Today is my birthday, a joyous occasion,
but instead I mourn in silence, living in damnation.

Is this to be the norm forever?
Wishing day by day things will get better.

I dream of this day being at the boardwalk with you
and our daughter,
but instead today I will be alone, the fear of any
mother or father.

Today is my birthday, and there will be a tomorrow,
but for now I must live it in sorrow.

Copyright © Jon B. Rangel | Year Posted 2006

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my last hug, my last kiss: tribute to Darryl Baskins

I saw him on that last Sunday
I gave him a hug and a kiss
I told him he works to hard
and on Sunday's of him I did miss

he told me today was his birthday
I told him that was wrong
for not giving the church congregation
a chance to sing him a birthday song

as we're standing near the pulpit
I turned to the remaining crowd
I said, "today is Darryl's birthday "
in a voice clear and loud
so we gathered together
and we all started to sing
the birthday song to let Darryl know
to us what he means
we said we love you and
we wish you all the best
as a fellow child of God
we know that you are blessed

I was unaware that that would be the very last time
that I would see my dear friend Darryl Baskins alive
but I'm glad I got that chance to give him 
my last hug and my last kiss
because he was my dear friend
and of him I will truly miss

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2007