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Divorce Husband Poems | Divorce Poems About Husband

These Divorce Husband poems are examples of Divorce poems about Husband. These are the best examples of Divorce Husband poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Half Is Much Better Than Nothing

When a couple got a divorce, the wife was going to have to pay alimony.
She thought that she could get away with murder but that was baloney.
They had been married for twenty-seven years and had kids.
She was going to have to pay $50,000 per year because she earned more than her husband did.
She didn't want to lose half of her salary so murder was the direction in which she went.
But she didn't give the Police any credit, she didn't realize that they are very efficient.
The Police showed their efficiency when they arrested her, that was a painful lesson that she had to learn.
Half is much better than nothing and now she's behind bars and nothing is what this stupid woman earns.

(This is a true story)

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Why Me

Help me God for I need you by my side
The devil is out there but, she likes to hide,

I am angry and upset all in one
How do I get peace and some how make the devil be gone,

What did I do to deserve this 11 years of torment
Did I deserve all of this because it was in print,

When I married my love I never knew the anguish I would endure
To have a person whom would be so vendictive for sure,

It would be nice to have some sense of peace
Now that is all I can wish for to say the least,

I feel desperate to have a calm and peaceful living
So why is so hard for them to let go and be forgiving,

There is an answer I know that will help me
Only God can show this person how to set them free.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2015

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Broken heart thief

The hurt and pain has gone on way to long
Despite my efforts to hold on and stay strong
I find myself losing hope
I'm not quite sure just how to cope
I do what I can't to forget his name 
By playing myself into some risky game
Use medication to make it through the day
Can't quite find the words to say
To the thoughts in my head that can't stay silent
To the anger in me that needs to be violent 
I gave all I had till there was nothing left
He walks away free with a broken heart theft
I'm trying like crazy to erase his memories I keep
But the more I try the more the wounds dig deep
The foster child who put up a wall
Found a man to break it down
Only to find out he was her demise and fall
So I'm mad at him and myself for believing 
That I could be so fooled by looks that were deceiving 
From the reason I'm smiling
To my river of tears
He has no regret 
He doesn't even care
I should have know he was not the one
When he wasn't moved by the death of his son
God help the cold heart that lies within
And rid him of his every sin
Broken, bruised, hurt, and tethered 
Our vows will be forever shattered 
Though nothing will ever heal his damage 
I have hope for the heart held together with a bandage.

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I know a person who will make up lies to get her way
But, she doesn't tell about her secrets due to judgement day,

This person knows it is wrong to falsify legal documents
But, in desperation they don't care because to them it makes sense,

They hide their dark secrets from the judge
Because if he finds out then they will have to let go of the grudge,

Their hate towards people who do them wrong
Continues in their soul that they have had in them all along,

The day will come when they will have to confess
That for the past few years they have become obsessed,

By still getting even with people they still hate
So they can never let go of their own eternal fate.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2007

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Stealing My Man

I say to you that you didn't steal my man
Even though it was my fault because I cheated on him with a mam,

I never was the best wife or mother that he wanted
So I have always made excuses for how sorry I was and now i am being haunted,

By the guilt I feel why I lost my great hubby
I wanted him and a woman to satisfy my needs to be lovey dovey,

I tell thank you for taking him from me
Deep inside it hurt so that is why I couldn't set him free,

That is why I sought vengence so he could feel my wrath
But, I still say; he is the one whom took the right path.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2015

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You Only Have Yourself To Blame

You're mad because I told your husband the truth.
You cheated on him and I showed him the proof.
Instead of being angry, you should be ashamed.
You cheated and you only have yourself to blame.

You tried to convince your hubby that my proof was misleading.
But he could see the truth and he started divorce proceedings.
Because you were unfaithful, the judge didn't give you squat.
The clothes on your back were the only things that you got.

Your good life is gone and that's something you regret.
You once drove a Porsche but now you drive a Chevette.
Because of your infidelity, you were tossed out into the street.
If you ever find another rich man, you'd better not cheat.

(This is a fictional poem)