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Death Moon Poems | Death Poems About Moon

These Death Moon poems are examples of Death poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Death Moon poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The kiss

The kiss

She felt the winging of the crows with the decline of light,
the dither of the leaves that sensed the overrunning horde
as foreign soldiers torch'd the land, the warfare to ignite,
uncouth and uninvited troops that peace and laws abhorr'd.

Barbarians invade the land, their darkened deeds unjust
and slaughter the civilians that power do not wield
therefore the maid with dignity, her father's weapons thrusts,
cause it is better oft with pride, for freedom to be killed.

The daughter of the Dorians, on the embrasure stands;
for paragons should mortals live, for dignity must fight;
alike a hawk that soars to skies, her soulfulness expands,
imparting to the Gods above, her kiss of vestal light.

Hence, standing, fights among the nooks, the demons she beheads,
from dawn to dusk the crimson runs upon her armor steels
while little dribs of her own blood, communion she sheds,
partaking in the mizzle drops and substance of the kills.

" I leave my kiss upon the blade, and on the armor wrought,
companions and amulets shall take my soul to fields
where Death awaits, the knightly groom of whom the love I sought,
adjacent to the clanging sound of swords upon the shields. "

© 09-10-2014, G. Venetopoulos, All Rights Reserved
(Iambic heptameter)

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On The Moon

Thea, grandfather Alferd's dog died, she was so old and sick
Now is Thea on the moon, says Adrian who is six

Michael Jackson died so unexpectedly and abruptly
He is on the moon and plays with Thea, says Adrian who is a big fan

Betzy, grandfather Arild's dog died, she was also old and sick
Now Betzy is also on the moon with Thea and Michael Jackson and play all day

Great Grandmother died so unexpectedly and abruptly
Adrian who is six had difficulty understanding

Adrian who is six cried many tears for Great Grandmother
but comforted himself with the fact that she is sitting on the moon and
makes waffles to Thea, Michael Jackson and Betzy.

A-L Andresen :)  - A true story -

Details | Terzanelle | |

An Epic Battle With A Simple Question

A beautiful heart pines from afar. To parallel freedom, we choose our master. In Love, the Dragon and Unicorn are! Celestial winged heart beats faster, Over mountain and ocean meet polar eyes. To parallel freedom, we choose our master. Embarking from sun brewed and moonshine skies Two alien races, in war, collide. Over mountain and ocean meet polar eyes. All brothers' swords raise, marching with pride. Sisters of heaven let feathers fly. Two alien races, in war, collide. The angered clouds rain blood from the sky. A new path finally found. Sisters of heaven let feathers fly. Brothers' swords low now to the ground. A beautiful heart pines from afar. A new path finally found. In Love, the Dragon and Unicorn are! In universe Out bound energy Where are we when we die?

Details | Salaam | |

Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

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Gibbous Moon in Rhyme and Free Verse

Two-word Lines       Free
with Rhyme            Verse

gibbous moon         The near-full moon—
ashen veil               its ashen light—
phantasm strewn     ghostly, swathing all
redolent pale           with pale glow.

shamed hues           In moonlight, colors surrender—
morbid face             faces are morbid, semblance
heedless muse         of those about to pass,
death’s embrace       abandoned by life's essence.

gibbous moon           Gibbous moon wanes, as 
night reviled             night warily gauges its retreat.
morning soon            And with advancing dawn,
newborn child.          new life replaces the departed.

Sorry, the program doesn't allow for setting up columns, so alignment on the second version of the is incorrect.

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Trip Twist

In the void, sipping the zoid,
with mental properties of tripping on the spiral.
Falling down the tail of lions, awkwardly spinning.
With upside down tunnel vision leaking through.

Solidifying all matter that matters,
melting into the walls of your brain.
It tickles all the raindrops dripping in your eyes,
satisfying your desire of a synchronized pattern.

Bleeding purple from the rainbow,
and turning into swirls of diamonds.
Slipping exuberantly beside you; driving you wild.
Where the shadows stop the spirited scream.

Devour yourself into the omniscient grip. 
Icy cold finger tips scratch the surface of your divinity,
bringing you closer to the God who whispered in your unborn ear,
situated in your flesh from birth to death.

It embeds itself in the pupil of your eye,
dancing with your spirit and licking your soul.
Black shapes of madness wrapped in chaos and euphoria.
Twinkling and blinking dust of a cloud. 

Haze filled skies and blood filled smoke raining from the clouds.
Envisions of clowns and demons laughing at our demise.
Chilling sensations of sickening mannerisms,
mechanisms and mechanics sought out to destroy the tiny creatures.

These creatures running crazy into acceptance of demise.
Deprived of life, scared of death but giving into it's taste.
Taste buds quiver as the taste grows sweeter.
Death, oh death, tell everyone who you really are...

Too long have you been hidden in the shadows you cast, 
too long have we rendered your pain.
The world grows sicker as the hairs in my head grey. 
I'll never surrender as demons always circle.

Today, begins a new day of our fight.
And I have a good feeling about this day. 
Onward, we have united our minds and gathered ourselves within. 
Always ready for we accept our fear. 

We accept our hate and everything in between.
Accept it all for what it really is. 
No amount of doubts will over throw us. 
Onward, to peace.

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Scarlet Moons and Indian Suns

Written August 29, 2013

She could have had my son
As we'd spell our names as one
On scattered ocean shores
Beneath that Indian sun

I loved my ma
And I loved her well
I loved my pa
And that musty smell

I hope to see them some day soon
I hope to see them smiling too
This Earth they left a bit too soon
Much thanks unto the scarlet moon

Some day well all be joined as one
Under scarlet moons and Indian suns

I love my family
How I miss this feeling
Of constant embrace
Awaiting at my feet

So come and pray for rain
To wash away our pain
Before the winter stains
What autumn left to drain

I hope to see them some day soon
I hope to see them smiling too
This Earth they left a bit too soon
Much thanks unto the scarlet moon

Some day well all be joined as one
Under scarlet moons and Indian suns

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This night fate had been decided in the moonlight
As the bread winner had answered to the doomed call-
The compulsory striker had kicked to his goal post.
This sure-bet would never miss the net.

Ere his 'lift-off', our old man had whispered
Love words, and sang spiritual songs to our souls.
Not knowing that this full moonlight night trace will gulp his gullet
And he will never babel any more on this land he keep.

Home couldn't do anything but to wonder about
And soak the floor with our tears.

What an unbelievable seizure of the soul!
Do this means our man had parted this world
And we would see him no more until the final world?

This moon mustn't go in
Before his body 's laid (down)to rest
As his faith demanded.

Should this be a bright moonlight night to spare?

***sure-bet, compulsory striker- death
***home- family
***our man, old man- Elder

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The Eves of May

Maelstrom, O thou devil 
Slither past last March then unto April
Into the eves and ides of May 

Thou cannot hide, but thou wilt try
To disguise thy age old blackness
Forsake what once were brighter skies
Stranglehold; sane extraction

And the spills of night
A new tone deafness
Burning oil; sentiment molasses 
Bringing storms that cloud minds human and fragile 

Spheres of moonlit halos
Become, no more than serpent spies
Peeking through faultlines of life
Dancing about to the madness limbo

One lost soul...
Shipwrecks against a sea
And there too does the twist of tango
Eyes of the deep; tentacles, touching me

Elsewhere, the raven flies repetition
Into glass windows
Blood stains upon a faceless mask
Drowns out the cries and the conscience

Of feathers blacker that lie strewn
Are the questions I have asked 
And the answers I cannot have

Let slip feigned breath of man beneath
A gargle from the cold tunnel brine
What's left surrenders alter to its evil
And nothing is, to evermore survive

And the eves and ides of May 
Are Saran gas upon a mass of land
Men of desparation hunger 
Eating flesh of man much meeker

And thou wilst not again
Glimpse thy rival sun
Nor when it comes, goes 
Or finality, when it finds its done

Inspired by the madness of Poe
That which is locked within us all

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The powerful silvery stardust

On that starry night, as I sat on the open balcony Of my own pigeon home, so cosy I saw, mesmerization, O pure adoration How beautous was this great attraction! A blanket of stardust, a black one full of stars Faced with it, so trivial seemed my scars Life itself seemed so mysterious And so full of grace so imperious! As I watched with wonder, came running down my cheeks Those tears, seeking their way out of their creeks Merciful must be the high Lord None knew why he did create a world so haggard! Somewhere, thought I, must be an abode There, sing the fairies, an eternal ode While switching on and off the blinking lights Of life and death, such must be its sights! On that starry night, living seemed a must A travel from a forgotten place to an unknown one To live simply with the wills of just Shall someday give me the high stature of the great swan!
Name : Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Details | Prose Poetry | |

I Shall Wait For You My Beloved

I shall wait for you to come my beloved
For you are my white star of twilight
The moon in the sky’s far end

I shall rise up with thee
Lie down with thee
For in my dreams thou art always with me

Oh Great Spirit
When our time has come
Join us together as one in the wilderness of your sacred home
When you look upon us give us your peace and refreshing sleep

For you and I my beloved, are two halves joined together
Each others distant shore
The left and right wings of the bird
Two halves of a seashell

We are apart, yet connected by a greater love
I shall wait for you my love 

The sun and moon bless the union of our spirits
Designed by our Creator for life’s endless journey
Joined like a tree to earth, a cloud in the sky
You are a part of me, as I am of you
Bonded by the Great White Spirit

You are my love, my heart’s best  friend
Our love will never cease, never end
I know it is thou who moves within my heart
Now and forever my beloved - I shall wait for you to come
Ayor’ Anosh’ ni’ my love

"Ayor’ Anosh’ ni’ means I love you in Navajo"

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Flying Witches

Our searching eyes, and how they spy,
Hunting children from the sky
Our hungry hearts, for blood doth cry!
To quench our throats long parched and dry
O'er many Moons have read our runes
Cursed our Foes to meet their doom
Killed the swine atop our brooms-
And sent the youth to early tombs


**Halloween contest entry also for Skat
(Is it considered bad form to enter the same poem for the same theme?)

Details | Cowboy | |

Heaven's Tick

Oh, the sun and moon are tickin’
In the nighttime western skies—
A man’s got a lot of ridin’
Till that final day he dies.

He rides his ranch a wonderin’
Just what all this days will bring—
Ponderin’ all his finances
Till he hears the lone wolf sing.

He reckons it’s been a good life
And he would have changed no part—
And remembers those before him
That brings sadness to his heart.

Oh, the sun and moon are tickin’
And he hears that earthly chime—
He only wishes he’d done more
With that thing that’s known as time.

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The sealed mountain

The grass like words in a poem, grew up on the hill,
With the pulsing season birds` bitter and honey thrill;
So green and yellow written in the sad memory:
Words on painted crosses of wood and ivory;
Blessed words on lips and clouds passing far away;
Grass grew around the shinning words of yesterday;
Grass and fluorescent flowers of our good night ,
And long echo of Narcissus calling the first light
From whose tender drops the world caught life,
And temptation of good got dim shadowy strife.
Words like moon reflected on the time`s waters
Brought the stratified Yorick`s smiles of our brothers;
It seems a wet moon with  broken troubled waters.
We sag and summon back the past Job`s heirs`hearth
To find the sealed mountain whose true faith is enough . 

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Another Night of Dread

It is dark and night outside my window,
and in the soundless, lit confines of my 
room I sit at my old, ivory desk 


and anxious with dread for what the rest
of another night may bring.

My ostomy bag, an abhorrent creature that 
hugs precariously on one side of my abdomen,
covers my raw and fleshy stoma underneath. 

Against my desire, the stoma continually oozes  
feces and waste 

like a sewer into the ostomy bag, which, 
every seven days or so ruptures its seal 
and transforms into

a stinking and rancid cabbage

whose fetid odor refuses to stop emanating 
until the entire, offensive beast is immediately 
uprooted from my body.

So, I sit at my ancient, ivory desk, writing 
these cherry-picked words to express

the anxiety and the doldrums 
of another night;  

and the lonely, isolating, embarrassing, humiliating,
ego-wiping, self-esteem killing, mind-numbing, 
soul-shattering, universal, all-embracing, 


that weekly offends my nostrils and fills my lungs 
because of a thoroughly used-up ostomy bag that 
needs to be removed immediately

like an old, decaying vegetable 
that has outlived its 

It is another cheerless night in the same, old
cheerless space: 

the nose-blistering smell, however, is only for 
another night...

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What If Tomorrow Never Comes

I recall now the days when forever seemed but a short time The visits to the hospital, brought sad images to your mind She lay on a bed, cords all around her, no hair upon her head The cancer drove us crazy with worry tears and fright She was only a baby, I didn't get the chance to say goodbye Farewell until we meet again where you'll be waiting... waiting for tomorrow to come again. What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. And now I lie here thinking it through, memories flash through my head, memories of you Moments of a bittersweet time Reminiscing the days when you were mine The days when you were alive The tears come back to my eyes I feel the need to cry but nothing slides out I need to scream and shout, My emotions pour out as one, silently So what if tomorrow never comes? Reality in death is so hard to accept, I need my tomorrow to come... What if it never does? What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. Will tomorrow ever come? I just want to be awake when the moon becomes the sun I'm waiting here for you, in the darkness of the night. I wait still for you, forever the images will haunt my mind Tomorrow will come I'll soon be alright Tomorrow will come... Tomorrow has come... I can now see the sun.

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Ask fate does the moon shift 

As the oceans drift apart 

With no moon in this sea of dark 

Visions slowly sank 

My dead eyes staring blank 

While i stay idle 

Forming an illusion of an isle 

Struggling to find consciousness growing weary 

Long thoughts in my head I hold dearly 

Chained as I am to body, soul and mind 

Barely scraching the surface with nothing to find 

There is not a line pourtraying a goal 

As I live peacefully with my soul 

My last drop of satisfied life that once ran rampant 

Drips to the sea of lost souls to be tampered  

Twisted and sore my vessel that I lore 

My soul began to soar higher then ever before

Details | Triolet | |

Shadows Trail to the Afterglow

In the darkest she danced blissfully, The moon did glow, yet hearts cried. Yes young maiden rest now peacefully, In the shadow she danced blissfully Unaware now, these trains passed, As she danced, the penumbra lied, In the darkest she danced blissfully, The moon did glow, yet hearts cried.
_________________________ For nette's contest: "In the Afterglow"

Details | I do not know? | |


Shush be calm, it’s okay I’m right here,
You’re hugging my pillow and shedding a tear

You have my memory and I feel your heart,
Always forever till death do us part.

We’ll always have Paris and the empire state building
Watching the Bulls and the yankees out fielding 

But there’s nothing like kissing and the shared living touch,
and the holding of hands that we loved so much.

The smell of your perfume at the end of a day
Knowing that just before work we had shower play

Making love in the moon light the sun and the rain
The memories of beach the car and the plane

Running naked through sand dunes and chasing the sun
Naked moon bathing naming stars just for fun

It was always and only about just you and me,
And it always and shall be for eternity.

 Please don’t go just yet I have something to say
Then you can let my balloon float away

I thought I knew love and knew what to do
But it all went so wrong when I met you

My wires got crossed an my thinking went wonky
My smarts all went south on a pantomime donkey

But now that I’m gone I don’t want you to worry
I don’t want you to rush to get here in a hurry

It’s all down to you now to play and explore
Before you join my photo in our sons bottom draw

Thank you for sharing your life and your love
I’ll be watching you always from the blue skies above

From the wind in your hair to the moon in your eyes
 From the warmth of the sun and the sea and the skies

Feel loved and not spied on, I want your sprit to fly
I can’t live with the thought of making you cry.

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Moon Light Bright

                                                     Moon Light Bright.

                                                Oooh you shine so bright 

                                in every full autumn night without your friend in cite, 

                                       that helps you dominate the night sky 

                                                with your dens chilling light 

                    which helps me seek my ways throw the hunting mystery of the night,
                                                  without a single flashlight.

                                        Theo I wish on every day and every night 
                            nature can deliver such a beautiful cite... Moon Light Bright.

Poetry 2/23/11 by Keith Kadell

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The Truth That Was Hidden

I'm  sitting here in this room,
thinking to myself about the past.
How I had bloom...
though, it didn't last.

God, everyday I am lying.
Everyday I put on my mask.
I always end up crying
since no one dares to ask.

I stopped talking to my friends,
cut them all loose.
For this is the end,
and we all knew I would lose.

Everyone around me thinks I'm better.
since all they see are lies.
They should know better!
Even though I'm in disguise.

I put on my fake smile
and laugh along with everyone around me.
I think everyone is in denial
since they can't obviously see

They act like nothing happened.
like... I faked the whole incident.
They honestly don't know what happened,
or why I caused that incident.

They believe that I was never "broken"
just that I wanted attention.
I should have never spoken
and give them my full attention.

No one knows I've been skipping my pills,
everyone thinks I take them.
Maybe I'm saving them for the kill?
Who knows what I plan to do with them.

I throw up everyday,
only because I've grown used to it.
No one understands my ways
or why I keep quiet.

Sometimes, when I'm alone
and I see something I could use to harm myself.
I check to make sure I'm on my own
and start to look at myself.

First, I cry...because I oh so much hate my body.
Then, I hurt myself.
Proving that I am nobody.
and since I'm alone, and with no one else

I continue doing this 
until I see a drop of blood,
then it feels like bliss.
I continue sometimes, craving the blood.

Then when it gets too much,
I sit down
thinking... no one knows I do such
if they did...would they let me drown?

I bet they would.
Since everyone I have come to love, 
leaves me..just like they should.
because I'm nothing from above.

You might think I'm a blessing.
ha, I'm a curse.
I bet you were messing,
and just tried to keep it from getting worse.

but let me get this straight,
nothing you say or do,
will get me to leave this gate.
For this gate is where I was left to

be on my own.
to forget about help.
I was always alone,
never having anyone's help.

Just let me be,
I don't need your sympathy.
Can't you see?
It doesn't matter to me!

I'd rather have everyone hate me
than have you all pretend
because believe it or not, I can see
through all your acts that should come to an end.

You aren't my friend,
so leave me now.
This my end,
you mustn't know how.

I will write back soon,
for this is my only comfort.
I only shall come at the time of the moon,
for that is my hour of comfort.

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The situation don't look too good tonight.
There's gonna be a full moon tonight.
I'd stay at home, if I could, tonight,
there's gonna be a full moon tonight.
I feel it coming, 
there will be strangers out tonight.

Every strange thing that you see. 
Every act of lunacy,
happens in this lunar glow, 
where they come from, I don't know,
but it must be lunacy.

Lunatics are coming out tonight.
It's a full lunar situation, tonight.
Strange goings on, will go on tonight, 
there's gonna be a full moon tonight.

Every stranger that you know, 
comes out in this lunar glow.
Every strange thing happens when, 
there's a full moon out again,
and when it's full, they all know!

Lunatics are coming out tonight.
It's a full lunar situation, tonight.
Strange goings on, will go on tonight, 
there's gonna be a full moon tonight.
              © ron wilson aka vee bdosa

Details | Chant Royal | |

The Castle of Carcass

This diary I do not wish to share
For fear that I would be a tortured slave
A servant of a menace though I dare
To let this ink concede the castle's grave
A servant of a menace who is King
A crown of horns and ruler of his sting
Pretends to hold council with noble Knights
Inside his chamber of corrupted lights
Between the moon and gravitated gore
In intermission of thine wretched nights
A chamber that secrets dare not explore

With depressed eyes desensitized I stare
At an exalted allergenic cave
White castle of beauty without compare
But looks can be what ever thou shall crave
In dismal darkness clouds descend and cling
Around it's feet and all the castle's wing
An imagery projected without lights
As scenic beauty suffers dreary nights
Ironic ill confines the chambers core
A weary servant of a menace writes
A chamber that secrets dare not explore

With blood and gut the King confines his chair
And at request his massive skin I shave
Not razor upon neck or facial hair
But blade upon this Esau whole I shave!
One graphic verse can not detail this thing
Or be it may this wolverine a King
Has doth a curse betray thy human rights?
As if nature is pleased with horrid sights
A task traumatic never tried before
To host a hostile King of haunted heights
A chamber that secrets dare not explore

Upon the hour mistresses give care
Massaging all desires as a slave
A gold for every girl of gleaming glare
The gold deceit to satisfy his crave
With lips the lust lavish affections sing
A kiss above his neck and on his ring
A mistress for a mistress each delights
A mistress for a mistress and his Knights
'Twas sacrificial feast behind the door?
Thine eyes and ears doth not deceive these nights
A chamber that secrets dare not explore

For every moon that fulls the cattle dare
To improvise an integrated rave
As if a hidden beast gave them a scare
To escape morbid quarters they enslave
Echoes of death and mistresses that sing
Evil inside the castle and the King
The blood beneath the chamber door that lights
Compunction in the King and in his Knights
Echoes of cattle as the prey that roar
From purgatory doth this servant writes?
A chamber that secrets dare not explore

What must be done to calm the fear that frights
What must I take to ease the pain that bites
A servant cursed of cruel and cryptic chore
To clean the death ate by thy King and Knights
A chamber that secrets dare not explore

Details | Prose | |

Good Night

Like angels kissing strangers
Rising with the moonlight
The flowers of your eyes
Kiss my soul goodnight

Finally the sleep fairy
Has blessed me
With much request
And eyes, teary

Won’t wake up soon
Won’t give up this chance
Don’t be gloom
I've acquired a better stance 

The scent of your eyes
Will keep me strong
On the other side
As I wander long

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Winter Nights Moon Glow

Would you like to go with me my love? Perhaps better not… to go! I go into the woods at night you see Neath Winter night’s Moon glow I listen for the night bird’s cries And when I hear them I know That I’m close to where I want to go Neath Winter night’s Moon glow For March is when Winter starts to die It’s life force ebbs and slows The night birds cry, the cold winds sigh Neath Winter night’s Moon glow Would you like to take that walk with me A stroll serene and slow? Perhaps we’ll be, in luck and see Things that we shouldn’t see… or know I’ll only ask you one more time (or three) You alone must decide to stay or go Winter’s demise waits not, for you or me The night birds say it’s so You’ll not soon forget what you’re soon to see Again!…perhaps best you not go! the night bird cry, high in the skeletal tree Neath Winter night’s Moon glow When Winter dies, and Jack Frost flees And barren limbs sway to and fro It’s only fools and lovers like you and me That dare bear witness to tortured throes …Neath Winter night’s Moon glow…

Details | I do not know? | |

In the Sun the Moon the Stars

I do not trust my form,
to act as an adequate vehicle to carry my Love for You.
It aches with decadence and decomposition.

Skins cells flake in exhaustion,
Hair follicles abort out of fatigue
Finger nails and toes nails crack , peel and tear.             

Bones creak in warning,
Muscles retreat in lethargy 
Skin hangs, falls and sags.

So I place my Love in the sun,
the moon,
the stars,
the grass,
the leaves.

So that I may continue to adore you in everything,
with everything.

Details | Tanka | |

Moonlight Dream

I always said that i came alive at night
The same time the moon shined
I always felt powerful and strong
Doing everything possibly wrong
I remember seeing a girl walking the streets
Yellow ribbon dress running from me
I tried telling her not to worry 
But she started screaming
I snatched her up and shook her
stopped the screaming
stopped her breathing
Moonlight Dream

I awoke to the sound of sirens
Covered in blood that surrounded
My mother asked me why i did it
Confused by the second
I ran far away in an instant
Went a far distance
A village on the horizon
Near the Appalachian Mountains
I pleaded for help
No one seems to listen
They run

I run and run
Now out of breath
Figured out what was wrong
Can't take another step
I fall asleep on the ground
Listen to the wolves howl
I close my eyes and dream
Another dream
Another dream
Moonlight Dream

I always said that I came alive at night
The same time the moon shined
This time I saw a couple dining
I stood out the window and stared
My stomach ached of hunger
I waited for hours
A few hours went by 
They haven't came out 
feeling so hungry
Big appettite for your blood
That fake red love
Moonlight Dream

I crash through the window where you sit
You scream 
I tear your skin
Say goodbye 
I almost slurp 
I awoke to the sound of screams
Not sure what's going on
Had a bad dream
There's blood everywhere
I did this? 
I killed them?

This is my Moonlight Dream

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The sleepless moon

Dead bodies, dead bodies
Why do you haunt my dreams?
Nightmares, are all that I see
As I'm closing my eyes
Goodnight, goodnight
The moon highlights 
The dead bodies

Screams, screams
Why do you haunt my dreams?
Louder and louder
Quit singing this massacre to me
Why do I only hear
Screams in my dreams?

Terror, terror
You terrible dreams
You're reoccurring
And frightening
You make a mess out of me
Terror, terror
Why are you all that I see?
Why are you the only
Thing I can dream?

Hell, hell
Hell in my mind
You play me these lullabies
Everytime I close my eyes

Dead bodies
And screaming
Terror galore
Am I in hell?
Or am I dreaming 
Once more?

It's either I'm dying
Or being killed
Either way
There's blood being spilled
Why can't I dream about
Love or picking wildflowers?
Why do I only dream
About evil encounters?

Sleep, sleep
You're so cruel to me
Bloody and haunted
I enter my demise
These night terrors
Are eating me alive
Sleep, sleep
Why do you 
Make me weep?
Why do you always 
Keep these dreams on repeat?

Morbid, morbid
The knife's in your hand
I'm gasping for air
As I wake up again
Why is blood
And fear all I see?
Why can't my dreams
Be bright and fright free?

The moon, the moon
Oh how you're scary to see
Because I know within hours
I'll be as sleepy as can be
And you'll send me visions
Of death and anguish
And night after night
I'll secretly wish
My nightmares would come true
So I'd stop dreaming
Like this.

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A time when you could eat the sun

The trees are made of feathers and sticks
The sun is made of golden cheese
The moon was made of whipped cream
A place where the water was made out of blue Kool- Aid
The grass was made of gummy green strings
There was no houses and no place to hide
A place where a boy ate the sun
A place where the Moon swalloed up the world
A tragedy that melted and turned to liquid
No one could swim in the sea
No one could tan underneath the branches
A world where time stood still and the hours were long
A place where humans never existed

"Please Try to Go Beyond Earth Hour"
Treat earth like something you imagined when you were a kid a place where these things happened and you could be safe. Pick up your trash and clean up your yard! after all this is your world too :)!

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The assasination of Margaret May

The wind was blowing,
as the car was going,
across the hills ; across the vales
the night seemed young , as each nightbird sung 
to the moon there long and timeless tales.
Then, at midnight hour
the chauffeur rested, his iron fists upon  the wheel.
There it was,
The mansion of Margaret May, 
whose life tonight I shall verily seal.
I approached the moors like a silent hound
I scaled the walls then climbed the mounds
And though the night was dark and still
I still saw the great house upon the grey hill.
I scanned each wing like a wolf would see,
a sheep as it feeds with humility,
and yet it was no prey, that I was to kill,
for the hounds, they now bayed upon each hill.
The moon gleamed its mischief upon the terrace;
And it shined, like an unearthly thing,
it gleamed its sorrow upon my face,
and wailed its scorn, against the human beings.
I entered the house 
the doors were not locked,
so I opened them slowly and its  walls they did talk.
They spoke of devils and demons and familiar kind;
But I did not see them for my soul was blind.
I took out the weapon and its barrel shined,
by the light of the moon thay was now declined.
And having climbed up the ladder,  to the rooms upstairs,
I found  May just finishing her prayers.
She turned around and I gazed at her eyes;
How could such beauty be 'bought' to demise?
I dropped the weapon,
no bullet could shred;
The flesh of the mortal,
that before me was spread.
And yet she would die for the world could not accept,
what in this masion was hidden and kept.
She was not lustful but lust itself 
and yet I could not stop myself.
For I had no soul,
I had no sin,
I went for her throat, and held tight her chin.
She did not struggle;
She did not plead.
Rather she smiled, till I had finished the deed.
And left her silent;
And still upon her bed,
and there she lies smiling,
but her heart is cold and dead

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Truly Me

		Misery me, thoughtless he
            shattered thoughts savage free
            my life shaking as a ship at sea
            silently calling all the powers that be
            then understanding comes to my heart
            I know we will never truly be apart
            for life and death are as one
            as the moon which gives life to sun
            I now stand and wait for you
            our days together so brief and few
            where did thou go
            sadness to my heart bestow
            I love you always more than
            thou could ever know.
            shattered thoughts savage free
            my life shaking as a ship at sea
            silently calling all the powers that be
            then understanding comes to my heart
            I know we will never truly be apart
            for life and death are as one
            as the moon which gives life to sun
            I now stand and wait for you
            our days together so brief and few
            where did thou go
            sadness to my heart bestow
            I love you always more than
            thou could ever know.

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Born of tainted blood
Created in one erotic moment
Sharp pains and blood were your nursery
A coffin served as your crib
You live in the night
You have never seen the sun
The moon and stars are your companion
You wander in darkness
Looking and searching for the right person
The full moon rises above your head
The blood lust builds inside of you
Even though you fight it has complete control
Drawing you to attack
Making you want to feast on warm blood
Forcing you to kill
The sun rises and you sleep
Your bed is your coffin and the soil of your grave
Dead but not dead
Living but not living
Stuck in a world between realities
Such is your existence for an eternity
A nightwalker cursed to be alone
If only you had a choice as a baby
Would that be the existence you would choose?
Loneliness, death and blood
An eternity with love
The solitary life of a nightwalker

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Moonlight Shadows

The moonlight casts feint ghostly shadows
In the graveyard of All Hallows.
The clock strikes twelve high in the tower
And by the headstone stands a flower –
It’s Nature’s tribute and a sign :
These shades of John and Caroline
Who haunt this moonlit churchyard now,
Still faithful to their marriage vow,
Walk hand in hand eternally,
Forgotten by their family.

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dream diary 1

he slipped into a dreamland
as the grass was turning brown
the king was in his castle
on the town he looked down
three men rode six horses
half of them for sale
and the undertaker hammers
down his last nail

the sun started sinking
turning day into night
the first mate looks t shore
trying to find a guiding light

the homes getting empty
as the town took to the street
the king is getting nervous
and shaky on his feet
all the mothers shouting
drown him in the well
the witch is in her cave
chanting out a spell

the moon is high in the sky
filled the streets so bright
she first mate set sail
through the waves they fight

the poet dips his pen
as he sees the passing crowd
shouting death to the king
and death to the crown
the horsemen riding up the hill
to attack the castle gate
crashing on the rocks
the ship and its first mate

the moon turns red
and fades from sight
he finaly finds the sand
to the first mates delight

as the fires burn red
and lit up the sky
the poet sees the first ate
and lets out a sigh
walking on that road sailor
you wont ever come back
what is that you have
is that a ship mast on your back

the moon is howling
and the wind shining rite
the poet takes his pen
and he begins to write

the king calls to his army
as they run for the door
the hall did echo 
with the royal roar
the angry crown ready 
they weld their sharp sticks
the cavalry is charging
with the number of six

the sun started rising
up to meet the moon
the castle has been taken 
with the king in his room

stand up from that chair
you dirty Royal rat
you are late for your work
you got five minuets flat
he said i know a sailor
i think his ship came in
your sailor is at the door
and he brought you ship with him

the sun is breathing hot
and its just before noon
the town heads to the castle
they are moving in soon

so the poet draws a line
and ties up his book
before he stepped through the door
he had a good look
the spell chanted by the witch 
are heard every where
the dogs running from the hills
with their noses in the air

the wind is gaining power
whistling its tune
as the witch fights through it
flying on her broom

so the grass starts turning
from brown back to green
he lifts up his head 
to remember what he seen
he unties his book
and ink dips his pen
so as it was 
he got inspired then 

the queen takes a new man
a fresh hansom groom
long live the king
or will his death come soon

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Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Mother has child that father denies
Leaves when his baby lets out those first cries
Excuses flying, lies sailing; words without care
Feelings are complicated so share you don't dare
Lips that smile hold some bruises and a cut
Hands that have done the damage slam the door shut
You watch him out the window glass
Retreating figure gone at last

Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Things get harder, mothers fired
Baby is toddler and much too tired
Money is in short supply
If only father would just comply 
To help raise his growing kid
Instead he ran and lost his bid
A single tear stains the cheek
Of a mother's soul who's much too weak

Preach to the full moon soldier 
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Mothers dead, everything's blown
Toddler is small child left alone
Father drunk, stumbling back
Custody left to this piece of slack
Days are long and too far gone
Nights are worse, he's never done
Talking his beer scented words speaking
He says to his child be kind, PREACHING

Preach to the full moon soldier 
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Small child has developed
Distinguished individual moving up
Swearing to the sky blue
They will be nothing like you
Father in jail thief from the night
Cell lit dimly with pal moonlight
A smile to the grown child
A tear from the man of the wild

Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

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Carpe Noctem

They confine us to the dark,
So we will seize the night.
Shadows full and beautiful,
Full moon and pale starlight.

Closing eyes with parting lips,
And drawing final breath.
Drawing blood and lines of love,
Awoken in this death.

Pleasure, drowning, lost in you,
My skin lays bitten, bare.
The sweetest suffocation,
I’m loving, lacking air.

The moon has left me Lycan,
And you're allowed to bite.
They confine us to the dark,
So we will seize the night.

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A diminished cemetery lies in the ruins of tombstones..
You can hear the whistle of the wind in mysterious tones..
The rusty gate hangs on its last resource..
The dark rocky path leading through needs reinforced..
Around the old ruins of tombstones grow enormous weeds.
They stretch to the moon as if to satisfy their needs..
The indignant dark fog looks like the passing angel of death..
The wind dies down emancipating its last breath..
The wilted limbs loom over from the weight of the leaves..
In the muggy fetid air starts a disturbing haunting breeze..
Creatures of the dark lurk in the spots of the murky night..
The half moon in the sky looks as if the darkness took a bite..
The eerie night is placid laced with silence.
The peaceful cemetery owns no violence..
Poison ivy fingers its way through a torn down wall..
The howl in the night beckons other calls..
The cemetery holds its subjects in capture..
They wait peacefully for the life thereafter...

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Polly in Pantoum

As rivers walk across her faded smile
The wind exhales the breath that blows her cloth
Her hair received by sunlight, shells and scars
Stretch out upon the streams that sing and slide

The wind exhales the breath that blows her cloth
Releasing pearls unto the waters palms
Stretch out upon the streams that sing and slide
French-kissed by fish before the moon arrives

Releasing pearls unto the waters palms
Her hair received by sunlight, shells and scars
French-kissed by fish before the moon arrives
As rivers walk across her faded smile

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Call of an infant child

In the silence of the night
The full moon can be seen shining bright
The moon shatters with a piercing scream
A babies wail or so it does seem
A clutching hand reaches out to the sky
The infant in a crib of rubble does lie
Waiting, waiting for his mother to come
His young face bitter with tears
This infant child has his fears
Days pass and he is all alone
His throat is sore, his crying changes tone
All he can do is silently moan
For a family he had never known
Waiting, waiting for his mother to come

His rosy cheeks were now pale
His little heart did fail
His warm hands were now cold
He needed someone to love him, to kiss and hold
His hazel eyes closed and rested
Like a bird in the rubble he nested
Waiting, waiting for his mother to come

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when the moon turend gray

when the moon turned gray
the oceans thrust forward
the volcanoes erupt
the animals cry
their blood curtling scream
they have lost a love
they have lost a friend
when the moon goes gray.

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Michael Jackson R.I.P.

A super star ,
unique Talentnd 
world wide fame
I  can’t believe he gone
It’s a(please don’t go) shame
Every time somebody 
Mention or speak your name
Your inspiration  always
brings  rain, to the game.	y
Let slide and  do the moon walk
To ease the pain.
We pray for the Jackson's family
And love one that God will keep them sane
He is the only who can help us with this lost
And loosing the chain
Rest in Peace  Michael Jackson
Unit you moon walk again
We pray in Jesus name .

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The Moon Weeps

I see you, and yet your not there.
I here your voice that go’s unheard.
They say you don’t exist, but you so clear.
The moon weeps, and now I know.
For me you are there, but for other you are never.
With it I can see.
The moon weeps, but not for me.
It tears unseen, its cries unheard.
Tomorrow will come but not for me.

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Under a Full Moon Sky

She sits on the jetty
Under a full moon sky
Wondering why
Just wondering why

Her lover, her man
Has been lost at war
Why was he there
What was he fighting for

In a distant place
So far from their home
He was taken from her
In her mind she combs

Can she face tonight
Will she bear tomorrow
Her heart's been wrenched
In heartfelt sorrow

As she sits on the jetty
Under a full moon sky
To all the others who have lost
Will they ever wonder why?

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Star Princess

There once was a girl who lived all alone, She walked in bare feet on gravel and stone.

No one knew who she was no one knew her name, she watched in the shadows as people called her insane.

Both of her parents had gone up to the skies, Where the moon and the stars stood bravely up high.

Oh how she wished she could see them once more, Then maybe her heart would not be so sore.

One day she said that day will come, When the moon and the stars all become one.

She started to slowly drift off to sleep, Trying verry hard not to weep.

But before she could even start to dream, she heard what sounded like a scream.

She quickly ran to her back yard, and say a great star that wasnt that far.

She quickly ran up to the light, it's five big points shining bright.

She found out that it was a fallen star, a fallen star that had traveled far.

She knew that this star was sent from up above, a gift from her parents sent with love.

She knew what this star meant, she knew why this star was sent.

Her parents missed her and want her to come home, This is great, she will no longer have to be alone.

All she had to do was wish on this star, The star that would make her go far.
She closed her eyes and made her dreams come true, This is hopefully what this star will do.

With a flash of light and a clashing sound, the little girl was no where to be found.

From that day on if you look up in the sky, ignore the lights and planes that pass by.

You'll see three stars stuck togather, you will see them in all different types of weather.

The stars you are seeing are the best, The king, the queen, and the star princess.

Who is this girl look at me, take a guess, look hard and you'll see I am the star princess.

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There fell the night, on Central Park
to shroud the world within the dark,
and wanderin came the soul of me,
to find a place to leave my mark.

And there within the night there be,
a lonely heart, my eyes did see,
just walking down into the dark,
and tempting for a bite from me.

The gloom of life shone in her eyes
reflections from a love that dies,
but still is there within the heart;
she'd rather die, than realize --

that love has made its' last depart,
an ending borned right from the start,
and painful yet, her love still lies 
right there within her failing heart!

Of all the joys in life I see,
there's not a one that pleases me
so much as bringing love anew,
where love has hurt so terribly!

And so I bade her " are you...?
to which she said, "Get lost! Adieu!"
But still I pressed relentlessly,
for giving up's not what I do!

Progressed the night just as I planned,
in little time she touched my hand,
and gave out just a little smile,
so I thought on, to make my stand;

a little full moon for a while
cannot but only help my style,
in this moon light her eyes were grand,
and so I kissed her growing smile!

Her lips were warm as they could be,
she soon gave in so willingly,
and in the dark she gave her soul
to soon embrace the soul of me!

Within the night her heart did toll,
as I pressed on to make her whole!
and swooned she, as the teeth of me
just bited to her very soul!

The love I gave so willingly
was but the very best of me,
and love we shared, there in the dark,
the greatest love to ever be!

And right there down within the dark
love boundeth all and made its mark,
upon her neck so lovingly,
when we made love in Central Park.
       © ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Blue Moon

Blossoming from the rock
A soul of a desperate lock
Becomes one with the blue moon

Hues of blue and gray
A due of death today
A blue moon rises in the west

It seemed so long ago
When the moon was so-so
And never went to the side of the blue

Now life is happening 
And flowers are dying 
The moon so blue is in the middle of the night sky

A love is a death 
With a beginning and end
Just like the blue moon

With the beginning of a new day 
The moon is hidden 
And a new life is born
Unlike the moon of blue

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Primal Urge

consciousness untouched for quite some time
direct caress along the eardrum
rattle rumble howl
somewhere deep in the purple shade
twisting unformed down beneath the scanning lights
searching pinning
sensors gleaming, undulating
it creeps beyond, seeking
winding further, serpent of sound

carrying a basket of frozen grapes and discarded photographs
faded, bent corners
coming apart at the edges
electric cry reverberating
pierces the heart of silence
falling into discord before
everything resolves into
march of ten thousand declinations
inclined to debate
decline to state
what found the star beneath the broken gate?

sometimes the darkness rises above
twisting into a spiral configuration with the dawn
sickness grieves over the corner of conscious corruption
with a silver spear in its eye
bleeding tears of indignation
into the soil
from which sprout dandelions dripping pus

starlight crystallizes against the eye
against ever knowing, you shield your face
raising your arm to block out the light
but it falls against your wall nonetheless
battering, grasping, finally sliding away
you hear the last pitiful plop
as truth denied falls to the ground
and you wonder
whether you want McDonalds or pizza for dinner.

Sometimes, watching the moon rise
a sensation shivers through and threatens to overwhelm
a needful expectation borne of unknown roots
laughing moon dogs dance for their dinner
shivering the black air with their satiation
sympathetic hunger pulses somewhere in the center
and the listener cannot help but think of
venison, blood, and moonlight.

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The Golden Moon

What was the reason we sat upon the golden moon?
Here in my heart I know the motion wasn’t sand less dune.
Now I still hear the chiming of that distant brass bell.
Ringing in that soft sad melancholy tone called hell.

The water falls into my hand,
Like the tickling of the pounding sand.
Stinging me with its touch,
But clinging like a cripple to a crutch.
Never leaving my skin,
Such a grassless barren land of sin.
Oh such endurance I can not find to win.

Hear the bell chime louder upon the hour again.
Now the golden moon has sent us a golden shower.
For the whisper of the chime must remain.
Such a yellow softness has made mad men sane.

Screaming, crying out their fear… do you hear?
This is a tune of yester year.
Was it all in my mind?

Search and you will never find.
What was the reason I do not know.
Now he is gown what have you to show?

The baby is crying louder, louder, in the night.
The eagle broke its wing in a soaring flight.
What was the name of my thoughtless man?
Reach for your soul cause no one else can.
You have washed up upon the ocean shore.
Now the golden moon is no more.

When they come with their dogs searching at dawns first light,
There will be a lifeless you who once shivered with a fright.
Mud a crusty cake in your hair.
You were trapped in a golden snare.
To this river I thee wed.
You had to jump, and now you’re dead.

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The Fool Kid Named Benny Pence

October had now come again just like it did back since,
The gunfighter Sam Holt had shot the kid named Benny Pence.

It was on All Hallows’ night with the moon high and blood red—
When Benny came lookin’ for him before he shot him dead.

Why would a fool farm boy try to draw on that gun slinger?
When he had no chance on God’s earth if he raised a finger?

But sure enough on that night, that’s what all the town then saw—
When Benny Pence raised his gun and said the fatal word: “Draw!”

But that had been a year ago come this All Hallows’ Eve,
And Sam Holt felt a cold wind blow that made him want to leave.

The harvest moon now hung above as Sam walked down the street—
He stopped for one brief moment at the place where they did meet.

Then like a dream that voice came back that meekly called him out—
Sam’s cold, sweaty hand then trembled as he began to shout:

“Don’t call me Ben! I’ll shoot you dead, and this time I’ll make good!”
Then Sam wildly drew and fired at the pale moon where he stood.

Somewhere a hoot owl screamed and Sam’s loud shots rang out on high,
As he fired and fired again at Ben’s shadow so he’d die.

But when the gun smoke cleared and that dim vision was not there,
Sam Holt now stood just a dyin’ in the dusty street square.

There were no gunshots in Sam’s body, no marks found at all—
His hair now white, his once ruddy flesh now a deathly pall. 

Yet when the town folk buried Sam, they noticed at Boot Hill,
Two other graves marked Pence by the one they had come to fill.

Benny Pence and his brother Bud, had died a year apart—
Both shot down by Sam Holt that feared gunslinger with no heart.

And so the three now rested within gun fire of the others—
Holt now dead of fright from those two departed Pence brothers.

And so each year it happened: other slingers would meet fate—
And die of fright All Hallows’ night when the hour was late.

So now folk knew the story of that fool kid Benny Pence—
Come back to revenge his brother each All Hallows’ night since. 

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The day of the roaring days
	By the moon has arrived with a pregnant girl;
And the mother from the farming
	Wheat raced with rejoice
Along the road that almost finished
	With the closing eyes of the girl. 

The day of the roading days
	By the moon has a little girl,
Yet the weak moonlight as a raped friend
	Has taken over the moaning living
Of a deed and alone the racing, a runner
	Who was living below the bells.
They said it was God who was calling
	In the wilderness, almost lost.

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Wolf Man - The Beginning

This is in response to the person who posted The Wolf Man - The Beginning and The Wolf Man - The End 

part 1

The Wolf Man (The Beginning) A young man was outside waiting for his ride Off in the distance he heard the hoot of an owl The moon was full up in the evening sky When all of a sudden, he heard something howl He started a quick pace as something gave chase He started running like he did in high school It ran like a bull but looked like a dog All fangs and paws as it started to drool Stopped him in his tracks as it landed on his back 600 pounds, but he wasn’t quite certain It hurt like heck when it bit him in the neck He started passing out, he thought it was curtains… But somehow he survived he felt more alive He could smell things, he could hear things, from miles away He was getting upset, he started to change He looked up at the moon and he started to bay His mouth became a snout and his ears grew out Long and pointy, on his body grew animal fur His breath smelled, bad, like that of a canine And when he started running, he was a blur A pleasant smell arose it found his long nose As he sniffed at the night air, it came from behind him What in the world?” He thought, “It’s a little girl!” Little White Riding Cloak a/k/a Alice Grimm…
To Be Continued…

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Red Moon

                                        Red moon you took him away...
             I saw you piercing the night sky as I pulled the curtain aside
That night the sky cried silently, the moon predicted blood, and the angels flew.
                          With them they took his soul,
                                              they shattered my dreams slicing them with her scream,
waking me in a daze; I ran for what felt as an eternity.
"Your brother is dead", the rage, the tears, and most of the confusion burned my 
insides...It was so final.
A bads boy turned good by wisdom of age had been given three mortal wounds...
Didn't they know? He was bear coming out of his hibernation,
                                        coming out of his long sleep walk on the wrong side,
                                        catching up to his flock in the south.
                                      Red moon why did you take him away?
You invaded my instincts...
                        was it warning or death's chuckle at the cruelty it caused?
You left us here like a hand with a missing finger...
                    no matter how much you try it'll never function as it use too
                    no matter what a shooting pain always makes its presence known
            and no matter how many times you forget for seconds the memory replays.
I hated you 
  I cursed you
     I vowed to never forgive you; my dear brother, for the sadness of leaving
But today more understanding I know you are that guardian angel that shines 
                             that soul that sits on the marshmallow of a cloud...
  crying and laughing with us...
Oh red moon you never won for he still lives... in our memories and hearts.

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Swan Song

Swan Song

Stealthy killers have crept
Their secret bullet
Reaching this empty nest
Swans too unaware of attack
Arms aimed riffles

Pleasure hunted

Only one reflection now
No other dark gaze looks back
No other gliding ripples
All reassurance has gone

The lake of desolation
Coaxed her half hearted rage
Bleeds from a crooked corpse
Pathetic winds stir dead feathers and reeds
To animation
No gentle neck arching
Wings now absent haunt the breeze
She is a pose of fear

The air to void to fly 
No other yellow bill or back glinting eye
None could vie with her chosen
White beauty now unmoving
Scarlet slash wickedly marring
Maiming her heart with sudden isolation

The ballet of the dieing
Cannot see the cruel eyes prying
Exulting in the deed
Do not hear her lament 
Joining in a pact a spur of black
Still mournfully beating

Madness flapping struggled with reflection
To lift his head from under
To breathe till breath would burst her lungs asunder
But lower still he seemed to fall

Days shot sound echoed constantly 
Unmoving nights which found her
Till dawn would bring its shadows
Illusions born by sorrows
Sends haunted dreams
In madness before her

Cast the moon in images of death defied before her

A phantom wrapped in eyes of night
And side by side they glide
Mourning on the silver tide

Three nights and no more can the moon contain
In her heart the spur of black
Lay barren ready for a violent ice caress
For paths to cross just once
She vowed in her willingness
To become in her will an ice sculpture of 

So harboured deep in proud beauty
A malice in hatreds empathy
Prayed for fate and chance to shake hands

And there on the shore
The assassin stands  

Gliding wistfully she
Using all her grace and beauty
To bind her quarry
In her natural mystery
Slipped over the stillness
Approaching with coyness
Mesmerizing light in water gleams
Her fatal white and an arrow beak
Fixed the man by her darkest dreams
Opening wings 
Sheds intent glare beguiling
Her neck an arrow javelin
Unleashed her fury broke true and deadly
With lethal intention

For her mate
She launched her self upon him

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Vampire Moon (1)

On Bourbon Street in the vertical rain,
In the dominance of shadowed domain,
Where the swamp gas reeks of a distant death,
Faint and remote like a dying breath,
Steam rises up from the cobbled ground,
And dreams misplaced are seldom found.

The rats in the quarter bristle and dart,
Conveyors of plague from an evil heart,
And the legions of dead stay where fell,
Whilst the ringing out of the handcart bell
Sounds like a warning from far away,
A signature tune for judgement day.

As fog wreaths the streets like a living shroud,
A vampire moon breaks through the cloud,
And dogs with rib serrated skin
Howl at the sky and the wailing wind;
The lord of damnation stalks the night
Eyes of blood lust burning bright.

The cathouse sprawl lies silent, still,
The whiskey bars no longer fill,
The hulls of ships tied at the dock,
Creak and groan and gently rock,
And all the oil lamps cease to burn,
They gutter out at his return.

On Bourbon Street where walk the dead,
Eyes of blood lust burning red,
Comes something wicked, black and cold,
Which human sight should not behold,
With pallid face and razor-teeth
And vampire moon to stalk beneath.

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The Nihilist - Four: Don't Look Now

A bad moon on the rise,
Grinning like sour cheese,
Drips a rivulet of blood,
A groovy facial scar;
On the canal rancid surface,
Blacker than a witches’ bowel,
It smiles back at itself,
Death reflected from afar.

Don’t look now, for
Something wicked comes,
Trailing rotten funeral wreaths,
Along the catacomb way;
And the bad moon surveys
The handiwork of conscience,
Turns the plastic red and slick,
Predicting venous spray.

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Electric was your touch
230 volts of love flowed through me
My hesitation, wonder, fear,
Dare I draw her to me?
Kiss her?

Will she reject me?
She did not
Before I knew what was happening
Our passion was growing hot

Clothes virtually torn off each other
Speed was essential
Like a starving man in the desert
Finding an ice cream cone

I had to entwine our bodies
Merely flesh and bone

The moon rose
The moon set

The sun rose
And, but yet,
I would not let you go
Nor would I leave your side
This night must last forever
And this time I hope will bide

Pinnicle of Love
Top of the mountain of happiness
Don't go away from me
Truely, can't you see?
My life I'll dedicate to thee...

I awoke mid night
It was but a dream,
A remembrence of the past,
Of a night long ago,
One I wanted to everlast

Funny, how the mind
Can relive such times
Returning that sense of joy
Teasingly too short it lasts
Playing with our hearts
As if but a toy...

I carry those sweet hours
In my soul
They cleanse my time of pain
I 've had my time in the light
And though I know they'll never come again,
They help prepare me for the night
Which lies yet but ahead
For surely as one is born,
There comes a time when
One returns to the land
Of the dead.

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Will you stay here with me, girl?
Will you leave it all behind?
We can beat it all, I'm sure, girl.
I don't know what you think you'd find.

The world is cold, the world is harsh, girl.
Forget your past, it wasn't kind.
And if you stay here with me, girl.
I think you'd like what you might find.

The light I seek is just too bright now.
Who will help me when your gone?
The light has left me behind now.
Theres no light to greet this dawn.

Who will help me fight this pain now?
I still need you at my side.
Will you stay? I feel the pain now.
You might be the turning of the tide.

The moon is full, the moon is ours, girl.
Will the light be returning soon?
I fear the lights gone for good, girl.
I don't think he'll grant me my boon.

The pain is fierce, the pain is deep, girl.
It's torn this soul I got in two.
You should go, you should leave, girl.
Move from the old to the new.

Please don't stay here with me, girl.
Do not leave it all behind.
We won't win, we will lose, girl.
Head into the world, see what you'll find.

It pains me to see you go now.
But I'll do what I think is right.
Leave me please, you gotta go now.
Leave me now, don't lose sight.

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The Nihilist - Seven: Blood On The Moon

Embryos sing saddle-sore sonatas, beneath 
the despot eaves of chromium skies, reflecting 
black light down upon the harbours where 
ambition claws the air and slowly dies; and 
nighthawks scream a siren song of sadness, for 
all the lovers lost and ripped apart, their 
entrails steaming, scattered and decaying, cryogenic 
memories still the beating heart. 

Somewhere in a paean of pain and passion, eyes 
upturned in sockets sear the night, telescope 
and zoom into the heavens, ruptured 
vessels crack the milky white; for 
all the golden graces of the goddess, stealing 
and absorbing love and soul, hoarding 
with her sadist smiles of sorrow, reaps 
the diamond, reimburses coal. 

On the moon my blood drips sour and savage, fills 
the craters and the fossil seas, scars 
the surface dust like crazy paving, packs 
the vacuum deserts with disease; on 
the moon my blood is frozen solid, crystallising, 
still as tombstone script, cold, 
implacably cast as death's dominion, to 
love no more, enamelled bathtub crypt.

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the stillness within

In her eyes lies all the beauty in the world
Dancing in the moon light, liquid unfiltered
Breathe the last breath, lungs ache for freedom
On the banks of the river awaiting the dawn

Dancing in the moon light, liquid unfiltered
Facing the moon the warmth on her back
On the banks of the river awaiting the dawn
A likeness in the stillness of the water

Facing the moon the warmth on her back
Filling the coffin with her loved ones ashes
A likeness in the stillness of the water
Feeding upon the darkness inside her

Filling the coffin with her loved ones ashes
Breathe the last breath, lungs ache for freedom
Feeding upon the darkness inside her
In her eyes lies all the beauty in the world

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You never know

You never know exactly what you have until it's gone. 
You never really know the value of something until you lose it. 
You need to cherish lifes every little moment. 
You'll never know what will happen tomorrow. 
You'll never know it the sun will keep shining, or if the moon will still glisten in the night . 
You'll never know if the person you love will be gone tomorrow. 
Since you will never know what tomorrow will bring, end every night with a good thought. 
Tell the sun that your thankful for the warmth and the light. 
Thank the moon for itz beauty in the nights sky. 
Then make sure you don't forget the most important one of all... 
Tell your family and friends that you love them. 
Just because you will never know what tomorrow will bring.

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The Black Stallion

Alone in the moonlit midnight sky
I rode with the shadows wishing to die
Then as the moon slid though the night
I stopped as my body trembled with fright

A big black beast was charging my way
I look to the moon but it fades away
The beast jumps fifteen feet in front of me
Flying over my head as I drop to one knee

I turn my shaking head
Assuming I'll soon be dead
But what I saw
Just put me in awe

A lovely black stallion was standing over me
On its hind legs it stands and lets out a neigh of glee
Then it turns its head and looks me in the eyes
The look in his eyes told me of my demise

Then he jumped at me
Slamming my body into a tree
Shattering bones and making me cough blood
Now I'm dead and my body drops with a thud