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Death God Poems | Death Poems About God

These Death God poems are examples of Death poems about God. These are the best examples of Death God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Near Death Experience of A Sweetheart

"A Near-Death Experience of A Sweetheart" Floating through a corridor between two different Worlds among white fluffy clouds and shimmering stars awhile wind unfurls racing into darkness: destination to death's door living in a heavenly kingdom ... forevermore ... Traveling through deep tunnel as cold fingers touch walls of blackened essence creating thoughts to clutch quickly toward a bright white light of peace my soul and spirit being experienced soft release ... Rushing to a Paradise, landing on streets of gold seeing the Face of God so clearly to behold longing to embrace my dear departed family loved ones who had gone before to their final destiny ... Their captivating smiles excited my soul sharing love once more as was in their earthly roll but a huge white Angel stood between my track he spoke mentally "child of God you must go back. And yet, I was not sad but happy to have seen my precious treasured relatives cuddled by Supreme Being why? I questioned must I return to Planet Earth? Angel responed not your time to stay your purpose unfulfilled for God to cherish every day ... Suddenly transported through the tunnel smelling flowers a jorney taking minutes but feeling like hours and soon the sights and sounds ignited quiet hospital room while my loved ones endured possibility of doom ... My husband was squeezing my hand so tight I felt his love as my children sobbed so loud praying to above my eyes opened wide as I inhaled a breath escaping to my body while I avoided Death ... This near-death experience was an inspiration for another realm exists in utter fascination for now the message lives to enjoy both love and life have no fear for death is harmless and erases strife ... Hover close to God and always give Him thankxxx through trials and tribulations He relieves all angst Treasure every moment and anticipate the end a beutiful place is waiting reuniting family and friends ... Kisses and hugs replaced those solitary tears knowing what lies ahead extinguishes all fears please celebrate the gift of life in grateful attitude Eternity is awesome with unending interlude ...

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The Clouds


My voice=
God, can I hold your hand and go with you?

Gods voice~
My sweet child, it is I who will walk with you now! You walked down my path with and without faith. You took my protection to ease your pain. My shielded wings comfort you during your moments of suffering while your life staggered across the earth... Your love and devotion is what made you strong. Every time your dreams were broken. You managed to build more dreams in their place. You called my name during your happiest and saddest moments. You always ran up to me when you fell behind. Your secrets became our private talks. The key to your heart was always unlocked. I was there during your trials and troubles of tribulations. We could not speak, but it was my light that would not allow you to get weak.

My voice=
Is this that dream of beauty? The one in the book my preacher spoke of. 
Yes! I remember it now it is called paradise. I felt this company once before, Lord.
Many times, I have forsaken this light, and still it never left my door.
I felt it the day I was born, and the day I became baptized in your holy name.
I felt this light before, can you explain it some more? 
Lord pleases clarify that day I fell down to my knees and accepted Jesus as my savior? 
Every day since, I felt as if you stood away and walked on by, allowing me to face my own failures’.  Was my life a waste in this impossible world?"

Gods voice~  
My child, this is the everlasting light you will feel every time your body is re-born onto a new road.  This light never left you. 
My sweet child did you not listen, Matthew *19:26* MY SON looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with ME all things are possible. My child you were not searching for the right answers.

My voice= 
My Lord everyone told me if I prayed you would come. Did I not pray right?

Gods voice~ 
My child sometimes your heart asked for more than life itself, which left questions for someone else.  
At times how could I answer when you shunned heaven away from your eyes?
The obvious question is whether this is the final immersing of your souls disguises.

My voice= 
Lord, I have other questions to ask. 
What should I expect out of my personal sins? My testimonial sits in the palm of your hand
My mind and my heart's inner core have been wicked since my adolescence days. 
How is it that I am in your promise land?

Gods voice~  
Getting right with me has brought you here!

My voice= 
One more question My Heavenly Father
Can I see them? My Daughter, Mothers and Sisters~


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I see God before me

As I lay down to die I can see my soul being taken 
before my eyes.
I see God before me.

I feel the sun shining on me. 
The warmth invades my body.
No more feeling of cold surroundings.
I smell the spring flowers from a field.
I see the mountains with their peaks.
I see God before me

I hear the waters flow so peacefully.
I see a lake that is so calm with the mirror of a blue sky
That is above me.
I see God before me.

I am at peace and have no needs.
I am at happiness made just for me.
I feel no pain and have no illness.
I hear the birds singing just for me.
I see God before me.

I am lead by the hand through the field of harmony.
An Angel guides me with love.
A light blinds me.
I hear a symphony of Angels.
God is not before me now.
God is with me.

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Yes Friend, It Will Matter

Say not to me, that it will not matter a hundred years from now, that I was here. For surely I have touched one life in a positive way, perhaps in daily prayer I've called your name one day. Having no profound accomplishments or delusions of fame, and leaving no progeny to perpetuate my name, still, it will matter that I was here. For I have quietly endeavored to sow, and I have watered. I love and am loved--should one desire more? Life is good and hopefully God is pleased. The tracks I'll leave, it's true, will not be so ingrained as to stand harsh winds of time and they shall fade as the evening sun, leaving somewhere, only a name and date chiseled in granite. Perhaps, if only in thought, one pausing o'er me should question, who was this man? Let God simply whisper, that I am His.

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Answer Me This

My life surpassed, fades long, yet fast
(Below the dirt, my coffin's cast)
Despite how deep, however vast
I'll dwell inside that vacant mass
It's only He that understands,
The One that gave me Poet's hands
So tell me please, if you can-
How from dust arose a Man?

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God Gave You a Second Chance

God Gave You a Second Chance
 Not ready to leave this world with unfinished business determining the souls color; you’re on borrowed time! Prayers to heaven and words spoken from the heart brought perspective to what time remained. Fear and regret knowing this may be the end brought us closer than before. Always by your side loving, giving freely would now perhaps help spare your life adding color to your heart and soul.
The soul colored with Hope, Faith, and Love, the greatest being Love! I wonder have you given God what was expected for a second chance at life to color your heart and soul. Color determines the hearts purity and the soul’s condition. 
Souls are empty without love in the purest form; if you do not receive and give without fear, shame, or doubt!  From the outside looking in many colors of love surround your soul. I pray the love I give you understand the colors surrounding my heart and soul.
Love was holding you when death looked you in the face and love put death on hold! God and I give you Love. How do you face life and death now, with a heart and soul of vivid colors nourished by our love? God blessed us and we know what matters most. You now live your bucket list, God’s too.
Your list will end, mine too. Sharing with a loved one brings special meaning, understanding, and allows comfort taking away fear, pain, and panic. With unconditional love all’s shared. Colors of the soul glow, angels gather, and God gently lifts one unto himself. The guardian angels exit; slowly colors fade, a feeling passes the one left behind as the end has come. I imagine the colors of love in the heart and soul.
                                                                                                                                                             Debbie Knapp

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Beseeching Death

Oh, death malevolent!
The taker of us all before our time,
you grimly reap a myriad of souls,
cruelly stealing many in their prime,
and countless young and innocent
have you whisked ruthlessly away!
Oh, death Malevolent!
Why this utter heartlessness that you display?

Oh, horrifying death!
When young, I read of you in Revelations.
Your nature so atrocious
filled my tender heart with trepidation -
thinking of humanity's travails
the many painful ways to die.
Oh, horrifying death!
What good is it to even ask you why?

Oh, death omnipotent.
to the yang of life, you are the yin.
Your power cannot be withstood.
Everyone you call upon must let you in.
A higher and mysterious law you answer to
and fighting against you, we all are powerless.
Oh, death omnipotent!
when did I begin to fear you less?

Oh, unbiased death!
Whether you be torturous or kind;
whether you be swift or slow;
no man or woman will be left behind.
You serve a God of justice and of truth,
and, I'm told, a God of mercy too.
Oh, unbiased death!
Can I grow in faith, knowing you're the path to something new?

Oh, welcomed death!
When our friends and family have passed on;
when grief engulfs the soul;
when youth's abilities are all but gone;
when life seems somehow more than we can bear;
you come along to bring us sweet release.
Oh, welcomed death!
Are you thanked enough for bringing us to peace?

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April 1, 2011

happy birthday april
for an eternity to come
because with your faith in God
an eternity was won

no more worries or fears of death
no more choking or gasping for breath
no need for doctors or even a nurse
there is only one cure for every single curse

no fighting, debating
or picking sides
love is the answer 
and love decides

i thank God for this day
the day that you were born
for without this day
my love would be forlorn

one day for certian
when the deadline comes
i'll pass through the curtian
and straight for you i'll run

and as God as my wittness
to the many days i cried
i often wanted to be with you
but thank God i never tried

we could have had our love story
and then let that be that
but the Lord has a better story
and i believe that that's a fact

i still believe in a love 
that is so so true
the love that holds us together
me, God and you

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How can one man find
More faith in a crevasse of Siula Grande,
Than most will ever know,
Sitting beneath a pulpit on Sunday?

Dulling the truth to grow the census,
Merchants and cowards comfort the carnal ear.
Marketing Christ’s love without his conviction,
Left willful in sin with nothing to fear.

In half doctrines and custom alter calls,
Prostituting the truth with all forms of prosperity.
Akin to seeding hookers in the chambers of Heaven.
Deceived to death twice by hand and blasphemy.

Feeding wolves from among your own flocks.
In the banquets of ancient mystics and bride Blavatsky,
Word of Faith gorging on their mammon,
Left choking in an insatiable eternity.

A culture’s blue concessions are gone, 
Giving more choices leaving Paul’s letters unread.
No church discipline or discernment left,
Testaments of burning flesh that once bled.

Refusing to submit to be broken.
Fading old blessings from past obedience.
Confusing favor with common grace,
Hypocrisy’s retribution birthed decadence.

Millions claiming the found life of the few,
In every eulogy and requiem,
Lukewarm afterthoughts of the Son,
Losing everything by never knowing him.

Despising the light of the living truth,
Lobotomizing guilt with the scalpel of ignorance.
Finding solace in the darkness of mystery.
Death marches infectious rainbows of tolerance.

Redefining roles and covenants in hemorrhaging lies
Under the pretense of the modern states,
Illusions of enlightenment killing somatic slaves.
Relativism’s heart courting the things he hates.

Enticed by the delusions of utopias,
Bound in the fables of autonomy.
Throats upon The two-edged sword,
In this American tragedy

This poem attempts to capture the Fundamentalist view on certain issues with other movements within Christianity.  Also, the man in the crevasse, chose a different kind of faith than you may have assumed.

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Heavens' Doorway

One day there was an accident, and to heavens gate I was called.
As an angel sat down beside me, upon the bed I had been put upon.
Such a shining warmth ensued as it held me in its thrall.
A thought from God proclaimed, “What with your life have you done?”
Then all of life fled past me, but not as I did expect to see it done.
For all I saw and felt were things I hadn’t known I had done, and yet…
So much pain inflicted to each, with such little words and thoughts.
I never would have known such power, by one person, could be wrought.
I bowed my head in shame at the pain I knew I could not undo, yet…
Suddenly, I found myself forgiven. Yes, TRULY it was true!
Hallelujah became my amazed and impassioned cry before him, that night!
His warmth had never wavered, nor even his illustrious, wonderful light.
How could he forgive me, someone as wretched and lowly as I?
And yet, he did… and so he changed my life from then on out. 
But low and behold he wasn’t yet done with me, or so my story goes…
He sent me back to my home again… it in comparison brought me low.
But he said my work lay uncompleted, so now I must go back…
He said to stay clean and I would blossom… What do you think of that?
A veil he placed upon my eyes to remove me from the knowledge of all I’d known.
Then he sent me from his side, where I could not see him but knew he was.
Now, here I stand before you, a totally changed and humbled one.
Still, I have found I have sinned again… I know he must have known.
Perhaps some day, as I patiently wait… I’ll be allowed once more within his gate.
Only time will tell, as again I’ll feel every ones pain…
All I can say is: God Forgive Me… as I continue to wait…

(This Near Death experience really happened and changed my life.)

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The Gate

The Gate

As night begins to fall, she sits quietly at the gate.
Her ambitions are high, but it is up to fate.
For he's not the only one, that death will endure.
She waits like a stone, she wants to be sure.
She cries out to God, believing not, that He is there.
She debates once again, that this life is, or not fair.
The wind seeps through her, as if she were a window.
The gun at her head, awaiting the hard blow.
Her love went away, without making a sound.
He's buried beyond the gate, six feet underground.
She longs for his arms to wrap around her tight.
It won't be long now, she will be with him tonight.
As she counts to three her hand starts to quiver.
She pulls the trigger slightly, as she feels a slight shiver.
She is now ready, to commit this horrible sin.
Someone will find her in the morning, and open the gate to put her in.
She will be wearing a white dress, like she did on their wedding day.
There will be no more sadness, like when the cancer took him away.
There was a loud explosion, her body, now limp on the ground.
Her spirit rose out of her, escaping to where it was bound.
She opened her eyes, and then began to scream.
There was nothing but darkness, it had to be a dream.
She searched around blindly, then she heard a loud voice.
It asked, "Why did you do this?" She replied, that she had no choice.
She heard her name being called, and went to find the source.
She was startled when she found him, he sat laughing without remorse.
He then welcomed her in, as she entered this empty space.
She heard voices screaming in agony, a puzzled look upon her face.
She knew something was wrong, and began to run away.
But there was nowhere to go, this is where she would stay.
She then prayed to God, with everything that she had.
He replied, "I am sorry,” He sounded disappointed and mad.
He explained to her, His decision, why this was the only choice He had.
He disappeared quietly into the distance, leaving her to remember what she had.
She looked up to find her husband, waiting patiently by an unopened door.
She begins to run in his direction, wanting to be with him so much more.
He blows her a kiss slowly, across the air it fell.
Leaving her feeling shameful, feeling that she deserved this Hell.
Thinking that she should have waited, but knowing now that it was too late.
Oh how she wishes to go back, where she sat waiting patiently by the gate.


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After Losing A Child

     Do you seek me?
     I'm still here!
Look for me in nature,
for my love is growing there.
My messages are written,
in earth and sea and air.

     Do you hear me?
Listen to the song birds,
as each new day is born.
Can't you hear me singing to you,
in the early morn?

     Do you feel me?
When the wind is gently blowing,
or a mist is in the air,
can't you feel me touching you,
and messing up your hair?

     Do you see me?
Glimpse my face in any flower.
Breathe deep the beauty that you see.
And green the grass you walk upon,
I walk along with thee.

     Do you sense me?
Even at times when you cry,
know that I am near.
I'm the finger on your cheek,
tasting every tear.

     Do you search for me?
When you turn to God in prayer,
know in your heart that I am there.

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

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the day you flew to Heaven

           We knew , it was if a moment stopped in time 
              hearing the news before most of the World did
           He loved to fly his plane from Colorado to Monterey Bay
           He was a avid golfer at Pebble Beach respected 

           He had loves and passions from many places 
           deciding to fly low through the overcast red sunset
            Not only did he love music and inspire all 
            He loved his Plane , he will always remain a beautiful Soul

              The next day it was confirmed ..all saddened 
             It was John Denver's plane that went down
             Today in Pacific Grove stands the Memorial 
             So Kiss me and smile for me we will ~
              always in loving memory 
               OH babe ,  do we hate you go ~    

         Inspired by ; contest in Music and Loss of an Artist
                   "Leaving on a Jet Plane "

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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Hardest Tears to Fall

Tears too much in which you bleed
Heart aches toll, low sub's breathing
For then, in them, is shown in your skin

May it be brushed over
So it may sit to seep in this pale face
For you're in health
But yet sick in your emotions
Too close you can not bare now, today,
tomorrow, or again in yesterday's
For your pain is nearly not bared

I pray for you and your sister when weeping
Hopping that you will not drown in all sorrows
But cry when times are closed

Mother is all, not yet lost, for her heart lives inside yours
Knowing of a passing before it happens isn't so strong
But the second it comes, she goes and all weights toll
Heavy your heart is, you carry it like the ones in that room
All seems silent till a sob is heard

Hear at this event, the dark colors are all in the lights
The cold faces all glow so bright
For this woman has brought life into the minds
that breathed well before her time

To a loss like this, I would not bare
Alone I would feel, to a special youth that I still endore
For she is what's left of me; whom I may speak to, and 
whom would listen

As to you and your family, may you all lay close to her
May you breathe the way she has breathed
May you all see what she has seen
And may you hear all things she has heard

Her passing does not make your separation,
it only draws you closer
For the day of her event, bless her soul's crossing
for she stands in the clouds
Smiling above all your scene's
In hopes that you will all remember that she is still
there even through these means

I pray for you and your family to give potency and healing
To rejoice on the day she rose on cloud nine
And touched God's face
For this moment do hot dwell in the loss
Cry long but not for ever and remember
her years journey that she has completed
She is in thy safest place and thy hearts of whom she loved

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Have you ever thought about the Death of Christ?
Why did they crucify him?
If you read the story then you know
But what I ask is why didn't God stop them?
It's natural to protect our own
How could he let him be sacrificed?
For the good of all man I've been told
God sacrificed his only son for us
But what does he ask in return? What does he want?
Are we supposed to try and emulate him?
I wish to know
I don't understand his decision
To not help his only son, I couldn't do that
But I do know that is why we are not gods
Do people who give their lives for others emulate God?
When a solider dies for our country is he dying for us?
Or freedom? or both?
Are the parents godlike in their sacrifice of their children?
Like Christ when he sacrificed his only son
Or is it more than that?
Is patriotism just a mindset to get people to fight?
When one country is mad at another
It's the leaders who argue not the countries
Why can't the leaders fight and leave us alone?
Do leaders send their own children to fight and die?
Why should I send my children to fight and die for you?
Are you a God? Do you have my interests at heart? Or yours?
You say it is in the name of freedom, but whose freedom?
We have never been free
You send me to fight, kill, and die
And yet you say I am free, free to do what?
Free to murder those you want dead?
Free to send my children to their death for you?
Who are you again? Are you a God?
I fight for God not you
My children are not targets or murderers
And now you demand my children to be your shield
Who are you again? Never mind
I know who you are it's very plain to see
You are not a god you are a coward
You are evil and you are trying to destroy us
You are lying to all of us just as you always have
You speak of freedom
As you try to blind us with patriotism
And silence us with duty and honor, Meaningless!
From one who knows nothing of their meaning
I wonder what God would say to you
Knowing who and what you are
Would he forgive you?
Would he understand your deception? Would he?
I could not forgive you, this is why I am not a god
I can't forgive, I am vengeful, I would punish you
Without mercy
For allowing this deception of youth to continue
Maybe you believe your right but I can't believe that
You know what your doing is wrong yet you continue
One day you will pay, as we all will 
We are all guilty to some degree
But most of all we are guilty of sacrificing our children to you 
Who are you again? never mind
I just remembered, your the devil

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Underneath It All

Dark clouds crowd the sky, diminishing light
Eternally, the Flower, Death covers it
Not a Soul is left to shiver, Death is night

Death controls the life of Man, all Lovers
Known as the Dark Angel he comes and goes
All fear him, for that he gives no do-overs

He steals life as the wind quietly blows
There is no remedy, not even time
Only God knows that the soul truly owes

The Soul lasts until the last, final chime
No hope, No desire, time to feed the Fire
You go to Hell, with Satan you will dine

You can’t be saved with your Lover’s desire
Your Heart, Body, and Soul are now Fire

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The Hammer

Who can hear, the mornings call?
The dead dove's body, as it des fall.
Who can see through, the dead man's eyes?
As the burning sun, falls from the skies.

What once was new, has now become old,
What once was alive, has now become cold,
What you believed, was worth a lot,
Is burnt to ashes, in the melting pot.

Let's start again, I hear them say,
Let's start again, another day,
Let's make again, what we made before,
Spill more blood, on the kitchen floor,
Lift the cross, up on the hill,
Load the guns, to fight and kill.

Fight and slaughter, till there's non one left,
Till your mind is empty, your heart is deaf,
You thought that, I was a soldier too,
You thought that I said, I love you,
But I tell you now, and I tell it true,
The angles of heaven, and the angels of hell,
Are riding now, to the ring of deaths bell.

What you thought, was silver and gold,
Are ashes and dust, on the open road,
What you knew was good, what you knew was true,
The hot sun has dried, like the morning dew,
The very memory, of hope and despair,
Is lost in the hole, of your soul laid bare.

The empty hole, behind the clouds,
The music and the laughing crowds,
Are dead and gone, have faded away,
As a new sun rises, on a bright new day,
I tell you now, and I tell you true,
As the hammer of me hits the anvil of you

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Only God Can Answer

When I was very young, 
Dad and I would fly my kite.
So one day I finally asked him, 
"how does God make wind and light?"
"Only God can answer that."
He told me with a smile.
"So ask him when you get there!"
I nodded, then played a while.
When we first turned sixteen, 
my best friend got a brand new car.
We had plans for Friday night, 
but Wednesday, she didn't get far.
I cried when I hung up the phone, 
"Daddy! Why my best friend?"
He came and sat down on my bed, 
as we talked about the end. 
"Only God can answer that."
He told me with a smile.
"So ask him when you get there."
Then I laid and cried a while.
Further down the road, 
I stood dressed up in white.
The night that I'd been waiting for, 
I'd found my Mr. Right!
I asked, "Daddy why am I so blessed?
I seem to have it all!
When some just have no luck, 
they don't have much at all."
"Only God can answer that."
He told me with a smile.
"So ask him when you get there."
Then he walked me down the aisle.
Then thirty years flew by.
Two jobs, Dad's cancer, and my baby.
and Daddy's time grew shorter, 
and every day became a maybe. 
Then sadly the Dr. said "its time to say goodbye "
and by his bed I stood.
I just couldn't believe it, 
that he'd be gone for good.
"Daddy why do you have to go?"
I asked him as I sobbed.
I knew it was his time, 
but still, my heart felt robbed. 
"I'll ask him when I get there..."
he told me with a smile.
"If I even care! I'll meet Jesus in a while!
I know you think that this will hurt you, 
but these days are grains of sand, 
and heaven is the Ocean!
We'll be together once again."

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For All Eternity

As daylight dawns my eyes close
On another sleepless night
So cold and all alone without
Your arms to hold me tight
I look out through the glass
And watch the sunrise in the sky
And still I find no answers
As again I’m asking why
My nights they seem so endless
Then I face another day
So full of pain and loneliness
Since God took you away
People say that time will heal
That I’ll get over you
That one day I will laugh again
That I’ll find someone new
I only wish they’d understand
Why that will never be
I’ll never love another
For you were my destiny
And though I've tried to carry on
My fears I cannot hide
I just can’t face this world alone
Without you by my side
The tablet bottles empty now
And on our I lay
I put my hands together
Then I close my eyes and pray
Please God will you send back down
My Angel from above
Then he will gently take my hand
And lead me back to love
He’ll guide the way to Heaven
Where together we will be
Two Angel's who are blessed with love
For all eternity...

By Raina Hutchins

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(It Feels) Like: This too shall pass

Like the end
Like a death
Like you cant catch your breath
Like it wont end
Like the pain will kill you
Like tomorrow will be full of more pain
Like your heartbeat will stop
Like no one likes you forever
Like you will never love again
Like all you ever known has rejected you
Like your soul is crying
Like your darkest place has kicked you out
Like you will never recover
Like you are the ONLY one
Like you can’t go own another moment
Like you are the biggest fool
Like the LIE is real
Like the truth did not set you free
Like she is the only love
Like being ask to live the rest of your life without LOVE
Like there is no forgiveness for you
Like God stop your blessings
Like you have flat lined but didn’t die
Like you die every every day every day
Like you are the worst person ever
Like God doesn’t love you
Like you won’t make it back from the pain
Like you want to weep
Like you want to weep
Like you want to weep
Like there will never be someone who adores you…for you
Like your heart is broken
Like you can’t go on
Like you love a love that don’t love you back
Like you don’t know how to love, so it asks to be excused and leaves
Like your life and your love won’t ever matter
Like you want be blessed anymore 
Like you have wasted so much time…
Like you want to just die… (Make the pain stop)
Like hope is as hope does…no hope for you
Like they get away ….Free and clear
Like you are left broken 
Like they get to live HAPPY EVER AFTER

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" Logic? "

To every thing there is a season,
A time to bring the reasoning,
Higher logic` of heart’s project,
Into view, for the mind to review,

For some say the mind`  is the only logic,
Leaving love’s heart without a project,

This mistake, takes the cake,
From this illusion` humanity must awake,

For tis the season` for higher reasoning,
And this will we do, as through God we pursue,

Love’s higher logic` God’s higher project,
An undertaking` of re-awakening,
A mind asleep, by it’s peep,

God’s Logic; the cosmic of higher mind’s project,......................................(Isaiah 55:8-9)
Love’s Faith; built on higher logic,..............................................(Hebrews 11:1-3 & 5-6)
Not on humanity’s`  earthly minded projects,
For it will always try to dodge it,
By lower logic,
Actually` enough said,  the lower mind level logic` is dead,.......................(Genesis 2:16-17)

While actually, God’s higher logic, the cosmic mind’s project, did not dodge it, 
Respect of  love`  gave the choice to man, the level of plan,
By level of chosen logic, man chose his own project,
By tree of life, or tree of strife, 
Would it be life, by tree of life,
Or death’s tree, of the mind’s strife,
The heart's, sacred start,
Or mind’s depart, from it’s heart,

Now you know the rest of the story, life’s glory,
For death was impaled, the stake did not fail, love swelled,...............(Colossians 2:13-14)
Drawing us all by love,  above,
The logic of death,
That death`  the mind did bequeathed,
Leave the dead dogs, lying in the grass,
For death has passed!!

 Dedication; "Diogenes Zuniga " I though of your personal undying faith in Love, the higher 
logic of God, who is love. All the while I was writing this, may God richly reward you with 
many fruits of love's logical righteousness, for it is the true riches of heaven. Stay logical, in 
love, my brother. Sincerely, Moses 


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They say to worship to get back into church
That all I need do is fall to my knees and repent
Then all this personal pain he will prevent
To kneel and pray to “The Soveriegn God”
Well, my knees are bruised and scabbed 
Where is this God of yours I ask
Guess I’m not really a fan of his work
As I walk through this existence 
Sufferring is all I see
War in the desert neverending
Children dying so young
Little boys and girls raped by the clergy
Destruction Hate Crimes against humanity
Where is this God of yours I ask
They say Christianity is the way 
Well, bullsh!t! That’s what I say.

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A Letter to My Son

Your going has left a hole in my heart that time,
The Great Healer, cannot repair.
Your going has left a hole in my existence
That forever and beyond will not heal,
A hole ever expanding from its own nothingness,
A hole through which all the goodness,
All the kindness of you is slipping through.
You were my sounding board.
Trite ideas offered, came back
Enhanced, brilliant and sparkling.
Borrowing intelligence from you, I grew wiser.
Doors opened before me as I strove to be worthy
Of you, my beloved son.
I go on now as you would have me do,
Searching in Nature for the joy 
You found in its wonders.
Hearing bird songs with your ears,
Relating to others with your empathetic instincts.
Striving, ever striving to be the person
And mother that you believed me to be
And never letting your memory grow dim
For those you loved and for whom you sacrificed.

You came into this world with a wisdom
That did not come from me.
I thank God each day for His lending you to me
For the time that I had you near
And I cling to His promise
That I will see you again.

I could not tell from whence you came,
Born with a wisdom that did not come from me,
And I do not know where you have gone,
Part of myself, the better part--into Eternity.

Originally entered as verse


A Letter to my Son

Your going has left a hole in my heart
That Time, that great healer cannot repair.
Your going  left  space in my existence
That forever and more will still be there.

Ever expanding from it nothingness
A hole from which your goodness has slipped through.
The kindnesses you wore as a halo
Have disappeared as well since I lost you.

I used you as a sounding boad to measure
The wisdom and the beauty of the world.
Your ideas were so clear and brilliant,
Through you my own best aptitudes unfurled.

I'm trying to live up to your standards.
I want to be more worthy of you, Son.
You told me once I was the perfect mother,
And with you life was such a lot of fun.

I thank God every day for loan of you.
The time we had was more than worth the pain.
And now I'm clinging tight to his promise
That some day I will see you once again. 

I do not know from whence you came,
Blessed with wisdom  that did not come from me.
Each day I pray I know where you have gone;
Taking my heart into Eternity.

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Ghetto Children

Gunshots be leavin 'em children alone
they gotta find a way all on they own
kids screamin out sets for hope 
then run around with a crew slangin dope
can't forget that they saw they fathers go
witness to earth the bloodiest show
to young to truly understand 
despite what ya heard God won't hold your hand
It seems to me that we've been forlorn
destined death after death to mourn
lookin at the future of us all
death to brothas come at a sudden call
little children begin to see the light 
keep on killin knowin that it ain't right
but desperation sets in hopin for death
because it's to painful to take another breath

How many of my brotha's died last week 
an an answer given not for the weak
life like this shoulda made us sick
creepin in streets tryin not to get licked
time again are numbers start to dwindle
hopein for knew life in this race to be kindled
but all we ever do is disappear
it's funny that are lives are consumed by fear
and are youngstas reproduce fast
more brothas get shot lives endin in head casts
why do we gotta die at such a rate
a brotha feel cold heat as if it's fate
and as my brothas always seem to die
my race got another reason to cry
little niggas is our only men
no more elders in my dearest black kin

Now we got kids runnin da street 
that means, the judge and jury da heat
the boys in blue pilein up da dead
crackas in th oval office shakein da head
the ghettos so lost can we find a way
it seem's that the only hope we got is to pray
and children already learn how god do
give to those who take so we take with a 22
now we gotta cope, sippin' on brew
gettin faded thinkin bout the dirt we do
and that just make a brotha think 
why we be born livin on da brink
seein bodies fallin fast in packs
cause it be like we forced to fire back
so thelast thing is to put bodies in bags
at da funeral drapin our brothas with rags

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raised from the dead

three women with points on their licenses to the tomb of Jesus they ventured
as they had a love for our Savior that was totally uncensored
they were told that the Roman soldiers over His tomb were standing guard
but they had a need to consecrate His body that compelled them to do their part
it was risky and unreasonable in the minds of most
but man's reasoning has no value when it comes to our Heavenly Host
to do the impossible that is what they desired
and with the power of the Holy Spirit they were then inspired
to walk by faith and not by sight guided by God's spiritual light

and when those women got to the tomb they then discovered 
that the sepulcher of Jesus was now uncovered
no Roman soldiers were in sight 
just an Angel of God wearing raiment snow white
"fear not" the Angel said, for the prophecy has been fulfilled
the Messiah  Jesus has risen from the dead for it is God's will
the mighty stone had been rolled away
it was a bold godly display

do you know that God will roll away any stone that impedes your life?
as He rolled away the stone at the tomb of His beloved Son Jesus the Christ
to be raised from the death of corruption and sin
restored, renewed, revived and born again
raised up from societal barriers of destruction
now a new creation in Christ's gospel production
the Lord desires that we live abundantly
and to walk with the power of His authority
so never forget the sacrifice and the blood that was shed
when Jesus the Christ by the hand of God was raised from the dead

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Dear child I know we never met
I’ve never seen your smile.
But God asked me to pray for you
for just a little while.

I got the news just late today
last night was when you left.
One week was all I had to give
before your final breath.

The Comforter I sent to you
several times a day.
I urged He go with healing hand
each time that I would pray.

His Spirit pressed into my soul
a child I never knew.
From pools beneath my folded hands
my tears He brought to you.

He said with faith, His pleasure found
my faith not strong enough.
But from my prayers for you, dear child
I found a strength of love.

Olivia, I fear I failed
dear child of only eight.
And now you walk on streets of gold
beyond a pearly gate.

I have a void I cannot fill.
Love found on bended knee.
I ask while walking there with God
if you could pray for me.

I love a child I never met
Nor have I seen her smile.
But God asked me to wait for her
for just a little while.

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God's Plan

All I can do is wonder. 
I'll never really know. 
OI'll never get to hug her, 
and she'll never see me grow.
When I wake up tommorrow, 
this nightmare won't be gone.
I'll never have what I took for granted, 
a chance to know my Mom. 

I know I shouldn't cry, 
because that won't bring her back.
It doesn't make up for the emptiness
or the love that I lack.
I'm almost grown up now.
I did it all by myself.
But I can't help but wish
I could be like everyone else.

I'm excluded from some "special bond"
and memories to be shared.
When all I ever asked for
was to have someone who cared.
The tearstains on my pillow
outnumber memories.
The only way I know her
is to see her in my dreams.

Daddy said she loved me,
but God called her home.
I don't know why he took her, 
the only Mom I'd ever known.
I guess he has a hidden plan, 
a reason I can't see.
I'm waiting for it to come together
and work out okay for me. 

I hope I'll understand some day
just what God has in mind. 
So no matter how much I miss my mother
I'll follow God's plan and be alright.

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I'll Be Missing You (A Tribute To My Brother)

Verse 1:

Seems like yesterday we was hanging out
Running round; playing tag in the house
Till you hurt me and I would shout
Zach I gotta let this out my mouth cause
Life ain’t always what it seems to be
It hurts cause I can’t see you visually
Now that you’re gone, I feel like dying 
I don’t even see the point in trying
In the future, it’s my only dream
That you open up the gates for me
I ask God sometimes
Why did he take my friend
Why did Zach’s life have to end
When it’s real, I find it hard to deal
With all the everyday pain I feel
I will never forget that time
When I heard what happened on 4.0.9


Every step I take, every move I make
Every single day, every time I pray
I’ll be missing you
Thinking of the day, when you went away
What a life to take, what a bond to break
I’ll be missing you

Verse 2:

It’s hard to bear with you not around
I know you in heaven smiling down
Watching me like you always did
Ever since I was a little kid
Till the day we meet again
In my heart is where you stay till then
Writing songs; writing poems and doing things like crying
Are only half of what gets me by
Memories give me the strength I need to proceed
Through this thing called grief
I go to God for all support
Cause he’s one I know I lean on
God broke this bond
I promise to the one
That will keep it going strong
I will never forget that time
When I heard what happened on 4.0.9


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For Grandmomma Pt 1

A lot of lessons learned./ I sip this Hennessey and fought the burn./ My mind is clouded with 
so many memories./ I hear your voice "Boy pick yourself up off your knees"./ But I wonder 
why God would take you away from me./ Please Lord I need some clarity./ Nothing makes 
sense.  I cry, I can't lie nor deny I'm drowning in my own dark obscurity./
     The pain remains inside./ Eating me alive./ I wonder without you if I'll survive./ I try and 
hide from the responsibilities in my life, but have no success./ So I'm left with this heartache 
in my chest./ Tears roll down my cheek./ Does that make a man weak?/ God I need to 
know./ Was it just her time to go?/
     So many times I sit down attempting to express what I was feeling,/ but my heart and 
mind wasn't willing./ Nothing I wrote seemed to be enough,/ to compliment you and your 
motherly love./ Every time I thought of you I felt like balling up in a fetal position and dying./ 
I could not write about you without breaking down and crying./
     For awhile I carried a bad attitude./ Looking for an excuse to accuse anyone in my family 
forever disrespecting you./ I think about all the tears my grandmomma shed./ I wished her 
alive and everyone else dead./ Was it my imagination or was it your pretty face I saw in the 
clouds?/ I hope you're looking down on me and you're proud./ And you're hearing my voice 
right now somehow./ I wish there was a button I could push to rewind./ So I can tell you 
what's on my mind./ Kiss your check./ Have you speak./ Hold you just one more time./
     Your passing took away my energy./ You said you would never leave me./ You were 
always so honest./ So when you broke your promise,/ It left me confused./ I felt cheated 
and my soul was bruised./

Con't in Pt 2

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A Childs Prayer - God We Need To Talk

Tonight as my baby girl started to pray
She said God it's 8 O'Clock, 
And God We need to talk.
She said daddy help me pray, 
And daddy bow your head,
As we knelt beside her bed. 
she said God can you hear me?
Mommy always said you'd hear me,
If I would learn to pray, 
And that you would show me the way.

Well God I don't understand. 
Why you took my mommy away.
Daddy always says i'll understand, 
When I grow up some day.
She said God, you need your son. 
Well I need my mommy to,
And I know that my daddy, 
Would be happier with mommy. 
Cause daddy talks to her, 
And mommy's not even there.

God can you please,
Give my mommy wings, 
So she can come to see us.
She always kept our house clean, 
And God I know, 
She keeps your house clean to.
And God I miss mommy's big hugs, 
Daddy says your son gives hugs to.
So I know if my mommy had wings, 
She could hug me and daddy.

Well God I want to thank you,
For being there to listen, 
And God think about what I said.
And tell mommy that I love her, 
And God I love you to.
Oh just one more thing God, 
Help my daddy stop crying.
Thank you God, Amen, 
Then she turned to me and said,
Goodnight daddy, I love you.

I was still on my knees, 
Beside my little girls bed, 
With tears running from my eyes.
I gave my baby a goodnight kiss, 
And said sweet dreams baby girl.
Then I went to my room, 
And kissed my wife's picture, 
And with tears in my eyes,
I knelt down to pray, 
I said God, We need to talk.

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More Than

He stood along his grave and tears began to flow
Why Dear God did You not take me, he was so young, You know
He had a future full of dreams, and now his life is done
He was more than just a casualty, he was my only son
A woman knelt down to pray and stared sadly at the floor
My husband won't be coming home from this never ending war
Oh God please help me carry on, now that he has died
He was more than a statistic, he was my life she cried
A child asks his mother, where did my daddy go
When will he be home again because I miss him so
The mother holding back her tears, says in time you'll understand
He was more than just another soldier killed in a foreign land
Thousands have died in this unjust war
As our politicians leave their mark
They are more than just a list of names 
On a monument in the park.

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The King Of Pop

from his abc's
to that freaky billy jean

came a pop star 
for all to love and see

from the apollo's stage
wondered if you were ready for screaming rage

for you never had a childhood of bliss
only done what was on joseph's list

a studded white glove 
and white socks just because

a star on the hollywood walk of fame
for you sang and danced showing no shame

scandals of twisted truth
did not detour you from your missing youth

neverland was your own safari escape
who would figure your best friend would be a chimp of faith

michael may god cradle you in his arms
and basked in your king of pops worldly charm

will forever miss that porcelain smile
and always think of you on my radio dial

for now your at your heavens trial
may god forgive this lost and lonely child

In Loving Memory Of
Michael Joseph Jackson
Aug 29th 1958 - June 25th 2009


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My Best Bud Joe

I sit and think what could have been	
a life with Joey, my best friend.

The many things we could have shared,
The special way he showed he cared.

At age fourteen he stood six foot five
Was big and strong and so alive.

Why wasn’t I there that fateful day
To try and save his life some way?

I had no way to say goodbye,
Why did he go, why did he die?

At first I blamed my God for this,
For taking him, the life he’ll miss.

But since I’ve come to understand, 
It wasn’t God but the fault of man.

The careless company that took him away,
Should be made to suffer, made to pay.

I’m still so mad it hurts inside,
I miss him so, I feel deprived!

It’s so unfair he died so young
Not knowing what he could become.

Now he’s gone and I’ll never know
How life could be with my “Best Bud Joe”.


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On Earth, You and Me


                            Me             This
                           Or                  No           
                            You           One 


As you can see no one’s inside, neither, you or me
On earth we are but just two, there is, no she or he
Nor they, only you and me, and we’re both outside
You’re on the upper side and I’m on the lower side

Great riches is absolutely your convincing power
And from poverty, day and night, I endlessly suffer
You discreetly dislike my skin, though I am meek 
I like the color of your God given, apple-red cheek

Ah! Indeed, God created us, but is He really fair?
My mind is yelling, this is not fair! He’s, too, unfair! 
For He gave you all I like, in this world, everything
And He gave me what you dislike, only little thing

You’ve all, the looks, the wisdom, and great wealth 
I’ve poorer looks, lesser wisdom, and a poor health
You’ve all, and still, for fame, you play with a flame
O, less I got, always, your faults, I do get the blame

This is what we are; accepting the truth is not easy
But I learned a thing, when you’re, too, damn busy
Our Creator had set upon us, an ultimate equalizer
Nil counts, even if,we win the Nobel or the Pulitzer

O gee! We do have something in common, after all
I breathe, you breathe, and someday we are to fall
Now I see that God is fair, time to say, we are sorry
I don’t know if you reflected on this, do you worry?


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A Note

Is there a cure for suicide?
Or is suicide the cure?
Emotion is a boundless tide,
But death is beautiful and pure,
The depression that commands my life,
Is consistent every day,
I hate it but I don’t cause strife,
For it is the only way,
If all I felt in life was death,
Why not end it now and end my pain?
For depression tightens with every breath,
And I’ve got nothing left to gain,
I write this now to bid goodbye,
For no one knows my endless sorrow,
I found the cure which is to die,
I won’t have to make it through tomorrow,
Look at This gun in my palm,
Won’t you Listen to it scream?
I never thought id be co calm,
When my mind is breaking at the seam,
Look at my blood on the wall,
Can you see the thoughts of my mind?
All that I did in life was fall,
And wish god wouldn’t lead me blind,
Look at the boy on the floor,
I put a bullet through his head,
What if I hadn’t closed the door?
And I just tried to go the bed,
Another day living the lie,
Always trying to hide my sorrow,
All that I really want to do is die,
But I always try to make it to tomorrow,
But never again- oh never again,
To him I just committed a crime, 
All that crap about how not to sin,
I proved him wrong for one last time,
Because if I’m dead and I chose to be,
Then I’m going to hell with the beast,
Did god love anyone less than me?
Because that man is surely deceased,
Didn’t god relieve Jobe of his pain,
Depression has always been my life,
I don’t think I can lift this chain,
Or even refuse to use that knife,
If I killed myself- what was gods aim?
God just decided to make me suffer,
Each day for me was never the same,
They all just kept on getting tougher,
But its over now and my pain is eased,
I always felt like I was caught,
I hope that everyone else is pleased,
I bet they never would have thought,

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Oh Syria

Reality is lost and I fear…
That someday…somewhere so near…
I will fall amongst the people so dear…
I fear…that I’ll just be another one…
Another one lost…

I wonder what the cost of my life is
not to get too political…
But I want to know what the cost of my life is
Is it money…is it land
I do not own any of them…I’m just a simple man

I remember…When I ran across your land…
I remember when I kissed my grandmother’s hands…
But you ripped my away from her…From my home
you ripped my away from my heart…you ripped me away from my soul

I feel helpless…I feel low…
It’s hard to play along when I know…I have no role
I have become a slave.
After all the love I gave.

When I look at my country…people I want to save
When I look around me…people I need to change
It seems like a hard thing to do…
when the range of people is way bigger than you

Freedom…oh how much I’ve heard that word
Freedom…oh how this idea has become absurd
when God gave us life…
He warned us only he can take our lives…

Oh Syria…my home
Oh Syria…my all
Oh Syria…what did they hurt you for?
Oh Syria…I’m here…I won’t let them hurt you anymore…
I am Proud to be your son…

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Tell Me

I'm lost hurt and angry
Why did you take his life
I want, No I need to know
Tell me, Tell me why
I deserve to know

Haven't you done enough to him
What'd he ever do to you
He suffered his whole life
Suffered more than anyone deserved
Tell me, Tell me why you did it
I have a right to know

Why'd you let him born to them
Born to worthless parents
Parents who didn't care
They threw him away like garbage
Pawned him off on someone else
Tell me, Tell me why
Explain how you could do that

You gave him Polio
You let others treat him like disease
You took away the full use of his legs
You warped his hand and foot
Tell me, Explain to me why
I deserve to know

You let others think he was crazy
You let it go on for over year
You didn't stop it, Why
Tell me, Give me your reason
Answer me God, Help me to understand

You go and make matters worse
You gave him Cancer
You didn't give him a chance to fight back
You just jerked him away from us
Tell me, Tell me how
How you could be so cruel

How can others not question you
When others do it, It's murder
But when it's by your hand
It's your will, Their fate
Tell me, What makes you so different
Your no better than the demons knocking at the door

You heard me beg and plead
You know I'm not afraid to die
I was willing to carry it all for him
I was willing to take my Daddy's place
You didn't even let me say Goodbye
Tell me, Tell me why I couldn't take his place
Answer me God, you owe me that much


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my angel

i met you in the springtime when the flowers were in bloom
and i knew yyou were my angel when you walked into the room
i knew that god had sent you down on the wings of a big white dove
just to be with only me and tto bring angelic love

our hands were ever so entwined and united were our hearts
we knew that we would walk together until death did we part
when sprringtime turned to summer we were happy as could be
and i just could not imagine all the love you had for me

now when summer turned to autumn and we felt the gentle breeze
i was ever so elated because you were still with me
but the time has turned the pages and i am so all alone
today god sent other angels just to guide my angel home

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My Dad

My Dad was Chicagoan.
He would light up a room just like my Mom. 
He loved to fish ! He loved his beer .
He also designed a Octagon home in the 70's 
Built custom by hand . I was very proud of Dad .

Alcohol hit our Family , a curse .
He left my Mom when I was 14 in Illinois.
To renew in California , leaving a trail of tears .
Meeting my step mom , my sisters age .
My 2 sisters they were accepted in her world . 

Not I , I looked too much Like Mom . Told this all my Life . 
She a petite Beauty , RN , real estate Broker .
I did not see why it was wrong to be like mom ?

I moved in with Dad, His new Wife , and 2 sisters 
eventually . All three women were competing for my Father .
I was kicked out at 16 yrs.

Years do pass , you try and accept people places and things .
At the end of Dads life , he was calling me once a week .
I ordered a Engraved Clock for the Fathers day coming.
This was a issue for the Wife and sisters , never invited to his new home , 2 Decades ~My little Brother & I , never wanted .

Dad passed suddenly one sad Spring Day . Not one word from his wife , all 3rd party,  how and when,  Dad Died . being denied the right to his address , even to say goodbye .
Not being able to send my engraved clock . 

 "Dad Passed " received call  from sister whom just stayed a week with me ,  I took her all around the sites here . "1st day I get call , you should come , 2nd Day after , Dad's been cremated already . " It was a lie.

I went anyway , finding the funeral home, the Funeral Director was appalled at the denial displayed.

He insisted I was given 10 minutes alone with Dad , my Birthright to say Goodbye , he was in dismay over the Hostility towards a daughter ~

I get to this room of mean relative's. His sisters , Mine, angry looks , hearing from a Aunt "What is she doing Here ! " I can't give nor reason or rhyme. 

 Shame to you and all that participated that wicked day.
 Are you Glorified with Power?  Denied the right to grieve , 

 Left with no sane answers to give in hatred received by Blood . Some , just Spouses , telling me I had no right to Say Goodbye to my own Father , My DAD .

My Dad wanted me there , I know he did . I love Him and will never forget , his youngest girl whom looked like Mom . I know in my heart and dreams he speaks. 
 We all see when we leave . May God not allow any Son or Daughter to go through such Evil.

Thank-you Poetry Soup for returning my voice .

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written 22nd Oct 2013

Even after sixteen years
 still I cry your daughters tears
Every year on this day, will always be sad
 known only as the date, God took my dad

    1st June 1954- 22nd Oct 1997
         Allan Thomas Holmes

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Now I lay me down to sleep
In my home that's really sweet
Had three large meals and a snack
There wasn't a hint of any lack
Comfortable shoes and clothes that fit
My heart's desires my money can get
Friends and family know my name
So many opportunities it's just insane
Doctors and dentists, heat and air
A hope and a future.. No despair
Little chance I'll die before I wake
But if I do, my soul God will take.

But the homeless orphan goes to sleep
His unbathed body on a filthy street
Sold himself today to get a meal
From a slimy stranger with a dollar bill
No life, no skills, no future, no hope
No family, no friends, no heat, no coat
No shelter, no job, no doctor, no care
No money, no support, no help anywhere
Despair and neglect, a fight to survive
A shell of a child more dead than alive
And if this orphan dies before he wakes
Will he know God his soul to take?

Contrast Poem

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Love came down at Christmas

L Long ago travelled Kings
O Opened their minds to prophecies
V Visiting from afar they brought gifts of Gold, Fracincense and Myrrh
E Eastern Star guiding them lighting the way

C Company of Heavenly Host
A Allelujah! Angels appeared to Shepherds, telling Savior born
M Manger for bed wrapped in cloths in Town of David
E Evangelically proclaimed Christ the Lord

D December 25th designated day
O On which we recollect
W Why/way Christ entered our world
N Nativity only part of His story

A A new testament
T Tells of new covenant between God and His people

C Christ's coming to Earth
H Hailed as new born King, Holy
R Risen Lord, righteous redeemer, 
I Intercedes for us as
S Spiritual Saviour to save sinners souls
T Time for Truth, Trust, Trinity
M Man's belief in God of Love,  
A As Father Son and Holy Spirit
S Shall be saved

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written 28th oct 2012

You were never seen by us, that privilege sadly was not for us 
  an extravagance we were overwhelmed by, the thought of your embrace  
The entire twelve weeks you were a joy to have known, even 'without' being seen 
 hearing about you're arrival, was a blessing at the time you were conceived
For life hadn't been easy and we had all asked God, we even plea'd 

We wait upon the day, you will finally meet us 
 having the honour to love and learn with you, saddly not for us
It brakes my heart as you part, you had already embeded love into my heart
 Just knowing we will now...forever be kept apart

God has other plans for your love that's so strong, blessing us from the start
 we continually pray, maybe he'll deside to let you stay around
But the intense pain of tears and loss, are constantly falling all around
 just let it be known, we all desperately wanted you to become part of us
We all will love you for eternity, you are now forever one of us,
 although it was only for a very slight second, it was better than never
You are from this day on, embedded into our hearts forever...
   the impact you have left 'unborn young one'' my beloved grandchild....
                                  "Angel" 2012

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The Day My Uncle Died

The Day My Uncle Died...

I was thinking about the smile on my uncle’s face….
This was a before he would “leave this place."

I'll never forget the words shortly before he died.
The more I thought about it, the more I cried.

He said, "you know Jimmy I wish I got to know you better."
I never received another phone
 call or even a letter.

A few days later he was ready to go to a funeral.
But it was also him who received a burial.

I was shocked and amazed as to what happened.
The events took place. There was no way
 I could "stop them."

Memories I had were from many years ago.
I often think about him.    And I do miss him so!

I suppose many don't take the time to realize...
How quickly life passes... 
Then someone dies.

Perhaps there's someone in your
 life you can think of…
There's been a situation that you're
embarrassed to "speak of/"

A harsh word said, and angry thought was spoken.
And soon your relationship has been "broken."

This may be a good time with this person to spend.
Irregardless if they're what you'd call a "friend."

Everyone is important to God who reigns above.
We need to be filled with his mercy and love.

The person you haven't seen shall one day disappear...
The days are short...  Our journey's end is so near!

May God speak to our heart and help us to see...
Where will you and I be spending our eternity???

By Jim Pemberton

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Tender of Roses

Beloved, lovely roses: gift of God and lover’s flower,
Spread your colored petals and cradle tender showers.
While admiring the blossoms with their beauty to behold,
Ought we not to know the Tender of such lovely garden groves?

For He lovingly and thoughtfully wields His pruning shears
To cut away the stems of old for fuller future years.
He cultivates and feeds them. He attends them as a Father
Looking daily to their needs; so faithfully He waters.

From the dawn of morning dew until the setting sun arrays
Caring always for His own until that great appointed day…
When the Gardener comes to claim each one the earth held as its own.
He gently picks it at its peak and for His pleasure takes it home.

As God did one glorious morning, when the Perfect Rose had bloomed.
He rolled away the stone and met with Mary at the tomb.
There the sweetest Rose of Sharon rose that we die not alone.
But be gathered for a garden grove, surrounding heavens throne.

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My ship reached your lush and comforting shore,

But my flesh had no more left than dry bones.

And these bones could remember no more

The warm breezes that now gave unheard moans.

But GOD can make these dry bones live,

As Ezekiel saw in Babylon one airy day.

And my dry bones seek for GOD to give

A body divine in which they desire to stay,

And roam the mountains that cool the air,

Collecting fruit so lavish and so ripe.

With clear eyes to enjoy a view lovely and fair,

I inhabit a world of freshness and beauty of every type.

So dry bones no more, by Omnipotence’s grace,

Nature’s bliss I now see well face to face.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Death to Death I Say

My mind has trouble wrapping itself around
incomprehensible thoughts of the inevitable.
Fighting against the extinguisher of life’s force
is embedded deep within this heart and soul.
Yes, though I walk through the valley where
this shadow dwells, deep within I know fear
should not be with me... for here I walk not alone.
My God has never yet forsaken me.. to fear.
Yet still, I want to lift my sword and cut off the
offending forces with certain blow, screaming 
Be gone! Be gone!  You wretched soul collector!
This one is not ready to go…this one is loved !!
This one …this dear one…this one is MINE !!

My heart and mind are out of sync with what
is truly meant to be and will be... selfishness
alone clinging to a soul that is ready to go.
Where joy no longer dwells within the skin
creased with time’s aging hands. Where is life?
Is it only in the inhale and exhale of breathing? 
When the mind no longer functions to allow 
the body to function properly should I be willing
to simply let go? The heart screams NO!!  
The mind understanding, but denies the thoughts
for another week, another day,  another hour

Death To Death I Say !!!

Details | Personification | |

I hear your voice

i hear your voice in solitude
when all outward forces seize
and inward forces burst out in multitude
and all my hardships ease.

i want to hold your hand forever,
and would be with you
but waiting for you here, but none deter
hopeful but eyes dew.

purple riot in my heart
which stay here for long
after disturbing it then depart
and then merrily sing plaintive song.

paying here for all my merriment
which i have deduced in past
now only it provide consolement
when i cry at last.

life i love you very much
and always want to embrace you
but you leave no occasion as such
so that i can amaze you.

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The gospel of God came out his mouth fluently
Being a man of God he was indeed
His smile could light the world up completely
Earth and I have lost one of heaven’s seeds.

The bodies were crying, while the hearts are grateful
Not because this event occur often
Knowing where we’re going afterwards we’re thankful
No need to lose sight of one’s self when you see a coffin.

My connections, my thoughts, are they enough
To leave behind w legacy
Or will the only thing I leave behind is my love?
We’ll find out once death approaches me.

R.I.P   DR. W. E. BROWN 
JazzieAnn Brown   1/27/12

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Peace Tonight

I sleep in peace tonight.
Hope that day will come.
When I find you underneath the 
Waiting for me and a life that never 
For Eternal love will always be 
And you will know that I care no 
matter the troubles.
That even If death were to come, it 
be with us a couple.
I sleep in peace tonight.
Hoping my family loves, and so do 
my friends.
And that God may forgive for all my 
Because when I am gone, let there 
be not a tear shed.
But a laugh of remorse, and that you 
treed lightly.
For I will sleep in peace tonight.

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Last Kiss

Open your eyes to the ever turning skies 
I want to here with me through the night 
My heart yearns into your soul 
Burning as if newly lit coal 
I bravely submerg the embers 
That the time I have can be spent with you 
And I remember each kiss every moment 
I was caught in your love that for just this day I remember 
So what happened was a chance for your love 
A time that I kept in a locket tied with a kiss 
 I wanted you to feel, to love, to slumber 
And to awake in my arms with that times kept bliss 
I lay silient in an umber

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The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

Details | Pastoral | |

I pray for mother

   I pray for mother 
You could have stayed
Forever was my longing
Oh mother!
Does it really have to be you?
Mothers are too special to lose

You gave me life mother
You raised me into a man I am today
I will forever be grateful to you
Out of nothing, you gave me food
Out of nothing, you clothed me
Out of nothing, you sent me to school
Oh mother!
You were the best

In your shadow I had shade
You called me Father.
For I carried grandfather’s name
Now I understand how special I was to you
You felt grandfather in me
Who will ever call me that again?
I forbid my thoughts to go deep
For the deeper it goes, the deeper it hurts

I can still hear your voice mother
I can still see you in my dreams
You left without saying good-bye,
Were you mad at me mother?
Deep in my heart, you will always have a home
My sisters and brothers are heartbroken
They are all grown up 
But they still need you Mother

Do you still remember your grandchildren?
The youngest is not yet a year old
She will never see your beautiful smile mother
You could have waited
So she does something for you
Fetch water or call you grandmother	

We all miss you mother
It’s hard to know you are never coming back
One after another
We will join you mother
We are not afraid of death any more
For we have a place with you
God almighty will meet us someday
Then I will see you for myself again
We will talk and laugh
Just like we used too

Now you live in a far away land
We can’t change that, not even God almighty
I will teach my heart to live without you mother
Though it is hard
I will learn to miss you
I will learn to live without you
But I will never forget you
It’s the body I will never see

Your time is gone Mother
Now you live in a new world
There you will never grow old
There you will never die
I have peace in my heart
For I am reconciled by God’s mercy
My father in heaven comforted me
Now I know you are happy there
The pain I felt
The pain that tortured me
Will never torment me again
You departed with all my tears
With all my strength
With all my hope
And with all my faith
But God gave me a thousand reasons to smile
In am now back on track

Rest in peace dear mother,
It was the will of God
Who am I to question him?
I never did when you were given to me
And somehow I knew this day will come
Let his name be exalted
We meet again Mother
This I know.

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The Message

I'm not the greatest of all-times, but when I'm done, I'll be an all time great in this lifetime of mine Like the late great who came before my time I will breed a new lifeline, that will breathe life like march of dimes My story lines, will bring truth life; like troops who fight Overseas, for rights of those who believe that death is life Now that ain't right! As the rich is getting richer, eating fillet me-non, while we barely feeding our appetite Night after night Survival has waged a war that gave us no choice but to battle and fight Although, we'll be all right They say we a dying breed, but that ain't right Instead we're the light to a lying greed That will enlighten life to a brand new seed A man of God indeed Freed from the Son that bleeds Like the summer breeze He's the sum that equals the amount of air I breathe The air that please A satisfaction like the birds and the bees My word's words are the keys That will fornicate with the mind and give birth to a seed A seed of social change, that'll change our social economy So shall our comradery That will bring comfort to a struggling society A synonym...similar to a civilization seeking for unity Unifying the physics of theory That seeks to explain the synopsis of a dying philosophy Similar to the Cosby X-cept my scrip-tic will speak more about our reality Like life's calamity And everything else in life that's destroying us systematically However, I've discovered a system That can mathematically destroy ignorancy And turn our state of mind intellectually I elect that He (God) selects me to be And be that man who may lead this community So that they (My Peoples) may commute with me En-route to a destination, destine towards our destiny Like we were destine to be We were meant to be "Great" like the late great that came before we. Because we are... The reflection where perfection gave birth to the definition of greatness Where great means Competent, Skilled, Well Informed, and Tremendous Our potentials are endless And only we not even the enemy can put an end to this So it's time we put a stop to this The biggest enemy of self And that's envy and jelousness Cause after this is Heaven or Hell and that's all there is A promised made sealed with a kiss Knowing this Is the next best thing since "In the beginning" In the first chapter of the first verse in Genesis!

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May God Comfort You During Your Loss

May God Comfort You...

I'm sorry to hear about your loved one passing away.
I know that in heaven, you shall
be with him someday.

Life's adversities are at times hard to explain.
Sometimes, very quickly, 
circumstances can change.

I pray that through your loss, sorrow and pain.
You'll find comfort and joy in Jesus' name.

May his arms of tender
mercy and grace,
bring love to your heart and
a smile on your face.

May God's presence bring an
assurance to your soul,
knowing that God is with you no 
matter where you go.

Through all that's happened,  I pray you will find.
God's wonderful joy, his comfort
and a peace of mind.

On the stormy seas of life, 
with God, you shall prevail.
His promises and love for
you will never, never fail.

By Jim Pemberton 

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Inhale. Exhale. I need to breathe again.
Restore my faith in God, if later...when?
If signs are sought, we should see them appear,
If God is waiting talk, and ears will hear.
The words I speak, vacant of lies, I love.
I search answers in light. My eyes above.
My body talks to God, I give it all.
It's wise to know if pride's before the fall.

I join you now, the King of life and death.
My sins of flesh let not my soul bereft.
Inhale. Exhale. My body dies again.
I need you now, oh God, it's now the when.

For Contest: Structured Forms-Iambic Verse II
Sponsor: Girogio A.V.
Poet: Casarah Nance
Date: 09-15-2014

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Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

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God Received An Angel

In the summer of 2007, God received an angel.
The Angels name was Katie. 
Katie was sweet & Katie was good
But I guess God wanted sweet old Katie
Out of the hood.
She did all she could, she gave all she had
But never in her life treated anyone bad.
Jesus, I know that she’s good
I know that she is great
But sometimes I just hate, 
Hate that she is gone
Hate that she is away
I think about her everyday.
Everyone & Everything is changing
Family is falling apart, 
Oh why it’s breaking my heart.
Tearing the house down acting like pure clowns
God you got a gift 
But sometimes I wish,
Wish you hadn’t took my Angel
Wish you would have let her stay a little longer.
God received an Angel.
The Angels name was Katie
 I hope Katie is with me daily
Until I die & visit her in the sky
House is up wholesale, everyone thinking
Angels, Angels, Angels
Angels flying here, Angels flying there
Angels are flying around just about any & everywhere
You took a couple of my families angels in strange ways 
I get up in the morning wondering when is my day
& who will be next to depart us.
My heart was broken when you took my Angel
Oh, why did you have to take her,
Her out of all people
She followed the rules and the laws 
But I am wondering is that all.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

The Duchess Of Paradise

She's highly sophisticated and full of undefiled wisdom
Yet a crowned Duchess in a paradise kingdom
Quite a beautiful angel flying with black wings
Covered in gold jewelry and precious things
She dresses like the women of ancient Egyptian class
Her wealth is generous and her money grows like grass
She loves orange scented candles with dark room flame  
She rules thirty legions of soldiers and Bune is her name
Her comely warrior voice can wake and relocate the dead
Her armies of soldiers gather around the cemetery
She is brave and deserves a princessly crown on her head
Her facility of speech and flair for words is legendary
A beautiful queen to be treated with respect and honor
Instead of blasphemy,wanton abuse and fictional horror

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I Prayed For Love,

I Prayed For Love,
As I leave this world one thing I wish to share; I prayed for love. I never gave up on my prayer, for God would send someone to love me too! Looking back with tears’ filling my eyes, my heart torn, and my life depleted, having never known the love I prayed for. Soon the last breath will exit my body; those by my side were unable to share the pure love of my prayer’s! My one prayer in life has gone unanswered, why I wonder did love not find me.
I pray now as my time is near, love passed me by here on earth even as hope remained in my heart and faith kept me praying; so again; I pray when I finally take my last earthly breath let that love take my hand. May Love guide me to my heavenly home for God; “I pray saved all the love I so desperately wanted to give me in heaven.”
 My heart and soul wanted so much more than you could give. If only is what I always told myself. Love to me was such a beautiful and wonderful thing. Nothing could be more precious or so pure! Honestly, my entire life I struggled wondering if I was crazy or if I deserved to be loved. Now as death approaches the answer hovers.
 	Please don’t cry for me as leaving the world behind brings peace and comfort. Tonight the angels will carry my sorrows away from me, I’ll cry no more, and God is waiting with all the loved stored from a lifetime!
                                                                           Debbie Knapp

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Copyright © 2013

Skittles and a soda
against a gun in its holster?

One day that scream
will be known as a teen
not a heinous lying Fein

What a sinister ploy and twist
with a loaded gun and no fist?

Had everyone sitting and waiting
doomed by a verdict just delaying

Was this just an optical illusion
or, a devious planned conclusion?

Now, this generation too afraid
wearing hoodies will get you dead

But, the Klan was still glad
hoodies they've always had

A verdict they too saw,
ushering in martial law

by: LP
edited: 7/30/13

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George Gershwin Terzanelle

When you’re longing for someone to watch over you
think about building a stairway to paradise
even if it means you must dance alone with you.

It may feel hard for your heart to sing, soul to rise
It may seem like you got plenty of nutting,
no matter, let your heart climb a stairway to paradise.

Alone may seem lonely and off putting
Life filled with love means it ain’t necessarily so
Love fills you with song, if you embrace plenty of nutting.

For when life cuts you down, tells you it’s time to go,
or too early in life you think your man’s gone now,
trust me on this honey, it just ain’t necessarily so.

All alone with a keyboard, is one way to answer how
with things, even when you want  ‘em, you can’t get ‘em
 but music never leaves you, even after your love’s gone now.

With stuff, when you got ‘em, you may not want ‘em.
Be real and long for someone to watch over you.
With love of men, when you want ‘em, you can’t get ‘em.
Dance with heart upstairs, so you’ll never dance alone.

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Tarot reading I desired.
She flipped each card and the world was before my eyes.
I thought that the spread would not have insight.
However, the cards did not lie.

I don't know this personally.
I am not one to believe a darn thing you tell me.
You are after something that does not belong to you.
I do not need leadership from a damned fool.

I would meet the fool in the world.
His tales would be told via our love.
Oscar was full of s***.
He knew the exit.

The gateway to technology expressed his ideas.
He seemed to believe he open doors for me.
I have learned him well.
The Tarot Reader showed me the High Priestess.

I would meet the fool in the world.
Therein, skill, logic, and intelligence would transform.
A new generation has come transgressing the old one.

Not to cheat myself, I will be succinct.
The Tarot 3 card spread Justice, The Lovers, and Death.
Suppression is an element that disallows a liberated mind.
Never to be fooled by love, the critical times will appear.
Righteous, herein, is within the Lord's omnipotency.

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My God's Awesome Wonder

Are my Dreams reality or is Reality my dream //  Dreams, reality                 / Dreams
As I slumber in the Ebony Valley Of Death // Ebony valley of Death  / Ebony  death
Hear Heaven's Hymns,Hell Screams      //Heaven's hymns,Hell Screams   /Hell screams
                                          To be Contiued
                                 Dedicated to Yoni Dvorkis

Typers Note - Yoni several years ago you asked Chef why he used so many Capitol letters. I too had asked him, yesterday he told me why. In most instantses the capitols
are another Poem inside the Poem as above. If the first word of the line is part of the  Poem the whole word is Capitolized. This Poem = a Haiku and another Poem. There are 5
Hiaku in this Poem when it is done. I will send you the whole poem(s)
I wrote you a Soup mail with the rest of this poem(s). Respectfully Yours, Kenny A Fledgling Poet

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Suffer not o man she cried desperate for consolation
Compassion twisted and tore at her heart 
but the world she knew was silent.

Painful sounds from death filled wars, would wound her more
than jagged poison tipped arrows that pierced much too deeply.
And yet she carried on in quiet song as the world she knew kept silent.

And if the dying weren't enough, the sight of bloated bellies
and distraught mothers and sacked villages laid bare
by the unwilled force of child soldiers, would crush her spirit. 
How could the world she knew keep silent?

Thinking that God did not understand her despair 
She wept with abeyant tears that could not flow 
as the world she knew kept silent.

To live, to die in the soiled spattered flow of time
passing through, passing through
Is the secret so sublime? Cannot she grieve? 
Then silence no more was heard.

Instead a curious word within emerged 
from her meditation of life's graces
a Hebrew word "Bitachon"
What was not known in agonies 
was revealed in her silence.

C.A.K. 1-9-201

Details | Ballad | |


Why did God create a life
That wasn’t meant to be
Why did He give eyes
If they were never meant to see
Why did He put breath in you
Then take that breath away
Why give you to me
If you were never meant to stay
Why show someone happiness
And how it feels to smile
And fill their hearts with hope
If it can only last a while
Why did God create the sun
When all it does is rain
How am I supposed to laugh
When all I feel is pain
Why let people dream
Knowing their dreams will not come true
Why should I find someone else
When all I want is you
Why say there’s a Heaven
When it doesn’t help to pray
Why is there tomorrow
When I long for yesterday
What’s the point in searching
Knowing you’re not there to find
Why give someone life
If death is following behind
So why God when He took my love
Did He not take me too
For life is not worth living
If it means I don’t have you...

By Raina Hutchins, from the UK

Details | Rhyme | |

4 - Messenger from the Dead

Alas there is no more confusion,
finally found my last conclusion.
Expect me as if Jesus will return,
from a ghost to a realm of concern.

Your dreams are portals like doors,
welcoming spirits into hasten wars.
Leaving the thoughts without trust,
keeping your fears in much disgust.

And though you sought no consequence,
deeds that confirm a wicked malevolence.
Awaiting in your nightmare of screams,
enjoy what is left amongst your dreams.

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Any religion that endorses murder
and the killing of innocence
is a false religion 
and their god is the Devil


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Daddys Coming Home

My Daddy’s coming home, he promised Mom and me
He told us not to worry; he was safe as he could be
He’ll wear his vest and helmet and stay out of the crowd
My Daddy’s in the Army and he serves his country proud
It’s just another tour he said like the ones before
My Daddy’s coming home some day but today he is at war

We didn’t hear from Daddy, though he said he’d call each day
My Mommy said don’t worry but let’s kneel down and pray
We thank God for our Daddy and to keep him safe and warm
Like he did the last time and back in Desert Storm
We tell God that we love him and that all we’re praying for
Is Daddy coming someday but today he is at war

We haven’t heard from Daddy; it seems for quite a while
We still kneel down and pray for him but Mommy’s lost her smile
Friends keep coming over and they pray with her too
My Mommy looks so tired and sad; I don’t know what to do
Today my Mom was crying when she hung up the phone
She said that was the Army and their sending Daddy home

I said let’s pray for Daddy and knelt down by her side
She didn’t help me with the words; she just knelt down and cried
I knew something had happened but I was scared to ask
I asked God to take over; he handles all those tasks
Then I got this funny feeling, my Daddy’s not alone
He’s with some fallen soldiers and God’s bringing them back home

My Daddy’s going home today like he promised Mom and me
Home to be with Jesus for all eternity

With Memorial Day coming up, I thought I would share this with all of you.  IF you 
like this check out my poems - A Little Hill IN Arlington and MIA Hill

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Before Death - After Life

           Before Death
With pain and sorrow, I share my bed
I cry to know that I am dead
Empty tears Forever shed
Eons of Eternity
The sins of passion
Lust and deceit
Can only
End in
           After Life
Walking the rainbows, talking with GOD
God's Loving Heart, He shares with me
Destiny - Eternity
Eons of Forever
His Love, Light, Life: shines
GOD's Glory

Dedicated to Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

AUTHOR NOTE: Two concepts in one POEM
With the same Form I have several more in
Haiku, Senryu, Crystalline, and Quatern

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The Promise

When meanings have been broken,
When your cross has been uncrossed,
When the reasons that you gave me,
In the labyrinth have been lost.
When your house has been emptied,
When your bedroom is swept clean,
I will come and wake you,
From your long and endless dream.

more at

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Demon In My Closet

There is a demon in my closet and it is safe to say
 I have kept him there safely, each and every day
 Asking about his words, I thought I heard him pray
 He laughed openly stateing he was always hearing me play
 I followed, I listened I leaned over to his ways
It turns out he's here over an angel and a wish of keeping me gay
 Saintan is forever listening to what becomes my fate
 The doors still closed as softly as that horrid divorced decay
 But he was not wearing my brand, a mark of forever may it stand
 He had choose to turn the other cheek, to find a higher point of understanding
Something more suitable than just a standard branding
 A mark of a book, a devils open handing
 A demon to help me through troubles and fears
 A someone there when all I have left is openly flowing tears
 He jesters, he peers, he jokes, he steers
 But I think my favorite time is where leers

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Finding God

When a pound of grief comes our way, we always wonder where God has gone.
He’s still there, you know, we've just momentarily, lost our link to the dawn.
Some say most days are like diamonds, I say they're always full of God’s bling.
How great it seems, depends on how you hold your heart, to the light, to sing.

God's greatness is always there, it’s just how your soul reflects his light.
When you turn to look, deep within you’re soul… All you see is your plight.

Don’t turn your soul away, at these times, don’t turn so deep inside.
God is like the brightest diamond,  turn to his light, let his loving light preside.

When someone passes, their memories are buried deep within your grief.
You won’t lose those memories, by looking without and about, for your relief.

Look at all the great changes that person made, in others’ lives and be awed.
These made them a sparkling jewel, where they were literally, the hand of God.

Celebrate the greatness that they became, as they helped those all around.
See the angel they became, and by the glory and beauty that they have found.

Remember it’s how you turn the diamond to reflect the sparkle in God’s light.
God’s greatness and light can always be found, in the darkest of the night.


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Almighty - Shower your love and bless us

 This poem is dedicated to those who are suffering from natural disaster 
 wrote by Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

 Almighty - Shower Your Love !!!!! 

 Ohh my Almighty, Ohh my Nature..
 Everything was alright, everything was fine..
 But what made you do this????
 That you astringently affected the Life of Divine..
 Why you had lend with with no mercy..
 You showered your gift in terms of cursy..
 Drenching tears of the exciting people..
 Pangs of separation happened between lovely couple..
 How much it is aching to there pity family..
 Everyone got acceleratingly disheartened gradually..
 Just now left with the new dawn and the iota of Hope..
 Hey nature please try to rudenessly cope..
 Mankind struggling for their last breathe..
 Please bless them for our sake under your sheathe..

 Please endow them for their wellbeing and glorious life ahead!!!!

By Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

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cerulean loss

her alabaster lips did drown
the sea with rage that fateful dawn.
how beautiful with skin so pale,
her alabaster lips. did drown
the roar of waves and shredded sail.
Poseidon's wrath on human pawn.
her alabaster lips did drown.
the sea with rage that fateful dawn...

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Christ Upon A Blessing


A God for all season's
Encompass for only one reason
And that is to re-coup
For the blessings'
That some-how was lost
Fore on that very day
Christ ascended the Cross
Oh', yes
Their was a price to pay
And of that portion
It was paid that very day
When the face of baby
Christ Jesus,
Was set on display
As He laid stillness lay
Upon His tomb
Where non-believers 
Has since not seen Him
To this very day
While the common people
Simply stood by
Silently as they prayed
     He had gone
Much, much too soon
           - And -
Yet, their was no one there
To witness the affair
When He suddenly
Leaf the room
For the survival of man-kind
In order that not a single Soul
Be left behind....
He ascended the Heavens'
Where their was no love
Lost to be found
To be with His Father
Your father and mind
Fore it was His destiny
One of the requirements'
Of the Father of time...      
And a funny thing happen
It was needless to say
Thank God for eternal life's delay
Fore Christ of Jesus
A descendent from the Cross
Had paid for our sin
He accepted the cost

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Are You Ready to Meet Jesus

Are You Ready to Meet Jesus? One day soon, there’ll be A meeting In the air! God’s people will gather, from everywhere! Jesus will return,, for you and me! He wants to take us all! For eternity! People will be there! Both young and old! Being with Jesus forever! On streets paved with gold! When he comes, no one knows! When he does, may we be ready to go! Live you life, as if He came right now! One day, before him, Every knee shall bow! May we live a Godly life, in everything! As we look forward to, the return of the king! By Jim Pemberton

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Those Who've Gone On Before Me

Many Have Gone On Before Me…

As I grow old, many I know have gone on before me.
Some I didn’t know.   And some knew me.

In our lives, there’s one thing that’s very certain.
We don’t know when we’ll meet life’s “final curtain.”

No matter how we try to look, or seek a “younger appeal.”
One day, old age comes, and the end of life seems real!

Our lives down here, could end tomorrow!
No matter how many years we may try to “borrow.”

God knows when the end of our lives will be!
The question is: Where will you spend your eternity?

You may seek all of this world’s wealth and fame.
But when death comes calling… 
 It knows your name!

You can go through life, and keep “pretending.”
But God knows when your life will be ending!

He’s prepared for you, a place in his eternal city.
There’ll be no more sorrow, pain or pity!

All of the angels in heaven await your choice!
Each person coming to heaven,,,  They all rejoice!

Jesus loves you!  This is great news!
His gift of salvation...  Please don’t refuse!

Think about those who’ve gone on before you!
And the wonderful God that always knew you!

Every breath you breathe… Each step that’s taken…
Jesus is your only hope and secure foundation!

By Jim Pemberton

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My mind is dark with the thoughts of doom
Shadows of death and miseries loom
I wish I could try and fight
The stench of death and darkness of night

Many thoughts bewilder my soul
My heart bleeds through a jagged hole
Why do I have to kill to live?
Why don’t I have happiness to give?

My heart screams for an explanation
My soul cries for salvation
Why is my hand smeared in blood?
Why is everyone around me dead?

I walk through the graveyard of people I killed
Was this the death that god willed
Why was I the harbinger of death?
Why was it me who laid them to rest?

I live a life that I rather not dare
My nights are an endless nightmare
Why can’t I be released from this living hell?
Why don’t I have someone to tell?

Will I ever escape? Will I ever be free?
Will I ever be pardoned? Will my life ever be merry?
All I ask my God is sanity
All I need from me is humanity

I have killed to live, I have lived to kill
Done acts I am not proud of
Will I ever have peace to gain?
Or will I need death to live again

Tell me lord; am I not your child?
Weren’t they too, because of me who died?
Was it my fault that I had a gun?
Why didn’t I have a place to run?

Questions in my mind abound
My dreams come back at night to hound
My only release I know is death
I hope it comes soon and me it gets

When death smiles at me with all its charms
I will lie with glee in its waiting arms
Then for sure my soul will be free
And those of the people murdered by me.

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Waste Not, Want Not

Oh, how sad, oh how very glum,
Goodness gracious me prater comes.
Still writing winsome words of woe,
Endlessly stopped, never to go.
Oh God be, merciful to me.

Endlessly stopped, never to go.
Wallowing in morbid abode.
Whiling away the endless hours;
Scribbling sigils, claws cower.
Oh God be, merciful to me.

Scribbling sigils, claws cower.
Feeling your life’s left no dower
Envy those not thus engaged.
Envy the prattle on the page.
Oh God be, merciful to me.

Envy the prattle on the page.
At least the words are given stage.
Each one stroked, petted, tilled and hoed;
Fields upon fields, rows upon row.
Oh God be, merciful to me.

Fields upon fields, rows upon row.
Pondering heaven on life’s gallows.
Goodness gracious me, prater comes,
And, all of it just, so, ho-hum.
Oh God be, merciful to me.

And, all of it just, so, ho-hum.
Leave the box, flee the asylum!
Writing, writing, scratch and scribble;
All this soulless, mindless, drivel.
Oh God be, merciful to me.

All this soulless, mindless, drivel.
joyfull tragic, quite disheveled      
Wading through the endless nights;
Waiting, waiting for the light.
Oh God be, merciful to me.

Waiting, waiting for the light,
Never living your gifted life.
Writing, writing, writing on,
Until the coming of the dawn.
Oh God be, merciful to me.

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Never So Gracious

A full moon night to my delight what is so wrong with doing what's right nothing is right after so long no use in complaining time to move on The Dream Water one day might take me away farther from the comfort of familiarity I float on my back then shut my eyes my body now sinking into ocean arms open wide Now swallow your son back to his nature when he is no longer needed to stay here the next generation are dooming themselves they need my experience to guide them through hell Why should I bother on my own, I strive through I turn my back on the thought of bothering to save you alone in this world my, is it spacious I'm finally smiling, never so gracious.

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The Disdain

He who question's
    His own Soul
Thus, relinquish
    To the deep
      -- And -
   All that is Holy
He is not Holy, merely
     Thus, he has
  Only one Spirit
      To stand alone,
To the disdain
Of the Lord Jesus
          Thy God....
He is so all alone

Gary Fields

From:  "The Cross"
    BOOK #106627
             Rev.  (NOV2013)

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Beyond the Frontier

Where am I? Why is it dark?
This isn’t what I had in mind when I left the park…
Why isn’t the wind whispering…the songbirds singing?
All I remember is a telephone ringing…
A scream and a crash and a pain in my side…
Is this what happens after one’s died?
I don’t feel like myself, I feel wild and free,
Yet I’m cold and alone, 'stead of filled with glee.

My whole life I’ve studied, and pondered, and prayed,
Trying to fathom what would happen this day
But now that it’s here, I’m beginning to fear
Maybe the afterlife’s not what it appears…
It’s certainly not what I’ve been told by my preacher
Or my parents or brother or best friend or teacher…
Is it a bad thing, or is it good?
Maybe it’s just not quite understood...

While I was on Earth, I just couldn’t wait
To meet good St. Peter at the heavenly gate
And ask him a question or query or two
“What was my purpose?” “What good did I do?”
“What’s it all for?” “How does it all flow?”
“Can I have one more body, one more try, one more go?”
But where is the angel? Where is the gate? And
If this is Hell, then where is Ol’ Satan?
Am I a lost soul? Am I forgotten?
Am I to be left here until I am rotten?

Lo and behold! what, now, can this be?
Is this a wonderful spiritual epiphany?
Is this the magical feeling all souls receive
When they leave Earth? Oh! was I that naïve?
How could I have not seen the realism?
Why was I consumed in man-made idealism?
This is more wondrous than all I was taught
Oh, all the times I argued and fought
With others, ‘bout how their views were asinine
Now I see, theirs were just as wrong as mine!
Little I thought was actually correct!
How, why, did I let others petty beliefs infect
My untouched, my pure, my virgin mind?
I regret all the hours I self-tortured to find
That compared to what I see now, I was empty and blind…

Wait - - What is this that I see?
What is this gateway that is revealed unto me?

Now a door is opened to my immortal soul
I am expected now to enter my life’s final goal…
I am scared, intimidated, but still I am glad…
For the truth I have just seen is anything but bad.
This is the end of my journey, I’ve nothing to fear,
For now I am going Beyond the Frontier.

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The Letter


The Letter

A letter fell from heaven and it landed at my door.
The letter had a message - Cry for me no more.
As I was reading the message, I knew it came
from you.

Where do the souls of our love ones go when they
leave this world? We cry, we suffer and our hearts
are broken, because we won't see them anymore.

The days pass and the months, soon turn into years.
Little by little the pain becomes less. But we still ask 
ourselves - where do the souls go?

The souls go to their destiny. God has a special place
for them. We want to think that everything ends here-
that one day we just go to sleep and we wake up
in a beautiful place called heaven.

I know now that you are in heaven and that you also
watch over me. One day when God calls me - we will 
reunite again. You say that you are happy, that you
feel no more pain.

You tell me not to worry, to go on with my life. This is
just what I will do and whenever I feel sad - I will open
up the letter and read the message again. It is time to
say - good bye dear - I have a smile on my face, because
now I know that you are in a very special place...

Written   03/31/2012      
  by Lucilla M. Carrillo

For Lisa Haitt Dark Poetess  Contest  ( Letting Go )

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The Collection Plate is not a Payphone

The preachers say they have my God on speed dial  
A ladder to the heavens once again
Operator, put me through directly
This time I just don’t wanna go through them

I fear my calls may not have been delivered 
And maybe I don’t have the time to wait 
Now I am concerned that I’ll be buried 
And that the payphone in the church is just a plate 

I surely can’t contest the pulpit masters
Indeed I have transgressed a righteous law 
But if it is God’s laws that I have broken 
Why is it a man who flaps his jaw 

What man can say that he will end my quarrel 
With the One that I offended through and through 
Is there a mercy store with clerks who sell forgiveness?
Is there anything that God Himself will do? 

Never will they have to pass my message 
I will place my own confession in His hand 
At least if I'm beyond my rights to do it 
For that, I will not answer to a man

Kyle Ezra Kriticos

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The God of love

The God of Love.

I watch the world, my heart cries out
"Oh Lord what be they doing?
They crush the rose with jackboot feet
As karma be accruing
As people fall like autumn leaves
As the old earth sucks them in
As they're blown to bits or slowly starved
Through all of wars grim din.

And no one sees the flowers grow
Or hears the sweet bird song
Or gazes at the clear blue sky
Or feels that they belong
as the whisper deep within them speaks
And tells of peace on Earth
No one seeks that golden flower
Or knows just what life's worth.

And does the God of love look down
Through all of powers noise?
As he watches all those people die
Is there any other choice?
And does he know this carnage
Be done in his good name?
Does it make him very, very sad
To watch our human games?


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Dear Dad…I plucked a crimson rose that lay
Upon your grave, as icy rain fell down
And joined my warm, wet tears that winter day.
Unto my heart I pressed it close to drown
My mournful thoughts and feelings deep inside.
And then I numbly made my way back home
To grieve and heal with loved ones by my side.
But soon they left, and I was all alone.

That night I placed the crimson rose within
A random place inside a book of prose
And it pressed flat for quite some time therein.
One day I opened it to find I chose
The place that God directed me to lay
The rose in answer to my prayers of where
You were in death so that my heart could say
That everlasting life was yours to share.

What I had hoped I know for sure is true  
For words upon the page where that rose slept—
"The Grave," by Robert Blair—bodes life anew…
In God’s eternal life our souls are kept.
My keepsake rested in a book of prose
God’s intervention was my only guide.
Mid secret pages dried your crimson rose—
God’s answer to my prayer…with thanks, I cried.

© Sandra M. Haight 2014 
   All Rights Reserved

~Honorable Mention~
Contest: Divine Intervention
Sponsor: Justin Bordner
Judged 10/22/2014

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Butterfly Spirits

When you walk outside into the open air
When you look around at all the beauty everywhere
Think of butterflies fluttering all around
Filling the atmosphere from the sky to the ground
When you feel the wind across your face
Remember my love is all over the place
When you see one lone butterfly fluttering by with such beauty and grace
Think of me and the last time you saw a smile on my face
Remember the joy we shared in our lifetime together
The bond we shared was the most precious treasure
You are blessed with memories of our years on earth
Just as God blessed me on the day of your birth
I have moved on to a glorious place
But daily I am still blessed with your loving face
When you see a butterfly, think of me
That is my spirit flying high and free
I watch over you my dear loved ones, each day and night
I am so proud of your choices to live your life right
My love for all of you will continue to flow
I miss throwing my arms around you more than you know
I am flying with Angels in the Heaven’s above
We watch over you always and send down our love
Look for the butterflies with colors so bright
For they host the spirits of loved ones now out of sight
You must keep your chin up and take care of yourself
But remember God sends His Angels to sometimes help
When you least expect it, at a time of great need
That’s when an Angel appears to do a good deed
Keep your eyes open and be prepared
Great blessings will be upon you when you’re least aware
Watch for the butterflies as they flutter around
They will soon appear in your life when they are less likely to be found
My heart is with you as I watch from afar
Angels walk with you wherever you are
Trust in my word and know that many blessings are upon you
For God has sent Angels who will help you through 
Hold memories close and cherish those in your life with love
Trust in my word and in the Lord above

Copyright © 2003   Shari E Davis

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God Discerns Our Worth

He lived his life, at no time, absent of zeal,
And never dug a pit so bottomless or wide;
That from a loving God he would dare conceal,
Because God discerns the  thoughts we hide.

When our sight fades we make wrong choices,
But each day we awaken to a brand new start.
His worth is not measured by other's voices,
But by the things God saw within his heart.

Dedicated to J.D.W.

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The Silent Lamb

The silent bell rings in the night,
Calling the devils to kneel to the light,
What once was, becomes no more,
As the light breaks through the open door.

What you think and what you feel,
What you saw and thought was real,
Is now only dust on the road,
The desolate remains of your ancient abode.

The new light is rising on the hill,
The new song is singing down in the well,
The new souls are dreaming of your face,
The new hearts are beating at you pace.

The old ideas and reasons you gave,
Are buried in the tomb and in the grave,
The rotting bone and flesh are gone,
In the morning dew, in the morning sun.

The light shines through the open door,
Casts no shadow on the old dirty floor,
The ancient laws of reason and might,
Crumble to dust in the morning light.

What once was real and certain as rock,
Is now the dream the baby forgot,
The new light coming to wake you my love,
The silent lamb and the flying dove.

more of my poems at :

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The Robbery

Rob me of my purity,
But once again it's all my fault;
Fell into the trap of false promises
Because I pressed play instead of pause.

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Flames roared through the nights sky. 
A glimpse of blue still protruded through the flames. 
The heat warmed the mortals below. 
They believed that this was a great night. 
The sky emulated a beautiful red color. 
The color was extraordinary with remnants of blue. 
They believed that they were all safe. 
They were not nearly as safe. 
They were witnessing Armageddon. 
The war between good and evil. 
For no one is safe until judgment day. 
That is the day when the sky will forever remain blue. 
The birds will sing a tune. 
The flowers will bloom. 
That will be the day. 
The day when we will all be ok.

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Three days Saved

It's been nine years, I have counted the tears-
  they have made trails of guilt
  worried into my heart 
  then filled with loneliness and bitter despair
but by your grace I have been shown...

For the first time, in these nine years, I have not wept
  nor held a vigil to honor our grief
though the loss still burns, this time it is transformed

Peace from your love still reaches through death
  and through your eternal love I am reborn
 It is Good Friday. 
When God took your spirit home
  and left me dying to know,
  how to love him for his sacrifice
  when he asked me to give up you?
How do I heal this death and rise with you in his arms?

Through your love I was born, and in your arms I grew
 and it has been your love the kept me whole
 that taught me how to be reborn
    for even though your body has gone
    your words lost in the wind and breath no more
The essence of grace and strength you lived
- it grows still in your daughter soul

My being and existence came from your womb
  my heart and mind shaped by your enlightenment
I have lived a life you gave me and for once
   I live it in pride to honor your sacrifice
your words giving me the guidance I'd lost nine years ago.

Alas, I've come to know, that as you died
  and went home with our Lord, you saved me from my death
not in your dying, my grief and love can attest,
    but in your living strength and loving example
       you showed me how to live a life
             open to our Father's gift

We knew it would not wait, but the parting was too fast.
I sat in thought three days before your sleep and asked,
"In three days time my savior died, I wonder hence
   what of my soul will rise with his?"

And now sitting Easter morning, 
  holding my sons candy-filled basket,
I realized Three days passed.

  He took you home Friday morn, but left me love,
that eternal love that never dies
whose comfort is unending

I honor your love by giving it to my children
         and Easter morning I felt your hug, your kiss, and knew 
                                 you have never left me
Though God took you home Mom
I know you have never left me
for as our Savior died and rose
you too still live in my heart, 
showing me proof our Father's blessings

    because you, my love, are my soul and all ready there
there fore I am strong enough to give this pain up 
       to honor his sacrifice and transcend,
           to be humbled by the grace and mercy
          that could forgive such lost lambs as I

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Anarchy On Our Hill

Watching through the 
A large-mouthed god 
flutters flag for the 
defeat in the ballot box 
And ordered the dove 
whose glory was stolen 
To seek haven in the 
external palms. 
What is constitutional 
When truth has assumed 
the statue of the sun? 
What has big brother got 
to do with crown? 
When in a decade of 
baptism of cords and 
Authorities were offered 
to worms of economy. 
Now to suck the 
dissolved in our 
Kwashiorkor as highly 
ranked officers gave us 
order to eat cherub. 
Are we truly humans 
When nutritionists have 
seen the real 
Power of mal-nutrition 
on our bony bodies? 
Many avatars of the 
globe with grid 
Have anthologized 
words of peace,
But our callous god 
configured ears to the 
rhythm of violence. 

Now poses death 
arrogantly at our door, 
beating his chest 
And showcases his 
desperation through 
anger-veiled youths.
The menace of 
stammering musket 
stings no more fear to 
their angry souls; 
Men whose chest 
vibrates, have fled to 
To indicate their choice 
of weapons from the 
ecclesiastics of death. 
Feeble women have also 
sought refuge to avoid 
the traumatic services of 
This anarchy positioned 
on our hill  
Roars laughter to our 
reverie of external aid. 
Another civil war bangs 
at our ant-devoured 
doors with ivory of hope.
On the rope of despair, 
we all swing and await 
the decision of fate.

Globe with grid-Symbol 
of UN
On the political crisis in 
Ivory Coast  from 
November 2110 to April 

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Listen to the buzzing, in your ears,
Listen to the humming, of your fears,
Listen to the baby, crying inside,
Listen to the pleading, in your lover's eyes.
Listen to the music, you have never played,
Listen to the sinner, who's never been saved.
Listen to the empty, silence of your mind,
Listen to the whispers, of man kind.
Listen to the never, heard nor seen,
Listen to the listener, who has never been.
Listen to the monkey, you know you really are,
Listen to the wise man, who's never been that far.
Listen to the dying, crying man,
Listen to the bottle, buried in the sand.
Listen to meaning, you never really meant,
Listen to the letter, you never really sent.
Listen to the lovers, who loved another one,
Listen to the brothers, torturing their mum.
Listen to the noisy, who never say a thing,
Listen to the silent, crying deep within.
Listen to the never, ever really said,
Listen to the dead man, laying in his bed.
Listen to the flying, dying man,
Listen to the solid, only made of sand,
Listen to the night time, they told you that was day,
Listen to the meaning, they stole an took away.
Listen to the singer, who never made a sound,
Listen to the thunder, in the lightning cloud.
Listen to the voices, you never hear within,
Listen to the last train's whistle, whistling.

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A Tribute To Freddie Mercury

A Tribute To Freddie Mercury

What happened?
Why did God take you away?
Your music soothed so many
Brought others to tears
Yet everyone danced and sang with you
Following your fingers on the piano keys
You cast your spell over thousands
Your voice was a gift from the gods
You took the stage you were blessed
And you blessed us with your songs
We didn’t know that you were suffering
That you were dying
You kept your pain a secret so we would not worry
You knew we would mourn before your life was over
You knew we would cry and not hear your last songs
How we miss you since you left
Your band continues on
Playing the music that you made famous
It is not the same
You made the music everything that it was
You changed music from the day you sang your first note
No one will ever give what you gave
You gave you life for your fans
We knew it and we loved you for it
Your goodbye left a void that will never be filled
Four word and just for words say what we feel
They are strong words that you gave meaning to
We hear them when we see you on a video
They echo through our ears as we hear your song
God Save the Queen and God bless Freddie
He will always be royalty in our hearts

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''Gangs Of WAR''

When Good Of "EVIL," Run You Down, Remember 
What Doesn't "KILL YOU," Only Makes You, 
STRONGER, *Yes* Faith Can Break, But Our 
Strength Of Heart Together, Shall CARRY, Beyond 
To It's Highest POWER, Let Go Of Your FEARS, You 
Are As Weak As Your Weakest Link, Don't 
Patronize The Ignorance Of Foolishness, Bring 
Back The LOVE, KINDNEsS, And CARING, We All 
Once Knew, The Community...

Make It SAFE AGAIN, Towards Children's PLAY, 
Not, "GANGS OF WAR," Bursting Into Plague, 
Give It A Fighting Chance, Regain Your Balls Son, 
Be Self- ConScience, Put Down That Gun, Don't 
Leave Murder-Scream, Blood On Blood, Color On 
Color, Doesn't Matter, Stop This Hatred, From 
Ringing Out,Once More, A Blistered, Master-Mind,
Of No Peace,Kneel, Pray,To Our LORD almighty, 
Rebuild His Gateway, And Reform The Community,
Back To It's Rightful Place...

Re: Richard Palmer Poem 

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Deep Space Christmas

                 Deep Space Christmas

God is busy this time of year attending to the billions
People’s needs, guiding reindeer, assisting Santa, counting souls
Helping with the naughty/nice boys and girls 
Even Craigslist needs some tweaking here and there
And other things too numerous to know or mention here

God is the great Creator out there at all times
At Christmas He moves faster than the speed of light
He has to keep up with popular demands 

Stars and universes don’t create themselves you know
He rides great rivers of dark matter like a magic carpet
That move along ribbons of space and time

Cosmic phenomena built on great speeds increasing every second
Millions of parsecs wide and longer than known universes
They curve through cosmic landscapes and glide to the beyond

God looks out at the great black void
And with legions of pretty angels by His side
The wondrous design begins again  

Everyone knows that thousands of angels can dance on the head of a pin
It is common knowledge that each celestial creature has that gift
They carry within their deep deep pockets, (just below the wings)
Thousands of other angels dancing on their own individual pins

But did you know these same tiny angels grow?
They expand larger than most universes
With multi-color baskets by their side 

God directs them to toss assorted planets
From blue baskets into the great unknown
Over there to be precise, to the right and upward
And somewhat just beyond that spot

The yellow baskets have suns and quasars with special protective shields
To shield the angels from wing singes and radiation fields
They throw thousands at a time by pure design
And since suns are too hot to handle, they throw them fast and throw a lot

Black baskets hold black holes, dark matter and a scattering of exotic things
God pulls them out real slow due to weight considerations and mysteries

Orange baskets hold more void but more about that later
We don’t want to distract you from the Creator

Back at Earth He takes his favorite creation by the hands
Men and women die all the time
He looks at each and every one of them with His bright kind eyes 
At that moment they are the only thing in His universe

Don’t cry.  You are not applying for a job
He holds them as his own and welcomes them home 
So grab a basket from an angel and let’s get back to work
Universes don’t build themselves you know

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The Settlement of the Four Ligures

The stones slipped through the great fingertips of God
Each ligure staked its existence on the four corners of the universe
The quadrivial region began to spin and pull into a sphere
And pathways revealed their footholds 

The fourth ligure bravely landed in the midst of history
So that one day the future settlement of the second 
Would be moved by the last—by the past
Suffering much it stayed
Manifesting in incandescent words
Thrusting evanescence upon the weak
Selfless, it's sorrow would move the merriest
Would move the unmovable

The third lies in the profound valley of mystical guardians
Star-recruited, they are the very light above the canvas of gray
They embrace the stone—are inspired by the stone  
The very reflection of their creator was evident
Upon their unremitting glimmers
Unafraid to stare the others down
Motivated and construed by the glower of death
Eyes move fixedly beyond the simple vast

The second ligure rested upon the shoulders of invisible martyrs 
The hopeful power it planted on the sufferers was unbelievable
For spectators used their disbelief to cover their ever-placed envy
They never were part of the battle—they merely watched
Always seeing truth
But they never quite absorbed
Like a rock hitting the water
The inevitable fate was to fly and sink

The first of the ligures settled in the very reservoir of Satan himself
Even the very heart of the devil is marked
Though rebellion embarked  
The cold stone landed upon his naked bosom
He despaired not to the pericopal truth the gods had bestowed upon him
He merely despised it
But wished not to lose it
For such a stone to fall upon that dark corner—he felt pride for the gracious wound

In truth, there are twelve ligures of stone 
And four were dispersed, dropped into the universe
The last eight the great Eternal wears upon his breastplate 
And only He can re-move these ligures

-July 20, 2013-
-For Shadow Himilton's Any Subject Contest-
-Thanks for the inspiration-

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Armageddon Pt 1

It's bout to get worse
It was written in the verse
The truth hurts

When the time comes
No one's gonna hold up a sign
saying it's time to "get right"
It's gone come like a thief in the night!
Blowin' up and wreckin ish!
The war you want is the war you gone get
It was written before our time
We keep looking at the signs
manifest before our very eyes
constantly denying our right
to be one of the meek ones of our time

We're at the end of what used to be existence
Every super power will answer to a higher power 
so pray repentence
The time is closer than any distance
From Washington to Obama
No one will escape the wrath!
Hope you choose the right path!
Narrow is the gate of the righteous tracks
that are imprented on the mind of the omnipotent one
Will you be spared life on earth with the meek ones
and accurately take in knowledge of his son?
OR will you perish in the dust
never to be awakened again?
No consciousness of sin

It's in the verses
Read it, see it, live it, rehearse it
You see the times changing
You see the minds fading
You see the world and how messed up it is
You see that nigga satan and his curses!
I pray to have a chance to live a beautiful paradise on earth like it say in the verses!


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Dusk at the Quay

Dusk at the quay

The dusk is here, down by the sea
A summer’s day, a nice cool breeze
And as the sun be sinking lower
A silence with it’s awesome power  
Descends on all for each to hear
As I feel the breath of God, so near.

The boats all anchored in the quay
They look so sleepy now
They wave and bob upon their beds
As the breeze touches their sails
They sit there sleeping till the morn
Then wake up gleaming with the dawn.

What is it then about the dusk?
That brings this silence on
What brings this sense of mystery?
When the sun it soon be gone
When crashing waves may hit the sand
All done with the aid of God’s firm hand.

I sit and watch the Sun go down
It’s the mystery of death
I see it sink then disappear
There’ll soon be nothing left
For the Sea does rob him of his light
He’ll come back, though, with morning light.

14 September 2013 @ 0642hrs.

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For You And Me

It  was  for you and me ,
That Jesus left His throne,
Bore the scourge and agony,
Shivered His flesh and bone,

It was for you and me,
He took the awry tour,
Towards the dreaded Calvary,
Summed His tortured  hours,

It was for you and me,
That Jesus bore the cross,
Paid the greatest penalty,
That death supposed be ours,

It was for you and me,
He wailed the gloomiest cry,
It was for you and me,
Jesus was nailed to die,

Oh, that you and I may see,
Our wickedness beyond measure,
Jesus to set us free,
In our stead bore the torture,

His love mysterious great,
Knocks  the door of all men's heart,
His mighty power recreates,
Renews our lives whole to restart,

It was for you and me,
When on the third day death sufficed,
The savior left His grave,
Victorious he arised,

He rose back to His throne,
Sitting by His Father's side,
Prepare! He's coming soon,
Today is to decide,

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The Soul Shatters

The soul shatters upon death. Sentience fractures into a million variables that swirl chaotically into piercing eyes that melt into the color sadness, spinning into galaxies that shrink to the size of ants and you twirl in a blender of being for eternities until finally, at long last, something sticks. Perhaps it may be as simple as a strand of hair, nonetheless all possibility spins around it, flashing contradictions of rainbow transparencies, empty solids and polka dotted space, continuing until a second hair joins the first, clutching to the nothingness and refusing to move. Soon thousands of hairs arrive and synchronize above a scalp unto a face, torso, limbs… materializing ever faster… and at once you are born. And just as the memory of your trial and error experiments and prior life evaporate, you embrace the arms of a stranger, gazing into her eyes, hung between this world and the next… sobbing in a fit of omniscience, in awe of your hard earned shape.

Jacob Reinhardt

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I am a prison in this hospital bed 
Used to wake-up with a cross above my head 
Pity my race will soon come to its end 
My love for them Please send.

A plastic tube between my nose and lips 
Giving me air, glad I 'm sick! 
Gate of the white palace will soon to be closed 
Guardians of the empire seen in the post.

Outside the window of my hopeless jail 
Children playing by one and more than twail 
Deprived of freedom and happiness 
Laying in this bed full of regrets and anguish. 

Doctors said "soon you 'll be okay 
You need to take your medicines everyday" 
If only I can have a second life
I wish I can tell you "follow God's light".

Wish I can get out in this darkest sorrow 
Be most welcome my self for a better tomorrow 
To the King of white palace thank you for today !
Only prayer for you left as my medicine for everyday.

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I Pray You're in Heaven

I never really told you how much I love you In fact, I waited way too long Time was an enemy; you were up there in years And naturally, you had to move on When I was a child, I thought you a monster I often times wished you away When voices got loud and that darkness set in In that moment, I’d cry and I’d pray I prayed you to Hell; didn’t know better Hoped God was listening that day But, I had grown up and witnessed your change Which prompted me too late to say I pray you’re in Heaven Instead of in Hell God loves you as He loves me, too I was a young child So scared of you, then If you hear me, please know this as true Hell is the place Where I would remain If angels had you under wing I’d suffer the fires Being happy there, too To know that God let you in I’m sorry I waited and now with regrets I hope you can hear me this day May you be looking and down from the clouds From up there in Heaven, I pray Your sin was your struggle, the bottle had won And I, I just couldn’t see That despite all the yelling and fear that I had You were still the best mother to me I pray you’re in Heaven Instead of in Hell God loves you as He loves me, too I was a young child So scared of you, then If you hear me, please know I love you

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why god why

What if their is a god
if so where is he?
why do bad things happen 
especially when it happens to me
What did i do to deserve this?
when he makes my loved ones lifeless
What made him choose me
for all the times iv asked of we
why do the good ones die
none of this feels right
It happens to the best of people
all the ones who do no evil
how can this all be fairly 
when he gives them there wings early

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A New Kingdom


Doe's things' seem strange
Not what they used to be
This is for the first time
The first time in History
Doe's things' seem slow
While a bestselling economy
   Just doe's not grow'
Everything is a shroud
         In mystery...
And everyone must know...
         It is time
  It is time one may say
For a One World Government
        To save the day'
But, their is one thing
That I would like to say
      And that is that
By the Blood of Jesus
Things' wouldn't be this way
What We really don't need
    Is a new government
        What we do need
Is a New Covenant'
     A Covenant'
         With ' GOD '
      Did anyone think
            Of the way
       That it should be
To dwell in the House of the Lord
            For all Eternity...
To be with the Prince of King'
    To be with the Almighty
With-in the Kingdom of ' GOD '
Where He has already prepared
      A place for you and me...

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Christ Child

In eternity past, the Father asks the Son to go down.
Having equal Love for humans the "Yes" comes fast.
When Creation leads to time, the world waits for 4 BC
Marking the start of the end of Satan's long rule at last.

Did Satan laugh at the poor setting for Jesus' birth here?
A cry in a cave for animals pierces the night, changing all.
Shepherds worship; later wise kings give precious gifts.
Mary and Joseph marvel, yet Herod's rage soon gives a call.

A call to leave quickly to Egypt where they'll live as refugees.
Sparing the Christ child a merciless death of those under three.
When Herod finally dies, Jesus' parents head back to Israel.
Still not fully safe from mad rule, Nazareth is their destiny.

Here the child will grow to be a man, following His parents rule.
Surprising the Pharisees with His wisdom at 12, at 30 riling them.
Preaching with authority, healing the incurable, loving the humble.
Women weep repenting at his feet; one's healed by touching his hem.

Zacchaeus risks going into a tree and finds Jesus' salvation so free.
Nicodemus comes at night to ask and ends amazed he's met God's Son
The Woman at the Well gets far more vital water than the usual kind.
And many healed can't but tell others of the miracle God has done.

The babe in the manger now stills the storm and his disciples believe
Even seeing the dead arise, like Lazarus in the tomb for four days.
Foretelling a greater rising coming but not before immense suffering.
The sword Mary was told would pierce her heart is soon on its way.

For most religious leaders cannot tolerate Jesus' lack of respect for them.
Calling them whitewashed tombs and pointing pride out to Pharisees.
Not endearing Himself with the establishment, but following God's way.
Knowing soon He'd be betrayed, arrested, tried and tortured brutally.

Still, he calmly feeds them body bread and blood wine in a final feast.
Tells them the Spirit comes, and prays they'd be one like Father and Son.
Heads to the Garden, prays to His Father for another way if possible.
Your will be done ends and the soldiers come and with Judas kiss it's done.

The most pure, innocent Man who's ever lived is now in hostile hands.
A trial by dark without witness or any rights – and off to Pontius Pilate.
Then Herod then back to Pilate whose wife dreamed Jesus was innocent.
But the people's cries to crucify win over – Jesus caught in intrigue's net.

The child of Bethlehem now hung on a Cross between two criminals.
The Light of the World by darkness and our sins is being slowly slain.
Feeling forsaken by God, but then "Into Your hands I commit my spirit."
Reunited and soon to show the world that this Child was no ordinary one.

Risen as Jesus predicted, for how can death conquer everlasting, perfect life?
From childhood to adult not one sin, not once yielding to Satan's temptations.
Proving we can have life eternal if we confess and believe in Jesus as our Savior.
Calling His followers in risen form to await the Spirit and share Christ to the nations

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Who Am I to Say

Written by Gail Debole on 
April 2, 2013

She, on her near-death bed
Face grey as she faced what is inevitable.
I, sitting to the right
And Death floating to the left.
She, mumbling that it was her time.
That she was to leave.
I, forbidding her to go.
Told her that it was NOT her time.
She needed to stay.

The nurses, came to her rescue.
One on each side.
Death and I moving away.
Her face becoming pink with new-found life.
It was a miracle, the nurses exclaimed.
She, with eyes awake.
Death moving on to another victim.
I, again seated to her right.
She told me her truth.

She smiled and explained
That she was still here
Because God had said 
that it was not her time to go.

And I, who knew my truth,
And who never pretended to be God
Knew that NOT to be true.
And could never tell her my truth.

And she, who lived on
Told that story many times
Of the miracle that she was part of.
And I, never said a word.

Then years later after her passing
My mind’s eye opened.
Could she have been right?
Did God tell her to stay that day
Speaking the words through my mouth?

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To Death And Back Not An Act

      ****This a true admission...It happen to me...God left me a    

        Message..*******In........ Spite..of the whole

They say that it 
Is some-thing spiritual 
         Ah! yes,
Their is such a thing
       As a Miracle
For their is nothing
More Spiritual.....
For I can confess
Let God figure out the rest
But, their are reason's
So many thing's to say
Like, how can a man die
Three times' in just one day
       At the same time
       So, their was a time
And this time was mind
Fore I did have Addison Disease
My health was on the decline
Would their be time for eternity
       Or are We running....
Seems though I was running
       Out of time
I was running out of me
Renal failure
Kidney failure 
Respiratory Arrest
Seems that this-time
The Lord Jesus
Has put me to the test
Yes, their were complications'
Little parasites' in my blood
I need a blood transfusion
The doctor's were in such confusion
This conclusion to them
Was just an illusion...
They said that I had 
An Addison Attack
I also had Anemia
My affect was black
They were all worried
They didn't know what to do
For I had complications'
And now and behold
I just had a CODE BLUE
They talked to my folks 
And family relation's
They said they just didn't
Know, fore He had complications
The complication was already made
If it weren't for the Addison Disease
He would sure die from the complications   
OF " AID's"
       So, then they gave me
 A blood transfusion
And to the room they took me back
Fore their was no reason
         Lest God Should react
That this was one day
That I needed not pray
It was now time to be ready
To breech judgement
Now that I must say'
And surely this was the way
Fore I have seen the Light
Of a better day...
So, now it was morning
I was laying in the bed
I was so hungry
I got Pancakes' with my meds..
Threw all of this
I wasn't really scared
For JESUS was with me
He just sat on the side
          Of my Head
Resting on my bed
Blessing me and to return
          Thy Soul
For it really belonged to Me....
This miracle was full....
Lack of death from the
Of Full Blown AID'
Was over blown....
But, you are not threw
        On the Earth
Fore I have a message for you
To deliver this day!
To deliver, to rebuke this
         Un Holey Curse....
Fore this is the Light
        And the way...


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How Hard Could it Be Part 2

How hard could it be on a beautiful Saturday?

Brian calls us, “Hurry up. They are taking Dad to the hospital.”

Brian meets me at the door, ”Dad didn't make it.”

I scream, “Oh my God.” I crumple into a ball just outside the hospital door.

I yell, “Why, my God, why, my Dad?” I turned purple (that's what Brian said.)

I compose myself; I get up and we walk into that little room.

How hard could it be to say goodbye to my heart?

He's lying there, a tube sticking out of his mouth.

I touch him, still warm, I say, “I'll miss you.”

They leave, I turn back, I touch him, still warm, I say,

“I love you a million.” I walk out, tough as nails, quaking on the inside.

In my head I hear, “You can do it Den.” I feel a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

How hard can it be to bury my Dad?

Sunday, we all meet at mom's, we talk, we hug, we cry.

Monday, we all meet at mom's; we talk, we hug, we cry.

Tuesday, the wakes, double dread. I stand there, tough as nails, quaking on the

inside. “You can do it,” he says to me.

Wednesday, the funeral, all the flowers, over 280 people saying goodbye to my

Dad. I hear him still, “You can do it.”

Thursday, I sit here writing this poem, tears run down my face. “You can do it,”

he is saying to me.

Friday, we will bury my Dad's ashes; a copy of this will be put in that little

wooden house-shaped box. We will cry; I know it. His spirit will surround us

with his love. He'll give us all hugs and kisses all around.

How hard can it be to go on?

“My God, Jesus, please help me.”

I hear Jesus saying, “Trust in me and your burdens will be lifted.”

“Dad, why did you leave us so soon?”

I hear Dad saying,” It was my time and I was ready to go home. Don't cry for me.

Celebrate my life and have a party. I will always be sitting next to you, Den. You

can do it.” Hugs and kisses all around.

Thank you, Jesus, my heavenly father. I trust in you and praise your name.

And thank you Dad for your unconditional love,unselfish support and your

heartfelt hugs and kisses. I`ll be okay. See you soon. I love you.

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Death-Noah Holden

Death to most people brings nothing, but fear,

Nobody knows when death is near,

Death is lonely as well as cold,

Nobody, but God knows what this life will hold,

Life blooms and slowly dies like the pedals of a flower,

Nobody knows when they’ll die, not the day, second, or hour,

Laying on an embalming table with no life or thoughts within your brains,

Your blood is drained and cold embalming fluid runs through your veins,

Nobody wants to be in the place I like to call the garden of the dead,

We will decay into the dust from which we are created that’s what God said,

Buried in the ground, your grave surrounded by flowers and crows,

Buried in your velvet interior coffin dressed in your dress clothes,

Remember death will take you no matter what, death doesn’t discriminate,

Everybody is going to die and everybody has a death date.

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What is the point of hurting and laughing
Over and over my mind is reacting
Remember the time a cruel word was said
Don’t you remember how I looked at you, dead
Stop harassing, stop laughing

What is the problem with saying something kind
Over and over I ask in my mind
Resisting the words of hate is not easy
Doing upon them, the knife is so greasy
Stop what you are doing your causing much harm

Wringing my hands, as the warm blood drips
Over my arms, under my wrist
Racing thoughts, oh what have done
Dragging myself to the nearest telephone
Somebody help me I don’t want to die

Whining sirens scream in my ears
Oh I cant see a thing through all of my tears
Racing ambulance flying through streets
Doctors stand over me
Soft words reach

What will happen, will this be my day
Oh what have I done, daddy forgive me
Racing doctors, saving my life
Dropping heart rate, oh god I’m going to die
Say something doctor, will I be okay oh thank god this isn’t my day

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The Sea Mist

Here we are, amidst
the roaring chaos,
Amidst the turmoil
of a sanguine sea
Where lightning
strikes furiously
Encumbering clouds
of serenity.

The wind has torn
your bones to white
And left your hearts
to the mercy of
And as the last
surviving light
We shall persevere
with each failing

Behold! The Ocean's
Womb is wide open!
The Terror of the
Depths beckons
Your wives shall
smile for your
courage is proven.
Let us strike the
waves with ardour
and might!

Only a tombstone
over the cliff
For Man had defiled
what was already

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COPLA 82 INVOCATION: This Bad Guy World

COPLA 82 INVOCATION : This Bad Guy World

Do Bad Guys try to make amends
When it’s not their role to be good :
Do they regret

Do Good Guys come back to help friends
Since it’s their duty to be good :
Do they forget

No spirit returns to tell us why
They cannot reveal the lived truth :
Except farewell

Only a few days reprieve to spy
Neither revenge nor help as sleuth :
Who sounds the knell

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2014

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Our Love

Our Love (written in the style of spoken word)

My world eclipsed itself in the shadow of your moon
In the fading of your breath, the gasp of your final death
blacked out to me was the image of your last re-birth
Visions of your glory blind to my infantile sight
I cried out to God "take me lord, for to take my light
is to leave me unto darkness."

Crippled and shamed I crawled to my side
and wept to feel the fingers of your memory
sweep my hair from my cheek
As a child I raged that all he left of you for me
was the ghost of a life losing vitality in time
The world was numb but for the pain
and I rolled in the evanescence of it
wrapped like a proud shawl of mourning
that in this right I would sacrifice
and pay dignitary to what I failed you in
If I could have died, I would have born your stripes
I would have carried your cross
and welcomed the nails home
that all I could have of you 
was the agony
of your leaving...

My Mother I felt your tears too
as I felt in them in your fading
I felt the trails of your sorrow 
as you wept for your baby
Just as your comforts were
love and despair in one
 to me
(for how could I know your life lived in me)
	your regrets were mine misery 
then my comprehension of a Mothers love was foriegn.
Your presence drove me mad
Your death erased my dreams
and your life fed my memories.

Some where the blackness of years
numbned-greyed and I breathed
Some where in a moment I could not name
your presence gave me stregnth as I accepted
the world I now lived

But the majic of the moon faded, 
the faith you gave me staled
the world spun because God commanded
but my heart beat because you breathed it

God is a jealous God, I whispered
Is my loss my punishment for loveing her the more?
The tears trickled to moisture and days cycled into years
and I listened to your whisper, feather kisses
tucking me to sleep, some where in the depths
of the self I did not know, you loved, you prayed

You wept for my loss and yours, but you loved
you held me at night when I longed for you
you cheered for my each new step
and when I first held my son I heard in my  heart your first words to me
" My baby, My Baby' 
so then I understood and gave them to him

In learning this new love of my life I began to understand
not your death, but your life, your love, and why you still 
hold me and miss me as I miss you
but I hear you, I hear him
and I see my son I thank you both

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The Gift

Oh Lord, dear Lord, we come again
To thank You for Your loving gifts.
Oh Lord, forgive us for the grief we feel
at one more empty chair.
Dear Lord, You never promised we'd be free
Of earthly sorrow and woe
But You did say, Lord, You would be with us
through all the trials of our lives.

At each sad step we take, dear Lord
we feel You standing by our sides.
We are grateful for Your presence, Lord
And know You will not desert us, Lord,
no matter how long we cry.
And now although we are missing
his sweet endearing grin, Lord
We are thankful that You lent him, Lord
for just that too short while.
Lord, our hearts are full of gratitude, 
for the promises you've kept
and Lord we're thankful for the time we had
with the one, Lord, who is with You now in Heaven.
In Jesus' name we pray, dear Lord.  Amen

By: Joyce Johnson

September 6, 2014.

For contest "The Gift"

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Time And Chance

Time And Chance “11 I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. 12 Moreover, no one knows when their hour will come: As fish are caught in a cruel net, or birds are taken in a snare, so people are trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them.” Phil 3:18-21 NIV The race is not won by the swift, Nor is the battle won by the strong. Wealth is not given to the brilliant, Nor food to the wise belong. Favor is not given to the learned And death not claimed only by the old. Men are trapped by evil ‘Til their bodies grow still and cold. Time And Chance affect all mankind— No man knows when his hour will come. Wisdom belongs to God; All wisdom above and under the sun. Time And Chance are in His hands; Many simply must comply. God builds up or breaks down; Kings and nations to occupy. Fools are placed in high positions, And the rich are often laid low. Is everything understood by man? How does God work on earth below? If clouds are full of water, They pour rain upon the earth. But man is a mystery; Time And Chance not in his death or birth. We do not understand the hand That makes the seed spring forth; How the human body is formed, Or how the womb gives birth. Time And Chance are the equation That only God does know. Man is truly ignorant of how Time And Chance works here below. © Copyright 2012 Maureen LeFanue

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Drifting In the Hale-Bopp

The puzzle comes apart deep in the sky;
calls nothing that is concrete to the mind;
as far as we can tell and meets the eye
the reason for the tail's not ours to find.

We stand confused, and only guess at why
the wonder of it all has stilled our voice
did David Korish ever really die?
and is it all worked out, with little choice?

Mount Carmel but a coming of an age
the catostrophic ending of mistake,
what hope is there to ever quell the rage
appeassing what is wrong, for honors sake?

      Is there a sign that's ever flown the sky
       or is it just a dream where-in we die?
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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MUM ...
































Mom you mean the world to me
It’s hard to live without you ,You were always by my side
Through thick and thin you helped me

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Upper Hand

Free will and choice, we think we know,
the high road calls our name.
But man's destruction arises low
in a part we just can't tame.

And evil's there, in quiet repose,
we rap it's hollow door.
And here we sit for what we chose
as they tally the final score.

Of all the battles we fought within,
none matter but the last.
An epic struggle set to begin
from which our destiny is cast.

In the afterlife of death's staid pale,
too late to take a stand,
will eternity be in heaven or hell?
We must await the upper hand.

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Jesus Paid the Sacrifice

Jesus Paid The Sacrifice! Jesus sacrificed his life for you and me! So we can be with him for all eternity! His life for ours… a ransom was paid IN FULL, This is why I I love HIM so! Upon his head were placed the crown of thorns, Enduring so much shame and scorn. The blood from his body as it began to flow! The pain inside his body, Began to grow! The nails placed in his feet and hands, The pain he went through is hard to understand. His life for ours, is what he gave! His life for ours… Is what he did trade! By Jim Pemberton

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Twice the Christ

I twice am Christ, self-loved and prized; 
Above the Earth, to lift -Arise! 
The Devil's deeds seem sweet indeed 
(By them, truly, am quite enticed!) 
A magic Martyr- now crucified, 
To my own great feigned dismay
A Crown of Horns; the King of Lies! 
(The Romans make such grand displays...) 
If but one of you would thus believe, 
Repeat the Gospel, and for me grieve
A lesson to learn should I not return:
There can be nothing that's good about being 
You could be nailed the same as me!

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Shiva's fury

  They said a visit to your shrine would pave an easy way to heaven;
Lord, little did I know once there I'd never return.

     Your fury and Your rage finally brought me to my righteous place;
for long we took for granted Your loving and beautiful face.

     On being born as humans we'd often gloat;
it now pains to see how like ants our dead bodies float.

     A mortal being at Your mercy begging You for peace;
what sacrifice shall I now make for You in order to appease?

     You loosened the waters and You blew the wind;
like messengers of death they turned cold and blind.

     At Your behest taking everything in their wake - our bodies and the trees;
amazing how even death can come with so much ease!

     Lord, now my soul will linger here for eternity;
in your peaceful abode I have found my sanctity.

     But if at all You shall give me another body, another face;
I promise You Lord I will find my way back to Your place.

     Once again for You to unleash Your fury,
and once again for my mortal being to be ravaged!

(Dedicated to Lord Shiva and the thousands of pilgrims who lost their lives in the floods in Uttarakhand, India)

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Through the Years

I know I had to let you go
To be with God above
But one thing I will always have, forever 
Is your love
It’s been there through our ups and downs
Through smiles and laughter too
Through good and bad, through tears and fears
Our love remained so true
Through the years when things were tough
Or anything went wrong
Together we would work it out
Together we stood strong
Through the years you cared for me
You loved me every day
Through the years when I got lost
You helped me find my way 
Through the years when I was sad
You held me while I cried
Through the years, you’ve been my love
My strength, my rock, my guide
Sometimes when I'm all alone
I close my eyes and pray
That God will give you back to me
Just for one more day
So I could tell you one more time
How much I love you so
So I could hold you just once more
Before I let you go
I miss you every morning
Every night and every day
I’d give all my tomorrows
For just one more yesterday
I always knew how blessed I was
To have you in my life
Always I will wear your ring
I’ll always be your wife
I know I must be strong now 
For this mountain I must climb
To face a world without the man
Who always will be mine
I know you’re always here with us 
Our children feel it too
And no one else will ever have 
The love we gave to you
I know you're up in Heaven 
And to God, you now belong
But part of you stays here..
For in your sons…you still live on..

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The streets, breeds…
These ghetto streets filled with hunger and pain,
Where civil hands toil in hardships but lives remain plain.
Walking the street corner at night puts lives at stake,
I see a sister looking to make a quick buck in a masquerade
Emptiness and cold her love for men had faded.
Using her body as a tool just to get by,
A deadly weapon it was, yet all men wanted to try.

Her sublime confidence of youth was once true,
The concept of prospect once guided her fate,
Until her implicit mind fell into a subliminal state.
Aspirations vanished when love came into play,
Safety of her heart was all to God she prayed.

Her prayer was unanswered when two weeks later,
She was repeatedly raped as she cried to her Maker,
Three men took turns in violating her whole being,
After this, life in her eyes no longer had meaning.

Her pleads and cries was not worthy of their attention
As they continued to rape her without contrition
As she looked up to the sky for divine intervention,
God wasn’t there but the devil thrived at the actions 
of cruelty, violence and depravity.
What in the world did she do to merit such a penalty?

She was left alone impregnated with lies,
Living in denial with a life unfulfilled,
She refused to swallow the truth like a birth control pill, 
Her intentions now were nothing more but to kill,
Strong willed, she was now so filled with vengeance,
There was nothing anyone could do to ease her grievance.

Because of what had happened everyday she cried painfully,
She felt God had abandoned her and it hurt her terribly.
Her eyes empty and sad, life was very bad,
Her heart very broken, her mind was going mad,
Her spirit crushed like the worst road accident
She took her own life, which wasn’t so magnificent

These cold streets breeds…
Broken homes for the broken hearted,
Broken dreams binds us to the ground, we cannot fly 
Because we have broken wings.
Broken spirited, in our daily lives, 
We remain… Broken. 

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Concerts Of Madness

Night birds cries…cease suddenly Sounds approach in drunken glee The symphony starts, Fate’s curtain parts Neath time worn, old Oak tree Rope bound round his neck A tear trails down his cheek Moonlight thru’ clotted clouds Glows sallow, thin and weak Makeshift gallows Rusted pickup truck bed Oak tree…silently Broods darkly o’er his head Afar in the darkness Sound of Gabriel’s horn In his ears, in an instant In his heart…hope is born Hands tied behind Clasped tight…as in prayer night birds cries…and Angels sighs Afloat upon the sodden air The engine’s roar Gout of blue smoke Moment of tension Sudden crack of a rope Moment of blackness Then warm golden light A soul soars away Into star drenched night No remorse…not a tear No guilt…no blame The Oak tree…innocently Shares not the blame Impassive instruments In mad concert of man Night birds and angry words All played by God’s own hand

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When I see the blood-..

A lamb without blemish blood sacrifice must be,
On the door post every Israelite the blood plan to see,
The death angel will pass on a journey through.
 And when I see the blood I will pass over you. 

The lord God had spoken, wasn’t nothing new
Yet as the death angels pass many first born were slew.
The Israelites obeyed not knowing the time is due
And when I see the blood I will pass over you. 

The blood of sheep, or goat, no longer atone,
Jesus came on the scene and bore the cross alone.
It’s a simple act of faith, believing God’s word is true.
And when I see the blood I will pass over you.

Thank God for the blood that gives us the power,
Praise to God almighty, each minute of every hour.
If it wasn’t for the blood we would still be sad and blue,
And when I see the blood I will pass over you. 

Sweat drops of blood from his body fell
A token for our sins, a redemption story to tell,
To be salt and light in this dark world below
And when I see the blood I will pass over you 

Exodus 12:13

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I pray to die

(This is a fictional poem)

I pray to God and beg him to let me die.
Life gets harder as each day goes by.
I fed a man some crab and he started getting ill.
He desperately needed to take some pills.
But he didn't have his pills on him and he died before the ambulance arrived.
It's my fault that he's no longer alive.
I didn't know that he was allergic to shellfish.
I keep begging for death but will God grant my wish?
I wish I would've told him it was crab before he ate it.
I'm responsible for his death and I hate it.
He was so young, he had just turned twenty-one.
I can't live with myself after what I've done.
People remind me that it was an accident and they say I shouldn't punish myself 
in this way.
But I will still beg to die when I pray.
Just two years earlier his wife gave birth to twins.
Because of me, they'll never see him again.
There hasn't been a day gone by that I haven't cried.
If God won't end my life, should I consider suicide?

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Christ Killed Religion

Some call me the Anit-Christ

But I got more sides 

Than number seven on the dice

The careless lord and savior

Created idiot man

With a complex behavior

Started making, all these rules

In Gods name we pray 

If you dont your the fool

You cant be gay 

Only white males in my church 

If your not we will slay

For God our father

Will strike you down 

For thinking this wine couldn't have been water

We take this good book from him

Lay down "our" laws

And repute away your sin

For being colored

Is wrong

Cant you tell the man on the cross has pale skin

Again you sin, Again you sin,

Again you sin now kneel and pray to "him"

So I started thinking

If the fairy tale man God gave me brain

And if I use it

And I abuse it

Why the fcuk cant I say what I want since I am his kid

Stupid cowards cant you see

That God has a good mind 

And you raped his philosophy

Stupid mankind took the words of our Lord

And turned it into your chi

You backstabber

Took his religion and made it your own

To mold your kind to flea

From the illusion 

That free will is a one way ticket to hell

So take your man made book of stupid spells

And conjur up an elixir for the death of religion

And YOU killed it, you stupid cowards


Man - Kind?

You lost God's words in translation

I guess you cant speak his lingo of frustration

Stop burning crosses of "your"religion doomed

Wake up and prepare the tomb

For religion is dead.....thanks to you

Stupid cowards......

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Can ewe balance out those two final hits against the lives saved those that would have 
continued WAR on Asian Soil those days of hell of hurting men caught by bullits and the 
bayonets? Can just two bombs blasting death be counted as salvation won for all those 
young boys girls old men women who died instantly in two Atomic Blasts over those two 
cities of Japan. Nagasaki Heroshima eye have seen the END of time the BOOKS of GOD are 
open when the Dead Arrive. Arise all sleepers in those Graves can GOD usher in those 
SOULS into new places now to stay is there a place for JAPAN in Jesus Heaven? For those of 
us who sinned and suffered radiation burns lost our skins and mortal coils gone some died 
just screaming out in pain all normal living gone perhaps no time to say your HOLY NAMME 
of Jesus. Can they live there inside your heaven is it still possible that you forgive them for 
once upon the time it came to me today that a Just and Perfect GOD adjudges perfectly 
those in suffering words can not describe no time to utter words of salve; but deeds looked 
at made right by YOU salvation won given now to all. Eventide has come today to those 
whom tomb decay whom die threw no fault of there own. Just hit twice dumped down on 
Killed with anguish very slow. A special place in heaven for all those special people of Japan. 

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When Love Hurts

When love hurts, God heals
When love hurts, God feels
Your pain too as you do now
Pray and He'll show you how
When love so hurts, how to deal
The deep pain is oh so very real
God'll cry too for your tears and
It's true about footprints in sand
Reach out and He holds your hand
In kind your mind will feel His love
Hurting'll subside from God's glove 
I know of true hurting, how it feels
Accepting a hand of cards He deals
Painful nights crying, I've had many
But God's blessings, I've had plenty
That I will have better days ahead, I
Know and no longer have need to cry
When life itself hurt I questioned why
But I survived and my faith didn't die
For yesteryear's hurts, it will subside
The tears still come once in a while
But the love memories, I can smile
For God's so in His glorious Kingdom
For Kingdom come, thy will be done
And done will the pain be, away it'll
Go, like wood off a creative whittle
Beautiful to see, as days coming be
God cures all hurt, just wait and see
My mother, dad, brother, baby too
And for me, cried like baby boo hoo
But I wiped away the tears and have
Been blessed like a cow and her calf
Help do words of praying and writing
More than once, had vision - sighting
Not just in dreams, but for really real
I was in such pain, it was just surreal
Once it was Mother/Son, Mary/Jesus?
Through Him I pray for me, bejezzus

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God Hates Me

In a past life I must have killed a priest, 
 or could it be that on flesh i did feast?
Maybe I brutally raped a God ordained nun.
 Because in this life I am being shunned.

My kittens have died, one every other day.
 Three total and one other will not get that pardon or stay.
Feline leukemia, so all my cats will surely die.
 The only humane thing is to euthanize, and so I cry.

Lois, then Jasper, next Quagmire, now Emmett too, 
 The mama cat, and their older brother will die, how can we get through?
Hopefully the three orphans weren't exposed enough, 
 Four weeks until we'll know, why does life have to be so tough?

The mama, Maxine, was named after my grandma who died, 
 the kids and Illyanna got her for me, because all I did was cry.
A year and a half of joy and love she brought to me.
 Why does she and all the kittens have to die, is what I plea.

What have I done to have a life where I struggle every day?
 I'm not a bad person, I'm kind and loving, how much more must we pay?
A mother, who didn't want me for a while, many men who used and abused me.
 At times like this, it makes me want to give up on life, to turn and flee.

They say God doesn't give you more than you can handle at one time, 
 I feel like its a lie, I feel unjustly convicted of a horrible crime.
Today I have to choose, let my animals suffer or give them the mercy of death.
 To bury six members of my family in seven days, will leave me bereft.

How much torture and pain must one person or family have to go through?
 This isn't some fiction story, every word I write is nothing but true.
Every passing minute, more of my heart breaks piece by piece.
 I don't smoke, or drink, or do drugs, or have sex, so I have no release.

Let me wake, and it be nothing more than a horrible dream, 
 I can't take much more of this crappy bad luck, its too extreme.
God, if you're there, why are you doing this to all of us?
 I've always been told You are someone we can trust!

Please God, please don't take anything else away.
 My heart and soul whither as the ends start to fray.
Tell me what you want me to do and I will gladly obey.
 Just please, Dear God, I can't handle the agonizing dismay.

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I Forgive You Mommy

I forgive you mommy,
thank you for those 
few weeks.

I admit it was strange,
the feeling was new to 

Thank you for letting 
me be a part of you.

You had your reasons 
why I had to go.

It hurt a lot when I was 
aborted, but maybe earth 
was never for me.

I'm in heaven now,
I'm God's little angel.

Don't you cry, 
I'll never hate you.

Thank you for 
bonding with me, 
sorry it couldn't be.

Even though I'm far 
away, I'll wait until 
another day.

When at heavens door 
you should appear, I'll 
be right there to hold 
you dear.

Written by: Poet Shi

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The fox gnaws flaking muscle
From speechless rabbit, cold
In mind and body. Men shiver
As bodies dry, spat from river.

Rings of globes circle hands
Of the thoughtless, so beaten
From paths to be told of Him, 
Waiting until eyes grow dim.

Walking among us is plague,
Standing above us is but love,
These winds will claw our youth
While faith entraps this truth.

Winter comes but we survive,
Breath and bones, colonies thrive.

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Wave Goodbye

Another friend has made his way to where I cannot go.
The light is on, but no one's home. God put him in the show.
You ask God why. Do people die. But just have to wave goodbye.

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SARAJEVO the anxiety

A wave that grows from deep inside of me
to bring me down I feel it start to grow;
its' only name--is called--anxiety,
where it comes from no one could ever know.

As tiny needles prick my skin, I feel
sensation of a drifting tenderness 
that goes from here to there, and so un-real.
It leads my mind to only second guess

at what's invading to the soul I own
fortelling what has been and what must be
from Sarajevo where my life has grown
into the death I recognize as me.

I'm but a vagrant never meant to know
too soon forgotten like a Balkan snow.
© Ron Arbuthnot aka Ron Wilson

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My Most Sincere Apology(I Wish God Would Have Taken Me Instead of You)

I'm breaking down again.
My patience has worn thin.
I can't promise you anything.
It kills me that I can no longer do anything for you.
I'm watching you descend.
You're so broken.
I'm sorry for letting you down.
I just wish I could replace some of the mistakes that I have made.
I want to give you the devotion I believe you deserved.
I wish I could show you your worth.
I bury my face in my hands.
This isn't how I had it all planned out.
But now I'm helpless in all of this and I feel like I have betrayed you.
God I hate myself for allowing you to fall face first.
I wish I could have done so much more.
I just wish God would grant me another chance.
One more opportunity.
I pray for clarity.
I don't understand the meaning in this tragedy.
I feel you slipping away in a dream that I can't escape.
I have made so many mistakes.
You're blameless.
I can't take this.
I feel the tears fall.
I wish God would have taken me instead of you.
If I could I'd give you my all just to bring you back.
But you're slipping through the cracks.
As much as I try there's absolutely nothing I can do.
I'm sorry. 
I wish I could look deep into your eyes and apoligize .
I'm sorry.
IF I could I'd give my life just to see you live another day.

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A Change Of Address

Summer storm flooding

in city cemetery.

Moving day at last!

Author notes: This is a Bible-based Haiku. To understand it please read 1 Thes. 4:16 and 1 Cor. 15:52 

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If God was to ask me?

Here as I sit at the pearly white gates, not sure of what my fate will be? As I reflect back on 
my life and think about what God will think of me? As I await his word of what my final fate 
will be? I can remember that day I broke my Mom’s favorite glass  figurine and the day I 
cooked her gold fish, name Sam…thought I was as good a cook as her? That day I smoked 
my first cigarette or that time I tied a firecracker to that old stray cat that use to wander 
through the streets night and day. The time when I cheated on that math test by copying the 
kid’s paper that sat next to me and still got an F... and the time I lied about my aunt's death, 
just so I could get a day off from work. I also recall the day I married my first wife and said 
I do until death do us part, just to find myself married two more times before they finally laid 
me to rest. I never meant to hurt anyone, as I sat there pondering my life? God then ask 
me, "If you had to do it all over again my child? What would you change about your life? 
God, then ask me, what if you could be me and I was you? Would you let yourself into 
Heaven or would you send yourself straight to Hell?" I sat there for a moment, and then 
nodded my head, then I hesitated and said to him, “I know I would change everything that I 
ever did, but the last thing I would even try to do is try to be you God.” All these years you 
have had to deal with people just like me? If you ask me God, you have had it rougher than 

By Jay Andrew Anderson-Taylor

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My Mask

It hurts all the time
This pain in me never stops
I want to cry for you
I want to scream for you
I want to beg for you
I want you to be here
This cant be fair
This cant be real

But I smile and I laugh
I get up every morning to go to work
Throw on a happy face and make some jokes
I come home and enjoy my day
I have fun
And I continue on
But I’m so hurt
I’m so lost

Seeing you in there killed me
I could never get the phone call out my head
The screams from my mom
The walk up there to see if it was true
But most of all I wont forget you
In the casket
Touching your hand
You were so cold
You didn’t belong there
Seeing you go into the ground
Seeing them fall apart
Feeling my heart break into pieces
When all I could do is scream
I will never forget that day

And every time I smile I want to cry
Every time I laugh I want to cry
Every time I think I want to cry
Every breath I take takes a little bit out of me
Because I want to cry

I want this to not be real
I want to had spend more time with you
I want to hug you
Laugh with you 
Tell you I love you
That I was always there
That I am still always here

I am so broken
But I continue on with life

Because God took you and not me
He wanted me here for a reason
So ill continue on for
I will laugh
And smile
And pretend
Anything to make it to the end
To see you

I miss you just isn’t enough
It doesn’t mean enough

What heals a broken heart?
Time they say

But time wont bring you back
So my heart stays broken
As I pretend to smile

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

As I’m falling apart

My mask then goes on

RIP Bebo... 17 was to young

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The Gift of Food Sack

A gift of survival bag with goods and food
Thanks to the God you offered to my hand 
In the competitive queue I came forward
I was registered, when the name is called

Nobody knows but somebody knows 
That all are poor and world in refugees
Mixed colors and different tongues are noised
While all are paying attention to each of names

Men women indifferent and some with kids
Hope of interests is something hidden smiles 
Trying to overtake before the time comes
But the frame of church flexible rule shows

With my bag and my friend I came out
He reminded me that I did not find out
Variety of food we carefully sorted out
Expiry dates elapsed and  I was going out

In a day or two, if I will not finish
Nothing will happen I know its truth
I ate for the day as much as fresh
Thank to the God that it is the truth

While ships of foods are being destroyed into the sea
Uncountable lives suffer and die no meal for a day
No one knows one side of the world of sea
Sinking soul of humanity dwindles every day

What the God can do, the God does as much as
Changes the time and diverts the way he wishes
Until the products are passed away in markets
It’s out of the rule and ethics no power for Gods

I felt a self pity when my belly was full out
Thank to the god of justice shows out
Nausea for one is a hunger for the other
Balance of bridge is the survival of mother  

Udaya R. Tennakoon

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My Goodbye To A True Love

My Goodbye To A True Love

How could you have left me?
I never had the chance to say goodbye
I never had the chance to tell you how I felt
How much my heart will break without you in my life?
You had so many qualities God wants in a person
A golden heart that shined with love and caring
You had a smile that infected everyone you met
Your spirit shone like a beacon in the midnight sky
I am sure that God had plans for you
Otherwise he would not have taken you so soon
I am sure that you are in Heaven with other angels
Your memory will live in me and everyone who ever met you
Maybe one day God will look at me and decide that you and I were soul mates
He will see that I belong with you and He will take me in His arms
Holding me until you and I can be together again
I will take you in my arms and gently kiss you
And that will be the moment I will know that Heaven truly exists

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MUM ...
































Mom you mean the world to me
It’s hard to live without you ,You were always by my side
Through thick and thin you helped me

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Wake Up

Waaaake Uuuuup!
is what i heard for this generation 
time is on their hands 
but death is on their faces.
And time is definately not waiting, on anyone.
And so your American alarm tic- toc spoke to you
It said wake up! and do what you are supposed to do
It said "You need to get your hair done, wash your car, walk the dog, and you have not even broken through.
It said the sheets are wrapped snuggly holding you while the enemy keeps speaking to you that hope is through.
Wake up! it said.
Yes, this kind of alarm sounds nice.
But what about the alarm that rings to remind you to, Waaaaake Uuuup!
For God has chosen you.
It's a different sound.
And we open our eyes only to remove the cole from them.
Not knowing that God wants to remove the scales.
Many believe that they have a lot of time
but honestly, only time will tell.
And we dare not miss the call.
He that hath an ear, let em hear it.
We keep hitting the snooze button, when there should be 
fear and trembling within our spirit.
(Alarm) Arise and shine!...10 more minutes they say.
(Alarm) Renew your mind! 9 more minutes they say.
(Alarm) These are the signs of the time..5-more-minutes
and this generation will miss its moment with God.
Time! time! time, slipping away
but death has not gone astray.
It is still painted upon their faces.
It could be temporary for some, if many would decide to arise
and become like death-erasers.
No more lying in complacencys bed.
It's time to arise and stretch out our legs
People are asleep with the dream of God in their heads
but no manifestations.
Only relaxation.
While the world is slowly fading 
with sick and unsaved patients.
Wake Up!
Is what i heard for this generation.
And there are many worldly alarms.
I said there are many "worldly" alarms
And the world responds to them like..
"Oh my gosh, im going to be late for this and that"
But God is trying to awaken us to his plans and purposes 
so that the world might know that this is that.
No more visions in my mind
of people pulling the covers over there eyes
as if we cant see their needs.
No more of people walking by, replying to me
Leave me alone! for i am sleep.
No more rolling back over on their crys for help, while they cry out
"Free my soul! For i'm a sinner!
No more of us turning our ringers off for just 5-more-minutes.
Do you not know? That the bed bugs are still biting you while you're in it?
So wake up! to the grace of God.
We, must seek his face.
For Time! time! time, slipping away.

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The signs are here, for all to see,
The thunder clouds, the dying tree.
The shining lights, that draw you near,
Loud heavy music, in your ear.

By word of mouth, or through cyber space,
The hidden pictures, of your face,
The northern lights, are dancing south,
The rumours you hear, by word of mouth.

The sign are falling, from the sky,
Raining stars, on the passers by,
While the battle rages, on underground,
The innocent dying, without a sound.

The cries of heaven, the screams in hell,
That no one hears, down in this well,
The terrible beauty, the open wound,
The innocent babies, in open tombs.
For all to see, for all to hear,
The blind man's painting, the deaf man's ear.

The birds are falling, the fishes drowned,
What once was up, has now become down,
The tender and loving, an empty shell,
The gross and the ugly, now the rallying bell.

The signs are here, for all to see,
Titanic sinking, on a blood red sea.

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Letter To You

A letter to you
Dear daughter of mine,
  Please don't cry! Please don't ask why.
For I have gone to heaven to plat my banjo. For the great Bill Monroe.
It will be not a song of sorrow that I play tomorrow.
For I will play on the stage with a lady named Patty Page.
I will not play to bitter, but with the great Tex Ritter.
So the music you hear in the sky will not make you cry.
For God only wants me to play my banjo.
      Your dear old dad.

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The New God

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart beats out of your chest
Ready to consume the final climax
I know who you are - when the lyrics fail to resemble
Letting your poison drip straight from your lips
Portraying, entertaining the image of sex's delusion
You know only rape - manifestation of hate
Lack of the fruit of the beauty of a human mind
Depths you'll never penetrate!

She was only a doll - type of a lost father's adore
Impaled into a desperate whore
Shamefully out of broken safety's  choice 
She bore embryogenesis of morose
May your rusty blades caress as they please

So confront the masses with the halt of embryogenesis
Let the worship of machines be
Leg them construct us cell to cell
Nature's just in the way
Of our race of perfectly engineered machines!
The burden of conception
Surrenders to the will of
The New God

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SARAJEVO - the Sniper

      SARAJEVO - the sniper
He hides behind the dirty window pane
with eyes all cold and void of any care 
in blinding heat or through a drizzle rain
his thoughts are only what has brought him there

his mind's not thinking that's a special friend
nor is that girl in love; he doesn't care;
the choice comes on with no thought of the end
and made, perhaps, because she's standing there.

His sight is set, and all she'll ever be
gives way to things her life will never know
and when she falls and lays there helplessly
his only thought is she was quick to go.

     All in a breath, he's layed her to the street;
     and ended life to make his day complete.
© Ron Arbuthnot aka Ron Wilson

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She was haunting the wilderness of Night
With the darkness over her damned Essence.
Suddenly, she had caught a mortal’s sight,
She had dark grimace on her countenance.

She ambled towards the forlorn young man,
She stopped as if someone had grabbed her hand.
On the man’s head, there was a flashy crown,
He must be a Prince from some distant-land.

Once, she too was a Princess on this earth.
Until someone bewitched her with a curse
That She will live within the life-in-death.
Will God still bestow her the reimburse?

Bewitched, she never had the time to love.
Now this new Love has bewitched her again,
Her rotten heart was fluttering like Dove
But her misery gave her utmost pain.

She prayed to God for divine miracle
In a slight hope that she was still hanging
Between life and death, with a debacle
That befell on her without her longing.

God took pity on her ill provision
And bestowed her gifts of Love, Eternal
Her dead skins freshened with apparition
Of Existence, once bewitched, infernal.

The Princess then met her despondent Prince,
Who too fell in love at first sight of her.
Their two hearts were blessed with inner peace
Though they were bewitched in love, forever.

[WRITTEN BY Osman Gani]

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The Chorus of Death

Do you ever wonder why
when skies are gray and mothers die
why is there heaven and there is hell
when below damp soil is where we dwell

Clouds are heavy, thunders cry
cross my heart and hope to die
ever wonder how this world goes 'round
when all we ever do is lie beneath the ground

Waters boil and seagulls fly
against the screaming crows in the sky
ever stopped to wonder why they fight
when all we see is black as night

Fear them yes, face them no
only heaven saves us when we go
out into that fiery lake
ever wonder why our gods forsake

Tremble yes, hide from them no
ever wonder why we hate them so
when all the stars speak their name
and god spits you out all the same

Angels clash, devils fall
ever wonder why we love them so
when all their feathers rot and fade
no more wings for them that god has made

Let the come, let them fall
I can beat them one and all
For I am Death, and I am fear
ever wonder why I stay so near

I come for them and I come for you
no matter what you dream, or love, or do
ever wonder why all this is
when you are actually mine and not His

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Meeting God At The Ocean

She sat upon the rocks of the golden shore,
hearing the waves of the ocean's roar.
She remembered a time when she was young,
before this cancer had taken her lung.
She sat there gazing out at the ocean,
thinking if her family's loving devotion.
She thought of her husband as her best friend,
hoping his heart would someday mend.
He fought the battle with her each day,
hoping this cancer would go away.
Her doctor told her I'm sorry there is no hope,
somehow she had managed to deal with it and cope.
The waves were choppy, the tide was high,
as she looked at the seagulls slowly fly by.
She felt at peace at this scene of nature,
as she somehow knew she would meet her maker.
The lighthouse was shining off in the distance,
as her body was fighting an agonizing resistance.
She went to the ocean to be closer to God,
for the cancer she was fighting she could not beat the odds.
An angel sat beside her to comfort her with all she endured,
Knowing when she went to Heaven she would be cured.
It was'nt long after she had passed away,
where the cancer no longer had ate her away.
Now she has the home she's always wanted,
where her body is no longer tired or taunted.
Her memory will always be etched in my mind,
In Heaven with God she will forever shine.

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To Where a Snowflake dies

A war in heaven reluctantly concedes
To the lullaby's in the night singing softly
Covering us in heavenly whisper blows
As feathers falling light so intense and gracefully 
Escaping God's whitened watery coves

And somewhere up above
I believe there are angels also grooming
Thus, for the twilight showing, shedding as they rush
The world as such, always in a hurry
But, for an instance and out of nowhere
An avalanche of marvel captivates the hush

And in my distant mind I most certainly can relate
As to the stars and ancient sands of grain
My tongue tasting these miracles of wonder
Reaching further to acquiesce
In greetings, to miniature designs
Crafted out of God's very hands of great

While, celestial bodies move
Constant shadows consume
Around assumptions of the human mind 
Thus, begins the dusk and ends 
To the place where a snowflake dies

Look around
Who is it that seems to care
Or thinks to ponder the manual labor input here
With hammers, chisels, nuts and bolts
Never to witness to a mere mistake
Or upon discovery any kind of error

Yet, I listen… to the silence…
Extracting all its pleasure
Before, another million frigid seedlings ashen
Met with daunting fate
And in the still of tranquil
Neither snowflake cries out or offers up complaints

For a day
Or merely several nights evermore
A complex purpose
Or to thus, a simpler existence
Then, I pause...
Unto supposition, as I meditate the message

Guesses drift off, into what's last unknown
Of the never ending knowing
Embracing their provident life
Watch as they embrace each other closer
In a bank of ice, waiting for the melting

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Near-Death Experience '85

It's been well o'er ten years
since I took my journey
through a darkened star-lit tunnel...
...Sucked down a streamlined funnel...
Many people say their 'experience'
was filled with feelings of love;
beautiful sights...colorful lights,
but mine was a fearful flight.
I saw no glorious revelations,
no visions of life past.
I saw only darkness around me,
with dancing stars surrounding...
I flew with blinding fury
straight ahead...out of control...
I could feel my soul screaming
as though the air was filled with electricity.
I cried "No!  No!", but kept going...
I screamed "I cannot leave my son!"
No escaping, filled with fear,
the force pulled me e'er near.
Suddenly, amidst my crying protests,
I came to an abrupt halt.
I was stuck there in the stars so bright...
...Ho'ering in my deathly plight...
Then an invisible door square, yet round,
opened oh, so slightly inward...
The brightest light I've e'er seen
flooded out one side to me...
A booming voice from all around
told me to "GO BACK."
HE said my work was "Not yet done",
and that I WAS "Needed" by my son.
...And I came back...
I was given the chance to make my life right -
to do what God has willed...
One day, though, my life will finally end,
and then I'll truly see
my loved ones and friends.

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The Life and Death Paradox

The gods’ privilege is never to die,
the men’s tragedy is most die 
at some point in time of their life’s cycle.

The gods’ tragedy is gods can never die,
the men’s privilege is to die when time comes.

Because of her beauty and a handful of dust she held in her palm 
she won god’s favor and was granted the privilege to live forever,
nonetheless, it turned into misery to suffer forever,
she,(1) therefore, wrote on a golden leaf, “I want to die.”

The wish of a crafty king,(2) who is to roll a rock to the top of hill
over and over under god’s harsh punishment, is to let the rock down and die rather than to undergo eternal life’s never ending toil.

The agony of the god who descended to the earth, 
because he wanted to share the warmth of the bonfire(3)
kept exclusively for gods to sit encircle it and enjoy, 
with the men he love was he couldn’t die.

Whether it’s right or wrong, because he stole the fire,
he is chained to a rock at the mountain standing in the edge 
of the world, incurring the ridicule of an ill-bred god(4)
who frequently comes in and out the thieves’ den 
to plot together another theft from another victim they chose.

His liver is pecked by a fierce eagle every morning;
hence it would be better for him not to see the ever renewing 
sun rise from other side of the mountain.

Although it’s miserable to suffer forever
because he cannot die, it’s far worse to see men’s betrayal.

Ungrateful men’s avarice, instead of co-existence in peace
they kill each other, oppress weak to hold power,
use the fire as the weapon of massacre.

Every morning with renewing sun
he has to endure worsening pain though, 
he won’t understand what the desperate mean,
because he is a god.
Although he may able to bear excruciating pain,
he couldn’t endure men’s betrayal.

The mountain collapses, the chain breaks off.(5)

1. Cummaean Sibyl.  2. Sisyphus.  3. Prometheus.  4. Hermes.  5. Aeschylus. tr. Mueller, Carl R. Prometheus bound, last line (Pandemonium. The mountain collapses.) q.v. Bulfinch’s Mythology, Prometheus, pp. 939-40. 

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Sandy Hook

Today, it just doesn't seem fair
That we are still able to breathe.
They have given us their air-
Our duty to lead the life they leave.

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I May Not Be Here Tomorrow

I May Not Be Here Tomorrow!

When tomorrow comes, I may not be here!
This life I have…  Could just disappear!

I may think of this world as my “sanctuary.”
But my life down here, is just temporary!

Life just passes me by, and goes by fast!
I can think of many things done in the past!

But the past is gone by…
  Tomorrow’s another day!
What am I going to do?  
What am I going to say?

I don’t know about the future,
 or what it may bring.
Life has it’s way of bringing 
good and bad things!

I’m going to look to Jesus and give him my trust!
Living daily for him...  
I shall try!  I must!

Jesus holds tomorrow in the palm of his hand!
Everything about me...  He already understands!

HE shall be here tomorrow!  Till the very end!
He’s somebody I can give my life to!  And depend!

I come to you Jesus! For comfort and delight!
I know that with you, everything will be alright!

Life may not turn out the way
 I expect it to be!
But Jesus will take care of it all! 
 Most assuredly!

By Jim Pemberton

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I could have run and tried to hide.
When God said, "Go against the tide."

"Preach unity and never fight.
All races on earth have equal rights."

In peace and love " I Have A Dream."
No prejudice, or hatred, life serene!

I could have tried to run and hide.
But either way I would have died.

So I chose to carry on.
To show in peace we can be strong.

"I Have A Dream."  It must come true.
And now God gives  THIS DREAM TO YOU.


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Walking know-where is somewhere, walk-on
Having so much of a thing in something equals satisfaction
Words trigger existing Miracles within, you are the Miracle
man can justify every act, this God knows.
So to all He gifted brains to think, use it.
If need be, GOD you will see alive
Peace here might elude but never when gone in Truth
Death overwhelms, yours you would never know
Love the Sinner you are not the judge, GOD is.
If you feel you have been here before then you have, 
right the wrongs to glow Divine.
Came in fast and disappeared,
Let not the pursue of Wealth sweep Health

©Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

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The yellow lines just inches away, 
I collapse right before it, deep into insanity.
Not knowing how or when I’ll wake up from the death-inducing coma.
Shackles on my ankles, bounding me to the cement jail of choices.

“Freedom! ” I cry, 
Not knowing I have limited time to be granted that demand.
Realizing I've forgotten the roots of life.

“Freedom! ” I cry once again being tortured by the demons eating at my soul.
Ten minutes left, until death has won me over.

“Freedom! ” Reaching for the only thing in sight, the book given to me years ago.

“Freedom! ” Five minutes until disappearance into the soul dimension.
The crinkled pages sputter dust while being opened.
The old book full of odd adventures, true adventures nevertheless.
Water-stained pages full of life, 
Waiting to be taken of their oxygen.

I flip through it one last time, 
Hoping to save the lost cause that is I.

“Freedom! ” I whisper.
The time is nigh.

The end of its usage is almost through, one last time before its entirety will be thrown down.
From “In the beginning”, down to the giving of Grace, the book’s life is over.
As if it goes with me.

“Freedom! ” I scream out in joy.
Looking above in the bright light, 
Grasping at the yellow line, 
The finish line, 
Where Heaven meets Earth.

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Satan versus God

SATAN and GOD debated Life and Death... ... ...

SATAN asserted... ...
     Life is the only opportunity for materialistic pursuits
     Life is Present, Death a futurity
     Enjoy anyhow Life, who’s seen Life after Death ?

     Death is Obituary, just two minutes mourning 
     Showering praise, saying, “We miss him much”

     Life is just another day, Death being the last day

GOD enlightened... ...
     Life is the only opportunity to understand Death
     Death is absolute truth, Life is an illusion
     Perform good 'Karmas'*, elevate Life after Death

     Death is just a transit point for Next Life
     It’s God’s way of teaching detachment

     Life is salvation vehicle, Death next Life’s ignition

SATAN and GOD continue to Debate... ... ...

(*) 'Karma' - Hindu belief that actions of living being are rewarded or penalised in next birth/births

( Entry for Members Contest - $$$Eternal Figure $$$ by Words Wounded)

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Angel of mine

Angel of mines

You were my heart  my world my baby girl
It's still so hard for me to believe that you are gone
All I ever wanted for you was the best
To be able to see you walk, run and play
I wanted to see the woman that you would become someday
Although God had other plans he called you home
Now I sit here missing you and feeling so all alone
What I wouldn't give to see your beautiful smile
Or feel your innocent touch
You were our world Eygpt and we miss you so very much
I know that it isn't going to be easy living without you here
And all I can do is cry and my thoughts seem so unclear
At times I sit and wonder why God had to take you from us 
All to soon I had so many plans for you so many things we were going to do
I try to have peace in knowing that you are in a better place and one day again I will see your smiling face
So to you I say my child it's okay you can take God's hand he is going to walk with you to the promise land
And when it's time for the Lord to call me home just know my child that you will not be alone 
Sleep with the angels baby now you can rest I have no more worries because 
you're in the hands of the best!

R.i.p Baby girl Eygpt Shanea Johnson
Written with love just for you by your
big cousin Eleanor Bolden <3

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When Illness Comes

There is no breath only pain
Pain mocking draining down
Down in the sick sully vein
Veins constricting stopping now

When the illness comes...

There is no beat; only pain
Pain maddening searing up
Up in the hearts red veins
Veins constricting stopping now

When the illness comes...

There is life and no more pain
Pain ending stopping now
Now God is graceful in this vein
Veins breathing loving now

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The innocent child still crying,
That you nailed up on your wall,
Her tears are freely flowing,
As the autumn leaves do fall.
The wind of time still blowing,
Across the lonely way,
As the soldiers march to battle,
On this bright and sunny day.
I couldn't get the words,
To leave my knotted throat,
I couldn't get my loved ones,
To leave the sinking boat.
I couldn't think the thoughts,
That could protect me from the light,
Couldn't see your beauty,
Hidden in my night.

And now the end is coming,
Riding on the wind,
To blow away illusions,
To blow up everything.

The riders horse is thunder,
The swords are flashing high,
As the angels of destruction 
Fall from the darken sky.

A million times I told you,
Whispered in your ear,
A million blessing hidden,
Behind the demons of your fears.

The innocent lamb is bleeding,
As the lightening flashes by,
The autumn leaves still falling,
From the sadness in your eye.

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I thought you were immortal, 
a childish fantasy,
But when god took you to heaven,
he also took a part of me.

You watched me grow up, 
I watched you grow old,
i loved being at your house, 
and listening to the stories that you told.

You were a wise woman, 
someone non-judgmental and sweet, 
until some one called you granny,
then someone was going to get their butt beat! 

I miss our long talks,
staying up late into the night, 
all the "unwanted" advice, 
was somehow always right. 

I know you are proud of me, 
but i wish i had listened more, 
you tried to help me so much, 
and now my heart is sore.

I wish I could have been there, 
to spend a little more time with you, 
But i love you grandma, 
and i know you love me too.

I thought you were immortal, 
a childish fantasy,
But even though god took you to heaven, 
I know somehow, your still here with me.

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Journey Of Souls

life is fleeting
passes swiftly by
every soul is born to die
every moment soon will pass
this earthly life does not last
where are we to go from here
the end of life we hold so dear
every one of us will perish
as will those we love and cherish
life is fleeting
does not last
into darkness will we be cast
or into a light so warm and bright
with long lost loved ones in our sight
some believe in heaven and hell
some believe in nothing
some have died and come back to tell
some saw heaven some saw hell
but each passing soul saw something
some say the light is blue
some say it is white
some said darkness was beckoning
some simply followed the light
one day death will come
all that lives will sucumb
back to choas of which we came
or cast into an eternal flame
some say hell is a frozen lake
not hot but very cold
not one of us wants to find out
and if i may be so bold
some are what i call sheeple
believing all they're told
how did God come to exist
an end of something that makes sense
but no beginning
i cannot conceive
but thats what some believe
how did God come to be
its far too complicated for you and me
where are our souls to go
perhaps we are not meant to know

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Sin Always Has A Price

As people are encouraged to “indulge within...”
They often become caught and trapped in sin!

Far too often, there’s an enticement to “fantasize.”
Of the many temptations flashed before the eyes!

There’s a problem, too often misunderstood!
Life doesn’t happen, like many think it should!

What’s often acted out and too often displayed…
Comes from a ruined life, that’s been betrayed!

One can easily find perversion of many kinds.
This can easily “overwhelm” someone’s mind!

I know that it’s easy to be “trapped and snared.”
It can leave one feeling 
alone and scared!

That which you may have craved,
 for some kind of fulfillment.
Has left you empty!  With no real enjoyment!

It’s easy to fall into bondage!  Difficult to get out!
Victory in Jesus is what his power is all about!

Won’t you call on him now?  
And let his love “soak through?”
He brings true meaning in the words; “I LOVE YOU!”

His love is not in some kind of cheap entertainment!
Only he can bring true peace and contentment!

You don’t need to spend money on the life he brings!
He is God!  And doesn’t need to use earthly things!

Sin has a price!  It seeks to have your eternal soul!
Only the blood of Jesus can make you complete and whole!

The gift of salvation is from Jesus!  And is freely given!
He alone has the power to change
 how you’re livin’!

By Jim Pemberton

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When I was near death,
Though my mind was unaware,
It was then He had resurrected me.

When I died in another lifetime
Though such memories were soon forgotten,
It was then He gave me a rebirthing. 

When I die someday, yet again,
It will be then He reveals all my memories
Which were once many times left behind and forgotten.

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Prufrock's Eternal Footman

I think this Footman likes to snicker,
and the human situation is the kicker,
when one becomes sicker and sicker,
and it’s one’s time to die and cry for one’s soul.

Prufrock’s point is well-taken and understood 
for the Footman is an end of life reality who is
the “King of Finality” and doesn’t care while seeking
mankind’s banal end, since Man is really small potatoes 
in the Universe’s great and grand pecking order.

I think that I shall not want to meet this Bamboozler,
at least this would be my choice, if I really had one.
I doubt that I, like others, could ever be like Lazarus.
The Footman presents us all with a one-way ticket to
what awaits mankind beyond the pale of death!

And so we all await the end of our finite time as
measured in grains of sand and the clock on the wall;
waiting for the day and time of our final departure,
and hoping not to hear the scornful snicker, snicker
of the Prufrock’s Eternal Footman!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved 
(July 17, 2014)

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EYE Don't See -Part 2-

My eyes
Refuse to see tragedy
My eyes
Marinate in dread…unable to embrace ecstasy 

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s sagging…from endless mourning  
And I’m close to my demise… 
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just let me be
Leave me alone…hand me a gun

I yearn for unspoiled glory
To make me feel perfect once more
I yearn for flawless serenity
To make me feel no regret…don’t ignore
My calls…don’t hang up on me

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just hear my plea
Listen to my excruciating cries…
Listen to the truth, not the malicious lies  
Our journey has just begun   

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me weeping?
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Eye can’t handle the stress
Let me release my horrendous distress
Eye can see you making that same mistake
At least MY life isn’t at stake

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…do You feel my lament
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…Stepped on like cement
I’m aching with discontent… I abhor this torment    
When will peace scrub off my fear?

I can’t believe my eyes
Your guiltiness flows into me…
I can’t believe I fell for your lies
Your heartless action rape my mind…you don’t see
What my EYES see…

You’ll never see 
How much pressure you put me under
Unchain me from this chamber
And watch me flee…

When will you be set free?

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I Don't Thank God

I don't thank God for the nourishment on my plate.
I don't thank God for the food I just ate.
I thank instead the plants and animals who had to die
in order for me to live and survive.
I look forward to my demise actually
because no more lives then will ever end because of me.

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The Execution Of The Valiant Man

Calm sits a valiant man inside of a dungeon
In Darkness sits a monk inside of a Monastery
And On this night they both share the same thoughts
how long God untill I am free from here
Footsteps resound down through the hall
 They Listen  as the sound goes back and forth
The Valiant man awaits his execution
The monk has been put in charge of reading his last rights
Now we hear the murmur as the crowd gathers
They are laughing and joking with one another
The Valiant man smiles because he too finds his death enjoyable
It's relaxing I must agree with him
And why is the monk so scared of death
The Final bell is rung
And There dressed in black 
under the black hood is the executioner
He runs his finger down the blade of his ax
He looks up here comes the Valiant man
And for the first time on the job
He is faced with fear
His composure faulters 
His finger slips and droplets of blood 
Fall from the fresh cut
Now there's a battle fuaght inside his mind
Because he knows 
that this execution will torture him forever
Silence falls over the crowd
This proud look of this mighty warrior
Commands respect and they observe it
The Monk stumbles but he does not trip up when he speaks
My Son are you ready to make peace with your Maker
Thank you Father, but me and God have never been in opposition
The Monks says You"re what the prophets wrote about
When they wrote about Valiant men
Son forgive me I am curious 
How many men did it take to capture you
He say's I don't know i killed them all
Father look around, I killed every man in the King's army
And I would of did it a long time ago
If i knew that they was going to reward me by sending me back to my Father
Let the peace of God be with you Monk
And with those words This worthy man falls to the ground
The Executioner can't bring himself to raise the ax
And this Valiant man taunts him in the face of death
Please do it! I never ask a coward for a favor

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I mourn you today with tears on your grave

Still fully I weep with always a cross to bare
Sorrow fills me as I look to your stone and stare
Flowers adorn it colors of red white and blue
Flags on each side and your memory still holds true

Your body is gone but your spirit God will save
I mourn you today with tears on your grave

I look down at the rows of others that have been taken
The mortality of it all leaves me shaken
A sea of grass surrounds there final resting place
I’d give it all up to see your smiling face

Your body is gone but your spirit God will save
I mourn you today with tears on your grave

Trees of oak and pine shade their eternal bed
Animals roam freely upon the sleeping dead
The air is slowing blowing then there is a calming cease
I say a prayer for you and hope you always rest in peace

Your body is gone but your spirit God will save
I mourn you today with tears on your grave

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Opposition is the essence of extremes

Love, Hate

Without one the other loses meaning.

But Extremes defy boundaries

Pleasure, Pain

Where does one stop and the other begin?

Relativity loses its fragile meaning without extremes.

Life, Death.

Dieing young, Living Beyond your time.

Extremes lead each to the other without attracting each other
Creation, Destruction.

There is nothing without extremes.

Yet real extremes themselves do not exist.

Infinity, Nothing.

Our being lies somewhere in the between of extremes.

God, Reality.

Our soul is described by Extremes?

Peaceful, Tormented

Remembered, Forgotten.

Blessed, Damned.

Our spirit is defined by Extremes?

Boundless, One

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No Lord not again

I cannot believe what I see before my eyes,
speechless as I read...

too familiar is this scene,
repeating once again, surreal as if I'm back in time...

I once was near when the unthinkable happened,
Columbine, flowering youths cut down in teen prime.

I watched in horror as two souls entered, repeated over and over 
the media; what a circus, as stories began to break...

I witnessed in my own back yard, as innocent lives vanished
'Why? What is the purpose, I did not know', I wept for each and every soul. And cried aloud "How can you be?"

trying to avoid the repetitive media, over and over again...
a christian channel offered me hope, and asked one simple thing.

Fall to my knees, and ask HIM into my life, to do with what he will,
surrender to his Grace and Mercy, 

My life changed that day, so many years ago Columbine Columbine....
we thought you were the last.

As many of my peers in education stood, in terror, disbelief and anger of having no control. "Why? What is the purpose?" our innocent's, so young, so sweet, so worshiped by their families, so unforgivable this one unthinkable act .

One woman weeping, I ask if she's alright...
She looked at me and said, Someone's Christmas present is underneath a tree; it won't be opened on Christmas eve.

Another walked up, and clobbered my arm..."What the hell is going on?"
It's alright, if its what they need to do. God saved me, and humbled me...oh Columbine why? I can not say, nor will I try, for only God knows the master plan.

But like with me that somber day, back in Columbine. I pray that someone far from God, was softened just enough...

to fall to their knees and ask "God Please"
enter my life tonight.... 

Let an awakening united universal voice ring out.
No more bloodshed, no more death. Our children our the innocents and our future in them rests...

To utter the words "I'm sorry" or "you're in my prayers' seems so hollow right now. By faith alone, I can only say...let the heavens open and radiant light shine down, on the simple all American place called Newtown..

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I gave you Eden 
you disobeyed me
I gave you 10 Commands
you cried to be free
I gave you Kings
you wanted your way
I gave you Prophets
you went astray
I gave you my Son
you said he's not my type
I gave you my Word
you thought it tripe 
I gave you Forgiveness
you said from what
I gave you Love
you kicked and fought
I gave you Time
you partied the days away
I gave you Death
you know it's coming today
I gave a Last Chance
you said I'm truly all in
I gave you Heaven
you have a grateful grin

*God's Amazing Grace.. Today Is The Day Of Salvation 

Contest: I was traveling and didn't meet the deadline
Date: 7-3-14

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A Prayer For Healing

Do not let me be the demon I have created me to be.
I am the product of myself and my negativity.
I trust You.
I love You.
I thank You.
In Your name,
We pray,

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To Where a Snowflake Dies

A war in heaven reluctantly concedes
To the lullabies in the night singing softly
Covering us in heavenly whisper blows
As feathers falling light so grace intensely  
Escaping God's whitened watery coves

And somewhere up above
I believe there are angels also grooming
Thus, for the twilight showing, shedding as they rush
The world as such, always in a hurry
But, for an instance out of nowhere
An avalanche of marvel captivates the hush

And in my distant mind I most certainly can relate
As to the stars and ancient sands of grain
My tongue tasting these miracles of wonder
Reaching further to acquiesce
In greetings, to miniature designs
Crafted out of God's very hands of great

While, celestial bodies move
Constant shadows consume
Around assumptions of the human mind 
Thus, begins the dusk and ends 
To the place where a snowflake dies

Look around...
Who is it that seems to care
Or thinks to ponder the manual labor input here
With hammers, chisels, nuts and bolts
Never a witness to a mere mistake
Or upon discovery of any kind of erring

Yet, I listen… to the silence…
Extracting all its pleasure
Before, another million frigid seedlings dare
Met with daunting fate
And in the still of tranquil
Neither snowflake cries out or offers up complaints

For a day
Or merely several nights evermore
A complex purpose
Or unto thus, a simpler more existence
Then, I pause... unto supposition
As I meditate the atmoshere of message

Guesses drift off, into what's last unknown
Of the never ending knowing
Embracing their provident life
Watch as they rely on each other ever closer
In a bank of ice, waiting for the melting

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I entered my little girl's room
To kiss her and tuck her into bed,
She replied, not just yet mommy
And this is what she said.

I have to talk to the pretty lady
Who comes to visit me each night,
She says she will take me with her
So I have to look just right.

She sat down at her vanity 
And began to brush her hair of gold,
She then gets out all her jewelry
And puts on all she can hold.

She kneels by her bedside
With her little hands clasp tight,
Where are you pretty lady
I want you to meet my mommy tonight.

My mommy doesn't know I am leaving
Yet a lot of nights I hear her cry ,
I wanted it to be a secret
Could it be she already knows why.

As I listen to her my eyes grow misty
So I just let the teardrops fall,
I know the time is nearing
But God let me keep her just a little while.

I hold my precious daughter to my breast
Such a sweet and darling little thing,
Oh God what will I do without her
That is when I hear an angel sing.

As the singing grows louder
There surrounded by a golden light,
Was the most beautiful angel
It was the such a glorious sight.

She took my little girl from me and lifted her
Enfolding her within her wide spread wings,
Just as the sky burst open
A multitude of angels sings.

Do not be so sad says the beautiful angel
For God has prepared for her an eternal home,
You see he only lent her to you for awhile
Then she rose and they were gone.

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Sin has flogged me   
Sin has flogged me 
So badly  
I consider my pain a norm  
And not long for cleansing  
Am emensed in my blood  
I look filthy  
I am filthy  
So I think is life  
For I delight  in sin  
With no gruage to a whaling soul  
Perfectly I have subdued it  
Now she stares taken aback  
Whiles I mistaken it for pleasure  
I breakdown suddenly  
Indeed sin does not last  
For it recognises not my effort  
But seeks to drain me to death  
Surely the wages of sin is death  
A fact I knew when the unexpected graced itself upon me  
Help me God  
Help me God  
I am dying  
A death I enjoy  
I am dying   
Quenching the Light   
You setted within me  
My soul whales  
Help me God!  

©Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

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I Want to Be Where Jesus Is

I Want to Be Where Jesus Is!

Where Jesus is,
 I want to be with him
I’ll honor HIM because
I love him!
Into his direction
 I shall go…
His word in my life,
 I must daily know.

What he says to me,
 I must carefully listen,
His will for my life,
 I don’t want to be missin’.

His love for me…
I want to receive,
His abundant life is what
 I aim to achieve.

Thank you Jesus for 
helping me to see…
I need much more of you, 
and a lot less of me!

By Jim Pemberton

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The Story Of Samson

Making A Commitment To God

Samson...  A judge of Israel 
was known to be strong.
Because of his vow to God.  
His hair was to grow long.

With the jawbone of an ass... 
Thousands of Philistines were killed.
To get the secret of his strength, 
is what they had willed.

They sent Delilah to tempt him 
with her charm and beauty.
Samson revealed his secret to her.  
Growing exhausted & weary.

Breaking the promise of God... 
He lost his strength and eyesight.
Till the day he rested his hand on
 the Philistine' temple so tight.

He asked God to give him
 strength once again.
Then pushed the pillars.  
Killing thousands with him.

For all of his accomplishments 
he had made.
He broke his promise to God. 
 When his secret he gave…

Make sure your commitment 
to God is true and real.
So you don't end up, 
like Samson of Israel!

By Jim Pemberton  

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The Casualty

The officer’s whistle opened the door,
the pain of mortar did greet the damned
and I did nap with death in no man’s land.

In cold of night the stretcher did wake
 from peace to hell and burning pain.
These eyes will see the stars no more,
no comrades smile for me.
The darkness has won
for light has abandoned me
and my face is for others to see.

Am I alive? The pain agrees,
my hand can feel this fevered brow.
What will home think?
to only half a man
and will England still respect this man?

The sound of an angel, who talks with God,
a poor soul for sale,
could that be me?
And God condemns 
that I am not worthy,
for others deserve better
than half of me.

And in my darkness 
Opium’s womb enters my veins
the pain chased away by foetal claim,
while the music of war in shrapnel fragment
screams a tortured lament.
And youth will queue to die in vain
 among the ranks of nightingales reign.

These deities who tend this holy fodder
 grow distant with bloody rags.
My mind feels the heat of shrapnel’s breath,
the thought of box in foreign field
the feel of sun and breeze denied
and claustrophobia feeds my fear.
Lonely is the grave with no goodbye
and I do not want to die.

But god is my surgeon and he is beat,
the angel will deliver mercy
 and death will get his degree.

For compassion was hers to give,
the touch of her hand
will wipe this brow.
The cold of the scissors will cut the tag
and I will join a corpse’s march
obeying the ghost of captains orders
uniting friend and foe in melting borders.

In death I will believe
and hope will leave this earth with me.
My reward is tempered by sword and cross
 epitaph is poured over another loss.
And country prepares to count the cost

The drone of the letter
this paper of man
typed in halls by Vatican whores,
delivering their knock on mother’s door.

This pain of England’s son
 will lie in empty bed,
 silence will be hers to see.
A candle for me in winter’s light
but death will play in mother’s night.

Her tears will wash this wooden cross,
the house will cry for little boy lost
and the dog will sit with eye on door,
never to wag his tail no more.

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One, two, three, four
Count the numbers
Hated this maths as a kid
Thrust on us by God knows who
Is life a number?
One, two, three, four
Count the numbers
Bullets spray around
Bombs blast around
Who allows these numbers?
One, two, three, four
Count the numbers
Hundreds dead
Thousands injured
Why make us count these numbers?
One, two, three, four
Count the numbers
Survivors are fortunate numbers
The Dead are the forgotten numbers
Ain’t we sick of these numbers?
One, two, three, four
Count the numbers
Religions created for love
Targeted for hate
Do we really need these spiritual numbers?
One, two, three, four
Animals can’t count
Only a man can
Why not be back to the primitive ages
Do we need these numbers?
One, two, three four
Count the numbers
Hate this maths even now
Thrust on us by God knows who
Is death a number?

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Water rushes past my face 
 Coolness and chills sink in 
Goosebumps pop and hair raises
 On this brand new skin 
The warmth of the breeze hits me
I feel it's breath, it's near 
Passes by my shoulders 
Hits me in my ears 
 Sun reflects off the ripples
 It blinds me, hits my eyes 
Orbs and halos fill my vision
When I look up to the sky 
 I sometimes gulp the water 
Salt dissolves on my tongue
The crystals dance inside my mouth 
To a song I've never sung
 I lie in the caressing water 
I lie there carelessly 
Floating to a good place 
That God has meant for me

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Death Within

Blood flowing within
Deep inside of me

I clutch at my heart
Deep inside of me
It's tearing itself apart

Beating out its erratic rhythm
Can't take a full breath or it chooses to stop

Conspiracy of all that surrounds me
This constant stress is causing it to die

The rhythm that it once followed is long gone
Instead it chooses to beat every once in a while

When I laugh, cry or even think about what's coming
One painful beat later and I'm down, hardly breathing

The me that I once was is slowly slipping away
Hooked up to a wall and barely even living

The me that I once was is now made up of wires
Dripping support directly into what is killing me

The blood that had once flowed is now becoming solid
A salty red syrup in the tree that God named me

The God that put me here to live out my existence
Is recalling me, I'm obsolete

I can't give in
Or I'll depart
God damn this beast
Inside my heart

I can't give in
Or I'll depart
God damn this beast
Inside my heart

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Take My Ghost

When it comes time that I am found a Ghost
I hope that God will not leave me behind
But take me to where Love is found the most
Up to the clouds, the heavenly kind
Where my Ghost will Love God with whole heart and mind.

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(Forever And Ever) I'll Always Love You

My life began the day we met
The world, it looked brand new
Colors brighter, music sweeter
And all because of you.

You took a life of sadness
And you made it oh so sweet
But now your gone, and yet

I love you more with each passing day
Though God saw fit to take you away
When I think of our love. it still seems brand new
Forever and ever I'll always love you.

I still feel you close by my side
Though the pain's so deep it cuts like a knife.
When you went away my heart broke into little pieces
But I'll put those pieces back together because I know
Someday, we'll be together again
But until then.........

I'll love you more with each passing day
Though God saw fit to take you away
When I think of our love, it still seems brand new
Forever and ever I'll always love you.

Oh, when I think of our love
It still seems brand new
Forever and ever I'll always love you.

josette key         2009

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Walking into the graveyard
Sitting on the bench
Lights a cigarette
Looks at the gun 
He has been hiding
In his jacket
Thinking to himself
He calls his girlfriend
And tells her everything
She doesnt do anything to stop him
He continues walking around in the graveyard
Remember his mom
How she wasnt there for him
How everything was his fault
She loved her students more than him
He gets upset
Daylight reaches the cemetary
He walks to his home
Walking inside
Seeing his mom
Starring at her face
He shoots her
He walks down to the school
Telling them his kids were there
He was there to check on them
They let him inside
20 little children in a classroom
He took his gun
And shot them
Then leaving the room and shooting 
7 faculty members
Everything is silent
The other classrooms are locked
He stands in the middle of the hallway
Falling to his knees
Figuring out what he just done
He comtenplates
If he should shoot himself or not
With one pull of the trigger
He kills himself
The media eats this story up
Publicly veiwing everything
Telling people
They talk about it for days
the type of attention he needed
See the problem now?
you can thank the media

20 little angels now rest with god for christmas
7 adults stand by there sides
God rewarding each of them for there good deeds
The shooter reunitues with his own demons 

I am very sorry to the families who had lost these children
My peom is very blunt
And in my own words

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At the gates of pearls, received by one blessed by Him; maker met at last.

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33 Prayers

There's a time for loves to be won and lost… At least there was for us.
For 33 Chilean miners, lost below… life was simply stopped.
Alive and well, but buried deep…  2,200 feet below.
They had such a daunting, beautiful dream… to see the sky once more.
Being hot, little water, dark, only bites of food…17 days was asking a lot.
But life was true and held on strong, even when in the bowels of the earth you’re lost.
With each day the hopes began to fade, always bolstered by others to be strong.
Little did they know their prayers were there, were being answered in spades above.
Time went on as governments stopped, to send whomever they could to help.
The world looked on, every eye glued, as prayers they also imbued.
For once in their lives everyone together worked, for a common cause that’s true.
Building, digging, drilling, and planning… together as life below held on. 
No one knew the miners were truly alive, as the earth held them in a deathly grip.
But faith held everyone together, for 17 days, on this fateful trip.
Breaking thru a small hole to them in time was a monumental task indeed.
To do it bigger again, was asking God to plow the way and give them back again.
Drill bits broke, and no one slept, as dreams of home, the miners spun.
Several drillings were stopped by fate, as a single one held on.
Many things could have stopped those lives such as slides and after shocks.
Remember the mine was unstable, or it wouldn’t have fallen at all.
Everyone below was tired, hot, worn out, and sick by the time they reached their goal.
One small, flimsy, missile tied from above would have to drag them to the top.
Would it snag? Would the earth crumble? Could it take the buffeting there and back?
The tunnel was finally reinforced. The first people went below, as we held our breath.
One by one, for 24 hours they were brought up from beneath the earth.
Never in the time of man, has a feat been held to so tightly for 69 days and finally won.
Thank the Chilean government, it’s people, the world's and American help, for bringing them back.
Then like the miners did… get on your knees and thank the God above.
Yes… it was one unified, miraculous leap of faith, with God holding every ones hand.
It brought back faith in many things including God and yes, even your fellow man.

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And here I sit for the thousandth time

And here I sit for the thousandth time
Writing over and over the same old lines
Lost in the dark its hard to see
Im right here and I cant find me
Mirrors lie we all know that 
It doesn’t see as your heart is trapped
Except now theres truth in the night
It only reflects black without the light
And death calls just beyond the door
Stealing away all that I lived for
And I find 
As I fall
That my life
Was so small
And as I turn 
I hear the call
I close my eyes
And let go all
And Im so sorry for all Ive done
Haunting thoughts the tears start to run
Tracing paths down to the floor 
Still wet from the time before
Ive cried and cursed all alone
Has the heart of God turned to stone
Was I placed here just as a filler
Destined to lose all to the Dealer
Was all ive done so meaningless
Down to the first girl that I kissed
And I find 
As I fall
That my life
Was so small
And as I turn 
I hear the call
I close my eyes
And let go all
And does the God of man
Just sit back to watch the hourglass sand
As the desperate cries fill the air
in his heart,  is there a small tear
Or do the forgotten wonder the earth
Cursed with death from their birth
Is each life just a tv screen
That flickers and fades and goes unseen
Airwaves that fill the night sky
Lonely lives that are just a lie
And I find 
As I fall
That my life
Was so small
And as I turn 
I hear the call
I close my eyes
And let go all
And were all my desires just as fake
As is each breathe that I take
And was everything for nothing at all
Just a plaything as Gods little doll
Whatever the truth Im still in this moment
Afraid and alone Im still in this moment
And the truth is what  I  see
Whether lies or real im losing me
And the truth is what  I feel
and the truth, its killing me still
And I find 
As I fall
That my life
Was so small
And as I turn 
I hear the call
I close my eyes
And let go all
And all these memories come pouring out
Can I know love when I’m full of doubt
And how am I expected to be
After all that’s happened to me
Or am I deformed somewhere inside
Somewhere deep where my soul has died
And are all these reasons why
God whispers I must die
Was there a last chance I missed
Hidden behind a betraying kiss
And so….
I find
As I fall
That my life
Was so small
And as I turn 
I hear the call
I close my eyes
And let go all….

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Creation, Curse and Promise

Since eternity past God the Father Son & Holy Spirit dwelled in unity and sweet fellowship.
Then Three-In-One decided to make a marvelous universe with an earth for life to dwell.
Creating an amazing array of creatures was the easy part – the risk was on the last made.
For unlike other creatures, man & woman were made in God's likeness with a Spirit.

That Spirit communicated with God, and harmony reigned as earth was well cared for.
Freedom to do was great – limited by but one tree that the humans were not to ear from.
At that tree, Satan disguised himself as an innocent snake and asked the woman questions.
Did God really say don't eat from this tree?  Well, that's to keep you from becoming like Him.

Look its fruit is beautiful and one bite and you'll know what God does and be Jehovah's equal.
Eve was confused, for this didn't sound like what Adam said God told her, but wouldn't it be grand.
If God is so good, why would he keep this secret from us of being able to be like Him – is He jealous?
The firm, juicy fruit was indeed delicious, and she quickly called Adam to taste, which soon he did.

A small act? Every war, family problem, anger, hatred, lie, killing, stealing, rape, abuse came herefrom.
The beauty of God's creation was now marred with sin that affected every part with death and decay.
God graciously gave Adam & Eve animal skins for no longer would they live in Eden's perfect climate.
From now on there would be sweat for the food they ate and exceedingly great pain during childbirth.
Even their firstborn would murder their second, starting the cycle of revenge and killing that's ongoing.

Yet God also made a promise that one would come who would crush Satan's head while being bruised.
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God" clues us in to who.
For God's Son Himself would come to teach, heal and offer His life on a Cross to destroy our death curse.
Our sins He would bear and in rising He's seal the promise of eternal life, so great we Jesus' love for us.

For Jesus the cost was unbelievably high, and for us the reward is incredibly great – if we but accept.
Accept that I am a sinner, I've done wrong and need God's forgiveness to live with His perfection.
Accept that Jesus can do what I cannot – change my heart, make my Spirit alive to forever live with God.
This being GOD, the promise of heaven and new earth is sure, though pain lies in between.  Choose now.

For GOD and all creation cry out – this is what life is meant for – to know and love One's Maker.
As humans we live eternally with or apart from God, and His great desire is that we choose with.
But just as an earthly Father cannot force true love, nor does our Heavenly Father – He waits.
Though He made all and knows beginning from end, he waits and yearns that we receive His love.

Then love and be loved by Jesus in life's harshness & delight, sharing that love with other lost children
To work in harmony with the One who made us, makes life new again as our spirit is filled with new life.
There can be dry days when we don't feel His presence, and others so full that we want to shout for joy.
The fact is Our Father GOD, our Savior Jesus, the Holy Spirit, are always with us and never will leave us. Amen.

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I gazed upon your face, oh Lord
And the fires of hell extinguished their sting and wept for mercy.

I heard your voice call me, oh Lord
And the army of heaven carried me away.

I felt your love touch me, oh Lord
And i knew i was home.

I am this Earth and Heaven above.
I have not forsaken you as you have not forsaken me.

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Flight 82

Roaring engines, wheels on tarmac
Flight 82 is running late
Pilots push the throttle forward
Flight 82 disappears into the black

The nose rises, the speed quickens
G-forces push you through your seat
Inkiness outside the windows thickens
The planes’ destination silently beckons

The plane reverberates with a steady hum
Passengers unclasp their belts
A little girl looks into the eyes of her Mum
As this huge metal object gathers momentum

The pilots are weary, they’re working overtime
Their minds and focus drift
When the birds’ big nose begins to climb
And red lights flash and alarms chime

Something’s wrong. Pilot’s now wide awake
They go into survival mode
But the plane takes on a deadly shake
As they try to figure out their mistake

Panicking passengers silently say their prayers
Praying for God to watch over them
Others confused with frightened stares
Sit motionless in their chairs

Flight attendants jump into action
Trying to calm the passengers down
Giving out emergency instruction
Disguising their fear, showing no reaction

They’ve done this drill, in class, on the ground
But it’s so different miles high in the air
Surrounded by chaos all around
Where crying and screaming is the only sound

The Captain speaks over microphone
Stammering, stuttering, and trying to sound calm
Saying “Get into crash position as shown”.
“Stay that way til more is known”.

One engine’s gone, another is dying
As they radio to the tower
“Mayday, Mayday”, the Captain is crying
As the co-pilot shakes his head, sighing

Heads between legs as the passengers wait
Bewildered and confused
To hear the Captain tell of their fate
Praying hours from now they’ll celebrate

The pilots stick rigidly to their role
But their hopes have quickly faded
Cos they have lost all control
They can’t save anyone, not one soul

As the plane falls from the sky
Minds going ten to the dozen
People on board keep asking, “Why”?
“Why me”? “Why today”? “Why did I fly”?

Pilots in the cockpit, tracing the sign of the cross
As the Earth races up to meet them
Making their peace, with their maker, the boss
Why would God allow this devastating loss?

A deafening silence encompasses the plane
As they come to terms with the inevitable
People writhing in excruciating pain
Suffering in silence, going surely insane

The impact is like a nuclear explosion
Metal disintegrates, body parts strewn
One hundred souls begin their next excursion
A leap of faith, hoping heaven’s no illusion

Flight 82 lies crumbling in its grave
The once intense fire, peetering out
Poor old bird, not a one could it save
It failed in its purpose as a human slave.

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Heaven's A Sanctuary

As one door closes one opens,
at instance of death or birth.
And as soon as my time ends,
I'll step away from this earth.

My eternal soul will be
sanctified within God’s sight.
And it will leave my body,
within a tunnel of light.

Immersed in its purity,
I’m devoid of temptation.
And my soul will be anointed,
achieving exaltation.

Within the arms of rapture,
I’ll discard my moral guise.
And enter eternity,
severing all earthly ties.

Heaven’s a sanctuary,
for all souls seeking God’s love.
And as the spirit’s set free,
it chooses to rise above.

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I Had a Dream

                                      I Had a Dream

                         I had a dream. Oh I had a dream.
                         I sat in a chair in despair thinking
                       of the love and memory of my mother.
     In my dream I built a stairway to heaven with tears to hug her.
              Halfway with out a sound or word in the silent skies
                              an angel appeared upon me.
                        It was a precious and beautiful site.
Oh! I said could you for me ask God to cross a rose and lilac together
to create a bush with large clusters of white, purple, and pink flowers
                             and the fragrance of memory
   And give it long green stems so it can stand free and gracefully.
        Also ask him to it a name, a special name ‘ Kollock ‘
          and let it represent never forgotten love and memories.
                       In my dream God did this for me,
                     and gave it to my mother as a gift from me

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lighted fingers

our father, who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come
a muttering chorus amidst the silence
as a firefly lands on my fingers

sending tribute to either god
or the soul that the unbelieving congregation mourns for
a constant mummer of your name in untouched hearts
a procession of empty prayers for the ashes

scattered in an urn of porcelain encased in
a shroud of guilt and confusion and shock
on this 3rd day of the 4th month
may the world weep for the
man they never knew.

the fireflies are burning in the air (are you there?)
breathing graves three feet under where my feet stand
where his no longer are
and no longer will
but oh— will you please come back?

come, may the light of these fireflies linger upon the
tears that fall from the empty. may
thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
may hopeless hope lift the ungrounded spirits of this
congregation of faithful cynics with steeled hearts and bolted minds.
and in this time and space of desperation—

give us this day our daily bread
it is only in these moments
that the entire world believes just for a moment that maybe
just maybe god will be there

and in that moment— that god must be there

the last slivers of thread as the fingers let go
forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us
but in our hearts a symphony of loathe and
hatred for everyone and everything
where blame is a burning firefly that refuses rest.

the light on my fingers is a faint flicker

lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
that reigns in our blood but flows into grief
a multitude of concentrated desolation where
the firefly graves are in the hands of our people

for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory
and the stills moving in an endless wave as we walk away
an overwhelming voice of many voices
whispering the lords prayer

as we all did,
as we all one day do

now and forever—

– – –

i watch you fade away into the darkness
shining eyes; lighted fingers
waving goodbye, ill be okay
retreating into the mist of the morning,

leaving me as wordless
as the god i once believed in

– – –

since youve gone away
ive started loving the world so much
all i ever want is to leave it

– – –

and so i whisper my final prayer, oh god–
if youre up there,
take me?

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The Mother's Day Gift

How many days and weeks and years has it been since you went away?
The pain should be less, as well as the tears, but it seems as if it was today...
when I looked in your eyes for the very last time, kissed your cheek and whispered 
I'd have thought that by now, when those thoughts of you came I would not feel this 
strong urge to cry.
The years, they are fickle...they come and they go, but your memory still stays in my 
Its hard to believe you are no longer here, I keep searching, unable to find
A reason that God chose to call you so soon, though I know that your suffering was 
I'm selfish I know, for wanting you here, but I long once again for your touch.
God only knows why he dealt you the hand that you gracefully played til the end.
Your courage and strength touched the lives of us all and there's no need for me to 
For the love that we shared will live on evermore and I know you're still with me 
I can feel you around me in so many ways and your scent lingers on, even now.
I miss you Sweet Mother, each day of the year, but on this day it's harder it seems.
I see other daughters with Mothers so dear, and I wish I could tell you my dreams...
My hopes and my wishes don't mean near as much as they did when I shared them 
with you.
The love in your eyes made me feel there was nothing on earth that I couldn't do.
I hope that in Heaven it's Mother's Day too, and you know just how much you have 
To this daughter of yours who still grieves for your loss and the sweet time together 
we spent.
A lady so kind and a spirit so sweet, for this world, you were too good, I know.
But this void that you left when you went home to God seems only to widen and 
I think you're an Angel who's watching me now, and I'm hoping I still make you 
I see you in Heaven, your body made whole, and you're dancing with Dad on a cloud.
I know I'm not perfect, but maybe somehow, I'm forgiven for things that I've done.
And this Mother's Day gift that I'm giving to you is the proof of the battle I've won.
I hope that someday we will meet in the sky and we'll all be a family again.
I can't wait to see you and tell you the things I have wanted to tell you, but then...
You already know what lies deep in my heart. I could never keep secrets, it's true.
You were there all along, as you always will be, til the day that I come home to you. 

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Beyond The Sunset

Whoosh! Like a gust of wind uplifting me,
there's no sad sunset that I see.
Above earth, I'm rising and flying free!

Just for a moment there, the lights flickered out.
But now, bright dazzling sunlight and colors
scatter and flash all over, around and about.

Like a big billowing balloon, I rise and I soar,
floating above earth, and out of life's door.
Up, up, past the clouds, where my loved ones are.
Angels surround me, and heaven's not far.

If this is a dream, don't wake me up, please,
because back into my body would be an impossible squeeze.

This flight I am taking with God holding my hand,
is but a short breath, before I hear heavens welcoming band.

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In Mourning

A son just left,
a father just died,
mourners in black gathered and cried
mothers wept, daughters collapsed,
their beloved had gone, never to come back.
Eyes watered, faces paled
upon their beloved forbidden were they to gaze
Death whispered with mocking eyes,
"I took him from you, my words be not lies,
I came upon him by surprise, weakened his heart and brought about his demise.
T'was his time, God had decreed, time for him to be judged for word and deed."
Yet Death's elocution brought no comfort,inspired no solace to the hopelessly 
for death had ensnared us all in his mighty lair!
Proudly he sits on a throne of marble and stone, 
while humanity entire grieves and mourns.
loved ones born, loved ones die,
beneath a vast vault of stars they lie, and 
to them tranquil death shall whisper a tuneless lullaby.

Dedicated to my deceased uncle, in the hope that God may have mercy on his 
immortal soul.

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While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping so peaceful 
An angel took you away
He said your life on earth 
Had reached its final day
The pain that you did suffer 
Will harm you never again
And though my heart does understand
My mind can’t comprehend

Each day I watched you suffer
Yet still you chose to pray 
Thanking God for grace and love
To live just one more day
How could a God ignore the plea
Of a soul he calls his own
Something I do not understand
For my flesh still wants you home

Today we return you to the ground
Your face I’ll see no more
I still do not understand 
But will not cry and moan
I know God’s will is perfect
And I am glad your pain is gone
While you were sleeping peaceful
An angel took you home

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Off The Tracks

Written March 19, 2013

Along the fine black print
Has left me wondering why
They've been making it so hard
For a poor old man to die

I know what I done
Even God would shun
From the tales I've told
Of the bodies turned cold

The world has turned
Yet the butter still churns
Along the Alabama coast
Where I used to boast

Its been a few years now
Since the car stopped running
A loose train off the tracks
Lord I should have seen it coming

They know I've learned my lesson
But hell won't let me out
'Cause heaven won't take me in
Such a wicked world's chagrin

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As We LookThrough Time

As We Look Through Time…

As we look through time, and the kingdoms that failed…
There was much war and wickedness that prevailed!

That there were many things built through my labor.
Mankind can’t still get along with his neighbor.

Even the mightiest of the warriors have fallen!
That day when the winds of death came callin’!

There’s been much heartaches, and many who’ve cried…
As we have all family and loved ones who’ve died!

In spite of all our efforts…  And all we’ve done.
There’s nothing new that happens,
 “under the sun.”

There’s a God in heaven who still reigns supreme.
He know all about us.  He knows
 and sees everything!

Time was divided with Jesus’ death on the cross!
Without him…  Everything is meaningless and lost!

He provides time with hope and an anticipation…
And offers freely, his grace and salvation!

As we look through time, and all God has given.
He still gives us time, for our sins to be forgiven!

Won’t you take time and accept 
what he offers to give you!
He’s waiting! And wants to change and bless you!

This same God, who made this world many years ago,
Can make you brand new!  
And completely whole!

By Jim Pemberton   11/08/12

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My Shadow

Blackness, a dark version of me, badness, negativity.

No matter how fast i run or were i run too your right behind me.

Even the brightest sun doesn’t destroy you, you only exist because of me.

All i know is when i face the darkness you disappear, but to only return when the sun rises.

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If I knew I would die tomorrow, 
What would be my actions today?
Would I hide behind closed doors,
Light a candle to God and pray?

Or try to fill each hour,
With remembrance of my life,
Focusing on the beauty and pleasures, 
Or try to understand the pain and strife.

I think I would walk this earth,
With eyes that at last can see,
Knowing death comes to all,
Granting peace, sets us free.

I believe God has a plan,
From the moment of my birth,
And because of my faith in Him,
I have assurance of rebirth.

If I die tomorrow, 
Do not grive for me,
For I'll be with my Lord,
In tranquillity. 

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Who Am I Where Am I Going

Who Am I? Where Is My Life Going? Who am I? Where is my life going? Have I turned the “wrong” direction? Without knowing? It almost seems like yesterday that I was a young man. The adversities I faced... I was determined to withstand. But as I’m growing older, and my body is achin.’ It seems like many of my goals in life have been forsaken. What have ! accomplished all of these years? As the end of my life is drawing ever so near… If I gained everything in this world. But my soul is lost… Have I done my best for God? Whatever the cost? During these past few days, it’s becoming clear to me. There is a God who really does love me! I’ve started reading his word. And have heard his voice. It was he that first loved me. I was HIS choice! He has a plan for my life and one purpose in mind. And shall always be with me… Till the end of time! Whatever time I have left… And each day that is spent… I come to Jesus now and I humbly repent! Whatever direction I am now going is a blessing indeed. For God now directs me and supplies my every need! I don’t have to questions my goals, ambitions or dreams. I am enjoying a new life. That only Jesus brings! Christ is my everything! The answer to my every prayer! My life is now kept in HIS tender mercy and care! By Jim Pemberton 10/30/11

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The war that can be won

The mind commands the body immediately obeys, the mind order itself and it meets arrogance and lets that mean genie out of the bottle.

In your addictions the line between life and death is very thin a war that has only one win if you keep using and letting that evil genie in; death is slow and sure. These are the guideline that you have set; stop and think, do you like being satan pet? keep this thought on your mind, the setting of guidelines belong to God not man!

Logic is blinded and you forget about the past, the future is an unknown; why just to get high? Every endeavor is a challenge is it not, just for a high that just don't last.

Fear not all is not lost! Addiction is a war that can be won, that is if you keep certain things in your mind, fighting it with all your heart, and all of your mind. Lean not on your own understanding, but finding faith in God of your own understanding;. Place your trust in Him; He not demanding.

Addiction and recovery encompass neatly identical tactics, they are both learned behavior and they are both controlling factors. Neither one accept anything less than total victory. the first one will bring about your destruction and second one brings about a chance to live a life free from bondage.

Open your eyes don't let illogical thinking be your guide, living life with satan by your side, just for the brief moment of that high. This life type of living is shaded and it is unkind; demons controlling your mind.
 Word to the wise, wisdom and strength comes from the One that is Setting most high; let the Lord edify. Life in the Word will become excitedly gratifying ; in this your will find strength without any boundaries and all that you need is faith and belief that Jesus can set you free; Pick up His words and read John 3:16.  
Nothing beat a failure but a try; so I pray for you and so please stop getting high.

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Message To the Shooter

Life had done you wrong
Had taken away your song
You felt you didn’t belong
But why couldn’t you be strong?

You went on a shooting craze
Left behind a bloody maze
And little children in a daze
Did you think you’d get praise?

You had demons in your mind
So an outlet you had to find
Vented on children who are kind
Did self-loathing make you blind?

In the end you took your life
Left parents with nightmares rife
And pain twisting like a knife
Will there be no end to this strife?

Little children are now dead
Who will never be tucked in bed
Little classmates filled with dread
Couldn’t you kill your demon instead?

Your pain wouldn’t go away
So you made the innocent pay
Now the horror is here to stay
When you meet God, what will you say?

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The art Of Spring

Bright blue skies on a spring day
Fulfills my horizon
Blue birds and robins pass me by

Mountain, trees, and animals
Priase God Abroad
The frsh air bring forth calmness
A quiet serene a waits my soul

Red orange and violets
Represents God's glory
Flowers slowly rise with the sun
And water crickets sings songs of glory

Fresh water arises with the scent 
Of of sweet savory of God's spices
Beach rolls in the lazy tide
I sit back and enjoy it all

The art of spring is glorification
Of all tings God created
He's the world famous artist


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My epitaph to be used at a much much later date

18 feb 2011 9:15 am

This was the body of Jason Dion Boyd
His ownership of it is now null and void

It was given by God a long time ago
For him to live and learn and grow

He is all grown up and has now moved on
To live with our Father and His Son

He ran his race and his work is through
Now God has given him a body brand new

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Joshua's Jesus

Joshua's Jesus watches him smile,
while treatment is hard, medicine is vile.
Wife and family swim in eyes closed denial.
The pain will fade, a little while.

Lungs with cancerous breath keep trying,
Joshua knows his body is dying,
Good cells diminish, misery multiplying,
He hold onto his child's hands while crying.

Joshua's Jesus comes with comforting grace.
Eyes shine with beauty, time cannot erase.
Goodbyes and regrets leave only empty space,
An angel comes, heaven opens doors, paradise place.

Friends and family gather side by side.
Tears run like rain, treatments failed but tried.
Photographs displayed, pages filled with pride.
Mourners and memories, days after he died.

Joshua's Jesus gives him the rest he sought,
A ticket to heaven with blood was already bought.
Love was left behind, like a disease it was caught,
And in his honor, gifts of wisdom and faith are taught.

Joshua's Jesus welcomes us all.
We have a friend when in death we fall.


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No gods have I

No Gods have I

No gods have I, I’ve let them go
I don’t need props no more
I don’t know where I’m going to
No one is ever sure
Though questions leave me curious
The fear is all but gone
I only know with all my heart
That life just carries on

But what is life, you all may ask
And I can only tell you
It’s you, it’s me, it’s everything
From Earth to the skies so blue
Birth and death may come and go
But life goes on forever
Nothing can destroy this force
Not any kind of weather.

How do we live without the trees
Minus the moon, or sun
And what about this gravity
We need these every one
And they need me, because I’m here
And I was meant to be
And really everything that is
It turns out to be me.

28 June 2013 @ 0745hrs.

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Eyes grow weary, have they learned to see
During years of absence, you from me
Your story's at end, your chosen plot
Time draws near, but you may know not

Shall I see my mother, perhaps my dad
Ever watchful, my being glowing so glad
It is time, I wait with mounting joy
For them once again to be girl or boy

That which was separate, will now be one
Your chosen tasks are nearly done
At the entrance, there I stand
Reunion time is close at hand

From the palm of His hand I've watched you grow
Seeds of goodness, We watched you sow
Come be with me and share His land
I await the touch of your sweet hand

I fault you not, as you can see
I love you so, come be with me
So hasten forth, with lifted heart
No longer more shall we be apart

These words I write, so dear to me
Express my desire that you'll be free
If the gate be locked, search for the key
But look not far, in your heart it will be.

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Emerald Green

Fated was I, that day I saw
What left me in rigid awe
For never have I ever seen
Such things in a human being
Stolen from the earth
And Gifted to you at birth
Beautiful they are in every way
Crafted by god on the 7th day
Sparkle like stars, they do
But they tell history too
Like portals to the soul of god 
they are
Singing the songs of creation of 
Time goes 1 minute by
And I have not blinked an eye
For I shall dare not miss
The glorious moment in this
Out of my chest, this heart did 
And my blood raced at the 
speed of sound
Any longer and I would be dead
So I stole my gaze away instead
Back on earth, I now stand
With beads of sweat in my hand
I gather my thoughts and begin 
to ponder
Why did I meet this universal 
For everything, there is a cause
For I've missed my bus, while in 
a pause
Its destination, the bus did not 
For it fell 200 feet
Now I see from a glance
That God has given another 
luck was my friend that day I 
What left me in rigid awe
For never have I ever seen..
Such Angelic Eyes of Emerald 

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Hope for Utopia

          Utopia, Casa de las Madre,
these four walls that close
         round flesh and bone, exclaim:
" is the breaking of the body,
and the spilling of blood...",    is it not
       that which means sacrifice?
    means love?
                            means life?
Family brought together in embrace
       of pain and prayer, I say:

'God, I am only as good as you,
             and being as you are, I can't
                       regret my birth (having played no part),
                                                     but live only with belief:
                                  that my home can once house my heart 
                                                                                          in peace.

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Flirting With Death, Gods and Devils

       Flirting With Death, Gods And Devils 

Blonde, blue eyes, tall and slim
Pretty as a picture without the wings
They go by the old names; “Lucifer’s minions”
Fellow demons on the Earth
Flirting with the boys and girls
Today, in black suits, they pray in church
Prey afterwards on lost souls
Found in corporations
They win the hearts of everyone with a wink
Gentlemen under the skin with hidden sin
As the gods they are
Never have to go too far from heaven
Gods and devils are the same
They simply operate under assumed names
We are their armies in training
Flirting with death
Is a dangerous undertaking

Created on 1/19/15 for -  “Gods and Devils” – Poetry Contest

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Reality Of War

By the riverside the dead echoes flow                                                      
By the riverside the yellow meadows stand fast
In the breeze of the wind the smell of death lingers 
Not so far fires rage at the heart of the storm
Not so far liars cage the hearts of the lukewarm souls   

Within the depths of heaven smoke rises
Within the depths of heaven the dead croak 
Bellow the gates of heaven screams reach for help
In the streets of hell fires blaze 
In the streets of hell death reins

Down the barrel of death they look
Down the peril of death they fall
Against the trigger the pressure rises
Screams of life don’t last long 
Dreams of death yearn for life

The lights of heaven fade as the dead look for life
The gates of paradise close as the dead show violent dissension   
The realm of the living worse than the fires of hell 
Down he looks at his creations falling from grace 
The legacy left behind left in trails of disappear

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Something of a vers libre rant.


I'm two hundred and sixty pounds of fat
muscle and bone.
ligaments and nerves.
emotions and freewill.

six feet and three inches
of longing
and of hope 
that is bound to be lost

I alone am no hero.

but then again,
none of us are.

solitude brings out the strength
in only the mad
the frantic
the hopeless
and the dead.

strength lies not in 
the whispers of the dead.

is there an after-life?

is there a god?
a heaven?
a devil?
a hell?
a nirvana?
a sanctuary in the clouds; the earth?

i could die on the streets, 
as many are

leave no impression on anyone

where is god then?

millions die.

where is god now?

so many christians;
yet so few are christ-like.

i see the hypocritical
the sad
the greedy
the desperate
the mad.

I am one that longs
for love
yet at the same time
i absolutely love the feeling of being sad
above all other emotions.

a rainy city,
overcast and chilly everyday 
of every month
of every year.

an apartment,
on the top floor.

my future self
staring out of the window
with a glass of scotch

a teenage alcoholic turned pseudo-celebrity.

my job being listless and endless, 
just as my life.

long and un-happy.

this is not what i portray in my life
to my friends
to my love
to my family

they know nothing,
only suspecting.

And yet here i am, 
climbing the ladder to a happy little life.

secretly longing for what so many scorn.

loneliness is my blanket and my secure little life is my pillow.

teenage alcoholic turned pseudo-celebrity.

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You are greater than the pain

You are greater than the pain

Who can I turn to

No one but you

You are greater than the pain.

Your love endures forever

When I'm weak you are strong

Your greater than the pain.

I long to be with you

I long to hear your voice

Your greater than the pain.

Help me to see the sun

help me to know you have won.

Your love is everlasting

your love flows from the very

depths of my soul.

Your love is in my heart

your love will never depart.

Your love is greater than the pain.

Keep me standing Lord

Help me to hold on

Help me to reach up and take your hand.

You are greater than the pain.

Written By://©Betty Bolden

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Nothing but a waste
you’re just a reckless disgrace
too much power
for a deceiver

It's not right
I see light
It's not near enough
for me to go 

It's my choice
so don't you treat me like a play toy
I'm not yours
to control

Cause I will storm in after you
If you take her far away from me
And I will storm in after you
If you take her to the grave with thee

You take our race for granted
and you're highly overrated
you're always taking
my friends

It's not right
I see light
It's not near enough 
for me to go

It's our choice
so don't you treat us like we're play toys
we're not yours
to control

I will storm in after you
If you take them far away from me
And I will storm in after you
If you try and take them to the grave

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Raven walks upon death’s door beautifully adorned.
Silky skin, pale and white entombs her heart that mourns.
The black of death stole her joy now she lives life scorned.
Gracefully her energy calls to those whom she forewarns.  

A silver streak in jet-black hair upon her back fuses
Thoughts of death know hopes continue growing strong.
Dreams of heaven invite her soul to feel cold breezes.
Bereavement seeks the path to night passing through evil’s throng.

Her tombstone waits to call her home to the place she longs to be.
Where others, mothers, loved ones dear, seem to take away her fear.
A sea of clouds lay at her feet tempting her soul to be free.
While wading through death’s enticing shroud she frantically bids God near.   

Too soon, the magical ravens appear to encircle a distant light.
Her hopes of peace and a painless end are merely an illusion.
Spirits carry to the world beyond, their temperaments dull or bright.
And death without heaven’s call sends the soul reeling in confusion.

Metamorphosis befalls imagined, but change must reach the heart.
Then, families both here and there can feel their spiritual bond.
Rains may fall from bursting clouds and flowers soon after impart.
Then, surprising beauty blooms again all around God’s created pond.

Her gown of black caresses, gracefully flowing around the lonely girl inside,
Raven reaches for her new life above mankind’s lustful longing eyes.
She seeks to find many joyful days within the midst with God beside.
Death sinks to the ground with her face in its hands; out loud life cries.

Then, healing came through a miracle made especially to help sorrow mend.
She felt the touch of the Savior’s hand as He softly said, “I Am”
Beside you, Raven, I will stay; life’s bitterness shall surely amend.
Happiness shall be your friend; I promised you my little lamb.

© January 17, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for Member Contest: "Among The Dead"

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a life lost

The weekend that we'll never forget was the weekend that we lost a friend.

He was young and 17 and he was kind and very sweet.

Its crazy how a loved one can die especially in the blink of an eye.

Alot of people started to cry because Ben bynaker was a big part of our lives. 

And even though he's up with god he will always have a place in our hearts.

But now he's in a better place where god will always keep him safe.
But its not goodbye we will see him someday when god decides to take us away.

by Kellie Gately

made for ben and everyone who is trying to get over his death R.I.P

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Have You Thought About How Short Life Really Is

Have You Thought About How Short Life Is? Have you thought about how short life really is? No one knows for sure how long they will live… Have you thought about the God who designed you? His wonderful creation daily surrounds you! Have you thought about how you'll spend your time? As each day, many thoughts go through your mind. Have you thought about the life you’ve been given? We’ve all sinned, but can totally be forgiven! Have you thought about the wisdom of God’s word? The truth of scripture needs to be heard! Have you thought about kneeling to God in prayer? He patiently waits… And is always there! God thought about you a long time ago… Through Christ’ death, he purchased your soul! God thought about you that day with Jesus’ death… Even beyond when Christ took his last breath! He thinks about you each day that passes by! He has a mansion prepared for you beyond the sky! Won’t you give to him your heart’s attention? He can turn your life into a Godly direction! The life that you have is here for a brief moment… Please accept God’s love and his precious atonement! By Jim Pemberton

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I am utterly alone
here I sit, with the presence of no one beside me
and I cannot help but picture the bliss of my disappearance from this earth

I wish for no one to mourn me
or worry of my questionable fate
for I know where I am going

Surely I will see the fiery pits soon
yet I cannot help but to love God for all He has done for me
-I am far beyond being undeserving of His blessing

Though my disappearance will alert few, if any
I know God will remember me
but sadly, and pathetically, this is not enough

I grow anxious of what is to come
and constantly I catch myself in a  daydream of a bloody knife with my name on it
too bad it will probably stain my tile floor

The time has now is now that I will leave forever
If only I could think of one person to pass my belongings to
-they'll simply vanish, parallel to me

I pray for eternal bliss
but the answer I know
Here I Come, Lucifer...are you ready for me?

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LeSchea's Letter to her Mommy

Hello Mommy.
Please don't blame yourself
for my death.
Please don't blame daddy.
Most importantly, please don't blame GOD.
GOD doesn't take away what we love.
It was a surprise to me too mommy.
I love you and miss you.
I think about you all of the time 
I am always watching over you.
Mommy always remember I am 
your guardian angel.  Also,  I am so proud of you.
Even though I am in heaven;
your on Earth;  I still believe that 
you are a wonderful mother.
Any child would be very fortunate
to have a mother like you.
Mom, I don't want you to 
think you are a nobody .
Mommy, you are somebody.
You are my mom.
You do have a purpose
and GOD has big plans for you.
I love you mommy
and GOD loves you.
Stay strong mommy'

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sept 11 and heaven

as we commemorate the 10th anniversary of a  day we'll always remember
over three thousand lives taken on the eleventh day of September
but for the grace of God it might have been me 
to have been one of those lives taken away in the midst of that tragedy

life is a series of sequences and events that take place
and I know that as a child of Christ I'm living under His grace
at the time I had a job that was located in tower seven
but on that day I was in Brooklyn or I might have died and gone to heaven
safe in the borough of Kings working at the primary election polls
far away from the events that on New York took such a toll
the nation and the world were shook to their foundations
that anyone would dare to strike at the very heart of our nation
two airliners purposely driven into the World Trade Center Twin Towers
an attack on American soil in the early morning hours

and as I sit in church today on our annual Homecoming day
I reflect on the fact that many will never come home again
mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, co-workers, family and friends
and while I sit in this anointed pew
the awesomeness of the glory of God in me has been renewed
a day to remember as we share the communion of our Lord Christ
a day to also remember a day that forever changed our lives

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Where is God

Where is He?
Master of the universe,
God died,
With the Jewish people,
Slaughtered on Thine altar,

Where is God?
Hanging from the Gallows,
With this sad eyed angel,
This beautiful child,

Where is He?
With the babies,
The children thrown into the flames,

Where is He?
Face-to-face with the Angel of Death,
Waiting in the Antechhamber of Hell,

Where is He?
And burned with the Jewish people,

Where is He?
God is dead,
With the infants,
Tossed into the air and used as targets,

Where is He?
Merciful God,
Consumed by the flames,
From then on the Terrible,
Man asked and God replied,
No longer does he reply,
How can anyone believe in this God of Mercy?
No longer do I accept his silence,
No longer do I believe in this Merciful God,
I have more faith in Hitler,
He alone kept all his promises to the Jewish people.  

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Rest In Peace

He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest. 
His Garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best.
He knew you were in pain, 
he knew your world was grey and full of rain.
The struggles you had, the challenges that was given to you.
You could not take.
The day he took you,
he called the angels, 
to fly you above..

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Do We Take Our Life For Granted

Do We Take Life For Granted?

I believe that so often we take
our life “for granted.”
Thinking were on this earth
 and “forever planted…”

Scripture says our life is like “a spark in the sky.”
We’re here today...  Tomorrow we may die…

“Where your treasure is”…  “Your heart will also be!”
Have you thought about where you’ll spend eternity?

Everything we need…  God’ s given to us already…
When death knocks at your door.  
Will you be ready?

Your soul has been purchased.  Bought and paid!
The gift of eternal life has, 
through Christ, been made!

The breath that you breathe...  Each day you awake.
Please consider Jesus as your lord…  
Before it’s too late!

Each day we have is a gift from God above…
Another opportunity to be filled with HIS love!

Won’t you take the time to consider life eternal?
So your name can be added to heaven’s journal?

This wonderful life that’ God has given to us…
Why not allow God to come in, 
and give him your trust?

He can change and make you a new person throughout!
He is your creator and is 
what life is all about!

By Jim Pemberton

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Three Hebrew Men Were Thrown Into the Fire

There were three Hebrew men with one desire.
They served the true God!  And were cast into the fire!

King Nebuchadnezzar ordered them to bow to a false idol.
But they made up their minds
 to serve the God of the Bible!

He ordered them thrown into the furnace so hot!
But there was a lesson here, that was to be taught!

As he looked in…  He couldn’t believe 
what he saw!
He had seen the living son of God, after all!

At this sight, his words broke and his body trembled!
The Hebrews were unharmed!
No matter how hot the fire was kindled!

He called them out, yelling for them one by one.
He knew they had a visit from God’s holy son!

He looked!  And their bodies weren’t even burned!
They trusted their God! And had no reason for concern!

This same God who rescued the three Hebrew men…
Is the same God who can rescue you from sin!

Though the “fires of life, may be “hot and burning.”
It’s in the direction of God… 
That you need to be turning!

The living son of God would like to visit you today!
Won’t you listen to the words of life, he has to say?

He is the true God!  The king of kings is he!
And invites you to be with him!  For all eternity!

By Jim Pemberton

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It's the unfair society:
from lenient judges
to corrupt attorneys
and with some bad cops
who claim that their motto is:
" To serve and protect "
Oh, no don't tell me that I am crazy: I don't trust the Law!
It's an insult to society or to the ones who wrote it!
Oh, don't tell me that murderous thoughts 
don't double-cross me to want to toss those offenders
into the slammer where they really belong!
I should be on that bench and give sentences
without showing sympathy or forgiveness!
One guy who had a bag of weed
was released the next day...
because it was his first offense!
It's foolishness...there were
two minors in that car:
wasn't it the fault of a lenient judge? 
Hookers, so-called Ladies of the Night
are more protected than the ordinary citizens,
some  wacko sees them as worthless beings
and kills them dumping them in marshes...
I am saddened by such murders, 
but they don't lead a clean life!
Oh, don't tell that God doesn't have murderous thoughts like me!
But when some of one of them tap on your window, as you wait 
for the red light to turn green, solicits sex for money...wouldn't 
anybody have a murderous thought and give them a nasty look?
Oh, don't tell me that sex doesn't sell everywhere!
It's so disgusting to see ads with semi-nude models
advertizing for the big companies: it's the buck, not the morality!
And worse than that some guys watch porn as they drive!
O society so filthy and shameless, you have become so immoral,
putting away the Commandments that Moses God carved with fire! 
It's wrong to hate a brother or sister,
and seek revenge with either curses or bad deeds...
slandering is not humane and compassionate;
if he or she did something love,
don't have murderous thoughts! The hatred
makes the gun go off quickly and the knife cut very deep! 
So goes for your neighbors, love them
as you would love your own and by spreading kindness:
darkness will be replaced by light,
and hate, ignorance and avarice by love!

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Susan Burch's contest,
" Getting Away With Murder/Murderous Thoughts "

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The Mayor of Heaven

The Binger streets are empty, The Mayor’s mansion sits alone. When God remembered Thy son, He summoned Big H home. His giving heart stopped beating, Within an April day. His memories continue on, For what he’d say. For the spirit of his giving, Was the community’s best ally. Then God requested his council, For the meetings in the sky. The golden life he lived, Was eulogized by the reverend. God promoted his giving soul, To be the Mayor of Heaven. ______________________________ In memory of Howard 'Big H' Taylor for his giving heart and warm friendship to the community of Binger Ok.

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This Dream To You! MLK Honored

I could have run, And tried to hide.
When God said, "Go against the tide."
Preach Unity, And never fight.
All races on earth, Have equal rights.
In Peace and Love, "I Have A Dream."
No prejudice, or hatred, Life Serene!
I could have tried, To run and hide.
But either way, I would have died.
So I chose, To carry on.
To show in peace, We can be strong.
"I Have A Dream." It must come true!
And now God gives, This Dream To You..

------- Author's Notes -------

In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr . On his birthday January 21st

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In View of My Mortality Part 1 of 2

(Ps. 39:5 / Ps. 8: 4 / Mark 5: 41 / Matt. 10: 30 / Job 14: 14, 15 /
Lu. 23: 42, 43 / Job 7: 17 / John 6: 40 / Acts 24: 15 / John 3: 16 / John 17: 3)

As I Face My Mortality
I Do Not View It As A Fatality
For GOD Does Not View Me As A Casualty
Since I Began To Honor Morality

As I Face My Own Mortality
Let Me Rein In Pity & Audacity
Let Me Not Be Bitter At Its Actuality
& At What Happens In Harsh Reality
& Unforeseen, Untimely Calamity

... I Face My Own Mortality
With My Mode of Individuality
Tho' We All Share This Commonality
It Hits Each In Singularity
Even In A Loving Family ...

I Face My Mortality, Docilely
Like A Snowflake No Longer Frostily
Like Some Echo That Fades Audibly
Yet I Will Keep On Whole or Partially

As I Face My Mortality
Like Some Comet That Fell In My Locality
Like Some Deep Space & Time Abnormality
Like Some Cancerous Yet Courageous Disparity
(Oh Cocoon Yourself - MoonBee Canady !
... Into A Butterfly Mentality)

As I Face My Mortality's Capacity
I Face It Square & Stoically
While Fast Approaching Futility
Waits For Some Ambulance Ambiguity

I Wait For A Death Sentence Amnesty
Oh Lord Christ - Say 'Talitha Cumi' To Me!
When I Face Chemo & Radiology
& Patches of Pain To Moments of Misery

From Emotions Paralyzed To Anxiety
To What's The Use? & Being Sick & Tiredly
Back To Trustingly & Godly Reliability
Feelings So Intricately To Being Just Simply
As Time Slots Crawl To Moving Hurriedly

As Tho' I'm My Own Surreal Mirror or Movie
Surrounded By Support & Sympathy
Where I Right Regrets On My Registry
Looking Back In Human Sentimentality
As I Face My Soul's Mortality

As I Face My Mortality
Let My Body Blend This Duality
Between My Flesh & Spirituality
Between Heartbreak & Hosanna-Sanity

As I Face My Mortality's Immensity
I Will Face It In Intensity
I Will Face It In Serenity
I Will Face It With Solemnity
I Will Face It Without Enmity

I Will Pursue Peace & Practicality
I Will Process A Purer Personality
& Promote More Patience's Punctuality
& Set A Place For The Prince of Principalities

& Get Ready For Both Possible & Probability
& Preach 'Til GOD's Praise Is Permanently
As I Face My Present Mortality
I Call To THE ONE of "Immortality"

- and GOD Said: -

Live Each Day As You Catch Each Breath
Live Each Day As Tho' It Is The Best
Live Each Moment With True-Love Zest
Live Each Day As Tho' Blest
(& Remember For You - Death Is Just A Rest)

(Page 1 of 2)

           Written & Copyrighted © :  9/7/2013 
            by:  MoonBee Canady

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Free Fallin'

My desicion was made. I wouldn't allow myself to be controlled. If that makes me a rebel, then let it be. I'm a Rebel. At least I can Make my own choices now. I can love and care about others. "You are here by stripped from your wings." Then it was like someone had bound my wings and pushed me off a cliff. it felt like forever. til finally i reach the ground. When i hit, it felt like everybone in my wings had shattered. I had fallen. and It hurt so bad. but it was worth it.

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My Mother, My Pearl

God blessed the world with a precious gem. My mother my pearl the woman of my world. A 
fine gem it was to bless the lady that i love. A Love so fine, a love so devine, A love that 
leaves no one behind. God blessed the world with lots of special pearls. God gave me the 
pearl that changed my world; to hold near and dear till my heart shows no fear. My mother, 
my pearl the light of my world. For when it is dark the thought of my mother with god will 
brighten my heart and brightens my day, it will make all that pain go away. Lord, shine on 
my mother, my pearl, For one day i will see my pearl in God's world. Continue to sleep, for 
one day my life will be at peace. Shine on the world to let everyone know the beauty of my 
mother, my pearl.

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Proverbs Chapters 5, 6, and 7

Son, accept all my words of wisdom in your hearing. Store my commands and apply your heart to God’s fearing. Search for wisdom and insight as if they were treasure, These fine attributes will provide your soul with pleasure. Look to the Lord God for knowledge and understanding. He acknowledges the faithful with His protecting. Wisdom and discretion will keep you from destruction, by the adulterously wayward wife’s seduction. Her marriage covenant with God being forsaken, the paths to her house lead to death if they are taken. She has words like honey and manners as smooth as oil, but they become bitter when your success she will foil. Her crooked footsteps will lead her to death and the grave. Oblivious to direction, her soul God won’t save. Listen to me; do not turn aside from what I say; Don’t follow the path to the door of her house today. Your best strength will be given to others, who are cruel, You’ll remain to toil for other men’s gains like a fool. After years of endless work near the end of your life, You’ll remember those ignored warnings aiding your strife. Then why be captivated by another man’s wife; an adulteress who would jeopardize your whole life? Every man’s procedures are in full view of the Lord. Evil deeds are sins that will bind him like a strong cord. Man’s lack of discipline leads him to the wayward wife. This immoral adulteress preys upon your life. Never let her captivate you with her lustful eyes. With ensnaring demeanor, that’s all deceitful lies. The mouth of an adulteress is like a deep pit. He who is under the Lord’s wrath will fall into it. The depth of a wayward wife is like a shallow well. A prostitute is like a deep pit leading to hell. Don’t listen to their call and let yourself go astray. There is deception in all that they will ever say. The victims they have brought down are a plentiful throng. And both of them will deny ever having done wrong. Is man able to walk over hot coals or hold fire? and not be burned, as he would be by wanton desire? No man goes unpunished sleeping with another’s wife. He will pay dearly for lack of judgment with his life. A husband’s jealousy is like a powerful force. When he comes seeking revenge, he will show no remorse. He will not accept any bribe as compensation No matter how large the sum; it’s a detestation. Call wisdom your sister, and understanding your kin; They will keep you from all wicked women and their sin. 5'27'12

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When I was little and would fall and hit my knee
I would cry and you took care of me
When I got older and fell in love that would end
I would cry and you would be my friend

Now I am the mother kissing knees
And telling my sons bout the birds and bees
But I am not sure if I am doing it right 
So I call you late at night

And I cry God I don't know what to do
And you tell me it is okay I trust you
I am not sure if I can handle the next fall
When I loss my brick wall

So daddy please stay here 
I would cry and none would care
I need you still so much each day
So daddy please tell God to wait for a few more days

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What is this place called Earth? 
Such a lot of grief and pain.
A beautiful place for people who are successful
A horrible place for people who undergo pain
Why should people undergo so much pain?
Why do people who have trust in God undergo such pain?
Is it simply because their faith is not as big as a mustard seed?
Or is it they have no faith at all and yet call for His help?
Our God is an awesome God that He heals all the people whom He calls, His children.
Isn’t the sand and the stone Gods?
Why aren’t the people who undergo pain not His?
Is it because they have ancestral curses?
Or is it that they are drowning in their own sins?
God is faithful and trustworthy no matter what your situation is….
He lends a shoulder to lean on, 
When our hearts are distressed and heavy laden,
Didn’t this same God send His Son to die for our sins?
So why not be grateful enough to die for our own sins
Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die..
Death is just material because eternal life is mightier..
Should we be happy or sad when we lose people who are dear and near?
If we are sad, we are being selfish by not being happy for them…
They are leaving us and leading eternal life
Is that not called selfishness????
Why is this life so confusing?
Is this the life our God wants us to live?
So that eternal life seems mightier…
Why can’t material life also be eternal?
Why can’t this life be sin free?
Destroy all temptations that spoil Gods temple.
People say it’s easy to preach but hard to practice…
People think its better left unsaid…	
Now, who is being selfish…?
Life is so confusing yet so true….
                                                              Written by
                                                              Casper Gavin White

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                                          Where  there is life					
                                                Death is must					
                                         Where death is must					
                                       Something beyond casts					
                                           Soul is finest energy					
                                                it never dies					
                                                If never dies					
                                       in itself reincurnation arise					
                                             Beyond the Space					
                                              God watches all					
                                       Plays the Universal game					
                                         with His remote control					  
                                          Soul carry all accounts					
                                               of loss or gain 					
                                            According to deeds					
                                              He blesses rain					
                                       For huge good deposits 					
                                      Heavenly abode is there					
                                       For accrued bad deeds 					
                                              Hell takes care

                                  God pardons all for true prayer				
For Contest:					
Sponsored by: Linda-MarieThe Sweetheart of P.S					
Written by: bldevnath					
on 15/01/2012					

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Your Own Suicide Part 2 of 2

(Gen. 2:7/Jer. 10: 23/ Matt. 4: 4/Isa. 45: 22/John 3: 16/Heb. 4: 12, 13/ 2 Tim. 3: 16, 17)

(Part  2  of  2)

If You Were Buried Alive Beneath Boulders & Rubble
With Dust & Death Pressing In Every Layer
and With Just One Last Communication
Would You Still Ridicule Your Only Savior?

Are You Satisfied With Limited Years of Life?
Would You Expose Yourself To Some Fatal Disease?
And Would You Be Too Proud & Angry To Say ...
"May I Have More Life To Live, Please?"

If You Were Walking Upon A Shortcut Road
That Ended Over The Edge of A Cliff
Would You Stubbornly Continue On It
Just 'Cause Someone Came Along & Gave You A Lift?

If Given A Choice In Choosing Directions
While You Were Trapped In A Pretty Hedge Maze
And A Hungry Lion Was On The Rampage
Would You Just Stay There, Nonchalant & Dazed?

Don't You Want To Know: Is Anybody Out There?
and What Is The Mystery of Existence?
And If Your Life Depended On Your Answer ...
Would It Cost Your Last Minute ... This Instance?

Would You Jump Off A 90-Feet Story Building?
Would You Run Into - 200 Miles Per Hour Traffic?
Would You Challenge A Nuclear Bomb To A Duel?
Would You Drug-Up & Overdose Like An Addict?
Would You Throw Away All Ties To Life?
Would You Ignore GOD & HIS Book of Advice?
and HIS Own Beloved Son's Sacrifice?
Don't You Care Who's  JEHOVAH  &  Jesus Christ?

And If Its Not That Big A Deal For You To Decide
Of Who's Your Enemy & Who's On Your Side?
& You Just Give Up Because You're Tired & You Tried
& You Cuss Heaven & Carry On That Way, 'Til You Have Died

Well, You've Just Committed Your Own Suicide . . .

   Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/18/2013 
    by:  MoonBee Canady

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Forsaking Hope

An Angel stalked my better-half through my mind
Questioning our flawless design

Angel: "What is a beast if you grant it introspection?"
Man: "It's still an animal, yet closer to imperfection."

"What is a dog with no will to live?"
"A dog with a will always has hope to give."

"But dogs cannot contemplate, they simply are."
"Yet humans can, is it an improvement or a scar?"

"Undying love is a gift you bear!"
"What good is it when it hurts to care?"

"That is the beauty of woman and man!"
"But what is it, what truth is there to understand?"

"That is for God to tell"
"If our questions go unheard, I'm glad we fell."

"You've only fallen if you fail to see."
"I don't see god, but I can feel the animal in me."

"You would deny your God given status?"
"If God made us so great, then why can't we kill the bestial urges inside us?"

"Some people dwell closer to sin."
"Yet none of us can handle the animal within."

"I cannot help you if you can't agree."
"Only if I agree you will set me free?"

"Only with the glory of God can we save you and your kind."
"You cannot help me, you are just within my mind."

With that the Angel fell dead
The man stared calmly toward nothing and shot himself in the head

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Seek and You Will Find

what are you seeking for in this life? what do you hope to find?
what are you willing to sacrifice or to lay on the line?
most everything in life you get comes at a cost or a price
and not everything you see is acceptable and not everyone you meet is nice
just don't allow anything to disconnect you from the love of God
be it a man or woman, money or drugs or whatever affects your heart
and don't get caught up in worldly things, find the balance with a spiritual accord
and let that which you seek not be that which takes you away from the Spirit of the Lord

does whatever you desire cause you to stop your worship of the Lord Christ?
will it disconnect you from God and cause you to contemplate taking your life?
you need to fight and find your way back to the Lord God
to persevere and press towards Him with a righteousness of heart
to fight against demonic forces and seek the Lord Jesus Christ
and understand that He does not desire that you struggle in this life
God will never leave you nor give you more than you can bear
He will meet you at your crossroads in life and carry you anywhere

so bring all to the altar and lay it at God's feet
seek and you will find that with God your life will be complete

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Like Father Like Son { Essay }

I know now I'm no longer who comes first
When I stare into my newborn baby's eyes
Dear God show him your love through me
this little bit of heaven I hold in my arms tonight
it all became so clear we're an ultimate team
that cannot be broken for this I vow 
giving you my  love for all eternity 
as I stare and rock you gently off to sleep

tiny fingers curled up to make a fist
 lips curled looking like your mad at the world
cowboys and Indians blanket wrapped around you tight 
thumb sucking and singing sweet lullaby's
I watch you gently close those brightful eyes
wondering was it  me but only in a smaller size
have no worries my newborn son 
your new daddy will keep you safeguarded from any storm

How will I explain the birds and bees
or monsters hiding under your bed that you see
will you take my hand when your afraid of the dark
or be a brave little soldier who's marched off to war
never fear for your daddy will always be here
will ask God to watch over you each passing day
for there's alot of things I still must teach to you
like your abc's and your 123's 

taking you to your first ball game
eating  your first footlong hot dog
cheering for the hometown team
and just recanting the past  when
you were tightly wrapped in your daddy's arms
looking at the world like  you were so darn mad
but fell fast asleep to a lulabys sway
of daddy  rocking his newborn son on that first father's day

Though I  Only Have My Jenny
Would Not Trade Her For The World
But Would Of Loved To Had A Son Also 

Tribute To All The
Wonderful Father's 

Happy Father's Day
RIP Daddy  {1925-1981}



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Twin Souls

They stood together one last time
dreading what came next,
having seen the path before them,
having written their own text.

"Being born again," she looked at him,
"is scarier than dying.
I fear the pain and illnesses,
physicality's so trying."

"And how am I to bear it,"
her green eyes filled with tears,
"knowing I'll be half a soul
for all of fifty years?"

"We must be brave and live these lives
and try to do no harm,
so that down the road we'll meet again
and you'll be in my arms."

"We must try to mend our karmas,
that's why we chose these paths,
the suffering will be worth it
for the heavenly aftermath."

"I shall always feel half-empty,
though I guess I won't know why,"
and the enormity overcame them
and they both began to cry.

"Have faith, my lambs," they heard God say,
"for the two of you are blessed,
and you' ll be reunited
once you've passed your earthly tests."

"And the glory will be heavenly
and mystical and sweet,
and you will be rewarded
when you two finally meet."

"You'll know a love that's boundless,
as you once again are whole.
Most people aren't so lucky,
to share a life with their twin soul."

So bravely they went forward
and their memories were erased,
they struggled half a century
and then came face to face.

It was just as God had promised,
and they cherished every day,
and their love-light was a beacon,
and their love-light shone the way.

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Wielding together artificial meat
No need to conserve this being will keep
Looking through grafted eyes
The creator now smiles
Shamelessly looking at bones made of lies
Once it is born does it speak with a tongue?
Calling out hopefully, am I the one?
It started out walking it skipped all the steps
Its power lacked knowledge deceived by the best
Slaying with anger the others were dust
Running in circles pain filled with must
Confronting the master to find what he was
Hoping to live, but then again who does?

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I'm watching the rain fall
In my mind I hear you call
If only it could be real
Even with God I tried to make a deal
Let him live and be with me
But God said 'My child, don't you see? 
Its his time now to come back home
And you are left on earth alone

I cried no, please I need him here
To feel his love, I hold so dear
I cannot live my life alone
My heart will most surely turn to stone
'Have faith' God said to me
Give it time and you will see
I never give you more then you can bear
BELIEVE and your faith will get you there

He will always be with you wherever you are
Gone from your sight, but not very far
Remember I only loaned him to you
He had done everything I had asked him to do
You will be together again at some point in time
Keep thinking of him and his spirit will shine
Dry your tears and know what I say is true
He will always be there for you.

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There Shall Come A Great Tribulation

There Shall Come A Great Tribulation!

You’ll find In the Bible... 
In the book of Revelation.
One day... There shall come
 a great tribulation.

There shall be famine and war 
this world has never seen.
"Satan's fury" being poured 
out upon everything.

The Antichrist will appear 
as "the world leader."
"The man with all of the answers."  
"A great world healer."

People won't be able to buy or sell
 without a mark on their hand.
While corruption and wickedness 
prevails throughout the land.

Our only hope and answer during 
much chaos and anxiety.
Is Jesus.  In HIM we can 
have life abundantly!

This world shall one day 
perish and pass away.
 God's truth and his word are here to stay!

Come to Jesus now... 
He invites you to come.
Accept the gift of eternal life 
from God's precious son!

He's our only hope in this
 world which we live.
He is so patient and kind... 
willing to forgive.

Will your name be in God's 
book of life someday?
Are you ready to meet him on judgment day.

This world... or Jesus... the choice
 by you must be made.
The price for your soul... 
on Calvary... has been paid!

By Jim Pemberton

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Just One Drink

What did she say when you told her you still loved me?

Did she turn away or try to disagree

Did you think about her or how she would be?

No you were only thinking about me.


She stands there now, all alone

Facing her fears of the unknown

Turning her head on what she's once known

Realizing now, she's on her own


With no one around to help her choose

She stands her ground, not ready to lose

Her head held high while hearing the news

To accept her fate, she must refuse


She tries and tires with all her might

To win you back every night

She has no plans to give up the fight

Any hope is out of sight


Her heart is now filled with hatred 

Will all the love that you desecrated

With just that one sentence that you stated

Her entire life is now dated


Did you ever stop and try to think,

Just how far she would sink?

How close she was to the brink?

Or how it could all end with just one drink?


Just one drink to end all the pain

Just one little sip to break the chain

Just one to do the job, to her disdain

Just one and she will die in vain. 


You don't even care to attend her funeral

To you she was just a girl that you could treat cruel

How could you be such a fool?

You don't even know of the fire you've fueled. 


You come to my door and ring the bell

You send thousands of messages to my cell

Repeatedly the words "I LOVE YOU" you yell

But for all I care you can just go right on to hell 


I don't want you anymore you Silly boy

I am no longer your stupid little toy

As for the loneliness you feel now, I hope you enjoy

Because you had your chance and my love you destroyed. 


I am my own person without you

I no longer rely on your every move

I am no longer clueless on what to do

I know now I can move on to someone new.


As for the girl that you threw aside

I hope you think of her every time you cry

You're the whole reason that she died

If you wanted someone to love, she would have been there by your side. 


She would have loved you the way you love me

But you never opened your eyes and seen what there was to see

I'll never love you no matter how hard you plea

So wallow in your self pity, you'll get no remorse from me


I hope you drown in your misery

Thank God that sad little girl is finally free

Thank God I knew it was time to flee 

This is goodbye, so don't bother calling me.

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From Rain Towards The End

Rain is previous rain can be pain,
 Types of rain can differ: to regain a steady brain- fed up, peaceful rain.
 To forget -rain of regret, hurt. 
To admire happiness -rain of smiling tears. 
But ... who knows if the rain isn't the pain that has been cried by our 
Past earth parsonages, residents. 
They are all one clan now.
Now all together as relatives of same physical state. 
Soon sent down as tests each individual receives a challenge
 On how they will conduct themselves in certain state. 
Puts that soul to the trail.
See the righteousness, trustworthiness.
 Nobility of spirit and honour keep of faith 
Treating of others,
Amount of sins committed. 
If deserves to be forgiven.
Forgiveness valued down on the way, through life on earth. 
Down on soul the almighty sights... at all nights, events and hides. 
Paramount stare has a great disguise. 
Watched is everybody - How they manage the ticks on a little watch within their reach. 
No one can run away it’s a closed circumference- therefore believe it’s not a coincidence.  
Be open to life and make sure you have a hearty, generous and unselfish personality.
Make sure you live it with dignity.
 Enjoy every day as much as you can. 
As someday it’s going to be the end.

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When I close my eyes for one last time
His bright light I will see
His glory will shine upon me
His calming warmth will set me free
His grace and love will rest upon me

With his one touch
I have wings that will envelop me
His voice I hear as a whisper
Calling me home to be with him
I take his hand and glorify him

Glorify his name
No pain
No sadness
No fear
No shame
No darkness

Glorify his name in Jesus We Pray

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Abundant Touch

blood, sweat, and tears
nailed to a cross
crown full of thorns
your life was lost
for me, a worthless sinner
for me
a new beginning
I leave the past where it remains
I've been transformed
I've been restored
condemned no more
I wear the chains no more
I am free

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I know that there are some that still can't pray
and others that ask, 'Where was God that day?'
HE was there with each tear that's shed
as the news reported, There is thousands dead!'

HE was in the hyjacked planes so out of control
His angels collecting each passenger's soul!
HE was there at the buildings of the World Trade Center
with Heaven's gates wide open bidding all to enter!

HE was there in every tired body and grimy face
that refused to give in to another trying to take his place!
HE was there amongst every common place hero
who repeatedly dug through the rubble in New York's ground zero!

HE was there with the passenger's of Flight 74
whose sacrifice kept the enemy from the White House door!
HE was there with those that died at the Pentagon
when another plane flew into them like a bomb!

HE was there when thousands of passengers landed
unable to get home, so on Canadian soil they were stranded!
HE was there in the smiles of the Maritime youth
who came with blankets, fresh clothing and hot bowls of soup!

HE was there when the President cried out with pride
'This will only make us stronger, we have GOD on our side!'
HE was there when AMERICA was at Iraq's door
teaching the Taliban what happens when you provoke a war!

HE is there today as countless others reflect on the loss
just as HE watched HIS only Son die upon the cross!  HE WAS THERE!


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She and I

From the ablaze of thunder
They all flew;
In front the doors of hell
There stood the crew 
Asking for a little bit of mercy 
Wanting it to be so true…
Ceasing the demons from stabbing another soul
Is what I want to do
But hatred and anger 
What only grew 
Ceaseless nights and the darkest lights
Have got into my heart
I smile and I laugh though
I just want my day to be oh so bright…
I'm losing my friend
God I don’t want this to end 
Nonsense words were spoken above 
Because of this idea that I hate so much 
I'm still losing my friend 
And my faith in god is what will end…
He's taking her away 
I need her badly to stay 
I look into her eyes and cry
And wish it's me who is gona die… 
The moment I knew 
The breeze of fear 
The touch of pain 
Have dropped on my soul again
I wanted to scream 
I wished it was a dream 
God this is so mean…
I'm tearing really hard 
On my life I want a guard 
A guard to help me live again 
And cease each and every pain 
I want to erase my every sin 
Please god help me win 
My weary soul can hold no more 
Just help her live 
And give her faith 
And get her smile back to her face
Every night I pray alone 
And remain awake until its dawn 
I sit on the piano and play 
And let my tears free each night 
And each day 
My heart is very weak 
And I will soon
 Become so bleak 
If this is how life is meant to be 
Then what am I and she to thee..?
If this is the way you want to rule 
don’t you think it's quiet cruel..?
If in pain and agony you want me to dive 
Then why do you want me still alive..?
I'm your worshipper and you're my knight 
Please keep her close I want to hold her tight 
My constant tears will dry so soon 
And you'll see me walking blindly to my doom 
Why does happiness never last; 
Why does it have to fade so fast?
Keep her god; 
I want her near
Keep her god; 
I want her here… 
I'm so tired my dear… 

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Jesus Died for Everyone

Jesus Died For Everyone! Jesus died on the cross for you me! So we can be with him throughout eternity. His life for ours… A ransom was paid IN FULL! Through his shed blood, we’re made whole! Upon his head were placed the crown of thorns. Enduring so much ridicule and scorn. The blood from his body as it began to flow. His love for mankind clearly showed! Nails were placed through his feet and hands! The pain he went through, is hard to understand. His life for ours, is what he gave! A way to eternal life, in heaven, has been made! By Jim Pemberton

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Goodnight God

Goodnight my God,
I`m going to bed    
Work is over,  
prayers are said   
I am not afraid of night                 
You will watch till morning light.      

Goodnight dear God, 
I`m going to die     
Work is over,  
While here I lie, 
waiting for my final breath       
I Am not afraid of dark     
You will be my only ark.

Goodnight, my Lord
I feel so tight
My love I have ignored;
I shunned your light.
How I wish your face to see
Then I`ll know, 
I will be free.

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Three piglets

Three little piglets went down the road,
they rolled as if their being toed.
No one really knew their heading,
but they ended up in the butchers wedding.

Two little pigs jumped up and down,
ran miles around their owners farm.
They ran and ran and ran and ran,
until a barbecue began.

One tiny swine was left to live,
they didn't eat him, why the hell?
Then once the piglet felt like sleeping,
he died within it, he died while dreaming.

What people want, no we don't know.
Sometimes some lives just have to go.
One final thing there is to state,
what God can give, God can take.

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Imagine how sad December would seem
if Christmas didn't exist; only the chill
and wind would be felt through the frozen bones,
nobody would live in these northern, frigid zones. 

What was the true purpose of Jesus's birth?
Some even would say that it never occurred,
and why would the Magi travel long days
and nights to pay homage to the humblest of Kings?

It was prophesied by Isaiah in the Old testament and the Wise Men believed him,
following with awe the biggest and brightest star that they had ever seen;
and didn't it seem strange that God would choose those simple shepherds
to be the first to hear that message sung by a thousands of angels?

Wouldn't you be happy when a child cries out and enters life?
Wouldn't you celebrate that event with overwhelming joy and grace?
The same way Jesus entered this world to suffer and die,
and if Christmas didn't exist, who would remember who He was?

Wouldn't that envious angel, whom God expelled from Heaven with haste,
laugh loudly, knowing that we don't worship Him in spirit and faith? 
Fallen Angels are the eternal enemies of this Child, who atoned our sins
by paying with His precious vindicate the Devil's astute lies!

If Christmas didn't exist, some unbelievers would shout and rejoice,
happy to erase Christ's redemptive message from the earth's surface...
contradicting the Scriptures themselves and the Divinity behind it!
Didn't Herod the Great hate Jesus, fearing He would have become the new King?

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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In View of My Mortality Part 2 of 2

- and GOD Said: -

Live Each Day With Joy Even Thru Tests
Live Each Day Having Mercy & Tenderness
Live Each Day As Tho' Opening A Treasure Chest
Yes, Live On This Earth, Like An Honored Guest

- yes GOD Said: -

Live Each Day Without A Skulk or A Scare
Live Each Day On Spontaneous & A Daily Prayer
For You Really Know WHO Is Truly Out There
It's More Than Molecules & Fusion-Moves & Thin-Air ...

- and GOD Said: -

HE Made The Elements & The Genetic DNA Stair
HE Calls Each Star & Counted Each Follicle of My Hair
HE Sent HIS Son, So That I Would Know HE Cares
& HE Put No More On Me Than I Could Bear
& So I Trust THE ONE Who Created Life To Share
As HE Forgives The Repentant Ones & Spares ...

As I Face My Mortality
I Do Not View It As Finality
For This Isn't The End of My Totality
Just My Memoirs of Victory Over Tragedy
For Future Review & Autobiography

and If Must, Let This Be My Eulogy:
"JAH Will Keep Her In HIS Memory
For GOD Will Re-Spark Her With HIS Energy
So, She Did Not Fear Eventuality
... As She Faced Her Own Mortality"

As I Face My Own Mortality
I See It As A Bridge To Humility
I See It As A Release From Infirmity
I See It As A Stairwell At The Mystery

Or As I Step On The Tightrope of Infinity
Balanced By The Almighty, Eternal Entity
WHO Gives My Endurance More Elasticity
... to Stretch  Out My Mortality Indefinitely

... As I Face My Own Rate of Mortality
As I Face My Own Efforts's & Tasks' Inequality
I Truly Thank My GOD Most Emphatically ...
For Being Guardian of My Mortality

& Changing Mortal Thoughts To Immortality

 Written & Copyrighted © :  9/7/2013 
     by:  MoonBee Canady

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I Had A Dream


                                          I had a dream. Oh, I had a dream,
                                          I sat in a chair of despair thinking
                                       Of the love and memory of my mother.
                  In my dream I built a stairway to heaven with tears to hug her.
                            Halfway, without a sound or word in the silent skies
                                             an angel appeared unto me.
                                          It was a precious and beautiful sight.

            "Oh!" I said, "could you ask God for me, to cross a rose and lilac together,
             to create a bush with large clusters of white, pink, and purple flowers,
                                                  with fragrance of memory,
                     and give it long green stems so it can stand free and gracefully?
                          Also, ask him to give it a name, a special name, 'Kollock ',
                             and let it represent never forgotten love and memories?"

                                             In my dream God did this for me, 
                                    and gave it to my mother as a gift from me.

                                                            Jay Johnson

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The pay is good. The world's abrim
With men in need of dying.
Though being shunned confounds him
Some, he's past the point of trying.

Unwelcome in their church, he prays
Alone for his deliverance,
But can't recall the magic phrase
To jimmy open God's forgiveness.

He looks sidelong at all their locks,
the doors he may not enter.
And ponders hard the paradox
Of circles with no center.

The citizens avert their eyes
From him at obtuse angles.
Preserving thus in their surmise
Safe distance from the throats he strangles.

He feels no need to hide his face.
He does the work as bidden.
Yet yearns to feel the touch of grace,
Which seems perversely hidden.

The man sleeps heavy on his farm.
He's valiant in a world unkempt,
Where every breed of villain swarms.
The hangman dreams his hands are hemp.

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Bequeath No Inlaid Jewel Brocade (sonnet)

Bequeath to me no inlaid jewel brocade 
If you are called before God calls to me. 
Your saphire blues and ruby reds will fade 
But give me fire that fueled your heart so free.

Your glowing flame a gift from God to thee 
As comfort balm to calm and warm the years. 
If death should call please gift your fire to me 
To stroke my soul and dry my bitter tears. 

If I am called I'll face death without fear 
For then your greatest friend in life is free. 
But hear these words I whisper while still near: 
As friends we've been but lovers now should be. 

Your essence does excite and light my life; 
So faithful friend become my faithful wife. 

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Did You Ever ?

Did you ever sit and ponder
about  God's miraculous wonders
or sit back and reflect
on the religious aspects?
It makes my heart for Him fonder

Did you ever question the existence of God?
I don't think that question that is very hard
because I know what I feel
that the Lord my God is truly  real
and I gratefully give Him my heart

Did you know that the death of Jesus was sacrificial?
because man's belief  was so superficial
as Jesus'  death was the method to repent
yet mankind's sinning ways would not relent
for mankind's faith was so artificial

But there is one thing I can certainly convey
as ye reap as you sow, the Bible does say
just exalt and glorify God and in Him rejoice
praise and worship Him with a cheerful voice
and He will treasure you all of your days

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Mama's Restuarant

Mama opens to doors to her restuarant
where the people dine on romance.
Leave food sitting on their plates,
forgotten about while they dance.

Leftovers get thrown away,
'cause Mama don't like beggars.
She chases the homeless every day,
be they drunks or unfortunate fellas.

Then she dusts her hands as she waddles inside,
trying to avoid contamination.
Pours the cat a saucer of milk
and prays for the homeless's annihilation.

Now Andy was a fella pretty down on his luck
all because of this global recession.
Trying to hold his head up and look people in the eye
but wilting in the tide of their aggression...

It's a snowy night out on the streets.
Andy huddles in the restuarant doorway.
slowly turning into ice, chattering teeth and purple feet
He hears no more what the people say.

So he sinks down to the concrete and 
slowly closes hopeless eyes.
Skin so cold he feels it's burning,
breathes his last and quietly dies.

Mama thanks God for her progressiveness
when she comes in later that day.
Kisses her rosary beads in thanks
that another useless hobo's gone away.

Concerned about some minor sin
she asks God for forgiveness.
At the same moment Andy's soul arrives
and thanks the Lord, with tears, for his deliverance.

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Death Of Mine

I am dying and i don't know any other way to say it, just knowing that you can collapse any time of the day tragic. I lay in my bed every day with tears running down my cheeks and praying, telling God and creaming out to him that i am staying. I am way to young to die right now, 21 years old is not the right way is it now? Feeling my heart ache in pain and agony, leaves me feeling like i don't even want to be. There were many times before when i could of died, so why now, i already started living a life, so God why do you have to take me now? I am not even close to being ready, let me live out my life to where i am going steady. Crying every night and hoping that in the morning you will see the light, when i wake up and make that first inhale i figure out that i have sight. My lungs burn like the depths of hell it self, they can't take it anymore i want to lock them away in the most highest shelf. The doctor told me to live my life to the fullest, but if i do that, i will only end up being the coolest. The coolest in a cold hard coffin is what i meant, cause when i live i live to no return till the last segment. Even thinking about it right this second that, that i have to die soon brings tears to my eyes, i just hope that when i do leave, that my body be burnt and spread out like fire flies. It is 2:37 in the morning right now, and its still on my mind, readers please don't give up on my writing and be so kind. I will be with you all still after i parish, cause this is the only place that makes me feel not selfish. I can tell you guys anything that's on my mind, without having to leave parts of my words behind.

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Is Death The End

Is Death The End? “5For the living know that they will die; But the dead know nothing, And they have no more reward, For the memory of them is forgotten. 6 Also their love, their hatred, and their envy have now perished; Nevermore will they have a share in anything done under the sun.” Eccl 9:5-6 NKJV “6 Remember him—before the silver cord is severed, and the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, and the wheel broken at the well, 7 and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.” Eccl 12:6-7 NIV Many believe the soul’s immortal Thanks to Greek philosophy. That idea originated in ancient Egypt Then filtered through this Grecian country. In the Garden of Eden God made man from the dust of the earth; He then breathed life into his nostrils; A living soul was given birth. As only God is immortal And even Ezekiel tells us a soul dies. [Ezek 18:4 NKJV] We are subject to death, But from death’s sleep will rise. [Jn 5:29 NKJV] The Greek fable of man’s immortality Has been adopted by so-called religion. It is the basis of spiritualism, [Gen 3:4] With which Christians should find no union. As Ecclesiastes tells us Death is but a sleep. [Eccl 9:5,6] The body returns to the dust of the earth; The soul [soul = *ruah: breath/air] returns to God to keep. Death is the reversal Of how man was created. But only God’s immortal Whatever Greek philosophers have stated. Is death the end? No, not at all. In the twinkling of an eye, Christ the righteous dead will call. [Jn 5:28, 29] They’ll be given immortality When taken to heaven on high. The wicked dead will await the second resurrection And later with death comply. [second death] Foot note: *ruah is Hebrew for breath, air or wind [Written especially for you, Thomas] Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2012

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The Pastor's Wife

Went to the hospital 
Visiting elderly
One in ICU...sedated
Respirator loudly

Running providing life
Life hovering between
This world and another that is
Invisible not seen

Just a touch was all I
Could give and a whispered 
Prayer for her recovery
Left feeling that I failed

Went to see another
All the tubes removed now
Preparing to be transported
To  rehab will  make it  how

Joined hands, joined in prayer
Forming a circle care
Knowing God loves and hears..feel fears
Sensing his need for rare

Assurance of God's love
And power feeling lost
To empower him with great strength
I need to feel God most

Tommorrow will be new
New day for me and you
But for these two each day hovers
Between this world and another

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By a running stream

by a running stream of  fables and dreams
firefly beams
its not always what it seem
bewildered bejoyed
caught in a void walk with me to the stream you'll see
everything that lives and breathes
god gave to you and me
he neslted me here with you
down the stream washed away my blue
your eyes gaze lost in the haze
your lips whisper my way
Love I say
thanking god for you each day
If I should be lost somehow
im not long nor far
maybe wishing on a star 
Near a running stream
is where I'll be
overthere above and beyond
pass the lily pond 
hearing an angel song
the sunlights gleam
is a fairys dream
overthere by a running stream,
 near a waterfall , where daffodills grow
palm trees flow
this place yours you know
but never go
come dont hesitate 
if you come don't be late
no, not by the lake
foregoodness sake
forever I wait
you know the place just in case
you came too late god couldnt wait
but when its time, me you'll find
holding the key
a fairytale scene
ontime or late
over here by heavensgate

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An Angel in Heaven

The feeling I have is so unreal
 You being gone is so surreal
 I'm not really sure how to feel
 And at times, I wonder if I can deal
 However, God did not make a mistake
 And even though it makes my heart ache
 I must accept the Lord's decision
 While I sit back and quietly envision
 Reuniting with my beloved grandpa
 While holding my heartbroken grandma
 I want to tell her that it'll be okay
 Her family's love and support is here to stay
 Physically, he is no longer here
 But listen to my words sincere
 Ol' Freddy lives on in all of our hearts
 So don't let the pain tear you apart
 Our tears are heavy with hurt and grief
 Our minds weighed down by constant disbelief
 Thinking he was taken too soon, too early
 But I know he's at those gates so pearly
 Never to experience suffering ever again
 Can I get a hallelujah and an amen?
 I will truly miss this wonderful man
 Because he never ever made me feel less than
 As his first grandchild, I was never there
 I wasn't raised to know him, much to my despair
 But anytime I saw ol' Freddy
 He always lovingly welcomed me
 He never made me feel like an outcast
 Despite not being a part of my past
 He always made me feel like I belonged
 As if I have been there all along
 He was a very kind man, a silly little flirt
 But no matter what, his heart belonged to Bird
 His big brown eyes, so full of life
 And so full of love that he had for his wife
 Death may have darkened his sight
 Death may have stolen his fight
 But our God says, "It'll be alright.
 Weeping may endure for a night
 But joy cometh in the morning."
 So listen up, Jenkins, let's stop mourning
 Let's rejoice because we know he's in a better place
 Looking down on us with his handsome smiling face
 From your first grandchild, I say, "I love you"
 And I pray we'll all be able to get through
 Until we meet again, no goodbyes, just a "see ya later"
 Until we all finally find our way to the almighty Creator. 

Psalm 30:5
 RIP Fredrick Jenkins, Sr.

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Resurrection Days

(John 6: 39, 40  /  John 11: 24, 25, 26 – 44)

(Excerpts From Paradise – # 3 of 7)

Tombstones Were Rolled Away …
This – Is Resurrection Day!
And Butterflies and Rainbows Rise! …
… on Resurrection Day – On Resurrection Days!

See Teardrops Rolling Away …
This – Is Resurrection Day!
Shout To The Skies – In Joyful Cries!
This – Is Resurrection Day! … Resurrection Days!

This Is Resurrection Day!
These Are Resurrection Days!
Its What We Used To Pray …
And What The Son of GOD Says:

… Your Loved Ones – Smiles
Wake Up Bright Eyes!
Sweet Souls Survived
You Blessed Child

Unwrap GOD’s Gift Of Life Surprise
Exciting Display and Power – Prize …
of Resurrection Day – On Resurrection Days! …

Hear The Gentle Call of The Christ
In The Great New World of JAH’s
Where Sorrow Dies and No Room For Lies
Just Wise–Truth Set Us Free Replies

On Resurrection Day – On Resurrection Days!

* * * * * * *

See The Heavy Weight Rolled Away
No More Waiting and No Delay
HalleluJah Highs From Heaven’s Choirs!
And Earth-Size Tribes In Paradise
… Singing To Enter GOD’s Rest–Revived!

On Resurrection Day – On Resurrection Days
At Last On Resurrection Day ! …

                      Written & © :  9/9/2012

                           By:  The MoonBee
        (A Sweet Hope For My Readers To Be There)

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Light spoke nothing so tenderly true
For many paths I depart to go
If, by moon’s delight, the one beyond our eyes,
Can be a miracle for a pleasant peace,
Which in despairs I dream nothing more
Even from the previous world where I grow alive.

If I compare again what it should
A piece of art, a prose soaring bound
As the first step I should take like scampering universal to fall;
From it unless a chapter I would be able to see 
The sublime solitude from broken dreams
Or over the spectra paths I drive myself within? 

Since I have known you, Siren, my lovely sea of fire,
And before God was a man, those pleasant sparkles,
And again I would be able to see myself walking over again
Throughout the blushing valley of life a new player from you as a giver?

Alas! What should it behold so luxury and beats my heart
In front of this summertime thought
As the most awkward moment quickly fall where
Heaven and God and you, lovely Siren left me to go
As if I were just a reflection of an annihilated being.

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A Soldier,s Coming Home...

A decorated soldier a flag,a purple heart,
something meant to celebrate just tore their lives apart.

Friends and family gather we bow our heads to pray,
A soldiers coming home but they"ll bury him today.

We all call him a hero he fought just to protect,
never had a doubt not one single regret.

God, my heart goes out to his family and friends,
so many hearts are broken so many lives to mend.

To me he was a stranger I don,t even know his name,
still he fought for me and treated all the same.

Someone has lost a son a brother, or a dad,
that part really hurts me and makes me really sad.

We know that he,s in heaven with our precious Lord above,
A soldier,s coming home today God please give him my love.

God bless his family and God I will pray.
I dedicate this to the young soldier that died in Iraq
in 2010.  From S.C God bless all..

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That Day Christ Bled And Died

That Day Christ Bled and Died… I think about that day, Christ bled and died. And think about that day he was crucified! I think about the thorns placed upon his head. And think about the wounds that bled! I think about how he endured so much shame. For you and I, he took our sin and shame! I think about how an innocent man could do this? Our home in heaven, he didn’t want us to miss! I think about 3 days later, he arose from the grave! A way for salvation, has now been made! Hallelujah to Christ! God’s risen and holy son! Eternal life can be ours! The victory’s been won! Thanks be to Jesus! For being the sacrifice for sin! Because of his shed blood… We can be born again! Glory to God in the highest! How mighty is he! Because of Jesus! We can be set FREE! By Jim Pemberton

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I Am Human

I Am Human

My eyes shut for another night
Images flow across my eyes
Barely shadows they float by
Some grey clouds on the horizon
Birds fly by going nowhere
A stagnant lake lies before me
Not a single wave or ripple
The birds swoop and die before me
Dragons and demons tear the world apart
Leaving me in a world of complete dark
Screams of pain and terror
They fill the early moments of sleep
Somewhere pleasure comes from the suffering
I want to open my eyes
The terror holds them shut
Not allowing me a chance to escape
I can feel them tearing into my mind
I don't care what they do me
The world is one of my design
Scary and deadly to others
It is my home
It is where I choose to be
Alone and fighting an unseen enemy
Yet, knowing that I am immortal
I am a god in my world
The all powerful god of the underworld
I will reign until the sun rises so far away
And I change into a mortal human
With of their faults and foibles 
I am human

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The fortitude of a mighty people
has witnessed the awaited moment
of a murderer killed in his mansion;
was justice done...was revenge
and vengeance appeased to bring rejoice 
to the thousands who suffered for years?

This brings back that terrifying morning
of civilians dying from the explosion
of two American Airlines planes flown
with excessive speed into the Twin Towers!
The young terrorists thought of the slaughter
as a reward or an act of demoniac revenge? 
They vainly died for a non-existent glory,
believing they they would be called martyrs!

No their god wouldn't have allowed them in his heaven,
if their only intention would have been to shed blood... 
spreading death and havoc in New York City,
a beautiful city which still dazzles me and I love immensely;
didn't they know that the American infallible spirit
is that eagle whose courage and pride are invincible?

Shouldn't I revel in the death of this heartless man?
I would have wished to see him being tortured by the same folks 
who have lost their dear ones....then he would have asked for their forgiveness!
You must think I am very cruel to get even for his killings,
but who guides the quick hand of the man whose heart is full of hatred?
Envy, dislike, wickedness, intolerance of freedom and love!  

The Bible teaches to love one another regardless of race and religion,
but did this murderer love his own people and not live by the sword?
No, he did not...he incited his followers to commit murder
and bring everyone to his knees as Hitler wanted to do! 
Should these two murderers' names ever be remembered? 
Then again, you will say vengeance is God's not ours...
but didn't God command the Israelite to fight their enemies
and wipe them off the Earth with His blessing? War is necessary
when a nation is threatened by outsiders who make evil plans! 
Don't be afraid to ask me if the death of a long-sought murderer makes me rejoice!

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There is a penalty for sin

There is a way that seems right to man

There is a real devil that comes to kill you
No one will help you;
All are loose cannons in their idle John Wayne existence
Satan is their god & stomach

No one will pray for you in this sin sick culture filled with Ragu!

Liars & evil angelic beings having viscous fangs that bite in night
A trap for your feet lies onto Hell's peak
Along the valley chosen to rest next to the River Styx;
Rapture ready only to Hell!

Eyes of black resin filled death
Eyes of smoke filled sulphur with smoke
Eyes of skulls cross with bones intact
Eyes in misery along a heart attack;

Hands that hold the innocent to prey
A dreary day marked on its blotted page will frey
A challenge to be free is a question in time
A society that lost touch with reality & blind

A false god of self in idol prey
Sufferings servants in the night will play
Dogs in colorful blackened frenzy
Plagued by societal idol frenzy

Gone our the days when sid met Nancy/

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When We Win By Sin

We share memories in
the form of many old sins
must we show our anger
to hide our lack of affection
try to strive for a heaven
a place that don't fit
think you speak to its keeper
but I am quite sure he quit
one our kind long ago
even tho we try
ever so desperately
to reach the kingdom 
in the sky

I am pretty sure
your in for a shock
when you reach the gates
to find how tight they're locked
as the clouds turn to black
the pretty image fades
falling falling falling
it's too late to be saved
what is the limit
of evil you can pray
into false forgiveness
by a God who carries hate
in a very dark place
is where my mind has gone
maybe its the truth
of a unforgivable outcome

When you win by sin
the devil's addiction
is his own special magic
that breeds from temptation
evermore you search
for the former self
buried under layers of fire
your discover a private hell
I'm sure you'll serve it well
as you did in life
taking the easy road
even though it isn't right
you bring harm to your love
that just wasn't strong enough
the weak accept defeat 
before it really comes

First you lose the trust
you feel you earned with pride
when sins the only way
then your God don't speak inside
instead he lets you fail
for the pleasure that you treasure
how can I be a hero
when my power doesn't measure
to the wave of sinners
who wish to come convert
when no one can believe
my good name 
or hold it to my word
for this just makes it worse
enticing me into
just another sinner
in a world headed for doom.

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All God's Creatures

One day on a walking trail,
I crushed to death
a helpless snail.

The crunching sound
under my feet,
caused my heart to skip a beat.

Why feel bad,
you might say?
It's just a snail
that got in your way.

But a life is a life,
no matter how small.
And I thank my God,
for making us all!

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The Cat Who Died

That cat that died
smelled from a 
long-endured ear cyst 
like old sweat. He 
pooped the rug so we
mourned conflict-ridden mourning.

When we buried him
we couldn't say a prayer.
He died among a foreign people.
His god would not hear the prayers
of aliens. We lived side-by-side but
apart. He had his god we have ours.

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Between Heaven and Hell

What shall I do
What shall I do in the meantime
In between this heaven and this hell
Believing in God more than what the people tell
What shall I do
What shall I do in the meantime
Under the sun
Never ending Corruption
In between this heaven and this hell

Between zero year and the end times
I've bidden my time
Smoke and mirrors
A day further
Time goes on
That  light on the horizon
Is just a mirage
Just the glare off a shiny nickel in the dirt
Nothing but Despair
The entire world 
In a state of dis-repair
We march on further
Into the abyss

A day further
Time goes on 
So what shall I do
What shall I do in the meantime
In between this heaven and this hell
Believing in God more than what the people tell
What shall I do
What shall I do in the meantime
Under the sun
Never ending Corruption
In between this heaven and this hell

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Suicide Is Not the Answer

Lately, I have noticed a very disturbing trend.
Many people wish for their life to end!

There are many circumstances
that bring this about.
Many feel "trapped in," and think
"there's no way out!"

I admit,...  I have been very
discouraging thoughts.
Sometimes, wondering, if I was dealt
"the wrong lot."

But just when I feel alone
and trapped within.
I think about Jesus! He's always
been my friend!

I've called to him more than a time or two...
When I didn't know
"what I was going to d."

When, to him, I cried out and pleaded...
He's given to me the hope
and direction I needed!

I recommend this same Jesus
to your life today!
Whatever your problem...
He has made a way!

An abundant assurance
Is what Jesusbrings!
He is an awesome God!
And can take care of everything!

Your problems are never too big
or small for him to take control.
He can bring healing to you!
And make your body whole!

He is what's needed! In this lost
and dying generation!
Won't you accept his mercy
and salvation???

By Jim Pemberton   2012

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My Pa

Had a dream about my Pa tonight, We all went out with them to Lake Loral Nancy His wife cooking up a good ol' Chicken Pot Stew slow-cooked set way up high atop the hickory us loading up the Bayliner for our afternoon fishing trip. We reminisced, Canoe in toe as we used to do just in case, yes just as we did back then; you-know if either would wished to float to one or more sides with the Canoe tied to the railings of the boat, or more or less to widen the chance at a greater spot to cast a gander upon our luck... . My Father by adoption; having-stated many times early on in-all of our teenier all together, God being-in-charge of all good-Blessings and if-you will--luck... we'll always catch some albeit one Yes I began to see through this statement he mentioned often God is always presenting always providing this-His Honest Hope, for us both--as I believe like my Pa, for any one yes everyone who is patient remains-open... ! Our woes, and Peace abiding... uncertainty grievances questions yes laughter were our main recollections as we dropped our first lines as we cast them... . I tell you I truly did love Him, still love Him, will always I figure... yes I know Some folk are so defined never wish to grow any further their Character divorced by Cancer, Nary did my Father allow it. On the day he passed He told Nancy, "I love my life. My Family Children. Love all those close to me.... but I'm tiered just plain wore out." the Lord took Him that night, the next day forthcoming I was told and O how I cried — But then realized as I saw he lived the greater life - He worked on this purpose until the day he died, and so for all he work for this final reprieve — it was for all of the ones he loved, because I feel for all whom he loved, he'd prayed for all to do the same... Yes a suffering in kind the same I'm seeing now - All-of-it I'm-finding; because he taught me the greater of his Faith nary a day apart from Him, and me... his youngest Son two Others older Sons if you will, yes I feel his family and friends still have this eminent belief to boast; Yes, in-the Company--Comfort... of Jesus' Peace... !

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Throne Room

The voice of Love is gentle seeks your heart to mend
screaming and abusive speech to shield from defend
kindness you have robed in the heart of your Son
whose disciples are collecting all loved old and young

Grant he will the prayers of those seeking peace
those pursuing righteousness and from tyranny release
freedom from what causes harm to walk in Liberty
to find your joy and happiness to vision given see

God has made the promise in which he cannot lie
the hope of everlasting Life in Jesus never die
Love is as strong as Death a seal set on your heart
when you truly know his Love never from it depart

How pleasant it receives you with joy and delight
like the most beloved when standing in his sight
made like the savour so like honey sweet
a song with it's enchantment no other voice can meet

It cannot be compared to anything but God
for he is its source its living waters laud
the fairest of the fair where desire is complete
this is the throne of God on heart it must take seat

The elixir in the goblet intoxication of sweet wine
how the taste and smell and touch majesty divine
unspoiled and unpolluted its embrace is clean
never will mistreat you be violent or mean

To dare to look upon it and in its depths be found
water it does all life and gives fertile ground
without it there's no Light to life where in darkness set
those who follow hatred live in Death forget

Awake awake oh sleeper lift your eyes on High
Love is the only thing we're assured can never die
It holds the universe together exists for all Time
like God we hold its passing memory deeply in our mind

Fall I do in worship beneath its gaze I bow
that into his presence by Son he does allow
to let us stand before him and take us in embrace
when we become like him we will know his face

sources Song of Solomon 8:6-7 Galatians 5:14-25
1Cor 13:12 1John 3:1-6 Titus 1:2

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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death is my companion


Where do we go from here? When death is very near.
Is there another plateau we must climb
Before we reach the end of the line.

Death is just a resting place - a rest stop if you must !
You will not be afraid if in GOD you put your trust.
Death is my companion - he holds my hand
Death is my companion - he understands.

Known as the angel of death , the grim reaper
Of this temporary life he is the keeper.
In his clutches you’ll be for a short spell
Till they decide if you’re going to heaven or hell.

This is a rest stop where you take a break
Till they decide what is your fate.
So while I am on this plateau
There is no where that I will go.

Where do we go from here? 
Your guess is as good as mine
As long as I’m not here until the ends of time.
This must be purgatory that I hear so much about
Maybe this is where we can turn our lives about.

Death ! I know you’re my companion
And we have walked hand in hand
But there is something I think you should understand
There are things on this earth that I must do
And until I finish them , my life on earth is not through.

I put my faith in GOD that he will show me the way
And from that road, I know I will not stray.

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final prayer

Forgive me Father for I have sinned... 
Tears and blood stain my sheets as I lay 
motionless on my bed. Many of times 
have I attempted to stop my pain, my suffering. 
Now finally, I think I have succeeded. 
I shake and tremor as thoughts of 
my friends and family rush threw my head... 
Lord what have I done? in trying to end my pain, 
I cause my family grief. I didn't think of them before.. 
Dear God save me from myself... 
I just wanted to stop the pain. There was just 
so many thoughts going through my head and 
they wouldn't stop! Father make them stop... 
I don't want to hurt anymore. My heart body and soul is 
sore. And a deep darkness has taken toll. im numb... 
My eyes are blurred...I hear screams...Is this 
really the end for me? If so then please, 
Forgive me Father for I have sinned...

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Ah, denying vulnerability is widely acceptable
and this thought is steeped in the minds of the very young, 
who are certain to remain invincible and sane...
by not avoiding all that's shameful and wrong!
Is their variable ego a denial of mortality?
Why do they seem so overconfident and insane,
defying everyone in the manner they live?
They too must die, but it's horrible to die alone!
Ah, ignoring vulnerability is cruel and cold:
it's loving oneself with greed and not share,
instead of being humble and not own gold;
I saw this in myself, not being full aware
of the selfishness that swelled inside without kindness!
Why couldn't I been grateful to anybody who had loved me:
not for what I had inherited, but for having being me?
Has anybody ever felt compassion or sympathy towards me?
Ah, mocking vulnerability was mortifying God who wouldn't speak
to me... I had no faith to command words to come forth,
as no purity was found in me to nourish a spirit so weak!
Any disappointments or heartbreaks would have taught me that lesson of worth,
if I had let go of temptation, desire and unnecessary need!
Why did I look at the sadness of an unhappy soul instead of seeking a divine light...
when the taciturn sky wasn't disquieted by thunder or oncoming fright?
Ah, neglecting vulnerability is doing away with the pain that Christ Himself partook!
Can anybody with a brush without inspiration...create a breathtaking masterpiece? 
Can a good person defile the writings by the Prophets of the Holy Book?
And can one be holy by harboring evil thoughts against those old enemies?
In the same way I conducted myself depriving myself of a good deed,
relentlessly seeking honors that truly defined my corrupt morality,
thus, refusing to humble myself, I rose above God by sheer vanity;
with less human values, and by means of hostility, I denied my vulnerability.
Ah, accepting vulnerability can make a sad heart sing of heavenly happiness
take their trembling, feeble hands and guide them to the shining Gate:
you must lead them  to Heaven and let  them God surrounded by angels!
Forget your wretchedness and halt the fury and animosity of your hate
learn to smile again, and be that messenger who proclaims salvation! 
Don't ever remember the amassed riches of a lonely, tormented soul,
and by watching them, made you fear thieves would have stolen them all;
accept death, don't deny your while you live and you won't fall!

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as the days tick away

so death,
do I beat thee
every night,
softly, without
a fight?

so sleep,
do I dream thee
every day,
softly, within
my plight?

So Holy,
do I praise Thee
w' every breath,
Softly, with you
beyond m' own death?

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Very Soon I'll Be WITH JESUS

Very Soon, I’ll Be With Jesus! I know my life on earth shall one day end… This body will turn back into dust again. I hope that in my life’s remaining days… I’ll be careful to give God glory and praise! I hope that with the opportunities given… I’ll walk in the joy of my sins being forgiven! I’m thankful that Jesus has shown to me… How much he really cares and loves me! If not for Jesus… Where I would be? He offered his body as a sacrifice for me! Because of what he’s done, I’m living today! He’ll be with me! Till the end of the way! When my life closes, and a new life begins… I’ll be with my savior, lord and friend! Thank you Jesus! As a new day starts! You’ve brought love and joy to my heart! By Jim Pemberton

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Life O Life

I wish to write about what life does mean to me
Such is for me, a task not so easy
For Life, O Life, does be for me a very school of philosophy 
See you, I see it not as being worthy of being given any meaning!

Yes, life is so strange, its ways, itself, life is but a mystery
Why, life does take birth, out of love, out of compulsion
Out of obligation, sometimes even without asking for permission
But life does end in a way oh so sudden, sometimes without even any predicting!

Life is supposed to be a blessing
Indeed such is what is considered by many
Yes, life is also a pain, a misery
See you those starving, those homeless, those dying!

Even those who did get a good birth, do get old
Do get diseased, some experiencing even the incurable
Some do live in emotional pain, experiencing it in manifold
Some of them never even do get to see life as being enjoyable! 

Life, I believe is a prison
A prison for those fallen
Fallen from the Holy Garden
That known as the Eternal Eden

We do come here to serve a sentence
See you, Fate and Karma, in coalition, do lead the dance
If we do be good, following meekly the merciful rules
Why, we are sure to enjoy, someday, from this world, a final deliverance

Should we rebel, should we be religiously illegal
Why, we shall again suffer a fall
Again and again, with our past deciding on our future
Again and again, being propelled here in this world, oh so sour!

Yes, such is what I believe is the meaning of life
Apart from this, I see nothing else
Apart from this, I see no clarification that can I give to it
Indeed, apart from this, I would see life as being a mere accident of merging atomic cells!

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Hold me please anyone hold me scared

I want to be held right now.... Idk i just feel so sad and strange, and need it now please help me I cant see myself anymore. I feel like a doll that gets played with, and later being thrown aside when her face is melted, her legs are torn, head decapatated.  I'm a wreck, a disater, a fault and cant fix it i need help before im am forced to fall off the deep end of this hole that i am digging my lowered self esteem in *staring at the sky looking up to the impossible*. Please I just cant see who i am anymore; look at what I have done to my body, my heart, and my soul they are scared with deceit and pain. I want to be held so badly, but theres noone there to hold me i feel so cold and helpless. God help me, someone help me my life is decaying, my body used, my mind shattered, my spirit gone, my vision is blurry i cant see i cant not feel i cant not breathe. The cords of wire are strangling my neck gushing the black blood of my sins and impurites i used myself ,played myself, and I am the fool! Someone anyone please o god please help me my entire being is screaming, but it cant be heard my voice is crushing and is everything is fading awayg. My existance is flaking, my face ages through out time and space until I become nothing calm because I am not alone I am nothing, but I am everything now I cant be hurt or be in any pain any longer.

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The Beating of Your Heart

There's nothing more that matters
Than the beating of Your heart
You've given everything You have
Gave man a brand new start
Sacrifice beyond measure
Pain and suffering 'pon a tree
You did all this with love and peace
You did it all for me
Oh did I say I thank you?
On my face You've put a smile
Hail to the Lord and all His glory
I'm so thankful I'm His child

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Why Do We Take Christ Out of Christmas

Why Do We Take Christ Out of Christmas? Christmas is the only holiday we often don’t call by name. We often forget about the true reason that Christ came. It’s the only holiday that we often call “a holiday.” It’s true meaning, is often, taken away! It’s more than the tree and all of the glittering lights… It’s time to think about the Bethlehem star so bright! It’s more than going shopping at the malls… More than, “Jingle Bells,” or “Deck the Halls!” It’s more than seeing how many people we can buy for. Or that clearance sale, you’re willing “to die for!” It’s more than buying the “newest in entertainment.” Or receiving a gift that may “cause an embarrassment.” Beyond all of the presents and all we truly believe in. Let’s all come to Christ Jesus and receive him! Let’s think about his birth, and his death on the cross! Without HIM… The true meaning of Christmas is lost! He brings the hope, joy and cheer that’s needed! Won’t you listen to his voice? That often goes unheeded? Christ is what’s important! And shouldn’t be left out! He’s what matters! And is what Christmas is all about! Let’s be joyful! It was for all of us that he came! And take this time to bring honor and glory to his name! By Jim Pemberton

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When I am dead my Dearest
Just say a prayer for me
Please stop all tears from falling
For God has set me free.

I'm a registered Donor
So let them freely take
What e'er their hearts desire
A new me God will make.

Have lots of fun and laughter
Every night at my wake
Going home is a pleasure
God never makes mistakes.

I want you all rejoicing
Give me a great send off
No sad hymns should be singing
Wings are a good trade-off.

I'm going to my Master
For He has called me home
When I am dead my Dearest
UP will my spirit roam.

In Heaven I hear the bells
Ringing, and I'm in glee
There's Jesus and the Angels
Waiting to welcome me.

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My Thoughts Are Not With You

Dear Jimmie, where ever you are,
I want you to know that I do fail to notice you by far.

You ill-treated me to no end when no one was there,
Around my mother or anyone you would not dare.

When I understood, I labeled as a coward at his best,
I often think about your anger towards me as you rest.

Praying to God about the son you left behind,
He turned out like you over a period of time.

Very abusive to women and others he meet,
??That devil??…I will defeat!

As I grew to understand that what you did was not cool,
Your intact being so cold and cruel.

Why were you so filled with rage I must ask?
Relationships…and marriages should be a Blessing and not a task.

I guess you never learned to love anyone you met,
A sadistic cycle…I am willing to bet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my son with ALL of my heart,
Through my loving mother’s quest to help me with him, we grew apart.

Now born, living and descended from your evil soul,
An inquiry from him about you I pray remain untold.

“Rest In Peace” I would NEVER say to you…
The pain and hurt you caused me my mother never knew.

Seeing you again is certainly not something I wish,
Forgetting what you done is something I can not accomplish.

Because I see you in my son each and everyday,
I pray to God…that that vicious cycle will go away.

I will not say thank you for my son…because it was God
...and God alone,
I will love him dearly until I am dead and gone.

So again, as I live life I will continue pray…
to God that my son will change 1 DAY!!

Hell,is where you should be…
Thank God there was NEVER a you and me!

Your son's name is J***** jus' in case.
Again, I never hope to see you again face-to-face!

Seems your family tried to cover up why you took your own life,
But it came out that your father, abused you, G**** and your mother B*****, his first wife.

It sad to know that you were probably molested like[ our] son by YOUR dad,
When he died, I was not sad.

All I could think about was that he hurt everyone around him and you were the worst end result,
And  that he was born and raised to be a monsterous adult.

How for back in the family this abuse go,
With him gone, I guess we will never, ever know.

If you are listening from above,
The ONLY thing I regret is that you were never taught to love.

Sincerely Yours, "Jackie"

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Written by Catherine Reinke

Ancient sources tell us of one old God
forbidden from all others,
Yahweh declared he, from the sun,

named  him Baal. His ceremony enticement
many could not resist,
believe one God only’ certain  may  this one.

Each morning clockwork He would arise
feeding nourishment  they and plants alive.

Not only life give’th  He in  sun’s magnificent glory
 how few could understand
why Yahweh to war went with Baal.

Fought in heavens sky for power supreme complete
resistance forces fought immense
until victory found when Yahweh   produced his demon fail.

Destruction of our earth, when  Yahweh   flood waters  sent.
Save select few , Noah and they
in his arch rescue set  omnipotent God sail.

Declared… drown the followers of the sun!
Yet ,rise each morning Baal still won.

Today  from the watery grave they  have risen 
those who worship all that Baal The  Sun has given.

Plead  we now, no  more destruct  us for such love 
condemned to  wait return of the arch  homeless dove .

Mend your rivalry Yahweh  with Baal, we  pray
that   in service both, in gratitude and love we may.

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From Death

What if I could change the hands of time
would I choose to go back and tell people 
what was really on my mind would I choose to 
make better decisions,listen, and go on
differnet missions

What if God gave me a second chance 
would I come back and tell his story, 
pray for glory,and be a better person then 
I was before hand

What if I could have one last conversation with my family and friends 
would I sit around and talk about the latest trends, pretend I was ok,
or encourge them to keep the faith because God will make a way 

What if  I could rewrite my life
would I stay away from strife, play my fife,and change my life
would I serve God whole hearted, pray at night,be polite,
and live upright

What If the life I lived was in vain 
because I was disobedient and caused god so much pain 
thinking I had forever to do whatever, dance with the devil,
repent of my sins, and worship God at the end

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You Take God I'll Take Booze, Drugs And Women

You Take Your God…
I’ll Take My Booze, Drugs And Women!

Someone recently asked me: “Are you listenin’?”
“You take your God!”  “I’ll take my booze, drugs and women!

I’ve been there! When I lived for “the pleasure of the day.”
I didn’t want to listen to what God had to say!

Whatever felt “good.”  I wanted to “live it up!”
There were many things I tried, that I let “fill me up.”

But whatever I tried…  No matter how 
happy I wanted to be.
There was still something empty deep inside of me!

I’ve seen families break apart, over a bottle of booze.
In the end, it seemed like everyone was going to lose!

I’ve seen drugs lead people into heavy addictions.
And have seen them die from various afflictions!

I’ve seen grown man having “affairs” of various kinds.
Only to burn in lust with very “sex craved” minds!

Is this the real fun that people seem to crave?
But too often, end up in an early grave?

Will someone please tell me what going on?
Or, have many people just “have it all wrong?”

There’s a God!  And he wants to make this very clear!
Today may be your party!  But his judgment is near!

Everything that you try will one day fail you!
The life God offers, will never disappoint you!

He is the answer for the satisfaction you seek!
You need him in your life!  Each day of the week!

Won’t you allow his love and peace into your life today!
He’ll show you how to really live
 in a brand new way!

By Jim Pemberton

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Jesus Could Have Called 10,000 Angels

Jesus Could Have Called 10,000 Angels…

On a cross… Jesus suffered for you and me.
He could have called 10,000 
angels to set him free.

Nailed to this cross, he went
 through so much pain.
He knew his purpose and the 
reason why he came.

Being there for all of mankind 
was his choice.
Weakened and alone… 
 One could hear his voice;

“Father forgive them.” 
 “They don’t know what they’re doing!”
As the crowd listened… 
 Many began believing.

“My God why have you forsaken me?” 
 With one last breath…
And then...  And very quickly… 
 There was death!

For all of the pain and suffering
 he was to endure
Was so that a plan of salvation
 is now secure.

This same Jesus, who was to rise again.
Is forever to be our atonement for sin!

Seated at the right hand
 of God the father... In heaven above..
He awaits there for us all with
 an abundance of  love!

Won’t you accept his gift 
of life that he’s giving?
And allow him to forever change
 the way you’re living!

By Jim Pemberton

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You never said good bye, when you left me that day, but now I know your with God, in heaven today, god bless me in my troubles, and all my stripes, god knows what will happen tomorrow, in my percious life, I'll never forget you touch, you kiss, and your sweet beautiful face. When I los you, I lost a part of me, but every day I try to put the past behind, god and his angels up in heaven, no one can hurt you now.

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"HE" said I was to go to the Garden. But, I didn't. "HE" said I would be happy there for awhile. Tasting the pleasure of Life and it's rewards. But I wasn't allowed to go. Something keep me from entering, something wouldn't allow me in. I feel hurt, disappointment. "HE" said I would find joy, happiness and some sadness too! But I didn't find it. Only sadness, hurt and extreme pain. She wouldn't let me come to the Garden. "HE: has me now. I wait for another opportunity, I wait for another chance.

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Rise up, Rise up
Go to meet your creator,
The one who sought you favor,
Who called you out.

Rise up,Rise up
Go and praise your savior,
Go and praise your maker,
The one who took you out of doubt.

Wake up, wake up
See the one who set you free,
Who bought out the beauty in thee,
The one that would never forsake.

Wake up, Wake up
Open your eyes now you see
Go and meet the one who made thee,
For now you are awake.

(Requiem means Song of the Dead)
This was Dedicated to Mozart

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The story of two lives and an eternal love

God sent you as an angel in my life
The only miracle of love I ever had.
God sent you as a blessing to my soul
The only man I ever truly loved.
God sent us in the same time and place,
So we can meet,
So we can have a purpose 
So we can be complete.
I wish this God to tell me why we had to say good-bye so fast.
Why you to leave so far,and me to still be here?Why?
But my love for you reminds me the story of our love
At the first sight,when I saw your smile
I knew you gonna put your fingerprints on my entire life.
And then you took my heart and put it in a chain
When through your eyes you told me that we'll meet again.
At our first talk with your voice you gave me strenght.
I knew so well that's not the end.
From our first date you gave me love.
We knew so well we'll always be in love.
With the first kiss you sent arrows of sweet fire to my heart,
Since then, my soul knew that we'll never be apart.
I felt you are the one
You knew for sure I'll be forever yours.
And even now that we are so apart
I see your wings of angel on the light.
And even now that I am so alone
I feel your protectings arms around me,
And your guiding steps behind me.
I'll always feel surounded by your love.
Twin souls by God to fall in love were sent
Two souls that shared a love will never have an end.
Our destiny was to be together
We gived each other the beauty of a love 
That our souls will always carry.
It's so not fair that what we had it was so short
How will I live without you in this world?

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Missing You

Missing You 

My eyes filled up with tears when I 
heard the news
it never occured to me how much 
we all could really lose
Still today I have a hard time 
believing that this is real
Everytime I think about you pain is 
all I can feel
So as I sit here with tears rolling 
down my face
I know that your in no more pain 
and living in God's good grace
So on the day that God called you 
home, I know that he made no 
Because God only takes the best, so 
it was time for you my brother to 
getyou some rest
We all love you and will miss you so 
very much For you were a great son, 
brother, cousin, fiance, friend and 
I refuse to say goodbye but until the 
day that we meet again
Rest in heavenly peace our dear 
sweet family & friend

Written with love just for you
By your Big sis: Eleanor Bolden

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In ultimul ceas

O cortina asurzitoare cade
anun?ând prin cei patru ca foametea
a încetat,
iar totul e infinit.

Caut o lumina, dar culori amare
ma orbesc.
Bezna ma-nconjoara, ne cuprinde pe toti;
ochii nu-mi mai folosesc.
Mereu sunt doua.

Caut un sunet, o ?oapta calda
sau un strigat.
Rugaciunile curg printre strigatele înal?atoare; 
ma asurzesc.
Din nou doua. Unde e?ti?

Caut...ceva; nu ?tiu ce caut,
dar înca simt. Îi simt 
?i pe Ei ?i pe ceilal?i.
Sufletele devin argin?i 
pentru zamislirea unei noi lumi.
Con?tiin?a mi-e amor?ita. S-a ales.

Memoria moare trecând, 
iar spiritul transcende.
Acum binele ?i raul sunt doar una...
o târguiala repetata.

Ce urmeaza? 
Trâmbi?ele furate imi rasfrâng
gândurile deja înghe?ate.
Unde ai disparut?

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Where are you

Jesus where are you
Today I arose
The wind was no longer calm
Thoughts are raging
Hearts beating, heads spinning

Jesus can you hear me
Are you listening 
Souls are weeping
Bodies torn apart
Why are you hiding?

Jesus are you angry
People sinning, babies crying
Nation starving,benefits dying
The world is hurting.

Are you watching
Things are falling apart
Nothing is mending
The waves are turning.

Sorrows are great
Burdens are heavy
My feet are weary
Graves are carved.

Jesus where are you
Can you hear me?
I am sorry
Please embrace us.

Scarlette Howard

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Still I cry since the day you died. I often ask myself WHY? Why did you die, Why did you leave me here all alone to cry. I cry all day and I cry all night oh dear LORD that not right. My heart is broken and my heart is SAD there is so much anger in my life it makes me MAD. Your death has made me STAND STRONG and fight for the INJUSTICE that did you wrong. For each life that I save that will be a ROSE placed your grave to let everyone know YOUR LIFE COULD have been SAVED. Still I cry under GOD’S watchful eye and I hope THAT other PARENT don’t have to ask the question WHY like I. With every breath that I take and every tear that I cry I will always LOVE you and everyone will know WHY. You were my BABY, you were my SON you are the reason why I remain STRONG and one day you will be back in my Arms. With grief there is pain, with grief there is sorrow but with grief there is always a tomorrow. We will always MISS you, we will always LOVE you and I thank GOD for the timed we shared with YOU. With this knife in my heart I will stand STRONG with this KNIFE in my heart I will never be alone. You are my ANGEL and you are my GUIDE you are the reason why I survived. GOD has chosen me to be POSITIVE guide in other children lives so no THAT other Parent’s can watch their child DIE. I will be a POSITVE influence in their children’s lives because I know how it feels when your child dies. You were a POSITIVE  in my LIFE  so now I know what it take to make a sacrifice and the death of a child is not right NO ONE PARENT SHOULD EVER HAVE TO MAKE SUCH A SACRIFICE. 



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In Loving Memory of Taleah

It’s hard to believe that you’re actually gone
Seems just a while ago we all went out to eat
We all had fun and were surrounded by family
Everyone smiling and laughing and enjoying life
But who knew that a while later you would be gone
No one really expected this or knew when you would depart from this life
We all should be rejoicing instead of mourning knowing that Taleah is at ease
The bible says “I am not alone, because the Father is with me”.
So we all can rest assure that she is doing a whole lot better
While Taleah was here on earth her spirit seemed so high
She didn’t complain, at least I didn’t see it
And she maintained her faith although things were being thrown at her from left 
and right
Even when in pain she fought it out like a child of God
Never letting the Devil wear her down
All he wanted to do was stress her out and make her feel worse
But we can all laugh in his face because we know that he lost the battle and God 
She leaves behind two beautiful daughters, but they are in good hands
God will continue to watch over them every night just as he did before
We miss her and love her very much
And believe that God has so much in store for her

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The candles burn their prayers to the heavens 
from the cold walls of the house of God
The rain pounds at the earth beyond 
and someone runs upon the mud

His rosary swings 
in his desperate hands
His prayers are earnest
He mutters fast

"Listen to me, Lord, and answer me,
for I am helpless and weak.
Save me from death, because I am loyal to you;
save me, for I am your servant and I trust in you-”

His feet lose their grip 
on the sodden ground
Dread thumps at his heart
the prayer dies in his mouth

He gasps in his panic 
as the monsters gain
He gets up from the floor 
and cries out in pain

Teeth in his flesh
His Achilles heel
They tear at the muscle
His final appeal

“Help me"! He screams 
as they tear at the meat
He kicks at their jaws 
and he is back on his feet

The candles flicker 
as the doors swing wide
They slam to a close 
and he runs inside

Up to the alter 
he falls to his knees
The growls grow louder
“Lord, Help me, please”!

The hounds are trapped 
yonder bless’d stone
but they howl at the door 
for the man they are owed

He raises his arms 
His ultimate plea
up to his saviour
with blood on his sleeves

“Be merciful!
Please, they are coming for me!
Forgive me, my Father,
That I wanted to leave”.

His face is pale with the shine of death
He begs his Father to forgive his sin
His veins are torn
His soul bereft
“Lord, please forgive me, don’t let them in”.

The candles go out
With one gust of wind
The doors slowly open 
and the hellhounds come in.

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God's Suicide Note

Why do the dead always seem like they still had so much left to do?
Yes it’s true; a dead man is a dead man and none death can undo
But to see his pale, blue-grey face, like the setting moon
Makes one wonder if his time had not come too soon

Looking prim and proper in a suit and shoes all new
Perhaps ready to meet his maker for the final interview
About all the sins he’s done whilst the truth he knew
Trying to persuade God his life story to review

I can’t help but wonder if perhaps God isn’t bored
With following his own script to our predictable end
Our source of heat and light and order a ticking time bomb
The reason for life a raging inferno from splitting the atom?

Master of the Universe
Author to this verse

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Why Do Christians Give Thanks?

why do Christians give thanks to the Lord Our God?
It's because we feel the need to reciprocate on our part
as Christians many think that we consider ourselves as being better
but all we're trying to do is follow God's commands to the letter
so what is it about Christians? are we that different than most?
what is it about Christians? do you think it's the Holy Ghost?

so why do Christians give thanks and what do they hope to gain?
we give thanks to Jesus the Christ so His death won't be in vain
not everyone who's in the church is there for the right reasons
some so-called Christians only attend church during the summer season
but a true Christian soldier, a true disciple of Christ 
attends church to praise, to worship and give honor for His life

we give thanks in gratitude for His death on the cross
It was the supreme sacrifice so our souls would not be lost
yet some people attend church with their own agendas
and it's not about sacrifice nor is it about surrender
for Godly gratitude isn't about the superficial things in life
It's about giving thanks for His blood sacrifice

I thank God for Jesus who died for my sins
I thank God for Jesus, my Savior, my Brother, my Friend
He was the greatest gift given to me as a guarantee for my salvation
the most perfect present I've ever received and I show my appreciation
I thank Him for His love which is not dependent on my worth
I thank Him for His grace which is sufficient here on earth

so why do Christians give thanks to the one called Jesus the Christ?
I know I give Him thanks for being the Redeemer of my life
unblemished, pure, holy, just and upright
the Prince of Peace, the Salt of the Earth, the Son, the Sacrifice
His blood that was shedded on Mount Calvary
paid the price for any sin that was inside of me
now cleansed of all unrighteousness, I've been washed from inside out
and that's why Christians give thanks without question, without doubt

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Death's Hand

when dad left us,
each night praying for the love it would take
to fix my parents marriage.
i would pray for the kindness
i desperately needed to face my siblings
and my mom.
now i know my words fell on deaf ears
and god is nothing but a fancy name for nothing.
cried when i didn't know what love really was.
i still cry over the idea of love. true love.
when my family fell victem to death's DOMINO effect
i knew real love was buried six feet deep.
this is why i cannot cry over you.
i should be sorry, but i'm not.
i should be scared, but i'm not.
nothing can hurt me quite like love.
it's not found in tulip fields or bookshelves.
when he died, my aunt couldn't stop trembling.
papa told her she couldn't shake forever,
but it has been six years now.
if i squint hard enough i can see him
sitting next to her at family dinners.
hand on a quivering knee, as if she sees him too.
love is a six year shiver that never stops.
it is not something you wish for.
love is love is love is love is pain.
love is nothing but death's hand on your shoulder.

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The Last Day

The things I learn, the love I spread
The people I like , The girl I love
The God I believe, the feelings I share
Nothing remained and nobody to gain

The Love told me to fill the ocean with my tears
The God said me to be sorrow forever
MY broken heart want to say something
But it has only the broken words and a weeping soul

The eyes are filled with blood
The tears told that they are helpless
How the God is? He even disappeared the tears
There is no water but only blood come from the eyes

My hands are shivering
The legs are helpless
The blood is bledy
the soul is stupid

At last I am before the mirror
I tried to call my mother (Amma)
But how unlucky I am? no words and nothing
Nothing came from the mouth
but  blood and blood and only blood.

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Send Him All My Love

Today was the day my world came to an end,
Days will go by before I realize I'll never see him again,
So many things I regret I have done,
Neglect to a brothers love is just one,
I could have done better kept him from going astray,
My greatest fear became reality today,
I wish I could be there wish I could say goodbye,
Thinking back to what I could have done I didn't even try,
Loking back at the times we shared, both good and bad,
One more time to talk to him and see his face this I wish I had,
The one person who meant the world to me is now gone,
I have to ask myself why God took him, it seems so wrong,
I know that one day I will be with him once more,
I can't explain why I hadn't thought of this before,
I set the example that bad things were cool,
It took my brother from me, Man was I a fool,
I pray for my brother and his soul, I ask God up above,
God, If you recieve my message tell my brother that I miss him and send him all 
my love.

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It's Ok Mama To Let Go

it's ok mama to let go
for the angels told me so
i'm no longer afraid 
to be on my own

it's ok mama to let go
go be with daddy 
so he doesn't feel 
so all alone

it's ok mama to let go
you've earn your wings
for god has told me so

it's ok mama to let go
i'll be waiting and watching
for your spirits aglow

it's ok mama to let go
for god exponged that cancer
and now lets you travel to and fro

Happy Mother's Day Mama {1934 - 2005 }

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What, Me Worry??

Some people are concerned
They wonder and they fear
Just how and when they'll die
The thought, it seems so queer
Not like we have a choice
And so I'll tell you why...
but it's only my own voice...

I've been dead before,
I'll be dead again,
The thought of fearing it
To me just seems inane

Whether it's nothingness after
Or to a heavenly place we go
The thought to me seems dafter
But I don't really claim to know

So I worry not about things to be
Of which I have no control
Just accept what's been doled to me
Peace is my only goal

So I thank Alfred E. Newman
On each cover of Mad magazine
He gave me this great title
Such wisdom is rarely seen...

So sleep in peace my friends out there
It's all in God's great hand
Life and death two sides of the same coin
I hope you understand

And now I've said my piece
So off to bed I go
Is sleep a bit like death?
That I'd like to know

Cause sleep is my favorite time
No pain, no  worries, no cares..
Someday we'll all find out
At that time when God shares
What some consider the ultimate mystery
The big answer that they seek
Go to sleep this evening
May God give you a peek!

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Real Love

Thank you God for this wonderful man
I am ready to take him and hold his hand
Til death do we part and I'll never stray
Loving him more each and everyday
My love for him comes straight from the heart
Cupid shot his arrow and hit me with his dart
The love will never fade away from me 
In your arms is where I want to be
Thank you God for this wonderful man
Who holds the key to my happiness in his hand
I trust him with it because You sent him in love
into my life; my loving angel from above
My knight in shinning armour so tall and proud
I'll exclaim to all "I love him" out loud
To be his wife and only queen 
will be the completion of my nightly dream
To have and to hold til death us do part
are real and true feelings straight from my heart
I love you and this is no dream
It's as real as can be just like it seems.

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burised and scared

" No Rayn! Please don't touch me!"
     "Stop Rayn! Stop touching me!"
" Rayn let go of my arm...Please your hurting me"
    " Why are you doing this to me?"
"What because you love me! If you loved me you wouldn't treat me like this"
      "oh my gosh...please...just...quit...hitting me!"
"please just listen to me!"
              "I can't take this any more!"
 "please don't push me!"
                " OWW... I got a peice of glass stuck in my back...please help me."
  " Why don't you just take the gun and kill me.."
           "what because you need me... If you needed me then u would love and take care of 
"Do it just do it you fool"
      "come on pull the trigger... pull it!"
 "ayah, god what have I done?"
 " No god No!"

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Listening to the sounds of ghoulish frights
Six-feet deep but everything is alright
A cruel chill comes across you 
Thank God for top soil….whew
From the street and morgue to the ground
How they all depart with a devilish frown
Cold, stiff, pale and unstuffed
When your soul leaves your body you don’t get up
Hard, lonely, and looking sick
Difficult to say goodbye to and missed
Your flesh is so tensed and complicated to kiss
Life, love, and longevity
Filled with embalming fluid makes you heavy
Flowers, tombstones, and much sorrow
Got to find some black to shortly borrow
A long cloudy drearisome day
Dismal, wintry, and gloomy, God don’t take me away
Death is so atrementous so nigrescent
Black roses are a dead man’s present
When that casket drops it is evident
You are no longer here you’re irrelevant
The extinct, the rested in lovely peace
Sad singing and flower bringing for the deceased
May God bless our souls all these long nights
May God rest their souls who reside at all the 
Many “Grave Sights!”

Written ByA.I.R. Feb.20,2004

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A Trampled Life

Do you hear your bones break, feel your mangled heart? The desire for pain has ripped you apart Your soul has been tortured, bludgeoned and maimed Those dark eyes cannot disguise the heartache and pain You are filled with hatred, greed, and insidious lies Manipulated, you thought yourself to be wise A prisoner with shackles of anger and fear You lost every thing your heart once held dear Tempted by poison cloaked as nectar so sweet The body craves more while your essence depletes An evil captor stole your heart, taking it far from me You know how I love you but you are too blind to see Satan has gripped you in a tormenting vise Your soul suffocates yet he still does entice The wicked disguises as an angel winged with light While he keeps you in bondage and steals your sight Death on the horizon, you cannot get enough You are willing to bury yourself under the rough Deeper and deeper, trampled into the heavy earth Like an elephant stampeding, you feel crushed with no worth Yes, your soul has been trampled by Satan's cloven hoof But to God who is greater, beg for strength and for truth Desires of the flesh cannot fill the desires of the soul I pray for you, God take a trampled life and make it whole
For Trample Contest

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The Prayer

Be fear of The Day

The Day of Eternal Destruction
The Day of Mankind Elimination
The Day of Ending
The Day of Everything

God blessed us, God helped us!

Our life is being shorten
We beg for your forgiveness
The time is getting faster
We don't want it to end now

God helped us, God forgive us!

We beg upon our knees
We beg upon Your mercy
Oh, my prayers shouted
Pleaded, begging for another chance

The Day Of Judgement
We fear

Please, hear Our cries!
We want to continue Our lives!

O God Of Almighty!

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A Seat on the Bus

Standing out there in the cold so many people waiting for the bus
Some were young and some old but none of them making a fuss
They were headed off to Washington D.C. many a sign in their hand 
As those who don't agree are the same one's who don't understand

They set aside this particular day in order to stand up for the unborn
Some of them just go there to pray beyond the eye of all that scorn
As they march right up to the capitol just imagine the angels above
Saying it to be of God's Will, responding with the quite peace of love

In being a big believer in prayer I know they are going to win this war
But to this day it isn't fair as America has again murdered 3,000 more
But I speak of consequence as you can't go on destroying His Creation
A storm that is truly immense is quickly headed for this chosen nation

Will the tide finally ever withdraw and the nightmare of 50,000,000 end
Or will we eventually just fall in not hearing the message these signs send
As once again they're waiting on that bus this time to take them all away
Yet once again no one was making a fuss in just reflecting upon this day


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Memoirs of The Damaged-Part Two

I just want to take you back to that small frail girl,
The girl who sat in the shadows, in the corner of her room,
The girl who’d,
Never dare to cry,
Always wondered why,
Often wished to die.
The girl who encountered the unpleasant but turned her mess into a message 
To enable you to have a clue, 
That it is possible for God to breakthrough, 
Any trial that comes to you.

Part two, for me, is the segment of clarity,
I now understand what God has in store for me.
He has brought me through the hard times so I can stand strong,
Led me through the wilderness, and calmed the autocratic storm,
And now I have a clear mind and clear vision, clear focus, 
my success is sure to come.

Through my new mindset, 
I feel like a butterfly that was once a caterpillar,
A new creature, I’ve change and morphed in to someone better,
I once travelled slow, only wished to fly,
And now I flutter high in the breeze 
drawing closer and closer to where I pray to be

This is a memoir of the damaged but also an account of an overcomer.
I proclaimed my freedom from the distant memories of my past, 
on a revelationary journey to a rural town in Polska.
As I took the same steps as our Yiddish friends did several years ago,
I learnt to understand that whilst facing the threat of death daily, 
They appreciated the gift of life.
The gift, of life.

Human beings, we are designed for a purpose
                                            Live for a purpose
Are instructed to accomplish that purpose,
                                            Our eternal destination is dependant on its completion.
But whether we actually ever fulfill that purpose, we will still all live, then die.

The grounds of the death camps and the ambiance I experienced, 
provided me with the eloquence, that after death there is life.
Over 1 million souls died in those grounds decades ago,
But after death, there is life
But still, I heard singing birds and saw growing trees, peaceful in the breeze.
After death, there is life.
Eternal life,
But where we dwell is determined by our obedience to the Most High.

I’m not asking you to believe what I believe,
And I’m not asking you to think the way I think,
But I am asking you to ask yourself,
Ask within, deep in your soul,
Why are you hear,
Why do you experience the things that you do,
Why do have the desires that you do,
And whether there is One Greater watching you.

This is the end of part two,
I was that little girl,
And I’m the narrator
Now, look at me, I’m a new creature.

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Deliberate Shades of Insanity

It is simple to laugh
at this sinister comedy,
ablaze with maddening duality.
A true scene of blood-thick bonds,
breaking never, but
tightening, like a noose
around the throat of the last
thinking organism,
ascending beyond basic self judgment,
embracing those strange strings
bound to his every feature,
gladly frisking about for the puppeteers.
I wonder,
if those few,
whose delusions fuel
the superstitions of many,
I wonder if they know,
of their part in the great galactic
The blackened remains of our
organic souls,
the most ancient of follies.
A long running joke of
existential abandon.
They are the procurers.
They hold the keys,
blameless and trustworthy.
Is it an aspect of the human instinct?
To chase the howling packs of mysteries
that stalk wantonly in the night
in search of minds to sap,
and devour whole?
Creatures forever hidden in the margins,
the immortal footnotes of our collective knowledge,
wedging themselves against
revolving glass doors
to open spaces.
Obstinate minds burn, and quickly.
Ignited by instant gratification:
perishable fixtures, easily replaceable.
The foolishness of those who
embrace infinity
like some timeless yarn,
tales woven from the wombs of gods,
with a starring role just for you.
But, in verisimilitude,
a pitifully brief cameo
in the pantheon of our rock,
flying through the cold, black sky.
A self sustained closet of chilled tolerance,
releasing its vapors for us all
to forever breath,
never acknowledge.
The cloud approached.
Some vengeful automaton,
strung together
by a ridiculous, ancient
grimoire of life-law.
Little more than a slave to
the drama he has penned
for us and our universe.
Beyond oblivion
is a towering mirror, suspended.
Quivering like severed tentacles
in inky blackness is god.
He creeps closer to the shining monument.
Like all members of the community of sentience,
He must know himself.
The other deities whisper and gossip,
as Yahweh sees himself for the first time.
He looks down upon his Earth.
His little blue sphere,
his pet-project, his hideaway
of painful secrets and disastrous
His colony of lepers, that which was
once his.
He sees the sunset on the cosmic horizon.
A fierce, warring red zenith, the thunderhead
of prophesied tempests.
No prophesies have fallen on his ears, no,
for he knows his lot.
He knows, as the cloud grows:
God looks down because there is no up.
No deity to recline upon.
He weeps, and with the tears comes the
Death of god.

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Two us soldiers died again today

Two us soldiers died again today 
They say two us soldiers died again today
They say two us soldiers died again today.I ask, Why God Why, Why the fighting? Why the killing,Two more us soldiersdied again today, Why god why, way the war,why must our soldiers died, two us soldiers died again today,Someone's son not coming home, Why god why? I pray everyday lord keep our soldiers,safe, why god why. two moreus soldiers died again today, why god why,It makes me so sad, why the killing, why the fighting, whygod why? They say two Us soldiers died again today, Someone's son or daughter, someone's husband or wife,Someone's friend, why god why?Two us soldiers died again today,why can't we just bring our boys home,why god why? Why can't this all end?

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The God's honest truth

The God’s honest truth

I cannot believe I am writing this as it means it is true
A school friend of my niece just some poor innocent young girl
Was abducted yesterday
Her end, 
A forlorn body burned beyond recognition in some random field
And this story came with pictures
Images of her Mother condemned to hell
Not the fairy tale fire and brimstone for eternity version
I mean the real living hell on earth 
Waking up in sweats of fear and dread 
In the middle of the night, a life not worth living
Hell can you imagine the toll on ones soul that would tell
And I thought to myself thank God it was not you
Until you said where was God then when she needed him? 
And I wondered why am I thanking or thankful 
For a God who would allow this poor little innocent girl to die
I have to ask of myself the question
Are Humanity and God merely a LIE        

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True Expressionists

As far as my mind can perceive, that which is all I have come to believe
Stands true to my soul, and as I grow old realizing there's more to be seen.

If you share same nature in feeling, and have courage enough not conealing
Then dont be afraid, express it in ways, assessing the cards god is dealing.

Trust that god in its general name, shows creater just what it has made
Wayward cultures confused, helpless people are used in the race to place all the blame.

You are brave enough to construct, true religion yet faux claims deduct
Then you'll see there is reason for changing of season, and "coincidence" isn't just luck.

Its whats positive that which I feel, and negative hits harder than steel
I find more joy from the up, so darkness gets fluxed and spirit steers better my wheel.

How did I possibly come to conlusion? obtain vision and not just illusion?
I read people like books, so when teachers tried to look I either embraced or gave 

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Ending of the Circles

Lack of anarchy 
This generation knows none
It has lost all beliefs of the mothers and fathers before
These times are a godless time
That the scoundrels pray by and dance to with flames
Murderers are given empathy and the sick...  to many antidotes

I stood above the altar waiting for a cleric
But was ashamed of the men who held a cross and kiss to one another
Children dying for the touch of an adult yet their games are still adolescent
Blood spilled for the sole purpose of drinking in already a vein drought
I cried for the times to end but the seconds grew patient and the minutes live

Statues built in tyranny and now every country begs for violence and respect 
Lust at the tip of the educators wand 
Fear is just a name that history has failed to remember
Witchcraft at the culmination of a holiday which we celebrate loudly and drunken

May God pity this land
Our hands use to ache with hard labor 
Now they snatch ignorance at the kneck 
Virtues grappling at a whim while the holiness has been abandoned like a ship
Drifting away at a destitute harbour

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Another Saints gone home

We just got the news today
she will soon be going away
the doctors done all that they can do
but it's not over for her
she's just going home
she's faught her fight 
Her battles now are through

another saints gone home Hallelujah
another child of God reaches Her heavenly home
another saints gone home Hallelujah
Praise the Lord 
for now at last her victory is won

When the time has come for me to go away
I want my friends and family to see
that its not time to mourn
but to celebrate 
this life I've lived
 I pray they all may sing

another saints gone on hallelujah
another child of God reaches the Heavenly gates
another saints gone home hallelujah
Praise the Lord
Some day we'll see her in the heavely home.

By Treasa Jarvis 
Dedicated to the memory of my grandmother Beulah Campbell who was a great 
inspiration to me..

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One starry skied night, I lay in the grass
Reflecting on relationships, people of years past
And then I see her: walking down heaven's steps
The memories rushed back, as if she never left
My eyes tear up, and I tell her "I miss you"
Her smile illuminated the night, and replied "I miss you too"
I asked "Do you hate me for how things ended?"
She answered, "We're all human: maybe thats what God intended"
I explained that I regret all my mistakes
She chuckled as a tear trickled down her face
She told me "I've never been more proud of you
I sometimes wish I could leave heaven for you"
I held her hand and looked into her angelic eyes
I had to ask, "Did you think I was different from other guys?"
She said "With you, there were no other guys
You were, and always will be, my everything
Although I know, you'll probably call some other lucky girl your everything
I came see you to let you know I love you"
I replied "I love you too"
This moment couldn't be true
I said, "Could you stay with me forever?"
She replied, "No, but you could talk to me whenever
Heaven's not too far away
I promise you'll be okay
Not only is God watching, I'm watching you too
Just know your in my heart whatever you do"
The stairway to heaven appeared, she said "I have to go"
I beckoned for her to stay, but I had to let her go
Before she departed, she gave me a kiss
I cried, but I smiled; I needed this
I watched her take step by step
I could feel her leaving; breath by breath
My soul then came to terms with her time limit
She'll always be mine; body and spirit.

In case you're wondering, the "she" i'm referring to is my ex-girlfriend Jonera Auriel
Raymond, who was killed (along with her brother) by a drunk driver on March 20, 2008.

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A Child in War

As the dust burns my weary eyes
I push on and compromise 

Looking for a long lost dream 
Of swimming through the waters clean

Bombs echoing in the distance
Dead and gone in an instance

Praying to god for every breath
A candle lit for every death

It is here I sit all alone 
A heart that burns turns to stone

A concert of horror ringing clear
I run and hide all in fear

I steal and lie to survive 
Of my family I am the only life

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly!

In my mind all is rage 
I feel locked up in a cage

When will this nightmare end?
A stray bull dog my only friend

During the nights we stay warm
We help each other through the storms

Our night lights, are burst from your guns
The politicians say we are the ones

The ones who kill day to day
For when I grow up they will pay

My train of thought, pains me now and then
When I know war is a means to an end

Sometimes I try to escape
But I was turned in for a stay

Slaving for the men of war
Sometimes a cook, sometimes a whore

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly

I have to kill to get away
I can no longer bear the pain 

My knife slides across their throats
I’m caked in blood that coat’s

Before I could run I heard screaming
I continued my work while the tears were streaming

In a way I am glad I was caught
Now I can join that heavenly lot!

My hound of war was first feed to me
Then I was beat to subdue me!

Almost to the point of certain death
But they tortured my every breath

They kept me breathing for the rope.
They slung my body from the post

I choked and kicked all I could
While the others just watched from where the stood

Before I lost my failing senses 
I prayed to god just to end this

At that moment my prayers were sealed
A boy in the crowd revealed his steel

A rip of pain through the chest
The bullet entered and did its best

For a few days my body was displayed
For those under slavery to see who disobeyed 

After a few days my body was searched
Only a small diary was all the thieves could perch

Meaningless thoughts were rattled out of rhyme
A small short story of the life that was my time

Beckoning to those that are still at war
Freedom is a bullet wound for the soul to finally soar.

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly.

That same boy who ended all this pain 
They ended him his efforts never vain

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In Jesus Alone

This world cannot offer the level of Love,
or the Joy found in Jesus alone,
From the oceans below to the mountains above,
I no longer consider this 'Home'.

Shallow pleasures of Sin, for which I were a slave,
Began many wars of the past,
They Remain beside footprints approaching the grave,
The Door to the Joy which will last.

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God Isn't Great

a poem/prose from my new pen name book

Ultima Thule by Jimmy Boom Semtex

ISBN: 978-1-326-14210-0

God Isn't Great
It says on the van windscreen GOD IS GOOD. Maybe the drivers believe this. Do you? Not sure I do after watching that video. The new one of the airliner shoot down. Immediately after it hit the ground. You'd be forgiven for thinking it was a movie. See the pretty girls in figure hugging dresses running along. The old skool cool Lada cars parked up. Rural country life ripped end to end forever. See the black smoke, orange flames, grass on fire, hay burning, bits of broken plane scattered. And the passengers and crew? Dead amongst the flames and hell. But this video isn't as bad as the previous one. You don't see smoking 'things' fall out of the clouds. We were told they were people. Falling slower than the blasted jet. I'd advise having a drink before viewing this new film. As I will do when I see it again, to write this. It left me feeling what? Feelings I don't like. I struggle putting my thoughts into words. Think of the slogan GOD IS GREAT. Do the dead passengers think so? Now they're in His presence. And what of the Russian backed terrorists who shot down and murdered them? Why don't they admit their guilt instead of lying? Is it true that the Buk missile crew is half Russian? I wonder why the resident of Hrabove  waited four months to upload their video? It's set on portrait function, giving you an intimate view of hell. Chinese rice wine takes my edge of their vid. How many there now drink because they were intimate spectators of hell? Their town became Hellabove. Would have been if the wreckage landed upon them.

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Mommy "A Tear From Heaven"

Mommy,  why don't you cry for me?
Why did you turn the lights out on me?
I now watch you, from heavens window.
Wondering why, you through me away.
You said that I was to much for you.
But mommy, all I wanted was a hug one day.

Mommy, you will never know if I'm a boy or a girl.
With dark brown hair, or golden curls.
Mommy  when you aborted me, my cries did end.
But God gave them back, when I came to him.
And if you look to the sky, I'm the brightest star.
Shining from the heavens, so very far.

So mommy, don't you ever feel sad for me.
Because I do love you.....and mommy,
The next time it rains, It's just tears from me.
Mommy God tells me that someday you'll see.
And I know what ever God says is true.
So goodnight mommy.....and I do forgive you.

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Heaven is there any such place?
There has to be something 
in all that empty space
The space above the clouds
where it's always bright
and all your troubles are out of sight

Heaven is exempt from
all the dark clouds
God never lets them in,
they're not allowed.

Remember the peace you 
longed for here on earth?
In heaven is where it
finally gives birth.

It's really beautiful 
way up there,
everyone lives without a care
No more depression,
no more sorrows
no more worries about 
your tomorrows.

Now comes the hard part,
What do we do?
When will our time on
earth be through?
What if heaven sounds so great,
we absolutely just can't wait?
Can we shorten our time
and help God along? 
Or would that be doing
something wrong?

If there's a heaven
then there must be a hell
and God might not 
take it too well
If we shortened our own time
and tried to help him out,
giving him one less person 
to worry about.

Would he damn us to hell
because we couldn't wait?
Or would he forgive us 
and open up the gates?
Would he understand
what it's like here on earth
waiting for our peace 
to finally give birth?

Do we take a chance 
and try to find out?
Or do we sit patiently 
and wait it out?
Decisions, decisions
it's so hard to decide
By which choice will you abide? 
it too

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When you died I stopped living 
No comfort to be given 
No reason to continue living 
I miss you more everyday 
Can't believe God took you away 
A pain that goes so deep 
It pierced right through my soul 
Death left a darkened hole 
If tears could bring you back I swear we would never part 
I  would have brought you back and healed my broken heart 
They say God takes the roses and never takes the thorns 
I wished you pricked his finger and told him he was wrong 
I hate to feel this way and long to meet my fate  
Death  no longer my biggest fear 
 I only fear dying and still not having you near

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my legs swinging easily over the branch of this weeping willow tree, the place where my last 
masterpiece will be, i think of my life and how hollow its been even true love couldn't work 
its way in. Any love that was received was washed away by my sinful deeds. To paint to, to 
enjoy life, to enjoy a cool winter breeze, i find myself forever hateful of these God given 
things. I sit upon this branch pondering life and wondering why God gave me such a life, I 
love thee God so please forgive me, of these hateful thoughts of these terror filled dreams 
please allow me to walk with thee thru the pasters so green for i cant stop myself form this 
one last sinful, selfish deed. I caress the rope so fondly as what i think as my sweetest lover. 
The feel of it upon my neck tied to the tree forever will this be my greatest masterpiece.

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Perfection and Men

Perfection and Men 

Abraham lived obediently; God’s favor, right choices bought.
From Sodom, nephew, Lot, was brought; righteous ones sought were not.
Sodom and Gomorrah to death were laid; sinful ways delayed.
Abraham, and his family blessed lived God’s goodly ways.

Noah, a righteous man of God, heeded the Father’s will.
He built an ark of gopher wood; though mockery was shrill.
Everywhere the land was dry and there was no rain in sight. 
Steadfastly, he and his sons worked with never ending might.

Job, a man of ancient days, he the devil did withstand.
And learned to live life perfectly blessed by God above men.
Satan came with dreadful days; stripped him of every song.
Job suffered all manner of ills; his faith in God stayed strong.

Perfection of a life ill trod may seem forever gone.
A harlot, once not stoned by man, sang, repented of wrong.
“Go and sin no more.” Christ said, as He helped her to her feet.
Hopefulness given directions, perfection her entreat.  

Jesus Christ, the Son of God was the Savior of the world.
He sacrificed His will to God; His perfection unfurled.
Silently with no ill thoughts He received the plight for sin.
Bonds of death could not contain His eternal gift to men.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
     December 30, 2009

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tears of sorrow

The sadness of heaven 
as people leave this world
day by day 
Tears of sorrow coming my way 
Feeling the pain deep inside 
knowing that i cant hide
Feeling lonely and thinking it 
is my fought 
but what do i have to ought 
Watching the doves pass by 
But i didnt want to say goodbye 
Seeing my people die 
left me with a bow tie
Only God know whats better
When we know it matters
Having to believe that God is 
a miracle 
Would make some people life miserable 
Deep in my soul 
i know its my time to go
Feeling the same as others
looking at the dove passing by my window 
Wondering it was time for me to go 
As I watch the casket roll out to the burier 
I felt pain all over me
My body shivering 
like cool water
The next day i didnt eat 
sleep, nor drink
for days 
then i got weak and couldnt get 
up off the floor 
crying for help 
No answer and 
no sound of me 
I was Dead

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The Reign of Pain

We studied history and what we found
millennias in which war oppression tyranny abound
wars of religions politics and conquering men
violence destruction to Lord over their kin
Murder was rampant by all priests and kings
formidable weapons firearms tormenting things
those who designed torture for bodies called church
the lair of demons where the ravenous perch
Greed and abuse and fornication prevail
the assault on the senses this mindless assail
so few in the books found worthy of praise
even Socrates wisdom found shortened days
The depravity of Sodom again sees it's raise
for modern times man hasn't escaped these ways
you may not view a child in burnt offerings fire
but your neighbor will destroy just to reach higher
Technology and convenience can never change man
no law or potentate ever proved can
historians of the past were dictated by ruler
deleted the info that proved they were crueler
The distraction of materialism and it's convention
cannot change hearts or criminal prevention
men cloak their thoughts with lies and disguise
the women of today have become equally unwise
To the writing of books there is no end
that knowledge alone cannot hearts mend
to change our way God his Son did send
for Life in us seeks he to defend
Conspiracy theory cannot be denied
Lucifer to the first woman he lied
the mind needs food and absorbed that thought
and ever since then lies have been taught
God has set a theocracy for kingdom to rule
144,000 kings and priests will be his tool
to Serve mankind and those of resurrection
until they reach the state of original perfection
For God will gather all things in his Son
who died so that our freedom be won
Love by Way of Truth an Life prevail
and nothing will this kingdom assail
sources Matt 20_25-28 21:12-16
Matt chptr 23 Apocalypse 4:18-22
chptr 7 Ephesians 1:1-23
COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Prince of Darkness

Oh Prince of Darkness gilded gold
your heart to hatred you have sold
dispair is your path and lot
for the worship you have sought
Into the fall you did man lead
through the veil of his need
through the heart of his last gift
the sting of sin in life did lift
And priceless love that flits beyond the grasp
and sing the sorrow of things lost long past
When mourn we for the loss of Love
and barred to the gates of heaven above
The aching heart spans within the time we wait
ever seeking for it's place the gardens state
to wish upon the morrow that we be born again
to innocence return and to be free from sin
Oh the bitter dregs and bitter lees
the life thats brought us to our knees
and broken are the wings that soar
with hopelessness in hearts that roar
Oh the flutes in dirage sing
and the pipes of shades do ring
sackcloth and ashes have become our clothes
when the truth of life's exposed
Dispair the earth is covered
by the god who's gilding hovers
darkness is recieved as light
So rules the king of night
The verdant plains are burned and scorched
shelter from the storms no more
and the skies above clothed black
to pay for all the things we lack
Death has become a living thing
there are no more songs to sing
payment for the sins we have allowed
ashes and sorrow are now our shroud
How this system of things erodes the soul
and the pursuits of it's desire black as coal
When noble men have died and gone
We mourn their loss in dirage and song
Like a painting you have framed yourself
and taken those who worship god with stealth
for one woman the angel fell
and many others does history tell
Crushed the spirit within denied
because a life of sin applied
the choice was always ours alone
the wraith of death has touched our bone
priestcraft has brought them down
til no hope of truth be found
Hatred for humans the name of his game
and hearts that burn within his shame
What looks good in outer shell
contains within the seeds of hell
Loyalty and honor things of the past
as he holds the world within his grasp
All things die in the realm of sin
an angels hand was the first begin
decieved was she who believed
knowing not the intent recieved
Book and candle you have placed in my hand
and light from their guidence I understand
the depth of darkness in minds that are locked
and hardness of heart where truth is blocked
Sources Gen. 3 Gen.6:1-11 Ezekiel chptr 27-28
Lam. Matt. 4:1-11 Rev. 12-17

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller

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The Truth is the Gift of Gods Word
for it's understanding the habitation has stirred
softly upon spirit we listen to it's call
comprehension to it's voice like a seed is small

Can you understand the wise man's riddle
apprehend interpretation the narratives trail
from beginning to end surround the middle
without understanding it's Truth you may fail

Upon the Truth are your heavens fixed
the hearing upon earth with lies are mixed
to many have reached a state of complacency
the cares of this life has choked ability

You lead upon paths unknown
a flight those having wings have flown
I tell you upon the rise of each day
that you must lead and show us the way

Oh Shepherd like a lamb you guide me
for I am lost to the flock without thee
My Lord and my God you have called us out
faith in you but confidence in self do doubt

With every gesture you affirm the way
yet evermore before me do my sins lay
I look around upon those I do see
whose lives are worth much more than me

The seventh day Jehovah has blessed
where mankind will enter into his rest
abundance of joy will fill the earth
as Gods Kingdom has given birth

The fruit of her labor is worldwide
she will wipe the tears her children have cried
Gods woman has brought forth Life
she will train the children remove their strife

You are God from the womb of my mother
have preserved me from violence of brother
your handmaiden as captive I serve
given more than anyone here deserve

I listen to the music of your call
understand I grace given since fall
for to live is Christ and to die gain
and within the hand of your Love remain

Forsake me not when I reach that hour
frail woman in mankind has not power
give me courage so I don't therein cower
for I have beheld the future from your tower

Oh my gentle Lord your path holds no discord
our seas turned to glass when we do as asked
neath your wisdom do kneel as truth you reveal
all thinking given you and insight given true

Hold me close and in your arms
for hear I do the trumpets alarms
you have signified my death
for those you love I give my breath

Hold my hand on the path you take
for I am weak and easily break
a thing that is soft and frail
for those you love like Lord impale

Now I know the path to you
by example your loved showed true
willing I am to give you my life
like anointed Son did for wife

source 1John 3:16 Romans 12:1-2

© 2010 PoetryofProvidence
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Have you ever watched an angel die?
Has she ever been taken from your life?
As quickly as she was given life.
Her smile says a thousand words about liven.
Withering away by the death sentence given.
What kind of world do we live in?
Set to die
Not yet ready to fly.
A beautiful creature the world defies.
What can god do?
When she’s never done anything wrong to you.
He watches a daughter be executed like
He had to watch his son be persecuted.
All because a mistake made 
Causing her life never to be the same.
So quickly she fades
And we hold our heads down in shame.
We only have ourselves to blame.

Have you ever watched an angel die?
Have you ever seen one condemned and wanted to cry.
Have you seen one suffer when they didn’t have too?
A treasure so true people didn’t know what to do,
But cause suffering they are blind too.
God sees as she is being unjustly set free by
What many call greed?
He holds her hand.
Watching so few take a stand.
So many of his angels fall
As the rest of us stands tall
And he comes to take them when he hears them call
Who are we to make her call?
Angels are easy to ignore
When the world doesn’t care anymore.
Watching them fall prey
Will god send few and few
Or will he continue to send more 
Just to see what we do.
Is this a test we failed and never knew?

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This group is always pounding so hard on the doors of hell
With so many ungodly abominations I couldn't even begin to tell
They are the big demonic bully in their self created abortion room
I can only wonder what the Lord says about those who assume

First Baldwin, now Romero and all their highly tax paid cohorts
Often argue in favor of pornography before the U.S. courts 
For murderers they constantly fight against the death penalty
But the complete innocence of the unborn they just can't see

In the hatred of all evil I increasingly sense their stark presence
For a group to fight God's unborn rings of injustice so immense
But this misguided wayward group has forgotten just one thing
The complete and utter justice that our Lord Jesus is going to bring

Look at our schools without prayer and what they have become
In todays world now Americans are considered just flat out dumb
But don't just take my word for it all you need to do is look around 
The damage done I would admit in that God can so rarely be found

The ACLU will continue to go to court fighting against The Almighty's Word 
But in your continuance to distort God's truth will become increasing heard
You will soon begin to quickly wither away just as the Lord said it would be
Maybe not just right today but how long will He allow such insolent blasphemy  

"It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible."

 George Washington

"Oh the A.C.L.J. is such a better way
For of God's Law they do not betray
And as they stand and fight for the truly, truly innocent
Surely by God Himself the A.C.L.J. was sent"


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earthly recognition or eternal reward?

It's not about a pat on the back
or having your name etched onto a plaque
It's not about a huge bonus check
It's about the eternal reward that you should expect

people are always wanting to boast about their earthly deeds
they are insecure and earthly recognition they seem to need
but just because the boss points you out and the Pastor mentions your name
If It's only earthly recognition you seek, the what will your soul have gained?

to constantly seek earthly things and the desires that are of man
amassing monetary treasures and acquiring lots of land
there's nothing wrong with these desires
but they are not what God requires
It's not about the money, your status nor your college degrees
It's about the eternal salvation for you, that God has decreed

God wants you to live and abide by the Word that he sent
and the preaching and teachings of Jesus Christ, His Christmas present
to love your fellow man, to have a spirit of no fear
to study on the Word during your time down here
for tomorrow is not promised, at any moment you could die
and then where will you eternally reside?

with The Holy Spirit we now have reconciliation
Jesus Christ died on the cross to offer us salvation
His atoned for our sins so we could have justification
the sacrificial blood was the redemption for our sins
the grace and  mercy of God within our reach once again

earthly recognition or eternal reward?
you decide which deposit you can afford

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Pieta's Ode

O that grief in stone alone would tell
That passage from life's cross to hell
For having been born we begin the process
Of our unbecoming, a very subtle knell
Tolled on beads of faith in counter spell
All of death's exacting claim and duress.

But this Christ cast down by the evil it
The thing he did make subduing spirit
To take its flight from flesh, and leave the leather
Gnarled and twisted, so death inhabit
There God in convulsions truths admit
Is more than just change, or state of weather

Walk me through the crowd again, fled
From the picture, hear the hollow dread,
The dismal cry before existential emptiness
The brittle bonds of broken Godhead
The loneliness for sin that stood my stead
It tells upon even stone in lifeless grimace

How clever in work each chisel caught there
Languid form, and pity in the stare-less stare
The naked moment of our point of death foretold
The diligence against the strain of all fear
The sombre moment lurid on the dismal air
God is one with man, so man may grace the fold.

But in this deposition with self imposed I see
More than just a comment on self history
I see the co-opted glory of an alien race
The transposition of a marginal identity
The subjugation of faith to human mastery
Birthed and centered in death's callous place.

Go on you worshipers of idols in griefs of stone
Martyr yourselves for adulation of the throne
Art is memory that only tells in part our intent
The cross' silent purpose by sage sins condone
The longing to remove God and take his zone
Of time and space for preferred devilment.

I before no pieta bow, let the mad man die alone
Man came from the earth and O the worth unknown
To hold his God not as dead thing, but life summed
Through faith and gift of grace, a worthiness of throne
After the marble is cut, look out for the single stone
Toppling kingdoms in its roll as bright Jesus come.

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Who could forget what happened on that unsuspecting and sunny day,
when no visible clouds drifted over the Twin Towers?
Little after midnight, the cool rain adds to the melancholy 
of the descending angels; and I join them in prayer to remember the tragedy! 
This should be a day of remembrance, not of hatred for the ignoble acts 
the wicked committed, but would God accept unkindness instead of merciful deeds?

They called it another day of infamy,
and like Pearl Harbor we were taken by surprise;
that was an attack aimed at the military,
but on September 11 the terrorists attacked the civilians!
It seemed like lightning striking down sturdy trees,
and then fire broke out with smoke trails of a thousands feet;
" O my God! ", every employee screamed...quickly running down 
the stairs engulfed by fire...causing an indescribable chaos everywhere! 
" Take my hand, I will lead you to safety! " the firefighter said to the coughing woman. 
" Hold onto my arm! " the policeman yelled out to the frail man,
who had dropped his eyeglasses and couldn't see! 
Every firefighter and policeman acted like them, rescuing many without fearing death;
and hundreds of them, that awful morning, never returned home alive...
what a tragedy for their families that watched in horror and couldn't help!

Who wouldn't remember the courage of their noble and willing hearts?
And furthermore, who wouldn't engrave their valorous names on plaques and monuments?
Up above, by the gates of Paradise...Christ and His Father awaited them to accept their souls;
while archangels surrounding God's throne, sung hymns that humans couldn't sing...
those hymns that all the earthly heroes will sing with them when Heaven mourns again! 

Their portraits, pictures and memorabilia hang above the fireplaces,
and on the decorated walls of the victims' homes, precincts and firehouses;
how could anybody take them down as they were worthless items?
Prize them more than gold or diamonds, o friends grieving that tremendous loss even today;
don't hate those who caused you sorrow and unbearable pain, be forgiving and show mercy...
as God does toward us; o friends remember your heroes for their valor and sacrifice!  

My poem is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the September 11 attacks on America.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Traveler

He was flying out of Boston heading down to Houston
Part of his quarterly run one that he had so often done
And as he took his seat settling in with a slight grin
A load off of his feet and another big company win

Flying smoothly through the air and a cocktail in hand
Conditions were basically fair and soon they would land
Putting his seat slightly back and slightly resting his eyes
With everything so on track then suddenly there were loud cries

A sudden jolting dip and a seemingly complete loss of power
This once promising business trip could now be his last hour
Many were panic stricken, screaming, crying, and praying aloud
When the lights start flickering it is not the time to be proud

He seen everything before his eyes every moment of his life
In saying his last goodbyes he instinctively thought of his wife
He couldn't go, he had to stay, as he loudly cried out in pain
When suddenly he began to pray as his final moments wane

The plane pulled out of it, though many were never again the same
Not all I will admit but that business man who called out Our Lord's Name
He kept that promise he made that day 9:00am every Sunday morning
Saying the reason why I now pray is to thank God for His warning

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Oath Unbound: Psalm 2

I speak of a passion which only God can deny
for what other Force may decide when Heroes should die
Along rainswept passages and rut-strewn way
I see my brothers stoop'd down to pray

We each stumbled and groped down this unwalked path
unknown to eachother but sharing in wrath
but woe to those of us who would undo
the will of God, for his anger would ensue

Soldiers and Heroes, martyrs among us halved men
we bled and we died before the whips of angellic sin
our wings be clipped, our crowns lay shattered
but for all our strength we were able to do what mattered

Alas! In the End of Day and Night!
When Heaven shies behind the edges of mortal sight!
I still hear the choirs sing and chime
In their hymns there exists no Time

Only for a moment dare I shut my ear
even'ough the Dark Enemy draws ever near
I fear that the skies cannot hold still
Paradise shakes for the Devil's will

I only wish'd for a moment's reprieve
a moment away from my Master's sleave
But for a Man such as I, chained to oaths all worlds decry
I can never forever hope to know what it's like to be free

O' a moment passes all too soon
my ear opens up, my hands re-bound, my brief stillness ruin'd
the sword and the shield fastly to my hand
the war is not o'er and my blood still feeds the land

Retract! Retract!
Bitter dreams to waylay and distract
My focus returneth to the fight ahead
I return to toil, to labor, until the enemy falls dead

Drop to drop, my blood runneth down
Almighty God drives my blade, my Dark Enemy found
down He lays, emptied of life from every vein
And forever after I see my Dark Enemy, my brief freedom slain

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Little Lamb

Little lamb who made thee?  
Dost thou know who trade thee?
Give thee death and cut thy throat
Butchered thee in meadows
Skinned thee in the moat
Give thy hide for clothing & delight
Soft clothing woolly and bright
Give thee such a tender voice
That no one heard thy death cries.

Little lamb who naileth thee
Dost thou know who impaleth thee?

Little lamb I will tell thee
Little lamb I will tell thee
He is called man by the name
But is disguised as devil by frame
He is weak he is mild
As far as mammon is bribed
He will sling thee on counter to trade
And eat thy pieces for his mid-day break.

Little lamb God bless thee
Little lamb God bless thee.

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The Celestial Magistrate -Lord of Death

Humanity in general is forever scared of him
And try as far as possible to runaway from him
Belief or disbelief will never ever dither him
In carrying out duties strictly assigned to him.

He is called by many names in different faiths
However he operates regardless of people’s faith
At the appointed hour he throws the noose right 
Snatch the life system without any pity or plight.

He is said to be upright in performing his duty
There is absolutely no error or any discrepancy
He in his wisdom assigns proper place to all
That depends on the individual’s merit, overall.

Innumerable folklores are woven around him
Some depicting him as noble and venerable
Yet others describe him as ruthless and evil
But he performs his obligations without fail.

Whether one reveres him or loathes and spurns
Appointment with him is unavoidable by turns
When he arrives to take action against the chosen
There is neither bail nor surety for release known.

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in my eyes

in my eyes you will die why do i have this feeling 
deep inside the poems i make just show a part 
as i wait for death i i see the pain that was left
i dont care for thoes i hurt it is death that i see
for i beleve in god but he does not beleve in me
so i tie this rope as tight as it will go i can not in front 
of me you may not think i feel this way but id for my
life is a shade of gray GOD he hates me for what i am
my soul as left this shell of a man i beat my arms untell 
ther red the pain is it helps when i am sad i do not care
what they think for hell was made for me i hope that 
God will forgive for this life that i have lived for i can 
tell im almost dead it dose not hurt i do not feel 
suicide is painless is my death real lokk in my eyes 
you will see the you are all dead to me

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Answered Prayer

I Sit Quietly in My Wheel Chair,
I Don’t Make Very Much Noise...
But I Still Have Pictures in My Mind,
Of Suffering along with the Other Boys.

We Were All Prisoners of the Vietnam War,
But Prison Is Prison I Guess, after All.....
But There Were Times I Remember
I’d Just as Well Taken the Fall.

I Remember So Many Other Things,
But They Are Buried Deep Within.
I Try to Say a Word or Two
But....I Never Can in the End.

I Ask and Pray to God Above,
Why Am I Still Living?
What Is My Purpose Here?
Do I Just Keep on Giving and Giving?

Maybe I Will Never Know..
And I’ve Lost My Thought Somehow..
I Can’t Remember from Day to Day,
And I Get “Then” Mixed up with “Now”.

I See My Nurse Coming down the Hall,
I Guess It’s Time for Bed
I’ll Lay in the Dark and Wonder Again
Why Am I Alive When I’d Rather Be Dead.

Then I See the Strangest Light...
I Hear a Voice Say, “Your Time Has Come..”
I Jump up and Run to the Light,
And Thank God My Time Here Is Done.

I Looked Back and Saw the Nurse,
Standing There Holding My Hand..
I Heard Her Say, “Good Bye Old Friend...”
You Never Came Home from ‘Nam.”

Connie Moore 

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Why Is It That When?

Why is it that?
Going to church make me cringe.

Is it because of the days way back when?
My Grandma would tell me the worlds going to end.

Is it because of years, the last days we live in?
Or is the fear that's triggered by sin.

Is it because of the drums, when the Pastor speaks?
That I might throw up my hands, and dance on my feet.

Is it because of the water, that sets up in the pew?
Your dipped  a sinner, and pulled out clensed and brand new?

Is it because I know, I'll have to live straight?
So when it's my time, I'll enter God's gates.

Is it because of Mother. who just wants to see?
When God comes for them , he'll also take me.

Is it because there's no time, nor a date?
When the sky opens  to wonder your fate. 

Is it because, of the words sent from Heaven up high?
You must love the God that lives in the sky. 


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Jesus Almighty

Hello friends, frenemies, and foes
I've got some words to say
To the average Joe
There is one road
The road to prosperity
The road to happiness
(haha) Oh no no
You think i'm wrong?
We all are
You, you, you, and you
On the path, you'll find the truth?
Not so
Just lies, hatred, and the deceived
But that road
The road
The only road, is how truly the world is perceived
Through all the greif
The pain
The lies
You still have hope
Hope and faith
You believe the false prophets
You listen to the lies of modern society
You cause pain
You use your impossible idol
As an escape
An excuse
To kill
To steal
To ruin lives
Then on the day
You worship the lies
So next week you will be 
Saved and ready to rape the willing
To take creativity from those who care
You are the evil gypsy of this time
You cause pain
And death in the name of god
In the the name of god
You commit crimes
You give lies for profit
You are a false profit 
Spelled with an f
You command the living to be the dead
You hate people who love 
People who care
What do you gain?
You are a money hungry hippo
You say Jesus forgives
You say he loves
But he seems evil if you ask the lesser thans
So now
You've heard my words
I thank you for giving me a chance
Thankyou all, friends, frenemies, and foes
And ahmen

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Why Do the Righteous Perish

Why do the righteous perish?
Why are the devout taken away?
Isaiah tells us, they’re spared from evil—
Death’s rest and peace is God’s way.
So when we see the righteous perish,
Do not lose faith, hate or cry;
Know that this is God’s mercy—
Upon eternity, they can rely.

Why do the righteous perish?
Why is their life tranquil?
Be joyous for their future—
Let your heart, in peace, be still.
There’s a promised end to evil
And eternity to gain;
Death for the moment—
Leads to life with no more pain.

Why do the righteous perish?
God has explained.
By His gift of rest and peace—
Let not your heart be pained.
Over the righteous, He is watching,
Just as He promised long ago.
Their death is only temporary—
Of pain and suffering they’ve let go.

Why do the righteous perish?
Because God has a plan;
He knows the end from the beginning—
Your loved one is in His hand.
There’s no need for sorrow,
For in eternity we can be sure;
Each life will be restored
By our loving Saviour.

Why do the righteous perish? 
Because they enter into peace;
No more of Satan’s hatred—
Upon them to be released.
Their spiritual battle is over;
They sleep peacefully in the grave,
Until god’s love does cover them;
With eternity’s billowing wave.

Why do the righteous perish? 
Because our God does love;
Removes His children from evil—
Soon to take them to heaven above.
Their death is but a restful sleep,
Until Christ’s trumpet call—
At His Second Coming,
They’ll rise to meet Him first of all.

Copyright © 2010-2011 Maureen LeFanue
Featured in my Book 3, "Poetry To Touch Your Heart & Soul"

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Ugly Toad

Blah Blah Blah
Flip into overload
Turn into ugly toad
Must have drank too much

Can't see my own senseless sadness
within my own harsher madness
Where is God when I'm buried alive

Trying to function - 
Depression sucks.
I've never had luck
depended on God for blessings instead
And I wish I were dead

Is it all in my head?
Of course - isn't that where life occurs?

can't see through these neurotic blurs

Help me Lord
to see you through this cloud
to hear you tho' it's loud
I drug myself to feel normal

Jesus my head hurts.

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To enjoy the thoughts that are truly fine
to be able to Love for endless time
earthlings use Love like a weapon or tool
withdraw it for punishment which is terribly cruel

Love's burning oil brings happiness and joy
but many use it like bait or a toy
people dangle the carrot like some sort of reward
take what they want from you till game day are bored

Jesus showed Love was precious to defend
those entering his kingdom know it never shall end
He taught his disciples that God is Love
is superior to the world descends from above

Intense Love will care for your heart
will build you up endless time from the start
how few can navigate it or read it's chart
yet most recognize it should never depart

There is a war in the world most do not see
your choice of rulership will affect eternity
choosing the wrong King will get permanent death
selecting the anointed rewards endless breath

Lucifer told the woman that they would not die
by religion he's fomented the eternal soul lie
cloaked part of the Truth he chose to reveal
the same deceit today does True Life conceal

If one practices hatred he's already dead
doesn't recognize that Life from him has fled
if one walks in Love one has Life that is True
be kind to his brother what's good will renew

There is only one Way to get eternal Life
you must marry the Truth devotion of wife
in submission to Love it's rewards will you reap
like Jesus obedience it's Laws will you keep

Unlike the vow till death do you part
those who die in the Truth find eternal start
those born of God will conquer the World
the Truth of the kingdom before them unfurled

God has set Life and Death before you this day
through the pen of Truth God has had his say
gently he coaxes to his children with Love
to teach them to reflect the Light from above

sources Gen 1-3 Deut. 30:19-20 and I John

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller

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The Big Day

Are you ready for the BIG DAY
Have you been forgiven for all your sins
Do you regret the life you once lived
Tell me what will be said on your judgement day
Do you think God has forgiven
Or will he punish you for all you've done and said
Are you sorry for your sins
Tell me are you ready for the BIG DAY
Do you ever stop to wonder
What will your judgement hold for you
Cause theres only one true judge
And thats God above
So tell me are you ready
Ready for the BIG DAY

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God has declared His righteousness
Among the nations
He is not double mouthed or hearted
He has said that the wages of sin is death.

Jesus, God’s Son, pure and righteous,
Offered up Himself for us in death
This He did and satisfied
Fully, God’s righteous anger
So now in Jesus we have redemption
For through His death we are justified.

Now God is no longer angry at us
But He requires repentance
An acknowledgement that we have sinned
And being justified, to ask-
A plea for divine mercy.

This is all that stands in the gap
Of total restoration from death to life
We have been bought and paid for fully
But still we struggle to remain enslaved.

This is the hope God has in us
That we all would come to repentance
But this is the grief in this hope
That man been free remains in chains
Refusing to surrender to
The Emancipation ‘Proclammator’.

Believe therefore and plough your hearts
The deed is done
The door is open
Why not walk in and claim the prize
Of those who surrendered and did the will
Of Him who ‘swallowed the bullet’ for us?

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Forever and Ever (I'll Always Love You)

My life began the day we met
The world, it looked brand new.
Colors brighter, music sweeter
And all because of you.
You took a life of sadness
And you made it oh so sweet
But now you're gone and yet.......

I love you more with each passing day
Though God saw fit to take you away.
When I think of our love, it still seems brand new
Forever and ever, I'll always love you.

 I still feel you close by my side.
The pain's so deep, it cuts like a knife
When you went away, my heart broke into little pieces.
But I'll put those pieces back together 
Because I know some day, we'll be together again.
But until then...............

I'll love you more with each passing day
Though God saw fit to take you away.
When I think of our love, it still seems brand new
Forever and ever, I'll always love you.

Oh, when I think of our love
It still seems brand new
Forever and ever, I'll always love you.

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Terminal worry

As I sit here 
feeling my own pity
selfishly thinking of myself
knowing good and well

cursing brutal words 
wanting to flow from my quill
angry exhaustion filling my mind
yet battered heart slowly continues
to beat upon 
the next morn...

instead of thankfully getting up
getting ready for the gift of this day
instead of being grateful 
instead i turned away

already worrying about tomorrow
about things that have yet to come
instead of trusting You 
to love me enough...

to give me enough strength
for the battles i face

knowing our fates were decided
an eternity ago
by the one holding
times swinging pendulum 

had wings of palest gold
like the sparking yellow
of campfires flame
or a fireplace offering
welcoming warm blaze

his tall staff also of gold
held in strongest hands
see yonder!

through that haze
through fog of white of gray
reminding us of thunderstorms
through warmest 
months of May

mayhap He was a vision
maybe i shall never know
if twas another dream
relief would course through
for He said last eve
tis almost time to go

He whispered with that loving grace
words heard inside my heart
telling me to enjoy this life
for too soon twill be time
to part...

Although i am sure i would love heaven
and i have loved ones there i dearly miss 
can i please stay here awhile longer Lord
i feel i still have plenty to give

my heart is pure 
only meaning the best
through you i will try to reach them
with a gift of words
in which you blessed

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' Jennie - Pennie (My Big Sister)

Everywhere I Look … I See Jennie
Short, Red-Hair and a Smile, So Bright and Pretty
Jeanette … my Older, Big Sister… I Wish I was More Like Her…
        … My Dear Jennie … My Sweet Jennie …

Treated me like I was Her Baby … That was Jennie
Helped me to be a Real-Lady … Just like Jennie
Taught me how to Share and just how to say my Prayers …
        … Jennie … Great Lady Jennie

She was in Her Early Adult Years and I was Young Too
… when Mama Left… There was nothing, We Could Do …
            … Cancer … is not a Loving Word …
        I Wish It Had Been The Last I’d Heard …
                … Oh Jennie … Loving Jennie …

In that Cold-Clinical-Room … Lay Jennie
She Would Be Leaving Soon – God ! … Not Jennie !
She asked me, ‘Did She Fulfill … God and Our Mama’s Will …?’
        Yes, You Did Jennie… I Said You Did Jennie !

… She was in Her Late, 40-Years, but Still, Much Too Young To…
… Like when Mama Left… There was nothing, We Could Do …
                     … Cancer … is not a Loving Word …
                    I Wish It Had Been The Last I’d Heard …
                           … Oh Jennie … I Love Jennie …

When I Wrote This Song … I was Missing Jennie
God … We Can’t Believe She’s Gone … I Loved Jennie
        Jennie-Pennie … You Kept Your Promise…
                  Mama Will Be Proud of Us…

… May Jesus, Call Jennie … When The Time Comes, Please Call Jennie
          Lord Call Jennie … Lord Call Mama … and Then Lord Call Me …

            Jennie, Left Loved Ones... February 29th, 1992 …
          I hate Leap-Years Now …. ‘til I Leap of Faith to You …
                     … Cancer … is Not A Loving Word ! ! !
                             Will It Be The Last I Heard ? …

                      In Memory of my Beloved Sister

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Jesus Could Have Called 10,000 Angels


On a cross… Jesus suffered 
for you and me.
He could have called 10,000 
angels to set him free.

Nailed to this cross, he went
 through so much pain.
He knew his purpose and the 
reason why he came.

Being there for all of mankind 
was his choice.
Weakened and alone… 
 One could hear his voice;

“Father forgive them.”  
  “They don't  know what they’re doing!”
As the crowd listened… 
 Many began believing.

“My God why have you forsaken me?” 
 With one last breath…
And then...  And very quickly… 
 There was death!

For all of the pain and suffering
 he was to endure
Was so that a plan of salvation
 is now secure.

This same Jesus, who was to rise again.
Is forever to be our atonement for sin!

Seated at the right hand
 of God the father... In heaven above..
He awaits there for us all with
 an abundance of  love!

Won’t you accept his gift 
of life that he’s giving?
And allow him to forever change
 the way you’re living!


By Jim Pemberton  03/11/11

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Driving down the road, in a sea of snow, barely able to see.
Each flake passing by like a tiny universe, pays no heed to me.
The halo headlights of an on coming car , half a mile away.
The soporiferous snow, lulled me back to the events of the day.

Early in the morning, their loud yelps, without any warning :
My dogs saw a turkey, their leashes, torn from my hand.
The sun was nowhere to be found, starring at shadows on the ground.
I followed the turkey, the dogs, by their sound ; Bright, White, Light.

Oh MY  GOD : I'm in the wrong lane, I hope it is quick , I don't like pain.
Like sonic Thunder : Metal smashing Metal : My life went through my Brain.
The hood catapulted into the windshield, hurling shard glass into My Breast.
OH MY  GOD : LENORE I'm coming HOME; MY SOUL can finally REST.

Then I  Awoke

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A Fiery Mountain

It was there upon a mountain to which it came. 
That of a great flames as he stood on what appear to be a work of sapphire stone. 
As it was in a heart of love that felt to which was great desire. 
It was of true love to which it was as God descended there in a cloud of smoke and fire. 
That to which was written commandments of love as they had feared that of great love. 
It was there 3000 was slew as many had beg to keep what they knew. 
That of mercy and love did he have, especially when none follow what they had. 
For it was many signs showed in the eye’s but there was none to which had believed in thy.  
That of a heart we follow as we wish to be by his side. 
That in a blink of an eye we could all just die. 
But it was there on Mount Sinai to which swords was thrown when the 
people all sin in that of Gods throne. 
For it was to which he knew that of your soul as we seek that to which is true. 
And that is, Gods love through and through. 
It is there he parted body and soul as he to repent that of a hurt from inside. 
That of his fading love had they stiff-necked his love. 
But it was that of great love to which he send that of his sons love. 
That in him we all might be saved but in him he gave his life that to which he 
parted some men’s life. 
But it is that day of a coming that all will know that night. 
That to which will be of no mercy for they who sin in life. 
So repent thee there before the lord that he may spare you at door. 
That in your heart you may know that of him to which he will give you life in the end. 
But know that of where your heart is this day because God said there is a way. 
So believe me be, that it is a sword on the end. 
That if you don’t take him in, then you will drown in the end. 
Not that of just the sea but that of no love will you have but it 
will be that of a fiery flame to all will burn in flames. 
So quench thy thirst this day in him that in your heart you fine that of your love in him. 
But know that of your heart, that you know him in the end. 
And he may be merciful and spare your life from that of a fiery mountain on the end. 
With lots of love and praying for you and that is I see you in the end. 
With lots of love from my heart to you, that you may find that of your love too. 
And that is God's love and that is a burning desire of a love from a Fathers end.
That you may be spare from the fire on the end.

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My Superman

When will all the pain and heartache go away?
Is this something that I must struggle with every day?
I just wish that things would have been a little different,
Maybe if I would have picked up the smallest little hint.
Maybe he would still be here today,
But now, in a grave is where his lifeless body lay.
I should have made my brother tell me what me what he knew,
I know he was only seven, but what if he knew what my dad would do.
What if I could have stopped by asking just one more time,
Maybe things would have turned out just fine.
If only I would have paid more attention, or loved him more,
Maybe he wouldn’t have questioned what he was living for.
I would giving anything to see him just for one minute,
To run into his arms, to say “this is it“.
Would I have anything to say,
Or would I just turn and walk away?
A daddy is supposed to be his little girl’s hero,
Her Superman, no matter how old she may grow.
Although my dad is gone I love him with all my heart,
I have questions that will never be answered, because from this life he chose to 
His problems were too big for him by himself,
I guess he had God sitting on an old dusty shelf.
I just wish he would have taken God off that shelf one last time,
Dusted Him off and said “God I need your help one more time.”
If he could hear me I would tell him my sisters and brother are growing up fast,
I wish I would have known that Christmas would be our last.
I would have hugged you just a little longer and tried to remember everything,
The smell of your cologne, your voice, but I didn’t know what that day in January 
would bring.
I didn’t know that it would seem as if my world had come to an end,
At that point everything stood still, time, even the wind.
Now my Superman is gone forever,
But if he can here me, I won’t forget you or stop loving you daddy…not ever.

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Book of Job

Satan told God that Job wouldn't praise him if his life wasn't so good.
But Job proved the Devil wrong and it's not surprising that he could.
God allowed Satan to take Job's children and wealth.
Satan also made poor old Job suffer from bad health.
Job's wife told him to curse God but he would not.
Job still loved the Lord and praise was what God got.
When God saw that Satan was wrong, he restored Job's health and returned his kids.
God also doubled Job's original fortune and it was nice that he did.
Life was great for Job again, just like from the start.
Job proved to God and Satan that he had a good heart.

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As I shiver in the cold
No where to hide
No where to go
To me they lied

Everybody to me said
We all love you so much
I believed it in my heart and my head
They lied the whole bunch

Life a prison it has become
No rights no privileges I have none
That is the answer that is the sum
I stand alone the only one

I care no more
Life isn't worth it 
My heart has been tore 
I'm a bottomless pit

I couldn't care less
An unloved person in this land
The truth to you I confess
I am dying in this sinking sand

I can take no more
I'm at the end of my rope
I'm tired of my live being tore
I have lost all hope

I have no reason to go on
No reason to fight
They should be happy for they have won
I'm blind to it all for I have lost my sight

How I suddenly long for the taste of death
To brush my lips and to hug my heart
To take with it my health
And allow me from this world to depart

They've stolen my life
And turned my hert to stone
Putting me through strife
I will no longer condone

The ones who have gone on before me 
Are lucky they no longer suffer like this
How long to be like them set free
How I wished my life would take that twist

Death I beg you to
Over my body take control
My heart and body take control
For God has my soul

Oh but for death to
Wrap its arms round me
To silence the pain so true
To release the chains and set me free

I'm tired of this all
The pain is too great
Down to the ground I fall
For this is my fate

No longer will I fight
A struggle to put on
I long to exit this night
No longer accept the lies an cons

How I long to knock at deaths door
My blessed Savior and family to see
To walk upon Heavens floor
To be happy and free

People say they care
But unto you they lie
The pain no longer will I bear
For I give up to die

No way out
No other choice to make
This I have no doubt
I beg God my life to take

Happy is but a word now
For that I never am
For this to you I vow
Around my heart I place a high dam

author's note
This was written several years ago when I had lost 2 of the most important people in my life 
and was having bad problems with everyone else in my life

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Day After You ve Gone

When I awoke this morning the sun
was shinning so bright, I couldn’t believe
it for it should have be dark and gloomy…

Birds’ singing on high, singing in the
spring, this is not right for it should
be quiet and bleak…

I went to sit in that big old chair
cradling my head trying to understand
why you are dead…

Didn’t get the chance to tell you good-bye
or hold you in my arms for the last time…

As I set here I feel like we were cheated,
cheated to chance of that last hug, kiss and
to say, be seeing you someday…

The days will seem so empty without you
by my side and thank God for the memories
for if not I am sure I would die…

Keep hearing you in my head, I think
you are saying live in the warmth, sing
with the birds for they are telling you
how much you are loved…

Just know that when you hear my
whisper in your head that God has allowed
me to so  you are not to despair…

God has his arms around me guiding me
along until the day we are together again
and  I wish you happiness until that short
fleeting time is gone and you are by my side…

By Sandra Lea Hoban

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Little Boy Blue (don't fall asleep)

Little boy blue don't be so sad
You're my joy it can't be that bad?

Come put your horn down and sit with me,
Your smile is soothing and will comfort me

Then we'll look into each other's eyes and treasure
our moments time will not always provide

Little boy blue you're my treasure I've long been waiting for
Soon you'll not be here and my memory will be all that I will hold onto

Let us rest together for I know you're frail,
I need God the Holy Spirit, "the Great Comforter"
to come right now.  Take my pain Lord and stand with me,
to help hold me up when all I feel is despair.  Give me the 
strength to help carry on for when my little boy blue is gone

Little boy blue, I'll love you forever you see
I can only close my eyes and it's you and me
together in peace

You are so precious and such a sweet gift
too special for this world, it's straight to Heaven
where you'll exist

I know you must be perfect in God's holy eyes
to take one so young who never touched his life
You're going to paradise where you'll wait for me

Until then when I am all alone I'll go outside and in my search for some
serenity I'll close my eyes and ask God to help me believe that you will
be the special star in the sky that I will see

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No matter how hard you try or what you do
Everyone is going to die for it’s not up to me and you
And when it arrives and we had our final say
God will judge our lives, each and every single day

Of all that was said and all that was done
The poor that you fed and the ones that you shun
The deeds you did and the ones you didn’t do
From back when you were a little kid and life was so new

Every thought that ever crossed your mind
And for all it wrought any happiness you could find
But after that day when He opened your heart
For learning how to pray was only just the start

You seen His Glory and tried to tell all
You told of His Story as others hoped for your fall
But confidently you stand and in His Name you do write
Going throughout the land and shedding His Light

You started  living  for others and accepting who they are
To you they were all brothers, my how you have come so far
Now this is your view, Thy Grace to your soul
This is why God saved you, for you could never afford  the toll

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Know one told me

   The day you left me no one told me that you were gone, I did not know till I got on 
a social site and there it was some one saying goodbye to you! I wanted to be 
there with you and hold you while god took you and told you to go home and no 
more pain would come to you again. I miss you like crazy and all I can think of is you 
saying how much you love me and my family and how one day you would be able to 
come stay with us and we would laugh and be happy always but I guess that was 
never to be cause god had other plans for you grandma and they were to be with 
him and that I would have to now live with out you and to never again here you tell 
me that you love me and I don't ever get to say I love you too you again.
R.I.P. Grandma Cook 4-16-2011

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My dear friend,
I want you to know
I am so sorry to hear
Your Mom had to go,
That her time here was finished
Though your pain not diminished
Know she is quite happy now
Doing something all new,
I pray for Gods' peace,
To fully soothe you!

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Dedicated to My BFF

A man, my father to say the least,
Once walked up to me in a moment of glee.
A moment of glee that may never be seen.

See, he was stolen from me.
His life taken away to a better place.
but what could be a better place ,
than being with family?

Does God not understand,
How much pain he caused my family.
How I will never ever stand
as strong as I once had.
Protected by my father,
a big, strong man.

One day, when I marry,
I'll be left alone,
No one to hold my hand and say 'Sweetheart, it'll be okay'
Why did God take him away,
why couldn't he have let my dad live a million more days?
Instead God let cancer take my daddy away...

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Judgment and Grace

Judgment and Grace ” 21 The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. 22 And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” 23 So the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.” Gen 3:21-23 NIV The Garden of Eden was a prime example Of God’s judgment and grace. God clothed Adam and Eve and cared for them, But no longer dwelt with them face to face. Sin finds its destruction In the presence of our Creator. To preserve them by His grace This sentence of death presented later. Although Adam and Eve fell; God gave them grace and hope; Judgment stands in the background Of this grace and hope kaleidoscope. From the beginning of fallen human history Sin, judgment and God’s grace emerges. Some say there is no judgment, But let’s recall ‘the flood’s’ scourges. We may no longer be under the law, But it’s still there to show what’s right. Grace is freely given by heaven When sin’s repentance finds its sight. Without God’s judgment, forever evil would reign We’d have no hope of a better world; Sin, sorrow and death to remain. Judgment and grace cannot be parted; They unite in one accord. Judgment in the heavenly sanctuary Is presently accumulating records. When Christ returns the second time, Judgment will have ceased. That’s why He brings His rewards To the righteous living and deceased. Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2012

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Saving the Best for Last

Most hosts set out the good liquor until their guests starting getting drunk
and then they commence to serving the watered down and inferior junk
but when Jesus turned that sacred water into a fine wine
the guests remarked to the host, "you saved the best for last this time"

As a child I heard one of the last speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King
It went simply by the title of "I Have a Dream"
I was too young to comprehend that a historical moment had passed
but somehow I knew that Dr. King has saved the best for last

Over the course of time God sent many prophets, rulers and kings
to deliver His "Good News" and explain to the people what it means
from Abraham to Isaac, from Jeremiah to Malachi
all men sent to give us the Word from the Kingdom up on high
from Solomon to David to Daniel in the lion's den
God realized that He could not rely on the words coming from mere men
The Holy Spirit then descended on Mary and the die had been cast
when He finally sent His earthly son, Jesus of Christ at last

God needed a sinless soul to help mankind understand
that the Word of God is the ultimate life living plan
God needed an open mind to relate the parables and the stories
that in order to reach the Kingdom you must learn to give God all the glory  
God needed a pure heart to demonstrate true compassion and care
and communicate to mankind that loving each other will draw Him near
and after all was said and done when the Son of Man did pass
we have finally come to realize that God saved the best for last

for God will shake you up 
in order to wake you up
God will knock you down 
in order to turn you around
He will put you in a place 
where you will see the power of his grace

Jesus of Nazareth was God's only begotten son
His life and death was the sacrifice so that the victory could be won
He was the last messenger sent to give us God's gospel
He was that perfect being sent to do the impossible
He was a miracle maker and a spiritual awaker
His life and purpose for being was to offer mankind salvation
His mission was for God and mankind to have reconciliation
His death a crucifixion, an assassination, the ultimate and final task
and like Dr. King, the Lord God knew to save the best for last

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often in the grand scheme of God's desires
He will use mankind to do what He requires
His providential purposes God's master plans
will utilize any and all types of man

the Pharoah declared a most horrendous decree
of infanticide on Jewish male babies
to put them to death to keep their numbers down
fearful of having too many Jewish males around
but history has a way of repeating itself again and again
as the young Black male populations today hangs by a fringe
with incarcerations, police brutality and killing each other
we're on the verge of eradicating our young Black brothers
a supposed threat to society that same old racist mentality

yet all it takes is for God to send someone to be bold
one person unafraid to break away from the mold
over 400 years of praying and keeping hope alive
a people once in slavery but today they now thrive
from Moses to Jeremiah to the Rev. Dr. King
to President Barak Obama God can change anything
One Bold Black Soul to say what needs to be said
One Bold Black Soul whose life is spirit-led

don't let the world compromise your moral integrity
let prayer be the tool you use to claim the victory
you need some solitude to simply reflect
on that which God desires of you and what of you He expects
God will be what you want no matter what you need
and He will do whatever is needed to help you succeed
so walk in the spirit and just wait for your time
and be ready to act when God gives you a sign
to be called into place with God's saving grace

Jeremiah told the people of the prophecy
about their demise if they confront their enemy
he was then thrown into a pit full of mud and slime
his death to be a certainty in a very short time
but One Bold Black Soul stepped up to the plate
and told the King to save Jeremiah before it was too late
One Bold Black Soul an Ethiopian man
told of the soldiers diabolical plans

to be bold, to be risky, to be resilient in your resolve
to step out of your comfort zone until the problem is solved
from Rosa Parks to Medgar Evers to Malcolm X
to do what is prevalent and not what society expects
creative in courage, inspired with innovation
by any means necessary to change the situation
One Bold Black Soul willing to step out on a limb
to stop history from repeating itself once again

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Good Night, Until We Meet Again

Farewell, until we meet again
I don't understand why God had to take you so young
Death, pain, and sorrow are hard things
For a young person to deal with in life
I always told you Good Night; we 
saw each other the next day
On that night I thought that 
You were just resting
But then I realized it would be
A rest for all eternity
My heart is broken into pieces as 
I try to hold my tears back
The only person that
I could call my brother
Is now gone, not suffering
And to never be forgotten
Today, I can't think but to 
wonder why God had to take you away
Friends and family pay their
Respects and say their last words
You're in God's hands now,
He'll take care of you
I give you a kiss and whisper
"Good Night! Rest in Peace Until We Meet Again" 

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Nature's being

Nature’s being
What I hate about life 
Something existed in nature called death
The path everybody must take on his own
No one to hold your hand
No one to ease your sorrow
No one to love
The only test that cannot be taken twice 
The only place that cannot be lightened with light
The only thing I fear in life
God has given and God has taken 
But God is holey and all mighty strong
God…. Who created us
God…. Who destroyed us
And in God we fear
To say goodbye forever is something
No one is ever prepared for
Is something that would not change
For the tear of a mother,
Or the cry of a child

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In Rememberance of the Maafa: The Middle Passage

The terror came like a storm destruction like a whirlwind
distress and anguish upon my people again, again and again

How could this have happened to them?
betrayed by their own for a few trinkets and some gems
taken away from their families and from the motherland
forced to become slaves and property of an unrighteous man

Chained together and marched like prisoners on to those foreign ships
treated worse than mindless cattle; beaten, branded and whipped
crammed and packed together like sardines in a tin can
barely room to breath, barely room to stand
the stench and disease in that filthy dank place
our people dying in the darkness, no sun upon their face
some prayed for death others prayed for salvation
all prayed for God to end this horrible degradation

When I try to imagine the Middle Passage that my ancestors endured
I feel such anger and violence which I can ill-afford
but this Maafa is something that must be revealed
we must acknowledge it as a people so that we can one day heal
we must never forget the past nor our ancestors sacrifice
their blood is the root of our struggles, their hope the foundation of our lives

From the Congo to the Cross from the Middle Passage they arrived
from the Congo to the Cross their faith in God helped them survived
they sang songs of praise they sang songs of hope
they sang to Father God to give them the strength to cope
never forget the past and just keep hope alive
remember always the journey from which our ancestors derived

Maafa, Maafa in remembrance of their blood stains
the Middle Passage in our hearts it will forever remain

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Remembering Her in Eternal Happiness

Each day and night I cry,.....
Seeing her as if directly before my eyes so happy and beautiful with the beaming
florescence of sun blinding my sight.

Constant flashbacks in my mind of all the good one person could bring into 
one's life, without a doubt to make them feel so loved at times of pain and 
wonder hidden in I.

To a woman so dedicated to learning only the teachings of the All Mighty God,to 
speak into others ears to believe that HE is always there to rely on and the most 
powerful man there ever will be that can solve any problem.

The pictures and words froze in my mind hurts deeply to understand that God 
has taken her from Hell on earth to a wonderful place of serenity to heal and 
rejuvenate her soul for a new life in a place way more gracefully innocent that the 
planet earth.

Way above the clouds and higher that no eye can see, But into the soundless 
galaxy of peacefulness to one's self mind to finally be free.

Hoping in mind she will never forget seeing the never ending tears of grievance 
for only her a time that is desperately needed.

Looking up off in space with overflowing tears, questioning Him why?......

Visions of me seeing her as an angel of God, to express how much i do care 
(That  was never reflected) , and the needs of her in my life and how it's killing me 
slowly inside.

But then is smothered with words of God saying "She is happy now and not to 
worry.... She will always remember you as you do of her and could see the pain 
straight through my eyes.

" I Wll always breakdown and cry with sadness and guilt in my heart, but is 
stopped with her presence of joy."

"Dedicated to my aunt Kelly ,Rest in peace"

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One Soldiers View

Keening mothers holding children charred

Black or sometimes white

depending on the nature of

or the time spent in the flame

I suppose we're each and every one to blame

Sweet young faces frozen in forever fright

These days I look forward to the night

bless the fading light

when it's easier not to see

and much more comfortable for me

In the daylight I have learned to turn my back

to the ululating ladies dressed in black

Who scream their grief and prayers  for vengeance

to an unseen entity

A God with whom I choose to disagree

Can this cancer known as man

ever learn how not to kill 

will we ever drink our fill

of all the baby blood we spill

For now Our predatory passion won't be still

whether good or evil both

we watch the children burn

And as far as the babies are concerned

If they're not baptized are they going straight to Hell?

There's at least a million who are more than glad to die

Whose vengeance brings them glory from on high

their reward a paradise of sensual delights

Allah Akbar! God is great they cry.

Here we are east and west

Son and daughter Father Mother Sister Brother

Each one knowing it's Gods' will to kill the other

We provoke our God to shame

when we feed the very flame that we should smother.

I guess one bad turn deserves another.

I just heard both of our Gods cry

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In a good girls eyes

 In a good girls eyes lies darkness and mischief; Hidden in her disguise she's god but 
without it she's the devil. Caught up with her bible hugging in the morning and her panty 
throwing at night. Though she despises Alchohol it's really the fear that it comes down 
to. Worried that with one gulp she'll lose control and everyone will now she's not an 
angel. So twisted inside her lies to everyone, she desires to be touched forbiddenly  
though she stills a virgin. No one knows the secrets that lies behind the doors of a good 
girls eyes. She is slowly losing momentum seeing that bad girls always have more fun. So 
her legs started to inch apart, the one's she had promised to keep closed. No one knew 
that behind these eyes of a good girl lied a hoe just waiting to explore. Waiting to 
exhale, finally take a bite out of life for her damn self. She realized that good girls 
were too wholesome and she felt she needed to part some if you know what I mean. It 
wasn't until she got out there that she realized there was nothing good about being bad 
and maybe she was being naive but I think it was sad because she had so much to live for 
now she was trapped in a world in a world and she couldn't get back. Even though she 
prayed and prayed and said god please let me back in, he said i'm sorry but to me you 
have learn nothing didn't I always tell you to resist Temptation at all cost? She said 
yeah well what about forgiveness I though you taught that too. I did but your with the 
devil now your playing with different rules and in his world once your tarnished your 
forever his. Tears fell down her eyes as she listened to what he said. Another girl gone 
rotten, it's a shame because you could have been out queen. She said I still will be, and 
god watched as she kissed the devils lips. A tear dropped down his eyes as he reached but 
she was gone.

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Throne of My Heart

Always know God will come before you
for you cannot save me from the things that I do
Where I fail and where I fall down
only God can lift and give me a crown

Though I may love you with all of my heart
the path to truth Jesus gave me my start
the only reason I can see you now
because my will to the Lord do I bow

Sodom and Egypt is where I was raised
the death of Love was wasted away
Like the children and Moses was I a slave there
only for comfort of body did care

The beauty men sought was only skin deep
In the cage of their slavery sought my soul to keep
To find my freedom my soul ran away
In the wilderness with God sought to stay

Upon the mountains and by waters shore
there he showed me what was in store
with his command my mouth was to speak
But so like Moses my voice is so weak

Move you do me through those who lie cheat and steal
those who's heart lost capacity to feel
Know I will you leave behind
if the Word of God within do not find

The eyes of God so search the earth
for those who will receive new birth
He will produce a people who are clean
who will rule with Jesus over everything

He will cleanse a land polluted
remove from it those who truth diluted
those who Love he will purify
remove from the earth all those who lie

sources Ez 33 1Cor 6:9 1John
Song of Solomon Apocalypse 
chapters 1-3 21-22

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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A Motherless Child

Life wasn't suppose to turn out this way
I still ask God why even up to this day
How could he allow this to be
The tears, the pain doesn't he see
Imagine you were my first funeral that i had to attend
How can one lose not only her mother but her very best friend
I am grateful for the time we had
But thinking of you still makes me sad
There are to many bumps along this road
sometimes i don't know how i can carry this load
Pray, Pray, Pray is what you would say
Ask God and he will help you find the way
So give me the strength O Lord to stay strong
Even when things are going wrong
As I sit at your grave making sure the flowers are in place
I ask God for one more time to see your beautiful face
Although I don't see you I feel you are near
Holding me tight taking away my fear
There are times in a girl's life that only her mother could relate
Not having you here during those moments are the times I hate
I miss your laugh and your smile
But I will always wonder why I am a motherless child

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Life Is So Empty Without You

Waking up feeling so sad and alone
Tears streaming down my cheeks
My heart aching from the pain
Missing the life we shared

Wondering why God called you home so soon
He only gave us five years together
In that time I experienced the greatest love i've ever known
I miss you immensely

Life is so empty without you
My nights are long and lonely
Days don't feel any brighter
Why did you have to die?

Waiting for God to call me home
So we can be together again
That's when the sadness and pain will end
Then happiness will return once again

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The Other Side

Do we really want to know what is beyond this world

    Only our minds can try to imagine if it is all turmoil,

Is the other side beautiful and full of light

    Or is it dark and lonely that leaves you in fright,

Can it all be so perfect and our souls have no worries

    Maybe not because you don't see anyone in a hurry,

To get to the other side

    Cause all that we fear might make us hide,

From the nothing that doesn't seem to exist

    Just like the last day on earth when we are all missed,

Our time will come for us to find out

    What is beyond the door to heaven or hell and then we all know what Life was all about.

Written By: Unique Poetry aka Michelle Born

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Just Believe

It's the easiest thing to do in giving Him daily praise 
This the conclusion I drew getting later in my days
In every one of His days, right there in your face
So following your own ways it's Him you can't replace

For He is within you as His creation in His Own likeness
True will always be true despite your own created mess
Look up into His sky even though you can't comprehend
So don't even try but change the message that you send

For one Way or the other it is He who you can't live without
The world will one day smoother for you can't swim in doubt
By entrusting in His Word and abandoning all worldly belief
And then practicing what you heard you will soon feel His relief

For in following in His Way and listening to what He has to say
You will soon find as you pray a better understanding of today
But it is you who has to do it He wants you to make that choice
He just doesn't want you to quit but that in His Name you rejoice

Deuteronomy 1:32
Yet in this thing ye did not believe the LORD your God,

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What Broke God's Heart?

Sin it’s said broke God’s heart
For it truly did set man apart
From God who yearned and grieved for man
Devised the perfect Divine plan
To restore man to his rightful place
And show the world His wondrous grace
For sin had taken a deadly toll
By killing man’s eternal soul
Satan used it to deceive and kill
And took from man his own free will
He made man a slave to lust and greed
A worker of every perverted deed
In all this God’s great heart was rent
So His only begotten son He sent
To drink the cup His father gave
In order that man might be saved
The cup of wrath filled to the brim
Christ drank it all and took the grim
Penalty of sin to free man’s soul
He died the death and went to Shoel
Until the victory was finally won
God was separated from His Son
This was really what broke God’s heart
God and God totally torn apart.

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Our Path in LIFE

Our Path in LIFE

May the Lord be with us on every path you roam
May the Lord bring sunshine and happiness to surround us 
When ever we are far far from home
May we be faithful and true with whom we meat 

As we do unto others as we would have them do to us
May the Lord give us courageous and guide us on our path
And in His heart we will always remain

May the Lord be with us with His light to help our path
May the Lord build a stairway to heaven when we reach the end of LIFE's path
And may we never live a LIFE in vain
And in His heart we will always remain

And when we finally fly away, we will be praying that we served Him well
As all the wisdom that God gives us no one could never tell
But whatever path we choose, He'll be right behind to help us

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Cpoyright 2014

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Jonny Lost His Father

Little Jonny lost his father
And he feels abandoned and alone
How could God make such a big mistake like this
Taking Jonnys’ father before he turned just six
How will he go to Cub Scouts
With just a mother, he’d rather not
And who will  pitch the baseball
When he gets his brand new bat
His father was his hero as he tucked Jonny into bed
Ready to fight the boogie man as he searched the closets and under the bed
Who will help to bathe the dirty dog 
After they’ve wrestled in the mud
That’s a job that takes two strong men
Because Rebel fills the whole tub
Little Jonny is confused, heartbroken and dispaired
Oh, dear God in Heaven this really isn’t fair
I promise not to whine, scream, cry and sometimes pout
I will always make my bed, comb my hair and rise early to let poor Rebel out
Little Jonny bowed his head as he kneeled down to pray
He prayed more little promises and asked if God would change his mind today
He vowed he’d keep his word as only a five year old can do
Jonny asked if only God could hurry and answer
Because he was running out of time
He needed desperately his hero father for the boogie man at bedtime

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The God Who Raises the Dead

 People say all who die
 don't ever come to life again
 when you're dead you're dead
 but nobody knows when

 People seem to forget one man
 that man was God in human flesh
 Jesus Christ incarnate the man
 who came back to life no less

 Yes history shows this
 Jesus Christ lived and died
 but came back to life
 this is true, history hasn't lied

 Jesus appeared to 500 and more
 after dying Jesus has risen
 as first fruits of His believers
 that have risen from life of sin

 So God has shown to us all
 this is God who's all powerful
 who raises the dead to life
 spiritually and eternally to the full


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Unyielding Pain

Would it be best if I just went away?
Never again see the light of day,
You said you hated me,
Do you even know what those words did to me?
I curled up in a ball and withered away,
Not even listening to what mother would say,
She would cry out I don't want to lose my baby,
She saw my cold, distant eyes and knew she had already,
My mother never again knew paradise,
No one could help her not even Jesus Christ,
Maybe if you had not chosen to say the words you said,
I probably wouldn’t be here on my death bed,
Now my whole family feels my pain,
What is this is this you’re little game,
Once my family's pain and suffering is over,
I will lay down my weapons and lend them my clover,
Who knows now where my spirit will go,
No one but Jesus and God will know,
Maybe I will go up,up,up and beyond,
Trying to patch up my severed bond,
But if I go down,down,down,
I must hope to drown,
Because there the Devil's Chamber lay,
Every soul hopes to get out, but none get away,
Now you must hope you don't end up like me,
Go ahead think that you are free,
Go on spend all your lousy time,
Waste all your money until you don't have a dime,
When you have lost everything and you have past,
I will be back quick and very fast,
You will see me at your gate,
Now I welcome you to your gruesome fate,
You ask me why am I here,
I say did you think I would just disappear,
A second passed and I shoved you in your door,
You’re screaming Dear God I can't take anymore,
Now you will suffer and feel mine and everyone's pain,
I am off to get on my afterlife train,
Who knows I might stay here on Earth,
After all I have been rebirthed,
Now my heart is set at ease,
Time is no more at a freeze,
Now my family can move on,
Because that monstrous person is forever gone! 

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The holiest of homes is with us now.
The light that glorifies us all is brightly burning.
What causes does our God give to fight the fight
And not die lonely?
We're given what is needed, yet at times,
The truth is left to find.
And find it all we may not.
What happens when God does not get through?
Those of us, his children, who hate or suffer 
Or commit sins against our own.
Is he not there for them as well?
Do the poems and prayers apply to only those
Of us who believe?
How are those reached who are so troubled and
Wage war and kill and make others' live in angst?
I believe he is there for us all...
So how to reach those troubled souls?
Reach inside, take a breath and pray there is a way.

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A man lies dying, a victim of a cause
his name not important, nor the time of his fall
Impaled in Romania, or crucified for the glory of Rome
cut are the sinews of conscience, dangling from a soulless abode
How many have bled, in reverence to a god or a nation
holy aren't thy waters, baptizing an armada of Spanish creation
For every 95 Thesis, must we have a 100 Year War
October bled Stalin's revolution, a red epitaph of Leningrad lore
Blame pernicious leaders, for cajoling fear and hate
yet whose firm handshake slits the throat, of civilized debate
A Ukrainian famine, a Jewish holocaust, a Japanese city eerily still
the killing fields are always fertile, beneath the city on a hill
Ignorance and greed, gorge a leviathan corpulent and crowned
cannibalism is its creed, its ruddy chains writhing unbound
How many voices were silenced, that sixth day of June
history too often forgets, to seal a tyrant's tomb
We are blessed with reason, the ability to discern
is life not a precious gift, impossible to return
Could you steal the last breath, from your child's loving kiss
would a god give you a righteous sword, to kill one of his

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In God I trust

In this world of misery i hope god has got a plan for me
as i struggle helplessly searching for repentance
my soul needs resurrection and guidance
i've been mislead form the start
trying to put back together the pieces of my broken heart
i wonder if theres a place reserved for me im heaven
i wonder if god understands the reasons for the wrongs i've done
i hope i'm forgiven father i am your son
so guide me through keep me safe
as i travel on this journey of life
watch over me as a walk these dangerous streets at night
you sent me here on a mission that i hope is'nt complete
cause i've still got so far to go so much more to learn
but in you i put my trust
i know you wont take me before it's my turn
in you i keep faith so i'm never concerned
my life is in your hands
my soul is yours 
so i know you'll let me in before you close the doors

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making It great in 2008 (part 10): how to handle heartbreak

life is not always fair, but God is always good
and if you want to learn to handle heartbreak just do as Jesus would

you've been disheartened, discouraged and your dreams have been dashed
the shroud of disappointment is now hanging over your path
on the road to Emmaus two disciples were in route
followers of the Messiah now walking in despair and doubt
trying to comprehend the tragedy at Mount Calvary
in a state of heartbreak over what had come to be
Jesus had been crucified and His tomb was found bare
the True Prophet was gone and His body had disappeared

the world will always favor a kind pastor and a good priest
but a real prophet reveals truths that many don't want to see
he does not sugar coat the message, he cuts to the core
he sheds light on the darkness and tells you what for
and whenever a true prophet gets into the face of society
he causes men to reexamine their sense of integrity
he exposes men's morals and makes many question their thoughts
he interprets the righteous word of God and principles we've been taught
he'll tell it like it is and challenge the powers that be
he'll remove the blinders from our eyes and expose the lies we need to see

on the road to Emmaus a man those two disciples did meet
they did not recognize Him at first but to Him they did still greet
they continued to lament about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ
until the man said to them, "ought not Jesus have made the sacrifice,
how slow of heart you are in your belief of the Prophet's stories,
for Christ had to suffer those things so He could enter into glory"
they then invited that Man to stop and share a repast
and upon the breaking of bread they recognized Him at last
Jesus was right before them and then He disappeared
their hearts were now burning for the words that Jesus shared

in a state of self pity to heartbroken to see
that a true prophet will turn tragedy into victory
He'll open up the Scriptures so that one can start
on finding strength in the Word and handling the break in one's hearts 
no longer despondent nor in a state of despair
Jesus had arisen in order to draw all men near

from heartbreak to heart search and on to heartburn
let the Holy spirit give you the power to discern
the way to handle heartbreak just do as Jesus Christ
by turning gloom into glory and restoring the joy of life
the way to handle heartbreak is to live like Jesus Christ
to look for triumph in tragedy and then continue to speak life

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Lord why do funerals occur everyday of the WEEK?

Is it because, we get what Adam and Eve REAPED!

Funerals have people that will never again awake from their SLEEP!

The arrogant and the MEEK,
In the end, they all get buried six feet DEEP!

Every time I attend funerals I realize, everybody born has to DIE!

Lord, I wish I can be caught up in the rapture, so my loved ones will not have to 

Many times when one dies, their love ones are not granted, the chance to say 
Often at funerals not to cry people TRY.

I ask God why do we have funerals, but never do He REPLY.
So every time I attend a funeral, I will ask God WHY?

Funerals comes to all people, it does not depend on an individual AGE.
From the ignorant people to the wisest of SAGES.

When people get killed, funerals allows them to build up their RAGE!

As they watch their love ones, continue to be trapped in death’s CAGE.

Just hoping, from the dead they would be RAISED.
In the end you must face the facts, then turn to the next PAGE.

You hear about deaths on radio and T.V’S!
You think to yourself how can this BE!

You ask God, what did the individual do to THEE?
Then you think to yourself that could have been ME.

But you should not cry too much, if they were saved, they’re now heavenly HAPPY!
You will see them again in ETERNITY.

I blame Adam and Eve for funerals, it was with them did death ORIGINATE!
But knowing this, them I still will never HATE.

Because at funerals God promises He still DEMONSTRATES.
That no matter how much power and respect one has, in this life he still 

Many people think after they die they will be REINCARNATED.
Others think because of their good works, them to hell God will not 

To prevent death you will never find a CURE.
Funerals everyone must learn to accept and ENDURE

Everyone knows they have to die the devil comes like a thief, with Jesus their life 
they shall INSURE.
If you do not accept Jesus Christ to hell you will DETOUR.

Funerals happen for a reason is what He wants us to CONCUR!

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Aztec Ethics

In the museums we shudder
With vicarious delight
At the spectacle of the Aztecs -
A high culture founded on human sacrifice,
All the while not seeing -
Because we don't want to -
That the cult has never died;
Only the name of  the god has changed.

Now we bend the knee in reverence
Within our private cells
Before the votive flame
Of the flickering cathode ray
In service to the great god TECH,
The Iron Form That Has No Face.

He sends his rain of bombs on foreign soils
That we may reap Renewed Economy,
Responding to their madness with his own.
He sends the check that our children may eat,
While those of others learn to scream at the sound of planes.

Yes - we see The Need.
Yes - we understand The Reasons.

- But we don't have to like it.
Our revulsion is still something we may call our own.

Oh, what of it? This time let's do the honors ourselves.
Let every mother, father, sister, brother, child and friend
Of tomorrow's "Disposable Resources"
Take the knife from the withered hand of one of TECH's High Priests,
Those Four-Starred Ones,
Plunge it deep and cut
To rip our own hearts from our breasts
And hold them beating before us in our hands
As we march en masse towards his temple,
Staggering down his sanitized audience hall,
As more and yet more come crowding to the doors,
To pile the bleeding mass before his feet.

And on that day, 
Let the heartless meet the faceless and scream to him as One:

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A old lady sits on her porch, stairing from her rocking chair
This has been here resting spot for the last tweenty or thirty years
Watching her world dramaticlly change
From loving familys and neighbors
To drug dealers, hoodlums, and colored rag carring gangs
First and last names are replaced by gang names
She cries on the many day that she was inflicted pain
She watched her children gunned down one by one
One took his own life with his own gun
Her husband was distroyed by war
His last days were spent in front of the liquor 
Killed by scorosis of the liver
He died drunk without driving
Her youngest daughter still surviving
Only because shes slowly dying
Never knew she had HIV because it was hiding
Now it's AIDS so now she fighting
The old lady misses how the world use to belive in a higher power
She never gave in to the influence
Given by Satains many demons
Who made a bed for her whole family on the cement
This is way younger people don't respact here achiement
Crowding her yard after night falls
Police won't even answer her call
Too busy protecting suburban malls 
Only answering cover story calls
To be projected as heros when really their zeros
After all that has broken her down she still has faith
If you asked her she will say that GOD giveth and GOD taketh away

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Zero Hours

Zero hours desires of Zenith Powers, Zephyr blowing at a low mileage, not strong enough 2 extinguish those scowling fires fueling off the tongues of eternal liars, dragons flying looking through eyes of diamonds, a silhouette of karma, the devils smiling, I’ve never seen an appearance besides myself so charming, zero hours the day of reckoning, the reversal of drama, when one is reciprocated 4 his own karma, desires of Zenith Powers, face your maker -n- don’t be a coward, 4 it’s nothing we can do when this moment of action comes and finds us.

Our souls will be naked
No more clothes from designers
Will you change your desires in
These zero hours when this moment
Of action comes and finds us

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Untitled #273 / The Broken Chain

The Broken Chain
“We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone;
for part of us went with you, the day God called you home.
You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide;
and though we cannot see you, you are always at our side.
Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same;
but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.”

(I found this on a gravestone.)

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why did you have to go

why is it you had to go you were only 17 
why did god have to take you why couldn't he take some one else 
you were a great person everyone loved you 
why Jessica did you have to go so soon 
you were a great friend and also a great daughter 
we will always remember you forever. 
why did god have to take you why did you have to go 
we will always miss you.

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Oh God I Cant Do This

It's been so long since that day changed my life and darkened everything around 
me I relive all the time minute by minute cant go with out crying I find my self 
wanting to call you until I remember I reach up as high as I can with my arms so 
wide It just aint right to still be here with out you near me, I'll say it clear while I 
hold back tears I feel so helpless some days I dont think I can live through this 
oh god I cant do this. So many plans we envisioned about growing up and 
getting old what promise the future hold, I tried so hard to run away from that day 
because I just didnt know what to say still to this day I feel so helpless some 
days I just dont think I can live through this oh god I cant do this. Contemplate 
visting your grave after all these years with so many fears I cant bare I hope you 
understand all this just was'nt part of the plan I feel so helpless some days I just 
dont think I can live like this oh god I cant do this. What I would'nt give for one day 
with you to tell you how much I love you it was a blast the times we had from little 
kids so close to adults I'm totally lost I find strength in memories of you and me 
but its not enough to calm the hurt, I feel so helpless some days I just dont think I 
can live like this oh god I cant do this I feel so helpless everything has changed 
I'm not the same as day's go bye can I get through this your truly missed oh god I 
cant do this oh god I cant do this.

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Hallelujah Christ Arose

Hallelujah Christ Arose

Heavenly hosts and angels with God sing.
Man, enlightened, living Truths, great joy brings.
Jesus Christ was strong; so, He came to earth.
Living to die a mortal death since birth.
Everlastingly outshining evil.
Loving all peoples and teaching the right,
Understanding God’s ways, He brought new light.
Inuring to us freedom from sins, blames.
A loving Savior, Jesus Christ sustains.
He pleased our Father and praised His name.
Charity was by His examples taught.
Heavenly Father, through Christ, mercy wrought.
Remembering Father and eternal loss.
Instead of self-love, He died on the cross.
Subjected to Satan, Christ overcame.
To earn back our lives, steady love remains.
Atonement for sin was paid on that hill. 
Reliving in heaven, He won God’s will.
Omnipotent love He gave us, forever.
So we could live in Heaven together.
Eternal death by God and faith, fettered.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
March 7th, 2010
Poetic form: Acrostic

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Once on way to the hospital, one minus one was zero.
God was fighting with the Devil, and God was my hero.

My dad had also been my hero and when he died I cried.
A part of me died and went into deep depression, the lie

Of how he had died. The dream of the autopsy lingered long.
He did not suffer, but I did for twelve years. Now I'm strong.

Strong was his faith and so is mine. Love is great, divine.
For the years I was sick as my mother, I looked for a sign

To deliver me from the Hell I was feeling, dealing without hero.
My mother died when God and the Devil became a big fat zero.

God won and I dreamed she went to Heaven in a white
Dress as angel, like her sweet voice, her beauty a sight

To see. As I've gotten older, I see her in me, looks.
She read the bible, as did I and many other books.

For her soul, her death, no longer need to cry.
No longer do I need to ponder and wonder why.

She quoted to me in the Devil's voice, then apologized in her voice
Her mother had God and the Devil in her and died at 35, no choice.

My mother was seven when her mother went to Heaven.
Popi and Aunt Mae, her mother's sister, raised her then.

I pray for all of them each and every night.
I know that they are all in God's own sight.

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Why I Don't believe in God

Where is God when innocence 
is torn to pieces and shreds?
When in somber they are ripped, 
Very cold from their small beds
Who’d you ask to keep them safe? 
When all has gone awry?
When all that’s left is passion 
pleading not to say goodbye?

Who shall bring you comfort 
when the crowd soon fades away?
When all the cards and flowers 
loose their color like the day
All that’s left of this small child
 is cold stone to mark her spot
Headline reads the telling title 
“Help find this missing Tot”

As sadness spills a lonely cry
 into her darkened room
Never should walls of butterflies 
convey a sense of gloom
You mesh into a rocking chair 
that used to help her sleep
A Disney Princess smiles away, 
stuffed pony at your feet

You’re begging God for answers
as you slowly close your eyes
Were all the Sunday classes
filled with sentiments and lies?
All the prayers and wishes
That seemed so true, sincere
Weren’t enough to keep her safe
As God slowly disappeared

NEVER assume your children 
Are safe when out at play
Evil lurks ‘round corners,
In dark and violent ways
May you never know the day 
You cry and plead for more
The evil that I speak about,
He is living right next door

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HE has been in a Coma, for three and a half years.
His sweet wife LENORE has cried a billion tears.
Wait a minute; Did I go Astray, WAS it me that DIED that day.
 The sorrow, agony, and pain has all been in my Brain.
Is She the One that suffers; My ROYAL QUEEN Doth Reign.

I watched as SHE came over TO give me my last HUG.
Lenore I really LOVEYOU : Please don’t pull the Plug.
I know SHE really LOVED me : but if it stops HER pain.
Then pull the plug : So my LENORE can live AGAIN

Oh my GOD I‘m going Home. My LOVE is living Still;
I  must say Good-bye to my Heartbeat ; my LOVE   JILL.
The plug is pulled. My soul takes flight : HEAVEN  BOUND.
LENORE I’m going HOME ; My soul can finally rest : WAITING FOR YOU 
My Heart stops, My head rest gently on the pillow on the bed.
My eyes wide open ; THANK GOD I know I’m     D  E  A  ----
                               Then  I  Awoke
Inspired by The Rambling POET"S Contest " I Dreamed "

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stil continued sorry so long

stood still,” has never been more real to me than in that moment.  I tried to tell 
myself it wasn’t real, but those words that my mom spoke as we walked in the 
house, “he’s gone,’ kept ringing through my head louder than anything.  It was 
silent, other than the sobs.  I have never heard silence be so loud.  I kept 
thinking, “how can my dad be gone, this can’t be real, maybe this is a mistake, 
not my daddy.”
	I am writing this book because I want others to know that they aren’t 
alone.  I want others to know that it’s okay to have questions and that it’s okay to 
feel the way you do as long as you don’t come to rest on those feelings.  I was 
very angry for a long, long time.  I didn’t understand how a loving God would let 
my dad do something like this.  Now I understand, we have free will.  We make 
our own decisions and those decisions have consequences, and when you have 
a family, and you love people and are loved by people those consequences don’t 
only affect you, they affect everyone around you.  In this book you will find poems 
from a few months after my dad passed away until just recently and it’s been six 
year.  I hope this brings some comfort to you an gives you hope.  It may seem like 
your world is falling apart, but don’t give up.  In these poems you may find that 
you have the same feelings or the same questions. I can’t promise you that you’ll 
find an answer, but I can promise you that even though it may not seem like it 
now, that it will get easier. You will be able to begin to live your life if you choose 
to.  Sometimes the past will hinder us, but we have to learn to let go and let God.  
I would not have made it to the point I am in my life now had I not learned to lean 
on God.  I tried for a long time to hide the pain, hide the feelings, and hide from 
God when all along all I needed to do was run to God because He was waiting 
for me, just like He’s waiting for you.  I can’t sit here and say there aren’t times 
when I still wonder why or what I could have done, but I do know that it has gotten 
easier.  There are still days where I question what I could have done and I think 
about my dad everyday, but I am trying to learn more and more everyday to give 
every piece of it to God.  

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You Don't Need Me

I am What You Think You Need; I love to turn your life to greed.
The need for me grows with each passing day,
I am evil and on the weak, I will prey.
I make you feel so good at times,
But I cause you to commit some serious crimes.
I am so appealing in so many ways,
But leave your life in one big haze.
I become your God and I am all you need,
When I am not around you will begin to plead.
I destroy lives and I also kill,
Only because you needed a thrill.
Well now here is the truth and I hope you hear,
I will ruin your life and everyone that is dear.
I mess with your life and your brain,
I make you think you are going insane.
I make you feel you are all alone,
I cause you to chase away everyone, you have known.
You own nothing because I took it away,
I am so important you become my prey.
I cause you to do things that are really bad,
Instead of being happy, you are always sad.
Is this really the way you want your life to be,
Then if I am offered to you just turn and flee.
Drugs control your body and mind,
So leave that life way behind.
Pray that God gives you the strength you need,
And from the drug life you will be freed.

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Letter To My Children

Maybe if I write a letter to the son I killed
Maybe if I wrote to my dead daughter 
My soul would finally heal
Maybe me and your mother would get back
Together instead of being just 
A beak and feathers
Two dead doves
We spoke all the time of love

But with all this love
We lack the courage 
To say that our luck’s up
Cause we "messed" up
And we need help
Instead we dealt with it wrong
Now I have to write a song to my lost boy

Now I have to lose out on life’s joy
Cause I was young and stupid
And I killed my kid
Faced with so much guilt
Over the blood that I let get spilt

But GOD works in mysterious ways
So if I have to spend days
Emotionally broken over this
Its fine cause she’s been through
All the physical pain
So now as this rain
Falls its beginning to pour

So if I had to write this letter
It’d start “Hey Daddy’s Girl”
Or “My Son”
Or maybe “Dear Little One”
You were never here but you’re still gone
But Daddy still loves you
And he’s sorry he took away all your firsts
Sorry that he’d never be able to protect you from closet ghosts

Daddy’s writing you this letter
I hope GOD lets you read it.

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In the Silence of the Night

In the silence of the night
The neighbors could hear
Someone putting up a fight
And shedding some tears
They had an idea of what was going on
But they turned out their lights
Even though they knew it was wrong
Night after Night
It was the same routine
The yelling would begin
Then the pain at 9:15
When the beating was done she would lay in bed
Lay under her covers crying
Praying to God for this all to end
In the morning she would leave for school
Trying to cover her bruises
And not wanting to break a house rule
Everyday, week after week
She came up with a new excuse
Hoping her teacher would not ask for the truth
Even though he knew it was abuse
She anxiously watched the clock
Hoping three never came
Hoping things would be different
But it was always the same
Daddy came home drunk
Mommy was high
Except this time her head hit a trunk
And she knew it was time for good-bye
She used to think it was because she was bad
That mommy would yell
And daddy would get mad
After she hit her head
An Angel came from the sky
It said there would be no more pain
And no more needing to lie
As she lay there bleeding
Blood pouring onto the floor
A huge smile came across her face
Because she knew God heard her prayers
And that she would be in a much better place

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Shoved on the stone cold floor
Thrown into a hard wood door
Slapped in the face
And given no grace
Strangled by his hands at the throat
As he smiles and begins to gloat
Blood and tears stream down
As he runs off to town
Huddled in the deep dark corner
Stone faced like a mourner
Locked up and can't get away
Suffering inside each night and day
You haven't got a clue
Of what you're gonna do
You bang on the door
And stomp on the floor
You scream outloud but no one hears
Cold and afraid your eyes fill with tears
Despiration fills the soul
As pain and suffering takes their toll
You spy a knife hung on the wall
And decide right there to end it all
In your last breath of utter despair
You ask God why He was not there
Hope and life fade away
But God really was there that day
Moments later a voice calls out
Wondering what the noise was all about
Help bursts through the door
To find she is no more
She gave up to soon
And fell to her doom
God is always there
And he really does care
He will never leave you
Nor forsake you

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The Beauty In You

I seen the beauty within you
you unfurled it and let it flew

touching all each passing day
heart of gold when it came to a childs play

god sent down his special angels
and saving that dance to a heavenly tango

guess God needed you more then I
but do not fret sis for my heart now sighs

just knowing your with our family above
someday we'll rejoice on the wings of a dove

for the wolf and shepherd may cross my path
but it is I that shall have its last laugh

for one can not take away those loving years
even if I'm the one left standing alone in tears

for time we shared together was given few
I was honored to see the inner beauty in you

your loving daughter and son will be alright
as they look upon the land and see the stars shine so bright

so as you travel above the high drifted planes
Ill be waiting for god to someday explain

How can one so young and free
Be taken away from somebody like me

but I will be thankful for having a sister like you
who shared her passion and beauty for life and for all she knew

In Loving Memory Of My Sister 
Phyllis  {1951 -  2009 }

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If You Approach Heaven First

            If you approach heaven first, ever so hesitantly
                angels will give you a lift up,
            no rains will soak the soul left up high
                 that we dare fathom where they are up-
            to the point where God touches everything
            in every living thing His spirit forever sings.

            I know you are already there
                 your spirit still exploring and learning,
            being safe in Jesus’s arms (hurting no more)
                 saints kneel down in robes around Him
            cleansed from the eternal spring that healed You
                 paradise there is ready to burst,
            and take all of us with it when we’re ready.

            I know now you are better in heaven
                  by approaching heaven first you’ll let-
            it be possible for souls like mine to climb
                  the stairs of salvation.
            the fruits of your deeds are what remains
            sparing the lives that might have fallen out,
            inspiring me to follow in your prophetic footsteps.

            We are relections in time
                  nothing seems to be real unless,
            I cover my heart with your pain
                  of a thousand crying souls,
            I have met my death before
                  when I saw you fall into darkness
            You did not go alone my dear,
                  my trembling limbs bent like match sticks
            I fell into the abyss of nothing,
                  I did not find you there
            just the remains of a flower;
            brittle and spent into dust
            life is too precious, wasting away.

            If you approach heaven first, ever so hesitantly
                  angels will give you a lift up,
            no rains will soak the soul left up high
                  that we dare fathom where they are up-
            to the point where God touches everything.

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Trek iii

I knew long ago
Constellations were ancient fairytales.
Carved faith before the diluting of mind;
Myth was our lens when we were blind.
I knew our posted pictures declared
Only immitations of primordial memories.
It was the knowledge that impaired
My judgment; too much logic and histories.
Then came the invention
Of science, and God replaced by arguments
That made of self a convention
That was more than greed, and ligaments.
They told me that stars are plasma balls,
Merely sclerotic gas that enthralls
The star dust longing to return again.
So finetely trapped that I cannot explain
The need I felt each time I pondered
I was born for nothing else but the wonder
Of flesh, and the rubble of feelings.
So I took my trek in search of meanings:
And found
Man is only dust of God -
O better much than that worm eaten sod!

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In Loving Memory

As I lay back in the tall grass
An uncontrollable emotion tears deeply into my heart;
I attempt to understand, "Why?"
Why has God taken one so precious?

Just then, a soft pile of radiant autumn leaves
Forms a plush pillow, and my senses sharpen.
The warm sunshine and a soft gentle breeze
Lovingly touch all that we call life.

Birds in their melodious splendor,
Fly close , and deliver special messages.
Colorful flowers wave gallantly in the wind,
Each having a unique life of its own.

The sound of crystal clear waters 
Carrying crisp and vibrant fallen leaves,
To a distant and Heavenly destination,
Bring fond memories of those we will love forever.

Suddenly, in the midst of floating clouds far above,
Images of those held so dear touch my heart.
And they appear in fond  memories-both comforting and touching.
Only now can I begin to understand, "Why?"

All of these precious souls who we feel we have lost
Are lovingly watching over us from Heaven above,
Helping God create a Heaven on earth,
Enhancing and spreading beauty with everlasting love in their hearts.

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When Death touches us, we cry,
We scream at God and say "Why!"
"Did you let this happen to my husband or wife
 Who was always so happy-enjoying life!"

When my husband died, I wept for a week-
No family, no friend, not even God would I seek,
You would have thought that I was stone,
The way I bore it all by myself-until I got home.

We tend to be selfish when family dear
Passes away and leaves us with no cheer,
The house seems so dark-no sunlight do we see,
As we scream at God, "Now what happens to me?!"

Those who teach us about grief and how humans react-
Tell us it's normal to think of this one fact-
That someone most dear has been taken away-
Never to return as we live Life each day.

 I want to remind you the pain never goes away,
But it Does dimenish as you live through your days,
You feel fairly normal due to a family that cares,
Except for that hole in your heart that will always be there.

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                        THE HEROS OF OUR COUNTRY

The night seems extremely long
As I stand guard against the enemy,
I know not how long I can hold on
For my body grows tired and weary.

There is no peace and no time to rest
We must not let our defenses down,
For the war rages on night and day
With the stench of death all around.

Why do we fight a war we can not win
Arabs have fought each other for many a year,
They will never be the one to stop this endless war
They kill each other for therefore death they do not fear.

I know our troops all around the world
Fight for all our countries  to be free,
They fight with all their courage and stamina
It seems it is just not meant to be.

We shall pray for our troops where ever they are
Pray they will soon be on their home ground,
Pray openly that God might see you are sincere
That under God worldly peace may be found.


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There was weeping this week
For a most gracious lady
Went on a journey to meet
Those gone on before

We visited in her home
Many years before
She was always loving 
Welcoming us in the door

In the pastorite  years
Ago many homes 
Visited so
She was one to become a friend

When you go to funeral wake
There the loved ones wait
The dreaded time for the end
Tears are shed for a mate

But this time the children cried
Little ones, teens
And did not smile
When you see teenagers cry

One knows, just knows
That God was there
In her home where she
Offered love that was sent from God above

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The Hourglass

Mankind's finite days, as minute grains of sand. Methodically exit the hourglass, That God possesses in hand. Mankind fathoms not hours, nor discerns time of day. Nor perceives what God, has chosen as parting way. But when hourglass is empty, and judgment day's at hand. excuses then, will not subsist, Nor will God grant more sand. Ecclesiastes 11;3

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Jashaia Trinity Small-an angel know in heaven

Imagine if your child was terminally ill,
Do you think you could cope? 
Would you have the will?
Imagine if you knew that she would die.
Would you have the strength to say Good-bye?
Your other children they love her so,
How will you help them let her go?
New procedures, experimental test,
You would only want what was best?
This little girl so innocent and pure,
Would you wonder what God did this for?
You must believe his purpose is true,
There’s a reason for everything he puts us through.
Your feelings will change from day to day,
You may even feel you don’t want to pray.
She was given to you to cherish and love,
You’ll always have memories to smile of.
Embrace each moment every day,
Don’t let a memory sneak away.
Remember that God will be right there,
The pain in your heart he will share.

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No more handkerchiefs-

I can recall the first time she ever held me in her arms and looked into my 

eyes… she was more different than anyone else I would ever come to know.  It 

was the way that she touch me, that said to me, no harm would ever come upon 

you  as Iong as I was here... it was the way that she looked at me that told me 

how deeply she cared. As I got older sometimes I wouldn't always do 

what she told me to do. 

Somehow she still managed to let the warmth of her smile still come through, to 

despite her distain for what I had did, it was a look that said you can do better if 

you only try? I can’t bring her back to me... as I sit here by her final resting place. 

As these never ending blue tear drops flow down my face both night and day. 

Oh how I miss momma and wish that she we’re still here to wipe away my

blue tears? 

If she was still here, I know she would wipe away my blue tears... and she would 

pull out one of those old handkerchiefs that she kept in her old purse and 

she would then  say to me.., don’t cry my baby everything will be okay. Now blow 

your nose and let me see that smile on your face? 

As the six of those elderly men carried her down those steps and as I followed 

along, just thinking to myself...she can’t be gone? As they started to lower her 

beautiful white casket into it's final resting place, I did come to realize, no more 

would I see her smile that would make the pain go away and the boogieman 

seem like a bad friend misbehaving that when she would appeared he would 

just run away. Now here I stand a broken hearted man, but I weep like that baby 

she once knew years ago... I know momma has the Angels smiling and laughing 

up there? 

Truly God must have already known there was one Angel still left down here on 

earth and  that he needed them to to come back home, so he called for momma 

late one February night. God already knew about your warm kisses that could 

put the suns warmth to shame and he knew about hugs that you could

give that put a tight sweater to shame. 

I miss you momma, I know you are passing out those old handkerchiefs of yours 

from out of  that old purse you use to carry and wiping Angels noses and 

mending their wings...I miss you mother, but I'm sure they did too.


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God's Little Angel

My little Caylee
you were only three
how could someone have taken you from me

on a summers day
you went out to play
now someones buried you in mud and clay

but do not fret my little angel
for they will be caught one day
whether man or woman God will have his last say

as balloons and clowns will return that smile
gods taken your hand to hold for awhile

you will forever remain etched in our hearts
for God has given you a brand new start

though you are a millions miles away
I can still hear your laughter while you play

My little angel who I never knew
it makes me sick for those who had no clue on
how you could of been a doctor lawyer or a nurse to help the few

like I said have no fret cause God sent his crew 
to return his little angel and start anew
for their is other parents that will love and hold you 

In Loving Memory Of Caylee Anthony
RIP Sweetheart

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I think i'm dieing,
I can't stop crying,
if I said I was ok then i'de be lieing.
I'm giving into the voices in my head
and they all say that i'm better of dead.
My eyes shed tears full of regrets and sorrow,
scared i'll end my pain before tomorrow.
Who will I be in three years,
will I finally get over my fears,
will I even make it there,
or should I end it here?
I feel the fear for the devil is pulling me near,
but god is in my heart telling me not to part.
I fight with my emotions because their constantly in motion.
Should I give up or keep on trying,
if  I give up i'll finally stop crying
and I won't hear anymore lieing
or continue to witness my mother dieing.
I'm trying to get through this
but i'm not sure I can get through this.
Should I walk into the fire,
or wait untill god decides it's time for me to fly up higher.
I need faith,and I need to feel safe.
I need to feel like I belong on this earth,
I need to know that i'm a blessing and not a curse.
Peace is what I need to find,
silence is what I need in my mind.
I need to be strong and continue to ask god to help me carry on.
I mummble ways of suicidal deaths under each of my weak breaths.
Is this the devils temptation or is it gods test?
If I end my life will it be for the best?
I feel an excrutiating pain in my chest.
Maybe I should put my pain to rest.
I have nothing to loose
so maybe death is what I will choose.

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A Love From God

I never thought the day would come;
I would have two precious boys instead of one.

Once I had my love for Dale;
My heart grew bigger, for Ryan as well.

The doctor once said I could not conceive;
But God had a different plan for you and me.

I can't believe the love I feel;
For a mom, it's all so real.

I've never had my heart so high;
With such a love, I can't deny.

So I thank God every day and night;
For a gift of love that is out of sight.

Dedicated to my boys, Dale and Ryan

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Rest In Eternal Peace

Earthly rags are cast away at heaven's gates
Every one will stand before Him, awaiting their fate
Clothed with robes of peace or naked in disgrace.

Before the Judgment Seat, He awaits each case
All souls are before Him, all will see His face
Earthly rags are cast away at heaven's gates.

Those who had lived in His peace, secure and safe
Those who had lived in their hate, death's bitter taste
Clothed with robes of peace or naked in disgrace.

All humankind, every tribe, tongue and race
Called before The Lord, they will await
Earthly rags are cast away at heaven's gates.

Christ on His Throne, beyond time and space
Books are opened, His decrees will take place
Clothed with robes of peace or naked in disgrace.

No mortal can escape their destiny and fate
One must trust the Savior, or it will be too late
Earthly rags are cast away at heaven's gates
Clothed with robes of peace or naked in disgrace.

Written on 2/27/2015

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Hear Me!

Can you hear me, can you understand? 

The moment she was born her death began. HIV in her system because her 
father was with another man. 
Mom hurt because daddy was on the down low. Now she\'s on drugs trying to 
understand so,little girl getting raped by the pusher, not for long because at age 
God took her.

Can you hear me,can you understand? 

This boy is now a man. His innocents is taken, not having the choice of romance, 
but fear and force from a grown woman. This child he is only ten.

I dont think you hear me, can you truely understand?

Now this boy being starred down with a gun in his face, because his little sisters' 
the families disgrace. On the streets selling her body for Mr.Mase. Her soul he 
tries to save, but it's to late. She already feels it is fate. She is already owned buy 

Can you really hear me, can you quite understand? 

Mr.Mase is suppose to be the man. That was his true plan, but when the Bible 
was mentioned he ran. Crisis are not in the mans hands because God is the 
true man in hand. Can your see this poem is not about the HIV, rape, or 
the little prostitute, but the message God sent through me to you.
Hear Me!

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In Memory Of...

Even though you've gone away
We can meet again one day
So what that we're apart
You'll always remain in my heart
I will always love you
And you know as well as I do
That you're in a better place now
I just have to ask how?
How could you go so soon?
It seemed you hadn't even seen a full mooon
But I guess God decided you're time had come
It was too soon according to some
But God always does what is right
So I guess what is right is taking you out of sight
I will always love you
And I know others will too
So even though you've gone away
We can meet again one day.

In memory of:
Granddaddy Dickinson
Mrs. Anderson
Mrs. Dickerson

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Battle In Me

Always looking back was the attack. 
Lack of strength in Jesus, 
Trying to find things that could please us.
Not enough to keep me going and have the Holy Spirit flowing.
Breaking through was what I had to do!
Years of emotional punishment, and disgrace were shown all over my face.
There was an empty space, 
That was the place, I held on to, not knowing what to do…
Crying, and Crying, 
For God to start prying those doors of my heart,
That for so long,
Were closed just for me to do wrong!
Seven years of so many tears…
And yet with God’s fear!
One day it became clear
My eyes in astonishment, quivering with chills feeling the tingling hit me from 
head to toe
My heart pounding so hard that it hurt, in the eagerness of rejoicing
Wanting to move forward but something held me tight
In all that thought of being held down
Yearning for more
Fading, feeling once again crashing
To that same darkness that overcame me at first...
When can I push?
The doors of my heart are in battle
Is it me or is it he?
I don't want him no more
God come heal me!
Take this emotional power that has me bound. 
I rebuke you Satan get out of my head, for the power of God wants to enter the 
doors of my heart. 
No more turning back
I want to see the Glory
And the glory will never be in you Satan,

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How can we tell when our loved ones is in pain? What do we look for in times of 
their need?I ask my self time and time again and what could I have done 
different. I also ask my self why does someone end their life in such a short time. 
Was the pain so real that they went away. What was it that they  were trying to 
gain or trying to say. Was I so blind to see for myself. Why do they leave us and 
not want to stay. Were they hurting so deep down inside .Or did they look up to 
God or felt to lonley to pray. When you lose a loved one in such a tragic way. Do 
you blame yourself and ask God to bring them back because you did not want 
them to leave and wished they could of stayed. Do you feel like you wish you 
could  turn back the clock .And plead with God  and say why is my loved one gone 
please bring them back today so you can spend a different moment with them 
and  tell them you love them and not brush them off and not be in a hurry 
because you have too many things to do and why not treat that special time with 
pleasure letting them know With love, caring and concern, reach out your hand 
do not look at them with displeasure instead replace it with a smile on your face 
and a special glow. When they look in your eyes they will see pleasure and they 
will know when you say I love you and I want to enjoy  the special moments you 
have with them for someday when it is our calling when we are all old and gray 
they would not take their own life they would die when God calls them in his time 
so when their life here on earth is  ending it  would end a more natural way. 
Please take this moment in time and when your loved one is hurting don't look 
the other way tell them that they are ok. Then love with all your heart spend more 
time to listen when they are hurting so deep down inside. Don't think the pain 
they are having  will go away for they are trying to tell so something. Dont look the 
other way. Open up your heart and believe what I am saying for this is true. For I 
have lost a loved one and have not taking the time to read the signs. 

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Broken Hearts

Visions of you appear before my eyes
As I think about those lullabys
that you use to sing to me

Everynight while you put me to bed
Those songs you sung would dance in my head
As I fell asleep

I dont know how to let you go
I've never lost anyone so close
but now I know how it feels

Your gone and I am so sad
I love you and I miss you so bad
I can't help but to cry

I just cant believe your gone
everything seems so wrong
and I dont know why

I know your with the angels playing your harp
I just wish that god would mend my broken heart
sill it up with glue
help me to get over you

grandma I thought I was strong
but now I see that I was wrong
I just want you back

I know that it is selfish of me
thats not the way you would want me to be
but I cant help it

I prayed for you everynight and I still do
I just hope that you can hear me when I say that I love you
And I mean it with all my heart

I guess god wanted you more than me
at least that is the way it seems to be
He won this war

I know that If I be good, i will see you one day
And I will cry when I wrap my arms around you and say
I love you.

One Day

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A Visit from the Lord

In a turbulent rest I was startled
By a golden and beckoning light,
And a vision sat there by my pillow
Sobbing with all of His might.

I asked Him “Lord, why are you weeping?”
And He lifted his face to meet mine.
He told me “My child, you are dying,
And tomorrow you will be consigned”.

He bowed once again at my bedside
And softly continued to cry,
And we stayed the whole night in our stillness
‘Til the shine of the first morning light.

When I rose in my chamber I smiled
At the glorious sight of the sun.
What a beautiful gift I was given
To know my last day had begun.

I was deep in the meadow by noontime
Watching the sun glow through the leaves
Like the wind that inspires the trees to dance,
And the waves that encourage the sea. 

I heard an echo of song growing louder 
As the day slowly fell into night.
They were calling for me from the After
And I went
To my Lord, 
To the light. 

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One Blessed Day

One blessed day I'll pass away, and leave this world behind.
Then some will say, and feign to pray, as though they loved me kind.
Yet I shall be beside the tree of life, without a care.
When there set free, I then shall see, my Jesus' glory share.
For He, my King, shall cause to sing, my heart, in triumph grand.
My Everything! To Him I'll cling, and hold His nail scarred hand.
Eternal grace! His shining Face shall light upon my soul.
When not a trace of sin in place, I shall be fully whole.
Until I go, and be it so, I try to give Him thanks.
For even though sin brings me low, I'll kneel on golden banks.
My greatest Friend, and heaven Send; with mercy 'pon my soul, He'll tend.
With help to lend, my wounds He'll mend, and keep me safe unto the end.

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With all the might, the weight of knowledge of the grave,
  The clay of swamps and human souls laid waste,
Composed in gothic castle bowels towered on the crags,
  The genius of madness in this universe disgraced.
Forked the lightning throttled at the cold conductors,
  Glowing blue fluorescence, spitting sparks upon the slate,
Crackled, pulsing energy surged to the dungeon deep
  And bade mouldering death to live in rotten dissipate.
To dream to be as God is, to do as God has done,
  To trespass on humanity in breach of science name,
Beholding of the horror, of vile reanimated flesh,
  To rail against the heavens in a rage of fire and flame.
To watch with dawning horror as it cracks a milky eye,
  And twitching, scabrous fingers rap upon the bloody bed,
Bandages torn open, trailing from the feral face
  Contorted by the seizures of the newly living dead.
Unleashed upon the earth a freshly birthed abomination,
  From out the womb of hell, some half-aborted patchwork son,
Too late to ask the question at the seething, looming frame,
  “Dear God who art in heaven, dear God what have I done?”

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Another day like so many others
With American's blood spilling on foreign sand,
So many wounded and so many lives have been lost
There are so many led to heaven by God's hand.

How many soldiers do we have to sacrifice
To satisfy this political and useless war,
We can not win against the Arabs
For they just keep coming back for more.

They sacrifice their own women and children
Arming them with bombs and other war fare,
So they can hide behind them in cowardness
They it is what Allah wants, but they do not care.

The militia has fought for hundreds of years
They will not allow an Iraq government to be formed,
They abhor Americans and our troops interfering there
So they will keep killing them as they have warned.

Keep our troops safe while they are there
May God bless them for what they stand,
Because they are brave and will keep fighting
Till God leads them out by his hand.

Their children are growing up without a parent
Having to face life the best they can,
Though they know they died a hero
And was lead out by God's hand.

They know they will have to be very strong
Yet still some are to young to understand,
As they grow older and understand what happened
May God give them strength and lead them by his hand.

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I am nothing He proclamed.
I am God the same.
I am love in name.
I am grace I do exclame.
I am God in the flesh.
I am man I need rest.
I give you my best.
I am you past the test.
They beat me to lame.
They did not trust my name.
Through them they say.
I was framed.

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Just Jesus

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, the sweetest name I know.
I'll spread the word of His goodness, and tell it everywhere I go.
Oh, my Saviour Jesus, how majestic is thy name,
Without your love and presence, my life would ne'er be the same.
Oh, that great name Jesus, such wonders to perform,
 I have that blessed assurance while I'm safe in His loving arm.
Oh, my precious Jesus, who died to set me free,
The cross is such a comfort to be nearer my God to Thee.
Just speak the name of Jesus, the name I truly love,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, the Son of God above.

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The Burial or Resurrection

I've been running a race where at the finish line
death and destruction was present.
bounded by the chains coming from the illusions of the mind,
fighting a losing battle with the desires of the flesh,
when my souls wants to be right!
but the devils was overpowering my souls cry

Death and destruction seemed like a worthy solution,
I left God presence and took the devil by the hand,
letting him direct my paths and letting him be the answer to all my situations.
i listenned while the preacher preacher but at the same time I was dying at my sit!

Pain and depression was my mother and father 
and girls were vessels that i needed to keep living
when I thought I was over the situations that were present....
the devil unloaded his clip and filled my body with bullets!
each bullet representing more pain!
more hurt!
more goliaths in my life that i wasn't able to handle
so bound i was weak unable to be david.....!
in  need of desperate guidance from my savior.

I was submitting to the submission that the devil had locked
about to put up the white flag offering my surrender....
God spoke and the chains I was bound with evaporated ,
and he equiped me with a bulletproof vest ready for the devil to unload his clip.

He spoke one more time and there was a burial of  a man of the world....!
and the ressurrection of a new creature from the calling from God....!
whose not a afraid to walk in the valley of the shadow of death..!
fear no evil that the devil posses
who will lay down beside still waters and there God I know may sould will be 

What would you  be of the world and chose eternal damnation 

would you be of God and have everlasting life and chosse  the burial and the 

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living and leaving a legacy

what will you be remembered for when you have passed away?
what do you think most people will probably have to say?
what things would you like to be most memorialized about?
what things about you would your friends and family shout out?
what have you accomplished in life? what good works and deeds have you done?
where you a devoted servant of God or a disobedient one?
what significant mark on this world do you hope to leave?
will there be anyone around who for you will mourn or grieve?
will you have touched any souls or enriched any minds?
what type of lasting and living legacy will you leave behind?
when it comes time to take that final ride in that black stretch limo
what of your life's accomplishments will you want people to know?
for as naked as the day that you first appeared on this earth
what bare facts do you wish people would remember about you first?

a lasting and living legacy, your entry in the book of eternal life
will it be a legacy as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ
to have been a member of the family of the Most Holy Lord
to have been one who was called to come and get aboard
for you can't bargain, you can't scheme and to Him you cannot bribe
to have a place in God's heart where only truth and goodness reside
so as you travel your life's journey keep God always on your mind
don't sweat the small stuff not buy into the devil's lies

now turn to your sons, to your daughters, nieces and nephews
the future generation you need to reach out to
the children, the continuous legacy of our very lives
our children, the next generation of servants for Jesus Christ
introduce them to the Lord and leave a faith in them so strong
show them that your life was a living testimony to the Kingdom of which you belonged
let the children know that God has given them love, power and self-discipline
show them that there's nothing to fear but fear in the end
help them discover the gift to them that God did give
their true purpose, passion and destiny for which they should live
tell them that this faith has always been in your family
the inheritance of belief a lasting and living legacy
pass the baton of faith so your memory will keep on living
fan the flame of faith that which to you God has given
a strong belief system that you will  pass on down the line
by living and leaving a legacy that will be remembered for all time

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Guts, God, & Glory

A tribute to the women and men who fought and died and never received their 
just honors or glories.
   And to the mommas and daddies that lost these children, this is their stories.
To say the least war is hellish, ghoulish, and sometimes the last resort to settle 
irreconcilable differences.
   For it’s during these times the devil is let loose to wander freely, disguised as a 
mighty leader is just one way he can alter his many appearances.
War is always given a just and noble cause, but I often wonder sometimes how 
much truth is in all of that.
   What it really boils down to is that someone is trying to push their ways or ideas 
on you and it eventually leads to combat.
So what do you do when you are challenged with these issues.
   Pray to God for wisdom, seek strength, and courage, and hand momma the 
It’s always our children who are the first line of defense against these causes of 
   Freedom has never come cheap, and that is the only explanation you can give 
someone who loses a loved one on some foreign shore.
Could be we might be praising budda while eating that bowl of fish eyes and rice.
   Had that son or daughter of ours not paid the ultimate price.
War should never be condoned but used only as a necessary tool.
   Only for God and country should it ever be used and never allowed in the hands 
of a fool.
So I thank God for my country, and bless the ones that had to fall.
   Where would we be if these brave men and women had not answered the call.

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A Salute to Debra Reid: Our Sister, Our Friend

from the minute you gave your soul 
into the safe keeping of Jesus Christ
you went on to lead an upstanding, 
productive and blessed life
from the moment you met and married your true love, 
your husband Kenneth Reid
you reaped a bountiful harvest 
and built a business with God's righteous seed

the enemy came upon you shooting arrows 
from every angle and in every way
yet our Father God continued to shield you 
and lift you up each and every day
you fought the good fight Debra 
and now you can gracefully lay down your sword
for Father God has called you up heaven 
to receive your just reward

so today we salute you Debra 
for being a soldier in the army of God
and your memory will live on forever 
embedded within our hearts
you've been a trooper and a true disciple 
until the very end
and our love for you will never die, 
Debra Reid Our Sister, Our Friend

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When God Calls

She sat next to you in school every day.
You sometimes saw her, but never knew her name.
Such a quiet girl lost in her own way.
She cried a lot as the world slept.
Her mind drifting away as her body wept.
Fists of stone may pummel her,
And though no one hears her screams,
She knows her God is watching her.
He sends her the sweetest dreams.
She reaches out to Heaven.
To a love greater than she's ever known.
A small girl who was so early broken
And God looked down and he saw her tears.
He saw the object of all her fears
How God wept at her unjust treatment!
"My angel,"he cried "Come home."

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When you are hurting 
or felling blue 

their is on person
to turn to 

it's not you friends 
nor you parents 

it's the man who died 
and went to heaven

for you and me 
he gave his life 

so we could fell the hurt 
in his eyes 

he stayed their strong 
on the cross 

with no worry 
so we might not be lost 

he have his life don't you see
or are we too blind to fall on our knees 

pray for forgiveness 
and don't you worry 

he will listen 
when you hear this story 

this man was bold 
and had the truth 

he was gods son 
and he knew what he had to do 

he did nothing wrong 
don't you see 

but lived his life 
for you and me 

he had no faults 
and have god glory 

he told us stories 
about his journeys 

far and wide 
they stretched too 

he was born a man of truth 
don't you see 

but we did not care 
about it anyway

he stood the test of time 
in his many years 

and fought the devil 
that did not care 

he tested this man 
in his journey 

so he would fall 
and break this story 

but the dared 
to stay on path 

and know their is a book 
to tell us about his past 

he gave his life 
so we could see 

that god loved us so much 
to give his only son away 

on that cross 
the man was nailed 

a crown of thorns 
was on his head 

we nailed him  to that cross 
and stuck a spear in his side

because we simply 
did not want to belive 

that he did it 
for you and me 

so he can show us 
that sin will never live 

take this story 
son's and daughter's 

and listen in the night 
for his call 

so you might be able 
to full fill his life 

that he taught us 
on that gloomy gloomy night

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Curse the flames

When the hills blaze and ashes fall
mocking the snow.
When the city gaspes at the ruby beast 
lashing and licking at its homes and towers.

When the soot-filled mucus
ingulfs my mouth.
When I can still feel the heat
just like a fever.

When the intense murderous thunder
collapses a home.
When the infesting natural element of the earth
bleeds a family red.

I curse the flames.

When my sweat streaked and soot smeared arms
carries a wide eyed child.
When a wife weeps at the bedside
thanking God for her husbands life.

When a blasting siren signifies 
Rescue rather than need.
When the crackle of flames 
is put to rest.

I no longer curse the flames, I thank God for the blessing.

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Judgment Day

Judgment Day has come!!!  I stand before the Almighty Father!  How will I be 
judged?  Will I have tears of joy … or fall to my knees crying tears of terror?

I stand shaking before the Thrown of God.  The accuser, Satan, lays out all my 
faults and failures before The Almighty.  Shame haunts me, as he cries out my 
sins, one after another.  Feeling small and alone,  my legs give out from 
weakness and I fall on my face in fear, as I see God sit quietly listening, as if in 
disgust.  Just when I think the horrible things Satan reveals of my life seal my 
fate; Jesus stands up and orders Satan, “Be silent!”  My heart leaps!  My breath 
departs from me, until I hear Jesus’  words.  

Jesus reminds God the Father, that it was for those very sins that He died.  That it 
was for those sins His body was ripped and tortured and hung on a cross.  I was 
forgiven when I accepted Him in my heart as my Lord and Savior.  He became my 
covering for my sins and sickness.  

Tears flow, I shake uncontrollably as I hear God the Father say, ‘This is true.  
When you received My Son as your Savior, you received salvation.  His blood 
washed those and all sins away.   I see a vessel white as snow’.  

As I watch, God throws my sins into the abyss, never to be seen or brought up 
again.  I cry tears of joy as I sit at His feet.  ‘I have been saved from torment and 
separation from God’, I rejoice loudly!  

‘Enter, my child’, are the words He says, ‘come to the table and feast.  Dance and 
be merry for you are a child of the Almighty and there is no accuser to condemn 
you.  Rejoice in the salvation of your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ’.  

In my Father’s House I see others rejoicing for they also have been saved by the 
blood of Christ.  

Beauty surrounds me; living waters flow freely for all to drink.  There is no 
sadness, no fear, and no pain!  Only joy, peace and the presence of Love live 
here.  For we are with the author of Love.  God is Love, He radiates love.  

There is laughter.  I love to hear Jesus’ laugh!  It is so hardy and full of life.  To be 
in the presence of my God and Lord Jesus Christ,  to see their beauty and  feel 
their eternal love covering me is my longing.  I am home in my Father’s house!  

Will this be your story?  Or will yours have a sad ending?  It is your choice. 

God’s Word says , ‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten 
Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life’.  
John 3:16 

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Love Lost

What is this thing called Love?
Does it fall from heaven above?
To  burrow in an unsuspecting heart.
Making the owner awake with a start.

New feelings of warmth filled my whole being.
Sanity gave way to a whole new seeing.
Suddenly the sun shone brighter, 
even my steps somehow became lighter.

Roses bloom everywhere I look,
I felt that I could write a book,
to tell the world of this wonderful feeling
that had suddenly sent me reeling.

Arms once used to wash and dress,
Are better used to warm caress.
Heartbeat changed to a flutter,
And speech became a nervous stutter.

The longing for the next meeting,
The warm loving kiss received in greeting,
Is it just a Chemical reaction?
caused by lonely people seeking mutual attraction.

Or is this an eternal flame?
This warm loving feeling to always remain.
I wish it were true that forever I would be with you.
But you are gone, and I must carry on.

My heavy heart will never know,
why God chose you, when I loved you so.
As I hold our two babies to my breast.
I wonder why God always chose the best.

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Lost Dreams Broken Heart

When you love someone
But you just can’t let go,
Ask God for strength and courage
And then spread your wings
And take to the sky!
If you just can’t find
What you’re looking for,
Pray to God above
And His Angels’ love
Will guide your heart back home!
However your broken heart feels
Or how lost are you at times,
Give your many true dreams
A bunch of kisses and prayers
So that your soul may again find peace!

Dedicated to: Brittany, my sweet, beloved, little sister, who’s now “Upstairs” in 

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Shhhh...Blue revolutionary

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a mystery in the forums
and you have no clue
what has he done?
has he done to you?

just play along and realise its me
I'll pull it out of my pocket
wink at you right now
lead you 
to the underground of the forum
and you'll come back later
to spread the vibe to not read this
to shelter the innocent
but you can't
dead men can't tell tales

am i really?
am I really poisoning the well?
it's a mystery
check it out and see
go follow your heart to the forum and wonder is it the level of one
or the hauntings of a shadow fiend
sssssshhhhhhh....can you keep a secret
dead men mortician
they do tell tales

i saw you getting to close to the truth and the fate is soo obvious
so i have to snuff you out
it's a full moon
and the voices are telling me on this soon to be hollow pitiful masquerade
level one then die and join the p[parade
or choose god surprising god and then 
thew gothic scars of mesmerized games

haunt my shadows
speak to the mediums and psychics
tell the tales to the mortician for you are going six feet under to the mystery of
a blue revolutionary
but remember you don't know it's me

check the forum of the soup
and the debates of poetics and stuff
you'll find me there explaining everything
but for now know you're deceased
you've read the wrong poem

welcome to Halloween
flesh wounds and body bags
hide this crime scene the detectives of mensa are coming
and they wont know its me
so point your finger in eradic directions
dead bodies cant tell tales but in mysterious ways they can

and now your haunting me
shhhhhhhh...can you keep a secret?

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Not long ago I had no care
no concern about my soul,
I thought that I would make my peace whenever I grew old.
How foolish of me to think that I could live my life in sin,
that I could turn my life around and accept him at the end.
There was a time when spiritual things were no more than a fairy tale,
If you were good you went to heaven and bad you went to hell.
Raised up on lies throughout my youth,
I thank and praise him for his truth.
Listen carefully to this next sentence,
"I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance."
Lord I thank you always day and night,
you showed me I'm wrong and you are right.
Everything I thought, felt, and said,
I was nothing more than walking dead.
You gave me life and let me see,
Through your word what you saw when looking at me.
One day as I sat reading your word,
for the first time ever,
truly I heard,
everything that I love and cherish,
I would have to give up or surly perish.
Oh what a fight,
from the very start,
You see I was cursed with a covetous heart.
How can I Lord I've worked so long,
to get these things that I now own.
These material things will burn that you love,
for the earth is mine and the fullness thereof.
All souls are mine, 
nothing you truly own,
through my gracious love it is merely a loan.
How can he expect you to forsake all that you cherish?
I give you my word,
you will surly not perish.
He'll take all that you have,
and when he is done,
you'll be left with no pleasure,
no good times,
no fun.
If he's a God of love,
as in his word he does tell,
how can he love you,
and send you to hell?
No evil one,
I know that he's right,
though you sit next to him in power,
you're a midget in his sight.
One day he called my name,
all I did forsake.
Come my child take up my cross,
a look is all it takes.
"Look unto me and be ye saved all the ends of the earth for I am God and there is none other."
I looked one day,
and was left in awe.
Listen prayerfully to what I saw.
Behold his bruised and broken body,
blood dripping from his face.
How could we kill the Lord of Glory?
Wicked human race.
yes I,
most guilty of all,
of this make no mistake.
My evil,
lust filled,
sinful heart,
drove in each deadly stake.
As I gazed upon my blessed Lord,
hanging from that tree.
I knew without a doubt,
that hell was to good for me.
Not so my child,
he said not once but twice.
No hell will ever touch your soul,
for I have paid the price.

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1989-2004 BUCS#5                                

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We were not there to say goodbye,
Or there to hold your hand.
We did not know your time had come,
Or even understand.

Why god took you from us that day,
We guess he had his reasons.
For life we know is like a year,
Made up of all the seasons.

Now that you’re gone we have to say,
The memories we’ll treasure.
Are happy and are plentiful,
And this we cannot measure.

So dad this is our sad farewell,
We miss you so so dearly.
Good night god bless you were the best,
No one came close, not nearly.

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The Lord Will Provide

The Lord gave Abraham a promise and a son
Through Sarah who conceived and laughed with everyone
For Isaac was the name in which all his seed is called
And his faith was evident and God's power shown to all
When He spoke to Abraham, "Sacrifice your only son
In the mountain of your Lord, offer up this innocent one."

Sarah must have had her doubts about what her husband heard
But Abraham said, "We will return, I beleive the promised word."
And on the journey of three days to the place of God's desire
Isaac carried his own wood, Abraham, the knife and fire
But then Isaac said, "my father", who answered, "Here I am"
"Here is the fire and the wood, but tell me where is the lamb?"

The Lord will provide
A Lamb to sacrifice
So you won't have to die
He'll give another life
Now lift up your eyes
It shall be seen from upon high
That the Lord will provide
A Lamb to sacrifice	(Chorus I)

And they came to the place, he built an alter there
Then in order laid the wood as Isaac stood and stared
Yet, he didn't say a word, although he could
He let his father bind him and lay him on the wood
For Abraham would receive him in a figure as it's said
Believing God could raise Him up, even from the dead.

As tears rolled down his face, he quickly raised the knife
But the angel called his name, "Abraham!  Don't take his life!
For now I know you fear the Lord to offer up your firstborn."
Then Abraham looked up and saw a ram caught by its horns
And he hurried to the bush and sacrificed the ram
Instead of his own son, who wondered, "Where is the lamb?"

(Chorus I)

Like Abraham our heavenly Father gave his only son
To a world who laughed and scorned and bruised this innocent one
Who never said a word as he carried his wooden cross
To a place called Calvary, the way made for the lost
He was nailed and hung upon that tree, He suffered, bled and died
And was lain within a tomb but in three days He was revived
Just as Abraham by faith spoke of the lamb God would provide
Jesus is the Lamb, the Lamb of God was sacrificed

The Lord did provide 
The Lamb to sacrifice
So none would have to die
He gave us His own life
Now lift up your eyes
Your Redemption draweth nigh
And see our God did provide
The Lamb who is alive!    2 X's	(Chorus II)

{Then in a strong chorus}
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider
In the mount of God it shall be provided
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider
In the mount of God He will provide

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Sids Survivor

Searching for some answers while constantly trying to ease the pain
Inquiring straight to God above, I ask him who was to blame
Despite of our imperfections, he reassured that it was his call
She was needed back up in Heaven to assist him when we fall

Sympathetic to our suffering, he tries to wipe the tears away
Understand this was his plan for she was never meant to stay
Remembering her is bittersweet, as we are reminded of our great loss
Virtually nothing helps other than knowing Christ died for us upon the cross
Instead of drowning in sorrow and pain I will try to look for the light
Visions of happy reunions ahead help to make the future seem bright
Occasionally I still have bad days; although, they get further in between
Recovery is a slow, steady process that's possible only with God on my team

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The Healer of Broken Hearts

Naomi felt all alone, her husband and sons had died
and all she had left were two daughter-in-laws by her side
now Naomi was bitter and in a state of despair
her heart was now broken and no longer did she care
she felt that she had been by God forsaken
because her flesh and blood had all been taken
and of her daughter-in-laws she tried to send away
Orpah immediately left but Ruth was determined to stay
so with Ruth firmly by her side 
to Bethlehem they did arrive
and upon her arrival they called Naomi by name
but she insisted they call her Mara because of her bitter pain

people tend to relish over other's distress
but God has the power to give comfort and to bless
just don't allow your circumstances to easily destroy
that which is your God given inner joy
and in the midst of your trials and your tribulations
just hold on to the memories of good times and elation
your pain might seem severe and all you want to do is moan and groan
just understand that this battle is not yours alone
and don't ever think that God is angry or mad at you
for life is just a challenge that we all must battle through
and on this crooked journey that we do call life
there will be times of misery and moments of strife
but as long as you keep God foremost on your mind
peace and happiness you will come to find
and as long as you hold on to your ever present faith
God will grant you His infinite mercy and grace
for there is no testimony without a test, no glory without some gloom
no crown without the cross and no resurrection without the tomb

while in Bethlehem Ruth went on to become Moab's bride
and never did she think to set her former mother-in-law aside
Ruth and Moab eventually had a little boy
a child that gave Naomi a renewed sense of joy
many things may happen in life of which you don't understand
so just trust in the Lord for He has a master plan
He's the comforter of souls, the Lord Our God
the one who is the Healer of broken hearts

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you will hurt

have you ever lost some one
very special in your life
like a mom,dad,or brother
if so dont worry god is here 
ok so lets believe and recieve 
and we will live
it might hurt but you will cry
and might fill like dying to 
but god wont let you
thats all i have to say to you 

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In these I feel . . .

I worked today and I didn’t think about you at all
I was happy when I came home
Ha! Home that’s a joke isn’t it, yeah . . . 
I’ve never been home, never been, for never had!
So you weren’t there, you weren’t anywhere today!
Just tonight haunting my poems all over again!
I hate it I hate it I can’t rip you from my soul!!!
And what if I could
If I could would I be better off!!?
Well would I be better off without this feeling in my heart
In the lightest reaches of my conscious mind that I know now 
What home feels like
Because I have felt your arms around me, felt your breath across my neck
Felt your eyes fall over my skin, touch in whispers my soul through and through
Listened to your breath that sighed silently in my ear under the stars
Because I felt you feeling at home in my arms too

My wandering mind that courses across the sea of sorrows deep and run fast
Lost in the waves and tides swamped all again in dreams of you
Crying out in the waters all around me as I sink once more beneath the waves
Falling down, down into the darkness of despair because I can still smell your hair
Feel it through my fingers when it shimmered softly in the lamplight
I want to scream and rip out my eyes so that I may not see your smile
Which warms me in the coldest of nights when I lay naked in the snows hoping
Praying, begging God to take me away, take me away take me, take me . . . too
Welcome me home into your arms again, oh I wish and I yearn
But God doesn’t listen to me in these nights no, no God ignores my pleas

I close my eyes and I bite my lips to blooding 
I smash my fist across the ground to watch through tears as my knuckles break
I break my mind across this tiled out floor and smack it soundlessly on the wall
Because it is easier, this kind of pain is bearable it is, it is, it is
Unspeakably kinder than the wretched agony of living all over once more without
Never more, never more, never more will these hands hold
Never again, never once, never ever . . . will these arms feel

I worked this morning and I didn’t feel a thing
I worked this afternoon, this evening and tonight I remembered why 
I remembered when
I remembered how 
I remembered

God . . . you broke my heart forever when you . . . 
It’s been a year, a lifetime and then another and another and still, still . . .
Since you’ve gone, since you tore . . . and I’m still here . . .  

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when my mother died I was lost and feeling down
so I turned to God and The Holy Spirit I found
He removed me from a place where I was stuck on hold
He took me under His wings and Into His righteous fold
I conformed to be what He ideally finds 
an obedient servant with a willing mind 
as all men are fraught with sin
learn to obey and just LET GOD IN

offer up your sustenance,  surrender all to Christ
worship Him, praise Him,  love Him with all your might
capitulate, sacrifice,  relinquish and submit
give all to God and be filled with The Holy Spirit
come to Him willingly  and you will find
all of your carnality will be left behind
as He is above all natural things
our Lord and Savior, the one true King
just pray to God
develop a dialogue
keep on praising His name
and do not use It in vain
worship Him with a righteous appeal
revere unto Him and the truth will be revealed
impart to God and live a Christian life
glorify Him in the name of Jesus Christ

acquiesce to God  your entire being
and on Judgement Day the Kingdom you'll be seeing
so get baptized and be born again
just keep the faith and LET GOD IN

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On The Wings of A Butterfly

So young, so vibrant, so full of life
But just like that you were gone, in the blink of an eye
So God picked you up on the wings of a butterfly.

You were as bright as the colors on a butterfly’s wings
You where ready to go when you heard the heavenly choir sing
So God picked you up on the wings of a butterfly.

You lived life to the fullest till the end
In my heart I know I didn’t lose you even in death
Even though it’s hard I know that God only takes the best.
So God picked you up on the wings of a butterfly. 

I ask myself why he took you away
Oh, how badly I wanted you to stay
I remember how much I cried that day 
Without you my life will never be the same
But I’m glad he picked you up on a butterfly’s wings.

When I see a butterfly I will think of you
Souring high in a sky of endless blue.

I’ll always remember the day
When God picked you up on a butterfly’s wings.

“We miss you, we love you and we’ll be together some day.”

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Aztec Ethics

At the museums, we shudder
In vicarious delight
At the spectacle of the Aztecs:
A high culture founded on human sacrifice.
All the while not seeing -
Because we don't want to -
That the cult has never died;
Only the name of the god has changed.

Now we reverentially bow the knee
Within private cells
Before the votive flames
Of the flickering cathode ray tube
In service to the great god TECH,
The Iron Form That Has No Face.

He sends the rain of bombs on foreign soils
That we may reap Renewed Economy,
Answering their madness with our own.
He sends the check, that our children may eat,
While others' learn to scream at the sound of planes.

Yes - We see The Need.
Yes - We understand The Reasons.

But we don't have to like it.
Our revulsion, at least, we can still call our own.

What the hell - this time, let's do the honors ourselves.
Let every mother, father, sister, brother, child and friend
Of tomorrow's "Disposable Resources"
Take a knife from the withered hand of one of TECH's
Decrepite four-star priests,
Plunge it deep and cut,
Rip our own hearts from our breasts
And hold bear them beating before us in our outstretched hands,
Marching en masse to his temple,
Staggering down his sanitized audience hall,
More and more crowding to the doors,
And lay the bleeding mound of them at his feet.

And on that day,
Let the Heartless meet the Faceless and scream as One:

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Missing a friend

I sit here holding my tears inside,
I grip my pictures of you that never leaves my side.
Why did god have to take you?
Why did you have to die?
We use to kick back and get high,
now I'll smoke alone starring at the sky.
My days without you just don't seem right,
I remember that one night.
We won the championships and we drank the night away,
now I sit here at your furneral I hold you in my arms asking god to let you stay.
tears of saddness running down my face,
your my friend and there's no one that can take your place.
I wish the person driving that truck could see,
it wasn't just another life taken he was like a brother to me.
Partying without you won't be the same,
it'll hurt not seeing your face and hearing your name.
I pray to god for strength as I watch your body lowered into the ground,
everyone holds their sorrow with silence all around.
I know they say gangsters don't cry,
but how do you pass when it's your homeboy who dies.
I kiss a rose and lay it on your chest,
may god take you in his arms and help your body down to rest.
I will see you one day although time will seem long,
yet the memories of you will help keep me strong.

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God's Panoramic View

Enemies are bound to return fire,

heading for the hills, higher and higher,

taking cover, while blood stains the grounds,

women and children always in considerate danger,

battles, blind them, rob them, and make them useless casualties,

they continue fighting into the night, and no one seems to tire,

as the sounds of gun-fire

fill the air, constantly, and without care.

The wounded looking up trying to find God’s stare,

begging for help, and carrying along so much fear,

as another wounded soldier chops off his shooting hand,

trying to tell his enemies that he wants no more fight,

he will no longer follow a command.

Tears poured, blood shot out,

but it was all for peace as he looked for God’s gaze,

through the smoke filled haze.

An old woman exploded as she was holding a sign of peace,

God shook his head, but he didn’t look away,

he was so caught up in the drama to say the least.

He offered the humans light,

they chose night,

he offered the humans peace, but they’d rather fight.

This was all part of God’s Panoramic view,

A bomb took a child into the dark,

ugliness and fear is even heard in a dog’s bark,

coming from a distance, but silenced immediately,

In truth, he didn’t know why humans killed one another,

shooting sisters, killing mothers,

and making destruction of his land a positive thing,

but through all this hate,

he sees a sign of hope and compassion.

 A young boy drags his wounded brother and hides him in a hole,

the enemies come,

and he wasn’t done,

he covers the hole with rags and weeds,

then he lifted his knees,

hugged them to his chest,

tells the enemies he’s alone,

so they shoot him and put him to rest,

all on God’s Canvas,

his panoramic view,

his earth being punished,

and he just didn’t know what to do.

So God Cries, and he cries,

tears becomes rain,

and rain becomes pain.

But what that young man did to save his brother,

was that little sign of hope,

Humans need it so they could cope,

and some day change and get what's due,

perhaps God could have a different panoramic view.

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begging god please

have u ever been broken .
forced to fall to your knees
begging god to take u from this place ..

wanting nothing more that this life has to give.. 
it has allready taken too much .. 
your youth .. your faith .. your dreams . ... and now your love .... all thats left is your 

too emotionally messed up u look to the dark night sky .. hoping and praying god 
is hearing your broken out cries

you wipe the tears from your eyes.. but its usless they keep comming and its no 
big suprise.. your mind is unstable.. and ur physically  shaken .. how could any 
one ever have so much aching . A broken soul & spirt & heart is only the beging 
of what your thinking .. 

u come to a compleate stop as the time just freezes ur mortal thoughts
stuck between here and there all that u care about is just getting out pareall hell
not remembering the last time ur soul was at ease .. u just stay on your knees .. 
and just pour out ur mind and soul to god begging him please please .. just take 
u from this world...  to just be at ease  ... 

when ur broken everything is everything!

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Love Hurts

When you love someone so much, 
And they don\'t love you back, 
The pain is unbearable. 
The pain cripples you. 
The pain literally eats you alive. 

Every night you lay awake, 
You think of her. 
You long for her. 

In your dreams, 
She's next to you. 
But when you wake up, 
She disappears. 

Love is like a drug, 
You can't just quit. 
The more you think of her, 
The harder it hits. 

Every night you pray to God, 
Wanting to forget her, 
Wanting to hurt no more. 

The pain gets so bad, 
You want it to end now, 
So you kill yourself, 
And now you are no more. 

You get to heaven, 
And God says why son, 
And you say, 
I couldn't take it no more, 
And God tells you, 
To look down on the earth, 
And you see her crying, 
Over your death. 
And it comes to turn out, 
She did love you back.

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There is a lot of hell a coming there is no such thing as a little bitty of it the only 
way the eye can see then to avoid it is to proclaim the namme of Jesus the eye is 
fond to say it the choice that eye have made is clear to eye again eye way is cross 
eye way is blood eye way is GOD eye way is love eye try to tell the world so lost a 
little bit of GOD is better than a little hell a coming a little hell enjoin.

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Another Soldier

Another soldier went home with God today
He said goodbye along the way
Another proud man left his mark
As God took him away

Another Mother, cried the angel's tears
As the men in green confirmed her fears
Another Mother sat down and prayed
for her only son who went home with God before he was through

Another child sat and cried
As she held the flag and held it with pride
Another child said goodbye
Because Daddy went home with God today
and she didn't understand why

Another soldier died today
God took his hand and led the way
For he left behind angel's tears
That will hold his memory
Forever dear

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One to Fear

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom;
The fear of man will only cause you to fail.
But the Lord is your Helper, Light and Salvation;
In His house all the days of your life seek to dwell.
He is your strength when you are verbally abused.
When you are discredited by humans so frail,
Trust in the Lord and cry out to His name;
He is on your side, you should know this well.
Your righteousness shall be forever and ever
But to evildoers, your Salvation shall quell.
They shall be eaten up like garments by moths
And be cut down like grass in the sun with a flail.
So what God tells you in darkness, speak it in light;
What He whispers in your ear, on the roof tops wail.
For if you are ashamed of His words in front of others,
He will be ashamed of you before His Father and angels.
So do not be afraid of what people can do to your flesh;
Do not be afraid of those who can die and what they tell,
But fear the only One after that the body has been killed
Who can destroy both it and your soul in a fiery Hell.

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Silence has heard your cry

Silence has heard your cry
Emptying the heartache and pain
For you have captured our hearts
From the depths it will remain.
As you searched to comfort your soul
In the midst confusion appeared.
Transforming your inner most thoughts
Allowing anger to visit your fears.
For God knew your heart
As he visit that occupied space.
He saw your loving desires and 
wanted to take it's place.
Your willingness drew him near
Giving us an opportunity to see your smile.
Thank you for your presence
Now God may take home his child.

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from god above

they laid you in my arms,with all your innocent charm,i prayed to god above, for the 
rest of her life,let her live in love." your first word, your first  smile, your first day of 
school,my how you grew.. through sickness and in health, rain or shine, god gave 
you to me on loan,for a short time. now a grown woman with a child of her own,my 
how shes grown {shelby},with hair as red as when her mama was born,given only to 
you ,on loan from god above, to you jenny : with love. they laid her in your arms,with 
all her sweet charm,you prayed to god above, for the rest of her life let her live in 
love.. her first smile, her first word, her first baby step. MY ... babys face lit up like 
gods stars, as i watched them grow together,my memories from afar... theyre first 
word, theyre first smile,   theyre first baby step,for the rest of theyre lives,let them 
live in gods love.....

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Iwant to die she said with a sigh
i dont belong here but i dont know why
to live on this earth is such a chore
i dont want to be here anymore
it is peaceful with no pain
to live on that heavenly plain
so take me home dear god i pray
do not waste another day
heaven is the place to be
take me home dear god take me

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This Way

Does God know the sorrows of man?

Does Faith relieve the burdens of sin?

She was worn out as she was worn in
Her spirit had no use for her body
Her eyes saw the face of death lurking
The smells that sweet sick puissant odor
When decay lingers in the air
Fingers of death entrap the nostrils
As life chokes softly from the limber sack of skin flesh and bones

Her delicate arms fragile is blown glass
Scarred by forced life from tubes
That sent her dirty blood to be cleaned by the wonder of a machine
Of medical science
Her arms delicate and swollen no longer could they accept
Forced life, worn out and worn in

Her spirt broken as her body hungers for rest
The ole gal had put up a fight to live
But life lingers unwelcome
The body knows what the mind fights
It's time to go
It's time to rest
It's time for death to cover you in his blanket of eternal sleep
The face of sleep is the face of death

She never accepted death
She never wanted to die
My mother never told me
Son I want to die
Not her, never she was a miracle of life
Defying death with her small fragile body
Weaken by disease and decay of outliving your body's usefulness

The will for life burns the soul and ignites the spirit
Mocks death and laughs the laugh of false hope
Clinging for immortality against the foothills of Olympus
Looking up into Heaven with a glare of defiance
  I can take what life brings me
  I can suffer poverty, hunger, war, hate, prejudice
  I can absorb ignorance in tolerance guilt
  I can shed tears
  I can grant forgiveness
  I can offer love, prayer, faith
  I can give birth, toil , blood
  I can accept salvation
  I can accept death

Does God really exist? She asked
The flames of fever allow the seeds of doubt
But Satan you lost this soul to simple Grace

Yes, and soon you will be with Him
The Shepard is calling for His lost lamb
Follow Him Home Mother Dear follow Him Home

As she laid there near her time she asked to return to her earthly home
And so we took her body there
But her spirit had long ascended the Stairway to Heaven
Her last words to me of Mother to son
I don't want to live this way anymore
As if to apologize for dying
I understand Mother Love I understand

Does God grant mercy in suffrage?

Are the sins of life absorbed through the prayers of Mothers?

Saint Peter open Those Pearly Gates
My Mother is there to rearrange God's furniture

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Forgive Your Sins

It's not the actual circumcision of man that one needs
for you have been circumcised through Christ from sinful deeds
let no one take you captive with hollow and deceptive thoughts
don't depend on the human condition and the principles the world has taught
let The Holy Spirit inside you continually dwell
be baptized with the blood of Christ and drink from the Living Well

let God cancel your sins and nail them to the cross
become a new creation in Christ, tell the past to get lost
like the phoenix that rises up from the ashes of destruction
let your ashes of sin be shed, become a Godly reconstruction
God is most supreme, He is The Creator
He is our Father and spiritual generator

through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ
we have all been forgiven of sin and offered eternal life
since we've died with Christ to the basic principles of the world's laws
yet we still belong to It and must obey them even though they're flawed
put to death whatever belongs to the nature of an earthly mind
remove the seven deadly sins from your life and rely on God's Kind

do not lie, do not slander, let no foul language fall from your lips
as a new creation in Christ you now have passage on that heaven-bound ship
forgive as The Lord forgave you, be bound with love and peace in unity
let the grace and mercy of Christ rule in you with a perfect harmony
and whatever you do, be It In either word or deed
do It In Jesus' name and It will come to seed
praise, pray and rejoice in God again, again and again
be thankful He's a God of second chances, who'll forgive you of your sins

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When it's hard to say good-bye
with questions unanswered I wonder why.
You had to leave and go away
and the pain you felt I now feel today.
Within time I know I'll try
to ease my pain and say good-bye.

But my memories I'll hold of you
and in my heart you'll be there too.
I'll think of you each passing day
and to God I will continue to pray.
But someday we'll be together again
and we'll be united as we were back then.

When the doves are set free
you are the angel watching over me.
I see the tear fall from your eye
as you say your final last good-bye.
I guess I'll never know why
It's so hard to say good-bye.

So spread your wings and fly free
for you have made it to the world of eternity.
And now your pain has gone away
but I know your with God today.
Good-bye is hard for me to say
but in time my pain will go away.

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                                                        A  VICTIM

I was told I should not have any contact with you. Maybe I can put all of 
this behind me if you know how I feel. It might not be a problem to you, but I want 
you to imagine what I feel. Don't take it personal I just want to get a few things off 
my chest. It might take a few tears, but I will do my best.

Exactly a few years ago everything was taken away from me even my ego. 
Sometime I feel like a piece of me is gone, however I have moved on. That day 
changed my life, and  with help from God I will one day be a loving man's wife. I 
somtimes sit and think what went wrong, why you didn't leave and leave 
me alone. It might sound strange that I forgive you with all my heart, because one 
day my soul will have to part.  TELL ME! Does that day go through your head? At 
the beginning it was so bad I wished I was dead.

When I lie down and close my eyes there is your face and no matter how hard I 
try I can not hide from that day. Dream after dream night after night it's a struggle 
to sleep, and I constantly fight. One day that time will come when we will meet 
face to face back in  "HELL" is where I call that place. I want to know why, why did 
you do this to me, you took everything even my insanity. Therefore, by the grace of 
God I will live day to day, but not one day has pass thinking have you found your 

That day has come and gone. and I have had evil thoughts of what I want to do 
you. The same thing you have done to me. I am a forgiven person I will just let it 
be. I felt something for you, and I know you are lost. However I know God will 
guide you to his cross. Seek him, because he knows you, get down on your 
knees and he want you to get to know him too.  As you are down there ask him 
what is it that he wants you to do.

Again if you ask for forgiveness God will forgive you and from the bottom of my 
heart I will forgive you too.

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I lost my husband eight years ago
Still i question this
Why did God take him so 
To leave my heart in bliss
No answers came my way 
Only left with the word why
Each passing day 
I question why he had to die 
Than one day God said   set your heart  free
The answers around you 
It lives in you and me
God calls his children to the heavens above
Giving them their wings to fly and spread love 

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God will make you pay

(This is a fictional poem but God really does make guilty people pay.)

You convinced a jury to set you free.
You fooled them but you haven't fooled me.
You murdered a girl before she even got the chance to become a teenager.
She should've listened when her parents told her to stay away from strangers.

God knows that you're guilty and he'll make you pay for what you've done.
You can't hide from the Lord and you can't run.
Her parents haven't been able to stop crying and suffering since you took their 
daughter away.
The only thing that keeps them going is knowing that God will make you pay.

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you will hurt

have you ever lost some one
very special in your life
like a mom,dad,or brother
if so dont worry god is here 
ok so lets believe and recieve 
and we will live
it might hurt but you will cry
and might fill like dying to 
but god wont let you
thats all i have to say to you

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my angel

my angel god took you heaven to live with him until i come up there to meet you
i knew god was coming for you because you were looking up at the ceiling smiling
and i knew you were not afraid even though i would have done anything to keep you with me 
i told the doctor to finally allow you to go to god that way you are my little angel
i will always love you know matter where you are i can see you beautiful green eyes
and back hair and those long eye lashes that swept your cheeks as you slept your tiny 
perfect little mouth always with a smile i could look at you for hours my little angel
sleep tight tonight because mommie will be there soon thanking god for taking care of her 
little angel night night sweetie...

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our angel

Grandpa a wonderful man who always understands you. He was the most 
powerful man next to god in our eyes. He gave his love no matter how he was 
treated, he was always there.

          I think if god ever sent us anything it was an angel and his name was virgil 
jones he rescued the family from tragic times, and stuck through thick and thin 
no matter what he was always there for us.

          But now he is gone but the spirit of our angel live on, he will  be with us 
from dusk til dawn, he will watch over us always grandpa was in pain but now he 
is at rest, and out of suffering he is the best hands he could ever be in.

          Death is a tragic thing but remember our angel believed in god and he will 
be in god's hand forever.

                                                     Our Angel Is At Rest

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My fear

Behind the door I wait,for him to settle down.
By myself I cry,because under me I know he is still mad,
below me I can hear him yell.
Outside, he runs to find me but, still I hide.
Inside myself I know i should go, for if i don't than mom gets it.
Despite her fear,anger,and pain beyond her own feelings she tries to save us.
throughout the all the night I hear her cry, within me I wish he would die.
From my room I hear him wake under my covers I hide and wait until he departed for work that day. Against all odds, he didn't come back that day. Underneath the ground he stays , after all he doesn't ruin your lives anymore. Among the dead he will want to bully Death, for once in his life he will be the one that is bullied. And after Death is done it's God's turn to play. God is the one who judges us all at the end. With God's power he will find his place. Like we did he will now fear like we did. Above he could stay. below he could go. And never forget that God is the one you says what is wrong and what is right.

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till the end

so one day im in my house
I hear nothing but a mouse
I crept outside  to take a peek.
For what I got, I did not seek.
A car rolls up and pulls out a gun.
My first option is to run.
But I stand out and try to be brave,
for my life, I could not save.
God is with me 'till the end.
God is good, I can't pretend.
I miss my mom, she's far away.
In a place I can't go and stay. 
I turn eighteen so now im older.
 I can't see, is my life over?
I ask God to heal me now.
But God answers, not right now.
I might be blind, I might be dead.
Through a straw, I am fed.
I see vision every day.
I ask God to show me the way.
I read the bible so I've learned.
My life I have kept and earned.
Goodbye, it's my turn...

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Take it all away

I wish my life would come to an end,
I have no one, not even a friend.
I have lonely days,
no one to talk to,
no one even calls,
I wish this would all go away!
I wish my life would just pass away,
no one would even care,
why do I have to wake up everyday,
I wish that God would take it away!
Why do I have to keep on living?
Why do I have to keep being?
It is just a waist of time,
I feel as if I am drifting away,
I wish my life would just end,
I wish that God would take it all away.