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The Gunfight

The sun was rising in the east
behind some hitching posts -
and weathered boards, on buildings old,
had nothing left to boast.

But I wore fancy cowboy duds,
I was a handsome sight.
A crowd of people gathered 'round
to watch this old gun fight.

The street was dead and empty
except for sin and I.
I somehow ended up out here.
I'm really not sure why.

A bullet? Very perilous
if we've no self-control -
and sin is much more dangerous,
because it kills the soul.

Now noon met with humidity.
The sun was dry and hot.
Some beads of sweat rolled down my face -
my stomach, in a knot.

But no, I wasn't nervous -
though duel had begun.
I counted out ten paces -
then turned and drew my gun.

But sin is faster, furious -
much quicker than the eye.
Oh please! Dear Lord and Saviour -
I do not want to die!

And then... in just an instant,
I dropped down to my knees.
I fell as peace passed over me
and felt the gentle breeze.

But something stood in front of me.
Its shadow crossed my face.
I then saw Jesus on that cross.
He took my very place.

Ashamed, I dropped my pistol.
My pride was killed that day -
as I pulled off my fancy boots
and flung my hat away.

Now humbled on the dusty street
with crowded eyes on me -
my every pride had vanished as
I learned humility.

In faithfulness, I stood again,
though I was at a loss...
Oh, how could Jesus love me so
from that old rugged cross?

The sun was setting in the west
behind some hitching posts.
And weathered boards, on buildings old,
had nothing left to boast.

©2012 louis gander /

Copyright © louis gander | Year Posted 2016

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Eternal Son Lightens my Dark World

Man neither angel nor beast
Strive for happiness
Become street smart
Became colorful

Offers variety of lifestyles
Delighted to alter
Thankful for almost tragedy

Saved me from the dark
Truth brightens
Eternal Son is Father Christ
Brought light to my dark world


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2013

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Come To Jesus Meeting

She said it was come to Jesus 
But it wasn't held in a church
Familiar as I am with the 
Who knew that Jesus cursed. 

She started out on football
And the way I sat and 
Then rolled her eyes when I 
pointed out
She was talking about God's 
own football team. 

Then she made some 
unmentionable comment 
About how it wasn't right
That somehow one of my 
Needed to go drinking every 

When I politely tried to tell her
She was blowing things out of 
She said you better get new 
some friends
Who knew the meaning of the 
word extortion

When I asked what it was she 
She said it's really no big 
Treat me like I'm still you're 
number one 
Not second fiddle to your 
rowdy boys

Copyright © Joe Murphy | Year Posted 2014

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The Book Of Life

The Book of Life
The Book of Life’s a story 
About how your life was spent
When you get to the end 
Will you be Heaven Sent?
The pages are unwritten
There’s a story to be told
But that can only happen
When life’s events unfold
Some days will be challenging
And some full of laughter
But that will change with every page
And every single chapter
Eternal life’s your destiny
That’s your final goal
You are the master of your fate 
And the captain of your soul
Our lord and savior who has died
For all our sins is with us
At the beginning and also at the end
Listen and obey the laws 
They say love thy neighbor and thou shalt not kill
And you must come to Jesus of your own freewill
You must be born again, live obedient and true
And when you read the bible it will give you all the clues
On how to fill unwritten pages 
With good choices that you’ve made
When you live, and listen, the words will get you saved
Give him all the praise and give him all the glory
And with our heavenly father is how you’ll end your story.

Copyright © Diane Ilfeld | Year Posted 2015

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My Fire

When I go home damn
Its really quiet 
Never thought I'd find this amount of white noise
In the pitch black face silence 
As I flip scenarios of something like self inflicted violence
making, my room, look....just a lil more stylish
I'll douse the walls with my wrist's imitation of your red fingernail polish 
Seems like
The riot in my mind may have leaked out
Some sound and the floorboards of this house still creek but a paddle im 
In my surroundings 
Thought my flow would let me float on but ya boy ain't so buoyant tho
Fall in to the blue sky's reflection as I plummet into my foe
I'm a machine, can't have water get too close
Not afraid of water, because I can't swim
Scared of depth and darkness, and oceans will force me to give in 
I don't wanna share my lungs 
Lemme breathe for me

Fraid uh water because I've coasted the trans-parent sea 
It's weird when you can say "my parents see right through me" 
Custody war
But I lost every battle 
Reached for anything
All I got was a broken handle on everything


Sex life flowing down south with her g string and sex appeal 
I need to 
but cannot feel 
As I challenge my demons to a battle
Im kind of like the scent leading the pack to the cattle 
Never really see me coming
But I'll lead you to something that'll have ya bowels runnin
Digestive tract star
Ingest every bar
And when you're done im the shit
Even if you ain't really like it
I mean if you want,
Glance at my ego leave a scar 
Or get impressed call me a star 
My stride the only thing between me and going far

Serpentine with your actions but I call you baby 
Now I see why you stay so shady
because to me it seems like you've got nothing but an innocent rattle
Blinded, because I let my lap become your saddle

Your reflection yelling at me im surprised you couldn't tell
Treating me like I was the first Angel sent to hell 
If Jesus was a lamb I can be your scapegoat at the very least 
Sacrilegious sacrifices, looked past the fact I'm actually a feral beast

Shook, like a Harlem shake rattlesnake attention deficit rook
Playin the say it wit ya chess game and I wrote all the books 
King disguised as a pawn 
I'll put myself on 
Competition going down 
Hit that nae napalm expellin from my mouth

My fire...

Copyright © Johnathan Thompson | Year Posted 2014

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Jesus Touches Down

Jesus reincarnates on the earth plane
 and decides to open a medical marijuana dispensary.
 Although business is booming, 
he forgets to get the blessing of the DEA, 
and soon the IRS becomes his worst judas to date. 

Can the savior of psychedelics conjure a reason
 to avoid crucifixion in this latter day tale 
of medicine, financial derivatives, 
and destruction of the empire of symbols?

Copyright © Justin Debrosse | Year Posted 2012

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We Are Nothing WITHOUT Christ

Without Christ... We Are Nothing! You think you have everything... "Don't need" anything more. God says; "You are wretched, blind, miserable and poor." Are you content? There's nothing "you don't need?" Is your life filled with self-righteousness and greed? Jesus stands at your heart's door... Waiting to come in. But is the "uninvited guest," once again. Do you have a form of Godliness, but deny the power thereof? Proclaiming to be a Christ' follower, but void of his love? Are you committed to a fancy building and bright chandeliers? For the lost souls... Do you shed any tears? It's time to fall in love with Jesus and his precious word too. He's here right now... Waiting for you! Only you can make the right choice. It's your decision. You're spiritual life will die... If serving Jesus is not your mission... By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

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How were the merits of Jesus Christ applied to our souls

The merits of Jesus Christ are applied to our souls through the Sacraments
Especially Baptism
Which restore us to the friendship of God


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2011