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Cowboy Holiday Poems | Cowboy Poems About Holiday

These Cowboy Holiday poems are examples of Cowboy poems about Holiday. These are the best examples of Cowboy Holiday poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Whistle does the lone desert winds, flowing downwards from
Boot hill cemetery, in icy chilling breeze full of echoing voices,
From the past, begging for redemptions last chance of salvation.
Roll does the crimson tumbleweed, towards the ghost town known as
Tombstone, a monuments graveyard to the old west.
In this rock cactus garden of venomous vipers, did the righteous
Live, amongst the uncivilized lawless, in this wildness country,
Of the unbridled frontier.
Blinded by greed's lightning flash, for quick money and easy cash,
Did the earth expose evil's shining metal, silver, from deep within,
Accursed is this place, purgatory's hell on earth, its deadly soil marred
And sanctified in blood sacrifice.
Left to the scorpions and rattlesnakes, as the only living inhabitants,
Ramshackle buildings remain, abandonment’s delinquent tribute
To a once thriving community.
But after night fall, others come forth, crossing the threshold of the
Nether underworld, the gun slinger, the gambler, and ladies of
Reputation's ill repute, claim this desert real estate for their own
Dark amusement park, still whooping it up at the bird cage theatre,
Indulging themselves. In all manor of seductions insidious erotic acts
Of depravity.
The condemned soulless walk these dusty sandy streets of limbo,
Forever banished are these bastered son's of the gun. Or until the last
Shot is fired at the O.K. Corral, on high noon's final sunrise.
Satan is the lawful sheriff here, in this the territory of the forsaken,
And his loyal deputy the Grim Reaper controls the posses of the undead.
Riding against the redden moon, seeking any innocent soul trying
To escape from this desert prison.
You've drawn the dead man's hand my friend, if you find yourself lost here,
For the condemned show no mercy's reprieve to outsiders, the screaming
Souls shout from above, run lone cowboy run, and don't look back,
For the devils possess rides behind thee, and the dark lord,
Takes no prisoner's alive.
Whistle do the lone desert winds, flowing downwards from
Boot hill cemetery, in icy chilling breeze full of echoing voices,
From the past, begging for redemptions last chance of salvation.
But light concurs darkness, and death's icy grip fades at the 
First rays of sunrise, and all evil must return to their crypts
Beneath the earth, from the dust from when'est they came, 
Until the next moon's rising, then wide will the gates of hell,
Swing again, releasing the germinate residences of a city,
Named Tomb Stone.


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Cowboy Kindness

Cowboy Kindness

Cowboys are known 'bout their kindness to strangers,
even against outlaws and rustlers.
To a cowboy it matters not the dangers, 
and on this night, 
it was none the differ.

I was ridin' grave yard,
one night long ago.
A winter storm was blowin'
snow fallin' and the wind cold.

When I came apon a feller stuck in the snow,
his team tangled and all astray.
So I pulled up to help, wouldn't ya know,
So this man could be on his way.

He was tall and broad with eyes,
that looked so kind.
even though there was much work for me,
I didn't mind.

So we got his rig fixed and team hitched,
he gave me a small gift,
wrapped in paper of gold.

I handed it back to him,
sayin' "There's no cause,
it belongs to some boy or girl,
so be on yer way Mr Clause."

"For the sun will soon be up,
and you have to leave bacause,
there is bound to be milk and cookies,
so go for there is only time for a short pause."

When my shift was done,
I went to get some some chuck.
A simple Christmass breakfast,
wouldn't ya know the luck.

Ol' cook with his laddle pointed,
to the corner with the tree.
Under it was a brand new saddle..
From Santa, To. Me