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Cowboy Beauty Poems | Cowboy Poems About Beauty

These Cowboy Beauty poems are examples of Cowboy poems about Beauty. These are the best examples of Cowboy Beauty poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Feline Alert

*The feline Texan way*

A fresh coat of paint,” on my nails
Red shade of lips," on my smile
Solid oak charms,” on my wrist
Country music,” in my heart
Flattering eyes,” a rustic, shell.
Join me, won’t you?
In this "Country Girls Tale"


Every day I approach the morning dawn, 
I follow the landscape towards the new Texas sun.
Surround by yellow roses and cactus galore.
I brand my name everywhere I go,
I allow you near the limits of my Wild West soul.
I keep it above the snake level everywhere I roll.

Got my head up like a cowgirl, 
I slick my hands down my black leather chaps.
I tilt my bullhide hat leaving behind the sweetest Texas Trail.
I rode through many Texas midnight storm.
It took more than raindrops to knock me from my-  “2-Steppin’ world.”
A windy ride, bruises under the hide taking it in like- “A Real Cowgirl!”
I got a tight grip on my saddle, holding on to a brighter morrow.

Enjoying the voices and the sound.
Tex-Mex lingo, round and round.
Ropers and Wranglers, is how I dress.
I got it all covered, except for the top of my chest.

Living’ it up^, down here in the south.
Erin’ the lungs, shooting up the fun
Long necks’ and kissing under a rodeo’ moon. 
Honky-Tonkers’, tattooing the mocking bird.

Down here:
You will find me sitting on the Country ground,
Peacefully staring into the eyes of the "Alamo Stars."
Flowing with the art found in the flag I hold.
I am The Wild! 
I am The West!
“— A little crazy, but civilized!” 

Enjoying the morning breeze,
Where the dew sits on the tip of Mother Nature’s tongue.
There and only there you will find me,
Under the brightest Texas Star.

by; PD

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Cowboys in the Badlands

Cowboys in the Badlands 

Out West, across the great divide
great open spaces oceans wide
Beauty in these badlands does hide
everything fights us as we ride

Last stop, was exciting wild Abilene
shot an hombre that was very mean
Watched him bleed as he slowly died
his gal held him and loudly she cried

Before, she had sworn love to me
next his dying love she swore to be
Riding away fast, ahead of the Law
looking back, cloud of dust we saw

My partner lit out on me last night
cried this was surely not his fight
He turned back east galloping so fast
we had our time, had a damn blast 

Ahead the badlands beckon me on
this cowboy life sets me all alone
Hot as hell the water miles ahead
A night's rest to clear my head

Morning sun woke me to its heat
no bread, bacon and eggs to eat
My water is in very short supply
always fleeing, I ponder just why

No time to enjoy such pretty views
my path ahead my life must choose
Avoiding Indians and the chasing men
forever alone with never a friend

This beauty now I can slow to see
posse has surely given up on me
Coyotes call , rattlesnakes do hiss
comfort of town I do sorely miss

Found now, a trail to old Mexico 
across the Rio Grande I now go
Far behind, hot hell races after me
dancing with pretty senoritas I'll soon be!


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This is me

My knees were the things that 
kept me up and my skin is my 
cutting board my eyes are the 
rain clouds to the fire running 
down my arms and my heart is 
the fire place that keeps me 
burning so calm

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From the dust and dirt of this little town
In this old saloon since I was a child 
You'd come in calling me your lucky girl
Your sweet attention, oh it drove me wild

I remember when I was that little girl
Dreamed there was a prince just for me
You'd ride up on your horse and rescue
With strength and courage.. set me free

I grew up fantasizing we'd get together
I'd be the hand dealt that you would play
You'd hold my secrets, keep my thoughts
I'd be the only winner, what do ya say..

I'm dying inside to be your lucky girl
And if I was there'd be nothing more
Nothing more that I would want to do
Than share my sweet luck with you

Yeah, I'd share my luck in the mornings
share it in the meadow and in the woods
I'd share my luck in the evening time
In the moonlight, boy.. It would be good

I'd share my luck while I'm still young
You're amazing, wild flower..  I would be
When we'd grow old you'd still feel my luck
Every time you'd make love to me
Make love to me

I'm dying inside to be your lucky girl
And if I was there'd be nothing more
Nothing more that I would want to do
Than share my sweet luck with you

Share my sweet luck with you..
Make love to me

Contest: Jerry's  "A Town Called Rotgut"
Date: 7-28-14
Poet: Lyric Man

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Have You Ever

Have You Ever?

Have you ever seen the mountains when they're all covered with snow?
Have you ever watched in the evening a sunset which condescends with 
a purplish after-glow?
Have you ever seen a newborn calf standing on its first wobbly feet?
As it only takes minutes to go where it needs to know where it eats.
If you could ride side-saddle and make your way through prairie sod;
Have you ever seen an eagle on the wing and not ever believe in God?
Have you ever seen a cowboy who doesn't worship in a building made 
of stone?
Then as he rides side-saddle he worships with his Maker outdoors
with nature alone.
He welcomes all of nature's great outdoors, the valley and heaven's gate.
As he listens tonight of the hymns of the coyote's calling to its mate.
He gallops through the valleys and tithing dropping money into a hand;
All along he thinks by being a good caretaker of God's creatures and the 
While he roams upon the greenest valleys, he listens to many songbirds
Then he stops and bends down to drink a fresh cold water from a flowing spring.
Early in the springtime when in autumn's seasons goldenrod
The lone-rider finds and says there's no finer place to worship than in 
nature with God.
As he mounts his horse side-saddle he hears a meadowlark singing, sitting on his perch
The bird is inviting everyone to worship God in all the glorious nature's beautiful church.

Written: Oct. 10, 2014
Eve T.M.Carter

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God took six days to create this earth. After some rest, He plotted a cowgirl's birth. "Folks have got off track since time begin." "My Cowgirl will be perfect," He thought with a grin. "Problems are Global since it started in motion." I’ll fix this mess with My Cowgirl notion." As He pondered His stars an' His moonlit skies. He captured that beauty to put in her eyes. "My Sun's warmth will be bred into her heart." "No stature of creature will be bred as smart." He looked upon the Rockies an' the beauty there in. He thought, "That's the beauty I'll put in her grin." He thought of His fire an' how hot it does burn. "That's the intensity of My Cowgirl's concern." "My oceans are strong an' mighty like Me." "Just how I want My Cowgirl to be." He thought how His trees do flex in His wind. "My Cowgirl will flex, like these she will bend." "My prairies have stretched both vast an' wide". "That's the same Love she'll carry inside." "The measure an' vastness of the depths of My oceans." "The same measure is set for My Cowgirl's emotions." He pondered the gentleness of His spring day rain. "That's the gentle ease I want in her brain." "My birds toil tirelessly for endless hours." "Man can't count the bounty of My flowers." "My Cowgirl will match the energy of My birds." "Like My flowers her beauty can't be captured with words." He reflects back on life an' how it begins. The future of it all an' how it all ends. That's the way it is an' the way it should be. "She's dog-gone near perfect, for My whole world to see." By Jim "Ish' Fellers Copyright ©: March 24, 2004 ~ Wednesday

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Longing for the ride

Majestic he stands 
Head held high and proud
Until I draw near tack in hand
His mussel to my chest he bows

Our eyes fixed
With deepest affection
Respect from me
From him acceptance 

His nostrils flair 
He inhales my scent
A bond beyond fences
A mutual consent

About horse and rider 
How can I explain
This communion of splendor 
Perpetually sustained

With reverent candor
Can any man compare
Who would be considered grander
Horse or rider if you dare

Nobility without pride
Beauty without vanity
Majesty without disciple
Power without violence 

Do you still wonder why I'm longing for the ride
When he challenges the wind for speed
Brushed by heaven with every stride
Intimacy mounted here on "Spirit's Pride"

My steed and I in harmony
Exhilaration captivates my senses
Pounding hooves, his earthen scent 
Taut muscles ripple in sweat profusely drenched

He heeds the slightest touch of rein
His saddle is my alter of prayer
When he on oceans sands a trot
My soul is healed all disrepair

In bed I lay awake tonight my mind a heavy load
His blaze is blazoned in my memory burned
Of black night mane and chestnut coat
A quatrain tribute to his name he's earned

Still you may not understand
This yearning so many take in stride
Of horse and rider pure joy provider
And oh such longing for the ride

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An Ellice Island - In search of KindRed Soul

Long miles of tedious journey,
Missing my darling honey.
Travelling impatiently, spend thousands of 
Hope god will bless me with ma lucky soul 
at this season.

Equatorial island exploring its amazed 
beauty, glittering with immersed grasses.
Wrapped by queens necklaced small lake 
aside, at the outskirts of dalhousie.
My heart dwelled into its god gifted 
When the night lime lighted,
Millions of stars scattered around 
charming moon.
As if its was a wondering boon.
Lucky enough for landing with my next 

Eagerly waiting for my heart chaser,
Girl passed near by, few seconds later.
Flaming beauty mould my soul.
Topped with innocence, ready for my 
auspicious goal.
Her chic appearance,
Her innocent appeal.
Strucking heart raised with high beats..
Awaited for our romantic date in ma 
upcoming meet.

Frequency of our nature matched.
Stolen Eyes of each other were catched.
Strings of our heart whistled 
Everything had happened miraclelously.
I rebelled the three precious words of 
romantic dictionary.
Accepting my red rose, She blushed.

At event of recreation, campfire were 
Nobody around us, private moments 
between we two spotlighted.
Playing guitar, she sinked with every beat,
That's the coincidence our eyes again 
Hand in hand danced with the soothing 
romantic theme,
Sparkling smile on her face beamed.
Getting closer to her, because of her 
fragranced cream.
Expecting the light around us to be dim.

The romantic moment again came,
Flaps of my soul opened for the grand 
She looked too pretty in her gold lame 
My heart awarded her an order of chivalry.
Don't know who are you, but baby you are 
the one, I am in love.
You live in me, You are my love
I feel you in my heart,
You are my world, I just cant stay apart!

Please don't hesitate, please don't lie,
Whatever you feel, my heart can buy!
Angel of life, Its just you.
Completeness in life can't be without you.

Wanna Carry journey happily together.
Tickling nose, Queenly beauty of my white 
Hold my senses, its caught by you.
Don't let be just memories, wanna feel 
ecstasy of love towards you forever.
Promising to hold your hand throughout 
life in this lovely weather.

Will be your shadow, because your pain 
will be mine.
Its destiny that our heart clicked a 
snapshot of each other's soul.
Stopping by my question, Will you marry 
me, my Kindred Soul?

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Story Of A Cowboy

Story of A Cowboy

Have you ever seen these hills covered with snow
Or even watched a sunset with an infinite purplish glow,
Have you ever seen a newborn colt wobble to its feet
Within a minute, it heads to its mama to eat, eat, eat,

Have you ever saddled a horse and rode across a meadow
Or seen a bald eagle fly enthusiastically up to a volcanic volcano,
For real cowboys don't go and worship in a church even though
He only does worship and talk to his master out in nature's crescendo,

For in his view he walks among the great outdoors
As he listens to the coyotes singing to their mates more,
He makes his own coffee as he listens to songbirds sing
Then he dips his cup from his hands and drinks water from a spring,

This is a cowboy's story of how they live in the west
Just remember they never sing like any other with an evil-interest.

Written: Sept. 12, 12
Eve T. M. Carter

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America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful 
The heartland of America of peace and old farmhouses,
the country I read about as a young man it is still there
although news we are served is of riots and mass shooting.
Sturdy farmers in blue overall at the bottom of the road
 have collections of old stuff from recent past things
collected for the love of it, but you can buy some if they
feel like selling, canny know the value of scrap metal
Nice roads in a green landscape and tall three, and no 
police sirens scream around winding corners and bullets
do not fly through the air hitting a child. 

This is America the beautiful, I will go there someday,
perhaps buy a rusty old Dodge that has been standing under
a tree for twenty five years-who cares- and talk to the old 
farmer about this and the sorry life of city dwellers.        

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Please Help Me, Re-lyric

Please help me, I've fallen
In Lust with You.
You're just so damn sexy,
That's why I'm hittin' on you.
You don't have to love me,
Some good sex will do.
Please help me, I've fallen
In Lust with You.

Yes, you turned me on
When I saw you walk in...
The face of an Angel,
A body just made for Sin.
Now, I may be real horny,
But one thing is true:
What would satisfy me, Girl
Would be to satisfy You.

So please help me, I've fallen
In Lust with You; 
And I hope that you're fallin'
In Lust with me too;
But if not, then please fake it,
Please don't leave me "blue"...
Please help me, I've fallen
In  Lust  with  You.

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Cowboys In The Badlands

Cowboys In The Badlands

I have travelled many destinations known to man.
These lands of tumbling tumble weeds do wreck-havoc on my horse.
At times the ride through this quaint baron land, is like hell has no fury against the wilds of this dry dusty sand of the badlands of Texas. In these times of the civil war, the army brought in a Colonel who had gathered a posse, to save their wives and sisters to which the Apache thus kept them captives; in the badlands of Texas of the Gulf of Mexico. The Colonel and his men made it to Corpus Cristi without losing any men. They had travelled lightly through Arkansas and Indian Territory with only one mishap along the way. They only lost one horse, the renegade natives took their horse, saddle and their food. Thus they had to find food to fill their bellies to keep their men content. Those hills up there along the divide of the badlands surely will have some berries and alternate supply of food. For this I’ll have to take one man to fill our bag with food. You Jake, will take of the men horses and camp. This may be the badlands but with all these small hills one can be hidden indefinitely and not be in view of renegades to do us in.  The Apache and the Blackfoot are not friends. Cowboy Joe knew how to draw his trusty twenty-six gun pistal with a fast force 
within, not even Jesse James could outwit him. Cowboy Joe knew the chief of the Blackfoot Nation, they had become friends quite easily. He knew how formidable they could be.  For they had formed a complete comraderie. In these vast and lonely hills the badlands of Texas is to be one of their final destinies. With a battle with one of their enemies they had finally rescued there women, sisters and many others. Now they can go through the mighty Badlands full throttle and take their sibling homes and live comfortably.  

Written: Sept.16, 2014

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Cowboys In The Badlands

 The two Cowboys stood at the cliff of a great divide.
Jacob stood, starring across the opening with Bill still
in his saddle, close by his side. The rocky seen was like
A kaleidoscope, every color, ever known.
Is there any other place you would rather be Bill?
Bill said, No Jacob, I don't believe so.
Jacob slowly, climbed back on to his horse and pulled the 
reins and headed North. He started whistling a happy note
and Bill listened as he followed Jacob to the valley

 Deadwood City here we come, looking for gold and lots of fun,
Jacob shouted! Yep, Bill shouted back, and we need to keep us
a fully loaded gun. The Cowboys laughed out loud as they rode on.
The Cowboys knew Deadwood could make a man so very rich
and they had contracted the gold fever itch. The day's travel was
so very long and hot, and the sun began to sink below the mountain's 
amber, rugged tops.

 They found a place to camp before nightfall and how that fire crackled
as they ate beans and corn fritters, and over coffee talked.
You know Bill, said Jacob. One Summer could set us straight and you 
could pay off the old farm and fix that crooked gate.
Yeah, Bill responded and then you could marry Jenny. Maybe start
a family and maybe even buy the Ole Mill. Yeah, said Jacob, so surreal.  
The Cowboys lay starring at the stars in the sky that clear, crisp night
and dreamed of all the things that gold could buy them, until daylight.

 The Cowboys made Deadwood and Oh, the sights they seen.
They panned every river and every stream. Then at summer's end
they cashed it all in and headed back to Tennessee, to live out their lives
and share with their family the story of their Deadwood dreams.

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my lottery
gentlemen need loaves bread
others wishes to be civilized
i myself wishe ur deployed
                                                           the road you go 
                                                               the chair you sit and the river you swim
                                                                                                     disturb me and blame 
the garment you wear
oinment you colour
the blinks the pigments they are
the love genarated the fire
i cannot resist shall i swear 
                                                                 at the begining of the the year people flock to Dv
                                                             in other ways i go to DSTV
                                                     infact of america is not as such concern for me and i am not sensitive 
                                                                  you are victorious i am your  fugitive
                                                                 defeating you is as  far as PLUTO and complicative
madness i am 
craziness i become
cool you are how to play your game 
day and dawn i dream
 i miss you at the morning  getting harm 
                                                                                               you do not understand this 
                                                                                       how i become embarassed and my crisis
                                                                                          my pulse doubles 
                                                                                             my words whispers 
                                                                                           my breathing changes
                                                                                                 my sickness relapses
people  encouraged with      money
sealers satisfies with their business 
mine is not that my earnest is you 
my happieness and my value
you are the solely you are my lottery 
do not far from me i will get crazy
fee will knock to us if we become so happy
do not hesitate my lovely 
we will be wealthy 
come on my beautiful you are my lottery(2)

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With age is supposed to come wisdom, but occasionally age comes alone. so the question that lies amongst many men is what does it truly mean to be grown. Is it the cars you drive, or perhaps the bill your supposed to pay. Maybe its the overwhelming burden of certain responsibility. Or do we ever grow up? Age is just a testimony of how long we've been here not of how much we've learned. Wisdom is the declaration of what we do after we've crashed and burned. Do we get up, dust ourselves off and return to our feet. Or do stay down wallow in self pity and concede to defeat. You can never get enough wisdom, its just one of those qualities and traits that can never hurt to have, Like a person with a loving touch, a gentle stare and a way of making you laugh. Wisdom can lead you to much more then just knowledge. Its a gateway to Fame, riches, and essentially the answers to all your problems. Take note of all the wise men in our time, From Martin Luther King, who's Famous today all way back to Albert Einstein. Both wise in different ways, but even more Now then they were in there own Days. So in a sense our lives can truly never excel to height we want it to before dying. You see because out Wisdom reaching that high is like being a dope addict we'll do nothing but die trying.

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Driving Out West

        Where the sky meets the earth and the highway goes on and on, a white satin ribbon snaking across a sea of brown. You can see far into the distance with no trees to obscure your view. No billboards mar the landscape, no skyscrapers rise out of the ground. Rolling hills, tumble-weed, yucca, sagebrush and distant mountains range on forever. Herds of antelope roam freely, wearing coats of butterscotch and whipped cream.
        Artists leave their signatures, huge metal sculptures drawing the eye, many miles in advance. Anticipation grips you as you wait to identify buffalo, roadrunner, jackrabbit, Brahma bull or horse and rider.
        Contemplate a life so different from your own, experience the serenity as you roll along with so little effort, feel the fulfillment, the contentment, the embracing freedom. 

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Church Going Folk

I'm a religous man, but I don't go to church
I tried a few times,
They said I wasn't welcome in the clothes I wore,
I smelled of horse, my boots tracked mud.
The Good Lord, apparently, likes His church folk clean

I Smiled as sweet as can be, 
And told those folks that was just fine with me.
I rode everyday in the Lords house, 
The wide open range. 
I was welcome there, 
Wether I had showered that day or not.
And everyday, I felt the Lord whisper in my ear, 
Through a soft breeze.
I heard Him answer my prayers,
I saw what they had never seen,
Witnessed the Lord start life, 
Bring it forth,
And usher it back out again. 
I saw the wisdom in living the Lord gives,
and I saw beauty beyond compare.
I rode beside those who judged not,
And judged them not myself.
I told them clean church folk,
I respect the Lords house, 
But I doubted it was He who refused me for want of good clothes,
I saw Him everyday, 
and everyday He welcomed me,
beneath warm sun and endless sky.
But I would ask Him, 
when my time came, 
if His house was as clean as all that.
Perhaps I'd put in a good word for those who'd refused me,
in their ignorance.
The Lords house is everywhere,
I may not be indoors when I pray, 
But that just cuts the confusion, 
With no ceiling to muffle my prayers.

I'm a religous man, 
But no church do I call mine, 
But the Lords wide open spaces,
The beauty he created,
No man made structure cases my prayers, 
and to no man do I bow,
But everyday the Good Lord finds me in awe of his creation,
An appreciation many folks fail to find indoors.