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Sympathy Cousin Poems | Cousin Poems About Sympathy

These Sympathy Cousin poems are examples of Cousin poems about Sympathy. These are the best examples of Sympathy Cousin poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

Details | Dramatic Verse (Verse Drama) |


Please pick me up!
Never mind I'm gonna fall down anyways~
Please show me how to tie my shoes and sing my ABC! 
Don't worry mommy I'll walk barefoot and teach myself one day~
Please daddy show me how to ride my bike!
Never mind It takes up too much of your time~
Mommy please do not hit me again!
It's okay I need to be taught a lesson~
Cousin please do not touch me anymore!
Go ahead they won't believe me anyway~
Teacher can you please defend me in school!
Never mind my body is use to the abuse~
Please don't tell me sleeping with you is the only way! 
Okay I need to be loved even if it's for one night~
Please teach me how to raise a baby!
It's okay I can't blame others for my mistake~
Please don't get violent when you start drinking too many beers!
Okay if it makes you feel better hit me, 
I'll hide the bruise with makeup & tears~
Please tell me that I'm beautiful!
Wait! Your right I'll never look like her~
Please someone call 911!
Never mind it's only a broken nose~
Please officer why are you taking my husband?
Don't you know it was my fault,  he loves me and won't hit me again~
Please don't hit me in the face!
Go ahead that's what I get for standing up and defending myself~
Please God don't take my baby!
Go ahead and take her I don't deserve her~
Please don't tell me your not in love with me!
I understand I'll never be worthy of your heart~
Please don't walk away and break my heart!
It's okay I never made progress or was good enough~
Please don't leave me alone I'm okay with the abuse!
I understand you're tired of the reason and my crying excuse~
Please someone help, I'm hurting inside!
Never mind my feelings don't count~
Please God*can you hear me!
Please God*can you rescue me!
Please God*can you walk with me!
Please God*can you show me the way!
God* I was a baby, I was weak, and didn't speak~
God* you didn't protect me on my first fall.
God* I was abandoned and neglected before I learned to crawl!
God* even you rejected all my prayers and call.
I understand now I don't need nothing! I don't need no one at ALL
So PLEASE~PLEASE leave me alone, behind these walls.
.                              **
Please! If you read this teach me how to smile!! 
WAIT! Smiles don't come with self blame & guilt :-(



Details | I do not know? |


(This is a fictional poem)

My cousin wrote to Lindsay Lohan and he lied.
His letter touched her so much that she cried.
When he wrote to her, she soon answered.
He told her that he was dying of cancer.
She felt sorry for him and agreed to be his girlfriend.
She promised to stand by him until the end.
But I found out that he was lying.
He told me he wasn't dying.
He thought I'd keep this deception a secret but I could not.
I told her the truth and he deserved what he got.
She broke out three of his teeth and gave him two karate chops to the head.
Now he regrets his lie as he lies in a hospital bed.