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Couplet Woman Poems | Couplet Poems About Woman

These Couplet Woman poems are examples of Couplet poems about Woman. These are the best examples of Couplet Woman poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A skin peel

The thorougher the skin peel, 
the stronger the sex apeal.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Once Upon a Time

This is a story, short, but true
About a woman who had eyes that were black and blue.

 About a man who can eat things ten times his size,
 And a dog who was considered to be amazingly wise

 They lived in a land of shades of four,
 And lived in a cave which had no door

 But that's not the point I want to make
 Because the things I just said are truly fake

  But the story is of a man who juggled his head
 And when he got bored he'd play dead

  He had one friend and his name was Tom
  Tom made a bomb which killed his mom

 He became very dull, empty, and grim
 But moving along, for the story is not of him.

 It's about a woman who had turn green
 Sick from all the beauty she had seen

  Wait! The story is not about her either,
 This story pertains to a boy eating a beaver

 O'boy, I just can’t get this right!
 I think it’s about a girl who lost her arm in a fight.

 Or of a guy who collected decapitated heads,
 Or of a baby who sold bear traps as beds.

 Once upon a time the sun lost its shine,
 Once upon a time we all came from slime

  I better make this story end right now,
 Before I tell the story of the man who birthed a cow.

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Dear Rapunzel

It seems ages since we met over your long, golden hair
an hour glass on the table keeping the meter.

It seems like too many dress up doll days when we played
take me to the river but don’t get our feet wet.

It seems we lost our inner selves painting our faces
painting our nails, singing karaoke at the bars.

Oh, to regain those lost years of our youth, unwrinkled skin
turn back all the pages, like winding gold on a spindle.

Instead we have just leaves, grieves, and grandchildren
with their laser guns, plastic skin and smug attitudes.

They never challenged gamey little midgets with foul intent
they had us to pad them safely with money, love and scent.

Dear Rapunzel, do please let your hair down one more time
and play climb out of the cellar and up the apple tree with me.

Signed Your Dearest Play Mate.

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Lessons Learned

My grandson asked if back when I was young
I had ever done anything naughty or wrong
I said shut the door put on listening ears
And Ill tell you a tale of rank shivering fear
One night at midnight I sneaked from my bed
To a neigr knocker fastened a thread
Old Mrs. Murphy, ninety and living all alone
That she was a witch was really well known
I pulled the string and the knocker did bang
Then over the garden wall lithely I sprang
When the old woman limped to the door
Finding nobody there she ranted and swore
Again and again I pulled that on the thread
As over and over tears of laughter I shed

Then the moon clouded and all turned dark
A cold hand of fear icily fingered my heart
A voice rasped lowly filling me with dread 
‘I’ve got you now and soon you’ll be dead’
I was then dragged to Mrs. Murphy’s door
Feeling more terrified than ever before
The door was opened I was pushed inside
Nowhere I could run nowhere I could hide
There in the kitchen the old woman sat
Black cloak and hair, black teeth and hat
Our neighbour then sat me down on a chair
The witch held me still with malevolent stare
Pointing long sharp nailed finger I felt the spell
As she spoke of hot flames and rotting in hell

I promised to be good and meant it sincerely
I’ve been good ever since, well almost, nearly

(5th in contest,’Childhood memories’ by Crystal Wilkins)

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Hugs That We Once Shared

Hugs that we once shared, lasted just a glimpse in time
If only I could read her mind, and imagine what I'd find

Would I find a woman of truth, or a woman of trust
Or a woman with a mind, whose mind has turned to rust

To drift into another's world, and promise them the earth
Hugs that we once shared, does it really make them worth

They only lasted a glimpse of time, happened they never should
If I could turn back time, your damn right I would


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An honest lie

A girl who has beautiful eyes 
more honestly lies.

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Hide and Seek

Cat and Mouse: hide and seek
This could take an hour or week

No one wants to seem too bold
So we put our love on hold

A peek here and a peek there
Wondering if we really dare

Wondering what the seconds bring
Wondering if the phone will ring

Wondering, wondering:  peek a boo
You’re hiding…. but I SEE you

I see past that great big wall
Your heart’s ready for the fall

I know that you caught the bait
But I sit and wait and wait

I’m patient, got time of day
But oh, what if you get away!

Cat and mouse: hide and seek
Oh, my knees are getting weak

Oh, this heart’s sure to explode
The waiting’s gone to overload

One more second's just too much
No time for cat games and such

Hide and seek…is getting old
Here I am! My love is bold!

Ready? You'll be caught real tight!
Cause boy, your just out of sight!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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A Dark Fantasy

I’m on a planet with a golden kiss
It shimmers with glory, such bliss!

As I zoom in, it turns into a dark land
Peep in, I’m afraid, I cannot stand!

In darkness, I see a bright glowing tower
Inside, a plethora of so called ‘man’ power

Zoom in; I see ‘beast’ kind disguised as ‘man’ kind
Alas! Not a single kind beast could I find

I hear roars of uncivilized beings
And moans of so-called weaklings

I see a trail of emotional turmoil
Those 7 deadly sins wrapped in a dazzling foil

Gifted to humanity, his power, his grey matter
It separates humans from animals and allows us to shatter

The once created planet with a golden kiss
Will it ever show the signs of holy bliss?

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Love Transcends Space, And Time

Love Transcends Space, and Time By Rick Rucker I am shocked, at my age, to find, A woman to Enflame my mind! One that sets my Heart reeling, With this uniquely Blessed feeling, At present, we live apart, But she will always occupy my Heart, She has the Power to make me do anything, Including, even, to dance, or sing, When we meet, every couple of days, She instantly sets my Heart ablaze! When I see her beautiful Face, My Heart sets off at a terrifying pace, Drawn by a force we cannot resist, Neither willing to wait to be kissed! Our arms, now entwined, With thoughts of Love, coursing through my mind, I always want to remain there, Kissing her, my fingers running through her hair, She, very quickly, will respond, With actions that I am very fond, Our arms, overlapping like shoelaces, Our lips exploring each other’s faces, Our breathing soon becomes as one, Our race to Love has begun, Adrift, somewhere in Space and Time, We find a place Sublime, When, at last, we recover, I look over at my Lover, She says I have a smile on my face, I know I am in My Happy Place, I cannot question Fate, To have sent me this perfect Mate, I forever want to go through Life, With this woman as my Wife! I truly am the luckiest of men, I get to see my Love, tonight, again!

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Right girls

Girls aren't sure if they are always bright.
And they are often absolutely right.

Volodymyr Knyr

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The Sundress, As A Marital Aid

The Sundress, As A Marital Aid By Rick Rucker Before we begin, I am a “little” weird, In case you have not “heared,” When my Lover wears her mini sundress, Her bare skin, I cannot wait to caress, Her womanly delights, just out of view, My lust for her, she does renew! The enticing expanse of her bare back, The gossamer-thin fabric accents the curves that she does not lack! When she has it on, and we are walking, I am nearly incapable of talking, As any woman will tell you that you ask, No man can begin to multitask! I have on my mind just one thing, An activity that makes me want to sing! Walking behind her, I can see, The sensual goddess in front of me, Of her, I have no favorite part, All of her does over-speed my Heart! As I watch her stroll along, I am reminded of “Pretty Woman,” the song, She makes me so proud that I could shout, Then sing, and dance about! If other men knew what I have waiting, When she and I get home, it is me they would be hating! She has found the secret to a happy life, This woman whom I have asked to be my wife, She can do such things to me, My senses so overloaded, that I can hardly see, We are lucky that what she does cannot be put in a pill, Our country’s production would come to a standstill! Half of our population, would die very soon, The men would take a bunch of the pills, then swoon! Luckily, I do not have to take that pill, I have her next to me to thrill, I give her a red, red Rose, She gives me cause to curl my toes! Removing her sundress is an art, As I do it, exploring each newly-exposed part! It must not be done it too fast, I want this ceremony to last! In fact, in a day, I may remove it from her several times, As this really “rings my chimes!” As I told you, I may be strange, But this part of the day, I would not change! If your lover wears a sexy sundress, She is wearing it for you, I would guess, Tell her you would be happy to help her take it off, If you are lucky, your clothes she may help You doff! If your love life is a little staid, Help her buy a sundress as a marital aid!

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A lady's breast

Any lady with sexy breast 
for a man looks each time well-dressed.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Memories Buried Alive

My mind calls attention to where I've been,
When I was alive in that lion's den.
Summer breeze on a winter's day,
That memory won't fade away.
Yeah, I know these skies are gray;
I pray, we don't press replay.

©2014 Honestly JT

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Sally version 2

Gracious Sally; my black haired Sally.
You've dawned a bright red cap.
My chicken balls; my coffee please.
A fortune before my nap.
You've tinged your bell; the coffees ready.
The customers turn their heads.
It's you I see; you waiting free!
with chicken balls in their breads.
And when at cash you call for me
and nod a tray you pass.
That after money and after thanks
your smile comes with a laugh.

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The Irony Of A Woman's Heart

What is this curse when you're ignored 
  in time you care? 
What kind of tempest that might be too much 
  for a man to bear? 

What is the reason; and what is the logic 
  that one gets hurt? 
When he's just showing his true affection 
  to the one he loves. 

When he's expressive that she is cherished 
  and so adored, 
She's not responsive and so implying 
  that she is bored. 

Then he would message to greet her mornings 
  and to wish her well 
She would not answer for a usual reason 
  that she left her cell. 

Would it be too much for her to text back 
  that she is fine? 
Is she afraid that it would surely cost her 
  another dime? 

Doesn't she know that she's just too lucky 
  for being loved? 
Most girls are crying and are still hoping 
  for a sincere lad. 

What if he's fed-up? the insult is too much 
  that he departs? 
Boy, what a pity if you cannot handle 
  the irony of a woman's heart.. 

 Date and Time of Writing 
 November 14, 2011 
 10:03am – 10:34am 

It's a gloomy day and, as usual, manning alone my shop.  Customers are not coming in and I was so bored that I was hoping to hear tones from my cellphone as I was waiting for a reply of the message that I sent the last night yet.  From there I try to relate to myself on how a lover feels when his messages are ignored by the girl he adored and cherished. Oh what a pity…

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In his country, he says I would be called a fat *i*c* with my hips being thick.
He said his men would f*c*k me so much I would join the crowd of skinny lovers.

In his country, he states I would not have sex the way I want.
He pants that his men like a*s*o*e.

Plethora my people would shout.
Embarrassment has stepped-out.

In his country, is sex slavery.
His men would just snatch me off the streets to control me sexually.

In his country, I am not.
So why is he talking to me half-cocked.

In his country, terrorism to them is love.
To me he must be from an Arab World.
Penned on May 13, 2014!

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The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman

The perfect woman aims high to be her best
Gods presence is seen in her, so others can be blessed

She is weak, she is strong
The perfect woman does what she can to get along

She is childlike in her soul as she grows old
Picks herself up when she is out of control

The perfect womans beauty is within
She learns from her past sins

She knows she can't do it alone, she asks the lord to guide her
As she grows,  she blooms like a flower

As a mother, she grows
A good example to her children, she knows

Written by:  Debra M. Falgout
February 13, 2013

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When God Made a Woman

When God Made a Woman                   
Steve L. Siegel
November 20, 2014
~+ ~
To my loving wife Sally Ann
 When God made a woman 
I am so thankful that when God made a woman,
From Adam's ribs that before He made her
That He also added a bit firefly spirit, a touch of
unfiltered love that goes right to the man's heart. 
That He also had time add that composure,
Made her little stubborn at times;
That to make us men behave, so badly,
 That she'd get what she wanted in the first place.
However, He also added a soft spot in her,
Her heart always had room for her children,
Yet there is just enough room for her man,
She would show him her passion from deep within.
But, don't let another feline try getting near her man,
Her claws would come out, taking on any who wanted hers;
God must by accident took some man's backbone to put in her,
Because once she is in love, she'll try anything to keep him, 
Fully to her alone; so there's no looking back.
Yep, I am glad and thankful to my Lord
That He chose to use a part of me to make a woman,
And that He lead her to where I was,
That between the two of them I now have this grand wife.

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The Light and The Darkness

The Light and The Darkness 
Steve L Siegel
Waking up alone on top of a golden mountain range,
Rising with the sun above a reflective ice blue lake,
Passing and down below, to a cedar path;
A rust covered road winds its way down to the mighty ST. Joe river.
When the pain and suffering rips me to pieces,
That's when rage and adrenaline begins its battle,
My very soul feels torn up inside of me,
My eyes see only red and my own blood turns me cold.
This bundled feast that greets my eyes, seeing the yawning of a woman
The warmth of my wife's breath turning instantly into a mist,
Lifting into a cloud of thick steam, as it passes over her cold lips,
Reminding  me why we got married all those years ago.
My eyes have seen no mercy, my blood runs hot for no reason,
My nightmares trying to take over my sleep,
The darkness tries to take over my brain,
Trying to drive my mind over the edge.
The new days sun starts to show and rise above the peaks
To show a valley stretching far below
From some willows I spied my woman swimming naked
Alone in a hot Spring channel, Oh My Lord!
For my soul is in sin stained, my hands bloodied from war,
Trying not to let it drive me completely insane,
When these dreadful nights finally do come to a end,
And I know that peaceful rest is at last within my reach
I'll know that the storm is over;
I will rise above this hell here on this earth 
I shall rise into the ashes of the phoenix, 
Burning and devaluating myself,
That God has at last called me home, to be with Him...
To those who have P.T.S.D. and by what ever brought it on.
May a Higher Power be with you.

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Lozen the woman warrior

With nimble-fingers braids the midnighter mare                                                        killing a long horn steer single-handed with bladed care                                                     Chief Victorio's well chosen was called his right hand                                                        a single woman yet revered fought strong as man                                                             Of enemies and friends as cunning she wore the boast                                                     as a Brave the woman warrior rode braver than most                                                        not frozen by fear of the battle braving regaining lost ammo                                              with her arms outstretched a chant a seer as with Geronimo                                    Circling with power where the enemy was and how many told                                         Lozen was a shield for her people as the woman warrior rode

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The real beauty's No

The real beauty's "No" 
does not offend, you know.

Volodymyr Knyr

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A lady in arms

A lady in arms 
more rapidly charms.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Why ladies keep themselves always clean

Ladies keep themselves always clean, 
if some gentleman by chance will lean.

Volodymyr Knyr

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See her laden and brimming with the sheaves
On a hilly furrowed plane shrouded by leaves
Her way homewards she plods and heaves.

See her joggles on the spinning wheel
A textile she winds out the cotton reel
And made many hue garbs with great skill.

See her broil as she stirs the broth in the tripod;
Day by day the market and stream she trod
And fetch fire woods and make fine wares of gourd.

See her sit on a stool, behind the moon wanes;
She enacts folklores of ancient reigns,
Of men and animals, plants and bizarre planes.

See her upon her breasts life’s incubi weigh
As all her offspring upon her tender bosom lay
She cossets them from womb to tomb till she’s grey.

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A Jealous Woman

A jealous woman am I…a very jealous woman
For you are MY man, my very own possession

Yes, I own you, you are under my lock and key
Don’t you dare look at her, for you belong to ME!

My passion is a gilded cage, but a cage nonetheless
If you dare try to escape, you’ll suffer… I confess

You know I will track you down and then I’ll make you pay
I’ll bring fire to your nights and torture you by day

You are branded with my love, it's plan for all to see
Revenge on thieves will be swift to varying degree

The fire that burns you up when you are in MY bed
Will burn up your heart if you dare love her instead

You’re mine…all mine…mine and ONLY mine
Baby, don’t mess things up, and I will treat you fine

I’ll be your muse, I’ll be your slave, I’ll be your everything
Ask of me your every wish, and I’ll treat you like a king.

A jealous woman am I, a very jealous woman...
If you stay my very own, I’ll make you taste of heaven.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The perfect woman

The perfect woman is full of grace
You get comfort by her face
Chills enter you by one touch
Voice just gives you such a rush
Doesn’t brag, doesn’t argue
Has your back and always stay true
Knows exactly how to love
Is like an angel from above
The perfect woman isn’t flawless
But her heart is filled with goodness
Her smiles brighten up the place
Laughs make you feel up in space
Though she’s filled with complications
You can see beauty in her imperfections
The clumsy sweetheart to adore
That always keeps you wanting more
The perfect woman is inner beauty
That never fades for all eternity

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A marriage and a bet

One’s meanness and the other’s foolishness abet
them in arranging both a marriage and a bet. 

Volodymyr Knyr

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Only Eve is a madam, 
who is known from Adam.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Communication by touch

Communication by touch 
is not for every old dutch.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Ale and love

If there's not enough ale 
all attempts to love fail.

Volodymyr Knyr

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             ANOTHER CHANCE

Knew a woman who was caught
In a lie that someone bought
Couldn’t find the sun in day
Couldn’t smile a thin bouquet

Knew a woman who got old
Time flew by while she raged bold
Then alone was all she knew
Couldn’t make a grey sky blue

Forgotten was the light tossed sky
Stardust’s beauty passed her by
Lost were voices of her past--
Life is fragile first to last

Luck gave her a trusty friend
Dragged her from a lonely end
Now she sits among her flowers
Not alone --in treasured hours

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A chick and a crone

Any chick is prone 
to become a crone.

Volodymyr Knyr

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GLEO and the WOMAN

GLEO and the WOMAN
Rommel E. Gabitan

The Giant has awaken from his sleep
As the Lion roared furiously
The Eagle fluttered his metal wings
As the Ox finally bared his fangs

The Woman trembled with fear
As the Lion roared mercilessly
She lost her freshness and innocence 
After Three Centuries of Captivity

The breath of death filled her lungs
With poison from tobacco, opium and wine
The Eagle saw her restless state
He rescued the Woman with pride

The Eagle then, made a truce with the Lion
The Treaty of Paris, a pact they had made
The Lion handed the Woman to the Eagle
Without her knowledge and consent 

The Eagle took her to the skies
With the promise of education prosperity and freedom
The Eagle exploited the Woman’s trust
He sprinkled his wastes over the Woman

One day the Eagle quarreled with the Ox
He scared him and drove him away
The Ox suddenly bared his Fangs
With his deadly Nuclear Saliva

The Giant supported the Ox in his fight
He flexed his Muscular Arms with Might
He deployed a hundred ships with rockets
To scare the Woman, the Eagle’s ally

The Giant forces the Eagle to resign
Leave his sphere of influence and fly
The Giant claims Absolute Equality for all
While the Eagle wants Democracy to live on

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A VIP while making pee 
looks like a not-quite VIP.

Volodymyr Knyr

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By fluke

Unpretty women by only fluke
can give their children a pretty look.

Volodymyr Knyr

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The rest

Usually the best 
is among the rest.

Volodymyr Knyr 

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On how to slacken men's pace

A lady slackens men's pace 
by only a pretty face.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Vivid contrasts emanate lively hues
from the brilliancy of colors,
to radiate skin, hair and eyes;
and these are the wishes of all lovers!

He's a handsome man in a dark suit well-pressed,
and she's a beautiful woman in a scarlet dress;
he doesn't like ladies with flashy clothes,
and she only likes guys with ripped shirts!  

Amelia fascinates her partner with her adorable smile,  
Riccardo's blue eyes see a woman no man can resist;
and with his sexy eyes and killer's looks makes his conquest;
how exciting she seems and how happy she is to feel alive! 

Their cheeks occasionally touch as kisses of a soft wind,
passion arises, but the dance must end with a standing ovation; 
they're the only perfect pair who are rehearsing and getting recognition,
other dancers are getting impatient and are dying to come in.

The violin and piano begin to play in full harmony, " Un Ballo In Maschera,"
and all the guests come out gracefully to join the masquerade ball without timidity...
wearing luxurious and colorful costumes of the legendary Venetian Era;
and they elegantly dance on the diamond-shaped floor, trying to gess each other's identity.

The chorus adapts a moderato tone as wished by the conductor's baton, as the harmonic tones 
accompany the high pitched soprano, who suddenly bursts out in a hissy scene;
she shouts, "My Riccardo has betrayed me! Take his mask off, and let him see me!"
And while the melody is embellished by the harmony, in anguish, she discords her vivid notes.

Entered in Brian's Strand contest, " Colours "

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Life and Death in the Ladies League

Twas the night of the Ladies League Final and the atmosphere was tense
Only two teams were competing, no loyalties allowed on the fence
There could only be one winner, the team with strongest will
And if you lost you were losers, and losing meant you were swill!

The teams were made up of eight players, all with an aim straight and true
Each woman stood there determined and each with their own point of view
Still arguments were frequent and blood was often shed
Only last week Blackout Bertha got smacked in the gob, now she’s dead!

The marker called all to order, and with a toss of a coin they were off
The Fiddler and Firkham Ladies verses the Wenches from ‘Th’owd Pig N Trough’
The Captain of the Firkham was called upon to name 
the player who was starting this dangerously ill fated game.

She shouted ‘Hot Legs Hilda -  will play for the Firkham pride’
 she was the one who’d smacked Bertha, you know, the lass that had died!
Well ripples ran though the public and scowls came across from the Trough
But they sent out their best in ‘Fat Freida’ and suddenly the game was off!

Hilda set a steady pace, with a one and a two, double three
As she stepped back off the hockey she gave Frieda a stab in the knee
But Freida was not to be mithered she went one, double two, double five
And folks sitting round the ale tables thought, ‘We’ll none of us get out alive!’

It was plain to see from the offing that this match was doomed from the start
As each woman rankled the other with poke or cough or a fart!
Eventually the pair of them, understood that the game must be won
And Frieda left Hilda three Arrows – her Captain said, ’This’ll be fun!’

Now Hilda was a psychopath who hated to lose, yes it’s true 
But what she did next took all by surprise; it came totally out of the blue
She ambled across to her handbag and pulled out a crossbow of size
And with that she let loose an arrow that hit Frieda right between eyes.

You could have heard a pin drop as Freida lifelessly fell to the floor
As her Captian straddled the bloodied corpse her face took on a look that was sore
She turned to the Firkin’s Captain and said quite resigned and all meek
‘By Heck  June not another – Oh well, same time, same place next week??’

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something about you today

something about you today
so beautiful like a blessing array

i cannot stop staring at you
right now your vibe is the perfect hue

comfort and warmth never felt like this
i am addicted to your being, which i just cannot resist

i just want to kiss you everywhere and more
never have i met a sista i wanted to totally explore

your body is exemplary, but your mind is the apex
the genuine foundation of your personality invigorates my every reflex

your knowledge of your self inspires me to dig deeper
the magnificence of your character alone in my eyes makes you a keeper

however it is your heart that i most admire
my own heart grows to love you even more with an innovative type of desire

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Linda Evangelista

Linda is the most beautiful in the lists
both of Lindas and of the evangelists.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Virtuous Woman

Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies
I’ve found one and I found it in you so I will kill you softly w/my song like the Fugees
You presence is so soothing and your voice gently moves me
Stimulating every bit of my heart is just another one of your duties
You deserve more than lunch at luby’s or dinner and a movie
But a throne to crown as queen of my affection 4ever you shall reign so rule me
I honor you woman of faith, for all the things you did 
For you are the most amazing thing to come from man’s rib
Your eyes are doves, your voice roars above seas
Built to take more sh** than a pair of used huggies
The Song of Solomon describes you as dark and lovely and that you are
The brightest star shining in the night sky up close and from afar 
Quite adventurous like Tom Sawyer, with the mind capacity of a lawyer
Wrestled, fought, and won so many battles, I call you my Ultimate Warrior
You are poetry in motion, burning with the desire of cave torches
As elegant as a princess stagecoached in a chariot of white horses
Speak to me woman of faith, so I can hear the Angels call
The bible tells us, many women do noble things but you surpass them all