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Couplet War Poems | Couplet Poems About War

These Couplet War poems are examples of Couplet poems about War. These are the best examples of Couplet War poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Gettysburg Hauntings

Gettysburg Hauntings

When General Meade met General Lee
At Gettysburg in 1863

Sons of the South battled Northern brothers
And neither side has ever recovered

Fifty-one thousand lives lost in three days
Of a summertime swelter, July haze

Souls rose not to heaven from bodies piled
On blood-soaked battlefields spanning 40 miles

An on-scene photographer moved fallen men
To snap better images with his lens

Hats off to Alex Gardner if you please
Today picture-takers’ cameras freeze

At a large bouldered site called Devil’s Den
Sharpshooter hid, killed unsuspecting men

Travelers at night on Pennsylvania roads
Claim they see soldiers, hear cannons explode

A century after the Revolution
United our states to wage war as one

Virginians were forced to choose blue or gray
Mason Dixon Line divided that way

If only Tom Jefferson’s wise notion
Had not been struck from the Declaration

Slavery, the impetus for war and hate
Would have been quashed before State versus State

Gettysburg might have been a peaceful farm
Where soldiers had never succumbed to harm

But restless spirits, faces pale and gaunt
Never retreat from their Gettysburg haunt

Our nation’s darkest hour plays out each night
And passersby still marvel at the sight

Where sons of the South battled Northern brothers
For neither side will ever recover

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My Pen Collection

As the waves forever kiss the shore
One shot leaves you wanting more
My heart and soul, strong and true
With all the love they hold for you
Sometimes my life leaves me bored
Like a swordsman with no sword
These are the times that I write
Memories can be hard to fight
I write out my heart and soul
Controlling my mind is my goal
Each new word released by my pen
Is another spiritual battle I win
The war rages on day by day
Through the poem prayers I pray
It's a war that I will forever win
Long as there is ink up in my pen
In prison I had quite a collection
Each one held it's own reflection
I saved them after they ran dry
Baptized with the tears I cry
I just couldn't seem to let them go
Little memories of my heart and soul
Sometimes I like to take them out
Little memories of what I'm about
What I'm about angel on my shoulder
Making this world a little less colder

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Blinded by Right and Wrong

I stood on a hill and screamed for peace...
Lost in the noise were friends that teased...

A mask that hides what's wrong and right...
Too many stones thrown that blinded my sight...
Wolves that prowled with a sheeps face and a devils soul...
Crept slowly in the dark where the truth was never told...

My cape is wrinkled and torn and bloodied from the day...
A battle well fought where being right lost its way...

Then left with a heart with blood still there to drain...
No need to ask the question, I'd do it all over again...

I don't write stories, I don't write make believe... I write what's in Me....    Michael

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One Toy Soldier

One Toy Soldier

Little toy soldiers are all put away
Training is over for this time of day.
Where do these little boys go now to play?
Away from their home to die in the fray.

Little toy weapons are no longer there
But boxed in attics by mothers with care--
Where keepsakes still hold a lock of his hair--
While rockets and missles challenge his fare.

Little toy bad guys and little toy good
Haze in the distance when misunderstood.
Where fall the lilies on long crates of wood
And each gave their all--as good soldiers should...

Little toy soldiers are coming back home...
Mothers are weeping, laments all alone
Where flags lie folded--the gift of Shalom...
As the long box is lowered...'neath the loam

One little toy soldier is placed on the top
Remembering All--so that None be Forgot.

deborah burch©                            


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Misdirected Anger

Nightmares, jungles, blood on hands
Unjust war in distant lands
Scars that no one else can see
Memories doing battle with his sanity
Off to war, a rich man’s fool
Rich man’s son was off to school
Some came home in boxes, statistics mount
Media smiles announcing body count
Working man’s sons without a voice
Off to war without a choice
Coming home to hate, the fire fanned
Misdirected Anger in his native land
Dismayed with the war, activists groups
Pointing blame at the drafted troops
So many dead through the bloody nights
Protecting rubber trees and oil rights
After the storm, there was no calm
Soldiers coming home from Vietnam.

Dedicate to Vietnam vets who served valiantly,
unappreciated at home

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Death of a Knight

Blood surges through the deep gash in his armor
while the brave knight writhes in pain and cries in anguish.

The battle is over now and the knight drops hard to the ground
knowing that his life force is ebbing and his strength is waning.

With the battle finished the knight begins his final fight
with Death in his inevitable glory and result.

The knight’s blood now slows to a quiet trickle like blood tears
while key moments in his life flash before him lightening quick.

The knight finds his comfort in love of family and country;
this is a moment of solace as his body tightens in Death’s grip.

His blood now seeps into the ground itself and his breathing grows shallow,
and twilight moves to darkness in the knight’s final conscious thought.

The knight murmurs:  fighting, war, and duty to my king have been my life,
but now I must take leave of this mortal coil.

With that Death takes the Knight’s mortal body and the hand of God carries
his heavenly soul to everlasting eternity. 

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved (September 9, 2014) (Distich or Unrhymed Couplet)

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Peer Pressure of the Worst

Peer pressure of the worst no matter who they are
They can be a boy or girl that they believe to become martyr's

Strapped to these young souls, is something they just don't understand
Yet the cowards who persuade them to miss, becoming a woman or a man

What, where, why or when, does this quest justify it's means
For it arises in the warped depraved, in twisted confused dreams

For in this book that they all crave about, this they cannot do
It's against their religion to request the suicide of you

For all their Cleric's whom they are, they sit and witness so
Not one has ever spoken out, to stop this exploding blow

Why is this I ask myself, for they fear the bullet of a gun
Because it's easier to suppress their young, terrorism has again begun

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He Left Her a White Rose

Its the morning after the night before
As i leave my new wife, whom i lovingly adore

My orders came through, overseas i head
With my band of brothers, not knowing what's ahead

    Married for days, whilst conflict takes him away
    Holding sheets where we slept, my memory bouquet

    At the bottom of our bed, there lies a virgin white rose
    With a note beneath i am in momentary froze

    I sit and stare as to what it might say
    Knowing this is the day my love flies away

My darling Tinks i leave this white rose for you
Its pristine appearance describes my darling so true

It symbolises you, so innocent so pure
With your love in my heart, i will return i assure

Think of the day, from these distant lands from beyond
For the morning after the night before, we will respond

    This virgin white rose, so bridal so pure
    You and its safety i will secure, for you to return for our future

    The day you come home, it shall lay on our bed
    And we will continue our lives, as you have always said

    I will go about my tomorrow's, thinking of you every day
    And prey that this virgin white rose, never turns deathly grey

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The Armor of God

In ancient times when knights were bold,
They dressed in armor, so we're told.
When they went out to face their foe,
Their armor protected them head to toe.

Christians we must do the same,
Or be struck down by Satan's aim.
His flaming arrows fly all around,
Intending to knock us to the ground.

So put on God's armor without delay,
We need His protection everyday.
For our struggle is not against what we can see,
But the powers of darkness are our enemy.

Stand firm then and dress with all haste,
Start with truth buckled 'round your waist.
Satan fights dirty by spreading lies,
But the belt of God's truth will make us wise.

Next is the Breastplate of Righteousness,
That God provides for all who are His.
It's the righteousness of Christ covering you,
That the evil one cannot stand up to.
Now cover your feet with the readiness of,
Sharing God's gospel of peace and love..
Take the Shield of Faith and keep it near,
To deflect Satan's arrows of confusion and fear.

Place the Helmet of Salvation firmly on your head,
It will keep Satan's lies from filling you with dread.
He wants to make you doubt your salvation is sure,
But the helmet will guard your mind and keep you secure.

Your armor is complete, but now you need a sword,
So take the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of the Lord.
God's Word is sufficient to defend or attack.
With God's Word in your heart you can hold Satan back.

With your armor in place and your Sword in your hand,
Be strong in the Lord and in His power stand.
And pray in the Spirit at all times and all ways,
Cause the enemy trembles when Saints start to pray!

Based on Ephesians 6:10-18

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What  time is this
Where once we wait
Whilst questions stir up great debate
Upon this place a storm doth brew
Encroaching in on me and you
To make a stand or make a choice
Have a heart and have a voice
Be not thee fooled by lovely lies
Made to keep well in disguise
A truth thus far which few have seen
Veiled behind some wicked scene
Know what we are and why we’re here
Be not thee bound by useless fear
For power lies in focus held
In knowledge found and wisdom felt
Creative thought shall be the key
Unraveling untold mysteries
With hence unknown abilities
Bestowed with light we’ve yet to see
Transform a world of pain and hate
Into grandest dreams create
This time, this place 
No more we wait
Through storms of violence, fear and hate
The very catalyst we need 
To know the truth which sets us free

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A Marine's Poem - from Iraq

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death;
I look at this war and I’m exhausted, and so out of  breath!

I look to my spirituality for an answer to appear.
I’ve seen fellow marines die and “death” is what I ultimately fear!

The days seem to never end, and this desert is extremely hot!
I’ve witnessed the death of my friend and I ask God, why he got shot?

Yesterday, our platoon leader took a hit; two bullets to the back!
I want my country to know that we do this ---- for her and hope we make it out of Iraq!

I think about my family and I miss their warm and tender essence.
I wonder if my girlfriend thinks of me… I can’t wait to feel her presence.

I hope death doesn’t come for me; that I make it out of this hell hole.
I pray God forgives me for defending country; that I do not lose my soul!!

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What Do I Know About Being German

Born American, sixth generation of great-grands all German,
not much liking sausage or sauerkraut, English speaking all the way,

except the Germany of my ancestry was fought over and broken
so I’m a bit of France, Germany, Poland, Hungary all the Holy

Roman empire, dissolved down, fought over, egotized, horrified 
and remade Into some new state where English is as common as German.

We share a love of flowers in the face of cold and rain, I drink less beer
and wine, meet up somewhere, anywhere around the world on a beach.

From my parents and grandparents, I know to serve up too much food
seven sweets, seven sours and drink and whirl the night away to a band.

Hardworking sorts, unafraid of a little dirt, loving dirt, the turnover
and young sprout brought to fruit, wearing overalls and then washing up.

To sit before a pressed linen table cloth, served up on the finest china,
the cha in my father’s name, the uff da, and other exclamations.

The morning rosaries, the blessed churches where we give thanks for all good
and the setting aside of pride while we work together to make our food.

Sure there are aprons for cooking. Shorts for summertime. A dive into any pool.
What do I know of being German, not much, it's just somewhere in my roots.

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War and Peace

Who can understand why war still exists where
there are clouds reflected in water here

History has proven its futility
even the breeze has a peaceful touch

The graves of the fallen state “they died for us”
Lizards bask on warm stones 

where we could not imagine
the compassion of our enemies

Tiny finches twitter in the hedges
How the agony of dying haunts forever those who see

Bright red ti leaves, philodendrons and crosses
of comrades fallen

In dense shadows of shower trees
greatest jubilation comes 

where Mynas squabble, good naturedly
Such a happy sound of morning

Another war is over”
If only peace could last forever.

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Admiral Lord Nelson

Blessed with ingenuity, he fought advancing tyranny
That stormed the sea in twenty-three  great warships sailing furiously.

That day, October twenty-first, saw Admiral Nelson at his worst,
As cannons roared, while gunners cursed. The times were changed, the tides reversed.

Lord Nelson, as an admiral brave with all his fleet defied the grave,
His native land and king to save:-- his life for freedom's cause he gave.

In but a half a dozen hours he humbled Europe's finest pow'rs,
And toppled Tyranny's highest tow'rs; yet Vict'ry found him crowned with flow'rs,

And not a place the crown to lay, on him, nor all who died that day
In sending Britain's foes away, across the stormy seas of grey.

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I watch with fascination; Mother Nature on a great warpath.
Thunderous drums sound warning; soon to feel her rightful wrath.

Thousands of black horses running boldly across the sky.
Warriors branding spears of lightning, mounted with such pride.

Angry at the white eyes, they circle with such speed.
A deafening wind now gathers, neath their mighty steeds.

We set upon destroying her, but her power is unbound.
Her whirling fingers now reach down and pluck us from her ground.

Her tears now flood our ugliness and wash it out to sea. 
So vivid is my vision, but too late we will believe.

Written June 27, 2014
Contest: Storms
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton

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Conflicts End

Neath a distant sun drenched sky where the Southern Cross is seen
Two armies face to face they meet on a battlefield pure and green
Fear of defeat is etched down deep on each brave warrior’s face
As they wait the signal to engage their weapons they embrace

With green and gold held on high one fights for their native land
The other fights for God and Country on an alien foreign strand
Each man lives in his own thoughts as they wait for the command
They know that all depends on them this is the their final stand

A final pause an awesome hush then the order comes to engage
Fearless toe to fearless toe their wicked war they do wage
The soulful sound of leather is heard striking willow crafted true
If strife were decided on this oval ground all war we could eschew

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A soldier's friend

Slowly breathing with a steady beat
Boots are crunching you feel the heat

You inch on closer, looking around
Watching your friends make not a sound

You have been told to kill this man
A threat he is to freedoms plan

Hold up your rifle, take careful aim
Let go of the guilt your not to blame

Orders you follow a good soldier you are
Try not to think the size of the scar

That this order will bring deep in your soul
We raise the flag on top of this soldier's hole

I will give support, I will lend my hand
So you can brother, continue to stand

To fight for the freedoms of people everywhere 
Down your rifle I, with you, shall stare

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Cactus Heart

You would assume I am thirsty in this dire heat,
Or that my needles would cause others to quickly retreat,
You would conclude that my flowers were only for show
Or that if someone didn’t water me I would never grow,
But what you don’t see in plain eye sight
Is that I am flourishing with waters of integrity and might,
Under these thorns you call choked up defenses
Breeds the strength to survive all forms and pretenses,
To you I require little maintenance… but I know better,
I know how to absorb all I need in good and bad weather,
For I was strategically placed in this atmosphere,
All I need dwells in my structure enabling me to stay clear
Of beasts that lurk when sandstorms arise,
When mirages start to mesmerize,
When signs and wonders appear in fallen skies,
And soldiers forget to break ancient soul ties,
I stand my post and flaunt my spikes,
A cactus heart survives all flights.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: In a Very dry Place
Contest: Forgot

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Going To War

The phrase, "going to war", has always had ominous and forbidding qualities that can 
reverberate to the very core of the soul. Experiencing such an ordeal has its own legacy. It 
differs from person to person in varying degrees and the anticipation is usually far more 
negative than the actual arrival into the area of conflict. Though each war has its own 
realities with which to deal, it is not the war addressed by, "Going to War". The poem reveals 
the war within when the psyche literally battles with the 'unknown' in its struggle to accept 
the actuality of an event feared and imagined.

The eastern sky grew dark with night, The west held light of day. A lonesome plane in westward flight Was taking us away. When orders came for Viet Nam And all the names were read, They may as well have dropped a bomb, Or shot us there instead. Some few had been to fight before But most of us had not; Had never dealt with death or war, Or fears of being shot. Our words came scarce and laughter naught, Concern was quick to grow. The doubts and fears we all had brought Seemed primed and set to blow. A wave of silence dashed our youth Against the rocks of war, And in its wake, the naked truth; We're little boys no more. The time had come to set aside The games of yesterday, To give our step a longer stride, To learn another way. Now doubt looms dark and ominous, A vulture from the blue, That preys upon what peace remains, From all the things we knew. We pray to soothe our fears and dread, For rest to ease our mind, For guidance through the war ahead, And mourn the 'world', behind; And that one day we'll understand Why people have to die... Still, time grows near when we would land, The miles were flying by. The windows fog with quickened breath In our descent to land. We all are sure a brush with death Is very close at hand. We watch Siagon come into view And wait to feel a blast; Then hold our breath, as if on cue, When wheels touch down, at last. The war, for us, has just begun; Our fates seem so unsure, But we are warriors, every one, Resolved we will endure. ©1971 by Jim Fish

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                                                    A gun is a deadly weapon
                                           It can kill people with wasted reason

                                                     Authorized to have this
                                                 Only the army and the police

                                               Don’t use it to point to a person
                                           You will landed straight to the prison

                                      A gun is an instrument for an unending war
                                          Civilians traumatized for a painful scar

                            So please have some conscience not to use it barbarically
                                      Coz it will cause our life and so don’t be a folly 

                                                          January 29, 2013
                                               For Gwendolen "Gun" contest
                                                        1ST PLACE WINNER

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Democrats vs Republicans

Democrats vs. Republicans
Where oh where to begin
If one takes a dive into their lives you would see how one side  always wins
For the red light is on, and times have certainly changed
We live in a world that is selfish and becoming more deranged
A house divided cannot stand
America is in fragmented pieces but they don’t understand
Words are cheap when actions lie
I vote for the man who’s in the sky
For he never changes and he really cares
Not these greedy politicians who point and stare
America is about the people who work hard in this life
Yet all our government seems to do is feed on weakness and strife
I am pro restoration,
And anti-abomination
I am pro family unity,
Not superficial comments spoken into our hurting community
A bitter game
It’s such a shame
It’s time for us to give America back its glorious fame
Speak with conviction
Hold up our youth
Burn all the lies and tell them the truth
There’s a generation that’s growing on welfare and government loans
Independence is being broken down by control that is clearly shown
A father fracture has intruded
Many hearts and minds are polluted
Do they care about restoring the family unit as a whole?
Or are they leeches sucking out all our young people’s souls
Purity has been banned
As they raise up sworn hands
I can see the coiling snakes
Oh dear America we have made a terrible mistake
What really matters has been perverse
Like a woman under a tragic curse
Vote for vitality
Not the pagan’s visions of immorality
Vote for untainted officials
Not for men who can’t control their own missiles
Restore the innocence to our children in our music and on TV
Someone be the voice stating that in bondage how can you call yourself free
Another chance,   might be our last
Look to the leaders of Americas past,
Discern their virtue and read their soul
Then you will know which way you should go
Take the blinders and finally see
That we are being held captive to a rise of insanity
While we still got power take a missive stand,
Our land was blessed because of the convictions of man.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: For such a time as this

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The Knife of Silence

You choose your weapon and weld it with ease
Your silent stiletto sends me to my knees

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Scary Moments

The first damn bullet shot at me in anger
by some frigging commie with an itchy trigger finger.

I heard it zip by very close to my head.
I was glad I was still alive instead of dead.

All those months of training kicked in,
I hit the ground a shootin’ and a cussin’.

Then I was on my stomach and off my feet,
I was surprised that I could hear my own heart beat.

A few more scattered shots here and there,
a couple too close to my head and hair.

As quickly as it started it came to an end,
I was relieved I survived to fight again.

Fear is adrenaline gone wild.
In battle there is no meek or mild.

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Time to release

When boys take arms to protect and serve
They only think about, can I make the curve

The cause is just but, do I have the nerve,
hearing all the veterans talk and I observe

They speak of pride and honor, doing what's right
and I ask them "how many did you kill in that fight"

Then, as a silence takes hold of all the noise,
these men stare in silence, like long lost boys

They say "war is a hell, where good men die"
and behind hollow stares, some of them cry

He was a Hero, they say speaking of a friend
knowing he had their back to the bitter end.

Know he sits all alone in a crowded bar,
drinking to forget, staring at a bronze star

Promises that he made to men in graves,
flow in all his thoughts, like endless waves

Why was I the one that survived that day,
they had wives and children to watch at play

I'm home now, with all pieces of me in disarray 
42 years, since I kissed the ground in the USA

no star to show but, in pieces like their friend
I carry promises made, as I try to make amends 

I think, with all of life's burdens, it's OK if I drown
God says, "I'll take all burdens, just put them down"

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Soldier Boy

Soldier boy, oh soldier boy
Why don't you hide up those tears?
Hold in your mind those nail- biting fears
March till you drop, sing the marching song
Even though, for home you heart it does long
Don't cry no don't cry
Always care to try
Hold up your head
For death cannot tread
Oh soldier boy, oh soldier boy
Why don't you hide up those tears
For this night your safe, soften those fears
Lay down so quiet and hum your wholesome song
Hum how much for home your heart does long
Don't cry no don't cry
Always care to try
Hold up your head
For death cannot tread
Now soldier boy, now soldier boy
Could this be the morn when death does appear?
And I know it will be hard to hide up that fear
Don't let him in, it's just the funeral song
Pretty soon now for home, your heart will not long
You will not cry, oh do not cry
For you always cared to try
Soldier boy hold up that head
For now you layed on eternities bed

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Don't Give Up

Don't give up, fight till the end
I'll be by your side, always a friend
We will be side by side till morning appears
We'll stand there for when, the victory cheers
We are the army of freedom, death we don't know
We will fight all the day, our banner will flow
We left behind a wife and a strong hearted son
Until this war is over, and victory we won
We have won this battle, the war has come
We will stand hard and strong and never shall run
So come on my brothers sing the victors song
If you don't know the words then just follow along
We are the army of freedom, death we don't know
We will fight all the day, our banner will flow
We left behind a wife and a strong hearted son
Until this war is over, and victory we won
Now remember me brothers death came to show
Please tell my wife and my son they should know
I gave up my life, but the war now is won
My time here has ended, and God knows I'm done
Just know I'll stand next to you until the morning appears
I'll hold up your rifle, and settle your fears
I'm right here beside you just as a friend
I'll stand next beside you until its the end

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How General Grant Won The Civil War

He could fight and win battles, could this General Ulysses Grant!

   Other of Lincoln's generals were continually sayin', "I can't!"

Though 'twas well-known that General Grant relished his schnapps,

   Even soused he could concoct solid battle plans by studyin' his maps.

Becomin' frustrated with his other generals and their lack of action,

   Abe suggested to an aide that if it would help them get some traction,

He'd like to know what Ulysses drank and where he got the stuff,

   So he could send a barrel to every general to get him off his duff!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

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Rainy Days

We would get used to the heat
If not for the body-armor.
We could always taste the dust
Which made it seem even warmer.
Ballistic sunglasses blocked the glare,
But didn't keep out the sweat.
The smell of raw sewage and rot
We would never soon forget.
I assumed the ground would be sandy,
But it was really all silt and clay.
There was so much fouled standing water
After their annual rainy season days.
The only time I wasn't over-heating
Was in January's rains in Mosul, Iraq.
After wading through so much filth,
I'm happy to never, ever, ever go back.

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There have been times in our land
When our nation has had to take a stand.

It first began at Bunker's Hill
Where so many men were then killed.

All through that war with the British King
Men here in America were fighting and dying.

They were the first "Veterans" of the US,
When duty calls, there was always a surplus.

Always men of courage it takes it seems
Like those with Jackson at New Orleans.

There were "Veterans" who fought both South and North
When the country was split, her sons poured forth.

Healing those wounds would take some time
But in the end it came in line.

Of course no one remembers the row with Spain
Where America sent her men once again.

The "War to End All Wars" was more than a saying
As loved ones and sweethearts were left home praying.

Oh, Chateau Thierry, the Argonne, Belleau Wood and more
Are now in our history as battles of that war.

Then came the biggest war of all
When the world went crazy in '39's Fall.

Our "Veterans" were there too,
In Africa, Europe, and the Katmandu.

From Casablanca and Casserein on Africa's shore,
To Sicily, Anzio, Normandy, and the Bastogne's of that war.

The Pacific saw its share of death and hell
From the first bombs at Pearl Harbor to Gaudalcanal.

Many "Veterans" died at Iwo Jima, Saipan, Okinawa too,
They shed their blood for me and you.

After the end, we thought we might have some order,
Until the Communists in Korea crossed the border.

The Vietnam era was one of upheaval and race,
Some "Veterans" coming home even received a spit in the face.

For their part the "Veterans" were not to blame,
And for our country, it was a time of shame.

Dessert Storm and Dessert Shield put them in the MidEast
Where terror reigns with sate for a feast.

Yet, the soldier, sailor, or airman know,
If his country calls, he must go.

They follow the traditions of other "Veterans" you see,
They put their lives on the line for both you and me.

To the ones who have worn our country's uniform I say
"Thank You, Veteran", we should honor you with more than one day!

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Honorable Soldier

They say my duty is to protect the lands
Defend it! Even with your bare hands
I train so hard in the sun and rain
To become stronger, something to gain
Task after task it gets tougher
My heart and skin become rougher
Learning how to become a predator
I was chosen for this, not just a visitor
Aim for your target's heart
Kill him, find another one, restart
Gradually, I lose all emotion
Combat is my only devotion
Suddenly terrors outbreak
Our country is at stake
What are we going to do?
Start a war, come soldier, you!
Surely, the fight begins
But who are the villains?
I didn't have time to think
These dots to link
I was at war
Fighting like a wild boar
Killing as many enemies as I can
This terror, I will surely ban
An enemy tries to run
I kill him just for fun
Wait! Am I enjoying this?
What is this unholy bliss?
Feeling delight by making others suffer
What is it that I offer?
Wasn't it peace and tranquility?
How come I'm committing infidelity?
I look around, the seeds of hell
Have all come out of their shell
Pointless murdering
Me and my fleet are shouldering
Countless cases of rape
Committed by the heroes wearing the cape
The land we were supposed to protect
With corruption, it, We did infect
Following orders from above
All our humanity we had to shove
Why didn't we ask first?
Why, for blood, did we thirst?
The enemy I killed was just a kid
Going back to a place where he hid
To the world, I'm a hero
Personally, I'm just a zero
My humanity is back
Taking me to the right track
But I'm chained to my regret
A shame that I can't neglect
Although, I did quit the war
It’s not enough to pay back the score
I got a soul, yet I'm just a boulder
I am the honorable soldier

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Dad Never Knew His Father

Dad never knew his father.  That soldier died in a war.
All Dad heard was brief stories of the man that went before.
Grandma had some pictures and some medals on a wall.
But Dad never knew his father which was what mattered most of all

I’ve done some family history, and seen the ship’s manifest.
I’ve heard again the story of the good ship Lafayette--
How Grandma and her children searched the waves for periscopes,
Knowing that one torpedo could blow away all of their hopes.

This could have been in any war.  Soldiers die and families flee.
But this was the family story that was handed down to me.
It started in old England, then to an immigration line:
A 3-year-old at Ellis Island, in July 1939.

They fled their burning country, to be called “war refugees”.
With help from an old uncle and a kind community,
Grandma made a new start here in the land of liberty.
They learned that Grandpa was killed in ‘44 in Italy.

I found online the letter, that my Grandma didn’t see,
About how the Sergeant-Major’s infantry company
Was caught out in the open by Wehrmacht artillery.
The letter said he didn’t suffer.  Was he really killed instantly?

I never knew my Grandpa, though I was named after him.
Though I served a different flag, I was a soldier like him.
I’ve seen my father’s scrapbook, and Grandpa’s medals on the wall.
But I never knew my Grandpa which was what mattered most of all.

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Why is it so that you have to fight ?
when you know you're all brothers and this aint right...
Why is it so that you have to be greedy?
when you have enough, more than the poor and needy...
Why is it so that you have to be jealous?
when you know its not right and may even hell us...
Why is it so that you are not thankful to the ALMIGHT?
when you see others can you bear such a sight?
Why is it so that you have become blind
with fame and pride just in your mind?
But the time will come when you all will see
and regret and weep and then no one will be

forgiven and will be sent to an unimaginable place no man has seen
and there they'll be punished and wont even have their family there to lean.......

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Useless Trivia You Need to Know

Here's a bit of trivia from World War Two I'll bet you didn't know,

Concerning the war-time Prime Minister of Japan, Hideki Tojo of Tokyo.

After the war hapless Hideki was jailed in Tokyo's Sugamo Prison,

Where he was given a new set of dentures 'cause he was losing his'n.

A waggish American dentist, determined to make a lasting 'impression',

Etched on Tojo's choppers in Morse Code this immortal expression:

'REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR" - 'Twas America's stirring battle cry!

He eternally gnashes his teeth in perdition after he was hanged to die!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

True Story!!!

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One Day at B Med

Litter bearers burst unexpectedly 
in with a casualty.  Sergeant Lindsey 
grabs one pole end, then BOOM!, the roof and rear
end of our frail little hooch disappear.  

A swirl of black, smokey blue sky I see.  
He lays prone a sprawl the deck, red bubbly 
blood oozes out his neck.  His wild wide eyes 
flit frantically then fade and fast he dies.  

He was the best of us.  But our stunned grief,  
"He has a wife and daughter!" is cut brief;
interrupted by a noisy dust-off 
while it 'whop-whops' one more furtive drop off: 

seven men who reek of blood and battle.  
Twenty Howitzers BOOM! out their rattle. 
They make it hard to tell whose BOOMS! are whose.  
I'm still here; to worry's of little use.

We improvise; our hooch still sort of stands.  
I pause to take stock and steady my hands;  
steel myself: act indifferent, yet kind.  
Tears could cloud my eyes, let alone my mind.  


'B Med' - Company B (Medical): army medical unit in the 173rd Support Battalion at LZ English, 'Landing Zone English,' an US army base with airstrip in Viet Nam named for a dead soldier.  
Hooch -  Building of stacked, dirt-filled, wood ammunition boxes; sand bags and corrugated tin roof 
Lindsey, Dennis Paul -  born 4/18/46, KIA 11/11/69; from Milford, MIchigan
'Dust-off' - slang term for medical evacuation helicopter; also, commonly called a 'Medivac.' 

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Freedom gives itself away

Everytime i think i am hiding
hiding from experience 
the thought flow forever blinding
captive in its omnipresence 
certain paths have no finding
beware of any convergence
a rigid view forever binding.
Seek to witness truth in beauty
witness the beauty in truth
a bite of apple can prove fruity
each natural chunk holds proof
change perception alter reality
experience the magnitude of truth
don’t assert the definition of congeniality.

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For Love Of A Child

For love of a child, a heart was stilled A pledge to his son had been fulfilled A promise that although apart He'd be there always in his heart For love of a child, a father gone His baby left to carry on Without his strong and caring dad To share the times they should have had For love of a child, he risked it all To protect his little one so small Gave everything that he could give He died so that his child could live

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This Place We Once Called Home

Barren, desolate, this place we once called home It's where so many wonders lived, and so many roamed But all it takes is some, to determine their madly thoughts Invitingly we enter their world, where us innocent are caught How brave of them they are, to think of who they've become Abusing man made creations, the continuation of their gun How ignorant they must be, surely they have family and friends But they buck the trend of life, purely driven round their bend What could have gone through their thoughts, once the button was pressed Were there flashbacks back to their past, were they even stressed Did they ever imagine, skin melting from skeletal shapes Where once stood a person, a dusting shadow the wind now takes Landmarks in their city of life, flattened in crumbled dust lie For once the button was pressed, you would barely hear a cry Rivers, lakes and streams, became steam filled released pressure cookers Yet the decision to press the button, in depths hidden were the lookers We are now barren and desolate, this place we once called home There is no point in looking, no one can be found, even with a fine toothed comb

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So Many

Don’t go I heard her cry,
From a door that was kept ajar.
The message very poignant,
Knowing how many had gone before.
Then given that we make a choice,
So who are we to say?
Across our small blue planet,
Would this happen anyway.
Souls and there are many,
Sacrificed in freedoms name.
Lay on the battlefields altar,
To justify, another’s gain.
We all must share the burden,
For who is there to blame.
Given the point, from their perspective,
From our view, would be the same.

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They say “God has forsaken us just look around”
Wars and storms are destroying our hometowns,
They say “if there is a God why are so many in need?”
People are steeling and lying with hearts overwhelmed with greed
They say “It’s all Gods fault”… man takes no blame,
We curse God, push him out of our lives, and then accuse him when we are put to shame,
Oh blinded world filled with an abundance of vanity
You speak evil of him with mouths filled with profanity
Disobeying all he has commanded us to do
His rules were made to keep us safe, to avoid the chaos in which we now suffer through
They say “God is far and he doesn’t care”
When it is our hearts that have turned from him, grown cold, brittle and bare
All we have to do is repent and change our wicked ways
Then in the blink of an eye he will restore us to our golden days
But human pride thinks it can beat him and reason thinks it will win
Read the bible, rebelliousness is how destruction all begins
Society gets darker and more corrupt each and every year
Many are growing hopeless and becoming overwhelmed by fear
God never left us… we as a country left him
God cannot bless a nation who is worshiping sin
In his infinite mercy he has allowed judgment to shake up his lost sheep
Those raindrops you see are his tears…yes our God does weep
Wake up great nation remember why we have been incredibly blessed
It’s not because we’re so brilliant it’s because our forefathers made vows to God that we would give him our best
Generations are born and then they die
It is our obligation to leave a legacy about our creator who is more than just a mystery hidden in the sky
His eyes watch over every human, animal, insect and tree
His love holds this entire world unconditionally
So take some time to consider how fragile are lives really are
Man can’t stop natural disasters or shootings by a mad man in a car
Live each day in love, forgiveness and submission
Put away idolatry, lust and religious tradition
Make a decision to have a “personal” relationship with God alone
And watch how life will change for you whether you’re young or already grown.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 11/6/12

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The Letter

A letter was received from a far-off land, please send us some aid if you possibly can. Our fields are barren, our cattle long gone, our farmers are now soldiers leaving wives at home. Some of our families are homeless, dwellings destroyed, by shells aimed at our villages, which we cannot avoid. Our children are starving; they have no clothes to wear. As for medical supplies, these are very scarce. So please send at once the things we desperately need, food, clothing, and medicine, this we beg and plead. We must thank you for all that you have done, and could you also send more ammo for our guns.

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Shadows of Crazy Horse- Tashunka Witco

my horse runs freely wild                                                                                            my curls run like a river's child                                                                                   into mad battle run arror spear gun                                                                               through his shirt blood did not run                                                                             until they came for the Gold hills                                                                                    to run his horse once more freely to fulfill                                                                       as by his own blood his runs betrayed                                                                             a spirit quenched by a greedy stave

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Ode To Billy

Young Billy was a soldier in the War Between the States; 
And scars of war made Billy feel a victim of the fates. 
He fought for Mr. Lincoln and the preservation creed 
Yet saw too many dying and he saw too many bleed. 

Now Billy knew the dreams of war so vivid every night, 
Were dreams of almost everyone who'd caught that bloody fight. 
The war he fought sought righteousness which he believed was true 
But never understood how North and South could split in two. 

His parents died of fever while he fought in Tennessee, 
A fact he didn't know until the North claimed victory. 
His papa, wise and sullen like the Irish Sea he knew, 
Had come to this America with dreams to start anew. 

Young Billy hoped his mama knew he'd made it through the war 
For she had shed no salted tears when he marched off before - 
But mothers bury very deep such pain within their soul 
So only God could touch her there and try to make her whole. 

Now both were gone along with wisdoms they could gently share 
To help him lift conflicted pain no man should have to bear. 
He prayed that Father Dave back home in Dublin had been right - 
A man can speak with loved ones in the starlight of the night. 

The things of life one covets can be lost to history, 
Including soldiers buried by the war's ferocity. 
He cried out loud in anger at the God he once adored: 
"Why did You leave me all alone my precious, precious Lord? 

What grave offense did I commence before Your loving eyes?" 
Though God was silent in repose great clouds then cleared the skies 
And Billy's father softly spoke and made the two as one 
With words of wisdom's calming balm to heal his broken son. 

"The wisdom of this world are pearls wrapped snug in crystal rain 
Proclaiming life will never end but just begin again." 

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Darkness Sleeps

Single file in a row
bare feet freezing in the snow
in a pile, bodies burn
all wait fearfully for their turn
ash and smoke clog the air
ringing with screams of despair
moving closer to their end
their minds begin to slowly bend
the snow is stained with crimson red
drinking in the blood they've shed
in the trees, starved ravens wait
to feed on those who've met their fate
more bodies burn, the bells tolls on
the moon reveals a scarlet dawn
as all the corpses burn in heaps
just for now, the darkness sleeps

By Morgan Mise
Written December 3, 2012

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Scars, that's what endear 
to a grenadier.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Put Down NUKES, Put Up Yir' Dukes- - - - - - - --------

HUMAN BEINGS MAN...don't tell me it was necessary!
Couple hundred thousand people obliterated in a few seconds is beyond the realms of scary.

Truman you musta' been sniffin' glue know you didn't need to do it. 
I can hear ya' today giving the A-ok to the Enola Gay, "Kill 'em screw it!"

And not only did you pull it once, but you saw the need to do it twice. 
It wasn't like the "Little Boy" you deployed landed in a field of rice

No sir, ya' went and sent the "Fat Man" to devastate the city of Nagasaki even faster!
Just three days after the blaze reeking disaster plaster casting Hiroshima in disaster!

Now before ya' good old boys start raisin' yir' voice about December Seven!
Ramblin' off at the mouth racist claims and who is or isn't gonna be in heaven.

Half a century to think about whether or not two wrongs makes a right.
and ya' still can't see the sin in bringin' NUKES instead puttin' two dukes up in the fight?

Are you kidding me? Someone please tell me the rationale in evaporating innocent women and babies.
when the question arises of taking harmless family's lives....the answer is IFS, ANDS, or MAYBES!

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Guard down

Outside her home, proudly he stood -
gun in hand, just as any guard would.
Daily, he had to face a heartless war -
protecting the house at which society tore. 

He had built an indestructible barricade,
Outside which he stood for more than a decade. 
He sheltered her home from the many evils of humanity,
He kept her strong, she maintained her sanity. 

No one truly got to know the girl that he protected. 
But after a sleepless week, his duties were neglected. 
In a moment of weakness, the wall fell apart.
The guard shot down, the girl back to the start. 

Vulnerable, she realized the world won't like her with a frown: 
So never again, will she let her guard down.

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The Visitor-

The town lay dark and sleeping,
people safe ,in beds were keeping.
Only I , restless , hounded.
walked down the street,
heart pounded.
What called me from my nightly slumber?
Something lonely, a despairing hunger.
Through the gate , a soldier stumbles,
in the distance , cannon rumbles.
Suddenly , in my arms he falls,
“1863? he said,” do you see the musket balls?”
His blood soaks through a letter,
he pushes in my hands.
“Give this to my Jeanette,
make sure she understands!”
With one last cold and wintry breath,
Like fog he disappears,
I’m bewildered , frightened,
for he didn’t know the year.
It’s 2013 now, and Jeanette is now long gone,
I keep the blood stained letter ,
in my mind the cannon echoes on.

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I'd thought I found eternal rest
cold hands folded, still, on my chest
but I hear echoes from the past
the trumpet's sound, fierce bugle blast

Coming alert, I look around
burst out laughing, see the sound
source - back to sleep with merry wave
at geese, goose-stepping on my grave ....

Alan McAlpine Douglas

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Words from The living Dead

Wait in the car I’ll be right down,
Don’t want to get sick, I’ll be quick, so stick around.
I feel so bad you know I don’t want to do this,
Don’t hug me and don’t give me a kiss,
I deem myself powerless
And your God must lie
Even your tears these days don’t move my eyes,
Wait in the car I’ll be right in,
Just one more fix and then we can begin,
I wish this stuff was better but I swear I don’t want to get high,
I can still feel the pain in my body… but I swear I did it just to get by,
It’s all about me now don’t you know?
Are childhood love I keep injecting away as the years go,
It’s all about the past… forget that it’s a new day,
My life died along the forbidden way,
Wait in the car it might take me some time,
Gota set it up just right, be nice and clean while I lose my mind,
You know I am a good listener tell me how you feel
That’s what all the junkies tell me while we digest our daily meals.

“I am done waiting in the car you might as well have injected me too
I lost my best friend to something brown and blue”

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: Oct 2, 2012

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Why the Rose Always Cries

Night after night, she sits down and contemplates
In her mind she knows her loss, but still she sits and waits

He, her husband, another statistic he has become
Killed in a far away land, another soldiers blood has run

Day after day she's taken back, to moments they had shared
Carving their names on a tree, showing teenagers cared

Through green fields of pastures new, season after season
At fourteen years old they clicked, love was a reason

Whilst she paces their family home, his steps gone forever
Killed in a far away land, another life now severed

In her time their kids will be told, daddy's never coming home
For the angels have asked him to stay, just to let him roam

Memories of their pasts resonate within her mind
For she knows she'll find no other, for he was one of a kind

Outside the window where she stares, under many seasons skies
She sits down and contemplates, why the Rose always cries

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Enemies of likeness attacked
Not a single soul has your back
What's a young thugsta to do?
Prevent the enemies from making that deadly screw!

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We Came Upon A Clearing

We came upon a clearing as we all started to choke
Our eyes hurting, painful, us soldier serving blokes

Pieces of black floated, sporadic burning embers passed
Hazed buildings we could see through the trees, chimneys a fast

A stench captured our senses, nothing like this war has before
As we progressed through this something, my heart skips to sore

Beyond the barbed wire fences, deadening cries filter all around
And then I see skeletal beings, it's they who make those sounds

Emaciated to thin, I've killed men before my eyes
Women, men, and children so young, it's like watching the walking die

Through the gates we go, human carcasses piled so high
The hardened in us tremble, and many of us start to cry

The strong that we meet, hold our hands and welcome us so
Leading us into some buildings, we entered, they wouldn't go

On entering we now understand, their unwillingness to follow we
It beggars belief, mans inhumanity to man, that allows this kin to grieve

Furnaces still roaring, burning bodies consumed by their heat
Do I image they were alive or dead to meet this ghastly greet

We enter another building, witnessing piles of shoes and suitcases
I've seen many a sight in this war, but never a sight such as this

The strength of me now exhausted, in wretch I'm sickened to disgust
It's plain and clear, so evident that I've witnessed murdering lust

To the air I wanting go, for their memory I'll never forget
And for the rumours that these places existed, for some will they regret

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The Doggone Dog Contest

Our War Dogs are heroes but they're treated so bad
They're "in the doghouse" which really is sad.

The unequaled loyalty which they provide
When their handlers are wounded, they stay by their side.

The Pentagon awards medals for our wounded vets
For which there are no objections, complaints, or regrets.

But what about “Fido”, has he not earned respect?
To give Him a medal - why do you guys object?

The U.S. War Dog Association should hang it's head
cause these dogs get wounded and also get dead!

Maybe some of it's members should take the dogs place
for just a few days - could they stand the pace?

Sure these are “just” dogs, but their life’s on the line.
They’re there to help protect your freedom and mine.

They say “Official Awards” only humans can win.
Are War Dogs “Unofficial”?  If so it’s a sin!

They’re in a War Zone doing all they can do
So they should be able to earn medals too.

So “ Pentagon People” this case is open and shut
You’ll see it too, when you get your head out of your butt!

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Distant Thoughts

Her thoughts drift off in time . . . memories from afar
Beckoning, calling back to days grief cannot mar.

Childhood moments cherished, captured like pictures, still,
Images of faces, dear, her heart's album fill.

Gone away  - too many, devour'd by greedy war,
Fathers, uncles, brothers who will return no more.

If she could just reverse the coursing stream of years
That swept the flood of glory down to a sea of tears.

Proudly they marched away beneath fair Dixie's waves;
Never to come home, they now lie in lonely graves.

No book read can compare to their glorious day
Before the curse of war destroyed the men in gray.

May 27, 2014

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We Came Upon A Clearing

We came upon a clearing as we all started to choke Our eyes hurting, painful, us soldier serving blokes Pieces of black floated, sporadic burning embers passed Hazed buildings we could see through the trees, chimneys a fast A stench captured our senses, nothing like this war has before As we progressed through this something, my heart skips to sore Beyond the barbed wire fences, deadening cries filter all around And then I see skeletal beings, it's they who make those sounds Emaciated to thin, I've killed men before my eyes Women, men, and children so young, it's like watching the walking die Through the gates we go, human carcasses piled so high The hardened in us tremble, and many of us start to cry The strong that we meet, hold our hands and welcome us so Leading us into some buildings, we entered, they wouldn't go On entering we now understand, their unwillingness to follow we It beggars belief, mans inhumanity to man, that allows this kin to grieve Furnaces still roaring, burning bodies consumed by their heat Do I image they were alive or dead to meet this ghastly greet We enter another building, witnessing piles of shoes and suitcases I've seen many a sight in this war, but never a sight such as this The strength of me now exhausted, in wretch I'm sickened to disgust It's plain and clear, so evident that I've witnessed murdering lust To the air I wanting go, for their memory I'll never forget And for the rumours that these places existed, for some will they regret < :( >

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In his country, he says I would be called a fat *i*c* with my hips being thick.
He said his men would f*c*k me so much I would join the crowd of skinny lovers.

In his country, he states I would not have sex the way I want.
He pants that his men like a*s*o*e.

Plethora my people would shout.
Embarrassment has stepped-out.

In his country, is sex slavery.
His men would just snatch me off the streets to control me sexually.

In his country, I am not.
So why is he talking to me half-cocked.

In his country, terrorism to them is love.
To me he must be from an Arab World.
Penned on May 13, 2014!

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Copyright © 2014 

What will tomorrow bring 
  current crisis must be a dream.

ISIS gaining desert steam 
  like a locomotive they seem.

Putin's Russia returning COLD 
  this Cold War deadlier we're told.

Whole town of Ferguson up in smoke 
  illegal shootings destroying hope
  with militarized police it's hard to cope.

Fallen Angels and GOD'S Promise 
  End of Time events now upon us. 

So, what will tomorrow bring 
  current crisis must be a dream.

Prophesied, a war against Satan's Allies 
 defeated by a shout above these skies.

Some say it is Biblical, and must come 
  an in-bound missile, or a trumpet's hum,
  or maybe that asteroid they could avoid 
  but by HIS Word, our Savior, and Lord.

Voices of Liberty sought a better destiny 
  so shall by HIS Power the faithful to be.

Many refused to admit there was a climate change 
  now our planet's system permanently rearranged.

So, what will tomorrow bring 
  current crisis must be a dream.

These crises of 2014 - 2019 
  might not be what they seem.

by: LPruitt 
edited: Dec 27 @ 8:37am

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An air raid

Even an invader's air raid
can be, as we're told, for aid.

Volodymyr Knyr

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The X Legion Attack Order

From: Governor Silva, Lucias Flavius

To: Commander, Legio X "Fretensis"

The Judean slaves finally finished the assault ramp.
Order the centurions to roust the legionnaires from each camp.
Give each of your legionnaires extra water and a double ration,
Then assemble the squares and set them in motion.
The last of the defenders are cowering behind the wall.
Well before nightfall, I should expect Masada fortress to fall.
Among Eleazar Ben Yair's Zealots are Sicarii assassins,
So ensure that each prisoner taken is searched for hidden weapons.
Capture as many as you can of them to be sold for slaves;
But toss all their dead off the cliffs--don't bother digging graves.
It may still be awhile before the Tenth Legions rotates back home;
When that day comes, I'm sure Vespasian will honor you all before Rome.

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Badge of Courage

Copyright © 2008 #138
(commitment for life)
    Be Warned! 

We are not sure where it starts
  but to claim it is extremely hard.

Doesn't take big muscles of steel
  just strong hearts and iron-will.

200-300 men tested everyday
  just a handful selected to stay.

Only after Selection does training begin
  in extremes of conditions that never end.

The "Badge of Courage" belongs to Teams
  of silent-warriors who say what they mean.

Men depending on each other
  like paternal blood brothers.

Always mastering and honing their skills
  to free the oppressed is not a thrill.

Our plans do not include defeat
  enemies are killed, or retreat.

There's no way our foes can win
  we fight until oppression ends.

Contractors after many retire
  we still return to the fire.

This is our commitment for life
  it is the reason we sacrifice.

And, through our "Badge of Courage"
  a chance of freedom is encouraged.

We're the world's Ambassadors of goodwill
  but make no mistake, if we're called to kill.

So, GOD forgive us, and those we hunt
  most don't realize whom they confront.

*Dedicated to the men of USSOCOM/USASOC

by: LP

edited: 6/24/2010 - 1041hrs/lp
           8/01/2013 - 1722hrs/lp

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Copyright © 2008 #4
(justification is not where, but why)
-to pay the ultimate sacrifice-

Militaries are for protection not regression,
  but dictators use them to force reelection,
  and some, to maintain ethnic separation.

A soldier is more than one's pride, land or oil,
  why misutilize them on someone else's soil?

However, we must remain ready to fight,
  some like changing plans in the night.

Soldiers should be sent to deter and protect,
  some Nations respect, others neglect.

Nations should "never" war without reason,
  some Nations like doing it every season.

It is like a lust that some must,
  so time to vote, who can we trust?

But, crises and warfare have not been rare,
  it's Prophecy, this is why we must care.

So, beware of the "Mark of the Beast,"
  those unprepared will become its feast!

Before the "Last Battle," when they all gather,
  make peace with GOD, nothing else will matter.

Soon, HE will come and take some home,
  to live where the Angels and Saints roam.

by: LP

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Diamonds In Your Eyes

Glistening tear drops from her bright blue eyes fell
he watched the diamond remnants caught in her spell

With her tears she did him quell
her heart without him just a shell

He held her tight in fond farewell
off he was to face the shrapnell

If he would return she could not foretell
until he came back she would live in hell


contest Diamond Remnants

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14 May 1940

14   May   1940

Rotterdam  was  brung

(a )  In 1940 the Germans bombed  most of the city 
centre of Rotterdam,   killing thousands  of civilians 
and destroying  the city centre.
(b )   “Gotterdammerung”  is a German word meaning total 
destruction. The word is also the title of an opera.

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Give peace a chance

written  4th June 2013

Our men and women, sent off to war
 how many will return, and ever say what they saw

We sadly hear, of another dead infant
 why are there so many, killed so innocent

More homeless families out on the street
 who will be the next, to admit defeat

What has our world now come to
 save someones life, and guarantee they'll sue

What is happening to the human race
 I ask you, describe your next door neighbours face...

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Invisible's Invincibility

I am an invisible man.
Try and see me if you can.

Shy and quiet I remain alone.
Silent is my voice’s tone

No one can feel my pain and sorrow
As I hide inside of my burrow. 

Shadows consume my body and soul
As I embrace the misty cold. 

The reason for my unseen being
Lies in the fact I hate being seen.

This life and existence’s of my own choice
And I choose not to have a voice.

I am silent. Invisible. Inexistent.
Yet I am invincible, an immortal being

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The Light and The Darkness

The Light and The Darkness 
Steve L Siegel
Waking up alone on top of a golden mountain range,
Rising with the sun above a reflective ice blue lake,
Passing and down below, to a cedar path;
A rust covered road winds its way down to the mighty ST. Joe river.
When the pain and suffering rips me to pieces,
That's when rage and adrenaline begins its battle,
My very soul feels torn up inside of me,
My eyes see only red and my own blood turns me cold.
This bundled feast that greets my eyes, seeing the yawning of a woman
The warmth of my wife's breath turning instantly into a mist,
Lifting into a cloud of thick steam, as it passes over her cold lips,
Reminding  me why we got married all those years ago.
My eyes have seen no mercy, my blood runs hot for no reason,
My nightmares trying to take over my sleep,
The darkness tries to take over my brain,
Trying to drive my mind over the edge.
The new days sun starts to show and rise above the peaks
To show a valley stretching far below
From some willows I spied my woman swimming naked
Alone in a hot Spring channel, Oh My Lord!
For my soul is in sin stained, my hands bloodied from war,
Trying not to let it drive me completely insane,
When these dreadful nights finally do come to a end,
And I know that peaceful rest is at last within my reach
I'll know that the storm is over;
I will rise above this hell here on this earth 
I shall rise into the ashes of the phoenix, 
Burning and devaluating myself,
That God has at last called me home, to be with Him...
To those who have P.T.S.D. and by what ever brought it on.
May a Higher Power be with you.

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Poplar and Wind

The smell of led was in the air
In the quiet forest bullet that silence would dispel 
That bullet young partisans’ heart would tear 
And the boy like stone would fell

All was left was a shallow grave
And small cross given to the one who was brave
Above the grave tall poplar would sway like an ocean wave
The salute was not given because guerrillas their bullets had to save

The destiny has many turns
There are many earthly concerns
But in subtle leaves of poplar tree wind makes sound like heart that for lover yearns
Only it can respond to other sides’ concerns as well as soul’s current sojourns

Wind is beyond time but blood is like wine 
No matter if blood is spilled by men or force of divine
Is the wind reflection of the force angelically sublime?
Or maybe soul has its own poplar its own wind and its own one having no reference to ours’ time

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Lozen the woman warrior

With nimble-fingers braids the midnighter mare                                                        killing a long horn steer single-handed with bladed care                                                     Chief Victorio's well chosen was called his right hand                                                        a single woman yet revered fought strong as man                                                             Of enemies and friends as cunning she wore the boast                                                     as a Brave the woman warrior rode braver than most                                                        not frozen by fear of the battle braving regaining lost ammo                                              with her arms outstretched a chant a seer as with Geronimo                                    Circling with power where the enemy was and how many told                                         Lozen was a shield for her people as the woman warrior rode

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Hands across a table Ceasefire agreed The dove of peace sings For a day,two maybe. Then a shot A child lay dead. A mother weeps The dove flies away. Hands across a table Ceasefire agreed.

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The breeze stenciled in gray as night dims low
Engraving war's moments, blood of sorrow.

Rhyme Battle: Round 6 , Juli-Michelle

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Shrouded In Secrecy - The Team

Copyright © 2011 #307
9/Apr/2011  (0110hrs)

Dedicated to all Special Operations' Operatives Worldwide

Teams of Operators prepared for the call
  honed and strong willed standing tall.

Shadows moving fearlessly in distant nights
  these spirits never falter from death’s sight.

Back home, they’re not in headlines
  etched in time behind foreign lines.

Year long deployments, and some dead
  shrouded in secrecy the headlines read.

Seemed forever, did their loved ones wait
  not sure of their Warrior’s return or fate.

Suddenly, from a sleepless night
  shuddering from dream’s fright.

Hearing that doorbell ring
  unsure of what it’ll bring.

One Warrior is finally home
  downrange another gone.

Their Badge of Courage within,
  carried with them until the end.

by: LP
       April 9, 2011

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I can feel your eyes upon me; you are not welcome.
I hurry to complete my tasks; you reckless phantom.

Divine power raises its brow; I am never forgotten.
Intervention is necessary by the one who's begotten.

Freedom of expression is and will be prevalent.
Consideration and understanding is never absent.

Speak to me, O Lord, so that I may succumb oppression.
Heal me from the pain which creates this depression.

Lift me higher into your world, so I find peace and harmony.
Take away their strength by weakening their defensive armory.

This I pray as I sing in your glory; never denouncing You.
This I pray for our country we decorated in red white and blue.

This I will shout from every mountain, and every roof-top proclaim!
As I walk in your bounty; feared with the power of your Holy Name!

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One Month Down

One Month Down

I wake up when he calls in the middle of the night, 
He says for our country that he’s proud to fight. 
I close my eyes and I push away worry,
I talk about things that are cuddly and furry.
I won’t relax until I can hold him again, 
But if anyone can do this, it’s got to be him. 
I’ll always hope and I’ll always pray
That my favorite soldier comes home someday. 

I’m honored to support him and proud to be his wife,
He’s my everything. He’s my whole life.
It’s hard to imagine that he’s already left,
And taken my heart, now that’s petty theft.

My soldier inspires me to care and to love,
And I keep praying to our Lord up above
For his safe return and a happy marriage,
And someday a mini-soldier in a blue and white carriage.

I miss the way he rests his hand on my face, 
I’m hopelessly clumsy but he only sees grace.
I can’t cook, but he doesn’t care
Because when we order take-out, I always share!

I am very fortunate to be with him, 
Because he gives to our country again and again. 
I’m never alone because he’s close to my heart, 
On earth or in heaven, we’re never apart. 

I wonder what my soldier is doing right now, 
And if he’s sad or scared or anxious somehow. 
I love him more today than ever before, 
And tomorrow I’ll love my soldier just that much more. 

Please come back to me, soldier, safe and sound. 
Eight more months until you’re homeward-bound.

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A lady in arms

A lady in arms 
more rapidly charms.

Volodymyr Knyr

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When Someone is Shot by a Gun

It certainly is no fun when someone is shot by a gun.

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A Trojan course

Winter comes to steal all the color                                                                                   There is a plan yet to discover                   						                   As The cold begins to raid the night                                                                         The sun withdraws its warming light                                                                           The fruit more colorful, so also the turning leaves                                                    As the frost attacks these, Color hides in root and seed                                              Winter seems to have the upper hand                                                                        As leaves and fruit take a last stand                                                                          They fall to the ground withered and brown                                                           The treasure of color buried in the cold ground                                                        As winter celebrates the death of life, It is a small sacrifice                                      For the army of color is now hidden and ready to fight

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The Coming Invasion

Contemplating world condition
  seems like a science fiction.

Putin playing Dr. Strangelove
  long range bombers above.

Even America has a role
  some long ago foretold.

Now, Mars seems nice
  better than Earth's ice.

Nations rebuilding their military
  coming invasions look scary.

Even ISIL rapidly popped up
  causing more chaos to erupt.

The world stage is being set
  these catastrophic threats.

So, who is he
  we all hear to be?

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No man's land a warpath not desired

Wrath of man works not of the righteous God                                                                    God will repay the wrath of a king the rod                                                                         You messengers of death be wise pacify it                                                                     no man's land before you lay in a ditch                                                                             This is not a war game or a trifling siege                                                                      you should think twice on a race to the sea                                                                    The heavy burdens of violence and strife                                                                           Whence come wars the friend of this world                                                                        consumed upon your own lusts you whorled                                                                 Where red worm twirls know what spirit you are of                                                       why should you die all men of war repent look above                                                         Warpath end of the war desolations are determined it will be                                          feathered fowl and beast filled flesh profits nothing you see                                                Your money your guns will not save your soul alive                                                            there is only one at the appointed time that will revive                                                      Seek peace and follow it with all men created                                                                    in the image of God ensue it peace emancipated                                                                The obstinate the way of peace they know not                                                                 unwise birdmen in their own snare they are caught                                                            Wars and rumors of wars looking for the day of no more wars                                            neither shall they learn war any more children beat their swords

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           The following is an address given to the 1st Mercenary force
           by Major General Lye, Chief of Operations, Department of Deceit.

           Location:    Camp Bowles Church, Afghanistan
           Time:         Month of Satan, Warday 9, 11:00 Occult Time
           Subject:     Standing Order 666

           Good morning troops I'm your CO Major General Lye
           and I have you assembled here to expressly clarify
           why we've implemented a strategic military plan
           to sustain a combat presence in Afghanistan.
           First and foremost I want all troops to fully realize
           we are not defending freedom here in any way or wise.
           Our primary mission is to conquer and impose
           the will of corporate interests on all who would oppose.

           These interests include, but are not restricted to
           control of all resources and human assets too.
           Chief among these assets opium is key
           to maintain and grow a drug community.

           I cannot overestimate the importance of these crops
           to the continued funding of black and covert ops. 
           Standing order 666 is to protect and to shield
           the continued cultivation of these poppy fields.

           You will have at your disposal the concentrated might
           of all our military assets to aid you in this fight.
           Complete and strict adherence to the strategy at hand
           is vital to the success of corporate world command.

           The prospects for our future are contigent to our plans
           of sustaining constant war in many target lands.
           We look forward to a prosperous, long dictatorship
           beneath the fiscal banner of corporate leadership.

           Execute your orders, I will keep you up to date
           with further information as events necessitate.
           Without your determination we could not exist
           I thank you for your dilligence...Company dismissed. 

           The Bank of Abomination ordered the president of the Occult to secure the
           poppy fields after the resistance had destroyed quantities of the opium crop. 
           The Occult increased operations in white slavery, child pornography and 
           other cash cows to compensate for the losses.

           Dred Truth, Patriot


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First Blood

Four metal birds take flight in a blue sky,
Intent unknown to the world's calloused eye.
One's overcome in its attempted ploy,
Three succeed in their mission to destroy.
A nation that has answered freedom's call
Watches in disbelief the crumbling fall
Of alabaster twins in anguished demise,
Brought down by satan's power of disguise.
One nation under God can't begin to equate
How a people of faith can harbor such hate.
Tears flow as rivers awash in a flood,
A network of fanatics has drawn first blood.
Some see the pentagram as the devil's sign;
(I see the irony in satan's design.)
What once was a dove transforms into a hawk;
Will we the people lend our support or balk?

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After the Knock

Two young children play outside the house,
Inside a mother watches through windows folding a blouse.

With the kids in the back she heads to the chair,
When through the front window come soldiers, a pair.

One is dressed like her husband the other more like a priest,
Then came the knock, sounding like a relentless beast.

Her mind said just leave them outside at the door standing,
Her hand opened the door, on her knees she felt herself landing.

The soldiers told of her husbands fate,
Wanting them to just leave her tears could not wait.

The two young children came in the backdoor,
Seeing two soldiers and their mommy on the floor.

The oldest asked mommy what is the matter,
Come here my blessings, hugging, I will explain it later.

Her world had flipped, turned upside down,
He returned to her in a casket with a flag draped all around.

They had to drive from the airport to their small country plot,
She couldn’t count the people lined along the road, but it was a lot.

Each one waved a flag, some cried as if they knew her girls’ dad,
She’d never seen most of them, but seeing them now made her glad.

She saw signs that read “Welcome home Hero” and she filled with pride,
Even that couldn’t stop the tears, at the gravesite she just cried.

She stayed there saying goodbye, her family had to pull her away,
She’s glad they did for she wouldn’t have left his side that day.

She is exhausted, overwhelmed, she must sit down,
Then she sees the photo of him in a Tux and her in a wedding gown.

How could this be real, she’s too young to be a widowed wife,
He was her partner, best friend, the love of her life.

Now the hours have past his vessel is in the ground,
All the parties are leaving she’s alone in their home, not a sound.

She weeps in her chair alone in the dark no sound but the clock,
God help her find strength, a way to move forward, after the knock.

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War-Born Lullaby

I hear a mother softly cry
As she sings a war-born lullaby.

The song of a father who went away,
To give freedom one more day.

He promised that he would return,
Return from watching evil burn.

It was a promise he could not keep,
As now he sleeps an eternal sleep.

He gave his life so his child could see,
A land of freedom and liberty.

His body now rests beneath green grass,
His medals and picture behind clear glass.

His soul, however, is not gone.
His ideas and dreams are carried on.

She sings the song of war’s high cost.
She sings the song of freedom not lost.

She sings of a father’s sacrifice,
For his country and family he gave his life.

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In Life We Roam

We find ourselves cowering from their RPG's
Grown fighting men being brought to their knees

Kandahar is where we are so many miles from our homes
Trying to keep focused but inside we steadily roam

Incessantly we hear the zipping of bulleted lead
Invisible to the eye, for they can bring us near to dead

A silence suddenly falls amidst clouds of ashen grey
As we suffer a direct hit, modern man finally plays

In my peripheral I hear a scream, that I've never heard before
Then I hear a pleading by weaponry in maiming score

Upon the dust lifting, I view a blood stained earth
Limbless my colleague is, is what we're fighting worth

He's nineteen years old, so many miles from his home
His body torn and burnt, where does his mind now roam

"Medics, medics" now deafen the surrounding screams
Shell shocked we are, grown fighting men beside crimson streams

Our tour of duty is now over, us fortunate return to our kin
As we remember he, our fallen, and their roaming in us within

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Hope For A New Generation

The death of a saint, a martyr to some
The death of a hero, a husband to one

A soldier turned humanitarian, he cared for all
He attempted to hurdle that natural barrier, to climb that human wall

To give up his dreams and aspirations
To relinquish his will of self-preservation

To benefit all of human kind
To alter how we interact, to change our time

Such a task he set upon with stalwart dedication
He preached caring and forgiveness, not revenge or vindication

He loved all regardless of their color, religion, or creed
He served everyone, just as he had served his country

With a fire and passion not seen in lesser men
He truly understood what it meant to be human

Yet not everyone shared his vision of peace
More blood was spilled and the fighting did not cease

He carried on despite the pain of knowing so much
He often relied upon the love of his family for a crutch

But there is a point at which every man breaks
His feeling of failure overwhelmed his need to be great

However even in his darkest hour, his hope did not falter
His compassion was renewed with the help of a different altar

A belief built upon the hope that people can change 
He had experienced so much, developed such a broad emotional range

It seemed that he was ready to change us all
What a tragic thing it is when greatness does fall

Alone in the darkness of his room the killer did sit
The hero was shot and killed by a man who was painfully desperate

Seeking a greatness of his own
He wasn’t satisfied with the world he was shown

And so died the dream of the hero, this saint
The martyr departed and his fire burned faint

Yet hope never dies
It is in everything from the way we believe to a newborns cries

We would do well to remember that ordinary people have had extraordinary dreams
Amongst all this bloodshed there is more to life than it seems

We are all here together, for what purpose we do not know
However if we recognize those around us, we can always help each other grow

To always be working towards that next step, to be supporting that re-birth
For love is all around us and it is the most important thing on Earth

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Freak Me Out

Flower Power was an ongoing craze
That was way back in the 70s days.

War was raging; folks were talking jive.
Young military men fought to stay alive.

No spiffy crib for those Viet Nam dudes.
They camped with Jack squat fighting governments feuds. 

Back home, truckin’ was the name of life's game.
Hunks and chicks kept their hormones aflame.

Trips to Woodstock in a shaggin’ wagon.
Smoking their pot like a lit up dragon.

Casanova wannabes got stoned on dope.
Parents back home could barely cope.

To young folks, then, good times were b****in’.
Each went for their dreams burnin’ an’ blazin’!

Rock on brother; life was not a rip-off.
Life was groovy; love was just a spin-off.

© February 6, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

THE DECADE OF THE HIPPIES!  (mid-sixties to mid-seventies)

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Talk That Way 	
Sponsored by: Craig Cornish

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A Soldier Departs

A soldier dies for the sake of his country
He lived in a land where we’re all meant to be free

Bleeding from his wounds he speaks before his life is done
“Not every soldier goes to heaven and I fear that I am one”

“I fought to save the innocent from suffering”
“I fought so hard but I couldn’t save them from dying”

He gasps as he chokes on his tears
His mind is but a fleeting memory thinking of long forgotten years

“My parents said to grow up and live strong”
“If they could see me now, would they hold me before I’m gone?”

“Or have I crossed the line between man and beast?”
“Oh Lord I beg of you, let this pain cease”

“Or has God forsaken man?”
“Does it matter? I’ve already fought and died for this land”

Hovering between life and death
He speaks with his last breath

“Is God watching now, have I done well?”
“If not heaven, where else can I go? For I’ve already seen hell”

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June 6th

the old men, now totter on aged cane
think and remember, when were boys, again

now lips shake from the memories
of the percussive shock waves hit

and grizzly duty shelled eyes and lives
friends, brothers for their mothers cried

long fields of well-lined stone they gate
to entrenched squalor and bravery relate

reality returns like the day it occurred
unspeakable is spoken, by tear and word

any day so etched into history
seems a dream, but to old men's memories

© Goode Guy 2013-06-08

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From Seventy-two to Eighty-three,
I took a rest from reality
To watch these doctors laugh and cry.
(And some of them would even die.)

It was a story of Korean War
Which had ended twenty years before,
But Vietnam War was in full force
And we were all involved of course.

The horrors of war were plain to see
And was treated without frivolity.
When lives had been saved and work was done
These doctors brewed their own rare fun.

There was Hot Lips and her lover Frank,
Who were often victims of a prank.
Hawkeye and his manic friends
Tormented them with no amends.

Staged in Army Mobil Surgical Hospital
With conditions less than hospitable,
These doctors did the best they could
With resources sometimes not so good.

An oleo of humor and great drama
I could watch it with my own mama.
There was no lewdness ever shown
But scenes to tickle your funny bone.

Its last episode drew a major crowd.
One hundred twenty five million it’s avowed.
This record I think, still stands today
And perhaps will never go away.

I’m sure that somewhere in this nation,
This show is still in syndication.
I advise you watch it just because
It is the best that ever was.

By; Joyce Johnson

TV show “Mash”

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Ominous dawn murderous day
warhorse hooves defeated flay

Mace and axe steel to bone
vacant eyes face of stone

Natures tears from mothers eyes
never these loins a son will rise

Courage worn in tattered skin
ashes to ashes as all begin


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Toughest Assignment

He looked at his orders and left out a long sigh
Raised his eyes to the clouds and asked, "Why, God, Why?"
The toughest assignment of a long career
A message to be taken to a family held dear.

He arrived at the station and began his walk down the street
There was a feeling of anguish he could not defeat
He found the home he was looking for
Took a deep breath and walked to the door

The man's face became filled with fear
He knew in his heart why the soldier was here.
As he delivered the message that their only son had died
"Oh no, not my baby, not my baby," the young mother cried.

There was a look of despair in the father's sad eyes
And undeniable grief in the young mother's cries
Their son had been butchered, not killed in the field
There would be no viewing, the casket was sealed.

We will not retaliate as the lone church bell tolls
Our leaders don't want to look bad in the polls
There is a feeling of anger that through my body runs
As politicians sharpen their image with the blood of our sons.

At night, alone, he feels the tears fill his eyes
The soldier is haunted by the young mother's cries
The war rages on and he answers the call
The battle continues and more soldiers fall.

       We are in another Vietnam but this time it is not the war splitting the country. It 
is the apathy of the American people. We need to care. We need to recapture our 
patriotism and pride. We are watching our children die while the administration 
bows down and worships the oil companies. We watch as people continually 
violate our rights by abusing the first amendment. We are fighting a war for five 
years that should have lasted five weeks. I'll fight to defend my country, but I'll be 
damned if I'll fight so Shell and Exxon can get their hands on Iraqi oil.

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Many Mighty Men

There had been many mighty men
Found fighting over and over again
And you had fallen into a trance
From sword sounds and a long lance.

Clanged together all of them seemed to do
And then the next thing that you knew
Bodies around a big field were spread
Blood flowed forth and all were dead.

Much mourning and tears had taken place
As they flowed down each one's face
Others bodies were badly burned and seared
As well as hair on head and even beard.

At the end were smiles and a sweet kiss;
None of the movie would I want to miss
And maybe again next time I can see
The whole entire moving movie on DVD.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran
Wrote this after watching latest 
Hobbits movie by Tolkien.

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Cold comfort

It is cold comfort when the war devours 
not only friends of ours.

Volodymyr Knyr

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My American Soldier

When you walked away I said I wouln't cry but I almost did when you said goodbye when you did come home you weren't very well you said you weren't hurting but you were I could tell I stayed by your side as your breath slid away whispered to you on your final day as you took your last breath you told me don't cry no matter what happens this isn't goodbye you now have peace my soldier lay at rest because you my american soldier were one of the best as time goes past as you asked I don't cry I kept my word because you promised this wasn't goodbye.

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Sinned Earth

Earth enriched in sin
Bears the weight of those to blame
For upon this bloody scenes commence
As above, skies observe in shame.
And as these fall hard the ground
Pity alone is felt, for those ever resting
Though to steal a life, and yours be stolen
Is worth of only shame.
Death appears so clear and nigh
It is all this fortune fetches
And as I await my name for call
This I write, and this I wrote
For my death so clear and nigh.

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battlefield cemetery

many passed by this crag today
to see where the dying soldiers lay
moaning, bleeding, crying for their mothers
perpetrators, victims and all the others

over glazed eyes malevolent with murder
stealing strangers lives like burglars
the honor, the horror, the howlers all
killing the killers, silencing stalkers

and now, the silence is deafening
sensed distant past, a hard reckoning
"'tis good", was said, "that war was hell" *
those of first-person know all too well

the pinnacle of human atrocities
yet we continue on, our selves to please
to wage, to wear it, to glorify
why we're willing, to kill and die

white marble now looms row upon row
to mark the rest of those lain low
and obelisk's and stacks of cannonballs
center places where the battles evolved

ironically we assert that we're civilized
there's a truth we stoically won't recognize
what can be changed to make this not so?
that it's we in the fields where the poppies grow #

© Goode Guy 2014-01-28


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It is over, she sung

To wit with rhyme and meter chime                                                                                as the battle ensues refuse                                                                                          Do it smith, crime and cheaters chyme                                                                          as the rattle excuses suffuse                                                                                         The mind striking the kind Viking                                                                                   thinking a bit odd this a rod                                                                                         The binds riding the wind vying                                                                                  linking acquits awed, bliss a God                                                                                 has the entity wiz vanished                                                                                           as the enemy is vanquished

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Soldier Turned into a Statue

Soldier Turned Into a Statue

Saw some soldier turned into a statue,
Who was brave in battle that is true;
Around his waste, he wore a belt
And on one knee he now knelt.

With hand had been wiping his brow;
How he survived, we wondered how
After going in to bring last body out;
Saving souls is what war is all about.

Body had part of it's leg missing
And death he had  just felt it kissing;
Last time we looked he was still alive;
So fortunate for him that he did survive.

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Please dont fall Asleep

Wake up America, 
Arise from your slumber
Media has desensitized your minds
We live in a new world of technology that has made you colorblind
Meaningless, with deeper meaning
Music lyrics have been subconsciously stealing
While you think it’s the beat you are feeling
Listen to the words and then tell me if it’s still appealing
Even Movies have brainwashed your judgment of what’s ok
Too many people are sitting back, watching our ethics slip away.
The Government has helped us all too simply learn to accept
While gradually breaking down the family structure, many have just slept.
No longer can we allow these planted seeds of lies to continue to grow
This is real reality, not some entertainment show
Our children are not aware
That their future is in for a scare
Our youth are looking for role models and leaders
They have become susceptible to idolize bottom feeders
Wake up America,
We need a real change
Bring back integrity, morals and stop being estrange
They keep us busy in televised drama 
Currently immune, with no proper armor
While people are starving and walking around half alive
They are plotting our nation’s permanent demise
Sex trafficking is at a an all-time high
Wealthy men are raping young girls in America and when they are done with them they watch them die!
Poverty and greed is causing drug dealers to lead
A generation of angry lost young man
Creating baby’s that start the cycle again
The more eyes that now see
The more we can be
Brought back to truth and sanity
The rich are getting richer and the working class have grown tired
Democracy is being set on fire
You may question what you can do
If everyday each person changed just one view
We would be able to recover what has been lost and start bran new
The people need to take a stand and vote like they really care
We must join together, use our voice, and remind them we are still there.

BY: Sabina Nicole
Written: 1-1-12

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Not Like This

Copyright © 2014 

Burger King taking a risk 
  But why leave like this 

They say times are changing 
  World economies rearranging 

Rearranging mankind's life 
  Now legislated role as wife 

Budget increase for drones 
  Are making our world moan 

Moaning for what's to come 
  Angels' song or missile hum 

Maybe someone will help us 
  Before the radioactive dust 

Vladimir Putin's new vision 
  Ushered in a new season 

Wars and rumors of wars 
  It's time to habitat Mars 

Changing Biblical history 
  Could bring more misery 

So, not like this 
  Earth we'll miss. 

by: LPruitt 
     Sep 1, 2014 // 8:56am 

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After the War

Warfare is a malicious psychological game,
Once it is over, you’re never quite the same,

Warfare is extraordinarily dense,
Once it has been overcome, it rarely makes any sense,

Some become drifters, images dancing in forbidden space,
With echoes of a once young, familiar face,

You can’t buy back the time or obscure place,
All that’s left is a bitter aftertaste,

And you may win but somehow you still loose,
For the deserts leave you with not much of a choice from which to choose,

Warfare is the rotten apple,
But at least you have food inside your starving chapel,

Warfare with its deliberate sinking song,
Blasting bombs that shatter all who were once strong,

Blasting bombs that haven’t gone off in so long.

BY: Sabina Nicole

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Dawn of Realization

Earth still stained by man
  churned into barren lands.

Blood thirsty for resources
  leaving most little choices.

Their greed and deceit
  these conflicts repeat.

They continue to dominate
  using many others as bait.

They don't understand humanity's concern
  but a thermonuclear war from shall learn.

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Death Awaits

Death awaits the young marine
The touch of a woman, true love, never seen

Bullets tear through him
He drops to the ground, with blood soaked skin

His companions push forward for victory
He’s left to die, nobody listens to him scream

Angels come to save his soul
Demons laugh for the life they stole

As the soldier cry’s from the pain
He thinks “If I’m to die, who’s to gain?”

A victim of reality, thoughts through his head
Choking on his tears, knowing he is dead

A flag upon his body, his comrades stand and mourn
His parents watch on, staring at the flag, as youths they burned

A memorial was held and heads were hung low
But war must be continued and soon it’s time to go

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Die in Vain

Die in Vain

Between two decisions had been torn
Should I only be infantry or add on airborne?
And end up becoming more excited
According to my orders, I am invited.

In Army never learned to have lied
Thinking about all those who died
Leading honorable lives which were fine
Compared to yours as well as mine.

Seventy years into time, just went on a journey
Ended up in wild watery waves near Normandy
Slowly we all approached the shore
And fought an enemy who we abhor.

War will be hell so I have heard
Which seems to be the single word
That describes all of my anxiety
Trying to set many others free.

With grace of God, I was able to survive
And on His great earth remain alive
But want to make this pure and plain
We should never let them die in vain.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran
PS. Need some proof-readers
out there.

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Sons And Daughters Of Zion

Copyright © 2014

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

Before the coffins are shipped
  and their bags are zipped.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

So, let not their Nation regret
  for their blood and sweat.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

But, represent them with pride
  not racism as most try to hide.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

So, please receive them with cheer
  it's only their enemies you fear.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

America, America, GOD gave this land to thee
  purge thyself from what we all now see
  for these sons and daughters of Zion
  who bears the songs and trails of triumph.

by: LPruitt
 composed:  12:25pm

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I'm fearlessly battling invincible time
with wisdom to make the heart chime.

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20:53] scorpiosquizzy14: iight hold on
[20:54] scorpiosquizzy14: two kids dat go to a drama high skoo
actin a fool tryna keep it cool
kisses and hugs in the corner
people in tha hallways screamin "Mrz.PONA"
but then comes out all the words
all these rumors everyone heard
then it leads to one big argument
try to forget
then regret for not talkin
fxck tha others they can continue there stalkin
becuz no matter how hard they try to tear them apart
they will always be heart

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What I Remember Most

What I Remember Most

What I remember most is the sound
Of soldiers now no longer around
In dreams hear their hearts beat
At Normandy, shall never suffer defeat.

What a horrible place we had been
Would never want to be there again
Unless the war was over and done
And on tall hill we were high upon.

Did look down and saw each wave
Thought of all those so true and brave
Whose ghosts for long time still linger
Sounding similar to some sad singer.

By memories continue to be haunted
Of soldiers efforts which were undaunted
As we see modest men wearing medals.
Souls of dead are floating flower petals.

What are all these memories made of?
Many friendships full of newfound love
Faces in dreams which will appear
Who we wish again could be here.

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at the mall

when took a trip to the mall
to touch the statues and the wall
where all the names, etched in deep
of lives lost, remembrances to keep

and those greyed with that-day mind
come to remember or put behind
the ghosts of theirs killed that day
amends awakened to come and say

a prayer for the known and the not
and cry a tear for what they've got
that seems was given at high cost
of friends and strangers futures lost

vets want the rest to know their pride
and grieve with them for all that died

© Goode Guy 2011-11-12

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Deluge of Soldiers at Normandy

There seemed to be so much suspense
And Normandy did make the difference
Many soldiers had all been on  edge
As they looked up at a high ledge.

Hitler was with a deluded dream
Of being best and reigning supreme
As water reached each soldier's waste
Approaching shore as they made haste.

Soldiers' bodies became soaking wet
And as closer to shore they would get
Were filled with fear and did tremble
Saw American Flag such a great symbol.

So many great soldiers were to be selected
Much from them had been expected
On broad beach all eventually landed
By a leader each one was commanded.

Finally it was now over and done
Could see setting of another sun
They had always been very brave
And many had ended up in a grave.

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So gracefully grazing the sky,
Higher than blue birds fly

Above the cauliflower clouds,
Below the starry crowds

Such a commanding machine of man,
Speedily sweeping the land;

Now carefully descending down,
Their gaze cast to the ground

A frightful fearsome eye,
A baby child's cry

Ensnared in a teething trap
The towers did collapse.

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We Had Relied

We Had Relied

For you to be a fabulous father
Some soldiers would say, "Oh, why bother"
At Normandy are imprints of many feet
Maybe my father's one day may meet.

Another country, he was at war with
While wearing helmet some called pith
Made out of metal others had been
For protection to return and fight again.

We went forward and never were retreating
And all of those moments are now fleeting
Now part of past after great soldiers died
Who on so often we once had relied.

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You Can Find

You Can Find

Towards beach at Normandy boats started sailing
And none of us ever had thought of failing
On shining sand we all soon would land
Exactly the way it all had been planned.

As we approached, received an instant fire
Of enemy guns and friends had to expire
And when we then scaled a very tall wall
Several soldiers ended up having to fall.

Normandy was a colossal, tremendous fete
Invasion we won and purpose would meet
Many died bravely we had to leave behind
High on hill in cemetery them you can find.

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Onward I march, bravely I ride  
Into the unknown, I never break my stride

Axes and spears, I use to defend
Quickly I bruise, but cuts easily mend

The sea of steel armor shines in the light
I show no mercy and race to beat the night

An epic fight is fierce, long and proud
The sound of metal forever echoes out loud

The kingdom is now safe from unwanted attack
I serve my King nobly and expect nothing back

A Knight is what I am, 'til death I will serve
My cries will ring proud, never will I lose my nerve 

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Turn and Toss

Turn and Toss

Seventy years ago it had been
When Normandy Invasion we were in
Bombs would explode and bullets flash
And on occasion a plane did crash.

Even a ship sank just off shore
And many will never see anymore
Samuel Chase is name of one ship
Which under water slowly would slip.

Jack Schlegel of 82d was last one out
Still there seemed to be much doubt
As the paratroopers got quite a scare
Looked back and plane exploded in midair.

Boys who were Bedford's both were there
Stories of their deaths many still share
Only eight thousand veterans are left alive
Nearly ten thousand buried who didn't survive.

Those who died are high in heaven now
And still remember their souls somehow
And when we will see every white cross
Dreams always cause us to turn and Toss.

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Battle Cry

Leaders yell,  Leaders scream, taking no more.
Men howl,  men swear, calling out for war.

Soldiers march, Soldiers pray, going to face death.
women weep, women wait, holding their breath.

Soldiers stalk, Soldiers charge, running to the wire.
Leaders yell, leaders scream, commanding them to fire.

Bullets sing, Bullets whine, flying all around.
Bombs sail, Bombs burst, slamming into the ground.

Troops scream, troops fall, help a wounded friend.
People cry, people cheer, praising the wars end.

Soldiers march, soldiers smile, walking along so proud.
Women wave, women wink, yelling their love aloud.

Leaders watch, leaders wait, planning the next war.
Soldiers watch, soldiers wait, wanting peace more.

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When All Is Said And Done

Regarding the darkness, the treachery of man
I’ve inhaled its breath; I’ve held its hand

Look at the fate of the Jews in World War 2
Condemned by coward who killed himself to

No guts to face the horrific crimes he had done
I reckon there are those who will follow anyone

Our Son home from one war waiting on another
As I watch it tear out the heart of his mother

And after all is said and done, “Who am I”
Just an old wore out convict waiting to die

At least I have the balls to go out with a fight
Though sometimes the day recedes to the night

So tell me why is it that man acts this way
Nailed Christ to the cross one real dark day

It’s amazing we can live with what we’ve done
Just the shame that I alone carry is not any fun

One day each and every of us will meet our maker
He will either accept our soul or let Satan be the taker

When all is said and done the only thing I know
To help you get to heaven Satan could have my soul

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Book About Guernsey Isle

Book About Guernsey Isle

She was an excellent editor and explorer
Which is why we always will adore her
Going through books and then editing
After that to all authors properly crediting.

She had gone to Guernsey Isle one day
To see all of the many books on display
Several were about historical events 
And German Occupation making no sense.

It was a lost cause from the beginning
Being so boisterous and always sinning
Each party continues on and never stops
Drinking much beer made out of hops.

Only thing considered to be contagious
Was Guernsey people being courageous
Putting up with each and every party
And Germans being healthy and hardy.

All the days are now over and done
Glad by Germans war was not won
Last thing they did was to rehearse
What must be done when you disperse.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

Inspired by reading the book
"The Guernsey  Literary and
Potato Peel Pie Society" by
Mary Ann Shaffer and
Annie Barrows.

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World Peace?

To standing room only the evil acts performed by mankind.
Played out this way cannot be what God, Our Father, had in mind.

We wish upon a star and worship the almighty dollar.
The rich always grasp for more while the poor live in squalor.

We say America the beautiful, the land of the free
Where we cherish our right to be all we can be.

“All are created equal,” you hear us proudly say
But the world is filled with prejudice, hateful hearts and decay.

Now war threatens our reality and the future is unclear
There's always someone, somewhere who's paralyzed by fear.

It's in our nature to cause conflict and that will never cease.                          
We agree to disagree, nothing has changed, 
shattered dreams of world peace.

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General Lee

“Let us cross the river and rest in the shade of trees”
Converse like gentlemen, with our bayonets at ease
We were once brothers, declaring independence for these lands 
Now we murder one another, for the right to shackle two hands

Where were the voices, emancipating your values from skin
Taking the glory from generals, immortalized by crimson sin
Lives were railroaded, as Kansas bled into a Missouri stream
Bodies buried in the compromise, of a transcontinental dream

Was it a War of Secession, or a rebellion of recourse
Fire-eaters scorching, an abolitionist’s civil discourse
600,000 lost, tangled in the matted wool of the rancid free
One Bloody Shirt cleansed, by Sherman’s March to the Sea

Do you still hear their viscid screams, clinging to the charred air
Mottled faces crying, broken by artillery soaked fields of despair
Gettysburg shook, as corpses crumbled under death’s rolling gait
The tide had turned, but war only recognizes one ephemeral state

I have heard of leaders, speaking on the residue of tyranny’s grave
Reconstructing a widow's faith, eulogizing the sacrifice of the brave
So why do we proudly remember, how you outmaneuvered harm
Stonewalling the Constitution, before sadly losing your "right arm"

**NOTE**  The first line of the poem is a quote from Confederate General 
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, as he lay dying from a mortal wound at the battle 
of Chancellorsville. Upon learning of his greatest commander's death, General 
Robert E. Lee somberly responded that it was as if he lost his "right arm".

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The Greatest Battle

We fought and killed many;

bombed innocent humanity.

We fought world wars two.

The battlefields are not new.

Tigers kill to satisfy hunger.

Humans have reasons other.

Men have a hunger of lust

to convert other to the dust

and to rule and to dominate;

we can inflict terror ultimate.

Endowed is glory very rare

to the brave, mighty soldier.

But true soldier isn't the one,

who can coldly kill a human.

The true battlefield is within.

There a true warrior can win.

The foes within are mighty:

Mightier than greatest army.

Lust, hatred, jealousy, anger

attack in the great war inner.

As intense as great intensity

of bombardment too mighty

is the terrible attack of lust.

It gives an insatiable thirst.

The heat of a bombardment

in a man's hatred is present.

Enviousness: deadliest foe

hits before one can know.

It is like blitz very sudden

and destroys compassion.

Intense like force of missile

is anger: the foe most vile.

There is only one arm rare

that can save in war inner.

It is that weapon of faith

for God, the soul ultimate.

With that weapon supreme

mankind can battle within

and defeat causes deadly

that leads to war, animosity.

When hatred, lust and envy

are defeated by man, totally

then outer war won't occur

harmony will stay forever.

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Sit For Short Spell

Sit for Short Spell

Do I need to be in lead or left behind
Or end up lost where no one can find
Perhaps exactly where I want to be
Half way between you and also me.

Middle of roader really could be called
Over hill and dale things have hauled
Ending up at dearly beloved's door
Seven years ago and then four score.

Troops were in Gettysburg so I heard
At Appomattox Courthouse was word
War had been over and finally done
Still are all in debate as to who won.  

All of this started to set the stage
For twenty-first century and computer age
When World Wars were finally complete
And our enemy Germany we did defeat.

We have lots of looters and saboteurs
That all of us now must have to endure
While we in America have much compassion
Middle East has been home for any assassin.

How much longer must this have to go one
Until whole world is wiped out and then done
Some say right it truly may be hard to tell
So what we should is sit for a short spell.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

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Bird Dung of Doom

The prophets forewarned us in ancient words
Of monstrous, metallic, reptilian birds

Igniting skies with a flight of fire:
Below them the smoke of charred Earth will spire.

These death-pterodactyls are coming true:
Their pilots turn bleak the horizons of blue,

Sleek avian avatars, spilling down
Their droppings that cinder the field and town.

The creatures themselves are consumed in flame,
And man is a dinosaur, obsolete-name,

Forgotten as prophesied, slain by sleek
Low-swooping pteranodons, bones-in-beak.

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The War

This war has raged for many a year
Mothers & Fathers shed oceans of tears
It’s fought here at home and on foreign soil
I’m not talking about terrorist or oil
Fought from home to home and coast to coast
There are no boundaries when addiction is the host
I remember once a lifetime ago
I advocated this war with my soul
Then I devoted my mind and took a stand
Looked up at my Lord then kissed his hand
Up until that moment the day was dark as hell
For when the Lord saved me it was in my cell
There is a fact that I can’t hide
I became a traitor and traded sides
Now days I travel from jail to jail
Donate my books to the poor souls in hell
Telling them all “Please believe what I say”
“Our Lord can make this all go away”
I am a living example for the world to see
Just look at the changes the Lord made in me
Some kid said, “Boy this one got way to spun”
Homeboy pulled him aside and said, “That’s Jughead son”
Then they ask their questions and I answered my best
Told them “Take what you need and leave the rest”
I hugged my homeboy with eyes full of tears
He just caught an L with 37 years
At our age I reckon he’ll die in the pen
Someday I hope to see him again
Him and I were as close as any two brothers
I stopped by his house to consol his mother
To the mothers and fathers please never lose hope
Our Lords more powerful than all that dope
To the addicts I say, “Just look at me”
Living simple, honest, loving and free
At the end of the road my castle awaits
Provided I earn my way through the gate

   Authors note: I would like to dedicate this poem to all of the mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters of addicts 
and or convicts in prison. To all the addicts I urge you to consider what your lifestyle is doing to the ones you 
   A special dedication I wish to make to Mary Duhart. Mary my heart is with you always

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Catharsis of the Spray

I shall write an ode one day,
To my lord of the eternal spray,
When I can no longer walk the shore,
When I cannot endure the heat,
Of children starving in the street,
And I can no longer bear to hear,
The screams of spirits, loved ones dear,
And in my ode, I shall ask,
What workman could have forged the glass to block the darkest light from fright,
Maligning my air, my stars, my night?
What engineer could be so skilled,
To devise a foam so potent in form,
Clearing waste of human storm,
The day comes, the sea and I shall be one,
And I sing my ode as devoted son,
Waiting with kindred until child prays,
For our cartharsis of the spray.

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American Me

I am an American,I'm proud to be free.
I am an American,I'm the future 'to-be'.
I love my country,this land where I was born.
I love my country,it's flag,tattered and worn.
I pledge my allegiance every morning at school.
I pledge my allegiance because AMERICA RULES!
I can make a differerence with a 'star-spangled' quote.
I can make a difference by casting MY vote.
I will serve my country,should it ever call on me,
I will serve my country by being the BEST AMERICAN CITIZEN that I can be!

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Hour Glass

Time in a bottle.  
We run full throttle.
Trying to catch what we cannot see. 
Wanting and longing for what we know can never be.
He watches me as i move across the room.
His face full of excitement and a little doom.
His eyes are like fire in the night.
His hands scorch while they soothe away fright.
We know we have only a moment before the door is locked with no key.
They will come again and carry him out to sea.
We watch from our tight embrace as the sand falls.
Our love and passion is put on hold whenever duty calls.
His touch and presence is ripped away like a child from the womb.
But when we are together i am his to consume.
No part of me is left untouched or with out his kiss.
He finds my secrets as my breath is forced from me with a hiss.
He holds me close and shows me his love.
My hand fits in his like a warm winter glove.
He whispers softly in my ear.
He wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here.