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Thats a sin

A whole new twist to the same old story
Evil scientist in their laboratories
Creating monsters that live in the night
I often reflect on mankind's plight
As mankind drifts further from his soul
We seek things to fill the hole
The path of lies forever bends
Truth is straight and narrow my friends
As I see it getting bent in every way
I simply find myself compelled to pray
What will become of our sons and daughters
Will their souls be led to slaughter
As scientist seek out another way
To disprove what the bible has to say
Trillions spent in search of a ghost
Another theory of true reproach
Rainbow stars now fill the skies
I wonder what is hidden inside their lies
We can now place a robot up on Mars
But can't help the drunk at the local bar
Trillions more spent on a new space station
But we can't feed the hungry right here in our nation
Seems to me before we go further conquering space
We should maybe try to help out the human race
Our quest for knowledge has drove us insane
We are now so smart we don't use our brain
Our nation was founded "In God We Trust"
Our government says "Let it be covered in dust"
Even this lowly creature up out of the pen
Knows in his heart that thats a sin

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  Elections are less than a week away
  And all the candidates have something to say.

  With nervy tenure the ads were on the wing
  Tossing the dirt as far and as much as they could fling.

  When the signs are all up with their names posted there
  I always say..."Voter, Beware!"

  It's not their programs that they'll try to move
  But the largess in their pockets that they'll try to improve.

  I won't say I'm not cynical about election day
  I work as a judge during that crazed fray.

  Candidates all quote Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln for sure
  It would be better for us, if they knew who they were!

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Civil War

This evening I listen to a Rock 'n' Roll band
Their track is Civil War, as our world now expands

To us it's the same size but to others they despise
For the want of greed exists in their killer hungry eyes

Where do I start, to say of their evil spread
A different starvation leaving the world in evil dread

It's not our today's but our yesterdays years
That our history tells us, of our everlasting torn tears

Cambodia, the Lebannon, and Sri Lanka's Indian sun
Rebels who demand better at the end of a gun

Guaetamala and Peru with their Shining Path
Villagers in terror decrying it's ever last

Democracy is our power in it's controllable exist
Like the Shining above, how long will our future paths persist

Recent news in the Arabic World, has taken tyrants by surprise
For decades they have stolen with their torturing infidel lies  

I could go deeper and deeper to describe these evils acts
In wanton blood spillage, to increase civil war torn facts

For this is the world we live in, it appears we determine to live
Maybe in our lifetime it will be on our doorstep, we open, our lives will sieve

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Eyes of a Child

Looking all around me and becoming more aware,
Of the people and surroundings at which many children stare.

I come to terms and realize the acts of hate I see,
And now I fear that this same scene will soon envelope me.

Walking on a lonesome road, though crowded it may seem,
I pass through silent hordes of people hushing silent screams.

Beside me standing hand-in-hand, older man and wife,
I wonder if they thought like me, what happened to their life.

I reminisce now further back before these broken days,
A time of wasting food and drink and dressing different ways.

But now we all look just alike in tattered grays and browns,
Drifting through these damaged streets and sporting matching frowns.

I thought we'd left the two world wars and poverty behind,
To linger in our broken books and fill an older time.

A time where death would cloud the world with sorrow and disease,
And fear would plant itself within the innocent with ease.

This made me think and look around for Noah and his arc,
And for the first time since the night I heard a flustered lark.

I quickly turned around to spot within a child's hands,
An injured bird whose time had brought it here from other lands.

The child stole a piece of thread from a redbreast robin's nest,
And wrapped around the ailing bird a splint so it could rest.

An hour past the lark took flight and answered to the wild;
The only resting place of hope is in the bright eyes of a child.

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How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Like a warm cotton bud used to give inner ears a clean
there is something comforting about routine.
Knowing where you stand and the order of play,
knowing what to expect at every point in your day.
Living to a schedule, everything has it’s time and place -
knowing the slots you have free for any plans you need to make.

Wardrobe colour-coded, in garment order.
Wallpaper with a matching border.
Appointments at ten to, five to, on the dot.
Check, double-check, the doors are locked.
Yellow ball, green ball then pot the brown.
Big box, little box, upside down.

I like to gaze into the sky and dream, of an afternoon.
Relaxing. Like the scent of a chaste tree, when in bloom.
A cold glass of lemonade, a long and foamy bath,
humming along to the radio, a love that warms the heart.
Reading the Sunday paper, and making it an event,
the delightful things the kids say, things only they could invent.

His reputation precedes him: a disruptive, class clown.
Never completes his work, he’s always mucking around.
A big-mouth, show-off with far too much to say:
He asks if I ever considered teaching him in a different way.
‘A physical learner’ - he’s heard about it on the news.
There could be something in it…but I’ve far too much to do.

Cars whiz about, people in a hurry.
“I’ve waited over an hour for my curry.”
Twenty four seven lifestyle, word abbreviation.
Text message becoming the preferred means of communication.
Everybody rushing, to keep on schedule, to maintain status quo.
Everyone a cog in the system: You’re whipped, if you don’t row.

Seamless is the transition between asleep and awake,
when you just let it happen, not worry about being late.
An unrushed project results in a rewarding prize:
taking your time meant you got it right.
So bin the itinerary, flout the rules,
just for once why don‘t you try something new?

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American Justice

A time for golfing after the crime
Crime committed but do no time

American justice is that what you call it
When guilt is determined by the size of your wallet

The government doesn't care if it's not fair
As long as they get their fair share

If Capone had paid his taxes long ago
He would have been Mayor of Chicago

If you have the cash, judges sit in awe
And put your actions above the law

A push for gun control is really hot
So their friends, the criminals, won't get shot

Hail the defendant, put his name in lights
Deny the victim his civil rights

For child molesters we need to change course
I would recommend a vigilante force

We can't fix organized crime and that's a sin
It's our own fault because we voted them in

American justice will never be the best
Until we enforce the laws like they did in the Old West.

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Living the Dream

My nightmare is so vividly I dream,
The dream, it feels so true to me...reality it seems.

Exhaust and smoke are all I breathe...the air is full of smog...
The job I do is thankless toil, but I work it like a dog.

There's mercury in the fish I eat...there're toxins in my food...
And drugs, they are a constant scourge...myriads for every mood.

Bipolar is my government...a house divided 'tis...
And corporations drive both the pockets of "Big Biz".

The icecaps, they are melting...the sea is rising, too.
Pandas, condors, polar bears -- empty cages at the zoo.

My money ne'er seems quite enough...I'm always out of cash...
My freedom fled when I wed my bride...(live I under the lash).

"Entertainment"? Reality TV...maybe some vampire shows...
Or idjits becoming household names for being beachfront "ho's".

People clamor "climate change" from the seats of S.U.V.'s,
And bitter news on the honey front...what's killing all the bees?

Politicians spending more...we go deeper in the red.
Opinions dressed as "news" journalism dead?

Cell phones are ubiquitous...conversation's endangered now...
And "Kardashians" are famous girls..but who knows why or how?

How strange my twisted psyche is t'make real what must be fake...
Now'f only I could find some way to get myself to wake.

Written on November 27th, 2012
By Daniel Beus (Rebel Sun)

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Your History (COUPLET)

Your History. Your 
Full Mystery. Your 

Slave Name. Your 
True Shame. Your 

Mixed Race. Your 
Mislaid Trace. Your 

Earth Fallen. Your 
Birth Stolen. Your 

New Voice. Your 
Bad Choice. Your 

Shame Rain. Your 
Rage Strain. Your 

Heart Torn. Your 
Pain Born. Your 

Awful Dream. Your 
Africa Scream. Your 

Ugly Night. Your 
Rising Bright Light 

June 07, 2005

By Mohlouoa Ntsasa

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The Government and Me

The Government and me;
were my fantasies free,
Would spend all our money
on a fantasy tree.

We'd chop it and chip it 
and turn it to pulp.
Then press it; and print it
to give us our wealth.

The government and me
were my fantasies free,
would spend all our money
on a fantasy tree.

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BS College Degree

It has always been my naïve, farm-boy assumption,
That one attends college to attain a degree of gumption!

And furthermore that Daddy sends his kid to college,
Not so much to party but to obtain a modicum of knowledge!

I assume that the autocrats who abide in Washington D.C.,
Have attended college and somehow earned at least a BS Degree!

BS stands for Bachelor of Science Degree without equivocation,
But it seems in Washington, BS has assumed a different connotation!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

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The Library Man

How often do you visit the Library? And what do you see?
I see oceans and seas of books plus a homeless man doing zzz’s..
He’d apparently been reading before, he fell deep asleep.
He can stay there, they say, as long as he doesn’t lie down to sleep.
Sitting up is OK and of course, as long as he doesn’t create a scene.

He’s kind and gracious and a little strange but can debate any role
When he walked over, we had a talk about the devil verses mind control.
Without asking, what he really wanted was someone to buy him lunch.
There’s a McDonalds two doors down from where we were bunched.
I don’t know what I expected when he woke up and looked around.

But when I asked if he was homeless he wasn’t fazed at all.
Yes, I have been for a while, he said, but my boat will soon come in.
And I realized the library is a warm, safe place to relax and to be.
And the librarians seem content to just let him be.
In the end, I was sorry I couldn’t buy him that lunch.

But recently, my abilities to do so had become a little stretched.
I used to buy the books I read… now the library is more my taste.
I just hope if it comes to that… he’ll graciously share this place.
The library even has computers from where you could write.
And the people there are varied and really rather kind.

I’m on the edge but whole family’s once prosperous are already there.
Cheap hotel rooms in even cheaper hotels, once skirted are full.
The jobs don’t pay for anything more. They are: Bitter, Disgruntled, Lost.
Needed are better and more jobs to re-establish the American Dream.
To give them some hope so they can go back there again…
And don’t just act toward them… like they’re your library man…
Give them back their American Dream as best you can.

Voice of Reason Contest

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Copyright © 2013

Skittles and a soda
against a gun in its holster?

One day that scream
will be known as a teen
not a heinous lying Fein

What a sinister ploy and twist
with a loaded gun and no fist?

Had everyone sitting and waiting
doomed by a verdict just delaying

Was this just an optical illusion
or, a devious planned conclusion?

Now, this generation too afraid
wearing hoodies will get you dead

But, the Klan was still glad
hoodies they've always had

A verdict they too saw,
ushering in martial law

by: LP
edited: 7/30/13

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Snowball in Hell

I'm watching the downfall of the nation I served
Leadership bought by the middle East has me unnerved
Our flag waving in glory still makes this old heart swell
But our chance of survival is that of a snowball in hell
Our pride's been replaced by government subsidized laws
Free homes, free phones, free care, we no longer fight for a cause
Dependent on government we can no longer be called man
Just jackasses and sheep, no longer part of the plan
The end of an era with a system that's beginning to smell
Our chance of rebuilding is that of a snowball in hell
The state of the union has working Americans irate
Too many dreams have been shattered since 2008
Financially destroyed by a man on a mission, pray tell
Our chance of achieving is that of a snowball in hell

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Presiential Prowess

   "Presidential Prowess"

Romney and Obama, two Presidential candidates
to win the White House, must be too savvy in debates.

*For Debbie Guzzi's Two Timer's Contest 

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Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice

Has this ever been a choice you had to make Considering life or death ~ deciding anothers fate Who has the right to judge if and when one procreates Should politicians or priests decide what’s at stake What about the child who’s raped ~ does she have a say Which choice is right ~ keep the child ~ give him away A mother carrying a child with an abnormality ~ what’s right To watch her child suffer ~ witness his fatality ~ what a sight Is it fair to say if you decide to abort ~ you don’t care I don’t claim to have an answer here ~ but say this I wouldn’t dare I wouldn’t dare ~ it’s not fair ~ I wouldn’t dare This choice is the most difficult for anyone to bare Lay

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Our Souls are Cheap Today

Hi Soupers, For the tune to this write just copy and paste;
       La Donna E Mobile  Pavarotti.
The write only follows the first part of the rigoletto, ie, the
main tune, so don’t try and make it fit the whole thing, 
coz it don’t lol.
My thanks to Mr Mozart for providing the music, 
and the souper whose comment sent me off into an arty 
evening that went on into the wee hours, once you get on that 
you tube you can’t get off it can yer, is worse than PS. lol

Our Souls are Cheap Today

Our souls are cheap today
Cheaper than yesterday
Business is poor they say
For their sins we must pay

Where did it all go wrong
Sweet turn to sour their song
One day the world is up
Next day we’ve empty cup

Soon the world turns around
Bills going up not down
Frantic to payments meet
Job seeking, worn out feet

The big boys they understand
Fate deals them a great hand
Vast riches it will bring
Hear the new song they sing

And they sing and sing and sing

Arseholes are cheap today
Cheaper than yesterday
They’ll bring profits our way
They work for much less PAY
Hip hip, hip hip, HOORAY

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Copyright © 2013

Politicians' greed seems to hover
  Over our lives, a simmering cover

Separation of Church and State?
  Satan planned mankind's fate

As in the days of Noah, sin did hover
  Over their land like locusts do cover

The faithful do not fret what is hovering
  By HIS Blood, the Lord is still covering

Our leaders refuse to make a deal
  When enthralled by Satan's Will

Politics, and selfish greed
  Failing our Nation's need

Obama-Care, a change that's fair
  Or, struggling against Satan's lair?

But, ye faithful remember the heavens hover
  Till horns blow clearing clouds that do cover.

by: LP
edited: 6 Aug 2013 - 8:22pm
         25 Sep 2013  - 8:13pm

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Reversal of Thought

Amidst the chaos and conventions
The political ads with evil intentions
The truth was twisted and left to die
Watch the rich man laugh and the poor man cry
We had conservatives in our youth
Who had some connection to the truth
Power and greed, corruption and deceit
Have taken the battle into the street
Represent the people, they no longer can
losing connection to the common man
He's still conservative but he no longer buys
Assaults on the White House with innuendo and lies
He fears that the truth may never be found
Lost in the minds of leaders unsound
To win at the polls regardless of cost
Even if the country is lost
To rebuild a nation with the economy broken
Cannot be cured by lies that are spoken
Better ideals and integrity sought
The truth will bring a reversal of thought.

The actual twisting of the truth by  Lyin' Ryan at the RNC
was an embarrassment to any American.

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I voted liberal in the year of two thousand eight
Tired of George, my thinking wasn't that great
Now I realize as I see my country choking
I say to myself, Vince, what were you smoking

I voted liberal, the dumbest thing I've done yet
It took fourteen trillion before they knew they were in debt
They stole the entire United States treasury from me and from you
And from our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren too.

The spending is done at a rate that's insane
They shoved our credit rating right down the drain
The media hasn't complained about four dollars for gas
Vince, you must have had your head up your (guess)

I voted for change. I believed all those lies
We got change. I couldn't believe my eyes
I'm watching the death of the American Eagle
Guess I'll say a prayer while it's still legal

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Democrats vs Republicans

Democrats vs. Republicans
Where oh where to begin
If one takes a dive into their lives you would see how one side  always wins
For the red light is on, and times have certainly changed
We live in a world that is selfish and becoming more deranged
A house divided cannot stand
America is in fragmented pieces but they don’t understand
Words are cheap when actions lie
I vote for the man who’s in the sky
For he never changes and he really cares
Not these greedy politicians who point and stare
America is about the people who work hard in this life
Yet all our government seems to do is feed on weakness and strife
I am pro restoration,
And anti-abomination
I am pro family unity,
Not superficial comments spoken into our hurting community
A bitter game
It’s such a shame
It’s time for us to give America back its glorious fame
Speak with conviction
Hold up our youth
Burn all the lies and tell them the truth
There’s a generation that’s growing on welfare and government loans
Independence is being broken down by control that is clearly shown
A father fracture has intruded
Many hearts and minds are polluted
Do they care about restoring the family unit as a whole?
Or are they leeches sucking out all our young people’s souls
Purity has been banned
As they raise up sworn hands
I can see the coiling snakes
Oh dear America we have made a terrible mistake
What really matters has been perverse
Like a woman under a tragic curse
Vote for vitality
Not the pagan’s visions of immorality
Vote for untainted officials
Not for men who can’t control their own missiles
Restore the innocence to our children in our music and on TV
Someone be the voice stating that in bondage how can you call yourself free
Another chance,   might be our last
Look to the leaders of Americas past,
Discern their virtue and read their soul
Then you will know which way you should go
Take the blinders and finally see
That we are being held captive to a rise of insanity
While we still got power take a missive stand,
Our land was blessed because of the convictions of man.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: For such a time as this

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Political Scatology

Thankfully, the mid-term elections have come and went.
Thankfully, we'll suffer no more TV ads related to that event.

Thankfully, we'll not receive any more phone calls from politicians.
Thankfully, we'll receive no more mailers outlining their positions.

Thankfully, the prognosticators will find something more productive to do.
Thankfully, we'll hear no more political twaddle for another year or two.

Wouldn't it be novel if the promises made by those shysters came true,
Or will it be politics as usual and 'twas only undiluted scatology they spew!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

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If I Was Runnin' Things

I've given the plight of kids crossing our border thoughtful consideration.
I would like to propose a panacea that might ease this critical situation.
I recommend that pilots flying kids to the USA make a flight deviation,
And drop kids off at airports in DC while the Obamas' are on vacation!
I know they'd be delighted to share the White House food and recreation.
After all, the grounds are fenced so kids could be kept under observation.
Unload kids at the Capitol for distribution to each Congressional delegation.
I bet they'd take speedy action to secure the border as well as deportation!
I sent my idea to Washington but as yet have received no firm confirmation.
I can only assume they'll set Congressional hearings for serious evaluation.

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Written with considerable tongue in jowls!

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Look At US Now

Children having children, promoted by our liberal laws
Congress taking tax money and playing Santa Claus
Third generation dependents don’t work, don’t even try
Sit home, collect assistance, stay home and multiply

Politicians have no conscience, the damage that they do
Their pockets getting larger while screwing me and you
You’ll be punished for working, it doesn’t fit their mold
They want a nation of dependents, doing what they’re told

They want you to be silent, please don’t ever rock the boat
They will choose your health care and ram it down your throat
They will have their own plan because they are the elite
We all should be thankful just to grovel at their feet

Under their new healthcare plans, let the patriots beware
Dissidents, prisoners and terrorists will get the better care
They found the funding for it, claiming it’s the only way
They’ll just screw the working man and take it from his pay

If you struggle and go to college, you’ll be forever in debt
But start manufacturing children and see all you can get
Those who will not work have found a bed of clover
Killing off the working man, socialists have taken over

We need to help the people who cannot help themselves
For permanent couch potatoes, we’re not Santa’s little elves
Punished for achievement, ambition is treated like a vice
Sit down, shut up, don’t think and they will treat you nice

Obedient subservient robots is what the elected officials seek
They want inconsequential citizens to be dehumanized and meek
They’ll tell us what to think and teach us to stoop and bow
If you think times were bad before, just take a look at US now

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Rat Race

Rat race, rat race,
All going to the same place,
Move faster and pay no mind,
Their games keep mankind blind,
Another number for the rich,
Someday when were in their ditch,

Rights, fights,
Gave them away for ravenous appetites,
Illusions and delusions
I pled guilty to sinister pollution,
Frustration comes 
As humanity goes numb

Rat race, rat race,
Inevitable landslide
Full of pride
Everyone’s lied,
Morality has died,
With arms open wide

America the Great
Like prey, they just wait
Bow down to your money
Make love to your greed
While you feed your need
Vampires now lead.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Time to Vote

The right to vote handed down history's time
Bought by blooded soldiers both yours and mine

We must not forget their service and why
For such costly a gift many did die

This November we Americans privilaged to vote
Believing our choice wont turn into a goat

A president whose sole purpose is the American dream
But I fear at the end we Americans will still scream

Tis a scream for delight or concerned regret you see
If your American dream doesn't become a reality

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Premier Amama

Daily wakes in the cold darkness
wears spectacles and looks at Uganda in sadness
All the lazy Ugandans criticize him; madness!
Insane crazy they are,
him the hardworking they paint corruption
in wisdom he laughs them off
higher and higher like a rocket he takes off
I got my land on sale,
a rich organization offers me a good pay
yes, I seize the opportunity without any delay
I got a role for my retirement I need to play
why then is he condemned?
Look, he is a hard worker
his most critics are hard talkers
with empty hands, no stone laid for
Uganda's building, instead demolish his work in the night
and pretend to be good in the light
I laugh, ha ha ha... things are just tight
they are typical barking dogs- never bite
Amama is the mama of peace 
Daily wakes in the cold darkness
wears spectacles and looks at Uganda in sadness
All the lazy Ugandans criticize him; madness!
... Insane crazy they are
him the hardworking they paint corruption
in wisdom he laughs them off
higher and higher like a rocket he takes off
I got my land on sale,
a rich organization offers me a good pay
yes, I seize the opportunity without any delay
I got a role for my retirement I need to play
why then is he condemned
Look, he is a hard worker
his most critics are hard talkers
with empty hands, no stone laid for
Uganda's building, instead demolish his work in the night
and pretend to be good in the light
I laugh, ha ha ha... things are just tight
they are typical barking dogs- never bite
Amama is the mama of peace
he deserves respect please!
he is the real premier.

King sayuni Nicholas Atisa

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Why do people look at me
as if, I'm fruit from a poisonous tree

I'm not strange and wouldn't hurt a flea
yet they act, as if they see a killer bee

Avoiding eye contact, then running off
I'm brand new and not feed from a trough 

I'm not beautiful, just a piece of fine art
take a look, you'll see, what sets me apart

I may look big but, I'm an average weight
When you pick me up, your fear will abate

You can hold me with your hand, to investigate
If you want to learn the truth, don't speculate

People segregate, perpetuate or regulate fear 
Please let me educate you, about my sear

Put my butt, on your shoulder, and hold it there
As you learn, practice safety and always beware

I'm strong and powerful and benefit all mankind
Vision and sanity required, I can't read man's mind

I'm a new semi-automatic weapon with many a name
Man made, blame his greed, insanity for the shame

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What's in Our American Future

Is our American Nation, now the new frontier
by accepting All People that seek work and life here

I understand technology has shrunken this world
Did the Rights of Citizens shrink, as our flag unfurled

It seems that the loudest voices that you hear today
All cater to self interest, while trying to lead America astray

"We the People" does it still mean Citizens have the Voice
To decide what is best for America, We The People Make The Choice

When big money and interests from outside these states
Try to dictate Our Future, by buying people to act as mates

Remember the words shouted by Paul Revere on his ride
Listen to the cries from our ancestors as they seek to divide

When limits are the only solutions and if bans become fact
Citizens think for yourself, what you lose, and judge the impact

If our States Rights are limited, to a path by government as planned
It's our ancestors battles, blood and voices that put a vote in your hand

We can Teach All The Children of whats right and whats wrong
To pray, Trust in God, the value of family and how to belong  

We have been leaving teaching to others to seek and accumulate wealth
Without thinking coins can't buy an Angel or protect children's mental health

Their are so many different answers That We All Need To Discuss,
so cut those puppet strings, start thinking, instead of riding the bus

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Salutations Soupers! I am told this is not a political forum.
Why is my poetry-poesy in decorum?
April 18, 2014
Single Couplet End Rhyme
For Contest!

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Why would I keep your life in the world, when you trying to take mine out? What kind of damn fool I am as lover? I do not know hate? This is philosophy. Heed me! Why would I love you more than I love myself? I am number one; however, you can come next. God said put no man before me. I am in his likeness as a human being. This is philosophy. Adhere! The Lord told Abraham sacrifice no more. My needs must come first. Renunciation is a Buddhist creed. Why would I deny my needs? This is philosophy. Procure! If I am without belief, I lack epitome. Celestial knowledge vested. The universe origin and those that were discovered, is a viewpoint to ponder. This is philosophy. Mindfulness fulfills! Take notice to wrong to make the right. Build a bridge of crossing in meeting of the minds. Consensus is what is desired. This is philosophy. Open your eyes to the love of humanity. The world is not promised to us. Earth is not a sacrifice given by Jehovah. The Lord God Jehovah gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ Lord, so the earth would not perish. This is philosophy. Values absolute!

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Political Betrayal

Such promises you made when asking for our vote
But it’s been a year and your vows are now remote

What happened to removing troops from the Mideast
And finding the right recipe for economic relief

Hungry families still living in shabby tents
Unemployed fathers pounding streets as they vent

New foreclosure signs are erected every day
As in Washington with our dollars leaders play

That gleam in your eye once inspired us to have hope
But middle-class tax breaks were not enough to cope

With rising prices at the pumps and in food stores
The uninsured yet sit on emergency room floors

Though you still seem to feel you have us hoodwinked
Betrayal is sensed by those struggling on the brink

We now look to you with accusatory eyes
Wondering how we consumed your pack of lies

Perhaps your intentions were good but believe us
You are not our Savior; His name was Jesus

Although we remain “one (stressed) nation under God”
In your next campaign you won’t get our nod

We’ll just take our cause to a far higher Power
Because in politicians, our trust has been soured

Dedicated to ALL of the politicians who made promises that have not been fulfilled.

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Fallen Angels

"Angels descending, bring from above
echos of mercy, whispers of love."

And that is the fallen angels lie.
corrupted beings that will never die.

Ruling the earth apart from God's throne.
by enslaving humans, their evil has grown.

Promising mercy, lust, riches and power,
twisting souls as one, like Babels tower.

Throughout history, again and again,
they have sought the conquest and worship of men.

Beyond the veil, they work, plot and scheme,
planting seeds in our hearts to blaspheme.

Building the New World Anti-Christ empire.
Final earthly kingdom set for fire.

For the "Fallen Angels" contest.

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Obam-a question or two for you, 2012

Obam- a ll entrepreneurs wish to know 
Why you think they didn’t grow their business they did sow?

Obam-a lot of people want to ask
Do you want freedom of religion to be a thing of the past?

Obam-a many an illegal wants to thank your moxie
Will you often bypass the written law without proxy?

Obam-a change in health care is not free
What price will it ultimately be?

Obam-a s you promised paths to alternative synergy
Where is the solar and wind energy?

Obam- a lot of people are still unemployed
How can you fill this need to work void?

Obam- a time to give big companies our money
Why can’t a hardworking man give a gift to his honey?

Obam- a re YOU going to make things improve
When will you find a President for all Americans grove?

Richard J. Long (September 2012)

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The Letter

A letter was received from a far-off land, please send us some aid if you possibly can. Our fields are barren, our cattle long gone, our farmers are now soldiers leaving wives at home. Some of our families are homeless, dwellings destroyed, by shells aimed at our villages, which we cannot avoid. Our children are starving; they have no clothes to wear. As for medical supplies, these are very scarce. So please send at once the things we desperately need, food, clothing, and medicine, this we beg and plead. We must thank you for all that you have done, and could you also send more ammo for our guns.

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We all share this fate

Idiosyncratic to the human condition
Tried and varied, so goes my volition

I can't help but think what's out there for us all?
Yet we stumble over issues that are so trivial, so small

The long term goals of our race seem obsolete
Compared to the wants and needs of our so called "elite"

Sure one man makes billions and creates an empire
What does that mean to the rest of us? Why doesn't it ignite a fire?

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Little Sammy Humperdink

Little Sammy Humperdink
He had a brain but could not think
He had no plans, he had no dreams
He had no imagination it seems
He did not work, he earned no pay
He drew a paycheck anyway
He had no dog, he owned no cats
His sole companions were the rats
He wore no hat, he paid no dues
He had no voice to sing the blues
He became a socialist I think
Poor Sammy Humperdink!

                            Timothy I. Brumley

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The horror of the story stuns,
Another massacre with guns.

So many innocents are lost.
They paid the catastrophic cost.

But there are folks who stoutly say
Their guns and amunition stay

Or they and loved ones could be harmed.
They vow they must be fully armed.

Some of the folks who run the show,
Say that assault rifles must go.

The other side with different view,
Say guns don't kill, but people do.

They cannot find a common ground
And sensible answers are not found.

While they are wrangling and delay,
School children are the ones to pay.

When two sides argue and defer
More tragic incidents occur.

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A putin

Every tiny putin
strives for being put in.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Rewards of a Civil Approach

While some are always compelled to incite
Others reap rewards by being polite

Civility is challenging when views contrast
But much is gained when anger's surpassed

The social conventions of propriety
Reduce stress in a multicultural society

Acceptance of others' points of view
Even without concurrence carry you through

Exploring through debate, avoiding anger
A productive path for civil anglers

Failure to allow for differences
Wins no friends, no spiritual references

You may think you're "right," but get real
How does antagonism make you feel?

Far better to realize we've something to learn
By reaching across the aisle, respect we earn

Civility and Congress seem incongruous
Perhaps that's why we're in such a mess

So open your hearts to others' opinions
Learn from the actions of a wise Virginian

By reaching compromise in his Declaration
Jefferson gave birth to the world's freest nation

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O-bam-a question or two for you?

O- bam-a lot of people are unemployed.
How can you destroy this annoying factoid?

O- bam-a country is still at war.
Does this help any of the millions who are poor?

O-bam-a time to give everyone money.
Why can’t a hardworking man give a gift to his honey?

O-bam-a dispute with a cop.
Will you have a beer with me if I flop onto a chopping block?

O-bam-a change in health care is a buzzing bee.
What price will it ultimately be?

O-bam-a shot to stop the swine.
Is there enough to halt progress to yours or mine?

O-bam-a partie's glimmering success.
Does it eliminate this countries enduring distress?

Richard J. Long, November 2009

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Little Pig,Little Pig,a rewrite

little pig beware the lupine cliques-
that prowl the woods of politics
the scent of money they adore
as all the while they howl for more
yowling from the forest floor
beguiling with their wily tricks
forego the straws and fragile sticks
and build your house of bricks!

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Put Down NUKES, Put Up Yir' Dukes- - - - - - - --------

HUMAN BEINGS MAN...don't tell me it was necessary!
Couple hundred thousand people obliterated in a few seconds is beyond the realms of scary.

Truman you musta' been sniffin' glue know you didn't need to do it. 
I can hear ya' today giving the A-ok to the Enola Gay, "Kill 'em screw it!"

And not only did you pull it once, but you saw the need to do it twice. 
It wasn't like the "Little Boy" you deployed landed in a field of rice

No sir, ya' went and sent the "Fat Man" to devastate the city of Nagasaki even faster!
Just three days after the blaze reeking disaster plaster casting Hiroshima in disaster!

Now before ya' good old boys start raisin' yir' voice about December Seven!
Ramblin' off at the mouth racist claims and who is or isn't gonna be in heaven.

Half a century to think about whether or not two wrongs makes a right.
and ya' still can't see the sin in bringin' NUKES instead puttin' two dukes up in the fight?

Are you kidding me? Someone please tell me the rationale in evaporating innocent women and babies.
when the question arises of taking harmless family's lives....the answer is IFS, ANDS, or MAYBES!

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                                          POLITICALLY CORRECT

                                  Now psycho politics subtly suggests
                                  that you follow this rule of polite etiquette-
                                  before you say something please pause and reflect
                                  is what you are thinking politically correct?

                                  There is a conspiracy of a powerful few
                                  to control whatever you think, say and do.
                                  It is this effect that they wish to cause-
                                  for you to think your thinking has flaws-
                                  before you say something please pause and reflect
                                  Is what you are thinking politically correct?

                                  It's a suble intrusion so slyly designed
                                  the thought of deception never enters your mind
                                  but it's someone else choosing the words
                                  you use to describe what you've seen and you've heard.
                                  When anothers words become your voice
                                  your thoughts have become anothers choice-
                                  before you say something please pause and reflect
                                  is what you are thinking politically correct?

                                  If silence is golden then gold has no use
                                  you can spend all you want and not stop the abuse.
                                  The structure is crumbling, the framework is bent
                                  and society is in downward descent-
                                  before you say something please pause and reflect
                                  is what you are thinking politically correct?

                                  Here is an epitaph as silent as death
                                  chiseled in tombstone where you're laid to rest.
                                  Please pause for a moment and pay your respects
                                  here lies a man who is politicallly correct.

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Caucus Over

      Caucus Over
©2012 C. Brent Cloyd

Romney claims he is most electable
Results conclude that is debatable.

Bachman stood firm on defense and health care law
Discovered her support was filled with straw.

Santorum touched palms, wore out shoes and truck
Had clear narrative, timing and good luck.

Perry soared, forgot, “oops,” and millions spent
Said thanks, boarded plane, back to Texas went.

Paul hates the Fed and loves the constitution
Deplores war, and young folks like his solution.

Gingrich defied odds, then truth made him sag
He moves on with hope, yet carries his bags.

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Alba Rises

Devolution, Independence, call it what you may It's all about people, and what those people say If they have decided, it's time the splits to be It's the end of a flagging Empire, I'm glad I'm alive to see What we call the United Kingdom, it's living in the past There was always going to be a time, forget the pasts aghast It's time to look to our tomorrows, rejoice in what they'll bring For one day we'll be one Alba, a population once again will sing UNSUPPORTED CODE

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            JAIL BIRD

To U.S. born both wild and free
There is no worse place one could be
Than in a prison cell for years
For most men ‘tis a gruesome fear

But to souls in other lands
Where freedom’sjust a word that stands
On paper-- but an object dead--
With it you cannot bake your bread.

In movies in these lands they watch
Thugs whose pants fall off their crotch.
Who off to court they go-- then jail--
No mention made of tears or bail

Third Worlds watch the U.S. cells
That should resemble Dante’s hell.
Instead they look so germ free clean
Like the quarters of a Queen

Luxury in killer's cell?
How can thieves live-- oh so --well
U.S. jail is no bad life--
Well, you might miss someone's wife

As one boss of one small store
Told me-- as he scrubbed his floor:
“Me, I'll fly to U.S. land
Kill some guy and live so grand."

His tune said joke-- but it was not--
(U.S. TV makes brains rot)

But-- twas no secret-- truth could tell
He'd snuggle in Obama's cell.

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©               December 1, 2012

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Political Drama

Using forbidden truths have become pastime.
Speeches and media are hiding their crime.

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Our Future

Lost and drifting thoughts hang in misty air
fight, do not despair

Life and laughter is what we're all after
though what surrounds often feels like disaster

Search the depths of human suffering 
look past to see there will be buffering

Some say we are enemies with different battle cries
yet our hands reach in unison up into the skies
I see it in our children's eyes

Paths must not diverge, they must converge so we can emerge
Strong, unscathed and alive

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Piece Of Paper

The man in power rose and spoke.
He smiled at all the egos to stroke.

"The country is in disarray."
"We have nothing for the soldiers pay."

"The people cannot afford food."
"Many of them riot and loot."

"Our nation is strangled by debt."
"For decades we have wastefully slept."

"Now, to keep control and hide our flaw."
"I must declare strict martial law."

"We'll burn the Constitution to vapor."
"Besides it's just a piece of paper"


For the "paper or plastic" contest.

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The Washington Zoo

The current antics of the Washington DC rabble is viewed with much bemusement!
Their inaction ain't funny, but their inane babble is cause for great amusement!

Seems rogues of all parties from the top down are in w-a-y over their head.
I propose that we elect mean ol' retired sergeants to run things there instead!

Sergeants tend to see things in black and white and possess tons of common sense!
They lead from the front, ain't afraid to make decisions and brook no nonsense!

Sergeants believe in integrity, care for their people and support the Constitution!
They are taught, as Prophet Isaiah said, "to reason together" to reach a resolution!

I suppose I'll have to recruit a horde of NCOs to fix things in Washington town!
(That is unless the Administration declares it's off-limits due to the shutdown!)

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

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Bringing out the light from the dark
Expunge evil from a makers mark

God cleanse it, the deftness aptly applied
Dumbness and deafness, captured astride

Too daft to get it, to pray, instead let it
Too deep inside, eating, without the wit

To see the honest truth
See yourself to the booth

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Veep Debate

I knew I couldn’t get to sleep
Unless I watched Veep versus Veep;
‘Cause after last week’s dull debate,
I hoped that this would set things straight.

So Biden started his attack,
His plan to make his rival crack;
But Ryan never lost his cool
Or gave us much to ridicule…

Except his blather had no heft.
Without the fluff, not much is left;
For Romney’s plans are not prolific,
Naming nary one specific.

Biden couldn’t stop his smiling
Which, to some, was not beguiling.
Still, despite his constant grin,
He secured a solid win.

Hopefully, some indecision
Will be changed by television.
Voters feeling some connection
Will determine this election.

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The Land of the Free

Where does your allegiance lie? 
In the hands of a government known to pry? 
In the grasp of a people, sworn to a brotherhood, 
Indoctrinated as children and bred into adulthood?
Who came along and swept wider the line, 
Between organised religions and organised crimes? 
Who took our money in the name of the poor, 
And laid it all out upon “Christ’s” front door? 
Who made your legislations and stripped of their rights
The gay and the sick and gave the poor their plights. 
Who bullies the weak and shits on their soil, 
In the name of justice, never for oil. 
Who stands and watches a nation struggling and weak
As their own government gases and bombs their streets. 
Who watches a child choke and gasp its last breaths,
And refuses to act against human right thefts? 
What just establishment makes someone “disappear” 
For ringing the truth out loud and clear? 
The red, white and blue, as a people must see, 
They fight for our freedom when they’re not free. 


I would like to stress, I am not "Anti-American"
I am however, largely against the American government's actions on its people and the rest of the world. I feel there is a shroud with congress that falls on a lot of the people in America; as if the government taps its people on the shoulder from behind to steal their wallet from infront of them.

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Mr President

Copyright © 2008 #104
-at last-

Freedom´s statesman in disguise
  rise, rise, rise from their lies.

Will those stains
  always remain?

Yes! Over three hundred years
  freedom souls have shed tears.

That one would come
  not only for some.

With solid vision
  making decision.

Without the disguise
  of selfish political lies.

Welcome home Mr. President
  it is you fate hath sent.

America will regain its respect,
  and the economy will reflect

A leader who had enough wisdom
  to embrace mankind´s freedom.

by: LP

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Here Take My Seat

<                                          Racial      Segregation
                                             One         Nation

                                              Why   Oh   Why
                                              Did   King  Try

                                              Right   Or   Wrong
                                              Everyone   Belongs

                                              Black     Or   White
                                              Put        Up   Fight

                                               Americian    Made
                                               Blood          Gave


                                                Share        Wealth
                                                Spare        Health

                                                 Rosa         Parks

                                                 She   Did   Bark

Entry For
Adeleke Adeite's
African Attitude





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A Day Once Whispered

Copyright © 2009 #235
01/21/2009 // edited 11/11/2012
(Inaguration 2008 & 2012)
-Now Cheered And Remembered-

From distant shores far away-
  did many journeyed to stay
  on native´s land, and pray.

Some as slaves, some as free
  never realizing a day could be-
  free at last beyond their past.

So H-U-M-B-L-Y embracing, and cheering
  once only whisphered, and fearing-
  this Nation under GOD could this day
  be united together for a better way...

Unitedly embraced for its journey ahead
  having confidence in whom they´re lead.

For this was, a day cheered-
 no longer a dream feared!

A moment in infamy
  that others can be
  a crown of glory
  in history´s story!

My AMERICA! Year 2009
  morally etched in time!!!

by: LP

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False Prophets and True Hope

When searching you must take care
The answer is always out there

Even if it’s not what you are
It's ok it’ll only leave a scar

The truth hurts when it can’t justify
Everything you’ve done and you’re forced to ask why

Take comfort in the thought 
That you probably won’t be caught

God is watching everyone
You can’t be judged because you’ve already won

Religion is your veil
Subject the naïve and you’ll never fail

What would Jesus do,
If he were you?

Would he still be a martyr then?
Or would he be a footnote amongst the hearts of men?

It is our ambitions,
That can solve our ambitious contradictions

The problems we face
Are ours to erase

God only measures as high
As your will to survive

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Don't Judge

Don't judge me if you do know zip
For facts are dressed from toe to tip
My recital you never try to read
Thence blinded and hurt by the blood they bleed.

Your animadversion plant it please
For no man is perfect or so you'll see
Why marred that angelic mug of yours?
And force to you my want to deplores?

All of us writes but a different story
Filling each with countless shame and glory
You see but an impression of my looks
And speaks to but a version of my books.

So don't judge me if you do know zip
Since bad karma might seek your lips
My recital you should try to read
Flaw lies in blood that we players feed.

Dovey Annie

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The Day The Prez Was Stiffed

When Boehner invited Netanyahu to address Congress, the prez was miffed!

   Congress didn't notify him and he whined, "By gawd! I was stiffed!"

      Boehner smiled and said, "Sorry, Mr. Prez! This time you get short shrift!"

         "Well, you'll never be invited to fly on Air Force One again!" he sniffed!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2015 All Rights Reserved

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America after 1962

On June 25, 1962 prayer was taken out of school
It was like losing a ring's precious jewel 
If you look into America's history 
You will find that it is no mystery
From that date on we haven’t been as strong
I believe we have done something terribly wrong
What they teach in history books simply overlooks
Important information that has raised up a blind generation
Youth, family, education, and national life is far from the same
We have lost morals and values that our forefathers firmly proclaimed
A Blessed Nation under God we have always been
But in the last 50 years it has become destroyed by an abundance of sin
Divorce rate is at an all-time high
While so many children grow up fatherless and wonder why
Gang violence increases each day
Teenage pregnancy has become a common way
Young people search for love in all the wrong places
Leaders in government wear faulty faces
Role models have become extinct
Technology while good has caused many jobs to sink
A nation rife with perjury
Broken marriage covenants In need of surgery
Unforgiveness extortion bribery slander and profanity
We need God to restore us too sanity
Hypocrisy, and lawsuits initiated solely for revenge and personal gain 
Doing things are own way has caused us much pain
The rich are getting richer and the poor sit back and cry
People have lost their integrity yet shake their fists at the sky
If you want to learn open a bible and begin to read
If we listened to its wisdom we wouldn’t have so much need
We have become too liberal as a whole
Besides having so much debt, we are all losing our souls
If anyone talks about God in school they risk losing their profession
Yet more and more young people suffer from anxiety and depression
Many are on medication making doctors filthy rich
So many people are dying in their own emotional ditch
Statistically we are on a downward spiral
Many people turn their heads or just live in denial
History is important to learn
For it shows us how quickly society can turn 
We all have to answer to God someday
And if I were you I would start to learn his way
For if we are going to continue to be America the best
We have to take a moment to address
All the ways we have allowed this country to slip
Take personal responsibility and restore our spiritual grips
Weneed to take back the people's power
We are living in a crucial hour
If we don’t open our eyes ears and mouths we will fall instead of just bend
who knows this time if this damage we can mend.

 by: Sabina nicole

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New Hampshire Has Spoken

New Hampshire Has Spoken
©2012 C. Brent Cloyd

Romney is choice of the republican elite
With thirty-nine percent he’ll be hard to delete.

Paul’s crowd is excited and nipping at his heels
They’ve made monetary policy issues real.

Huntsman says third place gives him a ticket to ride
So on down to South Carolina he will slide.

Gingrich has fallen and he is madder than heck
His story is about the cards in Romney’s deck.

Santorum is still smiling and is headed south
Will his message relate or is he just a mouth?

Perry did not know he was even in the race
Betting on the Palmetto state to save his face

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South Carolina Done

South Carolina Done

Huntsman took his ride to the Carolina coast
Campaigned a few days then decided he was toast.

Perry traveled south and spent plenty of loot
Then endorsed another cause the crowds wouldn’t root.

Paul rested in Texas, showed up a few days late
But his fans clapped and cheered wildly at the debate.

Santorum worked hard in his embroidered sweater vest
But could not convince conservatives he was best.

Romney stuttered about taxes, had worried face
Establishment squirmed as he badly lost the race.

Gingrich endured attacks from a bitter ex-wife
Seized the moment in debates, voters gave new life.

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The first duo 
The candidate we can trust

Manifesto reads 
War against corruption 

The second duo
The best man for the jobs

Manifesto reads
The rule of law prevails 

The apex of the duo 
 The life shortened

The good interred 
With his bones 

Emerged from the interred 
 Bones of the second goods 

The third duo 
Manifesto wears 

Re branding Nigeria and Nigerians 
Witnessing is dislocation 

Witnessing is development 
Of predators

Maimings and murders 
Here and there 

The predators 
Is a celebrated gladiators

The manifesto 
Is like glint 

Let there be 
Food on the table,

Sleepiest sleepyhead,
Foundation of a state 

Engaged youths  
Re brand served and serving Nigerians 


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Country Inc

Country Inc.

We're not as backward as you may think 
we're citizens of The Country Inc.
the mission statement, our purpose stated
is not that we're all made equated - 
It's more that this quarter's statement's due
filch off the many, to pocket the few

The ad campaign's already produced
lie lines written and on the loose
You fool ninety percent all the damn time
and they don't believe that it's a crime
How cool is that!, how cool you ask?
is a topped-up Ponsi so hard to grasp?

Our constitution's shape, a pyramid
reminding the point is unwarranted
The pointed top, they say is sharp,
sharpest guys in the room they'll say
Keep excavating the base's strength
and it'll invert over the other way

Toys are things and people are people
who has the most of each, says a lot
about what a person values as equal
what's yours is mine, no matter what's got
if it ain't now, we'll make it legal
wink 'n' whisper 'n' don't get caught

bye-bye freedoms bought by our by-laws 
in micro-pica font for fine-printed clause
corporations are people and people The Country
we all know, that it's all for the money
and money after all is what we're here for
scraping and clawing in this capital war

so damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead
fodder citizens and soldiers so easily bled
of riches hard-earned, their hard-work toiled
for the few, the chosen, their soft hands unspoiled
not calloused yet callous in daily demeanor
easy to take the whole Country to the cleaners

I'll swear to you that economy is paramount
stuffed into clandestine offshore accounts
but business is business no need for rancor
vocationing as a Wall Street investment banker
and take what's there pinched by legality
incorporated into our capitalism's reality

© Goode Guy 2013-05-21

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Carney's Blarney

I suppose the prez is proud of his mealy-mouthed spokesman Carney.

('Carnies' are carnival touts famous for spewing a heap of blarney!)

I think I'm quite well-versed and understand the English language well

But when I hear his party-line spin on things, I get perturbed as hell!

Carney keeps spouting "No worries!  Obamacare will not change a thing!"

That's lingo I comprehend, but, alas, that to which many gullible patsies cling!

Not surprising, it turns out to be piffle, fiddle-faddle and downright balderdash!

Alas, many folks are seeing sticker shock and their insurance coverage crash!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

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nhs sos

Snitchy, *****y boss climbs the ladder to sucsess
Several years mis management meen the workplace is a mess
Outcomes the Social Enterprise to take up all the pain
And snitchy, *****y boss climbs up the ladder again

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Desert Delegate Hunt

Desert Delegate Hunt

Caucus numbers poor for Rick Santorum
Hopes next week will be a better forum.

Disappointing evening for Doctor Paul
Perhaps in Maine he’ll make a larger haul.

No crowds, just the press for angry grandpa Newt
Believes March will be better, needs some loot.

The desert granted a large win to Mitt
But in spite of victory, still not a hit.

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Never Be in Balance

What you should do is try this on for size
Aggrandizing by giving out a Peace Prize
Or should I further have to elaborate
Enhanced egos make people think they are great.

So why is America running all interference
For impoverished world with poor appearance
And at all to me makes absolutely no sense
To do nothing and hold things in suspense.

Of course, calm and gradual should be approach
Before energy and education start to encroach
Along with emphasis on all of our talents
No wonder whole world will never be in balance.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

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Texans want to break away
From being part of U.S.A.
Big enough to stand alone,
They want a country of their own.

Petitions got a lot of names
Supporting these secession claims;
People hoping to secede
Need White House blessings to succeed.

Instead, they got a rousing No!
It seems they have no right to go,
For back in 1869,
The Court called Texas out of line.

They’ve wanted out for many years;
But still, our Union perseveres.
Why, even when they sent us Bush,
We didn’t think they’d earned a push.

Come on now, Texas, just play nice.
Nothing’s perfect – my advice
Is suck it up and let it rest – 
Your destiny is manifest!

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An Alligator Poem of Course

An Alligator Poem of Course

Fed potent sweet potaters to some alligators
Who later in life liked to and became demonstrators
And will all swim along in water single file
When opening long mouth have a languishing smile.

Back and forth each one will wiggle long tail
While on wide back while wear many a scale
Big eyes out of water both are protruding
While branches and stumps will be eluding.

Alligators have own way of doing things
And with whole body each of them brings
An eye considered to be a constant rover
Always liking to look for a leftover.

An alligator never will want to alienate
Or while at it start to or try and agitate 
Mouths become unruly like a rubber stamp
Putting impressions on you when down do clamp.

Sounds like a North Carolina Politician of                                                                one sort or another.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran
Bolivia, NC

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The Heart Of the Brave (for Eric Edward)

Eric Edward, what an inspiration
Fighting for a cause in a dangerous location

Browns, greens and dark colours match
Loading shells and weapons in a particular batch

The glint in his eye of that brave young soul
Heart beating pure, being home safe is his goal

Orders given to a job he may not understand
Passionate for his country on this foreign land

Heat blazing down on his fragile body
Brotherhood so strong, never shoddy

Maybe he is used as a pawn in a political battle
Unlike weak politicians, he’ll never throw in his rattle

Leading by example in a courageous way 
In a world that looses patriotic views every day.

I remember the individuals who risk their lives 
They also have Sons, mothers, brothers and wives

Lets not forget ‘Sweetheart’ who worries every night 
Mother to her child who worries, hoping he’ll be alright 

Never judge on what is right and what is wrong
The world is a long way from singing a harmonic song

Thank you for the efforts of the brave
Hopefully one day its your life I will be able to save  

Come home safe to your worried mother
The day will be soon to embrace one another.

God bless.

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The Power of You

Human nature the epitome of despair
Ask around, does anybody care?

The submissive to the strong and the strong to the circumstance
Historically falling into the same traps by chance

Prove a point by looking the other way
Or step-up and change today

The problem with living in this Democracy?
We can’t see the walls when we assume we’re free

When simple ideas are fed with simple lies
The power overwhelms the opposition’s cries

We live to love
Some obsessed with the power above

The power of faith can blind
Sometimes true answers are harder to find

Criticism is an instinct
Try to slow down and think

The ideal for you 
Can’t always be true

The world can’t change overnight
But we’ll never know if we never try

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Member in Middle of the Class

Member in Middle of the Class

If you happen to be a Hillary or an Obama
There may be much trauma in your drama
And they will come up with a perfect excuse
Fund misuse and attitude of what is the use. (By Congress of course.)

There are both bills and also social security
When you look deep may find an impurity
With devil made a pack and sealed a bond
Then our money Congress tried to abscond.

While we bare the brunt an illiterate illegal
Away from us many things try to steel
In many different forms especially welfare
Which is another Middle Class nightmare.

Hands out for hand outs is all I seem to see
Are now the difference between them and me
Even though I am articulate and also adroit
What I have of mine others so often will exploit.

What we want to do is forget and find things fair
In a democratic place where everyone will care
Put middle class first in line and never last
Protect me from having to pay for their poor past.

I am concerned about here and now and present
Promote ways which make our society a pleasant
Member of our country's courageous middle class
Before illegals cause us to completely run out of gas.

James Serendipity Persnickety Horn
Retired Veteran

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And a Ten Four to You too

Today is Ten Four

When economy and stock market are declining
Which party about now should we be whining?
Place blame on by giving them the credit
Got ticket due to parking meter never fed it.

Check out Federal Funds  so you can start to see 
Ones that happen to be all full of redundancy
For others they may be a big pie in the sky
But certainly not of course for either you or I.

What if I went on and were to further elaborate
Who with and why would I have to collaborate?
Congress has many dates that are suspense's
That try to protect all their personal expenses.

Maybe in my poem I will go ahead and expand
Look at what lousy policies have done to our land
Along with our hopes replaced by frantic fears
Which one do we want? Two or six more years.

Today is going to be a great day and I can tell 
by the date. Have you ever heard of Ten Four 
before? James Serious Mysterious Horn

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Bill of Rights

Words of power, words of might
This is called our Bill of Rights

Religion, assembly, petition, press and speech
To never take away these rights Amendment 1 does teach

A well regulated militia, right to keep and bear our arms
Amendment 2 gave us these rights to keep us far from harm

No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in our home
As promised by Amendment 3 we will be left alone

The threat to search us as a people without a probable cause
Amendment 4 gives us the right to deny without a pause

No person shall be subject to the same offense twice
For Amendment 5 objects to it, firmly and precise

In criminal prosecutions, there should be speedy trials
For Amendment 6 has declared that should be our style

Should another owe me in cash that's more than twenty
By Amendment 7 I can sue him all the plenty

Cruel and unusual punishments should never be inflicted
Because by Amendment 8 these actions are restricted

Should my common rights be taken in any shape or form
I will know in Amendment 9 that this is not the norm

Powers not the government's shall belong to us the states
Amendment 10 will allow no one to decide upon our fate

Words of power, words of might
This is called our Bill of Rights.

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When One Sits on the Moor

When one sits on the moor at this Culloden place Where the Clans of the Tartan lay in deathly deface On many a night through the following years Families would gather, and continue their tears If you listen carefully you can still hear their screams Run through so young ending their freedom of dreams When one sits on the moor at this Culloden place Where a proud nation fell, nearly disappearing without trace On many a night through the following years From every nook and cranny we would rise again without fear If you listen carefully you can still hear their screams We are now a nation so proud, their tears to esteem

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Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

Look all around, what do we all see The world seen so young is it what we believed it to be For this is a world that grows with mans time It's now a ticking clock with destruction it's chime It beggars belief that it's so full of hate If it exists will we ever reach heavens gate So many people in power determine our tomorrows They lie when they get there, growing rich from our sorrows Citizens who are ailing have to pay for their care Whilst the vultures in high towers, just look down and stare Children in pyjama's fight endless needless wars What in the hell are we fighting them for Gun culture and drugs, knife crime seems the passion Our kids our future, it's now their neighbourhood fashion The more our borders we keep open, it dilutes what we share Many queue's we will stand in, in gape open stare The answers are out there if they just open their eyes And if they achieve it, well then this is their prize We need much more than the thoughts from our hearts If anyone is out there, help us humans restart Everyday I look around, and from what I see Hell ain't a bad place to be

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Turn One More Page

Turn One More Page

With Republicans and Democrats, we are cursed
When we all truthfully, really are Americans first;
Might not agree with President's style and grace
But what would I try to do if I were in his place?

People, about things, have been known to gloat
And turned our President into a scapegoat;
To me it makes no difference what party he's in,
They still will blame him again and again.

There are also old Senators doing the same
By on our President placing all of the blame;
Republicans, his failure tried forcing to be;
All the trouble they started, can't they see?

A new proud President soon will be here,
And will he or she still have the same fear;
They may be popular and in high standing;
My only hope is that they have a safe landing.

So mere politics should be shoved aside;
All of those things which we had to hide
Will again be brought back to center stage
While in history have to turn one more page.

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stretching taut in summersault 
bending over the back bends
the ends of the middle
at the middle of the end

blinded blinders - the two-timers
left just right the hill climbers
seen clear as a piece of glass
left to see right through that other class

intransigence moving the new political
compromise defined as weakly criminal 
preferable to know right than accommodate
cooperation too disturbing to contemplate

craning neck to the horizons see
what party line can fit master key
the middle way ain't between extremes
so via media ain't what it seems

life's water is wide, and cold, and deep
no matter to struggle to top o' the heap
when a house is divided, and so sits down
its arms folded across, to sink and drown

when given a choice between happy and right
can we choose cleanly between delight and ignite
tradeoff's made, are never completely the cure
but allowed to progress, our house can endure

© Goode Guy 2013-03-05

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The Day The World Cried Wolf

Behold the new enslavement scheme
Some people would compare it to a nightmarish dream

They have taken our diginity in this great State
Make me beg and despise my own country with hate

Taxes in existence is a bold trait
To tell us we have to have a cut or decrease is just another political debate

Somebody once said nobody in America should be poor
But how is that justified when we ship all of our benefits across shore

I have yet to awaken my fellow brethern
Too busy laboring like dogs to seek retirement

Children are so flawed with cell phones; they make great communication tools
But how many of these said kids believe in not posting childish antics on fb in school

The government has takes our momentum and used it against us
Oh no ! I've said to much ..... now they want me to hush
I scream and mourn what we have lost in the last 15 years
Jobs, housing , education , diginity for mankind, watch lady liberty get brought to tears

Im tired of being militant  trying to wake people in this naive country up
The day you all stop dreaming will be soon with any luck.

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Nitwit and Nincompoop

Nitwit and Nincompoop

While walking along had started to wonder
How really bad has been each blunder
After hearing a message God had sent
Said you are perfect person for President.

Even if fighting fool or a belligerent bat
Rowdy Republican or endeavoring Democrat
Chances are truly, immensely on your side
That everyone in Congress always lied.

Congress is such an irresponsive group
As well as knurly nitwit and nincompoop
Not ever knowing what side should be on
Looking for someone to blame things upon.

Present President is one who you can blame
Regardless of their sex, race, creed or name
Now needless Congress has an incessant urge
To pile up bills while they continue to splurge.

I have finally become a peaceful pigeon
And regardless of what may be my religion
Things are definitely designed for disaster
Unless I meet desires of my Lord and Master.

Jonathan Hilarious Precarious Horn
Retired Veteran

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Oh No not Again

Oh No Not Again

Another advertiser us he just did call
And pretended we weren't here at all
Wonder what this time will it be for?
Something about my muscles being sore.

Another bright idea on me did dawn
Press off button and they will be gone
And while we are watching our TV
Who is calling message there seems to be.

Automation may be good for many things
My alarm comes on and someone sings
Have an ISP who is a computer connector
On microwave and range have a selector.

Lifted my computer top and it came on
What we like best is when we are gone
Can get our air conditioner to start
On command from many miles apart.

So it seems like for every situation
Automation can come up with a creation
For any and everything we would need
Except separating grass from each wild weed.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

Can care for the complicated but gets
confused with the plain and simple. 
Is he or she a Republican or a democrat?
Who from all the land lives off of its fat.

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Anesthetized constitution,
Demoralized contribution;
Righteous inconsistency-
Wrong-doers frequency.

Subliminal conflab,
Criminal back stab;
Caseless quarrels-
Faceless morals.

Psychedelic legislation,
Humanity disintegration;
Tormented composure-
Indecent exposure.

Respect annihilation,
Sacramented violation;
Varnished illusion-
Tarnished delusion.

Armed paraphernalia,
Strung up genitalia;
Mouthed truths, clamped-
Sealed lies, stamped.

Commune travesty,
Immune amnesty;
Synthetic jurisdiction-
Pathetic contradiction.

Vengeful retribution,
Carnaged institution;
Marred government, lineated-
A nation, desecrated

© 31st October 2013

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Death Awaits

Death awaits the young marine
The touch of a woman, true love, never seen

Bullets tear through him
He drops to the ground, with blood soaked skin

His companions push forward for victory
He’s left to die, nobody listens to him scream

Angels come to save his soul
Demons laugh for the life they stole

As the soldier cry’s from the pain
He thinks “If I’m to die, who’s to gain?”

A victim of reality, thoughts through his head
Choking on his tears, knowing he is dead

A flag upon his body, his comrades stand and mourn
His parents watch on, staring at the flag, as youths they burned

A memorial was held and heads were hung low
But war must be continued and soon it’s time to go

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A Has Been

A Has Been

When we love God and get in His grove
Our poetry writing will greatly improve
But, if Him, we do continue to ignore
What is it that you are waiting for?

The primary reason you often wait and wait
Is probably procrastinate and procrastinate
And putting off is another way of saying
Poor behavior you are improperly displaying.

So, what if we were to go to Congress?
And with splendid speech them address;
Mess world has become and is now in;
Of you high and mighty's some will be a has been.

That is my poem's prediction of things to come.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

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I am bored with all the lies in the news,
The celebrity’s that live to abuse and misuse,
The war that never seems to end,
The Cosmo articles on “how to steal her boyfriend”
I am bored with reality TV,
To be honest, teenage pregnancy greaves me,
I am bored with the over use of sex,
In our world that loves and then says next,
I am bored with our lack of morality,
Listening to others false realities,
I am bored with our superficial planet,
Plastic surgery is our fruitless magnet,
I am bored with all our family feuds,
A people whose minds have become so skewed,
I am bored of people always complaining,
In a country where we all keep gaining,
I am bored with the lack of common sense,
Where good people run around extreamly tense,
I am bored with public officials putting America in a deeper mess,
Where nobody cares about the real issues that need to be addressed.

By:Sabina Nicole
Contest: Bored with....

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Well, the Feds have gotten another Gov...
Took him to court without much love.

Another corruption trial is on the wend,
Does it seem like these never end?

You've seen him on the TV I'm sure,
Casting aspersions here and there.

"I've done nothing wrong", you can hear him say,
"Just done things in the political way".

Political ways seem to be the trend,
Are they the end, or the "Means to an End"?

The guy who's battling the Feds in court,
Is one of those political sort.

I wonder where these people come from,
We seem to be always stuck with some.

And when their improprieties are known,
Into that light of reality they're shown.

Money, Power, and Greed are at the top,
These are the things that we have to stop.

But we can't do it by sitting around and wishing,
Not while the politicians take junkets to go fishing.

Do you really know how many days they convene?
Have you sent your Rep a letter to try to intervene?

Because things will go on just as they have in the past,
Politicians come first...the Little Guy comes last.

I know of the apathy I will face when I tote,
As an Election Judge, People just don't come out to vote!

So why should we cry when our politicians see,
The advantages they can take...with OUR money?

I live in a state where too many have done,
What their Greed and Corruption have made them become.

But I'm sure that your State, wherever you are,
Isn't untouched by that fate...not by far.

In the meantime we'll watch the trial with a nod,
I just hope that we can wake up to politicians like Rod.

Oh, I love the State I was born in with joy,
You may have guessed, I live in Illinois!

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A weening player

A player who weens,
more frequently queens.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Baptists and Boy Scouts

Baptists and Boy Scouts

So have you heard the latest scoop;
Baptist Church has told each scout troop
Gays aren't good for church anymore
And people about Baptists are really sore.

God said, "We are all equal in eyes of the Lord,"
How can all of the Baptists really afford
And have created such a outrageous scene
By to all gay males being so mean?

Who enters heaven is determined by God,
Love Him and much money don't have to laud
And one thing about Baptists I'm starting to find
Is they seem to be born with a simple mind.

Do you think that in hell Baptists will languish
After they have created all of the anguish;
Didn't we determine that the dissemination
Of discrimination was grounds for incrimination.

Jonathan Thesarious Hilarious Horn, Retired Veteran

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indebted to

the debt crisis started in Greece
with that ancient fact, let us make peace
we are founded after all, after Greek democracy
today's government grown to democratic bureaucracy

so, our debt crisis started in Greece
our numbers much larger, make governance obese
but managing the peace, of home and abroad
does not imply that our democracy is flawed

thinking back, our debt crisis started in Greece
and many allude that we're on the decrease
but crystal balls are more truly opaque
in democracy's future we're indebted to make

our real debt crisis that started in Greece
really none of us want our freedoms to cease
by dictators and theocracies none of us want
or lorded over by some damn crazed commandant

so we're indebted to ancient crisis's of Greece
when people got together and voted for peace
kratos, the "power" and dêmos, the "people"
a far superior government than it's prequel

back before our debt crisis started in Greece
there were slaves and soldiers praying for release
because aristocracies and kings, ruled all things
the only freedoms granted were what death brings

so yes, we are to ancient Greeks, much indebted
for them asking for a better governance vetted
giving each citizen voice, in the governing choice
a way toward a civil society we all can rejoice

© Goode Guy 2012-11-05

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the axe

given all of the pertinent facts
I wonder why we grind the axe

to prove our point of pointed dismay
that things should be the other way

and furthermore we pointedly assume
no change of course will spell out doom

to all we value and hold so dearly
the end of the world we know, or nearly

that axe to grind so smooth and keen
can slice out dissent to intervene

and change our differing conversations
to gulfs of animosity and altercations

so you'd better shape up and repent
see my wisdom and give your consent

to change it 'round to another leaning
instead of finding ways of demeaning

not my point, or my position, but me
and interrogate me with a third degree

as if my merely saying to you "ok, ok"
would be sufficient to have your own way

in the course of humanity's day-to-day
any view is from point-of-view, my way

so make sure before you grind your axe
against my thoughts, my ideas, my facts

that tree you want to cut down to size
might just be the log within your eyes

© Goode Guy 2011-07-19

notable that sarcasm rhymes with chasm, no h.

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Ninety-One Camry

As I’m driving down the street in Brentwood,
Nashville’s richest neighborhood,
The police pull me over, oh it’s still a common occurrence,
I can hear the sirens and the lights flash on in cadence,
Oh it’s usually something small, like I didn’t fully stop at a stop sign,
Or my registration’s expired just a day or two over the deadline,
And really, it’s kind of funny so I’m starting not to mind,
But in this rhyme, I’m hoping that maybe just one time,
The cops would just be honest and say something like this,
“Oh man in the 91 Camry, don’t you realize”
“That we have to pull you over, I mean we just can’t help it!”
“Your 91 Camry screams to our souls, like the white whale screamed to Ahab”
“It stands out and calls to us, like sirens in the night”
“And our urge to pull you over we just simply cannot fight”
“And so dear man, we’re sorry, but until you can invest”
“In a nicer car with brake lights that cause us much less stress”
“Then we must, we must, we mean we have to, and we really have no choice”
“But to pull you over, maybe search your car, and really really rejoice”
“That we kept the gated highways of Brentwood forever free!”
“From the ever bleeding eyesore of your 91 Camry!”

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the common room

there's something now in America's room
to give us a sense of uncommon gloom

may be a smart guy, a financial advisor
with a hundred minus 99 an uncommon divisor 

the room's haves, still have, the not, don't
99 of a hundred want redress, 1 other won't

is the Right right? does the Left remain?
has all of America gone a little insane?

do the Occupy folks occupy this room's hearts
do citizen's lives jerk on in fits-n-starts?

at their tea party did Alice and the Hatter 
sip cool-aid or tea, or really know the matter

with all the other people, or too, themselves,
red queen, a rabbit, maybe a few dozen elves

is it right to just shout "off with their heads!"
shouldn't we consider a more humane way instead

acknowledge that we all have some common good
to better care for each other, at least we should

Johnny Appleseed knew well what the future held
so he planted for generations to come and dwell

under a tree of life, growing our tree of mankind
tying us to our brothers would knots that align

there's plenty of shade under one nation's tree
with our common good a precedent, a standard to be

© Goode Guy 2012-01-20

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     By the Poets Listed After the Poem

There's good and bad in ‘most everything. 
The same is true of guns! Ping, Ping, PING!!! 
Targets as prey, almost any day, 
Fun in the sun, clean family stay!

Boomerang, this wrong, right conspires. 
We're all targets; guns will backfire. 
On the loved throne from early shooting, 
Bang! Bang! Huge torpedoes recruiting-
School massacres; what is there to say? 
Beers, bullets; kill!  American way? 
Flash my piece for a piece of the pie. 
From my cold dead hands, this gun you'll pry.

Bullet holes piercing loved ones for: Cash
Loot!  Silver!  Gold!  Jewelry!  Robbers' stash-
We must have the right to protect…. Broadcast!!!  
These rights we must uphold, don't be crass. 

Every home surely needs protection. 
What!  Haven't we learned? Expectation.
Except for prayer, we still have free speech.
How far, I ask, will lost freedoms reach?

Dane Smith-Johnsen, Doris Culverhouse, Ruben Ortellao, Charma Chircop, John Robbin,
Yoni Dvokis, Rain Cerdiwin Keetly, Patricia Prescott, Sara Kendrick, and
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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So gracefully grazing the sky,
Higher than blue birds fly

Above the cauliflower clouds,
Below the starry crowds

Such a commanding machine of man,
Speedily sweeping the land;

Now carefully descending down,
Their gaze cast to the ground

A frightful fearsome eye,
A baby child's cry

Ensnared in a teething trap
The towers did collapse.

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They have enslaved us from birth.
They rule the entire earth.

But, a day will come my friend,
When their dead kingdom will end.

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indebted to

the debt crisis started in Greece
with that ancient fact, let us make peace
we are founded after all, after Greek democracy
today's government grown to democratic bureaucracy

so, our debt crisis started in Greece
our numbers much larger, make governance obese
but managing the peace, of home and abroad
does not imply that our democracy is flawed

thinking back, our debt crisis started in Greece
and many allude that we're on the decrease
but crystal balls are more truly opaque
in democracy's future we're indebted to make

our real debt crisis that started in Greece
really none of us want our freedoms to cease
by dictators and theocracies none of us want
or lorded over by some damn crazed commandant

so we're indebted to ancient crisis's of Greece
when people got together and voted for peace
kratos, the "power" and dêmos, the "people"
a far superior government than it's prequel

back before our debt crisis started in Greece
there were slaves and soldiers praying for release
because aristocracies and kings, ruled all things
the only freedoms granted were what death brings

so yes, we are to ancient Greeks, much indebted
for them asking for a better governance vetted
giving each citizen voice, in the governing choice
a way toward a civil society we all can rejoice

© Goode Guy 2012-11-05

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Too Stunned

Too Stunned

In the twilight, we had been too stunned
And down someone had been gunned
By Poetry Soup who had the croup
After out sailing on John B's Sloop.

As the crowd out all started thinning
Knew this would become the beginning
Of madness made to move a big crowd
Over the edge for being too endowed.

So if the performance had been a repeat
Who would be willing to take the heat
With all of my poetry being so traumatic
Who would really want to raise a lot of static?

James Thomas Horn
Retired Vet and Favorite Pet

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Chewing the Fat

Chewing the Fat

When you never understand the difference
What could possibly be your preference?
Between someone who can be a candidate
And if they have inherited a political trait.

In families things and trends seem to run
Like peculiar people who prefer a gun
Even if dates had been held in suspense's
You still would be afraid of the consequences. 

So should this be more simply stated
After finding that you had obfuscated
Come to think of it and right off the bat
You sure have a way of chewing the fat.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

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Our  cloud signals  change  for
Rebirth  per  heard,
I  fear  as  tears  soak  many
We  have  stirred  with  different
Chefs, still,  this  soup  can’t  be
Let  your  quarrel  not  turn  funerals,
Rampage  can  never  be  arranged.
Your  speech  glitters  despite  the 
 harmattans  fever,
Your  motion  most  overshadow
Negative  votes.
We  are  capable  of  resisting  the
Bees  sting  on  our  feet’s,
Lets  sing  not  by  exchanging
The  syllable  rich  deceives  there
This  why  you  spit  on  my  head,
Filling, we  are  mear  weeds.
Pandemonium  is  for  kings
He  bears  his  own  risk.
We  would  never  retreat  nor  
Accept  defeat,
Please  permit  our  plea  with
Easy  for  this  reasons.
You  only  rule  and  someday
Must  move,
You  are  an  ordinary  tool  created
In  repairing  my  damaged  stool,
This  is  what  I  ask  of  you, instead,
You  take  us  for  fools.
We  were  thought  the  same  at  
I  was  even  better  than  you.
I  need  respect  don’t  violate  
This  privileged.
Various  incidence  make  up  events,
Today, I eat bitterness  and  rest  in
Hero’s  operate  with  common  sence,
He  never  pretends  specking  inconsistent
Eyes  zoom  around  you, interpreting
Your  events.
You  have  one  method  to  adopt,
Work  for  my  kingdom  in  freedom
With  wisdom.
Victory  should  duel  in  your  quest
Or  you  would  be  left  in  the  bin
Of  history  with  regrets.
Tongues  are  prepared  to  insult  in 
My  home  will  never  collapse  nor  
Crash  she’s  my  pride  till  life  do
Us  path.
                                                                                                          HABIB  AKEWUSOLA.

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Cirque de anomie

Success induces affinity, a sense of familiarity, recognition.
Similarly it instigates mysticism and scepticism: all based on ‘intuition’.
Thoughts accumulated without reason, nor justified perception:
A man who stares into a mirror, and doesn’t recognise his reflection.

On first name terms with ‘The Beckhams’, and Hollywood’s elite.
They’re not characters, they’re people, on Coronation Street.

Remarkable. How soon someone can be engulfed by fame.
Suddenly an average Joe becomes a household name.
Instantly a nobody is loved and envied, on a pedestal to be judged -
any minor misdemeanour and their celebrity grave is dug.

Consistent success, regular reason for jealous bystanders to scorn
and envious thoughts extend to actions, a punishment for how well you’ve performed.
A thoroughbred national champion, vanishes from the face of the earth:
The owners of a legendary Irish race-horse punished, for the talent they unearthed.

In our post-modern, big-brother society, dominated by CCTV -
a little girl disappears on holiday, while her parents get something to eat.

All this monitoring and scrutinising is supposed to be our safety valve,
but the media attention’s too late and ‘security’ has let us down.
A fuss over a crisis, an image built on lies -
and we wonder why celebrities treat the media with despise.

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Outlaws Now

Justice has become a farce in the land of make believe
We were taught when we were kids never to deceive
Judges are appointed that even a snake would loath
They believe it is acceptable to tell lies under oath
Liberals and lawyers have destroyed the law somehow
We who believe in justice are the outlaws now
The criminals are living proof that crime actually does pay
While the law abiding person has his rights taken away
Poor man’s guilty and in prison he sits
Rich man gets paid for the crime he commits
Man is not judged by guilt or innocence
But by what he has in dollars and cents.
We who believe in fairness to all
We who will not answer to the rich man’s call
We who to corruption will not bow
We have become the outlaws now.

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A Prayer for Haiti

I pray dear God to grant reprieve
To Haitian brother in dire need.
Spirit, instill a strength divine,
Transform his heart as loving Guide.
May healing hands inspire hope,
May grace and love our prayers provoke.
Raise Haiti’s head, with conqu’ring faith
You will prevail, you will prevail. Amen.

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Newt's Pursuit

You don’t have to be astute
To know the Red team won’t choose Newt.
There are reasons several-fold – 
First of all, he just seems old.

Though he may be very smart,
He’s dumb in matters of the heart.
Cheated on a loyal wife –
“Open marriage?” – Get a life!

Now he stands to make a speech
With number 3 wife, like a leech,
Always just an inch away,
With her hair held down by spray.

Newt, I hate to tell you, mistah,
Next first mate won’t be Callista!

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There are no loyalties on Capitol Hill
They learned to worship the dollar bill
A group without ethics or common sense
Destroying our pride and independence
Both parties working together to pass
Laws bringing more to the upper class
Spending freely without worry or care
Reach into our pockets to find more there
An elite club of as-holes and we pay their dues
It doesn’t matter who wins, the people lose
We do need change and retribution
Our loyalties belong to a revolution
Not a term should be repeated
Each incumbent should be defeated
In Washington is there still evil lurking
Why are these CEO’s still working
How can they possibly still be there today
An unemployment check should be their pay
Congress does have loyalties, now that’s a switch
Their loyalties belong to the ultra rich.

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Someone Come and Save Us

Such a waste of breath with their wealthy treasure chest
And their constant search for substance; at the cost of life without reluctance.

Some resent the air they breathe; it's an anger that has seethed;
If this had been some other days;  we would end it in our ways.

The mind says run for cover; but you're not alone there’s others
And we know that's not the answer; so the doubt spreads like a cancer.

Wondering as we can; and trying to understand;
Did this begin as a mishap; and did we know this was a trap.

Are we slowly losing hope; how much longer must we cope;
It's no longer about right; corruption has too much mite

Perhaps this is quite common; but it’s an ugly place to fall in;
And justice comes to us none; since the power man has come.

Is this really where we want to be; when death comes round to see;
And does malcontent begin at home; or from out there where we roam.

Come on boys we're fighting for democracy; sign the slip and come with me;
We're going to the east; it's there we'll kill the beast; the power men must feast.

Who will build the fires; as we're hardening from this mire;
And can we stay alive; while we're trying to survive?

Some may have to stay; to live through ending days;
In this story there are doubts; can you hear the muffled shouts;

It's so hard to continually ignore; how can we take it anymore;
This disease has turned contagious; please someone come and save us.

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Response to The Media

We are people, not robots. We won’t accept your lies
We will not stand idly by, while another patriot cries
We will watch you crumble and we will watch you sink
You can never tell us, what to do or what to think
This is our Christian country and now you can believe
If you don’t like the way it is, then pack it up and leave
We are not here to serve you. You are here to serve
When you put down our country, you just strike a nerve
You will not teach our children with your venomous bite
We will teach our children what is wrong and what is right
You have no power over us. We will beat your psychological game
God will stay in our government and we will praise His Name
This country’s free and so are you to worship as you please
But we believe that God protects our borders and our seas
We welcome all and pray each day that no one ever be banned
But if you don’t like it feel free to move to another land
Without our permission, you really have no powers
We don’t infringe on your rights, so don’t infringe on ours
We will say Under God in our pledge, each and every morning
Please don’t try to stop us, we are giving you fair warning
Our Christian Constitution is not written on shifting sands
If you try to change it, you will have a battle on your hands
Do not flaunt your authority and push us to the brink
You’ll find out that our people are a lot tougher than you think
This is one nation Under God, so ring the Liberty Bell
If you don’t like the way we live, by all means, go to Hell.

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They mutilate my body gender's not a man

They marry me away in my teens gender's not a man

They will not teach me to read gender's not a man

They say I'm inferior gender's not a man

They deny my God-given gifts gender's not a man

They deny my inheritance gender's not a man

They never deny my place in life gender raises  man

Note Only 1% of the world's women own land;70% of the billion + living in poverty 
are women;67% of the world's illeratres are women

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We must do better inspite
of many who might
wish to impose
their fiefdom on those
with a new resolution to press
in the halls of congress.

We have to get better at
conference reports that
only bring more confusion
to our hallowed institution
as gavels bang to supress
little dictators who digress
in the halls ... 

Stuffed shirts compete
with suitwomen replete 
in conversations from the floor
who must revise and extend their remarks out the door
of all this frenetic energy, thought,
hard work to plot
adding up to nothing in the end
as a mighty pen
will veto any hope again 
for the halls in the hinterland.

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Get Breakfast ready and we’ll tell you what to drink
Pick up a paper and we’ll tell you what to think
Who do you think you are, being all that you can be
We dictate what you do, you are no longer free
It’s a psychological game, we play it every day
We give you glimpses of hope, then we take it away
We’ll take away your dreams and throw them on a pile
We’ll ignite those dreams with fear and burn them for a while
You have no place to hide that we cannot find
We control your movements, we control your mind
You will fall in line or get lost along the way
We will speak for you, you no longer have a say
You will be the ones to satisfy our greed
You will find a way to serve our every need
We are the media around you, let us cast our spell
We create your heaven. We create your hell
It doesn’t matter if it’s the truth or if we deceive
We will let you know what you are to believe.
We’ll dictate your feelings, so you will know your role
We’ll spread hate and chaos so you know who’s in control
A source of information, you’ll tune in with pride
We’ll give you all the facts. You’ll only hear our side.
We’ll fill your mind with lies and we will distort the truth
You’ll take it to your homes and teach it to your youth
There is no cause for alarm, there is no need to fear
You will be allowed to hear what we want you to hear
This game is very simple. We make all the rules
We become the dictators while you become the fools.

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Living in America

There’s nothing to go back to; there’s nothing up ahead.
There’s nothing but to be alone; and someday he’ll be dead.
   He doesn’t know what’s going on; it doesn’t matter anyway.
   He just can’t be submissive; and bend to others ways.
He hates to see the darkness; while the sun drops out of sight.
It’s then he does remember; this world is just not right.
     There’s no such thing as freedom; it’s join or be alone.
     He never gets accepted; so he stands there on his own.                                 
We count our little blessings; and accept our Atta boys.
At Christmas time we spend our cash; for the children and their toys
     We contribute to the charities; we buy our special stamps.
     We give no thought to homelessness; they are only tramps.
We’re surrounded by the masses; that believe the best they can.
After all they all agree; they want the best for man.
     We line up for elections; but our choice seldom matter.
     The dynasty is all dug in; they care not of our chatter.
They keep their numbers in a chamber; locked inside a vault.
It’s there they turn it into power; to ward off all assaults.
     They listen to our phone calls; as security for the land.
     While the keepers of the fossil fuel, put money in their hand.
They know that we can’t stop them, they’re not afraid of rocks.
They’ll put the fear of god in us; till the pee runs down our socks.
     No one’s going to tell them; that they don’t know what’s best;
    They suggest we take what’s offered us; and give our mouths a rest.
I really couldn’t care; nor it does it matter anyway;
There’s only one thing left to do; that’s surviving every day.
     That’s not a pretty picture; this painting by the numbers;
     So take whatever you can get; while the giant slumbers
Hide your treasures real well, before the tax man takes his piece;
Otherwise you will be raped; and likely without grease

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The Reason We Are There

As I knelt down beside the dying man,
I took hold of his bloody and trembling hand.

So far from home this lad had come to suffer and die,
And I couldn’t help but ask the question why!

To give freedom and liberty to a people who just cannot comprehend,
The reason we are here is to protect and defend.

All of their lives, dictatorship is all these people have ever known,
A nation with no will, and jelly for a backbone.

I don’t mean that they are cowards it’s just that they have never tasted of the wonders of freedom,
Or know of the values from whence it comes from.

Freedom doesn’t mean that you can always do what you want or desire,
But working together in harmony to reach a solution that’s best for all to transpire.

Being able to make choices is why this young man came so far from home to suffer and die,
It was his choice, his belief, and he felt his obligation is why.

To let someone else have a taste of what he relished is what brought him this way,
It’s the American way to help others is all I’m trying to say.

When you have something you know is good, it makes you feel good to share,
I just wish others would realize we’re not there to hurt them, we’re there cause we care.

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Bird Dung of Doom

The prophets forewarned us in ancient words
Of monstrous, metallic, reptilian birds

Igniting skies with a flight of fire:
Below them the smoke of charred Earth will spire.

These death-pterodactyls are coming true:
Their pilots turn bleak the horizons of blue,

Sleek avian avatars, spilling down
Their droppings that cinder the field and town.

The creatures themselves are consumed in flame,
And man is a dinosaur, obsolete-name,

Forgotten as prophesied, slain by sleek
Low-swooping pteranodons, bones-in-beak.

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Captivating property with panoramic view
Painted with pride in red white and blue
Once standing proud and renowned everywhere
Foundation's eroding from lack of care
Wonderful neighbors, bilingual you know
French to the north and Spanish below
Beautiful shoreline on the east and the west
Lately her structure has been put to the test
Tenants won't mind if you take over the land
They have learned to bury their head in the sand
The property changes managers every four to eight years
Lately the managers have brought the tenants to tears
Selling out at this time may not be right
But the tenants won't mind, they've learned not to fight
The property is run from an ivory tower
Swallowed in greed and corrupted with power
The walls are collapsing, it seems such a sin
If you are going to rebuild, you must start from within
The property rules which were once black and white
Have faded to gray or are nowhere in sight
There are mountains and prairies, fields and streams
A place for your children and a place for your dreams
But now that I've thought about it you can go to Hell
This property is mine and I never will sell.

          This poem is written for the politically correct morons in three piece suits 
making military decisions affecting the lives of our troops, decisions they are not 
qualified to make. They might be able to spell integrity and are able to use it in a 
sentence but don't know how to use it  in their lives. They have put this country 
up for sale to the highest bidder. They have sold us out to OPEC and we are 
supposed to bow our heads and just accept it.  My Flag, My country. If you 
don't like it LEAVE!!.

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American Me

I am an American,I'm proud to be free.
I am an American,I'm the future 'to-be'.
I love my country,this land where I was born.
I love my country,it's flag,tattered and worn.
I pledge my allegiance every morning at school.
I pledge my allegiance because AMERICA RULES!
I can make a differerence with a 'star-spangled' quote.
I can make a difference by casting MY vote.
I will serve my country,should it ever call on me,
I will serve my country by being the BEST AMERICAN CITIZEN that I can be!

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I have no doubt that is a D-flat, he insists,
No, no, that is a C-sharp, she persists.

It is okay having a nuclear U.S. and Russia
but definitely not North Korea.

The world can live with a nuclear Pakistan
but obviously not Iran.

A rigid set of standards is applied to some
while exceptions are given to the other ones.

No wonder the world is such a mess! 

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Children in the school rooms; they learn their a.b.c’s
 And the lines at social services; have mothers begging please.
   The homeless in the alleys are looking for a nip.
   Apartment dwellers watching them, while on their coffees sip.
Bobby claims his good intentions; while watching Nancy climb the stairs.
Rita’s watching from the couch; thinking no one cares.
   The lady spreads her rumors, from there inside the church.
   The deacon has a thing for her, which puts him in a lurch. 
The race horse has his blinders; the lady has them too.
They serve us as reminders; be careful what you do.
  The children grew to adults, now new kids are in school.
  The waiting lines are all still there; only now there’s stricter rules.
Do we stand united, as we search for personal gain?
Do we become excited, as we ride that money train?
   Is your bank account depleted; are your cupboards looking bare?
  Have you gained more than you have needed; but you offer not to share.
I wonder why it is like this; it’s everywhere you go.
People give their reasons; but it seems nobody knows.
   It’s a world of contradictions, and it never seems to change.
   We’re a people who get angry; when plans get rearranged.
Since I’m driven by survival, I take my issues now with ease;
There’s nothing I can do about it; people do just as they please.