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Couplet Football Poems | Couplet Poems About Football

These Couplet Football poems are examples of Couplet poems about Football. These are the best examples of Couplet Football poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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More Than One

Quizmasters often test mentalities, 

by asking folks to name pluralities, 

of things of many different sorts.

Like, soldiers might be called 'cohorts'.

There are 'flights' of geese and jets and stairs,
my socks are sometimes found in 'pairs'.

A young girl's curls could hang in 'bangs',
and crooks might hang about in 'gangs'.

Such gangs could join to form a 'mafia',
alas that only rhymes with 'raffia'.

Apes, as you'd know, can make a 'shrewdness',

could rednecks joined become a 'rudeness'?
And though Collingwood fans are two a penny,
more than one is just 'Too Bloody Many'.

Unless you have been in the same pub or football ground with Collingwood fans, or on the same train or tram or continent, you will never understand.

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Mean Joe and the Curtain

Mean Joe Greene number seventy-five
kept the Pittsburgh Steelers alive

was a solid wall on that frontline
and sacking the quarterback was fine

the Steel Curtain was solid back then
in the seventies they’d always win

that was the decade of the Steelers
take your rookie card to a dealer

and maybe it is worth some green
never forgetting mean Joe Greene

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Football Potpourri (A Souper Collaboration)

Switching channels, trying to stay on top
Mannings and Favre are the cream of the crop

Afraid to miss a single great play
Is this how a lady should spend her Sunday?

Vikings fans stand up and cheer
Purple and gold are winning this year

Look like dem Saints gonna 'Brees' (Understood?)
No more bags, no more 'Ain'ts" (Better knock on some wood!)

Not much success for the Tampa Bay Bucs
But faithful fans are still wishing them luck

The Giants appear to be bouncing back
Eli and team mates try to regain their track

Great quarterbacks like Luckman and Tittle 
Let's hope our Giants remain "fit as a fiddle"

Touchdowns and field goals get fans outta their seats
While I scream and applaud, my cheerleading repeats

Reviews and replays are part of this game
As great football legends, their names shall remain

Let's get ready to watch game of football.
It's the number one game to watch in the fall.

Choose a team that will be a winner.
Watch the game just before dinner.

Oklahoma sooners is my team who's yours?

Many thanks to the football fans who contributed, including Linda-Marie Bariana, Karen 
O'Leary, Tim Ryerson, Matthew Annish and Teresa Skyles (the Sooner fan!).

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I can speak French and sometimes Chinese
I can also speak cat with some ease
When he  miaows at me as he goes
I mimic his call and he  knows
When the dog barks I reply
Even the horse and I see eye to eye
But I can’t speak “woman”
It’s beyond the speech power of a man.
I can’t talk for hours about shoes

And discuss the merits of mauves or blues
Or share the humour of how pink bows  
Don’t go with green  pillows
And go all weepy over Meryl  Streep

Or wax lyrical over some punk-rock creep

Or persuade some guy to discuss flowers

Rather than the size of the nuclear powers  
.. . . . so she  said. . . . so then I said. . . 
And  she whispered. . . . and her face went red. . . .

No it’s impossible to spend hours on the phone
I’d rather sit watching football all alone
It’s futile me trying to pretend
An interest in what gift to send
Or remember birthdays wi th accuracy
Such a task would drive me crazy
God save me from female speech
Let me speak “man”,  I beseech
Just let me sit alone and grunt
Or maybe shoot, fish,  and hunt
And talk to the dog about football facts
Or maybe  to the car while I wax.