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Couplet Flower Poems | Couplet Poems About Flower

These Couplet Flower poems are examples of Couplet poems about Flower. These are the best examples of Couplet Flower poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Growing With Love Always

Spring menu of snowdrops, daffodils, dandelion, crocus and anemones
Each color blossoms the beauty swaying inside a breeze dancing thoughts

The image of spring changed colors roaring never thought my heart might burst
Within waves blowing kisses warmly touching the chambers endless bliss

The moment the sun draws the mist from the sea to the skies feels magical
Your footprints on deep sands fluttering wings of an angel beaming sunshine

Under the wing of an angel you will find safety, happiness and beauty
held within a gasping breath your love true and complete beautiful

Written by Liam Mcdaid & A-L Andresen  

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Lost In Love

Holding you inside one fragile beautiful flower blossoming dream
Sweet you are my love painting words breathtaking within all wishes

Silvery streak of moonlight shimmering a star 
only now I read between the lines trailing thoughts 

How can you ask someone to stop loving without care 
an impossible task even for the hardest of hearts  

If I were the last person on this planet sunshine through clouds 
that's how it draws to me you're asking me not to love you 

Misery likes company cuts deeper than a knife wounds beauty
never was the answer to love in our friendships face

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Blossoms And Bubbles

As I entered the garden the scents enticed
rampant rose blossom the arches fenced.

Cascading aromatic blossoms greeting me
amidst the climbers were the sweet pea.

In the centre stood the patio so glamorous
sparkling bubbles of champagne  so amorous.

Tickling the throat buds saturated with scent
from the tumbling blossoms as they descent.

Blood stream and breath full of roiling bubbles
and past swish the gentry parading in couples.

Raise your glasses in a toast as friends are wed
laughing, knowing they will all too soon be in bed.

Ah what a perfect day in this romantic garden
bubbles and blossoms tumbling as skies darken

Blossoms and bubbles never somniferous
mixed together they are becoming toxiferous.

written 03/25/2015

contest Blossom and Bubbles

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Floral expanse

Floral expanse

Roses in vivid colours that smiled in glamour,
Red blood to be garlanded at valour,

White lilies bunching hearty and serene,
Catching lovers' fancy to the extreme,

Lavenders at the crest of mountains,
Challenging beauties of the terrains,

Merrigolds shining bright with sunrise,
Worshipping aroma to no surprise,

Dahlia, orange and yellow poppies dance,
Oleander with their pink flowers put us in stance,

Irises swayed taller on their stalks,
Bougainville like trumpets' melody outlast,

Bluebells borrowed colour from the sky,
Yellow dandelions woke up in golden bright light,

Tulips were as bright as showers,
Their beds flamed like throbbing rings of fire,

Forming shadows were rows of white flowers,
On azure coloured ground like trails of shooting stars,

Tiny wildflowers illuminated the grass,
Like jewels in the dust to nature's sarcast !

Written November 27th, 2014
For contest 'Encounter with flowers' by Anthony Slausen

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Blossoms and Bubbles

     In a magical forest among the purple ice plants
     the queen fairy floats by inside a bubble and chants

     "Come to me all fairy lights and play softly among your flutes"
     hundreds of fairies fly to her in a great multitude they swoop

     Soft music from the fairies make the flowers start to sway 
     bending low and high reaching for the sky they splay

     The flowers bouncing each bubble with a fairy inside 
     giving each a beautiful and peaceful joy ride. 

3/30/2015    contest sponsored by: Olive Eloisa Guillermo  'Visual 1'


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- A Bird Sings Only When It Is Happy -

A white dove flies gracefully across vision
Shines as transparent pieces of ivory joy

I give you a Candle of Love, for inspire and encourage you
Blown gently upon a soft warm lovely breeze 

Falling slowly like a ripe apple 
With sad confusion, I promise you heaven

Everything will fall into place and gives you, perfect pleasure of life
Love whispering on wings fluttering deep

It is possible to change your tomorrow, if you seek your dream today
To watch the light change i pray for your beauty to return

My arms are full of flowers, the beauty the unfathomable grace
Reborn under a promise of color inside the mist bouquet dream 

Written by Liam Mcdaid & A-L Andresen :)  11.04.2015 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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- A Little Bit Of Heaven -

Such a romantic place on a beach in Monte Carlo 
Simple little things in life catching one's breath 

Moonlight glinting of waves breaking off a white sandy beach 
Faraway thoughts brown eyes crying in an ocean dream song 

Spell of romance makes one forget the sense of anything 
Silent whispers echoes binding our chain together tides speak 

Do you remember the white doves that followed us along the beaches 
Each link in your arm magic walks closer feelings sing inside a joyous choir enchants

Nature nurtured by the desire to fulfill dreams makes time stop 
Holds deep sea emotions a galloping white steed races home in warm waves kiss 

The natures mesmerizing perfume of fragrant flowers 
Where destiny paints the joy in butterflies dance on a warm loving breeze 

Such is the passion in the depths of ones soul 
Jewels needle vision flies without wings heaven sings in a spiral coloring rainbows 

No barriers closed no reasons withstand 
The midnight moon shades blue embraced one shadow two become one dream 

A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and Anne-Lise Andresen

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The Bee's Discovery

I have found it at last
 Flower told in legends past
Its color vibrant as gold
My furry body it will hold

I have had no color since my birth
This is the only color left on Earth

Its yellow beauty is so bright
Brighter than the noon sun’s light

Now on my flower I must feed
The flavor-filled pollen it will bleed
This is for a picture Abe Lopez asked me to write a poem on from Raul Moreno's pictures

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I am a Red Red Rose

I am a red red rose
A beauty to behold
My texture captivates
My scent invigorates
Petals, a velvet red
Coverings for your bed
Leaves an emerald garb
That hide the hidden barb
Though thorns be on my stem
Touch me, ignoring them
Please, handle me with care
Dethorned, my beauty bare
I am a red red rose
Your passion for me grows
Rose water from me drips *
And wets your precious lips
I beautify your soul
My presence makes you whole
I am a red red rose

Eileen Manassian Ghali

PS...A different take on Robert Burns famous Poem, A Red Red Rose.

*By the way, rose water is used in many desserts in Lebanon. One of my favorites, Mouhalabieh, a white custard that is topped with syrup and pistachios, contains rose water. Yummy....Let your mind run riot with that one! :)

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In Amber Shade It’s almost March and Spring will come To brighten daises in the sun, As tinted buds around my gate Will soon wear garlands, I await. Then daybreak radiates to spray Each perfumed cheek while beams display Fresh golden blooms so lemon-bright; In yellow tones...such rare delight. Oval-shaped leaves unfurling now Infusing highlights through the bough, Adorning a crown of flowers In amber shade from dazzling hours. When hues of morn begin to croon Their rhythm to cycle’s fortune Oh daisies in the sun, I’ll hear The lambent glow of Spring’s premiere! Colours Contest of Shadow Hamilton posted 2/8/2014

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Just Like The Rose

She presses her nose to the window pane 
Softly a sky unrolls and pours out the rain

Bright gold –ram letters formed insignias 
This flower shop belongs to Mrs Cynthia 

Come in come in, you carbunculus child 
Touch her petals, yes she has reconciled    

To the ration of her floral healing power 
She is yours, and I gift her for the hour,

Little silver bells ring light by open door 
Permeates of heaven raising off the floor

We live have our being then we are no more
Just like the Rose when she opens to the core 

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George Dunlop Leslie : Potpourri

It takes planning, a graveled path, herb sets
to create a heavenly perfume

some time around bloom time
excess pruned down by a third and hung.

We see a bit of the hanging God then
in the silky down of lavender, thyme

offer homage of pressed violets, 
golden suns of marigold as tune of awe.

The mincing of the mints is heavenly
as candy, sharp peppermint, mellow lemon balm,

the bedding down of chamomile, poppy maw,
the spiral sweets and gingered leaves of geranium

shavings of orris root, too many iris anyway
so free them all and set the scent create a smelly sum.

Add carnation stars, sticky sweet hollows of fennel
to tell the men, here is where the women live

won’t you remember your marjoram, your rosemary
with the pots on to boil, or laying head on crisp sheets and sigh.

It all takes planning, to decorate, alleviate, scent
create the corners of a life. Let’s go set the herbs.

Then breathe in the heavenly scent of potpourri lent
as offering, homage to all the plenty wonder of our lives.

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Upon A Bed Of Petals

There in a bed of petals rests
The latest blooms burst from their nests

Beneath the trees in even's shade
Those nodding flowers dipped and swayed

And one more tender petal fell
The coloured bed of scents to swell

I'll rest me in this quiet shade
'Till sunset's glow does quickly fade

And rest me in these petals sweet
No kingly throne made greater seat

From thence the view I shall survey
The setting sun, the flowers gay

And if, perhaps, I then should tire
I'd follow this, my heart's desire

And there upon that petalled bed
I'd rest my weary, happy head

Perfumed by fragrance from the ground
To go where pleasant dreams abound

Written for the contest by the same name. First Place.

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Morning glory

For the hills they undulate and roll,
Set beneath a crimson sky.
Image liken, to castle ramparts past,
Now slowly worn away with time.
For only seconds before the dawn,
And the mighty sun to rise.
Once more its rays to warm the earth,
And ascend into the sky.
For little bird how sweet you sing,
As you usher now the new morn in.
From branch to branch flit to and fro,
Along the leafy wild hedgerow.
For amongst the green, a dusting fare,
Of pastel shades of color there.
For gentle are the flowers that spring,
Who’s petals blossom like fairy wings.
©  N  Windle.

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A Summer Couplet

Moonflowers are night-blooming dwellers,
perfect for night owls and late night strollers.

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Child of the night

Passed by on the street with a glance or a stare.
Forgot in a moment; Why would I care?

Roaming the night feeling your soul bleed.
Always alone with your shame and your need.

Shying away from the suns warm glow.
A wounded child unable to know.

The glorious flower hiding inside.
Yearning to burst with color and pride.

Who tends the garden sowing the seed?
Feeding and trimming and tending all need.

With his love and his word the flower will bloom.
Glorious color bursting forth from the gloom.

Unto the sky the flower will raise.
Full of joy, full of laughter, full of praise.

                       Copy write 2011 
                       Russell H Smith 

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A summer couplet

Aberdevines disperse in woods encouraging the leaves to shine
while skies will open to reflect the nature's wisdom and design.

© G. V. 06-14-2013
(Iambic Octameter)

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A Summer Couplet - contest

Fuscia  bells tinkle with pollen for busy  bees to attain
Making sure next summer  the bells will ring again

Contest : loving summer.  13/06/2013

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Loving Summer

sunshine is blazing down, flowers sweetly fragrant 

Waft on gentle breezes through the beds so vibrant

contest: Loving Summer 06/13/2013

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some flowers bloom within days of planting
others not for years—or with stunted timing
only God ordains the beauty of His creations
manifested in different ways and formations

early ‘bloomers’ will habitually frustrate us
discouraged- Gods plans remain anonymous
we grow impatient with the changing seasons
deliberating His timing to reveal His reasons

ignoring valuable lessons of diverse planets flora
some seem to flourish, while others become poorer
several live decades, sadly a few for mere minutes
does God have his hand on us all without any limits?

assuming, concluding-- all reasons for His delay
possibly-- perhaps sin may be leading few astray
persistent, crafting global testimony to His glory
by no means leaving late bloomers out of His story

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The Sunflower Mystery: solved

Pixies in the fields, not fairies from the skies
Turn sunflowers facing East with well-trained fireflies!

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The beautiful bloom of a flower
Behind is a birth of a supernatural power.

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A Flower Through The Snow

A Flower Through the Snow (or The Traveler)


Why is it always the merriment that’s rattling at the door,
In the middle of the day that keeps the night at war?
If only you could open up and let this traveller in,
There could be a-something done about hushing up this din.
There’s a bottle sure, an open sore, the salt of seven seas,
White lines lay upon on the shore from brow creasing pleas.

Well first it’s a little, little sorry then it’s just little more,
‘Til the book finds a new page - now who’s this written for?
Why’d you bury the bones and start thinking they were treasure,
And dig ‘em back up and find the horror not the pleasure.
Is it startled reassurance that the truth ain’t in the flesh?
Well it ain’t in the bones too if there’s no cartilage to mesh.

Now all the chorus girls know a thing or two about this
That night weary wanders see only blue for bliss
As they’re walking through the day putting night sighs to test
Shaking stuck fallen leaves from shady places where you rest
Shut your eyes, go to sleep, though there are a thousand things
To do before tomorrow when winter’s cold voice sings

Can you let this traveller in while there’s still flame in the fire?
Ask to hear his story but if you know it he won’t tell yer
Wait there warm, sit there childish, wait until the new spring.
If he’s asks you the way or to see just say it’s something
In your smile, so stick around it may show, might grow
Like a song in the belly, like a flower through the snow.

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He has a red thumb

Taking time smelling with your noses                                                                    Thinking Before you lie in a bed a roses                                                                        You better respect the thorns                                                                                     With these two a rose was born                                                                                  Some complain a rosebush has thorns                                                                      Grasped with haste and you may be torn                                                                         Or rejoice a thorn bush has roses                                                                               Admire the beauty in which the thorny poses                                                                You knew when you began to pick                                                                           Handle with care lest you get pricked                                                                              A young gardener has a red thumb                                                                               An older gardener rejoicing he has none

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Life in clover

He who's used to live in clover
does not want it to be over.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Sightless Seeker

I reach for you in this darkness and find you gone,
Budless bloom of a forsaken thorn,

Nectarine of my life, song of my night,
Conjure thyself once more to bless my singed sight,

Search me now and see my grief,
In you lieth my only relief,

Water my withered roots and sire another tree,
Entangle thyself deep inside of me.

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Plowers and flowers

As there're no plowers 
who smell like flowers,
so no flowers  
that smell like plowers.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Oh My

The daffodils are blooming and some grasses are turning green...
And in nearly yard a happy robin can be seen.

And early in the morning you hear the song birds star to sing...
Oh my! Could it be the start of spring?

The trees are starting to bud and are now all aglow...
And those early blooming trees are starting to put on a show.

I have a yearning in my fingers to go play in the dirt...
And I've noticed that young people are taking more time to flirt.

Early in the morning now I can hear the song birds sing...
Oh My! Could it really be the start of spring?


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winters end

Outside on the deck
It is cold as heck
The birds have froze to death
They don't even have any breath
Standing here looking at the sun shivering
The heat it is not delivering
I have a frozen tear
I thought spring time is near
Ready for the flowers to bloom
I'm sure spring will arrive soon
Why do I have to start a fire
It is time it should not be required
Where are you my friend
I want winter to end

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Popular Flower

A popular well-known flower will reappear
And continue to come back year after year;
By next door neighbor, flower had been found;
When he said this, I almost hit the ground.

I'm glad flower is ours and we are full of bliss
Thanks to a sensational Texas Star Hibiscus,
Even though each bloom only lasts one day
I still marvel at all of its magnificent display.

I love every part of it down to each centigram;
Out front our flower is creating a traffic jam;
Each person is praying they too someday
Will receive a hibiscus seed I had given away.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran