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Couplet Dedication Poems | Couplet Poems About Dedication

These Couplet Dedication poems are examples of Couplet poems about Dedication. These are the best examples of Couplet Dedication poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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                       EDGE WALKER 

Waking up to the depth beyond such things everyday
One day I choose to walk and become Queen of Mandalay

In the depth of my ocean mind
I Find my soul diving and trying to unwind

Peer pressure can not handle all the empty space
Avoiding the worlds relativistic mass by the human race

Over using the power giving to me
Sleeping at times disappointed by humanity

I walk in darkness to help you reach the light
I twist the darkness to give you a better sight

Walking at the edge of all things with the ability to precept
Using logic to compare and intercept the emotions we can not accept 

With the emotional picture of a fast heart beat
Wiping out the brain waves with a mood in heat

Giving enough flow to the power of intuition
Exceeding the knowledge without the book of Revelation

Receiving the pointless pain in a persons chest
A wreck who ignores the emotions to digest

A mood string of self manipulation eating away at the mass of reality
Some viewers are so unperceptive, a low self esteem of stupidity

A curse a gift with ability to know everything, illusions of feeling it
with an emphasis so useless you can not admit

Trusting one day came with a price, alerting my ego on strong
Using my energy to direct the purpose of the wrong

Walking like a tool threw out the worlds philosophy
A weapon of thought not meant for the mindless or monstrosity

The hidden riddles of life are the ones before your eyes
Grasping the concept with the attention of ending lies in our lives

Proceeding the ethics of the center of ones endless layer
accepting the birth of all responsibility, over the edge of a mind player

I gave the thought with a natural twist of a moving spear
Expanding the horizon of the hemisphere

Edge walkers down and broken standing without
Walking straight forward with the same God and Devil in doubt

Simply looking through "rose colored glasses."
Chaos from the ugliness of avoiding the large body masses

Balancing out the change to allow the flow
follow logical emotions, that destroys a mind blow.

causing the opposite to any action
effect the law of any equal reaction

expect to accept the unexpected, a dull way of life
connect the keeper of the masters weapon knife 

with religion  comes weakness of not standing tall
with the strong perception of life even one can fall

Standing without the generations of a crawler
living as a shadow he or she who believes the edge walker

                       by;p.d. ~June/6/10

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The Seamstress of Time

I have a special story I wish to share
About a seamstress beautiful and fair

She would fade away turning into smoke
Of her amazing beauty, no man would joke

The spiraling smoke would then re-form
I know only an angels face could be so warm

Before her a beautiful quilt was spread
Upon it the story of my life was said

As she once again started to dissipate 
She said, “Mike this quilt records your fate”

As the smoke traveled over to a new place
And then formed together creating her face

Looking over her shoulder back at me
She said, “This area will hold what has yet to be”

Most of the quilt looked like twisted evil tattoo
Simply because, my life’s quilt was quilted true

I looked the quilt over and then met her gaze
She was so beautiful in so many different ways

The last part of the quilt way over to the right
Showed the beauty of someone changing their plight

Upon her beautiful hand, which seemed so nimble
I noticed she was wearing my grandmother’s thimble 

From a young maiden so beautiful to see
My grandmother appeared right in front of me

I guess up in heaven we return to our youth
My grandmother was beautiful; such is the truth

I thought of the price grandma was asked to pay
The shame of knowing I had turned out that way

I thought of her sitting there stitching my shame
My grandmother didn’t deserve an eternity of pain

She said, “Michael be still with the pain in your heart,
Your story encourages others to make a new start.”

“The deeper the wrong the stronger the right
I always knew my boy would take up the fight”

With a smile much brighter than an ice covered sea
She said, “I love the man my boy has grown up to be”

As she turned to the quilt and started to sew
She said, “Michael, its now time for you to go.”

“Believe in your story believe in your truth
For Salvation is the true fountain of youth”

One night in a dream, which I’ll hold forever divine
I learned; my Grandmother is now,” The Seamstress of Time”

When I was a boy I would help my Grandmother roll
her quilt, find her glasses, as well as, her thimble. I 
never thought about how amazing her art truly was.
From a pile of rags she would make the most beautiful
quilt's. I sleep under one of her quilts to this very day. 

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The Luckiest Man

The Luckiest Man

I have found that not everyone is as strong
As the skies are wide and the days are long

But in life I have found there is this one
Whose bounty makes me feel as warm as the sun

And from the moment that she first caught my eye
I knew I’d be with her til’ the day that I die

That I would love and cherish her all the day through
And do all those little things we men are supposed to do

And spend my days lost in utter bliss
That I had this beautiful woman to kiss

And there’s one true fact ‘bout her being my girl
That makes me the luckiest man in the world

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                                Mothers are love you can never replace,
                        from the day you were born they have that embrace.

                                Mothers are someone you can always turn to,
                        when ever you are in trouble and don't know what to do.

                                Mothers are our healers all the times that we are ill,
                             it is just how Mother's are,always have and always will.

                                Mothers are guardian angels who guide us through life,
                                      they are gifts to our Father's to be a loving wife.

                                Mothers are special and are made just for you,
                        always beside you when you need help to get through.

                                Mothers are people who will always be around,
                       she may not be your blood,but a Mother is common ground.

                                          MOTHERS ARE PRECIOUS PEOPLE
Dedicated to PD:)

                                                      Colleen Marie Bono
                                                           July 1, 2013

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To All Of You

There are times we are left to cope
With situations that drain our hope

Leaving us full of despair
At how some people just don't care

About the evil that they do
To good people like all of you

We are left to somehow face
That in mankind there is disgrace

And those of us left alive
Must find away to survive

As you pick up the pieces of your life
Without your mother, father, husband or wife

And some of you God forbid
Without the love of your kids

We must band together with a brotherhood
Show that in this world there is some good

Because we are together in this deal
We try to help each other heal

We seek in each other good advice
And offer each other sacrifice

We hold each other in prayer and song
As we continue to re-build the wrong

Because what else in the world can we do
Except let the light of good shine through

The evil darkness and despair
Of a catastrophic lack of care

We want you to know you are not alone
Think of America as a giant cone

And all of us are funneling through
Our prayers and hopes to all of you

Posted for Nathan's 9-11 contest

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The Pub II

Inside pub steins stout magic spoke
‘neath genie wisps of bangle smoke
Brown cone cigars, deep chubby pipes
Aromatic spills to breach the night.
Music calls to muted songs 
Rough knuckles echo Bodhrán drums.
Flute, melodeon, bouzouki*, mandolin
Penny whistles, uilleann pipes, one feisty violin.
Pied piper rhythms, pied piper beats
Bold Celtic persuasions to move proud legs and feet. 

To Daver and friendship, thank you!

* Bouzouki...A stringed instrument that could stand up to the volume and intensity of fiddles, flutes, accordions, and pipes.
*uilleann pipes...Irish bagpipes...melodeon. an Irish accordian

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Shaft of Light

Oh imperceptible storm looming mighty as we walk,
secure is its claim as volatile manipulator.

The sun hides behind the insensitive violation,
the rugged moor top grows shapeless within the greyish shroud.

The day gives way to manifestation, illusions cast
as folk stagger habitually along life’s broadway.

My mother clasps a tiny hand, just happens to be mine,
the sun fights back peeps through the cloud, a shaft of light appears.

“One day you and I” she says “Will travel upon that light,
sent down every day for us, this the stairway to heaven.”

So many questions come to mind after these pensive years,
the day I buried my mother, a shaft of light appears!

2nd February 2013
for Seren Roberts contest

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A Special lady for all

Let the dream that Is divine swim through your mind,
Let the Love within your heart ever be caring and Kind.

Many know your name they feel your Love they know your heart,
Your Love It never ends when It Is given at the start.

An auburn haired divine walking through the soup a smile ever on your face,
Drifting along spreading peace and Love In this artistic place.

Smile on my soft brown eyes upon the page your words enthrall,
Love from your blessed heart reads like a gentle siren call.

Let your heart ever sing of a Love that Is divine,
Stay with your many friends for the longest time.

My heart shall ever hear your gentle words siren call,
Mary Jo you are a special Lady for all.

Just a small write for someone special, Mary Jo, may her pen ever run gold and her heart sing to enthrall us with her words.

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~ BYE ~ : -(

.     ~ BYE ~

Its time to say bye! 
I have no reason why?

This site was fun from day to day.
Poetry came in a fun way of play.

Goodbye to all my friends.
Don't worry this won't be the end.

Maybe later I will be back.
With a better nit knack.

I never believed in writers block.
But I've been accused of hanging out with this flock.

Now I know writers block is true.
I will miss every single one of you.

Later I will explain things  in my blog.
How the soup is an addicting hog.

Who knows how long it will take p.d. to post again.
I will always come back and read all my favorite poet friends.

To all my commenter's or he & she that placed me as a favorite poet.
WOW! To all my comments and you know it.

Even the poets I never got the chance to know.
Thank you all for making my poetry grow.

Right now it's time to say bye!
Every now and than I will say Hi!

Everyone sooner or later has to rock & roll.
This is my cue to go!

Always BY; P.D.

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LindaMarie The Sweetheartof P S

  ~ Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P. S. ~

When it comes to a friendly hi!
One of the best poetry, hearts we can't deny!

Our Sweetheart Linda Marie
No one is smoother and sweeter than her- our peach tree

Always stopping by to say hi, no matter, rain/sleet or snow
Her contest Zany Zoo, one of the soups best show

A woman who never judged me from the start
Linda Marie, thank you for being such a sweetheart

Sharing her delightful poems,  a double doze for me
Oh Me- Oh My- That woman can write so much poetry!

I am sure she is loved by the poetry soup staff
LOL! How this blonde bombshell  made us laugh

Remember, when she took her laptop to a sandy Island 
She smiled, and shared, how the laptop was damaged with so much sand

Hanging out with Linda, it's like singing "Kumbaya my Lord"-- I felt her holding my hand
How sweet of Linda, when she invited us to meet her new Husband?

Linda Marie is loved by her very own BBF team
Letting us know, life has been more than a dream

Her heart so big, she worried when her BFF's weren't around
Leaving notes, making sure we have not hit a poet break down

She keeps us in her heart when we are not logged in
Her beautiful and clever/witty poem will forever remain 

Most of her poetry made me smile
Linda Marie's poetry had so much Style!

We prayed for you when we heard about your son
Thank you for sharing your faith in God. -Linda You're #1

A poet I highly recommend
Linda Marie my poetry soup best friend

Dedicated to:
~Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P. S. ~ 2012
~I"M gonna miss you, 2013
Happy birthday to you :-(  Don't leave, 2013

(STILL MISSING YOU) Love always, YOUR BFF -- 2014
Sending my Heart, To one of the soups Leading Ladies
RIP. Linda-Marie Bariana You are forever loved

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A Forest Child

She has eyes that have seen all the sky
a smile that is both knowing and shy
Her brow is humble and also proud
Expressions as soft as a shifting cloud.

She is tall and frail like a river reed
Up until now the forest has been her creed
And words that once flowed like a river stream
Now she must search for what they mean

Where once the forest taught her each simple rule
Now she is thrust  to study in a Western school
So her body conveys her intentions devout
She stays rooted despite her desire for flight

She absorbs new knowledge like sunlight itself
All her tears are like rain on this hard gained wealth
This shy forest spirit has blossomed and grown
 In quiet moments we know where her thoughts have flown

This is my friend's daughter they adopted from Thailand at age 11.
In one year she was speaking fluent English.
She received-american-veterans jrotc-cadet--outstanding-cadet-award/ last year.
Only one cadet per detachment receives the award annually.
She is also a girl guide and on the Volley Ball Team.
I taught her papercrafts and she makes all her own beautiful greeting cards.
She is a true example of a girl rising.
She misses her sister in Thailand who was kept by the family and often thinks of them all
and is torn between the two worlds but understands she has more opportunity here.

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The Leader Bunny

All the little bunnies were lined up for a race. Why, you may ask?
Because the dear old Leader Bunny was stepping down with grace.
He had led the others for years without disgrace, in all pursuits.
He was their advisor, friend, and confidant... solver of disputes.
Such a lofty position was dearly sought by all…from all around.
But he could pick only one to wear that lofty, wonderful crown.
So a race was determined to quickly resolve, the question therein.
And a lovely little laurel crown was offered, to the one who did win.

Now many strategies to win emerged from within the race.
The most common was the notion to set the fastest pace…
A few would use tricks that might hurt, in order to slow others down.
A few were mean, for they wanted the power that comes with the crown.
Two were clever and would catapult each other at the very end.
A few just practiced running to gain the added stamina needed to win.
Only one little rabbit found shoes for the poor, for it was a rocky trail.
And when the race began he helped those hurt in the prevail.

Now the dear old leader had never actually worn a laurel crown.
His had been symbolic; his works had brought him his renown.
When the Leader Bunny gave the laurel crown to he who won the race…
Only a few were surprised, when the little helper won the Leader’s grace…
Though some would go on to complain because he had come in last…
It truly takes someone who knows how to serve, to lead and guide the rest.
But my moral to this story is that…. Regardless what some may think…
It takes compassion to correctly lead…and sometimes the last can be the best…

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Loony Tunes

<                                        Cascading lakes and streams
                                           The loon stands out it seems

                                           Minnesota's state bird
                                           I know it must sound absurd

                                           Adopted in nineteen sixty one
                                           Wails and yodels heard under the sun

                                          Black and white bearing red eyes
                                          Wingspans five feet can make one cry

                                          Body lengths up to three feet
                                          Yet  clumsy on lands and moss peat

                                          They are high speed flyers
                                          And great underwater divers

                                          They can dive up to ninety feet
                                          In pursuit of fish they want to eat

                                         They are even on our license plates
                                         An critical habitat drawn on metal slates

                                         Twelve thousand of these unique birds
                                         God that has to be a lot of turds

                                        But for now I'll enjoy it's captured views
                                        Of this beautiful loon and it's most colorful hues

Written By Katherine Stella
Entry For Mini - Blog  Beautiful Bird Contest
By Constance ~ A Rambling Poet

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Mabuhay, Andrea :D

Mabuhay, Andrea :D!!! Such a happy day, guess who's tapping the knocker? It's lovely Andrea, that's who! My Soup doppelganger! Why don't you come inside, oh I just love your eyes! I got truffles, tiramisu and I cooked you a surprise Better yet, let's stay outside, I just know you love the sun Let's talk poems, and food then throw in meter for fun! Here's my surprise,coconut and clam soup, my mom's specialty What day won't be complete without soup? Just me being goofy :p Food, friendship, laughter and one of the Soup's best as my company, I hope this won't just be wishful thinking, but a happy reality! *** Mabuhay is a typical Filipino greeting, wishing the recipient "Long Life" and it is also generally used as "Welcome!" -- sure would love this day to come true though ;) 04062011 --nikko :) for Michael's "First Words Over Coffee" contest :D

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Size does matter(EVE)4 Daniel C.


So much for Adam talking to the Lord.
A conversation I am sure was bored .

Asking God for a women for him to receive.
Little did Adam know his EVE will be so easy to deceive.

"Take a night cap" replied God.
By morning she will own your Hot Rod.

Adam waking up in such nagging pain.
Along came Eve with much to gain.

From Adam's rib Eve was formed.
Nothing is impossible for God to transform.

"Eve my dear I will follow you in everything you beliEve."
"My love for you is sever, thanks for last nights relieve."

Bare naked striped from lies, God gave Adam and Eve his bless.
Walking around in nude allowing them to fell shameless.

"When I was hungry Eve's duty was to feed me."
"How could I say no to the apple against her naked body." 

Forgetting about the good and evil.
Eve believed the male, we call the Devil.

"Oh my God Eve what have you done!"
"I am scared like a coward lets run!"

"Eve how could you believe another man?"
"Was his slither easier to understand."

Eve replied,"The snake promised me everything."
"I didn't know he was pulling my string."

"The snake said there is an A in the apple for me to weave.
"With a vision Adam one day you will leave."

"He said Adam is sometimes the I in Eve."
"He will also betray you  with his own deceive."

"He said sometimes you will accept me when I conceive."
"Adam it was to much for me to perceive!"

"His tongue mentioned you will cost me to much grieve."
"Believe me he said I will  be the only one in achIeve."

Adam says "Eve lets just hide from the Lord."
Eve tells Adam "To late we already pulled the cord."

"Do not worry I will bare it all."
"You will not be there when I call."

"The snake let me see with his crystal ball."
"I will break when you let me fall."

"Somehow you will always make me cry."
"You will drain me, and hang me out to dry."

"Still I will walk with my head up high."
"Knowingly it is my fault for being mislead, this I do not deny."

"For all the things you will ever do to me."
"I will marry you and cause you so much hell you see."

"I will take advantage of all material things."
"Make you buy me the most expensive rings."

"You followed me into our first sin."
"Men are weak when it comes to us women.'

"Yes I will find you in them Gentleman Club."
"Even than you will be a poor little lost  wolf cub."

"I am Eve and I doomed us all once."
"I am here to offer my condolence."

"I gave up our happiness and paradise."
"Listening to the snake, on how big it is in size."

 4 Daniel Cwiak=Adam

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She wades along a bustling Texan street,
A line of roses drifts on like a fleet
While unicorns climb in her head; 
Galloping with dreams, refreshed
By softened mist, that eases eyes
To ride the carousel of skies.

She breathes a  thrilled wish on Lone Star
As  gems pour,  showered by centaurs
On  nightfall when breeze wisps her hair,
Ringing out tunes with precious care.
Pure magic of horns romp with beats,
Till natal cheers make her complete!

by nette onclaud
*dedicated to PD..reach for the moon,
   happy birthday!

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Texan Gold Nugget

The day I came around the Soup
Texan cutie made me take giant loop

Her way of writing sometimes makes me laugh
Have to adore her like some of us worships the Golden Calf

Call herself pd
Guess that is the way it is supposed to be

Now she has sponsored me with a PM
Thought she was messin`with my brain,that lil`gem

In this game I knew from day one
Give from your heart,or you are gone

I will get what I give,she has taught me
Precious she is that lil`Texan Gold Nugget,called pd

4th.February 2012

Dedicated to Irma,rocket princess and soup boiler pd.
Love ya as much as a friend can do

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Desert Wanderer

Desert Wanderer with not a cup-
I'll hold you tight and lift you up-

I'll give you aid and lend my strength-
And take you far, to a great length-

To see your safety and a healthy smile-
You are worth life, have no self- denial-

I promised you in, a time now gone past-
That my love forever, surely shall last-

For you are my Desert Wanderer dreary-
Take this sorrow and be your eyes so teary-

I promise you now, and in the here after-
You will find love, placed inside my laughter-

We will stay one, toghether and all-
Always shall I be waiting for your call-

My Desert Wanderer with not a cup-
Hold my hand, I will lift you up-

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Far, Far Away

The days draw ever closer with my 
imminent need to leave

With promises to keep and goals to 

My ultimate desire is to disappear

But mighty are the binds that keep 
me here

And so I sat down to write a song

About this place where I could belong

Coz when I look close and beyond

There isn't a thing that tickles my 

I wish upon a star thats too far

Hoping for a yearn that makes me 

For this I will strive night and day

To find this place, so I pray


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Battling Addiction

Give me vodka, give me rum
I love the feeling of being numb
Give me a glass of Hennessy
I don’t care, just give it all to me
Everything is getting blurry
Why am I so filled with fury?
Alcohol all day and night
The only thing that feels all right
Can’t live without a single sip
I need the taste right on my lip
I killed myself with a dreadful thought
I’m the thing I cursed and fought
Mirror told me all the truth
I saw myself, I saw my youth
I’m filled with sorrow, I’m driven mad
I am just like my dreadful dad
Can I stop it? I don’t know
Addiction throws me back and fro
Alcohol is my fire of lust
Burning me as if it must
Killing my innards, destroying my mind
All because life wasn’t kind
Trapping myself, now I want to break free
Could somebody ever rescue me?
I need to escape; escape this obsession
The hardest thing is fighting addiction
Stuck on a battlefield, this is a war
I’m falling apart; revealing the scars
Alcohol, deadly love, dark passion
I’m crying, raging and battling addiction

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This  floating sovereign rules her black see *
Like an Inquisition bishop  -  perfect : accepts no plea 
No argument no competition,
Watching me watching her in adoration, 
Her cold unblinking eye
Reigning the black and silent sky.

Saturn, Goddess of bountiful harvests, of you alone
Unreachable, O favorite of the Lord, in brilliant isolation,
Of beauty pristine and colder than ice,
Is it said * that God doesn’t play dice,
But His spinning gyroscope globe He enjoys :
God’s spinning top  -  the best of toys.

O bisque queen, gem with halo rings,
Like a dove with wide-spread wings,
Hover like the Holy Spirit, float on the inky blackness,
Send me a message to fill my darkness.
Long in the ether your far-light lingers on high 
Before it is allowed to reach my eye;
O Majesty remote cold and beautiful,
Send me the vision of heavenly beauty bountiful.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. 


Beauty turns me on.
Anyone who has seen the planet Saturn even in a small
telescope cannot fail to be awed by the beauty of the planet.

*   A   "see"  is the territory ruled by a bishop

*   The saying  “God does not play dice”  is accredited to Albert Einstein,
when explaining the workings of the universe.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Beautiful Masterpiece (Tribute to Elaine George's "Violin")

As I read the words my heart started to sing
For you had gave emotion to a non living thing

I can't ever remember feeling quite that way
I could hear the music that she used to play

I could feel her heart through the tears I cried
As I read the part where her Maestro had died

I imagined her there in her Rosewood Bed
Reading the most beautiful poem I’ve read

Velvet to her back with her bow at her side
Remembering the joy before Maestro died

She loved how his bow manipulated her strings
Together they were the most beautiful of things

What’s the only poem to ever hang in my den?
Elaine’s beautiful masterpiece titled, "Violin"

Inspired by Tracy's wonderful idea for
a contest and Elaine's beautiful Poem.

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I love using the N word

No, no, you got it all wrong
This is my N song

I love using the N word in everything I do, I am
NO, I am not Sam, I am

I love the N word, when told to google thing
I don't like the N word during the middle of a fling

Many times I use the N word, when asked if I took the batteries 
NO, I did no such thing, you crybaby

I use the N word, when my girl needs sUm cash
I'm not falling for that dash

A simple No, to all money grubbers,

I'm not a "YES" man
I'm a "NO" man

On occasions, I love using the F word even more


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Johnny Depp

My favorite actor I can easily say would have to be Johnny Depp,
When he has a new movie coming out, it puts a spring in my step;

My husband thinks that he’s insane, but that adds to his allure,
Has there ever been another actor that can play in rolls so obscure;

Take Edward Scissorhands for example, who else could pull that off,
There’s not another actor that could, but still my husband scoffs;

So versatile in playing roles from Cry-Baby to Sleepy Hollow,
And I’ll admit while watching scenes in Chocolat, I found it hard to swallow;

I have yet to see another actor who could match Depp in his whit,
Although Alice in Wonderland kind of freaked me out a bit;

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies all had me on my toes,
But Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a little weird, I suppose;

That having been said, he’s brilliant, No other can compare,
And when I see his picture posted, I can’t help but stop and stare!

~For Amy Green's Choose One, Have Fun Contest~
-My Subject is Johnny Depp-

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Seagull's Song

Sailing on a ship of dreams, through a deep and starlit night
The wind softly hums a lullaby, as the sails catch the pale moonlight
Indigo waters fade to lighter hues, when we reach the Morpheus shore
Where the anchor is tossed by a somnolent crew, in the place we are to moor.

The ship settles down in a harbor, cradled between two arms of land
As though lulled to sleep within this embrace, the keel leans upon the sand
The tall mast reaches up to the heavens, to nestle amidst the clouds
While waves gently rock the quiet deck, with each dip of its massive bow.

Troupes of fish dance past the stern,  silver scales casting prisms of light
While birds on the shore flutter exotic fans, with no thought of taking flight
Time halts to stand on its tiptoes, strained in balance it tilts and shifts
Then the stars wearily blink their eyes closed, and the tide sets the ship adrift.

The anchor is heaved and hoisted, each link draws a series of sighs
While the captain stands quietly before the helm, gazing at the brightening sky
His eyes crinkle up at the corners, emulating the soft rays of the sun
As Awaken brushes the horizon, with strokes of topaz, sapphire, and plum.

A yawn of breath unfurls the sails, with snoring puffs they billow
As tangy brine streams down my face, drops dew beads on my pillow
Floating thoughts of an uncharted course, bound on the seas of night
Sink as the waltz to the seagull’s song,  bows into the morning light.

Dedicated to Evans Mckeil, who gave poetry the voice to sing, and the feet to dance.

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         Writing is my challenge each day
     But it's not the words or what to say.

     It is the connection with other writers here
     Because I feel I'm not worthy or equal I fear.

     The talent expressed by so many others
     Often makes me want to hide under the covers.

     The gems that are written and ones that I read
     Are so inspired, personal, and give me a need.

     That's why I come here every time
     To see what others have put in their rhyme.

      Carolyn always has a message for me to ponder
      And others write things that make me wonder.

      I often race to the "New Poems"  just to see
      If by some chance there's one by which P.D has destroyed me.

      And Carol, Bob, Nick, Emily, Wilma, and "the Sweetheart"
      Write things that sometimes I just can't pull apart.

      The Doc has written so many things
      I am amazed sometimes at the thoughts he brings.

      Others are here who write so well
      Their words do me so oft compel.

      For like unto them I want to be
      Writing words that have meaning for others to see.

      Will they be worthy I say when I'm done
      Or will they be read by others, as I've intentioned.

      You know I feel so many emotions just now
      Because of all these writers, I just don't know how.

      For they are a driving force for me
      And part of my challenge each day is to make them see.

      That because of them I have to write
      Sometimes into the wee hours of the night.

      To pick a favorite writer is...well a difficult choice
      So I pick them all, because they shout with one voice.

      "Write, you fool, then write some more"
      Words I hear and cannot ignore.

      So I choose them all...all here in this group
      The ones who have made me hungry for Soup.

      There, I've said it...and you know that's not in haste
      The Soupers that are here are the best of all to taste.


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My Poetic Assault (SLAM)

A woman's scream was the only sound, and so I rightfully put on my crown.
Like a dream, P.D. lasted 11 rounds, but has finally been knocked down.....

Sidney you fought a good fight, but the crown has always belonged to me!
You're a poetic parasite, and have no business calling your write's poetry!!

I have a slithering tongue, sending poetic orgasms throughout your mind.
My words will have you sprung, giving you back spasms as I make love to you from behind!

My word-play is sicker than bird flu, having you beg for a shot of antidote.
I'm branded on your heart like a tattoo, pouring poetic anthrax down your throat!

You had your chance at romance, but had a fear for my love's atmosphere.
I gave you love in advance, but thanks a lot, you wanted no Lancelot, So bleep you 

A sick fate, you chose Nate over a poetic heavyweight, so I'll be seeing you later.
Checkmate, your poetry I've come to annihilate, destroying you like a terminator!

So as I raise the title high above my head for all Poetry Soup to see;
A poetic bloodshed it will be, if another poet wants to slam with me!!!

*My fellow poets, i hope you enjoyed this fun write.  I love you guys at the soup,
but it's time you guys recognized the slam champ;) "The Poetic Warlock"

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I'm Sorry Part 2

I'm sorry for the ways I fight,
I'm sorry that I dim your light.

I'm sorry I'm so negative,
That I am so competative.

I'm sorry that I'm so outrageous,
I'm sorry my hurt's so contagious.

I don't want to see your heart eache,
Cuz when I do my heart it breaks.

I'm sorry that I'm not so strong,
But you inspire my hearts song.

I'm not alone cuz now I see,
Your light that's shining just for me.

I'm sorry that I'm up and down,
But, Dear, You win the patience crown.

My love for you's so strong, please see,
A fire burns for you in in me.

I know that It's hard to believe,
But God will help us, just you see.

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Beacon of Light

Fear not the violent storm
I am comfort safe and warm

Treasure all you hold so dear
Taste the memory of a falling tear

Never forget things of the past
Let their wind fill your mask

Hold your course steady and true
Be the person I see in you

Through out your journey never fear
Know in your heart that I am near

Never more than a  whisper away
I'll always hear what you pray

I am the beacon, "The beacon of light"
Guiding you through this stormy night

I realize you are tired and sore
Come maroon your ship up on my shore

And after this storm has had its way
Tomorrow will be a much nicer day

A day for you to sit and write
Of the comfort found in a, "beacon of light"

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Our Grandmother's Blessings

So many trials seem to be filled up with so much fear
So many ask, “Oh Dear Lord, what am I doing here”?

So many questions that I have come to know
If we just plant a seed, with water it will grow

I have a natural green thumb that now is wasting away
Along with a mind that does love to go out and play

Times I still ask, “How did this all came to be”
What was it that my wife was able to see in me?

She says that my heart was the most beautiful around
It still blows me away, for I clearly remember the sound

Her voice was so soft, her tone was so sweet
I was nothing less than pure evil upon two feet

Had been years since anything had took me by surprise
Ice cold is what the rest of the world had seen in my eyes

I looked at her smiled and laughed in my cold convict way
She smiled and said, “Why you want to be mean anyway”

I told her, “I reckon we are all born to just what we are”
She said, “So why are you a dope cook instead of a star”

That question stopped me right there dead in my tracks
I thought, “This girl is a looker but God she is whacked”

Last night her and I sat out underneath the moon
Two very blessed souls swinging in our sliver spoon

Just a little swing we built together out in our back yard
Place to just sit back and rest after a day long and hard

I once again ask her, how in the world could you ever know?
 “My Grandmother was preacher, I could see her in you soul”

Which led me to speak out my truth for I learned to not lie
"My grandmother was also in yours, answering the entire “Why”

Grandmothers we respected and held above all others 
Brought each of us together in the land born of lovers

Two Grandmother Spirits full of pure heavenly delight
Led their grandchildren into the valley born of the light

Now here we sit holding each other, each other high above
Because we share in the blessing of our Grandmothers love

Toni and I had lost our Grandmothers before we had ever met
though I knew of hers because she was a very powerful lady
and a down home speak in tongues Pentecostal Preacher that
had great respect up in these parts. After all these years we 
confided in each other that we could see our grandmothers in
each others eyes. Thank you and God Bless, MJ

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Tag Christie Moses

Why; Hello Colin good morning mate
Son, there is no accent in hands of fate

Throw out the tea and chug the beer
Then I bet you find a keg in ere

Everything is a riddle once it is spoke
The tag is from you to me and then some other folk

But who should I choose, I’m here to say
So many beautiful feathers float by my way

Once while I was taking a path from here to there
When I noticed beauty beyond compare 

She made me smile and she made me think
Looking at her was like taking a drink  

She made me feel good and forget all the rest
I reckon that is a true poets test

The only thing I really did know
What a wonderful beautiful soul

My only complaint of her poetry was the last line
For I was hoping to have just a little more time 

Talk of someone who needs no adorning
She plays a huge role in the global warming

For she has a beauty that could melt Glacier Ice
I guess everything wants to see beauty so beautifully nice

So who is the beautiful Angel that I’m speaking of?
Tag Christie Moses your it my love

Colin if I failed I apologize my head feels like it is in a vice
this morning but I wanted to respond. I will keep this poem 
and then on a better day I will write a reply to you also. I
feel better guys & gals 0r guy gals & gal guys - One just
never knows anymore. At any rate God Bless you all, mj

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Guess What Phyllis, I Tagged You

After reading your comment to Sharon so true
I decided oh yes, I must tag Phyllis to

”Tag game” is about people sharing their heart
It would sure be special if you shared your part

It seems sometimes we just run out of time
Remember when a phone call cost a dime

So did a bottle of soda as a matter of fact
Remember the machines when they slid on a track

Well hopefully not because these words are true
Remembering those things means you’ve seen life to

So many changes between those times and now
Now days they have lasers that operate the plow

With me it all changed way faster than most
Years in day is the story of a convict ghost

But that is the past and praise God I am free
Exercising my right to tag Phyllis you see

Every game should have a Mentor Raul is his name
He was tagging us all without knowing of the game

I’m tagging Phyllis and giving honor to Raul
For without a doubt he is a model for us all

You know a while back the "Tag" game was a part
of our site. This was a very special part of our site
and Raul with his unselfishness writing Poem's to 
members on our site reminded me of this and to be
honest I tried hard to ignore the impulse. So in Honor
of "Our Mentor" lets bring that special part of our Soup
Back, spend our time writing of love instead of some knack.

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You think you're nothing, but you're wrong
Moments of weakness make you strong

Walking the streets every day
Somehow you have lost your way

This world can be cruel, it's true
You've make it a hurting place for you

Wandering around, so out of place
A life of humiliation and disgrace

Addiction causes so much pain
Yet, you do it over and over again

Into yourself, that's where you hide
Shoot the needle, good-by pride

Can't you hear your soul cry
It's begging you, to please try

Give yourself a chance to live
The ignorance, you must forgive

Reach out and take my hand
Don't you know that, I understand

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SLAP the POET -Doc-

   ~ SLAP the POET ~

First, you come to splat my baby SKAT!
Now I'm gonna give you a slap like this and that.

You call yourself, Doc the Poet & Notorious FLIRT.
OUCH! Doc, being you must really hurt.

Thank you for waking me from my cat nap.
Now it's time to bend you over my lap.

I will spank you like a kid for talking crap.
Teaching you a lesson that will make you snap.

I will slap my hand across your face.
For posting your Acrostic disgrace.

On my face was a smile that you post
With a look you'll never know

Doc, like a kid, you call them my towers.
Claiming  my twins carry certain powers.

In a poem, Chris A. Once called them melons.
While my Hubby climbs and calls them Mount. SAINT Helene's.

Take some notes when you read this.
Don't talk about another mans double "D's" pillow kiss.

Don't make yourself out a poet fool.
Keep your cool and clean off your drool.

Don't end up like my Hubby who is lost in my abyss.
It's not my wits that got your dumb a$$ caught in reminisce.

            ~ SKAT ~
       (Dakarai Cobbs)

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A Prayer for my Wife

                           A Prayer for my Wife

Now I’ll tell you all the details if I can keep from sheddin’ a tear
Last night when it got late and really quiet around here 

I got down on my knees, crossed my heart and began to pray
And in the darkness between me and God, here’s what I had to say

I love her so much Lord and I just don’t know what I’d do
I’m afraid that she won’t make it, that’s why I’m coming to you

Here with my heart open, at your mercy down on my knees
I’m begging’ you with every heartbeat, Oh Lord hear my pleas

I don’t know what your plans are or what you have in store
And I know I don’t deserve her and that she deserves much more

And don’t misunderstand Lord, I don’t assume any obligation
For your bounty in our life has exceeded all our expectations

But please allow her to live and me to be a part of that life
And I swear I’ll make this beautiful woman proud to be my wife

And if it’s not in your plans Lord then I pray that you take me instead
Cause’ I can’t live without my love, I’d be better off dead

And no excuses for my past Lord, but I’ll do better than I’ve done
I ask you only this, my lord, in the name of your Son.

I wiped my tears as I said my amen’s and prepared myself to stand
Stepped up next to your bed and began to caress your pretty hand

I stared off into space as all the memories came flooding in
Reliving each and every moment, over and over again

And as the first rays of sunshine, streamed in past the curtain
I felt an overwhelming peace calm my mind and ease the hurtin’

I felt compelled to kiss you so I pressed my lips to your face
And it seemed the room was filled in the beauty of God’s living grace

And you slowly opened your eyes and smiled for me to see
And I knew the Lord my God had given my sweet wife back to me

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Mildred Noland

I wish I had just one more day,
to say the things I wish to say.

To walk along behind your wheelchair;
How you could out run me just wasn’t fair.

Have our morning coffee; sit and chat,
once again call you an old senile bat.

Millie, I always admired your will to fight.
Talking with you made everything all right.

Funny how nature’s rules centrist and bend;
Millie you were much more than my friend.

You were the mother I so long ago lost,
you taught me how to face and pay life’s cost.

You were always there to lend me an ear;
offer advice, which I shall hold forever dear.

I will miss your voice; raspy from the smokes,
you were one of a kind who loved to tell jokes.

We found my family and we found your son;
two wonderful things, which we got done.

Millie you may have passed but this is no lie,
up inside of my heart you could never die.

The message behind all of these tears I cry;
I will see you later, I will never say goodbye.

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Happy Birthday Carol and Antoinette

April seven is joined together in two special ways
My wife and Carol Brown were each born that day

In so many ways, they remind me of each other
For each one has the heart and soul of a mother

Like a great big clown riding a little bitty bike
Antoinette and Carol are the type we naturally like

Two separate women who hold pieces of my heart
Although, each one holds a completely different part

Antoinette was able to see what no one had seen
Inside of this nightmare lived a very beautiful dream

Carol’s beautiful heart was able to help me to see
Poetry Soup was exactly the place I needed to be

Two very different women with two similar souls
Played significant roles in my reaching my goals

One helped me piece together my shattered heart
The other helped me keep it from falling back apart

I think I’m truly about as lucky as any man can be
There are so many different people care about me

Carol is just one of many I love here on the soup
I’m lucky to have landed in such a beautiful group

Carol, never doubt the truth in these words I say
This is the highest complement I could ever pay

To be written alongside a poem with my wife
Means “I Love & Respect” every drop of your life

You’re the very first to have landed in this spot
Old friend I reckon that means I love you a lot

April seventh I’ll proudly find my knee’s and pray 
You’ll have a wonderfully blessed special birthday

i wanted to write Carol a Happy Birthday poem
but I wanted to give it special meaning. Anyone
who knows how much I love, admire, and adore 
my wife; knows that for me to place someone in
a poem alongside her, is the highest complement
I could ever make. Carol thank you for the love,
friendship, support and prayers you have given me 
over the years. I'm very honored to be your friend.

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Nature's Single Dads - The Leafy Sea Dragon

Nature’s Single Dad’s

Gracefully swaying without need for speed 
Are creatures of beauty, disguised as seaweed.
Up to twelve inches long from tail to snout
These delicate creatures just drift about.

They carry, as they move like galleons in sail, 
Silk-like appendages, leafy and pale
On back spines, projecting as masts on a ship
Sailing the oceans, they rise and they dip,

To the rhythm of moon tides; full or neap,
They travel the seas; these Dragons of the Deep.
Through weed-covered reefs and meadows of sea grass
There’s neither a neigh nor a moo as they pass.
They resemble sea horses in flowing silk gowns
Drifting on rhythms, dancing up and then down.
They slow dance through the water just moving around 
No fire, no flames from these dragons; not a sound. 

The mother will lay two hundred eggs on Dad’s patch 
Of soft sponge, where safely they’ll hatch.
The sun flashes golden as she drifts on by,
While in the shadow on his tail, his offspring lie.

This single Dad of the deep tends a new generation,
Of Leafy Sea Dragon eggs; a fascinating creation. 
Less than one inch when first hatched from the eggs
As newly formed babies; ready for life without legs.

They drift as if they feed, gaining the silky covered bone
To a length of twelve inches by the time they’re full grown. 
The cycles of the moon dictate the rhythms and motion
Of this Leafy Sea Dragon in the great Southern Ocean.

The Leafy Sea Dragon is just one of Natures' Single Dads worthy of a mention for the survival of the species.

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There is an old fellow I know,
Who just turned 96 years old.
His health is not bad in the usual sense,
But with his everyday memories he does fence.

Oh, he can remember specific things,
But day to day, he has questionings.

It is difficult for those around him you see,
To put into perspective this reality.

They love him as a father, brother, and friend,
But against his barrage of questions is hard to defend.

He doesn't know how it hurts them so,
To see him wandering to and fro.

Yet, there is One who watches all,
And one day He will come to call.

For another chair will open for Jim,
There's a seat there reserved just for him.

And another card player will join the crowd,
That plays card games all day and laughs aloud.

I can only hope that for me will be there,
Some day, an open place with another chair.

Because the Lord deals all the cards,
For us on earth, that is what's hard.

We know not when He will our pinochle deal,
But when He calls the trump, our life has been sealed.

As things go here, we can only play our best,
And when our time comes, trust Him to do the rest.

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Sliding Down The Rainbow

It is said where the rainbow ends
There`s a treasure chest filled with gold ..

What magnificent view ..
Here from the top of this colorful bow ..

Sliding down from the rainbow
I found the treasure chest was filled with Poetry Soup ..

The world stood still, until I realized this is the game
A treasure worth more than gold and diamonds ..

Unique poets sharing their heart and soul
Outstanding and original poetic pens, filled with golden ink

We rant and we vent, love and laugh
Still its in the spirit of letting in and letting go..

The impressions that stays like superglue
While other times it goes in one ear and out the other

Choice is ours, pick and choose
Still its in the spirit of letting go, letting in ..

September 19th 2012

" Thank you for the sun,the one that shines on everyone who feels love"


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I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

I can’t take my eyes off of you
It doesn’t matter what you do
You have a great hold on me
Making me the best I can be

I can’t take my eyes off of you 
You are in me whatever I do
My love has such a strong flow
Cupid has hit me with his arrow

I can’t take my eyes off of you
In all that I am and all that I do
You are the one to keep me up
Your power overflows my cup

I can’t take my eyes off of you
In all the things I say and do
I think about it and it is true
Now what am I supposed to do


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Homage to Bon Jovi

Homage to Bon Jovi
I’m going out in a “Blaze of Glory”
So “Bang A Drum” as I tell my story

With “One Light Burning” “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”
“Chained” to the “Right Side of Wrong” in my head.

“Shot Through The Heart”, “You Really Got Me Now”...
Your “Bad Medicine” destroyed me—somehow.

“Dead Or Alive” don’t “Lay Your Hands On Me”!
“The Boys Are Back In Town”--I’m not lonely!

“Dying Ain’t Much of A Living”…you’re right
Too late found “Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White”!

So, “Billy Get Your Guns” and “Raise Your Hands”…
There’s “Justice In The Barrel” of time’s sands.

“I’ll Be There For You” and your “Cold Hard Heart”.
“You Give Love A Bad Name”--Feel "Lucky"? Start!

deborah burch

Titles in quotes are songs by Jon Bon Jovi 

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Ohhhh Rain : Shower again

A small romantic rain poem dedicated to hubby.
wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

"Ohhhh Rain..Shower again!!!!! "  

Showering in the rain, 
Draining the pain!
Enflueraging the essence of arenicolous sand,
Feeling blessed porting on this beautiful greenary land! Trees were roaming 
under fiercing winds,
Thanks nature for benevolently so kind!
Sip of sizzling coffee With Caramalized sugar,
Cheers hubby to accompany me my gelling agar!
Wanna capture this Driplets of aromatic water nearby lake,
So that I can make an icy snowflake!
That's amazing, "but ohhhh God,  I wish my honey is here".

Wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare  

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Daily Life

Living day in
Living day out
Working as hard as I can
To get money to pay the bills
Searching for food for the family
Trying to get through the day
As best as I can

All it matters
Is to get some money
To be able to not to think
How am I supposed to support?
My kids, my husband, and I
It all hits me like rain pounding the roof
Is this how life is supposed to be?

Going down hills
Going up hills
Having great times
And some bad times
You think your life should be easy
It is not supposed to be
Life is difficult for a reason


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Here I am sitting on my little throne.

Someone help, I’m not used to wiping my own!

*For a couple of lines contest and dedicated to the entitled.

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My Perfect 10

If I picked my Valentine
she'd be a perfect 10.
She'd have blonde hair with highlites
and answer where and when.

She'd be a little shorter,
yet tall enough to kiss.
Her reach a little longer
to torture us in bliss.

Her shape would be the bomb.
As sexy as they come.
With hair up for the moment
I'd meet her at the prom.

She'd talk a little faster
with words I'd say are smart.
Yet keep me to attention
in hugs up to my heart.

A smile just like a lion.
Her face a source of pride.
One to show my mother.
And then to make my bride.

My Valentine was perfect
as I lost her way back then.
How was I to know that she
would find her perfect 10.

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Why Kristoffer

Hunted tirelessly..
From bastion to bastion, driven like a wild animal 

Your earthly freedom never found..
The senseless lack of love ruled your parent`s home 

You paid your price..
Now you rest with our heavenly Father,free from pain

May 16th 2012

Dedicated to 8 year old Kristoffer Kihle,abused and finally killed
by his stepfather.

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

Linda Marie is a very nice and special BBF.
She gives us all her cheers and still has some left

She offers support, even when she is mad or sad.
She offers us hope, when things for us are bad

She welcomes everyone she can from the start
Giving you her warm smile like a true SWEETHEART

Never does she show us the meaning of negative
Writes about God and all the warmth he can give

Now that she has a new life with her husband
I prey for her happiness that comes with her wedding band

Reading our poetry without blindness
Leaving nice and sincere comments from her kindness

She has a gorgeous and delightful spirit, like a beautiful swan
Never forgets us when we are not logged on

Just a fair warning about this bomb shell 
She really is nice but still a bat out of hell 

Wishing her  the very best 
her comments simply are not like he rest 

Linda Marie you are such a dear
Always in the center of our sphere

Your charms connect when it comes to dots
Your brightness exceeds over 100 watts

To the one poetess who made me part of her bbf group 
Our...........Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of Poetry Soup

-SKAT'S contest

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My Talent Search

Everybody has a talent the wise say,
I have seen it proved day after day.

The ways of the Universe are funny,
As easy to understand as a hangover after a single  martini!

Just when you think you have learnt the lesson,
A new twist hits you right from oblivion.

My friend, he sings and strums the guitar,
I tried to give him company, ended up making him a star.

I handled the guitar, tried the rythm
All I managed to do was to confuse him.

He sang a bit, I croaked along,
The applause was more for my walking off, than for his song.

Nowadays I write my poems and have wise people read them,
They review it and laugh their heads off their brainstem!

I dare say my job is to spread a smile and a laugh,
The intention is all there, the 'talent' is the missing half.

I have become the inspiration for many...
I have bagged the award for upcoming poetic  tyranny.

My talent is not for poetry, I have been told,
That might be true, but I have chosen to be bold.

The poetry should go on, so has the decision been...
Shall we settle for two slices of laughter with a drop of wisdom in between?

(My dear friends, thank you for all your comments and words of encouragement and i hope 
this poem supports the fact that next to love, humo(u)r is the most potent and powerful 
emotion worth pursuing. This is my tribute to you,my patient reader.)

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A Song Is Born

Touching me deep in my core;
strings vibrating,fingers sore.

Long into the night I strive
to figure out the jumping jive.

Won't stop strumming till I find
that tune implanted in my mind.

The logical and lyrical
combine into a miracle.

Crescendo lifts into the sky;
a band of angels standing by.

Playing now with all my might
this song is born into the night.

I'm gratified with every note
and every lilting word I wrote.

I hope you will remember this;
That music-making is my bliss!

for "Limitless" contest
sponsored by Paula Swanson

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I wanted to enter the contest offered by P. D.
As I can do couplets like 1 - 2  - 3.

When looking at the list of Foxy things to write
The Silver Fox Fur for P. D. came home to bite.

She doesn't deserve one of reddish hue
But Silver, yes indeed with, she could do.

For the special poetry writes P. D. puts on
Many a contest with them she has won.

Words that flow like "Slam, Bang, Boom"
Could only come from P. D.'s Foxy Room.

When they are read and and read over by me
Sometimes I see how Foxy she can be.

That's the real art in the written form
Doing something outside the established norm.

Words so clever, cute, rewarding, and sly
Make P. D.'s Foxy side show so apparently.

That's why the color of fur cannot be red
It wouldn't fit the gifted nature that fox can tread.

So "A Silver Fox Fur for P. D." is one I would award
To one of the Foxiest writers I am drawn toward!

For P. D.'s Inner Animal Contest.

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Trees are moss are grass are stones.
Trees are spirit, nerves and bones.

Trees are air, stars and sky.
Trees are lungs, eyes and I.

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Where does the Time go

I feel as though time is slipping away,
And more is gone each passing day…

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When I Think Of You

When I think of you dearest Catie, I feel a sister’s love,
A love that's true, unblemished, sent from God above.

You have shown how much I mean to you,
By the way you care and the things you do.

No matter how difficult the task I face,
You stand by me each challenge embrace.

You have helped me when times were difficult,
When my heart was under the enemy's assault.

Across the miles our spirits blend and flourish,
A smoothie of love and compassion to nourish.

When I think of you, I know I am truly blessed,
When it comes to friends, God sent me the very best.

You inspire me to let God direct all my ways,
to follow where he leads, each and every day.

When I'm down and life has me feeling low,
I know I've got a friend, somewhere to go.

Your friendship always strengthens and cheers me,
inspiring me to be the very best friend I can be.

Joy ~ your lovingkindness is never amiss,
in my heart I will always call you, 'Sis.'

Written By Catie Lindsey and Joy Wellington

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A Horse Of Course

<                                        Horses and snowflakes
                                   Illuminating to it's tongue's pallet's plate

                                              Open carriage rides
                                         Falling flakes in the eyes

                                             City strewn lights
                                  Hoof's echoing through out the night

                                             Fleece blankets
                                              Cider drank it

                                              Horns blare
                                              People's stare

                                        New York's Central Park
                                       An home for many after dark

                                         Four miles of bridal paths
                                    Drawn coaches to bring you back

                                          So horses and snowflakes
                                      Fills this ones poet's pallet's plate

Written By Katherine Stella
My Theme Was Both 
Horses And Snowflakes
This Is An Entry
For Constance ~A Rambling Poet 's ~ Contest
G.L. All


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Unconquerable, William Ernest Henley

Dust never settles on my back
Nor does rain on my nose
As the demands of the day persevere
The quietness of the night strengthens my soul

Pain is a stimulus of sorts
A constant reminder of my work still to be done
Time has indeed served as a mirror of my mistakes
Yet I persevere until the battle is won

Visions of Heaven delight my heart
The heat from Hell has changed my ways
Neither mediocrity nor hate shall enter my house
For the pursuit of wisdom marks the rest of my days 

As angels do not sing me praise
Nor shall I hang crucified for my wrong
My life shall stand as my judge 
My life and faith shall be my song

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Mr Wonderful

A broken promise, demoralized man who is incapable of being true, 	
A thoughtless coward, oblivious clown, this is what I think of you,

A woeful chicken, a runaway guy is how you're now portrayed,
A selfish critter, a prideful morsel is the reputation you have made,

When flesh spoils in a slaughter house the smell of you comes to mind,
For your manipulation has made you completely colorblind,

In your mothers soil you were the bad seed,
As you grew up we realized you were just a weed,

A fragmentation, with no revelation is who you really are,
A scab that stopped healing, the beggar who keeps on stealing, now just another scar,

A predicable cycle, a sick little mess, a hidden agenda that isn’t well dressed,
A miserable liar, disposable fool, too bad you weren’t like an infertile mule,

Just like a wolf, you would consume your own,
For apparently humanity was something you were never shown,

Just like wild animals that abandon their first litter,
You fit right in, you unoriginal quitter.

By: Sabina Nicole

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There is a lot to be said about the spoken word,
But sometimes it takes silence to be heard…

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Happy Mother's Days

A mother's holiday should be everyday,
To show you the thanks I wish to repay. 

A million word poem could never consist,
Of all that you do - a lifetime of lists. 

So Ill keep it short - a miniature report.
To convey my gratitude for all your support. 

Preparing this thank-you, builds tears in my eyes.
The bulletproof bond we share never dies. 
Countless memories we've made as a pair,
Has given me more than I can compare

Your lessons of chivalry I've cherished so dear.
You've molded my heart to love with no fear. 

Your lullaby songs that put me to sleep,
Created a herd of infinite sheep. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I hope you enjoy.
Much love from your son, your grown baby boy. 

- Yours Truly

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Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby

          Again a small poem guys dedicated to my Darling hubby.. 
                          wrote by Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

 Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby 

 Twilighting glow of the sky..
 Wanna fly so high..

 Sparkling amidst the million stars..
 chosen the crazy pal and so life is excellently par.. 

 As like the blossom were kissed by soft rain..
 Your arrival in life diminished all my pains..
 God has entwined me..with my emarald diamonite gem..
 Enlightening new vistas in life as like your next aim.. 

 At an astounding pace time flew..
 But When i didn‘t see you..I feel like..Life is been dew..

 Your divine presence in life rejuvenates me..
 Every tick of my heartbeat resonating wit your‘s or whatever it will be..

 Your innumerable naughtiness made me silly..
 But yep, your beautifying nature had an fragrance in life like lilly..

 As like snow crested the nestled mountains..
 You cuddled my a sip of fountains..

 Being With you, Life is euphorically elated..
 Full of high spirit and delighted..

 Thanks for being accompanying me my theist..

 Your admirer with lots n lots of Love:
 Madhavi. Suyog.Pagare

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The blues man

Born on September 16, 1925 in Itta Ben, Mississippi
His ambitions grew as fast as he could stand on his tippys  

Given the name Reily B. King better known as B.B. King
Strumming his zealous hands and acing the blues on strings

He made his first break performing “Sonny Boy” in 1948
 To steady engagements and his quest for perfection was his fate

Throughout his life B.B. received numerous awards of distinction 
B.B. Is acknowledged as an American icon and will be for generations 

B.B. continues to tour extensively each year
"The Thrill Is Gone” rings notorious on the air 

Written about B.B. King for Raul’s B.B. King contest 

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Some Dreams

Some dreams have no answers some dreams make no sense
Some dreams last forever perched upon a Razor-wire fence

Some dreams make us empty, other dreams make us whole
I once rode the breath of a dream right straight into my soul

Sometimes I search for answers to questions I have never thought
I used to think every dream had a price and it could be bought

I learned that dreams, which can be bought, are not dreams at all
Just another way for some fool to bang his head against the wall

I pray all throughout the day, in the circle I burn my sage
Isn’t everyday of our lives another beautifully written page

This is the way I have come to believe, it is everything that I see
Sometimes what is, is not what was, but it is as it should be

Life is made for living and we must all choose our path
The good, bad, happy or sad, it is up to us to do the math

So what does this poem mean have I not written it so clear
Dreams, schemes and old routines can drown our soul in tears

So if we are unhappy about the lives that we have come to live
Lets rely on a dream with Jesus Christ teaching us how to give

When we are willing to give all we have, the Lord will
make sure we will always have something to give. Be
strong in who you are and what you believe because in
the end you will pay the price of your actions. Let your
Soul be where you seek your answers for Christ lives
with-in each of us. Our mistakes prove we are human
our salvation proves we are redeemed and our love is
what proves we are saved. I love all of you more than
i could ever say. I hope that Gerard Keogh Jr. reads
this poem for i wish to dedicate it to him. What a
wonderful gift his poem to many of us was.

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Fastest Gun In The West

<                                      Now hold on there Tex !
                                        Let me get     dressed  !

                                        Let me saddle up my horse
                                        To trollop around this Halloween course

                                        Got on my chaps
                                        My spurs and cowboy hat

                                       Replica's of forty five's
                                       Riding on my hips very high

                                       With lasso in my hand
                                       This little cowboy has a plan

                                      So all you ghost and goblins
                                      It's candies bounty I'll be coming an robbing

                                      And I'll be taking  loot for mummy
                                      And for my daddy who has a bigger tummy

                                                  Happy Halloween To All
                                   Especially little tikes who are so cute and small

Entry For 
Halloween Costume Contest
G.L. All




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Better than A Plentitude of Pies

Jack Ellison's a cutie pie, his words are yummy sweet
Each time I read a lovely rhyme, I get a tasty treat

Pie poems for my every mood, I just can’t get enough
Cherry, lemon, and berries too, all really scrumptious stuff

Jack Ellison's a lovely friend, he sweetens up my life
If he comes a visitin’, I’ll bake pies for him and wife

I make lovely crumb apple pie, with ice cream it’s divine
I’d sure pamper Jester Jack and Cute Cathie up just fine

So here I’ll end my silly rhyme by saying this…no lie
I love to eat his words all up, I love them MORE than pie!

For Sheri Fresonke Harper's Plentitude of Pie Contest
October 12, 2014

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love has to be perfect
in each and every way

love cannot hesitate 
while eyes watch and wait

love should be original
spontaneous and surprise

love should be truthful 
not tainted with lies

love should be monogamous
that means one on one

love is full of sacrifices
each one nobley done

love should be forever
and never not die

love should show it's jealousy
to it's loved ones eye's

love is certianly the reason
of why someone cries

love should be a comfort 
always near by

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Mr Inquisitive

Could a scythe cut a slice
from a sycamore tree?
If a bird had no feathers
what bird would it be?
If a square had three corners
would it still be a square?
Will your curls always swirl
if you tug at your hair?

My curls will always swirl
For questions make them so
You will question me ‘why’
when my answer is ‘no’.
If I answer you  ‘yes’
You will question with ‘how’
If a tree could grow knowledge
I'd reach for a bough.

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Gold Fish and The Frog

There was a Goldfish who thought he was a shark.
He kept biting the lily pad of a Monk Frog.
Behave said the frog, for you are no shark.
I can if I want, said the goldfish, if you are a Monk.

The goldfish kept attacking the lily pad with ardor and spunk.
He wouldn’t be gainsaid on being a shark.
As the Frog studied relentlessly to become what was wont.
Neither one believing the other… could become what he did want.

Now along came a snake to eat the monk frog on his ark.
But to him… this lily pad was sacred, and he didn’t want to disembark.
So the goldfish attached a leaf to stand straight up on his back…
And as he bit the snake’s tail the frog hollered SHARK!
Pandemonium ensued as the frightened snake did run off…
Thinking it’s better to be safe, than as some one else’s dinner doffed.
So some how, together they both became what they did want.
Living happily ever after, as friends in that great lily pond.

The moral my friend is you can be whatever you want.
Still, don’t stop as the path becomes hard, that you sought…
For if a gold fish can become a shark… and a Frog a Monk…
Then with work and friends made… you can become whatever you want.

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What dreams are made of

Of pink candy floss and cloudy white fluff Of magic wands and fairy tale stuff Of Pixie dust and her shiny shimmer Of rays of hope with golden glimmer Are all dreams made. Of bubbly bright days and starry nights Of a rainbow arc's appeasing sight Of firm belief to do the unheard, untold Of daring to rummage for the pot of gold Are all dreams made of. Of a pair of smiling lips and wishful eyes Of a happy heart wherein honesty lies Of the strong urge within to turn the tide Of the childlike glee to join the joy ride Are all dreams made of. Of beauty lying in eye of beholder Of faith in the happily-ever-after Of willingness to hold hands, take the plunge Of readiness, as destiny knocks, forward to lunge Are all dreams made of. Of strong desire and concrete grit Of stern character and some sharp wit Of ever glowing will and unwavering dedication Of fearless mind's victorious anticipation Are all dreams made of. 1/8/2012

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Soldier Boy

Soldier boy, oh soldier boy
Why don't you hide up those tears?
Hold in your mind those nail- biting fears
March till you drop, sing the marching song
Even though, for home you heart it does long
Don't cry no don't cry
Always care to try
Hold up your head
For death cannot tread
Oh soldier boy, oh soldier boy
Why don't you hide up those tears
For this night your safe, soften those fears
Lay down so quiet and hum your wholesome song
Hum how much for home your heart does long
Don't cry no don't cry
Always care to try
Hold up your head
For death cannot tread
Now soldier boy, now soldier boy
Could this be the morn when death does appear?
And I know it will be hard to hide up that fear
Don't let him in, it's just the funeral song
Pretty soon now for home, your heart will not long
You will not cry, oh do not cry
For you always cared to try
Soldier boy hold up that head
For now you layed on eternities bed

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You Inspire Me

You Inspire Me

What inspires me?

A song lyric-------a brave, determined person (Man or Woman)

A gifted child

An Innovator, innovators are individuals that are firsts to do something.

That inspires me and by the way…

O mother you inspire me (most of all)!

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There was a ballplayer named "Ron",
I would always run home to watch him on television.

He batted fourth and played the third base spot,
That's the corner they always called "Hot".

As a power hitter and great fielder he stayed,
Fifteen years in the big leagues he played.

An "All Star" player many times over,
Because he was a perennial "Gold Glover".

He wore the number 10 on his uniform,
But his emotions for his team on his sleeve were worn.

Ron Santo was this player's name,
He should be in baseball's "Hall of Fame".

He was tenacious about his life's view,
Ever positive, as he fought Diabetes and Cancer too.

I had the good fortune to meet the man,
And listened to his story of the "Black Cat"....SCRAM!!!

He raised awareness and millions for JDRF,
Gone now to the ages, this his legacy would be left.

One thing that all of you should know,
Wherever he went, he put on a great show.

On a "Field of Dreams" he now will play,
Where he can click his heels every day.

Swollen with tears now our red eyes we rub,
At the endearing loss of "This Old Cub".

We'll miss his radio groans, his sighs, and his laughter too,
Because like us, his veins ran only with "Cubbie Blue".

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And It Stood Right Over There.

there once stood a man who in dungarees trained,
all his horses to run with his denim shirt stained.

There were fresh jars of liquor and bushels of wheat.
There was a cowbell that clanged:" Time! Come and eat!"

There once was a girl who rolled free in the hay.
Then she saw a packed loft on her wedding day.

There once soared a fire that brought cries of: " Help!"
There was a whipping out back of a brazen young whelp.

He once had a large family. They left him, one by one,
as the red barn was peeling in the long summer sun.

There once was a prize mare who had pictures and praise.
There once stood a red barn. It was here in those days

There still stand two stones, where this man and his wife
became one with the land to which they gave their life.

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You hate your dad, I know
but I can't choose between you two...just no

I'm sorry.
You're right, I probably would never see
how bad I screwed up, but
without you, I've gone nuts.

Seriously, I will keep trying
to have you back, 'cause I'm crying.
I don't wanna lose you, o.m.g.
I'm really sorry...

I know I was a terrible girl
but I'm a clam and you're my pearl.
Without you, I have no value
without you, I'm no longer cool

I missed  everything we've been through.
Your voice when you sing, I'm glued to you.
Hey, I'm still your number one fan
and you'll always be my sweet, young man.

you're the water, and he's the sun
without you both, I'd be done

I hope you can just understand
I'll always wanna hold your hand
no matter what happened, I'll love you still.
We used to hang and used to chill.
now I'm mad we can't do that
but again, it's my fault the balloon went splat.

I'm desperate to hear you say
'I love you mom, it'll always be this way'
I want your forgiveness, seriously
I'm really sorry.

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The Passionate Teacher to His Student

Come be with me and be my student,
And we will start an improvement
To crime and corruption, killing and bullying
And all other demonic doings
There will we be on the top
And see our nation fills the gap
By you as future leader, to whom I care
Failing us, please never dare
There will I teach you to be an avenger
And to be this nation’s super defender
A man of powers, and faith
Destined to save this generation’s fate

A man that will not to be fooled
With a mind as your number one tool
Heir of earth when we are old
With a future as bright as gold

A pen and paper as your weapons
Without giving any harm and destructions
And if these are will be used
This place will be better not only good

Correct the past and my generation’s fault
Do not let it to continue its growth
For you to suffer is not to be
Save this earth for thee and me

The world shall celebrate whether to dance or sing,
For there are changes that you can bring
If these changes will improve a lot
Then come be with me and be my student

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Given It All

The match is approaching for time has now passed;
He eats a quick meal – knowing it to be last.

The field it is awaiting within thick fog and lights –
He knows that tonight is sure to be a fight.

He gets on a knee and says a quick prayer;
He does it so swiftly – this occasion not rare.

The field now approaches, ominous yet serene –
He sees his team waiting, their strength to be seen.

The ball is kicked and soars like a hawk;
And bodies collide with a thud and a shock.

A fight it turns out – their opponent of great size,
But his team presses forward with a fearless disguise.

Hard hits are given and he takes a few;
But he presses on, for his brothers do to.

Win or loss, fallen or tall,
He walks off the field having given it all.

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The Pleasure Has Been All Mine

<               I have dipped my pen in the sublime, it's my gift to you
                 Now use it wisely and write about some captioned caught views

                 thus that of an snow-capped mountain with an eagle that soars
                 or white sandy beaches where ribbed tides rolls back to it's shores

                 maybe stars and moon dance reflecting off stilled bay's port
                 in ones head you must determine choice of words to now sort

                 from beautiful to just pleasure does not hit it's mark
                 beneath recant memory that caused the ignited spark

                observer of denial you can not destroy ones voice
                within pens stroke there comes a poet with another choice

                seize the day and come bow to the chosen word of the day
                dont let an overpowering object just get away

Written By Katherine Stella  6/26/11

Entry For A Rambling Poet's

Writing In The Sublime

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Scars left behind

Gone was this edifice

Gone, sunk down the abyss

Memories only remain

Memories to keep me sane

To cherish them I shall

For such is my call

Ode to this great man

Who gave me a good stand

My favorite, among the elders

His death caused me to seek the avengers

Lonely, desolate and abandoned

His absence makes me so scorned

Gone was this great man

Seen as having an evil hand

He loved the child I was

And left me maimed with scars!

Name : Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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There have been times in our land
When our nation has had to take a stand.

It first began at Bunker's Hill
Where so many men were then killed.

All through that war with the British King
Men here in America were fighting and dying.

They were the first "Veterans" of the US,
When duty calls, there was always a surplus.

Always men of courage it takes it seems
Like those with Jackson at New Orleans.

There were "Veterans" who fought both South and North
When the country was split, her sons poured forth.

Healing those wounds would take some time
But in the end it came in line.

Of course no one remembers the row with Spain
Where America sent her men once again.

The "War to End All Wars" was more than a saying
As loved ones and sweethearts were left home praying.

Oh, Chateau Thierry, the Argonne, Belleau Wood and more
Are now in our history as battles of that war.

Then came the biggest war of all
When the world went crazy in '39's Fall.

Our "Veterans" were there too,
In Africa, Europe, and the Katmandu.

From Casablanca and Casserein on Africa's shore,
To Sicily, Anzio, Normandy, and the Bastogne's of that war.

The Pacific saw its share of death and hell
From the first bombs at Pearl Harbor to Gaudalcanal.

Many "Veterans" died at Iwo Jima, Saipan, Okinawa too,
They shed their blood for me and you.

After the end, we thought we might have some order,
Until the Communists in Korea crossed the border.

The Vietnam era was one of upheaval and race,
Some "Veterans" coming home even received a spit in the face.

For their part the "Veterans" were not to blame,
And for our country, it was a time of shame.

Dessert Storm and Dessert Shield put them in the MidEast
Where terror reigns with sate for a feast.

Yet, the soldier, sailor, or airman know,
If his country calls, he must go.

They follow the traditions of other "Veterans" you see,
They put their lives on the line for both you and me.

To the ones who have worn our country's uniform I say
"Thank You, Veteran", we should honor you with more than one day!

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Mother's Empty Room

Small room with one door
Pale green carpet lines the floor
Two windows, shades and curtains
Pink roses scattered uncertain
Paneled walls remember
Our Moms love this December
Figurines rest on dresser tops
Some gifts, others from local shops
Flower petals that hold no scent
Potpourri in baskets, its fragrance spent
Jewelry in boxes free from dust
Treasures left to us in trust

As we walk in her room
Memories flood, it’s too soon
Our hearts rhythm the song
Her being gone seems so wrong
As memories waltz in our veins
Longing for her voice, still, in vain

Pictures now our fingers trace
With each touch, her remembered grace
Eyes, once blind, can now see
Pain and sorrow gone, her soul set free
Her voice, now strong, rings in heaven above
Carried through the air on wings of the doves

To all this and more, we longingly cling
How we’d love once more, to hear Momma sing


By: Debra Squyres  12-3-2010

NOTE:  Though I searched in vain for the first draft of this first poem I was unable to find it. It was much longer and filled with cliches.... This is the poem I spoke of in my "Poetry on My Poetry" poem.  Of course it is cleaned up a good bit now and I've actually changed the title to "Room of Memories"

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Pet Sit Panics

<                                             Dam Dog !

                                               What a hog !

                                               Ate Cousins Dope !

                                               And Started To Choke !

                                                Starry Eyes !

                                                Wobbly Thighs !

                                                To Vet !

                                               250 Dollars I Bet !


                                               More Test !

                                               They Suggest !

                                                Hell No !

                                               Let's See How It Goes !

                                               Just Needs Sleep !

                                              And Plenty Of Water The Little Creep !

Entry For
Sharon Tideswell
Pet Sit Panic's Contest




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Locked Inside

I needed a way to release from inside,
All of the tears that I never cried,

My head was exploding from all I kept in,
While onto my face I glued a fake grin;

I hid inside my suspicion and fears,
And locked them away for many years;

They built up a wall and trapped me within,
Until I didn’t even know where to begin;

I had every emotion locked in my heart,
So I started to write, I made it my art.

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Dirty Dan

<                             Driving along in my automobile
                               Seen homeless man holding sign will work for his meals

                               Should I stop or should I just Go !
                               Should I give Or Should I just say hell No !

                              But what if that was me
                              Crying out with such pitty

                              Not knowing where to get next meal
                              Three kids crying at worn out heels

                             Cardboard boxes to call our home
                             Dumpster diving for pieces of foam

                             Think I'll give him a piece of my pot
                             Opened wallet and gave him alot

                             A nice twenty came on out
                             Wiped out was his sadden pout

                             Drove by an hour later
                             Homeless camp wiped off roadmarks slatter

                             Wonder where dirty Dan had now roamed
                              Just hope he finds a better suitable home

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Never got a chance to say a proper goodbye
Too late now to waste time regretting or muffle a cry
When last we spoke I never saw you again
Just wanted you to know it hadn’t all turned out in vain 
Many of the main things in your life became the main things in mine
Kept on pushing with all my strength to the end of the line
Never stood by when someone was kicked around
Always felt one with the poor, the gagged and bound,
Never let the rich guys get a free ride  if I could help it
Stopped them and made them feel the pinch if time would permit
Was outraged at bureaucratic bull and complained out loud
I’m not certain  but I think you might  have been proud 
Built up some handy ways for work, destroyed a few useless ways
Helped a few people  to live easier, peaceful days
Always used what brains I had, and avoided wasting even a moment
Tried to find useful ways as to how my time was spent 
Happiness?  Some, sure, but not always, except towards the end.
Regrets?  Yes, my damaging mistakes cannot be made to mend.

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We Made An Angel

We made an Angel for Jesus,
although he was tiny and small,
he’s now in the army of Jesus,
and helps to watch over us all.

Our baby was born in October. 
A beautiful blue eyed boy.
He appeared to be healthy and happy, 
he filled our hearts full of joy.

We had him for only a short time. 
His life seemed so normal at first!
Just before he was two, without warning, 
his health took a turn for the worst!

Six months later, he went up to heaven, 
to explain it, we won’t even try!
For a while, we were groping for reasons, 
why someone, so young had to die?

We kept on searching for answers, 
for what we could not understand?
Why God, would let this thing happen, 
was it all just a part of His plan?

All of a sudden it hit us, 
we knew just what God had in mind!
He let us make Him an Angel, 
to help Him watch over mankind!

Yes, we made an Angel for Jesus, 
although he was tiny and small,
but he’s big in the Army of Jesus, 
and helps to watch over us all!

Dedicated to Angel Bobby 
(Robert William Taylor -  1968-1971)

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My Love Is Like

My Love is like a cherished gift I covet in my room,
My Love is like a budding shoot forever caught in bloom.

My Love is like a melody I captured from a dream,  
Of a lilting sensuality and pleasure quite serene. 

The passion of my Love can sear and yet can also heal,
There is no bar can measure how intense my Love can feel.

My Love warms me in winter's chill but cools my irate state;
With calming words of meaning my Love knows what soothes my aches. 

I have seen my Love shed tears of pain as passions overrun,
I have seen a sorrow in my Love from hurts that I have done,

And yet I felt forgiveness from my Love that is so deep,
Absolving me from my past wrongs and setting me then free.  

My Love lives that which teachings say as goodly souls we should,
Engender for each other and instill within our youths.

My Love is solid fundament of realism pure; 
Not concepts or imaginings of damsels in knight's lore.

And yet the magic that my Love displays for me each day;
Would put to shame all fantasy in children's fairy tales.

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Into the Valley of Death.....A.L.T

What of violence and God, is death simply a part of life?
as each creature large or small lives through strife.

And, righteous wrath, what of its source
a mere aberration of mans faulty mental course?

Surely, some claim to hear the Almighty Voice,
Yet, do they not simply make a human choice?

Violence is brought upon man by man;
how can it exist, we ponder, without God’s Hand?

Malnourished or over stimulated human kind
find murderous meanings in the convoluted mind.

Anger, does not motivate the most High and holy state,
man has given false meaning to accommodate.

The wise will look strongly toward mortal gain
when caught between righteousness and pain.

And speak less often of righteous anger with firm nod
Let man step lightly, for he knows not the mind of God.

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Life is an Aventurous Squirrel Run

I have my Hubby’s steadfast belief in me.
He loves how my poems are light and airy.
He’ll give me an idea once in a while…
Then he escapes to come back, later to read my new child.

He calls these run-throughs a squirrel run.
For they can take off in directions, yes, any one.
Crazy thoughts become crazier still…
And story time leads to god knows, where they will.

My thinking is kind of like chasing around a tree.
You never know where the end will be.
But somewhere I eventually become truly still.
And that is where my Hubby adds into the trill.

Then the squirrel run begins again…
Light and fluffy and full to the brim.
Each day a new adventure... waits around the bend.
Live it. Love it. Write it... You'll be happier in the end.

Contest: Emotion: Squirrelly and fun   CSEastman

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Our Faith Tested

                                            Ten years have come and gone..
                                          So many lost but we still we go on..
                                          Our faith tested by demons that fly..
                                          Still moist tears that will never dry..

                                         All races join together holding hands..
                                       Remembering those who made a stand..

Six Lines of Poetry...contest
written by Michael J Falotico

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The Wall

When I first met you, you were full of pain, so you built up a wall,
and you hid inside, but your life was dark, and you lived in vain.

When you discovered I loved you, and you found out how deep,
that wall began to crumble, and now it's just a heap.

With no wall between us, life has been swell, no longer are you
living in an infernal hell.

Every day I want to sing, and thank the Lord for all He brings,
my love remains ever true, and each passing day I still love you.

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Valentine Romance

Valentines day is always something special to me, I explained. 
So I planned a romantic evening and got ready for my campaign.
The children were at a sleepover with their favorite friends they adore.
So I met my hubby as he came in, accidentally tripping and making him hit the door.
Thank God his head is hard as he hit that, the nearby TV, but very little more.
I made Cherries Jubilee as a snack while he sat there with an ice pack to his head. 
But before I knew it, I’d knocked it over and almost burned down the house instead.
When he finally put the fire extinguisher away…
I got up and got some of the kids’ apple tarts I had made. 
He bit in deep and burned his mouth, declaring he wasn’t hungry and the pain would fade.
Next he decided to go upstairs, but I had put rose petals down everywhere in spades.
And yes you probably guessed it… he slipped and ended up needing a little aide.
At this he decided to take an aspirin and lay down upon the couch. OH  HHWell…
But I knew the rest needed to happen above, to totally create this romantic spell…
I had to get him to the candles and bubble bath, where my romantic dreams still dwelled. 
So I got out some scarves and danced toward him, tying up his hands before he fell.
He never knew what hit him as he was lassoed and gently bounced up the stairs.
I guess I wouldn’t have had to tie his feet… a few words would have done as well.
But you know me when I get going, my mind tends to lose a few brain cells…
He was flustered, exhausted and bruised when he got there, but he’s made of the right stuff.
Though as I took off the scarves, he flopped on the bed pulling the covers over his head kind of rough.
He said he loved me, but living with me could be kind of tough.
He said it was better to leave it to him, for the romantic endeavors and such.
He said he had reservations and play tickets in his shirt pocket for later on that night.
But what he needed now was some aspirin and a few moments of quiet respite. 
So with a sigh he started snoring, and my romantic dreams were momentarily crushed.
I dearly love the man you know. But, do you think maybe I tried too much?

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A David for David

David is small teenage boy from Israel
A son of Jesse whose king named Saul

He carried a slingshot on his side for protection
Used it for work with a matching pouch of stones

There’s a war between Israel and Philistine
Takes forty days for them to initiate how to begin

David knew about the giant called Goliath
Not afraid to fight him without any mask

He only carried with him his faith to defeat 
The mighty giant whom every man is afraid

One day David saw Goliath at the battlefield
Ready to fight, so he closed his eyes and prayed

The giant move forward for a great kill
David reached his bag and used his skills

The stone hit the giant straight in the forehead
He fell face down on the ground and really beg

David took Goliath sword, killed him and cut his head
He did it finally and triumphantly makes the giant dead

I compare this story of faith and bravery to our dear David the poet
With his powerful poems makes us inspired even if we didn't meet yet

Enjoy your long vacation together with your beautiful wife
I know you are happy sharing unforgettable moments in life

October 24, 2012
By: Maria Paz
For Cyndi's "A David For David" Contest
1st Place Winner

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Behind me men deepening  my gashes 
And a danger as always from gas flashes
Ahead of  me  more seams wait for my  cuts
More years spent sick to the guts

Rock rock everywhere and all is black
Roof above me scraping my back 
A pile of work for which there is little thanks
A mile of earth above held up by God and two planks

And if it moves we become fossils  like the coal 
For  the mine boss’ll  bury us body and soul
The darkness is not just  here in the coal seams
But in how the coal miner’s life seems

The endless darkness and heat is like hell
Hopeless  prisoners  walled up in jail 
To  digging a  grave myself   I  resign 
This  job is a  merciless killer   --  it’s mine

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Written by Sydney Peck
Entered in Debbie Guzzi's  Contest    Down in the Dark Dungeon

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Heart Power vs Brain Power (Dedication to John Freeman)

If human brains hold such high capacity
Why is the use of intelligence scanty?
Some claim telekinesis and ESP
Are available to them quite readily
While others have trouble writing and reading
Is intellect defined in unborn seedlings
Pregnant mothers who listen to classic tunes
Say the passion for music grows in their wombs
But that can't explain the musical prodigy
Reincarnation gifts -- another theory
What roles do genes play? Can talents be bestowed?
Scientists seem focused on genetic codes
Talent and genius are enviously measured
By those who have neither such gifts are treasured
But the size of our hearts and the joy in our souls
Prove far more precious as a man's life unfolds
So much significance is placed on IQ
But our Lord is not apt to ask what we knew
When we face final judgment, God just might say
Did you use my gifts wisely or let them decay?
Did you use your wisdom for personal gain?
Did the talents I bequeathed bring you great fame?
Or did you open your heart, provide relief
To those needing comfort and help with their grief?
When you had no money, did you lend a hand?
Did you leave loving footprints across the white sand?
Great thinkers and athletes might feel they are blessed
But those who love are heaven's most welcome guests
Souls with talent and wealth may not measure up
To one who puts his last coin in a beggar’s tin cup
* Dedicated to John Freeman and inspired by his blogs about concepts vs precepts

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Slamming dakarai cobb part 2

Ok, this is gonna be a poetic airstrike, like it was over Baghdad.
I've been told my slams are god-like, and dakarai, you're being slayed on my writing 

I've done ripped out your heart, now I'm removing your guts.
I'm blowing your whole being apart, but first, take this upper cut!

I want you to feel my poetic blow, but you should not be in this ring.
So soupers, witness this poetic TKO, and I'm giving P.D. back her g-string!

That's right dakarai, I'm the soup playboy, just ask your girlfriend.
I had her bobbing her head with joy, but that was after I put something up her rear-

When I'm done with you, you're gonna need one helluva band-aid.
I'm gonna beat you black and blue, then force feed you my poetic grenade!

dakarai you're a sneaky rat, who lurks in the shadows of this site.
My poetic gun goes rat-a-tat-tat, so take that, you poetic parasite!

What can you say about me?  I'm on the "Top 50 best poets" list!
But I'm taking this beyond poetry, so here's my right fist!

Feel my raging energy, as I pop you like a cyst!
Don't go looking for P.D., she doesn't even exist!

I destroyed her whole identity, and now I will focus solely on you.
You'll soon see, I'm a demonic entity, and I'm kicking your ass like Kung Fu!

I'm not even taking a breath, have you had enough yet?
I will haunt you even after death, I see you're starting to sweat!

dakarai you've become my footstool, and I'm watching the sunset.
I'm making you look like  a fool, and burning your ass with my cigarette!

Take this poetic dynamite, and boy don't you ever forget.
This isn't a pretty site, I have the sex tape of your mom on videocassette!

Ding, ding, it's the end of round two, I'll let you digest this.
Your poetry is pure doo-doo, and my next slam will throw you into the abyss!!!!

Note: dakarai cobb had enough yet, or do you continue ?  Want to be the soup 

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Silent Space

I stand on top of silent space
Free from all of worldly trace
Of hate, sadness, and despair
I feel only love and me in the air

I'm finally free to do my will
And all of love begins to fill
My head with all possibilities
Of all of the sweet pleasantries

That we can find tonight
If only we can find the right
Time and spirit give me some
Of yours baby where am I from?

hear me please, baby please
Listen close tell not the trees
That I love you but it can't be
So simple between you and me

You make me dizzy, fall down so fast
And feel that now this night will last
So take each minute, and fill this cup
With the essence of love, up and up

hear me please, baby please
Listen close tell not the trees
That I love you but it can't be
So simple between you and me

Don't be scared, remember now
Of all the time we had and how
I held you close when you were downed
I held you up when you almost drowned

So hear me please, baby please
Listen close tell not the trees
That I love you but it can't be
So simple between you and me

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My ode to the Netherlands

Beneath Australia’s expansive sunlit sky, I recall the patchwork quilt, where my life began
12 provinces united, one country created; uniformity resists when anthems unite the parochial clan

From staunch Overijssel in the north, to Limburg’s laughter in the south
From Drente’s eastern reach renowned, to Zeeland’s exalted river mouth 

Friesland’s fair and twisted tongue, a language apart 
Her “Tjalks” adorn the “Ijsselmeer”, binding forever a Fries heart

Groningen’s Martini towered capitol sits amid Europe’s oldest man made scenery
While Utrecht at the countries heart, the nation’s birthplace abounds in greenery

The Hollands next both South and North, give us cities which compete
For world renown, both Rotter- and sweet Amsterdam, with tulips are complete 

Gelderland’s unfortunate claim to fame came from war
When allies forced a German retreat; they aimed a bridge too far

North Brabant lies beneath southern skies, a friendly place where life is good
Before Lent with carnival spent round old Saint John, is where, my cradle once stood 

Limburg land of promise, of fresh fruit flans and singing nightingales, 
Where clear streams cascade through oaken forests and silence prevails

Flevoland, the last, where fishing boats of Urk once sailed the Southern Sea
Now reclaimed land doth arise as each polder dries, thanks to the vision of Lely  

Fatherland, motherland, though far away now, if truth be told
A warm place in my heart, “Je maintiendrai”; I will uphold

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Locked Behind a Dark Door

Locked behind a dark door I am lost and alone,
separate from my family, no place to call home.

I battle with my fears and fight with my thoughts,
seems the harder I try, the more I get lost.

Help is near but yet so far away,
searching for peace, but the pain will stay.

Freedom? I am looking but unable to find,
my soul is lost, with no peace of mind.

Silence is my enemy, I am unable to speak,
I fear for my future, emotions at their peek.

I will try to keep faith for what my future has in store,
for now I remain, locked behind a dark door.


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From The Edge Of The Shore


                        I was holding your hand, …you were such a brave little knight…
                        On that first day of kindergarten, you walked out of sight
                        Now,  binoculars find you….standing proud in your whites…
                          I can see you so clearly and my throat squeezes tight

                        We have watched from the dock, from each shore of your life
                       There are no words to tell you, how each moment shined bright


        with bravado, and a winning smile, your spirit and courage, always shining

Dedicated to my beloved grandson..who has just returned from deployment aboard the U.S.S. Truxtun

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Heart's Duet

You whisper in my ears, I loveyou.
My heart replied, I do.

The moment we shared under the moonlight.
A portrait of happiness you painted so bright.

Hoping that forever no one will tear us apart.
You're the lyrics in a song that beats inside my heart.

Sing me a love song that I love to hear.
To take away this feeling of fear.

Hold my hands and take me out of here.
I  surrender all of me when you're near.

Sing me a love song, oh hold me dear.
Then promise to stay in love forever.

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Against Sunset, "they're" Captured

Heavenly skyline of orange and red
Skeletal treeline in sporadic shred

The line of the bright is turning to night
In smile they grace us, nature's sight

She shows her emotions, sometimes we don't see
This lady all around us so pleases me

Come the 14th of July, this year 2010
Carolyn, look to your skies, and you'll see the birds when

They dip their wings as they fly past you
A poet so wonderful, yes you, I mean you

Enjoy your day into your sun setting night
For these three winged gems, gliding smiling delight

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Our Love

How do I know that love is true,
Is it what‘s felt between me and you;

      I know it’s true, this love I’ve felt,
      It’s the reason that on one knee, I knelt;

Is it more than a growing bond of trust,
More than desire, more than lust;

      I never would have asked for your hand,
      If I never thought you’d understand;

Is it the way you hold me when days are long;
Or the way you cheer me with a goofy song;

      My love for you is infinite,
      And never will my love remit;

Is it the way you kiss my tears away,
Or the soothing words you always say;

      And I feel your love in your very touch,
      I never thought I’d love so much;

So what is love you may inquire,
It’s the way you set my blood on fire!

      The love I feel for you is true;
      You know, I’d even die for you.

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Silver Strands

Each year silver strands of sunlight become woven into my hair.
Just like the silver strands of sunlight that help bind us everywhere.
They light our way before us as we stumble forth each day.
They slowly lead us forward into the paths of great byways.

God sends these silver strands that slowly build a crown upon our heads…
And they are earned with the wisdom, learned throughout the years ahead.
The strands will weave a family, and unite us to others, too.
For they are the strands of love given to both: me and you.

Love and work together is how they are slowly earned.
And the weaving is slowly done as we add others in the sojourn.
But how are they bestowed as so slowly woven into our lives?
I would say it’s given by Gods divine grace, in time.

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Aunt Eva, the Wild Woman

A vibrant, wild woman took center stage at every family wedding or party
Long, flowing locks even in old age, she always embarrassed her brother Artie

Once statuesque at nearly six feet tall, Eva was a sight to behold at buffets
Plate upon plate, she piled food so high; restaurant owners said she ate with craze

Bubbling with energy that radiated, this former beauty queen knew how to dance
As a child she led me to the floor; we’d Charleston!  Wild woman sure could prance!

As a teen she’d fallen into Hudson Bay; she learned how to swim, suffered no harm
She repaid the favor by training nearly every Jersey Shore lifeguard

Her tales were many and some seemed tall, especially to a child so small
But the one about dolphins saving her from sharks could certainly enthrall

Her loudly ticking old-time video camera was heard each time I was in a play
She never missed a performance, though she may have stood in the audience’s way

And Bob Hope called her up on stage when she and her camera stole his show
In saintly splendor she revels now, still radiating that winsome glow

Dedicated to my dear Aunt Eva.  

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Eyes do Weep

When my son was young and so very, very wild… 
I loved him dearly for he was my child.
But I feared the drugs, alcohol, and friends he did keep.
I knew they would destroy him, as I found my Eyes do weep.

We found a private High school with new peers to seek.
Miraculously, He found his own way back, and to college he did leap.
He chose a college and fraternity far away, as my eyes blurred again.
But the day he was on his own, became the best that’s ever been.

His fraternity became his brothers, and advice they dished out.
Study time became important, with gentlemanly behavior devout.
I’ll thank them each, in the leadership and help they all showed.
I’ll thank my son for growing up, and for becoming who we now know.
Community service brought blood drives, and teaching inner city kids.
They worked on their fraternity house, reclaiming it from the skids.
All parties had designated drivers to take every body home, all right.
They gathered clothes for the homeless to brighten up their life.
They built Homes For Humanity for to work he was never adverse.
Then, to add to the rest, he continued to work to become a nurse. 
He put himself through college working in a hospital and ambulance.
He had learned a reverence for life, happiness, and yes, even patience.
My wild, wild son has found purpose in life and peace at long last.
And again my eyes do weep… This time with love so vast...

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A Silver Fox Fur for PD

One thing a pink fox needs is a silver fox fur.
She is so mystifying; this will make her purr.

Lady with pure instinct; can never be tracked down.
She can mesmerize her mate, with her triple crown.

Her passion foxtail, deadly only unrequited,
Her deliberate path, rages when ignited,

She can never be caged, unless she rules the roost.
Endangered maybe to see, never to be reduced,

Cute and cunning like a real fox she lives life full.
Maybe different sign, though like Taurus the bull.

Silver fox fur provides look of wisdom that exists.
Cagey and wily, her mind and soul has many twists.

Silver fox fur brings out more of animal indeed.
Her appetite may ravage, although she shall not feed.

She maybe carnivorous, her hunger no desire,
Thirsting for her sustenance only will transpire.

Loving and caring of nature’s young wilderness child.
Captivated by their tenderness, fully compiled,

This pink fox so delicate, with a soul full of fun,
Her feminine wiles renowned cannot be undone.

Never under guess this pink or silver fox words.
She can slam you down; wipe you out like herds.

Written for

Sponsor (Destroyer ((Poet 
Contest Name P.D's INNER ANNIMAL 

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Put Down NUKES, Put Up Yir' Dukes- - - - - - - --------

HUMAN BEINGS MAN...don't tell me it was necessary!
Couple hundred thousand people obliterated in a few seconds is beyond the realms of scary.

Truman you musta' been sniffin' glue know you didn't need to do it. 
I can hear ya' today giving the A-ok to the Enola Gay, "Kill 'em screw it!"

And not only did you pull it once, but you saw the need to do it twice. 
It wasn't like the "Little Boy" you deployed landed in a field of rice

No sir, ya' went and sent the "Fat Man" to devastate the city of Nagasaki even faster!
Just three days after the blaze reeking disaster plaster casting Hiroshima in disaster!

Now before ya' good old boys start raisin' yir' voice about December Seven!
Ramblin' off at the mouth racist claims and who is or isn't gonna be in heaven.

Half a century to think about whether or not two wrongs makes a right.
and ya' still can't see the sin in bringin' NUKES instead puttin' two dukes up in the fight?

Are you kidding me? Someone please tell me the rationale in evaporating innocent women and babies.
when the question arises of taking harmless family's lives....the answer is IFS, ANDS, or MAYBES!

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To say Saskatchewan is  flat 
Is like saying a woman is fat :
A  superficial judgement 
Which denies all her other allurement. 
Oh,  what wonders are in glorious Sask?
I hear everyone breathlessly ask.
Only  the lake with the biggest inland
Freshwater delta  in all the world’s land.
And two of the five biggest all-Canadian lakes  -
Athabasca and Reindeer  -  land sakes!
And  -  what is our greatest glory? 
Sask is the world’s biggest political territory
Whose boundaries are geometric lines all.
We certainly can’t be considered small.

Ok,   I hear you say,  but it’s still flat. . . 
Well, it’s not to us prairie boys, and that’s that!

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Once I was initiated.
Then I made it.

Once I was negated.
Today I am contemplated.

Now I am a jazzy lady.
They call me Classy Daisy.

I'm upward bound.
I'm never down.

I am so amazing.
I am sophisticated!

~Rhyme Battle! (Round 3)! Free Poetry Contest Entry~
~Entry Date: March 02, 2014~
~Motif: Rhyme Couplet~

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My Love For You Is Easy

There is so much I want to share with you,
But my words are lost deep within me
I have oh so many emotions
How do I make you see

Life is not always that simple
Hear this from my heart
Our faith will concur all
As we stand here at the start.

Not speaking to you is going to kill me
You there and me here
But one day soon that will change
And I will finally have you near.

The Angels they did send you
The day that we met
Our love will last forever
As in stone it was set

Come fly, fly with me baby
Oh come fly with me
We can explore our love together
And set all our deepest emotions free

For the skies are without limits
And the tree tops we sour too
Perched upon a branch
Our love is forever true

I never meant for this to happen
But I am sure glad it did
Hearing your love and laughter
Makes me feel like a kid

Please never doubt my love
What is shared between you and me
Cause I am here to forever hold you
You just wait and see

But for now, I have to be patient
And except our destiny
But I promise you this my darling
You are forever within me.

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 I was thinking about liberty this past Memorial Day,
 How the freedom won by others is here for us to stay.

 It wasn't just the stroke of a pen that made men free,
 But the hard and difficult sacrifices, that gave us Liberty.

 We broke the allegiance to a king so far away,
 Pulled together as a nation, that has survived until today.

 We've fought against our own brothers to make slavery die,
 We still are healing from those wounds, with every racial cry.

 Like other nations bent on their empire's expanse,
 We have fought to that tune and made other men dance.

 But our stance has been true though all the horrors,
 Especially when we sent our boys to the "War To End All Wars".

 The world thought it worked and it did for awhile,
 But tyranny and evils will not end with only a smile.

 Another generation of men to freedom's call,
 And the flag with 48 stars then, was needed by all.

 Even after the victories we had an uphill fight,
 The evils among us would not take flight.

 So Freedom and Liberty have to be won each day,
 By those who survive the battle's fray.

 Not only the soldier is in that battle you know,
 Each one of us, has that same burden to tow.

 For if we are to remain free in this great land,
 "Liberty and Justice for ALL" must go hand in hand.

 When we know of wrong being done,
 It is our duty to help, as Freedom's citizen.

 Not just with lip service which continues despair,
 But get in the trenches, and Liberty repair.

 It is the hard won fight that brought us this far,
 The hard won victories of goodness and care.

 Have we forgotten who we are and from whenst we came?
 The words of "Freedom and Liberty" would not be the same.

 Except that a few men had the willingness to forego,
 Their fortunes, their lives, and to their posterity bestow.

 That Freedom and Liberty should come to all in this land,
 Can we do less,  to keep to their plan?

 Someone once said, "It's not easy being me."
 It is harder still to live in the land of the Free.

 Where we enjoy our Liberty and Freedom to choose,
 Yet, how often have we let it be abused?

 Vote...if you want to keep your Liberty,
 Vote...if you want your children to be Free.

 It is in our right to vote that we have won this prize,
 Do not let its light be dimmed by "I don't need to..." sighs.

  For men the world over have we sent our own to save,
  For Freedom and Liberty - and The Home of The Brave!

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Love is not a science

Love is not a science 
Nor a story of self- reliance 

It does not lay claim
To those who place blame

More than a perfect first date
Or what was once thought to be fate

Love is sadness in a mothers eyes
As far away her son flies

Dropping it all on a dime
For a friendship impossible to define

Love never looses sight
Of what it knows to be right

Impossible to ignore
Like waves crashing upon the shore

It surprises us all
Like a child's first steps from a crawl

It will break us down
But only then can it be found

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Kennel Bridge

It Trickles Down His Walls in Thin Sheets,
His Confines Broken By Light Rainfall.

               - It Soaks In -

He Assumes The Foetal Position and Pulls
The Covers Up Passed His Collar Bone.

               - The Lines Don't Match Up -

Wincing at Various Thoughts That His
Mind Conjures Up, Reliving History.

               - The Light Breaks His Window -

Reminds Him That Those Who He Had Loved,
And Those That Had Abused Him.

               - Walked Under The Same Sun -

His Body Remained Peacefully Still as 
He Sank Deeper into Himself.

               - Moving in His Thoughts For Hours -

The Only Place Where Solace Seemed
Existent, Behind a Mould of Replication.

               - He Walks With Her Hand in Hand -
   - Sleeping With Her Under Stars of His Own Creation -

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Finally Home

I have finally reached my destination
Coming in from several directions
A heart filled with ambition
A mind filled with passion!

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Poet Tree

A leaf that tumbles in the air
And drifts upon the ground.
A person who sighs and smiles
With eyes that speak no sound.
Poetry is rooted in the earth,
And flies upon the wind.
It is not a sonnet nor a verse,
It’s a feeling from within.

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Lucky White Star

I miss watching my Luck man run,
Sweat glistening in the morning sun;

The smell of leather in the frigid air,
Tossing his head without a care;

The soft sounds of the stable yard,
The only place I let down my guard;

Telling secrets to my horse,
Just letting nature take it’s course;

The confidence he gave to me,
My Lucky boy, my trusty steed;

He leant me courage I never had,
He was always there, through good or bad;

My shoulder to lean on, by best friend,
He was there for me up to the end.

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Linda Marie The Sweetheart Of P.S.

<                                            Sweetheart

                                          Where shall I start

                                              Linda  Marie

                                         You'll surely agree

                                            Travels  around

                                           Soup    land   town

                                     North  South  East  and  West

                                 Your poetry she  will taste and test

                                        Never leaves smitten notes

                                    Or even some nasty blog quotes

                                  She packs you in her traveling suitcase

                                     You know the one dressed in lace

                                          Wether stateside or abroad

                                          This woman is not a fraud

                                         Only kindness and senserity

                               If I was a guy even would ask her to marry me  { LOL }

                                          But for now will be forever friends

                                   Like A shining armor I will always's defend 

                                             This sweetheart of poetry soup

                            Who makes me not to want to fly from this coupe



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My Favorite Dish

In the kitchen my mother stands
Blue bowl in her work rough hands

The cracks and chips my fingers trace
Remembering the lines on her tired face

The bowl is full of memories sweet
Of her stirring up some special treat

If I could have  just one little wish
We would stand together with her dish

Stirring up some breakfast batter
The room filled with our girlish chatter

The old blue bowl is with me still
In a place of honor on my window sill

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Walk among the gardens of stone   
evenly spaced white rows as far as the eye can see 
Watch the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown 
honoring the nameless heroes memory   

See the small flags flutter here and there 
faded by years of rain and sun 
Hear a somber gathering murmur a solemn prayer 
for a fallen hero whose journey's done 

Walk softly by an old women 
bent and scarred by the unforgiving years 
She pauses to remember what might have been 
her sad eyes filled with unrequited tears 

And when you leave these hallowed acres     
where the stone flowers grow 
Remember the fallen peace makers 
who's sacrifice bought us our tomorrow

Mike F. Gombas Sr. 

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Slamming M T - A K A - Ms Poe

I'm making this a special affair, so soupers, chant my name.
This site is about to witness a poetic warfare, my favorite game!

My words will be like bombs over Baghdad, the couplets like an airstrike.
With this pen and pad, I'm metamorphosing into something godlike!

What? You can't comprehend? Don't understand what I plainly write?
I thought you were a genuine friend, but you're just a poetic parasite!

I'm gonna slam you till you leave the soup, so you need to "kick rocks."
I'm throwing you in a chicken coop, and manifesting into the poetic warlock!

So like 50 cents "I'll get the magic stick," so what you think about that?
How bout if I sex you like a lunatic, but first shave that hairy pussycat!

Better yet, you need to wax, because your hair gives you a helluva odor.
Never mind, I'll put anthrax on your tampax, and blow up your stinkin motor!

Damn someone throw in the towel, I have this poetess punch drunk!
She has this whole site smelling foul, so I need to kill this nasty skunk!

Have I embarrassed you yet?  Are you tired of my poetic abuse?
I'm gonna bend you over and burn you with a cigarette right on your caboose!

Every souper knows I'm slam king, no one can touch my rhyming skills.
For a souvenir, I'm keeping your g-string - so run naked and head for the hills!

I better not see you posting, or I'll degrade each poem you write.
Your poems will be like marshmellows roasting, and I'll reach out to you via satelite!

*M. T. Now let me show you "God's among men with this pen!"
 - Can I get a standing ovation for this slam?

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my ambition

My ambition  

 I want to become a writer as I like to write, 
And I want to reach a certain height, 
Where I can live with delight.  

 I think I can a book like fiction or mystery,
 I want to become an author like Shakespeare, Ruskin Bond or Agatha Christie, 
Or an author who has a great history.  

 From many days I am not able to pick any book from the book shelf, 
As I want to read a book written by myself.   

I want to write such a book which results into a whole new nation,
 And people appreciate my creation.   

In poetry I want to become a master,
 The thoughts of all the people become positive such a spell caster,
 And I want to reach my ambition rather faster.  

 I want the thoughs to strike my mind as fast as a bullet train,
 And I always want to write with a fully developed brain.   

I want everyone to become my writin's fan, 
Whether it's a women or a man, 
And I always want these word's to flash my mind that "I can, I can and I can."  

 I definitely know that fulfilling your dream is not just a game, 
And we have to do hardwork to achieve fame.   

By- Rachit Bansal

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Glass Doors

I don't care who you were or what you have done. 
I care who you are and what you have become. 

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Given From You

                                       Time passes as days dissolve from view..
                            Messages from memories scroll down from pages of you..

                                 All of which has molded a mind and soul that sings..
                         An everlasting learning experience that gave this heart wings..

                                   Time does pass but I still stay humble and true..
                            Because time can't take away all that was given from you..

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In The Stars

Beautiful stars twinkle in the clear, midnight sky.
As the stars align in the hemisphere, the twinkling begins to magnify!

The stars emerge, row upon row, diagonally and horizontally.
As light begins to surge, words begin to glow, and names are spelled out above me.

The names seem to be engulfed in flames for the whole world to see.
Although the phenomenon is unnatural, clearly the words spell: "Jimmy and Audrey!"

Wrote for my dearest friend XOXO

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Sally version 2

Gracious Sally; my black haired Sally.
You've dawned a bright red cap.
My chicken balls; my coffee please.
A fortune before my nap.
You've tinged your bell; the coffees ready.
The customers turn their heads.
It's you I see; you waiting free!
with chicken balls in their breads.
And when at cash you call for me
and nod a tray you pass.
That after money and after thanks
your smile comes with a laugh.

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Sprinkled with sparkling silver, your precious gilded  lines, dear Nette,
Dazzle me  with faceted polished gems  from your  jeweled coronet.  

I can’t conceive how,  here in this café with us having tea and sausages,
Your  flawless flights of fancy form  like  diamond-engraved images.   

From your rhyme royal fall pearls of moonlight’s beauty, and yet  you spoke  
Of hanging in cafes like this with painters and dancers and down-to-earth folk.

Your work is filled with honesty, sincerity, quicksilver wit, playfulness of spirit:
We can only wonder  at your  free siren soul that can shine and inspire it.

In you,  I recognize the majesty of the poetry I hope  to write.   My knee
Bends to the sovereign  quality   of the poet   I wish was me.    


   *Written with great pleasure by   Sydney Peck  

    for Michael  J  Falotico's contest "First  Words Over Coffee"

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Believe and Forgive

Introduction: Sometimes your life sinks down a little, 
And when it does try and fight for Islam and have faith in Allah, 
ask for His divine guidance, believe and respect everyone, 
don't hold any grudge against someone, 
forgive them and surrender completely to Allah
And believe in His graceful light.

Don't fall apart,
When light fades away
Look deep in your heart,
Allah will aid your way

Nothing feels wrong,
While nature sings song
Days go along,
Until we're gone

Don't deceive,
Just learn to heed
Do believe,
And you will forgive.

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Goodbye to you my Best friend
It’s hard to believe that we’re worlds apart.

 We were like strings on a guitar,
Making harmony and pleasant tones.

You were there when I took the first step,
And gave me directions ever since.

You taught me life’s valuable lessons
And saw me through my mistakes.

Unable to see the virtues you bestowed,
Cut-short by nature’s worthy call.

A decade now past and I realize;
This friend is gone but ever-green.

But with the gift of the Name
Like a tattoo I will always have.

And even if I hate to believe you’re gone,
Goodbye to you my Best friend.

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Poem number 24
tells all I know of Sally.

A Sally from a food place
where foods right up her alley.

Where Sally serves the many
and sometimes just a few.

That Sally learns to service
them coming as her crew.

She keeps her coffee brewing
all throughout the day.

It's when she checks her tip jar
that Sally gets her way.

Her customers keep coming
as Sally keeps the pace.

If not for love and manners
Sally'd win the race.

But winning is for losers
and Sally knows the score.

Without fair play and honesty
Sally'd be at war.

So come and see integrity
from Sally at the counter.

And know fair play is possible.
A "Sally Trac" encounter.

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In Search Of Jacob

<          riding home with brother and friend from convenience store
            this masked man got out of his trucks door

            asked each boy what was their ages
            made them place bikes in ditch or face guns gauges

            Jacob was the oldest of the three
            just 11 good gracious golly

           St Joseph Minnesota close to St Cloud
           days weeks month lined with flowering shrouds

           his mother and father got congress to sign an act
           for crimes against children and sexually violence attacks

           now there is a bridge of hope
           called Jacob Wetterling foundation so families can cope

           our little lost sheep
           we still to continue to shed tears and weep

           for there is still an unmarked date
           where death has not been filled in on your headstones slate

Taken Oct 22 1989 From St Joseph Minnesota

In Search Of Jacob Wetterling still goes on

You Are Not Forgotten 



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This Thing Called School

This mighty school, this boiling stress,
Supposedly makes me the best of the best.

But how can I be as good as they say,
When I barely have the attention to pay?

From the dark of the morning, to the dark of the night,
I am constantly struggling to keep on the right.

I arrive their so early, and return home so late,
Only to find myself a fish caught on bait.

I feel like I’m breaking this one crucial rule;
And falling behind in this thing they call school.

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Gods grace another day

I woke up this morning
and realised there was sunshine
the night had dissapeared
and I knew that I would be fine.
and now Im smiling through the day
rejoicing in what God has made
for I can find no other way
to show im grateful and amazed,
and though these storms will come again
with greater tides and winds that rage
I simply start to look within
instead of to my worldly cage.

Im glad that God restored me back
and proved to me I know no lack
when He is dwelling in my life
and I abide in Him through strife
so do be encouraged my friend
and know this world soon falls away
but the Fathers love, strong and eternal
will never cause your path to stray.

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In A Land Called Fantasy

The shadows loom above my head
Filling the village, we're full of dread

The mountains behind me shake violently
Yet I see something bright, near the sea

A break in the clouds, sun shines down
Upon Gossamer's Palace- like a flowing gold gown

And though we are far from the palace
I no longer feel a dark malice

The fog that drifts by the sea
Comes closer and closer still to me

I no longer want to stand in the dark
I want to hear the song of the lark, the sun's spark

I take off on foot, to travel the road
Eventually to go to the castle's abode

The path is blocked on the straighter way
But I cannot, no- I will not stay

So I travel on a dirt line in the grass
Tenderly, as if my feet on shattered glass

It takes me farther, and I am lost
It's getting cold, I feel the frost

Everything seems the same to me
And I pray, I pray so fervently

And I travel on, without much change
Waiting for the scene to rearrange

The road seems tedious, withered and long
But despite the setbacks, my hope isn't gone

For still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate

that'll bring me safely to the place
I've dreamed of with a smiling face

And to my delight as I round the bend
the selfsame scenery is at an end

i hear the waves, I see the light
And there's the palace shining bright

the magic mist surrounds the sea
And I'm happy in this land called fantasy

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The Flag is You -- Ground Zero

Your words became the thread that strung
the stars in skies so blue.
That represent the fifty states
of Muslim Christian Jew.

Your thoughts recorded secretly
in a cozy nook of night.
Are heartfelt for the victims
these represent the white.

Your hearts that grieved in unison
for an unknown toll of dead.
Beat sad but proud in every chest
and they became the red.

That flag they raised amid the ruins
The red the white the blue.
A symbol of eternal hope
Was planted there by you.

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Dickinson Said

Dickinson's dead below her bed.
Words she said below her head.

Dickinson "Said"

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Sally version 4

Sally's stuffing eggrolls in the back room.
Filling them with beansprouts
in case they have a boom.

Hundreds of these eggrolls
piled high for later.

Boiled in an oil
for each and every crater.

Some will go behind the glass
warming in a pan;

shining in their dipping oil,
tempting for a span.

Placed upon a plate and shimmied
to the side;

up against some rice
that's deep and dark and fried.

Dipped into a plum sauce
sweeter than a sneer,

and spread out on your plate
as far as you can smear

Flavour by the mouthful
damp and moist and wet

Sally's making eggrolls
the best that I can get.

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~Just Dreaming Of You My Love~ (Rhyming Couplets) Dreaming on,of this romance of this true love of this night With the stars as a backdrop, in your eyes, shining so bright Oh Love of my heart, my Darling you're the Knight of all my dreams The star that forever in my heart with true love just...gleam Oh you kiss my lips with your lips that consumes with fire my senses And my whole body treambles for yours with all this love so intense There's no more pretense as your mouth longs and searches mine Oh Love of my heart, we both taste in our lips the sweetness of love's nectarine. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,24,2014

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Glimpse path and road where echoes fall;
Lighten your load to purge all gall.

See deeper still to a new way;
Here lies goodwill in ample play.

Look to each day to live bold zest;
Watch rainbow rays fling ardent fest.

Sense a treasure that lives right here;
Give full measure to spark fond cheer.

Feel in the light the mark of grace;
Know then true sight in time and space.

Fund each new fun with extra feel;
Surge, wit and pun grooms heart to heal.

Stay true to you in waves of change;
Illusions cue range that seems strange.

Leon Enriquez
05 Apr 2014

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I Am Better For It

Because you told me no, when I wanted so much to be right,
I am better for it,
When I was going down the wrong path, you told me ,
You didn't care how much I would fight,
I am better for it,
When I was so in love and wanted everyone to like it,
You told me that it was not love and you were right,
I am better for it,
When I thought I was grand, living in a lie,
You wouldn't let my BS fly,
I am better for it,
Whether I listened or did it right,
You kept working , trying to get me to take flight,
I am better for it,
When I cried you dried my tears, eased my fears, but you pushed me back out there,
I am better for it,
When I listened to you I would soar, 
You knew my potential and wanted me to give more,
I am better for it,
Now that you are gone I realize your dream for me, 
I am better for it!

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Your Hurt Just Hurts So Bad

I know you hurt - I know you work,
You've never recognized your worth.

I feel your pain - its every day,
Please let your fears just wash away.

I know your scared - it's never fair,
Please realize I'm always there.

Your hope is gone - this feels so wrong,
Forever I shall sing our song.

I see your cuts- were stuck in ruts,
Please promise me you'll shed no blood.

I love your heart - a brand new start,
We never will be torn apart.

We'll run away - that flawless day,
I promise we will be okay.

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Watch as your wishing star flys through the sky,
The way that your faith has been burned up so dry.

Watch as this barbed wire coils your soul,
The way that we love until we're burned in coals.

Watch as the dragon so fiercly stands tall,
The way that you know your opinions wont fall.

Watch as our beautiful family is built,
The way that we know that our roses won't wilt.

Watch as the wings mounted upon your back,
The way that a brilliance you never will lack.

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Sally version 3

Sally strolls outside her cubicle collecting dinner trays
wiping some while stacking all she carries them to the back.
She's back at cash with ready eyes knowing that people will come;
sometimes soon; more-often late; some of them just to snack.

But while she waits she sips a brew; green tea that's been dipped before.
Then nodding her head she bows and swallows relaxing her vocal chords.
Approached by a customer she rushes her food firm to the spoon she scoops
while piling the plate for six seventy-nine and giving the customer hoards.

With pushy hands she slides their meal across the stainless steel
while raising her hand to take their bills and clipping them in the till.
Then up with change she raises her head and smiles to the customer's face.
And thanks them well with will and grace and hopes they'll get their fill.

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Torn into pieces, feeling belittled
Hearts hurtin, split down the middle

Dreams seem so real, steady wishin they weren’t
The same thing that makes me happy, can also make me hurt

I want to hold on, to keep my faith at hand
But deep down I know it’s been time to disband

Others see it and say it, I continue to disregard
I keep thinking I’ll change it, yet I end up scarred

I know we won’t end up together, never be as one
But the connections we have made aren’t so easily undone

Time with you is precious to me, I enjoy your company
And I understand it’s not only me you accompany

This is no longer a struggle for me, I’ve now accepted the fact
That I'm going to remain lower on the list, but I'm not sure I'm ok with that. 

I’ll embrace our last year together as close friends, and hope the years will last
Too bad our thoughts of one another had to so deeply contrast.

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Meniscus, meniscus, my coffee is cool.

Little meniscus I'm nobody's fool.

Once you seemed warmer; held by my hand.

Then there's this draft from a Tim Horton's fan.

Might be the windows cooling me down.

Maybe the door rifting around.

Regretting my coffee; some see my frown.

Little meniscus my cold little crown.

Maybe I'm thirsty; maybe too cool.

Currents come at me; stealing my drool.

Little meniscus forgive what I said.

Now that I'm drinking and thirsting instead.

Little mensicus circling my cup.

Not rising over and burning this shmuck!

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4 Years In June

It's not far off, it's very soon,
That certain age I'll turn in June.

A couple more years, I'll be 19,
I've got to keep fighting, to just stay clean.

I'll spread the word to every soul,
To repair spirits is my goal.

To teach the confused of pure light,
To give the blind another sight.

I cannot wait to gat the call,
I promise i will give it my all.

4 more years, and then in June,
I'll turn 19, it's coming soon!

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The Girl That Was Forgotten

Virgin skin and smiling eyes
lightly steps in black disguise.
The shadowed depths to travel in
‘neath lofted moon’s pale unveiling.
Spirited way on her lover’s calls,
sneaks through silent mirrored halls,
through the arch of guiltless pleasure,
down unknown flights of enthused lore.
Startled by the prickly shifting breeze
that stirs the ground that shadows seize.
Upon the hill steely gate unfairly wrought!
‘Tis the place where her lover sought,
and bid her in the high of the night,
through misshaped gate, past blinking light,
past chiseled warriors and over cobbled bridge
to their first meeting place the old garden ridge.
In shivering skin she stubbornly waits
pondering naught why her lover is late.
Her innocent heart not broken nor bent
doth not see what impatience may invent.
A tidy minute leads to a weary score,
a guard’s hour, and then many more.
Now heavy lidded her frowning eyes
play witness to the changing of the skies.
The darkness fades to the colour of rum
as she wishes well for whatever did become  
of her lover, his kisses and knightly accord
to flatter her with the poetry she adored.
Her innocent heart somnolent and beset
lays its new pillow in the night of regret.
The dawning now bells jilted and wronged
for the girl was forgotten by the love that she longed.

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Sunken Cathedral Six

Huge bronze bells peel muffled engulfed by sea 
above unhearing in depths deaf to thee

drowned the dead the lost tsunami friends
not figuring quick and sharp their ends

black churning death coming from the sea
no distinction twixt them you or me

death some surprise shaken a shock from the sea 
xept not dying in autumn like you or me

God please grant them heavenly peace
God please grant them peace

chancel and naves filled ghostly a new congregation
gentle barnacle claimed pews giving us no separation

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Confessions of a souper

The day before yesterday was laced with dismay in every possible way,
Yesterday was better but has into the backdrop faded away.

But today is another day,
New stuff to think, do and say.

Today I will brave the world all alone,
And enjoy my freedom full blown.

I will live life with zest,
Try to do things, never second best.

I will live to be sensitive,
Towards others be more receptive.

I will live to be forgiving,
Be more tolerant and caring.

I will speak to all who walk my path,
Make peace with all and unnecessarily not unleash quaint wrath.

I will correct all my wrongs,
And tell this to all by making them my songs.

I will proudly write notes about the new me,
And publish and upload them for all to see.

I will work to be creative,
And learn to open my mind’s eye and not be obstructive.

I will always proudly wear my own neoteric attitude,
To succeed, master the skill of gratitude.

The day before yesterday was laced with dismay in every possible way,
Yesterday was better but has into the backdrop faded away.

And today is the right day,
To commence these fresh new things that I write and say

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the scent of oneness

cloudy night, an orphaned star
spinning into wayward heart

they drift as one upon a stream
glowing light aurora dreams

when time pounds the kettle drum
they draw in tight, becoming one

the morning sun, chimes all is well
night ogres retreat back into hell

sharing soul and sweetened seeds
two silver swirls on sapphire seas

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Coffee With Larry Belt

There is one funny man I'd especially like to greet
Over morning coffee I hope that we might meet

He has a sense of humor that resounds with me
Larry can  make me laugh out loud with glee

But he has more serious and lovely things to say
I'd like to ask him how his poetry found its way

His poetry is some of the best I've seen
The way his mind works seems so very keen

In our coffee plan there just is one little flaw
I think he wants to bring his mother-in-law.....

For Michael's contest...

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Here Take My Seat

<                                          Racial      Segregation
                                             One         Nation

                                              Why   Oh   Why
                                              Did   King  Try

                                              Right   Or   Wrong
                                              Everyone   Belongs

                                              Black     Or   White
                                              Put        Up   Fight

                                               Americian    Made
                                               Blood          Gave


                                                Share        Wealth
                                                Spare        Health

                                                 Rosa         Parks

                                                 She   Did   Bark

Entry For
Adeleke Adeite's
African Attitude





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Greener Version 2

I've learned about the Earth while I've watched it die,
while getting facts and figures as to how and just why.
And never understood why so many have lawns
not noticing the animals and trees are gone.
I'll vote for politicians if there's one I think is new, 
but truthfully I haven't given him a job to do.
And now the food and clothing and a shelter built for two, 
is steak and suits and mansions filled with hummers for a coo.
Our televisions tell us when something has gone wrong, 
and not of people doing things to help to keep us strong.
I'm starting to get greener as my fears are getting worse.
Yet waiting for an ending makes me think that it's a curse.

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Mr President

Copyright © 2008 #104
-at last-

Freedom´s statesman in disguise
  rise, rise, rise from their lies.

Will those stains
  always remain?

Yes! Over three hundred years
  freedom souls have shed tears.

That one would come
  not only for some.

With solid vision
  making decision.

Without the disguise
  of selfish political lies.

Welcome home Mr. President
  it is you fate hath sent.

America will regain its respect,
  and the economy will reflect

A leader who had enough wisdom
  to embrace mankind´s freedom.

by: LP

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Heaven Can Wait

<                                            left behind
                                              how divine

                                              his choosing

                                               my losing

                                            unfinished work

                                              must  assert

                                           I truly understand

                                         " God's"  choice in plan

                                     for " He " needs bigger wings

                                            to carry all my things

                                    and when those clouds spread eagle

                                      it will become finalized and legal

                                              my final destination

                                        will be "Heaven's" sensation

                                         and the reunion will be nil

                                     with family and friends lying still

                                               so for now I'll wait

                                       for my sweet "Lord" to set the date

                                              to return for only me

                                            in  clouds more of three

Entry For 
Catie Lindsey's 
Left Behind Contest
Gl All










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The Poetic Warlock Returns (Trick or Treat)

Let me metamorphose into my alter ego, so prepare yourself for a shock.
I'm the great great grandson of Edgar Allen Poe, So call me the Poetic Warlock!

Beware of my stare for I will hypnotize; This is a poetic warfare so get in your battle stance.
This slam to you is just for exercise, so don't you dare sh#t your pants!

This is just a poem to make a souper laugh; So boy I hope that's okay with you.
After I'm done, I'll send you my autograph, because I don't wanna get too close to doo-doo!

Don't you dare soup mail me again, looking to battle with me.
Boy you know you can't win, you just want a souper to tattle on me!

I've slammed you from here to Bangkok, and used several different poetic forms as well.
You still haven't got enough of the Poetic Warlock, so now I am taking you to hell!

I'm pulling a Charles Manson, so pick up a gun and put it to your head.
On your grave I'll be break dancin, you're now dealin with a poetic thoroughbred!

So to help you write a slam, you got help from your lil brother????!!!
I'm pulling out the pentagram and putting a hex on you like no other!!

You saw what I did to your teacher, and she took it beyond poetry.
It was a triple - x feature, and I was at the center of envy!

Why are you back for more embarrassment, are you a pain freak?
Soupmailing me so much is borderline harrassment; next you'll be following my technique!

No no you can't sniff my boxers dude, you need to step up off my jock!
You know I tend to be a lil' crude for I am the Poetic Warlock!

Boy I'm smoking you like a Cuban cigar, and the taste is bittersweet.
This Halloween will be poetically bizarre, so  TRICK - OR - TREAT!!

*Response to my buddy and his lil' brother's slam;)  SLAM?????? lol

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The Blessing for My Book

As my job and health failed me... I dreamed to someday put together a 
book of poetry and this will be the blessing it will begin with...

As I sit here weaving my poetry
Into the semblance of a book…
I find that I must ask Gods’ blessing…
For the journey, that together we have took.

I find I must bow my head in thought…
Over this book that together we have wrought
As my hands clasp oh so reverently and earnestly over my heart…
As I believe his help brought the words together that I sought.

And God set the journey that shaped what now before you begins…
He helped me find the words that reached through my heart to my pen.
I pray the poems will be worthy of what he showed me as my life’s art.
And upon this book I honestly pray that his blessing he will impart. 

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The Battle

Here we go men! Into the valiant fight!
Where men become men and cowards flee our sight!

Iron will clang and feet will race;
As bullets are thrown at a frightening pace!

Men will be thrown and cries will be heard –
As we fly our way through the smoke like a bird.

But in the end we shall acquire our victory;
And together we’ll go down in the great epic of history!

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Treaty with Destiny

I wish I could sign a treaty,
With my destiny,
'To make you mine forever'
I would give away everything, I had ever!

Living with you was most important,
 As rest everything was insignificant !

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New Beginning

Introduction: It’s a piece dedicated to the lullaby of a different kind. It’s something which has happened to many out there, but the experience is distinctively significant…

A priceless surprise, silenced all in its tune By a soft heavenly cry, from the delivery room Only a few hours was the night; so young Where for the first time, she opened her eyes, While by her side her dearly loved one For the last time, closed her teary eyes Father held her near and resounded to her cry; But all mother could share was, this lullaby – The long last beep from the ECG Echoed her heartbeat…The last goodbye Happiness and sadness broke through the night With streams of tears for mother’s plight; She never had the chance to hold her close But left precious prayers that never left her side As she came down to their hearts Her soul flew up high apart, The transfer of two lives through one, Their journey was complete and done Caught within that reverie He conveyed the Azaan through her ears, In the wake of such irony He fell down to prostrate in tears When all hopes seemed to end, father’s prayer did transcend O’ Almighty became her closest friend and had for her a Grande plan, Under HIS mercy and HIS guide, she flourished through the darkest nights To a new beginning – she set off to write.

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A masterpiece of comely art, you display in vivid forms.
An intellect with a colossal heart, you shoot them out in swarms.

Your utopian approach to life steals thunder from most men.
While they coach in little league; you surpass them with your pen.

A visionary with great sinew, you ride your valiant steed.
A true poet - that is you; A successful man - indeed!

This is to my friend in poetry:   Michael D.

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Just know that it’s always on my mind
Anytime you look I won’t be hard to find

Time and space placed between us can seem bittersweet
I only pray that our time together now hasn’t begun to deplete

Honestly, I honor thee, a devotee 
All I ask is to believe in me

Things and people change and I know I fear
That you will get caught up in life and from mine disappear

In total complete aspiration I have been tried and true
I didn’t search for diamonds or monetary things, I only wanted you

Things haven’t always been clear and feelings don’t always exist
But the memories we have experienced I will deeply miss

My words have often times been gutsy, trust me 
But my intentions and actions have always been in great honesty

One day I hope you find someone whose hand you desire to hold
Let yourself become vulnerable and together you both grow old

I’ve done all I could do, I’ll let God do the rest
Just know I’ll always care for you and I wish you the very, very best.

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Shrouded In Secrecy - The Team

Copyright © 2011 #307
9/Apr/2011  (0110hrs)

Dedicated to all Special Operations' Operatives Worldwide

Teams of Operators prepared for the call
  honed and strong willed standing tall.

Shadows moving fearlessly in distant nights
  these spirits never falter from death’s sight.

Back home, they’re not in headlines
  etched in time behind foreign lines.

Year long deployments, and some dead
  shrouded in secrecy the headlines read.

Seemed forever, did their loved ones wait
  not sure of their Warrior’s return or fate.

Suddenly, from a sleepless night
  shuddering from dream’s fright.

Hearing that doorbell ring
  unsure of what it’ll bring.

One Warrior is finally home
  downrange another gone.

Their Badge of Courage within,
  carried with them until the end.

by: LP
       April 9, 2011

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Explain to me the need for profanity
Words we so generously speak 
When our mouths have the urge to just leak
We defile and condemn
Again and again
As if we are uneducated fools
That lack proper communication tools
We are overly equipped with words to express our state of mind
Yet,I am baffled by what my ears seem to so often find
People never seem to damn themselves but don’t mind damning God
And sometimes I think I hear a prayer but it’s a mindless facade
For Jesus Christ made away for all mankind to repent
Yet every day I hear some man scream his name into cement
The day will come when we will be
Accountable for what we so freely decree
And I pled to all to manage their tongues
Especially around our younger ones
For they do what they watch
And they say what they listen too
Our mouths are swords that can cut and cause ridicule
Self-control is what is in a recession
And idolatry has become a common obsession
Let’s pause before we utter
Words that hurt God and our fellow brothers
Lets take a stand against cursing the divine
For when we are in trouble we use that same mouth to ask him for a sign.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Thanks Hanks

Golly, where do I start when there are so many of them
Some B-Movie actors but so many are gems

The third movie he starred in was with Hannah in Splash
A mermaid so cute, boy her squeals made me laugh

The next one that secured me to liken this dude
Was in Dragnet as Pep Streebeck, his acting so good

Turner and Hooch to A League of Their Own
You can tell by his acting that this actor has grown

Then came the classics that brought him to the fore
Sleepless in Seattle and Forrest Gump, Toy Story so adored

Catch Me If You Can,  The Terminal and The Da Vinci Code
Oscars were sure to follow, to the podium he proudly strode

The guy I have chosen, is the fabulous Tom Hanks
In his role Saving Private Ryan, I say a warm-felt thanks

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False Prophets and True Hope

When searching you must take care
The answer is always out there

Even if it’s not what you are
It's ok it’ll only leave a scar

The truth hurts when it can’t justify
Everything you’ve done and you’re forced to ask why

Take comfort in the thought 
That you probably won’t be caught

God is watching everyone
You can’t be judged because you’ve already won

Religion is your veil
Subject the naïve and you’ll never fail

What would Jesus do,
If he were you?

Would he still be a martyr then?
Or would he be a footnote amongst the hearts of men?

It is our ambitions,
That can solve our ambitious contradictions

The problems we face
Are ours to erase

God only measures as high
As your will to survive

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Distant thoughts

Fairer to white lily is beauty of pondering mind,
Rather than lovely face, that we so apparently find,

Sharpened through acquired extensive knowledge,
Glory of sunrise, wisdom must one acknowledge,

Nature's lap of luxury, I sit and think,
Are we swindling hard on it, at a wink ?

Took more than hundreds of years to evolve,
Are we so quick ready to crudely dissolve ?

Cultivated distant thoughts come to my mind,
Romanticism to nature, why not unwind  ?

Global warming , pollution and deforestation,
Can't we dedicate and devote to our nation ?

Cruelty to animals, man's worst instinct,
How many would we still make extinct ?

Gender equality another real concern,
How long will leave women to inside burn ?

My beauty is only skin deep, to delight of a lover,
Silky white gown, perfect choice of a ravisher !!

Written on 28/5/14
Sponsor- Isaiah Zerbst
Contest- Distant thoughts

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I can feel your eyes upon me; you are not welcome.
I hurry to complete my tasks; you reckless phantom.

Divine power raises its brow; I am never forgotten.
Intervention is necessary by the one who's begotten.

Freedom of expression is and will be prevalent.
Consideration and understanding is never absent.

Speak to me, O Lord, so that I may succumb oppression.
Heal me from the pain which creates this depression.

Lift me higher into your world, so I find peace and harmony.
Take away their strength by weakening their defensive armory.

This I pray as I sing in your glory; never denouncing You.
This I pray for our country we decorated in red white and blue.

This I will shout from every mountain, and every roof-top proclaim!
As I walk in your bounty; feared with the power of your Holy Name!

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Lonely Rose Called Lene

Such smile so rare that fascinates me; 
Bestowed in the angel, not so long, I've known. 
Like a lightning that strikes in the middle of the day, 
In my heart I, quickly, built a home of her own. 
An angel I've known not from a friend or a dream, 
Who has teased me so gently to put-off my heartaches and pains. 
She just befell in my solitude as I try to rebirth. 
And helped me forget the troubles and the things that I hate. 

How I love to hold her and offer her a throne 
For to me she is regal and deserves to be crowned. 
Before I could do it she has transformed to a form, 
The angel is now a flower before the break of the dawn. 

Behold! A contest erupts among the bees in the field, 
To hover upon this new flower the sunrise revealed. 
I could only sigh to the heavens to send a rare summer rain 
To nourish and sustain this lonely rose called Lene. 

Time & Date Written: 
10:04pm - 10:33pm, 
February 17, 2008 

Dedicated to: A.T. whom I had the chance to chat in the net 
when I was in Phnom Phen, Cambodia. The poem is written just 
for you, my special friend, whether we've only known each 
other through the net or by subconscious circumstances. 
And when age wrinkles your lovely face, you can always claim 
that once upon a time an obscure poet had purposely written a 
poem just for you. 

It was a one-time conversation(February 10, 2008) but her story 
struck me to the bones that I vowed responsibility to protect her, 
anyhow, if ever I will have the chance to meet her personally. 
The above poem is written on imaginary impression of her that 
if she ever deferred her dark plans and have the chance to remember me, 
and read what I wrote, she will know that to me or perhaps to other 
people she is special, desirable, and deserving of a happy life too.

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Thank you, Ms Guzzi

Thank you dear / Debbie for / pointing out / my mistakes!
Now I can / see where I’ve / been getting / out of step.

“Statuesque” / was one of / my early / efforts and 
Then I had / not learned the / rhythms of /poetry.

If I were / Writing it / now I’d be / tidier. 
I’d know my / dactyls and / iambs and / … other stuff … 

But since the / subject was / utterly / frivolous, 
Frankly Ms. / Guzzi, I / don’t think I / give a damn!


I thought my original entry in Debbie’s meter contest was in
dactylic tetrameters. 
Sadly it was not – but this one is!

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~From the first moment~ (Rhyming Couplet) From the first moment I set my eyes on you my heart for you did glow My love for you ever since then just seems to continue steadly grow And when you looked at me that day I could only see Pure happiness for us forever, just together you and me I know our love can just take us anywhere, any place I always want to see everyday and everywhere your face I want you to know that forever and ever I just love you And that for you my love and devotion will never stray I am aware that life can be at times hard but God made it simpler When HE gave you to me and thats when all my pain was easier to bear And now you and will just belong here and beyond together I like to think that you and I for each other will always care I can't even stand the thought of my life without you now We were just meant to be together and let our love for each other glow. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,25,2014

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I Miss You

I miss the way you pull me close and tell me it's all right
I miss the way you stroke my hair and tell me not to cry
As the years go by the memory of you starts to fade
As if I'm stepping into the shade
The look of your face I start to forget
And I try not to fret
I know your not here today
But my world is turning gray
You are in my heart though
As I am beginning to grow
You are in a better place now
And for that I take a bow

In memory of Charles Moser

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The Monster

The monster became a living, walking nightmare
my dive into insanity, no longer perfect, containing a blank stare

I should resist, the monster will find me, run away with me
Pretend to hear my meager complaints, force me to see what I'm afraid to see

Blame and guilt, volleying right and left, up and down
It's crashing me closer, with every step, I'm falling to the ground

It's all a game, just play along, play the game, play it well
Brimming confidence, dissolved in thoughts, of what? I won’t tell

Demons, devil born souls, run quick, run fast, stand my ground
No sense of fear, n sense of foreboding, not even a slight sound

High speed, pursuit of hell, bent on going, bent on crashing
Giving into the power, life's faster, lights flashing

Crash and torment me again, my eyes close after all
The beginning of the end for me, feeling numb after the fall

Is there a way out? I'm different, distant and moved on
Listen to the water, calling, coaxing into death, I'm gone

Endless, empty cloud; dreamless oblivion; oxygen, exhalation
Am I dead? Still alive? Broken into pieces, I need motivation

Reality closes in, walls me in; until there’s nothing there
Death comes behind me, containing a blank stare.

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You Snooze You Lose

<                                                  You Snooze
                                                     You Lose

                                                     Lazy Head
                                                     Get Out Of Bed

                                                      No Bread
                                                      No Fead

                                                      Big Bob
                                                      Get A Job

                                                      Soap Queen
                                                      Loves To Dream

                                                      Got Dough
                                                      Hell  No !

                                                      Rather Sleep
                                                      Then Leap

                                                      Sweet Dreams
                                                      Wanna Scream

                                                      Gotta    Go  !
                                                      Work You Know 

                                                      See    Ya    Later
                                                            Alligator !




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The Nameless

In Arlington's tomb we tenderly keep,
Unknown soldiers in eternal sleep...

They fought and died for this great land,
Now God is holding them in his hand..

All Americans with precious faces,
Strong boys and men of different races..

They died without their family name,
Unknown, no-one to make their claim....

Did their mothers proudly hold them tight?
And fathers teach them wrong from right?

We often come  to place a wreath,
In honor of the men who lie beneath....

We come to mourn and beat the drum,
We call their names... we call Freedom....

For the Name contest..

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Fearless Point of View

The fear of failure got me scared,
like my talent and God are not really there.
Constantly drowning in a sea of doubt,
as I’m afraid to tap into my potential and rise above the clouds.
Inside me, personal ignorance builds a wall around my mind,
blocking the streams of light that stop me from walking blind.
But what fear fails to learn,
is the self-taught courage that frees me to yearn.
The will to thrive beyond the worry.
and the humbleness to know; I’ll never be God
but I shall forever succeed through His glory.
The future is an unknown place for me and you,
but we will make it through,
if we always keep a fearless point of view.

For more poetry goodness visit 

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Patsy Cline

A namesake for Virginia where she was born and raised
She became known as Patsy and we became amazed

Since she was young she wowed the folks with her distinctive voice
It seems that she was born to sing,she didn't have a choice

When she went walking after midnight she took us along
Filled us with heartbreak when she fell to pieces in a song

Patsy sang of guardian angels,and being crazy in love
How could she know that far too soon she'd be called above

She survived a car wreck and still she continued to sing
Such a shining star she was with all the joy she'd bring

Then it happened on a stormy night in sixty three
Her plane crashed with no survivors near Nashville,Tennessee

Patsy was but thirty one when she lost her life there
Still,she's been an inspiration to singers everywhere

Gone but not forgotten,she's one of the best we've known
In heaven's band she sings now and she doesn't sing alone!

for contest"Gone Too Soon"
sponsored by Chris Matt

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The soft arms, the caring eyes  - it’s easily possible
To find something of you that is tangible.
In an ocean unknowably deep and vast
Sailors will  find a rock to make fast.
Over the years together I call  to mind
How your main feature is just being kind:
You’re a teacher, or a mother, 
Or a friend, or a counsellor,
And people who know you think that’s clear  -
And of course you are all these things dear;
But not everybody seems to get the subtlety
That you are the touchstone of empathy  -
Concerned with everybody’s trouble
Yet never intrusive or forceful. 
The ocean’s power is vastly more than that of a rock  -
A boat plunging in the sea can barely measure its stock.
Your vessel is filled to overflowing with a generosity rare:
Everything you do for another is with care, 
Done as if for yourself.
Truth is, I don’t always get it myself,
And sometimes I just can’t figure you out;
But I know something’s there and worth searching about
For you speak the truth in every way
And always mean just what you say.
With a  sense of love, justice, and purpose that sails 
Through the darkest wave-tossed gales.
But even that doen’t cover it complete. 
Your laughter light, and sense of adventure sweet,
Is an ocean of porpoise and dolphins
With splashing tails and tall proud fins,
Leaping ahead of my plunging boat’s prow,
Diving to depth I never quite plumb somehow.

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Flying High

<                                            my deepest passion
                                              outstretched wings of an eagle in fashion  

                                              encircling his domain 
                                              tride and true he remains  

                                              sno-capped peaks
                                              for mate he seeks

                                              call of the wild
                                              imatate like a child

                                              fields of green
                                              crystal streams

                                              beyond horizon
                                              sun's new arising

                                              take me back home
                                              to where the eagle roams

                                              for the capture of ones flight
                                              is purity for ones watchful eye's sight

                                              so come join me on this excursion
                                              inspiration you'll be splurging

                                              I thank you my feather friend
                                              be safe until we meet once again

                                              for you hold your own glory
                                              as it's told in this tales story

Entry For Amy Green's Contest
My Deepest Passion
G.L. All


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Crimson Stain—Glorious Stand

With crimson stain on her hands
Kneeling was her glorious stand

Holy Mother cried for her son
Wondering what they had done

Bellowing clouds changing color
Approaching the appointed hour

What stone could seal our faith?
His powers unlocked the gate 

Glorious ascension and praise 
His forgiveness shines with rays

With crimson stain on her hands
Kneeling was her glorious stand

© Joseph, 5/16/08
© All Rights Reserved

Third Place Winner
Poieta Couplet Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Brian Strand
June 6, 2008

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The first duo 
The candidate we can trust

Manifesto reads 
War against corruption 

The second duo
The best man for the jobs

Manifesto reads
The rule of law prevails 

The apex of the duo 
 The life shortened

The good interred 
With his bones 

Emerged from the interred 
 Bones of the second goods 

The third duo 
Manifesto wears 

Re branding Nigeria and Nigerians 
Witnessing is dislocation 

Witnessing is development 
Of predators

Maimings and murders 
Here and there 

The predators 
Is a celebrated gladiators

The manifesto 
Is like glint 

Let there be 
Food on the table,

Sleepiest sleepyhead,
Foundation of a state 

Engaged youths  
Re brand served and serving Nigerians 


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You are strong and bold...
Ageless stories go untold...

Our soldiers will come home...
To escape wars growing dome...

We pray, you be strong...
For our Nations freedom is not wrong

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The Doggone Dog Contest

Doggone it!  Can't you believe it, it's happening again!
Somone call off them dogs, because it's about to be a murderous sin!

My fellow poets, Andrea Dietrich is a poet I admire.
But in case you didn't know it, P.D. is a dog-face liar!

A few poets soup mailed me and said, "Let sleeping dog's lie."
But I just wanted to "Collabo" on a "dark fantasy" and be a poetic samurai!

You lie down with dogs P. D., and you'll wake up with fleas.
She laughed at my poetry then got strung by my poetic bees!

I just wanted to end P.D.'s poetic career, not her death!
But something is seriously wrong I fear and I think it's her dog breath!

So Nathan Dilts steps in the mix, but his bark is worse than his bite.
You can't teach an old dog new tricks, you poetic parasite!

I told P.D. , "girl you like my doggy-style."
But then again, it would be a sin to sleep with a reptile!

Let me seal this with a kiss, so P. D. raise the write flag.
I'm throwing Sidney in the abyss and sealing up my doggy-bag!

*Wrote for the lovely Andrea Dietrich and her contest...The title will remain the same;)

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Your brightness capture their attention.
Twinkling under any situation.
A group of intelligent and wise people,
Always being attack by mouths like rifles.

You are placed above anything else.
That's why you are being threaten by someone else.
Those of feeling witty,
But their behavior shows they are really empty.

Darkness can never let your shine be dimmed.
Even when there's sun light you can be seen.
A group of different bright stars,
Yes you have made it so far!

Far from what they can show.
Better than their glow.
Continue your brightness.
Let their insecurity turn to madness.

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After the Knock

Two young children play outside the house,
Inside a mother watches through windows folding a blouse.

With the kids in the back she heads to the chair,
When through the front window come soldiers, a pair.

One is dressed like her husband the other more like a priest,
Then came the knock, sounding like a relentless beast.

Her mind said just leave them outside at the door standing,
Her hand opened the door, on her knees she felt herself landing.

The soldiers told of her husbands fate,
Wanting them to just leave her tears could not wait.

The two young children came in the backdoor,
Seeing two soldiers and their mommy on the floor.

The oldest asked mommy what is the matter,
Come here my blessings, hugging, I will explain it later.

Her world had flipped, turned upside down,
He returned to her in a casket with a flag draped all around.

They had to drive from the airport to their small country plot,
She couldn’t count the people lined along the road, but it was a lot.

Each one waved a flag, some cried as if they knew her girls’ dad,
She’d never seen most of them, but seeing them now made her glad.

She saw signs that read “Welcome home Hero” and she filled with pride,
Even that couldn’t stop the tears, at the gravesite she just cried.

She stayed there saying goodbye, her family had to pull her away,
She’s glad they did for she wouldn’t have left his side that day.

She is exhausted, overwhelmed, she must sit down,
Then she sees the photo of him in a Tux and her in a wedding gown.

How could this be real, she’s too young to be a widowed wife,
He was her partner, best friend, the love of her life.

Now the hours have past his vessel is in the ground,
All the parties are leaving she’s alone in their home, not a sound.

She weeps in her chair alone in the dark no sound but the clock,
God help her find strength, a way to move forward, after the knock.

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Michaela Payne

How does one pick a single soul in a field of Flowers?
God would find it rather hard with all of his powers

There are so many beautiful people as we all know
I’m finding it rather impossible to pick a single soul

Even as I pen this one is coming clearly to my mind
Michaela is a very rare gift that is impossible to find

She is like a spiritual daughter that blesses my heart
She has been a very special friend right from the start

Her and my daughter Michaela share the same name
I have chosen my very dear friend, Miss Michaela Payne

When we first met on the site each of us was fairly new
She was the essence of the word “pure” through and through

Michaela is so pure of heart and she is so pure of soul
Beaming with a beautiful innocence so few ever know

It was really hard at first because these words are true
I thought, “Someone like her doesn’t need to know you”

Sometimes in life the Lord brings together two souls
As they each help each other understand their goals

Through her friendship I was eventually able to see
That there was still some good left up inside of me

I truly doubt that Michaela could ever begin to know
Beautiful blessing she has been up inside of my soul

She knows that if ever she needs it I have a real good ear
As I know my knowledge is something that she holds dear

She knows what ever the subject I can offer sound advice
For I haven’t just seen it all, I have seen most of it twice

Never know how good it feels for a tired old convict like me
To help someone as beautifully innocent as a person can be

I reckon that leaves this old man with just one last thing to say
I hope my Michaela grows to be just like her some beautiful day

This Poem is written for Christie's contest and i must
say I found it so very hard to choose just one person
to write about because I have truly been blessed by 
many wonderful friends on this site. God Bless you all

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Eyvind Skaldaspiller -destroyer of poets

Skaldaspillar arise you are only wounded, not slain in battle                                                                                                                 No raven feast today, so laugh, yell at the Valkyrie skedaddle                                                                                         You are better than they, for blues come and go, but write your ode                                                                                                                                 You will conquer your foes, so rejoice, as they vanish into the starry cold                                                                                                                                 Choose joy, joy again Skaldaspillar, the poetic voice within smile and write                                                             Lifted by the free spirit of the ancient flame, then destroyer of poets, fight                                                                        Raise your pen of war, let the ink fly, spatter the paper door                                                                                                     valiantly standing, until all your enemies are no more

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It's The Beauty Inside That Counts

Beautiful people
Under God's steeple

Just reach out
Stomp Holler Shout

Let one know
They're Loved So

Inspirations Aspirations
Show Em Representation

Tell Em their doing a great job
Never call them a big fat slob

Lend them your ear
Help wipe their tears

Illuminate their thoughts
Help them with their sought

Open new doors
Let less fortunate sleep on maple floors

Spare a dime
For you commuted no crime

Break bread if you must
For in God we trust

So beautiful people shine on
Come join all in this Heavenly bond

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  I wish I could be like Linda-Marie,
  Whose words are always filled with generosity.

  To say that she is a poet of repute,
  Is something none of us can ever refute.

  Her works are sometimes harshly gentle,
  And all could well adorn our mantle.

  Her personal writings are so deep indeed,
  I often wonder what might have planted that seed.

  She gives credit to those when credit is due,
  When she comments on a poem or two.

  I know that she takes us wherever she goes,
  Even to the beach, where the sand warms her toes.

  For so many of us know how this is true,
  I am not the only one who will extol her virtue,

  So, when it comes right down to the call,
  She has been there for us, each one and all.

  There are so many poets here who are worthy of note,
  She's told each one, in the words that she wrote.

  I didn't know just what I could say,
  About a person who is always writing away.

  But, I thought I needed to get a few lines in,
  So that I would not feel chagrined.

  The one thing that I have to say on my part,
  Yes, Linda, YOU are the Poetry Sweetheart!

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Get A Rope

Gun slinger
    Matt Zinger

Dressed in black
     Didn't come back

High Noon
    Was Doomed

Quick Draw

Got A Rope
   Hung that dope

Undertaker Called
    Dead Body Hauled

Poured the whisky
     From Junction 60

Dead Man's Trail
  Where slingers failed

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everyone listens with silence in their hearts
as the couple takes their vows before they depart

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Just One

<                                             The Rose
                                               I  Suppose

                                              Unfurl Petals
                                             Magical Medows

                                                Long     Stem
                                              Starlight  Gem

                                               Crystal Adorn's
                                                Table's  Born

                                               Womens  Heart
                                                  Man's   Start

                                               Passionate Bliss
                                                  Velvet    Kiss

                                                   Just     One

                                                  Loves   Begun

Entry For
A Rambling Poet's
The Flower Contest 
GL All








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Halloween of Ideal beauty!

It’s a new modern technical generation
Still Mother love doesn’t need a reason

I desire to give a dedication as present
Celebrate with Halloween as an accent 

Went with this thought to buy an outfit
Fairies and Queens shown as best pick

Suggested by friends to have eminent
But feeling of soul is not just an element

Struck with an idea to proceed ahead
Prepare a Halloween of natural thread

Traditional crimson red draped – Saree
Ornament of natural flowers lined by Zari 

Ardor day for the selfless care of Mother
Shelter to millions the whole world rather

Perfect Halloween of no tales or fantasies
Natural decor of unmentioned classics!

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A Field of Blue and Thirteen Stars of White,
Once pitted against all England's might.

Courage shown by men who knew,
"Royal Freedom" would never do.

A hot July in Philadelphia town,
Where a rebellion's seed would now be sown.

Declared were freedoms all had sought,
Only now to be won, by battles to be fought.

"Don't Tread On Us" rose the cry,
On that day, that hot July.

But deaf ear turned to fisted hand,
As Redcoats marched across the land.

Invading brothers from across the sea,
Scourged the land which sought liberty.

The silent voices began to sing,
Across our land, "Let Freedom Ring"!

Amidst battles' shot, smoke, and shell,
Many an innocent, along with patriot fell.

Independence and Freedom were not easily obtained,
Only after so many deaths, a courageous victory gained.

So the Red Stripes were put on the flag for the blood,
Spent again and again wherever Liberty stood.

White Stripes were put on for the purity of soul,
That this new nation put forth as a whole.

O'er the years more Stars have been added to that Field of Blue,
But many more of its sons had to die for Freedom to be true.

Many say it's just a piece of cloth on a pole in the air,
They remember not the sacrifices that allowed us to put it there.

For strength comes from the people who live in this land,
The stength that willingly offers others a hand.

So, when the "Stars and Stripes" are raised above,
I get a sensation of humility, of pride, of love.

For the Flag that flies above us so high,
Is one of greatness in strength and dignity.

It flies as a beacon for all to see,
That this is the land of Freedom's Opportunity.

But that Freedom comes with a high price still,
We have paid, and still pay more we will.

And like those heroes of our past,
"Old Glory" beckons us to meet that task.

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Tim Horton's Kathy

The monitors above her head
would flicker light around.

The registers with type print on
would say 'no price was found'.

And Kathy stood behind the cash-
a beakon crowned with cap

to wish the people WELCOME.
A smile with-out crap.

A leopard bearing blue eyes,
Kathy stood to serve.

Her manners more expicit.
Her bravery without nerve.

An auburn light upon her.
It bronzing her blond hair.

Her torso come to teeter
with patience and with flair.

Surrounding her were donuts
encased in white-lit glass.

Where Kathy learned to gesture
and glance at them with class.

With prices all around her
on menu's black and white.

It's said that Kathy juggles
a combo for a knight.

But if you see her waiting,
it's not for Mr. Right.

It's under 20 minutes
and her coffee's a delight.

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Old Toby

I haven't been writing as much lately as I'm working toward finishing my degree. I apologise for that but I promise good things to come! 

This one is for a good friend and co worker, Ben W. He's not a soppy poetry kinda guy, but he enjoys his pipe as much as I do. If you get this reference, you gain bonus points! 


Perched on a log; Old Toby sat;
His furry feet, bare on his mat. 
He draws on his pipe; hot it glows; 
And blows smoke in such small O's.  
Silver whisps do take the night air,
From a heated bowl; one to share. 
The scent of pipeweed; hints of spice;
Burns through the stem, and soothes like ice.
The heavy taste sleeps on his tongue; 
Teasing his heart; filling his lung. 
His head wanders to lands afar;
The Elvish girl beneath her stars. 
He sips on his stem but twice more, 
Then tips the embers to the floor.

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The Power of You

Human nature the epitome of despair
Ask around, does anybody care?

The submissive to the strong and the strong to the circumstance
Historically falling into the same traps by chance

Prove a point by looking the other way
Or step-up and change today

The problem with living in this Democracy?
We can’t see the walls when we assume we’re free

When simple ideas are fed with simple lies
The power overwhelms the opposition’s cries

We live to love
Some obsessed with the power above

The power of faith can blind
Sometimes true answers are harder to find

Criticism is an instinct
Try to slow down and think

The ideal for you 
Can’t always be true

The world can’t change overnight
But we’ll never know if we never try

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The Preacher

advice that comes not once, but twice seemingly good enough to suffice but in my head- not quite as nice as fire in a chimney, but rather ice I never learn but always teach of many things I stand and preach my words, not soft or mushy like a peach pierce the soul as I give my speech and yet something small reaches me even past the fire in the daft chimney a spark of reason, so definitively pronounced that I may better see

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Hope For A New Generation

The death of a saint, a martyr to some
The death of a hero, a husband to one

A soldier turned humanitarian, he cared for all
He attempted to hurdle that natural barrier, to climb that human wall

To give up his dreams and aspirations
To relinquish his will of self-preservation

To benefit all of human kind
To alter how we interact, to change our time

Such a task he set upon with stalwart dedication
He preached caring and forgiveness, not revenge or vindication

He loved all regardless of their color, religion, or creed
He served everyone, just as he had served his country

With a fire and passion not seen in lesser men
He truly understood what it meant to be human

Yet not everyone shared his vision of peace
More blood was spilled and the fighting did not cease

He carried on despite the pain of knowing so much
He often relied upon the love of his family for a crutch

But there is a point at which every man breaks
His feeling of failure overwhelmed his need to be great

However even in his darkest hour, his hope did not falter
His compassion was renewed with the help of a different altar

A belief built upon the hope that people can change 
He had experienced so much, developed such a broad emotional range

It seemed that he was ready to change us all
What a tragic thing it is when greatness does fall

Alone in the darkness of his room the killer did sit
The hero was shot and killed by a man who was painfully desperate

Seeking a greatness of his own
He wasn’t satisfied with the world he was shown

And so died the dream of the hero, this saint
The martyr departed and his fire burned faint

Yet hope never dies
It is in everything from the way we believe to a newborns cries

We would do well to remember that ordinary people have had extraordinary dreams
Amongst all this bloodshed there is more to life than it seems

We are all here together, for what purpose we do not know
However if we recognize those around us, we can always help each other grow

To always be working towards that next step, to be supporting that re-birth
For love is all around us and it is the most important thing on Earth

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Raven by the Graves

I believe in the protector of the dead.
I see her every time I am there.
When I'm sitting by your grave,
thinking about the good times and bad.

She sits on top of your headstone,
as the most beautiful bird ever known.
Her dark feathers shines in the moonlight,
her eyes dark as coal.
She stares into my eyes when she near,
giving me a message very clear.

"Oh, my death Raven...
You have taken upon yourself to do this,
to protect the ones that are gone.
I love how you are close
so now we know their never alone.

I truly love you as a friend,
and I hope you're here in the end.
My dear Raven, understand
you are always in my head."

You have to understand that this is forever.
She knows what to do because she is clever.
No, She will never leave.
You would just have to believe.
She made this as her duty 
Cause she feels right where she belongs.

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Best Valentine Ever!

Every day when I wake, I search to see your face,
No one on earth could ever take your place.
the first time I met you, I instantly fell in love,
bright eyed prince charming, My baby from above.
you fill my world with more light than the sun.
My forever and ever Valentine, My Awesome son!
so smart and so funny, I adore your smile,
I love the games we play, you have incredible style.
your handsome and intelligent, Mommy's little Man.
I'll be your Valentine everyday, simply 'cuz I can!
Mommy's proud to say I love you, we fit perfectly together,
I'm also proud to say, YOU'RE THE BEST VALENTINE EVER!

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   John Wayne movies have been a thing of mine,
   But my "Top Ten" I think divine.

   "Rio Bravo" as number one I rate,
    The "Duke" and the cast were just great.

    "The Searchers" is a close number two,
    His unique portrayal of a troubled character so true.

    "The Quiet Man" is next in line,
    I have to see it, come St. Patty's time.

    Number Four would be "True Grit"
    He won an "Oscar" for his role in it.

    At number five is "The Shootist" for me,
    The old gunfighter facing personal tragedy.

    "Red River" comes in sixth I'd say,
    From young man to old in less than a day.

    Seventh to "The Sands of Iwo Jima" would go,
    A reminder of the sacrifices our parents would know.

    "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence" comes in number eight,
    "Tom Donovan", a portrayal of values and love just great.

    "North To Alaska" forget I would not dare,
     The role he played with such comic flare.

     "They Were Expendable" rounds out my ten,
     The action and heroism portrayed then.

     But I have to admit that this ten was hard to come by,
     As he made so many great my minds eye.

     "Wings of Eagles", "In Harm's Way", "The Commancheros" all are there,
     Not to mention "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" would not be fair.

     Let's not forget his breaktrough role in "Stagecoach" when
     John Ford picked him to be one of his "Top Ten".

     Oh, I could go on and on about the movies he made,
     But it was the American character that he displayed.

     Maybe that's what is missing from our lives today,
     A man that will stand for something, and lives as he'd say.

     As movies for us are but a relief,
     Especially in these times of grief.

     "The Duke" was a man who lived life and the American Dream,
      A dream that he captured, time and again on the "Silver Screen".

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kisses from mommy

Secluded in darkness
just with one kiss everything brightens
arms are made of tenderness 
nightmares can be treacherous 
just one kiss 
my world is fill  with bliss 
heavy and sudden rain 
just with one kiss she ease my pain 
you are a walking miracle 
with every kiss To comfort and to care.
Your love follows me everywhere

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What is their secret

“What is their secret?" it is no secret at all                                                                       If you would have heeded the call                                                                           Living longer than the atheist no wonder                                                                           their secular atheistic stats a blunder                                                                        Showing less crime for they have the sheep                                                                  scared of a government that never sleeps                                                                         A true Christian does so much less crime                                                                  persecution they will suffer told afore time                                                                        The violence done to them no big secret                                                                        but as the begin so comes the end history repeats                                                  Holding better promises than this world can offer                                                          better way of life a place above an enduring coffer                                                        Not afraid to die for their faith free from fear of death                                                   the Lord Jesus breathed upon us His loving breath                                                        Violence done to the image of God I love my brother’s seen                                           You know not my Father but a brother you could have been                                               I forgive them all Father they know not your secret like the apostle Paul                         until you showed your marvelous light “What is their secret?" It is no secret at all             -       *           A Chinese Communist, who delivered many Christians to their execution, came to a pastor and said: "I’ve seen many of you die. The Christians die differently. What is their secret?"

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For The Brave Souls Of Flight 93

In Memorium...originally written September 2001

We can only imagine your terrible fear
When you knew the end of life drew near

But you found such strength-you stood so tall
With undying courage you gave your all

For the fight of freedom in the face of death
You saved so many with your last breath

Now you travel through Heaven with light in your soul
While we will never forget "Let's Roll"

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I feel so tired, so wasted, so tough;
But what I’m doing is good for me, although it can be rough.

Its times like these when morale collapses, 
And emotion flows out from tucked away stashes.

I feel so beaten, so lonesome, so loved;
My soul is near complete, but I am  missing one dove.

For a volley of birds is what keeps me on high,
And with missing just one, I will sink from the sky.

To pull myself back up to the clouds however,
I must give up more energy, and expel more than ever.

For with great courage comes great reward, 
Now I shall rise from my knee and look up to the lord.

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Dearest, sweetest, Genovive, I pray that you will see,
The beauty of earth's many wonders, I pray that you'll believe.

When you look upon the ripples of the pond's great mass,
I beg that you would see your beauty, free to fly at last.

Beauty lies within your soul, and it's not hard to see,
And when you gaze at your reflection, you're gazing back at me.

Because you will be of my flesh, and you'll be of my bone,
Just remember when you glare, you're not staring alone.

When you one day are blessed to us, when our family is built,
We'll keep you safe, we'll keep you warm, wrap you in finest silks.

And if you're wondering, Genovive, if you are truely loved,
Just look down at your sweet reflection, you'll always be enough.

                                     By Chelsea Stufleben

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You came down the aisle and took my hand,
We exchanged rings with a vow, so now here we stand.

The first few years we spent our time,
You sharing my reasons; Me learning your rhymes.

The children came...binding us closer together,
Our family's boat has sailed in all kinds of weather.

We felt the bumps, the heat, the joys, the toil,
It was all worth it, as we now look back and smile.

Our children grew and we watched them with pride,
As only parents can know...from down deep inside.

As we see them start down life's path on their own,
We remember the work in getting them grown.

Silver marks this day at last,
Has it really been so many years past?

In looking back on our love we can say,
We wouldn't have wanted it, any other way.

For forever young will our hearts be now,
As on that day, when we promised love's vow.

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Thanks To Rhoda

Rhoda gave me a gift
She gave my spirit a lift

But at her hurt or dismay
This act came into play

Rhoda gave me membership
As she was leaving the ship

I do not know why she left
She said it was complicated I'm bereft

My gain and her loss
A gift at a great cost

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Chapel of the Sea

 “Served and protected by Natures blessings”

Perched upon the rocks, chapel sits so proud.
No sermons delivered, though honored so loud.
Ocean surrounded, doves perched on steeple.
Singing sweet hymns instead of people,
They serve another congregation you see.
Seagulls approach near chapel of the sea.
Other creatures from below swim around.
Securing charisma of belief abound.
Heaven shines down upon chapel in light.
Beacon from lighthouse shines within night,
Glorifying abundantly, love, peace and harmony,
Doves singing chorus heard as an odyssey.
Untouched by human subversion in decades,
Starlight Angels stand watch in guardian parades.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Constance ~ My Dear Heart ~ 
Contest Name The Church By The Ocean 

Date written

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Here Lies the Poetic Warlock

Here lies the Poetic Warlock, a poetic rhyme slayer;
From the U.S. to Bangkok, he was an international game player!

He was born Jimmy M. Anderson, and he overcame all adversaries.
His slams were very contemporary, and his word-play was extraordinary!

He was the great, great grandson of the legendary Edgar Allen Poe.
His poetic guns had more ammo than the military and yet he was kinda a Romeo!

He chased the ladies, like Georgie Porgy Puddin Pie.
It is said, he was born in Hades, and that's why he was a demonic poetic samurai!!

Wrote strictly for Andrea Dietrich contest "Poetic Epitaph"

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never met a dream come true such as you

never met a dream come true such as you
once again God proved me wrong and proved that His Word is True

you showed me a different way to view this abstract world
you made me be still and look when all i did was trample, flip, fall, and twirl

the passion of your sincerity hit me in the head like a tasteful flavor
for the first time in my life i felt as if i was truly in God's Favor

the journeys and the excursions are amazing adventures i will never forget
i pray to God that we will have more experiences that we will never regret

once upon a time i thought the picture in my head was the correct assumption 
now i know that true beauty is defined by the simpler ways that i am able to function

with that i say thank you from the most sincere part of my heart
with the hopes that our unique bond and friendship is infinite and our foundation will never part

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Oh, Innocents



It seems more than a lifetime ago
Oh, innocents, how were we to know

Where our divergent paths would lead
How different our goals and needs

We come here tonight  to revisit our past
Knowing well this moment cannot last

But for this special time we'll see
A reflection of who we used to be

Our faces worn by the passage of time
And all the mountains we had to climb

Some are missing, we hold them dear
Not forgotten, in memory they are near

So dear class, that was out time in the sun
So bittersweet to be with you, each and everyone....

Written for my upcoming class reunion..

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Writers Rock

Like to get rabies.
That's the way babies rock.

Like nice highlighters.
That's the way Writers rock.

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Free Hearts

My sky is black and so is yours,
The cold sea rushes upon our shores.

I love you dear, we'll run away,
We'll run until our heart fades grey.

Their love is lost but ours is here,
We'll save our love throughout the years.

And as we confess our true love,
Our black sky stares from up above.

The sky is jealous of our pair,
She's jealous of the love we share.

But she cant hurt us, don't you see,
We'll run away until we're free.

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Wake Up Sleepy Head

Pegasus of thy night
Take me away from this eartly plight

Lay down your golden reigns
Let me climb aboard your mythical train

Stars and moon's cresant's dance
Illuminating to others who gets this chance

Gold dust sprinkles in your hair
Closed eyes for take me there

Up Up and away we go
Pegasus take it nice and slow

Lustrious valleys and sno-capped peaks
Sparkling blue waters for which I seek

Just you and me my mountain friend
Taking this journey till the very end

As I lay my head upon your shoulders
For I feel their turning so much colder

Cannot feel from my head to foot
This dust sprinkle had turn to soot

I'm decending fast and furious
Woke up from dream being more curious

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Most Broken

I thought that I loved you, I loved you so much.
Supporting your life, I was your only crutch.

I wrote you my songs, begged you'd sing along,
I tried oh, so hard for you, now know it was wrong.

I begged you before, to not leave my side,
but you stole my hope from me, why would you lie?

You've broken my heart, all done in such pride,
This rough bumpy road was not worth the ride.

I gave you my all, you still didn't care,
Not allowed to be sad, which just isn't fair.

I stood up for you, I rooted for you,
Heck, I was enrolled at a hospital for you.

At one point I pleaded, please dearest don't cry,
But now your forgotten, won't care when you die.

You're out of my life, and it's for the better,
Cuz I don't deserve all the hardships we've whethered.

You talk bout self worth, you speak now of life,
But you've only left me with this pain and strife.

I now know your heart, no, you never cared,
Cuz you wouldnt help me, no matter how scared.

I'm done wasting time, I'm saving my breath,
Cuz darling you would have lead me to my death.

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There is a way, a middle path
Where love moves stay in truth enough.

There is a bliss in sure release;
Here 'All That Is' waits to gift peace.

The Christ once said: Peace be with you.
Our glimpse is paid in loving cues.

The Christ did state: Love is the law.
Enter the gate through love not flaws.

The middle way of love works best;
Act, feel and say to pass life's test.

Stay on the course with loving heart;
The sum of cause to end each start.

May all your days on earthly shores
Become the way to Spirit's core.

Start now this day to know your heart
In work and play that shape soul's art.

Be of good cheer for faith finds hope
As love lives here to fund your scope.

Leon Enriquez
11 Apr 2014

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Broken Hearted

Being broken hearted happens every where to every one
Does it always mean every one changes their idea or tone?
Everyone has "the one" out there for them
Why wouldnt they have the one, everyone is a gem to someone
Why is there hearts in people it will only hurt you
at the end it gets broken at the end of the day it doesn't matter what you do
Don't leave any one broken hearted
it will only tare yourself apart
Being broken hearted happens every where to every one
Does it always mean every one changes their idea or tone?

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A Good Read

I read of great men of old
I read of great triumphs they told
From whence they nursed their deeds
Through toil secured their needs
Then I think of all my dreams
The battles I have to fight it seems
For great triumphs stand for all to see
And someday people will read of me

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Christmas Tree: Fabricated Homily

A shapely Spruce or Cypress to dress 
A coiffed girdle the base to caress

String of lights bristling foliage to redress
A twinkling symphony to luminesce

Pristine pine cones providing a rustic essence
Gilded ornaments to infuse decadence

Frothy snow exhibiting a natural opalescence
Silver icicles streaming a fabricated opulence

Baked Gingerbread men enshrining traditional precedence
Designer candy canes paying homage to  formulated transcendence

A translucent star mirroring seasonal transience
A crowning angel; a shrine of everlasting reverence



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The Tim Horton's Team

Pedestal tables:  above a bright light.
Pedestal tables:  a glow of soft white.

Scattered though even gracefuly bloom.
Elegant tables around a great room.

Chairs on their precipice
tucked to their tables.
Pensive and inclined
like horses in their stables.

Plants Hanging poignant;
green and cut back.
Filling a ballroom
with quaint and with smack.

Off to one side
an encasement of donuts.
Monitors, tv's
and ads for us grownups.

Muffins and cookies
that brown to a gloss.
Baked at three-fifty
and checked by the boss.

Pots of black cofffee
served fresh by the minutes.
Enough for us all.
Right up to the kibitz.

Brown peaked hats
adorn those who beam.
The men and the women.
of The Tim Horton's Team.

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Please dont fall Asleep

Wake up America, 
Arise from your slumber
Media has desensitized your minds
We live in a new world of technology that has made you colorblind
Meaningless, with deeper meaning
Music lyrics have been subconsciously stealing
While you think it’s the beat you are feeling
Listen to the words and then tell me if it’s still appealing
Even Movies have brainwashed your judgment of what’s ok
Too many people are sitting back, watching our ethics slip away.
The Government has helped us all too simply learn to accept
While gradually breaking down the family structure, many have just slept.
No longer can we allow these planted seeds of lies to continue to grow
This is real reality, not some entertainment show
Our children are not aware
That their future is in for a scare
Our youth are looking for role models and leaders
They have become susceptible to idolize bottom feeders
Wake up America,
We need a real change
Bring back integrity, morals and stop being estrange
They keep us busy in televised drama 
Currently immune, with no proper armor
While people are starving and walking around half alive
They are plotting our nation’s permanent demise
Sex trafficking is at a an all-time high
Wealthy men are raping young girls in America and when they are done with them they watch them die!
Poverty and greed is causing drug dealers to lead
A generation of angry lost young man
Creating baby’s that start the cycle again
The more eyes that now see
The more we can be
Brought back to truth and sanity
The rich are getting richer and the working class have grown tired
Democracy is being set on fire
You may question what you can do
If everyday each person changed just one view
We would be able to recover what has been lost and start bran new
The people need to take a stand and vote like they really care
We must join together, use our voice, and remind them we are still there.

BY: Sabina Nicole
Written: 1-1-12

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my main remedy is you

my main remedy is you in many a volume
you cure me of the sharp edges of my center in every column

when the sport of existence is hard to maintain
you form a unit with me so we can become one sane brain

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Michael Torres

It’s New York’s very own,
Making Poetry-Soup his home.

For we all know his caring heart,
From his loving, caring, honest remarks.

Not only does he remodel homes,
His watchful eye loves to roam,

On Poetry-Soup late at night,
To bring us humor and delight.

There’s times he speaks of things,
That pulls on our heartstrings.

He’s his own masterpiece,
With loving beauty that’ll never cease.

I read his comments everyday,
And love what he has to say.

Michael Torres you’re our friend,
Someone special I’d recommend.

You’re a kind and loving soul,
That we’ve all come to know.

And a fine contemporary bard,
This poem’s for you, with my regards.

Michael, this poem is for you and it's my way to thank you for all of your beautiful and loving 
comments. You have been a blessing and an inspiration in our lives and in our poetic 
journeys. Your love overflows in every area of your life. Poetry Soup would definitely not be 
the same without you, my friend. I hope my words are accurate to some degree, if not drop 
me a comment and I will correct them, Your poetry and comments are more than a piece of 
literature, They’re more like the chronicles of Michael Torres. With love, peace, and respect 
from one poet to another...Raul Moreno 

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Excitement is running through my mind at this point,
It is hard to control so much 

When something so honorable,
Happens to come across

For me personally,
It was the proposition

From a contest by,
World Poetry Movement

In which I entered in,
And received a letter back

Stating that my poem,
Had made it to the next level

But that is not all,
Oh no

What's more is that they informed me,
That they were publishing that very poem

In a book titled "Stars In Our Hearts"
Which is to be published in August this year

I hope each and every one who happens to read this,
May read my poem "The Beat of the Heart"

In the book.
Thank You.

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this cool water forever

happy am i to scream and shout
my everlasting love for you as i stick my chest out

excitement extends beautification like laughter in the rain
happiness provides hope and dissipates all that causes pain

what is inevitable in life is now a delicate feather so lightweight
how i love the way to bring me to this of so content state

i know i will enjoy this cool water forever with you
for you put on no airs and the nature of your love is so true

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Six Months

Six months have gone by,
Six months I have tried,

my heart has grown so much,
Encouraged by your touch

I no longer have fear,
Because I know your here.

Broken bones have been unhealed,
But you had shown true love revealed.

I now know that I'm not alone,
My voice a\has found a brand new tone.

Opened my eyes and made me see,
That there's a heart beating in me.

You give me hope, now i believe,
That you won't lie, you won't decieve.

I also know that you're the one,
Into our empty bliss we'll run.

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Follower - REVISED

I was a follower
A coward,
Just trying to fit in
In this busy, busy empire
Then I met a person,
who believed she had it all
not in the bad way, as you would suppose
She gave me some advice,
Can you guess what it was?
Simple and plain,
Just powerful enough:
She said if you hold your head up high
But not so far
That your nose is in the sky...
If you're proud of what you acquire,
Your confidence shoots higher
If you speak up, voice your opinion,
Let people know that you’re not just another minion...
If you be who you want to,
And forget the people who say it’s not you...
And if you are kind to others,
Especially your mother
YOU are a leader.
You ARE a leader.
You are a LEADER.
If you stand up for  the people that you may not even know
Tell that ignorant harasser just to get up and go
If you know where you should be,
There’s a whole lot you can see
If others think you're worth nothing,
Show them they’re wrong by saying
“You're wasting your time by trying to waste mine!”
And just walk away
Make sure to tell them
You’re a leader,
But what are they?

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Feet will ache and shoulders are sore,
From the labors this night that they bore.

Still a smile must they show,
To those who come to this abode.

With diligence and steady hand,
Orders are taken at others' command.

So to the fry of a kitchen hot,
They carry the message of who ordered what.

Then, again, they look for people anew,
Who come for service, food, and perhaps a brew.

When the fare is well is well prepared, the kitchen bell will sing,
Beckoning them to serve again, as they dance with haste to its ring.

They wait to serve and serve and wait,
They smile to even the rudest of pait.

They are at each costomer's beckoning, 
Silently praying, there be a reckoning.

So wait they will and wait they must,
So, you'll broaden they're smiles I trust.

For good service, put a smile upon their lips,
Be generous with your tips!

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finally finding that light in the darkness

you see the good in me, and that is good enough
my one track mind once had a one track mind, and to crack through it was mighty tough

however i got older, and my being experienced some scars
at the time that you entered my life, i was beginning to grow under the sun and stars

i learned to appreciate the beauty of being admired for self
for when God's Blessings are truly accepted, one does indeed gain Great Wealth

ever since i allowed my mind to open, i have seen things only realized in my dreams
i now pray for many more experiences with you, and all colors are brighter so it seems

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Precious as a Kitten

Once I found myself with my back against the wall
Trying hard to contemplate the meaning of it all

It was then I bowed my head and ask of the Lord
Is it better for a man to use the cross or the sword

The answer came as suddenly as a bolt of light
There are times in this life that a man must fight

Instead of fighting with our fist we fight with our prayer
Ask of the Lord and his guidence will be there

I’ve laid down my boots and said bye to my gloves
Let the hate leave my heart so it could fill with love

Love is the most beautiful thing we could ever know
For it is the thing that binds the heart to the soul

As I bring an end to this little rhyme
You are about to read the love story of all time

For the love of the Lord simply can’t be beat
What good is the A-1 sauce if we have no meat?

As this poem reaches its end I hope I have clearly written
Offer yourself unto the Lord and become as precious as a kitten

I would like to dedicate this poem to my dear friend
who is precious as the kittens that she so dearly loves.
Rhoda this one is for you. I thank you for the love and 
support you have shown my family and I.

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A Century

100 years,you slept.
100 years of dreams and 
but now you are risen
now you are home.

I've waited in the shadows.
I've broken a few hearts.
Because mine was dust,
mine was crushed.

I never wanted anyone.
I never felt this pain,
But the more im with you,
The weaker I became.

I became your victim.
I became your slave,
But we just love each other
That we don't care.

Now here you are 100 years 
with me on the shore.
We stand close, looking at each 
others eyes
for a 100 years more.

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To Kevin

The same tree blossoms that stands bare.
The same silhouette against sunrise and sunset.
The same tree stands in May that stands in December,
Once delicate with buds, and then with frost, bitter.
Spring to autumn, then to winter.
Fruit will ripen, bark will splinter.
Wisdom of nature, not of men,
We learn, we lose, not comprehend.

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I Want My Mommy

as I lie in this womb
for it's my heart you'll hear beat soon

da beat beat beat
and da tapping of tiny feet

attached cord
was my mighty sword

words of disgrace
embedded in my taste

drug of ill fath
served on my plate

you have rather me died
than to hear my wimper and cries

I could of made you proud
instead of being wrapped in this tiny shroud

now I am someone else's angel
wearing a nice shinny golden halo

as my unspoken words goes out to you
I hope your next child won't have to go through this too

Tribute To The Unborn

Entery For 
Raul Moreno's
Unspoken Words Contest
GL All

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A Date To Remember

On August 28th Nineteen Sixty Eight
That day God gave me a clean wiped slate.
God pardoned me from a lifetime of sin
Under the blood and not remembered again.
It was like a Mulligan in the game of golf
A do-over in life, causing others to scoff;
Friends failed to see, it was nothing I'd done
But I'd accepted Jesus, God's only son.
The cancer that once had my body bound
In an instant was gone and I was made sound.
He's placed in my path those whom I love deep
Giving me a desire to share and eyes that weep.
He put things in my heart beyond my understanding
From that day forth, I've found life less demanding.

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Christmas Homily

Crackling embers serenade the hearth
Twinkling lights symphony to the heart

Shapely Tree signifies an organic symmetry
Burnished decorations denote a cultivated empathy

Embezzled twines commemorate primitive instincts
Embossed twigs celebrate a nurtured path

Crystal glasses shelter our warmth
Spiced brandy shivers our senses

Yule tide carols enshrine distant refrains
Merry melodies embrace colloquial strains

Carefully wrapped gifts conceal our joy
Materialistic desires bare our soul

  Festive Clothing
Colorful pastels cloak bright spirits
Embossed emblems shroud jaundiced minds 


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Do you want to hear a story, perhaps an anecdote or two . . .
There is a place to do it, when life caves in on you.

There is a group of people who share their lives today . . .
I found them only by happy circumstance, as I was traveling this way.

They get together once a month, to tell tales of their past . . .
Each one in their particular way have stories that will last.

Each one could talk for hours on end, and there would be no lulls . . .
For the times and places they have been, are etched upon their souls.

Their pleasure in remembering is a joy to all who hear . . .
We like to listen to the tales they tell, they give us all a cheer.

The lives they have led, the people they've known, the places they've been to . . .
Are celebrated with us each month, as if we'd been there too.

The moments in time that in our hasty lives, we often will forget . . .
Are cherished now as memories, especially the ones we seem to fret.

Memories, I know, are not for us alone and need to be shared . . .
Even the ones we don't want to think on, the ones that made us scared.

The stories they share with us are not just a reason for rhyme . . .
But I wanted each of them to know, how much I enjoy this time.

Because of them, I have remembered so many things of my own past . . .
Times that I'd forgotten, but have come back to me at last.

The darkest corners of memory are brightened by their chat . . .
I, for one, know I will always be grateful for that.

Our thought are put in new perspective - even the darkest ones we save . . .
But however dark and grim they are, as memories they behave.

To all the MEMORY MAKERS present and past who grace us all this way . . .
This rhyme is for you, "Thank You" for sharing your lives with us, past, present, and today.

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breaking the hyman of a lonely heart

no other movement feels like this
no other soothing stroke equals this bliss

there is only one comparison agreeable to me
that is the unconditional loyalty of thee

heal my sanity and lubricate my chassis
humble my vanity and upgrade me from ashy to classy

thank you for giving me a gift of the rarest of forms
for the bond the we created and will strengthen will surely weather even the mightiest of storms....

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solid foundation standing tall and proud

solid foundation standing tall and proud
erect is your stance quietly firm but never needlessly loud

i watch you as you create pictures for your own kind of frame
it is because of you that makes me want to do the same

heaven must have made you in a special room secluded from the rest
the angels put you through the most difficult of tests

when you made it through every kind of weather, you found yourself respected
no type of shady business or enhancement assistance was ever detected

now there you go and there you surely are
the greatest inspiration to many and to countless more a superstar

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loving you is not so bad

i can sleep at night now and wake up rested
i no longer have those dreams where my sincerity is tested

the impact that you have had on me is as apparent as morning
i now have no need for an alarm of personal warning

watching you sleep, i feel blessed like it's my Birthday
you give me butterflies like it is some type of first day

renewed am i, and again i believe that God does exist
and to think, you were the one that i almost did miss

now i always rejoice when i think about the times we had
i admit that i was wrong....loving you is not so bad

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never unnoticed, forever appreciated

i never worry about the why and the how
i do not even attempt to even raise an eyebrow

i just give God thanks that you just do
as i place the latest flowers on your grave, i sincerely say thank you

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at the mall

when took a trip to the mall
to touch the statues and the wall
where all the names, etched in deep
of lives lost, remembrances to keep

and those greyed with that-day mind
come to remember or put behind
the ghosts of theirs killed that day
amends awakened to come and say

a prayer for the known and the not
and cry a tear for what they've got
that seems was given at high cost
of friends and strangers futures lost

vets want the rest to know their pride
and grieve with them for all that died

© Goode Guy 2011-11-12

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My Little Princess

Gotta go down to Heaven's Jublee store
To buy a speical gift for the one I adore

Doesn't matter if it's big or small
She won't care at all

Just as long it comes from me
I know she'll be totaly happy

Jenny is her name
So I have to think of something insane

Maybe a doll
Or some kind of ball

I know it's gotta be pink
Or she'll think it will stink

She loves the moon and stars
And how they twinkle from the galaxe so far

So maybe something glittery
For someone else to come see

Awe there you are
Hiding under barbies car

Aw shucks only one left
Someone could call this a theft

A bargin deal on this star shaped pillow
To rest her little head under our wheeping willow

Now to give it a name
Not to name it would be such a shame

So I'll call it my little princess of the stars
Because it fits her boldness by far

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Merry Christmas Tom

Tom you may be gone but these words are true
There was a wonderful legacy left here by you

This is the first Christmas since you passed away
Everyone I ask “Lets take a moment to pray”

Lets not mention the pain and all we have lost
For every life has a price and death is the cost

Lets all be thankful because these words are true
Tom Bell was a blessing to everyone he knew

He was more than a poet he was a mentor and a friend
Always so kind and witty with the advice he would lend

As I would read his comments I could imagine his smile
He is one who never let me doubt my soul was worthwhile

I penned this couplet though it’s a community message I send
Merry Christmas we love you and treasure your memory our friend

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The Rest of My Days

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
But before I do, please allow me to pray.

For just as the sky has one brightest star.
I’m forever in love with the person you are.

Your heart is compassion in its truest form.
Your lips are moist, tender and warm.

Your eyes are as deep as deep can go.
The kindest person I ever did know.

Your soul is one that shines so bright.
It gave me the desire to want to live right.

You’re a Grandmother, Mother, Wife and lover.
Who holds a grace and beauty like no other.

When my life was as dark as dark could be.
Your love led me to the Lord, which set me free.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
Sweetheart, that feat shall take the rest of my days.

Written for Tracy Decker’s “Inspired by the Masters” Poetry contest. 
Elizabeth Browning’s, “How Do I Love Thee”

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its place

sentimentality has its place
it's in my heart, it's on your face

in an edict of government, for a hungry child
in the middle of nowhere, all windy and wild

it's in scraped skies over citied tall buildings
it's on the Louvre's walls surrounded by gilding 

it's buzzing the field of breeze-blown wheat
at the photo-finish of a horserace dead heat

it lies with the dog quietly resting by the door
the cat's contented purr, the babies quiet snore

it's in the oven, warming with scents
it's under the tree, wrapped in presents

it's written in stories we've all known for years
it's in people you know in your daily spheres

it's right here, on this screen that you're reading
it's after, and now, and time since proceeding

it's in her hair, with its satin-soft sheen
her coy smile at you, if you know what I mean

it's in his brash boast with eased confidence
to do something of import with good consequence

it's kissing your lips, warm and alluring
it's filling your heart and quietly assuring

it's sunning itself, on sweating work days
it's enjoying each other in so many ways

it's in the glint of light shown on my eyes,
to this life lived full, and what it implies

© Goode Guy 2011-11-13

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The Gift of You (Facts to which I believe)

Here are a few facts to which I believe
You must first come before you can leave

You must laugh to also cry
Many people live long after they die

The circle of life encompasses all seasons
Everything that happens, happens for a reason

If you never lose it means nothing to win
Crucifying Jesus is mans greatest sin

To truly change you must first regret
There is no truer love than that of a pet

With-in every heart is a blossoming seed
And love is something that we all need

The simple things should matter the most
There truly is a Father, Son and Holy Ghost

That the tiniest lie is the greatest sin
Everyone you greet you should greet with a grin

Satan attacks us through our mind
As ignorance keeps many people blind

The most heartwarming gift is one that is free
As the Lord loves you he also loves me

The thing I believe, I believe is most true
The world’s greatest gift is the gift of you

Dedicated to the reader. Never doubt
you are a blessing who deserves Gods
forgiving love. 

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There was a Boy Scout who had an idea
Swing set for children who he though dear

They could not swing the ordinary way
Needed more stability so that they could play

This Boy Scout worked on his invisible dream
Now this swing set can be visibily seen

Children in wheel chairs flying through air
Delighted and excited  with wind in their hair

With giggles aloud and smiles  on their face
This Boy Scout brought pride to human race

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Will Ye My Lad

Will ye my lad, come sail with me Cresting softly the swelling sea? Hand to the oar, and face to the bow Sail we the ocean, high wave and low. The wind at our cheek, the briny sea’s dip Rocks our frail bark, and threatens our ship. The heave of the wave, our watery bower, Lulls us at night with its sleepy power. Day after day sweep we the earth, ‘Till safe we sail to our launching berth. The lightning above, the worrisome gale, None hinder us as onward we sail. Straight and true, our craft does soar Paddle we fast, spreading our oar. Will ye my lad come sail with me? None hath lived so wondrously free! All fears behind, great joy to espy, Cruise we to glory, both you and I!

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Kudos is a complement, which I would like to mention.
I'll mention folks who've earned them, that is my intention!

First is the Police force, whose job is too protect.
They often face real danger and should have our respect.

Next, would be our Firemen, their duties are assorted.
Always ready to react, to any crisis that's reported!

Our military folks are next, they must not go unmentioned.
Thousands lay their lives on-the-line and they deserve our full attention!

Our teachers too deserve a nod, they've earned our recognition.
They help to mold our childrens minds, to promote a mature transition.

There are many more to thank and praise, like doctors, clerks and nurses.
But for me to mention everyone, I'd need way too many verses.

So lets just take time to thank them, and let them know we care,
and now and then, on their behalf, lets say a little prayer!

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My Dear

My Dear, I tell you in words, that I love you true.
Sometimes I feel that is not enough, just for you.

So I am writing this letter in rhyme from my heart.
Though I show you, I love you, on every days start.

This is not sufficient, for one that gloriously divine.
Adequate expressions are lost to describe, .love of mine.

Gifts unavailable to express, all that I have received.
My Dear, delivering my treasures, completely as conceived.

Each night my goal, to slowly fulfill your expectations,
Together our souls; will discover such exploitations.

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     There is a tropical atmosphere...although it is far away
     Because there is warmth of feeling - that will never decay.

     The one is of termperature...and in the Southern Seas
     The other is here with us today - and has more meaning for me.

     The islands out in the Pacific...have a beauty about each one
     The ones that are here today - are far more beautiful than all of them.

     The Islands are a home to many...and visitors are never few
     But the islands that I think about - are always coming back to you.

     God place a physical paradise
     God plaed all of you here in our family - to help each other thru life.

     I have been to the islands of Hawaii...and may go back again, sometime
     But I will never have enough of my family - to help to share this rhyme.

     For I have learned that Family...though we seldom meet
     Are the islands in my life - that I will always need.

     So, I thank God for each one of you...and pray for you each day
     Because I love each one of you islands - and that's all I have to say!

     (Written to honor my family at our reunion this month)

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Her Eyes

Her eyes were as beautiful as they could be
A puppy dog’s frown looking back at me

As they smiled they truly danced with life
Those big brown eyes of my beautiful wife

I sat behind glass as they filled with tears
Scared and alone her eyes danced with fear

The depth of her eyes expressed all of the pain
Dancing all around me I could feel their shame

But when they met mine these words are true
Beauty of their love broke me completely into

I gazed into her eyes into the depths of her soul
Lost up inside those eyes I had found my goal

It totally broke my spirit as I realized her pain
The thought of it drove me completely insane

Over sixty months later when mine got set free
Can you guess what eyes were waiting for me?

Two beautiful eyes that were so deep and brown
Now had a beautiful sparkling puppy dog frown

They also had a sternness I had never seen
Saying the only way to us is by staying clean

All these years later, eyes still as deep as a well
I am still lost in their beauty, bound to their spell

Telling me good morning as we start another day 
Her eyes shine with so much love in a beautiful way

Sometimes in life we try to be all that we can be
I didn’t pick her eyes because her eyes picked me

I am lost in the treasure of her beauty and grace
I reckon beautiful eyes deserve a beautiful face

Expanding on her beautiful eyes that mirror her soul
Is no less than my life’s honor and a beautiful goal

Written for Sami's contest

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Inside of Me

You and the Lord have helped me rise above
You and the Lord filled my heart with love

It was no easy chore for I was full of hate
Searching for something to help me change my fate

The Lord led me to you removing any doubt 
As the trials come and go we will work them out

The Lord is my Shepard and you are my heart
It’s written in the scrolls of time we will never part

As I ponder the love we share it is clear as can be
The Lord broke the mold then offered you to me

Whatever anybody thinks it truly matters not
For on whatever scales they use, I love you a lot

The love and respect we share is way off the chart
Tell me, can we measure the depths of our heart

No sacrifice is to great I will make them all
I think one brick at a time is how to build the wall

You know that I love to build as well as create
The blessing of it all is it took away the hate

The beauty of it all as clear as can be
You are the fire of desire burning inside of me

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skies of presun orange

skies of presun orange is a lovely guarantee
that this day in the life will be one for joyous jubilee

when you come along with your zest and natural essence
i cannot help the rare smile that suddenly appears at the simplicity of your presence

we begin our day like we end it all the same
by becoming lazy bums in with in apologetic hint or shame

just the pleasure of your company fully completes the plans for my festivity
the divine blessing of you alone is one of God's best gifts to me

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Weed And Feed

On my day's journey
Think going to a basketball tourney

Stopped by sisters house
It was as quiet as a mouse

Out in her garden she sits
Hoe claw and gloves of misfits

Peddle pushers to kaboot
Gotta love her for she's a hoot

She kept digging at those weeds
And filling the holes with new seeds

I asked if she was tired of this
She replyed no as she turned and twist

See hoeing your garden
Is like a life's pardon

You might say it's like losing weight
Shedding unwanted pounds you hate

The hurries and worries
Even if their some kind of snow flurries

As we laughed and cried
I felt more pride

For my sister did it to me once again
Helped me weed out my own garden from within

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I Love You Because...

I love you because...

I argue and shout down every head on the screen.
You listen and nod when you really should scream.

I rarely pick up or put all my clothes in their place.
You calmly arrange them up with an impassive face.

I lose my keys, my wallet and the hair on my head.
You find the first two and others and all before bed.

I'm hungry, I'm sickly, and I'm so down on myself.
You feed me, you hold me, nurse me back to heath.

I'm sleepy, I'm depressed, sometimes I don't care.
You're snappy, hard working, believe in what's fair.

What can one overused, overripe word ever say?
You show me its' meaning with each passing day.

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It's not just cuz he's black,
That I got his back.

He just wants to be free,
Just like you and me.

I'll count on him through and through
I expect all of you to too.

I hope all of you, yes and yo momma,
To respect Barack Obama.                                                                                        

                                                         Thank you Mr.President

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The Most Beautiful People

Sometimes we write in a certain way
That’s the style God choose that day

I pick no subject I just start to write
I just simply rely on my inner-sight

I truly feel pretty good on this day
It’s all just a frame of mind they say

I headed out back so I could mow
Busted and disgusted, wife said no

I hurt all the time the drop of a dime
Pain will always be a friend of mine

Pain is the only one I had for years
So much pain full of so many tears

Love on the inside, pain on the out
It last day after day without a doubt

I’m not quite sure where this will lead
As I eat all the pain and plant the seed

Love planting them, then watching them grow
Into the most beautiful people I could ever know

One of the most beautiful, check this out
Tag Chris Higgins, what this poems about

I'm pretty sure by now we all know just how 
special Christopher Higgins is to our mixture
of perfect homegrown soup,  Bro I love you
                                     God Bless, MJ

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It's Whats Inside Of You That Counts

The true love of your heart
Now where shall I start

Mine comes for ones that are lost in storms
Or for children who heart's thats been ripped and torn

One may even say I had opened many doors
To let the homeless sleep on maple floors

Or they may say you were the one to spare a dime
But have commited no other such crimes

Then theres another that may say just get out of their way
And you reply with only have such a lovely day

For there shall be no love of another
Like your love you held for my passed sister and brothers

And that heart that was sewen unto you
Was woven by God's holy hands of skew

So the true love of your heart
Is what brought me here from the very start

Tribute To My Jenny Rose
Mama Loves You Peanut

Also Entry For Michael Jorden's
Inside The Heart Contest
GL All

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To write truly well
Let heart and mind dwell.

Words pave the sure way
To create new say.

Play with doodle sketch
Until the right match.

When you pen feels dry
Just wait for new highs.

Get ready to write
As feelings now cite.

There are many routes
So fear not time-out.

From your barren field
New word sculptures yield.

Feelings turn better
Prodigal writer.

Learn beyond learning
Discern true knowing.

Words ooze beyond norms
With thoughts that transform.

Do not fear failure
Just use sure allure.

The moments fly fast
Just learn to outlast.

Remember thoughts plain:
Write and write again.

Words stream in verses
Like sweet molasses.

By and by you learn,
Discern well or burn.

Art is not easy
Let heart feel breezy.

By bamboo pathways
Let haikus fling play

Begin now to write
A lovely new rite.

Leon Enriquez
06 August 2014

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My Friend Sharon

I reckon this poem is long overdue
Sharon this poem is in honor of you

I’ve come to respect the things you say
Let them brighten and enlighten my day

When it comes to advice it’s hard for me
For I once was a fish in a bottomless sea

Lost in the waves that seemed to forever roll
Always one step away from my pot of gold

Never knowing who or what I could trust
Lost in the ashes and buried in the dust

Your friendships a treasure I will forever hold
Your advice is worth more than that pot of gold

When it comes to respect what more can I say?
I reckon your one person who has earned her way

I reckon you and my wife would get along fine
And your husband would be a dear friend of mine

But as fate would have it were a continent apart
But from my family to yours we love your heart

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Test Time

My blessed heart
Where shall I start

I thank my dear Lord
For being my mighty sword

For fighting these demons within
Who try to make me faulter or sin

I thank the Heavenly angels above
For bringing me someone new to love

I thank family and friends
For showing me how to fight till the end

I feel blessed for the air I breath
Even if it tends to make me sneeze

I feel blessed to watch my child grow
For she still loves the way I kiss her fingers and toes

So when I'm feeling so down and blue
I recant back to things of being so brand new

So thanks to others whom I pass on these blessings
For the Lord will alway's do his own testing

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quiet inner thoughts during an outing with CJF

i can see again and i am grateful
for you opened the shades and showed me a plate full

the tummy of my eyes are fatter and i yearn to see more
however we have to act out the plan if again we want our wings to soar

my life now has color thanks in full to you
if not for your inspiration my life would still be murky blue

to look forward to something is like free paint and a canvas
whatever iridescent excursion we choose to create is pure joy we can't miss

home is wherever we choose to lay our heads in a smiling sleep
the next day is like a new life begun....making picturesque memories in a laid back deep

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When I Sing

When I sing 
I sing for Him

When I rise
I rise for Him

When I bow
I bow for Him

When I seek 
I seek for Him

When I ask
I ask for Him

When I shine
I shine for Him

When I crumble
I crumble for Him

When I yearn
I yearn for Him

Tribute To 
Father Son 
Holy Spirit

Maybe Gospel Song
Let Me Know
Thanks Love 
Kathy & Jenny

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The Other

There is a lovely place 
on the other side of time
Where boundless love and grace
 forever intertwine.
Not pain nor loss or fear,
 no creature from the dark
Will ever enter here, 
they cannot pierce your heart.
Held safely in God’s hands, 
all strife will fade away
Called from exiled lands 
on the promise that He made.
The door is now flung open
 and never will it close
For all who have been broken
 and won’t deny her rose.
Father I am sinful
 yet you love me as your own
I stand poor and faithful,
 come down and take me home.

Shane Pierce
April 2012

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thankful that you know my nomenclature

a falling star is a snowflake on my tongue
a kiss from you makes this old man feel mighty young

an ocean breeze is a careless stroll just because
an embrace from you is the dissipation of what one was

a winter afternoon sun is a daydream feeling free
a smile on your face inspires a rejuvenated energy in me

a mountain morning sunday is a breathtaking vision of nature
just knowing that you love me makes me thank God even more that you know my nomenclature

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Tired of being numb

The time has surely truly come
That I am tired of being numb.

The days of being in constant pain
My life seems to be going down the drain.

I am still quite heartbroken
And some things can't be spoken.

But 5 years have already gone by
And today I heaved a weary sigh.

I can no longer stay this way
Just going through with my day.

I have been on a ledge
Standing there on that edge.

Looking over and down
Upon my face is a frown.

I turn around and then look up
That she is a tough climb, yup.

But I reach up and begin to climb
As I know it has come to that time.

Time to either wither and die
Or time to show life I can defy.

New places are meant for me.
A new woman you shall see.

Oh do not get me wrong
I have days I am not strong.

But I promise to not be so withdrawn
As I know my life is not foregone.

I want to be someone my kids can be proud of
Someone they know that will always give love.

For them being gone was never my choice
That in this instance my opinion had no voice.

But one day soon they will come to find me
I want it to be day of great joy and glee.

For they will see that pain did bring me to my knees
But that I got up and moved and refused to freeze.

I did not die from all this pain
But one day will I be able reign?

Who is to really know?
Just cannot stand another woe.

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To Be Me

My faith is truly mine alone
My God would never disown.

My belief is truly so bright
It fills me with delight.

Some would say, I am wrong,
I still cherish it, like a song.

My faith is simply to believe,
My spirit has only to conceive.

To believe in a loving entity,
Giving me my entire identity,

That makes my desire to want to be.
Both inside and outside, I am just me.

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something about you today

something about you today
so beautiful like a blessing array

i cannot stop staring at you
right now your vibe is the perfect hue

comfort and warmth never felt like this
i am addicted to your being, which i just cannot resist

i just want to kiss you everywhere and more
never have i met a sista i wanted to totally explore

your body is exemplary, but your mind is the apex
the genuine foundation of your personality invigorates my every reflex

your knowledge of your self inspires me to dig deeper
the magnificence of your character alone in my eyes makes you a keeper

however it is your heart that i most admire
my own heart grows to love you even more with an innovative type of desire

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Old Skeet

He lived in an old shanty just past the railroad tracks,
Not many left just two or three worn out old shacks.

But the old saying home is where you hang your hat,
Lot of people don’t know it but there is a lot of truth to that.
Just this old one room building was probably the most, old Skeet had ever had,
His virtues are his riches and those are priceless, tis a shame we can’t all be this bad.

Old Skeet never attends church anymore, since someone said they would rather he wouldn’t come back,
But I’ll guarantee you he can quote the Bible, verse by verse and never lose track.

I don’t know of any preacher that knows the Word any better’n old Skeet,
And when we are called to Heavens door I don’t think old Skeet will have to give up his seat.

If old Skeet sees someone needing help, he doesn’t ask he just pitches in,
He lives daily by the Holy Commandments in a world filled with sin.

Old Skeet has seen many a hard winter, but never once have I heard him complain,
He said the Lord has been good, when I was thirsty he furnished me rain.

And when I am weary, He is there too comfort my soul,
No matter what may come or be, he said I know my God is in control.

On the last day we talked he said son I could have been more than what I am today,
But I have peace and compromising God's values is just not my way.

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In His Glory And Grace


A long time ago a King left His kingdom and His throne 
To pay what could be paid only by Him, and just Him alone, 
A Mighty Lord who was willing to die for yours and my sins, 
And make us all brand-new again when we invite Him in 

Knowing full well the rewards of His salvation plan 
Help us remember that we are all held in God's own hand, 
One day when we arrive to Heaven, what's it first we'll see? 
But Jesus, with arms opened wide as happy to greet you, and me! 

I am but a sinner, who's now living by His blessed grace, 
Washed clean by the Blood of my Lord Jesus, who died in my place, 
By surrendering everything I have to God, each and every day, 
I can be certain for sure, I'll not be that easily led astray! 


Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000



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A Bad, Bad Dream

In the far off distance the cannons make their report,
As we huddle in groups to show our support.

Blindly attacked, all we can do is to try to hit back,
Hiding in light, it’s at night when we assume our attack.

Outnumbered and outgunned since the government took nearly every one,
They made it illegal for citizens to possess any type of gun.

But some held on and it was a good thing that they did,
As the enemy infiltrated our borders and shores we retrieved them from where they were hid.

There is no Geneva Convention, and no rules to this war,
Brutality and chaos have been our strongest weapon so far.

This was the way it was given to us, so reverse play is fair don’t you see,
They wanted to take our freedom but that is something you won’t take from me.

It was like a horror movie that night that seems so long ago,
In the middle of the night it started with no warning you know.

Loud noise and confusion as mortars and rifle fire entered our peaceful little town,
People running and screaming and for no reason being mercilessly shot down.

9-11 was just a testing of the waters to see how we would react,
As they put together their plan for this unholy attack.

Our country has been divided and our resources are few,
But we’ll fight to our death, that’s all that’s left for me and for you!

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A Book I Read


T’was a book I read not long ago,
Told of foreign places and disasters and woes.

Much blood was spilled in those days of old,
It also spoke of riches of silver and gold.

Hardships were many but were a part of life,
And how they survived this life so full of strife.

It told of kings and slaves and ordinary men,
And the way things were a way back then.

It spoke of travel and the way they went,
Then it told of a fathers love and the son he sent.

It told of how the son a carpenter by trade,
Would give his own life for a debt that had to be paid.

A debt that separated man from his father above,
But blood built the bridge so we all now can share His precious sweet love.

The debt has been paid by God’s only Son, 
So we all can receive salvation each and everyone.

So give thanks and praises each and everyday,
Hallelujah to the Lord, thank You my Father for guiding my day!

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The Armor of God


I reached the apex of life a few years back,
But it wasn’t until my journey on the way back down that I stumbled onto the right track.

My life had been good but it had made me terribly hard,
I had lost all sense of compassion, I was bitter and scarred.

I didn’t think I needed anyone, but the world needed me,
I was very good at what I did, and at the time that was very satisfying, you see.

I thought you had to be macho, never once realizing this was the root of my pain,
I had never wanted to show tenderness or mercy, to me that was insane.

All these years looking back I never felt whole or complete,
I thought life had been good but looking back there had been more bitter than sweet.

But still I had been blessed  and I didn’t realize just how this could be,
Till the day I returned to church and found Jesus after all those years was still waiting for me.

It dramatically changed my life, softened my heart, and opened my eyes so that I could see,
And now I like to testify to others who have experienced life much like me.

Friend if you feel like something is missing and you don’t know what to do,
If you open that Bible and read it, in there you’ll find the answers to life’s many problems and a guideline just for you.

I laid down one armor that was tarnished and worn and that was too heavy to pack,
And picked up another that now shines on my back.

The Armor of God is a gift that I wear with great pride,
And it’s awesome and great knowing I have Jesus by my side.

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If a picture of you I would paint
I'd paint a picture, of a saint

For once you cometh unto my life
You lifted away my guilt and strife

Like a child I never had
I care for you most when you are sad

I want to be the hand to pick you up when you are down
And always be there for you, when there is no one else around

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you are the main source of my delight

you are the main source of my delight
you make me feel whole and clearly see light

you are the sole rebuilder of my spirit
you inspire in me a song of joy, and i want all to hear it

you are the constant reminder that i am worthy of love
you are the reason i Bless the Heavens in the sky above

you are the radiant flower that makes me fully bloom
you are the one i passionately thank for giving my mind more room

you are the artwork that consumes me each day that i wake
you are the only receiver of my love with all sincerity my heart will now make

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Let Freedom Ring

July the Fourth is nearly here,
And we are still fighting to keep freedom in this land we hold so precious and dear.

We can’t drop our guard or look the other way,
We have too many enemies at our gates that are waiting for that day.

God Bless our Troops, and let them know we really care,
Give them respect and honor, for upon their shoulders our freedom they bare.

Maybe someday there can be real peace,
And all violence and crime will desist and cease.

The ones that once held our freedom we now call friend,
Hopefully one day all our fences we can finally mend.

Sometimes I wonder what really goes on in Washington, D.C.,
I think sometimes it’s about their own prestige, and I wonder if they even think about you and me?

Politics has taken on a different meaning than what it was originally set up for,
There seems to be too many little fat and greedy hands in our cookie jar.

This is election year and our pickings are slim,
But if we choose wrong our future may look grim.

Study the choices as best you can,
This sure isn’t the time too elect as our leader the wrong man.

God Bless All, and have a safe and wonderful July Fourth weekend, 
And to our troops much love we do send.

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We Can!

Our country needs to return to its roots and rekindle old flames,
Grab on to those old values and uphold those sacred names.

If our founding fathers could see the moral decline we have allowed to take place,
They would call us traitors and a land that has fallen from grace.

Our values have declined so that we allow any and all evil to delegate their will,
I for one am sick of it and totally have had my fill.

Christians we are the majority, yet we let the minority dictate to us the way it will be,
Then if this is truly a democracy then it’s time we say enough and let the world see.

Let’s put back into play what has made America the greatest country ever known,
And pray to God that He will forgive us and let His mercies be shown.

We must quickly turn from this path that leads to destruction and ruin,
And set our eyes on the prize and realize the things we are doing.

Our young ones are growing up in a society that has become numb to the truth,
We are to blame for allowing this to happen and it’s wrong and uncouth.

Gay marriages, abortions, when and where will it end?
We have gotten off course and one day God’s wrath, He will send.

Search your heart, search your soul and you will know these words speak true,
This is our country and our children and we are responsible for the things we do.

I love the Lord, I love this country and I pray for my fellow man,
And I know Americans can make it right, I know they can!

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A Talk With God

Lord, help me face the trials of life each day,
Lord, send me to that one who's gone astray.
Just to be a willing servant is all I ask,
Don't let it become a burden or be a task.

Please Help me Lord, find the words to say,
That I might help someone to find the way.
That by the things each day  they see me do,
I pray not one can say I've been untrue.

My life is the only Bible that some will read,
So help me do my best dear Lord, I plead.
Then when at last my time to leave has come,
I pray Lord, that your work isn't left undone.

Lastly Lord, may I not worship worldly gain,
For when the end shall come, it won't remain.
There'll just be that which I have done for you,
It's only through your mercy I'll get through.

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Last chance

One last chance
One final glance

I want to show
That I am someone you'd like to know

So unique
To me please speak

Words from a tender lip
Can forever equip

Me with hope
No longer with fear I shall cope

Say to me I am all you need
So we can then proceed

I want to be the reason you smile
Girl, you are oh so nubile

Copyright 2009
All rights reserved

-Matthan C. Atherton

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Tainted Love

When we first became aqainted, 
I had no idea your love was tainted.
I let down my guard and invited you in, 
I thought for sure your love I could win. 
I came with so much innocence and devotion,
You brought so much pain and commotion. 
But still I believed not seeing your lies, 
And you'll never know how much this boy cries.
Cried for what I thought was love,
I used to think you came from above. 
Maybe it's true maybe you did, 
Now I know inside your just a kid.
No I don't blame you for all my hurt and pain,
Soon someday you'll stand shivering in the rain.
When that day comes you'll think of a boy,
And wish you hadn't treated him like a toy.
You will remember his devotion and unmatched love,
Then you'll think he was the one sent from above.
You'll wish you didn't mess up your one chance,
Because with me you won't have the last dance.
I still don't blame you for all my hurt and pain,
Just remember who's standing cold in the rain.
I will never forget our time as lovers,
But never again will you have a place under my covers.

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Now And Then

I just love to read and write 
Pen my thoughts day and night. 
I just write what I like 
And now and then what I don't like. 

I thank all my readers too. 
Sometimes we share alike view. 
Your feedback is so encouraging 
My friends and poetry are such a blessing! 

Most of my readers seem to like me. 
Love what in my poetry I have to say. 
I write with all my heart on the golden sands 
Of time and I just hope that you understand. 

Readers ask me "please never stop writing!" 
Again I thank you for this asking. 
You're so kind for this requesting. 
And I never want to stop penning. 

I've met and made some good friends 
Some fine folks online I have befriend. 
All these people in the flesh I don't know. 
But in my heart I do and that's so. 

I thank all my dear readers and friends. 
Thanks for all the love to me you send. 
I appreciate so much all your support. 
All my friends are such a great sport! 

Readers tell me" never stop writing!" 
And I never want to cease penning. 
Most of my readers seem to like me. 
And knowing this makes me so happy! 

My gift of writing is such a blessing. 
And I will never stop writing. 
I thank you all my readers and friends. 
Thanks for all the love to me you send. 

I just love to read and write. 
Pen my thoughts day and night. 
Most of my readers seem to like me. 
And knowing this makes me so happy! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000