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Couplet Art Poems | Couplet Poems About Art

These Couplet Art poems are examples of Couplet poems about Art. These are the best examples of Couplet Art poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I'm still alive and I don't know why?
My heart survived falling from the butterfly sky

Caught by the hands of destiny
With visions only I can see!

My love I heard your call
Wings of a butterfly broke my fall

Love motion is in the air, a love no one can compare
Indulging a look-a-stare- that we both share

Reminiscing our love made out of stolen hope
Awe~:*! To  them butterfly kisses that felt so real

Flowing like Amazing Grace, 
A shining light upon my face.

I traveled fast and far, longing to be in your arms
I desire, the warm sensation of your charms

Your safe love will help me carry on,
With the strength and bond~the love you set upon

Nothing is better than a sensual butterfly kiss
Beyond the sensation of heaven's pure bliss

Fluttering in the clouds aiming for the moon
A dream of reality, out of my cocoon I bloom!

Valued by the art of true beauty and its rarity
True love flapping in the mist of clarity

I entwine that I am yours and you are mine
Bonded together till the end of time

With the vision my heart is no longer blind
Two broken hearts at last combined

I glide below to touch your lip.
Our lashes touch from tip to tip.

Caressing each other as our wings expand
Two hearts- kisses collide and land

Holding your hand reaching to the rainbow sky.
Kisses:*kisses:* like the butterfly!

Dedicated to *Nathan*

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~Moon & Sea~

Hey boy won't you open that door?
Let's sing and walk by the shore

Come and spread out your eyes
Block looking for reasons, and whys?

The cosmos are more than a space to explore
Don't hide when I need.... Plus more.

Finish playing a master in disguise!
Lets find the perfect sunrise, sunset surprise. 

Put your arms around me
Allow your moon to reflect off my sea

Too much time has passed you by
Come outside with and view the horizon up high

I've got my eyes set upon you
There's no need to feel blue

Hey boy comes, climb up this tree!
I'm going to show you all the things you can't touch, you can't see.

Lets fit the luxury and beauty of this world into our play.
Don't say them words that will set me free to walk away.

Take this kiss and see how it feel deep within your heart.
Close your eyes in my garden, and draw with the fragrance of art

I want to take you into that space, astronomy love.
Making it easy to float with the clouds way up above.

Glide away from the blame of gravity and self destruct.  
Bounce of the dust of hurt when you fall and get cut.

Boy, let's hold in this perfect air together.
Leave the cold end of someone else's weather.

Follow me beyond the distance of chemistry.
I will expose your moon and explain the physics of my sea. 

Give it another chance and you will see!
Your moon, is skin deep, needing water from me. 

Turn on the tune in your heart, and listen to me. 
In every sunrise, the moon entwines with the sea. 

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Please Give me Wings

Wash my heart and make it clean
Remove the grime from where it's been 

Take my idle hands make them yours
Use them to open holy doors

My cracked lips long to sing your praise
Be my Misto the rest of my days

Guide my calloused feet along your path
I wish to know Love and not your wrath

Take my arms place them around the poor
Help me realize I need less not more

Plant your precious thoughts in my mind
Change me from selfish make me kind

let me see your face with my eyes
Remove my ignorance make me wise

Apart from you I cannot be whole
Thank you for this reconditioned soul

One day my life will end I know that's true
Please give me wings so I can fly to you

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My Pen Collection

As the waves forever kiss the shore
One shot leaves you wanting more
My heart and soul, strong and true
With all the love they hold for you
Sometimes my life leaves me bored
Like a swordsman with no sword
These are the times that I write
Memories can be hard to fight
I write out my heart and soul
Controlling my mind is my goal
Each new word released by my pen
Is another spiritual battle I win
The war rages on day by day
Through the poem prayers I pray
It's a war that I will forever win
Long as there is ink up in my pen
In prison I had quite a collection
Each one held it's own reflection
I saved them after they ran dry
Baptized with the tears I cry
I just couldn't seem to let them go
Little memories of my heart and soul
Sometimes I like to take them out
Little memories of what I'm about
What I'm about angel on my shoulder
Making this world a little less colder

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A Bag of Popcorn

They ask me why I’m so happy
Asking me, if I just won a prize
I replied, well I reckon I did
Today is a wonderful surprise

When you have a past like mine
My today is always bright
There is no better feeling on earth
Than the joy of doing right

I may be an old man on a cane
My heart is skipping along
I learned to embrace the meaning
Life is a beautiful song

True life has its ups and downs
There’ll be forks in the road
With a smile I’ll stop for a while
Help you with your load

I had me a bag of popcorn today
It tasted exceptionally good
In fact, I will go as far as to say
Better then it probably should

For years, I had a guard in the pen
Popped him a bag each night
Then he would simply throw it away
His twisted little delight

He knew, it was those little things
Ate at our heart and soul
Movie with the wife Friday night
Popcorn in the bowl

I had a bag of popcorn today
Wife sitting at my side
I had a smile, which lasted awhile
One I could not hide

They ask me why I’m so happy
Asking me, if I won a prize
I replied, I reckon I did
Today is a wonderful surprise

For some reason today I was thinking about C.O. Talbert and
how he would pop a bag of popcorn even though he didn't eat
popcorn. He did it just because he knew it would make everyone
want some. I always felt sorry for him. His life must have been
very disappointing. The moral here: when you learn to appreciate
the little things in life your popcorn will taste a whole lot better. 

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Old Pirate

I dream of the past and days on the high seas
With no one to answer to and no one to please
Yearning for the freedom that I once knew
With the sails set and a sea of blue
Dream of the islands and her beautiful eyes
For the taste of her lips my heart still cries
Once a pirate who sailed with the wind
Now only memories that I rescind
I look at the past in the afterglow
Wondering where does an old pirate go
Time has carved deeply the lines on my face
Settling down feels so out of place
Longing to return to that tropical lagoon
Where I once held her beneath a Caribbean moon
Young brash and arrogant, I sailed away
Never said good bye, I still see her each day
My heart beats a tune that has me undone
Until the day I sail toward that tropical sun
Thinking back and missing her so
Wondering where does an old pirate go.

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Pink Tennis Shoes


I mother always pride galore
 until the words from daughter abhor.

Her gentle heart and loving embrace
smashing to pieces. She fell from grace.

Her untied tenny shoe, wrapped and tight
around her bike, could free no might.

Mommy checking faithful each half hour
found her daughter helpless, no power.

Down the hill mommy went
no time was wasting nor was spent.

The wind passed threw my long hair locks
when shock took over from what I got.

Not what I thought from bike I bought
but cruelest words, my life distraught.

From those lips kissed each night to bed
not once, nor twice, but thrice to head.

“Hurry up old lady” from my daughter
 how my heart bleed of tears and water.

For no words crueler ever sere spoke.
My shame, the horror on face neighborhood folk.

My tail between my legs indeed
got there, put there by my third bore seed.

And mothers day and birthday too
three days from now turn 45, BOO-HOO!

Never knew my aging beauty fade
would be this hard for the lies I’ve made.

Lies I’ve told to self each day
that children’s love fulfillment may.
So on this very special mothers day
this “old lady”  family f--- off  say.

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Created By Choices

Something evil this way comes
Sure as the rising of the Son

A single heart left to bleed
A lost soul with a dying need

When love proves it doesn’t care
In creeps darkness and despair

Angry voices from deep with-in
Scream I’m a fool once again

I now make my soul like a cave
It’s the darkness that I now crave

Around my heart I shall build a moat
With blood sacrifices unto the goat

Deep in darkness as a soul can be
Father of darkness come feed on me

She destroyed the love in my soul
I do pray that hate fills up the hole

Troubled souls with hallow voices
In this life we all make choices

My choices have left me degraded
I now hate the person I created

Into darkness away from the Son
Something evil this way comes

Yea, I posted this for Deborah's contest.
Believe it or not this is who i used to
be. Poetry is a truly amazing tool when
it comes to change, it transformed this
into the man I am. All I can say about
that, "Praise be the Power of God".

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Our single soul

As the trials of life come and go
Accept there blessings into your soul

Let them become without a doubt
A model of what you're all about

Don't let them get you all depressed
All things in life need be addressed

Let your spirit be like the wind
Your unseen dearest friend

As I see the lines in my face
Each a reminder of certain place

Do I wish they would go away?
Or that my hair wasn't turning grey

I have no desire to regain youth
For I have learned to speak my truth

When I was young I was so lost
I let my soul pay the cost

Running hard against the grain
Using drugs to kill the pain

Now I feel each and every day
Use the Lord to take the pain away

Do what I can accepting what I get
Treasure blessings that come of it

Thank the Lord through the poems I pray
Use what I need give the rest away

I seem to be driven by a single goal
Can you feel my heart and soul?

I slice them open in hopes they will bleed
Something that someone might need

The single fear I know so well
The fear that my words will fail

So once again I face my fear
As I write I shed my tears

Because these words are spoken true
My heart belongs to all of you

And through it's love I hope to show
We all share a single soul

A soul that is bound by love
Given us by the Lord above

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The Box of Stuff

I heard him close shut the attic door,
I snuck in and saw him on the floor.

He found the box that I stored away,
As I turned to leave I heard him say.

“Mom, could you come here for a few,
Whose badge is this and what does this do?”

Placing the hat on top of his head,
Come close my son I softly said.

With a saddened tone I lowly spoke,
Pushing words over the lump in my throat.

That box of stuff belonged to a man,
Who left one night with his keys in hand.

He heard his pager go off late one night,
He jumped in that suit and dashed out of sight.

To answer a call, not knowing for sure,
The dangers his heart would have to endure.

He’d always been brave right from the start,
And was a good man with a courageous heart.

He wasn’t a man like typical dads,
That was mainly because the job that he had.

That box of stuff is his way to pave,
The bright good man you’ll be someday.

Because in that box that you delved into,
Belonged to a man who looked like you.

If you can understand I’ve never known why,
Before you were born that man had to die.

I cannot imagine what he went through,
To save a stranger he never knew.

He faced a danger he didn’t deserve,
He gave his life to protect and to serve.

He wasn’t respected most of the time,
But still he laid his life down on the line.

With all this that I share this day,
There’s a few final words I’d like to say.

All the stuff that’s within that box,
I want you to know belonged to a cop.

There’s a lot of things he never saw,
He lost his life defending the law.

And one of those things that he didn’t see,
Was watching you become what you came to be.

You’re brave like him in the things you pursue,
I know he’d be proud of the life you ensue.

It’s been along time that my heart has cried,
I still remember the night that he died.

Much has happened since the night he was slain,
I think you should know that you bear his name.

Yes there are times that I still get sad;
But I want you to know that man was your dad.

So put the box up my little snooper,
Now that you know your dad was a trooper.

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My Soul Mate

Sweet laughter and devotion, I have shared with none.
This restless heart so tired, of being all alone.

I’ve tried the life of Paul, but it gave not enough.
My heart is overflowing with aching, needful love.

Lord, bring me a companion, but not just any man.
He must be one of valor, or leave me as I am.

Make him strong as Moses, a leader in Your truth.
And I will stand beside him, that I may be his Ruth.

Someone to correct me in, things I need to know;
Reproving me, thus gently, in order that I grow.

Bring me one like Jonathan, loyal to the end;
And I will love forever, this man that is my friend.

Even in the hard times, he will choose to stay;
And we will seek for healing, together, as we pray.

A Boaz to protect me, in safety He will lead,
That I may rest completely, in all that my heart needs.

Someone true like Joseph, my words he will believe;
His faithfulness long-lasting, when others would deceive.

And don’t forget Dear John, his loving heart’s embrace;
With eyes that will behold me, in honor, truth, and grace.

But mostly find the heart, of Jesus that forgives;
Then, with this man you bring me, forever I will live.

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A Different Kind of Love

~By chance we found each other ~
~Two hearts many miles apart~
~Linked together in cyberspace~

We talked for hours that first day
We never ran out of things to say
I feel I’ve known you for a long time
You’ve always been a friend of mine

Your heart has touched me here
I wish I could hold you near
Knowing that you are yearning 
For love your heart is burning

So I will instant message you
Tell you not to ever be blue
Share my joy and my fears
Not be afraid to show my tears

You can love me if you choose
My heart you will never loose
I can’t give the love you desire
The kind to set your heart a fire

Let me love you in my own way
As a friend with you every day
In your heart and on your mind
A truer love you’ll never find

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LindaMarie The Sweetheartof P S

  ~ Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P. S. ~

When it comes to a friendly hi!
One of the best poetry, hearts we can't deny!

Our Sweetheart Linda Marie
No one is smoother and sweeter than her- our peach tree

Always stopping by to say hi, no matter, rain/sleet or snow
Her contest Zany Zoo, one of the soups best show

A woman who never judged me from the start
Linda Marie, thank you for being such a sweetheart

Sharing her delightful poems,  a double doze for me
Oh Me- Oh My- That woman can write so much poetry!

I am sure she is loved by the poetry soup staff
LOL! How this blonde bombshell  made us laugh

Remember, when she took her laptop to a sandy Island 
She smiled, and shared, how the laptop was damaged with so much sand

Hanging out with Linda, it's like singing "Kumbaya my Lord"-- I felt her holding my hand
How sweet of Linda, when she invited us to meet her new Husband?

Linda Marie is loved by her very own BBF team
Letting us know, life has been more than a dream

Her heart so big, she worried when her BFF's weren't around
Leaving notes, making sure we have not hit a poet break down

She keeps us in her heart when we are not logged in
Her beautiful and clever/witty poem will forever remain 

Most of her poetry made me smile
Linda Marie's poetry had so much Style!

We prayed for you when we heard about your son
Thank you for sharing your faith in God. -Linda You're #1

A poet I highly recommend
Linda Marie my poetry soup best friend

Dedicated to:
~Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P. S. ~ 2012
~I"M gonna miss you, 2013
Happy birthday to you :-(  Don't leave, 2013

(STILL MISSING YOU) Love always, YOUR BFF -- 2014
Sending my Heart, To one of the soups Leading Ladies
RIP. Linda-Marie Bariana You are forever loved

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A Bull Rider's Heart

We are all so young,,, even the ‘old hands’
Imagining a time with no bull rope is hard to plan
It’s riding with a heart and unflagging spirit revealed
That’s a most fitting description of what’s usually concealed
The dream most have had since they were born
About riding horses, bulls, and such without scorn
It’s about the ride, that 8 seconds of time
That lead you and the bull to a place uniquely sublime
Riding bulls or whatever, it really don’t matter
As long as your heart, your family, and your thoughts aren’t scattered
Whether it’s the big show or not, you really don’t mind
You’d ride a milk cow if she’d fly out the gate, so inclined.
So even if you ride for the money, or the fame
No matter what you draw, you look for no blame
Because even though bones, and tendons are often broken
And if you’re deemed old because your thirty something year is now unspoken
It’s really the heart that prevails when the body can’t follow
And provides that last 8 seconds, that make you feel less hollow
And,,, when someday your heart and mind don’t yearn for the ride,
It’s time to reflect and possibly stand off to the side.
Life doesn’t end for there’s still plenty to do
There is always a new bull rider that wants to be you
They may need a hand, and inspiration or two
And a true bull rider’s heart is to return the gift given you.

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A Poet's Strength

A soul of a dancer, a life in wheelchair 
Fins of imagination kill my despair...

for Brian's "A Couple of Lines"

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I Will Remember

Written by: Ryland Joshua Matthews

I will Remember

I remember when I held you silky skin under my hand
Bearing my heart and making promises, 
All the things that we had planned.

Will one day come to pass, ill be home with you and consider
That never again to leave your side, this vow I will remember

Your auburn hair like a summer’s fire
Springs forth in my heart a new desire

To love you anew and to show you I care
To bring your life hope and no longer despair

In your eyes I see reflections of a futures last breath
A landscape of purity that will never know death

Denying all other things, this above them rings true
That my timeless obsession will always be you.

So understand this as the days light fades to gray
That in your arms is where my heart truly wishes to stay

And as you open your eyes and a new dawn springs through
Open them further and realize that our dreams are all true

As you herald in the beating of a new hearts first cry
The heavens above you open to sing, just look to the sky

Imagine us together, holding hands, two hearts so tender
That all things wrong transformed to right, you, my life, I Will Remember

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Some lives are like a stone quickly skipping over the ponds top, forever tossed.
My life is below the surface trying to reach upward with each breathe lost.
But there is still beauty, deep down here in the great depths below…
For the solitude holds me in its grip as I dwell with what I know.

My occasional trips to the surface leave me vastly wanting more…
Still, my life below the surface doesn’t scare me as it did, once before.
And the breaths will come when given, as my life continues to flow.
True it is dark but beauty lingers, everywhere the currents move below.

At times, the surface reflections seem surreal, as if it’s a place not to go.
Comfort comes more and more to my soul, as the deeper I glide below.
Here I dwell within myself, with words, and thoughts, that carry me along.
Perhaps I have found where I truly belong, as I sing my siren songs.

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Nature's Art

There’s no comparison to Nature’s Art;
It’s seen with the eyes and felt with the heart;

I see it in the trees and the ground that I walk,
In the prance of the deer and flight of the hawk;

The unearthly quiet before a thunderstorm hits,
The sulfur and electricity that a storm emits;

The mighty mountains standing tall with pride,
An artwork that can be seen far and wide;

A blank canvas that nature made all it’s own,
From the air that I breathe to a moss covered stone.

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Words Not Heard

When words can't be seen and smiles aren't felt,
we fall onto paper and drip and melt...

We spread colors of blue and grey to highlight
an early morning sigh, and splash and orange tint
on a late afternoon high...

Late at night I will paint my sky a dark black, and
with just my fingertips sprinkle stars that stay intact...

When words finally return and a Poem is read, the background
is my painting of colors from a dreamer not dead....

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Fill It With Him (Mid Swap)

There is no love, without our God; 
Search your heart and home it’s not hard ~
I cannot stay if He’s not there,
A sense of loss would fill the air. 

Fill this house with truer faith
Let, our hearts hope in Him always --
He‘ll heal spiritual beggars,
His glory abounds forever…

Search your heart and home it’s not hard ~
There is no love without our God.

Enter, for the kingdom is nigh,
Reach in and ask He’ll not deny.
There are blessings awaiting you,
Hope in Him, and He’ll see you through…

Open your heart, for it is home
Remember God is on the throne ~
When despair strikes – Give it to God, 
Search your heart and home it’s not hard ~

Adell Foster©2009 Adell1

Comments: Mid Swap: Created by Jenny Buzzard from England. This is a strict structure that 
repeats the first and last line as a center couplet. A syllable count of eight per line with 
rhyme scheme as follows:


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'Hazel Eyes'

Behind these hazel eyes You’ll find the disguise Look beyond the smile, Deeper even if just for a while My protected shield An attempt at being healed The walls I’ve build around my heart Years of being judged lead to that part Gaze beyond the quizzical tone My heart really isn’t made of stone The tears that flow May not always show Tired of being judge, Tired of being misjudged Behind these hazel eyes You’ll recognize the prize A receptive soul That yearns to be console…
Contest: Old Contest Entry 5th Place

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I Closed my Eyes to See, I now Dream

Today I sat and pondered and closed my eyes to see 
On a sunny island I strolled, knowing what's ahead for me

Closer to the beach hut I could hear our favourite song
Through the louvred doors I go, as I catch a scent so beautifully strong

It's emanating from the bathroom, amidst a plume of moisture, steam
Slowly I reach my destination as I continue into my dream

My eyes peer through scented vapours, catching a shadow within my sight
Lavender surrounds two souls as I catch shapes of pure delight

My love, my maiden, my Queen, having exited from her shower
Thralls the man in me attracted by her womanly power

She glimpses she sees I'm there, her towel is offered to I
Closer we move to each other as my hands wander to dry

Her nape, shoulders and back touched as if by an angels wings
The song that lured me earlier, my heart now joyfully sings

To her hips I reach, whilst to my knees I fall
My heart now racing faster, my hands in drying sprawl

To me she now graces, azure blue eyes look down at me
Beauty in she abounds, through loved eyes my love I see

Crimson lips allure to mine, as if in magnetic trance
Naked we are, touching brushing, we enter into dance

Two bodies in tender abrasion, hands in adventurous roam
Alluring desires excite freely in our sunny island home

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Twisted Road

Driving down the twisting road
Into the night, the twilight abode
We twist and turn and up we go
Our destination, we cannot know
Just hold it in, we are so close
Adrenaline pumps like an overdose
The headlight glows on white quaking trees
And a slow, chill ripple felt in the breeze
Hold on tight, for this long dark ride
I'll hold you close, and be by your side
Together we will sleep under the moon
The night duration ends, all too soon
Take my heart let the world see
That only for you, my heart will be.

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The Bird Sings

If I were a bird, would you clip my wings
then cage me away with pretty things?
And, if my wings were to be clipped
why not just burry me within a crypt,
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
For to have wings that cannot soar,
then why not nail me to the floor?
Tonight I shall make my final swan song
knowing I have been locked away so long.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant so kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So still the caged bird, she sings
without her sky, without wings.
Sometimes laments, sometimes sighs,
sometimes she whistles her own reprise.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So then curious is it, the caged thing
who finds she has the heart to sing?
Because it would seem a great strain
to be caged seems twisted and profane,
for a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
When asked, why do you sing, bird?
The answer is a simple word,
hope, for escape from behind these bars
that keep me caged from the stars.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
Birds should have no master, no kings
and love cannot be clipping wings.
But now it seems I must live confined,
in this hand crafted cage of your design,
but a cage is too small for a master of sky
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So must I wait for these wings to heal
and relearn how the wind may feel.
If I must be caged, still my heart sings
of the day I can again use my wings.

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The Murder of My Heart

Another stab, another wound, another scar to bear
I wonder if my little heart will find the will to care

It has been mutilated; its fibers have been shred
By all the hurtful things that to it have been said

Its beating is becoming faint, its rhythm is disturbed
Brought on by the rejection that on it was conferred

The blood is gushing out, a never ending stream
Perhaps it will finally stop while I sit and dream

The murder of my heart, was done without a scene
By the outer evidence, the job was very clean

The murderer got away, he left no fingerprints
No one knows his identity, for he left behind no hints

I buried my little dead heart and paid it proper due
The gravesite is a mystery that I’ll not reveal to you

Don’t bother to stop by and place flowers by the grave
Your pretentious act of kindness, your honor will not save

A murderer you are and a heinous one you'll remain
For though I have no heart, I still feel the phantom pain.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Through my dark brown eyes, he was the best.
My heart knew he was better than the rest.

His voice was smoother than velvety silk.
His songs quenched my thirst more than milk.

Some people thought he was just a giant weirdo.
They didn't even give him a chance, how could they know?

The songs he wrote were absolutely brilliant.
They were really astonishing and different.

He was awesome and one of a kind.
He was number one in my mind.

Its a shame he had to leave so early in his life.
Feels like someone stabbed my heart with a knife.

He will always be my favorite singer.
In my mind, his voice will always linger.

I am done with this poem, it is finally finished.
He will always be forever missed.

By: Cherica Eckiwaudah

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My Testimony In Verse

I thought one day that I would surely die, But that was before Jesus, heard my despairing cry. I knew that only He would have the answer, For that dread disease we know as cancer. I fell down at His feet and started praying, Knowing He would hear what I was saying. I said dear Lord, a sinner I have been, And something happened in my life just then. I prayed from a broken heart that I wouldn't leave life lost, That He would save my soul regardless of the cost. He cleansed my heart making it white as snow, Now ever onward in His name I'll go. He healed my body making it good as new, Because He had a job for me to do. The job He gave for me to do that day, Was to witness to the lost along life's way. He took the tongue that I so long abused, And gave me in its place a tongue unused. He placed sweet peace and joy within my sinful heart, Causing me to wish I'd known Him from the start.

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How To Fix A Broken Heart

Superglue won’t do it, neither will flour paste glue, PVA is useless, and Araldite is too. A broken heart cannot be stitched together, And Gaffer tape doesn’t last forever. How do you mend a broken heart? Broken by a friend or lover that had to part. Time they say is what heals best, But until then there's a hole inside your chest. A broken heart cannot be mended, remember it’s not a toy. Always try to look after it and not give it to ANY girl or boy. Love and time is what is needed, to mend a broken heart So hold on tightly to your loves, so they never need depart.
How to Fix a Broken Heart by: Mandy Tams~GG~

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Beautiful Masterpiece (Tribute to Elaine George's "Violin")

As I read the words my heart started to sing
For you had gave emotion to a non living thing

I can't ever remember feeling quite that way
I could hear the music that she used to play

I could feel her heart through the tears I cried
As I read the part where her Maestro had died

I imagined her there in her Rosewood Bed
Reading the most beautiful poem I’ve read

Velvet to her back with her bow at her side
Remembering the joy before Maestro died

She loved how his bow manipulated her strings
Together they were the most beautiful of things

What’s the only poem to ever hang in my den?
Elaine’s beautiful masterpiece titled, "Violin"

Inspired by Tracy's wonderful idea for
a contest and Elaine's beautiful Poem.

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Pulling Back

Pulling back my broken heart 
Before you can finish tearing it apart
Now I am finally beginning to see
That you never meant to love me

Desire for me is not nearly enough
Why should leaving you be so tough
Your sweet ways and masculine charms
Won’t keep me happy in your arms

Love is needed, love is required
Without love, my heart grows tired
Of waiting for you to say to me
I love you as you love me

What will I do to slowly end
This love affair with my dear friend
Our weekends together will happen less
My phone calls will be less frequent, I guess

No longer will you hear from me
How deep my love for you can be
Fewer kisses and cuddles and late nights
You say you’re not ready, I guess that’s right

My goodbye will be so very slow
I will be gone before you even know
That we could have had it all, my dear
If falling for me wasn’t your biggest fear

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Into Eternity

If I were but a stone and you were a peach
Would you stay on your branch totally out of reach?

If I were a dandelion and you were the wind 
Would you help me spread my seeds, be my dearest friend?

If I were but a seedling struggling for life in the snow
Would you be the winter sun and shine to help me grow?

Babe when I was so stoned I was totally out of reach
You offered me your heart, the sweetness of the peach

Babe when I was an evil man spreading seeds in the wind
You saw the good in me and became my dearest friend

Babe when my soul was black as night my heart as cold as snow
You opened up my heart and soul then taught them how to grow

And now just look and you and I the couple that we are
Just a couple of happy quasars shining like a single star 

So never think in your life that I would ever go away
I will be right at your side until we reach our dying day

If I had but a single wish sweetheart that wish would be
Let us be in each other’s arms as we step into eternity

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Re-found Visiting Qualicum Beach

We met a few years ago, then suddenly you were gone
We danced the very last dance to our favourite song

Happenings in our lives took control of our tomorrows
That evening when you walked away, filled my heart with sorrow
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~            
When I heard the telephone ring, I answered and you were there
And we spoke of the past few years, these years we could have shared

The time flew by when we talked, sharing our pasts to date
When you said you'd like to meet up again, my heart just couldn't wait
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~           
When I picked you up from the Airport, you hadn't changed at all
Six foot plus with sky blue eyes, still leaving me enthralled

We settled into our night for tomorrows journey we'll make
To a rented cottage so idyllically set, down by the lake
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          
The morning came so fast as we set of on our trip
Again going over the years, picturing like a movie clip

Our destination now reached, refreshed we head for a meal
At a restaurant overlooking the lake, our pasts begin to seal
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~
Back to the cottage we go, as you gently take my hand
So dreamy under the full moon, is this what fate had planned

You play our favourite song, the one we danced to so long ago
As you take me in your arms, something in me flows
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~
We look into each others eyes as you ruffle my long blond hair
I see desire looking back from your manly sky blue stare

Slowly we discard our clothes as you lay me on the bed
Adventurous discovering hands declare our minds well read
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~
Our passion resonates, excitement fills the air
Years of catching up in delightful bodily share

We awaken in the morning, spooned within my reach
Our love has been reborn, re-found visiting Qualicum Beach

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I'm Sorry Part 2

I'm sorry for the ways I fight,
I'm sorry that I dim your light.

I'm sorry I'm so negative,
That I am so competative.

I'm sorry that I'm so outrageous,
I'm sorry my hurt's so contagious.

I don't want to see your heart eache,
Cuz when I do my heart it breaks.

I'm sorry that I'm not so strong,
But you inspire my hearts song.

I'm not alone cuz now I see,
Your light that's shining just for me.

I'm sorry that I'm up and down,
But, Dear, You win the patience crown.

My love for you's so strong, please see,
A fire burns for you in in me.

I know that It's hard to believe,
But God will help us, just you see.

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Brewing Darkness

Beguiling placidity of luring hiss
Upon the oblivion of a venomous kiss

Like the grasping toxin of a viper’s sting
Amidst a violet lullaby the night-sky would sing,

Sable sky, O reflection of debility
Clutching the soul into peaceful futility

With your visage so pallid, and O so white
 Shining above clouds ashen as the night,

Brewing darkness, dwelling with might
Tearing the sun as your opaqueness ignites

Approaching you emerge with eternal power
All orbs fade as dreams devour…

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Like No Other

Before the future and after the past
We have found each other’s souls at last

In the beat of a heart I was able to see
The rest of my life belonged to thee

When our eyes met it wasn’t a glance
Locked together in a forbidden trance 

For we had each given up on love
And being forgiven by Lord above

We were forever lost and on the run
Burying our pain by having our fun

Children scattered from here to there
As we stayed so high we didn’t care

We each knew when you come down
You lose your mask and face the clown

And that was something we couldn’t do
Until the day you met me and I met you

Unplugging the phone we locked the doors
I told you my sins and you told me yours

The people in our life just couldn’t believe
We found in each other the strength to leave

To change our fate was quite the chore
But there was noting we each wanted more

My children love you and yours love me
Because we have melted into one family

I wrote this poem because I want you to know
You beat with my heart and live in my soul

You have always been way more than my lover
You’re the friend I found who is like no other

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Set Love Free

I have never been this lonely, I have never been this blue
I have never wanted someone, like I want you
Lately I cry all night,  begging God to intercede
Thinking that your love was all I would ever need

Today, I came to realize, today I could finally see
That to ever have your love, I would have to set you free
I never really believed that old adage to be true
Set love free and if it returns it belongs to you

So set you free, I must, so I will do it today
Praying that your love will return to me to stay
If it does not return, then it was not mine to claim
And if it does return will I still feel the same

Fly away love, like a butterfly during migration
See what is out there, satsfy your imagination
Remember that soemone loves and wants you
My heart will be waiting, my heart will be true

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Every day we  reviewed them in  parade attitude
Along the Snake River in the Tetons’ solitude,
Or at attention on the banks of  the Volga
In  the infinite taiga  -

In neat ranks along river terraces
Warm dark  firs mixed with yellow acer,
All with the wind slowly leaning,
Their branches  across the river-ice signalling

To great endless squadrons of their fellows :      
In spring with  their  full  flowers  - yellows :
An army in a gold and topaz uniform
Ready and waiting for orders  to fall in and conform ;

And in fall with their rich golden foliage
Always polished and  ready for duty with courage.  
In poor soil, in tough climate,  these were heroes
Prepared for all their tomorrows.

Each morning  we watched “Reveille” parade
In the dawn’s early light; and the evening shade 
Gave  “taps”  for that  heroic multitude -
The  taiga’s  topaz army,  in  golden solitude.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Written by Sydney Peck
Entered in Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver's Contest ...Paint the world...

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A Billion Soul Mates

A Billion Soul Mates By Rick Rucker I don’t think that there’s one “soul mate,” No more than there is a “perfect” date. In searching for a match, I easily found a glorious catch! To say I love her, makes me a liar, She simply set my Heart afire! When I saw her, I felt Doom, There she was, across the room, I knew my Heart would not long last, It would burn up very fast. I saw her first, then she smiled, Suddenly, my Heart went wild! Her face was like a Vermeer painting, Now, I was afraid of fainting! I knew that I would fall in Love, And said a prayer to those Above. I was struck so hard by her beauty, I forgot to do my “duty.” In my hand, I held a rose, But I was frozen, head to toes! In front of me, the Love I seek, Why can’t I get my tongue to speak? Finally, with an effort heroic, I tried to appear quite stoic, And not drool all over her, That we ate is still a blur, The first thing that I recall, When escaping from my thrall, We were standing near her car, The best date I’d had, by far. As I watched her car leave, ‘Twas then that I began to grieve. I knew I’d made the date a mess, What she thought, I could only guess. Driving home, I thought it through, And decided what I’d do, I’d not call her, in that way, I wouldn’t have to hear her say, That she’d not see me more, Which would drop me to the floor! After an agonizing week, I called her, and in a voice quite meek, And asked on another date, “Yes,” her answer, I can relate! A dozen more have we had since then, We’re planning on what happens when, We’ve become more than each other’s friend, And we will be together ‘til The End! And so, I’m trying to let you see, That if a common guy, like me Can find his Love, with this few dates, There must be a billion “soul mates” For each one of us, A dozen on the next bus! If you’ve not found her, don’t despair, She’s just around that corner, there!

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Matters Of The Heart

We've come a long way
I can honestly say
As I look to the past
I never thought we'd last
But look where we are
We've come so far
We've given and we've taken
We've done things forsaken
We've laughed and we've cried
Sometimes we've even lied
I've hurt you and you've hurt me
But our love feels like it was meant to be
My heart is yours and your heart is mine
It is rare to find a love so divine
Our love is strong and it will come to grow
Forever together is a long time you know
By your side, I will always be
I love you and you love me
We'll stay together and never part
As long as our love comes from the heart

Copyright © 2002   Shari E Davis

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Our Lords Plight

This poem covers the greatest story ever told
Greater than all the kings and all their gold
This story will bring about deep reflection
Starting with the Immaculate Conception
Of all the stories this is the greatest of all
A complex child born in a simple stall
Quickly the news covered the land
A virgin would be Gods right hand
Inside of her womb a God to a son
Imagine this story has just begun
Everyone knew this child was born to design
Just open your heart and look for the sign
 Harrod was driven by fear of not being so great
The first-born son was Harrods fate
Jesus escaped the King and awaited the call
To become the greatest glory of all
This is my master this is our Lord
He is the wielder and we are the sword
He chose his disciples of simple men
Hear tell one was straight out of the pen
The Pharisees called on Pilot the king
At the end he said, “I wash my hands of this thing”
I wonder if when Pilot stepped up to the gate
Jesus washed his hands to seal Pilots fate
Or if he opened his arms to welcome him in
Forgiving Pilot of all of his sins
We took our Lord then nailed him to the cross
As far as humanity that was our greatest loss
But through all the loss just look at the gain
Bought by our Lord through sacrifice and pain
Over 2000 years after this child was born
He came to the prison to make my heart warm
Gave me a gift then our Lord set me free
I reckon the rest would be up to me
As you dress up the tree and hang up the lights
Think of the story of our Lords plight

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Become a Poet

I know nothing of meters and such
Never was one to read poetry much

Spent most of my life in the dark
A lost soul trying to make his mark

To free myself of my own plight
Picked up a pen and started to write

No idea what I would write about
I opened my soul let it all pour out

Lost in the plight of father time
I wrote out rhyme after rhyme

Through my poems it occurred to me
I’m no longer bound my mind is free

And with-in that freedom what I found
Every beating heart has its own sound

Many years later and free of the dope
I found in the Lord a brand new hope

Straight from my heart I hope I show it
It was truly my fate to become a poet

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My Heart Is Knocking

My heart's knocking on your heart's door
Your heart has never heard this knock before
My heart keeps knocking again and again
But your heart is scared and won't let me in
As the days go by and your heart gets to know mine
Our hearts will become intertwined
Our love will grow like a blossoming flower
Love will unleash its ultimate power
The next time my heart knocks on your heart's door
You won't have to ask what I'm knocking for
You won't be afraid to let my heart in
You will finally be ready to let love begin

Copyright © 1999 Shari E Davis

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God's Concrete Poetry/Art

Man is an excellent work of God---
His visual poetry or art, out of mud.

Being one of God’s many creations;
Man must not forget his obligations.

Thou, man know God’s everywhere;
And yet, he does not bother to care.

Either man lives by God’s command,
Or, he will not live in a promise land.  

Man must take this into consideration,
If indeed his heart craves for salvation.

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A lover's prayer

           A lover's prayer

Oh lord, please listen to me
I know how much you've blessed me 
But you are the controller of all feelings
Everything we do and the form of all things
You know how I feel, my heart is crying
I'm in despair, my soul is dying
Only you lord can hear my plea
Please help me control my destiny
My heart is broken, like a shattered window
Yet I've told no one, so afraid for them to know
I keep it a secret, try to sing a merry song
But lord you know it won't last very long
You're the owner of my fate
I beg of you, help me before it's too late
The owner of my feelings, owner of my heart
Please help me now, or I'll be torn apart.

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The Heart Is Not A Shield

The Heart Is Not A Shield by Rick Rucker The Heart is not a shield, Nor a weapon does it wield! It doesn't stand a chance, Against a BB gun, or lance! You can lock it, tight away, Not let it see the light of day, But then, you would find, That those who Don't Love are blind! To the Heavenly Light, The one that splits the lovelorn Night! Doomed to crawl around, in the Dark, Unable to see, missing Love's Unending Spark! It is better to have loved, and Lost, Than to pay such a Deadly cost!

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Disappointment was never as lovely as she
Hope caught in my heart fighting delicately
She's always the dream that never fades upon waking
The cause and the comfort for all of my shaking

I like to glance over then turn carelessly
Just to see if it makes her come over to me
Her smile is infectious and wipes away fear
If it fades then I show her that I'm always near

Sometimes we are split by self-built barricades
So I break through our silence of awkward blockades
And no matter how often old times we recall
We'll forever laugh and the false walls will fall

They all think I'm crazy my truth to repress
Do anything for her and never confess
Yet silently love I continue to show her
It's enough just to feel that I'm getting to know her

But despite my devotion and adoration
There still remains space for one complication
The spark in my eyes grows colder and dim
When I am reminded she's happy with him

Surely love wants the best for the person it's for?
Not selfishly trying their joy to ignore
But however hard jealousy my heart will dent
If my darling is happy, then I am content.

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Today I stopped along a roadside path,
Drawn to swaths of gold and blue.
A calliope of yellow mustard, with hues
Of purple vinca, and wild sweetpeas too.

Harsh winter rains lay this hillside bare
But nature’s will the landscape overcame.
No artist’s brush could best this scene
This painting with a grass-green frame.

My burdened heart beat with hope anew,
I felt the dark and troubled day recede.
Perspective gripped my tired soul,
And gave peace to a heart in need.

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Another Day.....

Why is everyone so surprised,
To learn of the pain I have disguised?

They say that they had not a clue.
They always say"Who knew?"

They had not a single notion,
All the tears shed could fill an ocean.

They all want me to put my heart on my sleeve.
Why so again everyone can just leave?

They say my soul I should bare,
Yet they as well never share.

I am just going to be by myself.
My heart will be placed upon a shelf.

I am hurting way too much
No longer want to feel or touch.

I have made my many mistakes.
This is my life, that is the breaks.

I have many sins and many regrets,
Never shall I allow myself to forget.

All my pain and all my endless sorrow 
Shall raise its head again on the morrow.

It is mine and mine alone.
I should not grumble or even moan.

One day the sun will surely shine,
And I will no  longer whine.

Til then I will just silently scream
And pray this is nothing but a dream.

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My love for...Cystal Koelmeyer

Do you think love is real?
I do not know how funny I now feel

For a girl I have never seen… silent still,
Oh, I think I am climbing the highest hill

I have hated love as hell
I think it’s a cruel, colorful cell

But how on earth did I fell into this well
…With a Sri Lankan blessed bell? I can’t tell.

We all need someone to hold tight
All through the day and the darkest night

But I’d never wanted to fall in love … is it right?
Oh! I want her to be my might and me her knight

Love has given me the flu… 
My heart hurts, I have got feelings that’s blue

I can hear her sing, seducing me with a clue
Yet Crystal may not have known that this is true.

Love like a flower will fade at night 
Yet my love will be thy stars… a saintly sight

The stars may fade at the sight of daylight
But my heart will be with you both day and night

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Beethoven's Lost Composition

"It happened at dusk, on the eve of my bed
a series of symphonies out of my head
Whistles and pattering, octaves outstretched
Violins wailing and tubas distressed
Starlight shone into my window in white
heaving my breath with this musical sight
leaving my features and shadows in grey
while the melody mastery started to play
First all the strings, then came the percussion
Brass building stamina, with no discussion
Drums most determined and then all at once
the notes of the piano, fortissimo jaunt
Lights popped and fizzled and wrinkled in time
Walls bending backwards a musical rhyme
Bass like a heart beat moving the air
all in the blink of an eye, I was there.
My skin soaked and battered, my eyes shining bright
all concentrating on motion, on flight
After they slowed I beamed with devotion
and stood on my tiptoes, a standing ovation
I've packed solidarity into my chest
to tell you this story, to truly impress
for it happened at dusk on the eve of my bed
a series of symphonies out of my head"

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My Love is Dust

My love for you I dare not breathe it
For I am not perfect in any way
I fear you will break my heart again
So my love for you, I dare not say

I know in my heart that it's over
And I know we're only friends
But I wish I could figure out
How to make you love me again

But I know it will never happen
I couldn't compete, so I departed
You crushed my spirit, wounded my soul 
And left me brokenhearted.

My love for you, I dare not breathe it
For it hurts my heart to say
The man I fell mad in love with
Slowly pushed me away

I miss the man that I once knew
That guy that's hidden inside of you
That person died long ago
The one I love and I miss so.

I may still love you but I will learn
In the end I will get burned
Because what is love- only dust
Without loyalty and trust.

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My Treasure

He gives me a gift that is most amazing,
A love that is altogether blazing.

No matter what the issue,
Always ready with a tissue.

Loving me is not easy,
It is not for the faint of heart or breezy,

For that he does not care,
Claims he has enough love to spare.

He has a smile that is sexy and sweet,
It makes my heart skip a beat.

In his arms I know I will find
A haven that is only mine.

Loving him is a great and wonderful pleasure,
His love is something I will forever treasure.

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Physics of the moon
I feel the lunar ecstasy in your heart
Connecting our vibes from over 1500 miles apart
With every swing of my mood ring, my sensational heart will sing
An out of this world phenomenon tune, "you are my everything!"
Absorbing every phase the moon goes threw
Sending energy between me and you
When our eyes meet on the darkest side of the moon
Your body mass rotates like a cyclone hitting my land like a typhoon
Like the gravity that bonds the earth and moon together
Our souls will collide with a massive force of forever
The image of you appears at all times like a moon cycle
Like a cascade running all around my mind, like a halo circle
Our love and vision orbits through every star
Giving us light no matter how near or far
The stars throb around the moon like a secret signal in the night
While you inhale my energy that exceeds into the morning light
Like a rainbow that enters and vanishes into the twilight of our sky
Our first kiss under the moon beam will twist our tongues into a tie
A sweet magnetic shadow will remain under the half moon
Sweeping our love above the clouds to float like a balloon
Holding a reflection with the moon's tide
Our journey continued, side by side
Emerging our love to find its way soon
Like a love mirage with the physics of the moon


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Monet's Water Lilies

A canvas washed with pastel hues
In palest pinks and liquid blues
Perfection seen through Monet’s eyes
Recounting where his genius lies

The lilies floating on the lake
The water, greenish blue opaque
A fluid mix of subtle tints
A flowing dream with fragile glints

This work of art from sable brush
Perception, depth, a hazy blush
This masterpiece both cool and warm
All bound up in poetic form

To gaze in awe, to stand and stare
To find oneself transported there
The tranquil view, unbroken, whole
Will heal the heart, rebuild the soul

The peace, the calm, the beauty rare
The artist’s gift for all to share

Margaret Foster- 21st September 2011


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A Prayer for my Wife

                           A Prayer for my Wife

Now I’ll tell you all the details if I can keep from sheddin’ a tear
Last night when it got late and really quiet around here 

I got down on my knees, crossed my heart and began to pray
And in the darkness between me and God, here’s what I had to say

I love her so much Lord and I just don’t know what I’d do
I’m afraid that she won’t make it, that’s why I’m coming to you

Here with my heart open, at your mercy down on my knees
I’m begging’ you with every heartbeat, Oh Lord hear my pleas

I don’t know what your plans are or what you have in store
And I know I don’t deserve her and that she deserves much more

And don’t misunderstand Lord, I don’t assume any obligation
For your bounty in our life has exceeded all our expectations

But please allow her to live and me to be a part of that life
And I swear I’ll make this beautiful woman proud to be my wife

And if it’s not in your plans Lord then I pray that you take me instead
Cause’ I can’t live without my love, I’d be better off dead

And no excuses for my past Lord, but I’ll do better than I’ve done
I ask you only this, my lord, in the name of your Son.

I wiped my tears as I said my amen’s and prepared myself to stand
Stepped up next to your bed and began to caress your pretty hand

I stared off into space as all the memories came flooding in
Reliving each and every moment, over and over again

And as the first rays of sunshine, streamed in past the curtain
I felt an overwhelming peace calm my mind and ease the hurtin’

I felt compelled to kiss you so I pressed my lips to your face
And it seemed the room was filled in the beauty of God’s living grace

And you slowly opened your eyes and smiled for me to see
And I knew the Lord my God had given my sweet wife back to me

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Happy Birthday Carol and Antoinette

April seven is joined together in two special ways
My wife and Carol Brown were each born that day

In so many ways, they remind me of each other
For each one has the heart and soul of a mother

Like a great big clown riding a little bitty bike
Antoinette and Carol are the type we naturally like

Two separate women who hold pieces of my heart
Although, each one holds a completely different part

Antoinette was able to see what no one had seen
Inside of this nightmare lived a very beautiful dream

Carol’s beautiful heart was able to help me to see
Poetry Soup was exactly the place I needed to be

Two very different women with two similar souls
Played significant roles in my reaching my goals

One helped me piece together my shattered heart
The other helped me keep it from falling back apart

I think I’m truly about as lucky as any man can be
There are so many different people care about me

Carol is just one of many I love here on the soup
I’m lucky to have landed in such a beautiful group

Carol, never doubt the truth in these words I say
This is the highest complement I could ever pay

To be written alongside a poem with my wife
Means “I Love & Respect” every drop of your life

You’re the very first to have landed in this spot
Old friend I reckon that means I love you a lot

April seventh I’ll proudly find my knee’s and pray 
You’ll have a wonderfully blessed special birthday

i wanted to write Carol a Happy Birthday poem
but I wanted to give it special meaning. Anyone
who knows how much I love, admire, and adore 
my wife; knows that for me to place someone in
a poem alongside her, is the highest complement
I could ever make. Carol thank you for the love,
friendship, support and prayers you have given me 
over the years. I'm very honored to be your friend.

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With You

Because of the person you are
My heart shall rest upon a star

Of the beauty that my eyes see
There is a dream in front of me

Of this lady that I adore
Another dream I can explore

Regardless of what I may be
So lucky am I to have thee

My heart it is a ball of flame
Burning bright the light of your name

Sweetheart you know my heart is true
I’m so proud to be bound by you

Bound by you and the arms of fate
Lets close the doors and lock the gate

Find that place only we can be
Share the dream only we can see

Let us let the world pass us by
Spread our wings and caress the sky

Sail right through a billowy cloud
As our song is sung clear and loud

I’m but a vessel lost at sea
Sailing your heart eternally 

My friend, wife and child’s mother
For me there could be no other

Why is my course forever true?
I gave my heart and soul to you

For Matt's contest

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Night Awakes Fear

Walking alone in the middle of the night
Holding hands with the cold in the pale moon light

I hear more than my footsteps; look over my back
The shadows from the trees were on the attack

I walked a bit faster, my heart began to race
The mist from my breath teased the skin on my face

Should I make a right? But I look to the left
In between my imagination and reason sat a cleft

I began to panic, but what the heck for?
Because fear was of the essence and nothing more

Sounds ricocheted off of who knows where
Like a scene displaced from your worst nightmare

Something was watching or following me
I was just waiting for something to jump out of a tree

Or grab my shoulder or touch my back
Causing me to urinate before I have a heart attack

I took a deep breath and leaned against the next street light
It must be my mind playing tricks on me tonight

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To Heaven and Back

I wrote my words of love upon the moon last night
Tiny black words on an orb that shone full and bright

In my heart I felt you reading my love letter
The joy I felt could not have been any better

And as the moon absorbed the words I wrote to you
I suddenly realized you were watching too

So quickly the response came that it touched my soul
A sign that the Goddess of Love was on patrol

What I sent to you, you kindly sent back to me
It was as if the heavens had heard my sad plea

From now on wherever your heart tells you to go
I’ll write upon the moon and you will always know

The love we share will endure to the end of time
Messages from the moon will carry love in rhyme

*Written for Michael’s Boomerang Contest

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2 humans 2 hearts And 1 love

Once there was a girl with a tough personality. She was considered to be a friendly and talkative. She was extremely tough regardless of love and crashes. She had wishes and dreams but was never sure when it’s gone come true. She was hard working always to satisfy her family and be a great daughter. She was tough about love but at the same time she knew a special and incomparable person will come to her life, who will be very different than others. When and where she will meet him, she never thought about it because she believed that we shouldn’t look for love, the reason was that love comes itself. However let’s see how and where she finds that special person. 
One night after working so hard of her project she was bored.
“Oh God I am so bored let’s see if my friends are online I will talk to them but at the same time gone download a song” she got online but unfortunately non of her friends were online so she thought to herself why don’t I make a new friend she requested a random boy who she never knew before.  After a week passed and that boy accepted her request but they never got the chance to talk to each other.
“Oh this boy looks so cute but why can’t I talk to him” although she wasn’t trusting any boys but her heart would tell her that this boy seems to be a good boy. So she used to leave an offline massages for him in order to contact each other and be friends. One day they both were online so their conversation started.
Boy… how are u and how did u added me
Girl… I’m fine thanks well I was bored last week so I randomly added u.
They started questioning each other and she asked him have you got a brother or a sister he answered I have 5 sister but no bro. She reply but I have 2 sis and no brother. The time of Salah came and she had to pray and she asked if she can leave the conversation and pray but he was surprised that she prays. After she did her prayers she asked him why were you surprised when I said its time for me to pray? He reply afghans who live in foreigner most of them are not religious. 
Weeks passed and one day she was so excited.
Girl… You know what
Girl… I have a new baby sister
Boy… congratulations 
They kept contacting each other even though he had exams on that time but he would still take out some time for her. At the same time he would study for exams. 

Few month later they became best friends and one day he told her that he like her but she didn’t understand what does he mean by like. She called her best friend and told her he told her that he likes her but she doesn’t know why he said this because he loves her or just a simple like. 
Hey dude … he told me he likes me but I don’t know what he means by that.
My Friend…  ha ha stupid liking is the first step of love I think he loves u.
She also liked him but she needed time to know him more. He was so innocent and respectful boy she had ever meet. They became so closer and their friendship turned to love after a passing of time. She didn’t know much about his family and background but however she loved him and thought he is a right person for her life partner. 
For every relationship to became stronger and trust worthy it needs time. Relationships are like building a house. Some relationship ends fast because it was build quick and the foundation was not strong enough but some relationships last forever the reason is that the foundation which that relationship was build was strong. The foundation of every relationship is trust, promises, honesty, truthfulness, modesty, respect and most important thing is a true love. Be the kind of person you would like to be with. Some people come into our lives, make footprints on our hearts and we are never the same. People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.    
She always wanted someone who is respectful and modest towards girls. Someone who is honest but she never saw any boy with those qualities in him, she only saw those qualities in him.  Even though she faced so much hardships, impenetrability and tests in life however she knew that when Allah tests you, it is never to destroy you, it’s to teach us something in life that we do not know. When he removes something in your possession it is only to empty your hands, for an even greater gift. She learned so much from those test and tried hard to become better Muslim. 
 Now they know each other and they love each other a lot.  She has a full trust on him more than herself. Even though they sometimes have argument for some Issues but their love is strong enough and they are a smart people to find the solutions. No matter what we face and how we act towards it but it shouldn’t affect a person’s trust and love in relationship because it’s so hard to make one and takes a second to destroy it. This was a good story. It’s sad that it takes a long time for people to understand values and life. We as people are so consumed with our own lifestyles and duties we have made for ourselves. 
I miss him more then he could ever know, I often ask Allah why did he have to go? I fell in love and he means so much to me, if he could look into my heart then he could see. I found something so special and it is for real, being without my love is so hard to deal. I'll be here waiting until I can be with you again, because not only are you the love of my life you are also my friend.
I just want to tell you,
I think of you every moment of the day.
And how much I love you,
Words could never even say....

I just want to tell you,
I love you with all my heart.
I wish for us to be together,
Never shall we be apart.

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Jump Start - Susan Burch -

Jump Start  (( collaboration *  SUSAN BURCH ))

by~ Poet D:

How did it come to this?
You and me down memory bliss..

Some where in between losing my self ..
I misplaced the dust remover off my shelf..

Now I will march on like a cheerful parade..
Smiling my big pearly whites, as you begin to fade...

I disguised the use, when you called me a broken down car..
Adjusting all the plugs under my hood, I reached in to far...
 I touched and fondled every  mound and tendency inside of me..
All my heart needed, was a bran new battery..

I found my own cure, reviving my broken heart disease..
Blocking the sunburn from jumping of my heart like a trapeze..

I got rocks stored in my pocket, that came with a guarantee..  
Sustaining weight on my weakened knees, reassuring me warranty


That I will get through this, without you to drive
I have a map of the world, traced on my thighs… 

You may have held the moon, but not anymore
There are millions of galaxies for me to explore …
Once I face the dark and horrible truth 
That I didn’t like who I was, with you… 

That’s why I shouldn’t be starving, for your attention
When all you gave me, were paltry inventions… 

Instead I’ll wave bye, at my shriveled heart’s cost
And immediately stop sniffing, our love’s exhaust… 

In time you’ll be nothing but a tumbleweed 
A random thought I won’t even keep… 

When I’m fully restored, you’ll be left in the dust
And I’ll be stronger than I ever was …

A Collaboration *Susan Burch


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Echoes Of The Heart

Echoes Of The Heart

Those warm feelings that flow in my soul,
Reverberate throughout my body as a whole.

A small knot swells up inside my throat,
As I swallow hard that I don't choke.

I feel tremors from my head to my toes,
Feeling them bounce all around like echoes.

The excitement swells up from deep down inside.
When I hear your voice I get so tongue tied.

I often think of many different things,
What holds us together is not just strings.

In this world there's tons of things built,
You have patched me together like an old quilt.

When you are away I feel distant and alone,
When I see you, my heart rings like a phone.

This joy that I can only feel from you,
Holds my soul together like the strongest glue.

I miss you so much when we're so far apart.
Shudders run through me with Echoes of The Heart.

-For Gail's Echoes Of The Heart Contest

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Just Need A Hug

I ponder a purpose from above
I really could use some of his love

Searching from deep within
I wonder how things will end

If I could shed a single ray of light
This would bring me smiles of delight

If a smile to a child I could bring
My heart would feel fresh as spring

Coming to the aid of one in need
This is how my heart seems to feed

Wiping a tear from a soulful heart
Helps keep me from falling apart

If my life has not been in vain
Why then do I suffer this pain

I am still lost on this planet we call earth
Why have I been this way since birth

Edward J. Ebbs - Spring 2006

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Treating life as though it were a game
Years go by and you still feel the same
Seems to you like it's all been mapped
Choices made and now you feel trapped
Make a wish upon that distant star
Struggle like a firefly inside a jar
Once knew freedom in your younger days
Reveled in the joy of your wandering ways
Dream of the past as the years go by
Wild and crazy, now some times you cry
Joys and sorrow, success and strife
All have purpose in a human life
Like a summer night without a moon
A set of lyrics that have no tune 
Some times you feel an emptiness inside
Like a place inside your heart has died
There's a light, on each one of us it beams
if  you believe they can't take way your dreams
Look beyond your problems and you'll find
Feeling trapped is just a state of mind
When you know that your heart is true
You find your skies will be turning blue

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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Letters To Her Car

Letters To Her Car

I used to get up in the mid of winter before she would leave for work
And there on the frost laced windows of her car, is where I would leave my mark

I’d tell her about the day I had planned, or just a simple reminder
That no matter what this life had in store, in my heart is where I could find her

She was a beautiful thing. An angel bequeathed to us, placed here by a mightier hand
Though mine for only a little while tis but the blink of an eye for one that’s eternal

We all know that were here for a time, our minutes borrowed from the hour glass sand
Our hearts though two, were twined as one, as if born from something fraternal

And though her touch in this world, l will not feel again, I can remember that this life is 
And sometime soon, as the immortal would count it, once again I’ll feel her heart beating

When the sand in Chronos’s glass runs its course for my life and Lachesis can cut her line
Ill No longer be held by the flesh of this world, and I’ll be unfettered by this thing called time

But for now I keep searching for destinies book, a different canvas to pen my hearts meaning
For that thing in the driveway that she once drove is now useless to put forth my word

What I want for now is a window to heaven to speed to her the thoughts I’ve been keeping 
That I found you once, and though it cost me my life to find you again that price I will afford

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Jesse Cold

Childish playful, maziness heart. . . . A loving touch of lovely art; Won't you see the sweetly trimm'd Everlasting heart been dimm'd? Lovely heart been tucked away Cutting edges, day by day Cov'ring the soul, so brightly lit. . . . With veiling that's so tightly fit But light pours out the lurid sea, Inside your heart shushed silently Hold on to fading gasps of love And all the sweet your heart dreams of

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My Heart Keeps Beating

Written By: Ryland Joshua Matthews
Date: Thursday, September 9th, 2010

My heart keeps beating

While my body dies, my heart keeps beating
As the world sighs, this heart keeps repeating

A strangled cry, a desolate embrace
Of a flower strewn grave. Of a lover erased.

A dream long ago fulfilled, it no longer lingers
Brought to despair by Thanatos’ brushing fingers

As my feet move me forward, one step at a time
I keep looking back to that witch was mine.

I can’t help but wander what wrath I did incur
To bring me to this place, this pain I must endure

At the precipice of madness my mind will now dwell
The horrors made real, all the ravages of hell.

And in this world what we sew we must go reaping
And even without a soul My Heart Keeps Beating.

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Birthday Wish Abroad

I have a birthday wish for you today,
Although words are not always easy to say.

In some ways, it does not seem right,
That you are not here and have taken flight.

My heart aches, but I really do understand,
After all, I still have your hand.

I know you have dreams you wish to come true.
This is my wish, my dream for you.

May your happiness be complete,
So in this life your will not feel defeat.

From my heart with this poem,
I cannot wait until you come home.

Edward Ebbs - Desert Storm 2005

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When I Think Of You

When I think of you dearest Catie, I feel a sister’s love,
A love that's true, unblemished, sent from God above.

You have shown how much I mean to you,
By the way you care and the things you do.

No matter how difficult the task I face,
You stand by me each challenge embrace.

You have helped me when times were difficult,
When my heart was under the enemy's assault.

Across the miles our spirits blend and flourish,
A smoothie of love and compassion to nourish.

When I think of you, I know I am truly blessed,
When it comes to friends, God sent me the very best.

You inspire me to let God direct all my ways,
to follow where he leads, each and every day.

When I'm down and life has me feeling low,
I know I've got a friend, somewhere to go.

Your friendship always strengthens and cheers me,
inspiring me to be the very best friend I can be.

Joy ~ your lovingkindness is never amiss,
in my heart I will always call you, 'Sis.'

Written By Catie Lindsey and Joy Wellington

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The Age Of Love

Let’s go to bed my darling girl,
He grabbed her by the hand and they did a quick twirl.

I fancy you right now so come with me,
His love was growing, that she could see.

Come my sweet one, let’s go and make love
I am ready for you now, my sweet turtle dove.

Wait my darling, just wait a little while 
I need time to get ready, you know my style.

You go up and I will follow you
And then you know what we can do.

He ran excited up the stairs, 
It was his birthday in an hour, and he wanted to share.

His lust was growing, his legs were pumping
She followed him, her heart loudly thumping.

Ready for a night of passion, his cheeks a faint colour of rouge
And a mound under the quilt, he thought was really quite huge.

She reached out, to climb over him
And watched as his smile turned to a grin.

Oh no you stop there, thats where I want you
This is what I have planned for us to do.

His eyes rolled backwards, as she thought in his ecstasy 
But his heart had given out, that much she could see.

Never mind he died while he was having such fun
It is a shame, she said - he was only just 91.

Die a "Fun "death

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Scented Steps

Hand in hand walking streams
Evening air and realized dreams

Beating heart and touching lips
Silhouettes, as the sun it slips

Scented steps of sandaled toes
Like the steam the aura flows

In the ambience of twilights fall
The dulcet tones of Cupids call

And to her heart I must reveal
Truest thoughts of how I feel

Of the binding I wish to share
Of how I long and want to care

Evening air and realized dreams
Words to flow in pinnate reams

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There is a lot to be said about the spoken word,
But sometimes it takes silence to be heard…

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A Missed Poem

HEART—we all have one,
And some of us share.
While others take a pass,
On the openness snare.
Especially if it means,
They must FEEL to partake,
At the HEART of all matters,
Bottom lines’ rarely fake.

HEART—it’s for lions, 
Both cowardly and strong.
It’s the stuff driving athletes,
Amidst competitive throng.
They’re messy things,
Broken and mended each day.
As humans react with emotion,
Heartfelt vulnerability on display.

HEART—it’s the separation,
Between right and pure wrong.
A natural order that precedes,
Head thinkers…thinking along.
It is HEART anchoring passion,
Like the roots of a tree.
Nurturing love inside humans,
Needed so desperately.
HEART—it’s to have,
And often to hold.
Defining quality-of-life,
As we grow old.
So suppress your desire,
To merely THINK things straight through.
Add some FEELING with your HEART,
Show your compassion anew. 

© Michael Wegman, 2014

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Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby

          Again a small poem guys dedicated to my Darling hubby.. 
                          wrote by Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

 Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby 

 Twilighting glow of the sky..
 Wanna fly so high..

 Sparkling amidst the million stars..
 chosen the crazy pal and so life is excellently par.. 

 As like the blossom were kissed by soft rain..
 Your arrival in life diminished all my pains..
 God has entwined me..with my emarald diamonite gem..
 Enlightening new vistas in life as like your next aim.. 

 At an astounding pace time flew..
 But When i didn‘t see you..I feel like..Life is been dew..

 Your divine presence in life rejuvenates me..
 Every tick of my heartbeat resonating wit your‘s or whatever it will be..

 Your innumerable naughtiness made me silly..
 But yep, your beautifying nature had an fragrance in life like lilly..

 As like snow crested the nestled mountains..
 You cuddled my a sip of fountains..

 Being With you, Life is euphorically elated..
 Full of high spirit and delighted..

 Thanks for being accompanying me my theist..

 Your admirer with lots n lots of Love:
 Madhavi. Suyog.Pagare

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You Do Not Need The Gods

You do not need the gods to be great,
feast not on the seeds of false fate.
Soar to the skies, sit at the shore of destiny,
tomorrow belongs to hope and harmony:
harmony of faith in the field of fears
and trust in the terrain of terrible tears.
Let us woo wisdom in a world of worries,
tommorow is a mansion of mysteries.

You do not need the gods to be great,
treasure each moment, tomorrow will wait.
Sit not on life's throne of thraldom,
we are slaves sold to the fold of freedom.
Bitter is the root of reality, taste the truth;
life will bow down to a dogged youth.

We do not need the gods to be great,
cowards are people without a common plate.
Where love is lost, life is imprisoned;
wars of woes will get salted and seasoned.
Look not behind, it is the hall of history,
before you lies the mountain of mystery.
Look not around, it is decked with distraction;
look within and plunge into the pool of passion.

The gods are dead,
they know not what lies ahead.
Ask not for rain when there are no seeds,
feed not your fate with dead deeds.

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Scarey Poem

let's start with a line and see where it leads
People like blood so I will make mine bleed

a zombie a chainsaw perhaps some bats
For good measure I'll throw in some black cats

I'm running out of ideas I think
Something is bad, it's a terrible stink

Have you heard the one, about the sparrow
He let loose excrement, on the Pharaoh

Oh what a horror, the bird felt so bad
The Pharoah in anger, yelled out egad

Archers at the ready, shot the bird down
Pharoah bit of wings, wore them on his gown

He fed the birdie to his own black cat
The cat so happy it meowed where it sat

Mummys and bats they make me want to scream
Most of the horrors come from my own dreams

Dancing disjointed, what do I have to loss
Bones I crunched, I removed with dental floss

Let's finish with a flurry, a mad dash
A horrible fungus, a scabby rash

Worst poem Contest

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How to Fix a Broken Heart

A Broken Heart is sad to see.
To repair it, takes patience and TLC!

Recovery's a challange, of that, there's no doubt!
First thing you must know, is what bought it about!

With utmost discretion and a compassionate ear,
Ensure your advice and support are truely sincere.

Then if you persevere, and you really do care,
soon, that broken heart, will begin to repair!

He or she will be greatful, if you are discrete.
Your reassurance and inspiration will make the healing complete!

Consequently, the heart will be just like brand-new!
Therefore, "time heals all wounds", as they say, must be true!

by: Ralph Taylor
Contest:  How to fix a broken heart.
Written:  3/18/12

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Gold Fish and The Frog

There was a Goldfish who thought he was a shark.
He kept biting the lily pad of a Monk Frog.
Behave said the frog, for you are no shark.
I can if I want, said the goldfish, if you are a Monk.

The goldfish kept attacking the lily pad with ardor and spunk.
He wouldn’t be gainsaid on being a shark.
As the Frog studied relentlessly to become what was wont.
Neither one believing the other… could become what he did want.

Now along came a snake to eat the monk frog on his ark.
But to him… this lily pad was sacred, and he didn’t want to disembark.
So the goldfish attached a leaf to stand straight up on his back…
And as he bit the snake’s tail the frog hollered SHARK!
Pandemonium ensued as the frightened snake did run off…
Thinking it’s better to be safe, than as some one else’s dinner doffed.
So some how, together they both became what they did want.
Living happily ever after, as friends in that great lily pond.

The moral my friend is you can be whatever you want.
Still, don’t stop as the path becomes hard, that you sought…
For if a gold fish can become a shark… and a Frog a Monk…
Then with work and friends made… you can become whatever you want.

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Pieces of a Heart

I once rebuilt a heart that broke in many pieces...
I gathered them up ,and slowly connected them without 
any creases...

Held them in my hands as some fit together with no trace ...
Others needed some extra care and a soft touch to go in place...

A kiss here and hug there and some tender words I shared...
This fragile heart would soon be strong from another who more
then cared...

Now that this heart is on its own, for path I can never see...
Always remember in your heart, there is still a piece of me...

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Soldier Boy

Soldier boy, oh soldier boy
Why don't you hide up those tears?
Hold in your mind those nail- biting fears
March till you drop, sing the marching song
Even though, for home you heart it does long
Don't cry no don't cry
Always care to try
Hold up your head
For death cannot tread
Oh soldier boy, oh soldier boy
Why don't you hide up those tears
For this night your safe, soften those fears
Lay down so quiet and hum your wholesome song
Hum how much for home your heart does long
Don't cry no don't cry
Always care to try
Hold up your head
For death cannot tread
Now soldier boy, now soldier boy
Could this be the morn when death does appear?
And I know it will be hard to hide up that fear
Don't let him in, it's just the funeral song
Pretty soon now for home, your heart will not long
You will not cry, oh do not cry
For you always cared to try
Soldier boy hold up that head
For now you layed on eternities bed

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My Endless Love

My Endless Love

We were kids when we first met
A love that we would never forget

We knew our love would grow as time went by
Time was on our side, the limit was the sky

The love we share so strong and free
God has given this gift to me

My true love stands by my side
Together we stand, no one can divide

So much love we had to share
Two daughters greated by us, nothing compares

Still oh, how this loves grows
My heart overwhelmes, only he knows

Our children look at us and desire this same love
Marriage and children, given from above

So the lord answers, and gives my daughters these gifts
Husband and grandchildren , my heart uplifts

Thirty-one years later, our love is like gold
We see each other grow as we grow old

My endless love, my husband, my friend
The Lord will keep us together until the end

The end meaning everything past this life
You will forever be my husband and I your wife

September 19, 2012

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To know beyond knowing this beauty is real
despite all the missteps and the hurt that we feel
We must come with our brokenness, we need so to see
I will find what I know, will you find it in me? 
I am love for you darling, I am here...understand
I am here also bleeding with my heart in my hands
Please take me beloved to my home within you
Forever together all our dreams will come true
Its your faith in your vision that allows me to be
All you hoped for and wished for everything that you need
For you've watered the seeds of my heart with your tears
something new is becoming, I have cast off all fears
Yes my love is eternal, let our love not postpone
till forever sweet warrior nevermore be alone.



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                            LOVE YOU MOM
        "a treasure is the gift of a mother's love"
       .The day you passed my heart shattered.
  My lifes a mess and feels like it doesn't matter.
         Your not here to make things right.
               So I feel so alone at night.
    If only I could hear your own words spoken.
         My heart would no longer be broken.
      Oh my sweet mama I miss you so much.
 Your arms holding me with that mothers touch.
      There is no answer for the question WHY?.
               Your passing is why we cry.
Everyday I see something that reminds me of you.
     Roses,coffee,newspaper and morning dew.
        My memories of you I will always keep.
                A place in my heart so deep.
                                  Teresa Skyles   26-Aug-11
Entered in Constance La France~a rambling poet~"Mothers"contest

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Meditation is soul searching

Music, art of sound, pitch, rhythm
Meditation, art of disciplining mind, body in tandem

Music harmonises senses, eases tensed up muscles
Meditation calms mind freeing it from weed of entangles 

Music, the way is from ears to senses through mind 
Meditation, the way is from body to no-body, from mind to no-mind

Music is instrumental in mind and body harmonising
Meditation is dropping mind and body for soul searching 


By Hitendra Mehta
April 2011

For Members Contest - Music & Meditation by Dr Ram Mehta


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Abstract art footle



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Forever Love

It’s hard living with a broken heart,
fortunately for me, my heart resuscitated with your breath of life.
Giving me what my heart was missing,
you revitalised love, granting the type of support needed to survive.

Never mistaken or misconstrued,
you are both honest and open in equal measure.
Craving no friendship other than ours,
we share a bond deeper than any ocean treasure.

When laying in the sheets,
I stare at you and find it difficult to speak.
feeling intense passion,
made perfect by our serene marriage at twin peaks.

Realising I am living destiny,
no longer shall my inspiration ever starve.
With a smile that overcomes everything,
I am complete; cherishing our forever love. 

For more poetry goodness visit 

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Mine Heart In Thine Hand

Fair is this pristine earth upon which thou stands With thy face t'ward the sun and mine heart held in thy hand On many a day, I am a quiet river flowing And I drink in thy laughter and windswept song How the twinkles within thine eyes set ablaze mine soul Thou art the sustenance which is required for life’s arduous toll As thou breathest in air, I pray thee, inhale all of me And place mine heart within thine for safekeeping with thee ~*~ 02/01/13
Note: For The "Old English Valentine" Contest Sponsored by Lisa Cooper Poetesslady

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Fond Regrets

“Fond Regrets”

When I think of all I had and lost I wonder how it’s true
Did I have a thankful heart back then grateful for what I knew?
I was loved so deeply then, I could not ask for more
She loved me like I did for her my heart and spirit soared 

I look behind and realize how happy I was then 
On only distant memories now I sadly must depend
Everything is taken now my love and children gone
Awaken to this lonely world its hard to carry on.
In just one year beyond worst fears nothing still remains
Nothing save deep misery my abandonment and pain.
Don’t you see the purpose don’t you know just why
I came to bring you hope again, hear my love just try
Our love the gift of ages, your heart told you its true
You cannot deny what’s in your soul no matter what you do
Where is her love I so need now I’m crushed beneath this strife
Where is my empath hurry now your turn to save my life…..


Lawrence Schrank

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A Morning View

A day comes with a
morning dew,
For the words, less
to cope all few,
The breezy wave and
tweeting eyes,
Of rising sun, view
the Himalaya highs,
The trancing
eclipses and
faltering trees,
Held me there,
caught me freeze,
And the prevailing
dusky downy haze,
To falling cascade
of ivory rays,
Where I hied to let
it chase,
This beautiful
bounty widespread
I look & look, with
a glance and gaze,
With winking eyes
with hot cap,
I observed their
silent nap,
And whence the sun
rise and set,
Sparrow and humming
beak to get,
Food to survive and
maintain life,
And live on sharp
edgy curvy stemy
Above the grove and
in dense forest,
Where harmonious
peace dwells in the
Where leaves
levitate and birds
And oscillate with
desire, solidarity
in love,
A bird in this
hustle bustle,
Jingle jangle and
trilling rustle,
Are not base
generations, it’s
true so,
They rise through
reincarnation, and
Up to our believe
and reckon,
They are alive and
I ask my conscience
where to hike,
Stood here and there
or by riding bike,
To feel the scent of
this rainy December,
Over my worries and
lethargy to
His never-ending
silence to end
Made one statue,
stunned one bright,
And I put my towel
to have a shower,
This congeal water
pierces me by power,
Oh ablution is
enough for adequacy,
Count on, fend off
with sufficiency,
And when I walk on
flossy meadow,
The emerald tint
fell a shadow,
Upon my eyes to
sensory nerves,
Where the earth,
laid with several
The invigoration of
spirit rises up
On rambling off and
on, this grassy
Over this belt with
buoying ways,
No alternate of this
land, O nays,
Where I felt about
flying upon,
Falling, right left,
up and down,
Then I move here and
there, up-to sun
To meet buoyantly
this sunny light,
The sun with
magnetic warm and
This morning with
candelabra wile,
Cause a man to wake
and woke,
Sing a flute while
sitting under an
How this mean, a
life less of
Won’t you thrill
this grudgingly by
A world, an
embarrassment of
And a life with
plenty of beach’s.

Shahid Hussain

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To be alone

No one sees you walking by
No one cares to you say hi
You feel alone, with not a soul
Accompanying you inside this hole

Your heart is clasped with a cold hard touch
From a society absent of this it is so much
It hurts so bad when no one sees you cry
To be your friend no one cared to try

Look this way and your soul to behold
That I am someone that has felt the cold
Of a society absent and no one cared to try
To lift me up, because nobody saw me cry

Dear lonely person with no one to hold
Come seek friendship from me it's not to bold
Sure I tend to shy from the crowd
But I will listen to your heart that speaks not so loud

I do not pretend to be someone I am not
So of a true friend you have confidently sought
Look no further I will always care to try
For I always will be here to carry you when its time to cry

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Not Enough

It is so I'm not rich with no money to burn
It is true I have no assets or profits to turn

It is only all of me I have to offer and give 
It is with this though you could not live

It is then I was told that it is not enough
It is what made wanting to go on pretty tough

It is in those words causing such hauntings untold
It is not enough shattered my heart and crushed my soul

It is not enough to hear what you had to say
It is even worse letting you go as you walk away

It is still in the shattered pieces of my heart you know
It is there my love for you that will truly never let go

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Jumpstart - collaboration with Poet Destroyer

How did it come to this?
You and me down memory bliss…

Somewhere in between losing myself …
I misplaced the dust remover off my shelf…

Now I’ll march on, like a cheerful parade…
Smiling my big pearly whites, as you begin to fade...

I disguised the use, when you called me a broken down car…
Adjusting all the plugs under my hood, I reached in too far...

I touched and fondled every mound and tendency inside of me…
All my heart needed, was a brand new battery…

I found my own cure, reviving my broken heart disease…
Blocking the sunburn from jumping, on my heart, like a trapeze…

I got rocks stored in my pocket, that came with a guarantee…  
Sustaining weight on my weakened knees, reassuring me warranty…

That I will get through this, without you to drive…
I have a map of the world, traced on my thighs…

You may have held the moon, but not anymore…
There are millions of galaxies for me to explore … 

Once I face the dark and horrible truth…
That I didn’t like who I was, with you… 

That’s why I shouldn’t be starving, for your attention…
When all you gave me, were paltry inventions…

Instead I’ll wave bye, at my shriveled heart’s cost…
And immediately stop sniffing, our love’s exhaust…

In time you’ll be nothing but a tumbleweed …
A random thought I won’t even keep…

When I’m fully restored, you’ll be left in the dust…
And I’ll be stronger than I ever was

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Dry Ground

At times my witness to this young mother was sorely lacking,
So many times I pondered, if in my heart, I might be slacking;
My words fell, or so it seemed, beyond her range of hearing,
And God, at times, allowed my heart to near a point of searing;
For her, why had God chosen my heart to so encumber?
This burden tendered me had power from morning light to slumber;
Was it because my immediate thought was turning her away?
That God chose to place her in my heart that meeting day;
Because she worked for me I felt bound in just what I could say,
For fear that something might be taken in an inappropriate way;
So thoughts concerning her became burned beyond my forgetting,
From the time she left our lives just like a sun at setting;
My objective concerning her has not changed since early days,
I wanted/want my life to be a witness to her in some small ways;
I prayed/pray Dear Lord, use me no matter what the cost,
Just keep Shirlene in a place in life, wherein she won't die lost;

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A decade here,
I smell the the fragrance of the dwelt air.

I am going to miss this refuge
Crying became a task, huge.

I wish not to
Though I wanted to.

For the happiness I found 
Had silenced my crying sound.

I wish to take this beauty
Which my eyes observed as a duty.

I wish to take the pure water
Which soothes and makes better.

I wish I take this soft sand
That greases hope on my hand.

My bid is to take a thing
That may read everything.

As I leave this hope full place
Just in case....just in case...

I need to remember
The land  that took me a member.

The ship is now leaving with a loud clamor
I relished the comfort of humor.

In my hand... I took the sand 
To rhyme my saving Island.

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The Priest and The People

"The gates come down this night!"
Roared the man of light

Driven by fear and obsession
It was one sin never told through confession

Bellowing orders from atop his balcony
Blinded by delusions of glory

The priest led his herd
Countless dreams were crushed with the subtle power of one word

The mob lurched forward down the beaten trail
The wind howled as it began to hail

The wild pitch began to reach fervor
As the line between beast and man began to blur

The hopes for riches and plunder
Fueled the urge to tear the gates asunder

With a deafening crash the gates fell
As did the hopes that whatever lay beyond would release them from their hell

The priest waddled in holding the tails of his gown
Anxiously looking around

But there were no trophies or golden rings
Just rusted monuments to long forgotten kings

The priest fell to his knees
The people gathered to leave

As he began to shout
His eyes fell on the nail marks trying to get out

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- Grey Shadows Never Dies -

The black side of a life betrayal and choked dreams 
Cries of pain that are locked into their souls 

Evil twistfate deals aches and screams 
Inside darkened dungeons filled with peril and woe 

In the trap, feels like stuck in of eternity madness 
Hands are not chained but mind is unclear 

Hidden away from the world today within darkness crying 
Nightmares of life's perils strike deep irons hotly burns 

Blowing with the wind, flying a hurricane 
Shamelessly all trying to live from day to day 

Frozen ice frosting bites cold deeds creeps inside scars 
Slowly from the scrapyard of life's twisted metal crushed 

They cried many tear, tears of hope - wanted life to last
 But life was not fair enough as the remains lay deeply covered 

Unraveling out savagery of an animal cold cutting steel beast cursed 
Piercing howls forgiving the past in order to be redeemed blessed

 A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and Anne-Lise Andresen :) - 20.01.2015 -

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I Made A Promise

Lukng @ u ryt now
I made a prmsing vow

I wnt u so much n my lyf
2 myk my drms so bryt

I wil hold u n my arms so tyt
Luv me wid ol of ur heart 2nyt


Looking at you right now
I made a promising vow

I want you so much in my life
To make my dreams so bright

I will hold you in my arms so tight
Love me with all of your heart tonight

For David's Contest
6th place Winner

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If I Gave My Heart Away

If I Gave My Heart Away... If I gave my heart away, Would you accept it, or say “Nay?” Would you hold it, close to you, Ever faithful, ever true? Or, would you spread it all around, By selling pieces, by the pound? If I gave my heart to you, What, exactly would you do? Clutch it tightly to your breast, And value me above the rest? Or take it now, to hold a place, 'Til you find a nicer face? Do I truly have a chance, To learn a lesson in romance? Flying high, my heart with wings, To study love, and other things. Or, falling fast, the outcome certain, To find that I am truly hurtin' Would you think my love a treasure, Full of fun, rife with pleasure? Would you call me, just for fun, To tell me that I am “THE ONE?” Would you think me soft and warm, Or just that “port in a storm?”

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My Katherine My Spencer

  A conversation between Katherine Hepburn
              and Spencer Tracy     

My Katherine  My Spencer

Oh, my Spencer, you're much shorter than I
I know, my Katherine, but for you I’d die
Would you really, how that does please
Oh my Katherine, you are such a tease

You are the queen of the cutting remark
Yes my Spencer, you’ll  jump when I bark
Oh my Katherine, please  purr like a cat
Spencer, you know, I don’t do things like that

Your such a tough guy with heart so soft
And you're so engaging yet stay so aloft
My Katherine, what’s with, this haughtiness
To keep you at bay, with your naughtiness

My Spencer, it’s just, the way I am made
My Katherine, no way, will you persuade
This soft heart of mine, to leave you alone 
Spencer, you know, that I’m made of stone

You’re up on the screen, all elegant, cold
But Katherine to me you’re a sight to behold
So true, my Spencer, but I’ve seen enough
In your best suit, you still look a scruff

My Katherine I wonder in our film career
Which one do think, our fans most endear
My Spencer, of that, there’s one thing I’m sure
You can count yourself lucky I think it’s a draw

We’ve been so successful, both you and I
Yes, my Spencer, could want for no more
Except I was more so, which you can’t deny
They gave you two Oscars but I received four 

Oh, my Katherine, I love you so
Maybe Spencer, but no-one must know
We’ll leave this Earth, one day it seems
And make reality our hopes and dreams

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so you want to be a poet

write all you want about your condition
but after that find someone who'll listen

to capture imagination and attention
all you'll need is their permission

a joke, a line, a rhyme that's fine
a little something to feed the mind

keep a rythem and a steady flow
touch a heart with words you know

a single line can reach the soul
when an eternal truth is told

and when you create a tear in your eye
then write the reasons men cry

or spread the joy of laughter around
with embarrassing stories about a clown

or raise men up to fight a war
inspire rebelion on far away shore

discribe the majesty of the worlds largest
and praise with accuracy what God created

use words to paint pictures and observe
colour emotions deliver the absurd

uncover the sad the ugly and the blue
release the monster inside of you

tell the tale given by the muse
to the letter nothing unused

please the god within yourself
with the best and nothing else

and maybe just maybe
you'll be a poet

(For melody winter)

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Locked Inside

I needed a way to release from inside,
All of the tears that I never cried,

My head was exploding from all I kept in,
While onto my face I glued a fake grin;

I hid inside my suspicion and fears,
And locked them away for many years;

They built up a wall and trapped me within,
Until I didn’t even know where to begin;

I had every emotion locked in my heart,
So I started to write, I made it my art.

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Dirty Dan

<                             Driving along in my automobile
                               Seen homeless man holding sign will work for his meals

                               Should I stop or should I just Go !
                               Should I give Or Should I just say hell No !

                              But what if that was me
                              Crying out with such pitty

                              Not knowing where to get next meal
                              Three kids crying at worn out heels

                             Cardboard boxes to call our home
                             Dumpster diving for pieces of foam

                             Think I'll give him a piece of my pot
                             Opened wallet and gave him alot

                             A nice twenty came on out
                             Wiped out was his sadden pout

                             Drove by an hour later
                             Homeless camp wiped off roadmarks slatter

                             Wonder where dirty Dan had now roamed
                              Just hope he finds a better suitable home

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The Bench

                                           The Bench

This evening I walked through the park, the old wooden bench was still there
And the memories of meets after dark, rushed in of the times we would share
She said, I will meet you at eight, I knew she’d be true to her word
Not once, was she, ever late, by the strokes of the town clock I heard

Long before her, I would  always be, to rehearse what I wanted to say
To dream of her touch heavenly, how her hair on her shoulder would lay
She’d settle her light form close by, I ’d slide my arm round her waist
On her face I would fix longing eye, then her loving kisses I’d taste

And how I remember the night, I knelt, asked her hand could I take
And at first, she teased, she might, then at last my heart didn’t break
She’d say, you are full of romance, is easy with you, I would say
She’d ask, if there was a chance, we’d be here when we’re old and grey

So I find myself sitting once more, on the bench where it had all begun
Though the years, have passed double score, I still hasten the setting of sun
I hear, eight strokes singing plain, and soon she’ll be sitting close by
We’ll meet at the bench yet again, where my heart waits with same, longing eye

Entered into, Black Eyed Susan, contest, On a Bench
Written 18 March 13

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Soft, moist clay settles on humus of the earth 
Whispering winds brushing drags of my girth
And graveyards dressed in gauze know he is there
While sorrow rips this heart almost, almost bare

If my heart still breaks in a field of tombs
Where my only love sleeps in pale of wombs
I’d rather lie on his arms with my starved eyes
Than slip into hours lonely, choking my sighs

And in this world, I trace my fingers on his name
Sinking into memories now in ashen forms, oh pain
As his laughter engulfs me in silence of graves’ melody
Deaf now in echoes of raked, raked eternity

I stare at roses gray like my ruffled hair strands
Planting seeds in our garden missing a pair of hands
The beats of a daily requiem skips, petals falling
Angels fair, bring me to him on near night calling 


HGarvey  Daniel Esquire's If I Have a Broken Heart
by nette onclaud

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I Will Always Love You

My love for you has hurt me
oh, all the things I thought we'd be

Tell me, why were you so afraid?
Forced to watch as my heart decayed.

I waited for any word you'd send
did I wait in vain in the end?

My heart will not move anymore
locked inside your top dresser drawer.

You made a killer of your fear
but still I love you, my dear.

And when this has finally killed me
I shall slip beneath the sea.

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I Smell Your Perfume On The Breeze

I Smell Your Perfume On The Breeze By Rick Rucker I smell your perfume on the breeze, When we’re apart, nothing can ease My longing for You, most complete, You are, by far, the one most sweet! Although we text, and talk by phone, When I can’t hold you, I feel Alone! Stronger than the strongest drug, You calm my Heart, with just your Hug! I would live my Life under your conscription, If my doctor would write that prescription! But he’s afraid that my Heart can’t take it, Too much of your loving, and I won’t make it! I told him that it’s fine, You are as intoxicating as Wine! He is really worried, He doesn’t want to be hurried, When I told him about the smell of your hair, I lost my balance, nearly fell off the chair, It’s true that absence makes the Heart grow fonder, In my case, it causes my mind to wander! He’s never seen a case like mine, His diagnosis he must refine. “Profound Separation Anxiety,” It sounds like a lot of bull to me! Why can’t he just say, That I miss You every second of the day? I don’t know if my doctor just sucks, Or wants me to return, another hundred bucks! I think I’ll simply take the chance, To be in Love, with You, in Hot Romance!

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Inner Me

With a cup of raindrops I begin anew...
Lightly dropped on the floor, till my words grew...

Small petals peak out from under the light...
With only small sounds heard as we drift into night...

Morning arrives with a buffet of thoughts to write down...
They are all consumed slow as a daydream stays around...

The pages now covered in a poetic landscape outlined by the sea...
There I sit and gaze at a portrait of my inner me...

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The Empath

“The Empath”

Fighting the darkness such a futile desire
It was I that once asked that my heart might inspire
Wanting destiny altered..refusing to see
Deluding oneself leads to vast misery
I asked understanding the deep mysteries of time
I have touched divine purpose and all things sublime
So why still do I ask for more answers within?
I must take up my cross that true life might begin
One day darkness, he answered…you’re forever alone,
You are the can never go home.
Why do you wonder if you’re cursed and or blessed?
You know all things beautiful but never can rest
To see love so clearly feel her beauty unfold
You must wander as home sick and give what you know
Your heart is the treasure you’ve paid with you life
The currency abandonment, betrayal and strife
Not for self have you paid, for true love cannot take
To know what you asked ones heart bleeds, it must break
Though forever concealed, it had to be true 
Still you have made all the choices it was all up to you.

Lawrence Schrank

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An Alphabet of Talent

Fred Astaire was king of tap
Biggie Smalls was huge in rap
Carson (Johnny)ruled TV
Dylan’s songs are poetry
Elvis made the girls all swoon
Frank Sinatra loved to croon
Greta Garbo hid from sight
Hitchcock gave us all a fright
Isaac Hayes’ voice dips low
Johnny Depp steals every show
Kenny G can blow that sax
Larry David can’t relax
Michael Jackson changed his face
Norah Jones embodies grace
Oscar Wilde wrote books and plays
Peter Falk had piercing gaze
Quincy Jones finds music stars
Raitt (That's Bonnie) rocks guitars
Sally Field lights up the screen
Tony Kushner nails each scene
Uma Thurman makes men drool
Viggo’s talented and cool
William Shatner’s still around
Xin Xin Xiong in films is found
Yoko Ono married John
Zach Braff’s big on Amazon

All this talent, A to Z
Keeps us entertained, agree?

for Cyndi MacMillan's ABC Couplet contest

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Consequence over Passion

I chose passion over consequence
it seems that shook your confidence.

So close your eyes now and don’t fall to pieces
hide in fear of what the heart teaches.

The consequences were too heavy for you
lost all in that dull shade and hue

of the early morning, you wait for sunrise.
Tell yourself slowly count back from five.

So is this what my heart asks for falling,
inside my wrist the reminder is carving

the name of the one that I love tonight.
You fled from me in your fright. 

For this question have you any sort of riposte,
answer me, what’s it feel like to be a ghost?

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For Love Of A Child

For love of a child, a heart was stilled A pledge to his son had been fulfilled A promise that although apart He'd be there always in his heart For love of a child, a father gone His baby left to carry on Without his strong and caring dad To share the times they should have had For love of a child, he risked it all To protect his little one so small Gave everything that he could give He died so that his child could live

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Life is an Aventurous Squirrel Run

I have my Hubby’s steadfast belief in me.
He loves how my poems are light and airy.
He’ll give me an idea once in a while…
Then he escapes to come back, later to read my new child.

He calls these run-throughs a squirrel run.
For they can take off in directions, yes, any one.
Crazy thoughts become crazier still…
And story time leads to god knows, where they will.

My thinking is kind of like chasing around a tree.
You never know where the end will be.
But somewhere I eventually become truly still.
And that is where my Hubby adds into the trill.

Then the squirrel run begins again…
Light and fluffy and full to the brim.
Each day a new adventure... waits around the bend.
Live it. Love it. Write it... You'll be happier in the end.

Contest: Emotion: Squirrelly and fun   CSEastman

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"A tear"

“A tear”

I cried a tear for you today, let go all hopes for love
I’m hear alone still seeking “her” prayers ascending thrones above
So pure your heart I must not start to want your love for me
But when oh God will I find “her” I’ve known that ecstasy
Yet faith in love, in God all same, I ask for strength to wait
To behold the blessings in her eyes to touch those lips of fate.
When I think of you my sweet friend true, I want for you so much
To find the one who will hold your heart, your soul be safe to touch
Remember me my soul and pray to God that I also one day 
might find the “one” who must love me, to mend my broken heart you see
I guess the tear I cried today is as much a tear I cried for me.



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The beauty I am came at a large cost.
Sadness fills my heart for the love I lost.

The tattoo on my face is a mark of his love.
His love disappeared from me on wings of a dove.

This beautiful ring he placed it on my finger.
Said his love for me would never linger.

As he looked at me and walked away.
My heart was broken from that very day.

I sit her all alone with nothing to share.
There's no one to love me and no one to care.
                   Teresa Skyles

Entered in Constane La france~a rambling poet~"tell her story"contest

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Nature and the Heart

Like staring into the dark the more stars I see,
The more I try to forget you the more you appear to me

Like trying to put out a wild fire in the fury of the wind,
Trying to hide what is in my heart is useless in the end.

Like the waves in the sea during a raging storm,
I lost count of the thoughts of you that come in a swarm.

Like lungs in need of oxygen from the atmosphere,
My body longs for the presence of you here.

Like a volcano building ready to explode,
It’s hard to hold back this love overload.

Like a glacier floating so beautifully,
I keep most my feelings for you buried deep inside me.

Like a caterpillar stuck in a cocoon, 
Our love will never be able to bloom.

Like nature has destruction and life,
The heart loves and cuts like a knife.

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If you leave I will die

If you leave I will Die

These words spoken, nay more a yell
has put my heart deeper into hell.

Astonished indeed the grip held tight
from grandmas weakness came mighty might.

Her pleading eyes forever will haunt
until the grim reaper to me will taunt.

Across the states in airplane I flew
when call of grandmas dying became my news.

To sister and father these words she spoke
when Catherine arrives, tomorrow my last awoke.

With her visit she declare “I shall die
willing and ready, all peace have made I”.

Yet simpleton girl, granddaughter did make
“No death to you, a healing you shall take”.

Each day grandma’s strength vigor and glow
“Run away death, this passing I shall slow”.

So strolls in the park under brightly lit sun
granddaughter believes this battle is won

Such dependence a quick arrive
 now that grandmas been ordered …survive!

Seems her life saved now owe I do
grandma demands, switch of the shoe.

Walk in my stead weary she say
Bored beyond, each passing long day.

Her bidding I cry “What to do ?”
“Walk, chocolate? Fix my air tube too” !

Said  not in grace nor thankful choir
not kind to you, or nurse for hire.

The walls came in on me at last
must break free, these walls to blast.

An avalanche of tears came down
now grandma left with a terrible frown.

“You break my heart ,you must not leave”.
 And I to her, “I must you see”.

“But if you leave I know I die”.
 These words to me, did make me cry.

Yet out the door, I did make pass
 Knowing soon come, my  grandmas mass.

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                                                        .THE TEA PARTY OF TEARS
                              ."Each experience is locked within my heart and only I hold the key..."
                                                        .A tea party for just us two.
                                                        Bestfriends are me and you.
                                                  In church is when first we met as kids.
                                                 Always together no matter what we did.
                                                  We had good times through the years.
                                                  So much laughter and not many tears.
                                                      I'll keep you in my heart forever.
                                                    Bestfriends will always be together.
                                                   It broke my heart when you passed.
                                                    But our friendship will always last.
                                                 The white flowers I will lay at your feet.
                                                   In heaven is where again we'll meet. 
                                                            Teresa Skyles                   20-Aug-11
            Entered in Constance La France~A rambling poet~"A FRAGMENT OF LIFE"contest

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Jada Mortensen

And so she was the girl from Bair.
With ocean eyes and golden hair.
Of heavy heart and light despise
Of cupid's dart and winter's cries.
There came a day when things did end.
Around the corner of the bend
There came a truck and in dispair
The loudest word was spoken there.
And so she left to who knows where.
Whilst many cried because they cared.
She roams around in circles too,
And whispering winds and skies of blue.
We raise our glass towards the sky
And smile a memory although she died.
No tears tonight, not ever one.
For there she rests inside the sun.
She is okay we know for sure.
In better days to now endure.
And so she was the girl from Bair
With clemency; a heart so fair.
And as we lay in bed and sigh,
I'd like to say to you Goodbye.

Rest In Peace Best Friend
11-21-1996 ~ 06-21-2011

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His Canvas He Tickled

God dipped His paintbrush in tangerine light,
painted streaks of blushes into the night

Silhouettes of trees for that added breeze,
some with leaves unfurling, awake from freeze

Added some contrast, skies above went dim
He looked at His opus and then said, "Hmm..."

"Something's still missing", and then He chuckled...
Three birds: a Smile; His canvas He tickled

** July 11, 2010 written for Carolyn's Heaven Sent Smiles ^_^

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Once Upon a Happenstance

Once upon a happenstance
I gazed, a look, and paused in trance

To dream upon a crystal palace
Her heart aglee and form to chalice

With towers true and field in view
I set a course to give tongue to

I crossed the field - anxiety smote
And walked upon this palace mote

Yet, as I firmed, my heart to pour
She drew the bridge and bolted door

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Heart Stopper

My heart stopped as you took my breath away
You are the brightest part of every day

Years do not matter you are still sublime
The best part off life is that you are mine

I possess you but not in a bad way
It is our dance a game that we both play

I live in a dream with you in my arms
I will never be immune to your charms

I feel the beat of your glorious heart
I continue to explore every part

You are the one who wipes away my tears
You kept your promise to always be here

I soak you up within my whole being
So satisfied with what I am feeling

So now when I laugh it shows in my eyes
The essence of me has been realized

The heart that you stopped is beating strong
I am so thankful that you came along

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First Love

I glanced across the dance floor and saw her standing there
I saw her looking straight at me and I tried not to stare

I was kind of shy back then, for girlfriends, I had none
So when I saw her look at me I thought “is this the one”?

My friend Jim beside me said “Go on, ask her to dance”
And you'd better do it quickly before you lose your chance

My heart was beating rapidly as again I met her gaze
Then I walked in her direction, my mind was in a daze

“Would you care to dance”, (if she said no I would just die)
“Yes, that would be very nice” was her quick reply

I led fair maid onto the floor, put one hand on her waist
And slowly did the box step, while inside my heart raced

I knew right then I was in love, wings were on my feet
I hardly said a word to her til we walked back to her seat

With a smile I thanked her, and with shaking voice asked when
There was another slow one, could we dance again

She looked at me and sweetly said, “well now, that would depend”
“I'll dance if you will promise to introduce me to your friend”


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Love Transcends Space, And Time

Love Transcends Space, and Time By Rick Rucker I am shocked, at my age, to find, A woman to Enflame my mind! One that sets my Heart reeling, With this uniquely Blessed feeling, At present, we live apart, But she will always occupy my Heart, She has the Power to make me do anything, Including, even, to dance, or sing, When we meet, every couple of days, She instantly sets my Heart ablaze! When I see her beautiful Face, My Heart sets off at a terrifying pace, Drawn by a force we cannot resist, Neither willing to wait to be kissed! Our arms, now entwined, With thoughts of Love, coursing through my mind, I always want to remain there, Kissing her, my fingers running through her hair, She, very quickly, will respond, With actions that I am very fond, Our arms, overlapping like shoelaces, Our lips exploring each other’s faces, Our breathing soon becomes as one, Our race to Love has begun, Adrift, somewhere in Space and Time, We find a place Sublime, When, at last, we recover, I look over at my Lover, She says I have a smile on my face, I know I am in My Happy Place, I cannot question Fate, To have sent me this perfect Mate, I forever want to go through Life, With this woman as my Wife! I truly am the luckiest of men, I get to see my Love, tonight, again!

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Scars of the Heart

Scars of the Heart

At times it seems like no relief
We can suffer long with our grief

Will the heart ever mend
Will the pain ever end

The tears come from my eyes
But it’s my heart that cries

People ask how am I 
They would know if they see me cry

From when my wife passed 
I have scars of the heart that will last

My heart may heal after time goes by
The scars of my heart will be till I die   

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My Heart Is No Longer Mine

My Heart Is No Longer Mine By Rick Rucker I used to think my Heart was mine, I used to hide it away, like fine wine, Bring it out, to show a friend, To no particular end, I left the cellar where it stayed, Unlocked, and She did raid, The sanctum, now empty, which was full, I feel Her presence, like a pull, A Master Thief, she stole that day, My ability to Love, then get away! Unscathed, I would run, as the wind, My words of Love, I would rescind, Now that she violated my castle keep, Since I let Her, into my Heart, creep, I will never be the same, I have even offered Her my name, I might as well concede defeat, She has won a victory, complete! Now She has Dominion over every part, All it took was to capture my Heart, A victorious campaign, To fight on, would be in vain! A Lady, so very handsome, I will gladly pay Her ransom! I will gladly play, The part of Her lowly serf, every day!

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Man and Woman

Woman -
My man does not go out like the others,
he’d rather stay in with me, kissing the day away on a bed covered in flowers.
If arguments arise, he walks into another room,
instead of driving to another house over comments he might assume.
His soul is like a wishing pool full of respect and care,
loving me unconditionally; always trying to make sure I know his there.
He bathes me in relationship soaked in milk and honey,
and soothes over my cracks to reveal a value more priceless than money.

Man -
My woman has captured my heart and made it grow,
fulfilling my life with love and devotion to make even the saddest of times glow.
She is not like the rest who whine and complain,
she more like a diamond, shinning bright through any terrain.
Not afraid to be vulnerable in front me,
she will cry knowing how much her tears will affect thee.
Made from the rarest and sweetest hips, lips and fingertips,
her cinnamon body and aromatic mind are nothing
compared to her saffron heart loaded with marriage clips.

For more poetry goodness visit 

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Lonely Bench

I remember the day
When I walked away
Not even saying goodbye
Just leaving you with a lie

When our kiss was French
And we were at that bench
Sitting under that tree
It happened so magically

But my heart started racing because of the heat
Unfortunately so did me feet
Now it feels like my heart was hit by a wrench
As I sit here thinking of you, on this lonely bench

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The Painting

Many years ago, on canvas I was drawn.
He kept me black and white, until I was born.
He told my parents: ‘Handle this painting with care.’
Confused they replied: ‘But this painting is bare?’ 
He smiled, gave them the painting and went away.
My parents painted a splash of knowledge on me every day.
They stroked love and insight on me, until complete -
Finally, I was ready and respectable for the world to meet. 
Hung up on a gallery wall, the painting was always under observation,
After time, the criticism of the world had ruined this creation. 
No longer vibrant, my true colours started to fade.
No longer perfect, I am now what the world has made.
From a distance, they say I still look exactly the same -
No one sees the cracks and chips when they are to blame. 

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Painted Words Heard

My mind glides to stroke a color...
My hands speak in a rhyming flutter...

But my lips scream in artistic tongue...
Splashing vibrant shades of words unsung...

Left with painted chords and airbrushed words...
My soul is showcased and finally heard...

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On my knees in my bedroom, surrounded by
Emotions too strong, no wonder I cry

We had only just met, a few months ago
I gave unto he, as he internally showed

Week by week, my heart captured by he
We even carved our names, in the park on a tree

He told me he loved me, so captured I was
I gave unto he, as he externally pawed 

Naive, but so young, my life went with the flow
My heart in know, in excitement pump I'd grow

I'm fourteen years old, I'm not really me
But inside I carry his child, who one day will be free


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I have everything for me

The beauty of you is only one even in the few.
I had seen you through my heart though my eyes were on you.

Your simplicity made me crazy, 
And your presence appears quite hazy.
You came nearby me, even gone apart from me,
But forever resided in my heart of glee.

I find you in my leisure,
Thinking of you feels pleasure.
Near you is where I rove,
And now in your dream I want to grow.

I may not seek your love,
Life will taste like a clove. 
Don’t know what I have for you,
But meeting you, I have everything for me.

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Opened the Wound

So much to say but nothing comes out,
One minute you’re in my arms and the next I am filled with doubt,
So much to tell you but nothing will do,
I gave you my heart and you weren’t true,

Older does not mean wiser,
And time just makes one forget,
How selfish ambitions were how we once met,

Dreams are just dreams when it’s one-sided my dear friend,
Your words turned to poison when you betrayed me again,
Forever is a long time and you can’t even handle the now,
So why complicate me with those intimate vows,

Love is an action not just a feeling,
You have no idea what it’s like when someone is still healing,
Jump from one bed into another,
I can’t clean up your mess as if I were your mother,
You bailed once before when you didn’t understand
How foolish of me to think you wouldn’t do it again,

Time keeps on flying for it stands still for no one,
You dance with an angel but kill with a gun
Closure can come just on one’s own,
It’s called closing the door and allowing the cut to be sown,

So stitch me up once again,
For I allowed myself to open what was meant to end,
Bandage me oh so tight,
To stop this pain tonight,

For I know when a heart breaks it never mends right,
It never mends right
It never mends right.

By: Sabina Nicole
written: 09/29/12

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Feelings deep down in my heart

A pleasant walk in the evening by your side,
you wrapped me tightly..those feelings i cannot hide.
Laughing,loving,caring,kissing,hugging and cuddling,
Becoz of you i could experience the meaning of romancing.
The first touch of yours is so soothing ,reassuring and magical,
I still remember that i could not control and became so emotional.
My tears became empty as i cried for you day after day,
But noting touches your heart as you live for that day.
I just wanted to let you know how much i feel for you,
Since my soul is bright and alive just for you.
We should never get separate as its difficult to stay apart,
My heart skips its beat if its not connected to your heart.
No evil or none can separate both of us,even though we fight,
I will love you ,no matter what,even if its day or night.
The words i am typing down " here " are from my soul,
Hope you could understand the meaning of all

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Hieroglyphs unknown by Champollion

Kids are playing with strange blue graffiti
So, they wrote several times: ”Neffertiti” …

And drew the most beautiful queen`s head.
The whole history of Egypt written in red, 

With sacred hieroglyphs unknown by Champollion:
The Pharaons` destiny dandles a dewy dandelion…

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Silver Strands

Each year silver strands of sunlight become woven into my hair.
Just like the silver strands of sunlight that help bind us everywhere.
They light our way before us as we stumble forth each day.
They slowly lead us forward into the paths of great byways.

God sends these silver strands that slowly build a crown upon our heads…
And they are earned with the wisdom, learned throughout the years ahead.
The strands will weave a family, and unite us to others, too.
For they are the strands of love given to both: me and you.

Love and work together is how they are slowly earned.
And the weaving is slowly done as we add others in the sojourn.
But how are they bestowed as so slowly woven into our lives?
I would say it’s given by Gods divine grace, in time.

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Mr Lonely

Nobody is around me,
The figure heard is inside to be,
My heart feels cold,
Looking around feeling bought, or sold.
Characters seeking the way,
On the bench I watch as they play.

No heart to feel love,
Each who opens I choose to shove,
Shove out of anything to do with me,
Feeling as if there's no more to see.
I'm lonely in a world so defined,
Defined with labels; I'm not intertwined,

Hurt from one can last,
Now I can go with out people; I fast.
They talk up the pace of the rhythm as they do,
Although I'm lonely; I do have a clue.
Quiet lurks around every bend,
When will my voice speak out the thoughts I send?
A sponge I hold as my mind,
To take in each thing I find.
Looking over my shoulder,
Keeping my head up to those colder.
The loneliness is a box of space,
Filled up with each and every face.
You're not judged by my naked eye,
I'm a lonely one; the one who is shy.

The number one is first on the chart,
Giving this three letter word a head start.
One day I won't be so lonely I pray,
But Mr. Lonely I'll be until that day.

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Repeated Thoughts

I do not know
Know not do I

Cry my in snow
Snow in my cry

Try hard to grow
Grow hard to try

Fly wings broken
Broken wings fly

Lies just are lies
Lies are just lies

Cries fall grey skies
Skies grey fall cries

Spy's in disguise
Disguise in spy's

Prize the on eyes
Eyes on the prize

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Lovely Lady

Lovely lady with eyes oh so fine
Could you really be so close to mine?
Oh dearest darling just share your time
I promise our love is just a finer crime
Give me your heart and I'll stay true to you
If only my love you only but knew
I'd give you the world with no time to think
Please girl give me something I'm on the brink
What do I have to do to be noticed by you
Paint my skin purple, hair turn it blue?
I'll do more than that if you'll hold my hand
Always for you I'll be strong and stand
So lovely lady with eyes oh so fine
Will you be true and only be mine?
I'll give you my heart if that's what you wish
I would die for each minute together I miss...

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Green Couplets 02 Touchy Composition

Between two cotyledons— plant grows with a bud! 
With two lines— couplets come into flower with an idea.
Sometimes, two lines may be more powerful than two hundred lines.
Small verses like couplets are really beautiful.

They speak and touch with peace— as Poems for Life.

                         Couplet— I 
                         Watering rain on the leaves
                         Orchid plant mutely sleeps

                         Couplet— II 
                         Under the pillow raining night 
                         Memory coins may or might!

                         Couplet— III 
                         All green buds grows yellow
                         Plant or animal must follow!

                         Couplet— IV 
                         Shooting stars proclaimed that
                         No one ever will be mate… 

                         Couplet— V 
                         How the moon came into being
                         The way fishes sleep and sing

                 Ashraful Musaddeq

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Pain of love

You gifted me a bouquet of flowers,
but felt like God has sent down beautiful showers
It took a long time for me to realize,
that its the time to open my eyes...
There was always an inner pride,
when you were sitting by my side
Now my little heart has a doubt,
can it stay away from you without?
With a hope,I expected your wishes.
later realized that I missed all your kisses
But now starring at the sky
and questioning myself ,why?
Unlike others,Day by day,my love grows,
God and me are the two persons who knows.
You still can spread smiles,
though you are away from me in miles
The feelings in my heart are so real,
and I beg your heart not to seal
You will never fully understand,
that without you my life cant withstand
It is 'you' whom now I rely upon,
I can bet our lives will soon turn on
We both know the present and past,
if we are together, our future will everlast.

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Echoes on My Heart

Oh foolish lover’s rhapsody within a wounded chest
I feel the arms wound tightly where I’d lay my head to rest,
Ripped from limb wide open thrust into a covered door
Latched in place and time erased knees hit the hardened floor,
Cold dank door that leads to light but shelters such intrusion
Frozen etching window panes lead towards the shore
That bounds with waves of discontent and obvious delusion,
To believe such eyes that breathe and hit me with a strike of poison
An anecdote to ease the rush through coursing veins illusions,
Played so  with  bow upon my heartstrings need
Wounded chambers ventricles heave from wretched scenes,
Rewind, recall, rehearse again in eerie perfect rhythm
How could one be what their not a perfect cut division,
As if an identical twin of two split right down the middle
Feast upon the wounded heart like some sort of kibble,
Dreams that you will hold me close and stop the heart that bleeds.
Passion overtakes somehow becomes a raw obsession
leaving me to drown in my own shame and selfish needs
Feel the signal sent to you upon the wind's inflection
Forever softly echoed on my heart the sad refrain.

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"The Human Foible vs Godly Nature"

Man once was a sacred human species
Who learned strife using earth’s forms of  pieces

From beastly logic of his minds own fiction
Came his illusions of mind depictions

As the wholesome earth quakes at the mind’s fakes
Oil spills of mind’s evil deals, as minds quake

One optional door left to explore, heaven
From whence spills forth the Agape leaven

Choose by grace your lovely persona face
For mind’s face lays our earthen treasure at waste

A golden treasure’s power in human hands
A city treasure of heart or barren lands

Agape’s golden city, or whorish pity
From depth of heart is built, gold’s eternal city

For Contest: The Power In Your Hands
In Honor of: Carolyn Devonshire
Placed #2

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the wedding day

white doves and white roses,
white gloves and right poses,
small fingers,  big diamonds,
famous singers like beres hammond,

my bride well dress,
my clothes steam pressed,
i kiss her on her cheek,
then watch her tears fall as she speak,

on the mic she speaks loud,
mom in the crowd looking at me proud,
our day is finally its bin a long walk,
she's done her vows  its my turn to talk,

so i say" i wear your name on my heart like a crest,
             my heart beats for you as if it were your own i must confess,
             you've touched me beyond my touch my soul,
             everywhere we go i watch my back because your worth more than gold,
             so im told" were a match made in heaven" its written in the sky,
             i promise to always love you and never make you cry,
             i promise to be honest, faithful and true,
             i will never go astray i will only belong to you,
             through the good, bad and sick times mental and physical,
             i promise to keep the faith and pray an wait for a miracle,
             because our love is so strong we will always stay connected,
             we have a bond and no man can delfect it,         
             i know life is not always about a happy endding,
             but we have ours because this is or wedding,

now the day is done,
where two have became one,
exit the church doors and enter the white cadilac,
our friend up in front and we in the back,
we both call our boss and then turn off the phone,
thn enjoy ourselves on our honey moon...........

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Looking For Time

Looking for time on roads causes wonder
Where will they lead, here, there or under
Possibly an object to hold in the hand
But seeming more nebulous flowing like sand
It's threads are woven to sunlight and gold
With power that moves stars in heavens untold
It is unseen with strength so great
Worlds it does crumble, worlds it does make
What is its virtue, from where has it come
Where will it go in a moment or none
Has as it's prisoners those small and great
Nothing escapes it, all must on it wait
It can't be captured and placed in a jar
Is it here, or there, can it be far
It spools unseen for all to have wonder
Without its dominion be all cast asunder
Traveling back is forever disavowed
Forward the only law that's allowed
Heavens are clockwork run by its measure
When it has ended all is lost, gone forever
Darkness would cover worlds such as this
Creation would perforce cease to exist
Such is called time but none see or hear it
It brings the workings of all who know it
If the unwary would seek where it goes
Find them it's fabric solely in black holes
This is the nature of that force called time
A word well known but not yet defined

Tomorrow never comes 
It is always tomorrow

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Not Another Tear

Heartbroken again 
Another lonely day gone by, until I cry
But no I won't shed another tear
Not today and not this year
I need to stand firm and assert my authority
But there are days when I don't feel too pretty
My beauty is inside waiting to be shown
My heart is on my sleeve hanging all alone
But no more tears, atleast not today
I need to keep these dark spirits away
My heart can be mended and my faith not shaken
Now it seems my love has been taken
Stolen, from its original state where it was protected
Now it's become fragile and rejected
But I will start another day and take back my love
Take back my heart and take back me trust
And I will share my faith and love through the year
But today I will not shed another tear.

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                         I miss him  

"come fluttering words, come drifting words to me ...."

My heart is as hard as those steps of stone.
Now he has passed and I'm all alone.

Bent to smell the fragrance of the flowers.
Has turned my tears into rain showers.

Death creeped in and took him away.
My colors of love have turned to gray.

Our love,life that we've both shared.
With the hurt my heart should have
              been spared.
He has passed and left me here
and my thoughts will never be clear.
               Teresa Skyles
Entered in Constance La France~A Rambling Poet~"what is she thinking"contest.
There is no truth to this poem it's pure fiction.

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A slave of yours

Since the beginning You’ve been there for me, and waited, waited so faithfully. My heart was dirty, I threw the dice, You washed my feet, you paid the price. You did not ask me where I have been Though I came back covered in sin. My heart was dirty, I threw the dice, You washed my feet, You paid the price. From chains of darkness You broke me free, A slave of yours I wanna be, a slave of yours I wanna be…

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Soul Mate

Soul Mate By Rick Rucker In what seems to be unlikely, at best, I have been singularly Blessed, Living through three score of years, With many joys, and some tears, A Goddess was made known to me, Who said she wants to live with me! She has unbelievably consented to be my wife, To share my name, and share my life, Until her, I did not think that I would find, A person that is of such a like mind, I do not mean that she is my clone, We both hold unique opinions, that are ours alone, But on the issues that really matter, Our views are so close, they do not scatter, We both have a trait that seems wise, We both are happy to compromise, We have been in relations past, Where, once begun, the die was cast, Still, I guess the most important thing, To see her makes my Heart sing! Which is unusual enough, To see her leave is very rough, I no longer own my Heart, to her, it is on loan, I have possession only when we are alone, When she leaves, she takes it with her, Leaving me to wander around, and dither, Of all the romantic movies from Hollywood, Not one has shown a Love this good! How can two people have so much fun? Our life together has just begun, I do not see how it could be better, But if she wants to try, I will abet her! Finally, I wish that everyone would find, A person that fills his Heart and Mind, To such an astonishing degree, Just as she does for me! I think it must be Fate, That sent me this beautiful Soul Mate!

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Scaring Myself

I tiptoe through the darkness as silent as the night,
My ears attuned to any sound, there’s not a soul in sight;

Goosebumps prickle across my skin as panic washes over me,
I hear the slightest noise ahead and I strain my eyes to see;

My uneasy breathing fogs the air as my heart pounds on in dread,
I stand in the black frozen in fear, my feet have turned to lead;

I shiver uncontrollably as I wait in the dark alone,
Terror grips my heart as I prepare to face the unknown;

I’m poised on the balls of my feet ready to bolt into the night,
Then as I’m getting ready to make a dash, my hubby flips on a light!

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Fond Memories

It does my heart good thinking of childhood memories
When the only thing that was important were families.
Friends made at a young age have now become old friends.
But the family bonds that were made will never end.

With five brothers, a sister and very colorful parents
We had the ability to stand proud despite our appearance.
We lived south of town, many referred to as the boondocks
Our clothes came from catalogs and never store bought.

Father played guitar and harmonica, quite the music man
Every weekend at our home was gathered a different band.
My love for music came honestly from my dearest Dad
I would fill in playing instruments when no one else was to be had.  

Mother had a heart of gold and people all around knew
If you walked in she'd ask, "Would you like a drink or some stew?"
Hobos from the train tracks would wonder to our doorstep
Knowing they'd be fed with hopes my father wouldn't catch.

Exciting were my summers spent with my Grandmother
She chose to take only me and never the others.
Her Irish ways and stern body of healthy stature
Made her a hard soul to understand but I so loved her.

Most of the friends of my parents had many children also
It was a pleasure to see them as they come and go. 
My siblings were the only companions with which to play
So when company came over always one child would stay.

The Ohio River had many wondrous things to offer as a child
We would swim, fish or skip stones and then stop for awhile.
All gathered to drink Kool-Aid and eat sandwiches Mom made
Then back to the water and later begging to see who stayed.

Christmas holiday was especially joyous at our home
My parents would scurry to hide toys so not one was shown.
The many toys left by Santa underneath a fresh cut tree
All these warm memories of family are very special to me.

Note: For "Heart's Warmth" contest

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A Rainbow

I made my way across the drunken pavement,
Glimpsing at the sun, which kindly offered a watery beam.
The sweet, earthy air filling my lungs,
As the weary clouds crawl aside to reveal,
Behind that translucent wall of wisp,
A stream of rich shade,
Stretching across the hazy blue canvas.
I pause, to admire this alluring marvel,
Blood flowing from an open wound,
That spectrum pumping rapidly from its side.
The pale golden glow,
Soaks into my skin,
And I watch as this great show draws nigh.
The pavement again sobers,
The clouds slink together,
And this masterpiece shrouds behind the curtain,
Gradually fading into nothingness.

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I Have Three Favorites

Part I
Three TV shows stick in my mind.
Specific memories are hard to find.
There once was a series, long ago.
I would always cry at the end of the show.

“I Remember Mama” was the program's name.
Their family stories set my heart aflame.
Love's influence stays strong in my soul.
Family ties remain love's precious goal.

Part II
Jack La Lane was a “family name.”
It was not a drama or a prize-winning game.
After school each day for many years,
Mother and I exercised to his cheers. 

Healthy eating and exercise,
He daily did enthusiastically advise.
Scrunching the face and tensing the mouth
Would keep the sags from going south.

Daily healthful lessons and time with mom,
Soothed my fears; I felt safe and calm.
Those pleasant memories remain to this day.
Jack La Lane helped my family play.

Part III
“Today's Show” co-anchored by Barbara Walters,
Before “Women's Libbers’ and bra-less halters. 
Set a successful example for all to see.
Reporting with kindness and harmony.

Her interviews were thoughtful; guests at ease.
I would run home from school, the moments to seize.
She modeled womanhood by success.
Serenely she brought me through personal distress.

My life is quite different than hers ever would be.
She remains a part of my childhood history.
Thoughtful of others, from her, example,
I learned to be strong in a world that is hostile.

Three favorites each different, somehow, the same,
All made an impact upon my life's game.
Sincerity of heart was the common thread.
Caring for others, like them, did in my heart embed.

© July 20, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Favorite Television Show/Episode Remembered 	 
Sponsored by: Shani Fassbender

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Dear, my heart you only need a heart

I question my heart and wait
are you my heart or hers?
I am the heart that can't hate
I only will be the heart she prefers
Leave me I don't need a heart
I need only a soul to live
You are where my pains start
and where boats of my life dive
Dear, my heart you only need a heart

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                                        A SPECIAL LOVE

A love that begins and a love that ends
Two people that were more then friends.

The summer was over and Fall was here
My heart would pound when he was near.

We fell in love with each other over the winter
A spring time wedding and our love is the center.

On our wedding day he couldn't be found
It broke my heart and I fell to the ground.

It killed my love and I lost my trust
For him it was true love not just lust.

I knew there was another man for me
If I looked hard enough there he'ld be.
         Teresa Skyles

Enterd in Micheal J.Falitico~Falling in love in the Fall~contest

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Your Certain European Grace

Your Certain European Grace by Rick Rucker For a while, as a young man, I dated English Girls, All of them had long straight hair, none of them had curls, All of them had that accent, that was then the fashion, But when it came to breeding, they certainly had Passion! I don't know why, possibly from glories past, I had an inkling that an English Girl might just be my Last! Then my World changed, completely from top to bottom, Suddenly, memories are all I had, and yes, I've surely got 'em! I did not relish the thought of being Alone for Life, So I cast a net, to find me a new Wife. I dated some, from a wildly popular online "store," But, though not too big a burden, it still was a chore. But, on that Sunday, my Life completely changed, At breakfast, on that day, my Life was re-arranged! I met You, at a neutral place, for an early meal, Never suspecting, that my Heart you'd steal! When I arrived on time, compared to You, I was late, Score Brownie points, being fashionbly tardy, is something that I hate! Looks are unimportant, I thought, before our date, But when I saw your Lovely Face, my Heart had sealed my Fate! I loved your speech, the accent and the meter, The more we sat, and talked, I thought they had set, too high, the heater! You told me that you were born in Holland, which, in my mind makes You Dutch, I really don't know what makes me love You, oh, so much! It might be many things, you hair, your lovely body, or your Face, But I think I've fallen victim to your Certain European Grace!

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Oh darkness my darling

Freedom comes and freedom goes
As you walk along this sometimes lonely road
But I guess it just goes to show you learn as you go
But don’t lose your heart with the sway and flow

Oh darkness my darling how I grew to love
To love you best your eternal grace
And in the dark I met the one
Heart burning and propelling me through space.

So the heavenly vault in my heart grows
As I soar high above that broken road and drop my heavy load
It was so many years without a soul in the bleak
And the pain and restless searching made me weak

And in your embrace my darling I found that grace
With years of darkness now behind and the birthing finished
I found my feet and stood, I stood up slow
And now I soar my head so high and walk as I grow

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Back Again

You came back, demand rent of my heart
act like it was nothing, again we can just restart.

You don’t hear a single word I say
even when I have nothing left to give away.

My broken bones beg for mending
for they know just what you are intending.

You’re leaving me no room to breathe
around my heart place your poison oak wreath.

I tell myself to stop this, you’re nothing that I need
for I know I can’t forever satisfy your greed.

But I believe you’re not ok, so I will never go too far
I’ll be the light across your sky, a moment’s shooting star,

I’ll breathe in the space where there is no air,
I will walk with broken bones, much to their despair.

You demand rent again on my heart
take yourself into their rafters, let the decay start.

And I don’t know why I fight for you this way
when you leave my heart in the open to oxidize and decay

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A peaceful drifting wind touches grace
so slight my heart flutters to engage your spirit

I watch you dance in silent silhouette untouched and free
an elegant motion free and uninhibited

These precious beats shared in one captivating moment
I take your hand and lead you to a beautiful plateau  

rhythms sway an orchestrated passion of mystical dreams
so slight my heart flutters to engage your spirit

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My heartfelt thanks to a fascinating person I did not know contest

Was in1967 that this wonderful man
Performed an operation that no one else can.

Because of this man my heart can be healed
My undying gratitude is surely signed and sealed.

His work has helped  hundreds of sufferers
To  lead a near normal life  of many years.

To this man I raise my glass, been thinking very hard
How do you say thank you, to Dr Christian Barnard.

Your expertise has been shown and taught in distant parts
Now surgeons  have the knowledge to mend such broken hearts .

When he retired from this work his planned to end his days
Living in Austria to wind down, relax and golf to play

Whilst on holiday in Paphos after he had retired
Died at the poolside  of a heart attack, a good life expired.

Dedicated to Dr Christian Barnard, the man whom in South Africa  carried out the first human  to human heart transplant..

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Design Yourself

Start as a blank canvas

This is where you begin

Take a few pencils

And colour yourself in


Add to it every day

The shades of memories and actions

Make it something beautiful

And ignore any distractions


Add a few blank sheets of paper

Your regrets can be an art

Spattered paint in the form of past choices

Spills the colours of your heart


Soon your canvas will be full

When it’s time to leave this earth

But ask yourself a question

How much is your canvas worth?

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Flawless or Flaws

Her skin shone with radiance
Peach and rose in perfect balance

Flawless as the diamond on her hand
A sparkling jewel on a gold band

A black heart rested within
Ominously jet, a flawless twin

Pretty she was not, had many a flaw
Chubby cheeks which needed a thaw

Fingers hardened with hard work
Was a simple wife of the town clerk

A kind and golden heart within
Helped one and all with a happy grin

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Poetic Art


The breath of life, in a poem,                   
                     comes with the first stroke of your pen.
Your heart and soul poured into it,
                     ink, the blood that flows within.

Imagery, becomes sinuous,
                     entwined with rhythm flowing.

Singing amongst your memories,
                     your emotions, overflowing.

Taking form, molded by your hand,
                     into an image on the page.

With depth of vision, to be shared,
                     spotlighted on the stage.

To be spoken and proudly shown,
                     or kept for your own collection.

Individual, unique art,
                     ones own personal reflection.

For Linda Marie
Contest:  Poetry Panorama 
Placement: 4th

***On a side note.  
Read just the top line of each couplet, 
from top to bottom.  
Then read just the bottom line of each couplet, 
from to to bottom.  
There are three different poems within this verse.  
Funny how that worked out.

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Take My Hand, And Be My Love

Take My Hand, And Be My Love By Rick Rucker Come with me, and be My Love, Only seeing blue skies Above! At odd moments, throughout the day, At tape of recent events, in my mind, I play, All of my defenses, Are bypassed by my overloaded senses, I’m sure my friends think me quite daft, They’ve seen me oddly smile, heard that I weirdly laughed, Although it isn’t yet Spring, Friends mention that I often sing, At the slightest provocation, Due to my dearest avocation, Which is Loving You! The only thing I forever want to do! I know that You are more reserved than Me, Don’t blame me, you have set my Inhibitions Free! I feel like some love-struck kid, My Love for You, I never hid. You have given my Heart wings, Played a Lover’s tune on my Heart strings! Take my Hand, and walk with me, I will try to let You see, Just how wonderful our Lives will be Me, in Love with You, and You with Me, In a Garden of Delight, Loving You, both day, and night! Being with You, I will never tire, To be by your side, I would swim through Fire! Though our names be not Montague, nor Capulet, Our Love will be remembered, that I’ll bet, For such an epic Love, it would be a sin, If others could not listen in, My poems are meant to record, How blessed I am, with You as my reward, How long will I write for you, a Love Rhyme? Only until the end of Time!

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I am clueless to the way they act

They have changed a lot and that’s a fact


Why they are so is a mystery to me

The reason why, I just fail to see


But it seems to be about growing old

With age maybe the heart turns hard and cold


So forgive me if I choose to sit here and bite my tongue

And hope my heart and soul will stay forever young

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A PBS SPECIAL: IF AS SUNG BY BREAD Mm mm, if I had a sweet tooth, I think I would be sugar proof. A cake would be nice to satisfy this appetite. Sweet rolls are in the stove. Let me turn my music on. I must send a wavelength to the cook. She or he will prepare bread, if his or her mood is good. I am mill in here. I am self-rising flour dear… Oh, she hears. Greetings darling! Hello Mill, she is retrieving me. I am about to be intensified. Oh, she coming back for me now. Sweetbread she will behold in her eyes. Many desserts to come, he has joined, shouted Mill and Self-Rising Flour. _______________________________________/ Sponsor: Seren Roberts Contest Name: "IF" as sung by Bread - write me a masterpiece Entry Date: March 29, 2014 Date Written: March 29, 2014

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Waiting Heart

Once upon a time,
Where love can only mime,
A heart was captured in grace
And here the story trace.
She hid behind the wall
Watching him as he call
The playful smile on his face
Oh it stabbed her heart in disgrace.

“No! I don’t love him!” she lied.
Behind her words she cried.
Such lonely soul in lust
Her wishes had turned to dust.

Suddenly he came to her,
The eyes she had was blurr.
He gave her a pretty grin
And her head just started to spin.

He’s not as special as other
But not the type to be bother.
Somehow he had taken over
Her heart which she had cover!

Is that what true love means?
Or was that just an acting scene?
She really couldn’t possibly know.
Still her loves just keeps on and grow.

Day by day, her love speaks.
Time over time, her heart beats!
No, she’s still not in his sight,
Patiently waiting for the light…

Once upon the present days
Where love can only act the play.
A heart was waiting for its lines
Till the time it had to shine.

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Innocence opens her heart so plain and kind.
Fowl feathered black eagerly excepts touch.

Either blind of fear, which comes with age.
Expressing emotions, they bond gently.

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In every way you astonish me,

Like the birds marvelous enrichment of flight,
My heart is subjected to your every sight,

The light complexion,

The sweet expression,
The magnificent extensions.

No mere mortal can resist your beauty ,

as beautiful is a word that defines you
but a word that does not express you.

The light of my heart ,

so undefined but yet so overwhelming,
so articulate but yet so amazing.

Sages were not wrong to say you are extraordinarily

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The Letter, 1660

These rustling humans, how they jabber!
With their smudged and crinkling ink dabber

I lie here resting while their investing
Their moments in this blabbered pestering

I've seen their pages scribbled in rages
Of inspiration by their sages

I hear the parchment, crisp and crackling,
Depicting marks pronounced in cackling

And wheezes of a breezes sighs
Read in secret by her eyes

Here in this secluded corner
This one was sent by a foreigner

The rounded man, all clad in fur,
Hears some code, it makes him stir

The thinner man sprouts in his chair
Which creeks beneath his squirming dare

The glamour creature, thin and frail,
Seems neutral about the true tale

I hear a fist pound on the table
Shouting that this could be a fable

"What if it's true?",  the other asks
While in fascination he basks

They analyze it for a clue,
This letter, to learn if it's true

The chamber, while closed, is secret, airy
While echo's this secretary

The scribbled riddles held in hand 
Are esteemed to be so grand

I might chew them if I could
For I bask in my puppy-hood

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Only You

It was only you.
Who came into my heart so gently.
Who touched my heart so deeply.
And smiled so sweetly.
You are the one who explained to me.
The real meaning of life.
And help me so sincerely.
My friend you have done so much for me.
I just can't repay you ever.
I will remain grateful to you forever.

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This doesn't make any sense

Blood like breath spilling from the lips
Life like death sailing and sinking ships

Dance in the sun, forget sorrow
Embrace into one; here comes tomorrow

Feel pain and die again
Never know when to say when

Love like life
There's blood on your knife

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Curiousity Kills

My poor heart didn't realize, 
My brain was so quick to deceive, 
Curious feet jumped in love side by side, 
At my age, so naive.
Really? ? It didn't matter, 
If my heart broke clean in two? 
My memory proclaimed heartbreak wasn't that bad, 
Now it's changed its point of view.
I remembered loss as a tiny sting, 
A little bump to my ego, 
A heartache I had in my twenties, 
With a boyfriend I had outgrown.
Oh boy I would have listened, 
If my instincts shouted NO! 
But they didn't because they were in on it, 
They too wanted to know…
If my heart really knew what love was, 
Had I stared devotion in the face? 
Had I really merged with another, 
With a commitment time can't erase? 
And now we all know the answers, 
Thanks a lot you guys! 
He's gone and my heart has turned ice cold, 
Its centre runs hard and dry.
I have suffered the loss of my one true mate, 
A mirrored, beating heart, 
At least in the past my heart kind of felt whole, 
I was unaware it was only half.
Although ignorant bliss has been taken from me, 
All protection has been stripped, 
The lesson has made me feel quite grown up, 
But curiousity my friend, is a *****! 

© 2013 
Ruby Honeytip

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A Intellectual Heart


A scholar can be prosperous.
An intellectual heart is divine.

Twins, a million miles apart. 
Parallel they trek, the rugged road.

Its only if and when they meet.
Burden of life's journey is eased.

Refuse their union?
Your soul will be scarred!
and can never be at peace.
Let not; your mind, alone; lead your life.
Mind is filled with things material.

You were not born with astuteness.
It’s the input, that’s in your mind.

Riddled of things that are unclear.
Fear dulls, your logic every day.

Superstition, she plays her evil part.
divorcing  the heart and mind apart.

Wisdom she loses her sense.
Listen to your murmuring heart.

She is guided by your soul.
Every reasoning is well defined.

Expresses the zeal of HER DESIRE.

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I look at you as you sleep,
  without you my life would be incomplete.

Always with a warm smile,
  you always go the extra mile.

I love my dysfunctional family,
  with you I can just be me.

Thank you for taking this chance,
  because having you makes my heart dance.

We've been sisters for almost half my life,
  no one believes that you're not my wife.

So here is to 18 more years,
  we stick together through happiness and tears.

I'll love you through thick and thin,
  I'm VERY BLESSED to have you as my best friend.

Dedicated to the best woman I know. Aleera(my sister wicked) I heart you!
                               LOVE ILLY(Demented)

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First Kiss

First Kiss

His brown hair with a black fleck,
 sent my heart lurching you can bet

I knew he was the one for me, 
even though he was quite ugly.

My arms enfolded him quite bold;
 I never listened to what I’d been told

Take your time get to know him, 
Oh no not me, I jumped straight in…

A kiss was what my heart told me,
 I grabbed and sat him on my knee

I turned and kissed my best-est kiss,
 he jumped and so my kiss did miss…

My young heart was now in a fix, 
my first kiss gone wrong - I was only six

But looking back I am not too upset, 
my first love kiss was to our pet…

Dad had returned back home from sea
And with him he had a baby monkey…

© 12/08/2012
Entry for First Kiss Contest sponsored by Craig Cornish 

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Art Feeds My Soul

Art Feeds My Soul By Rick Rucker I have been, for two months, in my new home, The things we have done to the place, would fill a tome, The smell of paint, on the air, as it is new, Carpets and blinds, and hardwood floors, done too, New sink, and fixtures, and bathroom mirror, A grandfather clock that I hold most dear, New lighting, in and out, and here and there, Served to show the walls, which were quite bare, Yesterday, came the time to bite the bullet, To find the trigger, and finally pull it! Something that had me feeling bad, At a friend’s, a King’s ransom in art, I had, The artists had labored for years, by hand, To paint the finest art in the land. On the walls, not a trace, As I never before had the space, To show them as they deserved, To display them, for so long preserved, Tomorrow, a smile will light my Face, As I see the beauty that my walls, does grace, Prior to yesterday, my Home was whole, Now, it has the Power to feed my Soul, Even with every odd chance, Warms me with but a fleeting glance, Their haunting images are a constant inspiration, For the creators, I have nothing but admiration, To think that silk, and paint could cause, Such emotion, gives me pause, I am sure that I shall always feel, The feelings that these works reveal, I shall ever hold the longing in my Heart, Engendered by these works of Art. I hope to forever be, In love with Beauty that I see!

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Believe and Forgive

Introduction: Sometimes your life sinks down a little, 
And when it does try and fight for Islam and have faith in Allah, 
ask for His divine guidance, believe and respect everyone, 
don't hold any grudge against someone, 
forgive them and surrender completely to Allah
And believe in His graceful light.

Don't fall apart,
When light fades away
Look deep in your heart,
Allah will aid your way

Nothing feels wrong,
While nature sings song
Days go along,
Until we're gone

Don't deceive,
Just learn to heed
Do believe,
And you will forgive.

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I pray the courage to speak aloud
And wish my heart to be not proud

Daydreams intrude on my every thought
Anxiety builds, my mind is fraught

My heart speaks volumes, mouth is mute
Thoughts are rich, actions dilute

Admired from afar but never approached
Will my love for you ever be broached?

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Tie Me Up to Your Heart

Tie me up to your heart
With red silken chords so smooth
Bonds of softness to fit your mood
Close yourself to the noise outside
Here in love’s den with me abide
Forget all that’s gone before
I beg you to lock that door

Tie me up to your heart
Do to my heart just what you please
Torment it and then just tease
Let your large heart dominate
My small heart now subjugate
Let might and prowess be shown
And your fiercest love be known

Tie me up to your heart
Make love’s knots extremely tight
Make impossible my flight
Have me bound up to your will
Open to your every thrill
Be my master through the night
Take us clear to morning light

Tie me up to your heart
Let go of all your madness
Your brokenness and sadness
The past hurts that brought you shame
That broke you and made you tame
Sweet freedom is calling you
Now you know what you must do...

Tie me, yes, tie me up to your heart.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The silent lover

Thy eyes reflects the shine of the moon
Angel are you or are you god’s boon
When the melody of your voice falls in my ear drum
It makes me happy as well a numb 

I know it start up with joy and fun and it’s up to brain
Happy it makes me now but it’s got to end up in pain
Every single moment you’re in front of me
Feels I should go ahead and talk
My heart says I shall do it my mind says stop 

Wish god was here and I had done wish to spare
Id just ask you with the god and I know it would be fair 
The way you smile makes my pulse and heart stop
Is it infatuation or is it a silent love

Hope my silent love wont end up in vain
It’s your beauty that makes me happy as for your absence I always end up in 

I love you now and forever and ever
But I can’t speak up of that as I’m a silent lover 

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After the storm

I surrendered my heart and I pledged my alliance;
Put my nose to the grindstone and contained my defiance.
Kept my hands to myself never touched no one else;
Kept my taste for the hunt stored on a shelf.
    I never forgot to emphasize friend;
    And always remembered don’t always win.
    Not always perfect but vested for sure;
    And I strengthened my heart so I could endure.
I balanced the check book;
And I carried the weight;
And offered up more;
Than ever I took
      It took many years but I finally grew up;
     I was finally the big dog no longer the pup.
     I treated my woman much like a queen;
    But then she did something like I’d never seen.
I won’t include details I’m holding my tongue;
Even though I forgave her what we once had was done.
I searched for the reasons as I lay on the ground;
And these are the answers I’m surprised that I found.
     I lived as a gun man sufficiently styled;
    Proficient as trickster kept her beguiled;
    But the life of the player could toss you to flames;
    And being the provider that’s the true game

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This old Shack contest

Darkish blue, purples and reds,
Strokes of paint dance inside my head,
Evening lights, brushed just right,
I can taste this special night,
Moon far off, fading through this black frame,
Focus geared towards the star lit name,
Mina Mills, written in cursive swirls,
Each letter has a twist and twirl,
Extended road, destination straight,
Longing to know what awaits,
Autumn trees, almost bare,
Colors drip, as I stare,
Below, in the corner, hidden but alive,
a place that exists, though it's been Deprived, 
A little shack leaning against a tree trunk,
Broken windows with a roof that has sunk,
Vacant and cold,
Abandoned, and old
Some what misplaced,
In such a beautiful place,
Leaves me questioning the artist intentions,
What was her reason for this subtle mention.

Contest: the picture frame

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Patient Love

Time was when love was very near, lying there in waiting.
In dawdling youth I looked away, with heart and head debating.

The mind grew weary after while, conceding heart had won.
The heart extended welcome, but ‘twas found that love had gone.

A love that is not nourished will simply fade away.
Its steadfastness must be cared for and tended every day.

Improvident the lass or lad who holds love carelessly.
It’s rare the love that can endure rejection endlessly.

Won a 3rd

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What A Lovers Kiss Can Be

Her body is the fire
That lights my candle of desire
A roaring flame formed in the night
Her beauty needs no other light
Than what we make when put together
So hot even in freezing weather
We fill the house with steamy heat
Every time our bodies meet
By morning neither she nor I
Could undo the knotted tie
Of labored limbs left so tired
From a night solely inspired
By my lovely lovers curves
That pressed so sweetly on my nerves
While fighting sleep our eyelids compressed
And she fell to sleep first on my chest
I followed shortly her to rest
But when I woke she had dressed
And left me with only a look
That pierced my heart with string and hook
Still slack when through the door she leaves
But soon that string works and weaves
Its way around my heart to pull
It and my body to full
Sprint after the lost love
That sleep cruelly deprived me of
I searched the streets until night came
And then I saw the tiny flame
Of that beauty shine far away
But still to me as bright as day
and with my love she was persuaded
To chase the romance once evaded
Then between us the heat did grow
Until on touch our lips did glow
So bright in darkness for all to see
What a lovers kiss can be

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My first sin

"Each experience is locked within my heart and only I hold the key..." that will open the doors of my soul for you to see.
It was a cold October night and my parents were in a fight. you and I we were tight.
I met you beneath the willow tree where you said you'd be.
Nervous, anxious and wanting to run I looked into your eyes and I was done.
Sitting there on that hill everything was still.
My heart was racing and my palms were shaking.
You leaned in and that was the night of my first sin.
We sat close and snuggled all night with the moon shining bright.
As puppy love showed its face you got to first base.
8-20-2011 A Fragment of Life Cory long

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Sherry, The One That Got Away

Sherry, The One That Got Away By Rick Rucker Sherry was the one that got away, I remember her to this very day, She was quite a winsome lass, I was far below her class, Her brother was a friend of mine, I first met his sister, with a smile of Sunshine! I went to his house to swim in his pool, There, I made myself the perfect fool! I was drying off, and standing there, When out walked Venus, with raven hair! I was not merely tongue tied, Had I not averted my eyes, I might have died! Just then, my heart suddenly stopped, But for paralysis, I would have dropped! Understand that I was shy, Too afraid to talk to her, I won’t lie! Just to make matters worse, A song came out, to add to my curse, Frankie Valli sang a song, To, my embarrassment, prolong, The title was graced with her name, It made feel even more lame, A line of the song asked her on a date, To never have the courage to do that was my fate! I had a rich fantasy life, In it, she starred as my wife, We were so much in love, Birds serenaded us from above! I imagined we had little need of clothes, Writhing together, we would curl our toes, Finally the balance of the Universe I had to restore, I could not take it anymore! I began to think like Machiavelli, All because of Frankie Valli! With her brother, I did pick a fight, So that I could sleep at night, So that I would see her never more, In time, my heart became less sore. In time, I learned to be more assertive, Not merely giving girls glances, furtive, I even fell in love and married, But, sometimes at night, my thoughts tarried, On the memory of that lovely girl, Who, among the swine, she was a pearl. Whenever I read about two people, married forever, I kick myself for lack of guts I never, Asked Sherry on a date, Therefore could not become her mate, I do not know what might have been, Had I not been the most timid of young men. I hope she has had a wonderful life, I did, and a terrific wife, But still I sometimes hear that song, And instantly, I know that I did wrong!

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Two Smiles

She looks up at me with tears about to fall
Scared and hurt, I run to her heartfelt call

Two smiles I see, both bleeding on her face
Only one of them is in the right place

The other smile is underneath her chin
Deep and wide, but doesn't hold a grin

My poor baby, the girl with angel eyes
Pick her up trying to soothe those little cries

Rush her to the doctor, to see what she can do
She closes up that smile with a stitch or two

I hug and hold her all throughout the night
My little brave trooper sleeps well tonight

*my little one cut open her chin and got 6 stitches yesterday*

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Digging those holes; inserting those poles;
Imposing those limits; what is and what goes.
Jumping the fences; crossings the lawns;
Playing with starlight; till fun time is gone.
There in the large house; those of I am;
Offer cake to the hungry; they do what they can.
On the wings of the eagles; egos do ride;
In the color of rainbows; selfish can hide.
Penned to the art form; contention can churn;
The rules on the fences; tomorrow might burn
Simplistic perhaps; yet does it not rhyme;
Does that buy us entrance; universally sublime?

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Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is hard to keep
When all you want to do is weep
Trying to meet each day with a smile 
When your heart is hurting all the while
Thinking positively will make your day
Brighter, sweeter, as you find your way
Focusing on the good and the true
Will chase away those feelings so blue
You must act much better than you feel
Though your heart may be broken still
Show others only your shining face
Let frowns and tears leave no trace
If you can accomplish this one goal
You will greatly benefit your precious soul

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No Flowers in the Field

No flowers in the field
Sadness today
I wear upon my heart a shield

For in this field love grows
No harvest
Why?  Only God knows

Each season bears the same
Unharvested love
So you wonder why they came

Could it be that soulmates are for a season?
Don't go
What for, love the reason?

This question to my heart do I ask
When will love stay?
Where from, the love that lasts?

Is it our blindness?
A guard of our heart?
To let love should never part


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You are my friend, my family, and my little sister
I never thought one day that I'll give your name a twister.

I remember when it was and how it had began
You'd shown me a drawing excitedly and I had tasted sand.

Asked me if it was good enough and what I thought of it
I thought it was done exquisitely and felt my eyebrows knit.

We had always been sketching, ever since I could remember
And yet I never once did think that you would become the better.

I did not know what the feeling was until a few days after
When you handed me another picture and the air rang with your laughter.

You were so happy and so proud, and I very pleased with you too
But somewhere deep inside unsatisfaction started to brew.

It was moments later when I declared a war
"From now on you are my rival, and I won't let you pass by far!"

But you only shook your head and said that I was weird
That kind of apathetic reaction was worse than I had feared.

Nonetheless I stood my ground, although sometimes it kills
Because you'd made me recognise your given artistic skills.

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Edit and Waste

Crop, copy and paste.
These are the days of edit and waste.

Digital pictures matching our taste.
Everyone fuzzy in dot-matrix.

Saved as a file in some special place.
Not just a folder, a name with no face.

Shared with our friends all over the net.
Nobody wiser to that they've not met.

Clicked on again to remember the time.
Scrolled by a mouse; through thumbs in a line.

Dragged in and dropped to folders where bound.
Making them searches of files to be found.

Beautiful pictures fill up my screen.
Some of them larger than what I have seen.

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Un grand pas vers le Bon Dieu

Sweet short round sadness in the mirror may grow;
He writes her name twice on the mind`s first snow;
It is the moment to find a joke and make her laugh;
If he holds his dreams and her hands ,that`s enough;
A smile of the kidness with each cup of tea, and soon
As brought by Fancy`s Fairy in the blond afternoon,
The taste of honey mealt in bitterness of broken glass;
The subtle drums in his ears violently might surpass
The horses`galoop at the purple banks of his veins ;
From the green empire, where eternal spring reigns
The romp`s steps of imagery in the Plato`s realm
Composing an ode of joy or a long lasting psalm:
Child dancing, playing with the joyous rain,
 Like Narcissus at the sides of the fountain.
That parfume of violets :her hair and her eyes
Tactile, fragile china, cold glass solitude lies
In their unwritten novel: everybody may choose
The thrill of dancing among the Greek statues;
The rustling of the two doves following Love`s call 
 In the hand of Light,with overflown tumult in one soul. 
The step towards his heart and quickly her stop;
Without the slightest hesitation, all muscles hope
 Ready to caught a falling star still hoping
The crystalline tear prolonged dropping
Transformed in advancing recollections through:
Two masters of slaves and two slaves ,thus sum two.

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Poetic Rhyme

I walked down halls that never saw me before...
Chairs filled with rhyming hearts all behind the door...

Each set of eyes sketched poems from a special place...
All with such beauty and heart that leaves a lasting trace...

I came to see and meet some young poets and maybe help a few...
But you touched my heart right back, and now I've learned from you...

A day that will stand tall in my list of special times...
And how nice it was to speak with you in our own poetic rhyme....

 Dedicated to the 7th graders of Jonas Bronck Academy of
                                                          the Bronx NY

by Michael J Falotico

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Myself Portrait

I am just me 
Not a strange anatomy
I burn with a grace
Rarely not seen on my face
Within me a sanguine
And the love of a good queen
My outward defence not my 
It's true I have a bad side
All of me I cannot spell
For you, all I may not tell
Knowing me is an elusive matter
Stay with me,you'll know me 

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Tale of Fright

Frigid hands of a raven sky
Capture murmurs of a feral lullaby

Terror now awakens to cleave sensation
Dismay now devours thoughts of elation

Lucid black, the void prevails
Grasping the mind into its prolonging trails

Body asunder, shattering with dread
Passionate with fear from toe to head

It is from the night... dark, viscous, and saccharine
Dissolving in sky like honey in wine

That mesmerizes thought, body, and sight
Plundering all into a tale of fright...

Inspired by Dean Koontz's books of terror and beauty

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If Just a Word

A lasting imprint that stays etched on my soul..
Outlined feelings with circles of colors to behold..

A ocean of radiant flowing streams of self awareness..
What has molded a heart too warm to hold a lasting sadness..

From my hand a single word that is thrown so high in the air..
Travels on a guided trail to just brush against some despair..

If I could touch just one person a day with a thought or a write..
I would then know in my heart that I made someones day bright..

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The beautiful bloom of a flower
Behind is a birth of a supernatural power.

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"Painting Love"

Your body is the canvas in my frame....
My heart is the pallet ,no two colors are the same...

My hands are the brush as your curves the landscape...
I will sign it with kisses ,and the picture I will undrape..

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Thunderstorm in Venice

A testament to human will it stands,
Fair maiden of all the foreign lands.
An equilibrium between Earth and sea,
Maintained in grotesque ecstasy.
The gentle lap of waves doth speak,
Of times ere now, of bygone weeks,
Of countless Romeos in ages old,
Emotions worth their weight in gold,
And whispers in the dark I hear,
Every time I saunter near
The unlit alleys and ragged walls,
Creaking bridges and eerie halls,
Fair Venice why art thou so dark?
Distress'd art thou, thy face is mark'd--
With horror; in words which no man dare etch,
Captured forever in this gloomy sketch.

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Brand New Day

Introduction: Some days you feel alive, some days you don''s the elegance of life which many face in the days of existence. Through our own fray whatever it may be, we look out for a brand new way towards the light. We wander, more or less as a rabbit looking for its new home; crawling in and out within this baffled world to find serenity - To find a brand new day filled with everlasting aurora of peace and contentment.

Sometimes the sky is blue, sometimes it looks so white
Sometimes the truth hurts too, sometimes it's blinding bright
Sometimes this life feels short, sometimes it seems so long
Sometimes we go abroad, and at times we feel belonged

Sometimes we want to heal, sometimes we just let go
Sometimes we feel so real, sometimes we feel hollow
Sometimes we don't forgive, sometimes we don’t forget
Sometimes we feel captive, and at times we do regret

Sometimes we sure wonder and pray to leave things back
Sometimes we surrender and we get back in track
Sometimes we learn to deem the truth from the lies
Sometimes we feel the change and start a whole new life

One day we see one light that brings in so much hope
It shows one true love, in a whole new view
That day may be today, reading this here and now
These words aren't just to rhyme, but to put a vivid smile

A smile which won't leave off today
As we all know it's a brand new day.

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My Love, My Life

Come to me my Knightly Prince
with the sword you galently fence
On your steed you proudly ride
The battle calls you to its side

I await, your lady fair
as I twine my golden hair
I dream of you, my heroic sire
your memory fills me with desire

I long to see you all the more
to kiss the lips I hunger for
All night and day I long
for the arms that held me strong

Men are returning from the fight
Oh, how dark is this night
My heart pounds when I'm told
you lay upon the battlefield, cold

Alas, this just couldn't be
Your love, is your promise to me
Grief stricken, to my knees, I fall
Ranting and raving, your name I call

Holding sword of tempered steel
Can what my eyes see, be real
He comes, my heart skips a beat
I am lifted, swiftly off my feet

Lost I am in his embrace
then I look upon his face
Behold, alabaster skin, I see
The metallic smell of blood, on me

Pooling, congealing, as it flows down
turning scarlet, my silken gown
Clothes crusted with grass and dirt
my lover has come back, hurt

Slowly he came withering with pain
as the life from him, did drain
to see his lady, he had to try
knowing he was soon to die

Sinking slowly to the ground
he reaches, without a sound
Hands as cold as hardened clay
I see him slipping further away

Quickly I unsheathe the fatal knife
without my love, I'll have no life
As he breathes the final breath
I join my love, my life, in death

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A Summer Couplet

Like the sincerity of summer 
and dust
Is our love void of lust.

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God's Masterpiece

I love to watch the setting sun
When evening is here and day is done
I look to the sky as day turns to night
What wonderful beautiful colors a spectacular sight
No Rembrant or Picasso's paintings would compare
To what God has created for all of us to share

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Where it Hides

In winter's snow, sharp and bright
In darkest days, my sleepless nights

When my hands are shaking
When my earth starts quaking

The words soothe my sour brain
Help me cope with all the pain

It's in his big, bright smile
In the bathroom's tile

The tears in my eyes
In the clouds in the skies

The cravings I feel
My addictions that heal

Love's sweet embrace
The new paths I face

The hand I hold
The stories I've told

From a grin or a nod
To a pea in a pod

The sickness in my mind
Til the light that I find

These lyrics save my life,
These words heal my strife...

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A restarant on the beach front shore.
Making an invitation at a table of four.
For my mom,dad,granny and me.
My passed loves just those three.
They told me of life and how to stay strong.
How to make choices from right and wrong.
Always keep your heart in the right place.
Cause in life there will be troubles to face.
They will stay in my heart no matter where I go.
I will love them til we meet again this they'll always know.
                       Teresa Skyles

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The Cover of Darkness

The Cover of Darkness

As I sit by the fire this night,
Late, the cock’s nearly crowing.
I watch, as the embers burn low,
Weeping, my heart overflowing.

In darkness I find my release,
And let out the day’s silent sorrow.
I let my heart speak what it must,
For there must be living tomorrow.

By day my acting is accomplished,
I play the part I’m expected to play.
The tears that swell unexpectedly,
Can surely wait the end of the day.

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A childs love

A child’s love, so freely given-
The love of which ordained by heaven-

With hands so small, so soft to hold-
The heart of time can be so cold-

With no love, or person caring-
Into my heart they all are staring-

My heart to them shall surely be open-
Charity, For loves sweet mercy has been given -

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Why So Painful?

I stand, utterly hollow and alone.
 Staring and wondering if he'll phone.

Why is it he has this hold over me?
 Why can't he just leave me be?

One minute, I think I'm over him, 
 then all those thoughts and feelings begin.

The biggest part of me knows we can't be together, 
 but then I remember, we vowed it was to last forever.

I think of the name calling, and him being so vile.
 Then here comes the happy memories followed by bile.

My throat burns, from the bile and from the pain.
 A lump, stuck there as the tears fall like summer rain.

How does one get over the hurt and betrayal?
 He's nothing at all like his first portrayal. 

I thought he was loving, kind, and an honorable man.
 Was his facade all part of some cruel, sinister plan?

How can you ever put your heart out there again?
 I can not begin to tell you how heart wrenching its been. 

I feel sorry for him, that he has to put me down.
 Its the only way he can make himself feel renown.

I just wonder when the pain will start to subside.
 I truly don't know how much longer I can stay on this ride. 

One part of me still loves him, for I am still his wife.
 The other part, can not keep putting myself through the strife.

A husband and wife are expected to go through dissension.
 Love shouldn't have to be this hard though, its too much tension.

How do you say good-bye to a man you love and equally hate?
 I never thought I would feel the love I have for him abate. 

I fear a divorce is in order, as I do not feel he will ever change.
 Its not like for the last two years we haven't been estranged. 

I wish I could say that I want to wish him all the best.
 But I don't since he's left this ragged, raw hole in my chest.

I know that's not the ladylike way to be.
 However, you have no idea what he's done to me.

I once tried to see the best in people, and love fierce.
 Well, with his coldness, my heart did he pierce. 

I can only hope to one day, heal my broken heart.
 He should be ashamed, for tearing my faith in love apart. 

But I forgive him for all that he has ever done.
 You see, it is I who will be the bigger and better one.

I only hope I can one day try my hand again at love.
 And I hope its him that I will no longer be thinking of

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The Girl That Was Forgotten

Virgin skin and smiling eyes
lightly steps in black disguise.
The shadowed depths to travel in
‘neath lofted moon’s pale unveiling.
Spirited way on her lover’s calls,
sneaks through silent mirrored halls,
through the arch of guiltless pleasure,
down unknown flights of enthused lore.
Startled by the prickly shifting breeze
that stirs the ground that shadows seize.
Upon the hill steely gate unfairly wrought!
‘Tis the place where her lover sought,
and bid her in the high of the night,
through misshaped gate, past blinking light,
past chiseled warriors and over cobbled bridge
to their first meeting place the old garden ridge.
In shivering skin she stubbornly waits
pondering naught why her lover is late.
Her innocent heart not broken nor bent
doth not see what impatience may invent.
A tidy minute leads to a weary score,
a guard’s hour, and then many more.
Now heavy lidded her frowning eyes
play witness to the changing of the skies.
The darkness fades to the colour of rum
as she wishes well for whatever did become  
of her lover, his kisses and knightly accord
to flatter her with the poetry she adored.
Her innocent heart somnolent and beset
lays its new pillow in the night of regret.
The dawning now bells jilted and wronged
for the girl was forgotten by the love that she longed.

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Poplar and Wind

The smell of led was in the air
In the quiet forest bullet that silence would dispel 
That bullet young partisans’ heart would tear 
And the boy like stone would fell

All was left was a shallow grave
And small cross given to the one who was brave
Above the grave tall poplar would sway like an ocean wave
The salute was not given because guerrillas their bullets had to save

The destiny has many turns
There are many earthly concerns
But in subtle leaves of poplar tree wind makes sound like heart that for lover yearns
Only it can respond to other sides’ concerns as well as soul’s current sojourns

Wind is beyond time but blood is like wine 
No matter if blood is spilled by men or force of divine
Is the wind reflection of the force angelically sublime?
Or maybe soul has its own poplar its own wind and its own one having no reference to ours’ time

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Wolf Drinking Water by Moonlight

Never a crescent but opalescent
This globe, suspended and always present
And the Wolf cannot be flesh or bone
In this void in time's dim desert zone

The Wolf drinks water by frozen moonlight
Tween slurps She's panting with all of her might
Behind Her is cool, clear space, not a sound
Only the dream, the moon, the pond, the ground

Before Her, Her own urge to lap abounds
Wet shadow animates Her slurping sounds
As She's prowling, the dreams of human minds
Resume here, and secret voices She finds

While the Wolf lingers in psychic powers
None shall wake, but quake, for several hours
Their minds in this clearing, none can hide
Into this stretch they've strayed, some petrified

Sleeping souls, unseen, drift round Her shadow
Longing to escape to some green meadow
Gathered souls meld with Her strange oasis
Their liquid ripples squirm like their faces

In each warm, active mind synapses spark
Captives perceive images as they arc
Meanwhile, the Wolf; in spirit world She drinks
A united sea; thoughts each dreamer thinks

Her lips draw in the collective spirit
Of their curious nature; they fear it
In Her belly flows their merged collages;
Impressions of their entwined barrages

The Wolf's clear as glass, exposing patterns
In colors blazed like Neptune's, like Saturn's
From Her drinking head down to Her wagging tail
She's made of dreamers captured by sleep's spell

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Glorious voices in praises
From the oral of beautiful faces.

Angels flew to and fro
In  a delight void of sorrow.

The God seated upon the throne
In a mysterious glory shone.

Pondering a rise to the man
Who fell at the flat flaws of the woman.

A divine friendship project
An heavenly submitted subject.

And there was the need to send
So for an ending enmity end.

The sacrifice for the closed gap
For men to draw and grace tap.

The Son had such great love
For  is abode is love above.

For He chose to be made
And lower  than the angels was he made.

In a virgin grace He was breathed
And in the manger at birth held.

Joy broke loose at His arrival
In the streets of men for the come revival.

In heaven was gladness
Such that angels chorused in a depth of goodness

The mother eyes lighted with an unscathed  glittering
And father's hands patted the divine offspring.

Grew and waxed strong 
And to fulfil He held not too long.

For yet in flesh yet compassionate
Loved still though flanked by hate.
Of suffering He brought comfort 
And to sinners He stretched come forth.

A servant to all yet led
For man His blood shed.

Bruised, spitted upon and beaten
As it was written.

The valley of skulls erected His hanged
After the bitter cries of each nail banged.

A silence broke into heaven
And a heat arose as of the oven.

 The sins were melted 
And the gap was mended.

He rose to ascend into glory
For the change of our wretched story.

The pathway of the  saving grace
To draw and see the Father's face. 

And man was made friend  with
At a reconciliation sincerely  lent.
The reason for this season
His birth, death and risen.

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Heart beats, Heart stops, Stomach hurls

It's ok, I dont need you anymore 
My feelings for you are gone i'm sure

Theres still the days that you walk past 
I smell your scent and my heart beats fast
Or the times i see you sitting with girls
when my heart stops and my stomach hurls

But thats fine it should stop in a bit
Although at times its hard i admit

I hurt you alot, time again
I put you through alot of pain

But its not just you who hurts so much
I torture myself with the loss of your touch
Just a glance of your smile can be enough
Yes indeed this year has been quite rough

But like i said, now im fine
So carry on while i watch you shine

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A unique keepsake

Craft me a tiffany
that others may see

Cut out a matisse
for my mantle-piece

Throw me a pollock
to which others will flock

Abstract me a rothko
I can keep on show

Sculpt like epstein
this profile of mine

Draw like da vinci
a portrait  of me

Hand make a keepsake for me
that is unique of thee

Brian Strand

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I am neither an architect nor an engineer
but sure, i can bridge gaps..

I'm neither a doctor nor a surgeon
but sure, i can relieve pain and save a soul..

I'm neither an artist nor a musician..
but sure i can make you soar with my voice..

I'm neither a lawyer nor  judge,
but I can be your avid listener of woos and truths...

I'm neither an angel or a devil,
but I'm sure I'm all just lain human...

who is willing to accept the whole you..

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Love is Pain

Twist my heart and tear it in two, 
 But that will never keep me from loving you.

Say such ugly, hurtful things.
 No matter how many tears it brings.

Is this what it takes to make you smile?
 Hurting me as I love you all the while.

Please stop this torturous time, 
 I need a man whose heart can truly be mine.

I won't ask this of you again,
 If you love me, let me go so my healing can begin.

My loving you was a huge mistake.
 How many times can one heart break?

I'll love you until I draw my last breath, 
 For all you've done, this is the only choice I have left.

I married the man that with all my heart I loved, 
 You pushed me away, with every hit and shove.

The things you said to me were nothing short of insane, 
 You taught me the biggest lesson in life, Love is Pain

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What I see when I read other peoples poems

When I put myself in the reader’s shoes, 

My mind it unlocks my heart becomes fused, 

So many paths are written about, 

Some with emotional pain, fear and doubt, 

Some just admire love and the rain, 

Some people’s words are written in vain, 

Whatever the journey I can jump right in, 

Words have no boundary’s they start where my eyes begin, 

Echoes of sadness transfer through to my chest, 

Welding the pieces of alone and depressed, 

Confusion and clutter glued to their verses, 

Lyrics and styles some blessings and some curses,

Some intellectually murder expression, 

While others navigate me through lust and obsession, 

Some make declarations, oaths and pledges, 

Language can break through all previous wedges, 

Others can take me back to long ago, 

During wars of succession that troubled them so, 

Drifters and seekers, 

My fellow poets are speakers,

Unraveling time, 

By a single rhyme, 

Just like the lyrics of King David, 

Heartache and trouble can leave some jaded, 

But when others can take that journey with you again, 

All from a poets notebook and pen, 

The past comes alive and the present becomes real, 

Dirt roads aren’t as scary and soldiers finally heal, 

Our souls become one by the words we do speak, 

So take time to read another persons week, 

For their lessons may be the energy that saves some youth, 

Their story’s may be the emotion that engrave in your heart truth,

Take a moment to walk through someone else's mind, 

There is no telling what you will find. 

By: Sabina Nicole

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Heart Is Breaking

My heart is breaking, body aching,
Thoughts are pacing, and heart speedily racing.
You were what made me happy, What made me see the true me.
My tears are streaming down...
Im tired of everything seeming to be okay.
Nothing really goes my way.
I tried so hard to keep us together.
I guess our relationship wan't really "forever".
You had my heart, and lifted me up.
But now it seems like whe have just given up.

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Upon a bed of petals

Upon a bed of petals of red and white
Upon a bed of petals where everything looks right
There she lies so perfectly still
Where her heart is a disaster so very ill

Upon a bed of petals of roses that were red
Her heart became cold then her body became dead
But no one will ever care; she’s a problem to everyone
So I guess that they are happy now that she is gone

Upon a bed of petals of roses that were white
I see her as angel shining very bright
There in the clouds floating up above
I hope that she is finally getting love

Upon a bed of petals where I don’t see her anymore
Where my heart breaks even more than before
And as the wind blows and those petals fly
My heart started to die right after I said goodbye

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Auspicious was the day
Pleaded he was mother's labour to pay.

Father was going to cook
Handy was the recipe's book.

A surprise that became salty surprised
The meal looked alive but salty spiced.

He ate happily the sweet sorrow
We, happy teeth, sour tongue, earnestly pray for tomorrow.

How could he eat and smile away the salt?
Sweet or salty?  A probe that came to halt.

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Emotions desire to take control,
Deep inside, waiting to unfold.

Love, so gentle, yet so fierce,
Leaves her crushed, and her heart ever-so pierced.
Her innocence once blew like a flower in the breeze, 
But now her soul lies in a ditch, never at ease.

First sight's love had her fooled from the start, 
Living in a dream was unsafe for her heart.

Unbearable pain was his gift goodbye,
Thinking not of the damage, he left his victim to die.

She lye there waiting for her life to be taken, 
Thought she had no one, but she was mistaken.

A glowing pair of eyes were caught in her sight,
She attempted getting up with all of her might.

The man came closer, gave an edge to her world,
Without even knowing, he shed light to the girl.

Took her by the hand, gave her a second shot at love,
His illuminating vibe appeared as if he were sent from above.

The girl gave in to this man's illusion,
Thinking not of the pain that her heart was once bruising.

She looked deep in the midst of his bewildering eyes,
And caught herself breathless with no surprise.

She's caught in the whirlpool of emotions to use,
...once again, the love cycle continues.

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This love

This love i feel i cannot chase.
This love i feel there is no trace.

Its from the hearts deepest point.
Its feeling in every single joint.

When I see you i feel alive.
It puts my heart in overdrive.

I cannot stand to stay away.
I wish that you will let me stay.

If you leave my heart will break.
Because Ill know this love is fake.

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Killed By The Ferrari I Never Had

Killed By The Ferrari That I Never Had By Rick Rucker I might be the only guy killed by a car he never contacted, Though my life it surely impacted, My Father was a crazy sort, He bought a Ferrari, just for sport! It was a decision not too practical, But a choice very tactical, He remembered how he used to race, Thought it would put a smile on his face! A Ferrari as a family car, There were some better options by far! A family trip, a major feat, That thing in back, not worthy of the name “back seat!” I have always felt that I deserved, To be a little less reserved, Finding myself Alone, I’d taken to calling Ferrari dealers on the phone, To see what I could find, A dream that might ease my mind, Something Red, and Fast, That would cost a Fortune, and wouldn’t last! Just when it seemed at hand, The foundation of my Dream was built on sand! I found a new woman to share my life, To be my best friend, and my wife, She had only one thing that really made her mad, She’d lived in a fancy neighborhood, and her neighbor had, Some noisy Italian car, that he took out in the Spring, And she would never ride in such a thing! I asked if she remembered the make, Until she answered, a breath I didn’t take! A Ferrari, she said most emphatically, My Heart now beat erratically, Without my beautiful Lover in the next seat, A Ferrari wouldn’t seem as neat. That is where my Heart died, To never own my Italian ride, I will forever have to hide, That, deep inside, some part of me will have forever died! I chose her, you know, of course, But I was killed by a Prancing Horse!

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THese deadly lies pour down like rain,
Why can't you say your cause of pain.

I swear it hurts so bad to see,
That with your hurt you can't trust me.

I know that I've caused you to suffer,
And that we'll go through trials rougher.

Please don't leave me dead behind,
Because my memory's hard to find.

You're hiding something in your eyes, 
Pray its not forms of goodbyes.

As you walk away from me ,
Distances grows away from thee.

Your heart seems so closed to me,
What do you hide that i don't see.

I never will quite understand,
why you wont open up and,

My heart it aches from your heartaches,
But I will do whatever it takes.

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Two Women at a Window, ca.1670

It's another mild day and the sky glows white
The air is still and cool as the midday light

Admirers giggle, perhaps at a young caller
One hunches over, the other stands taller

They don't look wealthy, yet they don't look poor
Perhaps trusted servants, but what can't they ignore?

They've taken jolly notice, as if on a whim
Of a miming youth who should be pruning a limb

Posted at the window the younger one peers
At this croaking lad, flattered by what she hears

Hunching near the potato patch across the way
He waves in a fluster with a few word words to say

He's glances side to side, behind the wall, stepping back
Emerging again from a passageway's crack

Between the tool shed and the gardener's house
He sneaks with the startle and twitch of a mouse

She remains calm, though tickled by his manner
For he might as well wear a bright purple banner

The older woman chuckles in faint squeaks
Hidden by the shutter around which she peeks

The younger one looks quite near seventeen
With floating white sleeves rolled up yet clean

Her girlish neckline, cut wide and low,
Displays to her suitor how well she can sew

Her hair is tucked with a bow on one side
Her grin is reserved with her eyes opened wide

Could her silly boy still have his pruners in hand? 
Is he skilled with the saw and tilling the land?

Two women at a window, quite content
Is this how many of their moments this day are spent?

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Absent Soul'd Fool

Someone told me today that I have an absent soul
That my intentions were good but that my heart was cold
They basically told me I would never find love
Or that certain someone who fits like a glove

The problem is that I know what they mean
I have a heart I just don’t let it be seen
I cant give it away with the drop of a hat
For fear it’d brake, and I couldn’t face that

So for now it’ll stay wrapped in cotton wool
And I’ll continue to play the absent soul’d fool

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Your rebuke
My wisdom brook.

Like to a rust key
An excellent oil on me.

As deep and sore
Yet they are wings to soar.

When distress like an armed man
Comes with the sledge hammer

To break me- into shambles
They make me bold marbles.

And times hatred come to stay
Your love is my lifting ray.

Weary to stop
They keep coming non-stop

The correction from the rods
Comfort among odds

Hurts by the stick
Are scars that make me tick.

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Blue Jay Memories

Oh I so longed to touch his tail of fire 
As he winged his way to me in mad desire 

Electric blue on black, oh what a sight 
If any one should look, he’s glowing bright 

My God, is what I said as I did look upon 
His eyes of brown that aimed and shone 

Right inside my room      un-peeling me 
With freedom to dispel   he set me free

And now he’s just a memory of old 
That I carry in my mind, as I enfold 

The moving of the branch the sentinel 
That dove inside my heart, to wish me well 

Mystic Rose 3-10-2014


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Rhymes Are Fun

Anytime I rhyme, I climb, ascending higher and higher
It clarifies life, it fuels my fire

Words constantly cycling through my head
Some I made up, most have already been said

Like: feather, wall, brick, or tambourine
Question! How much for that submarine?

Back to el point; writing, specifically in rhymes, purifies my mind
It centers my soul, bringing me closer to the divine

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Fire Ball Red

The sun rose red like fireballs being played
Soon as it rose clouds enveloped to stay
Sand rippled the clouds became bleak and gray
Streaks of cobalt, gray and snow white today
But the doves did coo saying I love you
Roosters, crows, chirp rip chirp rip too
At one time magenta undercoated the clouds
Giving hope where non was allowed
The rippled effect like a clam's fine shell
Touched my heart with feelings so it swelled
Such a day to be blessed with life
Why would anyone want to destroy with a knife?
All at once stillness decended, peace, love
As one vulture the sky ascended
Tranquility upon porch surrounded
I could feel its presence my heart astounded
One lone vulture returned in flight
Looking for food or just for fun_delight
The dove coos once again nesting instinct
Has settled upon him
Peace, love, joy am filled
Thank you God for my time being still___

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My Surface

                                 There are times I stand in life like a leafless tree...
                             Nothing to cover or shade my self from what you see...

                                 Naked and exposed with the sky my only shelter..
                                  Where lifes cruelty touches my faith and I falter...

                                 Then like spring coming in my surface solidifies...
                   The branches to my heart are now held safe where love doesn't hide...

                  Now I stand strong with my heart in one hand and a shield in the other...
                             Always up and ready to meet either a storm or a lover....

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Mystery Man

Enticing eyes hide secrets unknown,
Slicing a heart that I no longer own.

Endless talks which are chatter to some,
Upon eager ears are more than welcome.

Neither moon nor sun, neither spring nor rain,
Is fit to compare; each is utterly inane.

My pierced heart that longs for much more,
Shall gladly pine away with this fatal sore.

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A Damsel Word Portrait

This poetry paints you
At the camera's flaw without a 

Your hair packed and long
Blue eyes, young

Your ears vacant of earrings
 As you pose in the stairs of 

A flash of teeth white  
Your face smile light.

A pose of a crescent
Akimbo of which I can assent.

Fine purple dress
A pair of heels, a colour express.  
I have just word portrait you 
A beautiful you anew.

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You Walked Lightly

You walked lightly into my life
 Captivating and lovely to my mind,
 At first, I never cared who you were
 Now I don’t know who I am without you,
 You kissed me
 I felt my world change,
 You held me
 I heard my heart awaken,
 You loved me
 And my soul was born anew
 You walked lightly into my life
 Now my heart knows who you are
 And with every breath
 And every step
 I take down lonely roads,
 Your hand is my staff
 Your voice is my guide
 Your strength my shelter
 You’re passion my awakening.
 You walked lightly into my life,
 And all my pain
 You took as your own,
 And all my fears
 You cast into the sea,
 All my doubt
 Lost in your eyes,
 You walked lightly into my life
 And no matter if you choose to stay or go,
 My life is forever changed,
 Just because you loved me
 For a moment in time.
 And because I choose
 To love you
 For the rest of mine

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love starved

If love is a hunger.Then my heart is 
empty.The pains run deeper then 
the pacific ocean floor.So many 
lovers my heart feels like a revolving 
door.I ask my mother to feed me 
cause i    hunger for her love .She 
gave me the left over scraps from 
my sisters and brother.barely 
enough to stop the pain.I ask my 
father to feed me and he only feeds 
my mother ,and when he 
remembers that I have no love he 
says hes fresh out.I asked my 
husband to  feed me .But he cant 
even make food.He gives me a 
dinner mint of lust .It disappears as 
soon  as it touches my 
lips.Countless lovers taking from an 
already starved heart. The inner 
parts of my heart consumed by the 
love given but never received.My 
heart is just and empty hollow lining 
.So empty the hunger pains can 
never be felt again.

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Walk Away

What did I do, what did I say
To make you turn and walk away 
You carried my heart in your hand
I couldn’t make you understand
That I have been true, so true
From the moment that I met you
You can’t even begin to accuse
Do you know what you stand to lose
My heart does not lie, it does not cheat
My “I love you” is real and so complete
Bring back my heart if you decide
That I can not ever be your bride
Please don’t just toss it on the ground 
No truer love could ever be found
You turned around and walked away
Not even giving me a chance to say
A word in return to your accusation
Nor time to come to the realization
Someone has told you that they saw me
In the arms of another, so you set me free
Do you know who it was that they saw
Did you think to hear my side at all
They could not have known much about me 
It was my brother and none other don’t you see
He was only congratulating me on my success
So you see there was nothing for me to confess
A dear price was paid for you not to trust
Walk away and never return if you must
But, darling, when you have had time to think
When sleep won’t come, not even a wink
You’ll know the love that you’ve just thrown away
You’ll beg to return to me come light of day

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Bitter Muse

Of what use is a joyless muse?
What purpose could she serve?
Fit for naught but sardonic comedy,
too gruesome to harvest laughs,
or the chèvre’s ancient tragedy-
but what good is that?
Is life not acrid and dank enough
for muses to bitter be?
Is wormwood manuscript a balm
for exhausted humanity?
Oh where, Olympian maiden,
did all your mirth depart?
Is mortal life not pained enough
we must suffer too in art?

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After the Storm

I see the hills now
After all the question of how

My soul launched in a deep
Where my tears of joy sleep

I cry for my soul at last rest
The race was not a simple test

My breath came new 
And my thirst got a happiness brew

I spread my hands to the sky
In awe of the Most High

In the sun, I see the hope
Fulfilled in its rays' slope

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The Glory Ahead

The coast is clear
We can march on withour fear.

Many mighties have fallen
They yielded not the warning.

The road,full of horrors
That inflict pain all raws.

We hold out as a team
Fighting mosters, as they teem.

Seeing now the glory ahead
Our hope revived, once dead.  

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the death of me

I heard today on the radio news
about diet soda's bodily abuse

yesterday's bit, a blood-soaked whack
about my likely acute heart attack

I remember well my last cigarette
years peeled away, never to get

back to an ever longer life
cutting truth with sharpened knife

that too much carbs will metabolize
my body to twice it's natural size

and also, all that fat I'm ingesting
will contribute to my heart arresting

crossing against a light, the J-walk trot
seems so pedestrian, could hurt...a lot

some terrorist's bomb, a flash done quick
more preferable than linger, diseased and sick

or maybe the decades old saccharine
that I used to drink will do me in

or a cranial aneurysm, a stroke ungenius
a wikileak bloody, arterial or venous

my cell phone may irradiate my head
and leave me the message that I'm dead

tomorrow something will, I'm sure be found
to insure that I'm no longer around

until then I'll continue on my path
trying to avoid the Angel of Death's wrath

will several billion or so, patient souls
remember that they have little control

so could just one notice, I'm the absentee
and remember something was the death of me

© Goode Guy 2011-05-24

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Statue Of A Fool

I saw a statue made of stone.
That gave me looks of one alone.
A man with eyes that I had known.
through thoughts inside to me he'd shown.

His answeres true; to questions false.
Ones greater fears within the waltz.
And at great shame will flinch and flicker
For in great lies come answeres quicker.

He'll stand in silence surrounded by thought
Trading bliss for ignorance; keeping peace at trott.
And in my calm; I see his beauty.
His attention fleeting; his thoughts; his duty.

My eyes are wandering void of expression.
As things are clearer and centered direction.
I see him again as something to watch
Inanimate object; a thing; a crutch.

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My heart contest

My heart melts for those who are in need,
I tend to always plant the right seeds,
My heart cry’s when others are in despair,
I know how life can be unfair,
My heart sings when others do well,
I listen when others have something to tell,
My heart aches when someone is in pain,
I love to just hold them, and watch the healing rain,
My heart rejoices when others persevere,
I keep my motives pure and sincere,
My heart grieves when I see the lies,
It fills with anger when people compromise,
My heart yearns for those that were forgotten,
I know that people can treat others so rotten
My heart is the feature that is my best,
For my heavenly father gave it to me to Bless.

By; Sabina Nicole

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Ashes At My Feet

I walked through ashes on the floor...
They fell from a heart burned and torn...

It dropped like feathers from the air...
From a soul that that only cared...

I searched to find the one it owned...
Only to find myself alone... 

Rebuilt this heart and put it back...
And brought love to where it lacked...

My world is now complete...
No more ashes at my feet...

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Healing a Broken Heart

When the broken heart becomes lost and sadly will not mend, in grief, it crawls ever weaker needing help to ascend For if the trodden heart does not heal, it will surely die love showers will bring rainbows when raindrops cloud the eye The hopeless will need passion, the soul cannot abstain a broken heart can mend when it feels love's embrace again After the chill of winter, the earth needs the warmth of spring as the doleful heart in silence soulfully desires to sing Prayers will lift the broken heart with God's strength and healing touch the clouds will part, the sun will shine, God's hand the heart will clutch The spirit needs uplifting; give comfort to a forlorn friend With abundant love, hope and friendship, the heart will surely mend By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 17, 2012 for the How to Fix a Broken Heart contest (Michael J. Falotico)

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The Vampire

She was a maiden with long red hair
A delicate monster to a heart filled with fear
Binding as one as he lays on her lap
As if he was taking an eternal nap
Love was strong but the pain was deeper
Did he know that she was a reaper?
The sense of desire was in the room
Complicated emotions felt like doom
A deadly attraction none can resist
The journey to death that couldn’t desist
Darkness overcomes the day
Shadows came and won’t go away
Alienated from the world, embraced in deception
Emptiness covered their hearts as they lived in corruption
He searched for comfort and found peace in her
She held him in her arms wishing they can last forever
Blood flooded up the place
Memories, none to erase
The vampire with a sorrowful heart
A relationship that will break apart
The lovers trap is love and passion
A gentle touch, a painful affection
Hearts slowly dying, one by one
With a suffering that will never be gone

Painting: Vampire (1895) - by Edvard Munch

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One thing we can all agree on
Is the pure allure of neon.
Even if you hate its glow,
That’s the way your eyes will go.

As for me, I love its pop,
Perfect for a photo op.
It improves most any sign,
Adding glitz to the design.

All the colors make me smile;
Green, though, is my favorite style.
Still, it is a dying art;
Pricing must be off the chart.

Neon has one big surprise,
Which most people don’t surmise.
You may think it cool or crass – 
Either way, it’s made of gas!

Think of that next time you spot
A bit of neon, glowing hot.
Looks like liquid, acts like paint,
But remember – those it ain’t!

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Rusted Tears

The tin man stood out in the rain and felt each inch of sorrow;
his broken heart beyond repair with no hope for tomorrow.

Now all that's left to him is rust and solitary grief
when his love left for higher ground and stole off like a thief.

Beyond the things he knows as truth are those that make him weep;
a rusted heart and broken spirit are all he's left to keep.

The tin man felt each drop of rain as he whispered good-bye
and from the depths a solitary tear fell from his eye.

for contest"Rust"
sponsored by Rick Parise

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Those Amazing Eyes

Just one look was all it took for me to fall so madly in love!
Without a sound you held me spellbound and your eyes I couldn't get enough of!

In your eyes I begin to swim in the irises of your soul, which unlocked your heart's door.
You came into my life pulling me from that dark hole; and in your heart I explored each 

Your pupils seem to hypnotize, putting me in a state of bliss.
In your eyes I watch the sunrise, and I can't help but reminisce.

I travel to another time, to another place, and I can't help but smile.
With this pen I write a rhyme, as I look at your pretty face makes each couplet worthwhile!

You have my heart doing back flips, which causes my emotions to energize;
And it's just a plus for you to have perfect lips to go with those amazing eyes!!

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Love At First Sight

I just witnessed love
Flying in beautiful doves

He says they have been married since 1953
I say, I wasn't born until 1980-something

He loves her so much, the love of his life 
She lays there, eyes closed without strife

She says very little, only mourns when in pain
She moves very little, bedridden they say

He, with his little notepad, to write it all
About everything that makes her whole

He, in early dementia and hard of hearing
He, has that limp when he walks, but never losses bearing

He tells me, that when I am in my fifties 
                Then I'll see the light 
I look at him, at her and shake my head
Agreeing, because i see the light in them 

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If You Could Look Straight Through Me

If you could look straight through me, and look into my soul
You'd see a heart that once held love ripped to shreds and torn apart
You'd see a heart that once was strong, so hard it's turned to stone
If you could see straight through me, and see inside my head
You'd find all the good memories in ashes, charred and dead
Could there be a remedy, is there any cure
to overcome the hurt and hate we've put each other through
To think we'll never love again, not a love that's true
It all seems such a waste now, so evil and so cruel
It's as if love has taken us and turned us into fools
We did not treat it with respect, we've broken all the rules
We had the best intentions but maybe not the tools
If you could look straight through me, looked deep into my eyes
You'd see the pain and sadness
You'd see a fire that's died
A spark can so suddenly be turned into a flame
But then just as suddenly, be put out again

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My Art

Why does it seem,nothing is complete
And it always feel like I need to repeat
To get something right cause it's wrong
But I can't fix it or make it belong
I sometimes give up and never try again
I can't ever get it right so I pretend
That it is what I see in my head
But it never comes out completely read

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An Old Lullaby

I watched her sleep
As I played with a curl
Pulled her closer to me
My sixteen year old girl...
I sang her an old lullaby
As my heart wondered why
The tables have turned
Now she’s the one
She’s the one
Who soothes me when I cry....
She pulled a cute face
And I couldn’t even trace...
Who she was dreaming about
Who made her heart shout?
Then struggling awake...
She said with a shake...
“Why is it that your mother’s voice
 Makes you want to sleep?”
I smiled....a song in my heart
The tears threatened to start
I couldn’t speak
I could hardly think
So I whispered a prayer
As I smoothed back her hair
And thanked God for old lullabies!

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To my Love

Play not with my heart
We have come far on this path.
Let not my love betrayed
In sincerity,let love be potrayed
Ground in a sound trust
Our sleep void of lust
Welcome my jealousy
Be simple just like the ABC
When you go far into the moon
Forget not coming to me soon.

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"A Late Lesson in Love"

Years in the past I never knew a heart can break...
Never understood another can just love and take...

Missed having some nice people in my life...
Kept up a shield to keep my heart out of sight...

Now older and much wiser those around see my heart...
Still a bit of a shame this man had such a late start...

All those in my life are covered with my love and friendship...
And never again will I hide and keep desire from leaving these lips...

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I need some ideas,
for a leadership poem.

It is for school,
a honor presentation

Please leave some comments,
with something

That could possibly spark,
my writer block imagination.

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The girl with no soul

I am the heart with a hole
The girl with no living soul
So foolish I was, before I got stung by the heartless bug,
So foolish I was, until you stopped being my drug.
You came into my life and with a blink left,
You grabbed a knife and sliced it through my breast.
My heart is now cut into two,
Thanks to a painful wound done by you.

You did not mean to hurt me,
But what did you expect?
You did not mean to hurt me
But I am the only one you affect…

So here we are, just friends,
Old enough to bury the desire with no end.
We both know the way it’s supposed to be,
There is just no place for a ‘you and me’.
After all I’m the heart with a hole
I am the girl with no living soul.

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The Love Letter--a collaboration with Jimmy Anderson

I'm writing a love letter filled with emotion
Just to show you my extreme devotion

These words I write are soft and true
With pen and paper I'll get to you

You won't know what hit you when I'm done
You will want to finish what I've begun

I'm thinking of all the words so sweet
To send to you and knock you off your feet

As my loving words are read,let them caress your heart forever
Let me make love inside your head,so imagine us melded together!

I seal this letter with a lick,so you can place it anywhere
I'm so lovesick,thinking of your soft lips,round hips and yummy derriere!

On the envelope I place a stamp,and put it in the mailbox
Let our love be strong like a military camp,kinda like Fort Knox!

I hope my couplets make your heart smile,and you think of only me
I would swim through the Nile,walk a 1,000 miles,to give you ecstasy!

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My heart bleeds cause of the love I lost.
His cheating,ending my life is what it cost.
Bleeding heart is why I cry.
The pain is why I could die.

When he left I felt so alone.
Made my heart feel like stone.
Bleeding heart is why I cry.
The pain is why I could die.

My heart bleeds for my love for him.
He is gone so my love light has gone dim.
Bleeding heart is why I cry.
The pain is why I could die.

I bet it will be hard for me to love again.
Him leaving me lonely should be a sin.
Bleeding heart is why I cry.
The pain is why I could die.

Entered in Paula Swanson's"Play me a cheat'in song"contest.

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Failure of Duty

I am trying to remember the last time we were happy,
Every time I think I have it nailed down I come up empty.

Each moment I think I can get past it with some word or fight,
You show the reasons I fell in love, with kindness and insight.

The torture of finding a path through this labyrinth of pain,
Is knowing that all was preventable without even a stain.

Truth is the foundation of a well built home,
I couldn’t straighten it out with an iron and fine toothed comb.

I don’t know how long I will last,
As the one who let you down in the past.

My mind wishes only happiness for you and your life,
But my heart still sees you as my darling wife.

My words are slowing and my mind is growing weary,
For the past few months my eyes have never been more teary.

These words are not for you to hear or be reading,
But for me as I try and stop my soul from bleeding.

As you move on in strength and beauty,
My heart and mind crumble from my failed duty.

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God Sent Me My Knight

Here comes along this man I adore;
He completes me, I couldn't ask for more.
The way I feel for him is very unexplainable;
I would try to put it in to words but I'm just not able.

For the first time in my life, I know this love is real;
My heart  has been broken but it's starting to heal.
His simple hugs and kisses fill my heart with joy;
I'm glad I a got a MAN and not a little BOY.

Sometimes I can't sleep at night because he is always on my mind;
But it's worth every minute because his love is so devine.

I wake up everyday knowing I have a reason to smile
I'd walk far just to see him, even if it's just a mile.
I thank God everyday just for sending him to me;
Years from now you will see us and together we will be.

We're doing great right now but I know struggles will come;
That is what going to make us stronger so we will have to have some.

I am ready to face life with him, 
He is my knight sent from God,
We're gonna stick together like a leaf on a stem,
One day he will propose to me and my head I will knod.

I love him from the bottom of my heart; Never will we depart.
.....God Sent Me My Knight.

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My Knight in shinning Armour

Does he know - he lives forever -  in my dreams?
And that every vision I create - is through his eyes of green.
Does he know - I still walk with him - along the shore of Evermore?
On that path of make-believe - that led me to a castle door
Where as a child I - placed my heart - forever in his hands
And wrote – With all my heart – I love daddy - in the sand. 

In loving memory of my father:   October 29 - 1927- August 11, 2003 

September 12, 2009

4th place in Michael Jordan's contes 'Inside the Heart'

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Dreams and Reality

We can dream on
Nights of dreamy fun.

A dream is a dream when achieved
If not souls could be grieved.

For some dreams, reality is far
Deceptive like a mirage afar.

For  reality, dream not alone
Other dreamers take as a loan.

Poetry world, a dream in my 
That turns me over in my bed.

My dream now a reality
In the poetry soup community.

Run with your dreams
Its reality takes you, great realms.

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A quickie for two

Agile feelings all alone
Fragile living on my own 
Fickle fingers typing thought
Meaning, depth and insight sought
Drowning sorrows, quicksand driven
Floating promise slowly risen 
Words contained, but yearn to fly
Caged, the birds in my mind’s eye
Burn the rust within this soul
Combust with freedom, make me whole
Transform this canvas, recreate
Brand the keeper of this gate
As art well sculpted by brain power
Planted seeds that sprout to flower
And nurtured by an inner voice
Where roots grow deeper, fed by choice  

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Any vice is a good device 
for reclaiming a man from vice.

Volodymyr Knyr

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For the love of God
For the intuition gained
All desires aimed
For the crosses borne
And remarkable feats born
For the passion exalted
The grace of change excited
For the lighted night
The courage of a knight
The joy of new friends,  
My strength, without ends
The chance of growing up 
The comments of hope 
For failures managed 
For the poets that cured my 
For the special ladies who 
stood by
The great men whose thoughts I 
can buy 
The love of a mother 
And the words of a father
For all, I have a clue
Just want to say 
'Thank you'

to: Richard Lamourex, 
Poet Destroyer, 
Mystic Rose, 
Donna Jones and 
Sandy Ivvy.

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Rusted Iron Heart Contest

Her heart may appear solid,
But rust has started to form,
Left in isolation, through countless heavy storms,
Weaken, bare and brittle,
Pieces crumble away,
Even though it's made of iron,
Her heart has formed decay.

Contest: Rust

By; Sabina Nicole

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I may be red, 
But she is dead.

Then he just left her there beside me,
Down by the roots of the big oak tree.

I have really sharp black thorns that hurt,
While she's decked in a torn blouse and skirt.

While he left with the heart that he broke,
She had words that she never spoke.

While she lies dead in the old bayou,
The words that she'd say were: I Love You.

Now that this sad story has come to an end,
I hope your heart isn't broken by your best friend.

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She's a pretty Pop Star with amazing and unique vocal cords...
why find a similar one after her heart has been broken into pieces?

No, Adele's solution is not mine! Do I need a quick-fix?
I'd rather forgive that foolish heart than remember another heartache! 

In past eras lovers were more realistic, patient and forgiving...
and they waited for their swethearts and loved them with a more intense feeling!

People constantly change by seeking someone more gorgeous...
love can be fickle and nobody seems to mind, but doesn't that lead to regrets?

Entered in Michael J. Falotico's contest,
" How To Fix A Broken Heart "

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Be Awake

Feeling the world is big, with no power to see.
Saying it is so large no one can sense a degree.

Has been said you can change your world
Changing heartaches into happiness unfurled.

Power is in your hands, to change all things.
Faith flowing in your soul, the spirit brings.

Visions of your heart and mind will confirm.
Futures are made, do not wallow and squirm.

We all have a power and a purpose in life.
Seek and find, stay sharp as a knife.

Power is in your hands, decisions and choices.
What you hear in your mind is you; not voices.

Choice is a powerful tool, for to use and make.
Awakening the roads to travel, be sure you’re awake.

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Best Thing

You! My Best thing in this world,
Will neither leave you, nor I Quit,
You’ve summed up in my Eyes,
Take’s me up to the endless height,

Love garden with full of flowers,
Nightingale tweet and morning dew,
Turned my world to vast heaven,
Flying in your love as aircrew,

Love Affection and, presence of your absence,
Bloom my heart huge in size,
Together we bliss, together we joy,
Seems each moment to be in paradise,

Warmth heat of your touch fed me up,
Your shadows covered me as bending stem,
Satisfaction of belonging to you soothes me complete,
Maunder in ticklishness of your love whim.
You! My Best thing in this world,
Will neither leave you, nor I Quit
Shahid Hussain Chouhdry

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I love you though I dont want to

I love you so much that it pains my heart
For I fear that we shall tear apart
Friends since we met, but I had an emotion
That always gave me this frustration
I love you like crazy, my heart starts to crush
Whenever we talk, I secretly start to blush
I get excited and lose control
You are the pieces of what made me whole
I wish I can kiss and keep you forever
But I could tell you this never
‘Cause you are one of my greatest friends
And I never want our relationship to end
I love the sound of your angelic voice
For some reason my heart starts to rejoice
So afraid to lose you, I live a lie
And sometimes I really want to cry
Yes I love you, but I never want you to know
I try so hard for this stupid feeling don’t show
Yet when you speak my name I get weak
Deep in my mind there’s an endless shriek
My heart burst and starts to bleed
As I cannot begin to breathe
Why do emotions curse me so?
Why can’t this foolish emotion go?
I love you every time you build me up
‘Til I feel like a star that shines on top
What hurts me is that I’m the only one in this mess
I feel much more, instead of feeling less

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out of keys

pages turn in blackened winds
time looks on and shares a grin

pinwheel spinning silent songs
of endless nights of endless loss

a tear conceived -unrecognized
a trail of salt on keyboard vines

starlight paints frosted eulogy
white roses whirl in arctic seas

suffer through bluing ecstacy
sparkling pinnacles of heart valleys

skipping stones over diamond shoals
kissing perfumed nape while breaking bones

when {grave} becomes the home
a star sighs out of key


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Gaze upon beMUSEment

In almost drowning, I swallowed the thought
Of colors in bubbles and pride well caught 
The constant concrete fear at my feet 
Shackled and dragged me down to the deep
Oblivious uncertainty caused me to yearn
And showed me how much I’ve yet to learn
You dipped me in rainbows of gentle stokes grim
You’ve filled me back up and forced me to swim
While teaching no limits when I wanted to fly
Embraced my mind and opened its eye
You’re the goddess of inspiration and prowess
The SOS before my call of distress
You’ve washed me in color, in doing so, raised me
Authentically molded, repainted and saved me
An awe inspiring greatness so gallant
In turn, I thank you for sharing a talent
that marveled emotions and left them dazed
And promised a future that’s yet to amaze
Quite frankly this gesture has left me wide open 
I’m blown and bemused by art honestly spoken 

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What Should A Love Story Be

What should the perfect love story be?
Maybe about the future or past history

Maybe the story should just be about today
If it were your final breath what would you say?

The Lord is the maker and the keeper of time
He is the giver of love and all that’s divine

How can any love story not involve him?
The keeper of truth, the forgiver of sin

Jesus Christ is the father and I am but a seed
Regardless of the path I shall follow his lead

I praise God for the pain that hinders my way
For it truly does offer plenty of time to pray

The more that I pray the more clearly I see
Exactly what a perfect love poem should be

It should be hot as the desert, beautiful as the snow
Born way deep in the heart so it can forever glow

It should speak the honest truth about your dearest friend
How the strength of your love helped each of you to mend

The story should be of two lovers, bound by the soul
Yet each is has the freedom to leave, if they wish to go

You see true love was truly intended for us to caress
Tell me, “How can an unseen entity ever be possessed”

Love is a part of your heart and a part of your soul
So please caress it, bless it and make it your goal

And that’s what a true love poem is really about
Cherishing each others love through all the doubt

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From the top of my heated head

I thank you all for allowing me
An astutely marvelous opportunity
To spark synopses atriums
And bounce ideas from craniums
That is the mattress under lights
Where rocket ships prepare for flight
They launch for space in peaceful moods
And head for bulbs of orbing moons

Like moths that orbit thought balloons

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Broken Heart

The rain is the tears your lover dont see, 
The pain is the ear your lover don't hear, 
The wind is the breath that meant every word, 
your heart was the bird that was never heard, 
Your eyes are the fire that burned away, 
Your arms never took its place, so i didn't stay, 
Your legs stop walking they fell to there knees, 
your lips of a shallow kiss, made me not breath, 

Your lies turned to why's, and questions turned to cry's 
and the ambition we always had, never stayed alive. 
By the time you understand, love will always be this hard, 
just listen to the other side of a broken heart 

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Twinkle twinkle little star

Twinkle Twinkle little star
How unfortunate you are

To sit in the ski all night and day
While other’s send wishes your way

They wish for love, fortune and fame
They wish for everyone to know their name

They wish to be tall, skinny and smart
They wish and believe in you with all their heart 

But they do not know the feelings that you have
And that sometimes you make their wishes go bad

The fact that we get to walk around feely 
Fills the stars heart with jealousy

So with a hateful stare it throws our wishes back
And with each wish thrown, the star gains a crack 

And before long the star loses its shine
And it plummets to the ground, with beauty divine

And before it hit’s the ground it grants one final wish
One for a mother, and her young daughter’s happiness 

The star makes its penance as it strikes the ground
Though through its tears it never makes a sound

‘I’m sorry’ the star cries for all the ignored wishes in the past
‘I wish I could go back and fix them’ but it’s fading fast

Its wish has been thrown back by another
Who doesn’t want to bother

As the star continues to throw them back
He starts to gain all his cracks 

So watch for the star in the ski that looks mad
And keep your wishes for another that won’t make them bad

And remember the saying that is so true
Keep it in your heart close to you

If you make a wish on a broken star 
You dreams will not make it very far 

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I have depended on you through it all 
now im ready to jump and fall 

No more sweet innocent lines
id rather leave behind this pain and claim what is mine. 

The black spells all around, 
clame my heart without a sound

Prepared to loose my life 
to stab my heart with a sharp knife. 

Determined to rid of the pain inside
but not knowing how to cope and wanting to hide. 

I feel so afraid of the things ive done
of not being accepted and always having to run 

The darkness of the night shadows over this wee one
wanting to do anything that is fun

To do something daring, frightening and scary 
but longing for some love and comfort to relieve this weary 

Not knowing where to look, 
not even knowing the Holy book

I dont want my heart to feel so hurt 
to feel so burdened and disturbed

I can no longer see his face, 
and i feel so distant and scared in this place

All hope is lost at this time
im just hoping he can wait for me 

until I conquer this climb

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Only a Rose

Only a Rose, when touched by love Can make our home like heaven above Only a word, when said with grace Can embolden the heart and lift the face Only a touch, on a hand lain Can free the mind and lift soul’s pain Only a deed, no matter how small When given in love, is worth it all Only a smile, given to cheer Can brighten the cheek and banish all fear Only a hand, when clasped in mine Can make all the heartache worth the time Only your step, when firm by my side Can make my heart leap, and fear subside Only your joy, so precious to me Can wipe all my tears, and set my soul free Only our love, faithful and true Can hold us both close, me and you

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Start with clear voice
Work charming poise

Live touch of grace
Love floods your face

Give as you live
Live what you give

Touch each soul here
Start with good cheer

Prime face with joy
Let love find ploy

Go with the glow
Bask in the flow

Share your fond gifts
Love helps you lift

Touch one and all
Heed then life's call

Heed a sift voice
Attend your choice

Leon Enriquez
09 October 2014

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Strife taught me well

How I fought to justify myself,
my actions and my words
trying to prove that I had reason
to seek vengeance for my hurt.
I felt owed for what was taken,
I felt wronged, broken, forsaken
I seemed forgotten in the course of life
a castaway in slow decay
no certain trail, no destination
going wherever,coming what may.

My battles only wearied me,
scarred my bruised and battered bones,
like victim and offender divided
the war within the enemy

I had to learn to let down my gaurd
to fight the fear that froze my heart,
not to bury myself holding on
to everything that did me me wrong.
To uncover forgiveness and leave behind,
to take not what I would not give, 
and everyday to keep in mind
our struggles teach us how to live. .

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Skirt of Scarlet

All I could do was to stare when we first met
My heart pounded as she graced the shoot set

Her skirt of scarlet delights my eyes
With a body so shapely my heart to her cries

She has style and beauty, to touch so smooth
Now we have met I hope never to lose

This is a night I'll remember forever
She'll always be in my heart for I'll never sever

My thoughts now racing in my one track mind
This Formula 1. Ferrari, the best of it's kind

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Broken heart torn apart

Its nothing but pian when love 
breaks your heart, and in the end, 
you are left torn apart. With a pain 
inside, they have left you to die, and 
find a new home, you have a feeling 
that you are left alone. No one is 
here when you have this fear that 
no one is there and no one really 
cares. Your mind is all blank, you 
just cant think, and the pain hurts 
so bad that you cant help but be 
sad. You heart has been torn and 
your feelings are worn, and you 
have no where to go, you just feel 
so alone. A heart is something that 
will be there forever, but when it is 
brooen, you feel as if you will be 
lost forever.

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Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day By Rick Rucker I am standing here, with the preacher, My Love, in the back of the church, I cannot reach Her, Now the music begins to play, On this lovely, Blessed day, As She walks between the pews, She is Gorgeous, not any real news, She has a certain Regal air, Today, She seems to not have a care, As She slowly passes by, Men admire Her, women cry, My head feels as if there is no blood in it, Yet, my Heart beats at a mile a minute! Finally, She stops, and turns, If she knew how my Heart yearns, To steal her away, to start our honeymoon, It would surely make Her swoon! Somehow, I remain in place, Staring at her lovely face, I am afraid that I will not last, My heart is beating so darn fast! I want the words to start, Maybe that will slow my heart, The preacher asks the question of me now, And I give my solemn vow, To always hold this woman dear, If he knew Her, my answer would be very clear, Now he asks her the same question, Without a pause, or its suggestion, She says “Yes,” to my relief, I have won the lottery, is my belief! To have the fairest in the land, Standing next to me, a gold ring on her hand! All the rest is just for show, For I will always know, That I have won The Prize, That Winsome Creature, right before my eyes!

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Sent You My Way

Your smile is beautiful and shines so bright
It can light up the darkest cold winter's night

Your heart is pure as gold like the sun
spending quality time with you has been so much fun

Life is a journey with it's ups and downs
but when I'm around you it's impossible to frown

You bring me up and calm my weary mind
This was something I was unsure I'd ever find

My heart is getting lighter each and everyday
You've helped me to toss my pain and burdens away

Thank you is all there is really left to say
I'm overjoyed God sent you my way!

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I'm Done With Your Stone Heart

You wounded me so much I bled
My eyes burned with the tears I shed

In black of night I searched for you
Denied what I already knew

You've brought me to my knees again
And seem to like inflicting pain

A heart of stone is what you give
To make me feel I cannot live

Within this world without you there
I've had enough so I don't care

You cut me for the last time now
I'll bandage my heart and heal somehow

You can't keep causing so much grief
It will haunt you now to my relief

Karma will bring you to your knees
Just let me be a witness please!

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My Shame

I tasted the breath of death, just the other day
Please bow your heads with me, let us all pray

There was the darkness all curled up in my mind
Looking for something that was not there to find

There was no shame; no guilt there was no reason to lie
I answered each question, about the how and the why

I ask about my wife, my daughter and even my Doctor to
I couldn’t believe I had overdosed; after all I have been through

My wife talked with my Doctor who gave me a hug and a grin
Scared to death that I was about to lose one of my dearest friends 

He said, “Mike that is the number one thing that I love about you”
You ask about how all of us are feeling, with your heart so true

Mike You’re the one table, you’re the one you just about died
Yet it is for each one of us, all of those tears you have cried

Mike look at all the people that are concerned about you
It’s because you have learned how to be truer than true

I bet this little story will be written for the whole world to see
With no shame in your game, guess what just happened to me?

Mike that’s why this whole town loves the person you are
When it comes to the cold hard truth, you shine like a star 

Where most people would be running off someplace to hide
You’ll tell the truth to the world with the Lord at your side

Somebody mentioned the 12-step program and yes I do attend
Though these days everything I do depends on the pain I am in

I created many games in Prison to test ones threshold of pain
Most folk would agree mine sits on the border of totally insane

My nerves have been crushed, cut and broken almost broke into
Which happened to the cartilage in my knee and a ligament or two  

Through it all I’ve helped everyone I can, I have refused to stop
When it comes to my spiritual mountain I’m driven to reach the top

But ever since I overdosed that day, I am on a journey of rest
See the Lord will go to every extreme so we will learn his test

This poem is a beautiful story that keeps running though my mind
Though I reckon I should end it now that there is no more to find

Everyday is a miracle in a single breath our lives can be taken away
Tell the ones that you love I love you, and take time with them to pray

As for me I reckon that I make my mistakes I’m just a part of the game
That little part with a great big heart sharing every last drop of my shame

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Through the glade

The maidens face, fair and pure
The Devils will, sinister and obscure

She runs gracefully among the oleanders through the glade
Deep below, evil lurks, above light begins to fade

Darkness stretches across the land, spurring the young lady’s imagination
Rushing to the surface, Satan hides behind her nervous elation

Devious thoughts of goblins and witches dance through her mind
He feeds off of the desires and urges that tempt human kind

She falls asleep under a great oak tree, intoxicated by her vivid dreams
In her slumber he speaks to her, gently whispering “Not everything is as it seems.”

Springing to her feet she sprints back through the trees
Silently he watches her as she flees

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Feelings For My Artist

April 13. 2014

He is the yin to my yang
He is my everything
He wipes away my tears
He takes away my fears
He holds me In his arms
He keeps me safe from harm
He is my dark to my light
He is my knight
He is my superman
He's my favorite artist to the end.

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A Poem About Me

I wear my heart on my shoulder for the world to see I am not afraid to share my feelings emotionally I am an open book, nothing to hide I am a truthful being, in which to confide I show compassion in the broadest of ways This, I want to be known for, for the rest of my days I live each day as if it were the last For the moments of our lives, go by much too fast I follow my heart and for that, I am not blind I have faith in my talent, as well as, my mind Integrity is my middle name I hope others would say the same I am real and will always be me I see nothing wrong with living free I give it my all In everything I do There is nothing too big or small That I would not see through I am determined right down to my core I am someone for which you cannot ignore

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The Battle

The hurt, The lies, Changing my emotion
Cheating, Deception, My mood is an ocean
Swaying slowly back and forth rocking
The shattered remains of my heart locking
In to a vault, storing it away
For you to come and pick up someday
Happiness, Gleefullness, Filled with joy
Until I realized I was just your toy
Cheated, Devestated, Hurt is a fact
I would very much like it if you could retract
That knife in my back which you have placed
Why? and how? Could you lie to my face?
Like a princess, You i treated..
But now? Oh well.. My heart is defeated.

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Those Thoughts (extended version)

Nightmares, shame, and despair---
You don't go anywhere.
All alone in your mind
even with someone by your side.

You think, "Why can't everyone just leave me alone?"
You thought the hint would be cutting off the phone.
But everyone wants you to release your cares.
The next thing you do is frown and ask, "Where?"

Stinkin' thinkin' is what your mom calls it.
Bad thoughts falling down a bottomless pit.
You wake up hoping those feelings disappear;
but, as usual they end up going nowhere.

You can't seem to get rid of the pain
and in your heart an eternal rain.
No one really knows how you feel
and you have friends that always ask, "What the deal?"

But tomorrow always comes.
Bad days for you, but good for some.
Disparaging words flow in and out of your head.
You're alive but you're living like you're dead!

They're like cobwebs in your mind
that you can't seen to bind.
The hurt is always there
which has always been your fear.

You don't see the destruction your thoughts have created.
Yet relationships were destroyed with the people you've dated.
You allowed your pain to take away time.
Your anger towards others has become the real crime.

It all boils down to that one thing in your past.
A terrible time that from your mind you've yet to cast.
The pain from the physical and spiritual rape
that rolled around in your head like an old videotape.

The abuser was like a father to you
and when it first happened there was nothing you could do.
You felt trapped like you could go nowhere.
His power over you was to instill that fear.

The "fear" is what's wrong
and you must discover another heart song.
Up to this point life hasn't been the best.
Maybe letting go of this is the next test.

There has always been someone that has loved you.
Someone who is capable of taking you through.
He's a Friend that sticks closer than a brother,
Jesus--- a Savior like no other!

If you don't give it to Him so you can thrive
you will plummet to the depths and never survive.

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The Surreal

“The Surreal”
A blue-grey house atop a hill,
Molding, shaping to a creator’s will.
/A green, hilly peak with nothing below,
Pressed against a sky the colour of sorrow.
/Grey-brown trees line the ground,
Twisted, and tangled with no life to be found.
/In the house a light appears,
Tiny, and dim, but showing no fears.
/Soon more lights flicker on,
Enough light now to mimic the dawn.
/The light bursts out the warped windows,
Striking through the sky defeating its foes.
/The once dreary scene, dark and dead,
Bursts with life and extinguishes dread.

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Valley of the Souls

Way up in the mountaintops
Where even time seems to stop
Buried like a chunk of coal
Lies the valley of the souls
The beauty takes your breath away
For this is where the angels pray
Snow capped peaks standing tall
Surround the valley like a castle wall
Doing all that they can do
To keep the valley hid from view
I stumbled upon it one day
Searching for a place to pray
I felt so very all alone
With a heart as cold as stone
It took me better than a week
To ascend the mountain peak
As I stumbled across the mountain top
My beating heart seemed to stop
As water filled my humble eyes
I prayed the truth of twisted lies
Of God I ask a single plea
Let your Son come unto me
As I descended to the valley floor
I found the peace I was searching for
To all I had gained and all I had lost
The breeze took away the cost
Into my soul it was slowly burned
Make use of all the lessons learned
One day I shall have a spiritual birth
For all that’s born returns to the earth
My spirit will fly beautiful and free
Beyond all we know and all we see
To meet the maker who made us whole
And be welcomed into the valley of the souls

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Artistic impression
Existential expression

Metaphysical incantation
Telekinetic sensation

This needs more translation
Chaotic, obscure creation

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The Starry Night

Thick swirls of paint coat the blue night sky, Luminescent stars ablaze: yellow white orbs, large in size. Whirling white clouds under the crescent moon, Above the asylum’s window the night sky blooms. Below the rolling hills rests a sleepy little town, A peaceful essence flows, cool dark colors unwound. Reigning over the small buildings is the steeple of the church, Beauty’s released from the bristles as he’s sitting at his perch. With memories of Theo and thoughts of Paul Gauguin, He attacks the canvas with broad strokes from his hand. A single silhouette of a cypress on the left side, Hides an early mistake as his broken heart cries. 1889, a typical night in Saint-Remy, Vincent’s puffing his pipe, A committed genius from the asylum’s window painted the starry night. _____________________________________ For Brian’s Contest PICTURE POEMS The Starry Night Vincent van Gogh, 1889 Oil on canvas 73 cm × 92 cm (28¾ in × 36¼ in) Museum of Modern Art, New York City

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Why Anger Reality

Why do I hurt so much? Shouldn’t I just be able to move on?
She had no problem finding a new dawn.

I guess she’s had more time to grieve,
And all I seem to do is show up, then pack, and leave.

I am in a whirlwind a downfall of sorrow and pain,
I can’t seem to drive the anger away and I feel insane.

I have never felt so hopeless and lost,
Not knowing which way to turn, yet I keep getting tossed.

It seems that my heart has been ripped from my soul,
And yet I know that I caused this giant hell hole.

The inevitable came way too fast,
Like a plane flaming from the sky to the grass.

I can’t blame her for wanting to find happiness in a fresh face,
I just wish that she could see us at a new starting place.

Forget the past it is unchangeable of the wrongs or the rights,
Everyone has their time of glory and their fights.

My mind and soul can’t get past the thought of him and you,
Even if it is just a time of get to know and see if you want to pursue.

This just confirms what my mind knew and heart did not want to accept,
This reality that we are through, guess it’s time to take that next step

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I was turning ten and learning the tricks
The year was 1956
I remember that my mother cried
The day that Tommy Dorsey died
I still believed in Santa Claus
James Dean was a Rebel without a cause
Green Door was a rockin’ tune
Patty sang about the Allegheny Moon
Russia’s relation with Hungary thinned
Gogi Grant sang The Wayward Wind
Love was a many splendored thing
I still can hear Fats Domino sing
Carl was wearing Blue Suede Shoes
While Guy Mitchell was Singing the Blues
The movie East of Eden was so fine
A young Johnny Cash was walking the line
Robert Young in Father Knows Best
Gunsmoke was about the Old West
The Edge of Night and As the World Turns
I’ll Cry Tomorrow, my heart still burns
Be Bop A Lu La Gene did render
And Elvis crooned Love Me Tender
In Poland the people fought for a goal
We listened to No Not Much and Heart And Soul
The Navy answered Mr. Robert’s Calls
There was the premiere of Guys and Dolls
Black and White TV had Roy, Gene and Tom Mix
What a wonderful year, 1956.

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Obsession and Poetry

I've had my eye on her for awhile, and it's time to express my desire.
Like Dolce and Gabanna, she's got style that's more exotic than sapphire!

She has such elegance like Princess Di, and I've studied her from afar.
I can see her in my minds eye, for she shines brighter than a star!

A diva with a fierce attitude and carries herself with such class.
I don't mean to sound crude, but she has a figure like an hourglass!

She's got more ass than j.lo, and that's a sight to see.
She's an angel with a halo, and I bask in her spirituality!

I've studied every detail, such as her luscious hips.
I'm told, "don't kiss and tell," but she has the most delicious lips!

I look into her gorgeous face, and wish I could metamorphose into anything.
I would be the smooth silk lace of her Victoria Secret G-String!

I even notice the little things that make my heart flutter.
She's like a cool drink from a spring, and she makes my heart melt like butter!

I love her pecan tan, and her erotic dark eyes.
She's cool as a fan, even when she wears her favorite Levi's!

She's passionate about her poetry, and everything she seems to do.
If she could look inside me, she'll see her name on my heart like a tattoo!!

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Brown Eyes

Brown eyes the desire of many
and a description of your beauty
matching streaks so very alluring
a face as yours is reassuring
a stern face, silent yet I can her
can see but not touch wish I was there
lay side by side with you, lay with me
in that moment one thing you would see 
you and I are complimentary
me with you the fairest poetry

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Crazy lives style
With carefree smiles

Crazy lives well
As madness dwells

Crazy knows how
To live right now

Crazy knows fest
No need for quest

Crazy sees joy
That funds employ

Crazy sees fun
Wit in blind pun

Crazy finds time
In simple space

Crazy finds space
In pleasant chimes

Crazy feels bliss
In easy ease

Crazy feels fine
In oddball lines

Crazy is free
Beyond the fee

Crazy is light
Beyond all plight

Leon Enriquez
27 August 2014

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Just A Soul

You know it feels funny coming out of a box
Shackled by chains behind a thousand locks

To a wide open world that seems like a dream
 Not one solitary part of my life is now obscene 

I have friends I talk to that live all over the world
Across thousands of miles our souls have been twirled

They have twirled together in a wonderful dance
Which binds the heart in a deep, spiritual romance

Each of us live together yet we live so far apart
You can’t measure distance, speaking of the heart

An inch is a light-year somewhere out in space
I reckon someday we will all find our place  

You know heaven is what I pray that place will be
It’s very hard to imagine all the people we will see

A place where all things will be put forever a side
You can just sign me up boys I’ll go for the ride

Death is just freedom from all that we know
I wonder what it will be like, just being a soul

I just want to say it saddens my heart to go from
one of our top community builders for over two
years to barely being able to sit long enough to
post a single poem and make very few comments.
I have actually reached the point where I'm starting
to feel like Job who faced one test after another.
This poem is how I feel about us, we are more
than friends we are a poetic family and one day
our souls will be set free. Always remember every 
trial is but a doorway to a blessing. One day our 
souls will meet and I will be proud of the friends
I have chosen. God Bless you all, mj

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Picture Perfect

This poetry paints you
At the camera's flaw without a

Your hair packed and long
Blue eyes, young

Your ears vacant of earrings
As you pose in the stairs of rings.

A flash of teeth white
Your face smile light.

A pose of a crescent
Akimbo of which I can assent.

Fine purple dress
A pair of heels, a colour express.

I have just word portrait you
A beautiful you anew.

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Just Love

My heart is so full of sweet love for you
Please tell me that you've begun to love me, too
You've kept your love locked away inside
That look in your eyes you're unable to hide
You don't want to rush, so let's take it slow
But, darling, there is something you need to know
The feelings I have for you in my heart are real
I'll stay by your side, my love, until
You say I must take my loving heart and go
Even then, I know I will still love you so 

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It is over, she sung

To wit with rhyme and meter chime                                                                                as the battle ensues refuse                                                                                          Do it smith, crime and cheaters chyme                                                                          as the rattle excuses suffuse                                                                                         The mind striking the kind Viking                                                                                   thinking a bit odd this a rod                                                                                         The binds riding the wind vying                                                                                  linking acquits awed, bliss a God                                                                                 has the entity wiz vanished                                                                                           as the enemy is vanquished

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Boiling Words

I got my pot boiling.
Words are in my head just storming. 

Throwing my nouns in to begain a subject. 
Then my verbs to describe of it. 

 Adjectives gives me my flavor. 
Short storys that come out is in my favorite.

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How Did I Fall In Love With Words - Again

For It Seems .. The Fool Once More
Took Hold Of My Heart For Another Encore.

Inside My Heart .. He Made Me Believe
His Words So Real But I Was Deceived.

We Laughed, We Joked, We Fooled Around
He Told Me .. Always. The Fool Was Crowned. 

Didn’t Quite Realize What I’d Gotten Into
Until The Finality Of His Unrequited Adieu.

I Know In My Heart Another Lesson Learned
Can’t Run And Hide Just Because I Was Burned.

He Gave In Return What I Offered Him
The Fool Saw And Snickered, Turned Happy To Grim.

No More Lies, No More Late Dates
Does Love Really Exist For Me .. I Hesitate.

No Not For Me .. Can’t Anyone See
Destination .. Alone ~ Just Me and Me. 

He Said It Was His Job To Make Me Smile
Something He Did Quite Often But I’ll

Forever Regret The Last Time That We Did
Where Words Became Stupid-Crazy .. Oh God Forbid.

I’m So Sorry I Let This Happen, Just Wanted To Be Friends
Nothing Left To Say Now Nothing To Make Amends.

So I Must Pick Up The Pieces Of That Broken Heart
Get On With Life And See To My New Start.

All In All I’ll Be Free To Be Me Again
To Laugh And Love The World - Forever And Ever … Amen. 

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A Kiss Outside of Time

A Kiss Outside of Time By Rick Rucker I see you, walking over to me, My Heart skips a beat, how lucky can I be? To have the Love of a woman, so Divine, To have given your Heart to me, as I have given you mine. Now You are closer, I feel your heat, as we touch, I can’t believe that I could love anyone this much! Now, only inches apart, Our lips will end Time, as we let our kissing start! When first they brush, I lose track of Time, yet don’t want to rush. We have Forever, when I kiss You, I’m young, We will do this through Time, many love songs, as yet unsung! I gently explore your lips with my tongue, Just now, I hear the bells that have already rung, They are the signal of entry to Heaven, They buoy me so much, my spirits they leaven! Our Lips, locked together, I can’t think of whether We are two, or merely one, How long has it been since this Kiss has begun? We hold each other so tight, I feel, on my back, a Heavenly Light. Is it from the Sun, when we started, or rather the Moon? If we have been doing this for twenty four hours, would we end it too soon? All my Earthly possessions, I thee bequeath, I thought I was dying, but only forgot to breathe! In this Everlasting Embrace, I dare not open my eyes, to look upon your Face, That of an Angel so fair, Beauty and the Beast, others might think of our pair! Conjoined Lovers, starting first at the Lips, Now, seemingly, also at the Hips! Suddenly, the World has gone black, I pull away, roll over, gasping to gain the breath that I lack! You crawl over, lay your head on my chest, Whispering softly, that this time was the Best! My Heart, seconds ago, in some mad race, Seems to have resumed a more normal pace. How long can I do this, how much can I try? My answer? Only until I happily die! How many Mortals have loved one with Wings? Who has taught me many wondrous things! You have shown me both Love and mirth, And made my Life Heaven on Earth!

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warm in your dew

every morning is drenched in your perfume
the city in your presence lowers the volume

wrap your hand in mine so your touch can ignite my senses
inhale with me nature’s joy pass the white picket fences

through the clover fields we’ll run against the fresh breeze
we’ll free our restraints and laugh sick to our bellies

nestle and anchor me to your own private flight of fancy 
trip me a flyway of buttermilk sky frothy and creamy

cradle me in the soothe of your keep
sing me tender to a dove-like sleep

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He made me fall in love then he broke my heart,
I hate this world and I'm falling apart.
He took my heart and threw it on the floor,
I doesn't love me and I cant take it anymore.
My heart is broken and it won't heal.
I wish I was dead so I couldn't feel.

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Feeling of Love

The thought that hardens thoughts
perhaps a feeling from inward wrought
men losing heart to think
when she pass no desire to blink
is it that she is fair 
the entraping darkness of her hair
describes my soul in ways
the emptiness and infinate haze
could she ease this feeling
if only by her heart revealing
or by her fair smile
that can draw out my pain a while

Can I hold your body
tightly held will make a melody
as harpists play I weap
hoping love into your essence seeps
and from liquor stained tears
your heart will know well my deepest fear
being here without you
love or lust to you I shall be true
and with my eyes teary
my whole body poisoned and dreary
but when your in my arms
I love you loving my heart, my charm

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Ceremony Today

There is a ceremony
But not a time for bologney

Where I will be inducted
Not instructed

Into a program
One that I'm not sure serves ham

Called NJHS*
And I've heard it's one of the best

Along with other scholars
Some bearing a couple dollars

Will accept this invitation
With great emancipation

And this will look amazing
Not to mention far from cows grazing

On future high school applications
Along with my unique creations

So yes, I have a ceremony
Where no one will serve boloney

I hope you wish my luck
But do not mail me a duck

For I am to read my poem Followerª
And I hope I don't feel like a wallower

So yes, I have got to go
And get ready for my show

*NJHS - National Junior Honors Society
ªThis poem is included in my list of poems, although the one being read has some changes in it... I will make sure to post the revised one in a few minutes :)

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Some waves wait for a sign from our moon;
The silver line will touch the cold room
Ready to move a night of special kind, 
Trying to tame the cruel sea behind;
As they would catch in the same ring,
In which the human spirit may sing
The lyrics of the solitary golden rain,
While night is pulling the stars`train.
White waves’ struggle may retrieve
New hope for you to be ready to leave.
And so, tomorrow`s song of loud tone,
May find that man that speaks alone
And love that rows the invisible little boat,
With wretched birds of chattering note;
But on the heights,if hope`s sapphire is sad 
While walking on the mountain red,
The dreams learn fly in the pure air:
As place, this heart, this times my dear.

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Is Your Heart On Ice?

Is your heart on ice? Are you willing to pay the price That it costs to make it thaw To jump into Love’s waiting maw? Have you got a fear of heights, But fear far less the lonely nights That living without Love would bring Alone in darkness, afraid to sing? How do we find ourselves like this, Getting close, but afraid of bliss? Has someone chewed your heart to bits, And it, in a locked container sits? If “One bitten, and twice shy” Has you now afraid to try Will you ever learn to sing Love’s song, while you are on a swing? Or are you too scared to fall So that you won’t risk it all? Your heart is tougher than you think It can recover in a blink Once it begins to pump again, You’ll forget about past pain. How do you get it to start? That is really the fun part! You will hear many tips, But I think it only takes two lips Exploring yours without a care Enjoying every moment there. If you use a little tongue It will make you feel quite young And wild to feel such emotion A mind massage, without lotion! If you think where it will lead, And that thought you thus heed, Romance will die in a minute Love is lost, you will not win it. True Love is something that you feel, It matters not if it is real, It cannot exist alone, Like calling yourself on the phone! It takes another willing soul To let you see the picture whole. Once you both get into it, At the sidelines, you’ll not sit! Soon you will sing Love’s praises, Although there are concerns it raises. Will this person love me for all time? Or for an interlude sublime? In point of fact, it matters not, What you wanted to get, you got! Your heart again, it is beating, Even as your love is retreating. That person did an angel’s job, And did not steal or rob, And gave you once again A reason to say “Amen.”

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Crimson Creamed Sky

In my dreams, your first time
On canvas,you, my paints mime.

The colour of your beauty
The world you capture in unity. 

What a wonderful sight!
Amidst awe I thought of flight.

Seeing you real
Was my defined ideal.

My evening was colored
For love, I am favored.

The glories you flood
Bring passions to my blood.

And for this crimson sky
I wished I could fly.

To touch you
And feel through your true ...

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The Best I Can

You may cross the valley with its fields so fresh and green
Or go across the mountains that seem as there a dream

You can scale the ridges that run up and down the coast
Cross the seas that have collected their own share of ghost

No matter where you go or what ever you may see
You’ll never meet another soul that has two sides like me

On one side is the past on the other is the now
As I see it most of it doesn’t even matter anyhow

Life is but a roller coaster spinning up and down
One day we wear a smile the next may be a frown

One day we feel young and strong the next all worn out
A day in time creates a rhyme is this what I’m all about

I’m all alone in my home this window is my best friend
It is all in this life that lets the outside world come in

I don’t really go out too much I’m afraid of what I may do
So I sit here and live my life like the little old lady in the shoe

The pain and doubt wear me out weighing heavy on my soul
As I wonder would it be best if death just came and took its toll

Then I see my beautiful wife in her car coming down our road
I remember the reason I’m here is to help her with her load

It’s just another day I’m here to say, sitting here in my chair
I guess the old saying is true; “no one said life would be fair” 

If it were fair I reckon my ashes would be resting in some Urn
But I guess its up to God who picks when it will be our turn

If pain is gain then I’m insane, I’m in a grip of pain every single day
The fact of the matter is I’m in pain, each and every step of the way

But its all ok I’m here to say for I am still on a spiritual path
You don’t really have to be a genius to learn and do the math

One plus one equals two, and my darling that would be me and you
For the things you say and do, know my heart and love are forever true

When we met I was shake & bake always take, flying upon a distant star
Mess with me and very soon you’ll see, inside the trunk of my car

Now I’m give and love holding Christ above, just trying to be a man
Some days are good and others bad but know I’m doing the best I can

When I write it out you can have no doubt, it’s out of my control
Sometimes the words pour out of my heart and other times my soul

All we are is the things we do so I wrote this poem proud and true
The reason I do what I do ; I reckon I love each and every one of you

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Interrupted Reading

Her knuckles bend, they don't pretend, beneath her head plopped in pale dread
Tucked tween these both an ear relieved from being grieved, both eyes near dead

Slouched where she dreams she merely leans, foreign sounds invade the fable
That preoccupies her state of mind as she reads near the table

The palm with which she grips adventure now lies limp upon her lap
It's hostage near released, with spine all creased, yet private flap to flap

Upon her cheeks no glimmer, tightly drawn lips dimmer than dry sands
Her whispering twin tornado tunnels funnel huffing reprimands

What draws her sight, what steals an ear and makes pompous this quiet girl?
Why does her charm befall decay; why does bitter a prude unfurl? 

Her grace befalls corruption by a swiftly knocking eruption
Followed by brassy squeaks twisting, breaching thought; this interruption!

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The Ladies of Poetry Soup

I pay homage to a special group
Our ladies here on Poetry Soup

I shall start my list with mother Beer
A Lady with whom I hold so dear

Of Elaine George it’s clear to see
She melts my heart with her poetry

When it comes to Sharon what can I say
I would humbly bow before her any day

For my friend Rhoda it is clearly written
With her as momma cat I wish I were a kitten

Katherine with her darling Jenny so bright
The two of them together are a sheer delight

Michaela is off to Collage excited this year
I’ve never met a soul that is so dear

We have two Ladies fighting for their boys
Mary and Christy both deserve all life’s joys

Two more ladies that are really swell
My friends Laura and the darling Adell

Margaret is special, kind and really sweet
The most spiritual lady I ever did meet

We have a Mermaid off the Australian Coast
To my dear friend Robyn I propose a toast

Carol please know these words are true
Never in this life could I forget you
I guess I must be getting a little dreary
I have yet to mention Karen O’Leary

To Astrid, Bella, Farrah, Peggy and Rene’
I am blessed you have all passed my way

Speaking of blessings these words are true 
Crystal proves we are blessed by what we do

One special Lady just sets my heart aglow
Tis my oldest daughter Sarah Jho

The two I hold in my prayers and memory
God watch over Tami Violet and Lynn Marie

I must tell the truth for I shall tell no lies
Added this cause I forgot Carrie and Heidie Buys

And now I am feeling very low and blue
Cause I went and forgot Patricia and Kristin to

I didn't even have to think it over twice
Before I jumped back and added D-nyce

I didn’t realize when I started this endeavor
That the list could just go on and on forever

I must end this poem for it’s starting to hurt
Wife just hit me for being a flirt (Just Kidding)

I apologize to any Ladies that I have
overlooked in this poem. Please know
I hold you all in my heart, prayers and
daily thought. I love you all. God Bless

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The Professional Tinkerer

Basement full of odds and ends
in metal bits and comprehends
Glue and gumption, grease and grit
born from nimble hands of wit
Dimming evening, find him there
in the basement, light of care
winding ribbon through the glass
watching movies from the past
Tiny brushes, sticky paint
Clock strikes one, it's getting late
Dolls in poses, birds in wood
whittled and misunderstood
Nuts and bolts of stainless steel
forming legs and arms so real
Skylights etched from glass in lead
with words he hears inside his head
Beauty that he pours out free
stuck inanimate though they be
All these hobbies free the mind
Tinkerer, you are divine.

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Stillness abides deep facial form;
Statue decides a lasting norm.

Eyes closed in peace where no thoughts can;
Deeper than ease this inner trend.

You meditate in sweet repose;
Aware of fate in lively close.

Awake to know a flight that glows;
Aware of flow as insight shows.

A lotus stance of inner quest;
A vibrant dance in calm address.

So many makes that stillness sparks;
A mindful take with soul that marks.

Here at the core, the soul knows best;
No need for more to thrill life's quest.

This Buddha form in placid sit;
Samples a norm beyond all wit.

The path and way lies within reach;
Now and here stay on loving each.

Leon Enriquez
03 April 2014

(Notes: This work is inspired by admiring 
a fine sculpture of the Lord Buddha, as well 
as  a marvelous oil painting with same posture.)

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"Cicely" Bonaparte, 1808

She's strikingly fair in the purest of red
Pearls grace her neck, a band on her head

Enthroned on a seat plush as is down
I just can't get over her brilliant red gown

Gazing like Jesus, her cheeks softly pink
She smiles like Mona, oh what does she think?

She reminds me of my dear Cicely
Somewhat straight forward, somewhat a mystery

Perfect her posture, graceful her arms
Banding her wrist a bracelet of charms

At least that's what my Cicely would wear
In ten-year-old elegance, smiling so fair

God! I can't get over how it looks like her so!
Oh where, oh where did my Cicely go?

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Daily Do's

"Forgiving is the ease to your soul; Never give up in the journey."
Love is kind love is great,
Put aside the fights and hate.
Grace brings your heart to open,
Bow your head and get to hopen',
Down a lane with streets  of gold,
Talk is cheap; the words you hold.

Stars are bright to lead the way,
Ease the mind at night you lay,
One soul, one body, inner self,
Boxing up each emotion; each shelf.

Do not be afraid to call,
The settings of a thought to stall,
Stall in place with wonder or doubt,
Make a time for you to shout.
Shout out all the stress below,
Tomorrow brings the outter glow.
Forgive the weary and the weak,
Only you can go and seek,
Seek the view of above,
Arriving at the end; push to shove.

Pull out that heart of yours,
Seeing new places using the doors.
Dance in the direction given,
Make each step worth livin',
Goals to be set and done,
Open each door; do not shun,
For love is found in each heart,
Don't walk away- make this your fresh start.

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Dear busy bee
What do you see?

Saturday tale
Moments to nail

Flowers to stake
Honey to make

Early to rise
Nectar surprise

Start with swift zest
On a sure quest

Now just like you
Got lots to do

Moments find me
Busy you see

Do things to please
Act on new lease

Fling simple cheer
Let love spark clear

This and that way
Manage role play

Each act succeeds
Frenzy that feeds

It's funny though
Brisk moments glow

No time for grief
For time feels brief

My To-Do List
Frames daily gist

Verses I write
A daily rite

Day after day
I stop to pray

A deeper sense
Marks present tense

Pray that I see
Spirit that frees

Happy lives here
To bring fond cheer

Magic finds me
Sanguine yet free

There is a way
In hidden play

Seek psalm and song
That lingers long

Leon Enriquez
26 July 2014

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The Tracks of life

I was once a little train, sitting by the track, Listening to the freight yard’s roar and all the rushing clack When one day came steaming by an engine large and brave My heart did a quiver leap, my wheels a twitter gave Every day when passing by, the more our friendship grew With each fleeting whistle blast, and more each time it blew Then one day in passing, upon his track I went Joyfully to meet him, from wither he was sent Blasting from the distance, an airy cloud of steam I rushed forth to meet him, the engine of my dream Then with shock and wonder, my joy was gone alack! For though we both were meeting, he wasn’t on my track Off into the distance, he chugged and puffed away Sweeping with him pieces of my broken heart that day Often now I wonder, will he come anon? Or was this a chance meeting, and now again he’s gone? The tracks of life are tangled, in the freight yard of our race We meet other engines that hold both heart and place How to live? I wonder, when through our lives there sail Many other engines, that aren’t upon our rail Will we grow quite bitter, when those meetings on the tracks Seem to mock the aching heart for all the love it lacks? May each little engine take heed to what I bade This life below is scattered, with meetings on the grade Take each passing whistle not as one of gloom Pushing back the others, and making itself room I will always cherish, that engine bold and brave Remembering now with fondness, the joy to me he gave But now into the distance, I hear upon the breeze That fleeting cry of freedom, upon which my heart did seize Once every while, I gaze sadly down his track But in my little engine heart, he’s never coming back And so I hold those memories close, and never do I fail For God had a reason for our meeting on the rail

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Love is a game,
Hearts are broken,.
But with no blame.
Tears pouring down your face
And heart at a slowing beat,
But then you wonder,
Why weap?
Sooner or later,
You are bound to find the right one,
And when you do,
Your heart will light up,
As bright as the sun.

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Spin a new yarn
Just for pure fun

Tell a fond tale
Do make a sale

Glimpse a new myth
Borne by strange birth

Spy new agents
Sense old legends

Start your story
Style things happy

Niche fond tidings
In glad findings

Pile warm highlight
With plain insight

Go deeper now
With why and how

Weave a sure plot
Watch precious thought

Let fun flood play
In funny say

Beyond the plain
New ventures gain

Leon Enriquez
24 September 2014

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Heart of the Valiant: Thirteen Monks

Thirteen men of doubt we were; forsaken from our own minds.
We weren't like our masters. We were like raw iron with no grind.
Without any experience and faith, we seemed weak to all.
Yet, we were the thirteen that were said to hear the call.

We were mined from our deposits, and forged into a force.
A force of will, strength, faith, and courage, we were no longer coarse.
Thirteen men of strong will we became; the force of serenity.
Our offense being water, and defense being earth, this was our identity.
War has broken loose. The greediness of man stole our lands.
As thirteen we were chosen; to risk life for peace while we stand.
Against one-thousand men, while outnumbered, we were still stronger.
Our twenty-six hands turned to that of ten-thousand. We took doubt no longer.

One-thousand men defeated, but no lives taken; the hand of peace spoke.
Will is never lost. It is only found. When attained, men are one not broke.
Thirteen guardians of courage we remained; from ore to edge.
Thirteen men of realization we became. Of peace and faith we pledge. 

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My Heart Was Here A Moment Ago

My Heart Was Here A Moment Ago By Rick Rucker I know my Heart was on my sleeve, I don’t recall that I let it leave, Last time I saw it, when I spied her face. Hair of auburn, Worldly Grace, I seem to think that I chose, Perhaps she took it, with my Rose, I tried to follow the trail of drops, The blood trail, where her car was, stops. Is she just a master thief? Will I likely come to grief? Will she always keep it there, Hidden somewhere, in her lair? I thought I was so strong, and sure, The robbery is still a blur. In running it all through my mind, She hypnotized me, made me blind. Now, I think they were a pair, My Heart wanted to be where She resides for all Time, So there really was no crime. The only hope I have to see My Heart, if she agrees to live with me! Maybe this was all a plan, Hatched against a silly man, Who had not a chance, When confronted with True Romance!

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The Show

Make it fresh. Beautiful and new.
Blur sharp edges but keep a few.
Keep it fresh. Keep it clean.
As good as new, new and pristine.
Shine it up and make it glow.
So proud now, you make a show.

People come and see your work.
Some will smile some will smirk.
After all have come and gone.
No longer you like a single one.
What was fresh and seemed so new.
Doesn't seem such a great view.

You go back home, pride is lost.
The show came with too much cost.

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Brown Ice

In the freezes of the winter sunny-sets.
Brown icy lake then the sky turns Burnett. 
As the birds walk on ice underneith the hanging pecan trees. 
Looking for nuts, shelter., for comfort from the winter freeze.

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Come the shoots, come the spring
Come the rains and summer bring

Come the Skylark, bring the song
Fill the sky and the valley throng

Come on blossom and fill the air
Your colour sweet, fragrance fair

Come Butterfly dance these eyes
Float the warmth of clearing skies

Come sweet Rose and comfort me
Fill this heart with all your beauty

Come the gentle flowing streams 
Gently glide and float my dreams

Come nature wrap me in your love
A beating heart under skies above

Come my true love walk with me
Hand in hand and to forever be

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This Night I can write

This night I can write,
Anything to make this night bright.
As bright as the sunlight.
That will remove all my fright.

This night I can write,
Anything that will respect one's right.
A right to use sight.
That will prevent any fight.

This night I can write,
Anything from my insight.
An insight full of delight.
That will lift everyone in high height.

This night I can write,
Anything to show my part as a playwright.
A playwright who's now alright.
That's why I write tonight.

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Oh, how I tried to keep from falling.
My heart wouldn't let my mind stop me.
And oh, how I tried to keep from calling.
But, my heart doesn't seem to hear my plea.

If you wonder how long I will love you,
Or how long will my heart be so true?
For forever and always, I will love you.
My heart will always belong to just you. 

I send you my poems and call you each night.
I come to you and our loving always feels so right.
I dream of being there with you all of the time,
My mind asks, will you ever be mine?

Will you ever love me? My heart thinks you might
Open your heart someday when the time is right.
Until then, I will just keep on loving you,
My mind tried hard not to, my heart says I do.

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Sleepless Dreams

Some nights, no sleep, I lay awake, I still feel like I'm dreaming. In darkened rooms, I slip away, my soul and heart start scheming.
Your face, a thought, as I get lost in memories of our past. Smile and sigh, no worries or lies, I know it will not last.
For daylight brings, the truth it seems, no more fantasies awake. Reality shows, coldness grows, the morning my heart does break.
Throughout the day, I'll ponder or pray of happy times ahead. But soon as darkness comes again, sleepless dreams within my bed.

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Letting Go


The house is very quiet now, as I move about Without her hugs and giggles, the fire has gone out She was so excited, so I pasted on a smile Inside my heart was breaking, for me a painful trial Wasn't it just yesterday, she was my little girl It seems like but a moment, I've watched her life unfurl Now she is off to college, standing on her own Challenging her new world, while I stay here alone I know that soon she'll come back, but it won't be the same She has become a woman now, and we'll just share a name So I'll wrap myself in memories and wait for the time when I hear her say "hi daddy", and my heart lights up again

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The Sammy Davis Way

how can you describe art?
I think writing is art

we paint pictures with words
They are our only swords

I’m a lover of art
The written art is smart

Art will keep growing
All should be knowing

Do your art whatever it is
And don’t forget Sammy Davis

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Love's Duet

Love's Duet by Rick Rucker Does your heart, to you, sound like a spinet? Ever louder, by the minute? My diagnosis, sad to say, Someone has stolen your heart away! What's that you say, Inside your chest it still does stay? How can it be both gone and here? You do not comprehend, I fear. Once it has been taken, All your beliefs will be shaken. All of those things you “knew,” Suddenly don't seem so true. A heart is an instrument for others to play, In choice of tune, you have no say. Will that person play love's sonnet? Or only “taps” will the other play upon it? Will it be a concerto, brave and full. Or will it leave you in a lull? If the player is a master, You may still avert disaster. If the player is tried and true, A duet will you both “do.” Love's sweet song should go on forever, Rising always, ending never. How long can forever be, Perhaps past Eternity? It's in the hands of The Fates, Maybe past The Pearly Gates? I hope you find an accompanist that knows How to play you, head to toes. Starting softly, slowly, Probably with whispers, uttered lowly, Moving on, a little quicker, Ever mindful of your ticker. Better to not move too fast, After all, you want this to last! Suddenly you've lost your sight, You don't know if it's day or night. Feeling that you're in a haze, Your nerves on edge, your brain, a daze. Now the tempo has increased, All inhibitions have been released, You want this to go on forever, Rising always, ending never! Were it to continue, just like this, You would never know the bliss, Of the musician's artful finish, The one that takes, yet won't diminish, The feelings that this is our reward, For doing work, and being bored, By the petty things in life, For this moment that feels like a knife, Coursing through your brain, Bringing that exquisite pain, Was that all a dream, Or did you just hear someone scream? Rising now, to applause, The musician must have been the cause, Of the warmth that does flow, All over you, from head to toe. Enlivened now, but blissfully spent, You know that this was no accident, Like musicians have always said, To get good, practice often 'til you're dead!

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Six Months

Six months have gone by,
Six months I have tried,

my heart has grown so much,
Encouraged by your touch

I no longer have fear,
Because I know your here.

Broken bones have been unhealed,
But you had shown true love revealed.

I now know that I'm not alone,
My voice a\has found a brand new tone.

Opened my eyes and made me see,
That there's a heart beating in me.

You give me hope, now i believe,
That you won't lie, you won't decieve.

I also know that you're the one,
Into our empty bliss we'll run.

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love yearns

i wander in love's alley blind,
rather than wander blindly in love's alley .

my heart will only yearn for you my love,
its up to you my love to yearn for my heart .

I cannot decide and expect you to respond,
to respond is for you to decide.

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Your Taste Lingers

The emotions you stir are deep within.
Emotions so risque surely they're a sin. 
Please close your eyes and feel me near.
I want to hold you my precious dear. 
Laying next to you as you go to sleep. 
This pleasant dream is yours to keep.
I am looking into your pretty face. 
Filling my heart with your sweet grace. 
My warm hand glides across your skin.
Then I see you begin to bear a grin. 
Your body responding to my gentle touch.
You are wanting more of me so very much. 
I softly kiss your full lips and cute ear. 
My wanting you sweet heart is all you hear.

I gently place my lips upon your neck.
Your heart and body are at my beck.
Our pulses race together as we kiss.
The passion we share is an abyss.
I trace your sexy lips with my finger.
The taste of them on my tongue lingers.
My body aches for your sweet caress.
Breath caught in my throat as you touch my breast.
Take me, I'm yours, just don't break my heart.
I crave you like a drug, and I don't want to be apart.
The need for our bodies to be one is oh so strong.
Is my want for our bodies to touch wrong?
Your body above mine, my legs around your waist a must.
I beg for you to be in me and you enter with an aggressive thrust.
I cry out in pleasure as my body responds to you.
Our bodies entwine as a gratifying rhythm grew.
We kiss passionately as you grab a handful of hair.
This much pleasure is almost too much to bear. 
All night we make love, as we tire and fall asleep.
When we wake I only ask if you're mine to keep.

A Collaborative Duet Between Myself And The Great MPK Mickey Pig Knuckles, Whom Is My
Inspiration And The Sweetest Man I have Ever Known, I Hope It Was All You Hoped It Would
Be Fan Boy!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

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A Heart Is A Heart Is A Heart

Careless is as careless does;
A careless heart is quick to love.
A clever heart is much the same,
Even cautious hearts are hard to tame.

And so the answer seems to be;
A heart's a heart indifferently,
Regardless of your own design,
A heart's a heart, like yours is mine.

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Work of the Heart

Regardless of collegiate preparation, 
Subject knowledge or dedication;
Teaching is not a true vocation
Unless love is the main consideration.

Teaching must involve emotion.
Without love there is no devotion.
If teaching is your career of choice,
Love of children will be your voice

Teaching is for those who hear the call.
Accept it only if your heart will fall
In love with those put in your charge
With tolerance for all in a heart so large.

Teaching is not for the hardened one,
Someone employed for just a position.
It requires one whose soul is set apart.
Teaching is a complete work of the heart.

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My Wish for a Genie

If I could meet a genie, who will grant three wishes for me,
The first thing I would ask for is your eternal company.
Your happiness and laughter would make me feel so good,
To be together all the time, I only wish we could.

My second wish would be that your smile will never fade
It lights your face and lights my life, my days are always made.
It sets my heart racing, at what rate I cannot say
You're in my life right now, and I'll care for you each day.

For my final wish I'd ask my genie to make us safe and strong,
Your steadiness and gentleness will move us both along.
Our feelings for each other will keep us close together,
And thanks to my genie, we'll stay that way forever.

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Furnace of Odor

Amidst the clove of reality and elation,
Lust, of incandescent sensation

Breathing taste into stomach and mind,
Odor, desire, all refined

Steam ascending like a creeping mist,
The smoldering heat shall not desist

Dissolving white, Mmm! flavor endowed,
Slithering upon the brownish origin’s cloud  

Then the sweetness, a tap of infallibility,
Adding more flavor, hence tranquility  

“Herbally” speaking, the odorous touch,
Finally convenes to create One and no such

Tea of Hayle, art to sculpt,
Tea, milk, sugar, and Hayle in cup…

Hayle: Arabic word for Cardamon

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In  mid-winter we will be wed:
Oh, that  the cool whiteness could be sped !
How my heart waits  for her cool embrace
And the feel  of  snow flakes  on my face,
Running warm through her frosted trees,
Watching the river’s fastness  slow to freeze,
And the warmth that follows a ski-run,
And the snowshoe races full of fun.
Waiting  so long   is  a weary   task,
Till  I’m  crumping her white damask 
Into  pearl-grey  hollows ,
And  shaping   shallow billows.
Then our hands touch in warmth and we know
There’s only a few weeks to go :
A  smile from each  diamond encrusted branch
Shows   my  face all   a-blanch.
As my love walks close by  me in a   hush  
My heart overflows at her  special blush.
On  sunlit silver  snow  no  cold-eyed tear.
Oh my  heart  yearns for  wintry  land soon  this year !

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God Believes In You

My heart hurts to see such pain
Sorrow, tears, and sadness,
Why do we let Satan reign?
Why can’t we stop the madness?

Why do we wait for trouble to come
To find us while we are weak,
Why can’t we come together as one
It is unity that we should seek.

Why aren’t we strong in faith and love
Why do we focus on money instead,
Why do we always push and shove
To try and get ahead.

Why do thousands have to die
Before we can see each other,
Why do we first have to cry
Before we can come together.

To show compassion and understanding
Is a gift that we should use,
Stop the hatred, stop demanding
Stop the evil and abuse.

Don’t let these lost souls
These devils without hearts,
Make us submit to their goals 
And try to tear us apart.

Look with your heart and not your eyes 
And pray as you will,
Forget the malice, forget the lies
And remember, 
God believes in you still.

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Precious as a Kitten

Once I found myself with my back against the wall
Trying hard to contemplate the meaning of it all

It was then I bowed my head and ask of the Lord
Is it better for a man to use the cross or the sword

The answer came as suddenly as a bolt of light
There are times in this life that a man must fight

Instead of fighting with our fist we fight with our prayer
Ask of the Lord and his guidence will be there

I’ve laid down my boots and said bye to my gloves
Let the hate leave my heart so it could fill with love

Love is the most beautiful thing we could ever know
For it is the thing that binds the heart to the soul

As I bring an end to this little rhyme
You are about to read the love story of all time

For the love of the Lord simply can’t be beat
What good is the A-1 sauce if we have no meat?

As this poem reaches its end I hope I have clearly written
Offer yourself unto the Lord and become as precious as a kitten

I would like to dedicate this poem to my dear friend
who is precious as the kittens that she so dearly loves.
Rhoda this one is for you. I thank you for the love and 
support you have shown my family and I.

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A soul too beautiful for this world
Of starry skies and unrequited love

Speak in colors beyond mortal words
A glimpse, a gift imbued from above

Brushed aside, his strokes revealed
A heart beyond what we could feel

By his own hand he made his choice
When to a deaf ear his words kept sealed

Beyond his time we finally see
Beauty and love as it should be


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The tortoise and Noah

Grumbled at Noah's clarion call
Of the gloomy existence fall.

Started the journey quiet early
Among others so many.

Speed mocked at your gait
As swift animals to the Ark's gate

Creepy slow shelly animal
Bent to the Ark's aisle

Must have been the last
As others animal, you, passed.

Helped by Noah's hands
For heavens ready to purge the 

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Your Parting Gift

Your Parting Gift By Rick Rucker A passionate Kiss, your parting gift, Before my Loneliness, a brief lift We don’t see each other often, But your kisses surely soften The hurt of seeing you drive away Still, my Heart stops beating until the day When we can next hug and Kiss The lovely pressure my lips will miss Memories of happy things When I’m with you, my Heart sings! Soon, you’ll drive away no more, We’ll both live behind The Red Door! Where we will kiss all day long, Sometimes soft, often strong Where I’ll do my stuff, you’ll do yours, Kissing will be one of our happiest chores!

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Lovely Reflections

A thought fell on me,
and calmly my heart sought to see,
to comprehend, in solitude,
its size and width and magnitude.

There's one who seems to me a gem,
whose influence no man can stem,
with eyes expressing great radiance; 
a face engulfed with great brilliance;

I see a heart that calms my heart,
a face that tears my soul apart,
I see eyes that set me on fire,
and melt my heart with desire,

for true, unbounded genuine care,
not pain that I can hardly bear;
for such that fills my heart with joy,
what thought! With this I cannot toy.

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Hang In There No Matter What

People do anything for money and that's truthfully so. 
Money may be green but it doesn't in the trees grow. 
And now we wonder if we're living in the last days too 
It is time for you to seek God's face repent and pray. 
I worship and glorify His holy name every single day. 
When I don't read His Word I'm really feel bad and sad. 
So many things and situations make me in fact mad. 
And now we wonder if we're living in the last days too. 

The economy is awful and the mighty dollar gyrates downhill. 
Unemployment is at its worst and my heart is truly ill. 
Winter is bitter cold and frosty snow plummets from the sky. 
Good times come and go and friends will betray one day too. 
So many people believe they're very smart. 
Some rise early and some make a late start. 
Many watch and hear but they don't listen with their heart. 
Sometimes I feel fine but now and then I want to cry. 
I try so hard to understand some many things or hence I try. 
And some of us wonder if we're living in the last days. 
It is time for you to seek God's face repent and just pray. 

You want all your problems and mistakes to go away. 
You wish you have more time in your hands to play. 
Money may be green but it doesn't in the trees grow. 
People do anything for money and that's truthfully so. 
Good times come and go and friends will betray you one day too. 
There's too much on my plate but there isn't much to do to say. 
I worry about my future as you make about your way. 
But in my heart I love you so and always will think of you. 
I bow my head and pray hard that we can stay alive this day. 
Winter is bitter cold and frosty snow plummets from the sky. 
It is time for you to seek God's face repent and just pray. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Salving Heights

Sky aglow upon your reflection
Blue eyes of glass bestowing affection

A symphony segueing perpetually,
A Psalm of praise ascending gradually

One by one you extend along,
Road by road you chant this song

Heights you reach, you soar, you shimmer,
Your translucent eyes they shine, they glimmer

With pride you stand, built to build
A future ignited with glory, fulfilled

Your widening roofs, a reflection of sun
Amidst thy beauty, all beauty has begun

Abraj of Dubai… Decorum of future 
                                Adornment of sky 


Abraj: The plural form of the Arabic word “Burj” which means tower

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Moody Mahler to lyrical Mozart
An Inspiring melodic form of art.

An American doublet

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If you could cut me open, look deep inside you'd see
A heart that's long forgotten, what true love should be
You'd find my heart all crumpled, beaten black and blue
If it could tell a story, here's what it would say to you
You took me in my glory, you took me in my prime
I really thought we'd make it, stand the test of time
But now you've left me brokenjust a hollow shell
I feel as if you've chewed me up and spat me straight to hell,
If you could see inside my brain, it's muddled and confused,
It feels all kind of mushy, all battered up and bruised,
But I know that they wil heal up
But that it may take some time,
But at least I know that, however badly messed up, they both are truly mine.

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My Tears are Gone

Because of you, the cry of my heart cannot escape through my eyes.
My tears are all gone, but not the pain I feel inside.
The sleepless nights, full of heart wrenching sobs,
No longer plague me but… I want the tears to fall.
Without this luxury, there is no escape.
The pain overwhelms me, like my heart’s being reshaped. 
It’s been so long now…they said it would get better in time.
I’ve waited and waited; only to see through their lies.  

To everyone else, my heart has healed. 
But I’ve become a good actress, and put up a shield.
My shattered heart won’t let anyone in.
I feel all alone in this battle I can’t win.
I’ve tried to get over him; I’ve tried to move on
But without him with me, I feel so wrong.
Its unnatural living, as I go on my way.
I feel something missing, every moment, every day. 

Oh I cried and I cried, but like a sudden drought,
Somewhere along the way, my tears ran out.
I have no one to talk to; I can’t tell him my feelings.
So I live my life, pretending I’m healing.
Inside there’s a fire, burning at my soul.
A huge void is left, only you can make whole.
As my heart grows numb, I long for escape
I have yet to find it. And so I will wait…

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This Heart 2K13

Impart this heart its ink and yet its quill,
And thereupon paper shall tell a genuine feel.

A heart which may be wounded, a heart which may
Be Joyed, a heart which true love slips not away.

A heart which cherishes each snap shot of past
Herein a world where nothing seems to last.

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We fight, I cry.
You leave, I die.
Pain is my enemy,
but its also a friend.

When the anger comes out.
My heart beats triple times.
I hide in the closet,
cause I'm scared of what you become.

Your eyes turn red.
Your veins show.
your heart beats louder.
and your footsteps become heavy.

You stalk me 
till i'm stuck against the wall.
You scream in my face
and I become terrified of it all.

This is not you
and I hate it all.
The monster in you is no thrill,
cause all you do is give me the chills.

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Sync with the times
Puzzle and chimes

See now the way
Embrace fond play

In the long run
Depend on fun

Word starts the flow
Voice feeds the glow

When heart is pure
Mind can be sure

Let soul reveal
Love's fond appeal

Be a true man
Love all you can

Blessings fund zest
Love works the best

Explore sure bliss
In that and this

Glimpse a new surge
Feel a fine urge

Merge deep within
Know the unseen

Your work fits well
With show and tell

Your worth is thought
With happy lots

Reach to give more
From treasured stores

Listen and heed
Joy plants grand seeds

Leon Enriquez
07 August 2014

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What Is It about you

What Is It about you
That makes my spirit soar
I feel like Im on a roller coaster
With my heart and mind at war

What Is It about you
That keeps me wanting more
Waves of emotion pass through me
With new feelings for us to explore

What Is It about you
That gets me to the core
Im savoring this new found happiness
And the opening of a whole new door

What Is It about you
That keeps my heart from the floor
These crazy energetic feelings
What Is It that they Implore?

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A Christmas Tale

As snowflakes form into crystalline  beds
Santa dresses up in his suit so red
Reindeer restless to come out of their stall
Christmas is the most wonderful night of them all
All across the world it's so beautiful to see
People taking the time to fill others hearts with glee
Somewhere high above the clouds in a special place
God and Son sit on their throne a smile upon their face
The reason they are smiling is it warms their heart to see
Love and cheer is everywhere that it could possibly be
Somewhere in a little town nestled nicely away
A worried man looks at the bills he knows he must pay
As his daughter points at the advertisement on t.v.
Excitedly asking of her dad, "Will Santa bring that for me"
Suddenly he hears more mail land in the box
With a thud that hits his heart like a thousand locks
As he shuffles through the bills that day he runs across a card
So he stops and opens it right there in the yard
The thing about this card that made the odds so slim
This man had absolutely no idea who sent it to him
It said,"We know times are tough and what your going through"
"So we placed $500 in this card and sent it off to you"
He searched the envelope and card but there was no name at all
He reckons that makes this wonderful gift the greatest gift of all
He talks it over with his wife and they give half away
To help the local shelter feed the hungry on Christmas day
As we scurry about these days in an awful fuss
I believe up in heaven the Lord is smiling down on us
Because he knows on Christmas day that most all humanity
Takes the time to stop and say, "Lord we give thanks to thee"

Totally fictional poem but the message is one that
needs be heard. In every town across our nation
hungry families will file into the many shelters
hoping to get them and their children a hot meal
and possibly a single gift. If everyone who could
afford to give a dollar would no one would be
turned away - Merry Christmas

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I Know That You Can See

I Know That You Can See by Rick Rucker From Heaven, I know that you can see, That I have found what You wanted for me, Namely, another loving Mate, At this time of Life, quite late! Through a quirk of Fate, We went out on a date. I summoned up my nerve, To try to break through her reserve. I thought that I might as well try, To win her Heart, if not, I would Die! I planned to mount a charge, Through her defenses, I would barge! It took quite a while To elicit, from Her, a smile. Now, she no longer tries to hide, That she thinks she's on Mister Toad's Wild Ride! She has never been with someone so crazy, Whom, in Love, was not lazy. From my driving, to other things, She screams a lot, though her Heart sings! So, in closing, let me say, I will love you to my dying day. But, that now, while on Earth, She has made my Life full of Mirth! My Heart is now in good Hands, With, or wthout, Wedding Bands! Now, as you may surmise, This is My Best Time, to my surprise!

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That Time Before Winter

It's that time before Winter and all through the yard
run pathways of petals all beautifully charred.
An assortment of heartwarming hues can be seen:
deep reds and bright yellows and shades in between.
How my innocent heart beats with hummingbird pleasure
at the sight of these wonderful bundles of treasure!
So I say to myself while my heart is a thumping,
"No time shall be wasted, these leaves are for jumping!"
To the largest collection of colors I race,
with laughter aplenty, the wind in my face
and the sun at my back, pushing me with its rays,
as I spring into Fall without looking both ways.
I land soft in the pile that the season provides,
as if leaping in laundry just recently dried,
and upon my resurfacing what should I see
but the base of what seems like a beanstalk to me.
I look up at the plant and think Jack would be proud
to descend such a towering tree from the clouds.
Though it's lacking its leaves, looking lonely and bare,
I just can't help but smile as I harmlessly stare
at what once was full green, so I shout out "hooray,"
giving thanks to the trees on this cool autumn day.
To you children at play, be your yards big or small,
Happy Leaf Leaping, friends, and to all a good Fall!

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Video library
Volumes wait for me

Each with a story
To reveal to me

The Hero's Journey
Some strange destiny

Fate bundles glory
Cryptic chemistry

Sense beast and beauty
Pattern tragedy

Dark and light freely
Dissect comedy

Notice carefully
Drama tugs edgy

Opposites duly
String humanity

Stack of old movies
Sit and wait for me

Leon Enriquez
27 July 2014

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Freed Angel

Freed Angel 

She sits in her office morning to dark .
Patiently waiting , her life to start .

Smiling and nodding , all the day thru .
She being the one , they ask what they do .

Tired and weary it's off to the gym .
Guy next to her , gives her " the grin "

Look on his face sayin' "I'M the one"
Steps up her treadmill , setting it , run !

Sweet innocent nature makes it so clear .
Everyone she meets , wants so close , too near .

More than she seems this angelic creature .
Not needing a guide , the student or teacher .

The man which her dream's beckon to call .
In her life now , no reality at all .

The poet , her mind , who's words do ignite .
Thru dreamed desires or visions of plight .

The thoughts in her head , mere strokes on a page .
Unlocking the chains on her self gilded cage . 

Released to soar , on golden moonlights .
For her , it's only in poems that freed birds take flight .

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New Love

New Love By Rick Rucker Some say that Love’s a dance, A ballet of Romance. I think it a bit more intense, Just by using common sense, More like a fight with a bull, A mortal combat, with no lull. When we met, I tried to see, Would you be a fit for me? Could I live with you forever, Mostly happy, leaving never? That you are far smarter than me, Anyone can clearly see, Would you be happy to be tied, Together with me, by your side? Could we survive, could you take it? Love forever, would we make it? Now that we have a little history, You are not as large a mystery, You seem to want, like me, A person to love you, eternally. You are more cautious than am I, I will love you ‘til I die. When you feel comfy, and can see, I’d love for you to live with me, ‘Til my dying breath, Torrid lovers, until Death! From others, you’ve heard this before, I will do my best to restore, Your faith that two can build a life, Full of Love, not pain, and strife. I will do all I can do, To make life Heaven, just for you. I feel I’m winning your Heart over, But it won’t be only clover, There will be troubles, that I’m sure, But I promise, my heart is pure. If you will give, to me, your hand, You will be the Princess of the land! You have asked me how I feel I tell you that I would kneel, Happily on bended leg, For your hand to beg. The rarest jewel is worth the wait, In your hands, you hold my Fate. Will you deign to wear the Crown, Or, will I leave, with just a frown? Finally, my Love, I pledge, You brought me back from The Edge, Your rescue will be rewarded handsomely, If you will but stay with me! I’d love to have your answer soon, If “Yes,” I’ll grant, to you, the Moon!

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Be free
Just see


Glimpse here
Good cheer

Live more
Fill store

Heed hint
Fine mint

Feel joy
New ploy


Drop cares

Spring break

Leon Enriquez
15 April 2014

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Local Arts Council

For the glory of God in the skies
Thanks for being forgiving and so wise;
Considerate, kind and understanding;
I will only pray and not be demanding.

When for God want to complete a task
All I ever have to do is simply ask
Him for great guidance and direction;
He will point me towards his perfection.

What you should do is first start
By making God source of your art
And ability to put things in your works
Even if quant and have a few quirks.

Ashes are always ashes and dust is dust
But before you die you so surely must
Brunswick Arts Council become part of
And for local art will have much love.

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When I Was A King

Woken was the king to a reality when he was once great. 
He rises to his feet to rise to the occasion, but only to find out he’s years too late. 

You see, all good things must come to an end. 
There are more things important than the money you spend.

Time is on the side to those who side with it.
Don’t blink because beauty you just might miss it.

The beast is the truth, and the lie you told yourself.
With love there is no need for wealth as I always say myself.

The throne slips through your fingers like sand.
No longer do you have a queen to hold your hand.

They say it’s better to have loved & lost than to have never loved at all.
I disagree because I see her face on every girl as she is my downfall.

However, you cannot force a king to rule. 
He might be cut out to jester or be a petty fool. 

The queen may never have been a queen to start.
She might take your riches & rob your heart.

I was once a king…
But I’m nothing more than a boy lost in love with no hand for my ring. 

I guess love had my imagination in an odd place.
Either that or I should have seen the signs when you wanted “space.”

My mother always said my first love would be a fling…
But 3 years later I still feel like she was my queen & I was her king…

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Love's Lonely Quest

Love’s Lonely Quest Are we programmed from Above To search for everlasting Love? Or is it from some other place To seek the Other’s lovely face? Is it some cruel joke, That those that love us might not stoke Our hearts with joyful ardor But might make us search far harder? Do we have a missing piece That finding it will increase Our joyful sense of self And cause us to take our heart down from the shelf? Are you prone to settle? For The Quest, have you the mettle? For your search, you will be bullied And your name will be sullied Some will think you are quite daft That you seek, in this boiling sea, a raft Almost sinking, you seek a Spirit Whose voice will lift you, when you hear it Driven closer to the rocks, Drawn in by some golden locks You can hear the waves a-crashing With each one, your hopes they’re dashing You struggle on, hour by hour Your countenance does stay quite dour Your head is now below water Like a lamb, led to slaughter, You will, in seconds, confront Death Unable more to draw a breath Suddenly, you see a light A rescue beacon splits the night A rescuer has thrown a ring This really changes everything! A moment before, pure disaster And now your heart beats much faster The one that has saved your life Has consented to be your Wife! Now we must both get to shore To live in Love forever more! I know that we can make it Any trouble, we can take it Those troubles that are too big for one, Can, with two, easily be done I must tell you, though not fun The QUEST can lead you to the Sun Where you will live out all your days In Love’s warming rays!

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How Big Is His Heart

There is a simple fact in life that I understand
The size of the heart is the worth of the man

I once was a man who had a little bit of wealth
Though I was very worthless up inside of myself

Thought I was smarter than the average guys
It was just another spoonful of the devil’s lies

Sacks of dope that were the size of a small suitcase
With an endless amount of money that I could waste

But to just stay happy it took every bit of it all
Soon as I got back home another girl would call

To big a whore to ever be strong enough to say no
Let me get the shower hot, do a shot, and then we can go

I had all the happiness and dope that money could buy
I could never think about stopping because of the high

I had to keep running I could never even try to slow
Because I had a shattered heart and a very barren soul

“You got it right”, and then one day I met my wife
The everlasting, never ending, true love of my life

We didn’t slow right away she just stayed at my side
Only person I ever met that could go stride for stride

But like all things in life it suddenly came to an end
I completely confessed to the burdens of all of our sins

The Police let everyone go free and I was back in the pen
I guess once again I found I cared a little too much to win

My lessons and changes in this life have been so very vast
Letting one dream completely go made another one last

The lesson in is this poem from the first word to the last
If you want to love the future make the best use of the past

The hardest thing I ever learned, really gave me my start
Way to Judge the true size of a man, “How big is his heart”

Even though this poem was written in regards to my
wife and I, my wish is to dedicate it to all the fellers
on the site that have hearts of gold as well as those
ladies who have husbands or boyfriends with hearts of
Gold. In fact even though it is written from a mans 
perspective I reckon it would also apply to the Ladies
who also have pure beautiful hearts. Took me a lifetime
to learn this I took great pride in being mean and cruel
until the day The Lord set me free and opened up my
heart. We all choose our own path and making the most
of it is all we can do. If one of you decides to stay off
the road I was on, Each of our paths will brighten cause
the Lord never fails though he does test which of course
makes us that much stronger. God Bless, MJ

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Watch what happens
When it happens

I sit and wait
Here at mind's gate

The moments surge
Feel a deep urge

No need to think
Just cite what links

I'm in the mood
For gush of good

Here on the brink
String new verse links

iPad in hand
Theme creates send

Folly works best
In wordplay fest

Words trickle then
As I attend

This sexy muse
Comes to amuse

No need to plan
A blend or trend

I simply wait
Muse heaps my plate

Words used before
Yet now bestows

Simple and plain
Words do not strain

Rhymes used before
Now reap some more

I do not know
Just what will show

I learn to wait
No need to raid

The silent soul
Sings in a whole

You ask me how
I write somehow

Better by far
A hurling star

Joy comes to me
To set me free

Verse chorus primes
Chimes in good time

Leon Enriquez
26 July 2014

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If Only

If only you could stay true
and not hurt me the way you do
if only i'd listened to what i'd been told
and my heart held on with a stronger hold

If only you had talked to me
then together is what we'd still be
if only my heart was able to heal
and the pain i feel wouldn't be so real

If only the miles weren't what kept us apart
and a brand new beginning we could start
if only we could have made it through
and the loss of you isn't what it had to come to

If only we could have held on longer
then our relationship now would be stronger
if only this could be a bad dream
then that much better it would seem

If only you'd have at least told me why
i could have spent less time trying not to cry
but in the end this is how you chose it to be
So don't even try coming back to me

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a silent little prayer

you sped by and I glimpsed your face
your stuff all packed for your quick getaway
you've tried before but it didn't take
a fool never learns from the old mistakes

you left a treasure under a Palo Verde tree
down in the Valley where all was green
you're heading north with your heart mapped out
forgetting a tiny piece that lays due South

you hit the brakes as the interstate forks
your heart a little heavier than you had thought
the song that plays on your radio
says you stayed too was time to go

without a thought or without any cares
you say again your silent little prayer
"don't let what I'm doing be a huge mistake
am I too early or just an hour too late"

you hit Phoenix and you're feeling fine
ready to try it all one more time
the dust won't settle on your yesterdays
the shadow on your soul you thought was filed away

like a 12-step program you try to justify
take all the wrongs and make them all right
but it all comes back when you try to go to sleep
the love that is new and the one you couldn't keep

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The Tear

Months had gone by since I saw you last.
I thought I had put you completely in the past.
Seeing you there, with her, in our favorite place,
I could look at you with a smile on my face.

You turned around and saw me standing there.
All I could do then was look back and stare.
Your eyes met mine and our gazes locked. 
Once again, I felt like my heart beat stopped. 

A frozen smile on my face, so you wouldn’t know 
That in that moment, I knew I still loved you so.
Standing there with her, you started to speak,
Then you saw a tear slip slowly down my cheek.

I closed my eyes and turned slowly away.
Leaving, knowing that I could never stay.
The heart break I bore was just like before,
But, walking away from you hurt even more.

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First Couplet

Couplets are intense
Because they're condensed.

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I. Like. You.


I like the way we just happened to meet
Caught your eye and my heart skipped in one beat.

I like the way you hold my hand real tight
 And how my hand fits yours just feels right.

I like the way you brush the hair off my face
Even though I put it there in the first place.

I like the way I catch you giving me that eye
The one that tells me that your heart now is mine.

I like the way you’ve shaken up my world
Turned me, dipped me, and danced me in a twirl.

I like the way you look in my eyes and call me baby
And how you make me believe that this like just may be


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Notice nice noise
Verbal verse voice

Thrill thoughtful think
List laughing links

Belief bakes bread
Rich rapture raids

Fresh fragrance fair
Dream daring dare

Line lively lines
Vouch vibrant vines

Fling fable form
Nice naughty norm

See sensuous sights
Live lovely light

Write wonder works
Juice jumping jerk

List lovely looks
Buy blooming book

Mull moving make
Trust toilsome take

Play pines pure proof
Truth telling truth

Cite clever crook
Bring baking book

Empty each eat
Finder's fond feat

Gain gracious greed
Flatter force feed

Sign special say
Dreary dream day

Mime mellows mime
Time telling time

Charm cunning choice
Values verse voice

Play precious poise
Numb bulling noise

Leon Enriquez
01 July 2014

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Will Ye My Lad

Will ye my lad, come sail with me Cresting softly the swelling sea? Hand to the oar, and face to the bow Sail we the ocean, high wave and low. The wind at our cheek, the briny sea’s dip Rocks our frail bark, and threatens our ship. The heave of the wave, our watery bower, Lulls us at night with its sleepy power. Day after day sweep we the earth, ‘Till safe we sail to our launching berth. The lightning above, the worrisome gale, None hinder us as onward we sail. Straight and true, our craft does soar Paddle we fast, spreading our oar. Will ye my lad come sail with me? None hath lived so wondrously free! All fears behind, great joy to espy, Cruise we to glory, both you and I!

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Vivid contrasts emanate lively hues
from the brilliancy of colors,
to radiate skin, hair and eyes;
and these are the wishes of all lovers!

He's a handsome man in a dark suit well-pressed,
and she's a beautiful woman in a scarlet dress;
he doesn't like ladies with flashy clothes,
and she only likes guys with ripped shirts!  

Amelia fascinates her partner with her adorable smile,  
Riccardo's blue eyes see a woman no man can resist;
and with his sexy eyes and killer's looks makes his conquest;
how exciting she seems and how happy she is to feel alive! 

Their cheeks occasionally touch as kisses of a soft wind,
passion arises, but the dance must end with a standing ovation; 
they're the only perfect pair who are rehearsing and getting recognition,
other dancers are getting impatient and are dying to come in.

The violin and piano begin to play in full harmony, " Un Ballo In Maschera,"
and all the guests come out gracefully to join the masquerade ball without timidity...
wearing luxurious and colorful costumes of the legendary Venetian Era;
and they elegantly dance on the diamond-shaped floor, trying to gess each other's identity.

The chorus adapts a moderato tone as wished by the conductor's baton, as the harmonic tones 
accompany the high pitched soprano, who suddenly bursts out in a hissy scene;
she shouts, "My Riccardo has betrayed me! Take his mask off, and let him see me!"
And while the melody is embellished by the harmony, in anguish, she discords her vivid notes.

Entered in Brian's Strand contest, " Colours "

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Truth Beats the Lies

Today I pen this poem for all of you
Know in your hearts every word is true

There was once a time that I was insane
Everyone I loved, I caused them pain

Grandparents to my children’s hearts
I honestly tore them all totally apart

Uncles, Aunts, Sisters and Brothers
She hadn’t drown probably my mother

The best of friends and all of my mates
No one was exempt from sharing my hate

My hate was a river that forever poured
My soul was thing that I forever ignored

So why is that not the Michael Jordan of today
One day I ask of the Lord, “Please guide my way”

The road wasn’t easy true change never is
My life was no longer mine I considered it his

And what he ask, what he wanted me to do
Is use myself as an example of how to be true

Being true to myself I quickly learned was the key
I couldn’t anything for you till I was honest with me

And no matter what I do it could never be enough
When it comes to amends I have a lifetime of stuff

But none of that matters it no longer matters at all
I now bow to the Lord but to the world I stand tall

I no longer hold to excuses or offer up alibis
I have learned how to let go of all of the lies

My truth is my shield as I write for the Lord
My heart writes lyrics as my soul plays the chords

I don’t even really know what this poem is about
Sometimes I’m blown away by what comes pouring out

I guess it’s just another way to rise above the sin
For it’s the words I write that teaches me to win

What am I trying to win, I do hope it shows
A little more love in my heart and light in my soul

What this poem is about I have come to realize
No matter how much it hurts the truth beats the lies

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New Years Resolution Ride

Spin the bullet, click the revolver shut 
Thumbing hammer, pulling trigger for the cut

A shadow snap, leaves me another day
Pistol safely locked in case, on my way

Leather, denim, hair tied back, and black boot heel
Hit the bong, straddle the chrome, red, and steel

Music in my head, time to hit the road
Mean furious speed, slow mental download

White micro-dotted visions to unroll
Draining my strength sucking, self doubting soul

Another New Years resolution ride
One more year, until pistol will decide

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Sunlit Love

The sunlights up your face,
That can't help but make my heart race. 
The more i look,
I feel i can't look away.
Faster and faster,
My heart wont stop.
What can i say,
I must be caught.

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Page to page
Age primes stage

Look and see
That's just me

Self-talk works
Poise and jerk

Tall tales sing
Form now swings

Ideas come
Words now sum

Days roll by
Sigh grand highs

All too soon
Midnight noon

Poise feeds choice
Words now voice

Look and see
Rhymes set free

Know and write
Feel and cite

Dear diary:
Yours truly.

Leon Enriquez
06 Apr 2014

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The Tears That I've Cried

A tear for every lie
Every lie that I've told
Every time I deceived
Deceived someone I loved

A tear for every loss
Every loss that I've gained
Every time It rained
Rained on my parade

A tear for every time
Every time I've been unfaithful
Unfaithful to the God I serve
The God I serve and adore

A tear for every time I cried
I cried and wept miserably
For every pain that I've felt
That I've Felt for every Pain

The tears that I've cried
That I've cried every time
Has made a river from my heart
My heart that's found despair
My heart that's welcomed despair

The tears that I've cried
My heart that has cried
That has cried the tears of despair
My heart has welcomed despair

The Tears That I've Cried
The Tears That I've Cried

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The Healing Time

  The sign swings like the wings
of a tethered bird
thrashing in the wind
offering succor to a friend
  Before the storm you duck inside
shelter over riding pride
Lightning flashes cross the room
a face,a figure,heavy gloom
  Two candles flicker
shadows dance
Y ou crave the healing 
 pour out your pockets
spill the filling
  everything inside that's
all the rhythem and the rhyme
come on in it's healing time
  Quill and parchment on the desk
you are the invited guest
Blood red ink or black and blue
everything is there for you
  Pour it out upon the line
come on now it's healing time
  children running in the rain
dancers dance,in love again
spiders weaving webs forever
silky thoughts you thread together
   You feel the wonder wrap around you
once again your muse has found you!

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I sit with wit
Collage new bits

Pictures I see
Trace new beauty

Collage art works
In craft and jerk

I sit with stuff
Craft from new drafts

Ideas tell me
To dare to be

Patchwork in form
Help spur new norms

I sit and wait
Joy is not late

No words at first
Then sure outburst

A line comes now
Then words show how

I sit here still
Glimpse a sure will

Then in good time
New pieces rhyme

The moments here
I love with cheer

Leon Enriquez
08 August 2014

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My Playground (Resubmit)

If you open your heart and close off your mind
Leave all preconceived notions behind

Shut your eyes and close out the light
Just let your soul drift like a thief in the night

Let it drift straight into your heart
For this is where true understanding starts

People believe you understand with your mind
This is because people are blind

I've come to learn true understanding starts
When you let the soul join with the heart

As I write my poems what I try to do
Is open my heart so your soul pour through

Even though I don't know you have never seen your face
Our souls and hearts join together in a special embrace

When this happens believe me its true
The next poem I write just might come from you

Maybe not all but a special part
Will be from your soul brought back through my heart

So could you please let your soul drift away?
Because mine is real lonely and needs 

Written from the hole in prison

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It's Whats Inside Of You That Counts

The true love of your heart
Now where shall I start

Mine comes for ones that are lost in storms
Or for children who heart's thats been ripped and torn

One may even say I had opened many doors
To let the homeless sleep on maple floors

Or they may say you were the one to spare a dime
But have commited no other such crimes

Then theres another that may say just get out of their way
And you reply with only have such a lovely day

For there shall be no love of another
Like your love you held for my passed sister and brothers

And that heart that was sewen unto you
Was woven by God's holy hands of skew

So the true love of your heart
Is what brought me here from the very start

Tribute To My Jenny Rose
Mama Loves You Peanut

Also Entry For Michael Jorden's
Inside The Heart Contest
GL All

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Piano (2006)

Hello dear lover we finally meet
Deep crochet resembles my heart beat
Nervous to touch you but always have since the start
This love affair will sound in my heart  
I long to touch and know every single key
Piano and I were always meant to be 

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nothing saved

wicker king on wicker throne
feiry days will scorch the bone-

hoards gather as hunger spreads
bloated dreams on dirty beds-

heart gems crack upon granite times
buttons of death fill the eyes-

climbing stairs to black sky pits
pock and puss dance on the ritz-

filling chambers with leaden fear,
when triggers jam, death will sneer-

country quiet is over-run
by halved men that eat the sun-

a tiny whirl in life's stream
hide laviathans' gnashing teeth-

earth becomes a common grave,
savior arrives with nothing to save.

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Seek true beauty
In all you see

Seek to know truth
Beyond mere proof

Seek to know why
As questions ply

Seek a deep sight
Where faith gives light

Seek to love all
Despite life's gall

Seek ever more
Beyond these shores

Seek well dear soul
Love keeps you whole

Seek to die well
That life that spells

Seek peace and grace
To light your face

Leon Enriquez
03 September 2014

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Love Confessions

Love Confessions by Rick Rucker If you know a secret, and it is strong, To bottle it up, would be wrong! That is why all my friends, Know just what my Heart intends! Skies of blue, near the Sea, A small cottage, You and Me! Answering emails, but no phone, The one I want to talk to, is here, with me, alone! If this sounds, to you, quite boring, I assure you, my Heart will be soaring! Love by day, Love by night, I know that we have earned the right! I'm sure that I can thus play, Until my far off Dying Day!

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The Luckiest of Men

The Luckiest of Men By Rick Rucker I called on friends yesterday, They asked if I was okay. They had never seen me move so slow, They thought my energy was low. I assured them I was fine, I had merely drunk the wine Of Love, my countenance was pacific, I have no known disease specific, Save an enlarged Heart, Filled with sweetness, as from a tart. They thought my symptoms somewhat scary, They began to realize that I was very Much in Love, no longer had to push, and shove. My Heart was peaceful as a Dove. I used to be so tightly wound, My feet seldom hit the ground. I ran everywhere I traveled, My mind seemed to have unraveled. Suddenly, I can stand, With another, hand in hand. She has caused the change in me, She let my tethered Heart fly free! How could this have come to pass, That she could save me from the Morass? With a little that, and some this, But mostly with a passionate kiss. It was our second date, We had eaten, it was late, At my watch, I took a peek, Leaned in then to kiss her cheek, Then, much to my surprise, She looked me in the eyes, And kissed me with a buss so sweet, That I could scarcely feel my feet! I didn’t want her to leave, My chest had begun to heave, The night was cold, but we were not, I couldn’t believe that one so hot Would show, to me, such passion, In the open, out of fashion! Finally, she drove away, But, I was forced to stay, Firmly rooted to the ground, My head still spinning all around. I had been on first and second dates, Sorting through potential mates, First, the normal couple’s sparring, Then, no more dates, and some scarring. She was the only one, To have done what she had done! She had left, and I let her, But I wanted to practice kissing, getting better. As her lights faded away, I knew I couldn’t wait a day To have another chance To see if we would find Romance! Now, we have been out many times, When we kiss, I hear chimes, Our dating is now exclusive, The locations, more reclusive. I have asked her to be my Wife, Share my place, share my life. She is much smarter than me, She answered that we will wait and see. I will try to let her see, How wonderful our life could be. As I run it all through my head again, I am sure the luckiest of men!

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Mirror,Mirror,on the wall,
What character reflecs me most of all?

Am I a strong writer,
But a weak fighter?

Or,am I a strong fighter,
And a weak writer?

Am I careful or careless,
Am I fearful or fearless?

So I ask, Mirror,Mirror,on the wall,
What character reflects me most of all?

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Sense a kind grace flowing in pure goodness;
Yonder beyond trace knowing apt finesse.

Now in sure time growing in calm hollow;
Option in clear rhymes that feels so mellow.

Ply a fond touch reaping in true gladness;
Succinct smiles fling much in crazy madness.

Ideas hint motive in excellent glow;
Streams beyond optic the treasured fine flow.

Doyen of word scripts that hurl a strong sway;
Imprint exquisite in prompt verse array.

Amber shades lighting the swerve in the mists;
Look upon sightings where words mind the gist.

Obtain the motions in unmoving calm;
Greet then attention beyond saving balm.

Leon Enriquez
12 September 2014

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Cause for concern:
Hard to discern

Window view thoughts
Word gold ingots

Three sparrows sing
Dawnlight now flings

Easy buzz here
Nothing seems clear

Dear old mystic:
Now speaks cryptic

Voice in the wind:
Where have you been?

Seek to be still
Heart and soul fill

Know what you know
Let fuss go slow

Too many shades
In shady trade

Casino trip
Gaming woes rip

Love works out well
Fond lines now tell

Go beyond mirth
Love primes rebirth

Leon Enriquez
22 July 2014

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Spring Love

Love came to me, one very early Spring 
When my heart was so young and was supposed... to sing. 

Oh Sweetest Love of then, Oh sweetest Love of now 
How many times my heart was for you to change and grow 

From a child's fantasy to the essence of... true love 
With your love once again, my passion flies on . wings of dove 

Dorian Petersen Potter~ 
AKA Ladydp2000 

June 29,2009 

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True Heart

Your steps on the porch cause my heart to leap
Light kisses cause love from my heart to seep

Watching your expressions, you unaware
Sexy smile and caressing glances, charges the air.

Faithful, forever love, strong and true
My love could never go on without you.

For Micheal Jordan's contest
true love of your heart

Thanks for the challenge!

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An Artist's Legacy

Threads of waxy turpentine
woven 'cross the spans of time
Tossed away from art's 'amen'
only to be bruised again
Horse hair brushes dipped to shine
silk in oil, cleansed divine
Soaked in ochre, touched to white
canvas breathes an ochre sigh
From clean palette worlds ignite
Straw reflections, sharp delight
Portraits posed and shadows drawn
leaving art to speak alone
Turpentine on air dried skin
painted with a hue of sin
Signed then dated, frame: a must
woven colors, blood and rust.

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My feeling heart feels cryptic pain:
Words jerk and start to ooze again.

My body aches with turn of age:
Writes fail to rake the murky page.

My thinking mind plays like a fool:
Thus crazy finds net in sure pool.

My gaze is calm when all is said:
Verse lines ooze balm to one undead.

My primal need is beyond scope:
I look to feed as senses grope.

My simple quest can be so hard:
No time to rest for this old bard.

My way ahead a blurry mist:
Fear fashions dread to oomph a list.

My plot and play weaves thoughts cryptic:
I rhyme my say, sculpt verse mystic.

My time is brief and I must cite:
Both cheer and grief that fund my writes.

My passion play springs from sure zest:
My lightness strays to greet and bless.

Leon Enriquez
03 August 2014

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Far across the closing of eyes
Far across the cerulean of skies

Upon the length of distance
Upon the absence of existence

Afar the haze of dreaming
Afar thoughts’ streaming

Amidst supreme sanity
Amidst intangible vanity

Amongst mirage, fascination,
Unrealism, sensation…


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A beautiful waste

Rough hands, not to a poetic nature.

A rough heart is to a brain washed stature.

To seclude a past dream, fate has built me solid.

To accomplish what I've decided not to, so diabolic.

And what has been unheard of, I have done.

To persuade a wicked mind that I'm the only one.

Oh what a genius, how writer's block envies me.

To the finest and fittest, none could ever be.

What a useless thing, a mind a terrible thing.

Not to waste, to the unheard of to sting.

Guts like a cardboard box, so cowardly at its best.

Water hits and it crumbles to rest.

Limp, un vivid- a pointless being.

The worse part is knowing, knowing what I'm seeing.

That I AM indeed a fake, that I AM cowardly at its best.

I should just crumble under intoxication- leave my lifeless body to rest.

What a beautiful way to die, a beautiful waste of creation.

To form new hands and a new animation.

A different perspective through different color eyes.

A heart made different, with my truth in disguise.

How cowardly I am, to start over clean.

Not knowing what I know now, not seeing what I've seen.

I am to melt, a beautiful waste.

I dare myself every racing bullet, that I'll be the next they've cased.

A heart, a mind, but stones don't mix.

They're segregated- I'm not- I need to be fixed.

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My mind and my heart

My mind is a crowded place but my heart is not.
My heart is looking for somebody who is hot. 

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I believe in you and the good things that wait
I believe you can fly with the wings we created
in the arms of a lover, the heart of a friend
with tenderness we hold in our heart what won't end

the wonder that stays, may its aura never cease
the high price we paid for the wounds and healing
all of it precious and part of you and me
the roots that were sowed from one fertile seed

the crop that is yielded holds promise that's rare
if you ever need me--you know I'll be there
I hold on tight with my far away arms
I'm letting you go saying a prayer for no harm

in the arms of a lover, the heart of a friend
with tenderness we hold in our heart what won't end

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Untouchable Questions

Where is it that we go, behind closed eye lids?
An untouchable imagination, beyond the physical and off the grid?

Where is it that they go, in man made machinery to the sky?
A place unseen but seen, and gravity is what they defy?

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Cruising with colors

Love has given me wide wings to fly,
Because I fell for a beautiful, BLUE butterfly

Life is going on smooth for me everyday
Because I am walking on the narrow, WHITE way

Lots of goodies are my blessed burden
Because God has given me a glorious, GREEN garden

Lavender flowers, to me are pleasant pieces
But I have unfettered flare for romantic, RED roses

Leisure time should be lively and lovely
But spending it in BLACK spots could be… lousy

Let faith direct you in all your intentions
Be upright and strive to reach the PINK of perfection

Live in peace with all men, make them glad
But sometimes you need to show them a YELLOW card

Let your pen reach out to every people
Be simple yet super… even if your poem is PURPLE

Live in hope and do not cease to pray,
Believe in God, even when your blue skies turn GREY

For contest on chose one have fun

~This is a great challenge for me, but I learned a lot writing it, part of what I kind of
learned was that pink could also mean peak, as in highest point of something~
 for choose one have fun contest

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Staring from afar at her silent agony
She mouths out words of pain. He cannot set her free
The handcuffs pull relentless at her pale and fragile wrist
Though her own heart holds her prisoner, her face had beauty kissed
Sun spilled from Olympus, begged its' child to break her chains
And two colossal pewter eyes refused to dry the rain . 
To shoulder twice her burden, be her oxygen would he;
one thousand lifetimes over, just to hear her screaming free
His tortured flower, five feet tall and forty feet away.
Took all his heart to swallow that today was not the day.

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Colorful Speech

            Write in color...
             start with white.
                    Catch it in a shaft of light.
           Prisms painting every shade, 
           fade to black
                    when night is made
      on your canvas or your scroll
                         red and blue and green and gold
                            signifying every notion,
                     colored lines with bright emotion.
               red for blood 
       black with dread
blue and green and gold  I said.
      exhalations all inspired
               by the spectrum
                        You've  acquired.

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Have you ever

Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurts to be a part?

There love burns like the eternal flame deep within your heart.

Have you ever needed someone so much that without them you just cry?

Like a love that last forever and will never die.

Have you ever wanted someone so much that they never leave your mind?

As if to be with them some how stops all time.

Have you ever found someone that is truly your best friend?

Someone who always has the time with you to spend.

Have you ever found someone that makes your heart race?

Just thinking of her kiss and the way that she tastes.

Have you ever found a girl who tastes like a sweet peach?

A girl who with one look can stop your speech.

Have you ever found a women who will give her heart to you?

A women who will promises to always be true.

I found this women who i thought was just a dream.

Now i know what true love is i know just what they mean.

Many poets talk of women and compair them to many things.

Like the beauty of a flower or the song that a bird sings.

But she is so wonderful that nothing ive experienced can even compair.

To the way she feels when shes in my arms and just knowing she is there.

So as i finish this i would just like to say.

Deanna i love you more each and every day.

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When Your World Falls Apart


What do you do when your world falls apart? 
What do you do when someone breaks your heart? 
And you wish for all the gray clouds to part 
And bring sunshine in your own world to chart. 

What do you do when your world falls apart? 
And in your life nothing seems to go right 
But still in the dark of your soul with all might you fight, 
For all you hold dear, and in all you believe deep in your heart. 

What do you do when your world falls apart? 
And there all alone you sit, and, you cry to God in the dark, 
And your heart is just bleeding from all the many arrows and darts, 
That have wounded you, and make your heart and soul fall again apart. 

What do you do when your world falls apart? 
I'd say to you just get up and make a new start 
And get in touch with God and this time heart to heart 
And in God's name, also pray and leave behind then all the dark. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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My Last Confession

Wings spread before me, eyes to the ground, clouds drifting by, for I am Heaven 
I stood before the Heavenly Father, “Come forth,” I heard him say. “I’ve been 
waiting for you
child, this is your judgment day.” His radiance was blinding, his presence calm 
but strong, and I
know he’s seen everything I’ve done.  He’s known all along. “As you stand before 
me child,
on this beautiful day, is there something on your mind, something you’d like to 
say?” My eyes
began to fill with tears, my heart began to ache.  I shivered with the very thought of 
revealing my
mistakes. I wasn’t nailed to a cross and my hands did not bleed. I was not pure 
of heart when
asking in times of need. I did not wear a crown of thorns and my feet bare no 
holes.  Now I
stand before his glory baring nothing but my soul. “Father,” I uttered, “I’ve sinned 
in my life. I’ve
done things I know I shouldn’t, things I know were not right. I’ve loved when I 
shouldn’t have.
I’ve  tried and given up. I’ve prayed occasionally, when my life got tough. I’ve 
turned my back on
strangers. I’ve turned away from my friends.  Now I think of all I would change if I 
could try
again.” I lowered my eyes wiping the tears from my cheek.  I listened with an 
ear as the Lord began to speak. “You stand before me confessing all your sins, 
and asking for
another chance to do it all again? I did not expect you to be perfect and what you 
understand is all you have to give is love to become a worthy man. Don’t turn on 
others, for
I’ve not turned on you.  Seek my word when times are tough and that will see you 
through. Be
the hand to lift up others when they are in need and I’ll send the rains of 
progression to wash them
if they bleed. Speak kindly to others or the crown you may wear will not be that of 
thorns but of a
 fool that does not care. Take my words to heart and let my gospel be a lesson 
so that your first
 words to Me wont be your last confession.

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A show called “Luck” on HBO
Has just been given the heave-ho.
It deals with gamblers at the track
But now it won’t be coming back.

The acting’s strong and so’s the writing;
All the racing’s so exciting.
Yet three horses somehow died;
PETA protests won’t subside.

It’s a shame – the show was great
From its first burst out the gate.
It had moxie, guts and pluck;
What it didn’t have was luck!

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Colors of mind

When I see the color blue
I see water and the sky,
and when I see the color red
I see demons I despise.

When I see the color yellow
I throw caution to the wind,
and when I see the color gray
it shows the mood i'm in.

when I see the color black
I see darkness laced with death,
and when I see the color green
I see growth that gives me breath.

When I see the color white
I see page that needs my pen,
and when no color's in my life
it's time to say "The End"

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I Wonder,

Jesus was said to have TWELVE disciples,
but did he have any friends?

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I push past the reasons and expectations
no comparisons or judging, unexpected gyrations
you do your best with all that is offered
while I pack my bags and head for the border

call or don't, write it all out or not
don't fill me with songs that you once forgot
sing from your heart or don't sing at all
dance with me once or fill my dance card

hike up the mountains for a grander view
once you get there, there is nothing that's new
drink from your bottle but it won't quench the thirst
for knowledge you possess but bruises and hurts

you thought that you loved and all was so easy
but it just leaves you numb and feeling queasy
the one that you want boards a plane for the coast
and there goes your heart with the one you want most
the one by your side that hangs on your word
is silently sleeping and lays undisturbed

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Great Sacrifice

You give your heart with your all, Now all that’s left are late nights to bawl. You gave to friends where are they now? You know you can succeed you just don’t know how. They say you are strong inside stronger than most, You look in the mirror you feel you have enough to boast. You run as fast as you can but it never seems to be enough to proceed, You begin to wonder why you wake up at times when inside you bleed. How can you be the greatest but no one appreciates the best? You even try to blend you start to act like the rest. Your heart becomes black sick of caring, and feeling the pain, You carry scars that seem impossible to shake off like a chocolate stain. Things progress yet deep inside you know your happiness is a lie, You carry a smile and always say hi when you really want to say goodbye. Is it fair to wake up every day pretending & trying to convince others things are cool? No it shouldn’t be others you are trying to fool. You know this deep down but don’t want pity, You just lay there, fend for yourself and act like a new born kitty. You feel like giving your heart in such a strong way might not have been so bright, You now feel you’ve lost yourself and opening up to anyone else has become your new fight. Now you ask was it truly worth the price? The crying, the pain, the scars, the trauma all have been attached to a great sacrifice.

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Surviving in Memory Lane

Thanksgiving is almost here
In my heart your love I hold near

Apart we must now remain
Our love surviving in memory lane

My heart breaking as I plea
Lord, give the one I love back to me

For he is the one who made me whole
Sadness now fills my empty soul

Our love must survive time and space
Until once again I feel your embrace

In death we will once again meet
Where my soul will become complete

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Creaking shadows, creeping over fettered floors
Shattered suspicion, silence cutting jagged scores
Preening portraits, conspicuously hung in full view
Callous hands, bleeding memories which do accrue

Adagio movements, nigh nocturnes of orchestrated harm
Prowling predators, facetious footsteps which do not alarm
Opulent treasures, gaily gleaming behind double doors
Pirated stars, surreptitiously swept off to foreign shores

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Loiter with truth
Beauty sparks proof

Just for a while
I pose and smile

There is a place
Beyond this space

Black crow noisy
Lamp post lofty

Face after face
More footfalls trace

Sunny side up
Smiles with cuppa

She says to me:
More coffee or tea?

Pineapple tarts
Hand-made olde art

Sugar-free sweets
Liquor ice treat

Chicken rice meal
Food beyond fill

Pick your fancy
Choice comes handy

Leon Enriquez
25 July 2014

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Those Thoughts

Nightmares, shame, and despair
You don't go anywhere
All alone in your mind
even with someone by your side.

You can't seem to get rid of the pain
and in your heart an eternal rain.
No one really knows how you feel
and you have friends that always ask, "What the deal?"

They're like cobwebs in your mind
that you can't seem to bind.
The hurt is always there
which has always been your fear.

The "fear" is what's wrong
and you must discover another heart song.
If you don't give it to Him so you can thrive
you will plummet to the depths and never survive.

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A single word

It started with a single word- then came another five.
When I got to my second line, I nearly began to cry.
Chapter two developed in an unsuspected way,
and the characters began to grow a little more each day.
The plot began to thicken by the middle of chapter three,
and ‘he said- she said- who did what?’ was now a mystery.
By the end of chapter four, somebody will die-
and someone else will fall in love by the middle of chapter five.
Chapter six begins with the sound of wedding bells,
and they’ll probably have a baby if chapter seven goes well.
Chapter eight needs more excitement to keep the story strong.
Maybe between nine and ten someone new will come along.
A wondering eye in chapter eleven ignites a love affair
and chapter twelve will begin with a marriage in despair.
Thirteen and fourteen will hold together the threads of a broken heart,
but in chapter fifteen they will finally decide they cannot be apart.
Sixteen will rekindle passion, seventeen a vengeful hate,
and in the beginning of chapter eighteen someone will meet their fate.
Chapter nineteen will be the greatest finale ever heard,
And twenty will be the end of the journey that started with a single word.

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Emotional Bankruptcy

Softly, oh so softly, she whispers his name.
She misses him now that he is just an old flame.

The choice was his and her heart was broken,
Even though not a single harsh word was spoken.

His wishes she honored, she set him free.
That he never loved her was plain for her to see.

Everyone thought that they were the perfect pair.
No one knew that her love he did not share. 

A shattered heart was her prize for the love she gave.
She thought he would love her, his heart she could save.

Emotional bankruptcy is the condition of his heart.
Afraid to love because he is afraid to be torn part.

She had given him all of her love so pure and true.
Loving her would have been the easiest thing he could do.

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Sadly not a life worth saving
Not a song worth singing
Not a heart worth pumping
Not a mouth worth laughing

You told me I'm not worth it
Yet you held me close once
You touched my heart once 
You kissed my eyelids once

Laughter was our medicine before
Starry were my eyes long before
Neverending were our conversations before
Shivers were sent with every touch before

Alas the time has come for us to part
For we no longer complete each others heart
Alas the days were bright full of delight
But now the memories hold no longer bright

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Releasing, Refrain

Simply unsung or tremendous in voice
wrapped around freedom and packaged in choice
All of your actions stiff counted on chains
hung rigid in metal and held in refrain
Just like the keys on the jailer of old
tempting and rusted on one ring of gold
Penitent prisoners in songs of release
Jailer's legs up on the table in ease
You hold the keys to this infinite fire
which burns through the chords of every desire
and snaps up to lick at the base of your heart
a whistling of tragedy 'bout to depart
You can ignore all the noise in the cell
singing each song you know perfectly well
or you can reach down to your skeleton keys
and unlock the voices to let them fly free.

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Victoria's secret

Victoria's secret is to be the one she's not supposed to love.
Temptation heightens desire a fire within approaching the sun.

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If a picture of you I would paint
I'd paint a picture, of a saint

For once you cometh unto my life
You lifted away my guilt and strife

Like a child I never had
I care for you most when you are sad

I want to be the hand to pick you up when you are down
And always be there for you, when there is no one else around

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Love Zip Code

Love’s Zip Code By Rick Rucker Do you wonder what Love is worth? For me, more than anything on Earth, It will make your heart fly 'round, Though your feet be on the ground. Once you find your Love so true, You will always want it inside you. When I tell some how it makes me feel, They have a lack they can’t conceal. If you’ve never felt that pain, That knocks you down, to rise again, Then you might think you live, But ‘til to another your heart you give, You don’t even have a clue, Of how the sky can be so blue. The birds will sing a lighter tune, You can almost touch the Moon. Suddenly, there will be less gravity, Your chest won’t be just a cavity, Your heart will fill to capacity, Then you will know, with veracity, That it is worth the lonely quest, To separate from all the rest, The One that sets your brain on fire, Filling you with sweet desire, That Love is the state in which to live, Though its zip code you can’t give!

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I put a smile on my face
to keep the questions from flowing
my mind is on a quest
but i don't know where it's going
it has left my heart, body and soul behind
though it has gone to a place that I cannot find
it leaves me in pieces, shattered and broken
it keeps on moving but I don't know where it's going
is it searching for the meaning it thought it lost?
or is it leaving to give me back my heart, but what's the cost
when it goes it leaves my heart in the open
vulnerable to an attack but i'm wishing and hoping
will come back soon because my heart can't take it
I was left alone cold and naked
exposed to the word for my face can no longer hide
the despair of the loneliness I feel inside
as my mind is on its journey to a place I cannot go
I hope and wish and pray that someday I will know
so I can find it and bring it back to where it's supposed to be
safe sitting here at home with me

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Life's not full of love, it's full of hate

Standing on the lowest point on the earth
With burning heart giving me sensation of hearth
On such a cold dark night 
Without a vision of an angel upon my sight

I wonder by here all alone each and every day
Without my heart, my life, passing through my way
Oh my sun has left me never to rise 
Leaving me helpless, my life’s a despise

But my love, you are worth all the while 
The whole world stops with your single smile
I’m just a admirer nothing more than that 
My life’s a cold floor now, you were my mat

By those sweetly spoken words form your lip
My heart runs, your words are always there to keep
Worse than me, my heart’s the one who’s hurt so much
I miss your smile, your voice your silent touch

Every time I dream I miss you
Feels like holding you picture and kiss you
Years have gone but you I haven’t forgotten
Guess how hard it’s to live without a sun 

Ask me the pain of that, it’s been ages
That’s the only reason I’m filling blank pages
Rejoice in life is not for me
Pain in heart, happy for others to see

Like the candle burning beside me, my heart burns
Through these veins of mine, your vision runs
It’s so hard to hold the tears filled in the eyes
To search for the sun at night in the skies

To be in dark room full of fears
With songs of depression into my years
It’s so easy to be a girl, loved by all 
Unlike boys, never happy in life, always to crawl

Surrounded by the world I’m just a pawn
Without you in my head form dusk to dawn
For as your love I’m out of tear I can’t cry
I’m so young now for me to die

But to die for you, you are really worth it
Still I’m alive, for us to meet
Its not that I can’t die for thee 
I can’t live without you in front of me to see 

How can I even think of dying?
I’d rather be happy like this, always crying
I’ll wait for you till I make sea of tears
I’ll really wait even if it will take thousand of years

You are really beautiful and always jolly
My dear I’m ugly and always melancholy 
You my love, your life’s always a bloom
But my life, oh poor me always a gloom

Without a single picture of you, I wait
Without my heart by my side, my life still a gait
A sad feeling inside my heart, always to born 
Life full of pain sorrow and frisson

Sitting on my bed, this precious time I kill
The empty blank pages on copy is what I fill
Life’s what you decide, not of your fate
Life's not full of love it's full of hate

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Poetic Vandal

Divided devotion, like once parted ocean
A labyrinth of mere blinded emotion
Beating but bloated, ready to burst
Urgent ache to be free from this curse
Carve out our names, bound by a heart
Together forever engraved on bark
Destined desires, fulfillment somehow
Fortuitous craving must be filled now
Pronounce what I’m feeling on this old tree
Love oozes from ballpoint, but too far from me
My heartfelt gift can’t wait till later
When in death the oak transforms into paper

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Impossible for me to talk, Impossible for me to breathe

I try to move my feet but my heart won't let me leave

My body begins to shake, my hands begin to sweat

How could this be happening over somebody I haven't even met

I shouldn't be acting like this is what I try to tell myself

But this person I'm talking about is different from everybody else

They mean everything to me, to me they are priceless

 Thier heart is my target but I always miss

I tell myself all i need is one chance

But I'm starting to think I'm hopeless for romance

I know that we would be perfect together

In my eyes there is no one better

I swear this person could make my whole life change

Tell me is it impossible to be in love with somebody when they don't even know 
your name

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Most Dear

Things worthwhile are clear to see
For the Son of God lives in me
To help his blessings cover my life
He provided me with a loving wife
It didn’t really start off that way
For years my actions took me away
To a place where I contemplated all my sin
What else you going to do up in the pen
The new becomes old and nothing will change
Unless our minds we re-arrange
To all my letters that hit the floor
I guess I needed something more
To my heart you are all that matters
For you I’d place my heart on the platter
I think in loneliness sacrifice is found
Why else would she have kept me around?
Through all the heartache and all the tears
It is my love I hold most dear

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My Oldest Baby

So precious at birth tender and pure
For an aging heart they are the cure
My oldest daughter Sarah Jho
Is such a blessing to my soul
Brutally honest in what she has to say
A wonderful mother in every way
She gave us Joshua my first grandson
What a marvelous thing she has done
Together her and Justin walk through this life
Together forever husband and wife
These days that seems an impossible task
It seems everyone wears some sort of mask
But these two kids were made for each other
He is a good father and her a good mother
I wrote this poem so they would know
They are a blessing to my heart and soul

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Singing Heart

Live life and truly be happy
I know this sounds so sappy

Truly my dear life is so short
Don’t shut yourself in a fort.

Thrills are out there for you.
Also sadness this is so true.

Don’t give up when you’re down
Rip from your heart those frowns.

Remember that you are in control
You must get past your thought goal.

Look from inside for desires and feelings
Listen as your loving heart sings.

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Silently Cry......

I sit here and silently cry
For I feel life is passing me by.

I may smile and I may laugh
But that is not how I feel, not by half.

Inside I am just a giant mess,
Am told it is nothing but stress.

Not a soul truly sees,
The pain is bringing me to my knees!

Every choice and decision I second guess.
But how can I do anything less?

I have no idea what to do. 
Where am I going? Not a clue!

I am just wondering aimlessly along
Feeling like no where I belong.

Who am I and who am I meant to be?
Does anyone know? Please tell me!

I am tired of being lonely.
Tired of looking for my one and only.

Tired of being so cold and numb.
Tired of being treated like I am dumb.

Inside I have a heart of gold
It is not something that can be sold.

To the right person it will be given freely.
To the right man. I promise. Really.

Loving me is not ever going to be easy.
Not for the feint of heart or queasy.

But will be well worth it to the one in the in the end,
To take this heart and make it finally mend.

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My Love

My love for thee far exceeds any other
Deep within my soul, a deep passion flows forth
My love grows with each day that passes
My heart, my love, belongs to thee and thee alone                         

Thy warmth, thy love, thy smile
Hath warmed this cold heart of mine
Thy love I shall charish, thy heart I shall hold
Thy name I shall protest, thy honour I shall uphold

No words can describe how far my love for thee doth go
My love shall never waver, my loyalty shall never fail.
My heart shall always belong to thee
From now until eternity, this shall always be

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Glass Restraint

The vortex path into my soul, mirrored in projection
On the outside looking in, a window of reflection
Disabled by an art of choice, a blinding writ emotion
Reading the essence of your voice, then hearing your devotion
The canyoned crevice of our minds, grow deep with indecision
Bridging gaps most far and wide, channeling our vision
This TV case, a shell that traps and shields me from so much
And dampened soul when monitors fog up each time I touch

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Heirs Poetica

Once I was an artist
I painted in the sky,
the rainbows and the sunsets
but they never seemed to dry.
  Once I was a poet I wrote
in chalky hues,
I wrote of love and raindrops
in purples,reds and blues
  Once I was a player
I strode from town to town
singing songs and acting
we traveled all around.
  Now my soul is empty
there's nothing more to do
and I have nothing left to leave ,
no heritage for you.

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This man of mine, never one so divine, 
He has touched my heart so many times 

Just being with him makes me feel complete, 
I enjoy him very much, he is so sweet.

How could I have found him? 
Where did he come from? 

To have found this man who found me, 
Is it a part of a divine plea?

This man of mine so strong, so true
Who loves me in ways I have never knew

He is caring and giving so gentle so endearing
These words I am speaking are not even completing

I love him so, this man of mine
My heart is his, my life entwined

Together with Gods special touch
Bring us happiness hope and trust.

Written by,

Diana Jackson

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At first we were just names on a screen,
Not a thing did our words really mean.

Two people just talking at each days end,
Two lonely souls looking for a friend.

One much older than the other,
But not old enough to be his mother.

Then one day he spirits did fall,
That I felt compelled to give him a call.

We started talking via phone,
It felt like we were not alone.

Both knowing each of us was not free,
But our friendship just seemed meant to be.

For a few months there was no contact,
As an end came to my phone contract.

Then one day out of the blue,
He got a text from someone he thought he not knew.

We resumed our friendship once again,
But there it did not end.

He started saying things that gave my heart pause,
He said he loved me just because.

Claimed he knew for quite a while,
Even though my divorce had yet to be filed.

No matter what given reasons for us not to be,
He says he is in love with me.

I fell in love with this young man,
Over the course our friendship span.

He gave me his heart and he has mine,
For him I will try to shine.

My young love is cleverly spoken,
He loves me, even though I am broken.

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Poetry Vs. the Flu

My head is stuffed, my brain is fried
and still the poems wait inside, 
They leak out of my eyes and ears 
and laugh at me with grumpy jeers. 
I am a wreck, I feel so sick 
and still the poems leak and stick.  
They glue me to the creaky chair 
until I write them in the air 
and freeze them down, forever be, 
persistent friends, my poetry...

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Search my heart and tell me what good you find
Please give me a reason to put my past behind

Tell me what you see, who I am, and why you love me
Please tell me, if you see my potential, who you know I can be

Give me a new spirit, a new heart – a PURE heart
I want to come back to you, but I don’t know where to start

I want to love you; I want to live my life for you,
Take every minute of the day and give it all to you

But I’m tired and weak; I’ve lost my desire to live
The world has stripped me of everything and now I’ve got nothing left to give

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Art about Florida

 Dedicated to the little group of Fort  Pierce ,Florida artists who became known to 
the public as The Highwaymen for their indomitable spirit.

     Paint brush flashes a chill blue shine 
to slice along the horizon line
flip the fronds of palms around
splash of azure,green and brown
   Florida scenes under your nails
sand in socks and shoes and pails
easel strapped across your back
traipsing the unbeaten track
   use your brush to teach the eye
strike the spectrum from the sky
dripping colors on the sand
washed away by nature's hand
   like loose bits of colored glass
kaleidoscope,you're changing fast
   open up your heart creative
to the land,the constant native
rolls the ocean through his soul
to the canvas and behold
he becomes a work of art
in the murals of his heart.

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And They Were All Lies

By: Kelvalyn Arbizu

Feelings of insanity breach through my core
The path I travel is wearisome, I feel I need much more.
You left my world so dismal but I couldn’t be weak and cry.
You used me and abused me and I don’t know the reason why.
The poster child for deception, the perfect paradigm.
I thought you really loved me but now I see that was a whim.
And while I was lost inside your deceit, I forgot just who I was.
My only desire was your attention because I was in love.
All I had was love and I gave my soul to you
But now all I’m left with is depression inside my spirit through and through.
And it hurts to think back, when I took time in vain.
Before my heart stopped beating, before I felt this pain.
You are Constant torture in my mind, a bullet to my soul.
Because You entered me completely and overtook control.
You shattered my identity and it only took one second.
Because I would do anything just to gain your affection.
Not knowing what to do, I walk day by day.
I don’t know where I’m going so, I just carve my way.
 And Try to find a fantasy in a unknown reality.
I’m Running steadfast to a make-believe without calamity.
Obstacles embed me, leaving their dirty marks.
And I feel that I have been defeated by your deadly art.
I’ve witnessed this catastrophe first hand; my very soul decaying…
To think, I loved you fully and dreamed of always staying.
I now hold resentment and it’s all because of you.
All men are dogs, and you are walking, living proof.
Faithful until the end…yet the end arose so quick.
I feel my poor heart bleeding and it started with a prick.
All I ever wanted was your love, was that so hard to ask.
Was is too hard for you? Was it a difficult task?
And if it was why did you stay and not just say goodbye.
You said you loved and cared for me.

And they were all just lies.

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If Only You Cared

Because you loved me and I loved you,
Our love, I thought, would always be true.
I have always loved you, I always will.
For you I’d die, for our love I would kill.
You took advantage, you threw it away.
That’s not the kind of games I play.
For all the times you’ve now broken my heart,
For the many miles that we’re now apart,
I’ll look in my heart for some way to forgive,
Though you used to be my only reason to live.
Our love, to me, seemed like it shined.
Yet those awful thoughts hang there, stuck in my mind.
The love that I gave was special - like magic.
Who would have known it would turn out this tragic?
If I could make you understand and bring you to see
That I thought you cared.  I thought you loved me.
I wanted it to work, I wanted to stay,
But giving up my pride, what a price to pay.
Where would you go, what would you do
If I said to you right now that I never loved you?
Although my heart has been filled with shame,
I’ve found that I’m not the one to blame.
When I think about you putting all those lies in my head
I get so furious! I can’t help but see red.
You say I shouldn’t go, that I mustn’t leave,
Well, what should I do?  Just make believe?
If you still can’t see what you’ve done to my mind,
Don’t act like nothing’s happened and everything’s fine.
But thanks again for the good times we shared.
If only you loved me.  If only you cared.

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A weakened mind, when stilled the heart
A lifeless mass, not yet to start
To one day beat, a pounding drum
For victor’s dance, with love it’s won

Resounding percussion left to hear
Upon an arrival of love, sincere
T’is then is when my heart shall beat
As heart takes life, it’s then complete

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Dreams Are Wishes

Dreams are wishes 

Made in your heart 

To reach for the stars 

And find their chart 

Every day dream 

Of all those things 

Your heart within sings 

Dazzled by their beam 

Never stop dreaming 

Never stop wishing 

These are gifts 

Don't let them drift! 

Sail this magical ship 

Don't let them ever slip! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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the Wishing Well

Take my hands and walk me down

to the place you saw me drown

in the lies you always tell

leave me at the wishing well.

wishes washing over lies

still my heart ,and fill my eyes

flowing tears for what you said,

take me down and find me dead.

Dead inside to all you do,

eyes of glass and heart untrue

take me down to where I fell

so in love

the wishing well.

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Within The Shadows

 Within the shadows, do
Lay a love that is pure
And true
Just waiting upon your
To return this love
Giving so freely
And trusting
This shadow that hide
Itself into
Sets his heart aglow!
Till the end of time 
He wait..
For this  one true love
That wait..
His soul mate for life
Till externality  end
To give his  heart and
Soul with a love till 
The end of time..
Now his  shadow that lay
So patiently,
Yet, wanting,wishing,hoping!
While his heart  craving so
Eagerly as he wait
To feel his  arms around
Just to taste her ruby red
Taste of sweet red wine  with
A hint of grape...
Lips soft and inviting for that
Long awaited kiss..
Their bodies shall  emerge
As one...
For that one true love...
That will set their  souls  feel
Free to roam..
To his one true love
Waiting so patiently...

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The Last Letter

When did all this drama start?
Was it when you stole my heart?
You ripped it out with no thought,
Love is such a pain that's not what's taught.
I was taught love was to be splendid,
I think differently now that my heart got blended.
Blended into a puddle of pain,
which my tears washed away just like rain.
my tears are like rain drops falling from the sky,
Maybe that's why I always want to stay high.
I smoke to cover up my feelings all mixed together,
It doesn't always work so i sit here with a feather.
Writing down all my pain and hurt,
Writing down all the ways you made me feel like dirt.
I'm over you today but can't quite speak on tomorrow.
I gave you my heart but just to borrow,
I want it back now so hand it here,
I'm finished with you now I can see so clear.
I now say goodbye for forever I hope,
Only now I must finds new ways to cope.
I'm tired of hurting each and every night,
So this will be the last letter i write.

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Loaning love

Who was I to make you want
I know that I act nonchalant

Wanting what you can not have
Loaning love,  no permanent path

Build a wall protect your heart
I told you this from the very start

Can’t you see my heart’s not true
You should do what’s best for you

Turn and walk, give me space
Leave me here, your steps retrace

I’ll only hurt you, leave you blue
Break your heart before we’re through

Don’t know how this came to be
But I know my heart is free

Can’t be tamed, can’t be caged
Sorry I can’t help assuage

I’ve purged the doubt, purged the guilt
My spirit free my soul rebuilt

I’m doing what is best for me
Sorry you’re hit with debris

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Cost a Pennie

My heart was broken then ripped out my chest,
agonizing pain far worse then the rest.
I thought I was strong enough to handle any emotion,
But I guess i gave you way to much devotion.
I gave you my heart wanting love and respect,
Instead you ripped it out with the utmost reject.
Even after you showed me no compassion or true interest,
I came running back with open arms ready for your next test.
I came back to you for a fresh start,
You had plans to play with my heart.
No more chances for you you've been given too many,
Now I wouldn't even want you if you cost a pennie.

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Fragmenting Heart

As she thought about all the things that happened in the past.
She actually believed that his feelings for her would last.
Forever she wanted for them to be one,
But forever has gone by, forever is done.

He had forgotten all about her while she waited in this pain.
She entered another world that almost made her insane.
She loved him so much but she didn't know what to do.
He broke her heart and they bid adieu.

This everlasting misery has broken her down.
The pieces of her heart can never be found,
For she was hurt so many times before.
When he left her here all happiness left with him out the door.

Now she has no clue what this feeling is all about,
They never even started anything but all she wanted to do was shout.
The only way in which this hurt would go away was for her to say,
"He doesn't love you, but everything will be okay."

Now she lives in a world of deSpAir,
Where she believes that no one even cares.
Though she is devastated now until the end,
She still wishes that they would begin.

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Salvadore Dali

   My name is salvadore
and I always try to be
so much more
for the one preceding me
  He was snuffed out 
from the start
so I have a double heart,
they named me.......

  My art will set you free
if you take the time to find
what you can see
in the mazes of your mind
watches dripping
on the ground
looking closer and you've 

 If your Memory Persists
you will find me in the mist
with my true love by my side
as my muse and
loving guide,
we are hidden in the scenes
and you know that always means
that I am.......

  Not a madman
not a fool
come and use me as
a tool,
meant to help you
look inside
come and let me be your guide
for I am ......

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Poet's Lament

You, perhaps, have stoned the sky
a million pelting birds to fly
to break the atmosphere in half
You sang the song, you laughed the laugh

You, in kind, have run the sea
up to the brink immensity
to kiss the wings of pelting birds
You named the name, you wrote the words

You, my friend, have bent the night
It fell to you without a fight
to slumber gently in your palm
You sold the soul, you calmed the calm

You, alone, have caught the air
in feathered wings, I know not where
to storms abated in their breath
You lived the life, you died the death~

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Peel Me a Poem

Whisk them all to peaks of passion, 
Words and letters, deeds and action, 
Flow them, grow them in the sky
All exhaled we burst and fly
Butter wings and liquid lifting
Swelled balloons for fingertipping
Catching words, pulp and peel
Need to eat them,  just to feel...

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What About You ?

I saw an unsaved man and I knew his pain,
Wandering through a life that is tarnished and stained.

With a hollow feeling inside his soul,
That can’t be satisfied with silver or gold.

His days are long and his dreams torment,
Cause he hasn’t opened up his heart and received the love our Savior has sent.

Not giving trust to the one that can fill that void and make him complete,
He follows in the path that leads straight to destruction and defeat.

His eyes are on man and their sinful ways,
Not realizing how short lived is this game he plays.

He has little children and they look to him,
And he doesn’t even realize they’re more precious than gems,

It’s a fathers place to set examples and goals,
Make sure they receive everything they need to save their souls.

What excuse will he give God come Judgment Day,
When their souls are lost what will he say?

Wait, what is this happening, I see him kneeling down?
And tears are streaming down but where’s the frown?

Why he finally got the clue, he figured out what to do.
He gave his heart to Jesus, now what about you?


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Coming Together

I feel God's presence and experience His love no matter how 
A single touch of His hand is more than enough 
I read God's word so I can really grow 
God teaches values and guides thru life and that's so 
He's always there for me when feeling sad and low 
All I have to do is to call upon His Holy name that's all I know 
Sometimes tribulations and problems seem to multiply and grow 
But I know God will just hold me all the way through. 

A single touch of His hand is more than enough 
So I fasten my eyes on the Lord as I go 
Feeling in my heart His divine love and that's so 
Life can be sweet and life at times can be sad and bad 
You know that life sucks sometimes and that people run mad 
Pain pierces your heart and love can be tough 
But the Word of God tells the truth and kicks Satan out 
Mistakes are made and life's key just turns rough 
I read God's Word so I can really grow 
And in my heart I feel God's love and that's truly so! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Now And Then

I just love to read and write 
Pen my thoughts day and night. 
I just write what I like 
And now and then what I don't like. 

I thank all my readers too. 
Sometimes we share alike view. 
Your feedback is so encouraging 
My friends and poetry are such a blessing! 

Most of my readers seem to like me. 
Love what in my poetry I have to say. 
I write with all my heart on the golden sands 
Of time and I just hope that you understand. 

Readers ask me "please never stop writing!" 
Again I thank you for this asking. 
You're so kind for this requesting. 
And I never want to stop penning. 

I've met and made some good friends 
Some fine folks online I have befriend. 
All these people in the flesh I don't know. 
But in my heart I do and that's so. 

I thank all my dear readers and friends. 
Thanks for all the love to me you send. 
I appreciate so much all your support. 
All my friends are such a great sport! 

Readers tell me" never stop writing!" 
And I never want to cease penning. 
Most of my readers seem to like me. 
And knowing this makes me so happy! 

My gift of writing is such a blessing. 
And I will never stop writing. 
I thank you all my readers and friends. 
Thanks for all the love to me you send. 

I just love to read and write. 
Pen my thoughts day and night. 
Most of my readers seem to like me. 
And knowing this makes me so happy! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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I've been thinking about me and about you
I think this love affair is just about through
You will never love me like I deserve to be
So I guess that it is time to set me free

I have tried so hard to be that special lover
That you dream of more than you do any other
You haven't fallen in love with me
So I think I should just let it be

Together we have had many good times
But your heart will never be mine
So darling, I hope that she is out there
The one for whom you can really care

Never have I loved a man more than you
Never have I let my heart be broken in two
First time for everything they say
So I guess it is good-bye and I'll walk away

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You are My Dream

Tread softly on my dreams,
For they are frail and elusive things.
I hold them closely to my heart.
That is my most tender part.
I can't lose sight of them today.
They're all I have to make me stay.
I'll let you share my dreams with me,
But they're my dreams, can't you see?
I let you in my heart long ago,
And now I'm so afraid you'll go.
The hurt, the harm, it cuts so deep,
It breaks my heart and makes me weep.
My dream is you and has always been,
That is why--here I stay even when--
To avoid the pain, my mind says go,
But I can't because I love you so.

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In Return

Oh, depths of oceans, eternal skies
Appearing now, before my eyes

I wish to thank you for your gifts
Without your beauty, I shan’t live

Oh, moonlit sky, eternal glow
With a romantic luminary show

Stills my heart to a slowing beat
Provides me warmth, increasing heat

Oh, nature as you’re gazed upon
I hear my heart sing out its song

A world of thanks it gives to thee
For all the beauty that it sees

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Words Glitterati

One rhyme at a time,
One love to linger on;

A little piece of you
And me, the glitterati

Of sonnets, and 
Of free verse;

We let ourselves to flow,
Sometimes, we overflow;

Coating in the passion
To shed out the emotions;

Poetry brings us together,
Re-unites us, when we fall;

You are my poetry
And I’m your rhyme;

You are my free verse
And I am your sonnet;

For words are out there,
Sweet as we whisper.

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A weakened mind, when stilled the heart

A lifeless mass, not yet to start

To one day beat, a pounding drum

For victor’s dance, with love it’s won

Resounding percussion left to hear

Upon an arrival of love, sincere

T’is then is when my heart shall beat

As heart takes life, it’s then complete

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How I Knew

There had always been a clue 
to what you could do 
that nagging voice that said it all 
"If you love you will fall" 
I should have listened and I should have ran 
but my heart would always do what a heart only can 
To love you was all I wanted 
even though Truth toyed and taunted 
"If you love you will fall" 
but to lose was better than not to love at all 
the good times were far and few 
the blame was not to be put on you 
Life has its funny way 
of ruining even the most perfect day 
Because I could never stay with you for long 
Love should stay written in song 
Too much of something good can not last 
so our love together had to stay in the past 
though my heart still bleeds on 
your heart had already came and gone 
I cried over you and forever more 
the voice knew what was in store. 
All those times I saw you with him in view 
That was how I always knew

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Dreams of You (Ghazal)

I walked upon a golden shore and I collected dreams of you
and everything I that encountered there connected dreams of you.

Your motive I had not suspected as I followed where you blew,
my will became a passing thing and it reflected dreams of you.

Your motive I had not suspected as I followed where you blew.
The sunrise lit reality and it dissected dreams of you.

My heart and soul were unprotected from the you I thought I knew.
You led me on into the night and resurrected dreams of you.

I searched shores for something more than your unaffected heart untrue
I waited and I wept while lost in my dejected dreams of you

Your song and dance you had perfected to precision through and through
but Jinni dances there no more in misdirected dreams of you.

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I have learned so much from you--
I have learned that even with a broken heart time passes, 
I have learned even when you think tomorrow will never come-- 
the sun shines letting you know that even with a broken heart time passes-
I have learned that private means private- I must hide things I want the world to 
I have learned that I forgive and move on even if I do so slow--
I have learned that my heart can be shattered and somehow still beat
I have learned that when sorrow makes me sick to my stomach- something 
makes me eat!
I have learned that perhaps it is best to move on from things left unspoken
I have learned that it doesn't matter how much you love a person your heart can 
still be broken
I have learned that doubt gives you ulcers and thoughts that push you to the brink
I have learned that my heart shatters each time you walk away from me,
 What am I supposed to think?
I have learned patience beyond my wildest dream
I have learned that I am a lover- even if u think I am mean!
I have learned that each hour can bring you to an all time low-
I have learned that out of sight means out of mind also- 
I have learned that being alone sucks more then I ever knew
I have learned that when it comes right down to what you feel for me--
I haven't got a Clue??
I have learned that maybe some things just aren't meant to be-
I have learned that failure is not ever easy to see-
I have learned to be independent- to pick myself up when I fall
I have learned that the hours pass slowly when I am waiting for your call
I have learned to just be-live for the moment- let go of sorrow- laugh more- quit 
worrying so much
I have learned that my shattered heart is healed by your touch --
I have learned to never take a minute for granted to let go of things untrue
and to love like there's no tomorrow these are things I have learned from you--

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so rarely about what we see -
                                                      more the mood evoked in me