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Concrete Love Poems | Concrete Poems About Love

These Concrete Love poems are examples of Concrete poems about Love. These are the best examples of Concrete Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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It is Written in a Star

.                                                                  *
                                                             in the East
                                                             that night
                                                            so long ago
                                                         A heavenly light
                                                     that guided wise men
                                                  to the place where He lie
                                             In a manger on a blanket of hay
              *  *  *  *  *Christ -Immanuel - a radiant child - a gift from God*  *  *  *  *
                                           His only son who died on a cross                                        
                                                 for teaching us to love and
                                                           help one another
                                                                for this is
                                                                 the only

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..................   L  I                                  L  O
                Y            F                       Y             V                         
           M         H        E                M        G           E                
       F   O   R   E  V  E  R             E   T   E   R  N    A   L                    
     L     E    N    O    R    E          L     E    N    O    R     E
  E   N   T   W   I   N   E   D       E   N   T   W   I  N   E   D
 Always  with  my HearT  I         Always with true Feeling
Love You, my Dearest WIFE        ALWAYS with Emotions
My  Love grows like an oak        My  Heart beats for YOU
Mighty  and E v e r l a s t I n g       MY  TEARS  are  Real 
 YOU  are  M Y  STRENGTH         Yet My Heart still Aches
  FOR YOU LIVE in  ME            Though You live with GOD
   ETERNAL  B L I S S        YOU wear the gown of Angels
     INFINITE  P U R E        YOU carry my Heart in Yours
       You grow in my heart     EACH  and   EVERY   Day 
         The LOVE grows and   I am at  Peace KNOWING
            As  LOVE  Grows          In my  BROKEN Heart 
              Constantly Knitting        cracks and Fissures
                My  Dearest Beloved    Tenderly  Mended
                    Repairing Loneliness   My Wife Lenore
                       Angelically Smiles   Eternally Loved
                          MY Only Most        B E L O V E D
                              L  I  F  E        L  E  N  O  R  E
                                  Always      F O R E V E R
                                      YOU    My  Heartbeat
                                          Are   My   S O U L
                                              MY      W I F E
                                                One  Breath
                                                    N e v e r

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L O V E (***********\ /***********) \ \ / / \ V / \ / Love is the sweetest thing of all, If you disagree with me, just spin up your ball, It’s when the stars twinkle brightly in your eyes, As you taste your beau’s kisses under a romantic moonlight. V Love is the hardest thing to understand, The more you give it away, joy and pain come back as your rewards, But when hurt strikes back more, will you ever whine? Love endures all things-it’s the true essence that eases one’s mind. Love is conceived and rooted since before the beginning of our time, When this world was created, that love was the Greatest and Most Divine; The most priceless gift endowed in each and every creation’s heart, It conquers all things… leading to God, our ultimate goal in life. Love is an unconditional care and compassion towards mankind, It resembles to a maxim that goes, “ love is blind”; No matter how horrid a color you and others will see, Keep on loving in your heart eternally.
November 24,2013 4.05pm

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Broken Heart

                  broken heart 
           that I am, has beset 
    by blemishes though I'm not  
 ashamed; for my shattered 
pieces myself is to blame. 
here I breath waiting for the
 day of my renewal, then back
    to the role I play; painful
         past lurking still, but 
            I'm not afraid to take
                chances to love and
                    be whole once 
                        more and
                             be ready 
                                 to shed
                                      a tear
                                         of joy

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When Fate Decides

( ) ( )
)( )( Fate’s Decision when fate decides to bring you love, your heart will fly as lovely as a dove seems as if your soul had reached a throne of gold underneath the rainbow of great happiness unfold
when two hearts cling together as one making sacred vow for a very strong bond for better or worst, ‘til death do us part, in sickness and in health, the loveliest thing from mouth to heart as colorful butterflies spread their wings crowning you both with joy and bountiful blessings applause will be on air wishing you both hope and success as two hearts build a family hoping to live in a home of bliss but when fate decides to bring you love it’ s not always like a fairy tale now just like a tall wedding cake that loses its shape when love is not nourished and nurtured by two people who share
Written: Sept. 12,2012 Eleventh Place Contest: When Fate Decides (Wedding Poem) Contest Judged: 9/30/2012 Poet Sponsor: Janette Fisher Note: I tried to make a Wedding Cake Poem

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Tears are out of place

Pushed aside...

Like day abandons night...

Like night abandons day...

I reach inside restore...

Inner strength...
Inner pride... pain...

Cast out painful words...
Slice deep, Slash chore...

Truth revealed...
...blood is thicker than water...

Shadows surface...Soul in tears...

...Into the night this heart falls...

...Injustice falls within...

...Where is my strength...
...I clamber toward your trace step...

...My courage turns to you now...

...Deep within another lesson learned...

...Tears are out of place...

...Somewhere my sun is shining...

...Into this silence I hide...

...retreat all feelings displaced...

...My heart abandoned...

...This hurt...self repent...

With unknown limit...

Mighty wisdom grace...

...Tears are out of place...
...Tears are out of place...
...Tears are out of place...

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Jesus is Alpha and Omega

your wash in my blood 
just like a flood
wash from head to toe
in your season you will glow
just wanted you to know

you very dear to me
I feel your sincerity
in the world will be
 you and me

Your sacrifice is what I want
 life is short sorry to be blunt
I die on that cross
even though I am  the boss
I showed love nothing is lost
when I die on that cross
 I am the alpha and omega
my father made me lord and savior
I am in him, he in me
I was sent to do his will
I am the man see
no man can get to the father
accept through me

so look to the heaven and clouds
when I come my angel annouced it loud
Bold and proud,
everybody on those knee and bow
the WORD is here now

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1st thoughts about us

I picture this being more than a friendship even
though we just met
Your conversation is so strong and seductive with
plenty of intellect

It appears your very mature with the words that come out of your
To find someone like you is what I’ve dreamed

I know I don’t know you and we only talked this one time
But I like you
It’s beginning to be scary, crazy, but yet exciteful 
and delightful

Maybe one day you can send chills up my spine, better yet
make me smile
Wait; maybe you’ve done that from giving me you 
piece of mind

The way you talk and your words sound 
so sincere
And if I’m wrong say I’m wrong but I know you’ll always
be there

It’s a must that I know right now how you feel if there’s
Because one day I would like you to be my 

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When I’m with you love me and care 
Don’t hurt, play, laugh at my feelings or take
advantage of me

When I cry you’ll cry because you’ll feel my pain 
and anger
Don’t complicate things and not be there and act
like a total stranger

Be my friend, understand me, touch and tease 
Say the words I want to hear like everyday saying, 
the little things, these are the words that please me

Don’t rush and be my lover like we did in your dream
I’ve been broken by love and I need time to heal from being
treated like a score


The love I feel when someone makes me smile and
It’ll finally feel good to not sit up and cry not kiss 
everyone’s a$$

All I ask is for you to hold my heart honestly in
the palm of your hand 
Not asking for much only for you to be my friend and

That I am human and I make mistakes and it
That everything can’t be right all of the time because life
is a cold breeze by any means

So what I’m trying to say is that all I ask of my lover is for 
them to hurt
because if they understand how I feel or felt maybe 
the happiness for me will finally work


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My heart

                                           Never did                              I        thought

                                     That I          would                  find                 you

                                 And         also         find          my       heart   in     you.

                               You     make     me    feel    something          I didn't knew;

                                A        feeling      that         I've   only    felt     in     you.

                                   It's       a        feeling      that    I       cannot       hide

                                     Though     how    hard  I try  to resist   and     fight.

                                         It     is       something      I     must        show,

                                                Something     you       must        know

                                                      And something I must confess...

                                                         I             LOVE       YOU.
                                                            You       are      my 

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Just A Word

                                INDIANA’S BEST KNOWN IMAGE                   JUST A WORD
AND                    YET SO POWERFUL, YES, JUST                                   A WORD
SHORT              AND TO THE POINT, BUT TO                       SOME           IT IS A
WARM              AND HEALING WORD, IT                       BRINGS HOPE         AND
PEACE               AND LIGHT UNTO OUR                      WORLD, IT CAN           BE
  SEEN               THE WORLD OVER, IT                  NEVER SEEMS TO             BE
LOST,                IT KNOWS THAT                     IT’S JUST A WORD                YET
THER                IS NO DENYING                  THAT IT IS VITAL                        TO
EVERY               LIFE ON EARTH,      I      AM CERTAIN IT                           WILL
PROVE               TO BE MORE          OF    A NECCESITY                            THAN 
EVEN                 THE VERY            AIR                                             THAT WE
                                                BREATHE,                            WITHOUT THIS
                                               WORD WE                       CAN’T REALLY BE    
I AM                CERTAIN OF          THAT, JUST A            WORD, BUT I
KNOW              THAT IT IS           A VITAL PART            OF HUMANITY,
THERE               WOULD          BE NOTHING OF              THE JOY         WE
KNOW                 TODAY         AND ONLY HURT             UPON            A COLD
EARTH, I               CAN          BUT IMAGINE THE                                EVIL IN
A WORLD,              A           HELL, WHERE THIS              WORD          DID NOT
EXIST, I CRY                      FOR THOSE WHO DO           LIVE IN          THIS
WORLD, I AM                   SURE THAT MANY DO             JUST THAT, AND
I PRAY THAT I               WILL NEVER FIND THAT             I INHABIT A
PLACE WHERE I           HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE                 OF THIS

*Based on Robert Indiana's "Love",

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          Love Love Love
          Love Love Love
          Love Love Love

          Love Love Love
          Love         Love
          Love         Love
          Love         Love
          Love         Love
          Love         Love
          Love         Love
          Love         Love
          Love         Love
          Love Love Love

Love                               Love
 Love                            Love
   Love                        Love
     Love                    Love
       Love                Love
         Love            Love
           Love         Love
             Love     Love

          Love Love Love
          Love Love Love
          Love Love Love
          Love Love Love
          Love Love Love
          Love Love Love

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Your Secret Smile

Give me " Your Secret Smile" the one that i forever see every once in awhile.
The secret smile that allows your eyes to tell its story, for it pours out reflective visions of your love for me...Glory.

Give me "Your Secret Smile" the one where everything is at end.
the pain, guilt, anything that makes you feel empty; unable to mend.
For Your Secret Smile" s one im for sure going to forever keep close to my heart.
Yet if it weren't for that smile; would this have been love from the very start?

Give me "Your Secret Smile" the one that can change the day.
Allowing one to feel safe and secure in every possible way.
touching me softly in places one can't reach.
for the power of "Your Secret Smile" has expressed the words from the unspoken speech.
Taken away from the mesmerization of "Your Secret smile" only seen and recognized by me.


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my heart

my hearts been broken,my heart is sore,can your cure my sickness,before i am no more

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The Rose

Atop The Table 'an empty verse' and empty hands ~understand~ The glass in hand can drown out ten- thousand and ten; Hearts, ~emptiness~ ' ' looking for ? a f l o w e r '' '' ' ' ' " " , ', ', (Oh, Holy Nights) on bend-ed knee enlightened to see, Ten Drops from the Glass < << < << < << < I ponder great love and then I let it go (Boomerang) Hands, (the) Masters Hand * * * * * * * * * A parade o'er Parodies' "'atop'" "The Table" Inspired by a reply to comment: 3/6/2012 ~ "Slowly Ascending The Steps Unto Once Upon A Times Familar Front Door~ Seems As Though But Yesterday When It's Newness Held Such Vibrancy, Colours & Laughter~ Love Filled The Hallways Leading Into Many Different Rooms; Some Were Hidden~ A Vacancy Sign Now Posted Upon The Curtainless Window; Inside My Heart~ Spring Melting These The Last Winters Remnants Of Snow Left Amid The Blizzard~ Winds Whispering Through The Trees; Flowers Bending In This Their Wake~ With A Single Rose Sitting Atop An Empty Table Past The Glass, Aside A Note~ Time, Beckoning From The Street; Leaving A Bottle Of Champagne At The Threshold~ Wrapped With A Red Bow And Turning To Make My Way; Beyound The Rainbows." Love John!:)

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On this day, I want to say
Words that forever will stay
In your heart as well as mine
Words silky, smooth, tender and sweet as wine

You were a flower on a tower 
Plucked and firmly planted in my heart
Protected from life’s harsh weather
Lady, you are a treasure....
The source of joy beyond measure

Your rare beauty, my medicine
Your sweet smile, my cure 
Your gentle laughter, assures
Your firm love has made me sure
With you l am secure.....

Rip not my heart for it is yours
Yours I will not for it is mine
Together we 've been woven 
Tangled....with love’s silk and twine
No one in between, can draw a line

Your hurts are mine as well
As are your pains and gains
Sorrows and joys

Come along with me
To our own paradise
Away from love’s parasites
Those liars, cheats and thieves
Who rob others 
Of love’s joy and bliss 

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I Give you My Heart

                         sweetheart                            sweetheart 
                    for you to ask me                  (                       )   )   
                 the reason I love you so        (                                    )
                is to ask a bird why it sings  (                                         )
            or if it could  fly without wings                                              )
          why does a rose bloom in spring                                             )
           why do those bells have to ring             I Need you here        )
           why do leaves cleave to a tree                 by my side          )
                why does honey need bees                                        )
                  there is really no mystery                                     )
                     it is  just  their  destiny                                  )
                      the same as you and I                             )
                             predestined to be                         )
                                   for I am only                   )
                                     half a heart               )
                                           without          )
                                                you    )


                                            Written:  January  9th, 2010
             For:  My Husband and for Geborah Guzzi's contest 'Who do you Love'?
             Placed 4th.

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Ha ha


This morning the taste of mint and chocolate 
Upon my tongue 
My exposed nipples under my silky gown 

 you whisper words in my ear 
that I never heard before 
I sigh! with admiration as I tiptoe
 to reach for your kiss 

I put my arms around your neck 
You whispered softly
Make me hard with your eyes 
Be my dark surprise 

Ha! Ha! 
Why the laughter? 
Babe! it my way of saying yes! 
Oh! yes! oh yes 
and more 

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Don't Walk on Me

                   Hey, you;
               yeah, I'm talk-
              ing to you there.
           Don't  Walk  On  Me!

    Don't be rude, and walk upon
  my person, sprawled here, in the 
 grass; give me space to be myself;
please walk around me as you pass.

 If, someday, you should find that 
  I am lying prone and feeling ill,
   be kind enough to bring a rose
    and sit quietly, with me, till

       I'm up on my feet, then 
        help me clear the way
         to find an easy path
          thru frenzied fray.

        Don't step on me as
       you pass by, but take 
      me by the hand. We'll 
     walk side by side in sun
      and as a team-together
         we both can stand.

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For A Special Someone

For A Special Someone 

How does one express his love 
for one as lovely as you?
A heart that was shattered
by the thoughts of yesterday,
Which could be repaired by the emotions of today.
For so long I have imagined soaring
toward a heavenly place
that only existed deep within my mind.
Your loving ways are rare,
trapping my deepest desires.
How can one such as I,
have any impact on a beautiful rose
surrounded by rainbows?
I will embrace thee for a lifetime.
I give you my heart, trust, and warmth,
but sometimes that’s just not enough,
for I will always love you.

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Daddys Little Princess

She is just a darling little girl,as precious as a lamb,
She rules our home in many ways that another can.
She's in and out,here and there throughout our busy day,
And many times I stop my work because she wants to play.
She often has a special hug, the sweetest baby kiss,
And when just she and I are there I rate this treasured bliss.
But when her Dad arrives at night, you'll find her in a whirl's
She hasnt time for Mother then,because she's Daddy girl
It's joy to see her laughing eyes,her baby smile,
Tis' then I know that all is well and life is worth the while,
So lovingly he'll pinch her nose or steal a curl
Just anything he does is right because she's Daddy's girl.
I often marvel at the charms that only Dad possess
Although I know within my heart she doesnt love me less.
We tuck her into bed at night, our one and only pearl
And cause I love her Daddy too,I am proud she is Daddy's girl.

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I know I can Be a Bad Man

Yeah I know I can be a bad man
But I just want people to understand
I do what I must, I do only what one can

I think about life, I think about my everyday strifes
I know I love you girl you the mama of my children
You already like my wife
I know I have cheated from time to time 
but you the only one who I sleep with at the end of another long night

Yeah I know I can be a bad man
But I just want people to understand
I do what I must, I do only what one can

I know I like to drink yet it feels like I love that alcohol
This liqour and beer is my number one downfall
If it werent so then the crazy *****in my life now I would have never saw
I would have never ended up sitting in prison for breaking the law

Yeah I know I can be a bad man
But I just want people to understand
I do what I must, I do only what one can

It's alright now though because Im back in school
I know I struggle at times but Im reframing from being another lost fool
I know it bull-*****even though many youngsters think that *****is cool
But they don't know if they been where I been and still want to do what I do

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Life is without wife,
Than follow others are not nice.
 Can not get love so?
To get her love move to and fro.
Wife is always against your death.
Always prey to god with her faith
Wife can not be sold.
In your life without wife can not be bold.
 Hazard arises in your life.
In winter we get nice charm under blanket with wife.
Hope no cheats her husband.
Life is love without torment.
Saroj khan[sakha]

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                                LOVE                LOVE        
                             LOVELOVE        LOVELOVE   
                           LOVELOVELO    VELOVELOVE
                         LOVELOVELOVE LOVELOVELOVE 


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Love in Friendship

Once lost?
I found a friend in a stranger
by noticing his hurt
A man too hurt to not know he needed something
I looked at him to melt his fears away
And he wasn't afraid to accept
Then our eyes met
Reassuring each other
By giving each other
Not realizing that he needed more while I seemed to give less
Now understanding how wrong I was before
Now knowing that he needed even more

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A Heart Lost and not Found


                                         This                                        heart
                                     is missing.                              Lost long ago.
                                   I cautioned it                          many times not
                                 to fall in love again                and again. but it never
                               listened to me.And fell            in  love  time and  again.
                           You know it is such a heart.    It weeps an ocean in sorrow.
                           It loves a lot.Like the vast blue sky above.Always spreading
                            its wings over the earth as if giving a shade.And expecting 
                            nothing in return.A childish heart is this.Seeing a rainbow 
                               in a rain drenched afternoon takes it to a wonderland 
                                 beyond this blue sky.And a butterfly always attract
                                   it like  a child.And it runs after that butterfly to
                                       catch it.Still in its dream it catches fireflies.
                                            And remember it can mingle with any
                                              heart.So check yours.If it is there
                                                    handle with care.For it is
                                                         very fragile.Fragile 
                                                              like a glass.

By:kash poet

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Angel of mercy

Angel of mercy
A small spark kindles in eager young hearts
With a smile, a song, and a destiny
Their souls a perfect match from the start
How sad she was blind to her eternity
She spent many years wasted in searching
Looking for true love with other men
Always believing their love was abiding
Only to have her heart broken again
Angel of Mercy, comfort her tonight
Show her what's wrong and what's right
He adores her heart, he loves her soul
Angel of Mercy, wrap her in your love
Teach her how to let go
All these years the spark still survives
A small ember in ashes of the past
One look into his eyes and her truth arrives
Her true love she recognizes at last
Spark to flame, flame to inferno
All in one look, in one breath
How she missed it before, she will never know
But now she knows she is his to her death
Angel of Mercy, comfort her tonight
Show her what's wrong and what's right
He adores her heart, he loves her soul
Angel of Mercy, wrap her in your love
Teach her how to let go
She longs to tell him 'I love you'
And turns with her arms open wide
Where once he stood, so solid and true
Now only emptiness and darkness reside
She cries out his name in pure desperation
Her soul weeps 'Where has he gone?'
The universe answers with a sad intonation
'I'm so sorry. You simply waited too long.'
Angel of Mercy, comfort her tonight
Show her what's wrong and what's right
He broke her heart, she lost her soul
Angel of Mercy, wrap her in your love
Please teach her to let him go.

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Negative Poles


					        I--      love
			                     	you	  still
				          but I 	    can see
		          That our paths		  have gone awry
		     Our parallels				   have turned to Ys
	 And I do not know					how to say goodbye
                                            and so I won’t.

 				       Oil and	    water
			         emul---		        sified
		       have come				   apart
	           like cur					       dled cream;
	      Fision							      has split
                                              the nucleus.

				     I only	              hope
			     our flight		         will stop
	   While you still seem		             a part of me;
       If our limit is      					       not infinity
   I at least								      will know where
to											                  reach
                                                 for you

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You Are God's Art Work

You are God’s Art Work. When you understand this; you understand the importance of being and the importance and beauty of another’s being.
Imagine a child of any age, with his or her coloring pencils drawing on a piece of paper. Tongue stuck out, eyes focused and every mark in its place. The yellow is where he or she wants it, there’s just enough blue and every line and dot in the background makes that child’s art work complete. It took some time, but it was worth it. This child is so proud of his or herself, sitting back gazing at his or her creation, knowing that he or she will never create this one masterpiece ever again. Can you feel that child’s joy, that child’s love for his or her creation?
Now, imagine another child with only one black flat tip marker, with only two strokes in only two seconds ruin the first child’s creation before he or she was able to show it to anyone. Can you feel that child’s pain, that child’s anger?
You are God’s Art Work. And every Man, Woman and Child should be treated as such.
Every scar you made on another Man, Woman or Child was a mark on one of God’s many Great Masterpieces (if you never done so, I congratulate you and ask you never feel this shame). This is how wrong our world is. You should feel ashame to have another bare the mark of your rage and even worse if you bare the mark of another because of your own wrong way of living. This is not a hard task but it must be dealt with where the problem begins. It begins with you. If you have a thought, an idea, the feeling or if someone is pushing you to hurt or harm or even dislike anyone in any manner at any time, you should have the wisdom and compassion to know that this is wrong, that this is not right and want to resolve the matter of not; the difference of the other person, but why I feel this way towards them.
Now, imagine a world with no man made scars created in anger or dislike. Can you see a World with no war, a World with no animosity toward one another Worldwide…a World without one man made bruise in anger toward another? That world can be, just by respecting...God’s Art Work.

Is Museum Art more important than God's?
These are thoughts for our wolrd to heal it from all the wrong we bring into it, we must look at ourself and see our faults and change our behavior tward one another to make this World a the wonderful place God made for us....
"Greater will be the place in heaven for the A__hole that can control His or Her tongue and actions while here on Earth."
Quote By Anthony BamBam!! Thomas

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Trip Twist

In the void, sipping the zoid,
with mental properties of tripping on the spiral.
Falling down the tail of lions, awkwardly spinning.
With upside down tunnel vision leaking through.

Solidifying all matter that matters,
melting into the walls of your brain.
It tickles all the raindrops dripping in your eyes,
satisfying your desire of a synchronized pattern.

Bleeding purple from the rainbow,
and turning into swirls of diamonds.
Slipping exuberantly beside you; driving you wild.
Where the shadows stop the spirited scream.

Devour yourself into the omniscient grip. 
Icy cold finger tips scratch the surface of your divinity,
bringing you closer to the God who whispered in your unborn ear,
situated in your flesh from birth to death.

It embeds itself in the pupil of your eye,
dancing with your spirit and licking your soul.
Black shapes of madness wrapped in chaos and euphoria.
Twinkling and blinking dust of a cloud. 

Haze filled skies and blood filled smoke raining from the clouds.
Envisions of clowns and demons laughing at our demise.
Chilling sensations of sickening mannerisms,
mechanisms and mechanics sought out to destroy the tiny creatures.

These creatures running crazy into acceptance of demise.
Deprived of life, scared of death but giving into it's taste.
Taste buds quiver as the taste grows sweeter.
Death, oh death, tell everyone who you really are...

Too long have you been hidden in the shadows you cast, 
too long have we rendered your pain.
The world grows sicker as the hairs in my head grey. 
I'll never surrender as demons always circle.

Today, begins a new day of our fight.
And I have a good feeling about this day. 
Onward, we have united our minds and gathered ourselves within. 
Always ready for we accept our fear. 

We accept our hate and everything in between.
Accept it all for what it really is. 
No amount of doubts will over throw us. 
Onward, to peace.

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dry cry

the child of a distant mother
whose cry ran dry over the other,
the child of nothingness in winter
whose feet ran cold to the toe,
to whom were she without 
a glow to the unknown?
for whom need she commute
when she does crawl than norm?
then who must follow when she cries
to the voice of a soul child; so dry?
where is the father gone too long
or were there a mother, done too long?
whose child a tender care must one render
to which child than love of a parent?
her lips cracked in instances 
and tears long soaked in her tearful skin...

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Cat and his mother

Laying there, was not all he 

sleeping alone, was not all he 

dreaming of his young self, was 
not all he did,

crying for you, was not all he 

staring into space, was not all 
he did,

wanting your love and 
attention, was not all he did,

purring in your arms, was not 
all he did,

making you worry, was not all 
he did,

having a lions heart, was not all 
he did,

imprinted love in your soul, was 
not all he did,

letting you hold him until he 
was gone, was not all he did,

leaving fond memories for your 
heart, was not all he did,

letting you say good-bye, was 
not all he did,

sharing all this and his love 
with you,

is what all he ever did.

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'an empty verse' and empty hands ~understand~ The glass in hand can drown out ten- thousand and ten; Hearts, ~emptiness~ ' ' looking for ? a f l o w e r '' '' ' ' ' " " , ', ', (Oh, Holy Nights) on bend-ed knee enlightened to see, Ten Drops from the Glass < << < << < << < I ponder great love and then I let it go (Boomerang) Hands, (the) Masters Hand * * * * * * * * * A parade o'er ParodieS "'atop'" "the Table" Inspired by a reply to comment: 3/6/2012 ~ "Slowly Ascending The Steps Unto Once Upon A Times Familar Front Door~ Seems As Though But Yesterday When It's Newness Held Such Vibrancy, Colours & Laughter~ Love Filled The Hallways Leading Into Many Different Rooms; Some Were Hidden~ A Vacancy Sign Now Posted Upon The Curtainless Window; Inside My Heart~ Sppring Melting These The Last Winters Remnants Of Snow Left Amid The Blizzard~ Winds Whispering Through The Trees; Flowers Bending In This Their Wake~ With A Single Rose Sitting Atop An Empty Table Beyond The Glass, Aside A Note~ Time, Beckoning From The Street; Leaving A Bottle Of Champagne At The Threshold~ Wrapped With A Red Bow And Turning To Make My Way; Beyound The Rainbows." Love John!:)

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A Lone Tear Drop

I cry a lone teardrop. It falls softly onto my pillow. A burdened heart behind smiling eyes liberates the aching, diamond teardrop, when I dream of your soft touch. Without you Who am I? By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, July 22, 2012 for The Concrete/Shape Contest (Craig Cornish)

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Mountain Climb

-Read from bottom to up, left to right and help me climb this mountain-

Truly Rejoice To be free, To reach the top Just allow yourself You are very strong I am no longer afraid Soon I will be at the top It is so beautiful and bright The luminous peak is in view Birds and insects cheering me on And laugh wholeheartedly as I continue I recall Mother Abbess from The Sound of Music By legs began to feel the tire of present but still I go I can never truly feel alone in this realm of natural green Alone I climb, accompanied with the music of my tempo-stilled mind I scramble like a beast, engorging in my own energy and headstrongness I fear no end of precious time—I certainly fear not the likes of you, you rampart My head is whirling in the wood—basking in the smells and sights of the enigmas beyond No rack of irrespirable doubt can dare to bring me down again—I simply, modestly refuse it I am inwardly confident and free—eyes focused straight up to the flurry, blurry peaks of new The sun beats down on my flesh—tough, warm love that has supported me from the beginning of time Without further forbidding thought, I make my way upwards, looking up at the highest mountain in awe
-it may be a little too long at parts, but it DID fit on my microsoft word anyway...xD Enjoy my pyramid/volcano/mountain thing..-

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She rests quietly, 

Silently I lay beside her...

Listen to each precious breath
she takes...

She sleeps deeply, she dreams madly...
talks in her sleep...

Days routine, plays out its banter...

Eventually I too fall asleep...

Eventually she awakes, my emerald beauty...

She stands beside me, am I standing beside myself?

and we stand together...Forever...


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Love Branches Through

o w u a a l Y l y A K o n u o t o w y I e y L v v r o D e A Y To love i cant die for but for u I C A N

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All the Hectic Hither

As it was
When it is finally done
For this soul and 
All the Hectic Hither
When my hands are clinched upon hate
And my restless mind
Stumbles to the cold
With a faultless mischief
Bringing barriers 
Floating in the wind
Flying without thought
Tasting the sweet, deep, cold thunders 
I laugh even when i cry 
I cry even when I laugh
I love even when I hate
My tears no longer moves you
My sad but yet happy face deceive you
As it was
And always will be
The sentiments of one's heart
To Desire.....

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Time I have spent in your presence,
In conversation with you as well,
My feelings I hide in false pretence,
Hoping to never tell.

While speaking to you on a certain night,
You requested knowledge of where my affection lies,
On my feelings I did shed light,
Hoping there was not much surprise,

I must know more of you,
I must see more of you,
To ascertain if you are truly my desire,
The only way to know, you must ignite my heart's fire.

Like has the power to become love so great,
The same can become nothing at all,
Only time will tell of our combined fate,
First I must get past your walls.

Take the time to know me, believe this day,
That I can be everything and never go away

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my dear poet

My dear poet
Your soul surrenders somewhere,
Someone at lonely place awaits there.
Where heart beats like trumpets.
Your head remains on my chest.
Charms and feel your breast.
Breath expels off and on my chest.
You embrace me with your level best.
God creates both handsome.
My nose rubs your skins of breast.
Heartbeats repeat.
Only love and love between us.
Soul inspires.
Fly like birds in the sky.
You think only for me and thy.
Saroj khan[sakha]

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First Time

  Is this a dream? Am I dreaming? Feeling your kiss upon my skin. Wondering what tear we're on again.
  Don't go all the way, you might lose something. I'm at the point where I care about nothing. Now we're skin to skin, rushing of blood. Almost as if we're bonded as one.
  It gets intense, that very good feeling. But it's like I'm almost weary. It was great while it lasted, those last thirty seconds. Like a pleasure in heaven.
  Now I want more, that very good feeling, to be loved and accepted. I love him and gave him what he wanted, then he left... We see each other every day and do it.
  A year later he left, and I go through all the painful memories. He was my first, all ways will be.

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Bises-moi! I am in a trance Pont Neuf smile blush gazing out at gilded statues flashing heritage The City Of Lights reflected mesmerize the Seine is sparkling like your blue eyes I can’t tear my gaze from your sensual kissable mouth Pont Alexandre III I don’t want to be tempted beyond resisting reasoning Allons-y! Let’s go! Bateaux Boats Mouches that fly Pont d’Lena La Tour Eiffel “Tuauraisenvie de faire l’amourcesoir?” “You will want to make love tonight?” “Bises-moi, monadorée!” “Kiss me, my beloved “Embrasse- moipuisqueje t’appartiens.” “I belong to you” “Zutalors!“ Darn it! Bises-moi!" Kiss me!" ilbaisa le bout he kissed my desdoigts fingertips leslumières the lights explosédans exploded in monventre! my belly! divertissement amusing diversion
I am reposting this concrete poem (one of my favourite ones), which was "lost" in 2012 .... Love Su

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Time Waits For No One

As the clock turns and your ways remain the same
You don't stop and realize you have a good thing
Your eyes are closed can't see the end of the road
To late to turn back now your luck is gone
Such a shame how you played your silly games
Patience has run out now
I must move on
Tried and hoped that things would change and not remain the same
I won't keep holding on
The love is gone
Move on
It won't stop for me I've tried so hard with you
Why can't you see your ways have caught up with you
Such a shame how you play your silly games you should have known your time was running thin
Broken promises I'm not down for your childish ways
My future's on the line I have to make my moves
Got goals for the near future each second affects your life
 Can't hold on you're nonproductive
Take the steps improve your mind
I tried to help motive you
Outline the steps make it right
You failed to see the Big Picture
God Bless you
I'm out of your life

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Sleep In Her Soul

It's easy to become lost in the idea that only things in life change you;
rather than you are always changing in your creation. 
When you look at demons in the haze, marvel at the haze. 
Demons are feeling homesick.

Be true to everything you are and thrive on.
We all have demons, it's up to you on what to do with those demons. 
The most dangerous are the ones unknown. 
She is herself. A beautiful demon; not hidden behind a shadow. 

Her magic is infested in my desire.
She is beautiful for I can unravel her thoughts.
She expresses to me the words intertwined with my ambiguity.
Riddled with love; I sleep in her soul.

She is my butterfly in our cosmic cannibalism.

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My Charming Introduction

Poetic Charmer
My faithful introduction  
My name is Mike, who am I to you?   
If you always prayed 
For a smile on your face 
I will give you eternal joy and laughter
If you always prayed I
For a single drop of water from the waters of life 
To heal your broken   and betrayed soul 
I will be your personal ocean of spring waters; of life
I will kiss away your   and nurse your broken heart
I will baptize you in the name of love, tender   care
And I will give you new meanings to appreciate life

If you always prayed 
To see a paragon of beauty, inside-out
Then look in the mirror and see 
Why you take away my breath every time I see you   
If you always prayed 
To taste a fruit form the Garden of Eden and Third heaven
That Adam and Eve never succeeded to taste
I will introduce you to my sweet lips and tongue 
 Which were made by the same fruit and honey

If you always prayed 
To experience a perfect kiss 
No matter how many times you kissed 
You never a perfect kiss 
Until you face the burning passion in my eyes
And let those lips embrace these lips 
And be swept off your feet with 
My wild   gentle kiss  
If you always prayed   
To experience a perfect love passion session 
Though love making is not a perfection
I will make art to your body like poetry 
And make you compose a love song 
resulting from your satisfaction 

And mostly, lf you always prayed     
Not to feel lonely and alone 
just close your eyes and reach deep in your soul
I will be your strength, I will be your friend 
Lien on me I will comfort you, I will appreciate you 
I will complete you 
If you always prayed  
To find eternal love and destiny 
Then I was   to love you 
By: Mike Michael Maimane ©

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Each morning as I open my eyes 
They are forced to be shadowed by bleak emotional ties 
When will the past stay where it belongs
An no longer torment  this beautiful day
When birds are leaves are hope is in the air 
Where dreams come true
And love isn't blue
Does love exist in this greedy world
It has passed my way
But has never taken hold
When will I learn that it isn't real....just a feeling I am told not something you can hold...Elusive to me.......

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It was always one-side

I never knew if you ever thought of me
So I kept my feeling to myself so for my own selfish
Reason I could keep you closer toward me.
But without warning you fell for another and easily
My heart was broken,yet and still I carried on with that
Fake smile.Never saying I love you,never telling you my
Growing feeling,before I knew it you left me alone in this
World,yes in this world which was so cold and heartless.
My skin grew cold when I never got to say what was always
On my twisting mind. When I smile I really cried,When I laughed
I really was frowning,When I would look at you looking in you eyes
And knew this was a feeling of disappointment since it been one-sided
Since the first time we meet but now you've gone and left me in a world
Which is so cold only you made it warm enough to go on.
If I only could have told you the truth would you had not been running away?
My heart aches my bones break my head numb,to think I feel in love
with a guy who knew only how to make me cry.Just exactly what I am I?
This was our farewell even if it was all one-sided just telling you now 

I honestly always will love you

This is for the man I loved who feel's for another....and he passed away 09/29/12 saturday....May you rest in peace Saul and come back to me soon

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nuclear love

nuclear love=>

   you =>

       me =>

           a glance=>







                                 a chain=>



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My dream woman

My dream woman:
A woman of virtue, 
a woman of character, 
a woman of integrity, 
a woman of love, 
a woman of ideas, 
a woman of passion, 
a woman of tenderness, 
a woman of industry, 
a woman of wisdom, 
a woman of faith, 
a woman of trust, 
a woman of prayer,
 a woman of staying power, 
a woman of grit,
 a woman of hope, 
a virtuous woman full of beauty
 who can find?

If you know any tell me, 
i will sell off all i have got
 to pursue such
a rare thing 
I will try to last heart beat
till she is mine
and mine alone
such i would love
die for

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My May Day Poem

Just some random thoughts about what is good public policy...

And sometimes, to figure out what is good, it is helpful to think about what is not good...

It is not good to make felons of 30% of non-white males before they reach the age of 25.

It is not good to pay women to have babies that they could otherwise not financially support.

It is not good to diss good people just because they don't wanna kiss up to the same people you do.

It is not good to spit on anyone, to piss on the floor and not clean it up, to assume you will never be desperately in need of help.

so now for what IS good...

come ON y'all, we can
Dontcha know, dontcha know

dontcha know we're all in this together?
and you're no better than the one standin' next to you
who's no better than you?

Hope so,
happy May Day,



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                                                     you are crystal
                                             clear and pure,beautiful
                                         and excellently made by God.
                                  You flourish like the flower from Eden
                              Your sweet fragrance brings back the dead
                                            Your land`s rich and fertile
                                               You`re more than pink

                                                     (RICTAMETER POETRY)
                                                                 -The Groom

                                                                   my  love
                                                           You are God sent
                                                  Light that shines in darkness;
                                          Rainbow  that  beautifies  my  blue  sky 
                                          You  soothe my heart, So I cry no more.
                                          You are a  precious  gift ,  indeed  from
                                          the almighty.......God...The ....JEHOVAH.

                                                              (CONCRETE/SHAPE POETRY)
                                                                    -The Bride

                 *Dedicated to All Lovers and all newly wedded couples.

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By One Man

    		                         One man
	                         Through disobedience
                                       God's wrath
                                                                     All by Adam die	                              ---The cross---
       All in Jesus live
		                         God's Love 
		                       Through faith 
		                           One man 

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These Are The Portals Of Evil -- Part 1 of 2

The body is the portal to which Evil uses to enter the Universe, our World, and our Lives. Evil could not exist without these three portals:

1. Speech
If all Man, Woman and Child said nothing harmful or misleading, conflict and war would not exist. There would still be differences but they would be resolved in favor for all Man, Woman and Child with words of wisdom and concern.
(Our emotions and feelings at the time make up the words that come out of our mouth. Knowing this you should know that while speaking in a destructive mind state you are about to say something harmful and destructive, and it would be wise at this moment to hold your tongue (harsh and demeaning words you can’t take back, should never be heard…be it directly to or spread by rumor). And no Man, Woman or Child should have the need to mislead or lie to another. To end lying we must look at what we lie for, into what we try to accomplish by lying? We lie to make ourselves look honest, we lie to make ourselves look responsible, we lie to gain acceptance, we lie to make ourselves look faithful, we lie to make ourselves look trust worthy, dependable, concerned and kind, we lie to eat well, we lie to live comfortable. We must acknowledge then teach our children and show our families and friends that people who live truly Godly don’t lie to have or be these things; they just do and are.)

2. Body Action
If a hand is not raised, a person is not struck.
If a sword is not waved, a person is not cut.
If a trigger is not pulled, a bullet can’t fly.
If a fire is not set, a home is not burned.
If a button is not pushed, a missile is not launched.
(Our emotions and feelings at the time; sometimes trigger body reflexes that harms another person be it intent or involuntary, it is uncalled for, unacceptable and avoidable. No one is struck for no reason and out of nowhere; there is always either a difference of emotions, a difference of understanding, a difference in belief, a difference in culture, be it whatever the difference; lack of Love, Concern, Respect or Self-Control, there is no excuse to harm someone else. That is not the way of our Great Creator, God gave us this World to Love one another, to Create and Sing for one another, to Entertain and Invent for one another and to Share Joy with one another. We are here to live for one another, but we live for self. We want to control everything, but we can......... message continued in (These Are The Portals Of Evil -- Part 2 of 2)

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Proof of God's Love --- We Are a World of Champions

There were millions of other people that could have been here on this Earth in your place, but it was you that made it. It was you against all odds; blind and in the dark, you chased Gods Love and won. 
We all love to be Winners and Champions. It breaks our heart to be called a Loser; that's why God made the beginning of our Existence a big race against millions, a race like you'll never be involved in again (millions entered, one (you) and only one (if your not a twin), Lived on, while the others perished. No one can or ever should call someone else a loser (we are a World of Champions)...because no race is more important than the race to Existence, and nothing won is more Valuable than the reward of God's Air, His Water, Grass, Mountains, our Universe, the Ability to and be Loved, but most of all and more importantly...God's Gift of Individuality and Choice. 
We all are Winners, Champions of a Great Race Forgotten. 

To call some one a loser is to call Our Great Creator and the manner in which we became to be, a lie. 

By Anthony BamBam!! Thomas

Author Notes
I'm on a mission to create outstanding people through reviling Proof of God's Love in our Design and Life

© Anthony Thomas. All rights reserved

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she came too me from another solor system in the sky without her love i'd probally die.pretty and blonde as can be i knew she was for me immeditely!their kind of love never dies and soon she will bear a child!i wish she'd take me now but this life is a test,love god or burn like the rest!the great spirits jesus and god sent her too me she sets my heart free for all lifes agony!

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why is it

why is it when i look in your eyes,
i see the love burning inside me.
why is it when you hug me,
the world melts with us.
why is it when you leave ,
i can't find myself.
why is is when you say bye,
it seems like forever.
why is it when the phone rings,
i answer just to hear if it's your voice.
why is it when you don't call,
i wonder what you are doing.
why is it that i can't breathe , 
whenever i think about you.
why is it that i cant speak ,
whenever i talk about you.
why is it when i'm around you,
you want to walk away.
why is it when i hug you,
you don't feel the same.
why is it when you look into my eyes,
you just see a girl looking back at you.
why is it when you leave,
you leave to be with her.
why is it when you say bye,
you say hello to her.
why is it when my phone rings,
it's not you.
why is it when i call you,
you don't answer.
why is it when i ask what you think about me,
you say that i'm just cool.
why me, why you,
i don't know yet but i'm hoping you can find the love i have for you and hope one day that love would turn into something more than meets the eye...

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My Heart

            Though                 the time
      Can pull a plan     apart, There’s
      no such ending in my heart, For
       ever and always you and I shall
          be without a care inside of
              me; I know our life can
                  never die, for none
                    could love you

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This Time

Empty inside wishing that I had someone to talk to because 
my heart is froze an oh so cold. Where can I run??? there's 
know where to hide or go this place has me trap in a close 
tiny corner. I need someone to hold me and take this pain 
away, that sleep with me every nigth. I anit looking for 
someone to love me I'm just looking for someone to warm my 
heart up. And show me a new way to be loved "I had a few 
ups and downs and I wanna turn it the right way all around". 
Because I don't plan on leaving my life like this any longer, 
ever again I have learned and I'm not ganna keep on 
repeating this love thing another time. So I'm saying 
goodbye old love and god bless but I need to love myself the 
right way.

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Empty Apartment

Candles sparkle, reflections bounce off the accent wall I painted red
"When a man loves a woman" bangs from the speakers
Pops from the wood echo through the room
my body trembling, your hands are impatient
Tires coated in rain water glides across the black tar blaring from the window cracks
The heat from your dark chocolate skin and the shine from that cherry limade lip gloss I 
picked up from the corner store seemed to scent the room
You change tremendously in size
My emotions are tangled like yarn in the hands of a kitten
My temptations are like mating tiger in the safari
We reach a new esculator of feelings
I take it all in, the sounds, the popping of the wood, the music from the streets drums in my 
I give into you 
You are floored by me 
And the steam from our love makes the candles sweat
As we lay there panting like the haunter and its prey both staring at that red accented wall
I turn to you with love in my smile 
and then I close my eyes
and when I open them I find myself alone with only a memory of us in my empty apartment 

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I don't want to just live, because the difference is living rightly.
Each awakening day I desire to search for an opportunity to bless

 I  have no parents. I have no intimate relationship. I have no family in
these United States Of Her, Majesty, America. Do I have a friendship such
as Jonathan had with King David? No, because so many speak of the word, but
truly don't embrace the real essence of such a profound and powerful word.

However, I do have a spiritual love affair with my beloveth Lord and Saviour,
Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.  Now perhap's you feel no apathy for me, because of
such a mellifluous relationship of love with The Lord.

Thus, is the reason why I just don't want to just live. Instead He taught me how to
truly live the enrich and abundant life through His Wonderful Teaching. Do I experience
loneliness as all humans may experience from time to time.  Absoulutely, but I know I can cry out to Him and He remove my loneliness, because I am His son.  So you see. I don't want to just "live."  I seek to give and live abundantly through my giving of my inner joy, love, peace, and harmony.

So please! I beseech each of you. Don't just live! Live inside of your giving to those YOU know need.

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To Her:

never imagined beauty that deep, endlessly trapped in her soul i tried to keep, A mysterious perfection, with unimaginable ways, i sit and stare to only think about her ways. Thinking and dreaming, forever about her essence, as i slowly start to paint our perfection. Admireing her every move, i wonder how my dream became ever so true. Softer touch, then a flower blossoming, as she shines brighter then the sun. Heart goes crazy, skipping a beat, each and every time i feel our hearts meet. Always and forever will i dream about her, only to realize i now finally have her.

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Not Realizing By Being Incomplete

                                      It was you who     could make my 
                           heart have little tiny feet.  That will go through 
                       any obstacles for yours & mines to meet.  Together 
                    forever, mines carrying yours like priceless treasure
                    No need for my LADY’S heart to have sweet tiny feet.  
                     It’s only I doing the walking for us. Going up our lane 
                      of love directed by our God, and the angels singing 
                         from above.  Connecting both minds constantly 
                             thinking; knowing; believing we are to be.
                             Actions showing we are not dangerously 
                                   but experiencing true love. Though 
                                       now realizing by being incom-
                                             plete is sinking mines 
                                                  hoping yours will 
                                                        never miss 
                                                           or skip a 

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lest doubt would take it from you

when power of love overcomes the love for power
then the world will know peace
don't doubt the power within you
lest doubt would take it from you

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Many Worlds Surround Us

My soul is in a bad way 
    Different worlds are calling me 
and pulling me in 
   different directions 
What path to choose? 
Can I continue in the 
   same direction? 
Or should I make 
   an about face? 
Only I know the answer to that 
 Deep within
I will find it 
    after they scrape away the mold 
and barnacles from my soul 
   Eventually, I will soar like an eagle 
   And look down with pity 
on those stuck on the ground 
I will feel the joy of freedom 
    As it wraps its powerful arms around me 
One day in the not - too - distant future

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Statuesque Radiance

It was wonderment.
The mesmerizing expression rolled off her tongue in waves. 
To my puzzlement I was in a state of allurement.
Her vibes were sent to me in soothsaying proportions.

It was almost trickery, but I knew where I was going.
To the festivity that arose in marvelous apprehension.
Thoughts intertwined with her perplexity.
Her magnetism pulled me into an eternal trance.   

We floated into an elation of bewilderment.
Bygone indifference; we are one.  
You are my goddess; ravishing, statuesque radiance. 
Purely beautiful with a beautiful mind, heart and soul to match. 

To my amazement I found her within.
She was snuggled in my organism.
Wrapped up in all of my thoughts. 
She was warm.

I was connected with my wizardry.
She brought out the magic in me.
It was a prophecy. 
To be told; never old. 

We are undead together and full of life. 
We are everything and nothing and everything in between.
And we are an incantation of youth. 
We are; limitless. 

Nonesuch bewitchment nor black art or ill will.
This was love as we hither to the schism of bliss.
Away with all devilry; we are galaxies of heavens in our oddity.
I hold you in my hands like a dragonfly who lets me.

My dragon with fire that doesn't burn me.
My butterfly who can hold my weight.
My sea in the snow; my fire in the haze.
My flowers in the dirt; my green in the concrete. 

Sail through my eyes.
Bring me closer to another zenith.
Give me your endless sensual voodooism.
My muse I adore; forever more.

She has taken me to that statuesque radiance.

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A tidal wave of civil liberty—a Great Revolt A deep kinship of prominent peak Afresh breathe of repose and bold Inhaling optimistic Exert men wrapped with invisible chain Time awakened mankind by chance Oh trapped on this alien land A mind playing game Fire the dough for the living dead The heart desire still unknown A cycled of rotten bread Inverting the throne

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I Thought I Knew U

Its a long night, i had to work the late shift.
Calm and boring like any other nite.
You came in from your own work.
Bought a ticket and stepped aside.

Every night you do the same
Looking at me with that shy gaze
Suddenly u gave a smirk
I knew right then you weren't a jerk

Now I expected you every nite
Comming to see me
Making my nite very brite.
And you did every nite

Its busy then usual
Its the weeked so its usual
Here you come right on time
Buying your ticket and stepping aside

While u waited aside
rushing the customers out i tried
Finally u show up infront of me
Giving u my phone and address is what came from me

I couldn't waite
I had to call
When I did
U didn't answer at all

Your brother did
You were asleep
Poor thing
Hope u were thinking of me

One month later 
We've been dating quite a bit
I fell for u hard
Nothing seemed amissed

Two months later
Something felt odd
Had to get checked out
I was pregnant oh my god

But you did right
Like a man I expected you too
you got on one knee 
and asked me to marry you

Nine months of pregnancy
Here you still are
Trying to hold back tears
Oh you are definantly a dear

Here comes our pressious baby
Here it comes
You cry for joy
For now we have a little boy

He looks like u
but has my smile
He is so precious
our grinns turn to smiles

We get our own place
To raise our own
To be a family
In our own home

Everything was fine and happy
I was in lover's bliss
I felt it in our kiss
But then it ended just as quick

It ended quick
Oh god i was so blind
Something i must've missed
When along came that first hit

Your smile hardly shows
Your anger begins to grow
Im getting scared even more
The love you had is never more

Your anger turns to hate
Your hate turns to hits
Im so damn scared
Im not liking this one bit

I feard for our son
The one I thought you loved
Oh you still love him
But no longer love me

Im black and blue
Cause all the hitting 
And strangling from you
I knew what i had to do

I had to go
I had to leave
The love is no more
I had to go on my own

I thought I knew you
I thought I did
I thought I found love
I almost thanked the heavens above

You're true colors showed
Now you live on your own
My heart is hurt
Cause all this time you were a jerk

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“On the top what do you like”? She asked me.
“I don’t know”, I replied. 
At that time my reply appeared
Baked potato and chutney.
She grinned.
I asked, “To you”?
She replied, “um, me, love,
Who loves me a great, I like that.”
Our eyes met
Whether answer was there 
I don’t know.
Later she married with a foreign doctor.
I’m still thinking 
whether she found her loving destination.
One day I saw her
Alone in the market with a pram.
I stepped towards her in traffic jam.
Red light didn’t turn into green.
I remained awaiting a long perforation.

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Delicious Irony

I stumbled with hunger as my guide.
I fell and pummeled the ground like rain from the sky.
Getting up voices tried to plead with me.
But I had no time to give, only to succeed.
Ambitious was I to climb this mountain of life.
Fruits of heaven were said to be in the clouds.
My stomach turned at poverty, a ridiculous plight.
I yearned for the good, ripe, benefits of the mound.
Ha, how I would laugh when I get the gist of it.
Who knew my mouth could reach my toe?
I climbed to the peak just to take a sit,
And watch the world from down below.
Near the base a swarm of happy bees moved with silent grace.
They swirled like honey in tea and drew a picture of a face.
How funny would it be to drop rocks from this towering place.
But 'twas the irony, all I really wanted was a taste.

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a mothers poem

your mother is your rock,
she has a heart of gold;
she will never tell you
the love for you she does hold,
she may yap in every way
just to prove they really do care,
she sits very quiet
as if she is annoyed,
but in heart heart,
you fill her with joy,
she trys to teach you
about the things in life,
the she condemns you
when things dont go wright,
she is there if you ever need her
and pour your heart out,
for life has treated you badly
but she will say things will work out,
she may have hit you
with a slipper or two,
this was a funny way
to show she loves you,
she would give you the world
and leave her self skint,
just to give you every single thing,
my mother is my dimond
a would do anything for her,
i hope i make her proud
for what i have of her,
i dont have her temper,
nor her yapping to,
but there is no other mother
the way mothers love you;;;;;

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The Necromancer Of Love

The Necromancer Of Love

I'm in love with you but when did I fall for you.can someone fall for someone and then for another at the same time? How come love is so lovely yet so terrible I'm hurting because of my conflicts with myself.Tell everyone tell them how I loved you and yet love'd another conflicted I start running I start to hide ,I know it impossible to  to know what true happiness feels like.Can I fight for myself how did I in trap you in my webs of many lines.I knew it was trouble when it came to love and yet I went on.As i break down here trying to figure out my emotions and where my hearts truly lies.Sometime i wish my life will be taken so i can never love again,I hope to never have another fall for me for there hearts to be broken.I weep for I only know how to destroy for I know I am the necromancer of love falling in love but i destroy someone heart in the process.I hope to fall and never to wake up to know what it feel like not to wake up and feel the sun on my golden pasted skin.How i hope i don't break another for I shall fall and my tears shall run only to know that they men nothing more then what are feeling inside

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Persian Exotic

This classic cat...

Not rodent he definitely agrees...

The mere insult as he pokes his tongue defiantly...

...His intellect with pride...

...This Persian exotic with papers...

Top breed himself aware...

...Not common moggy is he...

...He only indulges the classes of 
distinguished friends, and family...

...And with such a sense of humour...

...with animated gesture...

...he himself declares...

His full name Charles Bartholemeow Kelly 

This beautiful beige fluff ball...
with huge orange eyes...with bushy tale in tow...

Since we brought him home to the globe...
He's grown, so beautifully

His favourite dine is KFC...

Birdie in a box...his treat

This connoisseur he celebrates...

Paw lickin' good...his purrrrs
with resonate...

He lounges in the sun...
in his leather lazy boy recliner...

...And curls up on our luxury Sealy bed...
Pillow top stuffed with silk and wool...
...with luxury nothing finer... 

...He plays with his Mothers unused pink tampon...

...His test dummy mouse, he prefers...

Many occasions he arrives on door step...
...with dead unsuspecting bird...

...This classic puss comes across...
as if he is a snob...

...He comes to us for hugs, and cuddles...
and when he wants a brush...

...His bowl he often visits...

...If empty his little face with grim-mus...

...and the noises and insults he hurls...

...So he stands in front of the mirror...

...with pride and a wink he gives 

...He believes he is a lion after all... 

We love our little boy Charlie...

...Such a character with pride...

...So with this is a tribute...

...Each day you bring us joy...

...Our little Charlie, we love our little boy... 

...This little puss without boots...

discovered on trade me...

a small purse was paid...

...for this little soul filled with joy
and bliss...

...A treasure for forever he'll remain... 

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You have all of me

You still have all of me
I wanted to call
to tell you I still think about you
then I thought there's to much pain
that time has not yet erased
You were and still are my prince charming
how could such a perfect love
be destroyed by all the insignificant
drama to many friends
to much jealousy
to much of negative waste of energy
spiritual I'm still with you
I know you still think about me Bubbiee
one day I may see you again
maybe not
I just wanted to write and tell you
you still have all of me
you already new that
Love Always and forever, Shaweewee

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Love's Cross

                                  Went outside,

                                  Saw his grave.

                                  Started to cry,

                                  I walked away.

                 Letting the sunlight burn my tears,

                I wiped my eyes and turned around.

                                 Felt like dying,

                               Instead of crying.

                               I put a red bow,

                                 On his cross.

                                 That I made,

                             That horrible day.

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The State of Oklahoma

Our state flag is light blue, we began statehood on November 16th, 1907 and we're  the 46th
state in the nation. Our nickname is the Sooner state, our state motto is 'Labor Omnia Vincit'
                                                   Labor conquers all things. The Scissor-tailed  Flycatcher's
                                                   is  our lovely  state bird, the mistletoe is our state flower. 
                                                   The red bud is our state tree and we  are known as okies
                                                   or Oklahomans.   I love  my state  and we have long hot-
                                                   summers,  short  winters  and the  drought  of the  1930's
                                                   known  as the dust bowl  was in  our  history. We have oil 
                                                   drilling  in our  state  as well and on  April  19th, 1995  we 
                                                     had tragedy  in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks on  
                                                          the  Alfred  P.  Murrah  Federal  building  killing  168
                                                           people. I love the prairies and the indigenous  bison
                                                               I love the land I am from it is my pride and joy, I
                                                                  am  pleased   to  be  an  Oklahoman  from  the 
                                                                                gorgeous   scenic    land   that  I love.

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Amazing Love

No love more precious, no love more dear
Than the love Jesus showed when he was here
He gave joy to others; we’d call that cheering
He took care of others; we’d call the caring
He wouldn’t tell lies, or try to deceive
He would tell the truth, and hope we’d believe
Wherever He was someone was there
Yet he was not handsome, but kind and fair

Jesus Christ was sent from God above
To share with the world God’s amazing love
He came to let the whole earth know
To accept Him was assurance of a place to go
Where there will be no hurt or hate
And where joy, and happiness abound great
For the sins of the world to the cross he was led
So that means for us his blood was shed

So let us to Jesus go and pray
And ask that He wipe our sins away
So that one-day we may dwell above
And be surrounded by His amazing love.

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                    A diamond, seems like a teardrop
               from the sun.  Splendidly bright, with its 
         dashing radiance.  Sparkling and sleek in every  
  angle while revealing its skin of crystal clear. A nature's
        blossom of exceptional beauty.  With a grace to 
            shine through eternity.  Most favored by a
                 king as royal gift to his queen. True 
                       love means a diamond that
                             lasts a lifetime. For 
                                 diamond never
                                     fades in

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Feeling Rhyme

Everything about you so desirable, you command attention, I find myself wanting you, though that wasn't my intention. Eyes, nose, hair, so well aligned you need no correction, It's embedded in my heart to stare in your direction. When you look me in the eyes, I know you feel this connection, I wanna be alone with you, so you can truly feel affection. Even your speech is eloquent, from grammar to diction, We need to be together with no restriction. If there's another in your life, I'd recommend immediate eviction, Because compared to what I have in store, he's just a constriction. When we arrive in our intimate zone, there'll be no intrusion, It will all be true feeling, you'll feel it's no illusion. I don't make idle promises, I don't do silly delusions, I've explained my feelings, this is my conclusion. -Michael-Shane Brown

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Mommy I love you

Mommy I love you

You should know how much I love you.You who gave birth to me,you who says I love you when i need to cry,you who help me the most through all my dramas,I love you so much momma.This day and all the other you put up with all the chaos's I bring I am so happy to call you my mom.Every person who looks at you know what a great job you did and how you raised me and my brother and sister I can only thank God that you are my mom.I know this might be late or even overdo but you know I can only hold you for so long even if I don't seem happy if I look like I'm going to cry never once think it was your fault cause you know what I love you so much.There was once a time I was so sick i couldn't stand but in only a week you healed me with your love and hugs thank you ever so much mommy.Even if I get to old to sit in your lap.even if I get to old to call you mommy and run into your arms,even if I am to old to say mommy take me to school,you should know your the only women in my life that accepts me for me.This child you gave birth to,the only person who can give my dreams a rest and will wait till I am once again open and wearing my heart out on my arm,You the women who put up with this child who was ever bad.Mommy I love you so much even if it over do your the only person who I can ever call mommy and jump into your arms.

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Why you hate mi

                                              Why you hate mi??

Why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

God inna mi life, a him mi put first
Good over evil, a mi you can’t curse
His not my fate, mek your life get worst 
Mi seek him first, so how mi life must be worst

Why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

I love those how hate I, used I, and wish mi bad – a call down curse
Blessed love anyway, cause god inna mi life, a him mi put first
A praise him from mi heart, not from mi mind, and that’s the reason prosperity start 

Why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

Love those who hate you, used you, and wish you bad, bad mind you, grudge you, 
don’t like how you “trad.”
Do unto others, you want them do unto you
Harm no one, and let no one harm you, have faith in the lord, not in man!

So, why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

Seek he first, and you life won’t be worst
Praise him from your heart, not from your mind
Have faith, work hard, and live out the hip
Abide by the rules, regulations, laws, and commandment sign
Put god first, materials behind
When you fall, get up same time
And don’t let the same thing catch you next time

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Daddy, why did you hurt me so very long ago?
I still remember the day you wouldn't let me go
I know it happened more than once, but it is done
When you tried it again, I wasn't old enough to run
The hurt goes on Daddy, through all the years of my life
You don't know how hard it is sometimes to be alive!
Just looking at father's day cards brings me tears
And Mommy does she know what you did
How do you find a card that isn't full of glory?
To send to someone who never said he was sorry
Daddy, you don't know the pain you,ve made in me
When you raped me that day, I was no longer free
Free to be a child- to be like other girls and boys
I'll never be the same as I was that day,
the day you took my virginity away
I'll never understand why you did that to me
I was "Daddy's little girl" don't you see?
I never dreamed that you could hurt me so
I thought you loved me, didn't you know
many years have come and gone so fast
I know I'm not supposed to be living in the past
but daddy, the hurt you caused me will never be past
not until the breath in me is the last
I guess God really wanted me to do his will
Daddy, please daddy,
you never said you're sorry for the crime you did!
I'll try to go on, a survivor I'll be;
by giving my love to my children 
warning them protecting them and their children
teaching them where it is wrong to be touched
even by someone you love so very much
why did you hurt me so? did you have it planned?
or was it something done to you in your past
that triggered your feelings for me at the last
daddy, I hope one day that you see how much you hurt me
and then say, please forgive me
but until that day, I guess I'll go on_ _ _
writing things like this one after one
hoping a little comfort I'll give someone hurting
just really trying to live
someone trying to heal the hurt, Like Me

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I woke up one day as I didn't know what to do or say and found hope coming back my way on this precious day. In return I was horrified for not knowing what was to come,although again I found it all not feeling controlled just letting it all go just walk and stand tall for I've found everything. For my family is everywhere I go as I didn't know what to do or say, and just like before I've been guided home where the children play. Outside playing freely reminding me that this day was like a day before, to not even know how to be, to only remember that on this most precious day that a family is the world to me. For I'm now back home to where I will be free and me for the world to know and see that this day was also like a day before when it all began, when God gave us this heartland.

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T  I  M  E : Continuative, So  Immeasurable!!!
T  I  M  E : “Yesterdays  Todays    Tomorrows”
T  I  M  E  : Seconds, Days, Months, Y e a r s
         My LIFE , My WIFE :L E N O R E
         Entwined   Together    ALWAYS
          Quietly we’re   Holding Hands
            Entwined In Tranquil Peace
             Together  one  Heartbeat
               One Life, one DESTINY
                     E T E R N I T Y
                       A L W A Y S
                          N O W
                          O L D
                          A G E
                      ON    EARTH
                    So    YOUTHFUL
              For those in the Heaven
             My heavenly  Haloed Wife
            She, Forever and   ALWAYS  
           Walking in the Garden : EDEN
          Radiating ; HER LOVE  TO :  ME
        Home at last WE Entwine as O N E 
T  I  M  E : Knowledge,  History “Past and Future” 
T  I  M  E :  The Beginning: The End : Everlasting 
T  I  M  E :  The FATHER,  SON,  and   HOLY SPIRIT

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Blurred Reflection

Mirror Your heart Shatters to shreds You splinter me Your reflection haunts me forever I reflect on you I don't wanna lose you I am snowed under by your rejection I don't wanna lose my head But, I love you forever You haunt me Your reflection... Tramples my infection Your heart Blurs

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Love No More

Dear Mother and Father,
          I will say this one more time,
          That love is never divine.
          You use to be caring,
          There is nothing for me to be scared.

          But now i have to say,
          You gave me no way.
          You forgot the times we spent,
          You hate me wherever I went.

          I hope everday,
          You can change your ways.
          That is when I was wrong,
          This world is not where I belong.

         I have to say i am with glee,
         And that you have to agree.
         You are better off without me.
         You still have two more adorees.
         I am with the angels with sea
         Or even the devils in the pea.
         This is a letter to tell,
          I am now gone forever now.

         I am out of my misery and pain,
         You have extra time to gain. 
         So good bye forever,
         It's now or never.

          There is no more love for me. 
          And thank-you for reading.
          Spending the time with me,
         Is the greatest thing i acheive.

                                                            .          your daughter

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Can't Let Go

	I've been buffeted by life's storm, 
Twisted by the roaring gale, 
Nearly drowned in the pouring rain, 
And pounded by the persistent hail
The tempest is but of the mind, 
Though more palpable than if t'were real, 
A maelstrom of raging emotions, 
Competing to change what I feel
Happiness is suppressed by sorrow, 
Which gives way to emptiness and guilt, 
Growing on my mind with anger, 
No wonder my heart has begun to wilt
Shadows of the past still haunt me, 
Hiding in the dark corners of my mind, 
They come forth increasingly often, 
So I know fairly well what I'll find
I know why the storm is hounding me, 
It's made of the things I'm holding on to, 
Things that made my life worth living, 
What I don't know is what I should do
I'm tired of struggling through this storm, 
And the pain I have come to know, 
The best thing would be to release the past, 
But for some reason, I just can't let go

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Your burning look 
undresses me 
and fears 
Unmasked the secret 
your sweat 
Under the lambskin 
you see the wildness of the wolf. 
Be brave.

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compte rendu

Hollo Pollo nescient today.
Their life in a suitcase
Crosses boarders from savage soil
Into habitats - Plight untold.

Fear and accomplishment juxtaposed.
Shame and relief, young and old.
Many a promises being sold
Cloudy moonlight - your story unfolds.

Back in time with Stone Age truth
Fights for flesh
Oh ! The colour of the brook.
Heaven or hell - know not they. They pray.

New land found, years from now.
Yesterday's tomorrows lost in today.
Why change Pluto and not our fate?
Rising water it’s not late.

Good old days, let's find our place.

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Mental Illness Does Exist

As I reflect on that October day when I lost my brother when he ended his life in 
such a tragic way. He was troubled  and  lonely  and blue he felt unloved  too and 
didn’t  know what to do. He had a mental Illness and thought there was many 
enemies in his life and felt scared too. When I look back at his tragic death I 
should of taken him more seriously on the thoughts going on in his mind. I will 
tell you now what I am feeling inside Mental Illness is real don’t take the warning 
signs lightly for it does exists I am so sad now for he is very missed .He ended 
his own life on that October day. I was at home when I got the call. I did not 
believe it was true. When I went to the police station and was directed to go in 
this room. And he told me to sit down there in this chair. When he told me he 
ended his life that day. It happen when he drove his car and into the creek. I can’t 
believe he is out of my life. And can’t believe that it happen that way. I started 
crying and could not stop. When you think of a loved  one that you love so much 
you take for granted that they are alive and ok and do not have that thought of the 
tragic news of them dying. My brother is gone now with his loved ones who have 
passed away why did he have to go at all why did he end his life that way. The 
nights are lonely without him here for I love him so much and I am grieved with 
despair. For I do remember the things we did together .The pain still hurts deep 
down inside. I wish I can turn back the time and still have my brother  by my side.  
If you have someone in your life who has a mental illness look for the signs and 
the way they are feeling. They may be crying out for help so take the time to listen 
to them and ask them how can I help you . For I wish I can bring my loved one 
back today. Don’t wait too long  to do the right thing. So if they are hurting I hope 
you know before it is too late. Take these thought and make up your mind for you 
don’t want to run out of time. So I have decided to write you this as I am reflecting 
back that October day. If you have a loved one in your life who needs you  be there 
for them for what I have said is true. Mental illness is real for my loved one is 
gone  don’t wait too long you need to be there for them you need be strong. For I 
am telling the truth I know I am not wrong. Don’t take what I am saying lightly  
mental illness does exist.

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Rosy lady

Rosy lady, flower of the field
you are my umbrella and my yield                                                                                                                               your kisses showers like the rains
and dismissing all odds and pains.
Searching everywhere unto the best                                                                                                                                     your person is above the rest
In morn, noon and evening dreams most sweet
Did I see a lovely harem meet.
Lost in myth I am, dreaming all the while
Of when we shall walk down the love file
Vowing and promising truth to keep
Burning with zeal and affection ever deep.
For purpose and meaning love shall sprout
and flood the world and rid it of drought
Then hate will be lost never to remembers I know
For we ever shall shine and glow

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A Maiden's Heart

A Maiden's Heart And I Like To thank My Viewers

I tell you a tell of a waking maiden who heart broke for she trusted and her trusted was blown in her face.Do you wish for thing to go right?Is all well in life as she shaking her fears?Is it not fair to dream of love with that stand forever?I say let dance the  dance of music and laugh the laugh of joy for hearts should stand still only wavering when life is darkest I say dance and laugh for joy is what we all need in these days of sorrow and confusion.We may dance on the ice we may laugh at your fears and bring great love to ourselves.Oh joy shall we shout to the heaven and fall from happiness.Let hearts waver not for there is more then sadness lets all be free this day this day lets forget the heartbroken maiden and see her smile once more.


I thank you for looking at my work and To say that I'm so happy that i could enter contest and my all my viewers thank you for the comment the views and Pray I can make more that you will all enjoy 

Marcedies Your Ever Writing poet 

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India Is Not Free

India Is A Country, 
Which Is Not Free, 
All People Are Not, 
In Merry. 

For Money, 
People Kill People, 
Why All Men, 
Are In Troublr. 

Why Women Burn, 
If Drowery Is Not Given, 
Why All People, 
Not Go In Heaven. 

Why There Is Discrimination, 
Besides Man, Becomes Our Foe The Sun. 
Why Father Has To Bent Infront Of Sun, 
Why Honesty Is There Only Before Gun. 

Oh God! Make Man Realise That His Country Is His Second Home, 
If Not Then India Will Only Be Like A Foam…..

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Sleep Less Nights

Sleep Less Night

I stay awake thinking of you and all the wonders you have done for me.What pray tell why me have you chosen to love with out rest? what do you see in me?what is it about you that keep me up all night and jittery all day? I am but a simply person who wonder the earth noticed to everyone and yet unseen by others.My thought drift though I sleep not I drown my self with thoughts of you the only thing I can do.As I finally turn to rest my dreams our of together from sunset when the birds let out there first chirp until the dusk of night when the crickets start singing there tell of the night.I have many sleep less night only to think of you and of you and me together,But when you see me I can only run fearing you might see the love in my eye as I gaze at you.This sleep less night why are they here why do i keep them in mind for only I with's for this one side love to continue or is the love two side.Though I must wonder what you think of me if you have sleep less night because of me i must let my mind wonder for another night for I must rest so that I may see your wonderful face for the morrow.

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Nanas Rosery


Nana prays for us all,
As she clutches her rosary,
Her angels’ wings we adore…
This grand lady God sent to us,
A gift from above…
Nana always makes us welcome,
Nana always has a kind word,
Nana always has a smile,
Nanas rosary she prays for us all…
She prays to her God,
…Many blessings she is bestowed…
Her angels’ wings we adore,
…We pray for you too Nana…
This lovely lady without judgement,
For her God of love, he knows,
…All forgiveness found within the love of a wise heart,
…with many blessings he has bestowed.

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I Found a Diamond

Last summer I remember meeting you You were so different and so unique You stood out and had a brilliance about you You reflected a prism of colors in the sunlight Your eyes glittered a soft bluish green Your lips shone a bright ruby red A diamond in the rough very beautiful So rare

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my letter

My letter 

 I was captured by her beauty and personality 

I wrote her poems; lovely one, too.

One year of feeling who she was and now gone through the difficulty

A part of me as drawn away 

In such I prayed and kneel that I might change toward the one God created an 

All might that I have given to love this girl now what more than to lead me in tears

A broken relationship wanting to hold on to the best 

I confess she’s totally different from the rest

Written that letter bought me tears

And the rest of my days I have face the fears

I know I did mistaken, but I plead with her to sit and talk and prayed over the 
trouble that has rail my life 

The love within have slowly disintegrated

She cried out I need no man; I have no father I can make it on my own.

Hurtful to hear these words of yours have deeply touched the center of my heart, 
but yet 

 Ordinarily your beauty is in my eyes constantly thinking of you.

And now it seems that you want to say good bye 

And I believe my face no longer fit your heart

And the very touch can’t satisfy your pleasure 

But as for me I thought to have found the best treasure 

You were the single star in my life a beautiful lovely rose in my life 

And I be grateful to God that day that you became my wife

A part of you is now in me 

I was afraid and acted like a fool and I am sorry it wasn’t cool

But i ask you that it might be forgetful, the Friday dilemma 

The years of love perish and the next thing is a knife upon my throat

I prayed that I might bless this marriage and ease the darkest of days

And what more to write and say 

Searching to know the one I love would run away 






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Secret Admirer

the day i was born 
my life in scorn... 
what path do i lead 
what words will be sworn... 
no hope in my heart 
just the day we will we mourn... 
in the blood of my brothers a message shall be warned. 

no future to behold 
my story will be told... 
no words of the mental 
just a poet in gold... 
with a soul that will glow 
like a fire in the snow... 
the ones we believe in,are the ones we let go. 

no racing the clock 
for one day will stop... 
no image to renew 
much people forgot... 
the suffering that dropped 
the demons will rot... 
and the fire in the snow, will only get hot. 

we remain in the fire 
and urge for desire... 
we will drown in the lake 
that only gets higher... 
and bleed with the lier 
that made us the crier... 
down to the wire, we die in the fire 
burned for the love,from your secret admirer.

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Christmas Tree

I love these trees of Christmases with bulbs of lights so bright. Tinsel glitters on each branch sparkling in the night. Presents soon will find their way under the Christmas tree. How much love there is that grows inside of thee. The children soon will gather round to see what Santa did bring, And then we shall all hold hands and of baby Jesus we will sing. How I love this Christmas tree that stands tall until the New Year arrives. And then at that time we take her down and put the bulbs aside. Oh I love my tree of fir and cones.

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Life With Him

Life with Him


To be in love

Emotions vividly wild yet serenely calm

Soaring and floating high with him

Escaping together but coming too 

Lay quietly, bodies and love embraced

Next to you in the morning

The stresses of the day

But he tuck's you in at night

Gentle whispers, soft kisses

Always tantalizing the senses 

Seeking new together

Daring a new experience

The 'norm' comforting still

Peacefulness as one

Found easily

He carried you through

The needing he felt

His time to need now

So you're strong for him too

He pulls you to his chest

His heartbeat

Felt on your face

The place held in

Your heart, sacred and his

Letting go impossible 

Holding, loving

Endlessly ours

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In Search

In search the bestowed become...

From front lines...infiltrate disguise...

though weary...they are nurtured...

from a higher...they yet not realise...

A distant fire...burning bright...

...Deep raw passion takes to flight...

We walk with wisdom, 

Wither the storm...

With tolerance and love,
We are restored...

To battle through another day...

We delve in the timeless...
Our memories gave...

With voice of wisdom...
Travelled round the sun...

We understand...

The bestowed...

We have become...

Lead us not into temptation...

...We are the aware...

...Few lines impress...
...Few lines declare...

...With fractured minds...

...Judgement deepens...

...Historical book myth or legend...

...We search and search for our own light...

...not historical feature, controversial
one man plight...

...We now walk with wisdom...
...with love we restore...

...not historical proclamation...
...historical remorse...

We achieve with love sanctioned...

...The gift of love...all writers adore...

...Those gone before knew...
inside what is best...

...Without judgement...
...with love we are blessed...

...Rewritten no type O...

...New beginnings addressed...

...For with love...there is no defeat...

All love found in the arms of retreat...

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There Was Only Me But There Only You

There Was Only Me But There Only You

I am me
I am myself
I am one half of your soul
I am the other half of your soul
Together we come closer and we create
A whole soul for we was once half of ourselves and now
We are whole and closer then before,I think not for I am the right and you are
The left proud and strong while you are the right simply and clean but when together I know one thing for certain
We are perfection.Your name is my name your love is my love my time is your time no matter what I will walk side by side as your equal
I walk by your side as your double for we are now whole of the half we once was,there are no secrets between doubles between equals between soul of heart that wander together
If everything was to break in front of us who are two in one I want you to be by my side for you are forever mine,For I am only me
And I will treasure you of something priceless and let nothing harm you for I am pride and strength,For I am only me 
Together we are now whole with are words of union and the marks of each other together we shall stand.

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Looking for You

I’ve spent so many years and looked in so many places Wondering the streets and walking the fields I remember your face in a dream I had And now I must search forever As I am looking for you And I have not a clue Of where you are I must search all day And thru the night To see your deep blue Eyes and your cute Little Nose Now I Must Keep looking Until I find Your ruby Moist Red Lips Smiling with your Soft moist skin Glowing in the Morning’s sun and summer’s breeze I’ll keep looking for you on each street and each meadow On every beach and in the purple mountains until I find you And when I do, we will embrace for what seems like forever.
By: Greg Stanley

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A beautiful disaster

what words can bring you sensation, 
   is the love you behold worth chasing 
only time will tell destination, 
   and life is a thought of imagination, 
the wind beneath your beautiful dress, 
   your hair in the breeze, so close to perfect 
like walking on the clouds, with the person you love, 
   you made my life stop, with just a hug 
the love we both made, just wasn't enough,   
   your hands were soft just like a dream, 
your eyes into mine, like a star that gleams 
   your words would take me far away, a land where our love never stayed 
you lied and I CRIED and caused me pain, 
   you told me you loved me and left me to die, 
my soul in a cage,with blood in my eyes, 
   no chance, no romance, my life as a man, 
her life as a woman, that don't understand, 
   the meaning of love, just wasn't enough 
i just don't understand, why our time gave up, 
   why we lost our touch, and all so much, our hearts await, to beat much,faster, 
   you'll always remain a beautiful disaster

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Invisible Within

Pain is my beauty, rage is my sadness.
Laughing is my soul crying out silently.
Yet you do not see, these truths that lie within,
instead you turn a deaf ear, blinded from the darkness of your sight.
You only feel your sympathic ear, reflecting my hearts expression.
Powerless daily, I struggle to allow my invisible voice from within, 
To speak and to shine thru.
A moment in time
The music bringing you back to places in time which 
affected you with an emotional
consequence But since all this time has passed now it 
has become a remanicent memorie of
all the uplifting, downsizing, 
and overwhelming roller coaster rides.
A message in time to come, if you choose to see it. 
An immediate refreshing of the emotional
in combination with your intellectual self. 
Then it becomes not just a message anymore.
Instead it has grown into a great metamorphosis of spirt to embrace; 
consuming your sinful
nature, leaving only the lambs blood, 
giving you clarity, peace and serenity.

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Me, You, Us

Me, You, Us.

Titillate my perceptions

Apply flame to the desire


Reshape my belief in you

I want surety to persist


Enlightened as one

On our joy-ride

And during our misfortunes


Embrace my brittle heart

Transport me to my inner descendent 


I crave to be me

For you

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from the wind to the rain to the sky
a woman looks down on me from the moon
her voice makes you ache and cry till there's no tomorrow
her eyes leave with regret, loneliness, and sorrow
her face makes you want to drop dead and fly towards her heaven
when she holds you the hairs on your back  want to shiver like an earthquake
when she looks at you it just only want to make your heart break
when you're with her, time knows no bounds
when she kisses you, everything is better and you'll only want her more
her beauty makes the number seven look odd
and she lives beyond the stars
silently watching from above
life has no meaning if you can't be with her
the way you want her is more than you want life
to be with her means more than all the money in the world
her whisper makes death look like paradise
her hair is the dazzling sun setting on the horizon
her lips scorn the red rose
her eyes is as a piercing blue crystal; soft but cuts like a sharp blade
her voice is a bird's song but instantly make your heart grieve like a mother's loss 
of her child to war
for me i will always love her
i will never stop thinking about her
her smile makes me melt in the snow 
she's my bliss, my love, and my Angel.

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People Up Above

Throw the day of living
It is free and not free
It is like you are just one person that stands there hoping to live
Everyday there are places to see and people to meet
Some people dont get that far

Some die at birth and some die during live
They just dont know when it is going to happen
When it does , we will never see them again
They will be gone for ever and no one will now noghting
Sooner there family will move on and for get  about them

But they up about say' why forget about me'
I dont need to be forgotten
It is not my time to go yet
It is stuff to do down on earth
So Mr.God let me go back and let me live time
So  Please Mr.God

My family  has forgottne about me
I want them to remeber me for ever on end
But down on earth, time is going on
More and more people die a day
Why did you pick me
Why could you not let me live  and much more

I will go to chruch and everthing eles, but just let me go home with my family
My dear daughter i cant let you go back , you are here for good
There is no way you can go home
I am sorry my daughter
But God why
I should not be here
I should be down on earth playing, running, and much more
But no I am here looking at you 

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The Power of His Love

God loves you and me.
This is our assurance for eternity;
And even in this world of cares and woe, 
He will daily let us know
That when we trust HIM and obey
He will give us comfort and strength to stay-
Stedfast, immovable in all His ways
Always abounding in His Love.

There is no reason, then, for doubt and fear
For His Love will persevere-
In our hearts, uplifting, changing, setting us free
To be the best that we can be
Always abounding in His love.

The Power of His love transforms the mind, enlightens each of us- all mankind
To be "more than conquerors" overcoming every foe-
To be victorious over problems in this life
Always abounding in His Love.

The Power of His Love bonds us as One Race, One People, One Brotherhood 
with the desire to treat one another as we should-
No ill-will to be wrought
Always abounding in  His Love.

The Power of His Love sets us free;
Brings us freedom, liberty;
Give us joy and peace of mind, 
Makes us loving, caring, kind,
With life serene; life sublime-
Abounding in His Love all the time.

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Why do you hate me
What is it
Me or my attuide
I never get along with anyone
I need help getting through it
You hate me
I don't get along with you 
It hurts me because I lost you 
Lost you as a friends
Never get you back
Push you over the edge
Why fight with me
Why hate me 
No one hardly likes me anyhow
You just making it harder
I don't need it harder
Why is it me for
All I need is friends
Fighting don't help me
Why make it hard for me
I need to rest
Leave me alone
Need to get it out of me
You hate me
I don't get along with you  

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I Cry

I cry myself to sleep
Sitting here thinking of you 
I cry during day 
I cry during night
Cry myself to sleep at night
I hurt so bad inside 
It is killing me inside out
Lets cry
Lets get it out
Let it hurt
I love you
You loved me at one time
In and out of stuff 
You don't stay out
So I will lay here and cry
I look back at those days 
All i can do is cry
It hurts so much 
I look at the memories
It hurts
I cry during day
I cry during night 
I will cry the pain away
It don't help the pain
The pain is still there
The days memory are there for good
Lets cry the pain away
I'am going to lay here and think
Why did i have to go and hurt you
You hurt me back the hard way
It hurts to much 
More, More i think more it hurts
I cry
Lets cry
Cry during day
Cry during night
Cry myself to sleep at night.

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more faithful
than lover or husband
it cleaves to you,
calling itself by your name
as if there had been a ceremony
at night you turn and turn
searching for one
bearable position,
but though you may finally sleep
it awakens ahead of you 
how heavy it is,
displacing with its volume
of  your very breath
before, you seemed to waigh nothing
your arms might have been wings
now each finger adds its measure;
you are pulled down by the weight 
   of your own hair
and if your life should disappear ahead of you 
you would not run after it.

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Everything i do chases off another person
Somthing or another does it
Why don't people stay by me
Stay with me for awhile then you are gone
It cuts like a knife
Get to know a person
Then that person will be gone in couple mouths
I will never see that person again
I wont know why
What did i do so wrong
What is like why
Got a lot of question to ask
You are not here to answer
Come to help 
You take off
Dont understand 
It cuts so hard
Cuts so deep What did i do to make you leave

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Why is my life such a living hell
All it is hell. I go thought hell 24/7. 
Friends go left and right.
Half of the time is why.
Why go
Why  not come back

What did I do
I don't understand. 
Most of the time I blame myself.
Knowing  I did not do it. 
Half of the time I wish I was not in this mess. 
But yet I was in it. 
I make peoples lives easy but also hard. 

I just don't get it. 
Why is my life such living hell 
God someone help
There is no reason why I should be having all these why's. 
Why. why. Why is a never ending thing. 
But et there is a why be hide everything. 
If it is not one thing it is another. 
There stands a why. 
Why go
Why not come back 
What and the hell did I do. 

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Lately it is only agony
Nothing is the same anymore
                    Inside of me
And different is not better
and the weirdest of it all
is that everyday is the same thing
but I don't recognize anything
it's like I can never see
See, Listen, Feel.
its like a barrier
between me and the world
an transparent barrier
because I see
but I don't feel
thats what seems to be inside of me
     The heart is beating
          I'm here
But I don't feel
that I do understand
not only the people, but the smells
The smells, colors,tastes.
Where are they? Why can't I see?
See, Listen,Feel
Even it I miss
because lately 
not even it I feel
at least the pain
Reminds me that I am alive.
when I can't feel anything else
Where's the pain God?
  even for her I beg
That I could feel again
I can't stand in desperation
I only have lost memories
memories of the things I have seen
                Seen, Heard, Felt.

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I miss you my brothers where did you go
You were my world don't you know

Alone in this world you left me to cry
But I wont forget you I'll love you till I die
Im left with one question that wonders my mind
Why did you leave me alone and beside

I miss you my brothers where did you go
My memories of you are now growing cold
But dim as they may I'll never forget the way we
Were when we were kids having fun outside
The words of a girl with a family riped apart
The unspoken words of a broken heart

I miss you my brothers where are you now
I will find you it's just a matter of when or how
I don't belive in forever but I still have faith
That we will be together somehow somewhere someday

I miss you my brothers is all I can say
As I cry myself to sleep thinking of a better world
With you by my side would'ent that be a wonder full day

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by the mailbox

The message you sent me
is silent but still a message
I try to understand
the way of the roots
the migrating silence of water.
We take from nature
what we can, I study the silence
I picture you miles north.
leaning over the empty pages,
Dear...... you to write
but already the page is a window
curtained in the early silence
                               of snow.

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Your hatred and love

                                                                  Death to
                                                                Your hatred
                                                         And I prefer your love
                                                  To love of anyone else on earth

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A Mothers Love

You came into my life when I fell in love with your son.
Not only did I find my soul mate and best friend,
I also found the mother I never had in my life.
Your unselfish and unconditional love swells my heart with pride.
I know in my heart that you will always be there for me.
Through not only the good times but also the bad.
You ma
y not have given birth to me,
Yet I know in my heart you love me like one of your own.
I hope that I will always make you proud.

Dedicated to Judith Finnell

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I'm lost
No one is around me
I'm stranded
Cant walk
Legs hurt
Cant call no one
No phone
I'm alone
I'm falling
Because I have 
No one to hold me
I 'm scared
Because no ones
their to lean on
Everyone walked away from me 
Why walk away from me for
Falling to pieces as is
So why leave me stranded
In middle of nowhere
Just don't get it

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i look death in the face
going what to do
it is like why are you here 
are you here to end my life.

i don't understand why you are here
but go away
are you going to go away 
when you end my life
you make me live and live over and over again
but why are you doing this
it is like i look at people different
they look at me different

i think about death all the time
think of what is it like
but it just makes me cry 
i don't want to go because of my family and friends
but it don't make sense 
why am i the only one that looks straight out of my eyes
like no one cares

i look at thing different then other people
many things make me upset
why do you make me flashback 
why do i have these feelings
now tell me 

now when i flash back you make me relive
like there is something i missed
but death go away
i want to live normal and not a slave that relives things 

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The Dot, In Small I

                                       Ok            Is  
                                       It’s          Me 

                                  O, that’s what I am
                                  Small, less famed
                                  Yet, I stand proud
                                  Among your crowd
                                  I, too, have an aim
                                  Even though I came
                                  Yes, from the land
                                  Where all must run
                                  To the field of tare
                                  Ere storms share
                                  Us, their madness
                                  Our great sadness
                                  Still, I have a price
                                  I also have my vice
                                  Though, life is less
                                  For me, I am bless 
                                  Though, I am a dot
                                  But I am not a nut
                                  O, true, without me
                                  Like dot, there’ll be
                                  No. a small letter I
                                  Or big you, my pie

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On Top of the world

On Top of the world

As  I sip on this cup tea
I wonder where I could be
On Top of the world,
Maybe ,
If I had barrel
Full of money
But I have you honey
To be with you is more than money

I enjoy your company
Your really something to
Me, baby-e
Your present set me on top
Of anything
So much light and love your smile brings
That why I can  accomplish
With zest you bring

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The moment of Love

If I could describe how much I love you in a moment of time,
It would be at the dawn of day or dust of night
When the sun touches the water.

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Turn Around

Every time you turn around
You come back to me 
But you go again
You leave me a little 
What made you leave

You leave , come back
But you always go
Never stay around
Just don't under stand
turn around, turn around
I need you in my life

Need you to help me 
Getthrow it all
Every time you turn around 
You come back to me 
But you go again

God can you stay
Just not turn around on me
It hurts to much
So stay

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Cry a little for me

`Sorry but it's time for me to go
My intuition told me to back off
You cheated on me
verbally and physically abused me
The sick thing is I still Love you
I'm realizing the has alot to do with forgiveness
It's to bad cuz we were best friends
for years we couldn't be together 
but always seemed to find each other
then the day came last year
where we got the chance most
people aren't so lucky to be blessed in a life time
we had a miracle baby
they said you couldn't have kids
I was 37 and had one miscarriage 
got married then lust and drugs
took over your brain and you destroyed it
so it's time for me to say
maybe in the next lifetime
we'll think twice before we speak
lash out
I've said enough
Savin me and far away
you know what I'm talking about
      I hope it was worth it
My intuition told 

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What Is Wrong

Why me 
What is so wrong with me
People leave me
Dont understand
What did i do to make them leave
One day they are there
Next they are not
Why put that way for
I don't know what i did
What makes me so different
I am who I am
You not going to hurt me
Just another person
What wrong with me
Why do this
It is going to hurt
I am not going to show
More i show more you leave
More I losses
Dont understand what is wrong with me 
Feels like I am so different
I don't belong 
Becaues you just leave me anyway

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Gone or Not

I am sitting here 
Looking at four walls 
No were to go 
Noghting to do 

These walls are closing 
What did i do 
My life is going to stop 
How do i get out 

I have been caught 
More there closeting 
More i fight 
Were is the door 

How did i get in here 
How did i get locked down 
They're closeting more 
No were to run 
No were to go 
No one to see 
Just me and my misery 
I am gone these walls have me 
Do people see me gone 

OR just happy i'm gone 
But i am here for life.

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The Crucifixion

He was beaten,
And abused, 
Spit upon, and kicked, 
He was laughed at,
and mocked. 

His home was not a castle,
but a lonely animal trough
His Crown was not made of Gold,
but made of thorns
His robes were not of fine linen
but of rags
His throne was not made of Jewels
but of an old tree. 
Were he hung

He was crucified for the sins of the world
His name was, is, and always will be
the I AM Jesus Christ.
the Lord of lord, King of kings
The world's savior.

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Do you see me
Or see straight through me 
Like every time I turn around something happens
You act like I'm not there

So what do you see
Do you see a ghost or a person
It must be a ghost
Cause your looking straight through me
If you act like I'm not there
When am really there

How can I make you understand
That I'm there in front of you
You need to pay attention
and stop looking through me
All I want is your love
But you don't give it
When your friend are there
I'm invisible that's why
You look straight through me

So it mean I'm invisible to you
They are more important to you
What do you see a person or ghost
Wish you will look at me
It hurts me cause you as no one
You look at me as a ghost

When your friends are there
I'm invisible that's why
You look straight thought me
It feels like you don't care
Feels like I'm a ghost

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It’s the thought that counts and the mood
that sets itself
Not the materialistic things, the cars, the houses
cuz I figure why should I be concerned with wealth

I’ll love you through the storm and be patient
with your heart
I am the person who should never break your heart
apart, I am your beginning and start

Love is patient and kind but why is it also
a fool?
We fall so hard and do what’s right and still
always seem to lose

I write from a poet’s heart because maybe today
someone hurts
Love is a silly game I said, and I listened to people
with their love stories and found out that’s not what it’s worth 

Who could be disappointed at love better yet, who could ever
just have one thought nonetheless
I could think love is pain, hurtful, and regret and you could
think love is joy and a straight A+ test

One thing I know is that LOVE HURTS and 
I fear
That if I ever could kiss you again my happiness would turn 
into tears

Listen, I know it hurts and I know my heart 
But just bare with me as I try to get

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I'm not trying to be more than i can
i'm just trying to be what you need
Im not looking for us to be one for one
i'm trying to make us a team

I want to be your everything and i want you
to express your inner-self
I yearn to be there in your heart when you need
to cry when there's no one else

I want you to be able to trust me with your feelings and 
let me steal your heart
And i hope that if things go wrong I'll still be the one you want 
when we are so very far apart

I need to explore your thoughts and read your mind because
I want to grant your every wish
I need to feel your touch then i can politely kiss 
your lips

I wish to fall in love with you so that everyday i'd be able to 
show you
My real feelings don't say I LOVE YOU because I NEED YOU, they
say I NEED YOU because I LOVE YOU

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 I am sitting 
Waiting on you 
throw night and day 
throw the winter and summer 
Sitting here aging 

My life is passing me by 
You have not showed up yet 
You are my dreams 
You are my world 

I cant live with out you 
I cant wait time you show 
The nights are cold 
The summers are warm 

I don't have you in my arms 
The days and nights go so slow 
Feels like they don't move 
I am just sitting here 

You must of move on 
You must be gone 
I will just sit here and wait 
Nights and days are cold 
I know you are not there 

How much longer can i hold on 
Sooner or later I got to let go 
But I am not going to 
I love you so much 
But you are not here to show me you love me 
You don't show up

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Too Much To Ask For

Is it too much to ask for
someone to love me for all my silly quirks?

Is it too much to ask for
someone to love me and my faults?Is it too much to ask for
someone to laugh with, share with, dream with?

Is it too much to ask for 
someone to love me for my mind?

Is it too much to ask not to be judged?

Is it too much to ask for 
love to be more important than money?

With you it wasn't too much to ask for.
You gave it all freely before I could ask.

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Beyond the Shame

A voice, a vision, a spark, a flame
now its time to look beyond the blame

I've opened the door and faith stepped in
Finally I'm ready for my life to begin

Not how it was or how I thought it should be
But with my past and my future merged authentically

Beyond the silence, the shame, the fear
I've grown through the pain that has brought me here

I'm learning to live
with both laughter and tears,
an to trust myself
as well as my peers

learning to feel,
to love, to guide
I know I'm a little damaged
and now have no reason to hide
although I still strugle
daily to survive,
I'm finally glad 
to be alive.

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Love part 1

I love you more than you ever know,
before you go, just wanted 
you know, i do so

oh, hurry up kiss me before you go
the sun is breaking, i want this
feeling to last, even tough I'm just grass,
the love you give nightly is a blast.
Morning due,where are you in the noon time.
as the bug, and the spider climb. I think of you all the time.
 The sprinker system just don't do me like you do. That why i love you ,
yes i do.

your love already  proves
you  will not abuse
a freindship so cool
when we speak
you voice sound like chocolate to me
you love is so rich to me
where you at
 is where I want to be

so when i think of you
and the love you give
i think God for this amazing gift to feel
love, on a another level, it real
it so real, that kneel on bending  knee
Thank for the love you give  to me
and with this ring we are  join
in perfect love and honestness i will adorn
you forever in my heart
because i love you from start

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Time Spent

I spent much time being someone I wasn't meant to be,
making promises I would not, could not keep.

I spent much time searching for what I would never find,
what I could not understand, someone I never knew;
loved me.

Look at the sacrifices He gave,
the times He was there for me and all He does each day.

Look at His grace He gave to me so I could run this race,
the love undivided and whole, His unconditional embrace...

Looking back I can see just how blessed I am to have Him in my life,
this Jesus, who is my Saviour!

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Beyond the Shame

A voice, a vision, a spark, a flame
now its time to look beyond the blame

I've opened the door and faith stepped in
Finally I'm ready for my life to begin

Not how it was or how I thought it should be
But with my past and my future merged authentically

Beyond the silence, the shame, the fear
I've grown through the pain that has brought me here

I'm learning to live
with both laughter and tears,
an to trust myself
as well as my peers

learning to feel,
to love, to guide
I know I'm a little damaged
and now have no reason to hide
although I still strugle
daily to survive,
I'm finally glad 
to be alive.

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I Wonder

Yellow dandelions blowing in the wind 
As the flowing white puff balls float above me
I don't know whats coming 
I watch a dove fly past the Spring time sky 
I look up one last time 
The sun blinds me 
As I put my sunglasses over my bangs
I see a Range Rover over the mountain
I wonder again as I try to stand clear
If  I want what I want to find true love
As my flip flops go flip flop
I wonder again.......
Will I ever find true love
The questions come to me often
Will I ever find true love?

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I Thought

I thought I was done crying for you,
But it turns out I’m still not through.
I can still feel your hand in mine,
And I can picture how your eyes shine.
I can feel the pressure of your arms around me,
I can still distinctly recall that feeling of electricity.
I just can’t let you go right now,
I should, I just don’t know how.
I’m supposed to better with you gone,
But my heart just isn’t quite done.
The thoughts run through my mind,
Over and over again, all the time.
I’m well aware that I can’t let you go,
I just really need you to know.
I thought I was done thinking about you,
But my thoughts always turn towards you.
I can feel your skin beneath my lips,
And I can picture your hands on my hips.
I can feel your presence when you aren’t here,
I can still recall your breath on my ear.

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You’re such a great person but I accuse you of everything when
you do your best to please me
You’re the perfect person and in return I give you a million reasons
to leave me

But you don’t, you stay right by my side through all the good
times and bad  
Even when I’m sad you give me the perfect reason to be

I had the chance to let go pains but I couldn’t let you
I couldn’t give you my heart, I just couldn’t let you

I couldn’t love someone who loves me I had to endure 
I didn’t want anyone to be there to hold me tight like
you did in the rain

I couldn’t kiss you passionately because I had no feelings
for someone as perfect as you
I couldn’t let my heart be at ease because I’d probably hurt
a person as perfect as you

I did hurt you by pushing you so very far away and today
I wish you could hear my cry every-time I said your name

Now your gone and how I wish you would come back and
forgive me
I’ve matured over the years, got hurt again and I’m tired of
the same scene 

I want to relive those helpless nights you held me in your 
arms and said “IT’S OK!”
I want you to hold me tight in the sun shine and on my cloudy

Please! Come back to me love I’m begging you to
Loud and clear the “chance to let go pains” was there but I was death 
and the only thing I heard was a whisper


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            you               are
        my one        and only
    you make my heart smile
         give my spirit song
              I will always
                love only

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keeping good in

so sure to intice my soul 
delight my 
life and make it 
whole, in control 
of all beautiful things 
and promises upload, 
so destin to recieve 
and belive my love,which 
was like an hour glass 
never gone, she 
wore blue and red and never 
a fled sexual flings encounters 
in beds,never upset 
always ready to live to the 
extremity so calm until she 
gone off a drank with me,
I would never fall away from trust a must 
to compromise trust 
emburst into smiles and hugs always 
there to cherrish me the one i love

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love part 2

baby i can't see with out you
people ask whats wrong, do you have the flu
i tell them noway  just blue,
from missing you.
they ask ,what can they do 
i tell  them to bring me a picture of you
that what  they  can do
what time do wie get off
 do you have a clue
i love her more than you ever know,
before we  go, just wanted 
you guys know, i do so

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I loved you… even at times when I couldn’t think about 
loving myself
had thoughts about the worst, but the worst was love

I mean… I did everything to make you happy and maybe
Everything to make you sad but I still loved you
I opened my heart and welcomed 
you thru

You were… not the apple in my eye but the reason I was living
and is the reason I’m dying
and also the reason I was always crying, lying, denying, 
and whining 


I don’t understand why I still love you I mean you
broke my heart
maybe the end started the beginning and the beginning never had
a start

Maybe the grass is greener on the other side of the mountain or
maybe there is none
Or maybe to you love is and will always 
Be just for fun


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Story of a girl continued AGAIN

Don’t ever give up
If u still wanna try...
Don’t wipe your eyes
If u still wanna cry...
Don’t stop asking questions
If u still wanna know “why”
...don't say you don't love him…
If you can’t let him go
Because it’s gonna take some time…
Never Try To Hold On To Something
That Is No Longer there…
It will Just Hurt You Even More...
And sometimes…
Holding on hurts worse then letting go…
Heartbreaks are only for the proof of having a heart…
It may be broken…
But it still continues to beat…
When love is gone
And it seems like
There’s no arms to run to anymore.
She feels all alone
And like there's no one for her to live for.
She doesn’t know how to
Let go of the things she’s always clung to…
He was supposed to be there for her.
To fight back her fears
And wash away all her tears.
But that doesn't matter anymore.
Because after time his words sank in…
And there’s no changing what’s already been…
She closes her eyes…
And whispers to herself…
“I don’t wanna say that I still love you… It hurts me everyday thinking about who 
you are kissing now…
But I’m not gonna lie… I’ve begin to let you go with every tear I cry…
In some time, I too, will be able to say ‘Goodbye’”
She needed someone
No one was there...
She asked for help
No one answered...
She begged for forgiveness
No one cared...
She screamed for attention
No one took notice...
She cried for you
No one dried her tears...
So she’s come to realize…
Real eyes
Real lies…
And a million words wouldn’t bring you back
She knows because she’s tried…
And neither would a million tears
She knows because she’s cried…
Her strength from enduring all the pain he caused is beginning to surface
She’s starting to realize she doesn’t deserve this…
So she whispers into the wind
“Someday he will be sorry
Someday when he is free
Memories will remind him of what we used to be…
And how no one can hold him like me…”
You only realize
How much you love someone
When they're gone…
Hearts are often broken
By words unspoken
Every thing happens for a reason.


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andre is some one that is so full of love and that came in like a earthquake within

my soul and stole my wounded heart with a touch and showed my his way of love

and how he was already loving me for me even through within  my mind i had so 

many doubts about him and why i felt he was in a relationship with me until 

some one from above came down and helped to realize that this time ive found a 

real intelligent man that to love me and to give him a chance to make it 


andre is some one i can say that im proud of and how i gave our love a chance to 

even grow the way it did.

andre is the person that turned my heart from upside down to right side up with 

his faith , and courage of still being with me from all the doubts of me fearing that 

my heart may have got /getting broken.

andre has shown me that i dont have a reason to get scared with him because 

he has the real way of loving me and that is very powerful with the heavenly father,

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Samantha`s song

The lyrics roll off her tongue, the meaning is heard is felt from R & B to the 
sweet soul of an Oldie, even the loud hard rock songs she hits every note, 
  like a play are a lip singing Deva she puts on a great show, she sings it with 
emotion, with passion she sings it as if it was Samantha`s song  
   A sudden stop, her little face blushes for out the corner of her eye she seen  
daddy's been watching " what" she ask`s "nothing" as I clear my throat.
I seen beauty when she was born, I fill the love from a daughter to a father  when 
she smiles at me , it makes me forget all that is wrong.
   A child so much her mom so full of love trust of beauty a child that reminds me 
of some one up above her confidence, the way she`s like no other,
   I see my eyes my face I even see the grin I gave as a child in old pictures, but 
she`s more out going, undefined, she knows she belongs,
she sings songs of believing, meaning, songs of love, she sings songs from the 
radio, from movies she even sings duets with her brother,
Listing to music I remember when she sang this song, are that song I remember 
when she sang kariokie after the first one she wanted to sing all night long.
  They tell me in her teen years it will all change that I will be dad not daddy that 
her smile will turn to a frown that she`s going to rock my world,
  I tell them that's not true, and I may be blind to it but when things go wrong she 
lifts me up in my head her music plays on,
  I think of a time when she was a little baby, I held her in my arms we danced 
and I sang to her, the song was and always will be My Girl,
     That's Samantha`s song.

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The power within

A morning kiss touches my cheeks
So sweet and kind that no one can resist
It’s a lovely gesture, a beautiful touch 
And I would cherish it.

Beyond this reach that comes to fore
May unfold its innermost call
That’s pretty sure “I love you”
And I swear without fear or shame.

Count on me dear me!
It’s etched deep down the core
And its desire for a committed search
can mirror the eyes of my faith.

I may continue moving like a boat
It follows the blow of the wind
My heart that never stops like this 
refuses not to tell, the beauty and truth of myself.

Words chosen from poets and prophets
Are assertions that likewise cling to mine,
More poignant and universally felt
This avowed experience of love in me.

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I am like a little girl, stuck in a young womans body
shy, doesn't talk much 
Just very quiet, sincere about myself
Deep within me the little girl is tryng to break free
So hard she tries, and then finally at last she is free
"I'm free, I'm free", she said.
But how long will it last, the freedom that she has so desired.
She wants to be free forever; she doesn't want  to be locked up in anything or 
anyone the rest of her life.
She wants life and a way to belong to somebody, somebody to love her and love 
her until she can't love another
She will never be locked up again, never in her life
She will be cared for and loved 
She is free, she if free

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How can we tell when our loved ones is in pain? What do we look for in times of 
their need?I ask my self time and time again and what could I have done 
different. I also ask my self why does someone end their life in such a short time. 
Was the pain so real that they went away. What was it that they  were trying to 
gain or trying to say. Was I so blind to see for myself. Why do they leave us and 
not want to stay. Were they hurting so deep down inside .Or did they look up to 
God or felt to lonley to pray. When you lose a loved one in such a tragic way. Do 
you blame yourself and ask God to bring them back because you did not want 
them to leave and wished they could of stayed. Do you feel like you wish you 
could  turn back the clock .And plead with God  and say why is my loved one gone 
please bring them back today so you can spend a different moment with them 
and  tell them you love them and not brush them off and not be in a hurry 
because you have too many things to do and why not treat that special time with 
pleasure letting them know With love, caring and concern, reach out your hand 
do not look at them with displeasure instead replace it with a smile on your face 
and a special glow. When they look in your eyes they will see pleasure and they 
will know when you say I love you and I want to enjoy  the special moments you 
have with them for someday when it is our calling when we are all old and gray 
they would not take their own life they would die when God calls them in his time 
so when their life here on earth is  ending it  would end a more natural way. 
Please take this moment in time and when your loved one is hurting don't look 
the other way tell them that they are ok. Then love with all your heart spend more 
time to listen when they are hurting so deep down inside. Don't think the pain 
they are having  will go away for they are trying to tell so something. Dont look the 
other way. Open up your heart and believe what I am saying for this is true. For I 
have lost a loved one and have not taking the time to read the signs. 

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Picture Perfect

                                    I look at her, and I think, 
                              Could she be anymore perfect?
                      Though not everyone may agree, but still                                          
                    I believe that only she could make me happy,
                  despite all my imperfections and insecurity, and
                  so for this reason, and many more, I do not care
                  for what they say, because they can’t understand
                  the way I feel when she’s holding me, when she  
               chooses me above all others to be with, as if it’s a 
           perfectly natural, normal thing, and though she hates
           being photographed, she’ll do it for me, and she will
           try to scowl but I can always make her smile, and it’s
          always worth my while,           for         now I can paint
              her with       my words,                     her beauty    a
                   poem          for the                       world to    read 
                    and in            my                                           heart,
                   I know                                                              that
                  I will                                                                  for                    
               always                                                                stay                 
                 this   way,                      devoted                      and 
                 deluded,                               but                       if
                     that’s  the          life                         I    choose
                      then      why        should they stand    in
                        my           way?             I can           feel
                       just         how   I                            like,
                    and            if           it                     all     ends
                      in         tears,              so what?            For
                   still          I                                               will 
                                have                                             had
                             an amazing                                       time.

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Her Lips

                        sensible in creamy red,
               longing and waiting for someone
       to give sensual, loving kiss - ultimate pride 
               and joy of being her lips, only for
                        the one she truly loves!

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Our Hearts

                                      On                 And, 
                               This                             Will
                            Blank                               Build
                            Page                                 Lives
                              Is                                     Thru
                                Two                             The
                                    Hearts,              Power
                                           In               Of

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Story of a girl Continued

You know what they say…
A girl that laughs a lot and
Cries a lot
Is standing on the line
Giving up
And seeing
How much more she can take…
But soon enough she’ll
Finally give up
She’ll drop the fake smile
As a tear runs down her cheek
She whispers to herself
"I can't do this anymore"
She feels all the pain…
She had it stuffed down
And now
It’s back again…
And she lies there in bed all alone
She can't move but
She feels tomorrow will be “okay.”
Fed up.
Being hurt is overrated.
She’s sick & tired of being hated.
The reasons just continue to be lame.
It's like she’s a pawn in this childish game.
In and out of friendship cliques.
Girls become ruthless…
& guys become heartless…
It's getting old
& she can't take much more.
Everything has turned into trying to score.
Sooner or later it'll all die down.
But by that time she won’t be around.
She’s running from this
Running away.
She feels that there is no reason she should have to stay.
Childish games are not her deal.
She’s losing all emotion
She’s starting not to feel…
I just wish you new all the tears she cried for you
And how you killed her
But you'll never know
Because then you'd know she cared for you
And you don’t even deserve that…
She fell for you
But you didn't catch.
Now she’s lying on this cold hard floor
And she doesn’t know what to do…
Because he won’t hold her hand anymore…
Isn’t it amazing how someone can shatter your heart into
A million
And yet you can still love them with
Every   little   piece….

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                  love                         werid
        is just one word        yet it causes fuss
    how to describe love    werid i think descibe
  how you must feel in side when you know love
 love is one of life very complicated issues like
  the rest of the emotion themselves.   But the
   thing I am  want to know is why do people, 
     look so hard to find this rare feeling for 
       for others when there are defiently is
         more emotions  that  can be much
           easier to find  rather    than   the 
             unpredictable   love that can
               causes    much  hurt  that 
                 breaks the   protected
                    heart      into    two
                       i dont think you
                          can choose 
                            who you

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She Put Him There

                                 She awakened early this morning
                                 As the sun still had not recovered
                                                From the day prior
                                                 Through the dark
                                                  She felt her way
                                                To her destination
                                                It was warm there
                                               There were smells
                                              There was a sense
                                                Of security, comfort
                                             She felt assured and
                                             Reached through the
                                           Darkness for that which
                                         She wanted and so needed
                                        It was him, the man upon her

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Tree Of Peace

                                                            will come,
                                                           God is real,
                                                         He created us,
                                                      He created Heaven,
                                                     He knows our hearts,
                                                  Jesus Christ, His only son,
                                                was crucified , and died for us,
                                         Christmas is the celebration of His life
                                      celebrated with gifts, lights, and love to all

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Story of a girl

As we grow up
We learn that even the 1 person that wasn’t supposed to ever let us down 
probably will
You will have your heart broken more than once
And it’s harder every time
You’ll break hearts to…
So remember how it felt when yours was broken
You’ll fight with your best friend
You’ll blame a new love for the things an old one did
You’ll cry because time is passing to fast
You’ll eventually lose someone you love
So take many pictures
 laugh too much
love like you’ve never been hurt because…
Every 60 seconds you spend upset
Is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back
Find a person who calls you beautiful instead of hot
Who calls you back when you hang up on them.
Who will stay awake just to watch you sleep
Wait for the person who kisses your forehead
Who wants too show you off to the world when you’re in your sweatpants
Who holds your hand in front of their friends.
Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of how much they care about you
And how lucky they are too have you…
If you find a path without any obstacles
It’s probably not leading anywhere...
Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take
But by the moments that take your breath away
We are the unheard voice
So here’s a piece of advice…
Let go when you’re hurting too much
Give up when love isn’t enough…
And move on when things are not like before…
For surely there is someone out there
Who will love you even more…
After all…
Nothing’s more painful 
then realizing 
he meant
To you…
But you meant
To him.

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hanging on

While I seek for love,
My heart becomes pure,
I want to be pampered,
For all I need is that cure.
My mind is set for reaching my goal,
I have to find my prince,
The one who can capture my soul.
As I look around I tend to find my shadow,
Trying to follow the right steps,
For all I feel in me is hollow.
While I step closer to the light,
My stomach begins to feel queasy,
I reached my goal,
But it sure wasn't easy.
While someone new is now in m y arms,
I feel complete,
Never wanting to depart,
For it was us who had to meet.

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Life without you

Life without you is hell
 I never should touch your  
 I fell
In Love like attach
Even though you already had match

I wasn’t ready to give you watch you wanted
And  all other women was around and they flaunted

You had No trust in me
I had a desire for you but it 
Can not be
Because you  bonded in holy match monies

Written TarusTaggart

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My Choice

Afraid to speak, Afraid to see
Hands together yet so far apart
Heart pounding like a waterfall
The sun rises but it is still dark
Fear of love
Fear of flight
Fear of everything that comes in the night ,
The essence of the night is stinging in my mind
They come for me , but i revolt them
Do not pitty me
For it is what I choose
I have a free will and this is what i choose
I choose to be let alone
So let me be for this is what i choose.

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just me and you

As the street lights glared into my bedroom window
I think of you and wondering if you know
That I want you in the worst way
And I am anxiously waiting for that day
I have the heart to tell you
Because every time I see you
My intimitdated heart shines through
I cannot hide my true feelings away from you
I feel like you are all I need
But I am afraid to wear my emotions on my sleeve.
But I know how I feel I just wish you could understand
I want you in the worst way I want you to be my man.

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                                             Perchance that we may one day see
                                              What might have been, may just be
                                               And if then we could therefore say
                                                    We’d love forever and a day
                                                                  Two hearts
                                                                   So meant
                                                                    For love
                                                                    Set free
                                                                    Mine for
                                                                    You and

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Don't ever forget

Don't ever forget about me
Don't ever forget that I'm here 
Don't ever forget my love for you
Don'tever forget that I love you
It's been a while since I've seen you
But don't worry I'm still true
I would climb the highest mountain 
and I would swim the deepest sea
Just to keep you from any pain
And to make sure that you're happy
I miss your love and tenderness
I miss your touch and your sweetness
I would do anything for you
And all I want to do is love you
So don't you forget about me
don't ever forget That I'm here
I'll never put anyone above
don't ever forget about our love

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The Cross

                                          Crucified    Jesus    Arose    

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My sister`s kids

Their little faces remind me of there mother when she was a little girl the 
innocents in their eyes, their little grin as if they were up to some thing, and the 
way they act from the oldest to the youngest I see her,
 In Dannay I see the girl my sister could of been some one who is open to 
learning , ready to help when needed, who see`s the person she wants to be 
and watches over the ones that are younger.
 In Toni I see a smile that hides, I see the gleam in her eyes and the love that's 
tucked deep down in side a girl who wants to be free,
 In Ronnie I see my sister when she was nine, a tom boy with a smile of  a little 
girl some one who will grow to be all she can be,
  In Joseph I see the boy my sister always wanted a charmer, a kid who lights up 
the room and who can mess it just as fast,
   with all of them I have a blast. 
My sister was given every thing even these beautiful kids and like her life she 
never appreciated what she had,
  Now her kids live in my home given love, respect, and the care they were never 
given for my sister I fill sad,
  her kids are of wonder, they are fun, they are different from one another yet they 
are the same,
  kids who just want a chance to be, kids who want to love to receive love and be 
happy there life's before me was a shame,
  my sisters kids are given a chance to be, how they take is up to them, before 
them is a new beginning behind them is a life they did n`t deserve my sisters 
kids were always in my heart,
  my sisters kids now have a better start.