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Cinquain Love Poems | Cinquain Poems About Love

These Cinquain Love poems are examples of Cinquain poems about Love. These are the best examples of Cinquain Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Tell Me

                          Tell me
            Whispering softly to me low
              Secrets meant just for us
                      I melt and say
                         I’m yours

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans

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He left
That night locking
Her away with a kiss;
Her soul captured by his spirit,
She stayed.

She waits -
For the spirit
To light her pitch-black days;
To breathe into her missing nights;
She’s still.


Traditional style cinquain: syllable count: 2/4/6/8/2
for the Cinquain Contest of Dr.Ram Mehta (theme: Longing)

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Sweet Music

                                  He sits
                          Softly Humming 
                 And seems to have no cares,
               Playing peacefully with his toys
                               For hours.

                                He sings
         Words that seem to stem from his heart.
                 Words that have no meaning,
                         Yet sweet they be;
                                  To me.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

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Foreplay melodic love her bangles' symphony sleepless night's moonlight sonata prelude © 2011 kashinath karmakar ========================= Placement:3rd; (September 2011) By:kashinath karmakar Contest:Melody of Cinquain Sponsor:Nette Onclaud

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Loves End

              Every ounce of love you give me
                   Knowing it shall soon end
                          Shall it last me
                             No chance

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans

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Longing What Was

Us Two Peas Talking, Hearing, Touching Love exemplified, Union personified. We Singular Empty Pod Silent, Deaf, Abandoned Trust betrayed, Marriage broken Alone 24~12~2014 Maurice Yvone Sponsor: Dr.Ram Mehta Contest Name: Cinquain Theme: LONGING  

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Man's other half
Sharing to build a life
Love and patience is in your blood

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Immortal love
Tranquility for us
Our life everlasting thereof

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So warm,
this knitted scarf:
a treasure beyond worth,
that hides within each woven stitch
her heart.

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Jesus Savior (Cinquain)

Precious Savior
Forgiving mankind sins
Transcending man’s earthly bounds

© Joseph, 8/19/07
© All Rights Reserved

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Her smile –
a simple thing,
but in the snow reflects
through winter's cold, the gentleness
of love.

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                                         Loyal, brave 
                                Loving, Playing, Gaurding 
                                      Best friend of man

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A kiss of winter

tis cold   		                                                                                              this night so love   			                                                                     clear starry sky behold               		                                                           rainbow around moon above                                                                                         so bold                              							                                                                                                                   the walk                   			                                                                           in snow tis bright                                                                                                  no path not yet we talk                                                                                           frosty vapors intwine in flight                                                                                        then caught      -                                                                                                                          the fire 	 		                                                                                       from hill come sleighs  		                                                                      children bound to conspire             			                                                  the mood now dire first kiss to weigh 		                                                        transpires

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Love! An emotion That affects all With pure joyful bliss Love!
modern cinquain

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A cinquain for someone special

Sweetness in your brown eyes
Interior decorator
Of love.

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Wanting you
Passion, intensity, touch
Heart pounding, pleasure, erotic

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Love is a passionate feeling,
Which comes with a special healing,
If this feeling is true,you will see that sparkle in your loved ones eyes,
And it will be you against the world,
You against all odds.

Love is like the sun,
Shinning in a sunless garden,
Which makes dead  flowers blossom,
It is like a campfire,at first a pretty flame,
Then becomes hot and fierce,but still light and flickering.

Love is like a tragedy,
Unavoidable,a lot of tears shed,
Since the pain pierces the heart,
To an unknown depth,
Leading  the soul to bleed.

If music could be the food of love,
I would let it play on,
Letting its soothing traits relax my troubled heart,
My soul dance to its tune,
And sing like nobody's listening.

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                                      Unique, Frozen
                                Falling, drifting, Shoveling
                              Catching one on your tongue

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True Love

True Love! Such a rare find For a fortunate few A genuine priceless treasure True Love!

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                                       Kind, Helpful
                              A special person in are lives
                                        Mothers Day

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Dreams 'Modern Cinquain'

Seem real
People we see
Gone but not forgotten

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To One I Love

behind the veil
still waiting to be seen
glimpses of beauty reserved for
one ... me

This poem is dedicated to a very special lady who was reentered my life.  Thank you for allowing me to see all your beauty again.

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Love Affair

Love found
Skin upon skin
Can take your breath away
You become one with another

©Holly P. Moore
   October 2012

"Any Five Lines" Contest

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I'm yours

In words                                                                                                                  with this the kiss                                                                                                    Indeed soft ears if heard                                                                                                  Whisper to my paused heart the bliss                                                                              The wish                                                                                                       *     *                                                                                   - a Crapsey's cinquain

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God's Grace

God's grace Marvelous grace grace deeper than all sin God's grace, pardons, cleanses within Jesus
Inspired by PD's contest Written May 7, 2013 Traditional Cinquain Credit to: "Grace, Grace, God's Grace" An old hymn.. Can accessed by typing in the title and type in YouTube

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Break Up

relationship falters
bond of love overcome by doubt
break up

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Beauty so angelic, glows on your sleeping face, tempts me to touch and caress its splendour. Divine smile lights it up, as my fingertips play with your sleeping beauty which seems God like.
© kashinath karmakar By:kashinath karmakar (14th April 2011) ============================ Placement:7th ;(April 2011) Contest:Traditional Cinquain Contest Sponsor:Catie Lindsey ============================ Placement:3rd ;(June 2011) Contest:Any poem of 2011 Sponsor:Brian Strand ============================

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Logic vs Emotion 2

and emotion
coexist but conflict
heart and mind struggle to decide
who wins

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The Mister

from A, it goes to S,
the alphabet between are far, it cannot attached,
it is hard to compared,
but in time I do learn,
that my gentleman,
that my very nice man,
that my man,
are far too hold,
but in time,
i put believes,
that from A, 
i hope to reach S,
that if S is the mister,
please tell me.

he is this number one dream man,
and one of a kind,
but i am not a woman,
that can fit him,
even i pray too hard,
even i changed too much,
because he is the first capital,
that i cannot to be flirt with
as my sin is mine, and he hold his.

he is someone that just too sweet,
in his own way that i never thought i can be attracted with,
but i think he might be him, 
even there is one or two differences,
as long my belief is the same,
that religions can bring us together
i put 75% to trust on him

but those feelings are the great emotions,
that one day i am afraid that i would regret,
or should i wait for a little time?
that God might pity on me,
for until now i keep pushing away,
the diamonds that i thought is a jade,
where i need to put my yin and yang and the forecast,
seal it tight with my hopes
and put away my doubt.

and the Mister,
i can only choose one,
for I hope you can be the one,
either you are the A, or you are my Mr.S,
please don't make me wait
because the last thing i would never regret to do,
is to choose between two,
until in the end,
it never be any of you.

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Beautiful, smart
Caring, hugging, kissing
You meant so and so much

Warm, sweat
Interesting, binding, destroying
What a powerful it is!

Cool, big
Destroying, carrying, taking
Everything and anybody can not face its impact

(Do you think this is a perfect example of cinquain poem)

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Feeling Naughty

from heel
to stocking top
pencil line ... straight, narrow
slowly follow the path upward

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Longing Murky, Dreary Missing, Dreaming, Hoping I pine for you, Love Love Dear, True Calling, Waiting, Crying Where are you? Sweetheart
De. 18,2014 7.20pm - a try of cinquain poem.

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Forget not, the time long before now
The chats laughs and so much more
What it came with, of course, not pain
Shall we let now, the memories fade away
And the beauty of all those time, vanish
Leaving only pieces like a broken pot?

Do not forget how much water it had held
Nor the quantity it fetched to quench our thirsts
When all we needed in life depended on it
Let’s not push it aside for any reason
Nor leave it just outside in the heat
But mend the cracks, while we still can

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My love,
with your beauty
and your mystical thoughts,
you touched my face with your soft hand,
I fell.

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For Every Kiss

I swell
Like a balloon
with much joyous feelings
until no control and i kiss
her lips

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Cinquain Three

softly lingers
as she wonders
will this love last

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Desire rises
Bloodfire between partners
He and she in a warm whirlwind,

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                                         Chewy, Yummy
                                   Eating, Buying, Enjoying 
                                       I love eating lollies

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Traditional Cinquain One

little nightie
hiding special places
revealed within his desire

Non traditional subject written in traditional Cinquain form

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Love's Grip

The she,
A distant love,
Two lives that became one,
Heart broken, but feelings linger,
The he.

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To Love

To love
One lets the heart
See what the mind cannot
Perceive nor ever understand:

Cynthia Buhain Baello
March 4, 2008

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music instigator of love and vehemence can start an inferno within accord

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art lies in views.
angry lies in matter.
patience lies in control.
peace lies in mind.
affection lies in heart.
beauty lies in character.
ugly lies in attitude.
world lies in space.
stars lies in galaxy.
more than this all,

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His words

           His words
     zepherean, serene
Penatrating, calming, tickling
   My ears and my heart

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overwhelming, relentless
remembering, reliving, yearning
I am lost and alone


to be with you
in a tent or castle
to hear your voice and see your face

For Dr. Rams contest.

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BROTHERLY LOVE part 2 to Cuchalainn's Crossing

                                      BROTHERLY LOVE

                                     Blooded by my
                                     Jealous rage --gone dead wrong
                                     Betrayal won—Killed my mind and

This is PART TWO
PART ONE:  Cuchalainn's Crossing

Victoria Anderson-Throop

Based on the unbearably sad Celtic story of Cuchaliann and his foster brother and best friend Ferdiad. Tricked by a woman, to fight each other to the death, Cuchalainn killed his brother--then carried him--cradled in his arms-- miles home. (see photo in Wiki)

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                        fond, urgent
               yearning, pining, craving
                    a hunger for love

                    hopeful, expectant 
             hankering, wishing, wanting
             longing for passion’s ardency

                    Contest: Cinquain
                    Sponsor: Dr. Ram

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The Whole Picture

I wish
I could just walk
Right beside you through life
And the beyond, vast land that knows
No end.

Through the valleys
And the hills, the rivers
And the plains, not letting go of
Your hand.

That when two see
As one, the picture seen
Is much wider, therefore carries
Great hope.

Your view
Added to mine
My view added to yours
Has the scope of eternity
Signed in.

For love
Has the power
To unite two in one
And complete becomes understood

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 10.31.10

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heart break

heart break
hands wrung red,    raw
cancerous lips, chewed sore
nails ripped from their beds bleeding, worn

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A Black Woman's Love

Hear the loud deafening cries of a black woman
A woman once silenced by pain unknown to every man
I was stuck in a human’s field yielding contaminated crop and weeds
Weeds from a seed fertile with deception and greed
Planted by his divided heart of more want than need
I loved him with every fibre, muscle and bone cartilage
But even that could not save me from this fatal carnage
I was caught in the eye of a storm of love
A love never meant to be yet fit so perfectly like a glove
My soul took it all in with no inhibitions or measures
The promises turned to lies of mere guilty pleasures
I experienced the agony of watching a lover love another
My voiceless heart shattered in agony like no other
But I stood still in the midst of rolling sea billows
Now I have become renewed like freshly growing willows
I’ve silenced my cry and my tears have run dry
Although my love for him may never die,
I can move on and still try
Knowing inside that a black woman’s love,
Though sometimes it may hurt and cry,
Like deep blue running waters, it will never run dry…

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Wanted needed
A gift shared
Joy you feel wanted

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Crescendo of Love poem2

                                        aching, longing
                                   sacred romance kindled
                            l yrical expression heart’s journey

 Written by: Lori Marie McClure      9/9/11
  For Nette Oclaud's contest: Melody of Cinquain

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Soul Mates

Soul Mates

are meant to be

magnetic attraction,

burning desire with passion,


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Cinquain as it is today

means nothing
without you here 
my life is finished

"Special thanks" to Sima Mittal for defining Cinquain
Line 1 has one word (the title).
Line 2 has two words that describe the title. 
Line 3 has three words that tell the action.
Line 4 has four words that express the feeling.
Line 5 has one word which recalls the title.

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Soul Mate

Who would ever thought it would happen

In a week you became an attachment

A whirlwind of romance and passion

Two souls together in an instant attraction

Now are life long companions

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Heart Stops

Heart stops Tick Tock, Tick.....Tock I hold my breath and wait But you refuse to catch my eye Heart breaks.

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Peek through tall trees
Soft gem lights touch me now
Far where you are,  they touch you too
Love sent.

All Rights Reserved ~~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~03.29.14

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Love Renewed

With every breathe I take
With every step I make
With every beat of my heart
Even in times when we are apart
My love for you is renewed

As fresh as the morning dew
In every sunrise made anew
With every sad tear that falls
Whenever your deep voice calls
My love for you is renewed

In times of famine and war
Even when it all seems to be going wrong
With every sweet uttered word
And even in a separated world
My love for you is renewed

With every moment of laughter shared
With every gentle affection displayed
Even when I say I cant no more
No matter what we are fighting for
My love for you is renewed

With every Mount Everest we climb
With every secret valleys that bind
With every thunder rumbling
With every rose petal crumbling
My love for you is renewed

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My heart His hands

My heart
now his... lain
atop his chest
rhythmically beats as we
take breath  
His hands
passion filled
covet my mane
blissfully, driving me


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Longing: Lust and Love

Biological imperative
Driven to reproduce
The desire to take
Spiritual connectivity
Not selfishly motivated
The desire to give

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Blossoms Upon branches Relieved from winter's frost Exclaim their joy in sweetest scents Love found. A spring In their step, hands Held together, he stops Plucks a bloom, place it in her hair, Hearts pound. Eyes locked He proposes She opens her arms, sobs And made their vows under the pink Blossoms. Cinquain suite © CarolineCécile - 03.31.12

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Coveted want
Aching, yearning, pining
Languishing desire from afar
Nervous urgence
Craving, needing, angsting
Agonizing itch left unscratched
12/21/14 Contest: Cinquain Sponsor: Dr.Ram Mehta First line: Title Word count: 1-2-3-4-1- Syllable count: 2-4-6-8-2

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Crescendo of Love poem 1

                                        aching, longing
                                   sacred romance kindled
                            l yrical expression heart’s journey

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Broken hearted
Abused, beaten, bruised
Aching, hurting, wanting,needing

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You, Me, and the whole world

Wake up
Open your eyes
Tomorrow has arrived
And the sun has risen again
On you
On me
On the whole world
What you think when you wake
Could set the tone for the whole day
On you
On me
On the whole world
A word of love uttered
Affects the outcome of the day
On you
On me
On the whole world
A word that hurts alters
The future, beginning today
On you
On me
On the whole world
Before the end of day
Make peace to rest, improve the fate
On you
On me
On the whole world
Today bury your pain
Let your love fly and know that I
Love you.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 07.30.10

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softly playing

Softly The music plays Inside the heart that beats With the wish to excercise in Giving. Not once But with each beat Given to us to love For this is the true nature of Our God.

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So strong
As strong as steel
For you

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Passion Consumed

Passion consumed
Without concern again
Reveals very saucy nature

© 2014 CM Davidson

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The Gift: Visual Three

The rainbow’s hues.
Two souls in balance swim
To drive the spiral round and in
This love.

Form: Cinquain in Iambic meter
Contest: An American Beauty: Write like Adelaide
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich

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Hand in hand
Sun, sand and sea
With you

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Windy Cinquan

This new cinquain
Something I really love
Words on a page can bring great peace

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Oceans dry up
Like my heart for you

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My child, My pride

This child In whom I pride Born of my flesh and blood Taken from me on a cold night, My cries And I Time after time Look high and low, tireless As I sense, yet see not where you hide, Sent spies At night To roam the skies And throw my shooting stars That you can see my Light conquers The night And I Have heard your cries Keep your eyes on lightbeams A force that will turn you alight And I Will find You, and you, I Tied together as one Melting all fears and tears; in you I pride. © March 2012

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PASSION - Cinquain

never awaits
upon untrue intent;
she only endures hard-bitten
texts learned.

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The Seal - Visual 4

The seal
A kiss							
To seal the night,					
To soak the heart and soul						 
Alight with shining thoughts that form		
Our love				


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he is music,music is him

Confidence,a radiant aura that defines him 
Even whilst holding dear Jes playing a tune on a whim 
It exudes and transcends his playing flaws until- 
All you can hear turns symphonic like Beethoven 
And his candidness,with each string,becomes proven 

Laudable,is his love and passion for music 
A true love of a jealous kind covering up like a tunic 
Rare as a four leaf clover,a gift from God that makes- 
The sound of his voice melt any frozen heart 
And bring harmony and laughter to a world torn apart 

Illustrious,like the great Achilles born to Thetis and Peleus 
His percussive skills reflect the nature of his muse 
Bringing unique blends of sound to greats like Hamilton- 
Even Lira and Victor can testify to his idiosyncrasy 
That which makes his sound distinguished and classy 

Fastidious,a trait that echoes in his work and mannerism 
'By the blood' is evidently a show of this perfectionism 
Though he carries his talent in a humble manner- 
He expresses himself with great felicity 
Not forgetting that grand touch of simplicity 

Fearless,he valiantly navigates his gift in a foreign land 
Grabbing opportunities whilst gaining the upper hand 
Though fearsome he may be when faced with commitment- 
Love abides in him,he strives to achieve the dream 
Knowing within that he is music,and music is him... 

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resting place

family gather around

many bitter sweet memories


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Tell me true

Tell me
Where to find you
You whom I belong to
Would the bright star at night show him
t'Is I?

Tell me
Are you searching
Watching the skies like I
Would he know it when he sees me
Would I?

Tell me
Does he listen
To the wind, and the birds
That in their whistle, a note tells
Could I?

Tell me
Would I know too
Would my eyes recognize 
When they meet yours, why do I ask
Can't I?

Tell me
Please tell me true
I'll make myself ready
And I will know, and he will know
t'Is I.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 07.15.11

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Goodnight Soupers

Music from her bangles, sleepless night now waiting, another moonlight sonata, goodnight. ===================== By:kashinath karmakar NOT FOR CONTEST

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First Kiss - Visual 4

                           This night-
                      Will always shine,
               Far grander than the sheen, 
   Charmed from the street by your green eyes... 
                            My love.

 An American Beauty: Write Like Adelaide Contest
                           11 Jan 2015

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Eyes On Me???

Eyes on me,
People watching,
In my direction?
Can't they look somewhere else?

Feeling uneasy,
Discomfart rises, too.
Afraid to mess up,
Afraid to fail.

Eyes are on me.
I feel pale.
I freeze.

I don't want
The attention.

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grows so deeply
Rooted love is entwined
Planted are the seeds of soul mate's

for "Traditional Cinquain Contest"
sponsored by catie Lindsey

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How true is the saying that youth is eternal and glorious only for some,
when hearts are free of worries, they know nothing of human pain;
fantasy suddenly begins and dusk that brings night delays to come...
and as wild and incredible it might seem, it always recalls home!
Youth must be lived, not wasted, but be reveled in happy refrain.

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Things Worthwhile

The larks
Sing in the tree
And wake me with the morn
To start my day with their sweet song
A plea.
To find
The sweeter things
That make special each day
To help me keep a smile all day

Spring blooms
Give me their scent
To breathe sweet atmosphere
And walk my steps with an upbeat
A blend
To taste
The finer things 
That bring the heart a rise
And make life so very worthwhile

Your eyes
Their life a gift
That stays with me all day
Their speech filled love that need no say
A lift
To spring
My spirits up
When clouds darkens the day
And help me brave the storms unscathed

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 05.14.10

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Her love
quite deceitful
in a grand theatric
she performs an illusion of

a key
holds my heart safe
in pain, bandaged and bruised
of past broken remnants, I close,

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Sam - Cinquaino chain

Loyal Best friend always ready to help Thru difficult journey You're so sweet my Best friend So brave Strong and watching my back all time You're so beautiful you Saved my life, see Better Without You I'd have never made it thru Gave me hope when mine was lost Yore so kind my Sweet Sam! Dorian Petersen Potter Aka ladydp2000 Copyright@2014 September.1025.2014

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Just breathe,
He's not worth your tears.
He took your innocence, 
He broke your heart, you don't need him.
Let go.

Take a deep breathe.
Your heart will heal in time.
You deserve someone much better.
Not him.

It will hurt now;
Your heart will ache for now.
Heartbreak is such a painful thing.
Push through.

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My Mentor

Why not
Become my one
To become my mentor
I would love to learn much from your
Great heart

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Brian Strand's "YOUR CHOICE ONCE MORE" contest


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Sunshine Your Love


A sight thats so divine
So much it makes me whine
What a wonderful design
A creation concubine
Sunshine your love

Like a taste of fine wine
Hearts that intertwine
Thoughts that refine
It sends shivers down my spine
Sunshine your love

Im feeling benign
I cant wait for a sign
Of a love thats mine
An angel to enshrine
Sunshine your love

By Leonard Napierskie

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A Tower Of Mist

I could build a house brick by brick take a tower sight feel of light understand desperate 
Measure architect it foot to mount liberate it with an imprint of encaustic but still I would be

Lapittura, how hearts bond closure, I still be shackle for your love-

Managing of that of
 A sculpture intent shows with passion how have words grace my, unyielding  forwards
Name faith engage, settle willow will it take century for this mimesis to unfolded

  I just wonder what is significant value, coordinator, night, skys stars out tonight-

I counter the counted;  toll, tile center and folded marksmanship indulge 
Like the paint roll from stone and made a man I was never looking for perfection 
But as man mind is to stacker so shall the body like a spirit up lifted -

Like a hour glass I can take you from past to present, there is no beginning that did not taste the forbidden fruit-

Ground it fatigued is not a realistic that can take a sailor and throw in the towel
Maybe he gets the message like a voyage glazing shallow water behooves a deeper setting
Sail on good mate and the night may you see of kinsmanship-

Like a hour glass I can take you from past to present , there is no beginning that did not taste the forbidden fruit-

I have heard love is a battle field but on turner, the moments of glory sit fit to say you left your imprint
And yen me to question this purpose of my existing -

Hear the Hear toll to sit and to unfolder A Tower Of Mist and to say “She Knows” we have history-

Like a hour glass I can take you from past to present, there is no beginning that did not taste the forbidden fruit-
A Tower Of Mist

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Intense Love

Forever Yours
Together Within You
In Love Intensely, Completely

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The Love Race

The Love Race

A place
Where all my cares
Seem to fly out the door  
Because I can raise my voice there
My grace.

In praise
Voices blend in
Like a choral dance
Upon keys and strings upholding 
God's grace.

Heart rate
Quickened by joy
Mirrored in percussion
Encircling all present as one
Love race.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 05/31/10

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Breath Again

 trapped in a dream forever i was gone 
a mind of deception a love that was strong 

     my back against the wall with stabs to the heart 
my love, my life,,has driffted apart 

     you say you love me, i can hear the lie 
you say, you don't lie, but the angels cry 
     they cry a sunny day, cause it hurts so bad 
in this time in our life we feel so sad 

     were lost in a maze trying to find eachother 
lost like a child with no warmth of a mother 

     i wanna die cause i hate this life 
i close my eyes and fight this life 

     my world has falling and i lost a friend 
please help me god, so i can breath again 

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                   LOST SOUNDTRACKS 
                    u u u u u u u u u u u u u

soundtracks wild notes slide pounding the kiss of ice fingers drape near evening’s crepe air… fractured
all rights reserved © TO: Brian Strand—Two Thru Twelve FROM: nette onclaud

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Treasured Bounty
Angelic Alluring Innocence
Overwhelmong Selfless Love Consumes
My Child

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The Only Answer

The dawn 
is coming soon 
Why not enjoy it now 
While you have the chance 
to do so 
find love

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Love Songs

Searching higher than low for languishing love songs ears listen for the heart's desire to smile
By Rhonda Johnson Saunders Third Place in No Name/Ten Line Max Contest (Brian Strand)

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love triangle `
tears families apart
A passionate mistake leaves pain
and tears

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yule time
celebrating Jesus life
overwhelming sense of joy

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Likely to cheat
Untrustworthy at times
Hang out a lot with beer buddies
Sweet hearts

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Love and Kisses

~*~ kisses lips together foreplay of desire amorous passion of love smooches ~*~ love libido overload object of affection eclipse of the heart devotion ~*~

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It's pain, Intensified

I loved you once,
I love you still.
Always have,
Always will.

You took my heart,
And broke it to pieces.
Now all I have left,
Is pain that never seizes.

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The traditional Cinquain.
A poem, I'm sure, everyone can relate to.

Is like a knife
Opening up your heart
And causing it to hemorrhage

Can scar your soul
Leaving you defenseless
Against a world full of vicious

Is a sick joke
That is played upon you
And you never see it coming

Will drive you mad
And make you scream in pain
You will never trust anyone

Dawn D. Kilby 
Copyright ©2008  Dawn D. Kilby

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Swan Song

Lovelorn; My love, Breaking my heart, Left me forever to mourn.
Forlorn; I Lament, Singing the blues, My pining heart pleads:
Dr. Ram Mehta's "Longing" contest.

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defeats violence
every Love day
What's meant to return

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The Tongue Of Ancients

I speak
Though words are far.
In the tongue of ancients,
Here shall I abide in love.
I sing

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Nice with deadly instincts

Affection that brightens soul

CONTEST:"Cinquains" sponsored by Dr.Ram Mehta.

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The Hidden Side of Love

                    Hopeful, Hurtful
             Exposing, Hiding, Changing 
             Secrets hidden by emotion.

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God's Gift

God’s Gift

spend their whole lives
sharing themselves fully
inspiring love, as a muse…

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 19, 2010

Poetic form: Cinquain

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I love how it feels to be your Dad
Not just when you’re good but also when you’re bad.
I like the way you eat your sandwich from the center out. 
I still love you when throw your fits and sometimes pout
I even like the way you snore
I adore… your little voice.
Your successes make me rejoice.
Being with you these last few years, 
have filled my eyes with joyful tears. 
…The way your footsteps sound against the floor. 
I love… how your hair in the wind looks like silk.
…When you blow bubbles in your milk.
…When I read you hang on for every word. 
…When you pray and include every name you’ve ever heard.
 …For all of these and so much more.
I love… it when you hug my leg.
…When I say no and yet still you beg.
…That most days your favorite color isn’t red.
…The way you never seam to sleep on your bed.
Watching you grow makes my heart soar

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

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I'm Finished With You


You are to me
Your abuse is blazing
And I'm tired of your hell raising
Please stop!

Are the cruel words
That you inflict on me
Why won't you ever let me be?
Please quit!

I am to you
You love to tell me that
While in the middle of combat
Stop it!

I'm gone
And no longer
Will I let you hurt me
With a whole-hearted guarantee

Dawn D. Kilby 
Copyright ©2008  Dawn D. Kilby

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Child's shining star
Helping to fulfill dreams 
Never ending love in your heart

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The Life of Love

Where's Love?
Who is it in?
It is in all of us.
It's going to be around us

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A gift
Like a sweet kiss
Laid at my feet, upbeat 
Of the heart, joined souls, sweetest bliss
Lives on.

A song
Like a river
Flowing between canyons
Grateful for its air of moisture

A dance 
In rapid steps 
Sometimes in slow motion
Of a spirit, receiving new precepts

A love
Rose like the dawn
In a warm orange glow
Filling my life with a new song
Awed soul.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 03/29/10

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Cinquains for Her

Night dreams
bring you to me,
aglow with tenderness,
shining love beyond the borders
of time.

Your hands,
warmth covers me,
through the darkness of night,
your soul a soft blanket for mine,
I smile.

Your voice,
whispers to me
secret words to my ear,
promising what the night can bring
for us.

Your skin,
touches my own,
in a sweet heated bliss
we have fed on love and are full,
at last.

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Unrequited Love

I am guilty of love true yet unrequited an agony that burned my heart to ash

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Bulging curves
Fleshly rounding mountains
Roaming eyes see her shapely form

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of childhood
imprint the mind-
loving-kindness covers
our past

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Another Miracle

Life surrounds us with miracles each and every day
Blinded are the people who don’t see the wonder display

A child who’s born with ten fingers and ten tiny perfect toes
A child who’s free from illness and healthy as he continually grows

A single mother struggling to ensure the ability to survive
Facing endless obstacles; her child’s health promotes her drive

A troubled lost soul in dire need, of a kind helping loving hand
His suicidal thoughts evaporate; a now vanished forever disband 

An atheist whose religion is filled with hatred and disbelief
As he takes his very last breath, the Lord’s love fills his voided grief

An elderly couple who’s family is misplaced and sadly out of touch
A homeless needy puppy who’s love has given them simply so much 

An abused neglected child dwelling inside a house of dead
Blessed is the hero who saves this child of dread

A once successful entrepreneur who’s lost everything he once had
Homeless in need of shelter, a “nobody” lends him a helping hand

Miracles are all around us, if we only take the time to truly see
That the next one in need of a miracle could surely be you or me

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Every night I think of you,                                                               
How you look at me,
Then I wonder,
If you would ever want to speak to me,
You always look so happy,
Never, ever sad,
thats why i think of you.
as a really nice young lad

I’d like to say hello, 
But I don’t get a chance,
Though, I always take advantage,
Of each and every glance,

When you look at me,
I feel the sparks go flying,
To give up with you,
My heart keeps on denying.

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A soul for soul
To share life and to love
Always there, side by side or not
A bond

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intense sorrow
over shattered feelings,
rhythm beats fast when finding 
new love.

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A goal
A caustic fate.
A place so unattainable,
Soul mate.

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Little Humans

Little Humans

with inquiring minds
quick to show love and forgiveness

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 19, 2010

Poetic form: Cinquain

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Reflection on Clapton's 'Wonderful Tonight'

mother plucker
rich, ripe g-string quiver
luscious melodious escape
Play me

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Bastion, Hold onto me; Preferably closer, The embrace feels so nice ~ O’ asylum, cover mine hearts Stronghold

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In Your Kiss

Splendid rapture
blinding bliss
so much more
and all of this
I find in you
and in your kiss

A better place
and a better time
we would be together
in both love and rhyme

With these things there's no tellin
where we will be 
when the sun comes up in mornin
i hope you'll be with me

When the march into Winter
holds me down
I'll look back on you
and know where I'd be found
I mean, when I get tired
of all of this mess
I'll walk on through December
and come out blessed

Because of your image
a picture blazing in my dreams
for just another glimpse
I'd give up so many things
my life before you was empty
but i'm ready for whatever the future brings

I'll stay down here forever
down among the leaves
waiting for you to come back
to part these lonely seas
I'll even wait forever
so don't forget about me please

Even the stars falling from the sky
they can't carry me behind
I'll hold my ground, I'll be there when
you come back to me 
and I'll still love you then
even if it's not for good
I would stay forever as your friend

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                                       enter doubt
                                  allows fears roots    
                               darkness a place to grow

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Winter Rose

It's love at its
Purist. It blooms intact
then love turns a numb, cold shoulder.
The frost.

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Love (1)

(Cinquain Syllable Count) 

Love the 
most powerful 
experience we feel 
It comes from God,live it, give it 
Spread it! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

July 31,2009

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Summer Affair

First love
Innocent, pure
No holding back, let go
The freedom breeze, the memories
Live on.

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Chance 4-26-06

                                              If only I had a chance
                                              I dream what it would be like
                                              to have you laughing with me,
                                              to be able to hold you close,
                                              to be able to spend time with you.

                                             We walk past each other
                                             with just a friendly hello spoken.
                                             Our shadows meet on the cold,
                                             emotionless pavement.
                                             For that second were close,
                                             closer than well ever be.

                                             You don't know how I wish I could talk to you.
                                              If only I had the chance.
                                              Time moves on,
                                              and I know that it will eventually run out
                                              and you will just be a
                                              distant memory in my past.

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(Cinquain Syllable Count) 

are just angels 
spreading happiness and joy 
They're blessings from God to us 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

August 1,2009

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A pure heart
Feels pain and joy
Melts kindness in tears

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Onward Beyond

Love goes
Onward beyond
Catching the corner of
My humble heart, blazing ahead

Russell Sivey

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Beach babe
My tanned blond
Bronzing under natures sun
My heart reaches out to her

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Resting sweetly
Softly breathing, dreaming
Gentle heartbeat, wings of my soul

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Her body
To make love 
A heavenly pure bliss

Her heart
To love forever
In sickness and health

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Hearts are to earn not to have

Earn it if you want it. My heart is not a toy; you can't get at it easily It's mine.

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Engulf my heart
That Valerie did break
Please come back home dear Valerie
My sweet

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Little one

She grows so fast 
Its so hard to see you now
My  time did not last
Your trying to hard and to loud

Slow you role
Dont grow up to fast 
where you helment
or Ill kick you ass

Go slow and see the world
Sometime be alone just be a girl

Its ok to be one
you in the sun
the rays of life in you hair
thanking god that your there

We all need time to grow
Fuk the world you must show
your heart is better than most
dont waste your time on goust

You have all the time in the world

Where your helment
Where your helment

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Find Love

Find Love 
Deep Dull Gray, Black Shiny Sea 
Love to Hate 
Trading your hate for love
A thin line still ….

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For Affection
Self-denial, Self-afflicted, Self-fulfillment
What condition caused deprivation?

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Lover's Plea

lost love
i am broken
without you i cant live
i need you now more than ever
don't leave

don't leave 
me all alone
i thought you loved me so
i thought we'd never be apart
come back

come back
into my heart
just like it used to be
i don't ever want to lose you
please stay

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I'll Watch You (Choka)

Fear not fair maiden
I am here to protect you
To you, harm shan’t come 

For this night, I shall stand guard
To watch over you
When the moon rises above

As you sleep, I’ll stand
I will keep my eyes open
And will stay alert

So sleep, fair maiden, just sleep
Dream of the knights that you love

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Lineage ( a butterfly cinquain)

I speak
I am not heard
I cry you do not care
I scream into deaf ears until
you're grown
you're grown
in frustration your tears fall
you scream into deaf ear
your child -like you
I smile

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Plain smile 
without a guile,
locked into memory;
never threatened by destiny,
or me!

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Angst Of Burden On An Overcast Day

traps me inside
myself -- suffocated.
to love but be unloved -- my cross 
to bear.

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It Reminds Me

As a gentle breeze blows against my face
It reminds me of your soft caress

When I look up at the blue sky
It reminds me of your beautiful eyes

A song plays on the radio
It reminds me of the music you use to play

When I hear someone telling a joke
It reminds me the jokes you use to tell

Someone makes a silly face
It reminds me of the faces you use to make

When i look at our pictures
It reminds me of the love we shared

Everywhere I look
It reminds me of you

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I Do

I do.
Words said to you.
A day most glorious,
when all of the world stopped, in awe.
I do.

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Desire of mind
Excites eagerness of heart
Dreams for the welcoming moments

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Lips curve
intimate smile,
melodic laughter soon
fills the room and my heart with warmth.

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Paper Hearts

Love is
hummingbirds, doves and  cranes
skillfully shaped in sharp angles- 


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Endless doting.
Toward the elderly
Uplifts hearts; eases suffering.

Poetry form:  Cinquain
© November 2009

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by common sense-
wander unaccustomed

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Swollen heart,
eventually bursts apart,
Tears flood like puddles

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A Matter Of Words

involves some time
for a machine unlike
a heart which takes more time for it
to mend.

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Gentle kindness.
Compassion shown to all
Makes the world a better place; feel.

Poetry form: cinquain
© November 2009

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Resolve For Some

feelings of a 
love unrequited,
"take me away and let me be.

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My Love

My love
I give you, now,
just to be with you here
completely wrapped in your beauty,
my Love.

To you,
I give my soul
to be forever held
within your loving, open hands,
my love.

For you,
I’d die to see
your love for me live on
through eternity; forever,
my love.

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Entwined ( Cinquain )

                                                Only Beloved
                                            Together Forever
                                      Created to be in Heaven
                                                    MY LIFE

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Smiles on cheeks
Breathe flourished on a table
Rays shinned in the eyes catches

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Love in the mist

In love again
Kicking leaves in the mist
Your hazel eyes and sweet ripe lips
I kissed

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Some say
destroys fraternity-
yet know,sacrifice complements
true love.

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Stairway to heaven

leads to that place
where soft pillows await
our tender passion, as new heights
we climb

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Ever After

Be there
In the morning
And every day after
For eternity then exists
For us

Each tomorrow
Through your beautiful eyes
Excites my very heart and soul

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To Be Kind

anonymous generosity,
helping, soothing others,
terrestial nonetheless somehow celestial,

Details | Cinquain | |


mind wandering,
dreams don't slumber,
deep, she's asleep, he ponders

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Always needing
Constantly complaining
Still, they are always truly loved
Our kids

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The lovers sat,
Whipped by westerly wind
On blurred walls of ivy clad,clasped
As one.

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Stolen Love (cinquain garland)

chambers littered
with memories of theives
that Trust invited to come in
my heart.

quarters exposed,
no pomp, no flash, no glitz
just safe comfort to nestle in

Now walls
stand bare and cold
inside my empty heart  
What value has love in pockets 
of theives?

my haven has
become a prison cell,
graffiti memories still stain
the walls.

boarded windows,
and locked doors I sit
confused, shivering while theives haunt
my soul.

quarters exposed
inside my empty heart.
Graffiti memories still stain
my soul.

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She asked
him a question-
what do gentlemen relish?
the way to my heart is through my
He asked
her a question-
what do ladies desire ?
the way to my heart lies via 
my ear.

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Love Light

In the
spotlight of love
we all reflect the glow.
As it warms us, we energize
the very source of it
returning its

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Your Heart (Cinquain)

                    Your heart
                 Delicate skin
           To fragile to be held
Steady heartbeats keep love pumping
                      for me

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Hosted lament,
Growth yielded dying fiend,
Rancor malice abort bastard,

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Virginity removed
Not making love 
I felt so compromised