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Cinquain Love Poems | Cinquain Poems About Love

These Cinquain Love poems are examples of Cinquain poems about Love. These are the best examples of Cinquain Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Tell Me

                          Tell me
            Whispering softly to me low
              Secrets meant just for us
                      I melt and say
                         I’m yours

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans

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He left
That night locking
Her away with a kiss;
Her soul captured by his spirit,
She stayed.

She waits -
For the spirit
To light her pitch-black days;
To breathe into her missing nights;
She’s still.


Traditional style cinquain: syllable count: 2/4/6/8/2
for the Cinquain Contest of Dr.Ram Mehta (theme: Longing)

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Sweet Music

                                  He sits
                          Softly Humming 
                 And seems to have no cares,
               Playing peacefully with his toys
                               For hours.

                                He sings
         Words that seem to stem from his heart.
                 Words that have no meaning,
                         Yet sweet they be;
                                  To me.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

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Loves End

              Every ounce of love you give me
                   Knowing it shall soon end
                          Shall it last me
                             No chance

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans

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Foreplay melodic love her bangles' symphony sleepless night's moonlight sonata prelude © 2011 kashinath karmakar ========================= Placement:3rd; (September 2011) By:kashinath karmakar Contest:Melody of Cinquain Sponsor:Nette Onclaud

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Longing What Was

Us Two Peas Talking, Hearing, Touching Love exemplified, Union personified. We Singular Empty Pod Silent, Deaf, Abandoned Trust betrayed, Marriage broken Alone 24~12~2014 Maurice Yvone Sponsor: Dr.Ram Mehta Contest Name: Cinquain Theme: LONGING  

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Man's other half
Sharing to build a life
Love and patience is in your blood

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Immortal love
Tranquility for us
Our life everlasting thereof

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So warm,
this knitted scarf:
a treasure beyond worth,
that hides within each woven stitch
her heart.

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Jesus Savior (Cinquain)

Precious Savior
Forgiving mankind sins
Transcending man’s earthly bounds

© Joseph, 8/19/07
© All Rights Reserved

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Her smile –
a simple thing,
but in the snow reflects
through winter's cold, the gentleness
of love.

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                                         Loyal, brave 
                                Loving, Playing, Gaurding 
                                      Best friend of man

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A kiss of winter

tis cold   		                                                                                              this night so love   			                                                                     clear starry sky behold               		                                                           rainbow around moon above                                                                                         so bold                              							                                                                                                                   the walk                   			                                                                           in snow tis bright                                                                                                  no path not yet we talk                                                                                           frosty vapors intwine in flight                                                                                        then caught      -                                                                                                                          the fire 	 		                                                                                       from hill come sleighs  		                                                                      children bound to conspire             			                                                  the mood now dire first kiss to weigh 		                                                        transpires

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A cinquain for someone special

Sweetness in your brown eyes
Interior decorator
Of love.

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Love! An emotion That affects all With pure joyful bliss Love!
modern cinquain

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Wanting you
Passion, intensity, touch
Heart pounding, pleasure, erotic

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Love is a passionate feeling,
Which comes with a special healing,
If this feeling is true,you will see that sparkle in your loved ones eyes,
And it will be you against the world,
You against all odds.

Love is like the sun,
Shinning in a sunless garden,
Which makes dead  flowers blossom,
It is like a campfire,at first a pretty flame,
Then becomes hot and fierce,but still light and flickering.

Love is like a tragedy,
Unavoidable,a lot of tears shed,
Since the pain pierces the heart,
To an unknown depth,
Leading  the soul to bleed.

If music could be the food of love,
I would let it play on,
Letting its soothing traits relax my troubled heart,
My soul dance to its tune,
And sing like nobody's listening.

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                                      Unique, Frozen
                                Falling, drifting, Shoveling
                              Catching one on your tongue

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True Love

True Love! Such a rare find For a fortunate few A genuine priceless treasure True Love!

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                                       Kind, Helpful
                              A special person in are lives
                                        Mothers Day

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Dreams 'Modern Cinquain'

Seem real
People we see
Gone but not forgotten

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To One I Love

behind the veil
still waiting to be seen
glimpses of beauty reserved for
one ... me

This poem is dedicated to a very special lady who was reentered my life.  Thank you for allowing me to see all your beauty again.

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Longing Murky, Dreary Missing, Dreaming, Hoping I pine for you, Love Love Dear, True Calling, Waiting, Crying Where are you? Sweetheart
De. 18,2014 7.20pm - a try of cinquain poem.

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God's Grace

God's grace Marvelous grace grace deeper than all sin God's grace, pardons, cleanses within Jesus
Inspired by PD's contest Written May 7, 2013 Traditional Cinquain Credit to: "Grace, Grace, God's Grace" An old hymn.. Can accessed by typing in the title and type in YouTube

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Love Affair

Love found
Skin upon skin
Can take your breath away
You become one with another

©Holly P. Moore
   October 2012

"Any Five Lines" Contest

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I'm yours

In words                                                                                                                  with this the kiss                                                                                                    Indeed soft ears if heard                                                                                                  Whisper to my paused heart the bliss                                                                              The wish                                                                                                       *     *                                                                                   - a Crapsey's cinquain

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Break Up

relationship falters
bond of love overcome by doubt
break up

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Logic vs Emotion 2

and emotion
coexist but conflict
heart and mind struggle to decide
who wins

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Beauty so angelic, glows on your sleeping face, tempts me to touch and caress its splendour. Divine smile lights it up, as my fingertips play with your sleeping beauty which seems God like.
© kashinath karmakar By:kashinath karmakar (14th April 2011) ============================ Placement:7th ;(April 2011) Contest:Traditional Cinquain Contest Sponsor:Catie Lindsey ============================ Placement:3rd ;(June 2011) Contest:Any poem of 2011 Sponsor:Brian Strand ============================

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The Mister

from A, it goes to S,
the alphabet between are far, it cannot attached,
it is hard to compared,
but in time I do learn,
that my gentleman,
that my very nice man,
that my man,
are far too hold,
but in time,
i put believes,
that from A, 
i hope to reach S,
that if S is the mister,
please tell me.

he is this number one dream man,
and one of a kind,
but i am not a woman,
that can fit him,
even i pray too hard,
even i changed too much,
because he is the first capital,
that i cannot to be flirt with
as my sin is mine, and he hold his.

he is someone that just too sweet,
in his own way that i never thought i can be attracted with,
but i think he might be him, 
even there is one or two differences,
as long my belief is the same,
that religions can bring us together
i put 75% to trust on him

but those feelings are the great emotions,
that one day i am afraid that i would regret,
or should i wait for a little time?
that God might pity on me,
for until now i keep pushing away,
the diamonds that i thought is a jade,
where i need to put my yin and yang and the forecast,
seal it tight with my hopes
and put away my doubt.

and the Mister,
i can only choose one,
for I hope you can be the one,
either you are the A, or you are my Mr.S,
please don't make me wait
because the last thing i would never regret to do,
is to choose between two,
until in the end,
it never be any of you.