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Cinquain Introspection Poems | Cinquain Poems About Introspection

These Cinquain Introspection poems are examples of Cinquain poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of Cinquain Introspection poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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over rainbows
singing the present thought
since newborn, beats the sheltered heart

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I do not feel
My skin is numb when touched
Still waiting for the day to come

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

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Up and Down We Go

Does not change theme
Up and down, we go far
Coming back from where we began
Need Map

©Holly P. Moore
   December 2012

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Cell Phone Sickness

                               Cell Phone
                              Busy Device
                            Ringing, Living, Draining
                       Needed, In Touch, Emails, Facebook

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Two Left Feet

I tried
bending words
with sincere hope
only to discover my right intentions
went left!

© All Rights Reserved

.......For Barbara's Contest

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Cinquain 2

Men live
in constant dread
of nonexistent ills.
We delve below the obvious
for thrills.

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Inner Strength

I begin each morning eager for the day
Working for the good of mankind 
Come what may
There have been many hurdles along my way
For some reason unbeknownst to me
I do not stray
This soul is strong in spite of it's emotional dismay
My spirit is my strength today
And guides my life in every way.....

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Noise Sharp sound Crashing into conscious jarring vibrations, jagged edges confused

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True reliance
Open invitation
Confidence poured into vessels


For:  Catie's "Traditional Cinquain" Contest

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Mirror, Mirror

Self reflection,
My essence is showing,
Inner secrets may be revealed,

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A Virtue

Patience calm aura tolerance gladly exercised actions peaceful, thoughts clear acceptance

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Knowledge palace
Filled with future fantasies
Diving in new and new vocabularies
Fast door of success
Wonderful school!

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Sunshine Promises

warming spirit
breaking through rain clouds
promise for bare shoulders nude legs
bare feet


Note:  Inspired by some sunshine today! 

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Emotional Jars

fragile vessels
falling to pieces
liberating the stifled emotions				

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Seconds form every day swiftly or slowly pass as a droplet of water drips in time
Traditional Cinquain

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Precious Commodity

time precious commodity passing winds blow salt, sand of life vanished

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Pivot Point

Balance symmetrical existence life divided equally peaceful calm, steady thoughts equilibrium

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quiet, serene
calm focused presence
turmoil erased, inner peace

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Life Within

My self
Dreams of solace
Forged in flames burning hot
In fields I ran through in my youth
I live

© All Rights Reserved

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Cinquain Nine

follows me
as I walk
I am left wondering

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There No Rest

There No Rest

I can't hear you
I can't see you
I must be losing my mind

Our sanity is losing it pace
Shall this trio fall into madness
Let us fall for we shall never break

Must we see day as or time to rest
Must we see night as or time to play
Where going feel every second painfully

I touch your head
I touch you lips
I touch you chin

I release you
I trap you
I watch you


I give you birth
I take your life
I give you peace

Let sleep
Let lay our heads
At least we know 

We are protected

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Peace needs a Prince

We feel
Such offense when
We look upon hatred
And its deadly applications,
That keeps
Peace just a dream
We come to see what works
And we judge those who seek to play
War games.

But when 
Hurt by someone
Personally, those friends
That you have cared about, helped and 
You felt perhaps
They were misunderstood
And one fine day, they turn on you
And use
The steps
You took for them, 
Against you, in a logic
Of their own, that respects not
Your gift
By the feeling
Of betrayal even
When you know, a gift is given
The pain
Cuts deep, tearing
The heart apart, bleeding
And your hopes for peace strongly

You find
That the conflicts
In our world has taken
Wider proportion, peace further 
At bay.
The sun comes out
Clears the clouds in your heart
Restoring faith, hope and the love

Please God
The only one
Who can show us the way
To peace is your son whom many

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 05.02.11

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Cinquain Eleven

deep within
to find youself
waiting there to grab

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Are We?

Are we
far enough gone
to forsake any child
to a bitter, numbing neglect?
Are we?

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City Bus (Cinquain)

This bus
Carries mixed thoughts
The thinking zone on wheels
No talking, only wild thoughts
That’s us

© Jonathan, 4/6/08

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Forthright in all matters
Changes from a past trickery

	Traditional Cinquain Contest

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Say again

To do
or not to do,
maybe lie here and sleep,
consider,deliberate this

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Honor Life's Pain

Never again
Shall I veer from life’s pain 
My honor relieves my conscience

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Just a Phase of the Moon

A false
promise cascades 
over black satin in
skies just beyond the midnight hour
gone deaf.

strings play silent,
old, memories waking 
a long forgotten orchestra 
once mute.

The chant
of heartbeats thump
as thunderous thoughts churn
crescendos of mixed emotions
that scorch.

The tails
of fallen stars
wag their cleft tongues and taunt
for dead wishes of love to be

Such sad
golden eyes are
blind and yet still see all.
Each lie dashes the truth and kills
a dream.

The truth
is prisoner
in lairs of midnight lies.
Serpents coil around tomorrow's

The ghost
of deception 
binds the spirit but it's
just a phase of the midnight moon;
and me.

This star
will not fall from
the midnight sky because
it floats on confidence, not love;
not lies.

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Day breaks,
Cold and quiet,
And my heart begs respite,
For fires that burned all now have turned
To ice.