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Cinquain Happiness Poems | Cinquain Poems About Happiness

These Cinquain Happiness poems are examples of Cinquain poems about Happiness. These are the best examples of Cinquain Happiness poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Rainbow Colors (Cinquain)

Colorful arch
Heavenly gracious light
Glorious feeling from above

© Joseph, 8/19/07
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr

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Immortal love
Tranquility for us
Our life everlasting thereof

Copyright © Michael Jordan

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A couple's dream
Born to give happiness
Innocence brightening your face

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago

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Words 'Modern Cinquain'

Your Voice
Sounds coming forth
A joy to hear

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown

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                                       Kind, Helpful
                              A special person in are lives
                                        Mothers Day

Copyright © Cassie Smith

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I grew up with 
"happiness is where u are and what you wanna be"
I am with you now
you are my happiness
you are where I wanna be

Copyright © ken carlson

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I Hear A Symphony

stirs the players.
Jumble of random notes
unite in symphonic splendor.

Copyright © Frank Polgar

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Frees soul
Drinks from hope
Sheds bonds that bind

Copyright © James Marshall Goff

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Holly, jolly
Happy, merry, presents
Parties, enjoy with family

Copyright © Maylin Wongjarupun

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A Mask To Hide The Truth To Hide The Lies To Hide Me

A Mask To Hide The Truth To Hide The Lies To Hide Me

I wear the mask of lies
I wear the mask of hidden truths
Together we create a dangerous reputation of deceit and heartbreak

I am sadness,hate,and fury
I am happiness,joy,and passion
Together we bring about great chaos

I am your deepest fear and regret
I am your greatest achievement and your biggest hope
Together we create the ties that bind us to others in our lives

I am burned and bruised
I am cover in hugs and kisses
Together we create hurt and promise death and unknown future

I was once happy 
I was once dead
I was once alive
I was once sad
I was once here
I was once there
I was once broken
I was once fixed
Today we wear a mask to hide the truth of or past or future and our present.
How I wish to free myself from this curse
Oh how I wish I could free you
But we share a mask one of pain and regret and guilt.
We have killed, we have lied,and we hurt
This is our mask this is our death this is us our mask of truth our mask to lies

Copyright © Marcedies Rhodes

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Revival time
Renewing the spirit
We must get ready for rapture
Good news

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson

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art lies in views.
angry lies in matter.
patience lies in control.
peace lies in mind.
affection lies in heart.
beauty lies in character.
ugly lies in attitude.
world lies in space.
stars lies in galaxy.
more than this all,

Copyright © lavanya ramamurthi

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A Tower Of Mist

I could build a house brick by brick take a tower sight feel of light understand desperate 
Measure architect it foot to mount liberate it with an imprint of encaustic but still I would be

Lapittura, how hearts bond closure, I still be shackle for your love-

Managing of that of
 A sculpture intent shows with passion how have words grace my, unyielding  forwards
Name faith engage, settle willow will it take century for this mimesis to unfolded

  I just wonder what is significant value, coordinator, night, skys stars out tonight-

I counter the counted;  toll, tile center and folded marksmanship indulge 
Like the paint roll from stone and made a man I was never looking for perfection 
But as man mind is to stacker so shall the body like a spirit up lifted -

Like a hour glass I can take you from past to present, there is no beginning that did not taste the forbidden fruit-

Ground it fatigued is not a realistic that can take a sailor and throw in the towel
Maybe he gets the message like a voyage glazing shallow water behooves a deeper setting
Sail on good mate and the night may you see of kinsmanship-

Like a hour glass I can take you from past to present , there is no beginning that did not taste the forbidden fruit-

I have heard love is a battle field but on turner, the moments of glory sit fit to say you left your imprint
And yen me to question this purpose of my existing -

Hear the Hear toll to sit and to unfolder A Tower Of Mist and to say “She Knows” we have history-

Like a hour glass I can take you from past to present, there is no beginning that did not taste the forbidden fruit-
A Tower Of Mist

Copyright © Louis Borgo

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Ecstasy.  Euphoria.
Positive feedback mechanism.
Art.  Music.  Literature.  Appreciation.

Copyright © Sean Day

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Punches sadness

floating on clouds weightless

delighted happiness will follow

I shine

Written by : Corrina

Copyright © Corrina Leblond

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Pure bliss diving 
 Caressed by the water 
Everything else disappears 

Copyright © Melani Udaeta

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Happy Thoughts

Dancing about
No clouds in sight today
The children are all happy now
Let’s Play…

Copyright © Adell Foster

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Tunneled Vision visual one

That country road
Between the knowledge trees;
An arch of truth, a freshening
Of soul.

Copyright © david colquhoun

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There No Rest

There No Rest

I can't hear you
I can't see you
I must be losing my mind

Our sanity is losing it pace
Shall this trio fall into madness
Let us fall for we shall never break

Must we see day as or time to rest
Must we see night as or time to play
Where going feel every second painfully

I touch your head
I touch you lips
I touch you chin

I release you
I trap you
I watch you


I give you birth
I take your life
I give you peace

Let sleep
Let lay our heads
At least we know 

We are protected

Copyright © Marcedies Rhodes

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Sunshine Your Love


A sight thats so divine
So much it makes me whine
What a wonderful design
A creation concubine
Sunshine your love

Like a taste of fine wine
Hearts that intertwine
Thoughts that refine
It sends shivers down my spine
Sunshine your love

Im feeling benign
I cant wait for a sign
Of a love thats mine
An angel to enshrine
Sunshine your love

By Leonard Napierskie

Copyright © Leonard Napierskie

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How true is the saying that youth is eternal and glorious only for some,
when hearts are free of worries, they know nothing of human pain;
fantasy suddenly begins and dusk that brings night delays to come...
and as wild and incredible it might seem, it always recalls home!
Youth must be lived, not wasted, but be reveled in happy refrain.

Copyright © Andrew Crisci

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Coffee Every morning Perked in percolator Memories wafts on morn's cafe' Latte

Copyright © Sara Kendrick

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The Gentle Spirit

She stands
Walks, strolls, sits, dreams
On the beach as birds draw
Near just to feel her quiet gentle

Copyright © Sara Kendrick

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Smallest Human
Cooing And Kicking Fun
Parents Favorite Gem of Their Love

Copyright © Marie Harrison

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Vini Vidi Vici


I came-
The world tasting
Like raspberry candy,
Our orb a snowglobe of which to
Shake up.


I saw
Lightening skies,
Dawn breaking over roofs-
I sighed, inhaling the beauty


I conquered
Worlds with my pen!
Filling pages with ink;
Filling minds with words that speak
Of tomorrow.

"Vini Vidi Vici"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

Copyright © Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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Child's Happiness

Snowflakes falling,
Milky white scenery
Leaving us with days to enjoy,
Snow Days!

Copyright © Michael Degenhardt

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Where the Heart is

A mother's touch
A father's protection
Where the heart was born and raised

Copyright © Ruby Saechao

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Love Songs

Searching higher than low for languishing love songs ears listen for the heart's desire to smile
By Rhonda Johnson Saunders Third Place in No Name/Ten Line Max Contest (Brian Strand)

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

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Summer Fun

bring on the clowns,
exotic animals,
three rings of fearless acrobats.
Big Top.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson

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bringing smiling
upon happy parents,
protectively watching children

© November 14, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen