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Dedication Cinquain Poems | Cinquain Poems About Dedication

These Dedication Cinquain poems are examples of Cinquain poems about Dedication. These are the best examples of Dedication Cinquain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Beautiful Blue
Dancing Fanning Feathering
Dainty, Pretty, Proud, Precious

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Deaf girl
Speaks with her hands
Great stories she tells of
Like a razor sharp wit she has

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

Dedicated to my dear friend Melissa. I can speak quickly, but listen slowly. I'm learning.

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Answering bells
Saving many lives
Joyous Families are alive
Thank God

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Revival time
Renewing the spirit
We must get ready for rapture
Good news

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A Mask To Hide The Truth To Hide The Lies To Hide Me

A Mask To Hide The Truth To Hide The Lies To Hide Me

I wear the mask of lies
I wear the mask of hidden truths
Together we create a dangerous reputation of deceit and heartbreak

I am sadness,hate,and fury
I am happiness,joy,and passion
Together we bring about great chaos

I am your deepest fear and regret
I am your greatest achievement and your biggest hope
Together we create the ties that bind us to others in our lives

I am burned and bruised
I am cover in hugs and kisses
Together we create hurt and promise death and unknown future

I was once happy 
I was once dead
I was once alive
I was once sad
I was once here
I was once there
I was once broken
I was once fixed
Today we wear a mask to hide the truth of or past or future and our present.
How I wish to free myself from this curse
Oh how I wish I could free you
But we share a mask one of pain and regret and guilt.
We have killed, we have lied,and we hurt
This is our mask this is our death this is us our mask of truth our mask to lies

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Their feet

To my sons

His feet
Lead him to breech
Any borders and seek
To meet his brothers as equals
His feet
Lead him to leap
Over walls and land on his feet
His feet
Seek to be free
To reach the top of trees
And fly to where dares the eagle

By CarolineCecile

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Diversified, confused
Crying, bleeding, dying
A people victimized by 'politrickcians'

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Their eyes

To my daughters

Her eyes
Searching the stars
To share her song, her heart
A clearing in the woods, hazel
Her eyes
Like azure skies
Reflecting in water
Absorbing all that life offers
Her eyes
That cannot lie
The goodness that lies
Within clouds to water God's fields

By CarolineCecile

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roughy toughy test

once day night i sat and thought 
how is my test with broomy gruff
i have to write the three passage
within the time of ten minutes 
i thought its easy ,no need
of study ,
i can manage at least of my own
tomorrow at my test i saw the paper
with too many questions
i didn't understand so what to do
the test was roughy for me then i thought was 
no goodies rot 
after the test my friends asked me 
have you been studying  the three passage grugg?
i reply no for me mean time no
that test gave me a shame of
roughy toughy face

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Friends for all time

For Carolyn D

A friend
For you I am
Like a closest member
Of the family, as you are
To me.

With that
When you're hurt
I feel the pain enter 
But left with no way to make things

Is what I feel
No matter what I say
meaningless words, bring no change, and
I pray.

That God
Shows you the way
To a beautiful place
In the sun, and where within, peace
Will reign.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 09/03/11