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Cinquain Death Poems | Cinquain Poems About Death

These Cinquain Death poems are examples of Cinquain poems about Death. These are the best examples of Cinquain Death poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Loves End

              Every ounce of love you give me
                   Knowing it shall soon end
                          Shall it last me
                             No chance

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans

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The Pact!
True love intact
headstone unravels all,
their land infertile took them both.

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Each shoe,
a life He knew,
buds of His olive tree-
next time perhaps,it could be you..
or me !

Inspired by Abe's photos

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Night falls,
Darkness prevails,
Summoning the reaper,
To collect the gruesome harvest,
Death holds.

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The Ugly Truth

Rampant beneath
The surface, a body
Dressed in curves, hard edges, and sea

That is needed
By the masses, a gift,
Yet used for self gain carelessly 
A rift.

By those
Who pursue greed
Seeking gains and power
Without the checks and balance of

We see
The ugly truth
Over the globe, high bill
Of disasters and waste so crude
Oil Spills.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 06.29.10

For the Team Poetry Soup contest.

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A Mask To Hide The Truth To Hide The Lies To Hide Me

A Mask To Hide The Truth To Hide The Lies To Hide Me

I wear the mask of lies
I wear the mask of hidden truths
Together we create a dangerous reputation of deceit and heartbreak

I am sadness,hate,and fury
I am happiness,joy,and passion
Together we bring about great chaos

I am your deepest fear and regret
I am your greatest achievement and your biggest hope
Together we create the ties that bind us to others in our lives

I am burned and bruised
I am cover in hugs and kisses
Together we create hurt and promise death and unknown future

I was once happy 
I was once dead
I was once alive
I was once sad
I was once here
I was once there
I was once broken
I was once fixed
Today we wear a mask to hide the truth of or past or future and our present.
How I wish to free myself from this curse
Oh how I wish I could free you
But we share a mask one of pain and regret and guilt.
We have killed, we have lied,and we hurt
This is our mask this is our death this is us our mask of truth our mask to lies

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Young Girls Pain

Deceitful, wicked
Weeping, cringing, loathing
Things children shouldn’t feel
Repulsive, severe
Struggling, bleeding, collapsing
My pain continues unheard
Abandoned, faulty
Hiding, listening, praying
Life is my suffering
Forbidden, fruitless
Reeling, clutching, grinning
The agony has ended

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Cinquain on Run- Jump

Run— jump  
Settles— follows
Cob-Web theorem
Into the water of the bucket  

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Ebola - Cinquain

ebola condemned, invisible frightening, menacing, terrifying hope is seeing light in the darkness hemorrhage

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When Hate Becomes You

Ignorant fears
Jealousy, envy, tension
Grows into something dangerous

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Untitled 2

Vision of death,
Darkness envelopes life,
Immortality is a myth,

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Missing and Knowing

Your hand in mine
My weary heart has swept
The wishes into dreams that kept
You here

Fate can’t deny
What two souls take and bind
On the other side, I will find
You there

Traditional Cinquain
Contest: Cinquain
Sponsor: Dr. Ram Mehta

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Final Flight

Last hug.

Torn from my arms,

you fly with the angels.

I see Heaven's gate opening-----

for you.

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GOODBYE (Cinquain)

On the altar
Left for her by family
They will never forget today

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Waves come crashing
and my heart weeps again
rhythmically sensing your soul there…

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 19, 2010

Poetic form: Cinquain

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resting place

family gather around

many bitter sweet memories


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Body Danger
Killing Far Too Many
Silent Killer Of Families

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Bright light
Flying upward, quickly
Utter joy and gratitude

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Many Colors

On Display Openly

Casket Closes Sadly Meaning


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Blood red
Symbolizing the dead
Shed by the weak,

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MY LOSS (Cinquain)

my little girl
drowned when she was six
I love and miss you every day

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                Damnable darkness 
             Following, chilling ground 
          Where confusion, doubts dwell 

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shining brightly
down on mourner’s faces
brings tearsdrops under dark glasses
too soon

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"When someone dies"

        'When someone dies'
        It usually rains.......
        because of their pain....
        Very seldom the sun shines
        'When someone dies.....
         in days ahead the sun will shine
         for peace that lyes.....
         'When someone dies'

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Today's Future

To tomorrows
To sunrises and sweet dew
And cool mist, a deep lulling hush

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on his way home
after a late meeting
He drove too fast and fell asleep
No more

Dedicated to Gordon Obree
Light of my sister's eye
Who lost his life rushing from London to Scotland
to be with his family for Christmas 1994

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Calico (Cinquain)

I saw
a dead kitty
lying on the roadway.
Somebody’s heart will be broken

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getting back,
a deadly killer,
my hatred supasses all,

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                                               supernatural art
                                          Her unique practice
                                   twitching nose- eyelids- fingers

In Loving Memory Of
Elizabeth Montgomery

Happy Halloween All    {BOOOOOOOOO}

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Nightmares (Cinquain)

Making you sweat
Scary unwanted thoughts
Unbelievable fear of death
not real

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Fighter (Insurgent Man)


                                                      Insurgent man 

                                                   Detonator in hand 

                                  Stone eyes watch the troops approaching 


                                        Awaits the optimum moment 

                                          Shouts "Death to Infidels" 

                                                Soldiers survive 


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Solemn Purpose

recite to us
a monody. Let it
be sad. Make us cry for those that
have died.

us on this day
of mourning, why they died:
So that everyone may live in

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a place where souls
escape their steady psalm,
and enter into silent hymns
of sleep.

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Got me as Hard as a coffin nail

 I’m influenced by sickness and death.  Watching something decompose before my eyes is quite the spectacle. It’s in my nature. Ruin. Collapse. Always enjoyed watching something die. Should have gone into politics. People enjoy watching creation more than watching destruction. Those people obviously differ from you and me. As above, so below. You can’t have light without darkness. At times the light fades and the serpent keeps eating its own tail caring not for whose tears will be shed by tomorrow’s wake. Sometimes I wish I had no feelings towards anything on this planet so I couldn’t get sucked into the bullshit hype of things. If you have no friends, you attend no funerals. But what’s the point?  If you never risk it to make friends or to make love, you can’t have those memories or experiences. The pain of loss is worth it and is only felt because you risked losing something if not everything one day. The more it hurts, the more it meant to you and that’s a great come up in your life. Because life is many experiences of “right now moments”. It’s constantly “Right now”, the past is gone and the future isn’t here yet. So there is only right now. This sentence is my “right now”, and because I put forth the effort, I created it. Live for the “Right now”, and never regret. The only regret you should feel is falling prey to a mistake you’ve already made once before. Learn from them, move on, never regret.   Nobody wants to read an autobiography about someone who never took chances and never left the house. Great suffering develops great knowledge and strength. I’ve felt the pain of hunger so I now love to work for what’s mine and am not picky when it comes to food.  I have learned to truly appreciate these things in life and it makes me smile to see my scars and think of their origins. Again, I love to watch things die. It’s animal. I’ve always felt like I was blind in the wilderness. Left to wander aimlessly. I have no real purpose other than to accidently see or do something at that right possible moment. Serendipitous. I’m a perfect cluster fuck of ruin and blossom, rot and harvest. I am a man. As above, so below. I’ve only scratched the surface of my power. For as a man I’m still very much a child wielding his father’s gun. Lost in oblivion.  
Yes children, it’s that kind of morning, cigarette smoke in your eyes, throat hoarse from mourning. Those long intense stares at yourself in the mirror seem to go on and on. The world sleeps on your porch like a stray dog. Reeking of foul plague, .struggling to breathe. I want you to stay, stay in your grave. Haunted lovers so cold and depraved. I like my women boneyard scarred.  The phantom resides atop the climax, and lingers in a fog. My heart of scar tissue. My heart a burn victim.  Disfigurement.  A rock star death is too late at 28.  I know too much.  I want you to stay in your grave. The flowers are atonement for my departure. Closure is a dirty knife.  Past remnants of love in a jar. A new home of soil. Go down slow and decay as all things do. I want you to stay. I want you to stay in your grave. I mourn you. The lost.  No hope for a leper. Don’t invite the dead in your bed., cuz now you  know too much.

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Hosted lament,
Growth yielded dying fiend,
Rancor malice abort bastard,