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Cinquain Adventure Poems | Cinquain Poems About Adventure

These Cinquain Adventure poems are examples of Cinquain poems about Adventure. These are the best examples of Cinquain Adventure poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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                                         Loyal, brave 
                                Loving, Playing, Gaurding 
                                      Best friend of man

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Floating balloons visual five

Watch them
....float on soft breeze,
above a water fall,
soon their journey will bring them down
to earth.

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Broken Walls

She didn't know what was taking place;
Perhaps, I did love her in a strange way.
You're her mother,
And I had a choice to make,
To help these problems drift away.

©2014 Honestly JT

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A kiss of winter

tis cold   		                                                                                              this night so love   			                                                                     clear starry sky behold               		                                                           rainbow around moon above                                                                                         so bold                              							                                                                                                                   the walk                   			                                                                           in snow tis bright                                                                                                  no path not yet we talk                                                                                           frosty vapors intwine in flight                                                                                        then caught      -                                                                                                                          the fire 	 		                                                                                       from hill come sleighs  		                                                                      children bound to conspire             			                                                  the mood now dire first kiss to weigh 		                                                        transpires

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Opening A New Door

the open mind
losing the familiar
to find secret hidden knowledge
in you

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Cinquain 03

Be it the morning or evening tide?
Whence come our love and fates collide?
Shall you come nigh, by light of the moon?
With steadfast reply,
Please, let us be soon.

©2014 Honestly JT

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Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman { Cinquain }

                                              Cape crusader
                                         Batcave Batmobile Pole
                                  Zapping Banging Powing Action

Happy Halloween All
Boooooooo       LOL

         Tribute To
Batman And  Robin
  Adam West  Burt Ward

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Cinquain One

Pursue celebrity
Across the sea,... stadium. And dread
For hints.

Just an attempt...

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Traditional Cinquain Two

quickly forward
Falling backwards slowly
Ungraciously I am losing

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Sponge Bob Square Pants { Cinquain}

                                                       cartoon fiction
                                                 under water voyage
                                         hopes wishes fantasy dreaming

Tribute To Jenny
Who Loves This Show  LOL

Get A Rope        Hehehe

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Star Sparked Eyes

He watched
Eyes upon the sea 
He observed her movements
Measuring her soul's momentum,
He rose.
He ran
To her, ready
Prompted by her appeal 
He knew the place to be and braved
Her waves.
He reached the spot,
Where he felt he must be 
She rose high, he stood and rode her
Went on
Under her crest
Stable on his surf board
His hand touching lightly her wall,
Surfed passed
Her awesome wave
Crashed, joyful sounds she made
Proud, he swam to shore, sat, his eyes
Star sparked.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 05.18.11

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Tonight That Ain't Us

Sittin' on top of a champagne night
The city is lit up for the fourth of July
Her kisses already taste like Whiskey
She's tipsy in record time
Threw all of our worries
With all our clothes outside

Tonight, girl. I don't have a worry
Let's lose our manners in a hurry
This aint a good time to be shy
Don't be afraid to tell me what you like
Raise our glass for all the lonely
'Cause that sure ain't us tonight

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I Can Hear Him Playin'

He walks downtown
Staring at the pavement
He's got something he needs to say
But he don't know just how to say it
He say's it's not that 
I can't get words to flow
There's a message like a letter
My fingers write with every note
These aren't words you put on paper
It's a scripture deep inside my soul
That I pull out with Rock n Roll

No one gets what he is sayin'
They just hear complaining
Through his shitty old guitar
Oh Man, But I can hear him playin'
I know just what he's sayin'
He'll never stop believing
Somewhere his names written on a star

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For all the children born under a cloud of blasphemy,
You need to be brave whilst imprisoned by darkness, for your heart is not heartless.
But you are a servant of sinister entities 
a luciferian slave.
You will be free in time but for now stand brave. 
For soon you will be saved.

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             Feeling the wind;
          Soaring into the sky;
Gliding towards the heavens above;

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Ride Em Cowboy (Cinquain}

                                             hired ranch hand
                                     tends cattle on horseback
                                     ignores potential risk factors

      Tribute To The 
American Cowboys / Cowgirls
      Ride Em High

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What I
sought in money...
was my livid escape
from a reality I couldn't break
with haste! 

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Hot Doggie {Cinquain}

                                             bun lengthening
                                             juicy sizzling fresh
                                       grilling boiling firepit cold

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Silhouette Man

Mark, Goal
Silhouette Man
Fastest gunman hits mark,
Stand down or get shot, draw a bead
Lead flies

cinquain traditional My first attempt

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Spin the Bottle

Kiss me
you hesitant?
The glass has spoken clear
body achieves; unanswered face
can't wait...

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Exhilaratingly escapades
Excitingly pursuing serendipity.
Elevating, stimulating, invigorating, elating, 

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 22, 2010
Poetic form: Cinquain

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The Trip

long trip
driving dodging wilting
fatigue regret sadness loss