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Christmas Time Poems | Christmas Poems About Time

These Christmas Time poems are examples of Christmas poems about Time. These are the best examples of Christmas Time poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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This Special Time of Year

We may not have a "White Christmas", yet joy remains the same I find delight in viewing candles reflected on frosted panes They remind me to be grateful for warmth and light so near Welcome to my holiday home at this special time of year A scenic view of white smoke rising from the chimney tall Dainty snow flakes falling as kids roll them into balls They sail against blustery winds and I wonder how they dare! Welcome to my holiday home at this special time of year Sweet music heralding peace, urges hearts to spread some joy! Displayed is a wooden Nativity Scene to greet you at the door A glittering tree with twinkling stars stands proudly at the rear! Welcome to my holiday home at this special time of year Fresh pine garlands dress stair rails with large red velvet bows The aroma of cinnamon and pine saturates, delighting one’s nose While a cozy wood fireplace glows, inviting, daydream stares Welcome to my holiday home at this special time of year The baking’s almost done; and tons of sweets are ensured Though, there will not be any Christmas pudding this year, for sure Mama’s been gone home a while, yet the many memories linger here Welcome to my holiday home at this special time of year Whatever may happen in life, Christmas joy lives in the heart A warm home and loving hearts have sufficed from the start Much food, drinks and good conversation; lots of fun to share! Welcome to my holiday home at this special time of year “Less formal” is my style preferred, so do relax if you please Sit on the floor, take off those shoes; dance or just be a tease When you feel stuffed and need a nap, if you snore, have no fear! Welcome to my holiday home at this special time of year ~*~

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Its Christmas Time in Dodge City

(To the tune of Silver Bells) Wooden sidewalks, and the shop fronts, Dressed in wild western style In the jail there’s a feeling of Christmas Cattle mooing, cowboys shooting Riding mile after mile And down at the Long Branch you hear Silver spurs, silver spurs It’s Christmas time in Dodge City Jing-a-ling, saloon girls sing Soon it will be Christmas day. Mobs in street fights try to stay polite While they bleed red and scream As the towns folk rush home To take cover Hear the jaws crunch See the kids bunch It’s Matt Dillon’s big scene As he catches the rustlers you’ll hear Silver spurs, silver spurs It’s Christmas time in Dodge City Jing-a-ling, saloon girls sing Soon it will be Christmas day. Silver spurs, silver spurs Soon it will be Christmas day. Soon it will be Christmas day.
When we travel in the car we sing to the radio. The other night, Silver Bells came on and I sang Dodge City to make my wife laugh.

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The Christmas Paradox

Merry Christmas and all that stuff and don’t forget to write, Now if you would all be on your way I’d like a silent night. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed your stay, I have you must believe me, I just wish that it were over now because your leaving would relieve me. I’d like to say that the magic of this day would be with me until I die, But out of respect for the holiday I feel that it would be wrong to lie. I’ve spent the time following you around and picking up after your kids, Putting food back in the refrigerator and closing up all of the lids. I’ve even picked up your smelly socks after making Christmas dinner, While you’ve all gotten fat it seems that I’ve grown that much thinner. But when next year comes you’d better be here to visit with Santa Claus, Don’t tell me that you’ll spend Christmas time over at your in-laws. Because Christmas is a family time and we all should be together, And you can tell your in-laws that you’ll be theirs on Arbor Day forever.

Details | Narrative | |

A Christmas Conversation

Daddy, were you alive when Jesus was born?

No honey, he was born a long time ago, over 2000 years ago.

Where was he born Daddy?

In Bethlehem, a small town in the desert in a manger,

Whats a manger Daddy?

It's a place where they kept animals to feed them.

You see when Jesus was born the Inn was full, so 
they had to get Mary to a warm place to give birth to Jesus.
that was the only place they could go.

Daddy who is Jesus' Daddy?

God is his Father honey?

But who is Joseph?

The Chosen Father, who God chose to raise him, Mary's Husband

I don't understand Daddy!

God wanted a son, he could not have a son without Mary and Joseph's
help. God asked them both if they would help him, without even thinking
they said yes. God gave to them a great gift, God gave them Jesus.

At that moment God gave us all a great gift, He gave us the Son of Man.

The Son of Man Daddy?

Yes honey, you see God is not Man, not one you can touch, Jesus
was, he healed people who were sick, He showed people how to love God 
and how God loves them. There is one more important thing
I want to tell you honey.

What's that Daddy? Jesus did a coupla more things I think are 
important, there are many of course but two I like.

Go on Daddy!

Jesus taught us how to love without conditions, like the way I love you 
and you love me and your Mom and Brother. But how to love everybody
like that.  The most important thing is, is that he died because we humans
broke God's laws, which means we sinned. He died so God would
forgive us.

Wow Jesus really did love us didn't he Daddy...?

Yes he did baby, and the really good thing is he still does and always will.

Come on it's time for bed!

Not until I say my prayers Daddy!

How bout we Pray together tonight?

I'd like that Daddy!

So would I baby, so would I .

Jump up on my back and I'll give you piggy back ride!

I love you Daddy!

I love you too baby, I love you too.........

My Christmas wish is you all have Conversations like this with your 
kids. Trust me they bring tears of joy!

May God Bless you all this Christmas Season as he has Blessed me.

    From Mary, Josh, Shay and myself  MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR

                             With Love.....Taz

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Mall Holiday Board Meeting

About thanksgiving a bunch of turkeys get together,
Have a meeting about sales for the holidays.
About fall they send out that letter.

Well those business folks got to cuss and discuss,
And figure how to gear it,
To make us customers
Feel that holiday spirit!

Here’s the minutes of the meeting,
We’ll skip the high fives greeting.

    “All through  the mall we’ll have ho- ho- ing  Santys
From the computer games to the racks of panties.
Adult book stores will send out Yule tide flyers,
To attract all the spirit filled porno buyers.

Don’t forget to put some plastic wreaths
Round those expensive briefs,

And the music; what about the music?!
Let’s start the secular Christmas songs, 
In time for the black Friday throngs.

Make sure the songs don’t mention God or Jesus,
We don’t want to offend and have people leave us,
Remember Christmas is all about the money,
So let’s spread the ads on thick like honey! 

Hide all the advertised sales on goods for this time of year..
And put the top dollar toys and items by the cashier..

So if you  business people got more ideas, let’s push them through!
What’s that? Oh yeah…ah…merry Christmas to you too.

    “(hey Bill, ..about that bikini clad Santa dancing on the new hutch,
I think maybe her pine needle bra is a bit much…..?
What you think?….)”

Inspired by Carolyn D.  (too long for the contest, but had fun with it!)

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Christmas time all smiles and cheer…. Is what it supposed to be this time of year…. I know some would say "It is" and will happily agree, But I’m sure some feels like me…. That Christmas just isn’t what it used to be…. All I seem to hear is what you get me!!! It’s like the spirit just left!! Taking all its glorious wonders to see… Leaving us with nothing but some presents and a tree…. Now where’s the joy in that u tell me???

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Merry Christmas PS!

This is always a very very difficult time of year for me. I get so dang depressed,
and yes the majority of that pain comes from being incarcerated.  It is a very lonely place.  
Christmas is actually my fav. time of year. It was also my momma's (Grandmomma) who 
passed in 2007.  Her memory glows brighter within my heart during Christmas.  She raised 
me from a babe to a man...Yes I was grandmas boy :) So I was extremely spoiled.  When 
she passed in "07 (while I was in here) Man it nearly killed me.  Please read "For 
Grandmomma" (I wrote about her and my loss).  Anyway - Thank you to my best friend 
Marty Owens, For making Christmas a little happier for me.  I don't really have "family" only 
(my 2 beautiful daughters Jasmine 11 yrs and Brianna 9 yrs.)  Marty is all I have in my life.  
It's a very lonely hard place to be in without "family" or "friends"          Friends are so rare.  
I'm talking genuine friends.  So he introduced me to PS because of my raging passion for 
writing. I've grown so attached to some of you! I'm surprised at the love I have for some of 
you and I don't really know some of you. lol  It's wierd, but love can be wierd sometimes.  
So ...Charma many hugs and kisses!  Carol B. who introduced a lot of people on PS to me.  
Thank you!  Lolita my friend until the end!  Audrey my biggest fan, I'm here for you always! 
Patricia A. woman you always make me smile.  Simone my newest fan your comments 
sometimes make me blush! lol   Linda-Marie I loved my Christmas card  and your 
encouraging words...thank you..Lena...what can I say?  There are cards I would like to get 
out to some of you..send addresses sm and marty will get them to me via postal mail.  I 
would like to hear from you guys w/pics  I too will send pics of me  Merry Christmas XOXO's 
Jimmy M. Anderson #0459587 P.O. Box 2405  Marion NC 28752

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Once Upon A Christmas Dreaming

Once upon a Christmas dreaming 
Alphabets of spelling sleep, 
Coal and snow plumed shrouded wreaths, 
Fantasia minds plunged ever teeming 
                              Distant choral souls redeeming, 
Silence weeping, starlight beaming, 
Light years bursting solar sheaths. 

Whatever lost craved warmth and finding, 
Rang the bells and rapped the brass, 
Crept a creep of holy stealth, 
Midnight chimed, the clock unwinding, 
                              Visual feasts of gospels blinding, 
Shadows lifted, ever minding 
Love bestowing priceless wealth.

In the veils of crystals falling 
Carols gelled with latticed ice, 
Knitted pearls of liquid frost, 
The songs of Christmas past were calling, 
                              Eerie, wistful caterwauling, 
Heaven bent on reinstalling, 
Beckoned home whatever lost. 

Once upon a Christmas waking 
To a world of perfect white, 
Love and caring left the grave 
And arms wrapped bodies live and shaking, 
                              Purest beauty in the making, 
Gifts for giving, gifts for taking, 
And all we took was all we gave. 

Details | Kyrielle | |

Welcome to my Home

Special welcome friend, come right in to my place of quiet serene. 
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
Of Master’s love and your’s my friend  of wisdom’s grace may I glean,
 As we dismiss St Nicholas myth this Christmas season’s cheer.

Three water pots filled of water be ready, heart, soul and mind.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
Welcome is thy mouth,  of abundant life spout, pour in new wine.
We shall drink and be merry, wine of Sharon, on midnight clear.

Bright eyed of Christ mass, humbled children, these special gifts I would, 
welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
I would this season of bliss would kiss, as the brotherhood should.
Often blossoms love and kindness in this blessed season cheer.

My humble dwelling my log cabin near lively stream of life,
welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
Where the Lamb and Lion lie together having not any strife.
By  the virgin void my home serene came on a midnight clear!

Come fish with me in narrow strait beneath arch of heaven’s gate!
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year,
my friends of late let us cleans the slate by dip in narrow strait.
A dip in peaceful river serene clears all the concept’s fear.

Corner stone, concepts rejection the same is heart protected.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year,
`Tis faith, love material erected, though minds rejected. 
Welcome! My eternal Christmas home, of paranormal cheer!

For contest: Holiday Home
Sponsored by Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.C.

Details | Narrative | |

The Christmas Kiss

I was sitting in the crowded train station with time to waste, waiting on the train to take me home on Christmas Eve.  A very pretty, young lady, carrying a full backpack headed for one of the only open seats across the aisle from me next to a rather dirty and disheveled older man.

As she removed her backpack to sit down he glared up at her; she smiled a beautiful bright smile and said to him, “Merry Christmas”.

“I don’t celebrate Christmas”, he barked up at her.

“Yeah?  Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy on the day that I celebrate Christmas.  And I hope the day is merry for you as well.”

“What is there to be merry about”, he moaned, “A bunch of hypocritical religious zealots pretending to be nice to one another while the world goes to hell in a hand basket.”

“Well, at least for that one day, most of us believe the hypocrisy, and even for just a few hours, we practice the morals that our religion tries to instill in us.  At least on that one day, for us religious zealots, there is a glimmer of hope that we can save the world from going to hell and, I, for one, believe that is reason to be merry.”

“Terrific!  And, what does that get me,” he whimpered.
“Well, what you get is this one time of year, when a twenty-two year old college girl is not afraid to sit next to you; smile at you; and, wish you a Merry Christmas.  And, if you just say, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ back to her, she just may give you the biggest and best kiss you have ever experienced.”

She stood back up and started to put her backpack back on as he simply stared up at her.  Once she was situated and ready to move on towards her train, she stopped; smiled at him again; and, said, “Merry Christmas.”

It seems I was not the only stranger that was witnessing this exchange.  All of those around me were perched on the edge of their seats waiting to see what might happen.  The old man cracked a little smile.  A glimmer came to his eyes, and he said, “Thank you.  And, Merry Christmas to you, too.”

The girl leaned down and planted a kiss right on his lips for what seemed like ten minutes.  Smiles lit up the faces of all the men, women and children watching this take place.  When the girl finally pulled back, the old man was frozen in place with a big ole smile on his face.  She adjusted her backpack and started heading towards the tracks.  All the men she passed on her way who witnessed this exchange anxiously yelled, “Merry Christmas” as she passed, hoping for a kiss as well.

I looked back at the old man who was still in a dream.  Suddenly he caught me looking at him and barked, “What are you staring at?”

I just shook my head back and forth and said, “Merry Christmas”.

“Yeah!  Well Merry Christmas to you, too” he shouted.

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20 November 2010
By: Noel N. Villarosa

It’s been four years, away from my sweet home during Christmas day
Where I should share the family tradition at twelve and to cheer
To fix my webcam and headphone, and come what may
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

My wife and son displaying a warmth in their smile, reaching hands
With sluggish movements and static sound, trying to project it clear
At the peak of use of internet, bandwidth traffic,  I tried to withstand
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

My wife with hand-held webcam tried to rotate to tour me inside
They have fixed old Christmas tree and angels as pendant for a bright nightwear
At the base, a glimpse of wrapped gifts with laces soon to be untied
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

I can hear voices of children doing their caroling
Barking dogs seem would like to join as their backup singer
My wife whispered to my son, ‘please give these coins as a sign for thanking’ 
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

The threshold of a doorway, visitors do come and bringing gifts
The elders incite parlor games with special gifts and cash to stir
Only happened after family went to a midnight mass for spiritual uplift
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

A portrait of the Holy Family on the first Christmas eve
Within that stable, baby Jesus was lying in a manger
On Christmas eve, Jesus will visit every home and this is to believe
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year.

5TH place in "HOLIDAY HOME" contest 
Contest Date:  12/16/2010    
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.  

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New Year's Eve

Can’t think about the Year that didn’t last
Can’t fight the time and how it passed so fast…
Voices were cheerful that night
Everyone was full of silver light

I heard the sounds but didn’t care
I couldn’t help but only think and stare…
I dreamed of love that possibly I’ll never share
And of life that was just like a fairytale.

In that second of complete despair
I saw the moon and realized it was all a dare
Then your voice whispered in my ear
Promising me all I needed to hear…

Details | Kyrielle | |

Christmas Pinoy Joy

Our cheeks and noses barren from snowflakes, gladly filled with whispers of coconut flakes, falling gently on bibingkas* made dear Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Kitchen’s abuzz, humming pots and pans Hamon, embutido and leche flan! Food is happily shared to all who come here Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Lights twinkle outside, reflect warmth inside Reunions everywhere where love abides Songs fill the air, voices resonate clear Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… As day gets ready to embrace the sun, church bells toll gladly, dawn Mass has begun True meaning of Christmas touch hearts and ears Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Bright light now fills skies but a star reigns free As parols** adorn homes, big or tiny to show the way to homey atmosphere, Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Problems forgotten even for a while, hope and love take center stage, bright with smiles Family and friends just alive with cheer, Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year! --Pinoy is a slang word for Filipino :) * bibingkas—rice cakes—we have a whole slew of rice cakes here, but the most common garnish for these would be grated coconut; bibingkas in particular is sort of like a thick pancake cooked in banana leaves, made with rice flour and coconut milk—can also be topped with cheese & salted egg ---the other foreign sounding words here hamon (ham); embutido is something like these small log-shaped meatloaf and leche flan is similar to a delectable egg custard- or hmm crème brulee although it’s cooked with the caramel at the bottom and inverted upon serving so it has its own caramel sauce instead--oh yummy ** Parol is a typical Filipino Christmas lantern, usually hung outside homes and have lights inside--can even be multi-colored—to signify the star of Bethlehem- they come in the simplest kind (made with bamboo sticks & paper/plastic) to the most intricate ones made out of capiz shells Nov 26 2010 –for Linda’s Holiday Home contest :)

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Christmas Time's Around the Bend

The time has come to string the lights and decorate the tree, Fix-up the barn an' house a mite for all the folks to see, Cause Christmas time's around the bend, an' Santa's underway A-makin' toys for girls an' boys, an' gifts to fill his sleigh. The widder Jones, from down the road, her cook-stove's bellerin' smoke, She makes tamales ever year for passin' city-folk. But through the year she cusses 'em for just a-passin' by, An' raisin’ dust she’s gotta to sweep when that ol' road is dry. The school put on their annual play and that turned into fun. They cast my nephew as the babe; he played the Holy Son! The Wise Men never had a chance. They got a real surprise, When baby Jesus tossed his milk an' caught one in the eyes. But ever year I'm still amazed by changes folks can make, Like Mister Groves, a stubborn coot I'd often like to shake. He turns a leaf at Christmas time, an' acts just like a saint, He'll drive to town an' do for folks that's crippled, sick an' cain't. On Christmas Day, the kids in town get stockings filled with loot. For some it's still a mystery but it's that "stubborn coot". I saw him late one Christmas Eve a-tendin' to the chore; For ever kid, in ever house, he left one at the door. It never snows on Christmas Day, it's mostly never missed. No sleighs to ride or sleds to slide, the things could fill a list, But there's no other place on Earth at any time of year That holds a light to what we have, the people livin' here. We've shared our lives an' memories, each dream, desire an' plan. We've touched each other ever way that God designed for man. With all their strengths and weaknesses, we love 'em still the same When Christmas time's around the bend, an' times that have no name.

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It's CHRISTAMAS time again this year,can't believe it's all
ready here,haven't bought a single thing oh dear,i'm so far
behind.I like to get my shopping done,before the lines get
long in all the stores,i'll spend more than we can afford,but
hay it;s Christmas time.It's Christmas time again you see,let's
go pick out the perfect tree,is it leaning left or is it just me,oh
hun it looks just fine.We'll hang the tisles,string the lights,these
ornaments will take all night,it's alot of work but that's alright,
it's Christmas time.We'll eat to much and swear again,that come 
new year were gettin in,the best shape that we've ever been,but
we know we're lyin.So pass the pie and one more roll,and pass me
that remote control,oh looky here I love this show,it's Christmas time.
It's Christmas time who's at the door,i'm sure there's room for seven
more,we'll make some pallets on the floor,that will be just fine.The 
turkey's done pull up a chair,grab a hand let's say a prayer,for all those
soldiers over there,you know it's Christmas time.We'll wrap the gifts
in green and red,you kids get back up in your bed,or Santa won't come
in his sled,he"ll just fly right by,then you'll wake up in an hour or two,to
mommy look this one's for you,I love it hun I really do,it's Christmas time.
It's Christmas time again you know,it hit me just an hour ago,it ain't
about the mistle toe, let's keep that in mind.It's about the star that led the 
way,the baby child born that's cause of him we all say,

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An Angel's Bouquet

your flowers came the other day
so wild and free like me
all colors graced the lovely vase
so beautiful to see

at first i didn't read the card
so busy in my work
i simply put them on my desk
assuming them a perk

so many flowers gifts and things
appear each day on angels wings
its christmas time again you see
i never thought you'd think of me

you passed away six months ago
without you time just goes so slow
i know your in a better place
oh God to only see your face

and then a chill came over me
and all was plain for me to see
you thought ahead and had them sent
all though my love your life was spent

these flowers came from you above
and given with such life and love
you knew how much i loved them so
and in my heart they'll always grow...

Merry Christmas darling
Thank you for the flowers!

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Where is Linda

Her father’s grave was at the top of a hill overlooking hundreds of other plots with vases full of colorful poinsettias, white carnations, and decorations. Her name was Linda and it was Christmas time. She could see the beautiful arrangements everywhere she turned. The cemetery sat on top of the rolling hills overlooking the street. The backside was lined with large green poplar trees and grass that needed to be mowed. This was a peaceful place she thought to herself. This is how it should be for everyone who is in Heaven.  

She came to visit his grave every Wednesday evening after church. She liked to see the plot at night with the luminaries shining brightly. This time she invited her Aunt Sylvia to join her. It was Sylvia’s brother who was buried there. “See Sylvia”, Linda said, “Isn’t this splendid?” Sylvia replied, “Yes. But, I do not feel comfortable here. You do not know if all these souls went to heaven. And, if they didn’t where are they now?” Linda looked all around and at her father’s beautiful site and said, “With all this beauty, how can there be anything but goodness, here?” Sylvia shivered and responded, “Like I said, not all souls go to Heaven. You need to come during the day.” Linda laughed, “You’re not serious. This is a beautiful place. And, especially at night with all these beautiful colors.” Sylvia quickly responded, “It’s time to leave.” Linda, a little annoyed, said “Alright, alright.” And, they got into Linda’s car, and she drove Sylvia home. Very serious, Sylvia said, “Promise you will only go to the cemetery during the day.” Linda just shook her head.

The following Wednesday evening after church, Linda pulled her car up to her father's plot. She noticed his flowers were missing. So, were his luminaries, and Christmas decorations. She immediately called Sylvia. “Hi, Aunt Sylvia. It’s Linda. Have you been to my dad’s plot? His flowers and decorations are missing?” Sylvia retorted, “No, its evening time and a full moon. You should not be there. You NEED to leave!” Confused, Linda asked, “Why, what’s wrong?” Sylvia screamed, “Look around, are there any other flowers missing?” Linda, slowly turning around, noticed there were no flowers or decorations in her vision. Yelling and afraid, “Aunt Sylvia, there all gone!!! I’m running to my...” And, she was gone. Vanished. Sylvia, still on the phone, “Linda, Linda?"

 Sylvia was right, not all souls go to Heaven.

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

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Christmas Becomes Xmas

No one has to shop in stores
in a way I spose that's fine
"The heck with old tradition"
let's all shop - On-Line!

No more exchanging seasons pleasantries
with other people that you meet
as you go from store to store
as you travel down the street.

They've eliminated creativity
when you just buy stuff off the shelf
it has so much more meaning
when you design it by yourself!

It used to be such fun to see
the imagination some folks had
with their clever decorations
some great, some not so bad!

What once was Christmas season
a Holy time of year
has gotten so commercial
it's more like - Xmas time - I fear!

Technology is wonderful
in it's time and place
but it has dampened Christmas spirit
which is simply a disgrace!

Now it's artificial Christmas trees
plastic wreaths and such
sure it makes decorating easy
but it don't feel like Christmas much!

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Christmas In July

It is no wonder why
Oh happy day in July
When I sing of peace and love and joy
I of’t recall the birth of Mary’s baby boy
Born that first Christmas day when angels did proclaim
“O Earth, to you, a savior born; Jesus is His name.”

Oh joyous day in July
When yards turn brown and get too dry
I read again the story Bibles tell
Not like the Christmas advertisers sell
I know a time angels to shepherds came
And sang, “…a savior born; Jesus is His name.”

Oh festive July day
When I take time to pray
I am glad the Christmas spirit still remains
As I lift my voice with sweet angelic refrains
Christmas came years ago from heaven above
God’s gift given; precious Jesus, wrapped with love.

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It was a visit long overdue by most people’s standards. I had last seen my daughter two years prior to that during a whirlwind trip which she and her fiancé had made to Cape Town. I had an unexpected financial windfall and the money was burning a hole in my pocket. On the spur of the moment, I called my daughter and asked her to source accommodation for me in London over the Christmas season. A few days later, she called me back with the news that all the hotels had been booked up, save for the Ritz. I chuckled at the idea of having to spend my entire holiday budget on just one night at the Ritz. Then reason asserted itself and we put our heads together to come up with an alternative solution. I could hear her flatmate in the background, chipping in with her penny’s worth of advice. My daughter hung up and I was feeling down in the mouth about the plans for the trip being derailed in such a fashion. Later that evening, my daughter called back with the offer that if I did not object to sleeping on the settee in the lounge, I would be most welcome to stay with them at their London flat. I gladly accepted. She is a chef at a top restaurant and I was looking forward to gourmet meals prepared by her - including the Christmas turkey.

screeching seagulls dive at sushi scraps on a plate - the urchin watches
The evening of the booked flight to London, arrived. It was an uncomfortable hot day and I showered and dressed with only minutes to spare before my friend took me to the airport to book in the statuary two hours before international flight departures. At the airport everything was in chaos. We were given the unwelcome news that our flight had been cancelled. This was the third direct flight to London which had been cancelled that week due to London experiencing the worst weather and snow since records began in 1890! We were offered alternative flights and had to stand in queues for hours in order to procure a new airline ticket. Some people became very verbose and insisted on being granted passage on other airline carriers (at the cost of our local airline carrier). I do not know whether it was due to the weather or the disappointment I was feeling, but when my turn came at last to book a new flight, I readily agreed to fly on Christmas Eve ( three days hence) to London. If I had been given time to reflect on this date, I would not have accepted it. Arriving in London on Christmas Day would have been disastrous: The tubes and other public transport would have been curtailed on Christmas Day and shops and other amenities would have been closed for the day. This I knew from previous trips to the UK over the festive season. To add insult to injury, taxis would have charged triple for cab fare and no amount of quibbling would have swayed them. I phoned my friend to collect me and when we got home, I poured a large glass of Merlot and retired on the sun lounger in the garden. It was *full moon that evening and it was almost worth missing the trip to witness its beauty. I left my bags in the hallway and retired early – after phoning my daughter and giving her an update on the status quo.
moths dart between moon flowers - lunar eclipse
Six am the following morning, I was woken up by the phone ringing. Sleepily I took the call. It was the airline inquiring whether I could get to the airport by seven am. My friend was dancing up and down in agitation and already had the car out by the time I had brushed my teeth. I offered to pay any speeding fines which she might incur during our mad dash to get to the airport on time. The flight was an additional service which was laid on to get the backlog of passengers to their desired destinations. Heathrow had given our pilots permission to proceed, hence the call to me that morning. We were a total of thirty six passengers on the Boeing 747 – it translated to two passengers per crew member. We were treated to five in flight movies which were current and could eat and drink as much as we wished to. By the time we landed in London at seven pm that evening, there was a festive spirit among us. A radio taxi (which my daughter had organised) was waiting to collect me at Heathrow airport. It was a chilly four degrees Celsius below zero and I was grateful for my leather coat and wool accessories.
steep steps to flat shut out the bitter world - a heart pounds
**************************************************************** *The December 2010 lunar eclipse occurred from 5:27 to 11:06 UTC on December 21, coinciding with the date of the December solstice. It was visible in its entirety as a total lunar eclipse in North and South America, Iceland, Ireland, Britain and northern Scandinavia. "bitter" means piercingly cold..... A term commonly used by Britishers... "flat" means apartment. The Londoners I know, refer to it as just "flat" with no adj or possessive noun or article. Please see the About section for explanations regarding the 1ST AND LAST haiku. Haibun(literally, haikai writings) is a prosi-metric literary form originating in Japan, combining prose and haiku. The range of haibun is broad and includes the autobiography, diary, essay, prose poem, short story and travel journal. ~ Wikipedia

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The Ninth Of December

Daddy left Mommy, when I was two
She really didn't know what to do
Four little children under the age of six
Was a situation, she just could not fix

Christmas was coming, she didn't have a dime
The bills were piling up at the same time
She tried to focus on her belief,
Lost the battle and applied for relief

A county program, for the very poor
Barely kept the collectors from our door
So sad she was, by her lack of funds,
She couldn't buy presents, for her little ones

With grandma watching us, she left to go out
She never came home, we were forgot about
I was too young to remember Christmas that year,
It was years, before the whole story, I'd hear

Grandma tried hard to make it right,
She took care of us until Mom returned, one night
Branded in my memory, the day of her return
After nine long months, I would later learn

Mom never mentioned the time she was away
She loved us to the fullest every single day
Twenty-four years quickly flew by
When I think of the day it happened, I cry

God took my mother on the ninth of December
Unexpected, a loss I'll always remember
Going through her belongings, we came across.
A small newspaper article, that intensified the loss

How we found it I will  never know
This plea, with a picture, from so long ago
As I read the article, blurred by my tears
I was transported back, through the years

To a little girl on grandma's knee
Looking at a shabby, Christmas Tree
Crying for her mommy, who wasn't there
While grandma patted her silky hair

Grief, it hit me, no time to hesitate
When I saw the significance of the date
December ninth, the paper, said it all
Memory upon memory, I would recall

Two events, so many years apart
Yet, I could feel the child with a broken heart
Holiday Spirit, sad to say, I had none
Decorating that year without the usual fun

Mommies little tree, on a table it sat
Her homemade ornaments, and a tree mat
Going through the motions, I have to admit
All I wanted to do, was quit

Events don't shape us, they make us learn
Even grief, has its turn
Memories of a Christmas, thirty years past
Impressions, they fade, but still last

By Karla Null~Godsgift~

Your "Saddest" Christmas Ever Contest

Sponsored by Constance LaFrance~A Rambling Poet~

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A Christmas Wish in a Poem

Hey Santa, to tell you the truth, I feel a bit strange
It seems like it’s been eons since I sat upon your lap
I hope you don’t mind as this may cause you some strain!
I’ve been busy playing your role- merely filling in the gap

So you see, I’m really grateful for this time to spend with you
My Christmas wish is for our children; countless, around the world
I wish that they’d be given half the chance, a peaceful life to ensue
And may each, aptly recall that good choices do extol

May it be written upon their hearts that patience saves the day
Tomorrow will come eventually along with its concerns
That honesty and loyalty are virtues to display
Pray God for grace and wisdom, and the knowledge to discern

There may come a time when they may doubt their worth; comparing lives
However, give them assurance, that worth is not measured by monetary gain
That happiness is not for sale; to love your neighbor each must strive
And mistakes will be made, along the way; it’s called ‘growing pains’


For Michael's "A Christmas Wish in A Poem" Contest

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So many candles to see the light

Like joyous green of summer, my heart is singing filled
With you, while winter`s white is witness of good willed;
The glass works and the hot red wine spreading light:
Comforting carols “Silent Night” or “Brad Frumos”. 

Comforting thoughts of good like good miners,
And cakes a lot with names of saints and sinners
Looking the heart of sweet cherries strudel under the sight

Of mother humming “Silent Night” or “Brad Frumos”.

Smoldering embers and feeling like hot chocolate 
With scent of incense offered to every Christian mate
Under the new temptation of good and hope of right
Teaching of church on “Silent Night”,under “Brad Frumos”

The sacrifice of the pig, a ritual Symphony in red,
At the other side of modal logic, with wine and bread
And slaughtered pig and soured soups that might  
Be prepared and savored on "Silent Night" ,near “Brad Frumos”

The aromatic smoke ascending, and dancing heavenly
Like our attempt to preserve and conserve not only
The clay and flash creature but also the inner light 

And so many candles to see the Light on “Silent Night”...

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A Tough Christmas Cookie

Two billion people are of the Christmas persuasion, Two billion people celebrate that most joyous occasion. If that is true, Santa has to visit 23,148 people every second. Which really is an awful lot as near as I can reckon. I know that magic plays a part of Santa’s yearly shtick, But even taking that into account it really is a trick. Because that one second includes travel time and chimney scaling Note reading, cookie eating, and occasionally board game playing. Even taking into account that there may be a temporal causality loop, That allows for the suspension of time for him and his happy little group. Imagine how long it would take in a reindeer driven sleigh, To visit each town and stop at each house along his way. And think of the toys that delight and make the children want to shout, The number of elves that it takes to build them would really freak me out. The logistics of this endeavor can really start to boggle your mind, The importing of raw materials alone could set you way behind. To us, Santa may seem a jolly carefree guy, but he never gets to play hooky, To run an organization such as that he must be one tough Christmas cookie.

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Is it Here Yet

Just a single week from now today will be a week ago, By the time that tomorrow’s today we’ll be on the way you know. Then yesterday will be two days ago and today will be yesterday, And two days from now will be tomorrow at least that’s what they say. Before you know it the time will pass don’t say there was no warning, Pretty soon we will all wake up and it will finally be Christmas morning. But why does it have to take so long and why do the days grow longer? Why does each passing minute make the anticipation that much stronger? I wish that there was a way to make Christmas come today, But then I guess all I’d really be doing is wishing my life away.

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Haiku Seven

Kriss Kringle galore-
The sanctity of Christmas,
And blissful New Year.

Kriss Kringle: Germans word for 'Santa Claus' or 'Father Christmas',
 as being called in some parts of the world.

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Christmas Magic

The chill in the air signals that winter is upon us now,
We begin to see decorations and familiar holly boughs,
Shops fill with treats, something for everyone we love,
Still keeping in mind, this is a celebration for God above.

Our tiny village has the manger scene in the center of town,
The Christmas lights twinkle and the yellow star shines down,
Silent Night and other Christmas carols are the familiar sound,
Children laughing, all the glad tidings and good cheer abound.

Christmas trees are cut and decorated both inside and out,
Santa Claus is surely coming, for that there is little doubt,
Gifts are wrapped and laid underneath the Christmas tree,
Gorgeous foils and velvet ribbons don the gifts for all to see.

In early December, the volunteer fire fighters have a parade,
Christmas is the only time when each street has a barricade,
Once Santa arrives on his red sleigh pulled by his reindeer,
The children run to sit on Santa’s lap, so sweet and quite sincere.

As every day passes the anticipation of Christmas begins to rise,
Stories are told of the birth Christ and the three men so wise,
There is an unspoken balance of religion, tradition and folklore,
Whether caroling or singing in church, it makes our spirits soar.

At one time Christmas meant family, all seated around the table to eat,
But as time passes, loved ones die, now there is many an empty seat.
So new traditions must be made as we evolve holding our ideals intact,
We cherish our time together celebrating Christmas, each year not exact

Its still Christmas magic, that feeling of kindness, giving and love,
Grown from our icons of Christmas, the traditions that fit us like a glove,
While the people may change, the program continues each and every year,
For the celebration of Christ’s birth, in each of our hearts, it remains dear.

Written July 26, 2012
For Gail Doyle's contest
Christmas in July, Christmas Magic


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A Christmas Wish

This Christmas is the time of happiness,
For our Savior’s birth will give us peace,
I wish to have lots of blessings to give,
To those who are suffering on the streets.

I can see children’s scattered everywhere,
Looking for food and a home to sleep,
How I wish to help them with their grief,
Make them happy for this season of peace.

To the victims of typhoon “Pablo” in Philippines,
I wish generous people will give financial help,
To lighten the burdens of the lost of love ones,
May the power of healing filled in their hearts.

I wish all people around the world to stop the war,
Give love instead not only because it’s Christmas,
I wish they are not wasting their time in killing,
Be a person who saves life not to waste life.

4th Place Winner
For PD's "Christmas Joy Free Poetry Contest"

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Fallen snow will remind of me/ it is snowing ... 
Slowly as in the dream/ 
Boy word-beads/ with signs on his spine/ 
He kisses fine/ 
Your eyelids /

And it snows ... It snows /so slow/
It does/ and you're thinking of me/ 
'Coz it's warm/ it's better to stay in warmth/ 
Waiting for summer dim/ 
It is snowing/ slowly like in the dream/ 
Flakes/ go round/ playing the music theme/ 
You've been looking for rescue/ 
You searched in wine/ 
But it's in me/ 
all the rescues are mine/ 
It is snowing/ the snow is fluffy and white/ 
If you see darkness/ I'm deaf and blind/ 
there's the cast of time/ on the arm/ 
But I discern the light/ 
Dreams/ upon your eyelids tips/ 
Prepare you for winter drowse/ 
And it snows/ 

Fallen snow/ will remind of spring /
it will crumble and crackle in vain/ 
It will snow / fluffy /white/ and slow/ 
And you'll become whole/

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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

'Tis the most wonderful time of the year,
When kids from two to ninety are full of good cheer!
Christmas Trees have been trimmed and are shining bright!
The kids are behaving so well much to their mothers' delight!

Santa sits on his throne at Penney's hearing little kids' pleas,
Kids promising when he visits he'll find cookies and cheese!
Shopping malls and city streets are aglow with fine decorations!
Smiling Salvation Army folks are ringing bells seeking donations!

The Christmas Parade is passing by with cheering folks 'long its route!
Snuggly wrapped carolers sing timeless carols while strolling about!
Frenzied last minute shoppers laded with gifts rush to and fro -
Argyle socks for Pa, perfume for Ma and a snood for Aunt Flo!

The town square looks like a scene from Currier and Ives!
The shrill siren of a fire truck is heard as Santa arrives!
His hearty Ho! Ho's! echo from the walls of the town hall,
As he wishes MEEERRRYYY CHRISTMAS!  to one and all!

'Round cozy hearths Dads read the story of the Babe's Birth.
Old Grandfather Clock tolls ten and kids are shooed off to their berth,
To sleep with one eye open to glimpse old Santa and his reindeer!
'Tis truly the most wonderful, wonderful time of the year!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Christmas 2009

Recession made Christmas harder than ever before
Family’s splitting – money the core
Dad’s leaving to live on the street
So that young hungry mouths are able to eat
That some extra cash might be in the house
and children might learn what Christmas is about?
But without Dad gone, roof would be lost
for the bills are much higher – we can’t meet the cost
No longer can the average family budget
2009, jobs lost, even working struggle to afford it
Commercialism needs to stop building hopes and dreams
Childern don’t understand you are busting at the seams
Disappointment reigns as kids outside taunt and tease
No longer we fit in we’re all on our knees
Sinking. Even love has fallen apart
We don’t want this Christmas just haven’t the heart!
Expectation lower, depressions set in
Politicians not helping the hole we’re all in
Instead raising taxes they’ll crucify more
and this miserable life could be at your door
Will someone tell them that family should be together
sharing love, life, hopes dreams whatever they weather

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As you peel back one layer you will a bit more of me
Each layer defines parts that the naked eye may not see
The outer layer is tough resistant and seems weather proof
Just one more layer down is where you start to find the truth.

Peel off a third one and that’s where my feelings are hidden
Not on the surface to be played with or abused when bidden
Another layer down is where my tears are caught and held back.
Until the hurt of death and squalor, that layer attack

The last layer you may peel from me, I hold on to so tight
 I don’t want you to see my heart naked, in the harsh light.
The layer that covers my heart and keeps it safe from abuse
Life constantly picks at it and it’s not really much use.

I tried so hard to keep that one in place and safe from harm
Then life produces its peeler, which I would like to disarm.
It endlessly peels away at the layers of my protection
Leaving me vulnerable and weak and open to infection.

To fight back at life I have found a small good cure all
And that is what lets me walk on the edge, I totter but not fall.
In times of trouble and death, pain, anger and even love
Look for the silver lining that helps give this life a little shove.

Shove these things aside; they will get dealt with in a while
Knowing that whatever it is, will be behind us - so smile.
The layer that keeps our minds strong and yes even clear
Needs the most attention, it gives us hope, love, and even fear

Good things and bad things all come and go day by day
But we find we always look back on them and so we can say
Another day passed though we never forget the pain
Let me replace that layer now and cover my heart again

A smile helps to build up the layers and keeps me on life’s path
As does love, friendship and forgiveness, and a smile turns back wrath.
When we feel we can never smile ever again in a thousand lifetimes
We will look back and find the memory dims and the sun returns to shine

My layers are there I try to build them and keep them supple and strong
But sometimes they get ripped in a wrench and I think I am wrong
Straight to the point where my heart beats and is exposed to life’s ills
Time to pay the piper, as he comes to collect on life’s bills.

Laughter the best medicine and that I truly believe
But there’s a time to laugh and then there is a time to grieve
Time to think and to fight, love and to perhaps even pray
I hope my layers will keep intact, and get me through another tough day.

© ~GG~ 25/12/2012

My son had to work today, he is a supervisor on a motorway service station. He came home to us at the end of his shift for any comfort we could give him because of a motor accident just past where he works that took the lives of two children and an adult and seriously injured two more. He had to get access for the emergency services and then deal with angry motorists as he had to block them trying to re-enter the motorway, while things were dealt with.  His one thought was how the families would now cope, not only with the losses but that fact that it would taint their Christmas celebrations for the rest of their lives.
Although we do not celebrate Christmas he is so concerned for their feelings he is finding it difficult to cope with. My heart grieves not only for them and their horrendous ordeal, but my son whose heart has been laid open to their pain.

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A Florida Christmas Jingle

Written to the tune of "Jingle Bells"

Here in Florida,
We don't get any snow,
We don't have sleighs to ride,
But we do have mistletoe!

For a little Christmas jaunt,
We'll drive 'round after dark,
To view the Christmas-lighted homes,
And displays at the park.

Ho! Ho! Ho! 
He! He! He!
Christmas time is here.
Let's deck the halls and shop the malls,
To spread some Christmas cheer!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
He! He! He!
Christmas time is here.
Let's deck the halls and shop the malls,
To spread some Christmas cheer!

Driving through the rain,
In a souped up Cheverolet,
Traffic's moving slow,
But hey, that's A-okay.

Christmas carols blare,
From the Chevy's radio,
We're having fun singing along,
Making words up as we go!

Ho! Ho! Ho!
He! He! He!
Christmas time is here.
Let's deck the halls and shop the malls,
To spread some Christmas cheer!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
He! He! He!
Christmas time is here.
Let's deck the halls and shop the malls,
To spread some Christmas cheer!

12/4/2011 for Debbie Guzzi's Deja vu Christmas contest.

Trying to think of a Christmas song or story that I could modernize, Jingle Bells popped in my head.  I live in Florida and it doesn't (usually) snow here, so tried to come up with a snowless version of the song.

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Christmas Day

Christmas Day

What did I want that Christmas Day?
A package with a ribbon gay?
Clothes to wear?
Time to share?
Only one thing did I ask of thee.
Only one gift under my tree.
That gift, my love,
That gift was thee.

What did I get that Christmas Day?
A package with some ribbons gay.
New clothes to wear,
No time to share.
The one thing my heart desired.
The one thing that I required.
That gift, my love,
Thy love denied.

Another Christmas came and went
And with it my patience spent,
The clothes I packed,
The gifts I sacked.
The New Year found me far away,
 Never to spend a Christmas Day
With you, my love, 
No time to stay.

This Christmas shall be like the rest.
The gift that desired the best, 
Again denied.
Again withheld.
A husband’s love that went astray
Will ne’er return on a Christmas Day.
He is my love, 
Far, far away.

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Oh Holy Christmas Day

~Oh Holy Christmas Day~ 

The snow is  falling 
Christmas Day is almost here 
A most blessed time to spend 
With family 
Let your heart rejoice 
Jesus came 
In manger was born 
Wonderful star announced his 
Birth all through the sky 

Christmas day 
Holy day, when Baby Jesus was born 
Right here it is,enjoy it this day 
In a day like this He came down to earth 
Santa Claus worship him all the way too 
Tender day, oh Holy night 
Most wonderful time of the year when you 
And I let our voices sing songs to our Lord and 
Saviour because He came to save us all 

Day oh what a wonderful time when all the 
Angels on heaven and on earth rejoice,a day when 
You and I join our voices and hearts to celebrate that our King was born. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

December 12,2010 

Thank you for reading. 

I Wish you all a very Merry and Safe Christmas Season and Happy New Year! 

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Why Is Christ Taken Out Of Christmas

Christmas is the only holiday we often don’t call by name. We often forget about the true reason that Christ came. It’s the only holiday that we often call “a holiday.” It’s true meaning, is often, taken away! It’s more than the tree and all of the glittering lights… It’s time to think about the Bethlehem star so bright! It’s more than going shopping at the malls… More than, “Jingle Bells,” or “Deck the Halls!” It’s more than seeing how many people we can buy for. Or that clearance sale, you’re willing “to die for!” It’s more than buying the “newest in entertainment.” Or receiving a gift that may “cause an embarrassment.” Beyond all of the presents and all we truly believe in. Let’s all come to Christ Jesus and receive him! Let’s think about his birth, and his death on the cross! Without HIM… The true meaning of Christmas is lost! He brings the hope, joy and cheer that’s needed! Won’t you listen to his voice? That often goes unheeded? Christ is what’s important! And shouldn’t be left out! He’s what matters! And is what Christmas is all about! Let’s be joyful! It was for all of us that he came! And take this time to bring honor and glory to his name! By Jim Pemberton

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The Day Before The Night Before Christmas

I wrote this poems some years ago when I was invited to be on a television program to read a Christmas poem to children as they gathered around me...I had not written a Christmas poem when the invitation was extended and wondered what to write as there were so many Christmas poems already...It was then I decided to write about the day before the night before Christmas...thus this poem which the children and listening audience enjoyed...

The Day Before The Night Before Christmas
It was December the 23rd
And Santa was packing his sleigh
Saying to his reindeer, "We've got
Lots of traveling to do today,
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I
Have lots of surprizes up my sleeve!"
The reindeer grumbled and were ill-at-ease,
Santa was worried and asked "
aren't you pleased?"
One reindeer who asked not to be identfied,
Stepped forward and replied,
"Christmas now is just a word!"
The other reindeer joined in,
"There is no peace on earth,
No good will between men!"
"No good will between people!" a liberated reindeer
Chirped in.
Santa was aghast and could not believe what he
Had just heard,
It startled him, it made him sad,
Why, Christmas was the time of year to make folks glad.
A time for celebration, for spreading good cheer,
A joyful, happy time of year!

"I'll do some spot checking!" Santa said to Mrs. "C"...
"Christmas has lost its true meaning, this cannot be!"
"This is tragic!"
And with a little Santa magic, he transformed himself
Into a little child with a polka dot face,
This way he could represent every race...

He went caroling the world over and begged
Passers-by, "Please sing along!"
But no one would join him in song.
Santa was cold,
His coat was tattered and torn...
No one offered him shelter,
They looked upon him with scorn.

He stopped at several houses but no one
Would let him in...
Some shouted, "Come back again!"
They were busy decorating and wrapping 
Presents galore,
But no one would open their door.
Santa saw a family strolling hand in hand,
"What does Christmas mean to you?"
He asked stepping up to the man.
"Presents for one and all said he!
"Trees a glitter, houses in holiday dress!"
Said she.
"Toys!" said the little one, jumping with glee...
"If you are really good, Santa will bring you a color TV!"
"But he won't find your house on the other side
of the track,
You are poor and ugly with that polka dot face,
I know Santa won't find your place!"
They laughed and scoffed, 
"Why you are a disgrace!"

"Christmas means a brand new car!" said the next
Hurried gent,
The next lady said, "Christmas made me spend every cent!"
Poor Santa was really sad,
No one had said Merry Christmas,
"This is really bad."
He shook his head as he pondered, "Is Christmas really dead?"

No one mentioned the babe in the manger,
Or the wise men who traveled afar.
No one mentioned Mary or Joseph or the
Bright guiding star.
Santa slumped his shoulders
He head beack home,
His heart was heavy, he felt all alone.

The suddenly, bells chimed; it was Christmas eve.
A lone man appeared and took the little child Santa
By his tattered sleve.
"Come child," he said softly, "I'll share my meal with you,
It is not much but it should warm you through and through."
He wrapped his worn scarf around Santa's cold head
Santa thanked him...
"Merry Christmas!" the stranger said, "I am traveling to
Bethlehem" and he was gone again.

Marry Christmas!" said Santa ss the stranger disappeared
From sight..."Christmas lives!" he shouted,
"The reindeer were wrong and I was right!

Carrolers sang in the distance,
Deck The Halls!  Silent Night

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Tis the season

Tis the season that's filled with lots of love With dreams and plenty gifts sent from above A time when friends and family come together A time of brisk winds and snowy weather Tis the season to give and receive gifts too A time for Yuletide carolers to come through A time of expectations of whats under the tree A time to sit upon santa's knee We may even drink some eggnog and make a toast But in the midst of the festivities let's not forget the host Jesus is the reason for this wonderful season this we know is true So in all the hustle and bustle of your day give Him the praise He's due He gives us joy, unspeakable joy Something that can't come from a gift or toy Make Him the center of your life this season Because after all He is the true reason

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Winter Winds

Winter winds blow all around. 
I’m astonished by the sounds of Jingle Bells and reindeer stomps. 
All of this should never stop. 
Snow lies on the ground, if only that weren't too profound. 
Time only leads to decay, but not on Christmas, not today. 
You should see the angels pray. 
Toy trains, and rag dolls are the things kids used to want. 
But time has changed, yes so have children… 
Santa seems as if a villain. 
So much fighting, so much crying, it sounds as if the kids are dying. 
“I want money, I want fame, and these toys are just so lame.” 
But that’s the product we provided. 
Second chances are no more, Santa’s plot we wait for. 
He’s sick of this, he doesn't care, it’s as if he’s not wanted here. 
He gets ready to take it all back…. 
There’s still one toy left in his sack, it’s for a little girl, half a world away. 
Now how could he have missed this, on the perfect Christmas day? 
He turns around, not time for war. 
This toy, the girl is waiting for… It’s not a toy like you’d expect. 
She didn't ask for electronics, or stupid games such as Sonic. 
She just wanted one small thing… 
She’s waiting for something EXTRA special this gloomy day. 
In a bed she sits and stares, at the window near a chair. 
She’s so weak, and all alone. 
She doesn't even have a real home, not where there are bright lights anyways. 
They've decorated a weeping willow, the only tree around the “home”. 
So she has lights to see. 
It’s Christmas after all, but there’s no way to calm the raging sea. 
She’s dying, it won’t take much longer, and she doesn't care about the tree. 
She needs a new heart extra bad. 
So, Santa’s bringing her the one thing, that will stop her parents from being sad. 
He rushes to the hospital in his golden sleigh, and climbs right down the vent, 
He’s saving Christmas today. 
Santa rushes in just in time, finds a doctor, the girl is dying. 
It’s not what he usually does, but he stays and watches as they save her life. 
He waits for her to wake up. 
“Santa, you saved my life, oh thank you so much! I needed my heart to be touched.” 
He just smiles, and kisses her hand. He’s so glad he didn't destroy the land. 
Christmas is still a special day. 
There’s no more sorrow, no, not today. Santa smiles though some are still ungrateful. 
There’s that one child, standing in the snow, her life can now be started in the evening glow. That’s life for the grateful, loving, caring, and the thankful. Most of the time Santa just gives toys. For all the good girls and boys. But not today, and not tomorrow, once a year he gets rid of sorrow. So sleep tight and say your prayers, Christmas time is but once a year.

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CHRISTMAS A Holiday home contest

Our holiday home decorated with Christmas bells.
Gingerbread cookies and all those seasonal smells.
The day is filled with Christmas cheer.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.

A Christmas tree decorated in gold and red.
While vision of sugarplum danced in their heads.
The joys of Christmas keep famlies near.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.

A holiday of blessing's and Christmas treasures.
Misteltoe and carolers are a Christmas pleasures.
Please don't cry those Christmas tears.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.

On a special day the son of our Lord was born.
The day of faith,hope comes on Christmas morn.
On this Christmas day we can see so clear.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.

Christmas is the day of our Jesus Christ's birth.
He was born to save us sinners here on earth.
So remember his day and keep it dear.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.

The night before Christmas I read them a book.
We heard a noise and ran to the window to take a look.
Time has passed and Christmas is finally here.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
                         Teresa Skyles/Theoklapoet

Entered in Linda-Marie's"Welcome to my Holiday home"contest.

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The Very Best Of Christmas Days

Memories of my best Christmases The best Christmases of mine Was when my family and loved ones Could afford me some of their time To be surrounded by the ones I love Is all I could wish for To spend the holidays with them all I could ask for nothing more Wife, children, grandchildren To have them there with me To be wrapped up in the moment The best place I could be They grow, they lead such busy lives It can’t always be the way Ah, but those years they gifted me with time My favourite Christmas Days Time is a rare commodity these days It becomes such a precious thing As I grow older and it ebbs away It’s the best gift one can bring You don’t need to be mega rich One gift will do just fine Gift your loved ones with your presence Gift them with your time

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To All My Friends At Christmas

To My Friends At Christmas

Another year has quickly flown
We’ve grown older you and I
We’ve weathered storms and illness
There were even some goodbyes
Childhood friends still dear to us
Though distance lies between
Our hearts hold tender memories
That time cannot demean

New friends crept into our hearts
Loyal, strong and true
Always ready to cheer us
And give us hope anew
Friends are Angels sent from God
In time of need to see us through
So here is my Christmas Wish
I send to all of you

Merry Christmas my friends
May the New Year be good to you
May your lives be filled with Joy
And all your dreams come true
And on this blessed Christmas Day
May God bless all of you!

Copyright©2011 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)

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Three Sure Signs of Christmas

Three Sure Signs of Christmas
There are twelve days of Christmas, everybody knows that
But there are only three signs to know it’s time to start getting fat.
The first sign that Christmas is getting really quite near
Is all the new toy adverts on the telly that suddenly appear
They are on the telly before kids return to school after summer break
There are lots of toys to buy, they tell us and even some Christmas cake

Never mind the partridge that’s sitting in the pear tree
Or the French Hens and the five golden rings
The second sign is Cliff Richard back, selling his songs and things.
Calendars and tickets, to concerts around and about
I’m here come buy my wears is Cliff Richards only Christmas shout.

The third sign of Christmas is also the television screen
The Coco Cola train runs daily, set in a pretty Christmas scene
Christmas isn’t Christmas without Coco Cola, they would have us believe
We can’t have Christmas without it, because everyone would grieve.

Without TV and Cliff Richard, Christmas would not happen at all
No Christmas dinner or gifts and no works Christmas ball
There would be no Turtle doves, or Maids to go a milking.
No cheap deals and cons, for people to go a bilking.
No money spent at this time of year would be a catastrophe
We would just have to carry on with our same routine daily.

Christmas is not what is was, even the dates are a bit of a misleader
It was mixed with Roman Saturnalia, to appease the then church leaders.
So for all those that celebrate remember you have Cliff to thank for it
Enjoy your time this year, and all those presents that do not fit

Don’t think of me as humbug or even a Christmas killjoy
I wish everyone what they wish for themselves and others
And I hope that your Santa comes, to help all the mothers
Have a good time one and all, at this special time of year
And remember to thank the telly and Cliff, for all this Christmas cheer.

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The Real Christmas Joy

The Real Christmas joy

Once again its that time of the year
The hustle and bustle that makes everyone cheer
There’s so many things that we “need” to do
But we should really be focusing on you
You gave us your son on this special day
Because you love us in every way
The holidays are focused on shopping, gifts, and toys
But these aren’t the true Christmas joys
The holidays should be about you and your love
Not about earthly things but on things above
You sent your son, hes here to save me
Oh how much better that is than a Christmas tree
We have to remember why Jesus came
So that we could be saved and glorify your name
We have to remember that during this season
We celebrate Christmas for only this reason
Now c’mon and let’s drop everything
It’s time to go worship and give praise to the kind

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A Christmas Whistle

If I had a Christmas Whistle.
I'd blow it in your face.
I'd make lots of noise.
Without no disgrace.

It's Christmas time darling.
And joy fills the air.
For Santa is calling.
His team of reindeer..

There's snow on the rooftop.
Firewood in the stove.
Warming up Santa.
From the bitter and cold.

On Dasher, On Prancer, On Vixson let's go.
For Santa is waiting.
To get on with the show.

So if I had a Christmas Whistle.
I'd blow it in your face.
I'd make lots of noise.
Without no disgrace..

It's Christmas time darling.
And joy fills the air.
For Santa is calling..
His team of reindeer...

Christmas Whistle Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2002,2014..ALL rights reserved..

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Santas Little Helpers-part1

'Twas the Night before Christmas and I must confess,
the year 1987, started out just like all of the rest,
with christmas lights twinkling from everyone's dwelling,
but believe me it was different and far more compelling!'

'I'm Sarah, a reporter, who's delivering this tale,
from Chris' own journal this story's regaled,
'I was down in his cellar to take a quick look,
when high up on a shelf was a thin little book!'

'It was dusty and I coughed as I turned the first page,
written in Santas' own words now yellowed with age.'
'December 20th, three of my deer have the flu,
mere days before Christmas-Whatever will I do?'

Just think of it friends-All those poor girls and boys,
searching for that gift from Santa or that special toy!
'Maybe it is a doll, some baseball cards or a game,
with faces abeam, they clutch their gift, yelling 'Oh, it came!'

Reading on, I sympathized with Chris' own plight,
only a few reindeer to pull the heavy sled through the night!
Santa wrote, 'I thought to ask God for an angel or two,
then realized, they were probably too busy with all that they do!'

'For they surely were busy, helping those left alone,
and directing others to shelters, when they had no home,
but the hardest of all, to which I have cried,
is when they comfort the family-at a teen's suicide!'

'I am still in great awe, at God's fabulous gift to me,
the power to reach children and leave a gift under the tree!'
'So I'll fly through the night with only five deer,
and somehow make my deliveries as I do every year!'

'I'll use a shorter harness and reposition the deer instead,
with the strongest in front to balance my heavy sled.'
The pack of toys in the center and I in my seat,
and I'll place one in the lead with the nimblest of feet!'

- Well it's Christmas Eve and so far nothing's gone wrong,
half the world's now visited, the gifts where they belong,
but my reindeer are more tired each time I sneak a glance
and now's no time to rest as we are heading through central France.

'Suddenly our speed begins to drop while flying through space,
the sleigh starts to sway, as my leader's hip slips out of place,
desperately I pull up on the other reindeers' tethers,
but we are fallin' too fast, through the cold foggy weather!'

'Looming ahead, I barely saw the darkened castle,
manouvering toward it, proved to be more than a hassle!'
'We hit the turret wall, up and over we dropped,
and bouncing, skidding and braking we finally came to a stop...'

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It's Christmas Day all over the World

It’s time for Christmas all over the world
There’s a change in most people’s hearts
A flame of generosity starts to emerge
Giving to all those children in need

A game of checkers, a doll or a bright fire engine
Will light up the eyes on Christmas morning
Of children who otherwise would have nothing
So worth it to imagine their smiles 

A box of food arriving on the door step
Anonymously given to the parents
So they can provide a meal  on that special day
A treasure to be found and never forgotten

If only there was no need to give at Christmas
Every child would have a glow about them
Enough food and toys to satisfy any hunger
No child in the world to ever go without

Its time for Christmas all over the world
If only the blessed would not forget
The children out there who have nothing
The gift from your heart will always be with them 

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romantic christmas

christmas is about sharing,giving, and happiness,
but it also about relationships,
and love!

I can\'t wait to spend Christmas with you,
dancing all night,
and when out side alone with ur hands wraped around mine,
we will kiss, the snow will start to fall, 
and you will look in my eyes and say \' i love you\' .    

Like i said,  Christmas is a time for caring, sharing and joy 
But Christmas is also a time for relationships and love, even if you spend it with 
just your friend!

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Christmas in July

When we first heard the diagnosis we cried;
Knowing he would never have another Yule tide.
Being faced with this bummer, in the middle of summer,
We decided to have Christmas in July.

Christmas was his favorite time of year;
Loving to spread the Yule time cheer.
So we set up a tree, when it was 103
And gathered all of his loved ones near.

He distributed the remainder of his wealth;
Being faced with his deteriorating health.
He passed the next day, happy to be on his way,
Not being left to die alone by his self.

Now come every mid of July,
We remember with tears in our eyes;
The passing of Dad and how he was glad
To celebrate one last Christmas surprise.

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Memories Of Christmas

Memories of Christmas through the years,
Have brought lots of laughter and many tears.
Memories of those who have gone on home,
Sometimes leave us sad and alone.
The good times that were had by all,
Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, their happy faces I recall!
The gifts that were given, the fellowship we shared,
The love we all had, showed each other we cared.
The trees were so pretty, the food, oh so good,
Sometimes we would go caroling in the neighborhood.
We would exchange gifts by drawing names,
Some would get clothes, others might get games.
The homes would be decorated with ornaments and lights,
And we would all feast on the many delights!
There would be cakes, cookies, sandwiches, pies, and punch,
Some might eat a lot, others would just munch.
Before you knew it the night would be gone,
And the wait for next year would seem so very long!
But Christmas means more than just these things,
As we remember the birth of the Christ child and the salvation He brings!
He came into this world in a meek and lowly way,
Born of a virgin and in a manger lay.
The Shephards were frightened as the angels came to say,
The great news of His birth on this special day!
Born in Bethlehem, God's only son,
Savior from our sins, He is the only one!
So as I remember the Christmas's of old,
The greatest of all, was the one the prophets foretold!

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Santa Claus Gets a Break

So many years of traveling back and forth to the
North Pole, where the weather's blustery
and the winds are extremely cold,
Santa always prevails as the Postal Sevice does,
Tackling hail, storms and blizzards,
His love for gift giving never wanes,
persevering through torrential rains,
But as time goes by, Santa's getting older,
The ride with the reindeers is like twirling
around in a roller coaster,
So, the elves decided to give him a break,
delivering the presents during horrendous earthquakes,
The ground rattled and  shifted while the little elves
presented the goods,
passing the heavy items around with pieces of wood,
"Many elves make light work, " they chanted while
on their way,
"Santa's saving his strength," in order to travel for
several more holidays,
One Christmas of rest out of hundreds was the world's
present to him,
Saved from his rigorous schedule and idle banter,
He was free to preserve his vigor and vim,
with all his free time he may learn to croon or perhaps
become a Cantor,
All will be merry, all will be bright,
when the little elves arrive  on Christmas Eve Night!

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Christmas, and once again

It all began when I was four, a man of gifts was introduced into my knowledge
O' the joy that I felt, for if I but behaved a list of gifts this man would give me
And so I was on my best only to be disappointed for nothing ever did I see
My family gathered and all of my siblings ran into what the man who brought for them

Year after year I waited, waited with tears of the unknown 
My voice grew into my own personal recorder
I repeated time after time the same lines of regret and broken hope
Yet I held on to the belief that one day the man with a big beard would bring me a gift

All I wanted to was to sit around a tree in christmas time and hold my loved ones
Alone I have spent this holiday after all these years alone I spend it still
Was family not made for me? Was love not meant to wipe my tears
Why am I to my shadow? Am I to dwell until death takes me yet alone

Where is the spirit that touches the soul of christmas
Am I too alone that my christmas has gone away from me too
This eve again I shall weep in the memory that haunts my heart
Farewell world, let me sob that tomorrow christmas too shall be at my minds depth

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New July Holiday

Warmth that flows within the seasons cheer,
To have peace on earth proclaimed again,
A giving time for all women and men,
To be able to see the children faces clear.

Smelling the pine that frames Christmas time,
Gloriously celebrating his birth so sincere,
Christmas in July comes but once a year.
Guiding happiness in this season’s prime.

Serving picnic cuisine with prayers enriched.
Family time together bringing love to all,
Dreaming of Christmas in July breaks a wall.
Bringing memories of an episode of Bewitched.

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Christmas is one of the joyest.
It is a time of birth and giving of one soul.
It is there love exist of the heart. 
The real Christmas joy of happiness we feel.
There as Christ ascends upon the world. 
Such meaning and love each finds in joy.
That of the true person we find we are.
As even those we put aside, we love them none the less.
But Christmas time would be everyday with you.
As each moment would be a blessing knowing I have you.
But Christmas is the feeling of love we share in our hearts.
There deep in our souls we know the one time real love truely exist.

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Joys from Heavens

The time of year when the joys 
Rain down form Heavens
When the families get together, 
When the children look up in  hope
Santa’s fill surprise in the socks at night
When the snowman appears in gardens
There comes a the giggles and chants
Colored balls in trees and stars shining
Exchanges of greetings nights of prayers
We gather to celebrate the coming of Joy
Night to celebrate the Holy Jesus
Night to celebrate new Life, for its
The time of year when joys 
Rain down from Heaven…

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Christmas - A Time to reflect

It's a wonderful time for reflection, have we done what we wanted to do?
You know all the resolutions we made, did we make them all come true?
Did we spend more time with family? Did our kids take pride of place?
Did we love our partners a little more, did we put a smile on our face?
Did our friends know their true worth? Did we let them know we care?
Did we say to them without the words, you know I'm always there?
Yes, it's Christmas time again and with the champagne and the beer
Surrounded by the ones we love we can reflect upon the year
We can laugh and we can capture all the memories we want to store
And we can be thankful for family and friends that we have another year to make more
So during this Christmas break, we thank you for being there.
And we hope and wish in 2010 there will be more fun times to share.
Copyright. Written By Sarndra Schoenmaker 5/12/07

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The Christmas Eve Caper

I woke up early on Christmas Eve
It was late, in the middle of the night
When I saw him under the Christmas tree
He give me such a terrible fright

I thought it must be a cat burglar
Who was trying to steal from me
And I had a fifty-two inch color television
Under that Christmas tree

So I ran to the kitchen as fast as I could
To try to find me a kinife
But I just couldn't find one anywhere
Remind me to have a talk with my wife

Anyway, I grabbed up the toaster behind the bread
That was sitting on the cabinet shelf
I snuck up behind him, like a ninja in sneakers
And was planning on killing that elf

Of course I didn't know it, at the time it occurred
That the fat man, was old Santa Claus
It wouldn't have mattered to me at all
Cause he touched my remote with his paws

I almost had him, when I heard this sound
That was coming from my very own kitchen
It was, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen
Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen

Those eight tiny reindeer had attacked me
I had hoofprints all over my head
And that's when the fat man in the big red suit
Turned around to me and said

"I'm just gonna borrow your color tv,
So I can watch the football game"
"The one in my workshop is only nineteen inches,
And it's really too small and lame"

Before I could tell him to forget it buddy
I heard the sound of him slamming my door
Those eight bully reindeer had wrapped me in tinsel
And left me helpless on the livingroom floor

Well, that was the last time I saw him
And my tv was never returned
So make sure you hide your color tv's
Take it from someone who's learned

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Christmas Landia

On the Twenty Fifth, December Night,
Black Skies Sparkle with  bright light!
Church Bells ring,Ding!Dong!Ding!
Chores of angels  ,start to sing!
Merry Christmas!Everyone!
Happy Birthday,Jesus Son.

We rejoice in prayer and joy,
as We thank this New Born Boy,
He is Born for You and Me,
from Our darkness ,sets us free.
Christmas time,a time for Friends,
Tender Hugs and shaking Hands.

Red Holllies in Window Sills,
Deers and sleighs,Over the Hills.
Cheery music in the streets,
Christmas time,a time for peace,
Neighbours sharing Merry greets,
robin's nest, safely in trees..

Its a time we give Our best,
thinking more about the rest,
Christmas Cards,a Christmas Gift,
Its Our time,to give and give!!
Christmas Spirit,Home sweet Home,
A star twinkling ,on each Dome.

Lots of toys, For Homeless Kids,
Stories told and ancient myths.
Brindisi ! a toast! Saluting with a kiss,
Warm mulled wine,We never miss..
French Beres,Red coats to dress,
in their tails,Men, look their best.

Decorating Christmas trees,
Phone calls ,far across the miles,
Happy Cries and lovely smiles.
Stocking with little surprise,
Before New Dawn,wake and rise.

Five course lunch, For Everyone,
Turkey roasted,just well done.
Aunties,Cousins ,join together,
On this Christmas ,Winter Weather.
At four tea,a Christmas Bun!
Crowd in Chit Chat,having Fun.

Grandma ,bakes ,a Christmas Cake
Snowballs,Mince Pies and Fig Dates.
I prepare ten christmas logs,
Cherries,Nuts,Whisky and Chocs,
Yummie Candies,so delicious,
Forget all which is nutritiuos..

Little Crib in every House,
Grandpa dress as Santa Clause,
Presents,granting many wishes,
Christmas Day, so very precious.
Missletoe and Gleaming eyes,
Christmas Carols,Christma Rhymes.

Cosy Eve,Burning Flames of Fire place,
Spicy wood and Indoor games.
Long Processions in the Streets,
all the Door Knobs Hold Gold Wreaths.
Candle lights in Children's hands,
Miss Christmas and Snow men Dance!

All the Nations holding Hands,
War Is Over,Still a Chance!
Many Blessings On Our Lands,
Merry Christmas Super Friends..
Merry Christmas Everyone,
Welcome Home,Enjoy the Fun! :)

   (Inspired by Caroline Devonshire)

(Welcome in my picture of Christmas Landia)

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happy holidays to ya

Happy holidays to you hope this year treat you right
and hope you get all those good things you like
yes  may santa be good to you
oh! and happy new year too.
for this is the time that we are all filled with joy
where we each get a chance to feel like girls and boys
you know we are blessed just by being here
to see the ending and beganning of the year
last year might have been rough we had alot on our shoulders
and it's going get worst as we get become a year older
that's why we think this time of year is so great
gives us a minute to just relax and celebrate
a time to mend ties with family and friends
a time to show love for our fellow men 
so if you dont get what you want dont pout
that's not even what christmas is all about 
we've lost focus on why we celebrate this day
so let'e bring that back before they try to take it away
after all that's the reason that we're all still here 
merry christmas to all and a happy new year.........

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An Inverness Merry Christmas

Hey all you poets its Christmas time again
Thoughts of writes oozing from your pens
Do you know what form you'll write
Leading up to Christmas night
I look forward to reading them, time and time again

    So here it is Merry Christmas
    All us poets having fun
    Writing forms of poetry
    As our thoughts flow and run

As we wait for Christmas eve to arrive
Kids at this time of year are so alive
As they look forward to Christmas morning
In their stocking, presents are adorning
Oh to see their faces on Christmas day

    So here it is Merry Christmas
    All us poets having fun
    Writing forms of poetry
    As our thoughts flow and run

What will your family do
When they see your poetry books on the shelves
Delivered to the bookshops, by Santa's little elves
Ah ah

Will you be writing any poems for Christmas day
Words in rhyme as you watch your children play
Looking forward to Christmas dinner
Not many of us will be any thinner
Merry Christmas to you is all i say

    So here it is Merry Christmas
    All us poets having fun
    Writing forms of poetry
    As our thoughts flow and run

My entry into Deborah Guzzi's " Holiday Songs in Poem Form " contest

Please sing to " Merry Christmas Everybody " by Slade

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It's Time To Say

After all you’ve been through
To do the things that you still do
To love me even though I’m sometimes a fool
Coming from you that feels so cool

Christmas is here once again
We come through sunshine and rain
I know that I’ve been pain
Over and over again

Yet at this time of year
More than any other I fear
I find it’s time to say
I love you more each passing day

I know you think I fuss
When I worry like a wuss
But I would be lost without you
For I love you B.L. it’s true

Though It  may not show
You still leave me aglow
With your burning kiss
And a body that I’d miss

So on this our ninth Christmas together
I will enjoy being by your no matter what the weather
Sharing a loving Christmas in your arms
And holding all your charms

Once again it’s time to say
Merry Christmas all the way
Glad am I that I’m with you
For there’s nowhere else will do

Three eight one my beautiful lady
You really are my sexy baby
Christmas kisses I’d like to shower
All over your sexy body every hour

So enjoy Christmas and my love for you
I hope I never make you blue
I want only that you be happy all the time
That’s why love and Christmas are in this rhyme

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Christmas Is

A time for dreams, for presents and cheer
Or perhaps to reflect on the passing year
A time for each to give and share
With the ones we love, to show we care

The Christmas message is spread around
But tis sometimes lost in lights and sound
When that little boy was manger born
With no great fanfare or trumpeting horn

A boy so destined to bring great hope, belief
And to a troubled world some faint relief
But the message he spread as he grew older
Is lost in hype as our hearts grow colder

But it's time again to hear what he had to say
Because we need some hope in this modern day
A message of freedom, of life and love
A belief in eternity with God above

As you open your gifts and Christmas presents
Think of just what this day represents
Love, life, time with family and friends
He gave his life on a cross to see it never ends

So remember this during your time together
A life with Him goes on forever
And as you celebrate His birth with great cheer
Recall He is watching over you, all through the year.

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It is there when all is silent and quiet.
With sugar plums and misled toes dancing in thoughts.
Most time you can see the snow fall as kids play about.
As it is winter time and Christmas is hear again.
And it’s peace and giving again.

But do we always give thanks?
Or is it just during certain times of the year.
But do we truly remember the day!
The day when Christ our Savoir was born.
It was that of a Christmas day.

When Mary gave birth and gifts come from far and beyond.
For this day, there was a new King that had been born.
That all gave glory before Christmas was destroyed.
For there in his heart he gave Jesus unto us to rein.
That in the days at hand, we would know the true love.
And in our hearts he would rein.

It was there somewhere far beyond.
That Christmas is known as king of the year.
For it is there to which a new year rings in.
For there I say Merry Christmas and God Bless my friend.

Hope you think of the real meaning of Christmas this year..
To always be thankful through out the year.
For each day is a blessing just to breathe.
But each day was about giving and caring about the one of no name.
That in your heart, you find a love of that Christmas day.

As you find the spirit of kindness everyday.
May you share a joy of it to the passer by...?
That the spirit of Christmas lives and never dies.
That each day will be in Christ our King.
And In your heart, he will always rein
And that is a true Christmas Day!

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Why Do We Take Christ Out of Christmas

Why Do We Take Christ Out of Christmas? Christmas is the only holiday we often don’t call by name. We often forget about the true reason that Christ came. It’s the only holiday that we often call “a holiday.” It’s true meaning, is often, taken away! It’s more than the tree and all of the glittering lights… It’s time to think about the Bethlehem star so bright! It’s more than going shopping at the malls… More than, “Jingle Bells,” or “Deck the Halls!” It’s more than seeing how many people we can buy for. Or that clearance sale, you’re willing “to die for!” It’s more than buying the “newest in entertainment.” Or receiving a gift that may “cause an embarrassment.” Beyond all of the presents and all we truly believe in. Let’s all come to Christ Jesus and receive him! Let’s think about his birth, and his death on the cross! Without HIM… The true meaning of Christmas is lost! He brings the hope, joy and cheer that’s needed! Won’t you listen to his voice? That often goes unheeded? Christ is what’s important! And shouldn’t be left out! He’s what matters! And is what Christmas is all about! Let’s be joyful! It was for all of us that he came! And take this time to bring honor and glory to his name! By Jim Pemberton

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Christmas In The South

Christmas carol singing. Jingle bells ringing.
Here in the "South" that is our upbringing.....
       From gathered together in cold weather in front of a neighbors yard;
to parents stopping traffic so kids could sleigh ride down the ice covered boulevard.
       This is a jolly of a rhyme because it's Christmas time.
       Around the first week in December,
the excitement would build amongst each family member.
       We would rally together as a family;
Nothing more exciting to me than picking out the fatest Christmas tree.
       Every house from miles around would compete.
Who had the most colorful, prettiest Christmas tree on their street.
       Our neighborhood had decorations only for the elite.
Christmas decorating should be a pro sport, and families are the athletes!
       Christmas carol singing. Jingle-bells ringing.
Here in the "South" that is our upbringing.....
       On those dark cold days, and colder nights.
Families would still travel to see every house and their colorful lights.
       If it begin to snow, it did not bother us.
For with those flurries came a white Christmas!
Note: My friend encouraged me to enter this contest "Christmas in your town"...I actually had 
fun with it.  My favorite time of year...but the saddest time since I've been in here.....

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Christ is Christmas

Christ is Christmas.

The children gather, and there smiles so bright,
The family gathers to see the tree, what an awesome sight.
The tinsel and the lights strung all around,
Adorned with gold and silver, even treasures found.

The wreath hung upon the door, to welcome everyone,
To settle and enjoy the sights when all the work is done.
The fireplace so warm and the wood stacked so tall
It’s truly a season loved by one and all.

Christmas should be the example we certainly should share,
Showing everyone Gods love and that we do care.
Offer His love in everything you do and say,
It doesn’t have to be a season, or Christmas day.

There is so much hurt, so much sadness in our time and day,
That we need to give the gift of love, and hope when we pray.
Christmas seems to be the one time of year we give,
Don’t forget our testimony, and the way we should live.

If we could touch, just one soul along our path and  way,
It could be Christmas each and every passing day.
How joyous, and exciting that would truly be,
To show the world Christmas and what Jesus means to me.

Wendell Mays 

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Was It Better Then

Tell me was it better then or am I now insane
Or does my mind play just play tricks again
We Had so little christmas day
Yet were so happy just to play

In Scarbourough when I was a kid
On christmas eve neath sheets we hid
Not wanting to see Santa Claus
Sleep was just the shortest pause

Before we woke to tree and decs
That were put up by worn out wrecks
For none were there at our bedtime
And yet appeared by breakfast time

Stockings hung upon bed end
Hoping that our jolly friend
Would leave fruit maybe some nuts
Perhaps the comic funny cuts

Then presents, which now adayswould be called cheap
Only the smallest little heap 
But to us kids it was a joyful time
To be ungrateful such a crime

Now the kids want more and more 
How much can our pockets now endure
Oh for the simple christmas once more 
Was it better then, I am not to sure

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The First Gift

Christmas is a time for giving. Christmas should be a whole lot more. A time for loving, time for living A time the Christ Child to adore, To shout His name from shore to shore. God sent his Child, his own dear Son, And angels sang, the tale to tell. First Christmas gift for everyone Ring loud, ring long, the Christmas bell. The Christ has come on Earth to dwell. His birth, though happening long ago In humble manger lined with hay, Still puts a very happy glow In human hearts on Christmas Day. God sent him forth our sins to pay.
December 2, 2011 Won 2nd place For contest (English Quintain)

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The Last Day

            The Last Day

The first day is like an unwrapped mystery
Christmas, birthday, holiday present
Oxygen and nitrogen fills the air with freshness
Like news, wet ink from press, unread paper and baby’s breath

The second day is like an unmade bed and breakfast
The sky opens up at high noon for business, middle life
Half time, savory centered, comes with existence, full flavored  
Balance takes on the order of the day, remains, saved 

The last day is like charcoal grays washed away with rain
Colors fade, grains of sand dance out the counted hours  
Doomsday is right around the corner casting shadows
Let’s keep it there, under wraps, under the Christmas trees of past  

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A Christmas Poem

A Christmas Poem

You told me I should write it – it’s written but not sent
I'm not sure who would get my point - or who would just get bent

The 1st I wrote at Tulley Gate
Traffic on 1 made we wait and wait
By the time I got to Telegraph
I composed another paragraph
On Pohick then from light to light
I'd stop, grab paper, pen and write
And on the parkway from time to time
I'd stop at lights - jot down a rhyme
Then in the garage at my own home
I finished up the Christmas Poem
And this morning at an early hour
I composed this intro in the shower

So like I said, the poems been writ
I just don’t know what to do with it.

What do you want for Christmas? Or can I say that here.
Or has “Christmas Joy” been replaced by generic “Season’s Cheer”.
What do you want from Santa?  Should I bring mistletoe?
No – I did not hear about the ban on his joyful “Ho – Ho – Ho”.
Is his workshop still non-union?  Or have the elves gone out on strike.
And what’s this about PETA and using animals for flight.
And did you know his list of who’s naughty and who’s nice
Has been eliminated by physiologist’s advice
Today’s kids are rewarded just cause they’re a kid
Labeling them is not allowed no matter what they did
It’s no longer “Christmas” shopping; it’s the “Holiday’s” big sale
And if someone’s get’s offended, you might end up in jail
The Christ in Christmas means one thing
The birth of One who would be king
If it weren’t for Christ, there’d be no reason
For what we call this Christmas Season
So if greeted with “Happy Holiday”
Think about our Lord and say
Merry Christmas

This was written between Fort Belvoir, Va and my home in Chantilly, VA - about a 45 minute drive.

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Christmas Love

Christmas Love.

The children gather, and there smiles so bright, 
The family gathers to see the tree, what an awesome sight
The tinsel and the lights strung all around, 
Adorned with gold and silver, even treasures found. 

The wreath hung upon the door, to welcome everyone, 
To settle and enjoy the sights when all the work is done. 
The fireplace so warm and the wood stacked so tall, 
It’s truly a season loved by one and all. 

Christmas should be the example we certainly should share, 
Showing everyone Gods love and that we do care, 
Offer His love in everything you do and say, 
It doesn’t have to be a season, or even Christmas day. 

There is so much hurt, so much sadness in our time and day, 
That we need to give the gift of love, and hope when we pray. 
Christmas seems to be the one time of year we give, 
Don’t forget our testimony, and the way we should live.

If we could touch, just one soul along our path and way, 
It could be Christmas each and every passing day. 
How joyous, and exciting that would truly be, 
To show the world Christmas and what Jesus means to me. 

Wendell Mays 

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Time Here Well Spent

Where does time go...
Does anyone know....

My childhood zipped by light a streak of lighting in the skies,
I look back and say, boy how times flies!

A mother and a grandmother too,
Time is still passing and there is so much left to do.

I talk to God to see if I was doing ok in His eye,
I sitting and waiting on His reply.

Since I don't know how much time I have left on this God created land,
I will continue to love and help where I can.

My current plan is to feed a family a week throughout the month of December, I have had needy days and nights as far back as I can remember.

This is not a task, but a true,true Blessing,
I wish I that I could more than half of what they are requesting...

As this will come later, God Will and His way,
As I fullfill these Blessings I ask that you ALL pray.

Happy Holidays!

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As the wind blows past His window
And the loving sun shines upon His pretty face,
He feels a funny kind of joy
And He knows today is going to be special.

He gets up every morning knowing what the day will bring
He tries to fill His life with happiness,
He lives for the joy He brings
He’s never without a smile.

He is not famous for his work or money He owns
The children of the world knows Him for the joy He brings,
He only comes once a year, He’s never late
He’s not real, but who cares.

He will come every year until the end of time
He will not let us forget
It’s a time for love and sharing 
A time for caring for all.

It’s Christmas Time
We must never forget
What Christmas stands for
We must never forget

The love
The sacrifice
The Father
The Son

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Death in a Parking Lot

Parking lots are creepy and desolate in the dark,
without fluorescent lights, 
no one can remember where they parked,
A person may roam around for hours or click 
on their alarm.
At Christmas time parking lots are synonymous
to Christmas Tree Farms,
A death can easily happen in the midle of the maze,
when attendants are not looking,
People can sneak in and out of the gates,
rummaging for all sorts of goodies to take,
If someone is unaware they can 
overpower him/her in a choke hold,
strangling the person until they are
stone cold,
In the twinkling of an eye a family 
can suffer a loss,
The owners and corporations may try
to cover up the heinous crime,
by slinging mud and slime,
But in due time unsolved mysteries
eventually shine.

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    The mountains majestic 'neath the mid winter sky
there was a peace in the air for Christmas was nigh
    The valley serene as he gazed there below
and saw the sparkle of lights through the fresh 
falling snow
    He traveled alone as he had through the years
over thousands of miles through his sorrows and tears
    He was just thirty when he lost his dear wife
so tragic and and to precious young life
    Though he knew that one day that one day
that his time would come
that he would see her again and again they'd be one
    Now tomorrow was Christmas said the lights across town
and time for some rest 
to lay himself down
    The lights of a diner appeared in the night
so he let off the throttle and eased to the right
    He sensed something different as he walked through
the door
there was a peace in the air and a cloud near the door
    A silver haired sat there by himself
said the cups are up there to your right on the shelf
    He poured him a cup and sat across from the man
and noticed the scars on his hands
    He though who is this man and where is this place
why all this peace when I look on his face
    As he pondered the thought the gent spoke again
I've something to share is how he began
    I've watched you my son since I first gave you life
Know the love that you shared with your beautiful wife
    I held your heart in my hand as it shattered in two
and cried along with you when she was taken from you
    Yet I noticed you didn't put life on a shelf
for over the years you gave of yourself
     You tended the needy the sick and the lame
and though you were lonely you gave just the same
     You've shown to others what givings about
and many a time that you went without
     The spirit of giving is not in the gift
but what's in your heart when others you lift
     So humbly he listened to the words of this man
when on his right shoulder he felt a warm hand
     All the love he was feeling all the peace and the grace
were revealed in his tears as he gazed on her face
     The midnight has passed now and morning has come
for these twenty four hours you two shall be one
     Each year on this day tis what I will do
as you've given to others I give unto you.

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Take me Back to the Time

Take me back to a time when have a Pepsi was for merry people at Christmas,
When General Electric fairy lights hung on real trees and pine needles fell,
Father Christmas smoked Pall Mall cigarettes because they were the smoothest,
A present of Tupperware for your mum was the very best present in the world.

Back to a time when Lional train sets made a man of a boy and a boy of a man,
Sammy Davis took Alka Seltzer as it eased his holiday headaches making him well,
Where Tide washing powder made every husband the most smartest man in every town,
And another happy chubby Father Christmas drank Coca Cola because it was the best.

A time when lorries slowly drove along roads selling wood for Christmas real fires,
A new Hoover would take care of any mess that was caused by the most crowded party,
Carlings Red Cap beer was the perfect drink for the perfect party with no hang overs,
And Crushed Rose Lipstick and transformed every woman from a house wife to a princess.

Woman should gain weight stop being skinny and tired with a plan that made you fat,
But the best of all were cock-eyed, cross-eyed glasses that made your eyes look normal,
And Woolworth's was the shop to buy all your Christmas presents to delight your family,
But for a young boy the best present he could ever get in his life was a new bicycle.

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A Moving Christmas

Up to my eyeballs with boxes of history
this decision I made is really no mystery.

I've worn myself to a definite frazzle
but as I look around it's beginning to dazzle!

A crazy time to pick up and go
yet the time was ripe for leaving I know.

Sad to tell my dear sister good-bye;
we certainly both had ourselves a good cry.

As the miles burned by with the roar of the truck
I thought about my good fortune and luck.

I'm blessed with friendships so wondrous and rare;
they've helped me so much nothing can compare.

Now the crumpled newspapers lay in a pile;
I need a good rest but I'll work for awhile.

There's cleaning,unpacking,so much to do
but it caught my eye and a crazy thought grew.

In the midst of this chaos a tree now shines bright;
stepping over the boxes I plug in the light.

A smile glazes across my tired face
and Christmas arrives in this new-found place!

*note* I really just moved 4 days ago and I did put up my Christmas tree despite how totally exausted I am!  Happy holidays everyone!

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Away In The Manger

out in the pasture sits a church
homemade by brothers hands and filled with dirt

given to Mother so it stops her hurt
decorated each Christmas for what's its worth

as Mother lays down the cotton skirt
out comes the angels the manger and baby Jesus without a shirt

next comes her towering soldiers buried into the dirt
holding their swords that really can hurt

strewn lights gazes upon the pasture's dirt
frozen in time like a star that shivers and quirks

Mama's eyes glistens like fireworks bursts
for all her effort and time even when she hurts

as mother kneels in front of her church
she praises baby Jesus for all he's worth

comes in from the cold and winters bursts
gathers the children as they all look at her work

and tells us the story of a Christmas birth
as we sip on hot chocolate and felt the hurt

of how Jesus died for our sins on this earth
as we wiped our tears with our night shirts

I was glad to run out and relight the candles burst
and give baby Jesus one more kiss and fix his grass skirt

Tribute To Nativity Scenes

Merry Xmas All      
Love Kathy And Jenny

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snowed in

snowed in to your home cocoa in hand dreams of flurries dancing in your mind perfect time 
to put up decorations and a tree and listen to christmas music and watch the mocie a 
christmas celecrating many a oliday from christmas to kwanza and many more stressing 
people out with the presense of the voice in your head saying to get the perfect gift money 
and greed mean nothing at this time of year its family and friends that matter the most and 
thats all the counts in the eyes of the beholder family is all you need

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man in a black dress


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A Christmas Tale

As snowflakes form into crystalline  beds
Santa dresses up in his suit so red
Reindeer restless to come out of their stall
Christmas is the most wonderful night of them all
All across the world it's so beautiful to see
People taking the time to fill others hearts with glee
Somewhere high above the clouds in a special place
God and Son sit on their throne a smile upon their face
The reason they are smiling is it warms their heart to see
Love and cheer is everywhere that it could possibly be
Somewhere in a little town nestled nicely away
A worried man looks at the bills he knows he must pay
As his daughter points at the advertisement on t.v.
Excitedly asking of her dad, "Will Santa bring that for me"
Suddenly he hears more mail land in the box
With a thud that hits his heart like a thousand locks
As he shuffles through the bills that day he runs across a card
So he stops and opens it right there in the yard
The thing about this card that made the odds so slim
This man had absolutely no idea who sent it to him
It said,"We know times are tough and what your going through"
"So we placed $500 in this card and sent it off to you"
He searched the envelope and card but there was no name at all
He reckons that makes this wonderful gift the greatest gift of all
He talks it over with his wife and they give half away
To help the local shelter feed the hungry on Christmas day
As we scurry about these days in an awful fuss
I believe up in heaven the Lord is smiling down on us
Because he knows on Christmas day that most all humanity
Takes the time to stop and say, "Lord we give thanks to thee"

Totally fictional poem but the message is one that
needs be heard. In every town across our nation
hungry families will file into the many shelters
hoping to get them and their children a hot meal
and possibly a single gift. If everyone who could
afford to give a dollar would no one would be
turned away - Merry Christmas

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The good husband and his wife
Are happy partners in their life
Content in each others company
They live their life quite humbly

Yet come the time of advent
All time and effort is then spent
In the seasonal preparations
Of the coming celebrations

Where the good couple dwelt
Festive odours could be smelt
As special victuals quietly matured
As they cooked and baked and cured

This went on till advent passed
And they had cooked their last
Then the boxes were well packed
To ensure that no one lacked

The boxes were then sent on their way
To be delivered for Christmas day 
To the poor and needy of the town
To those that society had let down

But not all was sent on its way
There was plenty kept for Christmas day
When friends and neighbours all
Were invited to the little church hall

Where on that Christmas day
Their bounty was on display
Biscuits, bread and well filled pies
Cakes and sweets of varying size 

Roasted meats, fowl and game
Fruits and nuts of every name
And a good time was had by all
At the happy feast at the church hall

The good husband and his wife
The happy partners in each others life
Content in each others company
Sat in the corner quite humbly

Spectators at the feast of their making
Quietly satisfied with their undertaking
Content with their preparations
And happy with the Christmas celebrations

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The Christmas Eve Caper

I woke up on Christmas Eve
It was late, in the middle of the night
When I saw him under the Christmas tree
He give me such a terrible fright

I thought it was a cat burglar or something
Who was trying to steal from me
And I had a 52 inch color television
Under that Christmas tree

So I ran to the kitchen as fast as I could
To try to find me a kinife
But I just couldn't find one anywhere
Remind me to have a talk with my wife

Anyway, I grabbed up the toaster behind the bread
That was sitting on the cabinet shelf
I snuck up behind him, like a ninja in sneakers
And was planning on killing that elf

Of course I didn't know it, at the time it occurred
That the fat man, was old Santa Claus
It wouldn't have mattered to me at the time
Cause he touched my remote with his paws

I almost had him, when I heard this sound
That was coming from my very own kitchen
It was, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen
Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen

Those eight tiny reindeer had attacked me
I had hoofprints all over my head
And that's when the fat man in the big red suit
Turned around to me and he said

"I'm just gonna borrow your color tv,
So I can watch the football game"
"The one in my workshop is only 19 inches.
And it's just really too small and lame"

Before I could tell him to forget it buddy
I heard the sound of him slamming my door
Those eight bully reindeer had wrapped me in tinsel
And left me helpless on the livingroom floor

Well, that was the last time I saw him
And my tv was never returned
So make sure you hide your color tv's
Take it from someone who's learned

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The Spirit of Christmas


When Thanksgiving Day is finally gone
And Autumn's days are rushing on
We come to a time when feelings change
Even the animals begin to act strange

It's a time that's filled with anticipation
And the joy of a soon to come celebration
A time when hearts are festive and light
With beautiful Christmas trees shining so bright

A time to remember the birth of a child
Born in a stable, so meek and mild
Whose birth was foretold by angels in dreams
And becomes more wonderful each year, so it seems

So if we all took the time to recall the reason
Why the entire world celebrates this season
The a true Christmas Spirit would surely prevail
And the world would be more than willing to tell

Of the Christ Child born on this day back then
To become a Man who can save us from sin
A Man with the gift of Eternal Life
To be lived with Him and be free of strife

So let the Spirit of Christmas touch you today
And spread it to others along your way
Then maybe this year the whole world will see
The real Spirit of Christmas in you and in me

	Curtis Moorman
	Christmas 2000

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merry freakin' Christmas and jingle all the way
I'm really hating this time of year, what more is there to say
except I'd like to sleep past new year, tucked away inside my bed
if it wasn't for all these damned sugar plums that keep dancing in my head
as far as I'm concerned saint nick can stay at his beloved north pole
each time he passes by my house he always pockets my lump of Christmas coal
but if Santa decides to come right down Santa Claus lane
he better look both ways as it will be me laying in wait driving that run away, yule tide freight 
but you should be good, you know for goodness sake
well if I had Donner or Blitzen in my sights tonight I'd be eating a fat, juicy reindeer steak
so as you throw away the used wrapping paper, searching for that gift you may have 
don't bother wishing me a happy holiday
this year my Christmas goose is cooked

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Waymanville Christmas-for Carolyn Devonshire

Christmas lights aglow, multicolors to replace the scarcely seen snow in the south, USA.Families around the evergreen awaiting the giving of gifts to remember our lord and savior's birth. Blustery weather shopping, season for giving to others and we don't forget the empty stocking fund, salvation army, orphanage and operation Christmas child. Candle light church service, children dressed like angels, wisemen, and shepherds. Baby Jesus' birth day celebration. A time for giving, a time for feasting, a time for decorations and lights, lights, lights!! Oh! don't forget the Christmas photo to send to relatives in the Christmas cards. Red and green colors to represent the blood of christ and evergreen for eternal life. The star on top of the tree, to guide us to the Christ child for salvation. Thank you Jesus for your blessings everyday!!
For the Christmas in your town contest.

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It's the wonderful Holiday Season,
and lights are twinkling everywhere;
have better intentions or a good reason
to be kinder and more aware.

It's time to start thinking hard
and planning for next year,
the year in which wishes are granted
to the few who were willing to share.

Haven't you seen the colorful lights on wide wreaths   
that adorn the noisy streets and avenues?
Haven't you heard the carols choruses praising Jesus?
Why is your loneliness an urge for blues?

It's almost Christmas Day and no snowflakes have fallen;
the presents haven't been wrapped, but stored in dark closets...
while other folks have already beat the Yule rush by winding down
with expectations on their minds...will you be like them and exchange presents?

Haven't you remembered the birth of our Savior?
Have you done awesome deeds and spread true joy anywhere?
Nothing is more satisfying than being generous,
sharing your wealth and make the needy less trepidatious.

It's time to start thinking hard and be a witness into the Lord, 
and if the Christmas word means nothing on a greeting card:
what other joy or thrill is left by giving with empty hands?
Have you remembered the affection and the kindness of friends?

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Merry Christmas to Heaven

As we gather around at this time of the year
It makes us wish even more that you were here
We will never grow accustom to life without you
We know that you are peaceful now
Walking streets of gold
Holding hands with the angels
And never growing old
That doesn’t change the void we feel
Opening up the presents
And sitting down for a meal
With each light on the tree that twinkles
We feel that you are close
Wishing we had the time to say that we loved you the most
Now we will share each moment in memory of you
Merry Christmas to Heaven
Merry Christmas to You

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Christmas is.....?

What is Christmas to you?

Oxen's stall-or-shopping mall,
Mangers with hay-or-non-working day.
Angels at night-or-tinsels and lights,
Shining star-or-credit card.

Shepherds guarding their flock-or-what can be in that shiny red box.
A gift of gold-or-gold to hold.
Peace within-or-a tie again.
Wise men on bended knee-or-having the largest Christmas tree.

Time to reflect and think-or-simply time for a drink.
A time to share-or-gift wrap everywhere.
Celebrating with the family-or-having dinner served by three.
Quiet pause with kids and spouse-or-a highly decorated house.

Fulfilled promise from above-or-crowds and lines, and push and shove.
Silent night-or-partying till daylight.
The first Noel-or-stomp and yell.
The prelude to the Saviour's Cross-or-is it only Santa Claus.

Joy to the world-or-ribbon properly curled,
God come down from eternity-or-"What did you buy for me?"
The virgin birth-or-How much is that present worth?
The reason for the season-or-celebration with no reason.

Promise of life to come-or-"gimme some, give me some"
Smiles and hugs-or-"Bah'Humbug'"
The Birthday of our King-or-something else that needs returning'
Carol's sung by a mighty choir-or-merely chestnuts roasting in the fire.

Giving help to those in need-or-out on the slopes with blinding speed.
A little child's eyes opened wide-or-another chance for a snowmobile ride.
The baby boy-or-simply a brand new toy.

Everyday we are asked to chose,
So much to gain-or-so much to lose.
It's not for me to tell you what to do,
What does Christmas really mean to you?

                                                      Arthur Ball (H.S.L.P.)
                                                      December 9, 2001


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Amen, Good Times

Her special month is November,
 My special month is December, 
Gather around the fireplace,
 look at the burning ember
 My special time to remember,
 Listen to the wind chimes,
 These are my good times,
 Hear my voice,
 Please feel rejoice.
 No time for depression,
 Time for love and affection,
 Streets filled with snow,
 We're under the misltoe,
 There we had our first kiss,
 I've never felt so much bliss,
 Listen to the wind chimes,
 These are my good times,
 Hear my voice,
 Please feel rejoice. 
 Its time for joy,
 Kids playing with their favorite toy, 
Gathering around the Christmas tree,
 Always something jolly to see,
 Looking back at the year,
 Not a single tear,
 Flying reindeer, 
Doing the shopping at the mall,
 Merry Christmas to all,
 Listen to the wind chimes, 
These are my good times,
 Hear my voice,
 Please feel rejoice. 
We're coming home,
 As a kid thats all we've known,
 Our homecoming,
 Our family singing,
 We're coming home again,
 Celebration with our children,
 We're coming home again,
 Bringing our souls closer to Heaven.

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Christmas cards come from absentees
Bringing so many Christmas wishes
And those you get to see in person
Are greeted with Christmas kisses

It’s the time for friends and family
Exchanging gifts beneath the tree
A time to enjoy every single moment
And make it as magical as it can be

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Another Christmas approaching without you by my side 
Each passing one it gets better since the year you died
Not one passes without your memory coming in to play 
As one tear is shed as i awake Christmas day
I don't think there will be any ever quite the same 
Without your eyes for me to see or your voice calling my name
But as i awake Christmas day the memories will be there to greet me 
I will take all those cherished moments as i sit by the tree 
The boys will tare the paper open as they laugh and play
Your memory stays with us another Christmas day

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Missing You

The Christmas tree is up the decorations all hung
The errands almost completed right on time 
Yesterday it snowed for the first time this winter
All along the eastern coast a winter wonderland 
Long and hard it fell wind- tossed everywhere
Now fine powder- packed and piled twenty inches high!
Today, it is shimmers like fine crystal glistening in the bright noon sun 
Enough to warm your Sunshine but not enough to warm
Her heart as her thoughts again turn to you 
Missing you so! It hurts holding on to that last mail I read 
Again and again I commit to memory every word
I am sending you messages via ESP whispering your name 
Tears flow easy and I am feeling blue 
This Christmas and New Year will be the worst I’ve ever had
Without you here I will not light the fireplace because
I will not see the firelight dance in your brown eyes 
Nor that quirky smile you wear so well as you reach 
To take my hands wanting to dance to Marc Anthony’s “My Baby You” 
Tonight I will light a candle and place it in the window 
Praying that you will see it through your mind’s eye and know that
Just a little way up north you are loved in return just as you are
As always I will be the warmth you feel on your skin
God willing throughout the years to come
I am missing you terribly!

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Christmas time is almost here (Revised) Version 1

(Verse 1)
From the end of November through December 
That feeling is in the air
Celebration and good cheer
corner to corner lights begin to flicker

Turkey Dinners and vegetable beef stew 
apple pies and sweet potatoes too.
Children laughing in delight 
A tree that represents the life

Christmas time is almost here
Santa Claus and a jolly ho ho
Christmas time is almost here
Old Saint Nick with a twinkle in his eyes

(Verse 2)
Rudolph’s nose as a guiding light
Streets covered in white
A star that stands proud through the night
Love peace and joy to all

Christmas time
Hey can ya hear it
That pitter patter of reindeer on the roof
All the world in a magical sleep

Christmas time is almost here
up and down the chimney
Christmas time is almost here
Love filling all the young hearts

Christmas Time .. Christmas Time .. 
Christmas time is almost here
Christmas time is almost here
Merry Christmas and happy new year to one and all

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Santa's Take

What a special time of year....
 I,Santa and my minion of elves
making a gazillion toys for all
the giddy girls and boys.

Just what are some of the things they
will find under the tree? Let's see !!

Colorful cars that go vroom vroom
and twin engine planes that zoom.
Remote control trucks that 
tumble around the room.Oh these
things simply can't come too soon!

There's the cute little doll house
with a canary canopy and the stocking 
stuffed to the brim with sugar coated candy.
Oh my, what about the indestructable 
tank with the turret that pivots or the
tried and true toolset equipped with 
screwdrivers, pliers, hammer
and yes, even a rack of rivets.

I almost forgot about the long-legged dolls
with their fancy silk sweaters and dresses.
Oh how  girls love those that talk or cry,
or ..... yes, even make little messes.

Then there  are teddy bears,dolphins,
monkeys, ...stuffed animals of all kinds.
Oh, is it possible for the youngsters
to get these tantalizing toys out of their minds?

Chutes and Ladders,Candyland, Twister,
Guess Who, a smorgasboard of board games.
Oh yes, after this Christmas Day, 
nothing could ever be the same.

Then there are cd's, dvd's,mp3s
you name it, even cell phones to call.
And no, that's certainly not all.
Catchers mitts, frisbees,yo-yo's or 
better yet, a new leather basketball.

Robots, Light Bright,Spirograph,
we are busy making toys for tots.
And I don't think I need to tell you
No matter how you slice it... there's alot.

But I'm running out of time here  you see
and there's no limit to what 
can be found underneath the tree.
Every year Christmas provides a new story.

I know I hold a special place in 
the hearts of people both young and old.
But I will be the first to admit
Christmas is not about me or what's
under the tree, but might I be so bold

as to say we must not forget that the real
Christmas story is all about love.
It starts and ends with  the gift of Jesus
sent to us from His Father above.

For without that very "special delivery"
Christmas Day we wouldn't even celebrate.
No, as a matter of fact, December 25th
would simply be just an ordinary date.

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Christmas Time Is Here

I think back to many a year
when Christmas time was very dear
our tree aglow with lights and fruit
having spent many hours in rubber boots
trudging the woods for that special tree
snow had fallen clear up to our knees
we'd trim and cut then make a stand
our Christmas tree just  looked so grand
we dried some fruit that  hung with care
even strung popcorn which was very rare
the lighted candles stood so tall
praying each night that they wouldn't fall
our Christmas time so very merry
none of that rush with cash and carry
we had things made like socks an shirts
never worried if the shirt didn't work
stockings were filled with fruit and nuts
we never expected or had very much
oh i think back to toughs wonderful days
wishing many could  have seen our ways.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Just A Bit Of Hoilday Cheer

Just sitting here thinking of you
Having you on my mind,

Haven’t heard from you in many
A week

Now that the holiday is upon us
You were on my mind

I am sending you a hello over 
Many miles far away

Hoping when this little note find
It’s way into your hand

It finds you full of cheer, at this
Glorious time of the year..

When all the Christmas decoration
Line the houses and streets

The Christmas snow decide to fall
To make the Christmas spirit a bit
More exciting

When the time is right for angels
And such..

Your cheeks is blushing rosey

Ah, how I love this time of year!

“Oh how exciting this is to be”


Mother nature decides to help

And make the time as wonderland
On earth

Big flakes of snow just falls with all
It’s beauty..

When you stand under the mistletoe
I want you to think of me kindly and

For am sending you a box of kisses
To last until another season..

But ,I Want To Wish Everyone A Merry
Christmas & A Happy New!

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Idiotic Ads

 Idiotic Ads 
Idiotic Ads 
When the eye gets rich and famous and receives his next million dollars charlax 
the third will remove all the ads from the internet eye will pay everyone not to 
advertise them before Christmas time or after Christmas time begins. When 
commercials are done they will forget Santa's clause at the end. There will be 
more patriotic ads Just imagine a moonlight nite fit for a ride on a horsey. The 
axe deodorant can is sitting in the window of the tower. One if by land two if by the 
sea and instead of two lanterns burning to warn people the boats was coming 
Paul Revere rode to a midnite rendezvous with two minions and flirts spraying 
his axe around them quite gleefully having the fun of his lifetime yearning for his 
freedom. The axe people take note the tri-cornered hat could be tri-colored at that 
and the oversize axe can says PR on the label please get the idea on the table 
and let Santa go home until Christmas come we need no axe can with SC on the 
label let Santa alone until Dec 23 and then let him sleep on Dec 26 at his home 
the North Pole.

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Chrissy's Home (Part II)

                      "You're not afraid- are you, Stacey?"  She giggled. "Don't you think you 
ought to slow down?" I mustered.  "We'll be alright," she said with a grin and kept 
on trucking, but when we parked, I almost responded as the Pope does when he 
deplanes.  However, that would have been too cynical; yet, when the Christmas 
holidays rolled around, I left the driving to Greyhound.
                     While at home, my Christmas was very merry, and New Year's Day 
was happy, until I received "the" call.  It was Chrissy's roommate, 
Belinda. "Stacey." She paused.  "Chrissy died yesterday." "What-?!"  I exclaimed 
softly, uncertain of what I had just heard. "The weather was bad on her way to 
church, and her truck hydroplaned into oncoming traffic," she responded.  "But 
they say she died instantly."  Then we silenced. 
                     As I clutched the Christmas card Chrissy had made for me, my heart 
bled with grief.  Although I felt a great sense of loss, I never blamed God or 
Chrissy's driving for the fatality. Neither did my eyes shed a tear, not because I 
repressed my emotions, but for the reason I shared at the BSU memorial service 
held in her honor. "This is not a time to mourn, but a time of joy to celebrate 
Chrissy's homecoming, as she would have wanted us to.  And we know where 
she is, where her heart has always been, home with Jesus." Yet alive here, 
Chrissy is in my heart and commemorated  in books throughout this country 
through the following poem I wrote with her in mind

When Special Moments Come Again
Moments come and go,
But special moments come again,
When the thoughts of you with me
Seem they never have an end;
As a touch brings back sensation
And a song triggers emotion,
A smell brings back the memories,
As a taste triggers the notion
That we'll always be together;
What we shared will never end,
And I know that you're right here
When special moments come again.

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Jesus and the angels

Two days before Christmas Eve in New York City.
A little girl named Hope had the heart of a giant at the age of seven years old.
Hope and her loving parents where all together decorating the Christmas tree.
Hope asked her mother, “Mommy will I ever see Jesus and all the angels”.
“One day when it’s your time”, said her mother.
“It would be nice to visit grandma again”, said Hope.
Her mother told her, “You know she’s always looking down on you”. 
“Really”, she asked her father with a big smile.
That night Hope woke up with a stomach ache.
“Daddy, daddy my tummy is hurting again”, Hope cried to her father.
He told her, “Alright let’s get some medicine from the cabinets”.

A little while later Hope got really sick. 
She was taken to the nearest hospital.
The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
Running tests over and over.
Still nothing showed up on the screen until they x-rayed on her stomach.
Finally an answer was found, but a cure was not.
It was all too late for little Hope.
She had developed cancer and it was on the final stage.

Any moment would be time for her to go.
Her parents cried in deep sorrow, thinking how to tell their child that she’s going to 
Hope’s parents walked in the room trying fighting the tears from their eyes.
They asked their daughter, “Sweetie do you remember about the place called 
“That’s were God lives”, Hope said
Her father said, “Well pretty soon you’re going to take a trip there”.
She asked, “Will I get to meet Jesus and all the angels?”
Tears began to rolling down their eyes as they hugged their little girl goodbye.

The funeral was held on a beautiful Sunday morning.
Hope’s mother couldn’t bear the pain any more.
The next night she had a dream about her daughter.
“Mommy I’m coming to tell you that I love you”, Hope said.
She continued, “I know you miss me when you cry but forever I will always be with 
“Tell daddy I love him too and grandma sends her love”.
“I got to meet all the angels and even Jesus too”.
“It’s almost time for me to go back”.
“Don’t worry about me because now grandma and I are watching over you”.

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Christmas season is here again
A season that calls for celebration
A time set aside to remember the birth of the king of kings
Let us go into this season with our hearts full of praises
As we give our Christmas gifts of golds, myrrhs and frankincenses to our king
While our houses are decorated with Christmas signatures, our Christmas decorations
What a season to share, love and re-activate the significance of the birth of the king
A time and period to remember
A season that caresses with joy and happiness leaving pain and sadness without attention
A season where the Christmas lights glow-shinning brighter than ever before
The Christmas bells jingle as the people sing aloud Christmas carols and mingle
Hearts are full of praises, excitement fills the air
Angels ascend and descend with gifts as we proceed into a new year
The snowman resurfaces not wanting-unwilling to miss out of this joyful Christmas season
Christmas hampers fill every home, indeed Christmas season leaves us with a feeling of
joyful happiness to behold
The mistletoe sprouts curling its way around homes     
Christmas trees emerge in every home as snowflakes descend
Christmas cards are delivered to spread the love and celebration across every home, town,
street, city, community, continent, region, and world
The sounds of Christmas carols soar into the clouds, echoing into the membranes of the earth
The Candle lights shine bright in this Christmas season
Christmas eases the pain of January to November
With the Christmas bells “gingling”
We make Christmas wishes and hope Santa delivers our Christmas gifts
Can you hear the Christmas carols setting the template for the Christmas feeling ?
An indeed reuniting season
Christmas hampers and gifts go round every family
Christmas candles light the world
“Oh Christmas tree” sings the Christmas trees
Jiggle your Christmas bells aloud and let the Christmas cards and pictures give us
memories of the lovely and beautiful Christmas moments we shared.

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Marry...? Christmas.

ding- dong -ding-dong- ding
jingle bells as people flourish the streets looking for what ...presents,
as a child sees Christmas they see what they will get,
an adult sees Christmas as a time to belittle over worked merchants,
we wish you a marry Christmas rings out from sound tracks at the mall,
bitter no good grenches take this time to watch the poor crawl,
ever see a spoiled child smile with joy?
ba rump bum bum,bum
ever see a single mother scrape to by her kids just one toy?
ba rumb bum-bum-bum 
oh silent night where have you gone,
this holy night what have you become,
this is what I got this is how in debt I now am,
bills forgotten to sooth your rotten and lets not forget the ham,
a night when a poor woman gave birth to her baby-Christ ,
we celebrate with a grand feast to stuff our face in his name-nice,
walking in a winter wonder land is where the true meaning is,
a time when a family sits and counts their blessings and holds their kids,
we wish you a marry Christmas we wish you any thing this
working over time doing what ever it takes for ...a gift?
oh come all thee faithful think about it to be here together we should all be greatful,
thank you for what you gave me- CD's, DVD's ,I-POD,MP3's none of it was at his table,
but this is what we've done taking this holiday and turning it into- what we've become,
more then we can handle, more then our means, because more is better then some,
it's love that makes the children, it's love that sets the tone in our lives it's love-
you can have , are give all you want it's done out of love you want to do it out of love-
my Christmas is the love in my kids eyes, the smile on my wifes face,
they are my every Christmas gifts and at that moment there is no other place. 

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Yuletide Memories

It didn't seem so long ago that Christmas brought a warmth
A sense of belonging and a spiritual joy
A time for the family, a time for neighbors to stop in
Traditional events unchanging from year to year
A sense of continuity, a warmth from within the heart
The old black and white TV had its share of snow
Alistair Sim played Scrooge and 
There was a Miracle on Thirty Fourth Street
Bing sang White Christmas
It wasn't a Holiday, it was an event, a Celebration
The Birthday of Jesus, the Star in Bethlehem, the Angels
There were Shepherds, Three Kings, a Nativity scene
Silver Bells playing while shopping downtown
Strangers smiled and said Merry Christmas
A genuine feeling of good will.
No other time of the year brought this kind of joy
In spite of low income there was an abundance of food
Cookies and egg nog were made at home
Presents could be opened after church, not before
Children laughing, giggling in anticipation
Heat coming from the old Heatrola in the parlor
Neighbors sharing the good times
Kids playing on the floor in the living room
The smell of pine and spruce in the homes
A time of joy, a time of laughter
A time of peace on Earth.
Merry Christmas Everyone. 

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laughter came so easy
upon that christmas day
simple prayers answered
as you'd come to find your way

i'd held you as a child
and taught you the word ' no'
to read between the lines 
when there's nowhere else to go

from running in the park
to just sitting on the stoop
it seemed that time raced on 
til it caught you in a loop

did you find the answer
in the music that you wrote
a drum beat for a melody
in a time that's now remote

can the world we're in now
ever know what has been lost
sun has set on christmas day
without you, at such a cost

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joyful christmas

christmas time is here
a beautiful white christmas
grandma fixing the table 
we do feel thankful
friends and family is here
they are feel with cheer
this is the time of year
we are thankful that we are here

white christmas
i love every year
when christmas time is here

it's snowing outside
the kids are playing thats right
parents are singing
for the joyful christmas
there is happiness in the air
something you cant compare
if you stop under the missle tree
you will have to kiss me

the kids around the tree
singing o christmas tree
they came and surrounded me
we singing to the christmas tree

white christmas
i love every year
when christmas time is here

kids part repeat2x

white christmas
we love every year
when christmas time is here