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Christmas Spiritual Poems | Christmas Poems About Spiritual

These Christmas Spiritual poems are examples of Christmas poems about Spiritual. These are the best examples of Christmas Spiritual poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2013

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His Beauty Revealed on Christmas Day

As the snow falls around me, I marvel at God’s wholesome and worthy entity. The Lord, on his special day, has given me a gift so precious and special; He has opened my eyes to his wondrous glory. The Lord above all has allowed me to see the beauty in the smallest of things: The stars and moon at night, and the clouds and sun by day; The little trickles of freezing cold, yet clean, fresh, clear water Running down the mountainsides, quenching my insatiable thirst; The trees in all their grandeur, That provide my warmth when I gather their branches; The leaves and pine needles at my feet, Providing soft beds for me and all the forest creatures. Best of all of these, however, is the snow. The beautiful snow in which no two snowflakes are the same. The same biting cold, yet strangely comforting and fulfilling snow, In which brings forth light on the darkest of days. I must thank the all-loving God, who has bestowed upon me this glorious gift. Me, a pathetic excuse for a soldier who has run away From the sight of bloodshed because I cannot stand to fight another friend. Me, a coward who is now running from the law, And living solely in the forest for fear of being caught and hanged. Me, a God-believing man who has sinned greatly. But I have repented. I have asked God for forgiveness of my sins on Christmas Eve night, And He has replied by giving me snow on Christmas morning, showing me that I am not alone, and that I should not be afraid. And, by His grace, when all I have been seeing was darkness and despair, He opened me up to allow me to see the beauty and light in all his creation. “I praise You, oh glorious God, for giving me this most wonderful gift! I thank You for forgiving me, a sinner, of all my wrongdoings, and for giving me this awe-inspiring gift, for which I have done nothing to deserve! I exalt you on high, oh Lord, for all that you have done and given me, and will do for me and give me! I will love and praise you always! Amen.”

Copyright © Josiah Rutter | Year Posted 2013

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Christmas Music

Compassion’s finger strums another note,
He listens as the angels start to sing,
Recalling lines from what apostles wrote,
Indwells the spirit held by Heaven’s king.
Succinctly spoken leaving soul in tune,
The gifts we need are never under trees,
Mosaic mustard seeds lit by the moon,
Aspires our gaze and prayers on bending knees.
Submits himself to love and sounds of grace,

Mistrust no longer drowns and mutes his heart,
United song with Christ, him to erase
So many sins in mercy to impart.
In essence, life and hope beyond today.
Contrasts the world, as it dissolves away. 

Contest:  A Christmas Sonnet Acrostic
Sponser: Andrea Dietrich
Written:  12.16.15

Copyright © rob carmack | Year Posted 2015

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Christmas with Christ - Melchoir's Story

Christmas with Christ – Melchoir’s Story
Wondrous symbols and signs appear in the heavens, heralding that an amazing event is about to happen… the birth of a royal child in the town of Bethlehem, one who will transform the world and make it whole again.
Guided by the light of a strange brilliant star, I and my companions travel by night from afar. We come to pay homage to this newborn Jewish King, this Prince of Peace who will save our world from sin.
We wonder, how can this be, when all we see are such wretched signs of abject poverty? Joseph, Mary, and Lord Jesus, the little Baby, sheltered with oxen, sheep, and lamb in a stable.
But we three kings humbly fall on our knees in wonder, bowing our heads and giving our hearts to this Babe so tender. Sensing we’re in the midst of a divine, royal presence, Gaspar, warm brown eyes aglow, gifts Him rare frankincense.
Noble Balthazar, his dark chocolate skin glistening, presents Him with aromatic, rich myrrh, for anointing; and I, Melchoir, entranced by this miraculous sight, bring precious gold to worship Him, this Child of Light.
Holding the Babe in my arms, there're no words to be said; but as I cuddle Him closely, I’m overcome with intense dread. For in a vision, I can clearly see Him suffering years ahead; He’s nailed to a wooden cross, wearing a bloodied crown of red.
Impulsively, I’m tempted to hide Him in my warm cloak of gold, and help Him escape from a fate that’s been foretold. While history will see me as only one of Three Wise Men, none will ever know that I could’ve changed fate right then.
But wisely I realize that it’s not for me to decide whether this innocent Child shall live or be crucified. I only know I must not interfere, but leave Him to fulfill His Messianic destiny, by carrying out God’s divine will.
So while sadly, reluctantly, for the Orient I must depart, I also leave with happiness and great hope in my heart, as my vision also revealed, there’s redemption in His blessed birth; and there'll be good will toward all men and Peace on Earth!

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2015

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God's Christmas Angel

God’s Christmas Angel

God’s Christmas Angel is full of His love; 
A Guardian to those lost to His light.
Restore them to God’s path of divine right,
This Angel’s charge be with His grace above!
This Angel’s mission is replete with love,
And one prized in God’s holy presence bright;
One passion perfect in His holy light;
And one blessed by heavenly Saints above! 

This Angel cloaks those lost in love replete;
With true passion and holy spirit now,
To fulfill God’s wish—His eternal vow!
Love’s this Guardian’s power complete;
Her spirit to redeem those lost on Earth,
Bringing them God’s love and divine rebirth!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
December 2, 2015 (Petrarchan Sonnet)

Author’s Notes:
Meter: Iambic Pentameter
Octave: abbaabba | Sestet: cddcee

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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Christmas without Mom

 To eulogize your life when we have spent so many years apart
 gives me comfort and memories of your precious passed life
 You speak to me in my dreams and share images of a castle by the stream
 it's walls shine of elegance a beauty of luster gold for your soul it now holds

 My Mother, you are now a jewel of heaven, a gem in God's crown
 as his loving arms hold you and his angels wings wrap around.

 I know you sit in the room of hearts and some day you will take me in your arms,
 while the angels play their harps like the soft swaying sound of a violin my soul 
 will then depart.

 As I stroll to the waters edge of sadness and my reflection is looking back
 I see my mothers wonderful smile our characteristics and mannerism
 you blessed me as a child.

 Tonight I will sleep and you will whisper in my ear all the stories 
 from the day that I was born, taking away my sadness and
 giving me comfort to help me not to mourn. 

 So on Christmas morn when I awake from my dream that we shared
 I will not see the lights from my Christmas tree
 only the glow from the angel who has given me a life and a soul that is free.

 T Reams 12/3/15      I miss you Mom 


Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

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Good News

Good News,
gold light
True Love
The three kings follow Good News, gold light
Jesus Christ is born bringing True Love.

Copyright © Ovidiu Bocsa | Year Posted 2012

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The Promise

When meanings have been broken,
When your cross has been uncrossed,
When the reasons that you gave me,
In the labyrinth have been lost.
When your house has been emptied,
When your bedroom is swept clean,
I will come and wake you,
From your long and endless dream.

more at

Copyright © ness tillson | Year Posted 2013

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Copyright © 2012 
(A Purpose So Clear) 

Like children we fear 
  In secret a somber tear 

Like learning to walk 
 Babies listen to talk 

And reach for a hand 
  To help them stand 

This too, we all must do 
  By HIS Hand made anew 

by: LP

Copyright © Les Pruitt | Year Posted 2012

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Until I'm Consumed

Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
Won't you take all of me
Until your image in me 
is all you see 
But You won't take what I won't give 
And my sin won't die until You live
Inside of me 
I feel I'm hangin by a thread
This old man just isn't dead
I keep reviving him instead of trusting You
So Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
And when my day comes
To an end
And I look back at where I have been
Many roads I've traveled
Sure took a wrong turn now and then
I need You just as much right now, as I did back then
So Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
Let there never be a doubt
That You changed me from the inside out 
It was only You all along
I could never be that strong 
On my own 
Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
Until everything in me
Looks just like You

Copyright © Kelly Crenshaw | Year Posted 2015

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What If Christmas Never Came

What If… Christmas Never Came??? What if Christmas never happened? What if Christmas never came? Things around here would be different! It wouldn’t be the same! What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger? Mankind would be in serious trouble. We’d all be in danger! If the baby Jesus wasn’t born. There would be no nativity. We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.” It’s almost like this now! It’s an “ever increasing business.” It seems like nearly everyone wants “Christ out of Christmas!” Why does it seem like Christmas is losing it’s true meaning? The very words; “Merry Christmas,” seem to be quickly disappearing! Many say; “Happy Holiday.” They worry they may “offend.” Having a “holiday” without Christ…. Once again! We need to put Jesus Christ back into our CHRISTmas season! He is what Christmas is about! HE is the very reason! May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth. May there be shouts of JOY! From the corners of the earth! Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration! We need him so much right now! All over this great nation! May we bring to him a heart of love for everything he’s done. As we bring honor to Christ. God’s precious son! May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise! Not only at Christmas time… But all of our days! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

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Christmas Magic

Come all ye true believers to behold
Hear angels’ voice, lo, born a babe this night
Rejoice; for a time is nigh, as foretold
In faith, by sky of night, a star burns bright

Sing highest praise, the son of God is born
This offered night, peace to man, by god’s grace
Messiah, savior of man, come adorn
Announce heavens’ holy gift to embrace

Scorn thee not this, the true born son of God
Man child born, Virgin Mary, on this night
Assemble; praise this holy eve to laud
Join angels’ chorus to bless heavens might

In mortal need, heard prayers, plea of man
Christ now comes to fulfill God’s holy plan

Robert Gene Stoner Jr ©

Form –  Sonnet

Copyright © Robert Stoner Jr | Year Posted 2015

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A Spiritual Christmas Gifts to You

              A jolly old man
  Who makes your wishes come true
            A joy of Christmas
    Brings such special gifts to you
      She waits for him patiently

          Underneath the tree
  Sprinkled with faith and hope too
               My love is a gift
     Two are kindness and giving
       Three is a promise to you

           I give you my heart
        Filled with a decoration
             Now and forever
         A sweet communication
         Near to me or far apart

           Yolaine Armitage

Copyright © Yolaine Armitage | Year Posted 2011

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The Tragedy of the Banished Revolutionaries

The Tragedy of the Banished Revolutionaries.

Epochs apart, yet,
bound by conscience,


Enduring the whispers of time,
through creeds professed,
sermons preached,
and a million sins confessed.


the essence,
of these banished revolutionaries,
is ceremonially muted by ritual,
and gleefully crushed under,
grandiose edifices,
that serve Religion Inc.

"And the meek shall inherit the earth",
an incendiary thought,
conveniently discarded,
for the pie in the sky that must be sought.

The tragedy of the banished revolutionaries,
whispers still,
for us to hear,
through the din of the cacophony of prayer.


The tragedy of the banished revolutionaries,
each day that we choose,
to shun the meek,
and mouth conscience-salving prayers,

for yet more silver,
and yet more silk.

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

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Midnight at Blackfriars

Midnight at Blackfriars 
The city spires are hidden, 
It’s getting colder fast, 
It feels as though we might have 
Some snow this month at last. 
The wind sweeps keenly through St. Giles(1) 
The hour is getting late. 
Fleeting forms across the scene, 
Are making for the gate. 
December is upon us, 
The year is wearing thin, 
Parishioners from town and gown 
Now are gathering in.  
Rosy cheeks are shining, 
There’s a spirit of good will, 
We’re coming in for Midnight Mass 
The Christmas Eve Vigil. 
Forgotten is the riot  
Of Saint Scholastic’s Day,(2) 
To celebrate the Savior’s birth, 
We worship now and pray. 
Conjoining with the acolytes 
Dressed in cassock’s white, 
We’re caroling together, 
Upon the holy night. 
A gallant in best evening wear, 
Bow tie and cummerbund, 
And a high-heeled damsel on his arm, 
Is down from Summertown. 
A staff nurse from the Radcliffe,(3)  
Whose shift was at an end, 
Was seated close beside them 
Clutching at her friend. 
There the widow all in black, 
Who cleans the votive stands, 
Holds her missal open 
With stubby fingered hands. 
She blends with the congregants, 
Ignoring the celebs,  
And is back up for the service 
From somewhere in St. Ebbs.(4) 
A student in thick sweaters 
And ragged scarf of grey 
Is seated on the furthest aisle 
Hair all in disarray. 
Across the nave the prayer chairs, 
Range back in their rows, 
Filling up with congregants 
In coats and gloves and throws. 
In from the rear the friars process 
With candles all aglow, 
Up the side aisle to the chancel, 
Caroling as they go. 
Above their heads upon the walls 
Are stations of the cross, 
Reminders set in stark relief 
Of this night’s final cost. 
We see the prior in chasuble 
For the apse proceeding, 
To celebrate communion 
And give the sacred reading. 
The greatest story ever told 
Unfolds with familiar ring 
Filling our hearts with the promise 
Of Christ the new born king. 
Then with the service over, 
We make for the hall below, 
Where cocoa and mince pies and sherry 
Are served before we go.  
Outside the snow is dusting  
The chained bikes in the Fair, 
Contented now we homeward fade 
Through the Christmas air. 

(1)Saint Giles Fair - Convergence of the Banbury and Woodstock Roads in Oxford extending south the Magdalen Street by Martyrs Memorial.

(2) The St Scholastica Day riot of 10 February 1355

(3) Radcliffe Infirmary - The first Oxford Hospital 

(4) St Ebbes is a district of central Oxford, England,

Copyright © Neil McLeod | Year Posted 2013

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A Star Out of Jacob

A Star Came Out of Jacob And shone above the babe of promise. It led the Magi and shepherds To heaven’s servant of great purpose. Due to pride and envy The priests and rabbis ignored God’s child. He was found by the ‘uncircumcized’ and humble shepherds, As he lay sleeping meek and mild. Cradled in a humble manger By uneducated peasants; God chose the unexpected To be his child’s parents. This child was born to Jacob’s descendants, But they rejected him from birth Puffed up with their own pride and importance! This child was worshiped by strangers, Who had received a dream. Led by God’s star and his Spirit, They discovered heaven’s glory beam. The Magi were among the first To welcome the Redeemer from on high; Lay gifts at his feet; God’s leading not deny. A Star Out of Jacob Was God’s sign to mankind, But few had read the prophesies, Or searched the scriptures to find. We give gifts at Christmas Because the Magi gave gifts of honor. The Star Out of Jacob Was worshiped by Gentiles of favor. A Star Out of Jacob Revealed the Prince of Peace. It took the ‘uncircumcized’ and uneducated This great mystery to release. Such was the Savior’s reception, When he was born in a simple manger. His own people knew him not; To them a total stranger. The Star composed of angels Shone so bright into the night. It revealed heaven’s child to those, Who in his birth took great delight! This Star Out of Jacob Brought a message of love from heaven, “Celebrate the Savior’s birth, for unto you the promise of eternity's given!” © Copyright 2013 Maureen LeFanue

Copyright © MAUREEN LEFANUE | Year Posted 2013

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Guiding Light

Guiding Light

Led by the bright lone Star of Bethlehem
there knelt, with staff and lambs, a shepherd boy.
His glowing eyes gazed on the sight that then
drew many by this Star that promised joy.

As others came and joined 'round manger there,
the shepherd boy felt love within him rise.
He knew what he beheld, this babe so fair,
God sent to us as our salvation's prize.

The site of baby Jesus touched his soul;
he knew, as others did, our Savior came.
For bathe in Heaven's light, angels extolled,
this babe, as Son of God, we would proclaim.

His birth in Bethlehem that bright-stared night
gave shepherd boy and us new guiding light.

November 15, 2015

Contest: Christmas With Christ
Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Christmas time and God
is busy – he’s preparing to
meet new arrivals today,
A cloud with little children
on – all of them smiling –
for a brand new day.

This cloud is a magic cloud –
and it flies through the
On it’s way to heaven – 
all on board don’t cry.

They are going to their 
new home – were they’ll 
be free to roam –
But they will be able to see
their parents – in their own
sweet home.

The cloud is so comfy – 
no pain is felt at all,
Once they get to their
destination – we will hear
their call?

Their arms are waving as
they all do celebrate – 
they don’t want to be late,
They’re getting so excited –
but they need to wait?

As they approach the pearly
gates – Good God is then
‘That a very special person is
following behind, the cloud,
they all must hold?’

Just then, as they approach
the gates – a man stands all
in white,
“I welcome you to my BIG
home – an absolute delight!”

God stood by the gates – 
and he welcomed all the 
“We have a special guest for
you – he’s sitting in the

The children first queue up –
in a line to collect their wings –
And they start flying around
heaven - as God starts to sing.

But the visitor is brought in –
and the children do sit close,
And when they see this magic
figure – in the shape of Santa

Santa has gifts for all – as the
children smile with glee,
And God directs Santa to his
chair – right beside the tree.

So there really is a Santa
Claus – as these children
now have seen.
To the Pakistani Children –
good old Santa – he has

As Santa waves goodbye,
to God and the angelic
children –
Back here – down on earth –
they’ll ever be forgotten.

They’ve met their mystery
idol – and now they are all
happy –
Thanks to Good God – and
Santa – a cheery fatty!

The children are now in their
heaven – and better things
will come to pass –
When they look down upon
the earth – and wish us all a
Merry Christmas.        

Please don’t weep for us – 
for we are in heaven now;
“And God has given us our
wings – and now we all do 

We wish you peace and
happiness, and good  
tidings from heaven above,
And those Pakistani Children
 – are now happy in heaven,
with God’s holy love.

Their parents sense their
children – are happy as
can be –
For they are settled in their
new home – which their
parents now do see.   

May God bless truly every
one, at this special time of
year –
And what’s that noise we all
now hear?
It’s those Pakistani Children –
they shout a great big cheer!

Merry Christmas they do
shout – and may peace rule
the earth –
And may love take preference
upon a new rebirth.
Now their little souls have
found peace in their new
‘And from now on – and all
eternity – in heaven, they
will forever roam.’   


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2014

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Christmas Abecedarian

A - After Thanksgiving, minds reset,
B - because about a month away,
C - Christmas will be our holiday.
D - Deliverance of peace it brings,
E - especially when we hold dear,
F - forever in our hearts so clear,
G - God's Son, our Savior was born.
H - Held in a manger filled with hay
I - inside a stable, mother near,
J - Jesus Christ was sent to us.
K - Kind shepherds came to find him there,
L - led by Star of Bethlehem, saw
M - Mary and Joseph with their child...
N - not just a babe, but Son of God.
O - On that blessed and holy night
P - people knew the Christ was born.
Q - Quietly from the clouds above
R - rows of angels appeared to them
S - singing glorious hymns of joy
T - to announce the Savior's birth.
U - Until now from long ago,
V - vigils are kept on Christmas Eve;
W - we gather, pray at Midnight Mass.
X - Xmas or Christmas, all the same;
Y - your "X" means "Chi" or Christ in Greek.
Z - Zealously, keep Christ in Christmas!

Sandra M. Haight

~7th Place
Contest: Christmas Abecedarian
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Judged: 01/24/2016

Requested: Poems that are more nature based with a mention of Jesus in the true spirit of Christmas

It turns out, “Xmas” is not a non-religious version of “Christmas”. The “X” is actually indicating the Greek letter “Chi”, which is short for the Greek symbols meaning “Christ”. So “Xmas” and “Christmas” are equivalent in every way except their lettering.

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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Beneath The Tree

A tackle trunk beneath a tree.
It's knurled top a bright red-brown.
A rod leaned up against it's side
bought at a store from the next town.

A magic moment held in time
by elves for parents that I pride,
but not for gifts at Christmas time;
for thoughts abound and in their stride.

The tree Blue Spruce with silver boughs
seen standing still in vacant air.
The room aglow with warmth and wishes.
The first to view as though a prayer.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2013

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christmas child


It was Christmas eve and last minute 
Shoppers were running frantically
As I walked out my front door
What to my  astonishment and surprise
A little boy sitting with a puppy in his lap
Looking up to the sky.

I asked : are you o.k. ? he replied : no ! not really !
Every year I find a spot to sit Down and look around
Of how free will can be put to the ground.

Why does man thrive on pain , suffering and war
When they have another door !
A door of peace, happiness and love
Sent to them from my father above.

I know since my birth it has gotten better
And people are finding their faiths once again
And love is filling many hearts and souls
But true happiness and peace should be their goal.

I see so many children abandoned and left in 
the streets with out food or drink.
In the middle east and Asia- little girls lives
Are being taken and destroyed
Over the birth of a little boy.

Without the females this world would cease to exist
I would not be here if not for my mother
And like her there is no other.

Why would man want to take a life at birth
This is the most precious thing on this earth.
The children are so happy when they celebrate my birth
And receive gifts as I had done before
When the three kings opened up that gift giving door.
 Yet ! I sit here reflecting on centuries gone by
With tears  in my eyes.
But also with joy and fulfillment in my heart
Knowing this is the season for a brand new start.

Look into the eyes of every child that passes by
And you will see that gleam in their eyes
And love in their hearts, if they are led in the right direction
Mankind will be closer to perfection.

I could not believe what I was hearing and asked:
Who are you ?  He turned and smiled and said:
I am your father my son, and I’ve come
To help everyone.
Everyone who seeks my father 
I will respond in his name.

“Then he faded from my sight”
And I prayed for peace and love that same night.

             WHO WAS HE ?

© L . RAMS

Copyright © louis rams | Year Posted 2012

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Merry Christmas Little Friend

I want to wish you Merry Christmas
And this is what you mean to me
I want you to be very happy
And I'll explain it for you to see.

I'd immediately move mountains and valleys
If I were to see one teardrop fall
Then I'd summon all the Queen's horseman
And I'd command the doer's head to fall.

I know you love dancing and listening to song
I listened to you sing when you sang along
I'd command all musicians from the ends of the earth
Too play your favorite tunes for which you have longed.

You love laughter and a good laughing joke
And you love to play a part in a good players game
I would hire all the jokers from the ends of the world
And their mission is for you to be solely entertained.

These are only wishes that I want for you
And they are only dreams that I hope come true
Put them in a pretty box and it'll be only just for you 
And inside you'll see my friend, how much I love you.

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

Copyright © Brenda Rose | Year Posted 2015

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Holy Night

There was a stillness in the night
the air filled with expectancy
everything was so becalmed 
not even shadows were moving

It was that extra special night
that comes but once a year
in the darkest hours of all
a light came into the world

The birth of that precious baby
the one who came to save us all
so this Christmas as you tuck in
spare a thought, pause a moment

Maybe say a few words if so inclined
if you let the child into your heart
that infant who gave his life for us
you will forever more walk in grace

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2013

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The True Meaning of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas! During this Christmas, let’s celebrate Christ’ birth. It was for all of us that he came down to earth. As we think about Bethlehem and the baby boy… We shout glad tidings to all! And peace and joy! This young child was to one day touch all of mankind. His message of salvation… Today… You can find! As we celebrate and fill up with holiday cheer… This same Jesus is alive today… And is always here! Though 2000 years ago, he was born in a manger... You can know him NOW! He doesn’t have to be a “stranger.” Won’t you spend some time and reflect on Christmas’ true meaning? It’s in the merciful arms of Jesus that you need to be leaning! The good news of Christmas can certainly be found… Across this nation. Every city… And town! This same Christ can bring peace to your life today! He loves you much more than words can say! May HIS love bring peace and healing to your weary soul… It’s only in him, that you can be complete and whole!!! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

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God Gave in Order to Save

It is Christmas time, for what do I wish;
For what hope or dream does my soul anguish?
Is something from my list under the tree;
Something chosen especially for me? 

I wonder what good things we’ll have to eat.
Apple cake with walnuts would be a treat.
Some peanut brittle or chocolate fudge,
In pecan pie with whip cream I’ll indulge.

I’ll hope to have my family gathered around
Opening gifts making a paper mound.
We’ll take a drive, enjoy tinsel and lights,
Make memories as we gaze on the sights.

Yet midst the holiday laughter and cheer
There are lonely masses living in fear.
Poor, worried, abused, tired, haggard, and spent
In search of cash to buy food and pay rent.

Where is hope for these lives torn and shattered;
Who live each day, depressed, weak, and scattered?
Perhaps abused by those proud and greedy,
Who use their labor yet leave them needy.

God promises good things to these oppressed,
His merciful love will not be suppressed.
The wealth of the rich will be adjusted,
God’s balancing justice can be trusted.

Others are trapped in our sin sick culture
Where dark sadness hovers like a vulture.
Guilty of trespassing, hence they must pay.
With so large a debt they wilt in dismay.

Is there hope for these who have misbehaved?
Is there any way their souls can be saved?
Is help on the way? Then let’s hear the story!
Tell me please, is there a word from glory?

Yes, to these lost, broken, sinful forgotten,
God sent his son, His only begotten.
From the crib to the cross his life he gave,
All our mistakes and failures He forgave.

We need not perish in this world of strife,
But with faith in Jesus have eternal life.
God sent His Son, the world not to condemn.
It’s Christmas, may the world be saved through Him.

Copyright © Brent Cloyd | Year Posted 2012

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Christmas Day Born

Christmas day is final come
To celebrate God's only Son
As He was born to save the lost
The sacrifice upon the cross
To remember that first Christmas day
He who lay upon the hay
So this Christmas look and see
And cherish the sweet memory
Of the babe born far away
On the first of Christmas days

Copyright © Daniel McAdams | Year Posted 2012

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What If Christmas Never Came

 UNSUPPORTED CODE What If…   Christmas Never Came???

What if Christmas never happened?  
What if Christmas never came?
Things around here would be different! 
It wouldn’t be the same!

What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger?
Mankind would be in serious trouble. We’d all be in danger!

If the baby Jesus wasn’t born.  There would be no nativity.
We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.”

It’s almost like this now! 
 It’s an “ever increasing business.”
It seems like nearly everyone wants
  “Christ out of Christmas!”

Why does it seem like Christmas is 
 losing it’s true meaning?
The very words; “Merry Christmas,” 
seem to be quickly disappearing!

Many say; “Happy Holiday.”  
They worry they may “offend.”
Having a “holiday” without Christ….  
Once again!

We need to put Jesus Christ back into 
our CHRISTmas season!
He is what Christmas is about!  HE is the very reason!

May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth.
May there be shouts of JOY!  From the corners of the earth!

Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration!
We need him so much right now! 
 All over this great nation!

May we bring to him a heart of love
 for everything he’s done.
As we bring honor to Christ.  God’s precious son!

May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise!
Not only at Christmas time…  But all of our days!

By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

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The Man the Birds the Barn

The man I’m going to introduce was not a scrooge at all
He was kind and decent, mostly good, as I recall
Generous to his family, upright with fellow men
But all that incarnation stuff he just could not comprehend
And every year at Christmas when the birth of Christ was told
He said it made no sense to him, just a story told of old
So when his wife and children went to church on Christmas Eve
He said “I’d feel a hypocrite; it’s just too much to believe”
As the family drove away, the snow came falling down
He felt safe and warm inside and then he heard this sound
A thud came from the window, then two, then three, then four
Must be someone throwing snowballs so he went to his front door
He found no one outside there, just a flock of birds
Huddled in the fallen snow, they were what he’d heard
They’d been caught out in the storm seeking shelter and safe haven
They tried to fly into his house; these poor birds needed sav’in
He thought about his old barn where his children kept a horse
It was safe and warm in there; he’d direct them there of course
He put on his coat and hat and trampled through the snow
Opened the barn, turned on the lights so the birds knew where to go
But the birds just stood there freezing in the cold and deepening snow
Needing something to entice them; back to his house he’d go
He gathered up some bread crumbs; laid a path straight to his light
If they followed what he gave them, they’d be safe and warm all night
But still the birds ignored him in spite of all his plans
He shooed then; tried to force them; they didn’t understand
And then it finally hit him; they’re scared; I’m just a stranger
How can I turn their thinking round and keep them out of danger
They’ve got to learn to trust me, that’s their main stumbling block
If only I could be a bird and live within their flock
Then I could simply tell them not to be afraid
And I could lead them safely down the path I’d laid
But I’d really have to be one so they would see and understand
That I was there to help them; not just someone with demands
And at that very moment church bells began to ring
The story had been told once more and choirs began to sing
Adeste Fidelis  soon drifted through the trees
Understanding now the story, the man fell to his knees
For God so loved the world that he sent His only Son
To live and breathe among us till trust and love He’d won.

This was a Paul Harvey story.  It took me 2 years to put it into rhyme to my satisifaction. I still like his story better.

Copyright © mike dailey | Year Posted 2012

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The lord works in
mysterious ways,
But he always 
takes care of all
the strays.
Some people are
poor - and God
knows this,
He sends an angel
to shed some bliss.

Believe in the power
of God and more,
Take his hand - you
will adore.
the days can be
sad - but also so
And you may feel
better - on a Friday.

Just hold your head
up and see the light,
That way you feel - 
love's delight?
the sheep are the
flock - as they graze
in the field - 
When we feel wary - 
we raise our shield.

Always stay positive - 
and deny the negative,
That way you win - 
as we all forgive.
The lord is our 
shepherd - and this
spreads good cheer,
And the happiness
we create - shall shed
a tear.

Hark the herald angel
Peace on earth - to
all it brings.
Away in a manger - 
no room at the inn - 
The little lord, Jesus,
smiles - as his life 
does begin.

Oh holy night - the
peace is special - 
Bethlehem's peaceful,
the night is in rehearsal.
Once in royal David's
Never again would the
enemy pity.

Silent Night - I feel the
The Jingle Bells ring - 
and seal thy trove.
So the little lord, Jesus,
is born today,
And it's now known to
us; 'as Christmas Day.


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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These Christmas lights shine no more
Except in the hearts of women and men
Burning bristly until the festive season comes again
Bringing us joy and warmth and a touch of snow

I love this special time
As families come together sometimes from afar
To reunite in a song or two
And to enjoy the gifts of our prosperity

The final touch is added
A lovely turkey that is complete with trimmings
This wonderful season so soon is gone
However the spirit of love
Well, it carries on

Copyright © cherilyn fry | Year Posted 2013