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Soldier Christmas Poems | Christmas Poems About Soldier

These Soldier Christmas poems are examples of Christmas poems about Soldier. These are the best examples of Soldier Christmas poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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White paper boat

White paper boat

Her image fled among the trees
his realness to intercept,
some Christmas day! With scenes inept,
beneath dark clouds and deathward's seize.

A mercenary sergeant was
that fought in wars for many years,
ascertained charge to volunteers,
instructing e'er the warfare laws.

The coffee 'pon the mountain glen,
on twilight time of wintertime,
his Christmas warmed (recalled a chime),
the M16 A4's his friend.

A ranger, served elite brigades,
but couldn't tell how life was lost,
his apparition of a ghost,
that fled to slopes and pure cascades.

He just recalled one Winter morn,
received her mail; on streamlet's banks,
next to the seething tracks of tanks,
he read her vows, on paper worn.

He never knew to phrase response,
and also thought she wouldn't wait;
his quantum was devoid of fate,
proscribing stronghold, Christmas' sconce.

On thawed snow-stream her worn mail goes,
white paper boat, comrade and guard,
his stare kept up, he was shot hard,
upon the snow, two qubits froze.

© 11-22-2013, G. Venetopoulos, All Rights Reserved
(Epic, Iambic tetrameter)

Sponsor: Leonora Galinta

(for definitions, please read the "about the poem" text.)

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Christmas in the Middle East

Said the soldier to his wife at home,
do you see what I see?

Way up in the sky, my dear,
do you see what I see?

A rocket, a rocket, dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite...
With a tail as big as a kite... 

Said the soldier to his only son,
do you hear what I hear?

Ringing through the sky, my boy,
do you hear what I hear?

A bomb, a bomb, high above the sands
With a voice as big as the sea...
With a voice as big as the sea... 

Said the soldier to his president,
do you know what I know? 

So safe at home, Mr. President,
do you know what I know? 

Men, men are dying in the sand
Let us bring them home
Let us bring them home 

Said the Poet to the people everywhere,
listen to what I say! 

Pray for peace, people everywhere,
listen to what I say!

Our nation, our nation, rising to its feet
Its strength will bring us peace today
Its strength will bring us peace today.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                              ----------------------------------
Based on the "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Christmas song written in October 1962 with lyrics by Noël Regney and music by Gloria Shayne Baker. 
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                             ----------------------------------While Christmas approaches nearer to our hearts and homes, it is important to remember our brothers over-seas. Everyday, people are dying in wars that should have ended long before they begun, and now, in a time as great as any, we must remember that peace is not impossible, but rather grows in the hearts of all whom maintain it.

This Christmas, let us do our part.

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A Soldier's Christmas Wish

I'm goin' home for Christmas day,
My favorite time of year.
No matter how long I've been away
It's home that beckons me near.

I want to go where as a child
My imagination played,
A world far away and over the sea
Home for Christmas day.

A place in my heart for old Saint Nick
And the magic of the eve.
I hope I can find the innocence lost
At my home back over the sea.

There is a place for make believe
Where I want to stay,
In the warmth of all I love
Surrounded by Christmas day.

For Gail Doyle's Christmas in July contest July 16, 2012

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A Soldier's Christmas Wish


This year, at the holidays of course, I miss home, surrounded by sand dunes, and Iraqi mosque-domes. But I willingly came to guard against fear— not let terrorist conquer everything I hold dear. I know my mom worries about me over here away from family, and good Christmas cheer. And while I do miss the fun and the fare, I know I am fighting for reasons most share— For Freedom, for Justice, for our forefather’s plan, for choices—God-given, to every man. And for all you protester in the streets of your city, looking upon me with hatred and pity, I’m fighting for you to have that skewed right to act like a fool— burn our flag in plain sight, For our children to prosper without boot in their back, and patriots guiding them, to stay on the right track! It’s not just our training, but a true state of mind— to be honest and faithful, and love all mankind. I’d gladly lay down all I can give— my life and my soul so that others may live. And to let every man pray to the God he sees fit, tho, I may not agree, he’s entitled to it. My sons and my daughters may not know it yet, but I fight for their future, and have no regret. So celebrate Christmas in your own merry way, and please send a prayer we’ll come home one day— When this war is over, we’ve finally won, we’ve conquered the terrorists— sent ‘em all on the run. Americas worth it— all this sacrifice, and, Mom, don’t you worry ‘cause I wouldn’t think twice. I’d do it again— even die in the sand for Freedom and Liberty, for we MUST take a stand. “Merry Christmas—Blessed New Year,” to all, I now say, and, “Thank you, dear Jesus— have a Happy Birthday!” Tamara Hillman ©2010

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the nght before christmas

T' was the night before Christmas
At a house made of stone
There lived an old man By himself all alone
My sleigh stopped on the roof
With my presents to give
For the owner of this house
It's were this man do live
 But when I did go there
What a strange sight did I see
No fairy lights no baubles
 Not even a tree
  No pictures of family Hung on the wail
Just medals and such like Was all I could see
  An old soldier was sleeping Curled up on the floor
 No bed no mattress As he slept by the door
  Then I remembered the families
That I went to that night
Owed all of their freedom
 From young men who were Willing to fight
  Quite soon the whole world
When children would play
And parents soon celebrate a new Christmas day
  And I started to wonder How many young men
Far away from their home In a far distant land
 How many felt that they were alone
 That terrible thought Invoked me to cry
 And I fell on my two knees And started to pray
  For I have no family No children no wife
 But I do thank my lord For saving my life
This old man awakened And I heard his sweet voice
 Say a prayer for me Santa But this was my choice
 For I have fought for freedom
 And I cannot ask for more
My god is my whole life And my freedom is for  sure
 Then the soldier looked up at me
 it's Christmas tomorrow that's true
 On your way Santa you have so much to do
 I looked at my watch And I knew he was right
 "merry Christmas my friend And to you a good night "