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Christmas Inspiration Poems | Christmas Poems About Inspiration

These Christmas Inspiration poems are examples of Christmas poems about Inspiration. These are the best examples of Christmas Inspiration poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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As the snow falls silently this night,
we feel the peace of its first light.
A time for joy a time to care,
the time for love ones to be near.
A bell sounds out through this day,
its ringing try's to show us the way.
For this is a special time of the year,
to spread love and good cheer.
It's too bad we don't feel this way,
all the time, everyday.


Contest: Happy Holidays

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Village Beneath

Village Beneath

From the window of the train.
Past the station with the wreath.
Down the snow covered lane.
The village sits beneath.

Past the shops with snow on roofs.
A horse gallops pulling a sled.
Leaving tracks of horses hoofs.
Beside lamp poles wrapped in red.

In the front of the general store.
A girl sits on a bale.
She walks to the door.
And inside gets he mail.

Below the ringing church bell.
A man drags a green tree.
Turns at the corner well.
To the house where it will be.

Three boys over yond.
Along the slope of the bank.
Slide in silence to the pond.
On a smoothed curved plank.

On the turned over boat.
A dog lays and waits. 
While a boy on a coat 
Puts on his skates.

The train pulls out of town
Past a Christmas lit pine.
Around the corner and down
Leaving the village behind

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Searching for the Spirit of Christmas

They searched for it in a Christmas tree, Christmas sock,
chimney, between the Christmas cards, but couldn’t find it…..

They went out and split the Snow Man 
into two, but it wasn’t there;
“It has a funny way of playing hide and seek in such a serious day for celebration,” they quipped in their thoughts.

Little did they know that the Christmas Spirit was sitting
in their hearts, waiting to be discovered, and shared
to other seekers.

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In a cold and rainy day
I perceive the winds that blow away
Raindrops plummet on the ground
With its strong and deafening sound
Though the heaven isn’t clear
But laughter is what I hear
Little children feel so much excitement
For it would be their awaited moment
But not all are ready for their presentation
What I can see are movements and actions
“Oh yes teacher! This is the day,
But can we have a final practice, is it okay?”
I nod my head with a smile
So I’ve wait for a while
Jolly moves and sweet voices
With so much enthusiasm on their faces
I call everybody’s attention
So we could start the presentation
But some kids are not yet around
They aren’t yet in the school bound
“Where are they?” I ask
“Ma’am, they are still preparing props”
Kids respond with a sad heart
Then I inform them that we are about to start
Seconds and minutes of waiting
But yet, no one is coming
Outside their eyes are staring
And minds are too busy thinking
I decide to start the caroling
And so the first group starts singing
But then they are still hoping
That their colleagues are coming
At the end of the occurrence they arrive
With nervousness that is so hard to hide
Teary-eye they came
But no one to blame
They’re thinking that their efforts are useless
For it seems that there are no chances
They feel too hopeless
And lose their self confidence
I do my part as teacher
Words of encouragement for them to be better
“It’s okay my dear”
“It’s better late than never”
It’s a Christmas carol
They’re bringing attractive decors
Excellent grades are what they want to savor
Eager to end it with flying colors
I bestow them another chance
For they are in good hands
I want them to succeed and be happy
Their success is what I want to see

dedicated to : Grade VI pupils of Calatrava I  Central School
December 11, 2013