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Christmas Inspiration Poems | Christmas Poems About Inspiration

These Christmas Inspiration poems are examples of Christmas poems about Inspiration. These are the best examples of Christmas Inspiration poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Until I'm Consumed

Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
Won't you take all of me
Until your image in me 
is all you see 
But You won't take what I won't give 
And my sin won't die until You live
Inside of me 
I feel I'm hangin by a thread
This old man just isn't dead
I keep reviving him instead of trusting You
So Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
And when my day comes
To an end
And I look back at where I have been
Many roads I've traveled
Sure took a wrong turn now and then
I need You just as much right now, as I did back then
So Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
Let there never be a doubt
That You changed me from the inside out 
It was only You all along
I could never be that strong 
On my own 
Let the words I speak 
Be unto you
Let the one I seek
Be only you
And let my heart beat
Beat for you
And let my soul 
Burn for you
Til I'm consumed 
Until I'm consumed
Until everything in me
Looks just like You

Copyright © Kelly Crenshaw

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As the snow falls silently this night,
we feel the peace of its first light.
A time for joy a time to care,
the time for love ones to be near.
A bell sounds out through this day,
its ringing try's to show us the way.
For this is a special time of the year,
to spread love and good cheer.
It's too bad we don't feel this way,
all the time, everyday.


Contest: Happy Holidays

Copyright © Joseph Sergi

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Things Aren't Ever Truly Free

For things in life that we've held as free,
Even things perchance obtained at a loss.
On this solitary matter I trust we agree,
Our salvation was postpaid at the cross.

Salvation's made available; no cost affixed,
I think of this gift each Christmas season.
Purchased on a cross two thieves betwixt,
I'm rejoicing knowing Jesus is the reason.

Copyright © Tom Wright

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The Best Christmas

I had so much fun to be with you!
You were wearing shirts in all color blue.
We threw crumpled paper like we’re six graders,
We ran and shouted like those elephant wailers.

Remembering 18th when we played those wooden chairs?
We grabbed white candies and buckled upstairs.
With your crazy dance moves over a yellowish folded paper,
You grouped yourselves absurdly like those itchy black scrapers.

You moved insanely with a green tomato on your face,
We sang together though we were so out of our pace.
We ate and chatted like it’s going to be our last.
Time was though unfair because it was ever too fast.

I’ll treasure that day because it was the best,
Our Christmas was dear compare to the rest.
Remember 18 because it was a magical scene,
Our greatest happiness is a treasure unseen.

Copyright © Lei Strauss

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Village Beneath

Village Beneath

From the window of the train.
Past the station with the wreath.
Down the snow covered lane.
The village sits beneath.

Past the shops with snow on roofs.
A horse gallops pulling a sled.
Leaving tracks of horses hoofs.
Beside lamp poles wrapped in red.

In the front of the general store.
A girl sits on a bale.
She walks to the door.
And inside gets he mail.

Below the ringing church bell.
A man drags a green tree.
Turns at the corner well.
To the house where it will be.

Three boys over yond.
Along the slope of the bank.
Slide in silence to the pond.
On a smoothed curved plank.

On the turned over boat.
A dog lays and waits. 
While a boy on a coat 
Puts on his skates.

The train pulls out of town
Past a Christmas lit pine.
Around the corner and down
Leaving the village behind

Copyright © John Le

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Searching for the Spirit of Christmas

They searched for it in a Christmas tree, Christmas sock,
chimney, between the Christmas cards, but couldn’t find it…..

They went out and split the Snow Man 
into two, but it wasn’t there;
“It has a funny way of playing hide and seek in such a serious day for celebration,” they quipped in their thoughts.

Little did they know that the Christmas Spirit was sitting
in their hearts, waiting to be discovered, and shared
to other seekers.

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi

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In a cold and rainy day
I perceive the winds that blow away
Raindrops plummet on the ground
With its strong and deafening sound
Though the heaven isn’t clear
But laughter is what I hear
Little children feel so much excitement
For it would be their awaited moment
But not all are ready for their presentation
What I can see are movements and actions
“Oh yes teacher! This is the day,
But can we have a final practice, is it okay?”
I nod my head with a smile
So I’ve wait for a while
Jolly moves and sweet voices
With so much enthusiasm on their faces
I call everybody’s attention
So we could start the presentation
But some kids are not yet around
They aren’t yet in the school bound
“Where are they?” I ask
“Ma’am, they are still preparing props”
Kids respond with a sad heart
Then I inform them that we are about to start
Seconds and minutes of waiting
But yet, no one is coming
Outside their eyes are staring
And minds are too busy thinking
I decide to start the caroling
And so the first group starts singing
But then they are still hoping
That their colleagues are coming
At the end of the occurrence they arrive
With nervousness that is so hard to hide
Teary-eye they came
But no one to blame
They’re thinking that their efforts are useless
For it seems that there are no chances
They feel too hopeless
And lose their self confidence
I do my part as teacher
Words of encouragement for them to be better
“It’s okay my dear”
“It’s better late than never”
It’s a Christmas carol
They’re bringing attractive decors
Excellent grades are what they want to savor
Eager to end it with flying colors
I bestow them another chance
For they are in good hands
I want them to succeed and be happy
Their success is what I want to see

dedicated to : Grade VI pupils of Calatrava I  Central School
December 11, 2013

Copyright © Joyzel Mae Sotes

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its  in the air
be aware
look and stare
you see some white
you see holiday lights
sprit of there wings
as the hum and sing
over this boy in a manger
thoses or 

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr

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Come to Bethlehem With Me

Come travel to the town of Bethlehem with me
Let’s observe the venue, reflect upon what we see

I see a place where politics is harsh and shrewd
Where feeling forgotten, people have a vile mood 

I see an Emperor who made a great decree
Go home take the census; you owe taxes to me

I see a young man, responsible, able, and proud
Who complied with the order, did not complain loud

I see significance in his ancestral line
The connection must be claimed, they could not decline

I see a young woman, greatly pregnant with child
Her time would come soon; the journey would not be mild

I see a man and woman, tested but in love
Confused, yet convinced of their mission from above

I see a crowded town without a lodging place
For poor strangers there was little mercy or grace

I see the pain of labor, loneliness, and stress
With groans, desire, and effort; a birth did progress

I see a happy face, immaculate with joy
Overflowing with love for a her baby boy

I see a stable, filled with the stench of manure
No place for a new born, vulnerable and pure

I see a child lying on a mattress of hay
Who humbly had arrived in the natural way

I see a baby wrapped securely in strips of cloth
One sent from heaven resting in a feeding trough

I see a proud mother gazing at her first born
Unaware that others will stare at him with scorn

I see a town that ignorantly missed the sign
Thus ignored the presence of this infant divine

I see shepherds on guard in the dark of the field
Keeping watch over their flocks with protecting shield

I see night interrupted by an angels face
As the glory of the Lord was shone in that place

I see heavenly beings with great news to proclaim
The joy of one who surpasses every name

I see a choir of angels as their voices ring
Glory to God in the highest heaven they sing

I see them praising God in sounds of sweet release
God sends His favor, in Messiah there is peace

I see shepherds, curious, gazing, with minds stunned
Leaving their flocks at night to see what had been done

I see action, let’s go to town right now and see
This savior the angels sang about with such glee

I see a young family, a man and his wife
Loving and guarding their child, in a world of strife

I see shepherds, with amazing joy in their eyes
Who left telling a story of this great surprise

I see a mother treasuring the day’s events
Pondering her involvement in God’s great intents

I see myself, a sinner, as part of the story
Praise Jesus my savior, to God be the glory.

Copyright © Brent Cloyd

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The Day Before Christmas

The Day Before Christmas

A poem written to my sister Karen (aka Ti-Ti) 
Written just 8 days leading up to the day she took her life)

I only love you dearly,
And that is why I pray,
For just a few simple graces,
To bless you with each new day.
May God's warmth encompass you,
During the cold hours of your life,
I pray you feel His arms,
Wrapped around you every night.
May His strength fill your spirit,
When it's easier to follow,
May you lead the lost to salvation,
Teaching peace to fill the hollow.
May His mercy be your light,
And open your eyes to see,
That it is His conviction,
That actually sets you free.
May His word make you wise,
And His truth bring you to trust,
In all the good He has for you,
And walking His path is a must.
And in whatever ways you falter,
What ever decisions you've made,
Always trust in His ways,
And acknowledge Him in all your days.
For God's plans for you are a gift,
A beautiful journey for only you,
Please remember His unconditional love,
His forgiveness and His truth...
May God bless you Karen and keep you in His care.
Today and always."



Copyright © Laura Urbaniak

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its not to far
its there that star
shining above
with the prince of love
his sprit live on
its in everyhome
so don't waited
or debate
its gifts on that moon

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr