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Home of the Slaves

Land of the free
Home of the slaves
The blood, sweat and tears of my ancestors resonate
Amongst the soil where they were slain
I’m hearing their struggle
I’m feeling their pain
I can’t imagine being forced to part from my family
All for massa’s gain
So I pay homage to those who promoted change

People like every slave who tried to escape
Nat Turner, Ms Carlotta, Harriet Tubman
And the safe houses who were in accord
And peg leg Joe with his song
Follow the drinking gourd.

People like, the disregarded - those thrown overboard
And who was dismissed and defamed
The ones who were stripped of their soul, their pride, their names

The list could go on  
The full will never be told
So I pay homage to others who were bold
Like John Brown, The Freedom Riders, Sojourner Truth
Ida B Wells, Phyllis Wheatley, Maya Angelou, 
Langston Hughes and Charles Drew

George Washington Carver, Ruby Bridges
Booker T Washington and Mary McCleod Bethune
Charles Houston, Ralph Bunche, Fredrick Douglass
WEB Dubois, Paul Robeson, Ralph Abernathy
Benjamin Banneker, Marcus Garvey and Crispus Attucks
Who’s death by the way
Symbolized the American lie
You cant declare the rights of all men
While the people of African decent rights get denied
But still we rise

Thanks to Dr Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, 
The Black Panthers, the Buffalo Soldiers and Tuskegee Airmen
None who were showed any love
Yeah it’s an uphill battle, 
But obviously greatness can be done.

We can rise above this stigma 
That blacks are lazy and daunting
That our worth is null and void 
And in essence minus nothing
And of all the names mentioned 
And the greatness of their successes
No one has been able to erase the evil transgressions of a racist mind
And once you have experienced just a taste of it
It changes your perception of time
The oppression beats like the drum on the chariot
Of when it was finally time to escape to freedom
It's mine

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In the dream world where reality becomes a fantasy 
And fantasy becomes reality.

The impossible is made possible and death becomes no threat. Mountains turn to a plain ground and are surmountable.

In the dream world I can do the impossible and see the invincible. I can spread my wings, soar and fly through the clouds reaching the altitude of my fortune and destiny.

In the dream world I am unstoppable and unquestionable, conquering all my adversaries. The treasures of this world are at my disposal, kings and kingdoms are my subjects.

In the dream world wishes don’t count but choices are made. That is why I have made the choice to have you as mine forever. In my dream world where there is no pain but gain, no distress but fortress, no cross but crown.

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Right Now

In the exact moment that I am right now
I stand in a sea of vulnerability;
susceptible to the effects of causes around me
and since I am fully aware, 
I own my surroundings
I am one with sounds and vibrations
resonating from the earth;
I am that pulse of the drum beat 
thats been thrashing 
inside me since birth

Right now, I am exactly as I am
deeply flawed and misjudged
used, victimized and persecuted
Right now I am you in the absolute

Right now, I am exactly as I am
balanced, whole and complete
attracting abundance and certainty  
Right now I am peace - still you
Right now, I am exactly as I am

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Behind the Mask

You’ve got blood on your wrist
Never unclenching your fist 
Looking the enemy in the eye 
Fighting until you die

We always look to those who wear the mask
Longing for the impossible task 
Chasing the safety you think you deserve
Looking for the people who will serve

When the gunshot fires
You’re always blaming the liars
You trust in your pride
But these sins you just can’t hide
So you put on your mask
Facing the impossible task

Why is it that we fight for this country’s pride
Ignoring all the broken souls who’ve died
We hold on to what we believe
But inside we truly deceive 

We always look to those who wear the mask
Longing for the impossible task 
Chasing the safety you think you deserve
Looking for the people who will serve

Trying to save our family name 
Hoping things will stay the same
We watch our brothers die
We watch our mothers cry
All so we can hold on to our lie

Through the blood sweat and tears
We hold on to our heroes through the years 
You say the power is within yourself
To heal from the pain you’ve felt 
You say you can earn your salvation
But the only thing you earn is your damnation 

We always look to those who wear the mask
Longing for the impossible task 
Chasing the safety you think you deserve
Looking for the people who will serve

There is a hole in your heart
It’s been broken from the start
You know you can’t live through this pain
You know you’re going insane 
You’re looking in all the wrong places
Trusting in all the wrong faces

Before you start your war
Let me tell you the answer you’re looking for
There’s only one trail
That will lead us from hell
Please hear what I have to say
Jesus Christ is the only way

We always look to those who wear the mask
Longing for the impossible task 
Chasing the safety you think you deserve
Looking for the people who will serve

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Queen Esther The Song

(Esther 5: 2)

(Chorus:  Part 1)

Walk In Majesty
Walk In Grace
Walk With GOD
Shining On Your Face
And You Can Walk
Thru Any Place ...

Prepare Your Steps
To Bring GOD Praise
Keep Your Stride
A Steady Pace
Walk In GOD's Ways
Thru Every Space ...

(Chorus:  Part 2)

Walk Like Queen Esther
Brave & Beautiful
Walk Like Queen Esther
Divinely Dutiful

and Every Step You Take
Please Pray
and GOD Will Guard You
On The Way

... Walk Like Queen Esther ...

Walk Like Queen Esther
In Love & Trust
Walk Like Queen Esther
and Move On
If You Must ...

and Every Step You Take
Please Pray
and GOD Will Guide You
Through Always

and Walk Like Queen Esther
Walk Like Hadassah
Walk Like Queen Esther

(Main Song)

The King Held Out To Esther
The Golden Scepter
That Was In His Hand

She Was His Queen
The Woman Who Fulfilled His Dreams
One of The Most Beautiful In All His Lands

There Was No Hesitation
In His Heart's Designation
Towards This Woman Who Stood Royal & Serene

She Held His Affection
and Did Not Suffer Rejection
As She Humbly Walked In, As His Queen

But Oh, The Interplay
of Emotions That Day
Between This Woman & Her Loving Man

When The King Held Out To Esther
His Golden Scepter
... That Was In His Hand

* * * * * * * * * * * *

so Walk Like Queen Esther
Walk Like Hadassah
Walk Like Queen Esther

( Walk-On Hadassah - Walk-On ! )

             Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/17/2013 
              by:  MoonBee Canady

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

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Instruments of Love

I recite your name in              the whispers of the wind
for bonded to my heart          are you until the  end
I lifted the chalice                   drank deeply of its wine
I felt of its effects                    the fullness of divine

Like the chords of piano        and dulcimers delight
your melodies do waft            through every thought at night
a master plays the chords     a violin with strings
plays my heart like a harp     whose music on it rings

Your fingers play me like       the stroke of piano keys
every touch I enjoy                your heart it aims to please
you are a symphony              whose chords have touched my heart
a birth cries transmission       of transformation every part

Songs like an aria                  may yet I learn to sing
whose vocals resonate          the inmost of my being
You left no line untouched     no strand is mine alone
made sure you did I knew      would make you me your own
Somewhere I lost myself        I gave it all to you
things I don't understand       reasons appear askew
I inhale you my breathe         to deepest parts within
need you to embrace me      as close as your own skin

We retire together                 speak 'neath the baleful skies
of every trial in life                 and those who live in lies
greet me in the morning        curl around me at night
sing to me of love songs       of futures very bright
The wedding of my heart      tears away my mind
I want to    forever                 hold you for all of time
Are not your words a bath     that removes the worlds dirt
a balm of medicine                to heal the deepest hurt

Its surpassing sweetness      a palate of good taste
love so intoxicating                no drop will go to waste
the adversary's here             and tramples the flowers
but you oh my beloved          too freely roam my hours

My life is but a breath           an instrument of song
music tells the stories           of lives and right and wrong
The scent of yesterdays       the pathways of the past
forward now the future          into the everlast

Proverbs 16
24 Gracious words are a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

COPYRIGHT © 2013 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC 

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Christian Music

The world of Christian music is amazing,
Compared to when I was a kid finding my music.
It has evolved into brilliant composing,
Words of hope, life, inspiration, and a new kick.

The songs are not all slow or bland,
I only listened when mom was driving.
But now I listen to many a Christian band.
The artists are young and the business is thriving.

I love to here songs that move my soul,
Newsboys, Jars of Clay, Mercy Me,
To name a few I have seen at a show.
Each of them making my inhibitions run free.

Casting Crowns, Sanctus Real, and Skillet,
All get me up and moving.
As the song is played I sing it and feel it,
Much more than during my childhood schooling.

Try it out see if you like it,
Air 1 is the station in my car.
You can also find it on the Internet,
Just type in the address bar.

Hesitant to give Christian music a try,
I don’t blame you it once was very dry.
I still listen to some Skynard and songs of the west,
But as for me and my house Christian music is the best.

For "Soul Tunes" contest.

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Sunday Organist

What's the theme this week?
Songs of faith, hope, love; Jesus Christ?

                     ---Sunday Organist---

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Pop-Contemporary Christian Music

I listen to a lot of pop/contemporary Christian music because it's inspiring and really
great. It's as if I'm at a contemporary Christian church in Arlington, Texas, on a Sunday
morning. The music reminds me of my early teens, how I met new friends, and to rejoicing
to the Lord. Out of all of my favorite pop/contemporary Christian music artists, my
favorites are Stacie Orrico, Junp5, Third Day, ZoeGirl, Michael W. Smith, and others. The
music has inspired me to to not only think for myself, but to write my own poems, as well.
When I listen to a lot of pop/contemporary Christian music of the past, the present, and
the future, I get this sad and ominous, but happy feeling. And when I listen to a lot of
contemporary Christian music, it's like I'm reading the Holy Bible, the King James
Version, every single day, as well. I put in a pop/contemporary Christian music CD in a
portable CD player or a radio with a CD player on it, I push play, and when the music
plays, it's like going to a contemporary Christian music festival in Colorado, in
Franklin, Tennessee, or anywhere else, especially when I'm in church. Right now, I'm
thinking about being a born-again Christian in the near future. And if there's going to be
a bunch of brand new pop/contemporary Christian artists and the music industry were to
keep growing and growing, then this is going to be great for all of us pop/contemporary
Christian music fans. I wonder if there's going to be more Christians?

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You Never Gave Up On Me

You never gave up on me, Jesus,
When You knew I was lost and astray.
You never gave up on me, Jesus,
No, You suffered and went all the way.
You bore all the stripes and the beatings,
The nails in Your hands and Your feet,
And You never gave up on me, Jesus,
For You made my salvation complete.

You never give up on me, Jesus,
Though I stumble and fall into sin.
You never give up on me, Jesus,
No You offer forgiveness within.
You say if I tell You I'm sorry,
You're faithful and just to forgive.
No, You never give up on me, Jesus,
You keep giving me reason to live.

You'll never give up on me, Jesus,
Till the last breath I take here below.
You'll never give up on me, Jesus,
You'll keep me in Your hand, I know.
I'll bow at Your throne up in Glory;
I'll praise Your sweet name ever more.
For You'll never give up on me, Jesus,
You will guide me to heaven's fair shore.

	I can never quite fathom Your mercy,
	I know I don't deserve Your love,
	And You sit at the hand of the Father
	Interceding for me up above.

I'll never give up on You, Jesus,
Help me now as I take my stand
To never give up on you, Jesus,
As I walk this world's sinful land.
Be near that I feel Your sweet Spirit,
Flood me with Your blessings and grace,
For I'll never give up on You, Jesus,
Till in heaven I see Your sweet face.

NOTE--music has been written to these words.

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Rock-Contemporary Christian Music

At a church in a suburban community, I see a bunch of people and a trio of
rock/contemporary Christian bands. I'm either a soul trapped in a force field, or a guy
with a free spirit. When I listen to a lot of rock/contemporary Christian music, it's like
a party in my brain. It's also as if I'm going to a rock/contemporary Christian concert in
Arlington, Texas. The only reason why I listen to a lot of rock/contemporary Christian
music is because it's entertaining and inspiring. My favorite artists are P.O.D., Aly &
A.J., Skillet, Delirious?, and other artists. It's the other way to express myself freely
without holding anything back. If I were in a real band and I were good at playing the
guitar as well, then I'd be playing some rock music fused with contemporary Christian
music. It seems that I'd rather be at a church in one of the suburban communities than a
gospel church in an urban community. And if I were to own all rock/contemporary Christian
albums released by all of the artists, like, P.O.D., Skillet, and/or other recording
artists, there's no telling what great thing might happen next. I wonder if there's going
to be more contemporary Christian music and new artists? I guess I'll never know.

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Contemporary Christian Music

I listen to a lot of contemporary Christian music because it's inspirational and
heart-warming. Listening to plenty of contemporary Christian music makes me wanting to
read the Holy Bible every single day. It's also as if I'm going to a contemporary
Christian community church in either Carrollton, Arlington, Richardson, or Plano.What I
really like about contemporary Christian music is when it's fused with a lot of pop music,
dance/techno music, rock music, and indie rock music. And out of all contemporary
Christian artists, my favorite artists are Delirious?, Amy Grant, Mark Willard, Aly &
A.J., Third Day, and others. The list goes on and on and on. These recording artists,
whose favorite genre is contemporary Christian music, are a bunch of great influences in
the lives of all of us contemporary Christan music fans, especially when he and/or she is
going to a Christian music concert. After I will have bought a contemporary christian
music CD from one of the music stores, I'll put it in a CD player and when I press play,
it'll be like I'm at a contemporary christian festival in a Georgia town called Albany, an
Arizona town called Yuma, and in Grapevine, Texas. If I had a lot of contemporary
Christian music albums in my collection of compact discs, then it's going to be like an
endless music festival. Unlike gospel music, contemporary Christian music is really
soothing and very relaxing. And if there's going to be a bunch of would-be recording
artists wanting to enter into the contemporary Christian music industry, we'll all be
ready. I wonder if we'll be able to find God in the near future?

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The Devil Went for Charlie Daniels

The Devil went down to Colorado
To see if he could pull Charlie's chart.
While Charlie was out snowmobiling,
The Devil would work on Charlie's heart.
But he got a shock when he went for Charlie
For there was a prayer barrier all around him.
Charlie's Guardian Angel had called for reinforcements
And a cohort of God's own angels now surround him.
We done told you before, Devil,
God has His hand on certain men
So you're wasting your time going for Charlie,
Don't even bother coming back again.
Yes, the Devil went down to Colorado
And he never dreamed he'd fail
But all he got for his trouble
Was cold feet and a frozen tail!

by E. Marshall Evans