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Christian Food Poems | Christian Poems About Food

These Christian Food poems are examples of Christian poems about Food. These are the best examples of Christian Food poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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High blood pressure

High blood pressure 
One of the nation’s leading health problems
25% adults are known to have high blood pressure
50 million are at risk of developing it
High blood pressure greatly raises the risk of stroke
Heart failure and kidney disease
New guidelines are urging Americans to make diet
Exercise changes designed to lower their high blood pressure
70% of high blood pressure caused by obesity

Compared with individuals with normal blood pressure
People with high blood pressure are relatively glucose tolerant
Insulin resistance also a contributing factor to high blood pressure


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Obesity has been growing in the past 20 years
But health officials were shocked by a 1999
Study that revealed that 61% of the population 
 Either overweight or obese
Obesity linked to diabetes
Heart disease
 Osteoarthritis and cancer
The effects of obesity cost Americans $100 billion per year

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Obesity worldwide epidemic followed by worldwide epidemic diabetes
17 billion Americans have diabetes
16 million at risk developing diabetes
Than people who are normal weight

Diabetes a major problem in US characterized by inability to keep blood-sugar levels consistent
2 types of diabetes
Type 1, Juvenile diabetes
Type 2 maturity onset or adult onset
Does not require insulin
Type 2 diabetes preceded by obesity 
Condition called insulin resistance
60% of the money spent on type 2 diabetes due to obesity

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Bird Feed Under My Window

Since childhood I was always fascinated with nature
Curious to know how plants grow 
Always intrigued by the ingenuity of ants 
And mesmerized by the coordination 
And spectacular tactics of birds. 

Birds come in different colors and species 
They symbolize many conditions and have various 
Significance and meaning in different cultures. 
You have the nightingale and the humming birds 
And the whippoorwill is perhaps the most cunning 
of all species because it can camouflage itself.
Even though you can hear its distinctive sound 
It's difficult to be identified. 

I used to listen to them singing in nature 
singing melodious tune, tunes that span beyond 
Centuries, tunes reminding us that life is still divine.
I love to watch them soaring in the sky 
flying from north to east, south to west 
Until nature bids them to take their rest. 

Birds embrace freedom and they hold the power of truth 
they are unique messengers so the next time you see one
land on your doorstep just figure out if it is genuinely from nature
who send it, and what it is trying to say before you angrily chase it away. 

Birds have wit and might, they are powerful 
communication tools, they earn their keep from nature
and that’s how they stay alive 
like the cows and the sheep 
they can see way out in the deep. 

Something peculiar has been happening in nature 
I have been observing something unusual from the sky 
While walking down the street the sun burst from 
underneath a dark, cold overcast sky   
and spread its light over me then suddenly disappeared. 

Each time I take a stroll an army of birds appear from
nowhere and split up into different directions, 
they form groups of six, seven and eight, three,
four, two, one and  groups of twelve. 
Sometimes they are so many that I can hardly count them. 

It didn't seem as if they were on a journey, it appeared as if 
They were caged up somewhere and were suddenly released
into the atmosphere.
My curiosity grew deeper when I pounced upon 
a man attracting the birds with feed laced with 
corn grain and black sunflower seeds. 

This was quite unusual because 
no one in the entire neighborhood feed birds
I could read right into this mysterious cultural behavior
not only was he making a statement,
he was marking something by placing 
the bowl of feed in front of the house 
under my window and luring the birds to
fly from all directions to feed from the bowl. 

They say that black birds are symbol of human soul
and they symbolize happiness, intelligence and wisdom;
they also have deep religious meaning.
Always remember that everything we do
evil always hinges close by good
to make things seem inconspicuous. 
Legend has it to say that the devil appeared to St. Benedict
in the form of a black bird to tempt him. 

Long time ago my kindergarten teacher
used to teach me this poem by mother goose,
“Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye, 
four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie. 
When the pie was opened the birds began to sing
wasn't that a dainty dish to set before the king?
The king was in the counting-house counting out his money,
the queen was in the parlor eating bread and honey, 
the maid was in the garden hanging out the clothes. 
Along came a blackbird and snipped off her nose.” 

Birds are free habitats of nature
they do not earn their keep from artificial feed
but from natural food in the environment. 
So the next time you see a bowl of bird feed
laced with black sun flower seed and corn 
do not take it for granted 
something is deeper than bird feed. 

                                                                          ©2015 Christine Phillips


Copyright © Christine Phillips | Year Posted 2015

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Christian Cross

Head hung low, I walk the street-
Timid to feel the hangman's loss-
Every step on my blistered feet-
Takes me closer to, the Christian cross-
With every second, my soul does exhaust-
Heat-ridden cheeks from tears I cry-
Hide my eyes my shame is discreet-
Explain to me God, why must I die?

You say the hunger game I did cheat-
I see on that hangman's rope your hands across-
How close I was to starvation beat-
Why must  I die for naught but sauce-
On bread instead of my usual moss-
I hope you see my little child cry-
Although to you unjust is a treat-
Hold him God on the day he will die-

With my head hung low, I walk the street-
My family will feel the hangman;s loss-
No more will I walk upon these blistered feet-
Family go, live your life by the Christian Cross-
For my soul is tired, don't let your life exhaust-
My dear sweet loved ones there is no need to cry-
No more reason for you to stand all so discreet-
I am happy at last, on the day that I die-

I will live the rest of my life upon a Christian's Cross-
These murderers relax themselves on their own lie-
In a few short moments I won't feel anymore loss-
I will lift up my head and all so proudly I will die-

Copyright © Jordan Dickinson | Year Posted 2012

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So I am Here

Ok so now that I am here, what do I do? Do I keep going. Do I fly around. Am I sure I am here. Everything is still the same except that, this, and maybe a little bit of that too but I am sure that is normal with life though. So I am searching for the question to the answer of my first question. Yes I am. So now normalities. What is normal? Blue is normal to us under a bright light, green shines better. Which one is real? Choose one. Let us say both. Both is not an option. Let us opt out. Done. Now if we can opt out of the question, why have'nt you?

Copyright © greg bell | Year Posted 2013

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Crunchy golden brown potatoes
Cut unevenly into strips sticks
One maybe half, one and two inches long
Best eaten after freshly fried

So thus us, creations of God
Unequal to wit, might and talents
Yet, daily equip in battle of growing
Not on failing but succeeding

The fries eaten plain or flavored
So is man simple and favored
The fries a fine finger food
So is man by nature is born good

Either served on plate or pouch
Us humans ready to serve and touch
Sometimes bitten bit or whole
Us humans molded clever or fool

by: olive_eloi


Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo | Year Posted 2014

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
An insulin-resistant disease in women
Has become prevalent in the past 20 years
PCOS characterized by elevated levels of male hormone
Increase facial hair
Irregular menstrual periods
The most common cause of female hormone dysfunction
Women with PCOS  benefit from a low-carb diet


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Evaluating limits on carbs

Very low carb diet is  any diet requires less than 50 grams of carbohydrate per day
Eating a healthy diet on this level of carbohydrate restriction is impossible
If you tried
You’d be eliminating too many foods rich in vitamins
Fiber and cancer fighters
Getting essential nutrients from foods is always better than getting it from supplements

Moderately low-carbohydrate diet
Such as this one
Includes 100 to 150 grams of carbohydrate per day
The minimum level to prevent loss of clean tissue from muscles

A high carb diet
Includes more than 250 grams of carbohydrate each day
This is appropriate for active people who are at a healthy weight
No matter how many grams of carbs you eat everyday
Whole grains
Legumes and pasta
Should be the main food sources of carbohydrates
With added sugar sources kept to a minimum

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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Sacraments of Christian Initiation

The Sacraments of Christian Initiation
Baptism, Confirmation and the Holy Eucharist
Lay the foundation of every Christian life

Faithful are born anew by Baptism, 
Strengthened by Confirmation 
Receive in the Eucharist the food of eternal life

To receive increasing measures
The divine life
Advance toward the perfection of charity

Written 09172012

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2012

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Onward Christian Soldiers

Open are his arms
Never will The Almighty leave you
Will given to Him triumphs against the enemy
All who cry out in Jesus’ name none can harm
Righteous in heart all must crave from start
Death is the test be it not in vain

Copyright © Steven Henderson | Year Posted 2012

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My Blood

By Curtis Johnson

A motorized blood bank came to our church today, and I decided to donate blood.
I don't know if her needle was too soft or whether my skin was too tough, but the first lady that attended to me in the mobilized blood bank initially had difficulty in pricking my fingers for blood.  She apologized for having to poke me more than once.  As she continued, she said to me that my gift of blood would be saving two lives, and I was happy about that. She finally was able to get a small amount of blood for her preliminary test.  She then took my blood pressure and said that I had a good reading, and I was happy about that too.  The first phase was over, and off to the next step I went.

I was led to a reclining seat and asked about my food intake for the day.  It was then about 12: 45PM, and I indicated to her that I had only consumed coffee up to that point. That fact appeared to not be good, and I was not happy about that.  She then gave me a bottle of water to drink.  After the water intake, apparently she was ready to draw a pint of blood from my body.

She then gave me an object to squeeze to put pressure on my blood vessels. There-after, she fitted the needle on my arm and put it into my vessel to draw blood.  The blood drawing for 1 pint had begun, which took 6 minutes.  As she performed these tasks, I became inquisitive and had two questions for her.

My first question pertained to the quantity of blood in my body.  She informed me that there is 1 pint of blood for every 10 lbs. , which means I should have about 17 pints of blood in my body.  As the blood was being drawn from my body, I then suggested that I might be a slow bleeder, not having a clue about what rate the blood should exit the body.  She then said to me, “No, actually you are a fast bleeder”.  Her tone indicated that such rate was also good, and I was happy about that. There were no more questions from me, except that I needed clarification on something she said as she was giving me some final instructions before leaving.

She repeated to me the instruction that, in order for my 1 pint of blood to be built back up in my body, I should not miss any meals.  I understood her, and 8 days later as  write this story, I am doing just fine.

I do not remember the pastor's sermon, nor do I have any notes of the service today.  But I did learn a few things today about me and my blood, as a result of my blood donation.
Cj08062015 (This happened about two years ago)

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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Food for thought

An opportunity
How lovingly you respond to God
People say they believe, Eternal God 
Love Father Christ

Don't have any clue
What talking about
Hypocrite, harsh word
People harsh to Father Christ
Don't know it

People boast, brag 
They know Father Christ
Believe in Him
Yet, not in His Church
If truly believe, then why not His Church?

The word "Purgatory" is only in Catholic or Roman Catholic
Because later Christians will be in heaven
Some be immaculate there
After purifying their not confessed sins
People need Sacrament of Reconciliation

Only in Father Christ Church
Father Christ required His Church
Be available for His people


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2013

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Life is like a cake,
depending on how you bake.
Whatever is you center in life,
will either lead to love or strife.
The center, or cake,
that leads to life is Jesus.
The icing being blessings he bestows upon you.
So, have Jesus as the center,
and life can only become better.
Relationships, success, comfort,
is all icing on the cake.

Bible Verse:
Matthew 5:6 "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled."

Copyright © Hanna Potter | Year Posted 2015

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Got Any Change

Got Any Change?
By Curtis Johnson
There seems to be no lack of opportunities, but an inadequate supply of ‘readiness’. My most recent opportunity came knocking on yesterday morning, Monday, July 7, 2014, at around 8:55.  I was getting gas, and a young lady appeared and asked, “Got any change?”.  She appeared to be in her mid 30’s, and was retrieving bottles and cans from the trash container when she spoke to me.  I’m sure that she heard my reply, but probably did not understand when I, being filled with sadness, said, “O my Lord”.  I uttered such words because I was so very displeased with myself for not being ready or prepared for such an encounter.  I seldom have cash, and today was no exception.

I reached into my pockets only to find it empty of any cash, even change.  No surprise.  I then looked into my vehicle and found a quarter to give to her.  She said, “Thank you”.  As I drove away, I continued to stare in the direction of the gas station, unable to get the lady off my mind.

My thoughts and prayers have continued to follow that lady whose face I cannot erase from my mind.  Her face was visually dirty and with soap and water, it can easily be made clean again.  But I tell you, there is no washing of her face from my memory.

I wanted to do so much more for the young lady, but only had a quarter to give to her.  Nevertheless, on that July Monday morning, I determined that with God’s help, I would not be caught off guard with such a person again.                                                                                                    

The brief encounter with the lady at Am Pm motivated me to activate a small project that I had already begun.  A few days ago in my garage, I started preparing what could be described as “Mercy Packs” to be given to people such as the lady.

I do not want to be unprepared like that again.  I do not want to experience that  “ O my Lord” feeling again.  That is why I went home on yesterday and implemented my plan and placed the packages in my vehicle.  These Mercy Packs contain various kinds of non perishable snacks, Gospel material, and a one dollar bill.

I don’t know the name of the lady, and I may never see her again.  I have assigned to her a name that I shall remember as Angelica.  She also has my prayers and the prayers of my friends when I tell them of her.  May the face of God shine upon Angelica, and favor her whose name is known by Him. Cj07082014

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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Reuben For Christmas

Reuben   For   Christmas
By Curtis Johnson

From the streets of San Francisco in 1984
There came a stranger knocking on our door

He was known by all in the nationhood
His name was Reuben and he wanted food
We gave him a meal and it was good

Reuben kept coming by day after day
He was always hungry and not much to say

He was dirty, smelly, and tough to be around
He was tall, thin, and could use a few pounds

The Christmas Season was fast approaching
Everybody got busy shopping and rushing

Reuben spent his Christmas alone and cold
We decided this year to play a special role

On Christmas Day Reuben sat with our family
We all ate and shared our gifts most happily cj112406

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015