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Cancer Inspirational Poems | Cancer Poems About Inspirational

These Cancer Inspirational poems are examples of Cancer poems about Inspirational. These are the best examples of Cancer Inspirational poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | I do not know? | |

The Lucky One

It came to me once before
I said please I want no more
But it came to me twice
Please go away it would be nice
All the chaos and distress
My life was surely a mess
I said I can beat you this time
My life would just be fine
Then you came a second time
There was no reason or rhyme
The second time they were wrong
Time was eternity it took so long
The cancer did not come back to me
I was one of the lucky ones you see
Some people do not have that fate
They find cancer and it's way to late

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ABC World's Famous Scientists In History

A  is for Anton van Leeuwenhoek- in his simple  microscope made him well-known,
B is for Benjamin Franklin who invented  the electricity  from the flow of electrons.

C is for Curie, Marie -a woman   known by her theory of radioactivity,
D is for Dalton ,John -a meteorologist who developed an atomic theory.

E is for Einstein, Albert in his theory of relativity  and mass-energy equivalence,
F is for Franz Boaz  who studied human cultures  through methods of science.

G is for Galieleo Galilei who worked also on telescope as astronomer and physicist,
H is for Heingrich Hertz who worked on the theory of lights and waves  as scientist.

I is for Isaac Newton who discovered the law of motion and gravitation,
J is for John Logie Baird who invented one of our favorites, the television.

K is for Karlheinz Brandenburg  who discovered MP3 tech for  our music that pleases,
L is for Louie Pasteur worked on microbiology for causes and prevention of diseases.

M is for Michael Faraday who had successfully   invented an electric motor,
N is for Neils Bohr who passed the milestone of the discovery of atomic structure.

O is for Orville Wright , a scientist who successfully invented an airplane,
P is for Paul Ehrlich who discovered chemotherapy for a cancer patient.

Q is for Quantum Cosmology by a scientist named Hawking, Stephen,
R is for Rudolf Virchow, a scientist who worked on the cell doctrine.

S is for Sigmund Freud who founded the Psychology of Unconsciousness,
T is for Thomas Edison whose invention on an electric bulb was a real success.

U is for Universal Law of Gravitation  and Motion founded by Isaac Newton, 
V is for Verbiest, Ferdinand-known on first car as his successful  invention.

W is for William Thomson, an inventor of  Temperature Scale for everyone,
X is for X-ray invented by a scientist named Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen.

Y is forYoung Philosopher like Aristotle, a student of Plato at age of eighteen,
Z is for Zoologist  who studied marine invertebrates like Charles Darwin.

Knowing some  of the world’s famous scientists and their inventions,
Make us smart children with all the agility of mind to take part  in  creations.

Feb. 10, 2013

This chain of couplets was also composed for a wall post in our science rm/lab for the kids to easily memorize or familiarize with some of  the world’s famous scientists and philosophers in history.  I also wish to thank my dearest friend, Andrea who encouraged me to write an ABC poem like this. Huh! It made me sweat a bit! ;))

Fourth Place
Contest: Z is for Zaria: An ABC Couplet
Judged: 4/16/2013
Sponsor; Poet Cyndi Macmillan

Details | Marsiya | |

I'm my Daddy Made Over

Dedicated to my Dad Jerry W. Niday 3/20/1952 - 6/18/2013

I am who I am because of him
He’s the reason for my son’s name
He gave me my courage & my strength
To stand tall even when standing wasn’t easy
Stand for the ones who can’t
To think and fend for myself
I’m my Daddy made over

Taught me to fight back 
To never back down
How to pick myself back up
When I’ve been knocked down
Fight for what I believe
I’m my Daddy made over

He gave me my stubbornness 
Gave me my pride
Gave me my temper
Taught me not to take crap
To speak my mind no matter who
Work for what I want
I’m my Daddy made over

How to keep my emotions in check
How to handle large amounts of pain
When in trouble he always had my back
He knew how my mind worked better than anyone
I got it from him
I’m my Daddy made over

Even though he’s gone
I’ll stand and continue on 
I may stumble I may fall 
May even get hurt along the way
But I’ll pick myself back up
I’ll dust myself off and stand tall
I’m honored and proud to say
I’m my Daddy made over

Sabrina Niday Hansel

Placed 1st in "Unsung Hero" 7/2014 contest
Also 3rd. in "Portrait of a Poet" 1/2014 

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The Truth

It’s true that I have cancer
Not true that it has me
For I choose to live my life
As full as it can be
It’s true they did some cutting
To get the cancer out
But I’m still fighting cancer
And it is quite a bout
It’s true that I’ll do chemo
And chemo makes you sick
While chemo kills the cancer
That’s not what makes me tick
For me, it’s love of family
My daughter and my wife
And I’ll have a brand new grandchild
And that – to me – is life
Each moment that I’m living
My love for them grows strong
And loving equals living
That’s what keeps me going on
So it’s true that I have cancer
Not true that it has me
And like a wise man said once
The truth shall set you free.

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Devil Disguised As Cancer

You try to lead a auspicious life,
Trying your best to mirror Christ,
Well done my faithful servant is the remark you want for your fight,
Church is your Paradise, 
Everyone thinks you are swell,
You have the faith of a mustard seed like Jonah inside of the whale,
Suddenly out the blue rapid pains invade your body,
Oh Lord I trust in you,
My faith will never disembody,
Until one day you give in to pain and frantically need a answer,
The doctor sheds a tear,
I'm sorry but you have cancer,
Stage 4,
Now you are in your last days , 
This is not a phase,
Your days are blue even in the mist of sun rays..
Your family is in a rage over this information,
Hopeless despair engaged like a Jew in concentration,
Separated from humanity equals abrupt insanity,
Cancer can be depressing,
Chemo is very stressing,
Fatigue forbids you from assessing your blessings,
I know its very difficult ,
Just hold on and continue to pray,
Because at the end of the day, 
God has the last say...

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An Ordinary Man

I want to be inspired to write
    a song people really want to sing;
I want to be inspired to compose
    a requiem for the King;
But, I’m just an ordinary man
    doing the best I can
        at writing poems
            that have no homes.

I want to be inspired to find
    a cure for this cancer thing;
I want to be inspired to reach
    out for the golden ring;
But, I’m just an ordinary man
    doing the best I can
        at getting by
            with the good old college try.

I want to be inspired to lead
    a revolutionary coup;
I want to be inspired to be
    the best at everything I do;
But, I’m just an ordinary man
    doing the best I can
        to make ends meet
            and not live on the street.

I have the motivation;
I’ll put in the perspiration;
I can give it concentration;
But, I lack the inspiration;

Inspire me.
What will it take to inspire me?

I want to be inspired to write
    a song people really want to sing;
I want to be inspired to compose
    a requiem for the King;
But, I’m just an ordinary man
    doing the best I can
        at writing poems
            that have no homes.

Details | Free verse | |

Soul Ties

Soul ties are tight like crazy glue.Who could ever get through?Stuck twisted,and  
bonded,can't really hide it.
Soul ties:listening to the continuous lies and the fake alibis underneath that dark 
Soul ties are so deep that they cause me to creep.Making me feel so cheap 
inside where the Holy Ghost can't abide.Because there is so much sin inside of 
me,causing my maker to turn away due to the sin I've created that burdens Him  
Soul ties are like cancer that will cause you not to answer the call of the parakleet.
Come and be restored.Take the mindset to be free and walk into God's liberty.
Soul ties can make or breaker you.A soul tie with our maker is burden-lifter and a 
yoke breaker;the finisher of all my fights with much delight.I don't have to fight 
A soul tie can make or break you .Which one will you choose?Or will you continue 
to abuse the soul and unite with savages that cannot make you whole? 
Continuing the cycles of twists and turns and down in  hell where the(flesh) will 
Soul ties:which tie will you take?Jesus is on His way.Get it right today  without  
delay.Release the sin today so you can be on your way.
Soul ties:which one will you choose?Today,again, I say Jesus is coming any 
day.Choose to connect with Jesus.He'll lead the way.
Soul ties: which one will you choose?With Jesus you can't lose.
Soul tie with Him today!

Details | Epic | |

We Lost More Than a Dad

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost half of how we came to be
We lost we four girls first love
We lost our Best Friend

We lost more than just a Dad that day
Our Mom lost her Soul Mate, Her other half 
Our children lost their Papaw
We lost our family’s foundation 
We lost the glue that held us together

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost the Strongest man we ever knew 
We lost the man we looked up too
We lost we four girls Teacher of many things

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We four girls lost our Hero
We lost some of our Light
We lost part of our Heart
We lost part of our Soul

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost some of our Courage
We lost some of our Strength
We lost some of our will to fight back
We lost some of our will to carry on
We four girls lost more than a Dad
We lost more than just a Dad that day

Details | Couplet | |

The Drug of Jealousy

Jealousy could be as harmful as a drug...
It chases away all that's close without a hug...

It's an addiction that tears apart all that's good...
A self inflicted wound that spreads like only cancer could...

When life is going well those feelings rain in like a storm...
And it's easier to to get washed away then stand tall in form...

Trust and love are words thrown around like chips on a table...
But to live them and really feel them, only a strong person is able...

This is dedicated to my past where I climbed up from at last...
If this mirrors your ways then read and learn, you touch the 
jealousy flame you will get burned...

By Michael J Falotico

Details | Prose Poetry | |

The Day the Doctor Told Me

On the day
When the doctor told me 
My whole heart crushed 
Melting like snow in summertime
Leaving me to wonder 
Was this moment 
My realty 
A fantasy 
Cause even though I don’t go to church 
Every Sunday 
I knew God wouldn’t plague me 
With a curse such as this 
I was too young to die 
Carry an illness which could 
Define me 
Would I make it 
Is there a cure 
Cause the way he was telling me 
My diagnosis and deterioration 
I wasn’t so sure 
So instead of making this a life sentence 
My death penalty 
I chose to live another day 
Not allowing this moment to end my dignity
I knew my life wasn’t destined to end this way 

The day the doctor told me 
I was a victim to Cancer
I gave the message to God 
Allowing him to solve the problem
Provide the answer
Only he could to clear my vision 
Cause at this time
Everything was a blur
I couldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop 
I knew he wasn’t done with me yet
I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel 
Take a seat, swivel away
Let my coffin bow down a whole 6 feet

The day the doctor told me 
Not only did I take heed to what he said
I believed in what wasn’t note
Understanding I had a chance 
It wouldn’t be circumstances
Used to close the book to my story 
But the reason to live and be loved 
To achieve all I ever dreamed of 

The day the doctor told me 
I had Cancer 
I simply replied, “No, I do not” 
I have life 
A life not complete, nor finished 
And after 7 years of living 
I am wiser, smarter, healthier and determined 
Not to let this Cancer make me a victim 
But claim my place in David’s army
Nothing will happen to he who believes
And guess what
I’m a Survivor, I’m Here, and until My God is ready
I am not going anywhere!!!!!


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Time to Go in loving memory of my mother

My mom was a strong woman, and stubborn too,
Yet she had a soft side, between me and you.
That side she would show, when you least expected,
But let me tell you, she was well respected.

Mom was quite unique, and was one of a kind,
She was set in her ways, so keep that in mind.
The youngest of nine, she had gotten her way,
Spoiled by her siblings’, almost every day.

Right out of high school, she had married my dad,
Blessed with three children, plus fifty years they had.
They both were hard workers, in all that they did,
My dad taught himself, from when he was a kid.

My mom was a smoker, for forty-six years,
Some day it would happen, she’d face all her fears.
Lung cancer she had, and inoperable too,
Her time on this earth, would be shortened we knew.

Radiation and Chemo, had done their thing,
Remission set in, tears of joy it did bring.
We would go out at night, to shop and to talk,
I knew she enjoyed, getting out for a walk.

Two years had gone by, after Thanksgiving Day,
Her pain had returned, but was afraid to say.
She’d lie on the couch; it was strength she did lack,
We knew in our hearts, that the cancer came back.

We shared lots of laughter, but many a tear,
I tried to assure her, she’d nothing to fear.
“Please watch over your dad, this one thing I ask.”
“I know it will be, quite a difficult task.”

One morning in March, Hospice called us to say,
You may want to come, for she’s slipping away.
For the night before, mom told me to stay home,
“Be there for your kids, you can call me by phone.”

When we all arrived, for a moment she woke,
Her eyes said it all, not a word had she spoke.
We stayed by her bedside, just holding her hand,
“It’s time to let go mom, we all understand”.

A few days had passed, not ready to let go,
For it had been raining, but letting up slow.
The sun began shining, the clouds disappeared,
Opening the heavens, for mom’s time has neared.

We gathered together, her forehead we kissed,
Whispering so softly, how much she’d be missed.
“Your time has arrived mom, just follow the light”,
She left us so peaceful, she gave up her fight.

It was time to drive home, in the car we got,
Then something had happened, while leaving the lot.
Huge drops of rain falling, it had to be fate.
They were tears of joy; she was at heaven’s gate.

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West Side Story, My Brothers, Mother and Me

I cried for them this afternoon
Knew them since the matinee started
Saw them fall in love
At first sight, the world stopped
Everything was silent at the sight of it
They looked and were lovers
Later that day on their knees
Repeating vows that till today
They saw only in throw away plays
I cried for them, their lost love
But not for mother whose long life ended
By the Yankee Sluggers creeping disease
What was there to cry about?
As the blue ice calved from glacier slabs
Creased iron plates, made orphans, widows
And most aboard but not me or my mother
Or the yet unborn twice told tale
Tony was told she died, frantic with fear
He called out for her but got Chino instead
Saw her running to him, delirious with fear and joy
He got a bullet instead, tearing threw his back
Breaking his heart in half he fell into her arms
She covered his face with kisses and tears
And I too wept again for what could have been
What should have been for mother, died without my tears                                   
For I knew not how to give!
Instead to those I gave tears so freely
But I knew them since the matinee started
Who cried for my three brothers
Charley, like Marley dragged his chains around
And spent a life time sawing them off, Michael who fell
From heaven one day, curly hair and welcoming smile
Orphaned by mother who just gave him away
Brain dead one day in June, the rest followed six months to the day
Brother Tom, large lonesome eyes never saw what the world wondered.                             Water boarded at age five, he left and never returned
Last month got cancer and died exactly one month later.
I cried today for the matinee lovers,
When I should have cried for them. 


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 .  .  .  ;   ;  .  .  .

this seventh month… a handful of sun dust greets my aurora skin, touching every lace of foliage: buttered stems, blushing leaves, soft-boiled branches with upturned eyes silky in the veil of July’s palette face. farther on, i wanted to smell its rareness, how my own raw eyes pass behind occasional veins and wiggling ridges, wondering the maleness and femaleness of their palms receding then whirling underneath my feet ,receiving the ancient chant of some wild calm… how intangible this soft fire in my belly, splattering like auburn harvest of wheat thrusting unto air chambers of sun nymphet honored in all shades---the emerald, garnet, sapphire of paradise patch as if saved from the kaleidoscope of month’s past, slowly cuddling every sinner and lover the ember that feeds on harps and cancer zodiac stones.
© copyright . . . . . CONTEST SPONSOR : Catie Lindsey's New Free Verse

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A Happy Cancer

A Happy Cancer
By: Noel N. Villarosa

Sadness invades a glowing life
Agitation of what comes next after the fact
The beginning of all ends in cancer’s strife
Life to death, we fear of the day to be exact

But there are chances to replace the peril
To yield oneself to the power of God’s glory
We live each day to the fate of going until
Hiatus for sometime and serve the hospice as another journey

A chance to mingle with relatives and friends
And share happy moments to tide over hardship
A chance to smile and express the beauty at its ends
And show positive outlook to thwart phantom of death

A chance to join the crusade to search for the cure
To talk and comfort other cancer patients
Bring back juvenile act to escape discomposure
And live with someone by your side to listen

Don’t wait but give a fight to survive
There is treatment by enduring chemotherapy
Or take the chance of trying other alternatives
Rather than living in the shadow of sympathy

Travel to places to meet your pleasure
Explore and challenge oneself to new horizon
That will give you space for new treasure
To prove your will that you can still join the marathon

Be inspired by the testimony of others
That there’s a chance to alter gloomy to glory
And if by heart, they live to stay another year
Let them be called not a survivors, but a cancer conquerors
In their smile we can see the triumph by winning each day
A happy cancer 

Written and posted also in poetry site: 24 November 2009

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Solar Love

Every star is someone eles's son (shield your eyes) shrug off hate from everyone familiar place been here before thousands of nights the ocean shore coasts are changing minds align hate and fear must now resign connect the dots move my child tame the shy wake the wild shred advice relayed from the miser castrate cancer obstructing the wiser transcendental the hydrogen burns furnishing life each time earth turns

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Many Questions, One Answer

The bills, the pain, the drama, the rain
The storm grows larger and floods your brain 
With thoughts that begin to drive you insane
 Like, if I trust God will it all go away?
What am I missing? Empathy? Faith?
What will happen if I stay on this pace?
Am I one of those people that God can replace?
If I don’t change now is it hell I face?
Could we all be afraid of meeting our fate?
All these years trying to find someone to relate..
Is it true you can fall victim of a time and a place?
If I pray hard enough can I erase [pause]
The anger, the envy, resentment and hate ?
or at 25 years old could I be too late?
To try and change my life to get a new slate
And chills cover my arms and my heart begins to race
All of a sudden I can’t hear any rain
Laughter replaces the fear that remained 
and God lets us know it will all be ok
Forgive those around you and thank God for each day
Think with your heart and in Gods you will stay.

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               The battle now is over.
               No more pain,no pills, no fear.
               Your courage was miraculous,
               Having cancer for all those years. 

               You taught me how the world goes on,
               No matter what gets in the way.
               You taught me of the love of God.
               Of him you talked of most every day.

               Now he has you close to him.
               Your children are still here on earth.
               Please quide them through the rest of their days.
               Hold them close show them all your worth.

               On those days when they need you most
               Show your love and take their hands.
               Remind them of the beautiful poem
               Footprints in the sand.

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Free Bird

<                             "Hark" the Herald Angels begin to sing
                 "Jesus"patiently awaits so her children can say their last goodbyes
                       Cancer is the one thing she will not have to bring
                            For she earned her wings and is now free to fly 

Entry For 
Carolyn Devonshire's
 Perception Of Heaven's Contest
G.L. All

RIP Mama

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No room for Crybabies pt 3

  The trip was worth all of the diffulculties that we esperienced in arriving to gran'nny
house, such as first the day my dad left us, and then mama telling grannie that she was
examine by a specialist in NYC for ovary cancer and that the test were possitive.  Saddly
mama was scared that she needed surgery and then my two aunts...Brenda & San-san
came to Jacksonville to support her during her ordeal. And at the hospital there were
prayers and crying during the procedure and momma came out just find, O'K !!!  For-real
for-real..{!!}.. About three months later john-boy took seriously ill and was rush to the
emergency room and the doctors amitted him immediatedly into the intensive care ward,
andso for weeks and more prayers john-boy was diagnoised with a case of walking pnu-
moniea and he is sick guite often, but God does answer prayers and soon he is back to his normal self and is driving the nurces crazy and they all just luv's him.  "But as soon as
the lil raskel is home again.." Grann-nie is the one now in the hospital and once again they are at the hospital to be with her my aunts..(brenda and sandra) arrives and were
crying quite ferriously when they were told that she has a stroke and her heart was weak.  So they were in the Cafe at the hospital and me and my cousin Destiniee were
alone in the room with our gran-ma and she is trying to be strong for us, but her angel
has arrived as she say to me.  "{Lil} Wesley take good care of your mother and you too
destinie-ee and don't drive your Mom's...Crazy..(??).."
Because where I am going__________"there is..No room for Crybabie's..???.."

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Pushing Pink

The following poem is dedicated to my mother, a breast cancer survivor and an inspiration to me!

Pushing pink is no ordinary task---
No one wants to live in fear, behind a thick mask.
Tell me you love me if no one else does;
Think of me if you will just because.

Pink ribbons or not, accept my disease!
It's not hard to do when you're down on your knees.
Pray for my wellness, a life of hope and love;
Shower blessings upon me, the joy of a snow white dove.

Lay pink blankets upon me and put a pink bow in my hair---
Please take this cup from me, it's too much to bear!
You don't have to say goodbye, it's not the end.
Always think of me often as your one, true friend.

Pushing pink may be a difficult task;
Sometimes one must put on a thick mask.
Pray for my wellness, a life of hope and love;
Shower blessings upon me, the joy of a snow white dove.

c10/23/13  Julie Rasley

(for Poet Destroyer's Pinktober contest)

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The Easter Miracle

All dolled up in her Easter dress
She sat quietly watching through the glass
Children with baskets searching around
For the eggs i’d hidden in the grass

Her spirit soared among the clouds
Her smile as bright as her eyes
She lived each day for the moment
Scoffing the reality that underlies

It was shortly after her third birthday
When the devastating news came in
Plagued with a rare form of cancer
Faced with a battle she wouldn’t win

The doctors uncertain of her remaining time
So her quality of life was our goal
Family and friends said nightly prayers
Asking God to watch over her soul

Treatment commenced, but to no avail
My little Glass Princess was slipping away
I wasn’t ready to say good-bye
Not now, tomorrow or any day

I placed my head upon her chest
And held her body tight
I felt a presence and opened my eyes
To a most incredible sight

A bearded man in Holy cloth
Standing beside her bed
He said he’d come another time
Then gently kissed her head

I knew I had witnessed a miracle
I asked the doctor to check her condition
He said “ I have no explanation”
Her cancer has gone into remission

Nineteen years ago she defeated the odds
 And this Easter she’ll wear a wedding dress
I have never questioned what happened that day
When Jesus kissed my little Glass Princess

Details | Narrative | |

The Boy at the Park contest

I met a teenage boy last night
He inspired me to write
His words penetrated my soul
He made me evaluate my purpose and goal
He asked me if God was real
Then why does his mom go out at night and steal
Why was his brother murdered at eighteen
Why is his biological father a crack fiend
Why are children in this world starving everyday
Why does God not here him when he prays
Why are so many people living without a home
Why does he always feel so alone
Why did he have to grow up in the hood
Why is his whole generation misunderstood
Why do babies die at birth
Why can’t he have any worth
Why did his friends backstab him tonight to commit a crime
Why is he alive is he just wasting his time
Why are Americans never satisfied
Why are Christians dying for their religious love and pride
Why was slavery allowed for so long
Why are so many people living wrong
Why do many teenage mothers now exist
Why are many children slitting their writs
Why are drugs so easy to find
Why does the government keep us blind
Why is there cancer and all types of disease
“Ms. Help me understand all this please”
I looked over at this boy while tears dripped off my face
My friend this world I admit is one crazy place
Many things God never wanted for the human race
But we are blessed to have his Amazing Grace
His love will never go away
Yet, many live in disarray
God gave us all free will
At this point his eyes started to spill
We were created with choices
we all have our own voices
Angels were created to do whatever God may say
Humans have the option to disobey
One day we will fully understand
God’s original master plan
Someday we will have the privilege to see
What God intended life to be
One day evil will forever be locked away
Many will have to eternally pay
One day all that was ever taken from you
God will reinstate and make bran new
One day in this life you will grow up and be
A man with morals, values and integrity
For your present pain will not be in vain
You’re going to break those generational chains
Your sorrow 
will help others survive their tomorrow
There are divine appointments and I believe you just had one
I know that in your pocket you have a loaded gun
I know where you have been
I promise you the dilemmas of your life, you will win!
Even when you fall
You can still fulfill your call
I must admit
You only fail if you quit
One day some teenager will ask you to explain
And you will remember this night and everything you have gained.

BY: Sabina Nicole
Contest: Dilemmas

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Female Santa clause

She wakes this morning
Got along day ahead
She’s making sandwiches 
Hot soup and garlic bread

She love to feed the homeless
She sees on the street
She will drive around the city
To give them something to eat

She goes to the hospital
She love to helps the elderly
She always volunteers 
To keep them company

And to save the animals
She campaigns tirelessly
And she will never stop
Till they are all free

She goes to the orphanage
She love to make the children smile
She runs for cancer charity
In the New York 10 k mile

She protest to stop the wars
And to free Palestine
She doesn't like religions
To control people minds 

They cutting down the rain forest
She would love to stop it now
She goes to the Amazon
And stand in front of the plow

She would loves to stop genocide
She loves to give donations
She would love to stop poverty
From every nations

She fights for the hopeless
To end their misery
And against all the oil spills
That kills fishes in the sea

She stands for human rights
Against so many countries 
She loves to save humanity
And to spread equality

And she love to tell me 
Of all the wonderful things she does
She is just an angel
And a female Santa clause 

And I love to hear her talk
Of all she would love to do
And I know she wouldn't stop
Till they all come true

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What If Tomorrow Never Comes

I recall now the days when forever seemed but a short time The visits to the hospital, brought sad images to your mind She lay on a bed, cords all around her, no hair upon her head The cancer drove us crazy with worry tears and fright She was only a baby, I didn't get the chance to say goodbye Farewell until we meet again where you'll be waiting... waiting for tomorrow to come again. What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. And now I lie here thinking it through, memories flash through my head, memories of you Moments of a bittersweet time Reminiscing the days when you were mine The days when you were alive The tears come back to my eyes I feel the need to cry but nothing slides out I need to scream and shout, My emotions pour out as one, silently So what if tomorrow never comes? Reality in death is so hard to accept, I need my tomorrow to come... What if it never does? What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. Will tomorrow ever come? I just want to be awake when the moon becomes the sun I'm waiting here for you, in the darkness of the night. I wait still for you, forever the images will haunt my mind Tomorrow will come I'll soon be alright Tomorrow will come... Tomorrow has come... I can now see the sun.

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OF WORDS..........

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The Inner Person

Saw you standing there
A new kid, from who knows where
Judged you by your looks and words
And immediately thought you as weird as nerds

Saw you sitting there
Alone and sad,
Eating your lunch, and at everyone you were mad
I wondered why, 
Why am I out casting someone whose story I do not know 
Why did I make fun of you, and treat you as a foe
No even knows who you are
And from everyone, you are so far

I walk over and you look away
I'm sorry I started to say
But you stopped me and said it's okay
We talked and I learned
That the inner you had for so long yearned
The company of a friend
Who will listen and be there for you till the end

You had cancer and time was coming to an end
So you wanted someone that you can spend
The last few joyous weeks of your life
That will no longer be filled with strife

I'm glad we got to meet
Even if you don't roam the earth anymore with your two feet
You fly in the sky, in the heaven
And I can hear you talk, when I listen

The deep and inner person
That from everyone is usually hidden
Needs someone, a friend, who will help him or her smile
And I know, learning the inner person of each person, 
Will always be worthwhile.


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positioned in the path of Jesus

the position your life takes or how you position yourself in life
depends on how you live and if it lines up with Christ
have you positioned yourself where you connect with God?
have you positioned yourself where you can experience a change of heart?
have you position yourself where you can be accused of committing a crime?
where you might even wind up doing some hard time
location, location, location that's what it's all about 
have you positioned yourself so that God can work it out?
in the right place where you need to be 
in that place where of you God can see

there are many positions in life which one can attain
and one of those positions is the position of pain
the position of pain is one of which none can escape
the position of just living no matter which road one takes
the position of pain in inevitable and can also be blind
where something in life you didn't see coming kicks you in the behind
a man was born blind and the Pharisees asked, "who is to blame?"
Jesus said, "neither him nor his parents committed any sin or shame"
many things in life occur  just to give God all the glory
be it circumstances, situations, tragedies or triumphant stories
many things in life occur for a godly reason
it's not for us to question as it'll be revealed in due season
God has a plan for each and every person on this earth
some of us are formed in the way He desires from the moment of birth
for God can take a blind man and give him the gift of sight
God can take an injustice and somehow make it right
God can take the deaf and give them the power to hear
God can take the faint of heart and give them spirit of no fear
God can take the lame and give them the ability to walk
God can take a mute and give him the power to talk
positioned in the path of Jesus the Christ
no matter the situation He can make it right

He'll bless you with a job when your down to your last dime
He'll anoint you with a scholarship when your tuition is on the line
He'll put that cancer into remission
now in His path properly positioned
He'll touch your life in whatever way you need
His Holy Spirit will fill you with it's righteous seed
He'll heal you if you need to be healed
He'll open eyes so that truths will be revealed
He'll feed you if you're hungry and give you something to eat 
He'll clothe you if you're naked and even put shoes on your feet
Positioned in the path of Jesus as you travel this journey called life
in the right place just waiting for the presence of Jesus the Christ

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It starts with one thing
and one thing always leads to another
I think he is indestructible 
Three forms of cancer can't stop my grandfather
Prostate Lung Pancreas cancers
Yet he fights them head on like a hammer
They say there is no cure
Could he have the answer
Can he win this fight
Can he master cancer
Can he win this race
Or will the cancer run faster
He doesn't ask for special treatment
No he just does what he can for his family
He doesn't listen to the doctor
He doesn't take chemo therapy
Doctors say he will die within months
Yet he lives on happily 
He goes through Hell
Yet he never shows it
I can't help but wonder how he does it
I pray no one else has to live through it
I wish I could understand how he feels
But the only way for that is to experience it
What is the meaning of courage
What is the meaning of strength
Is this the stuff of a legend
Or is this just having faith
Think about it
All your problems and only worrying about your family
Doing what ever it takes to make them happy
How much and what kind of love that must be

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The King of Hearts (Tribute to an ill friend)

Arnie's been on my mind all week
Our class valedictorian
His cancer discovered too late
Little time now lays before him

He asked to see friends one more time
This meek request heard nationwide
From North, South and West all will fly
So many flocking to his side

Treating us all as his equals
A genius graced our high school halls
And when a tutor was needed
Arnie always answered the calls

His intellect was much admired
But it was his humility
Added to his warm, welcome smile
That gave him popularity

And as we gather together
From lives that have drawn us apart
We thank the Lord for knowing him
He is our high school's King of Hearts

Friends, I am flying to NJ this week to join at least 30 other classmates who can't wait to see 
our dear valedictorian again.  He is a loving husband and father and I hope you will say 
prayers for him and his family.

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Chrissy's stage - stars are born

she shares
her stunning happiness
her intense sadness
her brief angriness

she shares
his and her tears and smiles
laughed en cried
with the one she loves

on top of  that
she graciously gives 
her friends
her gift
of inspirational flair
to the meaning
love and cherish your life
to the fullest 
despite all your own strife

she fills 
on her own
her homely stage
with voluminous content
with laughter and tears
with reality and humor

she  displays
despite and thanks to
that terrible tumor
an inspiring intensity
of the final phase
of her life
giving volume
to a freeing kind of humor

the moment
she hears
her inner voice
not an easy strife
she will call
she will announce
when her final curtain 
will  fall

she's so aware
of her final moment
being her own director
being  really in charge
being  prepared

a generous gift 
of  such a radiant light
illuminating my heart and  soul
mending the immense hole
of my birthing sadness 
and upcoming grief 

two loved ones 
two goldsmiths
two giant builders
of  an eternal statue
with stars like diamonds

(c)  Elly Wouterse 2015

I received a comment that moved me to tears -
 by Chrissy herself (*)and her guy(#)
(*) You, Elly Wouterse have painted the perfect picture of her and me. This is who we are and what we are.  I am so moved"
(#)This is a perfect poem about me - you've captured the perfect picture of me"

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Are There Angels

Are There Angels?

There are angels in the city
Angels in the trees
An angel in your pocket
Pick any one of these
There are angels in your backseat
Angels on your dash
Angels that you might meet
If ever you should crash
There are angels in the schoolrooms
There are angels in your church
Angels in your work place
Angels if you search
There are angels on your doorstep
Angels standing beside you
Angels while we all slept
Angels are in fact quite true
You may not realize they’re angels
They may look like you or me
But they’ll touch you when you need it
And wherever you might be
I met so many angels
As I fought my cancer fight
They were with me every morning
And there for me each night
Some were wearing doctor’s outfits
Some were wearing nurses’ smocks
Some in cushiony white sneakers
Some were wearing bright orange crocks
Some looked like my friends and family
Some looked like no one I’ve met
Some said not a word but touched me
Some I never will forget
There are angels all around us
Maybe not as you expected
They’re everywhere if you just look
Though most go undetected
So you ask if there are angels
And if I’ve been touched by one
No – I’ve been touched my many
You can see just what they’ve done

Mdailey	3/30/12

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For Emily

An afternoon stroll with a friend on a heated day,
Her hair perfectly swaying to her giggle bounce
Holding her tummy, simply stating
“I have a baby on the way”

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs
The sun shining inside and out
So lucky she felt that day, she has a baby on the way

Baby’s daddy holds mommy’s hand
Says thank you honey, I love you so much
Our baby is lucky to have your heart 
And I’m so blessed to wear your band

A visit to the doctor turned perfect joy into shock
You have cancer he told her
You won’t live with this life in you
Sit soon with your husband and have a talk

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs.
The sun shines brightly on this day
Cause she still has her baby on the way

Her husband crying uncontrollable tears
Loving her so
He could never ever let her go
He can’t choose
he doesn’t want to lose
His wife or his child

She knew for her this baby was a voice
A wish she made so long ago
A wish come true
And there was no one telling her what to do
It was ultimately her decision, her choice

Six years have passed, and Emily asks,
“Daddy, when will I see mommy?”,
Today my sweet angel,

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs
The sun still shining on this day
as Emily kneels to pray
For mommy

Mommy had made her choice
And daddy still hurts so bad, he misses her smile, her touch
But he holds Emily today
with Mommy's light warming them both
His deep indescribable love for Emily sustains him
On her birthdays

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For Emily
The sun still shining on this day
her hair perfectly swaying to her giggle bounce,
as she plays, 

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My elementary school was a box full of broken crayons. 
You know, the kind that no one likes to use because they fit inside your hands like a hug that lasts three seconds too long. 
Me and my classmates wore 
hand-me-down smiles. 
They were too big for our faces. We figured that eventually we would somehow grow into the sound of our own laughter, put on our happiness like gloves and wear our skin as if our bodies were made by Louie Vuitton, just hoping to be more than tattered pages ripped from the torso of coloring books.
More than the aftermath of two runaway trains headed to the same direction. Our parents drove their affection without insurance, and we are just head on collisions with no coverage. We got shattered windshields for eyes, and tongues made out of safely glass held together by super glue. It’s no wonder we spoke broken English. 
With an entire orchestra drowning inside our throats, veins like guitar strings, our voices cracked like the self esteem of single mothers who carried us in their wombs like Molotov cocktails, and prayed that we would somehow find a way to mature into land mines
exploding underneath the feet that have trampled them for too long. These women, they dream in a language only fully understood by the tiles of an abortion clinic on a busy afternoon.
They raised us on top of broken promises made by men with grape jelly in their spines who were too busy jamming to their own 
two-cent mix tape that they chose over their priceless women.
We didn’t come with a screwdriver. There is no picture on our box to show you what we should look like when this all is over.
We were just put into this world with a note that read 
“Some assembly required.”
We were built inside of a neighborhood that looked as though it was slowly loosing a fist fight to cancer and kemotherapy claimed all of it’s dreams.
You see at a young age I was told that no matter how much furniture you move with a Honda Civic, it’ll never be a pick up truck 
but have you ever wanted to be more than what you were made for?
Was there ever moment in your life when all you wanted was to be more than the wounded options that circumstance has nailed to your shoulders? 
People question why we even have the audacity to breathe. That’s why when we walk it looks as though we are apologizing for our lungs.
But we ate not sorry for living this loudly.
It’s the only way we know how.

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Living Proof Of A Miracle

Living Proof Of A Miracle
God makes it happen…

	In 2005, I was insecurely denied…my dreams broken and heart shattered 
as the devil tried to work beneath overtime.  The doctor walked in and said, “I’m 
sorry but you have cancer.”  The thoughts in my mind left my body bruised and 
	In 2008, my condition went from moderate to severe.  I had to make a 
change; I decided to get saved.  My God then forgave…but the thoughts in my mind 
had me askin’, “Why is life worth livin?”  So I continued back down the road of 
insecurities and sinnin’…
	When 2009 came, the surgeon walked in, again, put his head down and 
looked back up at me…I just kept thinking, “What could it be?”  He said, “Sweetie, 
I’m sorry!”  Your cancer is going full blown and it can’t be healed.”  I let the tears fall 
as God caught them saying, “I know you know I’m real!”  “So turn to me and I’ll set 
you free, but I couldn’t turn yet cause’ I was so stuck on me.
	So here I was in 2010, stuck with an illness, loss of a job, sleepless and 
fearful nights, and sickly sobs…sometimes it takes a disaster to come into your 
home, trying to break down your state of mind and get into your soul.  This 
darkness that surrounded me, was feeling much too cold.
	So, I prayed for a new direction, and they sat and prayed with me…On 
August. 11, 2010 the surgeon walked in with tears in his eyes and said, “Honey, 
you’re free…I gave my life to him.  God has healed my cancer and he can heal you 
just the same.  No matter what the situation, just be sure to have full faith.

	For I am, living proof of a miracle…

By: Aleasha A. Martin

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Eden Return

Hysterical laughter in eternity
still crying out at the hypocrisy
of life lived under the thumbs
of the oppressing ones.
Freedom they said they would give us
If we asked the king to forgive us.
and if we agree to pay tribute
they would stop the rape and loot
we didn't even know
which ones were in control
at any point in time
the fully sublime
shiftings of power
by the day and the hour
locked in the ivory tower
and away from the peasant earth digger
they had much bigger
things to accomplish, than just a pleasant life.
And all the strife they laid upon us all
was part of the fall
from dignity.
It's a pity.
Then came the mines and the factories
warriors needed to keep the keys
to the city gates in the right hands
none of us really understands
the workings of the minds that need
so badly to succeed
that life has no meaning or worth.
Even less for planet earth.
And she's dying
and no one is trying
to revive her.
Now they want to survive her
and credit card shackles still hold the debtors prison
third world vision
is incomplete
no one can compete
in world markets controlled by the elite
we are the billion feet
of the crawling beast.
and at least
we could know why we chose it.
Just suppose it
could change.
Seems strange.
But if the feet stop running the treadmill of fear
and we all held dear
what was important, sacred, the sane
would we stop acid rain?
What if our lawns became gardens all
could we reverse Edens fall?
What if our children could eat and play
from natures sweet bounty every day?
Would cancer disappear if we stopped the spray?
and left no more poison where children play?
What if we made our own industries
in each of our communities?
What if we made windmills and power the sun
we may have just begun
a revolution
that holds a solution
for our planets peace.
I release my rage at the beastly machine
that holds destruction, Pull myself from in between
the cogs of the wheel of the corporate dream
and paint a new picture in the sky.
Of streets and towns and city planning true
ways and solutions that work for me and you
and the earth's evolution could take another turn
where we do not burn
in the hell of nuclear wastelands
It will take many hands
to undo the self fulfilling prophesies of armageddon
Get on board, this train is moving. get on
with it. We all fit in the grand plan,
the saving grace of man.

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Just when everything was going right
Out of nowhere she was forced to fight
Attack from cancer upon her breast
Nobody doubted she would pass the test
Not an easy fight, to cancer's surprise
A woman with strength and will to survive

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Not Cancer

‘Cancer is not for me!’ June screamed 
This is the nightmare that she dreamed
Staring at her reflection in the mirror
For this to happen is her worse fear

Maintaining her attractive thin waist
Dressing in style with impeccable taste
Mountain hiking working up a heart rate
An all-natural healthy diet she ate

Alaska where air is clean winter is wet 
More than unlikely for her to expect 
Anything other than feeling her best
Certainly not a lump on her breast

For her family it was devastating to hear
For her it was sad and crystal clear
Now a soul lost in the feeling of doom
On a gray cloud not present in the room

Opening a brewery her new life adventure
A future of health and wealth not cancer
Married her true love career on the rise
Onlookers see peace and love in their eyes

June and Stephen’s love is concrete
Because of their bond this will be beat
Forget lost hope forget lost faith
With each other cancer has no face

Their true love will conquer and destroy
With positive thought it will bring back joy
Remember the indisputable power of each kiss
And all that will remain in the future is bliss

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Rational Thinking

Rational thinking, 
wise to choose. 
It's a little bit harder, 
nothing more for me to lose. 
Broken dreams, 
broken hearts. 
Broken wings, 
my broken parts. 
Rational thinking, 
wise to choose. 
It's a little bit harder now, 
nothing more for me to lose. 
I'm struggling harder, 
just to stay alive. 
I'm struggling harder now, 
just to say goodbye. 
Rational thinking, 
wise to choose. 
It's a little bit harder now, 
nothing more for me to lose. 
Please come fix me, 
please fix me now. 
Rational thinking ,
wise to choose. 
I'm struggling harder now, 
nothing more for me to lose.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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I hate it
Knowing you might not stay
It's eating your 
Life away
Sucking you up
Like a black whole
Taking in everyone you know.
I hate it
Living on
If you'll be gone
God has made his choice,
We cannot share,
what this cancer is,
because I do not know
If you can stay

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Sitting With the Tears

I’m crying and not sure why
sitting here listening to
Jimmy Buffett of all things
I guess it takes me back to a
simpler time
When my toughest decision was
how many used cd’s to buy
And not should I cut off
one of my breasts or
But at least I have the choice
and I have the chance
to fight
Which is more than a lot of
people can say
So, I will sit with
the tears
And thank God that
I’m alive
to be crying them

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my Hero

My Hero

 My Hero can't leap tall buildings with a single bound. He
 doesn't wear a black costume with a cape and pointy ears.
 He hasn't scored the winning touchdown or shot a three - 
pointer at the buzzer to win the championship. My Hero
 isn't any of these things.
My Hero has scars from years of hard
 surgyes and years of chemo.  His hair is Bald from the years he has fought cancer His voice is deep
 and sweet from the many stories he has told, and the meany songs he has sung. My Hero is all
 of these things.

my hero loves his family, friends, and fans. He
 made sure that we all knew we could all  stand strong no matter what was wrong or what we was going thew. He taught me the importance of being strong and honest. 
 My Hero has done all these things.
My Hero has earned my love and respect. No one else could 
take his place cause my Hero is strong, my hero is a fighter. my hero never gives up. and he has a voice of an Angel, for my hero is and all ways will be kevin sharp. 

jennifer ward, 2012

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The ocean and sea for burn victims

The ocean water or spring or salt of the ocean is like
iodine the fish has this because its like iodine thats
why you can't  drink its like medication for burns and
leaves no mark of  discoloration, the iodine use in
problems with Power plants may be a doctor well
give right dose of  for insides, to lay in and it helps
heal you but one day a doctor well determine if
you can use in different  ways to heal inside maybe
with a  ucler medication like zantexs to heal because
of  radiation over does may be for cancer patients also
do not do this I am not a doctor but ask

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Angel Tears

Gentle drops of Angel tears
Once more she drifts to sleep
Anaesthetised and full of hope
Of faith, of love, so deep

A dark, dark mass looms in her form
A cancer cold and stark
They try to cut it all away
She'll wake with mornings Lark

They do the tests - they come to us
"There's more" - is what they say
She begs us - not to make a fuss
She's tired, asks us to pray

She wakes in small hours and holds us tight
She says it's time to leave
Be happy for her for she'll be alright
Small tears stain her virgin cheeks

Somewhere in the dark cold hours
She drew her final breath
Her brave yet quiet and Godly thoughts
Resound this Angels death

I think of things she would have done
Watch as other children play
I work to help others as if she'd won
Life's battle on that day

I know she looks upon those souls
She'd smile and talk so calm
And in their fears she'll comfort them
In loving Angel's arms

Our little daughter oh so young 
Yet old in pain wise years
Reminds me daily of all kids past and
Gentle drops of Angel Tears 

R.I.P Angel

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~ (~) ~ Mercy Lord Mercy ~ (~) ~

~ (~) Man was-busted-getting stoned sorry-Lord-is-all I can-say, if- there could be-more I would only cry-mercy. (~) ~ ~ (~) For-everyone-myself and-anyone along-the way... is what-he said. Jezebel loved the gypsy wind-grappling-grasshopper sweet pools running along by-the stream sunbeams elucidated in her eyes, well you know though it a good fight sometimes you lose-one this one was hers, died of brain cancer today... ... .. (~) ~ ~ (~) God bless her... . mercy Lord mercy... . (~) ~

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Love is a tricky thing

Love is a tricky thing
It is not always what meets the eye
Sometimes it will cause you to laugh in the morning
Other times to cry
If it were an easy thing
We wouldn't treasure it so
Some people fight the world for it
And to what lengths they will go
To have experienced it, if once
Is to have lived indeed
Because this is the only food
On which our hearts must feed
And love is like the seasons
That change in many ways
A little spark ignited
could last for many days
And as with all diseases
It is different to us all
One day we must submit  ourselves to it 
then take the fated fall
As we take a step...
Our thoughts go round and round
Finding out shortly
To love we are bound
We don't realize it is happening 
Until it is too late....
Like a cancer eating us inside
Like a fish unto the bait
But is it really all that simple
To be told with a little rhyme?
They tell us often to wait
Time will tell, with time...

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If looks could kill he would be guilty of genocide
A beauty so much deeper than the skin
He's a god by my side
He'll never fit in

If a heart could be more than golden it would be his
Unexpectedly limitless compassion
But I know the pain that hides behind
Beyond the sea of blue in his eyes
He went through so much to be this kind of guy

If a mind could be stronger it would penetrate and crack the earth
He's so smart but so blind
I would bend the heavens 
Just to have his mind

If he were an object in the sky he wouldn't be a star
He'd be the sun 
Cause as it does he burns and shines
He reaches out like rays of light
Once you're exposed he's a cancer on your mind
Growing there in your brain 
Multiplying in your mind

If this wasn't true
He would fit in
He would be like us
But he's a god by my side
And he'll never fit in

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That Boy

When you came  
You came alone 
That boy who followed 
We did not know 

His shirt was dirty 
And with pants torn 
He needed to eat 
Fed him pork and some corn 

He didn't belong 
Sent him on his way 
When we woke 
He was there to say 

"Take care of me 
And we will show 
The gift of God 
Love to be bestowed" 

We turned our heads 
We laughed away 
But we felt sorry 
And told the boy, "okay" 

Come on in 
We will help you 
But don't steal 
That's the rule 

He did what he was told 
Acted like a saint 
Never did he worry 
Never came a complaint 

With us for 10 years 
Loved him like our son 
It was time for him to leave 
His 'journey' had just begun 

Five years after 
My husband had cancer 
Doctors gave no hope  
But the boy had the answer 

"You showed me love 
Even if you didn't believe 
I'll tell God to hold him 
And let this man be" 

2 days after, then it happened 
He opened his eyes 
Doctors could not believe 
To all it was a surprise 

But then my husband said 
"He came to me when I was asleep, 
He said my father dear 
You shall not weep" 

"you will complete your journey 
Live it with you wife 
You gave me your love 
I am giving you your life"

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Asking for Power of Prayer

Please if everyone would
come into prayer with me
Over tis man whom is my brother

as time has passed
I have been in search of..
my brother..

as of Earlier today..
I received a call
From a Hospital
Stating my brother 
was admitted
they were needing my consent

As I went.. I seen my brother
I hugged him.. told him I loved him
Asking him where he has been
He than said... in a very weak voice
I have been around...
than he lowered his head down

I looked and seen
His legs Swallon.. and red
Then I said Brother when 
you get well..
You can come in live with me..
How does that sound?
He said.. I would Love to..

Than the doctor pulled me out
of the room..
started telling me about
my brother

Doctor said.. I am sorry
there is nothing I can do
Your brother is very ill
His left lung is filled
His right lung three/forths full
His liver is three times in larged
You brother has a tumor
which the roots have grown
into his vocal cords.. and into his breathing tube..
I am again terrible sorry...
There is Nothing I can do..

What you brother has is cancer..
I am sorry he won't be living with you
he will be when if he does leave here
He will be going to Hospices... 
If his heart.. stops do you want me to revive him..
I looked in his eyes.. 
Tears running down.. 
For I have finally found.. 
My Brother..

I signed the consent papers
For the doctor to with draw some fluid
to find what kind of cancer tis be
The doctor said... I am sorry
I give your brother at the most two weeks...

I than went in to see my brother
I asked my brother 
"Did you find Jesus yet?"
My brother said... "Who?'
I said Jesus Christ... 
The Son of our living God
Than my brother looked into my eyes
He said... I know of him..
I said.. have you asked him into your heart yet???
He than replied no...
I said please Brother do so..
For God will Heal you...
For You can be Saved too... 
Receive Eternal life..
Live again Forever with Our Savior
Jesus Christ...
He than looked at me..
Smiled.. and said.. I will think about it..

Please if anyone would Pray for my Brother Salvation
That some how he would come to Jesus..
While there is still time... 

If anyone has not came to Jesus
Please do so..
For time is the True essences for everything
The Gift of Eternal Life is Free
All you have to do.. Is Believe
Ask Jesus into your heart...
Ask for forgiveness of your sins
Believe that Jesus died upon the Cross
God had him-Jesus Risen.. from the grave
Obtain Eternal Life..Be Born-again
Through Jesus Chrsit We can be SAVED

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Last Night I Went to War

Last Night I Went to War

Last Night I Went to War,
On an unknown battlefield known to secret soldiers clothed in shame and 
Tongue speaking samurai,
Last night I went to war,
On an unknown battlefield with weapons of mass destruction,
God given warfare of a secret guild, 
I went to war not against Iraq, but the spirit of blind fundamentalism,
Last night I went to war against an unknown enemy who torments me day and 
With a brother from old who I love dearly,
A brother of great courage and integrity,
Last Night I went to war against my father’s cancer and mother’s insomnia,
Last Night I went to war against my daughter’s fear of isolation and my 
therapist’s impending neck surgery,
Last night I went to war for America and the freedom that it stands for,
And I’ve had many casualties,
I’ve heard voices telling me to drive off the road,
And I’ve felt dark forces rise up in my mind to steal the beauty of my 
Last night I went to war for my nation,
A wondrous eagle, young and impetuous, righteous and misguided,
And I felt the strength of the cosmos well up within me and I knew for a moment 
that God is real,
Last Night I went to war with a brother for life and longer for a 4 year old girl 
tormented by the beauty of her own soul,
And It through me off track and now once again I sit confused and alone,
But look into her eyes I tell you and see the peace of freedom,
To look into her eyes I tell you and see the peace of a freedom that alludes me,
It’s worth it, 
It’s worth every moment of torment,
For to look to that day,
That blessed day,
When all the Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus and Right Wing 
Christians and Atheists and Agnostics and Liberals and Conservatives and 
Blacks and Whites and Reds and Yellows and Communists and Murderers and 
Terrorists and Infidels and Thieves and Saints Alike are all on the same side,
To look to that blessed day when all are one and we look to the enemy and 
say “No not one Satan, YOU CAN’T HAVE EVEN ONE!”
To look to that blessed day I tell you, I am chosen beyond the dismal nature of 
this moment.
To look to that blessed day I tell you, I am lifted high above to the mind of God 
and know Joy,
I don’t care how many friends I lose or loved one’s turn against me, I will keep 
I will keep fighting in unseen battlefields,
Until all are one.

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Narcissus is Narcissus no way out

Narcissus … 
Why poor Narcissus is Narcissus? 
Narcissus is the only speaker, 
The good one n only listener 
Invited to invent words 
To make sense and justify world 
Speaking to himself, Narcissus plays 
Time, truth, Narcissus goes in all ways 
Narcissus was damned, ate from the forbidden apple 
Narcissus is Narcissus, made of seduction 
From which the cancer grew and the memory was lost 
his mind is the cancer,thereby everything has become a question 
If mind is cancer, seduction is curse then full knowledge shall be the cure 
But Narcissus is human, only gods know for sure 
Victorious cancer stands alone, feeding selfishness that can never cease 
Here in building rockets or walking on moon, that love grows and increase 
One day , Narcissus came  by a stream, stunned by his reflection 
Seduction has been always his fate, for which  will always bend 
Gods as well, creating and thinking make them  with Narcissus in one hand 
All Forgetting that in solitude mind  is the major deception 
admiring himself more and more 
nothing to do but being Narcissus the poor 
Narcissus plunged in water, no one saw him again 
That was the sad story of eternal madness in vain : 
‘Narcissus never begins, never ends 
Narcissus is  Narcissus, never understands’ 

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Truth Is pt II

 truth is I never have been with a woman I felt like saying "I wanna change me" Truth is I changed my appearance and apparel because I didn't wanna be identified as one them who was sterile. I put all my eggs in one basket like they said I shouldn't, I'm a cancer emotional needy, but I make decisions logically not with what I feel in my left bosom, Truthfully speaking I stopped going to church because I was tired of looking at the building, Yeah they say it's supposed to be for the sick but all I noticed was a bunch of egotistical hypocritical leaders to intuned with their feelings, lay members sitting in the pew acting like they don't have the power to do what God say they could do, but is it our fault here's what I found out, here in the U.S most of us don't practice what we be preaching about and if that's hypocritical I guess we all are guilty, no matter how low or high all of us filthy. Make disciples preach the Gospel now that's what I'm on whether the area is moderate or hostile so in the essence I left the building on a simple command, make disciples of ALL lost sheep not just those in this so called promise land

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~ (~) When I Deny Him (~) ~ I have a true friend now that I met, that is killing herself worse than the cancer that is eating away at her body-yes. She has three months to live... ! Hurts to see myself; yes. Denying grace, I fear for her... . She poor-thing is angry and though having the right having gone through what she is going through now, her past, she is denying everyone who draws near to that little sweetheart that was hurt, is hurting now-you-know; still? I am crying now, my prayers are not working!!! My honesty, and patience are being shunned. I so-love her, she is me, in every respect of the word, difference is I work now to not deny, guess God cries too when in moments-still; He is offering help, to-me, and I deny Him. Author notes

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In this world of circular,

Some animals born peculiar,

Camels carrying a big load in particular,

In this world of circular,Camels a wonder,

In a plural families of jungles,lion is the ruler,

Camels in deserts in singular and the only ruler,

Camels walk in deserts on the backs Bedouins,

Mating sitting,no food,no water for days in wake proceedings,

The hump like a lump jumping over the skin,

Long feet to keep head up and to kick dust and kin,

The widen paws avoiding,sinking deep the feet on riding base,

The Y shaped camel's meat,milk and skin for people to amaze,

The feces not wet still hot to make fire is the truth refuse not,

"Camel milk and urine proper for nursing" foresaid the last prophet,

In research,the camel milk and urine,thick and syrup like a medicine,

A cure for long searching and a Nobel waiting cancer,is divine!

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Read The Book

Alone she sat upon a bench, her chest heaving with a multitude of sobs, her tear 
stained face in her hands prevented her from seeing the man who sat beside 
her. "My child, why do you cry" She told him to leave her alone, that he wouldn't 
understand. He pulled from his pocket a shiny book, and said, "please read the 
book, it will make all your tears and heartache disappear"
She took the book and opened it, she saw children with inflated stomachs filled 
with air from starvation, she saw deformed children being born everywhere. She 
quickly turned the page and saw people dying with cancer and aids, saw 
soldiers returning from war with no limbs. Quickly she turned to another page 
where she saw gardens of majestic beauty, families eating and playing together, 
a newborn suckling upon his mothers breast, she lingered on these pages for 
some time before she went on. The next page she saw people relating to each 
other, sharing emotion, thoughts and feelings, hugging and nodding in 
agreement. Feeling a lot better, she turned to the last page and saw the mans 
picture, there was a halo above his head, and she asked, what is the name of 
the book and are you GOD?, "no" he replied, I am your inner soul and the book is 
just simply, POETRY

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You come into our minds, a criminal.
Breaking into our thoughts, disguised as fun.
But you're no ordinary criminal, you bring filth and disease.
Like a black plague, on TV and net, you torment the unsaved.
An evil fever of disgust and dismay, mixed with porn and...
unhealthy music that runs thru our thoughts.
You RUIN those who let you stay, like the damage...
drugs, alcohol &  divorce do !
You are the Destroyer, the Murderer and Theif !
You are cancer ,poverty and aids.
You seek to amputate us from Love and a bright future.
You use others to do your dirt, you are shame....
So be NOT proud satan, fore you are a LOSER !!!!!
You bring out your short comings, NOT mine.
In JESUS name GET OUT, I will NOT believe your Lies !!!!!
Fore I know MY end, I have VICTORY !!!!!!!
Fore I am SAVED by GOD's own SON  !!!!!!!
He is more Powerful than you !!!!!!!!
I am WELL !!!!!!!!!! AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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what do you do


There is always this thought  that enters our minds
Of always being left behind.
What do you do when all your loved ones have gone
And by yourself , you must carry on.

When all hopes and dreams are dwindling away
And on your knees you fall to pray.
When it seems that they fall on deaf ears
And you think that no one cares.

What do you do when you feel empty inside
And to people around you, you tend to lie.
What do you do when you come to an empty house
And your children are gone, and so is your spouse.

What do you do when you’re always in a daze
And people around you stay totally amazed
Wondering how you Face the day.

Then you wake up one morning and sitting 
At the edge of the bed, and facing the day
You truly do dread.
Then you feel something stirring inside
A feeling so strong that it can’t be denied.

No matter how bad things are, you always
Have something to give- this is the reason
That GOD has elected you to live.

Helping people who are hospitalized
And have lost all faith and hope
And do not know how to cope.
The elderly who can not walk
And needs someone with whom to talk.
A person with cancer who doesn’t have
Long to live, and being able to put a smile
On their face, because it’s all you can give. 
A child who has been in and out of hospitals
Since their birth.
Who can not do things that healthy children can do
And you hear your spouses voice come out of the blue.

Whispering in your ear, that you must share
All the love that you have inside, and put smiles
On those who just sit and cry.

We all have a purpose in our Older years
Other than waiting for death to knock on our door.
So I will get myself up and out of this bed
And to the hospitals I will head.

I will try to help every one that I can
And give them a shoulder and a helping hand.

To all around, and when death comes you
Won’t hear a sound.

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Pink Ribbons and White Fluff

(Pink Ribbons and White Fluff)

Bright blue skies with 
Brilliant white pillows of fluff, 
Set the stage that glorious day.
Friends lined the streets 
To cheer her on 
Her Mom watched 
From the comfort 
Of her hospital room.

Tatum's heart was filled 
With the passion to run.
She set her goals 
High that day.
Even the strength 
Of ten men might 
Not have won 
On that day, 
The humidity 
Was high.
She didn't have 
The heart to lose.
She'd have to race 
Up her flesh 
Engine very high
And then shift it 
Swiftly to cruise 
In order to win 
This zealous race.
Her Mother's blues 
From the challenges 
Of breast cancer
Gave her the 
To run for the 
Advancement of 
Boobs that day.
Her mother had the 
Courage to kick the 
Booze years ago,
But breast cancer 
Was not as easy.
Tatum's chance 
For raising the funds
For the advancement 
Of breast cancer research 
Was her main focus,
That bright glorious day.
It would be an honor 
To help find a cure
For such a ruthless 
Disease that women 
Succumb to yearly.
Warm streams of tears
Mixed with salty sweat 
And tangy Gatorade 
Decorated her 
Face that evening,
When she was 
Presented with a 
Check and a bright 
Pink ribbon trophy.
She placed second 
In the race,  
But that 
Was a start.
The smile on 
Her mother's face
Was what really 
Filled her heart with 
White marshmallow 
Fluff that glorious night.

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You Carved This Path For Me

The doctor
Tells me
That I
Have terminal cancer and
I only have eight weeks to live
Oh Lord, I have so much to give
You carved this path for me and
We are connected, here on earth
I am sure and still are

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The Fight

My ugliness had faded
but you brought it back.
Every weapon made by man
had begun to hack.

Thinking I was something
had become again the past.
You began to drag me down
and succeeded way too fast.

Your hateful words and deeds
spread through me like disease.
Your endless betrayal
brought me to my knees.

But I won't burn in the fire
you plagued me with back then.
I will spring from these ashes
and pray this away again.

No more will this oppression
be the cause of all my pain.
Like cancer I will fight you
and rid myself of this disdain.

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Another tomorrow

I want to laugh until I cry

I want to cry until I laugh

I want the sorrow to become laughter

Until the pain is gone

I want to dance till I fall down

I want to get up and start all over again

I want to sing like I have never sung

Because I know it won't be long

I want to say a million things 

Before my voice is gone

I want to live like there is no tomorrow

Because the next tomorrow may not come

I want to be surrounded by love not sadness

For sadness will come soon enough

I want many tomorrows but only maybe have today

I want the Lord to take me by the hand

And in the end lead me to that promise land

For a friend.

I hope our cancer friends have many tomorrows.

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White Smoke

They call them ciggarettes, I call them cancer sticks.
They damage you from inside out and eventually you'll be deathly sick.
My dad think it''s just spite; it cuts me deeply to see him smoke
Their defense is it calms them; Their defense is a complete joke!

She's addicted to the artificial wheels to sleep, but it can make her cruel
And as I shake with the injustice she brings, I feel a hatred to her sleep tool.
And in me a hatred so deep, I'm burning inside of white heat.
And in me I'm dying; this battle I've lost, she's won, I'm beat.

He's letting the white smoke inside him.
Every second he inhales more he's closer to the worst sin.
But it's coming to an end; he's just a sad, sad soul.
He's falling asleep, but he's smiling, inviting in the white smoke.

I must stay away, the consequences are dire!
Have caution, where there's smoke there's fire.
Tell me you can take it, man, I'll call you a liar.
Run for your life, beware the white smoke!

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Trip to the Heaven Hotel

Hello, there
How you doing?
Good, I hope
Now, I am going to tell you of the tale
About the woman who set sail for the Heaven Hotel

Now, this lady was no ordinary lady
Why, you could even say she had a touch that was heavenly
This lady would have to be my good old Granny 
Now everyone loved my Granny,
But some things loved her in way 
That makes you want to stay away
For you see, She had a terrible cancer who wouldn’t leave her be.

As hard as she fought,
The mean old cancer would not leave her be
Now, She fought long and hardly,
But that dang old cancer won eventually
She passed away, in a very sad way

On top of the big sea, she sailed tenaciously,
Some say she sailed like a pirate at open sea
Until she finally got to the place when Heaven be
And surely as can be, next to J and G was waiting my uncle Billy
Just waiting to see that she make it into Heaven safely

She mounted with him on a horse that was so heavenly,
As rare and fair as you would ever see
Helping her arrive just in the nick of time
So she could say, Mother I have arrived at the Heaven Hotel

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This Cancer Thing

I lie here awake,I just
can't sleep.
The things,I think about,
are just to deep.

I pray to god,my soul
to keep.
I should look,before
I leap.

I tossed and turned,
and tried my best.
I really did Lord,
try to rest.

I thought,and thought,
I must confess.
I just failed,your very
best test.

This cancer thing,
isn't that easy.
It makes my stomach
very queezy.

I get tired and weak.
I just can't speak.
By the end of a week,
I have reached my peak.

I have so much,I need
to do.
But, most of it Lord,I
do for you.

I need a break,for
everyones sake.
My soul is not ready,
for God to take.

So, please bare with
me and help me fight
this thing.
Into my life,peace you
will bring.

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A Brighter Tomorrow

For many years I went to sleep every night dreading tomorrow.  Because when 
tomorrow came that usually meant another love one is dying, died or been given 
the death sentence known as breast cancer.  But that was then and this is now.  
Now when I sleep because of pink I look to awake to a brighter tomorrow.   A 
brighter tomorrow where breast cancer is discovered early enough that everyone 
with it can be in remission and live a full healthy life.  A brighter tomorrow where 
the gene that causes the cancer can be removed so mothers don't have to worry 
whether or not their daughters will contract the disease.  A brighter tomorrow 
where husband like me don't have to watch the love of our life slow wilt and die 
but instead we get to grow old and gray with the one we love.  I dream of waking 
up in the morning and seeing the sun's yellow rays pink because this will 
symbolize a truly brighter tomorrow because they have found a cure and that day 
will truly be a brighter tomorrow for sure.

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Will you Recognize the evil when it smiles and shakes your hand?
 As It tells you lies that open you eyes and poison your foods with Chemical tools.
Better health long life is the Promise you cannot top this! 
There is no promise more false in this land more readly believed then the 
Yet given a close insepection the cancer of this reflection is evident in the the way 
you die today. 
So i say to you as we go to war, Who among you,WHo among you has looked 
deeply at the man in charge? 
Is his faith real or is it a shadow of a former lie?
A lie told to a differant nation under the same disguise of Liberty Justice and the 
Nazi Dream. 
This war is not the first and although many feel it will be the last.
The whole world destroyied in one hot flash. 
Man as a race has been here before thousand of years ago we knocked on this 
So long ago that the memorey is all but gone.
 I've been told im like a man who had a dream,I'm not what i seem.
 1947 is the year to recall weve won the war were the words printed Tall! The war 
is over and what did we get?
 Scientist  compleete with there gifts! Gifts of war and hate to recruit to our side. 
Them and there families taken in with Pride!
Look for them now you know who they are running the show and not from afar.
So ill ask you one more time. 
Will you Recognize real evil when it smiles and shakes your hand? 
I do and its ruling our land! 

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To The World

I am words unspoken 
A body asleep waiting to be awoken 
I am words that cannot be read 
Words unspoken and never could be said 
I am only a person trying to find my dreams 
Waiting to be awoken yet trying to fall asleep 

I am an ocean shattered apart 
Buried in the middle you can find my heart 
I am cancer waiting to put you through pain 
How I feel I'm unable to explain 
I am your mind waiting to see how this poem ends 
A girl who has finally found a friend 

I am tears ready to fall like rain 
Blood streaming down a vein 
I am an operator ready to take your call 
A cure found that can finally heal all 

I am patience running out of time 
A newborn trying to understand a nursery rhyme 
I am who I am though I don't know why 
Knowing I could die within a blink of an eye 

I am many letters to the author 
Hoping that atleast a look he would offer 
I am an abandoned infant with no where to go 
Can anyone see I have many years to grow? 
I am the door you swing open without knocking 
Baby on the cradle without you rocking 

I am a sunny day waiting for a storm to hit 
The truth hard for me to admit 
I am misery with a smile on my face 
Loving these memories wanting not to erase 

I am someone who has seen how far I've come 
Remembering where I started from 
I am anger tearing someone inside 
I want to be loved is all I've ever cried 

I am speakers blasting as you drive by 
Hurting inside looking out for the public eye 
I am hunger destroying half the world 
In the darkness still a lonely girl 

I am passion between you and your love 
A gift God has sent from above 
I am the crack you step on as you walk 
Camera man watching people die in Iraq 
I am the president trying to start a war 
A war that has never been fought before 

I am lyrics to a beautiful love song 
A girl that wants to feel like she belongs 
I am the sun rising early in the morning 
A flood coming without a warning 
I am death ready to take a life 
A girl still not ready to be a wife 

I am lips sealed with too much to say 
A bird without a place to stay 
I am a person who just wants to live 
For who I am could you forgive?

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Brother Waldo

I can't recall each word you said when you visited me on that day. I do recall the love you shared That helped me on my way. On an old half torn envelope salvation's plan you drew. Thirty years now have passed possess this still, it's true. A memento of a time gone by of a Savior I'd just claimed. Of a Godly man showing concern Brother Waldo he was named. I had accepted Christ, just days before Reinforcement was now my need. I still thank God, that you came by and for my soul did intercede. The cancer that my body had a life filled with sin and shame. By God's own hand had been removed now I'm praising His holy name. Fully aware of it being my last chance in God's work I now aspire For God had finally struck the match God, had set my fields on fire.

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For all that it its worth I find your courage inspiring
Everyday I watch you brave it out refusing to give in
As the days turn to weeks and blur into months
Recouping all the strength that this merciless beast has torn from you
Leaving believers in your wake with each visit to the cancer ward
Eveyone applauding you efforts your pesistence
Saving the best for last you never even consider holding back
Saving herself with all the and support  to win her battle with breast cancer

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Courage is a mother of any child.
Courage is showing that you care.
Courage is a chemotherapist starting their treatment.
Courage is a breast cancer survivor.
Courage is a firefighter saving a family
And returning to the flames to save their pet.
Courage is smiling when someone is down.
Courage is fighting for what you believe in.
Courage is finding the love in your heart 
For someone less fortunate.
Courage is anyone in their daily lives
Trying to make a difference.

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Healing Hands


Fearful and quite she sits beside her man,
As the doctor proclaims he needs more x-rays and scans

The lump he found he wasn’t quite sure,
It looked like cancer for which there was no cure.

The biopsy proved beyond a doubt,
Surgery and kemo were the only route.

She held his hand as the doctor began to explain,
That this could be terminal and cause much pain.

He said a second opinion would be fine but he needed to get it done quick,
Right now it’s in the early stages but it will soon start making you sick.

He patted his wife’s hand and said I’m going to be okay,
You can’t believe them old doctors anyway.

When they got home she got on the phone,
And called their pastor and some friends that they’ve known.

She told them of his problem and they began to pray,
By His stripes he is healed were the words they would say.

No negative thoughts were ever brought about,
Only true faith in God without any doubt.

The next visit to the doctor they found not a trace,
The doctor broke the good news with a smile on his face.

The Master Physician had administered the cure.
There is power in those prayers of this I am sure. ( True Story )

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It doesn't matter if you have cancer or aids
Don't let the disease take your joy away
Keep being the person that you used to be
Live with the fact that you do have HIV
Live with yourself that you're still alive
Because one day we all soon will die
Some of us will die a very painful death 
Some of us, unfortunately, will die by ourselves
Some will live to see their grandchildren one day
And some will die without even having a word to say
But what some of us fail to realize
Is that we were born in this world to one day die
So before you decide to kill yourself
Think about what you're doing and live once for someone else