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Cancer Death Poems | Cancer Poems About Death

These Cancer Death poems are examples of Cancer poems about Death. These are the best examples of Cancer Death poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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With Angels Wings

"With Angels Wings"

The whispering winds, a song they sing

A song of sorrow and of a heart so big 

Your love reaches as far as the eye can see

I believe in dreams because in my heart, you beat

Just as a gentle breeze shimmers every leaf

Your love, in every heart, plants a seed

Elegance, love and hope is what grows beneath

And this is your gift to us....

For safe keeping.

So...if you ever wonder why heaven sings

It's because now you fly...

      With Angels Wings

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when i am gone


The breeze at dawn,
Whispering  secrets to birds, chirping  melodious lullabies,
Waking up to the touch of the first gleam of morning rays
Softly teasing my eyes..
Just the glance of a reflection
Of a living god
Walking along the corridor…
Making my heart racing..
The most amazing soul ever..
Wolverine  ears..ebony eyes..emerald green shirt..
With the stethoscope around the collar..
Why do I feel  like I have known you eternally
Those eyes full of kindness..
That beautiful smile,
Always illuminating a gloomy day..
those lips murmering words of humanity..
making my thoughts cherished,
After the darkness of a very long night
Missing you with bits and pieces of my heart
A new sun has rised,with a ray of new hope for the life..
Just like the Night dew clings to soil 
Making the plants glisten..
brightening my days,left, thinking of you..
You are the aroma of me being alive..
When my life was lamenting
For some more hard breathes
You were the one who made me encouraged,
To love the life,,
Because not everyone under the sun gets a second chance to live..
Walking towards me..
Uttering the most soothing words ever..
Making my heart beats faster and faster..
Looking into my pale brown eyes..
Im almost melting..
Praise the lord for not letting me stand by my own..
If not,I Would have melted on my knees..
Believe me,
Im under your charms..
Knowing that I don’t have enough breathes to love you..
Your warmth,now in my blood,
Just like
The 'Chemo' scorched veins, showing
That im still breathing,without a life..
Hoping, that Time would reveal, what lies ahead..
Even though,it is the bitter truth..
looking for a time machine,
capable of pausing the minutes.,
brickwall myself from the last breathe
Crying in my shadows..
Forever is not a very long time for me..
Crying each day knowing that the days are getting shorter..
Doctor,I swear
When its time for me to leave..
Ill still believe..that,
This is an eternal one sided love which shall not die…
Till the sun grows cold..
Till the moon gets warm..
And the stars grow old…

Details | Marsiya | |

I'm my Daddy Made Over

Dedicated to my Dad Jerry W. Niday 3/20/1952 - 6/18/2013

I am who I am because of him
He’s the reason for my son’s name
He gave me my courage & my strength
To stand tall even when standing wasn’t easy
Stand for the ones who can’t
To think and fend for myself
I’m my Daddy made over

Taught me to fight back 
To never back down
How to pick myself back up
When I’ve been knocked down
Fight for what I believe
I’m my Daddy made over

He gave me my stubbornness 
Gave me my pride
Gave me my temper
Taught me not to take crap
To speak my mind no matter who
Work for what I want
I’m my Daddy made over

How to keep my emotions in check
How to handle large amounts of pain
When in trouble he always had my back
He knew how my mind worked better than anyone
I got it from him
I’m my Daddy made over

Even though he’s gone
I’ll stand and continue on 
I may stumble I may fall 
May even get hurt along the way
But I’ll pick myself back up
I’ll dust myself off and stand tall
I’m honored and proud to say
I’m my Daddy made over

Sabrina Niday Hansel

Placed 1st in "Unsung Hero" 7/2014 contest
Also 3rd. in "Portrait of a Poet" 1/2014 

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A Child's View of Death

A Child’s View of Death

People say now that Grandpa was thin
But he had plump cheeks; cancer had set in 

Each Sunday penny candy in my hand he’d place
And with rugged hands he’d embrace my face

To an impetuous toddler, his cigars smelled foul
But I don’t remember him ever sporting a scowl

On the way to mass my hand he’d squeeze
And no one ever mentioned his disease

But I’ll not forget the way mama cried
When she hugged me and said Grandpa had died

Though yellow tulips bloomed outside
I entered that parlor where emotions ran high

Grandpa looked peaceful, like he was asleep
I walked softly toward him, not making a peep

Where was that smile I’d come to expect
Not one movement could I detect

It can cause harm taking preschoolers to funerals
Death viewings can be the most frightening rituals

Fear lingered for months as I dreamt of him
Lying in a coffin, his skin cold and face grim

Children should remember those who have passed
Alive and happy, the way they’d seen them last

A fear of death plagued me for many years
I couldn’t accept that good people disappear

From our lives, to be buried in the ground
In thoughts of this loss, my spirits drowned

It wasn’t till later I realized the eternal life of souls
And that in both forms of life, we each have our roles

Be sure to tell little ones of God’s special home
And how our deceased loved ones sit by His throne

In coming to terms with this revelation
I learned to see death as a new life’s creation

*For Lay's "Darkest Childhood Memory" Challenge

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Worst Love Poem Ever Written

I suck at dying poems
Chemo poems, Metastatic Cancer poems,
Hair falling out in the shower poems
And I told a half truth
When I told you I could write you one
In less than six months (It's been eight)
I apologize for being so late

I wanted your poem to be pink and graceful
Like those ribbons
I see all over the internet
Filled with cheesy generic rhymes
That read like a Hallmark audition

  But already my metaphors are melting
And my similes are getting soft
 I guarantee you the rhyme meter will be off

 When I went to Google
And the typed in the word 'happy'
Three billion links came up

Not a single inference to
Breast cancer, hair loss
No redirects to mastectomies
Yahoo wasn't any kinder

The only thing research could teach me
Is that a good day on chemo
Is when your stool doesn't come out tar Black
And has no blood in it

Or when your urine
Smells better on Wednesday
Than it did on Tuesday

Sleeping less than 12 hours
When 24 would be better

America has more poets
Than it does alcoholics
   And Pot smokers combined
And you chose me to be
Your Breast Cancer
Poet Laureate

Trusting me to write a poem
About the biggest battle in your life

So I refuse to finish this poem
Without something bright and hopeful
And don't think
I didn't notice your Facebook activity
Had decreased by 88%
In the last three months

And you aren't really
Coming to any more of my poetry shows
Ever again. Are you??
But we still have March, April
Don't we?

But even if you had one breast
Or no breast

Or if you had less hair than I do
I promise to look only in your eyes
And never ever even notice
Or even think about it

And never for a moment
Would I feel sorry for you

Yes I suck at lying too...

But I don't suck at loving you
Or at hoping you wake up tomorrow morning
 With no Cancer at all
And that The Eiffel Tower will be right outside
Your bedroom window...

And I would be right there with you
Holding your hand while we look down on Paris
And you can impress me with your French again

And if I ever make it
To the Pulitzer Poetry board
I might lose a thousand points
Just for this poem alone

And my hopes for the prize will be smitten
And some old person 
With white hair will say
That was the worst love poem ever written

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A Mothers Last Goodbye

“Good-bye my daughter dear,” she said As tears welled up in her eyes “It’s time for me to go to sleep This must be no surprise The good Lord knows my battles And my health is ailing still He’s given me so many blessings I’ve passed them to you in my will I’m sad to say good-bye For we have shared much joy Remember me to Sarah My grandchild I love and enjoy I love you my daughter These years together have been sweet I’m so glad you love the Lord And again we will meet I’m not afraid of dying ‘Cause I know that in a while Christ will call me from my grave I feel my life has been worthwhile For I taught you to seek your Father To help you through every trial He’ll always be there to guide you With never a denial I leave you in His hands”, she said As she gently kissed her daughter’s hand Her eyes closed very slowly Against cancer she’d lost her stand She’d been a wonderful mother Teacher and true friend Faithful to her Lord And gracious to the end. Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2007-2012

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Wish I could have taken better 
Care of my body... 
Wish they could have stopped 
the cancer sooner... 

I'm just a spirit now, 
Floating over my own funeral. 

If I had my way, I'd pick another church. 
At least one that spelled my name right 
On the obituary. 

I wonder if they knew, 
That I truly loved Sonya, 
but married Adele out of convenience. 

Wish I could have told my brother, Kenny 
I forgive him, maybe he wouldnt cry so hard. 
Wish I could tell Aunt May that hat is too big. 
I wonder if Tara knows the deacons 
Are looking up her dress. 

Im just a spirit now, 
Floating over my own funeral. 

I wonder if the choir knows 
How much I really hate that song... 
Hope they know the Pastor's lying. 
I was not that good of a man.. 

That suit is not the one I would have picked. 
My body looks so much smaller, 
and that make-up makes me look too light. 

Im just a spirit now, 
Floating over my own funeral. 
Free from pain, free from it all. 

Wonder if they know, 
In spite of my short time on this earth...
i truly enjoyed it.
I truly loved it all.

Details | Free verse | |

He is sleeping

Frightened and tired
his eyes stare into the distance
as he once again faces reality
in the ghastly fate that dealt its lot.
Beads of sweat fall down like stars;
like the storm pounding outside his window.
This is the dawn he rises to every morning.

I take hold of his frail hand beckoning tenderness
as one would a knife to the chest.
Yet his weak smile defies the eminent death  
threatening to consume him.
He turns his gaze upon my eyes…
It won’t be long now…

The shadows lurk in his mind, 
but he glimpses a tear slipping from my cheeks
and says, “No regrets. No hate. No fear.
It’s time to wake up, slumbering one. 
The day is here.”

I manage a sorrowful smile 
and reply, “Your heart has already won,
my brave one.” As he lies back once more,
the soft beeps counting down his final few breaths slow.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” he dreamily asks.
Leaning closer, I inquire, “Who?”
“The angels are singing.” he sighs.

As the green line finally stretches to a flat horizon,
I whisper brokenly to the rain, “Shhhh.”…

“ He is sleeping.”

*(A tribute to children that have lost the fight against cancer.)

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" The Life Of Me " page 1 of 2

My name is James, born 1961
In Inverness, a small Scots town
To my father Andrew, and my mother Beryl
And Billy my brother, a pair of devils
In 67, we woke one night
Our house was ablaze, full of orange light
Our neighbour next door, for whatever reason
Started a fire, it must be crazy season
We had too move to a caravan park
By this time it,s three, to make a new start
My mother Beryl decide to leave
But the three of us left, never bothered to grieve
In the next few weeks, we ended in court
Two small children, in a marriage abort
We were asked to choose either Dad or Mum
But we ignored the parent, who went on the run
As we left the court, to start a new life
We felt sorry for Dad, as his illness was rife
He never told us that he was unwell
It would upset one of his boys, as the future will tell
Then came the night all parents dread;
Being told one of his boys is nearly dead
We were going to a boys club, on a Monday night
My brother was running so far out of sight
I turned the corner to see him ahead
No!! he's been hit by a van, Boom's  Boom's dead
I ran to my father, sreaming and crying
I'm finding my life,at 7 - far too trying
After the funeral, and with my father unwell
We left Inverness, our eyes a swell
To go as two, and not three as before
It's like Mother Nature closed a door
So we headed west, to a place called Fort William
Was it in the stars, cause Billy " is " William
We moved there, as the air was so pure
Hoping my father will find his cure
For whatever reason, we left the above
We found no Angel or peaceful dove
So we headed back to Inverness
Fathers health decreasing, life still a stress
Over the next few years, i was fostered and loaned
In couples houses and children's homes
It was really strange in all those places
Different people, different faces

Then on the 16th of Feb - 76,
James, i was told, your dads very sick.
The cancer had taken your father away
To be with Billy, where you'll join them one day

In 77, i joined the Navy, as i promised my dad you see. 
I did'nt enjoy it, i decided to leave 
Back up north, where my futures to be 
I wanted to have, what my parents had lost 
And that was my aim, no matter the cost

see page 2 of 2, ty..

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Death Of The Saints

A cousin called the other day saying "Another cousin has passed away".

Well my husband said "How old was she.""


A stalwart woman who had served family and community well. Producing one child that 
became a missionary serving in a foreign land..

While talking the cousin asked "Did you know ______"?

My husband answered, "Well, I don't think that I knew them".

The cousin proceeded to tale this story.

"The man had been down with cancer for a while and passed recently..The funeral had been 
conducted and the hearse had gone on to the cemetary..The family car with the family was 
not to far behind..But when it pulled up, the wife of the deceased did not get out and the 
funeral home staff was gathering around..The funeral home director decided to go see what 
was going on ...."

The cousin said, " That this funeral home director told him". "That he had been in this 
business for thirty-five years and faced something that he had never had happen to him or 
any other funeral home director that he knew."

The funeral home director said, "When I got to the family car, I found the wife of the 
deceased had passed from a massive corornary."

She had said, "I don't know how I will live without him." She didn't have to learn. God called 
her home..

The roosters crow, the crows craw and are answered by the gobble of the turkey across the 

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No Sympathy From the Devil

A hurricane is blowing.
Cars are flying in the sky.
Doesn't even mess my hair.
It's coming from my eye.

An earthquake is rolling.
Knocks you right off your feet.
The earth opens up and swallows.
I just take my seat.

A tidal wave is coming.
It's right off the coast.
I watch the people sunning.
Don't they know that their all toast?

The great white shark devours 
everything in his sight.
Why is everybody screaming?
They haven't felt my bite.

The sunlight unheeded
sets the cancer to the flesh.
Chaos all around you.
The evils seem to mesh.

The cancer has consumed
the skin down to the bone.
There's no one left to cry to
so just hang up the phone.

An avalanche like a freight train
is rolling down the hill.
If you haven't felt me yet
I'll be coming for you still.

Do you know who I am?
The Stones sung of my name.
I don't want your sympathy.
I'm the one to blame.

Can you feel the twister? 
The wind, like the dogs, howl.
Time to raise the white flag.
Time to throw in the towel.

Watch as the whirlpool
sucks you down into the depths.
Take your choice my friends.
Choose your epitaph.

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We Lost More Than a Dad

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost half of how we came to be
We lost we four girls first love
We lost our Best Friend

We lost more than just a Dad that day
Our Mom lost her Soul Mate, Her other half 
Our children lost their Papaw
We lost our family’s foundation 
We lost the glue that held us together

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost the Strongest man we ever knew 
We lost the man we looked up too
We lost we four girls Teacher of many things

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We four girls lost our Hero
We lost some of our Light
We lost part of our Heart
We lost part of our Soul

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost some of our Courage
We lost some of our Strength
We lost some of our will to fight back
We lost some of our will to carry on
We four girls lost more than a Dad
We lost more than just a Dad that day

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I Hate You Cancer

Dedicated to my Dad who lost his short battle w/ Colon Cancer on June 18,2013

I hate you Cancer
Your vile evil and cruel
You don't care who you hurt
I'll never forget that day
I'll always hate you for it

Your heartless Cancer
You took someone important from me
Someone important from others too
Took people who didn't belong to you
I hate you for it

You disgust me Cancer
You had no right to take him from me
He mattered more than my very own life
I hate you for taking my Daddy
I hate you for taking others too

I hate you with a passion Cancer
You took part of my heart with him
You took part of my soul that day too
I hate you for it
I hate you I hate you I hate you

I hate you with every fiber of my being 
Go back to Hell where you belong
I hate you, others hate you
Your not welcome or wanted here Cancer

I hate you more than his doctor's
I hate you more than God
I hope I get to witness that day
Witness the day you fall
And you will fall Cancer

You're gonna lose the battle one day Cancer
I'm gonna laugh and dance around your grave
You'll finally get what you deserve 
And you'll never be able to take another soul

Sabrina Niday Hansel

Placed 8th in Poet Destroyer A's  2013 "PINKTOBER" Contest

Please Support a Cure for Colon Cancer & every other type!

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Don't Cry

Please don't cry over my casket 
For I am not there 
Please don't cry at my grave 
My soul has been set free 
I know it's hard not to cry 
I've been down that road one to many times 

I have no more pain 
I have no more sickness 
And I would not change a thing 
As I walk threw the gates of Heaven 
Mom Dad our brothers and sisters 
Will welcome me with open arms 
Here I am free of that pain 

Don't blame yourself 
It was my time to go home 
This is where I'm supposed to be 
Don't dwell on things which you can not change 
I will always be in your heart 

I will always be watching over you 
When that day comes for you to come home
I will be there to welcome you 
With open arms
And walk you threw the gates of Heaven 
You will be greeted by our family & friends
Who came home before you 
Until that day I will be watching over you

Details | Munaajaat | |

Tell Me

I'm lost hurt and angry
Why did you take his life
I want, No I need to know
Tell me, Tell me why
I deserve to know

Haven't you done enough to him
What'd he ever do to you
He suffered his whole life
Suffered more than anyone deserved
Tell me, Tell me why you did it
I have a right to know

Why'd you let him born to them
Born to worthless parents
Parents who didn't care
They threw him away like garbage
Pawned him off on someone else
Tell me, Tell me why
Explain how you could do that

You gave him Polio
You let others treat him like disease
You took away the full use of his legs
You warped his hand and foot
Tell me, Explain to me why
I deserve to know

You let others think he was crazy
You let it go on for over year
You didn't stop it, Why
Tell me, Give me your reason
Answer me God, Help me to understand

You go and make matters worse
You gave him Cancer
You didn't give him a chance to fight back
You just jerked him away from us
Tell me, Tell me how
How you could be so cruel

How can others not question you
When others do it, It's murder
But when it's by your hand
It's your will, Their fate
Tell me, What makes you so different
Your no better than the demons knocking at the door

You heard me beg and plead
You know I'm not afraid to die
I was willing to carry it all for him
I was willing to take my Daddy's place
You didn't even let me say Goodbye
Tell me, Tell me why I couldn't take his place
Answer me God, you owe me that much


Details | Epitaph | |

Death by Cancer

    ~now it's me who has been chosen~
after years of nursing the broken souls ~` 
  ~refusing to listen to statistics , watching their bodies go ~  
percentages and numbers they have become
praying , please don't forget this one , she is a Mother ~
she has a son , a daughter , a grandchild , a sister and brother.

Let us not forget her name , please do not let her die with shame .
Why do you come seeking your toll , the Grimm Reaper of souls?
 ~ For this once young girl with the face one can only imagine her beauty ~
so many stares as she enter a theater or restaurant ,is she a model ?
~ she must be with a body like this , a body and face, eyes wide , smile divine ~
We love to hate , yet really she is quite beautiful. "If I could, I'd be this beautiful"
The long flowing hair , her natural looks , she must already be discovered ~

~ The years go by , and time allows way for the offspring of her breast 
 the many that once shed gossip among the jealous is inherited through her child~
The Pink ribbon ,  new hair designs chosen , all the make up , preparing to say Goodbye~ With Grace . No I will not let you see my fear on this Poker Face.

Another statistic on Record will go I . Cancer has come like a thief at night 
abruptly leaving me with nothing , yet how will I leave bravely,  as I raised my own 
I want them happy and at peace through me passing ,take me now , be merciful,
Lay me in a white silk dress as beautiful as I once were , with flowers by my side 
Please remember me , I am not ready to die ..not like this ,Another soul dismissed .

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On Sunday March thirty two thousand fourteen, my sister
lost her grim battle to cancer, she was much younger than I;
nobody would believe that she fervently prayed while waiting to die...
who gave such strength to endure pain, if not her faith of believer?
I stood by her touching her forehead to offer some consolation...
she tried to smile, but was overcome by pangs of desperation. 

If horrid fate had cut abruptly her life, prayers provided endless comfort;
and accepting death as a relief from suffering, she cherished that thought!

Farewell, Catherine...even the March gloomy sky cries
to express its ample sympathy for someone with moribund eyes!
A treasure you have left: gems that gleam as the eternal stars,
and each one of them reflects the gentle smile of your shining grace
that everyone saw when you opened those warm arms...
and by loving everyone, you taught us the meaning of an embrace!   

Farewell, Catherine...find joy in that celestial place above the earth's sphere,
there happiness is heard through songs that praise glorious love, not fear!  

We'll remember those delightful moments you shared with us...
when joy shone on a face that did not know the bitterness 
of tears! Yes, they are imprinted on these weeping hearts
as the words of Virgil who commemorated the brave souls 
that accomplished great things never forgotten by fleeing time...
isn't your story of indomitable courage for us to read and admire?

Details | Narrative | |

Losing Someone to Cancer

I did speak with them, seemed very confused.

Apparently from what I have been told,
the cancer has gotten worse, and has 
began invading the rest of the body…

The hospice nurse doesn’t,
think they will be with us much longer…

They don’t know where they are living, can't 
remember me seeing them recently, can't 
remember me talking with them yesterday...

I know that this is very depressing news,
and if it weren't for friends and family,
I would be going crazy…

For it is hard to lose a loved one,
whether it be family or friend…

Since we don't know, when that fateful day
will happen, we can only take it one day at a time,
I only hope and pray that they won't suffer, I would
 rather see them be in a coma, and not have 
the pain and suffering…

I know that sounds harsh, however,
I don't want them to suffer, I want them
 to go in there sleep….

By Sandra L. Hoban

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Forever Changed

June 18, 2013 our world was Forever Changed
We where a few minutes from home
When we got the call from our baby sister

Said we need to get back home
We need to come as fast as we can drive
Mom really needs us
Something’s wrong with Daddy
The whole way we drove 80
Hoping & Praying we’d make it back in time

Our Family & Friends were weeping 
By the time we got to his side
We knew then our Daddy had been taking
And our hearts they were breaking
We never got to say Goodbye
We each softly kissed that man
We four sisters climbed in his bed 
We laid down beside him 
And cried just like babies
For our world was Forever Changed 

Details | Elegy | |



how i wish you could hear this by me
i died not of cancer but of love not seen
now a befitting funeral to dust you give
you let me untended like a forgotten olive

you now sing me a lullaby i will not kiss
a smile that i will not get to say i miss
where were you! when the last i breath
who give a damn about that suit -thick

a hypocrite you never was they found in you love
stop deceiving those mourning with your epigram
never was i what you call me now-your dove
it is too late for on my way shan't see me stand

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Fred Seegmiller - 1871-1907

Fred Seegmiller

 1871 - 1907

You never met a man who loved my town.
As I much as I did.
Coming here in ’90 by the train.
It nearly killed me, but I stayed on my knees.
I prayed and prayed I would not go mad.
For 15 years I played the organ.
In the magnificent church on Bailey Street.
I played the passions of Bach and the soothings of Handal.
And I served refreshments in the churchyard.
One night in Mid March 
After services had concluded,
Rebecca walked into my life.
She coyly received my flirtatious wink
And a family of five was the magical result.
For twelve years I moved lumber by horse and reigns,
And drove the wagonload to the flowering homesteads.
I worked hard, prayed to God 
And never forgot to kiss my wife goodbye.
I lived on the end of Olive Street.
Hidden by tall Elms, 
Inside my house with the white shutters, 
I brought two of my brood into this world
And I watched one leave it in the winter of ’99.
It was in that same room,
The one in the back by the myrtle tree,
That I too tasted death. 
I had the cancer 
And it was eating me like a cannibal unconverted.
And now I am dead and buried in Clark Cemetery.
And my living soul longs to spend just one more minute.
Just one more minute
As a dying man.
My soul is not dead.
My soul is not sad.
Let me sleep now. 

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Trip Twist

In the void, sipping the zoid,
with mental properties of tripping on the spiral.
Falling down the tail of lions, awkwardly spinning.
With upside down tunnel vision leaking through.

Solidifying all matter that matters,
melting into the walls of your brain.
It tickles all the raindrops dripping in your eyes,
satisfying your desire of a synchronized pattern.

Bleeding purple from the rainbow,
and turning into swirls of diamonds.
Slipping exuberantly beside you; driving you wild.
Where the shadows stop the spirited scream.

Devour yourself into the omniscient grip. 
Icy cold finger tips scratch the surface of your divinity,
bringing you closer to the God who whispered in your unborn ear,
situated in your flesh from birth to death.

It embeds itself in the pupil of your eye,
dancing with your spirit and licking your soul.
Black shapes of madness wrapped in chaos and euphoria.
Twinkling and blinking dust of a cloud. 

Haze filled skies and blood filled smoke raining from the clouds.
Envisions of clowns and demons laughing at our demise.
Chilling sensations of sickening mannerisms,
mechanisms and mechanics sought out to destroy the tiny creatures.

These creatures running crazy into acceptance of demise.
Deprived of life, scared of death but giving into it's taste.
Taste buds quiver as the taste grows sweeter.
Death, oh death, tell everyone who you really are...

Too long have you been hidden in the shadows you cast, 
too long have we rendered your pain.
The world grows sicker as the hairs in my head grey. 
I'll never surrender as demons always circle.

Today, begins a new day of our fight.
And I have a good feeling about this day. 
Onward, we have united our minds and gathered ourselves within. 
Always ready for we accept our fear. 

We accept our hate and everything in between.
Accept it all for what it really is. 
No amount of doubts will over throw us. 
Onward, to peace.

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Hip Hop Gave Her

I never knew the feeling hip hop gave her,
she was on the brink of death but it saved her.
80's baby this hip hop raised her
the art of expressing the mind that's what made her.
She wore a hat to the back baggy jeans
black back pack eyes like Isis soul priceless.
She inspired me and so I write this it might just
rise up her lifeless soul I'm just,
head over heels for this priceless diamond,
whenever she was down hip hop brought her mind up.
In an open mic club you might find her,
freestyles and spoken word poetry drives her.
She kept her hand in the air she was live plus
shy no man dedicated to the flow I,
knew she was gifted she lifted my pride
when she said her rhyme, it's what hip hop gave her.
I never knew the feeling hip hop gave her.

She's the type to cypher with 3 guys,
driven by the Queen Lah past molds a mean eye.
Father kept her down but her mother told her dream high
so she rocks a-di-da shell toes to be fly.
She's the one to get you up on Eric B. and Rah,
the only thing she knew was be an emcee or die.
On the phone tone speaking frequently till I
fell asleep in the morning I'm like, "lil G I tried"
She replies with a gleam in her eyes,
like I see you as the king in my life.
I'm like I'm like.....
girl you like a sister to me, a best friend I can kiss on the cheek.
Right then I think her heart took time out
to rewind my words then she cried her eyes out.

I never knew that hip hop gave her me
the same day I heard a dj break beats.
Since day 1 we grew on each other became a team,
last year cancer overcame and changed her.
Now she lives where the angels hang at,
she misses me when she cries,
she gives me Rain back.
Since then I haven't been the same cat,
now I know where hip hop's made at.
Now I know what hip hop gave her,
it gave her me, it gave her me.

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cancer and confetti

it all blows around 
zig zagging in front of the eye
a million bits of lemon dipped confetti
tapping the carapace of a life
fawn dappled-silver maple leaf- days
leopard spotted-howler monkey nights 
everything summed up in gossomer skin
infiniti licks the newborns fresco face
shines the asp and threads the eyes
a generation or two
tombstones are forgotten
no more granite tears or plastic flowers
only ravens on the rot
on the whole-just a meaningless bowl
of put on for whom-for how long-

life gnashes at the neck like lion teeth
the sweet leaves the veins to soon
sad pitter patter of an actors eulogy...
sugaring stumps and bitter moons
every word twists the air...
like cancer and confetti


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Time to Go in loving memory of my mother

My mom was a strong woman, and stubborn too,
Yet she had a soft side, between me and you.
That side she would show, when you least expected,
But let me tell you, she was well respected.

Mom was quite unique, and was one of a kind,
She was set in her ways, so keep that in mind.
The youngest of nine, she had gotten her way,
Spoiled by her siblings’, almost every day.

Right out of high school, she had married my dad,
Blessed with three children, plus fifty years they had.
They both were hard workers, in all that they did,
My dad taught himself, from when he was a kid.

My mom was a smoker, for forty-six years,
Some day it would happen, she’d face all her fears.
Lung cancer she had, and inoperable too,
Her time on this earth, would be shortened we knew.

Radiation and Chemo, had done their thing,
Remission set in, tears of joy it did bring.
We would go out at night, to shop and to talk,
I knew she enjoyed, getting out for a walk.

Two years had gone by, after Thanksgiving Day,
Her pain had returned, but was afraid to say.
She’d lie on the couch; it was strength she did lack,
We knew in our hearts, that the cancer came back.

We shared lots of laughter, but many a tear,
I tried to assure her, she’d nothing to fear.
“Please watch over your dad, this one thing I ask.”
“I know it will be, quite a difficult task.”

One morning in March, Hospice called us to say,
You may want to come, for she’s slipping away.
For the night before, mom told me to stay home,
“Be there for your kids, you can call me by phone.”

When we all arrived, for a moment she woke,
Her eyes said it all, not a word had she spoke.
We stayed by her bedside, just holding her hand,
“It’s time to let go mom, we all understand”.

A few days had passed, not ready to let go,
For it had been raining, but letting up slow.
The sun began shining, the clouds disappeared,
Opening the heavens, for mom’s time has neared.

We gathered together, her forehead we kissed,
Whispering so softly, how much she’d be missed.
“Your time has arrived mom, just follow the light”,
She left us so peaceful, she gave up her fight.

It was time to drive home, in the car we got,
Then something had happened, while leaving the lot.
Huge drops of rain falling, it had to be fate.
They were tears of joy; she was at heaven’s gate.

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After your last breath I was defeated,
Body, soul and spirit taken down.
Caressing memories became my new world,
Drowning in the past was solid ground.
Everything you did from start to finish,
Following me in my dreams so clear.
Great to know the time we had together
Harboured solace in my heart, sweet dear.
Innocence; the name of our beginning,
Joined as one we never were apart.
Kempt; seemed to be our life together,
Laughter always flowing from the heart.
Moments I shall keep in memories arc.

Nails like daggers pierced the world we started,
Offering us comfort, could no man.
Pain struck from the thought of being parted,
Quietly my darling took a stand.
Right down to the last he did not waver,
Standing tall and giving his vast love.
Tremendous was his courage as he traveled
Under wings of Angels brought above.
Veiled in sadness moving gently forward
Waiting for the sun to drown the rain.
Xanthic was the color of his golden hair
Yearning now to see it once again.
Zaps me at the thought of it my friend.

Written 08.29.2014
Brenda Meier-Hans 

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Who is there? Come in and sit with me. 
I welcome you to my home. 
Why do I welcome you so? 
You are hated, feared, attacked and fired upon, 
treated as a foreigner poised to take a land that is not yours. 

Are you death? “No!” Are you a messenger of death? “No!” 
Are you a friend, a companion who comes to travel with me? 
Why have you come to me? 
Was it something I did? Has my family sent you? 

Please leave me! I have not asked to be tortured. 
You will walk with me until the end of my days? 
I will embrace you as my friend. 
You will be there when others have left me or when they can no longer walk with me… 
You are not an angel of death but in disguise an angel of life… 
You will take my body to the grave, but my spirit to heaven… 
To you my friend I owe my life… You have never been welcomed. 
I not only welcome you my friend… 
I embrace you and the news you bring. 

With out you life would become tedious and dull. 
You break up the monotony of repetition. 
When others have turned away as if I have done something unforgivable, 
you embrace me little by little. I will not fight you. 
I will not attempt to poison you! 

No… I say! 
Do not take from me this my friend… 
My friend knows the path I travel. 
My friend will walk with me until I walk no more. 
And my friend will lay me down and fold my hands across my chest. 

Don’t weep for me. 
I have reached my destination. 
My friend traveled with me and when I fell… my friend was there. 
My companion until the end… 
and he asks nothing of me for I give willingly.

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Demon In My Closet

There is a demon in my closet and it is safe to say
 I have kept him there safely, each and every day
 Asking about his words, I thought I heard him pray
 He laughed openly stateing he was always hearing me play
 I followed, I listened I leaned over to his ways
It turns out he's here over an angel and a wish of keeping me gay
 Saintan is forever listening to what becomes my fate
 The doors still closed as softly as that horrid divorced decay
 But he was not wearing my brand, a mark of forever may it stand
 He had choose to turn the other cheek, to find a higher point of understanding
Something more suitable than just a standard branding
 A mark of a book, a devils open handing
 A demon to help me through troubles and fears
 A someone there when all I have left is openly flowing tears
 He jesters, he peers, he jokes, he steers
 But I think my favorite time is where leers

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Good Morning Doctor Death

Waking up five in the morning,
and looking the dawn's sun rise,
to start the day with a yawn and strech.
Smell the morning dew,
as you go and retrive the morning newspaper,
filled with tablots of lives more intresting than yours.

You wave to your hand to your neighbor,
who you don't like, still you say, "hi"
It's just the nature of the human being.
You turn and go inside,
you feel some pain on your leftside.
All those milkshakes and hamburgers
caught up to you.
What do you do?
Not much, you can do now,
You fall to the ground, clenching your chest;
you call out for help, but no one comes.
You see your neightbor, but he doesn't mind.
See he hated you as well, like you hated him,
and he is glad to see you fall to your
knees and beg for Mercy.

Oh no! here he comes,
Doctor Death, no not Jack Kavorkian,
No! the big cheese,
the Creature that prays on black souls,
just like yours.
Doctor Death come on down! Come and clam your prize!
Good morning Doctor Death! I'm ready,
Are you?

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left alone

         Now I am left alone with tears ~

         with all shared may sadness cease
         the darkness of loss as fears increase
         your heart wants to hold on for hope

          losing the one expected never ready 
           going through acceptance you think
          until time stands still and life does cease 
           Now I am left alone with tears ~
          every thought now to late to speak
            all you thought you knew you didn't
          when death comes swift no real preparation

         How long will this hurt one can only wonder 
          The tears fall hard , the tears fall alone    
           saying goodbye forever your gone .


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Love Without Fail

He is driven to the Day Hospice each week without fail, Walking with a cane, hunched over, tall, thin and very frail. He kisses his wife goodbye and touches her hand as she leaves, Although she reassures him, the loss of her presence he perceives. Even as cancer invades his body and steals his last rational thought, He rambles on with his stories, the appropriate word is sought. Sitting on the couch with others, he tries to join the conversation, Topics always lead to his wife, he points to the vase with the carnation. He reminisces about volunteering and the bible classes they taught, Then suddenly he gets up to leave, tears running, becoming distraught Demanding his wife be able to attend this place to receive the loving care, Weeping he whispers, my wife deserves this so much more, it’s only fair, Unable to settle, always keeping a watchful eye on the door for his wife, Longing for the most important person, she has been the center of his life. For love is always present, for those who have been loved, you believe, Love that is true does not disappear, even in illness or when you grieve.
**Day Hospice is a day program provided to dying patients where they share friendship and games, and are provided a fine dining meal. It allows the caregiver (family) a day of rest. Placed 10th in Contest for Poems that have lost in other contests.

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Somber Tears

As the sun sets
and the twilight comes out,
as the birds and squrriels are no where in sight.

As the whores and pimps sit on street corners,
waiting for street lights to turn from green to red.
As cadillacs stop and roll their windows down.

I can her the faint cry deep in the darkness,
of dirty gutters and dark, dead end alleyways,
I hear the faint tears fall and hit concrete pavement.

I feel the faint cries of whores,
I hear the sound of backhand hitting face
and brused tissue and broken noses are everywhere.

And the somber tears fall onto pillow cases,
and white motel bedsheets run red with blood
and cheap Italian wine.

And you can her the poet over the radio,
reading his own work for the one millionth time
and you can hear his soul slowly wanting to die.

He drowns himself in smoke and alcohol
the whore takes her pay, or spends a night in a jail cell,
the pimp nowhere to be found,
with a shiny blade stuck deep in his gut.

And the somber tears fall gently on the concrete pavement,
the floors of a jail cell,
tears on the pillow case and tears on a lonesome stage.

Tears never present, but are seen by many,
pain aches and pain takes away,
and I pour one more drink for the whore.

She takes me away,
and I caught her salty, somber tear,
and she crawled into my warm embrace.

I was the one who stuck the blade in the gut of that pimp,
who broke her nose and made her bleed,
with a cowardess and souless backhand.

I walk into the moonlight,
hearing the somber tears all around me,
crash violently to the concrete pavement.

The Earth rumbles and erupts with these tears,
that are shead for fellow Men, and Women and Children,
but we all look at ourselves and smile.

Happy we don't pay rent,
happy we don't have cancer,
happy we aren't six feet under;

But we still all cry,
Somber tears all fall in one big wave

crashing violently on the concrete pavement.
Now the red light turns green,
and the traffic moves along,
the whore is still at her corner,
the pimp still with the blade in his gut.

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Never So Gracious

A full moon night to my delight what is so wrong with doing what's right nothing is right after so long no use in complaining time to move on The Dream Water one day might take me away farther from the comfort of familiarity I float on my back then shut my eyes my body now sinking into ocean arms open wide Now swallow your son back to his nature when he is no longer needed to stay here the next generation are dooming themselves they need my experience to guide them through hell Why should I bother on my own, I strive through I turn my back on the thought of bothering to save you alone in this world my, is it spacious I'm finally smiling, never so gracious.

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There was a ballplayer named "Ron",
I would always run home to watch him on television.

He batted fourth and played the third base spot,
That's the corner they always called "Hot".

As a power hitter and great fielder he stayed,
Fifteen years in the big leagues he played.

An "All Star" player many times over,
Because he was a perennial "Gold Glover".

He wore the number 10 on his uniform,
But his emotions for his team on his sleeve were worn.

Ron Santo was this player's name,
He should be in baseball's "Hall of Fame".

He was tenacious about his life's view,
Ever positive, as he fought Diabetes and Cancer too.

I had the good fortune to meet the man,
And listened to his story of the "Black Cat"....SCRAM!!!

He raised awareness and millions for JDRF,
Gone now to the ages, this his legacy would be left.

One thing that all of you should know,
Wherever he went, he put on a great show.

On a "Field of Dreams" he now will play,
Where he can click his heels every day.

Swollen with tears now our red eyes we rub,
At the endearing loss of "This Old Cub".

We'll miss his radio groans, his sighs, and his laughter too,
Because like us, his veins ran only with "Cubbie Blue".

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A Hospital Stay Part IV


                                                        The Slippage

All through the night of the day when the madness began
Fever comes to visit me.
In bed immobile,
Sheets dampen beneath my filthy hair
Shivering/Burning     Shivering/Burning
The night creeps on towards dawn
And no sleep preceeds it.

When at last it comes,
It marks the point at which
     Breathing becomes my sole occupation
     Tests define my days
     I and the medical machines
     Begin to merge.
New lines are attached daily;
Monitors, nutrients, fluids, blood.
In all directions they flow from me
Until my metal caretakers and I are so interconnected
That spongebathing becomes choreography.

     Meanwhile, outside
     Invisible killers roam at will,
     Dealing death and wounds
     Then moving on, like clouds across the sun.
     A seige mentality settles over the entire area
     The shadow of sudden, random death passes over all.

My personal shadow lies upon my lungs,
Quietly, steadily, pressing away my breath.

     The tests go on and on and on
     Blood is drawn 'til veins begin collapsing
     I feel like a prisoner of the Inquisition,
     Sustained solely by the spirit of those
     Good fortune makes my own:
     Wife, Children, Parents, Friends
     - All the best reasons, in short, to live -
     Never fail to help bear me up,
     Feeding me the honor of their concern.

     They fan me when I burn,
     Warm me as I shake with cold,
     Remind me of all the good
     Awaiting my return.

Then at last there fell the evil day
When they moved me back to the higher ward,
The place from which one usually does not return,
Chills washing me like Arctic waters,
Shaking like an epileptic
Fighting the mounting panic
As I gasp shallow breaths
Like a fish hauled aground.

Since that time I've seen it claimed
That suffocation brings the kindest death.

Whoever wrote that 
Had a strange view of kindness.

There followed a hard night of fear and confusion
That passed into a dawn I never saw nor felt.

At some undefined hour they wheel me back to Intensive,
As Gulliver's god slides off the wall ....
And everything comes to full stop.

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Cancer Ward

Hideous cancer chisels away
With strange tragic sculpturing
And exposes dark flaws
heavy and black:
Inoperable, they say.

Ever present cigarette
Tenaciously supported
By shaking hand
and unfaltering need
Moved toward fried death
As wrenching cough spewed
Fire in weakened lungs.

A machine by the bed
Connected to tubes,
She wavers between
Sleep and reality
Fighting to hear 
The voices around her.

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Forty Lost

Time moves on,
and soon will tell,
when asked for whom
they ring the bell…
 Forty lived
…and forty lost,
you left before twilight.
When it’s half as much,
at twice the cost,
you’ll  bask
in perfect light…
We live in castles
…made of sand,
we come as a stranger,
but leave as a friend…
Remember now,
your last first kiss,
those times will be
profoundly missed…
Your smile indeed
could cast a spell.
You learned to
play a bad hand well…
With all our hopes
and dreams in tow,
we are old too quick,
and wise too slow.
Life’s an elaborate
complex dance...
Would you live again,
if you had the chance?
 Copyright © 2013

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Solar Love

Every star is someone eles's son (shield your eyes) shrug off hate from everyone familiar place been here before thousands of nights the ocean shore coasts are changing minds align hate and fear must now resign connect the dots move my child tame the shy wake the wild shred advice relayed from the miser castrate cancer obstructing the wiser transcendental the hydrogen burns furnishing life each time earth turns

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Only The Beginning

Only the Beginning 

Do not weep for me
For now it is heaven I see
Glorious fields of green 
And oceans blue
Twinkling Stars in the sky
On angels’ wings I now fly
Do not weep for me my darling one
I am forever in your heart
Heaven – once a mystery 
Is now just a start
And once again we shall meet
Until that time comes
Smile for me
Dance for me
Be light on your feet
For when you think of me
I’ll be thinking of you

Jennifer Leigh Turner 

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Sad hospital halls

Sad haunting cries echo 
down the hospitals faded halls
over and over in my mind
i remember them all

given the saddened news 
that their loved ones were gone
unknowing that last night 
i sat with them all night long

i softly massaged their bodies
with lotion to ease the pain
i combed their hair 
brushed their teeth
prayed with them or sang

most of them could not answer me
but I could see comfort 
in their fading eyes
when I was done with other duties
i would hurry back to their bedside

for I would not want to be alone
as I take my final breath
loved them as if they were family
treated them with nothing but respect

as they exhaled for the final time
I gently closed their eyes
making them look 
as peaceful as I could
for family's arrival upon sunrise

i tidied up the room 
making sure plenty of tissues were there
i tried my best for each family
to bring in enough chairs

i wiped the tears from my eyes 
before I went out into the hall
sometimes I couldn't help it
and a few would tend to fall

as I walked out of the hospital
deep in thought even as I drove home
hope some peace was brought to you
when I worked 
they did not go alone

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The Chase

I remember when the chase began 
So many years ago.
I saw you turn, so terrified
You had just met your foe. 

Deep in your eyes I saw the fear,
The why, the when, what for?
Wondering when death would come,
Knocking at your door.

Then with resolve you looked at him
Ready for the fight ,
Your fear had turned to anger
You fought with all your might.

The battle lasted many years,
The wounds, they took their toll.
One night while you were sleeping,
The angels took your soul.

Now we who still are breathing
Remember how you fought,
And even though you could not win,
The precious moments that you bought.

Brenda Meier-Hans
October 2012
3rd place Contest: One Sad Poem 

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First came morning 
There wasn't a sign
He was happy go lucky
Everything was fine

The day shifted to noon
With it came the coughing too
He felt a little ill
Nothing was bad still

Then came night
His appearance was a fright
Skin changing colors
Wishing to tell his mother

He knew it was here
His resting time was near
Not afraid of death
Just wanting to be put to rest

Morning came with bursting light
His body to be nowhere in sight
We all knew he had to die
But we never really said goodbye

Cancer gets the best of us
At the wrong time
Some choose not to make a fuss
In the end it will all be fine

Death is our final destination
We just get on at different stations
Its ok to shed that tear
But just remember have no fear

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How queer the color of viscera
squarely foreign in my breast
To be the butcher and grim and goddess
All in one
Leaves identity succinct
Or identifies succinctness
If it has been
Then so it was always before

Therein is 'Peace'
Reposed and eyes rolling
Great, vacant saucers on vertiginous axis
She is quite the swollen beast
And on all fronts, she is terrible
If only you'll watch you may notice her growth
A malignant sort
An unwelcome appendage
I'd dash it out but I've already gone
Too pale and dogged in life to succumb
I curse her tenacity

She has a sister, I think
Or maybe a child
A child who lives down deep in my chest
A child who shrieks and tears down the walls
Perhaps she dislikes their pattern

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I can't believe I haven't posted this one. I wrote it last year, can't remember the exact date. Anyhow it's a song. ---------------- You know this world is cancer Without these prayers being answered It's been too long a ponder We wonder We wander Far from here Lost in fear Can you see them fall? You lose one you lose them all She's seen the cruel hearts of stone She's seen the cancer we've become So lost in worry we just fall down Underground we burn Till the last one's sure Can you see me fall? You lose one you lose them all Cut me out of this body! Cut me out of everybody! Grind me into little pieces! Tell them that I'm the reason- You know this world is cancer Without these prayers being answered It's been too long a ponder We wonder We wander Far from here Lost in fear Can you see me fall? You lose one you lose them all You lose one you lose. . . Them all

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Hold On, Beautiful

I took a breath
And closed my eyes
Forever dreaming
Can you see me tonight?
Is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful.

I took a chance
And closed my mind
I'm done dreaming
Did you make it there alright?
And is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful.

I'm sitting here fighting back all the tears and emptiness
Holding onto memories and words I was afraid to speak
You touched my life
You were the bravest soul
Do you hear me cry?
I'm not letting go
Not yet, no not yet
Just hold on

Felt betrayed
Felt denied
Felt myself screaming "Why?!"
Felt your hand
Felt the tears
Felt the deepest of my fears
Felt the rain
Felt the night
You never meant to lose the fight
It'll be alright
Is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful!

I'm sitting here fighting back all the tears and emptiness
Holding onto memories and words I was afraid to speak
You touched my life
You were the bravest soul
Do you hear me cry?
I'm not letting go
Not yet, no not yet
Just hold on

I'm sitting here fighting back all the tears and emptiness
Holding onto memories and words I was afraid to speak
You touched my life
You were the bravest soul
Do you hear me cry?
I'm not letting go
Not yet, no not yet
Just hold on

Is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful
Is it beautiful... Where angels fly?

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Nobody's Fault

Mom and Dad, they took the blame
Weekends away were not the same
Afraid to leave because he might
Do something awful when not in sight
He started acting the week before
Just like himself, depressed no more
And so they left, a bit concerned
The phone call came and then they learned
Their son had planned to take his life
Three times he tried - no kids, no wife
This time he did it. He hung himself
His lifeless body, the belt, the shelf
The empty room where once he slept
The bed is made, his things they kept
The house was never quite the same
A sadness lived around his name
As years slipped by we hid the pain
But Mommy died. She took the blame
A cancer launched the main assault
But it wasn't her fault It was nobody's fault. 

Copyright ©2001  Karen  M Feist

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why god why

What if their is a god
if so where is he?
why do bad things happen 
especially when it happens to me
What did i do to deserve this?
when he makes my loved ones lifeless
What made him choose me
for all the times iv asked of we
why do the good ones die
none of this feels right
It happens to the best of people
all the ones who do no evil
how can this all be fairly 
when he gives them there wings early

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Free Bird

<                             "Hark" the Herald Angels begin to sing
                 "Jesus"patiently awaits so her children can say their last goodbyes
                       Cancer is the one thing she will not have to bring
                            For she earned her wings and is now free to fly 

Entry For 
Carolyn Devonshire's
 Perception Of Heaven's Contest
G.L. All

RIP Mama

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But with the evil, came the good

All turned down to the worst
as the children lost innocence,
as the bums drank their last breath away,
as the man eating sharks finding their way,
to the over-crowded sandy beaches,
as the man turn to the woman
and gave her a slap across the face,
as the thef steals in the night,
as the coward goes behind his loved ones' backs,
as the oil lanterns spill over and burn the bridges
to salvation and paradise.
Something always happens to the good guy,
a knife in the back in the midst of dawn,
his woman leaving with another man,
he dying slowly of cancer,
or suffering from intoxication of the blood.
Poison. Poison, ravages his body,
oh, how could God let such things happen
to such a good man?
His life work, his social life, his nirvana
all destroied, burned away, turned to dust.

But with the evil, came the good.
Yes with time and time again
repeating itself in a circle of time,
across the crossed faces,
as blue eyed Death smiles
and as the girls grin,
Everything came into place,
Anyway with evil, came the good.
Indeed it had came right to his front doorstep.

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A Beautiful Death

A Beautiful Death

High on a hill hidden by shrubs
I am embraced by the branches of trees
I am worshiped by nature
I hide from the exhaustion of humanity’s harassment
I am safe from the horrendous appetite of others
Here comes a high-priced counselor hollering about an inheritance bequeath by my ancestors
He does not pay homage to the harmonic hum of creation
He swats at the harmless honeybees hovering in non-threating swarms
He fails to hear the healing hymns shared by my Father
He has hunted me down to handover hundreds and thousands worth of useless currency
How did he find me?
He is horrified when I asked him to keep his check
Instead…give me what the Spartans called “A beautiful death.”

When moments of melancholy manipulate my mind
I remain in my imagination
Where merry memories as a minor make me remember mere minutes of mirth
Immediately I am reminded of how miserable my millennium has become
My emotions seem meaningless
My time on Mother Earth, a mistake
Remarkably my mood mutates
And I ask My Lord for mercy;
Remove me from this realm
And give me what the Spartans call “A beautiful death.”

Quietly in my coffin—tricked into wearing a tux
A comical smirk marks my mask
I could have collapsed on a corner
Countless wouldn’t have noticed
One more cigarette would have been nice—
Because cancer did not caress my corpse
So-called companions circle my casket
Consoling each other with questions
They are all concerned… “Suicide?” they asked
They sincerely think they could have rescued me
From the epic conclusion of my existence
Their cold-hearts in chaos—they are infected with karma
Could The Creator resurrect me back to collect compensation for their cruelty?
I would decline
Let me relax in peace 
And keep what the Spartans call “A beautiful death.”

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Cancer patient

Her life is but an hour glass
Running out of time
She does not let it stop her
steadily she moves ahead
She is not scared nor worried
Her faith turns time around
She is a cancer patient
Who says she's home ward bound.

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Revolt in a see of blood oh mourner and cast your voice away, the regime will shoot at you
today and corpses will roll.  Protest in constant pain oh mourner and toss your body to
the wolves, the regime will fire missiles and the masses will explode.  The fires will
spread like cancer and the regime will turn it's heels, fore the masses fight for freedom
and their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters will be killed.  Revolt against the
murderers and let true justice be your shield.

- How dare there exist a being who would drop bombs on innocent protesters and send armed
forces to shoot down mourners at a funeral.  

 Where is the human spirit hiding in these darkened times? The true spirit of what it
means to be alive.

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Raindrops Falling

The rain pitter patters
Your name
Falling like tears
On everything!

The first rainfall after my "then" husband's death from cancer at age 34...

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The Right to Die

The train comes through each night here
Six and eight and nine o' clock
With a horn so loud we're accustomed now 
To pausing when we talk

A stroke of horrid luck
Has turned these tracks dark red before
And the conductors' hands still tremble 
And in their heads the breaks still roar

And every single dismembered figure
Made the first responders cry
But they were not all an accident 
Some went to the tracks to die

Like the weary man with lung cancer 
Who didn't want to drown
Like the aids patient who found the strength 
To lay his wasted body down

Like the girl who fought leukemia
And was losing all too slowly 
She left her wheel-chair at the park
And prayed to God the train was rolling

It's from the morphine legislation
With only rights to pull the plug 
When hope is gone the pain goes on
Regardless of the drugs 

It's true we have the right to live 
And we can fight to stay alive 
But it's not over till it's over
Cause we don't have the right to die 

Kyle Ezra Kriticos

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Their Last Hours

Sitting with her at their last hours,
studying her face as his mind devours.
Wishing this moment could be suspended in time,
avoiding their goodbyes up to Heaven she'll climb.
Married for years through the good and the bad,
the disease that parts them is all so sad.
When she passes he'll die of a broken heart,
he'll not allow death to keep them apart.
He holds her hand and it makes them whole,
God made them all but one flesh and soul.
He embeds in his mind the greens of her eyes,
as she withers away clinging to her he trys.
He said I love you I always will,
you are the only one this void can fill.
He crys and holds her as tight as he can,
wanting to collaps so helpless where he stands.
She lays on the couch and takes her last breath,
as it came to pass the hour of her death.
Her soul had passed so swiftly through the room,
his bride of thirtythree years had left her groom.
Eight years later he says I'm going home,
to be with my love in Heaven we'll roam.
He finally died of a massive heart attack,
finding her footsteps in Heaven he tracks.
He recognizes her by her deep green eyes,
the beauty of her face is where is heart resides.
Her body was free of cancer and pains,
free as a bird she broke free from the chains.
No rememberance of death had entered their minds,
just the love in their hearts through God's glory they shine.

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I still

I still see your striking face
When I lay my head to rest
I long for those perfect days
I slumbered lying on your chest.

I still know the stirring words
To the sonnets and dreamy odes
You patiently read to me
As I gladly sat on your knee.

I still mourn those long nights 
Needlessly spent on silly fights
Clashing rage fortified swords
Exchanging heated words.

I still wonder what might have been
If fate hadn't been as mean
As to tear our souls apart 
And to break our fragile hearts.

I still see the hurt in your eyes
As we silently said our goodbyes
When we knew our end was imminent
That we had to treasure each moment.

I still curse the day you left
The day you darkened my bright days
The day you eternally slept
The day Cancer took you away.

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Love You

total enchantment
the time I shared here with you
long past the times, few
sometimes I feel the cancer  
is in us both not just you

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What If Tomorrow Never Comes

I recall now the days when forever seemed but a short time The visits to the hospital, brought sad images to your mind She lay on a bed, cords all around her, no hair upon her head The cancer drove us crazy with worry tears and fright She was only a baby, I didn't get the chance to say goodbye Farewell until we meet again where you'll be waiting... waiting for tomorrow to come again. What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. And now I lie here thinking it through, memories flash through my head, memories of you Moments of a bittersweet time Reminiscing the days when you were mine The days when you were alive The tears come back to my eyes I feel the need to cry but nothing slides out I need to scream and shout, My emotions pour out as one, silently So what if tomorrow never comes? Reality in death is so hard to accept, I need my tomorrow to come... What if it never does? What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. Will tomorrow ever come? I just want to be awake when the moon becomes the sun I'm waiting here for you, in the darkness of the night. I wait still for you, forever the images will haunt my mind Tomorrow will come I'll soon be alright Tomorrow will come... Tomorrow has come... I can now see the sun.

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Life - The Hub

Over the years of enacting roles varied Daughter, sister, wife, mother flurried No panacea, this strife Bout of cancer, rife And it take Life! I did ache Listen to the fife Approaching to kill, a knife Ruthless and scary, I was buried Over the years of enacting roles varied © (09 Feb '15)

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So you want to know me? The life you cannot see? The things in misery? All about me? I held the hand of a dying man, I bow before the great god Pan! You still want to know and take my hand? My life is no wonderland. I’m always judged for what I say, I’m always judged for being gay. You send me to go and lay, In piles of needles, to find false hay. You tie me up, burn me down, With smiles and laughter of evil clowns, You cover me in chains to drown, In oceans deep, down, down, down. I helped a cancer patient live! I taught the greedy how to give! Though I don’t even get to live, I only just survive. I am a witch, a wiccan through, I love to lay in cold, wet dew I sing and dance the witches rune I believe in the bright full moon! All that is, and ever was, Of me is gone now like a dove, I still can’t believe in one true love, For all of that is gone. I live in darkness, forevermore, For life has nothing deep in store, For light is just believed folklore, Washed up on the darkened shore. I don’t exist, for I will fade, And you will ask “who’s Andrew Jade?” You will forget the things I’ve made You won’t know where I’m laid. For deep in my shallow grave, I remember all I did save, For everything that I gave. To die, a funeral, no one there, Lying there full of despair. For now you might actually care… Till you see me standing there

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He lived Into old age

He lived 
Into old age. 
And died
From cancer 
Of the MIGHTY thought.

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Burns Stuck in the throat Choking burns Searing from the inside out Always returning Always churning Swallowing fire Swords with no edge Licking with damage Blackening from the inside A cancerous trap Always made alive Built to take away the pain The flame of fame Burns Something caused this fiery reign A handsome, showy shield With no protection Just an empty mask reflection Leading to the grave Croaking like a frog Hurled in the midst of a sweltering bog Caught in a gulp Inhalation is a war— A war for more! Breathe out Keep swallowing Panic There shines the manic In all its glory Watch as it slowly Burns Words do nothing but feed the fire The fame grows evermore Opinions cry and never tire Gesturing for more Festering for more Burning for more Dying for more

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the worst species

 Poverty is not a natural catastrophe, its man made
 Cancer is not a natural cause of death, its man made
 War is not Godsend, its man made
 Debt is not a divine disease , its man made
 Democracy is not an order from above , its man made
 So you see, we are the reason of our failure,
Theres nothing natural about it. 
 Our minds are filled
With various types of bull shit
i might seem spiteful, but i dont intend to be
 i wish i could make you understand only this,
Ask ourselves why we murdered the beautiful world we once lived in.

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Do not let me die in Vain

I have seen them
Come and go through dusk, narrow streets,
Some smiling and some frowning.
Down to the River Seine,
On the banks of Paris,
I walk with no one by my side.

I walk past the cafes, and taverns, and hotels.
I see the smiles and frowns,
Which all grow ever so slightly older with time.
I cannot hear the songs of love anymore.
Take me away! Take me away from this lonesome place!
Where the faces grow old and burn to ash.
Ash, Ash!
Dust, Dust!
They grow old, they grow old.
I am frightened to see my love incinerate away,
and turn to dust and ash.

Oh, now in a safe haven, I do not see the dead coming to life,
to snatch me away into the shadows of the dark world.
I drink my wine and eat my bread,
and I live to see you walk through that door.
The faces around me grow older with time.

I wait for you.
I wait, with endless time awaiting me.
I wait, till you walk through that door.
That door that mocks me with laughs of sorrow.
I order another glass of wine,
and drink.

I notice no one is around me now.
All dead and burnt up with age and time.
Expired! Expired!
Gone without a trace!
Leaving behind nothing, but dust and ash.

But I still wait.
Sitting in that chair,
facing the door,
and smiling, for I would soon be with you!
Oh, no wait a moment and see what waiting does.

I grow old... I grow old...
Like the faces before me,
growing old with time,
and burning away with the setting of a sun.
My skin pale and wrinkles everywhere.

I'm dying with every moment that passes.
Please do not let me suffer and die in vain.
Please show me your face,
That is so sweet and beautiful.
Show the glory of your beauteous face one last time,
Before I go and lay down in my chamber of death.

I hear the Reaper's moan and I see his scythe, round my neck.
Please, I beg of you,
Let my eyes be upon you one, last time.
Do not let a man die in vain.

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Mermaid Dreams

My sweet daughter
I picture you playing
amongst the mermaids,
wearing a necklace of sea-shells
and white shiny pearls.
You loved the ocean
and even on your worse days
when the cancer had
taken away all your energy
you would have us carry you 
down to the sandy beach.
You would sit watching the high tides
bouncing waves on the shore.
I often wondered what you thought
about as you sat there.
One day you turned to me and said,
"Wouldn’t it be great to be a mermaid?"
Memories of you as a small girl 
reading the Little Mermaid stories
brought fresh tears to my eyes.
"What would you do if you were a mermaid?"
I asked. 
So you told me how 
you would swim far away to
find your prince and forever love 
waiting on a distant shore.
Something that would never happen now
that your cancer was terminal.
Today with a heavy heart 
I spread your ashes across those same waves.
My heart breaking with missing you.
“Swim my little mermaid swim,”
I whisper into the breeze.

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As The Other Me Takes Over

Society is a reason that has just ran cold,
Like the tempature I'm feeling never seems to get ahold,
The sadness lingers over and the beauty starts to fade,
When I saw all the negative on the news today,
The darkness that is surrounding me has found a new home,
Deep inside my brain it swells trying to kill the bold,
The new found confidence I had seems to have been old,
Like the old man with the cancer that has just got told,
I know he's still with me in my heart and in my soul,
but I just can't stand what this new year has to hold,
Will it be good for me, will I see, 
All the positive, when will the demons stop to breathe?
There like vultures in my body, I can feel them feed,
All this happiness that I held, were they just a dream?
I've found a medicene that will kill the pain, of the hurt I share,
Your pain it scars me like a knife cutting threw the care,
The worry of this generation is not what it should be,
But I was left with a gift, I'm lucky too be me.
Can I be the light, In the darkness?
Can I bare the stake running threw your lungs,
Can I be the air that you breathe when the whole worlds died,
Can I be the tears in the midst of happiness you cried?
Please love me now and in return I'll make your life worth while,
and you won't know what is hurt, I'll heal your wounds and take you from your life,
Give you a new start and I'll set things right,
I see the innocense in a noose every single night,
I wish I could pick them off the rope so high,
What would drive them too that point,
I regret the days I spent,
Being so unhappy in the life I live,
I'm trying to be proud in a world where it's scarase,
Where children have no parents,
Where the government is only but single Tyrants,
So make my job easy and give me the knife,
That will kill these lunatics that crave the night,
That don't do whats right,
I will train in the darkness where I'm the only light,
I will rid the world of there parrell and strife.
Please god just save me tonight.

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You were a small surprise
The apple of many eyes
Joy and pain became your lot
The why, I'll never know
Three years was all you got
Bittersweet you lived Bo

Now Jesus has you rejoicing
   Running around his throne.
Mom and Dad will see you again, anticipating
  Praying and preparing

Ask Jesus to comfort their hearts....

Pray for the Story family they lost a small child to brain cancer this week.

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Death Meets Love

I got trapped in the dark 
the cancer creeps closer towards my heart 
I cant stand the pain that starts

they put a needle in me 
my heart stops beating 
I cant hear my thoughts or what im feeling

everything seems cluttered 
I stand here in a daze 
but your face starts to fade

I start to loose my feeling 
my hands are numb and my toes wont budge
my brain stops working 
little flakes peel off my heart

my heart turns gray 
I cant wait to fly away
in the light I shall go 

somewhere else but my home
where pain meets pleasure and death meets love

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Meeting God At The Ocean

She sat upon the rocks of the golden shore,
hearing the waves of the ocean's roar.
She remembered a time when she was young,
before this cancer had taken her lung.
She sat there gazing out at the ocean,
thinking if her family's loving devotion.
She thought of her husband as her best friend,
hoping his heart would someday mend.
He fought the battle with her each day,
hoping this cancer would go away.
Her doctor told her I'm sorry there is no hope,
somehow she had managed to deal with it and cope.
The waves were choppy, the tide was high,
as she looked at the seagulls slowly fly by.
She felt at peace at this scene of nature,
as she somehow knew she would meet her maker.
The lighthouse was shining off in the distance,
as her body was fighting an agonizing resistance.
She went to the ocean to be closer to God,
for the cancer she was fighting she could not beat the odds.
An angel sat beside her to comfort her with all she endured,
Knowing when she went to Heaven she would be cured.
It was'nt long after she had passed away,
where the cancer no longer had ate her away.
Now she has the home she's always wanted,
where her body is no longer tired or taunted.
Her memory will always be etched in my mind,
In Heaven with God she will forever shine.

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Insanity or death the mind of a survivor

                                          Enters Shawnteysmo
Searching for the right answers using the wrong clues
Trying to cure cancer when clutching a carpenters tools
Handed death or mental disaster the latter I did choose
Like dog without a master Im breaking all the rules
I speak when I'm not chosen turn football games to news
Steal tanning beds leave lotion give vagrants home and shoes
When insane lies are useless nothing has me influenced
My brain just produces the truth in it I am fluent
Zip!! The beam from a ray gun knocks shawnteysmo unconscious and then enters 
                                              Dr. Mindbender
Me I'm a whole different character,My opinions are scarier
I am who makes them eat what they serve,When they play in the street I'm that car they deserve,At the last moment I swerve,The kind of torment that unnerves,I saute my pen and eat all the verbs,I've no use for friends so I dont pull my words
I say those things that disturb your sleep,The thoughts I bring keep you tongue in cheek
I am those mental splinters that enter into a place so tender the pain delivered could rupture your liver,Almost sinister but the offspring of a minister
Click! the lights go out and there is the sound of a scuffle the lights return and shawnteysmo has vanished Dr. mindbender is tied up in a corner and before us stands
                                                The General
I have been commissioned,To upgrade the position,Of all who will listen
No need for salutations just pay attention to direction
In the face of negative aggression we will continue progression
We will not waver, cower or sleep amongst flowers,We will devour the devourers
We will hunger only for respect and eat justice for protein
Our voices of thunder will reflect and break mental beams
We will willingly pay this pennance and scrutinised will be every sentence
And when seemingly all is finished we will then ask for forgiveness
It all becomes cloudy I shake those three personalities away regain focus and now Im back to myself............................Sha'ntez
I cherish my regrets so how could I choose death
In marriage myself and stress I accept nothing less
I feast on my pain so I'm already insane
Barefoot in the rain chewing on a sugar cane
I've been without breath pressure almost left my chest
The sickle of the best almost took my flesh
The fallen are the shields that remained on battlefields
So never will I yield I'll have to be killed

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Earle E Cleveland

I remember you and I
How we sat to lunch summer after summer
I remember you and I
The small scope critic and the pearl sweet preacher
We lunched in the Bronx, feasted
In Manhattan, the wasted
Cancer fled, I have not forgotten
For then you brimmed my soul with heaven
You lived your sermons then, and I
Saw faith's ladder and touched the sky.

I remember you and I
And either side of that wheelchair, she calling
O she calling, you I
Her two boyfriends, and her bright eyes twinkling
To see you jealous still
And we playing her will
Could shed that moment for heaven's grace
And serve the word without trims and lace
O yes, how bless I was those days
To worship where you made your praise.

I remember you and I
Surprised that greatness could be so humble still
I remember you and I
How you favored me when all by you was still
I read Hope of the Race
And a tumult took place
In my village world, O way back then, 
I traveled here from the margin, friend
To find your shadow and to learn
Mysteries of grace as I yearn.
I remember you and I
Was this all men form bonds for, and death to break
I remember you and I
O pulpiteer, shall it hold again when we wake
Shall the cancer fled day
Hold against mortal fray
Lord yield me thy Spirit to obey
And walk like you 'long the tortured way
You lived your sermons then, and I
Saw faith's ladder and touched the sky.

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No more Hiroshima

(Every year on  August 6, Japanese people observe
the Hiroshima day by releasing hundreds of white pigeons 
in the blue sky of peace memorial park, the then bomb 
blast area. I visited that area on the Hiroshima day of 1999)

I still smell the smoke of 
an atomic bomb blast
There were a lot of broken buildings 
and human remnants in the museum 
and the memorial parks……

Many people were victims of leukemia
Still many suffering from skin cancers
and genetic disorders…….

I still smell the smoked flesh and blood of
human beings in the air of Hiroshima 
I still hear the voice of hundreds of
unsatisfied souls in the sky of Nagasaki…….

No more Hiroshima
No more Nagasaki……

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Love into Flames

My mother's was dying.
It wasn't a peaceful death.
She was a innocent prisoner
behind those walls of fire. The 
fires were getting closer and closer,
scraping together and starting
to boil and congeal from the
inside out.
I used my two week vacation 
trying to be there for her ...
but I couldn't put out the flames,
she burned and burned. 
My presence only frightened her. 
She didn't know who I was. 
I scared her.
My two week vacation was gone.
She never recognized me. 
I became very angry: “Why couldn't
she stop suffering and just die!”
I had to go back to work so I left 
the prison walls and went back to 
Los Angeles. Friends met me. They 
held my birthday party with flowers
and celebration. One evening the
fires went out. The phone rang...
and everything I had tried to do 
to love her went straight 
into oblivion.

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Roses For Mama

He's drempt of his mama in her garden of love,
surrounded by angels in heaven above.
Peaceful waters flow through a bubbling brook,
where her roses grew in every little nook.
She cherished the roses he had bought for her in life,
capturing their beauty and the colors of their sight.
When she was ill he knelt beside her bed,
and handed her roses with the tears that he shed.
She said don't cry for me it's beautiful over there,
where they climb so gracefully up Heaven's golden stair.
He visits her grave and places roses in her cup,
rest assured with Jesus she forever sup.
The rose bush he planted for her still grows today,
just as it did when Jesus took her away.
No sickness nor pain she can smell once more,
as she embelishes in her roses surrounded by her door.
She said plant you some roses in rememerance of me,
as you stroll through my garden waiting for you I'll be.

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Last Day

Mary, an End stage cancer patient,entered the facility able to walk and 
stand, but  the cancer had spread and the 53-year-old woman began to 
decline rapidly.

A few weeks later ,she couldn't move,stand, eat ,breathe, or speak.  
She now had a dinner-plate sized wound on her bottom that caused 
her constant pain.

I saw this sweet lady, who was once plump and always smiling, waste 
into an emaciated and bed-ridden prisoner.  

For days i stood outside her room before entering for our 30 minute 
session, listening to the Doctor tell her friend and family "the labs are 
improving." I wondered how that could be, and recommended Hospice 
to my supervisor.  

I decided to spend our last sessions as therapeutically as possible.  On 
this particular day i found that Her roommate, a former patient, a 
victim of a car accident, left behind a beautiful message....


As i stepped into Mary's room
the smell was that of Someone who had passed away already
I looked into the reflection of the mirror
Opposite her bed first, 
Preparing myself to look upon her

The air was silent, "Mary?"
I called, no answer.
MY sessions consisted of checking her vital signs, the patient's 
breathing was labored despite the supplement of 3 liters of oxygen 
and her resting heart rate was 115.  it was comparable to someone 
who had just worked out...
Just to survive

I knew she woudln't tolerate much and spent our last session speaking 
to her about her closest friend, checking her vitals, and reading 
inspiratioal quotes from the internet that i had picked out for her.
Our next session would prove to be very productive:

As i walked in i saw a note from her Roommate, Marta, who had gone 
home, on the table. 
I wondered if anyone had bothered to read it. and a nagging voice 
said, "She would want you to read it." 
MY throat went dry, and i struggled to read to her:

"When i first met you, I saw you had so many wonderful friends.
Then I realized, it was you. People just gravitate to you. you have 
spread joy throughout you life.  I am sorry you suffer so. Please dont 
keep God Waiting, you should meet him soon."
Love, Martha.

I wiped tears away, and realized that I had become what I wanted to.
Not only did I help and heal others, but I gave others permission to let 
go if the future was leading to pain with no recovery. 
Mary died that night.

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Rockstar Ronan's eyes

Rockstar Ronan's eyes were as blue as the Caribbean.
They showed strength, and love.
And they made you feel a sense of ease.
As if letting you know things are okay.
So shocking how easy it is to see so much misery in a child's eyes.
But he wasn't one of them.
He had the courage to fight a waged war from cancer on him.
With no fear, he was ready.
He fought his best, but unfortunately lost in his mother's arms 3 days before his 4th birthday. 
But his eyes would have never have let you suspect he was ill.
They were playful, timid, sweet.
A gentle touch to warm a cold heart.
Nothing had ever made me feel as if the world didn't consist of any evil at all.
Looking into those eyes made me feel safe.
Made me want to make a difference.
I wish my eyes could hold the strength like his.

Rockstar Ronan is a real child that did pass last year.
You can find his mother's blog called 'Rockstar Ronan' or look up 'Rockstar Ronan' and he will pop up. You really should see those eyes. Also, Taylor Swift just wrote a song about him. Called 'Ronan' check it out. It will bring tears to your eyes.

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Fingertip to Fingertip

Fingertip to Fingertip,
Wanting the right words to slip,
Far away is where to jaunt,
Holding near is all I want.
Fingertip to fingertip,
Kiss me here; lip to lip.
Heavy times come to all,
A dead ends the next wall.
Talk becomes cheap,
The road life turns steep.
Hold up every thought,
Soak in all that she’s  taught.
Sitting so close at heart,
Reading the cancer as a chart.
Fingertip to Fingertip,
Giving one choice; to grip,
Grip onto reality,
As we minus from our family tree.
Taking away like a knife,
Taking away a loved one, a wife.
A mother with patience of a dove,
A grandmother with an unconditional love.
Fingertip to fingertip,
My hearts pumping; Flip,
A promise to never be broken,
Always close to me like a token.
Love will always be near,
Thank you Grandma for your care.

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The Silent Monster

You don't have a single clue
It attacks inside of you
Silently it starts a war
And sneaks a virus to the core
Of your womanhood and breasts
Putting your strength to the test
Fighting a battle hard to win
That's claimed victims time and again
Your perseverance pulls you through
The next surgery or two
Leaving you a whole lot lighter
Proving that you are a fighter
Pink ribbon worn on your dress
Hiding scars upon your flesh
A pretty pink bow in your hair
Until a wig is placed on there
Holding hands with others who
Raise money on walks right by you
Candles lighting up the night
 Remember those who lost the fight
To this monster that don't care
Who it takes or when or where

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Howl 2012 AG

Shyloch, Shyloch Ye of crippled writers block Howl !
Survivor of sanatoriums drug riddled needled dreams and cancer lobotomy fantasies!
Drowned out by the apathy of X-Factor modernity!
Shyloch whose machinery sprite faster through chemical brewing!
And welfare states following entitlement scripts that harm!
Shyloch whose crucifix and domed book wielding army!
Storm the gates of purgatory and blood banks filled with candy bats and posh race day hats!
Shyloch whose windows fell the courtyard sanctuary of apposing towers!
With flight bound death bellowing fumes airplane fusion bomb blinded tasting castor oil!
Oh, Shyloch of the taught band of algorithmic army fibers of lanyards forward recoil!
Which bend both time and continuum lines into matrix riddled computer chips!  
That manifest themselves in pie and pillow smoke horror convex leprechaun glasses!
The shards of which Shyloloch stills, not Shyloch lenses, chart express Shyloch determination!
Shyloch. Shyloch in four dimensions cursed in parallel universes battles! 
Sent forth into the hornets nest of hell's bells and brothers under fire of tyranny shot at!
Where mothers servitude pierces a twig grenade destined for destruction!
Where radio scowls of panic manic contact, I reality check my pulse bleeding Shyloch!
Bellow of Shyloch in taxis destined for parachutes fashioned out of mantle piece clock memories!
Counting down the seconds of kicking calamity's arsenal of empire and envy!
Propped up by the students of anarchy blooded as puppets in vegetarian camouflage!
Shyloch of peanut butter and jello meal times washed down with rat burgers!
Shyloch, Shyloch who posts cards inscribed with death marches chuckle!
Encased in sphinx library tombs resurrecting gold edifices suburbia Atlantis!
Oh Shyloch 2012 A.G, Molock of worldly news wares and carnival fares! 

Tribute to A.Ginsberg Howl    

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Little Girl's Flight To Heaven

She clutches her tedddy as she started to cry,
as she asks her mommy and daddy why must I die.
They try to stay strong and hold their heads up high,
as they tell her Gods missing an angel who fell from the sky.
She asks them what are these machines I'm hooked up to,
she's still yet just a baby, she has no clue.
She said I don't want to be sick my tummy hurts so bad,
I wish it would stop she says to her dad.
He tells her God has plans for you, you are his special one,
he chose you to live with his only begotten son.
She asks her mommy and daddy will I grow hair,
they reply you will be beautiful all will stop and stare.
She asks will my tummy quit hurting will you be sad,
they tell her we will always have been proud to be your mom and dad.
The nurse came in and gave her another shot,
as her fragile little body grew tired and hot.
Such a tiny body so weak and scared,
when you are the parents of a sick child you never are prepared.
She told them I can see an angels they came to take me home,
as they scooped her up to Heaven with Jesus she will forever roam.
They visit her grave and talk to her each day,
as their little girl whispers it will be okay.
She said I love you mommy and daddy it's pretty over here,
as they close their eyes and shed a sad tear.
Their little girl was precious and will always be dear to their heart,
that not even death could ever break their bond apart.

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Gold Gates

Gold gates, smiles, and happy times,
Making songs, lyrics, and surreal rhymes,
Lay me down so close; so near,
Hold my hand right there,
The grips so tight,
The cancer to fight,
Hold my hand right there,
Love surrounds each wall,
As speed dial is Gods call,
Prayers and wishes sent to him,
Cares and hopes on the limb,
Talk is cheap but so clear,
Talk is everything to her ; oh dear,
Death is near,
But thoughts sheer,
For cancer takes one so quick,
It eats away at life so sick,
Never will life be so real,
As memories pull back as a peal,
Remembering the good and bad,
Remember the happy and sad.
Never regret and always forgive,
Because each days a precious one to live,
We’re creatures here on earth so small,
As we curl up to go on we start to fall,
Fall in wants and needs to be,
Hoping God will just see.
See that you can’t take it,
As we all wait; we sit,
Holding your hand so close right there,
We cherish who you are right here.
Right now times slow,
As the medicines hooked up to flow,
Hold my hand right there,
Knowing it’s not a dream,
Stitching each thought as a seam,
The journey of cancer of its own,
People all around; but she feels alone.
A need for her we’ll always hold,
As the thoughts become a mold,
Let’s be happy at this time,
Make her smile; be that lime,
That lime to twist it up,
Leaving laughs in her cup,
Hold my hand right there.
Family’s here but feeling far,
We stick to her as tar,
But each one of us will always be talking to your bright loving star.

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Where are you

I have looked for you in every church, temple, and mosque,
but you were nowhere to be found. Where are you? 
People praise your name, and pray to you in times of need. 
You never answer, are you dead? or sleeping? 
Please, tell me where you are so that I can find you, 
wrap my arms around you and never let go. 
You are all we need and all we have ever needed. 
Where are you? My God.  

~My child, I am with you. I have always been with you since the beginning
 and I will be with you until the very end. I have never left you, but you will
 never find me in a structure of wood and concrete. I am under every stone, 
under every tree and in everything you see around you. 
Just because you call to me does not mean that I do not hear you. 
I will always be there when I am needed in the end to show my mercy upon 
those who are sick and dying to release them from their pain and to give them 
everlasting life free of pain and suffering in the Kingdom of Heaven.~
                                                                                               -Zachariah Field

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lighted fingers

our father, who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come
a muttering chorus amidst the silence
as a firefly lands on my fingers

sending tribute to either god
or the soul that the unbelieving congregation mourns for
a constant mummer of your name in untouched hearts
a procession of empty prayers for the ashes

scattered in an urn of porcelain encased in
a shroud of guilt and confusion and shock
on this 3rd day of the 4th month
may the world weep for the
man they never knew.

the fireflies are burning in the air (are you there?)
breathing graves three feet under where my feet stand
where his no longer are
and no longer will
but oh— will you please come back?

come, may the light of these fireflies linger upon the
tears that fall from the empty. may
thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
may hopeless hope lift the ungrounded spirits of this
congregation of faithful cynics with steeled hearts and bolted minds.
and in this time and space of desperation—

give us this day our daily bread
it is only in these moments
that the entire world believes just for a moment that maybe
just maybe god will be there

and in that moment— that god must be there

the last slivers of thread as the fingers let go
forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us
but in our hearts a symphony of loathe and
hatred for everyone and everything
where blame is a burning firefly that refuses rest.

the light on my fingers is a faint flicker

lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
that reigns in our blood but flows into grief
a multitude of concentrated desolation where
the firefly graves are in the hands of our people

for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory
and the stills moving in an endless wave as we walk away
an overwhelming voice of many voices
whispering the lords prayer

as we all did,
as we all one day do

now and forever—

– – –

i watch you fade away into the darkness
shining eyes; lighted fingers
waving goodbye, ill be okay
retreating into the mist of the morning,

leaving me as wordless
as the god i once believed in

– – –

since youve gone away
ive started loving the world so much
all i ever want is to leave it

– – –

and so i whisper my final prayer, oh god–
if youre up there,
take me?

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Was there when it first happened 
In crimson red 
New instantly it was bad
Tests confirmed worst fears
Stomach churning and eyes burning
Things would never be the same 
Months and pounds pass
Looks of concern routine
Well wishes get old
Thoughts of frustration mount 
Somehow spirit still intact
Raspy breathing barely audible 
Last lucid thoughts not of self
Lying limp in my arms 
Goodbye momma 

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Happy Mothers Day

This Mothers day is different,
 not like the years before
 it leaves me feeling sad
 my heart a little sore.

 I know you're watching over,
 tracing steps I take
 careful there to guide me
 whenever my heart aches.

 So I'm sending hugs and kisses,
 all my earthly love
 to one special angel
 my Mama up above.

 Mom just know I love you,
 your right here in my heart
 and every time it beats
 were not so far apart.

 I know were not together,
 not the same old way
 but I still love you very much
 Happy Mothers Day.

Jessica Thompson-5/19/14

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No Title

just want to start off by saying, we all know the dangers of drugs and alcohol, there is this one substance though, just one that you have to be 18 or older to buy. I am talking about “The Cancer Stick” better known as cigarettes. Most of the older people in my family and others also smoke cigarettes like its nothing at all, I never realized it caused cancer until older years, but when I found out it was too late, many of my family members developed lung cancer including my close grandmother. That woman would smoke a pack of cigarettes in the snap of a finger, but the thing is she has been doing it for over 20years I would assume. The day I found out she was dying of the disease I was not surprised, but yet she is my grandmother so I felt great sorrow. When she passed it shook my soul, but we know we must move on. The thing that boggles my mind is that the government regulates these substances knowing the dangers, and what do you get a large number of statistics on the deaths of those related to legal drugs, ex: alcohol, prescription drugs, cigarettes etc. But if it makes profit distribute it right? The death of my grandmother along with the death of my great aunt both due to that cancer stick, has changed my mindset drastically on the way things are set up in our system, I wish I was able to talk to my grandmother and aunt one last time, one last time to tell them to put that killer down and resist that mentality, but I couldn’t, why? Because they are addicts, it would take strong support, but see we didn’t have good family support. So unfortunately helping my grandmother mentally was a fail.

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At the beginning of her life 

the flower blossomed big and 

her pedals were bright.

Her skin shined with glow

and her laugh was delight.

Then one day

the storm came and

loosened her stem 

by a nudge. More and

more it came around 

as it kept getting 

stronger. Even through that

she still kept her smile and it 

has yet to knock her crown.  

The wind blew

and the sun tried to shine

She cried herself to 

sleep and tried to stay in line. 

Her imperfections impacted

her greatly and she'd scream as

her leaves fell off. 

Eventually, like the rest, all her 

dreams were doffed. 
When the next storm came back around it knocked her stem half way and she was forced to look down 
But stood so droopy was her crown
Then her hope grew less as she wasn’t

able to grow from the sight of the sun.
Her roots were giving out 
as she finally realized it was almost done.
When I went to visit that beautiful flower while the others came along she told us her time left  wasn’t long

So the bed gathered to tell the flower
How beautiful she will always be. 
She will always be bright and big 
No matter how tall the trees got to be
As her Dark purple became lavender 
Everyone got to say good bye, all except one.
When the last storm came it knocked her whole stem down. She laid there looking up at the dark sky crying and screaming “why?!”
And as her delicate heart gave out, her crown laid side by side to the beautiful flower that shriveled up 
While everyone buried her and her coronal I cried because I never got to say goodbye.
And what I’ve learned from this beautiful flower and broken stem is to never take the time you have 
with people for granted. You never know how long you have with them.

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A Dog's Last Journey, Revised

Walking down the road, hungry and cold,
The dog whimpered, not knowing she was old,
Nor did she know that the man she loved,
Was trying to send her to Heaven above.

The old dog had cancer and her head would ache,
She shivered and found it was hard to stay awake,
She lay down at last, still fighting the pain
And thought of the warm house as it started to rain.

The dog had been true and had loved the man
who knew his dog was worth more than His plans,
He turned and drove back to help his old friend,
And found her fighting the pain right up to the end.

He picked up his dog and stroked the gray head,
Then drove the dog home and placed her in bed,
Turned on soft music and gazed long at his pet,
Then with hot tears of sorrow, took her to the vet.

He held his friend tightly as the vet gave the last shot,
The dog licked her friend's hand as Her world became dark.

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There did they go into the cyberspace
where none but the great of heart
have ever gone before
and they did find great pleasure unto the night
for it was a time of love and understanding
and she did say it is good.
And when they did awake unto the dawn
then he did see a mass onto his shoulder
that had not ever been there before
and he was sore afraid.
Then he did say unto his mate, whose name is Mae,
what is it that has aflicted me in the night
and bonded itself onto the very body of me?
And she did reply unto her husband,
I know not.
And so they did consider the mass
and it was firm and round as a gooses egg,
yet it was of the mass that was thrice the size.
So she did lay her hands onto the mass
and did say,
is it now with pain, for I have given it a great charge?
But he did reply, nae, I feel it not.
And so they did go with the coming day,
even as the sun was high, unto his physician,
who counseled with some of his own, as to the matter.
And they did touch, and poke, and wonder
at the mass, and then they did say
it is a lipoma, and it is nothing more.
But one of physicians did ask
of what great need do you have of this arm,
and the man did reply, it is not the one
with which I write my name.
And the husband, whose name is Fred, did inquire
as to how this mass ever came to be
and so has attached itself onto me?
And there it sits, as if bad things to come.
Then his physicians did reply and say
nae, it is naught to worry about
but we can remove it if you have the desire.
And the wife did say unto the physicians,
who were with great skill in the matter,
this he does have,
so the husband did say, it is so my desire,
I have great needs that it be gone.
But the physicians did reply
it shall be taken away in twelve days,
for that is the only time
that is not already spoken for.
And so they did agree.
Now when the night came and he did lay again with his wife,
there came a great trembling from deep within
his body, and he did shake to his very toes.
And she did say, husband, why is it that you shake?
And what is it that maketh your body wet all over,
as if a rain has fallen on the very place you lay?
And he did reply, I know not.
But he was with great fear and did wonder
as to what the mass could be.
And his wife did then say,
it is a lipoma, and it is nothing more.
But he did think on the matter and then did say,
this must surely be as unto a sign from the maker
that my time is at hand.
Surely my life has been filled with goodness
but has brought me unto this very day.
And she did say,
it is a lipoma, and it is nothing more.
And as the day grew near,
but was even the second day unto the removal,
the husband did worry and say some more,
my life is at an end
for the very inside of me does now quake
and my hands tremble at the sight of the mass.
Yea, mine eyes cannot bear to gaze upon it
and it has become an abomination unto my sight.
But his wife did say,
it is a lipoma, and it is nothing more.
Then there came onto the tube, as if an omen
and a sign unto its own,
that a man had a mass and surely it had taken him away,
as if a robber had come in the night.
And he did grieve, for the day was almost at hand,
but did go unto his physicians and did say,
see how my body is wet and trembles at its' sight?
How is it that this thing has come unto me?
And what are the tingles unto my skin
is it what cometh from a lipoma?
But the physicians did shake their heads
and then they did say
you have the stress.
And so he did wonder at what they did tell him,
and when he looked, the mass was still there.
But the physicians did say,
it is a lipoma, and it is nothing more.
And one of the physicians said
if it is not a lipoma, the betting is off.
And then the man did return to his home
but trembled in the night.
Now when the morning did come
and the woman reached for her husband,
she found his space to be empty
and wet where he had layed.
and she did say, husband,
where is it you have gone?
But she heard not a reply.
And so she did go into the bottom of the house
where she did see him hanging from a beam
and then she did cry.
And so the constable did come, along with the scribes,
but the wife was with great grief
and did say o! that my life has such dismay
because of the lump that has taken him away.
What manner of thing has fallen to me?
And the scribe, who was to tell of the matter,
asked of her, what is it that has made you grieve?
And then the constable did say
is it the mass, that has made your husband
to end his life?
And she did say, it was a lipoma,
and it was nothing more.
....© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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For Emily

An afternoon stroll with a friend on a heated day,
Her hair perfectly swaying to her giggle bounce
Holding her tummy, simply stating
“I have a baby on the way”

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs
The sun shining inside and out
So lucky she felt that day, she has a baby on the way

Baby’s daddy holds mommy’s hand
Says thank you honey, I love you so much
Our baby is lucky to have your heart 
And I’m so blessed to wear your band

A visit to the doctor turned perfect joy into shock
You have cancer he told her
You won’t live with this life in you
Sit soon with your husband and have a talk

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs.
The sun shines brightly on this day
Cause she still has her baby on the way

Her husband crying uncontrollable tears
Loving her so
He could never ever let her go
He can’t choose
he doesn’t want to lose
His wife or his child

She knew for her this baby was a voice
A wish she made so long ago
A wish come true
And there was no one telling her what to do
It was ultimately her decision, her choice

Six years have passed, and Emily asks,
“Daddy, when will I see mommy?”,
Today my sweet angel,

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs
The sun still shining on this day
as Emily kneels to pray
For mommy

Mommy had made her choice
And daddy still hurts so bad, he misses her smile, her touch
But he holds Emily today
with Mommy's light warming them both
His deep indescribable love for Emily sustains him
On her birthdays

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For Emily
The sun still shining on this day
her hair perfectly swaying to her giggle bounce,
as she plays, 

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Everyday I wake up wishing I never did,just to survive this life ain't the 
same to live,wish I could switch spots with a cancer patient that wants 
to live,got me feeling like adam without a rib,I gave it all up so she 
could live,now my hearts were evil is....

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You walk the world cold-heartedly
not thinking to mourn
the life of which you chose to end
before it was even born.

What if it was a little girl?
She could have been your best friend.
Big blue eyes and piggy tails, 
she could have had your grin.

Or what if it was a little boy
who loved his Mommy so..?
But Mommy didn't love him back, 
she didn't let him grow.

She could have been a doctor, 
and found the cancer cure.
He could have been a rock star, 
and around the world he'd tour. 

They could have cherry-topped the lives
of a loving couple somewhere
who tried and tried but couldn't seem 
to have a child that was theirs.

But you're still "Mommy" either way, 
so in heaven they'll wait for you.
To meet you, and hug you and hear you say
"My baby, I love you too."

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Cookies and Blackberry Wine

The radiation had shrunk the tumor
they told her
after eight weeks of treatment

No one knows how long we have
she said bravely
We're better off than the birds

Yes, they work incessantly
I answered 
making polite conversation
while my heart shed silent tears

If they tell me I'm going
she said, smiling
I'll eat all the cookies I want

With a little wine
I agreed, knowing 
she loved blackberry wine

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In View of My Mortality Part 1 of 2

(Ps. 39:5 / Ps. 8: 4 / Mark 5: 41 / Matt. 10: 30 / Job 14: 14, 15 /
Lu. 23: 42, 43 / Job 7: 17 / John 6: 40 / Acts 24: 15 / John 3: 16 / John 17: 3)

As I Face My Mortality
I Do Not View It As A Fatality
For GOD Does Not View Me As A Casualty
Since I Began To Honor Morality

As I Face My Own Mortality
Let Me Rein In Pity & Audacity
Let Me Not Be Bitter At Its Actuality
& At What Happens In Harsh Reality
& Unforeseen, Untimely Calamity

... I Face My Own Mortality
With My Mode of Individuality
Tho' We All Share This Commonality
It Hits Each In Singularity
Even In A Loving Family ...

I Face My Mortality, Docilely
Like A Snowflake No Longer Frostily
Like Some Echo That Fades Audibly
Yet I Will Keep On Whole or Partially

As I Face My Mortality
Like Some Comet That Fell In My Locality
Like Some Deep Space & Time Abnormality
Like Some Cancerous Yet Courageous Disparity
(Oh Cocoon Yourself - MoonBee Canady !
... Into A Butterfly Mentality)

As I Face My Mortality's Capacity
I Face It Square & Stoically
While Fast Approaching Futility
Waits For Some Ambulance Ambiguity

I Wait For A Death Sentence Amnesty
Oh Lord Christ - Say 'Talitha Cumi' To Me!
When I Face Chemo & Radiology
& Patches of Pain To Moments of Misery

From Emotions Paralyzed To Anxiety
To What's The Use? & Being Sick & Tiredly
Back To Trustingly & Godly Reliability
Feelings So Intricately To Being Just Simply
As Time Slots Crawl To Moving Hurriedly

As Tho' I'm My Own Surreal Mirror or Movie
Surrounded By Support & Sympathy
Where I Right Regrets On My Registry
Looking Back In Human Sentimentality
As I Face My Soul's Mortality

As I Face My Mortality
Let My Body Blend This Duality
Between My Flesh & Spirituality
Between Heartbreak & Hosanna-Sanity

As I Face My Mortality's Immensity
I Will Face It In Intensity
I Will Face It In Serenity
I Will Face It With Solemnity
I Will Face It Without Enmity

I Will Pursue Peace & Practicality
I Will Process A Purer Personality
& Promote More Patience's Punctuality
& Set A Place For The Prince of Principalities

& Get Ready For Both Possible & Probability
& Preach 'Til GOD's Praise Is Permanently
As I Face My Present Mortality
I Call To THE ONE of "Immortality"

- and GOD Said: -

Live Each Day As You Catch Each Breath
Live Each Day As Tho' It Is The Best
Live Each Moment With True-Love Zest
Live Each Day As Tho' Blest
(& Remember For You - Death Is Just A Rest)

(Page 1 of 2)

           Written & Copyrighted © :  9/7/2013 
            by:  MoonBee Canady

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In The Wake Of Tragedy (London: 07/07/05)

The event of tragedy blossomed,
That carnivorous wave of terror,
Caromed through the capital,
Down subways and thoroughfares,
Horrified the gaping senses
And surged through the echoing chasms,
The divides of the unholy,
And the gulfs of the unjust.

In a bleak ricocheted wake,
Left no blank resignation,
Or mere shrugging of shoulders
As if cold blooded and detached;
Evolved a unified populace
Grieving resolute and defiant,
As they arched down in reverence
In that two minute silence.

Swelled the dream iconography
Of human souls in mortal battle,
And the blood-stirring prose
Of the old past master speeches;
Fell a faint dust of resonance
Blown from reminisced prophecies,
Foretelling times when the streets
Run with rivers of blood.

Therein the wake of tragedy stung
In the mourning lungs of the living,
Feeling thorny and vibrant,
Tasting earthy and tart;
Instead of cancer and wasteland
The first blackberry roses bloomed,
In the gardens of futures
Landscaped by the past.

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Under a blue tint, sitting in eight seats
Me, plus six, minus one is my family
Dust to dust, now tears to tears
Only 50 short, hard and painful years
Symbol of pink outlined in a basket
Tisk for a tasket, twenty-three hundred dollar casket
A gift to the world, God’s newest baby
Hell or heaven, there is no maybe
Now life is gone, happy in a new home
A soul to her body no longer belongs
Light, pale pink lets cross it in a mink
Never tie my strings in a knot, because that’s what took you so to think
But before you go, let us lace you with pearls
And drip you with diamonds and make it aware to the world
That Breast Cancer has no name, nor a face
Just as a lump on your body doesn’t deserve a permanent place

Dedicated to Ms. Kimala Thomas

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sisters I have four others and you have me
mom told me you were the "mother" to me
you fed and carried me
when I got sick you were the one who always took care of me
when I got cancer and told you this was the answer I got from you
suck it up and don't cry that was fine for you to say
it wasn't eating you away
I did just what you said I didn't cry even though it hurt really bad
I didn't know when I left the hospital that night
that you would take flight
now I am on earth all alone
sometimes I feel you left me
but when I want to cry I remember "suck it up and be strong"
so I carry on
when life gets rough I know I have to be tough
I know if I am not you will come back and kick my butt
you lost a child when he was seven I hope you find him up in haven
I hope that he is still seven
so to my sister I say tell my "gismo" I said hello

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Suicidal Note

There on the shore, before the ocean,
I talked with God- devoid of motion
Like windless, cloudy night I stood
Becoming One with ease and solitude.
In lack of anger and of morbid noise-
Possessed by calm and even voice-
I asked Him why so soon she left 
And yet of bliss I felt not bereft.
"Beloved Son! With angels august on a par-
Endowed with insight, thy precious gift don't mar!
She did forsake you but so did transient spring!
They always come...away they always shrink
Until you turn into their sorrow's constant heir 
And their sorrow seems so comfortable for you to bear!
But yet, to give the proper answer
To why your heart by weird cancer 
Is being eaten to the very bone, 
Yet pain you feel as much as feels a stone,
I must go back to the first sunrise-
The one that soared through virgin skies.
The times when man collided with the devil
To share all his knowledge and his evil.
The times when I by anger overrun
Have made them leave the garden of the Sun-
Adam and Eve- the very fruits of my will free
Expelled for wishing freedom, chastened brutally.
It was not jealousy that tossed me in the sinful act
Rather, I was scared to be abandoned, but in fact
I am now lonesome just like long ago
And regret is slowly cankering my soul.
Those were the times when she last was here-
A spirit so supreme, a touch incorporeal.
Existing long before me, no creation of mine,
Than me, the Lord, this being was even more divine.
Disgusted by the unforgiveness and the rage which in me burned
She left this world so mournful and never have returned.
But right before this beauty unwillingly flew off
A word she gently whispered- the word, I think, was "Love". 
Since then I have been looking for this majesty unheard
But every time I find this strange and stupid word. 
You see, the answer to your question I've made away to sail
And all, it seems, my fault is- I am the God that failed!"

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Diabeties in Children

     I just don't get it experts say diabetes in kids don't respond to meds or insulin.They admits diabetes is preventable and curable by eating better. Explaining that sugary drinks like sodas should be remove from schools to help our kids. So what do they say will solve the problem? Tax on the sugary culprit that's making these kids sick. 

     I simply can't see the logic in charging a food tax on soft drinks and foods causing this disease. If there's snakes on the plane that's killing the passengers you don't charge a tax to end the suffering. You remove the snakes.  

     Experts found that diabetes is a diet, nutritious, lifestyle disease. We simply need to eat right. Our young diabetics is having strokes at án early age. They are having fatal heart attacks by age 20.

     The thing to do is turn the (weapons) non nutritious foods into (plow shears) food that make well, instead of charging a tax on foods that kill overtime while healthy foods that's more costly gets passed over, out of reach for those unable to pay more.

     If those most effected can't afford the cost of a healthy diet how are they to afford the cost of a unhealthy diet. They will be forced to continue eating unhealthy just paying more to do so. I simply don't see the logic. 

     I just don't get it, but I do get it. 
Money is the root strengthing the thinking behind this logic to charge a tax on foods that kills rather than cease the manufacturing of this poisons for monetary gains.

     We see this same logic in cigarette taxes. Instead of eliminating the nicotine that's causing the cancers, they charge smokers a tax to smoke their cancer sticks. Smokers continue to smoke eventhough cigarettes are costly. I admit anti smoking campaigns and advertisings has worked decreasing  the percentage of cigarette smokers from the glory days of "its cool to be a smoker" back in the 1940's and 60's to the smokers of today. Still today new smokers jump on the smoke wagon at an early age. 

So problem solved? I don't see the logic, but I do. 

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A Note To Mummy...

This is a note to mummy. 
To say, ‘thank you so very much’.
I will miss your sweet kindness,
And your soft, warm touch.

As you lie there in your bed, 
Smile as you read this,
Goodbyes are very hard, 
But cherish my one last kiss.

You were my everything, 
And, yes, you still are,
And when you are in heaven,
Hear my voice from afar. 

Thank you for all you’ve done for me,
For loving me so well,
No one, not anyone 
Can break our little spell. 

Our spell is cast on hope,
Trust and perfect love,
And when you see the lord,
May he greet you with his dove.

Oh, mummy, please don’t go.
Don’t let cancer take you, 
But if you really, really must,
I’ll say my final goodbye.

Daddy sends his love, 
Well, he would if he only knew,
But I was afraid to tell him, mum. 
After what he did to you…

So, as you lie there in your bed,
And as you slowly die,
In my prayers, you will always be,
For I am sure to cry…

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Withering Away Before My Eyes

 About my mother who survived breast cancer. One of my heros.

You laid there motionless as I sat, crying, by your bed./
I watched as the chemo dripped into your vains.../
They were poisoning you.../

Every night you used to tuck me in,/ tell me how my stuffed animals would go out on adventures while I slept.../
I knew those days were gone.../

I still remember the day it all started./ Average day at that hell of a middle school./
You pulled up, I got in the car, it was quiet, I knew something was wrong, then the words came out of your mouth.../
You had cancer./

From that moment forth, day after day, week after week, Treatment After Treatment./
I saw you withering away before my eyes./
What used to be a beautiful head of hair,/ had become skin./ You aged, my mother was changed./

Now although my mother is better now,/ I've watched as several people left this world by the hand of this disease.../
Too many children have had to watch a parent wither away before their eyes,/
And lost them./

My Heart Goes Out To You,/ Live On.../ It's all they want for you.

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I hate it
Knowing you might not stay
It's eating your 
Life away
Sucking you up
Like a black whole
Taking in everyone you know.
I hate it
Living on
If you'll be gone
God has made his choice,
We cannot share,
what this cancer is,
because I do not know
If you can stay

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Timeless Limbs of Gold

Timeless Limbs of Gold
by Lori Maria Walton

limbs of gold
  desire movement,
to become still

hours, set like days
  upon the laps 
of young children
  and old men

photographs blur
  my memory
with stains 
  of reality

where have you gone?

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In View of My Mortality Part 2 of 2

- and GOD Said: -

Live Each Day With Joy Even Thru Tests
Live Each Day Having Mercy & Tenderness
Live Each Day As Tho' Opening A Treasure Chest
Yes, Live On This Earth, Like An Honored Guest

- yes GOD Said: -

Live Each Day Without A Skulk or A Scare
Live Each Day On Spontaneous & A Daily Prayer
For You Really Know WHO Is Truly Out There
It's More Than Molecules & Fusion-Moves & Thin-Air ...

- and GOD Said: -

HE Made The Elements & The Genetic DNA Stair
HE Calls Each Star & Counted Each Follicle of My Hair
HE Sent HIS Son, So That I Would Know HE Cares
& HE Put No More On Me Than I Could Bear
& So I Trust THE ONE Who Created Life To Share
As HE Forgives The Repentant Ones & Spares ...

As I Face My Mortality
I Do Not View It As Finality
For This Isn't The End of My Totality
Just My Memoirs of Victory Over Tragedy
For Future Review & Autobiography

and If Must, Let This Be My Eulogy:
"JAH Will Keep Her In HIS Memory
For GOD Will Re-Spark Her With HIS Energy
So, She Did Not Fear Eventuality
... As She Faced Her Own Mortality"

As I Face My Own Mortality
I See It As A Bridge To Humility
I See It As A Release From Infirmity
I See It As A Stairwell At The Mystery

Or As I Step On The Tightrope of Infinity
Balanced By The Almighty, Eternal Entity
WHO Gives My Endurance More Elasticity
... to Stretch  Out My Mortality Indefinitely

... As I Face My Own Rate of Mortality
As I Face My Own Efforts's & Tasks' Inequality
I Truly Thank My GOD Most Emphatically ...
For Being Guardian of My Mortality

& Changing Mortal Thoughts To Immortality

 Written & Copyrighted © :  9/7/2013 
     by:  MoonBee Canady

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You're Gone 1-8-09

you were supposed to stay forever
you were supposed to tell me of the war
you were supposed to come to my wedding
but you won't be...

you left...
I didn't want you to...
but the cancer got you...
and you left...

they should have found it earlier...
but they ran all the wrong tests
and they couldn't find it...
not til it was too late...

so the cancer ate away at you...
it ate and ate and ate...
there was nothing to be done
all there was to be done was to wait...

so we did.
we waited,
and waited,
and waited...

we waited less than a month...
the longest month of my life...
until January 24, 2008, around 3 a.m.
she woke up and found you dead...

and now you're gone...
no matter how bad I want you to be here...
You're Gone...

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Lighting Up

Smokers light up for various reasons,
Stress, anxiety, savoring a meal or

Yet, rarely do they think of the harm
it creates in their bodies, hacking coughs
that require more than hot toddies,
Cigarette smoke and tobacco breeds cancer,
The relaxation it brings can never qualify
for a plausible answer,

Yoga and meditation may have the same effect,
the difference is, they don't send people to
quicker deaths.......

Lighting up rarely brings joy in the end,
especially if you have to watch a body
ridden with cancer at its last moments
before death.

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The Wonder of You

Seeing through the eyes of the misfit and lonely Hearts explode from the fear of it all Propelled by failure I shake with fright Wondering where will my head lie tonight? Under the clay or on top of your thighs? In a cold shallow grave our spirits arise Insides rot with the test of ones heart Craving and hunger, what kept us apart? Broken down by cancer's seclusion Casting out love born free of illusion Pounding out beats until the fat lady sings Leaving this place, forgoing his wings Who will cry for the suicide kings? Judge if you dare some comfort it brings Forget him we will, written off a lost cause Too close for comfort he’s broken our laws Who cries out for the suffering souls? Exhausted, defeated, never reaching their goals Torn apart by the presence of pride Their honor forsaken and ripped from their hide Pray for those who dream from above Their lives cut short by the absence of love Pray for me as I hold on to my last... Words for the wonder of you

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I felt a lump

I felt a lump when I was with my wife one terrible night.
She lost her battle even though she put up a good fight.
I tried to think positively, I thought she would be fine.
But after having tests done, the lump wasn't benign.
After two years of battling breast cancer, she was gone.
I lost the love of my life, how can I possibly go on?
I was by her side until she took her final breath.
I've been living in misery ever since she left.
Every day I cry and mourn as I sit by her grave.
Even with modern technology, she couldn't be saved.
If we had found the lump sooner, she may have had a chance.
It's very hard to eat and sleep, without her, my life cannot advance.
I would give anything if the doctors could've saved her life.
My baby is gone and I lost my best friend as well as my wife.

(Even though this is a fictional poem, breast cancer is a serious threat to women. Women should have themselves checked.)

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Korean Commas

What am I to say to you dear sweet Jim
You have chased me away and now I am gone
But what about you broken by your promises
To me it's a sad old song, you've been gone for way to long
I doubt you knew, fondly whispered memories- same old song
For me there is and will be nothing left to do
You could never now complete the man I knew
The words were clear I was left in the shadows now with out you
Same old memories same old you I cried untill heavens turned blue
I am not ready for challenge I will not play the game
I am still hurt from the memories, hiding from the pain
Embarrassed becasue I am left standing here this way
Alone because of a man whose arms I have held so long
Caught burying worries and facing all the blame
But what about you, forgive yourself and start again 
You'll be the same old guy to all of them

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It would be better if we were all just holograms,
no feelings in our gut or dying from our cells.
This doesn’t make me crazier than I am,
We’ve got parents and their children dying in this hell.
Can’t you make me out of sand?
Smooth my edges and fill me till I’m whole.
I’d be so much better than I am. 
And I have stories that have yet to be told. 

With the skin and bones that make us real,
comes pain waking us for the moon.
Inside and out we always feel,
Down your companzine and they tell you “soon.” 

Make me out of wood and sculpt my shape with clay.
I was a real boy once but not anymore.
Please give me life just by taking it away. 
Cause living it’s become my chore.
If not that give me grenade hands of smoke. 
Blasting off at the shells of empty rooms,
or the gas of tears to make them choke.
I’ll be me again real soon. 

With the skin and bones that make us real,
comes pain waking us for the moon.
Inside and out we always feel,
Down your companzine and they tell you “soon.” 

Give me what I need to go on,
give me what I need to not to go wrong.
Nothing less nothing more.
Nothing less nothing more. 

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her blessings at death

          (STORY)              (5/22/12)

She was laying in her hospice bed
She knew in a short time she would be dead
She had no fear of death you see
She waited for it patiently.

She knew she lived a good long life
She was a daughter, a sister, a mother , a wife.
Regrets- she knew she had none
GOD had blessed her with a wonderful son
A faith so strong in GOD above
And she showered family and friends with tenderness and love.

She was loved by everyone around
In her spirit and heart true love they found.
The most gentlest person you’d ever want to meet
Knowing her was such a treat.

When she went for her physical that year
The doctors found what they feared
A cancer cell growing so rapidly
It was something they did not foresee.

She showed no signs as many do
But they knew her life was through.
Her family was with her 24/7
They knew soon she’d be in heaven.

The hospital corridors were filled with people
And bells were ringing from all the steeples.
She was not a woman of fortune and fame
And of nothing in her life did she feel ashamed.
Just a loving heart so pure and true
That she shared it with everyone she knew.

They say she died in her sleep, as everyone began to weep.
But before she died - she had told her son
“tell the world- LOVES JUST BEGUN’.

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The 4 Boyfriends

Once there was this girl
Who have 4 boyfriends?’
She thinks it was just for fun
But it would soon come to an end

She love the 4th boyfriend
More than all the rest
So she gives him gifts
And treat him the best

She also love the 3rd boyfriend
Showing him off to her friends
But she has fear that one day
Their relationship will end

She also love the 2nd boyfriend
He’s always considerate and kind
When ever she face a situation
He would help her every time

The 1st boyfriend gives her everything
To make her very happy
But she never did love him
Although he lover her deeply

But one day the girl got sick
She got cancer in her bones
Now she has 4 boyfriends
But when she dies she I’ll be alone

So she ask the 4th boyfriend
Of all I love you mostly
Now that I’m dying will you follow?
Me and keep me company

No way; said the 4th boyfriend
And without a word he walk away
His answer felt a sharp knife
Went in her heart that day

She turns and asks the 3rd boyfriend
You know I have love you plenty
Will you follow and stay with me
When they bury me in the cemetery

No way; said the 3rd boyfriend
I will marry some one else
Life is to short 
And he leaves her crying tears

She then ask the 2nd boyfriend
If I need help you have always cared
When I die please come and stay with me
Because I will be very scared

Sorry I can’t help you this time
I have my own life to save
The best I can do for you
Is to walk you to the grave

His answer struck her by surprise
And she feels so very low
When she heard a voice said
I will follow you where ever you go

It was her 1st boyfriend
Looking sad standing by the door
Then she says she’s so sorry
For not loving him before

Then she close her eyes 
And died with out any fear
Knowing the one who truly loves her
He will always be there

When some one loves you
Please don’t push them away
Because true love will 
Always be needed one day

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My Papa

Remember me when im gone 
this was the last thing he said
as he laid there in his lumpy hospital bed 

My Papa was there for me 
from the minute I was born
and continued to support me throughout my life

from my first bike ride 
to my first writing contest
I could always count on him
to be my biggest fan

When I was going on ten
he was diagnosed with cancer 
and the doctor said he wouldnt live
he fought it for months
and woke up at five in the morning every day
but he didnt make it 

he gave me the most important lesson 
that no one else ever can
Live your life to the fullest
and never let it get you down 
because life is to short to take for granted.

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Lorraine's Journey

She got the phone call she did'nt want to hear,
the doctor told her she maybe had a year.
She thought about her life and all it had been,
and she knew she could never get it back again.
She told her family I love you so,
but there may come a time where you have to let me go.
She loved her life and everything it had been,
batteling for her life she fought to defend.
She fought the battle and thought she had one,
she said I can't go on so I guess I'm done.
She said don't cry for me I'll be alright,
you need to let me go to meet Jesus in the light.
She said I don't want to go I have no choice,
she told us all in her small little voice.
She held our hands with all of her might,
she said I see it now the warm and loving light.
She closed her eyes and took one last breath,
She said I'll see you all on Heaven's golden step.
I'll always remember the love we shared,
I bid you now do not be scared.
She said I'm leaving now my angel awaits,
Where I will meet you all at the heavenly gates.
She said once more don't cry for me,
for together in Heaven we will all be.

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For Max

I cried all night when I 

heard you were gone
my tears fell 

for you
for me 

and for all those
touched and taken by 

this terrible disease that
you and I had in common
Why it takes some of us 

and leaves others
God only knows
But what I do know is
You fought hard
And you always had a wave,
a smile, and a bit of 

conversation for me
Even when you were feeling tired
And probably scared
Although you never showed it
And I will always glance your way
And expect to see you sitting on
Your back porch 

like you always did
And my heart will break a little bit
When I realize I won’t see you 

waving and smiling back at me 

Ever again
I wish you peace
I wish you freedom from your struggles
But most of all 

I thank you 

For your kindness and your
May God bless you and keep you, Mr. Max
I miss you already

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Coming home from the doctor 
telling your grandchildren you will miss them
never seeing them grow up and have kids of their own

Cancer on your back
dictating how long you live
pain in your heart for the fear of dying

Laying in bed wondering if this will be your last breath 
memories of the times you once had
your heart slows down as you drift off to sleep

the cancer taking you away
no longer in the enveloping pain
times were hard but now your set free

Cancer has taken your life
But your spirit is set loose on the world that you once lived
the tears your family has shed are all dry

memories of you will last forever
we will miss you forever and ever
but when your gone we will still love you 

Cancer has taken you away from me 
but remember that when you go 
a part of you isn't yet free

and that part is the memories you will leave behind

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a sincere death wish
percolates in the early morning,
from where it rises &
how long it will last,
there is no center, there’s no
way of identifying a source---
like a brand new cancer that has been
personalized to
it lies behind the eyes,
it rises when called upon &
it quiets to the subtle slumber 
required in those rare moments
when sleep allows for a sense of

it wanders in the dreams
creating nightmares that might
twitch others awake,
but because the routine has become
the moments spent sweating 
when the sun comes out,
shock no more than an accidental
when passing round the corner of a
it follows in the daylight
like a stalking murderer 
waiting for that perfect moment to
revealing a shadow on the walk
that only s/he with the death wish
can see.

and one can’t speak about it,
without setting off the flares,
without worrying others, without
gradually pulling down all those around
who might be 
observing the
so as long as the wish stays conscious,
so does the ability to stave off the
want to 
satisfy the urge.

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To a Good Dog, Our Loafy

His name was Troy, but I called him Loafy,
Cause he looked like a loaf of bread;
Fat, so fat his neck had rolls,
Right up to the top of his head.
That little dog was so determined,
So full of life and zest;
He’d need a ramp to mount the sofa,
Or fall flat on his chest.
And in the wintertime he’d freeze,
And stand there till he died;
So we would put his booties on,
And walk him by our side.
Sometimes we’d have to carry him,
Cause arthritis was his vice;
His legs so narrow, just like sticks,
Would crumble on the ice.
He’d chase the cat but scramble much,
And bark a whiny bark;
So heavy, he’d roll off the couch,
To catch it in the dark.
But Loafy, he was loved by all,
Until that faithful day;
When something started to appear,
Upon his face of grey.
It seemed that thing that grew on him,
Made all his ailments worse;
He barely walked and couldn’t bark,
Without a heaving curse.
So with a heavy sigh of sorrow,
We took him to the vet;
They told us he had cancer now,
Our mother’s loving pet.
That day was harder than the next,
For our endearing mother;
She left her Troy to go to sleep,
And never loved another.

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Angel Tears

Gentle drops of Angel tears
Once more she drifts to sleep
Anaesthetised and full of hope
Of faith, of love, so deep

A dark, dark mass looms in her form
A cancer cold and stark
They try to cut it all away
She'll wake with mornings Lark

They do the tests - they come to us
"There's more" - is what they say
She begs us - not to make a fuss
She's tired, asks us to pray

She wakes in small hours and holds us tight
She says it's time to leave
Be happy for her for she'll be alright
Small tears stain her virgin cheeks

Somewhere in the dark cold hours
She drew her final breath
Her brave yet quiet and Godly thoughts
Resound this Angels death

I think of things she would have done
Watch as other children play
I work to help others as if she'd won
Life's battle on that day

I know she looks upon those souls
She'd smile and talk so calm
And in their fears she'll comfort them
In loving Angel's arms

Our little daughter oh so young 
Yet old in pain wise years
Reminds me daily of all kids past and
Gentle drops of Angel Tears 

R.I.P Angel

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Untitled 20

I sit at the window and just stare at the jagged trees,
                their branches jutting out like anorexic bones.
The bars of rigid light explode in the empty room,
                draping me in a dark shade of gold, the colour of yellow intestines;
it’s nicotine arms reach in and strangle me in my empty room.
                I’ve been taught to ignore my reflection but absorb the landscape,
I’m now an unnatural shade of green as it’s swallowed up my insides.
                They’ve taken away the knives. It’s too easy to slit your throat.
The doctor comes to heal, or whatever it is he calls it;
                he bandages and plasters over my open wounds
so now they’ve stop staining my dresses.
                They’ve taken away the edges, no corners in the room at all,
and the walls are as soft as babies born with straight limbs.
                The clock’s toothless grin widens and I have all the time in the world.

Some say I’ve been fixed, I’m back to their normal.
                I’m not so sure. They can fix my body, the limbs can be nailed 
together and stuck with their glue, but my mind has died.
                I can feel it rotting, dripping from the ears, the smell fouling the air 
like road kill. The soft carcass houses maggots that crawl out at night.
                My hair has faded to the colour of dead leaves,
when I creep around the room, which is very frowned upon,
                I can feel it rustle like a ball gown being dragged along rock.
I yearn for the changes that I see through the window,
                I want to be the white moon that peeks through the fingers of trees,
I used to see that whiteness in my eyes, but that is also frowned upon. 
                The pot plants can’t survive here either, the air is too thick for their gills. 
I’m sure I’m dying, but whilst peeking at my chart, I’ve seen them tick the box labelled 
                ‘healthy’ even though I know I’ll never leave this sick room alive.

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Help me

I have lost the will to live-
A hollow shell on grey earth,
I sit placid and worthless in my room,
Contemplating not taking another breath,
Contemplating strangling my aching brain.
There is nowhere more deep and terrifying than my mind-
Black cancer swallows brain-cells and chokes the life from limbs.
I am no longer safe in my own body, but I can’t get out, screaming escapes
Behind closed teeth, I have built a prison for my tongue, sadness is silent.
I don’t care...
I sit in a rocking chair with my hands on its handles, a vision of sickness.
The room is a ghost story- dimly lit by dull window light, grey evening clouds strolling
Over the dying sun, shadows flickering over the whites of my eyes, the rhythmic 
Groaning of a wooden chair- echoing and searching for escape, the peeling of old  
Paint, dry skin, tears streaming down my face, beastly hands- blood on pale skin. 
Cobwebs decorate the mirror- spider-silk- reflecting neglect, nausea, pain- it blurs 
And hurts-ritual sacrifice in the temple of my skull, my demon-shroud- 
I hope the death of me will make you proud.

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Walking with Sister Cancer

There is silence in the noisy corridor
It resides among us all 
We have all met sister cancer 
And now we meet the big machine

There are twenty who wait today 
Silently sitting by the wall 
Our normal words have deserted us 
Today we make do with inner thoughts

What if we are not cured 
Will we leave our dreams unfinished 
What about our family 
And then again does God exist

Why did it have to be me 
I was always very careful 
My health was nurtured day and night 
Is there any justice in the world

There goes a man who is worse than me
My pity now extends to him
Perhaps I have been lucky after all
Then again I am not so sure

There seems no point to waste the day
On thinking what is and might have been
My task today is to trust in God
And act as if I have been cured

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A note goodbye

A note goodbye

A note
Wrapped in an envelope
Flew from under my door
As I grabbed the knob.

No name
No return address
Just a memory 
That will haunt me

Ripping this mystery open
Without the slightest bit
Of neatness.

A letter
Is what I pulled from
This case.

Written in perfect cursive
With indication 
Of tears 
Upon the ink.

From my mother
Whom passes away
So many years ago.

"To my dearest daughter,
 Tonight is my last night in this world
The cancer is eating me alive
While I suffer with my hairless head
And my aching body.

 This note will not be discovered
For years to come,
When it is in your hands
Don't not share it with the world.

 I love you, daughter. You were my everything. Never forget that.

               With all my love,

Tears soon fall upon 
This message,
Smearing all it's words
And love.

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The Avoided Day

This is not just another day
The clouds above all seem gray
None of us know what to say
My mind needs to stay focused and not go a stray
I remember the days we used to play
It is the Life we need to portray
Or is this final come what may
I want to be selfish and make her stay
I guess this is the time we all need to pray
You tell yourself this is all going to be okay
There are some things I wish we could delay
Reality is here and it is planned this way
Because this is the price we all must pay.

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Too Late

I want to see 
I wanted just one more chance
I love you and always will 
Your family and nothing will change it 
Once I herd about you having cancer 
I gone a strong feeling and it wasn't good
I wish you were still here to see the world more
I was on the path of seeing you 
But I wish i would of came up too see you sooner
And now its to late 
But i do have one more chance to see you 
To the heavens you will fly to 
Be my angle and I'll promise you you will never be disappointed.

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When Death Comes Knocking

That day has been branded when my world did stop

I experienced new meaning to that word called shock

How that womb through which I was first brought into life

has now been rendered so void having gone under the knife

While doctors and medicine had been one form of plight

living with cancer had imposed its own fright

So when her will to live seemed to be giving up the fight 

My world around me began to look very blight

What words and what feelings can overcome

that moment of emptiness standing under the sun

How naked and shallow does all reality take

when your meaning for life gives you nothing but ache

What reflections would weigh, when my tears started

other than my mother before me, my mother now departed

A soul has been released from our world below

no longer to bring me her smile with her loving hello

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You keep me hot

I like the way you light my fire and suck on me until you get hotter
I like the way you hold me between your fingers and place me tightly between your teeth
I like the way you breathe when you’re with me. 
I don't like when you pluck me or invite someone else to suck on me.
You keep me hot and that means a lot, you make me feel special every time you relax or
fall asleep with me. 
Sometimes people say I'm dangerous and I'm just a black cloud.
When you twist your feet on top of me I   feel like you want to get rid of me.
 I can tell you love torching me but I can help you relax,
 We can go places together, we can cook together, drink and burn stuff together and most
of all we can die together. 
I am a cigarette and you can smell me anywhere but every time you put a light under me
I'll make sure cancer becomes a big part of some ones life.

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To Watch Her Cry

This road that we live on
Is filled with deep emotions
It's littered and so far gone
With many little hearts feeling blue
It hurt as she lay dying
from the knots we were tieing
But all her pain is gone
The pain of the cancer she went through

When she cried at night
And thought I couldn't hear her
She tried to hide the pain she had inside
Then I prayed to the heavens up above
To send down that miracle light
To take away the pain from the one I love
'Cause It hurt me deep inside
To watch her cry

She always felt so happy here with me
And when her family told her she should leave
She winked and smiled and said to believe
That it was her who had to live with me
So I'll never forget her beautiful smile
And the love that we shared a little while
Before the cancer took away her touch
And robbed me of the wife I loved so much

When she cried at night
And thought I couldn't hear her
She tried to hide the pain she had inside
Then I prayed to the heavens up above
To send down that miracle light
To take away the pain from the one I love
'Cause it hurt me deep inside
To watch her cry

(This I wrote while remembering how my wife's Grandfather died of cancer)

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This talented actor died in 1991.
We knew him as Little Joe and as Michael Landon.
People cherish the characters he portrayed.
He starred in three shows in a span of three decades.

In fifty-four years he did a great deal.
He starred in Highway to Heaven and now he's in Heaven for real.
His illness caused him to go down fast.
We will always remember the work he did in the past.

In the last week of June his skin was gray.
Sadly one week later he passed away.
When we learned about his illness, many fans were bound to find it scary.
We lost the man from Little house on the prairie.

Everyone knows it wasn't fair for him to die.
He succumbed to cancer on the first day of July.
He was Joe, Charles and Jonathon.
It was sad to say good-bye to Landon.


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Nicholas Courtney

You began starring as the Brigadier in Doctor Who over forty years ago.
If you're wondering if people will forget you, the answer is Hell no.
When I saw you starring in Doctor Who, it was always great.
Now your fans mourn because your death is something they hate.
You starred with Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and several other Doctors too.
You were Brigadier LethBridge-Stewart and you were a great asset to Doctor Who.
You starred with William Hartnell in the Daleks' Master Plan.
Besides being a great actor, you were also a nice man.
You starred in 107 Doctor Who episodes during its 26 year run.
Sadly you died of Cancer in 2011 at the age of eighty-one.

(Dedicated to Nicholas Courtney who died February 22, 2011.)

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Webs of the fallen
Welcome me
To these stone halls
Where the dead walk free

The path below my step
So creek
Alert the dead
To make groans weak

I see my father
Laid dead and bare
I’d shed a tear
But no soul would care

I see my mother
Down proud and strong
Never I cry
But I will play her song

I see a daughter
A girl I once knew
Her car crashed on the ice
And with her I flew

I see a son
A mind beyond its age
Loved him as a brother
Ending cancer took him that day

This murk, these catacombs
All death is but a lie
Amongst these decaying hearts
Their loving memories reside

Finally death is here
To send me on my way
If I only a question to give
Is the world okay?

Death lightly said to me
The world is weary and proud
Its souls are full of dread 
And are covered in my shroud

But surprised I am still
Your hope is all around
It is larger than my will
And muffles my every sound

You have lived a life so long
But welcome to my land
I’m sorry if this welcomes wrong
We have many a man

Now I walk so willingly
From this world to the next
But happy I am still to see 
My love for life was yearly met

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best things in life

running through the fields
feeling the wind in my face
blowing on my ahir
feeling the ticklish grass
or th cold dirt underneath
running through the rain
feeling the rain smashing on my face
all wet becuase i have no protection
i touched my face and there it was
another source of life
i i looked at tows 
which was covered with 
squishy slooshy mud
i started dancing with them 
feeling everything around me
not wanting it to stray
i have lung cancer 
thats why im out ehre today
feeling everything because its my last day
i have met two reasns to live
the wind and the rain
blowing and smashing on my face

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Six Feet of Life

You all stood silent
as they lowered my body down.
Tears fell from women cheeks
as my body reached its sacred ground.
I prayed for you to smile in belief
Remember with God above I feel no grief.
I made the choices 
I made them with ease.
so don't you cry for me I am begging you please.
In the end I had lessons learned.
These six feet of dirt 
are the result of what I had earned.
She stood alone
as they all walked away.
Looked to her child
and began to pray.
God if you are there
please let her know I really do care.
Tell her I love her and I wish her peace.
Tell her I prayed for her release.
Oh and God,
Tell her I love her and always will.
Tell her shes the one that taught me to feel.

Written for my mother in 1999 when I was diagnosed with cancer and lived to 
hear her myself, as she and only she tried to understand.

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Cancer Killed My Granda

Cancer killed my grandad, 
What had he done to deserve that? 
I may have only been one when he died 
but now im nearly 16 and every day i miss him more and more. 

I wish it was my dad and not him. 
My Grandad is my life 
I loved him even thouigh i was only one 
Now he's gone and i was too little to say good bye 

Get over it someone told me, 
Bloody cheek i thought 
how can i get over it  when i see him everyday, 
In photos all we do is play, 
I wish i had my grandad 

I really want him back 
Why did cancer have to take him away? 

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Crooked canals.

Crooked canals seem to cancer my minds passages,
They flank my system and the first symptom is anger,
The situation goes from capable to cancelled packages.
Forgotten practices redeem the handled danger.

Turbulence in my undercarriages causes confusion in my passengers,
Nose die from 1400 feet, am i supposed to be this high?
Bodies as rag dolls grounded by seat fasteners.
Closed eyes see forgotten maydays with descending fates falling out the sky.

Mental executions refer families to the end of the waiting line,
A dead silence lays upon the room with shared fears,
Respiratory systems slow as minutes seem like days in time.
Fed violence sprouts couples of paired tears.

A simple conformation by signatures insure the act,
Marble walls to rubble as shovels hit debris from pedaled hate,
A respectable title and burial for the lost soul and a honorable plaque.
Tidal waves of numbness and weeping willows at the rest of fate.

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' Jennie - Pennie (My Big Sister)

Everywhere I Look … I See Jennie
Short, Red-Hair and a Smile, So Bright and Pretty
Jeanette … my Older, Big Sister… I Wish I was More Like Her…
        … My Dear Jennie … My Sweet Jennie …

Treated me like I was Her Baby … That was Jennie
Helped me to be a Real-Lady … Just like Jennie
Taught me how to Share and just how to say my Prayers …
        … Jennie … Great Lady Jennie

She was in Her Early Adult Years and I was Young Too
… when Mama Left… There was nothing, We Could Do …
            … Cancer … is not a Loving Word …
        I Wish It Had Been The Last I’d Heard …
                … Oh Jennie … Loving Jennie …

In that Cold-Clinical-Room … Lay Jennie
She Would Be Leaving Soon – God ! … Not Jennie !
She asked me, ‘Did She Fulfill … God and Our Mama’s Will …?’
        Yes, You Did Jennie… I Said You Did Jennie !

… She was in Her Late, 40-Years, but Still, Much Too Young To…
… Like when Mama Left… There was nothing, We Could Do …
                     … Cancer … is not a Loving Word …
                    I Wish It Had Been The Last I’d Heard …
                           … Oh Jennie … I Love Jennie …

When I Wrote This Song … I was Missing Jennie
God … We Can’t Believe She’s Gone … I Loved Jennie
        Jennie-Pennie … You Kept Your Promise…
                  Mama Will Be Proud of Us…

… May Jesus, Call Jennie … When The Time Comes, Please Call Jennie
          Lord Call Jennie … Lord Call Mama … and Then Lord Call Me …

            Jennie, Left Loved Ones... February 29th, 1992 …
          I hate Leap-Years Now …. ‘til I Leap of Faith to You …
                     … Cancer … is Not A Loving Word ! ! !
                             Will It Be The Last I Heard ? …

                      In Memory of my Beloved Sister

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what do you do


There is always this thought  that enters our minds
Of always being left behind.
What do you do when all your loved ones have gone
And by yourself , you must carry on.

When all hopes and dreams are dwindling away
And on your knees you fall to pray.
When it seems that they fall on deaf ears
And you think that no one cares.

What do you do when you feel empty inside
And to people around you, you tend to lie.
What do you do when you come to an empty house
And your children are gone, and so is your spouse.

What do you do when you’re always in a daze
And people around you stay totally amazed
Wondering how you Face the day.

Then you wake up one morning and sitting 
At the edge of the bed, and facing the day
You truly do dread.
Then you feel something stirring inside
A feeling so strong that it can’t be denied.

No matter how bad things are, you always
Have something to give- this is the reason
That GOD has elected you to live.

Helping people who are hospitalized
And have lost all faith and hope
And do not know how to cope.
The elderly who can not walk
And needs someone with whom to talk.
A person with cancer who doesn’t have
Long to live, and being able to put a smile
On their face, because it’s all you can give. 
A child who has been in and out of hospitals
Since their birth.
Who can not do things that healthy children can do
And you hear your spouses voice come out of the blue.

Whispering in your ear, that you must share
All the love that you have inside, and put smiles
On those who just sit and cry.

We all have a purpose in our Older years
Other than waiting for death to knock on our door.
So I will get myself up and out of this bed
And to the hospitals I will head.

I will try to help every one that I can
And give them a shoulder and a helping hand.

To all around, and when death comes you
Won’t hear a sound.

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Quiet Departure

Quiet departure.  Tissue warning

Her life was drawing to its end.
She was content, although she knew
She will greet death as an old friend
Who will soon come to her rescue.
Death will provide the final cure.
Relieve her of her agonies
Which cancer forced to endure
 and grant her merciful release.
She slipped away before the dawn
Still with the smile that she had worn.
To lull us in to thinking she.
For once was resting peacefully.
She knew her old friend death would come
To take her hand and lead her home.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

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Jesus Called You Home Today

Jesus called you home today
Said your time was up
Please walk this way
Follow him through the Pearly Gates
As you step through Heaven's Door
Please remember these few words

Mother I will miss you so
I'm sorry you had to go
You were only 49 years old
But your time on Earth was done
Now it was time for you to be an Angel
I know you'll be there to watch out for me

Like you were when you where here
I am happy though
You don't have to suffer from the cancer and stroke
Jesus took your hand and lead you home
Showed you a new life to live
Even though you are truely missed

I know theres holes in the floor of Heaven
And your my guardian Angel 
Watching out for me through my troubled times
You are still my guiding light
I love you mom but know its time
Cause Jesus called you home today

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The Queen Of All Our Yesterdays

A violent scent like lilies atomising
Slithers in the rigours of the wake,
And snowdrops bright and white beyond the windows
Bow their heads as stems prepare to break.

There’s a cat that yowls like cancer in the marrow
And a swan that chokes asthmatic in the reeds,
From the bedroom overlooking all the pond life
A light of savage crimson softly bleeds.

Like the queen of all our yesterdays exhuming
She plays with flesh and bone, death and desire,
The erection of his manhood burnt and shrivelled
By her laughter born of ridicule and fire.

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Dedicated to My BFF

A man, my father to say the least,
Once walked up to me in a moment of glee.
A moment of glee that may never be seen.

See, he was stolen from me.
His life taken away to a better place.
but what could be a better place ,
than being with family?

Does God not understand,
How much pain he caused my family.
How I will never ever stand
as strong as I once had.
Protected by my father,
a big, strong man.

One day, when I marry,
I'll be left alone,
No one to hold my hand and say 'Sweetheart, it'll be okay'
Why did God take him away,
why couldn't he have let my dad live a million more days?
Instead God let cancer take my daddy away...

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Here I sit and ponder
of the things that could have been.
If only I had a crystal ball,
then I could see clearly through this wall.
Sitting still and all alone,
she approached me in the center of the room.
It was Love at first sight,
as we kissed all night.

As sick as she was she did not show it,
everyday she improved.
We did not let it beat her.
A prayer a day is all we had to say.
Everyday our Love for each other grew.
The enjoyment each one of us had
showed that we could not be inseparable.
When she stood by your side,
we had nothing to hide.

There were times that were rough and long,
But, our Love for each other made us very strong.
One day we noticed a lump,
which grew as quickly as our Love did
The time grew as quick as a month.
How much time was left was the question now.
Plus, how do you tell you faithful companion a final goodbye.

As she lay on the floor we heard a whimpering sound.
With only enough strength to look into your eyes,
we knew it was time to say our goodbyes.
How do you tell the companion of your life,
who was closer than your wife.
That she had Cancer and that it had spread,
And that in a month she would be Dead.

Your faithful companion your family pet.
In our case Ruff was her name.
The dog that would stand bye your side,
whether she was sick or lame.
I could not stand and see her take her last breath.
I looked into her eyes and there we had a final kiss.
She appeared to stare and say why?
I really wish I knew why they had to Die.
Daddy : I write this with all my Love 9-18-07

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The cancer note

The cancer note
          For Pawpaw

Every time 
I walked in 
Your hospital room
A smile formed on your face
With open arms.

A priest 
With a bible
Would enter daily
To pray for this sickness
To end
Even though you knew
Your time was limited.

You never really believed in a God
But without a wife
To hold on to
Or health that would give hope
You turned
To your Catholic religion.

Hoping God 
Would relieve your skin tone
With your energy
And happiness.

That note you wrote
Made many people cry
But I never really 
Understood it
Until now.

You wrote
"God is true. Give your life to him."

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without you mother

without you mother its so hard to bear this awful pain
to not have you in our life, is a harder heal to gain
you left us so suddenly at the young age of 45
to hug and hold you in my arms for just a little while
to kiss your cheek,and maybe see you smile
no more heartache, no more pain, even though cancer is to blame
god needed another angel, so he called your name
and you had to leave behind all those you truly loved
when heavens gates opened for you from up above
even though we'll miss you, i know your in a better place
i cant wait till the day i see your beautiful face.
so rest in peace my dear mother until we meet again
because without you mother my love will never end

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Follow Your Heart

He poured his heart into his work, just his way to ease the pain,
Diagnosed and with a death sentence he decided he didn’t want his last days to be in vain.
He wasn’t the type to just lay down and quit,
And he said this ain’t what I want but it won’t do no good to pitch a fit.

He’d get in his old truck around daylight and return home way after dark,
He’d say I’ll get my rest soon enough so this new calling I must embark.
He had started a mission for the homeless and poor,
He’d bought a whole block of old buildings and was in search for a few more.

This was his hand he extended to many that hard times had so ungraciously picked,
Those whom had fallen from grace and humanity delightfully kicked.
He was trying to make a difference if only for a few,
Some just needed a hand and someone to tell them what they needed to do.

That was his goal to help those that just needed that little start,
He wasn’t trying to look big this was just something he had in his heart.
You’d be surprised at what a hot bath and a new set of clothes would do for ones morale,
He employed only the homeless to renovate the old buildings known only as PAL.

He had bought ten acres right next to the buildings, which he would turn into a farm,
He sat up a night school to help those who were in need, figuring it couldn’t do any harm.
He had been so busy, why he’d missed his last few medical treatments and knew that wasn’t
But to him this was urgent and he’d get by as best he could.

He finally got a break and decided he’d best go get things checked,
And when they were through with the tests the doctors were all perplexed.
They said they were going to send him over to county for their machines all were on the blink,
So to county he went and the results were the same and the doctors didn’t know what to think.

The CANCER is gone it just disappeared not a trace could be found,
The doctors were all baffled but he just smiled and didn’t make a sound.
He had been returning lives to those that had fallen, those who were in dire need,
And apparently someone was watching him and returned the favor for his just and unselfish

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One Soldiers View

Keening mothers holding children charred

Black or sometimes white

depending on the nature of

or the time spent in the flame

I suppose we're each and every one to blame

Sweet young faces frozen in forever fright

These days I look forward to the night

bless the fading light

when it's easier not to see

and much more comfortable for me

In the daylight I have learned to turn my back

to the ululating ladies dressed in black

Who scream their grief and prayers  for vengeance

to an unseen entity

A God with whom I choose to disagree

Can this cancer known as man

ever learn how not to kill 

will we ever drink our fill

of all the baby blood we spill

For now Our predatory passion won't be still

whether good or evil both

we watch the children burn

And as far as the babies are concerned

If they're not baptized are they going straight to Hell?

There's at least a million who are more than glad to die

Whose vengeance brings them glory from on high

their reward a paradise of sensual delights

Allah Akbar! God is great they cry.

Here we are east and west

Son and daughter Father Mother Sister Brother

Each one knowing it's Gods' will to kill the other

We provoke our God to shame

when we feed the very flame that we should smother.

I guess one bad turn deserves another.

I just heard both of our Gods cry

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Ode to Brock

He's so spirited and free,
Hardworker and sweet.
He's a follower of God,
And a holder of our love.
From lawn mower to drumer,
From son,
To significant other.
He'll always be here.
He'll always be near.
He'll never be forgotten.
He's my cousin through and through.
I love him dearly and that won't ever disappear.
So here's to you, Brock.
Your strength inspires us all.

For those who read this and don't understand, my cousin Brock was diagnosed with a 
cancerous brain tumor many months ago. He's been battling it quite a long time and seemed 
to be doing much better. Recently, I learned from my aunt that the cancer has spread and 
he's not going to make it. He has mere weeks left. I love Brock dearly and pray for him 
constantly. His strength brought me courage to overcome stupid fears in my life. Instead of 
mourning his impending death, I've decided to celebrate his life and what he gave to us 
without having to say a word for that's how he's always been.

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enjoy the Ice cream.. while it lasts

Entrapped with Wires

Hands bound behind my back


The wires go on for miles 
Covering every inch of our city

Vibrating with electricity. Humming excitement 

Our happy little friend??



Like a dog on a short leash

Tugged by  its master


By the flicker of light from the fillament

Are we now but  0's and 1's?

Turn it off 


Ceaselessly the wires continue on their path of domination

They have found me here in my safe refuge

The world's  end  and innocence is due to our undoing

I am their prisoner

I shout for someone to rescue me


 The noise of Traffic


The sound of my tears dripping

Honking away those little monsters

Gasoline chompers

 leaving their waste 

Which harms us

Oil from the dead

Is what fed them today

Poisoning the air

Like fish gasping on land

The Result: Dead like the oil

We'll be buried in the ground


The wires are waiting to entangle our caskets

 Like it has every inch of the underground

Infrared signals

Dance across the sky

Our invisible enemies


Cooking flesh for human consumption


The cancer eats us from the insides

This is a plea of a young girl seeking refuge

for something pure


Devil's breath 


The stench is unbearable

OH Gaseous Death

You billow from the smoke stacks

Licking  Away layers of the Ozone


The universe's ice cream

A treat that used to be sweet

But now after years of abuse 

Turned  out to sour

How long will we last?

Lets hope our ice cream won't melt fast

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The Mask

The mask that i wear is about not expressing

myslf, i can't do it alone i need some

I can't do this alone I need some help.My grandmother has cancer and goes

through a lot of pain and agony, no longer

can she take care of the family. She moans 

and groans, never does she laugh. I could

see why: who would laugh with pain like 

that. I could see the african americans now 

running to freedom, they weren't slaves 

nobody could keep 'em. Like moses who freed 

over 300 slaves, she stayed in the water 

where she would wade. I can't wear this mask 

any longer, to take it of i must stay 


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Still, I Know Not How To Die

Upon my eyes drift specters, of deaths that I relive.
Burned upon my memories, as if carvings unto stone.

Lingering with tortured pain, my stepfather left this world.
I gave my forgiveness, as he struggled for life.
I saw my friend make a noose, later saw her poor hanging form.
A gunshot, self inflicted, to his head, on the anniversary of
his fathers untimely death. Was a young boys only answer.
Peaceful slumber, sweet release, was Grandma's way to Heaven.
With cancer eating within, Mom waited in a coma,
for death to steal her last breath, while her strong will, fought for life.
Loosing three children before birth, did make me question my beliefs.
Shot in the face, by her Dad, a young friend, I watched die.
Her flesh and blood, splattered, warm.
I could not get myself clean and the crack of the gunshot,
still rings in my ears at night.

Yet, still I know not how to die, when the urge comes to visit.
I recognize the fallacy, hidden within it's promise.
It would be done easily with the pills that are prescribed.
But I carry with me a fear.  That within my own sweet death,
with my mind then uncluttered, 
these images that are entrenched the deepest,
would be my Hell without even the briefest respite,
for all eternity

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Dear Manuel

We were so close
You were always there for me
I feared nothing
When you were near
When I was little, I would fall asleep
Safe in your arms

We would joke and laugh 
Til we were blue in the face
We always had so much fun

You were always so giving
Especially with your love

I could always come to you 
With any problems that I had
No matter how big
No matter how small

I could never have imagined
My life without you

When you got sick
You were never afraid
You always stayed positive 
And never cried a tear

'Dont worry about me'  you once said
'Worry about the ones that I shall leave behind'

I didn't go to your funeral
Funerals are for people to say good-bye 
And remember great times
I already said my good-byes when you were still alive
And I dont have to remember because I will never forget

I still can't believe that you are gone 
I keep thinking that I can just pick up the phone
And I would hear your voice on the other end

I will miss christmas the most
When your visits were long
We would laugh and reminisce
Of all the crazy things our family has done

You were a great person 
That I was truly privelaged to know
And even more privelaged to call you my Uncle

I love you, My Dear Uncle Manuel
The memories I have of you, 
Not even cancer can take away. . . .

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do you like the way i hurt?
do you see the way i feel?
you can't stand and tell me, this pain isn't real.
do you hear me bleed?
can you smell my fear?
everything would be better if you weren't here.
you're raping my spirt every day you're inside.
i said i could deal with it, but i lied.
i want you out, i want you to go away.
this cancer is eating me more every single day.
be strong.
hang on.
i can only do so much.
i don't want you to be my crutch.
i'm falling. faster and faster day by day.
just tell me that you'll still love me, when i pass away. 

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Never Forgotten Always Near

Thoughts of him I write today,
Remembering the day he went away,
His pain was just so unfair,
Disease of cancer none can bear,
With tears upon my older face,
Still I see the empty space,
I see his silly little smile,
How he danced with so much style,
Winters when we played in snow, 
And ran inside when we were cold,
Evenings sitting by the fire,
With the one I so desire,
Catching a nap and holding hands,
Our love was always really grands,
Thinking of him after all these years,
Makes me know I deserve these tears.

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Farewell Farah

Farwell Farah
Dearest Angel of all
time has passed away 
and Death has made his call

You let us in your room that day
you didn't have very long
You showed us what cancer took away
in doing that you were very strong

In your day you gave men
what their eye's desired
What we shared in your life time
was God's gift; and ours

For me it was my teenage years 
The years I was permited
To pin up what we called posters
the swimsuit, Farah was in it

Thank you and farewell

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                          Cancer is a scary thing
                          And might not make us sing
                          All the people we hold dear
                          Just seem to disappear
                          Before they find a cure
                          They may or may not get rid of it
                          But no one forgets it

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Another tomorrow

I want to laugh until I cry

I want to cry until I laugh

I want the sorrow to become laughter

Until the pain is gone

I want to dance till I fall down

I want to get up and start all over again

I want to sing like I have never sung

Because I know it won't be long

I want to say a million things 

Before my voice is gone

I want to live like there is no tomorrow

Because the next tomorrow may not come

I want to be surrounded by love not sadness

For sadness will come soon enough

I want many tomorrows but only maybe have today

I want the Lord to take me by the hand

And in the end lead me to that promise land

For a friend.

I hope our cancer friends have many tomorrows.

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Where is She

Where is She

I watched her draw her final breath
Her eyes looked for me
She smiled and slipped into death
Her soul was finally free

I hated being so helpless and torn
But she knew what to do
I just stood there and cried and mourned
While her vision of life genuinely grew

So she is gone and I’m alone
Where is she today?
She lived with me, this was her home
Her things are here to stay

Her grey shoes I always loathed
Are now out for me to see
With love and pain I keep her clothes
Because I can’t set her free

I can’t let go of someone I loved
My sister was torn from me
It isn’t fair to be “beloved”
She was only 37, you see?

Stupid cancer and its nasty growl!
It ate her inside out
No one knew it was on the prowl
And too late when we found out

She fought with fear and anger, too
As it declared a win
There was nothing at all that I could do
But be there in the end

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Trip to the Heaven Hotel

Hello, there
How you doing?
Good, I hope
Now, I am going to tell you of the tale
About the woman who set sail for the Heaven Hotel

Now, this lady was no ordinary lady
Why, you could even say she had a touch that was heavenly
This lady would have to be my good old Granny 
Now everyone loved my Granny,
But some things loved her in way 
That makes you want to stay away
For you see, She had a terrible cancer who wouldn’t leave her be.

As hard as she fought,
The mean old cancer would not leave her be
Now, She fought long and hardly,
But that dang old cancer won eventually
She passed away, in a very sad way

On top of the big sea, she sailed tenaciously,
Some say she sailed like a pirate at open sea
Until she finally got to the place when Heaven be
And surely as can be, next to J and G was waiting my uncle Billy
Just waiting to see that she make it into Heaven safely

She mounted with him on a horse that was so heavenly,
As rare and fair as you would ever see
Helping her arrive just in the nick of time
So she could say, Mother I have arrived at the Heaven Hotel

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Dad, did you think I had forgotten you,
Well Dad, I wouldn't want you to be blue,
Do you think just because you've been gone so long,
That I don't still feel those arms so strong?

I loved you Dad-you were my idol,
I remember you putting on the horses' bridles,
I remember the love you had for your farm,
I remember how, for you, it held such charm.

You loved your horses, the cows and pigs,
You loved that old sow that got so big,
You loved driving that big truck for all those years,
But you were gone so much-Mom shed many tears.

You worked many trades, my dear, dear Dad,
The depression years made many people sad,
But you always worked to feed those you loved,
God blessed you Dad, from His throne up above.

You smoked before we knew smoking was bad,
And because you started smoking as just a lad,
Lung cancer got you before you were old,
Death took you early,my Daddy of GOLD!

Yes, I loved you Dad,and I still do,
But with thoughts of your love and humor I'm never blue,
Another poem I'll write for you--later Dad.

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Bald Is Beautiful

Doctors are Beautiful
Nurses are Beautiful
Flowers are Beautiful
Balloons are Beautiful
Bright smiles are Beautiful
Clowns making funny animals figures are Beautiful
Friends holding your hand are Beautiful
Moms Dads Brothers and Sisters are Beautiful
Chemotheraphy is Beautiful
Never giving up the fight is Beautiful
But whats most Beautiful is
Bald being more Beautiful

Tribute To Cancer 
Survivers and Victims

May They Find A Cure

RIP Mama   1934 -2005
Luv Ya

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Death Wish

Death wish
Praying for cancer like a convict prays for parole, just blow out my brains and sell 
whatever remains as poor white trash. I’d even accept kidney failure as a secondary to 
the revenge you dished out. ‘You busted her balls and that was the last thing she needed’ 
I heard someone say in a dream. Revenge is dished out like desert filled with bacteria 
that eats holes in your liver and works it way slowly to the heart. May-be this, may-
that, may-be, may-be, may-be not. You don’t even know me and you left me feeling not good 
enough, not acceptable enough as a person. So come on grim reaper, why do you make me 
White Trash

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A Cosmic Joke

A design of
never-ending procreation
with genes that in the end
become petroglyphs on walls
or words in wastebaskets.

Rationalization's for meeting
the Unknown are
all the accumulations for survival
that become lost in a Great Reality:
I am dying.

No need to add cancer or
diabetes or some other malady
for deep within the psyche lives
Cells are dying in a dance of absence
crying out for whole civilizations
wiped from consciousness.

Who am I to rage ...
who am I to want eternity?
I am all of you
who will go before they are ready.
Then, the question becomes ...
go where?
Is there a There there?

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My questions?

Why did you have to get it?
I just don't understand

Why did you leave me?
I wanted you to stay

Why didn't you fight harder?
I know you are stronger then that

Why did God take you away from me?

Why did cancer choose you?
You deserved better

Why? Why? Why?
I just don't understand...

Death hurts the living, more then the dead...

Dedication:  Grandma Wanda, it's been six years, I miss you more then anything.  I love you.  I know, that 
when I die, you will be waiting in Heaven for me, and we will be together again.

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a gift , a curse

the sun beams its beautiful warm rays down onto us . ask nearly
anyone, what their favorite weather is , sunny would be the answer.
every plant , animal and human needs the sun ... and enjoys it so.
strange how something so crucial , can also cause cancer .

the wind feels fantastic , on a sunny day . nothing feels better
than a much needed breeze , while catching rays , lying on a beach towel .
cruising the boulevard , hair blowing in the wind . buildings crumbling
over into the streets , homes losing their structure ...a terrifying howl .

enjoying a brisk drive through the countryside . gorgeous , natural
landscaping , outlining the rural roads . rain falling , rainbows, stunning hues,
a soft wind . water feeds the plant life , drenching the soil . the blacktop
becomes slick , tires slide .... horrible crunching , screams ... death ensues .

drink in hand , walking after a quiet rain , taking advantage of the fresh air.
darkness begins to fall over the sky . feelings of being watched , haunt her
imagination . a short cut , through an alley , proves fatal . two men
approach ...demanding money . the brutal attack ... she could not deter.

the most natural thing in the world , some would say . two warm bodies
entwined , kissing , caressing , expressing deep desires , anything to please.
seamingly melting in each others arms , leaves them wanting more . at 
the time , never considering , death from a venereal disease .

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For Calvin James

I smiled as I hug you 
Joyed as I tugged you 
From anywhere to everywhere 
Your baby eyes bright and clear 
I am proud as I befriend you 
Still soft and handsome as dew 
I watched you grow 
Alighting on any rose 
Your roguelike fancy chose 
I was contented when you marry 
Had many children in a hurry 
Whom I was too far away to know 
We talked from phone to phone 
When cancer invaded your bone 
I heard you whispered 
But it never registered 
The dew must go when sun 
Light empties the cup of fun. 
O, tongues-i, I have no tears 
For all the memories of our years;
One day I will let go
But I cannot do it now - far as I know.

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A Friend's Mother

Another friend has lost her mother
painful cancer and then broken hip
to hasten the end
stand in her eyes
looking for mother
eyes I have known as a child
so I wipe her eyes
with my fingers
as mother is gone
and she crumples against me
giving in to grief
to being an orphan
to the awful alone-ness that envelopes you
when both your parents are dead
dead and gone
I hold her there and let her cry 
through that mighty fear 
we cry together
lost as children

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Will you Recognize the evil when it smiles and shakes your hand?
 As It tells you lies that open you eyes and poison your foods with Chemical tools.
Better health long life is the Promise you cannot top this! 
There is no promise more false in this land more readly believed then the 
Yet given a close insepection the cancer of this reflection is evident in the the way 
you die today. 
So i say to you as we go to war, Who among you,WHo among you has looked 
deeply at the man in charge? 
Is his faith real or is it a shadow of a former lie?
A lie told to a differant nation under the same disguise of Liberty Justice and the 
Nazi Dream. 
This war is not the first and although many feel it will be the last.
The whole world destroyied in one hot flash. 
Man as a race has been here before thousand of years ago we knocked on this 
So long ago that the memorey is all but gone.
 I've been told im like a man who had a dream,I'm not what i seem.
 1947 is the year to recall weve won the war were the words printed Tall! The war 
is over and what did we get?
 Scientist  compleete with there gifts! Gifts of war and hate to recruit to our side. 
Them and there families taken in with Pride!
Look for them now you know who they are running the show and not from afar.
So ill ask you one more time. 
Will you Recognize real evil when it smiles and shakes your hand? 
I do and its ruling our land! 

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Her lips once kissed away my salty tears,
and spoke comforting words in my ears. 
They would brush against my fevered brow,
They’re coldly still and silent now.

Her hands once held my tear-stained face,
and smoothed stray hairs back in place.
Talented strokes, artistically blessed,
They’re folded neatly now upon her chest.

Her arms once kept my fears at bay,
and swung me around on happier day.
They hugged, carried and embraced me with pride.
They’re motionless now by her side. 

Her legs kicked balls and danced with me.
They ran races, jumped rope and climbed trees.
The familiar sound of her leisurely gait,
They’re unbending now and solemnly straight.

Her bosom once harbored a calming beat, 
Where I knew I could always retreat.
Where my sleepless head once found solace,
Now it’s silently still, frozen in place

Her clothes once held a comforting scent.
The soft smell made me feel content. 
Playing dress up on a rainy day.
Now, crisply starched they will stay.

Her body’s cancer did unfurl,
and painfully took her from my world.
A closed lid now hides her frail frame.
Forever gone. 
Mom is her name.

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Norman Part 2

When people told my uncle that he had a mental problem, he refused to see a 
He was stubborn and he put his mental health at risk.
He should've listened to what people said.
Eventually he had a bad breakdown and he was committed.
After being released, he would eventually stop taking his medicine.
Then he'd have another breakdown and had to be committed again.
He'd have to stay in the mental institution for months.
If he had went to a psychiatrist from the start he wouldn't have been committed 
even once.
He was committed four times and he lived in misery.
He smoked and smoked and died of lung cancer eventually.
If you have a mental problem and need medication, please don't resist like my 
uncle did.
It will be horrible if you ever have to be committed.

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Nowhere to be

Live what suits me and die
Heavy hunger under hate
Lone destruction
In one room view
Crush and flew
Get to
Just through

In density


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Oh, You Don't Know....Part 2

Where did I leave off?  Oh, yeah...conditions...Next up is Arthritis- this only in last 
year or so- endless, 24/7 chronic pain...Even in brings tears to my 
eyes...and nothing less than a strong Vicodin does anything...and I rarely get that 
because it's addictive, and controlled...once, not long ago, at my old house in 
Queens, during a jam, a guitarist asked if he could have one, his back was 
troubling him, I said okay....later, after they left, I went down for a dose due, and 
low and behold, he took the entire jar...near 30 time he came you 
should'a heard my greeting...never saw him again...back to conditions...when 
this cancer thing started, I became severely depressed, and sleepless- chronic 
insomnia these many years- typically, I am awake 5-6 days, and once for 8...let 
me tell you, your mind turns to haven't a is not pleasant, 
especially if you are in constant chronic pain....Woweee!!!  I was prescribed 
sleeping pills (Ambien)- and it worked, but again a controlled substance, 
addictive, I admit to it doing that to me...and I have been long cut off from it, I 
would wind up using a months supply in a week, as my body got used to 
here we are....watchin' TV in bed thru the night...ugh,,..this delight came with it's 
twin, depression....a new customer for it...together, it's a good thing I don't have a 
gun (seen too many murders up close..another story...) cause I have been in 
psych wards for this feeling...the balance I'll just name, they should be familiar to 

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Jim Varney

(Dedicated to Jim Varney who died February 10, 2000.)

You starred as Ernest P. Worrell in many commercials and in movies too.
You were a very funny man and people loved to watch you.
People loved you and they remember you well.
Everybody loved Ernest saves Christmas and Ernest goes to jail.

You loved to drink and smoke and you did it a lot.
But sadly it took its toll because cancer was what you got.
You were awesome as Jed Clampet in 1993.
You were far too young when you died at fifty.

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My mortality

(This is a fictional poem but this really does happen to people everyday.)

Last week I got some very disturbing news.
I have lung cancer and my life is something I'm going to lose.
In less than a year I'll be deceased.
I'll have a tombstone that says Rest in peace.

I smoked three packs of cigarettes everyday for over two decades.
Now I'm about to lose everything and I really am afraid.
I died a little more with each cigarette that I lit.
If you're a smoker, you really should quit.

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You meant so much to all who knew you!
You were special and that's no lie!
You brightened up the darkest day.
And the cloudiest sky.
Your smile alone warmed hearts.
Your laugh was like music to hear.
I would give anything,
Absolutely anything, to have you well
And standing near.
Not a second will pass
When you're not on our minds.
You love, we will never forget.
The hurt "they say, will ease in time."
Many tears I have seen and cried.
They all poured out like rain.
I know that you are happy now,
And no longer in any pain.
Knowing all of this doesn't make
It any easier for those left behind to 
Deal with the reality that you are 
Really gone.
Mother, how I miss you.
Every waking day.
I curse the Cancer that took 
You away.
I miss your warm hands.
I miss the talks we had.
I miss the times when words were
Of no need.
And I hope, my love you'll always feel.
Sitting here thinking about you.
I hear you call my name.
As I turn to see who's calling me
I see no one, Only hear your voice.
Still your calling out my name,
Only louder.
As the tears rolled down my face.
I realized your trying to tell me
Your safe, happy, and out of pain.
Although I will always love you 
And miss you.
I know it's time to let you go.
Continue your journey, knowing
You will always be in our hearts.

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I watched my father deteriorate
he wore away day by day
the cancer cells were spreading
and our hope had went away
when he died it hit me hard 
I mourned for 3 and half years 
I carried his death on my shoulders
all through my highschool years
as of today I will be a certified 
home health aid 
my job will be taking care of sick people
they say girl you have to be strong
for this type of job 
and I wonder all the time 
if this choose I made is right
because I handled my dad's illness hard
doesn't that mean watching someone
else deteriorate will pierce my heart more? 
Or could it be the proper calling I was meant for?