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Bullying Girl Poems | Bullying Poems About Girl

These Bullying Girl poems are examples of Bullying poems about Girl. These are the best examples of Bullying Girl poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I am A Beautiful Girl

I am a Beautiful Girl, living with Autism.
I leap, dance, and spin around circle while I try to make sense of the world around me.
I am a Beautiful Girl,
I sing, I jump, and I run like the wind.
I am a Beautiful Girl,
When the world around me becomes too much I scream, shout, hide, or even bang my head.
I am a Beautiful Girl,
With a beautiful spirit and God made me unique, I am a human being that just wanted to be understood and to be treated with respect.
I am a Beautiful Girl!

Copyright © Kimberly Lowe-West

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The Fat Girl

I may be fat but I can cook soul food to put you in a good mood I don't mean to be rude but you look like a string bean
You only know how to make sandwiches I can make steaks to take your breath away
you say I look like a steak but you can't even make a cake you need to drink more shakes
I need to eat more salads but at least I have a big wallet

I may be fat but I can dance your eyes are  glued to my thighs are you hypnotize yet
Do you want to take a chance and try to beat me in dancing you can't defeat me 
I can shake my hips and do flips I can drop it like its hot you can only pop that's not much 
Oh, now you want to challenge me but you can't balance on the dance floor 
The crowd wants to see me more you were just a bore 

I may be fat but I'm the one who looks pretty in this skirt you look silly like Big Bert
You say I don't look good in a bikini because I'm not tiny but at least I'm not  bony like you
You say I look like a buffalo but at least I don't have a problem finding a fellow
I don't mean to be a pest but you started this mess why don't you give it a rest
I'm fat but I'm telling you I'm the best you don't need to guess 

I may be fat but I'm good at writing poetry
You say that  you're good too but people are going to say boo to you
You say that isn't true and I need to pray because I won't win but I know I can 
You say that people wouldn't pay cash to see me but they will chase me I have a nice ass
you say your poetry  will get publish but that's only a wish I will you forgot to take your pills

Men want to be with me because I have meat on me you only have bones 
You say that I don't look like a model but men want to play with me and pay me to date 
I may be fat but I found a man who likes me like that but your man said you act like a brat
I'm getting married tomorrow don't feel sorrow 
You can laugh but at least I'm glad that I'm not sad or bad and I'm not a brat so take that

Copyright © Ileane Ogilvie

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A Reason

She's got words on her arms
In the language of a broken heart
And they say
They say I wanna be loved 
But I don't know how 
I wanna dream 
Haven't done it in a while
I wanna smile
Won't somebody give me 
A reason?

Author's note: This is a poem about a close friend of mine. The "words on her arms" are an analogy, for well, cuts. She wouldn't talk to me much at the time, but I saw them and that was all that really needed to be said, since she knew she couldn't fool me. Anyway, that was the inspiration for this.
She is doing much better now, by the way, in case anyone was concerned...

Copyright © Cameron Hartley

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You are a bully that hides in front of a computer sending out messages of lies, disrespect, 
and hate.

If you have to hide in front of a computer to bully me, you're not very brave at all.  In 
fact, you are a phony and a fake.

I actually feel sorry for you as you hopelessly linger in your pathetic state.

The truth about me or any kid you're bullying will eventually come out.  Truth is frightening 
for you, isn't it?  Because you know the truth will seal your fate.

You hide in front of a computer for hours at a time.

Your time would be better spent if you somehow discovered how, with other kids, you could
become nice and kind.

You hide in front of a computer to go about your daily routine of bullying other kids.

One day your computer will crash and along with it, your despicable bullying empire, too.
Just maybe then, you'll feel somewhat sorry for all the unnecessary bullying you did.

Al Johnson

Copyright © Al Johnson

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Somber Tears

As the sun sets
and the twilight comes out,
as the birds and squrriels are no where in sight.

As the whores and pimps sit on street corners,
waiting for street lights to turn from green to red.
As cadillacs stop and roll their windows down.

I can her the faint cry deep in the darkness,
of dirty gutters and dark, dead end alleyways,
I hear the faint tears fall and hit concrete pavement.

I feel the faint cries of whores,
I hear the sound of backhand hitting face
and brused tissue and broken noses are everywhere.

And the somber tears fall onto pillow cases,
and white motel bedsheets run red with blood
and cheap Italian wine.

And you can her the poet over the radio,
reading his own work for the one millionth time
and you can hear his soul slowly wanting to die.

He drowns himself in smoke and alcohol
the whore takes her pay, or spends a night in a jail cell,
the pimp nowhere to be found,
with a shiny blade stuck deep in his gut.

And the somber tears fall gently on the concrete pavement,
the floors of a jail cell,
tears on the pillow case and tears on a lonesome stage.

Tears never present, but are seen by many,
pain aches and pain takes away,
and I pour one more drink for the whore.

She takes me away,
and I caught her salty, somber tear,
and she crawled into my warm embrace.

I was the one who stuck the blade in the gut of that pimp,
who broke her nose and made her bleed,
with a cowardess and souless backhand.

I walk into the moonlight,
hearing the somber tears all around me,
crash violently to the concrete pavement.

The Earth rumbles and erupts with these tears,
that are shead for fellow Men, and Women and Children,
but we all look at ourselves and smile.

Happy we don't pay rent,
happy we don't have cancer,
happy we aren't six feet under;

But we still all cry,
Somber tears all fall in one big wave

crashing violently on the concrete pavement.
Now the red light turns green,
and the traffic moves along,
the whore is still at her corner,
the pimp still with the blade in his gut.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski

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Girl Rising

A Young Beautiful girl with so much spirit in her to lift the soul

With blissful hopes to come she would become a queen they did not want

Many loved her beauty as a child but her step mother

Of a selfish dander king family did not like her at all

They wanted all but wrong for her and to lock her in a chamber with ash 
And dust that filled the air

Far away from society king wanted because they felt she was from rags in poor

Stead of riches and wealth a lonely child from the cottage where
The king’s witch of a sister raised her.

She became a slave scared to face the king’s wicked sister

She abide by what she was afraid to go
With a single tear she longed to be free and become
Something more than an average girl.
But a girl that rises up from the hate and dander rules set by one world

She wanted to be free to be loved and liked for what she believed in

As the days went on she grew stronger and rising from the pain in her heart
And by the twisted society by her step moms brother who wanted nothing 
But sorrow and to be down in the dumps of rags 

She took a stand for freedom a stand for love and never backed down
From her past she kept on fighting a battle which seemed endless

As she looked to the moon crying out with screams that echoed in the forest
Sounding so loud half a forest could hear

She took the dagger and the shield took it to her heart and utter words like these
          Lord of the sky’s guide me today and give me much more strength 
    Then I had yesterday and as my will to rise be ever strong may I not rest 
Till this dander evil king is no more

She went off and into the castle she snuck into with mighty dagger and shield with the heavens by her side she struck him out and proclaimed freedom and love to all this is a girl truly rising faith and all that stands for what’s right a brave girl that rises from hate
this is a girl rising up from the pain 

Poem story for contest( Girl Rising )
by brian otoole 8-05-13

Copyright © Brian Otoole

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But with the evil, came the good

All turned down to the worst
as the children lost innocence,
as the bums drank their last breath away,
as the man eating sharks finding their way,
to the over-crowded sandy beaches,
as the man turn to the woman
and gave her a slap across the face,
as the thef steals in the night,
as the coward goes behind his loved ones' backs,
as the oil lanterns spill over and burn the bridges
to salvation and paradise.
Something always happens to the good guy,
a knife in the back in the midst of dawn,
his woman leaving with another man,
he dying slowly of cancer,
or suffering from intoxication of the blood.
Poison. Poison, ravages his body,
oh, how could God let such things happen
to such a good man?
His life work, his social life, his nirvana
all destroied, burned away, turned to dust.

But with the evil, came the good.
Yes with time and time again
repeating itself in a circle of time,
across the crossed faces,
as blue eyed Death smiles
and as the girls grin,
Everything came into place,
Anyway with evil, came the good.
Indeed it had came right to his front doorstep.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski

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The Secret Life of a Pretty Girl

Underneath all the clothes we are all human beings
And for pretty girls you can't escape the Hell of everyday life
All the cat calls on the street they start to get old
All the glares and harsh stares I am naked in a sea of people
It's a charmed life you'd think until you start to realize
That the eyes and the attention will never stop
Until you are dead

Copyright © Rebecca Dominguez

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Black roses - a poem for the girl who died from cyber bullying

One day a girl died
Hung herself
She was 16
No one suspected
That Emily, happy Emily
Was being bullied on the 
But she was
And she took her life
At the funeral were black roses
For the supposes
Suppose she couldn't handle it
Suppose she had depression 
Suppose she was weak
Suppose she....

Emily left behind a brother
A mother and a father
A best friend and a dog
And all the supposes that
Come with cyber bullying
The biggest suppose being
Isn't someone supposed to do 

The Denny Foundation
Was set up to create awareness
About cyber bullying and it's 

......And she took her life
At the funeral were black roses



Copyright © Avi Cohen

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The drunkards story-bullying


There was three of them in an old pickup truck
After drinking all night at the GOLDEN DUCK.
As the sun was coming up they was screamin and cussin
As to what to do next - they was fussin.

When seeing this sixteen year old riding her bike to school
They started acting like the drunken fools.
They started  screaming and howling and giving wolf cries
As the girl rode on by.

They wasn’t just satisfied with their howls and cries
They wanted her by their sides.
They turned the truck around and cut her off
They was going to show her “ who was boss”.

They tried to grab her from the back
But she was prepared for any sneak attacks.
She had her guardian angel with her from heaven
And she had been learning KUNG -FU since the age of seven.

When the first one reached out to grab her
She grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand straight up and back
Till she heard his wrist crack.

As the second one came running up
A round house kick in his face
Sent him flying into space.

The third one came at her with a tire iron in his hand
As she crotched down and took her stand
When he was about two feet away and open wide
In his crotch her kick did fly.

All three men lay on the ground 
as she picked up her bike without a sound
Put her bike on their pick up truck
With this girl they was s--- out of luck.
Then drove the truck into town
and told the sheriff where they could be found.

They was charged with “drunk and disorderly manner”
And on the high school there flies a banner.

“Protect yourself and don’t give in 
Being a bully you will never win”

Copyright © louis rams

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Living Dead Girl pt1

She lives in misery,
She goes to school where she gets bullied, pushed around, and called names,
Her parents hate her,
She has no friends, and her whole world is dark,
No one likes her,
Sometimes she wonders if anyone would care if she killed herself.
She cries herself to sleep,
A lost soul,
The one who relies on her bands and music to carry her through,
The one who grabs the razor blade,
She cuts fast, deep, and hard,
She likes the cold metal, she likes the blood that comes down,
She likes that burning feel, she loves the relief,
Many people call her a little emo *****,
All she wants is for people to leave her alone.
Many people says she does this for attention,
But all she wants is to be happy,
She thinks maybe if she ends it all,
Everyone would be happy, and live in peace,
She thinks they would never know she was gone.
She walks home from school on a rainy Tuesday afternoon,
She goes through the door, 
Right up those steps,
She takes the pills and blade out.
She takes all sixty pills of Oxycotton,
And then she starts cutting, first just across her wrist, and then she had a twist,
She painted a picture onw wouldn't surely miss,
She wrote on her arm, "All I wanted was love."
Her mother found her first,
She cried so much,
Her father came in and comforted her mum,
No tears he had shed,
Her brother came in next and fell to his knees,
He saw all the blood and knew something was up,
He asks their mum,
"Mummy why isn't sissy breathing and blood everywhere?"
She replied faintly,
"Dear, your sister was unhappy."
He was much too young to understand.
The girls that bullied you now get bullied, 
That boy that never admitted to liking you cuts and cries,
Your exfriend cries and tries committing suicide,
Your teachers try to hold it together, but lose it,
Your brother grew older and found the truth about his older sister.
The one he loved so much, and wanted to be like her,
All the pain she endured.
He found her iPod,
He takes it with him everywhere,
He remembers his sister and the bands she loved,
And now he loves them,
He cuts to rid the pain,
He only wants to be with her again.
But he carries out her legacy everyday,
Knowing that is what she would want him to do,
And he did this all thanks to her.
She's tried to stop him,
Was beside him while he cut,
Tried pushing the blade away,
She's a living dead girl,
Nothing she could do nor say, 
To make him put that blade away.

Copyright © Briana Lynn Minard-Adler

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Your A Scum And Dirty Bum

Your very good at destroying
Young girls hearts who are enjoying
The attention that you give
But it is no way to live
When you control their every action
To fulfill the satisfaction
Of the men you share them with
Girls too young to know that this
Is not what love should really be
But they're confused and so lonely
Runaways that have nowhere
To go so you steal their
Innocence and make them think
You saved them all from the brink
Of living cold and alone
Pretending you'll give them a home
And as much care as they need
They're only helping you succeed
To make money every time
Their virtues put on the line
Your the worst scum of them all
Using girls so scared and small
I hope one day your found dead
With a bullet in your head
From someone trying to save
These girls from an early grave

Copyright © robin davis

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Kate And Julia

Oh, Kate comes from a broken home 
Where life’s just not that good.
She wants so much to make it work 
If she only thought she could.
And several times, it’s crossed her mind 
The thought of suicide.
It hurts so much. It just won’t end. 
The pain she feels inside.
And Julia has a way with words.
She knows just what to say.
Yes, she can make you feel real bad 
Or she can make your day.
She walks around her high school halls 
Always putting people down.
She laughs at them and scoffs and mocks.
She loves to see them frown.
One day at school the two girls met
And Julia jumped right in.
She made fun of Kate’s hair and clothes 
And then she laughed and grinned.
She called her names and would not stop 
As Kate began to cry.
The bullying became too much.
Kate ran away to hide.
The next day when the school bell rang, 
The principal had said
That Kate won’t be at school today 
Because, he said, she’s dead.
He said that she had killed herself 
Because the day before,
Yes, she was hurting deep down and 
Couldn’t take it anymore.
She left a note that would explain
The reason that she’s dead.
A bully pushed her way too hard
With hurtful words she said.
And then when she realized
What she did with her words,
Yes, Julia then apologized
To ev’ryone she hurt.
She asked them for forgiveness and 
Said she never will again
Say mean, cruel words to any one 
From now until the end.
The next time that you tease someone, 
Just please, stop first and think
The person that you’re teasing, well 
Just might be on the brink
Of saying that they’ve had enough.
Their life they want to end
When the one thing that they really want 
Is just to have a friend

Copyright © David Gordon

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It tells a story.....
It shows emotion..... 
The story of a girl....
she wasn't excepted..... 
her parents......
her family.....
her peers.....
no one ........
except one thing.....
It calmed her...... 
No ridicule from people......
Even though there was no love.....
It was better then a world of hate.....
others hatred......
the judging......
the name calling......
The abuse .......
It hurt but when it was silent.......
The world faded.......
she read.......
She wrote........
She sang.......
silence was her savior....... 
silence was her bliss........
silence is bliss.......

Copyright © Cassidy Martin

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*Sprinkle and sparkle,
give her a d*** water bottle,
to cool her thoughts from playing scrable,
she may be a stoner,
but d*** she gives me a boner,
dont take her looks for granted,
she can be a sneaky little bandit. :)

Copyright © Kellee Smith

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Remember the girl who always sat at the back of the classroom?
She was afraid to make friends.

Remember how she wouldn't talk to anyone?
She was being physically and emotionally bullied.

Remember how her classmates just watched?
She can't trust anyone anymore.

Remember when they called her ugly?
She won’t go out in public.

Remember when they called her fat?
She tried to starve herself.

Remember when they called her a geek?
She gets in trouble at school for purposely not doing work.

Remember when they pushed and hit her?
She finally managed to tell someone.

Remember how she wouldn't talk to anyone?
She found people that understand her.

That girl was me.
And I’m coming back stronger than ever. 

Copyright © Teenage Frustrations

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The Girl You See But Don't Care About

The girl that you see at school, the one they call emo. 
She's quiet because she's scared to talk. 
When she loses it, she gets called psycho.
She has issues and nobody notices. 
Nobody cares.
She listens to music because it helps her escape reality.
When she's forced to talk in front of multiple people she stutters, repeats herself, gets distracted, and forgets what she's saying. This only makes them laugh.
Usually she wants to be alone but sometimes she needs someone. 
People talk to her because she listens and doesn't interrupt. 
She can't talk to others without them criticizing her, interrupting her, calling her a liar, saying she doesn't have the issues that she DOES have.
If you see her with both earbuds in, she's probably contemplating suicide.
The one time she gets help, they cancel her appointment two hours before.
You call her emo, psycho. 
That's just making her worse.
The her in this is me.
I might say goodbye, but I might also say I hope you're happy.

Copyright © Kassadee Acridge

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Young Chibok girl is pregnant -for contest

Now white and weak,
Her swelling eyes red for sleep,
Her lips now dry like snail's crust,
Her arms tiny like spinning tread;
Stomach now potato bag -
Young Chibok girl is pregnant
For the unkown thug that raped her
Just before her teacher arrived.

August 27,2015.

Copyright © KAYOD5 Kayode