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Boy Baby Poems | Boy Poems About Baby

These Boy Baby poems are examples of Boy poems about Baby. These are the best examples of Boy Baby poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Baby Boy

How I've lost my baby boy.
To a choir of selfish indulgence.
He's been lost inside a bowl.
A bowl of bloody senselessness.
And I watched him wave his fingers high.
Closed his eyes, and slowly died.
And I wept inside my very soul.

So will someone call an ambulance?
To bring my baby back.
For him to slowly wave at me.
For that feeling that I lack.

And my baby boy, I say again.
He's up in heaven, counting sins.
Waiting for that day and then. 
His daddy will come home. 
And sing his songs back to him.
In a tone that he won't believe.
In hopes he will forgive me.

So can someone see this reverence?
Inside my baby boy. 
That shines deep inside his eyes. 
That shines to show his joy.

Copyright © Levi Powell | Year Posted 2005

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the little boy

come to me , my little friend,
Why are you still crying?
My mother is very poorly-
I fear she may be dying?

Please don't cry-little boy,
your mother is going to heaven.
She will be an Angel-
And her soul will be forgiven .

so his mother embrace
her little boy ,
As she closed her tired eyes .
The angels come down
to meet her causing the 
boy a big surprise.

the little boy heard a voice-
the voice came from heaven,
His mother is now an angel-
And the boys is now on a mission.

He is now grown man and embarks on a mission.
He is married to a girl who loves and respect his

He will always be so
loyal and he loves his
departed mother and his
family are his world
they now have each other.

the little baby born,
in his house, hir wife make
his world beautiful.

Copyright © Dalip Kumar Dubey | Year Posted 2015

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For My Little Boy

For my little boy, 
who brings me so much pride and joy.

He captured my heart, 
but then he did from the start.

It is really quite simple, 
with his smile and his dimple.

I will be sad when he grows up, 
but there is one thing I am sure of.

He will always be mine, 
forever entwined.

Publish "Simply Me: Poems"
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That I have to post this upsets me:
My poems are copyright. I am sharing my
poems for you to read not for you to
post willy-nilly to a website, in
your newsletter or anywhere else with out
my permission. I am available, leave me a
message. Especially to those who change
the name of my poem and not give proper
credit. You should be ashamed!

Copyright © Alesia Leach | Year Posted 2014

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L Like a juggler, rhythm of harried routine, a mother performing
O On finding the cling-clang-thump symphony's beats missing
S She froze mid-way through her act, something's just not right
T To her surprise, her rambunctious baby boy was nowhere in sight

B Brushing fears aside, she set to seek him in the game of peek-a-boo
A As she peered in every nook and cranny cooing,"momma loves you!"
B But success evaded her and she was fast losing heart and hope
Y Young mother burst into tears, her sanity dangling on a tattered rope

B "Boo!" a voice behind her in a squeamish cry, all too familiar
O Overjoyed she spun around crying and laughing all the same, feeling happier
Y "You naughty boy!"and he smiled impishly, right behind her, under kitchen counter!


Copyright © Yesha Shah | Year Posted 2012

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A Lost Baby Boy

  "A Lost Baby Boy"

A ngels stroke soft golden tresses

L onely baby floating on gossamer dresses
O pulent candy clouds embrace tiny frame
S nuggle sad heart while singing his name
T ossed into a new realm of strangers

B rave little soul projects love among dangers
A live in spirit world missing family
B ottle in hand to land of milk and honey
Y earning for kisses from Mommy's sweet lips

B asking in moonlight and silver star drips
O ver the rainbow; across the blue seas
Y esterday breathing in fond memories. 

Copyright © Linda-Marie SweetHeart | Year Posted 2012

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My Little Boy Lost

My Little Boy Lost
by Katherine Huffman
Hello? My son, are you here?
I can't see you, I can't find you, why aren't you near?

As I walk the streets in search of you, 
I feel a pull, a tug, not sure what to do.
I passed the park as I looked for my boy, 
Even passed our play spot, but in my sight, not even a toy.
After everywhere I thought that I could go, 
There was one place, but it can't be right, this is all I know.

Hello? My son, are you here?
I can't see you, can't find you,
Why can't I feel you near?

This evening begins as I lay to rest my head, 
There are some things I'm unsure of, 
Like making your tiny bed.
Oh God, whats happening, haven't I counted your toes?
What about cradling your head or kissing your little nose?
What are these things I am unsure of, have I even done? 
Where are you, where are you my precious son?

Mommy lays here, in tears, her face on something cold.
Where are you my son, it's you I need to hold.
I've searched all day, it's turning into night,
I'm tired, I'm lost, but I still won't give up this fight.
My eyes start to close, slumber is far too near 
If I fall asleep, I may miss seeing you my dear.

Next thing I know, as I wake to the sun.
Wondering what it is, what has been done?
As I sit, my eyes focus, I start to look around.
Then, for some reason, they are drawn to the ground.
As I look, I see what has become,
This can't be, what's happening, where am I my son?

That cold my face last night laid upon, 
Was a marker, with your name, 
Of your body my little one.
Those things I wasn't sure if I'd ever done, 
Were but the memories, I'd hoped to make with you my son.

You were here, I know you were here 
My beautiful, precious son.
You were in mommies arms, such a little one.
As though it were as simple as reading a book,
I start to realize
These tangled webs have become unhooked.

That tug, that pull that led your mommy here, 
It was your spirit, it was your soul, 
It was your heart my little dear.

Here you were, here you were, 
Right with me, so very near.
My little boy, my son, 
Mommies little one was here.
You see? You led me where I needed to go.
For it was well past the time,
To accept this I know.

I feel a tug, I feel a pull.
I feel like I need to hurry, 
Like I have to go.
There is someone I remember,
I need to get to I know.
He's a small one, a little boy. 
He's your brother, my son, 
He's pulling, he's tugging, 
Needing mommy my little one.
I have to leave, I have to go, 
To find my baby, my son.

Oh Thank You my boy,
For bringing me here.
For letting my mind begin to see clear.
You showed me the way, 
I now see the light.
I am so close, so near in this dark night.

So here you are, here you are, 
With mommy, my baby is so very near.
You are in my heart, my mind, 
And this little brother of yours, my dear.

My little boy lost, my little boy lost, 
it's you I have found.
You were there with me,
as I slept on that ground.

Hello? My son, are you here?
I can see you, mommy found you, 
In my arms I hold you so near.
I've bathed you, I've clothed you, 
And cradled your head.
I counted your toes,
I bent in and kissed that little nose.
As you fell asleep in your bed.

Without him, 
Would these be memories
we are making my dear?
Without him would mommy, 
Be able to hold you so near?

We have a little angel to watch over us for all nights.
In spirit, with us, his soul,
Our endless guiding light.
He's your big brother, my son, my precious little one. 
He's right here, a part of you, 
Never again to be gone.

My little boy lost, my little boy lost,
It's you, I can see.
I have to Thank You 
For guiding me!

Copyright © Katee Surface | Year Posted 2013

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Bouncing Baby Boy

Another sweltering summer day upon us
She's uncomfortable, sweating, ready to cus
The thirtieth day of the seventh month 2002
The day I was finally able to lay my eyes on you

Many moons have passed, I'm hoping this lasts
Days of having a catch, or all our fun blasts
God sent me a little angel that special day 
A boy with a heart of gold that won't go away

Nathan you are my pride and joy, I say
Wishing you, my son, a happy birthday
Wherever you go, whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Christmas Cash, Christmas - Cash is a little baby boy

Cash you right now are an amazing little bundle of joy,
It’ll take you a few years to understand this Christmas thing,
While young Christmas to you will mean receiving a special toy,
Hopefully you will hear carols about me that others will gladly sing.

As you begin to grow, learn and see things for yourself,
I’m still here waiting, watching desiring you to learn of me,
You are sure to hear about Santa and his many little elves,
Hello again I have not left, always an angel taking care of thee.

By now you have realized humans are not perfect that is true,
Christmas’s have come and gone you still walk in the night,
Moms, Dads, Uncles, Aunts, Grandmas and Grandpas too,
Cash I’m calling, open your heart, so I can make things right.

Who am I, you ask at last and from where did I come ?
Let’s begin again in a place far away, peaceful and still,
A place known as Bethlehem and Heaven’s where I’m from,
I’m Jesus the baby who would eventually die on Calvary’s hill.

So you now are made whole, complete from sin truly free,
The day will come when children you have a Christmas story to tell,
Just as your Dad prayerfully spoke to you sharing you with me,
For Christmas was given to increase Heaven not the place called Hell.

by William Arthur Tell

And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. (Luke 2:8-20)

Copyright © William Arthur Tell | Year Posted 2012

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The boy and his coat

When he was born,
he was abandoned near the dustbin!
to keep away the cold he was
covered with an expensive coat.

He grew old enough to walk,
work and earn.
He delivered newspapers in an old broken cycle,
from door to door,
he also read a few when he was free.

He earned and saved some money in the pocket of the coat he
received as a gift...
He considered that coat 
not only as a gift but as a shield,
but never once thought of the
one who gave it to him.

There was a man sitting on the
footpath, while he was
heading home.
The boy with  his coat on, 
stopped and asked the man,
what had happened?

The man gave a sigh
and narrated his story...
once his sign was most valuable
than anything to people
his mere existence was necessary
but, because of his most
valuable belonging being
thrown away by him he had
nothing to live for.
He told the boy all what had happened...
The boy then removed his coat
with the  money in it and
gave it to the man telling him
'Thank you'!

That man was stunned
that was his son the most valuable 
thing in his life,
had taught him something,
valuable in life!

By Manthra

Copyright © manthra har | Year Posted 2015

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Baby Boy Bradley

Mama Mable made music mellow with mood
But baby boy Bradley bellowed and booed
So sensitively she started singing sweetly
Yet the youngster yowled yearningly

Poor perplexed papa peered and pleaded
“No nocturnal nuisances are needed,”
He hurried through the house, his hefty frame hobbled
Baby boy Bradley basked blissfully with his bedtime bottle

*For Constance’s Forms of Poetry 101 contest.  Never tried alliteration before.
 by Carolyn Devonshire

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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Tear for My Sweet Baby Boy

"Tear for My Sweet Baby Boy" as the tiny white casket was lowered in the cool rain a Mother's warm tear fell from deep intense pain the loss of a child; so precious, special and new eluded Life's chance to breathe; denied, had he grew a tender expression of a loving heart broken while the tragic tear tumbled, in sorrow unspoken it cascaded onto the covered glass enclosure touching a sweet baby boy assigned to Heaven's disclosure as Angel's held this tear on their long journey's flight kissing a sweet soul to be his guiding light soon a new little star appeared in blue sky without fear etched emotions cuddled by a Mother's loving tear.

Copyright © Linda-Marie SweetHeart | Year Posted 2012

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The little boy

I see his picture,his face like an angel,
captivating smile and sparkling eyes,
Swept by the destiny,the faultless died!
Heart aches for him who deserved  the life..

The little boy lying face down in the sand,
is the most heart wrenching thing I've seen in my life,
We humans are watching that inhumanity drowned him,
He sleeps peacefully and the world outcries!

Copyright © Kumkum Sharma | Year Posted 2015

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Bouncing boy is baby joy.
Enchanting sky-blue eyes,
Adored so by my heart.
Undoes me when he cries.
Tiny toes and fingers start
Internal loving sighs.  
Fascinated when his lips part,
Uttering endless, "oh my's", 
Loving him, knows no "why's." 

Contest:  Beautiful Acrostic
Sponsor:  John Hamilton
December 31, 2015

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2015

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My Sweet Baby Boy

Had you for just a month,
Only a month.
Wasn't sure if I was,
It was hard for me to believe.
I was happy when I found out,
Glad I had you.
The Lord showed me what you looked like,
Just like your father.

You would've been tall and strong,
Sweet and kind,
Generous and handsome.
You would've been a great person.

I had you for just a month,
Only a month.
You were my little boy.
The best thing I would've never regret having.

Only a month.
That's the longest I've had you.
Turned out to losing you,
From the stress at home. 

Only a month,
And now your gone.
Gone to be home.
Home up in the sky.

Mommy and daddy loves you.
You'll always be in our heart.

This was written for my unborn son, 
Thomas Michael Bridges.

Copyright © Samantha-Jane Smith | Year Posted 2012

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Sweet Baby Boy

My sweet baby boy,
You’re no where in sight
How my heart aches to hold you,
Kiss you good night
Tell you bedtime stories
Plug in a night light
It’s not fair
So very unfair
How I lost you
I let you down
Please remember mommy loves you
Hates herself
Can’t stand the truth
Mommy doesn’t have you
Doesn’t even know you
Need to find a way
Back to you
Rage my son
My little baby boy
My head held low
Ashamed of what ~ I’ve done
It’s your birthday
2 years today
April 23rd the day you were born
Held you in my arms
Only to let you go
I can’t stand it
Look myself in the mirror
Tears won’t stop
Falling from my eyes
Intense unhappiness
Without you
RAGE ~ my son
Sweet baby boy

Copyright © Cristyna Small | Year Posted 2011

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Ode To Baby Boy

Precious Little Baby,
Not Yet Born.
Passes Before He's
A Chance To See
The World.
Mother's Heart
Torn Open,
The Many Tears
She Cries.
Yet She Has
Come To Terms
With The Loss Of
Baby Boy.
I'm Sure That Our
Lord Jesus
Has Taken This
Baby Boy,
For He Has Got
Good Reason
For Him To Not Be
I Hope That Baby
Knows He Will Be
He'll Look Down From
And See The Tears
His Family's Shed.
This Baby Boy, You
See, Will Never Have
The "Firsts".
The Many Firsts That
With Each Year Of
His Life:
No First Baby Tears.
No First Baby Years.
No First Baby Steps.
No First Baby Words.
Goodbye My Precious
I Will Not Forget,
The Anticipation That
I Felt,
While Waiting For Your
You're In A Better Place
And You'll See What
Heaven's Worth.
The Beauty Which
Surrounds You.
And The Overwhelming
The Good Lord Who
Created You,
Will Hold You In His Arms.
He'll Embrace You And
Protect You.
And Make Sure You're
Not Forgotten.

Copyright © Karen Harris | Year Posted 2010

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The Little Drummer Boy: Judgment Begins In Heaven

The little drummer boy....

He played this beat for you

But you could not hear

Still, he kept rapping upon that drum

Even as the salty tears began to flow

Standing all alone

As the Heavens rains began to pour

Yet still, he played

With somber upon his face

While the world about him

Continued to fade away....

Drumsticks made of flames

And Angels, that often sang

The tunes of tomorrows, beginnings

Amid, todays, shades....

He played and he played and he played

But no one wanted to dance

Because no one could hear, or see

Nor, did they ever understand?

Standing all alone

They laughed while he stood

Watching, the mountains melting into the sea

The stars, waving their forever goodbyes

To the shadows, upon the rise....

Beating his drum, to these end of days

While humanity bathed, within its moment

Frolicking within the merriments

Underneath the blinking sun!

Living, but dying....

Within these evaporating dreams

But still, he played, rap tap tap

As the end of tears, continued to fall

Yet, again, they could not see, nor did they hear

So, how could they have ever known?

Though some did, oh, how they loved him so....


The Little Drummer Boy!

Copyright © Johnny Rhinem | Year Posted 2013

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But Boy Can He Play, Guitar

Fusion square the shooter traced her moonbeams shock therapy
Bionic's, vesture sequin love's sentinel premonition's swaying children
Johnny Rotten taking notes strike a pose hydro-embryos, bedazzled wombs
Thirteen strings with her will to be merry enshrined their entities lyrical epigrams
Sapient's tattooed time his Star of David; beyond, the mirage ? Polys mischief-makers
Bathos changing chords criss-cross chromosomes beatitude's, power ballad star'spangled stanzas....
Entering, The Prince past her Holy Gates eastern skies Angelica gazing into Hope's eyes breaking bread: His King.

Copyright © Jeremy Street | Year Posted 2014

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the greatest gift my baby boy

today a child is born he is my first born son
let all the birds chirp with joy
here he is, world my baby boy

i am so proud of this little fellow
i have so much to tell him when he is older
but for now i will burp him on my shoulder

son be better than i, son when the going gets tough please dont cry
there is so much positive things to do 
make me proud, proud of you

as long as you be the best you can
then i dont mind you little fellow calling me dad
with this last name you shall carry
uphold it and make yourself and i proud

for i promise nothing will stop me from loving you 
son you are my joy 
the greatest gift my baby boy

Copyright © autry emanuel | Year Posted 2013

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Baby Boy

I see God in all of life
          in all that's good and true
But most of all, little one
	                I see God in you
The pleasure of your smile
	     always so fresh and new
The light shining in your eyes
	   the deepest shade of blue
Your loving nature, tender spirit
         your joy and eagerness too

A gift from Heaven, sent
	         to fill an empty space
Loneliness and yearning
	           gone without a trace
Peace and contentment now
	           resides in their place
God's love in precious form
              the wonder of His grace
All of life is mirrored
                          in one tiny face

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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The Little Drummer Boy: Seven Years Later

It became much clearer as time carried on that, We, were going to soon
Rock this place; chasing, their hounds of hell across love's landscapes ?
Standing like a ghost and yet, His Spirit, atop her mountain side; evolution springs
Forth of colourful banners, while thirty years passed by; reciprocal this warmth
Consecrated, dreaming and Joseph, take your wife as child unto Egypt; contemptuous
Alanis Morissette's Ironic Noah could hardly fathom, their folly ? Rachel, clutching dust
Black curtains raging waters rushing winds lightning, showers tumbling house these cards
Genesis, and evil shall slay the wicked ? Scorpions scaling walls fortress' abodes clay towers
His dragons awake sneering at abomination's mockery; secretions sextette from her lair...
Beautiful's Holy Lamb their blood soaked robes ? Lucid as Gabriel trice, these years; Armageddon.

Copyright © Johnny Rhinem | Year Posted 2013

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The Joy of a Beautiful Baby Boy

You Now have your beautiful baby boy,who
fills your hearts with joy.
He is you beautiful baby boy, you give all the love
in the world to him as he is more precious to you
than life itself, you will treasure your beautiful
baby boy forever.

He brings delight to our sight  to see your beautiful baby boy
you love and cherish him and care always for him and him alone.
You will be the bestest parents this I know as you have so much to
give him and more. 

You beautiful baby boy Ryan is his name and he has everything to gain
as he is your main priority he is your special baby boy who will 
always be your little bundle of joy as he is your beautiful baby boy.

Copyright © Leanne Perks | Year Posted 2011

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My Baby Boy (Septet)

Devil in disguise
Yet this boy is so caring
He is also so considerate
He’s a diamond in the rough
My athletic boy
Proud of him

Septet syllable count is 3,5,7,9,7,5,3, unrhymed

Copyright © Michael Degenhardt | Year Posted 2008

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baby boy

tiny boy 
tiny glove
tiny ball 
flying fast
eyes squinting
heart pounding
legs shaking
flying fast
dust flying
sweat dripping
straight to him
flying fast
hand opens
ball explodes
his open glove
it goes past
mothers heart
gripping tight
sees his pain
throat tight
eyes burn
tiny boy
growing fast
baby gone
can't hold on
healing kisses
now all gone
stop the ball
stop the boy
stop this time
from flying fast

Copyright © Blythe Journey | Year Posted 2009

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Sweet Boy

Dear Sweet boy, oh how you could never know

There was once darkness that hid me from life

Each and every day the darkness would grow

Relief from the dark came only by knife

With each slice my pain would slightly subside 

Adrenaline would rush and I’d feel alive 

For a short time I would not need to hide

You are my saint, the reason I survived

The keeper of joy, my savior from death

My little hero lad please never lose sight

I owe you my world and every last breath

Destroyer of darkness and my bright light

Dear sweet boy, never keep your gift quiet 

For you are sacred my sweet sweet Wyatt! 

Copyright © Dana Foster | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose | |

Baby Boy

Each drop tells a story
Of a struggle in life
The first one absorbed, lost in the whole
The remaining photographed
Accusations drowning the certainty
That the least deserving endure the greatest
Tearing at the corners of the eyes
That try to look away 
The heart wants to find a different truth
Acceptance is victorious
The page is turned

Copyright © Janet Lorenzo | Year Posted 2015

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Baby Boy

I had a pulse and a beating heart,
Yet you chose for my life not to start,
How could you have been so careless as to conceive me,
Make me think I'd dwell with you here on earth only to deceive me,..

You would have been so mesmerized,
By what you would have seen in these newborn eyes,
There's not a feeling that even begins to compare in this world,
Do you ever even wonder If I'd have been a boy or a girl,?..

I'm sorry mommy that we never formally met,
I'm sad for you though because even though you never knew me you won't ever fully forget,
I'm here in heaven mommy with my king,
He loves me like I would have loved you mommy more than anything,..

I forgive you though mommy with all my little heart and soul,
Please seek my king mommy for he alone can fill the hole,
The one that grows immensley each time you shed those tears from lack of peace and joy,
Remember mommy only my king Jesus can dry them and make it better well gotta go now, "love me your Baby Boy,.....
                                                        Leah (Howes) Russell

Copyright © Leah Russell | Year Posted 2011

Details | Blank verse | |

Dying for a boy

Unspoken, unwriiten
Subtle strong demand
'A baby boy is it'
Frantic efforts
Pained in shame and silence
Turgid with trauma 
Incomplete,  insecured
Tried the seventh time
She must have a baby boy'
Sick and tired
Pulling through the ninth month
Lengthened labour, heightened pains
Haemorhage heralded horror
Ceasarian section
'is a baby boy!!'
'A baby boy at last!'
A motherless baby boy!!

Copyright © ifedayo oshin | Year Posted 2006

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Me and my boy Funom sonnet

My boy and me. On the bed my pal sat drawing, My boy,one gem,"it's me time" I hug him,"why not art making", Duo get a key job to chime. Big tax kid,go for nap dreaming, Up now, sip tea,eat bun,boy mine, We go for fun,uno shuffling, Far is the zoo,we jog and mime. Oh!the joy of fox,cub, stories, Day is gay,ink in the glories , Pet dog in red cap hurries. Man in his eye,my son Saad, Fan of non veg,dad is Bernard, Mom in the gym,for lad it's hard. Funom Sonnet special rules. 14 lines, all words must contain only three letters or less, except for rhyme words. Lines must have 7 or 8 syllabic count Rhyme Pattern: a-b-a-b-a-b-a-b c-c-c-d -d-d My first attempt..quite time demanding and brainy., quite a few writes and rewrites...had fun. Thank you. Contest: The Funom's Sonnet Sponsor: Funom Makama 16/4/2016

Copyright © Rizwana Bhurani | Year Posted 2016

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Baby boy

She is in eager to get to the hospital
Stomach is paining her 
She has no option than to  wake her 
husband up
Walking majestically like a stubborn 
She keeps blaming her husband by 
saying he is the course of it.
But her husband keep looking at her 
He uttered no word because he 
knows what is happening
They both got to the hospital 
Nurses came out and asking her 
husband her baby belonging 
He ran back home 
She is in the labour room naked
Her husband returned
She gave birth to a baby boy
The baby continue crying
Blood is smelling in the room 
Nobody can carry d baby
Grandma is the only person to carry 
Ho! I thank God
Until they clean the baby up
Doctor are not allowing people to 
see the baby until after an hours 
She started praying for everybody 
at last.

Copyright © toheeb sheu | Year Posted 2014